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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of PHILIP BURTON MOON FRS (1907-1994) Compiled by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper Deposited in the Library, University of Birmingham University of Bath 1997 NCUACS 69/7/97 All rights reserved P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The Geological Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society The Higher Education Funding Council for England The Wellcome Trust P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE ARCHIVIST, SPECIAL COLLECTIONS UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM LIBRARY BIRMINGHAM P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM SECTION C RESEARCH SECTION D UK ACCELERATOR DEVELOPMENT SECTION E DRAFTS, PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES AND BROADCASTS SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received in July 1997 from the University of Birmingham Library. They comprise papers deposited with the University of Birmingham Library by Mr A.E. Moon, son, and further material assembled by Professor W.E. Burcham while preparing the Royal Society Biographical Memoir of Moon. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF PHILIP BURTON MOON Philip Burton Moon was born on 17th May 1907 in Lewisham, London. He was educated at Leyton County High School before winning a scholarship to Sidney Sussex College Cambridge in 1925. He graduated from the Natural Sciences Tripos in 1928, having taken Physics in Part Il. Moon went on to research in the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge under M.L.E. Oliphant. In 1931 Moon was appointed Assistant Lecturer at Imperial College, London (Lecturer from 1934). Working under G.P. Thomson he researched in neutron physics. In 1938 Moon followed his former supervisor Oliphant to the University of Birmingham as Lecturer in the Alamos working on the atomic bomb. After the war Oliphant and Moon resumed their work to build up research in nuclear physics at Birmingham. Cyclotron work begun before the war was continued and a proton synchrotron became operational in the early 1950s. Moon was appointed Reader in 1943 and Professor in 1946. On Oliphant’s move to the Australian National Science and Engineering 1969-1972. radar. In 1942 Moon was seconded to the British Scientific Central Office in Washington D.C. He returned Department of Physics. They began to build up a school of nuclear physics using the Department’s 60-inch until retirement in 1974. He was Head of Department of Physics until 1970 and Dean of the Faculty of cyclotron. On the outbreak of war the Department initially concentrated on the development of short-wave to Birmingham later in the year but in 1943 went back to the USA to join the Manhattan project at Los University at Canberra in 1950, Moon succeeded him in the Poynting Chair of Physics. He held this post bomb. Returning to the University of Birmingham after the war Moon resumed work with the cyclotron and College London, working with J.R. Tillman, he had demonstrated the existence of ‘thermal’ neutrons and during the war after work on radar he joined the ‘Tube Alloys’ project working on developing the atomic Moon made a number of important contributions to physics. The citation of Moon for the Royal Society Hughes Medal noted his work in three main areas: ‘nuclear physics, the discovery of gamma-ray resonances, and the use of colliding molecular beams to study chemical reactions’. In the 1930s at Imperial P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 saw the completion of the Proton Synchrotron, the first synchrotron of its type in the world to work at full power. He also developed a technique for observing the resonant scattering of gamma rays by nuclei using high-speed rotors. Moon was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1947. He gave the Royal Society’s Rutherford Memorial Lecture on a visit to Australia in 1975 and was awarded its Hughes Medal in 1991. Moon died on 9 October 1994. For further information on Moon see ‘Philip Burton Moon’ by W.E. Burcham and G.R. Isaak, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society 42, 1996, 249-264. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented as shown in the List of Contents. It covers the period 1929-1996. Throughout the collection material has been labelled by Burcham with explanatory notes and many are reproduced in the catalogue entries. Section A, Biographical, includes Moon’s autobiographical accounts for his Royal Society Personal Record, and material assembled by W.E. Burcham relating to his and G.R. Isaak’s Biographical Memoir of Moon, There is documentation of Moon’s career and honours including his election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society and the award of its Hughes Medal in 1991. a Section C, Research, covers Moon’s work in a number of areas from the late 1920s to the 1990s. There is documentation of his work on positive ions and neutrons during the 1930s and wartime work on atomic power. This includes research material of M.L.E. Oliphant. work on rotors and molecular beams and to his research with the University of Birmingham synchrotron. There is material relating to Moon’s post-war Section B, University of Birmingham, includes a little material relating to the Department of Physics and Moon's Deanship of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The bulk of the papers relate to the development of nuclear physics at Birmingham and include material relating to the 40th anniversary of the proton synchrotron, celebrated in 1993, and the ‘Birmingham Proton Synchrotron Archive’ assembled by W.E. Burcham. Party of the Physics Committee of the National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science during 1960. Section D, UK Accelerator Development, consists of correspondence and papers covering two themes: Moon’s contribution to discussions in 1955 regarding the proposed development of high energy accelerator at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, and Moon’s service on the Working P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Section E, Drafts, publications, lectures and broadcasts, comprises a chronological sequence of drafts 1940-1992, including unpublished wartime work on radio signals. There is a nearly complete set of Moon's off-prints. Lectures and broadcasts material includes manuscript drafts for broadcasts in the 1940s and lectures to the Poynting Physical Society. There is also documentation of his 1975 Rutherford Memorial Lecture and a lecture on J.H. Poynting given during the centenary celebrations of the Department of Physics in 1980. Section F, Correspondence, is slight and includes only one extended exchange, with M.L.E. Oliphant, 1937- 1946. Other correspondence of note is that with D.R. Herschbach, Nobel laureate for Chemistry 1986, and with W.E. Burcham. There is also an index of correspondents. LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL In a note written after completion of the Royal Society Biographical Memoir of Moon (see A.13), Professor W.E. Burcham noted that: Further biographical material was held by Mrs Lorna Moon (widow) and Mr Anthony E. Moon (son). Timothy E. Powell Peter Harper Archives. Papers relating to Moon were also to be found in School of Physics files deposited with the University Bath 1997 P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL A.23-A.45 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.46-A.50 MISCELLANEOUS P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Biographical AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL ca 1940-1996 Obituaries: The Times, 24 October 1994. Daily Telegraph, 28 October 1994. Independent, October 1994. Typescript curriculum vitae, first prepared 1942, updated with manuscript additions to 1975. Royal Society Personal Record. by There are for different audiences. Moon prepared a number of versions of his Royal Society personal record, intended of Moon’s manuscript entries for the Royal Society ‘Green Book’, the official format for autobiographical also manuscript and typescript drafts of three further versions intended to supplement the entries in the Green Books. Two versions information provided Fellows. survive Manuscript draft of autobiographical account, 10pp. Green Book entry found in envelope inscribed ‘[...] first attempt - too long and apologetic [...] 1987/88’. Green Book entry inscribed ‘This account dates from 1987/88 [...] Further additions/corrections January 1992 in ballpoint’. Version 3. Two 16pp drafts, dated ‘2 Nov. 1992’ and ‘14.1.93’. Version 2. Two 17pp drafts, the later dated ‘03.08.92’. Typescript autobiographical accounts. Version 1, 17pp. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Biographical Two sets of ‘Additional information’, 7 and 12 August 1992, paginated 16-18 and 17-18; manuscript notes. Information Department of Physics, 3 June 1987. on Moon’s career provided by University of Birmingham A.11-A.19 ‘Philip Burton Moon’, by W.E. Burcham and G.R. Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 42, 1996, 249-264. Isaak, Biographical Copy of Memoir. 26pp typescript of longer version of the memoir. This was printed out for this collection from 3.5-inch disk provided by W.E. Burcham (not retained). A.14-A.19 Correspondence, 1994-1996. In preparing the memoir Burcham and Isaak requested reminiscences of Moon from his friends and colleagues. On completion of the memoir Burcham deposited this material with the Moon archive. Burcham’s typescript note on locations of biographical material about Moon used in the preparation of the Memoir, 2 October 1996 and photocopied manuscript notes on ‘Contents of [Moon’s] archives. Davies, J. Bethe, H.A. Colley, D.C. Arranged in alphabetical order. Allibone, T.E. Daniels, H.A. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Biographical French, A.P. Halley, B.J. Hardie, W.G. Hibbard, L.U. llakovic, K. Jeffreys, B. Knight, R.H. Munday, G.L. O’Connor, D.A. Oliphant, M.L.E. Pease, R.S. Shoenberg, D. Simons, J.P. Symonds, J.L. Peierls, R.E. Sharp, J.G. Stoddard, K.M. of Birmingham Senior Common Room, 7pp typescript, 1996. ‘Moonshine’ by H.R. Shaylor, talk with reminiscences of Moon to University Thorne, L.W. Young, K.M. Tabor, D. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Biographical Moon’s 1p typescript note on his first scientific paper (Bibliog. 1, 1929). Typescript list of publications 1929-1940. Manuscript lists 1937-1983. of ‘Original publications’ 1929-1979, and ‘Reviews etc’ A.23-A.45 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1931-1994 Appointment as Assistant Lecturer, |!mperial College, London, 1931. Correspondence from G.P. Thomson, May-June 1931. Appointment as Lecturer, Imperial College, London, 1934. References, June 1934. Referees are G.P. Thomson, J.A. Ratcliffe, M.L.E. Oliphant and J. Chadwick. See also F.19. Appointment as Lecturer, University of Birmingham, 1938. Correspondence with Oliphant, January 1937, January - June 1938. Correspondence re possible joint work with G.P. Thomson at Imperial College London, May, June 1939. For further correspondence with Oliphant re Moon’s move to Birmingham see F.18. released from his service for an early return to the UK in July. Thomson asked Moon to collaborate on work towards ‘the possibility of producing a source of atomic energy’ and Moon spent the summer working with Thomson. Correspondence re Moon’s service with Ministry of Supply, March - July, 1942. Moon was seconded to the Ministry of Supply and sent to join the British He was Scientific Central Office in Washington D.C., USA in 1942. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Biographical Correspondence re membership of the Radio Board, September 1942. G.P. Thomson was deputy chairman and asked that Moon be appointed to the Board. Correspondence re offer of post with reconstituted British Scientific Central Office in Washington D.C., USA, October - November 1942. Moon declined the offer. University of Birmingham notice of increase to war bonus, 10 December 1943. Appointment as Reader in Atomic Physics, University of Birmingham, 1943. Letter, 5 July 1943. Letter, 8 March 1946; notice of pay increase, 16 December 1946. Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1947. Correspondence re candidature, April-June 1943. Notice of election etc, 1947. Appointment as Assistant Professor, University of Birmingham, 1946. Letter, 8 February 1946; notice of pay increase, 18 February 1946. Appointment as Professor of Physics, University of Birmingham, 1946. Letter re Moon’s application for study leave, 27 June 1972. Correspondence, January - February 1950, re possible offer of Chair of Physics, University of Toronto. Letters re examinerships at University of Edinburgh, 1948 and 1950. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Biographical A.34-A.37 Retirement, 1974. Moon retired from the Poynting Chair of Physics in 1974. Letter re possible continuation of research after retirement, 12 December 1973; exchange re information about Moon for the University of Birmingham Bulletin, March 1974, including copy of Moon’s curriculum vitae; Department of Physics ‘Weekly Bulletin’, 30 September 1974, with notice re retirement; etc. A.35-A.37 Conference on Scientific Aspects of High Speed Rotation, University of Birmingham, 19-20 September 1974. This conference was held in honour of Moon to mark his retirement. Programme; list of visitors to the conference; menu for conference dinner; correspondence, September 1974 and January 1975. Scientific Aspects of High Speed Rotation, University of Birmingham, 1975. Published conference proceedings. Department of Physics, Bound Royal Society Rutherford Memorial Lecture, 1975. Letter of congratulation, 7 May 1975; itinerary for visit to Australia, 31 March - 15 May [1975]. ‘Resonant scattering of gamma rays using high speed rotation’. volume of off-prints presented to Moon during the conference. Moon delivered his lecture ‘Yarns and spinners: recollections of Rutherford and applications of swift rotation’ at Monash University during a visit to Australia, 10 April 1975. See also E.41, E.42. November 1975. Invitation to become Honorary Life President, Poynting Physical Society, University of Birmingham, 6 February 1975. Note of thanks for service on Royal Society Government Grant Board B, 21 P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Biographical Moon’s 80th birthday, 1987. Article in University of Birmingham Bulletin, 15 June 1987. Letter re Moon Lecture, University of Birmingham, 5 June 1991. This was delivered by Karl Knop. A.42-A.44 Royal Society Hughes Medal, 1991. Moon was awarded this Medal ‘In recognition of his contributions in three main areas of science nuclear physics, the discovery of gamma-ray resonances, and the use of colliding molecular beams to study chemical reactions’. Correspondence re award, June-December 1991. Citation and publicity re the award from Royal Society News and other publications. Death, 9 October 1994. A.46-A.50 MISCELLANEOUS 1928-1991 Letter of condolence from students of Moon in Pakistan, 3 November 1994; programme for memorial concert, 20 December 1994. Photocopy of award certificate and drawing of medal and other material for commemorative table-mats. Includes diagrams of the design. Moon designed a walking stick that would stand up by itself. Miscellaneous personal correspondence, 1971-1991. Correspondence and papers re walking stick design, 1983. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Biographical Press-cuttings about Moon and his work: ‘Back-room boy will advise Mr Atlee - At Atom talks, ca 1946. ‘ “Lead into Gold” on Birmingham’s atom-splitter’, Evening Despatch, 21940s. ‘The builder of “Moon’s Empire” ’, Birmingham Post, 22 November 1961. Photographs: Group photograph inscribed on verso by Moon ‘Alchemists, probably 1928 [...] Don’t know why | was not there’. Group photograph inscribed on verso by Moon ‘Sidney Alchemists, probably 1929’. Includes Moon. Photograph inscribed on verso ‘ITV panel on nuclear power, about 1955’. Includes Moon. Group photograph of participants at meeting of Birmingham and Soviet physicists, ?in Birmingham, ?1950s. Includes Moon. Letter to University of Birmingham Bulletin, 6 November 1989; sheet of Department of Physics headed notepaper with Moon as Poynting Professor. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS B.4-B.6 Teaching B.7, B.8 Buildings B.9-B.10A History of the Department Bilt Miscellaneous B.12-B.16 FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING B.17-B.54 B.17-B.23 B.24-B.54 ‘Birmingham Proton Synchrotron NUCLEAR PHYSICS AT BIRMINGHAM General correspondence and papers Archive’ P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 University of Birmingham GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS 1949-1950 Menu for Dinner in Honour of the Vice-Chancellor, 2 March 1949. Memorabilia from University Jubilee celebrations, May 1950. Request for summary information on M.L.E. Oliphant for the Public Orator, on the occasion of Oliphant receiving Honorary Degree from the University, 1950, and Moon’s notes on Oliphant. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS B.4-B.6 Teaching Teaching n.d., 1966-1973 B.11 Miscellaneous B.7, B.8 Buildings B.9-B.10A History of the Department ‘Physics, Course Il. Revision Notes (Dynamics)’, 11pp typescript, n.d.. Reports on teaching and research activities, 1969-1973. Syllabus for ‘Course |. 1966-67 Introductory Atomic Physics’; example sheets for ‘Physics Course 1 September, 1968’. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 University of Birmingham Buildings Plans for ‘Physics “East” buildings’ extension, 1960s. Programme for luncheon on the opening of the new Physics East building, 6 July 1967; plan and brief correspondence re naming and sign-posting of physics buildings, 1969; 2p typescript note on modernisation of the Poynting Lecture Theatre, 1969. B.9-B.10A History of the Department 1973-1994 Exchange between R. C. Davis, Department of History and Moon re historical photographs, 1973; letter re Department archives etc, 1988: historical account of Department in the 1920s by K.E. Grew, 5pp typescript, 1994. H. Programme and September 1980; Gazette; menu for Reunion Dinner, 20 September 1980. handbook; 21 ‘100 Years of Physics at Birmingham’, [University] remininscences Arthur Vick, Sir B.10, B.10A Centenary of the Department of Physics, 1880-1980. In connection with the centenary Moon also delivered a lecture on J.H. Poynting on 7 October 1980 (see E.43). Moon and Professor T.L. Ibbs co-authored a booklet to mark the centenary, 1880-1980 Physics at Birmingham (Department of Physics, University of Birmingham, 1980). There were extensive corrections to this booklet and a new edition was published in 1995. A copy of the 1995 reprint is in the set of Moon’s publications at E.30. Three differently annotated and corrected copies of first edition of 1880- 1980 Physics at Birmingham. by P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 University of Birmingham Miscellaneous 21951-1969 Programmes for physics teachers’ conferences at the Department of Physics, ?1951 and 1957; departmental notice, 1960; notice of and 4pp manuscript notes for Moon’s talk to physics undergraduates, 15 January 1968; memorandum from Moon to W. E. Burcham re Staff Committee, 1 December 1969. B.12-B.16 FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 1969-1974 Moon was Dean of the Faculty 1969-1972. Entry for the Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Report, 1969. Brief correspondence; manuscript and typescript draft. Entry for the Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Report, 1972. 2pp typescript. General Faculty correspondence, 1971-1972. Entry for the Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Report, 1971. 2pp typescript; notes. ‘Open Day 1970’, article Faculty of Science and Engineering. by Moon for Birmingham Post introducing the Moon gave the interval address. Annotated programmes for Degree Day congregations, 1969, 1971, 1972: typescript formulae for presenting students to the Vice-Chancellor, 1972. Programme for Degree Day Congregation, 14 December 1974. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 University of Birmingham NUCLEAR PHYSICS AT BIRMINGHAM 1952-1996 B.17-B.23 General correspondence and papers B.24-B.54 ‘Birmingham Proton Synchrotron Archive’ B.17-B.23 General correspondence and papers 1962-1994 B.17-B.20 Correspondence, particular reference to nuclear accelerators and work carried out therewith. at Birmingham with 1962-1965, nuclear physics re the a the and In 1963 the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) was proposing to reduce the number of nuclear machines in UK universities. With the synchrotron at Birmingham approaching the end of its life the DSIR withdrew support from accelerator research, Physics Department would then concentrate research in other areas of nuclear and solid-state physics. Instead the Department, believing that the University of Birmingham should retain its nuclear capability, diverted other resources to the new accelerator (cyclotron) be sited at the University of Birmingham. argued that accelerators support of hoping that May 1963, 1962-1963. See C.41-C.50 for material relating to Moon’s research work carried out with the synchrotron, and section D for Moon’s contributions to national policy on accelerators Includes note on meeting between Sir Harrie Massey, C. Jolliffe (DSIR) and Moon, at Birmingham; letter from Moon to B.H. Flowers, 26 November 1963, lays out the case for the University retaining an accelerator 1964 September-November. Includes Moon's statements of the case for nuclear facilities at Birmingham, 2 April and 6 May. 1964 March-June. nuclear support physics to discuss future of P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 University of Birmingham B.21-B.23 Fortieth Anniversary of the Birmingham Synchrotron, 1993. In summer 1953 the Synchrotron at Birmingham University became the first proton synchrotron to operate at its full design energy. A reunion was held on 16 September 1993 to celebrate the anniversary of this event. See also B.51, B.52. Papers re the synchrotron sent to Moon by ?D.F. Bracher, 28 May 1993. ‘The Birmingham Proton Synchrotron (initiated by Professor Oliphant)’ by D.F. Bracher, 5pp typescript. ‘University of Birmingham Physics & Space Research 1993 Newsletter’, with piece about the 40th anniversary; letter re anniversary booklet, 6 August 1994. ‘Birmingham Proton Synchrotron Archive’ 1952-1996 The catalogue entries reproduce the numbers assigned to the material in the original listings by Burcham, which are themselves retained at B.24 and B.31. This material was assembled by J.D. Lawson and W.E. Burcham in 1996. It was listed by Burcham in two parts - BS/1-BS/4 being papers assembled by Lawson and BS/5-BS/29, those assembled by Burcham himself. M. Rolph and are contained in the envelope marked BS(L) [Not The introduction to the material by Burcham states: ‘During the years 1995 and 1996 Dr J.D. Lawson FRS worked on the preparation of his historical article Early British Synchrotrons, expected to be published by the Atomic Energy Authority early in 1997. It includes a section on the Birmingham synchrotron for which Lawson consulted several former members of the staff of the Department of Physics. The papers that he collected in this way were returned to Birmingham in October 1996 via Dr P. Item BS/4 is described in the list at B.24 as being ‘Temporarily retained by Mrs B. van der Raay in School of Physics WEB Nov 96’. B.24-B.30 Lawson material. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 University of Birmingham in the article itself under a retained]. Some of them will be referred to Birmingham label, and copies of some have been placed in the CERN archives’. 2pp manuscript introduction to and listing of the material. BS/1. Covering letter from Lawson to P.M. Rolph, 22 October 1996. BS/2. Envelope of ‘Photographs of synchrotron photographs in possession of Dr J.L. Symonds, with notes on each’. B.27-B.30 BS/3. Correspondence ‘from members of the Australian team to Lawson’, 1995-1996. BS/3/1. J.L. Symonds. BS/3/2. L.U. Hibbard. BS/3/3. D.S. Robertson. BS/4. Review. BS/3/4. D.E. Caro. BS/3/5. C.A. Ramm. Photographs and copy of 1954 article by Moon for Times Science charge of both the technical development and experimental programme of The introduction to the material by Burcham states: ‘W.E. Burcham, as Oliver Lodge Professor in the Department of Physics, helped in 1952/3 to bring the synchrotron to completion. In 1960, under delegation from the Head of Department (P.B. Moon) he took general The material is listed (B.24) as being ‘Temporarily retained by Mrs B. van der Raay in School of Physics WEB Nov 96’. B.31-B.54 Burcham material. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 University of Birmingham [...] The box file, marked BS(B) [not retained] contains a the machine. selection of papers relating to the machine and its programmes; there are in no way a complete record. Notes on the individual papers follow, with a numbering meant to join to the Lawson papers’. 3pp manuscript introduction to and listing of the material. . ‘Articles and data sheets’. . Wiring diagram for the synchrotron, 1952. . Manuscript notes on ‘Programme & machine under GW Hutchinson’, . Manuscript notes on ‘Synchrotron Performance’, etc., 1960. . Synchrotron personnel circulation list; list of technical staff duties. BS/11. cyclotron, 1961; offprint on peripheral collisions, 1961. Manuscript notes by C.P. van Zyl on experiments at the Harwell BS/10. Manuscript notes on ‘Possible deuteron experiment’ and ‘Injection of other ions’, 1961. BS/12. ‘Maintenance of Proton Synchrotron and Hydrogen Liquifier’, 2pp typescript, 1961; ‘Synchrotron finances Aug 1962 - July/Dec 1963’, 3pp duplicated typescript, February 1963. BS/15. Manuscript notes on ‘Topics for H.E. physics reports, 1961-1962. BS/13. 1961-1962. BS/14. 1961-1962. Manuscript notes on general programme by H.B. van der Raay, Manuscript ‘Summary of number of theses on synchrotron work’, P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 University of Birmingham BS/16. Plans for beam transport; ‘Proposals for a second beam line’ by van der Raay, 6pp typescript, 1962. BS/17. Department of Physics Report on ‘Beam transport equipment for the Birmingham proton synchrotron’ by W.E. Burcham, 1962. BS/18. Photograph of injection equipment, 1963. BS/19. group work’. ‘Synchrotron running schedule 1963’; manuscript notes on ‘Design BS/20. ‘Experimental programme for the Birmingham synchrotron 1962- 1967’ by Burcham, 6pp typescript, September 1962; ‘Future experiments with the Birmingham synchrotron’ by J.D. Dowell, 5p duplicated typescript, 1964; manuscript notes. BS/23. Photocopied manuscript notes on synchrotron performance grant for the BS/24. Annotated paper for meeting of Nimrod Group, 3 March 1967. BS/22. maintenance of the synchrotron, 19 February 1965. Letter from Moon to the Vice-Chancellor re BS/21. Photocopied manuscript notes on ‘Synchrotron Operation 1965-6-7’. analysis unit at Birmingham’, February 1966. BS/25. Papers relating to closure of Birmingham synchrotron, 1967 and its dismantling 1968. Includes Department of Physics Report on ‘Proposal for an automatic film Papers relating to establishment of the Birmingham Film Analysis BS/26. Unit, 1965-1969. 1965-1966. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 University of Birmingham 1967-1969. BS/27. Manuscript list programme ‘thrown away 1980’. of papers relating to the high energy physics B.51, B.52 BS/28. Papers relating to 40th Anniversary of the synchrotron, September 1993. See also B.21-B.23. Correspondence re arrangements. Lists of possible participants and those attending; programme. re Lawson’s draft and BS/29. Papers re J.D. Lawson’s section on the Birmingham synchrotron in his article on early British synchrotrons, 1995-1996. papers and Miscellaneous correspondence Typescript drafts: ‘Very rough draft’, paginated 19-23, with manuscript annotations; ‘Second draft’, paginated 19-24; ‘Final draft’, paginated 19-31 + figures. background material. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 SECTION C RESEARCH POSITIVE IONS NEUTRONS ATOMIC ENERGY C.14-C.40 ROTORS C.41-C.50 SYNCHROTRON P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Research POSITIVE IONS 21928-1992 Index cards used by Moon for bibliographical references and notes on the literature. A label by W.E. Burcham, Moon's Royal Society Memorialist, states: ‘21928-32 pre-neutron mainly solid state - discharges electron diffraction etc’. Probably collected by PBM while a graduate student, & at I.C. ‘Positive ions’, material so labelled. ‘The thermal ionization of sodium by tungsten’, 7pp manuscript draft dated July 1934, with letters to Moon from H. Ferreira 19 April and 13 November 1938. A note by Burcham states: ‘Unpublished work 1938 with Ferreira at Imp Coll on thermal ions of Na on W. See personal record, version 1 [A.6] not rounded off because of fission!’ Moon and Oliphant had first suggested the use of the stretched rubber sheet in a paper of 1929 (Bibliog. 1). Letter from J.H. Fremlin, 5 February 1987, enclosing photocopy of 1938 report and 1947 offprint, re use of stretched rubber sheet for ‘estimating two-dimensional field distributions’, and 1943 offprint re hard valves. Letter from Lady Jeffreys, 6 April 1992, enclosing offprints on potential barriers, 1942 and 1955, with manuscript note by Moon beginning ‘The original Bullard/Moon machine, finished at ECB’s parents’ home in Norwich during the Easter vacation 1931’. Moon et a/ on neutrons (Bibliog. 6, 8-10, 18). ‘Neutrons’, contents of Moon’s folder so inscribed: 1p typescript ‘Extract from Sir George Thomson’s personal memoir recording work with Moon and others on neutrons 1932-1938, photocopies of papers and offprints by NEUTRONS 1932-1939, n.d. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Research Hardback notebook labelled on front cover ‘Imp. Coll. Neutrons (Time of Flight)’. Used from the for data from Maxwell and boron runs ca July- December 1938, paginated 1-49, and from the back for notes on runs July 1938-July 1939. front Loose material intercalated. manuscript Untitled following discussion tends to show that an evacuated tube nearly 3000 feet long and 1 foot diameter, made of material reasonably absorbent to neutrons would be a suitable collimator for velocity spectroscopy’, n.d. beginning graphs rough draft ‘The + ATOMIC ENERGY 1939-1981 repn, plans Original folder. ‘Correspondence 1939 and 1945 from Oliphant and Moon [...] and MLO’s memoranda about fel Contents of Moon’s folder so inscribed divided into seven for ease of reference. for nuclear accelerators isotope Much of the material found in the folder was created by Moon’s predecessor as Poynting Professor of Physics, M.L. E. Oliphant. The extensively annotated folder, with labels attached by Burcham, has been retained at C.8 Letter from J.A. Robertson, UK Atomic Energy Authority, covering return of material to University of Birmingham Physics Department and suggesting possible course of action re further of Moon’s papers relating to atomic energy held by UKAEA, 23 November 1981. Moon to F. Brundrett and others, chiefly re contribution of H.A.H. Boot. Correspondence Sub- Committee and, later, M.A.U.D. Committees; undated draft letters from Letter of recommendation from Oliphant to Aliens Tribunal, vouching for R.E. Peierls, 9 October 1939. 1940-1941, M.A.U.D. papers and chiefly re P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Research of Fissile Material’, ‘Choice ‘Qualitative summary of some properties of fissile elements of importance for power production and for nuclear explosives’ (two copies, one corrected), ?by Oliphant. 2pp typescript table with of 18 Typescript drafts by Oliphant: ‘Nuclear Energy and the Future’, 3pp, August 1945; ‘Science and the Future’, 3pp, 12 October 1945; ‘Atomic Energy’, 8pp, 19 October 1945; ‘Power production by Nuclear Methods’, 3pp, n.d. Copy of ‘Statement (by Los Alamos Scientists)’ on the implications of the atomic bomb, 5pp typescript. Manuscript draft letter to W.A. Akers by Oliphant headed ‘Nuclear Physics and T.A.’, with attached 9pp typescript and manuscript draft ‘The Acceleration of Particles to Very High Energies’, ca 1945. of to and of G.N. W.N. letters Letters from R.E. Peierls to Oliphant, 26 July and 16 November 1945, with copies re developments at the University of Birmingham, July-December 1945. Peierls’s Watson, Haworth A 1967’, with manuscript note by Moon on Peieris’s letter of 16 November responds to remarks of Oliphant’s on atomic power and scientists’ responsibilities, as reported in the press. For material re Moon’s research with the synchrotron see C.41-C.50 below; for material re nuclear accelerators at the University of Birmingham see ‘The Genesis of the Nuffield Cyclotron and the Proton Synchrotron. Memoir by Sir Marcus Oliphant. front cover. B.17-B.54. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Research C.14-C.40 ROTORS 1945-1992 C.14-C.26 Contents of folder divided into thirteen for ease of reference. Folder labelled by Burcham: ‘Rotor development from the beginning: Bull, Marshall, Ralls. Review light articles on rotors & molecular beams’. T.H. Bull, D.G. Marshall and M.P. Ralls were colleagues in the Birmingham Physics Department working on rotors. Photocopy of 1916 article re molecular collision. ‘Attracted Philip’s attention at school (see personal record)’. Inscribed by Burcham Typescript memoranda by Moon: ‘Possible experiments with high speed molecules’, 1p + figure, 7 February 1945. Correspondence with suppliers of equipment, 1946-1951, 1956. ‘Notes on proposed experiments with Alkali Metal Atomic Beams’ by D.G. Marshall, 5pp typescript, 9 April 1952. Correspondence re remarks at Faraday Society Discussion following paper by Moon and Bull on study of fast reactions, April-May 1954. ‘Possible experiments with fast molecular beams’, 6pp, 1 February 1946 + 1p ‘Note added 7/2/46’. ‘A mechanical method for the activation of fast reactions’ by Moon and T.H. Bull, manuscript draft with extensive addition and correction, Bibliog. 27, 1954. paper)’. ‘Further experiments using High-Speed Rotors’, with manuscript inscription by Moon ‘TH Bull (undated, probably after our 1954 manuscript draft P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Research C.21-C.24 ‘Rotors and Molecular Beams’. C.21 Part I, by Moon, 21pp typescript, 27 August 1969. Part Il, by Moon, 35pp typescript + figures, April 1970. Part Ill, figures, ca 1976. 2 folders. by C.T. Rettner and J.P. Simons, 27pp + 17pp appendices + Correspondence and papers 1973-1975. set by high-speed rotors at University of Birmingham. Includes material re speed record See also B.22. Used for notes and calculations on rotors. Hardback notebook labelled on front cover ‘1949’. Material intercalated includes photograph of rotor. Correspondence from M.R. Ralls, 1987, and T.H. Bull, 1987, 1989, re rotors and molecular beams; last page of undated earlier letter from Bull to Moon; manuscript notes and figures etc. ‘Note on the development of resonant scatterings’ by Moon, 3pp typescript, 29 October 1959, with a later note by Moon attached. annotation by Moon. Found with ‘Note’ above. Photocopy of Discussion Meeting on corrections’, 5 December 1957, including Moon’s contribution, with extract published from Society ‘The measurement of electron-neutrino angular later proceedings Royal of P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 C.29-C.31 Research others, ‘Simons & (on reaction) |. Powis, |.W.M. Smith’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference. especially D.R. Dodd, G.R. Bates, Isaak J.N. Folder also labelled by Burcham ‘ “CHEMICAL” rotors’. Chiefly correspondence re rotors, the 1992 correspondence is re Moon and G.R. Isaak’s note on ‘The Resonant Atom/Atom/Photon Interactions’. Correspondence with J.P. Simons, 1980, 1986-1992, and from R. Tuckett, 1986, and |.W.M. Smith, 1989. Correspondence with D.R. Bates, C. Bederson and J.N. Dodd, 1992; letter to |. Powis, 1993. 3 slightly different 2pp typescript drafts of ‘The Resonant Atom/Atom/Photon Interactions’; 1p manuscript notes on ‘Papers relevant to rotor chemistry’. re five tests with and rotor notes, graphs C.33-C.40 Manuscript equipment. Undated, possibly 1940s. calculations, ‘Mol. beam chemistry/Historical’ and Rotors’. Contents of Moon’s folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of reference. ‘Pulse compression and intensity enhancement [...]’, 13pp typescript + 3pp appendix and figures annotated ‘Early version 30.8.89’. Preparation of The folder was also labelled by Burcham ‘Double rotor expt last papers 1989-94’. Most of the material is drafts for ‘Pulse compression and intensity enhancement in rotor-propelled molecular beams’, Bibliog. 56 (1991). See also E.24-E.28. Sets of figures. 8pp typescript of section of ‘Pulse compression and intensity enhancement [...]) beginning ‘8. Broad-blade and fan designs’; 4pp typescript drafts of ‘Appendix: design of cavity rotors’, and ‘Appendix 2 A high-intensity disc system’; 2pp typescript draft of ‘S3 Kinetics of evaporation’. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Research Typescript pages from unidentified draft; figure and graph; 1p typescript notes on ‘D.G. Marshall, Ph.D. thesis, Birmingham, May 1950’. Manuscript calculations labelled by Burcham ‘Calculations in retirement? For last papers?’; manuscript note of ‘Further possibilities’. Photocopy of article on ‘Low-energy pulsed beam sources’, with Moon’s manuscript notes found therewith. Photographs. Moon holding rotor, 1976; equipment, 1973 Equipment, 1975. C.41-C.50 SYNCHROTRON 1951-1956, 1963 Hardback notebook labelled on ?front cover ‘Synchrotron 1951-52’ and on ?back cover ‘7/51 to 3/52’. Material relating to UK accelerator policy is presented in section D. Further material re the synchrotron at the University of Birmingham can be found at B.17-B.20 and C.13 above. Loose material intercalated, some dated 1953-1954. Used from the front and from the back for notes and calculations, some on rotors. 1952. Used from the front and from the back for notes, calculations etc. Loose material intercalated. Hardback notebook labelled on front cover ‘Synch (mostly) [?] PBM’. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Research Hardback notebook labelled on front cover ‘P. B. Moon High-energy physics Lectures from various staff members’ and ‘10/52 to 11/53’. Used from the front and at the back for notes on lectures. Loose material intercalated. C.44-C.47 ‘Synchrotron’. Contents of Moon’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. injector for the synchrotron, November 1950; Note re the Conference on High Energy Accelerators for Nuclear Research’, duplicated typescript, 7 June 1952. ‘Report on Two drafts of ‘Spare charge and ionisation phenomena in fixed-gradient proton synchrotron’ by Moon, 7pp and 8pp typescript, Bibliog. 33 (1956); 1p typescript abstract. for injecting protons into a synchrotron in by dissociation Manuscript notes etc. ‘Proposal of molecular ions’ by Moon, typescript and manuscript draft with manuscript corrections + figures, Bibliog. 31 (1956). ‘The space-charge limit a synchrotron’, annotated ‘Appendix 1’, 3pp typescript, November 1953, with telegram and letter, 1952, found therewith; letter to Sir John Cockcroft, September 1955, re space charge effects. May 1963; response by J.H. Fremlin, 2pp typescript, 28 May 1963. ‘Possible methods of reducing the spread of energy in a beam of charged particles’ by Moon and D.A. O’Connor, 5pp duplicated typescript + figure, 17 Manuscript draft pages found with preceding. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 SECTION D UK ACCELERATOR DEVELOPMENT Correspondence and papers re proposed new UK High Energy Accelerator, 1955. Bound copy of ‘Symposium on High Energy Accelerators (A.E.R.E., Harwell, 13/14th May, 1955) Summary of Proceedings’ by T.G. Pickavance. of Atomic Copy report ‘Development of High Energy Accelerators in the U.S.A.’ by Pickavance and W. Walkinshaw, 1955. Establishment, Research Harwell Energy Correspondence and papers re proposed high energy accelerators at Harwell, 1955. 1955, July. Copies of replies to circular letter from the UK Atomic Energy Authority to leading physicists ‘asking which type of machine should be built to meet the future needs of high energy particles for nuclear research’. 1955, September the Background information. 3 folders. ‘Notes on typescript; manuscript notes. High Energy Acclelerator Programme’, 3pp duplicated Papers re Helium Bubble Chamber, March 1960. Moon served on the NIRNS Physics Committee and its Working Party on Future Accelerator Policy. Minutes of Physics Committee, 8 January 1960. Records Moon joining the Working Party. National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science (NIRNS), 1960. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 UK Accelerator Development D.11-D.16 Papers for meeting of the Working Party on Future Accelerator Policy, 27- 28 March 1960. 6 folders. Papers for meeting of Joint Consultative Panel for Nuclear Research and NIRNS Physics Committee, 9 May 1960. Background information on CERN Proton Synchrotron; manuscript notes; list of particle accelerators in worldwide. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 SECTION E DRAFTS, PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES AND BROADCASTS E.1-E.43 DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS E.1-E.29 Drafts E.30 Off-prints E.31-E.43 LECTURES AND BROADCASTS P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Drafts, publications, lectures and broadcasts DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS 1929-1995 Drafts Off-prints Drafts 1940-1992 A chronological sequence of material relating to publications or to the possible intention to publish. The material includes drafts found labelled ‘Unpublished miscellaneous’ mostly relating to wartime work on shortwave radar and later publications material. Where applicable reference has been made to the Bibliography in the Royal Society memoir of Moon (A.11) in the form Bibliog. ... ‘Notes on detection of signals in presence of noise’, 4pp typescript, n.d. but probably related to preceding. ‘Unpublished miscellaneous’, material so labelled divided into eighteen for ease of reference. ‘Report on the use of a low-power quenched oscillator as combined receiver and transmitter, 4pp duplicated typescript, 3 December 1940. ‘Notes on the detection of signals in the presence of random noise’, 7pp typescript + figure, with manuscript additions, 19 December 1940. 6pp typescript and manuscript, nd but probably related to preceding. duplicated ‘The typescript, 1 January 1941, with manuscript ‘Notes on meeting at Haslemere 15/1/41’ on verso of page 3. ‘Addendum to Lisbon notes on signal/noise ratio and band width’, 2pp typescript, 14 February 1942. ‘Conditions for optimum signal-to-noise ration in velocity-modulated mixers’, detection of signals initially below noise-level’, 3pp P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Drafts, publications, lectures and broadcasts ‘Experiments related to the detection of moving targets by Doppler effect (July-August and corrections, 11 September 1943. manuscript typescript additions 1943), with 4pp ‘Plans for measuring the active-time curve of the test gadget (Il)’, 2pp typescript and manuscript, December 1944. ‘Notes and suggestions relating to A.A. prediction’, 10pp typescript + figure with manuscript correction, n.d. ‘A method of range measurement’, 2pp duplicated typescript; manuscript notes, n.d. Found with preceding. Untitled 2pp typescript + figures on prediction of aircraft flight, possibly related to preceding work on targetting anti-aircraft fire, n.d. E.10-E.14 Original folder. Radiography with transparent scintillators’. ‘Mossbauer line shifts and quadrupole splittings in some ferrocyanides and ferricyanides’, with H.A. Begum, 5pp typescript + tables and figures. Not listed in Bibliog., latest bibliographical reference 1967. ‘Professor Moon. Contents of Moon’s folder so inscribed, divided into four for ease of reference (with original folder at E.10). Label on verso by Moon states: ‘Not published - senior medical physicist said that radioisotopes would not tolerate cross-hairs and was being overtaken by computerised [?)’. Earlier draft, 14pp typescript + tables. ‘Radiography with transparent scintillators’, with L.A. Hooper, typescript and manuscript draft with manuscript corrections. Tables, figures and summary. P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Drafts, publications, lectures and broadcasts ‘Final Report. May 1968. Ph.D. in April 1968.) Lesley A. Hooper’, 2pp typescript. (A summary of thesis submitted for the degree of ‘Possible review article for Rep. Prog. Phys. 1975-78’. folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. Contents of Moon’s Moon offered to write an article on ‘Attainment and laboratory uses of high speed rotation’. Correspondence with Institute of Physics re proposed article, 1975-1978. ‘Magnetically suspended high-speed rotors’ by A.E. Huston, 6pp duplicated typescript + figures. Manuscript draft with label by Burcham ‘Sunrise & Sunset 19807’. Maybe about ‘Principle of a beta-ray spectroscope combining high resolution with large angular aperture’, 4pp typescript + figures, n.d. ‘A suggested B-ray spectroscope’, 2pp typescript, 3 October 1947. ‘Notes on the possibility of observing the “complete” y-ray spectrum of nuclei following neutron capture’, 4pp typescript + figure, 4 October 1947. See also C.25. This was a in the University of Birmingham Bulletin, 7 November 1983, on the speed record set in 1975 by the University of Birmingham high-speed rotor. The folder includes a copy of the article. ‘University of Birmingham Superlative’, Bibliog. 53 (1983). letter to the editor clarifying an article ‘Vibrations of fibres in centrifugal stress’, 7pp typescript with manuscript corrections + figure, Bibliog. 47 (1972). P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Drafts, publications, lectures and broadcasts ‘Proposal for an atomic furnace’, 4pp typescript + figures, 1989. E.24-E.28 ‘Pulse compression and intensity enhancement in rotor-propelled molecular beams’, Bibliog. 56 (1991). See also C.33-C.35. 13pp typescript, 23 September 1989. 6pp typescript, 19 January 1991. 10pp typescript, 14 May 1991. Sets of figures. 4pp typescript; two corrected and annotated off-prints ‘Reminiscences and discoveries (the London Physics Club, 1928-1953)’, Bibliog. 57 (1992). Correspondence from Contemporary Physics, 1990-1991, and with W.E. Burcham, 1991, re drafts and publication. corrected by him. Not all are listed in the Bibliography. Off-prints 1929-1995 A nearly complete sequence of Moon’s off-prints. Some are annotated or P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Drafts, publications, lectures and broadcasts E.31-E.43 LECTURES AND BROADCASTS 1946-1983 E.31-E.40 ‘Talks & writings’, material so labelled. Drafts for lectures, talks and radio broadcasts. Draft on atomic power annotated ‘BBC talk 1946’. 4pp typescript; page of typescript draft found attached. Draft on atomic power annotated ‘Final draft - sent 30/4/47’. 3pp typescript. Draft on atomic power annotated ‘BBC - 1st draft’, nd. 6pp typescript Manuscript notes for lecture for lecture to ‘PPS [Poynting Physical Society] 28/1/54’. ‘Benjamin Franklin’, manuscript draft for lecture ‘23.2.54’. ‘Resonators for Radiations’, manuscript notes for lecture to ‘PPS [Poynting Physical Society] 17/1/55’. Manuscript draft on molecular and nuclear structure for lecture to ‘PPS [Poynting Physical Society] 29/1/52’. [Poynting Physical Society] 19/11/68’. ‘Tops and gyroscopes’, manuscript notes for lecture to ‘Hull 21/10/57’ and PPS [Poynting Physical Society] 22/10/57’. ‘High Speed rotation’, manuscript notes and draft for lecture to ‘PPS P. B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Drafts, publications, lectures and broadcasts Address at Prize-giving, King Edward VI Grammar School, Stourbridge, 7 November 1974. Programme; 3pp typescript. Manuscript notes for lecture on molecular collisions annotated ‘To whom? When? Probably 1977 or 78’. University of Birmingham Congregation Address, December 1983. 3pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections. Manuscript notes for lecture to ‘Lunar Society’, n.d. ‘Chemical & Nuclear Reactions’, manuscript draft of lecture, n.d. See also A.38. Pages of manuscript and typescript drafts. List of dates; illustration for lecture; letter from Royal Society re draft for publication, 27 September 1977; ‘Marked proof’. ‘Yarns and spinners: recollections of Rutherford and applications of swift rotation’, Royal Society Rutherford Memorial Lecture, Monash University, Australia, 10 April 1975. Manuscript draft and background material found therewith. ‘John Henry Poynting’, Department of Physics, University of Birmingham, 7 October 1980. This was held as part of the Centenary celebrations of the Department of Physics. See B.10. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE E.G. Acheson Ltd/British Acheson Electrodes Ltd Supply of pure graphite for minature ovens. Bodkin, T. Bradley, D. A. Photon scattering. Burcham, W. E. 1988-1994 Burcham was Oliver Lodge Professor of Physics at the University of Birmingham 1951-1980. He and G.R. Isaak wrote Moon’s Royal Society Biographical Memoir. Letters to Burcham. The letters include Moon’s observations on his health, and reminiscences. 1985-1989 Chadwick, J. Cockcroft, J. D. Colley, D. C. Colley was Professor of Elementary Particle Physics at the Univesity of Birmingham. Isotope separation and molecular beams. Crocker worked at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, Berkshire. Includes Moon’s reminiscences. Crocker, V. S. 1975, n.d. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Correspondence Daniels, H. A. Calculations re voting statistics. Davies, J. n.d. Davies was a mathematics lecturer at Wolverhampton Polytechnic and a friend of Moon’s. Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd Rubber sheet and other rubber equipment. Fertel, G. E. F. Request to transfer to the University of Birmingham. Frisch, O. R. Letter to Greenlees from J. Schiffer re the MGssbauer Effect. Gunston, B. Carbon-fibre rod used in rotors. Greenlees, G. W. 1959 Greenlees was a member of the Department of Physics at the University of Birmingham. Printed background material. Herschbach was a joint recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1986. Herschbach, D. R. 1979-1994 Correspondence 1979-1994. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Correspondence Hopkins, H. G. 1942 Hopkins worked at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, Middlesex. Work on valves. Huq, S. S. Institute of Physics 1944 Letter thanking Moon for talk to Electronics Group, Birmingham, February 1944. Isaak, G. R. 1992 Isaak was a Professor of Physics at the University of Birmingham. He and W.E. Burcham wrote Moon’s Royal Society Biographical Memoir. Chiefly re health. Leibnitz, H. Maier- Malmfors, K. G. 1952-1953 Karlik, B. Lawson, J. D. Moon’s ‘suggestion of injection by dissociation of H2" . Muller & Co. (England) Ltd Work on resonant scattering of gamma-rays. Includes typescript draft sent to Moon for comment. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Correspondence F.18-F.22 Oliphant, M. L. E. 1937-1946 Oliphant was appointed In Moon worked with Oliphant in the Cavendish Laboratory 1928-1931. 1937 the at University of Birmingham. Moon joined him in Birmingham as Lecturer a year later. In 1950 Oliphant returned to Australia to take up the Directorship of National University, Canberra. Moon succeeded him as Poynting Professor. Professor of Physics Australian Sciences, Research Poynting Physical School the of 1937-1938. Correspondence re possible move of Moon to University of Birmingham. See also A.24. 1939. Includes correspondence re Moon’s work with Thomson at Imperial College London. See also A.25. 1941-1944. Includes correspondence re work in progress at Birmingham while Oliphant was in Australia, 1943, and while Moon was serving with the British Supply Council in the USA, 1944. 1992 Parkhouse, G. Polkingthorne, J. C. 1946. Developments at Birmingham. 1945. Chiefly correspondence re current research and post-war plans. Letter to Polkingthorne, with enclosures, re ‘public misunderstanding of science’. 1950s. Proctor was a student of Moon’s at the University of Birmingham in the Proctor, B. 1992 n.d. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Correspondence Ramsey, H. T. Simons, J. P. Stever, H. G. Sutton, R. W. Tabor, D. 1992 Tabor was a student of Moon’s at Imperial College London in the 1930s. Thomson, J. Turgel, R.S. 1943 1987 Turgel was a student of Moon’s at the University of Birmingham in the 1940s Vick, F. A. Wilkinson, D. H. Young, K.M. a Exchange re Nabla-V Club at Cambridge and London Physics Club. Includes photocopies of photograph of Turgel and J.E.R. Holmes in Birmingham physics laboratory. 1985, 1995 P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS AKERS, Sir Wallace Alan ALBRIGHTON, Frank ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward APPLETON, Sir Edward Victor BATES, Sir David Robert BEAMS, Jessie W. BEDERSON, B. BETHE, Hans Albrecht A.26, C.12 £10 A.14 A.28 BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BODKIN, Thomas BRADLEY, David A. fe ie BROADHURST, John H. BRUNDRETT, Sir Frederick BULL, Tom H. BURCHAM, William Ernest Gl C.25 C.16 CASSELS, James Macdonald CHADWICK, Sir James A.26, C.9 C.26 BRITISH ACHESON ELECTRODES LTD BROWN-FIRTH RESEARCH LABORATORIES A.33, B.47, B.48, B.49, B.51, B.54, E.28 E.28 COCKCROFT, Sir John (Douglas) A.23, A.26, A.31, F.4 A.31, C.46, D.3, D.4, F.4 COLLEY, Derek Charles CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS D.3 A.14, F.5 Index of correspondents P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 CROCKER, Victor Simeon DANIELS, Henry Ellis DAVIES, John DAVIS, Ralph Henry Carless DEVONS, S. DODD, J. N. DUNLOP RUBBER CO. LTD E.G. ACHESON LTD EGELSTAFF, Peter A. FEATHER, Norman FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron FRISCH, Otto Robert FERREIRA, H. Amorim FERTEL, Geoffrey E. F. FREMLIN, J.H. FRENCH, A. P. GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND F.10 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH MINISTRY OF AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION MINISTRY OF SUPPLY GREENLEES, G. W. A.26, A.28, B.17-B.20 C.8 A.26 P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 GREW, Kenneth Edmund GUNSTON, Bill HALLEY, Bernard J. HARDIE, W. G. HAWORTH, Sir (Walter) Norman HERSCHBACH, Dudley Robert HIBBARD, Len U. HOPKINS, Harry Geoffrey HUQ, S. S. ILLAKOVAC, Kseno IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD Index of correspondents A.15 A.15 C.12 Ede Ral2 A.15, B.28, B.54 F.13 A.16 C.16 ISAACS, Bernard ISAAK, George Richard E15; F4 A.47 F.14, F.28 JEFFREYS, Bertha, Lady INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS B.12 B.25, B.27-B.30, B.51, B.54, F.15 15 KARLIK, Berta LAWSON, John David LEIBNITZ, Heinz Maier- LINTON, David Leslie MALMFORS, K.G. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Index of correspondents MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stuart Wilson MERRISON, Sir Alexander Walter METZGER, Franz R. MORRISON, G.C. MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis MULLER & CO. (ENGLAND) LTD MUNDAY, G.L. NIMMO, R. R. N.T. FROST LTD NUTT, Cecil W. O’CONNOR, Denis Arthur A.17 PAULUS, K. PARKHOUSE, Graham PEASE, Rendel Sebastian PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf Emst PICKAVANCE, Thomas Gerald OLIPHANT, Sir Mark (Marcus Laurence Elwin) A.17, A.23, A.24, A.25, A.28, A.31, B.51, C.8, C.12, F.18-F.22 See also B.3 F.23 POLKINGTHORNE, John Chariton POYNTING PHYSICAL SOCIETY AAT..CA2 See also C.8 A.35 F.23 A.17 D.4 F.23 C.30 A.39 PROCTOR, Basil POWIS, I. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Index of correspondents RALLS, Michael R. RAMM, Colin A. RAMSEY, H. T. RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth ROBERTSON, David S. ROBERTSON, Judy A. ROLPH, Peter Martin ROYAL SOCIETY C.26 B.30 F.24 A.23 B.29 C.8 Bi25).B:51 A.32, A.39, A.42, E.42 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL SCHIFFER, John F10 SCHONLAND, Sir Basil Ferdinand Jamieson SOOD, B. S. STEVER, H. G. SUTTON, R. W. SYKES, C. D.3 A.17 A.18 D.3 A.18, C.29, F.24 SHARP, John G. SMITH, lan W. M. SIMONS, John Philip SHOENBERG, David SKINNER, Herbert Wakefield Banks A.19, F.25 SYMONDS, John L. C.29 A.34 F.24 F.24 C.16 A.18, B.27, C.46 TABOR, D. P.B. Moon NCUACS 69/7/97 Index of correspondents THOMPSON, Sir Michael Warwick A.46 THOMSON, Sir George Paget A.23, A.25, A.27, A.31, D.3 A.19 C.29 F.25 THORNE, L. W. TUCKETT, Richard TURGEL, Raymond S. VICK, Sir (Francis) Arthur VINEN, William Frank WATSON, G.N. WHIDDINGTON, Richard WILKINSON, Sir Denys Haigh WILSON, Donald V. YOUNG, Keith M. ZARE, Richard Neil A.19, F.26