MORTON, Edgar Vol2 v1

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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Edgar Morton M.Sc. (1898-1973) VOLUME Il EM/3/405-588 Consultancies: Foundation, Stability and Construction Problems EM/3/226-404 Consultancies: Private Water Supply NCUACS catalogue no.141/6/05 John Rylands University Library of Manchester By Heather Bird and Timothy E. Powell EM/3/589-665 Consultancies: Planning and Mineral Workings EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies reference EM E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/226-404 PRIVATE WATER SUPPLY 1926-1991 of (and Edgar Morton Morton’s Most Partner's) hydrogeological work was concerned with public water supply but he also acted as a consultant for private cases, from the supply of drinking water to individual farms to the industrial scale as Imperial Chemical Industries and Whitbread. major companies such requirements water and of of to to or the relates thereto, material opposition Morton’s support The bulk in applications to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act, on augmentation of the projects relate to sites in the north-west of England, though there are also cases in the Midlands and southern England. Little of the material post-dates Morton’s death in 1973, although there is material 1978-1991 relating to water supply to British Nuclear Fuels Chapelcross Power Station. local water supply. general Most of advice and The material was found in Morton’s envelopes and folders, labelled by client or, occasionally, by project. It is presented in alphabetical order following the outline listing. etc. test rock logs, EM/3/226 Advance Laundries (S.E.) borehole logs, calculations, data, Correspondence and Objection to Thanet Water Board Draft Water Order. Where there is significant material relating to a collaborating engineering, surveying or similar company, this is indicated in parentheses. The material may include correspondence, plans and maps, drilling draft and final reports, rainfall records, tender documents, photographs key documents relating to any given project were generally kept in reverse chronological order and this arrangement has been retained. 1956-1958 Applications to abstract water under section 14 of the Water Act. Ainsdale Laundry Ltd, Southport Alderley Park Estate, Cheshire Failure of water supply. EM/3/228 EM/3/227 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/229 Allott and Sons 1954-1955 Proposed reconstruction. reservoir for Monkton Colliery, Durham, EM/3/230 Anderson and Sutherland, consulting engineers 1968-1969 Water supply to paper mill at Ramsbottom, Lancashire. EM/3/231 Armstrong and Sons 1972-1973 Effect of proposed sand and gravel workings at Jersey Moor Farm, Irton, Yorkshire on Irton Waterworks. EM/3/232 Ashburton Chemical Co. Ltd 1962-1963 G.U.S. borehole on Park, Manchester. site of proposed Tank Farm, Trafford EM/3/234 EM/3/235 2 folders. Flooding at Northfleet, Kent. Proposed dam at Amlych. (Ward, Ashcroft and Parkman). EM/3/233 Associated Octel Ltd Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd Water supply to new works at Bramhall, Cheshire. Associated Semi-Conductor Manufacturers Ltd EM/3/236 Bakewell RDC Repeated fracturing of water-main. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/237 Samuel Barlow and Co. Ltd Water supply to Stakehill Works, Manchester. EM/3/238 Bass Charrington [North] Ltd and Bass Production Ltd 1968, 1973 Correspondence re Hope Brewery, Sheffield (1968), Burton boreholes (1973). EM/3/239 Bird, J.D. dispute: Legal Corbishley. J.V. and G.D. Pegg vs H.V. and L.D. EM/3/240 Birtles Bleachworks 2 folders. 1937-1940, 1950 Water supply to Birtles Bleachworks, Bury, Lancashire. 1947-1949 1932-1958 Mill (1935); EM/3/242 4 folders. EM/3/241 2 folders. (John Thom Ltd). (Smith and Nephew Ltd). Bleachers Association Ltd Water supply to power stations. Blackpool Corporation Electricity Department 1951-1965 Evidence in vs Chapel-en-le-Frith RDC (1932); water supply to Dumers Lane Paper (1950); proposed boreholes at Bulwell, Nottingham 1954-1957, and Hazelgrove, Stockport. A. Boake, Roberts & Co. Ltd boreholes in Stockport area legal dispute: Bleachers Association Ltd EM/3/243 3 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Proposed borehole, Rainham, Essex (1951-1952); application at to abstract water under section Stratford, at Rainham, Essex (1962-1965). the Water Act borehole 14 proposed of second (1954); Essex EM/3/244 Thomas Bolton & Sons Ltd 1959, 1962 Water Staffordshire supply to works at Froghall, Stoke-on-Trent, (Charles J. Lomax and Son) EM/3/245 Bolton Textile (Carpets) Ltd 1965-1966 Underground water. EM/3/246 Boote, C.R.N. 1969-1971 Water supply to cottages at Moddershall, Staffordshire. 1964-1966 EM/3/248 1955-1956 EM/3/247 3 folders. Bowcock and Pursail, solicitors Bowaters UK Pulp and Paper Mills Proposed borehole at Willoughbridge, Shropshire. Applications to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at Gravesend and Northfleet, Kent. 1949-1970 Damage caused 1949-1950; Thornton Fireclays proposed opencast fireclay workings 1952, 1969-1970. Bradford City Water Department by Oxenhope Rifle Range, EM/3/249 4 folders. (Trentham Gravel Co.) E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/250 British Acheson Electrodes Ltd 1965-1967 New borehole at Clay Wheels Lane, Wincobank, Sheffield. EM/3/251 British Cellophane Ltd 1960-1961 Application to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at Sandscale, Barrow-in-Furness. EM/3/252 British Cotton and Wool Dyers Association Ltd Supply of water for Woolford Dyeworks, Bury, Lancashire. EM/3/253 British Drug Houses Ltd. 1947-1949 2 folders. Application to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at Hatfield, Hertfordshire. EM/3/254 3 folders. Insulated proposed includes Warrington Corporation opposition to 1947-1955 Warrington at Helsby, Cables and boreholes ICI British Insulated Cables Ltd of Opposition Corporation WW to Cheshire, 1952-1955. British Also ICI boreholes at Walnut Tree Farm, Appleton, 1947, and general material re Warrington water supplies and local boreholes. See also Warrington Corporation EM/3/198. 1978-1991 Water resources of Chapelcross Power Station. (Sir Frederick Snow & Energy Authority). Partners, United Kingdom Atomic River Annan basin, Dumfrieshire for British Nuclear Fuels EM/3/255 8 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/3/256 Not used. Consultancies EM/3/257 H.P. Bulmer Ltd and Sun Valley Poultry Co. 1966-1967 Contamination of boreholes in Herefordshire. EM/3/258 Bunce Country Cafe, Rainow, Cheshire 1950-1951 Water supply and Mono Pumps Ltd pumping equipment. EM/3/259 Burgess Ledward & Co. Ltd Water supply to mills at Worsley, Manchester. EM/3/260 Calico Printers Association 1933-1966 6 folders. EM/3/261 of EM/3/263 supply to Buckton Vale Printworks, EM/3/262 factory at Stapleford, water supply to Carr Fastener Co. Ltd Alexander Carus & Sons Ltd Augmentation Nottingham. Augmentation of water supply to mill at Darwen, Lancashire. Stalybridge, Water Cheshire (1933) and Strines Works, Cheshire (1934); and potential borehole sites at Strines, Cheshire (1959-1967). EM/3/421. Abstraction and recharge boreholes at Sidcup, Kent. Central Electricity Generating Board also water supply to Croydon Power Station, See ‘B’ 1956-1957 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/264 Charlesworth, G.A. Irrigation to Warrington, Cheshire. supply Woodside Farm, Sutton Weaver, EM/3/265 Chattertons, solicitors Opposition to reservoir, Lincolnshire. EM/3/266 Cherry Valley Farms Ltd, Rothwell, Lincolnshire Siting of effluent reservoir. EM/3/267 Chloride Industrial Batteries Ltd 1977-1978 Trial borehole at new factory, Little Hulton, Bolton. EM/3/268 Clough Mill Co. EM/3/270 Courtaulds Ltd Mills, Hayfield, Co-Operative Wholesale Society Ltd Water supply to proposed Rayon factory, Grimsby. Augmentation of water supply to Clough Stockport. Application to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at Cotwall Farm, Higher Ecolls, Shropshire. Not used dispute Legal Corporation. See also EM/4/D/3A. R.J. Crompton Ltd re landslip: Crompton Ltd vs Heywood 1953-1954 EM/3/271 1947-1948 EM/3/269 EM/3/272 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/273 Patrick Dean Proposed borehole at Mere Hall, Lincoln. EM/3/274 J.I.C. Dickinson (Blyborough) Ltd water Augmentation Blyborough, Lincolnshire. of supply to Blyborough Grange, EM/3/275 Distillers Co. (Biochemicals) Ltd 1944-1961 3 folders. Co. and Dunlop Rubber Co. Opposition from Distillers to application under section 14 of the Water Act by Beck Koller to deepen their with background material re previous Distillers Co. borehole at Speke (1944-1947); Bryant & May proposed boreholes at Garston (1961). Liverpool borehole Speke, (1951), at EM/3/276 EM/3/277 EM/3/278 Earle Bourne & Co. 1958-1959 Dobson and Barlow Ltd Donald Race & Newton, solicitors Water supply to Bradley Fold Works, Bolton. Legal dispute re borehole: T. Matthews vs Eric Cowpe Ltd. Hope, Derbyshire, 1927; background geological reports. Opposition from Earle Bourne to application under section 14 of the Water Act by Coloral Products Ltd to boreholes in Birmingham. Water supply to Earle’s Cement Works at Dove-holes and G. & T. Earle (1925) Ltd, cement manufacturers (C. Isler & Co. Ltd) EM/3/279 5 folders. 1926-1927 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/280 W. & J.B. Eastwood Ltd Water supply to Great Steeping airfield, Nottinghamshire. EM/3/281 Eckersleys Augmentation of water supply to works at Wigan. EM/3/282 Electrolux Ltd 10 folders. 1978-1980 Appeal against Thames Water Authority refusal of licence to sink a borehole and abstract water, and resulting Inquiry. EM/3/283 Wallace Ellison 1955-1956 Water supply to Bollinhead Farm, Langley, Cheshire. 1974-1975 1970-1971 EM/3/284 EM/3/285 EM/3/286 Firth Carpets Ltd Ewbank and Partners Ltd Fardon’s Vinegar Co. Ltd Water supply to works in Birmingham. Water supply to Shell’s Stanlow Refinery, Cheshire. 1957-1958 Legal dispute re compulsory purchase order: Fletcher & Sons Ltd vs Manchester Corporation. Augmentation Yorkshire. Mark Fletcher & Sons Ltd of water supply to works at Brighouse, EM/3/287 2 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/288 Friary Holroyd’s and Healy’s Breweries Ltd 1953-1954 Opposition to application under section 14 of the Water Act by South Eastern Gas Board to sink borehole at Guildford Gas Works. EM/3/289 Geigy (Uk) Ltd (initially Ashburton Chemical Works) 1964-1966 3 folders. Opposition to application under section 14 of the Water Act by Lankro Chemicals Ltd. Irwell Wharf, Eccles; sink new borehole at Trafford Park, Manchester. and Geigy’s application to to sink a borehole at EM/3/290 General Electric Company Ltd 1959-1960 Application to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at Hazel Grove, Cheshire. Water supply to school. 1971-1973 2 folders. 2 folders. EM/3/293 Haddon Hall Estate EM/3/292 Goulding Fertilisers Ltd EM/3/291 Giggleswick School, Settle, Yorkshire Augmentation of water supply to works in Dublin, Ireland. 1968-1969 Water supply to Haddon Hall (estate of the Dukes of Rutland). Water supply to docks at Hessle boreholes. EM/3/294 Haiste & Partners, consulting engineers Hull from British Railways Board E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/295 Halliday and Co. Ltd 1955-1956 2 folders. Application to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at Sandy Lane, Stockport, Cheshire. (F. Smith & Son (Grimsby) Ltd) EM/3/296 Hammonds United Breweries Ltd 1949-1963 3 folders. Water supply to Lockwood Brewery, Huddersfield (1950-1951) and Tadcaster Brewery (1956-1963). EM/3/297 Harbens Ltd 2 folders. 1935, 1950- 1955 Water Cheshire. supply to Parkside Mills, Golbourne, Warrington, 2 folders. 1955-1956 EM/3/298 Hart Jackson & Sons, solicitors EM/3/300 Hazlerigg, Lord EM/3/299 Haydock Brothers Ltd Postlethwaite & Hodbarrow Mining Co. vs dispute: Legal Millom & Askam Hematite Iron Co. Water supply to Ramsgreave Laundry, Blackburn. 1951-1976 Water supply to Caldershaw Mills, Rochdale, Lancashire. Includes background material 1950s-1970s. Water supply to Nosley Hall estate, Leicestershire. EM/3/301 Samuel Heap & Co. Ltd E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/302 Heys (Britannia) Ltd 1953, 1957 Tipping of trade waste in Rochdale Corporation catchment area. EM/3/303 Highams Ltd 1945-1959 3 folders. Augmentation of water supply to works at Wood Nook Mills, Accrington, Lancashire. EM/3/304 Hillhead Quarries Water supply to Hillhead Quarries, Buxton, Derbyshire. EM/3/305 Holleley, Sir Arthur N. 2 folders. 1971-1972, 1991 1937-1938, 1960 3 folders. 2 folders. EM/3/306 Frank Horsell & Co. Ltd EM/3/307 Hulland Gravel Co. Water supply to Lees Common, Barlow, Derbyshire. Water supply to works at Howley Park Estate, Morley, Leeds. Hall, Fleetwood (1948); Augmentation of water supply to gravel workings at Hulland Ward, Derbyshire (1937-1938); opposition to application under section 14 of the Water Act by Croxden Gravel Co. to sink a borehole at Gravelley Lane, Cheadle, Staffordshire (1960- 1963). Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd (ICl) EM/3/308 1948-1975 13 folders. Water supply to factory at Burn E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies replacement boreholes for Blackley Works, Manchester (1969- 1970); water supply (trial boreholes) to ICl Pharmaceuticals, Alderley Park, Cheshire (1971-1972); proposed borehole for water supply to Hurdsfield Works, Macclesfield (1974-1975). EM/3/309 Isler and Co. Ltd 1954-1955 2 folders. Application under section London Insurance Finsbury Square, London. Mutual 14 of the Water Act Society to sink by Royal in boreholes EM/3/310 Ivy Villa Farm, Eccleshall, Staffordshire Water supply to farm. EM/3/311 Harold Jackson Ltd 1956-1958 EM/3/312 G. Jannink & Sons Ltd 1952-1953 Richard Johnson & Nephew Ltd Augmentation of water supply to Oakenclough Mill, Garstang, Lancashire. Hydrogeological survey re water supply to works at Darwen, Lancashire. 1950-1952 Proposed replace Manchester corporation metered supply to works; material re Manchester Corporation boreholes at Clayton Bridge, Stuart Street, etc. Application under section 14 of the Water Act to sink borehole at Stretford, Manchester. (Central Electricity Generating Board) borehole water supply to EM/3/314 Kellogg Co. of Great Britain Ltd 1955-1960 EM/3/313 3 folders. 2 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/315 Kennet and Avon Canal Water supply to canal. (Gardner Leader and Co., solicitors). EM/3/316 Kirklees Ltd 1950-1953 Augmentation Lancashire. of water supply to Kirklees Mill, Bury, EM/3/317 Lafarge Aluminous Cement Co. Ltd 1945-1947 4 folders. of petrol Infiltration water supply of works at West Thurrock, Essex, due to war damage, and attempts to gain compensation, and application to sink new borehole. into 3 folders. 3 folders. 1961-1962 1933-1947 EM/3/318 EM/3/319 (1933-1935), and at EM/3/320 Leicester Corporation Leeds Waterworks Department Lehane, MacKenzie & Shand Ltd Landslip at Lindley Wood Reservoir. th’ Thorn Hotel, near Buxton, Dale, factory Darley Water supplies for The Bull i’ Derbyshire Derbyshire (1942); proposed Digley Reservoir (1946-1947). 1946-1947 Opposition to Leicester Corporation Water Bill (Manifold Valley Scheme). Proposed borehole at Athol Street, Liverpool. EM/3/321 London Hydraulic Power Co. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/322 Longridge Urban District Council 1955-1957 dispute Legal Quarry. re landslide: Longridge UDC vs Ashcroft’s EM/3/323 Lustrafil Ltd 1943-1944 Water supply to Nelson Works, Nelson, Lancashire. EM/3/324 Makerfield Water Board 1973-1975 Toxic waste in Hindley quarries (1974); sand workings in Worthington catchment area (1973-1975). (North West Water Authority) EM/3/325 Martin, D.S. 1967-1971 Correspondence re water abstraction by Thanet Water, Mid- Kent Water etc. 1946-1950 EM/3/326 1973-1974 EM/3/327 4 folders. Application by Long Eaton Fabric Co. Ltd for licence to extract water from Ltd’s Long opposition thereto. and Shaw & Marvin Eaton bore Masser and Eccleston, solicitors Sir Godfrey MacDonald of the Isles 1956-1963 Damage to the excavation of the bed of the Gypsey Race by the East Riding War Agricultural Committee. Water supply to (Musty Haulgh borehole). at Heasanford, Burnley Michelin Tyre Co. Ltd Michelin factory (John Thom Ltd) the Thorpe Hall estate, Yorkshire, by EM/3/328 5 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/329 Borough of Middleton Proposed diversion of River Irk. EM/3/330 Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1974-1977 4 folders. Borehole (administered by Land Settlement Association Ltd). Ministrys smallholding Snaith at estate EM/3/331 Mitchell Brothers Outcrop coal workings affecting water supply to Albert Works, Waterfoot, Rossendale, Lancashire. EM/3/332 A. Monk & Co. Ltd 3 folders. EM/3/333 2 folders. EM/3/334 Kirmington Royal Air Force aerodrome, 1968-1969 Morlands, Glastonbury Ltd Drainage Lincolnshire. of (Cementation Exploration Ltd) Also a (see also EM/3/635). little material re Darley Moor aerodrome, Derbyshire Water supply to factory of subsidiary company Maskell Fur Processes Ltd, at Redruth, Cornwall. 1960), and water supply to Blackburn works (1961). Water Padiham, Lancashire (1953) and to possible extension thereof (1957- new factory at Simonstone, Mullards Ltd 1953-1961 4 folders. supply to E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/335 Napsbury Hospital Management Committee Water supply to hospital. EM/3/336 National Coal Board Proposed borehole at Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire. EM/3/337 National Farmers Union 1948-1964 3 folders. Investigation of diminution of water supply to farms in the Great Gates protected area (1948-1951); effect of extraction of water at Tallington (Rutland and Stamford branch) (1964). EM/3/338 Nelsons Acetate Ltd Augmentation of water supply to works at Lancaster. 1955-1956 1951-1972 EM/3/340 9 folders. EM/3/339 2 folders. North Western Gas Board Newton, Chambers and Co. Ltd Possible effects of prospective opencast coal mining at Lady's Folly on Thorncliffe catchment area, near Sheffield. Waste tipping at Branshaw quarry, Yorkshire, affecting nearby Water Works, Manchester (1951-1952); objection to applications by Bryant & May and Blue Cap Foods to bore for water in Liverpool under section 14 of the Water Act (1961); application to bore for water at Ellesmere Port under section 14 of the Water Act near (1964-1966); water supply to Blackburn, Lancashire borehole, Lancashire (1970-1972). Heights House Farm, Barrow Gas supply at White Lund and (1966-1968); Kirkham EM/3/341 Ondura Ltd E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies water courses. EM/3/342 Orme, George A. Proposed borehole at Sutton Oaks, Cheshire. EM/3/343 Pest Control Ltd Application to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at Harston, Cambridge. EM/3/344 Phillips Electrical Industries Ltd. 1954-1955 Disposal of storm water drainage from works at Croydon, Surrey. EM/3/345 Pilkington Tiles Ltd 1965-1966 4 folders. EM/3/347 Plaster Products Ltd EM/3/346 Pirelli Ltd Water supply to works at Runcorn. Proposed new borehole at Pilkington works, Clifton Junction, Manchester. Nottingham (1968). Opposition to application by Spray & Burgess Ltd (1967-1968) to bore for water at Basford Works, Nottingham, under Section 23 implications of bore for water in application Application to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at Greenhithe, Kent. of the Water Resources Act; possible of Barton Transport Ltd to EM/3/348 Plessey Co. Ltd 1951-1953 1967-1968 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/349 W. Podmore & Sons Ltd 1949-1950 Proposed reservoir for Consall Mill, Staffordshire. EM/3/350 Pope, John Surface Bytham, Grantham, Lincolnshire. drainage from proposed development at Castle EM/3/351 William Press & Son Ltd West Shropshire WB South Clun water supply. EM/3/352 Prestige Group Ltd 1957-1958 Proposed water supply to Lancashire. Colne Road factory, Burnley, 1951-1954 EM/3/354 W. Preston, timber merchant EM/3/353 Preston Corporation EM/3/355 Rainshore Bleaching Dyeing Co. Water supply to Oakgrove, Sutton, Cheshire. Legal dispute: Rainshore vs W. Mansfield & Co. Damage to sewers from landslip at Ribbleton. Augmentation of water supply to mills at Rishton, Lancashire. Reservoir at Feniscowles Mill, Blackburn, Lancashire. EM/3/356 Reed Paper Group Ltd EM/3/357 Rishton Paper Mills Ltd E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/358 Rubber Regenerating Co. Ltd 1955-1956 Application to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at Trafford Park, Manchester. EM/3/359 W.E. Saxby (Nottingham) Ltd 1955-1956 2 folders. Augmentation of water supply to Saxby’s works at Basford, Nottingham. EM/3/360 Ernest Scragg & Son Ltd 1965-1967 2 folders. Borehole at Langley, near Macclesfield, Cheshire. (Thomas Matthews Ltd) EM/3/361 Shell Refining and Marketing Co. 2 folders. EM/3/362 Silversprings Bleaching & Dyeing Co. Inquiry to consider objections to Shell Report on Court of applications for boreholes in Cheshire. ‘Possible influence of the borehole being sunk on Alders Farm on the springs contributing to Timbers Brook which feed the works lodge’ at Congleton. Stockport, Cheshire. Borehole at Oxhay Farm, Leek, Staffordshire. Augmentation of water supply to works at Hayfield, near EM/3/364 John Slack Ltd EM/3/363 Skinner & Son 1959-1960 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/365 Herbert Smith & Co., solicitors 1961, 1972 3 folders. Application by R.I.H. Paul to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at North Waltham Farm, Preston Candover, Hampshire (1961); Hampshire River Authority Itchen Ground Water Regulation Scheme and water supply to North Hall Farm (1972). EM/3/366 T.J. Smith & Nephew Ltd 1937-1967 7 folders. Water resources for Birtle Bleachworks, Birtle, Lancashire (1937-1941); water supply to Simpson Clough mills, Heywood, Lancashire and Birtle Bleachworks (1945-1947); water supply to Steiner & Son, Church, Accrington, Lancashire (1950-1956); water supply to Glen Mills, Colne Lancashire (1955-1956, 1967); water supply to Lomeshay Mill, Nelson, Lancashire. Birtle Bleachworks and to works of F. 4 folders. 1972-1977 (Foraky Ltd) EM/3/367 Smith Bulmer & Co. Ltd. water supply to Holmfield Mill, Halifax, Smith Gore, chartered surveyors Water resources of Thornton-le-Dale estate, Yorkshire. Augmentation of Yorkshire (1972-1973); new borehole (1976-1977). Water supply to works at Bury, Lancashire. Water supply to Nab Brickworks, Bollington, Cheshire. Spencer & Curedale Ltd Sneyd Brickworks Ltd EM/3/368 EM/3/369 EM/3/370 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/371 Sterling Moulding Materials Ltd Proposed new borehole for Albion Mill, Stalybridge, Cheshire. EM/3/372 George Stow & Co. Ltd Problems with boreholes at site of Tranmere Tanker Terminal. EM/3/373 John Summers & Co. 1966, 1969 2 folders. Boreholes at Hawarden Bridge Steelworks, Shotton, Cheshire. (Cementation Exploration Ltd) EM/3/374 Technical Felts Ltd 1951, 1958- 1959 Water supply to Bridge Mills, Edenfield, Manchester. Also includes material re predecessor company, A. Barlow & Sons Ltd Rainow, EM/3/375 3 folders. EM/3/376 Thompson, W. later part of British Steel 1967-1968 Leakage at Bryn Bach Reservoir, Ebbw Vale. Richard Thomas & Baldwin Ltd, Corporation South Wales Group 1944-1950 Augmentation of water supply to Newhey Farm, Cheshire. Water supply to Heath House Mills, Golear, near Huddersfield. Proposed borehole at Thriplow, Cambridgeshire. EM/3/377 T.W. Thorpe Ltd EM/3/378 Thriplow Farms Ltd E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/379 Towgood and Beckwith Ltd 1954-1968 9 folders. 14 Opposition from Towgood and Beckwith to application under section of the Water Act by Peterborough Corporation Waterworks to increasing supply from Etton Pumping Station and new borehole at Tallington (1954-1958); opposition etc to these and other applications (incl. British Horticultural Co. Ltd, South Lincolnshire Water Board, Greatford Gardens Co., BP Exploration, Vergette Farms) under section 14 (1960-1968); application by Towgood and Beckwith under section 14 of the Water Act to sink new borehole (1962) at Helpston. EM/3/380 Trowbridge, Melksham and District WB 1947-1948 Proposed cement works at Westbury, Wiltshire and effect on flow of river Biss. EM/3/381 Tynlow Farm, Llanrhyddlad, Anglesey 1943-1945 3 folders. Borehole at Penwortham Mills, Preston. EM/3/384 Vulcan Foundry Ltd 1934-1937 EM/3/382 Vauxhall Motors Ltd 1962-1964 EM/3/383 Vernon and Co. Ltd Proposed water supply to intended new dairy. Use of ravine for water storage reservoir, Ellesmere Port. 1957, 1960 Application to abstract underground water under section 33 of the Water Resources Act 1963. Proposed increase in water abstraction from Forest Farm PS by Warrington Corporation. EM/3/385 Walkden McKin & Co. Ltd E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/386 Ward, Ashcroft and Parkman, civil engineers Water supply to Leagram Hall estate, Lancashire. EM/3/387 Edward Webb & Sons (Stourbridge) Ltd 1964-1965 Application under section 14 of the Water Act to sink new borehole at Saltney works, Chester. EM/3/388 Wells, B.L. 1969, 1973 Proposed irrigation scheme at Yorkshire. Westfield Farm, Settrington, EM/3/389 West Hertfordshire Main Drainage Authority 1959-1972 4 folders. EM/3/390 H. Wheatcroft & Sons EM/3/391 Whitbread & Co. Ltd Possible effect on purity of water supply of use of sites at Chalfont St Peter (1959) and Bovington (1961) for sludge disposal; possible gravel working at Worton Farm (1972). Application under section 14 of the Water Act to sink borehole in Nottinghamshire. Borehole at Lower Mills, Rawtenstall. Water supply to (and construction of) Samlesbury Brewery, Blackburn, Lancashire. EM/3/392 David Whitehead & Sons Ltd 1969-1978 11 folders. (Taylor Woodrow Costruction Ltd) E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/393 Whittingham Mental Hospital, Lancashire 1946-1948 Water supply to hospital. (Ward & Ashcroft) EM/3/394 Wilding, Earley and Pegge, solicitors Legal dispute over water rights: M.A. Thornley and C. Coombs vs Trustee of estate of J.W. Thornley and A.H. Blake. EM/3/395 Willcox, Raikes & Marshall, civil engineers Water supply to Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset from Brent Knoll reservoir. EM/3/396 Wilson’s Brewery Ltd 1946, 1958- 1960 Water supply to brewery at Newton Heath, Manchester. EM/3/397 Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries Ltd 1952-1981 no. 5 folders. EM/3/398 Woodhey Dyeing Co. Supply of water to Park Brewery, Wolverhampton, from no. 4 borehole (including application under section 14 of the Water Act) and subsequent sand problem therewith (1952-1958, 1980-1981); pollution problem with 3 borehole (1970); opposition to application by Goodyear Tyres under the Water Resources Act to extract water (1970-1973). Water supply to the farm. Water supply to Bleaklow Mill, Hawkshaw, Lancashire. EM/3/399 Woodside Farm, Tunstead Milton, Derbyshire E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/400 Woolcombers Ltd 1932-1969 2 folders. Water supply to works at Greenside, Bradford (1968-1969), with earlier material. EM/3/401 Worsthorne Estate, Lancashire Augmentation of water supply. EM/3/402 Yorkshire Dyeing & Proofing Co. Ltd 1946-1948 Prospective water supply to Industrial Estate, Yorkshire. Fielden Mills and Slattocks EM/3/403 Yorkshire Tar Distillers 1963-1964 Application to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act at Knottingley, Yorkshire. (C. Isler & Co. Ltd) EM/3/404 Overseas clients EM/3/404/A Bahamas: Water supply to Nassau Arranged alphabetically by area or country. See also Goulding Fertilisers Ltd (Dublin, Ireland) EM/3/292 7 folders. Northern Ireland: Proposed Altnahinch dam on Bush River, Ballymoney RDC. EM/3/404/B Jersey: Grand Vaux Reservoir EM/3/404/C 1951-1959 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/404/D Portugal: Water supply to proposed pump mill, Portugal Leirosa, 1964-1965 3 folders. EM/3/404/E Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe): Zambesi hydro-electric scheme 1949-1950 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/405-588 FOUNDATION, STABILITY AND CONSTRUCTION PROBLEMS 1930-1992 There is range of consultancy This subsection documents a wide of Edgar Morton and activities of Morton himself and, later, a considerable variety of client and job, Partner. although there is a geographical concentration in the English counties of Lancashire and Cheshire and North Wales. There are subsidence cases, resulting from coal mining and salt extraction; sewerage schemes, particularly relating to land stability; refuse disposal; power plant developments, fossil fuel and nuclear; and housing developments. The material was found in Morton’s envelopes and folders, labelled by client or, occasionally, by job. It is presented in alphabetical order following the outline listing. The material may include correspondence, plans and maps, drilling draft and final reports, rainfall tender documents, records, photographs key documents relating to any given project were generally kept in reverse chronological order and this arrangement has been retained. data, Correspondence and borehole logs, calculations, logs, rock test etc. EM/3/405 4 folders. EM/3/407 of Central Electricity engineering for Stage 2 1978-1981 Allott & Lomax, consulting engineers (See also Central Electricity Generating Board, EM/3/435/C) Ground Generating Board Heysham ‘B’ Power Station. Where there is significant material relating to a collaborating engineering, surveying or similar company, this is indicated in parentheses. Legal dispute: fall of quarry face. Stanley Industrial Estate, Skelmersdale, Lancashire. Charles Andrews & Sons, consulting engineers Ashton & Holmes Ltd 1969-1970 1949-1950 EM/3/406 3 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/408 Associated Electrical Industries (Manchester) Ltd Foundation investigation for proposed radio telescope aerial, Chilbolton, Hampshire. EM/3/409 Babtie Shaw and Morton 1965-1996 95 folders. This material documents five projects: the construction of the A890 Strome Ferry by-pass, a major feat of engineering running the A890 road alongside Loch Carron in Ross and Cromarty; the extension of the M90 motorway in Scotland; the improvement of the A82 road to Loch Lomond; A56_ the Accrington easterly by-pass; and the A9 Dunkeld by-pass. The majority of the material relates to the Strome Ferry and M90 projects. EM/3/409/A A890 Strome Ferry by-pass 1965-1996 60 folders/items Craigvinen rock cut. 26 folders. Craigend 1979). EM/3/409/B M90 motorway EM/3/409/C AQ Dunkeld by-pass Ballmanno hill (1975- interchange (1972-1979); Construction of by-pass 1965-1971, legal dispute 1977-1978, annual reports on condition of road with a full photographic record 1975-1996. 1981-1982 A56 Accrington by-pass EM/3/409/D A82 to Loch Lomond 7 folders. EM/3/409/E 1972-1979 1978-1983 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/410 Bacup Borough Council 1972-1973 6 folders. Proposed industrial estate (1972); proposed redevelopment for housing of Howarth Street/Rochdale Road (1972-1973); redevelopment of South Street/Tongue Lane (1972). EM/3/411 Balfour Beatty & Co. Ruthin Rural District Council sewerage scheme EM/3/412 Barlow, Parkin & Co. 1957-1958 Legal dispute re drainage and pollution therefrom: Perkins vs Nield EM/3/413 Bedfordshire County Council 1948-1954 3 folders. 1949-1975 EM/3/414 Bolton Corporation Suitability of ground to the north of Bedford for housing 1948- 1950; geology of the ground at Goldington and its suitability for the Council House 1948-1950; site of fire station, Luton 1951-1954. Proposed sewer 1949; proposed cleaning depot at Raikes Lane 1952; rock sample from Brightmeet County Primary School 1954; proposed extensions to the Montcliffe Quarry, Horwich, by Kingston Minerals Ltd of Bath 1970-1975. 1964-1970 Foundations of house, Heaton Moor, Stockport, Cheshire. EM/3/416 Bradford Corporation Waterworks EM/3/415 Boscow, Joseph 1930-1931 Chelker Tunnel. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/417 Bradford Technical College 3 folders. Possible site for new University at Tong. EM/3/418 Bradshaw, Gass & Hope, architects, engineers, surveyors 1957, 1976 Mining subsidence at Redbrook Mills, Gawber Barnsley (1957); and at Hope Hospital, Salford (1976). EM/3/419 Briscow, E.R.E. Failure of sheet piling retaining wall, Wilmslow, Cheshire. EM/3/420 Britannia Quarries 1957-1982 4 folders. EM/3/421 British Electricity Authority (later Central Electricity Generating Board, see EM/3/435) 1947-1964 Use of disused parts of quarries for waste tipping and possible contamination of Rochdale Corporation Cowm Reservoir and later legal dispute vs North West Water Authority. Pillars of support (from coal workings) for Bold ‘B’ Power Station St Helens, Lancashire (1947-1964); survey of possible generating station sites in Liverpool area (1949-1950); water supply to Croydon ‘B’ Power Station (1954-1956). effect on water supply to adjacent farms. Route of proposed Wilton-Grangemouth ethylene pipeline and EM/3/422 British Petroleum Trading Ltd 10 folders. See also EM/4/K/35. 3 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/423 British Soda Co. Ltd Legal dispute over subsidence arising from brine pumping: British Soda vs Lotus Ltd. EM/3/424 British Waterways Board Reconstruction of Beeston Weir, Nottinghamshire. EM/3/425 Brocklehurst-Whiston Amalgamated Ltd 1945-1952 Trade effluent and water supply to Langley Print Works. EM/3/426 H. Bernard Brooks, solicitor 1977-1978 dispute Legal Derbyshire: Whyte vs Young and Purves. over land at Simmondley Lane, Glossop, 1940-1941 EM/3/429 EM/3/427 Brough, Nicholson & Hall Ltd EM/3/428 Building Design Partnership Subsidence at Britannia Mill, Burnley, Lancashire. New Head Office for the Halifax Building Society. Subsidence of boiler house at works in Leek, Staffordshire. Burnley Aircraft Products Ltd and Thomas Burrows Ltd Proposed deep cutting on the M4 motorway (from Castleton to Potential effect of mining on development at Ancroft, Burbage. EM/3/430 Buxton Borough Council EM/3/431 Cardiff Water Department 1971-1979 6 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Coryton) adjoining the Wenallt Service Reservoir. EM/3/432 Caterpillar Tractor Co. Stability of ground at Birtley Co. Ltd, Desford, Leicester. EM/3/433 Cementation Co. Ltd Bowland Forest tunnel 1950-1951, 1956 EM/3/434 Cementation Exploration Water damage to salt mine at Winsford, Cheshire. EM/3/435 Central British Electricity Authority, see EM/3/421) Generating Electricity Authority/Board (previously 1964-1988 24 folders. EM/3/435/B (folder 8) EM/3/435/C 7 folders (1-7) EM/3/435/A Ash disposal at Devil’s Dingle (Ironbridge ‘B’ Power Station) 1964-1968 Disposal of ash from Drax Generating Station, Yorkshire Ash disposal at Devil’s Dingle (lronbridge ‘B’ Power Station); disposal of ash from Drax Generating Station (1970); River Lune Foreshore investigation for Heysham Nuclear Power Station (1974-1980); Fiddler's Ferry Power Station (1988). 1974-1980 River Lune Foreshore investigation for Heysham Nuclear Power Station See also Allott & Lomax, consulting engineers, EM/3/405. 13 folders (9-21) E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/435/D Fiddler's Ferry Power Station, Widnes, Lancashire 3 folders (22-24). EM/3/436 Century Insurance Co. Ltd Claim: Workington Iron & Steel Co. Ltd vs John Gill Ltd EM/3/437 Chamberlain, John 1965-1966 Site investigation, Boat Inn, Erbistock, Wrexham. EM/3/438 Cheshire County Council 1946-1972 7 folders. at Elton Lane, Watch (1946); Valley Flooding subsidence (1948); siting of Daresbury Laboratory (1962); Birmingham-Preston motorway (1963) and A628 trunk road (Cheshire) (1964); brine extraction at Glebe Farm for Cerebos Foods Green and development of Winsford (1968-1972). Winsford Lawton (1968); Ways Fault, Ltd EM/3/440 EM/3/439 Clark, Nicholls & Marcel Stability at Clobryn Road. Colwyn Bay Borough Council Geological survey of conditions for Alcove Lido, Fishponds, Bristol. 5 folders. Landslip at Tarvin Quarry, Beeston, Nottinghamshire. Commercial Union Assurance Group Convoys Ltd EM/3/440A 1941-1954 EM/3/441 2 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Site for storage of paper, Delamere, Lancashire (1941-1944); site at Barton Dock Estate (1944); sites for storage at Swinton Mill, Swinton, and Little Wardley Farm, Lancashire (1952); survey of land at Thornliebank, Renfrewshire (1954). EM/3/442 Cooper & Beal, civil engineers Mining subsidence at the Globe Brothers Estate, Bradford, Manchester. EM/3/443 Cooper & Jackson, architects, surveyors, consultants 1978-1979 Sandstone quarry at Lanehead, Rochdale, Lancashire. EM/3/444 Richard Costain (Midlands) Ltd 1969, 1973 Reports on water ingress at Leicester Telephone Exchange site. 3 folders. 2 folders. EM/3/445 Crewe Borough Council 1949-1950 Proposed sewage disposal works. EM/3/447 Croydon County Borough EM/3/446 Crosby Borough Council Northern Area Flood Relief Scheme. 1978-1979 Tipping of refuse, Featherbed Lane; Merstham Limeworks. EM/3/448 Daley & Naughton Ltd 1963-1964 1953-1959 4 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Arbitration: Daley & Naughton vs Burnley Borough Council re problems with Southern Area sewer. EM/3/449 Denton Clark & Co. 1949-1960 3 folders. Analysis of marl from Caerwys, Flintshire (1949-1951); soil subsidence mineral resources of the Carden Estate, Cheshire (1963). Trafford properties (1960-1966); Hall on Farm at EM/3/450 Denton Urban District Council 1965-1969 3 folders. Site investigation for proposed public swimming pool. EM/3/451 Denton, Miss G.M. 1960-1961 EM/3/452 3 folders. EM/3/453 Keynes 1982-1984 Pewit Colliery reclamation, Derbyshire County Council Derwent Valley Water Board Filters extension at Bamford Treatment Works. Alleged subsidence at Overdale, Sandiway, Cheshire. Manners Balancing Pond and IIkeston. Legal case re site at Huncoat near Accrington: Duckworth vs Woughton Development Corporation. contract for Milton main drainage EM/3/454 George Dew & Co. EM/3/455 Duckworth, T.R. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Leonard Franklands. EM/3/456 Dukinfield Borough Council 1963-1971 4 folders. Redevelopment of site off King Street, Dukinfield, Cheshire. EM/3/457 Dunkenhalgh Estate 1950-1951 Pumping of water from Lancashire. Rishton Colliery, near Blackburn, EM/3/458 Dwyfor District Council 1982-1983 3 folders. Potential refuse disposal sites. Morton acted for Godden Holme & Co. 2 folders. EM/3/460 Esso Petroleum Co. 1960-1962 EM/3/459 Elland Urban District Council EM/3/461 Eton Rural District Council Parliamentary bill for Esso Petroleum Co. pipeline. Residential development at Westgate, Elland, Yorkshire. 1971-1973 Arbitration between Eton RDC and William Old Ltd re Horton and Wraysbury Main Drainage. EM/3/462 Exeter Corporation 3 folders. Landslip at Rockside Villas. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/463 Leonard Fairclough Ltd (later Fairclough Civil Engineering Ltd) 1969-1981 8 folders. Site investigation at Ordsall, Don Valley intercepting sewer Blackburn Meadows extensions, Sheffield (1979-1981). Salford (1969); EM/3/464 Harry S. Fairhurst & Sons, architects 1953-1962 4 folders. Surveys of ‘ICP’ (ICI Pharmaceuticals) site at Alderley Park, Macclesfield, at Woodvale, Southport, Lancashire (1957); Clayton Aniline Co. Ltd works, Manchester (1961); Kay Bros. Plastics works at Bollington, Cheshire (1962). (1953-1955); Cheshire industrial site EM/3/465 Fanshaw, Porter & Hazlehurst, solicitors 1985-1987 Legal dispute re house in Greenfield, Holywell, Flintshire. 2 folders. EM/3/466 EM/3/467 EM/3/468 Forestry Commission Fisons Pharmaceuticals Ltd Forshaw, Greaves & Partners Mining in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. Effluent disposal from works at Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. 1967-1970 Mining subsidence at Gardeners Arms, Ashton-under-Lyne; mining general subsidence issues with East Midlands Coal Board. Sewerage and sewage disposal contract. Frinton and Walton Urban District Council 1958-1959 subsidence at New Street, Measham; EM/3/469 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/470 Fylde Water Board 1954-1960 3 folders. Geophysical survey Tunnel, West Yorkshire. and tenders for proposed Whitewell Includes material re water supply from boreholes found with Whitewell papers. EM/3/471 Gas Council 5 folders. 1961-1962 Gas (Underground Storage) (Chilcomb) Bill. The underground storage facility proposed was at Chilcombe near Winchester. EM/3/472 Geo-Research Ltd 5 folders. 1969, 1972- 1977 1950-1966 1975-1977 Service Reservoir, Oldham EM/3/473 Glamorgan County Council Northamptonshire (1974, with some earlier General enquiry (1950); land slip near Alltwen Infant School, Pontardawe (1950-1966), including proximity of PYA Quarries Ltd. Westwood (1972-1977); Transverse Distribution Road and housing estate, Weston Favell, 1969 material). 1963-1984 Marchlyn Mawr Reservoir Rockfill Quarry. Gleesons Civil Engineering Co. EM/3/475 Glossop Borough Council EM/3/474 4 folders. 8 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies 1975-1981); Development at the Royle Estate (High Street East) (1963- 1971, Geo- Research Ltd (1971-1972); sheltered housing units, Corn Street/King Edward Street (see also EM/3/483) (1975-1984). pulverisation refuse plant, with EM/3/476 Hair & Co., solicitors 1968-1976 9 folders. re cases Oldbury Legal Station, Gloucestershire (1968-1974): Sir Robert MacAlpine & Sons Ltd Soil Mechanics Ltd; Eastern Gas Board vs Great Hospital Norwich (1969-1976); Paktank Storage Co. Ltd vs Frederick Clark Ltd and Murco Petroleum Ltd (1972). Nuclear Power vs EM/3/477 Haiste International Ltd 1983-1986 11 folders. refuse pulveriser plant at Llwyn Isaf, site waste disposal 9 folders. proposed EM/3/478 Halton Borough Council 1935, 1981- 1984 Runcorn sewerage scheme, Stage Three. Refuse pulveriser plant at Caer Glaw Quarry, Anglesey (1983- Clynnog, 1984); Gwynedd (1984-1985); at Cilmaenllwyd sand quarry, Penparc, Cardigan (1984); new landfill site, Delyn, Clwyd (1985); proposed refuse disposal sites at Penlon Bowls, Beulah and Nant-yr-Efail Fawr, near Aberaeron, Ceredigion (1986). 1935 item is Runcorn RDC Water Extension Scheme Public Inquiry, March 1935. Also includes material re supply of water to Harlow New Town. Middle Lee sewerage and sewage disposal. Harlow and Stevenage Council 1949-1953 EM/3/479 9 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/480 Harper, D. Foundations of bungalow at Birtles Road, Macclesfield. EM/3/481 Harvey, McGill and Hayes, consulting engineers 1971-1972 Exeter City Council Topsham sewerage site investigation. EM/3/482 Hennessey, Chadwick, O’Heocha & Partners 1965-1966 Decay in masonry at church at Haigh, Bolton. EM/3/483 High Peak Borough Council 23 folders. 1964, 1974- 1986 Road, Bamford (1974, EM/3/484 at Brentwood Glossop (1974-1975); industrial estate, Buxton (1975); housing G.H. Hill & Sons 1979); Housing Brookfield Elnor Avenue, Whaley Bridge (1974-1975); proposed development at Roughfields, Hadfield (1975); bungalow development at Tongue Lane, developments at Queen’s Road and off Carlisle Road, Buxton (1974-1975); sheltered housing and related at Corn Street, Glossop (see also EM/3/475) (1964, 1975-1982); flats at New Street, New Mills (1979); housing development at Ollersett Avenue, New Mills (1978-1979); proposed housing at Williamson Avenue, Whaley Bridge (1979-1980); proposed development at West Drive, Tintwhistle (1983-1986); accommodation for disabled persons, Boarstones Lane and endowed school at Fairfield, Buxton (1983-1986). 1967-1989 1976); Geology of Winterburn Reservoir, Yorkshire (1967, BICC site at Helsby, Cheshire (1971); Ogston Reservoir, Derbyshire (1976); Nomansland Reservoir, Hampshire (1977); British Waterways Peak Forest Canal Marple Aqueduct (1979- 1980); proposed mining at Bretton Hall Lakes (1983, 1989); possible scheme for dam in Jordan (Middle East) (n.d.). 8 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/485 Hilton Gravel Ltd Cheadle Pit Staffordshire. and flooding at Crown Inn, Mobberley, EM/3/486 R. & T. Howarth Ltd Foundations of road bridge, Cadishead, Lancashire EM/3/486A Thomas Howell, Selfe (Southern) Ltd, loss adjusters 2 folders. Ground collapse at Fontwell, Hampshire. EM/3/487 Hull and Liverpool Red Oxide Co. 1953-1954 Mining subsidence at St Helen’s Works, Pleasey Cross, Hull. 1958-1959 Site for radio telescope. Industrial site at Dukenfield Road. EM/3/489 R.T. James & Partners EM/3/490 Jodrell Bank Experimental Station EM/3/488 Hyde Borough Council Site of holiday centre near Holme Pierpoint, Nottinghamshire. 11 folders. One letter only re geophysical survey at a Scottish site. EM/3/491 Kennedy and Donkin EM/3/492 Lancashire County Council 1962-1970 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Construction Rochdale-Oldham) Motorway (M62). the of Lancashire-Yorkshire (also _ titled (Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Co. Ltd) EM/3/493 Land Salvage (Cunis Delta-Bouw) Ltd Sample from IBM Project, Portsmouth. EM/3/494 Leek Urban District Council 1969-1973 5 folders. Collapsed wall in Mill Street, Leek. (Willcox, Raikes & Marshall) EM/3/495 Leicestershire County Council 1966-1984 4 folders. 7 folders. 5 folders. EM/3/496 Leslie M. Lever & Co., solicitors 1959-1961 EM/3/497 Leyton Borough Council relating to concerns following Damage to property in Swinton caused by subsidence from coal mining. Stoney Stanton School and Mountsorrel St Peter’s School Aberfan Temperance Hall disaster (1966-1967); water supply and sand and gravel extraction at Husbands Bosworth (1969, 1984). 1979-1980 Walthamstow Corporation Bill (1955-1956); Montague Road housing development (see also EM/3/575) (1963-1964). Edinburgh City By-Pass: Dreghorn Spur Rock Cut. EM/3/498 Lothian Rural District Council 1955-1964 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/499 Ludlow Rural District Council 2 folders. Drainage of Cleehill housing estate. EM/3/500 F.W. Macalister & Dundas Ltd 1985-1986 2 folders. Road collapse at Birtles, Middleton. EM/3/501 Macclesfield Borough Council 1974-1986 26 items Dams Valley Relief Sewer See also Macclesfield WB EM/3/103. (Chas F.L. Horsfall Son & Partners). 1963-1967 EM/3/502 John Mackintosh & Sons 1967-1978 EM/3/503 Manchester College of Science and Technology Site of student residences at Chorleton-on-Medlock. Site of Rowntree Mackintosh works by old shale quarry, Bailey Hall Road, Halifax. 1949-1951 Housing at Bank House Farm site, Blackley and Charlestown Estate. EM/3/504 Manchester Corporation 3 folders. 2 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/505 Manchester Regional Hospital Board 1963-1968 12 folders. in for new hospital Site Leighton, Cheshire (1963-1967); mining subsidence at Prestwich Hospital (1964-1966); new hospital in Salford (1965); possible effect of mining on Leigh Infirmary (1965-1966); redevelopment of United Manchester Hospitals (1967); Hospital, Rochdale (1968). landslip at Birch Hill EM/3/506 Manchester Ship Canal Co. Bridgewater Canal, mining area EM/3/507 Manchester Tank Cleaning Co. Ltd) (later Manchester Tankers 1962-1969 2 folders. Proposals of company to dispose of trade wastes. 1960-1966 1965, 1974 3 folders. EM/3/509 3 folders. 5 folders. of of EM/3/508 Manchester University Mander, Raikes & Marshall university science campus and Investigations sites individual departments. Pipeline for Yorkshire Water Authority River Ouse Abstraction Scheme. 1956-1965 Chiefly Motorway site at Hendon (1965). Marples, Ridgeway & Partners Ltd Martin Brothers (Chelford) Ltd EM/3/510 EM/3/511 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Sand extraction by Martin Bros at Shakerley Wood, Allostock, Cheshire (1956-1957); acquisition of land at Shakerley Wood for Birmingham-Preston motorway. (1961-1965). EM/3/512 Matthews & Mumby Ltd 1956-1969 11 folders. at caused Marple, Cheshire bungalow by Damage to subsidence (1956); abbattoirs at Phillips Park, Manchester (1957-1959); reports on potential for mining subsidence at sites in Manchester (1960-1962); flat development at Billinge Hospital, Salford (1961); site investigation for N.W. Housing Society Ltd, Blackley (1964); Billinge Quarry, Bollington (1964- 1967); blocks of flats, Stretford, Manchester (1966); site of fruit and vegetable market at Gorton (1969); site at Ashcroft Road, Swinton (1969); miscellaneous site reports (1963-1967). EM/3/513 G. Maunsell & Partners 1965-1969 4 folders. 1960-1961 EM/3/514 EM/3/515 investigation at Church Common, Sandiway, Ground Cheshire. Maxwell Allen & Co., land agents Meller, Speakman & Hall, chartered surveyors Construction of Manchester Inner Ring Road (‘Mancunian Way’). 1964-1978 Also includes later material re industrial site at Knutsford for Taylor Young & Partners (1972-1973). Planning including sites for Midland Bank Trustees (1961-1963). and subsidence at Middlewich Urban District Council Knutsford, Cheshire, 1961-1973 4 folders. inquiry EM/3/516 7 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Sewerage and sewage disposal. (A.H.S Waters) EM/3/517 A. Monk & Co. Ltd Billing Valley Relief Sewer, Northamptonshire. EM/3/518 L.G. Mouchel & Partners Ltd Agecroft Power Station extensions, Salford. EM/3/519 The Mullard Radio Valve Co. Ltd 1955-1956 3 folders. Proposed factory site at Dock Lane, Southport. Brenig), EM/3/520 8 folders. 1975-1977 EM/3/521 J. Murphy & Sons Murphy Brothers Ltd Construction of Brenig Dam and Reservoir (Llyn Denbighshire, and Hafodilom Quarry. Cross Hands/Llanddarog by-pass: diversion of water mains at Porthyrhyd. for Subsidence at Fylde Street, Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire (1956-1958); site of GKN factory, Wigan (1973); extension to Parkside Subsidence at Swanpool Street, Falmouth, Cornwall Nalder & Son, solicitors Colliery, Warrington (1975); five year plan EM/3/523 National Coal Board 1956-1984 EM/3/522 1971-1973 8 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Western Area (North West) 1984. EM/3/524 National Union of Teachers 1966-1967 37 folders. Extensive material relating to the Aberfan disaster and inquiry. On 21 October 1966 a coal-tip avalanche swept down on the mining village of Aberfan in South Wales, killing 144 people including 116 school children and five of their teachers. In the subsequent inquiry Morton acted for the National Union of Teachers. EM/3/525 J.G. Naylor & Co. Ltd Mining conditions associated with land at Arden Hall Farm, Castle Hill, Bredbury, Cheshire. EM/3/526 New Mills Urban District Council 1933-1934 EM/3/528 Newton-le-Willows Urban District Council 1947-1955 Subsidence from coal mining. Foundations for gas holder, New Mills, Derbyshire. EM/3/527 News of the World newspaper Geological report on site for possible new works at Chetwood Road, Manchester. 54 folders. Slipping of abandoned quarry face in Crosby Warren area, Lincolnshire. EM/3/530 North West Gas Board (NWGB) EM/3/529 North Lindsey Water Board 1941-1944 1952-1992 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/530/A Subsidence at Bradford Road gasworks and oil gasification plant 1955-1963 16 folders (1-16). EM/3/530/B Other subsidence sites 1969-1981 6 folders (17-22). Subsidence in Whitefield/Prestwich area (1969-1970); general subsidence issues (1976-1981). EM/3/530/C St Helens gasholder 1953-1964 4 folders (23-26). EM/3/530/D Warburton-Winwick Pipeline 1982-1992 6 folders (27-32). holder Partington at Skelmersdale (1964); gas at mining subsidence at Rochdale Road Partington works and EM/3/530/E 22 folders (33-54). Other NWGB sites and investigations 1951-1985 Garston Bottle Co. works borehole and extension to Gasworks (1951-1954); water supply to Linacre Gasworks, Bootle (1952- 1953) and Atholl Street Gasworks (1953-1954); underground colliery, Lancashire (1959- gas storage at Eccleston Hall proposed oil 1963); (1965-1966, storage 1982); Gasworks, Manchester (1966-1968); extension to Macclesfield Gasworks Liverpool (1968); (1967); water abstraction, Broad Green, proposed site investigation at Greenfield, near Mossley, Lancashire (1969) Winsford Rock Salt Mine; damage to road surface water drainage (1970-1972); the Croft Quarry, Upper Mill, methane pipeline Yorkshire (1971); surface water at Brightmeet (1976); ICI application to extend Winsford salt mine (1985); National Coal Board five year plans for Western Area (North West), with implications for gas works and pipelines 1983 and 1985-1990; miscellaneous Road Gasworks). Winsford-Middlewich Saddleworth at Top o’ th’ Regulation Station, ‘Selected Papers’ (mostly Bradford (1969); on A54 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/531 North West Water Authority 1975-1983 18 folders. and Landslip Bolton, Lancashire (1975-1983); proposed pumping station, Raven Bridge, Warrington (1978). stability Giant’s Seat, near site at EM/3/532 Northern Foundations Ltd 1974-1992 13 folders. investigation at Nansen Street, Help the Aged Housing at Heaton Chapel, Stockport (1974); site Ardwick, Manchester (1978); landslip at housing estate, Ramsbottom (1980); site at King Street, Leeds (1988); legal dispute re instability of Ashton House, Bolton: Tom Ashton (Bolton) Ltd vs G. & J. Seddon Ltd (Northern Foundations Ltd was a third party) (1989-1992). EM/3/533 Nuclear Power Group (also TNPG) 1967-1969 9 folders. 1977-1981 EM/3/534 EM/3/535 1973-1974 Oscar Faber & Partners Oswestry County Borough Oswestry Borough sewerage scheme, Stage 2 Phase 3. Sewerage at HM Prison, Channings Wood, Denbury, Devon. Hunterston ‘B’ Power Station and a little material re Oldbury Nuclear Power Station. 1973-1975 Seisdon Rural District Council: ‘Thrust bore under railway at Codsall (1973-1975); improvement of A539 north of Hanmer, Flintshire. C.J. Pearce & Co. (A.H.S. Waters Ltd) EM/3/536 4 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/537 Permanoid Ltd 1955-1956 Flooding of premises at New Islington, Manchester EM/3/538 Not used EM/3/539 Petrochemicals Ltd 1960-1961 Disposal of plant effluents and cavity storage for ethylene gas in Heatley Salt Field. EM/3/540 Powell & Young, solicitors Disused chalk pit at North Newbald, Yorkshire. EM/3/541 Preload Ltd 1977-1980 8 folders. 1958-1989 EM/3/542 8 folders. contracts (1973-1974); Ilchester-Pucklechurch EM/3/543 Prestatyn Urban District Council Stability and construction of Hoghton Service Reservoir. William Press & Son Ltd (later Press Entrepose International) Piermont Surface Water Sewer, Darlington (1958, 1962); pipe jacking gas pipeline (1985-1989). 1963-1965 Earth tremors and effect of mining subsidence; subsidence and planned municipal swimming baths. Housing development. EM/3/544 Prestwich Borough Council 2 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/545 Prestwich Hospital Management Committee 1964-1966 Mining subsidence at Prestwich Hospital. EM/3/546 Rhuddlan Borough Council 1974-1987 29 folders. Theatre and Entertainments complex, Rhyl promenade (1974- 1975); Abbey Street-Wellington Road drainage, Rhyl (1977); Rhyl main drainage scheme (1980-1987). See also Rhuddlan DC EM/3/153 EM/3/547 E. Robinshaw & Son, chartered surveyors 1985-1986 Subsidence at Manor House Farm, Bardsley. EM/3/548 P. Robinson & Co. 1981-1982 4 folders. 1949-1973 facilities and other developments at EM/3/549 St Helens Corporation Sewer contract at Morley for S.E. Derbyshire RDC. Whiston Pumping Station and Old Carr Colliery shafts (1949- 1966); urban development in St Helens area (1951-1952); boreholes in Rainham area (1953-1954); development at Mill Lane, Rainham (1961); tipping by Roughdale Brickworks Ltd (1967); burial Rainhill (1970-1973). 2 folders. EM/3/551 Severn Trent Water Authority EM/3/550 Scottish Development Department 2 folders. A82 Road improvements. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Markfield/Groby Sewer (1981); Ombersley Reclamation Works (William Press & Sons/McLachlan & Partners) (1982). EM/3/552 Sheffield Corporation 1949-1950 Mytle Bank landslip. EM/3/553 Shell Chemical Co. Subsidence on site of proposed factory at Winsford, Cheshire. EM/3/554 Simon-Carves Ltd Tay Bridge site investigation. EM/3/555 Siporex Ltd 4 folders. EM/3/557 EM/3/556 Smith, J.K. Smiths Gore, chartered surveyors Vibration damage to house in Knutsford. Site investigation of proposed works at Wincham, Cheshire. Effect of tipping operations on farms on Rainford Estate, Merseyside. School, Cheshire. Gas pocket on site of construction of Ainsdale Secondary EM/3/558 Southport County Borough 2 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/559 Stockport County Borough Stonework at Lyme Park reservoir, Disley. (Reed & Mallik Ltd) EM/3/560 Sub Soil Surveys Ltd 1965-1966 Subsidence Cheshire. at council houses, Bollington, Altrincham, EM/3/561 W.H. Sutton & Sons Investigation of plot of land at Nelson Lane, Chelford. EM/3/562 Tabley Estates, Knutsford, Cheshire 1953-1955 Compensation for brine subsidence affecting Tabley Chapel and Tabley Old Hall. 3 folders. EM/3/563 Tameside Metropolitan Borough EM/3/564 Tarmac Civil Engineering Ltd Includes a little material from prior claim 1926-1927. Legal dispute re King Street Development: T. Partington & Son (Builders Ltd) vs Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council. 6 folders. Site investigation at Middlewich, Cheshire, for Cerebos Foods Ltd; 1p manuscript note on ‘M6 Over Tabley’. EM/3/565 Thames Conservancy River Loddon at Basing Mill. EM/3/566 Trinidad Leaseholds Ltd 1938-1940 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Construction of oil storage tanks and water supply at Beeston Castle, Cheshire (1938-1939); petrol storage tanks at Wervin and Mollington Station, Cheshire (1938-1939); water supply to Upton Storage Depot, Worcestershire (1938); proposed jetty and oil storage tanks at Heysham (1939-1940). The material relates to pre-war and wartime preparations. EM/3/567 R.B. Turner, chartered architect Industrial site at Lingards Lane, Bredbury, Cheshire. See also Turner and Benson. In 1957 R.B. Turner went into partnership with E.S. Benson. EM/3/568 Turner and Benson, chartered architects 1957-1985 7 folders. also See In partnership with E.S. Benson. Turner. R.B. 1957 R.B. Turner went into flats 1955-1959 EM/3/569 2 folders. of at Lane Street/Tong development, Church, Stockport, Cheshire (1977-1978); inspection South Turner Brothers Asbestos Co. Ltd at Wood Bank, Walker Brow, Reservoir Road, Whaley Bridge, Tintwhistle, property Includes analysis of water supply to Wood Bank, Walker Brow, Kettleshulme, Cheshire (1957); sites in Glossop, Derbyshire Derbyshire (1958-1959); Derbyshire (1962); (1973); Bacup, Lancashire (1972-1974); groundwater drainage, Norbury Moor Parish site investigation Kettleshulme, at Cromford Court, Whaley Cheshire (1977-1978); Bridge (1982-1985); drainage at Rowntree Mackintosh Sun Pat Ltd Hadfield Works, Derbyshire (1984-1985). 1978-1982 Geological implications of possible repositories for nuclear waste. Foundation problem at works in Rochdale, Lancashire. United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority EM/3/570 3 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/571 Vale Royal District Council Site stability at Wincham Industrial Estate, Cheshire. EM/3/572 Vaudrey, Osbourne & Mellor, solicitors 1981-1982 Legal dispute: Edmondson vs Queen Street Manufacturing Co. EM/3/573 W.E. Waite Ltd Geology of route of Barlaston/Shrewsbury gas pipeline EM/3/574 Wakefield District Water Board 1957-1967 6 folders. Construction of Manshead Tunnel, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. See also Wakefield DWB EM/3/197. 4 folders. See also EM/3/497. EM/3/576 Jon Walton & Partners 1976-1977 EM/3/575 Waltham Forest Borough Legal dispute re housing at Montague Road, Leyton: Waltham Forest vs Le Grand Adsco. Helens. Site investigation at Calf Hey Farm, Rawtenstall, Lancashire. Report on New-Cut Lane tip, Woolston, and Ravenhead tip, St EM/3/577 Waste Clearance Ltd E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/578 A.H.S. Waters & Partners 1979-1980 2 folders. investigation Site Aberystwyth. at Glan-yr-Afon Industrial Estate, EM/3/579 Welsh Water Authority 1980-1988 38 folders. EM/3/579/A Bangor sewerage and sewage disposal 1980-1988 29 folders (1-29). (A.H.S. Waters & Partners; Douglas Technical Services Ltd). EM/3/579/B Afon Creuddyn Pumping Station, Llandudno 1982-1986 5 folders (30-34). EM/3/579/D 2 folders (37-38). EM/3/579/C Llandudno sewage disposal scheme EM/3/580 Whaley Bridge Urban District Council Gresford and Chirk Sewage Treatment Works 1960-1969 Subsidence at Elnore Avenue Housing Estate. EM/3/581 Whitecroft Reservoir EM/3/582 Willcox, Raikes & Marshall, civil engineers 2 folders (35-36). Stability of reservoir. 3 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Ringstone sewage dispoal works (1969). Service Hill Reservoir (1960-1962); Leekbrook EM/3/583 Desmond Williams & Associates, architects 1975-1976 2 folders. Site investigation of St Mary’s Roman Catholic Junior School, Crewe. EM/3/584 Winsford Urban District Council 1960-1970 11 folders. Winsford Town Map Inquiry (1960); Wharton Sports Centre and New Road, Light Industrial Estate (1969-1970). EM/3/585 Withington Petty & Co., solicitors 1960-1964 EM/3/586 EM/3/587 EM/3/588 5 folders. sewers, Roebuck Lane, Sandwell (West 1977-1978 Wrightways Ltd Storm Bromwich) water Wrekin Construction Co. Ltd Geological survey of land. Subsidence at sites at Knutsford: Legh Road (1960-1963) and Sugar Pit Lane (1964). 1946-1947 Site investigation at Bradford Park Estate, Bolton. Yates Building Co. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/589-665 PLANNING AND MINERAL WORKINGS 1890-1988 or or on and local inquiries, consultancies This subsection brings together material relating to advice given by Morton (and Edgar Morton and Partner) on planning usually site investigations, planning appeals and issues - public mineral workings - generally sand, gravel and brine extraction. Much of the material is similar in nature to work undertaken by Morton in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s documented in section EM/4, Research and minor consultancies. Furthermore, as both planning and mineral workings often impinged on water supply is considerable overlap with material elsewhere in this section. a geographical concentration on Cheshire, as the There is largest Brine Subsidence Compensation Board and to Cheshire County Council, with advice on brine subsidence problems, planning applications, inquiries and appeals, sand and gravel workings. implications, Cheshire material stability bodies relate there had site the so of to test rock logs, logs, drilling borehole EM/3/589 1969-1980 Charles Andrews and Sons The material was found in Morton’s envelopes and folders, It is presented in labelled by client or, occasionally, by project. alphabetical order following the outline listing. Papers may and maps, draft and final include correspondence, plans reports, data, calculations, photographs etc. key documents relating to any given project were generally kept in reverse chronological order and this arrangement has been retained. Correspondence and Geological aspects of various quarries and use of stone reserves from quarries in Dumfries and Galloway quarries, including Boreland Fell and Tongland (1978-1979); reports on rock samples from Puerto Rico, (1980) and elsewhere (1969). 1947-1952 Proposed rock salt mining by British Gypsum Ltd, Walney Island, and visit to Kirkby Thore Gypsum Mine, Appleby, Westmoreland, also owned by British Gypsum. Use of Leighton Buzzard sand as ‘concrete and mortar sand’ (1951); planning appeals: Inns and Co. re sand pits, Barton Barrow-in-Furness County Borough Bedford County Council EM/3/590 EM/3/591 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Lime Co. Ltd re chalk pit, and Henry J. Winfield and Co. Ltd re sand pit extension (1947-1952). EM/3/592 Boullen, E.J. Occurrence of sand under land owned by Elmhurst, Biddulph, Staffordshire and assessment as to potential use. E.J. Boullen at its EM/3/593 John Braggins and Co., surveyors Proposed sand Cheshire (M.R. Fleetwood, occupier). Whirley pit at Farm, near Macclesfield, EM/3/594 Bredbury and Romily Urban District Council 1945-1946 Appeal by Stockport Corporation against refusal of planning permission by Bredbury and Romily UDC for land acquisition and development for housing, Woodlands Estate, Brinnington, near Stockport. 1978-1981 question in EM/3/595 British Industrial Sand Ltd See also Cheshire CC EM/3/601. See also Cheshire CC EM/3/601. Includes earlier copy material dating back to 1879. the Quarry development at Acre Nook near Chelford, grounds of Withington Estate and of causeway stability; proposed slurry tipping at Oakamoor and question of stability of the rock barrier between the two quarries located there. Interest. Appeal by Kingswood Freeholders Association under the Town and Country Planning Act 1962 and Public Inquiry re King’s Wood and Rammamere Heath Site of Special Scientific EM/3/596 Buckinghamshire Water Board 1967-1969 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/597 Bucklow Rural District Council 1950-1953 Peover sand quarry and planning applications by W. Holden and J. Adhead to building purposes at Foxwood Farm, Peover Superior. extract sand for EM/3/598 Buckton Quarry Co. Ltd 1938-1940 Comparison of Buckton gritstone sand and Mersey river sand, with reference to suitability for use as a fine aggregate in concrete, prior to possible sand washing plant proposal. EM/3/599 Buxton Corporation 1947-1948 Planning Appeal re Ashwood Dale Quarry near Buxton, owned by Derbyshire Stone Ltd. Documents include ICI limestone analyses from their Cowdale Quarry in Ashwood Dale. EM/3/600 Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation Board 1890-1975 13 folders. EM/3/601 Occleston Green; Parkhill Lower Peover, Cheshire Brine Pumping (Compensation for Subsidence) Bills in Parliament supporting documentation. subsequent Acts, and _ and includes photographs of Material brine pumping, example compensation Claims from Lancashire and France, and Boyd Dawkins material dating to the late nineteenth century. Compensation Claims incude Watch Lane, Elton; Salt Union Ltd vs Brunner Mond and Co. Ltd; Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire; Tetton Hall, Congleton Rural District; Yew Tree Farm, Farm, Minshull Green; St Vincents Church, Knutsford; etc. 1944-1983 This this subsection. Morton was born and lived in Cheshire and had a detailed knowledge of its geology. He served as Geological Adviser to the County Council. See also Cheshire CC EM/3/601. Cheshire County Council material forms by far the largest component of 44 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies The papers were found in Morton’s envelopes and folders, with labels identifying their content. The original order has been retained, with amendments and additions as appropriate: British ‘Northern brine for subsidence; for Hoveringham (1977) Salt Manchester Housing effects of Laboratory Nuclear Unversity’; Farm, Warmingham Lane, Delamere, Holme Farm, Middlewich, A. Mealor for proposed sand pit Borough) Ltd; Glebe at Planning appeal by Chorlton Lane, Backford, for Chester Rural District; application to work silica sand at Betchton, Sandbach (1951-1954); Archibald Bathgate and Sons Ltd proposed extension to Arclid Quarry (1970-1976); planning application by B.I.S Ltd re New Platt Wood, Allostock, Cheshire, (1975) and applications re and Beeston Gate (Crewe and Sandiway Quarry (1978) Nantwich Gravels Ltd proposed controlled brine (Northern) pumping, Middlewich; Cerebos Ltd application to abstract brine at Glebe Farm, Ketton (1968); sand quarrying development at Eaton Hall, Congleton, for Hinckley Ltd (1971); Fletchers Housing Site and proposed County Primary School at Elworth, Sandbach (1970-1971); sand working extension; proposed silica sand quarry for Hinckley Ltd, Giants Wood Lane, Congleton (1952- 1954) and later sand works extension (1967); Hot Glaze Ltd, Buglawton, Congleton (1952); Nantwich RDC sand workings at Wybunbury (1971); Programme proposed New Towns at Mobberley and Lymm, Coppenhall, Crowton and Newchurch; Northwich and District Development Science Plan and Research planning applications: Brookhouse Farm, Winsford, Gallows Clough Farm, housing and schools south of Crewe Road, Alsager, etc; Cheshire Core Sand Co. planning appeal re proposed silica sand quarry at Brereton Heath near Sandbach; Ellesmere Port UDC CPO (1954); proposed sand works at Cranage for Storey Metal Industries Ltd; proposed mineral workings at Bunsley Bank, Audlem; for permission to quarry silica sand at Fol Hollow, and proposed sand proposed development at Sydney, Crewe (1972); proposed extraction of sand and gravel at Windy Howe Farm, Delamere (1965); application to work sand and gravel in the Bredbury and Romily Urban District by the Stockport Sand and Gravel Co.; proposed sand abstraction, White Moss farm, Alsager, (1972); proposed sand pit at Worth Hall Farm, Poynton (1965-1966); proposed Lane, Macclesfield; Ltd proposed silica sand workings at Withington, Bent Farm, Congleton (1976-1977) and Fol Hallow (1978); Hinckley Ltd and B.I.S Ltd proposed wet sand working at Scheme: Control of Mineral Workings; Saltersley Hall Farm, Mobberley, Inquiry and Appeal re proposed extraction of sand and gravel (1968); Compass Aggregates Ltd sand extraction applications at Harthill Bank Farm, Norley, Vale Royal and Crabtree Farm, Oakmere, Norley (1976-1978); Irwell Gravel Co. sand and extraction gravel applications (1977) including J. Barker and Co. at Sandbach George Sheard (Congleton) Regional Planning Ltd application Marsh Farm, Congleton; Marton, Winsford; works at Hill Top, Hinckley Ltd, workings, Adlington (1951); sand _ sand quarry, B.I.S Sandy E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Farm, Heath Gawsworth, Daleford Estates Ltd Walkers at Forest Hill Farm, Road, Alsager, Sandiway, near and Macclesfield; proposed extension of G. Sheard (Congleton) Ltd sand pit, West Heath, Congleton (1953-1954); Sneyd Brickworks Ltd application to work silica rock and sandstone on Gawsworth Common; Stockport Sand and Gravel Co. and compulsory purchase of land for sand workings (1949-1951); subsidence at Lawton; Whitebarn Farm Ltd appeal against refusal of permission to quarry at Upton sand pit (1968-1970); County of Chester Development Plan: Winsford Town Map, (1960-1961, 1968); Woodhead trunk road A628; subsidence at St Chad’s Church and vicinity and extension to existing sand and gravel workings, Hough Mill Quarry, at Wybunbury, near Nantwich (1975-1977 and up to 1983); County Structure Plan No.5) Regional Planning Scheme: Control of Mineral Workings; ICI planning permission to extract rock salt, Winsford (1960) and boring in saliferous beds (to 1971); Cheshire Brine Pumping (Compensation for Subsidence) Bill (1951-1952); Potclays Ltd including appeal re silica sand at Buglawton; further planning appeals and other matters Mid-Cheshire 1976-1977; report (Area draft See also Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation Board EM/3/582 and British Industrial Sand Ltd EM/3/595. 1943-1944 1951-1952 EM/3/602 EM/3/603 gravel from land Ltd EM/3/604 Congleton Corporation Irwell Sand and Gravel Co. re proposed at Colley Mill, Co-Operative Wholesale Society Ltd Feasibility of acquiring potential supplies of brine reserves from the Society's estates at Warburton in the Lymn Salt Field. Appeal by excavation of sand and Buglawton, under the Town and Country Planning Act 1947. 1968-1969 Extension of Bog Height shale pit, near Darwen, Blackburn, and proposed land purchase by John Crankshaw and later by the North Western Ceramic Pipe Co. Ltd. Feasibility of extracting gritstone for commercial purposes from quarry site at Higher Hurdsfield, Macclesfield. John Crankshaw and Co. Cornwell, M. EM/3/605 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/606 Crewe District Council 1973-1977 3 folders. investigation Site Sandbach, Northwich, in relation to proposed future site development by Cheshire County Council. Crewe Gates Farm, of Morton and Partner investigated the effect of a geological fault that extended from Maw Green to the farm. EM/3/607 Cubitt Estates Ltd 1960-1961 Appeal by Cubitt against Town Planning Authority consent to Dorking UDC’s limiting the maximum amount of refuse to be tipped annually at disused quarry chalk pit in Dorking. EM/3/608 Darcy Lever Old Hall Farm EM/3/609 2 folders. 8 folders. proposed road and_ appeals re workings and stability at 1946-1954 Denton Urban District Council J.& A. Jackson Co. Ltd clay pit planning applications, Inquiry Denton and Brickworks housing development in the vicinity and proximity of the Windmill Brook Sewer. clay especially Application by Miss H. Lomax for permission under the Town and Country Planning Act 1962 to extract sand and gravel from land at Darcy Lever Old Hall Farm, Bolton, Lancashire, opposed by the Lancashire Area Association of Freestone Quarry Owners. 1965-1969 Chiefly Woodbury Common Public Inquiry, 1968, re proposed extension of existing quarrying operations by English China Clays Quarries Ltd at Blackhill, Woodbury, and proposed new workings at Colaton Straitgate Farm, near Ottery St Mary. Raleigh, Venn Ottery and Devon River Authority EM/3/610 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/611 Dobson Chapman and W. Macclesfield Partners, chartered architect, 1942-1947 Proposed Haslingden Planning Scheme. W. Dobson Chapman sought geological advice from his friend Morton concerning the Scheme. EM/3/612 Doncaster and District Joint Water Board 1949-1973 2 folders. Applications under section 14 of the Water Act and other applications and Inquiries re borehole licences and proposed sand and gravel workings. Ltd, F.M.S. include (Farm Blaxton Products) Quarry; Crowle; Applicants Doncaster Quartzite Ltd; Thorne Rural District; Manyons Aggregates Ltd, Holmewood Lane, Armthorpe; Hoveringham Gravels Ltd.; A. Sutcliffe and Sons, Misson, — Nottinghamshire; Nottinghamshire Crop Driers Ltd; and |.B. Hayes, Birk House Farm, Misson, Nottinghamshire. Highwood = Farm, Fibres Ltd, ICI includes sundry material tipping of colliery waste, proposed 2 folders. EM/3/613 1949-1953: of planning Dunlop Heywood and Co. Ltd Appeal by Roger Lythgoe Ltd against refusal consent to work sand and gravel at Park Farm, Warburton. earlier Material applications, proposed coal workings, protection of gathering grounds, limestone quarrying at Edlington Wood, Doncaster; Doncaster Area refuse and sewage sludge disposal, etc. 1946-1966 Advice was sought from Edgar Morton and Partner as to the ‘gravel and stone content’ of land at Foggbrook, Marple and clay or other deleterious related substances’. ‘the quantity of the minerals previously worked’. Morton advised on gravel deposits at Ellerbeck Park Farm, Adlington, Lancashire (1946), and proposed purchase of the land (as part of Fairclough’s estate) by William Cooper and Sons Ltd for sand and gravel workings (1965-1966). ‘extent of any bands of Also any information re Fairclough, T.S.H. EM/3/614 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/615 Fothergill and Harvey Ltd, Littleborough Geological survey of old quarry sites to determine feasibility of re-working, in the vicinity of Sladen Wood Mill. EM/3/616 French and Jupp Ltd, maltsters Potential effects of proposed gravel excavation in the vicinity of their premises at Stanstead Abbotts, River Lee valley, to be determined by ongoing Geological Society experiments. EM/3/617 Garner and Sons, Stockport 1958-1963 Morton reported on land at Hyde for A. Garner (1958), mining at conditions at Cledford, of subsidence from salt workings in the vicinity (1963). site, and on proposed industrial site likelihood Middlewich respect with the the to EM/3/618 Graesser Salicylates Ltd 1964-1965 at Park House, Lowca, including stone EM/3/619 West Cumberland, a brick-making business, John Greenwood (Brickworks) Co. Ltd Proposed site development for erection of factory investigation of existing coal workings under part of the site. a pharmaceutical and Testing of Lees Hall and Shire Hill sandstone. Morton advised John Greenwood on the geological aspects of starting testing, (1931-1937). He later made this stone testing information available to the British Quarrying Co. Ltd, in answer to an enquiry in 1964. 1931-1964 Oil Prospecting Licences for various parts of the UK granted to Grizzly Petroleum (UK) Ltd under the Petroleum Production Act 1934, and potential the Wolverhampton and Staffordshire areas. Grizzly Petroleum (UK) Ltd to the water supplies of EM/3/620 risk E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/621 Hale and Bowdon Urban District Council 1949-1960 Hale and Bowdon Joint Sewage Disposal: Salt subsidence (1949-1950); proposed sewage works (1960). EM/3/622 Hargreaves & Jones Ltd 1953-1958 Legal dispute re alleged silt pollution affecting stability of spoil banks along the Peover Eye Brook stream at Chelford: Lea vs Hargreaves & purchase of mineral-bearing land at Home Farm, Withington, Cheshire (1958). proposed (1953); Jones Ltd EM/3/623 C.H. Harvey & Son Ltd, Liverpool 1963-1964 Proposed sand and gravel quarry at New Inn Bridge Farm, Ewloe, near Connah’s Quay. EM/3/624 Heys (Britannia) Ltd 1964, 1972 EM/3/625 Hobart, Peter and Thomas See also EM/4/0/10 and EM/4/0/27. Testing for crushing strength of York Stone, (1964) and testing of Britannia Stone and reserves (1972). Request by the brothers Peter (a former student of Morton’s) and Thomas Hofbauer (later Hobart) for assistance with search for mineral-bearing land (ideally sand and gravel in the Chelford area), for proposed quarry. 1950-1965 Stone testing of rocks from North Wales stone quarries (1950- 1951), Arcow Quarry, Horton in Ribblesdale and Settle (1963- 1965). Hughes Bros. (Derbyshire Granite) Ltd., Buxton EM/3/626 2 folders. See also EM/4/O/5 and EM/4/0/14. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/627 Hulland Gravel Co. Ltd. 1963-1964 Application by Hulland Gravel Co. Ltd under section 14 of the Water Act for borehole deepening at Lawley Quarry near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. EM/3/628 Charles F. Jones and Son, surveyors 1956-1959 Appeal Planning Co., Huntingdonshire re proposed site for granite quarry, Markfield, Leicester. Gravel Sand Ives and by St Morton gave a geological appraisal of the site. EM/3/629 Judkins Ltd 1944-1967 Tuttle Proposed improvement of the Birmingham to Great Yarmouth road by the Ministry of War Transport, close to Judkins’ Tuttlehill quarry (1944-1946); stone testing of samples from Hartshill and Tuttlehill Quarries (1967). Nuneaton, Hill, on EM/3/631 EM/3/632 EM/3/630 Kerridge, J. F. Edmund Kirkby and Sons Includes copy material dating back to 1926. Investigation of quarry site at Walker Barn. Planning Appeal re extraction of windblown sand at Formby Town Planning Scheme. ICl complaint about an allegation in Morton’s brochure ‘The geology of Knutsford in relation to development proposals’ that subsidence in the area was caused by brine pumping by the ICI Alkali Division. of the display for the Knutsford Knutsford Urban District Council The brochure formed part 1945-1947 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/633 Leeds Permanent Building Society 1951-1952 Cheshire Brine Pumping (Compensation for Subsidence) Act 1952: subsidence due to brine pumping in Cheshire and its effects on land and buildings. EM/3/634 Leicester County Council 1969-1976 2 folders. Leicester Water Supply Division Year 2000 Project: water aqueduct, Egginton/Melbourne; geology and soils at Staunton Harold Reservoir; Public Inquiry and Appeal re proposed sand and gravel extraction from Butt Lane by Husbands Bosworth Source works; River Wreake Gravel Hydrogeological Study and County Structure Plan. See also NW Leicestershire WB EM/3/134. EM/3/635 A. Monk & Co., Warrington 1941-1956 2 folders. 1943-1967 EM/3/637 National Coal Board 1960-1963 EM/3/636 Murgatroyd’s Salt & Chemical Co. Ltd Derbyshire (see also EM/3/332) Trial borings and pumping tests at Murgatroyd’s Booth Lane, Tetton site foundations (1943-1950); brine pumping tests (1967). Proposed gravel pit at Sunny Bank Farm, Ashley, near Market Drayton (1955-1956); aerodrome construction, Darley Moor, near Ashbourne, (1941- 1942). 1949-1951 Gravel workings by Broadoak Sand & Gravel Co in NCB Durham Area No. 6. Stone samples chemical analysis. EM/3/638 Neodox Ltd E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/639 North Wales (Hydro-Electricity) Protection Committee 1950-1958 Public Inquiry and objections to the British Electricity Authority Rheidol Authority Trawsfynydd Scheme. Electricity Scheme Central and EM/3/640 Northwich Rural District Council Appeal under the Town and Country Planning Act 1947, by N. Thompson and Co. Spy Hill, Delamere, Cheshire. re extension sand pit, to EM/3/641 Peak Park Planning Board 1946-1969 6 folders. (also the Joint Committee for the Peak District National Park). Dale, District ‘Pochin’ Nicholl’s the Peak quarring at Middleton EM/3/642 safeguarding Involvement of the Council for Preservation of Rural England in regional conferences on surveys of limestone resources, June and October 1952 and 1953; effect of the quarrying industry on the scenery of the Park and concerns as to preservation of the relation to area against ‘undesirable future exploitation’ limestone Middleton (1968-1969). in Stoney (1949-1954); Envelope label inscribed: ‘Pochin’ - ‘Rock Samples from Isle of Man, 1974’. ‘Pochin’ may possibly refer to a firm of building contractors on the Isle of Man. Examination of G.D. submitted Rock Samples from Dhoon, Isle of Man’, November 1974, Simon Engineering Manchester with accompanying letter. Includes background material dating back to 1960. Public Inquiry, August 1966, and appeal by Mr and Mrs F. Downes against refusal of permission for development of sand pit, Prestwich Clough, Lancashire. Prestwich Borough Council D.R. University Laboratories, Petrological Plum of 1960-1966 EM/3/643 ‘Report on of the a as sent by Morton to E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/644 J.C. Primmer Ltd Geological advice on sandstone workings at Jacksons Edge Quarry, Carr Brow, Disley, Cheshire. EM/3/645 Quickmix Concrete Co. Ltd 1959-1966 Morton reported for Quickmix Concrete Co. Ltd on proposed extraction of sand and gravel from Northcotbrook sand pit (1959-1960), Furness Vale Quarry and Harrop Edge Quarry (1962) and Neachley Hall site near Tong, Shropshire (1964- 1966). EM/3/646 River Dove Water Board 1965-1968 Planning Appeal against proposed sand and gravel workings at High Bridge Lane, Egginton by Hilton Gravel Co. Ltd. See also River Dove WB, EM/3/154. EM/3/647 EM/3/649 EM/3/648 St Helens Corporation 2 folders. Russell Bros. Ltd, Nelson Roughdales Brickworks Ltd Request by Russell Bros for Morton to test ‘a cube of stone from a local quarry’ for crushing strength, etc. Control of mineral workings: various planning applications and appeals including re proposed development at Sutton Heath Brickworks, Eltonhead Road, St. Helens, and Ravenhead Brick Co. Ltd; proposed clay pit for NCB, Lea Green Road. 1947-1957 Morton notes, ‘My house is on the western edge of Styperson Park about 600 yards from the quarry, with which | am very familiar’. David Sassoon and Co. Ltd and report on Styperson Quarry, Adlington, Inspection Cheshire. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/650 Scarborough Corporation Waterworks Public Inquiry and planning appeal re Jacob’s Mount Caravan and Camping Site. EM/3/651 Searancke, E. J. 1947-1948 E.J. Searancke, quarry owner, to Payments owed by Sandstone Industry employed at Sandstone Industry (Silicosis) Scheme, 1931. the Searancke Quarry, Compensation Fund re Midway, the workmen under the EM/3/652 D. Shaw (Poynton) Ltd Proposed trial boreholes and grading of sand samples from trial pits site at Rudheath, Goostrey, Cheshire EM/3/653 Skipton and District Joint Planning Committee EM/3/655 Includes J. Scriven material. EM/3/654 South Lancashire Development Area South Manchester Hospital Authority Quarry inspections re working conditions etc. Morton acted for W. Dobson Chapman and Partners, Town Planning Consultants. H.F. Malloney requested Morton’s assistance in checking his report on the South Lancashire Development Area. Stone testing of rhyolite from the quarry at High Gate, Roch, near Haverfordwest. Site investigation at Withington Hospital. EM/3/656 South Wales Magnesia Ltd E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/657 Summerton, J.D. 1973-1974 Stone testing rock samples submitted to Manchester Building and Testing Laboratories Ltd by B.B. Kirk Constructions Ltd. re three report ‘Enquiry believed to originate from [Mr] J.D. Summerton’ of Kirklake Road, Formby. EM/3/658 Taylor, T. Geological report on land for proposed quarry at Higher Fold Farm, Shuttleworth. EM/3/659 Thorpe, N. 1971-1972 Proposed sand workings at Goostrey, Cheshire by United Gravel Co. Ltd. EM/3/660 Tomlinson, T.E. EM/3/662 Westmoreland County Council EM/3/661 Trentham Gravel Co. Report on Scoutmoor and Fecit End Quarries. Report on quarry owned by the Trentham Gravel Co., for W. Eardley Wright Market Drayton, Shropshire, farm owner. of Willoughbridge Wells, Wright alleged damage was being caused to Weymouth Farm due to water seepage from the quarry. 1951-1960 Planning Applications and Inquiries re extraction of sand and gravel in the Urban Districts of Chertsey and Egham, including at Thorpe and Abbey Meads, and effects of gravel workings on water supply; appeals by Hall & Co. Ltd. Planning Application Appeal and Inquiry re proposed sand and gravel workings at Spital Farm, Kendal. EM/3/663 Woking and District Water Co. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/664 Wolverhampton Corporation Water Undertaking 1967-1973 3 folders. Includes planning application by MMM [3M] Pipelines Ltd to lay a cross country pipeline between Milford Haven and Manchester, with respect to route across the Smestow valley (1971); Shifnal RDC proposed extension to Ruckley Tip (1971); tipping in sand and gravel quarries, Seisdon Rural District (1971); Midland Pig Producers Ltd proposed piggery at Little Onn and disposal of effluent at Bradford Estate (1972); A6464 road diversion at Cosford Waterworks (1973); etc. EM/3/665 Wright, W. 1950-1951 adjoining Planning application and appeal by W. Wright re tipping on land Cheshire; Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd planning appeal re land for tipping at Sale Meadows. Sale, the River Mersey at E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 SECTION EM/4 RESEARCH INTERESTS AND MINOR CONSULTANCIES 21886-1975 This section brings together Morton’s files on individual small consultancies not included in EM/3, together with research material. to be found in EM/3/589-665, although this material is in general earlier than the work documented there, the bulk dating from the 1920s and 1930s. Similar material is Following the arrangement of the material in the outline list, where possible the papers have been grouped together by broader area and these then arranged in an alphabetical sequence. EM/4/A EM/4/B EM/4/C BATH AND PORTLAND STONE DAMS FOUNDATIONS EM/4/D LANDSLIPS MINING SUBSIDENCE RAINFALL ROAD STONE EM/4/G EM/4/H EM/4/E EM/4/F EM/4/| EM/4/J QUARRYING INDUSTRY STONE PRESERVATION SITE REPORTS AND INVESTIGATIONS EM/4/K EM/4/L EM/4/M EM/4/N ROCK SALT SILICOSIS SLATE SOIL MECHANICS E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/O STONE TESTING EM/4/P UNDERGROUND WATER EM/4/Q WATER SUPPLY EM/4/R EM/4/S EM/4/T EM/4/U MISCELLANEOUS CONSULTANCIES AND ADVICE MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL MAPS AND PLANS E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/A BATH AND PORTLAND STONE 1929-1946 2 folders. Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: typescript note on Bath stone; duplicated typescript on Portland stone; marketing material (including pictures) from Bath & Portland Stone Firms Ltd. EM/4/B 2 folders. Contents of Morton’s folder divided reference: construction. Some possibly for lectures. manuscript typescript and into two for ease of dam notes on EM/4/C 4 folders. of reference. Includes 1943-1973 ‘Some examples of FOUNDATIONS See also EM/3/405-588 passim. Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease site exploration’ by Morton, 11pp typescript, 1954; and material re landslips and stability of slopes (see EM/4/D below) including the Waldershelf Slip (Broomhead Reservoir, Sheffield), and labelled photographs of slips. n.d. 21886-1962, n.d. Contents of untitled folder See also EM/4/C above. 21886-1920, LANDSLIPS EM/4/D EM/4/D/1 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies Chiefly manuscript and typescript notes, some of W. Boyd Dawkins, dating from ?1886. Includes notes on legal cases arising from landslips. EM/4/D/2 Newspaper cuttings on UK landslips EM/4/D/3 slip ‘Soil Whitefield-Bury Road near Blackford Bridge’ at Myrtle bank Sheffield [...] and Drift Clay slip 1947, 1962 Contents of photographs. Morton’s envelope so _ inscribed: labelled EM/4/D/3A ‘Landslips paper for Manchester’ 1948-1949 2 folders. Manuscript and typescript drafts; correspondence and papers re legal dispute: J.R. Crompton vs Heywood Corporation. EM/4/D/4 Morton’s envelope so_ inscribed: labelled EM/4/D/5 Morton’s envelope so_ inscribed: See EM/3/271. Contents of photographs. Contents of photographs. ‘Road slip at Heywood. Old slips on Shale’ In glacial drift clay containing sand layers ‘Cod Beck slip. (Northerallerton & dales W.B.)’ ‘Land slides in South Wales Valleys’ by George Knox, 46pp typescript EM/4/D/6 labelled E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/E MINING SUBSIDENCE 1953-1965 Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed: manuscript and typescript notes; figures; photographs of damage at Newton- le-Willows. EM/4/F QUARRYING INDUSTRY 1932-1933 Printed issues of issues 2-4 of the Student Supplement. the Quarry Managers’ Journal, including EM/4/G RAINFALL 1897-1975 including issues EM/4/G/3 EM/4/G/1 ‘Rainfall and run-off statistics’ EM/4/G/2 Monthly and annual records of rainfall for years 1942-1975 printed inscribed: material The Waterworks Review, ‘The drought of 1933’ by Morton maintained a weather station at his home at Styperson House, Adlington, Cheshire. He supplied rainfall data to the Meteorological Office and also analysed it for professional use (calculating water supply). Contents of Morton’s folder so 1898-1934, of manuscript notes for lecture on Morton, delivered at Bacup, Lancashire, February 1934. 1930-1951 Files of correspondence, notes, reports and memoranda re work Morton undertook for the Ministry of Transport (MoT) and Newspaper cuttings; correspondence EM/4/H ROAD STONE 1897-1934 1942-1975 1943-1961 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies British Standards Institute (BSI) on road stone testing. had done at had developed from research Morton the This University. EM/4/H/1 ‘Ministry of Transport Kerbstone specification’ 1930-1934 2 folders. BSI Contents of Morton’s folder so labelled divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence with MoT, quarry owners re Morton’s ‘Memorandum on the Specification of Sandstones suitable for use as Kerbstones on Main thoroughfares’ and ‘Memorandum on Water Absorption, Density and Porosity of Roadstone’. roadstone tests; papers tests; BSI re EM/4/H/2 ‘Road-Stone quarries. Correspondence’ 1930-1937 4 folders. Contents of Morton’s folder so labelled divided into four for ease of reference: correspondence with quarry owners re samples of roadstone. 6 folders. EM/4/H/3 of quarries by county and 1931-1935 stone; correspondence ‘British Standards Institution. Kerbstone’ Lists arranged by type of stone. Contents of Morton’s folder so labelled divided into six for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re work of BSI Sub-Committee PW/13/1 on Broken Stone and Natural Stone Kerbs. 1949-1950 Includes the Specification of Sandstones suitable for use as Kerbstones on Main Thoroughfares’. Contents of Morton’s folder so labelled divided into three for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re work of BSI Sub-Committee PW/13/1 on Broken Stone and Natural Stone ‘British Broken Stone and Natural Stone Kerbs.’ Standards Institution. See also EM/4/H/4 and EM/4/H/10. ‘Memorandum Sub-Committee discussion of Morton’s on_ EM/4/H/4 PW/13/1. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies Kerbs in revising BS 812 Sampling and Testing of Mineral Aggregates (including Sands and on Single-sized Aggregrate for Roadstone and Chippings. and BS 63 Fillers) EM/4/H/5 ‘Attrition Tests - 1934. Correspondence with quarry owners’ 1934-1935 4 folders. Contents of Morton’s folder so labelled divided into four for ease of and associated correspondence. requests for samples for reference: testing These tests were carried out by Morton and his postgraduate student J.D. Warrington. Warrington’s thesis which reported the results of the work is at EM/4/H/7. EM/4/H/6 Results of photographs attrition tests: graphs, tables, correspondence; 1935-1936 EM/4/H/7 Includes memoranda by Morton. EM/4/H/9 7 folders. EM/4/H/8 Miscellaneous background material ‘British Standards Institution. PW13/8’ See EM/4/H/5 for Morton’s notes and report on the thesis. ‘An investigation of the Deval Attrition Test as a Method for determining the Resistance to Wear of Roadstones’, M.Sc. thesis by J.D. Warrington Contents of Morton’s folder so labelled divided into five for Contents of Morton’s folder so labelled divided into seven for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re work of BSI Sub-Committee PW/13/8 on Tests for Aggregates, Sands and Fillers. ‘B.S.I. Grading of Road Stone. Nomenclature of Road Stone’ EM/4/H/10 5 folders. 1933-1937 1936-1939 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies ease of reference: correspondence and papers re work of BSI Sub-Committees PW/13/8 on Tests for Aggregates, Sands and Fillers, and PW/13/1 on Broken Stone and Natural Stone Kerbs (see also EM/4/H/3 and EM/4/H/10). Includes committees. draft specifications produced by both sub- EM/4/H/11 Road stone samples from Borough of Workington, Lancashire 1950-1951 EM/4/| ROCK SALT Papers re discussion on origin of rock salt. EM/4/J SILICOSIS 1929-1950 and other extractive but industries (Silicosis) Schemes From 1929 the Sandstone Industries required that all quarries producing sandstone with above a certain the Sandstone Industries Compensation Fund. Morton produced reports on behalf of the Fund and also tested samples of sandstone for individual companies. silica content had to contribute to Silicosis is a respiratory disease, sometimes fatal, caused by inhalation of dust from silica which damages the lung tissue. Silica is found in most rocks and forms dusts during mining, quarrying although recognised for centuries, silicosis only came into prominence in the twentieth century. The majority of the material relates to Morton’s reports on the silica content of stones for various quarry owners concerned about silicosis and the possibility of employees taking legal action over the disease, evidence that Morton gave in silicosis compensation cases, and correspondence with and reports for The material the Sandstone Industries Compensation Fund. is retained in broadly chronological order. At the beginning of the sequence is some general material relating to silicosis and compensation claims. The titles reproduced in the catalogue entries. of Morton’s original envelopes and folders are E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/J/1 ‘Silicosis literature’ 1929-ca 1934 3 folders. Articles notes; Compensation Fund and others 1931; etc. by Morton and others; manuscript and typescript Industry correspondence Sandstone with the EM/4/J/2 ‘Rulings related to silicosis [compensation] schemes’ 1930-1932 Compensation Correspondence Fund; Morton’s ‘Memorandum on Quarry variation in relation to the Sandstone Industries (Silicosis) Scheme 1931’. Sandstone Industry with EM/4/J/3 ‘Silicosis schemes. & Home Office reports’ 1923, 1929 EM/4/J/4 ‘(Joseph] Wetton and Sons. Silicosis’ 1926-1928 Stone testing. 2 folders. 1929-1931 1930-1948 EM/4/J/5 EM/4/J/6 Stone testing. Various silicosis cases ‘The Scottish Granite Company’ ‘1. Re J. Holt -. A. Hobson & Sons [...] 2. Rochdale Corpn [vs] Allan Wilde 3. Sam Lomas. Employed by Eldon Hill Limestone Qu. 4. James Westwood. Emp. by Acme Marls Ltd [J. Chapman & Co.]’ 1930-1931 Morton’s reports and opinions for Compensation Fund. ‘The S.1.C.F. Ltd 1931. Reports’ the Sandstone Industry EM/4/J/7 3 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/J/8 ‘Jackson vs Know Mill Printing Co. Silicosis claim. Sandstone’ 1930-1931 EM/4/J/9 ‘A.A. Manders. Stoke on Trent. Silicosis. Lithographic stone’ Stone testing. EM/4/J/10 ‘R. & T. Howarth. Rochdale. Silicosis. Gritstones’ Stone testing. EM/4/J/11 ‘Luck Bros. Wadhurst Sandstone’ Stone testing. EM/4/J/12 John Lloyd. Llanelly. Silicosis. Greywacke’ Stone testing. Stone testing. Stone testing. EM/4/J/13 ‘John Carter. Ashdown sandstone’ EM/4/J/14 ‘A. V. Watkins. Llandovery’ EM/4/J/15 ‘D. Strahan & Sons. Llanelly. Silicosis’ 1930-1932 ‘Silicosis test. Geo. Vickers, Birchwood Quarry. Coxbench’ ‘K. Macleod & Son. Thurso. Silicosis Caithness Flagstone’ EM/4/J/16 EM/4/J3/17 Stone testing. Stone testing. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/J/18 ‘Haweswater Scheme. L. Holme Lewis. [...Dolorite]’ 1931-1932 Stone testing. EM/4/J/19 ‘Old Radnor Trading Co. silicosis’ 1931-1932 EM/4/J/20 ‘Carmarthenshire County C. Talardd Quarry. Greywacke’ Stone testing. EM/4/J/21 Various silicosis cases 1931-1940 2 folders. ‘1. Whittle, Robinson & Bailey (Re Tongue & Armstrong). 2." 3." "Harris v. Holbeck Brick & Fireclay Co. "W.J. Blant v. Wallworks Abrasive Wheels’. " " EM/4/J/22 ‘The S.I.C.F. Ltd 1932-1933’ 1932-1937 EM/4/J/24 EM/4/J/25 EM/4/J/23 ‘Porthmadoc Urban District Council’ Silicosis. "6 Fathom Hazel" = 1932-1933 ‘Durham County Water Board. Stone testing’ Morton’s reports and opinions for the Sandstone Industry Compensation Fund, with related correspondence. 1934, 1936 ‘Messrs J.F. Addison & Cooper. Walsall 1933. Siltstone - Colliery Worker’ ‘Art Pavements & Decorations Ltd. Report on Liability of Cast Stone Workers to contract Silicosis’ Sandstone Industry Compensation Fund case. Silicosis case. EM/4/J/26 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/J/27 Various silicosis cases 1934, 1936 2 folders. dispute: Legal Re- Mulholland Dec’d - County Court Action. Earnshaw v. Henry Heyes Ltd.’ Employers’ Assurance Ltd. ‘Midland EM/4/J/28 ‘J.J. O’Hara. Silicosis. Polishing terrazzo’ Stone testing. EM/4/J/29 ‘Silicosis. Royshaw & John Woods Brick and Tile Co. Ltd. Brick-shale & sandstone layer’ Stone testing. EM/4/J/30 ‘Hornton Quarries Ltd. Silicosis. Limestone’ Stone testing. 5 folders. EM/4/J/32 Various silicosis cases 1938-1944 Silicosis case. EM/4/J/31 ‘Russel Jones & Co. Silicosis.’ ‘Johnson: employed in spreading granite chippings on tar- macadam roads. Previously employed as furnace hand and occasionally had to re-line furnace with silica brick and fire- brick’. Quarries - 1943/44’ Reports for the Sandstone Industry Compensation Fund, with related correspondence. Chiefly quarries in western Scotland, the Orkneys and Shetland. ‘The Sandstone Industry Compensation Fund Ltd. Orkney ‘Correspondence and reports from 7/5/42 to Nov. 1944’ EM/4/J/33 1943-1944 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies 3 folders. Reports for the Sandstone Industry Compensation Fund, with related correspondence, on quarries operated by the Orkney County Council and Balfour Beatty. Also includes Morton’s manuscript notes and photographs of rock samples. See also EM/4/J/32. EM/4/J/34 ‘North London Sandpits (Herts) Ltd. Great Bolas Nr Wellington Salop’. 1943-1944 ‘Correspondence Dec/43 to Feb/1944’. Stone testing. EM/4/J/35 ‘S.I.C.F. Ltd. Completed’ 1943-1947 6 folders. EM/4/J/36 Morton advised the Union in a number of cases. 3 folders. Silicosis cases. EM/4/J/37 ‘Lancashire County Council S.I. Silicosis Scheme’ 1945-1946 ‘National Union of General & Muncipal Workers. Silicosis’ 1932-1945 Morton’s reports and opinions for the Sandstone Industry Compensation Fund, with related correspondence. Stone testing. Includes map of report and his manuscript notes. Inspection of Council quarries in North Lonsdale area. the area with quarries marked; Morton’s EM/4/J/38 ‘E. Nuttall & Sons & Co. Dam’ [...] Quartzite & Greywacke Claerwen E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies Includes map of proposed quarry. EM/4/J/39 ‘Intrade Ltd. Silicosis’ found Material ‘[...] demolishing concrete blast proof walls formerly a Colliery. Interpretation of "Dried Quartzose Sand" ‘. Silicosis case. inscribed: envelope folder within in EM/4/J/40 ‘Watson Sons & Room. Leeswood Colliery. Mold. Silicosis. House of Lords Decision in Colliery Case. Interpretation of War Industries Scheme’ 1947-1948 Silicosis case. EM/4/J/41 ‘Sandstone Industry Compensation Fund 1948/50’ 1948-1950 Morton’s reports and opinions for the Sandstone Industry Compensation Fund, with related correspondence. draft of EM/4/K 1930, 1931 EM/4/J/42 ‘Silicosis Misc.’ SITE REPORTS AND INVESTIGATIONS Correspondence; manuscript notes; ‘The various Industries (Silicosis) Amendment Scheme 1930. How it affects the quarry owner’ by Morton. 1927-1969 This material relates to Morton’s activity as consultant advising on local authorities, brick makers, landowners and others in assessing the potential of sites and the stone to be extracted therefrom. The material comprises correspondence with clients, Morton’s reports and plans, and manuscript notes. Opening Northumberland Morton acted for T. & R. Nicholson. for quarry-owners, particular sites. near Wark, of sandstone He acted EM/4/K/1 quarry at Billerley, E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/K/2 Mineral rights at Whitmore, Shropshire Morton acted for R.W. de Helsby. EM/4/K/3 Principally re reports on Hillhead and Topley Pike limestone quarries, Derbyshire 1932-1933 Morton acted for Sam Nove Ltd EM/4/K/4 Use of new quarry at Issue Tor for sandstone, use of concrete at Fernilee Reservoir, Stockport, Lancashire 1932-1934 For Issue Tor, Morton acted for Lehane, Mackenzie, Shand & Co. Ltd. EM/4/K/5 Brickworks survey, Rochdale, Lancashire 1932-1933 Morton acted for W. Higgins and Son Ltd. Morton acted for Bernard Brookes EM/4/K/8 Morton acted for J. Wadsworth. 4 folders. See also EM/4/K/26. EM/4/K/7 Sand deposits at Lower Peover, Cheshire EM/4/K/6 Godley Estate Trust leases and sand pits, Cheshire Morton acted for the Trustees of the Godley Estate. 1932-1939 Valuation of sand deposits, Broomhill, Pendlebury, Lancashire EM/4/K/9 Sand lime pit, Stockport, Cheshire Morton gave evidence in court case. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/K/10 Former marble quarry, Tideswell Dale, Derbyshire Morton acted for Mrs S.A. Holmes and John Greenwood (see also EM/4/K/16). EM/4/K/11 Proposed Basalt quarry, Tideswell Moor, Derbyshire 1934-1936 Morton acted for Hartington Quarries Ltd. EM/4/K/12 Silica deposits, Waen, Flintshire 1936-1937 Morton acted for Paton, Calvert & Co. Ltd. EM/4/K/13 Trial borehole at Mellor, Blackburn, Lancashire Morton acted for L.D. Brothers. EM/4/K/14 Proposed brickworks, Glossop, Cheshire 1938, 1941 Includes copy of EM/4/K/15 Proposed brickworks, Marple, Lancashire Morton acted for Marple Urban District Council. EM/4/K/16 Former marble quarry, Tideswell Dale, Derbyshire Morton acted for Geigie Colour Co. Ltd. 1934 geological map by Morton. Morton acted for the North East Cheshire Regional Planning Committee. Morton acted for John Greenwood and Derbyshire Stone Ltd. See also EM/4/K/10. EM/4/K/17 Basalt at Potluck, Tideswell Moor, Derbyshire 1938-1939 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/K/18 Proposed concrete tile works, Woodford, Cheshire Morton acted for landowners objecting to the proposed works. EM/4/K/19 Draft of Mid-Cheshire (Area no. 3) Regional Planning Scheme EM/4/K/20 Proposed new power station, Preston, Lancashire 1939-1940 5 folders. acted Morton Includes correspondence with and data from John Thom Ltd, Artesian Well Engineers and L.G. Mouchel & Partners, Civil Engineers. Borough Preston. the for of EM/4/K/21 Proposed basalt (dolerite) quarry, Ible, Derbyshire 1939-1941 Morton acted for Derbyshire Stone Ltd. EM/4/K/23 Besom Hill brickworks, Oldham, Lancashire EM/4/K/22 Ladybower Reservoir, Derbyshire Morton acted for W. Fenton Higgins. Investigation of coal outcrops, Burnley, Lancashire Morton acted for Derwent Valley Water Board. Advice on hydraulic limestone in the manufacture of cement. case. Morton advised A. Monk & Co. Ltd who were acting on behalf of the Board of Trade. Defective brickwork on petroleum storage tanks, Isle of Grain, Kent Morton acted for A. Monk & Co. Ltd, giving evidence in court 1942-1943 EM/4/K/24 EM/4/K/25 5 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies Correspondence, notes and background material, Morton’s evidence, judgement. EM/4/K/26 Sand deposits Stockport, Cheshire Morton acted for Bean Leach Sand & Gravel Co. Ltd. also EM/4/K/6. See EM/4/K/27 Reserves of basalt at Calton Hill quarry, Derbyshire Morton acted for Derbyshire Stone Ltd. EM/4/K/28 Claim for damage to tiles caused by chimney dust 1943-1944 2 folders. Morton acted for Chloride Electrical Storage Co. 1943-1947 1943-1944 2 folders. EM/4/K/29 of Use chambers EM/4/K/30 Quarries in Cheshire and Derbyshire caverns in Derbyshire as underground storage 1941, 1943 Morton acted for Elliott’s Collieries Ltd. Includes Morton’s Memorandum on the subject, 1941. Also includes correspondence re basalt deposits in Derbyshire (see EM/4/K/17, EM/4/K/21 and EM/4/K/27). 1943-1944 Potential resources of limestone from Blaen Dyffryn quarry, Brecknockshire Extension of limestone quarry, Llandulas, Denbighshire Morton acted for Llandulas Quarry Co. Ltd. Morton acted for the Duke of Beaufort. EM/4/K/31 EM/4/K/32 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/K/33 Site for Miners’ Hostel, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire 1944-1945 Morton acted for the architects, G. Grenfell Baines. EM/4/K/34 Housing estate, Levenshulme, Manchester Morton acted for Manchester Corporation. EM/4/K/34A Survey of coal workings at Charlesworth, Lancashire Morton acted for Keiner & Co. Ltd. EM/4/K/35 Proposed electricity generating station, Bold, Lancashire Morton acted for the British Electricity Authority. Morton’s report. See also EM/3/421. EM/4/K/36 EM/4/K/37 EM/4/K/38 1967-1969 for new aerodrome at Spilsby, requirements Water Lincolnshire Notes on gravel deposits, Mersey valley, Lancashire Miscellaneous site investigations by Edgar Morton & Partner Manchester Museum exhibition. Morton requested samples of slate ‘Letters for samples of slate’ in connection with a EM/4/L EM/4/L/1 2 folders. 1934-1935 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/L/2 ‘Books on slate’ 3 folders. Trade literature on slate assembled by Morton. EM/4/M SOIL MECHANICS 1940s-1964 EM/4/M/1 ‘Soil mechanics. Site investigation’ 5 folders. Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference: manuscript notes on the literature, teaching notes and a little printed material. EM/4/M/2 ‘Clay puddles’ 1955-1957 Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed. EM/4/N/1 4 folders. EM/4/N STONE PRESERVATION 1927-1964 EM/4/M/3 ‘Soil Mech - Lab charges’ 1958-1964 Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes etc; correspondence and notes on Puddle Clay. 1927-1931 Restoration of stonework in the spire of St Margaret’s Church, Altrincham, Lancashire Reports were prepared with the chemist R. Rayner Thornley. Correspondence, notes, typescript and printed reports. EM/4/N/2 Tests of ‘Cephasite’ stone preservative on sandstone E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/N/3 Trade literature on stone preservation 1930, 1932 EM/4/N/4 Decay of stonework at the University of Manchester 1934-1964 Re stone decay below Council Chambers. EM/4/N/5 Stonework of premises of Holmes & Son, tailors, Buxton, Derbyshire 1936, 1950 EM/4/N/6 Stone decay at Liverpool Cathedral Letter from Morton to the Stone Trades Journal arising from article (in vol 3, no. 7, July 1940) on the type of stone used in construction of the Anglican Cathedral. Published in vol 3 no. 9. and EM/4/0/1 See also EM/4/O/6. EM/4/O STONE TESTING limestone, Deep Carr Farm, _Lindrick, 1927-1964, n.d. Magnesian Nottinghamshire material The typescript notes, draft and final reports, and trade circulars. correspondence, manuscript includes a consultant advising on properties and Morton acted as qualities of stone samples. In a number of investigations in the 1920s and 1930s, Morton worked with the chemist R. Rayner Thornley. 1927-1929 Morton acted for Flatters & Garnett Ltd. He tested samples of granite. Morton acted for W.R. Clarkson. suitability for lime-burning and road building. He advised on the stone’s EM/4/O/2 Granites, 7Devon E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/O/3 Stancliffe sandstone, Stancliffe, Derbyshire 1927, 1930- 1931 Morton acted for Stancliffe Estates. Also includes report on stones of Geo. Armitage & Sons Ltd, Robin Hood quarries, Yorkshire. 1927 material is re visit by Manchester Society of Architects to the quarry. EM/4/0/4 Kerridge sandstones, Cheshire 1927-1928 Morton acted for Joseph Wetton & Sons Ltd. samples of granite and prepared a trade circular. He tested EM/4/O/5 Dolerite (‘Toadstone’), Fairfield quarry, Derbyshire 1927-1930 Morton acted for Hughes Bros., quarry owners and road rolling contractors of Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire. He advised on the suitability of their stone for road building and on a trade circular, the company. 1930 prepared a silicosis report and for in EM/4/O/7 EM/4/O/6 1928-1930 See also EM/4/O/1. See also EM/4/O/14. Gradient tests on paving setts Morton acted for Bacup Corporation. Morton acted for G.W. Clarkson of Deep Carr Farm. Limestone from Deep Carr quarry, and sand samples 1928-1930 Includes Manchester Museum by Boy Scouts and demonstration to Manchester Microscopical Society. Efflorescence (‘scumming’) on bricks Morton Manchester. brick-manufacturers, miscellaneous acted for J. & A. Jackson, EM/4/0/8 material re visit to E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/0/9 Hydraulic limestone, Conisborough, Yorkshire 1930-1931 2 folders. Morton acted for the Conisboro’ Cliff Co. He advised on the hydraulic properties of limestone from the Conisboro’ Cliff Co. and other Yorkshire companies. Includes correspondence with Garston, Hertfordshire, re hydaulic limestone. Building Research Station, EM/4/0/10 ‘Britannia’ sandstone, Bacup, Lancashire 1930-1933 Morton acted for Henry Heys & Co. Ltd, Bacup, Lancashire. He advised on the stone from their quarries and prepared a trade circular (copies included). See also EM/4/0/27. EM/4/O/11 Sandstones Wakefield, Yorkshire from Woodkirk and Robin Hood quarries, 1930-1934 EM/4/0/13 2 folders. test He advised on EM/4/O0/12 Washed grit sand testing from National Physical Laboratory, Morton acted for G.R. Cawood & Co. Ltd Includes results Teddington, Middlesex. Morton acted for George Armitage & Sons. blue and brown stones and prepared a trade circular. 2 folders. Morton acted for Richard Lancashire. road building. Clitheroe, He advised on the suitability of their stone for & Sons Ltd., Briggs Limestones from Clitheroe, Lancashire Derbyshire and Malvern granites 1931, 1936- 1937 EM/4/0/14 1931-1934 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies Morton acted for Hughes Bros., quarry owners and road rolling contractors. the comparative qualities of their stone. See also EM/4/O/5. undertook a number of tests _ He on EM/4/0/15 Sandstone from Breck quarries, Macclesfield, Cheshire 1931-1932 2 folders. Morton acted for F.W. Norton Ltd (later Macclesfield Quarries). He advised on the extension of the quarry and on the qualities of its stone, and prepared a trade circular (copy included). EM/4/0/16 Sandstones from Craig-yr-Hesg quarries, Pontypridd 1931-1934 2 folders. Morton acted for Aitken & Morcom Ltd, He advised on the suitability of their stone for road building and Includes correspondence re on British Standards Institution specification for sandstone kerbs. Pontypridd. circular. trade a See also EM/4/0/39. 1932, 1935 EM/4/0/17 EM/4/0/18 EM/4/0/19 1932, 1939 Creetown Scottish granite chippings. Morton acted for A. Brown & Co., Manchester Limestone from Hartington quarry, Buxton, Derbyshire Morton acted for Hartington Quarries Ltd (later taken over by Derbyshire Stone Ltd). He advised on the suitability of their stone for road building and on a trade circular. Son, sand merchants, Morton acted for Hillhead Quarries Ltd, Buxton, Derbyshire. He advised on the suitability of their stone for road building (1932) and its water absorption properties (1935). Limestone from Hillhead quarry, Derbyshire Morton acted for Edwin Barnes & See also EM/4/0/38. EM/4/0/20 Sand analysis E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire. EM/4/O/21 Chert blocks for tubemills 2 folders. 1933-1934, 1937 Morton acted for Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd. He was asked to assist in procuring a suitable English Silex Block for lining tubemills. He investigated rocks from Derbyshire and North Wales. EM/4/O/22 Sandstone from Lee quarries, Bacup, Lancashire 1933-1937 Morton acted for Thomas Radcliffe (Bacup) Ltd. on the suitability of their stone for road building. He advised Includes specification for sandstone kerbs. papers British re Standards Institution draft EM/4/0/23 Flagstone testing 1935-1936 EM/4/0/24 EM/4/0/25 2 folders. acted for Sand and mortars analyses C.F. Harris, road and building materials Clay from Haweswater Dam Morton acted for suppliers, Leeds. Morton acted for the City of Manchester Waterworks. 1935-1936 Morton acted for Prestwich Urban District Council in carrying out compression tests on stones provided to the council by George Phillipson & Sons (1935), and microscope analysis of Midgeholme stone setts (1936). Sandstones from Bromley Cross quarries, Bolton, Lancashire; dolerite from Midgeholme, ?Cumbria Morton He analysed building sand, and lime and cement mortars for use by the town. See also EM/4/0/28. the Borough of Oldham. EM/4/0/26 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/0/27 Sandstone flagstones from Darwen, Lancashire 1935-1936 Morton acted for Henry Heys & Co. Ltd., Bacup, Lancashire and the Borough of Darwen in studying the deterioration of flagstones. See also EM/4/0/10. EM/4/0/28 Concrete analysis Morton acted concrete flagstone. samples. See also EM/4/O/25. Also a for the Borough of Oldham. He analysed testing sand material little re EM/4/0/29 Sandstone from Stanedge and Thornsett Moor quarries, New Mills, Derbyshire 1936-1937 Morton acted for the Marshall Quarry Co. Ltd. He advised on the suitability of their stone for building and prepared a trade circular (copy included). EM/4/0/30 EM/4/O/31 EM/4/0/33 He carried 1936-1937 EM/4/0/32 Concrete brick analysis Sandstone for use in bridge building project. Morton acted for Peacock Bros. (Mellor) Ltd. Sandstone from Abbot quarry, Mellor, Lancashire Morton acted for the Borough of Crewe. He advised on suitable stone for the widening of Flag Lane Bridge, Crewe, Cheshire. 1937-1938 Morton acted for the Atherton Brick & tile Co. Ltd. out compression tests. Morton acted for Richard Dixon & Co. Ltd. strength water. of sandstone cylinder after immersion in Sandstone from Eastburn quarries, Yorkshire He tested the boiling E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/0/34 Sandstone from works of Joseph Wetton & Sons Ltd Morton acted for Joseph Wetton. He gave evidence in a legal dispute involving quality of monumental stone. EM/4/0/35 Limestone from Derbyshire 1938-1939 Morton acted for S. Taylor Frith & Co. Ltd. He advised on crushing strength of limestone. EM/4/0/36 Brick testing 1938, 1945, 1949 Morton acted for J. Manchester. properties. & A. Jackson Ltd, brick manufacturers, He tested crushing strength and absorption EM/4/0/37 Basalt (dolerite) from Dale quarry, Tideswell, Derbyshire 1938-1939 Morton acted for Peak Granite Co. Ltd, Tideswell, Derbyshire. limestone as a EM/4/0/38 Limestone from Hillhead quarry, Derbyshire 1939, 1941 EM/4/0/39 Granite from Craig-yr-Hesc quarries, Pontypridd Morton acted for J. & H. Patterson Ltd. He advised on the use of stone for monumental masonry. See also EM/4/O0/16. Morton acted for Hillhead Quarries Ltd, Buxton, Derbyshire (see also EM/4/0/19). Also includes request to Morton to contribute chapter to handbook on road building material. 1942-1943 Morton acted for James Bennett (Haulage) Ltd. on suitability of the stone for use as a concrete aggregrate. He advised Shale from coal workings at Asherfield, Swanwick, Derbyshire Gritstone from Hurst House quarry, Heskin, Lancashire Morton acted for Lehane, Mackenzie and Shand Ltd. EM/4/0/40 EM/4/O0/41 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/0/42 Brick testing 2 folders. 1943-1944, 1951 Morton acted for samples from the Hepthorne Lane brickworks, Lincolnshire. the Clay Cross Co. He analysed Ltd. EM/4/0/43 Sandstone from Bearle and Burradon quarries, Co. Durham, and red sandstone from Lazonby quarries, Cumberland. 1943-1944 Morton acted manufacturers, alternative uses for their sandstone. for Robert Newcastle Patterson upon Tyne. & Son, He grindstone on advised EM/4/0/44 Stone from Kingscliffe quarry, Northamptonshire 1944-1945 Morton acted for Kingscliffe Super-Refractories Ltd, Sheffield. EM/4/0/44A Shale and rock from Bwich Farm quarries, Deganwy 1945-1946 EM/4/0/44B Shale for brick-making 1946-1947 Morton acted for L. Simcox. Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed. Morton acted for Royshaw and John Woods Brick and Tile Co. Ltd. ‘Sundry reports & documents & sieve analysis relating to sand deposits of Cheshire’ 1952-1953 Morton and his colleague C.W. Isherwood acted for Parry Jones, Francis & Johnson, solicitors. They tested samples from Afonwen, Flintshire. Andrew D. Brydon Ltd, Spofforth, Yorkshire Limestone cores from Co. Leitrim, Ireland. EM/4/O0/45A Marl testing EM/4/0/45 EM/4/0/45B E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/0/46 ‘B.S. sand grading’ Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed: material relating to British Standards for grading sand etc. EM/4/0/47 Two undated brief reports on samples of limestone EM/4/0/48 ‘B.L.R.F. Selected papers [...] Ap! 1939/June 1954’ Two papers only. EM/4/P UNDERGROUND WATER 1933-1958, n.d. EM/4/P/1 ‘The law in relation to subterranean water supplies’ by Morton, Water and Water Resources, 20 February 1933 1933 Incomplete draft; 9pp typescript. ca 1957 Offprint; 9pp typescript. EM/4/P/2 EM/4/P/3 ‘Laws of underground water’ by Morton EM/4/P/4 ‘Underground water. Graphs’ Manuscript and typescript notes by Morton on laws governing underground water supply Manuscript notes. Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed. EM/4/P/5 Contents of Morton’s untitled folder E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/Q WATER SUPPLY 1910-1971 EM/4/Q/1 EM/4/Q/2 EM/4/Q/3 Clients Law relating to water supply General and miscellaneous EM/4/Q/1 Clients 1917-1949 material The manuscript typescript notes, plans and maps, draft and final reports. correspondence, includes and See also EM/3/1-225 and EM/3/226-404 passim. EM/4/Q/1/1 Manchester Corporation 1917-1928 3 folders. Contents Sanatorium. Water supply’. Morton’s of envelope inscribed ‘Abergele 1936-1949 Bill 1934-1935 EM/4/Q/1/2 EM/4/Q/1/3 Baildon Urban District Council Derwent Valley Water Board Parliamentary papers relating to ‘to empower the Urban District Council of Baildon to construct additional waterworks’. Morton advised Manchester Corporation on the water supply to their sanatorium at Abergele, Flintshire. He reported in December 1927. 1936-1937 Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed. by Morton on Includes report water supply from Hooton Printed ‘Report on the Geological Character of the Ground in the Neighbourhood of Ashopton [...]’ ‘West Cheshire selected papers and correspondence [...] Hooton P.S.’ increasing the EM/4/Q/1/4 West Cheshire Water Board EM/4/Q/1/4/i E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies waterworks. EM/4/Q/1/4/ii Notebook inscribed front cover ‘West Cheshire Water Board. Additional Water Supplies. Hooton & Mouldsworth P.S.’ on EM/4/Q/1/4/iii West Cheshire Water Board. Mouldsworth Pumping Station extension 1939-40’ 1937-1947 3 folders. Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed. EM/4/Q/1/4/iv ‘Resources of Public [ditto] 2 folders. Wirral including Industrial abstraction [and] 1948-1949 Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed. 1936-1948 is at of Morton’s envelope so inscribed. EM/4/Q/1/5 EM/4/Q/1/5/i Warrington Corporation ‘Water works in Lancashire’ Earlier material relating to Warrington Corporation Bill EM/3/198. Much of the material relates to the progress of and opposition to Warrington Corporation Water Bill. Morton gave evidence. Includes Contents Morton’s report on potential water resources of Warrington, Cheshire. 1936-1939 ‘Warrington Corporation Water Supply. Correspondence 1936- 39’ Also includes romantic poem by Morton. of Morton’s Includes Contents correspondence re Warrington Corporation Water Bill and opposition thereto. inscribed. envelope so EM/4/Q/1/5/ii 2 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/Q/1/5/iii ‘Warrington C.W.W. 1937-38’ 1937-1938 Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed. Includes data re Ravenslodge borehole and material re Warrington Corporation Water Bill. EM/4/Q/1/5/iv ‘Warrington Corporation [Water] Bill’ 1937-1938 4 folders. Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed, also listed on the folder as follows: ‘Bill as deposited. Petitions & Memo on ditto by EM. Clauses. Notebook containing notes on conferences. Bill as introduced in Second House. Memo on mid- Cheshire by EM’. existing waterworks in EM/4/Q/1/5/v ‘Warrington Corporation [Water] Bill’ 1937-1938 Contents evidence, evidence. Morton’s of including envelope drafts and so final inscribed: version of proofs of Morton’s 2 folders. 1938-1946 1939-1943 EM/4/Q/1/5/vi EM/4/Q/1/5/vii ‘Warrington C.W.W. Foxhill scheme - Water supply’ Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed: correspondence and papers re boreholes sunk at Foxhill, the quality of the water and influx of sand. ‘Warrington Corporation Foxhill Pumping Station in progress 1939-’ and ‘Report July 1940 on sources of supply within 2 miles of Foxhill’ 1937-1945 ‘Warrington C.W.W. Development at Ravenslodge & Newton Hollow’ inscribed Notebook cover 1936/1944. 1. Notes on Lancashire 2. progress 3. Ravenslodge trail holes nos 1 to 4’ front ‘Warrington Water Foxhill boreholes in Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed. EM/4/Q/1/5/viiii EM/4/Q/1/5/viii on 1936-1945 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies 3 folders. Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed. EM/4/Q/1/5/x ‘Warrington C.W.W. Ravenslodge P.S.’ 1942-1947 2 folders. Contents borehole results. of Morton’s envelope so inscribed: chiefly re EM/4/Q/1/5/xi ‘Warrington C.W.W. Protection of water resources’ 1945-1948 Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed: chiefly pollution threats to existing supplies. EM/4/Q/1/6 Nottingham Corporation Papers re Nottingham Corporation Bill pumping stations. Morton gave evidence to Parliament. to construct two new EM/4/Q/1/7 and EM/4/Q/1/8 2 folders. proposed borehole at Winsford Urban District Council West Kesteven Rural District Council Report re Delamere to increase water supply. correspondence Local water supply sources and Northern Regional Water scheme. Also includes material re Morton’s advice on stone chippings for roofing. Water supply for fire-fighting and cooling. EM/4/Q/1/9 English Electric Company E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/Q/2 Law relating to water supply Contents of Morton’s folders. For material re the law in relation to underground water supply see EM/4/P/1-3. EM/4/Q/2/1 ‘Statutory legislation relating to water supply’ 28pp typescript. EM/4/Q/2/2 ‘Clauses’ 4 folders. Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed: material re Water Act 1945, Water Resources Act 1963 and individual water supply acts, and implications thereof. 1910, 1935- 1971 N.d. [late 1930s] 1938-1971 1938-1967 1958, 1957 1945-1967, n.d. 6 folders. EM/4/Q/2/3 ‘Examples of Protective Clauses’ EM/4/Q/2/4 Contents of Morton’s folder. EM/4/Q/2/5 ‘Salinity Clauses’ Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed. Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed. Miscellaneous material re water supply and the law. 1962-1970 Contents of Morton’s folder so inscribed: material re legal position re water supply boreholes and contractual clauses relating thereto. Miscellaneous contracts, tender documents etc, used as EM/4/Q/2/6 ‘Boring specifications’ EM/4/Q/2/7 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies examples. EM/4/Q/2/8 Contents of Morton’s untitled folder 1930s and 1940s Includes miscellaneous manuscript and typescript material some relating to water supply and the law. EM/4/Q/2/9 Association of Water Engineers printed material on the Water Supplies Protection Bill EM/4/Q/3 General and miscellaneous 1930-1966 EM/4/Q/3/1 ‘Colonel Ramsden Jodrell. Pennant End Sand Quarry. Grit for Grouse Moors’ 1930-1939 3 folders. EM/4/Q/3/2 6 folders. 1948-1950 ‘British Water Eng. Practice - Proposed Manual’ Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed: correspondence and papers re content and preparation of the manual. Contents of Morton’s envelope so inscribed: correspondence R. Jodrell on the Jodrell and papers re consultancies for H. Park Estate, Whaley Bridge, Cheshire. Includes water supply for proposed sand quarry (1930-1931), gravel (1933), grit for grouse moors (1934, see also EM/2/E/11) and water rights (1936-1939). The ‘Manual of British Water Supply Practice’ was prepared under the auspices of of Water Engineers. Morton wrote on water percolation. 1950-1951 ‘Tracing of pillars of coal to be sterilised for support of public water supply pumping station and service reservoirs’ Isherwood is referred to as ‘Candidate no. 190’. Work by C.W. Isherwood on water supply Contents of folder so inscribed: work at Altham Bridge EM/4/Q/3/3 EM/4/Q/3/3/i the Institution E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies Pumping Station, Accrington, Lancashire. EM/4/Q/3/3/ii ‘Specification, bill of quantities, and schedule of prices for construction of a borehole for public water supply purposes in the millstone grit of Pendle Hill’ Contents of folder so inscribed. EM/4/Q/3/4 Contents of Morton’s untitled folder Miscellaneous manuscript notes etc. 1950, 1958, n.d. EM/4/Q/3/5 ‘Water Resources Board’ Contents of Morton’s folder: typescript notes. EM/4/Q/3/6 Printed material relating to water supply assembled by Morton 1933-1955 6 folders. papers for 1936 Public 1929-1973 EM/4/R EM/4/R/1 MISCELLANEOUS CONSULTANCIES AND ADVICE Thomas Vickers & Sons Ltd, fertiliser manufacturers, Widnes, Lancashire Chiefly copies of and extracts from the journal Water and Water Engineering and Health Congress. Clay deposits in Cheshire. North Cheshire Regional Planning Committee Failure of paint on plaster at Taxal Lodge. EM/4/R/2 Brady & Marsland, Chapel-en-le-Frith EM/4/R/3 1937-1938 Soil fumigant. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies EM/4/R/4 W.G. Lee 1940-1941 Hydraulic lime, and gypsum and anhydrite deposits in northern and midland counties of England. EM/4/R/5 South Wales Magnesia Ltd 1943-1944 Serpentine in south west England. EM/4/R/6 Manchester and District Regional Planning Committee Geological survey maps. EM/4/R/7 D. Anderson & Son Ltd 1945-1948 Sources of coloured stone chippings. Clay deposits in Lancashire. Use of lake for power-boating. EM/4/R/8 C. Blair 1948-1949 EM/4/R/9 Thomas Knowles Ltd, Darwen, Lancashire EM/4/R/10 B.J.S. Roden Sandstone effigies from Cheshire churches. clients. Individual letters and brief exchanges with colleagues and MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE EM/4/S 1925-1970 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/4 Research interests and minor consultancies MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL EM/4/T/1 Notes on sections taken in ?Ribble valley 1891-1896, n.d. N.d. EM/4/T/2 Soft backed pocket notebook Used for bibliographical references by place-name but there are few entries. EM/4/T/3 W.B. Dawkins printed material on the geology of the Isle Man of 1891-1896 EM/4/T/4 Manuscript notes on topaz EM/4/U MAPS AND PLANS Contents of Morton’s folder inscribed ‘Maps’.