MITCHELL, Joseph Stanley Vol2 v2

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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of JOSEPH STANLEY MITCHELL FRS (1909 - 1987) Compiled by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper VOLUME II Sections F - H Index of Correspondents Deposited in Cambridge University Library 1992 All rights reserved University of Bath NCUACS 36/4/92 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell SECTION F SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS ADVISORY COUNCIL ON SCIENTIFIC POLICY ANGLO-GERMAN MEDICAL SOCIETY Rolek. 2 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR CANCER RESEARCH BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY BRITISH BREAST GROUP F.78-F.83 BRITISH CANCER COUNCIL BRITISH PSYCHOSOCIAL ONCOLOGY GROUP BRITISH RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION ASSOCIATION BRITISH SOCIETY FOR CELL BIOLOGY F.84-F.100 AND MEASUREMENTS) BRITISH COMMITTEE ON RADIOLOGICAL UNITS (later BRITISH COMMITTEE ON RADIATION UNITS (SOUTH AFRICA) COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY INTO IONISING RADIATION CAMBRIDGE MEDICAL SOCIETY CAMBRIDGE SOCIETY NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.107-F.112 COMMISSION OF THE CHURCHES ON INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS F.113-F.123 COMMITTEE OF VICE-CHANCELLORS AND PRINCIPALS (CVCP) EUROPEAN NUCLEAR MEDICINE SOCIETY at 25, 126 EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF THERAPEUTIC RADIOLOGY AND ONCOLOGY F.127, F.128 FOREIGN OFFICE HOSPITAL PHYSICISTS’ ASSOCIATION F.133-F.138 F.394-F.405 MINISTRY OF HEALTH F.406-F.425 F.130-F.132 INTERNATIONAL CLUB OF RADIOTHERAPISTS F.139-F.162 INTERNATIONAL UNION AGAINST CANCER LISTER INSTITUTE OF PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION AUTHORITY (UKAEA) MINISTRY OF SUPPLY DIRECTORATE OF ATOMIC ENERGY/UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY F.164-F.393 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (MRC) NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE OF CANADA F.427-F.430 NATIONAL RADIUM COMMISSION F.431-F.435 NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR CANCER RELIEF 1942 CLUB PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS F.439-F.442 ROYAL SOCIETY SOCIETY OF INDIVIDUALISTS F.449-F.464 F.465-F.467 F.444-F.448 UNITED OXFORD HOSPITALS WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) WORLD ORGANISATION OF UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS OF MEDICAL RADIOLOGY NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell ADVISORY COUNCIL ON SCIENTIFIC POLICY 1947, 1948, 1955 the material the Most of the Council’s Subcommittee on The Subcommittee was convened to suggest amendments to the Bill ‘in the light of objections which Lord Cherwell has raised to it’. Radioactive Substances service Bill Mitchell’s on of relates 1947. to Note of preliminary discussion of the Bill, 12 June 1947, with suggested amendments (Mitchell the Subcommittee, 19 June; copy of the Bill; invitation present); serve was etc. on to Papers re manuscript notes on proceedings. 1st meeting of Subcommittee, 24 July 1947, with Mitchell’s Papers circulated July-November 1947. Includes ‘Outline of proposals for a revised Bill’. Correspondence, November 1947 - April 1948; Subcommittee, 20 January 1948. papers re meeting of 1959-86 ANGLO-GERMAN MEDICAL SOCIETY Letter from J.D. Cockcroft, 22 June 1955, re permissible levels of discharge of radioactive wastes from hospitals. With miscellaneous material on the subject found therewith. This Society was founded in 1959 ‘to promote social and professional contacts between doctors ... mainly but not exclusively those with academic and research interests’. Mitchell helped establish it and was first President of the British Section, serving until 1968. The Society published a journal and held annual conferences alternately in Britain and West Germany. Mitchell chaired the meeting. Papers for inaugural meeting of the Society, London, 9 September 1959. Correspondence re establishment of the Society, January-August 1959. A short account of the origins of the Society may be found at F.62. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence and papers, September-December 1959, principally re Society’s ‘News Letter’ and academic exchanges. Correspondence and papers, January-March 1960. Includes papers for the committee meeting and AGM of the British Section, 18 March. The chief item under discussion was the Society’s constitution. Correspondence, April 1960. Correspondence, May 1960. meeting of Nobel prizewinners in Medicine. Chiefly re Society’s representation at Lindau Fal2sro13 1st Joint Annual Meeting on Medical Education, 30-31 July 1960. spoke on ‘Probleme der arztlichen Ausbildung in Grossbritannien’. Mitchell Correspondence re arrangements; papers for the meeting. Correspondence and papers, January-July 1961. F.16-F.18 2nd Joint Annual Meeting on Drug Action and Modern Therapy, London, 28-30 September 1961. Mitchell opened the meeting. Correspondence re arrangements. Typescript drafts in English and German of Mitchell’s contribution. Correspondence and papers, August-December 1960. Includes material re 2nd committee meeting of the British Section, 12 October. typescript draft of Mitchell’s opening address. Programme for visit of German doctors to London; programme for meeting; NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence arising. Correspondence, January-May 1962, chiefly re membership of Section. British Correspondence, June-December 1962. 3rd Joint Annual Meeting, Tiibingen, 27-29 September 1962. Programme, etc. Correspondence, January-September 1963. F.23-F.30 4th Joint Annual Meeting on the Modern Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer, Cambridge, 25-28 September 1963. Mitchell helped organise the meeting. See also C.88. F.24 1963 January-April F.27 1963 September F.25 1963 May-June F.23-F.27 F.26 1963 July-August F.23 1962 August-December Programme, information, etc. Correspondence re arrangements. Forces stationed in Germany’. radio programme ‘Modern Correspondence re BBC German service Mitchell diagnosis and treatment of cancer’ broadcast 21 September. prepared the text of the talk in English to be delivered by E. Kawerau in German. Includes typescript of Mitchell’s text. Correspondence, January-July 1964, chiefly re ‘influx of members from H.M. Correspondence arising from meeting, October-December 1963. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Anglo-German Psychiatric Conference, Edinburgh, 14-16 May 1964. conference was sponsored by the Society. address. This Mitchell gave the opening Correspondence re arrangements; programme; information; typescript of Mitchell’s address. Correspondence, August-December 1964. 5th Joint Annual Meeting, West Berlin, 1-3 October 1964. Correspondence re arrangements. Includes material for Correspondence and papers, January-May 1965. committee meeting of the British Section, London, 10 March, and plan for a ‘German House of Medicine’ in London. Symposium on Medical Genetics, London and Caterham, 3-4 June 1965. Correspondence re arrangements; programme. 1 October 1966. Correspondence and papers, June-December 1965. Correspondence re arrangements; programme. 6th Joint Annual Meeting, Manchester, 23-25 September 1965. Correspondence re arrangements. Correspondence, re cancellation of planned symposium on Medicine in the Tropics sponsored by the Society. 7th Joint Annual Meeting, Bad Nauheim, 29 September - Correspondence, August-December 1966, principally re joint meeting of the Anglo-Continental and Anglo-German Medical 15 November. Societies, London, January-July 1966. Includes correspondence NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence and papers, January-April 1967, principally re committee meeting of the British Section, London, 11 February. Correspondence and papers re visit of German doctors to Cambridge, 4 May 1967. Includes 5pp duplicated typescript draft of Mitchell’s talk. Mitchell gave a talk on ‘Cambridge und die Medizin’. Correspondence, May-August 1967, principally re proposed visit of German doctors and medical health officers to Cambridge. The visit was cancelled. Also includes draft publicity statement about the Society. 8th Joint Annual Meeting on Gerontology, Glasgow, 14-16 September 1967. Mitchell delivered the welcoming address. Correspondence and papers re arrangements; draft of Mitchell’s address. programme; manuscript Correspondence and papers, September-December 1967. Correspondence and papers, March-June 1968. Correspondence and papers, January-February 1968, principally re first meeting of Minster branch of the Society. Correspondence and papers, July-October 1968, including material re committee meeting of the British Section, London, 24 October. Correspondence, January-June 1969, principally re committee membership. 9th Joint Annual Meeting on Infectious and Transmittable Diseases, Kiel, 19- 21 September 1968. Correspondence re speakers from Britain; correspondence arising. programmes; abstracts; NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 10th Joint Annual Meeting, Brighton, 8-11 September 1969. Programme; provisional list of delegates; etc. Correspondence and papers, January-November 1970. 11th Joint Annual Meeting on Renal Disease in Hospital and General Practice, Freiburg, 9-12 September 1970. Invitation; programme; etc. Correspondence, 1971, principally re meeting of the Minster Branch, 26 April, and the future of the Anglo-German Medical Review. List of Society members, 1971. Correspondence and papers, January-October 1972, principally re student exchanges. Mitchell planned to attend but withdrew. Correspondence re arrangements; contributions; etc. programme; abstracts of British Correspondence and papers, 1973. 13th Joint Annual Meeting on Chronic Broncho-pulmonary Disease, West Berlin, 20-24 September 1972. by Mitchell. Correspondence and papers, 1976. Includes manuscript draft of a ‘short historical note about the beginnings of the Anglo-German Medical Society’ Correspondence and papers, 1974, principally re committee meetings of the British Section. Correspondence, 1975, principally re committee meetings of the British Section. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence and papers, 1977-78, principally re committee meetings of the British Section. Correspondence and papers, 1979-81. 20th Joint Annual Meeting on Rheumatic Diseases, Bath, 19-22 September 1979. Information; Mitchell); manuscript notes on proceedings; photograph of Mitchell at the Meeting. abstracts (some annotated by programme; 21st Joint Annual Meeting, Munster, 24-27 September 1980. Programme; abstracts (some annotated by Mitchell). Correspondence and papers, 1982-83. 25th Joint Annual Conference, Celle, 12-15 September 1984. Programme; manuscript notes on proceedings. Notices of meetings 1974-76; enquiry re transplantable tumours, 1980. Anglo-German Medical Society Newsletters, 1975, 1983, 1984, 1986. Correspondence and papers, 1984-86, principally re committee meetings of the British Section. Mitchell. Programme for 18th AGM, Cambridge, 23-25 March 1977, annotated by BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR CANCER RESEARCH 1974-77, 1980 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.73-F.76 BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY 1973-84 Mitchell joined the Association shortly after its formation in 1972. The material consists chiefly of papers for meetings of the Association. acs 1973 75°. 1976 F.74 1974-75 F.76 1978-84 BRITISH BREAST GROUP 1976, 1980 Papers for and Mitchell’s manuscript notes on meetings, 10 April 1976 and 4 July 1980. F.78-F.83 BRITISH CANCER COUNCIL 1970, 1974-77 The British Cancer Council was established in 1968 ‘to promote education on the subject of cancer prevention, treatment and after-care’. Mitchell was a Vice-President. The material is principally papers for meetings of the Council and its executive committee. 6 folders. F.78 F.83 1977 F.84-F.100 F.80 1975 F.79 1974 July-November F.81 1976 January-July F.82 1976 August-December 1970, 1974 March-May BRITISH COMMITTEE ON RADIOLOGICAL UNITS (later BRITISH COMMITTEE ON RADIATION UNITS AND MEASUREMENTS) was established. Mitchell served on this body 1970-73. Mitchell was a member of the British Committee on Radiological Units as a representative of the British Institute of Radiology and the Royal Society. The Committee worked in collaboration with the International Commission on Radiological Units but when this liaison effectively ended in 1958 the Committee met less frequently. An ad hoc committee was established in 1965, with Mitchell as a member, to consider the future of the Committee on Radiological Units. It recommended that the Committee be reorganised and in 1967 the British Committee on Radiation Units and Measurements NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.84-F.86 British Committee on Radiological Units. Correspondence and papers re committee meetings 1958-65. F.84 1958, 1961 F.86 1965 F.85 1963-64 Ad hoc committee on the future of the British Committee on Radiological Units. Correspondence and papers re meetings of the committee, 1965, and preparations for the reorganisation of the British Committee, 1966-67. F.88-F.100 British Committee on Radiation Units and Measurements. Invitation to serve on the Committee on the retirement of W.V. Mayneord, 2 February 1970, with brief correspondence arising. F.98 1972 (2) F.99 1972 (3) F.100 1973 1983-85 F.91 F.89-F.100 Papers for Committee meetings, 1970-73. F.93 1970 May F.92 1970 April F.97 1972 (1) F.95 1971 January F.90 1970 February (2) F.89 1970 February (1) F.94 1970 June-December 1970 February (3) F.96 1971 February Papers for 7th and 8th AGMs. This multidisciplinary group was formed in 1983 to study psychological and social dimensions of cancer. BRITISH RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION ASSOCIATION LIMITED BRITISH PSYCHOSOCIAL ONCOLOGY GROUP Papers for meetings. 1977, 1978 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell BRITISH SOCIETY FOR CELL BIOLOGY Re membership. CAMBRIDGE MEDICAL SOCIETY 1963, 1974, 1978-80, nd. Papers for meetings; invitation (declined) to serve as President 1978-79. CAMBRIDGE SOCIETY Papers for AGM. COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY INTO IONISING RADIATION (SOUTH AFRICA) 1960 Query on the use of X-ray treatment of dermatological conditions, with Mitchell’s reply. F.107-F.112 COMMISSION OF THE CHURCHES ON INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS 1957-69 Medical Bulletins 1 and 2 (1957). Correspondence 1957 re meeting to discuss nuclear fallout; serve on the Consultative Committee. invitation to Mitchell became a member of the Medical Consultative Committee in 1957. This Committee was suspended in 1963 and wound up in 1965. Medical Bulletin 9 (1962); Commission Report 1961-62. Papers re 17th meeting of the Commission’s Executive Committee, Paris, 1-4 August 1962. Medical Bulletins 3 (1958), 5 (1960), 7 and 8 (1961). NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence 1963-65, 1969. Includes correspondence re suspension of the Medical Consultative Committee. F.113-F.123 COMMITTEE OF VICE-CHANCELLORS AND PRINCIPALS (CVCP) 1957-65 In 1957 the CVCP established a small Radio-Active Substances (Universities) Subcommittee under J.E. Harris to consider the operation of the 1948 Radioactive Substances Act within universities. Mitchell served on the subcommittee which met twice, in 1957 and 1958. On its recommendation a Standing Subcommittee on Radiation Hazards was set up, chaired by W.V. Mayneord. Mitchell agreed to serve. The chief concern of the Standing Subcommittee was the formulation of a standard Code of Practice for the protection of those working with radioactive substances. A first draft was completed by September 1959 and the second, prepared by Mitchell, was distributed in 1961. Correspondence re establishment of Radio-Active Substances (Universities) Subcommittee 1957. Correspondence and papers re 2nd meeting of the Subcommittee, 12 February 1958. F.117-F.119 ionizing radiations in Correspondence and papers, January-May 1959. meeting of subcommittee, 20 January. Includes papers re 2nd the Standing Subcommittee on Correspondence re establishment of Radiation Hazards, June-September 1958, and correspondence and papers re ist meeting, 22 October 1958. 1961. Comments on the first draft ‘Code of Practice for the protection of persons exposed to university laboratories’, September- November 1959. Includes note of meeting of radiation protection officers with the Standing Subcommittee to discuss the draft, 28 September. 3 folders. Correspondence re preparation of the second draft, October 1959 - February 1960, and distribution of final Code of Practice, February-March NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence re revision of Code of Practice ‘In the light of the proposed Ministry of Labour Code of Practice for Research Establishments’, 1963-64. a handbook which has been prepared ... Papers for meeting of the Standing Subcommittee ‘to consider the draft text of for use in universities in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour Code of Practice for the protection of persons exposed to ionising radiations in research and teaching’, 3 May 1965; papers re draft, 1965. Copy of ‘Radiological Protection in the Universities. A supplementary handbook to the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Health Codes of Practice’ by H.D. Evans. Retained in original binding. EUROPEAN NUCLEAR MEDICINE SOCIETY Membership. F125; F126 EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF THERAPEUTIC RADIOLOGY AND ONCOLOGY 1982, 1984, 1986 Correspondence, 1982. Rohe, te. 1eo FOREIGN OFFICE 1946-48 Correspondence and papers, 1984, 1986. Mitchell served on the Physics Panel of the Research Branch of the Control Commission for Germany from 1947. Correspondence, 1947-48. Correspondence, principally with N.F. Mott, Chairman of the Panel, 1946-47. Includes letters on the supply of radioactive isotopes to German universities. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell HOSPITAL PHYSICISTS’ ASSOCIATION 1952, 1981, 1985, 1986 Mitchell was an Honorary Member. Timetable for Association summer-school, September 1952; miscellaneous correspondence. F.130-F.132 INTERNATIONAL CLUB OF RADIOTHERAPISTS 1953-70 The Club was formed in 1953 as the International Radiotherapists’ Visiting Club. Invitation to join; correspondence, 1953-59 Correspondence and papers, 1962-65. Correspondence, 1967-70, including Mitchell’s appointment as Emeritus member of the Club, December 1969. F.133-F.138 INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION 1950, 1956-60 revised Recommendations of the Invitation to serve, 9 November 1950; correspondence and papers, 1956-57. Includes ‘Report on amendments during 1956 to the Recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection’. Mitchell was vice-chairman of Committee IV considering ‘Protection against X-rays above 3MV and heavy particles including neutrons and protons’ for the International Commission on Radiological Protection, published in 1959. 1958 - June 1959. Final draft Report of Committee IV, March 1958; related correspondence, March-April 1958. Correspondence and papers re report of the Main Commission, September Draft Report of Committee IV, February 1958. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Copy of the Recommendations. Draft of revised Committee IV report, 1960. F.139-F.162 INTERNATIONAL UNION AGAINST CANCER 1954-58 Mitchell joined the Chemotherapy Committee of the Commission on Cancer Research as its British member in 1955. He also formed and chaired the Chemotherapy Committee’s Great Britain and Ireland Subcommittee 1955- 58. Most of the material relates to conferences on chemotherapy organised by the Union. Correspondence re Mitchell’s appointment and related matters, 1954-55. F.140-F.145 European Symposium on Chemotherapy of Cancer, Oslo, 21-25 May 1956. Mitchell was an organiser and spoke on ‘Some laboratory and clinical studies of radiosensitisers’. See also D.166, D.167 Secretaryship of the Great Britain and Ireland F.147-F.149 F.140-F.144 Correspondence re arrangements. 5 folders. Correspondence re Subcommittee 1956. Programme; correspondence arising, May-July 1956. Meeting of the Great Britain and Ireland Subcommittee, Cambridge, 26-27 July 1957. Papers re arrangements for meeting; correspondence arising, etc. Correspondence re arrangements. 2 folders. F.147, F.148 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.150-F.152 7th International Cancer Congress, London, 6-12 July 1958. Mitchell presented a paper on ‘Some recent laboratory studies of some chemical radiosensitisers’, with |. Simon-Reuss and E.A. King (Bibliog. 66). 20pp typescript draft plus 2pp summary. Figures and tables for the preceding. Correspondence re post-Congress visits to Cambridge by participants. F.153-F.159 International Symposium on Cancer Chemotherapy, 13-15 July Mitchell was director of the organising committee. See also C.85. 1958. F.153-F.156 Correspondence re arrangements. 4 folders. List of participants; programmes. F.160, F.161 Correspondence re arrangements. 2 folders. Reports on the symposium. Correspondence arising. Meeting of Great Britain and Ireland Subcommittee, ICI Alderley Park and Christie Hospital Manchester, 6-7 November 1958. See also C.85. proceedings. Brief correspondence re Mitchell’s resignation from chairmanship of the Great Britain and Ireland Subcommittee, November 1958. Papers for meetings, including the 1st Lister Institute Research Fellowship meeting, Cambridge, 2-3 August 1985, with Mitchell’s manuscript notes on LISTER INSTITUTE OF PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE 1982-86 Mitchell was a member of the Institute. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.164-F.393 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (MRC) 1946-82 The material covers Mitchell’s service from 1946 on MRC committees and panels established after the war to advise on radiation hazards and the medical applications of radiation. Mitchell sat on most of these bodies; the best documented here being the Committee on the Medical and Biological Applications of Nuclear Physics and the Committee on Protection against lonising Radiations. On behalf of the MRC Mitchell attended a number of the Tripartite Conferences (Britain, the USA and Canada) held between 1948-53 to formulate programmes of study and lay down standards for permissible doses of radiation and assisted Danish investigations into thorotrast, a solution of thorium dioxide which had been widely used in Denmark for radiological investigations and which had been identified as a possible cause of illness in a number of patients. In 1959, however, with research and administrative responsibilities in Cambridge placing greater demands on by then extensive MRC commitments (see F.175). Mitchell reduced his time, his The material is presented as follows: F.164-F.183 | General correspondence and papers F.184-F.208 Tripartite Conferences F.209-F.237 Advisory Panel on the Allocation of Radioactive Isotopes for Clinical Research Biophysics Committee F.238 F.239 F.240-F.244 F.245-F.247 F.248-F.319 F.248-F.254 General correspondence and papers Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation Committee on the Medical and Biological Applications of Nuclear Physics Committee on the Hazards to Man of Nuclear and Allied Radiations Committee appointed to report on the health and safety aspects of the accident at Windscale, October 1957 Tolerance Doses Panel F.286-F.316 Protection Subcommittee F.255-F.285 Clinical Subcommittee F.281-F.284 Isotopes Panel F.286-F.300 General F.255-F.280 General F.285 Radio Cobalt Panel F.301-F.316 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.317-F.319 Trace Elements Subcommittee F.320-F.375 | Committee on Protection against lonising Radiations F.320, F.321 General correspondence and papers F.322-F.372 Subcommittee on Internal Radiations F.322-F.361 Thorotrast F.362-F.372 General F.373-F.375 Other subcommittees F.376, F.377 Joint MRC/AEA Coordinating Committee for Radiobiological Research F.378-F.380 Panel on Atomic Bomb Explosions F.381-F.385 | Nuclear Hazards (Civil) Committee F.386-F.388 Nuclear Hazards (Military) Committee F.389-F.391 Radiobiology Committee F.392, F.393 Subcommittee on the Christie Hospital and the Holt Radium Institute, Manchester General correspondence and papers 1947-82 1948. Includes material re meeting at the MRC ‘to discuss the synchroton programme’ in view of escalating costs, 17 September. 1947. Research proposal to use radioactive sodium for experimental studies on man, passed to Mitchell for comment. With Mitchell’s manuscript notes on radioactive sodium and draft reply. the USA on biological applications of nuclear energy. 1949. Copy of request from the Royal Navy Medical Department ‘on the question of obtaining assistance and advice on the problems which have arisen from the introduction of atomic energy into warfare’ with a statement on the principal problems, 5 May. 1950. Includes brief correspondence from H.P. Himsworth re liaison with NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1954. Includes ‘Memorandum on present methods in radioactive isotope therapy and some quantitative aspects of the use of radioactive isotopes in clinical investigations’ by Mitchell, 31pp typescript sent to the MRC 30 November 1954. 1955 January. Includes Mitchell’s ‘Translation of part of a “Confidential” Swedish Report: Studies of the influence of roentgen irradiation, with and without the addition of protecting substance, upon the fertility and mutation frequency in mice’, arising from an informal meeting of the Swedish Medical Defence Research Council attended by Mitchell. 1955 August, September. Draft report on ‘The value of supervoltage therapy in the 1-10 MeV range’ sent to Mitchell for comment 15 August. With Mitchell’s reply of 5 September. 1955 December. Revised draft report. 1955-56. Includes reports of effects of meetings on pathological 1957 January. Correspondence re Mitchell’s membership of MRC committees. to 1959. Mitchell wished to reduce his commitments in order to concentrate on his research. be able 1957. radiostrontium attended by Mitchell. agriculture. 1960-63. on radioactive fall-out in the light of the resumption of nuclear weapon testing’ 24 October 1961, annotated by Mitchell, and correspondence with W.H. Thorpe re MRC research into the effects of toxic chemicals used in Medical Research Council Includes ‘Statement by the NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1965. Papers from symposium on the scientific basis of radiation dose fractionation effects, MRC, 29-30 January, sent to Mitchell who was unable to be present. 1968. Material re conference to discuss the possible risks arising from exposing children to radiation for experimental procedures, MRC, 19 March. Includes draft minutes of the conference. 1970. Correspondence re the use of californium-252. 1971-82. Tripartite Conferences 1948-54, 1979 F.184-F.194 Visit to USA, 25 March - 14 April 1948. Post-war co-operation between Britain, Canada and the USA on the uses of nuclear energy included a series of tripartite meetings, among them the Tripartite Conferences on Permissible Doses, which met between 1948-53 to formulate programmes of study and lay down basic standards for tolerance doses of radiation. Mitchell attended a number of these on behalf of the MRC. Mitchell also attended a Tripartite Conference on effects of atomic explosions held in Washington DC in 1954. See also F.315. note of reports in which he was interested (F.185-F.188). Mitchell visited the USA principally to attend a Tripartite Conference in Washington DC as a member of the British Medical Mission. The main item under discussion was ‘Experimental work to determine tolerances’. He reported back to the Tolerance Doses Panel of the Protection Subcommittee of the Committee on the Medical and Biological Applications of Nuclear Physics (F.301-F.316). Annotated typescript notes for meeting to brief the Medical Mission, 16 March; list of US scientific reports with brief correspondence and Mitchell’s While in the USA Mitchell visited colleagues at a number of US research establishments (see also C.79, C.80). NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.185-F.188 Abstracts of US scientific reports, some stamped ‘Joseph S. Mitchell’. 4 folders. F.189-F.191 Manuscript draft of Mitchell’s ‘Report on visit to U.S.A.’, paginated 1-111 (pages 51-69 missing). 3 folders. ‘Report on visit to U.S.A.’, 4 May 1948. This was submitted to the Tolerance Doses Panel Report of D.G. Catcheside, 22 May 1948. Correspondence re Mitchell’s report, April-June 1948. F.195-F.197 Tripartite Conference on Permissible Doses, Chalk River, Canada, 29-30 September 1949. Mitchell reported back to the Tolerance Doses Panel Draft agenda and minutes, corrections and notes for the draft minutes. Report of the British delegation to the conference; brief correspondence arising. Final (Canadian) Report on the conference, based on the British report, May 1950. The minutes were presented at the 27th meeting of the Tolerance Doses Panel (F.315). to meet the US and Canadian delegates. Agenda of 30th meeting of Tolerance Doses Panel, 6 August 1950. This meeting was held as part of the Tripartite Conference on Permissible Doses, Buckland House, Berkshire. Folder also includes formal invitation (declined) NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.199-F.201 Visit to USA, March-April 1953. Mitchell attended the Tripartite Conference on Permissible Doses at Harriman, NY, 30 March - 1 April. He reported back to the Internal Radiation Subcommittee of the MRC Committee on Protection against lonising Radiations. While in the USA Mitchell visited colleagues at a number of US research establishments. Correspondence re arrangements. 3 folders. F.202-F.207 Tripartite Conference on Effects of Atomic Explosions on Human Beings and their Environment, Washington DC, February 1954. Mitchell, Spoke on ‘Relative biological efficiency of pulsed 30 MeV, x-rays and Ir ~~ gamma rays’. Annotated agenda covering 15-19 February; 3pp typescript summary of Mitchell’s contribution with manuscript notes found attached; manuscript notes (? on proceedings). F.203-F.207 Material found with preceding. ‘Information [on effects of nuclear explosions] requested from the United Kingdom’; of exposure to radiation from nuclear explosions, table IV ‘Effects of beta-radiation’ annotated by Mitchell; typescript note ‘List Il. Biological effects of atomic weapons’. tables of effects Typescript sheets on radioactive fall-out from ‘Operation Hurricane’. This was the name given to the first British atomic test at Monte Bello, Australia, 3 October 1952. University of Rochester NY Atomic Energy Project, 1953. Mitchell’s graph for ‘Approximate estimate of mortality in man for total body irradiation with filtered 200-250 kV x radiation in a single exposure’; ‘Lethal x and gamma radiation’ by R.H. Mole, latest bibliographical doses of reference 1948; ‘Immediate mortality from 50-100r x-radiation’ anon.; typescript notes on ‘External beta-source application’. ‘Thermal burns from the Atomic Bomb’ by H.E. Pearse and H.D. Kingsley, NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell ‘The uptake of fission fall-out material by plants and animals’, US Atomic Energy Commission, 1953. Letter to Mitchell, 18 September 1979, requesting material for collection of papers relating to the Tripartite Conferences. Advisory Panel on the Allocation of Radioactive Isotopes for Clinical Research 1946-57, 1976-79 The Panel was formed in 1948, partly in response to US restrictions on the supply of radioactive isotopes, to organise the ‘efficient distribution and assay of radioactive and stable isotopes required as tracer elements for purposes of research and of radioactive isotopes for therapeutic purposes’. It replaced the Trace Elements Subcommittee of which Mitchell was also a member (see F.317-F.319). 1976 the Department of In over responsibility for the allocation of isotopes and formed the Isotope Advisory Panel on which Mitchell served for two years. In 1979 the Panel was disbanded and replaced by the Statutory Radiopharmaceutical Advisory Committee. Security took Health Social and F.209, F.210 Background material re establishment of Panel. US Atomic Energy Commission ‘Information for foreign governments concerning procedures for obtaining radioisotopes’, 20 October 1947. ‘Note of Meeting at the Royal Institution on 7th January, 1946’ to discuss arrangements for distribution and assay of isotopes. Australian Scientific Research Liaison Office, Washington DC, report on ‘Utilization of isotopes in research’, 2 May 1946. Draft report on ‘Availability of isotopes for British workers’ dated by Mitchell 8 January 1948. compounds’, 8 July 1948. Copy of US Atomic Energy Commission Isotopes Division Circular ‘Atomic Energy Commission policy on production and distribution of isotope-labelled ‘Revised list of [British] biological research projects utilising radioactive isotopes - March, 1948’. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence re applications for isotopes, September 1948. These were handled by the Tracer Elements Sub-Committee before the Panel officially came into existence on 1 October. F.212-F.221 Correspondence re requests for radioactive isotopes passed to Mitchell for comment, 1948-54. Also includes the requests Mitchell himself sent to the Panel. F.212 1948 October F.217 1949 May-June F.213 1948 November F.218 1949 July-August F.214 1948 December F.219 1949 September-December F.215 1949 January-February F.220 1950-51 F.216 1949 March-April F.221 1952-54 Minutes of meeting on isotope assay standardisation, MRC, 23 November 1948. Mitchell was not present. F.224 1952 F.226 1955 P2277 1957 F.223-F.227 F.223 1949, 1951 F.225 1954 That 1954 is chiefly re preliminary list Correspondence and papers re meetings of the Panel, 1949-57. Those 1955 are for the Panel’s Subcommittee on Methods of Decontrol. Correspondence, 1954-55. of permissible isotopes for clinical use and proposed new arrangements for registration of cases treated with radioactive isotopes. isotopes in clinical medicine and research in the UK’. Invitation to serve on the Isotope Advisory Panel under DHSS administration, 28 April 1976; preliminary correspondence and background information. The role of the Panel was defined as advising ‘on the use of radioactive NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.230-F.234 Correspondence re requests to use, or for advice on, radioactive isotopes passed to Mitchell for comment 1976-79. F.230 1976 F.231 1977 F.232 1978 (1) F.233 1978 (2) F.234 1979 F.235, F.236 Papers Regulations 1977. The re Medicines (Administration of Radiopharmaceuticals) The Panel advised on the drawing up of the regulations to implement a European Community Directive. These included the creation of a Statutory Advisory Committee to replace the Advisory Panel. First draft of regulations; ‘Notes for guidance on the Regulations’; etc. Final draft of regulations and associated orders, distributed September 1977. Constitution 1948; 1951; papers for visit of committee to Cambridge, 25 May letter announcing disbandment of committee, 27 April 1954. Biophysics Committee The committee was formed ‘to advise and assist ... research in biophysics’ in 1948. Mitchell agreed to serve. in the promotion of Brief correspondence re dissolution of Isotope Advisory Panel 1977, 1979; papers for meeting of the Panel, 20 July 1977. etc. Untitled note (? by Mitchell) beginning ‘The meeting on October 25th about Windscale left rather a discrepancy between the bases used for calculating levels of radioiodine and of radiostrontium in milk’, 3pp typescript; copy of letter to B. Lush from E.E. Pochin re ingestion of 131), copy of Report of the Committee of Inquiry (Cmnd.302, November 1957); This committee gave evidence to the UKAEA Committee of Inquiry on the Windscale Accident. Mitchell was a member. Committee appointed to report on the health and safety aspects of the accident at Windscale, October 1957 1948, 1951, 1954 1957 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Committee on the Hazards to Man of Nuclear and Allied Radiations 1956, 1959-60, 1968 This Committee was established in 1955 under the Chairmanship of Sir Harold Himsworth, Secretary of the MRC, to report to the House of Commons. It submitted its Report in 1956, but continued in being until 1968 when Himsworth retired although it had last met in 1960. Copy of Report The Hazards to Man of Nuclear and Allied Radiations (Cmnd.9780, June 1956). Mitchell contributed especially to chapter IV on ‘The genetic effects of radiation’. Includes copy of letter, 29 October, Correspondence and papers, 1959. from Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, Cambridge, to Himsworth re increase in carbon content of oat crop, 1953-59. F.242, F.243 Committee papers, 1960. 2 folders. F.243 includes ‘Considerations of the genetic hazard to Man of radio-carbon-14’ by Mitchell. Letter re dissolution of committee, 9 July 1968. 1955-56 1946-50 Papers by F.W. Spiers 1955, 1956. Committee on Medical Aspects of Nuclear Radiation ‘Summary of the results of the Danish thorotrast investigation’ by Mitchell, May 1955. Report for the Panel on Individual Effects. See F.322-F.361. ‘Note on the “doubling dose” in May’ by Mitchell, June 1955. Report for Panel on Genetic Effects. Includes manuscript draft of report. Trace Elements Subcommittee Committee on the Medical and Biological Applications of Nuclear Physics F.248-F.254 General correspondence and papers The material is presented as follows: F.255-F.285 Clinical Subcommittee F.286-F.316 Protection Subcommittee F.317-F.319 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell General correspondence and papers Chiefly papers re meetings of the main committee 1946-50. third meeting of the Committee, 8 August 1946; Agenda for ‘The therapeutic applications of high energy beta and gamma radiations, with special reference to Betatrons for voltages up to 50 MEV’ by Mitchell and L.H. Gray, prepared for the meeting; material found with preceding including ‘Memorandum on the need for a cyclotron for medical and biological investigations’ by Mitchell. Minutes of fifth meeting, 23 January 1947; brief correspondence re 30 MeV synchrotrons, April 1947; etc. Agenda and minutes re meeting of Chairmen and Secretaries of the Committee’s subcommittees, 18 September 1947, with ‘Note on therapeutic applications of radioactive isotopes’ prepared by Mitchell for the meeting, and and _ radio- phosphorus. correspondence re radio-strontium treatment with agenda and minutes of 10th Papers re 11th meeting, 9 March 1949. Minutes of 9th meeting, 8 October 1948; meeting, 1 December 1948. Brief correspondence, January 1948, re possible conference on medical and biological applications of nuclear physics; minutes of 7th meeting, 4 February 1948; papers re 8th meeting, 22 July 1948. 17 October 1950; papers re 12th meeting, 24 October 1950. Correspondence and papers re Conference on the reorganisation of the Committee on the Medical and Biological Applications of Nuclear Physics NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Clinical Subcommittee This subcommittee, of which Mitchell was the Secretary, was responsible for overseeing clinical trials. It held its first meeting in March 1946. Much of the material relates to the development of radiotherapeutic equipment. F.255-F.280 General F.281-F.284 Isotopes Panel F.285 Radio Cobalt Panel F.255-F.280 General Letter re circulation of subcommittee papers; March 1946; 1947. minutes of 1st meeting, 7 correspondence re subcommittee membership, December Agenda, minutes and Mitchell’s manuscript notes on third meeting, 29 January 1948; the applications of nuclear physics in medicine’ approved at the meeting. See also D.145. ‘Synopsis of proposed scheme of research into Correspondence, July-August 1948. Correspondence, February-June 1948. Includes letter from National Radium Commission re radioactive isotope use in therapy, 6 April, and Mitchell’s comments sent to Sir Henry Dale, 4 June. substitute for radium. Correspondence, September 1948, re agenda of 4th meeting. Includes Mitchell’s drafts of ‘Note on progress’ on the medical cyclotron and synchrotrons and on isotopes for clinical research, and ‘Radioactive isotopes for clinical research’. Papers re 4th meeting, 30 September 1948; correspondence arising. Correspondence re agenda of 5th meeting, chiefly radio-cobalt as a NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Papers re 5th meeting, 20 January 1949. Radio Cobalt Panel. See also C.18, F.285. This meeting established the Correspondence and papers, February-April 1949. Papers re 6th meeting, 28 April 1949. Correspondence, April-September 1949. Correspondence re agenda of 7th meeting. F.267, F.268 Papers re 7th meeting, 27 October 1949. 2 folders. Correspondence, October 1949 - February 1950. re _ supply of radioactive isotopes F.272-F.280 Papers re 8th and 9th meetings, 16 December 1949 and 28 June 1950. Minutes of 10th and 11th meetings of the US National Research Council Committee on Atomic Casualties circulated to the clinical subcommittee, November 1950. Correspondence (especially radiophosphorus) and radiotherapy equipment for clinical trials, 1946-48. See also the Isotope Advisory Panel F.209-F.237. 1947 April-September F.277 1947 October-December F.278 1948 January-February F.280 1948 June-December 1946 October-December F.279 1948 March-May F.272 1946 July-September F.275 1947 February-March F.274 1947 January F.273 F.276 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.281-F.284 Isotopes Panel This Panel was formed to recommend arrangements for clinical trials of the radiotherapeutic possibilities isotopes. Mitchell was Acting Secretary. of radiophosphorus and other Correspondence and minutes re 1st meeting, 23 January 1947. Correspondence re supply of radiophosphorus, etc., June 1947. Correspondence and papers re 2nd meeting, 9 January 1948. Correspondence and papers, January 1948. Includes Mitchell’s ‘Draft statement’ on ‘Radioactive isotopes for therapeutic investigations’ prepared for the Panel, with Sir Henry Dale’s suggested amendments and the subsequent ‘Revised draft statement’. Radio Cobalt Panel applications minutes of Protection Subcommittee Mitchell was Secretary. research therapeutic into ist meeting, 5 May 1949 and 3rd Correspondence, 1949; meeting, 8 February 1950. The Subcommittee was established in January 1946 to consider ‘the protection of radiation workers against hazards to health’. It was chaired by Sir Ernest Rock Carling. This Panel was established at a meeting of the clinical subcommittee in The Panel was to January 1949 (see F.262). correlate programmes of of radiocobalt. Papers re 1st meeting, 8 February 1946. F.301-F.316 Tolerance Doses Panel F.286-F.300 General F.286-F.300 General NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence re meeting of Panel appointed to consider standardized record forms, 19 March 1946; manuscript notes on meeting with J.B.S. Haldane to consider the question of research into the genetic effects of radiations, and copy of letter from Haldane to Carling reporting their conclusions. Papers re 2nd meeting, 10 May 1946. Correspondence, September 1945 - June 1946, re supply of ultra-violet photomicrographic equipment. At the second meeting of the subcommittee Mitchell was asked to apply to the MRC for ultra-violet photomicrographic equipment for AERE Harwell and Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Found with this material was earlier correspondence re Mitchell’s attempts to obtain such equipment for the Cambridge Department of Radiotherapeutics. three complete sets of Papers re 3rd meeting, 4 July 1946; brief correspondence. This meeting established the Papers re 6th meeting, 17 April 1947. Papers re 7th meeting, 8 May 1947; agenda of 8th meeting. 3 June 1947. Papers re 5th meeting, 11 October 1946. Tolerance Doses Panel (F.301-F.316). Papers re 4th meeting, 23 July 1946. Mitchell presented a ‘Note on the safe level for radioactive contaminants in drinking water’. meeting of Health Records Panel. Papers re 11th and 12th meetings, 10 June and 8 October 1948; letter re Correspondence and papers, June-November 1947. Papers re 9th and 10th Meetings, 29 January and 18 March 1948. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Papers re 15th, 16th and 17th meetings, 24 November 1949, 30 March and 6 July 1950. F.299, F.300 Manuscript and typescript papers found with subcommittee material. ‘Note on information required for the investigation of the health hazards of radiations and radioactive substances’ by Mitchell , 14pp manuscript, 14 March 1946; minutes of meeting of [US] Health Radiation Advisory Committee, 30 May 1946; note on ‘Atom Bomb Trials held at Bikini on 21st and 25th July 1946’. 4pp Mitchell, ‘Note on hazards of a single exposure to small doses of gamma radiation’ by 1948; memorandum on ‘Levels of radioactivity in water and food that can be permitted under emergency conditions in wartime’ by W.F. 10 November 1950; etc. November typescript summary, Bale, plus 13 F.301-F.316 Tolerance Doses Panel Papers re 3rd meeting, 20 June 1947. The Tolerance Doses Panel was established at the fifth meeting of the subcommittee in October 1946 (F.292) to prepare recommendations on tolerance doses for ionising radiations. Papers re 2nd meeting, 1 May 1947; minutes of emergency meeting, 3 June 1947; minutes of meeting held at the Radiochemical Centre, Amersham, ‘to consider the [US] Springfield Health Programme’, 6 June 1947. called to consider tolerance doses in drinking water. Papers re 7th meeting, 29 January 1948. This was an emergency meeting Papers re 4th and 5th meetings, 2 October and 4 November 1947. Papers re 6th meeting, 4 December 1947. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Papers re 8th meeting, 24 February 1948. Includes Mitchell’s memorandum on ‘Changes in the peripheral blood in relation to the tolerance dose of gamma radiation’ presented at the meeting. Manuscript and typescript drafts of Mitchell’s memorandum. Papers re 10th and 11th meetings, 6 and 27 May 1948; agenda of 12th meeting, 11 June 1948. Papers re 13th and 14th meetings, 5 August and 17 September 1948. F.310, F.311 Papers re 15th meeting, 29 October 1948. 2 folders. Minutes of meeting of geneticists called at request of the Panel, 28 October; ‘Note on hazards of a single exposure to small doses of gamma radiation’ by Mitchell, 13 November, 4pp typescript plus summary; agenda of 16th meeting, 9 December 1948. Papers NP/P/TD/81-83, 94, 102, probably prepared for meeting in early 1949. Papers re 22nd, 24th, 25th and 26th meetings, 11 August 1949, and 16 February, 16 March and 4 May 1950. to attend some of its meetings. The Trace Elements Subcommittee was established ‘to advise the Medical Research Council ... on matters relating to the procurement and use of stable and radioactive elements for research purposes in medicine and Mitchell was not a member of the subcommittee but was invited biology’. Papers re 27th meeting, 25 May 1950. Permissible Doses Conference (see F.195-F.197). Includes final minutes of the 1949 Papers re 28th and 29th meetings, 15 June and 13 July 1950. For agenda of 30th meeting see F.198. Trace Elements Subcommittee NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Minutes of 1st meeting, 25 January 1946, with miscellaneous material found therewith, some dated 1945. Papers re 2nd meeting, 24 October 1946, with material found therewith, including minutes of Agricultural Research Council meeting on Tracer Atoms which Mitchell attended as an MRC representative. Papers re meetings, correspondence arising; 1947; etc. papers re meeting, 4 March 1948, with Committee on Protection against lonising Radiations 1949-1973 The material is presented as follows: F.320,F.321 General correspondence and papers F.322-F.372 | Subcommittee on Internal Radiations F.373-F.375 | Other subcommittees F.320, F.321 Subcommittee on Internal Radiations General correspondence and papers Miscellaneous typescript and duplicated typescript papers, various dates 1953-69. 2 folders. Mitchell was chairman of this subcommittee during the 1950s. The work of the full subcommittee is poorly documented, however, and the bulk of the material presented here concerns Mitchell’s work on the thorotrast problem in Denmark. problem further. Thorotrast, a colloidal solution of thorium dioxide, had been widely used in Denmark for radiological investigations. In 1949, however, it was suggested that thorotrast was the cause of several cases of obscure illnesses in patients through the accumulation of thorium in the body. The Danish investigators at the laboratory of the Finsen Institute requested MRC assistance. He made a to Denmark to investigate the thorotrast number of subsequent visits Mitchell first visited the Institute in July 1951. F.322-F.361 Thorotrast F.362-F.372 General F.322-F.361 Thorotrast NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell The material chiefly consists of correspondence and papers relating to these visits for the MRC but it also includes a little later material documenting Mitchell’s continued interest in the problem. Further Organisation from 1977 (see F.449-F.463). thorotrast work was on undertaken for the World Health Letter to Mitchell from E. Broda, Physikalisches Institut, Vienna, 22 June 1949 re carcinogenic properties of thorotrast. F.323-F.325 ‘Preliminary report on clinical radioactivity measurements’ by O.M. Henriques et al, Finsen Institute, July 1950. 3 folders. F.326-F.333 Visit to the Finsen Institute 6-18 July 1951. See also C.28. Travel arrangements etc. for visit. F.327-F.329 F.330-F.333 F.331, F.332 Incomplete typescript draft, heavily corrected. Duplicated typescript final copy of report, 58pp. 2 folders. Manuscript and typescript data on patients believed to be suffering from thorotrast poisoning. 3 folders. ‘Clinical and laboratory studies of the effects of thorotrast. Report ona visit to the Finsen Laboratory, Copenhagen from 6th-18th July, 1951.’ This report was prepared for the subcommittee, 24 September. tables. ‘Thorotrast poisoning’, private report by A.H. Ward (a physicist seconded from AERE Harwell, to join the investigation), August 1951, 32pp plus ‘Table of thorotrast patients arranged in order of increasing radioactivity of spleen + liver’, July 1951. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence re thorotrast investigations, July-December 1951. Most of the correspondence refers specifically to Mitchell’s report. Correspondence re thorotrast investigations, 1952. F.337-F.344 Visit to Denmark, July 1953. to helped organise Internal Mitchell Radioactive Contamination held in Copenhagen. In Denmark he also visited the Finsen Institute and attended a Radiobiology Symposium at Aarhus, 16- 18 July. Conference on_ confidential a Typescript draft proceedings of confidential Conference. F.338-F.344 ‘Thorotrast 19.7.53’. Contents of Mitchell’s folder so inscribed divided into seven for ease of reference. report F.340-F.343 4 folders. of MRC Occupational Manuscript and typescript notes on patients. Correspondence 1953, chiefly re confidential Conference. Copy of Health Committee Thorium Subcommittee on ‘Clinical investigation of workers exposed to thorium nitrate in the manufacture of incandescent mantles’ sent to Mitchell 15 January 1952; ‘Report of visit to Veritas gas mantle factory’ by A.C. Chamberlain and E.D. Dyson, 21 May 1953. Correspondence re arrangements. Mitchell advised on the appointment of a new Head of the Laboratory of the Finsen Institute following the death of O.M. Henriques. Typescript tables; original dose in thorotrast-bearing patients’ by J. Rundo. 7pp typescript draft ‘The possibility of determining the Visit to Finsen Institute, November 1953. F.345, F.346 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Letter from Mitchell to Chairman of the Board of Management of the Institute recording his contribution to a discussion held 23 November. Visit to Sweden and Denmark, March-April 1954 The visit was made primarily to advise on work on thorotrast at the Finsen Institute. Correspondence re travel arrangements only. Correspondence and papers re thorotrast, 1954-56. Includes papers re 1st meeting of the Radium-Thorotrast Panel of the Subcommittee on Internal Radiations, 22 April 1954. F.349, F.350 Miscellaneous literature on thorotrast. Latest item is dated 1954 but most of the material dates from the 1930s and 1940s. 2 folders. F.351-F.361 Later material on the work of the Finsen Institute and on thorotrast toxicity. F.351-F.357 F.360, F.361 A bibliography of its diagnostic use and biological effects’, Finsen Laboratory reports 1959-1970. Not a complete sequence. 7 folders. ‘Thorotrast. International Atomic Energy Authority, March 1964. ‘Prevalence of toxic effects - epidermiological observations. Experience in Denmark’ by M. Faber and Th. Miller, paper presented at meeting on dosimetry and toxicity of thorotrast, Vienna, October 1965. Thorotrast, Danish Atomic Energy Commission, Ris¢g, June 1973. 8rd International Meeting on the Toxicity of Thorotrast, Finsen Institute, Copenhagen, 25-27 April 1973. Mitchell opened the meeting. Correspondence re arrangements; annotated programme. Proceedings of the Third International Meeting on the Toxicity of NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.362-F.372 General Subcommittee correspondence and papers relating to matters other than thorotrast. F.362, F.363 Correspondence and papers, 1951, chiefly re carbon-14 tolerance levels. 2 folders. ‘Summary of Proceedings of meetings during the year ending 1/5/52’ by Mitchell and A.C. Chamberlain, 3pp duplicated typescript; ‘Summary of work of Sub-committee on Internal Radiations during year ending 1.5.52’ by Mitchell and Chamberlain, 4pp duplicated typescript. Papers re 11th meeting of subcommittee, 11 March 1954. Correspondence and papers re Joint Meeting of the Working Party on Leukaemia Research and the Subcommittee on Internal Radiations, 23 October 1956. Mitchell chaired the meeting. F.369-F.371 This Panel was established in 1959. Mitchell was chairman. Papers re 30th meeting of subcommittee, 24 September 1959. Panel to determine the dose to critical organs resulting from the inhalation of radioactive materials during a nuclear reactor accident. ‘The relative hazards of Sr9° and Ra?°’ by Margaret Hindmarsh et a/, c1957, 22pp duplicated typescript. With related material on radiostrontium, 1957 and 1960. arising from meeting. Report of Special Meeting of Panel at AERE Harwell, 28 March 1960; paper F.369, F.370 Correspondence and papers re 1st meeting, 9 November 1959. 2 folders. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Papers re subcommittee meetings, c 1960. Other subcommittees Subcommittee on External Radiations. Subcommittee papers, 1950s. Subcommittee on High Energy Radiation and Heavy Particles. Papers re 4th and 5th meetings, 27 March and 7 May 1952. Radiobiology Forum Subcommittee Subcommittee papers, 1960s. Joint MRC/AEA (Atomic Energy Authority) Coordinating Committee for Radiobiological Research 1962, 1965 Mitchell agreed to serve when the Committee was established in 1962. correspondence and Panel on Atomic Bomb Explosions 1949-57 Brief correspondence, 1965. Correspondence re establishment of Committee; papers re 1st meeting, 5 October 1962. ‘Notes on Atomic Energy for Medical Officers’. The Panel on Atomic Bomb Explosions, also known from 1949 as Sir Harold Himsworth’s Private Panel, met to consider the biological effects of atomic explosions. In 1957 the Panel was reconstituted as two committees to deal with civil and military nuclear hazards respectively. Mitchell served on the Panel from 1949 and on the Nuclear Hazards (Civil) Committee 1958-63 (F.381-F.385). He was also a member of the Nuclear Hazards (Military) Committee on its establishment (F.386-F.388). 1950 exchange re of a Ministry of Health memorandum Correspondence, Includes unpublished statements by Mitchell in 1949-51. the use NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell ‘Report of M.R.C. Observer at Operation Totem’ by J.F. Loutit, 1953. The operation was conducted in Australia to study the effects of local fall-out from a tower-burst nuclear device. Correspondence and papers, 1954-57 and nd. Nuclear Hazards (Civil) Committee 1958-63 Minutes of 1st meeting, 26 June 1958; papers re 2nd meeting, 2 June 1959. Papers re 3rd meeting, 14 September 1959. Papers re 5th meeting, 8 February 1960. Papers re 6th meeting, 7 April 1960. Nuclear Hazards (Military) Committee Minutes of 1st and 2nd meetings, 26 June and 31 July 1958. Papers re 3rd meeting, 16 October 1958. Correspondence and papers re radioactive discharges into the Thames, 1961, 1963. 5 April 1957 and discussed at the third meeting of the Committee. ‘Notes on Nuclear Warfare for Medical Officers’, War Office booklet issued NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Radiobiology Committee 1959, 1967, 1969 Exchange with Sir Harold Himsworth re location for Radiobiological Unit, 1959; ‘Note on Research in Radiobiology’ by Mitchell, November 1967, 3pp typescript. ‘Report of the Radiobiology Committee’, 1969. witness. Mitchell was an expert Papers on radiobiological research policy in West Germany sent to Mitchell November 1969. Subcommittee on the Christie Hospital and the Holt Radium Institute, Manchester 1960, 1961 Correspondence re possible reorganisation of the research laboratories at the Christie Hospital, 1960-61. F.405 Advisory Committee on Cancer and Standing Radiotherapy F.394-F.405 MINISTRY OF HEALTH F.394-F.404 Committee on Radiological Hazards to Patients Committee on Radiological Hazards to Patients Papers re meeting of the Subcommittee, 10 May 1961. ’, May 1958. This Committee was established at the end of 1956 ‘to review the present practice in diagnostic radiology and the use of radiotherapy in non- malignant conditions, having regard to the report of the [MRC] Committee on the Hazards to Man of Nuclear and Allied Radiations, and to make recommendations’. The Committee presented an Interim Report in 1959 and a Second Report in 1960. Brief correspondence, 1957; summaries of information received in response to a questionnaire on therapeutic radiology, December 1957 - March 1958; ‘Memorandum submitted by the Faculty of Radiologists ... It was chaired by Lord Adrian. 1952-60 1957-1960 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell First draft of Interim Report of the Committee, October 1958; revised draft, January 1959; final copy of Interim Report, HMSO, 1959. Correspondence and papers, December 1959 - exchange re import of thorotrast. April 1960. Includes Papers re committee meetings, 21 April and 15 June 1960. Includes draft of parts of the ‘Second Report’ of the Committee circulated on 21 April. The Second Report expanded on the findings presented in the Interim Report. ‘Committee on Radiological Hazards to Patients Internal Radiotherapy Panel Report on genetic hazards from the medical uses of radio-active isotopes in unsealed form’ by Mitchell, 23 June 1960. With correspondence arising. Papers re committee meetings, 12 and 19 July 1960, held to consider amendments and additions to the draft Second Report. F.400-F.403 Final draft of Second Report. 4 folders. Standing Advisory Committee on Cancer and Radiotherapy 1952-55 Correspondence 1952-55; papers re meeting, 23 November 1953. Brief correspondence re publication of data presented to the Committee, November-December 1960. letter to Sir Ernest Rock Carling, the Chairman. The Committee met to consider the draft of advice to the Minister of Health on the relationship between smoking and lung cancer. Mitchell was not present but expressed his support for the draft’s recommendations in a NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell F.406-F.425 MINISTRY OF SUPPLY DIRECTORATE OF ATOMIC ENERGY/ 1946-86 UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY (UKAEA) Mitchell’s formal association with the Directorate of Atomic Energy dated from January 1946 when he was appointed a consultant to the ‘Tube Alloys’ Project on his return from wartime work in Canada. He gave advice on the health and safety aspects of the British nuclear programme and was particularly concerned with determining safe of discharge of radioactive effluent from the Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE), Harwell. Mitchell’s consultancy continued after the responsibility for the civil nuclear programme was assumed by the UKAEA in 1954. levels The material is presented as follows: F.406-F.421 Ministry of Supply Directorate of Atomic Energy F.406-F.414 General and miscellaneous F.415-F.417 Tolerance Dose Committee F.418-F.420 Harwell Project Health Committee F.421 Isotope Allocation Committee F.422-F.425 United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority General and miscellaneous F.406, F.407 ‘Atomic Energy’. Contents of Mitchell’s envelope so inscribed, divided into two, January-July 1946. Ministry of Supply Directorate of Atomic Energy 1946-55 Correspondence and papers, January-April 1946. Mitchell’s appointment as ‘T.A. Consultant’. Includes exchange re Thames. ‘Note on the safe level for radioactive contaminants in drinking water’ by Mitchell, 31 May 1946, 4pp duplicated typescript; ‘Note on hazards of a single over-exposure to ionising radiations and radioactive dusts and gases by Mitchell, 1946, 3pp duplicated typescript with manuscript calculation found attached. Correspondence and papers, March-June 1946. Includes material re levels of radioactivity permissible in effluent from AERE Harwell, released into the 15 July NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Mitchell’s manuscript notes on radioactivity in drinking water. Correspondence, July-August 1946. F.411, F.412 ‘Applications of recent advances in nuclear physics to medicine’ by Mitchell, Bibliog. 24 (1946). report The original subsequently amended by Mitchell. to allow its publication. (HI 15) was dated 14 November 1945 but was In 1946 the Ministry of Supply agreed Duplicated typescript copy of HI 15 as circulated by the MRC, with letters re publication. Copy of report with extensive manuscript annotation and correction by Mitchell. Correspondence and papers, 1947-48. F.418, F.419 F.415, F.416 2 folders. Tolerance Dose Committee See also D.91. Correspondence and papers, 1952-55, nd. Correspondence, 1954-55, re visits to Windscale to discuss the discharge of effluent. Committee papers, 1947-48. 2 folders. Papers re Committee meeting, 16 July 1947. effects of radioactive effluent on fish’ by Mitchell, duplicated typescript at F.416. Notes on Committee meetings, 26 April and 30 November 1949. Include ‘Note on 10 July 1947, 2pp Harwell Project Health Committee NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Background material. Isotope Allocation Committee Papers re Committee meeting, 26 May 1948. Mitchell was not a formal member of the Committee though invited to attend the meeting, probably as a member of the MRC’s Advisory Panel for the Allocation of Radioactive Isotopes (F.209-F.237). United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority 1956-67, 1986 Correspondence and papers, 1956, 1959-62. Includes invitation (accepted) to serve on the Health and Safety Research Committee and its Panel on Radiobiological Research. Correspondence, 1963-67. NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE OF CANADA 1947 Handbook ‘Notes on Security for U.K.A.E.A. Consultants’, nd. Letter from G.I.W. Llewelyn, Head of UKAEA Programmes Branch, 28 February 1986, re the findings of the Black Inquiry into the impact of discharges from Windscale. Folder also includes copies of the 1955 evidence and the findings of the independent experts (Mitchell, Rock Carling, J.F. Loutit and W.V. Mayneord) on particulate discharges caused by the oxidation of fuel elements. Cambridge, received from the National Radium Commission, 1946. Brief correspondence. Mitchell asked for information about the Institute and offered his assistance. ‘Memorandum ... Radium treatment in war time’, 25 October 1939; Annual Report 1943. 14th F.428, F.429 Material re establishment of radiotherapy centre at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, F.427-F.430 NATIONAL RADIUM COMMISSION 1939-49 F.427 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Copies of correspondence and set of plans sent to Mitchell, January 1946. scheme for ‘A Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire’, probably intended to be the model for the Cambridge centre; provision service cancer the etc. for of a Miscellaneous correspondence, 1948-49. Includes draft on the ‘Cambridge [radiotherapy] centre’ for a history of the Commission (which had been dissolved in 1948) sent to Mitchell for comment, 26 October 1949. F.431-F.435 NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR CANCER RELIEF 1973-81 Mitchell was a member of the Society’s Cambridge Appeal to raise funds for a 25-bed continuing care unit.. The Unit (Arthur Rank House) was opened in 1981 and included a ‘Professor Joseph Mitchell Day Room’ in recognition of his work for the Appeal. Correspondence and ceremony. 5 folders. papers re planning, fund-raising and opening 1977-86 1942 CLUB Membership. ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN Correspondence and papers re meetings and membership. Membership of the 1942 Club was open to all clinical professors in the UK. served on Council, 1955-57. Invitation (accepted) to serve on the Committee on the Supervision of the Ethics of Clinical Research Investigations in Institutions, with background information. Mitchell was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1952 (see A.22). ROYAL SOCIETY F.439-F.442 1973-74 1957-84 He NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence, 1957-59. Letter from the Royal Society re the Trend Enquiry into the Organisation of Civil Science, 28 September 1962, with Mitchell’s replies setting out his views on ‘the policy of transfer to University funds of research activities which have been initiated and financed by grants from the Medical Research Council’ 4 October, and the similar policy with regard to the Agricultural Research Council, 22 November. Annotated programmes for Royal Society functions attended by Mitchell: Review lecture on ‘Cancer - the elusive enemy’ by Sir Michael Woodruff, 2 November 1972. Discussion meeting on ‘The biology of chemical carcinogenesis’, 27-28 May 1976. Discussion chromatin’, 16-17 February 1977. meeting on ‘Structure of eukaryotic chromosomes and Discussion meeting on ‘Oncogenes : their role in normal and malignant growth’, 5-6 December 1984. F.444-F.448 Printed material. Correspondence, 1980-84. UNITED OXFORD HOSPITALS SOCIETY OF INDIVIDUALISTS Mitchell advised the Oxford Regional Health Board on the development of a radiotherapy facility. biophysics at Oxford’, 3pp typescript. Mitchell’s manuscript notes on radiotherapy at Oxford, 28 May 1948; ‘Oxford plan’ of July 1948; letter from J.D. Cockcroft, 16 November 1948, requesting Mitchell prepare a short memorandum, with draft of Mitchell’s memorandum ‘The and Correspondence, 1947, re space required for radiotherapy buildings, with architects’ Mitchell’s comments. radiotherapy department and ‘revised plan’ of 1947-51 development of radiotherapy, radiobiology NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Correspondence, 1949, re Oxford University decision not to establish a department ‘for the study of radiotherapy, radiobiology and biophysics’. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1949-50. Material re new design for radiotherapy unit in Oxford, 1951. F.449-F.464 WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) 1977-1984 F.449-F.458 WHO Scientific Group on the Long-Term Effects of Radium and Thorium in Man F.459-F.463 WHO Collaborating Center for Thorotrast Studies F.464 Quality assurance in radiotogy See also G.60-G.69, G.71-G.73 and G.78-G.90. WHO Scientific Group on the Long-Term Effects of Radium and Thorium in Man 1977 Procedural proposals; lists of working papers to be presented. Correspondence re working papers; manuscript notes on working papers. Includes V. Volodin’s draft F.451-F.455 Working papers, Not a complete sequence. 5 folders. Mitchell was a consultant to this project and chaired the Group meeting in Geneva, 12-16 September 1977. The meeting produced a Group report. ‘Technical documentation to the Report’. Correspondence and papers re Group Report. Foreword. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell WHO Collaborating Center for Thorotrast Studies 1980-82 The WHO Scientific Group on the Long-Term Effects of Radium and Thorium in Man (F.449-F.458) recommended that WHO support international cooperation in research into the effects of radium and thorium. As a result the Collaborating Center for Thorotrast Studies was established in 1978 with J.D. Abbatt as Director (see H.15). Mitchell had a long-standing interest in the thorotrast problem (see F.322-F.361) and maintained contact with the Center. Correspondence, March-April 1980. Newsletter’ edited by Abbatt. Includes first issue of ‘Thorotrast Correspondence, May-June 1980. Correspondence, 1980-81. Includes correspondence re informal discussion meeting on thorotrast studies, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 15 October 1981. ‘Notes on Informal Meeting Lake Geneva, Wisconsin’. ‘Thorotrast Newsletter’ no.2, April 1982. Quality Assurance in Radiology Correspondence, 1981 and 1984, re WHO programme of quality assurance in radiology. Includes questionnaire on quality assurance completed by Mitchell. 3 folders. WORLD ORGANISATION OF UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS OF MEDICAL RADIOLOGY This body was established in to encourage discussion between academics involved in radiological research and the teaching of radiology. 1961 Outline of draft statutes; duplicated typescript comments on the statutes. F.465-F.467 1961 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell SECTION G VISITS AND CONFERENCES G.1-G.101 Not all of Mitchell’s travel and attendance at conferences is documented in this section. Mitchell attended conferences held by a number of societies and organisations, most notably the Anglo- German Medical Society (F.6-F.70), the International Union against Cancer (F.139-F.162), and the Medical Research Council (see F.184-F.208). Further material relating to his visits may be found in Mitchell’s notebooks at C.79-C.99. The presentation is chronological as far as possible. Material relating to invitations either declined or for which there is no evidence of acceptance is placed at the end of the sequence for each year. Where applicable reference has been made to the bibliography in the Royal Society memoir of Mitchell (A.1) in the form Bibliog. ... Discussion meeting on nuclear energy, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, 29 June. Brief correspondence only. Letter only. See also D.69. British-Swiss Medical Conference, September. Programme for visit to CIBA Laboratories, Basle, 19 September. Society for Experimental Biology Symposium on Nucleic Acid, Cambridge, 8-12 July. copy of the Discussion. British Medical Association Radiology Section Discussion on Radioactive Isotopes, Cambridge, 1 July. Mitchell spoke on ‘The radiotherapeutic aspect of radioactive isotopes’. Mitchell’s folder containing short report on the meeting, summaries of papers by O.R. Frisch and Mitchell, copy of paper by A.S. McFarlane, and NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 6pp typescript report on the meeting by Mitchell; report on the meeting in the Lancet; manuscript notes. Symposium on the use of radioactive isotopes in diagnosis and therapy, ?Cambridge. Mitchell’s 3pp typescript ‘Introduction’ only. 1st United Nations International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, 8-20 August. Mitchell was an official adviser for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and spoke on ‘Some problems of radio- therapeutics’ (Bibliog. 52). Correspondence re arrangements; delegates. programmes; information for UK Correspondence re Mitchell’s paper. Abstracts and papers by others. Typescript abstract of Mitchell’s paper; two different typescript drafts. brief correspondence re visit to Zurich. During this period Mitchell made a number of visits to the continent, including attendance at the European Symposium on Chemotherapy of Cancer (F.140-F.145). Material re UK Medical Exhibition at the conference. Sabbatical leave April-August. ‘Timetable for sabbatical leave’; NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Invitations for 1956 and 1957 99th Conference, Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Arzte, Hamburg, 23-26 September 1956. Discussion meeting on ‘The scientist and the hydrogen bomb’, Cambridge, 22 May 1957. Imperial Cancer Research Fund Annual Dinner, Royal College of Surgeons, 11 February. Brief correspondence only. 2nd United Nations International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, 1-13 September. Mitchell was a special adviser for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. See also C.39. Abstracts. Invitations for 1958 Correspondence re arrangements and the Mobaltron III Cobalt Therapy Unit exhibited at the Atoms for Peace Exhibition. (AERE) Harwell, 23-25 September. Agricultural Research Council Conference on the Passage of Fission Products through Food Chains, Atomic Energy Research Establishment Symposium on Cancer Chemotherapy Screening Procedures, New York, 13- 15 March. Conference on Tissue Oxygen Tension and Radiotherapy, Burlington, VT, USA, 16-17 August. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell G.16, G.17 4th Conference, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Strahlenschutzarzte, Remscheid- Lennep, 3-5 December. Mitchell spoke on ‘Einige Lehren des Windscale- Unfalls’. Invitation; draft of Mitchell’s contribution. Manuscript notes found with the preceding. Invitation for 1959 European Training Congress for German Speaking General Practitioners, Montecantini Terme, Italy, 28 May - 6 June. in mammals], Harrogate. Correspondence re arrangements; programme. 2nd Conference, Vereinigung Deutscher Strahlenschutzarzte, Essen, 3-6 January. ‘Die Wirkung chemischer Substanzen beim Strahlenschaden’. Mitchell spoke in the session on Meeting on Radiation Effects [? Mitchell was rapporteur of a session on ‘Late effects in mammals: irreparable damage other than malignant disease’. October. Royal Society of Medicine Symposium on the Chemotherapy of Cancer, 5 Mitchell’s duplicated typescript session Report. Invitations for 1962 International Congress of Radiology, Montreal, 26 August - 1 10th September. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Association Medical Pathogenesis of War, Cambridge, 19-21 July. on ‘Patriotism’. Prevention the for of War conference on the Mitchell chaired the session Programmes; abstract. Both the preliminary programme and abstract have Mitchell’s notes on the back. Invitations for 1963 3rd Conference, Vereinigung Deutscher Strahlenschutzarzte, Freiburg, 2-5 January. 4th Conference, Vereinigung Deutscher Strahlenschutzarzte, Wurzburg, 24- 26 October. G.25-G.32 Programme. Letter re arrangements; preliminary programme. Symposium on Current Research in Leukaemia, Cambridge, August 18-21. 1st International Symposium on Radiosensitizers and Radioprotective Drugs, Milan, 23-24 May. Mitchell chaired the Symposium and spoke on ‘A review of clinical and laboratory studies on radiosensitizers in radiotherapy’ (Bibliog. 75). background information for UK delegates. 3rd United Nations International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, 31 August - 9 September. Mitchell attended as an official observer for the Medical Research Council (MRC). See also C.44. Correspondence re arrangements with MRC and UKAEA. Correspondence re delegation UK meeting, Risley, Lancs, 29 July; NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Mitchell’s lists of papers and abstracts to take to Geneva; abstracts. Mitchell’s report for the MRC, with correspondence arising; assessment of the value of the conference for UKAEA; correspondence arising. Mitchell’s miscellaneous G.29-G.32 Brochures and information on research. 4 folders. Invitations for 1965 4th International Conference on Psychosomatic Aspects of Neoplastic Diseases, Turin, June. Mitchell was unable to attend but sent a ‘Message to the participants’ (2pp duplicated typescript). 6th Conference, Vereinigung Deutscher Strahlenschutzarzte, Munich, 28-30 October. International Conference on the Use of Computers in Therapeutic Radiology, Cambridge, 14-17 June. Mitchell was joint chairman. Mitchell’s Visit to Paris, 19 September. Summary Report issued by British Institute of Radiology (1967); manuscript notes. Correspondence with L. Israel re arrangements. Mitchell visited the Hdpital Laennec, Paris, on his way to Zurich and Freiburg. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 48th Deutscher R6ntgenkongress, Baden-Baden, 20-23 April. Mitchell spoke on die Strahlenempfindlichkeit von Tumoren’ (Bibliog. 86). ‘Strahlensensibilisierende Substanzen Einfluss und auf ihr Invitation; correspondence re arrangements; manuscript draft summary of Mitchell’s contribution. Invitation for 1967 6th Annual Conference, Deutschen Gesellschaft fiir Biophysik, Ostseebad Travemiinde, 21-22 September. G.39, G.40 Invitations for 1968 Correspondence re arrangements. Programmes; draft of Mitchell’s Reply to the Toast. 18th British Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cambridge, 3-5 July. Mitchell spoke on ‘Some recent studies in radiotherapeutics’ (Bibliog. 87) and replied to the Toast at the Congress Dinner. Laboratory, Baldock, Herts, 30 November. 6th Annual Conference, Gesellschaft fir Nuclearmedizin, on Radioisotope in Pharmakinetik und klinischer Biochemie, Wiesbaden, 26-28 September. Symposium on Fast Neutron Radiotherapy, Services Electronics Research NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Institute British ‘Better Radiosensitisers for Radiotherapy?’, London, 15 May. Mitchell delivered the summing up. of Radiology Discussion Group meeting on Brief correspondence; notice of meeting; manuscript notes on proceedings. 10th Conference, Vereinigung Deutscher Strahlenschutzarzte, Wiirzburg, 24- 25 October. Annotated programme; manuscript notes. Invitations for 1969 2nd L.H. Gray Memorial Conference on Tracks of Charged Particles in Condensed Media, Cambridge, 8-11 April. 2nd International Symposium on Radiosensitizing and Radioprotective Drugs, Rome, 6-8 May. G.44, G.45 Correspondence re arrangements. 2 folders. G.44-G.46 Ath United Nations International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, 6-16 September. Mitchell was an advisor. Symposium on cancer of the breast, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Bucks, 5 December. Programmes; information; press-releases. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Invitations for 1971 8rd L.H. Gray Memorial Conference on Radiation Effects and the Mitotic Cycle, Manchester, 5-8 January. 2nd Congress, Europaischen Gesellschaft fiir Radiologie, Amsterdam, 14-18 June. G.48, G.49 1st Cambridge Ophthalmological (Perrers Taylor Memorial) Symposium on Glaucoma, 13-14 September. Mitchell was invited and was involved in preparations for the meeting, originallly scheduled for 22-23 September. He withdrew after the change of date. 2 folders. Invitations for 1973, 1975 Joint Congress, Deutschen und Osterreichischen R6dntgengesellschaft, Vienna, 12-14 April 1973. 3rd Cambridge Ophthalmological (Perrers Taylor Memorial) Symposium on Strabismus, 3-4 September 1973. 1 June Mitchell’s manuscript notes on lectures. Grupo Europeo de Curieterapia Conference, Costa Brava, 31 May - 1975. 6th Congress of the ‘?Int[ernational] Primatalogical Soc[iety]’, Cambridge, August. Perception and Measurement, Leeds, 13-15 April. Images: Formation, 7th L.H. Gray Memorial Conference on Medical Invitation for 1976 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Conference on Advances in Cancer Chemotherapy, Cambridge, 7 May. Programme; Mitchell’s manuscript notes on lectures. Deutscher R6ntgenkongress, Munster, 18-21 May. Brief correspondence only. G.55-G.57 L.H. Gray Memorial Conference on Hypoxic Cell 8th Radiobiology and Radiotherapy, Cambridge, 5-9 September. chaired the opening session. Sensitizers in Mitchell Correspondence re arrangements; programme; circular. Handbook of abstracts, annotated by Mitchell; included in the handbook. annotated abstracts not Invitations for 1977 Meeting on Thorotrast Toxicity, Lisbon, 28 June - 2 July. Introductory remarks by Mitchell; manuscript draft of recollections of L.H. Gray; manuscript notes on lectures. September. International Society for Oxygen Transport to Tissue Meeting, Cambridge, 4-7 July. 7th Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium on Pigmented Tumours, 8-9 September. Royal Society of Medicine Study Course in Clinical Oncology, London, 12-16 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Deutscher R6ntgenkongress, Bonn, 3-6 May. Correspondence with organisers. Health Organisation World of Radiotherapy particularly for Developing Countries, Cambridge, 11-15 September. Mitchell chaired the Symposium and presented a paper on costs of treatment. He also helped compile the Symposium Report. (WHO) Symposium on Optimization G.60-G.62 Correspondence and notes re arrangements and possible participants. 3 folders. G.63-G.66 Correspondence with invitees (arranged alphabetically). 4 folders. of Mitchell’s ‘Note on Manuscript drafts a comparison of the costs of high-energy radiotherapy with different types of apparatus’. ‘Introduction’ paper and Copy of Symposium Report (published 1980). Mitchell’s manuscript notes on lectures and on ‘General recommendations’. brief correspondence with organisers. 9th L.H. Gray Memorial Conference on Quantitation of Tumour Response: A critical appraisal, Cambridge, 11-14 September. 4th Congress, Societatis Radiologie Europaeae, Hamburg, 4-8 September. Not otherwise documented. Receipt for fee only. First circular; NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell G.71-G.73 International Atomic Energy Agency Research Coordination Meeting on Improvement in Radiotherapy of Cancer using Modifiers of Radiosensitivity in Cells, Cambridge, 26-29 November. Mitchell attended as a World Health Organisation representative. Annotated programme; Mitchell’s manuscript notes on proceedings. G.72, G.73 Reports on research projects presented at the Meeting. 2 folders. Symposium in Honour of Dr Frank Ellis on Some Aspects of the Biological Basis and the Clinical Effects of different Radiotherapeutic Practices, Oxford, 18 September. Programme; Mitchell’s manuscript notes on proceedings. Visits to Munster and Vienna, September, October. Two letters only. 1 61st Deutscher ROntgenkongress, K6in, 15-17 May. Correspondence re arrangements. third papers. 15th International Congress of Radiology, Brussels, 24 June - July. Mitchell presented three papers with |. Brown and R.N. Carpenter on ‘Potential radiosensitizers: quantum mechanical consideration of structural - activity relationships’, ‘Attempts to develop radioactive anti-cancer drugs’ and ‘The in vitro selective concentration of an [ ni 5i]- -iodinated compound into human tumour cells’. The second two papers were published (Bibliog. 109, 110). Programme; circular; drafts of Mitchell, Brown and Carpenter’s second and NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell G.78-G.90 WHO Symposium on the Biological Individualisation of Cancer Radiotherapy, Jillich, FRG, 26-30 April. in Cambridge in 1978 (G.62-G.70). Mitchell was chairman, and presented the introductory paper ‘Research on the biological individualisation of cancer radiotherapy’. This Symposium followed-up that held G.78-G.80 Correspondence and notes re arrangements and possible participants. 3 folders. G.81-G.83 Correspondence with invitees (arranged alphabetically). 3 folders. Typescript copy of Mitchell’s contribution. G.85-G.87 Mitchell’s manuscript notes on proceedings, paginated 1-117. 3 folders. Correspondence arising. Typescript draft of Report, 27 November 1982. Material re return visits to Jilich in connection with the Symposium Report, 8-14 July and 9-14 September. notes on proceedings. Sands Cox Medical Society AGM and Scientific Meeting, Birmingham, 26 June. Scientific programme; papers for AGM. Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Workshop on Monoclonal Antibodies and Human Solid Tumours, Cambridge, 22-24 September. Brief correspondence re arrangements; programme; Mitchell’s manuscript NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Meeting on Molecular Biology and Clinical Medicine, Cambridge, 26 March. Programme; manuscript notes on proceedings. 7th International Congress of Radiation Research, Amsterdam, 3-8 July. Congress notebook with Mitchell’s manuscript notes on proceedings. Society for Drug Research Symposium on Current Trends in Cancer Chemotherapy, London, 14 July. Brief correspondence; proceedings. programme; Mitchell’s manuscript notes on G.97, G.98 Annual on Meeting Satellite 16-17 September. Mitchell gave a paper on ‘Radioactive derivatives of 2-methyl-1, 4 naphthoquinol bis (diphosphate salt) as anti-cancer drugs with high LET radiations’ with |. Brown and R.N. Carpenter (Bibliog. 116). Alkaline Phosphatases, Sweden, Umea, Conference, Vereinigung Letter; programme. See E.101 for text of paper. 25th Deutscher Strahlenschutzarzte, Freiburg, 15-16 June. Mitchell presented a paper on ‘Die Entwicklung neuer radioaktiver Derivate von 2-Methyl-1, 4-naphthochinol bis (Diphosphat Saiz) als Pharmaka mit Strahlen von hohem LET gegen den Krebs’, with |. Brown and R.N. Carpenter (Bibliog. 117). copy’. Typescript draft of paper with manuscript corrections. See E.102 for ‘final Programme; correspondence arising. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Satellite Research, Antwerp, 14-15 September. Meeting on Recent Developments in Alkaline Phosphatase Programme; letter re arrangements. Invitation for 1986 Annual 27th Minster, 23-24 May. Conference, Vereinigung Deutscher Strahlenschutzarzte, British Council on Rehabilitation of the Disabled Conference on From Disability to Work, 4 July. Mitchell was chairman. Typescript of Mitchell’s ‘Introductory Remarks’. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell SECTION H CORRESPONDENCE H.1-H.500 H.1-H.424 GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Correspondence with individuals. In alphabetical order with an indication of information of particular biographical, historical or scientific interest. H.425-H.475 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE In chronological order. H.476-H.500 REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Abbatt, J.D. 1956-83 Abbatt was Chief Medical Officer with the British General Electric Company 1957-62. Correspondence, 1960-62, chiefly concerns a study with E.D. Allen-Price, Medical Officer of Health in Tavistock, on the relationship between cancer and levels of radioactivity in water supplies in West Devon. Mitchell acted as informal co-ordinator of the study. His correspondence with Allen-Price is at H.21-H.34. 1956. Includes Abbatt’s ‘Memorandum on certain aspects of the hazards to Man of long term low dose irradiation’, July. 1957. Leukaemia. 1959. Leukaemia. 1960 January-June. Radioactivity in water supplies. 1960 July-October. Radioactivity in water supplies. 1960 November-December. 1961 February-June. Radioactivity in water supplies. 1962 July-December. 1961 July-December. Radioactivity in water supplies. 1962 February-June. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1963. Appointments. 1964. Appointments. 1965. Appointments. 1966-73. Includes correspondence re appointment of Abbatt as 1974-78. co- ordinator of the WHO Scientific Group on the Long-Term Effects of Radium and Thorium in Man (see F.449-F.458) and, later, Director of the WHO Collaborating Center for Thorotrast Studies (F.459-F.463). 1979 (1). 1979 (2). Thorotrast. 1980-83. H.21-H.34 Allen-Price, E.D. 1959-66 Adrian, E.D. Alderson, T. West Devon. See H.1-H.18. The correspondence chiefly relates to a study with J.D. Abbatt on the relationship between cancer and levels of radioactivity in water supplies in NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1960 February-May. Includes ‘Social and Environmental Survey of Cancer and Water Supplies in West Devon’ by J.D. Abbatt. 1960 June-August. 1960 September. 1960 October-December. Includes draft of short feature on the study to be broadcast by BBC Radio West of England Home Service. 1961 January-March. 1961 April-June. 1961 July, September. Includes ‘Suggestions for a prospective survey into the alleged association between cancer and drinking water’ by Abbatt and A.J. Lea. 1961 October-December. Includes ‘Outline of proposals for a prospective survey to be made to Joseph Rowntree Memorial Trust’, annotated by Mitchell. disease in relation to the environment in which it occurred. 1964. Includes papers on the ‘Tamar Valley Project’, established to study NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1966. Includes ‘Cancer provocative domestic water supply in West Devon. A twenty year retrospective survey’ by Allen-Price and P.B. Fletcher, unpublished at Allen-Price’s death on 5 February. H.35-H.42 Allen-Williams, D.J.F. 1945-62 Allen-Williams of Radiotherapeutics, 1946-53, and Physicist with special reference to the application of electronics to radiotherapy, 1953-55. Department research student was the in a_ 1945-46. 1947-48. Includes Mitchell’s manuscript notes on progress of Allen-Williams’ research. 1949-50. 1951-52 1954. 1955-57. Appointments. Chiefly re synchrotron. 1953. Appointment; synchrotron. Visit to Cambridge. various dates 1958-71 Ambrosen, J.P. Alpher, T. 1959, 1962. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell H.45-H.51 Appleyard, R.K. 1946-68, 1977 Appleyard was a research student in the Department of Radiotherapeutics 1946-49. He later made his career in scientific administration, serving as Executive Secretary of the European Molecular Biology Organisation, 1965- 133 Seven folders covering research, recommendations and career. 1946-47. 1949. September 1949 by R.K. Appleyard’, 6pp typescript. Includes ‘Report on research carried out [...] October 1947 - 1950-51. Appleyard, sent to Mitchell for comment. Includes draft of ‘The stopping power of liquid water’ by Bach, S.J. 1951-53, 1957 1952-55. 1956-62. 1964-68, 1977. Includes ‘Euratom’s Biology Programme 1961-1964 Report and Perspectives’ by Appleyard, Director of Biology Division. Chiefly re visit to Cambridge, November 1969. Contents of folder labelled University of Bristol’. Includes correspondence re collaborative work on arginase. ‘Dr S.J. Bach, Department of Physiology, Backer, O.G. Bacq, Z.M. 1960, 1968-70 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Bane, H.N. 1954-55 Re experiments with synkavit. Barrett, A.M. 1950-62 Barron, D.H. 1947-68, 1985 Includes correspondence re visits. H.57-H.62 Bell, G.D.H. 1951-67 Bell was Director of correspondence Department of mutations in plants. 1957-62. the concerns Radiotherapeutics Plant Breeding Institute, Cambridge. collaboration Institute The and inducing This work was funded by the Nuffield Foundation, substances chemical between the on 1951-53. Possible collaborative research. to be work ‘co-operative 1955 August-December. Includes memoranda on 1955 April-July. undertaken’, submitted to Nuffield Foundation. 62’ by A.D. McKelvie. 1957-59. Includes ‘Report of Visit to Centres of Mutation Research in Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, East and West Germany, by P.S. Hudson and R.N.H. Whitehouse’ of the Plant Breeding Institute. 1960-67. Includes ‘Report to Nuffield Foundation. Induced Mutations 1957- NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Bennhold, H-H. Includes correspondence re Anglo-German Medical Society. Bergel, F. various dates 1943-67 H.65-H.67 Berkman, A.T. various dates 1951-82 Chiefly re visits. 1956-59. 1960-72, 1982. H.70-H.77 Bora, K.C. 1952-82 1952-53. Boag, J.W. various dates 1951-68 Bleehen, N.M. 1974-75, 1979, 1983 Bleehen was Professor of Clinical Oncology at Cambridge from 1975. Bora was an Indian research student in the Department of Radiotherapeutics supervised by Mitchell, 1952-54. 1954-55. Includes drafts sent to Mitchell for comment. Eight folders covering research and career. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1956-58. Correspondence, 1958, chiefly re facilities for irradiating plant materials. 1960-62. 1963-65. Chiefly re visit. 1966. Visit. 1967. Appointments. 1970-82. Includes note on the work of K.C. Bora at Cambridge written after his death in 1982. Bottomley, J. 1954-64 H.79-H.84 Braams, R. Six folders covering research and career. 1949-51. See also 1949-64 Bottomley was a doctor at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Includes correspondence re treatment of cancer of the cervix. H.230. Braams was a research student in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1950-52. 1953-55. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1956. Includes draft of ‘Some physical measurements with 30 MeV, x-rays’ by Braams, sent to Mitchell for submission to Physics in Medicine and Biology. 1957. Chiefly re Braams’s draft. 1959-64. Brock, J.F. 1960-61, 1973 Brues, A.M. various dates 1947-69 1947. Visit to Cambridge. 1951-69. 1952-53, 1975-85 1956-57, 1963 1952-53. 1975-85 Butterfield, W.J.H. Butterfield succeeded Mitchell as Regius Professor of Physic in 1975. History of radiobiology. Cantor, D. 1980-81 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell H.92-H.94 Carling, E.R. 1946-47, 1954-60 1946-47. 1954-56. 1957-60. Carlisle, W.H. various dates 1957-70 H.96-H.98 Caspersson, T.O. various dates 1945-85 1945-69. Chalmers, T.M. various dates 1967-84 1947-51, 1957-67 H.100-H.102 Chang, F.M. Chalmers was Dean of the Cambridge University Clinical School to 1979. 1949-51. Chiefly re Chang’s efforts to return to China during the civil war. Chang was a research student in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1948-49. 1947-48. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Chassagne, D. Questionnaire intracavitary therapy’ and correspondence arising. of computer ‘Place on dosimetry 1972 in gynaecological Cheeseman, I.C. Christensen, B.C. Citron, A. Tolerance levels for fast and thermal neutrons. H.107-H.109 Cockcroft, J.D. 1946-66 1958, 1960. 1946-47, 1952. the neutron generator for work on the biological effect of fast neutrons’. Includes letter to Cockcroft, 3 January 1947, ‘concerning 1966. A note by Mitchell’s secretary records ‘Sir John and Lady Cockcroft were personal friends of Prof. and Mrs. Mitchell and this correspondence is regarding the retirement house they were hoping to build in the grounds of Professor and Mrs. Mitchell’s house at Thorndyke, Huntingdon Road [Cambridge]. Sadly, Sir John Cockcroft died before the scheme could come to fruition ... 1957-61. Cole was Senior Physician at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, 1948-63, and Dean of the Cambridge University Postgraduate Medical School, 1957-65. H.110-H.112 ’ Cole, L.B. 1957-74 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1963-74. Court-Brown, W.M. Re spondylitis survey. 1958, 1960 Craigie, J. 1957, 1962 Supplies from Imperial Cancer Research Fund’s Central Tumour Bank. Cronkite, E.P. 1954-59 H.116, H.117 Curtis, F. Goat serum treatment for patients with advanced cancer. 1961-64. Davies, E.B. Dean, H.R. d’Abreu, A.L. various dates 1960-68 Dean was Professor of Pathology at Cambridge, 1922-61. 1953, 1963 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Dendy, P.P. various dates 1968-83 Dendy was a member of the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1959-75. H.123, H.124 Doll, W.R.S. various dates 1954-75 1954-63. 1966-75. Druckrey, H. 1961-80 Includes correspondence re Mitchell’s visits to Freiburg. Ehrenberg, L. 1973 H.127-H.129 Ellis, F. 1951-72, nd. Includes ‘A new design for a unit using a large quantity of or Includes ‘Influence of ascorbate on the radiosensitivity of E. co/i protected by thiols’ by Ehrenberg sent to Mitchell for comment, and letter from Mitchell, 25 October 1973, summarising developments in radiotherapy with particular reference to the work of his department. 1951-53. for radiotherapy’ by Ellis sent to Mitchell for comment, 2 June 1951. Chiefly re visit by Evans and J.G. Hamilton to Cambridge, 1947. 1959-72, nd. Evans, R.D. 1956-57. 1947-56 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell H.131, H.132 Faber, M. 1954-81 Faber became Director of the Finsen Laboratory, Copenhagen, in 1954. 1960-81. Farber, S. 1960-61, 1970 Feinendegen, L.E. 1982-84 H.135, H.136 Fell, H.B. 1948, 1955, 1959-69 1948, 1955, 1959-60. 1961-69. Finkel, M.P. 1957-61 1966-74 Flemming, K. Visits. Includes correspondence re treatment of lung cancer. 1955, 1960, 1970 Forssberg, A. Florey, H.W. 1957-60 Francis, T. 1954-56 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Franke, H.D. various dates 1966-85 Fraser, G.R. Chiefly re career. 1957-62, 1974 H.144-H.149 Freundlich, H.F. 1945-71 Freundlich first worked with Mitchell in Canada, 1944-45, where he headed the Electronics Group at Chalk River. He worked in the Department of Radiotherapeutics as Physicist with special reference to the application of electronics to radiotherapy, 1946-51. Six folders covering career and research. 1945-47. Chiefly re appointment. 1946-48. Freundlich on research and administration. Mitchell’s manuscript and typescript notes on discussions with Includes ‘Memo. to Professor J.S. Mitchell’ on anu and 1951-55. Correspondence 1955 re iridium cervix applicator. 1948-49. ‘Preliminary report on beta applicators’ by Freundlich, 21 June 1948. 1958, 1960, 1978 1962-64, 1969-71. Gairdner, D.M.T. 1955-68 1957-61. Garattini, S. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Garsou, J. 1955, 1973 Correspondence, 1973 re maximum permissible concentration of radon in drinking water. Gray, L.H. 1953-65 H.154-H.156 Gresham, G.A. 1956-77, 1980 Gresham was a member of the Cambridge University Department of Pathology from 1953. 1956, 1960-62. 1964-65, 1968-70. 1971-77, 1980. Guillebaud, C.W. various dates 1953-68 1952-67 Haage, H. Gunz, F.W. Gunz was Saltwell Research Scholar in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1946-1949. Visit to Cambridge. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell H.160, H.161 Haddow, A. 1949-67 1949-54. Includes material re conference on biological hazards of atomic energy, London, 20-21 October 1950. Haddow was chairman. H.162, H.163 Halnan, K.E. 1957-73, 1978 1957-70. 1972-73, 1978. H.164, H.165 Henriques, O.M. 1948, 1951-53 H.166-H.180 Hevesy, G.C. de 1951-53. Chiefly re visits to Denmark by Mitchell. Henriques was Director of the Finsen Laboratory, Copenhagen, until 1954. Most of the correspondence concerns the thorotrast problem in Denmark. Mitchell made a number of visits to the Finsen Laboratory to advise on this, 1951-54. 1957-59. Chiefly re ‘Atoms for Peace’ award. 1946-70, nd 1946-55. 1956. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Chiefly 1960. Cambridge, October. re H.E. Durham Fund Lectures delivered by Hevesy, 1961-62. 1964 January-April. Chiefly re Cambridge University Honorary Sc.D. 1964 May. Honorary Sc.D. 1964 June. Honorary Sc.D. 1964 August-December. 1965 January-April. 1965 May-December. Chiefly re Eightieth Birthday celebrations. 1950-55. Nd. Chiefly biographical material. 1950-69, 1974 1967-70. H.181-H.183 Hollaender, A. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1956-57. 1958-69, 1974. Correspondence 1969 re visit to Cambridge. Holmes, B.E. 1945, nd. Holmes was a member of the Department of Radiotherapeutics. Includes ‘the notes | made for my talk in the Biochem. Lab.’ by Holmes, sent to Mitchell for information, nd. Hultberg, S. 1954-65 re Chiefly Stockholm. Iverson, S. Mitchell’s visits to Radiumhemmet, Karolinska Sjukhuset, 1956-57 Keilin, D. 1960, 1963, 1965 1959-75 Jacobson, L.O. 1957-61, 1975-76 H.189, H.190 Kennard, D.W. Two folders covering research and career. Kennard worked in the Cambridge Medical Psychology Laboratory, 1960-63. 1942, 1956-57 1959-64. 1966-75. Kennaway, E.L. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Knox (née LeMay), M.L. 1949-51, 1973, nd Knox worked in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1950. Kodicek, E. 1956, 1963, 1969-74 Correspondence, 1970, re effect of vitamin K on radiosensitisation. H.194, H.195 Koller, P.C. 1943-46, 1958 1943-46. tumour cells’ by Koller sent to Mitchell for comment, January 1943. Includes ‘Chromosome behaviour and nuclear acid synthesis in 1958. ‘Rough draft’ of ‘The biological basis of radiotherapy’ by Koller sent to Mitchell for comment. Kreyberg, L. 1955-65 H.197-H.199 Krishnamurthi, S. 1960-74 1960-67. Correspondence re trials with radiosensitizers. 1970-74. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell H.200-H.205 Ladner, H-A. 1967-85 Ladner was a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1968- 69. See D.294-D.303. Six folders chiefly covering visits to Freiburg by Mitchell. 1967-68. 1970-73. 1974-77. 1978-79. 1980-85. 1961-63. 1964-66. 1967-68. 1956-60. H.206-H.211 Langendorff, H. 1956-76, nd Six folders chiefly covering visits to Freiburg by Mitchell. 1969-70. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1971-76, nd. Larionov, L.F. H.213-H.217 Lea, D.E. 1939, 1946-48, 1956, 1963 Lea was Prophit Student at the Strangeways Research Laboratory, 1942-46, before appointment as Reader in Radiobiology in the Department of Radiotherapeutics. He died in June 1947 at the age of 37. 1939. Includes exchange re results of ionisation measurements. 1946. Chiefly re appointment. Also includes Mitchell’s manuscript notes on discussions with Lea re research. 1946-47. Material re building, equipment etc of radiotherapeutic facilities at Cambridge. 1948, 1956, 1963. H.218-H.220 Lehmann, H. 1960, 1963-77 1947 January-February. Chiefly re Lea’s application for Cambridge Sc.D. 1947 March-July. Includes draft of Mitchell’s obituary of Lea for Nature, 3pp typescript. 1960, 1963-66. Lehmann was Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at Cambridge, 1967-77. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1971-77. Leigh-Smith, P. 1949, 1957, 1965 Chiefly re Pontificia Academia Scientiarum meeting, Rome, June 1949. Lewis, W.B. H.223-H.229 Lisco, H. 1972-74 1948-76 Seven folders covering research, career and visits. 1948-49. Re planned visit to Cambridge. 1950-53. Visit to Cambridge. Lisco worked with D.B. Cater on a project ‘to 1954. investigate the effects of growth hormone on the latent period of radiation carcinogenesis.’ 1955-56. Chiefly correspondence arising from research project with Cater. 1957-58. Includes correspondence re telephone conversation, 5 June 1958, between Mitchell and D. Hammarskjdid, UN Secretary General, re radiation hazards. Hammarskjdld had been referred to Mitchell for advice by Lisco, a member of the UN Advisory Committee on Atomic Affairs. 1965-69, 1976. 1959-63. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Lloyd, O. various dates 1949-67 Lloyd was a doctor at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Includes 1954-55 correspondence re ‘altering the routine treatment of carcinoma of the cervix’. See also H.78. H.231-H.239 Looney, W.B. 1953-85 American Looney was Radiotherapeutics, 1957-59. an Research Fellow in the Department of Nine folders covering research, career and visits. 1953-56. Includes correspondence re thorotrast work. 1958. Includes correspondence re thorotrast. 1962-65. 1970-77. Chiefly re visits. 1966-68. Includes correspondence re visit to Cambridge 1966. 1957, 1963-64 Loustalot, P. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Low-Beer, B.V.A. 1950-56 Includes exchange re questionnaire on therapeutic uses of radiophosphorus sent to Mitchell, February 1953. H.242-H.245 McCance, R.A. 1957-62, 1969-70 McCance was Professor of Experimental Medicine at Cambridge, 1945-67. 1957-58. Re future of Department of Experimental Medicine. 1959. Future of Department; artificial kidney unit. 1961-62, 1969-70. Maqsood, M. 1956, 1959. Marks. H.248-H.250 Marks, J. 1956-74 Magnus, I.A. 1958, 1960, 1972 Marks was Director of Clinical Research at Roche Products Ltd, and honorary clinical research assistant in the Radiotherapeutic Centre from 1965. 1966-74. Includes correspondence re synkavit as a radiosensitiser, 1969. Includes ‘Draft - 26/11/56 The relief of chronic pain’ ?by 1963-65. Chiefly re appointment. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Ee2olnieoe Marrian, D.H. 1960-66 Marrian Radiotherapeutics.. was Assistant Director of Research in the Department of The bulk of the material is Marrian’s correspondence with colleagues other than Mitchell for the period May 1963 - January 1964. 1960, 1963 May-July. 1963 August - 1964, 1966. Includes material re discussion ‘about the future of TRA’, September 1963. H.253-H.259 Marsden, E. 1957-68 1957-60. 1961 January-July. Visit to Cambridge. 1961 August-December. Chiefly re radioactivity of soil including material re ‘Proposed expedition to the island of Niue’. 1959-60, 1963, 1967 1966-68. Includes ‘Milk as a deterrent of stomach cancer’ by Marsden sent to Mitchell for comment. 1964-65. ingested polonium’ by Marsden sent to Mitchell for comment. Includes ‘Incidence and possible significance of inhaled or 1962. Chiefly re radioactivity of soil and Niue expedition. 1963. Niue expedition. Martin, L.C. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell re May, A.N. 1947 In 1946 May was sentenced to ten years penal servitude for a breach of the Official Secrets Act in connection with the atomic energy project. The material relates to the campaign organised by N. Kemmer to have the case reviewed. May & Baker Ltd 1944-52 Chiefly re supply of drugs and support of research assistant. H.262-H.265 Mayneord, W.V. 1945-80 1945-46, 1952-54. Includes correspondence re synchrotron guns, 1952. 1955-57. 1958-64. 1950, 1952. H.266-H.276 Mayr, J. 1950-64 1965-69, 1975-80. Eleven folders covering research and visits. Mayr, of the University of Milan, visited the Department of Radiotherapeutics 1950, and annually 1952-62. 1954. Chiefly re paper on P93 in radiophosphorus. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1955-56. 1957-58. Includes note of ‘Research done by Dr Mayr in the Department of Radiotherapeutics’, 1953-57. 1961 January-July. 1961 August-December. 1963-64. Meader, R.G. Morgan, R.L. 1946-49 1959-65 H.278, H.279 Melching, H-J. Two folders chiefly re visits and Vereinigung Deutscher Strahlenschutzarzte meetings. Morgan worked in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, summer 1949. various dates 1949-73 1959-60. 1961-65. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell H.281, H.282 Morley, T.G. various dates 1966-85 Morley was a research student in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1966-71. 1970-71, 1976, 1985. H.283-H.285 1946, 1955-61 1946. Acquisition of radio-active isotopes by German researchers. 1955-58. Mundinger, F. 1970-74 H.287-H.291 Naftalin, L. 1960-67, 1972-75 1959-61. problems, established by Mott. Chiefly re discussion group on nuclear armaments and related Chiefly re work on radiosensitising drugs. Five folders covering research and career. Mitchell for comment. 1963. Includes correspondence re MRC grant for integrating densitometer. 1964. Includes papers on plasma concentrations of amino acids, sent to 1960-62. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1965-67. 1972-75. Needham, J. 1957-70 Chiefly re visit of Chinese medical scientists, 1960. Nielsen, J. 1953-64 Nuttall, J.R. 1956-57, 1963, 1978 Includes exchange re development of radiotherapeutic services in Leeds, 1963. H.295, H.296 Osbaldiston, G.W. 1963-67, 1970-71 1963-67. 1960-61, 1966. 1960-76, 1980 Owen, A.R.G. 1956-57, 1972-73 Osbaldiston was a research student in the Cambridge University Department of Veterinary Medicine, 1963-67. 1967-76, 1980. Chiefly re appointments. H.298, H.299 Owen, L.N. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Paterson, E. 1956-62 Includes correspondence, 1956-57, re new radiobiology journal and, 1962, re trials of synkavit. Paterson, J.R. 1946, 1954-63, 1973 H.302, H.303 Pennell, V.C. 1965-73 Pennell was Director of the Addenbrooke’s Cancer Registration Bureau. 1965-70. Includes ‘Epidemiology of cancer in East Anglia’ by Pennell. 1972-73. Pest Control Ltd. 1948-51 1958-75 various dates 1946-84 1958-62. 1964-75. H.305, H.306 Pickering, G.W. Sir George Pickering was Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford, 1956-68. Much of the correspondence concerns common problems. 1951-59. 1946-49. Includes material re penetration of concrete by radiation. H.307-H.310 Pochin, E.E. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1960-61. Radiological Protection recommendations. Correspondence, 1960, re International Commission on Pollard, E.C. 1960-61, 1965 Porter, R. 1958-63, 1978 Porter worked in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1956-57. Puck, T.T. Visit to Cambridge, June-July 1957. Putten, L.M. van 1956-58 Putten worked in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1957-58. 1955-58, 1963. 1946-51. 1952-53. H.315-H.317 Quick, R.S. 1946-58, 1963 Three folders chiefly covering career. Quick was Senior Physicist at the Radiotherapeutic Centre, 1946-53. Correspondence chiefly re supply and use of synkavit and tritiated synkavit. Radiochemical Centre, Amersham H.318-H.321 1953-80 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1953-56, 1960. 1962. Re TRA 119. 1963-65, 1968. 1970-80. Rausch, L. Visit to Cambridge, October 1960. Rawlins, F.1.G. 1949 Provision of image amplification x-ray tube for National Gallery, London. at the Cambridge Colloid Science Rosenheim, M.L. Rotbliat, J. Rideal, E.K. 1950-56, 1963, 1970 1960-72 1953-65 Mitchell researched under Rideal Laboratory, 1934-38. Includes correspondence, 1953-54, re lecture by Mitchell on medical aspects of atomic energy. exposure of a population to a dose of radiation such as 100r’. Correspondence, 1954, re experiment ‘to study the effects of chronic Rothschild, N.M.V. 1949, 1952, 1954 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell H.328-H.333 Rundo, J. 1952-64, 1969, 1974 Rundo was seconded from the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, to serve as the Medical Research Council’s resident Physicist at the Finsen Laboratory, Copenhagen, 1952-54, investigating the thorotrast problem in Denmark. Most of the correspondence concerns progress of research into thorotrast. See F.322-F.361. 1953. Includes six-monthly reports, January and July. 1954. Includes six-monthly report, July. 1955. Publication of results. 1956-58. 1960-64, 1969, 1974. Sanz Mufioz, M. 1948-49 Scaramozzino, G. 1948-50 Sanz Munoz worked in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, July-October 1949. Four folders covering research and career. Scaramozzino worked in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, October- December 1948. Schigler of the Finsen Institute, Copenhagen, was a research student in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1952-54. H.336-H.339 Schigler, P.A. 1951-55 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1952 January-June. 1952 August-December. Includes ‘Yearly report to Professor J.S. Mitchell 21/11/1952 - 1/XI1/1952’. 1953-55. Schmidt, C.G. Schurr, H.R. H.342-H.347 Scott, O.C.A. 1970-76 1976-77 1948-81 Scott was House Physician in the Radiotherapeutic Centre, 1949-50. Four folders covering research and career. 1955-60. 1965-66. Includes exchange, February 1966, re ‘chemical sensitisers as an alternative to oxygen’. 1968. Chiefly re ‘utilisation of oxygen by hanging drop cultures’. 1967. Includes correspondence and data re Scott’s team’s ‘new results with menadione’ and suggestion that ‘the true sensitiser is not synkavit but menadione’. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1970-76, 1981. Seelentag, W. 1977-79, 1984 H.349-H.354 Sengin, A. 1965-69 Correspondence chiefly re visits by Sengiin to England and C.L. Smith and P.P. Dendy to Turkey. 1965-66. 1967 January-June. 1967 July-December. 1968 January-July. H.355-H.357 Sherbert, G.V. 1969-80 1968 August-December. Three folders covering career. 1974-76. 1969-72. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell H.358-H.365 Simon-Reuss, I. 1946-83 Simon-Reuss joined the Department of Radiotherapeutics in October 1946. She was appointed Assistant in Research in 1951 and was Senior Assistant in Research, 1957-61. Thereafter she was supported by a Medical Research Council grant. She retired in 1966. Eight folders covering career and retirement. 1946-49. research, Cambridge. Includes Mitchell’s manuscript notes on meetings to discuss Group, and International Women’s Scientific material re 1950-51. 1952-53. 1955-60. 1969-77. 1978-83. 1947-48 1961-67. Includes report on research, 1962-63. Miscellaneous material, including Mitchell’s obituary of Simon-Reuss. and invitation lectures delivered by Smith. H.367-H.376 is a sequence of correspondence, notes and drafts re public Simpson, S.L. was Smith Radiotherapeutics. Smith, C.L. Director of H.367-H.377 Research 1959-67 Assistant in the Department of NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1963 (1). 1963 (2). Correspondence and papers, 1957, re radiation in Cornwall. various dates 1953-85 Smithers, D.W. Spiers, F.W. Spear, F.G. 1946-47, 1954-66 1957-65 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell StaSek, V. Chiefly re visit to Cambridge, 1965. H.382-H.388 Stein, G. Seven folders chiefly covering visits to Cambridge. 1965-72 1950-76 1950-55. 1958-60. Includes ‘Some contributions of radiation chemistry to 1961-62. the understanding of the biological actions of ionizing radiations’, by Stein delivered as a lecture in Cambridge, 1961. See C.41. 1963-67. 1969-71. 1973-76. 1946-72 H.389-H.396 Sturton, S.D. 1953-54. Sturton worked in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, 1946-47. Eight folders chiefly covering research. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1957-59. Includes correspondence re use of synkavit. Includes ‘Chemotherapy of malignant disease’ by Sturton, sent to 1960. Mitchell, February. 1962-63. 1965-67. Includes correspondence re investigations of incense smoke and naso-pharyngeal carcinoma. 1968-72. Includes draft ‘Sequel’ to Sturton’s From Mission Hospital to Concentration Camp (London 1948), prepared in March 1970 shortly before his death. H.397, H.398 Taylor, M.P. 1948-62, 1966, 1972 1958-62, 1966, 1972. 1948-53. Effects of radiation on the eye. H.399-H.403 Thomas, H.O. and Salomon, K. Taylor worked in the Radiotherapeutic Centre from 1947. 1962-63. Chiefly re new radiotherapy department at Lagos University. 1956-61. Chiefly re establishment of radiotherapeutic facilities at University College, Ibadan, Nigeria. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell 1964. Lagos University radiotherapy department. 1965-67. 1968-72. Radiation Biology and Radiotherapy, University of Lagos, re facilities. K. Salomon, Head of Department of Correspondence with Thorpe, W.H. 1957, 1963 Correspondence, 1957, is re drafts of ‘appeal to the Government to abandon or at least postpone the planned thermo-nuclear tests in the Pacific’ sent to Mitchell for comment. Thygesen, J.D. various dates 1957-77 H.407-H.409 Trowell, O.A. 1947-68 1947-48, 1951-53. Mitchell’s letter of 20 October 1947 explains his postwar career decisions. Trowell was Head of the Physiology Group at the Radiobiological Research Unit, Harwell 1948-67. 1956-65 1967-68. Chiefly re Mitchell’s obituary of Trowell. Truscott was a surgeon at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Truscott, B.M. 1969-70 Tubiana, M. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Vendrik, A.J.H. 1949-50 Vendrik worked in the Department of Radiotherapeutics, June-September 1950. Waddington, C.H. 1947, 1957, 1959 Correspondence 1947 re possible joint work on genetic effects of ionising radiation in mammals. H.415, H.416 Warren, S. 1954-66, 1974, 1977 1954-59. Includes correspondence re Mitchell’s visit to Harvard to deliver the Dunham Lectures. See E.124-E.126. 1960-66, 1974, 1977. Synkavit trial. 1962-63 H.418, H.419 1959-67, 1972 Warrington, H.C. 1959-64, 1972. Includes correspondence re radiosensitisation by CO,. Correspondence, 1974-75, re supply of Corynebacterium parvum vaccine. Wellcome Research Laboratories 1966, 1974-75 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell Wideroe, R. various dates 1956-83 Includes ‘Some memories and dreams from the childhood of particle accelerators’ by WiderGe sent to Mitchell, 1983. Windeyer, B.W. various dates 1950-64 Wood, C.A.P. 1957-59 Zuppinger, A. 1956, 1980, 1986 Includes correspondence, 1956, re possible case of radiation damage to the opticus. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1935, 1938 1942-44 1945-46 1947-49 1950-52 1953 1954 1955 January-April 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1955 May-December 1976 January-August 1956 January-August 1976 September-December 1956 September-December 1977 January-June 1957 1977 July-December 1959 January-April 1960 1961 1979 January-May 1981 January-July 1982 1959 May-July 1980 January-May 1958 February-August 1978 1979 June-December 1980 June-December 1958 September-December 1959 September-December Nd 1967 August-December 1981 August-December 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1984 1985-87 1983 January-June 1983 July-December 1967 January-June NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS Higher degrees Appointments 1957, 1964, 1966, 1967 1980-81 1976, 1977, 1979 1982, 1985 1941, 1946-49 1951-54, 1956-58 1959-61 1961-62 1963, 1965-68 1970-71 (1) 1970-71 (2) 1970-71 (3) 1970-71 (4) 1972, 1974, 1977, 1978 1980, 1981, 1984 1971, 1973, 1974 1983, 1985 1978, 1979, 1982 1977, 1979 Miscellaneous 1946, 1957, 1969 1977-79 1956, 1958, 1960 1976 Honours and awards 1964, 1966, 1968, 1969 1983 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABBATT, John Dilworth ABERCROMBIE, Michael ACTA RADIOLOGICA ADAM, Neil Kensington ADAM HILGER LIMITED ADAMS, Aileen K. ADAMS, G.E. ADELSTEIN, S. James A.35, F.459-F.461 H.1-H.18, H.22-H.29, H.77 B.253, B.799, H.356 H.71 H.441 D.1, D.70, F.289 D.327 G.55, G.63, G.81, G.88 G.81, H.463 ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, 1st Baron A.23, B.717, B.743, F.156, H.19, H.263 ADVISORY COUNCIL ON SCIENTIFIC POLICY AGAR, John Newton AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL F.1-F.5 B.234 F.174, F.318, H.59 See also G.15 AHERN, Major General Timothy Michael Richard F.46-F.49 AITKEN, Sir Robert (Stevenson) A.26 AKERS, Sir Wallace Alan AKMAN, Steve ANDERSON, J. Maxwell D.31, D.98, F.406, H.480 B.249, B.250, H.20 H.3, H.7, H.21-H.34 B.175-B.177, C.31 ALLISON, John F.T. ALLSOPP, Cecil Benjamin B.118 H.468 e125 ALLAN, Frank N. ALLEN-PRICE, Eric D. H.473 B.249, B.250 ALDERSON, Stanley ALDERSON, Thomas ALDOUS, W.H. AL-KURDI, M. 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H.45-H.51 See also B.131 H.431-H.433 D.70, H.427 F250 D.410, F.274 B.121-B.123 ATOMIC ENERGY OF CANADA LIMITED E.68 ATOMIC ENERGY RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT, HARWELL D.92, D.98, D.157 Fo1945-. 195; F199, F:272;, F-276, .F:278, f:279,-F:282: 6.295 G.5 BACH, Stefan Joseph D.258, H.52 H.54, H.182 AUERBACH, Charlotte AUSTOKER, Joan AWBERY, James Henry E.140 H.153 A.69 BADENOCH, Sir John BAILEY, Robert H. BACKER, Ole G. BACQ, Z.M. D.87, F.406, F.408, F.410, F.411 ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION H.449 BAMBROUGH, J.R. BAMFORD, J.B. BANE, Harry N. BANKS, Arthur Leslie A.66 B.123, B.158, B.369, B.628, B.645, B.658, B.743, B.745 BAIRD, Lieutenant General Sir James (Parlane) B.491, B.598, B.601, B.608, B.628, B.831 BAKER, John Fleetwood, Baron H.53 A.62 R277 F.60 B.742, B.838 A.24 H.55 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell BARCROFT, Henry BARENDSEN, G.W. BARRETT, A. Max BARRETT, Valerie BARRON, Donald H. BARRY, Vincent C. BARTLETT, Sir Frederic Charles BATE-SMITH, Edgar Charles BAUM, Michael BAYER PRODUCTS LIMITED BAYLISS, Richard lan Samuel BEAVER, Paul H. BECK, E. Robert A. R. & J. BECK LIMITED BEDDARD, F.D. BEKKUM, D.W. van H.56 G.81 C.35, H.55A, H.292 D.514, D.517-D.521 F.201, H.56 See A.68 F.148 H.189 B.604, D.31, D.98, D.99, D.102, D.104 A.35 D.410, D.425, D.429, D.433, D.456-D.462 H.464 H.116 B.672, B.673 D.217 A.69, A.71, A.73, E.97-E.99, H.473 D.70, F.289 F.229 G.83, H.430 BELL, George Douglas Hutton BENTHAM, C.C.L. BERESFORD DAVIES, Edward BERGEL, Franz H.57-H.62, H.70 mo, G10, F:15 H.431 BELLER, F.K. BENNER, Sven BENNHOLD, H-H B.439, B.444, B.820, B.823, B.825, B.826 H.120 G.122 F.8, F.10-F.12, F.14, F.18, F.24, F.26, F.30, F.31 H.63 B.99 B.171-B.173 F.23, F.146-F.149, F.153-F. 156, F.159-F.162 H.64, H.252, H.484, H.492 B.118, B.398, B.400, B.405, B.406, B.422, B.426, B.1039 See also E.78, E.79 G.42, G.81 A.24 F.444 BEVERS, Edward C. BEZNAK, A.B.L. BERRY, Roger J. BEVAN, E.V. BERKMAN, A. Tefvik BERRETT, A. H.65-H.67, H.352 F.348 A.24 BERRIDGE, Francis Richard NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell BEZZANT, J.S. BHABHA, Homi Jehangir BINKS, Walter mils: H.71 C.28, D.156 E120, F.18S,.F:200, F:257 °F: 286-F.290; F.292-F.297, F.302-F.308, F.312, F.348, F.366, F.410 H.397, H.442 See also H.480 H.430 D.519, H.244 H.457, H.465 E.263 E.105 F.228 B.89, B.103, B.253, B.254, B.316, B.317, B.319, B.321, B.323-B.326, B.327, B.334, B.700, B.799, B.840-B.842 G.63, G.66, G.81 H.68, H.461 H.437, H.460, H.461 BIRKE, Josef BLACK, Sir Douglas Andrew Kilgour BLACKETT, Nicholas M. BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BLACKWELL SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS LIMITED BLAIKLEY, R.M. BLEEHEN, Norman Montague BLOIS, M.S. BLOMFIELD, George W. BOAG, John Wilson BOERNSTEIN, Walter S. BOHNDOFF, W. BOHR, Niels Henrik David BOND, Victor P. BONSER, Georgiana M. BODES, Geoffrey BODIAN, Martin A.24 212). 215; 6216) 6.218; 6.272,.6.273, F.280 B.130, D.127, F.374, G.43, H.69 F.447 H.436, H.439 F.278 F.62, H.459 H.405 G.81, G.88 F.148, H.250 G.81 H.70-H.77 B.351, B.647, B.716, G.39, H.78, H.155 B.130 See also B.132 B.400, B.470, B.623, B.849, B.884, B.885 E.110 BOYES, Diana F. BOYLAND, Eric BORA, Kumud Chandra BOTTOMLEY, Janet E. BOYS SMITH, Rev. John Sandwith B.742, B.744, H.172 BOWDEN, Bertram Vivian, Baron BRAAMS, Reinier H.79-H.84 H.471 F.24, F.25, F.149, F.159, F.160 BOOZ, Jochen BOYD, James Dixon NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell BRADBEER, John W. BRADFIELD, John R.G. BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence BRAIN, Christopher Langdon, Baron BRATHERTON, David Georges BRATKOWSKA-SENIOW, Barbara BREDE, H.D. BRETSCHER, Egon BREUR, K. BREWER, Angus E. BRIDGES, Bryn A. BRINKLEY, Diana Mary D.410 F.289, H.430 B.84 A.65 B.25, B.364, B.373, B.374, B.391, B.416, B.431, B.434-B.436, B.460, B.461, B.517, B.525, B.554, B.799 D.403 G.45, G.63 C.56, H.461 F.8 B.143, B.145 F.132, H.455 F.279 F.183 B.202, B.234, B.248, B.249 D.412, D.423, D.426, D.428-D.431, D.433, D.438, D.440, D.443, D.447-D.449, D.454, D.459, D.464, D.512, D.514, D.515, D.520, D.521, D.524 G.49 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR CANCER RESEARCH Fe71, Esv2 B.136, B.137 F.78-F.83 MEASUREMENTS BRITISH COUNCIL BRITISH BROWN-BOVERI LIMITED BRITISH CANCER COUNCIL BRITISH BREAST GROUP F.77 BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION E.143-E.146, F.29, F.41 BRITISH EMPIRE CANCER CAMPAIGN BRITISH COMMITTEE ON RADIATION UNITS AND F.87-F.100 BRITISH COMMITTEE ON RADIOLOGICAL UNITS F.84-F.86 BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY F.73-F.76 H.483 B.216-B.287, B.501, B.508 D.36 F.139-F.143, F.145 H.37, H.70, H.71, H.223-H.225 F.8-F.10, F.20 H.66, H.335, H.336, H.337, H.383, H.387 D.449 E.7, E.14, E.78, E.107-E.109, E.140 BRITISH INSTITUTE OF RADIOLOGY A.66, E.134, F.87, G.42, H.441 E.106, H.38 A.35, E.149, F.55 BRITISH JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell BRITISH OXYGEN COMPANY BRITISH PSYCHOSOCIAL ONCOLOGY GROUP BRITISH RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION ASSOCIATION LIMITED C.52 F.101 F.102 BRITISH SOCIETY FOR CELL BIOLOGY F.103, H.364 BROCK, E.V. BROCK, John F. BROCK, Norbert BROCK, Russell Claude, Baron BRODA, E. BROHULT, Astrid BROOKE, Bryan Nicholas BROWN, lan BROWN, J.K. BROWN, Weldon G. BROWNELL, L.E. BRUCE, Sir John BRUCER, Marshall C.56, H.456, H.462 H.85 F.30, H.437 A.66 F.322 H.456 D.410 H.471 B.104-B.121 See also B.131 D.348 H.437 D.410 H.435, H.443 F.201, H.86, H.87 F.16 A.24 H.412, H.429 F.446, H.127 BRUES, Austin M. BRUFORD, Walter Horace BULL, W.E.H. BURCHAM, William Ernest BUTLER, Sir Clifford Charles E.141, F.274, F.275, H.269, H.270 BURGER, H.C. BURKINSHAW, Lewis BURN, Joshua Harold BURTON, Graham J. BUTLER, John Alfred Valentine H.479 B.841 F.113 BURGEN, Sir Arnold (Stanley Vincent) B.621, B.631, B.633, B.658, B.752 H.197 H.457 A.49 6-250, .6.300,'5.c02, 8.314, 6.332, B.333: B.760, B.791-B.797, B.839, B.863, B.872 E1385 G.60 H.88, H.89, H.489 See also B.329, B.330, B.334 BUTTERFIELD, Sir (William) John (Hughes) H.355, H.384 B.874 BYWATER, Keith H. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell CADE, Sir Stanford CAIRNS, Diana CALCUTT, G. CALNE, Sir Roy (Yorke) F.280, F.281, F.282, F.284 H.90, H.304 D.449 H.453 B.356, B.693-B.695, B.833 D.319, D.329, D.411, D.429 H.462 See also B.753 CAMBRIDGE CAMPAIGN FOR NUCLEAR A.65 DISARMAMENT CAMBRIDGE GRADUATES’ MEDICAL CLUB B.846-B.862 CAMBRIDGE LIBERAL ASSOCIATION CAMBRIDGE MEDICAL SOCIETY CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SOCIETY A.77 F.104 B.845 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS E.48, E.61, E.110 CAMERON, Sir (Gordon) Roy CAMPBELL, A.M.G. CAMPBELL, Fergus William CANCER RESEARCH CAMPAIGN A.65 F.339 B.841 H.233 H.91 H.96-H.98 B.823 B.319, B.325, D.449 See also BRITISH EMPIRE CANCER CAMPAIGN F.26, F.27, G.39, H.95 CANNAN, Robert Keith CANTOR, David CARPENDER, J.W.J. CARPENTER, Robert N. CARRELL, Robin W. CARLING, Sir Ernest Rock CARLISLE, W. Harwood B.63, B.104, B.484 F.6,F.169, F.257, F.263, F.265, F.266, F.269, F.280, F.281, F.282, F.284, F.287, F.289, F.335, F.336, F.380, F.405, F.430, F.444, F.446, F.447 H.92-H.94, H.223, H.323 H.471 B.204, B.206, B.207, B.209, B.223, B.228-B.232, B.234, B.236, B.238, B.243 C.47 D.92 H.226, H.324, H.437, H.439, H.441 CASPERSSON, Torbjérn Oskar CGR MEDICAL LIMITED F.201 A.71 A.70 A.67 B.122 CARROLL, M.J. CARVER, J.H. CAWLEY, Robert Hugh CATER, Donald Brian NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell CHACKETT, K.F. CHALMERS, Donald G. CHALMERS, Theodore Moir CHAMBERLAIN, A.C. CHANCE, Oliver CHANG, Francis Ming CHAPMAN, J.D. CHAPMAN, Purves J. CHARLES, Sir John (Alexander) CHARTERIS, Alexander A. CHASSAGNE, Daniel CHEESEMAN, lan C. H.428 B.629, B.630, B.633, B.636, B.639-B.647, B.649, B.651, B.654, B.656, B.657, B.660 B.661, B.831 A.40, A.41 B.101, B.102, B.644, B.645, B.649, B.658, B.662, B.716, B.814, B.1032, B.1033, B.1035, B.1037, B.1038 F.57, F.438 H.99 F.335 A.24 H.100-H.102 H.456 D.351, H.443 B.475, B.476 H.66 H.103 H.104 CHERWELL, Frederick Arthur Lindemann, 1st Viscount F.4 B.63 B.245, D.328 H.105 F.24 D.127, H.106 CHIBNALL, Albert Charles CHIPPERFIELD, Barbara CHOPPING, Peter T. CHRISTENSEN, Bérge Chr. CHURCHILL-DAVIDSON, I. H.454, H.458 See also B.422 CLARKE, Cicily M. CLASSEN, Irma CITRON, A. CLARK, C.G. B.323, B.373, B.376, B.386, B.416, B.435 B.460, B.555 D.491 A.67, B.836 A.19, A.65 B.140, B.141, B.143, B.155, B.159, D.56, D.69 F.5, F.169, F.251, F.263, F.272, F.274, F.335, F.378, F.380, F.413, F.414, F.445, F.446, G.13 H.86, H.107-H.109, H.169, H.172, H.173, H.178, H.179, H.254, H.256, H.257, H.263, H.443, H.480 COGGAN, Rt. Rev. (Frederick) Donald, Baron COCKCROFT, Sir John (Douglas) B.693 B.823 G.81 CLEAVER, James Edward H.465, H.466 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell COHEN, Gerald M. COHEN OF BIRKENHEAD, Henry Cohen, 1st Baron COHEN, J.A. COHEN, Lionel COHEN, Montague COHEN, Richard Henry Lionel COLE, Hamish COLE, Leslie Barrett H.469, H.470 F.279 See also B.688 H.314 G.63 A.35, A.71 E.95-E.99 G.63 H.463, H.471, H.474 f.1690mst72, E175 D.443, H.463 B.454, B.459, B.567, B.602, B.618, B.629, B.716, B.744, B.750, B.831, B.850, B.1026, B.1028-B.1030 F.6 H.110-H.112 See also B.748 COLLIP, James Bertram COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY INTO IONISING RADIATION (SOUTH AFRICA) H.427 F.106 COMMISSION OF THE CHURCHES ON F.107-F.112, G.25 INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS PRINCIPALS F.113-F.123 CORTHALS, Jeannine COSBIE, W.G. G.48, G.49 A.24 H.251 COOKSON, Harold COOPER, Edward H. COOPER, Joan F.147 H.454, H.455 CONALTY, M.L. CONNOLLY, J.G. F.289 20k C.56 COTTRELL, Sir Alan (Howard) COPEMAN, William Sydney Charles COOKE, TROUGHTON & SIMMS LIMITED COMMITTEE OF VICE-CHANCELLORS AND D.5, H.426 See FAITH COURTAULD CANCER RESEARCH UNIT COURTAULD RESEARCH COMMITTEE H.113 G.63 H.435 H.114 F.152, F.159 B.145, B.471 COWELL, M.A.C. CRAIGIE, James COURT-BROWN, W.M. COULSON, H.B. E.139 COUTINHO, A. CRAIK, K.J.W. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell CRAWFORD, Theodore CRESPO, Godofredo Gomez CRICHTON, Mary J. (’Jacky’) CRONKITE, Eugene P. CROOKE, Eric W. CROOKES LABORATORIES LIMITED CRUICKSHANK, A. CRUICKSHANK, Bruce CUNNINGHAM, L. CURTIS, Frederick d’ABREU, Alphonso Ligouri DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron DALE, Sir Henry Hallett DALE, W.M. DANIELLI, James Frederic B.229, B.230, B.235, B.244, B.248, B.249 H.443 A.38 C.24, H.115 A.71 H.429 F.396, F.398, F.404 H.123 F.279 A116; 417 D.411, H.118 H.481, H.484 F.257, F.284, H.94, H.119 See also B.82 D.37 D.69, F.148, G.1 DANNENBERG, H. H.445 F.36, H.70 H.94 F.276 B.826 F.446, H.480 DEAN, Henry Roy DAVIS, Leslie John DAVY, Brian DARLINGTON, Cyril Dean D.36, H.234, H.251, H.426 A.68, C.56 B.306 DAWES, Geoffrey Sharman DAVIDSON, (James) Norman DARWIN, Sir Charles (Galton) ERNEST AND MINNIE DAWSON CANCER TRUST B.143, B.144, E.139 A.16 B.83, B.216-B.234, B.236, B.501, B.502, B.590, B.595, B.598, B.820, B.832 C.12, C.31 D.36 moet; FA21 H.427 G.81 F.152 de DUVE, Christian DEDOLA, Giuseppe DEE, Philip Ivor DAWSON, Anne DEAN, R.F.A. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell DEELEY, Thomas J. DEL REGATO, J.A. DENDY, Philip Palin D.288, H.446 F.130-F.132 A.41 B.93-B.96,B.181,B.184,B.185,B.207-B.210, B.211-B.213, B.214, B.215, B.251, B.422, B.424, B.546, B.549, B.550, B.569, B.682, B.869, B.873, B.877 C.48, C.51, C.53, C.55, C.56 F.129 H.57, H.122, H.205, H.346, H.347, H.354 See also B.330 DENEKAMP,J. G.70 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY B.150, B.151, F.229-F.237 DESAIVE, P. DEUTSCHE RONTGENGESELLSCHAFT H.300 G.37, G.54, G.59, G.75 DEVIK, Finn DEWHURST, T. DHARMALINGAM, S.K. DICK, A.P. DIETHELM, Lothar DINGLE, J.T. H.432 ett G.64 B.736 F.31, G.37, H.452, H.468 H.465, H.470 B.211, C.50 See also D.176 B.122 A.20 DI VITA, Giulio DIXON, D. DIRAC, Margit (Manci) DIRAC, Paul Adrien Maurice DOBRUCKI-DOLIWA, Jerzy DODDS, Sir (Edward) Charles A.71, H.474 F.148, H.491, H.492 DOMAGK, Gerhard DONALD, A.M. B.837, H.447 B.837, H.169 DOLL, Sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) DOBBIE-BATEMAN, Rev. Arthur Fitzroy F.156 F.139-F.145, F.147, F.154, F.156 H.125 DREW, Lieutenant-General Sir (William) Robert F.156, H.430 D.450 F.261, F.280 (Macfarlane) DRIGALSKI, DONALDSON, Malcolm DOUGLAS, Bruce G. DRURY, Sir Alan (Nigel) DUFEY,-BiJd. D.450, D.452, H.459, H.465, H.467 DRUCKREY, Hermann F.24, H.26-H.28, H.123, H.124 F060) f.59; i205 H.464 H.94, H.169 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell DUKE-ELDER, Sir Stewart DUNCAN, J.T. Kofi DUNNING, Gordon M. DUNWORTH, John Vernon DYSON, E.D. A.65 G.64, H.399, H.401, H.402 F.362 F.408, H.427 F.295 EAST ANGLIAN REGIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY B.366, B.367, B.434-B.436 EASTWOOD, W.S. EDELSTYN, George A. EDEN, Alec J. EDSALL, John Tileston F.261, H.433 D.440 F.46 E.125, H.437 EDUCATIONAL INTERCHANGE COUNCIL f.8, P45) &. 16; &:22;.F:31, F.33, F.39, F:40, F.44, F.55, F.57 EDWARDS, Michael H. W. EDWARDS & COMPANY EHRENBERG, Lars EICHHORN, Hans-Jirgen EINHORN, J. D.424, D.425, D.430 D.15 A.12, H.126, H.485 H.452, H.456 F.126, G.64, H.455, H.485 ELLIS, John Rogers EMELEUS, Harry Julius H.59, H.62, H.404 B.104-B.121, B.197 A.35, F.124 H.430 H.431, H.435 B.693 F.335, F.336 ELKINS, H.B. ELEINGER;.F-P: ELLIS, Frank ENGLEDOW, Sir Frank Leonard ENGLISH ELECTRIC COMPANY LIMITED EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF THERAPEUTIC RADIOLOGY F.125, F.126 EUROPEAN NUCLEAR MEDICINE SOCIETY B.20, B.85, B.216, B.455 D.411, E.96, F.132, G.64 H.127-H.129 See also G.74 H.268, H.276 EXCERPTA MEDICA FOUNDATION F.120 H.130 E.141 E.110 EVANS, T. EVERETT, W.G. E.89, E.103, E.111-E.114 C:42, C.45, E.73; 1.321 EXPERIENTIA AND ONCOLOGY EVANS, Eustace Anthony EVANS, Hugh Devereux EVANS, Robley D. H.452, H.466 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell FABER, Mogens FABRIKANT, Jacob |. FAILLA, Gioacchino F.360, F.450, F.456 H.131, H.132, H.233, H.332 B.102 E.125, F.201, H.56, H.431, H.436 See also H.445 FAIRES, Ronald Arthur B.887 FAITH COURTAULD CANCER RESEARCH UNIT D.512-D.535 FALLOON, Shirley W.H.W. FARBER, Sidney FARMER, Frank Taylor FARR, Lee E. FATEEVA, M.N. FEINE, U. FEINENDEGEN, Ludwig E. B.88-B.90, B.91, B.93, B.94, B.96, B.123, B.145-B.149, B.152, B.153, B.213, B.238, B.245, B.249, B.251, B.316, B.331, B.332, B.546, B.547, B.549, B.551, B.554, B.555, B.682, B.864 H.458, H.462, H.467 F.159, H.133 F.266, F.269 B.158 H.434 H.444, H.466 A.35, A.51 G.78, G.79, G.88, G.89 H.134 FELDBERG, Wilhelm Siegmund 20; F.27,.&.30 H.342, H.444, H.483 See B.817, B.821 FIELD, Stanley Brian G.81 H.137 F.407, F.408 B.155, H.427, H.428 F.280, F.282 FINKEL, Miriam P. FISH, Frank James FENNING, F.W. FERRIMAN, D. FELL, Dame Honor Bridget FISHER, Lieutenant Colonel A.J. B.217, B.224, B.226, B.230, B.232, B.235 B.236, B.239 H.135, H.136, H.428, H.492 See also B.245 F:127,F.128 FLOREY, Howard Walter, Baron F.32 See also F.48 FORD FOUNDATION H.346 H.447 A.35 H.138 H.139 H.452 FISHER, Valerie FLAMANT, Robert FLATMAN, John G. FLEMMING, K. FLUSSER, G. FOREIGN OFFICE NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell FORREST, Andrew Patrick McEwen D.412 FORSCHUNGSINSTITUT MANFRED VON ARDENNE H.472 FORSSBERG, Arne FORSYTHE-JAUCH, Wolfram E.1. FOULDS, Leslie FOWLER, Edmund P. FOWLER, John Francis FOX, Brian William FRANCIS, Huw W.S. FRANCIS, L. FRANCIS, Torben FRANCIS, W.J.L. FRANKE, H.D. FRANKS, L.M. FRASER, Clarence M. FRASER, George Robert FRASER, L.B. FRASER, Ronald G. H.140 Fett H.438 C.30 G.64, H.456, H.461 H.472 H.461 D.412, D.424 H.141 F.228 A.81, H.142 F.466, F.470, F.471 D.63 H.143 See B.234 BitO 7) Fila (02 128;.F:213 F.263, F.265 FRAZER, S.C. FRIEDMANN, Ernst B.693 B.97, F.118, H.144-H.149 D.147 B.602-B.604, B.722 FUCHS, (Emil) Klaus Julius FULTON ROBERTS, G. FRISCH, Otto Robert FRY, Donald William FREUNDLICH, Herbert Frederic B.309, D.260 See also D.261-D.266 B.116, B.131, B.140, B.143 See also B.110 H.152 GAIRDNER, Douglas Montagu Temple H.338 B.148 F.159 GARNETT, T.R. GARSOU, J. GALLUCCI, John J. GALTON, David A.G. GARATTINI, Silvio GARLAND, L. Henry H.69, H.130, H.427 A.24, H.150 F.156, F.159, H.151 H.430 B.598 GADDUM, Sir John Henry GALE, Ernest Frederick G.65, H.463, H.470 B-117,.67118) 62120 C.45, E.68, H.262 F.64, F.67, F.68 oo H.432 D.412 A.38 D.412 A.73 F.413 B.672 F.276 H.427 H.433 H.455 Pie. D.536, D.537, F.23, H.55A, H.438 B.37, B.38, B.40, B.45, B.426, B.725, B.726, B.734, B.750, B.757 F.447 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell GAUWERKY, F. GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY LIMITED GEOGHEGAN, Stephen L. GERMER, W.D. GERONA, Fernando Sanchez GIBB, Robert GILL, A. GILLESPIE, lain E. GILLIES, Carol GILLIESON, A.H. GILLMAN, Theodore GILPIN, R. GINSBERG, Michael GLAUNER, Rolf GLICKSMAN, Arvin S. GLOVER, R.A. de K. GLUCKSMANN, Alfred GODBER, Sir George (Edward) GODWIN, Sir Harry GOODHEAD, D.T. F.172;:F 179 A.74 B.117 GORRILL, Margaret GORROD, John W. GOWARD, F.K. GRAHAM, Duncan GOPAL-AYENGAR, A.R. H.444 F.273 D.7 H.471 rts GOLDIE, E.A.G. GOMORI, P. GRAND ISLAND BIOLOGICAL COMPANY See also B.129, G.43, G.47 B.130, B.131, B.195, B.525 F135) F152. :153.'F.214, &.222:) F249. F.252, F.257-F.261, F.263, F.265, F.266, F.269, F.274-F.277, F.284, F.410 GRAY, John Archibald Browne H.37, H.69, H.130, H.153, H.223 A.65, B.598 F.180, F.244 GRANT, John GRAUL, E.H. B.181-B.186 A.24, B.486 H.436 H.427, H.428, H.480 GRAY, Louis Harold GRAY, Sir James NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell GRAY, Mary Jane GREAVES, Ronald I.N. GREEN, Anthony GREEN, Francis Henry Knethell GREEN, T. Anthony GREENE, Raymond GREER, Steven GREGG, Duncan McC. GREGORIADIS, Gregory GRESHAM, Geoffrey Austin A.60, B.931 B.252, B.621, B.628, B.832 H.121, H.154, H.442, H.448 Fe272-F. 27.7 B.110, B.195, B.470-B.473, B.475, B.491, B.492, B.494, B.495, B.498, B.505, B.510, B.522, B.524, B.530 F.265 H.425 i27On 217, D.516, D.517, D.524 D.92, D.317, H.396 G.82 B.595, B.597, B.598, B.603, B.604, B.610, B.620, B.817, B.818, B.822, B.823 C.52 D.440, D.450 F.6 H.154-H.156 GRIESSER, G. GRIFFITHS, John D. F.50 C.45 H.464 F.22, F.49, F.50 GRONOW, Michael GROSS, Rudolf GROVE, Walter Patrick H.458 A.65, A.67, F.20 GUILLEBAUD, Claude William GURDON, John Bertrand GUTTMANN, Sir Ludwig GRUBB, Sir Kenneth (George) 108.6. 1.12 H.157 B.468, B.489 D.40, H.158 CALOUSTE GULBENKIAN FOUNDATION D.348, F.182, F.212, F.260, H.318-H.320 H.436 B.236, B.527 D.41, D.127 F.141-F.145, F.148 H.160, H.161, H.264 HAAGE, Horst HAAS, R. HACKMANN, Chr. HADDOW, Sir Alexander HADLEY, George Dickinson E.139 H.159 F.54 F.156, F.159, H.442 GUNZ, Frederick W. HAGEN, U. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell HAIGH, Basil HAIRD, T.W. E.81 B.104-B.110, B.112, B.113, B.115 HALDANE, John Burdon Sanderson F.287, H.70 HALFERDAHL, A.C. HALL, Sir Arthur John HALL, Eric J. HALNAN, Keith Edward HAMILTON, J.G. HAMILTON, Leonard D. HANNAN, Roland S. HANSEN, H.M. HARAHAP, Marwali HARE, Hugh F. HARGRAVE, Philip J. HARGREAVES, A. H.427 A.16 G.82, G.88, H.457, H.458 D.413, D.450, G.65, H.162, H.163 H.130 B:85, F.201 H.56, H.261A, H.458, H.472 D.100, D.102, D.103 F.335 B.101, B.102 H.431 E.142 B.546-B.548, B.550, B.551, B.552-B.557 HARINGTON, Sir Charles (Robert) F.278; F:279;F.290) F.317,:F-319 HARRIS, John Edward F.113, F.114 G.82 H.466 B.156-B.159, H.441 HARRIS, J.W. HARTCUP, Guy HASTERLIK, Robert J. HAUSS, Werner Heinrich LIMITED HAYBITTLE, John Leslie F.274 B.803 H.187, H.430 F.47, F.48, H.456 HAWTHORNE, Sir William Rede HAVELOCK, Eric Henry Edwardes HAWKER SIDDELEY NUCLEAR POWER COMPANY A.65 B.24-B.26, B.32, B.37, B.92, B.95, B.140, B.141, B.146, B.199, B.203, B.206, B.208, B.238, B.243, B.343, B.349, B.363, B.371, B.373-B.375, B.377, B.398, B.421, B.431, B.457, B.501, B.508, B.517, B.537, B.538, B.554, B.556, B.557, B.678, B.797 C.24 D.146, D.163, D.287-D.289, D.403, D.447, D.491 £30, £107 F.24, F.26 H.272, H.273, H.275, H.433, H.444, H.449, H.456, H.475 HAYCOCK, Handley T. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell HAYHOE, Frank G.J. HAYWARD, John L. HEILMEYER, L. HEMPELMANN, Louis H. HEMS, G. B.315, B.415, B.460, B.470, B.549, B.553, B.620, B.646, B.651, B.657, B.661, B.672, B.799 Fet53 H.169, H.346, H.449, H.476 See also H.463 D.403, D.413 H.448 D.56, H.10 H.443 HENRIQUES, Oscar Michael C.28, F.336, F.339, H.164, H.165 HENRY, Norman Fordyce McKerron H.271, H.273 HERRALD, Frank J.C. HEVESY, George Charles de A.24 B.86, B.119, B.145, B.176, B.310 C.24, C.31 D.100 F.168, F.211-F.221, F.224, F.225, F.228, F.266; &.259) &.261).6:263, &.275, 6.278, F.335, F.336, F.338, F.345, F.347, F.348, F.392 H.429 A.60, A.69, C.39, H.166-H.180 See also H.446 B.133 F156 B.838, B.840, B.841 HEVESY, Paul de Rehr, .cidire, 1:1 70.01 1-29 HILL, Sir Austin Bradford HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold (Percival) HIGH VOLTAGE ENGINEERING CORPORATION A.65 B.137, B.140, B.141, B.143, B.144, B.474, B.475, B.480, B.495, B.497, B.499, B.500, B.506, B.508, B.511, B.514, B.741 F.167, F:172, F.174-F.176, F.179, F.180, F.241, F.243, F.269, F.378, F.380, F.389, F.439 G.28 H.12, H.27, H.167, H.189, H.242, H.263, H.327, H.342, H.476, H.491 See also B.155, B.232, H.446 F.20 A.70 B.837, B.838, B.840-B.842, B.844 H.465, H.468 HISLOP, James A. HLASIVEC, Zdenék B.602 G.65 F.57, F.439 HINDE, Robert Aubrey HINSLEY, Sir (Francis) Harry HODGKIN, Sir Alan Lloyd HOECHST CHEMICAL COMPANY LIMITED NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell HOEFFKEN, Walther HOFER, Kurt G. HOFFENBERG, Sir Raymond HOFFMAN-LA ROCHE INC. HOLLAENDER, Alexander HOLLAND, H.W. HOLLAND, J. Michael HOLMES, Barbara E. G.75 H.465 B.842 B:1:76,,F:228 F.201, H.181-H.183 A.24 H.469 B.228, B.234, B.238, B.240, B.245 C.14 D.36, D.147 E.106 F.275, F.279 H.169, H.184, H.261A, H.382 See also B.217, B.220, B.221, B.223, B.231 HOLZHEIMER, Reneé F.67, H.473 HOOD, Major General Ernest Lionel Ouseley (‘Robin’) F.60 HOPKINS, S.J. B.564-B.570 C.39, C.40, C.45, C.53 D.92, D.217, D.318 F.437 H.116, H.446, H.451, H.481 HOPKINSON, Geoffrey F.49 HOPWOOD, Frank Lloyd HOUGHTON, Joan F.259, F.261, F.263, F.265, F.284 F.41, H.468, H.469 HUG, O. HUGHES, Victor Augustine F.408 H.465 HORST, W. HOSKINS, Osmond D.461-D.464 B.616, F.280 E135 F.14 HOUSTON J.C. HOWARTH, Frank E.116, F.129, G.61 See also E.123 HORDER, Thomas Mervyn, 2nd Baron HOSPITAL PHYSICISTS ASSOCIATION H.232 B.104-B.109, B.112, B.115 See also B.123 B.602, B.603, B.675 F.232, F.233, H.465 HUGH-JONES, Philip HULTBERG, Sven HUNTINGDON RESEARCH CENTRE H.185, H.434 H.457 H.436 HUNTER, Colin Graeme HUNTER, (Mark lan) Alastair HUNTINGFORD, Peter J. HURSH, John B. ©.12, F.19, §.37 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell HUSKINS, C. Leonard HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding HYDER, H.R. McK. H.428 F.442 B.155, B.156 ILFORD LIMITED D.15, D.16, H.469 IMPERIAL CANCER RESEARCH FUND G.12, H.466 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED B.472, B.487, B.489, B.492 D.98, H.455 INDIAN NATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY INGRAM, Maurice INNES, G.S. A.10, A.30 D.98, D.104 B.141 INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY B.307, E.96-E.99, G.71-G.73 H.456, H.459 INTERNATIONAL CLUB OF RADIOTHERAPISTS F.130-F.132 INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION F.133-F.138 See also H.309 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF RADIOLOGY £115 G.62 JACOBSON, Leon O. JACOBSON, Werner U. IVERSEN, Simon IZSAK, F.Ch. ISRAEL, Lucien ITZHAKI, S. F.201, F.274, F.275, H.187 INTERNATIONAL UNION AGAINST CANCER B.799, F.139-F.162 JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICAL LIMITED B.238, B.240, B.241 See also B.228, B.231, B.234 D.413 JENNINGS, Sir (William) Ivor B.20, B.85, B.216 F.392, H.442 D.178, F.89-F.100 B.734, B.736, B.737 JOHANSEN, Charles JOHANSSON, B. B.99 B.841 G.65 JAPHA, Erwin M. JEFFERSON, Sir Geoffrey JENCEK, L.A. JENNINGS, William Alan JEWELL, Peter Arundel JOHNSTON, Ivan D.A. G.36, H.450, H.451 H.186 D.413, D.425, H.457 B.734 C.56 F.345, H.432, H.433 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell JOLLES, B. JOLY, Beatrice M. JONES, Arthur E. JONES, Bryn Mor JONES Joseph Cyril JONES, Richard Arden JONES, Thelwall JONES, William Mervyn JOSE, George JOYET, G. JUNG, Horst KAAE, Sigvard KADA, Tsuneo KAPLAN, Henry S. KAWERAU, Einhart W. D.246, D.413, F.24 H.399 B.308 H.449 C.24 A.24, H.451 F.278, F.279, F.290 H.428 D.290 G.10, H.434, H.437 G.82 D.413, D.423, H.443 A.51, G.82, G.88 G.82 A.66 F.6-F.12, F.14-F.20, F.22-F.27, F.29-F.40 H.449, H.451, H.484 KAZEM, Ismail KENNEDY, M.C.S KENT, Madeleine KERST, D.W. H.251 H.433, H.442 KHANOLKAR, V.R. KEATES, G. KEILIN, David KELLNER, B. KENNARD, David W. H.189, H.190 H.191, H.263 A.32 D.318 H.188 F152 C.24, C.31, F.221, F.228 KENNER, George Wallace KENNAWAY, Sir Ernest Laurence H.464 B.350 C.42, C.45, C.46 D.209, D.258, D.298 H.56 KINGSLEY-PILLARS, Elizabeth M. C.40, G.65, H.444, H.464, H.474 B.130 F.159 D.100 F.148 KIDD, Franklin KILLIP, J. KING, Eric A. KING, J.D. KINLEN, Leo J. F.280 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell KIRBY, Kenneth Stanley KIRK, James KLINGELE, H. KLUYVER, J.C. KNEBEL, Rudolf KNOX, Marjorie LeMay KNOX-SHAW, Thomas KOCH, Henry J. KOCH, R. KODICEK, Egon Hynek KOGELNIK, H.D. KOLLER, Pio Charles KORNBERG, Sir Hans (Leo) KOTTMEIER, Hans-Ludwig KRAYER, Otto KREBS, Sir Hans (Adolf) KREYBERG, Leiv KRISHNAMURTHI, S. C.39, D.348 G.65, H.461, H.462 H.471, H.472, H.473 H.431 F.41, F.45, F.46, H.448 H.192 B.400 H.431 H.448 H.193 H.461, H.467 H.57, H.70, H.194, H.195 B.253, B.254 B.984 D.179, D.480 H.439, H.460, H.466, H.467 E.124, E.125, H.442 F.148 F.142, F.143, F.145, H.196 G.83, G.88, H.197-H.199 B.244 H.433 H.446 LADNER, Hans-Adolf LAJTHA, Laszlo George LANCET LANDAU, H.H. LAMERTON, Leonard Frederick B.150, B.151, C.94, D.422, D.424 A.33, A.60, D.298, G.37, H.200-H.205 KUNKEL, Hans A. KUNKLER, P.B. KRISHNAMURTHY, M.S. KRITCHEVSKY, David G.48 F.156, H.212 See H.492 D.414, E.78, F.16, F.18, F.49, H.22 LARIONOV, L.F. LASER, Hans LAUGIER, Alan LANGLEY, Bernard William LAVIN, George I. LAW, Frank William H.451 F.289, F.369 F.40 F.160 G.65 H.426 LANGENDOFPFF, Hanns C.87, F.20, H.206-H.211 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell LEA, A.J. LEA, Douglas Edward LEHMANN, Hermann LEIGH-SMITH, P. LENNARD-JONES, Sir John (Edward) LENNOX, Bernard LENZ, Maurice LEO LABORATORIES LIMITED LE QUESNE, Leslie Philip LETTRE, Hans LEVERHULME TRUST LEWIN, Walpole Sinclair LEWIS, Wilfrid Bennett LIGHTNER, Harold A. ELI LILLY AND COMPANY LIMBURG, H. LINES, John Greenland H.25-H.27 C.12, D.536, H.213-H.217 B.557, H.218-H.220 H.221 B.806 H.464 H.431 C.56, H.459 D.414 F.140-F.145 B.308 A.31, A.67 B.352, B.455, B.829 F.35 H.222 H.450 B.309 H.122 D.443 A.29, H.489 F.163 F.25 F.426 B.142, H.432, H.433, H.481 LIVESEY, Derek Leonard LLOYD, Oswald LINNETT, John Wilfrid LISCO, Hermann LODWICK, Gwilym S. LOEFFLER, Lothar LITTLE, Eric M. LITTLE, John Llew LISTER INSTITUTE OF PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE D.43, F.201, H.75, H.223-H.229 See also B.223 H.240 B.351, B.620, B.865, B.867, B.868, B.870, B.873 D.487 G.39 H.230 H.430 H.444 D.157, F.184, F.194, F.201 H.438 E.140 A.35, C.66, H.231-H.239 H.442 LONGUET-HIGGINS, Hugh Christopher LORENZ, Werner LOUSTALOT, P. LONSDALE, Dame Kathleen LOONEY, William Boyd LONGAIR, A.K. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell LOUTIT, John Freeman LOW-BEER, Bertram V.A. LUKIANOWICZ, N. LUNING, K.G. LUSH, Brandon LYTTLETON, Raymond Arthur D.78 F.169, F.200, F.255, F.298, F.335, F.378, F.380, F.387 G.5, G.6 H.309, H.407, H.447, H.457, H.460, H.495 H.241 D.397 H.432 B.310, F.241 H.315 McCANCE, Robert Alexander B.20, B.458, B.598, B.608, B.748 McCARTER, J.A. McCREADY, V. Ralph McFARLANE, Arthur Sproul H.242-H.245 See also D.39 F152 H.468 B.197, C.25, D.157 feta7, &.164; F.213-F.215, F.219; F.221, F.272-F.280, F.289, F.318 H.86, H.130, H.427 D.452, D.454, D.456 F.24 MACINTYRE, J. McKELVIE, A.D. MACKEY, William Arthur McLAREN, Hugh Cameron McLEAN, Andrew S. McWHIRTER, Robert MACLEOD, J.D. McLIMANS, William F. H.426 D.435 H.251 MACRAE, Thomas Fotheringham F.366, F.414, F.422, F.423 H.13, H.430 D.209, D.348 H.61, H.62, H.438, H.442, H.445 D.414 F.9, F.24, F.27, F.45, F.46, F.48, F.49 H.471 D.401, D.414, F.265, H.66, H.241, H.448 MACHLETT LABORATORIES MAGUINESS, G.S. MAHLER, Robert F. H.446 B.196 H.246 A.20 MADDOCK, Alfred Gavin MAGNUS, lan Allingham B.158, H.23 MAASS, H. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell MAISIN, Jean R. MALLARD, John Rowland MANN, Thaddeus Robert Rudolph MANSERGH, Philip Nicholas Seton MANTON Irene MAQSOOD, M. MARCONI INSTRUMENTS LIMITED MARKS, John MARK TWAIN SOCIETY MARRACK, David MARRACK, John Richardson MARRIAN, Denis Haigh F.378, G.83 H.494, H.496 H.247 A.29 B.325, B.326, B.836, B.839, B.840 F.289 H.247 B.120 B.178-B.180, H.248-H.250 A.67 A.66 H.430, H.446 A.38 B.91, B.93, B.228, B.230, B.235, B.475, B.477, B.508-B.511, B.513-B.516, B.519, B.522, B.523, B.531, B.616, B.638, B.864 C.31, C.39, C.40, C.42 D.157 H.57, H.251, H.252, H.443, H.484 MARSDEN, Sir Ernest MARTIN, Graham Robert C.40, H.253-H.259 H.428 B.111 B.400, B.595 C.39, D.267 H.175, H.177, H.179 See H.261 MARTIN, Monique S. MAY, Alan Nunn MAY & BAKER LIMITED MAY, Harry Blight MAURER, Hans-Joachim MAXWELL, Donald Robert MAXWELL, (lan) Robert MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson MARTIN, John Hume MARTIN, Laurence C. C.56 B.145 H.441 MATTHEWS, Sir Bryan Harold Cabot B.608, B.621, B.625, B.727 H.260, H.431 H.277 A.35 B.84, B.105, B.117, B.119, B.123, B.195 E.135 F.117-F.120, F.133, F.199, F.213, F.215, F.217-F.220, F.257, F.269, F.275, F.284 F.285, F.305, F.439 H.10, H.80, H.125, H.232, H.262-H.265, H.411 B.566, B.569, H.261A B.633, B.636, B.637 MAYR, Jane MEADER, Ralph G. MAYNEORD, William Valentine H.266-H.276 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC CAMPAIGN FOR SOVIET A.79 JEWRY MEDICAL DEFENCE UNION MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MEE, Lorna K. MEHRISHI, J.N. MEIER, Rolf MELCHING, Hans-Joachim M.E.L. EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED E.149 B.86, B.104, B.106, B.107, B.110, B.112-B.123, B.137, B.140-B.142, B.144-B.149, B.176, B.195, B.310, B.315, B.317, B.319-B.322, B.474-B.476, B.480, B.482, B.483, B.495, B.497-B.499, B.506, B.508, B.511, B.514, B.523, B.527, B.545, B.716, B.741 C.24, C.31 D.89, D.100, D.101, D.318, D.429, D.502 F.11, F.127, F.164-F.393, F.456 G.25, G.26, G.28 H.26-H.28, H.242, H.288, H.337, H.339, H.361, H.379, H.404, H.497, H.498 B.239, B.244, B.513, B.514 See also B.231, B.234 B.240, B.245, H.457 See also B.234 D.260, H.432 G.23, H.278, H.279 B.149, B.150, E.68 MELLANBY, Sir Edward F.165,-F.166;,F.194, F:255, F.261, F.279, F.284, F.289 LIMITED MICHEL, H. MINISTRY OF SUPPLY A.35, A.67, A.69 MENTER, Sir James (Woodham) MEREDITH, William John F.34, F.38 A.69, D.69, E.134, H.38 MENDELSOHN, Mortimer L. MENKE, William Th. MILLER, Harold MILLS, Ivor Henry G.83 H.430 D.492 METROPOLITAN-VICKERS ELECTRICAL COMPANY B.138, B.139 A.56-A.60, C.122, H.467 B.88, B.353, B.540, B.643, B.649, B.658, B.715, B.744, B.745, B.799 H.500 See also B.753 B.24, B.161, B.542, B.543, B.567, B.725, B.726, B.734 D.70, F.378 F.194, F.195, F.272, F.276, F.278, F.295, F.406-F.421 MITCHELL, Christopher George Buxton MILNE, J.A. MINISTRY OF HEALTH H.453 See A.61 MITCHELL (née BUXTON), Lilian Mary NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell MOLE, R.H. MONRO, P. Alexander G. MOON, Philip Burton MONTEFIORE, Rt. Rev. Hugh William MORGAN, Branford MORGAN, Rowland Lloyd MORLEY, Timothy Gerard MORRIS, George M. MORRIS, Jenny MORRIS, Sir Philip (Robert) MORRISON, A.B. MORRISON, Robert MOSER, Hermann A. MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) D.43, H.20 B.594, B.595, B.597, B.614-B.621, B.625, B.628, B.629, B.636, B.637, B.739, B.826 H.72 A.66 H.426 H.280 H.281, H.282 A.69 D.527 arto eS F.456 D.414 H.464, H.465 B.155, B.156, B.737, B.743 F.127, F.366 H.116, H.272, H.273, H.283-H.285 MOTTRAM, MULLARD RESEARCH LABORATORIES D.537 B.143 F.460 H.458, H.459 NAFTALIN, Lionel H.287-H.291 MUNRO, Alan MURRAY, James Greig D.89, H.437 A.60, F.62 H.286 B.252 MULLER, J.H. MULLER-WIELAND, K. MUNDINGER, Fritz MUTH, Hermann MUTHNY, Fritz A. D.414, D.422-D.427, D.430, D.434, D.435, D.438, D.440, D.441-D.450, D.452, D.454, D.512, D.515, D.517 B.176, C.31, H.423 B.11, B.20 F.257, F.273, F.427-F.430 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL RESEARCH NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD H.152, H.464 NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH IN NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE OF CANADA F.426 NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT B.157, B.162 C:25; F127 NUCLEAR SCIENCE NATIONAL RADIUM COMMISSION CORPORATION NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR CANCER RELIEF F.431-F.435 NATURE NEALE, Elizabeth Julie E. NEARY, Gerard James NEEDHAM Joseph NEUBERGER, Albert NEVIN, Robert Wallace NEWBERY, George Richard NICHOLLS (née SCHUSTER), Norah H. NICKSON, James J. NICOLAU, Claude NIELSEN, Jens NISSEN-MEYER, R. NOBLE, Ralph A. NOBLE, R.L. NQRGAARD, Flemming NORIN, Torsten NORRISH, Ronald George Wreyford E.89, E.115, H.216, H.271, H.445, H.468 F.181 F.120, F.196, F.263 H.292, H.356 F.163 B.598, B.602, B.603, B.643 D.108 A.66, A.67 D.425, H.440 H.448, H.449 C.28, E.120, F.130, H.293 D.468 A.24 D.273 F.460 G.65 B.234 NORTH AMERICAN AVIATION S.A. NORTON, R.C. B.160 C.48 H.294 H.433 E77 G.65, H.452, H.460 NOTTER, Gustaf NUFFIELD FOUNDATION NUTTALL, John P. NYLIN, Gustav NORTH EASTERN FARMERS LIMITED C.24 F.227, F.376, F.377, F.385, F.390 H.27, H.28 B.311, B.468, B.475, B.480, B.481, B.485, B.487, B.494, B.496, B.498-B.500, B.507, B.719 See also H.57-H.62 F.335 OSBALDISTON, George William H.449 H.371 H.193 OSBORN, Sidney Barron F.129, H.449 H.295, H.296 OLSON, R.E. ONCOLOGY OESER, H. OLIVER, Raymond ORR, J. Stewart NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell OSSWALD, H. OWEN, A.R. George H.453 B.815, H.297 OWEN, Laurence Nightingale A.78, C.42, C.96, H.298, H.299 OXFORD INSTRUMENT COMPANY LIMITED B.204 PALMER, Jack PANETH, Friedrich Adolf PANTIN, Carl Frederick Abel PARKER, Roger Henry PARSONS, Winifred PATERSON, Edith Isabel Myfanwy PATERSON, James Ralston Kennedy F.48, F.49 F.276 H.445 A.21, A.24 A.67, A.71 F.145, F.155, F.160, F.161 H.300 GO ne 1Onk.200) f-272, F.273, F275, F.281-F.284 G.1 H.66, H.301 PAULSEN, Frederick Reginald PEACOCK, P.R. H.432 F.153-F.155 PEART, Sir (William) Stanley See B.716 PENNELL, Vernon Charles PEST CONTROL LIMITED PERRIN, Sir Michael (Willcox) PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand E.22, H.174-H.177 B.838, B.841, B.842, H.473 H.190 H.252 F.272 E.132, H.437, H.497 £:27:7,.5:278 PEPPER, Max PERGAMON PRESS PERHAM, Richard Nelson PERKIN-ELMER LIMITED PEIRCE, Carleton B. PELHAM-BURN, R.A. B.37, B.593, B.594, B.614 H.302, H.303 E.139, F.437 B.497-B.499, B.504, B.508, B.516, B.518, B.519, B.523-B.526, B.528, B.530, B.531 H.188 See also B.329 PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN 1).522°D.527, C.56, H.461 PETTINGALE, Keith W. PFIZER LIMITED H.304 See also H.429 PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) A.67, F.148, F.159, H.57, H.136 PETO, Richard H.461 B.476, B.479, B.480-B.483, B.485, NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell PHILIPS ELECTRICAL LIMITED PHILLIPS, A.T. PHILLIPSON, Andrew Tindal PHYSICAL SOCIETY PICKAVANCE, Thomas Gerald PICKERING, Sir George White PICKHAN, A. PINSENT, R.J.F.H. PIPPARD, Sir (Alfred) Brian PIRIE, Antoinette PLASCHKE, Ervin PLATT, Benjamin Stanley PLATTNER, PI.A. POCHIN, Sir Edward Eric POLLARD Ernest C. POMERAT, C.M. POMERAT, Gerard R. B.140-B.143 D.155 B.679, B.682, H.295, H.298 H.268 E.141 A.24, B.720, H.305, H.306 H.433 H.32 B.103 F.172, F.378 H.475 C.24 B.177, B.178 POPJAK, George Joseph PORSCHEN, Walter PORTER, Ruth POTTER, John M. PONTECORVO, Bruno PONTEN, Jan C.24 D.82, D.92 R24 belo 216, helo, h.221, 2228, F.239, F.279, F.335, F.394, F.396, F.398 H.7, H.25-H.27, H.307-H.310, H.436 H.311 D.217, H.359, H.360 B.312, B.466-B.469, B.471, B.487, B.490 B.195 H.485 F.278-F.280 A.60, H.466, H.469 G.61, H.312 F.60 B.373 H.313, H.361 B.236, B.594, B.614, B.618, B.620, B.621 H.445 H.314 A.65 B.160-B.162, B.489, H.252 F:213-F.215,1:218, F.219,.5-278 H.315-H.317 B.100, G.43 QUINTILIANI, M. QUINTON, Anson PUTTEN, Lodewijk Marius van PUCK, Theodore T. PUGH, Leslie PURVES, Michael J. PUTTERILL, Rev. Jack PYE LIMITED POWELL, (John) Enoch QUICK, Raymond Stanley NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell RACOVEANU, N.T. RADDA, Gy6érgy Karoly RADIATION RESEARCH RADIOCHEMICAL CENTRE, AMERSHAM G.65, G.78, G.88, H.470 H.496 Bet die C.39, C.42, C.45-C.48, C.51-C.53, C.56 D.290, D.318, D.324, D.327, D.330-D.335 E.68 H.251, H.318-H.321 RADZIKOWSKI, Czeslaw C.56, H.461, H.462 RAMAN, Sir (Chandrasekhara) Venkata H.492 RAMSAY, James Arthur RAMSEY, Norman William RANDLE, Sir Philip (John) RAO, Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra RAPHAEL, Ralph Alexander RAUSCH, Ludwig RAVETZ, J.R. RAWLINS, F.1.G. RECORDON, J. Piers REID, C. B.734, B.736 hee B.595 A.35 H.462 H.322 H.20 H.323 D.32 F.408 G.97, G.100 F.213-F.215, F.279 H.464 F.45 G.83, G.88, H.442 IO, OG) t.00 RHOADS, Cornelius P. REINERS, Chr. REISS, Max REISSLAND, John A. RICHARDS, G.E. RIDEAL, Sir Eric Keightley RIES, J. ROBERTS, David C. A.15, A.17, A.64, D.1, H.324 RENSCHLER, H. REVESZ, Laszlo D.70 F.201, F.273 H.92, H.216, H.427, H.428 H.474 B.170-B.180 C.25, C.31, C.35, C.42, C.52 D.217 H.64, H.252, H.360, H.460, H.463, H.470, ROBERTS, Lieutenant Colonel D.M. D.107, F.84-F.87, F.219, F.285 C.46, C.47, C.51, F.71, H.461 ROCHE PRODUCTS LIMITED D.70 H.455 F.53 H.459 A.31 ROBERTSON, Donald |. ROBSON, Sir Kenneth ROBERTS, John Eric ROBERTS, P.B. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION B.187, B.188, B.312, B.465, B.466-B.472, B.487, B.490 RODE, Ivan L. ROGERS, Geoffrey T. ROGERS, G.L. ROOK, Arthur James ROSE, Francis Leslie ROSE, J.E. ROSENHEIM, Max Leonard, Baron ROSS, Walter Charles Joseph ROSS, W.M. ROSSI, Harald H. ROTBLAT, Joseph ROTH, Sir Martin ROTH, Oliver Ralph ROTHERHAM, Leonard ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Meyer Victor, Baron ROUGHTON, Francis John Worsley ROWNTREE, Tom H.466 C.46, F.423, G.28 H.426 B.374, B.603, B.814, B.850, B.866 Fi26+F:38 H.372, H.442, H.444 See also H.495 B.117, F.148, F.162, H.443 H.428 B.602, B.743, H.325, H.476 F.146-F.148, F.153-F.156, F.160, F.161 D.415, D.449, H.456 F.135 B.145, F.217, F.335, F.339, H.326 D.527, F.55, H.450, H.452, H.471 F.152 G.44 H.327 H.56 D.509 H.23, H.24, H.27-H.30 E.79, F.51, F.53, F.55, F.438 H.467 ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE RUBE, Werner JOSEPH ROWNTREE MEMORIAL TRUST ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS ROYAL SCOTTISH MUSEUM ROYAL SOCIETY RUNDO, J. RUNNSTROM, John A.22 F.40, F.46, F.87, F.439-F.442 H.262, H.386, H.471, H.491-H.496 A.16, A.17, H.480 B.440, B.597, B.598, B.602, B.817, B.818, B.820, B.821, B.823-B.826 H.189, H.482, H.483 SUE RYDER FOUNDATION RYGARD, J¢rgen RYLE, John Alfred RUPPEL, Agnes RUSS, Sidney RUSSELL, Robert Scott RUSSELL DAVIS, Derek H.214, H.438, H.443 H.436 A.66 H.438, H.448, H.455 G.21, G.58 G.54 H.435 H.451, H.452 F.335, F.339, H.328-H.333 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell SAIPHOO, Carl SALMON, A.J. SALOMON, Kurt SALSBURY, A.J. SANGER, Frederick SANZ MUNOZ, Manuel SAX, Karl SAYAGO, Carlos SCADDING, John Guyett SCAIFE, J.F. SCARAMOZZINO, Giovanni SCARFF, Robert Wilfred H.451 H.433 H.402, H.403 D.356 B.210, H.279 H.334 H.213 F.152 B.146 H.446 H.335 B.218, B.231, B.237, B.466, B.480, B.482 H.153, H.223, H.430 SCHATTAUER, Friedrich-Karl Fe 10;F:20; :30 G.19, G.83, H.457, H.459, H.466 G.10, H.435, H.442 H.336-H.339 F.19, F.38 SCHERER, E. SCHINZ, H.R. SCHI@LER, Peter Arthur SCHLAPP, W. SCHMIDT, C.G. SCHUBERT, Gerhard H.340 H.447 Fat2 B.155 SCHWAEPPE, Gottfried SCHWARTZ, Samuel SCOTT, H. Christopher H.429, H.431, H.437, H.439 SCHNEIDER, G.H. SCHOEN, R. SCHULZ, Milford D. SCHURR, Harold R. E125 H.430 H.341 B.101 H.435 SCHUEREN, Emmanuel van der SCOTT-ELLIOT (née COURTAULD), Faith SCOTT, Sir Oliver Christopher Anderson, Bt H.15, H.348 B.19, B.91-B.96, B.210, B.225, B.549 C.31, C.40 H.433 B.314, E.95, F.456 G.60-G.66, G.78, G.88 SEAMAN, Geoffrey Vincent Frederick B.91-B.93, B.207, B.214, H.385 SEARBY, P.J. SEED, John D.521-D.523 B.734, B.737, H.444 B.818-B.820 D.285, F.19, H.342-H.347 SCOWEN, Eric Frank SEELENTAG, Walter NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell SEELIG, Siegfried Frederick 51 SELIGMAN, Henry SENGUN, Atif SHEAR, Murray J. F.211;,.F.216, F218, F.220°-:279 H.177 H.349-H.354 F.139-F.148, F.153-F.156, F.159-F.162 SHERBERT, Gajanan Venkatramanaya H.355-H.357 SHIELDS, R. SHILLINGFORD, John P. SHIMANOVSKAYA, Klara SHIRE, Edward Samuel SICHER, K. SIEVERT, R.M. SIKORA, Karol SILVER, lan Adair SIMON, Norman SIMON-REUSS, Irmelin SIMPSON, Samuel Leonard SINGH, B.B. B.693 F.41 E.81 B.86, B.155, D.73, H.130, H.428 H.437 H.428 G.92, H.470 C.42, C.50, E.146, G.58 D.470 H.358-H.365 F.273, F.276, F.280, H.366 H.470 SKINNER, H.W.B. Bt, F19; £120 SLOAN-KETTERING INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RESEARCH SMALES, Albert Arthur SMITH, Bruce Sydney SMITH, Cyril Leng (Charles) SMEDAL, Magnus I. SMELLIE, W.A.B. D.157 F.335 H.466 F.422 B.91, B.93-B.95, B.115, B.117, B.120-B.123, B.132, B.136, B.137, B.140-B.146, B.162, B.181-B.183, B.199, B.201, B.206-B.210, B.214, B.224-B.226, B.228, B.229, B.231, B.232, B.235, B.465, B.469, B.476, B.477, B.479, B.483, B.485, B.497, B.498, B.501, A.49 B.526-B.528, B.531-B.539, B.544, B.588, B.638, B.664, B.877, B.884, B.885, B.888A C.45 D.501 197. Felt, F.120-F:122-F.155 H.367-H.377, H.421, H.431, H.432 See also B.587, B.597 SMITH, Evelyn SMITH, Maurice W. B.502, B.505-B.516, B.518, B.519, B.522, H.234, H.281, H.313, H.349-H.354, E.125, H.437 H.456 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell SMITHERS, Sir David (Waldron) SMYTH, C.N. SNEAD, Cyril SNELLING, Margaret D. SNYDER, Walter S. SOCIETY FOR DRUG RESEARCH SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY SOCIETY OF APOTHECARIES OF LONDON SOCIETY OF INDIVIDUALISTS D.415 Fat70, Gale heeeOni-eoo H.280, H.378, H.484 F.439 E127, G.65 D.128 G.95 D.69, G.1 E.140, F.16 F.443 SOCIETY OF MEDICAL OFFICERS OF HEALTH H.367, H.368 SOLOMON, A.K. SOLUS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LIMITED SPEAR, F. Gordon SPIERS, Frederick William H.436 B.196 B.14, B.228, B.236 D.31 F.152; F263 H.86, H.130, H.194, H.214, H.379 A.74, C.24 F.88, F.100, F.362 H.329, H.380 STASEK, Viadimir F.335, H.50, H.443 SPINKS, J.W.T. SPITTLE, Margaret F. SPRINGER-VERLAG SQUIRE, John Rupert STERNBERG, Eugene D. SQUIRES, Gordon Leslie STEBBING, G.F. STEIN, Gabriel H.455 D.448 E.49 B.159 H.381 F.273 STEVENSON, Alan Carruth F.156, H.169, H.350, H.382-H.388, H.481 D.38 STOCKTON, (Maurice) Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of STOPFORD, John Sebastian Bach, Baron STOKER, Sir Michael (George Parke) G.43 H.141 A.16 E.101, G.96 G.15, H.448 STOKES, Wilfred STONE, Robert S. A.67 D.415 STIDOLPH, Neville STIGBRAND, Torgny STOCK, C. Chester STOWELL, Robert E. H.257, H.455 A.23 B.587, B.588, B.712 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell STREFFER, Christian STUBBE, H. STURTON, Stephen Douglas STUTZ, E. SUNDARAM, Krishna SUNDAY TELEGRAPH SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon (Brims Black Mclvor) SUWANIK, R. SWALLOW, Albert John SYED ALI, H. SYKES, Peter SZAK, K.F. TAIT, G.W.C. TAIT, J.H. TAKAHASHI, Shinji TAYLOR, Denis G.83 H.425 H.100, H.389-H.396 H.442, H.450 G.83 D.440 H.447 H.469 A.35, H.433 F.152, G.66 B.595 B.37, B.421, D.290, H.452, H.456 H.432 D.51 E.98, F.450, F.460, F.461 F.345, H.337 TAYLOR, Geoffrey TAYLOR, Marjorie Perrers TAYLOR & FRANCIS LIMITED H.10, H.29 EAtd7, H.431 F.406 See also D.94 THODAY, John Marion THOMAS, Emrys TENZEL, William V. THEWLIS, James B.232-B.236, H.20 C.53, D.358, H.455 THOMAS, M. Lea THOMAS, T.C. H.399-H.402 H.477, H.479 H.397, H.398 See also G.48, G.49 F.176, H.404 F.6, F.165, F.199, F.211, F.238, F.250, F.255, F.259, F:261, &:263, F.265, F.277, F.279, B.104, B.106, B.107, B.110, B.112, B.115, B.116, B.142 F.280, F.284, F.319, F.335 See also B.130 THOMSON, Sir (Arthur) Landsborough THOMSON, Sir Arthur (Peregrine) THOMSON, Sir George Paget THORPE, William Homan THOMPSON, Sir Harold Warris THOMAS, H. Orishejolomi B.834 F.40, F.46 E.124 H.169 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell THORPE, William Veale H.443 THURGAR, C.J.L. THURN, Peter THYGESEN, J¢grgen Ejnar TIMMIS, G.M. TITTERTON, Ernest William TIZARD, Sir Henry Thomas TIZARD, Sir (John) Peter (Mills) TOBIAS, Cornelius A. F.266, F.279, F.280, H.428 G.59 H.405 F.148 B.122, B.144, B.145, H.40 See also B.123 &. 1.6.4 B.872 H.430 TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron B.582, H.20, H.251, H.406 TORRIOLI, Mario TOUGH, lan C.K. TOZER, Basil Laurence TRABUCCHI, Emilio TRAIL, Richard Robertson TROTT, Nigel G. TROUGHTON & SIMS LIMITED TROWELL, Oswald Arthur i205 F.26 B.114, B.117, B.120, B.121 G.24 H.429 H.465, H.468, H.471 C.31 H.407-H.409 6.1516. 134) F:212; F277, F.278 G.66 G.66 A.24 G.83, H.411 B.175, H.431 TRUSCOTT, Brian McN. TUBIANA, M. TUDWAY, Robert Christie TULLIS, John L. TUNGSUBUTRA, Kawee B.412, D.401, D.408, D.416, H.410 F.155, F.156, H.439 E.125, H.437 TURESSON, Ingela TURNER, E. Grey TRUHAUT, Rene TRUMP, John G. H.336, H.339 B:155;'B: 156 C.48 F.422-F.425 G.5, G.6, G.13, G.25, G.28, G.44, G.45 B.474, B.475, B.496, B.502, B.503, B.515, B.530, B.538, B.543, B.650, B.739 See also B.715 UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMITTEE UNITED OXFORD HOSPITALS F.444-F.448 USSING, Hans H. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell VALENTINE, J.C. VALENTINE, J.M. VAUGHAN, Dame Janet (Maria) VEALL, Norman VENDRIK, A.J.H. VENNART, Jack VEREINIGUNG DEUTSCHER STRAHLENSCHUTZARZTE VETTER, Herbert VICKERS-ARMSTRONGS (AIRCRAFT) LIMITED VICKERS-ARMSTRONGS (ENGINEERS) LIMITED VICKERS RESEARCH LIMITED VINCE, Stanley William VINCKE, Erich VLADESCU, C. VOLODIN, V. VONBERG, Derek Daniel B.34 B.162 F.274, F.275, F.290, F.447 H.232, H.427, H.430, H.436, H.475 See also H.495 F.216, F.220 H.412 F.369 A.34, A.35 G.19, G.23, G.34, G.42, G.97, G.98, G.100 H.278, H.279 H.443 B.159, B.160, B.162 B.203 B.145 H.442, H.482 H.428 H.473 F.450, F.456, F.461, G.78, G.88 D.73 G.66 WADE, Roy WAHRMAN, Jacob WALKER, John VOROB\VEV, J.l. H.468, H.471 H.466, H.467 WADE, Owen Lyndon WAKEFORD, Richard E. H.413 D.416 H.252 H.351 WALKER, Robert Milnes WADDINGTON, Conrad Hal H.462 WANSBROUGH-JONES, Sir Owen (Haddon) B.472, B.492, F.23, F.160, F.161, H.431 WALPOLE, Arthur Leonard C.24 C.39 D.4 H.414 WARD, Alan WARD, H.W.C. WALTER, J. WALTON, K.W. D.489 F.280 H.442, Halon 67 WALKER, William WALLACE, D.I. WALLMAN, Henry NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell WARD, BLENKINSON & COMPANY LIMITED WARENIUS, H.M. WARNER, Ann WARREN, Shields WARRINGTON, H.C. WASSIF, S. Boulis WATERLOW, John C. WATSON, J.V. WATSON, Maggie WATSON, Peter G. WATTS, George T. WAYNE, Sir Edward (Johnson) WEBB, Colonel J.F. WEBSTER, D.A. WEBSTER, Hugh G. WEGENER, K. WEHRHEIM, Walter WEIDMANN, S.M. H.439 C.56 C.56 H.415, H.416 H.417 D.430 C.24 G.66 A.35, F.101 C.56, G.48-G.50, G.58, H.463 H.458, H.459 F.394 F.47, F.49 C.24 H.109 F.460 H.425 B.643 WEINBERG, A.L. WEIRS, Leonard WELLCOME TRUST D.444 A.31 H.492 H.418 H.468 WEST, Ranyard WHEELER, Terence K. WEIS-FOGH, Torkel WEISS, Joseph Joshua B.313, B.470-B.473, B.475, B.491, B.492, B.494, B.495, B.498, B.505, B.510, B.522, WELLCOME RESEARCH LABORATORIES B.524, B.530 F.46, F.53 H.361 See also B.328 B.210,.B.211, B.262, H.467 A.31 B.37, B.151, B.321-B.325, B.334, B.363, B.426, B.427, B.429, B.431 D.440, D.447 H.465, H.473 B.389, B.709, B.710, B.714, B.882, B.1042 D:147,.6:270, Fie, F319 H.86, H.100, H.130, H.224, H.427 See also E.143 WHITBY, Sir Lionel (Ernest Howard) WHITBY, Lionel Gordon WHITE, Chester B.569, H.117, H.420 B.9, B.20, B.23, B.64, B.98, B.218, B.339, B.619, B.623, B.693 NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell WHITEHOUSE, Roger Norman Hately WHITTLE, Claude Howard WIBLIN, Ellis R. WIDDOWSON, Elsie May WIDEROE, R. WILD, Frank WILDY, (Norman) Peter (Leete) WILKINSON, Sir Denys Haigh WILKINSON, John Frederick WILKINSON, K. Douglas WILKINSON, L.P. WILLIAMS, Bernard WILLIAMS, Katharine WILLIAMS, Peter Orchard WILLIAMSON, Frank S. WILLIS, J.A.V. C.35 B.814, C.122 B.145 B.625 B.151, G.66, H.421 B.621, B.649, B.734, B.804, B.850 C.40, H.169 B.253, B.254, B.799, H.473 See also B.301 D.73 E.141, F.144, F.276 A.15, A.18 H.446 D.416 D.69 F.120, F.289, F.348, F.413, F.414 H.56, H.279, H.397, H.427, H.483 F.366 H.73 B.157 F.49 F.149 G.83, G.88 A.28, C.51 WOLFSON FOUNDATION WINDEYER, Sir Brian (Wellingham) WINSTANLEY, David P. WILSON, Charles William F.261, H.434, H.436, H.441 WITHERS, H. Rodney WITHYCOMBE, J.F.R. WITTS, Leslie John WOLFENDEN, John (Frederick), Baron WILSON, R.R. WINDER, Frank B.85, F.216, F.285, F.348, G.66, H.158, H.422 F.11, F.22, F.29-F.31, F.40, F.42, F.44-F.51, F.53-F.55, F.57-F.64, F.67 A.24 f19):F.20, &.24)6-27; F:30; &.38, F.216, F.276, F.282, F.444, F.446 H.244 WOLSTENHOLME, Sir Gordon Ethelbert Ward WOODRUFF, Sir Michael (Francis Addison) A.65, D.416, D.438, H.457 B.472, B.473, B.492-B.494, B.715, B.745 F.265, F.275-F.277, F.287, F.348, H.423 B.650 F.14 F.429 H.251 WOOD, Constance A.P. WOODHAM, C.W.B. WOODHOUSE, Dennis Leyton F.148, H.426 WOODMAN, Richard WORDIE, J.M. NCUACS 36/4/92 J.S. Mitchell WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION B.314, E.95, F.449-F.464 G.60-G.66, G.78-G.83 WORLD ORGANISATION OF UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS OF MEDICAL RADIOLOGY WORMALL, A. WRAGG, Arthur H. WRAIGHT, E. Philip YATVIN, Milton B. YOSHIDA, Tomizo YOUNG, Colonel Alistair Donald YOUNG, Sir Frank (George) ZAHARIA, Mayer ZANGWILL, Oliver Louis F.465-F.467 E.140, H.429 A.51, G.95 B.152 G.83 F156 F.39 See also F.49 B.234, B.328, B.329, B.496, B.509-B.511, B.603, B.604, B.625, B.726, B.744, B.745 H.56, H.324 G.66 B.817, B.818, B.820, B.823, B.824, B.826-B.830 H.189 D.15 H.80 H.308 H.252, H.454 C.28, F.345, F.346 CARL ZEISS (LONDON) LIMITED ZEUTHEN, ZITA, G. ZOON, J.J. ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron ZUPPINGER, A. E.36, H.424