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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on correspondence and papers of LESLIE FLEETWOOD BATES, FRS (1897 - 1978) physicist deposited in Nottingham University Library Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre No 82/13 THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane (CSAC. 8371/82) by London WC2A 1HP 1982 All rights reserved CSAC 83/1/82 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers of LESLIE FLEETWOOD BATES, CBE, FRS (1897 - 1978) Nottingham Library Deposited in the Manuscripts Department, University of reserved Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Julia Latham- Jackson All rights L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland The Biochemical Society The British Pharmacological Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics © The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Physiological Society The Royal Society of London L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE KEEPER OF THE MANUSCRIPTS, UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY PARK, NOTTINGHAM L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 LIST OF CONTENTS Sections B - G are prefaced by an introductory note. GENERAL INTRODUCTION BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL NOTEBOOKS, LECTURES, PUBLICATIONS UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM COMMITTEES AND SOCIETIES D.1.-D.118 CONFERENCES CORRESPONDENCE EXAMINING AND EDUCATION INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 GENERAL INTRODUCTION Leslie Fleetwood Bates was born at Kingswood, Bristol, in 1897. He was educated at the Merchant Venturers' School and the University of Bristol where he read physics, graduating in 1916. He spent the next four years as a radiographer with the British army in India, returning to Bristol in 1920 to pursue research. He remained at Bristol until 1922, and it was during this period that he was introduced by A.P. Chattock to the study of magnetism which became his main research interest for the rest of his life. After what Bates described as a two years 'interlude', working under Rutherford at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, where he completed a Ph.D. thesis on the study of long range alpha particles, Bates was appointed to a lecture- ship at University College, London, in 1924. In 1930 he was promoted to Reader in Physics and in 1936 he became Lancashire-Spencer Professor of Physics at the University College (later University) of Nottingham. There is very little material in the collection from Bates's pre-Notfingham career; see B.1 - B.3 for notebooks from the period at Bristol, and B.4 - B.13 for lectures delivered to undergraduates at London. However, Bates continued to collection. In particular he acted as Visiting Examiner, 1961-77 (see F.1 - F.26), He established a thriving research group based on his own interest in magnetism not only in his own department but in the University as a whole. He was a member retain strong links with London University, and these are well documented in the and was also invited to deliver several series of lectures on magnetism (see B.14 - and was most actively involved in administration and general conduct of affairs, are other of the Association of University Teachers (President, 1938-39) and Deputy Vice- Chancellor of the University, 1953-55 (see C.11). He was also responsible for the building of a large new Physics Department (see C.14 - €.23) which he was able to direct for a short time before his retirement in 1964. Most of the material relating to Nottingham University is to be found in Section C, but there B.16). Bates remained at Nottingham University until his retirement in 1964. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 papers scattered throughout the collection - see the list of references in the intro- duction to Section C. Many of the correspondents in Section G are former students or colleagues of Bates at Nottingham. Of Bates's actual scientific work very little remains, apart from the early There are no other notebooks or laboratory records, only notebooks at C.1 -C.3. drafts for lectures and publications. This may be explained by the fact that much of the collection, with the exception of a few items of personal or biographical interest, dates from the period after Bates's retirement. covering his examining activities and some of the committees on’ which he served, in particular the Royal Society Symbols Committee of which he was Chairman, 1968-77 (D.86 - D.106), the British Standards Institution Units and Symbols Standards Thus there is a wealth of papers Committee (D.11 -D.34), the University Grants Committee, for which Bates was an Assessor, 1965-68 (D.107 - D.118), and the University of London Academic Advisory Committee to investigate the future role of Birkbeck College (D.59 - D.73). Bates attached great importance to public work, and the Section covering . his membership of committees and societies is activities are as well documented as those mentioned above. a large one, even though not all his In particular, his see D.39 - D.44) led to the award of the C.B.E. in 1966. Another activity more directly connected with Bates's own research He was thus actively involved in several international conferences held work as Senior Scientific Adviser for Civil Defence, North Midland Region (1951-72, interests was his membership of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Commission on Magnetism, of which he was Secretary, 1957-66 (see D.52 - D.57). He also under the auspices of IUPAP, many of which are documented in Section E. these, held at Nottingham in September 1964, was of special concer to Bates. As Chairman of the Organising Committee he was actively involved in the administra- tive detail of the conference; he delivered the 47th Guthrie Lecture on this occasion, and also 'celebrated' his retirement. speeches and letters of congratulation, most of which were assembled and kept together by Bates as likely to be of interest to a memoralist or biographer. Section A contains a number of items of biographical interest, especially One of conference, See E.10 - E.34 for a full record of the L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 annotated some of his correspondence in the course of sorting it after his retirement in 1964, and his remarks have been quoted in the catalogue entries where appropriate. When Bates lost the regular service of a secretary on his retirement he would jot down the substance of his replies on his incoming letters, thus preserving the tenor of his correspondence despite the absence of carbon copies. detail and his conscientious handling of any matter that was brought to his attention His meticulous attention to are evident throughout the collection. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS To Dr. E.S. Lautch, Bates's daughter, for making the material available for cataloguing, and for donating the collection to the Manuscripts Department of the University of Nottingham. To Professor N. Kurti for advice and information . L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A.34 A.1 Autobiographical article prepared for McGraw Hill, Modern Men of Science. Ms. and typescript drafts for article, editorial corres- pondence, photograph of Bates, 1966-67. Copy of obituary from The Times, 25 January 1978. Miscellaneous ms. notes by Bates on his career and main research interests. Copies of entries in various biographical dictionaries. 2 photographs of Bates taken at Nottingham, 1956. Appointment as Lancashire-Spencer Professor of Physics at Nottingham University, 1936. Letters of congratulation. A-C D-J L-R A-E_E F-K L-R S-W S - W and unidentified Award of Holweck Prize, 1949. Correspondence re arrangements for visit to Paris to receive the award, June 1949. Miscellaneous press-cuttings, programme of events, menu, efc. Unidentified signatures and copies of Bates's replies. Letters of congratulation re Holweck Prize. See also A.28. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Biographical and personal Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1950. Brief correspondence; press~cuttings. Letters of congratulation re Fellowship of the Royal Society (see also C.11). A-C D-G H-L M- P R-S mY, Unidentified or first name signatures. Election as President of The Physical Society, 1950. Brief correspondence; ms. draft of speech delivered to the Nottingham Physical Society, 3 November 1950. A.22-A.30 Speeches and addresses. These contain information and recollections of They are presented in the order of the episodes in Bates's career to which they principally refer. biographical interest about Bates, his career, research and colleagues, and were kept separately by him because of their personal interest. Continued Extensive ms. notes for speech, n.d. but c.1966. on early years 1924-30 and Bates's work for the Association of University Teachers. Speech at dinner of Nottingham Branch of University of London Convocation, 23 March 1970. University of London. ‘Forty Years Association with London’. University of Bristol. Speech at Convocation lunch, University of Bristol, 27 July 1963. Mainly L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Biographical and personal A.23 (continued) Speech at dinner of Nottingham Branch of University of London Convocation, 21 April 1971. Includes reference to work on the Ashby Committee on Birkbeck College (see D.59-D.73). Association of University Teachers. Speech at 50th Anniversary of Nottingham branch, 22 January 1970. Mainly recalling early connections with the Association in London. its President 1938-39. Bates joined the A.U.T. in 1924 and was See also A.23 above. University of Nottingham. All these speeches contain references to Bates's long connection with Nottingham, his colleagues, and the development of the University and its buildings. Presentation to Dr. Davy, 1962. Nottingham Physical Society. Dinner at Hugh Stewart Hall, 30 May 1964. Speech to new science and agriculture graduates, 5 July 1963. Foreword to University Convocation Newsletter, Autumn 1964. Retirement of Leslie Heath (Physics Laboratory Assistant), 27 May 1964. (in French) see E. 42 Speeches at Magnetism Conferences (opening or closing remarks). Speeches and toasts at annual dinners, 1952, 1953, n.d., 1907, tel: 1964. Midland Branch, Institute of Physics, 1962. Nottingham 1964 see E.10 - E.34 All these contain reminiscences of Bates or colleagues. Grenoble Kyoto 1950 1961 (in French) see E.7- E.9 Grenoble 1970 L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Biographical and personal Speech of thanks on award of Holweck Prize, Paris, 1949 (in French. French from the father of P.A.M. Dirac). Bates remarks in this speech that he learnt For letters of congratulation, etc. see AZ - A.12, Speech of congratulations to L. Néel on his Holweck Lecture, Paris, 1952 (in French). Speeches at dinners of British Federation of University Women, 1964, 1970. Miscellaneous speeches of biographical interest. Mathematical Society 7 May 1953 Physical Society, London 20 November 1953 Permanent Magnet Association 'Ave' (Retirement dinner) 31 October 1963 4 July 1964 Prizegiving, Barnsley Technical Grammar School th. Visit to Nigeria, 1965. See B.26. Ms. of speech thanking N. Kurti for delivering a paper to the Physical Society, 23 April 1974. Ms. of undated after-dinner speech delivered at London University. Part of the Bates went to West Africa in February 1965. purpose of his visit was to acquaint himself with work at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, for which he acted as an External Examiner, 1964-69 (see F.29); he also lectured at the Universities of Lagos, Ibadan, Ahmadu Bello and Nigeria (Nsukka). to letters of congratulation sent by Bates, etc. (not indexed). Folder includes correspondence with travel agents and colleagues. There is also a brief journal kept by Bates during his stay with notes of people and places visited, lectures given, etc. Miscellaneous correspondence of biographical interest, in approximate chronological order. Miscellaneous social correspondence - invitations, replies L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 SECTION B NOTEBOOKS, LECTURES, PUBLICATIONS B.1-.B.48 The only notebooks which have survived are from Bates's two periods at Bristol University, 1913-16 and 1920-22. These form the first 3 items in the Section. The lectures include courses delivered to undergraduates at London University where Bates was Lecturer (1924-30) and Reader (1930-36). His association with London University continued after the move to Nottingham in 1936 and he continued to give occasional courses of lectures there as well as acting as an External Examiner until 1977. (See Section F.) Notes for all the surviving London University lectures are to be found at B.4 - B.16. The remainder of the lectures (B. 17 - B.32) were delivered at various universities and institutions in U.K. and abroad. They are presented in chrono~ logical order as far as possible, though not all of them are dated and some were delivered on more than one occasion. Items B.33 - B.47 mainly consist of ms. drafts and related correspondence for various publications, including some unpublished material. There is an (incomplete) set of Bates's published papers at B. 48. C.9. For material relating to the Guthrie Lecture, see E.30 - E.33. Lectures delivered at Nottingham University are to be found at C.1 - See Section G for correspondence relating to Bates's book Modern Magnetism (G.6 - G.8) and to his contributions to Contemporary Physics (G.30 - G.45). Correspondence re articles for Physics Bulletin is at D.46. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Dwi, Bee B.1 Notebooks, lectures, publications Undergraduate notebooks. Notebook inscribed inside front cover 'Leslie F. Bates. Faculty of Science. University of Bristol. 12.10.14.' The first half of the book contains a series of notes and calculations headed 'Dynamics', covering the period 7 October 1914 to 6 May 1915. notes, etc. on 'Statics', covering the same period and beginning at the back of the book. There is a single loose page of calculations inside the front cover. The second half contains Notebook inscribed inside front cover 'Leslie F. Bates. Faculty of Science. University of Bristol. 6.5.15.' Notes on statics, 5 May-9 June 1915; 4 October 1915-21 February 1916; February-12 May 1916; alternately, 17 May-3 June 1916. book are a few pages of notes on dynamics, May 1915, and several loose sheets of calculations. and on electricity and magnetism At the back of the on magnetism, 21 on electricity, Red notebook inscribed 'Leslie F. Bates’. Many of the notes and calculations Lectures delivered at London University, 1924-36. The notes for these lectures are contained in a series of They are untitled and undated and are ring-binders. interleaved with offprints of related articles (or parts of articles), drafts for examination questions, etc. The broad subject-matter of each binder is as follows: Entries start 6 October 1920 from the front and the back although the latter (on dynamics) only cover a few pages. The latest date in the book is 17 January 1921 but entries after that are undated. are on various aspects of magnetism and must have been taken at Bristol, where Bates was a research student until he moved to the Cavendish Laboratory in 1922. Light. Mechanics. Heat. Heat. iF. Bates | CSAC 83/1/82 Notebooks, lectures, publications Light, Sound. Magnetism. Magnetism and Electricity. Electricity. Radioactivity and nuclear physics. Miscellaneous. "London University Lectures, 1952'. Set of notes for a course of four lectures on magnetism delivered at London University in February and March 1952. Includes circular advertising the lectures. Notes for a series of lectures delivered to students of London University. and titles do not correspond with those listed in B.16 Titles are as follows: for lectures delivered in 1968. There is no indication of the date, 'The Kinds of Magnetic Order and their Detection' 'The Mdssbauer Effect' 'The Anistropy of Magnetic Crystals’ 'Domains' Correspondence re a series of five lectures delivered to students at London University during March 1968. Includes a few related ms. notes and a poster advertising the lecture. 24 pp. typescript. Ms. of lecture on 'X-Rays and their applications’, “f-De, 6 fA.O. Typescript headed 'The Permalloy Problem’, Perhaps not by Bates. n.d. Ms. of lecture on 'Permanent Magnets', n.d. 'The Nature and Implications of Atomic Energy'. Public Lecture, 12 November 1948. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Notebooks, lectures, publications "The Problem of Fall-Out'. Ms. notes and typescript of lecture delivered by Bates in his capacity as Senior Scientific Adviser for Civil Defence, North Midlands Region (see D.39-D. 44). ni... fbr oe. B.22-B.24 Visit to Austria, May 1958. Bates lectured in Leoben and in Vienna. ‘Uber thermische Anderungen, die mit der Magnetisierung zusammenh&ngen'. (On thermal changes associated with magnetization. ) Typescript of lecture in German with ms. annotations by Bates. ‘Recent Bitter Figure Studies of Magnetization Processes’. Typescript of lecture. "Magnetization processes in Iron'.) (Ist page also has ms. heading German version with ms. annotations by Bates. Annotated typescript and list of slides, n.d. Brief related correspondence. "Magnetic Hysteresis’. Typescript, list of slides. Folder includes a letter from J.E. Gould, 14 September 1960, and a brief typescript re Alcomax; also ms. notes by Bates on same, n.d. See A.32 for material relating to Bates's visit to Nigeria. Includes poster for lecture on magnetism by Bates delivered at the University of Nigeria, 12 May 1965, which was found with the typescript. "Some recent investigations of Magnetic Processes’. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Notebooks, lectures, publications 'The Visualization of Magnetic Processes’. Typescript of lecture delivered to: 1. Polish Academy of Sciences, November 1960. (See E.6 for Bates's notes on colleagues met, etc. during his visit to Poland.) 47th Meeting of the Indian Sciences Congress. (Bates was representing the British Association. ) (Ms. prefaces for these two occasions appear at the front of the lecture.) Miscellaneous notes, drafts, etc. are also included in the folder. ‘Beyond Iron Filings' or 'Some Aspects of Magnetism’. Bates recorded a talk for Granada TV's 'Discovery' series in September 1960 with the title 'Beyond Iron Filings’. At about the same time he was asked to deliver the first "Isaac Newton Lecture’ at King's School, Grantham (at which Newton had been a pupil) and he used his television talk as a basis for this lecture, delivered on 25 November 1960, under the title 'Some Aspects of Magnetism’. Folder includes: Typescript of ‘Beyond Iron Filings’. Brief correspondence with Granada TV, news~cutting re lecture. Alterations and additions for the version delivered at Grantham (annotations on the typescript also relate to this version of the lecture). Correspondence re arrangements for the lecture. n.d. 2 (slightly different) typescripts of this lecture with some ms. annotations, list of slides, etc. ' Some experiments on the thermal changes associated with magnetization processes’. . L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Notebooks, lectures, publications "Some Experiments in Magnetostriction'. Undated typescript and list of slides. Also included here are two untitled typescripts of lectures on magnetism, one headed ‘Bates and Craik! and the other ‘Bates and Pacey’. Ms. of untitled lecture on magnetism, 4 January 1967. Lecture delivered to the Manchester Branch of the Institute of Physics and the Physical Society, 14 October 1974. Bates was initially reluctant to accept the invitation to speak because 'my first thought Cwas] that my lecturing days were well and truly over', but he decided to use the lecture delivered at the Conference on ‘Selected Problems in Magnetism', Bochum, in 1972 (see E.43-£.46). Bates's lecture was called 'A link between past and present in European magnetism’. Annotated typescript of lecture. Related notes. 'Thermophysics'. Notes on a book by Morse Ms. notes by Bates on various subjects: ‘Ferrimagnetism' (with annotated offprint of papers by L.R. Maxwell and J.S. Smart) Brief correspondence with C.A. Crofts, Chairman of the Manchester Branch, re arrangements. "Magnetic moment of the Proton' (with annotated offprint of papers by P. Vigoureux, J.H. Sanders and K.C. Turberfield) Set of notes headed 'King-Thermophysics' "A Nuclear Resonance Oscillator, Working in the Magnetic Field of the Earth' (with typescript translation from Russian of paper with same title by F.1. Skripov) L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Notebooks, lectures, publications Bates's ms. draft for a note on E.N. da C. Andrade's work and interests written at the request of the Editors of Nature on Andrade's appointment as Director in the Royal Institution, 1949. Copies of the invitation to write the article and Bates's reply are also included. B.35-B.38 Correspondence and drafts re Bates's memoir of E.C. Stoner, published in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 15, T1969. Correspondence with the Royal Society including invitation to Bates to write the Memoir, and with Mrs. Heather Stoner (widow). her gratitude for the sensitive understanding shown by Bates in the work. In several of her letters Mrs. Stoner expresses Correspondence with colleagues to whom Bates wrote for advice or reminiscences about Stoner. Ms. drafts and notes for the Memoir. Obituary of H.T. Flint, published in Bulletin of the Hospital Physicists Association, March 1972. Bates's ms. notes, ms. and typescript drafts. Correspondence, mainly with H.T. Flint's family and the Editor of the Bulletin. Letters of appreciation from friends and colleagues to whom Bates sent offprints of the Memoir. Some of these contain biographical reminiscences. correspondence. Includes several drafts of unpublished article entitled ‘Magnetic Susceptibility - M.K.S. and C.G.S. tale’. Ms. notes and drafts of articles written by Bates for Contemporary Physics, 1966-77. the Editor, G.R. Noakes, see G.30-G.45. For correspondence with 1966, 1968 A cautionary See G.1, G.51 for related L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Notebooks, lectures, publications 1972, 1973 1973, 1974 1976, 1977 Exercise book with several additional loose pages containing book reviews and miscellaneous ms. notes. Ms. notes for refereeing of papers for publication. Requests for Bates to write textbooks on magnetism, from D. Ter Haar (1964) and N.F. Mott (1968). declined by Bates due to pressure of other work. Both were For correspondence, etc. re Bates's book Modern Magnetism, first published in 1939, see G.6-G.8. Set of Bates's published papers. publications prepared by Bates is included, from which A numbered list of it will be seen that the set is not complete. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 SECTION C UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM C.1 - C.27 Bates was appointed Lancashire-Spencer Professor of Physics in 1936, and he remained at Nottingham until his retirement in 1964. During that period he built up a thriving research group which won an intemational reputation in the field of magnetism, and towards the end of his tenure of the chair he was res- ponsible for the building of a large new Physics Department which he directed for about eighteen months. The collection contains few records of Bates's early years at Nottingham apart from mss. of various lectures (see C.1- C.9). There is, however, a useful amount of documentation for the planning and execution of the new Physics Building including detailed costings, schedules of equipment, and corres- pondence (see C.14 - C.23). For papers relating to the International Conference on Magnetism held at Nottingham in 1964 see E.10 - E.24; ment as Lancashire-Spencer Professor see A.3 - A. 6. for letters of congratulation on Bates's appoint- Other material relating to Nottingham University is to be found at A.25, AG, A-30, D.56, D-87,E. 40° Gem Includes brief correspondence re Bates's application for the chair at Nottingham, 1935. Lectures delivered to students at Nottingham University, 1936-64. Ms. of Bates's Inaugural Lecture at Nottingham University, 1936, on 'New Ideas in Magnetism’. Continued The material is contained in a series of 8 ring-binders and consists of Bates's own ms. notes interleaved with related There are also drafts offprints and other printed matter. of examination questions. and there are very few headings. Some of the binders have an indication of contents at the front but other material has often been added. The ms. material is undated L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 C.2-€.9 (Continued) University of Nottingham Because of their miscellaneous composition, it has not been possible to itemise the contents of these binders. They do, however, show Bates's careful updating and revision of the material for his undergraduate teaching. Report of Committee of Senate on grading of staff, etc. 193). Bates was Chainnan of the Commitee, which was appointed on 5 June 1939. Typescript with ms. corrections, 19 pp. + 4 Tables. In ams. note, dated 10 October 1964, attached tothe Report, Bates writes: ‘I was mainly responsible for this report which created quite a stir in the College at the time; that | destroyed the correspondence on which it was based. The outbreak of the 1939 War put paid to this report and unpaid to the staff for many years - because, in my view, the U.G.C. did not do its job properly in war time; e.g. it never visited us during the war. | regret ‘| think that the document gives a valuable insight into the conditions under which people worked in pre-war days. | Anybody writing about the former U.C.N. EUniversity College, Nottingham] ought to study such matters. L.F. Bates' Correspondence and press-cutting re Bates's appointment as Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham University for two years from 1953. Letter of congratulation to Bates from the Nottingham University Physical Society on his election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, March 1950. (For other letters of congratulation see A.14- A.20). to retire). Correspondence, 1961, re the extension of Bates's tenure of the Lancashire-Spencer Chair and the Headship of the Department of Physics until 31 August 1964 (i.e. two years after the date on which University Statutes required him L, F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 University of Nottingham Typescript of speech delivered by Bates on the occasion of the investiture of W.G. Briggs as Pro-Chancellor of Nottingham University, December 1961. Letter of thanks from W.G. Briggs. "An enquiry into Problems Facing University Physics Departments'. Questionnaire from The Institute of Physics and The Physical Society with Bates's ms. answers re Nottingham University, 1961. Contents of folder labelled 'Quinquennium 1962-67'. Estimates, reports, correspondence, notes, etc. Bates's ordering of the papers has been retained and his list of contents appears at the back of the folder. Nottingham University. Building. Plans, estimate of costs. New Physics and Mathematics Schedules of equipment for the Physics and Mathematics Building prepared for the University Grants Committee (7.G,C,), aor: Claims by members of Nottingham University Physics Department for equipment and apparatus, 1962. Includes a letter re possible provision of computing services at Nottingham (purchase of a Ferranti Mercury or Telex link to Atlas Computer at Manchester), 1962. Correspondence with E.C. Stoner and P.B. Moon, assessors for the U.G.C., 1961. Includes miscellaneous lists of equipment, notes, calculations, etc., and copies of the assessors' reports. Correspondence and papers re technicians, 1962. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 G20, 6.2) 20 C.2] ze University of Nottingham Correspondence with E.R. Andrew (Bates's successor as Lancashire-Spencer Professor of Physics at Nottingham). 1962-March 1963. April 1963-1964. University of Nottingham. Schedule of Equipment, prepared for the U.G.C. by E.R. Andrew, 1963. New Physics Building. Second a Special Meeting of Senate, 12 June 1963, Papers re ‘to consider the recommendations of the Standing Committee of Senate ... concerning the additional new academic developments in 1963/64 arising out of the review of the quinquennial settlement for 1962/67’. Letter from Bates explaining that he may be unable to attend the meeting and asking the Registrar to convey a few comments to Senate on his behalf. 2 pp. typescript obituary of Harry Watson (Physics Laboratory Technician), 1965. L. Heath (see A.25 for speech Brief correspondence, 1966, and extract from Nottingham University Gazette re award of D.Sc. to B.J. (now Sir Basil) Mason. Correspondence with E.R. Andrew, 1973, re award of honorary Master's degree to by Bates on the occasion of Heath's retirement after over 50 years' service to the Nottingham University Physics Laboratories). August 1973. Ms. and typescript drafts for an 'Appreciation' of Davy published in the Nottingham University Gazette. Includes typescript of a speech by Bates delivered on Davy's retire- ment in 1962 which he used as the basis of the Appreciation. (There is another copy of this at A.25.) Ms. of Appreciation of Davy for publication in Physics Bulletin, 1973. Related correspondence with families, friends, etc., June- Obituaries of Norman Davy (Assistant Lecturer and Demonstrator and later Reader in Physics at Nottingham University, 1919-62). Ms. draft of obituary sent to The Times, 15 July 1973. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 University of Nottingham Miscellaneous correspondence re Nottingham University affairs or from past members of Bates's department, 1953-76 (not indexed). L. F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 SECTION D COMMITTEES AND SOCIETIES D.1-D.118 Bates was an active member of many important committees both before and after his retirement, but the bulk of the papers in this Section refer to his later years, and in particular to his membership of the Units and Symbols Standards Committee of the British Standards Institution (D.11 - D.34) and of the Royal Society Symbols Committee (D.86 - D.106), of which he was Chairman from 1968. There is also a considerable body of material relating to the University of London Academic Advisory Committee to investigate the future role of Birkbeck College (D.59 - D.73) and to Bates's work as Secretary of the Magnetism Commission of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (D.52- D.57). Societies for which substantial material survives include The Institute of Physics and The Physical Society (D.45 - D.48) and The Royal Society (D.80 - D.106). is indexed, The material is presented in alphabetical order and the correspondence appointment. _ Correspondence, 1945, 1955, with members of the Admiralty and with the Principal of Nottingham University, re commencement and termination of the Admiralty Compass Observatory, Slough. Bates served as Consultant and Adviser, May 1945- September 1955. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies Admiralty Department of Research Programmes and Planning. H.M. Underwater Countermeasures and Weapons Establishment. Bates served as a Consultant/Adviser, May 1952- April 1965. The appointment developed in part from Bates's participation in a Symposium on Magnetic Materials held at the University of Maryland, September 1952, under the auspices of the American Office of Naval Research (a program of the Symposium is enclosed in the sequence). The material, presented chronologically, consists of correspondence re meetings, renewal of appointment, notes of discussions and projects in hand, and of enquiries and research undertaken by Bates. Most of the correspondence is conducted with the Chief Scientist of the Establishment: successively I. Fagleston, B.W. Lythall, R. Benjamin. 1952. 1953. 1954-55. 1956-575. 37959 1960-63. 1964-65. There are no documents dated 1958. 1964 (related to D.7 above). Includes correspondence re Bates's appointment as ad hoc consultant, 1960, and particulars of Inter- Service Metallurgical Research Council Basic Properties Committee meeting on 'Admiralty Magnetic Problems', Atomic Energy Research Establishment. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 D.9, D.10 D9 Committees and Societies British Association for the Advancement of Science. East Midlands Area Committee. Bates served as Chairman until November 1966, when he was succeeded by J.E. Parton. Brief correspondence with officers and local secretary, August- November 1966. Editorial Committee. Bates served on the Committee, 1963-66. Correspondence and committee papers, on policy, financing and content of the Association's publications, and on meetings of the committee. The committee hoped to publish The Advancement of Science monthly, but financial difficulties made this impossible. Publication ceased as from April 1967 and was replaced by a single annual volume of proceedings. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 D.11 - D.34 British Standards Institution. Committees and Societies Bates represented the Royal Society on the Units and Symbols Standards Committee, Ref. USM/1. Technical Committee USM/1, Quantities, Units and Symbols, was constituted in October 1969 and held its first meeting on 30 October. As from 18 December the Chairman was G.B.R. (now Sir Geoffrey) Feilden. Bates took the Chair, in Feilden's absence, at the meetings of 6 October 1975 and 1 October 1976. All the papers bear annotations and comments by Bates, and some include his notes for contributions he made to meetings, or on matters discussed; some correspondence, mainly with T.J. Legg, the Secretary of the Committee, is also included. The notes are especially full for the meetings (noted above) at which he took the Chair. Minutes and Committee papers for meetings on: 1969 30 October 2 October 15 June 31 July 18 December 1970 2 March 1 December 4 December 19 February 30 April 11 May 9 July 25 October L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies deez 24 January 20 March [22 May - no papers remain] 17 July 18 December 1973 19 February [7 May - no papers remainJ 2 July 13 August [5 November - no papers remain ZI 25 January (only) 6 October (only) 28 May 1 October Bates took the Chair at this meeting, and the papers include briefing notes, Bates's own notes, and correspondence with the Secretary of the Committee. your immensely valuable contributions to its work’. 13 December 1977, which opens 'At yesterday's meeting of Committee M/127 Max McGlashan was elected Chairman to succeed me, amid acclamation. Earlier in the meeting | had mentioned that | had received your letter of 5 December and given your apologies for absence to the Committee. particularly asked to convey the Committee's best wishes to you for your continued recovery and to say how much all members of the Committee had appreciated Included here is a letter from G.B.R. Feilden, Bates took the Chair at this meeting, and the popers include briefing notes. 12 December (only) | was L.F. Bates | CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies Civil Service Commission. Selection Boards. Letter of invitation to serve on the Selection Boards for recruitment to the Scientific Civil Service and _copy of Bates's reply, December 1945. East Midland Rent Assessment Panel. Bates served on the panel 1967-71. Letters of appointment and renewal. research project on the membership Correspondence re_ of tribunals, University of Birmingham, 1969-71. Includes Bates' sms. notes of his replies to questionnaire, impressions of the work of the panel, etc. Notices of meetings, and of careful notes taken by Bates at meetings or on visits. Electrical Research Association. Correspondence arising from meeting of Committee 3E re Mumetal and Radiometal, May 1963. Letter thanking Bates for his service on Committee 3B: Sheet Steel, on its disbandment, November 1963. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies Home Office Scientific Adviser's Branch. Bates served as Senior Scientific Adviser for Civil Defence, North Midlands Region, 1951-72, and was awarded the C.B.E. in 1966 for his service to Civil Defence. Only papers for 1965-72 survive; they consist primarily of correspondence and material relating to conferences and meetings, and include Bates's notes of papers and discussions. Several of these conferences were held at the University of Nottingham. See also B.21. No. 664 Regional Staff Course, January 1965. Programme, list of participants. Staff Conference, September 1965. Provisional programme, brief correspondence. Miscellaneous press-cuttings re regional scientific advisers are also included here. No. 842 Regional Staff Conference, May 1967. Programme, list of participants, exercise-book of detailed notes by Bates on papers and lectures. No. 954 Regional Staff Conference, September 1969. Programme, list of participants, Bates's notes on papers and lectures. Conference of Scientific Intelligence Officers, April 1966. Held at Nottingham; includes ms. of Bates's speech of welcome, and brief correspondence. and F.W. Spiers re conference. Held at Nottingham; the conference was proposed and organised by Bates and includes duplicated invitation, programme and list of participants; Bates's ms. speech forms of acceptance of welcome, and drafts of letters; from participants; Bates's correspondence with F.H. Pavry (Home Office) Refresher course for Scientific Intellgence Officers, October 1971. letters of thanks after conference; L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies Regional Staff Conference, September 1972. Programme, conference papers (heavily annotated by Bates), Bates's ms. notes on papers and lectures. Correspondence with C.J. Stephens and F.H. Pavry re arrangements for the conference and re wish to retire from the post of Chief Regional Scientific Adviser, November 1972. Bates's L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 D.45-D.48 The Institute of Physics and The Physical Society. Committees and Societies D.45 D.46 Miscellaneous correspondence re Institute, 1964-72. the affairs of the Drafts for articles submitted for publication in Physics Bulletin with some related correspondence. Includes: A note by Bates on the award of the Nobel Prize to L. Néel, 1970. -Bates's obituary of B. Hodgson with correspondence from family and friends, 1972. Copy of a biographical note about Bates with Bates's own emendations, 1974. Bates's refereee's comments on papers submitted for the Institute's publications. Includes some correspondence. Notices of meetings of the Institute, and especially of the Magnetism Group, 1966-77. or accompanied by his notes of papers and discussions, and of material suitable for publication in Contemporary Physics. Many are annotated by Bates, Inter-Services Research Bureau. Bates was a Consultant, 1941-45. Letter thanking Bates for his services, September 1944, L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 D.50-D.58 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). Committees and Societies Bates was Secretary of the IUPAP Commission on Magnetism from its formation in 1957 until 1966 (see D.52- D.57). He also attended the XIIth (1966) and XIVth (1972) General Assemblies of IUPAP as an Observer (see below). For material re conferences on magnetism sponsored by. JUPAP see E.1,-8i2, ©.4, E,7-£.9, E.10-E.6e) £. 35- SyG7, £247; 2.47, XlIlth General Assembly of IUPAP, Basle, 25-28 September 1966. Programme, list of Delegates and Observers, miscellaneous circulars. Papers assembled by Bates for the meeting, including correspondence, reports, etc. contents appears at the front of the folder. Bates's own list of XIVth General Assembly of IUPAP, Washington D.C., 20-25 September 1972. Correspondence re travel arrangements. Draft Agenda and miscellaneous background material. Programme of the meeting, list of Delegates and Observers. IUPAP. Commission on Magnetism. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1958-66, mainly re organisation of conferences, membership of the Commission, etc. Reports on the activities of the Commission, submitted by Bates to the Royal Society for the information of the British National Committee for Physics, 1966. Brief correspondence with D.C. Martin is also included. Agenda of meeting and brief related correspondence. Meeting of 'Sub Group C - Magnetism', Grenoble, 3 July 1958 (during the Colloque International de Magnétisme. See E.4), 1962, 1963, 1964, L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies Meeting of the Commission on Magnetism, Kyoto, Japan, 26 September 1961 (during the Conference on Magnetism and Crystallography. See E.7-E.9). Agenda and Minutes of meeting. 4 pp. ms. notes taken by Bates at the meeting. Correspondence re arrangements. D.56,D.57 Meeting of the Commission on Magnetism, Nottingham, 8 September 1964 (during the Conference on Magnetism. See E.10-E. 34). Various drafts of Agenda and Minutes of meeting. Background material assembled by Bates, numbered 1-11 to correspond with items on the Agenda. and correspondence. Mainly reports Miscellaneous correspondence, mainly re_ sponsorship of conferences by IUPAP, 1956-65, 1969. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 D.59-D.73 Committees and Societies University of London. Academic Advisory Committee to investigate the future role of Birkbeck College, University of London. 1966. Papers for meetings of the Committee at Birkbeck during 1966. Agenda, Minutes, background papers and some correspondence. Most of the papers are annotated by Bates and some are interfiled with pages of his own notes. The committee made its report in December 1966 and a copy is included in D.73. 4 March. Folder includes letter from the Vice-Chancellor, London University, inviting Bates to serve on the Committee, 5 February 1966. 24 March. 26 April. 27 May. 16 June. 19 September. 6 October. 3 November. 30 December. 21 November. 25 November. 21 July. 30 August. Birkbeck and the Vice-Chancellor, London University. Miscellaneous papers, January 1967. meeting on 30 December 1966, final copy of the Committee's report and letters of thanks from the Clerk and Master of Includes minutes of 8 and 9 December. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies D.74-D.79 Restrictive Practices Court. Bates was asked to act as expert adviser to the Registrar on the subject of permanent magnets in pro- ceedings before the Restrictive Practices Court in respect of an agreement between members of the Permanent Magnet Association which merited examination under the Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1956. Bates did not give evidence at the hearing, which began on 20 November 1961, but his advice is contained in the correspondence in D.74-D.75 below. Correspondence, 1959, 1960. to Bates to act as expert adviser and his acceptance. Includes invitation Correspondence, 1961, 1962. Official papers for the case. Mainly reprints of articles Background material. used by Bates in preparing his evidence. Miscellaneous ms. notes, press~cuttings, etc. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 D.80-D.106 Royal Society. Committees and Societies D.80 D.81 Miscellaneous correspondence with the Executive Secretary, 1956-77. Royal Society. British National Committee for Physics. Bates served on the Committee 1961-66 as a representative of The Institute of Physics and The Physical Society. Correspondence is mainly with the Executive Secretary of the Royal Society, 1960-67. British National Committee for Physics. Royal Society. Subcommittee to examine the draft recommendations of the S.U.N. ('Symbols, Units and Nomenclature’) Commission of IUPAP. Bates was a member of the Subcommittee which was set up in February 1962 to report to the British National Committee before October 1962. Correspondence, minutes of meetings, 1962-63. a copy of the draft recommendations of the S.U.N. Commission with annotations by Bates. Includes 1962-63. 1964. D.83-D.85 Royal Society. Bates was Chairman of the Board 1963-65. Corres- Publications Board. pondence is with the Executive Secretary of the Royal Society re meetings to consider applications for funding by the Board. 1965. Includes a full set of papers for meeting on 6 July. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 D.86-D.106 Royal Society. Symbols Committee. Committees and Societies Bates was appointed to serve on the Symbols Committee in 1960 and became Chairman in 1968. The majority of the papers below relate to the various updatings of the Royal Society's publication Symbols, Signs and Abbreviations (re-named from 1971 Quantities, Units and Symbols). The material consists of committee papers and proofs, many of them heavily annotated by Bates, and extensive correspondence with other members of the Committee. recorded in the form of ms. notes on the incoming letter. The gist of Bates's replies is often Minutes and other related papers for meetings of the Symbols Committee, July 1964-May 1965. bear Bates's annotations. Some papers Proof of report by the Symbols Committee on 'Symbols, Signs and Abbreviations Recommended for British Scientific Publications', 1967, with annotations by Bates. Brief correspondence, 1967, and miscellaneous ms. notes by Bates. re Correspondence and papers, 1970. Correspondence and papers, 1969. Copy of 'Symbols, Signs and Abbreviations', 1969, with annotations and loose pages of notes by Bates. Correspondence and other papers, 1967-69, ‘Symbols, Signs and Abbreviations'. The items were assembled by Bates and numbered by him from 1-25, but nos. 9, 20-25 are missing from the collection. Bates's list of contents appears at the front of the folder. Correspondence and papers 1971-72. Copy of 'Symbols, Signs and Abbreviations' with ms. revisions for 1971 edition, for which the title was altered to ‘Quantities, Units and Symbols' (often referred to by Bates as Q.U.S.). L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies Correspondence and papers, 1973-74. At a meeting of the Symbols Committee on 22 November 1973, a Subcommittee, consisting initially of Bates (as Chairman), M.L. McGlashan and P. Vigoureux, was appointed to advise on the revision of Q.U.S. Sir Andrew Huxley was appointed as the fourth member of the Subcommittee in December 1973. Most of the papers in this folder relate to a meeting of the Subcommittee on 28 January 1974. 2 copies of Q.U.S. with notes and annotations by Bates and others for the revised edition, 1974. Ms. and typescript drafts by Bates of preface and publisher's advertisement for the second edition of Q.U.S. Correspondence and papers re assembled and listed by Bates. Bates's ordering of these papers has been retained and his list of contents appears at the front of each folder. the revision of Q.U.S., Set of papers labelled by Bates 'Post 14.6.74.' Correspondence between members of the Subcommittee, February-May 1974, Set of papers labelled by Bates 'Pre 14.6.74.' Includes draft Agenda and other popers for meeting of the Symbols Committee on 30 July 1974 and some related correspondence. Many of these relate to an ad hoc meeting at the Royal Society, 14 May 1974, to discuss matters arising from the revision of Q.U.S.; there is also some corres- pondence with members of the Subcommittee. July-December 1974, Set of papers for meeting of the Symbols Committee, 30 July 1974. Includes draft and final version of Minutes of the meeting. Notes, drafts and correspondence arising from the meeting, L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies 2 proof copies of the 1975 edition of Q.U.S. with annotations and loose pages of notes by Bates. Correspondence and comments on the proof of the 1975 edition of Q.U.S., January-August 1975. Copy of the second edition of Q.U.S., 1975, with annotations and loose pages of notes by Bates, Miscellaneous correspondence, August-December 1975. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1976. Correspondence with N. Kurti re developments in scientific terminology, 1976. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1977. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 D.107-D.118 University Grants Committee (U.G.C.). Committees and Societies Bates acted as an Assessor, 1965-68, advising on the allocation of grants to universities for scientific and technical equipment. The papers are presented in alphabetical order of the universities concerned. material has generally been discarded leaving only the correspondence and successive drafts of reports, but a full set of papers with Bates's annotations has been retained for Bath (D.108) and Surrey (D.116). Miscellaneous background General correspondence, 1965-68. Includes invitation to act as Assessor with Bates's draft letter of acceptance, and letter from the Committee terminating the appoint- ment, April 1968. Bath University of Technology. 1967 Correspondence with U.G.C., S.H. Ayliffe and J.G. Wilson (co-assessor with Bates) re arrangements for visit to Bath to discuss grant application, July 1967. Bates's ordering of these papers has been Birmingham College of Advanced Technology. 1965 Typescript draft and final version of report to U.G.C. Correspondence with U.G.C., S.E. Hunt and H.T. Flint (co-assessor with Bates) re arrangements for visit to Birmingham to discuss grant application, August 1965. Papers collected by Bates for visit, including some corres- pondence. retained. Ms. drafts and final version of report to U.G.C, Correspondence with U.G.C., G.K.T. Conn and N. (co-assessor with Bates) re arrangements for meeting in London to discuss grant application, July 1965. Kurti Ms. draft and final version of report to U.G.C, Exeter University. 1965 L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies Keele University. 1965 Correspondence with U.G.C., D.J.E. Ingram and T.G. Pickavance (co-assessor with Bates) re arrange- ments for meetings in London and at Keele to discuss grant application, April and May 1965. Ms. draft and final version of report to U.G.C. Kéele University. 1966 Correspondence with U.G.C., D.J.E. Ingram and J.G. Wilson (co-assessor with Bates) re arrangements for meeting at Keele to discuss grant application, August 1966. Typescript report to U.G.C. application, amended August 1966, is also included. Acopy of the grant Manchester College of Science and Technology. 1965-66 Correspondence with U.G.C., Manchester University and N. Kurti (co-assessor with Bates) re grant application. Typescript report to U.G.C. Ms. draft and final version of report to U.G.C. 21D. 17 Surrey University. (formerly Battersea College of Technology). 1966-67 Salford Royal College of AdvancedTechnology. 1966-67 Correspondence with U.G.C., R.S. Tebble and G.O. Jones (co-assessor with Bates) re visit to Salford to discuss grant application, February 1967. Includes copy of application with annotations by Bates. emendations by Surrey, February 1967. Correspondence with U.G.C., E.G. Neal, L.R.B. Elton and D.M.A. Leggett of Surrey University and N. Kurti (co-assessor with Bates) re meetings to discuss the grant application, November, January and February 1966-67. Miscellaneous background material and 2 copies of grant application, both annotated by Bates and one containing During 1968-70 the University moved from its overcrowded London buildings to a new site at Guildford. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Committees and Societies Ms. and typescript drafts and final version of report 16°U,_G.CG, Stirling University. 1967 Correspondence with U.G.C., M.F.A. Harrison and G.O. Jones (co-assessor with Bates) re grant application. Includes schedules of equipment required with Bates's annotations and copy of letter to Harrison, 7 June, which was sent to U.G.C. in lieu of a formal report. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 SECTION E CONFERENCES E.1 - E.50 Bates attended several international conferences, and was Chairman of the Organising Committee for the International Conference on Magnetism held at Nottingham University in September 1964 (see E.10 - E.34). The material mainly consists of correspondence with organisers and participants, but there are some drafts for papers or speeches, notes on proceedings, etc. The material is presented in chronological order and the correspondence is indexed. Papers relating to the 47th Guthrie Lecture, which Bates delivered at the Nottingham Conference in 1964, are at E.30 - E.33. See also A.27 for drafts of opening or closing remarks delivered by Bates at Grenoble (1950, 1970), Kyoto (1961) and Nottingham (1964). ee Pee Conference on Physics of Magnetic Phenomena, Moscow, 23-31 May 1956. Bates gave 2 papers, on heat changes and on Bitter figures; D. Shoenberg also attended. Material re at same time as conference. Royal Society Delegation visiting U.S.S.R. 2 (different) programmes of the conference. The conference, scheduled for Sverdlovsk, was switched to Moscow shortly before it took place. Invitations to participants, travel arrangements. Bates's ms. journal of trip, with personal and scientific material, pp.2-7. Typescript notes on colleagues, research in Russia and papers read, 8 pp. and 2 pp., June 1956. Brief later correspondence with Russian colleagues, 1957. Typescript note on the conference, prepared by Bates for British Electrical & Allied Industries Research Association, September 1956. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Conferences Conference papers delivered by Bates: ‘Thermal Changes Associated with Magnetization’. 2 annotated copies of typescript, one with extensive alterations. List of slides, diagrams, etc. "Some New Experiments with Bitter Figures’. 2 annotated copies of typescript (one lacks pp.1-3). List of slides. The Institution of Electrical Engineers. Ferrites, 29 October-2 November 1956. Convention on 2 ms. lists of slides for paper on 'Heat changes accompany- ing Magnetization Processes in Ferrites', by L.F. Bates and D.A. Christoffel. Colloque International de Magnétisme, Grenoble, 2-6 July 1958. Correspondence, mainly with L. Néel, re arrangements for finance, travel, etc., 1957-58. List of participants. Ms. and typescript drafts and final version of Bates's report on the colloquium for IUPAP. Conference on Some Aspects of Magnetism, Sheffield, 22-24 September 1959. Programme and abstracts of papers with annotations and some loose pages of notes by Bates. Report on the conference by R.S. Tebble and D.E.G. Williams. See D.54 for meeting of IUPAP Sub Group C - Magnetism, which took place during this colloquium. this visit. Bates gave four lectures, one of which appears at B.27. There is no surviving correspondence re_ Visit to Poland (Warsaw, Posnan, Cracow, Zakopane), 3-13 November 1960. Notes on colleagues met, and on research in progress. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Conferences International Conference on Magnetism and Crystallography, Kyoto, Japan, 25-30 September 1961. See D.55 for meeting of IUPAP Commission on Magnetism held during this conference. See also A.27. Correspondence with organisers and others, 1959-60. Programme and list of participants. Typescript of speech by Bates delivered at the Opening Session of the Conference. Material re a colloquium on Magnetic Materials, Tohoku University, 5-6 October 1961, which Bates also attended during his stay in Japan. Letter from Bates to the Registrar, Nottingham University, describing his visit to universities and laboratories in India and Hong Kong while en route for the conference in Kyoto, and also a brief tour of the U.S.A. on his way back to England. Ms. and typescript draft and official version of Bates's report on the Kyoto conference for IUPAP. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Conferences International Conference on Magnetism, University of Nottingham, 7-11 September 1964. Most of the following papers were originally kept by Bates in three large folders with a numbered list of contents on the cover. In addition there were several other folders with more miscellaneous contents. Bates's ordering of the papers in a single, roughly chronological, sequence has not been retained; instead, all the material has been interfiled and split into several smaller units grouped by subject for ease of reference. The Conference was held at Nottingham to coincide with Bates's retirement, and it was also arranged that he should deliver the 47th Guthrie Lecture during the Conference (see E.30-E.33). See D.56, D.57 for meeting of the IUPAP Commission on See also A.27. Magnetism held during this conference. Correspondence with B. Bleaney and L. Néel re possibility of arranging an international conference on magnetism at Nottingham or Oxford in 1963 or 1964. | 1961, 1963 64 1959, 1961 65 Correspondence with The Institute of Physics and The Physical Society re general administration and finance. The Society was responsible for the organisation of the conference through an Organising Committee of which Bates was Chairman. Correspondence with the Royal Society re preliminary organisation and financial arrangements for conference. Includes Agenda and Minutes for a Meeting of a Sub- Committee of the British National Committee for Physics to consider detailed arrangements for the conference, 29 March 1961. above for correspondence re Agenda items, etc. Agenda and Minutes of Meetings of The Institute of Physics and The Physical Society's Organising Committee for the International Conference on Magnetism. Related ms. notes by Bates are also included. See E.12 17 January 1962 28 May 1962 24 July 1962 25 April 1963 24 October 1963 18 March 1964 19 December 1962 L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Conferences Agenda and Minutes of Meetings of the Program and Papers Sub-Committee of the Organising Committee. 25 November 1963 18 March 1964 1 April 1964 15 April 1964 Correspondence with the Town Clerk, City of Nottingham (T.J. Owen). Correspondence with academic and administrative stoff of Nottingham University. Correspondence with Secretaries-General of IUPAP (P. Fleury, C.C. Butler, L. Kerwin) re IUPAP's sponsorship P of the conference. p E.18-E.26 Correspondence with participants. E.18 Ral? 1962-64 1961-64 1961, 1963 65 1962-65 TZ ments. Brief correspondence re financial arrangements. Includes copy of appeal letter and list of donors. Draft timetables, lists of participants, circular letters, etc. Includes ms. notes by Bates re various arrange- Other miscellaneous correspondence (not indexed). 1959, 1961- 63 1962-64 L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Conferences Material re during the Nottingham conference. 47th Guthrie Lecture delivered by Bates Correspondence with The Institute of Physics and The Physical Society, 1962-64. Includes formal invitation to Bates to be Guthrie lecturer for 1963 with the suggestion that the delivery of the lecture should be postponed to coincide with the International Magnetism Conference at Noitingham in 1964. also some correspondence re_ Lecture and the founding of The Physical Society of London. the origins of the Guthrie There is Other related correspondence, including comments from colleagues on drafts of the lecture sent to them by Bates, and a brief résumé of Guthrie's career. Ms. draft and final typescript, annotated by Bates for publication, of the 47th Guthrie Lecture on 'Magnetic Processes in Weak and Moderate Fields’. Miscellaneous background material, notes on literature, etc. Includes: Report Ms. and typescript drafts of articles and reports on the conference by Bates, with brief related correspondence. for the Royal Society. Preface to the published Conference Proceedings. Review for The Institute of Physics ond The Physical Society. Article for Contemporary Physics. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Conferences 1967 International Congress on Magnetism, Boston, Mass., 10-16 September 1967. Correspondence with organisers, 1962, 1965-67, including J.H. Van Vleck, General Chairman of the Congress. Correspondence with B. Bleaney and D.C. Martin re administration of Royal Society grant towards travelling expenses for the Congress. General correspondence. Includes: Material re Third International Colloquium on Magnetic Films, Boston, Mass., 18-20 September 1967. Correspondence with travel agents. Requests to Bates for information re Congress, 1965-66. the 2 exercise books containing ms. notes by Bates on papers delivered at the Congress. Conference on High Magnetic Fields and their Applications, University of Nottingham, 17-19 September 1969. 6 pp. ms. report on the Congress by Bates, probably written for a meeting of the Magnetism Group of The Institute of Physics and The Physical Society, 29 September 1967, a programme for which was attached and is included here. 2 ms. drafts by Bates of a review of 'Conference Booklet no.1. High Magnetic Fields and their Applications', published by The Institute of Physics and The Physical Society. of the Conference. Second European Conference on Hard Magnetic Materials, Milan, 23-25 September 1969. Programme and abstracts of papers with annotations by Bates. Bates was Chairman of Section | 'Fundamentals'. Brief correspondence with organisers and travel agents. Programme and abstracts of papers, annotated by Bates. Ms. of speech delivered by Bates at the Opening Meeting L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Conferences 1970 International Conference on Magnetism, Grenoble, France, 14-19 September 1970 ond IV International Colloguium on Magnetic Thin Films, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 21-23 September 1970. Correspondence with travel agents. Programmes for both meetings. Ms. drafts in English and French of speech delivered by Bates as Chairman of the Inaugural Meeting (see also A. 27). Correspondence with N. Kurti and the Royal Society re administration of Royal Society travel grant for participants at the Conference in Grenoble. E.43-E.46 Conference on ‘Selected Problems in Magnetism', Bochum, W. Germany, 25-28 July 1972. Bates was asked to deliver the opening address, the text of which was subsequently published in Contemporary Physics, 13, 601-604. Correspondence with organisers, travel agents and E.P. Wohlfarth re arrangements for travel and Bates's speech; programme of conference, list of participants. Second ms. draft headed 'A Link between Past and Present in European Magnetism’. and E.P. Wohlfarth with comments on the ms. and an alter- native draft of the final section. New Year greetings for 1974 from N.S. Akulov and E. Kondorsky. Third ms. draft and typescript with corrections and annotations for publication in Contemporary Physics. International Conference on Magnetism, Moscow, 22-28 August 1973. Correspondence with organisers, 1970-72. (Bates was asked to advise the Organising Committee. ) Correspondence re arrangements, 1973 (mainly with travel agents). Preliminary announcement of conference; final programme. First ms. draft of Bates's opening address. Includes correspondence with E.W. Lee L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Conferences Third European Conference on Hard Magnetic Materials, Amsterdam, 17-19 September 1974. Programme of conference with ms. annotations by Bates. Ninth International Conference on Magnetism, Amsterdam, 6-10 September 1976. Correspondence with B. Bleaney, J.H. Horlock and the Royal Society re administration of Royal Society Travel Grant for this conference. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence re conferences, 1768,. 1976; L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 SECTION F EXAMINING AND EDUCATION F.1 - F.4] The first half of this Section is concerned with Bates's work as Visiting Examiner to the University of London, 1961-77 (see F.1 - F.27). The remainder contains correspondence re examining in other universities, including some over- seas, for both undergraduate and higher degrees, and advice on appointments, particularly in overseas universities. University of London, 1961-77 Bates served as Visiting Examiner to the Board of Studies in Physics. He advised on syllabus content, commented on draft examination papers, vetted written scripts and conducted oral examinations for the Colleges of the University and for external candidates. Degrees, Ancillary Physics, Course-Unit Physics, etc. - underwent major re-organisation in 1967, entailing alter- native sets of papers and tests for several years. Some of Bates's examining was arranged directly with Colleges, some via The examinations - for Honours a central board. Reports by Bates and H.T. Flint on syllabus and examinations in physics, 1961-64. Bates made very careful notes on the scripts he saw and on the candidates he was to examine, and compiled lists of questions and problems to be used at orals. Samples of these have been retained in F.26, F.27. mainly with H.T. Flint, December 1964-February 1966. Lists of candidates and detailed comments by Bates on questions and answers at oral examinations, 1963, 1964. Correspondence with Flint and with members of London University, 1963-64, Comments on draft examination papers and correspondence, L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Examining and Education Alternative Ancillary Examinations in Physics, 1965, 1966. Correspondence, comments on draft papers, Bates's draft report. B.Sc. (Special) in Physics (old scheme), Correspondence, comments on draft papers. Queen Mary College. 1967. New B.Sc. Degree in Physics, Correspondence, comments on draft papers. Queen Elizabeth College, 1967. Correspondence, comments on draft papers. General Ancillary Physics, 1967, 1968. Correspondence, Bates's draft report for 1967, comments on papers. . (Special) in Physics (old scheme), 1968. . In Physics (new scheme), 1968. Queen Mary College, 1967-69. Correspondence, comments on draft papers, Bates's report on courses. Correspondence, comments on papers, Bates's draft report. This college conducted examinations twice a year from 1968 since the new Degree system was run there on a 12-week semester basis. 1969. Correspondence, comments, reports, 1967-69. Bates ceased to serve as Visiting Examiner from November L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Examining and Education B.Sc. and B.Sc. (Special) in Physics, 1969-70. Correspondence, comments on draft papers, 1969, 1970. B.Sc. in Physics (new scheme), 1970. Correspondence, reports, comments on drafts and attendance arrangements. Includes correspondence re Granville studentship. Course-Unit Examinations in Physics for Internal Students, 97 t Correspondence and reports, including correspondence re Bates's retirement as examiner for Royal Holloway College under the three-year rule. General Ancillary Physics, 1971. Correspondence with Sir John Cass College (City of London Polytechnic) and Woolwich Polytechnic (Thames Polytechnic). . (Special) in Physics, 1971. . (Special) in Physics, 1972. Imperial College. Physics for Chemists. Correspondence, comments on papers, Bates's report on Part | (1970), Part Il (1971) and the B.Sc. (Old Regulations), 1971. Correspondence, comments on papers, Bates's report on Part | (1971), Part Il (1972) and the B.Sc. (Old Regulations), 1972. SI Units in examinations. Correspondence, comments on draft papers, arrange- ments for oral examinations. Correspondence with J.C.E. Jennings re use of Correspondence, 1971-73. University College, 1972. Brief correspondence, Bates's report. B.Sc. Special Part Il and Standard III, 1973. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 ‘Examining and Education Imperial College. Physics for Chemists. Correspondence, comments on papers, 1973-74. Miscellaneous correspondence, July-October 1973, mainly re examining fees. B.Sc. Special Part Il and Standard III. Correspondence, comments on papers, 1974, 19/06: 1970- B.Sc. Standard Ill, 1977. Correspondence, copies of draft papers with detailed comments by Bates, draft report, Bates's ms. notes for oral examinations. Correspondence re examining in 1978. Bates initially accepted the invitation to act as External Examiner in 1978, but in July 1977 he decided not to act again, mainly in view of the small number of candidates for Standard III. Correspondence includes letter of thanks from the Chairman of Standard III. Miscellaneous notes for orals and examination questions, mainly undated. Ms. drafts by Bates for examination questions, 1949. These were found with the University of London material, but they may have been written for Nottingham University students. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Examining and Education University of Hull. Bates acted as External Examiner, 1965-68, for Honours, Joint, Pass and Ancillary examinations in Physics. Correspondence with colleagues re invitation and arrangements, Bates's notes on examination papers. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. Bates acted as External Examiner for the B.Sc. in Physics Parts Il and III, 1964-69. Correspondence is mainly with the Professor of Physics, N.J. Skinner (a former student of Nottingham University), and includes several letters referring to the unsettled political situation in Nigeria and its effect on the University. There are also several exchanges with Ahmadu Bello University's London representative. In addition to Bates's comments on draft papers, which occur throughout the correspondence, there is also a set of draft papers for 1969 bearing his annotations. See also F.36. Invitations to serve as Visiting External Examiner from Brighton College of Technology (1964) and the Royal University of Malta (1965). both these invitations because of his commitments as External Examiner for London University. Bates was forced to decline Bates visited Ahmadu Bello twice in connection with his work as External Examiner, in 1965 and 1968. See A.32 for other papers relating to the 1965 visit which he used as an opportunity to see other universities in West Africa. P Correspondence and notes re external examining of doctoral theses in British and foreign universities, 1964-70. F.31*Pico F.31 F.32 F.33 F.34 F.35 A-C Ge M - L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 F.36-F.39 Advice on university appointments. Examining and Education Correspondence, including ms. notes by Bates, re applications for chairs and research posts in British and foreign universities, 1963-67. Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria. University College of the South West (Exeter). University of Hong Kong. University of Ife, Nigeria. University of Lagos, Nigeria. University of London. Makerere University, Uganda. University of Malawi. Royal University of Malta. Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. Bates was University College of Swansea. University of Warwick. Council of Europe. Research. Meeting of Experts on Physics Curricula, Strasbourg, 22-24 November 1966. Committee for Higher Education and Letter thanking Bates for serving on the Panel of Advisers, 1962-63 and asking him to serve for 1963-64. unable to accept the invitation due to pressure of other commitments. participants; brief notes, not in Bates's hand. Correspondence with colleagues and travel agents; list of Bates was asked to represent the United Kingdom at this meeting. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 SECTION G CORRESPONDENCE G.1- G.71 The main sequence of correspondence with both individuals and institutions (G.1 - G.66) is presented in alphabetical order, dated ond, where possible, with some indication of content. The names of all individual corres- pondents appear in the Index. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence appears at the end of the Section and has not been indexed. Exchanges are both personal and scientific, often intermixed. It is interesting to note how many letters there are from former students of Nottingham University, many of whom continued to write to Bates even when they had not been to England for several years. Adam, G. 1967-77 Includes personal and scientific correspondence N. daC. and 1940, 1967, 1970 Andrade, E. Andrade M. Bagi, A. | : 1969-76 1972-73 Betts, D. OD. Bozorth, R. M. Blackett, P. M. Bragg, Sir Lawrence 1949, 1950, 1952, 1958 1949, 1951, 1968 (Bates's carbon only for last 2 years) in physical measurements’. The final letter was annotated by Bates in September 1964 'interesting correspondence on a fundamental mistake re Royal Institution lectures re gyromagnetic ratio 1954 1973 1954 Brows Re «Gs Brown, S. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Correspondence Cambridge University Press 1939-72 Correspondence and papers re book Modern Magnetism, which was first published in 1939, and reprinted in 1948, 1951, 1961, 1963. Bates's Correspondence with C.U.P., 1939-72. Includes copy of the original agreement to publish the book, dated 18 March 1938; a lengthy exchange, mainly with F.H. Kendon, re arrangements for the publica- tion of the 3rd edition which appeared in 1951; and a letter from C.F. Eccleshare, 23 March 1971, informing Bates that the Press were unable to under- take a further reprinting of the book. Royalty statements and circulars from C.U.P., 1939- 73. Copies of reviews of the Ist and 2nd editions of Modem Magnetism are also included here. Letters from recipients of complimentary copies of the Ist edition, 1939. Carey R. 1967, 1971-76 Cherwell, Lord Cockcroft, Sir John Crangle, J. 1908, (IF 1 AIF OD 195] 1950 Includes a brief letter from Elizabeth Cockcroft, 1967. re application of neutron beams to magnetic phenomena re Cherwell's application to the Paul Instrument Fund Committee 1971-77 Includes extensive notes by Bates on conversion from CGS to SI units arising from a paper by Crangle and G.M. Goodman published in Proc.Roy.Soc. Lond., A, 321, 1971, a copy of which, annotated by Bates, is included in the folder. Domb, C. re the 'Curie point' Davis, J. H. 1962, 1969-70 L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Correspondence Edmondson, A. S. re SI units Elsner, (.: 3 1976 1949 Annotated by Bates, re construction and operation of a cryostat. 19 September 1964, 'This is very interesting for it seems to anticipate an instrument later used and developed by Imperial Chemical Industries', Pity He T. 1964, 1966, 1970-71 Goodeve, Sir Charles re obituary notice of H.S. Hatfield Goer Cc. Gould, J) Y. ©. re Columax Guillaud, C. Hiltbrand, E. 1966-67 1950-51 1965 1973 1977 Jennings, R. E. Keeley, T. C. Kittel, C. 1951, 1963 1972 1976, 1977 Hume~-Rothery, W. Hinton of Bankside, Lord 1955 King's School, Grantham re possible location of a nuclear power station near Nottingham re domain theory Bates was on the Board of Governors, 1955-1964. 1955, 1963-65, 1974 i F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Correspondence Koenigsberger, J. G. 1939-40, 1946-48 Correspondence re a paper by Koenigsberger on ‘Ferromagnetic Parameters and Grain Size’ which he submitted to the Philosophical Magazine in 1939. On being advised to abbreviate the paper, he requested some help in improving the English of it and the Editor accordingly asked Bates if he knew of a research student willing to under- take the task. but the outbreak of war interrupted the proceedings, and the revised draft was put into storage until it could be sent to Koenigsberger for approval. Bates gave the ms. to J. C.Weston, On 14 November 1946, Koenigsberger wrote to Bates enquiring as to the fate of his manuscript. Bates initiated arrangements for its publication, but Koenigsberger died on 3 December and the paper had to be published posthumously. In addition to letters from Koenigsberger, the folder includes correspondence with the publishers and Editor of the Philosophical Magazine, Koenigsberger's wife and daughter, and J.C. Weston. 1949 1974 1971-78 Lynch) A. Cx Kothort,, D.* $. Kurti, N. lee, E. W. 1967, 1970-77 (Bates's ms. draft only) Lennard-Jones, Sir John Scientific and personal correspondence. re spontaneous generation of magnetic fields quantities’. Includes extensive comments by Bates on a draft by McGlashan entitled 'Essay on magnetic susceptibilities and related re spike domains in strong fields McGlashan, M. — L. 1948 1963 1953 McCrea, W. H. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Correspondence Merton Park Studios Ltd. 1950-51 a film of cobalt Bitter figures re taken in the Nottingham University Physics Department Ministry of Supply re magnetic fluid clutches Mott, Sir Nevill Nash, W. ~ F. 1950 1966 1964, 1966 National Institute for the Blind 1950 Peeel tc or, | P. 1951-54 Includes correspondence with The Physical Society re arrangements for Néel's visit to England to receive the Holweck Prize, 1952. Nicolaysen, L. O. Newman, F. A. 1966 1951 G.30-G.45 Noakes, G. R. 1963-77 Bates was a member of the G.R. Noakes was the Editor of Contemporary Physics and almost all the correspondence is about the day to day running of the journal. Editorial Board from the journal's inception in 1959 until his death, and the extent of his contribu- tion is manifest from the bulk of the papers that follow. He sought out authors (including many from among his former students), refereed papers and also contributed many articles and reviews himself. Physics, see B.40-B. 43. The correspondence mainly consists of letters from Noakes. Bates's replies are sometimes in the form of ms. drafts, or more often notes jotted on the incoming letters, and correspondence is interleaved with notes on papers refereed by Bates. For drafts of articles written by Bates for Contemporary Brief exchanges with contributors 'He was particularly valuable First, he was a willing G.R. Noakes writes: in a number of ways. contributor and reviewer... contacts abroad, was able to get authors from Russia and Bulgaria, and was able to deal with the occasional manuscript in Russian. And he seemed to have friends all over the world'. (Private communication, 1979). Secondly, he had valuable L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 G. , G. . G. G. G. G. G. G. G. i; Correspondence 1963, 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 January-August 1974 September-December 1974 1976 1977 Pacey, A. : G. G. G, G. 1963, 1964, 1970 January-July 1975 August-December 1975 is included in the folder. Correspondence re for 'Improvements relating to temperature control systems' by Power Jets Ltd. (Bates gave some advice during the initial stage of the development of the invention.) A copy of the provisional patent specification a patent application Potter, H. Hz. 1967, 1972 15; 4955 1944, 1946 Pauthenet, R. Power Jets Ltd. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Correspondence Robinson, H.R. Rogers, J. Mainly personal correspondence. Shankland, R. S. 1952 1971-77 1970 Includes correspondence re Shankland's retirement, 1976. Skinner, N. J. sath, D.. “H. re SI units Spivey, S. 1971-76 1968-69 1964-65, 1969-77 Standley, K. ; 1963-75 stevens, K. W.-H. 1953-54, 1964, 1974 mone. &; C: 1953 re magneto-thermal measurements on nickel 1977 1946 1975 Sucksmith, W. Tyndall, A.M. (Bates's carbons only) 1940, 1948, 1952-54 The 1940 correspondence is annotated by Bates, 19 September 1964 'Interesting correspondence on work which eventually gained me the Holweck Prize'. The sequence includes letters from Sucksmith and Stoner as well as Tyndall. H. Includes correspondence with Sir Rudolf Peierls. Van Vleck, J. H. re SI units Vigoureux, P. 1974-76 Van Praagh, G. Von Engel, A. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Correspondence Whiteley, W. Wohlfarth, E. : vere, fF. GS. 1943, 1948, 1951 1950 1955 1956-61 Correspondence with various colleagues arising from a paper by K.M. Polivanoff and A.A. Braude (translated from Russian) on 'Non- Hysteretic Magnetization and its Application to the Measurement of Small Currents and E.M.F.'s'. In a letter dated 15 December 1956, Bates describes the paper as being 'based on our work'. of the paper is included in the folder. A typescript G.60-G.63 References, advice on careers, research, publication of papers. 1950-76 A-G G.60 G.61 G.62 G.63 G.64-G.66 L 1960-77 G.67-G.71 M-N $-Z G. 64 G.65 G.66 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence (unindexed). Correspondence re elections and appoint- ments. 3 folders in alphabetical order. In chronological order. Correspondence re exchange of reprints, requests for permission to reproduce photo- graphs. Correspondence with firms - requests for data or advice, exchanges of specimens. In alphabetical order. Correspondence with publishers. alphabetical order. In 1960-74 G.67 G.68 1960-69 1943-76 L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Correspondence Shorter scientific correspondence - requests for advice, information, arrangements for visits, etc. In chronological order. 1951-77 Miscellaneous personal correspondence. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ADAM, Graham ADAMS, F.. ADAMS, H. W. M. AKULOV,:N. © S. ALLEN, G. E. ALLEN, John Frank ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward ALTY, Thomas ANDRA, W. ANDRADE, Edward Neville da Costa ANDREW, Edward Raymond APPLETON, Sir Edward (Victor) ASHMORE, Alick ASTBURY, Norman Frederick ASTBURY, William Thomas BAKER, Wilson BAQI, A. BARKER, G. I Ce 1b. Aa A.3 D.47, E.47 A.8 Ame AN4 Cie A.3 E.18 AP Kh; h14, GO GR ©.20. C2146 A.3 A14 F.11, F.13 A.8, A.14 A.14 D.108 E.4 A.14 A.3 A.14 S03 A.14 G.64 A.8 A.3 A.3 D.101 D.90 C3) F.4 £12 E.19 Are Sc BACON, GG; A. €E. BANKS, Cyril BATH, Frederick BATHO, Edith Clara BARLOW, Harold Everard Monteagle D.7 BELLAMY, Edmund Henry BELL, Ronald Percy BENJAMIN, Ralph BELOV,, Kee Pi; BEDFORD 1, -G, BOA ERS Wak. te GEL, kh. J) L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents BERRIE, <5. - K. BETTS, Donald D. BEYNON, Sir William (John Granville) BIRSS; Re. RK. BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart Baron Blackett of Chelsea BLACKMAN, Moses BLAXTER, Kenneth Lyon BLEANEY, Brebis BLINC, R. BLOEMBERGEN, N. BONAR, Alastair R. Bes. BOSE, A. BOWEN, Edmund John BOZORTH, Richard M. A. 32 G23 F..38,.£.47 A.14, G.4, G.8, G.60 D.45, G.64 D.90 A.14, D.52, D.81, E.7, E.10, E.12, E.36, E.49 D.58 c.ty A.14 Cate EL A.14 B19 ESS. °G.5 BRANCKER, A. V. G: G. B. G.5 A.14, G.5 A.32 BROWN, R. C. BROWN, Sheldon Bice, G.l2 Fie. A.14, G.5 BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence BRIGGS, W... BRITTON, W. BROWN, William Fuller, Jr. BRUNT, Sir David G.65 Pe9,. Fi hey, Fae F.Z Ff. 10,-F.13) F.20, P23 F.24, F.25 F.4d, F.18, E20, F238, F.24, Hi, BULLOCK, .F.- BURCH, Cecil Reginald BURFOOT, Jack C. SUROL be BURGE, Ronald E. ds BURHOP, Eric Henry Stoneley E.4528.19 A.8, A.14 A.3 A.14 D 50): Fis L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents BURTON, Harold BUSCH, G. BUTLER, Clifford Charles B01, b> kK. BUTTERWORTH, John Blackstock CALDER, R. B. CALIMROP.: J. E. CAREY, Roy CARROLL, Sir John (Anthony) CHADWICK, Sir James SPAULIS, bec, wi CHAMBERS, Raymond Wilson CHAMPION, Frank Clive CHAMPION, J. V. CHANDRASEKHAR, Subrahmanyan CHAPMAN, Sydney CHARLES; J. = G. CHATTOCK, Frances CHIKAZUMI, Soshin CLOUGH, Stanley E.20 ay) F.28 CHERWELL, Frederick Alexander Lindemann, Viscount Cherwell of Oxford COCKCROFT, Sir John (Douglas) COLE, ;GesrmeH. « A ROLLE. de: A.8 COPSON, Edward Thomas CORBIERE, Henri CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS Ce Gee dK oo oF: t,t . 40, Feed See G.R. Noakes Hy, A.8, A.14 COOK, William R. A.3 bu? D.50, D.52, D.58, D.81, E.17, F.10; G,26, G.65 F.3, F.5 F.39 A.8 A.3 E42) G:9 D.6 A.14 €.18 A.3 F.5,F.7) F.9 Fo10, 12, 6098 F.23 B.36 G27 D.38 A.3, A.14 G.10 A.14, G.10 Diz A.14 L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents COULSON, Charles Alfred COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon CRANGLE, John CREED, Sir Thomas Percival CRISCUOLI, Ruggero CRUICKSHANK, Durward William John CURTIS, W. DAINTON, Sir Frederick (Sydney) DALZIEL, R. DANIELS, J. M. DARWIN, Sir Charles Galton DAVIES, R. . O. DAVISZ DS DAVIS, John H. DAVY, Norman A.14 A.14 61 D.59, D.73 E.41 D.90, D.91 A.14 G5 E.20 E.20 A.4 A.32 Ps F.14 B.38, C.26, E.20, G.12, G.25 A.4, C.11, G.12 See also A.25, C.26 A.15 A.15 E.26 F.34 A.15, F.4, F.8 A.4 D.52 G2 F.8 A.A A.8, A.15 A.15 F.4 A.15 DAWES, J. DE BARR, A. G. E, DODD, Cyril DONOVAN, B. DHARMATTI, S. S. DITCHBURN, Robert William DOUIE, Charles Oswald Gaskell DODDS, Eric Robertson DORING, W. DOMB, Cyril D.90, D.91 DUNCANSON, W. — Eric DRUMMOND, Sir Jack Cecil DUNWORTH, John Vernon DRURY, Sir Alan (Nigel) BUF Me Ji 8 L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents EAMES, T. EDMONDSON, Alan S. A. A.8, A.15 AA, hatte, TF. 10. FT3, 94, t. 20, (.t3, G60 EDWARDS, Kenneth Charles ae he’ EHRENBERG, W. Prac OOCIIE, Ras Gs EISNER, Ta. S. ELLIS, Sir Charles Drummond ELTON, Lewis Richard Benjamin ENGELHARDT, V. ENO, &. . D. EVANS, B. _ Ifor FAGELSTON, |. FAHLENBRACH, H. rFAece lt ©, Bs FEILDEN, Geoffrey Bertram Robert ie. fing Poop Fal? F 20, Eiee,. Fito F.3 G.13 A.15 D.115 D.58 E.20 C1) be .6 Da 0:5. Dé D.57, E.20, E.50 A.15 D,18, D.33,.D:90, B91, D.92, D.99, D.101, D.104, G.65 F.23 A.9, A.15 G.64 A.15 A.15 D.52, D.54, D.55, E.4, E.9 F, 70; Fae, FRING oe oe FLEURY 10. FERRIER, Robert Patton FINCH, George Ingle FLINT, Henry Thomas FLETCHER, Wilfred P. FINNISTON, Sir (Harold) Montague Reto Fs 14g Fel? mi, Gise, DOs. F.T, Fes, Poa £5, £3, €.9,' r,16,G.6) G.14 See also B.39 Pio, f.4 Fea FF. 872% Fi FOWLER, Peter Howard FOSTER, John Frederick G.64 F.41 D.58 FLINT, Ruth FOLKIERSKI, A. FOUSEK; J; FOWLER, Alfred B.39 a, A.4 G.65 FORREST, John Samuel FOX, J. W. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents FREETH, Francis Arthur FULLMAN, B. Ake, Ay ta UV, GARDNER, Frank S. GARLICK, George Frederick John GARNER, William Edward Rapes. GILDING, Henry Percy GODDARD, John GOODBAN, G._ A. GOODENOUGH, John B. GOODEVE, Sir Charles Frederick Ours, Cc. GORTCR, E... J. WwW: SCHILD set GRANGER, Annie GRANICHER, H. GREEN, Cyril O. GREIG, James HANLE, W. HARE, Frederick Kenneth HARKER, Peter HARLEY, Laurence S. A.15 A.9, A.15 A.4 E.21 F.41 A.15 F.4 A.4 F.5, F.9, F.17, F.20, F.23 B.28 E.21 G.14 52. E.21, G15 E.21, G.59 B25 -D.57, E221, £.50: 6.35 A.15 D.58 A.9, A.15 A.15 A.15 7 Di58, D.57, £.21,-6. 15 A.4 Bas 6.01)-6. 6 P41, G.I D.73 A.16 D.46 D.118 A.A F.13, F.14 GUILLAUD, C. GULLAND, John Masson HALLWARD, Bertrand Leslie GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand D.51 HARRISON, M. F. HASSE, Henry Ronald HASTED, John B. HAVENS, W. W. A. L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents HAYCOCKS, Norman HIGGINS, K. HILL, Archibald Vivian HILL, Douglas William E.16 v.91 A.16 A.16 HILL, Sir (James William) Francis Siac, C.1T HILL, Robert HILTBRAND, Emile HINTON of BANKSIDE, Christopher, Baron Hinton of Bankside HN OMG. 2 WwW: MIRSCHL J. HIRSCH, Sir Peter (Bernhard) HODGKIN, Sir Alan (Lloyd) HODGSON, Ben HORLOCK, John Harold B.36 i 16 G.16 A.4, A.16 r.4, F.8 E.2! D.99 A.4, A.16 See also D.46 E.49 HOSELITZ, Kurt Ast6, £.7,.E,21, 259 ON, A.4, A.16 A.16, G.16 HURLEY): W.- Mitre, £. Es oo ret. 9. 8 ro A.9 E21 D.109 A.16 Pais HUMPRREY, Floyd B. HOLLDON, J.°£. HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding HUGHES, Hugh Llewelyn Glyn BU Re HUME-ROTHERY, William Pelil, V.tee, Bue) DO. 92, D.95, 0.96260 37, De, Dav? INGOLD, Sir Christopher (Kelk) INGRAM, David John Edward es ake A.16 A.16 L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents JACOBS, Israel S. JACQUINOT, P. JEFFREYS, Sir Harold E25 A.9 D.104 JENNINGS, “JonnC. E. Po tme Pe ld, £220, Fi23 JamMMINGs, &, EB. JEVONS, Wilfred JONES, Francis Edgor JONES, Frank Llewellyn JONES, Gwyn Owain JONES, Reginald Victor KACZER, Jan KEAY, Ronald William John KEELEY, Thomas Clews KEOHANE, Kevin William KERSTEN, M. KERWIN, Lorkin KITTEL, Charles G.a7 A.4 G.64 A.16 5.10; 3, :D.114, 0. 135, Cee tO; FF ret A.16 E.22 A.32, D.106 A.9, &16, D.48, G:17 F.4, F.8 E.22 D.50, E.17 A.16 638 0.57, £.22:.G.18 G.19 E.7 E22, E247 E.7 G,20 b,.50, D.57,E.22 KOTANI, Masao KOTHARI, Daulat Singh KUBO, Ryogo KURTI, Nicholas KOJIMA, Hiroshi KONDORSKY, E. KOENIGSBERGER, Johann Georg KILPATRICK, Rev. George Dunbar E.23 ALY, A. 16, O.51,.D.105,.Di4 19, 2.313, Dilla; £40, 6.42; Core A.16, E.30 A7 A.5, A.16 A.5 LAURIE, Robert Douglas LAWSON, R. W. CAND Hel eR. LANGEVIN, Paul LAX, Benjamin L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents LEE, Eric Walter LCE, 7. Arnold SeeCH, Ue W: BE Fevee. £3. J, LEGGETT, Douglas Malcolm Aufrére LENNARD-JONES, Sir John (Edward) LEROUX, D. LIPSON, Henry Solomon LISGARTEN, N. OD. LITTLE, Victor I. LLEWELLYN-JONES, Frank LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben LONSDALE, Dame Kathleen LOW, W. LOWY, Albert B.38, D.6, D.38, D.48, E.31, £40, Fiat A.16 F.3 BD. 18, 0.29,.D.90 D.115 A.16, G.22 A.16 A.16, D.113 F.18, F.21 Oy f.3;. F.22,;6:23, Ga F.38 A.16 A.16 525.23 A.5 LYNGH, A. ©. D.4, D.74, G.22, G.59 A.32 McCREA, William Hunter McCAIG, . M. MacCALLUM, John MACE, ArthurW. V. McGEE, James Dwyer McGLASHAN, Maxwell Len EYGN, Aa LYTHALL, Basil Wilfrid b.6, D.7 A.17 A.10, A. 17 B.36, G.22 A.52A17 G.64 A.17 in. 26, W027, D.86; 090, 0.97, 2.90, 0.76, D:97, 0.99. DAR. D.104, D.106, G.65 McLEAN, Robert Colquhoun MacGREGOR-MoORRIS, J. MARCH, P. V. MARSH, Sydney A.10, A.17 A.5 F.d F632, Fi 35 MARCH, Norman Henry L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents MARSHALL, Walter Charles MARTIN, Sir David (Christie) MARTIN, Derek H. MASON, Sir Basil John D852, £.23, £.42. Gied A.Ts, 3.35;°D.51, 0553," 0.80, ot, 0.02, 0.83, D864, D:95, ».83;:0,87; 2.96;-D391, bet eet) E218; £36,848 By 10, B00, D200, E.31, Fav A.17, G.64, G.65 See also C.25 MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson Psa, Fee MATTHEWS, Colin MATYAS, M. MAXWELL, Louis Rigby MAYNE ORD, William Valentine MBOTO, Ibi MEEK, Colin A. MENON, Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar MENZIES, Alexander Charles MERRISON, Alexander Walter MALAIER, 5... R. B.36 O00 Do D9 A.17 My l/, Se, G.65 A.5 F.34 A.17 €.23 E23 ya A.17 Meme, ay Gy A177, G7, GiGk MONTALENTI, G. MIYAHARA, Syéhei MOON, Philip Burton MORTON, Richard Alan MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis MONTEITH, , John Lennox F.3 A.17 AAT, BAT; DSB 6:95, Oe G.66 D.55, £.7, E.12, E.23 Ace, €i18, C719, G25 ioe, cae 0.4. ©./,: 6550, Eee, i320 See also A.28 NEWMAN, FE. NEWTH, J. NEEL, Louis Eugene Félix NAGAMIYA, T. MASH, Wa. -F A, A. G.29 L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents NICOLAYSEN.-E: 0. NOAKES, G. NORMAN, F. Robert OATLEY, Sir Charles (William) OBINATA, Ichiji OREZIE, W. OLIPHANT, Sir Mark (Marcus Laurence G.29 A.17, D,40,.6.30-G,45 A.17 A.17 E.8 A.37 A.10, A.17 Elwin) OLIVER, O...° A; ORBACH, R. OWEN, 62. A: OWEN, Leonard Victor Davies OWEN, Paul Robert Oweee Toc J: PACEY, Arnold J. Pa Prices, J.c Fe PIERROT, André PELLOW, Mick. PINCHERLE, Leo AA7;-6.59 E.24 A.17 A.17 D.101 E.15 B.38, £.31,.G.46 E.24 A.17 B.38, D.57, E.24, G.47. D.82 A.5 E.50, G.57 Cig, 0.4 A.5 D.11 E.24 F.8, F.12 F.4 A.5, A.17 E.11, E.12 A.17 PARKINSON, D. PAUTHENET, R. PEARSE, R. W. PEARSON, Eric PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf (Ernst) PICKAVANCE, Thomas Gerald PIAGGIO, Henry Thomas Herbert C.20 PIPPARD, Alfred John Sutton PIPPARD, Sir (Alfred) Brian PIPER, Stephen Harvey PITT, Harry Raymond L.F. Bates CSAC 83/1/82 Index of Correspondents POLIVANOFF, K. M. PORTER, B.C. POTTER, Harold H. POS, Nooo .J, POWELL, Cecil Frank POWELL. W, PRASAD, B. PRECHTINTHE, W.. -H. 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