NEEDHAM, Dorothy Mary Moyle Supplementary Part2 v2

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National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in association with the Royal Society Second supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of DOROTHY MARY MOYLE NEEDHAM FRS (1896-1987) Compiled by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper Deposited in the Library, Girton College, Cambridge 1996 NCUACS 62/5/96 All rights reserved University of Bath D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The Geological Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society The Higher Education Funding Council for England The Wellcome Trust D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE ARCHIVIST GIRTON COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 LIST OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.123-A.156 SECTION B CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY B.65-B.67 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES D.124-D.130 SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES E.12-E.41 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS F.39-F.47 D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 INTRODUCTION This catalogue of papers and correspondence of Dorothy Needham is a supplement to those compiled in 1990 (NCUACS 22/7/90) and 1992 (NCUACS 37/5/92). The material has been arranged into sections and numbered to follow the sequences of these previous catalogues, which should therefore be consulted in conjunction with this catalogue. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The collection is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. Material supplementary to the previous catalogues has been found for sections A (Biographical and personal), B (Cambridge University), D (Publications and lectures), E (Visits and conferences) and F (Correspondence). Section A, Biographical and personal, includes material from Needham's time in China, 1944-1945, with the Sino-British Science Cooperation Office, of which her husband Joseph Needham was Director. There is also a little personal correspondence, material relating to a number of the appeals and campaigns with which she was associated, and photographs of Needham. Sections B, Cambridge University, and D, Publications and lectures, are very slight additions to the material in the earlier deposits. The section also includes a little material relating to other visits and conferences 1948-1972. papers and letters’. It includes correspondence from L.H. Stickland, Jean Hanson and Lou[?is Rapkine]. There is also an index of correspondents. LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL 1977. They are in the form of notebooks - or loose pages from same - used for recording, usually in some detail, travel, institutions visited, contacts made and personal observations on food, social activities etc. Section F, Correspondence, is chiefly the contents of Needham's folder of 'Notes conceming published Section E, Visits and conferences, is principally a sequence of travel diaries spanning the period 1944- BATH 1996 Material relating to Dorothy Needham may also be found in the papers and correspondence of Joseph Needham, whose papers are deposited in the Cambridge University Library (catalogued as NCUACS 54/3/95). Timothy E. Powell Peter Harper D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.123-A.165 A.123-A.136 BIOGRAPHICAL A.137-A.144 CAREER AND HONOURS A.145 DIARIES A.146-A.150 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.151-A.156 APPEALS AND CAMPAIGNS A.157-A.160 PHOTOGRAPHS A.161-A.165 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL School certificates, 1907-1912. Ph.D. certificate, January 1930. B.A. and M.A. certificates, September 1923. ‘Memorandum on the health of Dr Dorothy Needham, FRS’ by Joseph Needham, 31 January 1985. A,B Letters alphabetically. Not indexed. condolence of A.126-A.133 received by Joseph Needham. Arranged D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 Biographical and personal First name and unsigned. for Dorothy Needham’s Royal Society CAREER AND HONOURS Exchange Biographical Memoir, 1988. arrangements re Memorial service, Gonville and Caius Chapel, Cambridge, 11 February 1988. Endowment of Dorothy and Joseph Needham Studentship, Lucy Cavendish College Cambridge, 1988. teaching institutions with scientific, technical and medical support. In early 1944, Dorothy Needham joined her husband Joseph Needham in China where he was head of the Sino-British Science Cooperation Office (SBSCO), an organisation responsible for supplying Chinese research and ‘Souvenirs’. Contents of Needham’s envelope so inscribed: mostly material from China 1943-1945. A.137-A.139 D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 Biographical and personal For further material about the SBSCO see also E.12-E.15 of the present catalogue and the Catalogue of the Papers and Correspondence of Joseph Needham, deposited in Cambridge University Library (NCUACS catalogue no. 54/3/95), section C. Manuscript notes of telegrams re Needham’s going to China, September 1943; manuscript notes on shrubs and other plants; note of the inscription on Needham’s personal seal. Pocket notebook used for notes on visits to Chinese research institutions, contacts made in China etc. 2pp typescript account of the work of the Sino-British Cooperation Office; pass for Needham’s return home; UN identity card for use in France; manuscript notes on international relations. Chinese pass card. ‘Wartime Dorothy Needham name card’. In Chinese. Note (in Joseph Needham’s hand) on the envelope in which it was found reads: ‘This is a “passport” or permit issued to Dorothy Needham in Aug. 1945 by the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Nationalist Govt of China. It request[s] that the holder be protected, treated with due respect, and facilitated in her affairs by all organs of the army & police’. Ninetieth birthday, 21 September 1986. Exchange re plaque commemorating Needham’s Honorary Membership of the Biochemical Society, 1985. Notice of election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, 19 March 1948. Menu for dinner in honour of Needham on her retirement from experimental work, 8 May 1963. D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 DIARIES Biographical and personal ‘1910 diary’. Contents of envelope so inscribed: notebook and loose notes of trip to Garmisch, August 1910. 1945 pocket diary. PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE Needham, J. 1947, 1973, 1979. Postcards from visits abroad. Teich, M. A.149, A.150 chronologically (includes some _ incomplete Wakid, N. W. Various dates 1921-1972. 1964, 1969, 1973, nd Correspondence arranged letters). Various dates 1973-1983, nd. D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 Biographical and personal APPEALS AND CAMPAIGNS A.151, A.152 Amnesty International 1973, 1974, 1983 A.151 Papers re activities of Amnesty International, chiefly the Cambridge branch. Correspondence re prisoners of conscience and human rights; manuscript drafts of Needham’s letters on behalf of prisoners British Deaf Association Cambridge Society for Social Responsibility in Science Cambridge Women’s Welfare Association Medical Aid for Vietnam Greek Relief Fund National Campaign for the Abolition of Capital Punishment United Nations Association International Friendship Hospital for Women and Children in Hanoi London Association for the Blind Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 PHOTOGRAPHS Biographical and personal Photograph of Needham as a young woman, nd. Photographs of Needham in envelope inscribed ‘Taken by Sydney Steele June 1932’. Portrait photograph of Needham inscribed on verso ‘Dr Dorothy Needham ca.1935 when a candidate for Castle Ward in the City Council elections, Cambridge’. Studio photographs of Needham inscribed on verso ‘[...]Polyfoto, London ca.1935’, but probably later. Photograph of Needham and other inscribed on verso ‘25, March, 1948’. Photographs of Needham, one inscribed on verso ‘[...] Mainz in the Rhineland. ca.1960’. in a laboratory at Photographs of Needham in envelope inscribed ‘To Joseph Needham early Photograph of Needham inscribed on verso ‘[...] near Eisenstadt Austria 1965’. Photograph of Needham inscribed on verso ‘Malayan Students Society Dinner Mar 64’. 77 with Hashimoto Keizo and family’. Feature the Needhams. D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 MISCELLANEOUS Biographical and personal Passports: 1935-1944, 1945-1950, 1950-1960, 1960-1970. National Identity Card, 1943-1946; ration book 1953-1954. Power of Attorney, given to Joseph Needham, 5 December 1983. Hardback notebook labelled on front cover ‘Recipes. D. M. Needham’. Pocket notebook used Needham. 1956-1958 possibly to record books read by D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 SECTION B CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY B.65-B.67 Duplicated typescript teaching material for biochemistry courses, 1950s- 1960s. Miscellaneous Department of Biochemistry papers, 1950s-1960s. Printed material from British Federation of University Women, 1966-1973. D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES D.124-D.130 D.124-D.128 PUBLICATIONS D.129, D.130 LECTURE AND BROADCAST PUBLICATIONS ‘A quantitative study of succinic acid in muscle. |’, Biochemical Journal 1924. Corrected proof. ‘The biochemistry of the myometrium’, with C.F. Shoenberg, in R.M. Wynn, ed. Cellular Biology of the Uterus (New York, 1967), 291-352. Corrected proof. See also D.10 in the first catalogue of Dorothy Needham’s papers, NCUACS 22/7/90. D.126, D.127 Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript pages of drafts. 2 folders. Miscellaneous editorial correspondence, 1958-1968 and nd. LECTURE AND BROADCAST papers, NCUACS 22/7/90). Invitation to Needham to give talk for BBC’s Home Service ‘Observation Post’ programme, 10 October 1947. Untitled manuscript draft beginning ‘I should like to speak first about the universities’. Possibly early draft of ‘Chinese Scientists Revisited - 1972’ delivered in Bristol and Leicester (see D.73 in the first catalogue of Dorothy Needham’s D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES E.12-E.41 TRAVEL DIARIES E.37-E.41 OTHER VISITS AND CONFERENCES TRAVEL DIARIES Notebooks, or contents of same, used by Needham for notes on visits abroad. They record, usually in some detail, travel, institutions visited and contacts made and personal observations on food, social activities etc. The visits were made with Joseph Needham and sometimes with Gwei-Djen Lu also. The postwar visits generally combine holiday activities with visits to research institutions and scientific colleagues and lectures. E.12-E.15 Softback memo books used in China 1944-1945. E12 ‘l. 7 February 1944 - 11 January 1945. ‘II’, 25 August - 3 November 1945. ‘I’. 15 January - 2 April, 3 November - 11 December 1945. Unnumbered. Used for notes on procedures for posting mail, expenses etc. April 1958. Loose manuscript notes on visit to Lebanon and Turkey, 3-27 December 1948. The Needhams attended the first UNESCO General Conference held in Beirut and returned to the UK via Turkey. Hardback pocket notebook inscribed ‘Ceylon A 1958’. Used 18 February - 26 D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 Visits and conferences Softback pocket notebook labelled on front cover ‘Spain & Portugal 1960’. Used 9 August - 8 September 1960. Softback pocket notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Jugoslavia 1961’. Used 24 July - 24 August 1961. Softback pocket notebooks used in visit to Czechoslovakia and Austria, 15 August - 12 September 1963. Inscribed on front cover ‘D.M. Needham Czechoslovakia & Austria 1963’. Inscribed on front cover ‘Austria 63 (cont) D.M. Needham’. Loose manuscript notes headed ‘Denmark & Sweden’. 1964. Used 3-20 April Pocket notebook inscribed on front cover ‘China 64’. August 1964. Used 1 July - 26 Pocket notebook used on visit to China and Japan, 22 September - 21 October 1964. Softback pocket notebook inscribed on front cover ‘China & Japan 64’. Used 19 August - 22 September 1964. A little loose material intercalated. 66’. Used 30 August - 27 September 1966. Ringback pocket notebook inscribed on front cover ‘1965 Austria & Poland’. Used 13 August - 11 September 1965. A little loose material intercalated at front. Spiral bound pocket notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Greece & Lebanon Continuation of preceding. D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 Visits and conferences Spiral bound pocket notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Malta Denmark 67’. Used 5-20 September (Malta) and 22-ca.30 September (Denmark) 1967. Spiral bound pocket notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Malta 67’. Used for notes on Maltese history in connection with visit. Intercalated loose at back are notes on wool preparation (not in Needham’s hand). Softback pocket notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Japan 1971 1971’. Used 3 July - 9 September 1971. Hong Kong Softback pocket notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Hong Kong Guala Lumpar Ceylon 1971’. Used 10-30 September 1971. Singapore E.32, E.33 Spiral bound notebooks used for notes on visit to China and Japan 1972. E.32 1‘. Used 2 July - 20 August, continued Inscribed on front cover ‘China + Japan 1972 September. Paginated 97-157. 2’. Used 21 August - 23 Inscribed on front cover ‘China 1972 on loose pages at back. Paginated 1-96. Loose manuscript notes used for visit to south of France 30 June - 18 July 1973. and 23 September - 8 October. Softback notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Edinburgh 1977 Congress etc Uppsala 1977 500th Anniversary Stockholm’. Used 7-20 August (Edinburgh) Loose manuscript notes used for visit to France and Italy 1-12 April 1974. D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 Visits and conferences OTHER VISITS AND CONFERENCES Letter to Needham re her forthcoming visit to Holland in April, 25 March 1948; poster re Needham’s lecture on ‘Recent advances in biochemistry of muscle’ to Nederlandse Vereniging voor Biochemie, Amsterdam, 21 April. Invitation to talk at Nutrition Society meeting on The Nutrition of Athletes, Royal Society of Medicine, London, 17 July 1948. Invitation Contraction and Relaxation: their physical and chemical basis, 7 July 1949. luncheon meeting Society Muscular on to prior to Royal British Biophysical Society meeting on Muscular Contraction, University College London, 18-20 Dcember, 1967. Abstracts. Notice; provisional programme; abstracts. Fourth International Biophysics Congress, Moscow, 7-14 August 1972. British Biophysical Society meeting on Conformation of Polypeptides and Fibrous Proteins, Leeds University, 6-8 April 1971. Programme only. D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE F.39-F.47 ‘Notes concerning published papers and letters’. of Needham’s folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of reference: chiefly scientific correspondence with notes and drafts found therewith. Contents Miscellaneous manuscript notes, tables etc, 1941. Correspondence from L. H. Stickland, 1941-1950, and H.A. Lardy, chiefly re glycolysis. Correspondence from progress. Lou[?is Rapkine], nd, reporting on research in ‘Experiments in crystalline enzyme’, 12pp typescript and manuscript draft with manuscript material in the hand of correspondent of F.41; 3pp data from experiments, nd. draft + graphs, Miscellaneous correspondence 1954-1961. Correspondence with Jean Hanson, 1962. Miscellaneous correspondence 1962-1964, nd. ‘On the question of the inhibition of enymes by cortisone’, by Needham, 7pp typescript 1951; miscellaneous manuscript notes. Miscellaneous correspondence 1959-1985, nd. latest bibliographical reference D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS AL-MALLAH, A. K. ALOISI, M. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL ANDREEN, Andrea AZZONE, G. F. BALDWIN, Ernest H. F. BATE-SMITH, Edgar Charles BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION BRITISH DEAF ASSOCIATION F.47 F.44, F.45 A.151, A.152 A.149 F.44 F.47 F.45 A.143 D.128 D.129 A.153 A.153 CAMBRIDGE SOCIETY FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN SCIENCE GREEK RELIEF FUND HANSON, (Emmeline) Jean HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding COHEN-WELTER, Willy A. A.153 A.150 F.44, F.45 CSAPO, Arpad |. GERGELY, John CAMBRIDGE WOMEN’S WELFARE ASSOCIATION F.44 INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN HANOI! KENDREW, Sir John Cowdery HUYS, IVANOV, I. LARDY, Henry Amold D.M.M. Needham NCUACS 62/5/96 Index of Correspondents LONDON ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND McGEE, Harold MEDICAL AID FOR VIETNAM NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR THE ABOLITION OF CAPITAL PUNISHMENT NATURE NEEDHAM, Joseph NEUBERGER, Albert OPPEL, PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED PERRY, Samuel Victor PICKLES, V. R. A.156 F.47 A.154 A.155 D.128 A.146 F.45 F.45 D.128 F.45 F.45 RAPHAEL, Ralph Alexander ROODYN, F.47 F.41 F.45 F.47 ?RAPKINE, Louis F.45 A.156 SEREBRENICOVA, ROYAL SOCIETY A.134, A.135, A.141 F.47 ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Victor Mayer, Baron SOCIETY FOR ANGLO-CHINESE UNDERSTANDING A.148 VAN HEYNINGEN, William Edward (‘Kits’) UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION A.156 F.47 F.40 A.147 F.45 F.47 WAKID, Nabil W. STICKLAND, L. H. TEICH, Mikulas THEOBALD, THOMAS, I. F.