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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir William Hunter McCrea FRS (1904-1999) VOLUME Ill Section J: Correspondence Index of correspondents NCUACS catalogue no.138/3/05 by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE, J.1-J.483 1942-1997 J.1-J.415 SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE J.416-J.483 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS J.1-J.415 SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1942-1997 Correspondence with colleagues and others re all aspects of his work, research, publications, visits, conferences etc. Includes and members cosmology, relativity theory etc. significant correspondence and amateur public the of papers from scientists re J.1-J.94 Contents of McCrea’s correspondence files inscribed with the names of individual scientists Alphabetical sequence. 1961-1994 1978-1990 J.173-J.214 J.215-J.364 J.95-J.172 Contents of McCrea’s correspondence files J.365-J.415 Shorter scientific correpondence Contents of McCrea’s correspondence files inscribed A-Z Contents of McCrea’s correspondence files labelled ‘Scientific Correspondence A-Z ~1960-1965’ Contents of McCrea’s correspondence files inscribed with the names of individual scientists correspondence was intitiated. Block was based at the University of Capetown when the Includes comments on Block’s publications. Block, D.L. 6 folders. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Clube, S.V.M. 1975-1976 Correspondence re draft paper by Clube ‘A Model of the Aether’. Clube was based at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh during the period of this correspondence. Cole, G.H.A. 1984-1985 Includes manuscript and typescript drafts and papers by Cole. Three folders. was. Cole University of Hull. Professor of Theoretical Physics at the J.11-J.16 Dolan, P. 1961-1989 Includes manuscript notes, typescript drafts of papers by Dolan, etc. Six folders. J.17-J.19 Golden, L.M. 1972-1976 Three folders. Principally re paper by Golden submitted to the Royal Astronomical Society on his behalf by McCrea. Dolan was a PhD student of McCrea at Royal Holloway. He subsequently made his career at Imperial College London. 1964-1972 Goodstein was a PhD student Royal Holloway who subsequently moved to Westfield College of McCrea at Principally re progress with Goodstein’s thesis. Golden Berkeley. Goodstein, P.D Three folders. was based at the University of California, J.20-J.22 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 University of London and then to a business firm. Hayashi, C. 1969-1970 re possible visit of Hayashi to the University of Sussex and the award to him of the Royal Astronomical Society’s Eddington Medal for 1970. Hayashi writes from the Department of Physics, Kyoto University, Japan. Howse, D. 1993-1994 Includes historical articles by Howse. Howse was Navigation Museum a former curator and Astronomy at in the the Department of Maritime National 1970-1974 Jacobs, J.A. 1970-1972 J.25-J.27 Jackson, J.C. Includes recommendations. Includes correspondence re proposed nomination. Jackson spent a couple of years as a Research Fellow at the Astronomy Centre, University of Sussex, 1968-1970. 1973-1985 Jacobs was Killam Memorial Professor of Science and Director Physics, Earth University of Alberta, Edmonton. Includes typescript drafts of Jennison’s papers. Jennison University of Kent at Canterbury. Professor was of of Institute of and Planetary Jennison, R.C. Physical Electronics at Three folders. Eleven folders. J.29-J.39 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.40-J.42 Lyttleton, R.A. 1968-1972 Includes correspondence and accretion problem’. drafts of paper on ‘the Three folders. Lyttleton writes from St John’s College Cambridge and the Jet Proplusion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. J.43-J.45 McNally, D. 1967-1975 Includes recommendations. Three folders. McNally was Royal Holloway, subsequently moving to the London University Observatory. of McCrea’s at a PhD student Marsoglu, A. J.47-J.49 1971-1976 was an M.Sc_ student at who Three folders. Matthews, H.E. Includes recommendations. Matthews Sussex subsequently moved to Jodrell Bank and Groningen. re possibility of studying for a PhD at the University of Sussex. [s: Correspondence and papers re article by Pagel on ‘Big Bang’. Royal Greenwich Observatory, writes from Pagel Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex. the Includes recommendation. Pagel, B.E.J. J.51-J.53 Pavelle, R.J. 1966-1979 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Three folders. Pavelle was an American PhD student of McCrea at Sussex. He subsequently pursued his career in North America. Ramesan, T 1960-1967 Ramesan was an Indian PhD student at Royal Holloway. The correspondence dates from after his return to India. J.55-J.63A Sellers, A. Henderson- 1976-1984 Principally re research and publications. Includes draft papers and off-prints. J.56 At Council conference at which Henderson-Sellars spoke. papers 1979 are for a of Europe Ten folders. J.64-J.69 Six folders. 1970-1987 Includes drafts. Silva, L.N.K. de re publications and career. The great bulk of Henderson-Sellars’s correspondence was written while she was based in the Department of Geography, University of Liverpool. Smith was a member of the Mathematics Department at re research, computer provision in universities, career. Includes recommendations. After a period at the Astronomy Centre, University of Sussex de the Department of Mathematics, University of Ceylon. Silva returned to Ceylon to a post in Eight folders. J.70-J.77 Smith, K. 1966-1974 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Mathematics). Royal Holloway (McCrea’s successor as Professor of Applied became Academic Director of the University of Nebraska’s Institute of of Computational Science at the University of Leeds. Computational subsequently Professor Sciences then He and J.78-J.81 Stephenson, L.M. 1970-1971 re publications. Includes drafts. Four folders. Stephenson was based at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London. Swaminarayan, N.S. Includes recommendations. 1971-1982 Thornhill, C.K. re research and visit. Thornhill was based at the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment, Fort Halstead, Kent. Swaminarayan worked under McCrea’s supervision for his M.Sc. degree (awarded 1961). When the correspondence was initiated in 1971 he was Lecturer in the Mathematics Department, Chelsea College of Science and Technology, University of London. 1966-1967 Waddell came from the Kitt Peak National Observatory to work for a period at the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies. He was killed in a motor accident on his return to the USA. Includes correspondence re posthumous publication of a paper. Waddell, J.H. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.85-J.88 Williams, |.P. 1966-1976 re research and career. Includes recommendations. Four folders. Williams was a research student of McCrea at Royal Holloway When _ the correspondence was initiated Williams was based in the Department of Mathematics, University of Reading. awarded 1963). (PhD J.89-J.91 Wolfendale, A.W. 1968-1971 re research, visits. J.91 At lecture to the British Association ‘Cosmic Ray Neutrinos’. is duplicated typescript of Wolfendale’s 1970 Three folders. Wolfendale University. was Professor of Physics at Durham J.92-J.94 1970-1977 worked for a period at Woolley, M.L. Three folders. Includes drafts and off-prints. re research, publications and career. Woolley was a research student at Sussex (not McCrea’s) who the UKAEA’s Culham Laboratory Theory Division. Contents of folder so inscribed. Alphabetical sequence. Great bulk 1950-1958. Contents of McCrea’s correspondence files ‘B 1948-58’ J.95-J.100 J.95-J.172 1942-1962 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Baade - Benares Hindu University 1948-1957 Billings, J.G. Blackler - Blackwell 1954-1957 Bondi, H. Includes draft papers. Two folders. Born - Builder 1953-1957 J.101-J.104 ‘C 1950-58’ Cochran, W. Cooper - Curtis Camm - Chatterji 1952-1955 Contents of folder so inscribed. Includes typescript by Cochran ‘A Suggested Experiment on the Clock Paradox’. Contents of folder so inscribed. Correspondence found enclosed within the off-print. J.105, J.106 ‘D 1953-58’ Craig, J.l. Includes off-print. 1950-1957 1948, 1950 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Darwin - Dowker 1951-1958 Trinity College Dublin re Mathematical Fellowship ‘E 1948-58’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Eagar - Evans. Includes correspondence with L.Essen and copy of the note on the ‘Clock Paradox’ that Essen was submitting to Nature, 1957. ‘F 1954-1958’ Gergely - Gilbert Gold - Goudsmit Contents of folder so inscribed. Faulkner - Freundlich. J.109-J.1114 ‘'G 1948-58’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Special Theory of Relativity’ by Adolf Gruenbaum. Includes papers re application by McCrea for Berkeley Bye-Fellowship, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 1952 Includes typescript paper ‘The Clock Paradox in the 1948-1956 1952-1958 Gregory - Gupta 1957-1958 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.112-J.117 ‘H 1953-58’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Hackett, F.E. Halberstam - Harvey Head - Hesse Hiley - Hilton 1957-1958 1955-1958 1949-1958 1954-1957 Hogarth - Howell’s School Denbigh 1951-1957 Ingham - Iskraut Jacobs, J.A. Jarnefelt - Joseph Huang, Su-Shu 1954-1955 1953-1956 J.118- J.120 ‘I/J 1948-1958’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Jacobs the University of Toronto, Ontario. 1949-1958 Contents of folder so inscribed. was based at Geophysics Laboratory, J.121-J.124 ‘K 1951-57’ W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Kapp, R.O. 1951-1954 Includes Interpretation of Gravitation’. duplicated typescript Kahn - Kennedy Khare, R.C. Includes off-prints. by Kapp ‘A 1950-1957 1954-1956 Kilminster - Kynch 1951-1958 J.125-J.128 ‘L 1954 - 58’ Contents of folder so inscribed. 1956-1958 Laurence - Loney 1954-1956 Includes off-prints. Two folders. J.126, J.127 Lopez, J.A. Includes duplicated typescript ‘Report on the Enquiry into Teaching Hours in Departments of Mathematics’ by H. Levy, Imperial College London, 1955. 1952, 1958 Includes list of Lyttleton’s ‘Principal Publications’. Lyttleton, R.A., and first name only ‘Mc 1950 - 58’ Contents of folder so inscribed. McCrea - McKinney W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.130, J.131 ‘M 1950-58’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Macmillan - Methuen 1953-1958 Includes correspondence and papers re McCrea’s book Relativity Physics. A revised fourth edition was published by Methuen in 1954. Moffat - Muhammad 1949-1958 J.132-J.140 ‘R 1951-58’ Contents of folder so inscribed. J.132, J.133 Ramesan, T. 1951-1955 Two folders. 1949-1958 Rayner - Rothenstein Royal Astronomical Society Ramesan was an Indian research student of McCrea at Royal Holloway. 1950-1958 McCrea’s inscription on this group of correspondence. invitation re Royaumont. Royal Society to Centre Culturel International de ‘Royaumont’ W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Runcorn, S.K. Ryle, M Includes manuscript working. J.141-J.145 ‘S 1952-1958’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Sabharwal - Sadler Schelling - Singer Smead - Spence 1954-1955 1946-1957 1953-1958 1949-1958 J.146-J.163 1951-1953 1954-1958 1957-1962 Sokolnikoff, |.S. Stephenson - Synge ‘Harrison Stamper 1957-’ Includes letter sent to Nature on The Clock Paradox in Relativity and not published by Nature, which was then sent to McCrea for comment. Talbot, A. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into eighteen for ease of reference: correspondence and duplicated papers by Stamper on to relativity theory. Contents of folder so inscribed. ‘The Rational Theory’ in relation J.164-J.169 ‘T 1953-1958’ W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 ‘Teacher’s Training’ 1951-1952 Group of correspondence so inscribed by McCrea. Thackeray, A.D. Includes photograph. Tobin - Torrey Trinity College Cambridge Tucker, A.R. 1952-1957 1948-1957 1950-1953 Vaidya - Viscardini’ Contents of folder so inscribed. *X,Y,Z 1953-1958 Contents of folder so inscribed. ‘W 1952-58’ Walen - Wroe. ‘V 1951-1958’ 1949-1954 Contents of folder so inscribed. 1949-1966 Contents of McCrea’s correspondence files labelled ‘Scientific Correspondence A-Z ~1960-1965’ Great bulk 1960-1966. J.173-J.214 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 “A: 1962-1965 Contents of folder so inscribed. Al-Borney - Atkinson. Includes papers re the Armagh Observatory. J.174-J.177 ‘B’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. Bambah - Barnothy Berenda - Bird Bokil, R.K. 1960-1966 1961-1966 1960-1966 1961-1963 Includes typescript of paper by Bokil ‘Relativity Space- Time versus Galilean Space-Time’. Bruce - Burhop Carr - Chadwick Chakravorty - Chaudhuri 1962-1965 1960-1965 J.178, J.179 Eee Contents of a folder so inscribed. 1960-1961 Includes drafts of paper by Darwin. J.180, J.181 Darwin, C.G. Contents of folder so inscribed. J.180-J.182 ‘Ey’ 1960-1963 1963-1965 1960-1965 Two folders. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 1961-1965 1963, 1966 1960-1966 Deutsch - Dingle ‘E’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Eakin, R.M. ‘PF’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. Fazal - Forge ‘q’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Gallo - Gray Haldane - Hinton Holmberg - Hussain 1961-1966 1962-1966 1961-1964 J.186, J.187 ‘H’ J.188-J.194 eo Contents of folder so inscribed. 1960-1965 Jacobs’s curriculum vitae at age 47 is at J.194. J.189-J.194 Jacobs, J.A. Contents of folder so inscribed. 1949-1965 1961-1963 1949-1950, Jackson - Jones Six folders. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.195-J.199 ‘K’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Kiang - Klein J.196-J.199 Kobus, J.P. Four folders. Le? Contents of folder so inscribed. Larson - London School of Economics. 1963, 1966 1963, 1966 1959-1961 J.201-J.203 ‘M’ 1960-1964 Contents of folder so inscribed. Malurkar - Mangeron 1960-1963 1960-1964 to Sky McCrea’s at Night’ to BBC Television ‘The including camera script, relate Mercier - Mount Stromlo Observatory Papers, contribution programme, 23 February 1961. Oliver, B.M. Contents of folder so inscribed. Contents of folder so inscribed. Moore, P.A. ‘N’ ‘©? Nisbet - Norman. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.206-J.208 ‘P’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Palcios - Pirani J.207, J.208 Poole, H.W. Two folders. J.209, J.210 ‘R’ Contents of a folder so inscribed. Redman - Reith Robinson - Ryle 1960-1966 1960-1966 1960-1963 1960-1964 1963-1964 1960 - 1963 J:214,-0-212 ‘S 1961-1966 1961-1966 1961-1965 Contents of folder so inscribed. 1961-1964 Includes McCrea’s comments on a chapter of a book by G.P. Thomson. Contents of folder so inscribed. oe ‘U’ Contents of folder so inscribed. Scott - Silk Smith - Synge Thackeray - Thwaites. Urey, H.C. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.215-J.364 Contents of McCrea’s correspondence files inscribed A-Z 1964-1997 These files may have comprised more than one series but they seem not to have been kept consistently and/or became intermixed. J.215-J.219 ‘AN’ Contents of two folders so inscribed. Academic Press - Allibone Angelidis - Aspden J.217, J.218 Astronomy and Astrophysics 1972-1992 1972-1992 1977-1992 1974-1981 1976-1981 1966-1993 1975-1987 re refereeing. Two folders. J.220-J.235 ‘B’ Astrophysical Journal - Axon Contents of three folders so inscribed. 1973-1990 1970-1990 1970-1993 Beachams - Berry Bagby - Barlow Barnothy - Baylis Bidelman - Block W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 article by Bok on Mount Stromlo 1988-1989 1966, 1976 1985, 1991 ‘Blue Stragglers’ Off-prints only. Bok, B.J. Includes of Observatory, 1966 draft Bondi, H. Bonnor, W.B. Boote - Bower 1976-1990 Five folders. Bruck - Butler J.236-J.246 ‘eo 1972-1977 1975-1986 re career, research and publications. J.230-J.234 Browne, P.F. Bradley - British Broadcasting Corporation 1969-1980 Contents of three folders so inscribed. 1974-1986 1968-1993 1977-1991 Cairo - Canuto Carrington - Chakravorty W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Chandrasekhar, S. 1976-1990 Includes biographer, K.C. Wali, 1979-1980. correspondence with Chandrasekhar’s Chapman - Chicago Clark, D.H. Includes typescript of joint paper with McCrea and F.R. Stephenson. Clark - Clayton Clube, S.V.M. 1968-1973 1976-1977 1973-1978 1976-1986 1976-1989 1970 - 1990 Connolly - Coulson 1977-1989 1973-1993 Crawford - Currie Includes photographs. Cole, G.H.A - Cole, T.D. Ue re publication of NATO conference proceedings, etc Contents of three folders so inscribed. J.248, J.249 Dermott, S.F. J.247-J.253 ‘Et 1965-1993 1976, 1979 1974-1977 Cowling, T.G. Davidson - Denton W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Two folders. Dingle, H. Newspaper cuttings, photocopied articles etc. Includes note written by G.J. Whitrow as a supplement to The Times obituary and sent to McCrea, 13 September 1978. 1973-1978 Dolan, P. 1976-1989 correspondence Includes Schrdédinger centenary conference in 1987 and seven photographs of a bust of Schrédinger sent to McCrea in 1989. proposed re For Schrédinger conference see H.347-H.368. 1967-1993 1965-1966 J.254, J.255 ‘E’ notes and drafts found in McCrea’s Domb - Dyson Earth - Emeleus ‘Double Doppler’ Contents of three folders so inscribed. Manuscript correspondence files. 1971-1989 Contents of three folders so inscribed. Europhysics Letters Fabian - Ferguson J.256-J.259 ‘P’ 1974-1987 1974-1981 1986-1987 1967-1996 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Field - ‘Fission’ Florides, P.S. Fogg - Freeman J.260-J.269 ‘G’ Contents of three folders so inscribed. Gaines - Garritson Geisler - Ghandy 1967-1982 1971-1996 1974-1989 1966-1997 1966-1990 1971-1990 1970-1988 Giedymin, J. Gilbert, C. 1978-1982 1974-1985 Gingerich - Goebel 1976-1978 Goldberg - Greenaway 1974-1978 1973-1984 1972-1997 1976-1986 Gretton - Griffith Gribbin, J. Grist - Groves W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.270-J.274 ‘H’ Contents of three folders so inscribed. ter Haar - Hazelett Henderson-Sellers, A. Henriksen - Hindawi Hodgkin - Hunt Includes astronomical photograph and obituary of H.R. Hulme (died 1991) by R.J. Tayler. Hoskin, M.A. 1973-1994 1973-1994 1976-1990 1973-1994 1976-1994 1976-1990 1970-1987 “1? IBM - Ivey J.276-J.278A ef Contents of two folders so inscribed. Contents of two folders so inscribed. 1975-1989 Includes an undated manuscript note initialed ‘HJ’ [Harold Jeffreys]. 1975-1996 1976-1989 Jeffreys, B.S. 1978-1996 Jacobs - Jehle Jennison, R.C. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Johnson - Jones J.279-J.282 ‘K’ Contents of two folders so inscribed. Kahn - Kermack J.280, J.281 Kiang, T. Two folders Kibble - Kuchowicz J.283-J.290 dle 1978-1987 1964-1995 1975-1993 1972-1992 1964-1995 1971-1992 Ledermann - Lloyd Lloyd-Evans, R. Two folders. Contents of two folders so inscribed. Lal - LaViolette Lockwood - LoPresto 1973-1982 1972-1990 1971-1972 J.287, J.288 Lovell, A.C.B. 1971-1983 At J.288 is historical note by Lovell on the genesis of the Northern Hemisphere Observatory sent to McCrea, 20 July 1988. Includes transcript from the tape of McCrea’s address to 1975-1991 1973-1991 Lovegrove - Lyndell-Bell W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 the J.H. Taylor Memorial Symposium, 1977. Lyttleton, R.A. J.291-J.305 ‘MW’ Contents of three folders so inscribed. McCann - Mclver McKay - McManus The Macmillan Press Ltd Includes McCrea’s reports on book proposals. 1971-1992 1970-1997 1972-1988 1975-1993 1977-1978 Two folders. 1976-1997 1975-1992 Marelli - Matthews J.294, J.295 McNally, D. Maddison - Manuel Includes research proposal sent to McCrea for advice. 1971-1990 1975-1983 1970-1982 1970-1993 Matson - Maxwell Meadows - Miller Mikhail, F.1. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.301, J.302 Milne Society 1977-1990 Correspondence, Milne’s daughter, M. Weston-Smith, re the formation of Society and other matters relating to Milne. principally E.A. with grand- a Milne Two folders. Milner - Moore Morrison - Myerscough First names and unidentified at the end of the sequence. 1970-1985 1973-1990 Munro, R.J.B. 1970-1974 J.306-J.309 ‘N’ 1971-1986 Ovenden, M.V. Napier - Neville Two folders. Newton - Noakes 1976-1981 1976-1981 J.307, J.308 New Scientist Includes reviews by McCrea. Contents of two folders so inscribed 1972-1987 Contents of two folders so inscribed. ‘The Observatory’ - Opik J.310-J.312 ‘Oo; 1971-1986 1972-1987 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 ‘Oxford University Scientific Society J.313-J.319 ‘P’ Contents of two folders so inscribed. Pace - Pavelle Pearce - Phillips Institute of Physics Correspondence and papers re advisory work etc for the Institute’s journals. 1973-1982 1966-1996 1966-1992 1972-1991 1974-1981 J.316, J.317 Contemporary Physics 1977-1984 Two folders Physics Letters A 1977-1981 J.320-J.322 ‘R’ Includes reviews by McCrea. Correspondence etc re advisory work for the Journal. 1978-1991 Robertson - Royal Irish Academy Contents of folder so inscribed. 1971-1996 1976-1991 1976-1980 Pietenpol - Purcell Rado - Rivett W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 Ruder - Russell 1976-1991 First names and unidentified at the end of the sequence. J.323-J.335 ‘S’ Contents of three folders so inscribed. Sadler - Savage Sciama - Scott Seaford - Sistero Slattery - Solstis 1971-1997 1974-1997 1976-1991 1972-1991 1976-1991 Smith, F.G. Smith, K. Smith, R.C. 1971-1984 1973-1995 J.331-J.333 Stephenson, L.M South Africa - Springer-Verlag 1974-1994 Includes drafts and off-print from Stephenson. Stevenson - Swaminarayan 1976-1981 1978-1987 1976-1989 Three folders. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.336-J.341 ae Contents of three folders so inscribed. Tarkowski - Taylor Temple -Thornton Tillotson - Tipler Includes paper sent by F.J. Tipler to McCrea for comment, 1987. Tiwari, R.N. 1972-1987 1972-1998 1976-1990 1976-1991 1974-1987 1976-1998 J.342-J.344 aL of matter in Includes cosmology sent to McCrea for comment. manuscript creation the on Turville, C.M.D. Massip de Torino - Trinity College Dublin Includes paper by J.R. Rao and Tiwari sent to McCrea for comment. Two folders. Ubbelohde - Laurence Urdang Associates Ltd Contents of three folders so inscribed. J.343, J.344 Unsdld, A 1970-1990 1972-1990 1970-1986 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.345, J.346 aE 1992-1993 Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference Vickerage, J.D.M. Includes typescript drafts. J.347-J.363 WW’ Contents of three folders so inscribed. Wali - Wayman J.348-J.350 Wayte, R.G. Includes typescripts sent to McCrea for comment. Three folders. 1967-1997 1971-1990 1977-1981 Webster - Weston Smith [1976] - 1989 Wildwood - Wilkins 1975 - 1997 1967-1994 1972-1995 J.354-J.357 Wilkinson, D.H. Whelan - Wickramasinghe 1973-1991 Correspondence and papers at J.355-J.357 relate to Royal Society Hooke Committee and Discussion Meeting, 1977-1979. Four folders. Williams - Winthrop W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.359, J.360 Wolfendale, A.W. 1977-1991 Two folders. J.361, J.362 Woolfson, M.M. 1974-1990 Two folders. Woolley - Wright ox, YZ Contents of folder so inscribed. Yates - Ziman. 1971-1984 1974-1985 J.365-J.415 Shorter scientific correpondence 1948-1996 1948-1956 Chronological sequence of correspondence not found in any identifiable sequence or order. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 1965-1966 1967-1969 J.374, J.375 1971 Two folders. J.380-J.385 1976 1978 Six folders. Three folders. J.387-J.389 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.395, J.396 1984 Two folders. Two folders. 1988-1989 1990-1991 1987 Two folders. J.398, J.399 1986 J.400, J.401 Three folders. Three folders. J.404-J.406 1992 J.407-J.409 1993 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.410, J.4114 1994 Two folders. a copy of the address given by Sir Bernard At J.410 is Crossland at the funeral of Sir David Bates, 8 January 1994. 1995 Includes newspaper report of the death of J.L. Synge published in the /rish Times and copy of obituary by P. Dolan from the Daily Telegraph. J.414, J.415 N.d. Two folders. Unindexed. J.416-J.483 1950-1992 J.416-J.443 Examining and higher degrees J.444-J.461 Appointments and promotions REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS Miscellaneous Chelsea College, University of London J.469-J.472 Grant applications J.480, J.481 Royal Society of Edinburgh J.462-J.465 Research fellowships J.476-J.479 Royal Society J.473-J.475 J.482, J.483 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 J.416-J.443 Examining and higher degrees 1950-1990 1950, 1959 J.417, J.418 1960 Two folders. J.419, J.420 1961 Two folders. J.421, J.422 1962 Two folders J.423, J.424 1963 Two folders. 1965-1966 N.d. [1960s] 1975-1976 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 1977-1978 J.434-J.437 1980 Four folders. J.438, J.439 1981 Two folders. J.441, J.442 1984-1985 Two folders. J.444-J.461 1952, 1966-1967 Appointments and promotions 1952-1992 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 1976-1977 J.450-J.454 1978 Five folders. J.456, J.457 1984 Two folders. 1985-1988 J.459-J.461 1990, 1992 J.462-J.465 1970, 1972 1974-1977 Three folders. Research Fellowships 1970-1978 J.466-J.468 Not used W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.469-J.472 Grant applications 1974-1990 1974-1977 1981, 1983 1989-1990 J.473-J.475 Chelsea College, University of London 1981-1982 Validation, Department of Mathematics. 1962-1993 1962, 1964 1972-1979 1981-1989 Three folders. J.476-J.479 Royal Society Two folders. Royal Society of Edinburgh 1990-1993 and n.d. J.480, J.481 1982-1987 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Correspondence, J.1-J.483 J.482, J.483 Miscellaneous 1971-1991 Two folders. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS AARSETH, Sverre AASERUD, Finn ABELL, George O. ABELSON, Philip H. ABHYANKHAR, K.D. ABRAMENKO, B. ABT, Helmut A. G.223 H.125 F.174 C.234 J.365 J.365 D.633 ACADEMIC PRESS INC (LONDON) LTD D.629, J.215 ACCADEMIA DELLE SCIENZE DI TORINO Eat ADAM, Madge G. ADAM HILGER LTD D.82, H.228, H.243, J.215 D.630, H.333, J.215, J.374 ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, 1st Baron See H.199, H.200 AGACY, Rex L. AITKEN, Alexander Craig B27. F218 F.2-F.4 G.200 See also J.215 ALFARO, Vittorio de ALLEN, C.W. (‘Cla’) AKEHURST, M.R. AL-BORNEY, Said ALCOCK, G.E.D. E22 B.11 J.173 AIR LEAGUE OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE AERONAUTICAL EDUCATIONAL TRUST LTD G.74-G.76 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE A.206, F.188, F.189, J.365, J.376 See also D.634, D.635 See F.230 G.215, J.394 AMERICAN ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY F.559-F.561, H.138, J.403 ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward ALVAREZ, Walter E.371 A.115 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AMOS, R.P. ANGELIDIS, Thomas G. APPLETON, Sir Edward Victor ARMAGH OBSERVATORY ARMITAGE, Edward N. ARMITRAGE, J. Vernon ARP, H (‘Chip’) ASHPOLE, E.F. ASHWORTH, William R. ASPDEN, H. A.3 J.215 J.216 F.13, F.14, F.16, F.18, F.188 See also F.189 F.5 J.216 H.31 J.216 J.371 H.9 J.216, J.390 ASTRONOMICAL SCIENCE GROUP OF IRELAND G.189A ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA J.394 D.255 D.633, J.219 D.634-D.636, D.729 ATHLONE PRESS ATKINS, Henry St J. AUBREY, John AUMAN, Jason R. ATKINSON, H.H. ATKINSON, R.d’E. J.122, J.365 J.173, J.219 E.469 H.423 D.631, D.632, J.217, J.218 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF THE PACIFIC F.495, J.95 AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE D.415-D.417 H.313, H.315 AWBERY, J.H. AXON, Howard J. EO) its; peti 3 J.219 BAADE, W. Index of correspondents W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 BABCOCK, Horace W. BADDILEY, Sir James BAGBY, John P. BAGNALL, Philip M. BAKER OF DORKING, Kenneth Wilfred Baker, Baron BALAZS, Gulyas BAMBAH, R.P. BARBARA, S. BARBOUR, J.B. BARLOW, Boris V. BARNOTHY, Jeno M. F.256, H.229 F.560 D.366, J.220 J.220 F.448, F.449 See also F.443 J.383 J.174 J.174 J.220, J.378, J.390 J.220 C.236, E.143, J.174, J.221, J.370, J.376 See also J.379 BARNOTHY, Madeleine F. BASH, Frank N. J.393 D.499, D.662 J.386, J.391 J.221 BARROW, John BARROW, R.W. BASTIN, J.A. BASTIN, Ted BASU, B.N. BATES, Sir David Robert J.221 J.221 E.183 J.221 BATCHELOR, George Keith F.433, F.437, F.442 E.170, F.203, F.218-F.220, F.222 See also J.410 J.95 See also D.469 BAUGHAN, E. Christopher BATES, Leslie Fleetwood H.229 J.379 J.221 BAUM, Bill BAYLIS, John BEECHEY, Robin A. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents BEER, Arthur D.86, D.698, D.722, F.548 BELFAST CIVIL DEFENCE AUTHORITY A.87, A.89, B.7 BELL, C.A. BELL, Donald LYNDEN- BENARES HINDU UNIVERSITY BENN, Chris BENNETT, Daphne BERENDA, Carlton W. BERGER, A. BERGMANN, Peter G. BEST, Ernest BETHE, Hans Albrecht BEVIS, Rowland Granville J.222 H.313, J.221, J.289, J.387 J.95 J.222, J.394 H.313, H.323 J.175 G.216, J.222, J.410 J.175 B.3, B.8 H.138 io D.537 J.175 E.104 C.192, J.97 BLOW, David Mervyn BLACKLER, Joyce BLACKWELL, Donald E. BIDELMAN, William P. BIERMAN, Ludwig BHATTACHARARYYA, Panchanon J.175 BINGHAM, N.H. BIRD, Joseph F. G.150, J.223 J.378, J.387 BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron BIRMINGHAM AND MIDLAND INSTITUTE H.229, J.225 D.281, D.282, D.470, F.470, J.171, J.366 A.99, F.230, F.349, G.50, H.229, H.243, J.97, J.183, J.223, J.379 BOHR, Aage BOK, Bart Jan H.247, H.248 H.138 BLANUSA, Danilo BLOCK, David L. D.27 J.1-J.6, J.223, J.388, J.405 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 BOKIL, R.K. BOKSENBERG, Alexander BONDI, Sir Hermann BONNOR, W.B. BOOTE, Mark BORN, Max BOSANAC, S. Danko Index of correspondents J.176 F.429, F.561, F.591, F.600, F.605 See also B.70 D.78, D.90, D.533, D.695, F.89- F.92, F.94, F.95, F.98, F.100, F.120, 3187, E1905h-205) bi, F:2i3; F.223, F.235, F.237, F.240, F.241, F.261, F.346, F.347, H.138, H.159, H.217, J.98, J.99, J.226, J.397, J.404 See also D.210, F.127, F.128, F.204 D.193, H.82, H.455, J.227 J.228 D281, F.73; 3.100 See also D.89 J.228, J.403 See also G.248 J.228, J.396 B.9 BOSE, Chittaranjan BOWER, Roy D. BRADBURN, Mary BRADBURY, A.R. BRADLEY, David J. BOWDEN, Bertram Vivian, Baron BOYD, M.J. BOYS, S.F. J.228 A.93 B.4 H.323 See also J.228 BOTANICAL SOCIETY OF NORTHERN IRELAND H.229 BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence BRADLEY, P.C. SYLVESTER- See J.369 E.258, J.229 BRAMSON, Brian BRANDT, John C. F.618-F.620 E-12), E275; 1200 B.19, F.180 See also B.22 J.100 J.229 BRAY, R.J. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 BREWER, Douglas F. BRIGGS, Asa, Baron THE BRITISH ACADEMY Index of correspondents J.229 B.68, F.135, J.229 F.476, J.229 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE F.6-F.47, G.185, J.100 BRITISH ASSOCIATION YOUNG SCIENTISTS J.229 BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION D.373, D.729, J.203, J.229 BRITISH COUNCIL BROCK, Martin CLUTTON- BROUWER, Dirk BROWN, Geoffrey M. BROWN, Sir (George) Malcolm G.121, G.206 J.415 D.90 See also J.100 J.379 J.376 See also E.192 J.230-J.234 BROWN, Robert Hanbury BROWN, Wilbur K. BROWNE, Barbara BRUNNER, John BRUNT, Sir David F.252 J.386 H.31 J.177 BRUCK, Hermann A. BROWNE, Peter Finlay A.106, F.232, F.239, H.62, J.100, J.235 J.100 B.4, J.100 See also F.508 BUDDRUS, Hans-Georg H.138 B.64-B.66 J.235 BUCKINGHAM, Dick BUCKINGHAM, R.A. J.235 D.363 J.235, J.378, J.385 BRUCE, C.E.R. BRYAN Jr, James T. BUCHDAHL, Hans BUILDER, Geoffrey W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents BULLARD, Sir Edward Crisp Recte BURBIDGE, Eleanor Margaret D.41, F.154, F.155, F.174 BURBIDGE, Geoffrey Ronald BURGE, H.M. BURHOP, Eric Henry Stoneley BURKILL, John Charles BURNELL, (Susan) Jocelyn Bell BUSUTTIL, William BUTLER, Lois CAHN, Robert Wolfgang CAIRNCROSS, Sir Alexander C.156, G.76 See also D.86 H.141 J.174 D.537, H.125 D.724 J.403 J.235 J.236, J.407 See F.35, F.36 CATCHPOLE, M. CAVALLERI, Giancarlo CHADWICK, Sir James CHAKRAVORTY, K.R. CHALONGE, D. D.511, J.236 CAMBRIDGE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY D.637 CANUTO, Vittorio CARRINGTON, Alan J.237 H.125 J.237 D.342 J.178 CARTWRIGHT, Dame Mary Lucy CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS D.597, D.638-D.686, F.197, G.191, H.125, H.183, H.294, H.343, J.400 See also C.223, F.184, F.220, F.223 A.221, C.101, C.120, D.259, D.718, D.721, D.723, F.222, F.260, F.492, H.138, H.199, J.179, J.238, J.299, J.358 CHANDRASEKHAR, Subrahmanyan CHANCELLOR, Sir Christopher CHAMBERS, Robert Guy J.179, J.237 F.15-F.18, F.493 D.704 F.210 Index of correspondents W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 CHANDRASEKHARAN, K. CHANG, Hasok CHAPMAN, Sydney CHAPMAN & HALL LTD CHARYULU, K.S. CHAUDHURI, A.K. Ray CHELSEA COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICAL AND AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING CHERNS, D. CHERTKOV, Alexandr CHETLAND, W.D. CHURCH, A.E.R. J.101 H.362, J.410 B.4, F.14 See also H.200 J.239 J.179 J.179 F.48-F.62 J.239 D.733 J.239 B.48 See J.376 CLARK, David H. CLARENDON PRESS, OXFORD D.729 CLARK, Eugene E. CLARK, Ronald W. CLARK, T.D. CLARKE, John CLARKE, R.W. CLARKE, Thomas L. J.241 J.241 E.9 CLAYTON, Donald D. D.435, D.439, D.444, D.475, E.359, J.240, J.389 F.561 C.276, E.373, G.210, H.230, J.7, J.242, J.385, J.407 COCKCROFT, Sir John Douglas | COCKING, Edward Charles Daniel J.369 J.241 J.241 D.135, J.102 F212 H.271 CLUBE, S.Victor M. COCHRAN, William COCKCROFT, W.H. Index of correspondents W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 COLE, George H.A. COLE, Peter COLE, Trevor W. COLTHURST, J. Riversdale COMMON, A.K. COMRIE, Betty COMRIE, L.J. CONNES, P. CONOLLY, Brian W. CONSEJO MUNDIAL CULTURAL CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS G.238, J.8-J.10, J.243 See J.243 J.243 B.4 E2531 223 B.4 F.262 J.279, J.397 F.63 D.593, D.606, D.687-D.689, G.194, G.195, H.42, H.46, J.244, J.316, J.317, J.396 CONTOPOULOS, G. G.121 COOK, Eric F.73 H.330, H.343 COOPERSTOCK, F.. COPSON, Edward CONWAY, Arthur W. COOK, Sir Alan Hugh COOKE, A.H. COOPER, R.1.B. J.244 H.140 J.103 D.542 J.244 COOK, Phyllida E. F.229, F.260, J.244 See also F.226, F.228 F.36, F.561 D.113, D.717-D.719, F.90-F.93, F.94. F:96: F102, F:220; F432. F.493, F.495, F.500, H.183, H.230, H.243, H.271, J.245 See also H.188 COULSON, Charles Alfred COWLING, Thomas George COX, Sir David Roxbee COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon F.18, J.244 J.352 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 COX, Keith Gordon CRAIG, J.l. CRAMPIN, Joan CRAWFORD, David L. CREBER, G.T. CRELINSTEN, Jeffrey CRESPIN, D. BOSMAN- CREW, Eric CROWELL, John C. CULLEN, Alexander Lamb CULLEN, Christopher CUNNINGHAM, Morris A. CURRIE, Sir Alastair Index of correspondents J.254 J.104 D.169, D.178 J.246 J.222 H.362 D.180 J.246 J.391 F.561 J.389 H.31 J.246, J.407 H.191 B.4, B.5, B.8 D.714, D.715 DARWIN, Sir Charles Galton DAVENPORT, Harold DAVIDSON, William DADHICH, N.K. DALTRY, C.T. DANIEL, R.R. DANIELL, P.J. CUTHBERTSON, Sir David Paton J.380 Re, G.89 C.176, C.178, C.195, D.235, H.278, J.105, J.180, J.181 D.497 D.497-D.499, D.508, D.511, F.259, G.196, J.247 F231 See also F.230 B.43, B.50, B.51, B.62, D.635 DAVIES, David DAVIES, J.G. DAVIES, Paul DAVIDSON, James Norman H.191 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 DAVIES, R.D. DELSEMME, A.H. DENBIGH, Kenneth George DENTON, Sir Eric James DERMOTT, Stan F. Index of correspondents F.134, F.228, F.590, F.598, G.195, G:1967F9t bi223 E.258 J.247 J.247, J.287 D.524, G.172-G.174, J.248, J.249, J.376 DEUTSCH, Armin J. J.182 DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER NATURFORSCHER LEOPOLDINA A.116-A.118, F.64-F.68 DEWHIRST, David W. DICKINSON, David DINGLE, Herbert F.230, F.231, F.250, F.349 J.105 D.119, D.127, D.280-D.282, D.722, F.228, J.105, J.182 See also F.229, F.230, F.237, J.250 C.148 H.159, J.252 D.690-D.693 DRYER, Murray DIXON, W. Graham DISCOVERY DISNEY, Michael J. DOMB, Cyril DOMBEY, Norman DOWKER, C.H. D.641-D.643, D.649 J.105 J.397 F.15-F.19 DODD, K.N. DOLAN, Patrick DITCHBURN, Robert William D.210, J.11-J.16, J.251, J.381, J.412 F.69-F.78 DUBLIN INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDIES D. REIDEL PUBLISHING COMPANY F5005ir.00/7,,:571, hove J.105 H.277 D.617 J.252 DOWLING, John J. DRAPER, Glen H. Index of correspondents W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 DUBOIS, Jean DUFFY, M.C. DUFOUR, Achille DUGDALE, J. Sydney DUKAS, Helen DUNCAN, Ronald DUNGEN, F.H. van den DUNLOP, Storm DYSON, Freeman John EAKIN, R.M. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS J.183 J.254 EAST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL F.433, F.434, F.437, F.442, F.445 EATON, Trevor EDGE, W.L. EDMUNDS, M.G. ELDRIDGE, Don D.420, J.254 J.107 H.313, J.107 EGGLESTON, H.G. EDWARDS, R.E. EGGEN, Olin J. EBERT, Rolf EDGE, David H.125, H.138, J.254 J.254 J.370 J.254 EGYPT CHURCH ASSOCIATION / EGYPT DIOCESAN ASSOCIATION See B.70 ELECTRICAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION ELLIOTT, James Philip F.180 F.79, F.80 J.409 F.36, J.103 ELIEZER, C.J. ELLIOTT, Clark A. J.120 H.230 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents ELLIS, George Francis Rayner D.639, D.640, D.663 ELLIS, J.R. ELLISON, M.A. ELTON, Lewis Richard Benjamin ELTON, Sam EMELEUS, Karl George J.254 F.236, H.199 H.121 J.254 B.8, F.222, F.227, J.254 ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA INC. D.39, D.388, D.389 ESSEN, Louis EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY EUROPEAN SPECTROSCOPY NEWS EUROPHYSICS LETTERS J107 See also J.414 G.105-G.109 F.81 D.594 J.255 EVANS, David S. G.52, H.230, H.362, J.372 See J.256 F.605, J.337 EWALD. Peter Paul FALCON, Norman FALCONER, Noel FABIAN, Andy FAHLMAN, G.G. FALLA, David FAULKNER, P. J.285 73; bas4 J.383 J.256 J.256 EVANS, Robert LLOYD- See also J.400 F.349, F.436, F.437, F.442, G.228, J.256, J.381, J.399 FEILDEN, Geoffrey Bertram Robert J.256 See also J.402 J.379 J.108 J.184 FAZAL, A. FEAST, Michael FELLGETT, Peter Berners W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 FERGUSON, Allan FERGUSON, Dale C. FERRARO, V.C.A. FIELD, Judith FIEEDERG: FINCH, H. F. FINNISTON, Sir Harold Montague FIRSOFF, V.Axel FISHER, H.E. FISHER, Sir Ronald Aylmer FISK, Donald FLORIDES, Petros Serghiou Index of correspondents Grid J.256, J.379, J.384 B.51, J.108 J.257 H.194 D.721, D.722 See F.35 D.724, F.215, J.184, J.257, J.390 See also F.216 J.184 D.279 D.515 G.189A, J.211, J.258, J.379, J.405, J.412 FOGARTY, Sir Francis FOREST, John S. FORGE, S. J.184 A.118 See J.184 FOGG, Martyn J. ROLEET,S.J- FORBES, Eric G. FORBES, J.E. FOGG, Gordon Elliott J.111 See F.36 J.259 F.212 F.248 FOUNDATIONS OF PHYSICS See also J.259 F.443, H.140, H.144 See also H.159 D.369, D.729, G.166, J.299, J.364 FOWLER, Sir Ralph Howard FOWLER, William Alfred See H.125 H.125, H.147, H.159 J.108, J.397 H.144 FOWLER, Patrick FOWLER, Peter Howard FOWLER, Rosemary W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 FRAMPTON, W.N. FRANCIS HODGSON LTD FRANK, Sir Charles Frederick FRASER, J.T. FREEMAN, Chris FREUNDLICH, E. FINLAY- FRIEDLANDER, F. Gerard FUCHS, Sir Vivian FULTON, John Scott, Baron GAINES, Alec F. GALE, George Index of correspondents J.108 D.311 J.313 J.259 F.566, J.259 J.108 D.638, D.644, D.646-D.648, D.650 See F.36 A.98, A.99, A.205, B.89, F.92, F.94, F.100 See also F.91 J.260 H.366, J.260, J.302 G.215, J.260 GALLO, C. GALLOP, John GARBERS, C.F. GARDNER, K.L. GALLETTO, Dionigi 77 J.407 J.185 J.404 J.330 GARSTANG, Roy H. GASCOIGNE, S.C.Ben J.262, J.399 GEISLER, Pamela A. GERJUOY, Edward E.302, E.303, J.376 J.261 J.109 J.261 J.261 H.314 B.10 GHANDY, D.A. GIBSON, Roy GIEDYMIN, Jerzy GAUNT, J. Arthur GEHRELS, Tom GERGELY, John E.463 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 GILBERT, Cecil GILSON, James G. GINGERICH, Owen GINZBURG, V.L. GODART, O. GODED, F. GODWIN, H.J. GOEBEL, Charles GOLD, Thomas GOLDBERG, Leo Index of correspondents J.109, J.263 J.412 A.210, D.729, F.153, F.257, F.301, H.9, H.10, H.20, H.358, H.359, J.238, J.264, J.396 See also F.152 D.710 Gild2;Golis,J:264 J.264, J.379, J.380 F.180 J.264 B.90, F.532, H.361, J.110, J.265, J.388 G.74, J.266, J.377, J.380 GOLDEN, Leslie M. GOLLIN, G.J. GOODSTEIN, R. Louis MINISTRY OF LABOUR J.17-J.19, J.266 H.4 E.246 F.253, J.110, J.266 J.20-J.22 GOODEVE, Sir Charles GOODHART, Charles B. GOSTLING, P.S. GOUDSMIT, Sam A. See H.200 J.110 F.177-F.179, F.180, J.266 GOODSTEIN, Peter David GOVERNMENT OF NORTHERN IRELAND C:257, 3185 GOW, lan Reginald Edward A.84 F.433 H.138 GRANT, Michael GRAY, G.K. GOWING, Margaret Mary F.208, F.222 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND ADMIRALTY HYDROGRAPHY DEPARTMENT AIR MINISTRY G.50 B.8 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH F101, F102) F133; c4 FOREIGN OFFICE B.8 MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND FOOD D.435 MINISTRY OF AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION MINISTRY OF DEFENCE B.8 F.393 MINISTRY OF LABOUR AND NATIONAL SERVICE B.8, B.9 MINISTRY OF SUPPLY GREAVES, [?] B.7 H.180 GREENAWAY, Frank GRETTON, Sir Peter See J.111 GREAVES, William Herbert Michael 14, 6:16) F518, F:493),F:505 GREEN, Albert Edward GREW, Sheelagh GRIBBIN, John J.111 J.266 E.449 F.460 J.267 GREENBERG, J. Mayo J.267, J.397, J.410, J.412 GREGORY, Richard Langton H.230 D.711,.D:712, D:730,; A:105; J:64, J.268 See also D.298 GRIFFITHS, James Howard Eagle £8, EOF seo, tet o-medr E.369 D.471 J.267 GRIFFIN, Roger GRIFFITH, Miriam V GRIFFITHS, Ezer GRIERSON, P. GRIEVE, Richard A.F. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 GROOT, Mart de GROSE, S.W. GROSS, Peter G. GROVES, G.V. GRUNBAUM, Adolf GUBBINS, David GUPTA, M.L. HAAR, Dirk ter HACKETT, Felix E. HADDOW, Sir Alexander HAGUE, Douglas B. Index of correspondents H.225 B.8 J.269, J.387 J.269 See J.111 J.413 J.111 H.248, J.270, J.318, J.382, J.391 75 ASI nets oe J.270 J.270, J.379 HAILSHAM OF ST MARYLEBONE, Quinton McGarel Hogg, Baron F.443, F.448 See also F.447 HAISCH, Bernhard HAMILTON, James HANLON, Timothy HALDANE, J.R. HALL, Marie Boas J.186 F.73 J.270 J.113 B.3 J.61 HALBERSTAM, Heini HANSEN, Hans Henrik J.415 J.113 D.721 HARDY, Godfrey Harold HALDANE, John Burdon Sanderson F.467 J.186, J.270, J.399, J.405, J.406, J.409 HARTREE, Douglas Rayner HARRISON, Edward R. HARLAND, W. Brian HART, Vincent G. HARTNER, Willy F.487, J.270 J.113 F.253 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents HASLETT, Arthur HAVERS, Robert Michael Oldfield, Baron HAWKING, Stephen William HAWTHORNE, Sir William Rede HAYASHI, Chushiro HAYMAN, Walter Kurt HAYS, James D. HEAD, Seafield HEAVENS, Oliver S. HECKMANN, Otto HEDGECOCK, Peter C. HEIDMANN, J. D.3114 F.432 D.662, J.274 See also D.638 F.470 J.23 J.270 E.376 J.114 J.114, J.371 F.114 See also F.138 J.383 257, b:256 HENDRY, John HEPNER, Wolfgang HERNDON, J. Marvin H.42 B13 J.114 F.393 J.392 J.407 J.28 J.114 HERZBERG, Gerhard HEREWARD, Daphne HELE, Desmond George KING- HER MAJESTY’S STATIONERY OFFICE A.105, D.282, D.524, F.257, F.259, F.433, F.486, H.144, H.159, J.114, J.282 F.483, F.536, F.560, J.272 HETHERINGTON, Norriss S. H.211, H.362, J.244, J.302 HESSE, Mary Brenda F.254, J.272 H.315 See F.189 HEWISH, Anthony HEWITT, Frank J. HERTZ, Gerhard HEY, James Stanley HIDE, Raymond W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 HILDITCH, R.W. HILEY, E.A. HILL, Archibald Vivian HILL, David HILL, David Keynes HILTON, Frederick HINDAWI, Ahmed A.A. HINSHELWOOD, Sir Cyril Norman HINSLEY, Sir Harry HINTON, A.G. HOAG, A.A. HOCH, Paul K. Index of correspondents J.310 J.115 H.209 See also H.199, H.210 J.115 H.146, H.159 Jett o J.272, J.403 F.209 A.118 J.186 D.633 H.247, H.249 HODGE, Paul W. HOGARTH, J.E. J.116, J.187, J.399 G.76, J.379 =.92) 593) &.98;-F.100 F.473, F.474, J.273 HOLMES, Arthur HOME, Roderick W. HONIG, W.M. HODGKIN, Sir Alan Lloyd £6) 29 H.315 D.69 See also J.116 HOLMBERG, Eric Robert Reginald HODGE, Sir William Vallance Douglas F.249, F.389, F.394, J.24 D.539, D.540 H.358, J.274 D.473, J.273 H.223 HORWITZ, L.P. HOSKIN, Michael A. HOSKING, R.J. HOWRIE, Stephen J. HOWSE, H. Derek HOPKINS, H. Geoffrey G.195 E.389 Index of correspondents F.180 C.120, D.205, F.93, F.95, F.100, F.252, F.262, F.328, See also B.93, F.37, F.87, F.90, F.92, F.98, F.260 S117 D.484, D.495 H.359 Palo. 76S See also F.21, J.273 B.6 G.206 J.273 D.435, F:533, J:273 F.193, F.223, F.248, F.257, F.349, £2350; E377, F393: 5-420. .565; H.315 See also D.635 B.12, B.13 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 HOWSON, A. Geoffrey HOYLE, Sir Fred HUANG, Su-Shu HUGHES, David W. HULBERT, Henry Schoolcraft HULME, Henry Rainsford HUMPHREYS, John H. HUMPHRIES, Colin HUNT, Chris HUNT, G.E. HUNTER, Alan HUPPERT, Herbert E. HUTTON, George HUSSAIN, Zahur HUSTLER, D. H.125 J.187 D.59 J.370 HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding HUTCHINSON PUBLISHING GROUP LTD F.83-F.103 A.211, F.424, F.478, F.482, F.483, H.124, H.125, J.340 See also H.144, H.153 INSTITUTE FOR THEORETICAL ASTRONOMY J.407 J.118 E.288 IBM UNITED KINGDOM LTD ICKE, Vincent ILLICIN, Gurler J.275 J.275, J.379 INGHAM, Albert Edward INNANEN, K.A. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents INSTITUTE OF ATOMIC INFORMATION FOR THE LAYMAN F.104 INSTITUTE OF MATHEMATICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS E.200 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS D.525, D.594, D.597, D.704, H.183, H.333, J.315 INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE REVIEWS D.695-D.703, H.89, H.90 INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMICAL UNION A.115, F.105-F.174, J.244 INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR GENERAL RELATIVITY AND GRAVITY IRVINE, J. Max IRVINE, William M. 175 D.559 J.275 IRVING, Sir Edmund George F.331, F.332 ISHAM, Chris J. ISKRAUT, Richard W. J.317 J.118 See J.25-J.27 C.254, D.317 JACKSON, E.N. JACKSON, John Charles JACKSON, John JACKSON, John R JACKSON, Robert J.188 F.493 H.316 A.106, E.351, E.378, F.261, G.76, J.28, J.119, J.189-J.194, J.276, J.378 See also J.188 H.31, H.124, H.125, H.159, J.120, J.277 ):282- 5 °6.-F.252) e259. cor. F.260 See J.120 ES)i9 JEFFREYS, Bertha Swirles, Lady F.136, H.188 See also J.120 JARNEFELT, G.J. JEANS, Sir James Hopwood JEANS, Susanne, Lady JACOBS, John Arthur (‘Jack’) JEFFREYS, Sir Harold W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 JEHLE, Herbert JEEBEN, OV: JENNISON, Roger C. JENSEN, Eberhart JOHN, Laurie H. JOHNSON, Martin C. Index of correspondents J.120, J.216 F.445 J.29-J.39, J.188, J.278, J.397 D.234 D.373 D.722, J.120 JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD D.460, D.700, J.63, J.249, J.353 JONES, Alex JONES, Bernard JONES, Derek JONES, Sir Harold Spencer J.278A J.382 H.316 F.501, F.502, F.504 See also F.490, F.493 JONES, Sir John Edward LENNARD- Bi; H:125 JONES, Kenneth Glyn JONES, Reginald Victor JONES, Robert T. JOSEPH, V. H.9 J.367 F.259, 0.231 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS JOSEPH, Keith Sinjon, Baron J.120 D.704 D.729 F433) F407 See also F.430, F.438 JULIUS SPRINGER VERLAGSBUCHHANDLUNG JOURNAL OF SCIENCES ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN D.298, E.269 CA74:Di205; d3122 See also D.188 J.380 255 J.121 KAPLAN, Lewis D. KAPP, Reginald O. KAULINS, Andis KAMP, Peter van de KAHN, Franz Daniel B.3 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 KEAY, Ronald William John KEBBY, C.H. KEMBHAVI, Ajit K. KEMMER,, Nicholas KENAT, Ralph KENDALL, David George KENDLE, Veronica KENNEDY, P.B. KENT, Paul W. KERMACK, William Ogilvy KERR, Clark KERRIDGE, John F. Index of correspondents J.279 J.122 BHO I7/ H.138, J.279 H.362 H.271, J.279 J.279 J.122 J.279 D338 J:372 See also J.279 G.4 G.173 KHARADZE, Eugene KILMINSTER, Clive W. D.710 J.123 D.655, D.656, J.282 KINGMAN, Sir John Frank Charles KINMAN, Tom D. KLEIN, E. KIBBLE, Thomas Walter Bannerman KHARE, R.C. KIANG, Tao F.249, J.280, J.281, J.404 See also J.195 H.248-H.250, J.22, J.124, J.282, J.285 D.274, F.424, F.429, F.590, F.591 See also F.428, F.437, F.601, G.206 D.376, E.417, E.421, J.282, J.415 D.170, F.347 See also F.215, F.230, J.282 H.231, J.415 J.195 J.196-J.199 KOBUS, Joseph Paul KOPAL, Zdenek KOURAGANOFF, V. KRAT, V.A. KROTO, Sir Harold Walter J.282 D.710 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 KRUSEMAN, J.P. KUCHOWICZ, Bronislaw KURTI, Nicholas KYNCH, G.J. LAL, D LANDSBERG, Peter T. LANDSHOFF, Peter V. LANG, Bruno LAPPERT, M.R. LAPWOOD, E.Ralph LARSON, D.B. LATHAM, R. Index of correspondents J.382 J.282 J.400, J.402 B.2, J.124 D.731, D.732, J.283, J.396 J.283 D.656, D.673, D.675, D.679, D.683 See also D.659 D.482 J.283 F.231, F.241 J.200 J.283 LAURENCE, R.A. LAYZER, David D.180, F.260, G.334 LEDOUX, Paul LEEMING, J.C. J.125 J.342 J.283 J.125 J.284 LAVIOLETTE, Paul A. LEDERMANN, Walter LEFSCHETZ, Solomon LAURENCE URDANG ASSOCIATES LTD J.284 D.281, D.282, F.469, F.578, J.294 See also F.586 LIGHTHILL, Sir (Michael) James J.365 J.125 J.138 LICHNEROWICZ, A. RIEEY Pte: LILEEY,S. LEVICH, B.G. LEVICK, R.B.M EEVY.-H: E.463 DAS See J.284 J.284 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 LINDSAY, Eric M. LIPSON, Henry LISTER, Mary LITTLEWOOD, John Edensor LOGOS PRESS LTD Index of correspondents A.206, A.207, F.5, F.211, J.200 J.391 J.125 H.278 See also H.277 D.729 LONDON MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY H.31, J.372, J.376 LONG, D.H. LONGAIR, Malcolm Sim LONGMAN GROUP LTD LONSDALE, Dame Kathleen LOPEZ, Jose Alvarez J.385 A:226, F.153, F.193, F-598,; F.607, F.608, H.341, H.342, J.373 J.286 B.27 Ji126; 5-127 LUDLAM. A.E. J.286 J.286 D.635 LOPRESTO, James C. LOVEGROVE, Alistair LYTTLETON, Raymond Arthur LOVELL, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard A.105, A.209, A.210, F.138, F.139, F212) 227. eee eA. F250; F.260, F.433, F.461, F.462, F.568- F.572, J.188, J.228, J.379, J.409 See also B.93, F.102, G.121 A.106 F.100, F.228, F.257, F:259; F.346, F.347, F.349; F.483; H.31; J:128, J.290, J.374 See also A.207, C.271, D.210, F.192, J.141 D.556 J.291 dre McCAUSLAND, I. McCONNELL, A.J. MacCALLUM, Malcolm MacCONNELL, Darrell J. McCONNELL, James R. McCRAY, Richard F.255, H.247, H.248 Hi2517J:291 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents McCUSKEY, Sidney W. MACDONALD & CO. (PUBLISHERS) LTD McDONNELL, J.A.M. (‘Tony’) McDOWELL, M.R.Coulter McKENZIE, Dan Peter McLAUREN, Dame Anne Laura MacLEOD, Roy Malcolm McMANUS, Frank R. MACMILLAN & CO. LTD McNALLY, Derek A.97, J.291, J.379, J.384 See also G.150 J.178 E.449, J.291 B:19)B:22, 11.223; J:291,' 3.370 F.264 C.283 J.292 J.378 J.130 A.106, C.196, F.230, F.241, F.255, F.433, F.436, G.257, J.43-J.45, J.368, J.401, J.409, J.412 MACPHERSON, Hector D.722 McVITTIE, George Cunliffe MADDISON, E.W. MALURKAR, S.L. E.236, J.296 C.28, J.378 F.256, H.3, H.9, J.296 MANGERON, D. MANUEL, Oliver K. MALTRAVERS, David R. H.213 J.201 J.201 MADDOX, Sir John Royden D.712, D.713, D.716, F.37, J.296 MANCHESTER LITERARY AND PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY J.46 E.381, J.296 See also J.390 J.130 J.297 J.378 E.258 G'50;G:51 MARSHALL, F.N. MARSOGLU, A. MARDER, Leslie MARELLI, John MARINOV, Stefan MARSDEN, Brian G. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents MARTIN, B.R. MARTYNOV, D. Ya MASON, Sir (Basil) John MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson J.297 F.495, D.710 A.209, F.256, F.559, F.560, J.100, J.297 B.4, F.259 See also F.184, F.217 THE MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION F.176-F.181, H.21 THE MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA B.5-B.7 MATTHEWS, Henry E. MATTHEWS, Robert MATSON, C.H. MAYALL, Nicholas U. MAXWELL, lan Robert MAYER, John P. J.47-J.49 J.297 J.298 H.1, J.298 See J.298 J.373 MENTER, Sir James Woodham ’ MERTON, Gerald MESTEL, Leon MEADOWS, A.J. (‘Jack’) MEHRA, Jagdish MELVILLE, Sir Harry Work MERCIER, Andre MERCIER, Raymond H.249, J.299 See also H.251 A.115 See also F.232 G.87-G.89 F.258, F.259 J:202; J:374 J.299, J.407 MENON, Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar E.204. F.558, F.618, H.231, H.243, H.333, J.299, J.393 F.206, F.207 F.208-F 211, F2ilovmel5. F210; F218: F228; F:2307E-231. F232; F.285, F.287, F.240; F.244 See also F.220 D230; F:154, F435, F443 202. J.299, J.370 See also F.430 THE METEORITICAL SOCIETY F.182 METEOROLOGICAL OFFICE W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 METHUEN & CO. LTD MICHAELIS, Anthony R. Index of correspondents D.730, J.130 D.695-D.698, D.700-D.703, H.89, J.105, J.413 See also D.536 MIDDLEHURST, Barbara M. D.388, D.389, H.194 J.299 C.129, C.130, D.112, D.114, J.390 B.23 H.231 D.229 J.202 D.718, D.719, D.722, F.8, F.9, F.184 See also J.301, J.302 H.200 See also H.199 MIDDLETON, Eric MIKHAIL, Fahmy I. MILLER, Roy F. MILLMAN, Peter M. MILLS, Allan MILLS, R.F.N. MILNE, Edward Arthur MILNE, Philip S. MILNER, E.V. MINNAERT, M.G.J. MISHRA, R.S. MOON, Parry G.184 J.347 MITRA, K.K. MITTON, Simon J.303 See G.45 MITCHELL BEAZLEY ENCYCLOPAEDIAS LTD MITCHELL, Sir (Edgar) William (John) F.429, F.432, F.443 See also F.430, F.431, F.433-F.436, F.441, F.442, F.445 J.131 D.656-D.659, F.410, H.183, J.67, J.303, J.380, J.389 MOODY, Theodore William H.124 J.366 J.303 B.4 MOFFATT, John MOLYNEUX, Neil MOFFATT, H. Keith Bul; B22. D721 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 MOORE, Sir Patrick Alfred MOORE, Walter J. MORDELL, Louis Joel MORGAN, Ben MORGAN, D.E. MORLEY, P. MORTON, W.B. MOTHES, Kurt MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis MUHHAMAD, Lal MUNRO, Rolland J.B. Index of correspondents A.107, F.196, F.99, F.431, F.437, F.438, J.203, J.303 H.247 See also H.248 H.200 See also H.199 D.555 F.35, F.36 J.131 B.4, B.7 F.64-F.66, F.68 H.138, J.304, J.372 J.131 J.305, J.378 B.8 NATIONAL TRUST (UK) aron MURVILLE, Maurice Noel Leon Couve de NAPIER, W.M. E.374, J.306, J.393, J.398, J.409 F.259, F.260 B.122, J.402 See also J.244 MURPHY, Sean MURRAY, C. Andrew NABARRO, Frank Reginald Nunes F338 aaa OF NEWHAVEN, Keith Anderson Hope Murray, F.256, F.257, F.259-F.262, F.264, F.432, F.433, F.590, F.598, H.317 J.370 NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION E.258.-E:296; J:373, J.878 NARLIKAR, Jayant NARLIKAR, V.V. NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM (UK) F.394, F.395, J.236 J:236;.):306, J:341 D.718 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 NATURE Index of correspondents NATURWISSENSCHAFTLICHE RUNDSCHAU NAYAK, B.K. NEUGEBAUER, O. NEVILLE, Adam NEVILLE, Eric Harold NEW SCIENTIST NEWTON, H.W. NEWTON, R.H.C. NEYMAN, J. B.3, B.6, D.61, D.119, D.128, D.130, D.317, D.363, D.371, D.401, D.416, D.417, D.421, D.483, D.484, D.493, D.595, D.705-D.716, E.350A. J.64, J.67, J.233, J.306 H.109 J.379 B.3 J.306 C.89 D.554, D.594, D.597, D.599, D.730, H.91, H.105, H.195, J.307, J.308 D.717-D.720, F.14, F.16-F.18 J.309 J.309 NICOLAYSON, NISBET, A. See E.350 D.145, J.204 D.687-D.689, J.309 H.251 E.372 500, OF, more J.200, J.268, J.296 NOAKES. G.R. NOLAN, Bill NORMAN, J.W. THE OBSERVATORY NUFFIELD FOUNDATION NORTH-HOLLAND PUBLISHING COMPANY J.310 D.403, D.471, D.717-D.724, F.443, J.310, J.407 G.115, G.116, J.129, J.310 B.2, B.50, B.61 H.281, J.366 OFFORD, Albert Cyril E.296, J.310, J.378 E567;5.070> 5.571 O’KEEFE, John A. OLDHAM, C.H.G. O'CONNELL, D.J.K. O'HARA, C.W. OLIPHANT, Monica W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents OLIVER, Bernard M. OORT, Jan Hendrik OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY OPIK, Ernst Julius O'REILLY, W.E. OSTRIKER, J.P. OTHMAN, Mazlan OVENDEN, Michael W. J.205 C.276, H.270, J.310 J.310 F.264, J.310 J.401 See J.310 G.257 F.216-F.220, F.226, F.227, F.229, F.236, F.240, F.349, J.311 See also F.230, F.239 OXFORD UNIVERSITY INVARIANT SOCIETY J.275 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS D.730, H.125 OXLEY, Derrick OZEMRE, Ahmed Yiksel F.433 H.105 J.313, J.390 PAGEL, Bernard E.J. PARGITER, Dorothy PARKER, Eugene N. PACE, Gordon W. PAGE, Thornton L. PALACIOS, Julio PALMER, T.J.E. A.97, H.232, J.313, J.399 A.106,.B.72,; :223,-F.254,5.347, J.50, J.313, J.365 B.2 PENNEY, Wiiliam George, Baron PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf Ernst A.201, J.51-J.53, J.313 PAVELLE, Richard J. J.206 J.206 B.14 H.49 J.415 J.313 PARKIN, David PARSONS, Brian H. PENG, Hwan-Wu E/SPhi25;, also F.73 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 PENROSE, Sir Roger PENSTON, Margaret PERGAMON PRESS LTD PESCH, Peter PHILLIPS, John G. THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY PHYSICS LETTERS A PHYSICS TODAY PICK, J.M. PICKERING, W.H. PIETENPOL, Jerry L. PILLINGER, Colin Trevor Index of correspondents G.105 See also D.638, D.658, J.206 H.317 D.445, J.242 J.314, J.383 G.74-G.76 See also J.314 See D.123 J.318 D.725 J.379, J.398, J.406 F.255 J.319 J.319 PIPER, Fred C. J.400 J.319 PLASKETT, John B.113, H.227, H.243 PIRANI, Felix A.E. PIRIE, Norman Wingate PIPPARD, Sir (Alfred) Brian D.704, J.206 J.355, J.356 PLASKETT, Harry Hemley PLENUM PUBLISHING CORPORATION D634; D.719, Di721;.6al45 F225, F.230, F.240, F.493, F.502, F.506, F.508, H.199, H.200, H.243 See also B.4, F.231, J.319 J.319 POLKINGHORNE, John Charlton D.424 H.277 H.271 H.317 POOLE, H.W. POOTS, Graham POPE, J.D. POPE, N. Vivian D.645, D.646, D.653 J.207, J.208 POOLE, Horace H. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 POPPER, Sir Karl Raimund PORTER, George, Baron PORTER, J.G. POUNDS, Kenneth Alwyne POWELL, Frank C. POWER, Sheila PRATAP, R. PREISS, J.A. PRENTICE, Andrew J.R. PRENTICE, J.E. PRENTICE, J.P.M. PROKHOVNIK, S.J. Index of correspondents J.319 F.432, F.448, J.319 i202 E.345, J.319 H.139, H.153 ao J.319 H.232 E.488, G.200 J.289, J.319 F.231 See also F.230 D.708, J.319 B.6 J.319 J.319 G.185 PYKE, Magnus QUIRK, Roger N. RADO, Richard RAMESAN, T. THE PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION SOCIETY £173, 5100 F.212, F.332 PUDRITZ, Ralph E. QUADLING, Douglas A. PURCELL, Edward Mills RAMAKRISHNAN, Alladi J.378, J.379 C.158, C.162-C.166, J.54, J.132, J.133, J.371, J.397 J.320 J.375 J.410 RAMSAY, Donald Alan RAMASESHAN, S. RAMSEY, W.H. RAO, J.R. J.320 meen W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth REDMAN, Roderick Oliver REES, Sir Martin John REEVES, Hubert REILLY, Sir (D’Arcy) Patrick REITH, George RENDALL, M.J. REVELLE, Douglas O REYNOLDS, J.H. RIGHINI, G. Index of correspondents F.226, F.228, H.31 See also F.186 F.8, F.125, F.331, F.493, F.501, F:502, F:504; -:577, F585, G:51, G.52, J.209 See also F.332, F.506 F.431, F.547, F.556, G.194, G.259, J.90, J.320, J.414, J.415 G.133 mele J.209 H.141 D.480 B.4 ly, RITCHIE, Florence Mure F.467, H.317, J.321 J.210 RIVETT, Patrick ROBERTS, Morton S. ROBINS, M.O. ROBINSON, Ivor See J.134 J.321 F261, 262 H.223, J.321 ROBINSON, Martin ROWAN- ROBERTSON, John Monteath ROBINSON, John Arthur Thomas J.210 F.227, F.393, F.405, F.417, H.42, H.327, J.134, J.321, J.399 J.321 J.134 D.282 ROSENFELD, L. ROSSER, W.G.R. ROE, H.V. STOPES- RONAN, Colin A. ROCHESTER, George Dixon D.534, J.379, J.388 ROBSON, Ian ROCHESTER, Michael G. J.134 J.320 J.134 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents ROTHENSTEIN, W. ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Mayer Victor, Baron ROUSSEAU, John ROUTLEDGE & KEGAN PAUL PLC ROWE, Charles H. ROWE, E.G.P. ROXBURGH, lan W. ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY J.134 See D.710 See D.533 D.730 B.8, J.135 J.371 F167, hase A.209, B.3, D.188, D.246, D.726, D.727, F.184-F.311, F.393, F.425, F.432, G.194, G.196, H.9, H.183, H.199, H.223, H.271, H.301, J.65, J.84, J.136, J.323 ROYAL BELFAST ACADEMICAL INSTITUTION J.222, J.391 ROYAL DUBLIN SOCIETY H.277 ROYAL INSTITUTION J.321 D.730, J.321, J.409 ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY THE ROYAL SOCIETY ROYAL GREENWICH OBSERVATORY D.429, F.312-F.446, H.317 J.368 A.116-A.118, A.207, D.188, D.210, 498) 6.3515 61355: bioorin.o7, F.64, F.91-F.96, F.98, F.100, F.120, F.126-F.128, F.134, F.136, F.152, F:153)7-F-155;F.206;.F.2117F:220; F223) 226, F235; he2oo. occ: F.332F:335, F:405; F.424. 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McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 THORNTON, Joan THRUSH, Brian Arthur THWAITES, Bryan TILLOTSON, Ernest THE TIMES Index of correspondents J.337 F.561 J.213 F.43, F.230, H.228, J.338, J.377 D.272, D.274. F.437, F.444, H.325, J.338 THE TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT H.21, J.338 THE TIMES HIGHER EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT TIMES NEWSPAPERS LIMITED TIPLER, Frank J. TIWARI, R.N. TOBIAS, Ruth K. TODD, James Eadie J.338 F.417 J.338, J.412 J.339 Been B.5 JiMG7 See also B.11 TOLANSKY, Samuel TONNISSON, Teofilus TOUSEY, R. TURNBULL, Herbert Westren TURPIN, Dick TURVER, K.E. TWISS, R.G. TRIER, Peter E. TRIMBLE, Virginia H.277, H.281 J.393, J.396 D.482 F.240 J.400 B.124, J.340, J.381, J.396, J.398 D.728 UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS PRESS UBBELOHDE, Alfred Rene John Paul UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON J.395 F202 J.342 J.342 UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER C.237, J.239, J.370 F.618 W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 Index of correspondents UNIVERSITY PRESS CAMBRIDGE D.78, D.80 UNSOLD, Albrecht UNWIN, Brian UREY, Harold C. UTTLEY, A.M. VAIDYA, P.C. VARDYA, M.S. VEBLEN, Oswald VEGARD, L. VESSELO, I.R. A.105, A.205, D.307, D.308, D.595, D.730, F.15, F.64, J.343, J.344, J.377, J.385, J.386, J.391, J.394, J.396, J.399, J.404 See also D.155, D.594, J.376 J.342 D.188, E.296, J.366 C.236 J.211 G.89, J.54 B.3, B.4 Bal5; RAG: Raliv, 20 F.176 A.115 See F.443 VICK, Sir Arthur VICKRAGE, John D.M. VISCARDINI, Mario VOGT, H. WADDELL, John H. WALEN, Claes WALI, Kameshar C. J.170 J.365 J.84 J.345, J.346, J.408, J.411 WALDEGRAVE OF NORTH HILL, William Arthur Waldegrave, Baron J.347, J.390, J.400 J.392 See also J.347 WALTON, Ernest Thomas Sinton WALLIS, Sir Barnes Neville See J.171 J.238, J.347 See J.347 UOAT, J372 See J.171 WALKER, A. Geoffrey WALLACE, Bryan G. WANAS, Mamdouh Ishaac WALLACE, J. W.H. McCrea NCUACS 138/3/05 WARD, Gilford N. WARNER, Sir Frederick WARREN, J.W. 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Index of correspondents D.133, J.375 A.106 See also F.152 H.139, J.364 F:262, J.172 See also J.368, J.369