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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the notebooks of THADDEUS ROBERT RUDOLPH MANN (b 1908) biochemist in Cambridge University Library Reproduced for the by Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, Contemporary Scientists (NCUACS 30/6/91) National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of The Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts NRA 34722 London WC2A 1HP L992 All rights reserved No 5/92 Catalogue of the papers of THADDEUS ROBERT RUDOLPH MANN FRS (b.1908) Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Deposited in Cambridge University Library 1991 NCUACS 30/6/91 All rights reserved University of Bath T RR Mann NCUACS 30/6/91 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: Bree Abraham Cephalosporin Fund The Biochemical Society The BEeitisn Labrary British Telecom plc The The The The The Royal Society The Geological Society The Wellcome Trust Institute of Physics Royal Society of Chemistry Society of Chemical Industry Wolfson Foundation T RR Mann NCUACS 30/6/91 INTRODUCTION This small collection was received from Professor Mann in September EQONS It consists of a little biographical material and twelve laboratory notebooks recording research in the physiology and biochemistry of reproduction 1947-76. All the notebooks have on their front covers Mann's labels which describe and date the work and these labels are reproduced in the catalogue entries. Additionally the notebooks were numbered 1 - 12 in red ink by Professor Mann before making them available for cataloguing. A further characteristic is the inscription, usually on the first page, "Szczesé Boze!' (God Bless) indicative of Mann's Polish origins and Catholic faith. The research recorded in these notebooks was carried out in Cambridge at the Molteno Institute and on visits to the USA. However, they do not form a complete period 1947-76. available. We are very grateful to Professor Mann for making his material set of the notebooks used by Mann for his research even for the Bath 1991 Peter, Harper Timothy E Powell TR R Mann NCUACS 30/6/91 LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL Cambridge University Library has a complete set of Professor Mann's published papers 1930-84 and copies of his four books The Biochemistry of Semen, 1954; The Biochemistry of Semen and of the Male Reproductive Tract, 1964; (with C Lutwak-Mann) Male Reproductive Function and Semen - Themes and Trends in Physiology, Biochemistry and Investigative Andrology, 1981; Spermatophores - Development, Structure, Biochemical Attributes and Role in the Transfer of Spermatozoa, 1984. Full biographical records have been deposited with the Royal Society and Biochemical Society and there are shorter biographical accounts in the libraries of the Trinity Hall Cambridge. A videotape of an interview conducted by Dr R Harrison Veterinary Schools of the Universities of Ghent and Hanover, the Academy of Agriculture in Krakdéw, and Royal Belgian Academy of Medicine (Brussels), the in 1989 on behalf of the Biochemical Society is held in the Society's Archives. TR R Mann NCUACS 30/6/91 SUMMARY OF THE CAREER OF T R R MANN b. 1908 Lwow, Poland 1934 1935 EIS5—37 married Cecilia Lutwak MD Lwow Rockefeller Research Fellow, Molteno Institute Cambridge O37, PhD Cambridge 1937-44 1944-53 Beit Memorial Research Fellow, Molteno Institute Cambridge Member of the Scientific Staff (senior Principal Scientific Officer) of the Agricultural Research Council 1950 DSc Cambridge OST Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society Conferral of C.B.E. 1953-76 1961 1962 +£961—76 Reproduction, Cambridge Fellow of Trinity Hall Cambridge Physiology and Biochemistry, Cambridge Director of the ARC's Unit of Reproductive Marshall-Walton Professor of Physiology of Foreign Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences oR KR Mann. NCUACS 30/6/91 NOTEBOOKS "Biochemistry of Semen (III). relation to sperm metabolism 1947'. Citric acids ats "Biochemistry of Semen (IV). relation to sperm metabolism 1947'. Cltric acid & ves "Metabolism of semen & Male Access. Orgs. of fructose formation. Role of androgen 1947-49'. Mechanism "Metabolism of semen and male access. organs 1949-51". - "Sperm Lipoprotein. reprod. in the male 1954-55'. Cold shock. Comp. aspects of "Comp. Aspects of Male Repr. Function: Deer, goat, zebra, elephant, twin-calves 1955-56'. Mainly domestic anms 5. Hydroxy- "Comp. Aspects of db repro. fnct: 1960-61". "Biochem. of semen: Aalbers (Holland), Seamark (Australia) 1958-60'. exps with Jakobsen (Denmark), "Summer 1960 at Mar. Biol. Lab. Woods Hole. tryptamine in Spiny Dogfish Acc. Org.' ‘Sabbatical at Tallahasee/Visit to Oklahoma/2nd Summer in Woods Hole 1962-63.' ofthe Squids : ‘Summer at Woods Hole 1963. Sperm & Spermataphores TeR KR Mann NCUACS 30/6/91 "One of many notebooks concerning Spermataphores in Giant Octopus carried out at Seattle 1976'. Contents also include work carried out in 1973 and 1974, BIOGRAPHICAL Curricula vitae 1966 and 1984; of Reproductive Physiology and Biochemistry, Cambridge. note on the ARC Unit Biographical record prepared for the Royal Society 1984. "International Workshop on Seminal and Sperm-Specific Proteins in Honour of Professor Thaddeus Mann', Andrologia, Volume 22, Supplement 1, 1990. Contents include preface by Mann and appreciation of Mann's life and work by W S Ostrowski.