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Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Edward George Tandy Liddell FRS (1895-1981) Mainly relating to Sir Charles Scott Sherrington FRS (1857-1952) by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper CSAC catalogue no. 103/7/84 Title: Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Edward George Tandy Liddell FRS (1895-1981), physiologist, mainly relating to Sir Charles Scott Sherrington FRS (1857-1952) Compiled by: Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper Description level: Fonds Date of material: ca 1920s-1962 Extent of material: 2 boxes, ca 45 items Deposited in: Library for the History of Neuroscience, Sherrington Room, University Laboratory of Physiology, Oxford Reference code: GB 0483 LIDDELL © National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. CSACcatalogue no. 103/7/84 E.G.T. Liddell CSAC 103/7/84 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Wolfson Foundation E.G.T. Liddell CSAC 103/7/84 INTRODUCTION SUMMARY OF CAREER LIST OF CONTENTS SECTION A TEACHING AND RESEARCH A.1-A.7 SECTION B_ WRITINGS AND LECTURES ON SHERRINGTON B.1 - B.36 SECTION C CORRESPONDENCE C.1 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 10 10 E.G.T. Liddell CSAC 103/7/84 INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE 3 This small collection of material was received from Professor C.G. Phillips, FRS, author of the Memoir of Liddell @iographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 29, 1983). DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION It is As an undergraduate at Oxford during the First World War, Liddell fell under the spell of C.S. Sherrington, then Waynflete Professor of Physiology, and later began his research career as Sherrington's assistant. material reflecting the connection with Sherrington and the great admiration which Liddell had for Sherrington's contribution to physiology that predominatesin the collection. The most substantial body of material relates to writings and lectures on Sherrington and his place in the history of physiology, which occupied Liddell in the years following Sherrington's death in 1952 and which culminated in the publica- tion of The Discovery of Reflexes in 1960. There is correspondence requesting information from colleagues and others, manuscript and typescript drafts, often very heavily corrected, and Liddell's background notes drawn from classic nineteenth- century physiology texts. There are two further groups of material of considerable interest: teaching material used in the Physiology Department at Oxford in the 1920s (lesson plans andinstructions for practical classes, some of which are in Sherrington's hand) and a detailed record of the 1929-30 'knee-jerk' series of experiments on which Liddell collaborated with J.F. Fulton and D. Rioch. The very small correspondence section includes one late (1946) letter from Sherrington. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Weare grateful to Professor C.G. Phillips for making the material available, and for information and help in identifying some of the documents and correspondence. E.G.T. Liddell CSAC 103/7/84 SUMMARY OF CAREER OF E.G.T. LIDDELL b.1895 Harrogate 1914-18 Trinity College, Oxford 1918 1918 1921 Assistant, Serum Department, Lister Institute Senior Demyship, Magdalen College, Oxford B.M. Oxford 1921-40 Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford and University Lecturer in Physiology 1939 FRS 1940-60 Waynflete Professor of Physiology and Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford 1960 Professor Emeritus For a detailed biographical account see the memoir by C.G. Phillips Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 29, 1983). E.G.T. Liddell CSAC 103/7/84 SECTION A TEACHING AND RESEARCH A.1 - A.7 A.1 Ms. teaching notes on nerve and muscle physiology for the Oxford Physiology Department, c.1920s. Includes instructions for practical classes. Some of these notes are in the hand of C.S. Sherrington or with ' additions by Sherrington. A.2 Duplicated instructions and diagrams of apparatus for the practical classes, revision classes, etc. Includes duplicated copies of ms. notes by Sherrington. A.3 Experiments on frog muscle and nerves. Privately printed teaching notes of the Oxford Physiology Department, 1920s. A.4 'A note on the decerebrate cat’ Ip. duplicated typescript class note produced by Liddell after the Second World War. A.5 ‘The Knee Jerk Series" Record of a series of experiments carried out by Liddell, D. Rioch and J.F. Fulton, between 8 October 1929 and 5 June 1930. The record is in the form of typescript notes, dictated by Fulton, and there are significant ms. additions, diagrams and a photograph of an experimental subject - a cat. The initials of the researchers appear at the head of the account of each experiment. A.6 'Role of Proprioceptive Mechanisms in Motor Coordination’ 2pp. typescript research proposal, c.1957. A.7 Anglo-American Historical Symposium on the Brain, n.d. (? 1950s). Supplementary list of members only. E.G.T. Liddell CSAC 103/7/84 SECTION B WRITINGS AND LECTURES ON SHERRINGTON B.1 - B.36 B.1 Note on Sherrington for British Medical Bulletin, 1952. Brief correspondence and 2pp. ms. draft. B.2 B.3 ‘Cajal and Sherrington’. ’ medicine, vol.6, 1956. In Lectures on the scientific basis of Ms. draft paginated 0-38, with intercalated pages. 20pp. typescript draft written in 1957, Sherrington's centenary year, probably for lecture or lectures. The section titles are: "Histology 1800-1865" 'Deiters, A Forgotten Histologist' 'Golgi and Cajal: The whole structure of the nerve cell' "Sherrington: The Function of the Neurone' Ms. draft of the same. "Histology Before Cajal’. Theoriginal title of the first section was B.4 Article on Sherrington for Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1958. Brief correspondence and 2pp. typescript draft. B.5=B.35 'The discovery of reflexes’, 1960. B.5 Brief correspondence with the Clarendon Press, Oxford, including initial request for Liddell to write on Sherrington's scientific work (1954). Folder also includes letter from reader (1962), commenting on the published work. E.G.T. Liddell CSAC 103/7/84 Writings and lectures on Sherrington B.6-B.8 Correspondence, 1954-59, re information for book, arranged alphabetically. B.6 3.7 B.8 A-G H-M P-W B.9 Publisher's blurb and ms. and typescript drafts of preface, heavily annotated and corrected. B.10, B.11 Chapter 1 B.10 B.11 Early ms. draft, paginated 1-24, with intercalated pages; heavily annotated and corrected. Typescript and ms. draft, paginated 1-43, with intercalated pages; heavily annotated and corrected. B.12 Chapter 2 Ms. drafts, variously paginated; heavily annotated and corrected. B.13 Chapter 4 2pp. ms. and typescript draft, heavily corrected. B.14-B.29 Background material for book, arranged alphabetically by authority or source. B.14 Auerbach, L. Bell, C. B.15 Bence Jones, H. Bernard, C. B.16 Cajal, S.R.y. Clarke, J.A. Lockhart E.G.T. Liddell CSAC 103/7/84 Writings and lectures on Sherrington Deiters, O.F.K. du Bois-Reymond, E. Dutrochet, R.J.H. Ehrenberg, C.G. Forel, O. Foster, M. Galvani, A.L. van Gehuchten, A. Goltz, F.L. Grainger, R.D. Hall, M. Hannover, A. von Kdlliker, R.A. Longet, F.A. Ludwig, C. Marey, E.J. Matteucci, Cc. Miller, J.P. Pfluger, E.F.W. Purkyne, J.E. Richet, C. Schiff, M. Setschenow, |.M. Sherrington, C.S. E.G.T. Liddell CSAC 103/7/84 Writings and lectures on Sherrington B.28 Stirling, W. Todd, R.B. B.29 Vulpian, E.F.A. Whytt, R. B.30-B.35 - Background material for book, arranged alphabetically by subject. B.30 ‘Animal electricity’ ‘Autonomic n.s.' B.3] 'Brain' B.32 'Crossed effects’ 'Flexors and Extensors' ‘Muscle sense’ "Nerve cell’ ‘Peripheral nerves' 'Reflex' B.33 B.34 B.35 "Seat of soul’ ‘Spinal roots’ B.36 Undated lecture notes. Ms. notes for lecture in which Liddell sought to place the advances made by Sherrington in their historical context. Ms. notes, on the back of two envelopes, for lecture on Sherrington and Cajal. E.G.T. Liddell CSAC 103/7/84 SECTION C CORRESPONDENCE C.1 C.] Miscellaneous correspondence, various dates, 1946-60. Includes letter from Sherrington, 1946, with advice about Belgian and French scientists in connection with a congress organised by Liddell, and letter from Sir Herbert Parsons to Sir Francis Walshe, 1957, re a memorial to Sherrington. INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS AUERBACH, Charlotte AUERBACH, Max BARCROFT, Henry COOKE, Alexander ECCLES, Sir John Carew FORBES, Alex GRANIT, Ragnar Arthur GUTMANN, E. HIGHAM, Thomas Farrant JEFFERSON, Sir Geoffrey LEIBOWITZ, Joshua O. MARGOLIOUTH, Herschel Maurice MORUZZI, Giuseppe PARSONS, Sir John Herbert PUPILLI, Giulio C. SHERRINGTON, Sir Charles Scott SINGER, Charles w V D w v V W A a n n F V — _ T F G G T F W D T F D O T F T 7 F o T w o o w N N N N F P N n H . ~ B.8 C.1 B.8 WALSHE, Sir Francis (Martin Rouse) | See C.1