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CSAC 77/1/81 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of COLIN WILLIAM FRASER McCLARE (1937 - 1977) Compiled by Jeannine Alton Julia Latham- Jackson 1981 Deposited in the Library of King's College, London. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 REQUESTS TO CONSULT THE MATERIAL SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN, KING'S COLLEGE, LONDON. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 LIST OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.13 SECTION B NOTEBOOKS AND WORKING NOTES B.1 - B.32 SECTION. © SCIENTIFIC DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS = C.1 - C.42 SECTION D TALKS, LECTURES, CONFERENCES D1 -D.17 SECTION E TEACHING MATERIAL SECTION F SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE cE.) = Gels F.] = F.78 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 INTRODUCTION The papers were received from Mrs. G.A. McClare and from the Biophysics Department, King's College, London, by courtesy of Professor M.H.F. Wilkins, Head of Department. Colin McClare was a Lecturer in Biophysics at King's College, London, from 1963 until he took his own life in 1977 at the age of 39. He was educated at Felsted School, Essex, and Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he took a B.A. in Natural Sciences (Chemistry) in 1958. The next five years were spent in Cambridge doing research - on the chemistry of free radicals in biology (Medical Research Council Studentship 1958 - 61) and on energy transfer in nucleic acids (Beit Fellowship 1961-63). He was awarded a Ph.D. in 1962 (see A.8). McClare's appointment to a Lecturership in Biophysics at King's College in 1963 led to a growing interest in bioenergetics and the problems of muscle contraction. He concluded that classical thermodynamics was inadequate for the description of biological processes, and that the application of the Second Law of Thermodynamics to biological machines requires the introduction of time scales. His ideas were not some of the fundamental problems of bioenergetics and gain some general measure of The publication of four controversial papers by McClare in the Journal of Theoretical Biology and Nature (see p.5) generated a vigorous correspondence with scientists all over the world, much of which has survived and is now in Section F of the collection. McClare continued to pursue his research although his unorthodox lished work relates mainly to the structure and function of biological membranes, in C and D) his manuscripts were not accepted for publication until 1971. His earlier pub- generally accepted, and although he wrote extensively on the subject (see Sections approach failed to gain the approval of established scientific opinion, but after 1974 particular the purple membrane of the halophilic bacterium Halobacterium halobium. C.41. he applied himself to writing a book on thermodynamics in which he hoped to solve with the rest of McClare's papers and an item number has been left vacant for it at book for posthumous publication (see A.13). Eventually it is hoped to include it and the draft is currently in the hands of H. Morowicz with a view to editing the acceptance for his ideas. The book was nearing completion by the time of his death C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 4 McClare's death occurred during one of the bouts of depression to which he was increasingly subject from about 1967. His deep personal involvement with the scientific problems he chose to tackle and the continuing battle with the opponents of his ideas increasingly took its toll of his confidence and zest for living, and he took his own life on the night of 4 January 1977. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are very grateful to Mrs. G.A. McClare, Dr. 1. Gonda and Dr. W.R. Lieb for their preliminary sorting and identifying of the material, and for advice and information on various aspects of McClare's life and work. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Bibliography of major papers by McClare on bioenergetics, 1971 - 1975 A collection of reprints of McClare's publications is filed at C.42. 197] 1972 Chemical machines, Maxwell's demon and living organisms. J. Theor. Biol. 30, 1-34. In defence of the high energy phosphate bond. J. Theor. Biol. 35, 233-246. A ‘molecular energy' muscle model. J. Theor. Biol. 35, 569-595. A quantum mechanical muscle model. Nature. Lond. 240, 88-90. Resonance in bioenergetics. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 227, 74-97. How does ATP act as an energy source? Ciba Foundation Symposium, 31, Energy transformation in biological systems. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.13 A.1 Obituaries and tributes. Typescript draft of obituary by |. Gonda and W.R. Lieb for submission to Nature. Copy of Nature (4 August 1977) containing the obituary as published. Copy of obituary by T. Weil published in King's College London Student Magazine, 1 February 1977. See also A. 10. Typescript curriculum vitae. ‘Summary of scientific work by Dr. Colin W.F. McClare.' 1 p. typescript by W.R. Lieb and 1. Gonda, 27 November 1979. 2 pp. typescript by Mrs. G.A. McClare containing a personal review of McClare's life and work. private communication from Mrs. McClare to Mrs. J.B. Alton, December 1979, and was prepared by Mrs. McClare for inclusion with her husband's papers in January 1981. The text is based on a Correspondence with A. Rothen, 1960-61. ] p. ms. by McClare headed 'Growth. 12.10.64.', containing notes on the development of his scientific thought from 1958. The notes continue to 1974. McClare planned to do post-doctoral research with Rothen at The Rockefeller Institute, New York, but he was prevented from doing so by his wife's poor state of health at the time. Fellowship. Drafts of application. re conditions of the award, etc. McClare's letter of resignation on accepting a Lecturership at King's College, London (see A.9). Ms. draft of application to Imperial Chemical Industries for a research grant, 1961. Reports on research done during McClare's tenure of the Beit Memorial Fellowship, 1961-63. Administrative correspondence Includes reply to C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Biographical and personal ‘Free radicals of radiotherapeutic interest. submitted to the University of Cambridge for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by C.W.F. McClare of Emmanuel College. Bound copy. A dissertation 1962'. Correspondence re appointment as Lecturer in Biophysics, King's College, London, June-July 1963. administrative correspondence, 1966-73, is also included in the folder. Miscellaneous A.10-A.13 Photocopies of correspondence, etc. received by Mrs. McClare after her husband's death. Mrs. McClare. The originals are retained by Copies of tributes to McClare, spoken at his funeral by D. Baxter, T. Cavalier-Smith and M.H.F. Wilkins. Copies of letters of condolence received by Mrs. McClare. Copies of correspondence re the McClare Memorial Prize to be awarded annually to a student in the Department of Biophysics, King's College, London, on the basis of academic performance and originality of approach. Copy of letter from H. Morowicz re possibility of editing McClare's unfinished book on thermodynamics for posthumous publication (see Introduction). C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 SECTION B NOTEBOOKS AND WORKING NOTES B.1 - B.32 B.1 Folder containing McClare's notes on lectures on thermo- dynamics attended when he was an undergraduate at Cambridge (c.1957). by E.A. Moelwyn-Hughes. Some of the lectures were given Miscellaneous notes and drafts, 1959-65 (includes some undated). (c. 1959-60) and thermodynamics (c. 1963-64). Includes material on infra-red radiation Laboratory notebooks. Spiral-bound notebook containing accounts of experimental procedure and results, c. 1964-65. ‘Membranes I'. of experiments, Autumn 1965-July 1966, with some later annotations. Spiral-bound notebook containing records ‘Membranes II'. July-December 1966. Spiral-bound notebook, similar to above, ‘Membranes III'. January 1967-Summer 1968. Spiral-bound notebook similar to B.4, B.5, containing notes on the literature Blue hard-cover notebook, contents similar to B.7. 'PPLO [pleuropneumonia-like organism], experiments’. Spiral-bound notebook containing records of experiments, c.1969. Red hard-cover notebook and records of experiments re membrane structure and function, 1965-70. c.1975-76. 'Deuterated Lipid Project'. undated, but containing a letter to McClare from J. Thomas, 21 October 1975. Spiral-bound laboratory notebook, Spiral-bound notebook, similar to above. No title or date, C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Notebooks and working notes B.12-B.23 Scientific 'Diaries'. The ‘diaries' contain a mixture of The following notebooks have been called 'diaries' in order to distinguish them from the formal laboratory note- books at B.3-B.11. scientific observations, speculations, notes on the literature, mathematical calculations, lecture notes, drafts and personal notes and jottings of the type more usually found in a private diary. McClare's scientific thought which was inextricably bound up with the personal problems which finally overwhelmed him. They form an important source for the progress of Hard-cover notebook inscribed inside front cover 'C.W.F. McClare. attempted and not thoroughly worked out ... 1959', A collection of ideas sketchily Begun in Entries continue to 1965 with a few dated 1969. Notebook. Spiral-bound notebook, no title or date. on lectures by J. Lowy and J. Hanson. Includes notes n.d. Exercise book inscribed inside front cover 'Muscle Nonsense Book. Started October 1968'. "Muscle Il. first page of the book. Transport'. The date '13.11.69' appears on the The rest of the entries are undated. ¢.1971. c.1974. Myre c.1971-73. we’ Gel vee, te al 'V. Mostly Transport’. c¢.1973. 6<41974-75. "Muscle III’. n.d. 'Qd [thermodynamics] Book'. front cover by G. McClare 'Probably started early 1970's.” Miscellaneous undated notes and drafts, mainly re thermo- dynamics. Hard-cover notebook containing notes on the literature with some drafts and calculations. n.d., but with a note on De. 6) 19768 C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Notebooks and working notes Exercise book labelled 'Literature', containing notes on the literature with a few other notes and drafts. Exercise book labelled 'Seminars', containing notes on lectures and papers by others. Unlabelled exercise book containing similar material, including notes taken at 'BLritish] BLiophysical] S[ocietyJ Meeting on Cell Membranes', 15 April 1969. page of notes taken at a King's College Biophysics Depart- ment Staff Seminar (n.d.) is tucked into the back of the book. A loose Miscellaneous loose notes on lectures and papers by others. Set of punched cards containing ms. notes on the literature. 'First page photocopies and references of reprints found in Personal File(s)'. November-December 1979 and are grouped together under McClare's original subject headings. These were assembled by W.R. Lieb, Topics include: 'Forces' ‘Membranes’ 'Reaggregation' 'Halobact (1) (HM)' "Halobact (II) (A)! ' Lipids’ ‘Social Impact [of science]' ‘Muscle Chemistry' "Muscle heat' ‘Muscle Structure' 'Phosphory lation' 'Bilayers' 'Chemistry' ' Lipid-salt' ' Lipid-lipid' 'Chelates' ‘Membrane Structure' ‘Mitochondria MX' ‘Transport’ 'Thermodynamics' These were also assembled by W.R. Lieb. Copies of a number of reprints selected from the collection listed in B.30, all with extensive annotations by McClare. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 SECTIONCC SCIENTIFIC DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS C.1 - C.42 The majority of the material in this Section is undated, and it has not usually been possible to do more than group together documents which have obvious similarities (such as drafts of the same article) and arrange them in a very rough chronological sequence. See also F.57. There is a set of offprints of McClare's published papers at C.42. A list of McClare's major papers on bioenergetics is included in the Introduction to the collection (p.5). Get 'The Role of Infra-Red Radiation in Biological Processes’. Ms. draft with a later note by McClare 'ca 1959'. ‘Activation Energy’. 7 pp. typescript with later note by McClare '2nd Year Post-Grad. about 1959". "Radiation and Entropy'. 15 pp. typescript with ms. corrections and annotations. Pp. 3 and 4 were sent to A.R. J.P. Ubbelohde for comment in 1964. Envelope containing miscellaneous drafts and calculations for papers on thermodynamics, entropy, reversibility, etc. Various annotations by McClare on the front of the envelope do not relate to the present contents. None of the material is dated, but a note by W.R. Lieb (3 December 1979) assigns it tentatively to 1963. ‘Finished 4/11/64'. 2 untitled ms. drafts re muscle theory, 7 pp. and 9 pp. The latter is annotated 'Last 2 weeks Sept. '64', 2 typescript drafts, above. thermodynamics’. 1 p. and 7 pp., originally kept with C.4 The shorter draft is headed 'Steps in the logic of ‘Muscle Theory: Outline of Argument’. 24 pp. typescript with ms. annotations and note by McClare C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Scientific drafts and publications Undated and fragmentary notes and drafts on muscle, c.1963-65 (and perhaps a few later). 2 pp. ms. headed 'Projected paper (No evidence at all as yet)', 27 January 1965. ‘Order and Thermodynamics' . 3 copies of 19 pp. typescript, each with (different) annotations and corrections by McClare. are dated 'about Jan. 1965'. 2 of them 'The Fundamentals of Thermodynamics’ . 30 pp. typescript presenting arguments in the form of a 'Triologue' between a Thermodynamicist a Student and a Doubter. 'The Fundamentals of Thermodynamics’. 33 pp. typescript. ‘Paradox and Thermodynamics’. 32 pp. typescript. "Life and Light’. 3 pp. typescript. 1 p. typescript. ‘Reversibility in Biological Processes’ . 'Time and Thermodynamics, a summary'. 2 pp. typescript. ‘The Operational Approach to Thermodynamics’. 14 pp. typescript with extensive ms. corrections. ‘Thoughts about Thermodynamics and Photochemistry’ . of the journal and referees' comments on the paper. Typescript of paper submitted for publication in the Journal of Theoretical Biology, February 1965 (not accepted). Miscellaneous ms. drafts re various aspects of thermodynamics, all undated. Folder also includes brief correspondence with the Editor C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Scientific drafts and publications ‘Molecular Mechanisms in Biology. Chemical Energy’. |. Work and Duplicated typescript with extensive corrections and additions. This may be one of the 3 papers submitted to Nature by McClare in 1969 (see F.48). 3 (different) typescript drafts, all related to C.27. 2 of these are headed 'Chemical Energy and Work', and 'Work and Chemical Energy'; the other has no title. ‘Molecular Mechanisms in Biology. II. Muscle Models’. Typescript with ms. annotations and corrections. is probably the second of the 3 papers submitted to Nature in 1969. This ‘Molecular Mechanisms in Biology. mechanical Muscle Model’. III. A Quantum- Typescript with ms. annotations and corrections. is probably the third of the 3 papers submitted to Nature in 1969; it was produced in collaboration with D.E. Hookes. This ‘Chemical machines, Maxwell's demon and living organisms’. Earlier drafts and notes (some fragmentary) of C.31. ‘Molecular Mechanisms in Biology' by C.W.F. McClare and D.E. Hookes. Typescript with extensive ms. corrections of paper published in J. Theor. Biol. 30, 1-34 (1971). 17 pp. typescript draft, with a note by McClare on the front page 'Never sent'. This appears to be the first of a series of drafts for a paper which was eventually published in J. Theor. Biol. 35, 569-595 (1972) under the title 'A "molecular energy" muscle model’. revision of the material in C.33, C.34. 2 typescript drafts, both with ms. corrections. is a revision of C.33; and corrections. the second contains further revisions The first ‘Molecular Energy Machines in Biology’. Typescript draft with ms. corrections. This is a further See also C.34-C.36. 'The Application of Thermodynamics in Molecular Biology’. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Scientific drafts and publications Envelope containing 'Deleted parts from J. CJournal of Theoretical Biology] Muscle-model'. B Typescript of article on thermodynamics written for the New Scientist, 1971-72, but not published. Correspondence with the Assistant Life Science Editor is also included in the folder. 'A Classical Proof that Cyclic Conformational Changes cannot be coupled Thermally to ATP Hydrolysis'. 8 pp. typescript, n.d. 6 pp. typescript draft headed 'PNAS ????', n.d. ‘Sketch of a New Argument for Molecular Energy Machines’. 7 pp. typescript with annotation by G. McClare ‘circa Nov. '76'. Drafts for book on thermodynamics. (NOT YET INCLUDED. See Introduction and A. 13.) See Introduction for a list of McClare's main publications in Folder containing offprints of papers published by McClare, 1965-75. the field of bioenergetics. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Talks, lectures, conferences ‘Talk at Physical Chemistry Leeds’. Undated typescript, perhaps January 1974 (see F.12). D.10, D.11 Ciba Foundation Symposium on 'Energy Transformation in Biological Systems', London, 1-4 July 1974. Programme of meeting. 'How does ATP act as a source of energy?' Typescript of McClare's paper Draft transcripts of discussions in which McClare took part, some with ms. corrections by McClare. British Biophysical Society. Contraction, December 1974. Review Meeting on Muscular Typescript draft and abstract of paper by McClare on ‘Molecular machines: the quantum mechanical approach’. Typescript of lecture delivered at Chelsea College, February 1975, with brief accompanying correspondence. Summary and typescript of talk at Exeter University on 'The problem of molecular machines', May 1975, with related correspondence. Ms. and typescript drafts for various talks and lectures, all undated. Transcript of interview with B. Wignall re McClare's muscle model, produced by BBC Overseas Regional Services, n.d. Box containing various lecture slides prepared by McClare. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 SECTION E TEACHING MATERIAL E.1-E.13 Ee] Eso Hard-cover notebook containing details of experimental methods and results used in practical classes, with comments on difficulties experienced by students in performing the experiments. n.d. Ms. notes for a set of lectures or teaching handouts on membranes. n.d. Miscellaneous undated ms. and typescript material for lectures and class handouts, mainly on membranes and transport. E.4-E.13 Material for course on the ‘Social Impact of the Biosciences’. This undergraduate course was run by the School of Biological Sciences at King's College, London, from 1973, and aimed at providing perspectives on the social context of science. McClare was a member of the team involved in setting up and teaching the course. Some of the lectures delivered during the course, including two by McClare, were edited by R.E. Munro with a view to publication under the title Biosciences, Society. Culture and 19 pp. typescript headed 'Social Impact of the Biosciences. McClare's notes on lectures and contributions to discussions by other members of staff and students involved in the course. Typescript ‘Outline of talk on human evolution’ by McClare. Copies of correspondence re planning of the course; handouts for students outlining topics to be covered; specimens of examination papers. 19 pp. typescript headed 'Colin McClare. Biosciences Course: Human Evolution ...? 1973', witha ms. note 'First Draft'. This appears to be a transcript of a tape of McClare's lecture. K.R. Popper’. Typescript draft of chapter on 'Human Evolution' prepared for inclusion in Biosciences, Culture and Society (see introductory note to E.4-E.13 above). 5 pp. typescript essay by McClare on ‘Several theories of human evolution', presumably used as background material for his lecture. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Teaching material 2 typescript drafts of chapter on 'Karl Popper and the escape from dogma', prepared for inclusion in Biosciences, Culture and Society (see introductory note to E.4-E.13 above). p. letter of comment from R.E. Munro is attached to 1 the earlier draft. 2 typescript drafts of chapter on 'The Subjective Basis of Religion' (not used). Draft chapters by other contributors with comments and criticisms in McClare's hand. prospectus of the book with an outline of proposed chapters, 1976. Folder also includes a C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 SECTION F SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE F.1 - F.78 The majority of the correspondence arises from the publication of 4 papers by McClare in the Journal of Theoretical Biology and Nature (1971-72; see Introduction), which stimulated considerable discussion and criticism in the U.K. and abroad. Some of the folders include reprints by the authors of the correspondence, often with annotations by McClare. Allison, N. Banks, B. re application of thermodynamics to biological systems. Includes correspondence with C.A. Vernon, 1971. Baron, M.D, re ATP. Barrington Leigh, J. 1964, 1971 1970-73 1973 1971 Biophysical Journal Blaurock, A. Bohm,. D,.. ds 1965, 1969-72 Black, S. re Maxwell's demon. 1974-75 1972-73 1970 13/6 Blumenfeld, L. A. (McClare's letters only) re refereeing of papers. (McClare's letter only) Cesarman, E. (McClare's letter only) (McClare's letter only) Bondi, H. Brillouin, L. Brookes, J. R. Cardwell, - 1964 197] C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Scientific Correspondence Clerk, M. E. Craut, Dy H. G. Cruikshank, A. J. B. Includes correspondence re arrangements for McClare to give a talk at Bristol University. Davies, P. Includes correspondence re arrangements for McClare to give 2 talks at Leeds University. Davies, R. E. Davydov, A. : Dilley, Rw A. Dirac, PA. MAS M, (McClare's letter only) 1969, 1971-72 1973 1973 1975 Domb, C. 1964-65, 1969-72 1971-72, 1974 1968-72 Ehrenberg, W. Eisenman, G. Engelman, D. Esmond, W. G. (McClare's letter only) 1976 (McClare's letter only) (McClare's letter only) (McClare's letter only) 1971 1971 1976 1972 1972 Gilbert, S. Fong, P. Gabor, D. Gal-Or, - C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 pol, aoe Gonda, |. Scientific Correspondence Personal and scientific correspondence. exchanges with B. Gray (see F.26). Includes See also F.29. 1973-74 1975-76 Goodall, D. Goodwin, B. Gordon, L. Mainly re draft paper by Gordon on the second law of thermodynamics (also included in the folder). Gray, B. See also F.21, F.22. Gregory, R._ L. Heller, J. 1972 1970, 1972, 1976 mags, 1974 1976;°nid. 1974 1971-72 MiMi ee 1971, 1975-76 Holme, C. Hoyle, F. Holland, B. W. (McClare's letter only - not sent?) Includes copy of a letter from 1. Gonda re models of muscle contraction. 1772-26 Journal of Theoretical Biology Correspondence re refereeing of papers, (McClare's letters only) (McClare's letter only) NyOe-72 197] n.d., 1970 Huxley, A. Moxtey, hl. F. Es Johnson, R. Joyce, G. 1973, 1976 1976 gto. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Scientific Correspondence Ned. 1966, 1971-72 1971-72 1971-73 Kemeny, G. Klein, - (McClare's letter only) Koestler, A. Kominz, D. Kornacker, K. Includes McClare's review of a paper by Kornacker, 19763 Lakatos, I. (McClare's letter only) Lenaz, G. Light, 2. Correspondence arising from broadcast talk by McClare on 'Muscle Contraction and Molecular Vibration’. Lipmann, F. A. Lumry, R. McLaren, D. 1972 1975 197] 1971-72 1972-73 Markowitz, D. McGlashan, M. Millecd, Ps. A. (McClare's letter only) re arrangements for Millard to give a talk at King's College. 1975 Mitchell, Ji? 3. Mitchell, P. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Scientific Correspondence Moore, T. 1974-75 Correspondence arising from draft report of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Nutrition Sciences on the desirability of using the joule instead of the calorie as the unit of energy in nutrition. Morales, M. F. (McClare's letters only) Morowicz, H. Includes various draft papers by Morowicz sent to McClare for comment. Maqui; mr «oR. Includes drafts of letter to Nature by Naqui arising from McClare's paper on 'A Quantum Mechanical Muscle Model' (see Introduction). See also F.48. National Research Development Corporation. 1971-72 1972-76 1972-73 re possibility of constructing a chemical machine based on theories proposed by McClare. Nature 1969-73 Nisbet, R. M. Pauling, L. Peters, R.A. 1971, 1972 Correspondence arising from a letter from McClare to 1. Prigogine (included in the folder). Correspondence with the Editor and others re publication of mss. submitted by McClare. 1964 (McClare's letter only) (McClare's letter only) Pippard, A.B. 1971, 1972, 1974 Petersen, A. F. 1972 1972 LIF 1-72 1976 Nicholis, G. Polanyi, M. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Scientific Correspondence Popper, K. R. 1965-76 Popper started to correspond with McClare in 1965 at the suggestion of D. Bohm, and the exchange of letters, punctuated by the occasional meeting, continued sporadically until McClare's death in 1977. offered considerable encouragement to McClare's early attempts to formulate and publish his scientific ideas, and McClare often pronounced himself to have been profoundly influenced by Popper's philosophy. Popper 1965 n.d. Unfinished drafts of a letter from McClare to Popper, with a note by G. McClare ‘probably August 1967'. Folder also includes 4 pp. ms. diagrams not in McClare's hand. 1969-73 1974-76 Folder containing offprints sent to McClare by Popper, many with extensive annotations in McClare's hand. These were Porter, G. 3: 1971-73 1971-72 Remdohh Js. Tap Prigogine, |. see F.49 frudie; J. Wate Ms. and typescript drafts of lectures and papers by McClare, mostly unfinished or fragmentary. originally kept with the offprints at F.56. Silver, R. re possible article by McClare on thermodynamics in biology. (McClare's letter only) Scientific American 1964-65, 1970, 1973 1971 1971-72 1974 Redlich, - RUege, J.- .<. C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/\/81 Scientific Correspondence Simmonds, R. (McClare's letter only) Spanner, D.C. Sparkes, B. G. Spencer, M. Stein, We. Dd. (McClare's letter only) sitoub, 6." DB. (McClare's letter only) Szent-Gyorgyi, A. Tawada, K. Taylor, G. Teitel, A. 1972 1971 1968-72 Ned. n.d. 1971-72 1973-76 1966-68 1974 re masers. Tregear, R. Vasilescu, V. Wet ly: . C, Times Literary Supplement 1972 1973 1972 1964 1976 townes, °C." A, (McClare's letter only) Upbelonde,.A. “Rec Si Correspondence with the Science Editor. 1966-72 re invitation to 2nd National Conference of Biophysics, Bucharest, September 1976 (McClare was unable to attend), Includes a letter from Mrs. E. Whyte, 1974. (McClare's letter only) Whyte, L. L. Wakabayashi, - 1972 1976 C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Scientific Correspondence Wilkie, D. R. 1965, 1969-73 Includes correspondence re Congress, Vienna, 1971 (see also D.5). Ist European Biophysics Wilkins M: «He. F. (McClare's letter only) Winfield, M. E. 1965 1976 John Wiley & Sons Limited 12/ ae 975 Correspondence with the Molecular Sciences Editor arising from his suggestion that McClare should write a book on 'Bioenergetics and Biochemical Thermo- dynamics’. Yount, KR... -G Miscellaneous requests for reprints (not indexed). Unidentified correspondents. C,W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ALLISON, Norman BANKS, Barbara E. C. BARON, Michael D. BARRINGTON LEIGH, John BLACK, Stephen BLUMENFELD, Lev A. BONDI, Sir Hermann BROOKES, John R. CAMERON, Sir Roy CARNEGY, Patrick CESARMAN, Eduardo CLARK, Mary E. CROUT, David H.:°..Gs CRUICKSHANK, A. J. Bruce d a v n O — e D N e O G r O O e ° e M ° e N e ° e e e e e o > o O O e o O S o — — e DANIELLI, James Frederic > S N e W e B N N I O F O S e e e e e e e B a e s N o , O G B — n o ° eeu Fi23 Ri ° . e e e EASOON,.D,. DOMB, Cyril DAVIES, Peter EHRENBERG, W. DILLEY, Richard A. EISENMAN, George DAVYDOYV, A; .. >. DAVIES, Robert Ernest ESMOND, William G. GORDON, Lyndsay FLANAGAN, Dennis GOODALL, David GOODWIN, Brian Fach, eee, teeo tel, bade, Prey GILBERT, Susan GONDA, Igor GRAY, Brian A.11, F.24 mee e e ° C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Index of correspondents GREEN, David E. GREGORY, Richard Langton GUTTERIDGE, William F. HALL Go os. HELLER, Joram HILL, Terrell L. HOLLAND, Brian W. HOLME, Christopher HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding JI, Sungchul JOHNSON, Richard JONES, Howard A. KEMENY, Gabor KING, Desmond N. KITE, Kenneth D.6 oy. E.4 D.13 rceo Peay. F.30 F.30 Rot D674 yG2 F.33 P/D F335 F 47 D.14 KLEMPERER, Derek F. Peet F.36 FOF F.38 Fee Coy F.41 LUMRY, Rufus LEWIN, Roger LIGHT, David LENAZ, Giorgio Mc LAREN, David KORNACKER, Karl KOESTLER, Arthur KOMINZ, David R. Foor F.40 F.40 LIPMANN, Fritz (Albert) A.13, F.45 MITCHELL, Joseph Stanley MADDOX, John Royden MITCHELL, Peter Dennis MOROWICZ, Harold MARKOWITZ, David MILLARD, Peter H. F.48 F.41 F.42 F.42 F.43 F.44 MOORE, Thomas C.W.F. McClare CSAC 77/1/81 Index of correspondents MUNRO, Robin E. NAQUI, K. — Razi NICHOLIS, G. NISBET, Roger M. PAULING, Linus (Carl) PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) PIPPARD, Sir (Alfred) Brian bats F.46 F.49 F.49 F 20 F260 F.of POPPER, Sir Karl (Raimund) Ath Foe, bs O4, F235 PORTER, Sir George PRINGLE, John William Sutton P55 Fso0 RANDALL, Sir John (Turton) Flay 59 ROTHEN, Alexandre RUEGG, J. Caspar SILVER, Robert Simpson SPAMMER, Os. CG. A.4 F.60 Piz F.63 SPARKES, Brian G. Ald, F667 F.64 F.65 F.66 F.68 e e e S TEITEL, Alfred ' THOMAS, J. VASILESCU, V. TAWADA, Katsuhisa SPENCER, Michael 69 10 69 .70 .70 TOWNES, Charles Hard TAYLOR, Gordon Rattray SZENT-GYORGYI, Albert UBBELOHDE, Alfred Rene John Paul WILKINS, Maurice Hugh Frederick WILKIE, Douglas Robert WHYTE, Lancelot Law VERNON, Charles A. YOUNT, Ralph G. F724 F.34 rrp WOLPERT, Lewis WINFIELD, M.:° E. 4 a 72 T e A A Pute Acti, A. te, Esh WEST, lan.