SYNGE, Millington Richard Laurence

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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Richard Laurence Millington Synge FRS (1914 - 1994) VOLUME II Sections H, J Index of correspondents NCUACS catalogue no. 73/2/98 by Timothy E. Powell, Peter Harper, Adrian Nardone and Alan Hayward R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 SECTION H SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS H.1-H.111 The material covers twenty-four UK and overseas organisations with which Synge was involved, ca 1936-1993. It is presented as follows: H.1 ABERDEEN BIOCHEMICAL ASSOCIATION H.2-H.26 AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL H.27-H.42 ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS H.43-H.55 BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY H.56-H.58 BRITISH NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR BIOCHEMISTRY H.59-H.67 BRITISH NUTRITION FOUNDATION H.68 H.77-H.79 CHEMICAL SOCIETY CHEMICAL STRUCTURE ASSOCIATION HALDANE RESEARCH CENTRE, INDIA CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB NUTRITION SOCIETY JOINT CONSULTATIVE ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN AGRICULTURE AND FOOD LINUS PAULING INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND MEDICINE H.76 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations H.80 RAY CLUB H.81, H.82 ROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY H.83-H.95 ROYAL SOCIETY H.96-H.101 ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY H.102 H.103 H.104 ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH SOCIETIE DE CHIMIE BIOLOGIQUE SOCIETY FOR ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY H.105-H.109 SOCIETY FOR GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY H.110 UNITED KINGDOM COUNCIL FOR FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY WALLACE & TIERNAN LTD R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations ABERDEEN BIOCHEMICAL ASSOCIATION 1955-1965 Synge served on the Committee from 1956. Correspondence re membership of Committee 1955, 1956; miscellaneous correspondence and papers re meetings 1956-1958, 1965; correspondence re talk by Synge to the Association 17 March 1960. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (ARC) 1949-1974 H.2-H.8 H.9-H.17 General correspondence and papers Ruminant Metabolism Group H.18-H.26 Extraction of Leaf Protein General correspondence and papers 1950-1974 1950-1956. Includes ARC material sent to Rowett Research Institute re studentships, visitors to UK. Re Synge’s service on Visiting Group to Animal Diseases Research 1957. With 21pp Association, Moredun Institute, Edinburgh, 28-29 May 1957. duplicated typescript notes on research etc and 13pp duplicated typescript Report of the Visiting Group. 1961-1965. 1957-1960. Association, Moredun Institute. Includes 1959 Report of the Animal Diseases Research R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations 1962. November. Synge attended. Papers of ARC Conference on Canary Stain in Wool, London, 15 1967-1974. Includes papers for ARC Conference on Evaluation of Proteins, London, 17 April 1970. Ruminant Metabolism Group 1949-1953 The Group was established in 1949 by the ARC ‘to review work in progress and to co-ordinate the development of further research in of ruminant metabolism, with particular reference to the digestive processes, and conditions affecting or related to those processes’. field the The material consists of meetings to discuss ruminant metabolism, with a little correspondence re arrangements. 6 October 1949. 3 folders. 14 July 1950. 27 July 1951. 2 folders. Includes draft of Synge’s report to the meeting. H.15-H.17 21 April 1953. 3 folders. H.9 includes drafts of Synge’s report to the meeting. the The first meeting ‘to discuss Mr [N.W.] Pirie’s proposals for research on the extraction of leaf protein’ was held in November 1951. H.15 includes manuscript draft of Synge’s report to the meeting. H.18-H.26 Extraction of Leaf Protein 1951-1953 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations Further meetings were held to discuss progress in this field, with reports from other research centres (including the Rowett Research Institute) in addition to those on Pirie’s work at Rothamsted Experimental Station. H.18-H.20 27 November 1951. 3 folders. Principally Pirie’s duplicated typescript report on his research 1949-1951. 2 December 1952. 2 folders. Synge was not present. H.23-H.26 27 November 1953. 4 folders. H.27-H.42 ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS 1938-1966 Science Policy Committee Aberdeen Branch Scottish Area H.33 H.34 H.41 H.42 H.27-H.32 General correspondence and papers H.35-H.40 Agricultural Committee Overseas Correspondence Committee Synge served as a Vice-President of the Association of Scientific Workers (ASW) from 1954. History Group on development of science, n.d. 1938, 1941, n.d. Includes 2pp typescript account of ASW Cambridge branch meeting, ca November 1938; ‘The conditions and organisation of research in Cambridge’, ASW questionnaire, with ‘Answer to A.S.W. questionnaire [..., 6pp typescript, n.d.; 4pp typescript address by J.D. Bernal to ASW General correspondence and papers H.27-H.32 ree, 1938-1966 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations 1945. Papers for ASW Open Conference on Science and Peace, London, 17-18 February 1945. 1946-1953. Includes letter re invitation to stand for election as President, 1 April 1953. 1954-1956. 1958-1966. Includes invitation for nomination as President for 1965. Miscellaneous printed universities etc, 1943-ca 1946. Not all ASW material. 2 folders. industry and scientific material re research, the Overseas Correspondence Committee H.35-H40 1947-1948 1948-1961 Agricultural Committee Science Policy Committee Correspondence re membership. Correspondence with Soviet Embassy re scientific publications. 1952, 1953. Includes papers for meetings of the Committee, Working Party (later Agricultural Advisory Committee), ASW Agricultural Bulletins and associated material re agriculture and ASW policy. 1948-1950. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations 1953, 1954. 1955, 1956. 1957-1961. Aberdeen Branch 1950-1965 Branch bulletins; papers re meetings, 1950-1952, 1964, 1965. Scottish Area 1949-1964 Annual Reports 1949/50 - 1951/52; paper on introduction of five-day week 1964. H.43-H.55 BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY ca 1936-1985 H.43-H.46 H.43-H.46 H.47-H.49 H.50-H.55 Biochemical Journal General correspondence and papers Committee of the Biochemical Society Scotland. 1943, Synge and products of amylose and starch’ for meeting of the Society in Aberdeen. re Biochemical Society meetings in re demonstration by hydrolysis of General correspondence and papers D.L. Mould ‘Procedures for the fractionation 1947, 1951-1953, 1956. Material for 1951 is 1965, 1966. Material for 1966 is 1943-1985 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations 1969. Correspondence and papers re Biochemical Society 500th meeting, 15-17 December, London. For the meeting University College London hosted an exhibition of books and documents. Synge helped to prepare the exhibit on isolation of amino acids and most of the material relates to this. 1978, 1984-1985. Celebrations held in 1986. The material for 1984-1985 is re 75th Anniversary For the Anniversary Synge lent some illustrative material for an exhibition at the University of Manchester. H.47-H.49 Committee of the Biochemical Society 1954-1955 Synge served representative of the Editorial Board of the Biochemical Journal, 1953-1955. the Committee of the Biochemical Society on as the Meeting, 20 March 1954. H.50-H.55 Biochemical Journal 1945, Meetings, 19 May, 14 July, 15 October 1954. Meetings, 12 November 1954, 15 January, 10 February 1955. Synge joined the Editorial Board in 1949. He resigned in June 1955. Refereeing papers for the Journal, 1944-1969, n.d. Correspondence ca 1936, 1946, 1949-1952. Includes manuscript notes on origin of papers submitted to the Journal 1936; invitation to join the Editorial Board 1949; correspondence re membership of the Board. Correspondence 1953-1962. to the Editorial Board. Includes material re appointment of Secretary ca 1936-1970 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations 1944-1949. 1950-1964, 1969, n.d. Correspondence and papers arising from Biochemical Journal refereeing policy, 1958-1970. 1958, 1966, 1967 January-August. 1967 September-December, 1968, 1970. H.56-H.58 BRITISH NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR BIOCHEMISTRY 1954-1957 1954. 1956, 1957. British National Committee (as International Union of Biochemistry to the Correspondence and papers, chiefly UK adherence to the International Union of Biochemistry, the establishment of the British National Committee, and meetings Synge served on the Biochemical Society’s interim National Committee for Biochemistry, 1954-1955, and from August 1955, following the admission of International Council of the Scientific Unions, on the a Biochemical Society representative). British Nutrition Foundation, 1974-1979. Synge was nominated by the Royal Society as a scientific governor of the H.59-H.67 BRITISH NUTRITION FOUNDATION 1974-1979 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations H.59-H.61 ‘Memorandum to Food Standards Committee, MAFF [Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food] on Beer’, 1974. This was drafted by Synge for the British Nutrition Foundation in 1974. However, the Foundation felt sufficient knowledge of the technology of beer to reach an opinion’ on the paper, it should be sent as an individual submission under Synge’s own name. present that one had ‘no as 4pp manuscript draft + calculations. 3pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections; 3pp typescript final draft, 18 October 1974. Correspondence re preparation of the paper and arising, 1974-1975. H.62-H.64 General correspondence, 1976-1979. H.62 1976 January - August. 1977, 1979. 1976 June, July. This relates to the response to an article ‘Cancer: how to cut the risk’ by O. Gillie, Sunday Times, 13 June 1976. Some members felt that Gillie was over-enthusiastic in his promotion of polyunsaturated fats and Synge drafted a letter to be sent to the Sunday Times. However, there was no consensus among Foundation members either on the merits of Gillie’s article or on the best way for the Foundation to respond. Papers for 9th AGM, 25 November 1976. Includes material re article by O. Gillie (see H.63) Papers for 32nd Council meeting, 29 July 1976. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations Papers for 35th Council meeting, 25 May 1977; papers for 10th AGM, 24 November 1977. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB 1939-1963 Synge was an Honorary Member of the Club. Letter re contribution to funds 1959; printed material. CHEMICAL SOCIETY 1945-1976 Correspondence and papers re Bureau of Abstracts 1945-1946. Synge was a Chemical Society representative on the Bureau of Abstracts Board of Directors 1945-1946. Papers, 1986. CHEMICAL STRUCTURE ASSOCIATION Correspondence re definitions in analytical chemistry 1952, and publications policy 1972-1976. Letter re Synge’s acceptance, 30 July 1981. HALDANE RESEARCH CENTRE, INDIA Synge served as an Adviser for the Centre. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations JOINT CONSULTATIVE ORGANISATION (JCO) FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN AGRICULTURE AND FOOD 1975-1977 JCO Food Science and Technology Board’s Second Report on Feeds for Farm Livestock in the UK, 1975. Protein Correspondence and papers re Food Research Institute response to the Report. Synge and S.R. Elsden drafted a reply on behalf of the Institute. Working Party of the Board investigating research requirements on proteins for human consumption, 1976-1977. Includes invitation to Synge to join the Working Party and 5pp manuscript draft report of the Working Party by Synge. LINUS PAULING INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND MEDICINE 1974, 1976 Membership of Board of Associates. MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL Review of amino-acid requirements for medical research. Correspondence and papers chiefly re membership, 1949-1951. Synge became a Member in 1949, joining the Scottish Group. H.77-H.79 NUTRITION SOCIETY 1949-1957 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations Correspondence and papers chiefly re Synge’s contribution to the Nutrition Society Scottish Group meeting on grass, Aberdeen, 21 September 1951. Correspondence and papers, 1952-1957. RAY CLUB Meetings. 1939-1945 ROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY 1952-1958, 1979-1980 Synge was elected a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chemistry in 1952. The previous year he had delivered the F. Frankland Memorial Lecture in Birmingham (18 May) and London (20 July). See also BcOy lee Institute’s second P. 1979-1980. Fellowship. H.83-H.95 ROYAL SOCIETY 1952-1983 Correspondence and papers. 1952-1958. Includes correspondence re election to Fellowship, 1952; Rules of Aberdeen and North of Scotland branch; refereeing for Journal. Royal Society Tercentenary Synge was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1950. Material relating to Synge’s election is at A.163-A.165. H.83, H.84 General correspondence and papers H.85-H.89 H.90-H.95 Sectional Committee 9 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations General correspondence and papers 1952-1967, 1983 1952, 1953, 1958-1961. Includes material re exchange visits with the USSR Academy of Sciences. 1962-1967, 1983. The material for 1983 relates to election of Fellows under statute 12. H.85-H.89 Sectional Committee 9 1963-1965 Synge served 1963-1965. 1963. 1964 January. 1964 May. 1964 December. H.90-H.95 Royal Society Tercentenary 1960 Material from functions. It issued The Royal Society celebrated its Tercentenary in July 1960. publicity material about the the Royal Society and organised a series of social and scientific functions from 18 to 26 July. The material is principally Synge’s memorabilia from the occasion. Correspondence, including invitations. history and work of H.91-H.95 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations General programme; preliminary list of official guests. Formal opening, 19 July; visit reception at the Guildhall, London, 22 July. to Oxford, 21 July; film premiere, 22 July; Conversazione, 23 July; banquet, 26 July. Other printed material. The Beginning of the Royal Society by Margery Purver and E. (Oxford, 1960). 16pp. J. Bowen Gresham College and the Royal Society by Sir Harold Hartley and Sir Cyril Hinshelwood (1960). 11pp. ‘The Royal Society Today’, Discovery 21, 7, (July 1960). The Times feature on the Royal Society, 19 July 1960. H.96-H.101 ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY 1984-1993 H.96-H.99 Chemical Information Group, 1984-1987. Synge was interested in online searching for information about chemicals. He was Honorary Treasurer of the Group. reference Correspondence and papers re Chemical Abstracts Service online searching system, 1984-1985. ‘Current CIG matters RSC organ. sheets [...] To take to London 1/12/86’. Contents of Synge’s envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations re on material Conference Includes Multidisciplinary Approaches to Searching for Information about Chemicals’, Oxford 25-26 March 1986 (see also F.62, G.215-G.222); notice of Annual Chemical Congress on ‘Chemistry at the Biological Interface’, University College Swansea, 13-16 April 1987; invitation to Chemical Information Conference on ‘Chemical Structures’, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, 31 May - 4 June 1987. Correspondence and Society, changes to its structure and implications for the Group, 1985-1986. re organisation papers the of possible Papers from the Group’s AGM 1987, found in Synge’s inscribed envelope; letter arising, March 1987. Papers for meetings of the East Anglia Region of the Society’s Analytical Division, 1985, 1993. Papers of the Society's Historical Group, 1983, 1986. 1956, 1963 ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH SOCIETIE DE CHIMIE BIOLOGIQUE Correspondence and papers, 1956, 1963. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1954, 1955, 1958. SOCIETY FOR ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Membership. 1954-1958 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Societies and organisations H.105-H.109 SOCIETY FOR GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY 1944-1964 Synge was an original member of the Society. List of original members, 1944; List of members 1948. Papers for meetings etc, 1945-1948. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1949-1953. Papers for meetings etc, 1949-1958. Refereeing for Journal of General Microbiology, 1961-1964. UNITED KINGDOM COUNCIL FOR FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 1971, 1977 1971. He Membership, 1971, 1977. Synge was co-opted to serve on the Executive Committee in resigned in 1977. Brief correspondence re possible consultancy, September 1951. WALLACE & TIERNAN LTD R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE J.1-J.443 The correspondence in this section is presented as follows: J.1-J.341 ALPHABETICAL BY CORRESPONDENT J.342-J.412 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE J.413-J.422 REQUESTS FOR OFF-PRINTS J.423-J.443 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.1-J.341 ALPHABETICAL BY CORRESPONDENT 1927-1994 Abraham, E.P. Research. 1946, 1953, 1954, 1957 Airan, J.W. 1953-1957 He Airan was Professor of Chemistry at Wilson College, Bombay, India. worked in Synge’s laboratory for early 1954 to gain experience in chromatographic and electrical transport methods of interest for protein chemistry. Synge visited Bombay in 1955. a short period in Visits, research. Allan, D.C. Recommendation. 1962, 1969 Allison, R.M. 1959, 1968-1973 Includes Allison’s report on visit to the UK prepared for the UK Agricultural Research Council. Allison was officer-in-charge of the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Plant Chemistry Division Substation at Lincoln, Canterbury. The DSIR was interested in direct utilisation of leaf protein for human consumption and in this connexion Allison came to the UK as a guest worker at the Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden and at the Food Research Institute, Norwich, May-December 1969. 1961. Thesis report. Countercurrent extraction apparatus Alm, R. Ambler, R.P. 1961, 1976, 1993 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1976, 1993. Research. American Cyanamid Company 1948-1949 Synge’s contact with the Company was initiated represented by two letters in the folder. by A.J.P. Martin who is Gramicidin S. Anderson, G. 1974-1975 Anderson was head of the Department of Macaulay Institute for Soil Research, Aberdeen. Soil Organic Chemistry at the Visits, research. Annison, E.F. 1953-1957, 1962 Annison was based at the Agricultural Research Council Institute of Animal Physiology, Babraham, Cambridge, 1953-1957, later working in Australia. Career and research. Arni, P.C. 1953-1954 Arnstein, H.R.V. 1964 Research and publications. Arnstein was based at the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London. Bacharach worked at Glaxo Laboratories, Greenford, Middlesex. Research. Bacharach, A.L. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Bagdasarian, M. 1960-1968 Bagdasarian was a Polish scientist who worked with Synge at the Rowett Research Institute, 1961-1962. Arrangements for visit, draft paper, recommendation. Bailey, K. various dates 1940-1962 Bailey, J.L. 1955-1956, 1959-1965 Bailey joined the staff of the Rowett Research Institute in 1956. Research and career. W.R. Balston, Ltd 1950-1951, 1960 Arrangements for visit, recommendations. 2 folders. 1952-1953 Baptist, N.G. 1955, 1961-1971, 1975 Battersby, A.R. Tyrocidine. Baptist undertook a course of research studies in biochemistry working with Synge at the Rowett Research Institute for a period from January 1962. Includes photographs. Includes copy of obituary of Bell by J.S.D. Bacon and D.J. Manners sent to Synge in 1973. Bell died in 1972. Berger, V.M. 1947-1950 Bell, D.J. 1953-1965, 1973 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Bernal, J.D. 1954, 1956, 1957, 1959 Includes draft proposals by Bernal on fundamental research in Britain. J. Bibby & Sons Ltd 1952-1955 Groundnut protein research. Blaxter, K.L. 1953, 1964-1966, 1970, 1981-1982 1953 correspondence relates to the biological value of proteins. 1981-1982 correspondence relates to Blaxter’s biographical memoir of E.R. Underwood and includes copy of letter from C. Rimington to Blaxter. Bondi, A. 1957, 1962 Visits to the Rowett Research Institute. Brady, C.J. 1960-1964, 1967 Brattsen, I. 1950,1962-1966 The 1950 correspondence is from Brattsen at the Biochemical Institute University of from Gothenberg University. Much of the correspondence is in Swedish. Subsequent correspondence is Uppsala, Sweden. Brady came from the CSIRO Fodder Conservation Section, Hignett, Victoria, Australia to undertake Ph.D. research at the Rowett Research Institute. He subsequently returned to Australia. before becoming Professor of Botany, University of Cambridge. ICI Ltd Research Laboratories, Welwyn, Hertfordshire various dates 1953-1960, 1969 Brian, P.W. Brian was based at 1950, 1962-1963. 1964-1966. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Briggs, P.K. 1957-1958, 1961 Briggs came from the CSIRO Division of Animal Health and Production, McMaster Animal Health Laboratory, Glebe, New South Wales, Australia to undertake Ph.D. research at the Rowett Research Institute. British Chemicals & Biologicals Ltd 1948-1949 Supplies for feeding experiments. Bryde, ©. 1947-1953 Bryde was based at the Norwegian Pulp and Paper Industry Research Institute, Oslo. Bunting, A.H. 1953, 1964, 1964 By 1964 Bunting was Professor of Agricultural Botany at the University of Reading. Butler, G.W. 1957, 1969-1970 1969-1970 correspondence re proposed chemistry and biochemistry of herbage to be edited by Butler and R. Bailey, visit by Butler to Food Research Institute, Norwich. book the on 1957 correspondence re research on the non-protein nitrogen fractions of grassland herbage. By 1969 Butler was Director of the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Applied Biochemistry Division, Palmerston North. Career. Butterworth was an animal nutrition scientist who held positions in the West Indies, the correspondence. 1961, 1964-1965, 1969 Butterworth, M.H. Venezuela and Mexico during the period covered by R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Byers, M. 1971-1976, 1986 Byers was based at the Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Research. Calvin, M. 1949, 1953 Calvin was based at Berkeley, USA. the Radiation Laboratory, University of California, Calvin’s letter of March 1949 expresses interest in two-dimensional paper chromatography and reports success in identifying and isolating the early products of photosynthesis. 1953 letter from Calvin considers Synge’s published view that the United States economy was in essence maintained by the preparation of expensive armaments. J.38-J.45 Carnegie, P.R. 1955-1989 Research and career. his Ph.D. under Synge’s supervision at the Rowett Carnegie studied for Research Institute and at the Ruakura Animal Research Station, Hamilton, New Zealand. He subsequently spent periods at the University of Malaya, Singapore and the University of Leeds before moving to Australia (University of Melbourne). 1964-1965. Includes slides. 1955-1959. 1962-1963. research report January to June 1962. Includes report on Carnegie’s Ph.D. thesis, 21 May 1962 and R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1966-1969. Includes recommendation. 1970-1979. Includes recommendations. 1981,1989. Carpenter, K.R. various dates 1950s-1977 Includes report on D.Sc. submission. Cassidy, H.G. 1946, 1948, 1951-1953, 1955 Cassidy was based in the Department of Chemistry, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. 1946 correspondence relates to Conference on Chromatography planned by the New York Academy of Sciences for November 1946. Synge was invited but was unable to attend. 1955-1959, 1964-1965 Cessi, C. 1954-1956, 1963, 1966, n.d. J.49, J.50 Chalmers, M.I. Visits by Cessi to the Rowett Research Institute and Synge to Italy. Chalmers was a colleague of Synge’s at the Rowett Research Institute. In 1964 she was offered an appointment on twelve month assignment as Animal Production Officer (Animal Nutrition) on an FAO Mission of the United Nations to the Government of India. The appointment was based at the Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union at Anand, Gujerat. 1958-1959, 1963-1964 1955-1959. 1964-1965. Chargaff, E. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.52-J.66 Chibnall, A.C. 1938-1992 Chibnall was the Sir William Dunn Professor of Biochemistry at Cambridge 1943-1949. Research, publications, visits etc. 1938, 1939. 1940-1943. 1944-1949. 1950-1953. 1954-1958. 1975-1979. 1981-1984. 1960-1969. Synge was a member of the Inviting Committee. Correspondence and papers re 80th birthday dinner in honour of Chibnall (1974), 1972-1974. 2 folders R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.63-J.66 Correspondence and papers re Synge’s biographical memoir of Chibnall for the Royal Society, 1988-1992. Chibnall died in 1988. Synge agreed to write (with E.F. Williams) the Royal Society memoir which appeared as ‘Albert Charles Chibnall’, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 35 (1990), 57-96. Correspondence with Royal Society. Letters written in response to Synge’s requests for information, recollections etc. Letters including further recollections. of thanks from recipients of off-prints of biographical memoir Synge’s manuscript notes; miscellaneous background material. Christensen, H.N. 1944-1945 Research. Research, travel plans etc. Claesson was based at the Fysikalisk-Kemiska Institution, Uppsala, Sweden. Claesson, S. 1946, 1948-1949, 1965 Christensen was based at the Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital, Cooperstown, New York, USA. He worked on structural studies of gramicidin. infected burns. At the beginning of 1945 Synge asked Colebrook if he was in a position to examine the therapeutic effects of various antibacterial polypeptides on small Colebrook was based at the Burns Unit, Birmingham Accident Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre. Colebrook, L. 1945 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Consden, R. 1943-1950, 1956 Consden was at the Wool Industries Research Association at Leeds with A.J.P. Martin. Research and career. Cornforth, J.W. Research. 1955-1956 Corran, H.S. various dates 1940-1991, n.d. Corran met Synge as an undergraduate at Trinity College, Cambridge. After the war he worked for Arthur Guinness Son & Co. in Dublin. Coulson, C.B. Research, visits. 1953, 1957, 1960-1961 1938-1939 Craig, L.C. 1947-1949, 1960, 1966 Cox, E.G. Research. Research (including gramicidin), visits. Craig was based at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York, USA. Curtis was Director of the Food Research Institute, Norwich. Crowther, J.C. various dates 1947-1961 Curtis, R.F. 1970, 1980 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.78, J.79 Cuthbertson, D.P. various dates 1946-1973 Cuthbertson was Director of the Rowett Research Institute, 1945-1965. 1946, 1950, 1956, 1958-1960. 1965-1966 correspondence and papers re Cuthbertson’s retirement as Director (portrait, dinner in his honour). 1973. Damodoran, M. 1951-1955 Damodoran was Head of Chemical Laboratory of laboratory in 1954 and Synge planned to visit Poona in 1955. of Biochemistry at He spent a period Division India, Poona. the the National in Synge’s Davies, G. 1949-1950 Davis, T.A. 1976-1989 Includes invitation of the letter in the sequence was written by Davis from the 1976-1979. proposed Haldane Research Centre and list of trustees. Davies’s first letter (11 September 1949) outlines his proposed investigations on krill as a feeding stuff. Indian The first Statistical Institute, Calcutta. After a period as an FAO coconut agronomist in Indonesia Davis returned to India where he became Director of the J.B.S. Haldane Research Centre in Tamil Nadu. Research. Dent was based at the University College Hospital Medical School, London. 1985, 1988-1989. 1981, the Haldane Research Centre. Includes copy of memorandum of association for to Synge to become a trustee Dent, C.E. 1945-1946, 1949 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Donald, H.P. 1957-1958 Donald was Director of the Agricultural Research Council Animal Breeding Research Organisation, Glenbourne, Edinburgh. Research. Done, J. 1951, 1960 In 1951 Done was based at the Human Nutrition Research Unit, Medical Research Council Laboratories, Hampstead, London. 1960 correspondence is from Done in New Zealand. Dubos, R.J. 1941-1942 Dubos was based at the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York, USA. Gramicidin. Gramicidin. Ellfolk, N. 1953-1955 Ekstrand, T. 1951-1952 Edman, P.V. 1954, 1960, 1977 Ekstrand writes from the Central Laboratories, AB Astra, Sddertalje, Sweden. 1977 correspondence is with R.R. Porter who had been invited by the Royal Society to write biographical memoir of Edman (died March 1977). a period in Synge’s laboratory at the Rowett Research Institute. Ellfolk came from the Biochemical Institute, Helsinki, Finland to research for R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.91, J.92 Ellinger, G.M. 1953-1977 Ellinger was a colleague of Synge’s at the Rowett Research Institute. Research. Includes 1955, 1964-1967. 1953, 6th International Congress of Biochemistry held in New York and during visits to the Biochemistry Department at the Rockefeller Institute, New York and the National Heart Institute at Bethesda, Maryland’, 6pp typescript by Ellinger, 21 October 1964. ‘Main topics interest the at of 1968-1969, 1975-1977 J.93-J.97 Elsden, S.R. various dates 1941-1988, n.d. After a years research 1948. friend. Bacteriology, University of Sheffield in in Cambridge with Research, personal news. 1941, 1942, n.d. Edinburgh. Letters written by Elsden from Physiology Department, Elsden was an undergraduate contemporary of Synge at Cambridge and lifelong Marjorie Stephenson Elsden obtained an Assistant Lecturership in the Physiology Department, University of Edinburgh. He returned to Cambridge in 1943 and a period in California in 1946 (Berkeley and Stanford) moved to after Department of Elsden subsequently became Honorary Director of the ARC Unit for Microbiology and Professor of Microbiology at Sheffield where he remained until 1965. He was Director of the ARC Food Research Institute, Norwich, 1965-1977. Sheffield. 2 folders. 1944, 1945, n.d. Biochemistry and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. 1946. Letters from the University of California at Berkeley. Letters and cards written by Elsden from the School of 1951-1953, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1965, n.d. Letters written by Elsden from 1948. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Letters and grant application from Food Research Institute, 1967, 1971, n.d. Norwich. 1988. Ettre, L.S. 1978, 1992-1994 Correspondence 1992-1994 relates to history of science interests especially the Russian scientist M.S. Tsvet. Fabre, R. Visits, meetings 1945-1948 Felinski, L. 1958-1962, 1964, 1966 In 1961 Felinski came from the Szczecin College of Agriculture, Poland to work with Synge for a period at the Rowett Research Institute. Flood, H. 1946-1947 Ferguson, W.S. 1950, 1955 Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd Jealott’s Hill Institutt for Uorganisk Kjemi, Norges Tekniske Flood was based at the Haogskole, Trondheim, Norway. Ferguson was based at Research Station, Bracknell, Berkshire. Norwich. In 1974 Frahn came from the CSIRO Division of Animal Health, Parkville, Victoria, Australia to work for six months at the Food Research Institute, 1951, 1964, 1971, 1974 Fowden, L Research etc. Frahn, J.L. 1973-1975 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Freeman, T. Research. 1955, 1969 Fruton, J.S. 1945, 1947-1949, 1971, 1991 Gause, G.F. various dates 1944-1989 Gause was the discoverer (jointly with M.G. Brazhnikova) of the antibiotic Gramicidin S. 1989 correspondence relates Gramicidin S and the role of Gause (died 1986). historical to writing on the discovery of Geals, E. 1963, 1966-1968 Geals was a colleague of Synge’s at the Rowett Research Institute. Gelotte, B. Sephadex. 1946-1947. 1963-1970 J.109-J.114 Gordon, A.H. ca 1940-1977, n.d. Gelotte was based at AB Pharmacia, Uppsala, Sweden. Gordon followed Synge to the Wool Industries Research Association, Leeds in 1941. He spent periods in Denmark, Czechoslovakia and Sweden, 1948- 1950 before starting at the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London in June 1950. 1948-1950. ca 1940-1945. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1950-1957. 1961-1965, 1977. manuscript discovered’. revision) Correspondence 1977 includes typescript draft chromatography Gordon paper ‘How by (with was N.d. Principally undated letters from Leeds. Gordon, C.A. 1951, 1963-1964, n.d. Goodall, R.R. 1947-1948 Goodall was based at Division, Blackley, Manchester. the Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd Dyestuffs Apparatus for chromatographic analysis. Granoth, B. 1972, 1974-1975 Gray, E.G. 1961, 1964, 1974, 1989 Proposed visits to the Food Research Institute, Norwich. Gray was Advisory Officer in Mycology (1961, 1964) and Head of Mycology Division (1974), North of Scotland College of Agriculture, Aberdeen. Visits of Halse to the Rowett Research Institute and Synge to Norway. Halse was based in the Physiology Department of the Veterinary College of Norway, Oslo, Norway. Hais was a Czech scientist writing from Prague whom Synge had known since he was a student at University College [London]. 1951-1956, 1960-1961, 1965 1949, 1953-1954, 1956, 1963 Hais, I.M. Halse, K. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Hanes, C.S. 1955-1956, 1961 Hanes was Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada during the period covered by the correspondence. Hanning, K. Hanning Lederforschung, Munich, West Germany. based was the at Max-Planck-Institut 1964-1969 fiir Eiweiss- und Includes recommendations. Harington, C.R. 1936, 1942-1944, 1953, 1962 Harington was Director of the National Institute for Medical Research, 1942- 1962. 1962 papers relate to presentation to Harington on his retirement. J.124, J.125 Haworth, R.D. 1966-1974 Research. 1966-1969. Includes recommendation. Haworth was Firth Professor of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, 1939- 1961. 1964-1965, 1971, 1976, 1980, n.d. Hegarty came from the CSIRO Division of Tropical Pastures Cunningham Laboratory, St Lucia, Queensland, Australia to work with Synge at the Food Research Institute, Norwich for a period in 1970. Includes recommendation. Research and career. 1967-1978, n.d. Hegarty, M.P. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Hirst, E.L. 1949-1951, 1955 Hirst was Forbes Professor of Organic Chemistry in Edinburgh. the University of J.129-J.133 Hodgkin, D.M.C. 1943-1978, n.d. Research including gramicidin S 1943-1945. 1946-1949. 1950-1956, 1959. 1968;'1975, 1978. Holiday, E. Tyrocidine. 1943 Hopkins, F.G. 1937, 1949-1941 Holiday was based at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford. Okayama, Japan. He visited Synge briefly on a visit to England in 1977. Horigome was based at the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University, Horigome, T. 1975, 1977-1979 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.137, J.138 Hotchkiss, R.D. 1942-1948 Hotchkiss was based at the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York, USA. Gramicidin and tyrocidine. 1942-1943. 1944-1945, 1948. J.139, J.140 Hughes, A.D. 1967-1971, n.d. Hughes was based at the Rowett Research Institute and studied for the Research Diploma of the Royal Institute of Chemistry under the supervision of Synge. He subsequently emigrated to Australia. 1967-1969. 1970-1971, n.d. Includes recommendations. J.141-J.146 Humphrey, J.H. 1933-1990 Personal news, career and research. Humphrey was a contemporary of Synge’s at Winchester College and Trinity College Cambridge and a lifelong friend. He pursued his own distinguished scientific career as an immunologist as a member of the Medical Research Council research staff at the National Institute for Medical Research at Mill Hill, London and was Professor of Immunology, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, University of London, 1976-1981. 1944-1949. 1933-1939. Includes two letters from Humphrey to Synge’s mother and two letters from Janet Rumney, daughter of A.V. Hill, whom Humphrey married in November 1939. 1940-1941. Includes letter from Janet Humphrey. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1950-1953, 1955, 1957-1958. 1960, 1964-1965, 1971. of memorial service 1985, 1988-1990. Includes The Times obituary of Humphrey (died 1987), order Synge’s ‘Recollections of John Humphrey as Schoolboy and Student (1929-1939)’ written to aid Royal Society memorialists. Trinity College Cambridge and at Hurrell, R.F Research. 1977, 1980 Jakobsen, P.E. 1954-1956 the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College, Jakobsen was based at Copenhagen, Denmark. He worked with Synge at the Rowett Research Institute for a period from November 1955 and made a second short visit to the Rowett in June 1956. Jasiorowski, H. 1957-1964 Arrangements for visit, research. Includes ‘proceedings’ of Jasiorowski’s work at the Rowett, 6pp typescript + tables and figures. Jasiorowski came from the Agricultural Sciences Department of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw to work with Synge at the Rowett Research Institute for a five-month period from April 1957. Includes thesis reports. Jayasinghe came from Ceylon to work with Synge at the Rowett Research Institute on protein digestion in the ruminant. He registered with University of Aberdeen as a research student for a Ph.D. Jayasinghe, J.B. 1955, 1958 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.151, J.152 Jennings, A.C. 1963-1977 Jennings came from the Waite Agricultural Research Institute, University of Adelaide, Australia to work with Synge at the Rowett Research Institute for a period Nuffield Foundation Commonwealth Bursary. He was supported by a Royal Society and 1964. in Research, publications, personal news. 1963-1965. Includes recommendation. 1966-1968, 1972, 1977. Jones, G. 1960-1961, 1963, n.d. Jones spent a period as a research fellow at the Rockefeller Institute, New York, USA before returning to the Rowett Research Institute. Includes ‘Memorandum on Future Work’, 4pp typescript by Jones dated 23 January 1963. Kekwick, R.A. 1951-1952, 1966, 1971 J.155, J.155A Khouw, F.T. Correspondence 1951-1952 relates to gramicidin. Kekwick was based at the Lister Institute, London. Khouw came to Britain from Indonesia to work for a period at the Rowett Research Institute, the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill and the Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden. Khouw also used his Indonesian name Komanto in later correspondence. sinograms. Miscellaneous biographical material including his interest in the analysis of 1959-1963, 1966, 1981, 1983. 1959-1983 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Kleckowski, K. 1962-1963 Kleckowski was a Polish scientist who visited Synge’s laboratory for a few weeks in 1963. He travelled to Britain from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Klyne, W. 1956-1960, 1962, 1972 Klyne was based at the Postgraduate Medical School, London and (1962, 1972) Westfield College, University of London. Research. Knight, B.C.J.G. variuos dates 1936-1981 Hertfordshire) at Knight’s correspondence 1941-1942 is from the the Wellcome Elstree, Research Laboratories, Beckenham. the Department of Microbiology at the University of Reading where he was Professor. He subsequently established 1950 correspondence from Institute (then Lister and J.160 1942-1957 Kozlowska, A. 1957-1958 J.160, J.161 Krebs, H.A. 1942-1945, 1948. Includes manuscript draft obituary by Synge. Kozlowska was a Polish scientist based in Krakow. lon-exchanging membranes. Kressman was based at the Research Laboratory of the Permutit Company Ltd, London. 1953-1957. Recommendations. Kressman, T.R.E. 1951-1952, 1961 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Kydd, S.B. 1957 Kydd was based at the Nuffield Foundation Division for Architectural Studies, London. for chromatography and visited the Rowett Research Institute. requirements interested planning was She the in Lahiri, M.M. 1967-1971 Synge was one of the examiners of the D.Phil. thesis submitted by Lahiri to the University of Calcutta, India. He subsequently sought Synge’s advice on his postdoctoral career. J.165, J.166 Laird, W.M. 1967-1970, 1975-1979 Laird worked with Synge as a laboratory assistant at the Rowett Research Institute and moved with Synge to the Food Research Institute, Norwich. He subsequently worked at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Torry Research Station, Aberdeen. Correspondence recommendations. and papers 1967, 1970, 1975-1979. Includes 1955, 1960 Lathe, G.H. Contents of folder so inscribed 1967- ‘Bill Laird’s corresp. re apparatus’. 1970. Lathe was based at the Bernard Baron Memorial Research Laboratories, Queen Charlotte Maternity Hospital, London. Research, publications. Synge met Lederer on his visit to Paris in 1945. Research Institute in 1963. Lederer visited the Rowett 1945, 1949, 1962-1963, 1969 Research. Lederer, E. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Linderstrom-Lang, K. 1950 Synge visited Copenhagen, Denmark in August Physiological Congress. Lang at the Carlsberg Laboratorium in Copenhagen. the He also took the opportunity to visit Linderstrom- attend 1950 to Lindley, H. 1955, 1963-1964, 1967, 1971 Protein Chemistry Wool Lindley was based at Research Laboratories, Parkville, Victoria, Australia. He visited the UK in 1955, 1964 when he spent his study leave at the ARC Virus Research Unit, Cambridge and 1971. the CSIRO Division of Loomis, W.D. 1977-1979 Loomis was based at the Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA. He made a brief visit to the Food Research Institute, Norwich in 1978. Lough, A. K. 1961, 1967-1971 Mcllwain, H. 1939, 1941-1942 MacDougall, E.I. 1957-1968, 1974 Lough was a colleague of Synge’s at the Rowett Research Institute from 1954. MacDougall was a colleague of Synge’s at the Rowett Research Institute. He spent a period at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA in 1961. USA. Mcllwain writes from the MRC Department of Bacterial Chemistry at the Bland-Sutton Institute of Pathology, Middlesex Hospital, London in 1939 and at the University of Sheffield in 1941-1942. McMeekan was based at the New Zealand Department of Agriculture Ruakura Animal Research Station, Hamilton, subsequently moving to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Washington D.C., 1958-1960, 1962-1964 McMeekan, C.P. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Majak, W. 1970-1971 Majak was a graduate student at British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada who proposed to come and work in Synge’s laboratory at the Food Research Institute, Norwich. University of the Markham, R. 1960-1962, 1987, n.d. 1987 correspondence includes Synge’s comments on a biographical sketch of Markham for the Annual Review of Phytopathology. Markham died in 1979. J.178-J.185 Marston, H.R. 1938-1983 Marston was Chief of Division, CSIRO Division of Biochemistry and General Nutrition, University of Adelaide, Australia, 1945-1965. Synge wrote the biographical memoir of Marston (who died in 1965) for the Royal Society (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 13, 267). Synge visited Australia in 1967 in connexion with his preparation of the memoir. 1950, 1955, 1958-1959. 1961, 1964-1965. J.182, J.183 J.178 1938-1939, 1942, 1946, 1948-1949. J.178-J.181 Correspondence with Marston, 1938-1965, n.d. others re information, recollections, 1965-1967. 2 folders. See G.160, G.161 for material re Synge’s visit to Australia in connection with the memoir. Correspondence and papers relating to Royal Society memoir, 1983. Correspondence with Royal Society, correspondence with colleagues and J.182-J.185 1964-1968, R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Miscellaneous background material including copies of letters from M.L.E. Oliphant to Marston, 1964. List of names and addresses for presentation of reprints of memoir, letters of appreciation from recipients and other readers of memoir, some with further information and recollections, 1967-1968, 1983. J.186-J.188 Martin, A.J.P. 1944-1973, n.d. Martin shared the 1952 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with Synge for their invention of partition chromatography. J.186, J.187 Letters from Martin in Leeds where he was based at the 1944-1946, n.d. Wool Industries Research Association, 1936-1946. Almost all the letters are undated. 2 folders. 1947-1948, 1951-1953, 1955-1956, 1965, 1970, 1973, n.d. Martin, C.J. 1938-1942, 1945, 1950-1952, n.d. Matheson was a colleague of Synge’s at the Rowett Research Institute. Matai, S. 1968-1971 Martin was associated with Synge’s work at the Wool Industries Research Association, Leeds as scientific adviser to the International Wool Secretariat. Matai came from the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta to work with Synge at the Food Research Institute, Norwich for a period in 1968-1969. Further material re Matai is at G.151-G.153. in Britain for a Czech research worker. 1969 correspondence relates to efforts to secure a temporary scientific post Matheson, N.A. various dates 1960-1975 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.192-J.194 Mbadiwe, E.I. 1972-1985 Mbadiwe came from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to work with Synge for a period at the Food Research Institute, Norwich. Research, publications, personal news. 1972-1974. 1975-1976. 1977-1979, 1981, 1984-1985. J.195-J.198 Meares (née Scott-Moncrieff), R. 1927, 1930, 1935-1936, 1975-1981 up chemical and J.195, J.196 in chemical ‘The classical period M.W. Onslow subsequently taking Correspondence with Meares and others about the preparation of the article, 1975-1981. 2 folders. Includes original letters (1927, 1930, 1935-1936) sent to Synge by Meares in 1979-1980. Meares started research in the Cambridge Biochemical Laboratory in 1925 under genetical investigations of flower colour variations with J.B.S. Haldane and R. and G. Robinson. In 1933 she moved to the John Innes Institution, Merton where she continued research until marriage ended her scientific career in the late Forty years later Synge encouraged her to write an article about the 1930s. work which appeared as genetics. Recollections of Muriel Wheldale Onslow, Robert and Gertrude Robinson and J.B.S. Haldane’, Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London 36 (1981-1982), 125-154. Classical Period in Chemical Genetics’.’ ‘Documents on the Robinsons & Bandage Chromatography’. envelope so inscribed: correspondence, 1980-1981. Small format notebook inscribed inside front cover: ‘ “Notes” for ‘The Contents of R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Medvedev, Zh. A. 1966, 1972-1973 In 1966 an English edition of Medvedev’s book Protein Synthesis was published by Oliver & Boyd, translated by Ann Synge (wife) and edited by Synge. J.200, J.201 Moore, S. 1949-1979, n.d. Moore was based at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York, USA. Research, visits, publication. 1949, 1951, 1953-1955, 1957, n.d. Includes ‘tentative draft of a brief section on the theory of chromatography for the coming issue of the Annual Review of Biochemistry’, sent by Moore to Synge, 5 December 1951. 1960-1963, 1972, 1979. Morgan was based at the Lister Institute, London. Includes wartime research. Mothes, K. 1957, 1960 Morgan, W.J.T. 1942-1957, 1963, n.d. Mothes was Director of the Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin Institut fur Biochemie der Pflanzen, Halle, East Germany. Institute, Uppsala, Sweden. Mould was a colleague at the Rowett Research Institute who subsequently worked at the Animal Diseases Research Association Moredun Institute, Edinburgh. a period at the Biochemical Mould, D.L. various dates 1952-1967 In 1954 Mould was based for R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Natarajan, S. 1971-1972, 1974 Natarajan first wrote Chemistry, laboratory on a post-doctoral fellowship. University, Delhi India as a Research Associate in enquiring about working the Department of Synge’s in J.205, J.206 Neuberger, A. 1938-1969 Neuberger was Professor of Chemical Pathology at London, 1955-1973. St Mary’s Hospital, 1938-1941, 1945. 1950-1956, 1960, 1969. Ogston, A.G. 1943-1944, 1957, 1961 Includes wartime research. Olby, R.C. of the 1980-1984 Ohyama, Y. 1960-1962, 1974 History of research into the structure and composition of proteins. Olby was an historian of science based at the University of Leeds. the Kanto-Tosan Agricultural Experiment Station, Ohyama came from Nishinasumo, Tochigi-ken, Japan to work in Synge’s laboratory for a period from Autumn 1961. 1992). Includes Synge’s comments on Olby’s typescript ‘The recasting sciences: the case of molecular biology’. 1992 correspondence is with Royal Society memorialist of Partridge (died 1950, 1973, 1992 Partridge, S.M. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Pascher, F. 1950, 1955-1956 Pascher carried Laboratorium, Bonn, West Germany, 1955-1956. out microanalyses for Synge at the Mikroanalytisches 1950 item is order for work at microanalytical laboratory in Oxford, found with 1955-1956 material. Pearson, A.A. 1945-1948 Collection of specimens of Amanita phalloides for use in Synge’s research. Pedersen, K.A. Pedesen was Sweden. based at the Fysikalisk-Keminska Institution, Uppsala, various dates 1947-1991 J.214, J.215 Pelter, A. 1969, 1974 J.214 1969, 1974. 1974. Research grant. Perutz, M.F. various dates 1942-1978 Phillipson, A.T. 1944, 1952, 1964-1966, 1971, 1977 1942 postcard from Perutz is addressed to A.J.P. Martin. Experimental Station, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. 1971 letter from Phillipson recounts a case of margarine poisoning in cattle and the subsequent scientific investigation. 1977 papers relate to memorial ceremony for Phillipson at Churchill College Cambridge and include Synge’s address. Pierpoint was a member of the Biochemistry Department, Rothamsted J.218-J.220 Pierpoint, W.S. 1970-1981, n.d. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1970, 1975, 1978-1981, n.d. J.219, J.220 Papers sent to Synge for comment including draft on phenols and leaf proteins by Pierpoint ca 1980. 2 folders. Pincus, G. 1960-1967 Pincus was Research Director of the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA. Letter 1967 thanks Synge for agreeing to be a member of the International Committee for for Biomedical Research. Memorial Endowment Fund _ Gregory Pincus the J.222, J.223 Pirie, A. 1942-1973, n.d. J.224-J.238 Pirie, N.W. 1938-1986, n.d. Pirie was a graduate of the Cambridge Biochemical Laboratory who was Reader on Ophthalmology, University of Oxford and Head of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, 1947-1973. She married the biochemist N.W. Pirie in 1931. 1942-1943, 1946, 1948-1951, 1955-1957, n.d. Pirie’s letters are signed ‘Tony’ (for Antoinette). 1961-1962, 1965-1968, 1971, 1973, n.d. 1938, 1941-1942. Pirie was one of Synge’s oldest friends and scientific colleagues. He was Demonstrator in the Cambridge Biochemical Laboratory, 1932-1940 and Virus Physiologist, 1940-1946 and Head of Biochemistry Department, 1947- 1973, Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Pirie’s wife Antoinette whom he married in a distinguished biochemist specialising in eye research. Pirie’s letters are signed ‘Bill’. 1931 was herself R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Includes manuscript notes headed ‘Forces 1943-1945. interaction between large molecules, especially proteins, and their constituent parts’ and typescript note a Macro-molecular conference’. that should be discussed in ‘Points of 1947-1949. N.d. [? 1940s]. 1950-1951. 1952-1953. 1954-1955. n.d. note by Pirie note Includes by Pirie ‘The future typescript 1956-1957. development of research on the manufacture of leaf protein’, August 1956. duplicated typescript Includes duplicated 1960-1961. 1958-1959, ‘Some suggestions on the initiation of work on the use of leaf protein as a human food’ sent to Synge, 22 July 1959, as the most suitable thing for him to take with him to China and undated duplicated form letter introducing Science for Peace organisation. production and use of leaf protein’, 16 March 1965. 1962-1963. a symposium on ‘The health hazards arising from different methods of generating power’ sent to Synge, 5 March 1963. 1964-1965. Includes duplicated typescript by Pirie ‘Note on a visit to New Guinea and Papua and some suggestions for organising work there on the Includes Pirie’s draft programme for R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1966-1969. 1970-1977, 1979. University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India, 3 February 1970. Includes photocopy of programme of visit of Pirie to the 1980-1981, 1983, 1985-1986. leaf protein etc. Includes photocopies of articles by Pirie on Porter, R.R. various dates 1953-1972, n.d. Preston, T.R. 1965-1971 Preston was a former member of staff of the Rowett Research Institute who became the Director of the Instituto de Ciencia Animal, Havana, Cuba. Synge visited Cuba in 1969 to attend the First Annual Congress of Preston’s Institute. See G.163-G.178. 1962-1963. 1962-1976 Pusztai, A. J.241, J.242 Pusztai came to Britain from Hungary as a refugee in 1956. After working for a time with W.J.T. Morgan at the Lister Institute, London he moved to the Rowett Research Institute in 1963. 1964, 1968-1976. Includes ‘A report on the 6th international congress of biochemistry’, 3pp typescript by Pusztai, 18 August 1964 and copy of letter from Pusztai to S.R. Elsden, 3 September 1976, in answer to enquiry from Elsden about the effects of germination on seed proteins from a nutritional point of view. 1973-1977. 1954-1971, 1977 Pyke, M. Distillers Company Ltd Glenochil Research Pyke was Manager of Station, and Chairman of Council, British Association for the Advancement of Science, Clackmannanshire, 1955-1973 Secretary Menstrie, and the R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Rees, M.W. 1944-1945, 1978-1979 Correspondence 1978-1979 relates to preparation of obituary notice of Rees by Synge for the John Innes Institute Report for 1978. Rees died in July 1978. See F.56 for obituary. Reifer, I. 1957,1962-1963, 1966 Reifer was Professor at Biochemistry and Biophysics, Warsaw. the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of J.246-J.249 Rimington, C. 1941-1962 Rimington was Professor of Chemical Pathology at Hospital Medical School, London, 1945-1967. University College Correspondence and papers 1961-1962 relate to work on sporidesmin by Rimington and scientists at the New Zealand Department of Agriculture Ruakura Animal Station, Hamilton, and include copies of correspondence between Rimington and New Zealand sent to Synge from New Zealand and by Rimington. 1941, 1954, 1960. J.250-J.255 Robinson, P.L. 1939, 1941, 1963-1980, n.d. She was a geologist who was J.247-J.249 1961-1962. 3 folders. Robinson was one of Synge’s oldest friends. based at the Department of Zoology, University College London. where she was based at the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. Includes letters written by Robinson during an extended visit to India 1963. Includes letter and postcard from Robinson in Iran. 1939, 1941. 1964. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Includes letters written by Robinson during an extended visit to India Calcutta, and 1965. where she was based at manuscript note listing her visits and scientific work in India 1957-1965. Statistical Institute, Indian the 1967, 1973, 1980, n.d. India. Includes photographs of Robinson in the field in Rogers, D. 1955-1957 Rogers was based at the Department of Physics, University College, Cardiff. Crystallographic studies on specimens sent to Rogers by Synge. Rogers, H.J. 1976, 1980 relating Rose, S.P. Rogers was based at the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London. Includes typescript paper by Rogers and co-workers including Synge’s daughter Charlotte. Rose worked for a firm of management consultants that had been asked by the Wool Research Council to consider various questions to financing, organisation and performance of research in the wool textile industry. wanted done. 1956-1957 Council business and in particular a field experiment involving cattle which Synge Rothschild was Chairman of the Agricultural Research Council, 1948-1958. Rothschild, N.M.V. 1953, 1956-1957 1966 correspondence relates to Agricultural Research R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.260-J.262 Russell, D.W. 1960-1973 Russell was based at and Industrial Research Plant Chemistry Division, Palmerston North, moving in 1961 to Twyford Laboratories Ltd, London. the New Zealand Department of Scientific Research and career. 1960. 1961-1964. 1966, 1973. Rydon, H.N. Research. 1943-1946, 1961 Research. 1945-1980 Sand, G. 1949, 1952, 1954-1955 J.265, J.265A Sanger, F. Experimental feeding of goats with herring meal supplements. Sand was based at the Sildolje- og Sildemelindustriens Forskningsinstitut, Tjaereviken, Norway. He visited the Rowett Research Institute in 1955. American Encyclopedia, 1965. 1945-1948, 1950-1951, 1953-1954, 1957-1958. 1961, 1965, 1980. Includes typescript of Synge’s article on Sanger for The R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Schmidt, G. 1944-1945 Schmidt worked with D.M.C. Hodgkin in the Department of Crystallography at University of Oxford and carried out crystallographic analysis for Synge including work on gramicidin S. Self, R. 1964-1965 Self was based at the Food Research Institute, Norwich (1965). Research on varieties of potatoes. Shaw, G.E. Shaw was based at the Evans Biological Institute, Runcorn, Cheshire. Analysis of samples of rumen contents. J.269-J.271 Shazli, K.A.S. el- 1950-1963 1950-1951, 1954-1955. 1958, 1961, 1963. the Rowett Research Institute on el-Shazli worked with Synge at degradation of proteins and amino-acids in sheep rumen. returned to Alexandria University. Egypt where he was based at the He subsequently the Faculty of Agriculture, October 1960 . Skarzynski was Professor and Head of the Department of Biochemistry at the Krakow Academy of Medicine, Poland. As a World Health Organisation Fellow he made a visit to Scotland including the Rowett Research Institute in Skarzynski, B. 1960, 1963 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Slyke, D.D. Van 1940 Van Slyke was based at the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York, USA. Research. ‘Methods Includes protein hydrolysates’, 4pp typescript sent by Van Slyke to Synge, 23 December 1940. hydroxylysine determination the for of in Smith, E.L. 1946-1948, 1952, 1954-1956 Emil Smith moved from the Biological and Chemical Laboratories of E.R. Squibb & Sons, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA to the University of Utah, Salt Lake City in 1946. Smith, E.L. 1946, 1949, 1954, 1957 Lester Smith was based at Glaxo Laboratories, Greenford, Middlesex. Smith, M.J. Smith, J.A.B. 1950-1951, 1953, 1966 1937-1940, 1945, 1948, 1951, 1955, 1957 Smith was based at the Hannah Dairy Research Institute, Kirkhill, Ayr. Letters 1945 are written from the Economics Division, Allied Commission for Austria. Smith was a friend of Synge’s who worked for the Tootal Broadhurst Lee Company Ltd in Manchester before the Second World War. Lyngby, Denmark. Sgrensen was based at the State Laboratory for Soil and Crop Research, Sorensen, C. 1974, 1977 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Sosulski, F.W. 1977-1978 Sosulski was based at Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. the Department of Crop Science, University of Includes recommendation. Stein, W.H. 1953-1954, 1963 Stein was based at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York, USA. Stene, S. Stene was based at the Statens Institut for Folkehelse, Oslo, Norway. Adsorption columns, chromatography. Stephenson, M. 1940, 1948, n.d. 1973-1978 visits 1974-1975. 1973. Includes conference programme, list of participants, short papers and Synge’s report Agricultural Research Council for Phytochemical Society symposium on ‘The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Plant Proteins’, University of Ghent, 4-6 September 1973. the to J.283-J.287 Sumere, C.F. Van Van Sumere was based at the Laboratory for Plant Biochemistry at the University of Ghent, Belgium. Synge attended a Phytochemical Society meeting arranged by Van Sumere in September 1973. This was the first of a number of by Synge to Ghent and by Van Sumere to the Food Research Institute, Norwich. 1977-1978. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Research notes, drafts and data, 1974, 1976-1977 and n.d. Sutherland, G.B.B.M. Infra-red spectrum of gramicidin. Taylor, A. 1961-1964, 1967-1968 Taylor was based at the New Zealand Department of Agriculture Ruakura Animal Research Station, Hamilton and from 1963 the National Research Council of Canada, Atlantic Regional Laboratory, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sporidesmin. Tedder, J.M. 1967-1970, 1973-1974 Tedder was Professor of Chemistry, University of St Andrews. Includes copy of proposal submitted by Tedder to the Agricultural Research Council for research into the chemistry of orthoquinones, 1965. Teich, M. 1943-1945. J.292-J.301 Tiselius, A.W.K. 1943-1963, 1983 1966, 1985, 1992 Teich was a Czech historian of biochemistry who wrote from Robinson College, Cambridge in 1985 and 1992. For the period August 1946 - May 1947 Synge worked in the laboratory of Tiselius at the Fysikalisk-Keminska Institution at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. 1946-1947. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Includes 1948-1949. ‘Recent developments in physicochemical methods of separation and analysis in biochemistry’ by Tiselius at the University of London, 25, 27 February and 2 March 1948. of course of lectures notice three on 1950. Includes correspondence and papers re an electrokinetic ultrafiltration demonstration by Synge at meeting of Biochemical Society on 24 March. 1951-1954, 1956-1957. 1960, 1962-1963, 1983. Letter 1983 is from J. Porath who was closely associated with Tiselius for over twenty years. Includes recommendation, 1963. J.298-J.301 Correspondence and papers re festschrift presented to Tiselius on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday, 1961-1962. 4 folders. as a of volume to Archives supplement J.302, J.303 Tracey, M.R. festschrift The Biochemistry and Biophysics. appeared 1953-1961, n.d. 1953-1958. Research, publications. Tracey was based at the Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, 1953-1958 and edited (with K. Paech) Modern Methods of Plant Analysis. Correspondence and papers 1961 are from Tracey at the CSIRO Wheat Research Unit, Bread Research Institute of Australia, North Ryde, New South Wales. sent to Synge by Tracey. 1961, n.d. Includes thesis proposal on non protein nitrogen by a member of the Wheat Research Unit and interim report on the non protein nitrogen work R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.304, J.305 Trim, A.R.H. 1941-1968 Trim was based at the Biochemical Laboratory, University of Cambridge from ca 1942, subsequently moving to the Plant Breeding Institute, Cambridge ca 1953 and the ARC Virus Research Unit, Cambridge ca 1962. 1941-1942, 1945, 1949, 1953-1955, 1958. 1960-1968. Tristram, G.R. various dates 1941-1965 Tristram joined A.C. Chibnall’s protein team at Imperial College London in 1937 and moved with Chibnall to Cambridge in 1943. In 1950 Tristram moved to the University of St Andrews (Biochemistry Chair 1966). J.307-J.310 Turner, B.M. 1957-1958, 1960-1963 1957-1958, 1960. Development of microscale chromatography and electrophoresis. ES Underwood was Director of the Institute of Agriculture, University of Western Australia, Perth. Synge declined an invitation to write the Royal Society memoir of Underwood. Underwood, E.J. 1967-1970, 1980 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Correspondence 1967-1969 relates to Synge’s Royal Society memoir of H.R. Marston. See J.182-J.185. Draft letter 1980 from Synge to K.L. Blaxter, the Royal Society memorialist of Underwood, discusses Marston and the ‘cobalt story’ and the New Zealand facial eczema project. Unilever Ltd 1957-1959 Correspondence from the Food Research Department, Sharnbrook, Bedford. The principal correspondent is J.K.D. Dow. Varma, I.D. 1956 Varma of the Kanya Kubja College, Lucknow, India wished to work in Synge’s the chromatographic and electrophoretic fractionation of proteins. Department Research Institute Rowett the on at Virtanen, A.l. 1955, 1957 Includes recommendation. 1959, 1964, 1967, 1969 Walker was a former colleague of Synge’s at the Rowett Research Institute who by 1959 was based at the Department of Animal Husbandry, University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. See J.316 for his wife G.J. Walker. Includes ‘English translation of the latter part of ... Virtanen’s speech held at the 75-year celebration of the league of young people’s societies in Finland at the Stadion of Helsinki on the 3rd of July, 1955’, 5pp typescript sent to Synge in 1957. 1957-1958, 1983, 1988, 1991 Walker was a former colleague of Synge’s who moved to Australia with her husband. See J.315. Walker (née Thomas), G.J. 1955-1959, 1962 Walker, D.M. Wallace, C. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence Wallerstein Company, Inc., New York Supply of samples of tyrothricin, tyrocidine and gramicidin. Ward, A.G. 1950, 1956 Ward was based at the British Gelatine and Glue Research Association, London. Warner, A.C.I. 1955, 1957 Warner worked at the Rowett Research Institute for a period before returning to Australia in 1955 to take up a post at the CSIRO Division of Animal Health and Production, Sheep Biology Laboratory, Parramatta, New South Wales. Waterlow, J. 1951, 1957 Waterlow was based at the Tropical Metabolism Research Unit, University College of the West Indies, Jamaica. Weiss, D.E. R. Marston. Westall, R.G. 1937-1948 attached to the CSIRO Division of Industrial J.322, J.323 1950, 1955, 1958, 1960 Analyses of substances. 2 folders. Weiler, G. Strauss, F.B. Microanalytical Laboratory Weiss was Chemistry, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He visited Synge in 1950 with an introduction from H. He was interested in the possibilities of contra-flow partition chromatography. London. Westall was based at the University College Hospital Medical School, 1950, 1955-1956 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.326-J.329 Whelan, W.J. 1951-1977 Whelan was based at the Department of Chemistry, University College of North Wales, Bangor, 1951-1954, the Lister Institute, London, 1957-1962 and the Royal Free He subsequently moved to the University of Miami, Miami, Florida, USA. Hospital School of Medicine, London, 1966. Research, especially synthetic polysaccharides. 1951. 1953-1954. 1957-1962, 1966, 1977 Sporidesmin. Wilsdon, B.H. Williams, T.I. White, E.P. 1960-1962 Director of Research of Industries Research He was subsequently associated with British Rayon the Wool 1938-1939, 1943, 1953-1954 Wilsdon was Association, Leeds. Synthetic Fibres Federation. White was based at the New Zealand Department of Agriculture Ruakura Animal Research Station, Hamilton. Includes thesis report (1950). Williams was for many years Deputy Editor and Editor of Endeavour. correspondence relates to Williams’s biography of the chemist R. Robinson. 1948, 1953, 1990 Wiltshire, G.H. 1950, 1957, 1972 1990 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1947, 1949 Wolff, W. 1943, 1946-1947 Wolff worked with Synge at the Lister Institute, London. Wood, J.C. 1955-1960, n.d. Wood joined the staff of the Rowett Research Institute in 1949 working as Synge’s assistant. He subsequently worked for British Soya Products Ltd. Woods, D.D. 1939, 1943-1946, 1952, 1953 Work, E. 1949-1951, 1963, 1965, n.d. Work was based at the University College Hospital Medical School, London, 1951-1952 and Twyford Laboratories Ltd, London, 1963, 1965. J.339, J.340 Work, T.S. 1946-1957. Chairmanship of the Biochemical Journal Editorial Board, 1955. Neuberger’s Includes papers retirement A. re Research, visits to Aberdeen. Research, publications, visits. 1946-1957, 1960-1966, n.d. Work was based at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London. Youngson worked with Synge at the Rowett Research Institute 1958-1959. 1960-1966, n.d. Includes recommendations. 1958-1959, 1962-1965 Youngson, M. from the R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.342-J.412 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1936-1993 Presented in chronological order. Indexed. 1936. 1946 July - December. 1946 January - June. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1947 January - April. 1947 May - December. 1949 January - June. 1949 July - December. 1950 January - June. 1950 July - September. 1951 January - June. 1951 July - December. 1952 January - June. 1950 October - December. 1953 June - December. 1952 July - December. 1953 January - May. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1954 January - May. 1954 June - December. 1955 January - June. 1955 July - December. 1956 January - June. 1956 July - December. 1957 January - May. 1958 January - June. 1958 July - December. 1960 January - July. 1957 June - December. 1961 January - April. 1960 August - December. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1961 May - December. 1963 January - May. 1963 June - December. 1965 January - June. 1965 July - December. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1980-1981. 1982-1984. 1985-1986. 1987-1988. 1992-1993. 1989-1990. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence N.d. (surnames A-J). N.d. (surnames M-W). N.d. (first name only). J.413-J.422 REQUESTS FOR OFF-PRINTS 1940-1990 Presented in alphabetical order. Not indexed. A, B. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence W-Z, illegible. J.423-J.443 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1948-1985, n.d. J.423, J.424 Grants and funding J.425-J.430 Higher degrees J.431-J.435 Royal Society J.436, J.437 Honours and awards J.438-J.442 Appointments and promotions J.443 Requests for advice J.423 1948-1976 J.425-J.430 1950-1980 J.423, J.424 Grants and funding Higher degrees 1948, 1953, 1965, 1968. 1957, 1959-1961. J.425 1950-1952, 1954. 1972, 1976. 1955-1956. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence 1963-1964, 1967, 1970. 1972-1974, 1976. 1977, 1980. J.431-J.435 Royal Society 1951-1985 J.431 1951, 1954-1956. 1964, 1970-1972. 1965-1969. 1980-1985. J.436, J.437 Honours and awards J.436 1951, 1955-1956, 1963, 1967. 1967, 1970; 1973; 1978. 1951-1983 1969-1970, 1977, 1978, 1980-1983. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Correspondence J.438-J.442 Appointments and promotions 1954-1971, n.d. J.438 1954-1957. 1959, 1960: 1962-1964. 1966-1968. 1969-1971, n.d. Requests for advice 1958-1970 1958, 1968, 1970. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABERDEEN BIOCHEMICAL ASSOCIATION ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY SOCIETY ABIUSSA, Noemi G. AB PHARMACIA ABRAHAM, Sir Edward Penley ACADEMIC PRESS INC ADDIS, Harold J. ADVANCES IN PROTEIN CHEMISTRY A. GALLENKAMP & CO LTD AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL H.1 Rilo J.392 J.108 J.1, J.196, J.438 25; c0.F.9 G.52 F.9 J.345, J.382 1). 9:0; .75, G9; bi2-En26, E.86, H.71, J.215, J.374, J.410 AIRAN, Judson William H.54, H.55 J.2 A.381 A.358 A.355 J.383 G.129, J.403 ALLEN, Shirley M. J.182, J.183, J.185 ALEXANDER, Hilary C. ALEXANDER, J. ALDRIDGE, William Norman ALEX PIRIE & SONS LTD ALLAN, David Cameron J.3 ALEXANDER, Sir Kenneth John Wilson ALBERT EINSTEIN PEACE PRIZE FOUNDATION J.5 ALLEN & HANBURYS LTD Eso F.44, F.45, J.4 ALTOSAAR,, Illimar ALTSCHUL, Aaron M. ALLISON, Russell M. ALM, R. AMBLER, Richard Penry R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY AMINOFF, David AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL THE ANALYST ANALYTICAL AND SYNTHETIC LABORATORIES LTD ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY ANDERSON, C.G. ANDERSON, George ANDERSON, H.A. ANDERSON, Norman G. J.9 F.64 J.393 ANDERSON, Samuel Leslie ANDREWS, R.P. J.410 F.141 J.364 J.388 C.21 F.134 ANGUS, William Rogie ANNAND, Winnie ANNISON, E. Frank G.37, J.378 C.39, G.50, J.10 ANDREWS, Sir Christopher Howard ANGLO-AMERICAN OIL CO. LTD ANDERSONIAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY ANNUAL REVIEW OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY H.44, J.12 ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS ANSON, Mortimer Louis (‘Tim’) ARDEN INSTRUMENTS INC J.352 F.94 J.387 ARCHIBALD, Reginald M. F.38 G.3, J.351 ARNSTEIN, Henry R. V. ARNI, Peter C. C.39; J-11 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents ARTHUR GUINNESS SON & CO. (DUBLIN) LTD ASHBY, Eric, Baron ASKONAS, Brigitte Alice ASLIB MICROFILM SERVICE ASNIRTHALINGAM, V. ASQUITH, Ray S. ASSOCIATED TELEVISION LTD J.394, J.393 J.61, J.64 J.147 J.350 J.374 F.148, H.74, J.400 F.176 ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS A.165, H.27-H.42 ASTBURY, William Thomas ASTRA ATKINS, John AUGUSTIN, R. AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES A.164 J.89 J.404 J.371 J.402 BABINEAU, L.M. BACKES, M. BACON, Michael AVERY, John AYLWARD, Francis BACH, Stefan Joseph G.160 J.410 G.248 J.397 AUWARTER, George F. BACHARACH, Alfred Louis AUSTRALIAN BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BAHADUR, Krishna BACON, John Stanley Durrant BAGDASARIAN, Michael BADDILEY, Sir James J.396 F.146 J.352 J.387 J.13 J.20, J.367 J.362, J.363 A.164, H.74, J.12A Index of correspondents R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 BAILEY, Allen J. BAILEY, John Leggett BAILEY, Kenneth BAILEY, R.W. BAILLAUD, Lucien BAKER, John Randal BAKER, Wilson BALDWIN, Ernest Hubert Francis BALLARD, E.G. BALSTON, J.N. BAPTIST, Noel Garth BARBER, R.M. J.210 J.14, J.380 lo, i.cOy hteo, Glow hoe: J.15, J.383 J.401 J.389 J.308 J.197 J.356, J.363 J.375 Evo lo J.17, J.18 F.93 H.46, J.64 BARNETT, A. John G. BARCROFT, Henry BARKER, Frances BARKER, John BARNARD, Eric E.61-E.63 J.360 DiS H.92 E.60 BARRER, Richard Mailing BARKER, Geoffrey Robert F.124, G.14, J.379, J.385 BASLER CHEMISCHE GESELLSCHAFT J.369 BAWDEN, Sir Frederick Charles BATTERSBY, Sir Alan Rushton A.165, D.5, J.383, J.434 G.29 G.24 D.2 J.394 J.34 J.19 BELL & SONS LTD BARVE, P.M. BATCHELER, K.C. BATHGATE, George BATHURST, N.O. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 BELL, David James BENDALL, Derek BENDER, Arnold Eric BENDICH, Aaron BENT, Keith Joseph BENZIE, David BERGER. A. BERGER, V. Margaret BERGKVIST, Rolf BERGMANN, Ernst D. Index of correspondents J.20, J.344, J.346 J.408, J.409 H.110 J.353 J.379 G.52, J.392 J.439 J.21 J.380 J.363, J.364 BERNADOTTE, Lennart, Graf BERNAL, Eileen A.366, G.53, G.107, G.126, G.242,G.246, J.381, J.393 A.412, G.207 BERNAL, John Desmond BILKENS, Albert BILLING, Barbara H. BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL BERNER, Endre BICK, I.R.C. G.207 J.371 J.355 J.22 J.355 J.410 BILD DER WISSENSCHAFT A.167, A.195 Fi2ib 34 s:0; 7,9) eda, 2 rl b.24, 27, 6.28, F.30, F.32, F.34, F.40, F.41, H.50-H.55 A.203,G.2,G.123, H.43-H.55, H.56-H.58, J.64 BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA BIRCH, C. Allan BLACKBURN, S. F.95 F.96 J.398 J.351, J.362, J.363, J.435 BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BIOCHIMIA Index of correspondents R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 BLAIR, Christine BLAIR, I.D. BLAXTER, Sir Kenneth Lyon BLIX, Hans BOARDMAN, Norman Keith BOARDMAN, P.K. BOISSONNAS, R. BONSEMBIANTE, Mario BOON, William Robert BOOTH, E. BOOTS PURE DRUG CO. LTD BOSCOTT, R.J. J.378 G.54 D.1, H.8, H.64, J.24, J.311, J.388, J.434, J.435 A.366 J.388 J.371 J.364, J.365 J.388 J.387 J.364, J.365 J.345 J.356 J.356 E:60, E.61, E.63 J.27, J.28 BRATTSTEN, Inger BRAUDE, Ben B. BRAUNSTEIN, A.E. BOULANGER, Paul BRAY, A.C. BRAY, Walter J. BREIREM, Knut J.188, J.393 J.388, J.387 J.400 J.386 J.381 BRANSCOMBE, D.J. BOWEN, Thomas John BOYD ORR, John, 1st Baron G:55"G-10i BRITAIN-CHINA FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY J.399 J.359 J.352 BRIAN, Percy Wragg BREMNER, John M. BRIGGS, Dennis E. BRIGGS, P.K. Gi153,,J:29 J.391 J.30 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents BRITAIN-CUBA ASSOCIATION BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE A.379 G.115-G.119 BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION A.183, F.172, F.173, F.175 BRITISH CHEMICALS & BIOLOGICALS LTD BRITISH CHLOROPHYLL CO. LTD BRITISH COUNCIL J.272, J.350, J.389 BRITISH CROP DRIERS LTD BRITISH DRUG HOUSES LTD BRITISH MEDICAL BULLETIN BRITISH NUTRITION FOUNDATION BRITISH OIL & CAKE MILLS LTD BRITISH PEACE COMMITTEE oa E.78 C.78, F.98, F.158, G.15,G.16, E.78 C.21, E.29, J.381 F.36 H.59-H.67 J.372, J.374, J.375 A.383 BRODA, E. BROWN, Eric G. BRYDE, Oyvind BURMA, D.P. A.186 J.398 J.441 F.154 J.366 BUCHANAN, R. Alex BUNTING, Arthur Hugh BROWN, Michael Barrett BURNETT, George Murray B.8, E.73, G.106, J.32 BURHOP, Eric Henry Stoneley G.192, J.390 J.392, J.393 J.35 BURROUGHS WELLCOME & CO. J.353 J.410 J.395 J.389 BUTTERWORTH, Martyn H. BUTLER, Graham W. BURTON, Agneta BUTA, J.G. BUTHAK, Barbara H.31, J.396 F.105, J.384 G.161, J.4, J.34 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents BUTTERWORTHS, PUBLISHERS F.99 BYERS, Marjorie BYWATER, S. CADMAN, Colin Houghton CAHN, Robert Sidney CALAM, H. CALBIOCHEM CALL, F. CALVIN, Melvin CAMBRIDGE SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING INC CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB F.44-F.46, F.49, F.51, J.36 C.40 J.368, J.370 H.70 J.347 F.28 J.347, J.352 A.180, J.37 F.62, F.63 A.168, A.196, F.65, F.147, H.68 J.351, J.356 J.345, J.358 D.9, F.45, J.46, J.79 J.387, J.388, J.390 CARTER, Alan H. CARTER, Herb E. CAMPBELL, Neil CARLSSON, Rolf CARTER, Les B. CARTER, Toby F.84 J.391 CARNEGIE, Patrick R. CARPENTER, Kenneth John F.19, G.53, J.38-J.45, J.65 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS F.48, J.393 CASSIE, Arnold Blatchford David J.403 J.389 J.397 J.393 J.47 CASPARY, Wolfgang CASSIDY, Harold G. J.367, J.368 J.379, J.382, J.386 CATCH, John R. CAVALLA, John Frederick CASIMIR, J. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents CEROPHYL LABORATORIES CESSI, Carlo E.60, E.61 G.24, J.48, J.376 CEYLON ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE J.371 CHAIN, Ernst Boris CHALLENGER, Frederick CHALMERS, Margaret Irvin CHALMERS, R.A. CHAMBERS, Jack D. CHAMPERNOWNE, David CHANDRASEKHAR, Subrahmanyan CHAPMAN, Ewart J. CHAR, M.B.S. A.164, J.383 J.374 C.40, J.49, J.50 J.386 J.370 J.403 J.390 E.61 J.402 J.514 F.100 F.4 CHARGAFF, Erwin CHAUDARY, M.A. CHEriEe, .C. F.39, H.69. H.70 J.365, J.378, J.379 H.72, J.400 CHEMICAL REVIEWS CHEMICAL SOCIETY CHEMISTRY IN BRITAIN CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS CHEMISTRY & INDUSTRY CHEMICAL STRUCTURE ASSOCIATION G.4, J.67 A.163, A.164, A.167, E.60, E.75, F.14, G.19, J.52-J.66, J.195 CHRISTENSEN, Halvor N. RAl6Geh71 eZ) On F.102 J.64, J.65 J.185 G.210 CHIBNALL, Albert Charles CHIBNALL, Marjorie CHICK, Dame Harriette CHOPIN, J. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR CIBA FOUNDATION CLAESSON, Stig CLARENDON PRESS CLARK, Frank CLARK, Robin Jon Hawes CLARK, Thomas Archibald Bennet- CLARKE, Hans CLEGG, Kathleen Mary CLEMENTS, F.W. COHEN, George N. COHEN, Philip Pacy J.386 G.17, G.47 J.68 F.23 10; elias tei, teceilig eee, F.81, G.38, H.53, H.54, J.377, J.378, J.381 A.11 D.1, E.63 J.345 F.48, J.423 J.374 J.364 J.384 A.165, J.349 A.385-A.390 CONDE, Ericarnita CONSDEN, R. COOK, Arthur Herbert COLEBROOK, Leonard COLLINS, V.J. COMMON VOICE J.69 J.351 A.384 COLLIER, Henry Oswald Jackson COMMUNIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN J.394 CORRAN, Henry Stanley (‘Stan’) CORNFORTH,, Sir John Warcup J.389 J.70 J.383 COOK, Sir James Wilfred C.44, J.366 J.359, J.367 J.71, J.195 A.165, J.410 A.165, J.72 COOK, Robert Percival CORNFORTH, Maurice CORRAN, Olive R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents COULSON, Charles Barrie G.50, G.51, J.73 COURTOIS, J. COWAN, Pauline COWIE, Isobel COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon CRAIG, Lynam C. CREMER, Herbert William CREWTHER, W.G. CROOK, Eric Mitchell CROSBY LOCKWOOD & SON LTD CROSS, John V. CROSS, L.C. J.366 J.410 J.410 7.5, 4, .J.74 G.4, J.75 J.367 J.399, J.398 J.359 F.103 J.401 J.398 J.345 A.362 CROSS, Mary C.A. CROWFOOT, Elizabeth CROWTHER, J.C. CUSO, F.J.A. CZAJA, M. D.2, G.181, J.77, J.404 A.356 CRUIKSHANK, E.M. CURTIS, Robert Frank CRUICKSHANK, E.W.H. J.76 J.375 E.63 CUTHBERTSON, Sir David Paton J.366 Ci C:2, 6:67) 2, ita, iao, G.129, J.15, J.48, J.78, J.79, J.148, J.149, J.294, J.336 DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron DALGLIESH, Charles Edward J.149 G.215 J.348 DALE, Sir Henry Hallett DALY, Ivan de Burgh J.393, J.394 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 DAMODORAN, M. DANIELLI, James Frederick DANIELSSON, Carl-Erik DATTA, Bimalendu DATTA, N.P. DAVENPORT, H. DAVIDSON, James Norman DAVIE, Margaret A.B. DAVIES, David M. DAVIES, Gwion DAVIES, Richard Llewelyn DAVIES, Ronald Index of correspondents J.80 Gal, Gala J.357, J.358, J.378 J.391 G.130 D.2 H.50, J.351, J.357 J.358, J.359 J.397 J.81 J.382 D.16, J.374 H.100 DAVIS, John Gilbert DAVIS, T. Antony DAYUS, C.V. J.384, J.385, J.386 G.3, G.4, J.357 DENT, Charles Enrique J.380, J.394 J.389 G.51, J.379 H.70, J.82, J.83, J.195 DELFINI, Carlo DEMEREC, M. DAYHOFF, Margaret O. DAWSON, Rex Malcolm Chaplin C.44 DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN ZU BERLIN DICKENSON, Aubrey Fiennes Trotman- J.173 F.103 J.393 DHAR, N.R. DICK, A.T. DERVICHIAN, D. DESNUELLE, P. DEUTSCH, H.F. J.183, J.185, J.390 J.84 J.410 J.335, J.354 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 DICKINSON, Eric DISTILLERS CO. LTD DIXON, Henry Berkeley Franks DOBBS, C.G. DODDS, Sir (Edward) Charles DODGSON, Kenneth S. DONALD, Hugh Paterson DONE, John Thomas DONNELLY, P.E. DORAISWAMY, Sabitha DORN, H.W. DOW, J.K.D. Index of correspondents F.163 F.152 H.55 J.384 J.353 J.410 J.85 J.86 J.401 J.391 J.353 J.312 F.50 J.392 J.355, J.366 J.107, J.407 DUNLOP, George DUTTA, J.G. DRAKE, Alex F. DRAKE, Birger DREIFUSS, Walter DRURY, Sir Alan Nigel DUNGEN, F.H. van den DUBOS, René J. DUDNIK, Yuri V. J.87 G.19 DURRELL, Gerald Malcolm A.164, B.1, B.7, B.11, J.349, J.356, J.358 G.111 EDMAN, Pehr Victor (‘Peter’) EINSTEIN, Elizabeth Roboz J.362, J.368 J.379 J.389, J.392 DUXBURY, James Keith EDSALL, John Tileston R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 EISENBRAUN, E.J. EKELUND, S. EKSTRAND, T. ELFORD, W.J. ELLFOLK, Nils ELLINGER, Gabrielle M. ELLIS, Amabel Williams- ELLIS, Margaret E. ELSDEN, Sidney Reuben Index of correspondents J.396 J.359 J.89 J.364 J.90 G.129, H.54, J.91, J.92 A.361, G.187 J.393 A.167, A.195, D.1, D.2, D.6, H.74, J.34, J.93-J.97, J.393, J.402 See also J.242 ELSEVIER SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING CO. A.188, F.82-F.84, F.104 EMERY, William Bryan E.13, J.352 G.4, J.8 ESNAULT, R. ETTRE, Leslie S. EVANS, Alice EVANS, John V. F.82-F.84, J.98 ENNOR, A. Hugh G.54 J.349 J.349 J.374 J.365 EPPS, Helen M.R. ERESFORD, Guy B. ENGLISH, Jackson P. ETABLISSEMENTS A. DOLLINGER J.355, J.357 EVANS, Meredith Gwynne EVERETT, Douglas Hugh EVANS, Williams Charles EVANS, Robert John J.393 J.380 J.299 J.400 J.394 G.50 C.40 EWE, Thorwald EWLES, Jack R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents EXPERIMENTAL AGRICULTURE FABIAN SOCIETY FABRE, René FARADAY SOCIETY FAURE, Melle FAVILLI, Giovanni FEATLY PRODUCTS LTD FELINSKI, Leon FERGUSON, W.S. FERNS, Henry FERNS, Maureen FESTENSTEIN, Hilliard A.391 J.99 F.104, G.6, G.7 J.352 J.369, J.373 J.364, J.365 J.100 J.101 J.350, J.361, J.362 A.357 J.386 J.369 G.49, J.183, J.185 J.354, J.355 FISCHER, Albert FISHER, A.M. FINLAYSON, Alex FINLAYSON, H.H. FEW, A.V. FILMER, J.F. G.202 J.185 G.146, G.152, J.389 FINNEY, David John FLEMING, Sir Alexander A.358, A.360, A.368 FOLLEY, Sydney John FORD, John Edmund J.345 J.350 J.102 J.370 F.49 J.398, J.405 F.45, J.397 FOLSCH, Georg FORD, Clive W. FLOOD, Hakan FORDE, Henry R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents FORDE, Olive Mary Ellingford- FORRESTER, R.W. FOWDEN, Sir Leslie FOX, Sidney W. FRAHN, J. Leo FRANGSMYR, Tore FRANKEL, Sir Otto Herzberg FRANKLIN, Trevor John FRANKLIN INSTITUTE, PENNSYLVANIA FRAZER, Alastair C. FREEBORN, I. Sally FREEMAN, Hans A.355 A.357 F.48, F.50, F.51, J.103 J.370 J.104 J.408 G.54 J.388, J.389 A.197, A.201 J.353 J.399 J.378, J.381 FREEMAN, Tristram FUJIMARA, Teruko J.105 G.4, J.106 H.87 J.64, J.349, J.359 GAMBLE, Alan A. GANGULEE, H.C. FRUTON, Joseph S. FURNEAUX, Mark J.384 G.126 GALE, Ernest Frederick GADDUM, Sir John Henry E.67, F.79, J.107 GARDINER, Robert (Kweku Atta) GAUSE, Georgyi Frantsevich J.410 J.375 J.107 J.442 G.130 J.399 G.101 GARNER, H.V. GARTON, Alan GATES, Clive T. GAUSE, George E. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents GAVRILOV, N.I. GEALS, Elizabeth (‘Betty’) GEDDES, A.J. (‘Sandy’) GELLER, Jerry H. GELOTTE, Bertil GEOGHEGAN, Gerald Robert Holme GERARD, Earl S. GHOSAL, D.N. GIBBS, Maisie GIEBEN, A.H.S. Sinclair- GIFFARD, John Anthony Hardinge, 3rd Earl Halsbury GIGG, Roy Henry J.370, J.371 J.107A J.393 J.354 J.108 J.359 G.120 G.155 J.185 G.50 J.363 J.407 GILL, Tom P. GILLESPIE, J.M. GILLESPIE, Morton J.376, J.377 GOLDSMITH, Maurice GOATLY, GODDEN, W.E. G.N. HADEN & SONS LTD GLAXO LABORATORIES LTD GLASGOW UNIVERSITY ALCHEMISTS’ CLUB J.31, J.349, J.350, J.352, J.378 J.375 A.186, F.10, J.109-J.114, J.185 C.1, C.2 F.33, G.367 GOODWIN, Trevor Walworth J.116 J.405, J.434 GOODALL, Robert Rothes GORDON, A. Hugh GORDON, Cosmo A. GORDON, William Smith J.393 J.410 il2o C.33 F.68 J.115 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents GOULDEN, John Desmond Spencer GOWER PUBLISHING CO. LTD GRANOTH, Bengt GRANT, Patrick T. GRAY, Elizabeth G. GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND MINISTRY FOR OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES & FOOD MINISTRY OF FOOD GREAVES, C. Desmond GREENPEACE GREENSTEIN, Jesse P . J.373 F.62 J.117 H.1, J.375, J.382 J.118 A.199 H.61 J.350 B.16 A.382 J.363 GREGORY, Frederick Gugenheim J.362, J.363, J.368 J.351 GROSS, W. Mayer- GRUBB, Peter J. GUPTA, S.K. GRIFFITH, J. GRISEBACH, H. GRESFORD, Guy B. J.185 J.359 J.349 GREGSON, Henry J. GRIFFIN & TATLOCK LTD GREVILLE, Guy Drummond J.395 GUTFREUND, Herbert GUTTMANN, Henry A.355 J.394 J.362 H.68 E.31 J.64, J.362 J.367 GUWEL, G.S. HAAS, Fritz R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents HACKMAN, Ron H. HADJIOLOV, A.A. HAIS, Iva M. HAKIM, M.A. HALDANE RESEARCH CENTRE HALE, James H. J.372, J.373, J.391 F.109 A.165, J.119 J.380 H.72 J.356 HALSBURY, John Anthony Hardinge Giffard, 3rd Earl See GIFFARD HALL, David A. HALL, Edmund K. HALLIWELL, Geoffrey HALSE, Karl HALUK, J.298, J.299 E.61 J.400 A.186, C.44, J.120 J.401 HAMILTON, Paul B. HAMILTON, R.J. J.352 J.393 J.122 J.393 A.164, J.123 J.364, J.365 HANNING, K. E.60-E.63, J.121 HARRIS, Graham HARRIS, L. HARRIS, W.E. HANES, Charles S. HARMS, Alfred Jospeh HARINGTON, Sir Charles Robert J.373, J.376 J.196, J.396, J.397, J.399 HATHWAY, David E. J.345 J.387 J.351 HARTLEY, F. HARTMAN, L. J.378, J.392, J.394 F.68 J.367 HARVEY, R.D. HASLAM, Eddie HASSID, W.Z. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents HAUROWITZ, Felix HAWORTH, Robert Downs HAWORTH, Sir (Walter) Norman HAWTHORN, John HAYNES, L.J. HEAD, Malcolm J. HEATLEY, Norman George HEFTMAN, Erich HEGARTY, Elwyn HEGARTY, Mervyn P. HELE, Desmond George King- HELFERICH, B. J.369 J.124, J.125 J.343 J.392 J.386 H.8, J.359, J.362 A.164, B.7 J.379, J.380 J.407 A.363, F.48, F.50, J.126, J.407 F.68 J.343, J.344 HERBERT, Denis HEYDEN & SON LTD J.374 A.361, H.8 J.380, J.381 HELLER, Jozef HELLERMAN, Leslie HESSELTINE, C.W. HEWITT, Eric John G.127 J.392 J.356 A.381 HESKETH DEFENCE FUND HEYNINGEN, William Edward van (‘Kits’) HENDERSON, Sir William Macgregor J.128 J.357, J.358, J.359, J.398 E.95, J.127, J.195, J.196 J.364 F.84 J.347 J.394 G.202, J.398, J.399 HIRST, Sir Edmund Langley HILL, Stuart B. HILLS, W. Hyde HIRD, Frank J.R. HILL, R. (‘Joe’) HILL, Robert (‘Robin’) R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents HJERTEN, Stellan H.K. LEWIS & CO. LTD HODGKIN, Sir Alan Lloyd HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HODGKIN, Toby HODGKINSON, G.T. HOLIDAY, Ensor G.197, G.230 J.350, J.354, J.355 D.5 G.53, G.101, G.222, J.129- J.133 J.390 C.44 J.134 HOLLINGSWORTH, Dorothy Frances G.187, H.61, H.63, H.64 HOLMES, Barbara E. HOLMES, Eric Gordon HOPKINS, Sir Frederick Gowland HORIGOME, Takao H.45 J.185 J.135 J.136 J.398 F.82 J.137, J.138 HOUSTON, George HOWARD, Bernard H. HOWARD, Peter HOWARTH, Ron E. HORNE, Frank R. HORVATH, Csaba J.385 See J.440 HOWIE, James William HOTCHKISS, Rollins D. C.74 J.400 J.372 H. REEVE ANGEL & CO. LTD E.60-E.63, J.397, J.398 HUGGETT, Arthur St. George Joseph HUGHES, Albert Douglas J.384, J.386 J.139, J.140 F.50, J.396 HUGHES, J.C. HULME, A.C. E:6955;70,J-375 J.384 HSIUNG Hsiang-Hui HUGHES, David Leslie J.386 Index of correspondents R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 HUMPHREY, Hubert Horatio, Jr. HUMPHREY, Janet HUMPHREY, John Herbert HUNTER, Gillies C HURRAN, W.J. HURRELL, Richard F. HUTCHINSON, Joseph HUXLEY, Sir Julian Sorell IBALL, John IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD J.378 J.141, J.142, J.146 H.45, J.141-J.146 J.374, J.377, J.378, J.390 J.379 J.147 F.49 J.343 J.358, J.359 A.159, E.60-E.63, E.68, J.101, J.116, J.361, J.370, J.379, J.384 INDIAN TEA ASSOCIATION J.389 F.105, G.207 IVERSEN, C.E. IVES, W. A.392 A.393 J.397 Gi215 J.394 G.91 ISHERWOOD, F.A. ISENHOUR, Thomas L. IRREVERRE, Filadelfo INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE REVIEWS INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN-ORLOV & SHCHARANSKY INTERNATIONAL SACHAROV TRIBUNAL OF CONSCIENCE AND PEACE J.359, J.360 JAMES, Anthony Trafford J.148 J.342 J.386 JAKOBSEN, Povc E. JAMES, David JARES, Henryk JARL, Folke F.159, J.384 G.27, G.28 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents JASIOROWKSKI, Henryk JASPES, L. JAYASINGHE, J.B. J. BIBBY & SONS LTD J.D. BERNAL PEACE LIBRARY JENNINGS, Allen C. JENNINGS, Olga JEROME, H.E. JERVIS, Paul JOHNSEN, JORGEN & WETTRE LTD JOHNSON, B. Connor JOHNSON MATTHEY & CO. LTD J.149 J.410 G:52,'5.150 J.23, J.365, J.366 A.394 Jao, J.152 A.365, A.366 A.355 J.393 5:69; E:70 J.372 J.345 H.45, J.392 H.71, H.72 JOHNSTON, I.F. JOLBERG, Paul JONES, Glyn JONES, Noel Rees J.380 H.111 J.197 J.153 J.389 JONES, Sir Ewart Ray Herbert JONES, Douglas William Kent - JONES, Reginald Victor J.307, J.375, J.376, J.386 JOPE, E.M. JOINT CONSULTATIVE ORGANISATION FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN AGRICULTURE AND FOOD F.106 JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION AND COMPUTER SCIENCES JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH JOSEPH CROSFIELD & SONS LTD J.356 J.349 J.403 JOSHI, R.N. JOSHI, M.R. J.379, J.380 F.63 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents JOURNAL OF GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY F.20 JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD & AGRICULTURE F.45, F.107 JOYCE, Alan E. JUKES, Thomas H. KABIR, Sri Humayun KAHANE, Ernest KATALYSE VERLAG KATCHALSKI, Ephraim KATRITZKY, Alan Roy KATSOYANNIS, P.G. KATZ, Bernard C.42, J.381 J.185 G.143 J.387 J.382 J.368 J.219, J.402 J.385 H.86 F.36, J.154 KAUFFMAN, George B. KAY, Herbert Davenport KEHAR, N.D. J.399 J.392 J.375 C.44 J.376 J.393 J.394 J.404 KELLOCK, James KEMULA, W. KEKWICK, Ralph Ambrose KENNER, George Wallce KAUSHIK, Dhirendra Dutt KENDREW, Sir John Cowdery D.6, H.110, J.15, J.78, J.399, J.433 J.388 A.164, F.125, J.359, J.369, J.384, J.436 KERMACK, William Ogilvy A.379, J.379, J.383 KEYNES, Richard Darwin KETT, G. KETTLE, Sidney F.A. KHAN, M. Ghalib H.88, H.89, J.388 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 KHORANA, Gabriel KHOUW, Foet Tjen KIDD, Franklin KIERKEGAARD, Peder KINELL, Per-Olof KING, B.E. KING, Earl J. KIRRMANN, A. KJAER, Anders KLECKOWSKI, Kasimierz KLUNGSOYR, Mathias KLYNE, William Index of correspondents J.390 J.155 E.60, E.61, J.431 J.408 J.355 G.196 A.186, H.50, H.52 J.382 F.49, F.50, J.373 J.156 A.360, E.75, E.78, J.356-J.358, J.362 H.52, J.157 KOHLER, George O. KOSTIR, Josef KRAUT, H. KORNBERG, Arthur KNORR, Dietrich KODAK LTD KOENIG, Virgil L. KORNBERG, Sir Hans KOLATTUKUDY, P.E. J.402 J.344 J.388 J.380 KON, Stanislaw Kazimierz KOSTERLITZ, Hans Walter H.61, J.399 KRESSMAN, Theodore Roger Ernest A.164, H.52, J.164, J.433 KRETSCHMER,, Karl F. KREBS, Sir Hans Adolf KOZLOWSKA, Anelia J.64 J.149 J.379 Git A.165 J.395 J.356, J.357 J.398, J.399 J.162 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 KULONEN, Eino KUMAR, P.S. Sampath KYDD, Sarah B. LABORATORY PRACTICE LACHOWSKI, E. LAHIRI, Murari Mohan LAIRD, William M. LALAND, Soren G. LAMBERT, Paul LANCET LANDSTEINER, Karl Index of correspondents F.21 J.390 J.164 J.165, J.166 J.382, J.383 A.362 09 J.348 LANE, Leslie C. J.400 LARTIGUE, A. LATHE, Grant Henry LEA, Colin Henry LEACH, S.J. LARSEN, Peder Olesen Dri &.60 J.367 J.351 J.167 J.392 E.60 L.B. HOLLIDAY & CO. LTD LEARMONTH, Eric Mitchell LAURENCE, Alfred Edward F.48, F.49, F.51, J.392, J.393 J.357 A.164, A.378, J.358, J.378 G.10, J.362 G.182 G.13, J.168 LEBROCQUY, Sybil EEE Aegon EEE: JAW: LEES, Howard G.52 G.160 LEDERER, Edgar LEHMANN, Ursula R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents LEICESTER UNIVERSITY PRESS LEMIEUX, Raymond Urgel LENNOX, F. Gordon LESCHER: EP: LESLIE, James Campbell LEVER BROTHERS LTD LEWIS, Dyfed LI, Choh Hao LILLEY, E.M. LINDAU, O. LINSTEAD, Sir Patrick LIVINGSTON, Hugh LKB-PRODUKTER, STOCKHOLM F.108 G.202, J.407 G.90, J.368, J.398 G.52 J.374, J.375 E.78 J.353, J.356, J.380 J.298-J.301, J.358, J.383 J.371 J.364 J.384 See J.438 B.11, J.386 J.359, J.360, J.379 LOVERN, John Arnold LOWENSTEIN, John M. J.374, J.375 J.353 J.171 J.172, J.404 LLOYD, Oliver P. LOO, A. LOOMIS, W. David LOW, Barbara W. Rogers- LOUGH, Alexander Kenneth LUCAS, lan Albert Mckenzie A.164, G.11 See also J.431 J.369, J.370 J.65, J.185, J.244, J.361, J.402, J.390 J.354 G.49 J.404 J.360, J.361 J.41, J.43, J.385 LUGG, J.W.H. LUIG, E.R. LUCKENBACH, Reiner LUMSDEN, Charles Edward LUSCHER, E. Index of correspondents J.354, J.355 J.185, J.349 A.365, A.366 J.389 J.400 J.387, J.390 J.182, J.362, J.371 J.358 C.42, C.74, F.25, F.26, G.38, J.173 J.387 A.6, A.165, H.43, H.50, H.52, J.389 E.61-E.63 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 LYNAM, Charles Gabriel MacARTHUR, lan John McBRIAN, Maud McCARTHY, Earl McCLURE, Jerry W. McCUBBIN, William D. McDONALD, lan W. McDONNELL, James J. McDOUGALL, E. lan MACFARLAN, John MACFARLANE, Marjorie Giffen McKINLEY, lan R. McLAREN, Anne MACLEOD, A.J. McMEEKAN, C.P. MacMILLAN, John J.411 J.386 MACKAY, Margaret MACKENZIE, David McGOWAN, John Carswell J.394 J.368 J.400 J.31 G.49, G.50, J.175, J.247, J.249 McOMIE, John Frederick William MACRAE, Thomas Fotheringham MACNAUGHTON, Alistair MACNAUGHTEN, D.A. G.153 J.393 A.164 A.358 J.380 J.399 McNABB, James F.K. MacRAE, John C. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents MAHALANOBIS, Prasanta Chandea G.129, G.130, G.135, G.143, G.146, J.390, J.393 MAJAK, Walter MAKINSON, R.E.B. MALIK, B.K. MALIWAL, B.P. MANGAN, Jim L. MAPSON, Leslie William MARATHA, M.R. MARCHLEWSKI, Teodor MARES, Daryl! MARKHAM, Roy J.176 J.370 J.397 J.399, J.400 J.64, J.399, J.406 Ei62,E:63 J.370 G.16 J.395 J.177, J.195 See also J.431 MARMUR, Julius J.372 MARTIN, Archer John Porter MARTIN, Nicholas H. MASON, Stephen Finney MATAI, Shyam MARTIN, Sir David Christie MARTIN, Sir Charles James MARSTON, Hedley Ralph A.164, G.54, J.178-J.185, J.324 A.183, A.186, E.64, J.8, J.186-J.188, J.349, J.359, J.387 See also J.216 J.398, J.401 G.151-G.153, G.213, J.190, J.392 J.189 J.393 A.164 J.392 F.45, J.191 H.45, J.391 J.378, J.383 J.388 MATHIESON, Sandy MATTHEWS, Eric R. MATHIAS, Anthony Peter MATHIESON, Ali McL. MATHESON, Norman Allan R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 MAUGER, Anthony Bevin MAURON, J. MAXWELL, lan Robert MBADIWE, Eddie lfeanyichukwu MEARES, Rose Index of correspondents J.384 F.35 G.37, J.378 J.192-J.194 A.362, J.195-J.198 MEASURING & SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT LTD C.21, C.67 MEDAWAR, Sir Peter Brian MEDICAL AID FOR VIETNAM MEDICAL & SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE FOR SOVIET JEWRY J.387 A.395 A.380 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL C.68, J.424 MEDVEDEV, Zhores A. MEHTA, Bhagirath MELLANDER,, Olof J.199 G.54 J.366 MERZ, Joe METCHE, M. F.14 C.45 J.402 G.210 MERVYN, Leonard J.387 J.386 J.379 J.377 MEYER, Christoph W. MEYER, H. Waldmann- MELVILLE, Sir Harry Work MILK MARKETING BOARD J.381 MILLS, William Hobson J.358 J.348 MILLER, E.L. MILLS, Colin F MILLS, Gervase L. J.360, J.361 J.387 J.182, J.392 MILLER, Byron S. MILLER, Derek MILNER, C.K. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents MITCHELL, Robert LyellJ.397 MITCHISON, Naomi Margaret MIUSAAS, Johannes MIZUSAKI, S. MOCHNACKA, I. MODERN QUARTERLY MOGGERIDGE, Richard MOIR, George F.J. MONTIES, B. MOORE, Stanford MOORE, T.A. MORGAN, Walter Thomas James J.195 E.72, J.362, J.363 J.395 J.389 F.108, J.363 A.356, J.343, J.348 J.185, J.390, J.394 J.400, J.401 G.4, J.15, J.200, J.201 E.62, G.429 J.201A, J.241 MORING, Ingrid MORRIS, Allen J. MORRISH, R.J. MOTHES, Kurt J.399, J.408 E.30, J.384 J.357 J.389 See J.439, J.441 MORTON, Bob MORTON, Julia F. MORTIMER, Peter H. J.411 J.398 J.385 MORTON, Richard Alan MORRIS, Colin John Owen Rhonabwy J.343 C.42, J.203, J.298, J.300, J.301 MULLER, Herman Joseph MOULD, Derek Laurence G.153, G.155, J.391 MULLER, P.M. MURAKOSHI, |. MURRAY, Mary MUKHERJEE, S.K. J.436 J.392 J.398, J.399 J.202, J.375, J.376 Index of correspondents R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 MUSA, Sulafa Khalid NASH, Michael J. NATARAJAN, S. NATIONAL SCIENCE COUNCIL, IRELAND NATURE NAYLOR, G.W. J.365, J.366 J.204 J.424 D.6, F.109 J.345 NEEDHAM, Dorothy Mary Moyle A.164, J.400, J.434 NEEDHAM, Joseph NEELAKANTAN, S. NEUBERGER, Albert A.378, G.101, G.187, J.383 G.130 A.180, F.24, H.8, H.47, H.50, H.51, H.53, H.54, H.76, J.61, J.431, J.435 NEUKOM, H. F.50, J.396, J.398 NEWS CHRONICLE NICHOLLS, R.V.V. NIERENSTEIN, M. H.45 J.352 A.186 G.82 NEVASQUEZ, S.J. de G.84-G.86, G.88, G.89 NEWHOUSE, John Patrick NEW ZEALAND INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY NEW ZEALAND VETERINARY ASSOCIATION F.2, J.349 NORWICH AND DISTRICT PEACE COUNCIL NORDBERG, Hans Seren J.195 J.395 J.407 A.381 J.389 NORRIS, John Robert NOWAKOWSKI, T.Z. NOYES, W. Albert Jr. NOGUCHI, M. NORRBY, Lars-Johan F.113, J.363 A.396 J.380 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents NUCLEAR WEAPONS FREEZE NUTRITION ABSTRACTS AND REVIEWS NUTRITION SOCIETY O'BRIEN, John Richard Percival O’FLAHERTY, Ena OGAN, Agu U. OGAWA, Tadashi A.381 F.110 F.6, G.241, H.76-H.78 J.348 A.356 J.192 J.396 OGSTON, Alexander George F.25, H.50, H.53, J.299, J.300 OHYAMA, Yoshinobu OLBY, Robert C. OLCOTT, Harold S. OLIPHANT, Sir Mark (Marcus Lawrence Elwin) J.136, J.208 J.64, J.209 J.353 J.182-J.185 OLIVER & BOYD LTD OLSEN, Norman S. F.110, G.37, J.199, J.389 J.355 G.37, J.378, J.389 ORRELL, W. OSOWITZ, B.M. OWEN, Elwin OWEN, Olive OXFORD, A.E. OTTERBURN, Michael S. E.63 J.380 J.398 OPARIN, Alexander Ivanovich OWEN, Edwin C. (‘Ted’) F.16, H.74-H.76, J.394, J.411 F.84 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PACKER, J. PAGE, Sally G.52, J.349, J.366 J.371 J.411 PAGEL, Walter R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 PALIN, Jeanne M. PALMER, James K. PARKE DAVIS & CO. LTD PARKER, George PARTRIDGE, Stanley Miles PASCHER, Franz PASTEURS, John W. PAULING, Linus Carl PAULSON, Dennis PEARMANY, Peter PEARSON, A.A. PEARSON, E. Index of correspondents B.16 J.389 F.48 J.360, J.361 H.52, J.210, J.428, J.433, J.435 E.17, G.54, J.211 J.370 H.75, J.399, J.397 A.380 J.4114 J.212 A.355 A.164, J.359, J.432 J.214, J.215 PELTER, A. PERCIVAL, E.G.V. PEAT, Stanley PEDERSEN, Kai O. PERRY, Samuel Victor PERHUIS, D.J. PEROLD, G.W. J.343 F.82, G.38 J.390 PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand J.213, J.298, J.299, J.301 PERGAMON PRESS LTD F.23, J.95, J.217, J.384 PETERS, Sir Rudolph Albert Eo J.64 G.12 F.50 J.402 Reto5 PHILLIPSON, Andrew Tillotson PETTERSSON, Max PHILBIN, Eva Maria PHILLIPS, D.M.P. PETERSON, Peter J. A.164, J.385 J.356, J.376 Index of correspondents R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 PHYSICAL SOCIETY PHYTOCHEMICAL SOCIETY PHYTOCHEMISTRY PICKERING, Sir George White PICKTHORN, Kenneth PIERPOINT, W. Stan PINCUS, Gregory PIRENSSEN, Nils A. PIRIE, Antoinette (‘Tony’) PIRIE, Norman Wingate (‘Bill’) ale G.192 recoil teclalee J.373 J.344 J.218-J.220, J.430 G.4, G.112, J.221 J.356 A.165, H.43, H.50, J.222, J.223 E.60, E.61, F.8, F.44, F.45, F825 2115; G37, G.142: £21, H.52, J.4, J.31, J.82; J.185, J.224-J.238, J.300 See also G.187, G.188 POLE, JR: POLLARD, John K. Reli2 J.217 F132; Gils, Ge PLENUM PUBLISHING CO. POLSKA AKADEMIA NAUK PONTECORVO, Guido P. A. PORPOEE, I:D; PORATH, Jerker J.392 G.46 J.443 POPJAK, George Joseph POLISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE J.405 PORTER, Laurence Stevenson J.60, J.88, J.239, J.298, J.301 J.386, J.387 J.382, J.383 PORTEOUS, John Wardman H.1 H.26 J.61, J.374 PORTER, Rodney Robert PORTUGAL, Apolinario Vaz POSS, Andrew J. PORTER, Helen Kemp G.197, J.297, J.379, J.383 J.394, J.391 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents POWELL, Isobel PRESTON, Thomas R. PRESTON, W. PRICE, Sir (James) Robert PRICE, Winston H. PRINGLE, John William Sutton PRITCHETT & GOLD AND E.P.S. CO. LTD PRZYBYLSKA, J. A.186 G.163, G.166 E.78 J.195 J.353 J.309, J.310 J.366 J.388 PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS A.380 PUSZTAI, Apad PYKE, Magnus 54) So; Ji24t J:242 See also J.441 A.198, J.243 QUIRK, J.P. G.209 RAINEY, G.A. C.30, C.31, G.50 RAEBURN, John R. RAMACHANDRAN, B.V. J.388 J.390 J.381 QUICKFIT & QUARTZ LTD RAO, Calyampudi Radhakrishna J.350 G.129, G.130, G.135, G.136, G.138, G.140, G.143, G.151- G.153, G.154, G.155, G.161, G.180, J.392 RECKITT & COLMAN LTD RAYMOND, William Francis G.130 J.363 J.407 H.80 G.238 RAO, S.L.N. RAPER, Richard RATHORE, H.S. RAY CLUB R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 REDDI, A.H. REES, Maurice REICHHARDT, Karina REID, Eric REDE RE REID, W.W. REFER REITER, B. REITH, Watroslav Slavko REVICI, Emanuel RHODES, Frederick Parker RHODES, Peter Index of correspondents J.387 J.244 A.367 J.351 J.182 J.360 J.245 J.385 J.379 J.390 J.351 F.62, G.215, G.219, J.411 J.398 H.28 J.383 J.367 RICHARDS, B.M. RICHARDSON, J.F. RILEY, Dennis P. ROBERTS, Gordon ROBERTS, Judy ROBERTS, Norman RIMINGTON, Claude RICHARDSON, S. Denis RIVERS, Rosalind Venetia Pitt- A.165, G.2, G.49, G.51, J.24, J.246-J.249 J.141, J.250-J.255 ROBINSON, Pamela Lamplugh ROBINSON, Frank Arnold ROBERTSON, Robert N. ROBINSON, David S. F.74, J.349 J.185 50 A.364 J.356 J.434 ROBERTSON, Muriel A.164, J.355, J.392 J.372, J.373 F.163, J.402, J.403 ROBINSON, K.L. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 ROBINSON, Sir Robert RODWELL, E. Shirley ROGERS, D. ROGERS, Henry J. ROGOL, B. ROHRER, Heinz RONALDSON, John W. RONCATO, Achille ROSA, Nestor ROSE, Harold ROSE, John Donald ROSE, S. Patrick Index of correspondents J.353, J.439 J.360, J.361 J.256 J.257 J.351 J.379, J.380, J.387 J.382 G.24 J.399 J.400 J.197 J.258 J.375, J.376 E.64, J.351 G.134 ROSEN, Gordon D. ROSENHEIM, Otto ROSS, D.J. ROSS, lan Clunies ROTH, Sir Martin ROTTA, Hans A.365, J.259, J.374 G.53 J.372 J.407 G.213 G.29 ROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Mayer Victor, 3rd Baron ROYAL AUSTRALIAN CHEMICAL INSTITUTE H.96-H.101 A.163-A.165, A.199, D.5, G.155, H.45, H.62, H.83- H.95, J.63, J.182, J.183, J.307-J.310, J.393, J.405, J.423, J.431-J.435 2. 20,uerl27, 142) R43, F.161, H.81, H.82, J.139, J.140, J.381, J.437 ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY F.62, F.64, F.113, G.125, ROYAL INSTITUTION ROYAL SOCIETY R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH A.198, F.149, H.102 ROYAL SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND ROYAL SWEDISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES R. SILCOCK & SONS LTD RUDALL, Kenneth Maclaurin RUDERUS, Hakan RUSSELL, D.R. RUTHERFORD, William Hood RUTTER, Graham RYDJESKI, Denis R.H. RYDON, Henry Norman RYS, Rajmund A.203 J.408 J.374 J.185 J.398 J.260-J.262 J.405 J.411 J.391 J.263 J.373 G.139, J.386, J.391 SAND, Gudmund SANGER, Frederick SAFERWORLD SAKODYNSKIl, K. SALAK, Jiri SAMUEL, D.M. A.382 J.402 J.191 J.391 SAMUELSSON, Gunnar E.75-E.78, J.264, J.364 SARMA, Padubidri Sarma J.394 J.61, J.64, J.265-J.267, J.298, J.432 SAUNDERS, Bernard Charles SAVORY & MOORE LTD J.393 J.348 E.60 J.393 SCHMIDT, Donald S. SAWYER, Wilbur H. SCARISBRICK, R. SCHMIDT, Carl L.A. east J.351 Index of correspondents R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 SCHMIDT, Gerhard SCHOELLER, A. SCHULTEN, H.R. SCHUPHAN, Werner SCHUTTE, H. Robert SCHWYZER, R. SCIENCE SCIENCE & SOCIETY SCIENCE INFORMATION SERVICE SCIENTIFIC WORLD SCIENTISTS AGAINST NUCLEAR ARMS SEARLE, G.F.W. J.266 J.344, J.345 J.406 G.193, G.195 J.381, J.382, J.392, J.393, J.394 J.373 F.114 A.413 F.33 G.225 A.397-A.402 J.423 SEGAL, Jacob SERGIEV, P.G. SHEN, Chaowen SHAMIN, Alexei N. F.82-F.84, F.86, F.92 SENCHENKOVA, E.N. E.67, J.351 G.129, G.139 SEGAL, L. SEER, R: J.379 J.373 J.267 J.404 SELVENDRAN, Robert R. SHANDON SCIENTIFIC CO. SESHADRI, Tiruvenkata Rajendra J.378 SHAZLI, Khaled Abdel Salam el- SHAW, George Edward J.397 J.387 SHANNON, Jean G. SHARP, James Garden SHAW, George Batty C.24, C.25, J.358 J.346, J.347 J.394 J.268 C.43, J.269-J.271 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents SHOENBERG, David SHORLAND, F.B. SHUEISHA INCORPORATED SHWARZMAN, Gregory SIGMA LONDON CHEMICAL CO. LTD SIGNER, Rudolf SIMKIN, J.S. SIMMONDS, David H. SIMMONDS, Norman Willison SINCLAIR, Hugh Macdonald SING, Alison SINGE, A.M. J.366 G.54 F.114 J.346 F.39 G.24, J.370, J.372 J.382 J.363 J.390 H.63 A.362 A.212 SINGH, Apai SINGH, Narendra SLATER, S.N. SMITH, Brian J. SMITH, Emil L. SLYKE, Donald D. van SKARZYNSKI, Boleslaw SMITH, Edgar Charles Bate- G.138, J.400 J.394, J.395 SMELLIE, Robert Martin Stuart SLATER, Sir William Kershaw J.411 SMITH, James Andrew Buchan J.188 J.393 J.399 J.274 J.276 J.197 SMITH, Ernest Lester A.164, G.2, J.275 SMITH, J.C. SMITH, Maurice J. SMITH, Mike J.374 J.272 G.87 H.2 J.273, J.384 A.165, J.277 Index of correspondents R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 SMITH, R.H. SMITH, Sir Richard Prince SMITH, S.G. SMITHIES, Oliver SNOW, George Alan SOCIETE DE CHIMIE BIOLOGIQUE SOCIETY FOR ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY SOCIETY FOR CULTURAL RELATIONS WITH THE USSR SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY SOCIETY FOR GENERAL MICROCIOLOGY SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTS, INDIA SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY B.16 J.398 J.367, J.378 J.299 J.384 H.103 H.104 A.403-A.408 G.234, G.235 A.165, H.105-H.109 G.27, J.372 E.60, F.46, F.107, F.131, F.134, F.139, F.144, G.375 SOHONIE, Kamala S@RENSEN, Chresten SOSULSKI, Frank W. SORENSEN, N.A. SORM, Franktisek J.61, J.65, J.278, J.375 SPACE LIFE SCIENCES G.142, J.371, J.372, J.386 SOUTHWOOD, Albert Ray SPEAKMAN, John Bamber SOCIETY OF PUBLIC ANALYSTS J.400, J.401 J.379 J.378 J.185 ee ae, J.345 J.368 R15) bal6 G.135 SPRING, Frank Stuart SPRINGER-VERLAG SPURWAY, Helen SQUIRE, John Rupert SRINIVASAN, P.R. SPITELEER, G: J.396, J.399 F.138, F.139, G.14 G.202, J.279 F.126, J.352, J.362 Index of correspondents R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 STACEY, Maurice STAHLE, Nils K STAMP, John Trevor ST. ANDREWS UNIVERSITY CHEMICAL SOCIETY STANLEY, Richard STAPLEDON, Olaf STARBURSVIK, Arnulv STEFANSKI, Witold STEIN, Janet M. STEIN, William H. STENE, Sverre STEPHEN, Karin F.126 A.180, A.187 J.374 F.133 J.400 J.347 J.379 G.46 J.390 G.4, J.280, J.370 J.281 A.178, A.349 STEPHENSON, Marjory STONE, Bruce A. STRAUB, F.B. STROUD, Gaston STILL, Jack L. STOCK, Ralph J.354, J.374 J.382, J.383 STRAUSS, Norman STEVENSON, Audrey STREET, Herbert Edward J.288 SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon Brims Black Mclvor SUBRAMANIAN, T.A.V. J.376 J.244 J.370 SULPHUR INSTITUTE SUBRAHMANYAN, V. SUMERE, C.F. Van G.129 J.395 J.392 SULIMIRSKI, T. J.282 J.383 G.52 J.395 J.390 J.283-J.287 Index of correspondents R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 SUTHERLAND, Tom SWAIN, T. SWAN, Emma Henrietta SWAN J.M. SWANN, Sir Michael Meredith SWANTON, Ernest William SYME, A.C. SYNGE, Alexander Millington SYNGE (neé STEPHEN), Ann J.387 J.390 A.236, A.242, A.256, A.347 G.27, G.28 J.372, J.405, J.443 J.351 J.368, J.369, J.370 A.335 A.186, A.312-A.329, G.21, G.22, G.132 SYNGE (afterwards BRIAN), Anthea D. A.176, A.336-A.339 SYNGE, Dinah M.B. SYNGE (afterwards SMITH), Elizabeth A.358 A.333 SYNGE, Francis Millington SYNGE, Jane SYNGE (neé SWAN), Katherine Charlotte SYNGE, Laurence Millington J.384 A.330-A.332, J.399 SYNGE, (afterwards GLENNIE-SMITH), Katherine Mary A.176, A.340-A.343 A.102, A.103, A.176, A.213- A.230, A.234, A.235, A.240- A.261, A.262-A.279, A.280- A.311, G.42, G.57-G.60, G.61-G.63, G.132, G.142, G.182 See also A.471-A.489 A.252-A.254, A.348 A.102, A.103, A.153, A.179, A.212-A.239, A.249-A.251, A.257-A.259, A.262-A.279, A.280-A.308, G.42, G.57- G.60, G.61-G.63 SYNGE, Patrick Millington SYNGE, Richard Millington A.237, A.249-A.251, A.344-A.346 A.334 SYNGE, Mary Index of correspondents R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 TAKMAN, John TALANTA TANABE, Y. TAVEL, P.V. TAYLOR, Alan TAYLOR, Thomas Geoffrey TECHNICAL INSTRUMENTS CO. LTD TEDDER, John Michael, 2nd Baron TEICH, Mikulas TEMME, Francis P. TePUNGA, W. THACKER, M.S. A.185, A.360, F.37, G.101 Fda, J.395 J.370 G.50, J.247, J.249, J.289 .35 J.391 F.44, J.290 J.291 J.383 G.54 J.370 THEORELL, Hugo THIRKILL, Sir Henry J.353, J.436 THOMSON, A.D. THOMAS, R. Grenfell THOMAS, S.L. J.183, J.391, J.390 THOMAS, G. THOMAS, Gwen C.43 H.52, H.56 J.351 H.45 J.398 C.74 THOMAS, C. Geoffrey A. THOMPSON, Robert Henry Stewart H.51, H.53, J.383 THORNTON, Sir (Henry) Gerard THOMSON, Wilfred Nicolson THOMSON, Ronald Hunter J.244 J.405 J.185 THORPE, William Veale THORBEK, Grete THORNELY, J.359, J.361 A.153 J.362 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents THORPE’S DICTIONARY OF APPLIED CHEMISTRY TIMMERMANS, J. TIMPERLEY, W.G. TISELIUS, Arne Wilhelm Kaurin TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron TOFT, R. TOMKINS, R.G. TOMLINSON, Muriel Louise TOMTER, A. TOUGH, S. TRACEY, Michael R. TRENDS IN BIOCHEMICAL SCIENCES F.4 G.19 J.342, J.348, J.352 A.186, C.2, E.68, J.292-J.301 F.14, J.64, J.195, J.348, J.392 J.389 E.60, E.63 J.406 Eid. C.44 J.302, J.303 feelili/ F.49, F.50 TURNER, Bernard Moise UDEN, Jennifer TRIKOJUS, Victor M. TRISTRAM, G.R. TRIM, Arthur Reginald Henry J.304, J.305 TRUTER, Mary R. TURBA, Fritz G.29 J.306 C.21 E.79 TROPICAL PRODUCTS INSTITUTE TROLLOPE & COLLS LTD, BUILDING CONTRACTORS J.183, J.311, J.437 G.48, J.367, J.369, J.375, J.388 UGANNA (neé CORRAN), Judy TWYFORD DOWN ASSOCIATION J.307-J.310 A.382 G.154, J.392 J.408 J.194 UGOCHUKWU, Emmanuel N. UNDERWOOD, Eric John R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents UNILEVER LTD UNITED KINGDOM COORDINATING COUNCIL FOR FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL STUDENT CHEMICAL SOCIETY UPJOHN COMPANY VAIDYANATHAN, C.S. VAN SLYKE, Donald D. VAN SUMERE, C. F. VANYUSHIN, Boris F. VARMA, Ishwar Dayal VEEN, A.G. van J.376 See SLYKE See SUMERE J.411 J.313 J.382 VIGNEAUND, Vincent du VIRTANEN, Arthuri Ilari VOISIN, André WALDIE, John S.L. G.130 G.207 G.4, J.349 J.436 J.301, J.3814 J.378 VERNON CONWAY LTD VICKERY, Hubert Bradford VOLKES LTD, ENGINEERS VENKITASUBRAMANIAN, T.A. J.370, J.371 WADE, H.E. WAITE, R. WALKER, Donald Midgley WALKER, J.R.L. WALKER, James WALKER, Gwen Jean R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents WALKER, John W. WALLACE & TIERNAN LTD WALLACE, C. WALLACE, L.R. WALLERSTEIN CO., INC, NEW YORK WANG, Y.L. WARBURTON, Kathleen WARD, Alan Gordon WARNER, Adrian Charles Irving WARNER, Sir Frederick Edward WARR, Wendy A. WATERLOW, John J.362 H.1114 J.317 G.49 J.318 J.380 A.358 H.73, J.319 C.43, J.320 A.428 J.409 J.321 WATKINS, Winifred M. WATT, Bill WEIL, Herbert A.10 J.379 J.390, J.387 WESTALL, R.G. F.109, J.325 WAYNE, Charles V. WEISS, D.E. WEEE: E- J.355, J.357 J.322, J.323 WERTHESSEN, N.T. J.324 J.378 J.400 WEILER, G. STRAUSS, F.B. MICROANALYTICAL LABORATORY J.326-J.329, J.432 W. HEFFER & SONS LTD WESTENBRINK, H.G.K. WESTON, Miranda Smith- WHELAN, William Joseph me A.187 J.411 F.1o5 G.14 WESTGSEN, Arne WHEELER, T.S. R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents WHITE, Doug E. WHITE:E.R. WHITE, Sir Frederick William George WHITE, Theodore WHYTE, Constance WIERINGA, G.W. WIESNER, Giovanni WIGHTMAN, William Perehouse Delisle WILKIE, Kenneth C.B. WILLIAMS, E.F. WILLIAMS, F.H. WILLIAMS, Richard Tecwyn G.29, J.379 G.49, G.50, J.330 G.27 J.343, J.411 A.361 J.400 J.366 J.386 J.389 J.244 J.345 G.2 WILLIAMS, Trevor Illtyd WILSDON, B.A. WINNICK, Theodore F.68, J.332 B.1, J.331 H.39, J.333 WOKES, Frank WOLFE, Lawrence WOLFF, Walter WITKOP, Bernhard WOHLFARTH, E.P. WINTERMEYER, Ursula J.384 J.408 J.386 WILTSHIRE, Geoffrey H. A.12, A.361, J.331, J.351 E.78, J.336, J.358, J.375, J.377 WOOL INDUSTRIES RESEARCH ASSOCIATION WOODHAM, Anthony Arthur WOODS, Donald Devereux A.380 J.355 J.334 J.335 J.400 F.44, F.45, J.389, J.396 WOOD, James Cameron WOOD, Eric Charles H.52, J.337, J.431 R.L.M. Synge NCUACS 73/2/98 Index of correspondents WOOLF, Leonard J WOOSTER, William Alfred (‘Peter’) WORK, E. (‘Betty’) WORK, Thomas S. WORLD COUNCIL OF PEACE WORMALL, Arthur W. R. BALSTON LTD WRIGHT, Edward Maitland WRIGHT, Martin WRIGHT, Sir Norman Charles WYCKOFF, Ralph Walter Graystone WYLER, H. A.360, J.356 J.363 F.20, J.338 A.165, A.358, H.50-H.53, J.339, J.340 A.410, A.411 A.165, J.357, J.358 E.69, J.16 J.79 J.346 E.60 G.4 YOUNG, G.J. ZAHN, Helmut ZECHMEISTER, L. ZODIAC G.196, G.204 ZICHICHI, Antonino ZIMMERMAN, Bodo J.379 J.370 J.341 YOUNGSON, Mary M. ZETTERGREN, Lennart YEMM, Edmund William F.35 ZIMMERMAN, Hildegard J.380 J.361 A.382 J.386 J.372