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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the correspondence and papers of SIR HANS ADOLF KREBS (1900-1981) biochemist deposited in Sheffield University Library (CSAC 113/4/86) Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre All rights reserved THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS by 1986 Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1HP CSAC 113/4/86 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR HANS ADOLF KREBS RRS (1900 - 1981) Compiled by: Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper VOLUME III Index of correspondents All rights reserved ~ Deposited in Sheffield University Library Section L Bibliographies Conspectus 1986 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 SECTION L NON-PRINT MATERIAL L.1-L.108 LIST OF CONTENTS Li be PHOTOGRAPHS Lit “hott L.12-L.23 L.24-L.30 L.31-L.44 Photograph Albums Photographs of Krebs Krebs's departments or laboratories Scientific colleagues L.45-L.56 Conferences and groups L.o7-k.72 Family and personal L.73 Otto Warburg L.74-L.76 Reminiscences and Reflections L277, Lae Miscellaneous L.87 @L.95 L.96 -L.98 o.7% L.100-L.108 FILM VIDEOTAPES Loot, £.62 L.83 -L.86 Love, ©.8U NEGATIVES PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES PHOTOGRAPHIC PLATES AUDIOTAPES AND CASSETTES MICROFILMS H.A, Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 L.1-L.78 PHOTOGRAPHS Photograph Albums Non-print material List of contents only of family photograph album entitled 'Heimat und Familie’. The album is retained by J.R. Krebs. This album was apparently compiled for Krebs by Maria Krebs for his birthday in 1937. Most photographs or groups of photographs have ms identifications or descriptions by the compiler and there are a small number of later notes by Krebs and additional identifications on postcards in another hand. One or two items for which there are ms. identifications, including the announcement of Krebs's birth, are already missing from the album. Contents include the following photographs or groups of photographs: Old Hildesheim; Krebs family homes; 'Congratulatory Poem on Hans' birth by Mohr Traube with reply (on back) by Vater'; Gymnasium Andreanum; Krebs's parents and their families; "Erntedienst im Kriege'; Adolf and Lise Daniel (née Krebs); (half-sister, b.1932); Wolfgang and Lotte Krebs. Hans, Lise and Wolfgang Krebs as children; Krebs's father, Maria Krebs and Gisela 'Im Weltkrieg 1918'; 'Studentzeit'; Lise Krebs (1932); G8&ttingen, 1919 and Probably now at L.75. family photographs 1920s; List of contents only of untitled family photograph album retained by J.R. Krebs. According to a manuscript note by Krebs inside the front cover, this album was compiled in 1947. tion or descriptions by Krebs. identification is missing from the album (‘With Walter Auerbach at Wiesbaden April 1932'). Most photographs or groups of photographs have ms identifica- At least one item for which there is a ms. ‘Departure from Altona March 1931! (Poem); Wiesbaden Congress Contents include the following photographs or groups of photographs : Hildesheim (postcards); Krebs family home destroyed 1944; 1920, with Erich Stern; US visit 1929; Altona, Stddtisches Krankenhaus, 1930-31 (Krebs in laboratory, colleagues including L. Lichwitz); April 1932 (colleagues including F.D. Bielschowsky, S.J. Thannhauser); Freiburg 1932-33 (medical clinics, Krebs's living quarters, colleagues, skiing holiday Black Forest); Cambridge 1934; (colleagues and friends depicted include the Osterns, Friedmanns, Auerbachs and Dr. Murray Luck and family); miscellaneous photographs of Krebs, family and friends mid-1930s to mid-1950s. Loose items include brief correspondence with Kate Gruen (Altona colleague) 1970s. College, holidays, etc. Small format photograph album (German in origin), dated 25 August 1935. Contents include photographs of Cambridge Biochemical Laboratory, King's various outings and holidays mid-1930s H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non “print material Blue large format album entitled 'Biochemists', and covering period ?1929-56. Contents include portrait photographs of E. Mellanby, O. Meyerhof, A. Baird Hastings and S.J. Thannhauser (signed and dated May 1933); group photograph of biochemists associated with Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins (taken at King's College, Cambridge, during the First International Congress of Biochemistry August 1949), photographs of participants at symposia at University of Wisconsin, September 1941 and September 1947 and of CIBA Foundation conferences of July 1952 (with key) and March 1956, and shipboard photographs in respect of Krebs's ?1929 and 1951 US visits. Album also includes programmes of CIBA conferences and newspaper cutting re Second International Biochemical Congress, 1952. Green large format album entitled ‘Department of Biochemistry University of Sheffield 1950', and covering period 1950-54 with a few earlier photographs 1939, 1945-46. Contents comprise photographs of Krebs, members of department, laboratories (including Scala Cinema conversion) and apparatus; participants at conferences organised at Sheffield including Society for Experimental Biology Symposium on Carbon Dioxide Fixation 1950 (group photograph with key and individual photo- graphs of H. Blaschko, M. Calvin, S. Ochoa, H.G. Wood), Biochemical Society meeting 1951 and Society for Experimental Biology meeting 1953; Krebs's exodus from Sheffield 1954. Album of photographs 1966: Bordeaux, visits to Hildesheim (created freeman) and Galveston. Lindau meeting, honorary degree ceremony Small format green album with photographs of members of Metabolic Research Undated photograph of H.L. Kornberg in evening dress in the laboratory. Photograph of R.E. Davies pole-vaulting, 1946. Photograph of members of cave diving group (R.E. Davies, D.E. Hughes and H.L. Kornberg), 1950. Miscellaneous items of interest include: Photograph of Earl A. Evans buying a newspaper in Sheffield. The photograph, which is signed and dated 4 September 1939, appeared in the Sheffield Telegraph under the caption ‘Business as usual’. Laboratory, 1969. Large format green album with photographs of American biochemists, January - May 1958, and F. Cedrangolo and staff, Naples, 1960. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non-print material Album with photographs of members of Metabolic Research Laboratory, 1974. Boehringer Ingelheim symposium on 'The creative process in science and medicine’ Kronberg, May 1974. See E.36-E.42. f Sequence of mounted photographs, 1960-65, all identified and perhaps intended to be made up into an album later. Photographs relate to visits, meetings and honorary degree ceremonies. Photographs of Krebs Early photographs of Krebs. One of Krebs in laboratory is identified on verso as taken at Altona, 1930. 1945 n.d. ?1940s 1950 (with covering letter) University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1954 Lindau, 1960 Miscellaneous photographs, 1965, 1966. Metabolic Research Laboratory, 1975. biography (Bibliog. 391); related correspondence. Five copies of portrait photograph, used on dust ~jacket of auto- "Pour le Mérite', Bonn, May 1973. CIBA Foundation lecture, 1978. Pennsylvania State University, 1979. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non “print material Lt? Meeting on Stress, Montecarlo, November 1979. Honorary Degree Ceremony, Indianapolis, May 1980. Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, November 1980. Kiawah Island Symposium, November 1980. Late undated studio portrait. Miscellaneous later undated photographs. Large mounted photograph undated. Krebs's departments or laboratories Members of Sheffield Biochemistry Department (with key), December 1948. Krebs, members of Sheffield Department, laboratories, 1950. Duplicates of photographs in L.5. 2 folders. Krebs's message of Members of Sheffield Biochemistry Department, June 1954. Presentation tray with engraved signatures of colleagues; thanks, 18 February 1954. Visit from Gymnasium Andreanum, April 1980. Views of Oxford Biochemistry Department extension, some dated 1963 and 1964. Metabolic Research Laboratory visitors, 1979. Duplicate of photograph in L.5. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non-print material Scientific colleagues German colleagues, ? Altona. H.G. Wood at Sheffield, 1950 Duplicates of photographs in L.5. R.E. Davies at Oxford, 1951. A.L. Lehninger at Sheffield, 1952. On board R.M.S. Ascania, August 1953. Photographs of colleagues including C. de Duve and H. MclIlwain. T.H. Wilson, ? Sheffield, September 1953. E. Racker, October 1953. H.L. Kornberg and D. Sprinson, Columbia, October 1953. Krebs with G. Weber, Indianapolis, October 1963. L.V. Eggleston, Old Physiology Laboratory, Oxford, July 1955. Krebs with F.A. Lipmann at Welch Foundation Symposium, Houston, December 1961. Portrait photograph; photograph of grave. Miscellaneous colleagues, 1980. O.H. Warburg, n.d. Maria Erecinska, 1966, 1967. Krebs with A. Szent-Gy&rgi, Brunel, 1978. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non-print material J.S.D. Bacon, n.d. Russian colleagues, n.d. Colleagues including F.A. Lipmann, n.d. Miscellaneous, n.d. Conferences and groups XVI Internationaler Physiologen Kongress, Zurich, 14-19 August 1938. Group photograph with key. Society for Experimental Biology Symposium on Carbon Dioxide Fixation, Sheffield, July 1950. Duplicate of group photograph in L.5. Department of Physiological Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, April 1954. Duplicate of photograph in L.4. 2nd International Biochemical Congress, Paris, July 1952. Photographs of colleagues including J.S. Fruton, A. Baird Hastings, J. Murray Luck and R.E. Davies. Photographs of colleagues including E.C. Slater and E. Racker. Joint Meeting of Belgian and British Biochemical Societies, Oxford, 12 and 13 August 1957. ‘Atlantic City 'Smoker', April 1954. Lindau meeting, 1969. Tenth Symposium on Enzyme Regulation, Indianapolis, 1971. Stockholm, 1973. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non-print material Inauguration of the library and archives for the history of the Max-Planck- Gesellschaft (Otto-Warburg-Haus), March 1978. Krebs with R. Schmid and H. Rotta. Pour le mérite meeting, Bonn, May 1978. Lindau meeting, June 1978. Reisenburg, July 1978. Oxford Students Biochemical Society Dinner, November 1978. "In memory of the Editorial Board Session on May 22, 1979'. Lynen Memorial Meeting, Munich, February 1980. Mainau, July 1981. Family and personal Photograph of Krebs with friend, c.1904. Krebs's typescript note accompanies the photograph. Homes, including house in Hildesheim destroyed during Second World War. Eight views of Hildesheim from a commercially produced collection of twelve. For the missing four views see L.75. Georg Krebs with children and son-in-law, 1926. Early school photographs sent to Krebs in 1966. Group photograph, First World War period. Adolf Daniel, 1921. Adolf and Lise Daniel (née Krebs) with Wolfgang Krebs, 1926. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non-print material Girlfriend of Krebs (nurse at Altona). Krebs's living q quarters, Freiburg. Georg and Maria Krebs, n.d. Miscellaneous German views, one dated April 1934 f Cambridge, 1930s. Holidays, 1930s. Krebs's wedding photograph (with key), 1938. Margaret Krebs, ¢.1939. Kurt and Kathe Davidson, 1952. Krebs family, 1953. Family reunion, 1954. "Talene' (Helene Fuld), 1941. Gisela Krebs, 1946. Krebs children, ¢.1946. Krebs family on holiday, 1950. Krebs, sister, son-in-law, grandchildren. Photographs taken in the garden, Abberbury Road, September 1974. Krebs family and friends, 1955. Ursula Leck, Hildesheim, 1966. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 L.73 Otto Warburg (Bibliog. 384) Non-print material Photograph of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Cell Physiology, Berlin-Dahlem, used for Plate 4 of Krebs's Warburg biography. Photograph of Warburg's country house on the island of RUgen, mounted and annotated by Krebs. Reminiscences and Reflections (Bibliog. 391). Photocopies of photographs for Plate 1 (Krebs's parents), Plate 3a (Krebs as a student, about 1922) and Plate 5 (Nobel Prize-giving ceremony) of Krebs's autobiography; also two further photocopies of photographs of Nobel Prize- giving ceremony and Krebs lecturing on the citric acid cycle. graphs retained by J.R. Krebs. Original photo- ; Photographs used for Plate 2 (Hildesheim) and Plate 3b (Krebs at the congress of Internal Medicine, 1932) of autobiography. Miscellaneous * Nobel document. Nobel document and 1937 Nature letter. Photographs used for Plate 4 (F.G. Hopkins and T. Thunberg, 1936), Plate 7 (Krebs with his team, 1974) and Plate 8 (Krebs with R. Estabrook, S. Ochoa, K. Bloch and C. Cori, 1980) of the autobiography. Photographs identified on verso by H.L. Kornberg. University of Indiana, Bloomington; Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, 6.1933: H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 L:79, 1.80 NEGATIVES Non-print material L./9 Miscellaneous 1930s negatives. Many but not all are represented by photo- graphs in L.3. Krebs's living quarters in Freiburg (see L.62); n.d.; Nobel document and 1937 Nature letter. Krebs on bicycle, Loi, ¢.e2 PHOTOGRAPHIC PLATES L.81 L.82 Photographic plate, Krebs, n.d. ? 1930s. Three glass photographic plates to accompany lecture on smoking and lung cancer, ¢c.1958, L.83-L.86 PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES L.83 L.84 L.87 Visit to California, n.d. 2 slides of Krebs, 1973; 1974. ; 4 slides of Krebs; 2 of Krebs with team, n.d. ? 1970s. 1 slide of Krebs with Russian colleague at Indianapolis, 6 slides of Krebs, one dated in 1973, one (with Koala Bear) dated in 1976. Hon. Degree Ceremony, Bristol, 12 July 1973'. Tape-tecording of talk at Federation of American Biological Chemists meeting, Atlantic City, April 1954 (2 reels). The speakers were Krebs, F. Lipmann and C, Neuberg (Wright Wilson in the chair). Cassette-recording of "Speech by Philip Randle (and Dorothy Hodgkin) at L.87-L.95 AUDIOTAPES AND CASSETTES H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Non-pri nt material Cassette-recording of Krebs's plenary lecture at Australian Biochemical Society meeting, Armidale, New South Wales, 8 May 1976. Three cassette-tapes of interview for Imperial War Museum Oral History Progromine, made October 1979. Cassette-recording of interview by J.R. Maddox for BBC Radio 'Scientificaliy Speaking' programme, September 1979. Tape-recording of interview on Biological Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency for Radio UNESCO, 25 February 1980. Forwarding correspondence for L.92. Cassette-recording of BBC radio 'Science Now' prograrame, dated 30 June 192). Unidentified tape (probably of German origin). Unidentified tape. L.96-L.98 VIDEOTAPES Loe Television recording (videotape) of lecture on history of tricarboxylic acid cycle, Indianapolis, 2 October 1968. cycle, Philadelphia, 29 September 1977. Videotape of lecture given by Krebs on the history of the tricarboxylic acid cycle, at the University of Miami. Videotape of lecture given by Krebs on the history of the tricarboxylic acid Dated in error by Krebs '1962 or so’. Probably 1970 or 1972. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 L.99 FILM Non-print material "Nobel Awards, 1953’, MICROFILMS Microfilms of transcripts of conversations between Krebs and F.L. Holmes and made available by Holmes for the present collection (4 reels). L.100 Vols. 1-3 L.102 Vols. 7 (part)-10 (part) L.101 Vols. 4-7 (part) L.103 = Vols. 10 (part) -12 Professor Holmes has written the following statement to accompany the material: ‘These are unedited transcripts of conversations that took place They were originally intended to acquire information for between Sir Hans Krebs and Frederic L. Holmes between the years 1976 and 1981. the specific purpose of a book that Holmes intended to write concerning the early scientific career of Krebs. The discussions therefore center on the period 1900 to 1940, although there are some scattered discussions of later events. Special terms of restriction apply to this material. Although the transcripts have been corrected by Holmes after they were typed by a secretary, there remain a substantial number of errors, especially with respect to proper names. fore expect to check such information against written sources, Sir Hans Krebs requested before his death that anyone using these tapes should take into account that his answers to the questions posed were extemporane ous, and that he did not subsequently have the opportunity to check the transcripts. accurate in all the technical details of the subjects he discussed. ' L.104- L.108 Microfilms of Krebs's laboratory notebooks (5 reels), Users of the tapes should there- He should therefore not be expected to be H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 BIBLIOGRAPHY The following Bibliography of 396 items is that which appears on microfiche to accompany the Royal Society Memoir (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 30, 1984, 351 - 385). References in all sections of the catalogue are to this list, in the form (Bibliog. ...). It should be noted that the Memoir itself refers only toa selection of 121 papers which are printed in a numbered list after the text. | These numbers do not correspond to the Bibliography and have not been used in the compilation of the catalogue. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Bibliograph (1) 1923. Die Farbung des Skelettmuskels mit Anilinfarbstoffen. Arch. mikroskp. Anat. [Entw. Mech.] OO + (C2) 1925.- Zur Goldsolreaktion im Liquor cerebrospinalis. Xin. Wschr. 4, 1309. (3) C4) C5] (6) Die Flockung des kolloidalen G510és durch Eiweisskorper. Biochem. Z. 159, 321. Die Theorie der Kolloidreaktionen im Liquor cerebrospinalis. /Z, Immun. Forsch. exp. Ther. 4a, Se Zur Theorie der Weichbrodtschen Sublimatreaktion im Liquor cerebrospinalis. Dt. med. Wschr. pli elea iit (With A. WITTGENSTEIN.) Studien sur Permeabilitdt der Meningen unter besonderer Berlicksichtigung physikalisch- chemischer Gesichtspunkte. ges. onsets Med. 49, 553. Z. (With A. WITTGENSTELN. ) Untersuchungen Uber die Permeabilitdat der Meningen. Dt. med. Wschr. ‘Deyotiod. (With A. WITTGENSTEIN.) (With A.. WITTGENSTEIN. ) Die Abwanderung intravends 3 ter die Abwanderung intravends eingeflhrter Farbstoffe aus dem Blutplasma. S205 eingefllhrter Substanzen aus dem Blutplasma. zum Permeabilitdtsproblem und zur Theorie der Giftwirkung. I. und II. Mitteilung. Pfiticer's Arch. ges. Physiol. 212, 268. . 266. die Isohamagglutination. I. Mitteilunge: Die Bedeutung der Elektrolyte bei der Isohamagglutination. Phisikad tah ahandasne Untersuchungen Uber (With P. RONA.) Ein Beitrag Klin. Wschr. ‘Diy Biochem. Z. 169, H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 [411] 1927. (With D. NACHMANSOHN. ) Vitalfarbung und Adsorption. Biochem. Z. 186, 478. (12) Uber die Rolle der Schwermetalle bei der Autoxydation von Zuckerldsungen. Biochem. Z. O04 3 Zits E499 , (14) . Uber den Stoffwechsel der Netzhaut. 57. Uber dem Stoffwechsel von Carcinom- Biochem. Z. 189, (With F. KUBOWITZ.) zellen in Carcinomserum und Normalserum. Biochem. Z. 189, 194. (With O. WARBURG. ) Uner locker gebundenes Kupfer und Eisen im Blutserum. Biochem. Z. 190, 143. Uber den Stoffwechsel der Tumoren. Biologischen Zentral- blatt 47, 59. Uber das Kupfer im menschlichen Blutserum. Klin. Wschr. 7, 584. Uber die Wirkung von Kohlenoxyd und Licht auf Haminkatalysen. 204, 343. Biochem. Z. Biochem. 2. 193, 347. Klin. Wschr. 7, 1047. (20) 1929. (21) Biochem. Z. 204, 322. Stoffwechsel der Zeller und Gewebe. Alkalisulfide und des Schwefelwasserstoffs. Uber die Chemische Konstitution des Atmungsferments. Uber die Wirkung der Schwermetalle auf die Autoxydation der Uber die Wirkung von Kohlenoxyd und Blausaure auf Hadmatinkatalysen. 7% Uber Hemmung einer Hamatinkatalyse durch Schwefelwasserstoff. Manometrische NG bale der Peptidspalt- wissenschaftlichen Biologie, Vol. (With J.F. DONEGAN.) Ung. EsBLochem.s.2. 240, In: Methodik der 2, p. 1049. Biochem. Z. 209 32% H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Bibliography {25] 1930. Manometrische Messung des Kohlensduregehaltes von (26) [273 (28) [29] (30) (31) Gasgemischen. Biochem. Z. 220, 250. Manometrische Messung der fermentativen Eiweisspaltung. Biochem. Z. 220, 283. Versuche Uber die proteolytische Wirkung des Papains. Biochem. Z. 220, 289. Uber “Aktivierung™ proteolytischer Fermente. Natur- wissenschaften 18, 736. Uber die proteolytische Wirkung von Papain und Kathepsin. Naturwissenschaften PAD 15 Sie Uber: die Wirkung der Mono 4odd ens cellists auf den Zellstoff- wechsel. Biochem. Z. 234, 278. (With H. ROSENHAGEN.) Uber den Stoffwechsel des Plexus chorioideus. Z. ges. Neurol. Psychiat. 134, 643. C32) In: Abderhalden's (With K. HENSELEIT. ) Untersuchungen Uber die Harnstoff- (With K. HENSELEIT. ) Untersuchungen Uber die Harnstoff- Uoer die Proteolyse der Tumoren. Biochem. Z. i235), 17: (With K. HENSELEIT.) Untersuchungen Uber die Harnstoff- bildung im Tierkorper. RPine eWechie: 2150757. Manometrische Messung der Eiweisspaltung. Handbuch der biolocischen Arbeitsmethoden, Section IV, bildung im Tierkérper. II. Kiin. Wschr. di ti7- 1692. Untersuchungen Uber den intermedidren Eiweisstoffwechsel. Hoppe-Seyler's Z. physiol. Chem. bildung im Tierkérper. e203 34 Part. 1.0). . 874. XVin. Wschr. 11, H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Bibliography (38) Uber den Stoffwechsel der Aminosduren im Tierkérper. Klin. Wschr. 11, 1744. [39] 1933. (H. 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Auflage, Ergdnzungswerk I, 863. Abbau der Aminosauren. In: Oppenheimer's Handb. Biochem. 2. Auflage, Pedlinten capacte sooo 209. Atmung und’ Gdrung in lebenden Zellen. III, Tabi iol. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Bibliograph (5011934. , Uber die Harnstoffbildung in der Leber. Z. physiol. Chem. 230, 278. « Hoppe~Seyler's (51) Urea formation in the animal body. Ergebn. Enzymforsch. III, 247. (52] 1935. Metabolism of amino-acids. III. Deamination of amino-acids. Biochem. J. 29, 1620. (53) } Metabolism of amino-acids. IV. The synthesis of glutamine from glutamic acid and ammonia, and the enzymic hydrolysis of glutamine in animal tissues. Biochem Je. 29, 1954. (With H. WEIL-MALHERBE.) Metabolism of amino-acids. V. The conversion of proline into glutamic acid in kidney. Biochem. J. i204) 207.7 « (With He aWhre >) Untersuchungen Uber die Urikolytischen Fermente (Uricase, Allantoinase, Allantoicase). 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References to these papers in the catalogue are in the form (SUPP. Bibliog. no. ...). 20a. Gedenkworte fur Feodor Lynen In: Reden und Gedenkworte, pp. 39-42, Verlag Lambert Schneider, Heidelberg, 1980. Geselischatiskrankhelten - Jugenkriminalitdt vom biologisch -medizinischen Gesichtspunkt. Der Kassenarzt 20, 44, 1980. Jugendkriminalitat vom biologisch-medizinischen Gesichtspunkt. Deutsche Krankenpflegezeitschrift 10, 1980. Biotechnology and values: how to arrive at sound value judgments. International Cultural Foundation, 1980. In: Stress, 1, No.1, 7-9, 1980. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B 293, 3-4, 1981. Biological aspects of juvenile delinquency. On asking the right kind of question in biological research. In: Rheinisch-Westfalische Akademie der Wissenschaften 300, 7-30, 1981. Biotechnology and Values: How to arrive at sound value judgments. Science for Summer 1981. Naturw. Runds. 6, 225-228, 1982. Sessional Chairman's remarks. 2, Neurochem. Int. Biological aspects of juvenile delinquency. In: Stress 1, 7-9, 1980. Zur Evolution des Citronensdurezyklus. 13, 1980. (N.B. Duplicate of no.33.) Introductory remarks. Social H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 NOTE OF ADDITIONAL PUBLICATIONS The collection contains considerable material which relates to publications unlisted in the Bibliography or Supplementary Bibliography, or which indicates an intention to publish. This material may range from a fully-prepared draft with references and figures ready for despatch to a journal fo a reference in editorial correspondence. It applies espcially, though not exclusively, to writings on social problems which were such a feature of Krebs's later years, but also includes such scientific contributions as his Jayne Lectures, as well as book reviews, abstracts, short notes and letters to the press omitted from the canon. B.34; B.95 D.197;-D. 151; D gue.” a0 Dy oe: D.211; D.286; C.20;..C. 228» C.2677 C329 = C334 A.437; A.440; A.453; A.903; A.909 - A.911; A.1081 The relevant catalogue entry numbers are presented by Section. - E.446 £.261; E.288 -E.290; E£.291 - E.297; E.415; E.427 - £.433; £.444 £.174; E.223; £.244 - E.247; E.131; £.136-£.142; £.158; E.366; £.374 -E.377; £.381; E.395; D.307; D.322; D.407; D.428; D.474; E.¥1; €.15; £.72; E.248; £.249 -E 255; E.306; E.363 - E.365; H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Note of additional publications F.68; F.236; F.328 - F.330; F.336 - F.340 G..157 Gi2% H.2; H.4; H.10; H.15; H.16; H.17; H.22; H.26; H.29; H.30; 11.32; H.33: H.34; H.35; H.38; H.39; H.41; H.42; H.43; H.44; H.45; i; G23) P0763 ¢ 11.805 H.94; H.95; H.140; H 148; H.229 H.305; H.321; H.329; H.339 -H.341; H.344; H.359; H.361; H.364; H.381; H.388; H.393; H.394; H.397; H.398; H.400; H 402; H.404; H.412; H.419; H.420; H.421 - H.242; H.279; H.291 + ever tt.o04s H.415; J.29; J.35; 5.145; J.297; J.354; J.507; J.535; J.789; J.840 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 CONSPECTUS The following conspectus has been compiled to relate Krebs's publications in the microfiche Bibliography of the Royal Society Memoir and in a Supplementary Bibliography 1980 - 82 to their principal sources in the manuscript collection. Only the more extended references, to research, publication and reception of work, ensuing correspondence and the like, appear in the conspectus. — Passing allusions in correspondence, or requests for reprints are omitted. Attention is drawn to the list of references in the collection to additional work which does not appear in the Bibliographies, The Supplementary Bibliography is on p.670. The Royal Society Bibliography is reproduced on pp. 633-669. on pp. 671 -72. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Conspectus ons won ee — eo erent “I ~—. —— a Publication number References to folders or items in the catalogue H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Conspectus a Publication number References to folders or items in the catalogue 21 22 23 24 25 26 oe 28 ZY 30 3] 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 ar 40 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 px Conspectus Publication number References to folders or items in the catalogue 4] 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 5] 58 5 60 b H.18, H.19 J.168 52 53 54 55 56 57 DAZ, 3168 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Conspectus conte —— sata —— Te. wee cs Publication number References to folders or items in the catalogue 61 62 Aial, d28,. D177). Hi20,99, 306-5,007 63 E.4 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 76 77 72 73 74 75 78 79 80 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Cons pectus —= C. 347, C.350, ©. 362, C364, ©. 369, €.376 See also C.199, C.204, C.276 BROWN, Sir George Lindor G.73-G.80 J.88 C ize, fone BRONK, Detlev W. BRONK, J. Ramsey IN SCIENCE BROCK, David Ja -H; BROWN, Harrison H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents BROWN, Robert BROWN, Stuart BRUCE: F. BRUCE, Maurice BRUCKE, F. BRUES, Austin M. BRUNET, Peter BRUNT, Peter Astbury BUCHANAN, J. G. BUCHANAN, John M. BUCHER, Theodor BUCHTHAL, Fritz BUCKLEY, Brendan G.192 C.177 A.492 A.499 DiiGs, &.57 See also E.196 F.32 sant 333 aos J.93 A.456-A.459, D.153, J.94, J.739 J.891 A.691 BUDD, Kenneth BUPTA, °F, BULGER, Roger J. Figel C.23 F.245 BULLOUGH, Geoffrey BULLOUGH, W. °S, BURCHFIELD, Robert William BURCHARDT, Ise (later KING) BULLOCK, Alan Louis Charles, Baron C.187 A. Ste; G96, Claas C .378: JEe4 See also C.190 A.495, A.934, A.1036 A.445, A.490, A.547, A.564 A.490, A.974-A.977 G.159 G.174, 5.28 A.525, J.95 F.347 D.337, D.339 A.493, Ac 568, C.485, C; 186, Cc re See also C.191 BURGEN, Sir Arnold (Stanley Vincent) BURNET, Sir (Frank) Macfarlane BURK, Dean BURKE, John F. BURN, G. P. BURN, Joshua Harold H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents BURTON, Kenneth BUSH, lan Elcock BUTENANDT, Adolf BUTLER, R. BUTLIN’ K, o Rs BUTTERFIELD, Sir (William) John BUXTON, Joyce BYGRAVE, Fyfe CAIRNS, Hugh John Forster A.504, 4.639, A.691, C.184, D.335, D.336, E.225, E.236, G.183, G.189, J.96, J.326, 5.546; 3619, 1620) J. 2h6 seek A.460, A.514, A.630, A.691, G 108, 3:98 See also A.3 C360, C.36) A.495, B.75 G.71, J.911 J.99 F.285 CALLAGHAN, Owen Hugh CALLAN, Harold Garnet CALLENDER, Sheila T. CALLOW, Robert Kenneth CANETTI, Elias CAHILL, George F. CALDERBANK, A. CALVIN, Genevieve CALVIN, Melvin J.100 9027; 3,746 J.101 F.91, J.102 C371 C.120 G.28, J.468 A.523 A.577,'J.103, J.586 F.81 A.692 Lens ol oie A692 F.230 C. 402; C.335, “5,104 J.931 A.557, A.558, A.560, C.10, CARAFOLI, Ernesto CARULE, Me ds CAMPBELL, James, A. CAMPBELL, P. N. CARRUTHERS, Malcolm CARTER, Cyril William G.215 See also D.488 CAMERON, Sir Gordon Roy H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents CARTER, H. E. CARTER, Kenneth CARTER, Paul M. CASTLE, William B. CATLEY, Brian J. CECIL, Rupert CEDRANGOLO, Francesco CENTRAL POLICY REVIEW STAFF CERASI, Erol CHADWICK, Sir James CHAIN, Anne, Lady CHAIN, Clark B. (see BELOFF-CHAIN) CHAIN, Sir Ernst (Boris) A. 605 E5156 J.920 J.388 Bveed A558, C59, C68. C66. 6.72: C.74, C.04, CHl2, © 265: C.240, G.59, J.658 A.31, A.487, A.495, F.159, F.199 E.329, E.330, E.459-E.467 F.188 BuO, 6,34 A.516 A.445, A.577, A.600, F.61, Siva, G92 °C .126.-H 117, J1054S. 107, 5. 6F6 See also F.289-F.292 A.499 CHAIX, P. CHALLENGER, Frederick D.75 F222 C.165 A.443, A.522, A.577, A.1035, ioe CHAMALAUN, R.A, CHAN, Allan CHAN, Samuel T. CHANCE, Britton H. A.692, H.431, J.116 CHANNON, H. CHAPLAIN, Ronald Michael A. CHAPMAN, Arthur W. CHAPPEL, F. CHAPPELL, J. A.36, A.605, A.616, A. 623, Aes 692, 4153, Oap F AZ9, F.130, F.194, F.206, J.108- elt ly deat gid. O4 Ji OAs See also D.72, D.155 A.28, A.445, A.518, A.577, B.25 E.198 See also E.237 Est JillZe F145 J. P. Brian CHANGEUX, Jean-Pierre See B.66 Krebs H.A,. CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents CHARLES, Sir John CHATAGNER, Fernande CHATTAWAY, F. W. CHAYEN, Joseph CHELDELIN, Vernon H. CHERWELL, Viscount, Frederick Alexander (F.A. Lindemann) CHESTER-JONES, lan CHETVERIKOVA, Elizabeth CHIBNALL, Albert Charles CHICK, Harriette ChiLeSs, Cc, CHIPVER Ga. Be CHOCHINOV, Ronald H. G.129 A.692, F.73, J.116 H.171 J.402, J.892 A.577 C.336 J.45 J.345 A.28, A.443, A.496, A.564, A.577, A.600; J.1ds See also A.27, A.45]1 A.577 J.30] coer See also A.1208 a t79 CHODAT, F. CHOU, John Tung -Yang UNIVERSITY PRESS) PIP Fale 8 in be dare oe 9 a dS CLARK. Gobir CLARK, Dallas G. CHRISTIAN, Walter CHRISTIE, John Traill CIARANFI, Enrico CLAPHAM, Arthur Roy A.507 J.205 A BY Abe A.577 See also B.23, C.193 CLARENDON PRESS OXFORD (see also OXFORD Fira A.1267-A.1271, H.326 C.264 C172 C.190 F.39 H.383 AV S74, A. 582,'C.183, Ci185; GC. 336, J,453 See also C.336 CLARK, Sir Wilfrid (Edward) Le Gros CLARK, Sir George (Norman) CLARK, Irwin CLARK, Rodney CLARK, W. Mansfield H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of c orrespondents CLARKE, Sir Cyril (Astley) CLARKE, Juliet Sandra CLARKE, Patricia Hannah CLAYTON, Barbara CLAYTON, Roderick C. (Ray) CLEGG, John B. CLOW, Archibald UAlbo., ©. «6; COCKCROFT, Sir John Douglas COCHRANE, William A. COCKRELL, Ronald S. COGOESHALL:. by «7; COGOUNN, : Ps. 2A, COHEN OF BIRKENHEAD, Henry, Baron COHEN, Georges N. D.385 S122 G.183 G; 202-G.205 Jute Yj H.273 J.326 H.130 E.161 F.246 F.3] COHEN, Sidney COHEN, Walter S. COHEN, 8:4 Ho kK COHEN, Philip Pacy COHEN, Seymour Stanley E.459,, E460 See also E.461 A.577, A.607 B.71 AST. A.471, A502, A. 56d. A.577, A.613, A.616, A.692, D.203, F.14, F.34, F.92, F.13 F.156, J.124-J.126 C.103-C.106 J.127 G.131 A431 J.128 J.129 J.130 G.130 J.131 A. 627 C.17 Jitae J.435 A.499 COLLEGE OF PATHOLOGISTS COLLICUTT, Janet M. COLE, Robin J. COLEMAN, G. COLQUHOUN, John COHN, Mildred COLE, Heather RAD bes ita Pe COLLINS, John F. COLTER, John S. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents COMITE INTERNATIONAL POUR LE PLACEMENT DES INTELLECTUELS REFUGIES A.424 COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ORGANISATION (CSIRO) COMROE, Julius H. CONN, Eric E. CONE Gye ek. CONN, Rex B. CONRAD, Klaus G. CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE INVESTIGACIONES CIENTIFICAS CONWAY, Edward J. COOK, Robert COOKE? Ke. B: COOMBES, Ju sD COOME Mos ad, COOPER, Edward Holmes G.81 H.296 A.36 A.492, A.577 4.136 E.398, E.468 G.81 A 521.43. 134 A492 J.135 J.549 F.86 ee 1137 J.305 F.15] A.413, F.14, 5.434, J.901 A.492, F.14 F.182 J.138 A.600 F.197, G.15 G.188 A.653 A.577, C.298 See also C.212 CORNATZER, W._ E. CORNELL, Neal CORNER Cede. CORNER, George W. CORDES, Eugene H. CORI, Carl Ferdinand CORI, Gerty Theresa COOPER, Ralph CORBETT, John L. See also C.208, C.209 COUNCIL FOR SCIENTIFIC POLICY COURTOIS, Jean E. COUSIN, D. COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon COTTRELL, Sir Alan (Howard) COULSON, Charles Alfred CORNFORTH, Sir John (Warcup) AiB47 ee OPt; Fit, este G.81 A.1042 R. A.569, A.600, J.260, H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents COXON, R. ‘Victor cRAtG J. 0, CRAIGIE, Anne CRAMER, Geraldine (formerly Gertrud IIse DAVIDSON) CRAMER, W. CRAWFORD, Robert M. M. CRAWFORD, T. CREASEY, William Alfred CREMER,. H. -D. CREMER, Werner CRICK, Francis Harry Compton CROMBIE, Alistair CHOOK Eu CROSLAND, (Charles) Anthony (Raven) CROWTHER, John G. A.577, C.365, C.369 A.502, A.577, D.102 J.139 A.31, A.41, A.107, A.492, A.692, 4.788, A.804 J.880 J.140 A627 J.141 A.499, J.204 5.791 G.168 A692 C.4 6.6 A.107, H.326 J.142 D.245 D.172 E.444_ A.793 A.445, A.502, A.577, 8.73, C.142, 3,143, J.294 CRUTCHLEY, Michael Joseph CURLE, Adam CORHS,."Oi2.H., SOULVEMmOR CC.) CUNNINGHAM, Daniel ee . S. CUTHBERTSON, Sir David (Paton) See also C.4 A.615, A.693, J.314 C.75-C.78, C.84, C.94, C.199, C.204 DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron DALE, Walter M. DALY, fvan de Burgh DALZIEL, Keith A.492 A.479 E1004: 11.260 DALE, Sir Henry Hallett DAGLEY, Stanley H.407, J.773 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents DAM, Henrik Carl Peter DAMADIAN, Raymond V. DANI, H. M. DANIEL, Adolf DANIEL, Elisabeth (Lise) (see KREBS) DANIEL, Peter M. DARLINGTON, Cyril Dean DATTA, S. Prakash A.491, G.136, J.877 J.144 C.178 A.805, A.806 J.922 A.600, C.183-C.188, C.202- €/70d: C268, @aa70- 6,185 See also C.241, C.263, C.292, C.298, C.338 H.343-H.358, H.433, H.434, J.603 A.577, A.978 A.693, G.116, J.145 J.549 A.787 A.516 DAUBE, David DAVENPORT, John L. DAM ks: DAVIDSON, Arnold DAVIDSON, Clara DAVIDSON, Gertrud ck Geraldine) (see FULD) (see ROSENSTEIN) DAVIDSON, (James) Norman DAVIDSON, Gertrud Ilse (see CRAMER, DAVIDSON, Helene DAVIDSON, Irene DAVIDSON, John L. DAVIDSON, Kurt Adolph A.524, A.577 A.445, A.496, A.577, A.593, G.21, G.38, J.146 A.496 A.790 A.790, A.873 A.631 H.386 A.615, J.147-J.149 G.224 J.881 A.875 A.31, A.505, A.577, A.789, A.872, A.875, A.890 DAVIDSON DE GERVAI, Hilde DAVIES;. De R. DAVIES, Erwin DAVIDSON, Reni DAVIDSON, Siegfried DAVIES, David DAVIES, David D. (Dewi) DAVIES, D. Hywel A.492, A.577 See also A.3] D.81 A:iub, A.557, A.577, P24, J.150-J. 154 See also D.173 eoe/, A.577, F.347; 3,893 J.927 D.32 A.639, A.693 A.513 ee J.846, J.911 See also J.899 ato, -JS. 885 06,091 57 J.928, J.931 Palle J.896 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents DAVIES, Francis DAVIES, Martin DAVIES, Robert Ernest DAVIS, Bernard D. DAVIS, E. Jack avis. J. 3'G: DAVISON, Erwin at DAVISON, Lil (formerly HERZHEIM) DAVISON, Mildred (Mrs. Erwin H.) DAWES, Geoffrey Sharman A.693, F.356 A.693, D.311, D.478, E.79-E.8] DAWSON, Rex Malcolm Chaplin DEAN, Peter Duncan Goodear| DECKER, Karl DECOURSEY, Elbert DE HAEN, Christoph De KOCK, .?., DELBRUCK, Axel DELUCA Hee DEMUTH, F. DENBIGH, Kenneth G, DENNES, William R. DENG C.. E A629; G.B0-G.84 DESNUELLE, Pp, DEVEL We ge DEUTICKE; Hie DEUTSCH, Maria DEUTSCH, Walter DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER NATURFORSCHER D.289 See also J.93T C88, 3.907 F.13 A.454, A.505 J.158 J.158 DENTON, Richard M. LEOPOLDINA F.325 G.85 H.438 J.313 G.202 str. 3, H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents DEUTSCHE GESELLSCHAFT FUER INNERE MEDIZIN DICKENS, Frank DIEM, Konrad DIESEL, Elisabeth OPAGLE: Jct, DISCHE, Zacharias DITTMAN, Jurgen DIXON, Gordon Henry DIXON, Hal B. F. DIXON, Kendal DIXON, Malcolm DODDS, Sir (Edward) Charles DRUCKEY, Hermann DUBOWSKI, Kurt M. A.641, A.642 A.443, A.445, A.450, A.473, A.490, A.564, A.577, A.600, A.693, F..)40, G.21, G.176, H.101, J.65, J.154, J.159, J.17¢ J.427, J.428 See also A.421, E.20 Ae Gee 2e 23.997 A.492 Ga. G4 D.50, J.903 E.175 J.160 C.171, G.30, 5.653, J.933 A.443, A.577, J.878 W457, G. 177 GAZG,.J.097 A.490, A.564, A.577, G.91, G.166 J.402, J.828 A.516 C.140, CA43;+ 0, 144 A.693, J.161 A.409, A.507, J.162 A.456 See J.899 D.241 B.90 Age, 4.231 A.496 A.27 J.397 H.379 J.920 DONEGAN, Joseph F. DOUGHERTY, H. DOXIADIS, S.A. DODDS, Kenneth S. POSH... fo yea mms DOLKART, Ralph E. DOUDOROFF, Michael DONNAN, Frederick George DOLL, Sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) J.556 DUKE -ELDER, Sir Stewart DRUMMOND, George I. DRABKIN, David L. DRAKE, George L. DRUMMOND, D.C. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4,/86 Index of correspondents DUNCAN, Donald DUNCAN, J. G. A.36, F.153 C106, ith 3, 5) Ob, dah J Taha. tose J. 299, sb 294, J.353, J.380, J.381, J.586 DUNHAM, Sir Kingsley (Charles) DUNTZE, Wolfgang DUVE, Christian René Marie Joseph de DUX, Eric FF. DUX, Walter DWEK, R.A. W. ©.372 J.908 B.76 A.775 G.235 J.144 EARLS, Felton CASTHAM % 3 E., EBERT, Pam E.442 See B.33, B.84 H. 336 ECCLES, Sir John (Carew) EDSON, Norman Lowther EDWARDS, Kdthe EGGLESTON, Leonard Victor EDDY, Aca A. EDELMAN, Isidore Samuel EDELMAN, Jeffrey (Jack) EDOZIEN, Joseph C. EDSALL, John Tileston C062, ©.c60, ©. 8F.-G. 107, O06, Gillie GAT, J.163 See also E.441 C.179 C.158 A.490, A.578, J.164, J.165 5.166 A.27, A.521 J.870 A.518, A.564, F.22, J.173, J.908 A.694, 3.174 3.4 67,° 5:733 E, 24°E ee. Ga) GO, See also E.175 A.504, A.509, A.564, A.578, J.54, J.168-J.171, 3.368 B47; 3.172; 3.000 See alsoB.5, Section D passim. EHRENSVARD, G. EHRLICH, Felix EICHHOLTZ, F. EIGEN, Manfred GUEL, oH. A.1031, A.1036 See J.887 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents ELKAN, Wolf ELLINGER, ELLINGTON, Eric ELLIOTT, KeithR. F. ELLIOTT, Kenneth Allan Caldwell ELLIOTT, William Herdman ELLIS, Frank ELSDEN, Sidney Reuben ELSEVIER PUBLISHING COMPANY ELSWORTH, R. EMBDEN, Heinrich F.92 J.876 Ce C.171, G.182, H.444 MB, F535. 175 A548, P26, Fi2s2, GS. 179, JH176 See also C.35 A.578 A.445, A.469, A.578, B.22, 0:46, Gid?,.. dctaa, J. 177- 33162, #343; -J-956 See also B.85 A.460 G.128, J.183 J.184 EMERGENCY SOCIETY FOR GERMAN SCHOLARS IN EXILE ENCOUNTER FOR THE UNIVERSALITY OF UNESCO CNEL. dD. G.85 J, 5 J.782 ENGEL? 'S; ENGELBERG, Joseph ENGEL, Lewis L. ENGEL, Paul Cowper EMERSON, Robert EMMENS, C. W. A.694, D.231 G.86 A.443, J.186 J.594 J.187 B.71 H.60 C.3) J. 188 F.178 F.163, F.189 A.856-A. 863 J.176, J.241 J.189, J.190 F.152 ENNOR, Sir Arnold Hughes (Sir Hugh Ennor) ENSER, Michae! Brian ENGELHARDT, W. ENGLARD, Sasha ENGSTROM, Lorentz EPSTEIN, Franklin H. ERECINISKA, Maria A. ENGWICHT, Ernst H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents ERNSTER, Lars ESTABROOK, Ronald Winfield BILLER Fo EULER, Ulf Svante von EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY FOR PURE SCIENCE EVANS, Sir Charles Lovatt EVANS, Earl Alison, Jr. A.553, C.158, D.154, F.189, Jelt3 A.694, F.169, F.217, F.242, P.a0r, favo; Fsade, F336, F337, J.191, J.682Z See also A.616 E.82 A.550, A.600 G.87 G.87 A.508, A.564, G.166, J.310, 5.550 A.445, A.485, A.507, A.56 A.568, A.578, A.613, E,33, F. t4, F.31, F.83, fb 194 See also J.766 F.136, 3.19 EVANS, Benjamin Ifor, Baron A.578 FABRE, René A.28, A.571 EVANS, William Charles A.492, A.578, J.195, 1.860 EVERED, Derek F. EXECUTIVE HEALTH EXLEY, Donald J.196 H.334-H. 341 EYCK, Violet (née Frank) A.694, J.197-J.199 See also A.561 A.524, A.1042, A.1044 J.201 FARMINGTON INSTITUTE FOR CHRISTIAN E.469, E.470 J.200 FAUST, Robert Gilbert J.780 Cie F.216 FAGG, Bernard FAIN, John N. FALK, Herbert FARKAS, L. FALCONER, lanR. STUDIES FATMI;°H.. A; A.694, A.1046 D.2] H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents FAWCETT, A. W. FEBS LETTERS FEINBERG, Abraham FELD, Steve FELDBERG, Wilhelm Siegmund FELDHEIM, Walter FELDMAN, M. FELIX, Kurt FELLENIUS, Erik FELLS, lan FENN, Wallace O. FERDINAND, William FERGUSON, I. D. B.90 H.342-H.358 F .234 J.202 A.445, A.504, G.218, G.219, J.203 D.247-D.249, J.204 F.126 A.449, A.450 D.257-D.261 B.93 EWS J.205 B.19 FESSLER, John Hans FIALA, F. FIELD, James B. FIELD, John FILDES, Sir Paul J.206 F.74, F.75 J.55 A.471, A.525, F.13 R. S. L. B.4, J:855 See also C.86, J.207 A.31, A.511, A.546 J.887 J.208 F.236 A.1032 J.209 H.250 FINCH, Sir Ernest FINCHAM, J. FISCHER, Hermann OQ. “FISCHER, R. FISCHGOLD, Harry FISHER, Harold W. FISHER, Sir Henry (Arthur Pears) G.88-G.96 A, AGL, C.36,°C. 102, 5.89, J.105, d7859 FLEMING MEMORIAL FUND FOR MEDICAL FISHER, Reginald Brettaver (David) J.210 H.409 J.881 FITZGERALD, Michael Gerald FLECKENSTEIN, Albrecht FLEMING, Sir Alexander FITZGERALD, Patrick J. FLANAGAN, Dennis Pee 4 @ A. 493, F.57, 3.212 RESEARCH H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents FLETCHER, Robin Anthony FLOREY, Howard Walter, Baron FLORKIN, Marcel FLOUR MILLING AND BAKING ASSOCIATION FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron FLOWERS, Mary Frances, Lady FOLLEY, Sydney John FONNESU, Alberto FOOT, Michael Richard Daniell FORBES, Gilbert FORD, Edmund Brisco Reo; Bet FORREST, Irene S. C.380 A.568, A.578, C.185, C.192, A. lve, ©7204 Co22a.C sor C.261, C.264, C.286, C.340, C.344, G.185, G.186, J.213 see also C.282, C.342 A.445, A.496, E.10-E.13 A.627 G.201 See E.176 Pe 600 />5.214,: 5;250.« J, 32% A626 ,.:4: 218 A.578 A.31, A.499 C223. -C.. 295 Dita A.870, J.216 FORSTER, Evelyn A.445, H.321 FRANCIS, Martin FOX, Harold Munro FRAENKEL, A.518 Ga A.496 B.15 FRANCK, Hugo FRANCK, James FORSTER, Robert E. FRANKAU, I. M. D.203 A.516 A.506 FRAENKEL-CONRAT, Heinz C.158 FRASER, (Thomas) Russell (Cumming) FRAZER, Alastair Campbell FREEDMAN, Maurice FREIE WISSENSCHAFTLICHE VEREINIGUNG FRANKS, Oliver Shewell, Baron A.445, A.517, J.217 FRANKEL, Ernest FRANKEN, Herman B.37 E72 C.300 G.121 A.1019, G.97 FSO ss OS PeolZ, G.2,: 3.908 FREINKEL, Norbert H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 FREMINET, A. FREUD, Anna Index of correspondents FREY, Walter FRIBERG, Sten 'FRIDOLIN' (see under BOHNING) FRIENDS OF THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM FRITZ, Irving B. FROHLICH, Hermann FROHLICH, J.C. FROMAGEOT, Cl. FRUTON, Joseph Stewart FUJITA, Akiji FULD, Heinz D.438, H.343 E.471 A.410, J.887 A.31 G.98-G.101 A.618, F.220, H.192 E.299 E.299 Bogie 1147 A.485, A.493, A.578, E.185, Fld, F243; F.152,9.218, 1:36 J.850 J.219 A.31, A.443, A.445, A.578, A:564, G.1, 3,220 A.789 A.578, A.631 A.518, J.221 E.358, J.223 FULDER, Hans FULLER, R. Clinton GABOR, Dennis GADAMER, Hans-Georg Royle Poti toa te. peasy ee FULD, Helene ('Talene') (née DAVIDSON) FULD DE FLIESS, Marta J.744 A.469, A.490, A.579, G.177, Chen te See also C.104 A.579, A.665, B.72 GALSTON, Arthur W. GARDELLA, Joseph W. A.665, A.695 See also E.176, G.141 GCAEBLER, ©. 2-7, GAFFRON, Hans J7250 See D.128 A.461, A.499, J.224 3.200) 3. Gk, ke OOF GADDUM, Sir John (Henry) GALE, Ernest Frederick H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents GARFIELD, Eugene GARLAND, Peter B. GARLING, Harold GARNETT, Alice H.363-H. 365 A.618 A.695, A.1171, B.37 A.929, A.980-A.985 See also A.767 GARROD, Sir Archibald Edward See E,202 GARROD, Dorothy GASQUET, Pierre de GATJENS, Margareta GEDDES) Wir F.: Srl, J. aR. Ac. GEISSMAN, T. A. GELEHRTER, Thomas D. GELLER, David M. GENOVES, Santiago GEORGE, Thomas Neville E.198 J.226 A513 F .36 Prvaey Cv 22, P68) OT pd ROP See J.886 D.71 Jaane F.160 Care A.1045, G.141 A.1014 F183 GERARD, Ralph W. GERHARDS, E. GERLACH, Walter A.507, F.86 3.638 D.506, F.347 A.665, F.136 _ GETZ, Godfrey S. GEVERS, Wieland GERLT, Richard GERRITSEN, George C. G.238 579, B.102, B.104, J.44, oap 1 oa a7 3 A.34 D.97 See also D.177 J.229 F347 A.27, B.5 A.613, F.164 See also G.179 GIBSON, Frank William Ernest GEY, K. © Friedrich GEYER, Robert P. GIBBONS, W. M. GIESSING, R. GILBERT, Edmund W. GEST, Howard GIBSON, Quentin Howieson A. Ji H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents GILCHRIST, Frances GILLETTE, H. Malcolm Gituis. ys. GINSBURG, David GIRNUS, Wilhelm GITLER, Carlos GJESSING, Leiv GJESSING, R. GLASER, Elsa GLASS, Hiram Bentley GLOCK, Gertrude GOBLE, Frank GOLDING, Arthur GOLDSCHMIDT, Car! GOLDSCHMIDT (later MEYER), Hannah GOMBRICH, Sir Ernst A. 525 Bot Corer @ 139 C16 F.126 ine A.36, F.100 A.513, B.73 B.73, J.880, J.883 A.857, A.858, A.860, A.864, A.866-A. 868 J.232 J.893 E.482 A502 J.874 A.986, A.987 F.174, J.597 1203 F.79 GOLDSTEIN, Leon GOLDWASSER, Eugene GOLDWASSER, R. GOOD, Norman E. GOODDY, William GOLLWIiITZER-MEIER (see KROETZ) GOODHART, Arthur Lehman GOMES DA COSTA, Silverio Ferreira GOOD, |. Jack dhl A.695 A.623, F.145 J.906 See J.906, J.930 J.895 A.579, J.5 C.169 A.446, A.493, A.564, A579, ©, 23.C.463; @.177, 180, JA57, 3.234 GORDON, W. GORDONOFF, T. GOSALVEZ, Mario GOSSELIN, Giiles GOODWIN, Trevor Walworth GOODMAN, A. David J.235, J.896 3.878 Cera H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents GOTTO, Antonio Marion E .302)6).296 Jdetat a7 E.241, J.238 A.410 D.385, J.859 See E.44] F478 A.36 A.614 Aol, 3.239, Jiaei See also E.72 GOTTSCHALK, A. GOULD, E. GOWING, Margaret Mary GRAFE, E. GRAHAME-SMITH, David Grahame GRANIT, Ragnar GRANT, William C. GRANTHAM, Muriel GRAY, Clarke a GREEN, David Ezra GREEN, F. H. K. GREEN ths: 3. GREENBERG, David M. GREENBERG, Julius R. Me, Dies ee Fy RTD; C.199 See also C.76, C.200 A.446, A.499, A.546 B.16, F.13, H.29 F.167 A. 695 F.15 J.164 C.366, C.372 A.499, A.579, D.70, J.240, J.895. J.906 GREENE, Vivien (Mrs. Graham) GREENSTEIN, Jesse P. GREGORY, Frederick Gugenheim GREGORY, Roderic Alfred GREVILLE, Guy D. GREY, TC, GRIFFITHS, David Ellis F.345 Agere, ©. Liz, F.2de, f a7ls V 2E2y do COT ee also D.128 J.248 A.493, A.579, A.695 A.516, A.579 C.954, F+355, J.746,. J.24}- J.244 GRUNFELD, Ernst GRUNICKE, H. GRUNDMANN, Hans and Margaret GRUNAU, John A. GRISOLIA, Santiago eh, 1. O9D H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents Goett, O; GUERRA, Francisco Carvalho GUGGENHEIM, Karl GUNNING, A. J. GUNSALUS, Irwin Ciyde GURIN, Samuel | GUTBROD, Rolf GUTFREUND, Herbert GUTLE, Helene GUYOT, Olga Fae FG 5.764 A.426 C.9 F.106 A.471, A.520, A.616, A.695, J.76, 3.249 A.695 B.76, J.250 A.988-A.990 A.461, A.498, A.579, F.52, J.251 HAAS, Erwin Pode L252 HAGEN, A. HAASE, Harald A. 500 HAILSHAM OF SAINT MARYLEBONE, Quintin McGarel Hogg, Baron HACKETT, David HADDOW, Sir Alexander HALBERSTADTER, HALES, C. N. HALESTRAP, Andrew P. HALLADAY, James B.75 A.27, A.452, A.493, A.580, A.600, E.206, J.253 D.332 A.461 A.569, A.580, C.100 A.426 G.25 See J.931 A.580 Giaigd, Cvi9t:. J. 926 A.506, A.580, A.613, C.164, E.237, F.35, F.138, J.825 HAMMERSLEY, John Michael HANDLER, Philip HALLPIKE, Charles Skinner A.496, J.197, J.254 HANDOVSKY, H. | HALSBURY, John Anthony Hardinge Giffard Earl of , A.580, J.668 HAMILTON, Robert Houston A.47] H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents HANES, Charles Sarnuel HANSCH, Corwin HANSON, Frank Blair HANSON, Horst HANSON, Richard W. HAPPOLD, Frank Charles HARDIE, Colin Graham HARDING, Harold HARDING, Nigel G. — L. HARDY, Sir Alister (Clavering) HARDY, G. HARINGTON, Sir Charles (Robert) HARKER, Paul 3.842 J.929 B.44 F.212 D.254, H.77, J.742 A.29, A.446, A.450, A.451, A.502, A.565, A.580, A.600, B2t, 0-30°G.28° 171. J.255, J.859 6-977 A.496 J.256 A.600, A.696, C.264, J.91 C.140-C.144 A.446, A.451, A.452, A.500, A.580, A.600, B.6, B.21, B.35, Bv65, €.3.6.291, 0.37. G.165, J.257, J.349, 3.350, J.513, 1.626 E.47] A.605 H.95 F.129, F.130 D.91 260.0. 278, Db 27k J95R J.259 HARNWELL, Gaylord P. HARLEY, John Laker HARMELIN, William HARRIS, GG... J. HARRIS, Henry HARRAP, Ken R. HARRIS, Eric J. A.491, A.580, G.47, J.792 A.509 C.376, G.175, G.180, J.209, Ji260,°5,261, 1989 A.493, A.580, G.136 D.375 J.878, J.879 A, 605 A.696, C.22, C.18] A,516, J.262 HARTLEY, Sir Harold (Brewer) HARRISON, Douglas Creese HARRIS, Leslie Julius HARRIS, Robert A. HARTE, Robert A. HARTLEY, Brian Selby HARTREE.. Ei: Fx H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents HARTUNG, Kurt HARTWICH, Horst W. HASLAM, J. M. HASLAM, Richard J. rASELWOOD, Gi. HASTINGS, A. A... Baird D. HATCH, M.D. HAUROWITZ, Felix HAWKINS, Richard A, HAWORTH, R. Dz HAYEK, Friedrich August (von) HAYTER, Sir William Goodenough HAYS, Marguerite T. E.471 F.5] A. 696 See D.24] G.39, H.432 A.507, A.605, C.159, E.25, 26°F, 32).b0 bay GAZA D.88, D.396 A.508, F.151 D.44, D.45, D.326 See also J.918 A.493, A.568 A.696, J.565 See also E.44] J2614,. 5.615 F305 PC AGe, ces HEARD) oe Rk Ce HEIDEGGER, Martin A.696, J.263 HEATH, Oscar Victor Sayer HEATLEY, Norman George G.47A D.344 A.600 HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM A.27 See also A.1i51, G.141 A.425, F.79, F.93-F.95, G.102-G.104 HEILMEYER, L. HEIMPEL, H. HEINEMAN, James H. F.190, F.287, J.264 4.570, F.47, J.893 A.516 . A.666, A.685, A.696, A.871- A.875 J.878 B.72 A. 696, Civ J.891 HEINEMANN, Martin HEINZ, Erich HEISS, Jakob HELL, Elizabeth HELLER, H. HEMMERICH, Peter H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents HEMMING, H. H. HEMS, Reginald HENCH, Philip Showalter HENDERSON, David Willis Wilson HENDERSON, L. M. HENDERSON, P._ HENDERSON, William M. D. HENLEY, Keith S. HENNIS, HENRICI, Peter HENSELEIT, Kurt HENTON, A. I. Pee ek, (oa C. HERBERT, Mary H. See C.226 B.9, D.332 See also A.561, B.5, C.145, Section D passim. A.538 G.128 A.36 € 207 G.10 Atos A.505 E.178 A.28, A.508, J.265 See also A.1231, D.9A G.35 H.402 C.175 A.27, A.1020 Eo See E.438 HERZBERG, Gerhard HESS, Benno HERMAN, Lawrence HERS, H. Géry HERKEL, Walter HERKEN, Hans J.268 See also D.73 A. 666,° Di 373, D:376, £.288, Pam seals See also E.185, F.63 A. 580 A. 500 See also A.414 A.453, E.185 See also E.178 HESS THAYSEN, Jdrn G.47 F.243 A.500 HEUBNER, W. HEUSS, Theodor HEWER, R. — Langton Mev rs oe J, See J.372 F257 HEVESY, George de HESS, Eugene L. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents MOWHT te oR, HEYDEMAN, M._ T. MIBBILE, Ke -G. HIEBERT, Erwin N. HIGGINS, G. HIGH, Edward G. HILL, Archibald Vivian HILL, Robert (Robin) HILL, Robert T. RIC Se. HILTON, John HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold (Percival) A.481 C.160 G.10 J.73] B.89 F.35 C.207, J.269, J.683 see also D.173, E.178 A.446, A.502, G.177, J.270, J.828, J.884 D.129 D.19 S244 HIRD, Frank J. Pano oso. Pe R. RE HINSHELWOOD, Sir Cyril (Norman) HIRSCH, Walter HIRSCHMANN, Ida (later MACALPINE or) HIRST, Sir Edmynd (Langley) A.580, A.697 A.481, A.504, A.556, A.558, A.559, A.580, A.623, B.62, B.65, C.101, C.105, C.107, C215). C.2199C.221 € 1245, DcOy OTS Jae a2e J, 856 See also C.216, G.126 A.446, A.580, J.272 Ji:244,. 3.273; J818 F.91 E.178 D.32 A.580, A.600 G.153 B.66, J.886 F.89 F.263 B46, C1192 C112) J.274 A.565, A.580, A.600, G.172, J.275 A.506, A.697 See also C.213, C.214 D. HOCKADAY, TT. HOCKENT Does. HODGKIN, Sir Alan (Lloyd) HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HOCHACHKA, Peter W. HOBERMAN, Henry D. HIRST, George K. HOARE, Fc Ew Dy HODGKISS, Kathie H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents HOEK, Jan B. HOESCH, Adele von HOFFMAN, Paul HOFFMANN-OSTENHOF, Otto HOFSTEN, Bengt v. HOKIN, Lowell Edward HOLLAENDER, Alexander HOLLAND, Philip HOLMES, Barbara: E. HOLMES, Eric HOLMES, Frederic Lawrence HOLMES, Geoffrey Arthur HOLMES, Kenneth Charles HOLMES, W. HOLSTEN, Katharina (Katinka) A.666, D.75, J.276 E.178 A.1016 A.580, F.128 D.61 A.31, A.500, A.666, A.697, J.277-J.280 F.139, F.156 H.278 A.520, J.28] B.1 AT, A.697, ANZZ2, E67, 06252 *J5 286, :d,307 See also A.11646 C.378 C.237 C207 A.991-A.1000 B.74, J.304 A.666, A.697, C.16, E.257, F.143, H.333, H.414, J.140, J.287, J.288 A.859, A.863 F.231 J.896 HOLZER, P. HOMMES, F. A. HOPE, Derek B. HOPKINS, Sir Frederick Gowland HOLTER, Heinz HOLZER, Helmut J.346 A.27, A.443, J.289 See also A.414, A.420, A.421, A.423 H.427 5a 3,207 F.178, J.190, J.229, J.290 A.502, J.291 G30 A.58 HOPKINS, Reginald Hadyn HOPWOOD, B. C. £. HORECKER, Bernie L. HOROWITZ, Norman Harold HORWOOD, M. HOSCH, Theodor HOWARD, Frank L. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents HUANG, Yeh-Zen HUBER, Tyron E. HUEMMS; Ey ak. HUGGETT, A. St.John HUGGINS, Charles Brenton HUGHES, David Edward HUGHES, J. Trevor HUIJING, F. HULME © Aut: Ge HUME, Eleanor Margaret M. HUME-ROTHERY, William HUNTER, Gordon D. HUTCHENS, John O. HUNTER, F. Edmund HUNSBERGER, |. Moyer HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding HUXLEY, Sir Julian (Sorell) Cony IMPERIAL CANCER RESEARCH FUND INGALL, INGLE, Dwight J. ILRA INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION INGOLD, Sir Christopher (Keli) A.43]1 E.398 J.301 IDELSON, V. ILLIES, Joachim G.105 A.493 A.517 INGRAM, DD. G. C.172 Csth G.13] A.515, A.580, J.792 ‘ A.564, A.580, A.605, A.697, F.83,; 2292 See also F.136 A.623, A.639, A.697, F.9, F.24 G.39, G.175, G.176, G.183, J.254, J.293-J.299, J.303, J.403 A.76, A.697, F.257 D.73 J.889 A.446, A.502, A.565, A.580, J.300, J.542 A. 580, C.68, C16 C. 269. C.298 J.296 J.886 G.7 B.77, D.128 A.697, E.200, G.182 A.467 H.394-H. 396 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION INSTONES, Marianne (née Wolffenstein) INTER DISCIPLINARY SCIENCE REVIEWS H.363-H.365 A.58] H.366-H.372 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES ON THE UNITY OF THE SCIENCES/INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION G.106-G.120 IRWIN, Glenn W. Jt. ISHIKAWA, Eiji ISMAIL, A. A. ISRAEL UNIVERSITIES' STUDY GROUP FOR MIDDLE EASTERN AFFAIRS ISSELBACHER, Kurt J. ISTITUTO LOMBARDO WAI, Ken IZUME, Setichi Poire D.80, D.398 C.166 G.121 J.746 A.628 H.397, H.398 J.870 JACOB, Frangois JACOBSOHN, Kurt JACOBSON, W. JACOBY, Fritz JACKSON, Rie A, Ctr? E .482 J913 F.142 JACKSON, Morton B. JACKSON, Clive G. A.500, A.581, B.76, F.145 JACOBSON, Victoria Peyser A.513 A.1034 A.631, A.667, C.181, E.60, F.354 J.738 B28, )64 02 s92Z9 A.443, A.524, A.581, A.667, A.698, A.1021 JANNER, Barnett, Baron JANSEN, Bee oC i Be JAMES, William Owen JACOBY, Kurt JACOBY, Lilo A.875 H.287 JAENICKE, Lothar JANES Ry eT. G.66 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents JANSSEN, Curt JARNEFELT, Johan dPRREP is Ge, JAY LE, Max-F. JEDEIKIN, Lillian A. JENNINGS, Margaret (Lady FLOREY) JENSEN, Elwood V. JENSEN, Poul K. deasOe ni Wa es Siccnk JEWISH AGENCY FOR PALESTINE JOHNS, Alan T. JOHNSON, B. Connor JOHNSON, Monica (formerly LINDSAY) JOHNSON, Ralph H. JONAS, Gerald JONES, E. Sherwood A.858-A.864, A.866, A.867 F.16] G.81 F.73 3.303 J.909 F.232, J.391 B.74, F.107, J.304 C.6, F.6 A.430 A.520, J.546 See G.114 A. 503 J.305, J.913 A.28, A.581, A.698, J.306- J.309 J.310 E.179, J.311 D.253 E.202 A.446, A.581 H.314 A. 568 Cileg C.380C.37B. 312 See also C.191, C.264 JOKL, Ernst JOLLY, Alison JOHNSTONE, Joseph Perry JOHNSON, William Arthur (Johnny) JONES, Sir Brynmor “JONES, Colin T. fds 345 D.203 See also D.353 JONES -MORTIMER, Maurice JONES, Sir Ewart (Ray Herbert) JONES, Howard A. JONES, John D. H.423 Pizee Cid E.130 J.314 JONES, Kenneth Milner JONES, Mary Ellen JONES, Reginald Victor JONES, Robert H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents JORDAN, Arthur JORES, A. Regt JS. JUKES, Thomas H. JUNG, F. JUNG, R. JUNGERMANN, Kurt JUNK, JURTSHUK, Peter KADOWAKI, Hiroko KALCKAR, Herman M. KALNITSKY, George A.493, B.90 A. 505 cris H.335, H.337 F.97 A.698, F.49 5.922 A497 F.125 KANUNGO, M.S. KAMPF, KANIUGA, Z. KARK, Pieter KARK, Robert M. KARLSON, Peter KALOW, W. KALTER, H. KAPLAN, Nathan O. (Nate) C.178 A.605, J.316 A.699, F.139, J.317 J.919 H.396 A.889 F.148 J.318 D.57, E.179, F.88, J.16, J.319 J.320 F.81, F.88, J.321 J.902 F.88, F.347 F.278 See E.441 D.130, D.178-D.180 D.64, J.906 See also F.179 KASTNER, Liesel (see also ADLER, Liselotte) KASHA, Michael KASTLER, Alfred KARNOVSKY, Manfred L. KATTERMANN, Reinhard KATUNUMA, N. KATZ, Sir Bernard €yi60, F.228 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents KATZ, Joseph KATZ, N. KAN, Fea); RAY Nee Ds KAYA, Seiji REANPE. A. KEECH, D. Bruce KEELEY, Thomas Clews SEEND HH. . H KEILIN, Anna KEILIN, David KEILIN, Joan (later Mrs. D. Whiteley) KEIR, Hamish M. KEIR, * J. KELEMEN, Mary V. KELLER, G. Keli. fio J.323 5.922 A.581, B.31, J.659 5.897 F 280 F.183 J.324 A. 581 C.294, J.546 J.325 c A.27, A.446, A.500, A.568 A.581, A.600, J.325 See also A.424, J.791 A.710, J.325 F.282, G.24 A, 581 5.326 5.327 5.331 H.444 C.96 5.328 A.500 D.32 A.941, 3.565 A. 609 S299, 3.329, J.a51 E.298-E.300 KELLUM, Wilbur E. KELLY, Anthony KEMP, Michael B. KENDALL. .P. KENDALL, James KENDREW, Sir John (Cowdery) F.231, F.255, F.298 5.267 @.$62,. Ci 066227347 A.10, D.246 FV KENNEDY, Eugene Patrick KEYNES, Richard Darwin KENNAN, George F. KEYNES, W. Milo KIDDER, George W. KERSCHER, Rudolf KEYES KEWITZ, Helmut H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents KIESSLING, Karl-Heinz KIIL, Fredrik KIKUCHI, G. KILBURN, Thomas KILGORE; W. J. KILLICK, Esther M. KIM, Hyun Dju KIMPTON, Lawrence A. KiNG, Gr * Ge Rie, £35. oe KING, Peter P. KING, Tsoo E. KINGSLEY, Warren K. KINSELL, Laurance W. KIPNIS, David M. D257, 3930 S912 See J.923 J.698 Pit, F186 A.513, A.581 F263 F.3] A.485 A.490, G.21, G.29 D.507 F.182 G.19 F.118 Ctra KIRSTEN, R. KISCH, Bruno S21 Jian! Jaa Ese KLEMM, Helen M. KLEMPERER, G. KLEE, Ph. KLEIBER, Max KLEINZELLER, Arnost KITZINGER, Charlotte KLEINMAN, Arthur M. F.19 B.77, J.332 A.518, A.O99, J.300, J. 304, See also B.79, D.437 J.887 A. 504 A.493, A.581, B.75, J.341, KLINGENBERG, E. Martin KLEMPERER, Hugh George A.619, D.154, J.340 KLENOW, Hans KLIM, Rita A. KNIVE TT, Victor A. E.472 J.876 F.107 C.143 rene KLIDZE, ©: KNiGHt, Be. G. J .296, 1, 3507 5.209 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents KNOOP, Franz KNOWLES, Jeremy Randall KNOWLES, John H. KNOWLES, Peter Frank KOCH, Edward I. KODICEK, Egon KOENIGSFELD, Erika (née Schragenheim) KOEPPE, Roger E. KOGL, F. KOGUT, Margot KOHLER, Robert E. KOLDITZ, Wolfgang 2D, ROLER, “Ro KOLLER, Otto von KOMANT, W. A.27, 3.342 A.699, F.347 See also F.349 C.139 J.343 G.153 CA79 A.518, A.699 F.125 J.880 A.462, A.581, A.668, A.699 E.25, E.179 J.344 G.131 E.136 A. 504 J.345 E.438 3.346 J.338 A.497, A.500, A.565, A.574, A.615, A.619, A.632, A.639, F202. F.. A. 655, A668: C. 98 F.06, Fi9S4):6.27,°6.39, GAGz, G. 168, G.169, G87, G.201, H.97, H.207, H.291, J.347-J.361 5.591, J.842 See also B.65, E.185, J.914 A.443, G.182 KONDRASHOVA, Maria N. KONIG, Franz, Cardinal KORNBERG, Sir Hans (Leo) KONIG, Renata KORNBERG, Arthur 5.921 A.668, A.1001, E.185, E.266 See also E.179 A. 504 F.172, F.175 A.493, A.699, F.38, J.362 A. 498 KRAAKE, KRAMER, K. KRAMPITZ, Lester O. KRANSZ, A, KRAUS, H. KOSTERLITZ, Hans W. KOSTLIN, Annemarie H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents KRAYER, O. KREBS, Alma (née DAVIDSON) KREBS, Elisabeth (Lise) KREBS, Ernst Wolfgang KREBS, Georg KREBS, Gisela KREBS, Helen Margaret (later LOWELL) KREBS, John Richard KREBS, Lotte KREBS, Margaret, Lady 1.876 A.729 A.510, A.539, A.577, A.730- A.744, A.804-A.807, A.838, A.892, A.1272, F.58, F.89 See also A.890 A.494, A.745-A.762, A.800, A.802, A.805, A.806, A.808, A.818, A.833, A.1272 A.715~-A.728, A.808 A.493, A.581, A.639, A.770- A.776, A.827, A.828, A.832, A.833, A.834, A.835, A.837, A.838, A.840, A.841, A.891, F.52 A.785 A.786, H.92 A.805 A.31,'A.36, A.473, A. 648, A.770-A.773, A.777-A.783, A.827, F.22, F.58, F.86, F.88, F.89, F.105, F.107, F.153, F.176 A{31, A.107, A.108, A. 501, A.639, A.648, A.763-A.769, A.770-A.775, A.801, A.802, A.804, A.805, A.808, A.809, A.890, A.892, A.905, E.286 A.784 A. 526 A. 526 F.298 C.175 E.179 C.170 A.463, A.516, J.363, J.364 E.447 J.365 A.1237 - KREBS, Richard KREBS, Walter KREIBICH, K. KRIEGLSTEIN, J. KREBS, Paul Stephen F.129 KROETZ,. Klothilde KROGER, Hans KROGH, August KROHNKE, F. KRONFELD, David S, KRIPPAHL, Gunther KRISHNAN, P. S. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents KRVAVICA, S. KUBOWITZ, Fritz KUENZEL, Peter KUHN, Nicholas J. KUHN, Richard KULATILAKE, A. E, KULKA, Richard Georg KULONEN, Eino |. KUMAR, Soma KUN, Ernest KUNIN, Arthur S. KURTI, Nicholas KURTZ, Adolf KUSHMERICK, Martin J. J.918 Cw? a Fg G.10, .1;366, J.36Z See E.75 J.925 J.368 C.163,.3.369 F.245 J.98, J.3/0 C.166 A.581, A.699, G.107, G.109, aay 1 he 718, 05 eG. J.371 eure G.166; 35927 KUSSMANN, Eva Maria A.464 J.373 LAMPRECHT, W. LANDAU, Bernard R. LANDAU, Richard L. LANDON, E. KYDD, David M. LAGUNA, José LAL, cSt ok. LACK, David Lambert LAMBERT, Robert A. See also C.62 J.374 F.156 J.891 A.27, 4.421, A.422 J.910 D.186 H.396 J.873 J.903 J.375 Riot, Aste 0) AL ae/ hae, C7353 LANE, Miriam (see ROTHSCHILD) LANDOR,°S.°".R, LANE, Charles D, LANE, Pairicia S. LANKESTER, J. A.669, A.1002 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents LANOUE, Kathryn F. LARDY, Henry Arnold LARGE, Peter John LARKIN, J.C. LASCELLES, June LASER, Eva LASER, Hans LASERSTEIN, K. LAST o... ace LATIES, George G. LAUDAHN, Gerhard LAURSEN, Richard A. LAUTER, S. LAWRENCE, Williom J.C. LAWSON, Alexander LAWSON, Robert F.308 toes O70, 12876 See also F.356 3.497, (3.378 A. 565 J.379-J.384, J.671 J.385 A.497, J.385 A.539 G.233 A.507, A.700, F.166, J.386 5.636 C.174 AIT Aw J.828 H.437 A.493 G.121 E.472 .876 .427, J.387, J.388 LEDERER, E. LAZZARO, Guiseppe LEAF, Alexander LEAKE, Chauncey D. LE BRETON, Eliane LAZAR, David LAZAR, Irving LEDINGHAM, John Gerard Gervin 901 A443, A.493, A.1026, G.131, 389 LEFEVER, R. (E6GE* LW LEE, Sir Kenneth LeeCH FB. LEHMANN, Hermann LEEVY, Carroll M. LEHMANN, J&rgen LEHNARTZ, E. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents LEHNINGER, Albert Lester LEIBACH, Frederick H. LEIGHTON, Mary LEINEN, Hildegard LEITNER, Ursula LEITNER, Zoli A. LEMBERG, (Max) Rudolf LEMIEUX, Guy LEMMERICH, Jost LENFANT, Claude LENHART, Rcbert L. LENZ, Robert A. A.503, A.582, F.26, F.134, Fee, £2304, 5.207, 3.370, SGPT 3.756, Is761 5). 880 E.65 A.582 A.582 A.446, A.503, A.582, A.639, A.700, G.136, J.392 hte A 499.6 195. C. 125. Fj2a7. G:ae: 4.982 F.47, 5.842 C.180, J.775 E.179 H.376 E.306 G.117 3.1 LEVINE, Rachmiel bev ¥, -H. =. Richard J.913 J.393 LEPSIUS, Richard LERNER, Alec LETTRE, Hans LEUTHARDT, F. LEVENBOOK, Leo LEVINE, B. A. 582 G.98 J.885 A, 468) A526) C1162, F 1225 A.506, J.886 J.915 A.901 A. 582 5.394 E.252 5.395 A.565, A.568, A.582, C.3 See also C.61 A.500, A.565, A. 582, F.102, H.344 D.100, F.199, G.153, J.910 ° LEWIN, Heinz LEWIS, Ralph W. LEYDHECKER, Wolfgang LICHTWITZ, Leo LIDDELL, Edward George Tandy | LIEBER, Charles S. LIECKE, Richard LIEBECQ, Claude H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents LIFSON, Shneior LIGETI, Gy&rgy LILJESTRAND, G. LINDAHL, Irmgard LINDAHL, Per Eric LINDBERG, Olov LINDSAY, Alexander Dunlop, Baron LINDSAY, Derek B. LINDSEY, Douglas "LINE! LINK, Karl Paul LINNANE, Anthony W. LINNETT, John (Jack) Wilfred LINSTEAD, Sir (Reginald) Patrick LIN ZG dy ay, F.126 A.701 A. 536 A.632, A.669, A.701, A.1003- A.1007 A.493, F.72, F.107 F.107 A.27 G.a2 J.860 J.396 A. Sat, 5.897 J.782 See C,332 A.446, G.155, J.152 D.79 See also J.923 : LIPPEL, Kenneth LIPSCHITZ, W. LIPSON, M. LLOYDjrA. °° G, LLOYD, Brian Beynon LLOYD, John B. LLOYD, June K. LIPMANN Fritz Albert S917 J.870 J.433 A.31, A.497, A.582, A.701, F.15 G.16, J.228, J.387, J.398-J.401 See also D.107, F.210 / A. 1036 A.446, A.500, A.582, A.608, A.802-A.804, A.813, A.815- A.843, A.845~A.854, A.858~ A. 868 A. 1231; F106. 3.692 LOEB, Robert F. LOEBENSTEIN, Annie A.516, A.568, A.582, A.601 LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben G.40 Dive H.289 J. 94a LODGE, Thomas LOEB, Julius A.493 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents LOENING, Ulrich E. LOESER, Alfred A. LOEWI, Gerald LOEWI, Otto LOFFLER, Wilhelm LOHMANN, Karl LOHR, J. LODELEUR:. J: LOMINSKI, lwo LONDON Ess: 'S. LONG, Cyril LOOSMORE, R. M. LOPEZ-ALARCON, Luisa LOR, LOSADA, Manuel LOTHAR, Gabriel J.402 A. 503 J.403 A.526, A.565 See also E.196 A.420 Fi9z. F, Los; ae See also E.54 E 472 5.876 C.159, J.405 J.876 H.306 J.892 C.178 C7 J.406 J.908, J.911 A.565, C.14, D.129, J.850, J.888 6.15 A.582 LOUGHMAN, Brian C. LOUTIT, John Freeman LOTSPEICH, William D. 3316 See also G.18] LOWE, David “LOWELL, John LOWENSTEIN, John M. J.102, 5.897 J.930 A.620, A.701, F.88, J.367, J.407-J.416 See also D.80 J.879 J.885, J.889 F.13 A.791, A.890 F.288 H.432, H.433, H.434, H.436 F.188 LOWRY, Oliver H. LUCK, J. Murray LUCY, Jack A. LUFT, Rolf LUCK, Ursula LUCKMANN, Thomas LOWENTHAL, Karl Ged: Wee Fe H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents LUKE, David LUND, Patricia LUND-OLESEN, Knud LUNDQUIST, Frank LUNDSGAARD, Einar LURIA, Salvador Edward LUSH, Brandon LUST, Franz J. LUST, R. LUTHI, H. LUTZ, W. LWOFF, André LYNEN, Eva LYNEN, Feodor (Fitzi) J.440 C476, C120, E3274: 3, 589 See also Section D passim. J.930 D.256 A.540, J.869 E.358, E.472, F.32 Ci Caw A, 508, H.290 E.136 Di37; Db, 38 A.28 G.86, J.883 A.32, E.83 A.464, A.565, J.366, J.417- J.419 see.also E.76-E.418,°G. 143, G.178 q.v. ) MACBETH, Ronald G. MACALPINE, Ida (formerly HIRSCHMANN MACARTHUR, Sir Williarn Me CANCE, Robert Alexander McCALLUM, Ronald Buchanan A446, A.566, A. 509 J.121, 5.254 5.507 5.423 A.503, A.583, A.601, A.607, B.18 See also B.102 G.205, G.206 5.898 5.422 A.449, A.508, J.269, J.421, 3.844, J.885 G.117, G.118 F.9 McCANN, M. T. M. Casey MACFARLANE, Marjorie McDERMOTT, Alan McDOWALL, R. J. MCFARLANE, A. S. cCARTY, Maclyn Bic CRIB, «J, B,104, E.204, G.181 See also E.202 C166, Co16%, €..177 J.425 See J.921, J.924 / E.460 A.490; A.702, D.27, G.168~ G.170, G.172, G.373, G.175 G.176, G.182, J.426-J.428, 5.613, J.614 H.163 A.508, J.429 F.182, F.198 A583 A.670, D.377, J.430, J.919 E.72 E366 C.84, J.523, J.525 J.431 5.432 J.433 C.93 A.494 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents MACFARLANE, Robert Gwyn McGARRY, John Denis MECTYVERY Ro We McGIVAN, John D. MacGLASHAN, Maureen McILWAIN, Henry McINTYRE, John MACKAY, lan F. S. McKERNS, Kenneth W. MACLAGAN, Michael McLEAN, Patricia MacLENNAN, David H. McLESKEY, Hamilton McMICHAEL, Sir John MACHADO, A. MACRAE, T. F. MACMILLAN, Angus L. McQUILLEN, Kenneth MACPHEE, lan W. McPHEE, John A.425 H.348 C.323, E.236, E.252, H.97, H.382, H.383 See also E.245 MADDOX, John (Royden) MADSEN, Neil Bernard MAGEE, Peter N. MAGNES, J. L. MAGEE, Bryan MAGEE, H. E, J.434, 53.435 C.138 G.136 Cie Fi S04 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents MAGNUS-LEVY, A. P.10, J.070, 3.065 MAHARISHI EUROPEAN RESEARCH UNIVERSITY G.122 MAHARISHI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE/OXFORD TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION CENTRE MAHLER, Henry R. MAHLER, Robert MAIER-LIEBNITZ, Heinz MAJCHROWICZ, Edward MAJOR, Victor T. D. MALAMUD, Daniel MALIK, B. MALONE, P. MANDEL, Paul MANDELSTAM, Joel C. K. H. G,122 J.326 J.436 A.702, E.298 H.399 J.917 H.229 C.174 J.912 B.76 Ai702,. C-29, 796, G-i8a G.194, J.437 MANDERSCHEID, Hildegard J.874 MANDL, A. MANN, Thomas MAROTTA, Domenico A.1033 F.263 A.490 Ji P17 J.438-J,440 MANN, Cecilia MANN, George V. MANN, Golo MANNING, Robert T. MANGUM, Charlotte P. MANSFORD, KeithR. — L. MANN, Thaddeus Robert Rudolph A.465, A.490, A.566, A.583, B.20 A,583, G.105, J.339, J.407 D.98, D.267,.D.268, J.441 MARRIAN, Guy Frederic MARGARIA, Rodolfo MARRACK, David MARRACK, J. R. See J.438-J.440 F.256, 3.902 MARIEN, Michael MARKESE, James J. MANSOUR, Tag E. J.138 A.443, A.446 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents MARSHALL, Sir (Oshley) Roy MARSTON, Hedley R. MARTIN, Anne Vivienne MARTIN, Archer John Porter MARTIN, Sir Charles MARTIN, Sir David (Christie) MARTIN, Robert D. MARTINI, G. A. MARTIUS, Carl MARUYAMA, Koscak MASKELA, Eco: MASON, John MASORO, Edward J. Tig. 5.901 A.702, A:1273-A.1275 J.886 A503 A.494, A.583, A.601, J.828 D.253 E.265 A.464, F.76, J.443 See also E.67, J.887 E.158, F.280 A.446 D.79 D.272 MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE 123-7125 MASSEY, Vincent 5.444 See also B.41 MATHIAS, A. P. MATSUOKA, Toshio MASSIEU, Guillermo H. (Willie) MASTERMAN, Sir John (Cecil) MASSON, Sir (James) Irvine (Orme) J.445, J.446 See also D.206 A.438, A.441, A.446, A.470, 478, A.480, A.497, A.583, A 2;'B.3, 8.5, B.19-8.14, B.18, B 44, B.47, B.53, B.78-B.82, B 62 DB. SA): Fe B A. 520 A.583, A.702, F.115, H.393 G.97 A.702, E.473 A. 583 G.40 H.398 MAY, Paul M. MAY, Simon MAXWELL, lan Robert MAYER, Claudius F. MAYER, Williom V. MAYES, Peter Arthur See E.120 F.e5 3,447 MATTHEUS, Peter H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents MAYOR, Federico MAZAR, B. MEAD, Margaret MEADER, Ralpn G. MEAGER, Walter Leo MEANS, J. H. MECKE, Reinhard 747 roriyy tied, ©. tél J.448, J.449, J.452, J.505 See also D.311 G. ree F.93 J.450 J.692 H,68, 11,369, H.425 J.388 F.149 MEDAWAR, Sir Peter (Brian) A.702, 5.45] MEDICAL PROTECTION SOCIETY LIMITED MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MEDINA, José Marta MEEK, Geoffrey Arthur MEHLMAN, Myron A. MEIER, Rolf A.607 G.126 J.452 See also D.379 J.453 J.454 A.518, J.455 - MELLANBY, May, Lady MELVILLE, Sir Harry Work MENAHAN, Lawrence A. MENDEL, Bruno MEISTER, Alton MELLANBY, Sir Edward MELLANBY, Jane Helen MELLANBY, Kenneth H.290, H.295,:H.346, J.886 A.438, A.500, B.33, B.34, B.37, B.53, B.54, B.55, B.58, B.67 See also F.8, 3.688, J.887 A.1059, J.456 A446, A.494, A.583, A.702, Boe E2146 107, -G.113: J.166, J.457 F.281 MENDEL, Felix MENDEL, Gerald MENDEL, Hertha MENDELSON, Janice A. MENDELSSOHN, Kurt Albert Georg A.446, A.497, D.27, J.458- J.460 See also G.160 A.1017 A. 525 J.A58-J.460 A. 583 J.734 J.457 5.860 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents MENNE, Fritz MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION Mere: C. eh MERRITT, Doris H. MERRITT, -E.' 4: S; METABOLIC DISEASE INSTITUTE METROPOLITAN POLICE MEYER, E. Gerald MEYER, Karl MEYER, Paul MEYERHOF, Geoffrey G. MEYERHOF, Ofto Fritz MEYERHOFF, Erich MEWERS... Cox ag, G. MEVER-VIOL, P.. MEYER ZU SCHWABEDISSEN, Otto MICHAELIS, Anthony R. A. 583 G.127 Cyl] A.605, J.461 r 2a he bar E .473 A.36 J.462 A.511 J.463 A.27 See also E.119-E.128, J.463 E.120, 5.436 A.1072 E379 J.464 H.366-H. 372 MICHEL, Charles J.465 D.327 J.923 J.872 G.128 S PLZ MICHELSEN:.J MICHAELIS, Eva M. MIHRAM, G. Arthur MICHAELSON, Israel C. MICROBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT MIDDLETON, John E. WIGICOVSKY, Bs: - 9B: eyo MILES-SEVERAC LIMITED MILHEIRO, E. MILES, Sir (Arnold) Ashley MILBURN, T. Robert MILHORAT, A. T. NUCLER A. ot, MILLBANK, John E.179 A.494 J.874 J.893 See F.222 H.367, J.466 A.512, A.702 A.583, A.601 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents MILLER, Benjarnin F. MILLER, Derek S. WALLER. it. WA, MILLER, James V. MILLIGAN, LL. P. MILLIGAN, W. O. MAELS | Az?” Ry MILLS, Colin F. MILLWARD, D. MILMANN, L. S. MINISTRY OF HEALTH H.21 C.162, F.231 B.43, B.44 C.175 C.166 A.36, F.123, F.124 F.143, F.144 J.467, J.903 J.919 J.920 6.129 MINISTRY OF OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT UNIT MIRSKY, Alfred E. MIStRY, Sc oP. MITCHELL, Joseph Stanley G.129 pee: Ci le2 H.128 MITCHELL Ms: J. 40, J.518-J.520 OLIPHANT, Sir Mark (Marcus Laurence Elwin) OLDFIELD, Richard Charles OLIVER, lvan T. OLIVER, Wade OLSON, Robert Eugene H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents OMNIHEALTH ONTKO, Joseph A. OPARIN, A. I. OPARINA, Nina Petrovna OPIE, Lionel Henry OPPENHEIMER, Carl ORD, Margery G. ORDEN POUR LE MERITE FUR WISSENSCHAFTEN UND KUNSTE ORSTROM, Ake ORTEN, James M. OSTER, Hans OSTER, ‘Jack H. OSTERN, Pawel G.137 D.203, J.521 5.522 J.522 D.61, D.267-D.270, J.523- J.530 J.879 c roe G.138-G.152 D.20, O29; Jere J.895, J.896 Juan A.52] B Bes 7 See also A.465 CLARENDON PRESS OXFORD) SERVICE E.477 H.346 C.169, D.83 J.902 OSUJI, Godson OTTOLENGHI, Celestina OTTOVA, Ludmila OXFORD MAGAZINE OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS (see also OXFORDSHIRE PROBATION AND AFTER-CARE Ce Goeee, Cie: C 229 - C.334 E.154-E.157, H.250, H.390- H.392 FAAS PAOLINI DEL VECCHIO, Eugenio E. de F.333 See F.5 B.30 F .230 PAGE, Irwine H. PALACIOS, Rafael PAPA, Sergio PAPPENHEIMER, John R. PALLADIN, PANETH, Friedrich Adolf A.512, A.566 Pyles, taeue H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents PAQUET, Robert J. PARKE, Dennis V. PARKER, lan PARKES, Sir Alan Sterling PARKES, G. PARNAS, J. .D. K. PARPART, Arthur K. PARRY, John H. PARRY-JONES, W. LI. PARSONS, Dennis S. PASCAUD, M. PASSMORE, R. PASSONNEAU, Janet V. PASTERNAK, Charles A. PATERSON .C. H. J.916 H.444 D.253 J.907 A.584 A.465 J.201 H.163 E .478 OC,107; .224 C.180 J.900 J.533 A.584, A.704 PATMORE, J. A. See G.238 S. PATON, Sir William (Drummond Macdonald) PATRICK, William PATTERSON, Tom J. Rue Clete, 040, Gade, G. 049, C35) ..00008 See also C.104, €.219, C.332,°C 358 J.916 A.601, A.704, C.208, C.263, Cizee, Cort, cwlae, J./3, J.549 See also C.223, C.269, C.277 D.505 J.683 A.704 G.130, G.193, G.194 J.534 F.51 D.508 G.11 B.15 PEACOCKE, Arthur Robert PEARCE, P. J. PAULUS, Henry PAYNE, Jack M. PAUL, Doris PAUL, John PAULING, Linus PAULSEN, Andreas H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents PEARSALL, William Harold PEART, Sir (William) Stenley PECHSTEIN, “4 PEEL, John PEIERLS, Eugenia, Lady PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf (Ernst) Ph, 2. PENDL, Martin PENNIAL, Ralph PENNINGTON, R. J. PENROSE, Lionel Sharples PERKINS, John Richard PERLMANN, Gertrude E. PERON, Fernand G. PERRIN, Sir Michael (Willcox) A.504 J.909 E.437, E.478 J.909 See J.535 C.298, G73 See also E.210 C79 J.536 F.196, F.211 3.895 See E.200 J.537 F.30 J.538 C.160 A.704, G.179, J.339, J.378 A.402 PERRY, Samuel Victor PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand ~ be442; J, 58% JeaOn A, 604; Cilde £213.46. 441, PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) PETER, Albert PETERF1, Tibor F.300 J.875 A.27, 4.28, A.31, A.556, A.558, A.568, A.574, A.584, C04 G. We G.177, Hi101, 4:89, °3.476,. 5-310, 1. V9; J.402, J.433, J.540-J.544, 5.734, J.854, J.855 See also A.421, C.335 \.584, J.171, J.545-J.547 F278. C.189 E.60 PETRIDES, P. PETTE, Dirk PETTERSEN, Max PFEFFER, £, 5... PETHIG, R. PETIT, Marie -Anne E.185, F.287, J.548 J.928 PETERSEN, George Bouet H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents PFEIFFER, Heinrich PFIZER GROUP PHEAR, Elizabeth PHILLIPS, Charles Garrett PHILLIPS, Sir David (Chilton) PHILLIPSON, Andrew Tindal PHILPOT, Flora (‘Flops') PHIZACKERLEY, Patrick John Ruthron PICHOTKA, Joseph PICKARD-CAMBRIDGE, Sir Arthur (Wa! lace) PICKERING, Sir George White Baron PIKE, John E. PINCUS, Gregory PINES, A. Leon PINTO, Ruy E. PILON, Huguctte PILSTROM, Lars PICKFORD, Mary PIERCY, William Piercy, PIERPOINT, W. — Stanley PICKERING, Mary Carola, Lady J, 658=3.560, J:832 PIRIE, Norman Wingate (Bill) iC. 114, C.115, G36, 35209 PITTENORIGH, Colin S. PITTS, Robert Franklin PIRIE, Antoinette PLANCK, Max E.76, E.83 J.549 B.90 A.584, A.704, E.200 © Z130.222> ©2224. C.226- C,228; G:.40, Gils, SG. 176, ATT, S79, Se 100; 5.246: J, 539 See also G.43 J.550 J.793 H.383, J.poe PG. 116: C185. rac 903. C238 “h97 1136.3, a 5.554, J. 659 A.438 A. 566, C.198, C2465 &. J.518, J.825, A.704 J.926 C.84 A.671, 3.555 J.920 H.282 C.178 D.129 £5, H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents PLANT, Ilse PLASKETT, Harry Hemiey PLATTS, Margaret PLAUT, Gerhard W. E. POCCHIARI, Francesco POCTHEN, Hi: POGELL, Burton M. PON a te POHL, Robert POLLOCK, Martin Rivers POLONOVSKI, Jacques POLONOVSKI, Michel POLS, Werner POMERAT, Gerard R. PONTECORVO, Guido POPPER, Hans A.1022 A.584, C.61, C.62 A. 566 F.304 C.164 J.897 F.117, J.561 G,32 A.402 O.75'GAs7 HAD F.73, F.122 A.501 E.291 A.472, A.476, A.507, A.556, A.584, B.45-B.51, C.129-C.136, C.138, F.8, F.9, J.147, J.381, J.502 POON, Philip Cle POPPER, Sir Karl (Raimund) PORTEOUS, John Wardman POORTMANS, Jacques R. POPJAK, George Joseph A.601, J.562 See also D.469 t .269, ch caeey Teen G62 Grle0, Gaal. 3563 See also C.60 F.89, H.403 A.671, A.704, J.564-J.567 Jc 700 See J.913 A.626, A.704, B.98, C.369- C.372, G.156, G.180, J.570 POSENER, L. N. POSTGATE, John R. Jd 1568 32069 See also D.445 PORTER, J, x. R: PORTER, Maa F. PORTER, Sir Gearge PORTER, Helen Kemp £350 fae A. 623, C.162 PORTER, Rodney Robert eté ©. 190,. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents POTTER, George POTTER, Van Rensselaer POWELL, D. _L. PRATT, Oliver E. PRESS, Martin PRICE, Carl A. PRICHARD, -J:... S, PRIESTLEY, Jacquetta PRINGLE, John William Sutton PRINGLE, Mia Kellmer 4.490, A.584 A.704, F.34, J.571-5.574 See also B.43 C.174 dager J.930 A.584, A.623, C.165, F.57, F.182, J.575 J.576 J.289 Ato G Ft, Come C. Care. 2). Geers, .C. 26 C.. ZIPS. gee, Gier, Gaur ly F266; 3.114 See also C.203, C.247, C.295, Cyae2 E.478 See also E.396 PRINGSHEIM, Christian PROSEN, Edward J. PRYS=ROBERTS CC. PRINGSHEIM, Fritz PRINGSHEIM, Hans A.1025 A.1025 Jcd77 iF A.506 PROSSER, Ci: tadd PRITCHARD, R. H. CITY OF NEW YORK PROCTOR, Norman W. D.335, D:336, 2.938 PUBLIC HEALTH RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF THE A.508, A.584, B.70, E.201 PUCK, Theodore T. PUGH, L. - P. PUGWASH CONTINUING COMMITTEE PUTNAM, Frank W. PYKE, Magnus F.263 C.376 G.16, J.850 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents QUAGLIARIELLO, Ernesto QUAGLIARIELLO, Gaetano QUARHELL, A." QUASTEL, Juda Hirsch -G. QUAYLE, John Rodney QUINTON, Anthony Meredith, Baron RABIN, Brian Robert RACAH, G. Fel Se; F.197.: F207, F.208: J.579 See also F.171 A.28, A.469, F.18, J.580 A.497 A.31, A.429, A.497, A.568, A.585, A.704, G.170, J.278, J.435, J.581-J.585 A.639, A.704, C.35, D.5], D.509, G.183, G.184, J.315, J.586-J, 591 See also A.6 A.704, C.377 H.437, J.28 F.126, G.103 A494 A.585, F.121, J.592 See C.224, D.63 A.443, A.501, A.585, A.705 J.593 J.594 F.201 A.432, A.490 RADDA, Gyérgy Karoly RADO, Richard RACE, Robert Russell RACKER, Efraim RAILING, Clare RAINE, D. Noel RAGGETT, Peter Rufus RAIHA, Niels 153 J.595-J. 598 See also D.203, D.353 RAMSAY MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIP TRUST G.204-G .206 See also G.202 RAISON, Timothy (Hugh Francis) @.220-G.223, J.599, J.600 C352 G.153 A.30 RAISTRICK, Harold RAJA YOGA CENTRE RAMAN, Sir C. Venkata RAIJMAN, Luisa Judit RAINSBURY, Rebecca H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of corresp ondents RANDALL, Sir John (Turton) RANDLE, Sir Philip John A.566, C.212 A.620, A.643, A.705, D.369, D,51Z,.F 258, 4.431; 5.490, S2OU, Ji496, 2897, Ji 60e See ale A. 1239, C.119, G.184 RANKS HOVIS Mc DOUGALL RAO)... S. RAO, K. Vasudeva RAPER, Henry Stanley RAPOPORT, Sam. OM. RASMUSSEN, Howard RASMUSSEN, Ulla RASPE, Gerhard RATHBONE, Eleanor RATHBONE, Leon RAUCH, Sigurd J.602 G.130 J.931 A.447 As 29, €.54 5.97, 1.605 D.454, J.91] J.910 J: 696,53.637,. J:639 A.775, B.79 C.162 Pula + :/0, seer RAY, Ruth E. REES, Merlyn REICH, Edward J.901 J.902 Gr165 B.33 J.900 F168; 5,604 See E.460 J.923 REED, Lester James REHDER, Marie luise REEVES, Richard E. READING, H.W. RECKNAGEL, Richard O. REDCLIFFE-MAUD, John Primatt, Baron REDFEARN, E.R. H.428 REICHARDT, Armin REICHELT, K. kL. REICHERT, T REHM, Warren S. REHN, Eduare A.31, A.705, A.891, £.180 Sey Jahn V's Os Sore. E.184 J.918 REIGVISTERN, 7. REID, Eric D.88, F.203 A.503 Foe A.27, A.28, A.3] H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of corresponderits REID, Lynne M. Boi, kek; REID, Robert A. REINER, E, REINERT, Harald REINZ, Max REGENSBURGER, R. (née Oppenheimer) RELMAN, Arnold S. REMMER, H. RENOLD, Albert E. RENSHAW, Charles C. RENTHE-FINK, Barbara von RESEARCH SOCIETY ON ALCOHOLISM REYERO, Cristina REYNGEDS Ce Hy, RICHARDS, Peter F.346 C.160, D.64 H.443 A.585 J.549 5.874 A.494 E.479, E.493, F.262 F.97, F.307 F.128, J.845 H.400 E.479 G.153 C.167 F.191, H.434 F.297, J.926 H.391 F.19 F.182, F.218 A.585, F.47, F.72, F.328, J.119, J.616, J.880 J.400 J.315 J.212 See E.479 A.506, G.28, G.167 | RICHET, Gabriel RICHTER, Derek RICHMOND, sonas E. RICHARDSON, George Barclay RICHTER, Dietmar RICHTER, J. F. RIECHERT, Tr. RIETZ, Werner RIMINGTON, Claude RITTENBERG, David J.605 ROBB-SMITH, Alastair Hamish Tioreach ROBBINS, Lionel Charles, Baron A. 585, B.71 See also C.160 Aateo, GC . ste, 2625,.. 5,400) RIVERS) J. Pal. MM, A.705 © .179 J.883 G.238 _ RITTMAN, Trude ROBBIE, W. A. J.884 H.297-H. 301 Cit7e H.250 E.480 P cae A447 E. 196, G, 173, As. 179 C.18 A.685, F.314 See also A.37 F.241, J.755, J.756, J.915 A.705, G.180, G.183, G. 184, J.366, J.367, J.606 J.735 G.154, J.898 A.705 A.557, A.585, A.601, J.982 G.21 A.30, A.507, C.158, F.73, F.79, J.607 A: 27, A.428, A.436) A. 472, A476, B.17, B.18, B.41-8.52, B.65, C.129-C.139, D.30, E.198, E.202 C.169 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents V. ROBERTS, Irene S. ROBERTS, Michael B. ROBERTS, Philip J. Colin ROBERTS, S. ROBERTSON CENTRE ROBERTSON, Hamish A. ROBERTSON, John Monteath ROBERTSON, Sir Rutherford (Ness) ROBICHON-SZULMAJSTER, H. de ROBICSEK, Francis ROBIN, Eugene D. ROBINSON, Donald S. ROBINSON, F. A. ROBINSON, J. °° R. INSON, Neville RODAHL, Kaare RODBELL, Martin ROBSON, W.. ROCHE, Jean ROBINSON, Sir Robert ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION See also C.19 RODD? Evia: ROGERS, Anne M. ROGERS, Howard J. ROLDAN, Alicia D.86 See also E.200 ROLLESTON, Francis Stopford Hettd E.48] J.616 C.t73 Hy T. F.220, J.608-J.610 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of c errespondents RONA, Peter RONAYNE, J. RONTGEN, William Conrad ROPER, Joseph Alan ROSBAUD, Paul Rose. Di ROSE. Gs oie. Au ROSE, Steven P. R. ROSENBAUM, Kdte ROSENBERG, Dora A. ROSENBERG, H. ROSENBERG, Harry ROSENBERG, Jean ROSENBLUETH, Arturo ROSENFELD, L. ROSENHEAD, Jonathan ROSENHEIM, MM. L. ROSENSTEIN, Gertrud ROSS, Brian D. J.870, J.874 J.61] See E.130 J.612 H.302 nia 3.234 «201, J.618-J: 616 . 1034 .516 .443, A.447, A.5i8 W200)... 914 451 .613 .110 >. 74 G.A0 ROSENSTEIN, Werner A. A.787, A.805 A.787, A.805 ROSENSTOCK, Werner G.48, G.233-G.235,. G.238 ROSENTHAL, Thomas Gabriel ROSS; BES. ROSS, Walier A. J.439 A.705, C.117, D.83, NB17 J 928 282, C.283 G.153 ROSSI, Ettore A, ROSSI-FANELLI, A. ROSSITER, R. J. ROSSOW, Walter see J.902 A.705 TRY iG A. A. A. ROTBLAT, Joseph H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents ROTHSCHILD, Miriam Louisa ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Meyer Victor, Baron ROTHSCHILD, Paul L. E. ROTHSCHILD, Philippe de, Baron ROLHSTEIN, T.. --B. ROTTA, Hans ROUGHTON, Alice J.375 AA77; A.511, As60l, Ges J.19, J.618-J.623, J.665 A.508, A.585, J.623 A.610 C.168 7 E.141, €.143-£:146, €. 156, E .237, H.198 A.1008 ROUGHTON, Francis John Worsley D.331, G.184, J.624 ROUS, Simone ROWATT, Margeoret Elizabeth ROWLAND, Malcolm ROWSELL, Edward ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS ROYAL SOCIETY J.625 A.705, J.626 J.924 J.894 A.592 A.424, A.436, A.444-A.448, A.567, A.568, A.598-A.601, A.602, A.609, G.154-G.189 CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE RUDERMAN, Neil Bertrand ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF RUFFIN, H. RUFFO, Alfredo RUNNSTROM, John G.190 A. 650 A.607, A.628, G.191 D.308, G.71, J.625-J.630 See also D.80, D.97 F.49 J.632, J.633 494, F.142, J.631 .540, J.871, J.879 505 283 1316 ,380-C. 389 G'180..G.13) 5.757, 5.759 G20, G 208. G.205; D. RUSSELL, Peter Edward Lionel RUSSELL, R. Scott RU THERE ORD. 1. 8, RUTSTEIN, David D. RYMAN, Brenda Edith RUSSELL, (William) Ritchie Migsentie tae a: 9, H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 SABIN, Albert B. SADDLER, Hugh SAEZ TORMO, Guillermo SAFFRAN, Murray SALAMAN, Redcliffe Nathan SALISBURY, Sir Edward (James) SALISBURY, Robert Arthur James Gascoyne Cecil, 5th Marquis SALOMON, Kurt SALOMON, Michel SALONEN, Neil Albert SALZBURG, Peter SAMBROOK, lan SAMSON, Frederick E. SANADI, D. Rao F.234 G.74 J.634 E.44 A.31, A.427, A. pe A.501, A.1029, 5.493, J.877 A.586, A.601 A.569 A.511 H.404, H.405 G,113-G.115 A.1031, A.1032 J.914 J.596 H.374 See also F.206 See C.86 SANDERS, J. ON. SANDERS, R. FaleZ See C.225 A.793 SANDFORD, K._ S. SANDERS, Benjamin E. SANDFORD, Sir Folliott Herbert AO, 0.24, C.78) C8. €.92. Ol, CMOS. ©. Os C194, NOT. TAGS "CooiG en 298. C272, C075 ©. 263. 227; 7.334, €.342, C344. C.345, 349, C.353, C.356, C.358, es 383, J.388 H.36 SANDSON, John I. SANDHEIM, Henry G. SARGANT, D. G. SAPAG -HAGAR, M. SANWAL, G. G. A.633 A.684 Gi172 Cc SANGER, Frederick aF2t, 5,930 C.ig SAREEN, K. ON. H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents SARGEANT, K. SARIS, Nils-Erik SARRE, +H. 3. J, SARTRE, Jean-Paul! SAUNDERS, B.C. SAUNDERS J.T. SAVER, Jeffrey L. SAZ, Howard Jay SCARBOROUGH, Harold SCHAEFER, Hans SCHAUR, R. Jorg SCHEIN, Philip S. SCHERING AG. SCHETTLER, Gotthard SCHIFFMANN, Y. D.213, G.128 F.270 F.49 A.943 5.882 D.13 E.501 A.497, 3.635 5.210 E.448 J.919 C.168 J.636-5.640 E,265-F.267, E.434 H.352 5.899 E.119, J.55, J.641 F269 A.1032, A.1033, A.1038 F.90 A.497 E.149-E.153 D.91 A.510, J.797 F.94 F.178, J.365 SCHILD, Heinz SCHIMASSEK, Hans SCHINDLER, Dali SCHLESINGER, Max SCHEITTLER, E. SCHLOSSMANN, H. SCHMID, Roswitha SCHMIDT Fi Wi SCHMIDT, Gerhard SCHMIDT, Ge OMT sa J, D.245, J.643 SCHMITT, Francis O. SCHMITZ, Birgit SCHOELLER, W. SCHOENHEIMER, Rudolf E.196 See also F.138 A.505, F.71 E.481 5.870 5.642 SCHMIDT-NIELSSEN, Bodil SCHMIDT-NIELSON, Knut SCHOENTAL, Regina H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents SCHOFFENIELS, E. SCHOLZ, Roland SCHONBECK, Fritz SCHONBERG, Alexander SCHRAGENHEIM, Erika see KOENIGSFELD H.94 me 70R,. 915 A.501 G.233 SCHRAGENHEIM, Ilse SCHRAM, Mildred W. S. SCHREIBER, Gerhard SCAU eM. | O. WI. SCHURER: fe. SCHUTTE, E. SRT Aas SCHWARTZ, Helen M. SCHWARTZ, Theodore B. SCHWARZ, Erwin SCHWEITZER, Alfred A.507, A.586, A.791, F.139 F.4 D.203 F.36 C.169 E.174 A.447 F.241, J.904 F.83 F.94 A.443, A.447, A.1031 G.192-G.201 C.182 504 F.184 F.295, F.337, H.64 SEEBOHM, Hans-Bernhard SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL SCOTT, Sir Ronald Bedley SCRUITON, Michael Christopher SEAMAN, Gerald R. SECKEL, Grete SCORNIK, Oscar SOcjis Ca, 392 ).88, D.423, J.644~J. 647 124 14, F543 821 A.586, J.882 J.648-J.650 H.423, J.65) SEGAL, Harold L. SEIFRIZ, William SELDIN, Donald W. SELKURT, Ewald E. SEMENZA, Giorgio SENDROY, Julius SELLINGER, Otto Z. SELYE, Hans H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents SEUBERT, W. Bi SEUPERT EC.” SEVERIN, S. . Evgenti SEVERINA, Irena SHALEK, Robert J. SHAPIRO, Graham A. SHAW, G. K. SHAW, Henry SHELDON, W. SHELLEY, Julian H. SHEMIN, David SHERLOCK, Sheila SHERWOOD, Hilda (formerly SCHWEITZER) SHILLINGFORD, John P. SHILO, M. SHILS, Edward J.9ta F.297 Jae J.652 A.36 H.298, H.299 J. Fa J hte A.706, G.97 e062. 3/7. 3.80 A.485, A.497, E.52 B.90 A. 501 Jer See J.654 A.1081 SIEBERT, GUnther SILBERBACH, Alfred SIMOLA, P. 3.655, 3.845 A.707, G.242, J.113 E.407 Adige 2, .301; F. 34t, SHIPP, Joseph C. SHOPE, Robert SIES, Claudia SIES, Helmut FoF J.154 D.385 J.912 SIEFF, Marcus Joseph, Baron SHOTTON, Frederick Williara SICE, Jean 147, A.503, J.460, J.887 A. 586 See olso F.145 SIMESCN, Ma. SIMOES, Manuel Sobrinho -G, SIMON, Sir Francis (Eugen) A.494 See J.907 SIMON, Charlotte, Lady SIMON, Ernst pb COE ek so F234 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents SIMPSON oe Seo So MAS SIMPSON, Esther SIMPSON, J. R. SIMS, Geoffrey Donald SINCLAIR, Hugh Macdonald SINGER, Aubrey E. SINGER, Thomas P. SINGH, Prikhshayat BIMohey Ae ob SIPERSTEIN, Marvin D. SIRONVAL, C. SISAKYAN, H. M. é Gi liz A.447, A.497, A.566, A.568, A.586, A.601, A.623, A.707 #.79, 6.1, S.216-6.219, G.233, G.234,° J.333 B.73 B.103 A.508, A.555, C94; €.95, Gi J.661 A.586, A.707, J: 658- tSa) H.276 3.662 C.180 See D.455 ere, J.91S J.140 Gel55 J.630 J.663 1 SKETGHER: Ria -B. SKUtocr, .O. SLAPAK, Maurice SLATER, Trevor F. J.663, J.664 G323a SLATER, Sir William (Kershaw) SLATER, Edward Charles (Bill) SKIDMORE, lan Frederick SKIDMORE, nice (née ROBINSON) F .244 A.674, A.707, D.272, F.65, P1466. bor Gy G.179, G.182, H.307-H.310, J.113, J.665-J.667, J.743 D.538, J.668-J.670 A.477~A.480, A.490, A.568, A.569, A.586, B.85, G.6, J.91 E.201, F.181 C190 GiAl-G 43 C.86-C.88, €.92 57g 5.671 SLOTTA, Karl H. SLY, Michael R. SMELLIE, R. SMILEY, N. SMITH, A. M. Bz David SMITH, Arnold Jeffrey H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents Pp SMH, DL Fo G. SMITH, Emil L. SMITH, Kenneth Manley SMITH, Lloyd Hollingsworth SMITH, Richard M. SA RE, SMITH, R. M. SMITH, Robert H. SMITH, Roger SMITH, Wilson SMITHIES, Oliver SMYTH, Dovid Henry SNART, Ronald J.914 A.497 C.187, G.165 J.672 D.425 0.72 dJ4. G.104 Gia? A. 586 B. 15," 926 A.601, A.626, B.32, B.91, C.372, H.430, 17% 1.673- J.675 See alsoB.11, E.252 F 258 SNELL, Esmond E. SNELL, Keith are; i294 SPERIMENTALE DELLE SCIENZE J.676 LT G.214 A.36, F.100, F.344, J. 677 SOCIETA ITALIANA PER IL PROGRESSO SNELL, Michael E, SOBERON, Guillermo SOCIETA ITALIANA DI BIOLOGIA SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY SOCIETY FOR GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF LEARNING SODA, Kenji SOLING, Hans-Dieter SOLS, Alberto A.942 A.671 G.214 G.215 B.79, G.216-G.219 5.928 A.707, F.200, F.297, J.678 C.178, D.50, D.455, F.184, J.679 F.173 A.707 SORM, Frantifek SOUTHWOOD, Sir (Thomas) Richard (Edmund) SPALDING, D. B. | H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents SPANNER, Douglas C. SPARROW, John Hanbury Angus SPATZ, Ht: SPEAKE, Roy N. SPEAKMAN, J.C. SPECIAL COMMISSION ON INTERNAL POLLUTION (SCIP) SPEER, Julius SPENGE fio, SPICER, Arnold SPINKS, Alfred SPITZER, Judy A. SPIVEY. Bs Olin SPRINGER, Konrad F. SPRINGER-VERLAG SPRINSON, David B. SRERE, Paul A. STACEY, Maurice STADTMAN, Thressa STAFFORD, Godfrey SPRY, Marion (née STUBBS) A.517, A. 586, A.601, B.35, J.64 A.620, A.707, F.169, F.308, F000, 01001, J. 662, J.754, Jit ao, J7 an See also F.86 J.684 ©. 169, £760 F.269, G.68, J.918 A.707, G.191 STAHL, Egon STAIB, W. A. 507, F.99 H.334-H. 34] A.566, F.285 STARLING, Ernest START, Carole STANTON, Richard STAPLETON, Thomas STALLWORTHY, Sir John STANLEY, Wendell M. J.889 C224 A.508 J.680 A.522, A.593 G.220-G.232, J.599, J.600 F.214 J.881 J.602, J.831 C.163, J.680 F.139 5.926 A.707, H.411 H.410-H.414 A. 586, F183, F.195, J. 343, J.909 A.707 See also C.121 J.400 A.707 J.683 H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents STARZL, Thomas E. STAUDINGER, Hermann STAUDINGER, Magda STEHR, Werner -RUdiger TEIN, William Howard STEINBERG, Frederick W. STEINER, Ena STENT, Gunther S. STEPHENSON, Sir Francis STEPHENSON, Marjory STERN, Erich STERN, Joseph R. STERN, Kurt G. STERNHEIMER, Richard F.251, J.685 A.511 J.686 A.888, A.891 C.166 A.1009, F.153 A.793 E.389 A.497 A.443, A.448, D.12 J.690 A.501, A.586, F.14, 5.691 A.485, A.494, A.586, F.11, F.87, H.382, J.690, J.692~ 5.695 A.485, A.510, F.11 5.696 F.91 See also F.47 DES VEINo, Is wo, STEWARD, Fo STEWART, Cie STEWART, He. 6. A: “8: DIE DINGS ag 2 De 13 J.606 Dar STETTEN, De Witt, Jr. STEVENSON, Freda K. STEVENSON, Lloyd G. STEVENS, Sir Roger Bentham See also B.65 C.:179 A.508, A.586 STONER, Edmund Clifton Baw, J231,° 3,070 Rte. 127g ee? STEWART, Sir Michae! STICKTAND ef” HH. STOCKEN, Lloyd A. J.697 H.341 @ 102, STEWART, Peter M. SUIRPE, Ec ::(Enzo) G.174 ey A. 566 J.903 J:43; 5.27) 5.889, J.890 A,.497 STILL,’ Jack PIMKEO eR. FH; H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents STONER, H. Berry STOREY, Bayard T. STOTT, Frank D. STOWARD, P. STRAUSS, Maurice B. J. STREFFER, Christian STRICH, Sabina STRODER, J. | STUART-HARRIS, C. H. STUBBS, Marion (later SPRY) STUCKI, Jérg W. STUMPF, Bak. SUBRAHMANYAM, K. SUGDEN, Mary A.497, A.566, A.586, A.707, 5.698 £.194 D.128 D.163 E.196 J.699 E.48] E.481 A.3] See F.301 3.930 A613, Di79, Tilor J912 A.707 A.707, C.176 Eide, Fe reo, to l9) SUTOR, June SUTTON, .lohn SUTTON, Leslie SUZUKI, U. A.586, A.601, E.203 SUTHERLAND, ‘Eorl W. REET b Se coe SUND, Horst Fate J.380 Eil7 Cu/2 SUTHERLAND, Dame Lucy Stuart SVENNEBY, Gerd SWANN, H. G. See also E.46-E.50 A.31, A.449, A.501, G.29, Hia2, deta, deo) SYNGE, Richard Laurence Millington A.27, A.420, J.702-J.705 SZENT-GYORGYI, Albert SWOBODA, Bennett E. P. J.870 F5203 JON A.707 J.700 F .36 eo SWIRE, Philip K. SYVERTON, Jerome D. SZAM, Istvan H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 SZILARD, Leo SZIRMAI, Endre Index of correspondents TABOR, Herbert TADMOR, Shlomo TAEGTMEYER, Heinrich TAGER, Joseph M. TAKEDA, Yoshiro TALALAY, Paul TAMIYA, Nobuo J.706 J.706-J.709 See also A.19 J.756 F .234 A.708 Budell, A.7OG, D232. £:8, Pitty F.20e, Fast, T 200, Fase. Figso. tt cae 7 See also F.158 C.166 TEPPERMAN, Jay TATE, P. TATEISHI, Noriko TATIBANA, Masamiti TAYEAU, Francis TANAKA, Takehiko TARNOWSKI, W. TAYLOR, Gordon Rattray TAYLOR, Norman F. Oza Foe See also J.923 J.711 C.167 5.926 A. 503 A.708 GF ho, 4929 A.30, A.610, A.708, F.145 A.1166, E.197 CAC, 165 5.918 «d.924 C.165, H.327 C172 e272 J.920 G.128 G.88 D.129 TEMPEST Bow. TENBY, Gwilym Lloyd, Ist Viscount TAYO, F. M. FREICH, M; TEMMEN, Lider TAYLOR, T. TAYLOR, W. TAYLOR, William H. Geoffrey — H.A. Krebs CSAC 113/4/86 Index of correspondents TERNER, Charles (forrnerly Karl) A.490, A.566, A.587, A.675, A.708, E.7, F.350, J.713-J.715 TEUTSCH, Champion T. 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