LONSDALE, Kathleen Vol2 v2

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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Dame Kathleen Lonsdale FRS (1903 - 1971) VOLUME II Section F: Visits and conferences Thibeaud section H: Correspondence Index of correspondents Section G: Societies and organisations NCUACS catalogue no. 106/5/02 by Simon Coleman, Alan Hayward and Caroline K. Lonsdale NCUACS 106/5/02 SECTION F VISITS AND CONFERENCES This section documents Lonsdale’s foreign and domestic travel, 1943-1971. chronological order. It is arranged in Second Institute of Physics Conference on X-Ray Analysis in Cambridge, 9-10 April 1943. Industry, Lonsdale phenomena’. spoke at this Conference on ‘Thermal effects and allied Programme; offprint of a report on the conference in Nature. Colloquium on the Structure of Crystals and their X-Ray Diffraction Patterns, Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin, Ireland, 14-27 July 1943. See A.71 for related photographs. Correspondence and papers re arrangements; two passport photographs of Lonsdale. Printed abstracts of conference papers. Letter of thanks to Lonsdale from Eamon de Valera, Prime Minister of Ireland, 9 August 1943. Lonsdale is listed as a speaker on ‘Thermal and other perturbations of crystal structures’. Conference on X-Ray Analysis during the War Years, Institute of Physics X- Ray Analysis Group, July 1946. 3pp manuscript report by Lonsdale on the Fellowship. Lonsdale spent six months in the United States during which time she travelled research institutions. Special Maryland, United Sates, January-July 1947. Fellowship, Research National in numerous universities Institute of Health, Bethesda, widely and lectured and K. Lonsdale NCUACS 106/5/02 Visits and Conferences Visit to Scandinavia, September 1948. Lonsdale visited Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland to give lectures. Correspondence re arrangements, with 1p index thereto, 1948. Conference on the Biological Hazards of Atomic Energy, Royal Institution, London, 20-21 October 1950. Lonsdale was a member of the conference organising committee as well as a contributor to its discussions. Correspondence re arrangements, 1950; conference programme. Two 5Spp manuscript drafts for lecture by Lonsdale. Manuscript background notes. Correspondence re arrangements etc, 1954. F.10-F.12 World Tour, August-October 1954. Lonsdale spent two months travelling round the world, giving lectures on various subjects including crystallography, science and religion, pacifism and the responsibilities of scientists. She visited India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand and spent several days in Canada on her return home. Letters to Lonsdale, 1954-1955. Invitations to visit Chile, during the 1955 Summer vacation (declined). The Australian Friend, October 1954. This issue includes reports on Lonsdale’s visit to Australia. Issues of the Japanese journal X-Rays, 1948, 1949. K. Lonsdale NCUACS 106/5/02 Visits and Conferences F.14-F.27 Visit to China, August-September 1955. Lonsdale spent three weeks in China during which time she gave scientific lectures in Peking, Shenyang, Chancung, Nanking and Shanghai and met Chinese crystallographers, Christian leaders and Quakers. She also briefly visited the Soviet Union and Outer Mongolia. Letters sent by Lonsdale to her husband and H.J. Grenville-Wells during the visit, August 1955. General correspondence relating to the visit, 1955-1956; list of participants on the visit to China; itinerary. F.16-F.18 Diaries. Three small softback notebooks used by Lonsdale to record events during the visit. ‘China Diary |’, 10-26 August 1955. Includes a short account of her stay in Moscow on the way to China. material. Softback notebook containing lists of individuals, mostly Chinese scientists, Church leaders and officials. There are also names and signatures at the back and some intercalated material. Softback notepad, inscribed ‘Notes’ on the front cover, containing notes on places visited, including Peking Prison. There is a little loose intercalated Softback notebook containing details of itinerary and notes on places visited. There are also names and signatures of various Chinese people at the back. ‘China Diary II’, 26 August-5 September 1955. ‘China Diary III’, 5-13 September 1955. 48pp annotated typescript of Lonsdale’s diary. K. Lonsdale NCUACS 106/5/02 F.28-F.31 Visits and Conferences 4pp manuscript draft of speech given by Lonsdale in China, n.d. Manuscript speech notes by Lonsdale entitled ‘Science in China (Conway Hall, Red Lion Sq. 7.30) 19.10.1955’; manuscript notes, found therewith, re various visits in China, 18 August-3 September 1955. Memorabilia; manuscript notes etc. Duplicated typescript papers, circulated by the Friends Peace Committee, re a Society of Friends Mission to China, October, November 1955. Newspapers cuttings and printed background material relating to China, 1955: Joint Conference on Low Temperature Crystallography, Oxford, 12-13 April 1956. 293-630 2 folders. Correspondence and papers re Debye factors for urea, 1955-1956. Papers re arrangements, including duplicated typescript abstracts of papers, 1956. This meeting was jointly arranged by the X-Ray Analysis Group of the Institute of Physics and the Low Temperature Group of the Physical Society. Lonsdale spoke at the meeting on the ‘Determination of Debye factors by intensity measurements of low temperatures’. Printed programme and list of participants, 1957. in International Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, 1-5 July 1957. Conference Problems Current Miscellaneous manuscript notes and calculations by Lonsdale, n.d. a speaker on ‘Thermal vibrations of atoms and Lonsdale is as molecules in crystals’. listed on Crystal Physics, K. Lonsdale NCUACS 106/5/02 Visits and Conferences Symposium on Science and Society, University of London, 19 March 1958. Lonsdale is listed as a speaker on ‘The social place of scientists’. Programme; 1p typescript notes. Visit to Norway, Sweden and Denmark, March-April 1958. During this interrelation of science, politics and religion. visit Lonsdale gave lectures on crystallography and also the Correspondence re arrangements, 1957-1958. Conference on Science in Schools, London, 17-18 April 1958. This conference was held by the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Lonsdale spoke on ‘The réle of the Universities’. Programme; 15pp annotated typescript. Lonsdale attended this conference as an observer for the Friends’ World Committee for Consultation. International Affairs Reports from Quaker Workers 5, no. 26, October 1958. This issue consists of a report by Lonsdale on the conference. F.37-F.43 Visit to the University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, 30 November-6 December 1958. Second United Nations International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, Switzerland, 1-13 September 1958. 3pp typescript report so entitled. Lonsdale made this visit on behalf of the British Council. During her stay she gave a series of four lectures which were subsequently published by the University of Cagliari. ‘Visit to Santulussurgiu, Sardinia. Kathleen Lonsdale. 3rd December, 1958’, 4pp manuscript report by Lonsdale on the visit. K. Lonsdale NCUACS 106/5/02 Visits and Conferences F.39-F.43 Drafts of lectures given during the visit. F.39 ‘Ist Lecture and 12pp typescript. Crystallography and other sciences’, 7pp annotated typescript ‘2nd Lecture draft, 13pp typescript. Crystal Structure Analysis’, 12pp manuscript and typescript ‘3rd Lecture Neutron Diffraction by Crystals’, 8pp manuscript and typescript draft, 11pp typescript. ‘Ath Lecture draft, 8pp typescript. X-Ray Studies of Diamond’, 9pp manuscript and typescript Manuscript and typescript draft legends for figures. Plaistow Grammar School Speech Day, London, March 1960. Newspaper cutting; photograph. 1960. F.46-F.56 Visit to Egypt, March-April 1961. Photograph of Lonsdale, sent with covering letter, 12 January 1961. Lonsdale gave an address and distributed prizes at the Speech Day. Prizegiving Ceremony at Kynaston School, St John’s Wood, London, 27 September 1960. Correspondence and papers re arrangements, 1959-1961. Lonsdale visited Egypt with H.J. Milledge for three weeks in the Spring of 1961 to advise and give lectures at the National Research Centre, Cairo. During this the Centenary Celebrations of the Institut d’Egypte, Cairo. visit Lonsdale also represented the Royal Society at K. Lonsdale NCUACS 106/5/02 Visits and Conferences Correspondence arising from the visit, 1961, 1963. 2 folders. 7pp manuscript report by Lonsdale on Egyptian science and the Centenary Celebrations of the Institut d’Egypte, n.d. Papers re the Centenary Celebrations of the Institut d’Egypte, n.d. Papers re the National Research Centre, Cairo, n.d. Includes 3pp manuscript draft and 3pp typescript by Lonsdale re the National Research Centre Library. Correspondence re September-October 1961. visits by Egyptian research students to England, Miscellaneous research notes and calculations by Lonsdale, n.d. ‘The Crystal Structure of 1.2. diphenylbenzene’‘, 9pp typescript + figures by M.S. Farag and S.M. Salem, National Research Center, Cairo. Latest bibliographical reference 1960. Memorabilia from the visit etc, 1961. Loose notebook pages, found together, containing manuscript notes by Lonsdale on various subjects including ‘Temperature and other modifying factors included in the “Debye factor” ’, n.d. —/... Lonsdale travelled to India in order to represent the British Association for the Advancement of Science at the 49th session of the Indian Science Congress in Cuttack, 3-9 January 1962. She travelled widely during her stay in India and gave several lectures, but unfortunately fell ill and had to spend a week in Breach Candy Nursing Home, Bombay before returning to England. F.57-F.67 Visits to Egypt and India, December 1961-January 1962. K. Lonsdale NCUACS 106/5/02 Visits and Conferences Lonsdale travelled to India via Egypt, where she spent ten days in late December visiting the National Research Centre, Cairo and touring with her family. Correspondence relating to Lonsdale’s visit to Egpyt, 1961-1962. F.58-F.60 Correspondence and papers re arrangements for the visit to India, 1961- 1962. 3 folders. Indian Science Congress programme; invitation cards for events during the Congress. F.62-F.65 Correspondence arising from the visit to India, 1962. 4 folders. F.68-F.83 Visit to South Africa, June-July 1962. ‘Visit to India and Pakistan (28 December 1961-19 January 1962)’ by D.C. Martin, Assistant Secretary, 7pp duplicated typescript + appendix, 30 January 1962. Royal Society, Miscellaneous manuscript notes relating to the visit; memorabilia etc. The main purpose of this visit was to give a lecture on ‘Thermal movements in solids’ at the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the South African Chemical Institute, Johannesburg, 2-11 July. During the trip Lonsdale also took the opportunity to travel and give lectures in other parts of South Africa as well as Southern Rhodesia, Kenya and Uganda. Itineraries. F.68-F.72 Correspondence re arrangements etc, 1957, 1960-1962. 5 folders. K. Lonsdale NCUACS 106/5/02 Visits and Conferences Printed abstracts of papers given at the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the South African Chemical Institute, 1962. Correspondence arising from the visit, 1962-1964. Drafts for publication of Lonsdale’s lecture on ‘Thermal movements in solids’. 28pp incomplete typescript (annotated in places). 26pp typescript + captions + appendix; annotated proof. 4pp typescript notes entitled ‘Introduction. Description and interpretation of X-ray data’; 17pp typescript notes entitled ‘X-ray studies of diamonds and diamond