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N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Title: Compiled by: Description level: Fonds Date of material: 1902-2003 Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Extent of material: 16 boxes, ca 250 items Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Nevill Francis Mott CH FRS (1905-1996), physicist NCUACS catalogue no. 119/5/03 © 2003 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. Reference code: GB 0012 Mott papers Deposited in: Cambridge University Library N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Heritage Lottery Fund The Institute of Physics The Macro Group UK The Polymer Physics Group The Public Record Office N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE KEEPER OF MANUSCRIPTS WEST ROAD CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY CAMBRIDGE N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.359 SECTION B LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS SECTION C SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS SECTION D VISITS AND CONFERENCES SECTION E RELIGION SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Mrs Alice Crampin, daughter, in 2003. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF NEVILL FRANCIS MOTT For an outline of Mott’s life and career see NCUACS catalogue no. 105/4/02. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION This supplementary collection is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. The papers cover the period 1902-2003. They should be consulted in conjunction with the Mott papers catalogued as NCUACS no. 105/4/02. Section A, Biographical, is by far the largest in the collection. There is additional material relating to Mott’s autobiography, a major sequence of documentation of career, honours and awards, 1918- 1996, including the Nobel Prize, and an almost complete sequence of appointment diaries, 1958- 1996. The most substantial component of the section is Mott’s family correspondence, 1922-1962. number of photographs of Mott and scientific colleagues. pre- and post-war Bristol and the Second World War. There are also sequences of correspondence The sequence includes Mott’s undergraduate years at St John’s College, Cambridge, 1924-1927, Copenhagen with Bohr in 1928, Manchester with W.L. Bragg, 1928-1929, Cambridge, 1930-1933, relating to his father’s research at the Cavendish under J.J. Thomson and Ruth Mott’s account of her This is principally Mott’s letters to his parents and provides indispensable documentation of his career from Clifton College school, Bristol to the Cavendish Professorship of Physics, Cambridge. from Mott’s visits to Japan, 1953 and Africa, 1962. Biographical items of particular interest are drafts 1970-1995. and her husband's visit to Russia in 1934. There are also sequences of press-cuttings and a small lectures and shorter publications and writings. There is also a little publications correspondence, Section B, Lectures and publications, documents a small number of Mott’s public and invitation N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Section C, Societies and organisations, is slight, providing additional documentation of Mott’s association with five British and international bodies, 1952-1995, including the Royal Society. Section D, Visits and conferences, is slight, comprising single items representing six occasions, 1959-1993. Section E, Religion, provides further documentation of Mott’s developing interest in religion in his later years. There is correspondence, 1977-1996, an annotated draft of ‘Christianity without miracles’ Mott’s own contribution for Can scientists believe?, shorter publications and writings, and sermons. Section F, Correspondence, is slight. It is presented as a chronological sequence with scientific colleagues and others, 1963-1996. There is also an index of correspondents. We are very grateful to Mrs Crampin for making the papers available and for information and advice. Peter Harper Timothy E. Powell Bath, May 2003 N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.1-A.359 N.d., 1902- 2003 A.1 OBITUARIES A.2-A.36 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.37-A.154A CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.155-A.189 DIARIES A.190-A.333 FAMILY AND PERSONAL A.334-A.346 PRESS CUTTINGS A.347-A.355 PHOTOGRAPHS A.356-A.359 MISCELLANEOUS OBITUARIES AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL Guardian, 12 August 1996. The Times, 12 August 1996. Independent, 12 August 1996. Daily Telegraph, 12 August 1996. manuscript draft and other papers found attached to it. ‘Personal Records of Fellows of the Royal Society’ ‘Notes on my scientific and professional career’ Manuscript education etc. 23pp typescript draft dated September 1977; notes on parentage, ancestry, marriage, 1923-1996 5pp N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical ‘My research career 6pp manuscript draft. A life in science, Taylor and Francis, 1986 1923-1986 ‘Material collected comments on them’ for autobiography and drafts and 1953-1996 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into nine for ease of reference: correspondence, printed and duplicated background material, of chapter on religion, etc. typescript drafts A.14-A.33 ‘Letters used in NFM’s autobiography - mostly family’ 1923-1985 Contents of boxfile so inscribed: correspondence and Principally Mott’s letters to papers found in three folders. his mother and father but also later correspondence relating to the preparation of the autobiography. A.14-A.21 A.28-A.33 A.22-A.27 1923-1985 Gédttingen in 1928-1929, N.d. ‘Autobio Some letters used’ ‘Copenhagen M/C [Manchester] Gottingen Berlin’ Contents of folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: principally letters from Mott to his parents, 1923-1958. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of reference: Mott’s letters from Copenhagen in 1928, Cambridge and 1929 and Manchester, where Mott spent a year under W.L. Bragg, 1929-1930. 1956-1985 Contents of untitled folder divided into six for ease of reference: principally photocopies of Mott’s letters to A.M. Tyndall, physics department, 1932-1933, sent to Mott by P.K. Hoch, 1985 University At A.22 is later correspondence re the preparation of the autobiography, 1983, 1985 and manuscript draft ‘Nobel prize in physics’ dated ‘1980 ?’ head of the of Bristol N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical a photocopy of At A.33 is a typescript memorandum ‘Theoretical Physics in Bristol’ with manuscript inscription ‘Probably written by Mott probably about 1946’. Correspondence and papers re Mott’s autobiography 1985-1986 Includes comments on drafts by Margaret Gowing and letters from readers of the published autobiography. Reviews Bibliography Lists of Mott’s publications. A.37-A.154A CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1918-1996 1918-1924 1953-1954 letters and telegrams of Includes letters from H.C. Beaven, Mott’s mathematics teacher at Clifton. Election to the Cavendish Chair of Physics, University of Cambridge, 1953 Correspondence and papers re scholarship examinations etc, Clifton College school, Bristol and St John’s College, Cambridge Invitation and Mott’s acceptance; list of NAS elections. Invitation from the Vice-Chancellor to accept election to the Chair; congratulation. Unindexed. Election as Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences, 1957 N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.40-A.64 Mastership of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 1959-1966 1959-1972 He Mott was elected Master of the College in 1959. Mott considers his Mastership in resigned in 1965. chapter 15 of his autobiography, A life in science, pp 121- 129. A.40-A.45 Letters of congratulation on Mott’s election as Master In alphabetical order. Unindexed. 6 folders. A.46-A.50 ‘Master’s portrait’ 1961-1972, N.d. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference: correspondence with the portrait painter, James Wood and others. 11 folders. 3 folders. Laboratories of A.51-A.61 A.62-A.64 1963-1966, n.d. appreciation, regret etc on Mott's Letters resignation as Master. of thanks, Correspondence and papers re Mott’s resignation from the Mastership Sequence kept together by Mott. Includes letters to Lady Mott. Unindexed. 1965-1966 Order of proceedings, orations and open day guide to Chadwick Laboratory and the Civil Engineering and Building Science. Order of proceedings for degree ceremony and booklet and other papers the Department of Physics building. re opening of Honorary degree, University of Liverpool, 30 April 1960 Honorary degree, University of Reading, 17 May 1960 N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical Honorary degree, University of Sheffield, 1 July 1961 Order of proceedings. A.68-A.85 Knighthood, 1962 Letters of congratulation. Presentation follows original arrangement by category of sender. Titles in the entries are taken from the envelopes in which the letters were found. Letters to Lady Mott are at A.85. Unindexed ‘Cabinet ministers etc’. A.69-A.70 ‘Caius’ 2 folders. ‘Heads of Colleges’ A.73-A.77 ‘Physics’ 5 folders. ‘Education committees etc’ ‘Bristol friends’ ‘Various Cambridge friends’ ‘Scientific committees etc’ ‘Vice Chancellors’ N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical ‘Family and personal friends’ ‘Various professional friends’ Untitled Letters received by Lady Mott Honorary degree, University of London, 28 November 1963 Presentation address for Mott, order of proceedings etc Naming after Mott of Basic Physics Building, National Physics Laboratory, Teddington, Middlesex, 1966 2 folders. 70th birthday Correspondence with the Director. Letters of congratulation. Unindexed. Copley Medal of the Royal Society, 1972 Honorary degree, University of Oxford, 25 June 1975 Dinner, 26 September 1975 Letters of congratulation and good wishes Encaenia addresses, etc. Menu, invitation card, list of guests for Celebration N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical Folder also includes manuscript notes for Mott’s speech of thanks. Chevalier de Ordre National du Mérite, 1977 Brief correspondence with French Embassy, February. A.94-A.136 Nobel Prize for Physics, 1977 Mott was awarded the 1977 prize for physics with P.W. Anderson and J.H. Van Vleck ‘for their fundamental theoretical investigations of the electronic structure of magnetic and disordered systems’. Notification of award; correspondence and papers re arrangements to visit Stockholm to receive award 2 folders. 3 folders. ‘The Meaning of “Internal Balance” ‘ ‘Swedish Diary December 1977’ A.96-A.98 Miscellaneous background papers re award and visit to Stockholm Photocopy of typescript draft with manuscript corrections of Prize Lecture of James Meade (Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1977). 3 folders. Contents of folder so inscribed: 22pp typescript diary of visit kept by Lady Mott. A.101-A.103 Press-cuttings N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.104-A.136 Letters and telegrams of congratulation The letters are presented in an alphabetical sequence. First at A.130-A.131. Telegrams are at A.132-A.136. Unindexed. unidentified are names and A.105, A.106 A B 2 folders. A.107, A.108 Cc 2 folders. H A.113, A.114 2 folders. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.118, A.119 M 2 folders. A.123-A.125 S 3 folders. A.130, A.131 5 folders. First names and unidentified 2 folders. A.132-A.136 Telegrams N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical Honorary degree awarded by unidentifed institution N.d. [1978] Presentation address. Honorary Member of the Royal Spanish Physical and Chemical Society, 1980 Certificate only. Honorary degree, University of Sussex, 22 July 1980 Order of proceedings. Honorary November 1980 degree, Philipps-Universitat, | Marburg, Letter and press-cuttings. 75th birthday 1 1982. Awards 1980-1982 1981-1983 and Engineers 1 letter only re award, 1981. Society Honorary Member Award for 1980. Photographic of Scientists 1 card only signed by the staff of Taylor & Francis Ltd, publisher. Short poem written to mark the occasion, 1982. Ordinary member of Sciences Catania (Italy), 1982. letter only re Mott’s designation as ordinary member, Naming building after Mott at Bell Labs, 1982 the Mediterranean Academy of N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical Foreign Fellow of 1982 Indian National Science Academy, Letter announcing award; certificate. 1982-1983. Honorary Fellow of the European Physical Society, 1985 1 letter only re election as Honorary Fellow. Honorary degree, University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, 2 September 1985 Booklet of presentation addresses. 80th birthday Letter and menu card for celebration dinner, Gonville and Caius College Cambridge, 4 October 1985. 1 letter only re award, 1986. 1 letter only re award, 1988. Awards, 1986-1989 1986-1989 Foundation Medal of the International Science Policy Foundation, 1986 Letter of congratulations from the Cambridge University Natural Sciences Club. Honorary Fellowship of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, New Delhi, India, 1988 1 letter only re becoming Emeritus Member, 1989. Naming of lecture theatre after Mott, University of Bristol Department of Physics, 1988 1 letter only requesting permission, 1988. Emeritus Member Academia Europaea, 1989 N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical Luncheon Prizewinners, 14 April 1989 honour in of British Science Nobel Invitation card, menu, seating plan, copy of letter from J.W. ‘for information’. Cornforth declining invitation, Mott sent to Honorary degree, University of Cambridge, 9 June 1994 Letter re arrangements. Honorary member, American Ceramic Society, 1995 Brief correspondence re award. A.150-A.152 Companion of Honour, 1995 Letters of congratulation. 3 folders. 90th birthday Greetings cards. Unindexed. The letters are presented in alphabetical order. names and unidentified at A.152. Unindexed. Funeral service, Gonville and Caius College Chapel, Cambridge, 16 August 1996 Letter re arrangements, order of service and address given by former Bishop of Ely, Rt Rev. Peter K. Walker. Order of service and reading. Memorial service, Great, Cambridge, 16 November 1996 University Church of St Mary the N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.155-A.189 DIARIES 1958-1996 A chronological sequence of Mott’s appointment diaries. Lacks 1971, 1989, 1990 and 1995. 1958 N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.190-A.333 FAMILY AND PERSONAL N.d., 1902 1p Prof.J.J.Thomson suggested to me that | should investigate whether the conductivity of an electrical conductor was affected by the presence on charge’, initialled ‘C.F.M.’. Charles Francis Mott (father) (1877-1967) Typescript and manuscript drafts re research undertaken at Laboratory Cambridge under J.J. Thomson. the Cavendish its surface of an electrostatic N.d., 1902- 2003 A.190-A.195 typescript beginning ‘In 1900, N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.191, A.192 ‘Description of proposed course of research’ 18pp manuscript account of ‘Experiments to determine whether the resistance of a thin metallic film can be altered by an electrostatic field applied normally to the film’ by C.F. Mott. 2 folders. ‘The Influence of Variation of Temperature upon the Photo-Electric Effect’ 22pp manuscript including figures by C.F. Mott. ‘An Attempt to discover whether the resistance of a thin metallic film is increased when its surface is charged’ 21pp manuscript including figures by C.F. Mott dated ‘August 1902’. elektromagnetischen Feldes 12pp manuscript by C.F. Mott. A Memoir ‘by Her Husband’. Privately printed, 1956. Lilian Mary Mott (née Reynolds) (mother) (1879-1952) ‘Note on the paper by Prof. Cohn entitled “Ueber die Gleichungen des_ fir beweigte K6rper” ‘ Wes Margaret Joan Fitch (née Mott) (sister) (1907-2001) ‘Journey to Russia 1st to 24th September, 1934’ A.198-A.205A Ruth Eleanor Mott (née Horder) (wife) (1906-2000) 1934-2000 A.198 1934 Autobiography N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 56pp tpescript account of visit by Mott and his wife written The occasion was an invitation from the by Ruth Mott. Soviet Academy to a conference to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Russian chemist, Mendeleef. to attend Mott A.199-A.204 ‘Cavendish Wives’ Club’ 1955-1971 The Club was founded by Ruth Mott. This was modelled on a similar club in Bristol founded by Maita Frank, the wife of Mott’s colleague, Charles Frank. Notebook used for record of meetings and committee members etc, for period 1955-1971 Duplicated lists period 1955-1971 of meetings, lists of members etc, for 3 folders. ‘Cavendish Wives’ Brains Trust’ the form of A.201-A.203 Letters from speakers, members of Club N.d., 1957- Order of funeral service, Crawley, Bedfordshire, 4 May 2000 Contents of envelope so inscribed: questions for the ‘Brains Trust in manuscript notes and typescript cards. 1971 Published volume of memories from family members and friends. Ruth Mott by Cecily Crampin and John Horder Parish Church of Husborne N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.206-A.326 Family correspondence 1922-1962, 2003 n.d. Mott to 1922-1955, Correspondence, is predominantly letters from his parents though the sequence also includes letters from other family members to his parents, especially his wife, Ruth and his sister, Joan Fitch. Correspondence from Mott on a visit to Japan, 1953 and from Mott on a visit to Africa, 1962, are predominantly letters from Mott to his wife. Mott seems to have examined much if not all of this correspondence in connexion with the preparation of his autobiography and the labelling of the envelopes and folders in which much of the correspondence was found reflects this. For letters used in the autobiography see A.14-A.33. As far as possible the original arrangement and order has been preserved. ‘Note of names etc that might be useful in due course in reading the letters’ 1922-1952, n.d. Contents of envelope so inscribed. A.207-A.213 ‘Letters missed from book’ Predominantly letters from School House, Clifton College, Bristol. 3pp print-out of email from Alice Crampin, daughter of Mott, 23 January 2003. Letters, 1925, are from St John’s College, Cambridge. Letters from Lausanne, Switzerland, July 1924. 1922-1923 1924 1925, 1928 N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1930-1931 Letters from Cambridge. 1938 Includes letters from the USA. 1947, n.d. Predominantly letters from Stuart House, The Royal Fort, Clifton, Bristol. A.214-A.218 ‘Letters Lausanne School Early St John’s’ 1923-1925 1923 January 1924 1923 May-November Contents of folder so inscribed. Letters from School House, Clifton College, Bristol. Letters from home (Falkner Square Liverpool) and School House, Clifton College, Bristol. 2 folders. Letters from St John’s College, Cambridge. Letters College, Cambridge. from Lausanne, Switzerland, and St John’s A.217, A.218 1925 N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.219-A.225 ‘Engagement Angry letter to [?] F Copenhagen’ 1924-1947 Contents of folder so inscribed 1924, 1926 Letters from St John’s College, Cambridge. 1928 January - March Letters from Cambridge. 1928 April - June Predominantly from Cambridge. 1928 July - August 1928 September Letters from Copenhagen. 1928 September - December with impressions of Stockholm Predominantly from Cambridge. 1928 October - December, 1947 Letters from Copenhagen. Includes 1947 letter re visit to Scandinavia and Copenhagen. Contents of folder so inscribed. Includes letters from Ruth from Green Acre, Ealing, her family home and Newnham College, Cambridge. A.226-A.230 ‘1926 General Strike’ 1926-1927, n.d. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1926 January - June Letters predominantly from Cambridge. Mott’s letter of 16 May 1926 reflects on his experience of the General Strike. 1926 September - December Predominantly from Cambridge. 1927 January - June Letters from Cambridge. 1927 July, October Letters from Cambridge. 1927 November, n.d. Letters from Cambridge. ‘Copenhagen for Margaret [Gowing]’ Contents of folder so inscribed: pages from one or more letters from Copenhagen, 1928, found stapled together and letter, 6 June 1945, on possible postwar restrictions on scientists who had been associated with war work in respect of visiting colleagues in foreign countries. Contents of folder so inscribed. A.233, A.234 ‘Manchester’ Correspondence, off-print 1928, 1945 1929-1930, n.d. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1929-1930 Includes letters from conference and gave a lecture and Dresden, June 1930. Leipzig where Mott attended a N.d. Includes letter from R.H. Fowler. A.235-A.244 ‘M/C [crossed out] 4 C.P. Some U.S.A. 1938’ 1930-1938, n.d. Contents of folder so inscribed. The sequence begins with Mott’s return to Cambridge 4 Caledonian Place was the from Manchester in 1930. Motts’ private address in Bristol. In 1938 Mott received his first invitation to visit America, to teach in a summer school at the University of Pittsburg. 1930 August - October N.d. [ ? 1930-1931] 1937 May - October N.d [? 1937] 1938 January - May 1937 January - March, n.d. 1930 November - December Letter of 28 May 1938 is written on R.M.S. Queen Mary headed notepaper. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1938 July - August Letters from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 1938 August - September Letters from various locations in North America including Schenectady, New York, Canadian Pacific Railway ‘en route’, and Berkeley, California. ‘In Vancouver Harbour’ Alberta, Banff, A.245-A.248 ‘Greece in 1930s Invitation to Bristol’ Contents of folder so inscribed. 1932-1933, n.d. 1932 January - March Includes letters from Milan and Athens. 1932 April - June 1933, n.d. 1932 August - December Letters predominantly from Cambridge. Letters predominantly from Cambridge. Those dated from August 1932 refer to visit to Bristol in connexion with the vacant Chair of Theoretical Physics. Contents of folder so inscribed. ‘Some letters missed from book / Useful for Caius dinner’ Predominantly letters move to Bristol. from Cambridge before Mott’s A.249, A.250 1933, n.d. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1933 February - March, n.d. Letters from Cambridge. 1933 May - December, n.d. Letters from Cambridge and Bristol. A.251-A.254 ‘Bristol 1934 Russia’ N.d., 1934- 1935 Contents of folder so inscribed. Mott visited Russia with his wife to attend a conference to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Russian chemist, Mendeleef. For Ruth Mott’s account of the visit to Russia see A.198. N.d., 1934 1934 September Includes letters from London, August 1934, to sea voyage to Leningrad. preparatory N.d. [1934] Includes letters from Bristol written after the return from Russia. Letters and postcards from the visit to Russia. Includes letters and postcards from the return journey via Finland and Sweden. 1935, n.d. Includes letters from Ireland where the Motts were on holiday. A.255-A.257 ‘1936’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Letters from Bristol. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1936 January - June 1936 July - December A.258-A.261 1939’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Predominantly letters from Bristol. 1939 January - March 1939 April - August 1939 August - September 1939 October - December A.262-A.264 Contents of untitled folder Includes letter re conference on magnetism at Strasbourg organised by the Committee on Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations, July 1939. 1940 October - December, n.d. Predominantly letters from Bristol. 1940 January - June 1940 July - September N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.265-A.287 Contents of untitled box folder A.265-A.268 ‘1942’ 1942-1945, n.d. 1942 Contents of folder so inscribed. Mott wrote from a number of locations reflecting his war work and from the home of Ruth Mott’s parents, Two Oaks, Chailey, Sussex. 1942 January - March 1942 April - June 1942 July - September Many letters undated. A.269-A.275 Contents of untitled folder N.d., 1942- 1942 October - December 1942 April, 1943 January - February Mott wrote from a number of locations reflecting his war work and from the home of Ruth Mott’s parents, Two Oaks, Chailey, Sussex. 1943 1943 March, n.d. 1943 April - May 1943 June, n.d. 1943 July - August N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1943 September - October, n.d. 1943 November - December, n.d. A.276-A.280 Contents of untitled folder Mott wrote from a number of locations reflecting his war work and from the home of Ruth Mott’s parents, Two Oaks, Chailey, Sussex. 1944 January - April, n.d. 1944 May 1944 June - July, n.d. 1944 August - October, n.d. Contents of folder so inscribed. A.281-A.287 ‘1945 seen’ 1944 November - December, n.d. Letters predominantly from Bristol by the second half of the year. 1945 May - June 1945 January - February 1945 March - April N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1945 July 1945 August 1945 October - December A.288-290 ‘Useful Set. Holland US Germany ASA 1946’ Contents of folder so labelled. Letters predominantly from Bristol. 1946 January - May, n.d. 1946 June - September 1946-1952, n.d. 1946 October - November, n.d. A.291-A.307 ‘Bristol postwar U.S. trip 1950’ Letter, 7 October [1946], from Bad Oynhausen, Germany. Letters, September 1946, are from New York and R.M.S. Aquitania. Includes letter from ‘Hamburg BAOR’, 3 April [71946]. Contents of folder so labelled. Very many letters undated. 1946-1947 N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1948 January - May, n.d. Includes letters from Paris, 18 April 1948 and n.d. 1948 July - August Includes letters from Zurich, Switzerland, where Mott was and attending re letters preparation of a BBC radio broadcast. See also A.295 for papers re BBC broadcast. conference notes and a 1948 October - December re Mott’s Papers programme talks department project Beliefs of the Victorians’ contribution to BBC on radio ‘Ideas third and Extract from Radio Times re project. 1949 January - May 1949 June - December, n.d. Includes undated letter referring to Yukawa’s Nobel Prize and C.F. Powell’s Royal Society Hughes Medal. ‘Influence of Physical Science on the Thought of the Victorians’, 11pp typescript talk by Mott. 1950. 1950 October - December, n.d. to USA, October-November 1950 January - July, n.d. Includes letters from visit N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1952 Includes letters from visit to September 1952. Italy, Bergamo and Milan, A.302-A.307 N.d. 6 folders. At A.304 Atomic printed paper. Mott is President. undated is Scientists’ Association A.308-A.317 Contents of untitled folder 1953-1955, n.d. Mott’s letters to his father. His mother died in 1952. Mott moved to Cambridge as Cavendish Professor of Physics in July 1954. 1953 1954 October - December 1955 January - February 1954 January - September Includes letters and press-cutting re honorary degree awarded by the University of Poitiers, France, March 1955. 1955 March - April 1955 May - June 1955 July - August N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1955 September - October 1955 November - December A.318-A.322 ‘Japan Trip’ Contents of envelope so inscribed. Mott went to an International Conference on Theoretical Physics in Japan Letters written en route to Mott’s wife, 3-6 September Letters written from Japan to Mott’s wife, 7-30 September Letters written en route and from Japan to Mott’s father, 4-30 September Four photographs of Mott and Bristol colleague Charles Frank in Japan Johannesburg, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. Mott made a two-month trip round Africa as the Royal Society's Rutherford Lecturer. He spent three weeks in Uganda and visited Nairobi, Kenya, Salisbury, Rhodesia, Japanese press-cuttings A.323-A.325 ‘Africa’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Predominantly letters written to his wife. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical 1962 October Includes Uganda. letters from Makerere College, Kampala, 1962 November from Letters Witwatersrand, Ibadan, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana. Johannesburg, Nairobi, Salisbury, University University of the College, Includes 6pp manuscript notes titled ‘Six days in South Africa’. Copy of the Ghanaian Times, 1 December 1962 First page includes picture headed ‘Eminent physicist meets Kwame [Nkrumah]’. Undated letters 1960-1968 1970-1975 A.331-A.333 A.327-A.333 1940- 1996n.d. Personal correspondence 3 folders. ‘A History of School House’, Clifton College, Bristol sent to Mott by the author, 8 June 1975 Letters addressed to Mott’s wife, 1940-1969, n.d. 1987-1996, n.d. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.334-A.346 PRESS CUTTINGS ‘NFM | - to 1953’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Includes Budapest, Hungary, 15 November 1939. unidentified letter from correspondent 1929-1988 1929-1953 in Photograph removed from folder is presented at A.347. A.335-A.342 ‘NFM Cambridge 1954-1955 (TECH)’ 1954-1955 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of reference. Many of the cuttings relate to the meeting held at Bristol in 1955. British Association A.343-A.345 1959-1965 At A.335 is menu card for International Conference on Defects in Crystalline Solids dinner, Bristol, 15 July 1954. ‘NFM - 1961 -‘ Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference. At A.342 is carbon of letter from Mott to Sir Walter Benton Jones, United Steel Companies Ltd re a suggestion of Sir Walter’s that industry should provide funds for a number of entrance awards to Cambridge and Oxford colleges, n.d. 1959-1988 Miscellaneous N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.347-A.355 PHOTOGRAPHS Photograph of Mott with colleagues Undated but found with press-cuttings at A.334. Manuscript inscription on verso indicates that it was sent to Mott by E.T.S. Walton. Manuscript inscription by Mott provides key: ‘Left to right Ellis Walton Errera Dirac Cabrera Joliot N.F.M. Cosyns’. ‘Bordeaux Nov 1977’ Two photographs of Mott receiving honorary degree. N.d., 1977- 1995 N.d. Four photographs probably taken on the occasion of the award of the 1977 Nobel Prize [1977] Photograph of Mott ‘Leeds 10/2/91’ Three photographs of Mott with colleagues, Saarbriicken, Germany, 29 June 1995 Photograph of Mott with ‘Prof. A. Alexandrov and son Dec. 1990’ N.d. Two undated photographs of Mott with colleagues, one taken outside Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge Photograph of Stanford R. and Iris Ovshinsky in the form of a greetings card A.354, A.355 Photographs of others N.d., 1994 A.354 Portrait photograph of H.S.W. Massey N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Biographical A.356-A.359 MISCELLANEOUS Social occasions Menu cards and seating plans. 1963-1987 1963-1977 A.357, A.358 ‘N.F.M.’s file on glass, coins etc’ 1974-1976 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript draft and background material re Mott’s Presidential Address to the Numismatics Society on coins and stained glass. Archives 1970-1987 Correspondence re correspondence on scientific matters of Mott’s parents and his own archives. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 SECTION B LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS, B.1-B.15 c 1942-1995 LECTURES ‘Lecture III’ 1956-1990, N.d. N.d. undertaken made 12pp typescript of lecture beginning ‘In the lecture ... have discoveries community and knowledge and experience’. speak science, relation other branches to in their nature effect the their of on | the the of on to Undated but inscribed in pencil at the top of the first page ‘M&F [Mother and Father]. | expanded a good deal in my lecture’. Mott’s mother died in 1952. This very schematic - and Memorial ‘Science Lecture, King’s College, Newcastle upon Tyne, 11 May 1956 education’, Grey 36th Earl April 1967 14pp typescript. 14pp typescript. ‘Science and Moral Values’ Alumni Gazette Centenary Issue (University of 1975-1977), pp23-26. Talk on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee, H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol, 11 July 1977 1 letter only re arrangements, 19 April 1990. Rochester Lecture, Department of Physics, University of Durham, 25 October 1990 10pp typescript dated December 1979. ‘English education - elitist or not?’ Bristol N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Lectures and publications Lectures by others ‘Remarks by J.E. Meade. Fixing, Bedford College [London]’, 17 July 1982 SDP Conference on Wage- 5pp typescript with manuscript revision. ‘Reflections on Atomic Energy History’ 24pp typescript of lecture by [?Margaret Gowing]. PUBLICATIONS c 1942-1995 ‘Summer School at Physics in Grammar Schools’ Bristol University for Teachers of Obituary of F.P. Bowden Typescript and proof of obituary for Nature. Newspaper cutting. ‘Can Atomic Weapons Keep the Peace?’ Photocopy of published article. 3pp typescript account of the Summer School probably written for publication by Mott. The account is typed on the back of documents dated, November 1942. Mott was one of the signatories of the letter. ‘Supersonic Aircraft Routes Across Britain’, Letter to the Editor, The Times, 21 November N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Lectures and publications Book reviews: Review of: The Cavendish Laboratory 1874-1974 by J.G. Crowther Photocopy review Educational Supplement. 1974 Mott's of in the Times Higher of: Margaret Review deterrence; Britain and atomic energy, 1974. Gowing, Independence and 1945-1952. c 5pp typescript. ‘Thoughts on James’ 4pp typescript by Mott beginning ‘What do readers of Where think about Lord James’ proposals for the colleges of education?’ ‘Where’ was a publication of the Advisory Centre for Education. Correspondence re publications The questions are not reproduced in the typescript. 2pp typescript comprising Mott’s answers to questions 1- 4. 1970-1995 N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 SECTION C SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, C.1-C.8 1952-1995, n.d. ATOMIC SCIENTISTS’ ASSOCIATION PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS ROYAL SOCIETY SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE SOCIETY UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Societies and organisations ATOMIC SCIENTISTS’ ASSOCIATION 1952, N.d. Printed material only. PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS Provisional list for participation at the Ninth Pugwash conference, Cambridge, 25-30 August 1962. of acceptances Notes on the Pugwash meeting in Cambridge, 25-30 August 1962. 2pp duplicated typescript by Mott, 6 August 1962. Two letter of thanks for hospitality during the Pugwash Conference, September 1962. ROYAL SOCIETY 1969-1983 a Working Party appointed by in 1969. ‘The Shortage of Mathematics and Science Teachers in Schools’ Report of the Royal Society and the Council of Engineering Institutions in 1967, which was joined by representatives of the Council of Science and Technology Institutes Mott chaired the Working Party. 2 folders. Agenda and committee papers for meeting of Royal Society Education Committee, 16 November 1972 Typescript and printed papers re science education 1981-1983, N.d. Mott was a member of the Committee. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Societies and organisations SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE SOCIETY Copy of memorandum ‘An Opportunity for a Long-Term Policy on Science and Technology’, probably sent to Mott for information. UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS Letter to Mott re ‘World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity’, 27 January. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 SECTION D VISITS AND CONFERENCES, D.1-D.6 1959-1993 There is further documentation of Mott’s visits in section A. State, Summer School on Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, 15 July-13 August 1959 the Physics of Solid the Information brochure only. Mott was Director of the Summer School. ‘Towards a Broader Curriculum’, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 15-16 September 1967 Off-print from Nature including conference report and leading article. The conference on educational problems concerned with the transition from school to university was held at the initiative of Mott and with the sponsorship of Nature. ‘A visit to Hungary, September 1986’ 4pp typescript account of visit by Mott dated ‘12.10.86’. International scientific conference hosted by President Francois Mitterand, Paris, France, 22 April 1979 1 letter only re arrangements. 15th Amorphous Semiconductors: Science and Technology, Cambridge, 6-10 September 1993 Université de Nancy 1, France, 6-7 November 1986 Invitation only. Newspaper report of visit. International Conference on N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 SECTION E RELIGION, E.1-E.43 Correspondence General correspondence re Mott’s religious interests 1977-1980 1952-1996, N.d. 1977-1996, N.d. 1977-1995, N.d. ‘Dear Letter of March 1980 from the theologian Hans King is addressed ‘Dear Professor Mott’ added in manuscript. It begins ‘Your many demonstrations of solidarity from all over the world have been overwhelming ...’. typescript Friends’ with in 1982-1984 1985-1986 1987 2 folders. 1988-1989 1991-1996 5 folders. Correspondence with Elisabeth Stopp Principally re religious interests. 1980-1988, N.d. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Religion E.14-E.27 ‘Christianity publications and writings without miracles’ and __ shorter 1977-1996, N.d. ‘Christianity without miracles’ was Mott’s essay in the volume of essays Can scientists believe? edited by Mott and published by James and James 1991. ‘Christianity without miracles’ 16pp typescript with manuscript comments, additions and corrections. ‘Hans Kung Structure of the Church’ 2pp manuscript note dated ‘17/9/77’. a Rebellious House? ‘To England’s Partners in Mission Consultation’ Report of the Church of Copy of report with 1p manuscript comment on the report by Mott. 3pp typescript by Mott, August 1983. ‘To the Editor Faith and Worship’ 1p typescript written in response to a letter in the Spring 1985 issue. ‘For the Center for the Study of Contemporary Belief’, Santa Barbara, California’ 10pp manuscript draft by Mott dated ‘11.1.87’. ‘The Nature of Christian Belief Statement by the House of Bishops’ 5pp manuscript draft by Mott, n.d., attached to photocopy of article from The Times, 28 June 1986. [1986] ‘Some observations on Christian belief’ N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Religion ‘What | believe’ 2pp manuscript notes by Mott dated ‘24.3.87’. Untitled manuscript draft beginning ‘Since - perhaps 25 years ago, | became a regular attendant at an Anglican church or College chapel, | have achieved a belief in God, but a much less clear understanding of of Jesus - who he was and what did he teach?’ 11pp manuscript draft dated ‘7/4/87’, manuscript notes and 1p photocopy from published source. ‘Salvation. Christ’s death for us’ 2pp manuscript notes by Mott dated ‘24.5.87’. ‘A suggestion for a new quarterly journal for discussion at the [Taylor & Francis] Board Meeting on 28 June 1987 Title of Journal “Contemporary Religion” ‘ 2pp typescript by Mott , 15 June 1987. ‘A Visit to the Vatican’ Article by Mott in Christian News, February 1988. 1p typescript by ‘Nevill Mott President, Taylor & Francis’ August 1987. ‘A proposal for a new journal “Contemporary Religion” or “Religion Today” 3pp typescript by Mott, July 1996. ‘Notes on my beliefs’ N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Religion The ‘Some notes on The Myth of God Incarnate (Hick) Truth of God Incarnate (Green) The Origin of Christology (Moule)’ 12pp manuscript draft by Mott. ‘A possible Christian approach to nuclear weapons’ 5pp photocopied manuscript by Mott with manuscript comments by ‘Miss Gill’. E.28-E.36 Sermons 1973-1988 ‘Commemoration of benefactors’, College Chapel, Cambridge, 29 October 1973 Gonville and Caius App typescript address. Identical 4pp typescript address for ‘29 October 1978’. App typescript. ‘Sermon in Caius Chapel, January 1982’ typescript 3pp revision titled ‘Sermon at Caius’. 5pp and ‘Address in St Botolphs Church (25.10.81)’ beginning ‘The Rector suggested that | should speak to you about science and religion on the Sunday when you have heard the Old Testament story of the creation’ ‘Sermon at Husborne Crawley Church’, 2 December 1984 ‘Saint Botolph’s Church, Aspley Guise Nevill Mott 18.11.84’. 3pp typescript of sermon on ‘miracles and science’. 3pp typescript of sermon on Anglican liturgy. typescript with manuscript Sermons Address by Sir N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Religion Sermons ‘Sermon by 21.5.85° Nevill Mott St Botolph’s, Aspley Guise, 2pp typescript of sermon on the theology of Hans King. ‘Sermon in St Botolphs Oct 20 1985’ beginning ‘Those who read Christian News will know that a few of us from Richard’s and nearby parishes have met a few times to discuss Christian attitudes to nuclear weapons’ 5pp manuscript draft. Sermons ‘Sermon - 13 July 1986 at St. Botolphs’ 5pp typescript of sermon on ‘a remarkable book by Hugh Montefiore, “The Bishop probability of God” ‘. Birmingham, entitled of ‘Sermon in St Botolphs (23 November 1986)’ ‘Sermon in Pembroke College [Cambridge], 1 February 1987 2pp typescript and 6pp manuscript drafts of sermon on his own religious beliefs. 3pp typescript of sermon ‘about buildings, about the churches, sculpture and paintings that we inherit from our Christian ancestors’. Mott and another. 3pp typescript of sermon with manuscript comments by Sermons ‘Sermon 30/3/87’. 8pp manuscript draft of sermon on Hans King. ‘Sermon, St Botolphs, Sunday November 15, 1987’ N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Religion ‘Sermon for St Botolphs October 1988’ 3pp typescript of sermon on the Church of England. E.37-E.43 Background material 1952-1988, N.d. and lecture Topics include duplicated including newspaper Printed cuttings. liturgical Kting questions especially in the Church of England. At A.37 is a by Mervyn Stockwood on Impact of Science on Religion’, 13 February 1952. papers Hans and ‘The 7 folders N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE, F.1-F.5 1963-2002, N.d. chronological A scientific colleagues and others. sequence of correspondence with 1963-1968 1972-1978 1985-1986 Includes 1986 letter from Mott to Martyn Berry, returned to 4 February 2002. a covering letter from Berry, his daughter with 1991-1996 N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ACADEMIA EUROPEA ALFRED P. SLOAN FOUNDATION ANDERSON, Philip Warren ATOMIC SCIENTISTS’ ASSOCIATION BAUM, Harold BEAVEN, H.C. BERRY, Martyn BOWDEN, Frank Philip BRAGG, Alice, Lady BRAGG, Sir William Lawrence BRENNAN, Edgar BRINK, Charles BURTCHAELL, James B.15 Et7, CHITTY, C.C.M. CLARKE, Sir Richard A.62, A.63 A.52, A.53, A.57 CAREY, George Leonard CHADWICK, Sir James CHADWICK, Aileen, Lady CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS BUTLER, Richard Austen, Baron Butler of Saffron Walden F.4 CORNFORTH, Sir John Warcup CLIBBORN, Stanley BOOTH- A.329 F.1 Et EY, A.147 A.206 COPESTAKE, David R. CRAMPIN, Alice DALITZ, Richard Henry N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 DANIEL, Glyn Edmund DEBENHAM, F. DEER, William Alexander DONIACH, Seb DUFF, James DUNWORTH, John Vernon EDE, H.S. EVANS, Ivor Index of correspondents A.201, A.202 A.54 A.202 F2 A.327 A.87 A.202 A.328 EVERITT, C.W. Francis Et 4 FITCH, Margaret Joan A.270, A.272, A.274, A.275, A.283, A.290, A.294 FOWLER, Ralph Howard A.234 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE HAHN, Kurt FUCHS, Klaus Emil Julius GOODHART, Charles Burford GOWING, Margaret Mary A.12, A.22, A.34, F.3, F.4 FRENKEL, Victor Ya FROHLICH, Fanchon A.5, A.34 See F.4 F.4 ES MINISTRY OF TECHNOLOGY GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERS, NEW DELHI INDIAN NATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS AND HARTON, Sybil HOCH, Paul K. N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Index of correspondents INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE POLICY FOUNDATION LTD JEFFREYS, Bertha Swirles, Lady JONES, Reginald Victor KAMIMURA, Hiroshi KAVEH, Moshe KEOHANE, Kevin W. KOLOMIETS, [?] KUNG, Hans LANDAUER, Rolf LINDQVIST, Stig LONGMAN, Judith yes F.4, F.5 B.15 E.8 ie ue A.34 A.95 See E.5 A.154, E.7 McDONALD, Jack MACCOBY, Hyam MADEL, David MARTIN, David E.5 A.237 E.6 er, A.142 MADDOX, Brenda, Lady MEDITERRANEAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES CATANIA (ITALY) A.328 A.18, A.21, A.221, A.225, A.233, A.244, A.247-A.250, A.255, A.259, A.264, A.267-A.269, A.271-A.282, A.284, A.287-A.291, A.296, A.297, A.299, A.301, A.302, A.304-A.306, A.309-A.317 MONTEFIORE, Hugh William A.203 m2, 3 MOULSDALE, E.B. A.55, A.62, E.7 MEGAW, Helen Dick METHFESSEL, Inge MOTT, Ruth, Lady N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Index of correspondents NABARRO, Frank Reginald Nunes NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (USA) A.34 A.39 NEEDHAM, Joseph A.6, A.56-A.58 OVSHINSKY, Stanford R. OWEN, James PANNETT, Juliet PEACOCKE, Arthur PECK, David PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf Ernst PERUTZ, Gisela PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE A.22 E.1 A.47 er E.6 PHYSICS WORLD PIPER, David Towry RUNCORN, Stanley Keith SALTMARSH, John PLESSEY RESEARCH (CASWELL) LTD RAUNIO, Gerhard ROYAL SOCIETY ROYAL SWEDISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS SKIDMORE, David SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE SOCIETY SEITZ, Frederick SHEPPARD, Sir John SINGER, Marie Battle N.F. Mott NCUACS 119/5/03 Index of correspondents SOCIETY OF PHOTOGRAPHIC SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS SRINIVASAN, G. STANNARD, Russell STOCKWOOD, Mervyn STOPP, Elisabeth STURDY, John TABOR, David TAYLOR, Sir Geoffrey Ingram TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD THOMSON, Sir George Paget TILL, Howard J. Van A.142 A.34 En/, A.237 A.331, A.332, E.9-E.13 A.358, E.2 A.55 A.26 A.34 A.203 E.4 WALKER, Peter Knight WEST, Harry ZIMAN, John Michael TYNDALL, Arthur Mannering See A.29-A.33 WILSON, J. Dover WOOD, James WRIGHT, Evelyn WILKINSON, Sir Denys Haigh A.53, A.54 A.330 C.8 Es 7, A.34 WIGGLESWORTH,, Sir Vincent Brian UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS A.10 ZEEMAN, Sir (Erik) Christopher A.58, A.333 A.48-A.50 E4; Ee7, E:8 A.46