KIRBY, David v1

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csac 13/7/74 THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of DR. DAVID KIRBY (1932 — 1969) Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford Harriot Weiskittel Listed by: Jeannine Alton D.Ky. C.S.A.C. 13/7/74 Description of the collection The papers cover the years 1961 — 69 and relate entirely to Dr. Kirby's work on embryology and reproductive physiology. received from Dr. W.D. Billington. Sir Alan Bullock, Master of St. Catherine's College Oxford and Mr. A.E.L. Todd. Short tributes are included by They were A file referring to Kirby's fellowship at St. Catherine's College, and to his accident, is in the care of the Master of St. Catherine's and may be consulted only with his permission. The David Kirby Memorial Fund provides a David Kirby Bursary, awarded annually in the University of Oxford (See Item 2). Summary of the career of Dr. Kirby b. 1932 Educated Melton Mowbray Grammar School 1950 ~ 52 1954 - National Service, R.A.F. Durham University (Zoology) 1957 1958 1960 1963 Research student, Department of Zoology, Oxford. D.Phil. Married Jaon Wilson Ford Foundation Research Rellow, London Zoological Society Senior Research Officer I. Biographical III. Lectures 1964 1965 IV. Correspondence Contents of the handlist Ve Index to principal correspondents II. Laboratory notebooks Dy. Kirby died in 1969 after injuries received in a car accident Fellow and Tutor in Zoology, St. Catherine's College Oxford Senior Research Officer, Department of Zoology, Oxford (supported by the Medical Research Council) 154) Address by the Vice-Chancellor and Master of St. Catherine's College (Sir Alan Bullock) at Kirby's Memorial Service, 27 November 1969; biographical note by Mr. A.E.L. Todd, Memorial Fund (Statutes, Decrees and Regulations of the University of Oxford, Chapter IX, Biographical memoir, Journal of Reproductive Fertility, 21, 379-381, 1970 1974; notes on the David Kirby Biographical Ls 1. 2. D. Kirby CSAC 13/7/74 iis Laboratory notebooks 36 4. 5. 6. Ms. notebook: ‘operations 1* (in various hands) Ms. notebook: "operations 2? Ms. notebook: ‘operations 3° Ms. notebook: ‘operations 4! " " Ms. notebook: Pueritions 5, experiments" (in various hands) 1963 — 64 1964 = 65 1965 — 66 1966 — 67 1967 — 69 Ms. notebook: ‘operations 6, experiments? " ~ 1969 III. Lectures Notes for lectures on miscellaneous topics in reproductive physiology Correspondence re grant from Zoological Society of London re grant by British Empire Cancer Campaign 1962 — 63 1962 — 63 re grant by the Nuffield Foundation 1962, 1966 1968 — 69 1963 — 69 1963 -— 69 grant by Medical Research Council re various applications for research grants: University of Indiana Cecil Foster Fund (Oxford University) Thorn Electrical Industries Ltd The Spastics Society The Lackey Bequest (Oxford University) The Lalor Foundation The Pathfinder Fund World Health Organization National Insitute of Health The British Council The Royal Society Tenovus 1967 1960 — 62 1963 1964 1965 1966 xe testimonials and grants for students re lecturership in embryology, York Miscellaneous reports on research 18.—23. Scientific correspondence 1963 ~ 64 . 1964 — 66 1963 — 68 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 225: 23. D.Ky. CoSeA.C. 13/7/74 24. Miscellaneous requests for reprints,to visit the lab etc 25-6 Miscellaneous correspondence re equipment and animals used for experiments 26. re publications, refereeing papers 27. re invitations to lecture, to conferences and symposia 28. miscellaneous correspondence Correspondence re St. Catherine's College; miscellaneous undated letters Vie Index to principal correspondents (numbers refer to Items ) ADAMS, Professor W. E. BAGSHAWE, Dr. Kenneth D. BIGGERS, Professor J. BILLINGHAM, Dr. Rupert E. BISHOP, Dr. Marcus W. H. BLAND, Dr. Keith BRAMBELL, Professor Francis William Rogers FRS 19 26 19 BRENT, Professor Leslie BRUCE, Dr. M. H. BRYSON, David COWELL, Thomas CURREY, John 23 21 20 13 26 CLARK, Professor C. Ae BUTTLE, Professor Gladwin Albert Hurst CHANG, Dr. M,C. CHESTER—JONES, Professor Ian 19,20 DAVIES, Professor David Vaughan DEANESLEY, Dr. Ruth DICKMAN, Dr. Zeev DINSLEY, Dr. Marjorie 26 19, 20,21, 22 21,24,27 DONOVAN, Professor Bernard T. DANIEL, Dr. Joseph C. EHRMANN, Dr. Robert L. 18 V7 D.Ky. C.S.A.C. 13/7/74 FINN, Dr. Colin HADDOW, Professor Sir Alexander FRS HANCOCK, Dr. James L. HARDY, Sir Alister FRS HARRIS, Professor Geoffrey W. FERS HARVEY, Professor William R. HEPPLESTON, Professor Alfred Gordon HOGARTH, Peter J. HULL, Dr. Peter JONES, Professor I. 22 20,21,27 26 17 19 22 22 19 KERR, Dr. Melville G. KROHN, Professor Peter Leslie FRS 27 10,19 McLAREN, Dr. Anne MANN, Dr. Cecilia MANN, Professor Thaddeus FRS MAYER, Professor G. 19, 20, 21,,23,26.27 24 21,27 22 NEW, Dr. D.A.T. THORN, Sir Jules PETROV, Dr. Vladimir POTTS, Dr. Malcolm M. OBER, Dr. William B. PARKES, Professor Sir Alan Sterling FRS NOYES, Professor Robert PRINGLE, Professor John William Sutton 14 SCOTT, Professor James C. SIMMONS, Dr. Richard L. 20,21, 22 20, 22,24 ROWLANDS, Dr. I. We FRS 13417 13s AT 4 19 gener 23 26 10,18, 19, 22,27 D.Ky. C.S.A.C. 13/7/74 VALLANCE, Dr. De. K. VAUGHAN ,Dame Janet WEIS—FOGH, Professor WILLIAMSON, Professor Mark WYNN, Dr. Ralph M YOUNG, Professor J. Stretton YOUNG, Professor John Zachary FRS ZIPPER, Dr. J. 23 12 i2 16,17,21 22 18,21 17