DIXON, Malcolm

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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of MALCOLM DIXON FRS (1899 - 1985) Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Deposited in Cambridge University Library All rights reserved University of Bath 1990 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists underthe guidanceof the Royal Society's National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of MALCOLM DIXON FRS (1899 - 1985) Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Deposited in Cambridge University Library 1990 All rights reserved University of Bath M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library British Telecom The Geological Society The Institute of Physics Pilkington plc Rolls-Royce plc The Royal Society The Royal Society of Chemistry The Society of Chemical Industry M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE KEEPER OF MANUSCRIPTS UNIVERSITY LIBRARY CAMBRIDGE M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 LIST OF CONTENTS Items Page GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION B RESEARCH - A. 7 - B.153 SECTION Cc CAMBRIDGE - Cc. 94 27 SECTION D LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS - D. 88 33 SECTION E SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS - E. 99 41 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE - F. 73 62 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 65 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received in March 1990 from Dr C J R Thorne, Biochemistry Department, Cambridge. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF M DIXON Malcolm Dixon was born in Cambridge in 1899. He was educated at the Perse School, Cambridge and privately, and went up to Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1917 to read for the Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II of which he took in 1921. He then came under the influence of Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins and began research on the biochemistry of enzymes at Cambridge, a topic to which he devoted most of his research career. He was appointed University Demonstrator in 1923 and Lecturer in 1928. During the Second World War Dixon directed a research group studying the chemical reactions of poison gases. At the end of the war his standing in enzymology was recognised by the creation of a Subdepartment of Enzyme Biochemistry in the Cambridge Biochemistry Department with Dixon as Director; he was also promoted to Reader in Enzyme Biochemistry by the University. He had already been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1942. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 5 In 1956 Dixon was appointed Chairman of the International Union of Biochemistry (IUB) Commission on Enzymes, which considered questions of nomenclature. published (in collaboration with E C Webb) the comprehensive treatise It reported successfully in 1961. In 1958 he Enzymes. Second and third editions of this internationally authoritative work followed in 1964 and 1979. Professor of Enzyme Biochemistry on 1 January 1966 and retired nine Dixon was appointed months later. He died on 7 December 1985 aged 86. For a full account of the life and career of Dixon see R N Perham's Royal Society memoir (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 34, 1988). DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. of Dixon's scientific research, his enzyme nomenclature work for IUB The collection is particularly strong in documentation and the various editions of Enzymes. Section A, Biographical, is very slight but includes Dixon's autobiographical notes and bibliography. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 6 Section B, Research, is one of the most important in the collection. There is a sequence of notebooks covering a period of over fifty years from 1917. Of particular interest, for example, are the books used for notes of the lectures of J Barcroft, T S Hele, F G Hopkins and R A Peters and for wartime research by Dixon and his collaborators R van Heyningen, J A Cohen and D M M Needham. The wartime research is also represented by an extensive correspondence, committee papers and the research reports of Dixon's group. Section C, Cambridge, provides interesting documentation of the Biochemistry Department. There is material relating to the Subdepartment of Enzyme Biochemistry, staff meetings and committees, teaching and requests to visit and work with Dixon. Section D, Lectures and Publications, brings together Cambridge biochemistry lecture notes, informal research talks, invitation and public lectures and extensive documentation for Enzymes. The Enzymes material is principally correspondence with the publisher (Longmans) for the three editions, E C Webb for a period of nearly 20 years from 1962 when he moved from Cambridge to Australia, and scientific colleagues generally. Section E, Societies and Organisations, is dominated by papers relating to the IUB Commission on Enzymes which include correspondence, minutes of meetings and the series of numbered documents circulated to Commission members. There are also later IUB enzyme nomenclature papers sent to Dixon for information. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 Section F, Correspondence, does not include extensive exchanges with individuals and has accordingly been arranged in a chronological sequence 1946-78. There is also a references and recommendations subsection which is subject to restricted access. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are very grateful to Dr Thorne for making the papers available and to Dr Elizabeth Leedham-Green, Cambridge University Library, for advice and encouragement. Peter Harper Timothy E Powell Bath 1990 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.l - A.7 Times obituary 10 December 1985. A.2, A.3 "Autobiographical Notes' by Dixon. publications. 47pp + list of 2 folders. Lists of Dixon's research students, collaborators. Notice of appointment as Senior Demonstrator in Biochemistry 1923. Dixon's undated note on the 'Rockefeller Lectureship' to which he was appointed in 1928. Curriculum vitae. c1942. Application for the Quick Professorship of Biology at Cambridge, in succession to D Keilin, 1952. Correspondence 1967-71. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 9 SECTION B RESEARCH B.1l - B.153 B. 1-B. 42 NOTEBOOKS B. 43 - B.126 CHEMICAL DEFENCE RESEARCH B.127 - B.153 MISCELLANEOUS NOTEBOOKS B.1 B.2 B.3 B.4 B.5 B.6 B.7 B.8 Chemistry, October 1917. Biology. Physics. Physics. Notes on lectures by Barcroft, Peters, Marshall. Notes on lectures by Hopkins, Peters, Hele. Experimental results 26 August 1922 - 10 October 1923 and (in a different hand) 12 October [ 71923 ]- 5 March [21924]. Experimental results 1924-25. with the names of Dixon and S J Thurlow. Front cover inscribed B.9 Experimental results 1925-30. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 10 Research Experimental results 4 March - 17 May. Enclosures used for notes include 1928 examination papers and Society for Experimental Biology notice of election of council and officers for 1931. Enclosures also include incomplete draft relating to O H Warburg's criticism of Dixon's work. Notes on the literature; (various hands) 1929-31. is enclosed. experimental results A graph inscribed 'R Hill...' Experimental results 1931-33. B.13 Experimental results 1931, 1933-35, 1937. Experimental results 1936-37. B.15 Experimental results 1937-38. Experimental results 1937-39 (L G Zerfas). Biochemistry Part II practical work 1938-41. Duplicated class sheets are folded into the notebook. Experimental results 7 August - 5 November 1940. Contents list and date span at front. of Dixon's wartime chemical defence research notebooks. This is the first 'Book l'. B.19 Experimental results 6 November 1940 - 24 March 1941. "Book 2'. Contents list and date span at front. Experimental results 25 March 1941 - 22 January 1942. "Book 3'. Contents list and date span at front. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 11 Research Experimental results 15 March 1937 - 14 May 1940, 28 February 1942 - 7 August 1942. ‘Book 4'. Contents list and date span at front. contents list and date span relate to (1942) chemical defence research only. Number, B.22 Experimental results 10 August - 16 December 1942, 3 December 1957. date span at front. Contents list and ‘Book 5'. B.23-B.27 Notebooks recording chemical defence research kept by Ruth van Heyningen. 'H on Enzymes' 14 October 1940 - 4 March 1941. Index at front. "HK/compounds + CSH' 3 March - 11 June 1941. Index at front. ‘All HK expts' Index at front. 12 June 1941 - 10 January 1942. "Properties of HK/S' 1942. Index at front. 15 December 1941 - 30 July 'K, OTH, S, etc on enzymes' 1 August 1942 - 15 January 1943. Index at front. Notebook recording chemical defence research kept by J A Cohen and D MM Needham 5 December 1942 - 22 June 1943. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 12 Research Records of wartime reports sent to Dixon under the Ministry of Supply reference following headings: number, date received, subject, forwarded to and date 1943-47; (reference number and date returned only) 1953-62. also records of postwar reports Experimental results 14 November 1944 - 25 September 1947, 8 February - 14 March 1958. Large format 1952 diary used for records of research. Contents list (not in Dixon's hand) Preparations. dated December 1957. (originally stapled to the right hand page) are enclosed. Typescript preparation sheets "Note Book I'. hands. Entries dated in 1958 and 1959. Preparations, procedures etc. Various "Note Book II'. 1962 and 1963. Various hands. Entries dated in Experimental results 27 February 1958 - 6 June 1962. P Kenworthy’. "Book No.I 5 December 1963 - 13 July 1964. Dixon's personal laboratory assistant. Experimental results Kenworthy was "Book No.II 15 July 1964 - 18 September 1965. P Kenworthy’. Experimental results "Book No.III 23 September 1965 - 18 August 1966. P Kenworthy'. Experimental results B.29 B.30 B.31 B.32 B.33 B.34 B.35 B.36 B.37 B.38 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 13 Research B.39 B.40 B.41 Experimental results 11 April 1967 - 18 November 1969. ‘Olivetti Programmes' nd. Small format notebook used for research notes nd, latest bibliographical reference 1954. B.42 Small format notebook nd. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 14 Research CHEMICAL DEFENCE RESEARCH During the Second World War Dixon's research was largely concerned with the biochemistry of chemical warfare agents. He directed an ‘extramural research team' under the Chemical Defence Research section of the Ministry of Supply which studied lachrymators, dialkyl fluorophosphonates, Lewisite and mustard gas and related compounds. His team included at various times: D M M Needham, K Bailey, R Hill, J F Danielli, P D Mitchell, E C Webb, G D Greville, J A Cohen, R van Heyningen, C Lutwak-Mann and J F Mackworth. The results of the research were presented to the Ministry in 33 reports, an almost complete sequence of which is presented below. Much of the work, 'classified' at the time, was published after the war and contributed greatly to the postwar development of the chemical study of enzymes. See Memoir by R N Perham (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 34 (1988), 111, 122-123. The material is presented as follows: B. 43 - B. 64 Correspondence 1939-47 B. 65 - B.100 Reports from Dixon's research group 1941-45 B.101 - B.110 Chemical Board Biochemical Group/ Biochemical Subcommittee meetings 1941-44 B.111 - B.115 Correspondence 1947-62 B.116 - B.119 Notes and drafts B.120 - B.126 Background material For notebooks relating to wartime research see B.18 - B.30. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 15 Research Correspondence 1939-47 B.43 1939 (one letter only), 1940 July - December B.44 1941 January - April B.45 1941 May - August B.46 1941 September, October Includes 'Some considerations on the biochemistry of lachrymation' by H N Rydon, Porton, 27 October 1941. 5pp typescript. B.47 1941 November, December and nd. Includes 'Summary of proceedings of the biochemical group', 2pp typescript and 'Notes on recent experiments by J F Mackworth, 1p typescript. B.48 1942 January, February B.49 1942 March, April B.50 1942 May, June B.51 1942 July, August B.52 1942 September, October. Includes ms notes by E C Webb. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 16 Research B.53 1942 November, December and nd. Includes Dixon's comments on American research. B.54 1943 January, February B.55 1943 March, April B.56 1943 May, June B.57 1943 July, August B.58 1943 September, October Includes Dixon's notes 'On the desirability of an extended study of enzyme inhibitors as a means of bringing to light new classes of C W agents', 13 September, 6pp typescript and ‘Notes on meeting of physiological mechanisms group', New York, 27 August sent to Dixon by the British Central Scientific Office, Washington. B.59 1943 November, December B.60 1944 January - April B.61 1944 May - August B.62 1944 September - December and nd. Includes report on visit to Professor Bacq at Liége University by H Cullumbine, Porton, 14 November. B.63 1945 Includes note on informal meeting to discuss the continuance of work on the biochemistry of mustard gas. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 17 Research B.64 1946-47 Includes list of titles and authors of manuscripts submitted for publication in the USA by R C Fuson and J S Fruton, list of proposed papers on the biochemistry of war gases by members of Dixon's group, and reprint of 'Biochemical research on chemical war agents' by Dixon and Needham, Nature, 158 (1946). Reports from Dixon's research group 1941-45 B.65 B.66 B.67 B.68 B.69 'The metabolism of normal and vesicant- Report no.l treated skin' by D M M Needham and Dixon, February 1941. 13pp typescript. 'The effect of vesicants on purified Report no.2 pyruvic oxidase! by Dixon and Needham, February 1941. 9pp typescript. Report no.3 by R van Heyningen, February 1941. 'The action of H on purified enzymes' 6pp typescript. 10 figures inscribed 'Report no.1' and dated 21 March 1941. 12 figures inscribed 'Report no.2' and dated 21 March 1941. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 18 Research 'Fig.11' dated 21 March 1941. Report no.4 systems' by J F Mackworth. dated 17 September 1941. 'The effect of lachrymators on enzyme l0Opp typescript + figs 'Hexokinase: Report no.5 vesicants' by Needham, Dixon and van Heyningen, March 1941. 4pp typescript. 3pp typescript with ms additions and corrections; an enzyme inhibited by Report no.6 on skin metabolism and enzyme systems' by Dixon and Needham, nd. 'The effect of some non-vesicant substances 3pp typescript. 'Studies on the action of war gases on Report no.7 the action of #f 'dichlorodiethylsulphide hormones. on insulin' by Dixon, J F Danielli, Needham and Mackworth, nd. lp typescript. 1. Report no.8 by J F and M Danielli. 17 September 1941. 'Studies on the mechanism of blister formation' Opp typescript + figs dated Report no.9 activity' by J F and M Danielli. 4pp typescript. 'The use of frogs in testing for vesicant 18 December 1941. Report no.10 by van Heyningen circulated 31 December 1941. typescript + figs. 'The properties and -SH nature of hexokinase' 13pp B.70 B.71 B.72 B.73 B.74 B.75 B.76 B.77 Report no.1l as a test for vesicants' by Dixon, van Heyningen and Needham circulated 31 December 1941. ‘Inhibition of hexokinase and skin glycolysis 9pp typescript + table. B.78 'The effect of aqueous solutions of Report no.12 lachrymators on the eyes' by Dixon and Needham nd. 2pp typescript. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 19 Research B.79 B.80 B.81 B.82 B.83 B.84 B.85 Report no.13 with an enzyme test for their potency' by Mackworth, March 1942. 'Mode of action of fluorophosphate esters, 6pp typescript. 'Ppreliminary report on the biochemical effects of s' by Needham, R Hill, van Heyningen, Mackworth, J F Danielli, J Morgan and Dixon nd but attached to two further items dated 27 and 28 March 1942 respectively. ‘addendum to preliminary report on S from the Cambridge 4pp typescript Biochemical Laboratory' + figs. 4pp typescript. 6 April 1942. Report no.14 (with an appendix on the mechanism of glycolysis)' by 12pp typescript + figs. Needham and Dixon June 1942. 'Some effects of H on skin metabolism Report no.15 by Needham. 'The effects of vesicants on phosphokinases' 6pp typescript + figs. Report no.16 van Heyningen circulated 25 February 1943. + figs. 'The toxicity of DTH' by E C Webb and 6pp typescript Report no.17 by Hill and van Heyningen circulated 1 March 1943. 8pp typescript + appendix. ‘Natural vesicants of plants. Protoanemonin' Report no.18 the rat', by J A Cohen circulated 20 June 1943. 4pp typescript + table. 'The effect of H on the heart-rate of M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 20 B.86 B.87 B.88 B.89 B.90 Research Report no.19 its present position' by Dixon circulated 21 June 1943. 19pp typescript + fig. 'The phosphokinase theory of vesication: ‘Interim report on the study of capillary Report no.20 permeability to protein in lewisite poisoning’ (joint report with Physiological Laboratory, Porton) by P D Mitchell, J F Danielli, G R Cameron, R H D Short circulated 23 July 1943. 4pp typescript. Report no.21 of systemic poisoning by H' by Mackworth 16 September 1943. 4pp typescript with ms corrections. 'Preliminary experiments on the mechanism 'On the mechanism of systemic poisoning Report no.22 by H' by Needham, Cohen and A M Barrett 16 September 1943. 37pp typescript with ms corrections and additions. 'The fate of injected radio-H in the body' Report no.23 (joint report with the Medical College of St Bartholomew's Hospital) by JC Boursnell, Cohen, G E Francis and Needham nd (latest reference August 1943). + figs. 4pp typescript B.91 Not used. B.92 B.93 'A study of the local lesion following Report no.24 application of lewisite to the skin, and of the action of lewisite on skin nuclear phosphatase' by J F Danielli circulated 2 February 1944. l1Opp typescript + figs. ‘Local and systemic plasma albumin exchanges Report no.25 in lewisite poisoning with special reference to therapeutic measures' (joint report with Physiological Laboratory, Porton) by P D Mitchell, J F Danielli and R H D Short circulated 29 April 1944. photograph. 8pp typescript + figs and M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 21 Research B.94 B.95 B.96 B.97 B.98 B.99 'BAL-INTRAV: a new non-toxic thiol Report no.26 for intravenous injection in arsenical poisoning' (joint report with Organic Chemistry Department, Imperial College London) by J F and M Danielli, L N Owen and G Shaw 21 April 1944. 12pp typescript. Report no.27 and related compounds as inhibitors of cholinesterase' by Webb circulated 18 May 1944. 'The potency of fluorophosphate esters 2pp typescript + figs. 'The fate of injected radio-H in the (joint report with Medical College of Report no.28 body - II' St Bartholomew's Hospital) by T E Banks, J C Boursnell, G E Francis, C Lutwak-Mann and Needham circulated 8 August 1944. 6pp + figs. 'The fate of injected radio-H in the Excretion in the bile' Report no.29 body - III. with Medical College of St Bartholomew's Hospital) by Banks, Boursnell, Francis and G D Greville circulated 14 September 1944. 4pp typescript + fig. (joint report 'The action of H on enzymes and proteins’ Report no.30 by K Bailey, Webb, Banks, Boursnell, Francis and Dixon 22pp typescript + figs. circulated 21 September 1944. 'The action of H-sulphoxide on tissues Report no.3l and proteins (with an appendix on radio-H on normal human serum)' by Banks, Boursnell, Francis, Lutwak-Mann, 10Opp type- Bailey and Webb circulated 6 November 1944. script + figs. B.100 'The fate of injected radio-H in the body IV. Report no.33 Excretion in the urine and faeces' by Banks, Boursnell, Francis and Greville circulated 24 February 1945. 7pp typescript + fig. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 22 Research Chemical Board Biochemical Group/Biochemical Subcommittee meetings 1941-44, B.101 B.102 B.103 B.104 Notes of Biochemical Group meetings, Oxford 16 and 17 July 1941. Notes of Biochemical Group meetings, 28 and 29 November 1941. Notes of special Biochemical Group meeting to discuss research work on S, London, 20 May 1942. Notes of Biochemical Group meetings, Oxford, 3 and 4 September 1942. B.105 Notes on Biochemical Subcommittee meeting, 14 January 1943. B.106 B.107 B.108 B.109 Notes on meeting of NDRC Section 9.3.2. to discuss the action of mustard and related vesicants on enzymes and proteins, 25 February 1943. Notes on the ad hoc meeting to discuss hydrolysis of vesicants, 16 March 1943. Notes on informal meeting of the Biochemical Subcommittee, Cambridge, 1 and 2 July 1943. Memorandum by Dixon 'on the desirability of an extended study of enzyme inhibitors as a means of bringing to light new classes of C W agents'. for a joint meeting of the Biochemical and Chemical Subcommittees, 5 October 1943. The memorandum was prepared M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 23 Research B.110 Agenda for Biochemical Subcommittee meeting, London, 23 March 1944. Notes of Biochemical Subcommittee meeting, 26 September 1944, Correspondence 1947-62 B.111 1947 - 50 Includes invitation (1947) to serve on Biology and Chemistry Committees of the Ministry of Supply's Chemical Defence Advisory Board. B.112 1951 - 59 Includes correspondence re committee membership and papers on nerve gas and first aid treatment. B.113 1960 - 62 Includes invitation to serve as consultant to the Director, C DE E Porton, 19 January 1962. B.114 Agenda for ninth meeting of Enzyme Panel, 7 April 1960. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 24 Research B.115 Records of return of documents, 1950-62. Notes and drafts B.116-B.119 Ms and typescript notes and drafts by Dixon and colleagues relating to chemical defence research. 4 folders. Background material B.120-B.126 Duplicated and printed material on mustard gas, British Anti-Lewisite (BAL) etc. 7 folders. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 25 Research MISCELLANEOUS B.127 B.128 B.129 ms notes on backs of 1928 examination papers. Graphs; Notes refer to O H Warburg's criticism of Dixon's work. Experimental results 1930-36. 3pp ms. "Nomograms'. Printed items are dated 1945 and 1953. Contents of folder so inscribed. B.130 "Nomograms' nd. B.131 B.132 B.133 Bibliographical "Meyerhof's ATP Calc’. reference 1943 but ms way also relate to Dixon's See F.1. letter to Meyerhof of 12 November 1949. 7pp ms. ‘Abstract of Experimental Results' May 1946. ms not in Dixon's hand. 6pp Contents of Dixon's folder. spectra etc. Items dated 1952, 1958, 1959. Ms notes, graphs, tables, B.134 Circuit diagrams etc. 1956 and nd. B.135-B.140 Contents of Dixon's ring binder divided into six for ease of reference; cytochrome reductase 1958-61. spectra of cytochrome c, cytochrome oxidase, Not in chronological order. B.141 Contents of Dixon's folder. reprints etc. K Kleppe. 1959, 1965, 1966. Ms notes, graphs, spectra, Relates to work with M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 26 Research B.142 Invoices, draft application and reports, brief correspondence relating to research supported by Relates (in part) Royal Society 1961-64, 1972. to work with K Kleppe. B.143 Experimental results 1962, 1964-65. "Model of Pauling Helix'. 16 November 1964. 2pp typescript by Dixon B.144, B.145 B.146, B.147 Contents of Dixon's folder divided into two for ease of reference: spectra, graphs. 1964, 1965. Contents of Dixon's ring binder divided into two for ease of reference: chronological order. graphs 1965, 1966. Not in B.148 -~B.153 Notes, drafts, data, graphs etc. nd. 6 folders. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 27 SECTION C CAMBRIDGE C.1 - C.94 c.1 - €.93 BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT c.94 GENERAL CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT Subdepartment of Enzyme Biochemistry c.l C.2 c.3 c.4 "Postwar needs of the department of biochemistry', 10 January 1944. appendix. 6pp duplicated typescript + 'The future of enzyme work in the department' by Dixon, nd but incorporated (in part) in the preceding. 2pp typescript. "Probable needs of the Subdepartment of Enzyme Biochemistry’ by Dixon, 28 September 1946. 4pp typescript. Includes memos on 'Lectureship in Enzyme 1950-52. Biochemistry', 'Needs of Subdepartment of Enzyme Biochemistry for Quinquennium from 1952', 'Duplication of Part II Enzyme Practicals', 'Need for a Demonstrator from October 1 1953', and correspondence from F G Young (Sir William Dunn Professor of Biochemistry). 1953-57, 1961-62. records of stores withdrawals and correspondece with Young. Includes memo on laboratory assistants, M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 28 Cambridge C.5 -..C317 Annual reports comprising report of the director (Dixon) and reports of individual members of the Subdepartment. €.5 C.6 C.7 c.8 c.9 1952-53 1954-55 1955-56 1956-57 1957-58 €,12 1960-61 C13 1961-62 c.14 1962-63 c.15 1963-64 C.16 1964-65 c.10 1958-59 C.17 1965-66 c.1l 1959-60 c.18 "Continuation of the Subdepartment of Enzyme Biochemistry", nd. 2pp typescript. Copies of correspondence between Young and central university administration re the continuation of the Subdepartment on Dixon's retirement (1 October 1966), January-October 1966. c.19 C.20 Annual reports on Dixon's activities for the years 1966-67 to 1971-72. List of members of the Enzyme Discussion Group and their research interests, drawn up 17 November 1969. 'Preliminary application to the Science Research Council for support for work on enzymes in the Departments of Biochemistry and Chemistry', nd. reference 1969. Latest bibliographical c.21 Ms notes, nd. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 29 Cambridge Staff meetings and Committees Staff meetings C.22 - C.33 Circulars, memoranda etc., for staff meetings c.1944-64 C.22 c.1944-50 C.28 1961 C.23 C.24 c.25 C.26 C.27 1951-52 1954-55 1956 1959 1960 C.29 1962 (1) c.30 1962 (2) c.31 1963 C.32 1964 c.33 nd Staff meeting committees C.34 - C.39 Reports, memoranda, minutes etc., and standing committees 1950-66. for various ad hoc C.34 1950 C.37 1962-64 c.35 C.36 1955-56 c. 38 1966 1957,1959 c.39 nd M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 30 Cambridge "Part II Committees’ c.40 - C.43 Reports, memoranda, minutes etc., 1950-66. At a Staff Meeting on 17 April 1950 a Committee chaired by Dixon was appointed 'to consider the Part II teaching and report on desirable alterations’. c.40 1950 (1) C.42 1951 C.41 1950 (2) E243 1953, 1959, 1966 ‘Apparatus Committee' C.44, C.45 Minutes, lists of equipment etc., 1950-52, 1960-65, nd. This Committee chaired by Dixon held its first meeting on 2 May 1951. c.44 1950-52 c.45 1960, 1962-63,1965, nd Teaching Postgraduate courses C.46 - C.54 Reports, proposals, memoranda, lecture lists etc., 1951-75. 9 folders. M Dixon NcUACS 23/8/90 31 Cambridge Part II c.55 - C.66 Notices, memoranda, reports, lists of students, supervisors, posts obtained etc., 1923, 1950-66. The 1923 item (C.55) is a table of experimental results for Advanced Class work and was found with the sequence of papers. C.64 is a copy of a lecture by Young on the Cambridge Biochemistry Part II to the Association for the Study of Medical Education, 13 May 1966. 12 folders. C.67 - C.72 Syllabuses, timetables, lists of practicals, lectures etc., 1943-70. 6 folders. c.73 - C.78 Duplicated teaching material, nd. 6 folders. Applications for admissions C.79 - C.89 Requests to visit/work with Dixon 1948-71. C.79 Cc.80 c.8l1 C.82 Cc.83 1948-49 1950-52 1953 C.85 1960-61 C.86 1962 C.87 1963-64 1955-57 C.88 1965-66 1958 c.89 1967-68,1971 C.84 1959 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 32 Cambridge Miscellaneous Cc.90 Staffing 1950. c.91 "Laboratory Accommodation’ 1951-76. C.92, C.93 'Apparatus' various dates 1953, 1965, 1975. 2 folders. GENERAL CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY C.94 Miscellaneous items. biophysics department headed 'Biophysics' and "Rideal (preliminary)', nd. Includes note on proposed M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 33 SECTION D LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS D.1 - D.88 D. 1 - D.20 LECTURES D.21 - D.88 PUBLICATIONS LECTURES Cambridge biochemistry lecture notes D.1l, D.2 Variously paginated ms drafts. undated and although probably kept at one time in binders was found as loose pages. The material is 2 boxes. Informal research talks D.3-D.5 Ms drafts of talks probably given in Cambridge department. 'Lactic D' of yeast', 'Principles of Mass Spectrometry', "Beckman' and are, with one exception, undated. The drafts include talks on 'Triose D', 3 folders. Invitation and public lectures D.6 D.7 Paper on the ‘respiratory mechanism', prepared for the British Association meeting, Dundee 1939 but not delivered owing to outbreak of war. paginated 2-8. Typescript "Some properties of living matter in relation to its origin', Amsterdam 1952. 15pp ms. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 34 Lectures and publications D.8 D.9 D.10 D.11 D.12 D.13 D.14 D.15 D.16 "Some aspects of enzyme specificity', and Amsterdam 1952, and 'Enzyme Specificity', Bristol 7 May 1954. 22pp ms. Birmingham "Multi-enzyme systems', Manchester, 15 January 1954. 18pp ms. "General Introduction’ to Faraday Society Discussion on the physical chemistry of enzymes, Oxford, August 1955. 9pp typescript. Folder also includes correspondence, drafts from E C Slater etc. "Impact Christianity on Biologist', Areopagus, Cambridge, 3 June 1965. 23pp ms. 'Enzymology-General Introduction', College, 18 January 1966. 13pp ms. Kingston Technical 'The Origin of Life', Emmanuel C.U., 1é6pp ms. 28 April 1968. "Acceptor Specificity of Fs and FPs', T.C., 12 March 1969. 1llpp ms. "The Pattern of Enzymes', London, 26 April 1969. Christian Medical Fellowship, Q9pp ms. Folder also includes correspondence re arrangements. "Is Science Enough', Colworth Christian Union, Unilever Research Laboratory, 25 June 1969. typescript drafts. 17pp ms and l10Opp M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 35 Lectures and publications "Cambridge contributions to biochemistry', 7th British Congress on the History of Medicine, Churchill College Cambridge, 10-13 September 1969. Correspondence re arrangements only. ‘The origin of life "Spontaneous generation" view', Research Scientists of the I.V.F., abstract. some difficulties in the 2nd Conference of nd. 2pp typescript D.17 D.18 D.19 "Nature and origin of living matter', nd. 24pp ms. D.20 'The growth of Enz Biochem', nd. llpp ms. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 36 Lectures and publications PUBLICATIONS General D.21 Reviews of lst, 2nd and 3rd editions of Manometric methods as applied to the measurement of cell respiration and other processes, and Multi-enzyme systems, 1949. 1934, 1943, 1951 D.22 Two glass negatives for Manometric methods 1943. D.23 D.24 D.25 D.26 3pp typescript on F G Hopkins's contribution to biochemistry c. 1943. 'The glyceraldehyde (phosphoglyceraldehyde) dehydrogenase of muscle' by R Caputto and Dixon, nd. Not listed in Dixon's bibliography at A.3. Typescript drafts, figs, reprint of paper by Caputto and Dixon 1945, letter from Caputto 23 May 1947, etc. 'The metabolism of normal and vesicant-treated skin' by Dixon and D M M Needham, 1947. Dixon's bibliography. Not listed in 18pp typescript + protocols, tables, figs. 'D-Aspartate oxidase of kidney' by Dixon and P Kenworthy. Biochim.biophys.Acta 146, 54-76 (1967). 30pp typescript 'first draft' + tables; letter of acceptance from journal. ms notes; D.27 "Spectrophotometric Units', 11 October 1971. 7pp typescript draft. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 37 Lectures and publications D.28 Untitled ms drafts, nd. D.29, D.30 Correspondence with Cambridge University Press 1960-74. Principally relates to publication of a series of lectures on the history of biochemistry edited by J Needham. methods and Multienzyme systems. There are also references to Manometric 1960, 1965-67. 1968-69, 1972, 1974. D.31 - D.37 Miscellaneous publications correspondence, 1964-77 and nd. D.31 D. 32 D. 33 1964. Re unpublished typescripts of R K Morton. 1966. 1966-67 D.34 1970-71. D.35 1972. D. 36 1973-78. Nd. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 38 Lectures and publications 'Enzymes' Dixon signed an agreement with Longmans & Co to write a comprehensive treatise on enzymes originally as a result of pressure from Marjory Stephenson who thought it would be desirable to have a book on enzymes as a companion volume to her own 'Bacterial Metabolism', published by the same Dixon collected a great deal of material but came firm. to see in time that he would be unable to manage it by himself and therefore invited E C Webb to collaborate with Work began in earnest in Dixon's sabbatical year him. 1954-55 and the first edition was published four years later in 1958. itself as an internationally authoritative work; and revised edition followed in 1964. updated again in 1979 when the authorship was expanded to include C J R Thorne and K F Tipton. It was an enormous success and established a second It was enlarged and The material is principally correspondence with the publisher, Dixon's collaborator Webb and scientific colleagues generally and extends over a period of 25 years. D.38 - D. 44 Correspondence with publisher re lst edition 1955-58. D.38 1955 D.42 1957 (3) D.39 1956 D.43 1957 (4) D.40 1957 (1) D.44 1958 D.41 1957 (2) D.45 - D. 48 Correspondence with publisher re 2nd edition 1962-64. D.45 1962 D. 46 1963 (1) D.47 D.48 1963 (2) 1964 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 39 Lectures and publications D.49 - D.51 Correspondence with publisher re 3rd edition 1973-80 D.49 1973-75 D.51 1979- 80 D.50 1976-78 D.52 - D.73 Correspondence with E C Webb 1962-79 and nd. D.52 1962 D.53 1963 (1) 1971 1972 D.54 1963 (2) D.65 1973 D.55 1964 D.66 1974 D.56 1965 D.67 1975 D.57 1966 D.68 1975 D.58 1967 D.69 1976 D.59 1968 1977 (1) D.60 1969 D.71 1977 (2) D.61 1970 (1) 1978 D.62 1970 (2) 1979 and nd. D.74 - D.82 Correspondence with scientific colleagues 1955-79 and nd. D.74 1955 D.79 1965, 1968-69 D.75 1957 D.80 1970- 71 D.76 1958-59 D.81 1972 D.77 1960-61 D.82 1973- 76, 1979 and nd. D.78 1962 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 40 Lectures and publications D.83 Correspondence re Japanese edition, 1960-63. D.84 - D.88 Miscellaneous notes, drafts, data, figs etc., re Enzymes, the enzyme nomenclature work of the International Union of Biochemistry (see Section E) or Dixon's enzyme research. 5 folders. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 Al SECTION E SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS E.1 - E.99 E.1 - E.6 BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY E.7 - E.97 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BIOCHEMISTRY (IUB) E.98 E.99 PHOTOELECTRIC SPECTROMETRY GROUP ROYAL SOCIETY BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY 1952-74 E.l Membership and subscription 1967, 1970 E.2 - E.4 Biochemical Journal Correspondence re nomenclature, papers submitted by Dixon and colleagues, etc. 1952. Includes Dixon's comments on the nomenclature of coenzymes. 1953-54. 1964, 1971-72, 1974. E.2 E.3 E.4 E.5, E.6 Colloquium on multienzyme systems, Cambridge, July 1966. Correspondence re arrangements December 1965 - May 1966. 2 folders. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 /8/ D Societies and organisations INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BIOCHEMISTRY (IUB) 1956-78 In 1956 the IUB appointed a Commission on Enzymes whose terms of reference were 'To consider the classification and nomenclature of enzymes and coenzymes, their units of activity and standard methods of assay, together with the symbols used in the description of enzyme kinetics’. Its members were A E Braunstein (USSR), S P Colowick (USA), P A E Desnuelle (France), M Dixon (UK), O Hoffmann-Ostenhof (Austria), A L Lehninger (USA), K Linderstrgm- Lang (Denmark), F Lynen (Germany); corresponding members: F Egami (Japan) and L F Leloir (Argentina). In 1959, on the death of Linderstrgm-Lang, E C Webb (UK) joined the Commission. Dixon was invited to be its Chairman and Hoffmann-Ostenhof was Secretary. In the autobiographical notes that Dixon composed 1967-68 (A. 2- A.3 ) he explained the background to the appointment of the Commission. 'It was becoming clear that the nomenclature of enzymology was rapidly getting out of hand, owing to the great increase in the number of known enzymes, the lack of any general system for naming them, and the custom that each discoverer of an enzyme had the right of naming it as he chose’. The task of bringing order out of this confused situation was in Dixon's words 'an unenviable and huge one'. Fortunately a list of known enzymes, arranged systematically in the order of the reactions catalysed by them, had just been prepared by Dixon and M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 43 Societies and organisations E C Webb for the book Enzymes. which was due to be published two years later (see Section D). The availability of this list greatly lightened the Commission's work. Nevertheless 32 sessions of the main Commission and 30 sessions of Subcommissions were needed over a period of five years. The Commission's unanimous recommendations were printed in book form and presented by Dixon to the Council of the IUB in Moscow in 1961 where they were officially adopted. Although Dixon was relieved to be able to turn to other things on the dissolution of the Commission he believed its work to have been of great value in creating order out of the threatened chaos in the subject. A small Standing Committee on Enzymes under E C Webb was appointed to consider criticisms and to keep the list up to date and this produced a revised version in 1964 which was also adopted by the IUB Commission of Editors of Biochemical Journals. Since then a series of revised enzyme lists have been produced as considered necessary by IUB or the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. The very considerable body of material relating to the work of the IUB Commission on Enzymes is presented as follows: E. 7 - E.37 Enzyme Commission correspondence E.38 - E.43 Enzyme Commission minutes E.44 - E.69 Circulated Enzyme Commission documents EC-1 - EC.52 E.70 - E.75 Miscellaneous documents re the Enzyme Commission E.76 - E.89 Circulated Standing Committee on Enzymes documents C.E.1 - C.E.36 E.90 - E.97 Miscellaneous documents re Enzyme Nomenclature M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 44 Societies and organisations Enzyme Commission correspondence O Hoffman-Ostenhof 1956-61 1956-57 1958 1959 1960-61 E.1l1 - E.14 RH S Thompson 1956-62 1956 1957 E.13 1958-59 E.14 1960-62 E.15 S P Colowick M R Lemberg 1959-61 1959-61 Includes report by R Hill for subcommission on the nomenclature of cytochromes. E.17 - E.19 W Klyne et al 1959-63 Klyne was the British representative of the Biological Nomenclature Commission of IUPAC. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 45 Societies and organisations E.17 Includes draft of IUPAC Commission's 1959. ‘Abbreviations and symbols for chemical names of special interest in biological chemistry’. E.18 1960 E.19 1961-63 E.20 R A Alberty E.21 E C Slater E.22 A L Lehninger E.23 D R Bangham 1959 1960 1960 1960 Includes note from Department of Biological Standards NIMR on international standardization of enzyme activity. E.24 J A Christiansen 1960 Christiansen was President of the Commission on Physico-Chemical Symbols and Nomenclature. E.25 W V Thorpe E.26 E H Stotz E.27 H S Davies 1960-61 1960 1960 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 46 Societies and organisations E.28 E J King 1960 Includes note by M E Freeman on clinical enzyme unitage. E.29 E.30 E.31 E.32 E.33 E.34 E.35 E. 36 E.37 S R Dickman A E Braunstein C E Dalgliesh 1960 1961 1961 Includes memorandum on nomenclature of iso-enzymes. J M Luck Pergamon Press Limited (I R Maxwell) H-—U Bergmeyer J King C A Fewson H Neujahr 1961 1961 1965 1966, 1966 1973 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 47 Societies and organisations E.38 - E.43 Enzyme Commission minutes E.38 Minutes of meeting of Ad hoc Committee called by Professor Florkin for the establishment of the Commission on Enzymes, Paris, 31 July 1956. Minutes of lst Commission meeting, Paris, 22 and 23 July 1957. List of the documents circulated amongst the Commission members until 31 December 1957 (Appendix to minutes of lst Commission meeting). Notes of Dixon's intended remarks for Commission meeting, August 1958 with ms addition 'but MD could not attend’. Draft minutes of 2nd Commission meeting, Semmering Austria, 29 and 30 August. Interim report of Commission submitted to IUB General Assembly on 1 September 1958. Minutes of 3rd IUB General Assembly, Vienna, 1 September 1958. Comments on the 'Enzyme list', nd. E.41 Notes for Dixon's remarks for Commission meeting 1959. Draft minutes of 3rd Commission meeting, Starnberg, Bavaria, 25-28 August 1959. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 48 Societies and organisations E.41 cont'd Minutes of meeting of joint IUPAC-IUB Subcommission on clinical enzyme units, Starnberg, 25 August 1959. Minutes of joint meeting of the Enzyme Commission of IUB and the Biological Nomenclature Commission of IUPAC, Munich, 27 August 1959. E.42 Dixon's notes for Commission meeting, September 1960. Draft minutes of 4th Commission meeting, Cambridge, 5-10 September 1960. Dixon's notes for meeting with IUB Editorial Commission 1960. Minutes of joint meeting of Editorial Commission and Enzyme Commission, Cambridge, 9 September 1960. Documents re definition of enzyme activity etc. E.43 Dixon's ms notes headed 'Draft for ECs printed Report' 1961. Minutes of 5th Commission meeting,Cassis, France, 21-24 March 1961. Dixon's notes for IUB General Assembly, Moscow, 14 August 1961. Minutes of 4th General Assembly, Moscow, 14 August 1961. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 49 Societies and organisations E.43 cont'd Dixon's notes for IUB Council, Moscow, 16 August 1961. Minutes of 4th Council meeting, Moscow, 16 August 1961. E.44 - E.69 Circulated Enzyme Commission documents EC.1 - EC.52. Not a complete sequence. E.44 E.46 EC.1 "Enzymes", to be published early in 1958'. ‘List of Enzymes. From Dixon and Webb's EC.2 klatur' "Bericht zur geplanten Revision der Enzymnomen- by O Hoffman-Ostenhof. 'Protokoll zu den Tagungen der Nomenklatur- EC.3 Kommission in Berlin am 28. - 29.2 und in Mosbach von 11. - 12.4.1956'. April 1956. EC.4 Coenzymes' by Dixon, 20 March 1957. 'The Nomenclature of the Nicotinamide-nucleotide EC.5 14 May 1957. ‘Some Topics for Consideration’ by Dixon, EC.6 J Monod, M R Pollock, S Spiegelman and R Y Stanier. ‘Terminology of Enzyme Formation' by M Cohn, Reprint from Nature, 172, 1096 (1953). M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 50 Societies and organisations E.49 E.50 E.51 "Nomenclature of Enzymes of Fatty Acid EC.7 Metabolism' by H Beinert, D E Green, P Hele, O Hoffman-Ostenhof, F Lynen, S Ochoa, G Popjak and R Ruyssen. Reprint from Biochem. J 64, 782-784 (1956). "A. Remarks on classification of enzymes EC.8 (ad EC.1 and EC.3)'; of Pyridoxal Enzymes on a Chemical Basis’; Remarks ad EC.1'; 'E. EC.3 and EC.4)'; General Terminology By A Braunstein’. Replies to Questions in EC.5'; Comments on General Enzymological Terminology (ad Proposals for a Classification Special 'C. Further Suggestions Concerning 'B. 'D. 'F. EC.9 nomenclature of cytochromes' by F Egami. "Provisional proposals for classification and EC.10 reactions' by O Hoffman-Ostenhof, 15 July 1957. "Some remarks on the classification of enzyme EC.11 Dixon, 16 July 1957. ‘Amendments to the List of Enzymes (EC.1)' by EC.12 in 1958)... Table IX.3 CYTOCHROMES'. 'From Dixon and Webb: ENZYMES (appearing E.52 Material prepared by Subcommission on Pectinolytic EC.13 Enzymes of the IUPAC Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature. EC.14 Addendum to EC.4 by Dixon, 13 January 1958. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 51 Societies and organisations E.53 E.54 "Provisional Proposals for Classification EC.15 and Nomenclature of Cytochromes' by M R Lemberg, 19 February 1958. EC.16 Transferring Enzymes' by J R Stern, 24 March 1958. "On the Nomenclature of Coenzyme A 'Some considerations on the classification EC.17 and nomenclature of enzymes involved in processes of nitrogen metabolism' by A E Braunstein, 20 April 1958. EC.19 Nomenclature of Cytochromes' by E Stotz, July 1958. "Provisional Proposals for Classification and E.55 EC. 20 activity' by S P Colowick, 7 July 1958. "Recommendations for expression of enzyme EC.21 to the Secretary', 14 July 1958. "A letter from the Commission Member § P Colowick E.56 E.57 E.58 "General Principles of the Classification and EC. 22 Nomenclature of Glycosidases' M Nakamura and Z Nikuni, Osaka, July 1958. by T Miwa, S Akabori, EC.23 President of the Commission' by F G Young, 7 August 1958. 'Enzymic" vs. "Enzymatic" A letter to the EC. 24 classification and names' by "Remarks on some linguistic aspects of the H Sykes Davies, August 1958. "Supplementary Comments on our Proposals EC.26 (Document EC.9) for Classification and Nomenclature of Cytochromes' by F Egami, November 1958. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 52 Societies and organisations E.58 cont'd EC. 28 Commission’ from Th Bersin, 5 February 1959. 'From a Letter to the Secretary of the EC. 29 of the Commission)' by S Ochoa, 10 February 1959. "Comments on EC.16 (A Letter to the Secretary "Further Comments on EC.16 (Letters to the EC. 30 Secretary of the Commission)' H Beinert, 20 April 1959; from D E Green and O Hayaishi, 9 March 1959; P Hele, 11 March 1959. EC. 31 President of the Commission)' from H S Mason, 31 October "On Oxidase Nomenclature. (A Letter to the 1958. EC.32 by F Egami. '"Cytochromes" or "Electron Transferases"?' "Proposals for the Nomenclature of some Enzymes EC. 33 involved in intermediary nitrogen metabolism, on the basis of the List of Enzymes of Dixon & Webb (1958)'. EC. 34 26 July 1959. "Comments on Document EC.23' by H S Davies, A Letter to the EC.35 Secretary of the Commission' by A Meister, 29 July 1959. "Comments on Document EC.33. EC. 36 "Comments on Coenzyme Nomenclature’ by Dixon, 9 June 1959. "Questionnaire for the Participants of the EC. 37 Canberra Meeting of the Subcommission on Cytochromes' by R Lemberg, June 1959. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 53 Societies and organisations E.61 cont'd "Minutes of the Meeting of the Subcommission EC. 38 on the Nomenclature of Cytochromes, Canberra, 6th and 7th September 1959'. E.62 EC.39 ‘Comments of Prof. Stotz and Dr Falk on EC.38 with answers of the Convenor.' EC. 40 Enzymes: "Report of the Subcommission on Proteolytic Chicago Meeting April 1960'. "Minutes of the Meeting of the Subcommission EC. 41 on the Cytochrome Canberra, September 6th and September 7th, 1959 (Revised Version of EC.38)'. E.63 EC. 42 Enzymes'. "Key to Numbering and Classification of Second copy 'as amended at Cambridge Sept. 1960'. E.64 EC. 43 "Draft List of Enzymes'. "List of proteolytic enzymes for insertion as section 3.4 of corrected enzyme list'. January 1961. E.66 EC. 46 Precursors' by H S Davies, 7 November 1960. 'The Prefixes Pre and Pro in Names of Enzyme EC.47 ‘Comments on Draft List of Enzymes, EC.43' by A E Braunstein, 1 December 1960. See also E.74. EC. 48 'A Correspondence on Ribonuclease’. The correspondents are Dixon, E F Gale and R Markham, October-November 1960. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 54 Societies and organisations E.67 E.68 E.69 "Report of the Commission on Enzymes of the EC.49 International Union of Biochemistry. Key to Numbering and Classification of Enzymes’. Appendix D "Report of the Commission on Enzymes of the EC. 49 International Union of Biochemistry. List of Enzymes'. Appendix E EC.51 of the Commission’. "Comments on EC.46. A Letter to the President From RH S Thompson, 2 March 1961. ‘Comments on the Enzyme List’. EC.52 comments from P P Cohen, G Schmidt, G B Brown, A Meister, A E Braunstein, K Moldave, S P Colowick, O Touster, F Egami and Dixon, January - March 1961. There are E.70-E.75 Miscellaneous documents re the Enzyme Commission 1937, 1955-60 and nd. E.70 Documents re International Union of Chemistry Commission on the Reform of Biochemical Nomenclature 1937. Includes correspondence between Sir Arthur Harden (President) and Dixon. E.71 Draft paper on ‘Nomenclature of enzymes of fatty acid metabolism' by H Beinert, D E Green, Priscilla Hele, O Hoffman-Ostenhof, F Lynen, S Ochoa, G Popjak and R Ruyssen. Conference on Biochemical Problems of Lipids, Ghent, Belgium. Dated 30 July 1955 at the 2nd International M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 55 Societies and organisations E.72 E.73 Carbon of Dixon's letter to members of Commission setting out terms of reference, procedure etc., 23 February 1957. List of names and addresses of members of Commission. "International Commission on Enzymes' by O Hoffmann- Ostenhof and R H S Thompson. 181, 452 (1958). Reprint from Nature, Correspondence with J R Stern re nomenclature of fatty acid cycle enzymes and the condensing enzyme, June, August 1959. International Union of Biochemistry Bulletin No.3 December 1959. E.74 ‘Comments on Draft List of Enzymes Doc. EC.43' by A E Braunstein 1 December 1960. This is the paper from Braunstein which was circulated as EC.47. See E.66. Copy of letter from P A E Desnuelle to E C Webb enclosing 'suggestions for the list of proteolytic enzymes’, 9 November 1960. International Union of Biochemistry Bulletin No.4 December 1960. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 56 Societies and organisations E.75 Report for the Subcommission on the Nomenclature of Cytochromes byR Hill, nd. "General aspects of standardization in enzyme assays' by E C Webb, nd. 'Transferases' and 'Lyases' by 'H-O' (Hoffman-Ostenhof), nd. E.76-E.89 Circulated Standing Committee on Enzymes documents C.E.1-C.E. 36. not a member of the Committee but was sent the documents for information by its secretary E C Webb. Not a complete sequence. Dixon was E.76 C.E.1 ‘Statements on Iso-Enzymes or Isozymes submitted to the Committee’ January 1962. statements from the ad hoc Committee on Isozyme Nomenclature (chaired by C L Markert), New York, There are January 1961, C JR Thorne, R J Wieme and Dixon. C.E.2 Sets out comments received on questions respecting "Statement by Secretary', November 1962. isoenzymes. E.77 C.E.3 November 1962. "Comments Received on Coenzyme Nomenclature', M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 57 Societies and organisations E.77 cont'd C.E.4 Kinetics', November 1962. "Comments Received on Enzyme Units and C.E.5 Report', November 1962. "Corrections in Reprinting of Enzyme C.E.6 "Comments Received on Group 1 of the Enzyme List', December 1962. C.E.7 List', C.E.8 List', C.E.9 List', "Comments Received on Group 2 of the Enzyme December 1962. "Comments Received on Group 3 of the Enzyme December 1962. "Comments Received on Group 4 of the Enzyme December 1962. C.E.10 List, December 1962. "Comment Received on Group 5 of the Enzyme C.E.11 List', December 1962. ‘Comment Received on Group 6 of the Enzyme E.79 C.E.12 the Enzyme Commission', December 1962. "General Comments Received on the Report of C.E.13 "New Enzymes in Dixon and Webb', December 1962. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 58 E.81 E.82 E.83 Societies and organisations C.E.14 January 1963. "Altered entries in Dixon and Webb', "Further Comments Received by the Commission C.E.15 of Editors of Biochemical Journals on the Report of the Enzyme Commission', January 1963. "Comments from Professor E C Slater on C.E.16 Enzyme Commission Report concerning some oxidizing enzymes', February 1963. C.E.17 Secretary', "Letter from Professor C L Markert to the February 1963. ‘Comments on Enzyme Commission Report C.E.18 received at the New York meeting of the Standing Committee', February 1963. C.E.19 February 1963. "Correspondence with Dr Fritz Lipmann', E.84 "Correspondence with Editorial Board of the C.E.21 Biochemical Journal on Hyphens v. Colons', April 1963. C.E.22 Clark', April 1963. "A Communication from Professor Mansfield E.85 C.E.23 "Memorandum from Dr J T Edsall', May 1963. "The Nomenclature and Classification of C.E.24 Oxygenases and Hydroxylases, by Professor O Hayaishi (Kyoto), June 1963. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 59 Societies and organisations E.85 cont'd Letter from Webb to members of Standing Committee on nomenclature for the quarternary structure of an enzyme molecule, 11 July 1963. C.E.25 of the Enzyme Commission Report, original folder. "Appendix E List of Enzymes' of draft revision December 1963. In Draft letter to Nature on the nomenclature of multiple enzyme forms, 28 January 1964. ‘Comments on the Enzyme Commission Report from C.E.29 a Sub-Committee of the Committee on Carbohydrate Nomen- clature of the Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry of the American Chemical Society', January 1964. C.E.30 E Racker, ‘Comments on C.E.25' January 1964. from J T Edsall and C.E.31 January 1964. 'A few additional entries for C.E,25', C.E.32 from B A Stone and EC Slater, January 1964. "Comments on Certain Sections of C.E.25' "Drafts of Suggested Addition to the Report C.E.33 of the Commission on Enzymes' by J T Edsall, January 1964. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 60 Societies and organisations E.89 C.E.36 "Some Comments on the Enzyme List‘ from A E Braunstein, W Kaufmann and G Siebert, February 1964. Draft Minutes of the Second Meeting of the Committee, Rome, 11-14 February 1964. Memorandum to members of the Committee enclosing letter from Dr Dillmann, 23 June 1964. Memorandum to members of the Committee enclosing correspondence with Dr Edsall, July 1964. E.90-E. 96 Miscellaneous documents re enzyme nomenclature 1965-66, 1970-71, 1975-76. 7 folders. E.97 Miscellaneous documents re enzyme nomenclature 1970-78. 1 bundle. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 61 Societies and organisations PHOTOELECTRIC SPECTROMETRY GROUP 1948 E.98 Agenda, list of members etc., for inaugural meeting. Cambridge 16 July 1948. ROYAL SOCIETY c 1943 E.99 Duplicated statements in support of Zoology candidates. M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 62 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE F.1l - F.73 F. 1 - F.14 GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE F.1 5 - F.73 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1946-49 1950-58 1962-63 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973-75 1976-78 nd M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 63 Correspondence REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS General 1934,1937,1939 1940,1942,1947-49 1950-53 1954-55 1956-57 1958-59 1960 1961 1962 1963-64 1965 1966 1967 (1) 1967 (2) 1968-69 1970 1971 1972 1973-78 Reports on theses, fellowship dissertations and Sc.D, applications F.34 1936 F.42 1959 1937-39 1940-41 1942 1949 1950-51 1954 1958 F.43 1960-61 F.44 1964 F.45 1965-67 1968 1969 1971,1974 nd M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 64 Grant applications Correspondence 1958,1964-65 1966 (1) 1966 (2) 1967 (1) 1967 (2) 1967 (3) 1968 (1) 1968 (2) Reports on scientific papers F.65 1948-54 1955,1957 1961-64 1965-67 1968-69 1968 (3) 1969 (1) 1969 (2) 1972 1974 1975 1976-77 1970-72 1973,1975 1976-79 nd M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 65 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABELSON, Denis M ACADEMIC PRESS INC ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, Baron AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL AKABORI, S c.89 D.76 B.50 F.31 E.56 ALBERTY, Robert Arnold D.74,E.20 AMOROSO, Emmanuel Ciprian F.26 ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY F.69-F.72 APPLEBY, Cyril ASTBURY, William Thomas D.31 B.54 ATKINSON, Maurice Raymond C.84,C.85,F.3,F.4 AW, S E D.34,D.35 BACCARI, Vincenzo D.34 BACH, Stefan Joseph BACQ, BAILEY, Kenneth BALDWIN, Ernest H F BANGHAM, DR F.45 See also F.15,F.17 See B.63 B.62,B.98,B.99 See also F.1L F.24 E.23 BANKS, Thomas Eric B.96-B.100 NCUACS 23/8/90 66 Index of correspondents BARCROFT, Sir Joseph See B.5,B.44,B.45 BARNARD, Eric A BARRETT, AM BARTLEY, Walter BATEMAN, L BAWDEN, Frederick Charles BECKMAN INSTRUMENTS LIMITED BEINERT, Helmut BEN-GERSHON, Ezra BERGEL, Franz BERGMEYER, Hans-Ulrich BERSIN, Th BHARDWAJ, S D BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA BIOLOGICAL REVIEWS BLAXTER, Sir Kenneth (Lyon) BODANSKY, Oscar BOFFA, MC BONNER, Walter D D.79 B.89 F.30 C.84,C.85 B.117 F.7 E.59,E.71 B.64,E.2-E.4,F.7 E.1-E.6 D.26,F.69-F.71 D.32 F.13 F.5 F.71 F.31 NCUACS 23/8/90 67 Index of correspondents BOURSNELL, J C BOYER, Paul D BOYLAND, Eric BRAUNSTEIN, Aleksandr Evseevich BRAY, Robert Cecil BREKKE, Bard BRITISH COUNCIL BRITISH RUBBER PRODUCERS' RESEARCH LABORATORY BRITTON, H G BROWN, G B BURRIS, RH CAIRNS-SMITH, A G CALLAGHAN, Owen Hugh CALLOW, Robert Kenneth B.90,B.96-B.100 E.77 See also E.9 B.49,B.50 E.49,E.54,E.60,E.66,E.69 E.74,E.89,E.94,E.96 See also E.8,E.30,E.31 C.84,C.85 E.69 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS D.29,D.30 CAMERON, Sir Gordon Roy CAMMACK, Richard B.46,B.47,B.50,B.51,B.55, B.56,B.60,B.61,B.62,B.87 F.8,F.9,F.29,F. 30,F.33 See also C.88 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 68 Index of correspondents CANNAN, R Keith B.58,B.62 CAPUTTO, Ranwel CAREY, N H CARLETON, A B CECIL, Rupert CHALMERS, D KM CHALMERS, Donald CHANCE, Britton CHANG, Yun Chun D.24 F.11 B.123 F.1 B.46 F.5 F.8 D.78 CHAPPELL, John Brian E.6,F.46 CHARLES, Arwyn CHAUHAN, O P CHIBNALL, Albert Charles CHRISTIANSEN, J A CLARK, Mansfield COBLEY, John COHEN, Jacob Antonie COHEN, Philip Pacy COHN, Waldo E F.7 F.12 B.63 E.24 E.83,E.84 F.7 B.51,B.52,B.85,B.89,B.90 See also B.28,F.16 E.69 E.18,E.19 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 69 Index of correspondents COLOWICK, Sidney Paul E.15,E.19,E.55,E.69, E.82,E.83 CORNFORTH, Sir John (Warcup) CROOK, Eric Mitchell E.5 D.74,D.76 CROWTHER, John G CULLUMBINE, H CUNNINGHAM, B A DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron DALE, Sir Henry Hallett DALGLIESH, Charles E DALZIEL, Keith DANIEL, Peter M DANIELLI, James Frederic B.44,B.45 E.31 F.33,F.68 F.11 B.61,B.74-B.76,B.80,B.87 B.92-B.94,B.116 See also B.50 DANIELLI, (née GUY), Mary B.75,B.76,B.94 DAVIES, DR DAVIES, David DAVIES, H Sykes de BOER, J H DE MARCO, Carlo F.67 F.71 E.27,E.57,E.60 B.52,B.59 D.33,F.6,F.7 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 70 Index of correspondents DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH DESNUELLE, PAE F.50 E.74 DICKENS, Frank B.44,C.83 DICKMAN, Sherman Russell DILLMANN, E.29 E.89 DIXON, Henry Berkeley Franks ('Hal') D.36,D.82,F.12,F.13,F.32 F.71 DODGSON, K J E.5,E.6 DOUGLAS, Claude Gordon B.46,B.47,B.49 DRUMMOND, George I DUGGLEBY, C J F.72 F.12 EDSALL, John Tileston E.18,E.19,E.85,E.87-E. 89 F.10 EGAMI, F E.49,E.58,E.59,E.69 ELLIOTT, Stuart Dunsmore EMSLIE, ARG D.44 c.82 ENGELHARDT, Vladimir Aleksandrovich See E.31 FALK, FARADAY SOCIETY E.62 F.66 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 71 Index of correspondents FEWSON, Charles A FINDLAY, Dorothy FISCHER, Ed(mond) H FOX, Harold Munro E.36 C.83 D.75 D.32 FRANCIS, GE B.90,B.96-B.100 FREEMAN, Monroe Edward FROGGATT, Peter FRUTON, Joseph Stewart FULBROOK, Paul FUSON, RC E.28 F.33 See B.64 F.7 See B.64 GALE, Ernest Frederick C.40,D.29,E.66,F.68 GIBSON, K D F.17 GIBSON, Quentin Howieson F.18,F.31-F.33 GILBERT, DA GREEN, David Ezra D.77,F.7 E.59,E.71 See also F.13,F.15 GREGORY, Roderic Alfred F.28 GREVILLE, Guy Drummond B.58-B.60,B.97,B.100 GUTFREUND, Herbert D.10 See also F.18 HAINES, Robert 8S Cc.79 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 72 Index of correspondents HALVORSON, H O D.76 HANES, Charles Samuel C.80,D.77,D.78 HARDEN, Sir Arthur HARINGTON, Sir Charles (Robert) E.70 B.43 HARRISON, Kenneth HARTLEY, Brian Selby HAYAISHI, Osamu HEALD, Peter J HELE, (Mary Etheldreda) Priscilla HELE, T S HENDERSON, Peter J F HERBERT, Denis HERRIOTT, Roger M HILL, Robert B.43-B.45,B.47-B.49 B.61,B.116 E.59,E.71 See B.6 D.35,F.12 See E.2 B.64 B.80,B.84,B.116,E.16,E.75 See also B.1l HOFFMAN-OSTENHOF, Otto E.7-E.10,E.45,E.50,E.71, E.75,E.94,F.11 See also E.15 HOPKINS, Sir Frederick Gowland See F.12 HOUCK, John Candee HOWARD, Peter John Arthur HUNTER, Robert B NCUACS 23/8/90 73 Index of correspondents IHDE, Aaron John ILLINGWORTH, John Anthony F.6 F.31 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BIOCHEMISTRY (IUB) E.7-E.97 JACOBY, Kurt KAMEN, Martin D KAPLAN, Nathan Oram KAUFMANN, W KEIL, B KEILIN, David KELLAWAY, T D KENWORTHY, Philip KEYNES, Richard Darwin KING, E J KING, J KLEPPE, Kjell KLYNE, William KNOX, W Eugene KOHLER, Robert E E.90 See C.80 F.25 See B.36-B. 38 F.68 B.64,E.2,E.28 E.35 B.141,C.87,D.79 See also B.142 E.17-E.19 D.82 F.12 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 74 Index of correspondents KREBS, Sir Hans Adolf F.33,F.47 See also F.17,F.19,F.32 LADELL, WS 58 LARDY, Henry Arnold LEACH, Edmund Ronald LEE PENG, C H LEHNINGER, Albert Lester LEMBERG, M R LEVVY, GA LINNANE, Anthony W LIPMANN, Fritz Albert E.16,E.53,E.61 B.49,B.50,D.76 D.75 E.83 LONGMANS, GREEN & CO LIMITED (later LONGMAN GROUP LIMITED) D.38-D.44,D.45-D.48, D.49-D.51,D.66 LOSADA, Manuel LUCK, James Murray E.4 E.32 LUTWAK-MANN, Cecilia B.61,B.96,B.99 LYNEN, Feodor McINTOSH, James EA McLEAN, Franklin C E.71 F.33 B.54 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 75 Index of correspondents McLEAN, Patricia MacLENNAN, David H McQUILLIN, F J MACKWORTH, Jane F B.47,B.71,B.74,B.79, B.80,B.88 MADDOX, John (Royden) F.68,F.69,F.71 MANN, Ida MARKERT, Clement Lawrence MARKHAM, Roy MARRIAN, Guy Frederic MARSHALL, MARTIN, B K B.61 E.82 E.66 See B.49 See B.6 F.68 MARTIN, Sir David (Christie) B.47,B.63,F.2 MASON, Howard S MASSEY, Vincent MAYER, Jean MAXWELL, (Ian) Robert MAY & BAKER LIMITED MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MEISTER, Alton E.59 F.4,F.5,F.11,F.13,F.32 See also D.77 C.82 E.33 D.79 F.50,F.51,F.53-F.58 F.60-F.62 E.60,E.69,E.93 See also E.15 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 76 Index of correspondents MEYERHOF, Otto Fritz MILLS, W H MILSTEIN, Cesar MINISTRY OF SUPPLY MITCHELL, Peter Dennis MIWA, T MOLDAVE, Kivie MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY M@LLER, Knud Max MORGAN, J MORTON, Robert K MULLER, Hans MUNDAY, Kenneth A MURTHY, R K NAKAMURA, M NAKAMURA, Satoshi F.1 See also B.131 See B.45 See C.82 B.43-B.64 B.87,B.93 See also B.50-B.52 E.56 E.69 F.72 F.2 B.80 C.83,D.76 See also D.31, F.3 F.6 F.28 F.11 E.56 D.80 NASON, Alvin F.69-F.72 NCUACS 23/8/90 77 Index of correspondents NATH, RL NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION NATURE NEEDHAM, Dorothy Mary Moyle NEEDHAM, Joseph NEUBERGER, Albert NEUJAHR, Halina NICHOLAS, David James Donald NIKUNI, 2 NOVELLIE, Lawrence NUFFIELD FOUNDATION OCHOA, Severo OFFER, Gerald W OGSTON, Alexander George OTTOLENGHI, Paul D.76,F.68,F.69,F.71,F.72 B.60,B.65,B.66,B.72-B.74 B.77,B.78,B.80-B.82,B.89 B.90,B.96 See also B.28,B.49,B.52 B.57-B.59,B.64 C.41,D.29,D. 30 E.2,E.3 E.37 C.85,F.51,F.52 E.58,E.71 F.27 See also C.85 B.45,F.1 F.9,F.10 OWEN, Leonard Newton B.60,B.94,B.121 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 78 Index of correspondents PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED PERREN, Edward Arthur PESTKA, Sidney PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) E.33 B.112,B.113 F.70 B.44,B.46,B.48,B.51,B.52, B.54,B.58,B.62-B.64 See also B.5,B.6,B.60,B.112 B.123-B.125 PHOTOELECTRIC SPECTROMETRY GROUP PIGOTT, Christopher Donald PILKINGTON, Theo Clyde E.98 F.28 c.88 PIRIE, Antoinette ('Tony') B.52,B.57 PIRIE, Norman Wingate PLUMMER, David Thomas POLLOCK, Martin Rivers POMERAT, Gerard R POOLE, M W POPE, EM POPJAK, George Joseph PORTER, Rodney Robert POWNING, R F POYNTER, F N L PRATT, Oliver E B.117 D.34 E.5,E.6 See C.44 F.9 B.51,B.52,B.54,B.55 E.71 See also E.5 F.30,F.32 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 79 Index of correspondents QUASTEL, Juda Hirsch RABIN, Brian Robert RACKER, Efraim RAJAGOPALAN, K V RALPH, B J RANDLE, Sir Philip (John) REID, Eric RIDEAL, Sir Eric (Keightley) ROCCA, E ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION ROGERS, Howard J ROGERS, W P RONWIN, Edward ROOK, Arthur James ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Meyer Victor, 3rd Baron D.76 ROYAL SOCIETY RUMEN, Nevenka Maria RUNDLE, F F RUYSSEN, R A.7,E.99,F.2 C.84 F.20 E.71 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 80 Index of correspondents RYDON, Henry Norman RYLE, Andrew Peter SALMON, H A SAVAGE, Nerina SCHMIDT, Gerhard SCHMIDT, Robert M SCHURR, H R B.46,B.49,B.52,B.55,B.58 B.113,B.120,F.11 D.79 F.3 C.81,C.88 E.69 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL F.51-F.56,F.58-F.62,F.64 SELWYN, Michael J D.78,D.80,F.24,F. 33 SHAW, G SHORT, E I SHORT, R H D SHULL, Kenneth Henry SIEBERT, G SIMS, RPA B.94 B.63 B.87,B.93 C.82 E.89 C.82 SINGER, Thomas Peter C.80,D.74 SLATER, Edward Charles ('Bill') D.10,D.31,D.36,D.82,E.5 E.6,E.21,E.82,E.88,F.2 SMITH, KLINE & FRENCH FOUNDATION SOLS, Alberto M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 81 Index of correspondents SPRINGER, Konrad F SPRINGER-VERLAG STEIN, William Howard F.23 STERN, Joseph R D.75,E.53,E.73 STILL, Jack STONE, BA D.75 E.88 STOPPANI, Andrés O M C.82,F.5,F.16 STOTZ, Elmer Henry STROM-OLSEN, Rolf SUGDEN, Samuel TABOR, Herbert TAMIYA, Nobuo TAYLOR, Dermot B TEICH, Mikula TEMPLE, Kenneth L E.16,E.26,E.54,E.62 B.59 B.51 D. 33 D.64,D.83 THEORELL, (Axel) Hugo (Teodor) D.74,E.16 See also F.15 THOMPSON, Robert Henry Stewart B.123,E.11-E.14,E.69 THORNE, Christopher Julian Ralph E.76 See also D.69 THORPE, William Homan F.4 M Dixon NCUACS 23/8/90 82 Index of correspondents THORPE, William Veale THURLOW, S J TIPTON, Keith Francis TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron TOMBS, M P TOMPKINS, Frederick Clifford TOOZE, John TOUSTER, Oscar TRISTRAM, GR van HEYNINGEN, Ruth E.19,E.25,E.84 See B.8 Cc.86 See also D.69,D.72 B.112, See also C.45 F.3 F.66 F.69 E.69 C.86 B.67,B.72,B.77,B.78,B.80 B.83,B.84 See also B.23-B.27 van SOMEREN, Ernest Horace Sebastian VARNER, J E VESTLING, Carl S WAKID, Nabil W WALKER, D G F.9 c.83 E.4 WARBURG, Otto Heinrich See B.10,B.127 WATERS, William Alexander B.47 NCUACS 23/8/90 83 Index of correspondents WEATHERALL, Miles B.121,B.122 WEBB, Edwin Clifford B.83,B.95,B.99,D.52-D.73 D.74-D.76,D.80,D.82,E.14 E.19 See also B.52,D.79,E.34 E.74,E.76-E.89,E. 90-E. 96 WELLCOME TRUST F.52 WHELAN, William Joseph WIEGREBE, Wolfgang WIEME, R J JOHN WILEY & SONS LIMITED WILLIAMS, L T Douglas WILLIAMS, Robert Joseph Paton WILSON, Allan WONG, J T WORK, Elizabeth ('Betty') WORMALL, Arthur WRIGHT, George L YANOVSKY, Charles YOSHIDA, Takashi YOUNG, Sir Frank (George) B.43-B.52,B.57,B.58,B.62 B.111,B.126 F.5 E.90 D.78 D.78 B.56,B.63,B.64 F.4 See D.80 F.27 A.7,B.63,C.3,C.4,C.18,C.44 c.45,C.62,C.80,C.82-C. 89 E.5,E.57,F.22,F.25,F.27 F.45,F.51 See also C.64 ZERFAS, L G See B.16