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esac 19/13/74 THE RO ¥ } YAL SOCTETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL WANUSCRIPTS Committes on Scientific and Technological Records CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE | Papers of (GINALD ERNEST MOREAU (1897 ~ 1970) 1974 Deposited in the Library of the Eiward Grey Institute, Oxford Listed by Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel Description of the collection AAT ACES The papers cover the years 1918 « 73.and were assembled from various BOUPCES . The early correspondence (Section II) and the African diaries, journals and working notes (Section IV) were retained in the library of the Biward Moreau's death; Item 4 gives a Grey Institute, Oxford, by David Lack after full account of Dr. Lack's disposition of Moreau’s papers. ri The material on Palaearotic~African migration (Section III) was received from Dr. James Monk, Moreau's literary executor, who edited the manuscript of Moreau had The Palaearctic-African relied on an extraordinarily global network of correspondents for data and information; the later material in the files (1970-73) is Dr. Monk's continuation of this correspondence and his own notes and drafts. for publication. Bird Migration emg Moreau was not a professional ornithologist. He was employed in the Army Audit Office in England and Egypt, later in the Colonial Service agric cultural research unit in Amani, Tanganyika, and pursued his ornithological On his retirement, he devoted studies and observations in his leisure time. his time wholly to ornithology, as editor of Ibis and working in the Edward Grey Institute, at first in an honorary capacity. a Of special interest are the notebooks (Items 87—100) in Kiswahili by native observers trained by Moreau in Tanganyika, and Moreau's extensive correspondence with Dr. James Chapin (Items 11-27) which is remarkable not only for its wealth of ornithological information but also for the beautiful calligraphic drawings of animals and birds in which Chapin ‘spelled out’ his own name or that of others. be 1897 1906 1914 1920 1924 Summary of Career Kingston-—on—Thames 1946 1947 = 60 1947 — 66 Marriage Move to Amani, Tanganyika (Colonial Service agricultural research Educated Kingston Grammar School Entered the Civil Service (Army Audit Office) Move to Egypt (Army Audit Office) Be cuca Civil Service; return to England Editor of Ibis Work at Edward Grey Institute, Oxford Index of principal correspondents Work for The Paiaearctic-African Diaries, journals and working notes Bird Migration Systems Contents of the handlist Honorary M.A. Oxford Correspondence Biographical IV. Vv. 1928 1951 I. Its III. I. Biographical Pre re a A eS eee ve Obituary notices: by D Bs. I Part 4, by Cons Movilc: sat 6 Marchant Oct ober cae in B 3 _Vol — 01.70, Letter from Hans W. Lissmann James - Monk James 2 Professor W Thorpe Two photographs Personal correspondence (Christmas cards, letters of 1 thanks ) Letter from David Lack to Mrs. Moreau (dated 20 August 1970) describing disposition of Moreau's papers, reprints, notebooks, and correspondence Il. Correspondence (The extensive correspondence re Palaearctic birds is included in section E11.) With William Rowan, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada : Be abt New York City With Arthur Loveridge, Harvard With Col. Richard Meinertzhagen With Alexander F. Skutch, Costa Rica Moreauts letters to L.S.V. Venables written from Amani Moreau's letters to L.S.V. Venables written from Amani (those of 1939 written in Mngland) Package of envelopes and drawings James Chapin, Museum o i.” 12. 13.° 14. 15. 16. Wee 18. 19. 20% ale 22. 23. 24. 250: 26. Zils ae 1946 91609 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 “YS903 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 Moreau's letter of With Myles North, Nairobi. proposes an ornithological expedition to climb Mt. Indau, Kenya, a feat which was accomplished in January~February, 1962. Much of the correspondence in the file (and in Items 29, 30,31) is concerned with the planning of the expedition (see list on file cover for summary of contents. ) 15 April 1961 Correspondence, invoices, list of supplies and notes col- lected by Myles North for Mt. Endau expedition and for the paper written about the results of the expedition it rth's correspondence with Moreau and John Tennant re expedition and Tennant's article in Ibis, 106, Miscellaneous ornithological correspondence arranged chrono— logically Miscellaneous ornithological correspondence arranged chrono— logically ‘Migrants in the Bay of Biscay': letters to Moreau, D.W. Snow and D.F. Owen as a result of an appeal for information in British Birds and Ibis. File also contains notes on others! published work and a copy of ‘Autumn Migration Filmed and Re— corded at Seat by G.R. Edwards Iil. Work for 'The Palaearctic-—African Bird Migration Systems? 5 ¢ - 1972 : 346 35- 36. 37. Correspondence with Gerard Morel Correspondence with Graeme Backhurst, Kenya 'The Palaearctic~African Bird Migration Systems', Correspondence and information from colleagues re migration Reviews of Academic Press London and New York, Miscellaneous correspondence and information received from other ornithologists (This material was received from Dr. James Monk who edited the book after Moreau's death. own efforts to complete the work for publication. ) The 1970 — 73 correspondence and notes are Dr. Monk's Correspondence with outside observers for 'Changes in Africa. ae Correspondence Moreauts notes, drafts, bibliographies, graphs and charts ‘Changes in Africa as a Wintering Area for Palae- arctic Birds': typescript with Ms. corrections Related offprints 'Changes in Africa as a Wintering Area for Palaearctic Birds's typescript with Ms. corrections, Moreau's data, notes on the published work of others, File labelled 'Moult and Physiology' containing: 42. 43. 44. 45. related offprints R.E. Moreau /a aA GS AC 4 a 19/13/ 14 5 48 .— bee File labelled 'Western Asia’ containing 48. 50. 516 52. Bibliographical notes, drafts and copies of letters, data, maps, tabular summaries, un— identified corrected typescript and typescript of tThe Migration between Palaearctic Asia and Africa' (3 pp.) Extensive correspondence with Lindon Cornwallis with data, tabular summaries and bibliographical notes used in preparation of 'The Migration between Palaearctic Asia and Africa!’ Correspondence Correspondence Offprint by H Kumerloeve (annotated by the author) 1968 ~ 69 1969 — 70 Miscellaneous data and notes collected by Moreau, bibliographies, n.d. notes on others! work, drafts of unidentified papers Notes and data sent te Moreau by other ornithological workers and observers i.e. 'Bird Breeding Records, Serengeti National Park 1967', ‘Extracts from Ruaha National Park Warden's Report' etc. 1967 ‘The maintenance needs of Palaearctic migrant birds in Africa' by Moreau and I. Newton: typescript with extensive corrections by Moreau; ‘Palaearctic Migrant Bird Species in Uganda': type— script by J.M. Lock(?); typescripts of 'Arenaria' and 'Chara- Grius dubuis' Miscellaneous offprints & 10. Warblers': includes data ‘Chapter 13. Raptors': correspondence ‘Chapter 3': data and related offprints ‘Chapter 3*: correspondence, maps and related offprints p.-) 1953, 1969 — 70 1966 — 69 ‘Chapter 3! ('The circumstances of the migrants’ journeys'): correspondence with extensive data Chapter 3': typescript with extensive Ms. corrections and Tabular summaries of amendments by Moreau and David Lack. data, bibliographical notes, Ms. draft (i ‘Chapters 1 and 2 ('The migrant species and their ranges' and 'The fluctuating ecology of the source areas'): data, charts and graphs in various hands, correspondence, related offprints offprints ‘Chapter 4. Numbers': data and calculations, related offprints and correspondence ‘Chapter 13. Raptors': data, bibliographical notes, related Correspondence on chapters 9 and related offprints 7A [4 ‘Chapter 14. Water': correspondence with data (includes typescript of 'Status of Palaearctic Wildfowl in Ethiopia!' by E.K. Urban) ‘Chapter 14. Water's: data, Moreau's drafts of letters, offprints Ms. data on ringing (much of it collected by M. Radford) 'Ortstreuve and Direction's correspondence with comments on the manuscript 'Ortstreue and Direction': bibliographical notes, tabular summaries of data, related offprint q 'Fatt: correspondence and data Appenctix prepared by Kenneth D. Smith: correspondence with J. Monk, corrected typescript with references Preparation of maps for publication: correspondence with Peter J. Evans Correspondence with Roger Ferrand re maps Miscellaneous correspondence re maps, corrections by Monk} of species, notes of progress of list of di typescript (with Ms. listribution maps, list M S Lf OL photographs Corrected typescript of chapters 9-11 Correeted typescript of chapters 12-16 Correspondence with Academic Press re publication of book -and typescript list of legends for plates, notes by Monk Corrected typescript of contents page, foreword, chapters 1~8 Correspondence with ornithologists re permission to use photographs and illustrations 'Bird Fat Studyt: data-('% fat of live weight' and '% fat of dry weight') and calculations (one page of notes for each bird) his move to Egypt in 1920 Daily journal begun in August 1918 containing many ornitho— sighted and heard, their logical observations (notes of behaviour and habits) but also Moreau's reactions and exper- jences Duplicated maps, each hand—coloured to denote distribution of species. Cornwallis, Moreau and Monk Some maps are extensively annotated by Lindon Diaries, journals and working notes birds on Moreau A 13/ faa (A jf Ms. diary of observations ar other ornithologists etc. sightings, of excursions with 00 &8 small notebooks containing lengthy observations by African natives notes are in Kiswahili but many Moreau's own notes, his summaries of the natives' observations calculations based on their or his Moreau ‘to show for the first time individual nestling receives food aa to decrease with the number of birds in the brood.' (autobiography, Tbis,112,p.554) individual nests. the eteiled records Th volumes also contai This data enabled at which the data of of he rate 8 volumes 8 O ¢ S W m n O C — = W W T U T U T U B O W 1937 ~ 44 1937 40 937 — 43 1937 — 46 Ai ee At 41 36 32 1¢ Do 1939 1941 1942 1944 ats Notebook containing ad observations, diary for (December—January ) dresses , bibliographical notes, field 1933 (July-September) and 1934-35 st ) 'Quail': diary of observations (June—Au Card index of records of foods etc. Draft of ‘Notes on the Birds of the Levante and the Pityusae in Autum!' published in Ardeola, 1 (1954), pp.86—115: type- script Abstract of information Moreau gathered from local inhabi- tants in North Spain re their observations of various species (information sent to David Lack of Tanganyikan birds (numbers refer to i a bems ) 35,40, 63 66 be 36 ,42,58,69 6,33 V. eae Index to principal correspondents ntl ome cane tameeg ASH, John ATKINSON—WILLES , AUSTIN, Claude George L. BACKHURST, Graeme BALDOCK, Tom BELLROSE, Prenk BENSON, Constantine W. BERGER, Andrew J. BETTANY, 3B. We BLONDEL, Jacques BOOTH, Brian BOWERS, John BRENAN, J. P. M. BROS KHUYSEN, Professor Gerrit Jeronimo BROOKE, Richard BUXTON, John COLDREY, Jennifer COLSTON, Peter CLANCEY, P. A. CLARK, J. Desmond 42 + 50 AT 41-27 39 ,41,42,64 39,41,57 CAVE, Francis CHAPIN, James 47 41,51 40 CARCASSON ,R. H. CONDER, Peter John CASEMENT, Michael B. CLOUDSLEY—THOMPSON, John DELACOUR, Jean Theodore DOWSETT, R. Je CRAMP, Stanley CROSSLEY, R. CORNWALLIS, Lindon COWLAND, Joyce M. rt 50 DOLP, Roberta M. DORST, Jean DUNCAN, Jane EDWARDS, George R. ELGOOD, John EMLEN, John T. EMMION, Hugh EVANS, Peter FARNER, Professor Donald 5. "ERRAND, Roger High, He PISHER, James Maxwell McConnell FLEGG, James J. M. FLINT, Richard Foster FORBES--WATSON, Alec FRANKUM, Roger FRENZEL, Professor B. FRIEDMANN, Herbert FRY, Hilary GALBRAITH, Ian C. Bek 33 38,40,41,42,71,77 GALLAGHER, Michael D. GARCIA, Ernest I 33a 42,69 GIBBS, John A. GILBERT, H. GILL, Frank B GINNIS, R. Ge GARNETT, R. M. GILLON, Dominique GILLIARD, I. C. GASTON, Anthony J. 50 HALL, Patricia HARRIS, Victor HARRISON, David L. GUDMUNDSSON, PFinnur GRIMES, Llewellyn GWINNER, Eberhard 7 35 139,40, 64 35,47 GOODWIN, Derek SH, G. H. HEBARD, HENSON, Nicholas HEWITT, A. OD. HILL, Peter HOGG, Peter HUTT, Charles M. IVANOV. Professor Alexandr Ivanovich JOHNSON, JOHNSON KINGDON, Jonathan KUMERLOEVE, H. of KURTEN, BjSrn LACK, David Lambert LAMON, Donald W. LAMPREY, Hugh F. LATHBURY, General Sir Gerald McKELVIE, John MEAD, Chris LINCOLN, F. Ce LOCK, J. Me LOVERIDGE, Arthur McANDREW, Russell LAWRENCE, | Se MacCRAIG, R. D. MacKENZIE, Patricia LISSMANN, Hans Werner 64 MATTHEWS, Geoffrey Vernon Townsend MSINERTZHAGEN, Col. Richard MAYR, Professor Ernst 40 60,66, 69 MALONE, A. Be MANN, Clive F. MARCHANT, Stephen MENDELSSOHN, H. 32 62 10 eal Kathleen MITCHELL, Cyril MONK, James F. 50,58,60,72 (letters to Moreau) ® MT MOREL, Gerard. me MORE, Norman NEUHAUS, Henriette A. NISBET, Ian Cc. T. NORTH, OSBORN, Dale J. OWEN, Richard PERRINS, ? Christopher Miles PETERS, James L. PE PTTER uth J% Ja REED, F. V. RIPLEY, Sydney Dillon 37,47,69,76 62 32 39,50 8,29,30,31 AT 66,76 40 ao I. ROUX, Francis ROWAN, William SAFRIEL, N. SALES, Victor SALIM ALI ROBERTS, Te ROGERS, E. Je H. ROGERSON, Norman ROWAN, A. N. (Bertus ) ROSEVEAR, D. Re 39, 40,64, 66, 69,76 40,69 40,64 35,40 50,66 33,38,39,69,71,77 38,42 AT SALVAN, J. SAVIDGE, J. 5 HUZ, Professor Erns 4 SHARLAND, Robert E. SEYMOUR, Charles SALOMONSEN, Finn SCOTT, Hugh SERLE, William M. SCHAEFER, Glen SINCLAIR, Tony SKUTCH, Alexander Frank SMART, John SMITH, Kenneth D. STAFFORD, J. STANFORD, William STEED, J. 0. Sydney STEWART, Peter N, Peter TART, Geoffrey lM. MAVTOR an TAYLOR, oLI. VeEOrge Cas CC > A { ae , 04. 9 8,40,42,64,77 7 Ee Je » w W m r w W s u o c w W Me + O O w v w W 5 Clyde w o O S n O Melvin A. TREGEN ZA , sborough TURNER, D. THIOLLAY, J. URBAN, Emil K. TINBERGEN, Nikolaas THOMSON, Sir Arthur Land VAURIE, Charles VENABLES, L. 5S. WALLACE, D. WALSH, J. Wiream Vie Lg David A. rmer WEST, Oliver WALL, Ae F. PLN TLL ? WILLIAIS , WILLIAISON WILSON, F. LITTIMEPRAMMAT WINTERBOT TOM,