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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Edgar Morton M.Sc. (1898-1973) VOLUME | Introduction EM/1 Biographical EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/3/1-225 Consultancies: Public Water Supply NCUACS catalogue no.141/6/05 John Rylands University Library of Manchester By Heather Bird and Timothy E. Powell reference EM E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Title: Date of material: 1885-2004 Extent of material: ca 170 boxes Reference code: GB 0133 EM Compiled by: Heather Bird and Timothy E. Powell Deposited in: John Rylands University Library of Manchester Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Edgar Morton (1898-1973), engineering geologist Road, Manchester The Head of Archives, Special Collections, John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Oxford © 2005 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath Not all the material in this collection may yet be available for consultation. Enquiries should be addressed in the first instance to: NCUACS catalogue no. 141/6/05 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of The Institution of Civil Engineers Research and Development Fund John Rylands University Library of Manchester Research Institute Miss Catherine Morton The University of Manchester, Simon Fund E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION EM/1 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SECTION EM/2 NOTES AND DRAFTS SECTION EM/3 CONSULTANCIES EM/3/1-225 PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY EM/3/226-405 PRIVATE WATER SUPPLY EM/3/406-588 FOUNDATION, STABILITY AND CONSTRUCTION PROBLEMS EM/3/589-665 SECTION EM/4 PLANNING AND MINERAL WORKINGS RESEARCH AND MINOR CONSULTANCIES E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received for cataloguing from the John Rylands University Library of Manchester in May 2004. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF EDGAR MORTON Edgar Morton was born at Timperley, Cheshire, on 28 December 1898. He was educated privately. During the First World War he served with the Royal Flying Corps. In 1919 Morton entered the Victoria University of Manchester, studying geology and graduating B.Sc. in 1922. He undertook postgraduate research in the department (M.Sc. 1924) and in 1923 he was appointed Special Lecturer in Engineering Geology. Morton remained on the staff of Manchester University, mainly in a part-time or special capacity from 1923 to retirement in 1966, pioneering courses in applied geology for civil engineering students. He was made Reader in Applied Geology in 1963. Morton was a student at a time when the Manchester geology department was still under the 500 projects, and the company he created, Edgar Morton and Partner, continued into the 1990s. Morton had considerable ability in analysing the physical and microscopical properties of stone and influence of Sir William Boyd Dawkins, Professor of Geology 1872-1908. Boyd Dawkins was the number of projects. On Boyd Dawkins’ death in 1929 Morton established his own consultancy in between geology and industry. He was still active in the 1920s and Morton worked with him on a from all over the British Isles, now housed in the Manchester Museum. His professional advice was the relation of these properties to the behaviour of stone in roads and buildings. He was a pioneer in this subject, amassing a great deal of factual data as well as a valuable collection of rock specimens pioneer of engineering geology in Britain and through his consultancies had done much to forge links engineering geology. From the establishment of his practice to his death, Morton undertook well over Many of Morton’s principal consultancies arose from his expertise in hydrogeology. He was involved compensation to workers affected by the disease and the Sandstone Industries Compensation Fund sought by quarrying companies anxious to establish the qualities of their rocks for building and other was established for this purpose. Morton analysed samples of stone and gave advice to the Fund purposes. His growing reputation in this area led to service on technical committees of the Ministry of Transport and the British Standards Institution advising on standards for road and kerb stones. Morton was also consulted in relation to silicosis. From 1929 legislation required quarries to pay and individual quarry owners on their liability. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 in numerous major water schemes undertaken in Britain in the mid-twentieth century, being concerned to various degrees with more than 150 dams and reservoirs, including those at Grimwith in Yorkshire, the Roadford, Colliford and Wimbleball reservoirs in the south west of England, the Carsington reservoir in Derbyshire and many others. He also specialised in the problems of underground water (including the legal implications) and throughout his career gave advice on boreholes for public, private and industrial water supplies. Morton’s consultancies also included advising on an extensive range of foundation, stability and construction problems, such as road construction, subsidence resulting from coal mining and salt extraction, land stability for sewerage schemes and refuse disposal, and site assessments for power plants and housing developments. He continued to advise on planning issues and mineral workings, in particular in his capacity as Geological Adviser to Cheshire County Council. In 1952 P.W. Rowe joined the University of Manchester from St Andrew’s, and Morton invited him to work with him in his consultancy as adviser in soil mechanics. In addition to his university lecturing duties, Morton gave many public and invitation lectures to a wide variety of audiences. His publications output was closely related to his professional interests and he wrote a number of technical papers arising from his work. His final paper, ‘A review of the influence of geology on the design and construction of impounding dams’, Journal of the Institution of Water Engineers, vol. 27 (1973), presented at the Summer Meeting of the Institution in 1973, won him the Institution’s Whitaker Medal (awarded posthumously). Morton also gave evidence as an expert Morton acted for the National Union of Teachers. Member in 1971 (Whitaker Medal 1973). In 1954 he became an Associate (subsequently Quarrying from 1931, and a member of the British Waterworks Association. a very practical approach - his audiences greatly appreciated his use in lectures of numerous Morton’s interests in geology, soil mechanics and geochemistry were of long standing but he was Companion) of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He was an Honorary Member of the Institute of witness in arbitration and legal cases, including the Inquiry into the 1966 Aberfan disaster at which Morton was a member of the Institution of Water Engineers from 1928 and was elected an Honorary always open to new ideas and their application. He was direct and straightforward in his lectures, with November 1973 in the Royal Northern Infirmary in Inverness. untiring enthusiasm for engineering geology greatly benefited the water engineering profession, while Prize awarded annually to the top final year student in geotechnical subjects. Morton had a great love his contribution to teaching at Manchester was recognised by the endowment of the Edgar Morton for the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and had a cottage on the Isle of Skye. He died on 21 drawings relating to work on which he was actually engaged. Morton’s extensive knowledge and E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented as shown in the List of Contents. Morton left a very substantial archive that comprehensively documents his own work as a consulting engineering geologist from the late 1920s to his death in 1973, and also the work of his company Edgar Morton and Partner which continued to practice into the 1990s. This archive thus includes considerable material relating to work undertaken by his colleagues C.W. Isherwood and P.W. Rowe and should be consulted in particular alongside the archive of Rowe, previously catalogued for the John Rylands Library as GB 0133 PWR (NCUACS no. 132/4/04). There is also significant material of Morton’s mentor at Manchester, Sir William Boyd Dawkins (papers catalogued for the John Rylands Library in 1992 as GB 0133 WBD). Together the Morton, Rowe and Dawkins archives constitute a source of national importance for the history of geotechnical science and civil engineering in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Morton archive received a preliminary outline listing in 1992 by T. Procter at the John Rylands Library, and the arrangement of the archive has largely followed the organisation set out in that list. Section EM/1, Biographical, is slight. There is a little information about Morton’s life and work but the largest group of material (EM/1/C) relates to Morton’s lakeside bungalow and property at Rudyard Lake, Staffordshire, which he acquired in the mid 1920s. There is also a little material relating to Morton’s professional affiliations, chiefly with Institution of Water Engineers. ‘Engineering Geology’ (EM/2/B) and material assembled by Morton for his D.Sc. application (EM/2/C). Morton’s widespread lecturing and writing activities outside the University are well documented. In material (EM/2/A). The section also presents draft chapters prepared for an intended text book on the 1920s and 1930s Morton frequently attended meetings of the British Waterworks Association, often presenting papers at them. The files at EM/2/D include documentation of Morton’s contributions in engineering geology and applied geology for engineering students. These incorporate notes taken Section EM/2, Notes and drafts, chiefly comprises drafts and associated material for lectures and by Morton as an undergraduate, lectures by and correspondence to Boyd Dawkins and other earlier publications by Morton. There are notes for his university and evening course lectures at Manchester hunting in Derbyshire’. Audiences for lectures ranged from local bodies such as the Manchester Microscopical Society and this section are two radio broadcasts from 1925 and 1926: ‘What a water tap means’ and ‘Cave professional societies such as the Institution of Civil Engineers, to national trade organisations including the Central Association of the Lime and Limestone Industry of Great Britain. Publications of and contributions to The Water Engineer's Handbook & Directory 1932-1938. Also documented in to the meetings (both in terms of papers and discussion). Other lectures and publications are documented in a sequence of lectures, talks and publications material 1925-1954 (EM/2/E). note include a series of articles on building stone for The Quarry Managers’ Journal in the early 1930s E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Section EM/3, Consultancies, is the largest in the collection. following, in varying degrees of detail, the development of Morton’s consultancy work from the 1920s. The section includes work carried out by the company Morton established, Edgar Morton and Partner, which continued in practice after his death in 1973 and covers work undertaken into the early 1990s. is divided into four subsections: Public Water Supply; Private Water Supply; Foundation, Stability It offers extensive documentation It and Construction Problems; and Planning and Mineral Workings. Public Water Supply (EM/3/1-225) covers Morton’s extensive consultancy work on public water supply It comprises files relating to over two hundred public water supply projects with a geotechnical Partner) was involved as his company Edgar Morton and projects in Britain. which Morton (and engineering consultant. Morton was working at a time when the water industry in Britain was required to meet a rapidly increasing need for assured supplies of water for domestic and industrial use. the Second World War local authorities had been given greater powers to build and extend reservoirs and search for potential new sources of supply. Morton and his company, Edgar Morton and Partner, were much in demand in advising on public water supply. He himself was involved with more than 150 dams and reservoirs throughout Britain, many being long-term projects with Morton advising on different aspects of investigation, design, construction, litigation and site monitoring over many years. After The largest bodies of material relate to the construction and development of Grimwith Reservoir for the Bradford Corporation Waterworks (later Yorkshire Water Authority); the Roadford, Colliford and Wimbleball Reservoirs (South West Water Authority); and the Foremark Reservoir and Carsington Significant amounts of material occur also for the Isle of Reservoirs (Severn Trent Water Authority). (the Meldon Reservoir Scheme) and the City of Cardiff Corporation Waterworks (Llandegfedd works and other such water supply projects. Morton gave advice to many local authorities on water sources, often subterranean, for augmenting the public water supply, protection of gathering grounds, new well sites, etc., and advised on borehole licence applications. The majority of the material dates Not all the public water supply projects for which Morton was acting involved reservoirs and dams. Morton was also concerned in the construction of pumping stations, sewage works, water treatment Board, Nottingham Corporation, Portsmouth and Gosport Water Company, North Devon Water Board Man Water Board (Sulby Reservoir and Druidale Scheme, and others), the North West Water Authority, the Staffordshire Potteries Water Board, St Helens Corporation, Buckinghamshire Water as a consultant for private cases, from the supply of drinking water to individual farms to the industrial authority was involved, the working papers incorporate earlier Boyd Dawkins material, dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and used for background engineering and geological his consultancy, P.W. Rowe, While most of Morton’s hydrogeological work was concerned with public water supply, he also acted from the 1930s to the early 1990s, although in some cases, where a related project or the same local information. Others represented in the papers include colleagues in Scheme). C.W. Isherwood and J. Scriven. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 scale water requirements of major companies such as Imperial Chemical Industries and Whitbread. These Private Water Supply cases are presented at EM/3/226-EM/3/404. The bulk of the material relates to Morton’s support in applications to bore for water under section 14 of the Water Act, or opposition thereto, and to general advice on augmentation of water supply from local sources. Much relates to sites in the north-west of England, though there are also cases from the Midlands and southern England. Little of the material post-dates Morton’s death in 1973, although there is significant material 1978-1991 relating to water supply to British Nuclear Fuels Chapelcross Power Station. Foundation, Stability and Construction Problems (EM/3/405-EM/3/588) presents a wide range of consultancy activities of Morton and Edgar Morton and Partner principally focused on issues of site assessment. There is a considerable variety of client and project, although there is a geographical concentration in the English counties of Lancashire and Cheshire and in North Wales. Projects include cases of subsidence, both resulting from coal mining and salt extraction; sewerage schemes, particularly relating to land stability; suitable sites for refuse disposal; power plant developments, fossil fuel and nuclear; and housing developments. There is particularly voluminous coverage of Edgar Morton and Partner’s involvement with the Scottish engineering company Babtie Shaw and Morton’s work on the A890 Strome Ferry by-pass, a particularly challenging engineering feat which was to require ongoing inspection and remedial work (documented to 1996), and the M90 motorway. Work was also undertaken for a number of public authorities. Those best represented are the British sites for nuclear waste) and the Welsh Water Authority (Bangor sewerage scheme). As well as such is material relating to Trinidad Leaseholds, investigating possible oil storage sites immediately prior to and during the early years of the Second World War, and the Inquiry into the 1966 Aberfan disaster. Edgar Morton and Partner material postdating Morton’s death includes, for example, projects power stations), Lancashire County Council (M62 motorway), Manchester Regional Hospital Board Electricity Authority/Central Electricity Generating Board (site investigations and ash disposal for and the North West Gas Board (Bradford Road gasworks in Manchester and other sites). Also of note Borough Council (main drainage scheme), UK Atomic Energy Authority (geological implications of undertaken for the North West Water Authority (site stability at Giant’s Seat, near Bolton), Rhuddlan large-scale, concerns Morton also acted for small companies and individuals, including subsidence section. There is a geographical concentration on Cheshire, as the largest bodies of material relate to investigations, planning appeals and public or local inquiries, and consultancies on mineral workings - Planning and Mineral Workings (EM/3/589-EM/3/665), the final subsection. It brings together material relating to advice given by Morton (and Edgar Morton and Partner) on planning issues - usually site minor consultancies. Furthermore, as both planning and mineral workings often impinged on water supply or had site stability implications, so there is considerable ovelap with material elsewhere in this claims affecting individual homes. generally sand, gravel and brine extraction. Much of the material is similar in nature to work undertaken by Morton in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s documented in section EM/4, Research and E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 the Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation Board and to Cheshire County Council, with advice on brine subsidence problems, planning applications, inquiries and appeals, sand and gravel workings. Section EM/4, Research interests and minor consultancies, brings together Morton’s files on small consultancies not included in EM/3, together with research material. The material has been grouped together by broad area where possible and the section is arranged in an alphabetical sequence. The bulk of the consultancies date from the 1920s and 1930s, with a geographical concentration in the counties of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire, and many relate to Morton’s expertise in determining properties and qualities of stone. Thus there is material relating to Road Stone (EM/4/H) including work for the Ministry of Transport and the British Standards Institute, Silicosis (EM/4/J), mostly relating to Morton’s analyses of the silica content of stones, evidence given in silicosis compensation cases and reports for the Sandstone Industries Compensation Fund, and Stone Testing for quarry owners 1927-1964 (EM/4/O). Morton also undertook site investigations, advising quarries and landowners on the geological nature and mineral possibilities of their land (EM/4/K). Other areas covered include the legal background to water supply (EM/4/Q/2), with particular reference to underground water (EM/4/P). LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL Morton's collection of rock specimens is held by the Manchester Museum. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS for the assistance of John Scriven, civil engineer, with geotechnical matters. We are grateful to Miss Catherine Morton (sister) for making the papers available for cataloguing and Bath 2005 Heather Bird Timothy E. Powell E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 SECTION EM/1 BIOGRAPHICAL 1925-2004 EM/1/A EM/1/B EM/1/C EM/1/D EM/1/E BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL CORRESPONDENCE LAKESIDE BUNGALOW AND LAND, RUDYARD LAKE, STAFFORDSHIRE PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS PHOTOGRAPHS AND MEMORABILIA EM/1/A BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION EM/1/A/4 Biographical information on Morton 21930s-2004 2002, 2004 EM/1/A/2 Personal curriculum vitae In this world - contracting silicosis in Taken from University of Manchester School of Engineering website and from Manchester ‘Geotechnical Archive Resource Project’ literature. a light-hearted piece, including observations such as This is the ‘Future outlook. granite quarries on Dartmoor. Next world - discovering new coalfields to keep the furnaces going’. 1928-1964 ‘Talk with Eminent Cheshire Geologist [Mr Edgar Morton]’, Macclesfield Times, 3 October 1946 PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL CORRESPONDENCE 1928-1976 Newspaper cutting. EM/1/A/3 EM/1/B EM/1/B/1 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/1 Biographical Includes correspondence re university appointments, 1928- 1964, and divorce, 1936. EM/1/B/2 1957-1960 2 folders. Correspondence re visit of P.L. Paradela, Chief Engineer in the Underground-Water Division of South Portugal, to the UK in 1957. Morton arranged a programme of visits to water departments of local authorities in England. Also includes copy of ‘A radiestesia na prospeccao de aguas subterraneas’ by Paradela, critical with English translation. of water divining, EM/1/B/3 Correspondence re Morton’s estate 1974, 1976 9 folders. 4 folders. EM/1/C 1925-1945 to land transactions (rental This was Morton’s holiday home. LAKESIDE BUNGALOW AND LAND, RUDYARD LAKE, STAFFORDSHIRE the contents of Morton’s three envelopes The material is relating and _ purchase), maintenance of the property and dealings with neighbours and local authorities and others. 1974 Chiefly correspondence re General Meetings of the Institution and Morton’s contributions to discussions of papers. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS EM/1/D/1 Institution of Water Engineers 1934, 1960- EM/1/D 1934-1974 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/1 Biographical At the 1973 meeting Morton presented a paper ‘A review of the influence of geology on the design and construction of impounding dams’, for which he was awarded the Institution’s Whitaker Medal. it was bestowed posthumously. thereafter and shortly died He EM/1/D/2 Geological Society of London Correspondence with J.L. Knill re Society’s Engineering Group Section Report on Logging of Rock Cores. Includes typescript 6th draft of the report. EM/1/E PHOTOGRAPHS AND MEMORABILIA 1931-1972 EM/1/E/2 Contents of Morton's envelope inscribed 'Personal Photos' Three photographs: two dated 1951, third (group) photograph inscribed on Electricity Undertaking’. ‘Centenary Helen's verso St of relating EM/1/E/3 EM/1/E/2 1945-1972 1931-1939 Newspaper cuttings to geology, water supply and Chiefly relating to Morton’s motor cars engineering, town and country planning E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 SECTION EM/2 NOTES AND DRAFTS 1901-?1970s section brings together papers to some of This Morton’s lecturing and publications output, together with notes the and background material. arrangement of the outline list. presented following relating It is EM/2/A EM/2/B UNIVERSITY LECTURE NOTES NOTES FOR TEXT BOOK EM/2/C NOTES FOR D.Sc. THESIS EM/2/D EM/2/E BRITISH WATERWORKS ASSOCIATION LECTURES OTHER LECTURES, TALKS AND ARTICLES EM/2/F EM/2/G OFFPRINTS PHOTOGRAPHS E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts UNIVERSITY LECTURE NOTES 1911-?1970s This material was found in Morton's titled folders or envelopes The titles are reproduced in stored in labelled hanging files. the catalogue entries. There are typescript and manuscript notes, drafts, tables and Some diagrams, duplicated typescript course notes, notes are written on the verso of earlier correspondence, other notes or other material, for example occasionally Conservative in poor and Unionist Party circulars. condition and most of the items are undated and dates where given are those of dated items only. Much of the material is etc. by Morton as evening courses at Manchester (initially The material formed the basis of Morton’s university lectures Victoria and University of Manchester), although they incorporate notes by Boyd taken Dawkins, correspondence to Boyd Dawkins and other earlier frequently material. EM/2/A/10-18 fragmentary, a appear as geology course. if they may have formed a an undergraduate, lectures single series for for example, Although some, those notes are the the sets of at EM/2/A/1 EM/2/A/3 EM/2/A/2 ‘Chalk water’ ‘Stone testing 2w. M. J.’ and ‘Attrition test’ ‘Cores, borings for coal on the Isle of Man’ Includes 20pp typescript ‘Borings for coal in the north of the Isle of Man’ by [?] B. Atkinson, 1917. ASAT. 1929 Includes 6pp typescript ‘Humber Tunnel. Report by Sir William Boyd Dawkins’, and ‘Lecture 4’ by Boyd Dawkins on ‘Tunnels’, See May 1911 (for lectures 1-3 in the series see EM/2/A/20). also EM/2/A/33. Notes on feasibility of Severn, Humber and Channel tunnels and tunneling techniques. ‘Notes on: Tunnels and tunneling’ EM/2/A/4 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/A/5 ‘Mining’ 1901-1923 Contents of two of Morton’s files so inscribed. EM/2/A/5/i File 1 1921, 1923 2 folders. Manuscript notes on mining techniques; sample colliery forms and regulations (from Sherwood Colliery Co. Ltd, Hucknall No. 2 Colliery). EM/2/A/5/ii File 2 Includes apparently unrelated letter to Boyd Dawkins on water supply to Newton in Makerfield, 1901 EM/2/A/6 ‘Derbyshire’ 191-1,,1933 EM/2/A/7 EM/2/A/8 EM/2/A/9 on verso One item of Fellowship of the Geological Society on his non-payment of dues. reporting Morton’s lapse letter of ‘Coalfields’ ‘Hidden coalfields’ Notes for Morton’s lecture with newspaper cuttings reporting on it. on types of marble used in building. The material found in these four files so inscribed appears to relate to a University of Manchester course by Morton on ‘The selection of stone for building and engineering masonry in post-war planning and reconstruction’, October 1943. Chiefly on limestones and marbles. Includes letter to Morton ‘Building Stones’ 1928-1943 EM/2/A/9/i File 1 1928-1934 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2/A/9/ii File 2 EM/2 Notes and drafts ‘The Chiefly on sandstone. proper uses of natural sandstone’ by Morton for Manchester Engineering Geology course. Includes (incomplete) lecture EM/2/A/9/iii File 3 1930-1934 Chiefly granites, use of stone in road building. Includes ‘The properties, testing and selection of stone for tar-macadam and the concrete roads’ Norfolk, Institution December 1930; abstract of discussion on silicosis, 1934. by Morton, paper read at meeting of Engineers, Highway King’s Lynn, of EM/2/A/9/iv File 4 Duplicated typescript sheets on properties. in Liverpool. Also manuscript notes on Wiltshire rock types. their Includes examples of rock types used in buildings types rocks and of EM/2/A/11 EM/2/A/12 EM/2/A/10 Sets of geology notes. ‘Natural history of stones’ Notes on various aspects of igneous rocks Relates chiefly to igneous rocks. See also EM/2/A/12. ‘Classification: Chemical and Mineralogical composition’ ‘Petrology: textures and structure’ Possibly related to EM/2/A/10. ‘Crystallography’ EM/2/A/13 EM/2/A/14 3 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts Series chemical properties of minerals etc. crystallography, notes on of optical, physical and EM/2/A/15 ‘Practical crystallography’ duplicated Includes Geology Department course notes and set questions. manuscript Manchester University of examination EM/2/A/16 ‘Physical geology’ 3 folders. Series of notes on sedimentary rocks, transport and corrosion, terrestrial deposits, glaciation etc. EM/2/A/17 ‘Surveying’ Includes question sheet on Mine Surveying. 4 folders. EM/2/A/19/i File 1 2 folders. EM/2/A/18 EM/2/A/19 ‘Natural/Pre-history’ See also EM/2/A/32. Geological data arranged by county Series of notes on animal taxonomy and characteristics of phyla. 1920. Folder 1: general typescript list of (?borehole) sites (Boveney to York); Berkshire; Dorset; Hampshire and Isle of Wight. Folder 2: Kent; Surrey; Sussex; offprint on Norfolk greensand 1920, 1924 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/A/19/ii File 2, ‘Clay/soils notes County by County’ 5 folders. Folder 1: Bedfordshire; Buckinghamshire; Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire; miscellaneous notes. Folder 2: Essex; Hertfordshire. Folder 3: Leicestershire and Rutland; Lincolnshire; Norfolk. Folder 4: Northamptonshire; Nottinghamshire; Oxfordshire. Folder Yorkshire; ‘Additional references’. Suffolk; 5: Worcestershire and Warwickshire; EM/2/A/20 ‘Applied Geology Lecture notes’ 1911-1928 5 folders. of his EM/2/A/21 ‘Miscellaneous tables. Petrology’ File also inscribed ‘Practical sheets 1’. Includes articles on ‘New discoveries at Creswell caves’, ‘An interpretation of scenery’ and ‘The Water Diviner’; chapter on geological maps and sections by Morton; lecture on ‘Future Britain’; notes on fossils and prehistoric water resources of anatomy; account to by Engineering Geology courses and research at Manchester; and lectures 1-3 by Boyd Dawkins on ‘Applied Geology’, 1911 (for lecture 4 see EM/2/A/4). contributions Morton Includes duplicated typescript material for evening courses on Engineering Geology, including ‘The strength and durability of building stones’. 1928-1929 Includes paper ‘Some aspects of engineering geology’ by Yorkshire Morton, ‘The Association, 24 rivers’; manuscript notes on character, work and control of 1930; 38pp typescript notes on ‘Rivers & coastal erosion’ EM/2/A/22 EM/2/A/23 ‘Geology I’ 3 folders. read to Institution of Civil Engineers April E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts coastal problems. Some notes on verso of student scripts. EM/2/A/24 ‘Practical course in geological mapping’ 4 folders. Manuscript illustrative diagrams. and typescript notes on geological maps, EM/2/A/25 ‘Lecture notes on mineral ore deposits’ EM/2/A/26 ‘Town planning course Evening Lectures’ 1941, 1943 Course (chiefly manuscript cuttings on post-war reconstruction 1943. notice; with typescript Leaver); lecture L.A. notes; correspondence newspaper notes; delivered a course of five 2 folders. EM/2/A/28 EM/2/A/27 ‘Uni Open Day’ ‘Museum exhibits: stone decay’ Plans of exhibits for Geology Open Day on applied geology, captions. See also EM/2/A/28. Morton evening _ lecture- demonstrations on Geological Aspects of Town and Country Planning, University of Manchester, October-November 1941. File entitled ‘Copies of exam papers’. Stone decay was a feature illustrated in the Geology Open Day (EM/2/A/27). Correspondence re samples; photographs of stone decay (some mounted); captions. Note on slate quarrying, maps for examination questions EM/2/A/29 1935, 1937 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/A/30 ‘Lecture notes’ 2 folders. 1926-1960s April 1926; a 5pp Applied ‘Summary typescript, retrospect’ by Morton, Material re Engineering Geology course including ‘Engineering in Engineering geology - year book list; Geology, Boyd memorandum re of Dawkins; notices, summaries and Engineering Geology’ by Morton; (Engineering for notes and building Geology), engineering masonry), 1945 (Public water supply), 1946 (The influence of geology on planning), 1947 (the control of mineral workings). lecture first Laboratory in Geology Progress 1934 for Teaching selection courses, evening lecture stone 1943 (The the by of of Later material includes ?1960s notes on engineering geology. EM/2/A/31 Miscellaneous notes, calculations, diagrams, etc. 1925-1954 5 folders. for notes captions 4 folders. exhibition EM/2/A/33 EM/2/A/32 for courses; See also EM/2/A/19. Borehole data, map listings and gault notes. ‘Book and lecture notes on tunnels and tunneling’ 1934; Includes typescript account of ‘The geological succession of strata in Britain’. duplicated Includes notes on Severn, Humber and Channel tunnels and 21970s lecture notes. Lecture notes and other material on uses of types of rocks See also EM/2/A/4. 1944-?1970s EM/2/A/34 manuscript 3 folders. 2 folders. Includes lectures notes 2-4; for E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts typescript course notes; printed material. EM/2/A/35 ‘Exams. Civil engineers’ 1947-1969 Engineering geology examinations for Engineering students. Civil and Municipal EM/2/A/36 ‘Exam papers. Planning’ 1949-1968 2 folders. Examination papers for diploma and degree students in town and country planning. EM/2/A/37 ‘Exam papers Evening class’ 1951-1964 EM/2/A/38 ‘General. Incl Yearly excursion’ 1950-1964 3 folders. assembled for arrangements for field excursions chapters book Includes full typescript drafts for some intended text of NOTES FOR TEXT BOOK Material ‘Engineering Geology’. chapters and manuscript notes for others. General teaching material for engineering geology including examinations, and manuscript and typescript notes. 1926-1934 Morton began work for Chapman & Hall in 1926 but it was never completed. this textbook, to ‘Chapter II: Structural characteristics of rock’ ‘Chapter |: Classification of rock’ Typescript draft + inserts. be published by EM/2/B/1 EM/2/B/2 2 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts Typescript draft; manuscript and typescript notes. EM/2/B/3 ‘Chapter Ill: Stratigraphy’ Typescript draft. EM/2/B/4 ‘Chapter IV: Surface Water Supply’ Typescript draft with some interleaved notes. EM/2/B/5 ‘Chapter V: Rainfall’ Typescript draft; manuscript and typescript notes. EM/2/B/6 ‘Building materials’ 2 folders. EM/2/B/7 ‘Roadstones’ 3 folders. EM/2/B/8 ‘Shaft-sinking’ Typescript outline and rough draft. Rough typescript drafts; manuscript notes. Typescript draft; manuscript and typescript notes; typescript drafts on rock varieties etc. publishers Chapman & Hall. Typescript draft; manuscript notes; brief correspondence from EM/2/B/9 ‘TEXT BOOK Additional notes’ EM/2/B/10 ‘Synopsis of text book’ E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/B/11 Correspondence re book with Chapman & Hall. 1926, 1934 The original contract was signed in 1926 but the book was still uncompleted in 1934. EM/2/B/12 Miscellaneous notes NOTES FOR D.Sc. THESIS 1928-1930s EM/2/C/1 ‘Memorandum accompanying a Thesis Degree of Doctor of Science’ presented for the late 1930s Typescript provisional draft; manuscript rough draft. EM/2/C/2 ‘D.Sc. Thesis Gault’ 1928, 1930s 2 folders. EM/2/C/3 File of offprints accompanying EM/2/C/1 Papers 3 (‘The new British Standard Specifications for the Testing of Roadstone and Sandstone Kerbstones’) and 6 (The Properties, of Sandstone Masonry’) were described as ‘in preparation’ for the thesis. Specification Testing and The numbers given to the papers are Morton’s and refer to his Memorandum. Contents of envelope so inscribed: miscellaneous typescript and manuscript notes, chiefly on gault formation with borehole data. May 1931. 1: Durability of Building Stones’, Engineering, 1928. 2: ‘The Properties, Selection and Specification of Sandstones for use as Kerbstones on Main Thoroughfares’, Journal of the Institution of Municipal and County Engineers, March 1931. 4: Sandstone Kerbs, Quadrants, Channels and Setts’. 5: ‘The Proper Uses of Natural Sandstone’, paper for Liverpool Engineering Society, 1935. 7: ‘Stone Preservation’, Architectural Design and Construction, Only items 1, 5 and 11 were found in the file. Microscopical Determination of the Strength and Specification No 706 (1936) for ‘The ‘British Standards E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts of for The paper ‘Some Aspects Geology’, Engineering ‘The Properties, Testing and Selection of Stone for Tar Highway Engineer, 8: Institution of Civil Engineers, Yorkshire branch, 1930. 9: Macadam and Concrete Roads’, February 1931. 10: ‘The Use of Limestone for Road Making’, paper for Central Limestone Association, 1937. 11: ‘An Economic Geology Map of England and Wales, with Explanatory Notes’. 12: ‘Silicosis - Some Geological Comments’, paper for Institute of Quarrying, 1929. 13: 1931: Memo 3A: ‘Report on Investigations Made to Determine the Accuracy or otherwise of Absorption Data Obtained by Rough and Ready Methods’. Memo 3B: ‘On the Grading of Sand for Use in the Abrasion Test’. - The Geological Aspect’, The Policy-Holder, ‘Silicosis BRITISH WATERWORKS ASSOCIATION LECTURES 1928-1938 material relating to the as EM/2/D/1 EM/2/D/1/1 miscellaneous Correspondence Summer Meeting, July 1928 Morton spoke on ‘The underground distribution, thickness and structure of the secondary formations in England, with special reference to the sources of subterranean water’. Morton frequently attended meetings of the British Waterworks Association (BWA) and presented many papers. The files here include notes and scripts for Morton’s contributions as well meetings themselves in the form of correspondence re arrangements, programmes etc. fer Winter Meeting and First Public Health Congress, London, November 1928 Manuscript and typescript drafts of paper Proof copy of Morton’s paper EM/2/D/1/2 EM/2/D/1/3 1928-1929 EM/2/D/2 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts Morton spoke on ‘The subterranean water resources of Great Britain’. EM/2/D/2/1 Correspondence re Morton’s paper EM/2/D/2/2 Manuscript and typescript drafts and notes 2 folders. EM/2/D/2/3 Proof copy with manuscript corrections, and offprint 1928, 1929 EM/2/D/2/4 Copy Municipal Motor no. 2033 (29 Nov 1928). Engineering, Municipal of Sanitary Record and With report on part of the Congress on pp588-591 and on Morton’s paper on p600. EM/2/D/3 EM/2/D/4 EM/2/D/4/1 EM/2/D/4/2 EM/2/D/4/3 1932-1933 arrangements; 6pp typescript transcript of Programme and arrangements Morton spoke on ‘Rural water supply’. Summer Meeting, Portsmouth, 2-5 July 1929 Summer Meeting, Blackpool, Lancashire, 13-17 June 1933 Programme, Morton’s discussion of paper by Halton Thompson. Offprint of Morton’s paper 18pp typescript draft of Morton’s paper Proofs of papers delivered Includes Morton’s. EM/2/D/4/4 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/D/5 Winter Meeting, London, 13-18 November 1933 Programme; correspondence re Morton’s membership of the BWA; 3pp typescript discussion by Morton on paper by A.E.L. Chorlton. EM/2/D/6 Winter Meeting and Public Health Congress, London, 19-24 November 1934 Programme; papers; correspondence; manuscript notes. EM/2/D/7 Winter Meeting and Eighth Public Works Congress, London, 18-23 November 1935 EM/2/D/7/1 Programme, notices etc. EM/2/D/8 EM/2/D/8/1 EM/2/D/8/2 EM/2/D/9 EM/2/D/7/2 ‘The distribution of population with special reference to water supplies’, by typescript comments by Morton Pearson, paper S.V. with 3pp_ Folder also includes manuscript notes and newspaper cutting reporting Pearson’s lecture. Winter Meeting and Ninth Public Works Congress, London 15- 20 November 1937 Programme; papers by G.H. Thiselton-Dyer and E.G. Bilham; manuscript notes but it was postponed to the winter meeting (EM/2/D/10). Morton was to have delivered his paper ‘The protection of underground sources of water supply with special reference to the town and country planning acts’ at the summer meeting Correspondence re H. Dewey's paper on ‘Lower Greensand’; Morton's typescript discussion on paper by Thiselton-Dyer. Summer Meeting, Plymouth, 21-25 June 1938 Notice; paper by Morton; etc. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/D/10 Meeting Winter November 1938 and Public Health Service Congress, Morton delivered his paper ‘The protection of underground sources of water supply with special reference to the town and country planning acts’. EM/2/D/10/1 15pp typescript and published copies of Morton’s paper EM/2/D/10/2 additions; Typescript notes; account of Surveyor, 18 November 1938 background information; the proceedings of the meeting in manuscript The OTHER LECTURES, TALKS AND ARTICLES 1925-1954 This series covers Morton’s wide ranging lecturing and writing activities outside the University. Again, the size of the files and their content, varies. Most include notes, correspondence and typescripts and manuscripts relating to the articles and papers. the EM/2/E/1 Scenery’, Geological EM/2/E/1A be found in paper for The Interpretation ‘An Association, January 1925 of 10pp typescript; typescript and manuscript notes. There is some duplication of material also to EM/2/C. ‘A further conquest of Ham Tor’, submitted to Sheffield Daily Telegraph The lectures were ‘Buildings and building stones’, ‘The water- supply of Manchester’, ‘Coast erosion and protection’. ‘Some Applications of Geology’. Morton at the Manchester Museum, October-November 1926 Set of three lectures by typescript; 2pp from Telegraph prompting Morton’s response. Sheffield Daily copy of article EM/2/E/2 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts Typescripts for second and third lectures; notice; typescript report on second lecture. EM/2/E/3 ‘Microscopic determination of the strength and durability of building stones’, British Association, 1926 to Oxford meeting of lecture the 16pp typescript + appendix; proof copy. EM/2/E/4 ‘The Shivering Road’, Morris Owner magazine 1926/1927 Manuscript and typescript drafts; publishers. brief correspondence with EM/2/E/5 ‘Factors Governing the Strength and Durability of Building Stones’, lecture to Manchester Society of Architects 1928, 1930 31pp typescript draft; captions and layout for figures; letter declining to publish the article as it stood in the RIBA Journal. EM/2/E/6 EM/2/E/7 EM/2/E/7/2 EM/2/E/7/1 investigations into the properties 1930, 1933, n.d. Papers for Institute of Quarrying Manuscript and typescript draft; 2pp typescript report; notice. ‘Decay of sandstones as revealed by the microscope’, lecture to the Manchester Microscopical Society, 2 February 1928 ‘Recent of sandstones. Causes of their decay, and how they affect the quarry owner’, lecture to Institute of Quarrying, Leeds, October 1930 1930 ‘A British Standards Institute specification for sandstone kerbs, quadrants and channels’, Institute of Quarrying conference, Leamington, Warwickshire, July 1933 Typescript drafts; manuscript notes; papers for Quarrying AGM 1933. Typescript and manuscript notes; typescript drafts. Institute of E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/E/7/3 ‘The testing and specification of sandstones in relation to the quarry owner’ Offprint only. EM/2/E/8 ‘Silicosis: The Geological Aspect’, booklet published by The Policy-Holder, 1931 1930-1931 11pp typescript draft; copy of booklet; correspondence re publication and arising, incuding reader's letter and Morton's reply. The Policy Holder was an insurance industry journal. EM/2/E/9 ‘Stone preservatives’, Architectural Design and Construction, 1931 10pp typescript; exchange with publishers. EM/2/E/10 4 folders. EM/2/E/12 EM/2/E/11 ‘Algernon Curtis’ 1934-1936 Manuscript publishers. outline; typescript draft; correspondence with ‘Silicosis’, Crushing and Grinding, 1931 Correspondence 1934 includes letters quartz for use on grouse moors (see EM/4/Q/3/1). Correspondence and papers re articles the journal Sands, Clays & Minerals (publishers Algernon Lewin Curtis) on ‘Silicosis in industry’ and ‘Industrial Water Supply’. by Morton for 1931-1933 2 (1935) and The article on silicosis was published in republished in The Mining & Industrial Magazine of Southern Africa vol 21 (1935). The article on ‘Industrial Water Supply’ was submitted in 1936. Series of articles on building stone for The Quarry Managers’ Journal re supply of crushed vol E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/E/12/1 ‘The properties and testing of stone for roadmaking’, January Offprint. EM/2/E/12/2 ‘Elements of engineering geology applied to industry. Part 1. A practical classification of rocks’, December the quarrying Rough typescript draft; offprint. EM/2/E/12/3 ‘Elements of engineering geology applied to the quarrying industry. Part 2. Road-making stone’, March 1932-February 1933 1932-1933 Four articles: articles. offprints and typescript draft of one of the The first article is a Student's Supplement. EM/2/E/12/5 Offprint. EM/2/E/13 EM/2/E/1 2/4 the quarrying 1931-1932 EM/2/E/12/6 Background material Correspondence re Student’s Supplement. ‘Elements of engineering geology applied to industry. Part 2. Road-making stone’ ‘The properties, selection and specification of sandstones for use as kerbstones on main thoroughfares’, n.d. Water Engineering. 10pp typescript + 2pp typescript addendum ‘for discussion at the Annual Meeting in London on 2nd December 1932’; discussion contribution; correspondence; offprint. ‘The geology of the Goyt Valley’, lecture Water Engineers, December This was subsequently published in the journal Water and remarks and reply to written to the Institution of 1932-1933 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/E/14 ‘Some geological factors affecting clayworks’, Ceramic Society Building Materials Section autumn meeting, 13-14 September 1933 Exeter, 1932-1934 typescript 7pp correspondence re lecture and subsequent publication. programme offprint; draft; of meeting; The paper was published in Transactions of the Ceramic Society, vol 34, 1935. EM/2/E/15 ‘The evolution of various types of crushers for stone and ore, in and the crushing lecture Civil Engineers, 20 November 1934 characteristics machinery’, affecting abrasion rocks to Institution as the of of 3pp typescript correspondence. report on lecture; discussion remarks; EM/2/E/16 ‘Engineering Society, 26 February 1936 Geology’, lecture to Liverpool Engineering 1934-1936 EM/2/E/17 EM/2/E/18 EM/2/E/18/1 10pp typescript. ‘A waterworks practice’ brief review of hydro-electric problems affecting modern Lectures to the Central Association of the Lime and Limestone Industry of Great Britain 10pp typescript; offprint; correspondence; Bulletin of Society with report on Morton's lecture. 1936-1937 Notice of meeting; typescript outline of address and discussion of the Morton’s Association. This was delivered as a lecture to a meeting of the Association in Manchester, 28 November 1934. ‘Roadstone tests and their interpretation’ ‘The use of limestone for roadmaking’ Manuscript and typescript drafts; offprint (published in correspondence EM/2/E/18/2 paper; tables; with ca 1936 1934-1937 the E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts Bulletin (Supplement) November 1937); correspondence. of Highway Institute the of Engineers, no 8 This was originally delivered as a lecture to a meeting of the Association in Harrogate, 1936. EM/2/E/18/3 Miscellaneous manuscript data; tables; photographic figures of limestone samples. EM/2/E/19 stone ‘British masonry’, article for the Stone Trades Journal published in series 1941-1945 and monumental a engineering building, for 1941-1945 5 folders. Typescript draft; extracts from issues of the Stone Trades Journal containing the series; lists of figures, etc. Photographs used to below. illustrate the series are at E/2/E/20 2 folders. See geological basis 1943-1945 2 folders. of planning’, lecture to the Town EM/2/E/21 EM/2/E/20 ‘British stone for building, engineering and Illustrations for monumental masonry’ Photographs, tables etc used as figures for the article. EM/2/E/19 above. ‘The Planning Institute, Essex Hall, London, 16 December 1943 1925-1954 Manuscript and typescript drafts; offprint annotated by Morton; correspondence with the Institute; notice; background material including list of publications and Institute examinations. The lecture was published in the Journal of the Town Planning Institute, vol. 30 (1944) ‘Water divining - the case against’, Journal of the Institution of Water Engineers, vol 8 (1954) Typescript drafts; offprint; two letters on water divining sent to EM/2/E/22 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts Morton 1925; correspondence re publication of article 1948- 1949, 1954. Background material on water divining is at E/2/E/23 below. EM/2/E/23 Background material on water divining 1925-1938 Article on ‘The Water-Diviner’ for The Cornhill Magazine 1925; correpondence arising 1925; borehole data 1928; lectures by Morton ‘Water-divining and water-finding’, 1927 and 1938. The material chiefly relates to an article on the subject by Morton published in The Cornhill Magazine 1925. It was later used in connection with ‘Water divining - the case against’, see EM/2/E/22 above. EM/2/E/24 BBC Radio broadcasts EM/2/E/24/4 ‘What a water tap means’, 7 December 1925 1925, 1926 1925 Manuscript draft; typescript script; correspondence with BBC. 1928-1930 EM/2/E/25 EM/2/E/25/1 BBC; newspaper Institution of Civil to local associations of the EM/2/E/24/2 Lectures Engineers Typescript cutting reporting the forthcoming broadcast. correspondence script; with ‘Cave hunting in Derbyshire’, 23 March 1926 ‘Some problems in engineering geology’, Manchester and District Association, 138 March 1929 1928551929 ‘The Manchester and District Association, 18 December 1929 Letter suggesting lecture; manuscript and typescript drafts. Typescript draft; preprint. EM/2/E/25/2 to foundations’, superficial deposits in relation E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/E/25/3 ‘Some aspects of engineering geology’, Yorkshire Association, 24 April 1930 Preprint. See also EM/2/A/23. EM/2/E/26 Lectures to the National Association of Clayworks Managers (NACM) 1931-1939 EM/2/E/26/1 ‘The geology of the Manchester district with special reference to clayworking measures’, Manchester branch, 2 November 1931 1931-1932 10pp typescript; figure; correspondence. EM/2/E/26/2 investigations of ‘Recent fluorescence on brickwork’, North Wales branch, Wrexham, 2 December 1931 sources causes and into the 15pp typescript + typescript background material. figure for lecture; brief correspondence; EM/2/E/26/3 brickwork’, EM/2/E/26/4 Typescript outline; correspondence. ‘Efflorescence’, Manchester branch, 13 December 1932 Correspondence re arrangements; general correspondence with the NACM. South West ‘The problem of efflorescence on Lancashire branch, Blackburn, 23 March (later rearranged for 7 April) 1932 branch, Blackburn, 14 February 1935 ‘The sources and character of water supply in Conference, clayworks’, Derbyshire, June 1933 relation to the clayworks’, ‘The geology of water supply in Yorkshire branch, 4 October 1934 and Central Lancashire 11pp typescript draft; offprint; brief correspondence. EM/2/E/26/5 relation to Buxton, EM/2/E/26/6 6th NACM = Annual E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts Typescript summary. EM/2/E/26/7 Correspondence re lectures to various NACM branches 1934-1937 EM/2/E/26/8 ‘Industrial water supply’, Chorley, 16 February 1939 Typescript summary. EM/2/E/26/9 Manuscript and typescript notes EM/2/E/27 EM/2/E/27/1 Articles for The Water Engineer's Handbook & Directory ‘Engineering geology as applied to Waterworks Practice’, The Water Engineer's Handbook & Directory 1932 16pp typescript + references: offprint. 1932-1938 1932 1932-1933, typescript EM/2/E/28 EM/2/E/27/2 Watergrove Reservoir (Rochdale)’ by N.G. Miscellaneous shorter drafts re water supply Correspondence, a little re the 1932 Handbook. ‘Geology in relation to water Supply’, The Water Engineer's Handbook & Directory 1933 Morton's discussion remarks on ‘Notes on the Construction of the Elliott, Institution of Water Engineers meeting, 6 December 1935; ‘Regional schemes of water supply’, notes for lecture to Manchester Geological Association, 10 December 1935; ‘Geological reflections on water orders’, manuscript notes, n.d. 1937-1938 ‘Geological impounding dams’ factors Manuscript and typescript drafts. EM/2/E/29 affecting the construction of large E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts EM/2/E/30 ‘The Lake District in Three Days’ Manuscript and (incomplete) typescript drafts. EM/2/E/31 ‘Landslides’ Manuscript and typescript draft. EM/2/E/32 Miscellaneous drafts 1935 and n.d. from ‘Alton times’, prehistoric Includes and typescript drafts; ‘The aristocratic cockroach’, 1p typescript; ‘A day in caveland’, 6pp typescript; ‘The limestone scenery of Derbyshire’, 5pp typescript; ‘Materials used in buildings and roads’, 3pp typescript Manchester Museum demonstration, 6 February 1935. manuscript EM/2/E/33 Brief correspondence re lectures 1943-1952, n.d. Also includes manuscript notes for lectures. 1946, 1949 report on ‘Raw EM/2/E/34 Materials for Architects EM/2/E/35 weathering’) to Editorial correspondence Typescript and manuscript lists of lantern slides Referee’s and Engineers’ by A. Bray; review of Road Aggregates; their uses and testing by B.H. and R.G. Knight, Science Progress. Arranged in alphabetical series from Aa (‘Diagrammatic & processes of to geology’). See also EM/2/C/3 and EM/2/E passim. Other series include D, ‘Silicosis’ and E, ‘Water supply’. Not a complete set. OFFPRINTS 1926-1944 Pf (‘Scenery in relation E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/2 Notes and drafts PHOTOGRAPHS 1927-1932, n.d. of Photographs illustrating geological features, dam construction and other engineering works. landscapes _ formations, rock EM/2/G/1 Photograph album 1927-1932 Photographs of dam engineering, quarries features, colleagues. identified, some most featuring and geological and Morton Also some intercalated photographs loose. EM/2/G/2 ‘Photographs of stone samples’ Contents of Morton’s envelope so mounted on card. inscribed: photographs EM/2/G/3 2 folders. EM/2/G/4 Loose photographs Some photographs mounted on card. Composite photograph ?of quarry face Roll made from a number of photographs sellotaped together to create a panoramic effect. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 SECTION EM/3 CONSULTANCIES 1885-1998 This section presents the great bulk of the material in the archive. It comprises the contents of Morton’s files relating to the hundreds of geotechnical consultancies with which he and his company, Edgar Morton and Partner, were involved from the 1920s to early 1990s. As the company continued in being after Morton’s death in 1973, there are considerable quantities of papers from after that date. Many projects initiated in Morton’s lifetime continued through the 1970s and beyond. and Stability Following the organisation of the outline list, the section is divided into four: Public Water Supply; Private Water Supply; Foundation, and Planning and Mineral Workings. Within these subsections the arrangement of material has largely followed the listing of the outline list. There was found to be a considerable overlap of material between the subsections, particularly between Public Water Supply and Stability and Construction Problems. Construction Foundation, Problems; In a number of cases projects listed in the outline list proved either to have no documentation or the material listed was subsequently found filed elsewhere. a number of ghost entries in this catalogue indicated by the formula ‘Not used’. This has resulted in Abbreviations used in the text: Borough Council Borough District Council Compulsory Purchase Order Joint Water Committee Pumping station(s) River Authority Water Authority Water Board Water Order Waterworks BC BDC CPO DWB _ District Water Board JDWD. Joint District Water Board JWC PS RA WA WB WO WW PLANNING AND MINERAL WORKINGS FOUNDATION, STABILITY AND CONSTRUCTION PROBLEMS PRIVATE WATER SUPPLY PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY EM/3/589-665 EM/3/1-225 EM/3/226-404 EM/3/405-588 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/1-225 PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY 1885-1998 This subsection covers Morton’s extensive consultancy work It comprises files on public water supply projects in Britain. relating to over two hundred public water supply projects with which Morton (and his company Edgar Morton and Partner) was involved as a geotechnical engineering consultant. Morton was working at a time when the water industry in Britain was required to meet a rapidly increasing need for assured supplies of water for domestic and industrial use. After the Second World War local authorities had been given greater powers to build and extend reservoirs and search for Morton and his company, potential new sources of supply. Edgar Morton and Partner, were much in demand in advising on public water supply. He himself was involved with more than 150 dams and reservoirs throughout Britain, many being long-term projects with Morton advising on different aspects of site investigation, monitoring over many years. construction, litigation design, and largest relate to St Helens Water Board, bodies of Water Board, material primarily Nottingham the The construction and development of Grimwith Reservoir for the Bradford Corporation Waterworks (later the Yorkshire Water Authority); the Roadford, Colliford and Wimbleball Reservoirs (South West Water Authority); and the Foremark Reservoir and Carsington Reservoirs (Severn Trent Water Authority). Significant amounts of material occur also for the Isle of Man Water Board (Sulby Reservoir and Druidale Scheme, and the North West Water Authority, the Staffordshire others), Corporation, Potteries Buckinghamshire Corporation, Portsmouth and Gosport Water Company, North Devon Water Board (the Meldon Reservoir Scheme) and the City of Cardiff Corporation Waterworks (Llandegfedd Scheme). Much of the material covers the initial stages before reservoir site investigation, involving the siting construction, such as of numerous trial and exploratory boreholes to and drilling search for new sources of supply, the question of the mining position (old and abandoned or working mine shafts situated underground below the proposed reservoir and site possible embankment slips stability, avoid and Several of the projects on which reservoir cracking later on. Morton advised were not constructed. After extensive site investigation, monitoring and testing, they were found to be technically or economically unfeasible, even when alternative similar sites investigation. subjected Not all the public water supply projects for which Morton was was also acting reservoirs involved proposed so as to and dams. had been site) and_ to Morton E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies concerned in the construction of pumping stations, sewage works, water treatment works and other such water supply Morton gave advice to many local authorities on projects. water sources, often subterranean, for augmenting the public water supply, protection of gathering grounds, new well sites, etc., and advised on borehole licence applications. local authority The majority of the projects date from the 1930s to the early 1990s, although in some cases, where a related project or the papers same incorporate earlier Boyd Dawkins material, dating from the late for nineteenth Others background engineering and geological information. represented extensively in the papers include colleagues in the consultancy, P.W. Rowe, C.W. Isherwood and J. Scriven. centuries twentieth involved, working early used was and the and client, listing. outline following the has been arranged in alphabetical order by The material is principal generally a public authority - County Council, City, Borough, Rural or Urban District Council, River Authority, Water Board, Morton frequently was acting for more than one public etc. the authority on any major project and this catalogue entries. Another complication is that the jurisdiction of these public authorities frequently changed over time as they merged, divided, expanded or diminished. is indicated in The client is of rock there records, evidence calculations, was found in folders marked ‘Selected Some of the material It appears the contents of these were chosen as Papers’. is therefore worthy of preservation by Morton himself and it possible that material not so selected was discarded. In many that sequences out. Key documents have been removed, sometimes torn documents relating to any given project were generally kept in reverse chronological order and this arrangement has been retained. correspondence The papers may include correspondence, plans and maps, draft and final reports (during his lifetime, most of the reports were written by Morton himself), borehole logs, drilling logs, tender data, test rainfall There is much manuscript documents, photographs etc. coloured and hand-drawn material, Morton's geological diagrams, maps, plans and sketches. manuscript annotations occur throughout the documentation, the same document being two sometimes the differently annotated. parentheses. a collaborating Where there is significant material relating to engineering, surveying or similar company, this is indicated in beautifully including copies of E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/1 Accrington District [Gas and] Water Board 1943-1971 19 folders. Rishton and Augmentation of Water Resources: Paper Mill including Dunkenhalgh Estate Claim (re Steiner's Waterworks claims); effects of National Coal Board (NCB) stability, Huncoats Sewage coalmining in Disposal at Accrington (1944); Dean Clough borehole contract and Public Inquiry; Altham Bridge PS. vicinity upon site super-power proposed Colliery Works; station new and Hall, etc), other boring section Shuttleworth material Correspondence including copy letters dating back to 1934, notes, reports including Edgar Morton & Partner and copy reports dating back to 1891, maps and plans (Paragon (NCB, Chemical Co. borehole), tracings, test data, printed copies of local Acts of Parliament (1894; 1905, 1906), meetings notes, notes re history and develoment of the Rishton Colliery water supply, 1958, and future of coal mining in the Altham Bridge etc, PS, calculations, graphs including Haweswater Aqueduct Rising Bridge Shaft, Public Inquiry documents including photograph and contract, press cuttings, site diary, lease, diagrams, and sketch maps. Reservoirs Plantation Burnley Road area, and of and City EM/3/2 to Wet site of Manchester investigation commemorative Aireborough Urban District Council Water photographs, etc, Also booklet re Institution of Water Engineers visit Sleddale Works, Haweswater, 11 September 1964. including reports, 1951, logs, re Haweswater Reservoir, Dam and Booklets and published material booklet, Engineers negatives, Additional material - Manchester Corporation WW _ feasibility Cumberland RA: paper, Institution 1971, correspondence, borehole test data, notes, Aqueduct (folders 12-19). includes Centenary of the Waterworks Undertaking, 1847-1947. (John Thom Ltd - Artesian Well Engineers) others Correspondence, notebook, reports (including copy report stamped 26 Nov. 1919), borehole data, and plans (cross-section, and blueprint). Including Morton's a mild attack reference to himself being ‘confined to bed with of influenza’, February 1943. Guiseley Waterworks Undertaking. 1919, 1941- 1943 by Morton and E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/3 Alsager Urban District Council 1940-1956 2 folders. to of Audley water etc; Staffordshire: Extensions Factory, duplication underground Radway Green, and water additional establishment of a searchlight camp unit adjoining the Audley Road Waterworks (1940-1942); licence to sink a borehole at Foxley Gorse, Audley (1953-1956). Waterworks, Royal re the Road supplies, proposals in obtaining Alsager Ordnance supplies area, test document Notebook, concerning official opening of the Waterworks Extensions, 16 Sept 1942, reports, Private Inquiry material, and minutes. correspondence, notes, data, EM/3/4 Amesbury Rural District Council 1959-1961 Regional Water Supply, Shrewton area: Esso Petroleum Co. Pipeline. EM/3/5 3 folders. Correspondence including letter to P.W. Rowe dated 4 April (including reference to Rowe’s recent ‘return from the 1961 Arctic regions’), and map, concerning possibility of pipeline leakage into the Shrewton boreholes, which would result in Including press cutting re jet fuel water supply contamination. underground pipeline leak, Laindon, Essex. Anglesey County Council Alaw Reservoir and Dam: Afon Alaw Scheme. (Lemon and Blizard, civil engineers and surveyors). 1961-1966 Correspondence, notes, progress report, geological and other reports, maps, plans, diagrams and cross-sections, graphs and plottings, site meeting notes, daily progress sheets, Water Order documents, Public Inquiry documents, Minutes extract, and contract and subcontract documents, grouting logs, and commemorative booklet re Official Opening of the Scheme, October 1966. to complete job, from the Includes Contract no.3 proposed reservoir up to construction and completion, 1961- 1964. relating E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/6 Anglian Water Authority 1975-1976 River Ancholme Scheme: Elsham Treatment Works maps, correspondence, observations, Plans, diagrams, and vibration investigation etc, re effects of blasting a quarry in close proximity to the Treatment operations at Works. Morton’s EM/3/7 Ashby-de-la-Zouch Rural District Council 1943-1971 2 folders. Water supply: various re and Local Public Inquiry material Notebook, correspondence, notes, maps, plans, diagrams, Acresford and Waterworks and new borehole scheme (1943-1951); Pisca Mill Lane boreholes, Heather, Leicestershire, and Lane to proposed opencast working at Coalfield Farm (National Coal Executive, and NW Leicestershire Water Board) (1971); Mill filling of old clay pit for the Ibstock Brick Lane PS, Heather - and Tile Co. (1961); backfilling of proposed quarries, Heather Waterworks (1960). the and District daily drill shift EM/3/8 2 folders. Dukinfield 1947-1957 Stalybridge Ashton-under-Lyne, Waterworks Joint Committee Swineshaw Valley Scheme augmentation of water supply; development of underground water supply sources; proposed reservoir in Greenfield Valley Scheme inauguration commemorative booklet, 12 September correspondence, 1957, test data including boreholes, notes, plan (Dove and reports, diagrams, reports, Stone Reservoir). The lake appeared to have been formed by limestone quarry Correspondence, maps and plans, re proposed hydrological be survey at Lewtrenchard Lake to determine if considered a reservoir for the purposes of the Act. Lew Trenchard Estate: Lake Inspection under Reservoirs Act, 1975. Babtie Shaw and Morton it could EM/3/9 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies excavations, believed to have been abandoned ‘at least 140 years ago’. EM/3/10 Bakewell Rural District Council 1930-1955 4 folders. of Health Ministry Proposed new water supply schemes for Birchover, Winster and Elton (Shothouse Springs), and Ilvonbrook Grange, and related Eyam Reservoir failure and proposed new reservoir sites (1930- 1932); proposed Stoke Flat storage reservoir; Hathersage Water Supply and Burbage Spring Mag Clough Waterworks, Grindleford (1949-1950); alleged depletion of water hole on Mr. Shirt’s land adjoining Manchester Road, Tideswell, by the laying of a Council water main (1955). (1933-1935); Supply; Inquiry Maps including reports plans, photographs, and diagrams. by Morton and others including geological, correspondence, press cutting, notes, geological, EM/3/11 Bexhill Corporation Water Works 1948-1953 EM/3/12 and contract 4 folders. documents, specifications Biddulph Urban District Council Augmentation of water supply: proposed new boreholes; proposed development scheme and utilisation of underground water sources; Henleys Bridge Reservoir site. Correspondence, plans and other documents including copies dating back to 1935, pumping stations plans and diagrams booklet, maps including Ordnance Survey, reports, notebook, etc. 1940-1963 Various copy reports (Morton and others) dated 1926 to 1960, correspondence 1941-1945 and 1961-1963, yield estimates and readings, notebook, contract and tender documents for proposed borehole at Bands Wood, Biddulph Park, plans, report, water pumping record, and notes. Augmentation of water supply: related matters Elmhurst Waterworks and E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/13 Biggleswade Water Board Morton’s Paper on the Lower Greensand Formation, Dunton boreholes, etc. Letter from Morton to T.A. Staniforth, Waterworks Engineer, Biggleswade Water Board, and his reply. EM/3/14 Bishops Castle Corporation Bishops Castle Reservoir, Shropshire. Correspondence including diagram, notes, and copy reservoir inspection report dated 1898 for Maes Gwyn Reservoir, re Bishops Castle [Water Supply] Scheme. EM/3/15 Blackburn Corporation Waterworks 1934-1960 5 folders. Corporation Waterworks and Blackburn Rural Blackburn District Council re the and water bacterial examination, reservoir sites; Proposed Dunsop Reservoir, and Bowland gathering grounds development; Footholme borehole; Brennand and Whitendale Mellor Water; abandoned colliery dam and underground water supplies proposals for the Blackburn area; Daisy Green Reservoir; Blackburn WO. Notebook, technical data including flow rate and gallons per hour, Dunsop plans, correspondence with National Coal catchment area, Board and others, Morton reports, geological survey and specification, weekly reports, photographs (mostly Whitendale and Brennand valleys), notes, test data, etc. 1948-1970 Bletchley Waterworks and Pumping Station, including boreholes Buckinghamshire Bletchley Urban District Council Sandhouse Borehole and pumping test data, notebook, Morton’s and other reports, correspondence, South Midlands Water Survey District plans, material, Council copy document. Includes notes, Luton Rural etc. EM/3/16 4 folders. UDC and WB: E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/17 Bollington Corporation Waterworks 1944-1955 Augmentation of water supplies. Morton’s handwritten notes re boreholes etc, and visit to ‘main reservoir’, 20 January 1944 (2 sheets). EM/3/18 Bolton Corporation Waterworks 1920-1975 3 folders. Augmentation of water supplies: Bolton and District (Croal and Upper Irwell) Regional Sewage Disposal Scheme - proposed sewer (1947-1954), including development implications of the proposed Agecroft Colliery for the Ringley Fold and Rhodes Farm sites; Bolton Corporation Waterworks and Irwell Valley Water Board - Fordington PS and boreholes (1939). Correspondence notebook, plans, notes, and Morton's reports, 1920 and 1951. including borehole re ‘sand _ trouble’, mostly dated Public contract test data _ EM/3/19 147 folders. (later part of Yorkshire WA) Bradford Corporation Waterworks Grimwith Reservoir Development: Inquiry and WO including mineral rights; proposed Heights Lane (?Chellow) and Wibsey Service Reservoirs; Chelker Treatment Works (Lobwood Supply Scheme); grouting; rock anchors; landslips including access road; site investigations including second stage; quarry and mineshaft investigations; surveys; etc 1963-1993 Morton, J. Scriven and other notebooks (including Hallgates Reservoir), including piezometer and other instrumentation readings, borehole logs, University of Manchester notes, correspondence including (folder Inquiry documents, published papers, photographs including aerial, negatives, chemical analyses, calculations, reports including drafts, sketches, mining activities material including California adit and mineshaft investigation (the latter being in folders 123-124, dated 1979 and 1980-1981), daily drill shift reports, users manual and instructions for the operation, maintenance, and surveillance of Grimwith Reservoir (including geotechnical instrumentation), Rowe and including notebooks (folder 88 etc), Yorkshire WA documents, etc. documents, diagrams, J. Scriven material 110), plans, maps, Public E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Individual items of note include poem ‘Grimwith Air re the building of Grimwith Reservoir (folder 15), author unknown, site staff advertisements (folder 30), material re the possible flooding effects on Stump Cross Caverns cave system of the Grimwith impounding works in the vicinity (folder 42), material re Chellow Dean Reservoir (Lower), John Young’s University of Leeds MSc dissertation on Grimwith, 1976 (folder 47), copy material including dating back to the nineteenth century such as articles and mining maps; photographs of Rowe and others at a dinner ‘held in honour of Peter Hallas to commemorate 10 April 1985, and his leadership of the “Grimwith Team” ’, another meal, the Grimwith model centrifuge test bed, before and after testing, n.d. (folder 145). and photocopies of 13 January 1983; EM/3/20 Brighton Corporation Waterworks 1971-1972 Southover Pumping Station: Lewes Southern By-pass trial Correspondence, test data, plans and sections, etc. the proposed borings concerning the roadworks on the yield of the water source for the pumping station. possible effects of re 1978-1981 Marlow, EM/3/21 5 folders. readings, and photographs investigation reports, test and plans, borehole and _ British Waterways Board (A.H.S. Waters and Partners). data, Site records, correspondence, piezometer negatives (including weir, borehole samples) concerning reconstruction of damaged weir. preliminary calculations, Beeston Weir, River Trent, Nottinghamshire 1960-1972 Proposed central storage area reservoirs at Waddesdon and Whitchurch service reservoir on Lower Greensand formation, The Warren, Little Brickhill (Woburn); Pumping Stations at Pann Mill, Ash Hill, Radnage, Wendover, Hambleden, Hawridge, and Bourne End (the latter three re water pollution protection, invoking local Byelaws); Parliamentary Water Bills; planning Buckinghamshire Water Board and proposed including ?Lizard Mill, EM/3/22 19 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies applications and problems; Ampthill Trunk Main Correspondence, photographs, negatives, test data, Morton’s reports, maps, plans, drilling reports, exploratory boreholes and contract material, graphs, well readings and observations, rainfall records, and Water Bills material concerning other local authority areas covered by or connected with Bucks. Water Board, mostly published material, House of Commons Session 1957-1958, with background material going back to the 1940s. Includes letter from Rowe to Morton, Christmas Eve nicer way of celebrating ‘Il cannot think 1967: Christmas than making you a present of the Report on the Bucks Water Board Scheme’. of a EM/3/23 Burnley Corporation Waterworks 1900-1962 12 folders. Burnley Corporation Waterworks and Burnley Rural District Council (parish of Briercliffe). Augmentation of water supply: remedial works, Hurstwood Reservoir, including Cant and Thursden Reservoirs, 1900- 1925; Shedden Clough and trial boreholes in Thursden Valley at Cockden Bridge and Worsthorne; Swinden No.1 Reservoir slope slips. and copy reports (James Diggle & Son, Civil Engineers, Francois Cementation Co. Ltd, and John Thom Ltd). Printed by Professor Sir William Boyd Dawkins and others, Boyd Dawkins manuscript and other notes, plans including waxed linen, maps including old OS maps and geological sections, graph, contract, newspapers with articles marked (dated 1921 and 1923), correspondence dating back to 1938, test data, rainfall records, notebook, and copy press cutting re Hapton Valley Colliery flooding, near Burnley. 1932-1935 Proposed new reservoir and boreholes at Dearden Clough; Public Inquiry and Water Board Bill in Parliament Bury and District Joint Water Board EM/3/24 borehole data, report, Press cuttings, correspondence, Lords Committee notes, maps including large tracing, graphs, and Bill, Select Committee Minutes of Proceedings, etc. Morton’s geological of handwritten Morton House 2 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/25 Buxton Corporation 1904-1973 3 folders. (later part of Severn Trent Water) Stanley Moor Reservoir and leak, and Stanley Moor borehole; Stockport WO re Goyt Valley boreholes, Derbyshire; thermal spring waters investigation (1972-1973); proposed Portobello Bar boreholes (?1930s to 1940s). Morton, Boyd Dawkins, and other reports, plans, maps, notes, correspondence, etc, dating back to 1904, Stockport Water Order Memorandum, 1960, notebook, leaflet detailing history of St Ann’s Well, Buxton, report by S.A. des Eaux Minerales d’Evian, references to Italian geologist’s comments re possible contamination of the waters, graphs, test data, and copy of Morton’s publication ‘Rural Water Supply’ dated 1933. EM/3/26 Calderdale Water Board/Calder Water Board 1962-1970 12 folders. Ltd), stability and Hurstwood ‘Top End’ others), test Calderdale Water Board - Hebden Valley Reservoir sites proposals: Reservoir dam, including Calderdale WB Bill, 1969. impounding Overwood and re proposed dam, and Contract, site investigation material, reports (Morton, Rowe, readings, and borehole cuttings, Hansard, legal notes, maps, plans, further Rowe material, etc. graphs, correspondence, instrumentation press data, notes, (1963-1965); at Overwood Cottage, Hebden Bridge Calder Water Board - Augmentation of resources, North West Area: proposed new reservoirs including Lanehead Service Reservoir, Burnley, and trial boreholes at Cant Clough, Rams site Clough, (The investigation Cementation Co. of landslip at reservoir site; oil prospection drilling, Boulsworth Moor (1962-1963). post-construction City of Cardiff Corporation Waterworks (?later superseded by the Glamorgan River Authority) and Welsh National Water Development Authority, Taff Water Division, Cardiff Water Unit Llandegfedd Water Scheme: Construction reservoir Cardiff Corporation Waterworks Llandegfedd, of impounding 1959-1984 and _ later EM/3/27 17 folders. logs, at E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies investigation into cracking of access bridge piers; Leckwith Reservoir; site investigation and feasibility study. Reservoir; Reservoir Llwyn-on Cantref test data, borehole piezometer Notebook, plans, Morton’s readings, correspondence, graphs, maps, and material including manuscript dated 1912, Proceedings of The South Wales Institute of Engineers, vol. 23 (1902). Dawkins Rowe’s reports plans, earlier logs, Boyd etc, Including ?Clatwrithen [Reservoirs]. notes on Tittesworth, Staunton Harold, and EM/3/28 Cardiganshire Water Board 1965-1966 Repairs to Llyn Craig-y-Pistyll Reservoir Plans and correspondence. EM/3/29 Central Electricity Generating Board 1956-1976 7 folders. test data, press Marsh Power Station, 7 folders. EM/3/30 accounts, Yorkshire: Central Flintshire Water Board Doncaster, Thorpe Augmentation of water supply including boreholes. Correspondence, (photograph of graphs, calculations, etc. supply on Central Corporation Gas Dept., 1957. cutting the power station), plans, maps, diagrams, Including notebook re proposed gas works extension site, 1944-1945, and the Electricity Authority Thorpe Marsh site, Doncaster 1937-1969 Central Flintshire WB (formerly Hawarden and District Water Co.) and Denbigh Corporation. notebooks, Morton graphs, diagrams, test data, press cutting including picture of Morton and others. correspondence, Augmentation of Water Supply - various: Connah’s Quay UDC (see also EM/3/43), Kinnerton borehole, etc. plans, map, E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/31 Chapel-en-le-Frith Rural District Council 1930-1955 7 folders. Legal dispute re Whitehall Moor Springs, Combs Moss area: Bleachers Association Ltd vs Chapel-en-le-Frith Rural District Council; Cheshire and Derbyshire proposed Administrative County Boundaries alteration Public Inquiry, held at Buxton; Water Supply - Castleton, Peak Forest, Chapel and Chinley, and Nook Reservoir. Morton notebooks, Morton's reports and abstracts, copy legal documents such Evidence, correspondence, press cuttings, plans, maps, photographs, notes, test data, meteorological readings, etc. as judgement and Proof of EM/3/32 Chatham and District Water Co. 1953-1954 Chatham Augmentation of water supply: proposed new PS, Stockbury opposition Valley; to Bowaters’ Lloyd Inquiry under section 14 of the Water Act, concerning application to develop new boreholes. Water Pulp and Paper Mills Co. Ltd. District and of EM/3/34 EM/3/33 1956-1959 (Cheddleton Cheadle Rural District Council Correspondence, sketches and diagrams, notebook, Inquiry documents, Morton and other reports. Application under section 14 of the Water Act to abstract water from Sheepwash borehole Water Scheme), 1958-1959. Copy Statements Evidence, correspondence including copies going back to 1956, plans, agreement, sketches, etc re opposition to the application by Staffordshire Potteries WB and E.J. Holdcroft & Sons Ltd. 1943-1944 Correspondence, Morton and other reports dating back to 1904, notebook, and Cheltenham Spa illustrated booklets. Cheltenham Corporation Spa Waters Development. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/35 Cheshire County Council 1933-1965 4 folders. Cheshire County Council and various Rural and Urban District Councils the latter 1938, Bank, Booth Green, Crabtree including East Cheshire for Shell Marketing Co. Boreholes including and Thornton-le-Moors - Ltd (Shell-Mex water supply); Regional Water Scheme, Water Supply; Macclesfield Forest C.E. School Water supply, 1959, including Water Conservation Orders; Mid- and SE Cheshire Water Board Bill 1946, and Mid-Cheshire Joint Water Committee; Delamere Area Water Supply; West Cheshire WB 1949-1950; Dee Supply Inquiry (objectors including Connah’s Quay UDC) and Water Board Order 1950; proposed artesian well at Devonshire Road for Altrincham Ice Rink Co. Ltd, 1962. Evesham Cross sections, notes, correspondence including copy letters, notebook, reports including printed, press cutting, test data, Inquiry documents, etc. See also Mid- and S.E. Cheshire WB EM/3/112. EM/3/36 EM/3/37 1954-1958 1930s-1955 Cleveland Water Co. Augmentation of water supply. Chesterfield, Bolsover and Clowne Water Board Scaling Dam and Reservoir Scheme, Scaling, Cleveland. Correspondence, notebook including references to Cheshire County Council Brine subsidence, Morton’s report, and test data and rainfall records dated 1930s to 1940s. Correspondence, including Memoirs of the Geological Survey, England and Wales with ‘The Geology of North Cleveland’, 1888. 1943-1961 Augmentation of water supply: Clitheroe UDC/Rural District Council and Bowland Rural District Council ?re trial boreholes (Simshey, Lowcocks Farm, and others), and related Public Inquiry. Clitheroe Corporation Waterworks EM/3/38 4 folders. Morton’s reports, and notes, E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Notebook, reports including printed, correspondence including copy letter re Clerk Hill Estate Water (for Whalley Lunatic Asylum supply), April 1916, notes, contract documents, maps and plans, and press cuttings including photograph depicting Morton and others. Includes reference to the Grindleton Fell underground water source being ‘a huge, well-soaked sponge which never went dry’, Oct. 1958. (Thomas Matthews Ltd; Ward, Ashcroft and Parkman). EM/3/39 Coalville Urban District Council 1943-1964 2 folders. Augmentation of water supply: related Holly Hayes and Battle Flats boreholes; Leicester Corporation Water Bill, 1945-1946; new source works, 1962-1964 and involvement of National Coal Board, East Midlands Division. Inquiry, Public and Notebook, correspondence, reports including printed dated 1893, test data, graphs, plans, and maps. report EM/3/40 Not used. EM/3/41 Colne Corporation Waterworks 6 folders. Corn Close borehole, 1929-1938. Colne Corporation WW and Colne Valley Sewerage Board (later the West Hertfordshire Main Dranage Authority). 1929-1959 Morton’s reports, correspondence, and notes, 1929-1934, and illustrated booklet and menu card re official inauguration of the Corn Close borehole, 10 June 1938. Public Inquiry documents dated 1954-1959, including Minutes of Proceedings, Inspector's Report, maps, etc. Colne Valley Sewerage Board Public Inquiry, April 1959. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/42 Congleton Rural District Council 1922-1975 4 folders. District Congleton Congleton Corporation WW. Rural Council, Congleton BC and Augmentation of water supply: Mow Cop borehole and PS; Hug Bridge Scheme, Bosley (1939-1945); Forge Lane WW supply yield; problems, Pot Bank Farm, Mow Cop (1973-1975). Spencer; borehole Ruston water trial at etc. notes, printed, correspondence, rainfall figures, press cuttings, a fortnight and is proving very useful, reports Notebook, test data, Including including reference to ?student of Morton's: ‘Mr Chandler has been here he has gone to for Manchester to-day to receive his first class Honours which he H.V. Lynam, has Also 1941). Alsager UDC Surveyor, documents re Buglawton UDC water supply and The Silver Springs Bleaching & Dyeing Co. Ltd, dated 1922 and 1926. (letter from July obtain[ed] at University’ Morton, the to 5 EM/3/43 Connah’s Quay Urban District Council 1948-1956 Nov. 1956, notes, report, Proposed borehole scheme, new PS, etc EM/3/44 14 folders. Cornwall River Authority (Ward, Ashcroft and Parkman). See also Central Flintshire EM/3/25. and correspondence Morton’s including Morton’s own reference to having ‘been down with Lumbago for over a month...’, Sept. 1949, and references to Clitheroe work (see EM/3/38), 1948. 1968-1974 Correspondence, test data, maps, plans, calculations, Morton and other reports including draft hydrology section and Water 14 survey documents, notes, Resources Act 1963 section (Bickleigh logs, borehole re Wimbleball Reservoir, Reservoir), etc. 1972. Water Resources Development, River Plym: Erosion of Blacka Brook including Lee Moor works (Big Pond and Contour Leat); proposed reservoirs at Colliford, Lamelgate, Scribble Downs, site Bickleigh, investigation sample borehole Including letters including WOs photographs Brook, Milton etc. and _ E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies See also East Cornwall WB EM/3/55 and West Cornwall WB EM/3/204; Plymouth City WW EM/3/147; and South West Water Authority EM/3/177. EM/3/45 Craven Water Board 1959-1978 16 folders. Craven WB including Skipton Rural District Council at and Lane, Clogger Boreholes Yorkshire: Augmentation of water supply for Bentham area including Skipton, Elslack (including WO, 1963, Aire Valley Scheme [gravels]), Cowling, Eshton, Bentham, Hodge Clough (Earby), Redfirth Gill (Manor Farm Supply), Hetton, Airton, etc; Reservoir sites: Newsholme Dean investigation), under Glusburn, embankment), Whinny Gill Reservoir, and Thornton Service Reservoir, Kilnsey Limestone Springs. Slippery Keighley Threshfield Keasden, Supply; Private Water (leaks Moor Ford (site and also for and daily maps J.W.B reports, EM/3/46 2 folders. 1929-1938 bored tube examination, Mid-Ches[hire]. Crewe Corporation Parliamentary Bill and proposed Eaton PS and trial boreholes, 1937-1938. Borehole logs tender and contract documents, diagrams, sketches, test data including pumping, correspondence including Rowe, reports including bacterial including Ordnance Survey, plans, notes, diagrams, photographs (including borehole rock Including note on original Keasden samples), graphs, etc. envelope: ‘See Statistics relating to 1944’. account owed to Morton (1950). Augmentation of water supply: Tockholes borehole (1938- 1942): Eccleshill water (1945-1946); payment of outstanding Notes, correspondence, Corporation Parliamentary Bill and Petitions, copy and other reports dating back to 1929, etc. Darwen Corporation 1938-1946 2 folders. EM/3/47 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies notebooks Morton calculations, monthly rainfall 1932-1945, etc. instrumentation (one lacking cover), readings, correspondence, Borough Darwen Morton was working also for the Blackburn Corporation to investigate the site for proposed Dunsop Valley Reservoir, 1942, and Morton’s suggestion for a related possible joint water scheme between Blackburn, Darwen, Accrington, and Haslingden Corporations. EM/3/48 Derwent Valley Water Board 1934-1953 3 folders. Derwent Valley Scheme - Ashopton landslip; Construction of Ladybower Reservoir and Dam, Ashopton Viaduct vicinity. including press reports blueprints, copy printed, correspondence, plans Morton’s notes. cuttings, including Including chairmen’s committee report, minutes, etc. re various Institution of Water Engineers’ Northern Section meetings. sketches, addresses, papers, and etc. Morton’s report, water EM/3/49 Including Morton letters 3 folders. notes, 1944, 1919-1947 Devizes Corporation Waterworks Devizes Corporation including Devizes Rural District Council, Devizes Borough Council, and Bletchley UDC. Augmentation of water supply: Bourton borehole, 1944-1947; Shepherds Shore WW. sample Correspondence, analysis, re August seemingly fruitless search for missing maps and diagrams in brown paper roll left behind by Morton on train, September 1944; photographs of Bourton borehole ‘& pumping test Sept. 1944’: and Boyd Dawkins material including handwritten in ink, 1919-1920. 1957-1972 North Devon Water Bill: Taw Marsh Scheme (1957-1959); SW Devon Water Supplies; North Devon Hydro Electric Power Bill including CGB Pumped Storage Scheme, Bucks Mill, Clovelly Flood Relief (1965-1967); possible effects Devon River Authority (formerly Devon River Board) 10 folders. of the Tiverton EM/3/50 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies St. Peter's Church foundations Scheme on (1968-1969); proposed reservoir sites at Woodcourt, Bow Cross, Torcorn Hill, re Wimbleball Reservoir (1972); West Somerset WB: River Exe Augmentation Scheme. others (1971-1972); WO and Inquiry Public and Correspondence, reports, maps, plans, daily drilling records, press photographs (Woodcourt and Bowcross reservoir sites), test data, technical data, contract documents, and Public Inquiry documents. geological reports, cutting, notes, See also North Devon WB EWM/3/128, West Somerset WB EM/3/211. EM/3/51 Dewsbury and Heckmondwike Waterworks 1936-1937 Augmentation of water supply: Harden Clough Valley borehole Correspondence, notebook, and ?Morton’s reports. EM/3/52 Doncaster and District Joint Water Board 1943-1975 16 folders. District Hatfield and Blaxton, River reservoir at Inquiry re Application Woodhouse, Lane, balancing Joint Water Board/Doncaster and Doncaster and Tickhill JWB and Doncaster Corporation. Augmentation of water supply, including Yorkshire WA and Trent RA, and Don Valley WB: Boreholes and PS including at Lindholme, Boston Park, Nutwell, Thornham, Dadsley Well (Tickhill), Littleworth, Finningley, Stanton Little Wood, Hindley, Highfield Armthorpe; proposed Torne; Rossington Bridge PS and general effects of coal workings on Doncaster and DJWB; Public for Provisional WO; fly ash disposal, Drax Power Station; sand and gravel workings, Hatfield/Lindholme, etc. 1945-1962 Water including pumping, plans Advisory Correspondence Committees, test including Rossington Colliery (Barnsley Seam), maps including OS, notes, Morton and other reports, water analysis, contract and documents, specification Morton application), television inspection report, etc. Drayton Rural District Council Ellerton borehole (South Longslow Water Supply: Inquiry (borehole including data documents, press cutting with various and Public notebooks, EM/3/53 Eastern E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies parishes). plans Correspondence, refuse collection distribution, and reports including printed Medical Officer 1947 respectively. Reports for comprising 1945 and Health years plan and site the of EM/3/54 Durham County Water Board 1951-1960 2 folders. Derwent Valley Proposed Reservoir Scheme: Castleside Service Reservoir and Tunnel including Derwent WO trunk main; proposed Park Head [also referred to as ‘Parkhead’] Reservoir, Waskerley Valley, 1951-1954. etc. Reports, correspondence, notes, Including notes re grouting, Burnhope Reservoir, n.d., 1 sheet. plans, borehole logs, EM/3/55 East Cornwall Water Board 1962-1977 6 folders. Lower sites and trial and _ test daily data, Morton and EM/3/56 4 folders. other and (?River site grouting notes, reports, technical Siblyback borings East Devon Water Board Higher Fowey) investigation, and East Cornwall WO, 1964. Harrowbridge, including and Reservoir Maps, plans, photographs and negatives including Crowdy Dam and Siblyback Dam (including of the commemorative plaque concerning the reservoir opening, 21 June 1969, re the sheets, latter), correspondence, rainfall records, borehole logs, contract documents, etc. 1960-1973 Stoke Cannon Area Development - Exe Valley boreholes, and Planning Valley Scheme - Harpford and Axmouth boreholes. Maps, contract documents and specifications, test data including pumping test charts, and ?borehole logs. East Devon WB and Devon County Council See also Exeter Corporation WW EM/3/65. correspondence, Application re sand workings etc; Otter Morton’s reports, plans, E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/57 East Lincolnshire Water Board 1954-1955 Water supply: Spilsby Sandstone. Correspondence and printed article ‘Water Supply in Lincolnshire with 1955. particular reference to East the Boston area’, EM/3/58 East Shropshire Water Board 1962-1972 5 folders. East Shropshire WB, Wem Rural District Council and Severn RA. and Severn Ellerton borehole Scheme: proposed River pumped storage reservoir, Buildwas; Market Drayton Supply - boreholes including Shiffords Bridge, Standford Bridge (Lee Brockhurst site), Lizard Mill, Diddlebury, Great Soudley, RAF (Newport), boreholes Hill Neachley, Telford Bridge, Development Corporation and sewage proposals Inquiry re River Tern. Camp), etc; Basic Oxford Brodder Plan (Tern Bolus Springs; Bridge water including 4 folders. copy material, and EM/3/59 1955-1970 notes, photographs (Bolus plans, maps, meeting notes, East Worcestershire Waterworks Co. See also Wem Rural District Council EM/3/202. Brockhill PS: alleged depletion of wells, springs, etc Correspondence, test data including pumping tests, notebook, blueprint, maps, chemist’s and engineer’s plans reports, Bridge), water sample analysis, Geophysical Resistivity Surveys, etc. and correspondence, Notes, including further correspondence dated 1970 detailing the Company’s future pumping station programme. concerning Augmentation of water supply, River Cuckmere Scheme: Arlington Reservoir. Eastbourne Waterworks Co. Correspondence Buckholt PS; 1955-1957, Bexhill area: 1965-1988 and Morton’s interim report EM/3/60 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies redevelopment of the above pumping station, abandoned and closed down in the employing of Morton as consultant, certification document, November 1973, and notes, plans, photographs, negatives, correspondence, etc, 1971-1988. 1950, 1965-1966; Reservoir: Arlington and EM/3/61 Ebbw Vale Urban District Council 1950-1953 2 folders. Claisfer Dam Scheme: ‘The possibility of constructing a new impounding reservoir between the existing Llangynidr and Carno reservoirs’. Correspondence, reports including site investigation, ‘borehole data and seepage computations’ including notebook, notes, plans including Usk Reservoir (Swansea Corporation Water) and geological sections of adit and of Talybont Reservoir, borehole logs, etc. EM/3/62 Ellesmere Rural District Council 1951-1959 EM/3/63 EM/3/64 Bridgewater Estate water supply - Epsom Feasibility Study. Geological correspondence including historical notes. maps and_ Epsom and Ewell Water Department Correspondence, reports, geological diagram, and notes. Ellesmere Rural District Council and Oswestry Rural District Council Investigation of underground water supply; Borehole at Lee Bridges; Colemere Scheme; etc Notebook, Inquiry documents, Morton and joint reports, and Evesham Borough Council, Borough of Crewe and Snowshill and Great Brockhampton WW. Eaton PS; Subterranean water supplies Springs excavations, and Snow Hill Springs. Evesham Borough Council sections, — calculation, - Pinnock Wood 1970-1971 and 1938-1939 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies correspondence. EM/3/65 Exeter Corporation Waterworks 1957-1969 10 folders. Exeter Corporation WW, Exeter City and East Devon WB Frog Canon, Augmentation of water supply: Exeter WO (1963); boreholes - Stoke Bridge Improvement Scheme including Countess Wear Sewage Works site investigation and construction of canal bank road access (1959-1960); Public re East Devon Water (Regrouping) Order (1963). Bridge, Inquiry Street Exe etc; contract Correspondence, test data, trial borehole completed site work accounts figures, and tender documents, reports including soil investigation, borehole logs, magazine article with photographs (Exe Bridge), 1969, notes, maps, geological diagrams, Inquiry documents including mostly Proofs of Evidence, Petitions and Counter-Petitions by East Devon UDC’s and others, and Minutes. Public plans, and See also East Devon WB EM/3/56. EM/3/67 EM/3/66 (Liverpool), Flintshire County Council River Dee Crossing, North Wales: Proposed barrage. (Ward Ashcroft and Parkman, Chartered Civil Engineers). Friends of the Lake District and Whitehaven Corporation Geological survey map overlay for Sheet 96 correspondence, and manuscript notes. See also Whitehaven EM/3/217. Correspondence including memorandum, and sketch map re concerns as to effects of the above Scheme on the Lake District National Park, the feasibility of suggested alternative water supplies, and effects of proposed expansion of Marchon Products at Whitehaven) and its associated company Solway Chemicals Ltd. Ennerdale Lake and Reservoir Scheme (1960); sources of water Trout Association (1963-1964). Manchester including manufacturers 1960-1964 (detergent chemical and for the Salmon and E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/3/68 Not used. Consultancies EM/3/69 Fulwood Urban District Council 1936-1959 subterranean Additional (1936-1937), (1952); investigation of borehole supply (1952-1957). supplies, Haighton Service vicinity water Chipping and of Valley Reservoir Correspondence, reports, Schedule of Operations, plans, and notes. Including Fylde WB plan, January 1959, trial boreholes graph plot, etc. Boring EM/3/70 Furness Water Board 1955-1970 Furness WB, Barrow Corporation WW and County Borough of Barrow-in-Furness Water Department Augmentation of water supply: Boreholes including Vale of Nightshade, Road; Underground supplies: Limestone resources in the Lowick area Thorncliffe Brow, Leith and _ Flat EM/3/71 Tosside, including including 17 folders. boreholes’ 1950-1973 observation Fylde Water Board Test data, correspondence, plans, maps, and notes. Proposed Pendleside, Broughton, Garstang, Halstead Farm, Dunsop and Langden Valleys, Lower Brock Bridge; proposed reservoirs including Rathmell, Hellifield, Dunsop, and Stocks including geological Fylde WO investigation; Bottoms Beck measuring Flume; 1958 in Parliament, 1956. Geophysical Test tender documents, notes, Public Inquiry documents including Proofs of Evidence and Petitions, photographs including panoramic, maps, water sample analyses, calculations, borehole logs, seismic and seismic refraction surveys, and [rock] Petitions re the WB Bill, 1956. Also 21” borehole Y1 sample, Waddington Fell, 30 November 1968. Additional material (folder A): reservoir notes, 1972 and n.d, and Driller’s Logs, 1971, letter re. proposed Whitewell Tunnel, 1957, correspondence correspondence, Fylde WB Bill diagrams, Evidence and Minutes contract and_ press cuttings, data, notes, and plan re plans, reports, and ICI wells; of E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Resistivity Survey, Cod Beck Reservoir, 1950. EM/3/72 Not used. EM/3/73 Not used. EM/3/74 Gloucester Corporation Waterworks 1945-1957 Gloucester Council Corporation WW and Malvern Urban District of] Gloucester - pumping stations at Newent, Ketford [City including borehole, and Berrow’s Farm at Red Marley D’Abitot. Plans, report, graph plot, notebook (lacks cover), test data, of correspondence, legislation including Gloucester Corporation Act 1911. published copies notes, Also etc. 1939-1954 EM/3/75 EM/3/76 Rural District ‘Trial Holes Along Grantham Waterworks Grange-over-Sands Urban District Council Water supply: proposed dam at Simpson Ground Correspondence including data relating to Dam’, at Grange Water. Grantham Waterworks and West Kesteven Council. re possible Augmentation of Water Supply: effects on water supply of application by Stanton Ironworks and others, to work the ironstone at Denton and Harlaxton 1946-1954 Greater Undertaking 1946-1949, and opposition. Correspondence, plans, notes, diagrams, etc. Greater Committee for Joint Water London Water Area Local Inquiry London Area Water EM/3/77 Supplies Departmental 7 folders. proposals E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies and of notes papers printed analysis including Croydon Historical geological notes, Water Undertakers questionnaires, replies, reports, and documents, correspondence, opposition re Waterworks Inspection and tables including sewage effluents in Lee Valley, notebook, etc. Departmental memoranda, Committee including Morton’s same, typed notes notes other and See also Haslemere UDC, EM/3/85. Guildford, Godalming and DWB, EM/3/80, and EM/3/78 Great Ouse River Authority 1959-1970 Proposed Great Ouse Scheme: Stability and water tightness, Stewartby Clay Pits, Bedford (1959); re proposed Abbotsley Reservoir (1968-1970). inquiry plans, Working Party Report, 1959 (Binnie, Deacon and Gourley), correspondence, notes; correspondence including Abbotsley and Lutton sites, Inquiry documents, and published article ‘finding enough water for the drift water east’ resources, February 1966. Great Ouse Basin borehole south logs, and _ the the re to and_ stations including EM/3/79 6 folders. Barnoldby-le-Beck Grimsby, Cleethorpes and District Water Board Grimsby, Cleethorpes and DWB (?later North Lincolnshire WB) and North East Lincolnshire WB Pumping trial boreholes, Tetney, Little London and Crystal Springs including WOs, and Hope Street; Weelsby WO, PS, and boreholes; Inquiries and objections re borehole licence applications under section 14 of the Water Act (1945); N. Lincs. WO (1956). 1949-1958 Correspondence, test data including pumping, water analysis, plans, graphs, notes, Morton’s and other reports including hydrogeology, and press cuttings, etc. Also press cutting re Inquiry (Dorchester Rural District Council) refusal of Local permission for extension of sand and gravel workings at Blagdon, near Portesham. See also NE Lincs. WB EM/3/131. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/80 Guildford, Godalming and District Water Board 1945-1966 6 folders. of and WO, water Public Albury supply: proposed Augmentation Inquiry; proposed development at boreholes, Dapdune PS; Millmead PS proposed Greensand borehole and draft WO, draft agreement with Friary Meux, and Inquiry - contract; Witley Common PS Mid- Wessex Water Co. proposal (?and objections) re water supply for Bracknell New Town. boreholes; proposed test local Meeting notes, television inspection report, factual and other reports, development plan, correspondence, Morton's reports, copy press cutting, Inquiry documents, water sample including analysis, data geological sections, re standing conference of Departmental Committee on Greater London Area Water Supplies, ca 1945, annual reports dated 1954-1962, and printed copy of the Guildford Corporation Act, 1926. Inquiry documents including pumping, including Public plans EM/3/81 Not used. Bill Acts, etc, Select Rural District Hepton EM/3/82 Council, 3 folders. documents, Halifax Committee, Corporation Minutes, Halifax Corporation Waterworks Halifax Corporation Bill and Waterworks Extensions: Proposal to build a reservoir and dam in the Hebden Valley ‘just above Hardcastle Crags’; question of alternative site; opposition to the Bill. and Water Parliamentary Morton's reports including geological, correspondence, notes, Petitions from Crags Preservation Committee, West Riding County Council, Batley and Dewsbury Corporations, and others, plans, opposition poster, and photographs (Hardcastle Crags, Hebden Valley and ‘Ogden’). 1934-1950 Borehole depth records, correspondence, plan, and Inquiry Great Yeldham Scheme: application to increase abstraction of water under section re application; Colchester and DWB opposition. the Water Act and Halstead Rural District Council Hardcastle EM/3/83 Inquiry 14 of E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies documents including copy pumping test data sheet, 1947. Morton was contracted to work for John Taylor & Sons, Civil Engineers acting for Halstead RDC. He was asked to assist with geological support in presenting their case. EM/3/84 Hartlepools Water Co. 1959-1986 15 folders. Hartlepools Water Co., Northumbrian RA, Council and Teeside CBC. Durham County Hall, NCB, ICI, including Amerston boreholes Augmentation of water supply: boreholes including Sheraton, Clay Pool Beck, and Red Barns (South Wingate Scheme), PS and and Crookfoot Reservoir; Tees Valley and Cleveland WB Bill; water supply pollution concerns re Foot and Mouth disease effects, 1967, Langley Beck water abstraction re Avinco Coal Reclamation tip proposals; magnesium limestone water resources including Castle Farm supply and possible arbitration case; ICI proposals including underground storage reservoir. Eden Colliery; application, depletion Claxton alleged Project licence refuse and of and _ 1961, report, drilling graphs, records, EM/3/85 geological calculations, sections, rainfall plans Notes, reports, including including annual pumping, tender documents, press cuttings, borehole logs, North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers paper, June 1959, and photographs (ICI anhydrite mine). and test contract maps, other data Morton records, correspondence, Haslemere Urban District Council The material includes papers dated 1973, which seem to be one of the last projects Morton worked on before his death later that year. 1947-1980 Greater London Water Supplies Departmental Committee memorandum and quesionnaire, notebook and geological reports, notes, and correspondence, 1947. Also letter from Binnie and Partners, Consulting Engineers, to C.W. Isherwood at Edgar Morton & Partner, 25 June 1980, thanking him for copy of Morton’s 1947 report and commenting on of subsequent work on ‘the geohydrology of the system’. Water Undertaking: Haslemere UDC’s water resources, along with those of Guildford Borough, Godalming Borough, and Hambledon Rural District Council, re Metroplitan WB proposal to establish a Greater London Water Area. lack E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/86 Hayfield Rural District Council of Public Health Inquiry: District Ministry Council vs New Mills UDC Inquiry of underground works proposed under the New Mills UDC Provisional Water Order 1929, on existing Harrymoor works of the Hayfield Rural District Council. Hayfield re possible affects Rural the Diagrams and Morton geological report, notes including geological, correspondence, and press cuttings. coloured, including sketches hand EM/3/87 Hemsworth Urban and Rural Joint Water Committee Water Supply Extensions Part 3. Three plans: General Plan, Reservoir Sections, and Typical Reservoir Roof & Floor Plans. EM/3/88 Heywood and Middleton Water Board 1949-1966 2 folders. Co. and Sough mining notes, graphs, reports, Morton’s EM/3/89 proposed considerations; Correspondence, plans including geological diagrams, sketches, diagrams, meetings notes, and progress reports. Augmentation of water supply: borehole licence application to abstract underground water, Samuel Heap and Ltd., Caldershaw Mills, Rochdale; Heywood and Middleton WO; Ashworth Colliery, Tweedworth Colliery (NCB), Carr Wood Birtles borehole; proposed Greenbooth and Naden Brook Reservoirs, and trial borings; Greenbooth Reservoir under construction (Contract ‘H’), and related Tail Bay Pool site investigation. 1959-1965 Plans including geological sections, maps, Morton’s reports, test data including pumping. Augmentation of water supply: proposed Markland Service Reservoir; W. T. Taylor & Co. Ltd Victoria Mills boreholes. Horwich UDC and Blackrod UDC. Horwich Urban District Council E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/90 Hull Corporation Waterworks 1932-1939 [Kingston-upon-]Hull Corporation WW and_ Rural District Council. Kirkbymoorside District Hull Corporation Water Bill: Opposition by Kirkbymoorside Rural re proposed Farndale Reservoir Scheme and aqueduct; mineral concerns and question of whether chalk can be considered a mineral. Council, Estates Milburn Ltd, reports Morton’s (cover missing), Water Bill documents including Petitions, and copy documents including dated 1916. geological, notebook including EM/3/91 Ipswich Corporation 1967-1972 4 folders. Ipswich Corporation Water Undertaking - Alton WO, 1971, under section 23 of the Water Act 1945; Public Local Inquiry and opposition including that of S.O.F. Bateman, owner of Alton Council; Tattingstone Reservoir. County Suffolk Estate, East Hall and other and to includes maps, plans, EM/3/92 reference listed buildings in the area due to a ‘acquire a be (Binnie and Partners: Chartered Engineers) works, Alton Hall was one of Correspondence, Morton and reports, Inquiry documents, notebook, press cutting, etc. Material finally authorised by the Minister, subject to various provisos, and letter from S.O.F. Bateman thanking Morton for his support. Alton WO being Ipswich Corporation were seeking WO authorisation for ancillary reservoir scheme and compulsorily the necessary lands’. number of Grade II flooded by the proposed reservoir. 1937-1962 Hill Service Proposed Calf Hey Filtration Works; Clarke’s Reservoir Service Reservoir; Musberry Valley Reservoir and trial boreholes; Walmsley borehole Morton's correspondence including Rowe, site investigations material, notes, and daily drilling reports. Irwell Valley Water Board Loveclough 5 folders. including mining position; to reports, plans, map, graphs, E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/93 Isle of Man Water Board 20 folders. 1894, 1936- 1998 Isle of Man WB and Isle of Man Water and Gas Authority including reservoir) boreholes, (impounding Augmentation of water supply (1936-1958): Glen Rushen Reservoir Scheme site investigation and trial boreholes; Northern Water Scheme: Block Eary Reservoir, subterranean water sources, Northern Plain Southern Water Scheme: proposed Cringle Brook Reservoir, etc; and Corrany Intake Scheme; Sulby Reservoir and Druidale Reservoir Scheme, including G. H. Hill and Sons, Consulting Engineers, site investigation at Sulby Glen, and saline water study including ‘milky water’ problem. (1976-1992). etc; Sulby plans, test data during and _ Morton Scriven borehole including Reservoir notebook, including and microfilm, other including negatives records, Correspondence, piezometer readings, and settlement gauge, aerial and other photographs after maps, construction, contract notes, document, J. a consultant) material letter and Intake Scheme 1998, notes dated inauguration commemorative Reservoir opening ceremony commemorative booklet, 14 July 1983, and pamphlets, printed paper by Boyd Dawkins ‘On the Geology of the J.M Lamplugh of Chatsworth House, Ramsay, Isle of Man, to Boyd Dawkins, 9 Nov [18]94. (Sulby Reservoir) etc. and manuscript letter Mott Macdonald as (working for including Corrany booklet, reports, Also Sulby in of ink Isle from Man’, EM/3/94 1933-1939 See also EM/3/642. Reservoir including Keighley Corporation Waterworks Sladen Valley Scheme: Lower Laithe leakage 1933-1945 Correspondence, borehole logs, rainfall records, plans, notes, Morton’s reports, copy report dated 1911 and annual report, 1937, etc. Langthwaite Reservoir (1933-1934); proposed Sparrow Ghyll Reservoir (1941-1945). Correspondence, Morton’s reports, notebook, etc. Lancaster Corporation Waterworks EM/3/95 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/96 Leeds Corporation Waterworks 1945-1987 10 folders. Reservoir; Thruscross lton Reservoir and Dam; Laverton Reservoir (1950-1967); Eccup Filtration Works including site investigation; Carlesmoor and Colsterdale reservoir sites. Morton observations Maps, plans including geological sections, correspondence, notes, Waterworks Committee printed Manchester College of Science and Technology Test Reports, borehole logs, daily grouting sheets, and press cutting and photographs (Thruscross) supporting material, etc. reports, calculations, panoramic, including earlier report 1945, and and Also cutting from the New Civil Engineer, 19 March 1987, re invitation to tender for the contract for the Removal of Ilton Dam, Thruscross North Reservoir pamphlet, May 1964. Yorkshire, Masham, near and EM/3/97 Not used now Potts. WB’. file divider read: ‘Pool under Staffs. Station original End See EM/3/98 1970-1974 Snarestone boreholes. Leicester Corporation Waterworks by Morton on Note Pumping Staffordshire Potteries Water Board EM/3/180. Manifold Valley Scheme for Leicester Corporation Water Bill documents and objections see Trent RA EM/3/191. Correspondence, maps, plans including NCB Measham Mine and geological, copy borehole logs dated 1941, calculations, test pumping reports, etc. 1908-1969 Skegness UDC: Welton WW proposed extensions including Candlesby borehole, and Inquiry; Boston Corporation Scheme and Inquiry: Skegness UDC in opposition; various boreholes including Maltby. Notes, Lincoln Corporation Bill 1908 (marked Boyd Dawkins), Lincolnshire River Authority EM/3/99 6 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies and Minutes of Proceedings, plans, reports, correspondence, copy documents going back to 1926, press cuttings, test data, water sample analysis, etc. See also North Lindsey WB EM/3/130. EM/3/100 Liverpool Regional Hospital Board 1950-1951 Objections to Warrington WO, 1951 Correspondence including notes. EM/3/101 Luton Water Co. 1951-1961 7 folders. Luton Water Co. and Eastern Gas Board (Dunstable Water Undertaking) Luton WO, 1957-1958, including Bow Bridge Scheme and PS, Shafford and _ objections; Leagrave Common and other greensand boreholes Ouse Scheme, Farm Scheme, EM/3/102 1937-1938 between Morton and Council Mablethorpe and Sutton Urban District Council Mablethorpe and Sutton UDC, Lindsey County Council etc Wastage of water from Maltby borehole, Lincs., and borehole control Inquiry documents and Proceedings, correspondence, press cutting, Morton notebooks, maps, plans, rainfall records and graphs, test data, notes, photographs (River Ver), etc. officials, Correspondence including reference to Morton being very busy as ‘I have had no less than 6 [water] Bills in Parliament this year’, written 21 Sept. 1938. boreholes Macclesfield and DWB, Macclesfield Rural District Council and Macclesfield BC Macclesfield and District Water Board 1963, and Inquiry; Proposed Stockport WO, EM/3/103 9 folders. 1937-1981 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Mill, Over Dane-in-Shaw Prestbury, Adlington, Farm), Rushton, Alderley including Whirley, — Fallibroome, (Hayman’s Lowerhouse, Bridge Shrigley; Treatment Works - augmentation of supply; Congleton supply including West Heath Quarry sand extraction; proposed refuse tip at Mow Cop Quarry; Tytherington PS; Kettleshulme supply; North Relief Sewer including site investigation; Lamaload Dam Scheme. Rode water; proposed Dams Valley Pott and Hug plans, press maps, notes, documents, calculations, Correspondence, and contract data, photographs (Adlington), borehole records, Morton and other reports including Mersey and Weaver RA report, 1970, on future resources (Whirley Scheme), Cheshire County Council booklet, April 1976, etc. Also reference to Morton renting additional office accommodation in Oxford Road, Manchester, 1938. cuttings, Inquiry test EM/3/104 Makerfield Water Board 1962-1979 6 folders. Makerfield WB, Council Lancashire RA and Chorley Rural District No. 2; th’ notes, test other plans, Prospect EM/3/105 Reservoir Maltby Urban District Council data, Also printed Institution of 1962 (N. Correspondence, reports, maps, borehole records, calculations, etc. Water Engineers (Northern Section) paper, Nov. Hoyle). Proposed Mawdsley Aquifer, Croston, including Slate Farm boreholes; boreholes including Pocket Nook (arbitration), and Landsythes; Boars Head Service Reservoir reconstruction (originally constructed in the 1860s), including proposed Hall o’ Hill Reservoir, Adlington. 1949-1962 Feasibility of acquiring water supply from Norwood Springs and generally from the Magnesian limestone in the area. Correspondence and Morton’s headed ‘Maltby Rural District Council’. Mansfield Corporation Waterworks Including one note 1936-1937 EM/3/106 report. 3 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Mansfield Water Dept Corporation WW, Mansfield BC and Mansfield Augmentation of water supply (1956-1962) including Amen Corner borehole and proposed Rainworth PS, remedial works on No. 3 bore; WOs (1961-1962); Clipdone PS. data, correspondence, Test diagrams, Inquiry documents, calculations, statistics, photographs of well shaft(s) and adit (Rainworth PS), etc. geological notes, EM/3/107 Marlborough and Ramsbury Rural District Council 1958-1959 Water supply: opposition by Marlborough and Ramsbury Rural District Council to proposal by Swindon Corporation for new PS at Axford. Notebook, river flow gaugings (the latter being re Swindon Borough Council Kennet Valley Water Supply Scheme), and correspondence. EM/3/108 Marlow Water Co. 1958-1966 reports, test data Morton’s EM/3/109 13 folders. Medway Water Board Notebook, including for Bourne End PS, Public Inquiry documents, etc. correspondence, Protection of sources of supply (gathering grounds): Proposed mineral workings (gravel pits) at Little Marlow, by Folley Bros. Ltd; Public Inquiry re building development adjoining Marlow PS. 1960-1974 River Medway Scheme: proposed Bewl Bridge and Ticehurst Storage Reservoirs including Valley Crumple boreholes and Chingley Fault Zone; Medway WO (Bew!l Bridge Reservoir), Parliamentary Bill, proposed Burham Treatment Works; Eccles Lake and Treatment Works. Photographs and negatives (Bewl Bridge Reservoir), maps, plans, correspondence including Mid-Kent Water Co., test data, piezometer records, borehole logs, contract documents, reports including site investigation, calculations, press cutting, Morton and other reports, diagrams, etc. and Public Inquiry; E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/110 Meirionnydd District Council 1978-1982 Proposed refuse Harlech Gwynedd). Pulveriser disposal scheme and site Plant (Ffridd Rasus, investigation: Harlech, Morfa Correspondence, maps including printed map of Harlech, 1838, plans, site photographs and negatives, notes, report, article from Surveyor Public Works Weekly magazine. EM/3/1114 Mersey and Weaver River Authority 1949-1967 Mersey and Weaver RA and Mersey and Irwell Catchment Board Proposed multi-purpose reservoir based on ‘Winsford Flashes’ [the two lakes in the Weaver Valley - Top Flash and Bottom and question of subsidence due to brine-pumping; Flash] appeal under section 72 of the Water Resources Act 1963 re Malkin’s Bank Estates discharges into underground strata, Ltd, 1966. Correspondence, plans, maps, sketch diagrams, appeal documents, etc. photographs (Winsford notes, Flashes), Water supply: Mid- and 15 folders. EM/3/112 Supplies Mid-Cheshire Water including protection of gathering grounds; West Cheshire WB WO - River Dee abstraction, and Inquiry into proposed boreholes of Shell Mex Ltd; 1946; Delamere Sewerage Scheme, and Inquiry re development of Source Works, including Cotebrook and Delamere PS and borehole; water conference re proposed Joint Water Board (Middlewich, Sandbach, and Winsford) SE Cheshire Water Bill Mid- and South East Cheshire Water Board 1927-1952 Correspondence, reports and drafts, plans, Joint Water Board proposal material, maps, notes, test data, Morton notebooks, etc. County Council, Northwich UDC (including typescript Boyd Dawkins Proof of Evidence re Northwich UDC Bill 1914), Middlewich UDC, Winsford UDC, and West Cheshire WB; Morton’s Proof of Evidence (Mid- 1946); and Leicester Corporation Bill Minutes of Proceedings, 1948. re address by Morton on Also supplies to Macclesfield RDC and others, ca 1948. See also Cheshire County Council EM/3/35. Including documents re Cheshire SE Cheshire Water Bill rural water press cutting and E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/113 Mid-Glamorgan Water Board 1955-1979 10 folders. Mid-Glamorgan WB, Glamorgan RA, Welsh National Water Development Authority and Welsh WA Llanharry [also spelt ‘Llanharri’] PS, sewer tunnel, and Iron Ore Mine, including proposed opencast coal working, Llanilid site, and Llanharri Secondary School surface water drainage; industrial waste disposal, Llantrisant New Town including River Tythegston Quarry; Proposed pumped storage Ogmore Abstraction Scheme: Hirgoed reservoir Reservoir. Pwllwy Source Works and investigation, Cefn sites and and site PS; Rowe, Correspondence, plans, maps, reports including joint Morton and and negatives (including Tythegston Quarry), contract documents, borehole records, test data, etc. photographs diagrams, figures, rainfall Also Ogwr BC correspondence re proposed waste disposal sites, 1975-1978, under the Control of Pollution Act 1974, Refuse Disposal. EM/3/114 EM/3/115 Mid-Southern Water Co. Mid-Northamptonshire Water Board Proposed Lings Service Reservoir site investigation Correspondence, photographs and negatives, plans, maps, notes, reports, diagrams, etc. (Morton was recommended to Ogwr BC as a consultant by the Mid-Glamorgan WB). 1971-1987 increase Augmentation abstraction from Lasham PS, and feasibility of new Source Works development (1971-1973); Refuse Disposal Study, NE pollution problem Hampshire and SW Surrey re potential (1987). Calculations, correspondence including copy of manuscript letter sent by Morton from Skye, 4 September 1971, notes, cutting, Morton and other reports, maps, plans, notebook, observation well records, earlier dated copy material, etc. proposal 2 folders. supply: to of water E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/116 Middleton Borough Council River Irk diversion EM/3/117 Middlewich Urban District Council 1964-1977 Sewerage and sewage disposal, 1964-1965 and 1971-1977 (A.H.S. Waters) EM/3/118 ‘Miss Mary Fisher’ Boreholes at Lyneham, Wiltshire. Correspondence (including dated 1934 in error) and Morton notes. and borehole advice re water supply for proposed poultry farm site. Mary Fisher came to Morton for geological EM/3/119 Nantwich Rural District Council Water supply. EM/3/120 1957-1964 including application by Brittains Ltd National Farmers Union (Staffordshire County Branch) Brief correspondence re loan of water mains map for Mr Pyne (of the City Engineer's Department, Manchester), to aid him with his university course's Town Planning thesis. Various farmers’ objections to applications to sink boreholes on their land, seen as affecting their water supplies, 1957 and 1963-1964, of Cheddleton Paper Mills to abstract water under section 14 of the Water Act. 1946-1959 Augmentation of water supply: potential underground water sources especially in the Resolven-Glynneath area. Correspondence, notes, report, etc. EM/3/121 Neath Rural District Council E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/122 Nelson Corporation Waterworks 1945-1956 Proposed augmentation from underground water supplies: Nelson WO; Inquiry and objections; Whitehough and Blacko boreholes. Correspondence, pumping and other test data, Morton and other documents, notebook, etc. specification, reports, Inquiry notes, See also North Calder WB EM/3/127 for further Blacko borehole material. EM/3/123 New Mills Urban District Council 1899-1934 2 folders. investigation Chiefly water supply source: Grove Mill borehole [at Garrison Bleachworks], 1933- 1934. possible additional into Correspondence, chemical analysis of water samples, notes, and report, etc; also includes material re 1899 New Mills Bill: Boyd Dawkins Proof Bill, petitions against the Bill, maps and geological section. Evidence], copy of printed [of EM/3/124 EM/3/125 notes, Inquiry including maps, 1955-1962 documents, Newark-upon-Trent Corporation Reports correspondence, and geological diagram. Farnsfield Waterworks extensions: Newark WO Inquiry 1958; Farnsfield PS; proposed new service reservoir; etc. Newark-upon-Trent Corporation and Borough of Newark-on- Trent. Park Road Copy of Address by S.G. Barrett, Chairman of the Institution of Water Engineers, Northern Section, annotated by Morton. Augmentation of water supply: Makerfield and Newton-le-Willows Urban District Council Newcastle and Gateshead Water Co. 1915-1960 EM/3/126 3 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies boreholes (including National Coal Board); Public Inquiry and proposed WO; Sankey Sugar Co. licence application, 1960. borehole Ltd notes, correspondence, Plans, specifications, Morton and other reports including mineral valuer’s and water samples analysis, Inquiry documents, rainfall figures (1915- 1944), copies of earlier documents (including Boyd Dawkins) going back to 1870, notebook, etc. data, test EM/3/127 North Calder Water Board 1964-1970 Augmentation of water supply: Trawden Service Reservoir Scheme: Blacko (Craven Laithe Farm, etc) and Corn Close Farm boreholes; trial boreholes at Ogden and Wood Nook re Nelson WO, 1953. plans, correspondence, Maps, notes, specification, test data, etc. Morton and other reports, See also Nelson Corporation WW EM/3/122 for other Blacko borehole material. 18 folders. Reservoir Scheme: Stengator, and proposed new dam _ EM/3/128 Inquiry and objections; North Devon Water Board aerial survey (Gorhuish), Gorhuish, Meldon Slade, Meldon Wistlandpound, and Reservoir sites; question of pollution of impounded waters by arsenic from the old mine workings of Forest Mine, Homerton Mine, and Meldon Mine, in the catchment area; North Devon WOs, and reservoir, Tamar Lake Lower Reservoir 1951-1977 Plans including including Rowe's, site investigation, maps including bound ‘Hand Map’, borehole logs, notes, correspondence, photographs (including aerial) and negatives, contract and Inquiry documents, press cuttings, borehole logs, calculations, grouting records (Upper Tamar Reservoir), etc. The Meldon Story, published by the Dartmoor Preservation Association, ca 1972, against the flooding of the West Okement River at Meldon, in the Dartmoor National Park, part of the Meldon Reservoir Scheme. Question of effluent from proposed flax factory likely to North Kesteven Rural District Council Also printed booklet, EM/3/129 reports ‘join E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies the main body of...water...being drawn upon by the [Dunston] Pumping Station’ in the vicinity Letter from pencilled draft and typescript reply. H. Raeburn, Ministry of Health, and Morton’s EM/3/130 North Lindsey Water Board 1950-1971 17 folders. North Lindsey WB and Lincs. RA etc. Humber ironstone proposed pollution); underground Augmentation of chalk (limestone) water supply: boreholes including Ulceby Chase, Goxhill, Thornton Curtis (including WO), Deepdale Farm, Barton PS, and Barrow PS (the latter (1959); including proposed Worlaby and Bonby parishes (1960); North Lindsey WB and other WOs; borehole including objections; proposed _ industrial waste tipping at Coleby; River Ancholme Valley proposed storage reservoir, Cadney Carrs site; Trent and Lincs. Water Bill; proposed Scunthorpe to Immingham effluent pipeline, British Steel Corporation; Hilbaldstow and Winterton Carrs abstractions and trial boreholes Reservoir Scheme including applications workings, Inquiries, licence Bridge and _ logs, booklets maps_ including sections, borehole including EM/3/134 15 folders. near Wrawby), See also Lincolnshire RA EM/3/99. North-East Lincolnshire Water Board Correspondence, notes including inspection, plans including coloured geological printed in railway geological map, rainfall records, photographs (slip cut re pipeline above, test data, Morton notebooks, press cuttings, reports, Inquiry documents, etc. 1954-1973 Augmentation of water supply including Louth area: Great Eau Scheme: Proposed Alvingham Reservoir (1971-1973); River Trent Scheme; Limber Grange irrigation supplies; Newsham Lake; industrial water supply schemes including Birds Eye Foods Ltd.; Water Board proposals; various Water Orders and Pumping Stations including Tetney, Habrough, Little London, Crystal Springs, and Healing; storage reservoirs, Saltfleetby site and Fulstow; Waddingham and other boreholes; limestone resources. (?formerly the Grimsby, Cleethorpes and District Water Board) E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Rowe’s and other reports including site investigation, and (Fulstow Reservoir) soil report, correspondence, test data and other technical data, contract and tender documents, press Inquiry documents, observation well records, borehole records, etc. earlier-dated documents, cuttings, copy tests See also Grimsby, Cleethorpes and DWB EW/3/79. EM/3/132 North-East Warwickshire Water Board 1965-1970 5 folders. Future water supply: Shuttington Pools Reservoir - River Anker Scheme; exploratory (trial) boreholes including Austrey, Newton Regis and Appleby Parva. Report, Strata Sheets, test data including pumping tests and laboratory tests report, press cutting, maps and diagrams, correspondence, notes, and contract document. Including pumping tests on new boreholes, n.d. general Trent RA instructions for conducting 4 folders. 1968, EM/3/133 Not used. Belton borehole; High PS and borehole; including dated EM/3/134 1969-1982 correspondence, North West Leicestershire Water Board See also Leicestershire County Council EM/3/634. Plans contract documents, notes, diagrams, etc. Proposed new water sources: opencast coal workings supply; Heather Tor Reservoir. Report. Pipe crossing of Rivers Rother and Arun at Hardham, near Pulborough, Sussex: Hardham pipe culvert site investigation, 1967-1971. Plans, borehole logs, test data, piezometer and observation well Ltd correspondence, North West Sussex Water Board Mechanics EM/3/135 test data, 1943-1971 readings, and Soil E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/136 North West Water Authority 1960-1988 20 folders. - Lake; Group Ribble Division including Buckton Castle Water Treatment Works; proposed Hartshead Reservoir; Chelburn Reservoirs (Upper and Lower), part of the the Warland seven former Rochdale Canal Reservoirs in of involvement Reservoir Rowe; Hollingworth including Lancashire Conjunctive Use Scheme (LCUS) - Chorley Treatment Plant and proposed service reservoir; Featl(e)y Products Ltd legal River Irwell Claim vs bankside site re proposed investigation Rossendale Road Service Reservoir, Burnley; Worthington Lakes including Adlington and Arley Reservoirs; St. Helens Water Supply Unit: Rainford Sewage Works including site investigation; 12 Contractual Claim, West Pennine WB. the Authority re alleged damage to Heapy coal Reservoir; _ Reservoir (including buildings; position) Milnrow Service Service Clause mining test data, sellotaped together in Morton notebooks, borehole records including copies dated notes, photographs including panoramic 1963, (several aerial, observations, geological contract correspondence, etc. Including report, Reservoirs copy Worthington Reservoir, July 1960. documents, Act other — reports plans, of fan shape) inspection notes, and and and a 6 folders. EM/3/137 Northallerton-in-the-Dales Urban District Council See also St Helens Corporation WW EM/3/160 re Rainford Sewage Works. Also correspondence between Rowe, C.W. Isherwood, and North West Water, 1986, re appointment of J. Scriven as ‘stand-in’ geotechnical specialist for Rowe during periods of the former’s absence, to maintain progress of construction for the Lostock Reservoir modifications. 1947-1969 Press cutting, correspondence, minutes of meetings, plans, weekly drilling reports, notes, grouting reports, technical and test Water and Water Engineering, entitled ‘The Cod Beck Reservoir and Works of the Northallerton and District Water Board’, March 1954. Augmentation Reservoir and landslip (1947-1955). (1964-1969); Including supply water article Beck data, from Cod etc. of E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/138 Northumbrian River Authority 1971-1973 11 folders. Northumbrian RA and Northumbrian WA. Tees tunnels Kielder WO Inquiries including effect of mineral workings on Tyne and objections; Waskerley Reservoir; effluent disposal applications re by Monsanto Textiles Ltd. into a deep borehole at Seal Sands; new Kielder Reservoir. construction, (?Silkstone) alternative Silksworth disposal Colliery, sites, and into Inquiry documents including proofs of evidence, plans, press cutting, notebook, maps including geological, correspondence, reports notes, geological, calculations, feasibility study, etc. borehole including logs, EM/3/139 Northwich Rural District Council 1933-1947 3 folders. Augmentation of water supply: Eddisbury borehole extension. and other 1911’, notes, maps, Inquiry lecture Morton October, EM/3/140 Nottingham Corporation Correspondence, Morton’s reports, much copy material including document marked ‘Letter from A. Timmins. 3rd. Inspection documents, plans, test data including pumping (Cotebrook, and series Oct. and Nov. 1935, Boyd Dawkins copy Proof of details, Evidence for Northwich UDC parliamentary bill, and printed map, 1914, notebook (mostly blank), etc. and Waterworks Sandyford PS), Also reference to Morton ‘being at present at Llandudno recuperating after his recent and rather serious illness’, Jan. 1936. 1897-1968 Augmentation of water supply including Derbyshire and South Nottinghamshire: applications under section 14 of the Water Act for borehole licences from Nottingham University, Boots Pure Drug Co. Ltd, and British Railway Executive; Public and Private Inquiries; developments at Lambley, Markham Clinton, and other PS, etc; Nottingham and Newark WOs; Nottingham Corporation to same; proposed sites for new wells. Nottingham Corporation/City Water Department. 19 folders. Parliament, opposition Bills in and E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies to and 1897), other maps (some dating Inquiry Printed documents, River Trent chemical analysis, plans including colliery workings, correspondence, notes, contract document, test data, Morton and other reports including mining, and printed reports, field and other notebooks, Hydro-geological calculations, _ printed Survey Also Boyd Dawkins Parliamentary Bills and petitions, etc. documents copies), Nottingham Corporation Bills in Parliament. photographs, especially including (some re EM/3/141 Oldham Corporation Water Undertaking 1956-1990 6 folders. water future supply: supplies Castleshaw Works, Augmentation of including potential borehole sites at Blackstone Edge Works, Piethorne Works, Denshaw Works, Strinesdale Works (Brushes Clough), and Clegg Moor area (1956-1959); Piethorne and Denshaw Valley North West Water Ltd Reservoirs works including Ogden (Milnrow), Kitcliffe, Hanging Lees, Norman Hill, Crookgate, Dowry, Readycon Dean, and New Years Bridge Reservoirs (1988-1990). discontinuance remedial works and_ - site notes, rainfall reports, 3 folders. readings, EM/3/142 1937-1958 Orrell Urban District Council Augmentation of water supply: Dean Wood WW and PS — National Coal Board borehole re new underground water supply from coal measures strata. Maps, plans, correspondence, copy material dating back to 1935, investigation material, test data, progress meetings notes, photographs and negatives (especially Kitcliffe Reservoir), etc. 1938-1954 Augmentation of water supply: ‘W.D.’ [War Department] and Station, other Acksea the Oswestry Rural District Council and Ellesmere Rural District Council Joint Water Supply Scheme. Notes, correspondence, reports, plans, map, water sample analysis, notebook, test data, press cutting, etc. Oswestry Rural District Council proposed Whittington Brookside, EM/3/143 boreholes Kinnerley Railway Farm, etc; - PS under E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Correspondence, test data, borehole records, water sample analysis, plans, Morton’s reports, notes, etc. EM/3/144 Pembrokeshire Water Board 1963-1977 3 folders. Llys-y-Fran Reservoir including site investigation of the two proposed dam sites Hook, locating of suitable concrete aggregate for the dam, and grouting. Llys-y-Fran Farthings and at in Photographs including panoramic (several sellotaped together meeting, overlapping map, stability correspondence, test data, grouting analysis and job notes, contract document, etc paper, Mechanics fan shape), minutes of | analysis, research notes, plans, report (Soil Ltd), a EM/3/145 Penmaenmawr Urban District Council Potential underground water supplies Co. Ltd to in and mine Ketton ironstone 1951-1961 EM/3/146 Peterborough Corporation Correspondence between Penmaenmawr UDC and Morton re request for Morton’s geological opinion on the question of ‘the practicality of boring for artesian wells’ in the district, and his consultancy fees therein, August to October, 1948. Reference to Morton being on holiday in Switzerland, September 1948. Applications by Park Gate Iron and Steel Co. Ltd to mine ironstone in the Stamford area and by Nassington Barrowden Mining South Luffenham, and concerns re possible pollution effects on the Corporation's water supplies, 1961. 1940-1977 Correspondence, plan, notes, etc, 1961, and (mostly copy) documents re previous ironstone working applications and consultancy Peterborough Corporation (dated 1951), etc. Plymouth City/Corporation WW and Plymouth and SW Devon Water Board Plymouth City Waterworks 16 folders. undertook EM/3/147 Morton work for E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies etc., Proposed Reservoir and Dam Schemes: Lee Mill, Tavy, Harter [?Hart Tor], Cowsic Valley, Townleigh, Hill Bridge, Lee Mill, Milton Brook, Swincombe (including tunnel repairs), Huccaby, Hexworthy PS, trial boreholes; ‘suggested raising of the Burrator and Sheepstor Dams or building new dams below them’; Curtisknowle and Woodcourt dam sites; water resources - Buckland Abbey 1969-1970 Estate; including position concerns. Plymouth and SW Devon Water Bill, investigation, Reservoir; proposed including Morley mining and _ site and plans mining including maps and site pasted Correspondence, and geological, test data, Morton’s and other reports including geological has photographs Morton notebooks, borehole and mining data, contract documents, parliamentary committee of evidence, copy documents dating back to 1928, site reports and Townleigh Reservoir site), etc. investigation in), photographs documents, cuttings, drilling proofs notes, report press logs, (Lee (test and site Bill Mill pit, See also Cornwall RA EM/3/44. PS, West other Public County Inquiry, Hampnett, 19 folders. EM/3/148 of Warnford modernisation Portsmouth and Gosport Water Co. (Formerly Portsmouth and District Water Co.) Augmentation of water supply: WOs including re Soberton, Walderton, and 1951, Regnum underground water resources, Ems Valley Scheme, Worlds End Scheme, and South East Study re area water supply, Southampton and Portsmouth; proposals for tipping at gravel pits, Estate watercress beds, Havant Thicket Storage Reservoir including site investigation, and for Lovedean and other Source Works; Meon Valley; Loveland and Loveland vs Chichester DC, West Sussex re Summersdale Road subsidence, Chichester 1945-1986 Correspondence, press cuttings including re seeming earth Morton's, tremor or earthquake felt Rowe’s and reports plans, maps, notes, test data, parliamentary Inquiry documents including printed and bound Minutes of Proceedings, Session 1929- 1930, Returns = and instrumentation copy booklets, documents dating aerial photographs (Summersdale Road subsidence). at Chichester, including printed and various 1905, Portsmouth Water Co. notebook, readings, Council, Pumping back to Weekly printed, 1963, other and E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/149 Prescelly Water Board 1952-1963 4 folders. Proposals for River Dau Haven, and Diamond Hill extension: trial boreholes for the new dam. Cleddau Tidal Reservoir; Barrage, Milford Prescelly Headworks Plans including admiralty chart, colliery plans and aerial view of Barrage ‘B’ (Black Tar site), press cuttings, notes, Morton and other reports including site investigation, correspondence, borehole logs, test data, etc. EM/3/150 Preston Corporation Waterworks 1939-1970 8 folders. Preston Corporation WW, Preston and DWB and Preston BC 1959, water supply: WO, Augmentation of Preston Corporation Bill, 1946-1947; Smelt Mill borehole including Claim by John Thom Ltd re unexpected ground conditions; underground resources: Langden Valley (including Dunsop Valley) and Haighton (including Fulwood) boreholes; Alston No. testing; proposed new Spade Mill Reservoir Reservoir, including pollution brick and and 2 Area Water cores), 2 folders. EM/3/151 (including Langden borehole Radnorshire and North Breconshire Water Board Hay-on-Wye Llanbwchlilyn [Llan-bwch-Llyn], 1969 Notes, correspondence, test data, Morton and other reports including Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries report, 1947, contract documents, accounts, copy documents dated 1957, photographs Morton notebooks, plans including Ribble navigation, maps, etc. 1966-1972 calculations, Correspondence, reports, photographs, plans, maps, etc. Including Rowe involvement in the work, and letter post script commenting, ‘| do hope the Professor [Rowe] has had to Mexico; doubtless he is now fully occupied examining his “moon dust’!’, Sept. 1969. as stimulating visit an enjoyable as EM/3/152 Supplies: Not used. intake at Lake well E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/3/153 Not used. Consultancies EM/3/154 River Dove Water Board 1952-1975 15 folders. River Dove Scheme: Doveridge Reservoir; Foremark Valley Reservoir Scheme including Milton WW, 1966-2000 Project, and proposed balancing reservoir; WOs; Staunton Harold Reservoir including puddle core clay sources; City of Leicester Water Department investigation as to cause of major burst at 27” diameter water distribution main, Rushey Fields, Leicester, 21 October 1960, and Water Supplies Area No. 2 - Rutland: possible effects of proposed opencast ironstone workings on the Clisham Ford and Empingham spring sources (River Dove system). plans reports, including bituminous piezometric documents, survey Contract (Rushey Fields), notes, correspondence including between Morton and Rowe re Dutch and other experience with Reservoir), minutes of meetings, site and progress meeting notes, press cutting, maps, photographs (Rushey Fields) etc. Including borehole daily progress sheets (Staunton Harold). Also Rowe documents including manuscript notes. (Foremark Engineer reservoir coatings article, data, New Civil test 1952, 4 folders. Rochdale EM/3/155 1913-1967 Rochdale Corporation Waterworks See also Severn Trent WA EM/3/164. Watergrove Reservoir Scheme including West Wing trench and boreholes; Wardle Valley Reservoir Scheme; Rochdale Canal Bridges Bill, and Rochdale Corporation Bill, 1930; 1951: proposed Caldershaw Housing Estate and CPO including Samuel Heap and Son Ltd. objections, and Case for the Opinion of Counsel re water rights; augmentation of resources including borehole, Littleborough Water 1913-[19]14’. notes, maps, plans, Correspondence, Morton’s reports, Bill documents, photographs, Including references to the Ballymoney (Ballymena) Dam, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, which Morton worked on Also Borough of Rochdale Description of Waterworks booklet (reprinted from 1906 original), annotated (?by Boyd Dawkins) ‘C.4’, ‘Rochdale as consultant. Development Corporation Reservoir, Python Buersil Plan, and Mill etc. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/3/156 Consultancies EM/3/157 Rugby Joint Water Board 1963-1974 11 folders. water supplies: Future Reservoir embankment Warwickshire WO and Inquiry, 1966; contractual Claims Draycote and investigations, River Leam including grouting, Project failure, Rugby site etc; - Draycote Minor South Correspondence, Morton’s, Rowe’s and other reports, notes including inspection, test data including pumping and lab tests, progress reports, plans, diagrams, Inquiry documents, daily grouting sheets, contract documents, photographs, borehole logs, piezometer records, etc. EM/3/158 ‘Rushton’ 1930-1933 Arnold B. Turnock, joiner, builder and contractor: access to water supply for proposed driven tube well near Hanging Gate, Rushton, near Macclesfield, Cheshire. 6 folders. of EM/3/159 Boreholes_ gathering 1964-1973 augmentation and licence grounds, including Ryedale Joint Water Board and tender Correspondence, notes, photographs, contract documents, Inquiry documents, maps, plans, copy documents dating back to 1940, test data, borehole logs, etc. of Protection resources: applications: Amotherby including canning factory effluent waste disposal, Keld Head (Pickering) including Inquiry 1970, North Grimston (Settrington), and Sand Hutton (Thirsk) boreholes Road, Haydock, Melling, and Tan House; Reservoirs including Augmentation of Water Supply: Boreholes and PS including Eccleston, Park Bridge, Maidens Bower, St Helens Corporation WW, Mersey and Weaver RA etc St Helens Corporation Waterworks 1943-1973 25 folders. EM/3/160 Randles Kirkby, E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Brenig, Haydock, and Billinge; Inquiries re borehole licence applications including British Enka Ltd., Peerless Refining Co. Ltd., and Cobb Moor PS; Rainford Sewage Works (Rookery); Parr Sewage Works; proposed cemetery and other land developments, including at Field Lane RAF Fazackerley site, and Clockface Colliery water supply; Warrington and other WOs; tipping and waste disposal; St Helens Electricity Bill, 1947-1948 including proposed British Bold Colliery; etc. Authority power station, protection gathering grounds; Electricity Rainhill; of instrumentation Correspondence, test and technical data, plans, maps, notes, calculations, Morton notebooks, borehole records, other photographs, and reports, Water Committee Annual Inspection report, Sept. contract and tender documents, Parliamentary and 1973, Inquiry documents, etc. Also Parr Sewage Works Official Opening commemorative booklet, July 1958. readings, reports, Morton See also NW Water Authority EM/3/136 re Rainford Sewage Works. EM/3/161 Salesian Trustees Ltd 1970-1978 College, Shrigley near Ltd], 2 folders. EM/3/162 Trustees Ltd [SDB 1934-1952 Trustees Park, Salisbury Corporation Waterworks Augmentation of Wiltshire water supplies Farm and other boreholes Notes, plans, correspondence, Morton's report, press cuttings, sketches, etc. Salesian Salesian Macclesfield: Missionary objection to application for proposed extension of quarrying operations at Moorside Quarry, Pott Shrigley, and possible effects on the College Spring water supply, 1970. 1937-1939 Notes, correspondence, Morton’s reports, wells survey, plans, test data, etc. Protection of water gathering grounds; proposed cemetery and refuse tip, etc Correspondence, copy documents, Morton and other reports, Scarborough Corporation including Deans EM/3/163 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies plans including copy plan dated 1873, maps, and notes. EM/3/164 Severn Trent Water Authority 1967-1997 172 folders Trent Severn Gloucestershire WB], Trent RA, Melton BC, etc Water Authority [later NW River Dove WB, Rugby JWB, includes the site grout curtains; including investigation, counter-Claim, contract Foremark Carsington Aqueduct and Dam (including Contract No. 6), and Reservoir Scheme, Derbyshire, 1972-1995: Failure of dam embankment, and subsequent investigations, Claim, various contracts, and rebuilding; Hallgates Terminal, Bradgate Road, and Stanford Reservoirs; Markfield to Groby Trunk Sewer, 1981; River Strine improvement works, 1975-1976; miscellaneous including Draycote, Churchdown (including NW Gloucs. WB), Cowleigh ‘New’, and Ardleigh Reservoirs, and Nanpantan hydrosand filters; Rothley Valley Trunk Sewer, Phase 1: Thurcaston to Wanlip Tunnel Section; Flood Scalford ['F.A.S.'], Leicestershire, (Melton including Mowbray BC appears to Site investigation, progress, dam cracks, etc Alleviation Melton be the Scheme _ Country client): Brook Park press Slip data, maps, plans, reports, 1984, dated plots, notebooks, photographs and notes, Correspondence, test negatives, graphs and borehole logs, drilling records, instrumentation readings, J. Scriven material including for talk (Scalford Brook FAS) and Design Practice course, University of Manchester, etc (folder 158). Carsington material also includes various published articles including New Civil Engineer magazine, reports by Rowe and others including ‘The Mechanism of Failure’ December 1985 and March 1986, Claim documents, Rowe material including handwritten letters and notes, diary (P.G. Eccles [G.H. Hill and Sons]), aerial slides, (some Carsington [rock] Samples, 1984, chronological ‘Key Dates’ sheet (both in folder 32), other documents, petrology (especially in folder 59), calculations, piezometer data, rainfall Instrumented records, Readings, Meerbrook Sough J. Scriven notebooks including general notebooks (folder 87) found with the Carsington material covering various reservoir and other projects, such as Burnley, Grimwith, Foremark, Winscar, the Markfield to Groby Trunk Sewer. Including Stream, Severn Trent Water publication, no. 113, Feb./Mar. 1985 (folder 145). cuttings, photographs including photographic _ of 1966), Investigation Hognaston report, correspondence North and Classification Berrymans (solicitors) negatives, Hallgates, Register Colliford, minutes, Scalford Morton Official Brook, policy Rock notes and _ and_ and and E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies (including Additional material (in folders A-H): Carsington sites and slip Trent RA material); NW Gloucs. investigations WB/Severn Trent WA Gloucester Water Supply Division material - River Wye Abstraction Scheme and Cheltenham Northern Treatment Works and Reservoir, proposed Stroud Reservoir, Westrip reservoir site, Bigwell Adit, Woodmancote Reservoir, River Severn crossing, Supply Scheme: Mitcheldean Water See also W. Somerset WB (Wimbleball) EM/3/211, Trent RA EM/3/191 and River Dove WB EM/3/154. EM/3/165 Sheffield Corporation Waterworks 1947-1948 Development of South Yorkshire water supplies and West Riding Reservoir Scheme. resources: Proposed Farndale water Correspondence, reports, and notes. EM/3/166 Sherbourne Urban District Council 4 folders. EM/3/167 1935-1948 Shipley Urban District Council Printed report and copy documents dating back to 1934 and other background material, notes, plans, correspondence, etc. Additional underground water supplies from Rombalds Moor springs; Baildon UDC Bill in Parliament, 1935; Shipley Rural District Council opposition to Bradford Extension Bill 1938. Ministry of Health Inquiry 1944 re proposal by Sherbourne UDC to construct a PS at Oborne, and ancillary works for water supply: Wincanton Rural District Council in opposition 1958-1959 rainfall Borehole figures, copy agreements and other copy documents dating back maps including hand-drawn map, plans, notebook, press cuttings, notes, petitions, photographs (Rombalds Moor, 1938), etc. South Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Water Board correspondence, instrumentation Morton’s reports, readings, and_ records, to 1885, EM/3/168 9 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Water Bills in Parliament, Inquiry, and WO. Reports, notebook, plans, maps, notes, statistics, Engineering Tables (water data), correspondence, press cuttings, copy House of Commons Minutes of Evidence and other copy documents, etc. EM/3/169 South Derbyshire Water Board 1968-1970 2 folders. Wirksworth (Washgreen) Service Reservoir including site investigation. Reservoir proposed Scheme: Wirksworth Instrumentation notes, test data, boring records, etc. readings, correspondence, plans, maps, EM/3/170 South Devon Water Board 1954-1957 Proposed concrete dam on the River Avon: Morton requested to be consultant geologist for the project EM/3/171 1952-1956 EM/3/172 1962-1972 [no notes, South Lincolnshire Water Board South Kesteven Rural District Council Correspondence, notes, report, etc. Negatives correspondence, progress reports, list of boreholes, etc. accompanying photographs], Proposed sites for ‘nightsoil disposal’ re underground water supply sources. Welland and Nene and Mid-Northamptonshire Water Bill. Augmentation of water supply: proposed Holbeach Booster Station and Reservoir; Public Inquiries, Section 14 borehole licence application(s), various PS and boreholes; South Lincs. WO, 1966, and Aslackby and Rippingale Fens boreholes; proposed at related Empingham and South Lincolnshire WB, Lincolnshire RA and Welland and reservoir 1969, Farmers in Manton Union Rutland, sites and 8 folders. Nene RA. National E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Maps, plans, correspondence, reports including Inspector's and Spalding UDC WW Engineer’s Second Report, test data contract including documents, etc. in The Consulting Engineer, vol. 36 (November 1972). Including Empingham Reservoir article (Holbeach), survey results notes, soil EM/3/173 South Staffordshire Waterworks Co. 1950-1984 15 folders. test data, calculations, Correspondence, notes, photographs, borehole logs, report, etc. re Shavers End No. 1 Reservoir, Dudley: Investigation of roof cracking, followed by proposed remedial works to roof drainage, 1981-1984 (folders 1-6 Including company publications, 1982-1983. Chelmarsh Reservoir material comprises grouting tracings, plans, and daily [drilling] report sheets. inclusive). plans, and Aqualate Stafford Corporation WW and Water Undertaking - Weston Jones 1964-1970; proposed experiments re Power Station disposal, 1968; augmentation of resources, Wolseley and Essex bridge sites. boreholes, Farm) (Park ash fly J. file (Draft) Staffs. Scriven prot. data, S. Proceedings, November 1959. Test data including pumping, notebook, correspondence, etc. including copy documents dating back to 1939. Stafford Water Supply Division (Severn Trent Water re trial Also Authority) documents found with the above material - bore at Pegg’s Farm, Higher Offley. Contract document re Hagley PS boreholes, 1956; notes, ‘GDN’ draft report etc re ‘Variation of Well Water Composition’ 4039E01’); 1950-1969 (?’aquifer of correspondence, test plans, photographs, negatives, notes, earlier-dated background material, etc. re Barr Beacon Reservoir No. 1 pollution incidents, May-June 1993. 1946-1959 A large number of files were removed and passed to the S. Staffs. WW Co., October 1992 (including the Green Lane offices files): covering dates approx.1937-1985. Millrigg source of supply, Staveley; Lupton and Helsington See also Spilsby Rural District Council EM/3/179. South Westmoreland Rural District Council Transcripts EM/3/174 Inquiry Public WO of E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies water supplies and the proposed reservoir at Wyndhammere. Notes, correspondence, etc. maps, Morton’s report, plans, sketches, EM/3/175 South-East Breconshire Water Board 1963-1977 3 folders. Cairn Mound Reservoir, Bryn Mawr, including embankment leakage, October 1976. Reports including site investigation, notes, correspondence, photographs and negatives, test data, plans, borehole logs, etc. EM/3/176 South-West Devon Water Board Swincombe Reservoir: site investigation. Contract No. J1 1968. (City of Plymouth and SW Devon WB), Nov. EM/3/177 maps, notes, calculations, 165 folders. South-West Water Authority Roadford reservoir including Woodland and Higher Horslett Reservoirs, and tunnel Scheme; Colliford Reservoir including Park Pit sand waste and Kernick Dam; Wimbleball Reservoir; Milton Brook Reservoir, and Plymouth (Tavy) Interim Supply Scheme including Lopwell intake and PS; Isle of Scilly: water supply, St. Mary’s; etc 1966-1993 Correspondence, plans, drilling records and borehole logs, reports, test data, water sample analyses, press cuttings (including Edgar Morton & Partner advertisements), commemorative booklets, site investigation and contract material, reservoir monitoring, photographs and negatives, slides, notebooks, Geophysical Surveys, siesmicity (Roadford), New Civil Engineer magazine articles (Wimbleball etc), investigation material, monitoring, and grouting, ‘appraisal of hazards at water supply installations following the Abbeystead Incident’, related Water Boards, tip sample etc. (Lamelgate (Burrator Reservoir) material, and Boyd Dawkins paper on ‘China Clay: Its Nature and Origin’, Institution of Mining Engineers, 1908. Also material from re various Inquiries, site documents site, Colliford), Sheepstor Dam E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies additional Including Reservoir, Wimbleball (including Woodland Reservoir). material Reservoir, (folders A-Q) Colliford and Roadford Reservoir for See also Cornwall RA EM/3/44. EM/3/178 Spalding Urban District Council 1951-1961 re proposed Stanton Applications Ironworks to underground water supplies, 1951; Parkgate lron and Steel Co., Stamford area, 1961. workings: reference ironstone with Co. Ltd Correspondence, notes, plans, etc. EM/3/179 Spilsby Rural District Council 1935-1952 6 folders. Augmentation of water supply: Fen Parishes Coastal Water Supply Scheme and Inquiry, including Mumby borehole and remedial Air Ministry source works extension. Twentylands including supply works; water and Jones Weston Aqualate 36 folders. EM/3/180 Staffordshire Potteries Water Board Morton notebooks, correspondence, notes, reports, test data, plans, copy documents dating back to the early 1930s, press cutting, contract documents, instrumentation readings, etc. Documents for boreholes including test pumping see South Staffs. WW Co. EM/3/173 folder 8. 1936-1975 Amalgamation of works; abandonment of mining shafts, Berry Hill and Adderley Green (1960); Ashley contamination - petrol pipeline spillage (1972); borehole licence applications including Croxden Gravel Ltd, Hull and Gravel Co., and Brittains Ltd; proposed reservoirs: Deep Hayes, Talke, Birches Head, Ashley, Goldenhill, Meir, and Swynnerton; Tittesworth Reservoir and Treatment Works; boreholes and PS: Wall Grange, Draycott Cross, Great Gate, Newcastle, Holbourn Paper Mills, Tower Wood, Pool End , Stone, Elmhurst, Sheepwash, Moddershall, Fulford, Tattenhall Staffordshire Potteries Water Board; Cheadle Rural District Council; Leek UDC protective around source areas E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies including Inquiry, etc; Peckforton Scheme including Water Bill, 1936-1937; proposed private source works, The Wellings; protection of gathering grounds: various, including planning Hollington appeals, etc; (Cheadle Rural District Council); proposed Midlands-Mersey oil pipline, Milford Haven; controlled tipping, Rough Quarry, Gosworth Water Co.; FW Hall; and petitions by Tarvin Rural District Council and others, 1936-1937; etc Plans, maps, test negatives, Morton's reports, documents, logs, chemical analysis, etc. contract data, correspondence, photographs and grouting sample notes, borehole logs, water press cutting, EM/3/181 Stockport Corporation Waterworks 1902-1975 6 folders. Stockport Corporation WW and Stockport and DWB in Parliament, Augmentation of water supply: Corporation Bill 1929-1930; Fernilee Reservoir leakage; boreholes including at Hill, Horwich End, and Goyt Valley; Wilmslow borehole Mill and PS; proposed refuse disposal plant (NE Cheshire Joint Refuse Disposal Committee), 1972-1973; water supplies re cottage homes at Styal, 1902. document re Kinder Scheme, EM/3/182 maps, correspondence, invoices, notes, Stone Rural District Council Plans, Mersey and Weaver RA documents including survey booklet, test data, Bill documents, reports including geological, Institution of Water Engineers’ publication ‘The Geology of the Goyt Valley’ by Morton, 1932, History and Description of press cuttings, Works Reservoir copy, contractual, and Boyd Dawkins documents, etc. 1964-1968 Public licence abstraction, River Stour Valley, near Canterbury. Moddershall proposed borehole, 1962-1963, and Well water quality, 1971. Association's opposition to borehole re water Mid-Kent Water Co. Correspondence, maps, and copy water sample analysis data. Stour Fishery Association Inquiry: Local application by EM/3/183 1962-1971 the E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Correspondence including letter from the Association thanking Morton for his help, press cuttings, photographs, maps, plans, Inquiry and engineering, survey, instrumentation readings, etc. including notes, reports data, hydrological documents, biological test EM/3/184 Sunderland and South Shields Waterworks Co. 1947-1964 12 folders. Augmentation of water supply: Derwent Reservoir Scheme: Proposed reservoir and dam including cut-off trench, grouting, de-watering, valve etc; Hartlepools WO, boreholes; Sunderland wells abstraction including Burdon PS; borehole licence application by J. Nimmo and Son Ltd re Castle Eden Brewery, Co. Durham. diversion tunnel, Hawthorn, Harton shaft, 1959; and Mill Hill, reports including Correspondence, maps, notes, test data including pumping and soil tests, drilling logs, contract Hill borehole), notebook, photographs, copy documents dating back to 1900, etc. tender documents, sand samples Rowe’s, plans, (Mill and 6 folders. EM/3/185 1944-1968 Sutton and District Water Co. The Derwent Reservoir was a major project with which Rowe was involved with Edgar Morton and Partner, working on site investigation, design, testing and construction. Augmentation of water supply including to Croydon ‘B’ power station; Croydon Corporation WW water abstraction,Waddon PS; Oaks PS including WO and Inquiry re effluent discharge, BP Chemicals (UK) Ltd; subsidence in Gander Green Lane, Sutton, near to Cheam PS; other WOs. 2 folders. reports Morton notebooks, observation well notes, including Inquiry correspondence, documents, etc. the Relation of Geology to Engineering’, with manuscript notes, 1898, and other 19th century background material. Swansea Corporation Waterworks Inspection photographs, Including Boyd Dawkins paper ‘On Report, plans, graphs, data, 1962-1967 EM/3/186 Television maps, data, test E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Windmill Proposed including consolidation of old mine workings underneath the proposed site. Reservoir Service Hill Notes, reports, borehole records, maps, contract documents, etc. cutting, correspondence, plans, calculations, press EM/3/187 Tarvin Rural District Council 1934-1943 Regional Water Scheme, proposed borehole; feasibility of possible spring source to supply the Townships of Barrow and Guilden Sutton from Ashton Brook Valley, near Swinfordmill Farm. 1934-1937: Reports, correspondence, water sample analysis, statistical data, notes including dated 1943, etc. EM/3/188 Taunton Corporation Waterworks 1949-1965 3 folders. Taunton Corporation WW and Borough of Taunton EM/3/190 including overview of dam and construction, Proposed Clatworthy Reservoir; possible underground water supply sources Reports, notes, plans, correspondence, contract documents, notebook, photographs, etc. Including booklet ‘Description of the Clatworthy Scheme’ for Institution of Water Engineers visit, 22 April 1960. Photographs include Lee Mill (Plymouth City WW), Siblyback Dam (E. Cornwall WB), Thruscross Dam (Leeds Corporation amidst WW) surrounding countryside during a group photograph depicting ‘Monthly Site Inspection by the Gane’. 11 folders. Augmentation of water supply: proposed borehole; Tavistock WO; Wilminstone Quarry; etc. Plans, notes, Morton’s report, and correspondence. Tees Valley and Cleveland Water Board Tavistock Urban District Council 1952-1966 EM/3/189 1949-1952 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Proposed reservoir at Balderhead, Upper Teesdale. Includes alternative proposals for dam at Cauldron Snout and reservoir at Dineholme, and construction of Balderhead Reservoir; Selset Reservoir. successful The Balderhead site was favoured over Dineholme and Cauldron Snout, despite its higher cost and lower water yield, following by Botanical The opposition was Society, Baron Barnard and others. prompted in part by the discovery of a rare Alpine plant, the Blue Gentian, at Dineholme and Cauldron Snout. opposition valleys Royal the the in Correspondence, plans including geological sections, maps, including mines and geological, Morton and other press cuttings, grouting, notes, borehole logs, Inquiry documents, photographs and negatives (Cauldron Snout), notebook, etc. test and observation wells reports data, See also EM/3/84 Hartlepools Water Co. EM/3/191 Trent River Authority 1965-1974 of reports, maps, published Brund Dove and Derwent: 10 folders. documents, Public and reservoir and Rivers Inquiry Hassop; Carsington Development sites of Reservoir: Winkhill Carsington Leicester Corporation Water Bill and Reservoirs including objections (Manifold Valley Scheme) - National Trust and others in opposition; River Sow [Sowe] Scheme, Stafford re proposed proposed Plans, photographs (Dale End, Babington House, and aerial), Inquiry booklets (Manifold Valley Scheme) one with a foreword by Sir John Betjeman, borehole logs, contract document, copy documents dating back to the 1940s, correspondence, meetings notes, press articles and cuttings, notebook, etc. 1939-1960 WO, 1954, and Inquiry including proposed new borehole at Biss Bottom, Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire, its effects upon Biss Brook, and development of Upton Scudamore PS Trowbridge, Melksham and District Water Board See also Severn Trent WA EM/3/164. Correspondence, notes, EM/3/192 reports and drafts, plans, maps, 3 folders. E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Inquiry documents, etc. EM/3/193 Tynemouth Corporation Waterworks 1933-1947 4 folders. Proposed Font Valley Reservoir and extensions including Pigdon Reservoir site (1933-1934); Tynemouth Water Bill (1946-1947). Reports, notebook, plans, Bill and Parliamentary documents, correspondence, background material dating back to 1926, plans, maps, notes, press cutting, etc. EM/3/194 Ulverston Rural District Council 1941-1943 Legal dispute: [George] Dickinson vs Ulverston Rural District Council re infringement of Dickinson’s water rights concerning Gibbs the grinding at Little Mill, Cark-in-Cartmel, North Lancs. detrimentally allegedly affected Spring, which EM/3/195 1937-1949 supply; report, of Claim, etc. of and Counsel, detailed Mill, Up Holland Urban District Council Morton was employed on behalf of G. Dickinson. Correspondence, Statement personal plea by G. Dickinson, owner of Big and Little Cark-in-Cartmel. notes, Including Opinion letters Correspondence, Memorandum, and notes re Assessment of Compensation Act. Possible arbitration case re Up Holland UDC purchase of land near Wigan containing underground water water supply problems; and discussion of Morton’s fees charged, 1937 and 1949. Staffs. Potteries WB, etc. Mayfield water supply; proposed development and boreholes at Crumpwood PS and Alton Hume Springs; borehole licence application. borehole diagram, agreement with Uttoxeter Rural District Council Correspondence, map, 1955-1966 EM/3/196 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies (Willcox Raikes & Marshall). EM/3/197 Wakefield and District Water Board 1948-1974 9 folders. Wakefield and DWB [?later under North West Water Authority] and Wakefield Corporation WW Proposed Booth Wood Reservoir and Dam including Public Inquiry, 1966, ?Cragg Vale PS and boreholes; Pildacre PS, Ossett: possible pollution from proposed opencast mining; Wakefield Municipal Golf Course, Lupset: water supply for greens; Baitings Dam and Reservoir works including proposed Manshead Tunnel (1948-1958); WO and Inquiry, 1951-1952; Withens Clough Reservoir [transferred to Wakefield DWB from Morley Corporation]. site notes maps, including Plans, correspondence, borehole logs, photographs (Booth Wood Reservoir) including composite panoramic, reports including exploratory boreholes, drilling logs, test data including observation and relief wells data and analyses, ‘V’ Notch Readings, Inquiry documents, notebook, etc. visit, Boyd Dawkins EM/3/198 1889-1916 Warrington Corporation material Correspondence, including manuscripts, report, notes, plans, test and technical data and instrumentation readings, etc. Bill documents, in Parliament, 1899 including Colliery water Water supply: Bill supply considerations; opposition to the Liverpool Bill; Winwick and Houghton Green PS. Including manuscript letters to Boyd Dawkins: re well boring and the [?Winwick] Red Sand Stone, including sketch and details of a possible fossil tusk found by the sender, dated 22 May [18]89; seemingly unrelated British Museum letter re the ‘Belgian Saiga’ [type of antelope], dated 6 Nov. 1890. Insulated Cables EM/3/254. Further material relating to the Warrington Corporation Bill EM/4/Q/1/5. in IC] proposed boreholes, 1947-1955: see British Corporation Warrington was Morton opposition to acting is also for E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/199 Wellington (Civil Engineering) Ltd 1974-1975 Llandonna, Llandgoed, and Penmon Sewerage and Sewage Disposal Scheme contract [?for Aethwy Rural District Council] and later Claim; sewer trench excavation difficulties in south east Anglesey. Photographs including composite panoramic and negatives, notes, maps, plans, correspondence, report, etc. EM/3/200 Welsh Water Authority 1980-1988 26 folders. Welsh WA including Taff Division - Aberystwyth Sewerage: proposed trunk sewer from Park Avenue to PS at Tan-y-Cae, including site investigation; Alwen Treatment Works including contractual Claim; Llandegfedd Reservoir: emergency by-pass pipeline main; proposed deep cutting, M4 motorway (from Castleton to Coryton), adjoining the Wenallt Service Reservoir EM/3/201 the notes, notes 3 folders. data, plans, maps, A.H.S. Waters notes, & notebooks, Test correspondence, site investigation material, copy material dating back to the 1940s, glass negatives (marked Marple[?s Ridgway] 1, and 3 respectively), photographs, laboratory test results and other tests (Geo-Research Ltd.), etc. reports, Partners calculations, borehole logs, and_ 2, 1956-1958 Lee Conservancy Catchment Board; Welwyn Garden City Urban District Council Plans, shorthand material dating back to 1955. Proposed new source works at Fulling Mill, by Metropolitan WB and Public Inquiry, 1957, including Objections Correspondence, Morton’s reports, etc. Future sources of water supply: proposed boreholes at Lee Brockhurst. documents _ including copy Wem Rural District Council and Wem Urban District Council Wem Rural District Council correspondence, transcripts, notebook, EM/3/202 Inquiry and 1945-1949 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies EM/3/203 West Cheshire Water Board 1936-1940 Wirral Peninsula: Water Supply Survey letters, Two ‘observations on the Vail Report’. copy and of Cheshire County Council's EM/3/204 West Cornwall Water Board 1959-1961 Lower Drift Dam: Grouting questions Correspondence between Edgar Morton & Partner and Rofe, Kennard and Lapworth, Chartered Engineers; copy grouting diagrams, 1959. Including annotated article ‘The Drift Water Scheme of the West Cornwall Water Board’, Water and Water Engineering, vol. 65 (July 1961). EM/3/205 West Dean Rural District Council Water supply. EM/3/206 1967-1968 EM/3/207 West Dorset Water Board 1961-1962 Three letters only. (Willcox Raikes and Marshall). Plan, Morton's report, and correspondence. West Denbighshire and West Flintshire Water Board Proposed borehole at Rhuddlan, near Rhyl, Nov. 1967: ‘Until the viability of this proposal has been determined the bore- hole scheme has been held in abeyance’, May 1968. declined due to conflict of interest. Morton was asked to work for Major Edward Golding of Court Farm, Litton Cheney, and others, re WO Objections, but he WO, 1961, and Inquiry including Objections: proposed Litton Cheney source development Correspondence, plans, technical data, etc. notes, maps, Inquiry documents, E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 EM/3/208 Consultancies EM/3/209 West Hampshire Water Co. 1953-1960 Downton, Breamore, Wood Green and other boreholes; new source works, Avon valley. pumping Notes, and Morton’s reports, etc, 1953-1954; letter re payment and site development update, 1960. correspondence, plans, data, test EM/3/210 West Kesteven Rural District Council 1939-1954 Northern Regional Water Scheme; Long Bennington, Old Somerby and other boreholes Correspondence, Morton's reports, plans, and notes. EM/3/211 West Somerset Water Board 1968-1970 2 folders. document, specification correspondence, Contract notes, etc. Additional material: ‘Exe Augmentation ’(folder A). See also Severn Trent WA (Wimbleball) EM/3/164. River Exe Augmentation Scheme (North Devon, East Devon, and West Somerset WBs and the Devon River Authority): site investigations for proposed storage reservoirs Hartford (Haddeo), Kemps, Landacre and Wimbleball (the latter site being the most favourable). Plans, maps, Inquiry documents, correspondence, test data, Proposed water abstraction; Public Inquiry and objections re Burton Abstraction Inquiry re Maiden Bradley Scheme; Westbury Cement Co. water Valley and investigation including Wessex WO Inquiry, 1971 West Wiltshire Water Board 10 folders. Field PS, Mere, and Brixton Deverill Upper Wylye source, 1970; 1955-1973 EM/3/212 at plans, survey E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies notes, Morton and other reports, notebook, publicity booklets, article ‘A Chalk Stream in Danger’ from Country Life (1970), Progress RA material. Including Avon Reports, Dorset and etc. See also Trowbridge Melksham and DWB EM/3/192. EM/3/213 Westhoughton Urban District Council 1956-1957 Augmentation of water supply. Notes, correspondence and Morton's report. EM/3/214 Wey Valley Water Co. 1953-1985 4 folders. and Lane, Britty PS: new source works); Tilford EM/3/215 Augmentation of water supply: proposed service reservoir, Stoner Hill, near Petersfield; borehole licence applications: New Barn Farm, Ropley, Courage and Barclay’s Brewery, Alton, Opax Farm, Headley, and Mid-Wessex Water Co. (the latter including WO); Hawkley PS and spring source: revival of watercress beds belonging to Mr Vernon Smith; proposed tipping into the abandoned Stocks Farm quarry, 1965, and relevance to Mid-Southern Water Co. proposals, 1985; various PS Hill, latter including Greatham, Oak Hanger, and Headley (the proposed of gathering grounds; etc boreholes: protection Darvilles Ellstead, Whaley Bridge Urban District Council Morton’s reports, correspondence, plans, maps, notes, water sample analysis, test data including pumping and stream gauging, copy material dating back to 1945, etc. Overton PS. Plans including Shallcross Hall Colliery and Jodrell Estate, notes, Morton’s reports, and correspondence with Colonel Jodrell and others. Additional sources of water supply: Overton Scar, Malpas; Proposed borehole, and abandoned mine in the vicinity Whitchurch Urban District Council 1945-1954 EM/3/216 1938-1941 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Correspondence, Morton's reports, notes, plans, etc. EM/3/217 Whitehaven Corporation 1946-1947 Ennerdale and opposition, 1946-1947 Lake Reservoir Scheme: Whitehaven in Correspondence, photographs, notes including for Counsel, press cuttings, Objections, etc. See also Friends of the Lake District, Ulverston, Lancashire EM/3/67. EM/3/218 Widnes Corporation Waterworks 1945-1967 3 folders. Widnes Corporation WW and Widnes BC Siting of new PS, proposed boreholes and WO (1948); legal dispute re Bold Heath and Pex Hill boreholes on the Bold Estate: Peter Spence and Sons Ltd, claimants, vs Widnes BC, respondents (1966-1967). arbitration notebook, EM/3/219 1947-1957 Wigan Corporation Waterworks Wigan Corporation WW and County Borough of Wigan Correspondence, maps, plans, notes, report, rainfall figures, test data, calculations, etc. documents, Including two letters referring to enclosed material not found with the letters, February 1945, and Mersey and Weaver RA licence grants (water abstraction). Private boreholes at Old Alresford, Hampshire. Augmentation of water supply: potential of Lawns PS and associated of reduction of the compensation water being discharged by the Corporation; Pemberton Reservoir matters; etc Winchester Rural District Council Plans, published, notes, correspondence, maps, etc. notebook, Morton’s other and works at Tontine, Up Holland; question reports including EM/3/220 E. Morton (EM) NCUACS 141/6/05 Consultancies Water), and House of Commons Minutes of Evidence Rowe, Bill (Derwent and negatives (Bilton, Digley, Winscar), earlier documents dated 1936-1937 (mostly contract records, borehole logs, instrumentation documents, drilling readings, published material, reservoir surveillance including survey results, etc, 1968-1985. photographs Scheme), Digley Valley notes, plans, maps, re additional Winscar Includes Reservoir, including enquiry from lan Carter of Montgomery Wilson, 1998. material (folders A-J) for EM/3/225 Miscellaneous Riding County Council, North - Proposed military training ground, Fylingdales Moor, between Whitby and Scarborough: alleged danger to the public water supplies in the area, and suggested alternative sites. Yorkshire Allerton, North Morton’s geological report