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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Joseph Needham CH FRS (1900 - 1995) Introduction Sections A - H VOLUME | NCUACS catalogue no. 81/2/99 by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper, Description level: Fonds Deposited in: Reference code: GB12 Title: Compiled by: Date of material: 1874-1995 Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper Extent of material: 68 boxes, ca 2,000 items Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Joseph Needham CH, FRS (1900-1995), biochemist and historian of science NCUACS catalogue no. 81/2/99 © 1999 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath Cambridge University Library, West Road, Cambridge J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The Geological Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society Trinity College Cambridge The Higher Education Funding Council for England The Wellcome Trust J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE KEEPER OF MANUSCRIPTS WEST ROAD CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY CAMBRIDGE J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.696-A.1220 SECTION B CAMBRIDGE B.389-B.472 SECTION C SINO-BRITISH SCIENCE COOPERATION OFFICE C.167-C.185 SECTION D UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANISATION (UNESCO) SECTION E RESEARCH SECTION F PUBLICATIONS D.366-D.376 E.194-E.227 F.451-F.630 SECTION G SECTION J G.124-G.142 H.131-H.264 J.261-J.343 K.355-K.514 SECTION L RELIGION AND SOCIETY L.41-L.496 SECTION K POLITICS SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES SECTION M CORRESPONDENCE LECTURES AND BROADCASTS SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS M.245-M.472 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received in July 1996 from the Needham Research Institute, Sylvester Road, Cambridge. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF JOSEPH NEEDHAM A fuller account is to be found in the introduction to the catalogue of Joseph Needham’s papers compiled in 1995 (NCUACS 54/3/95), to which this catalogue forms a supplement. Noel Joseph Terence Montgomery Needham (known as Joseph) was born in London on 9 December 1900, the son of Joseph and Alicia Adelaide Needham. He was educated at Oundle School 1914- 1918 and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge 1918-1922 where he studied for the Natural Sciences Tripos. Needham then went on to postgraduate research in the Cambridge Biochemistry Department under Frederick Gowland Hopkins, supported by a Benn Levy Studentship 1922-1924. He was elected a Fellow of Gonville and Caius College in 1924 and in the same year married Dorothy Mary Moyle (1896-1987), a fellow researcher in the Department. Needham was appointed University College. He retired from the Mastership in 1976. purely biochemical interest. 1931, Needham explained embryological development as a chemical process. He then extended this articles on historical, religious, political and philosophical subjects. Needham also gave many Reader in Biochemistry. He held this post until 1966 when he became Master of Gonville and Caius lectures, likewise on historical, philosophical, religious and political subjects in addition to those of Needham's early biochemical research focused on embryology. In Chemical Embryology published in Demonstrator in Biochemistry in 1928 and in 1933 succeeded J.B.S. Haldane as Sir William Dunn and Morphogenesis. He combined a high rate of productivity in biochemistry with a prolific output of work with research into various aspects of morphology, culminating in his 1942 book Biochemistry Philosophy of Science. served on the History of Science Committee and the History and Philosophy of Science Committee as a founder member of the History of Science Lectures Committee. After the Second World War he As well as his contributions to the development of biochemistry in Cambridge Needham was an important figure in the establishment of the history of science as an academic discipline at Cambridge until 1971. Needham was also a leading figure in the International Union of the History and J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Needham's interest in China dated from the mid-1930s. In 1942 Needham went to China as Head of the British Scientific Mission and under the auspices of the British Council established the Sino-British Science Cooperation Office (SBSCO). The SBSCO was responsible for assessing the needs of Chinese scientific, technological and medical institutions and researchers, and facilitating the supply of equipment and medicines, books and journals to China. The success of the SBSCO was the immediate inspiration for Needham's vision of postwar international science co-operation. With the form of the future United Nations organisation under discussion Needham argued that the proposed United Nations Educational and Cultural Organisation should include science within its remit. It was appropriate that in 1946 he was appointed the first Director of the Section of Natural Sciences of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. He served for two years. On his return to Cambridge in 1948 Needham began work on his new project - a history of the contribution of China to science and civilisation. This work was to occupy Needham for most of the rest of his life; the first volume of Science and Civilisation in China appeared in 1954 and by his death it had run to sixteen volumes. Among those Chinese students who had first encouraged Needham's interest in China was Lu Gwei-Djen. The Needhams became close friends with Lu and their careers came together again when she returned to Cambridge in 1957 to assist Needham in this work. Needham was a religious man. From his student days he was a high church Anglican but combined Needham‘s concern for reconciliation between science and religion led to his Presidency of the Teilhard de Chardin Centre for the Future of Mankind. He was also a Reader in the Church of England the British Academy. In 1992 he was appointed a Companion of Honour. Needham died in 1995, outliving both Dorothy Needham, who died in 1987, and his second wife Lu Gwei-Djen, whom he had Church of Thaxted, Essex, identified very closely with the Christian Socialist tradition. In later years Needham was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1941 and in 1971 elected a Fellow of political Christianity emphasising its closeness to Marxism and had a long association with the Parish this with a commitment to social justice. In the 1930s Needham was active in propagating a highly married in 1989 but who died in 1991. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION This catalogue of the papers of Joseph Needham is a supplement to that compiled in 1995 (NCUACS 54/3/95). The material has been arranged into sections and numbered to follow the sequence of the previous catalogue, which should therefore be consulted in conjunction with this catalogue. Papers supplementary to the first catalogue have been found for all the sections. Section A, Biographical, is extensive and supplements the material in the previous catalogue in a number of areas. There are autobiographical accounts, material relating to Needham’s university studies and subsequent career, honours and awards. There is significant further family material relating in particular to his mother A.A. Needham and second wife Lu Gwei-Djen and correspondence relating to genealogical research into the Needham family. There is also personal and social correspondence. There is a complete sequence of diaries for 1933-1995. The section also includes documentation of a number of Needham’s other interests, including his membership of the Cambridge Morris Men and interest in folk dance, holidays, and financial records. There are many photographs, of Needham and members of his family, friends and colleagues, and of tours of the Cambridge Morris Men in the 1930s. Section B, Cambridge, chiefly comprises papers relating to Needham’s Presidency and then Mastership of Gonville and Caius College. There is a little material relating to the Department of University Library. Science Outpost (1948) in which the Needhams gave an account of the work of the SBSCO. Counsellor to UNESCO after he left the organisation in 1948. papers cover the period 1929-1930s. Section C, Sino-British Science Cooperation Office (SBSCO), is chiefly material relating to the book Section E, Research, is chiefly manuscript notes and drafts related to publications. The bulk of the supplementary to the previous catalogue. Most relates to Needham’s appointment as Honorary Section D, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, presents a little material Biochemistry, history of science at Cambridge and to the acquisition of Chinese books for the the refreshing river (1943) and History is on our side (1946). There is also extensive documentation Chemistry of Life, (1970). There is further material relating to his collections of essays including Time include Chemical Embryology (1931), A History of Embryology (1934) and his contribution to The Section F, Publications, is extensive. It chiefly relates to Needham's pre-war and wartime publications but later works are also represented. Included in the section are not only drafts of scientific papers and books but also writings on philosophical and historical themes. Scientific works documented J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 of Needham’s article ‘The geographical distribution of English ceremonial dance traditions’, published in the Journal of the English Folk-Dance and Folk-Song Society (1936). The section also presents sequences of editorial correspondence and requests for off-prints. Section G, Lectures and broadcasts, presents some of Needham's public and invitation lectures delivered on scientific and religious subjects 1928-1990. There is also a little material relating to broadcasts. Section H, Visits and conferences, presents a chronological sequence of material 1931-1988. Needham’s historical interests are represented rather better than his biochemical ones. Among the occasions represented by surviving material are the Second International Congress of the History of Science and Technology, London, 1931, the First Congress of Polish Science, Warsaw, Poland, 1951, a visit to Romania in January 1963, a visit to Sweden and Denmark, April 1964, the Fifteenth International Congress of the History of Science, Edinburgh, 10-19 August 1977, and a British Council sponsored visit to Cyprus, 21 May - 4 June 1979. Section J, Societies and organisations, documents Needham’s involvement with nineteen national and international bodies. Those best documented are the Cambridge Museum of Technology, Needham was Chairman of the Trustees 1968-1981, Collet’s Holdings Ltd, of which Needham was a director, and the Royal Society, principally the British National Committee for the History of Science, 1969-1972. Understanding (SACU). the Christian Socialist tradition. disarmament and Needham's international outlook, naturally focused on China, is also well- material in the section is post-war. It includes documentation of his concern with peace and nuclear represented, in particular by material relating to his Presidency of the Society for Anglo-Chinese Section L, Religion and society, represents Needham's religious concerns. There is a chronological sequence of sermons and addresses, 1935, 1961-1987 delivered by Needham, principally at divine service at Gonville & Caius College Chapel and at Thaxted Parish Church. There is documentation of Section K, Politics, documents Needham's wide-ranging involvement in politics of the Left. All the correspondent, a sequence of shorter exchanges and single letters arranged chronologically 1923- Section M, Correspondence, consists of a sequence of longer exchanges arranged alphabetically by Needham’s association with the Teilhard Centre for the Future of Man (Needham was Honorary Christianity in China, and religious literature including tracts and offprints which attest to his interest in various other religious organisations. There is also material assembled by Needham relating to President from 1967), Thaxted Church, Needham’s involvement with which dated back to 1927, and J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 1994, and references and recommendations. Principal correspondents include Zain-ul-Abedin, Max Pettersson and M. Teich. The sequence of shorter correspondence, the great bulk of which dates from the last twenty five years of Needham’s life, reflects his religious, political and especially history of science interests as well as including news of the principal events of his personal life. It should be noted that there is extensive correspondence throughout the catalogue. Much of Needham's correspondence is to be found in other sections where it is retained with the material with which it was found. There is also an index of correspondents. LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL Photographs, postcards and items of memorabilia were returned to the Needham Research Institute. The previously catalogued papers and correspondence of Joseph Needham are deposited in Cambridge University Library. Finding aid: NCUACS catalogue no. 54/3/95. Papers relating to Needham's Mastership of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, 1966-1976 are held by the College Archives. Papers relating to Needham's work on Science and Civilisation in China are held at the Needham Research Institute, Sylvester Road, Cambridge. by Needham at the Imperial War Museum, London. Finding aid: NCUACS catalogue no. 55/4/95. Papers and correspondence relating to chemical and biological warfare, 1952-1989 were deposited Papers and correspondence of Dorothy Needham are deposited in the Library of Girton College Bath 1999 Cambridge. Finding aids: NCUACS catalogue nos 22/7/90, 37/5/92 and 62/5/96. Timothy E. Powell Peter Harper J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.696-A.1220 The material in this section has been numbered to follow that in the previous catalogue (NCUACS 54/3/95) in conjunction with which it should be consulted. The material is arranged as follows: A.696-A.716 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.717, A.718 CHILDHOOD A.719-A.729 UNDERGRADUATE AND POSTGRADUATE A.730-A.763 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.764-A.823 FAMILY A.824-A.841 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.842-A.892 A.893-A.948 DIARIES A.1051-A.1061 A.949-A.1050 HOLIDAYS A.1062-A.1083 FINANCIAL SOCIAL ENGAGEMENTS AND INVITATIONS CLUBS, ASSOCIATIONS AND OTHER INTERESTS PHOTOGRAPHS A.1084-A.1107 MISCELLANEOUS A.1108-A.1220 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.696-A.716 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL 1930-1993, n.d. For a biographical account written on the occasion of Needham’s receiving the Leonardo da Vinci Medal in 1968 see A.747. Television interview for Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, 23 May 1979. Two different manuscript lists of questions (one photocopied with Needham’s manuscript annotations) for Needham. Needham was visiting Cyprus as a guest of the Cyprus Research Centre with British Council support. See H.248-H.252. He also broadcast on the history of science in China, see G.138-G.140. ‘Brain of Britain...and China’ by Anthony Butler. Profile of Needham in the Scotsman Magazine, October 1982, pp 20-23. Copy of the Scotsman Magazine. Videotaped interview for the Biochemical Society. A.700-A.704 Autobiographical account for New Humanist magazine. The account gives a brief insight into Needham’s religious views. Correspondence September 1991 - February 1992 (Needham’s account is in his letter of 26 February). Correspondence re arrangements, March 1985 - June 1986; agreement, June 1990. interview Correspondence 1968. Werskey was an American Ph.D. student working on Left wing scientists active in the 1930s. He interviewed Needham as part of his research in May 1968 and spent some time with Needham arranging some of his personal papers (see the Conspectus in the previous catalogue). Correspondence with and papers from P.G. Werskey, 1968-1969, 1977- 1979. Werskey’s work was published as The Visible College (London, 1978). J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical ‘Record of a Conversation on 21 May 1968 between Gary Werskey, Keith Roberts and Harold Fruchtbaum and Joseph Needham on the “Science and Society” movement in the Thirties’. 34pp corrected typescript. ‘The Visible College: Precis of a study of the Science and Society Movement in Great Britain, 1918-1941’, 31pp typescript, November 1968. ‘The Visible College. 22pp typescript + appendices and notes. ca May 1969. A study of socialist scientists in Britain, 1918-1941’, Correspondence with Werskey re publication of The Visible College, 1977- 1979. Miscellaneous correspondence re requests for biographical 1968-1994. information, credence for visit to and A.707 Poland Loose Czechoslovakia, issued 20 June 1947. letter front UN of at is Passports. 1947-1957. 1945-1950. A.707-A.710 Letters re photographs of Needham, 1949, 1966. 1965-1975. Loose at front are UN letters of credence issued 7 May and 14 October 1947 and visa for visit to Mexico, issued 8 October 1947. 1957-1967. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.711-A.716 Needham’s health. A.711-A.715 Correspondence and papers in chronological order 1930-1993, n.d. A.711 1930-1959. 1960-1969. 1970-1978. 1980-1989. 1982 correspondence includes Needham’s observations on the effect of ageing for prospective book by Alice Heim. 1990-1993, n.d. Includes manuscript notes for Needham’s carers. Birth certificate, 1900. A.717, A.718 CHILDHOOD X-rays of Needham’s digestive system, January 1960. President). Manuscript in Needham’s hand. N.d. Invitation to join and Rules of ‘Christian Soldiers Society’ (Needham was J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.719-A.729 UNDERGRADUATE AND POSTGRADUATE 1918-1925 King’s College Hospital London, 1918. Certificate of registration as a medical student, 25 May 1918. A.720-A.729 Gonville & Caius College Cambridge, 1918-1925. A.720 Papers re University of Cambridge Previous Examination, March 1918. University of Cambridge ‘Regulations Surgical Degrees’, 1918. and Schedules for Medical and First M.B. Needham is recorded as having passed all elements of the The book also records Needham’s study of Chemistry, Examination 1920. Anatomy, and Physiology, Biochemistry and Anatomy at King’s College London, 1919-1920. Biochemistry in Cambridge 1918-1920, Physiology and Lists of College prizes and degree awards, June 1921. ‘Outstanding problems of physiology’, 6pp manuscript. Annotated on back ‘Nat. Sci. Trip. Part Il Essay Paper 24.5.’22’. Needham received the Natural Science Essay Prize and was awarded BA. Certificate of results from First M.B. Examination, June 1919; certificate cards from anatomy classes 1919-1920. is These notes appear to have been assembled by Needham at the end of his undergraduate studies when he was thinking of what course to pursue following graduation. List of College prizes, June 1922. Needham again received the Natural Science Essay Prize. Contents of Needham’s envelope: manuscript notes ca 1922 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical The material includes Needham’s possible plans for his future career, ideas for a course in biophysics, notes on studentships available. Telegram of congratulation on Benn Levy Studentship from A.A. Needham (mother), 18 September 1922. Correspondence re research 1923. Correspondence and papers re Ph.D., 1925. Includes Needham’s list of chapters, marked as completed. A.730-A.763 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1921-1993 Notifications of election to: A.731, A.732 Physiological Society, 1924. Aristotelian Society, 1925. Society for Experimental Biology, 1927. Fellowship of Cambridge Philosophical Society, 1922. Election to an Unofficial Fellowship, Gonville & Caius College Cambridge, 1924 and re-election 1927. Therapeutics and Pharmacology, 1927. Election to Fellowship of Royal Society of Medicine, 1924 Notification of elections, 1924 and 1927. Letters of congratulation 1924. 1924 and invitation to join Correspondence re election Section of J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Offer of post as ‘successor to Doctor Murray [at] Brynmawr’ Pennsylvania, USA. 1926. Telegram only. Acting Professorship of Physiology, Stanford University, California, USA, 1929. Brief correspondence 1929. Application for Royal Society Smithson Fellowship, 14 November 1930. Letter of rejection, 14 November 1930. Award of University of Cambridge D.Sc., 1932. Correspondence and papers including letters of congratulation, 1932. A.738-A.740 Appointment as Sir William Dunn Reader in Biochemistry, 1933. Manuscript note inscribed by Needham ‘Written by Dophi while waiting to hear result of Readership election 28.2.33’; press-cuttings re Haldane’s dismissal and Needham’s appointment. Needham was appointed Reader following the dismissal of J.B.S. Haldane from the Readership. Haldane had been named as a co-respondent in a divorce action. Notification, 1937. Award of Gonville & Caius College Thruston Medal to Needham for Chemical Embryology, 1934. Election as Corresponding Member of the French Société de Biologie, 1937. A.739, A.740 Letters of congratulation, March-April 1933. 2 folders. Notification, 1934. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1941. Certificate. Election to Presidency of Gonville & Caius College, 1959. Extract from Cambridge University Reporter, 14 October 1959; letters of congratulation. Award of Sir William Jones Memorial Medal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1962. Needham was unable to receive the Medal in person so it was collected on his behalf by S. Sen. However, the Medal was only delivered to him in 1967. See H.156. Correspondence re award, 1962-1963, 1967; 2pp typescript of Needham’s ‘Words of thanks’; press-cuttings recording the award. 11pp manuscript draft and The Medal was received on Needham’s behalf by W.W. Nowinski. Correspondence and papers including 11pp typescript biographical outline of Needham. Award of the George Sarton Medal of the History of Science Society, 1968. Needham was presented with the award during the Twelfth International Congress of the History of Science, Paris, France, August 1968. Award of the Leonardo da Vinci Medal of the Society for the History of Technology, 1968. Correspondence and papers including 6pp typescript copy of Needham’s address on the reception of the Medal (in French and Chinese). Letter only, 14 September 1978. Honorary Doctor of Letters, University of Hull, 1976. Letter only, 13 April 1976. Election as Knight of Mark Twain, 1978. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Dexter Award of the History of Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society, 1979. The Award was received on Needham’s behalf by P. Rattansi. of Correspondence and Needham’s address delivered at the award reception, and correspondence arising 1980-1982. photocopied typescript including papers 8pp Honorary Presidency of the Canadian College for Chinese Studies, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 1984. Correspondence, 1984. Award of the Bernal Prize of the Society for the Social Studies of Science, 1984. Correspondence and papers including Needham’s manuscript notes for speech on receiving the prize, 1984. Deutsche Morgenlandische Honorary Membership of the Correspondence, 1986. Election Gesellschaft, 1986. to Brief correspondence, 1980 Letter and programme re presentation, 1987. Award of the Medal of the International Science Policy Foundation, 1987. Election to Honorary Fellowship of Robinson College Cambridge, 1990. Correspondence, 1991. Dinner to mark the Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1991. fiftieth anniversary of Needham’s election to the J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.757-A.762 Membership of the Order of the Companions of Honour, 1992. A.757 Notification of award and correspondence and papers re arrangements for investiture, May - December 1992. A.758-A.761 Letters of congratulation, June 1992 - April 1993. In chronological order. 4 folders. Needham Research Institute Newsletter no. 13 (January 1993) recording the occasion. Degree certificates: BA, June 1921. MA, January 1925. PhD, October 1925. DSc, November 1932. 1874-1994 A.764-A.823 FAMILY A.764-A.778 Alicia Adelaide Needham (mother) A.779, A.780 Joseph Needham (father) Family history Dorothy Mary Moyle Needham (first wife) John W. Montgomery (maternal grandfather) A.792-A.808 Lu Gwei-Djen (second wife) A.809 Elizabeth Anne Montgomery Wilson (cousin) A.781 A.782-A.791 A.810-A.823 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.764-A.778 Alicia Adelaide Needham (mother) 1894-1992 A.764 Postcards: Picture of A.A. Needham with Joseph as an infant. Advertising her ‘Knitting War Song’ ca 1914. Inviting contributions for her collection of ‘Comforts for the troops’. All were later used by Needham for bibliographical references. Photograph album used by A.A. Needham for her ‘spirit photographs’. Pasted to the inside cover is a note by A.A. Needham: ‘The photographer [A.A. Needham] is an amateur. Knows not as yet how to develop or print and only began when she was told by Mediums that she was a Spirit Photographer about two years ago. Nobody is more astounded than herself!’ Correspondence from A.A. Needham to Joseph Needham, 1924, 1929. A.767-A.772 The photographs are of various people and most purport to show psychic auras, lights, spirits etc. Labels pasted into the album identify the incidents photographed. Correspondence with Inland Revenue and others re Estate of A.A. Needham and royalties accruing, 1948-1968. ‘AAN royalties’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: royalty statements and related correspondence 1948-1992. 2 folders. A.770, A.771 Royalty statements from Boosey and Hawkes Ltd, London, 1967-1992. Statement of accounts from associated material. Estate of A.A. Needham, 1948-1952, and Royalty statements from Boosey and Hawkes Inc., New York, 1949-1960. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Correspondence re A.A. Needham, 1976, 1978. Letter from P. Graves re broadcast on A.A. Needham on Irish radio, August 1976 D.R. Holdgate re A.A. Needham’s songs, 1978. and exchange of correspondence between Needham and A.773-A.778 Printed song collections. A.773 An Album of Twelve Hush-Songs composed by Alicia Adelaide Needham, Boosey & Co., London, copyright 1897. A Bunch of Shamrocks. Irish Song-Cycle for Four Solo Voices composed by Alicia Adelaide Needham, Boosey & Co., London, copyright 1904. Twelve Small Songs for Small People by Alicia Adelaide Needham, Schott & Co., London, copyright 1904. The songbook is dedicated ‘To my darling baby Terence’. Army and Navy Song-Cycle. Music composed by Alicia Adelaide Needham, Boosey & Co., London, copyright 1912. A Bunch of Heather. Scottish Song-Cycle by Alicia Adelaide Needham, Boosey & Co., London, 1910. Four Songs for Women Suffragists. Music by Alicia Adelaide Needham, Houghton & Co., London, 1908. September 1920. Letters of condolence to Needham on the death of his father, August, A.779 Letter from J. Needham to Miss Winnie Needham, 11 January 1874 A.779, A.780 Joseph Needham (father) 1874, 1967 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Correspondence Marchwood, Hampshire, re repair and maintenance of the grave of J. and A. A. Needham, 1967. Needham between Vicar and the of John W. Montgomery (maternal grandfather) 1884 Album of press-cuttings kept by Montgomery 1864-1884. Indexed at front. These articles, poems and miscellanea are probably those compiled or contributed by Montgomery to the regional press. A.782-A.791 Dorothy Mary Moyle Needham (first wife) 1923-1989 A.782, A.783 Letters of congratulation upon Needham’s engagement to Dorothy M. Moyle, 1923. 2 folders. A.785-A.787 A.785 1923, 1926-1949. 1959-1968. Correspondence between Needham and Dorothy, 1923-1979, n.d. Postcard of 1923 from Needham to Moyle from lona includes photographs. Letters from J.T. and E. Moyle (parents of Dorothy) re marriage plans, 1924. 1989. Correspondence and papers re Will and Estate of D.M.M. Needham, 1968- Personal correspondence to D.M.M. Needham, 1927-1973, n.d. Chiefly postcards. 1970-1979, n.d. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.790, A.791 Correspondence and papers re medical care of D.M.M. Needham, 1982- 1986. 1982-1984. 1984-1986. A.792-A.805 Lu Gwei-Djen (second wife) 1947-1994 A.792 Postcards to Lu from Needham, 1947, 1954-1955. A.793-A.796 Postcards to Lu from other friends, 1949-1969. The postcards 1949-1957 are addressed to working for the United Nations. Lu in Paris where she was 1949-1951. 1go2=1953: 1954-1955. 1956-1957, 1968-1969. Correspondence to the Needhams from Lu, 1956-1972. Who’s Who, May 1979. Exchange between Needham and Who’s Who suggesting Lu be included in Miscellaneous manuscript notes Needham and Lu. reflecting on the relationship between J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.800-A.802 Marriage of Needham and Lu, 1989. A.800, A.801 Letters and cards of congratulation, 1989-1990. 2 folders. Cards of congratulation signed by those attending a private dinner and from ‘Sherry the SCR’. A.803-A.805 Death of Lu, November 1991. A.803 Letters of condolence and apologies for being unable to attend the memorial service, 1992-1993. Order of service for Memorial Service, Robinson College Cambridge Chapel, 2 May 1992. A.807, A.808 Correspondence and papers re the Estate of Lu, 1991-1994. Contents of Needham’s envelope: miscellaneous biographical material: Lu’s Certificate of Naturalisation, 1967; Archbishop’s License for marriage of Needham and Lu, 1989; marriage certificate, 1989. Address by Needham at the memorial service, published as obituary of Lu in The Caian, November 1992, with ‘The longer version with some suggested cuts’, 5pp typescript. In use 1912-ca 1921. Lu died intestate and her relatives in China queried the disposition of her Estate. 2 folders. ?Visitors book. Elizabeth Anne Montgomery Wilson (cousin) J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Signatories include King George V and Queen Mary (28 June 1912) and General Roberts and family the book towards the Pasted into signatures of Kitchener and Baden-Powell (the 1900). front is a slip of paper bearing the latter dated 12 October A.810-A.823 Family history 1926-1992, n.d. Needham’s interest in the history of his family was best evidenced in the late 1920s and early 1930s when he wrote to the periodical Notes and Queries requesting information and corresponded with other Needhams about family history. A.810-A.818 Correspondence and papers 1926-1992, n.d. A.810 1926-1927. Includes extract from Notes and Queries, 3 December 1927 on Walter Needham FRS (d.1691). 1928. 1929-19311. 1934, 1936. Includes extract from Notes and Queries, 14 July 1928 on Walter Needham. Includes 6pp typescript on John Turberville Needham by R.H. Westbrook. 1972, 1976, 1977. 1941-1949. 1953-1966. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical 1985, 1991-1992. Needham’s general manuscript notes on family history. A.820, A.821 Needham’s manuscript notes on family history arranged by place or county. 2 folders. Material re the Moyle family home at Trevissick, Cornwall: 2 photographs and manuscript sketch. ‘JN’s family tree’. 1923-1994 1923-1929. A.824-A.841 Social and personal correspondence 1923-1994 A.841A Adoption case A.824-A.841A PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.824-A.841 Social and personal correspondence The material includes postcards and greetings cards. 1947, 1949. Not all such material was retained with the collection; cards bearing only a salutation were returned to the Needham Research Institute. 1930-1939. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical 1950-1959. 1960-1965. 1966-1968. 1970-1972. 1973-1975. 1976-1979. 1980, 1981. 1985, 1986. 1982, 1983. 1987-1989. 19905419911, 1992-1994. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Adoption case 1951-1952 Needham was involved in trying to secure the adoption by a family in the United Kingdom of a child born to an English mother and a Chinese father. Correspondence 1951-1952. A.842-A.892 CLUBS, ASSOCIATIONS AND OTHER INTERESTS A.842-A.859 Morris dancing A.860-A.875 ‘Shantan Bailie school’ A.876-A.878 Wine 1934-1993 A.879-A.881 Railways A.842-A.859 Morris dancing A.842-A.851 The Morris Ring A.890-A.892 Charities A.882-A.889 Clubs and societies A.852-A.854 Cambridge Morris Men See also F.448-F.461 of this catalogue. approached and in April 1934 the Morris Ring was instituted. In 1933 the Cambridge Morris Men (see A.852-A.854 below), prompted by Needham who was then its a Five other Morris Dancing clubs were national Morris Dancing association. ‘Squire’, suggested the establishment of A.855-A.859 Tunes and dances A.842-A.851 The Morris Ring 1934-1990 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.842-A.849 ‘Morris Ring’. titled. Contents of Needham’s extensively annotated envelope so The contents relate to the history of the Morris Ring and seem to have been assembled for Needham’s 1984 speech at the Golden Jubilee Dinner of the Ring (see A.850). The envelope itself bears Needham’s notes relating to the establishment of the Morris Ring from ca 1934. It has been retained as A.842. Original envelope. Letters and manuscript note re formation of the Ring, May 1934. ‘Fifty Years of Morris Dancing 1899-1949’, pamphlet in honour of Cecil Sharp, published by the Morris Ring, 1949. ‘Morris Dancing through London’, souvenir programme marking the twenty- first anniversary of the Ring, 1955. Letter from R. Wortley re the Morris Ring, enclosing Morris Ring circulars for 1955 and 1956, 28 February 1956. ‘The Morris Dances of England’, pamphlet published by the Morris Ring for the twenty-first anniversary, 1955. Correspondence and papers re the Golden Jubilee Dinner, Birmingham, 12 May 1984. speech at the Morris Ring Golden Jubilee Dinner, Birmingham, 12 May 1984. Needham was a guest speaker (see A.850 below). Includes photocopied extracts from the Cambridge Morris Men Minute book re the establishment of the Ring. Manuscript printed and manuscript material. Manuscript and typescript draft, and 5pp typescript copy of Needham’s J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Correspondence re Morris dance, 1984, 1990. A.852-A.854 Cambridge Morris Men 1934-1993 This was founded in C.H. Waddington was admitted the following year and Needham joined in 1931. He was Squire of the Cambridge Morris Men in 1933 and 1941. Needham’s friend 1924. For photographs during tours see A.1164-A.1177. Tenth Anniversary brochure, April 1934. Correspondence, 1969-1992. Fiftieth Anniversary brochure, October 1974; menus for Feasts, 1985 and 1993. A.856-A.859 A.855-A.859 Tunes and dances ‘Morris Tunes JN’. found in envelope. Chiefly manuscript notes of tunes. Contents of Needham’s notebook and loose material The notebook binding had disintegrated and the pages and covers were loose within the envelope. Contents of Needham’s envelopes containing principally manuscript notes of tunes (?0n the accordion) Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed. Contents of Needham’s envelope divided into four for ease of reference: chiefly manuscript notes of tunes. A.860-A.875 ‘Shantan Bailie school’ 1946-1951 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical The Bailie schools were started with international support to train Chinese students in agricultural and other techniques. The Bailie school at Shantan was established by Rewi Alley after the pupils of the Shuangshipsu Bailie School fleeing from the Japanese arrived in Shantan in 1944. It was a technical and agricultural training school for Chinese co-operatives. In the late 1940s all the Bailie schools were amalgamated at Shantan. The Shantan Bailie School was principally supported by INDUSCO, Inc (the American Committee in Aid of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives). Rewi Alley was Headmaster of the School. Correspondence, chiefly from Alley to Needham re situation in Shantan, 1946-1951. A.861, A.862 INDUSCO Bulletins 1946-1951. Not a complete sequence. The Bulletins report support given by INDUSCO to Chinese cooperatives, including the Bailie schools. A.863, A.864 A.865 2 folders. 2 folders. A.865-A.868 Printed material. ‘Shantan Bailie School 1948’. School newsletters, 1949-1950. Liberation Army when they captured Shantan in September 1949. An annotation by Alley on the front cover explains that the booklet was printed on home-made paper by the School for information for the People’s Chinese language booklet with ‘Description of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives at Shantan, Kansu’. 1949. the ‘Shantan Bailie School 1949’. Bailie School of the J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical ‘Training Agriculture Organisation of the UN, 1949. Leaders: An FAO Study’, Rural published by the Food and The book describes the work of the Shantan Bailie School. Typescript and duplicated typescript material 1949-1951. Includes ‘Memorandum on Sandan Bailie typescript. School Dec 2nd 1949’, 1p Duplicated typescript reports from C.W. Chang, FAO Asia and Far East Agriculture Officer, ca 1950. A.871, A.872 Plans and maps of Shantan by W.B. Harland, 1945. A.871 ‘Shantan Geological Structure’; ‘Shantan Compass Triangulation’; ‘Shantan Topographical Detail’. A.873-A.875 efforts to find correspondence The accommodation and suitable work experience. 1950. relates Needham’s to in methods of ‘Shantan Economic Analysis’; Shantan geological survey; ‘Lanchow Bailie School Compass Sketch 1945’. ‘Boys’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed: correspondence 1947- 1950. In 1947 two pupils from the Shantan Bailie School, Sun Kuang-Chin and Wang Wen-Sheng were sent to UK for training textile manufacture. Their visit was funded by British United Aid to China. 1949 May-December, 1950. them They returned to China in 1949 January - April. 1947-1948. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.876-A.878 Wine 1954-1982 A.876 of Rules Needham’s membership card, 1954. International Exhibition Co-operative Wine Society Ltd, with International Exhibition Co-operative Wine Society Ltd order book, used 1956-1967, 1982. Wine Society order book, used 1967-1975, with loose notes 1970s at front. A.879-A.881 Railways 1972-1994 A.879 Agenda of the AGM of the Railway Preservation Society, 23 September 1972. A.882-A.889 Clubs and societies In alphabetical order. Cambridge University Railway Club material, 1989-1994. Hamerton Wildlife Centre, Huntingdon Agenda and papers for the AGM of Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) plc, 19 August 1994. Response to appeal 1991. Response to appeal, 1992. The Newcomen Society J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.884-A.886 New Gymnosophy Society A.884 Letters from H.C. Booth, Honorary Secretary of the Society in response to an inquiry from Needham, March-April 1927. Duplicated typescript bulletins, 1, 5-10, 1925-1927. Other duplicated typescript literature, ca 1926. Newnham Residents Association, Cambridge Newsletters 5-25, 1980-1987 (not a complete sequence). Oundle School, Cambridgeshire Correspondence and papers re contributions of published works to the school’s centenary exhibition 1976. Cambridge Cyrenians, 1980. A.890 A.891, A.892 A.890-A.892 Charities 1977-1994 SS Great Britain Project Response to appeal 1977. Needham was invited to contribute as an Old Oundleian. Statement from Charities Aid Foundation recording charitable payments by Needham, July-December 1994. Parkinson’s Disease Society, 1991. Miscellaneous material re charities supported by Needham. A.891 Cambridge Association for Social Welfare, 1977. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Schizophrenia Association of Great Britain, 1984. Shelter, 1991. Viva Trust, 1977. A.893-A.948 DIARIES 1933-1995 With the exception of A.897 (1944) these are pocket diaries 1933-1934 to 1994-1995. Some have intercalated notes loose. 1933-1934. 1936-1937. 1937-1938. 1941-1942. 1945. 1944. Indian diary. of this catalogue. Diary produced for the 220th Anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Needham attended the Anniversary proceedings in Moscow. See H.51-H.56 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical 1947. French diary. 1947-1948. 1948-1949. 1949-1950. 1950-1951. 41951-1952: 1952-1953. 1953-1954. 1954-1955. 1959-1960. 1958-1959. 1955-1956. 1956-1957. 1957-1958. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical 1960-1961. 1961-1962. 1962-1963. 1963-1964. 1964-1965. 1965-1966. 1966-1967. 1967-1968. 1968-1969. 1969-1970. 1972-1973. 1970-1971. 1973-1974. 1971-1972. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical 1974-1975. 1975-1976. 1976-1977. 1977-1978. 197-1979: 1979-1980. 1980-1981. 1981-1982. 1982-1983. 1983-1984. 1986-1987. 1987-1988. 1984-1985. 1985-1986. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical 1988-1989. 1989-1990. 1990-1991. 1991-1992. $992-1993: 1993-1994. 1994-1995. A.949-A.1050 HOLIDAYS 1921-1989 A.949-A.1045 Chronological sequence. little miscellaneous holiday memorabilia at A.1046-A.1050. The material is correspondence and papers relating to holidays taken by Needham, alone or with Dorothy Needham or Lu Gwei-Djen or both, for all or Sometimes Muriel Moyle (Dorothy's sister) was also a part of the trip. member of the holiday party. The material a chronological order, with a Letter to Needham re possible accommodation, March 1938. Letter to Needham re accommodation, June 1937. A.949 Coates, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, July 1937. is arranged in See also section H, Visits and conferences. Solva, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, 1938. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Bala, North Wales, April 1939. Bill for 9-10 April. Gloucestershire and Dorset, May 1939. Letters to Needham re accommodation, March 1939. Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, July 1940. Letters to Needham re accommodation, March, April 1940. Aberdeen, 14-16 June 1941. Bill from Imperial Hotel; publicity booklet re Imperial Hotel annotated by Needham on front cover. France, July 1948. Manuscript itinerary; memorabilia. Italy, 19 June-6 July 1949. Typescript ‘Log’; memorabilia. ‘GD & J Provence and Languedoc 1950 Aug’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed. Letter to Needham re arrangements, July 1950; manuscript and typescript notes; correspondence from Dorothy Needham in Cambridge to Needham, in France, August 1950. Hotel bill. Woodbridge, Suffolk, 17-19 March 1951. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.959-A.961 France, June-August 1951. Contents of Needham’s envelope divided into three for ease of reference. Correspondence re arrangements; manuscript notes; memorabilia. Correspondence from Dorothy Needham in Cambridge to Needham in France, June-August 1951. Postcards from Needham to Dorothy Needham, August 1951. Streatley, Berkshire, 27-28 September 1955. Hotel bill and publicity booklet. A.963-A.966 ‘Summer 1956 general France, Switzerland, Italy, Switzerland, France’. Contents folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. France, Luxembourg, W Germany, Needham’s Belgium, of - Letters from Lu to the Needhams, May 1956. Needham stayed with the Rajchmanns at their home in Chenu, France. Correspondence with L. Rajchmann re holiday arrangements, October 1955- May 1956. Typescript ‘Log of tour in West Germany GD & J’; annotated street map of Augsburg; manuscript notes. arrangements, March-August 1956. Correspondence to Needham from Dorothy Needham in Cambridge, July- August 1956. correspondence Needham’s folder: Contents of ‘Italy 1956’. re J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Kent and Sussex, April 1957. Letters memorabilia. to Needham re accommodation; hotel bills and brochure; A.969-A.971 Yugoslavia, July 1957. A.969 Correspondence re arrangements and arising, April - September 1957. Softback pocket notebook used by Dorothy Needham as diary 1-14 July 1957. Printed memorabilia: Guide to Dubrovnik and programme for 1957 Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Channel Islands, ?summer 1959. A.973 Manuscript itinerary; memorabilia. Woodbridge, Suffolk, 8-11 July 1960. Hotel bill and brochure. Letters to Needham re acommodation, March 1959. A.973, A.974 Italy, September 1959. Correspondence re arrangements, March-September 1959. Correspondence re arrangements, January - September 1960. International Congress of Great Needham travelled to Portugal for the Historical Geographical Discoveries held in Lisbon. He combined this with a holiday. A.976-A.979 Spain and Portugal, August, September 1960. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Letters to Needham from Dorothy Needham and Lu (in Cambridge), June, August, September 1960. Manuscript notes. Literature from Appeal for Amnesty in Spain, 1960. Found with preceding material. Portmeirion, Merionethshire, April 1961. Correspondence re arrangments and arising, March-June 1961; annotated map of Portmeirion. Streatley, Berkshire, 6-8 July 1961. Hotel bill and brochure. A.982-A.986 Manuscript notes. Annotated itineraries. Yugoslavia, 25 July - 31 August 1961. Correspondence re arrangements, April - August 1961. This holiday was arrranged through the Anglo Yugoslav Travel Service. September 1961. Correspondence arising, August-December 1961. Annotated memorabilia. Includes 17pp typescript report to Anglo Yugoslav Travel Service, 26 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Scilly Isles, 24-31 March 1962. Hotel bills. Chenu, Sarthe, France, 30 March - 6 April 1965. Correspondence re arrangments, Needham to Lu (in Cambridge), April 1965. February - March 1965; card from Portmeirion, Merionethshire, 8-13 April 1965. Correspondence re arrangements. South of France, June-July 1966 Manuscript Needham (in Cambridge), June-July 1966; letter re arrangements July 1966. correspondence between Needham and_ itinerary; Dorothy A.991 Correspondence re arrangements, July-September 1966. A.991, A.992 Greece, September 1966. Correspondence to the Needhams from Lu (in Cambridge), September 1966. ‘Easter 67 Portmeirion and Chenu [France]. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed. Cambridge), August 1967. Letter re accommodation at Portmeirion, February 1967; correspondence to Needham (?in Portmeirion) from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), March 1967; letter to the Needhams (in France) from Lu (in Cambridge), April 1967; annotated memorabilia from Lisieux, France. Correspondence re arrangements, August 1967; manuscript itinerary and notes on hotels; correspondence to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in South of France, August 1967. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.995-A.997 Malta, 5-20 September 1967. A.995 Correspondence re arrangements, July 1967; manuscript itinerary. Correspondence from Lu (in Cambridge) to the Needhams, September 1967. Correspondence arising, September - December 1967. Correspondence with H. Frost, found with preceding material, May 1967 - January 1968. Honor Frost was an archaeologist working in the eastern Mediterranean. The Needhams stayed at her home in Malta. Portmeirion, Merionethshire, April 1968. re arrangements, February 1968; A.1001, A.1002 manuscript itinerary; _ Letters re arrangements, April 1968. ‘Summer 68 Biarritz. Albas-Milano Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. Paris Xilth ICHoS Bellagio (Taoism Conf) back via Amsterdam’. Contents of Burgos-Tarragona Narbonne Chenu, Sarthe, France, April 1968. Letters bill; correspondence to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), April 1968. Letters re arrangements, March-April 1969; hotel bills. Correspondence to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), August 1968; correspondence to the Needhams from Lu (in Cambridge), September 1968. Correspondence re arrangements, May-September 1968. Tunisia, March-April 1969. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.1004-A.1008 ‘1969 Florence Elba Esterel GGmenos Albas’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference. Correspondence re arrangements, April-July 1969. Correspondence to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), June 1969. Postcards to Dorothy Needham from Needham, June-July 1969. Correspondence to the Needhams from Lu, July 1969. Manuscript notes; annotated memorabilia. A.1011, A.1012 Malta, 4-18 September 1970. A.1011 Portmeirion, Merionethshire, 26 March - 3 April 1970. Chenu, France, April 1970. Correspondence re arrangements, March-April 1970. Correspondence re accommodation, February 1970; correspondence to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), March 1970. As in 1968, the Needhams stayed at her home in Malta. Correspondence with H. Frost and others, June 1969 - September 1970. Correspondence itinerary. re arrangements, May-September 1970; manuscript J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.1013-A.1015 Albas, France, September 1970. A.1013 Correspondence re arrangements with C. Curwen and others, The Needhams, Lu and M. Moyle stayed at the home of the Curwens in Albas. Annotated memorabilia. Letters to the Needhams from Lu and Moyle, Spetember 1970. Chenu, France, April 1971. Correspondence to the Needhams from Lu (in London), April 1971. Portmeirion, Merionethshire, 14-22 March 1972. Tan-y-Grisiau and Portmeirion, Merionethshire, 9-20 April 1973. Correspondence re arrangements, April-June Needham from Lu (in London), July 1973. 1973; correspondence to Letter re accommodation, January 1972; hotel bill; letters to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), March 1972. Correspondence re arrangements, January - April 1973; letters to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), April 1973. Other correspondence re arrangements, August 1973; manuscript itinerary. Correspondence with the Abses re accommodation and arising, February 1973 - April 1974. Needham stayed at the holiday home of Leo and Marjorie Abse near Pisa. Albas, France, July 1973. A.1020-A.1022 Italy, September 1973. A.1020 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Correspondence to Needham from September 1973. Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), Portmeirion, Merionethshire, 16-24 March 1974. Correspondence re accommodation, February 1974; letter to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), March 1974. A.1024, A.1025 Paris, France and Venice, Italy, 27 March - 12 April 1974. A.1024 Correspondence re arrangements, February - March 1974. Correspondence to the Needhams from Lu (in Cambridge), March 1974. A.1026-A.1028 Malta, September 1974. A.1026 H. Frost and others re accommodation, July - Memorabilia. Hartland, Bideford, Devon, September 1974. Correspondence with September 1974. Correspondence re other arrangements, July - October 1974. As in 1968 and 1970, the Needhams stayed at her home in Malta. Correspondence re travel arrangements, September - November 1974. Correspondence re accommodation, July 1974. Toronto, Canada, 7-23 December 1974. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Portmeirion, Merionethshire, March - April 1975. Correspondence re arrangements, February - March 1975; correspondence to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), April 1975. A.1032, A.1033 Malta and Sicily, September 1975. Needham visited Malta and went on to Sicily before returning to Malta. Correspondence with H. Frost re arrangements, April-October 1975. Correspondence with others manuscript itinerary and notes. re arrangements, May - August 1975; Portmeirion, Merionethshire, 27 March - 3 April 1976. Letter re accommodation, February 1976; correspondence to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), March-April 1976. Tresco, Scilly Isles, April 1976. Sweden, September - October 1977. Portmeirion, Merionethshire, April 1977. Letter re accommodation, March 1977; letter to Needham from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), March 1977. Correspondence re accommodation, March 1976; manuscript itinerary; letter to the Needhams from Lu (in Cambridge), April 1976. annotated map of Athens. Correspondence re arrangements, August - October 1977; manuscript itinerary. Greece, June 1978. Correspondence re arrangements, March - June 1978; manuscript itinerary; J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical West Sussex, September 1979. Correspondence re accommodation, February - September 1979. Welsh borders, April 1980. Correspondence re accommodation, itinerary. March - April 1980; manuscript Orford, Suffolk, 12-14 April 1981. Correspondence re accommodation, March 1981. Scotland, July 1981. Correspondence re arrangements, May - August 1981; manuscript itinerary. Correspondence re accommodation, April - July 1983. Cranbrook, Kent, 13-16 April 1989. Letter re arrangements. Scotland, September 1982. Portmeirion, Merionethshire, September - October 1983. Correspondence re accommodation, May - June 1982; manuscript itinerary; letter to the Needhams from Lu, September 1982. Manuscript notes on churches visited. ?Pre-1939. A.1046-A.1050 Miscellaneous holiday memorabilia. A.1046 Manuscript notes on hotels etc. ?Pre-1939. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.1048-A.1050 Annotated guides to churches etc. A.1048 Visits dated 1921-1954. Undated UK. Undated foreign. A.1051-A.1061 SOCIAL ENGAGEMENTS AND INVITATIONS 1927-1975 In chronological order. Menu and seating plan for Hibbert Trust dinner, 24 June 1927. Menu for Royal Society Club dinner, Needham with seating plan of those present. 25 February 1932, annotated by Invitation to Reception at USSR Embassy, London for delegates to 2nd International Congress of the History of Science and Technology, 6 July 1931. such parties in the Lodge. Invitations and manuscript lists of those invited to house-warming parties, Master's Lodge, Gonville and Caius College Cambridge, November 1966 - January 1967. Extensively annotated programme for evening entertainment by the Yugoslav National Songs and Dances Ensemble, 19 January 1962. This was sponsored by the Cambridge International Centre and University Slavonic Society. On appointment as Master of the College the Needhams held a series of J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Manuscript notes for ‘Lattimore dinner’, 7 March 1970. Dinner hosted by the Needhams for Owen Lattimore. Annotated seating plan for ‘Norfolk Commemoration’, 8 February 1973. Correspondence re arrangements for Clough Williams Ellis. 90th birthday celebrations of Sir was Ellis Merionethshire. Needham spent many spring holidays at the town. architect founder town and the the of of Portmeirion, Manuscript list November 1974. of possible guests for ‘Aunt Violet’s Apotheosis’, 30 Manuscript lists of possible invitees for ‘The Orgy! 1975’. 1923-1994 FINANCIAL A.1062-A.1066 A.1062-A.1083 Includes material relating to Dorothy Needham. General financial correspondence and papers, 1923-1994. Needham’s 2pp typescript speech at Wedding of Jane Lamb and Francis Sachs, 27 March 1975, letter of thanks, 14 May 1975. 1946-1959. Includes material re Estates of Mrs E. Moyle, Miss H.W. Moyle and Miss E. Davies. Includes material re Will of J. Needham (father). 1923, 1924, 1930-1933. 1937-1940. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical 1976-1988. 1990-1994, n.d. A.1067-A.1070 Correspondence with Needhams, 1958-1989. accountant re personal financial affairs of the Needham sent annual letters to his accountant detailing earnings and certain outgoings alongside letters on the financial situation of the Science and Civilisation in China project (see A.1071, A.1072 below). 1958-1964. 1965-1970. 1972-1982. 1983-1989. A.1071, A.1072 of the Science and 1956, 1957. 1958-1961. Correspondence with accountant re financial affairs Civilisation in China project, 1956-1961. 1994;;4993; 1950; 1955;195951971; A.1073, A.1074 Lists of securities and investments, 1950-1993. A.1073 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Needham’s index cards used to record share prices and other financial information, ca 1960 - ca 1977. Lists of the Needhams’ standing orders for subscriptions and donations, 1952, 1953, 1961. A.1076A-A.1083 Property in Cambridge owned or rented by the Needhams. A.1076A 31 Thompson’s Lane, Cambridge Correspondence, 1924; Agreement to Hire for 1924-1927. Clements End, Conduit Head Road. Agreement re electricity cable-laying, 1928. A.1078, A.1079 Grange Croft, 42 Grange Road. Correspondence and papers 1972-1989. 2 folders. A.1080-A.1082 2 Sylvester Road. This house lay in the grounds of and was held by the Needham Research Institute. It was redeveloped as a home for Needham and Lu in 1988-1989. The leasehold was bought at auction in 1972 and sold to Selwyn College Cambridge in 1989. Plans of the property. Minutes of meetings and papers of No. 2 Sylvester Road Sub-Committee of the Needham Research Institute Management Committee, 1988-1989. A.1080, A.1081 2 folders. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical 28 Owlstone Road. This was owned by Lu Gwei-Djen and passed to Needham on her death. Correspondence and papers 1992-1994. A.1084-A.1107 MISCELLANEOUS 1915- ca 1960s Needham’s Commonplace Book 1915-[ca 1940]. Used for cuttings, manuscript notes etc. Needham’s Commonplace Book ca 1942 - ca 1946. Most pages not used. A.1086-A.1089 Songs, poems etc. kept by Needham. Some on rice paper. 2 folders. A.1088, A.1089 Typescript. A.1086, A.1087 Manuscript. ‘Maps of Islands. Done about 1920-1930’. featured as Guest Lecturers. Needham’s ink hand-drawn maps of lona, Lincoln Island, Coral Island, Hven, Easter Island, Dinsul (St Michael’s Mount), and the isle of Queen Circe, and a copy of map used by Christopher Columbus. Used as backing for the maps is a mounted photograph of Christ’s College Cambridge Biochemistry Group 1958, with Joseph and Dorothy Needham J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.1090A Needham’s colour paintings of shields. ?ca 1920s. The paintings are on paper. They include the Knights Templars, the Middle Temple, Dulwich College, Aberdeen University and the Cambridge University School of Physic. Needham’s ink hand-drawn picture featuring himself and Dorothy Needham at their bookshelves. This was the original for printed book plates for books ‘Ex libris Joseph et Dorothy Needham’. Portfolio of watercolour paintings. Artists sketch book, first few pages only used. Cartoon of Needham, ca 1920s. A.1096-A.1102 Notebooks A.1096 doodle in Coll. Council mtg 19 ‘Solomon’s House on Hveen like Uranborg Jan 62’. Pocket notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘People to be visited in the Vac. N.J.T.M. Needham 28.XIl.’21’. Pocket notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘Reprint mailing list’. Notebook recordorum gramophonicorum Joespho et Dorotheo Needham appartinentorum’, used ca 1930. Pocket notebook used for list of plays, each given a number and a mark by Needham, 1926-1932. inscribed inside front cover ‘Thesaurus J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Pocket address book, used from 1920s. The address book was in use before Needham’s marriage as it lists Dorothy Moyle. Pocket address book, used up to ca 1960s. Much intercalated material. Spiral bound pocket notebook labelled on front cover ‘Addresses & names of important contacts’. N.d. but probably used up to Needham’s death. Contents of Needham’s wallet: chiefly photographs of Dorothy Needham and Lu Gwei-Djen. Miscellaneous printed memorabilia. A.1105-A.1107 Books These books are all annotated by Needham. The book has extensive manuscript devotional material in Needham’s hand intercalated loose or pasted to pages of the book. The Treasury of Devotion. A Manual of Prayer, ed. T.T. Carter (London, 1869). Inscribed on title page ‘J. Robinett Needham’, ‘J. Needham’ and ‘to N.J.T.M. Needham, August 1920’. Songs of Praise (Oxford, 1925). Cathedral Prayer Book, ed. J. Stainier and W. Russell (London, 1891). Stamped on front cover ‘N.J.T.M. Needham’. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.1108-A.1220 PHOTOGRAPHS ca 1870s-1992 The Needhams kept many hundreds of photographs. The bulk were returned to the Needham Research Institute. Many bear inscriptions on the verso. A.1108-A.1163 Photographs of Needham A.1164-A.1177 Photographs of the Cambridge Morris Men A.1178-A.1195 Photographs of family A.1196-A.1211 Photographs of friends and colleagues A.1212-A.1220 Miscellaneous photographs A.1108-A.1163 Photographs of Needham 1902-1992 Inscribed on verso ‘Joseph Needham aet 2% 1902’. Photograph of Needham in a monastic-style habit Contents of envelope inscribed ‘Oundle’. Photographs of Needham and others at Oundle School, ca 1914-1917. Probably as a member of the Oratory of the Good Shepherd ca 1920 - ca 1921. Features Needham in front row. Group photograph inscribed on verso ‘Caius Natural Science May 23’. Group photograph inscribed on verso ‘Caius Nat Science May 1921’. Features Needham in middle row. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Inscribed on verso ‘JN and DN in the Cambridge Biochemical Laboratory ca. 1927’. Inscribed on verso ‘at Minehead Christmas 1928 taken by AAN’. Two photographs of Needham on visit to USA, 1929. Inscribed on verso ‘explaining the history of the College to Prof and Mrs Storer of California & Dr and Mrs Novinsky and Dr Infeld (Poland) June 1934’. Two photographs of the Needhams, August 1934. Inscribed on verso ‘at Oberlin [Ohio, USA)’. A.1119, A.1120 A.1121 14 photographs. 4 photographs. See H.14-H.17 of the Photographs of sights, of the Needhams and others. Contents of Needham’s envelope inscribed ‘Poland & Russia 1935’. Needham was attending the Fifteenth International Physiological Congress in the USSR and travelled via Poland. previous catalogue. 4 unmounted and 1 mounted prints. Three sheets of photographs sent to Needham from the original negatives at his request in 1981. A.1121, A.1122 Photographs of Needham taken by Lettice Ramsay 1935. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Inscribed on verso ‘JN & DMN Biochemical Lab Cambridge ca. 1935’. Inscribed on verso ‘Taken by Alexis Romanov Sept 1936’. Inscribed on verso ‘C together in the Zool. Lab. Cambridge ca. 1936’. H Waddington [...] and Joseph Needham working Inscribed on verso ‘UN@ Los Angeles 1939’. Eight photographs of Needham in Chinese ?Army uniform and in robe, ca 1942-1946. Photograph of Needham in Washington D.C., USA, ca 1942-1946. Four photographs of Needham in Washington D.C., USA, ca 1945. Colour photographs. Photograph of Needham with B. Marza, Brussels, Belgium, March 1948. To commemorate a 1 Owlstone Rd, historical coupled F.R.S. (Joseph and Inscribed on verso ‘25 April 1948 Before drive to Paris in Cambridge. Dophi)’. Inscribed on verso ‘ca. 1958’. Two photographs of procession from the Church following the wedding at Thaxted Church, Essex of Hsieh Hsi-teh and Tsao Tien-chin, 1952. Two photographs of Needham receiving Newcomen Award, ?1956. Includes Needham. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Inscribed on verso ‘July 1963 in Caius College Library’. Photograph from envelope inscribed ‘this is the best of the Polyfoto set ca 1963’. Inscribed on verso ‘at a session of the XIth Internat. Congress of the History of Science, Warsaw 1965’. Six photographs taken on Needham’s election as Master of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, ca 1965. The Needhams, 1968. Colour photograph. Needham lecturing, ca 1960s. Inscribed on verso, ‘ca. 1970’. Inscribed on verso ‘Bernal Lectures Birkbeck Coll 71’. Inscribed on verso ‘ca 1972’. The Needhams at Cambridge railway station, December 1972. Inscribed on verso ‘ca 1975. At ninth Congres de l’Academie Internationale de Medecine Legale et de Medecine Sociale, Rome, Italy, 23-28 September 1973. Two enlargements of passport photographs, February 1975. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Inscribed on verso ‘D.Litt at Salford 1976’. Colour photograph. Five photographs taken in Lodge Gardens in the last year of Needham’s Mastership. Four photographs of Needham at East Asian History of Science Library, July 1978. Colour photographs. Inscribed on verso ‘Joseph Needham at EAHOSL ca 1979’. Three photographs of Needham at Europe-China Association meeting, July 1980. Two are colour photographs. Mounted photograph inscribed on verso ‘ca 1980’. Colour photograph. Three monochrome and four colour photographs of Needham, 1982. Photograph of Needham taken for supplement, May 1987. Colour photograph. Inscribed on verso ‘Dr Joseph Needham. May 1989. (Needham Research Institute)’. article in the Sunday Times colour Colour photograph. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Two photographs of Needham ca 1990. The photographs mark his 90th birthday Colour photographs. Two photographs taken at Needham’s wedding to Lu, 1991. Colour photographs. Inscribed on verso ‘in the Common Room at Nathan’s tea party 1991’. Mounted photographs from Needham’s investiture as Companion of Honour, 1992. A.1161-A.1163 Photographs of likenesses of Needham. A.1161 See A.852-A.854 Photograph of painting of Needham for the Needham Research Institute. A.1164-A.1177 Photographs of the Cambridge Morris Men 1929-1937 Photograph of mask of Needham being prepared for bust of Needham (used as postcard), 1987. Photograph of pencil sketch at First General Conference of UNESCO, Paris, France, 1946. 1 photograph. Needham joined the Cambridge Morris Men in 1931. above. West Hoathly, Sussex, Christmas 1929. Photograph; postcard. English Folk Song and Dance Society, Malvern, 1930. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Eighth (Devon) Tour, 1930. 8 photographs; manuscript plan of camp. A.1167-A.1168 Ninth (Cotswold) Tour, 1931. Inscribed with name of village or town on verso. B, C. 14 photographs. F-S. 17 photographs. Sherborne school and Dorset Tour 1931. 11 photographs. A.1170-A.1173 A-G. 7 photographs. Inscribed with name of village or town on verso. Tenth (Herefordshire and Shropshire) Tour, 1932. 12 photographs. - M. 11 photographs. 8 photographs. O-W. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Eleventh (Cotswold) Tour, 1932. 10 photographs. Thirteenth (East Devon and West Dorset) Tour, September 1933. 5 photographs. Ringstead Mill, Easter 1934. 8 photographs. Thaxted Morris Weekends 1935 and 1937. 2 photographs. Seventeenth (Yorkshire) Tour, 1936. 5 photographs. A.1178 A.1178-A.1195 Photographs of family ca 1870s-1991 A.1178-A.1183 Dorothy Mary Moyle Needham (née Moyle) (first wife) Two photographs of Dorothy Needham as a girl, ca 1900s. City Councillor candidate for Castle Ward, Cambridge’. One inscribed on verso ‘Dorothy Mary Moyle Needham in 1935 [...] When Two photographs of Dorothy Needham aged nineteen, ca 1915. Dorothy Needham is circled in the back row. photograph Class Stockport]’, ca 1910. Two photographs of Dorothy Needham, 1935. inscribed on verso ‘Group at Claremont [College, J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Inscribed on verso ‘Dr Dorothy Needham in a laboratory at Mainz Germany ca 1960’. Two undated photographs of Dorothy Needham. A.1184, A.1185 Lu Gwei-Djen (second wife) A.1184 Inscribed on verso ‘Dr Lu Gwei-Djen on Roxalpe Austria 1965’ Inscribed on verso ‘GDL Elba 1968 or 1969’. Plaque re Lu’s ashes, in garden of the Needham Research Institute, 1991. ca 2 photographs. A.1186 A.1186-A.1189 Joseph Needham (father) In University robes of Bachelor of Medicine, ca 1870s. In Royal Army Medical Corps uniform during First World War. Joseph Needham was on the staff of the King George Hospital, London. In nurse’s uniform, n.d. A.1190, A.1191 Alicia Adelaide Needham (mother) A.1190 4 photographs. In surgical clothing as anaesthetist. 3 photographs. In car ?outside family home. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Photographs of A.A. Needham. Taken by Needham in various towns. ?1920s 5 photographs. Joseph Needham (paternal grandfather) 1 photograph. Elizabeth Anne Montgomery Wilson (cousin) Photograph of Wilson in nurse’s uniform. John and Ellen Moyle (parents-in-law) 1 photograph. Lu M-u-Ting (father-in-law) 2 photographs, Nanking, 1946. A.1196-A.1211 He was the father of Lu Gwei-Djen. A.1196-A.1208 Individuals Photographs of friends and colleagues Arranged in alphabetical order. Most are undated. Bell, D.J. Alley, R. Baldwin, E.H.F. Barber, D.R., 1940. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Bernal, 1935. (2 photographs). Broadbent, B. Callow, E.H. and Mrs Callow (2 photographs). Cole, S.W., ca 1899. Coard, Miss Crowfoot (later Hodgkin), D.M. Dixon, M. Dunn, W. Ford, C. Fox, D.L. Green D.E. Hainson, M. Heatley, N.G. Hopkins, F.G. (5 photographs). Hamer, F. (2 photographs). Heyningen, W.E. van (3 photographs). ?Maunova, C. Keay, G.H. Kellett, E. King, C.J. Langley, Lemberg, R. Leloir, J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Marza, B.D., 1927 Maybury, L.M., 1919 Moore, Mrs Mills, ?W.H. Noel, C., 1935 Oakeshott, M. Raper, R. Rapkine, L. Richter, D. Soh, |. (3 photographs). Spiers, H.M., ca 1914-1916 Tuxford, |. ?Viadimirov, G.E. Waddington, C.H. Watts, G. Weber, F, 1929 Woodger, J.H. Stephenson, M. (2 photographs). Waddington (née Lascelles), C. E. 4 photographs. First name only or unidentified. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical A.1209-A.1211 Group photographs A.1209 F. Weber, Heilbrunn and Gicklhorn, Graz, September 1927. Spek and F. Weber, n.d. ‘Part of Part Il 1937/38’: H. Gordon, E.K. Laidlaw, H. Drennan, Professor Friedman, H. Bacon. Hills, B. Fraser, D.H. Three photographs of staff of Cambridge Biochemistry Department 1943. N.U. Meldrum, L.H. Stickland and Needham. V.B. Wigglesworth, Woodrow, H.D. Kay, J.B.S. Haldane and Needham. J. Konorski, E.D. Adrian and Slominski. A.1212-A.1220 Miscellaneous photographs ca 1917-ca 1949 4 photographs. Banquet of 13th Physiological Congress, Stockholm, 1926. ‘Lab. camp, Kettlewell 1927’. Chapel (used by Oratory of the Good Shepherd), ca early 1920s. 5 photographs (of a set of six). Church of the Holy Spirit, Clapham Park, London, ca 1917-1921. 2 photographs of Clement’s End, ca 1930s. Photograph of the Needhams’ home at Clement's End, taken by R. Hill with a fish-eye camera, May 1935. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Biographical Photographs from the Cambridge Scientists’ Anti-War Group demonstration at Duxford Air Display, July 1935. See K.25-K.27 of the previous catalogue. 4 photographs, with those involved identified on verso. ‘Physiology B’ laboratory, May 1937. 5 photographs. A.A. Needham’s photographs of ?Needham’s room including Needham. ‘shrine’ to 3 photographs. Group photograph of Biochemistry in Cambridge. participants at ?1949 International Congress of With key. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 SECTION B CAMBRIDGE B.389-B.472 The material in this section has been numbered to follow that in the previous catalogue (NCUACS 54/3/95) in conjunction with which it should be consulted. The material is arranged as follows: B.389-B.399 DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY B.400-B.405 HISTORY OF SCIENCE B.406-B.454 GONVILLE & CAIUS COLLEGE B.455-B.468 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY B.469-B.B.472 MISCELLANEOUS UNIVERSITY AND CITY J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Cambridge B.389-B.399 DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY 1924-1983 Opening of the Sir William Dunn Laboratories, 9 May 1924. Duplicated programme. Fiftieth Anniversary of the Opening of the Sir William Dunn Institute Biochemistry, 9 May 1974. of Bound volume (card covers) including reminiscences by M. Dixon, R.A. Peters, D.M.M. Needham and R. Hill. Small format notebook used for coffee etc accounts, 1937-1938. Also many dated entries which do not include the year. Small format cashbook used for lunch club accounts, July 1938-1939. Also many dated entries which do not include the year. 199pp typescript, n.d., latest bibliographical reference 1948. B.393-B.398 ‘E[rnest] B[aldwin] notes nitrogenous bases and nitrogen excretion’. Probably relates to book that E.H.F. Baldwin was preparing from lectures. The typescript refers both to ‘the remainder of this book’ (p.79) and ‘In the remaining lectures ...’ (p.170). embryology, Michaelmas Term,1958, 1959. Lecture list and manuscript notes, seminar papers,1977. Needham contributed four lectures to a series of lectures on the history of B.400-B.405 HISTORY OF SCIENCE 1958-1987 6 folders. Miscellaneous duplicated papers 1964-1965, 1983. 1958, lecture list 1959, abstracts of J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Cambridge B.401, B.402 ‘Whipple Museum Opening of extension 76’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. Needham performed the re-opening ceremony and gave an address on the occasion of the formal re-opening of the enlarged and refurbished Whipple Museum of the History of Science, 16 June 1976. Correspondence, typescript and published versions of Needham’s address, manuscript and typescript notes, duplicated and printed material. B.403-B.405 of Hist. ‘Old Addenbrooke’s_’ 1986’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re proposal to use main building of the Old Addenbrooke’s Hospital for a Museum of Science and Industry. 1986-1987. Industry Mus. démarche Sci. & The principal advocate of the use of the Addenbrooke’s Hospital site for a museum was A.W.F. Edwards with the support of Needham. B.406-B.454 GONVILLE AND CAIUS COLLEGE 1920-1991 B.406-B.413 B.406 1920; 1922, 1926, 1928: Miscellaneous correspondence and papers, 1920-1969, n.d. Includes published extracts from Needham. Needham was a Fellow of Gonville and Caius College from 1924. He served as Librarian of the College 1959-1960 and President 1959-1966. In 1966 he was appointed Master, a post he held to 1976. 199%, loo. The Caian including articles written by 1933, 1939. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 B.409, B.410 1962. Cambridge B.409 Includes menu and seating plan for Accolade Lunch in honour of N.F. Mott, 10 March 1962. Mott was Master of the College, 1958-1966. ‘What | really believe. Gonville and Caius College during the Lent Term 1962 by the Dean’. A course of four sermons preached in the chapel of 23pp duplicated typescript. 1963-1964. 1965-1966. 1967-1969, n.d. B.414-B.419 6 folders. 2 folders. The material covers the chiefly papers for meetings, some annotated related correspondence including correspondence between Needham, as President and the Master, N.F. Mott. Subjects raised include the appointment of the College Bursar. by Needham and 1963-1964, and period is B.420, B.421 Governing Body, Ordinary College and General meetings. Correspondence and papers re election of Master in succession to N.F. Mott. 1965. 4 folders. ‘Pre-election Contents of Needham’s envelope so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: letters of congratulation received by Needham (to which he made hand written replies) on his pre-election as Master. 1965-1966. Congrats letters hand written B.422-B.425 sent to all’. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Cambridge B.426-B.440 Letters of congratulation received by Needham re Mastership with carbons of his replies. 1965-1966. 15 folders. B.441-B.447 Correspondence and papers re furnishing and redecoration of the Master’s Lodge, 1965-1971. 7 folders. B.448-B.450 Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into ‘Official papers’. three for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re arrangements between College and Master including stipend, 1965-1976. Retirement, 1976. Menu and seating plan for farewell dinner 28 September 1976, letters and cards expressing best wishes on the occasion of Needham’s retirement as Master. B.455-B.468 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY 1943-1952 Contents of Needham’s folder so_ inscribed: Correspondence and papers re election of a President etc., 1991. ‘R.O. Whyte Bequest’. correspondence and papers, 1978. Haloun at the University Library. Correspondence and papers the University Library in connexion with Needham’s wartime work in China with the Sino-British Science Cooperation Office (SBSCO) Needham’s principal correspondent in Cambridge was Professor Gustav re acquisition of Chinese books for J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Cambridge B.455-B.458 ‘University Library Originals returned to me by Mrs Haloun Jan 1952’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: correspondence and papers including lists of books, 1943-1947. B.459-B.468 ‘University Library correspondence with GH’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into ten for ease of reference: correspondence and papers including lists of books, 1943-1952. B.469-B.472 MISCELLANEOUS UNIVERSITY AND CITY 1940-1975 Visit of Higher Education Delegation from China, 3 November 1975. Needham invited the delegation to supper at Gonville and Caius College. Visit of Chinese Delegation to Cavendish Laboratory, 10 November 1975. B.471, B.472 Booklet, programmes, correspondence re clubs, societies etc. 1940-1971, n.d. Needham was asked to host a lunch for the delegation from the Sian Institute of Optic Mechanics visiting the UK under an exchange scheme between the Royal Society and the Academia Sinica. 2 folders. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 SECTION C SINO-BRITISH SCIENCE CO-OPERATION OFFICE C.167-C.185 The material in this section supplements that presented in the previous catalogue. It covers the period ca 1943, 1945-1952. The material nearly all relates, directly or indirectly, to the book Science Outpost (1948) edited by Joseph and Dorothy Needham (see C.104-C.136 of the previous catalogue). Manuscript Needham, ca 1943. notes on ‘Development of Science in China’ by Dorothy Notes on Chinese grammar and transliteration from Chinese to English, in Dorothy Needham’ s hand. C.169-C.183 Material re Science Outpost, 1948-1949. See also F.572. Correspondence from readers, January - May 1949, n.d. Press reviews and notices, 1948-1949. C.171-C.183 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into thirteen for ‘S Outp Poems’. ease of reference. The material is principally corrected typescript drafts, typescripts and printed copies of poems. Some poems appeared in Science Outpost but the contents of the folder include material postdating that publication. Correspondence between Alley and Needham, 1946, 1950. The folder was originally used to hold papers for the Congrés des Sciences Pastoriennes, Paris, France, 18-25 November 1946 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Pasteur’s death (see H.144 below). J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Sino-British Science Co-operation Office C.172, C.173 Poems by Needham: GA72 ‘A Poem in 1945. his Own Style (for Rewi Alley)’ (2 different drafts), September ‘A Poem for a Chinese Friend’ (5 different drafts), September 1946. ‘The Ways of Szechuan’ (2 different drafts), ca 1946. ‘In the Far West’ by Li Fang-Hsun translated by Lu Gwei-Djen and Needham, September 1947. ‘Two poems by Chéng Tsung-Hai’ translated by Needham, n.d. ‘The Ballad of Meng Chiang Nu Weeping at the Great Wall’, translation by Needham and Liao Hung-Ying, n.d., with correspondence re publication in Swiss journal Sinologica, 1948. C.174-C.182 Poems by Alley 1945-1952. C.174 1945-1947. 1948-1949. C.178, C.179 Typescript copy. ‘Twenty poems from Shantan and Peking’. Composed 1950-1952. C.178 Corrected and annotated typescript drafts. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Sino-British Science Co-operation Office C.180, C.181 ‘Chinese Poetry of Peace’, translated by Alley, 1952. C.180 Corrected and annotated typescript drafts. Typescript copy. Printed volume This is China Today. Poems by Rewi Alley (Rewi Alley Aid Group, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1951). Poems by others: Poems on Cambridge by Li Fang-Hsin, March 1948 (in Chinese). ‘A Chinese Soldier speaks of Death’ and ‘Among Chinese Students’ by R. Payne, sent to Needham, n.d. ‘The Soldier by Kuan Chou, translated by ‘F.J.’, n.d. C.184, C.185 Memorabilia: passes, letters of introduction etc. 1942-1946. 2 folders. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 SECTION D UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANISATION (UNESCO) D.366-D.376 The material in this section supplements that presented in the previous catalogue. It covers the period 1946-1951, 1975. Unlike the original catalogue, however, the small quantity of material has not been arranged into subsections but is presented in chronological order. For material relating to the 1980s campaign to keep the UK in UNESCO see K.388-K.393 of this catalogue. Brochure from the Exposition Scientifique November-December 1946. Internationale, Paris, France, took This Conference in Paris (see D.40-D.42 of the previous catalogue). meetings of during place the the First UNESCO General Needham wrote the preface to the brochure. A brochure on the section of the Exhibition on the work of the Sino-British Science Co-operation Office is at C.152 in the previous catalogue. D.367-D.371 1948 February. Papers of 6th UNESCO Executive Board meetings. The matter of Honorary Counsellorships was discussed at meeting. Correspondence and papers re appointment as Honorary Counsellor to UNESCO, 1948-1950. Needham, as first Director of the UNESCO Section of Natural Sciences and J.S. Huxley, as first UNESCO Director-General, were appointed Honorary Counsellors in September 1949. 1948 December - 1949 March. the Board 1948 April. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) 1949 September. Executive Board papers confirming Needham and Huxley as Honorary Counsellors; telegram of notification; newspaper cutting from New York Herald Tribune, 17 September 1949. 1950. Chiefly correspondence re Needham’s attempt to obtain a UNESCO ‘letter of credence’ for his passport. D.372-D.374 ‘The Field Scientific Liaison Work of UNESCO’. Typescript draft of booklet explaining the work of UNESCO and its Science Co-operation Offices in supporting science in under-developed regions. ca 1949. This was published as Science Liaison by Lu Gwei-Djen (see D.232-D.237 of the previous catalogue). ‘“Part Ill? Appendices’, manuscript and typescript draft. Typescript list of captions. Sir Julian Huxley, 12 List of contents and typescript draft with extensive manuscript corrections and additions, paginated 2-41. Letter to Needham re UNESCO book in honour of December 1975. UNESCO passes, 1947, 1951. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 SECTION E RESEARCH E.194-E.227 The material in this section has been numbered to follow that in the previous catalogue (NCUACS 54/3/95) in conjunction with which it should be consulted. The material is notes and drafts 1929-1963. on ‘Data inscribed including sample analysis results from A. Schoeller, Berlin, 19 October 1929. Contents of envelope so and Thiocethin’. Ichtulin E.195-E.201 ‘General Manometry’. Contents of Needham’s envelope so inscribed divided into seven for ease of reference: experimental data, manuscript notes and fragments, correspondence by Needham on manometric measurements published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 1932-1933. 1930-1933. Relates papers three to See also E.202, E.203 and F.131, F.132, F.133, F.149-F.151 of the previous catalogue. E.202, E.203 three for ease of See also F.149-F.151 of the previous catalogue. ‘True Metabolic Rate Calculations’. inscribed divided manuscript notes, Retyped’, correspondence 1930 the Royal Society of London B 110 (1932). so into reference: experimental data, typescript pages from draft paper headed ‘Rejected Proceedings of Contents of Needham’s folder ‘Manonfetry] Ill current papers’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: data etc re yolk sac experiments. N.d. but relates to paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 113 (1933), 429-459. 1933,1934. Contents of Needham’s folder so ‘Phosphagen inscribed of data, manuscript notes, duplicated teaching material, correspondence 1931-1934. Notes Gastropod Biochem.’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes, correspondence, See also F.134, F.135 of the previous catalogue. Roscoff 1931 four Relates to publication in papers’. for ease experimental E.207-E.210 divided into reference: E.204-E.206 E222 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Research E.213, £.214 E.215-E.224 ‘Mollusc Survey Uric so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes and fragments, correspondence, 1934. papers’. Contents of Needham’s folder Acid Intermediate Metabolism in Embryonic Life I-VIII ‘Calculations and Notes Needham, [W.W.] Nowinski, [H.] Lehmann, [R.P.] Cook, Dixon’. Contents of Needham’s envelope so inscribed divided into ten for ease of reference: manuscript notes and fragments, manuscript and typescript drafts, correspondence, printed material etc., 1935-1937. Relates to papers prepared some consolidation in 1937. Biochemical published Journal and [K.C.] for there after See F.207-F.215 of the previous catalogue. Manuscript notes, fragments and data found clipped together. N.d. ?1930s. 9 graphs. N.d. ?1930s. Life International, 4 November 1963. Enclosed inside at front is menu card used by Needham for notes on cover story on DNA. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 SECTION F PUBLICATIONS F.451-F.630 The material in this section has been numbered to follow that in the previous catalogue (NCUACS 54/3/95) in conjunction with which it should be consulted. The material is arranged as follows: F.451-F.608 DRAFTS F.609-F.629 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE F.630 ‘EGG: EXCHANGE OF REPRINTS’ J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications F.451-F.608 1925-1989 ‘The philosophical basis of biochemistry’, The Monist, ?January 1925. Correspondence from A.E. Heath, English editor, 1924-1925. F.452-F.455 Science, Religion and Reality ed. 1925. J. Needham, Sheldon Press, London, See F.23, F.24 of the previous catalogue. Needham’s complete bound set of reviews. Correspondence re royalties, 1941-1942. Correspondence re US reprint, 1955-1956. Correspondence re Italian translation, 1959. ‘The south porch at Guimiliau’, ca 1925. The sceptical biologist. Ten essays, Chatto & Windus, London, 1929 and W. W. Norton & Co., New York, 1930. 5pp typescript; letter from J.M. Murry, editor of The Adelphi re possible publication. Correspondence with publisher re advertising, 1932-1933. F.458-F.463 Chemical Embryology, 3 vols., Cambridge University Press, 1931. See F.67-F.81 of the previous catalogue. Needham’s complete bound set of reviews. See F.98-F.110 of the previous catalogue. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications F.459-F.461 Reviews of Chemical Embryology. 3 folders. The review in the journal Discovery was critical of the book and Needham published a reply in the May 1932 issue, see F.399. Published letter from Needham, Cambridge Review, 28 October 1932. The letter responded to comments made in the journal’s review of Chemical Embryology. Royalty statements, 1942, 1945-1946. F.464-F.466 ‘Prob of vit[elline] membr[ane] stuff’. Contents of Needham’s envelope so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference. The material relates to papers in the series on ‘The relations between yolk and white in the hen's egg’ published in the Journal of Experimental Biology 8 (1931). See F.111 and F.112 of the previous catalogue. Typescript draft with manuscript tables. F.465, F.466 Manuscript notes, tables, graphs etc. This draft seems to have been intended as parts II and Ill of the series. Proof copy. ‘Reviews (Complete set)’. Contents of Needham’s binder so labelled. The Great Amphibium, SCM Press, London, 1931. See F.115, F.116 of the previous catalogue. 2 folders. ‘Evolution’, Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, ca 1931. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications F.469-F.471 ‘Embryology; exact or inexact? A reply to Professor McBride’, Discovery May 1932. E.W. McBride had published an article in the issue of Discovery, critical of Needham’s book Chemical Embryology (see F.388-F.391 above) and of the discipline of biochemistry. Discovery for March 1932 with ‘Studies in Chemical Embryology’ by E.W. McBride on pp 94-97, annotated by Needham. 11pp manuscript draft of Needham’s reply. Correspondence with editors and arising, April-May 1932. F.472, F.473 ‘On phosphorus metabolism in embryonic life Ill. Phosphagen in avian development’ by D.M.M. Needham and E. Baldwin, Journal of Experimental Biology 7 (1932). See F.137, F.138 of the previous catalogue. Phosphagen in plain vertebrate muscle’. ‘Notes inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. dissociability Contents review’. on Typescript and manuscript draft with extensive manuscript corrections. Notebook labelled on front cover ‘Dr D.M. Needham and E.H.F. Baldwin 20/X/31 Used for notes on experiments 20 October 1931 - 4 July 1932. Manuscript and typescript notes. Relates to 'Chemical heterogony and the ground-plan of animal growth’, Biological Reviews (1933). Biological Reviews re publication, October 1932; See F.156-F.159 of the previous catalogue. of Needham’s envelope so Letter from typescript draft. editor of Found with the preceding. F.474, F.475 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications F.476-F.513 A History of Embryology, Cambridge University Press, 1934. See F.160 of the previous catalogue. F.476-F.491 First edition, 1934 F.476 partly typescript and partly pages of Chemical Embryology, with Draft, extensive manuscript corrections and additions. Proof, with extensive manuscript annotations. Typescript index; proof of bibliography. F.479-F.483 ‘History of Embryol Original notes (before 1934)’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference: typescript and manuscript notes. F.484-F.486 F.487-F.489 F.487 F.488, F.489 Correspondence, 1928-1941. Correspondence arising, 1934-1941. Correspondence re publication, 1928-1934. ‘HoE notes’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: index cards of references and manuscript notes. statements, 1934-1935 and 1942-1950. ‘History of Embryology. Reviews’. Contents of Needham’s envelope so inscribed. 12 July 1932; Agreement with Cambridge University Press, royalty 2 folders. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications F.492-F.513 Second edition, 1959. Needham had hoped for a second edition from 1940, if not earlier. In 1948, the American publishers Henry Schuman Inc. expressed interest and after much negotiation and discussion the second edition was published by Abelard-Schuman Inc. F.492-F.500 ‘Pasted up galleys’, with extensive manuscript correction and addition. 9 folders. F.501-F.503 ‘Emendations as prepared for Russian] and the Second Edition’. Contents of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript and typescript notes. [the Contents of Needham’s folder: two letters from Cambridge University Press re possible second edition, 1940 and 1941; manuscript notes. ‘A history of Embryology; Preface to the Russian translation’, ca 1950. the 1947-1952. 1954-1955. F.506-F.510 Correspondence re publication of second edition, 1947-1959. App typescript. The principal correspondents are Jane Oppenheimer and other possible collaborators with Needham on revision, Henry Schuman Inc. and Abelard-Schuman Inc., publishers and Cambridge University Press. 1956-1957. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications Correspondence arising from publication, 1960-1983. Book reviews of the second edition. Royalty statements, 1959-ca 1961. ‘Limiting factors in the advancement of science as observed in the history of embryology’, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine vol. 8 (1935). Off-print, annotated ‘Lecture copy’. ‘Ivan Pavlov’, obituary in Daily Worker, 29 February 1936. 6pp typescript. See F.190 of the previous catalogue. E2516, F512 Letter arising, October 1941. See G.22-G.41 of the previous catalogue. Order and Life, Cambridge University Press and Yale University Press, 1936. Republished by Yale University Press 1968. ‘Order and Life’ was the title of Needham’s series of Terry Lectures delivered at Yale University in 1935. Correspondence re reprint as Yale University Press paperback, 1967; review by Stephen Jay Gould 1973. Off-print. ‘The ceremonial dance traditions’, Journal of the English Folk-Dance and Folk-Song Society, vol. 3 (1936), 1- 45. F.518-F.531 geographical distribution of English See also A.842-A.859. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications F.519-F.521 Typescript and manuscript draft, paginated 1-76. 3 folders. F.522-F.524 Possible publication of Distribution of the Ceremonial Dance. Needham hoped to publish a revised and enlarged version of his article as a book. It was not republished and the collected additional and updating material went towards an article by A. Hunter on the geographical distribution of ceremonial dance published in Journal of the English Folk-Dance and Folk-Song Society 1960. typescript 6pp from Cambridge University Press declining to publish Distribution of the Ceremonial Dance, 9 December 1957. Needham’; ‘Revised outline letter of F.523, F.524 Material for possible second edition: typescript tables of dance distribution, two maps. 2 folders. F.525-F.531 F.525, F.526 Background information. Correspondence 1931-1985. ‘Papers on Dance etc’: correspondence and papers so labelled divided into two for ease of reference. Includes correspondence re possible republication, 1956-1957 (see also F.452 above), and re consultation of Needham’s Morris Dance material, 1985. ease of reference. Printed material: Timetable for summer term courses in folk song and dance at Cecil Sharp House, London, May-July 1936; issue of Ethnic vol. no. 1, January 1959; ‘The Cotswold Morris by R. Wortley, reprinted from Ethnic vol. 1 no.2, Spring 1959; programme for 50" anniversary meeting of the Thaxted Morris, May 1961. ‘Dance reprints’: correspondence and papers so labelled divided into four for F.527-F.530 1 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications Correspondence 1932-1936. Manuscript and typescript notes. F:5297 F.530 Printed material. F.529 English Folk Dance Society Examination Syllabus 1928; programme for Witney & District Music Competition Festival, 15-22 March 1930; programme for Oxford Festival of Folk Dance & Song, 14 February 1931; programme for English Folk Dance and Song Society All-England Festival, London, 30 December 1932. ‘North Sea and Baltic’ by R. Gardiner, account of Travelling Morrice tour in the summer of 1928; speech by Gardiner at the 38"" Feast of the Cambridge Morris Men, 28 October 1961. Newspaper cuttings, 1931, 1932 and 1961. F,532, F:533 etc. Intermediate Carbohydrate Metab ‘Refs I-VIII’. Contents of Needham’s envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. in Embryonic Life The material relates to papers prepared for the Biochemical Journal. See F.202-F.215 of the previous catalogue. Letter from A. Geiger, enclosing ‘The separation of the glucolytic enzyme system from the brain cells and the coenzymes required for its full activation’, 2pp typescript letter to Nature, 8 February 1938. Correspondence arising, 1937, 1938. Perspectives in biochemistry...Essays presented to Sir F.G. Hopkins, ed. Needham and D.E. Green, Cambridge University Press, 1937. See F.217-F.219 of the previous catalogue. Manuscript notes and references. F.534-F.537 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications F.535, F.536 Book reviews. 2 folders. Royalty statements, 1938, 1942, 1945-1947. Integrative levels; a revaluation of the idea of Progress, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1937. This was Needham’s Herbert Spencer lecture, delivered in Oxford, 27 May 1937. See G.48-G.53 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence 1941, 1960, 1963. 1960, 1963 correspondence is publishers Russell & Russell. re reprinting of /ntegrative levels by the US Off-print. F.540-F.543 F.541-F.543 Book reviews. 3 folders. Annotated proof. 1936, eds Needham and W. ‘Christianity and Communism’, Modern Churchman, October 1937. Background to Modern Science. Ten lectures at Cambridge arranged by the History Pagel, of Science Committee Cambridge University Press, 1938. Copy of The Democrat with Needham’s article. ‘Democracy in the Universities’, The Democrat vol 1, April 1938. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications has piece extensive manuscript The and manuscript intercalated material for its revision for publication in America as ‘University democracy; a letter to an American friend’. It was subsequently published in History is on our side, A contribution to political religion and scientific faith, Allen & Unwin, London, 1946, see F.323-F.333 of the previous catalogue. annotations typescript and The Levellers and the English Revolution, Gollancz, London, 1939. See F.250-F.258 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence re Italian language version 1957 and reprinting 1967. ‘The naturalness of the spiritual world (in its original form an introduction for a new edition of Henry Drummond's "Natural Law in the Spiritual World")’, written at sea, 6 September 1939. See F.259 of the previous catalogue. Typescript draft with manuscript corrections. biologist's view Book reviews. F.547, F.548 See F.265-F.267 of the previous catalogue. Letter re publication of Polish language version, 11 July 1946. ‘A Whitehead, ed P. A. Schilpp, Evanston, Northwestern University, 1941. The Philosophy of Alfred North of Whitehead’ The Nazi Attack on International Science, Watts & Co., London, 1941. Book reviews. Copy of Main Currents in Modern Thought, vol. 3 January 1943, reviewing Needham’s contribution on pp 45-48. The Teacher of Nations, Cambridge University Press, 1942. See B.364-B.368 of the previous catalogue. in J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications F.551-F.554 Biochemistry and morphogenesis, Cambridge University Press, 1942. See F.275-F.301 of the previous catalogue. Book reviews. Royalty statements, 1942, 1945, 1947. F.553, F.554 Third impression 1965. F.553 Needham’s Foreword, 24pp typescript + 5pp references. ‘Corrections for Author’s Foreword’. Doo -l-009 Time the refreshing river. Essays and Addresses 1932-1942, Allen & Unwin, London, 1943. See F.307-F.318 of the previous catalogue. See F.309 of the previous Draft. Book reviews. ‘Thoughts of a young scientist on the testament of an old one’. Correspondence from publishers, October 1942, with dust-jacket of book. This was one of Needham’s essays in the book. catalogue. Royalty statements 1943-1967. Correspondence arising, 1943-1961. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications F.560-F.565 ‘Studies solutions', Journal of General Physiology vol. 27 (1944). the anomalous viscosity and on flow-birefringence of protein See F.320 of the previous catalogue and F.623 below. These papers were originally submitted for publication by the Royal Society as molecular basis of morphology but withdrawn after comments by referees. F.560, F.561 ‘Contributions to the molecular basis of morphology |. General behaviour of protein solutions subjected to shear’ by Needham, A.S.C. Laurence and Shih-Chang Shen. Typescript draft paginated 1-53a, with extensive manuscript corrections. 2 folders. F.562, F.563 ‘Contributions to the molecular basis of morphology II. Anomalous viscosity and flow birefringence of dilute solutions of proteins from embryonic and other tissues’ by Needham, Laurence, M. Miall and Shen. Typescript draft paginated 1-53, with extensive manuscript corrections, + 2pp manuscript references. F.564, F.565 F.567-F.569 2 folders. 2 folders. Chinese Science, Pilot Press, London, 1944. Untitled typescript draft paginated 1-6, with manuscript list of contents (titled ‘Contents Ill’), typescript legends for figures and tables, and manuscript references. Book reviews. History is on our side, A contribution to political religion and scientific faith, Allen & Unwin, London, 1946. See F.323-F.333 of the previous catalogue. See C.102 of the previous catalogue. Royalty statement, 1946. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications Correspondence arising, 1946, 1949, 1964. Royalty statements, 1946-1960. 970; E071 Hopkins and Biochemistry, 1861-1947, eds. Needham and E.H.F. Baldwin, W. Heffer & Sons, London,1949. See F.337-F.347 of the previous catalogue. Photographs of Hopkins and related, for use as figures. 18 photographs. Royalty statements, 1954, 1955. Science Outpost, ed. with D.M.M. Needham, Pilot Press, London, 1946. 5pp typescript. E.5(4).5575 27pp typescript + 6pp references. Correspondence arising, 1949-1951. the previous catalogue and C.169-C.183 of this See C.104-C.136 of catalogue. ‘Cosmologist of the Future’, book review of The Phenomenon of Man by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, ca 1959. Correspondence with editor, 1966. ‘Organiser phenomena after four decades; a retrospect and prospect’, in Haldane and modern biology, ed. K. R. Dronamraju, Johns Hopkins Press, 1968. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications Within the four seas: the dialogue of East and West, London, Allen & Unwin, 1969. Typescript draft, paginated 1-757. F971 090 The Chemistry of Life: eight lectures on the history of biochemistry, by Robert Hill et a/, ed. with an introduction by Joseph Needham, Cambridge University Press, 1970 The idea of a publication on the history of biochemistry arose out of lectures given in the Cambridge Department of Biochemistry in 1958-1961 by leading biochemists. The plans lay dormant from 1960 to 1965 when it was revived by Cambridge University Press. Manuscript and typescript lists 1960; printed notices for lectures 1958 and 1959. of history of biochemistry lectures for 1958- Needham’s manuscript notes on lectures of M. Dixon, 24 January 1958; E.F. Gale, 31 January 1958; F.G. Young, 20 February 1958; R. Hill, 27 February 1958; K.C. Dixon, 7 February 1958 and 13 February 1959. F.580-F.584 44pp typescript. Typescript drafts of chapters for The Chemistry of Life. The titles of the chapters were revised and may not be the same as those under which the chapters were published. ‘The history of the uric acid synthesis. From Scheele to Horbaczewski’ by M. Teich, submitted to Needham as a possible contribution to the lectures, 27 July 1959. 31pp + illustrations for figures. ‘The history of enzymes and of biological oxidations’ by M. Dixon. ‘Green thoughts photosynthesis’ by R. Hill. in a of our knowledge of green shade: the growth 14pp. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications ‘The discovery of vitamins’ by L.J. Harris. 21pp. ‘The historical foundations of modern biochemistry’ by M. Teich. 23pp + references. ‘Some of the pioneers of biochemistry in Britain’ by R.A. Peters. 9pp (incomplete). Memoranda of Agreement, 14 October 1969. F.586-F.592 Correspondence 1957-1971. 1959-1960. 1961-1965. 1966-1967. The bulk of the correspondence is with contributors to the lecture series and to the book and with Cambridge University Press re publication. 1957-1958. Correspondence 1961 re visit by M. Teich to Cambridge to lecture on history of biochemistry. 1970, 1971. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications List of review copies. F.594-F.596 Book reviews of The Chemistry of Life. 3 folders. Chapter in China and the West: mankind evolving, The Teilhard study library Series no. 5: Garnstone Press, London, 1970. See also L.307-L.315 of this catalogue. Correspondence with publishers, 1970. Letter to The Times, 14 November 1970, re Uniat status for the Church of England. Typescript draft, with letter from E. Hardy commenting on the draft; copy of letter as published. levels and the idea of progress’, Correspondence from the editor, 1973. ‘Christian hope and social evolution’, China Notes vol. 12, Spring 1974. Issue of China Notes with Needham’s article on pp 13-20. L.257 and L.445 of this catalogue. in Beyond Chance and ‘Integrative Necessity: a critical inquiry into Professor Jacques Monod's 'Chance and necessity, ed. J. Lewis: Garnstone Press, London, 1974 The letter was not published. Tribute to Dr Arthur Peck, The Times, 6 March 1974, further to Peck’s obituary. Manuscript appreciation, March 1974. draft and Letter to The Times, January 1982. See also L.255- published; letters photocopy of tribute as of J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications Foreword, ca 1984. Letter thanking Needham for foreword to unidentified volume, 7 February 1984. Foreword to book on Christian Socialism to be edited by D. Ormrod, 1985. Brief correspondence with editor; 2pp typescript. Contribution to book on Peace, edited by Hakim Mohammed Said, 1987. Letter contribution, April 1987. requesting contribution, with Needham’s_ reply including his ‘Louis Rapkine, Science and Politics’, in Louis Rapkine, 1904-1948, ed. V. and B. Karp, Orpheus Press, North Bennington, 1988. Correspondence with contribution. editors, 1986-1988; 3pp typescript of Needham’s Typescript draft, no evidence of publication. ‘The Tao-illuminations and corrections of the Way’, The Trumpeter vol. (1989). 6 Issue of The Trumpeter with Needham’s contribution on pp 166-170. Letter to The Times, the Guardian and the Independent re proposed move of Oriental Collections of the British Library, December 1988. Invitation to contribute (declined). Arranged in alphabetical order by publisher or journal. At F.629 are individual requests to contribute to planned books etc. F.609-F.629 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE 1926-1990 Akademie-Verlag, Berlin 1987-1988 J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications The Cell Invitation to contribute (declined). Christian Socialist Invitation to contribute (declined). Collet’s Holdings Ltd Re assistance in publication. Encyclopaedia of Religion Invitation to contribute (declined). George Brazilier Inc. 1956, 1958 ISIS Invitation to review book. Invitation to contribute. Publishing projects. Harbor Press 1954-1955 Request to reprint works by Needham. Modern China Journal of Contemporary Asia Leonardo Request for views. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications The Outlook Invitation to contribute. Physics Bulletin Invitation to contribute (declined). Rationalist Press Association Ltd Invitation to contribute (declined). Robson Books Invitation to contribute (declined). Royal Society 1943 a note on the journal for Invitations to write review and contribute a paper. Science as Culture 1989 Scientific World 1972, 1976 Brief correspondence re papers on molecular shape and morphogenesis (see F.560-F.565 above and F.320 of the previous catalogue). Invitation to contribute (declined) and to write publicity purposes Refereeing. Source Papers in the Structure of Science Invitation to contribute. Teilhard Review J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Publications Tribune Reviewing. Individual correspondents 1954, 1972, 1981, 1990 Correspondence. ‘EGG: EXCHANGE OF REPRINTS’ Contents of Needham’s boxfile Needham’s articles on morphology and embryology. labelled. so Requests for off-prints of 1 box. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 SECTION G LECTURES AND BROADCASTS G.124-G.142 The material in this section has been numbered to follow that in the previous catalogue (NCUACS 54/3/95) in conjunction with which it should be consulted. The material is arranged as follows: G.124-G.136 LECTURES G.137-G.142 BROADCASTS J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Lectures and broadcasts G.124-G.136 LECTURES 1928-1990 Includes invitations declined (G.136). ‘The approach to religion through Biology’, Woodbrooke Summer School, Birmingham, 5, 8 and 11 August 1928 Needham gave three lectures in the series on ‘Approaches to Reality’. Two annotated programmes; list of participants; summer school songs. ‘Biology’, Morley College for Working Men and Women, London, 17 February 1931. Needham lectured in the series on ‘Science To-day and To-morrow’. Brief correspondence re arrangements, 1930-1931. See G.14 of the previous catalogue. lectures in the series on ‘History, Methods and Needham gave four Principles of Science’. ‘Theology and embryology’, St John’s College Cambridge, 30 April 1934. Correspondence re arrangements, August — November 1931; poster. ‘Speculation, observation, and experiment, as illustrated by the history of embryology’, University of London, 14 October — 4 November 1931. 16pp typescript with manuscript corrections. ‘Harvey and embryology’, Cambridge Philosophical Society, 1957. Address, Perse School, Cambridge, Speech Day, 20 October 1969 G.129, G.130 G.129 Programme for meetings 1933-1934 only. Notice; Needham’s manuscript notes. 14 October J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Lectures and broadcasts Correspondence re arrangements and arising, 1969. Address, Newport Grammar School, Essex, 29 October 1970. Correspondence re arrangements; programme. ‘Christianity, Science, China’, Hong Kong, 1 May 1974. C120 audio cassette. ‘The nature of Chinese civilisation’, University of Cambridge Board of Extra- Mural Studies, 25 February 1976. Needham gave this lecture in the series on ‘Recent developments in world archaeology’. Invitation and letter of acceptance, June 1975; draft programme. Correspondence re arrangements, 1975-1977. ‘Our contemporary discontents’, United Nations University Conference on the Civilisational Quest; projects and strategies, Cambridge, June 1985. ‘Acupuncture in the history of Chinese medicine’, Scandinavian Institute of Asiatic Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark, 27 April and ‘The elixir concept and chemical medicine in East and West’, Danish Royal Academy, Copenhagen, 28 April 1977. Winchester College, Winchester, Hampshire, ca 1990. Chiltern Medical Society, November or December 1976 or 1977. 10pp typescript ‘First draft’; 14pp typescript ‘Top copy’. Invitations to lecture declined, 1969-1990: Ealing Technical College, London, 1969. Cambridge University Liberal Club, 27 April 1976. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Lectures and broadcasts G.137-G.142 BROADCASTS 1923-1989 ‘Recent advances in medical science’, BBC radio broadcast from Glasgow, 19 August 1923. 8pp manuscript draft dated 18 August 1923. See G.117 of the previous catalogue G.138-G.140 Interview on Chinese science and civilisation for Cyprus Television, 23 May 1979. Needham gave this interview during his British Council sponsored visit to Cyprus in 1979 (see H.248-H.252). Brief correspondence re arrangements; manuscript notes. 9pp photocopied typescript list of questions. Needham’s 19pp typescript answers to the questions. Two Minute Talks, Thames Television, 19-25 April 1982. Printed copy of the talks, used by Needham as a 1983 Greetings Card. Needham gave seven talks in the Thames Television Late Night series ‘Sit Up & Listen’. 1989. Brief correspondence from Watson, Little Ltd, Author's Agents, re fees etc, J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES H.131-H.264 The material in this section has been numbered to follow that in the previous catalogue (NCUACS 54/3/95). Material relating to Needham’s holidays abroad may be found at A.949-A.1050 in this catalogue. H.131-H.142 Second International Congress of the History of Science and Technology, London, 29 June - 4 July 1931. the Periodicals Room (probably at The bulk of this material appears to be the contents of housed in Institute in Cambridge). which has been followed in the arrangement of the material below, is Eloi. a box originally the Needham Research The original listing of the material (H.132-H.140), at List of contents of box. H.132-H.140 Contents of box as listed at H.131. Not all the material listed was found. ‘1’. medallion. Offprints from Science at the Cross-roads. Number 2, four enlarged photographs of those in ‘1’ were not found. Two photographs of the front and back of the Congress memorial ‘3’. Papers read to the Second International Congress of the History of Science and Technology by the Delegates of the USSR (London 1931). Number 4. The Beginnings of Science by Charles Singer was not found. The Soviet delegates arrived at the last moment and there was only time for them to present a summary of their papers. To disseminate their ideas therefore they were issued in full in English translation as a book. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences British Association for the Advancement of Science brochure for visit ‘5’. to Down House. ‘6’. Brochure for Congress visit to exhibition at the British Museum ‘The First Century of Science in England’. ‘7’. Brochure for Congress visit to the National Portrait Gallery, London. ‘8’. Brochure on Crosby Hall, Chelsea, London. ‘9’. Two letters from H.W. Dickinson, Honorary Secretary of the Congress to Needham re arrangements, 23 April 1930 and 19 September 1931. Duplicated typescript papers by J.S. Haldane, E.S. Russell, Needham, ‘10’. J.H. Woodger, L. Hogben and L.L. Whyte. ‘13’. Congress programme. [12]. H.E. Stapleton and M. Newton’s correspondence. Duplicated typescript papers by A.V. Hill, T. Greenwood, G. Windred, H. Hussain, and on Project for the publication of ‘11’. Another set of the preceding minus that by E.S. Russell and plus one by A. Yoffé. supplement from Science for People with copies of the papers given. Letter from C. Webster enclosing 12pp typescript transcript of ‘Diary of William Welch’ from the Congress, 18 February 1980, reply from Needham, 19 March 1980. with Invitation from J. Rosenhead to meeting on Science at the Cross Roads to commemorate the Imperial reply from Needham declining, November 1981; College, London, with fiftieth anniversary of Congress, 1931 the J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences Conference on physico-biological problems, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Copenhagen, Denmark, 12-14 May 1938. Needham spoke on phosphorylation. Correspondence re arrangements March-May 1938; material re travel. Congres des Sciences Pastoriennes, Paris, France, 18-25 November 1946. This meeting commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of Pasteur’s death. It coincided with the meetings of the First UNESCO General Conference in Paris (see D.40-D.42 of the previous catalogue). A folder containing papers for the congress was subsequently used to hold material re the Needhams’ book Science Outpost (see C.171-C.183 of this catalogue). Two signed menus, November 1946. Visit to Poland, ca June - July 1947. the Sixth International Annotated newspaper cutting; correspondence re visits to Denmark, July-August 1947. programme for Experimental Congress Cytology of and Congress of Visit to Sweden and Denmark, July 1947. Manuscript notes on state of Polish science and needs of scientists; calling cards; newspaper cuttings re Needham’s visit. Needham attended Experimental Cytology, Stockholm, Sweden, 10-17 July 1947 as UNESCO representative (see H.58-H.61 of the previous catalogue) and the Fourth International Congress for Microbiology, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20-26 July 1947. He returned to Denmark in August for a holiday. Wroclaw Congress, inviting Needham to join, 20 January 1949. Correspondence including copy of Needham’s statement of support, June- August 1948; duplicated typescript and printed material arising from the Congress; letter from British Cultural Committee for Peace formed after the Needham planned as UNESCO representative at an International Congress of Geology in London. He sent a statement of support to be read to the Congress. World Congress of Intellectuals in Defence of Peace, Wroclaw, Poland, 25- 28 August 1948. to attend but instead had to act J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences Invitation to Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace, New York, USA, 25-27 March 1949. Congress of Peace, Trade and Friendship with the USSR, 12 June 1949. Needham hoped to attend but was unable to do so. support to be read to the Congress. He sent a statement of Correspondence and papers including copy of Needham’s statement of support, March-June 1949. re conference and possible participation, H.150-H.155 First Congress of Polish Science, Warsaw, Poland, 29 June - 2 July 1951. Needham gave a short speech at the Opening Session. Accounts by Needham of the Congress were published in Nature 11 August 1951, p 241 and the New Central European Observer, 13 October 1951. See also H.85-H.94 of the previous catalogue and J.308 of this catalogue. ‘Remarks made at the Opening Session [...]) by Needham, 2pp typescript with manuscript corrections and additions. Annotated programme. Correspondence re arrangements and arising, June-July 1951. Polish Press Agency Information Bulletin reporting on the Opening of the Congress. Needham’s report on the Congress at pp 324-325. Manuscript notes on Polish science and scientists. 2pp typescript draft of article for Nature. ‘New Central Observer’, Copy of European 13 October 1951, with J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences H.156-H.160 Seventh International Congress for the History of Science, Jerusalem, Israel, 4-11 August 1953. Needham spoke on ‘Chinese-Western relations in the history of science and technology’ and was Rapporteur. He also visited the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovoth, Israel where he spoke on ‘Some new aspects of the biochemical approach to embryonic morphogenesis’. Correspondence re arrangements, February 1952 - August 1953. Correspondence arising, September - December 1953. Congress programme; manuscript itinerary. Newspaper cuttings re the Congress. Manuscript notes, etc. H.161-H.164 Hungarian Physiological Society Twentieth Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 8-10 July 1954. Correspondence from Dorothy Needham and G.D. Lu received by Needham during his visit, July-August 1953. The conference was attended by both Joseph and Dorothy Needham. Their account published in Nature 18 September 1954, pp 545-546. 6pp typescript draft of account for Nature. Annotated programme. See also H. 102 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence re arrangements and arising, May-August 1954. Includes photograph of Needham with E. Sz6rényi. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences Printed material. H.165, H.166 Tenth International Congress of the Historical Sciences, Rome, Italy, 4-11 September 1955. Correspondence re arrangements, May - September 1955. General Circular; manuscript itinerary. Twentieth International Physiological Congress, Brussels, Belgium, 30 July - 4 August 1956. Correspondence re arrangements, April-July manuscript notes. 1956; information booklet; H.168-H.171 Visit to Czechoslovakia, June 1957. of and to Czechoslovakia, February - in Chinese and Western civilisation’ The Needhams then took a short holiday in Yugoslavia. Correspondence re arrangements for visit August 1957. Joseph and Dorothy Needham visited Czechoslovakia at the invitation of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. Needham gave three lectures on The the organiser problem in experimental embryology’, present position ‘Mathematics science and ‘Contributions of mediaeval China to mechanical engineering and scientific instruments’, and Dorothy two lectures on the biochemistry of muscular contraction and one on the chemical physiology of uterine muscle. Exchange of correspondence with G.D. Lu, June 1957. Needham’s manuscript notes on meetings with Czechoslovak scientists. Papers re arrangements for holiday in Yugoslavia, May-July 1957. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences H.172-H.174 Visit to West Germany and Austria, August - September 1957. Needham attended the 24th International Congress of Orientalists at Munich, West Germany from 29 August - September. He then went on to holiday in Salzburg, Austria. Correspondence between Needham (in Munich) and Dorothy Needham in Cambridge, August 1957. Correspondence between Needham (in Munich and Austria) and Dorothy Needham in Cambridge, September 1957. Memorabilia from visit to Austria. H.175-H.177 Ninth International Congress of the History of Science, Madrid, Spain, 1-7 September 1959. Needham spoke in the session of history of technology. Correspondence re arrangements, March-July 1959. Correspondence arising, October 1959-July 1960. Correspondence between Joseph Needham and Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge), August-September 1959. USSR-Great Britain Society and Russian Biochemical Society Joint Meeting to Commemorate the Memory of Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins, Moscow, USSR, 30 June 1961. Correspondence re arrangements, March-December 1961. Needham was invited to speak but the meeting was cancelled in view of the forthcoming Fifth in Moscow. It was rearranged for 14 December 1961 but Needham was unable to attend. International Congress of Biochemistry to be held J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences Fifth International Congress of Biochemistry, Moscow, USSR, 10-16 August 1961. Information booklet only. H.180, H.181 Asian History Congress, New Delhi, India, 9-13 December 1961. Needham had planned to attend but funding difficulties meant that he had to cancel. Correspondence re arrangements, September - December 1961. Programme and list of participants. H.182-H.185 Second International Conference of Ancient Historians, Germany, 3-9 September 1962. Stralsund, East Needham spoke on ‘Glories and deficiencies of ancient Chinese science and technology and Lu spoke on ‘China and the origin of medical qualifying examinations’. Memorabilia. Includes two photographs of Needham at the conference. Planned lecturing tour of India, December 1962. Itinerary; correspondence re conference arrangements, April-August 1962. Correspondence re arrangements for 1962. visit to Denmark, July-September Before the conference Needham and Lu spent a short holiday in Denmark. Correspondence between G.D. Lu, Joseph Needham (in East Germany and Denmark) and Dorothy Needham, July-September 1962. bee The India International Centre and National Book Trust of India invited the Needhams to India to deliver a series of lectures on scientific and historical subjects. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences However, after the border clash between India and China in October 1962, it was decided prudent in view of Needham’s Chinese connections (and his Presidency of to postpone the visit. the Britain-China Friendship Association in particular), He learnt shortly before the postponement that he had been awarded the Sir William Jones Memorial Medal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal for 1962 (see A.745). March-December 1962. Correspondence correspondence from J.B.S. Haldane re political situation in India. arrangements, re Includes H.187-H.191 Visit to Romania, January 1963. The Needhams had been invited to visit Romania by the Academy of the Romanian People’s Republic in 1961 and 1962. When the planned visit to India was postponed they were able to take up the Romanian offer at short notice. Needham gave lectures on the history of science and Dorothy Needham lectured on muscle biochemistry at a number of research centres. Correspondence re arrangements, 1961-1963. Photographs from visit. Found in three envelopes. Small spiral bound notebook used for notes on visit, 10-23 January 1963. Manuscript list of lectures; poster for lectures by the Needhams at the Academy of the Romanian People’s Republic, Bucharest, 16-18 January; itinerary for visit to Timisoara 24-26 January; manuscript notes. With Vasile Mirza and family. 5 photographs. ‘[Dorothy]‘s lecture on uterus muscle at Endocrinol. Inst. Bucharest [29] Jan 63’. ‘JN’s lecture on [Chinese] Med[icine] at the Union Med. Socs. Bucharest [15] Jan 63. 4 photographs. 3 photographs. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences Correspondence arising, 1963-1965. Includes cutting from Contemporanul newspaper, 21 August 1964, with Needham’s reflections on his visit to Romania. H.192-H.196 Second International Pharmacological Meeting, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 20- 23 August 1963. Dorothy Needham spoke on Contractile proteins at the Symposium on the Pharmacology of Smooth Muscle. Joseph Needham accompanied her to Prague and visited colleagues at the Oriental Institute and the Institute of the History of Science and Technology. Following the conference the Needhams had a holiday in Austria but Dorothy Needham returned to the UK earlier than her husband. Correspondence re arrangements, November 1962-June 1963. Manuscript itinerary; programme and information. Manuscript notes by Dorothy and Joseph Needham. Correspondence arising, September-October 1963, n.d. Invitation to 26th International Congress of Orientalists, New Delhi, India, 4- 10 January 1964. Letters from Dorothy Needham (in Cambridge) to Joseph Needham (in Austria), September 1963. ee Universities of Stockholm and Needham was invited Uppsala, Sweden. He subsequently was invited to lecture at Stockholm and he took the opportunity to visit Denmark (in response to an invitation first made in 1956). H.198-H.201 Visit to Sweden and Denmark, April 1964. to lecture at the J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences He had also been invited to visit the University of Leiden but was unable to combine a visit to the Netherlands with that to Scandinavia. Needham lectured on ‘Legacy of China’, to the Danish Association for Cultural Relations with China, Copenhagen, 6 April, ‘The concept of the Laws of Nature in China and the West’, Aarhus University, 7 April, and ‘Time and the Eastern Man’, Copenhagen University, 8 April. He lectured on ‘China’s scientific influence on the western world’ at the Wenner-Gren Center Foundation, Stockholm, 9 April. At Uppsala Needham gave lectures on ‘Contacts and transmissions between China and the West in science and technology’, 13 April, ‘Laws of nature. The development of the conception of laws of Nature with relation to natural law and jurisitic philosophy in ‘Poverties and triumphs of the Chinese scientific tradition’, 15 April, ‘Bureaucratic feudalism, science and technology in China’, 16 April and ‘Taoism and science in China’, 17 April. east and west’, April, 14 Dorothy Needham lectured contractile mechanism of smooth muscle’ to the Physiological Society of Stockholm, 10 April. biochemistry ‘The the on of Correspondence re visit to Sweden, November 1962 - June 1964. Correspondence re visit to Denmark, January - April 1964. Correspondence re possible visit to the Netherlands, October 1962-1964. Manuscript itinerary; list of lectures at Uppsala; press-cuttings on Needham’s visit; memorabilia Correspondence re earlier planned visit to Denmark, found with preceding, 1956-1957. Correspondence re invitation to visit India, March-June 1964. Commemorative Meeting to celebrate the centenary of William Bate Hardy, Cambridge, 16-17 June 1964. Correspondence re arrangements; programme; information. birth the of Sir J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences Invitation to National Conference on the History of Medicine, Bucharest, Romania, 27-29 May 1965, with letter declining. H.205-H.207 Eleventh International Congress of the History of Science, Poland, 24-29 August 1965. The Needhams travelled to Poland via Austria where Joseph Needham attended a symposium convened by the Wenner-Gren Foundation, 16-24 August. H.205, H.206 Correspondence re arrangements and arising. H.205 July 1964-May 1965. June-September 1965. Manuscript itineraries; notes. Visit to CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 24 March 1966. International Congress of Maritime History, 1966. Needham lectured on ‘Clocks and rockets for Barons and Mandarins’ to the CERN Staff Association. Correspondence re arrangements, September 1965-March 1966; notice of lecture. Medicine, Bucharest, Romania, 30 August - 5 September 1970. Correspondence re arrangements June-July 1967; manuscript notes; printed memorabilia. Correspondence re arrangements, June, August 1966; manuscript notes; two photographs of conference occasions; annotated map of Beirut. Invitation to Twenty-second International Congress for the History of Beirut, Lebanon, September Scientific conference, Denmark, 28-29 September 1967. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences Conference on Seventeenth Century Chinese Thought, Bellagio, Italy, 6-12 September 1970. Correspondence February-August 1970; programme. Invitation Reform of Human Affairs, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 8-11 September 1970. International Comenius Conference on Comenius and the to Invitation to Twenty-eighth International Congress of Orientalists, Canberra, Australia, 6-12 January 1971. Invitation Congress, Oxford, 28 August - 1 September 1972. to World Organisation of General Systems and Cybernetics H.216-H.219 Visit to Ontario, Canada, 25 November - 7 December 1972 Needham was invited to the University of Toronto to receive an Honorary Doctorate on 3 December. He was accompanied by Dorothy Needham. In Ontario the Needhams also visited the University of Guelph, the Royal Ontario Museum and York University. Dorothy Needham spoke on University of Guelph on ‘Muscle Contraction: From the Greeks to the Sliding Mechanism’ and ‘Questions concerned with the mechanism of contraction in vertebrate smooth muscle’. At the University of Guelph Needham spoke on ‘The ancient Chinese roots of chemical medicine’ and ‘The coming of ardent water - a Central Asian discovery?’ At the Royal Ontario Museum he spoke on ‘Archaeology and science in contemporary China’, ‘Alchemy and early chemistry in East and West and ‘Classical botany in China’ and at York University he gave a seminar on ‘Cultural changes after the cultural revolution’. December 1972. Press-cutting from the Toronto Globe and Mail, 30 November 1972 reporting Needham’s visit Correspondence re arrangements, March - November 1972. Correspondence between the Itineraries and notices of lectures. Needhams and G.D. Lu, November, J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences Royal Society Discussion meeting on the Place of Astronomy in the Ancient World, London, 7-8 December 1972. Letter to Needham re arrangements, 22 August 1972. Invitation to visit University of Chicago, USA, December 1972 (declined). Invitation to serve as Chancellor Dunning Trust Lecturer, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, early 1973 (declined). Visiting Professor, College de France, Paris, France, 28 March - 1973. 8 April Shortly before his departure Needham was notified he had been awarded the Stanislaus Julien Prize by the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres of the Institut de France for his ongoing work Science and Civilisation in China. He received this award on the same occasion. that Correspondence re arrangements, February - April 1973; itinerary; letters to Needham from Lu, April 1973. Following the colloquium Needham visited Italy. Colloquium information; manuscript itinerary. H.224-H.226 Colloquia Copernicana, Torun, Poland, 6-12 September 1973. As President of the Division of History of Science of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science Needham gave the opening address at the colloquium. Manuscript draft of Needham’s address. Correspondence re arrangements etc., March - September 1973. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences H.227, H.228 Visit to Belgium, 16-19 March 1975. Needham was invited to Belgium as guest speaker at the Institut Hautes He spoke on ‘L’Evolution de la Technologie Etudes de Belgique, Brussels. du Fer et de l’Acier en Chine’. While in Belgium Needham also spoke at a meeting of Amitiés Belgique-Chine in Brussels on the influence of modern thought on modern China and at the University of Ghent on early chemistry and the elixir idea in East and West. Correspondence re arrangements and arising, December 1973 - March 1975. Manuscript itinerary; programme of lectures at the Institut. H.229-H.233 Canadian Association for Asian Canada, 12-14 May 1975. Studies Annual Conference, Montreal, Needham spoke on ‘History and human values: a perspective for Chinese science and technology’. While in Canada Needham visited colleagues at other research centres. typescript ‘Facteurs humains, facteurs techniques dans Annotated programme. Correspondence re arrangements, October 1974 - May 1975. Itinerary; manuscript note of activities; annotated section of map of Toronto; notes on restaurants. la 5pp_ developpement agricole de la Chine et de I'Inde’ by G. Etienne (in French), with summary in English. contribution to broadcast on ‘Science et Société’, 28 April 1975. Letter from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation thanking Needham for J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences H.234-H.238 H. Cecil Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, July - August 1975. Ida Green Visiting Professor at and the University of British Needham was first invited to take up the Professorship in 1972 but declined owing to prior engagements. Needham was able to take up the offer in He gave a number of lectures on aspects of the history of Chinese 1975. science. Correspondence re arrangements, May 1972 - August 1975. Notice of lectures to be given by Needham; manuscript itineraries. Correspondence between Needham and Dorothy Needham and G.D. Lu in Cambridge July - August 1975. Brochure for and Needham’s manuscript notes on visit to the Lester Pearson College of the Pacific, Vancouver Island. Letters arising from Needham’s visit, September and October 1975. Invitation to UNESCO Forum on Social and Human Sciences and the Problem of Peace’, Paris, France, 3-6 May 1976 (declined). Invitation to conference on Science in Society, Brussels, Belgium 24-25 February 1976 (declined). Paris, France, 5-11 September 1976 (declined). Invitation People’s Association of North America, Vancouver, Canada, 11-14 August 1976 (declined). Invitation to First Congress of the European Association of Chinese Studies, Indian to First Annual General Convention of the J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences H.243-H.246 Fifteenth International Congress of the History of Science, Edinburgh, 10-19 August 1977. Needham spoke at the opening ceremony on 11 August and at the opening session in the symposium on Science and Human Values. Programme and programme for opening ceremony. list of participants; supplementary list of participants; Synopses of symposia papers. Manuscript itinerary and notes. Letter arising from B. Garcia-Diego, 9 November 1977, enclosing photograph of her meeting with Needham. H.248-H.252 1 Visit to Cyprus, 21 May - 4 June 1979. Invitation to Symposium on Structures of Matter and Patterns in Science - A Symposium inspired by the Work and Life of Dorothy Wrinch, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, October 1977 (declined). USA, 28 September - Needham was first invited to visit the Cyprus Research Centre, Nicosia in 1976 but declined. With British Council support he was able to take up the invitation in 1979. Needham gave two lectures on the theme of science and religion and one on the history of Chinese science, technology and medicine. He was interviewed on Cyprus television a television discussion on Chinese science and civilisation (see G.138-G.140 of this catalogue). During his time in Cyprus he visited many sites of historic interest. Manuscript notes on sites visited and people met. Correspondence re arrangements, February 1978 - May 1979. Typescript and manuscript itinerary. (see A.696 of this catalogue) and took part in J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences Memorabilia from visit. Cutting of article about Needham from Cypriot newspaper, 18 May 1979. In Greek. Annotated maps of Cyprus and Paphos Town. Correspondence arising from visit, June 1979 - January 1980. Includes account of the visit to the British Council, 10 June 1979. H.253-H.258 First United Nations University Symposium, ?Cambridge, 12-13 March 1980. Needham took part with A.A. Malik, Kenneth Robinson and Gregory Blue. Manuscript notes. H.259-H.262 Needham chaired the symposium. H.254-H.258 121pp typescript of transcript of proceedings. 5 folders. Correspondence re arrangements and arising, June 1982 - January 1984. British Society for Developmental Biology Symposium on the History of Embryology, Nottingham, 21-22 April 1983. Found with symposium material. Brochure of programme and abstracts for symposia of British Society for Developmental Biology at Nottingham, April 1983. Needham’s chairman’s notes; manuscript draft notes on proceedings. of opening remarks and Printed biographical material on J. Holtfreter, 1982. J. Needham (Supplement) NCUACS 81/2/99 Visits and conferences International Workshop on Structuralism in Biology, Osaka, Japan, 7-10 December 1986. Preliminary and tentative programmes only. Conference of the Société Européene de Culture, Bari, Italy, 22-25 October 1988. Needham did session. not attend but sent a message of support to the opening Brief correspondence including Needham’s letter of support, June, July 1988.