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THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CSAC 30/7/75 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of Sir Patrick Linstead CBE FRS (1902 - 1966) > 1975 Deposited in The Archives of the Imperial College of Science and Technology, Listed by: Jeannine Alton Horriot Weiskittel London R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 Description of the collection The collection consists of Sir Patrick Linstead's personal papers, received from Lady Linstead who retains some private and domestic material . Administrative papers relating to Sir Patrick's service as Rector of the Imperial College are in the College Archives; as Foreign Secretary of The Royal Society are in the records of the Society. papers relating to his service There is a note on p.20 about official documents returned to the Public Record Office. Titles and descriptions in inverted commas are those which appear on the manuscripts. Contents of the handlist Biographical and Personal A.1 - A.60 Items Lectures D.1 - D.20 E.1 - E.62 Fi.) = 6.97 8.1 - B.81 Publications Gy tins C326 Correspondence Committees and Consultancies Notebooks and Working Papers ~ Index to the correspondence. R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 Summary of the career of Sir Patrick Linstead (A full account of Sir Patrick's career and honours is given in the Memoir prepared by D.H.R. Barton, H.N. Rydon and J.A. Elvidge, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 14, 1968, which appears in Item A.1.) 1902 b. London 1903 - 1919 educ. City of London School 1920 - 1923 Imperial College (Ist cl. Hons. Chemistry) 1926 Ph.D., Imperial College ; 1929 - 1938 Demonstrator and Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Imperial College 1930 1938 married Aileen Rowland (née Abbott), (died 1938) D.Sc. London Firth Professor of Chemistry, Sheffield University 1939 = 1945 Professor of Organic Chemistry, Harvard University (Hon.M.A. 1942) | 1940 1942 Fellow of The Royal Society married Marjorie Walters Deputy Director of Scientific Research, Ministry of Supply 1945 - 1949 1946 C. BE? 1949 - 1955 1960 - 1965 Industrial Research 1959 Knighted 1955 = 1956 Rector of Imperial College Professor of Organic Chemistry, Imperial College Director, Chemical Research Laboratory, Department of Scientific and Vice-President and Foreign Secretary, Royal Society. R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 A. Biographical and Personal. Items A.1 - A.60 Memoir by D.H.R. Barton, H.N. Rydon and J.A. Elvidge, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, Vol.14 pp. 309-348. Misc. printed material and press-cuttings on Imperial College, RPL's career and appointments, obituary notices. Misc. personal souvenirs, press-cuttings, invitations, etc. Misc. press-cuttings. 1945-47 Misc. personal travel documents. Desk diaries. Travel diary to Victoria Falls. Non-scientific writings (2 notebooks). Imperial College Musical and Dramatic Society misc. programmes of activities (most with signatures of participants). 1923-25 1935-36 ‘Portion of Zeppelin C21 destroyed by Fit.-Lt. Robinson, 3 Sept. 1916, given by the finder (the late) E.W. Bishop to R.P. Linstead 10 Sept. 1916.' Monastral Fast Blue BS. announcing |.C.1.'s launching of new colour (after molecular analysis by RPL). Printed matter, newspaper cartoons etc. Misc. material re RPL's service during the General Strike: corres., letters of thanks, press-cuttings, booklet of instructions for railway signalmen. Laboratory: application, conditions of appointment, etc. Misc. applications for posts. Chemistry, Univ. Liverpool. Sir Jesse Boot Chair of Chemistry, Univ. Coll. Nottingham, with testimonial from James C. Philip FRS. Firth Chair of Chemistry, Univ. Sheffield. Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee: letter of thanks for RPL's service (as British Deputy Chairman) from General T.J. Betts, Director of Intelligence, U.S. Group. Harvard College: 1939, letters of appreciation on resignation. letter of appointment as Professor of Chemistry : Heath Harrison Chair of Organic Corres. etc. re RPL's appointment as Director, Chemical Research 1945-47 Misc. wartime souvenirs. 1916 1936 1938 —§ 1939-45 1945 1945-46 1945 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 Award of CBE and letters of congratulation (not indexed). 1946 G.H.J. Adlam Memorial Appeal: published in School Science Review. corres., copy of appeal 1950-52 Imperial College: Rector; FSSU agreements: letters re FSSU, Rector's Lodgings, etc. (incl. early Imperial Coll. 1927, Univ. Sheffield, 1938). letters exchanged on RPL's appointment as 1954-61 A.32 Corres. and documents re purchase of 24 Pembroke Sq. as Rector's Lodgings. K.33-A.47 Letters and telegrams of congratulation on his Knighthood (not * eh indexed) some with RPL's reply: 15 envelopes: A.33 Universities in UK. A.34 Government Departments, Committees and individuals. A.35 Prcfessional Associations, Institutions, Research Inst., etc. A. 36 Schools and Colleges. Industry. Press and Publishers. Churches. Banks. Imperial College: present members of staff and student body. Imperial College: former Governors, staff, alumni. Imperial College: Governing Body and Delegacy. 196i Letters of congratulation on RPL's election as Foreign Secretary and as Vice-President of the Royal Society (not indexed). Letters of thanks for Rector's m/s letters of congratulation (not indexed). Mayors and Officials in Local Government. Colleagues and friends abroad. Personal friends and relations. Architects and Consultants. 1960 1957, 1960, R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 A.50 Misc. corres. on appointments, honours and awards: 1929-64 Harrison Memorial Prize. Meldola Medal. Chair of organic chemistry, Imperial College. Catalysts’ Club. Munition Chemistry Advisory Board, Advisory Council on ; Scientific Research and Technical Development. : 1929 1931 1949 1949 1949 Birkbeck Coll. Univ. of London (Mastership - declined). Consultant, Division of Atomic Energy on Scientific Research 195% 1949-53 and Technical Development. Trustees of the London Parochial Charities (re Chelsea Polytechnic). Conferral of Knighthood. City and Guilds of London Institute. Editorial Advisory Board, Commonwealth Library. The General Committee, The Athenaeum. Hon. Membership, The Geographical Club. Fellow, Royal Society of Arts. Vice-President, NPL Sports Club. Letters of appointment and corres. re: 1954 1959 1959 1960 1963 1963 1964 Royal Albert Hall Council. Crowther Committee. Leverhulme Trust Fund, Advisory Committee. 1955 1956-61 + 195663 ET. Committee. National Gallery. Corres. re Membership of: British Council: Science Advisory Committee, Executive 1956-62 1962-66 1959-63 1962 1963-54 1965-66 1964 1964 Commonwealth Fund. Science Museum, Advisory Council. Advisory Council on Scientific Policy. National Gallery Honorary Scientific Advisory Committee. Royal Society Building Committee. BBC Science Consultative Group. Trust for Wolfson College. Society of Chemical Industry and Chemical Society. Harvard Club of London. Honorary Membership, South African Institute of Mining and Ministry of Defence: Enquiry into Service education. Royal Commission on Medical Education. Centennial Lecture, Toronto. Science Policy Consultant, Kenya. 1965-66 1965 1963-64 1964 Metallurgy. _ Robbins Committee letter of appreciation. Corres. re proposed activities: R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 A.58 Certificates of Honours and Awards: Cuthbertson Memorial Open Scholarship, City of London School Diploma, Imperial College. University of London, First Class Honours in Chemistry. Royal College of Science, Associate. Scoutmaster, St. Paul Winchmore Hil! Troop. University of London, D.Phil. in the Faculty of Chemistry. Harrison Memorial Prize of the Chemical Society. University of London, D.Sc. Meldola Medal, Institute of Chemistry. Certificate of elgetion to Royal Society. Membership in Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity. Harvard University, MA (Honorary). Royal Institute of Chemistry, Fellowship. CBE (letter signed by Queen Mary). Certificate of election to the Athenaeum. Mt. Zion certificate. Freedom of the Mystery of Goldsmiths of the City of London. KBE, City and Guilds of London Institute, Fellowship. Institute of Mining, Honorary Member. Royal Society of Arts, Fellowship. Exeter University, Hon. D.Sc. A.59 Photographs of RPL and colleagues. A.60 RPL's signatures. R.P. Linstead CSAC 3077/75 B. Notebooks and Working Papers. Items B.1 - B.81 B.1-B.13 Student notebooks, Imperial College, 1920-23 B.1 B.2 B.3 Grey notebook; notes on geometry; at rear, notes on engineering. Black notebook, 'R.P. Linstead Ist yr. chem. Heat'; atrear, ‘Theoretical Light '. Some branches of Red notebook, 'R.P. Linstead City and Guilds College Finsbury. Practical Chemistry First Year’; ; Both ends of book used. pages numbered and indexed. Blue notebook, 'R.P. Linstead. Practical Physics’; with marked class exercises and experiments. City and Guilds College Finsbury. n.d. Notebook labelled and dated "Botany Lectures’. Notebook labelled and dated 'Practical Botany’, Notebook labelled and dated ‘Physical Chemistry'; "Chemical Philosophy’. at rear, 1921 aes 1921 Notebook labelled and dated ‘Practical Chemistry', with marked class exercises and experiments. 1921-22 Notebook, ‘Chemical Physics’. 1921 1921 1922 1922 1922 Notebook labelled and dated 'Practical Botany' (drawings and diagrams). Notebook labelled and dated ‘Practical Physics', with marked class exercises and experiments. Notebook labelled and dated ‘Physics Lectures’, with RPL's index of titles and lectures. 1938 Notebook, ‘Reports to Dyestuffs Group Research Committee’. Oct.1935 "Lectures in Elementary General Theoretical Chemistry’, Sheffield. Notebook labelled and dated "Inorganic Chemistry’. Notebook, 'Jaborandi Alkaloids" (few pages used). 1928-29 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 B.17-B.29 Work at Harvard, 1939-42 -B.17,B.18 2 notebooks labelled on spine ‘Linstead Private Assistant Work! and II'. Expt. notes by RPL and others. 1940-42 B.19 B.20 B.21 B.22 Notebook begun at Sheffield, continued (at rear) at Harvard. lack loose-leaf notebook (with some loose pages inserted); notes on various projects, including RDX. 1939 1942 1942 Notebook of expts. at Harvard, with index (not in RPL's hand). 1940-41 Notebook, ‘Harvard experimental’; notes of expts. on catalytic hydrogenation, some dated. (e, 1939-42 B.23-B.26 4 large loose-leaf notebooks dealing mainly with work on unsaturated lactones. diagrams, calculations, some dated. Notes on books and articles read, expts., 1940-42 Loose notes probably taken from loose-leaf notebook on ‘Cardiac Glycanides', mainly books and articles read. c. 1942 Loose notes (as B.27), 'Metathetic changes in Steroid Group. Stereochemical Aspects’. c. 1942 Misc. reports by RPL and others; work on enzymes etc. 1941-42 n.d. 1944-45 Loose-leaf notebook, ‘Abstracts and Translations’. Looseleaf notebook, misc. notes, mainly on amino-acids. Misc. notes and drafts, perhaps for lecture, 'The Renaissance of Chemotherapy’ (on Penicillin). Misc. notes on scientific organisation and research in post-war Britain, with related printed material. Loose-leaf notebook, first page reads 'Field for Research. Own Laboratory’ (mainly plans for research, probably for Chemical Research Laboratory, where RPL was Director 1945-49, one project dated 1946). misc. expt. notes, corres. 'Phthalimide metallic compounds! (G.T. Byrne?); cyanines experimental Work'; B.34-B.45 work at Imperial College, 1932-38, on phthalocyanines B.34-B.80 | Notes and Working Papers B. 34 'Phthalo- c. 1930-32 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 B.35 ‘Iso Indoles Phthalozines etc.'; Chemistry of the iso Indoles and related compounds’ (not in RPL's hand); PGC, 1932; Christopher Ingold, 1937. typescript of 'Phthalocyanine Formula’ by notes by RPL on the literature; includes: ms draft of 'The corres., Sir Free from organic reagents Metallic phthalocyanines includes: corres. 1933-36. J.M. Robertson (one "Lithium Pc. Reduction'; letter addressed to J. Thorpe), E.H. Rodd, W.A. Silvester; ms progress report by E.G. Noble on ‘Preparation of pyridino- ms progress report porphyrazine and intermediates', April 1935; by RPL and typescript of ‘introduction’, March 1935; typescript of 'New methods for the preparation of metallic phthalocyanines’ dated 9/12/35, RPL; experimental results, notes and data (in various hands), photograph of crystal. 1932-37 1933-36 ‘Report on further attempts to prepare porphyrazines (tetra- 'The preparation of substances related to phthalocyanines’, typescript report of work in progress. 1. April 1936; 2. zaporashins) from derivatives of maleic acid', typescript. 3. phthalocyanines. ICI Dyestuffs Group Research Committee report on 1. 2. 3. notes on the literature. -Ms reports on research programme. 'P. A. Barrett Reports’: 1. 2. reactions of lithium phthalocyanine’ by RPL and PAB, 5-2-36. 3. Typescript of 'Preliminary Report on the preparation and Typescript of reports by D.A. Frye, 1937. notes (in various hands) Mostly bibliographical notes, 'Cyanohydrins of ketoesters'. "Simple phthalocyanines Literature’; on the literature. Preparation of cyclic dienes. Diels-Alder Reaction. Cyanohydrins of Ketonic esters’; notes on the literature, offprints (esp. on Helberger's work). "Absorption Spectra 1938-39'; notes, experimental readings, curves; includes note from E.A. Braude dated 1951 on comparison of results of experiments 1938-40 and 1951. Absorption Spectra to 1938'; — charts and graphs of ms draft in unidentified hand with annotations by 'M.P.' curves; RPL; experimental readings. "Benz-aza-porphins and Benz Porphins Literature'; 1938-39, 194 corres., 1938-39 B.45 *Phthalocynanines Light Absorption Reprints articles by RPL and others; ms draft of 'Part VI'. B.46-B.52 Work at Harvard, 1939-42, on catalytic hydrogenation by RPL and research team. B.46 Misc. notes, diagrams, experiments, notes on the literature, corres. with C.S. Marvel, F.H. Slinger, misc, related drafts and offprints, notes for colloquia by RPL. "Naphthalene Models of the Cardiac Aglycones' by William G. Dauben; covering letter. typescript of 'experimental section’ of report and ‘Oxidation of crotonic acid and ester. 4 pp typescript, 21 pp carbon; ‘Research Report February to August 1940, William S. Johnson'; corres.: Homer Adkins, unidentified Ist page. R.C. Jones, July 1941'; R.C. Jones: of crotonic acid; corres. research reports on Digifoline Ciba, and Oxidation "L. Holmes'; ms draft of unidentified paper. Misc. students! research reports and accounts of laboratory work (some annotated by RPL) from Dale P.J. Goldsmith, Selby B. Davis, Elizabeth J. Cook, Leonard Spector, etc. 1940-41 1940-41 n.d. 1940-41 1941-42 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 S Rit 10 RPL'; reprints of 1936-50 Dexter B. Harold Baer.' typescripts of: The Synthesis of Draft (ms), typescript (uncorrected carbon) of 'Model "Research report 1941-42. ‘Research report November 1940 to May 1941. Typescript of review by RPL of ‘Organic Synthesis’. Letter to Prof. Arthur B. Lamb submitting papers on ‘Current papers 1941'; 1. 2. Pattison. ' 3. Compounds related to the Heart Poisons, i. Aldehydo Acids by the Rosenmund Reaction*.' 4. 5. Stereochemistry of Catalytic Hydrogenation I-VII, 1942, for J. Amer. Chem. Soc. Synthetic resin development’ by W.D. Scott. "Muconic lactones’; paper, list of references, ms notes by B.A. O(rkin?); on work performed by other members of team. notes on the literature; includes: ms memo. ‘Synthetic rubber. ‘Synthetic rubber’; Misc. notes on Synthetics: Summer 1942', 6pp.; ‘German Synthetic Fatty Acids and Fat'; ‘Synthetic Indigo'; natural resources and chemicals production); duction of synthetic alkali by Leblanc; printed M.O.S. report on German Chemical Industry, 1944; cuttings on synthetic rubber, 1942; chemical raw material potential and its relation to the Trend of misc. American press- typewritten report 'The 'U.K. Statistics’ (of notes on early pro- typescript of notes 1942-44 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 B.54-B.72 Work at Imperial College B.54 "Blue Benzonitrile Compound’; lecture notes dated May 1947 (? not in RPL's hand); typescript of 'The Blue Compound - Dr. Thomas'; misc. notes by RPL. graph labelled 'Blue Compounds - Absorption Spectra’; 1947-54 "MP Tetrazaporphin', Whalley, Ficken, Baguley; typescript of 'Tetrazaporphin', report by M. Whalley; of chart 'preparation and light absorption of mixed pigments'; reports of reszarch; of research and priorities for supplies; RPL's notes on the literature; offprint; RPL's division RPL's notes and calculations. typescript "Oxidation Reduction of Macrocyclic Nuclei’; typescript of ‘catalytic hydrogenation of porphyrins and of tetrazaporphins' by M. Whalley; typescript of 'Oxidation of porphyrins by Chromic acid' by RPL (13.12.54); research progress report by Miss E.M. Stephen; offprints; RPL's notes and ideas on the subject. RPL's notes on the literature; General and speculative’; "Macrocyclic rings. by RPL ‘formation of metal-free macrocycles from heterocyclic diimines by elimination of ammonia in reactions which do not involve oxidation and reduction procedures’; ms note by RPL, "macrocyclic pigments are considered aromatic for chemical and physical reasons'; diagrams by RPL. extensive notes and ms notes by others; typescripts 1952-54 . 1950-53 .c, 1954 ms draft of paper ms draft (in unidentified hand) of RPL's publication plans for December 1953, "MP Imidines with open chain intermediates’; called 'Imidines divided into preparation, reactions, applications’; offprint with notes; on the literature; RPL's extensive notes with ideas on the subject. note from J.A. Elvidge 1954; "Hydrophthalic papers’; "Imine derivatives of A8 hexahydro- and of octahydro-iso indoles’; RPL ms draft of paper headed ‘Blackley, Nov 5th 1953' with contents given as 'l intermediates, I] tetrazaporphins, III Miscellaneous'; December 1954. of structures. "Vitamin B]2'; of mtgs. held at Great Burgh on 11 June and 24 June 1954; corres.: K.H.W. Turck, H.M. Stanley; ‘Speculation on Structure’ by RPL (containing postcript October 1954 of Oxford mtg. and report by D. Hodgkin). "MP Cross conjugated macrocycles (Clark) HCI Adducts of Nitriles'; "Hydrogen transfer’; report by R.B. Johns. RPL's notes on the literature; ‘progress RPL's notes on the literature; RPL's notes and diagrams 5p typescript notes on the literature; offprints; copy of notes 1954 RPL's notes R.P. Linstead CSAC#30/7/75 C-links Gore Fitt' (work on chlorophyll). 2 articles "MP Porphyrins Obituary of Sir Jocelyn Thorpe by G.A.R. Kon; by Melvin Calvin; fluorescence of chlorophyll; diagrams of structures of compounds and extensive notes; RPL's ms draft of 'polyenes and macrocylic intermediates from Dinitriles'. ms draft (in unidentified hand) on RPL's notes on the literature; 1942-49 "Iminazoles'; ms notes by RPL. - - . "Research Residual notes’. ] 2 3 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 0. hydro-carbons with air or oxygen’ 1947). Notes on the literature (not labelled). Notes on ‘fatty acids and ringworm’. ‘Interesting reduction levels in (Hydro}f ' ‘lon exchange Resins’. Work on Acenaphthylenes. ‘Catalyst Hindrance', 1949. ‘Bases’. 'Stereochemistry of hydrogenation: Trimenic Acid’. 'Langenbeck'. 'Miscellaneous' (incl. typescript of ‘liquid-phase oxidation of - ] "Research Problems.’ "Research Project. Reserve Maferial' etc. Misc. notes and drafts on hydrogenation, ms draft in unidentified hands; RPL's notes. Draft paper on hydrogenation 18.4.50.': draft; File also Kolbe Tetrahydro program = Cartwright Decarboxylation.' Letter from H.J. Cartwright enclosing ms draft on Kolbe electrosynthesis; "Dr. Whalley. typst. of ‘hydrogenation of acenaphthylene'; chart. contains: offprints by RPL; progress reports on research by P.W.D. Mitchell, G.E. Ficken; draft research programme for P.W.D. Mitchell. D.D. Eley "MP Reserve Material'; typescript of 'preliminary tests to be applied for conversion of Intermediates into Phthalocyanines. Revised July, 1935'; Haddock, Feb. 1950; 1950; to Macrocyclic pigments', May 1950; typescript of 'The Phthalocyanines as semiconductors', by Azaporphins Aza Intermediates." "MP Phthalocyanine RPL's notes, some headed 'War Jobs', some dated 1950. typescript of 'Screening of Intermediates for conversion notes on the literature; ms notes of discussion with Paine, Piggott, typescript of 'Maleic Series', March "Higher Hydrocarbons.’ Hydrocarbons', n.d.; Offprints; notes Higher Petroleum ‘es 1950 ‘ec, 1950 1935-50 typst. of 'Hydrogen transfer - 2'; notes on the literature. R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 ; notes; correspondence Notes on the literature; "Pentalenes.' from C.T. Blood 1951, 2 abstracts of Thesis submitted for Ph.D. by Blood; MS and typescript of 'Non-Benzenoid conjugated ring systems, of simple pentalenes' by C.T. Blood and RPL; correspondence from Prof. John D. Roberts (MIT) enclosing typescript of 'The Synthesis of Some Bicyclo [3.3.0.] octane derivaties’, 1951 experiments directed towards the synthesis Part 1. B.72 B.73-B.81 Research Programmes and Reports 1950-55 (many with extensive notes by RPL) B.73 "Research projects and Literature for sorting’; drafts: ‘dihydronolyenes acids'; ro misc. notes and "hydrogenation of benzene’, 'dibenzpentalene series', Opety notes on the literature. RPL's "Research Topics.’ research topics; cycles and intermediates’ and typescript; reports on research. ms list of provisional allocations of RPL's ms summary of research programme 'macro- copies of various "Research Programmes 1954-55'. of Macrocyclic Field’ (summary of research programmes prepared by RPL); reports of studenis on their research; notes. ms typescript of 'Division RPL's . 13 1950-51 1953-54 RPL's notes on the subject. Research programme and progress Reports on research prepared by students; "Research Students’ Progress Reports due on 28 March 1955.' typescript list of 'New Organic chemistry research "Research Topics 1943-55'. reports prepared by students for RPL; research students and fellows. laboratories’; "Organic Chemistry Research Students’ Progress Reports, February 1955-7 "Anodic Synthesis Kolbe Reaction and Synthesis. Projects.’ of 'Crossing and Coupling Reactions’ setting forth the development of the Kolbe reaction, five lines of 'attack' on the problem and preliminary plans for experiments to achieve this end; on the literature; M. Blackman. "Unsaturated lactones and Unsaturated Acids.’ proiects and reports; notes on the subject. Misc. notes and drafts on Research projects, mainly Hydrogen transfer and Catalysts; reports of research by P.W.D. Mitchell, RPL's ms notes on ine subject. notes by RPL on the literature; Research typescript c. 1950-52 RPL's notes Research RPL's R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 e Lectures. Items C.1 - C.20 C.1,C.2 Lectures on ‘Natural Products’, given at Harvard. 2 folders 1940 €.3 Loose-leaf file, ‘Lectures ingeneral organic chemistry. 2nd year post intermediate’; ms notes for lectures in the series, offprints. 1949-50 "Postgraduate lectures "Synthetic High Polymers", Monday 6th and Monday 20th March'; "Chemistry in Society, 25 Oct. 1949. a Changing World’ given to Imp. Coll. Chemical ms draft of lectures; typescript of "P.1.3* lecture Macrocyclic pigments 1952'; ms draft of lectures; file also includes ms draft of lecture at Cambridge on Azaporphins, March 1954 (see also C.7). *3rd year post intermediate lectures in organic chemistry. 1952-54 Lists of RPL's lecturing engagements in Britain and abroad. - 1950-55 Lectures 1949-50: "Chemistry in a Changing World’, 25 Oct. 1949, Imp. Coll. Chemical Soc., typescript. "Chemical Research and Human Affairs', 17 Feb. 1950, lecture in Imp. Coll. series 'Ends and Means in Science’, typescript. typescript with ms annotations, aid of Crosby Hall notes (in Leciures 1951: 'The Stereochemistry of the Smethyl muconic acids’, paper presented at Royal Society, 1 Nov. 1951; typescript of diagrams. RPL's notes, abstract, "Chemistry in your Life’, 28 Dec. 1950: Endowment Fund; another hand). ‘Aspects of the Catalysed Addition and Transfer of Hydrogen in Organic Compounds', 4 May 1950, S.W. Counties Section, Royal Institute of Chemistry, ms draft, typescript of drawings, offprint. ms draft. ‘Some recent developments in macrocylic pigments’, 8 Feb. 1952, Univ. of Manchester; ms draft, typescript, preparations of slides. "Transfer of hydrogen between organic compounds', 21 Nov, 1952, Univ. Coll. of Swansea; 5 Dec. 1952, Portsmouth Chemical Soc.; ‘The Transfer of hydrogen between orgariic compounds’, 16 Nov. 1951; diagrams, print. lecture at St. Andrews, ms draft, typescript of slide R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 C.10,C.11 Pedler Lecture (2 folders) "Discoveries among conjugated macrocyclic compounds', Thirteenth Pedler Lecture, 22 Jan. - London; Aberdeen: of slides, demonstrations, references, diagrams and tables and graphs, offprints used in preparing iecture, ms draft of lecture. (J.R. Ruck Keene, A. Barclay, M.A.T. Rogers.) corres., 3 typescript drafts with ms annotations, lists 12 March - Lectures 1952-53: "Transfer of hydrogen between organic compounds', 31 Dec. Science Masters' Assoc.: of RPL's lecture. (Dr. Victor A. Carpenter.) ms draft, corres. re draft of account "Value of Anodic Reactions in organic chemistry’, April, prepared for meeting of Electro-Organic Div. of Electrochemical Soc., New York: ms draft 'Anodic synthesis: diagrams (copy of paper missing). corres. re RPL & Weedon paper to be read at meeting, lectures, old notes', typescript of (Dr. Stanley Wawzonek. ) 1953 "The Synthetic Dyestuffs Industry and its consequences’, lecture to L.S.E. Students, 12 Feb.: ms material collected for the lecture, notes by RPL and others, bibliography and extensive notes. ms draft of lecture, typescript, RPL's notes. (6, 1953-54 RPL's notes on visit to E.T.H., Lectures 1953-54: "New Intermediates', Imp. Coll. colloquium: Lecture on Anodic Synthesis, Manchester, 17 Nov.: offprints of articles by RPL and his research team. Zurich Lectures 1953 Lectures to Organic Chemistry Dept. of Eidgendssische Technische Hochschule, Zurich, 4-6 May: RPL's typescript report of visit, corres. (Sir Roderic Hill, Prof. V. Prelog), drawings made for lantern slides, ms draft of lecture on hydrogen transfer, typescript of slides for lecture on anodic syntheses. "The Stereochemistry of catalytic hydrogenation’, Chem. Soc., Univ. of Leicesier, 18 Oct.: ms draft, slides, corres. (Prof. L. Hunter). ; Lecture at meeting of British Association, Oxford, Sept. 'Chloro- phyll and related hydrides of macrocyclic pigments': scientific material (notes by RPL and others), bibliographical notes, reports of research (R.B. Johns), copy of programme for B.A. meeting, ms draft for lecture, corres. (K. Schofield, J.A. Elvidge, J.W. Cook). "Hydrogen transfer', Chelsea Polytechnic, 24 Feb.: corres. re lecture at Sir John Cass Coll. ms draft, 1954 ms notes, 1953 1954 1954 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 'The Structure of Chlorophyll: New analytical and synthetic evidence', paper read at Chemical Society Symposium, Exeter, 14 July.: annotations for publication - not entirely in RPL's hand), corres. with organisers and editors. notes for slides, typescripts (one with extensive 1955 Ninth Hinchley Lecture typescript of lecture with RPL's "An education for our Times?'. delivered at the Institution of Chemical Engineers, 5 Nov. 19573 ms annotations and additions, uncorrected carbon copy, list of questions prepared by RPL for secretary(?), copy of the lecture as printed in Transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, 36, no.1, offprint, list of people who received offprints, notes collected for lecture, list of persons to be invited. Maitland Lecture delivered "Quality in Scientific Education’. at the Institute of Structural Engineers, 22 Nov. 1962: carbon copy of speech with amendments by RPL, offprint in The Structural Engineer, 41, no.1, 1963, extract of speech published in Education Today, March 1963, background material - re publication, list of guests, preparation of slide, list of people to receive preprints and offprints. ms and typescript, press cuttings, corres. (1960-63) 1957-58 1957 1958 1962-63 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 Publications, books, articles, reviews. (Not all these items are listed in the Bibliography of the Royal Society Memoir) Items D.1 - D.20 ‘Synthetic Dyestuffs': contract and misc. corres. with publishers and colleagues (RPL was unable to complete this project because of pressure of other commitments). 1947-53 "British Chemical Research’, article in British Chemicals Overseas: typescript with ms corrections, corres. with editors. 1948-49 "Chemistry and the Amenities of Life': Chemistry and Man, Spon, London 1953; publishers, copy of book. RPL's contribution to misc. corres. with 1952-66 Revision of 'Phthalocyanine section’ in 2nd ed. of The Colour Index: corres., proof. Report on RPL's contribution to the British Association symposium on Complex Natural Colouring Matters: typescript of illustrations, draft letter to ed. of Nature correcting error in report. corres., RPL's draft notes, ° Obituary notice of Sir Roderic Hill: typescript. A Course in Modern Techniques of Organic Chemistry "A Guide to Qualitative Organic Chemical Analysis', memorandum of agreement, copy of review, corres. re 2nd printing. "Modern Techniques in Organic Chemistry': memorandum of agreement, copy of review, corres. with Butterworin re revisions, 2nd edition, publication (some of the 1956 letters deal also with 'A Practical Course in Organic Synthesis! to be written by Drs. Crombie and Smith), typescript list of papers to be written on research carried out under RPL's supervision (1956). Corres. re: by RPL, J.A. Elvidge, M. Whalley; A Guide to Qualitative Organic Chemical Analysis by RPL, B.C.L. Weedon (corres. re these 2 books is so interdependent that files cannot be segregated) : corres. with Butterworth and with co-authors, RPL's notes of meetings, corres. after publication from readers, typescript of preface to Guide. with ms corrections (not in RPL's hand). 'A course in modern techniques of Organic Chemistry! by RPL, J.A. Elvidge, M. Whalley (published 1955): typescript 1955-59 1956-65 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 D.11 "Chlorophyll and related compounds. and A. Lichtarowicz), J. Chem. Soc., p.733. no.195: covering note to editor. corres. with Eisner 1956, typescript and ms of RPL's Part VI' (with U. Eisner Roy. Soc. Memoir ‘Conjugated Macrocycles. E. Stephen, M. Whalley), J. Chem. Soc. p.3879. Memoir no.197: typescript of paper, corres. with Dr. Margaret Elvidge (Dr. M. Whalley). Part XXXI' (with G.E. Ficken, Roy. Soc. "Heterocyclic Imines and Amines. and A.M. Salaman), J. Chem. Soc. p.208. no.200: typescript of paper, corres. with Elvidge. Part IX' (with J.A. Elvidge Roy. Soc. Memoir '1:2-Dicarboxylic acids. succinic acids and their derivatives’ (with J.H. Golden), J, Gren Soo, fp. fae. The x-ethyl - al methyl! Part IV. 1957-58 "Chlorophyll and related compounds. of bacteriochlorophyll' (with J.H. Golden and G.W. Whitham), J. Chem. Soc. p.1725. typescript of both papers, corrected proofs, corres. with co-authors. Roy. Soc. Memoir nos. 198, 199: The structure Part VII. Article on '8th Quinquennial Congress of the Universities of the Commonwealth’ for Educational Supplement: corres., ms draft of article. Roy. Soc. Memoir nos. 206, 207: corres., draft with RPL's corrections (article Parts XVII and XVIII’, J. Chem. Soc. corrected mss and "Hydrogen Transfer. 1960. comments, typescript, corres. "Science and the Universities’, for Times Special Supplement on Royal Society Tercentenary: corres., typescript. "Biochemistry at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London’, article in Nature, 26 March: corres., typescript draft, proof. ‘London meets the Technological age’, article for The Advertiser, So. Australia: written by G.S. McDonald). Misc. book reviews: Review of vol.10 of Thorpe's Dictionary of Applied Chemistry, Nature: ms with typescript notes, proof. Review of Chemistry of Carbon Compounds, Vol.I!, Part A, for Journal of Royal Institute of Chemistry: typescript, corres. 1960 1958-59 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 Review of The Chemisiry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Vol. VI: typescript, corresp. Review of The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, with Indole and Carbazole Systems: prepared by J.A. Elvidge), corresp., typescript (review was Review of ‘The Cheniistry of Carbon Compounds, Vol.II, Part B: corresp., typescript of review. Review of Index to Thorpe's Dictionary of Applied Chemistry: corresp., typescript, proof. 1954 1956 Review of A Short History of Technology, for 'Endeavour': corresp., typescript, other reviews of the book (Trevor Williams). 1960-61 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 EX Items E.1 - E.62 Committees and Consultancies. Although Sir Patrick served on many important scientific and government committees, no personal papers relating to them appear to survive other than those listed below. are in the Public Record Office. Official documents relating to E.3 and E.5 E.1 Natural Resources (Technical) Committee (Chairman: Sir Solly (now Lord) Zuckerrnan): corres. on formation and meetings of Committee with Chairman and government officials; resignation Aug. 1956. RPL's (RPL was Royal Society The Perkin Centenary Celebration. representative on the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Scientific Technical Committee until his appointment as Rector of Imp. Coll.: he resigned the Chairmanship in Dec. 1954 but remained a member of the Scientific and Technical Committee and also of the Committee of Honour.) minutes of Committee meetings, suggestions and arrangements for Centenary Celebrations, lists of members of Committees, enquiries from chemists overseas. Corres., m2mos and Ministry of Works Advisory Council on Building Research and Development (Requirements and Materials Panels): invitation to serve, membership of panels, closure of service after 2-year period. (Minutes and Committee papers returned to PRO, Ref: Ministry of Works RDAC/P.63.) 1950-57 1954-56 March 1955- Aug. 1957 British Advisory Group, Committee on Scientific and Technical invitation to serve, drafts of evidence and report, Personnel: copy of Report to NATO Special Committee on Scientific and Technical Personnel, | July 1957, and subsequent discussion and comment of proposals. only where they are or bear RPL's annotations, emendations or comments. Official papers have been retained essential to the understanding of the work G.C. (58}are in the PRO. Committee of Enquiry into Government Chemist's Department (Chairman: RPL; Secs.: Mrs. M.B. Sloman, Dr. A. Hassell): invitation to serve, constitution and membership of Committee, terms of reference, meetings and evidence submitted, drafts and discussion of Report, corres. with colleagues, secretaries, etc. Note: Official papers and reports, evidence submitted to the Committee by government departments etc. are retained only where they are of special relevance or bear RPL's annotations and amendments. All other Committee papers (ref: H.M. Treas. June 1957 - Oct. 1958 — R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 E.6-E.25 British Association study Group on 'The Education of the Graduate Scientist in School and University’, sponsored by Jan. 1958 - Nov. 1960 The British Association, supported by Leverhulme Trust. The report was published as 'The Complete Scientist’, OUP 1960. Chairman: RPL; Miss Jane H. Lidderdale OBE. Committee papers have been kept in fu!l (20 folders). Note: Sec.: Background material, arrangements for receipt of published reports, date, relevant press-cuttings etc. for Sec. (Miss Lidderdale), corres. with Central Advisory Council for Education. Preliminary stages of enquiry; subject of enquiry and subsequent meetings; to serve as Chairman, composition of Committee. RPL's draft suggestions for formal invitation corres with members of Group and Ist meeting 20 Nov. 1958: sponsors about meeting on 20 Nov. 1958; preliminary papers on terms of enquiry, outline of scope and objectives by RPL and Secs.; agenda, papers and Chairman's briefing and Minutes for Ist meeting, 20 Nov. 2nd meeting 6 Jan. 1959: arrangements and corres.; draft questionnaire to Univ. Registrars, Schools and Faculties for factual information, amended ond revised; agenda, papers, Chairman's briefing and Minutes. Jan. - Nov 1958 Nov. 1958 Jan. 1959 Corres., questionnaires and letters to Univ. and schools for information; drafts for papers, meetings and discussions. Jan. ‘Yo? corres. and papers on questionnaires 3rd meeting 29 Jan. 1959: agenda, papers, Chairman's briefing, Minutes (incl. Ist Quarterly Report to Brit. Assoc. ). Corres. on collection of data, circulation of questionnaires to schools and universities, and replies, incl. 2nd Quarterly Report to Brit. Assoc.). Ath meeting 16 June 1959: and replies received, agenda, Committee papers, Chairman's briefing, Minutes (incl. full summaries by Sec. of evidence received). 1959 6th meeting 19 Oct. 1959: agenda, Minutes, 4th Quarterly Report to Brit. Assoc. 7th meeting 23 Nov. 1959: agenda, papers, Chairman's briefing, Minutes. University issues ... a personal opinion’, B.A. Corres. with Committee members on matters arising from Ath meeting; Sth meeting 24 Sept. 1959: agenda, papers, Chairman's briefing, Minutes. (Papers incl. RPL's Chairman's Paper ‘Answers to 3rd Quarterly Report to Brit. Assoc. June - Sept 1959 Oct. - Nov. SE 34 10.11.59). R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 E.16 fe Wf 8th meeting 21 Dec. 1959: papers, Chairman's briefing, Minutes. corres. and arrangements, agenda, 9th meeting 15 Jan. 1960: arrangements for meeting, draft of Report Chap.| with ms.notes and amendments by RPL; agenda, papers, briefing and Minutes. Sth Quarteriy Report to Brit. Assoc. Corres. on draft of report; 10th meeting 12 Feb, 1960: agenda, papers, Chairman's briefing, Minutes; Incl. 5th Quarterly report to Brit. Assoc; and Chaps.! and I] by Miss Margaret McCraeth (RPL's Secretary), 5 pp. draft Chap. II] with RPL's ms.notes and amendments. on Introduction 22 Nov. - Dec 1959 Dec. 1959 - Jan. 1960 Feb. 1960 Corres. with Sec. on RPL's amendments to crafts of Chap.I] and Ill of Report; agenda and Chairman's notes for 11th meeting 25 Feb. 1960. Agenda and Minutes of 12th meeting 11 March 1960. Jan. - Mard 1960 misc. corres. on publication of report, editorial 6th Quarterly Report to Brit. Assoc.; report; arrangements etc. and for RPL to speak on Committee's work to Education Section, Brit. Assoc., Cardiff, 1 Sept. 1960. corres. on contents of March = Jun 1960 Corres. with members of group and others, re party given by RPL at Brit. Assoc. meeting, Cardiff, Sept. 1960; guests lists etc., press-cuttings. July - Sept. 1960 notes and drafts by RPL for B.A. Study Group; complete Misc. ms copy of B.A. Report in final draft, with ms note on findings and recommendations by RPL. Arrangements for RPL's paper at B.A. meeting, Cardiff; invitation, drafts and typescrip{ of paper and summary; arrangements for British Council reception (host: RPL) at Cardiff. Misc. corres. on publication of 'The Complete Scientist’ (OUP 1960); distribution of copies, some letters of appreciation, misc. corres. on RPL's Brit. Assoc. address ‘Broadening the Education of the Graduate Scientist’, The Advancement of Science, Nov. 1960. from discussions with colleagues at Imperial College; agenda and Scientific and legal corres. including: for meetings at 1.C.1. lab. in Blackley, notes from those meetings, notes on the experimental work in progress at Imperial College, notes on methods of preparation of material, summaries of progress, notes Misc. corres. re RPL's consultancy with I.C.1. Dyestuffs Group, Courtaulds Ltd. etc. List of Committee papers circulated. E.26-E.33 Division) 1938-45, 1950-54: !mperial Chemical Industries Dyestuffs Group (later Dyestuffs RPL's ms,notes in preparation 1950-54 gE. E.26 April - Aug 1960 1938-45 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 lists of compounds, notes prepared by Imperial College workers minutes of meetings held between RPL and |.C.1. staff (many with RPL's amendments and additions); requests for samples; for RPL on results of laboratory experiments; notes and memos prepared by |.C.1. staff on the results and findings obtained; provisional specifications; patents entitled 'Improved process 'Tetra-aza-porphins and for the making of colouring matters', their intermediates'; typescript of 'Formation of tetrazaporphin pigments by reaction between two dissimilar imidines' on which patent specification was based. 7 folders: 28 (29 «30 3] 32 033 7 1950 1951 1952 Patents 1953 1953 1954 .34-E.62 Hedley v. Unilever: RPL was retained as consultant by Thomas March 1952 The The case was not brought. legal and scientific corres.; reports on Bristows, Cooke and Carpmael (Solicitors) legal and technical documents. Chief correspondents Thomas C. Yule (Field Roscoe and Co., Solicitors), H.R. .34-E.46 Misc. technical and legal documents and experimental data (many Hedley and Co. in their case against Unilever Ltd. documents include: experiments, laboratory tests etc., many by RPL; arrangements and agenda for meetings, demonstrations, laboratory visits etc.; drafts for legal submissions, many annotated and amended by RPL; periodical summaries and progress reports on scientific tests, many by RPL; are: Galleymore (Chief Chemist), W.H. Adamson (Research Laboratories), G.H.R. Watson, Frank B. Dehn and Co. (Patent Agents) for Thomas Hedley and Co.; for Unilever. 25 Nov. 1952 30 May 1952 30 June 1952 -47-E.62 Correspondence: 16 folders: 4 March (one -47,- 4a 49 50 Fol 29 Sept. 1952 1 July 6 Aug. 1 Oct. 31 July 1952 annotated). > R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 E.52 E.53 E.54 €.55 E.56 1 Dec. 24 Dec. 1952 12 Jan. 1953 26 Feb. 1953 5 March 1 April 15 May 30 March 1953 30 April 1953 23 June 1953 EY A 7 July 29 Sept. 1953 E.90. Rar E.60 E.61 E62. 2 Oct, 3 Nov. 23 Oct... 1953 23 Dec. 1953 6 Jan. 1954 29 Jan. 1954 5 Feb. 5 April 29 March 1954 18 June 1954 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 F. Scientific and professional correspondence. _Items F.1 - F.37 Fa F.2 F.5-F.37 Corres. re obtaining offprints and back issues of learned journals. British Patent Application 1097/51: ‘Manufacture of Amino Compounds by the Catalytic Reduction of corres. Nitro Compounds': with Patent Agents and National Research Development Corp, E.A. Braude's ms-summary of experimental results, copies of British Patent Application and official documents, RPL's notes. 2 typescript ; British Patent Application no.1097/51: corres, typescript of application, agreement with National Research Development Corp. Correspondence with J.C. Speakman’: 'Macrocyclic Pigments. corres., tracings of projections, draft and offprint of 'The Crystal Structure of an Analogue of nickel phthalocyanine’ by J.C. Speakman, published in Acta Crystallographica, 1953, 1946-47 1951-52 1952-54 1952-54 33 files of corres. in chronological order. The corres. is of a scientific nature containing letters re research projects, consultancies, the exchange of offprints and of samples of chemical substances, the publication of papers, etc. contain lengthy notes by RPL's departinental colleagues. entire file pertains to one topic, its contents have been enumerated in the handlist; indexed. Many of the files If an 1949 1949 1948 | otherwise the year has been noted and the correspondents by micro-organisms',. Nature, 168, p.772:) Corres. with W. Charles Evans and typescript of "Experiments to test the pathway from cis-cis muconic acid to b-Ketoadipic acid', with comments by RPL. "Chemistry of the oxidation metabolism of certain compounds (Paper was published as 1950 1949 1950 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 Fi16 Corres. with R.T. Williams re muconic acid, typescript of abstract 'The Metabolism of Benzene’ by D.V. Parke and R.T. Williams, RPL's comments on the draft. Corres. re RPL's consultancy in paient dispute; prepared by RPL and B.C. Weedon. copies of report 1951 'Polypyridyles': corres. with F.H. Burstall, offprints of papers by Burstall on the subject, note by E.L. Braude. 1952 1952 1952 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953-54 1953-54 1954 1954 1954 1954 1955 Corres. with William Mitchell re work on chlorophyll, RPL's notes on the subject, typescript of Mitchell's paper 'The Structure of Chlorophyll". 1960-62 Corres. with T.V. Arden re history of Chemical Research Laboratory. . Work on uranium ore treatment. Corres. re RPL's consultancy in penicillin patent controversy. _ 1956-59 1956-57 1955-56 1958-59 1960-64 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 ADAMS, Roger ADAMSON, W. H. ADKINS, Homer ADRIAN, Edger Douglas, Baron Adrian of Cambridge EO, Picdh Cseeor cal E.47 - E.62 B.48 PaO A.52 | ALDRICH, Michael ALLAN, F. E; ALLEN, Sir Donald (Richard) ALLEN, Sir George (Vance) ALLEN, Milton J. AMORY, Viscount see HEATHCOAT AMORY APPLETON, Sir Edward ARDEN, T. vy. ARONOFF, S. | G7 te, £10, GAR cozy eet A.50 Eat, Gao F.22 Rize, Cii19-E.7 F.32, °F .34 F.33 ASHBY, Eric, Baron Ashby of Brandon, Suffolk A.o0, £:16,7c.20, €,2) BAILEY, Ronald William F.11 : : BARTON, C. BAKER, J. WwW. BARRETT, F. BARRETT, F. us L. WwW. Pitts Feeiy Fano F.20 F.32 F.33 F.20 ciae BARTON, Derek Harold Richard BEAVER, Sir Hugh Eyre Campbell BAKER, Wilson BARD, Basil Joseph Asher BATE-SMITH, Edgar Charles : BATEMAN, L. A.27 BEECHER, Most Rev. Leonard J. Archbishop of East Africa A.57 DE BEER, Sir Gavin (Rylands) BETTS, General T. BERLIN, Sir Isaiah Far eso ae A.57 BENNETT, G. M. BERGEL, Franz C.20 Rael Fatt Cee, oe au ‘ R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 BHATNAGAR, Sir Shanti S. BIRCH,.3. E BISHOP, Frederick Arthur BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron Blackett of Chelsea BLOOD, C. ai DE BOINVILLE, C. BONDY, Herbert F. BOWDEN, Frank Philip BRADLEY, William BRAGG, Sir Lawrence BRAUDE, Ernest Alexander BRENNAN, J. B. BRIDGES, Edward, Baron Bridges BROOK, Norman Craven, Baron Nermanbrook of Chelsea BROWNLEE, George Ri; £223 F.22 A.50 C.20 B.72 E.7 F.8 A.54 E.2 E.16 F.3, F.32 C.19 A.53 E.5 F.21 F.22 F.7 F.32 F.6, F.7, F.8, F.18 F.7 F.1] BURN, Joshua Harold BURSTALL, Francis Hereward BUSTON, H. WwW. CAHN, R. CALVIN, Melvin BRYCE-SMITH, D. BULL, Benton A. BUTLER, John Alfred Valentine B.44 F.21 F.23 F.15 B.66, F.32 F.35 F.25 Eea F.15, F.24 A.51, E.21 A.50 CLIFFORD, Sir (Geoffrey) Miles COCK CROFT, Sir John Douglas CARDWELL, H. M. CHIRNSIDE, R. Gi CLEMO, George Roger CARTWRIGHT, H. CHAIN, Sir Ernst (Boris) CHASE, Basil H. LOFFEY,:5S, R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 CONANT, James Bryant COOK, J. COREY, Es Ws A CORNFORTH, John Warcup COTTRELL, Alan Howard COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon CROSLAND, Anthony CROWTHER, Geoffrey, Baron Crowther of Headingley DAINTON, | Sir Frederick (Sydney) DANIELS, Forrington DAUBEN: Heth eo y, DAUBEN, William G. DAUBERT, B. F. DAVIS, Selby B. DICKENS, Frank DOERING, William E. F.32 6.47 F.35 F.29 A.56 F.6 A.52, A.56 ASI Cig £.7 F.7, F.19 F.24 F.10, F.20 F.5, F.29 F.25 F.7, F.8 F.19 F.7, F.35 F.12 oR F.9 EISNER, N. M, ELEY, David Douglas ELVIDGE, John Arthur DOROUGH, C. DREIDING, Andre EGERTON, Sir Alfred C. EISENBRAUN, E. J. DRURY, Sir Alan (Nigel) ECCLES, David McAdam, Viscount Eccles A.50 A.51 A.53;.CA9 F.35 D.11 F.5 B:5¢, ©. 17, 0-7,.0<13,.D.20 _ ELVIDGE, Margaret (née Whalley) E.27-E.33, F.35, F.36 EVANS, W. Charles Bae C.20 C.19 D.12, F.32, F.36 EWER, D. Ww. EYRGy whe Vargas EMMERSON, Sir Harold EVANS, Sir (B) Ifor F.13, F.20 F.28 E.7 F.20 Pid, F tpt ote A.52 F.4 F.3] E.27 - E.33 C.20 E.Ay= E.62 F.29 F.22 D.14 F.28 F.35 A.54 F.20 R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 FALK, John FEATHER, Norman Fibsch, Louis-t. FIFE, James G. FOLLETT, Sir David (Henry) FORT, Richard FOSTER, G. FRANCE, Harold GABOR, Dennis GALLEYMORE, H. GAVLIN, G. GETTLER, Joseph D. GOLDEN, J. H. GOLDSCHMIDT, Stefan GRAY, Charles Horace GREENE, Hugh GRUNDMANN, C. HELPETZ yt. Earl Halsbury HANNAH, John HARRISON, £. HADDOW, Sir Alexander HALES, J. b. HAPPOLD, Frank Charles | HADDOCK, N. H. HARINGTON, Sir Charles (Robert) HALSBURY, John Anthony Hardinge, F.23, F.28 E.27 - E.33 A.54 F.8, F.12 F.2, F.6 D.19 F.19 F.11 €.27 = £93 F.10 F.9, F.20 HEATHCOAT AMORY, Derick, Viscount Amory HEALEY, Rt. Hon. Denis W. HASSALL, C. He HEILBRON, Sir lan HEILBRONNER, E. _ A.56 E.5 F.22 F.6 HAWORTH, Robert Downs R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 HENNESSEY, Dennis HERINGTON, E. HEWITT, John HEWLITT; Wo HEY, Donald Holroyde HICKINBOTTOM, W. HILDITCH; T. P; HILL, Robert HILL, Sir Roderic HILLABY, John HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold (Percival) HINDLE, Edward HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HOFMAN, Klaus HOGG, Quintin McGarel, Lord Hailsham of Marylebone HOLBEIN, Arthur M. HOSE, G. HOWELL, O. ¢. Rhys F.2 F.8 A.53 A.53 F.27 a F.30, F.31 F.9 A.50, F.20 F.24 F.37_ A.50 F.12 F.31 A.54 F.32 F.17 F.21 F.25, F.31 F.25 F.7,F.11, F.12, F.14, F.24, F.29, F.33, F.35 B35, .F.27 r; Fs M. HOWTON, David R. HUBER, W. HUNTER, R. JACKMAN,, L. INGOLD, Sir Christopher (Kelk) F.29 E.5 F.8, F.21 B.49 F.9 JONES, Sir Ewart (Ray Herbert) JOHNSON, Alan Woodworth JOHNSTON, Sir Alexander D.19 vier F< 22 F.24 F.8 JOHNSON, R. iS JONES, R. JONES, R. JORDAN, L. A. JOHNSON, William S. Gy Norman “FAQ, Fld JACQUES, Jean JENNER, J. R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 KABASAKALIAN, Peter KARRER, Paul KEANE, John KEFFORD, J. r; KEIR, Sir David Lindsay KENNER, James KLENK, E. KLINGSBERG, Erwin KLYNE, William KNOX, R. ROG ys KON, George A. KUEHL, Frederick A. LANNING, H. John LE FEVRE, Raymond James Wood F.25 F.20 F.31 F.12 C.19 F.22 F.23 F.27 F.9, f.15, F.20, F428,.F.31 F.28 F.8 F.10, F.11 Bi07% F.6 F.14 LEWIS, John A. LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben F.20 F.6 A.50 F.36 F.21 LOGAN, Sir Douglas William LONGUET-HIGGINS, Hugh Christopher LONSDALE, Dame Kathleen LUTTING, MacDONALD, D. MACKENZIE, E. MAITLAND, R. MANN, J. E.2 “MERTON, Sir Thomas (Ralph) MENTER, Sir James (Woodharn) MELVILLE, Sir Harry (Work) MAXTED, E. B. MAXWELL, lan Robert R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 MICHAELIS, Anthony R. MILES, Sir (Arnold) Ashley MISSEN, Leslie Robert - MITCHELL, William MORGAN, C. D. MORRIS, Charles Richard, Baron Morris of Grasmere MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) MUIR, Sir Edward MULLER, Adolf NEAL, Bernard George NEALE, S. M. NEUBERGER, Albert NEUZIL, E. NICHOLLS, Sir John (Walter) NICHOLLS, R. V. vs NOCKOLDS, Harold NOZOE, Tetsuo F.7 rato E.21 F.26 C.20 Bagt E.12 E.3 F.23 C.20 F.25 D.5 F.21 E.2 F.8 D.18 F.24 F.28 F.3 Fl Pass tops te N. E. ORKIN, Bernard A. OWEN, Alan Huet OROSHNIK, W. NORMANBROOK see BROOK NYHOLM, Sir Ronald (Sydney) : OWEN, L. OXBURY, Harold Frederick OXFORD, A. Cet? PENDER, John Willoughby Denison-Pender, Baron Pender PATON, William Drummond Macdonald PETERSON, Alexander Duncan Cam PERRIN, Sir Michael (Willcox) A.5] A.57 A.50 F.19 Gage Oey A.53 rece PERRIN, D. Aes PARSONS, Denys R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 PICKHOLZ, 3. PILCHER, Richard PLAYFAIR, Sir Edward Wilder POLLOCK, Martin Rivers PORTAL, Charles Frederick Algernon, Viscount Portal of Hungerford POSTERNAK, T. PRATT, D. PRIDE, William E. QUASTEL, Juda Hirsch QUIRK, Roger RAHA, Chittaranjan RAO, B. Sanjiva READ, Herbert Harold REED, H. Ww. B. RIMINGTON, Claude ROBERTS, John D. F.17 A.50 C.20 Fi. Ze A.50 F.32 F.8, F.12, F.34 F.33, F.36 F.35 Bi 47 RICHARDS, C. ES RIDEAL, Sir Eric (Keightley) ROBERTSON, John Monteath ROBBINS, Lionel Charles, Baron Robbins of Clare Market F.20 F.33, F.35 A.53 E.27 - E.33 F.20 F.6 F.8, F.20 A.53, C.20 B.72, F.19 B.36, F.11 F.23 F.6 B.36, E.26 Git¥, Dil, F.20-e oe, Five F.20 C.1b C8 dz Cult, Rad SCHENCK, C. SCHLAEGER, A. SCHMIDT, G. SCHOELLER, Ingmar A. SCHOFIELD, K. roe F.11 Fadi. B.34 ROGERS, M. A. 6, Ji M, ROSS, Sidney D. RUCK KEENE, J. RYDON, Henry Norman ROBINSON, Sir Richard ROBINSON, Sir Robert RODD, E. eB R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 SENGUPTA, S. SHEPHERD, N. Gi ti SHOPPEE, Charles William SIEDEL, W. SILVESTER, W. A. SIMON, Sir Francis SIMONSEN, Sir John SINKER, Sir (Algernon) Paul SISTROM, W. SOMERVILLE, John B. R. SPEAKMAN, J. STANIER, Roger Y. STANLEY, Herbert Muggleton STENHAGEN, Stina STEPHENS, R. STERN, Joseph R. STEVENS, Thomas Stevens F,29 C.19 F.19, F.29 F.28 B.36 F.8 F.31 A.53 F.32 E.7 F.4, F.15, F.21, F.23 F.1] B.60 F.9 F.29 F.27 F.9 A.54, A.55 F.28 F.35 F.25 F.14 STEWART, Michael STOTHERS, John B. STRONG, Prof. F. DHT 1, -Rs WwW. TEMPLE, R. B. THOMAS, Stanley L. SZMUSZKOVICZ , Jacob TAYLOR, Sir Hugh (Stott) F.32 F.8 F.11 F.11, F.19 A.50 F.32 F.32 F.15 TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron Todd of Trumpington Bee roy B.60 TREVAN, J. TURCK, K. TIMMONS, C. TISHLER, Max TURNER, Richard B. THORPE, Jocelyn TREIBS, Alfred Ww. i R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 ULLYOT, Glenn E. USHERWOOD, Ken VAN DORMAEL, A. VAN LOON, I. J VENABLES, Sir Peter (Perc y Frederick Ronald) VICKERSTAFE, T. VISCONTINI, M. VOGEL, Arthur |. WAIT, Peter WANZLICK, Hans Werner WARD, E. R. WASSERMAN, A. WATERS, William Alexander WATSON, G. H. 20 24 27 o29 AZ «27 -28 015 a .20 14 F.29, F.31 E.47 - E.62 F.6, F.8 C312 F.30 b70.8- C.19 F.24 F.9 F.24 E.12 F.7, F.10 D.14, F.33 E.2 F.15 p Cly WEINTRAUB, R. G WEISS, Frederick T. WEISS, J. WATSON, William F. WAWZONEK, Stanley WEBLEY, D- M. WEEDON, Basil Charles Leicester WEEKS, Roland Morce, Baron Weeks of Ryton WELBOURNE, Edward WHETSTONE, Richard R. E.2 WHITHAM, Gerald Beresford MM. WHITTAKER, C. WIGGLESWORTH, Sir Vincent (Brian) F216 F-2) D.20 WILLIAMS, Trevor III tyd WITZINGER-AUST, R. WIKEN, Torsten WILLIAMS, Richard Tecwyn R.P. Linstead CSAC 30/7/75 WOLFENDEN,, Sir John (Frederick) WOMERSLEY, John 8. WOODWARD, Robert Burns WRIGHT, George F. WRIGHT, William David YULE, Thomas C. A.56 Pity Pi2t F.8, F.35 F.6 A.54 E.47 - E.62 ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron Zuckerman of Burnham Thorpe ou!