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National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of DOROTHY MARY MOYLE NEEDHAM FRS (1896 - 1987) Compiled by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper Deposited in the Library, Girton College, Cambridge 1990 NCUACS 22/7/90 All rights reserved University of Bath M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society British Telecom Pilkington plc Rolls-Royce plc The Royal Society The British Library The Geological Society The Institute of Physics The Society of Chemical Industry The Royal Society of Chemistry D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE ARCHIVIST GIRTON COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL SECTION CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY SECTION NOTEBOOKS SECTION SECTION SECTION CORRESPONDENCE VISITS AND CONFERENCES PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS SECTION NON-PRINT MATERIAL D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 own lines of research. Dorothy Needham's most important work was on carbohydrate metabolism in muscle. From 1930 to 1940 she was involved in pioneering work on the part played by ATP (adenosinetri- phosphate) in the contraction of muscle. For this and other research she was awarded the Cambridge University Sc.D. (1945) and elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society (1948). In 1940 she joined Dr Malcolm Dixon's chemical defence research group to work on the effects of chemical weapons (mustard gas in particular) on the metabolism of skin and bone-marrow. This was followed by a period in China 1944-45 where Joseph Needham was Scientific Counsellor at the British Embassy in Chungking (Chongqing) . Dorothy Needham was appointed Associate Director of the Sino-British Cooperation Office. After the war Dorothy Needham returned to the Sir William Despite her great distinction she had never held an established post at the University and was now supported by a short-term Medical declined to extend her grant further on the grounds that to do so in securing further funding. An approach to the Royal Society in 1955 funding for personal stipends. The Broodbank Fund of the University Research Council grant, twice renewed. In 1952, however, the MRC it was unnecessary for married women, FRSs or not, to have salaries awarded Dorothy Needham a grant to run 1952-55 but there were difficulties would run counter to the Council's policy of not providing long-term Dunn Institute in Cambridge to take up work on enzyme biochemistry. was unsuccessful, the President, Lord Adrian, apparently believing that for research on the proteins of smooth muscle in the uterus. Research Council and thereafter she was funded principally by the ARC (see A.13). However, support was forthcoming from the Agricultural M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Dorothy Needham retired from active research in 1963 to work on her book Machina Carnis: the biochemistry of muscular contraction in its historical development, published by Cambridge University Press in 1971. Following this she began work on a Sourcebook for the history of biochemistry in collaboration with the historian M Teich. This was unfinished on her death in 1987. In recognition of her work in Cambridge Dorothy Needham was elected to the Fellowships of three Cambridge colleges; Girton, at which she was educated, Lucy Cavendish, which she helped to found in 1964, and Gonville and Caius, where she was the first woman to be admitted to the Fellowship. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION Section A, Biographical and Personal, is the largest in the collection. It consists chiefly of personal correspondence The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. Although by no means comprehensive there are interesting records of many aspects of her life and career. Dorothy Needham's involvement with a wide range of charitable, from her husband during his visits abroad, and material documenting received from friends and relatives, including a sequence of letters celebrating the Needhams' marriage in 1924. interest include a brief autobiographical account written for Women Scientists: the road to liberation, D Richter ed. (Macmillan, 1982) and a hand-written and illustrated poem by F G Hopkins correspondence relating to her career 1949-55. Other items of humanitarian and political causes. There is also important D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Section B, Cambridge University, comprises lectures and other teaching material for Dorothy Needham's biochemistry courses to 1963, correspondence and papers on the funding and administration of her research from 1952 and material relating to Lucy Cavendish College. A little 1930s research work found with the teaching material is also presented. Section C, Notebooks, consists of large notebooks of varying formats used for lecture notes and drafts, biblio- graphical references, notes on lectures by others, research data etc., and a sequence of pocket notebooks including a set of 60 containing bibliographical references for Machina Carnis. Among the loose items found enclosed within the larger notebooks were drafts for lectures delivered in China during the war. Also relating to Needham's work in China is a small hand-drawn map at C.78A. Section D, Publications and Lectures, is patchy in (incomplete). papers relating to Machina Carnis. The largest body of material for the history of biochemistry. The section is completed by a its coverage. There are drafts and proof copies of some of Dorothy Needham's postwar publications and correspondence and is correspondence, drafts and notes for the unfinished Sourcebook short sequence of drafts of postwar lectures and a set of reprints a chronological sequence of material recording some of her visits Section E, Visits and Conferences, is slight. TE ks D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 and conferences between 1954 and 1979. There is also a little material from a visit to Rumania made by Joseph Needham in 1981. Section F, Correspondence, is not extensive. Le contains only two extended sequences of correspondence. As elsewhere in the collection Dorothy Needham's letters are often only represented by rough manuscript drafts. References and recommendations form a separate subsection. Section G, Non-print Material, consists of slides for microscope work and glass photographic plates, some of which were probably used to illustrate lectures. There is also an index of correspondents. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Archivist, for advice and encouragement. We are very grateful to Dr Joseph Needham FRS for making the material available and to Mrs Kate Perry, Girton College Bath: 1/990 Timothy E Powell Peter: Harper D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL BIOGRAPHICAL CAREER AND HONOURS DIARIES PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE APPEALS AND CAMPAIGNS PHOTOGRAPHS MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL Independent obituary 11 January 1988 "Dorothy Mary Moyle Needham’. Typescript draft and printed version of Joseph Needham's tribute delivered A.l The Times obituary 26 December 1987 at Gonville . and Caius College Chapel 11 February 1988, and published in 'The Caian' November 1988. Biographical information supplied for the Girton College Cambridge 'Register'. 1981. personal experiences to the position of women in science. The book was edited by D Richter and published by Macmillan in 1982. In 1978 Needham was approached to write a chapter for Women Scientists: the road to liberation, relating her Correspondence from Richter with drafts of Needham's replies 1978, Entries for Who's Who etc. 1973-81. ‘Women in Cambridge biochemistry'. D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal Needham's ms notes for her contribution. Also includes draft of Needham's letter to Miss A Duke, Girton College, asking for information on her student career at Cambridge from 1919, with Duke's reply. Heavily corrected typescript drafts of Needham's contribution. 6pp typescript copy as sent, September 1978; of Women Scientists 1982. reviews Miscellaneous correspondence re biographical information 1974, 1982. CAREER AND HONOURS found: with. it. Needham's work in Cambridge 1949-55. A.10 'A professorial plea'. Poem celebrating the marriage They were married in declined Needham's request for a further extension of AY LACS Correspondence re terms and conditions of support for Ms note to 'Professor [?Hopkins ] Oct 29th 1925" chemical differentiation of cells; ms list of references on of Dorothy Moyle to Joseph Needham, written and illustrated by Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins. 1924. From 1946-52 Needham's research was supported by the Medical Research Council. In 1952, however, the MRC See ‘ahso B.2 — B.27. Needham received support from the Broodbank Fund 1952-55 and from the Agricultural Research Council thereafter. her grant on procedural grounds, not wishing to provide long-term funding by renewing short-term grants. M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal LO A9=5i"s 99522 Needham outlining her work from 1920, 28 January, and Includes memo to Sir Harold Himsworth from "Statement of career' and ‘Outline of research program' for her application to the Broodbank Fund. 1955. 1953, Support. Re possible Agricultural Research Council Election to Honorary Membership of the Biochemical Society, 18 April 1974. 80th birthday celebrations, 1976. Includes congratu- latory card signed by friends and colleagues, and ms notes for Reply to the Toasts at Lucy Cavendish College Annual Dinner at which her birthday was celebrated. DIARIES Asl7/-AL23 1963-64 A. 1959-60 College, 12 October 1979. Needham was the first woman Election to Honorary Fellowship of Gonville and Caius Cambridge University pocket diaries. to be elected Honorary Fellow of the College. Election to Honorary Fellowship of Girton College, 5 November 1976. 1964-65 A.21 A.22 A.18 1960-61 Aves 1982-83 1965-66 1980-81 M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE Arranged alphabetically. letters received by Needham. The material is chiefly Outgoing correspondence is poorly documented by a very few carbon copies and some rough ms drafts. Baldwin, E H F and PM 1968-80 H F Baldwin was Demonstrator (1936-43) and Lecturer Most of the E (1943-50) in Biochemistry at Cambridge. correspondence is with Baldwin's widow. Balinska, I 1966-81 Bernal, E in November. 1972-81 and nd A.26 1972-78 A.27 1980-81, nd D Bernal. The Burbidge, P G J Needham's Science and Civilisation in China to Chairman Hua by Mrs Thatcher on his visit to Britain 1979 correspondence is chiefly re the presentation of Eileen Bernal was the widow of J correspondence chiefly concerns CND activities. 1956, 1969-81 Cohen, J A and Cohen-Welter Chambers, F 1962-81 L979); Oo 1970-78 and nd D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal Delay, MR and U 1965, 1970-81 and nd The Flear Family 2 folders Brost:, H 1957,1971-81 and nd The Gorringe Family 1969-83 and nd Hibberd, H Iriyagolle, I Iriyagolle was a research student of the 1960s. 1970-81 and nd 1966-81 J Needham's in Krause, G and J Lehmann, H Keighley, A 1970-76 and nd 1968-80 1968-82 The McCollester Family Lehmann was Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at Cambridge 1967-77. inyL978. Montefiore was Dean of Gonville and Caius College He was appointed Bishop of Birmingham 1954-63. 1966-73 O97 7-82 Montefiore, H W 1978-81 Miall, M D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal Moyle, J 1965-83 and nd Jeremy Moyle was Needham's nephew. Moyle, J and P 1964-81 John Moyle was Needham's brother. A.44-A. 52 Needham, J 1940,1967,1977-86 Chiefly letters and postcards sent home by Joseph Needham during visits abroad. visits the Needhams were prolific correspondents but unfortunately no drafts or copies of Dorothy's letters to her husband were found. Joseph's letters are of In the course of these considerable importance because they give detailed accounts of his activities abroad. The telegram is Visits. L978 April’. New York 1967 August. Corsica, Leeds 1977 June-July. Mexico, USA 1979 September-November. Telegram sent by J Needham from Osborne Laboratory, Newhaven, Connecticut, 25 September 1940, stating "Please reply whether all right'. annotated 'Merciful preservation we've had.' Singapore, USA 1981 August-September Rumania, China, Japan, Hong Kong 1983 August Stockholm, Venice 1982 August Belgium, Norway 1983 October-November 1980 May USA Switzerland, Hong Kong D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal 1984 August-September. China, Taiwan 1986 May. West Germany 1986 December Japan The Nowinski Family 1962-79 The Pollitt Family Rajchman, M 1967-73 and nd Rapkine, S M 1963-82 See F.7-F.16. The Reid Family 1968-82 Shoenberg, C F 1969,1977-78 and nd Silva, M Teich, M 1972-80 LOTS=82Z history of biochemistry'. Teich worked with Needham on a ‘Sourcebook for the Catherine Shoenberg worked under Needham 1955-63. See F.17-F.20. Wakid was a British Council scholar working under Needham 1956-58. van Heyningen, W E Teryuo, U 1974-82 See D.38-D.63. Wakid, N W 1969-82 1960-79 and nd M Needham M D NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal A.63-A.65 Williams (née Cawkwell), J M 1973-82 and nd Jennifer Williams worked under Needham on the biochemistry of the uterus to 1962. Royal Society's Biographical Memoir of Needham. She was invited to co-author the A.63 O37 © A.65 Nd A.64 1977-82 Correspondence, arranged chronologically. A.66 1957-71 A.69 1978-79 A.67 1972-74 A.70 1980-81 A.71 1982 A.68 1975= 7:7 Undated correspondence. 4 folders. D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 APPEALS AND CAMPAIGNS Biographical and personal Needham supported a wide range of pressure groups, voluntary organisations and charities campaigning for human rights, nuclear disarmament, animal welfare etc. Cambridge groups. She also supported a number of The material is presented in an alphabetical sequence, with some indication of the nature of Needham's involvement given where appropriate. However, many of the causes supported are not documented by correspondence but only by printed appeals annotated by Needham to indicate the response. A.76-A.78 Amnesty International 1976-81 Needham wrote many letters on behalf of prisoners Ms drafts of Needham's letters on behalf of prisoners. of conscience, and fragmentary ms drafts of some of these survive. Anti Nuclear Campaign Animal Aid Animals' Vigilantes Amnesty International literature. Correspondence received in reply to the preceding. D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal British Deaf Association LO7TS=79 Cambridge Association for Social Welfare LOT Cambridge Drawing Society R976, 1978 Cambridge Preservation Society 1978 Cambridge University Newcomers’ Club 1971-74 Needham helped to found this club, established in 1971 under the aegis of the Society for Visiting Scholars, to improve ‘arrangements for introducing new senior members and visiting scholars to Cambridge’. A.83-A.85 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) 1977582 A.83 Correspondence on nuclear disarmament and CND activities 1979-82. Christian Aid 1982 1979 CND literature. China Policy Study Group J Needham was a Sponsor. Caribbean Labour Solidarity Miscellaneous background material. OBI. Church of England Children's Society El Salvador Committee for Human Rights Compassion in World Farming ESHA. pS) 1982-83 Defence and Aid Fund M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal Farm and Food Society 1973-82 This Society campaigned for humane farming. Needham wrote to her MP on a number of occasions on behalf of the Society. Correspondence 1973-76. Correspondence 1977-82. Farm and Food Society literature- Friends of the Earth 1981-83 Re the proposed Sizewell B Pressurized Water Reactor. Greek Relief Fund 1976,1980 Help the Aged Liberation 1976,2 1:982 LOT 7-82 1977-78 Ode) 1981-82 1978-81 Labour Party Horder Centre for Arthritics International Christian Relief Medical and Scientific Aid for Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea. Ginzburg and Scharansky, 19 December 1977. Also includes copy of Needham's letter to Dr David Owen, UK Foreign Secretary, re Soviet dissidents Orlov, Medical and Scientific Committee for Soviet Jewry. 1974-82 M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal Minority Rights Group Movement for the Ordination of Women Newnham Against the Bomb Newnham Residents Association Oxfam People's Progressive Party (Guyana) A.101, A.102 Rita Nightingale Society Rita Nightingale was imprisoned by the Thai authorities for allegedly smuggling heroin. The campaign mounted by the Rita Nightingale Society helped win her release in 1980. 1982 1981 1981,.na 1980 1978-82 LO 7 1978-80 Save the Children Fund Social Democratic Party Correspondence 1978-80. Background material on the case. 1978-79 1981-83 Russell Committee against Chemical Weapons 1982 Scientists Against Nuclear Arms Society for the Protection of Science and Learning Ltd. administration of the Society’. Needham was a member of a ‘Special Committee appointed to examine the finances and Society for Visiting Scientists E9BT 1978 1948 M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Biographical and personal A.107,A.108 TAPOL - British Campaign for the Defence of Political Prisoners and Human Rights in Indonesia 1978-83 Needham wrote a number of letters on behalf of human rights and political prisoners in Indonesia. Correspondence 1978-81. TAPOL literature. - Universities' Educational Fund for UNIPAL Palestinian Refugees 1977-82 Material 1981-82 is re the closure of Birzeit University by the Israeli authorities. United Nations Association 2 folders PHOTOGRAPHS Ad 3 Two feature Needham. 1981-82 1979-82 A.111,A.112 World Disarmament Campaign Women's International League for Peace and Freedom "Photographs of me and G-D [Gwei Djen Lu ] 1975'. Four colour photographs found in envelope so inscribed. Two feature J Needham. Four black and white passport photographs of Needham. Nd but probably post-decimalisation (1971). Three black and white photographs of Cambridge University occasion. Two colour photographs taken during visit to the Needhams by R Huang July 1981. Needham. With covering letter. Both feature D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 MISCELLANEOUS Biographical and personal Exercise book used intermittently June 1946 - November 1967 probably to record books borrowed from the Needhams' private library. Correspondence 1970-72, 1976 re disposal of journals and other material. "Science for People' Women's Collective issue c.1975. Copy of letter from Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins to Sir Walter Fletcher re their 1915 joint Croonian Lecture. This letter was discovered in 1976 and a copy sent to Needham. l10Opp ms draft. Nd. 'The idea of the self', 1966:,221.:961:,:-nd. Includes memorabilia. D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 SECTION B CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY BoB. 23 TEACHING B.24 - B.29 FUNDING AND ADMINISTRATION OF RESEARCH B. 30 Bus 3 LUCY CAVENDISH COLLEGE TEACHING See also C.2, C.5-C.9 Contents of Needham's bulky folder so ‘Old lectures'. inscribed, divided into thirteen for ease of reference. Includes significant non-lecture material at B.1 and B.2. P Stewart. ‘Lecture IV'. 60pp typescript. Latest bibliographical ms notes on the work of Parnas, October 1935. 'Linkage of chemical changes in muscle' by Needham and others, 3pp typescript, 28 February 1935, reporting on work extending the findings of J K Parnas and colleagues; Ms notes on experiments conducted 23 September - 14 October 1938. Letter to Needham from R Gaddie, 2 December 1935, re queries arising from an article by Gaddie and C With Needham's ms notes and a reprint of the article. 2 folders. reference 1941. See also C.8. D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Cambridge University 'Transfer of phosphate and energy in the living cell', lecture to Academia Sinica Chemistry Institute, August 1944. 6pp typescript. The lecture was published in Biochemical Bulletin no.47, 20 January 1945. Ms notes on contributions of A Szent-Gyodrgyi, V 20 June 1945. A Engelhardt and A E Braunsteinat 'Moscow Conference' "Muscle contraction: the elaboration of the fuel', missing) with ms notes on the verso of pages 1, Nd. the nature of the machine and 12pp typescript (page 2 3 and 4. 'The working of the muscle machine', 6pp typescript, nd. ond. Also a few ms notes for 6 folders. 3 folders. Bo 4 Bs, 6 Contents of Needham's folder so inscribed: duplicated typescript sheets, "Pt II Class sheets Practical'. probably originally kept in a loose-leaf notebook. Miscellaneous pages of ms and typescript lecture notes, some with ms annotation. practicals. E9AG—53.. "Structure of proteins, with special reference to the muscle machine', 12pp ms, 6 folders. with several dates reflecting the reuse of the same material over several years. drafts of untitled lectures, not all complete, sometimes Contents of Needham's bulky folder so inscribed: "Pt II and PG lectures. 1960 Rumanian lectures'. ms The latest date is 1966. M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Cambridge University Biochemistry Department Part II reading lists, some annotated. 1960s. FUNDING AND ADMINISTRATION OF RESEARCH 1:95 3.2:4°955- on the study of uterus muscle', Research report 1952-53; 19° Aprisk “1955. ‘Memorandum 1958-59. Council grant (See A.11-A.13). Renewal of 1955 Agricultural Research 1961. July. Renewal of 1958 ARC grant; award of Royal research report to Royal Society 1960. Society grant. Applications for support from the Broodbank Includes research report for the Royal Society, £962. Fund, US National Institutes of Health and the Leverhulme Trust for work on a book on the biochemistry of muscle contraction (published 1971 as Machina Carnis, see D.14-D.31); 20 August. reports 1963 and 1964-65. Support for C 1963-65. had worked as a research assistant of Needham's (see also F.7-F.16);Leverhulme Trust award; F Shoenberg- Shoenberg research M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Cambridge University LUCY CAVENDISH COLLEGE Needham was elected a Fellow of this all-women's College in 1964. club from which the College originated. Needham was a member of the women's dining B.30 = B232 General correspondence and papers 1976-82. 3 folders. References, 1981-82. M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 SECTION C NOTEBOOKS Hardback notebook inscribed on first page 'D Biochemical Lab. Cambridge’. notes on a ?series of three lectures on enzymes by M Dixon, October and November 1939; by J W S Feldberg (17 October 1942), F Danielli (April 1941), M Needham Used from the front for T RR Mann (1941), J Bach and M Dixon; notes on lectures S and notes on proceedings of Society for Experimental Biology Conference on Wound healing 22 September 1943. Pasted onto three pages near the front are a collection of humorous wartime press-cuttings. Green hardback looseleaf notebook labelled on front cover 'Old Part II lectures (lst lot)' and on spine Pe Tete latest bibliographical reference 1940. Contains ms lecture notes on muscle contraction, Loose ms notes are enclosed at front of book. Loose at back is an untitled 14pp ms and typescript draft beginning "During the last 100 years, there has been an enormous of Needham's. Latest bibliographical June Bell was a research student Black hardback looseleaf notebook containing copy of amount of work on the biochemistry of muscle', January 1954, annotated 'Manchester'. D Bell's D.Phil. thesis (Cambridge 1955) J in the effect of adrenal cortical hormones on aspects of liver metabolism'. Dark blue 'Cantab' looseleaf notebook used for typescript and ms notes on the literature. reference 1951. material found loose at front and back of notebook. Looseleaf notebook used for 'Part II lectures Carbo- hydrate metabolism Oxidative phosphorylation...'. Ms and typescript pages: of lecture notes. pagesdis dated: 9.5.58!. and, C.3,,.C. 9: for The second ‘Studies See CiG,: Cay: D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Notebooks Material found loose at front of preceding. 57pp typescript lecture notes on ‘Aerobic contraction Aerobic phosphorylation Acetylcholine "British Council Cultural Scientific Office, Chungking’. Interfibre spaces’. Unstriated muscle Stamped Heart Needham served with the British Scientific Mission in China 1944-45. Miscellaneous typescript and ms pages of lecture notes and references. Latest bibliographical reference 1961. Material found loose at back of C.5. "Lecture IV'. bibliographical reference 1941. Typescript and ms draft. See also B.3, B.4. Latest references etc. ? ] 1963 and 1964. At the back are miscellaneous notes Latest bibliographical reference 1961. Miscellaneous ms and typescript pages of lecture notes, Loose at front of book is correspondence and data from Brenda [ are enclosed at back of book. Loose ms notes and data including 'conversation with Dr Filton Jackson July 17th 61' and 'conversation with K Bailey June 26th 1961". Red hardback notebook inscribed on front cover 'IV' used from the front for experimental data 23 April 1960 - 13 December 1961. notebooks were housed in three specially made wooden boxes. 60 looseleaf pocket notebooks used for notes on the literature for Machina Carnis These (D.14-D.31). D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Notebooks Cot LG 7/0). ax. C.11-C.69 are brown plastic covered notebooks, most of which were labelled by Needham with the chapter number and/or subject to which they referred. C.6/7-C.69 are unlabelled. C.70 is a different format notebook found with the series. ‘GH. 1A' eGHe LRY (GH. 2A" LOE. 3. CH 4! "CH. 12° SM. /THEOR. °Pt.2° "CH. 12 -SM../ THEOR= | PLE.3 'CH.12 SM. /TONOMURA' ‘CH.14 INTACT A’ 'CH.14 INTACT B' CH E5 PG" 'CH.14 INTACT C' CH. 6 ATP <1! "CH.L5 RIGOR: LVide STRUGTURE® 1! '‘CH.16 RESPIRATION “CH. 9 “MYOSIN” aL / COXED,. PHOS. 51 LCHag ACTIN 'CH.16 RESPIRATION tViE-“STRUCTURE 21 'CH.16 RESPIRATION ‘CH.9 ACTIN & TMB’ 'CH.16 RESPIRATION 'CH.16 RESPIRATION 'CH.8 ATP-ACTO-MY Pt.2' 'CH.8 ATP-ACTO-MY Pt.1' ‘19 RED & WHITE Ll' CH SEEDAMECH 2+ Pt. 15" \CH@EZ SM. /THROR:. Pt. 1* 'CH.10 MECHANISMS Pt.2' 'CH.1O MECHANISMS Pt.1' 'CH.9 TROPOMYOSIN' ‘18 REGULATION 1l' ‘CH.9 PROTEINS ' EL 7. OXLD . sPHOSs. 2" ‘18 REGULATION 2' ‘18 REGULATION 3' '19 DEVELOPMENT ' 'CH.16 RESPIRATION = . ‘ M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Notebooks '19 RED & WHITE 2' ‘SMOOTH MUSCLE' '19 SLOW/HEART' "SMOOTH MUSCLE 2' ‘19 SLOW/HEART 2' ‘23 SMOOTH MUSCLE 3' ‘20,21 DENERVATION/ GLYCOGEN S.D.' '21 DYSTROPHIES 1' "21 DYSTROPHIES 2' '21 HOLDING MECH' "21. INSECT FLIGHT’ ‘21 PHOSPHAGENS ' ‘RELAXATION A-G' "RELAXATION H-L' ‘RELAXATION M-T' ‘RELAXATION U-Z' Unlabelled C..68 Unlabelled C69. Unlabelled Unlabelled. M Needham Master's Lodge Caius College'. Used 7 pocket notebooks, same format as C.11-C.69, chiefly used for notes on the literature. Black hardback looseleaf pocket notebook. Very fragile. Leather-bound pocket notebook inscribed on inside cover 'D from the front for notes 18 October and 3 December on a planned 1972 Royal Society Symposium, and notes on talks by H Huxley 29 January 1973. on the literature etc. found enclosed in pocket at front of book. Hand-drawn plan possibly of wartime journey made between Chungking [ Chongqing ], and Baochi [ Baoji ] and Sian[ Xi'an]. Found in pocket at front of C.78. 24 January and A At the back are miscellaneous notes G Szent Gyorgyi Photograph See also C.78A. 1960s. Most pages not used. D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS AND LECTURES D. l= -D.e63 PUBLICATIONS D.64 - D.73 LECTURES D.74 REPRINTS "Myosin and adenosinetriphosphate in relation to muscle contraction', Meyerhof-Festschrift (Amsterdam, c.1949). 2nd proof copy with ms corrections. "Adenosinetriphosphate and the structural proteins in relation to muscle contraction’ in ed. in Enzymology 8 (1952), 151-197. F Nord Advances F 53pp typescript + references. statements 1964, CLS56);, 94-198. Extensively annotated reprint. Proof copy with ms corrections. "Energy production in muscle', British Medical Bulletin 12. Letter from Academic Press expressing disappointment Needham 'cannot accept the editorship of the book on the Physiology of Muscle', 10 January 1956. 1965. This chapter was revised and retitled for the 2nd edition of the book published in 1972. "Biochemistry of muscular action', in ed. The structure and function of muscle vol.II (Academic H Bourne Proof copy with ms corrections; Press New York, 1960). G See D.32-D.36. review, royalty M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Publications and lectures "Molecular aspects of the contractile mechanism of the uterus and its changes during pregnancy’ Latest bibliographical reference 1960. ?Unpublished. 14pp typescript with ms corrections. ‘Contractile proteins in smooth muscle of the uterus', Physiological Reviews 42 (1962) Supplement 5, 89-96. Proof copy with ms corrections. 'The proteins of the dilution precipitate obtained from salt extracts of pregnant and non-pregnant uterus' by Needham and J 534-545. M Williams, Biochemical Journal 89° (1963), Proof copy with ms corrections. 3 (L966)):. F Shoenberg et al, 89 (1963), 552-561. Letter commenting on draft (not found) the uterine contractile mechanism', Biochemical Journal of Proteins of Invitation to contribute to Revue roumaine de Biochemie 'A biochemical and electron microscope study of the contractile proteins in vertebrate smooth muscle', with C 345 (1966), 255-266. Proof copy with ms corrections. Biochemische Zeitschrift M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Publications and lectures ‘Biochemistry of the myometrium' with C F Shoenberg, in ed. (New York, 1967), 291-352. RM Wynn Cellular Biology of the Uterus Correspondence; 1972 review; royalty statements 1965-68, Review of D Keilin, and Cytochrome (Cambridge, 1966). 423. The History of Cell Respiration Ins ISis 7,28. (k967)) 4pp typescript; correspondence. 'Proteins of the contractile mechanism in vertebrate smooth muscle' in Handbook on the physiology of the alimentary canal Vol.II (American Physiological Society, 1968). (1969), Letter only. Correspondence with Professor Christian Crone, University of Copenhagen 1969, re the obituary; proof copy. typescript draft; "professor E Lundsgaard', obituary in Nature 222 804. Untitled 9pp typescript draft beginning 'If Szent Gyorgyi had called attention to dicarboxylic acids then in 1937 Hans Adolf Krebs (1900- place of tricarboxylic acid ...". reference 1970. )...brought out the special Latest bibliographical M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Publications and lectures D.14 - D.31 Machina carnis: The biochemistry of muscular contraction in its historical development (Cambridge, 1971). Needham had planned for a number of years to write a substantial volume to update her 1932 monograph Biochemistry of Muscle published by Methuen. she was approached by Oxford University Press but declined their invitation to write such a book as reckon that I have still before me half a dozen years "I In 1954 of active and useful experimental work in the laboratory, and it is therefore... my intention not to begin the writing of this book until toward the end of this period'. In 1955 Cambridge University Press expressed an interest, reiterated in 1962 on the eve of Needham's retirement from active research. Needham began work on Machina Carnis ain 1963. For Needham's working notebooks used for literature etc., see C.11-C.70. notes on the correspondence 1965 request from Includes letter from Methuen & and annotation. date as 1972. 26 February 1951; letters from Oxford University The copy incorrectly gives the publication Unbound copy of Machina Carnis with extensive ms correction Correspondence 1951-65. Co.Ltd., re possible new edition of 'Biochemistry of Muscle' Press 1954 re ‘a definitive treatise on Muscle Chemistry' 1954, with draft of Needham's reply; from Cambridge University Press; A Neuberger on behalf of North Holland Publishing Company ‘to write a book on the biochemistry of muscle’. 1970 Aug-Dec 7pp typescript synopsis outlining areas to be covered by Machina Carnis. material ?1964. Correspondence with Cambridge University Press Typed on back of P R China News Agency Detly 1970 Feb-July D9 1971-72 3 folders. D.18 De L7=D.19 1970-72 M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Publications and lectures Correspondence with colleagues re comments on drafts, advice and information, permission to use figures ete. 19/0/11. Letters of appreciation, congratulation etc. 1971-73. Reviews of Machina Carnis from UK journals. Reviews of Machina Carnis from overseas journals. Royalty statements and related correspondence 1971-82. Miscellaneous promotional etc., material. 2 folders. e229). Si. 3 folders. used for Machina Carnis. D.27,D.28 "Machina carnis'. Card index of bibliographical references. Probably Contents of Needham's folder so inscribed: ms notes and references, errata, typescript references etc. "Odd references etc might be useful later’. of Needham's A4 envelope so inscribed. tablet diary the backs of whose pages have been used for bibliographical references. See D.5. and function of muscle vol.III (2nd edition, Academic Press New York, 1972). "Biochemistry of muscle', in ed. G H Bourne The structure Contents Da31-is1966 Ds32=D. 36 D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Publications and lectures Typescript draft paginated 1-80a. 3 folders. Correspondence 1969-70. to write a second chapter for the book on 'History of muscle research’. Includes invitation (declined) Correspondence 1971-73. Review of H A Krebs, Otto Warburg, Zellphysiologe - Biochemiker - Mediziner, 1883-1970 (Stuttgart, 1979). In Annals of Science 37 (1980) TOS: 3pp typescript completed before Needham's death. letter from Teich to Needham Re38-D.63 Needham and M Teich began work on this book following the publication of Machina Carnis. It was intended for publication by Harvard University Press but not Undated letter to E H Madden, State University of 4pp typescript draft with ms correction; as sent. "Sourcebook for the history of biochemistry 1740-1940', ’ with M Teich. and journals for requests to reproduce material. New York, Buffalo, re publishing the planned Sourcebook in the 'Source-Books in the History of the Sciences' series edited by Madden; re proposed coverage of the book, 29 April 1974; letter from Harvard University Press to Teich re layout, ‘Publishers' addresses'. envelope so inscribed: Contents of Needham's addresses of publishing houses 22 January 1979. a M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Publications and lectures Typescript D.40-D. 42 'I Enzymes: end of the 18th century to the 1890s.' fermentation and digestion. From the 92pp. 3; Lorders: 'I ENZYMES'. pp.1-116. 4 folders. D.47,D.48 ‘II PHOTOSYNTHESIS'. pp.1-49. 2°ftolders. D.49-D.51 ‘III RESPIRATION'. pp.1-98. 3 folders. 5'folLders. D.57=D.-59 'V Carbohydrates'. pp.1-94. D.52-D.56 pp.1-159 (incomplete). No draft ‘VY PROTEINS'. numbered IV was found. ., DOx'. Miscellaneous typescript and ms references, extracts from the literature, pages of drafts etc. PV Le UEPilvs ..° Dp. eS. 3 folders. 3 folders. D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 LECTURES Publications and lectures D.64 Letter from E H F Baldwin, 25 September 1956, re two Public Lectures to be given by Needham at University College, London, probably later that year. ‘On the contractile mechanism of uterus muscle’. Latest bibliographical reference 1962. 7pp typescript + references. Untitled 12pp ms draft beginning 'Since the work of Csapo, beginning about fifteen years ago, has been realised that from the uterine smooth muscle a protein can be extracted'. Annotated 'Tokyo 1964'. pioneer it A version of this lecture was published as ‘Proteins - 6pp typescript with ms corrections. "Machina carnis; a chemical history of muscular contraction', 28-29 September 1967. Lectures in honour of Einar Lundsgaard, of the Sciences, Warsaw and Krakow, 24-29 August 1965. of the contraction mechanism' in Pharmacology of smooth muscle Pharmacological Meeting, Prague, 20-23 August 1963, 87-94. Proceedings of the 2nd International "Nineteenth century conceptions of energy utilisation by muscle, llth International Congress on the History programme; memorabilia. 23pp typescript with ms corrections. lecture was entitled 'Machina carnis' after the book on which she was working (D.14-D.31), the lecture concentrates on Lundsgaard's contributions to the ‘understanding of Correspondence re arrangements with C Crone and Although Needham's energy provision in muscle’. D R Wilkie; M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Publications and lectures "Development of our knowledge of energy provision for muscle contraction'. Kuala Lumpur Sept 1971'. Annotated 'Lecture given at 25pp ms; ms notes. "Muscle contraction: from the Greeks to the sliding mechanism', Redfearn Memorial Lecture, Leicester University, 19: March 1973. of Guelph, Canada, in 1972. This was also delivered at the University See E.8. 20pp typescript + notes for blackboard diagrams and list of slides. Correspondence with H L Kornberg re arrangements. "Chinese scientists revisted - 1972', lecture delivered REPRINTS at Bristol University, 10 May 1973, and Leicester. 19pp typescript with ms corrections (one dated April 1972); ms notes; notice for Bristol lecture. Incomplete set of reprints of articles by Needham (those 1939-50 in bound volume) ; copy of Machina Carnis, 1 box. author's annotated D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 SECTION E VISITS AND CONFERENCES Hungarian Physiological Society 20th Conference, Budapest, July 1954. preliminary observations on the protein fractions of the uterus, and on the ATPase activity of this organ’ . Needham spoke on ‘Some Typescript draft of Needham's contribution. Conference pocket notebook used by Needham for notes on the proceedings. Visit to USA, November 1961. Center during visit. 2 June 1964. Mittelrheinische Gesellschaft ftir Geburtshilfe und Gyndkologie 117th meeting, Mainz, 22-24 July 1955. Needham spoke at a Symposium on contractile protein of the uterus on und die Adenosintriphosphatase Aktivitat in der Uterus-Muskulatur normaler overektomierter und 'Die Zusammensetzung der Proteine schwangerer Tiere'. wall, Brussels, 22-24 May 1962. Correspondence re arrangements; programme, duplicated typescript ?summary of Needham's contribution. Invitation to visit University of California Medical Invitation to International Symposium on the arterial Invitation to Symposium on Muscle, Budapest, September 1966. Invitation to Symposium on the mechanism of labour, Wiirzburg, 31 May - D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Visits and conferences 2nd International Symposium on Angiology, Fribourg, Switzerland, 21-22 June 1968. Needham chaired two sessions. Correspondence; annotated programme. Invitation to meeting on molecular biology and ultra- structure in the systematics of the higher group, Cambridge, 24-26 March 1969. Invitation to conference on the history of biochemistry and molecular biology, Brookline, Massachusetts, 21-23 May 1970. Visit to Canada November-December 1972. Needham gave seminars on ‘Muscle contraction: From the Visit to Cyprus May-June 1979. Brookline, Massachusetts, 11-13 October 1973. University of Cambridge meeting on 'Of timeliness and ment of biochemistry', 4 December 1978. Annotated programme only. the University of Toronto. Correspondence re arrangements. University of Guelph, and on biochemistry of muscle at Greeks to the sliding mechanism’ (See D.71,D.72) at the Invitation to conference on the history of bioenergétics, promise - sterile and fruitful approaches in the develop- See A.50. Annotated memorabilia from Joseph Needham's visit to Rumania 1981. Itineraries; Dorothy Needham's ms journal for 21-31 May. The Needhams visited Cyprus under the auspices of the Brita shscouncil.< D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Correspondence with individuals. In alphabetical order with an indication of information of particular biographical, historical or scientific interest. BEQ2e = Re2/ SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE In chronological order. REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Correspondence Astbury, W T "Contraction of actomyosin fibrils under the action. of ATP’. Bailey, K Cohen, JA Hill, AV 1962, 1963 1952,1954,1963 1965, 1.967 1967 correspondence re correlation between actomyosin ATPase activity and muscle shortening. Hoet, J P 1967 Chiefly re visit to Cambridge 1950-1974 and nd. Kalckar, HH M 1963-66,1977 Pe] = EF. L6 Shoenberg, C F Catherine Shoenberg, wife of the physicist David a member of Needham's research team working on Most of the material relates to Needham's subsequent efforts before her retirement to find appropriate Shoenberg, returned to scientific research in 1955 as "biochemistry of the uterus’. 1956, 71:958.s contractile mechanism of vertebrate smooth muscle. facilities and funding for Shoenberg's work on £950, D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Correspondence 1960. Re laboratory accommodation. 1961, 1962 Mar-May. 1962 June-July. in vertebrate smooth muscle cells' by Shoenberg. Includes typescript draft 'Pseudopia 1963. Chiefly re laboratory accommodation. 1964-66. Includes 1966 research reports. 1967, 1969. Includes Shoenberg's 1967 account of her work with Needham. Fo1L7-F.:20 Wakid, N W 1957-67 and nd. Chiefly re grant applications. Includes 1973-74. Correspondence 1973 re grant applications. 1.9570 e972 "Report' of planned investigation into the sliding filament mechanism in vertebrate smooth muscle. Chiefly re joint papers. Wakid was a British Council Scholar studying under Needham's supervision for his PhD 1956-58. 1957-59. D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Correspondence 1960. Chiefly re joint papers. 1961. Joint papers; references. 1962-67, nd. Weber, H H 1970-71 Re Weber's Meyerhof Memorial Lecture. 1961-65 B26 1971-82 PAT) 949-59 B25 1968-69 1966-67 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Nd D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Correspondence REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS F.28-F.30 Examining Pe get. 33 Appointments and Grant Applications F.34-F. 38 Elections to the Royal Society Examining E28 1956-65 E29 1966-73 F.36 : ° : 1973 1974-80 Poe p32 F.34 1964-81 Fi) 1967-68 L963-69 1970, 1974 1952-60 Elections to the Royal Society Appointments and Grant Applications H909=72 D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 SECTION G NON-PRINT MATERIAL G.1=6.10 This section comprises microscope slides and photographic plates, some probably used for illustrating lectures and/or publications. Microscope slides with labelled sections of uterus muscle. 3 sets. Microscope slides, labelled either '1l' or '2'. 1 set. 82mm x 107mm glass photographic plates. 4 boxes. 51mm x 253mm glass photographic plates. 1 bundle. [ ? in envelopes. A note found with the ] inactive’. 5lmm x 253mm glass photographic plates. The plates were found in pairs or singly, in paper wrapping or bundle is inscribed '6/7.3.57 H acto mero myosin enzymically 1: DOXs D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ACADEMIC PRESS, INC. D.4,/D.5,D235,D.36 ADELMAN, M R 1 eS: AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL A613, Be 25-Be2 1, Basco De Opt. liek alo ALLEY, Rewi AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL AMOROSO, Emmanuel Ciprian ANDREEN, Andrea A.69 A.76-A.78 Psy be 38 A.66,A.67 ASTBURY, William Thomas Be |: BALAIS, Robert BALDWIN, Ernest BALINSKA, Irena BANERJI, Goutom BASTHOLM, E See also F.23 B2 F277 BAILEY, Kenneth BARANY, Michael A.24,D.64,F.28 BATE-SMITH, Edgar Charles BAUER, H BENDALL, J R BERNAL, Eileen D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Index of correspondents BERNAL, John Desmond See A.26 BLAXTER, Sir Kenneth (Lyon) E36 BODDE, Derk A.69,A.70,A.72 BOURNE, Geoffrey H De32,Ds- 5D 7D.s6;r eee BOYCOTT, Brian Blundell BRINK, Charles Oscar BRUMWELL, J R Marcus BRYDEN, David J BUCHTHAL, Fritz F.34 A.68 BUESS, Heinrich BULBRING, Edith BURBIDGEy « Peter G Av16,A.28,D.19,;F.21 BURTCHAELL, James T A.69,A.70 CALNE, Sir Roy (Yorke) F226 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CAMPAIGN FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT A.28 CHADWICK, Ruth Romaine A.83-A.85 Bs235 A.82 D315, Ded /=D:.1.9;D- 24 CARSTEN, Mary E CHAMBERS, Frances D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Index of correspondents CHAPLAIN, RA CHAPPELL, John Brian CODE, Charles Frederick COHEN, Jacob Antonie COHEN, Ruth Louisa COHEN-WELTER, Willy A COLLINGWOOD-WHITTICK, M A.66-A.68 COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon Bec CRONE, Christian DANIEL, E E de HAAN, E J DELAY, Ute DREW, John D235 Fr. 22 DAILY TELEGRAPH Po25 AS DALY, Ivan de Burgh DAVIES, Robert Ernest DRESEL, Elisabeth Irmgard Brigitte DUKE, A DUBOWITZ, V B22) Seok M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Index of correspondents EBASHI, Setsuro A.68,F.26 EDSALL, John Tileston A568; 8. 775.9 fees EDWARD, Anthony W F ELLIOTT, Gerald F.26 Be23 7527 ELLIOTT, Kenneth Allan Caldwell Aan6/ (As 08 7AS10, A. 7: ENGELHARDT, Vladimir Aleksandrovich De2i FALLDING, Margaret Hardy E.8 FARM AND FOOD SOCIETY A,89-A.91 FROST, Honor GABELOVA, Nina A GADDIE, Robert FATT, Paul FEUER, G FLEAR, Cecil T G FRITZ, Irving Bandas GUTMANN, E GORONWY-ROBERTS, Goronwy Owen, Baron GOODALL, Forrest R GORRINGE, Peter M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Index of correspondents HAMOIR, G HANSON, (Emmeline) Jean HARDING, J J F623 220 F.9,F.34 B23 HARLAND, Elisabeth A.66,A.68 HARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS HASSELBACH, Wilhelm HATFIELD (née MIALL), Frances Margaret HEALD, Peter Joseph HELE, Mary E Priscilla HIBBERD, Hope HOE TT, de P HOLLAND, D L HOWELL, M L HONIG, Carl Robert HILL, Archibald Vivian HOPKINS, Sir Frederick Gowland HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold (Percival) IRIYAGOLLE, Indrani HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding HUXLEY, Hugh Esmor D:.2Ovr si 2,f se F.8,F.34 M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Index of correspondents JAISLE, Franz KALCKAR, Herman Moritz KAY, Cyril M KEIGHLEY, Aylwin KENDRICK, Carol KOMINZ, David Richard KRAUSE, Gerhard KREBS; ‘Sir Hans Adolf LINFOOT, Joyce LUNDSGAARD, Einar LASZT, L LE FANU, Mark LEHMANN, Hermann A. 40 LEVERHULME TRUST B.28,B.29,F.14 LIANG Chi Chin LISSMANN, Hans Werner A.40,F. 33 Di69;7.6 See also D.12 McCOLLESTER, Duncan L D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Index of correspondents McILWAIN, Henry McQUILLEN, Kenneth MADDEN, E H MANN, Thaddeus Robert Rudolph MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL METHUEN & COMPANY LIMITED MITCHELL, Joseph Stanley MOMMAERTS, Wilfried F H M MONTEFIORE, The Rt.Rev. Hugh William NEEDHAM, Joseph NEUBERGER, Albert NOWINSKI, Wiktor W A. S276.. 078 ok MOYLE, Jeremy MOYLE, John A.42 A. 43 F.14 A.13,A.26,A.44-A.52,F.22 MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) MURRAY, Keith Anderson Hope, Baron OFFER, Gerald W NUFFIELD FOUNDATION D.i5 A, 53),D.21 P.o258 33 M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Index of correspondents OGSTON, Alexander George OWEN, David Anthony Llewellyn OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PALATY, Vladimir PANTIN, Carl Frederick Abel PARK, Jane Harting PARTRIDGE, S Miles D. 36 F228 PERRY, Samuel Victor Bs .20.,23723,, 8 329 pe oa PETERS, Sir Rudolph Albert ALO, 2.35;,8 337 F.35-F.38 POLLITT, Geoffrey RADU, Horia RAJCHMAN, Marie PIRIE, Norman Wingate B35, F234, 2239 PRINGLE, John William Sutton PIRIE, Antoinette ('Tony') A.78,A.83,A.90,A.101 RHODES JAMES, Robert Vidal RANDLE, Sir Philip John RAPKINE, Sarah M D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Index of correspondents RICHTER, Derek ROSS, Robert ROUGHTON, Francis John Worsley ROYAL SOCIETY eed B.26 A.13,B.25-B.26,;D.21,F.12, F.15,F.36-F. 38 RUEGG, J Caspar D.20,F.24,F.27 RUSHTON, William Albert Hugh E235 SALT, George SCHIRMER, Heiner Felicitée SILVA, Mahindar SOBIESZEK, Apolinary SCHOTT, G D SCHWALM, H A.58,D.20,F.7-F.16 SCIENCE PRESS PTY LIMITED SLATER, Sir William (Kershaw) SHOENBERG (née FISCHMANN), Catherine E.5 SOCIETY FOR CULTURAL RELATIONS WITH A.59 EoD B22 STEELE, Sydney A.66-A.68 THE USSR STRAUB, F B Aid3}B 225, Be26 M M Needham D NCUACS 22/7/90 Index of correspondents SYNGE, Richard Laurence Millington SZENT-GYORGYI, Albert SZENT-GYORGYL, Andrew Gabriel TEICH, Mikulas A.59,D.21,D.38 TERYUO, Ushiyama TONOMURA, Y UNDERWOOD, Edgar Ashworth URAKAWA, Norimoto VASILE, Marza D A.13 A.16 WADE, H WR WAKID, Nabil W WADDINGTON, Conrad Hal van HEYNINGEN, William Edward ('Kits') D.69 WILKIE, Douglas Robert WEBER, Hans Hermann D, 2158 «24 P2138. 14 A.62,F.17-F.20 Do20,;DsZ2LjBeZ2E WEEDS, Alan G WEIS-FOGH, Torkel D M M Needham NCUACS 22/7/90 Index of correspondents WILLIAMS (née CAWKWELL), Jennifer M A.63-A.65 WILLMER, E N WRINCH, Dorothy WYNN, Ralph Matthew YOUNG, Sir Frank (George) A, 13578225, B.2678e/ FeO, FO10,Peligt. 2476 26,5. 34