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CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of HEINZ LONDON, OM FRS (1907-1970) Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Harriot Weiskittel Deposited in the Library, University of Bristol CSAC 5/73 All rights reserved H. London CSAC 5/73 Description of the collection The papers cover the years 1886 - 1972. Dr. London's scientific work and conference papers comprise the bulk of the collection; they include notebooks dealing with his work on the 'Tube Alloy' project during the Second World War (Items 23 - 26). laboratory notebooks and working papers which are not identifiable by . date and/or title have been listed as 'liscellaneous'! (Items 49 ~ 55). Those Many of Dr. London's notes made while he was working at Bristol are written on the back of students' examination scripts. Many of the earlier working papers, and much of the correspondence, are in German; an indication of this is given in the handlist. Because of the closé relationship which existed between Dr. London and his elder brother, all material and offprints relating to Fritz London and his work have been retained in the collection. The papers were received from Mrs. Lucie London, whose short exple— natory notes are attached to many of the items. conferences on low-temperature physics were accepted by the Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford. Abstracts and proceedings of Summary of the career of Dr. Heinz London 1907 1926 — 27 1927 - 29 1929 — 31 1931 — 34 1934 — 36 1936 — 41 1939 1940 1942 1942 — 46 1946 1946 — 70 1959 1961 Born in Bonn, Germany University of Bonn Technische Hochschule, Berlin University of Munich University of Breslau, DPhil. Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford Research grant, H.H. Wills Physical Laboratory, Bristol Marriage to Gertrude Rosenthal (marriage dissolved) Internment in Isle of Man Naturalisation Work on 'Tube Alloys! 1942 — 43 1943 1943 - 44 1944 - 46 Imperial Chemical Industries, Birmingham Birmingham University; Imperial College, London Winistry of Supply, Flintshire Nuffield Laboratory, Birmingnaam University Marriage to Lucie Meissner Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell: Principal Scientific Officer, 1946; Senior Principal Scientific Officer, 1950; Deputy Chief Scientist, 1958 Awarded first Simon Memorial Prize of the Physical Society's Low Temperature Group Election to Royal Society H. London csac 5/73 Contents of the handlist I. If. Biographical Laboratory notebooks III. Working papers Iv. V. VI. Lecture Publications Conference papers VII. Correspondence VIII. Offprints IX. Index of principal correspondents Handlist Items Tey 8 — 42 43 — 62 63 64 — 71 72 = Oi 92 — 106 107 — 108 d r a L P R K R B u u n r n o I. 1. 2. 3. Biographical Memoir, by David Shoenberg. (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the’ Royal Society, Vol. 17, November 1971). Correspondence and notes collected by Mrs. Lucie London for D. Schoenberg's use in writing memoir. Personal recollections supplied by Mrs. London for memoir; "business! copy of Dr. London's diploma from the University of Breslau, granting him the title of 'Doktor der Philosophie! Copies of entries on Heinz London and Fritz London in Dictionary of Scientific Biography and related correspondence. Early personal correspondence (German). Correspondence with first wife, Gertrude Rosenthal, during his internment in Isle of Man, July — September. Te Correspondence, notes and articles relating to Fritz London Ii. Laboratory notebooks Ms. notebook (German). Ms. notebook 'University of Bristol, Physics Note Book! (German). 10. 11. 12. 13. Ms. notebook (German). Ms. notebook 'Calorimeter' (German). Ms. notebook (German). Ms. notebook 'Colloguia'. 1971 1970 1970 1934 1971 1936 = 37 1940 1958 = 71 1935 - 38 1937 1937 1936 — 33 1937 - 38 1937 - 39 He London CSAC 5/73 14. 15. 16. 17. 196 20. 21. ea 256 2A. 25. 26% 21. 28. a 30. 31. 32. Ms. notebook, with name and address, includes notes on ‘the heat conductivity of glass' and various experiments. Ms. notebook,with name and address, notes in German and English. 1938 1938 Ms. notebook with no cover, notes on others' work. 1937 - 39 Ms. notebook, includes typescript of 'Isotope Separation by Ionic Migration’. Ms. notebook, with name and address, notes on experiments. Ms. notebook, in several hands, notes on experiments. Ms. notebook, 'University of Bristol, Physics Note Book’. Ms. notebook, includes notes by W. Bates. Ms. notebook, mostly notes on experiments. Ms. notebook, labelled 'Ministry of Labour and National Service, Internal Labour Branch, Central Register of Aliens, Red Lion Square, W.C.1, Classification 7091.' Work on tube alloys. Ms. notebook, work on tube alloys. Ms. notebook, work on tube alloys. Ms. notebook, labelled 'Project G.C.27 Tube Alloys. 8/9/95857; 0/36" occasional notes dated 1959. Ms. notebook, notes on others! work. Ms. notebook with loose pages inserted: correspondence and notes from B. Davison, Birmingham University; unidentified MSS. Ms. notebook, 'Smoke Experiments’. Ms. notebook, 'Smoke Experiments! May-—September. Ms. notebook, ‘Birmingham, Thermal Diff. Diffusion and back (7) Chromatography (Theoretical)'. richment of the less absorbable component of chromatography, ' and 'Relation between Viscosity and Diffusion Constants’. Ms. notebook, includes work on 'Caleculation of Volumes and Working Conditions' and 'Calibration of Unipivot L 144083 at Oxford with Finsley Rotentiometer'. Includes Ms. notes for 'in— Ms. notebook, in another hand. Ms. notebook, in another hand. Ms. notebook, labelled '4 lectures on probability oy Peierls’. Ms. notebook, data on experiments; includes draft of 'production of screens by radiation without use of a lens’. Ms. notebook, labelled 'Data'. Ms. notebook, notes on others' work, 'conductivity'. Ms. notebook, includes drafts of letters to Fritz London (German). 1937 1938 1939 1941 1941 1941 1942 4942 1942 1942 1943 1943 1944 1944 1944 1944 - A6 - 45 - 46 1944 1945 1946 nede ned. ned. n.d. H. London csac 5/73 40. 41. Ms. notebook, includes notes on others' work (probably taken at a conference) and Ms. draft of unidentified article begin- ning ‘the difference in the vapour pressure of isotopes is due to differences in zero point energy'. Ms. notebook, includes notes on ‘Conductivity of Solids’, Ms. draft of "Separation by Ionic Trensfer in the Solid State', Ms. draft of ‘Theory of the Chromatographic Separation of Similar Substances’. 42. Ms. notebook (German). III. Working papers Ae ned. NeGs n.d. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. Ad. 50.— 5D. 56.— 62. Miscellaneous Ms. notes, written on back of students' exami- nation scripts; graphs. Ms. file notebook of work at the University of Bristol, indexes labelled 'technical notes, calibrations, calorimeter, high frequency, Knudsen’. Ms. file notebook includes notes on 'magnetic calibration and fluxmeter calibration', miscellaneous notes in another hand, reports of investigations of supplies of lead and tin rods. Miscellaneous notes, working papers, diagrams and correspon— dence relating to work on carbon molecule (note by Lucie London). Ms. draft describing experiment for rotation of container of liquid helium to determine flow of superfluid phase of liquid helium. Patent for the ‘Apparatus for the Treatment of Liquids’, patent application for ‘Improvement in or relating to ciga~ rettes'. Miscellaneous wnidentified diagrams and data readings (some are dated 1939). Miscellaneous Ms. working papers (original arrangement as found in collection retained). Work on osmotic pressure gauge . 56. _'He3 Hed Data’. 1936 — 33 1938 - 39 1935 = 33 1945 1950 1950 1969 -~ 70 57. 58. 59. 60. Work of 1969 — 70. Drawings and diagrams. 4 photographs of He3 apparatus. ‘Measurement of the Osmotic Pressure of Helium—3 in superfluid Helium—4' Ms. drafts, typescripts and preprints: intended for presentation at the 12th Low Temperature Conference, Japan, 1970. 61. 62, Slides and prints to accompany presentation. Related correspondence, February — August. IV. Lecture Gis 'Low Temperature! Ms. notes and diagrams, March. 1970 1970 Society, London A, 176, 522-533. 'The high frequency resistance of super—conducting tin', Pro- ceedings of the Royal draft and corrected proof. 'The high frequency resistance of super-conducting tin', 2 typescripts (one annotated by A.l. Tyndall) and related corres— pondence. Ms. draft of wnidentifed paper on miniature helium liquifier. ‘An apparatus which enables fighter aeroplanes to spot and aim at enemy aircraft at night and in clouds', Ms. draft, 2 typescripts, and related correspondence. Ms. 'Superfluid helium' (First Simon Memorial Lecture to the Physi- cal Society, Low Temperature Group, 13 October 1959). Physical Society Yearbook, 34-48. Annotated offprint. 1940 1°40 WO. 1940 1960 Volume on Fritz London for 'Selected Readings in Physics Series', Pergamon Press. pondence. 3-page Ms. draft and related corres- 1963 - 70 H. London SAC 5/73 V. Publications 64. 65~ 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. "Techniques for evaluation of the performance of the He3 dilu- tion refrigerator’ (with D. Phillips and G.P. Thomas) Pro— ceedings Second International Cryogenic Ingineering Conference, Typescript with ls. annotations in Brighton, May 1968, 55-53. another hand. Review for Nature of M. von Lauve's Theory of Superconductivity. Ms. draft of first 290 words (never submitted) and related correspondence. Typescript of review as written by E.N. Adams. VI. Conference papers 12. 73. 14. 15-6 76. International Low Temperature Conference, Madison Seventh International Conference on Refrigeration, The Hague. Related correspondence. Conference on Fundamental Particles and Low Temperature, Cambridge, July 19463: related correspondence. Informal con— ference on liquid helium, Cambridge, June 1947: related cor- respondence. Informal conference on low temperature with members of Soviet Academy of Sciences, Cambridge: related correspondence and programme. Wisconsin, August 1957: related correspondence. Conference on Cryogenic Ingineering, Boulder, Colorado, August 1960: related correspondence. Symposium on Liquid and Solid Helium—3, Ohio State University, August 1960: related corres— pondence and programme. VII International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Toronto, August 1960: related correspon- dence and programme. Conference on Fundamental Research in Superconductivity, IBlM Research Center, Yorktown, New York, June 1960: related cor— respondence, programme and itinerary. 1968 1954 1936 1946 1947 1957 1960 1961 He. London CSAC 5/73 TT. Tos 19. 80. Ole 82. 83. 8&4. S55 86. 87. 88. Commission I of the International Institute of Refrigeration, London, September 1961: programme, abstracts, IMs. notes. International Conference on High Magnetic Fields, M.I.T., November 1961: programme. Institute of Technische Hochschule, Karlsruhe, Germany, March 1962: related correspondence. Progress in Cryogenic Research, 12th annual meeting of Societé de Chimie Physique, Paris, vune 1962: related correspondence, programme, Ms. notes taken at conference. r7 VIII International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Queen Mary College, London, September 1962: related corres— pondence, list of delegates, copy of paper R.O. Pohl, 1 page of Ms. notes. submitted by Institute of Physics andPhysical Society Conference on High Magnetic Fields, Their Production, and Their Application, Oxford, July 1963: list of participants. International Conference on Science of Superconductivity, General Electric Research Laboratory, New York, August 1963: related correspondence, programme, abstract of London paper on 'superconductivity of thin films of niobiun'. Conference on Fundamental Aspects of Superconductivity, Varenna, June-July 1964: related correspondence, list of participants and contributed papers, programme, Ms. notes. IX International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Columbus, Ohio, August 1964: related correspondence. sium on Quantum Fluids, Brighton, August 1965: programme, list of participants, Ms. notes. Symposium on Superfluid Helium, St. Andrew's, August 1965: related correspondence. Sympo— X International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Moscow, August-September 1966: related correspondence, programme. Conference on Solid State Physics, Institute of Physics and Physical Society, Manchester, January 1967: programme, list of participants. Conference on Transport Properties of Superconductors, Institute of Physics and Physical Society, Canterbury, March 1967: list of participants and papers, abstracts, Ms. notes. Gordon Conference on Dynamics of Quantum Liquids and Solids, Mt. Ranier, Washington, July 1967: programme. NATO summer school on superconductivity, Montreal, June 1963: related correspondence, list of participants and papers. XI International Conference o1 Low Temperature Physics, St. Andrew's, August 1968: programme, abstract of London paper, 'Force free fields in reversible type II superconductors’, Ms. notes. Institute of Physics and Physical Society, Warwick, August 1968: programme, list of participants. Conference on AC properties of superconductors, 1961 1961 1962 1962 — 562 _ — 1963 1963 1964 1967 1967 1968 1968 H. London esac 5/73 89. 90. 91. Conference on Science of Superconductivity, Stanford, August 1969: related correspondence, itinerary. Book issued to participants in Stanford conference con- taining programme, abstracts of invited papers. by London. Annotated XII International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Kyoto, Japan, September 1970: programme, related corres— pondence. of the International Institute of Refrigeration, Tokyo, September 1970: programme. (see also Items 60 - 62). Meeting of Commission I VII. Correspondence 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. - we With Fritz London (includes drafts of H. London's letters) (some in German). With Fritz London (includes several undated letters and letters from Mrs. F. London). With C.J. Gorter (German). With Otto Hamburger (German). With David Schoenberg With Sir Frencis Simon (German). With Martin Wood and Oxford Instrument Company. Miscellaneous scientific (see index to principal correspon— 99.— 101. dents). 102, 103. 104. 105. 106. With Notgemeinschaft Deutscher Wissenschaftler im Ausland Iiscellaneous correspondence with Royal Society (including letter of congratulation on election to the Royal Society from Myra Kaye). Correspondence re fellowships, employment Miscellaneous testimonials; correspondence re serving as an external examiner. lfiscellaneous correspondence re publications, reviews, letters to the editor etc. 1969 1969 1970 1932 — 43 1944 — 45 1935 — 50 1935 - 38 1935 = 65 1937 - 49 1967 — 69 1935 — 64 1936 — 38 1935 — 61 1946 - 69 1946 — 62 VIII. Offprints 107. Offprints of Heinz London 108. Offprinits of Fritz London (includes 2 offprints by Franz London, father). 1934 — 66 . 1927 - 53 1886 ~ 90 H. London CSAC 5/73 IX. Index of principal correspondents (nos. refer to items) ALLEN, Dr. John Frank BARKLA, Hugh MM. BAUER, Edmond BERGER, Dr. Alice BERMAN, R. BOWEN, E. M. BRETSCHER, Egon BRICKWEDDE,. F. G. BRODA, E. BUCHEL, Frida CHANDRASEKHAR, B. Subrahmanyan CLARK, Geoffrey CLUSINS, COCKCROFT, Sir John Douglas COLLEY, Derek C. COMPTON, J. P. DAUNT, Professor John G. DAVISON, B. de VRIES, A. Ee DUNVORTH, John Vernon ENGEL, Mildred EVERITT, Dr. C. We F, FINNISTON, Harold Montague _ FRIEDLAND, Senta FROHLICH, Professor Herbert GORTER, C. GROSS, Philip J. HAAR, D. ter HAMBURGER, Dr. Otto 73 100 79 99 101 104 75, 104 100 101 84 62 101 103, 104 101 62. 15, 84, 100 28 101 62, 104 105 67, 101 94 105 69 95 H. London CSAC 5/73 HAWORTH, Professor HOPKINS, W. Je JONES, Professor Gwyn Owain JUSTI, E. KAPITZA, Peter L. KAYE, Myra KLEMM, Alfred KRONBERGER, Hans KURTI, Professor Nicholas LI, K. T. LINDSELL, Herbert George LISTERMAN, Thomas LONDON, Gertrude Rosenthal LONDON, Lucie’ . McINTEER, B. B. MEISSNER, Professor W. MENDELSSOHN, Professor Kurt MENDOZA, Professor Eric MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis PEIRSON, David Edward Herbert PHILLIPS, Dafydd PIPPARD, Professor Alfred Brian POWELL, R. We ROTH, E. SCHONLAND, Sir Basil F. J. SCHOENBERG, David SIMON, Professor Sir Francis SKINNER, Herbert W. B. SUMNER, A. T. 46 104 80 99 85 103 101 62 91, 101 29 104 62 273545 101 99 74, 100 105 104 101 101 79 104 2, 74, 96 73, 97 67 104 10.6 H. London CSAC 5/73 TEMPESLEY, H. THOMPKINS, F. TOEPLITZ, mil Vv. N. Ce TYNDALL, Professor A. Me WEISS, Professor Joseph J. WHITEHEAD, S. WILLSON, Denis R. 100 105 99 65 101 67 104