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National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists Catalogue of papers and correspondence of JOSEPH NEEDHAM CH FRS (1900-1995) by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper VOLUME III Sections K - M Conspectus Index of correspondents University of Bath 1995 All rights reserved NCUACS 54/3/95 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 SECTION K POLITICS K.1 - K.354 K.1-K.123 PRE-WAR AND WARTIME BRITISH POLITICS K.124-K.153 POST-WAR BRITISH POLITICS K.154-K.296 INTERNATIONAL POLITICS K.297-K.343 CIVIL LIBERTIES AND ACADEMIC FREEDOM K.344-K.354 ENVIRONMENT J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics PRE-WAR AND WARTIME BRITISH POLITICS K.1-K.21 Cambridge Labour politics K.22-K.69 Cambridge Scientists’ Anti-War Group K.70-K.73 Refugees from Germany K.74-K.107 Spanish Civil War K.108-K.123 Second World War Cambridge Labour politics K.1-K.14 Labour Party 1931 General Election. Manuscript notes for Needham's address in support of A. Wood; Labour manifestos; correspondence; manuscript notes on election results. The University Labour Party did not field a candidate for the university seat instead supporting A. Wood, the (unsuccessful) Labour Party candidate for the borough of Cambridge. In the 1930s the borough and the University of Cambridge each sent a member to parliament. The Needhams were members of the University Labour Party. Joseph Needham served on the Executive Committee of the Party in the early 1930s and Dorothy Needham was a member of the Executive of the Cambridge Trades Council and Labour Party and stood for the Town Council on two occasions. tertiary education, sent to Needham for comment 24 September. Press-cuttings, including letter from Needham to the New Statesman and Nation, 31 October 1931, commenting on the results of the election. University Labour Party papers, 1932. Includes papers re Party policy on J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics 1934 Parliamentary by-election. Manifesto for A. Wood; manuscript note on Cambridge election results; letter [?from candidate for borough council elections] thanking Needham for his help, found with by-election material. 1935 General Election. The Labour Party fielded candidates for both university (H.L. borough (A. Wood) seats. Elvin) and Notes and correspondence re attempt to persuade E.M. Forster to stand as a candidate for the university seat; manifestos of university candidates; etc. by Needham ‘Labour Policy and the Coming Elections’, Article in Cambridge Review 1 November 1935, with correspondence arising Cambridge Review, election literature of A. Wood and Mrs C.D. Rackham (Labour candidate for Saffron Walden and a Cambridge councillor). Party Labour election literature; newspaper cutting of results. Dorothy Needham stood (unsuccessfully) as Labour candidate for Castle ward in 1935 and 1936 (see K.9, K.10 below). ‘A quantitative analysis of the political situation' by Needham. Article on the election results of 1935, submitted to the New Statesman and Nation but not accepted for publication; letter thanking Needham for speaking at election rally ?in Ipswich. : Election literature and other material. 1935 Cambridge Town Council elections. 1936 Cambridge Town Council elections. Manuscript notes for Dorothy Needham's campaign speeches. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics University Labour Party papers 1936; page of Cambridge Review 21 February 1936, with letter from Needham (Chairman) and J.J. Overton (Secretary) on Cambridge Labour Party call for boycott of Berlin Olympics; ‘University Labour Broadsheet' nos 4 (Easter 1939) and 5 (January 1940). Cambridge Trades Council and Labour Party papers 1936-1937. papers re election of Executive Committee 1936 and 1937. Needham was among those elected. Includes Dorothy Programme, newspaper cutting and letter re demonstration against the Means Test, 8 November 1936; letter from K. Pickthorn, Conservative MP for Cambridge University re Public Order Bill, 17 November 1936. ‘The future of rent control’, 7pp typescript draft with manuscript annotations, ca.1938; manuscript notes and background literature re rent control. K.15-K.19 Socialist League 1933, 1934. Includes invitation to Needham to serve as Chairman of the Cambridge branch, 1933. The material is chiefly duplicated typescript or printed papers re League activities. The Socialist League was a left-wing group affiliated to the Labour Party. In May 1937, following the League’s 'Unity Manifesto’ with the Communist and Independent Labour parties the League was expelled by the Labour Party and dissolved. Needham was chairman of the Cambridge branch 1933- 1937. 1937 January. Launch of Unity Manifesto. 1935. Includes appeal to Cambridge branch members from chairman and secretary to 'demonstrate your socialist convictions’. 1935-1936. Cambridge branch of the League. Correspondence and papers re finances and meetings of the J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics 1937 May, June and nd. Includes material re winding up the Socialist League. Cambridge University Socialist Society/Club Programme for Lent Term 1932; cutting from Daily Herald, 15 October 1935 re meeting on Italian aggression chaired by Needham; issues of ‘Bulletin’ 1940-1942 (not a complete sequence). Other socialist material Includes papers of the Society for Socialist Inquiry and Propaganda Cambridge Scientists Anti-War Group From 1932 a number of Cambridge research workers began to meet informally to discuss the international situation. By the end of 1934 this group numbered some eighty scientists. At the same time a Cambridge Anti-War Council had been established and the scientists’ group gave this their support. In July 1935 members of the group participated in the distribution of copies of an anti-war paper at the Duxford Air Display. The papers were confiscated by the police and distributors and sellers arrested. The National Council for Civil Liberties took legal action against the police, the plaintiff being W.A. Wooster of the scientists' group. The case was decided in their favour. though drafted, was not published. In 1937 the group began to organise itself formally as the Cambridge Scientists Anti-War Group to campaign on air raid precautions, producing a book The Protection of the Public from Aerial Attack (Gollancz, 1937), strongly critical of the defensive measures suggested by the Home Office. Joseph Needham was a member of the editorial committee. Following this the group began to plan a book on the distortion of teaching and research in science caused by preparations for war, for which Needham was to write the general introduction and introduce the chapter on distortions in biology. This was interrupted by the outbreak of hostilities in 1939. The Cambridge Scientists Anti-War Group reconvened in December 1948 to plan a book ‘Science, War and Peace’. The Group was divided into five sections examining different problems in this area. Dorothy Needham was convenor of the section on ‘Questions of international cooperation in science and ways of combating secrecy’ and chaired the editorial board. The book, J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Duplicated typescript statements setting out the history of the Group and present activities, ca.1949; two typescript pages of transcript of recollections of Cambridge anti-war activities by W.A. Wooster; etc. Material re violent demonstration against anti-war marchers laying a wreath at the War Memorial, 11 November 1933. Protests against the Incitement to Disaffection Bill, 1934. Needham was a signatory of letters to the News Chronicle and Cambridge Review protesting against this Bill, which would hinder efforts to dissuade fellow-scientists from undertaking military-related research. K.25-K.27 Duxford air display, July 1935. K.25 Copy of anti-war newspaper ‘Air Display Special’; correspondence and papers re legal action against the police. Newspaper cuttings re the case. used by Needham for notes on court Softback notebook proceedings, December 1935. pocket Opposition to unconditional acceptance of money given to the University of Cambridge by Sir John Siddeley for aeronautical research, October 1935. [in the Scientists' Anti-War Group] during May Term 1936’. Letters from Conservative MPs for Cambridge replying to letters from the Needhams re re-armament, 9 March 1936. 4pp duplicated typescript of ‘opinions expressed in a series of discussions Fly-sheets; typescript draft of fly-sheets urging a vote of 'non-placet'. It was feared the money might be spent on military research. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics K.30-K.33 The Protection of the Public from Aerial Attack, Gollancz, London, 1937. K.30 Proof copy. Press reviews of the book; newspaper reports on air raid precautions; notice of meeting at House of Commons presenting the findings of the Group, 2 March 1937. 7pp duplicated typescript copy of petition delivered to Cambridge Town Council defence measures, 1937. with Home Office non-collaboration urging raid air Printed and duplicated typescript material re air raid defence. ‘The Distortion of Science for Politico-Economic Ends’, ca.1937-1939. K.34-K.39 K.34 K.35-K.38 K.35 ‘Biology and Sociology’. '"Struggle for existence" distortion’. ‘Biological Laws and Human Societies’. Annotated typescript drafts of chapters. Manuscript and typescript plans for book; list of contributors. ‘Russian Physics'. ‘Mathematics in Germany’. ‘Distortions in physics'. ‘Physics in Germany’. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics ‘English Physics’. AR.P es Miscellaneous typescript and manuscript notes. K.40-K.46 1930s printed and duplicated typescript anti-war literature and background material. Cambridge Anti-War Council material. The arms industry. 2 folders. British re-armament. 2 folders. K.47-K.51 Conscription. Miscellaneous. Programme; list of subjects to be covered; Needham's manuscript notes on proceedings. Conference on Secrecy in Science, St John's College Cambridge, 19-20 November 1949. ‘Science, War and Peace' (see K.59 below). Correspondence re arrangements and issues of secrecy in science 1949- 1950. K.49-K.51 Annotated typescript and manuscript drafts of contributions. It was planned that this material would be incorporated into the book J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics ‘Secrecy in science’ by J.G. Crowther. ‘Secrecy in French science’ by Magat; ‘Information constituting state secrets [in the USSR]. ‘Secrecy in science in the USA’. Letter to the Prime Minister asking him to condemn the US development of the Hydrogen Bomb, 1950; newspaper cuttings of press coverage; etc. Poster for meeting on ‘What can scientists do for World Peace’, King's College Cambridge, 17-18 February 1951. ‘Suggestions for activities typescript. by scientists' anti-war groups', 1p duplicated K.53 K.54-K.67 K.54 ‘Introduction’. K.53-K.69 ‘Science, War and Peace’, ca.1949-1952. others; miscellaneous editorial Correspondence with material, including accounts and expenses. contributors and Annotated typescript and manuscript drafts, with comments thereon. Manuscript synopsis only of chapter four on biological warfare (no draft). ‘Chapter | Myths about war. comments only on chapter two on atomic warfare (no draft). ‘Chapter Ill Atomic energy control’. 2 folders. The attitude of the public towards war’; J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics ‘Chapter V Secrecy in science’. See K.49-K.51 above. ‘The militarisation of science Chapter 6’. ‘Chapter VII International cooperation in science’. 2 folders. K.63-K.65 ‘Chapter VII [sic] Food and Agriculture’. 3 folders. ‘Chapter 9 World power resources’. ‘Conclusions' or ‘Political considerations’. Synopses of the book. See also J.236-J.239, K.206. Refugees from Nazi Germany Correspondence with possible publishers 1951-1952. Programme; manuscript draft of Needham's introduction; poster; etc. Public Cambridge, 3 November 1933. Needham chaired the meeting. Relief Committee for the Victims of German Fascism. ‘Report of Conference at Essex Hall May 27th, 1933’. meeting to raise money for the victims of German fascism, J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Correspondence and papers re telegram of protest to German Minister of the Interior about the conduct of the Reichstag fire trial. K.72, K.73 Individual refugees K.72 Brock, W. Citron, M.U. Gross, F. Lissmann, H.W. Spanish Civil War 1933-1934 1938-1939 in British support for Correspondence and notes re distribution in Cambridge, September - November 1936; letter from Kingsley Martin, editor of the New Statesman, rejecting article sent by Needham on the Spanish Civil War; letter 5 October 1936, enclosing newspaper cuttings on (Roman Catholic) sermons supportive of Nationalist cause and requesting assistance in countering pro-Nationalist propaganda. of pro-Republican leaflets the From 1936 Needham was much involved the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War, principally as treasurer of the Cornford-Maclaurin Fund which raised money for the International Brigade and humanitarian causes. i) In memory of J. Cornford and G.C. Maclaurin, Cambridge men killed fighting with the International Brigade in Spain in late 1936, a fund was established to raise money for the Republican cause. It was launched in February 1937 Contributors in the New Statesman, Daily Herald and News Chronicle. could earmark their money for the Brigade, International Brigade dependents, medical aid or food aid. Needham was a Labour Party representative on the Memorial Committee and treasurer of the fund. Cornford-Maclaurin Memorial Committee. International K.75-K.94 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics The fund's initial target of £1500 was reached and a new target of £2000 set. In October 1937 a branch of Voluntary Industrial Aid was established to raise money for a motor cycle ambulance for Spain. Obituaries of Cornford and Maclaurin; drafts for appeal for fund and printed fund-raising leaflets; letter from Professor F.M. Cornford, father; list of trade union contacts. Press coverage of fund; obituary and reminiscences of G.L. Birch, a third Cambridge man killed with the International Brigade in December 1936. Correspondence and papers re fund-raising activities. K.78-K.85 Letters covering donations to the fund and lists of donors. 8 folders. Unindexed. K.86-K.94 Payments from fund. K.86 International Brigade. Letters and receipts 1937. International Brigade Dependants and Wounded Aid Committee. This was the chief beneficiary of money from the fund. Cheques were sent to Harry Pollitt of the Communist Party of Great Britain. bulletins. Receipts 1937; Needham's manuscript notes on meeting, 19 February 1938; Plea for assistance, March 1937; receipt; circular letters 1937-1938. Spanish Medical Aid Committee. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Youth Foodship Committee. News-sheets of Cambridge League of Youth and correspondence re collections for second foodship; correspondence re third foodship. January - April 1937. Dean of Canterbury's Foodship Fund. Letter of thanks and receipt, 27 April 1937. Voluntary Industrial Aid. Appeal for funds for motor cycle ambulance, October 1937; correspondence and papers re construction, insurance etc of ambulance 1938-1939. General Voluntary Industrial Aid material re Spain and Germany, 1938. Cheques paid out; chequebook stubs; accounts; etc. Hardback accounts book used for record of donations to the fund. Invitation, 12 March 1937, to serve on Christian delegation to visit Spain and join a committee to support the Republican cause in Christian circles (declined). Spain. Assistance to Basque refugee children. A number of children were found shelter in the Vicarage at Pampisford. The Needhams were involved in seeking support for them. 2pp manuscript note by Dorothy Needham on the children's situation; manuscript notes by Joseph and Dorothy Needham on the situation in J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Material re British government policy on non-intervention. for the direct support Despite Italian governments, the British government refused to intervene itself and seemed to many to be hindering attempts to support the Republic. In January 1939 Needham supported a deputation to the Prime Minister protesting against Italian intervention and the possible granting of ‘belligerent rights' to Franco. the German and rebels by British government 15 Includes letter to Needham from R.L. Tufnell, MP for Cambridge, supporting the 1937; correspondence and papers re conference organised by the Spain Emergency Committee and deputation to the Prime Minister arising, 7 January 1939. April typescript Emergency Duplicated Committee (annotated by Needham) and the Parliamentary Committee for Spain, ca.January 1939. distributed material Spain the by National Joint Committee for Spanish Relief. the Republican support of K.100-K.103 K.100-K.107 leaflets produced in Miscellaneous printed material. Chiefly booklets and government. Publicity leaflets; bulletins 2-19, 1937-1939. Not a complete sequence. ‘La République Espagnole au Service de la Culture’; ‘Spain Illustrated’, no.2; ‘Euzko Deya’. Spanish People are fighting Fascism Not Religion’. ‘Spain at War’; 'Stop the Fascist Invasion of Spain’; ‘Why are they fighting in Spain?'; 'The Hawick Scheme’; postcard produced in support of Republican cause from ‘photographic copy of postcard authorised by the rulers of Nationalist Spain’. Communist Party of Great Britain literature: 'Spain'; 'The Decisive Hour': ‘Save Spain from Fascism’; ‘Spain and the British Labour Movement'; 'The J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics ‘Durango! Guernica! Almeira!'; ‘British and American views on Spain’; ‘Italian intervention in Spain’; 'France and the Spanish frontier’; ‘Report of a group of Anglican and all Members of the A.E.U. [Amalgamated Engineering Union]'; special issue of The Socialist, September 1936. Free Churchmen who visited Spain’; Statement 'To ‘Resolutions [...] of the World Conference on the Bombardment of Open Towns and the Restoration of Peace’; ‘The bombardment of Open Towns' (pro-Nationalist leaflet); ‘Memorandum on attacks upon British ships trading to Spain’; 'British Shipping to Spain The facts’; ‘Peace and Democracy’. ‘Spain and the Vatican’; 17 (September 1936). editorial and ‘Extracts and comments’, Blackfriars K.106, K.107 Newspaper and other press cuttings. K.106 From the Daily Worker. Other papers. Second World War This material is principally re the political reaction of the Left to the outbreak of war, support for the USSR following the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 and subsequent political developments in Left-wing politics during the war. Cambridge MPs R.L. Tufnell and Sir John Withers. The letter, signed by many eminent Cambridge academics, called on the British government to return to the principle of collective security. It was published in the News Chronicle and reported in the Manchester Guardian and sent to the MPs for Cambridge. Report from the Guardian; drafts of letter and lists of signatories; letters from Open Letter following Munich settlement, September 1938. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics K.109-K.1114 Papers re the attitude of the Left to the outbreak of war. The Nazi-Soviet Pact of August 1939 had suggested to many within the Communist Party of Great Britain and others on the Left, as Pacifists, that they should oppose the war and press for a peace settlement. well as Needham's meetings discussing their position re the war, 71939, 1940. manuscript notes on of Left-wing academics Communist Party and pacifist literature; agenda for AGM of Russia Today Society, 9 March 1940 with report of Management Committee on attitude to the war. Newspaper cuttings, following the Soviet invasion of eastern Poland, October 1939. principally from Daily Worker opposing the war Other printed material re outbreak and conduct of the war. K.114 K.114-K.116 Cambridge politics 1940-1941. Includes statements on the war from Indian nationalists, official government material and 'The Issue. A statement of the British view', 1940. Spiral-bound pocket notebook used for Needham's notes on the internment of refuges from Nazi Germany and other civil rights issues during wartime. Review. The last issue of Cambridge Review to be edited by C. Smyth included comments critical of the pre-war attitude of Needham (not identified by name but and others towards British rearmament. Needham complained to the editor and to H.F. Stewart, chairman of the re 1940 parliamentary by-election for Cambridge Hill stood as an independent Conservative candidate, Correspondence re comments in issue of Cambridge Review, 6 June 1941. Flysheets and letter University. opposed by J.A. Ryle. A.V. a passage of his cited) J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics The People's Convention. This was formed in late 1940 by Socialists, Communists, Trades Unionists and others to represent those who, it was argued, were suffering at the expense of the rich. Eastern Counties and Cambridge branches were formed. Papers 1940-1941, chiefly Convention, Cambridge, 25 May 1941. re meeting of Eastern Counties People's Papers from Mass Observation. ‘Report on education in the Armed Forces', 30pp typescript, May 1941; correspondence and bulletin, October 1941 re ‘ideas on progress’. K.118-K.122 Anglo-Soviet Friendship. The German attack on the USSR in June 1941 aroused support for the Soviet Union throughout Britain. Needham was chairman of the Cambridge Anglo-Soviet Friendship Committee and a member of the Anglo-Soviet Public Relations Association and National Conference for British-Soviet Unity. He also spoke at functions of other Anglo-Soviet friendship groups. K.118, K.119 Cambridge Anglo-Soviet Friendship Committee K.118 Agendas and manuscript notes of meetings etc. Miscellaneous papers and correspondence, including material re Anglo- Soviet Friendship Week, 7-14 September. Papers re Conference and provisional National Committee, 1942. Folder also includes Needham's response to an editorial Review, 25 October 1941, critical an ‘open telegram’ sent Cambridge Anglo-Soviet Friendship Committee to the Prime Minister. Correspondence 1941-1942; Needham's manuscript notes on meeting 6 February 1942. of in Cambridge by the Anglo-Soviet Public Relations Association. National Conference for British-Soviet Unity. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Invitations to speak or write to further Anglo-Soviet friendship: ‘Science in the Soviet Union’, Ipswich, 6 December 1941. Speakers’ Panel, Anglo-Soviet Youth Friendship Alliance, December 1941. work The Huntingdon, 19 January 1942, and further lectures. Anglo-Soviet Cambridge the of Friendship Committee, National Peace Council Conference on Anglo-Soviet relations, London, April 1942. ‘The development of Midlands Anglo-Soviet Newsletter, July 1942. the Anglo-Soviet Friendship movement' for East ‘Science in the USSR’, Southend-on-Sea Anglo-Soviet Week, 31 August 1942. Other material re Anglo-Soviet friendship activities, information etc. wartime material 1940-1942 and _ nd. Cambridge politics POST-WAR BRITISH POLITICS Miscellaneous Includes correspondence from Nature re internment of refugee scientists, May 1940 and Needham's manuscript notes on speech by H. Laski on aims of the peace (on front cover of booklet on ‘Labour Peace Aims' by C.R. Attlee) and nd. Cambridge Labour Party and socialist literature, various dates 1956-1973 Peace and nuclear disarmament Cambridge politics National politics K.124 K.124, K.125 K.126-K.133 K.134-K.153 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 National politics Politics Election literature 1955, 1966; other political literature 1956 (chiefly re Suez crisis), 1970, 1972. This material principally concerns left-wing groups with which Needham was associated or invited to support. 1949-1957. Includes statement of fundamental principles and leaflet of the Progressive League, sent to Needham for comment July 1949. 1959-1961. Review Club (formerly the Universities and Left Review Club). Papers re establishment and activities of London New Left 1962-1964. Material 1962 is re anti-fascist and anti-racist protest. Includes newspaper cutting of ‘appeal against fascist provocation’ of which Needham was a signatory. 1964-1967. Includes material re British Institute for Marxist Studies, and Tawney Society including manuscript notes on talk to Society by J.C. Kendrew on his experiences during visit to China. Miscellaneous duplicated typescript literature re Marxist theory. 1968-1969. 1973, nd. 1970-1971. Includes correspondence re meetings of the Tawney Society. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Peace and nuclear disarmament An alphabetical sequence of peace and associated organisations. See also the Cambridge Scientists Anti-War Group (K.22-K.69). Authors' World Peace Appeal Needham was a signatory of the Appeal. Bulletins and other literature, ca.1950-1955. J.D. Bernal Peace Library Literature 1970-1976. British Peace Committee Literature 1951, 1960, 1961. K.137, K.138 General CND literature 1950s-1970s. 2 folders. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) Literature, 1950s: CND Scientists Group, 1960-1963. ‘Scientists' advertisement in the New Scientist. Cambridge Council for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Cambridge CND literature, including bulletins, 1958-1967. Includes duplicated typescript text of an published nuclear weapons to be as protest’ against J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Cambridge Peace Front Literature, 1955. Committee of the World Congress of the Defenders of Peace Literature re Second World Peace Congress, 13-19 November 1950. National Peace Council Appeal for assistance, 18 January 1952 and leaflet re work of Council. Science for Peace K.146 1952,1953. K.146, K.147 Science for Peace literature. This organisation was launched at a national conference in 1952. and Dorothy Needham were both founder members. Joseph Papers re organisation of national conference and establishment of Science for Peace, 1951-1952. Literature, 1964-1966. The Fund was launched to pay for advertisements in the national press urging nuclear disarmament. Joseph and Dorothy Needham were both signatories of an advertisement in the New Scientist and Guardian in 1964. 1955-1961, nd. Scientists' Protest Fund J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics West German militarisation East German literature 1957. World Council of Peace Literature 1953-1955 and 1968. Chiefly re meeting of World Assembly for Peace, Helsinki, 22-29 June 1955. Other organisations and campaigns K.151-K.153 Miscellaneous literature 1951-1987. 3 folders. INTERNATIONAL POLITICS K.154-K.171 China K.250-K.296 K.223-K.232 Korean War K.233-K.249 Vietnam K.172-K.222 International organisations Other countries J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 International organisations Politics K.154-K.160 Amnesty Intemational K.161 K.162 League of Nations Union Minority Rights Group K.163, K.164 Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation K.165-K.168 United Nations Association K.169-K.171 World Government Amnesty International 1969, 1970. 1967. Membership material. Needham joined Amnesty International in 1967. Chiefly printed or duplicated typescript literature. Conscience Week and Human Rights Day. 1974 material includes letter to The Times re human rights in of 1974, 1976. Brazil (Needham was 1971-1973. a co-signatory), and material re Prisoner J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics K.159, K.160 Amnesty International Cambridge City Group. K.159 Re Public Meeting, 26 November 1969. 1969. Needham chaired the meeting at which the chief speaker was the South African lawyer and ex- prisoner A.L. (‘Albie') Sachs. 1971-1973. Chiefly re prisoners ‘adopted’ by the Cambridge Group. League of Nations Union Publicity material 1941. Minority Rights Group Needham became a sponsor of the Group in 1970. Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Appeals for support, information etc. Correspondence re sponsorship; pleas addressed to Needham as sponsor 1974, 1978. 1948, 1949. Needham served as a Vice-President of the Eastern Regional Council in the late 1940s and early 1950s and was again elected in 1971. He was also a member of the Cambridge branch. 1964, 1967, 1970-1972. Includes material re Vietnam and Cambodia. 1973-1976. United Nations Association J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics 1955, 1965-1966. General Council meeting and AGM, Cambridge, 1-3 July 1955; symposium on China, 16 February 1966. 1969-1971. Includes invitation to speak at meeting on Science and Society 1969 (declined), and nomination and election as Vice President. 1972-1973. World Government Miscellaneous literature from organisations supporting world government. Emergency World Council. 1975, 1976. World Constitution and Parliament Association. 1982-1987. Other organisations 1962, 1967, 1978. After the establishment of the People's Republic in 1949 Needham was keen to strengthen links between the Peking government and the UK. He was a leading figure in the Britain-China Friendship Association (BCFA), serving as President, and its successor organisation formed in 1965, the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU), of which he was Chairman. Miscellaneous literature 1940s and 1950s. Most of the material relates to international incidents in which the BCFA or SACU took the Chinese part. There is also extensive printed background material re the People's Republic at K.237 and K.271-K.273. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics K.173-K.183 Border dispute with India 1961-1964 Material found in Needham's folder inscribed 'S.I. border’. The border dispute between India and China led to armed conflict in 1962. After a few weeks the Indian troops were driven back by the Chinese who then declared a cease-fire and withdrew their forces. The BCFA met to discuss the situation on 3 November 1962, and passed a resolution supporting China and on 14 December Needham wrote a letter to The Times (not published), in support of the Chinese position. Papers re meeting of the BCFA, 3 November 1962. Duplicated typescript background information, some annotated; manuscript notes; duplicated typescript draft and text of resolution, with statement issued on 23 November; correspondence arising. Letter to The Times and correspondence arising. Invitation to speak on China to the Cecil Society, Cambridge, 3 March 1963 (accepted). Exchange with Anglia Television, November 1962, re political discussion programme. Manuscript notes on public meeting organised by the BCFA, Conway Hall, London, 19 November and discussion, 6 December 1962; minutes of BCFA AGM, 27 April 1963, including resolution on the Sino-Indian border dispute. Newspaper cuttings. Pages from bulletins of Chinese Hsinhua News Agency, 1962. K.177-K.183 Background information on border dispute. K.177-K.179 Press-releases from London embassy of P.R. China, 1961-1964. 3 folders. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics K.182, K.183 Other material. 2 folders. K.184-K.195 Ideological dispute with the USSR 1962-1964 Material found in Needham's folder inscribed 'S.S. Dispute’. The ideological split between the USSR and China threatened to divide the political far Left in Britain, including the BCFA. Needham felt that the Chinese case was not being properly presented and asked the publishers Allen & Unwin if a book could be produced to set out the Chinese case. This project failed when the Chinese pamphlets presenting their case were reprinted in the UK. However, Needham wrote letters to The Times (not published) and the New Statesman (published August 1963) urging a deeper analysis of the Sino-Soviet dispute. At its meeting on 26 October 1963 the BCFA National Committee adopted a neutral attitude towards the dispute. Needham thought it important at least to put forward the Chinese point of view, and proposed a booklet outlining the positions of both sides. Others wished to see the Association backing China. An attempt by the Cambridge branch to align the BCFA with the Chinese position was defeated at the Association's 1964 AGM. og bomben', article ‘Kina Needham's comments on the Sino-Soviet dispute (in Danish). Frit Danmark 6 (September 1963), in with Correspondence with Allen & Unwin and others re possible book, June - August 1963. Drafts of letter to The Times, July 1963; copy of letter published in New Statesman, with correspondence arising. Manuscript notes on Cambridge branch BCFA meeting, 27 November 1963. Minutes of BCFA National Committee meeting, London, 26 October 1963, with copy of policy statement on the dispute agreed at the meeting; correspondence arising. Correspondence re Needham's plan for BCFA booklet on the dispute and attitude of BCFA National Committee, October 1963 - February 1964. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics ‘Note on the Sino-Soviet Dispute’, 2pp duplicated typescript draft summary of Needham's address to Cambridge Pugwash Group, 15 January 1964. Invitations to speak on Chinese nuclear weapons and disarmament policies, Cavendish Laboratory discussion group, Cambridge, January 1964, and on modern China, Student Christian Movement study group, Cambridge, February 1964. Correspondence re and papers for BCFA National Committee meeting, London, 22 February 1964; manuscript notes on plan for possible booklet on dispute and letter arising. Correspondence and papers re meeting of Cambridge branch of BCFA, 23 March 1964. The meeting drafted a resolution supportive of China for the BCFA AGM. K.193 Printed background material. K.193, K.194 Fourteenth BCFA AGM, London, 9 May 1964. Correspondence preceding; typescript and manuscript draft for Needham's address as BCFA President. Annotated agenda and motions; annual report; brief correspondence arising; miscellaneous material. friends in Britain and Holland’, 20pp typescript '...written December '66'. ‘Comments on the Cultural Revolution and some foreign press reports For K.196-K.198 The Cultural Revolution 1965-1969 Material found in Needham's envelope inscribed ‘Cultural revolution’. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Needham's manuscript notes on lecture; Cambridge, 4 December 1969. manuscript notes on the lecture Cultural M. by Revolution, probably for College Bernal, ?King's Newspaper cuttings and other printed material re Cultural Revolution. K.199-K.205 British detainees in China 1968-1972 In 1968 and 1969 the Chinese seized a number of Westerners working in China and held them incommunicado. This was in part a response to the actions of the Hong Kong authorities who had arrested a number of Chinese Communists in connection with civil disorder. The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU) received many appeals from friends and relatives of those held in China. Needham argued that the British held in China should be regarded on a par with the Chinese detained in Hong Kong, although some members of SACU wanted a public condemnation of the Chinese government's actions. Drafts of letter to The Times by Needham and Joan Robinson, November 1968. Papers of emergency meeting of Council of Management, 10 December 1968, including editorial statement to be published in 'SACU News'. General correspondence re SACU approach to the problem, April 1968 - January 1969. Newspaper cuttings on detained Britons, 1968-1972. Correspondence with friends and relatives of detained Britons, April 1968 - October 1969. 2 folders. Letter re and Needham's manuscript notes on SACU meeting, 18 January 1969. K.202, K.203 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Other background information, including SACU newsletter no. 7 'Hong Kong and the Rule of Law’. K.206-K.210 Miscellaneous printed and duplicated typescript material 1960s. K.206 1960-1964. 1965. Includes material from Republic of China (Taiwan). 1966, 1967. Correspondence re lease on SACU head-quarters, 1972-1974. K.212-K.216 Miscellaneous printed and duplicated typescript material 1970s. 1969. Includes press-releases of SACU celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic. Brief correspondence re SACU Cambridge branch meetings and exhibition of Chinese pictures and posters, November 1973. 1973, 1974 (1). K.212 1970, 1971. group. Includes newsletters re establishment of Chinese studies J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics 1974 (2). 1975, 1976 and nd. K.217-K.219 ‘Letter from China Anna Louise Strong’. Contents of Needham's envelope so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: copies of ‘Letter from China’ nos. 7-70 (not a complete sequence). Strong was an American writer living in the People's Republic of China . From 1962 to her death in 1970 she wrote a ‘Letter from China’, usually monthly, strongly supportive of the Chinese government. This was circulated to friends and colleagues outside China. K.220-K.222 ‘Newspaper cuttings concerned with envelope so inscribed, 1958-1972. 3 folders. China’. Contents of Needham's Korean War The findings and methodology of the Commission were much criticised and in response to the criticism Needham produced duplicated typescript copies of some of the main documents relating to the controversies for wider circulation. Needham was a member of an International Scientific Commission invited by the governments of the People's Republic of China and North Korea to investigate the facts concerning the alleged use of bacteriological warfare in Korea and north east China by US forces. It took evidence in the summer of 1952 and reported its findings in September. The Commission concluded that the US military had used bacteriological weapons. deposited with the Imperial War Museum by Needham. The material presented here includes many duplicates of the papers The great bulk of Needham's papers relating to the work of the International Scientific Commission were deposited the Department of Documents, Imperial War Museum in 1992. This collection has been catalogued as NCUACS 55/4/95. him by in J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Pre-Commission material: 16pp typescript copy of 'Peacetime implications of biological warfare’ by G.W. Merck, Chemical and Engineering News 24 (1946); duplicated typescript 'Notes on alleged Bacterial Warfare in Korea’, 27 April 1952; notice of public meeting 'ls America using Germ Warfare?’, Cambridge, 9 June 1952. Report of the International Scientific Commission for the Investigation of the Facts concerning Bacterial Warfare in Korea and China, Peking, 1952. Summary of report, with list of appendices. 6pp duplicated typescript ‘Statement by Dr Joseph Needham’ issued at Press Conference, London, 26 September 1952, and copy of extract from Hansard, 24 October 1952 giving the reaction of A. Nutting MP, Joint Under- Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, to the Commission's report. Duplicated typescript regarding the Commission's findings, December 1952 - March 1953. of correspondence with copies J.B. Notices of lectures by Needham: ‘Bacterial warfare. An attempt to discover the facts',; Cambridge, 25 November and 'Germ Warfare in China and Korea’, 18 December 1952 . Needham's replies to letters in connection with the Commission, October, November 1952, including duplicated typescript copy of correspondence with officers of United Nations Association Eastern Regional Council re Needham's use of title ‘Vice-President of UNA Eastern Region’ in letters to The Times. review of Commission report for Nature by F.G. Gregory and N.W. Pirie. Copies of letters to the New Statesman re the Commission, November 1953; copy of telegram of Commission members to Mme Nehru, President of the UN General Assembly, 8 November 1953; 3pp typescript draft of White MP J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics of J.W. Issue of China Monthly Review, January 1957, reporting on trial Powell, his wife S.C. Powell and J. Schuman for sedition; copy of circular letter by Needham appealing for support for the Powells and Schuman, May 1957. The defendants were editors of China Monthly Review and had published the charges of the International Commission against the US. ‘Bacterial warfare: was it employed or wasn't it?' by J. van Ginneken, sent to Needham December 1976; ‘Japan's Germ Warfare: the US cover-up of a war crime’ by J.W. Powell, Bulletin of the Committee of Concerned Asian Scientists 12 (1980). Vietnam War General 1964, 1965. 1967 February - December. 1968, 1969. Chiefly printed and duplicated typescript material. 1967 January - February, May. Appeal in The Times of which Needham was a sponsor and co-signatory re allowing representatives of the Viet Cong to speak in Britain. 1970-1972. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics 1973, 1976, nd. British Council (later Campaign) for Peace in Vietnam The British Council for Peace in Vietnam was formed in 1964. In 1969 the Council merged with the National Vietnam Campaign Committee to form the British Campaign for Peace in Vietnam. In 1976, following the defeat of the Saigon government and the unification of Vietnam, the Campaign was replaced by the Britain-Vietnam Association, of which Needham was a sponsor. K.240-K.243 Duplicated typescript papers of meetings, appeals and reports, 1964-1976. 4 folders. leaflets. Medical Aid for Vietnam Solidarity Conference After the Conference proper, the standing being as in a_ continued K.244-K.248 Joseph and Dorothy Indochina Solidarity Conference Duplicated typescript appeals, reports etc. 1967-1974. 5 folders. Medical Aid for Vietnam was established in 1965. Needham were both sponsors. This was held 2-3 December 1972. Indochina organisation. Appeal for support, programme, report etc. 1972-1973. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Other countries Politics The bulk of the material relates to human rights abuses and political reform and is miscellaneous printed and duplicated typescript literature - reports, appeals, leaflets etc. K.250-K.252 Bangladesh K.253 K.254 Brazil Ceylon K.255-K.257 Greece K.258-K.260 Indonesia K.261-K.263 Poland South Africa K.275 Spain K.270 South Korea K.276-K.286 United States K.271-K.274 Soviet Union K.264-K.269 Development issues Miscellaneous K.293-K.296 K.287-K.292 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Bangladesh Politics Action Bangladesh was formed in April 1971 in response to the war and natural disasters in East Pakistan (later Bangladesh). Needham responded to an appeal for sponsors of an advertisement in The Times. K.250-K.252 Duplicated typescript literature 1971-1972. 3 folders. Material re human rights abuses, 1972. Material re human rights abuses; issues 2 and 3 Ceylon Committee. 1971, 1972. of the ‘Bulletin’ of the in response to The Ceylon Committee was formed in September 1971 human rights violations by the government. Needham was approached as a possible sponsor of the Committee. 1968-1970. Includes material re Free Greek Week, May 1970. Includes material re the Greek Relief Fund, League for Democracy in Greece and Campaign for the Release of all Political Prisoners in Greece and individual appeals for human rights. The material chiefly dates from the period 1968 (following the military coup in Greece) to 1973. 1952, 1963, 1966. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Indonesia Politics 1971-1973. Needham was a sponsor of both the British Indonesia Committee, founded in 1970, and of TAPOL, the British Campaign for the Release of Indonesian Political Prisoners, founded in 1973. 1966, 1970. Material 1970 re establishment of British Indonesia Committee. 1971-1972. 1973-1976. Needham had visited Poland before the war and corresponded with a number of Polish colleagues. He also helped translate a number of Polish literary works into English for publication in the UK and had an interest in the pre-war politics of Poland. return home), 1966. Polish ‘The mass extermination of Jews in German occupied Poland’, Ministry of Foreign Affairs booklet ca.1943; typescript reports from Polish press agencies 1943: 'The war on Polish books' and '104 Polish scientists die due to Nazi atrocity’. Correspondence and papers re anti-semitism in Polish universities, January - March 1938. Includes draft of letter to the Manchester Guardian ?by Needham (writing under the name ‘Polophilus’). Printed literature 1956, 1966. Includes press-releases of the Expellee Press Agency (campaigning for the right of Germans uprooted from Poland after the Second World War to J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 South Africa Politics Needham joined the Anti-Apartheid Movement in 1970. The material is chiefly duplicated typescript literature from the 1970s. There is also earlier material from the 1950s and 1960s relating to anti-apartheid activities and opposition to the Rhodesian regime. 1957, 1959. Re introduction of apartheid into higher education. 1964-1966. 1967-1969. Includes material re International Defence and Aid Fund. 1970, 1971. South Korea K.270 Soviet Union 1973, 1974, nd. . 1973, 1975. Tokyo by South Korean government agents. January. Needham was a signatory. Ae advertisement ‘Statement on Soviet Jewry’ in The Times 22 Chiefly re kidnapping of opposition politician Kim Dae-jung in K.271 1968. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics K.272, K.273 Universities’ Committee for Soviet Jewry 1969-1975. K.272 1969, 1970. 1972-1975. Material chiefly re misuse of psychiatry against dissidents and rights of scientists, 1971-1977. See also material re British support for the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War (K.74-K.107). Printed literature 1962-1974. United States K.276-K.278 Correspondence and papers re attempt to dismiss staff of the University of Califomia for refusing to sign oath of loyalty, 1950-1952. 3 folders. The papers chiefly relate to specific cases affecting civil liberties in the US during the early 1950s, at the height of Senator McCarthy's ‘witch-hunt' of suspected Communists, and to academic freedom in the same period. Literature re academic freedom in the USA 1953. American Association of Scientific Workers newsletters 1950, 1954-1956. Not a complete sequence. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, 1953-1955. The organisation Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade comprised Americans of the International Brigade who had fought in Spain for the republican cause. After the defeat of the republic in 1939 members of the organisation campaigned against US links with Franco's government and sought support for international ‘anti-fascist' opposition. Several members of the Veterans were imprisoned for sedition in the 1950s. Material chiefly re the case of Steve Nelson, a Communist member of the Veterans, released in 1955 by a ruling of the Supreme Court. New World Review, 1953. Mailings of this publication were regularly held up by the US Post Office for inspection. K.283-K.286 Other cases. K.285, K.286 Miscellaneous Asia 1939, 1965-1975. K.283 1952-1954. Press-cuttings on US civil liberties and 'McCarthyism’. 2 folders. 1955-1959. Includes draft letter to The Times June 1955 (not published) re civil liberties, of which Needham was a co-signatory, and material re case of the atomic scientist M. Sobell 1956. Europe 1955-1975. K.287 Africa 1953-1974. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Latin America 1963, 1970, 1974. K.291, K.292 Middle East 1955-1974. 2 folders. K.291 1955-1968. 1969-1974. Development issues K.293-K.295 Miscellaneous duplicated typescript and printed material re development issues in the 'Third World', 1952-1977. 3 folders. Chiefly literature Colonial re Liberation (formerly the Movement for Freedom), 1971-1972. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics CIVIL LIBERTIES AND ACADEMIC FREEDOM K.297-K.301 Association of Scientific Workers K.302-K.305 Homosexual Law Reform Society K.306-K.317 National Council for Civil Liberties K.318-K.321 Permanent Commission on Academic Freedom K.322 K.323 Release Socialists in Higher Education K.324, K.325 Society for Freedom in Science Association of Scientific Workers K.297 K.326 Voluntary Euthanasia Society K.327-K.335 World Federation of Scientific Workers K.336-K.343 Miscellaneous material concerns the reply by the Association to be published in /sis. M.F. Ashley Montagu had claimed that the British authorities were making inadequate use of scientists as war-time advisors. G. Sarton, editor of /sis wrote to Ashley Montagu seeking substantiation of this claim and Ashley Montagu cited statements of the Association of Scientific Workers. W.A. Wooster, the Secretary of the Association argued that the Association had been misrepresented by Ashley Montagu, but agreed that the Association felt the government was not making best use of scientists. The bulk of the ISIS exchange (utilization of scientists in war)'. Contents of Needham's envelope so inscribed: correspondence re British government utilization of scientists in the war effort 1941-1942. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Invitation to chair meeting calling for the creation of a Central Scientific and Technical Board, London 4 September 1942 (declined). Invitation to open Association Fifth Annual Science Exhibition, Oxford, 17 September 1948 (declined). K.299, K.300 ‘Wooster WFSW [World Scientific Workers] & ASciW'. Contents of Needham's envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: miscellaneous papers re secrecy laws in France, international control of atomic energy, etc. 1949-1950. Federation of Further material relating to the World Federation of Scientific Workers is at K.327-K.335 below. Miscellaneous papers re Association, 1949, 1951. Homosexual Law Reform Society There is also material relating to the Albany Trust which supported the Society's campaign. Joseph and Dorothy Needham were both Patrons. 1958, 1959. Includes draft bill for reform of the law. 1964, 1965. Includes information re introduction of private members’ bills into both Houses of Parliament. The material is chiefly re the work of the Homosexual Law Reform Society campaigning to legalise homosexual acts between consenting adults. The Needhams were members of the Society's Honorary Committee. 1970, 1971 and nd. 1966, 1967. Includes information re introduction of private member's bill into the House of Commons. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) Chiefly printed and duplicated typescript material re NCCL campaigns and meetings. 1935-1939. 1948, 1951. K.308-K.310 1951-1952. Correspondence and papers re treatment of Britons travelling to the Second World Youth Festival in East Berlin, August 1951. Those travelling claimed that various means were used to obstruct their passage to East Berlin, and that in Austria assaults had been committed by US soldiers. As the government refused to investigate the matter the NCCL organised a public inquiry to investigate the alleged obstructions and the claim that British diplomatic service had failed to protect and assist the travellers. inquiry and other Needham was among those conducting the inquiry, which upheld the claims. 49pp typescript transcript material, sent to Needham, 25 January 1952. of evidence presented to Correspondence re establishment of NCCL inquiry, 1951; Needham's manuscript notes on proceedings of public hearings, 30 November and 1 December 1951, and annotated typescript synopses of written submissions and Foreign Office replies to representations made. Cort was given asylum in Czechoslovakia. Cort was a US citizen who, under American anti-communist legislation, was threatened with imprisonment if he returned to the US. Despite a campaign by academics and others he was refused permission to remain in the UK. Correspondence and papers, February - May 1952; copy of NCCL report. 1954. Cort. Correspondence and papers re refusal of political asylum to J.H. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics 1955, 1957. 1963-1965. 1966-1969. 1970-1972. Democracy. Includes literature of the Council for Academic Freedom and 1970-1973. Correspondence and papers re Cambridge Liaison Group of the NCCL. 1974, 1976. Arrowsmith for offences under the Incitement to Disaffection Act. Papers 1974 re imprisonment of peace campaigner Pat Provisional Committee on Academic Freedom On 21 October 1934 a meeting was held at University of London Club to consider a response to threats to academic freedom of speech. This was prompted firstly by the dismissal of H.D. Dickinson from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, for anti-war and pro-Communist speeches, and secondly by the criticism of Harold Laski for speeches he gave in Moscow. The meeting established a Provisional Committee on Academic Freedom. The Provisional Committee organised a Conference on Academic Freedom, Oxford, 14-15 August 1935. 19385. Papers found in Needham's folder inscribed ‘Perm. [sic] Comm on Acad. Freedom’. Published Report of the Conference on Academic Freedom, Oxford, August Papers of meeting, 21 October 1934. K.319-K.321 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Papers of meeting of Committee, London, 26 October 1935. Papers of meetings with French Comité de Vigilance des Intellectuels Anti- fascistes, 1935, 1936. Release Release was established to help young people charged with drugs offences, particularly by offering them legal support. Papers 1971, 1972. Socialists in Higher Education Society for Freedom in Science K.323 Papers, chiefly re disturbances at the London School of Economics, 1969. Correspondence from Baker, June - July 1942; duplicated typescript papers 1942. This was founded by J.R. Baker in 1941, chiefly to counter the threat he believed was posed to 'pure' science by central planning. Needham joined the Society in 1942. See also K.336. Papers re Society's booklet 'A plea for voluntary euthanasia’, 1970. Literature re the Society, 1944, 1946. Voluntary Euthanasia Society K.326 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics World Federation of Scientific Workers Material found in Needham's folder inscribed 'WFScW':. The Federation was established in 1946 to bring together organisations representing scientific workers throughout the world and to encourage the establishment of such organisations in countries where they did not exist. See also material re the Association of Scientific Workers (K.297-K.301). Brochure on the World Federation, ca.1947. K.328, K.329 1st General Assembly, Castle Dobris, Czechoslovakia, 21-25 September 1948. Papers of Assembly, including draft report, 37pp typescript. 2 folders. Correspondence; 1p typescript report by Needham. Third Session of the UNESCO General Conference, Beirut, 17 November - 11 December 1948. In addition to his participation as Honorary Scientific Adviser to UNESCO and as a member of the UK delegation (see D.55-D.97), Needham acted as World Federation observer at the conference. Miscellaneous World Federation papers, 1955, 1965. Other material found in Needham’s folder, 1948-1952: correspondence re ratification of the re-election of J.D. Bernal to the Council of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1949; copy of Labour Monthly (April the Needhams. Miscellaneous World Federation papers, 1951-1953. ‘Atomic Weapons: What to do?' with article by Correspondence and papers, 1949, 1950. 1950) on J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics thirty years: ‘After Scientific Workers revisited’, Federation of American Scientists Public Interest Report 29 (November 1976). Federation World of Miscellaneous K.336 ‘Freedom in Science’. Contents of Needham's envelope so inscribed: includes printed material re A.V. Hill's attack on Soviet science, 1940; circulars from Committee on Science and Freedom, 1956 and 1957. See also K.324, K.325. Memorial to the Prime Minister re German Prisoners of War, 1946. Correspondence and papers, 1952. Includes material re reaction to US ban on travel by Linus Pauling, and the No Conscription Council. Correspondence and papers re National Rosenberg Defence Committee, 1952-1954. Memorial [?to Parliament] of the National Campaign for the Abolition of Capital Punishment 1962. In connection with the Pauling case Needham wrote a letter to The Times but there is no evidence of publication. This committee was established to campaign against the execution in the USA of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for espionage. Other campaigns and appeals. This body campaigned for legislation against racial discrimination. Papers from Equal Rights, 1968. Papers of Society of Friends of Dacca University, 1971-1972. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 ENVIRONMENT Politics K.344-K.349 Anti-Concorde Project. The Anti-Concorde Project campaigned against the development and production of the Anglo-French supersonic airliner 1967-1975. Duplicated typescript and printed material. 1967. 1968, 1969. 1973-1975. Needham's manuscript notes on Dounreay nuclear power Station, September 1982. Stansted Airport, 1965-1966. Nuclear power industry literature. 2 folders. K.353, K.354 Cambridge and local environment. 15 K.351, K.352 K.353 Gog Magog Hills, 1937. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Politics Cambridge city centre Market Square, 1969. Includes Needham's letter to The Times, 10 October, critical of council plans for the Square. Magdalene Bridge, 1970, 1971. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 SECTION L SCIENCE, SOCIETY AND RELIGION RELIGION L.32-L.39 SCIENCE AND SOCIETY NOTES ON THE LITERATURE J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 RELIGION Science, society and religion Needham's scientific outlook in general and his biological and biochemical work in particular, was intertwined with his religious faith and his political beliefs. This is particularly evident in Needham's four collections of articles and essays The sceptical biologist (1929), The Great Amphibium (1931), Time the refreshing river (1943) and History is on our side (1946). See section F. The material presented here documents Needham's specifically religious concerns. It includes documentation of various religious (and humanist) organisations including the Oldham Group and the Teilhard Centre for the Future of Man. There is religious and philosophical literature such as tracts, sermons and offprints. the relationship between science and religion. is concerned with this material Much of Eal-k AZ. Organisations, centres and churches L.18-L.31 Tracts, sermons and articles life’, 1928; The Oldham Group. Organisations, centres and churches _ In chronological order of Needham's involvement. Correspondence re draft reply to questionnaire on ‘the change in the trend of sexual morality during the last twenty years...', 1933. of ‘The place of sex in The Archbishop's Advisory Board for Preventive & Rescue Work (later the Church of England Advisory Board for Moral Welfare Work). 1930. Formation of the group and possible first meeting in March 1931. This informal group of theologians, scientists and other scholars was formed by Rev. J.H. Oldham in 1930 to consider the place of Christianity in the modern world. It paralleled a group formed on the continent by Oldham. The group operated by the circulation of duplicated typescript discussion papers and the material includes these papers and correspondence re meetings for discussions. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Science, society and religion 1931. First meetings, London, 2-4 March. 1932 (1). Meeting, London, 4-5 April. 1932 (2). was on the subject of Christianity and Communism. Meeting, 1-3 October, Hayward's Heath, Sussex. This meeting Correspondence re arrangements; papers by H.G. Wood and J. Macmurray. Papers by E. Brunner; Needham's manuscript notes on discussions. Correspondence 1935-1937; paper by P. Tillich on Christianity and Marxism, 1935, with manuscript comments attached. ‘Communism and Christianity’, 3pp typescript notes by H. Lilje, annotated by Needham; Needham's manuscript the Group, principally discussing the relationship between Christianity and Communism. meetings of notes of The Catholic Crusade and Order of the Church Militant. These were High Church Anglican Socialist movements, the Catholic Crusade being one of the movements incorporated into the Order of the Church Militant. The Rev. Conrad Noel, the 'Red Vicar' of Thaxted was a leading member and wrote extensively on the common cause of Christianity and Communism. Needham was a friend of Noel and contributed to the book which Noel had inspired. Order of the Church Militant literature, 1930s. Catholic Crusade pamphlets by Noel, ca.1930: 'The law and the prophets’, ‘The sacraments’, 'Render unto Caesar’, 'The kemel of Christ's teaching’ and ‘The Christian religion: dope or dynamite?’. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Science, society and religion Council on the Christian Faith and the Common Life. Draft of handbook sent to Needham for comment, 13 March 1939, with manuscript annotation by Needham. Thaxted Church. sequence); Putterill, Vicar of Thaxted, 1964-1971 (not Newsletters from Rev. J. a complete 17 November 1967, of reminscence of demonstration against Rev. Conrad Noel, May 1921, with letter from Needham to the editor complaining about the story. newspaper cutting Chronicle, Essex from L.13-L.15 Pierre Teilhard Association and Teilhard Centre for the Future of Mankind. Needham was President of the Centre. Miscellaneous correspondence 1966, 1974, 1975. programme; summaries of papers by others Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1976-1978. Needham spoke on ‘Light from East Asia on the dilemmas of Science and Society’. Teilhard Centre Eighth Annual Conference on Self and Society, London, 18 October 1975. Correspondence; with Needham's manuscript notes thereon; Needham's manuscript notes for his own contribution. 1977. Request to Needham to prepare a memorandum on Chinese religion, March 1973 (declined). Request for advice on recent developments in genetic manipulation, March Archbishop's Commission on Christian Doctrine. General Synod Board for Social Responsibility. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Science, society and religion Other groups: Society of Social Clergy and Ministers 1955. Parish of Holy Trinity with St Philip, Dalston, London 1967. Christian Socialist Movement 1972. Tracts, sermons and articles Miscellaneous printed, duplicated typescript etc material by others. chronological order. Some items are annotated. In 1881-1925. 1930-1931. 1937-1945. 1956, 1958. 1963-1968. 1932-1935. 1936. Papers of the Universal Christian Council for Life and Work. 1972-1973. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Science, society and religion ca.1977. Drafts by J. Garrison. 2 folders. 1978-1980. SCIENCE AND SOCIETY Principally sets of offprints and other printed and duplicated literature, some unpublished, planning assembled by Needham and kept in box-files with the subject titles inscribed thereon. eugenics and social biology, relating social to L:32 ‘Eugenics Racialism’ ‘Social biology’ At L.37-L.39 is similar material not found in Needham's box-files. The provenance and subject matter of the material is diverse; the authors include scientists, theologians and social scientists, and the relationship of a paper to the issue on which Needham felt it bore may appear tangential. 1 box. 1920s-1960s (chiefly 1930s and 1940s). Includes papers by J.S. Huxley. ‘Social planning’ Miscellaneous Racialism’ ‘Eugenics L.33-L.35 L.36 L.37-L.39 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 ‘Social biology’ Science, society and religion Material found in Needham's box-files arranged roughly alphabetically by author. 1910s-1960s (chiefly 1940s and 1950s). A-G. 1 box. ‘Social planning’ 1930s-1950s. 1 box. Miscellaneous L.37 interest. Needham's card index of notes on works of theological or general scientific NOTES ON THE LITERATURE J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 SECTION M CORRESPONDENCE M.1-M.113 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE Correspondence with individuals. In alphabetical order with an indication of information of particular biographical, historical or scientific interest. M.114-M.203 SHORTER CORRESPONDENCE In chronological order. M.204-M.220 CORRESPONDENCE ARRANGED BY COUNTRY Needham kept as separate sequences M.209-M.214 Poland M.204-M.208 China Poland and the Soviet Union. M.215-M.220 Soviet Union correspondence and papers relating to China, REFERENCES CORRESPONDENCE WITH BRITISH AND INTERNATIONAL ORIENTALISTS M.221-M.237 M.238-M.244 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE Alley, R. re 1970 Alley was born in New Zealand but lived in China from 1927. Associated for many years with factory inspection, industrial cooperatives and technical education, he became a very active writer on Chinese life ‘through the periods of civil war and war against foreign invasion, describing the efforts of the people to better their lot, the pathos of many individual life stories, and above all, explaining to the rest of the world how things look through the eyes of a Chinese peasant-farmer or industrial worker' (M.1). He also wrote a great deal of poetry. Includes nomination for the Nehru Award for International Understanding and reviews of biography of Alley. Poems. 2 folders. Baldwin, E.H.F.. Nd [?1930s], 1942, 1950-1951. 1929-1933, 1937, 1944 Baldwin was Professor of Biochemistry at University College London, 1950- 1969. Includes undated correspondence relating to research visit to Roscoff and application for Chair of Biochemistry in the University of London, tenable at St Thomas’ Hospital, 1942. City to research in Needham’s laboratory. Boell came from the Department of Zoology, State University of lowa, lowa Bertalanffy, L. von Bertalanffy was based in Vienna. Boell, E.J. 1937-1940 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence Born, M. One letter only. Brachet, J.L.A. various dates 1931-1963 Brachet was based at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Needham at Cambridge for a period 1934-1935. He worked with 1931-1933. 1935-1939. 1948-1950, 1953, 1963. Brennan, T.M. Brewer, H. 1936, 1941, 1942 re Brewer's eugenics interests. Chambers was based at Cornell University Medical College. Chambers, R. 1923, 1925-1929 Washington, D.C. Clark was Professor of Chemistry with the US Public Health Service, Channon was Professor of Biochemistry at Liverpool University. Channon, H.J. 1934-1935 Clark, W.M. 1922, 1924-1926 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence Dalcq, A.M. 1928-1932, 1938 Dalcq was based at the Faculty of Medicine, Université Libre de Bruxelles. Fisher, R.A. 1927 Fisher was Chief Statistician of the Rothamsted Experimental Station. re statistical analysis. Haldane, J.B.S. Nd, 1965 Nd. Manuscript draft ‘The biochemistry of the individual’ by Haldane. 1965. Correspondence between Needham and C.H. Waddington re Royal Society biographical memoir of Haldane (died 1964). 1979-1987 Milton 1979. M.19-M. 23 Ho M. W. Correspondence and drafts Elizabeth College London, on philosophy of science, especially evolution. re work of Ho and P.T. Saunders, Queen Ho was based at the Department of Biology, Open University, Keynes. 1986-1987. 1983. Includes manuscript draft of Needham's foreword for volume Beyond neo-Darwinism edited by Ho and Saunders. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence Hogben,L.T. . 1933-1934, nd Hogben was Economics, 1930-1937. Professor of Social Biology at the London School of Hogben's letters consider the work of his department, his failure to be elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society (he was elected in 1936), his views on Marxism, etc. M.25-M.28 Hokes, E.S. 1969-1971, 1973 Hokes was a Czechoslovak engineer who had worked in China and developed an interest in the history of science. Correspondence and papers. 1969 (1). 1969 (2). 1971, 1973. in the Hollitscher, W. 1956-1957, 1960 Hollitscher was a Vienna-based university professor interested philosophy of science. 1933-1938 (1). Holtfreter was a German scientist opposed to the Nazis. He was helped by Needham and other scientists in Britain, Scandinavia and the USA to leave Germany and settle in the USA. He was interned for a time in Canada but eventually established himself at the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. various dates 1933-1968 M.30-M.33 Holtfreter, J.K.F. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1938 (2) - 1939. 1940-1942. 1962-1963, 1968. Huxley, J.S. various dates 1924-1960 19pp. Includes ‘Evolutionary humanism’. leaving Unesco at the end of 1948...' duplicated typescript on The memorandum is undated but begins ‘Since memorandum Huxley by M.35, M.36 Keppel, J. 1978-1979 Koch, H. 1937-1938 Kleinzeller, A. Correspondence and papers from Keppel re his work on ‘an open systems paradigm alternative to the closed systems, reductionist paradigm derived Newtonian physics’. 2 folders. Koch was based at the Institute of Zoology, Louvain. Kleinzeller was a Czech refugee researching with H.A. Krebs at Sheffield. He approached Needham in May 1941 about the possibility of continuing his research with him at Cambridge. a! Photocopies of Lattimore's letters only. Needham was not the recipient of the original letters. Lattimore was Professor of Chinese Studies, Leeds University, 1963-1970. Lattimore, O. M.39-M-48 1941-1942 1971-1976 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence The letters provide very detailed accounts of travels overseas, especially to Mongolia. 1971 (1). 1971 (2). 1974 (1). 1974 (2). 1974 (3). Biochemistry, Cambridge University 1967-1977. Lehmann was a Jewish refugee from Germany who came to work with Needham in Cambridge. Clinical Memoir of Lattimore's wife, Eleanor Holgate Lattimore 1895-1970. Lehmann, H. 1936, 1942 He was subsequently Professor of J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence Lienau, C.C. 1947, 1950, 1952 1947 papers are re application for Guggenheim Fellowship. 1931, 1934, 1937 and nd M.52-M.55 Marza, B.D. various dates 1927-1966 Marza was a Roumanian scientist based at Jassy. He was with the Roumanian Legation in Brussels for a time at the end of the Second World War. He returned to Bucharest on his appointment as Minister of Health in the Roumanian government. Marza subsequently headed a team which translated Darwin's books into Roumanian. 1927-1929. May, R.M. of the fertilization and evolution 1930, 1932, 1934-1938. 1966. importance’ phanerogams in Darwin's work’. ‘The and problem 1940, 1945, 1948-1949. Includes draft papers ‘Darwin's methodology and its nowadays of who committed suicide in 1933. See also F.166-F.171. Meldrum was a research worker in the Cambridge biochemistry department Contents of envelope inscribed 'Meldrum's remains’. Medawar, P.B. . 1927, 1934, 1944 1941-1943, 1951 M.58, M.59 Meldrum, N. 1932-1933 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence Letters to Meldrum, 1932-1933; letters to Needham arising from Meldrum's death; draft biographical note signed by Needham and David Green. Miscellaneous notes and drafts ?by Meldrum. 1928-1930 Meyer, A.D. Meyerhof, O. Morgan, C.L. Muller, H.J. 1936, 1939 Murray, H.A. Most material undated. and Ovian-Enthusiast'. 1926, 1928, nd Nowinski, W.W. various dates 1934-1949 Includes undated letter beginning 'Dear Compatriot 1939 letter relates to Seventh International Congress of Genetics held at Edinburgh, August 1939. Enclosure is Muller's draft reply to question posed by Watson Davis of Science Service 'how could the world's population be improved most effectively genetically’. 1969-1970, 1974 Nowinski was a Polish scientist who came from Beme, Switzerland, to work with Needham in Cambridge in Rockefeller Foundation. After a period in Poland he retumed to Cambridge, worked in Argentina during the Second World War and eventually made his career in the USA. 1935, supported by the J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 _ Correspondence Pagel, W. 1934 Pagel was working at the Papworth Village Settlement, near Cambridge. Correspondence and papers re application by Pagel for a Ph.D candidature at Cambridge. Pantin, C.F.A. 1923-1928 and nd Pantin was based at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Plymouth. Patterson, A.L. 1929-1930 M.70-M.76 Petterson, M. : 1977-1981, 1987 Petterson was based at the School of Biological Sciences, Brunel University. Correspondence and papers. 1977. He was working on integrative levels, a concept introduced in 1937 by Needham in his Herbert Spencer Lecture at Oxford (see G.48-G.53). 1927, 1932 ‘Draft linking up different accelerations (early 1978) Petterson’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference. M.74-M.76 1980-1981. Quick, O.C. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence Rapkine, L. 1926, 1948 Raven, C.E. Nd Raven's letters were written while he was based in Liverpool. He was Canon of Liverpool Cathedral from 1924 to 1932 when he became Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge. M.80, M.81 Ritchie-Calder, P.R. 1973-1974 M.80 Correspondence and papers re conference on ‘Guidelines for a global science policy’ held at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Santa Barbara, California, where Ritchie-Calder was a Senior Fellow 1972- 1975. Report prepared by Ritchie-Calder for the Secretary-General of the United Nations on science and technology issues. Includes papers by Rosenbrock. Robertson was based at the Lister Institute, London. Rogers, V.E. 1937-1940 Robertson, M. 1931-1932 Rogers researched for a period in the Cambridge biochemistry department. See also F.49-F.56. Rosenbrock was Professor of Control Engineering at Manchester University. Rosenbrock, H.H. 1984 Rose, H. 1980-1981 Includes papers by Hilary and Steven Rose. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence Rosenheim, O. various dates 1919-1937 Shen Shih-Chang 1937-1942 Shen came from the Peiping Union Medical College, China, to undertake research the Rockefeller Foundation. The outbreak of war in Europe placed difficulties in the way of Shen's return to the Far East. the Cambridge biochemistry department, funded by in 1937-1939. 1940-1942. M.89, M.90 Toulmin, J. 1965-1966 re history of experimental embryology with special reference to the organizer concept. 1965. Vajropala, K. Vajropala undertook research in the Cambridge biochemistry department. Academy, Leningrad (1929-1932). Letters from Heyningen while a Commonwealth Fund Fellow at Harvard University Columbia University. Vladimirov was based in Moscow (1927) and at Van Heyningen, W.E. 1927, 1929-1932 the Military Medical Viadimirov, G. Physicians and Surgeons, and .the College of 1935 1936, 1938 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence M.94, M.95 Waddington, C.H. various dates ?1930s-1975 Needham and Waddington collaborated chemical embryology. Genetics, Edinburgh University, 1947-1975. in Waddington was Buchanan Professor of Animal the 1930s on research in Nd (?1930s). Includes letters written while working in the department of O. Mangold, Kaiser Wilhelm Institut far Biologie, Berlin-Dahlem and during visit to USA. 1944, 1946, 1963, 1975. Includes report on Waddington's work for Royal Society candidature (elected 1947), 'Wad's last letter’ dated 24 September 1975 (Waddington died 26 September), obituary tributes by Needham and D.R. Newth, undated 3pp typescript note by Waddington 'Two cheers for the organiser’. Wake & Egrot 1928 M.97-M.100 Woodger, J.H. meetings various dates 1929-1974 Wake & Egrot were importers and exporters of cinematograph films and apparatus. re film showing the development of the embryo chick in the egg made by Dr Chappelier, Director of the Section of Vertebrates, Agronomical Institute, Paris. In 1922 Woodger was appointed Reader in the Department of Biology at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London where he remained until retirement in 1959, the title of Professor having been conferred on him in 1949. He early developed a consuming interest in the basic ideas and assumptions of biological theory and formed around him a private group of scientists including Needham who shared his interest in biological theory - the ‘Theoretical Biology Club’. 1929-1931. The of theoretical biology club. Woodger is occasionally addressed or signs himself as 'Socrates'’. includes arrangements for 1930s correspondence J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1933, 1935-1937. Wrinch to 'my dear Socrates’, 23 May 1935. Includes unsigned carbon copy of letter from Dorothy 1946, 1948, 1955, 1964, 1974, nd. The undated letters are personal letters from Dorothy Needham to Woodger and his wife. Wormell, R.L. Includes papers by Wormell. 1957, 1976-1978 Wrinch, D.M. 1929, 1933, 1935 material 1933 programme of work. relates to Leverhulme Trust application and includes 1956-1960 M.103-M.112 Wu Lien-Té (Gnoh Lean-Tuck) Born 1956 February, March. Correspondence and papers re visit to Cambridge in 1956, honorary degree proposal and autobiography about which he sought Needham's advice. living Wu is described by Needham as one of the most distinguished of in Malaya and educated at Cambridge he Chinese physicians. achieved renown for his classical epidemiological work done in combating He the pneumonic plague in Manchuria in the early years of the century. founded, and for a long time directed, the Plague Prevention Service in Manchuria and the All-China Public Health Service. 41956 June - October. 1956 April, May. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1957, 1959-1960. dated 1957. Includes dedication, preface etc for Wu's autobiography Needham's letter of condolence to Wu's daughter of 20 March 1960 refers to Wu's enthusiastic support in the last months of his life for an appeal by Needham to a number of wealthy men in Malaya towards helping with the research and preparation expenses of Science and Civilisation in China. Curricula vitae, miscellaneous biographical information. M.108-M.112 Photographs. 5 folders. Relate to preparation of autobiography. Wurmser, R. 1925-1927, 1932 Wurmser was based at the College de France, Paris. SHORTER CORRESPONDENCE 1926 May - August. 1920-1922. 1926 January - April. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1926 September - December. 1927 January - April. 1927 May - August. 1927 September - December. 1928 January - April. 1928 May - August. 1929 January - April. 1929 May - July. 1928 September 4 December. 1929 September - December. 1930 July - December. Nd [71920s]. 1930 January - June. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1931 January - June. 1931 July - December. 1932 January - April 1932 May - August. 1932 September - December. 1933 January - April. 1933 May - August. 1934 January - June. 1934 July - December. 1933 September - December. 1936 January - June. 1935 January - June. 1935 July - November. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1936 September - December. 1937 January - June. 1937 July - December. 1938 February - May. 1938 July - December. 1939 January - June. 1939 July - October. 1941 January - June. 1941 July - December. 1942 July - December. 1942 January - June. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1970-1971. 1968-1969. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1975 March - June. 1975 July - December. 1978 July - October. 1978 January - May. 1978 November, December. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1984 February - May. 1984 July - December. 1986-1987. 1972. CORRESPONDENCE ARRANGED BY COUNTRY Correspondence and papers, 1972-1976. Includes requests for advice and information on Chinese affairs from academics and others. 1974, 1976. 1973 January - April. 1973 May. 1973 June - October. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Poland Correspondence Contents of Needham's box: correspondence and papers, 1936-1945. Principally correspondence from Polish scientists including correspondence re Needham's visit to Poland in 1937 and printed material re Poland. The 1945 correspondence relates to Polish scientists displaced by war and based at that time in Russia. See also E.138, E.139. 1936. 1938-1940. Soviet Union 1944-1945. 1926-1929. M.213, M.214 Miscellaneous printed material. 2 folders. 1930, 1933-1934. Principally correspondence from nd. Needham visited the USSR in August 1935 to attend the 15th International Physiological Congress which was held in Moscow and Leningrad. See H.14-H.17. Soviet scientists, 1926-1939 and J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1937-1939. CORRESPONDENCE WITH BRITISH AND INTERNATIONAL ORIENTALISTS Contents of Needham's folder: correspondence 1946-1975. 1950-1952. 1953-1954. 1955-1956. Includes papers for Sir William Jones Bicentenary Conference on 1946. Education in Eastern Languages, Oxford, September. 1947-1949. Includes papers for meetings of Editorial Board of the Oriental Year Book. Humanistic Studies. 3 folders Printed and duplicated papers re International Council for Philosophy and M.226-M.228 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1958-1959. 1960-1961. 1962-1963. 1965-1969. 1971-1972. REFERENCES A chronological sequence of references and recommendations. 1941-1949. 1927, 1929. 1930-1939. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Correspondence 1951-1958. 1961-1969. 1971-1976. 1980, 1984, 1987, nd. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 CONSPECTUS CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS LISTED BY G. WERSKEY A little of the material presented in this catalogue was listed by Gary Werskey in August 1968. Seventeen boxfiles of correspondence and papers, dating chiefly from before the Second World War, were divided by subject into fifteen sections. Presented below, for convenience of researchers who may be familiar with that listing, is a conspectus indicating where in this catalogue, most of the material may be found. A copy of Werskey's list is at A.14-A.17. Section 1: Family and Student papers, 1915-1924. A.50-A.62, A.98. Section 2: Cambridge Biochemistry, 1920-1939. A.89, B.21-B.30, B.32 Section 3: Theoretical Biochemistry, 1925-1948. (2 parts). Section 3) F.59, F.98-F.110, F.165, F.409, J.232, J.233, M.96-M.100 F.67-F.81, F.380-F.385, J.196- J.204 Section 3ii) Section 5i) Section 5ii) Section 4: Science and Society movement, 1931-1945. F.216, G.116, J.113-J.116, K.25- K.27, K.70, K.73, K.324, K.325 F.95, F.200, F.302-F.305, G.33A, J.243-J.246, M.96-M.100 F.116, G.10 F.190, F.233, F.268-F.273, G.55, G.69, H.14, H.16, H.17, H.51-H.56, M.215-M.220 F.310-F.312, F.317, G.48-G.53, H.27, H.28, M.12, M.63, M.149, M.162 Section 7: Theology, 1925-1931. F.23, F.24, F.33, F.62, F.115, Section 5: Social biology, 1923-1946. (2 parts). Section 6: Russian science, 1926-1948. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Conspectus Section 8: Political Religion, 1930-1942. F.176-F.182, F.185-F.188, H.19- H:22, H:30; H.31,:L.2-L.8 Section 9: History of science, 1926-1942. A.54, B.356-B.368, F.256 Section 10: Labour Politics, 1926-1937. K.1-K.21, K.114, Section 11: Spain, 1936-1939. K.74-K.107 Section 12: Poland, 1936-1945. F.199, F.386-F.388, K.261-K.263, M.209-M.214 Section 13: World War II: Political Response, 1938-1942. K.108-K.113, K.115-K.123 Section 14: Wartime science, 1938-1945. A.90-A.93, B.237-B.252, F.265- F.267, G.64-G.67, H.40-H.45 Section 15: China Mission, 1939-1946. C.94, C.115-C.118, C.153 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABERCROMBIE, Michael M.154, M.168, M.203 ABERDARE, Henry Campbell Bruce, 2nd Baron A.577 ABIR-AM, Pnina ABRAMS, John W. ABSE, Leo ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE COUNCIL M.196, M.199, M.200 J.158 K.234 K.93, M.239 ACADEMIE INTERNATIONALE D'HISTOIRE DES SCIENCES D.67, J.1-J.7 ACADEMIE INTERNATIONALE DE PHILOSOPHIE DES SCIENCES ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE USSR ACKERMANN, D. ACLAND, Sir Richard Thomas Dyke, 15th Bt J.8-J.12 H.51-H.56, H.119 M.166 K.131 ADOLPH, E.F. D.157, D.159, D.232 M.174 M.31 FES H.14 ACTA BIOTHEORETICA ADAIR, Gilbert Smithson ADAM, Neil Kensington ADDEY, Joseph P. ADELMAN, Howard B. F.401-F.404 E57, M.116, M.240 ADAMS, Taylor ADAMS, Walter ADAM, General Sir Ronald Forbes, 2nd Bt M.165 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL ADVANCES IN MODERN BIOLOGY ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, 1st Baron C.16, M.144, M.151, M.152, M.155 A.538, A.539, A.551, A.555, A.563 B.233, D.29, J.236, J.237 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 ALEXANDER, S. ALEXANDREV, W. ALISBAH, Orhan ALLEN, Edgar Johnson ALLEN, Elizabeth A. ALLEN, Frank ALLEN & UNWIN LIMITED ALLES, Jinapala ALLEY, Rewi ALLIX, André Index of correspondents F.24 M.216 D.95 B.42, B.113, £.118 K.108 M.121 F.189, F.310, F.312, F.313, F.315, F.333, F.400, F.445, G.46, H.27, K.184, L.7 J.53 C.26, C.27, C.30, C.36, C.38, C.45 See also M.1-M.3 H.84 ALLUM, W.J. AMBERSON, William R. K.297 M.137 H.116 D.4 B.174 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGISTS AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE M.207 ANGLO-CHINESE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE M.119 A.621 D.155 ANGLIA TELEVISION LIMITED F.100, F.107, F.335, M.135 ANDERSON, R.J. ANDREEN, Andrea ANGELL, Robert C. ANDERSON, Margaret K.154-K.160 G.123, K.175 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents ANGLO-POLISH RELIEF FUND ANNAN, Noel Gilroy, Baron L’ANNEE BIOLOGIQUE J.236 B.347 F.349 ANNUAL REVIEW OF BIOCHEMISTRY F.122, F.155, F.409 ANNUAL REVIEW OF PHYSIOLOGY ANTI-APARTHEID MOVEMENT ANTI-CONCORDE PROJECT APPLETON, Sir Edward (Victor) ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY ARISTOTELIAN SOCIETY ARMSTRONG, Philip B. F.237, F.354 K.267-K.269 K.344-K.349 M.168 F.349 G.101 B.231 ASCHER, Charles ASHBURNER, Michael B.287, B.339, B.340, B.346, D.140 M.65, M.115, M.117, M.118 ASHBY, Eric, Baron ASHER, Leon ASIAN HORIZON ASCHER, Ike ASH, Ranjana M.192 K.202 K.185 J.32 ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH SCIENCE WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC, TECHNICAL AND MANAGERIAL STAFFS (ASTMS) A.644 ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS C.48, C.105 J.13 B.237, D.155, G.78, K.297-K.301 ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS H.35 A.642, A.643 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents ASTBURY, William Thomas E.161, M.239 ATKINS, William Ringrose Gelston AUDEN, Wystan Hugh AUER, Alexander AUGER, Pierre AVERY, Parnell N. BACH, Stefan Joseph BACHARACH, Alfred Louis M.119 F.178 H.108 D.139, D.140, D.142-D.144, D.147, D.148, D.151, D.153, D.154, D.156, D.232, D.280, G. 104, H.65, H.70 M.172 G.78 F.81, F.101, F.105 BADEN-POWELL, Lt-Gen. Robert Stephenson Smyth, 1st Baron A.635 BAGNOLD, Brig. Ralph Alger D.8, D.19, D.20 See also D.140 BAILEY, Kenneth BAKER, Lillian E. BAKER, Zelma BALAZS, Etienne BAILEY, Cyril BAILEY, H.W. H.8 B.371 E.161 K.324 M.114 F231 BAKER, John Randal BALDRY, Harold Caparne C.38 B.231, F.341, F.342, G.79, M.4 BALDWIN, Ernest Hubert Francis BALY, Edward Charles Cyril F.408 M.122 M.229 M.134 BALINSKY, B. BAND, William J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 BANERuwI, Anil Chauda BANKS, A. Leslie BARCROFT, Sir Joseph BARGER, Evert BARKER, Eileen BARKER, Sir Ernest BARLOW, Erasmus D. BARNABAS, John BARNARD, G.A. BARNES, John BARNES, Robert Index of correspondents B.233 M.105 B.239, B.307, J.237, M.160, M.203 D.159 M.191 B.360, B.361, C.4.D.19 B.346 B.233 M.145 K.91, K.92 B.232 F.446 C.50 M.132 C.4, J.236 BARNETT, S.A. BARNICOT, N.A. BAROTT, H.G. BAYGER, Jan A. BAYLISS, L.E. BATESON, Beatrice BAYLISS, Sir Whyte M.136 M.130 BAUMBERGER, P. BARTLETT, Sir Frederic Charles M.151 A.608 See also A.609 BEAKBANE, Agnes Beryl M.139 F.298, M.164 B.16 F.445 BEADLE, L.C. BEARD, Edgar J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 BEDINI, Silvio A. BEDSON CLUB BEEBY; C.E: BELKIN, Raphael BELL, Bernard I. BELLAIRS, Ruth BELTZ, Ed BENCINI, Bruno BENES, Eduard BENIANS, E.A. ERNEST BENN LIMITED PUBLISHERS BENNETT, J.G. Index of correspondents M.177 G.103, G.104 D.144, D.146 H.14 F.116 M.171 F.311 M.152 B.358 B.357, C.4, C.7 F.62 M.172 BENNETT, R.F. BENNETT, William BENSLEY, R.R. BERMAN, Louis BERNAL, Eileen B.274 F.198 M.157 F.81 J.D. BERNAL PEACE LIBRARY B.365, C.11, F.419, F.421, H.106 See also F.361, F.362, M.239 C.23, C.25, F.184, F.198, F.361, H.19, M.184, M.186, M.212 D.139, M.239 BEVERIDGE, William lan Beardmore BERTALANFFY, Ludwig von M.5 B.313, M.103, M.104 F.382, K.135 C.28, F.426, M.141, M.142 BERNAL, John Desmond BERRILL, N. John BHABHA, Homi Jehangir J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 BHATNAGAR, Sir Shanti BIDDER, Anna N. BIDDER, George Parker BIGGERSTAFF, Knight BILLS, Charles E. BILSKY, Manuel BINNIE, BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BIOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS BIOLOGICAL REVIEWS BIOLOGY WAR COMMITTEE BIQUARD, P. Index of correspondents D.34 M.126 M.126, M.127 H.76 E.144 F.341 B.280 F.57, F.410, J.14 F.411 F.91, F.412 B.248-B.251 K.299 M.145 D.284 BIRCUMSHAW, L.L. BIRKHOFF, Garrett BLES, Bertha BLINKS, L.R. D.17, K.48 B.247, C.12 See ORWELL, George BLACKMAN, Geoffrey Emett BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BLACKWELL SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS LIMITED H.78, M.230 D.145, D.151 M.193 G.71 C.33 H.76 BLONAY, André de BOARDMAN, Robert BLAIR, Eric BLAIR, G.W. Scott BODDE, Derk E.161, J.24, M.158 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 BODET, Jaime Torres BODINE, J.H. BODINGTON, S BODMAN, John BOELL, Edgar J. BOHR, Niels Henrik David BOK, Bart J. BOLTON, Michael BOLTON & FAIRHEAD LIMITED BONDI, Sir Hermann BONNER, James BOOLL, F.A. Index of correspondents D.153, D.168, D.171, H.70 F.406, F.408 G.51 M.173 M.6 K.48 D.140, D.144, D.155, K.48 C.32, C.35, C.101 B.4 H.113 H.75 E.154 BOOSEY, Arthur BOOTH, Catherine BORCH, Karl BORN, Max BOSMAN, Louis P. A.576 A.588 BOSWELL, Ronald BOUGHTON, Barbara BOSCH-GIMPERA, P. D.28, D.139, D.145, D.147, D.154 0.9;0A7 BOWDEN, Frank Philip BOURNE, Geoffrey H. M.7 D.168 G.47 F.311 K.140 F.176 F.446 BOUQUET, A.C. BOWMAN, Isaiah B.280, C.43 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents BOYCOTT, Arthur Edwin F.117, F.143, M.126, M.131 BOYD, J.D. BOYD, T.E. BOYDEN, Edward A. BOYD-ORR OF BRECHIN MEARNS, John, Baron BOYKO, Hugo BOYLAND, Eric BRACHET, Jean Louis Auguste BRADBURY, F.R. BRAGG, Sir William Henry BRAILSFORD, H.N. M.103, M.104 J.237 M.120 C.55 J.248-J.255 M.151 A.691, B.232, F.406, F.407, J.236, J.237, J.239, M.8-M.10 See also J.126 C.47 B.307 K.87 J.236, J.238, J.239 BREDSDORPFF, Elias BRENNAN, Teresa BRERETON, Joe BREWER, Herbert BRAUN, Sonia BRALLIAR, Floyd B.316 B.288, B.339 M.146 K.129, K.131 BRAITHWAITE, Richard B. BRAITHWAITE (née MASTERMAN), Margaret M. J.15-J.21 BRITAIN-CHINA FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATION K.172, K.173-K.183, K.184-K.195 M.11 G.51 M.12 B.387 BRINK, Christopher O. BRITISH ACADEMY J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION BRITISH COUNCIL . 020441, 0.152, D:183,.522: oct t, J.23 B.323, B.324, C.11, C.45, C.137, D.143, D.144, G.117-G.120, G.122 A.685-A.688, B.232, C.8-C.14, C.21- C.23, C.30, C.32-C.35, C.37-C.42, C.44, C.46, C.49, C.51, C.52, C.95, C.104, C.105, D.3, D.4, D.11, D.16, D.17, D.19, D.20, D.22, D.24, D.25, D.27, D.34, D.148, D.232, F.280, F.321, H.45, H.71, H.84, J.239, M.160, M.163, M.207, M.212 BRITISH COUNCIL (later CAMPAIGN) FOR PEACE IN VIETNAM K.240-K.243 BRITISH DRUG HOUSES LIMITED B.2, B.6, B.7, B.12, B.34, B.37, B.39, E547 5.55,'E:127 BRITISH EMPIRE CANCER CAMPAIGN H.12 BRITISH MEDICAL BULLETIN BRITISH PEACE COMMITTEE BRITISH RHEOLOGISTS' CLUB A.96, B.333, J.24-J.45 F.58, F.118, G.9, G.47 Hivsr23 F.336 K.136 J.24 J.25-J.41 BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION BRITISH JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY F.25 BRITISH INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHICAL STUDIES BRITISH SOCIETY FOR THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE BRITISH SOCIETY FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN SCIENCE G.106 BRITISH THOMSON-HOUSTON COMPANY LIMITED E.161 C.39, C.41 B.332 BRITTAIN, Robert BRITTON, Karl BRITISH UNITED AID TO CHINA J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 BROAD, C.D. BROCK, Werner BRODA, E. BRODNEY, Spencer BRODY, Samuel BROMAN, Ivar BRONIEWSKI, Wliadislaw BRONK, Detlev Wulf BRONOWSKI, Jacob BRONSTED, H.V. BROOK, Charles W. Index of correspondents C.5 K.72, M.142 G.106 F.333 F.100, F.105, H.5, M.122, M.125 M.145 F.386 D.11 D.145 M.30, M.150 J.113 BROOKE, Christopher Nugent Lawrence BROOKE, Rosa G. M.6, M.145 BROWN, Delmer M. BROWN, Robert K. BROWN, William BROWNING, Bryan F.107, F.184, F.280 BRUMWELL, J.R. Marcus B.387, F.182 G.9 BROOKE, Z.N. BROOKS, S.C. H.111 E.150 G.34 F.33 K.173, K.184, K.191 B.370, C.22, C.23, C.25, C.26, C.28, C.35, C.36, C.42, C.45, C.49, C.51, C.10, D.140, E.67, F.306, F.315, F.361, F.362, J.136, M.161 B.370, F.360, K.173, K.199, K.202 BRYAN (née LIAO), Hung Ying BRYAN, Derek J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 BUCHDAHL, Gerd BUCK, John B. BUGLER, Jeremy BULL, Henry B. BULLEY; E.C. BULLING, Anneliese Gutkind BUNKER, H.J. BURCH, Cecil Reginald BURGERS, J.M. Index of correspondents B.332, B.335-B.339, B.346, B.352 M.157 M.195 M.157 F.343 M.230 F.343 M.192 D.278 BURHOP, Eric Henry Stoneley K.48, K.202, K.238 BURKITT, A.N. BURN, J.L. M.133 F.343 BUSH, V. BUSHILL, J.H. BUTLER, A.J. BUTROS, Joseph BURROW, Trigant BURROWS, Harold D.4 H.66 M.143 D.288 E.154 M.164 H.23 M.177 BUTENANDT, Adolf BURZATTA, Giovanni BURROUGHS WELLCOME AND COMPANY H.64 BUTTERWORTHS SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS BUTLER, Francis Herbert Culverhouse BUTTERFIELD, Sir Herbert B.333, J.42 M.168 B.309, B.314 Index of correspondents J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 BUXTON, Patrick Alfred BYERLY, Theodore C. CAIRNCROSS, Mary CALDER, Nigel David Ritchie M.135, M.239 F.406, F.408, M.132, M.134-M.136 D.22, D.24 D.38 M.114 A.645-A.647 CAMBRIDGE CAMPAIGN AMONGST THE FRUIT-PICKERS , IN THE DISTRICT OF WISBECH CAMBRIDGE CYRENE COMMUNITY CAMBRIDGE INSTRUMENT COMPANY LIMITED B.6, B.34, B.35, B.39, B.346 CAMBRIDGE MORRIS MEN C.25 CAMBRIDGE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY D.150, D.151, F.412, J.46 CAMBRIDGE RELIEF COMMITTEE J.238 CAMBRIDGE REVIEW B.272, F.361, K.5, K.76, K.115, K.119 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS K.22-K.69 B.318 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY SOCIALIST CLUB C.13, K.20, K.338 CAMPAIGN FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT CAMBRIDGE SCIENTISTS ANTI-WAR GROUP CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE CLUB B.361, B.372, F.98, F.99, F.109, F.218, F.279, F.298, F.300, F.342, F.343, F.357, F.413, G.34, G.35, G.40, G.41, J.136, J.188 M.190 CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS D.9, D.11, D.17, D.21 CAMPION, C.T. CAMPION, George G. G.110 K.137-K.140 F.62 F.33 CAMERON, Euan H.D. CANEPA, F.G. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents CANNAN, Robert Keith CANNON, Walter B. CARDAY, H. CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON CARNEGIE UNITED KINGDOM TRUST CARNEIRO, P.B. CAROE, F.T.K. CARR, Edward Hallett CARR-SAUNDERS, A.M. CARRASCO-FORMIGUERA, R. CARSLAW, R.M. CARTER, George Stewart D.9 E.46 F.99 F.99 D.175 B.287 K.187 GOL: M.152, M.153 F.420 Ed Od Mitty. CARTER, Thomas A.108, A.115 CATER, Donald B. CEADEL, Eric B. CECIL SOCIETY CASE, E. CASEY, John F.116 G.74 B.246 B.387 CARTON DE WIART, Sir Adrian CASTLETOWN, Bernard Edward Barnaby Fitz-Patrick, 2nd Baron C.50 CEYLON ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE CENTRAL UNION OF CHINESE STUDENTS IN GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND B.280, B.297, B.369, B.371, M.225 F.280 K.175 F.364 CENTENNIAL REVIEW J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 CHADWICK, (William) Owen CHAMBERS, Robert CHAMPION, Frank Clive CHAN Lin-Tse CHANG, Charles CHANG C.L. CHANG, C.W. CHANG, Joseph T. CHANG Tsung-Sui CHANG Ying-Pe CHANNON, Harold John Index of correspondents B.294, B.296, B.347, B.351 D.8, J.243, M.13 D.148 C.36 C.41 C.41 C.6 C.39, M.161 C.39, C.40, C.44, C.52, C.55 C.42 E.55 CHAO Lien-Fang CHAO Yuen-Jen CHAO Y.R. M.156, M.198 C.31 H.72 H.72 M.146 CHAUCARD, A. CHARLES, Edward CHARGAFF, Erwin CHATTO & WINDUS J.50, J.52, J.54, J.55, J.87-J.94 CHATTERuJI, Gyanesh Chandra C.42, C.43, C.47 F.78 F.143 C.39 C.53 C.24, D.4 F.356, F.357 CHEN Chen-Han CHEN Hsin-Wen CHEN Li-Fu CH’EN, Jerome CHENG Tien-Hsi J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents CHERRINGTON, Ben M. CHERWELL, Frederick Alexander Lindemann, Viscount CHESNEAUX, Jean CHIBNALL, Albert Charles CHILD, C.M. CHILDE, Gordon CHILDS, Ernest Carr CHIN Hsin-Yao CHIN, T.C. D.36, D.185 D.3, D.4 M.230 B.244, B.252, C.24, C.30-C.32, D.29, D.30, H.65, J.108 H.5 F.420 B.287 C.52 C.33 CHINA CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE CHITTY, George G. C.3, C.9, C.35, C.42 F.116 C.44, C.50, D.146 CHRISTIE, Janet D5.) 21 Sit C.101, D.21 M.169 K.192, K.194 CHIU Shin Foon CHOU Pei-Yuan CHOU Yi-Hsin C.41 D.170 CHRONICA BOTANICA CHRISSEMENT, Ernest B.355 CHURCHILL, Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer) C.22 C.50 Ki/2 CITRON, Marleen Ute CHU Chia-Hua CHU Chiung-Yuing CHU C.M. CLAPHAM, J.H. See A.130 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents CLARE, Stewart CLARK, Alfred Joseph CLARK, Frederick Le Gros CLARK, Sir George (Norman) CLARK, Robert E.D. CLARK, Ronald W. CLARK, Sir Wilfrid (Edward) Le Gros CLARKE, Hans T. CLARKE, Ruscoe CLARKE, W.K. Lowther CLAYTON ANILINE COMPANY LIMITED M.169 M.135 J.113 B.307 F.303, F.318, M.155, M.159 M.186 D.280, F.429, M.151 D.28 F.269 F.182 B.34 CLEGG, Arthur CLOW, Archibald COFMAN, Victor COHEN, Arthur COHEN, Barnett COATES, Ken COBB, A.R. CA, C.A2 D.138, D.141 K.55 F.412 M.134 CLEMENT, Harry G. G.108 G.122 K.184 CLINCHY, Everett R. COCKCROFT, Sir John Douglas F.352, H.116 H.76, J.151, J.153, J.154, J.157, J.178 E.55, M.145 M.118, M124 COHEN, I. Bernard COHEN, L.H. COHEN, Robert S. M.164 Index of correspondents F.98 C.43 F.176, J.237 F.418 C.47, C.50 G.11, M.122 M.162 G.106, H.100 J.47-J.112 J.113-J.116 H.107 K.297, M.119 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 COHN, Alfred E. COHN, Edwin J. COLE, George Douglas Howard COLE, Margaret COLLET’S HOLDINGS LIMITED COLLINGWOOD, Robin George COMFORT, Alexander COMITE BELGE D’HISTOIRE DES SCIENCES COMMISSION ON THE UNIVERSITY OF CEYLON COMMITTEE AGAINST MALNUTRITION COMMITTEE FOR THE STUDY OF MANKIND COMMON, R.H. COMPTON, A.H. CONANT, James Bryant CONKLIN, Edwin G. COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE AND FREEDOM K.336 J.117-J.121 CONNOLLY, Cyril (Vernon) F.280 F.414 D.28 COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE AND ITS SOCIAL RELATIONS C.35, M.142 CONSEIL SCIENTIFIQUE DE PERFECTIONNENT DE L'INSTITUT D’ETUDE DE DEVELOPPEMENT ECONOMIQUE ET SOCIAL J.122 M.131 D.4, D.8 F.445 CONWAY, Edward J. COOK, Arthur Bernard COOK, James Wilfred E.154, M.155, M.162 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 COOK, R.M. COOK, Stanley P. COOK, S.J. COOKE, Morris Llewellyn COOPER, C. Forster COOPER, H.P. COOPER, Margaret CORDIER, Daniel COREA, Sir Claude COREY, Edward L. CORI, Carl Ferdinand Index of correspondents B.287 F.184 K.16 F.311, F.334 F.100 M.128 M.205 H.84 J.47, J.49 F.108 H.45, H.66 CORNER, Edred John Henry D.30, D.139 CORNFORD, Frances CORNFORD, Francis M. CORNFORD, John M. COSSLETT, Veron Ellis CORNFORTH, Maurice CORTESAO, Armando F.180, K.71 K.75-K.94 K.69 COTTERELL, Arthur B. C.23, C.31 C.4, K.75 CORNFORD-MACLAURIN MEMORIAL COMMITTEE D.148, D.164, D.165, D.168-D.172, D.174 J.123 COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE AND SOCIETY COULOMB, J. COULTON, G.G. M.206 J.168 F.423 M.204, M.205 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 COUMOULOS, G. COURTOIS, Jean E. COX, Anthony Bruce CRABTREE, H.G. CRAIG, Robert CRAWLEY, Aidan CREW, Francis Albert Eley CRIPPS, Sir Stafford THE CRITERION CROMBIE, Alister CROOK, Eric M. Index of correspondents D.21 H.64 F.333 F.151 K.266 D.146, D.147, D.153 M.117, M.129, M.152 C.13, C.22, D.144, D.152 F.97, F.148, F.199 J.149 G.79, J.191 CROSLAND, Maurice P. J.176 CROWTHER, W.C. CROZIER, W.J. CUMMING, Hugh CROWTHER, John G. CUNNINGHAM, Eileen R. C.8-C.11, C.13, C.14, C.23, C.30, C.32, C.95, D.3, D.4, D.11, D.16, D.17, D.19, D.20, D.22, D.24, D.25, D.27, D.34, D.140, F.105, F.321, F.343, F.384, F.445, H.71, J.180, J.183, J.239, K.48, K.69, K.330, K.331, M.160, M.212 See also M.159 F.356, J.17 DACRE OF GLANTON, Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper, Baron M.114 M.124 B.359 D.32 L.16 M.122 CURTIS, George M. CUPITT, Don J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 DAILY WORKER DALE, Sir Henry Hallett DALCQ, A.M. DAMPIER-WHETHAM, W.C. DANIEL, J. Frank DANIELLI, James Frederic DANON, Robert DARBY, Hugh H. DAUBE, David DAVENPORT, Charles B. DAVID, Sir Percival Index of correspondents K.77 A.84, B.28, C.14, D.9, D.17, F.99, F.320, G.102, M.159 M.9 F.100 M.151 B.247, £.161 M.168 M.141 K.76 108, F:237 M.229 B.340, M.186 DAVIES, Jane Sykes DEAN, Henry Roy DEARMER, Percy DAVISON, Joyce DAVISON, W.H.T. H.66, J.183 F.269 DAVIS, Elmer DAVIS, Nancy D.9 C.52 C.13 DAVIDSON, John N. DAVIES, Mansel Morris D.242 de BEER, Sir Gavin (Rylands) DELAFRESNAYE, J.F. D.141 B.28 F.62 DE JONG, L. F.101, F.432, M.58 J.239 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents DEMEREC, M. DENNES, William R. DENNIS DOBSON LIMITED DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH DERANIYAGALA, P.E.P H.44 H.70-H.72 K.69 B.32, H.70 J.108 DE ROS, Charles Dudley Fitz-Gerald, 24th Baron A.572, A.574, A.576, A.578, A.581 DEUTSCH, Monroe E. DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN ZU BERLIN DEUTSCHE CHINA-GESELLSCHAFT de VALERA, Eamon H.71 H.109 G.98 See A.171 DEVINE, J.L. E.130, M.151 F.303 H.14 DEWEY, Rev. Peter L. DICKENS, Frank DINGLE, H. DIONESSOV, S.M. DISCOVERY D.286, H.64-H.67, M.136 F.24 B.35, B.36 H.128 DE VON & COMPANY DIXON, Kendal Cartwright DICKSON, W.E. Carnegie D.36, D.232 B.6, B.8, B.12, B.14, B.17, E.153 D.94, F.106 E.47, M.146 G.87, M.58 C. DIXON AND COMPANY DOBB, Maurice Herbert DOBINSON, C.H. DIXON, Malcolm F269; K-26 K-74 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents DODDS, Sir (Edward) Charles H.12, M.239 DODWELL, C.R. DONNAN, Frederick George DOVER, Cedric DRAPER, M.H. DRONAMRAMJU, K.R. DRIBBON, Jack DRUMMOND, Sir Jack Cecil DSANG, Lincoin DUBOS, René J. DUDLEY, Harold Ward M.175 F.303 M.170 J.136 F.358 J.108, K.187, K.188, K.191, K.193 M.137 C.6 M.125 57, DUFF, G.H. DUFF, Peggy DURAN, Gustavo EBERHARD, W. D.320, D.321 M.157 DUSCHINSKY, R. DUNGAL, Niels DUNLOP, W.R, M.120 K.236 E.140 M.156 EASTWOOD, A.K. B.369 EDDINGTON, Sir Arthur Stanley ECCLESTONE, G.S. EDSALL, John Tileston K.76 D.95 L.16 EDWARDS, Eve D. B.307, C.4, F.303 E.161 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 EGGLESTON, F.W. ELIOT, Thomas Stearns ELLIOTT, Allan ELLISON, John McK. ELMHIRST, Leonard K. ELMHIRST, Richard ELTON, Leo ELVIN, H. Lionel EMBRYOLOGISTS' CLUB ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA ENDEAVOUR Index of correspondents D.154 F.97, F.148, F.199 C.16, M.145 B.369 D.139 M.117 M.34 G.73, K.15-K.17 J.124 F.335, F.415 F.313 ENGELHARDT, W.A. ENSELME, J. D.155, D.278 ESTABLIER, A. G.63 M.166 F.416 F.444 L.1 ENZYMOLOGIA ESCREET, H.C. A.694, M.216, M.218, M.219 EUGENICS REVIEWS ERGEBNISSE DER PHYSIOLOGIE ENGLISH POSITIVIST COMMITTEE EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY ORGANISATION C.4 EVANS, Ulick Richardson F.417 J.125 D.140 B.287 F.442 EVANS, R.C. EVENITSKY, A. EWING, A.C. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents EXPERIENTIA FABIAN INTERNATIONAL BUREAU FABRE, René FACT FAHMY, Mahassen | FAHY, Francis A. FAIRBANK, John K. FAIRBANK, Wilma FAIRFAX-CHOLMELEY, Elsie FAITHFULL, R. Glynn FALIN, L.T. D.20 C.35 J.183 F.256, F.418-F.424 B.233 A.557-A.559, A.561-A.564, A.569 M.237 C.41 C.29, K.141 E13 M.160 FANG Wen-Pei FARIAS, Paulo M.154, M.234 E.127, G.18, M.115 FARRELL, Michael A. FARRINGTON, B. FAURE-FREMIET, E. FEARON, William Robert C.49 M.232 F.267 M.135 G.37, M.65, M.119, M.133, M.139 FEDERATION OF BRITISH INDUSTRY FARRAR & RINEHART INC, PUBLISHERS FEDERATION OF AMERICAN SCIENTISTS K.17 FELL, Dame Honor (Bridget) K.274 C.13 C.40 FE! Hsiao-Tung FEIS CEOIL A.574, A.578, A.579 FELL, Pamela E1307 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 FELL, W.A. FELLOWSHIP OF YOUTH FENG Chia-Shéng FENG Teh-Pei FENN, Charles FERGUSON, I.D. FERNS, Henry FERRANDO, Raymond FIELD, John FIELD, Richard M. FILATOV, D. Index of correspondents K.114 G.10 C.37, C.38 B.233, M.87 C.33 F.343 B.370 H.96 M.124 D.20 F.408 E.144, M.17 FILDES, Sir Paul (Gordon) F.25, G.45, M.123 FISK, Alan FITCH, Walter O. FIRTH, J.R. FIRTH, Raymond FLEAR, Cecil F.G. B.377 M.222 FIRESTONE, Robert FISCHER, Hermann O.L. FISHER, Sir Ronald (Aylmer) D.27, H.66 FLOREY, Howard Walter, Baron FLEMING, Rt Rev Launcelot B.244, F.101, J.224 C.40 E.49 J.124 F.24 K.145 H.118 M.163 FLEURY, P. FLORKIN, Marcel Index of correspondents F.280 J.191 M.157 J.126 B.132 M.148 C.54 J.162 C.42, D.19, D.20, D.55 F.356, K.5 C.50 F.317 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 FLOYD, W.F. FOGG, Gordon Elliott FOLLEY, Sydney John FONDATION FRANQUI FORBES, Gilbert B. FORD, E. FORD, Joe F. FORD FOUNDATION FOREIGN OFFICE FORSTER, Edward Morgan FOSTER, Air Vice Marshal F. MacNeece FOSTER, John FOX, Denis L. M.22 D.169, D.170 FOX, Sidney W. FRASER, Ronald FRENCH, C.S. FOX, Harold Munro FREND, William H.C. B.231, C.22, G.93, H.75 FRENCH, Sir Henry Leon B.113, D.139, D.287, E.122, F.91, F.100, F.412, G.79, J.189, M.55, M.131, M.134, M.136, M.141, M.145, M.217 M.209 F.400 D.345 J.53 M.1614 FRISCH, Karl von BREUD I: FROLOV, Y. M.30, M.31 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 FRY, Margery FU Lo Huan FUCHS, Walter FUKUMA, Kentaro FUJII, Takashi FULLER, A. FULLER, K.W. FUNDAMENTA SCIENTIAE FURRY, Wendell H. FYFFE-MAXWELL, Sir David Index of correspondents GAyC3; C5 C.42 M.231 M.170 M.164 K.227 B.256 F.425 K.48 K.311 GAILLARD, P.J. F.407, F.408 H.66 M.150 GELFAN, Samuel GALE, Ernest Frederick GALE, Esson M. GANTT, W. Horsley GARDINER, Margaret GARRISON, Jim GASCOIGNE, Bamber M.229, M.230 B.35, B.37, B.118 J.237 K.261 M.198 M.235 GASELEE, Sir Stephen GATECLIFFE, James A. GALLENKAMP & COMPANY LIMITED M.123 M.145, M.150, M.151, M.217, M.218 Catt, C12 G.114 GAUSE, G.F. GEIGY, R. Index of correspondents F.343 B.373 D.21, D.27, D.32, D.140 F.267 J.16 M.160 td F.354 M.155 M.175, M.176 M.149 D.157 M.189 J.178 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 GEMMILL, Chalmers L. GEORGE, K.G. GERARD, Ralph W. GERMAN LEAGUE OF CULTURE IN GREAT BRITAIN GERSHEVITCH, Ilya GESELL, Arnold GIAT, René GIESE, Arthur C. GIL, Rodrigo GILCHRIST, Barbara M. GILL, Phyllis M. GILLE, Alain GIMPEL, Jean GINGERICH, Owen K.234, K.239, K.249 M.232 GIRL’S REALM GITTINGS, John J.127-J.134 A.580, A.581 GLAMANN, Kristof GLANVILLE, S.R.K. GLADECKI, Leon Lech GINLING COLLEGE, NANKING H.65, H.66, J.226, J.228, K.61 GOLDENBERG, Eugéne H.114 B.370 F.311 M.217 E.130 GOLDSMITH, Maurice GLOVER, A.S.B. GOLDING, John J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents VICTOR GOLLANCZ (LIMITED) F.179, F.182, F.256, F.384, G.55, K.69, M.209 GONVILLE & CAIUS NATURAL SCIENCES CLUB GOOCH, George Peabody GOODHART, Charles Burford GOODMAN, Rev. A.E. GOODMAN, Robert GOODRICH, Edwin Stephen GOONETILLEKE, Sir Oliver (Ernest) GORDON, A. Hugh GORDON, Cecil GORDON, Isabella G.16 B.358 B.377 B.370, B.371 M.191 M.53, M.131 J.92-J.95 B.138 K.48 F.130 GRANT, Irene GRAUBARD, Mark GRAY, Sir James B.310 GORDON, Jeffrey GORER, P.A. GORTON, Neville K.202 M.140 M.130 GOULD, Stephen Jay B.132 F.182 M.151 D.38 B.232, B.256, D.157, F.39, F.100, F.111, F.125, F.130, F.445, M.120, M.125, M.126, M.143, M.150, M.163, M.164 F.219 See also M.58 GREAVES, Ronald I.N. GREEN, Jens-Peter GREEN, David E. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 GREEN, Sam W. GREENAWAY, Frank GREENWALD, Isidor GREENWOOD, Thomas GREGORY, F.G. GREGORY, Joshua C. Index of correspondents K.185, K.188 J.153, J.154, J.157-J.159, J.161, J.162, J.166-J.168, J.170, J.172, J.176, M.186 M.120 F.405 K.145 M.123 GREGORY, Sir Richard (Arman) D.4, D.7, D.19 GRESHAM, Austin GREVILLE, Guy Drummond GRIERSON, Philip GRIFFIN & TATLOCK LIMITED M.104 G.87 B.387 B.8 D.144, D.145 M.150, M.1514 GUARDIAN GUDERNATSCH, F. GROSS, Charles GROWTH M.175 F.426 F.446 F.430 F.99 F.303 GRUNEBERG, Hans GRIMMETT, Leonard G. GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand GUGGENHEIM MEMORIAL FOUNDATION G.18 GWYNNE-VAUGHAN, Dame Helen B.369, C.7 M.132 M.138 GULL, E.M. GURNEY, Robert HACKETT, Felix E. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 HADDOW, Alexander J. HAEFS, Hanswilhelm HALDANE, John Burdon Sanderson HALL, Alfred Rupert HALL, Edmund K. HALL, Victor E. HALLIBURTON, William Dobinson HALLSPIKE, Charles Skinner HALOUN, Gustav HAMER, Frances Mary Index of correspondents C.4, C.31 G.98 B.307, C.35, C.36, D.4, D.26, F.100, F.101, G.79, K.297 See also M.18 B.318, B.326, B.330 M.133 F.354 M.115 M.151 C.4, C.38 See also B.370 G.93 HAMILTON, James F.108 H.5 HARDEN, Sir Arthur HARDING, Douglas E. HAMMOND, John HANAN, Ernest B. C.13, D.3, D.4 B.30, C.3, D.9 B.318, B.319 HAMILTON, Leonard D. B.355, H.76 D.287, F.101 HANSON, Norwood Russell HANKEY, Maurice Pascal Alers, 1st Baron A.46, A.49, A.85 F.8, F.12, F.410, M.120 L.23, M.164 G.45 D.74, D.150 HARDING, Harold E. HARDMAN, David R. HANSON, Frank Blair HARDY, Sir William Bate J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents HARINGTON, Sir Charles (Robert) B.246, B.247, D.285, J.191 HARLAND, Walter Brian HARRIS, F.T.C. HARRIS, H.A. HARRIS, Leslie Julius HARRIS, John E. HARRISON, Douglas Creese HARRISON, Ross Granville HARRISS, C.K. 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Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 HOWELL-EVERSON, N.A. HSIAO, Sidney C. HSIEH Hsi Teh HSIHU, Erica HSU, Francis Lang-Kwang HSU Hsiang HU Chien-Shan HUANG Hsin-Min HUANG Hsing-Tsung HUDSON, G.F. HUGGETT, A. St George Index of correspondents D.139-D.141 D.20, H.45 C.45, C.53 C.22 C.53 C.42 C.39, D.22, D.144 C.39, C.48 C.30, C.31, C.38-C.42, C.44, C.47, H.75 C.12 B.138 HUGHES, Katharine HULTON, Sir Edward E.184, M.165 HUGH-JONES, K. HUGHES, E.R. HUNTER, J.W. HUSSEY, Gairu M.175, M.176 C.4-C.6, C.34 HUMPHREY, John Herbert C.14 M.205 M.160 HUMPHREYS, Dorothy HUMPHREY, George F. F.256, F.374 HUTTON-SQUIRE, Christopher K.227 et K.202 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 HUXLEY, Sir Julian (Sorell) Index of correspondents B.29, B.113, C.12, D.25-D.30, D.136, D.138, D.141, D.144, D.152, D.153, D.161, D.164, D.165, D.169-D.172, D.317, D.318, F.105, F.140, F.264, F.280, F.352, F.406, F.407, G.51, J:22. K.73, M.31, M.32, M.34 See also F.363 HUXLEY, Michael HYDE, A. HYMES, Dell IMPERIAL COLLEGE CHEMICAL SOCIETY IMPEY, Clive H.41 B.287 H.114 G.54 F.343 INDUSCO, INC. (AMERICAN COMMITTEE IN AID OF CHINESE INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVES) INGE, Very Rev. William Ralph C.43, C.49, H.77 F.24 INGLE, Agnes S. INMAN, R.W. INNES, Geoffrey INNES, Ray INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY J.135, J.192 J.136-J.139 INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS C.12 B.231 J.113 K.333 INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE REVIEWS INSTITUTE ON MAN AND SCIENCE, NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC UNIONS J.146 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF EMBRYOLOGY INTERNATIONAL DEFENCE AND AID FUND J.140, J.141 K.265, K.266 J.142-J.145 G.108 F.428 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents INTERNATIONAL UNION OF THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE J.147-J.179 INTOURIST LIMITED IREDELL, Rev. E.O. IRISH CLUB, LONDON IRVING, J.T. IRWIN, John C. ISIS JACKS, L.P. JACKSON, Cecil JACKSON, R.M. JANUS, Edward H.14 M.157 A.583 F.343 F.311 K.297 F.33, F.444 M.154 C.4 J.236, J.239 JEPSON, Glenn L. JEWELL, Peter L.14 C.42, D.159 M.132 JENSEN, Frederick A. JENNER, Bill JENNER, F.A. D.143, E.122 K.199, K.212 K.64, K.69 F.445, K.90 JOHNSTON, Rev. David JEFFREYS, Sir Harold JOHNSON, Very Rev. Hewlett F.343 F.315 M.238 K.48 JOLIOT, JOLLEY:F.T; JOHNSTONE, J. JOLIOT-CURIE, F. D.9, D.34 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents JOLLY, J. JONES, D. Caradog JONES, Sir Harold Spencer JONITIS, Peter P. JOPE, E. Martyn JOPSON, N.B. JOURNAL OF ANATOMY JOURNAL OF COLLOID SCIENCE JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF IDEAS JOYCE, Anne H. H.3 M.181 J.185 F.24 G.107, M.231 C.4 F.429 F.446 F.125, F.130 F.350 B.359, C.11 D.9 JUDD, Waiter H. JUDSON, Horace JULIUS, Sydney KAHN, J.L. KANGER, Stig KATAGIRI, H. KAHANE, Emest H.112 H.14 M.235 M.138 G.110 M.119 KAY, Herbert Davenport B.262, C.21, F.342, J.187, J.190 KEEN, Sir Bernard (Augustus) M.131 M.217 KEDROWSKI, Boris KAYSER, Ch. KEILIN, David F.107, M.124 C.49 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents KEKWICK, Ralph Ambrose KELLER, Rudolph KELLEY, Joanna E. KEMBALL, BISHOP & COMPANY LIMITED KENNAWAY, Sir Emest (Laurence) KEPES, Gyorgy KEPPEL, John KERKUT, Gerald KERR, Hamilton KERR, John Graham KESWICK, Sir John E67 E.161, M.155 L.14 E.161 M.123, M.150 M.166 M.35, M.36 F.414 K.311 M.127 K.211 KING, Alexander KING, E.J. F.176-F.179, F.184 KEY, Jenny D. KIANG, H.C. G.110 D.16 C.6, C.45 KITCHIN, Donald K. H.67 B.35, B.36 M.103 KINGSFORD, R.J.L. KILBORN, Leslie G. KING’S ACRE NURSERIES, HEREFORD D.4, D.10, D.11, D.17, D.25, D.34, D.141, H.70 F.116 KITSON CLARK, George Sidney Roberts B.280 J.152 D.8 KIYOSHI, Yabuuchi KIZER, Benjamin H. KLEBS, Arnold E. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 KLEIN, A. Norman KLEIN, Martin J. KLEINZELLER, Arnost KLYNE, William KNEPTON, James C. KNIGHT, B.C.J.G. KNIGHT, Ray KNOOP, Franz OTTO E. KOBE, MARBURG (LAHN) KOCH, Henri KODAK LIMITED Index of correspondents K.185 M.167 B.232, E.188, M.37 D.151 M.171 F.420, M.155 G.37 F.152, H.1A B.4 M.38 B.38 KOSAMBI, D.D. J.237, J.238 B.322, B.324 KONORSKI, Jurek KOSLOW, Arnold KOWALSKA, Julia KOYRE, Alexandre KOKOSCHKA, Oskar J.238 M.161 F.304 B.360, B.361 G.93, M.156 KONORSKI, Stefan KONORSKI, Jerzy KOSCHTOJANZ, Ch. S. KON, Stanislaw Kazimierz H.14, M.215, M.218, M.219 D.150 J.239 J.2-J.4 J.168 B.360 KRANZBERG, Melvin KRAUS, J. KRAUSE, Gerhard J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 KRAUSS, William W. KREBS, Sir Hans (Adolf) KREPS, E. KRISHNA, Daya KROG, Fr. KRUYT, H.R. KUNG, H.H. KUO Mo-Jo KUO Yu-Shou LABOUR HERALD LABOUR PARTY Index of correspondents M.156 M.37, M.151 M.216, M.220 D155 F.144 D.27, D.29 D.9 J.149, J.171, M.224, M.225 C.40, C46, D.153 F.449 J.237, K.1-K.14, K.74 B.121, M.165 LAMPITT, Leslie H. F.342, F.343, H.65 LANE, David LANGBRIDGE, Frederick LANGDON-BROWN, W. THE LANCET LANDAUER, Walter B22 E.178 G.44 LAFON, Max LAMB, C.J. F.107, F.406, F.407, M.117 LANCASTRIAN FRANKLAND SOCIETY C.41 LAPWOOD, Ralph G.45 C.105 LASKI, Marghanita LASSER, Vilma A. K.159, K.289 A.560-A.562, A.578 M.103, M.104, M.186 Index of correspondents K.187, K.212, M.39-M.48, M.233 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 LATTIMORE, Owen LAUGIER, Henri LAWLEY, P.D. LAWRENCE AND WISHART LIMITED, PUBLISHERS LAWRENCE, Arthur Stuart Clark LAWRIE, Norman R. LAWSON, John James, 1st Baron LAYNG, T.P.R. LAZARD, Henri LAZARIDES, T. LEACH, Edmund Ronald D.318, D.321 M.169 F.269, K.69 M.166 F.420 D.3, D.4 F.178 B.277 F.311 B.280 C.40, C.42, C.46 LEBEDEFF, A. LEHMANN, John LEATHES, John Beresford E.117, F.100, M.128 LEE Chen-Pien LEE Fang-Hsuin Lee oes LEE Tsung-Ying F.388 M.119 LEEDS, Anthony LEHMANN, F.E. D.19 C.39 G.107, M.121, M.130 LE BRETON, Eliane LEAVIS, Frank Raymond K.48 LEHNINGER, Albert Lester K.199 H.116 F.280 LEHMANN, Hermann M.49 F.386 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents LEITENBERG, Milton ERNST LEITZ, OPTISCHE WERKE, WETZLAR LELAND, Waldo G. LEMBERG, (Max) Rudolf LENNARD-JONES, Sir John (Edward) LEONARDO LEONT’EV, J. LERNER, I. Michael LESLIE, Donald LESTER, Muriel LEVEILLE, A. M.172 B.38 D.8 E.55, M.144, M.145, M.152, M.154 B.264 F.431 M.218 F.262, F.264 B.369, B.371 C.31 D.154, D.156 LEVENSON, Joseph R. M.225 B.32 See M.219 LEVIEN, M. LEVY, Norman LEWIS, John LEVINE, Herbert LI An-Che LI Cho-Hao LEWIS, Warren H. M.172 K.48 LEVERHULME TRUST F.177-F.179, F.445, M.161 LEWIS & PEAT LIMITED C.50 D.160 D.4 C.54 LI Se-Kuang LI Shih-An LI Shu-Hua C.16, M.129 B.35 D.151, D.152 Index of correspondents C.37, C.47 F.334, M.50 C.46, C.47 D.152 D.25, F.105, F.279, G.38, M.123 C.3 F.364 B.231, F.407 J.236 E.154 G.51 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 LIANG Tse-Wa LIENAU, Carl C. LIEU, K.O. Victoria LILLEY, Sam LILLIE, Ralph S. LIN Chun-Yu LIN, Paul T.K. LINDAHL, Per E. LINDSAY, Jean O. LINDSAY, Michael LIOSNER, L. LINDENBAUM, Janka LINDERSTR@M-LANG, Kaj Ulrik LINDSAY OF BIRKER, Alexander Dunlop, 1st Baron B.310, B.314 D.171 LIPPMAN, Richard W. LING Chun-Yu LING, Lee LIPMANN, Fritz (Albert) C.41 C.45 C.50 LIPPINCOTT, William A. LINSTEAD, Sir (Reginald) Patrick C.45 F.107, H.5, M.122, M.123, M.129 LISSMANN, Hans-Werner G.51, M.170 C.14, J.239 LIPSCHUTZ, A. LISOWSKI, F. Peter F.407 M.139 K.185 K.73 LIU Pungju J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents LLOYD, Dorothy Jordan LLOYD GEORGE, David, 1st Earl LO Chung-Shu LO Ying-Yung LOEWENSTEIN, John LOTKA, Alfred J. LOVELL, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard LOWNDES, Ashley G. LOWNDES, John LU Feng-Cheng LU Gwei-Djen F.100, M.133, M.134 A.588 See also A.130 C.1, C.3, C.6, C.7, C.39, C.47 ru72 M.223 F.304, M.126, M.162 G.109 M.155, M.156 M.116 C.69 A.622, A.691, C.21, C.29-C.31, C.34, C.35, D.9, D.139-D.141, D.154, D.155, D.232, D.290 M.212 F.179 LUBINSKA, Liljana LUCK, J. Murray LUCKIN, Bill LUND, Helge K.199 E.144 J.136 LUCACHEVSKY, A.T. LWOFF, André Michel PERCY LUND, HUMPHRIES & COMPANY LIMITED E.118, F.122, F.155, F.237, F.409, H.76, M.51 C.41 F.J. LYONS LIMITED LYSAGHT, Averil MAA, Tsing-Chao J.180, J.183, J.188 G.89 C.32 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 McARTHUR, D.C. McCANCE, Robert Alexander McCLEAN, Douglas McCULLAGH, G.P. McDONALD, Ellice MACFARLANE, W.A. McGEORGE, Mary C. McINTYRE, J. Archibald McKENDRICK, Neil MACKENZIE, Melville McKIE, Douglas Index of correspondents M.170 M.137 E.184, K.297 M.103 M.120 D.160, H.76 B.232 H.144, M.233 B.387 C.13 J.42 McLACHLAN, Rev H. John MacLEOD, Roy M. MACY, C.J.G. MAI Hai-Deh MAINARDI, Athos F.219, F.267, F.446 F.176-F.179, F.182 MACLEAN, Colin MACLEAN, John MACMURRAY, John K.159 K.174 F.280 J.121, J.157, J.162, J.222, M.184 JOSIAH MACY JR FOUNDATION MACMILLAN & COMPANY LIMITED, PUBLISHERS F.421 MAINICH| NEWSPAPERS J.26 B.32 C.26 F:55 MAISKY, Ivan Mikhailovich F.360 C.12 MAKINSON, R.E.B J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 MALALASEKARA, G.P. MALINA, Frank J. MALISOFF, William M. MANCINI, Mircko MANDELBAUM, Jonathan MANGOLD, O. MANN, Rt Rev. Michael MANN, Robert MANNING, Bernard MANTON, Sidnie Milana THE MANUFACTURING CHEMIST Index of correspondents J.53, J.54 D.38, D.140, D.267, F.431 F.334, F.435 M.163 G.110 F.295, M.139 H.127 F.375 K.115 F.130 F.216 MARDLES, E.W.J. J.24 B.9, B.42, B.113, B.256, J.195 F.101, F.107, F.384, K.71 D.94, K.69, K.71, K.74, K.311 MARTIN, (Basil) Kingsley MARTIN, Sir Charles James MARSDEN, Ernest MARSHALL, F.H.A. MARTIN, Colin MARTIN, J. M.119, M.139 D.144, D.145 MARRIAN, Guy Frederic MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED KINGDOM F.407, J.126, M.52-M.55 MARX MEMORIAL LIBRARY AND WORKERS' SCHOOL MARZA, Basile D. (variant Vasile) M.123 K.166 C.48 M.171 MARTINEZ, J.M. G.46, G.69, J.196-J.204 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents MASARYK, Jan Garrigue B.357, B.358 MASEK, Josef MASON, J.W.T. MASON, Stephen Finney MATTHEW, W.D. MAUD, Sir John MAWSON, Colin A. MAY, Raoul M. MAYNE, Stanley MEAD, David MEDAWAR, Sir Peter (Brian) M.170 F.33 B.313 M.129 See REDCLIFFE-MAUD E.140 F.143, M.56 K.48 F.365 M.57 MEDICAL AID FOR VIETNAM K.244-K.248 F.335 D.24 D.3, D.4, H.44 MELDRUM, Norman Urquhart MELLANBY, John MELVILLE, Don MENDELBRO,T, S. C.12, D.160, M.135, M.136, M.149 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MELCHETT, Henry Mond, 2nd Baron M.58, M.59 See also F.166-F.171 THE MEDICAL BOOKMAN AND HISTORIAN K.311 D.3, M.149 M.116, M.127 K.17 J.183 G.110 MENDELSOHN, Everett MERLYN-REES, Baron MEIER, Richard L. MELLANBY, Sir Edward J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents METHUEN & COMPANY LIMITED, PUBLISHERS EAA As2 METRAUX, Alfred METRAUX, Guy S. MEYER, A.W. MEYER, Adolf D. MEYERHOF, Otto Fritz MICHAEL, Donald N. MICHAELIS, L. MICHELSON, Borge MIDDLETON SMITH, C.A. MIESCHER, Karl D.156 DA75),D 76 F.81 G.37, M.60 M.49, M.61 EAs M.128 D.145, D.148, D.154, D.158 C.34 E.143 F.81, F.116 C.16 K.298 E.46 B.41 D.20, D.55, H.105 D.20 MINKIEWICZ, R. MINNS, Ellis H. MILLAR, J.H. MILLER, C.H. MILLER, Hugh C.11, D.5, H.41, H.44, H.45 MILLIKAN, Robert Andrews MINISTRY OF EDUCATION MINISTRY OF INFORMATION MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES H.82 B.25 C.4 E.161 C.32, C.34-C.36, C.42 MISCH, Peter MISLIN, H. MIRSKY, Alfred E. MISSONI, Luciano J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 MITCHELL, Joseph Stanley MITCHELL, Sir Peter Chalmers MITCHELL, W. Fraser MITCHISON, Naomi Margaret MODERN QUARTERLY MOLDOVAN, Alfred MONGE, Carlos MONRO, Robin Edward MONTAGU, M.F. Ashley MONTGOMERY, John W. MOORE, A.R. index of correspondents M.172 M.122 F.182 H.19 F.256, F.445, H.35 M.167 D.154 B.351 D.155, K.297 A.612-A.616 F.100, F.107, F.108, G.37 MOORE, Edward F. MORGAN, C. Lloyd MORICARD, René M.162 C5, K.7A D.20 M.62 MOORE, James R. MORAN, T. M.200, M.201 F.419, F.420 MOREY, Charles Rufus MORRIS, Christopher MORGAN, Thomas Hunt MOORE, George Edward G.11 MORTIMER, Clifford H. MORTON, Cyril E. M.106 G.75 M.143 M.137 F.279, M.124 M.160, M.161 MORRIS, Henry MORTON, A.L. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 MORTON, Richard Alan MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis MOULE, A.C. MOYLE, John MOYLE, Arthur MUELLER, F.-L. MULLER, Hermann Joseph MUNRO, Donald J. MURDOCH, John E. MURRAY, Harry A. MURRAY, P.D.F. Index of correspondents G.92 B.280, B.324 B.369 ldo, Fis2 G.21 H.95, H.103, H.109 D.155, M.63 G.108 G.108, J.166 See also J.159 M.64 M.132 NAKAYAMA, Shigeru NARES, Vice-Admiral John D. MURRY, John Middleton MYLONAS, Denis NASH, Caroll Blue NASHE SOCIETY F:55: F.434 D.38 See also D.39 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF PEIPING J.170 D.283 M.155 GAs A.576, A.581 NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR THE ABOLITION OF CAPITAL PUNISHMENT NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES NATIONAL LITERARY SOCIETY, DUBLIN NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES C.34, C.147 J.205 K.340 K.25, K.306-K.317 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION D.160 NATIONAL UNION OF STUDENTS NATURAL SCIENCE SOCIETY OF CHINA F.317, G.101 C.45, C.148 NATURE B.359, C.13, C.44, D.94, D.164, D.185, F.60, F.140, F.267, F.269, F.335, F.363, F.433, J.117, K.123 NAYLOR, Granville M.103, M.104 NEDERLANDSCHE VEREENIGING VOOR BIOCHEMIE G.54 NEEDHAM (née MONTGOMERY), Alicia Adelaide A.22-A.28, A.30-A.38, A.39, A.72-A.83, A.97-A.601, A.679, F.107 See also A.637 NEEDHAM, Brendan M.171 NEEDHAM, Dorothy Mary Moyle NEEDHAM, J.G. 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Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS E267, F.oo2.G)51 OXFORD UNIVERSITY KARL MARX HISTORY SOCIETY Gils PACHOW, W. PACIFIC AFFAIRS PAGE, Irvine H. PAGEL, Walter PALAT, Augustin PALMER, Richard PANIKKAR, N. Kesava PANTIN, Carl Frederick Abel PAO, Tsen-peng J.88-J.91, M.231 C.40 E.123, F.101, M.58 B.307, H.78, M.67, M.239 M.232 F.422 C.13 F.101, G.4, J.221, J.232, M.68, M.95 M.232 PARAT, Maurice PARETI, Luigi PARNAS, J.K. F.105, M.210 B.13 M.119 M.218 D.175 E.161 PARES, Sir Bernard PARPART, Arthur K. PARKE, DAVIS & COMPANY PARRY, Sir Charles Hubert Hastings PAPWORTH INDUSTRIES, CAMBRIDGE F.446 PARSONS, Howard L. PARRY, Renée-Marie H.57 A.579 L.13 F.442 PARRY, John PARRY, W.T. M.234, M.235 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents PARSONS, Thomas R. PARTINGTON, James Riddick F.100 B.314 PATERSON, Betty PATON, J.L. PATRICK, James PATTERSON, A. Lindo PAVLOV, V.A. PAYNE, L.F. PAYNE, Robert PEARL, Raymond PEARSE, W. 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RAJCHMAN, Ludwik RAKESHAW, Norris W. RAMULT, Miroslaw RANZI, Silvio Index of correspondents M.77 F.440 K.1 D.4 D.159, M.185 M.138 J.95 D.4, D.17 M.121 B.231 M.159 RAPER, Richard RAPKINE, Louis G.103, G.104 J.180-J.194 J.142 B.330 RAPOPORT, S. RASHEVSKY, N. RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth RAVEN, Rev. Charles Earle H.106 M.142 B.313 RATIONALIST PRESS ASSOCIATION E.118, F.100, M.32, M.78 See also J.180-J.194 LOUIS RAPKINE MEMORIAL FUND/LOUIS RAPKINE ASSOCIATION J.136 F.267, F.269, G.42, G.51, G.73, G.103, H.44, K.132, K.289 B.309, D.29, F.177, F.178, K.71, M.79 RAVEN, Chr. P. RAVETZ, Jerry READ, Herbert Harold J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents READ, Margaret C.40 REDCLIFFE-MAUD, John Primatt, Baron D.28, D.29, D.55, D.340, D.342, D.347, D.349, M.165 REDMOND, John REGUNBERG, Jerome REICHENBACH, H. REICHER, E. Clement REID, Charles REID, Joe B. REINBOTHE, H. RELIEF COMMITTEE FOR THE VICTIMS OF GERMAN FASCISM A.588 M.162 J.243 C.48 K.227 D.151, D.152, D.158 G.98 K.71 RENOTTI, RESCHER, Nicholas RESTIVO, Sal P. RIESSER, O. M.118 F.108 REYMOND, Arnold RICHARDSON, Keith C. RICHARDS, Ivor Armstrong RENDEL, Lt Col. Richard M. J.163 See also J.159 RESEARCH CORPORATION oe RIDEAL, Sir Eric Keightley H.76 M.193 J.1 C.12 M.140 B.239 RICHTER, Derek RIDDLE, Oscar M.136, M.164 E.67 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 RIGNANO, Eugenio RIMINGTON, Claude RITCHIE, A.D. Index of correspondents F.56 M.166 E.161, M.130, M.131 RITCHIE-CALDER, Peter Ritchie, Baron H.117, J.13, K.69, K.311, M.80, M.81 RITSCHER, Wolfgang RIVKIN, Helen ROBB-SMITH, A.H.T C.41 M.127 D.38 ROBERTS, Frederick Sleigh, 1st Earl A.578, A.581, A.587, A.624, A.635 ROBERTS, R. Ellis ROBERTSON, Alan ROBERTSON, Muriel F.184 M.95 B.232, E.42, M.82 ROBERTSON, T. Brailsford ROBINOW, C. M.129 B.229 M.193, M.205, M.207 ROBINSON, Kenneth ROBINSON, Sir Robert ROBSON, William A. ROBINSON, Joan Violet K.187, K.199 M.145, M.161 F.357 D.29, D.278, H.66, J.185 ROBINSON, J.R. (‘Jimmy’) ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION M.196 B.21-B.29, C.3, C.12, C.34, C.35, F.99, H.118, M.37, M.87, M.88, M.151, M.239 RODRIGO, J.L.C. RODZINSKI, W. ROGERS, Veronica E. ROLL-HANSEN, Nils J.48-J.50, J.90 M.234, M.236, M.237 E.154, M.83 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 ROMANES, John ROMANOFF, Alexis L. RONALD, Nigel ROSE, Hilary ROSE, PC. ROSE, Steven P.R. ROSENBROCK, Howard Harry ROSENHEAD, Jonathan ROSENHEIM, Otto ROSENHEIM, T.G. ROSKILL, Capt. Stephen Wentworth RN Index of correspondents M.203 M.145, M.163 D.3, D.4 F.365, F.373, M.84 M.189 F.365, F.373, F.374, M.186 See also M.84 M.85 J.28 A.84, E.35, E.55, E.144, M.86 G.110 J.15, M.234 ROSTAND, Jean ROSZAK, Theodore ROTBLAT, Joseph ROTSTEIN, Abraham ROUPPERT, S. ROUS, Peyton F.384 M.188 D.148 J.242 F.182 F.267 ROUTLEDGE & KEGAN PAUL LIMITED ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Mayer Victor, Baron B.35 ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS, KEW ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC C.31, C.35, C.36, C.95, C.98 ROWDEN, Jesse ROXBY, Percy M. M.120, M.147 K.69 B.113 A.136-A.138 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents ROYAL CENTRAL ASIAN SOCIETY C.41, G.74 ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS ROYAL DUBLIN SOCIETY ROYAL MICROSCOPICAL SOCIETY ROYAL SOCIETY G.44 G.18 H.112 B.39, C.14, D.139-D.141, D.145, D.151, D.340-D.342, D.347, F.99, F.124, F.191, F.245, F.320, F.441, G.102, J.208-J.224, K.297 See also B.1-B.20 ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE F.99, G.45, J.225, J.243 RUBBER GROWERS ASSOCIATION RUBINSTEIN, D. RUDOLPH, Richard B.35 M.215 M.233 F.269 RUSSELL, Dorothy S. RUSSO, F. RUHEMANN, M. RUNNSTROM, John RUSSELL, Frederick Stratten K.163 C.40, M.142 M.124 RUSSELL, Sir (Edward) John B.256, D.287 D.3, K.333 RUSSELL, Dora Winifred, Lady RUSSELL, Bertrand Arthur William, Earl B.231, F.107, F.406, F.407, M.30, M.31, M.120, M.132, M.136 M.167, M.168 RUTHERFORD, Ernest, 1st Baron J.149 B.307 M.198 F.420 RYLE, Claire RYLE, John Alfred RYLE, Margaret J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 SADLER, Sir Michael Ernest SAHA, Meghnad N. Palit SALISBURY, Sir Edward James SALMAN, D.H. SALT, George SAMARENDRANATH, Index of correspondents M.131 D.140, D.153 B.19 F.280 M.153 D.141 SAMUEL, Herbert Louis, 1st Viscount D.3, D.4 SANDERSON-RAE, Margaret SANDIFORD, Irene SANDOW, Alexander SANDRITTER, W. SARGENT, D.N. D.36 M.125 M.157 M.172 C.8 SARTON, George F.81 M.133 M.237 K.297 M.20 M.148 SAVAGE, R. Maxwell SAUNDERS, Peter T. SCHAFER, Edward H. SCAMMON, Richard E. SAVORY, Theodore Horace M.142, M.148, M.219 SCHIPPER, Kristofer M. M.225 F.311 M.237 M.155 SCHLIPP, Paul Arthur M.218, M.220 SCHAXEL, Julius SCHEEL, H. SCHERMER, J. SCHMIDT, G.A. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents SCHNEIDER, Howard A. SCHOENTAL, Regina SCHOTTE, Oscar E. ABELARD SCHUMAN LIMITED PUBLISHERS SCHWARTZ, O. SCIENCE SCIENCE & SOCIETY SCIENCE FOR PEACE SCIENCE OF SCIENCE FOUNDATION SCIENCE POLICY FOUNDATION SCIENCE PROGRESS F.81 B.232 M.151 F.160 H.106 F.63, F.447 F.304, F.334, F.442 K.145-K.147 J.226, J.227 J.228 F.6, F.13, F.60, F.93, F.139, F.195, F.349 SCRUTINY SEIFRIZ, William SELLIAH, K.A. SEWELL, James P. J.55 B.39, E.160 SCOTT, Roderick SCIENTIA SCOTT, H.M. SCOTT, J.P. F.388 E.178 F.56 M.137 M.148 C.25 SEDGWICK, W.G. SCOTTISH MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION D.38 SENEVIRATNE, Leopold James de Silva F.446, M.119, M.121, M.157 SEN, Samarendranath N. J.52, J.53 B.326, D.153 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 SEYDOUX, SEYMOUR, H.J. SEYMOUR, Richard SEYMOUR, Violet, Lady SHAFFER, Brian M. SHAKOW, David SHANIN, T. SHAPLEY, Harlow SHAY, Charles H. SHEN Shi-Chang SHERRINGTON, Sir Charles Scott Index of correspondents D.30 D.3 C.34, C.35, C.96, C.101 C.27, C.29, C.32, C.42, C.43 B.292, B.294, B.295 F.352 F.448 D.27, D.318, D.321 B.244 M.87, M.88 B.307 B.280, F.269, K.273 D.168, D.169, H.74 J.53-J.55, J.87-J.95 SHOLL, Norman SHRYOCK, Richard H. SHUMWAY, Waldo SILVA, A. Mahinda T. SIMPSON, Esther SHIH Sheng-Han SHOENBERG, David SIEBERT, J.G. SILOW, R.A. D.20 J.238 F.108 F.267 C.40-C.42, C.47, C.48, C.105, D.145 See also C.43 M.155 J.180, J.183, J,185, J.188-J.192, J.237, J.238, M.32 B.309, B.310, F.33, F.267, F.352, J.188, M.103, M.104, M.120 B.360, B.361, J.1, J.3, J.4, J.222, SINGER, Dorothea Waley SINGER, Charles J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 SINNOTT, Edward W. SLATER, Rev. Noel B. SLATER, Sir William Kershaw SLOMINSKI, Piotr SLONIMSKI, A. SMAIL, R.C. SMID, Jan SMITH, Bardwell L. SMITH, Homer SMITH, K.C.A. SMITH, Sydney Index of correspondents D.138, H.76 C.50, D.152 J.242, M.165 M.210 K.48 B.331 D.144, D.152, D.155 G.109 M.135 K.190 C.96 J.153 SMOLKA, Josef SMYTH, Charles SMYTH, Hastings SNELL, E.E. M.236, M.239 SOBELL, Rose SNOW, R. SNOW, Sam SNOW, Helen Foster K.115 F.333 F.409 SNOW, Charles Percy, Baron J.229-J.231 SOCIETE EUROPEENE DE CULTURE SOCIETE DE BIOLOGIE SOCIALIST LEAGUE SOBOTHKA, Harry M.229 M.149 Gt K.284 E.144 K.15-K.19 H.3 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents SOCIETY FOR ANGLO-CHINESE UNDERSTANDING F.360, K.196-K.198, K.199-K.205, K.210, K.211 SOCIETY FOR CULTURAL RELATIONS BETWEEN THE PEOPLES OF THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH AND THE U.S.S.R. G.69 SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY E.176, J.188, J.232-J.235 SOCIETY FOR FREEDOM IN SCIENCE K.324, K.325 See also K.336 SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF SCIENCE AND LEARNING D.140, J.236-J.240, M.31, M.32 SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH J.241 SOCIETY FOR VISITING SCIENTISTS D.139, D.140, D.151, D.153, J.180, J.183, J.185, J.188-J.192, J.242 SOCIETY OF AMERICAN WOMEN A.578 See D.37 F.436, F.438, M.169 C.26, C.33, C.51 SOMERS, Robert THE SPECTATOR SPEMANN, Hans SPIES, Tom D. SPONSLER, O.L. SPEED, Harold SPEK, Josef F.446 G.95 F.198 M.163 SOONG, T.V. (SUNG Tzu-Wen) SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTS, INDIA M.148 SPROUL, Robert Gordon SPROSTON, Nora G. M.123, M.124, M.150 C.8 H.45 H.71 SREENIVASAYA, M. J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 STARKENSTEIN, Emil STEBBINGS, L. Susan STEENBERG, C.M. STEPANEK, J.E. STERN, Bernhard J. STERN, Curt STERN, L. STEVENSON, D. Lang STEWART, H.F. STEWART, John STEWART, Neil Index of correspondents M.119 G.51 F.140 C.49, C.50 F.304 H.72 M.216, M.220 M.191 K.115 K.190 C.47 SIR HALLEY STEWART TRUST STILL, Jack ST JOHN, John STRATTON, G.M. STRATTON, J.A. B.32 ©:55;,D.17 STONIMSKI, Piotr STONE, Caroline E.M. K.69 B.373 B.232 C.43 STRATTON, Frederick John Marrian STOPFORD, Sir John (Sebastian Bach) C.36 STRUTHERS, Ernest B. STREETER, George L. C.38, C.46 Gade? M.30, M.31 STREET, F.C. STREETER, B.H. C.4, D.22, D.289 D.9 H.107 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents STUBBLEFIELD, Sir (Cyril) James STUBBS, Leslie STUBBS SOCIETY STUBEL, Hans J.221 K.16, K.74 G.110 B.370 STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT F.115, F.176, G.46, G.100, H.4, H.7, H.10 STUDITSKY, A.N. SUN Kuang-Chiin SUN Yu-Chi SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION SWANN, Dennis SWANN, Michael Meredith, Baron F.280 C.42 D.17 A.580 K.48 J.188 SYME, Ronald E.162 F.443 C.44, F.400 TANG Pei-Sung TANNER, Thomas L. TAO Yu-Sheng TARLING, Nicholas TATON, René M.119, M.120, M.134 TALLENT, Violet K. C.13 C.50 F.357 JAMES SWIFT & SON LIMITED F.24 J.148, J.149, J.151, J.155, J.176 TATSURO, Yamamoto TAWNEY SOCIETY H.105 G.108 K.129, K.131 TAX, Sol TAYLOR, A.E. Index of correspondents J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 TAYLOR, Lewis W. TAYLOR, Lloyd W. TAYLOR, T.W.UJ. TCHOUBAR, B. F.98, H.5 H.13 D.278 C.50 L.13-L.15 D.147, H.96 J.62 J.243-J.246 See also E.111, E.114, M.96-M.100 PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN ASSOCIATION TERROINE, E. THAMBYAHPILLAY, George THEORETICAL BIOLOGY CLUB GEORG THIEME VERLAGSBUCHHANDLUNG F.85 THOMAS, Gwyneth Lloyd THOMAS, Hugh Hamshaw B.355, G.19 M.218 THOMAS, Jean M.118, M.148 THOMPSON, Peter D.164 J.46 F.33 THOMSON, Charles THOMPSON, Constance M. THOMAS, Judith Winton THOMSON, Sir George (Paget) THOMPSON, D’Arcy Wentworth K.185, K.200, K.338 D.142, F.335, F.356, G.94, K.174, THORNTON, Sir Henry Gerard M.181 D.28 B.287 K.326 D.141 E55 D.94, F.146, F.199 THOMSON, David TICHERCHE, R. TIME & TIDE THE TIMES J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 TING Te-Pang TING Yu-Chen TIZARD, Sir Henry Thomas TOBACH, Ethel TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron TOIVONEN, Sulo TOKIN, B.P. TOMARKIN, L.W. TOMITA, Masaji TORREY, Harry Beal TOULIN, June Index of correspondents C.44 C.52 D.138 H.115 B.233, B.324 M.178, M.179 B.231, M.174, M.217-M.219 H.46 F.407 F.108 M.89, M.90 TOWNSEND, Peter C.31 F.448 C.4 G.68, G.102 C.42, C.43, D.17 TRIBE, Margaret TSAO, Tien-Chin TSENG Chao-Lun TRISTRAM, G.R. M.163 F.343 TREVELYAN, Mary TOYNBEE, Arnold Joseph TREVELYAN, George Macaulay D.172, G.103 TUFNELL, Lt Commander Richard Lionel RN C.36, C.37 C.69 K.97, K.108 C.30, C.37, M.163 TUNG Ti-Chou TURNER, Sir Mark TURNER, Ralph E. TSUNG Loo-Din K.211 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 TURNSTILE PRESS LIMITED TWITCHETT, Denis TWITTY, Victor C. TYLER, Albert TYRRELL, G.W. UNDERCURRENTS UNDERWOOD, E. Ashworth UNDERWOOD, Robert D. UNGER, Erich Index of correspondents K.69 M.233 M.167 F.406-F.408, M.153, M.169 F.269 See HUTTON-SQUIRE F.352 G.97 G.67 UNION OF DEMOCRATIC CONTROL C.46, C.49 UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION G.71, K.165-K.168, K.226, K.266 C.1, C.4-C.9, C.11 URBANI, Enrico UVAROV, Boris Petrovitch D.1-D.365, H.117, M.189 UNIVERSITY LABOUR FEDERATION UNIVERSITIES' CHINA COMMITTEE IN LONDON UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM CHINESE SOCIETY UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION (UNESCO) UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON CHEMICAL & PHYSICAL SOCIETY F.357 VAN DER SPRENKEL, Sybille G.12 F313 G.111 G.110 M.161 D.21 M.91 M.230 VAJROPALA, Kloom VAN DER LOON, Piet J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents VAN GULIK, Robert H. VAN HEYNINGEN, William Edward (‘Kits’) M.225 See also M.233 J.50, J.189, M.92 VAN ITERSON, G. VAN RIET LOWE, C. VAN SLYKE, Donald VASSONOV, D. VAUGHAN, George VAVILOV, Nicolai Ivanovitch VAYSSIERE, P.E.L. VEALL, N. VEBLEN, Oswald M.149 D.156 C.16 M.216 F.184 D.26 D.287, J.142, J.146 D.17, D.21, D.24 H.44 VERHOOG, M.J. VERNEY, E.B. VERRY, H.L. D.19, D.140 K.281 J.189, J.190 VIDAL-HALL, A.M. J.146 F.408 C.4 K.48 VERDOORN, Frans VERNON, Major Wilfrid Foulston VIETNAM FREE SPEECH CAMPAIGN VETERANS OF THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN BRIGADE F.107, M.93 VISSCHER, Maurice B. K.235 F.105 H.107 VIGNES, Henri VILAR, Pierre VLADIMIROV, G. H.76, K.48 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 VOEGTLIN, Carl VOLK, Albert A. WADDINGTON, Conrad Hal WAKE & EGROT WAKEFIELD, A.J. WALD, George WALEY, Arthur David WALKER, Edith R. WALLACE, Henry Agard WALSHE, Sir Francis Martin Rouse Index of correspondents M.117 H.45 B.7, D.21, H.38, H.83, M.18, M.89, M.94, M.95 See also B.25 M.97 D.146, D.147 J.27 B.370, C.8, C.12 K.17 D.8, M.157 G.87 WALTON, Arthur WANG, Hsi WANG Hsiao-Hai WANG Ming-Chih F.269, F.419, M.116 M.128 C.35-C.37 WANG, Bieh-Hsiang C.40 C.51 C.40 WANG Shih-Chieh WAMOSCHER, Laszlo M.184 WASSERMANN, Gerhard D. WARBURLAND, Cecil C.42 C.34 F.130 M.193 C.101, D.4 WANG S.K. WANG Yun-Chang WARNER, Marina J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents WATCHORN, Elsie WATKINS, John W.N. WATSON, David Meredith Seares WATSON, H. W. WATSON & SONS LIMITED WATSON-WATT, Sir Robert (Alexander) C.A. WATTS & COMPANY LIMITED WEATHERALL, R. WEAVER, Warren WEBB, H.A. WEBER, Fried! ten See J.159 M.32 E.47 B.34 D.22, K.48 F.269, G.51, K.69 H.44 M.151 E122 F.32, F.436, F.438, M.117 WEBSTER, Charles B.296 H.44, M.65, M.149 WELBOURNE, E. WELLCOME TRUST WELTFISH, Gene WERMEL, Julius M.105 B.349, B.351 F.443, M.234 E.49, E.153 WEILER, G. WEISS, Paul WELLS, Herbert George WELLS, George Philip WEIDENFELD & NICHOLSON M.139 WESTENBRINK, H.G.K. C.23 M.216 M.173 J.238 WESTFAL, Stanislaw WETZEL, Norman C. J.233, J.234, M.133 B.359, D.3 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 Index of correspondents WHEELER, W.M. WHIPPLE, R.T.P. WHITAKER, Douglas M. WHITBY, Sir Lionel (Ernest Howard) WHITE, General Sir George Stuart WHITE, Gilbert WHITE, John Baker WHITE, Lynn, Jr WHITE, Philip J. WHITE, William Charles WHITEHEAD, John Henry Constantine M.129 B.346 F.406, F.407, M.65, M.135, M.136 M.103 A.578, A.581 H.111 K.229 G.109 M.121 M.123, M.230 H.44 WIESNER, B.P. C.12 M15 J.16 F.350 M.139 D.152 J.126 WHYMANT, R. WHYTE, Lance Law WIENER, Philip P. WHITEHEAD, R.B. WHITROW, G.J. WHITROW, Magda B.373, M.184, M.233 WIERZUCHOWSKI, M. C.27, J.136, M.127, M.128, M.181 WIGGLESWORTH, Sir Vincent (Brian) M.230 G.87, M.132 See also M.133 J.243, M.134, M.138, M.140 WILKES, Maurice Vincent WILLEMS, Jean WILLETTS, William J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 WILLEY, Basil WILLIAMS, Aubrey D. WILLIAMS, John R. WILLIS, Rupert A. WILLMER, Edward Nevill WILSON, Elizabeth A. Montgomery WILSON, Leonard G. WINANT, John G. WINKLER, K.C. WINSSER, Johan WINT, Guy WINTERSTEIN, A. Index of correspondents M.154 M.165, M.166 M.114 M.148 F.100, M.126 A.623-A.636 G.109 D.3, D.4, D.19 M.161 M.168 C.8, C.40, C.50, C.136 M.148 WISHART, John WOLF, A.V. C.4 F.105 K.29, K.108 WITHERS, Ronald WITKOWSKI, J.A. WOLVEKAMP, H.P. M.167 M.196 M.223 WITTFOGEL, Karl A. WISLOCKI, George B. WOERDEMANN, M.W. WITHERS, Sir John James See also K.6 C.31, D.4 C.41 D.287, F.406, F.407 WONG Wen-Hao WOO Tsao-Hsi WOOD, Alex M.171 H.107 D.150-D.152, K.3 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 WOOD, Herbert G. WOOD, Hugh WOODFORD, F. Peter WOODGER, Joseph Henry WOODMAN, Dorothy WOODRUFF, Lorande Loss WOODS, Donald Devereux WOOSTER, William Alfred (‘Peter’) Index of correspondents C.48, F.81 F.100 G.71 F.384, J.243, M.97-M.100 C.9,C.11, C.55, C.105, D.67 M.160 J.50 C.52, F.419, J.140, K.48, K.53, K.61, K.69, K.236, K.297, K.299, M.147 WORKERS' EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION WORLD ACADEMY OF ART AND SCIENCE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES G.17 J.248-J.259 H.117 WORLD REVIEW WRIGHT, C. Payling WRIGHT, Philip WRINCH, Dorothy M. J.260 M.101 C.10, F.306 M.161, M.169 WRIGHT, Sir Almroth Edward WORMELL, R.L. WORRALL, R.L. H.106, K.229, K.300, K.327-K.335 WORLD FEDERATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS WORLD ORGANISATION OF GENERAL SYSTEMS AND CYBERNETICS M.103-M.112 B.22, E.122, J.243, M.99, M.102 G.21 M.122 C.39 WU Han-Lih WU H.W. WU Lien-Té (Gnoh Lean-Tuck) C.33 M.160 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 WU Shih-Chhang WU Ta-Kum WU Ta-You WURMSER, René WYNN, Rt Rev. Harold Edward YALE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS YANG Y.N. YAP Chu-Phay YAPP, W.W. YATES, Frank Index of correspondents M.224, M.225, M.229, M.230 H.76 C.36, C.37 F.108, M.113 B.318 F.280 G.34, G.35, G.40 C.23 C.27 F.140, M.138 D.140 YEH,:P. YOUNG, John Zachary YOUNG, L. YETTS, W. Perceval YOUNG, D. YOUNG, Robert Maxwell YOUNG, R. Fitzgibbon B.232, C.29, E.176, J.234 C.43 B.369 M.151 YOUNG, Sir Frank (George) B.147, B.148, B.244, B.254-B.256, B.260, E.144, F.343, G.93, H.70, J.47, J.190, J.191, M.171, M.176 C.13 YOUNGHUSBAND, Francis YOUSCHKEVITCH, A.P. M.141 B.348, M.189 B.357-B.361 YU D.C. H.19 J.168 J. Needham NCUACS 54/3/95 YU Rijui-Huang YUDKIN, John ZANGERMANN, Ernst ZANGWILL, Oliver Louis ZBAVITEL, Dusan ZHUKOVA, I.M. ZILWA, S.S. ZIMAN, John Michael ZINN, Howard ZUCKERMAN, Soily, Baron ZUNTZ, Leo Index of correspondents D.20 G.79, G.93 F.182 M.175 M.230, M.231 D.139, D.141, D.153 M.120 K.274 G.107 G.51, H.7, H.44, J.224 M.117, M.143