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CSAC 80/4/81 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Socicty’s Catalogue of the papers of FREDERICK ALEXANDER LINDEMANN, C.H., F.R.S. VISCOUNT CHERWELL OF OXFORD (1886 - 1957) VOLUME III Sections Jand K Conspectus of file numbers Index of correspondents Deposited in the Library of Nuffield College, Oxford All rights reserved Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Julia Latham- Jackson 198] F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 SECTION J POLITICS AND THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY J.1 - J.163 Cherwell's political influence, direct and indirect, was considerable. In addition to his membership of official committees and advisory bodies consequential upon his _ distinction as a scientist with special knowledge of aeronautics and defence, his personal acquaintance with many leading politicians and social figures such as Birkenhead, Simon and Churchill, with industrialists such as Mond, McGowan and Nuffield, and newspaper proprietors and editors such as Beaverbrook, Camrose, Barrington-Ward and others, all gave an unusual dimension to the pressure he could bring to bear, on individuals and on general public opinion, in the inter-war years. His advice was frequently solicited, whether on a personal basis or as a request to submit a memorandum or an article for publication. Cherwell was a Conservative. He supported the Party and its candidates at elections, and most (not all) of his political writings were published in conservative His main interests were far newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph and The Times. from narrowly partisan, however: he campaigned for a strong Britain with an active (See especially defence policy supported by scientific and technological research. F.1 - F.39 for correspondence, committee papers, reports and other material on pre-war Ata local level, he was extremely active during the Thirties in the air defence.) affairs of the Oxford Conservatives in City and University, and aspired to enter Parliament as Burgess of the University at the General Election of 1935 and again at the Oxford by-election in 1937 (see especially J.18 - J46). With the outbreak of war in 1939, the value placed by Churchill on Cherwell's advice assumed an altogether new importance, increased still further when Churchill became Prime Minister in May 1940. Prime Minister's specialist advisers, and although Churchill had access to additional sources of information, Cherwell remained a close, trusted and honoured companion. After the war, Churchill continued to turn to Cherwell for advice and information, appointing him to the Conservative Consultative Committee during the years in in the General Election of 1951. opposition, and to the Office of Paymaster-General after the Conservative victory Although Cherwell was only one among the F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party From 1941, Cherwell's peerage gave hima seat in the House of Lords and a secure hearing for topics in which he hada special interest. he continued to campaign for recognition for science and technology, improved educational facilities and greater financial expenditure on research, he maintained his concern with defence problems, now transformed and complicated by the development of nuclear weapons. was nutrition and food supplies, matters which became of particular importance A new, perhaps unexpected, preoccupation To the end of his life In addition, during the war and the post-war ‘austerity’ years. The material follows a roughly chronological sequence, occasionally broken It includes reports and to allow papers on a particular subject to be kepf together. memoranda by Cherwell or sent to him for information by colleagues or members of the general public, drafts for speeches and writings, Parliamentary arrangements, and correspondence, For additional material relating to Cherwell's concern with scientific and technological education, and with nutrition, see Section E. during the Second World War, see Sections F, Gand H. For material relating to Cherwell's service in the Churchill administration Many of the ‘Personal and Social' letters in Section K refer to the house- parties and social gatherings at which Cherwell could exchange ideas with politicians and others. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party Correspondence with Lord Hugh Cecil re Safeguarding of Industries Bill, 1921. Copy of Treasury report on 'simplification of the Income Tax', sent forcomment by P.J. Grigg, with 1] p. ms. comments by Cherwell, 1922. Also included here are 3 cards of notes by Cherwell on German reparations, and Franco- German interests in the Ruhr, 1922. Correspondence re nominations as Chancellor of Oxford University, 1925 and 1928. Includes ms. draft letter by Cherwell inviting Birkenhead to accept nomination, n.d. Letter re Cherwell's bet with Lord Rothermere on election result, 1929. Correspondence, 1930-31. Mainly re composition of Oxford University Conservative Committee (the 'Caucus'). Correspondence re India Defence League, 1932-35. Invitation to Cherwell to join Council of the League, correspondence re meetings. Included here is later correspondence, 1934-35, from Viscount Wolmer, retiring Chairman of League, re Cherwell's help on the Amendments Committee of the India Bill. Oxford University Elections Committee. Memorandum and Resolution on gold and exchange standard, June 1932 (by J. Taylor Peddie). voting and costs at election of Burgesses, 1922-29. These cover the period of the reorganisation of the 'Caucus' and the preparation of a new constitution for the Elections Committee; Cherwell was a member of the re-organised Committee (from 10 March 1934), The Committee was formed 'to promote the Conservative cause in the Constituency, and to provide an organisation .... Minutes and papers of committee meetings, November 1932- July 1934, Also included are reports and statistical analyses of the F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J9- 5.12 Correspondence and papers, 1933, J.9 Shorter correspondence, January-June re invitation to Churchill to address Oxford University Conservative Association, re Address by Flandin on gold standard. Correspondence and papers, September-October. Mainly renominations as Chancellor of Oxford, and organisation of Conservative associations and com- mittees at Oxford. Includes minutes of meetings, membership lists, draft letters to press. Cherwell played a major part in the reorganisation of the 'Caucus' on less autocratic lines. Correspondence and papers, November-December. Similar material, re organisation of various Conservative associations at Oxford. Cherwell's letter of 24 November to Lord Iddesleigh gives a clear account of the proposed resident and non= resident Conservative Committees (a meeting of 'non- residents' was held at the House of Commons on 30 November). Shorter correspondence on political affairs, November. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party JotS=J.47 Correspondence and papers, 1934. Almost all concerned with Oxford Conservative politics. Arrangements for visit by Churchill to address Oxford Conservative and Unionist Association in February. Correspondence, January-February, re reorganisation of Elections Committee, with draft proposals, nominations, etc. (See J.15 for minutes of committee.) Continuing correspondence, May-August. Includes material and Minutes re Organising Sub- Committee, and reference to Cherwell's possible nomination as Conservative candidate. Material re circulation of non-resident Conservative voters. Shorter correspondence on political matters. Includes letter from J. Simon suggesting his interest in standing as Burgess; nomination of Cherwell as Treasurer of Canning Club; congratulations on reform of Conservative organisation at Oxford; study groups, etc. F.A. Lindemann, CSAC 80/4/81 7 Lord Cherwell Politics and the Conservative Party J.18-J.26 Correspondence and papers, 1935. A General Election was held in October. Cherwell hoped to secure the nomination as candidate for Burgess of Oxford University in place of Sir Charles Oman. He was supported by Oxford University Conservative Association but the selection meeting in London chose C.R.M. Cruttwell as its candidate. At the General Election, however, A.P. (later Sir Alan) Herbert, standing as an Independent candidate, was returned and Cruttwell forfeited his deposit. | The material includes election addresses and manifestos, letters to the press as well as correspondence reflecting the intense activity of Cherwell and Oxford Conservatives. Correspondence, January-March. re Nomination of candidate for Burgess-ship. Includes membership lists. Correspondence, April-June. Letters preceding and following the meeting in London on 3 June at which Cruttwell was selected in preference to Cherwell as second Conservative candidate. Circular letters and information re London selection meeting, June. Reports of sub-committees to discuss organisation of con- stituency, relations with undergraduate society, representation, finance, etc. n.d., unsigned, probably by Bolton King with ms. amendments by Cherwell. 28 pp. typescript with many ms. corrections. General affairs of Oxford Conservative Associations. Includes Cherwell's refusal to sign election manifesto of conservative candidates. Election addresses and manifestos issued by Burgess candidates for General Election, October. Includes draft of A.P. Herbert's 'Letter to the Electors', Includes Cherwell's letter to Oxford Magazine. Correspondence, June-October. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party Letters on results of election. Correspondence, November-December,. te Constitution of Senior Branch, Oxford Conservative Association; Cherwell's election as Vice-President, Federation of University Conservative Associations, etc. Miscellaneous correspondence on Conservative politics. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party JSv27* 5.87 Correspondence and papers, 1936 This was another year of intense political activity, and Lord Hugh A by-election Cherwell announced his eventual disappointment, for Cherwell. arose on the appointment of the Senior Burgess, Cecil, as Provost of Eton. candidature, and began canvassing for support, in July. The Oxford University Conservative Association (the 'Caucus') declined to support Cherwell at a meeting in October, and adopted Sir Farquhar Buzzard as its official candidate at the Selection Meeting held in London on 9 December. Conservative, and at the election (February 1937) the Conservative vote was split almost equally between him and Buzzard, and the Independent candidate, Sir Arthur (later Lord) Salter took the seat. Cherwell pursued his campaign as Independent Cherwell and his supporters (including Winston Churchill) made great efforts to mobilise their forces, issuing many manifestos, reminders, press statements, etc. these, like the extensive personal correspondence with individuals, refer to defence matters and especially to air defence, this being to Cherwell one of the vital issues of the day and one where he hoped to exert influence in Parliament. Several of see J.40-J.46. Material covering the election itself continues into 1937, Cherwell's letter of resignation from Oxford University Conservative Committee, and his election manifesto (issued on same day), 11 July. Correspondence, January, about a letter which had been published in the Oxford Magazine on the subject of the 1935 election, and which Cherwell considered defamatory, con- templating legal action. Mainly re Salter's nomination as Independent candidate. Correspondence canvassing support for election candidature, on basis of Cherwell's own manifesto ¢ 11 July, and also of a later statement drafted by Churchill and signed by statesmen, industrialists, etc. who were not members of Oxford University (see J.31). Correspondence, August. In alphabetical order; in some cases only Cherwell's carbon survives. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party Letter from Churchill, enclosing draft letter of support, with suggested signatories from both Houses of Parliament. Correspondence, September-15 October. Mainly canvassing support, requests to friends to attend adoption meeting of Oxford University Caucus held on 24 October (which decided not to support Cherwell as official candidate). Includes some references to Cherwell's recent visit to Russia, problems of air defence, etc. as well as immediate electoral matters. Correspondence, 19-31 October. Includes material sent by Cherwell to Churchill, who spoke at the Oxford Union in his support on 30 October, letters to The Times, request for article for Oxford Magazine, etc. Correspondence, November. Continuing canvassing and letters to the Press, in prepara- tion for official adoption meeting in London on 9 December. Correspondence, December. Preceding and fdlowing the adoption meeting at which Sir Farquhar Buzzard was chosen as the official Conservative candidate. Includes letter from L.S. Amery describing the meeting and advising Cherwell not to proceed with his candidature. ‘Brief’ prepared by Cherwell for his supporters, on the history of Oxford Conservative organisations, and electoral contro- versies, 11 November. Arrangements for meetings, speakers, etc. Draft and printed manifestos, letters of support, polemics, letters to press, etc. put out by Cherwell and his supporters in the course of the campaign. Letters, schedules, etc. mainly from E. Bolton King re the running of Cherwell's election campaign. Includes later correspondence, 1939, from a canvasser who claimed he had not been paid. Correspondence re affairs of Oxford University Conservative Association. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.40-J.48 Correspondence and papers, 1937, The by-election for the Oxford University Burgess-ship, when Cherwell stood as Independent Conservative, was held in February. The poll closed on Saturday, 27th. Most of the material relates to the run-up and aftermath of this event. Letters of support, advice, etc., January-February. Includes comments by Solicitor-General on Cherwell's election address, telegram of suppat from Rothermere, letter from old school-fellow at Blair Lodge, etc. Letters to Press (Sunday Times, The Times, Oxford Magazine, Daily Telegraph). Drafts and correspondence, February 1937. Correspondence with Sir Roger Keyes re his letter to The Times supporting Cherwell, which was refused for publication, February. Letters of commiseration received by Cherwell on losing the election, March. Includes telegram from Churchills. Draft and published election manifestos, letters to press, statements issued by Cherwell, etc. Includes election addresses of Buzzard and Salter. Shorter letters of commiseration (not indexed). Cherwell's carbon replies to correspondents. Letters to Press, and other statements by Cherwell, commenting on the election, March. Shorter political correspondence. General correspondence on affairs of Oxford University Conservative Association, and its Senior Branch. Mainly re meetings and speakers. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party Correspondence and papers, 1938. Mainly shorter correspondence re Oxford Conservative activities. Includes draft constitution for Senioy/Graduate Branch of Oxford University Conservative Association, with ms. revisions by Cherwell, Correspondence, September-October 1939. Mainly with R.F. Harrod, re statistical estimates of costs of armed forces, and re Harrod's 11 pp. memorandum on need for a central economic council, forwarded by Cherwell to Hankey. Correspondence and papers, 1943. Shorter exchanges on Social Security, House of Lords business. Correspondence and papers, with C. Weizmann and officials, on Jewish affairs, mainly in Palestine, September-November 1943, Fiowr 5.06 Bre Correspondence and papers, 1944, Includes memoranda, affidavits, etc. General correspondence. Also included here is a little earlier correspondence, on the 'Jewish Force', December 1940, For further material on Palestine,. see G.543. Includes background information, and correspondence, Correspondence with Lord Melchett re incidents in Palestine. Cherwell's speech in House of Lords on postwar defence, 23 pp. Russia’, April 1944, Correspondence, papers and press-cuttings on 'The Poles in F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.57-J.61 Correspondence and papers, 1945. S07 Correspondence, etc. with Churchill. Includes invitation to join Churchill's Consultative Committee to discuss policy of the Opposition, corres- pondence and comments on speeches or articles on atomic weapons, nuclear power, etc. Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. Mainly re Harrod's resignation from the Admiralty, and his campaign as a Liberal candidate for Huddersfield at the General Election; correspondence re publications. involvement with the Liberal party and his Huddersfield campaign in his 'personal memoir' The Prof, London 1959, pps.243- 255.) includes draft of speech, and (Harrod discusses his Correspondence and papers on atomic energy. Includes notices of meetings, correspondence re debate in House of Lords, letters from general public, etc. General political correspondence. re Election results, V-bombs, Family Census, Palestine, etc. Article 'My visit to Russia' by Mrs. Churchill, describing her impressions of Russia on a visit as Chairman of the British Red Cross Aid to Russia Fund. 16 pp. dated May 1945 and sent to Cherwell, June 1945. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.62-J.67 Correspondence and papers, 1946. J.62 Correspondence, etc. with Churchill. Includes correspondence and comment on speeches, letters to press, etc., on India, econamics, nutrition. Correspondence on House of Lords business. Budget debate, nationalisation of iron and steel, nutrition, Atomic Energy Bill, health service, India. Correspondence and papers on Palestine. Correspondence and papers on nutrition. Includes several requests for newspaper articles on the subject, arising from Cherwell's speeches in the House of Lords. Correspondence on atomic energy. Includes references to American affairs, committees, Coal Nationalisation Bill and Compensation Tribunal, meetings of Atomic Scientists, telegram from Baruch, etc. See also correspondence with J.L. Tuck, D.246. General political correspondence. re India, tanks, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.68-J.74 Correspondence and papers, 1947. J.68 Correspondence, etc. with Churchill. Mainly on coal situation, also India, economic affairs. Correspondence on House of Lords business. _te Debates and speeches on food, Cotton Bill, coal (includes draft speech), Industrial Organisation Bill, Planning Bill. Shorter correspondence on House of Lords affairs and debates, Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. On economic affairs and production statistics; includes draft for an article by Harrod on intemational control of atomic energy. also Correspondence and papers on nutrition. Including correspondence arising from Cherwell's speeches and letters to the press on the subject. General political correspondence. Includes request for reference tosupport E.G.R. Heath's candidature as Conservative M.P., arrangements for Cherwell to address 1922 Committee on Letters from the general public about nutrition, and on Cherwell's speeches and writings on the subject (not indexed). See E.22 for a note on additional similar letters which have not survived. food situation, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.75- 3.83 Correspondence and papers, 1948, Je2S Correspondence with Churchill. Mainly notes provided by Cherwell for a broadcast by Churchill (on economic and production figures). Also includes invitation to meeting to read King's Speech on the opening of Parliament. Correspondence with Melchett. Mainly on Palestine, and Anglo-Indian relations. Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. On economic planning, production, etc. Correspondence with F. Pakenham (Longford). On production figures; includes letters to press. Correspondence with R.A. Butler. On Conservative Party's draft 'Agricultural Charter’, Includes Cherwell's comments on the draft. Correspondence with Lord Winster, on Cyprus Airways, A Sub-committee, chaired by Material relating to Radioactive Substances Act, 1948. This measure was introduced in the House of Lords by Lord Inman on 24 April 1947, and was not accepted on its original terms, discussion being postponed at Cherwell's instance. Cherwell, was set up by the Atomic Scientists Association to consider the Bill and make recommendations. Cherwell also had consultations, on the basis of the Sub-committee's report, with officials on the re-drafting of the Bill, and with scientific colleagues on the wording, The re-drafted Bill passed through the House of Lords in April 1948, set up under the Act. The material includes reports, memoranda and correspondence, 1947-48, and invitation, 1949, from the Minister of Health (A. Bevan) to Cherwell to serve on the Advisory Committee F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party General political correspondence, January-April. re power stations, petrol rationing, atomic science, Capital Punishment Bill, sterling balances, and other matters. General political correspondence, May-December. re food subsidies, defence, recruitment, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.84-J.96 Correspondence and papers, 1949, J.84 Correspondence with Churchill, te technological education, atomic energy, devaluation, Masterman report, etc. Correspondence on House of Lords affairs. Brief correspondence with Simon re Finance Bill, and Mountbatten Private Bill. Correspondence on House of Lords affairs. Wireless Telegraphy Bill. Correspondence, memoranda, draft amendments, etc., re radio interference, with special reference to North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board, Includes letters of thanks for Cherwell's assistance in Committee and Report stages of Bill, and later material on Amendments to Bill, Correspondence on House of Lords affairs. Correspondence on devaluation. Correspondence on defence. Correspondence on nutrition. Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. Industrial Production Debate. Correspondence and background material. Mainly on devaluation, balance of payments, etc. Includes draft of a note by Harrod on Keynes. Correspondence with Churchill on defence. industries, Masterman report, etc. General political correspondence on housing, nationalised F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.94-J.96 Letters from the general public arising from Cherwell's speeches and writings (not indexed), 1946-49, 3 folders: Economics and Finance. Petrol. Coal, transport, education. See J.73 for similar letters on food supplies. Many similar letters were destroyed in the review of the Cherwell papers in May 1965. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.97=J. 105 Correspondence and papers, 1950. oF Correspondence with Churchill, On atomic weapons, Includes draft by Churchill of history of 'Tube Alloys' (wartime atomic bomb project), and a note by Cherwell on Anglo-American interchange of information on nuclear research. Correspondence with Churchill. On economic affairs, 'invisible exports', European Payments Union, guided missiles. Comments on draft Conservative election programme, sent by Cherwell to R.A. Butler. House of Lords affairs. re King's speech, Air debate, House of Lords affairs. Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. Correspondence on economic affairs. Mainly background statistics and information sent by Conservative Research Department. Correspondence on defence. te Finance Bill; European Payments Union. includes background information on Includes a little material re possible Parliamentary candidature for Harrod, On economic affairs, especially European Payments Union and sterling convertibility. General political correspondence. With officials, and with members o general public re inventions and devices. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.106-J.118 Correspondence and papers, 1951, J.106 Correspondence with Churchill. On defence, and organisation of British atomic energy research, Arrangements for journey to Washington in Churchill's party, January 1951. Autograph letter from Groves, 23 January, about events at Yalta conference, and other matters concerning develop- ment of atomic bomb, which he hoped Cherwell might pass on for him to Churchill. Reports and memoranda on defence matters, c.1951. Also includes later correspondence, 1954, on FIDO at London Airport. See also J.143. See G.223-G.225 for wartime material re FIDO. Minutes between P.M. (Churchill) and Cherwell, November- December 1951. On military and economic matters. Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. On miscellaneous military and economic matters. There is an itemised list of the Minutes inside the front cover of the folder. Minutes between P.M. (Churchill), Cherwell and others, November 1951-May 1954, affairs, and written reply by Pakenham. On economic affairs, revaluation, exports, etc. Includes draft article by Harrod on revaluation, and press-cutting of article on disinflation. House of Lords affairs. Mainly re Cherwell's contributionsto debates on economic F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party Minutes and memoranda, on various economic topics, sent to Cherwell by Statistica! Branch, mainly by G.D.A. MacDougall (Chief Adviser, Prime Minister's Statistical Branch). Also includes Cherwell's memos. to ministers. Material begins 1951 and continues to July 1953. Minutes and memoranda, on production, balance of payments and other economic topics, exchanged between Cherwell, ministers and Statistical Branch. Material begins 1951 and continues to May 1953. Minutes exchanged between Cherwell and Membersof the Government on various topics. There is an itemised list of the Minutes inside the front cover of the folder. Material begins 1951 and continues to July 1953. Correspondence on atomic energy/weapons. General political correspondence. includes correspondence with Mainly with scientific colleagues, re affairs of Atomic Scientists Association, and re Fuchs case and security. On economics, defence; President, Bell Telephone Laboratories re technical education and re Shockley's research. F «A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party Je 19+ J. 135 Correspondence and papers, 1952. FNP Visit to Washington and Otiawa with Churchill, January 1952. Briefs and notes‘on defence, economics. Visit to Washington and Ottawa. Administrative arrangements, lists of participants at various functions, memorabilia, personal correspondence. Minutes for Churchill, Drafts on atom bomb tests in Australia, sterling con- vertibility. Minutes and memoranda between Churchill, Cherwell, ministers and officials, all topics, January-December. Minutes, notes and memoranda exchanged between Churchill, Cherwell, ministers and officials, mainly on economic affairs and sterling convertibility. Note on atomic energy. Material begins February 1952 and continues to June 1953. peer. 129 Three folders of minutes, notes and memoranda exchanged between Cherwell, Churchill, ministers and advisers, on economic affairs and sterling convertibility. Memoranda sent to Cherwell by economic advisers, on inter- national wheat agreement. Minutes and memoranda exchanged between Cherwell, ministers and economic advisers, on economic affairs, balance of payments, etc. February-July 1953. Material begins April 1952 and continues to June 1953. There is some overlap of material and date between the folders, which remain in the order as received, November 1951-March 1953. July 1952-March 1953. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party Correspondence with R,F. Harrod. Letters and memoranda, mainly on sterling convertibility, ‘dollar gap', Harrod's decision to abandon Parliamentary candidature. Correspondence with Chancellor of Exchequer requesting income tax relief for parents paying for private education. Similar requests are included for 1953 and 1955. Correspondence re construction of power stations. Mainly putting forward suggestions for cheaper and more rapid methods; a committee was set up, chaired by Sir Hugh Beaver, to enquire and report. Includes drawings and memoranda. Material continues to November 1953. Reports and papers on defence and State of the Nation. Correspondence re oxygen supplies for the Everest expedition planned for 1953. General political correspondence. On economic affairs, visit of American atomic scientists, Marshall Scholarships, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.136-J.144 Correspondence and papers, 1953. J.136 Correspondence with Churchill. On atomic energy, communist infiltration. Three-power meeting in Bermuda, with Churchill, December. Brief correspondence and programme of meetings. Minutes and memoranda exchanged between Churchill, Cherwell, ministers and officials, all topics, January- December. 139 Papers and reports on economic and defence policies. .140-J.142 Correspondence and papers on National Service. Cherwell argued that deferment should be The material, which runs from February 1953 to August 1955, is mainly concerned with arrangements for deferment for scientists. indefinite rather than tied to specific periods of research, or types of work. cases of researchers at the Clarendon Laboratory, and British scientists working overseas, as well as with the general principles of deferment in the national interest. The correspondence deals with specific The Technical Personnel Committee of the Ministry of See also J.109. Correspondence and papers, 1953. Includes memo. on deferment by Zuckerman. Correspondence and papers, 1954-55. Draft White Paper on Defence and National Service, 1953. Labour and National Service accepted the principle of indefinite deferment in March 1954, and the scheme was ready for implementation in March 1955, See G.223-G. 225 for wartime material re FIDO. Mainly on costs and methods of installing fog dispersal device at U.K. airports, and comparison with American experience. Correspondence runs January 1953-June 1954, and includes memos. and reports. Includes copy of scheme for deferment as finally agreed. Correspondence and papers on FIDO. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Pa rty General political correspondence, Includes notes for speech introducing Harold (Later Lord) Watkinson at Oxford Conservative meeting, and letter thanking Cherwell for attending meeting in support of Oxford City Conservative candidate. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.145-J.149 Correspondence and papers, 1954. J.145 Correspondence with Churchill. On atomic affairs, South Africa, Includes request for Cherwell to attend Cabinet meeting, 7 July. Minutes and memoranda exchanged between Churchill, Cherwell, ministers and officials, all topics, January 1954- December 1955. Correspondence re atomic energy. Includes memo. by Cherwell on Oppenheimer, corres- pondence, etc. on salary scales for scientists, and on affairs of Atomic Energy Authority. General political correspondence. Cherwell's draft letters to colleagues on honours or appointments. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party Jeter d.153 Correspondence and papers, ‘1955. J.150 Jie Ji.t52 Correspondence on House of Lords affairs, questions and debates. Memos. by Cherwell, on Long-range Rocket Research, Russian Technology, sent to Churchill, 22 February. Correspondence and papers on atomic and nuclear energy. Includes paper on residual radioactivity (not by Cherwell), letter to Duchess of Marlborough on dangers of hydrogen bomb, etc. General political correspondence. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.154-J.157 Correspondence and papers, 1956. Jel 54 House of Lords affairs. re debates on nutrition, mining subsidence, international affairs. Correspondence, etc. on nuclear energy. Mainly on thermonuclear reactions, and on construction. Correspondence on defence matters. Shorter political correspondence. Includes Cherwell's message in support of L. Turner, Oxford Conservative candidate. J.158-J.160 Correspondence and papers, 1957 (to July only) J2158 House of Lords affairs. Shorter political correspondence. re Suez crisis. Correspondence, etc. on nuclear energy and fall-out. Question on University finance, debates on water resources, lung cancer. Undated ms. notes by Cherwell on economic affairs. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 J.161-J.163 J.161 Politics and the Conservative Party Miscellaneous Conservative Associations, Oxford University Conservative Association, 1941-55 (and Canning Club). Mainly correspondence with successive Presidents and officers, re meetings and dinners, requests for Cherwell to arrange visits by Churchill and Eden, etc. City of Oxford Conservative Association. City of London Young Conservatives. Shorter correspondence, Conservative Political Centre, 1948-55. te Conferences, Summer Schools, etc. Cherwell addressed the Summer School on 'The Condition of Britain'in 1948, F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 SECTION K © PERSONAL AND SOCIAL CORRESPONDENCE K.1 - K.327 The material is presented in an alphabetical sequence. Shorter exchanges are grouped together in a single folder which may therefore include letters from more than one correspondent; more extensive exchanges, or material of particular bio- graphical interest, are assigned a separate folder or folders with terminal dates and a brief indication of content. Some of the exchanges are relatively trivial and consist of arrangements for social engagements or holidays, letters of thanks for visits to Cherwell at Christ Church or the Clarendon Laboratory, or for Cherwell's mediation in personal or university matters, and the like. Some references to political, military or scientific affairs occur, and in addition there are substantial exchanges of personal letters, with the Churchill and Melchett families, for instance, which complement the official correspondence elsewhere in the collection and indicate the close affectionate relations obtaining between Cherwell and his friends. Cherwell was well known, not to say notorious, for his courting of aristocratic or 'Society' connections during the inter-war years. The surviving correspondence, Numerous examples survive. popularity with his distinguished hosts and hostesses, his affection for and under- to him under their roofs. In some cases, the letters offer interesting sidelights on changing social circumstances before, during and after the Second World War. while confirming the truth of the matter, also testifies to Cherwell's lasting personal standing of their young families, and the range of guests and interests made available In his later years, Cherwell kept in touch with friends and acquaintances by diligently sending birthday greetings, or messages of congratulation on honours or appointments. presumably because no copies were kept of handwritten letters. All identifiable correspondents are indexed; some of the early letters are signed only with first or nick-names. Very few of Cherwell's own letters survive, F.A, Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Ab - Ad Adrian, Edgar Douglas, Ist Baron 1919, 1950, 1955 Ah - Al Alexander of Tunis, Harold Rupert Leofric George, Ist Earl Al Amery, L._ S. Includes a little military and political material. Anderson, John (later Viscount Waverley) ' Includes correspondence with Viscountess Waverley An 1934-50 1931-32, 1944, 1949 1944-45 1923, 194849 Ar Astor At - Ay Ba - Bai The Athenaeum 1930-56 See also ASTOR FOUNDATION Assheton, Ralph (later Clitheroe) and Assheton, N. Astor, William Waldorf, 3rd Viscount 1931-52 Correspondence 1936 and 1938 refers to air defence. Smith re photographs of Churchill at Marrakech. General correspondence re nominations and elections, including Churchill's election as Honorary Life Member. Includes Cherwell's certificate of election under Rule III, 1930. Includes correspondence, 1948, with C. Babington- F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Bailey, Ss N. Grant 1932-56 Bai - Ban Bar Barrington-Ward Correspondence with various members of the Barrington-Ward family. Bar - Bat Beatty, David, Ist Earl Beaverbrook, William Maxwell Aitken, Ist Baron 1926-27 1931-45 General personal and social correspondence with some political material. Correspondence 1940 refers to a report, angrily denied by Cherwell, of his midnight meeting with the 'Londoner's Diary' reporter at the Savoy Grill. Bea - Beg Bel - Ben Bennett, E. Benson, L. Bes - Bet Bev Berry, William Michael (later Baron Hartwell) Correspondence re an article about Cherwell commissioned from Bennett for The Reader's Digest. Includes 25 pp. draft of the article. Mainly re articles, letters, etc. contributed by Cherwell to The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post (see also Section E, passim). Bi - Bin (Wife of above, daughter of Ist Earl of Birkenhead) Personal and social correspondence, not all dated. Berry, Pamela Margaret Elizabeth c. 1930-57 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Birkenhead, Frederick Edwin Smith, Ist Earl of Includes card from Birkenhead re Chancellorship of Oxford (1925), telegram re illness of Cherwell's father, ms. note by Cherwell on the dispersal of Birkenhead's library (1930), letter re Last Essays (1930), correspondence re memorial bust of Birkenhead in Oxford Union Society (1932), letter to New Statesman defending Birkenhead (1957). Birkenhead, Margaret Eleanor (wife of above) 1923-53 Miscellaneous social and personal correspondence. Not all the letters are dated, and have been tenta- tively assigned from internal evidence. See also K.275, K.27 for correspondence with Hon. Eleanor Smith, and Hon. Pamela (Berry, later Baroness Hartwell) daughters of the above. Birkenhead, Frederick Winston Furneaux Smith, (‘Freddy'), 2nd Earl of c. 1921-60 Personal and social correspondence. 3rd Earl of Bismarck, Prince FUrst von Birkenhead, Sheila (wife of above) Lady Eleanor Smith, and of Cherwell Birkenhead wrote biographies of his father, Ist Earl, of his sister, (The Prof in two worlds, Collins 1961). Mainly personal and social correspondence; the letters, which date from Birkenhead's schooldays at Eton, cover almost all stages of his career though not all are dated. Birkenhead, Frederick William Robin Smith, One letter (as Viscount Furneaux), thanking Cherwell for advice on tennis. Bov - Bra Bj - Bl Bod = Bor Bos 1950 1933-36 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social! correspondence Brabazon of Tara, John Theodore Cuthbert, Ist Baron Correspondence of various dates, including some political references. Bracken, Brendan, Ist Viscount 1938-56 1933-56 Personal and social correspondence; some political matters are referred to, Correspondence 1948 includes Cherwell's recom- mendation of F.E. Simon as scientific correspondent of The Financial Times. Brad - Bre Bridges, R. and Bridges, Edward, Ist Baron Brinton Bro Bru c.1926-28 Buch Buck - But Cal - Cam 1953-56 includes But - Buz Ca - Cai Butler, Richard Austen, Baron Mainly personal correspondence; correspondence, 1955, re Cherwell's retention of flat on the top floor of 11 Downing Street during his service as Paymaster-General. Can - Car Mainly correspondence with lawyers re account of 'H2S' given in Calder's book Science makes sense and challenged by Cherwell. Camrose, William Ewert Berry, Ist Viscount Calder, Peter Ritchie (later Baron Ritchie~Calder) 1955 and Mary Agnes (Dolly) 1930-53 c. 1935-39,.1952 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4 /81 Personal and social correspondence Cas Cat - Ce Chamberlain, Sir Austen Includes letters from Lady Chamberlain and daughters. Cha - Che Chetwynd, R. ’ Includes some correspondence with A. Chetwynd (mother). Cho - Chu 1920-55 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence K.62-K.77 Churchill, Sir Winston Spencer, and members of the Churchill family 1923-57 Cherwell met Churchill in August 1921, through the Duke and Duchess of Westminster (see K. 308). He became and remained a close personal friend of the family, and Churchill himself rapidly formed the practice of consulting him on many subjects - history, current affairs, drafts of speeches and articles, or the mechanics of the water-garden at Chartwell. earliest dated letter. from Churchill is 1924; some are signed by secretaries. accompanied by reports, letters or documents on which Cherwell's advice was sought, but which have not survived. Some of the letters were originally The See Sections F, Gand H for Cherwell's memoranda, charts, etc. as Personal Assistant to Churchill and Head of Statistical Section, and later as Paymaster- General during the Second World War. See Section J passim for exchanges on political affairs. See A.56, A.58 for correspondence re Cherwell's service in Churchill's Goverment. 1924-26 1927-29 Includes telegrams re Cherwell's 'volunteers' in General Strike. Includes letter from Trenchard on bombing accuracy; correspondence re water-garden at Chartwell; miscellaneous requests for information from 'a fountain of erudition’, 1937-38 Includes plans for tour of battlefields. No correspondence survives for 1934 1930-31 1932-33 1935-36 F.A. Lindemann, CSAC 80/4/8) Lord Cherwell Personal and social _correspondence K.68 1939-43 Includes various letters sent to Churchill and passed on by him to Cherwell. 1946-51 Includes various exchanges re Churchill's history of the war, and correspondence, 1950-51, re mortars. 1952-55 Includes letter, 25 June 1953, re Churchill's stroke. 1956 Includes comments on Churchill's 'History of the English-Speaking Peoples'. Churchill, Clementine Ogilvy 1923-57 etches Baroness Spencer-Churchill of Chartwell) Social and personal letters, mainly re visits, holiday plans, family affairs; concern Churchill's birthdays, and gifts chosen by Lady Churchill for her husband, on Cherwell's behalf. several of the later letters her husband, 1957. 1950-56 Churchill, Diana (Mrs Duncan Sandys) Churchill, Mary (Lady Soames) 1927-35 1936-56 1923-49 1950-57 Many of the letters have no year in their date, and have been placed approximately. Includes a letter from Lady Eden (later Avon) about 1948-57 General personal correspondence re visits, studies at Eton and Oxford (Cherwell lent Randolph Churchill money to pay off his debts), Randolph's biography of his father, etc. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence and printed matter re Churchill (requests, presentations) and the Churchill family. Miscellaneous correspondence re financial arrangements, Trusts and endowments for the Churchill family. Churchill, Sarah (Mrs Oliver, later Mrs Beauchamp) c.1925-52 Churchill, Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer C, 1925-1957 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Cl Coc Colville, Sir John Com - Coo Cor - Cox Cra = Cri Cro Cu d'A - Da Dav - Dea de B - Den Includes correspondence with Marquise de Huppé (née Broglie), de Pange, Jean They had three and members of the de Pange family Count Jean de Pange married Pauline, sister of Maurice, duc de Broglie (q.v.). sons, Frangois, Maurice (d.1927) and Victor, whose studies at Oxford were actively encouraged by Cherwell. The greater share of the correspondence is from Pauline, but Cherwell was on friendly terms with the whole family. The correspondence deals with general family matters, including Cherwell's visits to the family home at Broglie. graduate student at Oxford, his marriage, etc. The letters are signed 'Broglie-Pange' or (later), 'B.P.'. de Pange, Pauline, comtesse de Pange Includes material re Victor de Pange's period as a Maurice (d. 1927) Victor de Pange, Jean, comte de Pange 1913-55 1912-56 1938 1921 1938, 1947-56 de Pange, Frangois F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence dErtangéer, i. Fi. A; de Rochetaillée, B. | Comtesse (Mother of Camille, who married Maurice de Broglie (q.v.)) 194] 1913-21 de Rochetaillée, F. de Savitsch, E. Desborough, Lady Ethel Includes message from Comtesse de Pange (q.v.) transmitted via Red Cross and Lady Desborough to Cherwell, 1943, Desborough, William Henry Grenfell, Ist Baron 1930-35 Included here are letters from the Desboroughs' daughters, Imogen and Alexandra ('Mogs', later Viscountess Gage) Grenfell De - Di Do - Dor Duncan Co’: 3. 1954-56 Dun - Duv Ec - Ed Dou Dow - Dun re projector for Cherwell's slide and photograph collection. Includes material re proposed portrait of Churchill by John, and a portrait of Einstein. 1932-38, 1946 Includes some political references, and some correspondence with other members of the family. Eden, Robert Anthony (later Ist Earl of Avon) 1953-57 Ed - Eld Elliot, W. Elliot, Katharine, Baroness 1946, n.d. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence El - Em Emmet, Evelyn Violet Elizabeth, Baroness 1941-57 Includes correspondence, 1957, re solar energy project in Malta, for which Cherwell recommended Prof. Harold Heywood. 1946-48 Emmett, D. Emm - Eu Ev Fa Fe - Ff Fi - Fis Fitz Alan, Viscount and members of the Fitzalan family Includes some political references. 1934-44 930-40 1926-47 Fle Fo FitzGerald, Amelia (Lily), Lady Mainly social, but includes letters from Vera and Chaim Weizmann. 1941, 1955-56 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Gladwyn, Hubert Miles, Baron Gladwyn, Cynthia, Lady and GI - Goll Goo Includes correspondence, 1941, with A. L. Goodhart about the serious illness of Kathleen Thomson, and the posting of G.P. Thomson as Scientific Liaison Officer to Canada. Graebner, W. Gra 1948-53 Includes correspondence, 1946, with L.S. Amery re wartime activities. Gravem, A. B. 1938, 1948-57 General correspondence, mainly personal but with some scientific references and comments on Anglo- American politics. Gravem was an American lawyer; a keen tennis- player, he had been a fellow guest with Cherwell at tennis parties at Charlton, home of the Birkenhead family. Greville, Dame Margaret Helen Anderson (Hon. During the ‘austerity’ years after the Second World War, Gravem sent regular supplies of chocolates to Cherwell, who had a sweet tooth among many idiosyncrasies of diet. Mrs Ronald Greville) Social and political correspondence, much of it addressed from Polesden Lacey, the house which Mrs Greville restored and which now belongs to the National Trust. Gro-Gu Grosvenor, R. A. — (Robin) 1926-40 Gri Gro and Grosvenor, Doris May F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Guest Guinness Correspondence with various members of the family, Includes correspondence, 1936, re analysis of oil samples. Gu - Gw Had - Hal Ham - Hard Harg - Harr Includes correspondence, 1945-46, with Sir Arthur (‘Bomber') Harris. Harrod, Sir Roy 1926-56 Harrod was one of Cherwell's oldest associates, at Christ Church and at 'S Branch’ (later the Prime Minister's Statistical Section) during the Second World War until 1942; Personal Memoir of Lord Cherwell . in 1959 he wrote The Prof. A Hart Harvey, I. . Has - Hea See the Index of Correspondents for many other refer- ences to correspondence with Harrod. The correspondence consists of personal and social exchanges, with some reference to university or political matters. Hi re proposed Commonwealth Institute of Technology. Het - Hey Heathcote-Smith, C. E. Hea - Hen 1935-56 1955 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence , Hol Hom - Hoo Hope, Lord Charles Mainly re psychic phenomena, Hop Hor Includes correspondence, 1934, on Britain's dollar debts. How - Hull Hum - Hut Hutt - Hyde I] - In Ismay, Hastings Lionel, ('Pug'), Baron Includes some wartime recollections and some correspondence with Lady Ismay. Iveagh, Rupert, 2nd Earl of’ Jefferis, Sir Millis 1943-55 Jac Jam - Je Includes references to work done by Jefferis and M.D.1, copies of letters by Cherwell to Melchett and Rowan on the subject, anda letter to Jefferis (12 August 1946) on possible future role for M.D.1 in atomic energy. Jon - Jow Mrs Johnstone was Cherwell's chauffeuse in the early part of the war, and remained on very friendly terms with him. Johnstone, Margaret Montague 1941-55 Je - Joh F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Ka - Kei Kel - Key Ki - Ko Lai - Lane Lang - Lau Lauwerys, J. A. Law - Lee Legg, L. G. Wickham, and others 1947-48, 195] Correspondence 1951 refers to the circumstances of the death of the actor Leslie Howard in 1943, for an entry in the Dictionary of National Biography of which Legg was then Editor. Legh - Len Lennox-Boyd, Alan Tindal (later Viscount Boyd of Merton) Lindsay, Elizabeth Patricia 1935-36 c. 1930-47 Le - Li Li- LI LI - Lo Includes one letter from Crawford (father) 1936 Includes some correspondence with Viscountess Lennox-Boyd. about Anglo-German relations in the 1930s. Correspondence 1932 refers to a proposed prize for smooth flying in aircraft; correspondence 1933 refers to economic situation and ‘divided budget’. Letter of 1947 is accompanied by copies of letters by Londonderry to von Papen and to Halifax, 1939, Londonderry, Charles Henry, 7th Marquess of 1929-36, 1947 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Londonderry, Edith, Marchioness of c.1930-56 Several letters are addressed to "My dear Philosopher'. Includes correspondence from Helen and Mairi (daughters), and photographs of Cherwell. Lo Lubin, |. 1943-46 Correspondence 1943 includes report by Lubin on merchant and escort shipping losses, with comments and correspondence arising. Correspondence 1946 refers to completion by Robert Sherwood of Harry Hopkins's projected work on Roosevelt left unfinished at his death. Liss, Ly Includes correspondence, 1934, re Mendeleev's daughter. Mac - Mag Mal - Man Mar Mab - Mac Macmillan, Sir Harold 1953-57 Makins, Roger Mellor (later Sherfield) c. 1934-56 Correspondence December 1955 refers to Cherwell's top floors of 11 Downing occupancy of the two Street, from which he removed his * gear' when Macmillan became Chancellor of the Exchequer. situation, 1932, sent to D. Margesson, Includes memorandum by Cherwell on the economic Manning, Olga Mary, Lady F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell SAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Marlborough, Gladys Marie, 9th Duchess of c.1921--28 Not all dated. Marlborough, Mary, 10th Duchess of Mar Masaryk, Frances Masaryk, Jan Personal correspondence; includes some printed matter on Czech-German relations. Masterman, Sir John Mau Max-Muller, Sir William Correspondence 1919 includes letter re readership in meteorology at Oxford. Max-Muller, Wanda, Lady 1919-3] 1927-56 Max - Meh Melchett, Henry Mond, Baron 1936-56 1933-45 Melchett, Violet (mother of above) 1931, 1936 Melchett, Amy Gwen (wife of Henry) Includes some material re financial settlements. Includes letter re Cherwell's obituary notice of Derek Mond (q.v.), 1945. Includes letter, 1936, from Earl Midleton. Includes correspondence with various members of the family. See also Mond Men Midleton, Madeleine, Lady 1932-56 Merton, Sir Thomas F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Mill Mil - Min- Miramon, Marquise de Lesseps Miramon, Marquis de Mir - Mit Mob - Mon Mond, Ds." oH; 1938-46 Derek Mond was the eldest son of Lord Melchett; he was killed ina flying accident in April 1945, aged 22, Includes correspondence with other members of the family, and the obituary notice of Mond by Cherwell for The Times. Mont Moo - Morg Morr = Mort Mos - Mul Mun = Mur Mu 1935, 1938 Murray, Gilbert and Murray, Lady Mary Mainly material re meetings and activities to help refugees. power in the Army. Includes correspondence, 1941, re use of man- Nuffield, William, Viscount Na - Nel Nett - No 1939, 1941, 1947-48 Nye, Sir Archibald 1941, 1946, 1948 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence O'B- O'C Oe - Or Ow Pag Pakenham, Francis Aungier (later 7th Earl of Longford) Pakenham's letter August 1940 refers to a projected biography of Churchill by Pakenham. 1931-46, 195] Pak Pam, A, | 1946-55 Correspondence 1951 refers to Pressed Steel Research ~ Fellowships at Oxford. Correspondence 1955 relates to 80th birthday dinner arranged by Cherwell for Pam, with list of guests, etc. Par Par - Pau Pe - Ph Pi PI Pol Ist Viscount 1942, 1948-56 Cherwell was a Vice-President. Parliamentary and Scientific Committee General correspondence re meetings and activities. used as Headquarters of the Guards Armoured Division). Many of the Duchess's letters describe house- parties at Welbeck and her social activities before and during the Second World War (when Welbeck was Portland, William John Arthur, 6th Duke of Portal, Charles Frederick Algernon, ('Peter') Portland, Winifred, 6th Duchess of 1946-48 1928-54 1936 F.A. Lindemann, CSAC 80/4/81 z Lord Cherwell Personal and social correspondence Postan, M. 1945-50 Correspondence re Postan's official History of Munitions, and re Cherwell's private papers. Pou - Pow Pr Pu-Q Rad - Rat Raw - Rea Reading, 2nd Marquess Reading, Stella, Ist Marchioness of (later Baroness Swanborough) 1953 1933-41 Red - Rey Ri Rob Rob Rochefort, Sacha de Rootes, William, Baron Roberts, Irene c.1929-3) Wife of Maurice de Broglie. Rochetaillée-Broglie, Camille Nephew of Maurice de Broglie. 1942, 1955-56 Includes some account of de Broglie family affairs during First World War. Roc - Roo Ros 1914-26, 1944 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Rothermere, Esmond Cecil Harmsworth, 2nd Viscount 1941-48 Correspondence 1941 includes long ms. memorandum by Rothermere on Britain's military situation at the time. Rothermere, Harold Sidney Harmsworth, Ist Viscount Rothschild Correspondence with various members of the Rothschild family. c. 1934-53 Rou - Row Row - Roy Rumbold, Etheldred, Lady Sir Horace Anthony Claude c. 1930-38 1933, T9531 Sir Horace George Montague 1935-39 Includes some political references. Run - Ry Sadd - Sal Schicht, G. Schicht, R. Sam - San Sar - Sca Selk - Sha The Schicht family were friends of Jan Masaryk, from whom a letter of introduction is included. The letters are signed 'Jim Wedderburn’ or ‘Jim’. Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, Henry James (later Earl of Dundee) c.1930-51 1937-38 1937-41 Sch - Sco Sec - Selb F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence She - Si Simon, John Allsebrook, Viscount 1926-49 Includes correspondence and material relating to enquiry into R101 disaster, 1930-31, with Cherwell's notebook of his notes, observations and queries taken during the enquiry, and Simon's letters forwarding sections of his Report for comment by Cherwell. (See Cis. 59.) Also includes correspondence 1932-33 on economics. Some correspondence with Kathleen Simon and Gilbert Simon (son) is also included. Sim - Sm Smith, Lady Eleanor ; c.1924-41 (eldest daughter of Ist Earl and Countess of Birkenhead) Lady Eleanor is credited by her brother with the invention of the nickname 'the Prof’ by which Cherwell came to be addressed by the majority of his correspondents. worlds, pp. 128-29.) (See Birkenhead, The Prof in two 1940-43 Sm So - Sp Stallybrass, W. Soren, Peter Mackay, Baron Soren escaped from France in June 1940, and the correspondence refers to various proposals for resistance in France, and propaganda for the Allied cause in the United States. Sti Steel-Maitland, K. R. Stan - Stap Stei - Stet Stev - : : 1943, 1947 FA. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Sto - Stra Strauss, L. a Includes some political recollections, Correspondence in 1957 refers to Cherwell's recommendation of Strauss for an Honorary Degree at Oxford. Stu - Swe Swi - Sy Ta Te - Thom Thomp - Ti To Townsend, Mary Georgiana 1921-57 Toynbee, A. J. 1920, 1933 Includes letters from Sir John Townsend and John Townsend (son). Lady Townsend was the wife of Sir John Townsend, Wykeham Professor of Physics, Oxford; she was active in Conservative politics in Oxford, and the correspondence includes political references as well as personal matters. Correspondence on the periodicity of nomad migrations; includes 5 pp. memorandum by Cherwell on the subject. Va corres= Correspondence 1942 refers to wartime work; pondence 1946 refers to Trevor-Roper's book The Last Days of Hitler, which he sent to Cherwell in proof for comment. Trevor-Roper, Hugh Redwald (later Lord Dacre) 1942-57 Tre Tro - Ty U F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Veale, Sir Douglas Veale was Registrar of Oxford University. Personal and social correspondence. Vickers, Katharine A, (wife of D. Vickers, q.v.) Von B 1933-54 c. 1920-29 von Ilsemann, S. 1930-54 Mainly re Ilsemann's attempts to adopt British nationality after the Second World War, in which he had been forced to join the German army, captured and interned, Cherwell's efforts on his behalf, and personal inter- vention by letter or in person, have been referred to by Birkenhead (The Prof _in two worlds, pp.272-3). Includes some early family correspondence, 1930-37, with political references. Wa - Walker Wal War - Wat Wat - Webb Wee - West Westminster, Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, (‘Bendor'), 2nd Duke of, and members of his family (1949-c. 1953). Cherwell's close personal friendship with the Duke and his family is well known, at their estate at Eaton in the first time; the Duke, through Cherwell's persuasion, supported a Research Fellow at Christ Church, Oxford. The folder includes correspondence with Westminster, his second wife Violet Mary (1921 - includes programme of the tennis party in which Cherwell's name is wrongly spelled, and his letter of thanks referring to the Churchill meeting), Barbara (1927-28), Ursula (1928-37), Isolde (1930), Nancy (Anne), 4th wife of Westminster Through a tennis party 1921 he met Churchill for 1921-53 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and social correspondence Wey - Whip Whit Wig - Wills Wilson Wimborne, Alice, Viscountess 1931-35 Win - Wol Wood - Wri Wright, E. M. Wri Ya Yates-Fish, N. L. and M, 1947-55 Yo - Ze 1944, 1950-56 1936-56 Zuckerman, Solly, Baron K.323-K. 327 Shorter unindexed correspondence Shorter social and personal correspondence, some with tentative attributions (1980) by M. Maclagen. Correspondence 1944 refers to wartime matters. Miscellaneous social invitations and acceptances. Requests for references and recommendations for posts, from universities, firms, organisations. Unidentified social and personal correspondence. Letters of congratulation (Cherwell's carbons only). K.323 K.324 K.325 K.326 K.327 F.A. »A. CSAC 80/4/81 ? Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CONSPECTUS OF FILE NUMBERS As explained in the General Introduction, the Conspectus was compiled to assist readers and researchers who had already consulted and made reference to Cherwell's papers on the basis of the 1965 - 66 outline list. The Conspectus relates the OFF. (= Official) numbers, which are listed in the left-hand column, to the present item-numbers, which are listed on the right. The presence of an item-number indicates that the folder of that number in the present catalogue includes one or more pieces which had originally been in the OFF. file. Every document in question can be identified by the former OFF. number in pencil at the head. Exact duplicates have been discarded in order to ease pressure on library When, as frequently happened, multiple copies were taken with the result space. that a letter or document might feature in one or more OFF. (and sometimes also PERS.) files, all the relevant OFF. numbers appear on the remaining paper. 38.1) are now widely distributed; that is because they were often unmanageably It will be seen that the contents of many of the OFF. files (e.g. OFF. 21 ei; large and (correctly) designated 'miscellaneous' or ‘general correspondence’, Conversely, many of the present folders have been assembled from a variety of OFF. and PERS. files; examples of this are G.26, G.28 (on the size of the German Air Force), D.23, D.24 (correspondence with M. Born), D.194 (correspondence with A.P. Rowe), D.245, D.246 (correspondence with J.L. Tuck), K.40 (correspondence with Brabazon of Tara), K.186 (correspondence with |. Lubin). smaller size and more rational arrangement of the present folders will make the material simpler to use. It is hoped that the F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue F.88, F.95 - F.97 F.89, F.98 - F.105, F.239 G.1, G.2 F.89, F.106 - F.117, F.241 G.364 FeO?) bet 18: F124 G.357 Poms, Telco elal E.Ze0, Fiu22l, Ff. 231 G.511 rss F.90, Fsl46 = 2151 P18 s1b2 = F955 H.97 F970, F.132 =F. 137 G.52,-G, 400 F.90;..F 6138-= P5145 i227 (F293 Missing. See note at F.156 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue hea Poel; Fal $7 - Fel62 H.42 F.91, F.163 - F.168, F.239 H.97 F.92, F.175-F. A938, A215 F.92, F.169-F, F.92, F.183 - F. E93, Fs 196+ F.202 P93; F -203 - F.205 PvA, r; 206 - F.210 H.18 F.94, Zr F 215 F.93, F.190 - F, Oig25 #217 F 229 = F.239 ©.515 H.63, H.95, H.96, H.215, H.284 F.94, -216 F.218 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue -1 (D) Pr.4 wat? 7h dD, 5 . 240 FD). Pt.6 224 of .225 8 . 226 o pete F ota0 «iO u227 F200) F <231;: Fy 239 G.324 47, 1.231,; 248 F.228 G.538 F263;-F5 244 G.146 Fi2sep% 200, hy 24) - F252 G.85, G.227, G.403, G.503, G.506, G.508 F223); Fs206, £2238, P5239. F410 G.542 H.94 rH. 0, $.59;-H1.98,: 1.100 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 5.3 F237 G:513-G, 516 G.367, G.513 - G.516, G.521, G.544 H.83, H.89, H.91, H.139 G.162;. G.362 G.225 G.165, G.166, G.364, G.366 - G.370, G.372 G.165, G.166, G.268, G.270, G.357 - G.360, G.503 FLO yp bel Fp 6 207 G.518 - G.520 AF F.233 .227 ned G.308 G.324 G.230 G.156, G.363, G.503, G.504, G.506, G.509 G.12, G.60, G.61, G.63, G.66, G.68, G.69, G.71, G.72, G.75, G.77, G.142, G.145 »A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue G, 85, G.87 Gi 78, G.540 F.392 ce, Ge 154, G.179, G.181, G.182, G.188 - G.191, G.194 - let, G.199,G..203, 6.909, G35} Py G G 179, G.181, G.184, G.188, G.195, G.197 - G.199, -202 - G.205, G.208, G.209 G smal G G G eas G G G G G G G 144 135, G.99, G.152, G.524 -89, G.113, G.149, G.178, G.182, G.187 - G.189, <¥915°C.193,.G.197, CA96 G. 266 = G.203, G.521 ly G2, G.4 = G.7, C.OFG.10, 6.13, 6.14 Gan -21,G.22, G.28, G.33, G.40, G.48, G.53, G.58- G.60, -62, G.63, G.65, G.67 - G.70, G.72, G.77, G.97, G.177, 541 9476.5;'C.7, GC. 18, G.I9, Guo? G. 26; G27, .G: 48; -90, G.60, G.63, G.64, G.70 - G72, GFT -26, G.28, G.34, G.36, G.38, G.43 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 7.5 Git2, Gil43, G.145, G.a74- o4 RafZ G4;°G.5, Gi7.= G14, 6.20, 46.22, CG. 24x G26 ¢ G.35, G.36, G.38 - G.46, G.52, G.54, G.55, G.57 Fi 82,1104; Hees 429; G.20, G.21, G.24- G.26, G.28, G.33, G.35, G.38, GA0..G:Al Gi8;.GA2, G18.- G.20, G.27G. 20a: 43. Gas" Gi87;, G.38,.G,41,'G: 43, G:44, C.48, G.48,5G50Gne G.53, G.54, G.56 02, 70,,.O:77 Gee G32, CG: 35,.G.38 G.45, G.48,’G.52, G.57, G. 2, G.67,'Gi77, G.78 G.3, G.6, G.8, G.10, G.19, G.27, G.29, G.33, G.48, C9006. 56,"G, 92 GAs Gilt, C.12, Gia, GAS) G.97)-G.28, °C. 336 a7, G.49 - G.51, G.56, G.64, G.90, G.91, G.207 H.67, H.68, H.70 - H.73, H.93, H.94, H.97, H.103 H.80 G.60 H.93 9.4 10.1 Pr. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 10.1 Pr.2 GA; G8; G10, GN2- G7 .20G Ok Ga4 oe. ee G.30, G.33, G.35, G.43, G.45, G.46, G.50, G.92 Oka Pt. 3 G.45, G.46, G.48 - G.52, G.56, G.60 - G.66, G.70, G.77 10:2 G2, G.4,°C.6;= G10, G.12=G.14.C. 22 2G .27 Gigs, G.43, G.46, G.58, G.61 - G.63, G.68, G.70, G.71, G.78, San Yep 57604, 595, CO. 145 11.1 Pred 11.1 Pr.2 B.38 Oia © 131: Di 229, 6242 F.72, F.410, F.417 G.80, G.91, G.98 - G.100, G.152, G.164, G.181, G.188, G.209, G.214, G.222, G.228, G.230, G.240, G.241; G.250, G; 318, 62320, .G.:334, G.365%6.353; G. 343, G.390, G.409, G.442, G.458, G.489, G.498 6132; D.199p 943 F.70, F.72, F.231, F.241, F.408 G.43, G.45, G.56, G.57, G.65, G.81, G.93, G.98, G.99, G.183; G.186;.Gi 188, G.219)G 922, G83; G.238: G.a2ly-G.922, G. 341, G:355;-G.397) Gidd2, G4, G.475, G.481, G.497 H.160 K.40 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF: file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 11 Prea F.416 G.72, G.88, G.98, G.99, G.149, G.150, G.152, G.170 G.198, G.442, G.453 / H.242 Phad Ph4 B.108 ages; 12.256 bare, Fi 4i2 G7; &.67,°G.76, G.98, G.99,°G. 19; °G i217, Gi2d0, G,425,°G.491 H.249 Vedi t «276 G.77 1853. 157-=:.G,.159 F.403, F.404 H.89 H.96 G.dge*: G.508, G, 5)3,; G.514 3.30%; “9.504; G, 505; G:509,. G.512,:G. 513 G.03;6.99, @.51)2 =~ G. 546). 6.521, Gi524,.G. 544 12.4 loeb Prot G.155 - G.159, G.442 H.8/7.- AST, H.189 F.A. Lindemann, CSAC 80/4/81 Lord Cherwell Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 124 PY. 2 Gyorg,, 6. 512,-G. 515 13.2 Ge5t6 G.Sl9, “Ge 522'= G.525 13.3 G.514- G.517 H.113 i52t F206, see G.225 TOAe Tt ae @.529 13A.1 pt.3 TOAST PES] F.232 Go24, 6 874..G.519 H.7, H.77 - H.82, H.84, H.113 He/4, Mako &.67, S5516 H..81)° 4.84, H.86- H.90,°H.231, H.205 G.508, G.516, G.524 H.70, H.91, H.92 F402 H.79, H.80, H.85, H.88- H.90, H.94, H.174, H.228 Hi76 ~.H.82,.H.8/7,; H:89= H.92, A 94 H.41 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 13B.5 H.76 14.1 Pr. F.69, F.229, F.230, F.417 G.147, G.295, G.465, G.497, G.500 - G.502, G.510, G.538 H.39, H.41, H.69 - H.71, H.102 G.500 G.158, G.357, G.500, G.503 - G.506, G.510, G.511 H.160, H.16] 14.4:Pt.] 14,3-FE2 14.4 HeO/ 41.09, 1.143 G.356 - G.358, G.366, G.509 G.357 - G.360, G.508 Fi72 Es/2 G.188, G.220, G.358, G.502 - G.504, G.507, G.509, G.513- G.516 G.503, G.504, G.507, G.513, G.514 G.510, G.512, G.513, G.517 H.87 G.156, G.165, G.227, G.308, G.a0e, Gi 508 So Fe ca Letise Lae G.59, G.60, G.162, G.164, G.35] G.162, G.164 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 15.3 G.321, G.357 - G.359, G.506 - G.508 Ht. 57 G.162, G.371, G.505, G.518 - G.520 G.506, G.515 G.503, G.505, G.507, G.509 G.277;. 6.508 P75 sr, SO G.506, H.100 522 H.85 F.401 - F.406 ye G.367 - G.372 G. 3507 Gi5e7r . 0a 542° G.543 Hl, ti 88)2Hil ae, 4.143, FA74 G.165, G.166, G.364 - G.367, G.371, G.372 G.66, G.166, G.268, G.364, G.366 - G.373 G.165; 6.166, G.270 tocr tie 16,4 Pe 2 16.2 16.3 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwe!l CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue Po teyer 157 F418, F.34,F.36,F.418 G.21, G.160, G.177, G.181, G.183, G.192, G.317, G.334, G.376 Feld, F.14 G.101 - G.111 H.218 H.52, H.53, He 219 H.208 - H.214 G.174 G.152 Pst Gnar yt sae G.181, G.188, G.321 F.36 G.89, G.90, G.210 - G.212, G.214-G.217, G,442, G.443/] Mo, tee, Hell, H.12, Hi14, H16 = 1,21 Hi zon H.253 regio, 1.217 G.245 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue wiz Bevz HS. = H.21, H.66 Hatt, H12, Hed5, H.16,-H.18* 4.19 G.526,:.G.527 D.103, D.105 - D.107 G79, G.85,;°G.442 G.10, G.89 - G.95, G.266, G.267 K.204 H113 B.104 D.4, D.20, D.65, D.90, D.131, D.146, D.175, D.194, D.204, D.238, D.242, D.256, D.262 Bie A.38 - A.42, A.130, A.136 F.35, F.67 - F.72, F.399, F.408, F.410- F.414, F.417 - F.419 G.38, G.161, G.188, G.209, G.442, G.445, G.452, G.462, G.464 - G.466, G.468, G.469, G.474, G.A75, G.484, G.491, G.496 - G.498, G.500, G.503, G.504, G.509 H.9, H.27, H.28, H.30, H.39, H.41, H.61, H.72 , Continued F e ae “SAC 80/4/8] Lindemann, Lord Cherwell Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 21.1 (Continued) H.96, H.100, H.110, H.121 Jee K.6, K.22, K.40, K.96, K.98, K.99, K.107, K.119, K.139 eet? Ki 223, K.224, K.259, K.264, K.265, K.269, K.273, / K. 280, K. 282, K.303, K.308 Di 197 G.410 - G.416, G.418 - G.420, G.425, G.427, G.428, G.431, G.432, G.434, G.440 J.98 Zeck tase 22.4 ceca rte Zeo0.Fre2 22A.1 G.420, G.424, G.430, G.437 G.209, G.410, G.423).G.427, G.422 - G.425, G.427, G.430, G.435 G.346, G.423, G.424, G.430, G.433 - G.435 On). GA: G.418, G.421, G.423 - G.431 GA12,-G.4)3, G.418, G.426 - G.428, G.431 - G.437 G.411, Gi4l8, GAl6, Gi4l8 = G, 421, G.428, G.430, G.431, G.434, G.435 G.437 - G.439 O.993,7G.454; H.35 H.194, H.279 - H.282 Hi63,°H.93 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 23.4 H.100 23.5 F.401 H.101 - H.103, H.145, H.150, H.152 J.50 O.842 H.26, H.27, H.31 - H.34 H.31, H.33 - H.35, H.38 theo ate H . 300 Mize? F.419 G.465, G.469, G.497, G.518 H.26, H.27, H.29, H.33, H.36, H.38, H.66 Mate1, Mtl G.326 - G.328 G.223 = G.225 G.309 G.539 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 24.1 D.124, D.133, D.158, D.245 F.235, F.401, F.418 . G.225, G.325, G.375 KAS; KS TI8) 141 K: 193K: 236 3.2575 e200 234, 71.235 D.185 F.418 OG. 178). 180,6.188,-G, 191Gs3)8, G. 322, G.3adi C.70 D.130 G 404, Gi493; 'G.497 B.37, B.40 dy Dade ai0G, .b. 19S P.36,: F.4d F418 7.475; GiAST, °Gi526 K.68, K.283 G.89, G.178, G.213, G.385, G.460, G.472, G.474, G.339, G.345, G.442, G.460, G.464, G.466, G.481, G.89, G.307, G.335, G.337, G.341, G.349, G.446, G.465, G.474, G.476, G.486, G.487, G.489, G.492, G.493, G.496, G.502 H.95 Fr »A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 27.4 Pt. B.40 F.40, F.55, F.412 G.449 - G.451, G.454, G.456, G.458 - G.463, G.465, G.466, G.469 - G.471, G.473 - G.476, G.479 - G.482, G.485, G.486, G.488 - G.490, G.492 - G.496, G.498 | 27.4 Pt.2 D.124 F.A1] G.454 - G.456, G.461, G.462, G.467, G.472, G.475 - G.477, G.479, G.480, G.483 - G.486, G.488 - G.490, G.494, G.496 - G.498 D.102 F.411, F.413 G.454, G.455, G.459 - G.462, G.464 - G.494, G.496 - G.498 B.34 D.116,.0-. 123 G.307, G.455, G.458, G.459, G.462, G.463, G.A65, G.473 - G.476, G.479, G.480, G.482, G.483, G.486, G.492 - G.498 F.414, F.418 G.181, G.320, G.354, G.444, G.454, G.457 - G.459, Gi461 S463 = Gided;. G.471, Gi 473 -' C496 G.478- G.487, G.489 - G.492, G.494, G.496 - G.498, G.526 K.154, K,229 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 30.1 F.405 G.98, G.137, G.138, G.152, G.153, G.219, G.229, G.232, G.324, G.426, G.431, G.432, G.442, G.453 D.158 G.152, G.522, G.541 H.138, H.144 D.108 - D.112 H.206, H.207 G.231 H.265 . 168, H.176 - H.182, H.184, H.187, H.191, H.192, at?5, 1983 44. 199 H. 201 H.196 F.403 - F.407 . 180, H.183 - H.193, H.195, H.197 - H.199, H.207 HITZ ASL A192, -H, 195,5 1. 19%, “Hie 199s Bee aoe Mel, H.15, 1.34; 4.36, H.38,:H.40, H.42,-H.50, H.S7; H.5?7, H.63, H.66, H.89, H.219, H.232, H.257, H.262, G.73, G.76,;-G:2277, G.503, G.508 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue H.267 Hel H.119, H.120 etl, H.t12 41, H.69 -101 - H.103 sa tS 1.66; 89, He159, Hi172 37 FHv22,-He165 . 106, H.109 P22? - F5233; $235, F.364,°F. 398 - F.400 G.502 G.282 G.267, G.284, G.297, G.300 - G.302, G.304 - G.306, G.310 A.153, He 154 H.246, H.248 G.283, G.284 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue -113, G.280, G.281, G.301, G.302 -268, G.269 way Hl, Sais & 42/8, 255279 <7 op 27 2/0 - G.272 -284, G.285 etfey 3.298 -273 - 305 286 1256 p27 2 = G,295,-G.205 »291-=- G.256 -247 - G.249 -165, G.247, G.250, G.251, G.265 - G.267, Ge2770, -275, G.287 - G.290, G.296 - G.299, G.306 -292, G.254 - G.256, G.305, G.306 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/8 ] Conspecius of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 37.3 ae 67) 2290; G.299 37A.1 Pt. G.246, G.256 - G.261, G.274, G.287, G.296 37A.1 Pt.2 G.261 - G.264 moe Tre! D.27, D.146, D.155, D.219 F.412, F.419 G262, 6.459 H.31, H.117 K.129, K.142, K.233, K.244, K.295 D.24, D.196 F.408, F.409, F.413, F.419 2528; CG. 547, P14) S798, H.113 K.86, K.304 38.1 Pt.1 A D.147,-D.173; D.262, D:263 G.87, G.145, G.170, G.442, G.473, G.476, G.512, A.46 K.36, K.39, K.41, K.114, K.142, K.166, K.181, K.200, K.217, K.246, K.277, K.286, K.289, K.321 G.99, G.197, G.375, G.424, G.435, G.442, G.464 H.32, H.52, H.130, H.232, H.239, H.265, H.305 F.f4, Fede, F402, F.403, F407; F418 : F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 39.1 Pt.3 D.193 F.61, F.72, F.409, F.410, F.413, F.414, F.418, F.419 G.459, G.478, G.521 H.7, H.35, H.239, H.265 J.55, 5.56 38.1 Pr.4 D.194 F«Qapit 410, 7.419 G.203, G.225 bit) teed, Fede, H.113, F138, Be200,. H. 262, He 29 J.60 K.40, K.48, K.134, K.281 Pxfa, ©2376, F A01, F402 198, Gy 228, G5 500,.G.522, G.543,; GiS9 H.273, H.284, H.287 Ke toy, Ke2t5 Eato, Figet, Ps ee0, F234, F297 FP. O05, FE A0d Mery, 1.98, 12), B.125, 11.140, 1199, i, 4d ee, GPTt CG. 294 8,115 00,-1.89),H.62, Hi 68,0007 1,5. 95, 4, 2, Aide G.228,"G.335;.G, 503, -G. 545 Meaol, t.16/7,: As 202, 1.215, 2577 5265 K.37 H.23 = H.29, H.95 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 39A.1 Pr] E472 G.),G.4, G.7,-Gi10; G.12;-G, 27; G28, G38) aaa. G.45; G.46;7 G. 53, G:56,.G.57,. G,64;°C. 706.758 = G7, G.181, G.209 39A.1 Pr.2 Gyo7 > GO. 66;::G.90, Gi77).. Gi 143,°G. 145 G20 39A.1 Pt.3 G.57, G.67 - G.77 40.1 Pr.1 D.24, D.102, D.146, D.155 Pavey Take?,. Ps 200, F40p; F418 G.99; G.168, G5220)6.226,:.G: 228; G. 230). 357) M.95,:HeH5 AG.) Pe 2 D.147 F.232, F.408, F.417 Gi128, G,. 138, Ge189, Gre; -Gi191; C.310) Giese. G.466, G.475, G.476, G.480, G.481, G.484, G.492, G.497,. G.498; G,502,-G:510,G. 518, G. $34 G.441, G.442, G.444, G.445, G.460, G.46T, G.463, 54362; G.457, G.463, G.481,. G1507;.:6. 513, °C: 514: G,112, G.138, G.148, G.150, G.151, G.442, GA46, G.99, G.236, G.464, G.546 H.310 Gare, ©. 52) G.453, G.456 H.238 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 40.4 D.262 G.518 M414, 1.115,-42 12] 5312, 16.313 F.418 G.165, G.168, G.220, G.287, G.444, G.445, G.46l, G.472, G.497, G.500, G.537, G.538 H.39 D.16 G.408 D7) G,80,°C.96; G6. 322, GC. 535; G36 KstZ7,5 KG 27746295 80, G8); G.221 G.220, G.222, G.226,.G.227,;, G. 353; -G:355 G.38, G.43, G.46, G.96, G.97, G.307, G.397 G.80, G.82 - G.84, G.163, G.323, G.324, G.334, G.355, G.442, G.487 G.231 - G.234 G.152, G.274, G.307, G.382, G.442, G.446 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue G.149, G.442, G.506 He, H.78 Hs 22) 222, “He227, F254, 256 F.407 F.401, H.66, H.103, H.151 B.41 D.44, D.66, D.133, D.166, D.194, D.206, D. 245, D.258 FI60, F.72, F408, F409, F431 479, G6, GAs, G99... 3s O12, G25, ee, He 15) ° 133/24 168, 4176, W218, AL 299,; A233, Hewes, Hieo4, 2a. F275, HH. 292, esos G.428, G.429, G.456, G.459, G.480, G.521 H.35, H.81, H.83, H.87, H.88, H.98, H.130 Ke7, K,95, KR e280... 6.282 D.24, D.44, D.259 aa, AG, 294, Gi 295, GiS05;G. 3252, 395; G. 426, F.72, F.409, F.412, F.416 G.79, G.95, G.99, G.432, G.475 H.17, H.89, H.98, H.125, H.126, H.214, H.236, H.245, H.293, H.294 K.7, K.40, K.215 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers tnt sects Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue B.44, B.45 D.20, D.51, D.160, D.194, D.245 F.63, F.72, F.410 G.79, G.98, G.203, G.284, G.305, G.434, G.531, G.546, G.547 H.20, H.99, H.138, H.156, H.230, H.249, H.250, H.296 J.60 Kd8> K-196, 213 J.53 H.247, H.248 PAS, Ft, 51, 4.56,*H. 57 ig Perl BS H.43, H.45, H.49, H.52 D.258 HeS2 4753; 4.57 H.43 H.43.- 4.47, H.50, H.52, H.53, H.57, H.58, H.118 6,530:+.G, 532 H.241, H.243 - H.248, H.25] F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell] CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers aan Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 45.3 H.162, H.165 45.4 229 45.5 Ossi; G31 th; 6.344 45.6 Sided). 523 H.155, H.208, H.223, H.229, H.231, H.232, H.241, H.256 H.257, H.286 f Jeo] F.404 H.262 D.4 G.545, G.546 G,3177°G.3A2; G; 343 G.315, ‘G,323,«G.493 G7528, G, 530 MH. 236,171,237 G.217, G.323, G.324, G.343, G.344, G.413 H.143 J.61 G.35l F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 46.3 F.402, F.408 G.542 H.140 - H.143 46.4 G.349, G.350 47.1 G.206, G.213, -G. 303; G. 340 Atmel Mad 5479; Diles, D231 F.418 G.228, G.341, G,441, G.480, G.497 Ht) 47.2 Pt.2 H. 239, H.240 Haley £62377 FAB H.236, H.245, H.248, H.250, H.286, H.288 47.2 Pt.3 Dot, D.124, D143, 0.194 76; 203, G5 220,: Gi2365, 5417 1. 546 G.142, G.304, G.426, G.441, G.446, G.515 D.3, D.4, D.166, D.239, D.242, D.258 F.418 D.205 G.299, G.300,.G.306 G.353, G.354, G.443/1 527,76 .580; G. 532; G,533 rc F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue G.363 G.352 G.351], G.374, G.375 47S, Ae. B61 G36? G.174 D.145 - D.147, D.190 G.89, G.147, G.466, G.497 H.95 G.462 D .237 D.162 Oa2e7 G.167 G.168 - G.170 H.88, H.99, H.166 K.186, K.282 G.160, G.161 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 53.5 D.24, D.33, D.37, D.245, D.258 F.69, F.229, F.408, F.418 G99, G.104,.G. 147; G,152, G.162, Ree lia Ober, G.218, G.228, G.318, G.442, G.452, G.457, G.460, G.463, G.464, G.469, G.474, G.480, G.487, G.498 G.176 G.218,°G.219 H.60 - H.é4 G.244 «23%. Ge 240, °C. 242,'G.243 -114, G.461, G.496 Bi50 ie D.185, D.245 F.418 G.209, G.405, G.445, G.481, G.482 H.117 Ght4 1428, 9G-137, 6.140 -130 - G.136 3126,-G.128 114, G.126- G.128, G.131, G.137, °G.138, G.217 whte = G.125 D a E G - 186 A -376 - G.380 2390,G. 396 . 380 ) O F e t r a ) G 1 ) G G dase Soc 56 56.2 56.3 dfs! 37.2 97.3 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/8) Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue J046 -I11, G.114, G.126, G.137 - G.139 eh lt, Ge128, -G.129,. G.137, Git40 -229, G.403, G.404, G.407-G.409, G.443/2 a7 64. Pt] D/ 4 °Pt 2 ete. R O t G a G e A ) Q G o n O .96, G.314, G.335, G.345 .3/9 - G.383, G.385, G.386, G.388, G.393 -80, G.318 - G.322, G.335, G.353, G.443/1 -227, G.267, G.321, G.397, G.399 - G.406, G.409 387, G.389 - G.392, G.394 - G.398, G.405, G.406 279, G.315, G.316, G.325, G.330, G.33], G.335, G.344 E,oro * -386 - G.390, G.393 - G.396 - 136 etd! 345 - G.348 Ts ses F.A, Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers nr at eet ett Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue H.258 - H.261 G.328, -G.329. Gile, GSS; 56 H.1 He 39, A. 65) :41.-140,°H.142 F229 H.10] = H.103; 4.147 G.147 H.116 hast, F.Sal; eee G.148 H.102 1.96, A104, H121 H.2-H.6 O.35.-"C.875 65.445 H.39, H.81, H.84, H.105 - H.109, H.234, H.235 1451.66, HG) 5H. 121,.4.270, 27a. 285, Hoes G.322, G.374, G.442 H.2 41,3, Hi$,. 6 60.13 60.14 Oba PF} H.299, H.300 H.30, H.148, H.158, H.164 F.A, Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue F.40, F.42, F.48, F.51, F.62, F.64, F.66, F.81/1 - F.81/3, | F.87 S.77 Ota Pt 2 F.69, F.80, F.82 - F.85 6152 Et Gr cr 68 6163 Pt. 1 F.40 - F.64, F.79 Di3 Mel oa 137, A. 1a H.151, H.224 - H.227 F.405 F.40 - F.64, F.411 - F.414 G.97, G.463, G.465 K.t67, 5213, K 295 61.3 Pre2 F.40 - F.64 61.4 Ps 14g, Th 22ty th. 222). ti, 224, e226; FEZ 277-H. 257 Hs295,H.285, H,287, H.290 =~; 297 99 tt 113,0H, 130, H.197,° He 139, Hy 208, 225. Faas, F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 o Conspectus of Tile Numbers ek Def i. Mek Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 6255 F.239 MiadO, Med22 @ BA, HP, ee 199 hi, 126, s128,-H190 = H.133, 43038, His? A tee Bares, Fis 140,001> 100 rt, 204 912273, U4. 209,. 114285, Ho 287 G84. G 198, 1G. 15253 966: G83, G. 254 G, 280; GS75, GA: G.405;°G.522, C.531 H.88, H.97, H.113, H.126, H.140, H.205, H.213, H.224, H.236, H.303, H.305, H.310 H.11, H.30, H.39, H.72, H.79, BRIDGES, Edward (Ettingdene), Ist Baron J.63 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents BRIDGES, Robert Seymour BRIDGMAN, Percy W, BRIND, Admiral Sir (Eric James) Patrick BRINTON, Evelyn Elizabeth BRINTON, Willard C, BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE K.43 D.28 G,.281 K.44 FOF DY .2¥ BRITTAIN, Sir Harry BROCKMAN, Sir Ronald BRODE, Robert B. BRONTE-STEWART, R. BROOK, Norman Craven, later Ist Baron Normanbrook AV 29; 4.43 G.149 C.84 See D.30 A.69 B.132 E.84 FL 397 Hol A.3T, Sl, H232 tee a4 J.104, J.133, J.145 K.45 BROWN, D. BROWN, W. B. BROWNE, John A. BROOKE, A.~ fF, G.270 BROOKE-POPHAM see POPHAM BR ky. Gs. Ee OP: BROWN, O. Fs BROWN, Gilbert G. BROWN, Eileen Barratt BROWN, Vice-Admiral Sir Harold Arthur BROWN, Alan BROWN, Sir Allen H.43 D.30 B.148 K.45 F.4] J.40 A.47 G.257, G.296 Fi4, 62922 G.250 J186!! AAO K-71 a8 Bi 29, E62 F.70 K.46 J.155, K.46 K.46 J. BROWNING, T. BRUCE, Stanley Melbourne, Ist Viscount BRUNDRETT, Sir Frederick BRUNING, Heinrich BRUNNER, C._ T. BROWNE, Anthony Arthur Montague F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents BRUNT, Sir David BRUTZKUS, J. BUCH, Noel BUCHAN, Alice BUCHAN, Susan (later Tweedsmuir) BUCHAN-HEPBURN, Patrick George Thomas (later Ist Baron Hailes) BUCKLER, Georgina Grenfell BUCKLER, William Hepbum BUCKLEY, John BUDGETT-MEAKIN, Denzil E. BUFION, S.s..O, BULLARD, Sir Edward (Crisp) BULLOCK, Alan Louis Charles, Baron BULLOCK, Sir Christopher (Llewellyn) BULLWINKLE, L. A. .83, A.84, D.211, K.46 ~ ~ I S O 31 47 47 47 P T O R K 47 K 48 K .48 r oa ai K 48 D. B. rs H. B 156 D 61 D 68 J 81 A 76 BURGH LEY BURRIDGE, W. BURTON, Ce 7. BURrict yy Wi. Gy EB G 446 - G.45]1 BURN, Joshua Harold BULMER-THOMAS, Ivor BURCHAM, William Ernest BURTON, Sir Geoffrey Duke BURNEY, Sir (Charles) Dennistoun See aisone.o9, J-99, 3129 Eo) tol; E. 82, E.84 He92, H.229,.H. 291 799.195, J6, Deez esl aes BUTLER, Richard Austen, later Baron BUTLER, Sir James Ramsay Montagu BUTLER, Sir Harold Beresford 31252 5.13), FAG BURTT DAVY, J. BUSH, J. | Vannevar H.61 D.3i K.48 D.31 A.55 Butler K.48 G.439 K.49 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents BUTLER, Victor Spencer BUirke WR, BUTT, David Miles Bensusan H.50 K.50 F.79, F.401 G.6-G.9, G.14, G.28, 6.36, G.38, G.43, G.52, G.91, G:99, G.104, Gal Ge G.126 - G.128, G.130, G.137, G.168, G.169, G.175, G.179, G, 181; G.186, 6.188, Gal9z, G 220, G.240, C.265, G.390. G.298, G.318, G.355, G.366, G.389, G.390, G.400, G.404, G.405, G.441, G.463, G.529, G.537, G.538 H, 25; 1.27, Hae 72, eae H.96, H.121, H.160, H.217, H.229 BUTTERLEY COMPANY LIMITED, THE BUZZARD, Sir (Edward) Farquhar K.50 B.99, K.50 os K.5] CAHN, Hilda CAINE, Sir Sydney G.459, K.51 De 32 See also D. 87 D.32, D.172 CAIRNS, Sir Hugh William Bell Montagu CAHN, Heinz CACCIA, Harold Anthony, Baron CADOGAN, Sir Alexander George CAIRNCROSS, Sir Alexander Kirkland A.39, K.54 CAMPION, Sir Harry CAMROSE, Mary Agnes (Dolly), Lady CALLISTON, Sir Herbert E. CALVERT, H.R. CALDER, Peter Ritchie (later Baron K.52 K.53 B.3 K.53 G.148 Ritchie-Calder) © CALDWELL, S. CAMPBELL, Sir Ronald lan He22 H.107 Bi, 105, KS D. G. Dae; 659 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents CAMROSE, William Ewert Berry, Ist Viscount CANE, Cyril H. CANE, Joan CANN, C. CAPAIN, Marjorie CAREY, Peter T. GARPEITFERS Le G, CARR, Sir Cecil : CARR, Henry Marvell CARR, Herbert Wildon CARR, Lawrence CARROLL, J. A. CARR-SAUNDERS, Sir Alexander (Morris) CARTER, Walter CARTIER DE MARCHIENNE, Baron de 5.43, K.54 A.58 K.55 H.59 K.55 K.55 G 210, 'Gx822G2 300, H, 2a) K.13 A.55 C.81 G.444 D.35 F.40 G.469 F.408 K.55 G.425 G.22 K.56 Jit2 K.56 K.56 K.56 CASSEL, Sir Felix CARVER, Ls i CART, Ai OM, CASSEL, E. James CASSEL, Helen, Lady CASS, Edward Geoffrey CARTWRIGHT, G. H. M. CASEY, Richard Gardiner, Baron CASTLEREIGH, Edward Charles Stewart K.57 Robert Vane~Tempest-Stewart (Robin), Viscount Castlereigh (later 8th Marquess of Londonderry) CAVAN, Field-Marshal Frederic Rudolph — CATHOLIC ENQUIRY CENTRE CAVE, Charles John Philip CATCHSOe feo oH. K.56 H.20 Racor hor CATTERALL, John CAUSUIN, He: E: Lambart, 10th Earl G.459 ior, Meee FA. CSAC Lindemann, Lord Charwell 80/4/81 Index of correspondents CAZALET, E. CAZALET, Peter CECIL, Lord (Edward Christian) David (Gascoyne) CECIL, Lord Hugh CHADWICK, Sir James CHAIN, Sir Ernst (Boris) CHAMBERLAIN, Anne CHAMBERLAIN, (Arthur) Neville CHAMBERLAIN, Beatrice Diane CHAMBERLAIN, Ivy Muriel, Lady CHAMBERLAIN, Sir (Joseph) Austen CHAMPERNOWNE, David Gawen K.57 K.57 K.57 J2 D.33, D.230, D.233, E.78, J.81 E.16 K.58 F.65 K.58 K.58 F.6/1, F.23 S295 Kgs K.58 F.407 G6, Gi75/G.9, 6.1 eGg. G.l4, .G.18,°G: 22, Gop. G.28, G.43, G.46, G.48, G50, 6.53, :G.77,.-Gor, G.92, G,182,"6.188 G. 511 H.25, H.26, H.70, H.102, H.121, F.49, F.5] H.140 bere B. 150” CHAMPION, C. — L, CHAMPION, Frank Clive CHAMPION, Harold C75 CHANDOS = see LYTTELTON CHANNING-PEARCE, T, CHANNON, Sir Henry ('Chips') CHANNON, Honor, Lady CHAPMAN, David Leonard CHAPMAN, Robert William CHAPMAN, Sydney CHARLES-DEAN, B, CHATFIELD, Admiral of the Fleet Alfred CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, H. C, CHAUNDY, Theodore William A.66, C.38, D.34, G.459 E.93 Ernle Montacute, Ist Baron K.59 J.32 B.128 G.546, H.250 J.33, K.59 Pie, CR S56 A.8 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents S. CHEGWIDDEN, J. CHELMSFORD, Frances, Lady CHESTER, Sir (Daniel) Norman F.409, G.548 K.59 D.135 H.12, H.17, H.107, H.224, H.226, H. 255, H.260 CHESTERMAN, W.-C, H.230 CHETWODE, Field-Marshal Philip Walhouse, lst Baron CHETWYND, Augusta CHETWYND, Wentworth Randolph CHOLERTON, A. CHOLMONDELEY, George Horatio Charles, 5th Marquess of CHREE, Charles CHRIMES, S. 'B. CHRISTIE, John CHURCH, Arthur H. D.114 K.60 K.60 K.6] Ji ise C.38 F.5l K.6] K.61 CHURCHILL, Clementine Ogilvy, Baroness CHURCHILL, Peregrine CHURCHILL, Lord Ivor CHURCHILL, John K.74 K.6] K.6] K.74 O.4ie KF See also J.61 CHURCHILL, Diana (Mrs Sandys) CHURCHILL, Mary (Lady Soames) CHURCHILL, Randolph Frederick Edward A.28 A106, G.459: 16.72, Kiva. J.120, K.74 CHURCHILL, Sarah (Mrs Oliver, later Aisa; 69 Ae Js 1O2F Re Spencer Mrs Beauchamp) 89 A.34, A.35, A.56, A.68 D.124 F.6/1, F.8/1, Fs103; F.104, F,210, F.241 ~ F.252 A D A A A A D A A D A D N D A N A A Gi, G.2,C.4, G.6 Gage 6 196 G.14,46, 18; 6.92, G24" Beka G.28,.G.35, G.36, Ge38; G.45; G.46; G8. G52; Gas G56: G62, G.65, O68, C.BhG. 7, G G.104, G.109, G.111, G.112, G,142,G.146 2 C. 149. G62, .155, G.156, 'G.168, G.179; G .181, G.182, G.188, G.189, G ‘195, G.200;°G 219; @.293. G ,224, 1G.228, Gi236 Ge oare G 240, G,243, G.245, G.251, We 256, G.281, G.310, G.320, ca. $25, G.327, G.335, C.a02. Gc: 346, G.349, G.350, G.351, G. 353, G.356 - G.358, G.361, Cs 363, G.364, G.371, G.374, Gs 376, G.382, G.388, G.389, G, 391, G.393 - G.395, G.397, £3), 400, G.404 - G.406, G18, G. 420, G.424, G.434, G.442, G, 443/1, G.500, G.502, G.504, ow 506, G.510, G.512, G.515, Ge 524, G.538, G.548, G.550 G, 1,-H.11,.H.12, H.23, H.25, H.26, H.28, H.78, H H.115, H. H. 1 5.75, 3.84, J.91, J.97, J.98, 15106, 9.710; J.T], deh os J. 12) 39984. 188 aad. J.138, J.145, J.146 H.37, H.69, H.71, H72, H.79, H.87, H.91, H.95 - H.102, H.112, H.114, H.164, H.171, H.208, H.243, H.286, H.298, H. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwe CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents CHURCHILL, Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer) J.13;° JiSty eas, 457 oe ee See also A.67A, E.39, E.51, E71, Js OBj-gil el, BI K.62: = KZ7 F. A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspon dents CLARK, Sir George Norman CLARK, Sir Wilfrid Le Gros CLARKE, Duncan CLARKE, £. «John S, A.69, K.265 B.156 J<2? F.56, F.80, F.401, F.402 G.163, G.256, G.305, G.309, G.326 - G.328, G.408, G.427, G.428, G.522, G.543, G.547 H.34, H.98, H.125, H.126, H.143 H.259, H.261, H.275, H.291, H.295, H.307 81 7 K.78 K.78 CLAY, Sir Charles Travis CLERK, Sir George Russell CLITHEROE see ASSHETON CLIVE, Lewis UO5G, Cy. thy CLUNIES-ROSS, Sir lan CLUSIUS, Klaus Arthur Ernest, Ist Baron Zt? COCHRANE OF CULTS, Thomas Horatio COCKCROFT, Sir John (Douglas) Hamilton, Marquess of, 14th Duke of Hamilton 285 soe; Deol Os JO +233, D250 CLYDESDALE, Douglas Douglas- later D.60 E.Ae GiS26, GO. 32/7 Se Oig K,79 COGHILL, Nevill Henry Kendal Aylmer B.52, B.68,:D.35, G2824, G. 343, COLLIER, D. M. GOCKSIDGES FH, <£; COLERAINE see LAW CO'LLIE, Carl Howard COLEMAN, F. J. D.258, H.45 D.95 D.é0 K.137 Jd ode 5 Spt oO 8B. Ao) F.A. CSAC 80/4/81 Lindemann, Lord Cherwell “tf _ Index of correspondents COLVILLE, Sir John (Rupert) (Jock) COMPTON, Arthur Holly COMPTON, Sir Edmund (Gerald) COMPTON, Karl T. COMYNS CARR, Sir Arthur Strettell CONWAY, Robert Seymour COOK, Sir William (Richard Joseph) A.67A B.151 D.172, D.177 E.97, E.98 F.127 G.28; G35. G8; C176 otal, H.72 Jl) SA 2 ae J 7 a, G.361 J.146 K.70, K.80 D.35 Gib) GHOG. 362, 6.4490 K.81 G.459 E.104 B.53 C.84 F.A15 G.258, G.387;G,;390, Gi. 396, G.400, G.405 Norwich Monckton COOKSON, K. COOMBE, J. R. COOR, Thomas COOPER, Cu.) COOPER, Wee As CS; COOKE, Arthur Hafford COPEMAN, Sydney A. COOTE, Sir Colin (Reith) COOPER, Alfred Duff, later Ist Viscount D.37, G.98 D.37 A.39, K.81 G.428 5.28; 9-.42;Ke81 F.43 A.69 B.73, B.74 D.68, E.55, E.90, F.32, K.81 D.38 Reis F.73 B.133, K.82 CORBETT, R. CORBISHLEY, T. CORNER, J. CORME “A, CORDINGLEY, Air Vice-Marshal Sir CORYTON, Air Chief Marshal Sir COPEMAN Wa Ss, Ci H.89 D.37 Coe (William) Alec W. sak. John (Walter) Ec A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents COSTA de BEAUREGARD, Laurence COSHELLOE, Ws HiecG, COTT, Hugh Bamford’ COTTON, F. Sydney COULSON, Alexander F. W. COULSON, Charles Alfred COULSON, Sir John Eltringham COUNCIL FOR BRITISH ARCHAEO LOGY COURANT, R. COURTAULD, John Sewell COURTNEY, Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher (Lloyd) COWGILL, A. W. wee te VV. CRAIG, Archibald M. CRAIC -E... Ss CRAVEN, Commander Sir Charles K.91 G.220 G.218 G.452 G.280 B.123, K.82 H. 268 D.39 D.40 G.448 Gilg, G72 S57 ke? K.82 K.82 G.349 B.1 K.180 G.365 G.468 J.26 G.58, G.243, K.83 K.65 Lindsay, 27th Earl of (Worthington) CRAVEN-ELLIS, W. CRAWFORD AG. > Gyo S, CRAWFORD, Sir (Robert) Stewart CRAWFORD, David Alexander Edward CRAWFORD, Major-General John Scott K.83 Gi8,/G.10; G44, G46, Gime, G. 188, 65327; Gu82d, Giaa2, G.346, G.390 K.83 K.83 A.47 D.178 G 63,6565; G.78,. 5. Lot; 6261, 6.26266. 200 398 499, G.355, G.418, G.459,. G.530, G. 548 : H.84, H.218, H.242, H.265 CRELLIN, George CRICHTON, David M. M. CRIPPS, Isobel, Lady CRIPPS, Sir (Richard) ‘Stafford F.A, Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents CROMBIE, |. M. CROMER, Ruby, Lady CROOKES, Sir William CROOKSHANK, Harry Frederick Comfort, Ist Viscount CROOME, (John) Lewis CROW, Sir Alwyn Douglas CROWTHER, Geoffrey, Baron GROWTHER, 5. As CULLIMORE, William CUMBERLEGE, Geoffrey Fenwick Jocelyn CUMMINGS, Milton B.123 K.84 G.469 J.116, K.84 H.26 A.69 F.410 6.257, G. 978, G:382, Gunes, G38, G.39l, G.393, G.394, G.397, G.400, G.403, G.404, G.407, G.408, G418, G.425, G.442 K.84 G.323 A.47 A.23 £E.18 see SWINTON Andrew Browne CURRIE, Lauchlin K.85 K.85 K.85 K.85 G.270 H.144 D.40 G.528 CURTIS, William Edward CURTIS, Lionel George Gilet, G.186, "335 CUNNINGHAM, Sir Graham CUNBINGHAM, -Ls:. B.C. CUNNINGHAM OF HYNDHOPE, Admiral CUNARD CUNARD, Emerald CUNLIFFE-LISTER D.40 CUSHION, Po CWILONG, B. J.00, J,90. ae W. M. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents pe d'ABERNON, Helen, Lady K.86 DACRE see TREVOR-ROPER DAICHES, Lionel Henry DALE, Sir Henry (Hallett) DALTON, Edward Hugh John Neale, Baron DANIEL, Admiral Sir Charles (Saumarez) d'ARCY, Martin C, DARLINGTON, Cyril Dean DARWIN, Sir Charles Galton DA SILVA, Americo Correa DAUNT, John G. DAVIES, DAVIES, DAVIES, D.62 D.207, H.249 F.415, G.26, G.170, H.7, H.11, H.84 G.310 K.86 B.156 G.254, G.301, K.86 K.86 B.75, D.41, G.533 K.87 A.39 Can G.397 K.87 E.3 DAWSON, Geoffrey DAY, 3. Ax DAVIES, DAVIES, DAVIES, B. 50,8374, 8.76, KiGe See also B.6] F.58 G00 - G.63,-G.65.-, G. 6% C.J 72, G78, GES G.145,-C. 195, G. 324, GBA) D.A4l G.3, G6; G7, Gl 21> DEAKIN, Sir (Frederick) William de BEER, Sir Gavin (Rylands) H.87 G.321 E.124, K.88 (Dampier) A. 39, G.g00, K.87 DEANE, William de BELINAY, F. H.31, Meee 50; 6-73 DEAN, Sir Maurice (Joseph) Gildg-G179°6. 210 Lindemann, Lord Cherwell 80/4/81 Index of correspondents de BRETEUIL, A. de BROGLIE, Louis Victor, 7th Duc de BROGLIE, Maurice, 6th Duc DEE, Philip Ivor DEEDES, Sir Wyndham (Henry) de FREITAS, Sir Geoffrey Stanley de GROOT, $2 R. 3 de HAAS, de HUPPE, Marquise DE LASZLO, Patrick DELLER, Sir Edwin DENMAN, Rz. DENNES, William R. Ps. G, K.88 D.42 A.4; A.6, As21, A.23,.A.28 D.43 - DA6 See also D.201, K.253 D.47 G.460 J.83 B59 See D.47 K.88 A.59 D.200 G.460 K.88 DENNISON, Stanley Raymond H OF TT: 106 de PANGE, Frangois de PANGE, Maurice K sel K 89 K con Comtesse Lady de PANGE, Victor A. A. K, KR; KR; A. K. de SAVITSCH, Eugene de PANGE, Jean, Comte de PANGE, Pauline, Comtesse de ROCHETAILLEE, Francisque de ROCHETAILLEE, Jean d'ERLANGER, Leo Frederic Alfred de ROCHETAILLEE, B. A. DESBOROUGH, Ethel, DESBOROUGH, William Henry Grenfell, DEVONSHIRE, Edward William Spencer DEVONSHIRE, Evelyn Emily Mary Cavendish, 10th Duke of Fitzmaurice, Duchess of DESCH, Cecil Henry Ist Baron F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of corresponden ts de ZULUETA, Philip DICKINSON, Henry Douglas DICKSON, Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir William (Forster) Serie. 5. i Re DILL, Field-Marshal Sir John Greer DILLWYN, Colin Or anne LO, Ra B DISTILLATOR, W. M. DIXON, Harold Baily DIXON, Sir Pierson (John) DOBSON, orden Miller Bourne DODDS~PARKER, A. P. DOMMETT, W._ E. DONIACH, N.S. DONNAN, Frederick George DONNELLY, Desmond B.132 F.53 K.96 G.36] Fs27, 6.52, K96 K.96 K.96 G.176 D.53 K.96 A.23,.B.2, 8.5, D48, D.o04 K.97 G.272 D.202 D.225, D.240 D.18 Sussex K.97 K.98 A357, H.99,K.98 DOUGIAS, Sir William Scott DOUGHIAS, Cc. .G. DOUGIAS, Lewis William DONNER, Sir Patrick William DORLING, Vice-Admiral James Wilfred G.460 Wed9, Sieh, ae, 136, ieee A.48 G,252, G_254, -G.255,. Giz G.00, Giso2,. G.30, Caee rt, 2oe K.98 Gi2l, C28) Gi80.G.152, G.a76, DOUGLAS OF KIRTLESIDE, Marshal of the Royal Air Force William Sholto Douglas, Ist Baron DOWDING, Air Chief Marshal Hugh Caswall Tremenheere, Ist Baron DOUGLASS, Kingman DOUGIASS, William Angus G.294 G. 391 G 355 K.98 K.98 K.98 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents DOWN, Sir Ernest Edward DREYER, Admiral Sir Frederic Charles DROGE,: fT. GC; DUDDEN, Frederick Homes DUDLEY, Anita DUFF, Juliet, Lady DUFFERIN, Maureen, Lady K.99 G.101 See D.49 B.92 R599 Ko? A.59 DUFFERIN AND AVA, Basil Sheridan Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, 4th Marquess of S18): Sa25, 3826p4,04 DUFFIELD, W. Geoffrey aad DuMOND, J. W. M., DUNCAN, Sir Andrew Rae D.49 C.75 G.154, G.252, G.256, G.284, G. 357 H.39, H.84, H.96 K.99 DUNCAN, C.J. K.100 DUNCAN-SANDYS see SANDYS WEDDERBURN DUNOYER, L. B. 190, 8.932, K-10) E:70,2468.10) DUNN, Mary, Lady K.101 H.217 Ca DUNLOP, David Colin DUNDAS, Robert Hamilton DUNDEE see SCRYMGEOUR- DUNROSSIL see MORRISON DUNWORTH, John Vernon DUNNETT, Sir (Ludovic) James K.101 DUVEEN OF MILLBANK, Joseph, IstBaron DURBIN, Evan Frank Mottram G.261 G.221 scar DuiRSr, ©... 5S. DUTTON, Hugh T. D.49, D.250 F.A. Lindemann, CSAC 80/4/81 / Lad Cherwell Index of correspondents ae EADY, Sir (Crawfurd) Wilfrid Griffin H.123, H.286 EAKER, Lt.-General Ira Clarence G73 ECCLES, David McAdam, later Ist Viscount EDDINGTON, Sir Arthur Stanley EDELSTEN, Admiral Sir John Hereward EDEN, Clarissa Anne, Lady (later Avon) EDEN, Nicholas, 2nd Earl of Avon EDEN, Robert Anthony, later Ist Earl of Avon K.102 D.50, D.57 G.280, K.102 K.73, K.103 K.103 A.8l G.545, G. 548 Jd, 12255. Lae K.103 See also E.89 K.104 B.45, D.51, D.204, D.205, D.208 G.503 D.52 K.104 D.52 EDMONDSON, William EGERTON, Sir Alfred (Charles Glyn) EGERTON-BANKS, S.J. EGGERT, J. EHRENBERG, Victor L. EHRENFEST, Paul EINSTEIN, Albert EINSTEIN, Elsa EINSTEIN, Louis ELDERTON, Sir William Palin Eites; J. ELLIOT, Katharine, Baroness D.d4 - D.5/, 01637 D. 65-067 See also B.128 D.56, D.57 K.104 K.104 J.29 K.105 K.105 K.106 K.68 B.10 G.267, G.268, G.504, HA2 K.106 ELLIS, Sir Arthur (William Mickie) ELLIS, SiccCharles Diana Fill Gial, G.222,. Gs318, Grad, BILIONLAE. ELLIOTT” RE 46. ' G. 537 D.120 Fag, beau, Keres See also H.68 H.241, H.288 K.165 D.119 J.161 D.178 Millis Rowland JEFFREYS, Sir Harold JENKINS, Elgar JEVONS, W. JEWKES, John JOACHIM, Hans F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents JOHNSON, Hewlett JOHNSON, Sir Nelson King JOHNSON, Raynor C. JOHNSON, Richard C, JOHNSTON, Thomas JOHNSTONE, Gordon JOHNSTONE, Harcourt JOHNSTONE, Henry JOHNSTONE, Margaret Montague JOLLIFFE, Christopher JOLY dg, JONES, Sir (Bennett) Melville JONES, Sir Clement Wakefield JONES, Edgar JONES, Sir Ewart (Ray Herbert) JONES, Francis Edgar D.62 G22] D.121, K.166 K.166 D.5, H.84 A.60 F.28, F.31, G.429, G.462 J.43 A.49, F.68, K.167 H.245, H.276 D.122 K.168 K.168 H.124, H.143 B.156 D.196 JONES, Sir Harold Spencer C.64 A.14 F.84 H.172 Bldgs JONES, John Harry JONES, Reginald Victor JONES, Glyn JOOMES: His AS C.84,:D.13, -D.34, D.198,. K.168 A.60, A.71, A.85 D123. 925. -D 20) E72 (35535; <5, 536 K.168 See also K.69 F.56, F.58, F.60 - F.63 JOSEPH, Sir Keith JOUBERT DE LA FERTE, Air Chief Marshal F.43 - F.49, F.51, F.52, F.54 - G.113, G.152, Go520} 5.335, JOWITT, William Allen, Ist Earl G.s4l, G.355 G.102, G.462, K.168 JOPSON, Sir (Reginald) Keith Sir Philip Bennet- ees Pers F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 lndex of correspondents oe ake KAFKA, Alexander Pent. Cee eR, KAHN, Richard Ferdinand, Baron KALLMAN, Hartmut K.169 H.140 H.2, H.3, H.104, H.290 D.126 See also D.23, D.86 KAPITZA, Pata KARDOFF, S. von KARLIN, Noah KATZENSTEIN, Robert KAY, Ro H. KEEBLE, Sir Frederick KEELEY, Thomas Clews E.108 K.169 K.169 Oy te/ D.128 K.69 653,285.31, Bute, Bios, Bias C,54, C.84 D.129.- D.134 E.67 G.211 J.14] K.169 F.65, H.96 or K.169 K.169 G.194 J.118, K.170 B.136 F.40 H.288 KEEN, Catherine KEITH- LUCAS, Bryan KELLEY, Geoffrey L. KELLY, J. Mervin KEENLYSIDE, Francis Hugh KEESON, W. KEILLER, James KELLY, John Norman Davidson H. 300 KENMARE, Valentine Edward Charles KENCHINGTON, Arthur George KENNEDY, Charles Marius KEMSLEY, James Gomer Berry, F.55, F eed; F402, F407 J.43, J.74 G.353 K.170 Poo G.157 KELSALL, R. Keith Revie, £.> o, Ist Viscount Browne, 6th Earl of EA . Lindeman: l, CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents KENNEDY, Geoffrey F. KENNEDY-PURVIS, Admiral Sir Charles Edward KEPPEL, Alice Frederica KEPPEL, George KER, A. KERR, Philip Henry, later 11th Marquess of Lothian KERRUISH, John R, KERST, Donald W, KEYES, Admiral Roger John Brownlow, Ist Baron KEYNES, John Maynard, Ist Baron G.444 K.170 K.170 K.170 H. 303 D 34, D453 J.99,° 3.47 B.73 A.49 G.147, G.456, G.462 5:29, 3:42, 543 K.170 G.523 H.69, H.126, H.148, H.201, H.223, H.298, H.321 RiGee Ps eK: B.71 HAZ A.6l Kates G.231 Ds135,°D.136 K.171 K.17] KIDSON, R. KILMANY KING, A. KING, Edward Bolton KINDERS LEY, Elizabeth KILMUIR see MAXWELL~FYFE see ANSTRUTHER- GRAY KILLEARN, Jacqueline, Lady Raitt A.61, A.86 B.106 C54 D.135 - D.138 F.8/3 G.389, G.393, G.394 1546, 3.18) .5-22, 3533, 5g 5 AO See also D. 234 KIRKPATRICK, Sir lvone (Augustine) KIRK, Kenneth Escoft, Bishop KIRGCHBERGER, L.-J, KING, O. Bolton F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents KIRWAN, (Archibald) Laurence Patrick KISCH, Sir Gecil KISSINGER, Henry Alfred KNIGHT, H. V. | KNIGHTS-WHITTOME, R. KNOWLES, W. KNOX, Sir Robert Uchtred Eyre LI. 3 KOCH DE GOOREYND, T. KOHNE, Eugen KOMMERZ, Rudolf K. KORDA, Sir Alexander KRAITCHIK, Maurice KUENST LER,’ Peter KUHN, Heinrich Gerhard KURTI, Nicholas J. 134 H.44 E134 H.316 G.362 D.196 A.7] D.139 D.140 D.140 Kala D.141 c.82 A.86 A.86 ai A.6l, K.172 LANCHESTER, Elsa LANE POOLE, D. LANCHESTER, Robert fees, Coe Cy 1. LAMBERT, George, Ist Viscount LANCASTER, Claude Granville A.49, K.172 D.56 H,236 LAITHWAITE, Sir (John) Gilbert LAMB, Sir Walter Rangeley Maitland LAMB, Willis E. K.172 LANSDOWNE, Elsie, Marchioness of LANG, Cosmo Gordon, of Lambeth LANG-BROWN, Alan K.473 Hoa K4z3 D.142 LANG, Richard O, J.63 JOP Kel72 K.172 Jett LANGE, F. F.A. Lindemann, Lord CSAC 80/4/81 Cherwell Index of correspondents LASCELLES, Sir Francis (William) LAST, Hugh LATHAM, A. LATHAM, RR. E. LATTEY; & @ Tt. LAUE, Max von LAUGHTON, L. G. Carr LAUWERYS, Joseph Albert LAW, Richard Kidston, later Ist Baron Coleraine LAWRENCE, Peter LAWSON, A. LAYCOCK, Major-General Sir Robert (Edward) FAG J. 2:C, LEAK, Hector K.173 B.133 A.6l 4,52 B.1 A.61, D.254 G.349 A.61, K.174 H.37, H.84, H.303 K.175 G.363, G.376, G.382, G.389 G.442 G.378 Pe, Sb,0Te 124 LEATHERS, Frederick James, Ist Viscount LE CHEMINANT, P. de L. ©3463, H.96, 2975. K.175 Foe Hie Ki75 E ~U1?, K176 K.AZ5 B19 tte, Ac’ G. LEEMANS, A. LEHMANN, George LEES-MILNE, James LEGH, Ruadh Daphne, Lady LEE, Sir Frank (Godbould) Jet, Jay c ; ee LEES-SMITH, Hastings Bemard LEGG, Leopold George Wickham A LEITCH, Sir William LEITH-ROSS, Sir Frederick (William) LE MAITRE, Sir Alfred (Sutherland) LENDERSDORF, C. LENIHAN, J. LENNARD, Reginald Vivian 6b tee, £48, F535; 6.177 B5154, F.40, FAI K.177 K othe A sae D 142 F 66 F -42 M.A, F.A. Lindeman CSAC 80/4/81 n, Lord Cherwell ee a Index of correspondents LENNARD-JONES, Sir John Edward LENNOX-BOYD, Alan Tindal, later Ist Viscount Boyd of Merton D.143, G.153, G.154, G.258 J.43, 5.4 5.143 LENNOX-BOYD, Francis LENNOX-BOYD, Patricia, Lady LESLIE, Sir (John Randolph) Shane LESTER, A. as LETHBRIDGE, Major-General John Sydney LEVISON, John LEVY, Hyman LEWIS, Alfred LEWIS, Jonathan T. S. LEWIS, Wilfrid Bennett ea WwW. oe McG, K.178 See also B.25 J.36 K.178 G.463, J.32 G83 G.266 A.71, B.59 G.526 H.28 3:22 C.84°G. 413 D.144 D.144 A.61 G.203 Ke) 179 Count Lindemann A.94 LILLICRAP, Sir Charles Swift LIEBERMANN, Max LIGHTOWLER, Ronald LIMERICK, Edward Colquhon Pery, LINDEMANN, Charles Lionel LINDEMANN, Adolphus Frederick LINDEMANN, Charles Jules Adolphe, A.91 -A.93 See also A.8, A.26, A.28 A.101 A.36, A.95-A.97, A.106 D.145 - D.147, D.186 70 G.224, G.319 H.172 See also D.71 LINDEMANN, LINDEMANN, LINDEMANN, LINDEMANN, A.98 A.99 A.100 James (Sepi) Olga 5th Earl of Erika Frédéric F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell] CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents LINDSAY OF BIRKER, Alexander Dunlop, Ist Baron LINDSAY, Elizabeth Patricia, Lady LINDSELL, Lt.-General Sir Wilfrid Gordon Peers Ts oN, LINSTEAD, Sir (Reginald) Patrick LISTOWEL, William Francis Hare, 5th Earl of LITHGOW, Sir James LIVINGSTONE, Sir Richard Winn LLEWELLIN, John Jestyn, Ist Baron A.3l B.22,.B.28, B.98, B. 130, Byte D.154 E.68 ooo G.463 K.180 F.69 G.243, -G, 407 E.93 F.82, J.86, K.181 r.76 B.43, B.108, B.109, B.134, B.158 E.63 G.374, G.502 H.4, H.35, H.36, H.38, H.84, H.291, 0.293, BH. 295) peaGe. H.316 K.181] LLOYD, Betty Ist Baron K.18] B.6] K.18] G.361 LLOYD, Blanche, Lady LLOYD, Geoffrey William LLEWELLYN, Fred B. LLEWELLYN JONES, F. LLOYD OF DOLOBRAN, George Ambrose, H.43, H.45, H.49, H.118, H.119 IAF E Se¥O2 K.182 D.78 G5223:-=G,295, Gisela Gaia. F.48, F.49, G.404 P20 G.463 Dg TU; 01D, de 17g oy Ae K.182 H.17, H.18, H.84, K.182 B.6, B.7 LLOYD GEORGE, Gwilym, later Ist Viscount Tenby LLOYD, Sir Hugh Pughe Eo i2t LLOYD-GREAME, Sir Philip LOCH, Lt.-General Sir Kenneth Morley F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents LOCK, Norman F. LOCKER-LAMPSON, Oliver Stillingfleet LOCKET, Lionel LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben LODGE, Sir Oliver. LONDON, Fritz LONDON, Heinz LONDONDERRY, Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 7th Marquess LONDONDERRY, Edith Chaplin, Marchioness of LONG, John LONGAIR, A. K. A.24 D.57, G.463, K.182 H.12 A.49, A.71 B.52 D.210 E.88 G.152, "G.170, G. 222 K.182 8.54.40; G65 See D.23 D.148 6.38, 1.216, K. 188 K.184 B.145 B.72,. C.34 LONGDEN, Alfred A. J.29 K.185 C.82, D.149 LOWE, D. oN. Onraal, GC. ok. LOTHIAN see KERR LORENTZ; H. A. LOVEDAY, Alexander LONGFORD see PAKENHAM HOVATELLI,-E. W. LOVEDAY, Arthur Frederic LOVELL, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard J.70 K.185 E.72 J.48 D.149 H.2 B.106, B.132, K.285 C.20 G.241 G.268 A.61, G.359, K.186 LOWE, John LOWE, T. LUCAN, George Charles Bingham, LUBBOCK, I. LUBBOCK, Maurice LUBIN, Isador 5th Earl of F.A. Lindemann, Lo CSAC 80/4/81 rn ij rad Cnerwell j Index of corr: ‘spondents LUCAS, George William, Baron K. 187 LUCAS, Oliver LUCE, Clare LUD LOW-HEWITT, Air Chief Marshal Sir Edgar Rainey LUTYENS, Sir Edwin Landseer LUMSDEN, W. W. LYLE, Charles Ernest Leonard, Ist Baron LYONS, Sir Henry George LYS, Francis John LYS, Muriel B. LYTTELTON, Oliver, later Ist Viscount Chandos G.251, G.368, G.407 K. 187 G.94, G.178, K.187 K.187 G.160 J.40, K.188 Cf B.16, B.97, D.60, K.188 K.188 B61 F.409 G.153, G.154, G.157, G.311, G.325, G.355, G.367, G.547, G.548 H.78, H.126, H.167, H.198, H.236, H.248, H.307 | J.122 K.188 K.188 A .6l LYTTON, Pamela, Lady George William Gifford G.341, G.345, G.442 MABANE, William, 1st Baron Mc CALLUM, Ronald Buchanan G6228, G,320, G. 323, G2 335; LYWOOD, Air Vice-Marshal Oswyn K.189 MACDONALD, David Keith Chalmers K.189 Ditsl, ,¥82 McCORQUODALE, Malcolm Stewart, MACDONALD, J. Ross McCANCE, Sir Andrew McCOMBIE, Hamilton Ist Baron F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwe CSAC RN/4/2) CSAC 80/4/81 Index of corres vondents MACDONALD, James Ramsay MACDONALD, Malcolm John MACDONALD, N, MACDOUGALL, Sir (George) Donald (Alastair) F.6/] K.189 G.88 F.61, F.63, F.69, F.79, F.82, F.398 - F,400 G.57, G.146, G.500 H.8- H.19, H.22, H.23, H.26, k e e l a s r e g e l c s k e e l H.37, H.39, H.41, HAd, H.45, .50, H.53, H.62, H.63, H.69, .70, H.79, H.87, H.90, H.99, .101, H.107, H.108, H.111, 115, H.118, H.121, H.140 - .143, H.159, H.174, H.175, .178, H.182, H.189, H.192, .195, H.197, H.199, H.206, .220, H.224, H.267, H.274, 285, H.315 s t i l S e i S 89, J. 114, 395 59:198 3 te6 J.129, J.148 McELWEE, Patience K.189 McGOWAN, Harry Duncan, Ist Baron McKERROW, George MACKIE, J. M. MACKENZIE, William James Millar MACGREGOR-MORRIS, John Turner MACINTOSH, Sir Robert (Reynolds) A.62 D.95 =D.99, D.104):D.109, DB. 2 E.76 G.267 Hi237 , Ty. 260 J.32 D.15] K.189 D.156 G.514 D.225, G.168 B.12, D.15] D.60, J.39 A107 D.241] E.113 B.122 dA Se Ie J.39, J:475 ee K.189 MACKINNON, Duncan MACKINNON, L. MACKINTOSH, Ernest Elliot Buckland MACLAGAN, William Gauld MACLAGAN, Michael MACHUGH, Joe MACKAY, D. G.533 F.A. Lindemann CSAC 80/4/81 ? Lord Che wall ' } index of corresponcents ! e MACLEAN, B.D, H.276 MACLEAN, Lachlan L, MCLEAN, Mary S. MCLEAN, Sir Robert MACLENNAN, Hector R. MACLEOD, Josephine MACLEOD, N. MACMAHON, Percy A, MACMILLAN, Sir (Maurice) Harold MACMILLAN, Norman MCNAUGHTON, General Andrew George Latta McNEILL, K. G, MACRAE, Robert Stuart F.29, F.31, G. 152, GA64 F.49, F.53, G.189 D.152 D.152 D.62 H.88 A .23 B.149, G.364, H.41, J.129, K.190 A.16 G.267, K.191 D.152 A.50 G.250 - G.264, G.272, G.274, Gi276, Gi 283, G.285..G. 987 = G.299, G.301, G.305, G.346, G.350 J3 39; 5.49 (Nevil) MACREADY, J. G.456;, GC, 287 H. 241 G.503 MADAN, Falconer MACREADY, F. W. B.104, B.106- B.108 McWATTERS, Sir Arthur Cecil MACREADY, lt.-General Sir Gordon G.504 B.28, B.30, B.31, B.34, B.35, B.99, B.33, E.55, K.192 MAKINS, Roger Mellor, later Ist Baron MAGGINI, M., MAGUIRE, Julia MAIDMENT, Jessie Helen MAKINS, Geoffrey E. K.191 K.191 D133 K.19] F.68 B.92; B.95;.B.96 MAGEE, Bryan Sherfield F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 ex of Correspondents MAKOWER, M.S. MALCOLM, C. R. MALLABY, Sir (Howard) George (Charles) MALLETT, Sir (William) Ivo MALPAS, Harold A. MANCROFT, Stormont Mancroft Samuel, 2nd Baron MANDER, Sir Geoffrey Le Mesurier F.72, G.513, H.7, H.42 G.537 K.193 H. 236 K.193 K.193 K,193 MANNING, Olga Mary, Lady B.163, K,194 MANSERGH, Admiral Sir Maurice (James) F.104, G.147 MANSFIELD, Mungo David Malcolm Murray, 7th Earl of MANSON, A. J. MARGESSON, Henry David Reginald, lst Viscount MARJORIBANKS, Edward MARKHAM, Sir Henry Vaughan Je2? H.276 G.226, Ko 195 Kaa ree MARLBOROUGH, Mary, 10th Duchess of G.445 K.196 K.196 K.197 KG, Ki197 MARLBOROUGH, Gladys Marie, 9th Duchess of MARSH, Sir Edward MARSTRAND, O. J. MARTIN, Cyril John F.59, F.72, &.83, F.a0t 48.406 G85, G. 156: G. 158. ©. Tee, G.166,: Ge308, Gi. Sze, G.459, G.367, G.369 - G.371, G.505 - G.508, G.513 - G.516, G.518 - G.524, G.544 R197 A.7| D.124, D.258 F.43, F.401 28, 6.35, G48, G.15Z, 5256; H.7, Hide, Heer — B89; Hoty H. 92,20 113,99. 1 39, gl AS, H.l7dy A 2a, 2352 41 oe H.144, H.156, H.298, H.305 Jeans eee A.83, A.86 Deus: - D212, D214 MARTIN, Sir David (Christie) MARTIN, Sir John (Miller) 2g FLA. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell eS om i s CSAC 80/4/81 naex of ¢ orrespondenis MARTINDELL, Jackson MASARYK, Frances A.77 K.198 MASARYK, Jan Garrigue B.33, K.199, K.267 MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson MASSEY, Vincent MASSIGLI, René MASTERMAN, C. A. MASTERMAN,, Sir Christopher Hughes MASTERMAN,, Sir John (Cecil) MATTHIAS, A, MAUD, John Primatt Redcliffe (later D.10 B.44 A.62 G.528 J.&7 A.28, A.40, A.50 B.137, B.152 G.464 3.93 K 200 D.153 Redcliffe-Maud) B.122,-G.546, H,33, Has; 6.201 MAUDE, Angus Edmund Upton MAUDLING, R. K.201 G.541 A.62 MAXWELL, Henry MAYER, Hilda L. K.202 See also J.56 J.82 of Kilmuir MAY, Percy MAYER, Edmund MAX-MULLER, Wanda Maria, Lady A.62, K.202 MAX-MULLER, Sir William Grenfell MAXWELL-FYFE, David Patrick, Ist Earl MAUGHAM, Frederic Herbert, Ist Viscount +. 82, 1/93, 1.04 K. 203 G.464 153 .203 .61 245 .170, H.208, H.298 MAYHEW, €.-B. MAYO, Robert Hobart MEADE, James Edward A.102, B.72, K.203 D.114, K.203 MEES, Charles Edward Kenneth MEHTA, Sir Chunilal V. MEIGGS, Russell FLA. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell Index of correspondents MEIKLEJOHN, Robert P. MEITNER, Lise G.368 See D.154 MELCHETT, Amy Gwen, lady Aufl, 5.76,%.a04 MELCHETT, Henry Mond, 2nd Baron D.102,D.105 - D.107, D.109 - Oa ls izeo G.226, G.267"G. 272; GizZee es. 220, G.D2Z, Gio, G.442, G44; G.3z7 H.33, H.Ll7, Hil39) Hi240, F244 Je ty. deo? 7 OO, MGA, a6 K,68; K%.204, K.213 MELCHETT, Julian Edward Alfred Mond, 3rd Baron D153, 213 MELCHETT, Violet, Lady MELLANBY, Sir Edward MELLOWS, A. W. K 204 D. 159 A 7h ATS MELVILLE, Sir Harry (Work) G.44] MELVILLE, Sir Ronald (Henry) G.8= G.l0, Gis MENDELSSOHN, Kurt Alfred Georg A.86, D.156 See also D.100, D.130 Au0e; Ai7i, K205 E95, Kaeo MERBEN, W.- Jev .R. MERTON, Sir Thomas Ralph MENDOZA, Samuel MENGER, W. D.157 0.158 K 206 MERTON, Marjory, Lady MENZIES, Sir Robert (Gordon) K.206 A.23, A.28, A.71 C.13 D100 5758, D213, Dezit Gas H . 247 K.206 F.405 GiB4, O98. G.99;: G.1399, G.173, G21 6 204. Goi GS 206: GEINO. GS, 344 5. 347, 2G. 359. @.415, Gita G46. “CARI. G.434, G.435, G.442, G.456, G.467 MERTON, William R. a misesl | Jndemann, Lord Cnerwetl j bo Fe a. Lindemant CSAC 80/4/81 le Index of correspor ye c MEYER, Eugene MEYER, Stefan MIALL, R. Leonard MICHELSON, Albert Abraham MIDLETON, Madeleine, Lady MIDLETON, St. John Brodrick, Ist Earl of MILES, Charles K. MILES, Sir John MILES, W. MILLAR, Frederick Robert Hoyer, later Baron Inchyra MILLER, Harry M. MILLER, Louise MILLIKAN, Greta Blanchard MILLIKAN, Robert Andrews MILNE, Edward Arthur 159 E114 21, D.159 .40, A.50, K.207 F.67, J.29, K.207 G.404, G.405 $108 5514 Go G.548, K.208 192, K.208 .208 .208 ha R008 B.51, B.91 - B.93, B.121 Cis D.160 G30 .Geape D.39 G.464 MINNS, William MILNES. 3 ©. K.209 D.161 K.209 K 407. K.211] OBS 4 MITCHELL, Harold MINTO, Mary, Lady MINTOFF, Dominic MILNER, James, Ist Baron MILNES GASKELL, Constance, Lady K.212 K.211 K.211 G.353, J.104 MOBERLEY, Sir Walter (Hamilton) MITFORD, Diana (later Guinness, MITFORD, Thomas MIRLEE, M. afterwards Mosley) MITZAKIS, M, \ i? r r.A, Lindemann, Lord Cherweil ; CSAC 80/4/81 mond f ‘ Index of correspondents MOGLICH, Friedrich MOLESWORTH, Lt.-Genera! George Noble MOLSON, (Arthur) Hugh (Elsdale), Baron MONACO, Pierre de MONCK, Bosworth E. D.16] H.126 D .77, DAG, Page ee K.212 G.548, H.198, H.251 MONCKTON, Walter Tumer, Ist Viscount J.141, J.142, K.212 MOND, Henry see MELCHETT MOND, Derek John Henry Jul Otek 2 MOND NICKEL COMPANY LIMITED D.162 MOND, Sir Robert Ludwig MOND, Yvonne (later Rowe) MONTAGU, Venetia D.184 See also D.156 A.82,-K.213 K.214 MONTAGUE BROWNE see BROWNE MONTGOMERY, Field-Marshal Bernard Law, Ist Viscount mite H. TARA Ist Baron Ga275, K.215 K.2t8 K.2te D.10 MORGAN, E. Victor MORGAN, W.-C. MOON, Philip Burton MONTGOMERY, Theresa MORAN, Charles McMoran Wilson, MOORE, Admiral Sir Henry Ruthven MOORE, J. MOORE-BRABAZON see BRABAZON OF A.40, K.215 MORGENTHAU, Henry H. 280, A. 268.215 MORLAND, Michael A.62 J.83 H.296 Keels F.84 A.40 MORLEY, Ralph MORRIS, G. MORRIS, H. S. J. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents MORRISON, Herbert Stanley, ’ Baron VA “409, G.415, G.419, G.428, H.62, H.71 MORRIS, James [ Jan:] cote MORRISON, William Shepherd, later Ist Viscount Dunrossil MORTON, Sir Desmond John Falkiner MOSS, Daisy MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) MOTTERSHEAD, Frank William MOTZ, Hans MOULLIN, Eric Balliol H. 2355: Bt 3 G63 3.39; K.218 A.40, A.50 F.27, F.29 G.6, Gié2 G6 92, G2148, 152, G.155, G.156, G.219, G.226, G. 276, Gi 2877 G.350, Grae G.444, G.445, G.452, G.465, G, 510, G.526 H.12, H.65, H.115, H.116, H.121, H.229, H.276, H.284, H.286, H.310 - H.312, H.314 J.60 K.216, K.295 K.27 D.10; Di163, D178 G.349, G.350, G.434 E.86 D.164, G.320 G.469 Reels pt Ist Baron Mure HH. MULHOLLAND, Olivia 208, Gi237, Giste Rial? Albert Victor Nicholas), Ist Earl MOYNE, Evelyn Erskine, Lady MOYNE, Walter Edward Guinness, MOUNTFORD, Sir James (Frederick) MOULTON, John Fletcher, Baron MOUNTBATTEN OF BURMA, Louis (Francis .218 MUNSTER, Geoffrey William Richard Hugh FitzClarence, 5th Earl of MURDOCH, KK. R. MUNNINGS, Sir Alfred J. ae .218 74 .218 .218 .218 MUNFORD, H. G. MUNKLER, Karl G.465, K.217 Fae, Es Sop aoe MURE, Molly F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 lex of correspondents MURRAY, Arthur C, MURRAY, (George) Gilbert (Aimé) MURRAY, H DD MURRAY, J. O'Hara MURRAY, John MURRAY, John MURRAY, Keith Anderson Hope, Baron MURRAY, Mary Henrietta, Lady MURRIE, Sir William (Stuart) MUSGRAVE, Forrest G.458 K.219 . 220 , 220 201, G.465 .104 .64, B.109, K.220 219 .89, K.220 . 220 NAMIER, Sir Lewis Bemstein NAPIER, Arthur NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY merck, J. Lb, NERNST, Emma K.221 G.425 K.221 Fi Fa E,132 D.166 K.221 pyiee, Br iz2 D 167 - D.172 See also A.3,+C.72, Dsa2,.0.87, NEUMANN, Karl NETTMANN, Otto NEEDHAM, Joseph NAYLOR, Arthur Holden NERNST, Walther Herman NELSON, George Horatio, Ist Baron 19) NEVIN, Thomas E. NEWCOMBE, S. NEWMAN, Trevor C. NICHOLL, Aa &, NEWTON, Henry NICHOLS, Russell E.118 K,222 K.222 B.76 Ke222 G.455 G.168 B92, 6.24 F. N. F A, Lind mann, Lord CSAC 80/4/81 fed, ¢ Index of correspot dents c j : NOETZLIN, Jacques NORMAN, M. R, NORMANBROOK see BROOK NORTE. Wy 3G, NORTH OF SCOTLAND HYDRO- ELECTRIC BOARD NORWICH see COOPER NORWOOD, Sir Cyril Alexander H. NOWAK, W. NUFFIELD, Lilian, Lady NUFFIELD, William Richard Morris, Ist Viscount NYE, Lt.-General Sir Archibald (Edward) D. 173 6.165, G.360 H.63, H.64 K.222 E.@ K aee A.é2, K.223 A.50 B.46, B.62, B.115 coor G.466 Kees See also B.12, B.25 G.270, K.224 OAKES, John B. OATES Fi: GC, O'BRIEN, Sir Tom Ore, Dy ea. Ji CEPTERING, TH5 M; OAKESHOTT, Walter Fraser O'CONNOR, Sir Terence James E.33 A.82, B.135 4.138, J.145, 3.146 K.225 J.19, Ji24,:J.34, 3.36, 5.40,-K 225 K 226 G.113,. 6.278, G, 282 A.&7 A.10, Gi¥3!20.,174 See also A. 16 A £86, G,322, G.526, -J8} OLIPHANT, Sir Mark (Marcus Laurence OGG, Sir William Gammie O'GORMAN, Mervyn OHEA, J. Elwin) F.68, G.241 a oe % F.A, Lindemann, Lord Cherwe CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents fae c f > OLIVER, G. N, OPIE, Redvers OPPENHEIMER, Harry Frederick ORAM, ©O.-... J; ORIEL, John Augustus ORME, John Samuel ORMSBY-GORE, William George Arthur, later 4th Baron Harlech OROWAN, Egon ORR-EWING, Charles lan OSBORN, Frederick OWEN, George E. OWEN, Sidney George OWEN, W. A. OWER, E. OWTRAM, G. 6.863: Gomme Mh. Pore Keee6 D.174 H.127 E.86 G.8, G.280 Js 265: Ki 226 cE. seve, JV1Ge E.14 K.227 K.227 Kj 227 Fiz, F./7t G.47] OXFORD AND ASQUITH, Herbert Henry, Ist Earl dS PAGE, D. PAGET, J. PAGET, Muriel, Lady PAGE, Sir Frederick Handley PAKENHAM, Antonia (ater Fraser, A.63, 3.89, 3,.93;°K. 231 A.50, A.63 7851.82, Ju100, Jcbis K sa, i229, Ks202 F.29, K.230 H.63, H.65 PAKENHAM-WALSH, Major-General PAKENHAM, Francis Aungier, later PALMER, Sir William PAM, Albert afterwards Pinter) Ki Zou 7th Earl of Longford Ridley P. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell F.A. CSAC 80/4/81 i Index of correspondents PANETH, Friedrich Adolf PARBURY, Florence PARIS, Sir Edward (Talbot) ; PARK, E. Gordon PARKER, Sir Harold PARKER, Sir Karl T. PARKINSON, John Richard W.72, O17 Kae K, 232 K.232 F 43 = F543,.4.122 D.176 F.53, F.61, F.84, F.403 - F.406 G.7t; G28, G45, C.76; Giles, G.154, G.198, G.199, G.202, G.203, G.435, G.508, G.524 H.1, H.16-H.20, H.36, H.38, H.40, H.52, H.53, H.57, H.59, H.66, H.99, H.127, H.219, H. 232, H.262 4. 3428, 3.125 PARLIAMENTARY AND SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE A.63, K.233 PARMOOR, Charles Alfred Cripps, Ist Baron Ay, b.7 PARMOOR, Marion Emily, PARRY, E. Lady H. K.234 D.176 G.469 K.234 K.234 A.96 F.2a0 G.397 PASSAT, H.:.:B. PATTERSON, Bruce PEAKE, Charles GEAR, 150° % PATTERSON, Ri 2.0. PEARSON, H. PECK, John Howard B.54 K.235 F.409 G.50, G.56, 6.142, Ge? G28) G236, 6.245, Gage. G. 389, G.466, G.510 Pulte Shores PEIRSON, D. E. G.98, G.181, G.182, G.184, G.222 PECK, Air-Marshal Sir Richard Hallam H.18, H.25, H.121, H.263 PEIRSE, Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf (Ernst) >. 176/466, 1aie F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents PENNEY, William George, Baron GiZoe5: iO) 1G. 255 PENNIMAN, W. A. PERCIVAL, Constance PERCIVAL, Sir Harold D3? K.235 G.466 PERRIN, Sir Michael (Willcox) A.72; DAZ, G. 262; das See also E.5] PERROTT, Sir Donald (Cyril Vincent) PERRY, Silas S. PERY, Anne, Lady A .72, 5.147 J.64 A. 727-235 PETAVEL, Sir Joseph Ernest F.26 PETERS, Sir Rudolph Albert A.40, A.87, B.140, K.235 PETHERAM, C.-’.<5S., PETHICK- LAWRENCE, Frederick William, Ist Baron PHILIPPS, John PHILLIPS, Margaret G, PHILLIPS, Admiral Sir Tom Spencer cee J.fz KN 2o0 & 300 Vaughan PICKARD, George L. Arthur Henzell GsEa K.236 B53 G.468 G.466 PILLEY, John PINSENT, Ellen F. PIERCE, Sir Leonard PIESIBAK, “C... 9; PICKAVANCE, Thomas Gerald G.2770; G.2/6,-G.279, O.4e ees PILE, General Sir Frederick Albert PIDCOCK, Air Vice-Marshal Geoffrey G.163, G.236, G.326, G.401, G.432 K.236 D.57 K.236 D.179 H.134, H.136, H.137, H.281 $1915, 122; 3438; 146 PIPPARD, Sir (Alfred) Brian PIRENNE, Maurice H. PITBLADO, Sir David (Bruce) PLANCK, Max . D179, K2236 K.236 B.26 K.237 A.50, A.87 B.61, B.92-B.94, B.96 G72 D.179 G.467 Ki29 K .237 276 We 28 04, D250, G.66,.H.42, 00 285 .147, B.155, B.156, K.237 233 B.91, K.237 D.180 K.238 B.75 B.20, K.238 J.150 B.68 D.86 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents meat, 4. GP PLASKETT, Edith A. PLASKETT, Harry Hemley PLATZMAN, Robert L. PLAYFAIR, Sir Edward Wilder PLESCH, Janos PLEYDELL-BOUVERIE, G. PLOWDEN, Edwin Noel, Baron PLOWMAN, Harry PLUGGE, Leonard F. . PLUMMER, H. ~.€. POHL, Robert W. POLLOCK, Sir (John) Donald Robert (Moore) Brooke- Scott, 10th Baron Poets, 8. oR, POPE, Sir William Jackson PORTAL, Marshal of the Royal Air Force POLE-CAREW, Marye POLLOCK, Herbert C. POPHAM, Air Chief Marshal Sir (Henry) POLWARTH, Henry Alexander Hepburne- ,5AI 345, G46, G28. -52, G52, MeO: G72 G80. G.8h GBs 98: G:128, G2150, G.452, Gage 31797 G.1827 G.189.. G. 195, 197, G. 224, Gyzsa G. 779, 985, 6 GeV, Gia, Gsm: 5243 G, 346, G.Aod A 467; B.2, F.5/1, F.24 A.72, A.81 B.74 Gx 13, Gia CG. eee. we a8. Charles Frederick Algernon, ('Peter'), Ist Viscount of Hungerford F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherw CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents PORTAL, Jane PORTAL, Wyndham Raymond, Ist Viscount of Laverstoke PORTLAND, William John Arthur, éth Duke of PORTLAND, Winifred, 6th Duchess of Poomili, F.. oR; POSTAN, Michael POULTON, Sir Edward (Bagnell) POULTON, Sir Edward Palmer POWELL, Christopher POWELL, Herbert Marcus POWELL, (John) Enoch POWELL, Sir Richard (Royle) POWICKE, Sir (Frederick) Maurice movie, C.° OQ. ROYER F.C, G.550 1.84 K.240 A.40, K.240 D.18] F.408, H.140, H.141, K.241 K.242 B.140, D.181 O35 B.156 J.74, 5.93 K.242 K.242 F.30 J.22 G.63 G.361 Dis. Gi4al G.357 K.243 D.181 PRATT, J. Gordon PRATT, J. Davidson PRICHARD, Harold Arthur POYNTON, Sir (Arthur) Hilton Pilger Ge. PRICE, Richard P, oe PRIDHAM, Vice-Admiral Sir (Arthur) A.50 G.254, -Gi263, e978 ».G.279, J.109 H. 24] K.213, K.243 PROCTOR, Sir (Philip) Dennis PROFUMO, John Dennis PRING, J. Heathcote K.242 J.40 G.307 D.18] - 166 G.442 Francis PRimae, Cy ak. PRINGLE, Je: *S, PRINGSHEIM, Peter F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwe CSAC 80/4/8 | index of correspondents D182 A.72, B.51, D.14, D.182, K.242 A.63, A.123, G.467, K.244 G.467, K.244 K.244 H.160 B.34 D;123, D.299 F.30, F.3l, F.36; F.54 G.174, G.181, G.353, G.376, G.469, G.529 PROUDMAN, Joseph PRYCE, Maurice Henry Lecorney PUCKLE, Guy Bridge’ PURBRICK, Reginald PURCELL, Dinah PURVIS, Arthur Blaikie PYE, Sir David (Randall) ah QUEENSBOROUGH, Almeric Hugh Paget, Ist Baron SUT en, tC. QUIRKE, Raymond QUIRR, R. «-N. RABINOWITSCH, E. RADO, Richard D.183 Ji Seas 0, 3.9 RADERNACHER, Hans RADICE, Edward Albert D.183 Gel? K.245 RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA RADCLIFFE, Geoffrey Reynolds Yonge A263; 2.165: Fe 129 RALEIGH, Sir Walter (Alexander) RANDALL, Sir John (Turton) RAISIN, Timothy Hugh Francis RAIKES, Humphrey Rivaz RAMSAY, Sir Alexander D.184 J.161 A.14 H.4] K.245 RAMSAY, Cynthia RAMSEY, Norman F. A.23, D.185 A.82, B.76 F.A. Lindemann, Lord . CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents RANKEILLOUR, Arthur Oswald James Hope, 2nd Baron J.63, K.245 RANKIN, Robert A, RAPKINE, Louis RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth RAW LES, Verena RAWLINS, F. RAWLINSON, A. R, RAWLINSON, Alfred Edward John, Bishop of Derby RAWSON, Sir Stanley Walter RAY LEIGH, John Arthur Strutt, 5th Baron RAY LEIGH, Kathleen Alice, Lady RAY LEIGH, Robert John Strutt, Ath Baron €.74 D.186 K.245 F.68 F.4l G.38, G43 A.51, A.63, A72, J.154, K.246 K.246 K.246 D.187 A.2), Da Ve, D.187, D.205 See also D.197 READ, Sir Herbert K.246 A:51y:B.23, 7: 68, i247 K.247 H.3 K. 248 G.191 (later Baroness Swanborough) READING, Gerald Rufus Isaacs, 2nd Marquess of REDCLIFFE-MAUD see MAUD READING, Stella, Ist Marchioness of REDDAWAY, William Brian REDMAYNE, J. S. REED, Sir (Herbert) Stanley REEDER, A, K.248 J.134 G. 324; 'G.325, G:329,°6, 343, RENNELL, Francis James Rennell Rodd, RENWICK, Robert Burnham, Ist Baron D.189 G i253; Sale H./8, He81; 1.85 J.72 2nd Baron RENWICK, Sir John Robert REED, Frank F. REES-MOGG, Graham REVES, Emery G.344, G.346 / A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwe a - . i init CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents i REYNOLDS, John Henry RICARDO, Sir Harry (Ralph) RICE. Davidsalbot RICE, Marcella RICHARDSON, Harry RICHARDSON, Sir Owen Willans RICHES, Kenneth, Bishop of Dorchester RICKETT, Sir Denis Hubert Fletcher RIDDELL, Sir Walter (Robert) Buchanan- RIDDELL, Lord RIDDIFORD, L. \.28, K.248 -229, G.365, K.249 . 249 K.249 B.7a See C.6 K.97 F.408, G.545, H.132 Jie B.124 D.214 RIDEAL, Sir Eric (Keightley) A.41, G.174 RIDGEWAY, J. RIDLEY, Maurice Roy RIDLEY, Rosamond, Lady muey 2. G.324 D.60 K.249 D.190, K.249 D.94-D.96 see CALDER Beckhofer Jet} H.276 D.190 ROAF, Douglas F86,.7.47, 5.51 RINTOUL, William ROBERTS, C. E. RITCHIE, William ROBERTS, Colin Henderson RITSON, Sir Edward Herbert RIPPON, (Aubrey) Geoffrey (Frederick) RITCHIE-CALDER M. RITSON, D. B.68, D.131, D.190, D.205 See also B.126 G.28, G.36, G.38, G.54, G.55 ROBERTSON, Sir Dennis Holme ROBERTSON, George Scott ROBERTSON, John Archibald Campbell ROBERTS, Irene ROBERTS, J. ROBERTSON, Sir Charles Grant M. H.27 41529, Feat K.250 K.251 D.228 A.28 E18 F.408 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 1 index of correspondents ‘ we owenesamnates oanenerenemmneuacpenannenmnalieeencmnanen a ROBERTSON, Sir Malcolm Amold ROBERTSON, Norman Alexander ROBERTSON, Sir Robert ROBERTSON SCOTT, John William Kr Pps) | 0251 wivl, D.285 s00, K.251 ROBINSON, (Edward) Austin (Gossage) F.54, H.107, H.195, H.199 ROBINSON, Edward Stanley Gotch B.11S, K.252 ROBINSON, H.W. ROBINSON, Sir Robert ROBINSON, William S. ROCHEFORT, Sacha de F.54 G. 155, G. 158, Gul66, Gay. G.182, G.357, G.364, G.366, G.500, G.503, G.506, G.512 H.8, H.26, H.27, H.A9, H.60, H.62, H.70, H.93, H.160 K..400 A. 41,0 A.63, Wo7 B.6l G.441 K.231, K.252 G 259, Kedl, Kig52 K.253 ROCK, Philip Bove, Did4, Ko2o8 Il, A.63, K.255 ROGER, Sir Alexander ROMILLY, Nellie G.468 K.254 -168 » 254 RODGER, Sir Alexander K.253 K .254 D.192 ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION ROOSEVELT, Franklin Delano ROCHETAILLEE-BROGLIE, Camille RONALD, Sir Nigel Bruce ROOKE, Harry K.256 ROOTES, William Edward, Baron ROSEBERY, Albert Edward Harry Primrose, ROSEWAY, Sir (George) David K.256 G.168, G.510 wa/, M243 2105 K s S WHELAN, Leonard James WHIDDINGTON, Richard 309 53 428 oJ3, K.309 FLA. Lindemann, CSAC 80/4/81 Lor« } i idex of correspondents ‘ WHIPPLE, Robert Stewart While, A. G. . WHITE, Sir Bruce Gordon WHITE, Clara Miller WHITE, Henry Julian WHITEHEAD, John Henry Constantine WHITEHEAD, S. WHITROW, G. WHITTAKER, Sir Edmund Taylor WHITTLE, Sir Frank J. WHITTUCK, Gerald Saumarez WIGRAM, Ava, later Lady Anderson and Viscountess Waverley WILKINSON, Cyril Hackett WILKINSON, Sir Denys Haigh WILKINSON, Maurice K.309 G.287, G.288 G.310, J.132 K.310 A. 28, B.124, B.125, B.127 - B.129 3.10215 D259, K. 310 A. 0; E374, E86, J 86,4310 A.52 D.260 G.240 G.203, G.355, G.548, H.249 K.31] J.33 K.31] Av52, 3.15, 516,09 WILLIAMS, K. G.105,°G, 106 D233 G.458 G.471 A.96, K.3tl WiELCOX, J.8 bi WILLIAMS, Clyde Pano A.65 D.64 WILLIAMS, A... T. WILLIAMS, John Basil WILLIAMS, Sir Herbert WILKINSON, W. D., WILLIAMS, Evan James WILLIAMS, Sir (Evan) Owen D213, 0,218 WILLIAMS-THOMPSON, Michael WILLINGDON, M, WILLINK, Sir Henry Urmston Wilts. “Dmigla M: WILSON, Sir Alan (Herries) P62, FA09; H.84> 117232 H.22 A.28 Sor WILLIAMS, T. A. €. 08. Eade K.31] Fe A. Li Lindemann, Lord ! i ‘ ent 1e1 G SA C 8( 4/8 ] poe Index Or Corresponaenrs Ps ee ao - — ee 4 WILSON, Charles WILSON, Doro! hy WILSON, Field-Marshal Henry Maitland, Ist Rai J.66 Rt. Hon. (James) Harold WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, P. Monica WILSON, Richard WILSON, Robert Q, WILSON, Thomas Hoe Thy HelZ, Was K.ai2 K.312 D. 261 D.18 F .85, F.402, Gy O.71, 3, Ch 1136, A. Mi33-- oe F.405 G.87, G.145, G.519, 524, G.5Ad 38, H.59, H.66, H.82, H.84, H.87- H.92, 1, 5, fF H.123 - H.128, H.130, ra H.137 - H.139, H.143, ] .157,-H.202,°H:207, H.21) = ] 214, H.220, H.224, H.228, H.234, H.235, H.256, 1.231, H.266, H.270, H.273, 262, .278, H.285, H.290, H.291, H.307, H.296, .293, H.312- .315, H.317, H.320 J.60 Cyatt, Rao G.304 WINANT, John G. WtlISHIRE GW, .. J. WIMPERIS, Harry Egerton WILSON SMITH, Sir Henry WIMBORNE, Alice Katherine, Viscountess K.313 C.30 D.123, D.262 F.9/5, F.27, F.28, F.30 G.429 D.263 WINSTER, Reginald Thomas Herbert WINDAUS, Adolf Otto Reinhold WINTERNITZ, Paul K.314 D.263 K.314 Fletcher, Baron WINSTER, C. J.80 F.A. Lindemann, Lord CSAC 80/4/81 “CAS OV /A /C ' ' Index of corresp¢ ndents z WINTERTON; Edward Turnour, 6th WITKOWSKI, S. WOLF, Elizabeth WOLF, Max WOLFENDEN, J. -H. WOLILASTON, Sir Gerald W. WOLMER see SELBOURNE WOOD, Frank WOOD, J. Hatton WOOD, Sir Kingsley WOOD, R. = W. WOODALL, Herbert J. WOODFORD, F. Peter WOODHOUSE, H. WOODS HUMPHERY, G._ EE. Earl J 24; 529, AAS SAT SAT G.299 D.10 A.28 K.314 A.37 G9, GC, 166; G22) K.315 F.11, F.37, F.65 G.167, G.856, G.530 .68 263, G.304, K.315 74 6315 £315 .93 Ist Earl WRIGHT, Albert L. WRIGHT, C.° E WOOZLEY, Anthony Douglas WOOLLEY, Sir Richard (van der Riet) WOODWARD-NUTT, Arthur Edgar WOOLTON, Frederick James Marquis, F.9/5, F.36 D.198 Ac73 E.77, E.78, E.81, E.82 G.325, G.546 H.26, H.27 5.55, Jét% 3972,.4s905,-5-928 K.315 E.66 A.65 B.71 A.4l F.30, F.33 G.1ll, G28, Gere eae H.20 G.363;.G ort, G.A5I WRIGHT, Sir Charles Seymour WRIGHT, David McC, WRIGHT, Claud WRIGHT -£. €. G.305 K.315 4 larcl reANY. LINGemann, Lore 9 ee CSAC 80/4/81 ¢ i WRIGHT, Edward Maitland WRINCH, Dorothy WRINCH, Pamela N. WYLIE, Sir Francis James -Y/Z - YAHUDA, Abraham Shalom Ezekiel YARDENY, Michael N. YATES-FISH, Marjorie YATES-FISH, Norman L. YOUNG, Sir E. Hilton YOUNG, Norman Egerton YOUNG, Terence.” Vv Vv ZACEK, August See also K.318 297. .318 pol? why Re BEF . 320 » 126 at? See D.266 K.320 ZUNTZ, ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron ZETLAND, Cicely, 2nd Marchioness of A.73, A.87 E.76 G.165 J. ee, J ee K232) See also G.183 K.429