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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir John Cowdery Kendrew FRS (b. 1917) VOLUME II Sections G —K NCUACS catalogue no. 11/4/89 by Jeannine Alton NCUAGS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew SECTION G EUROPEAN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY CONFERENCE (EMBC) G.1-G.150 INTRODUCTION EARLY HISTORY Giis-G 13 "Swiss Initiative" 1964-67 G.14-G.28 Intergovernmental meetings and negotiations 1967-69 G.29-G.35 Signing and ratification of Agreement 1969-70 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS G.36-G.55 1969-79 MEMBERSHIP G.56-G.64 1968-76 SUBCOMMITTEES AND WORKING GROUPS Laboratory Working Group I Role of the laboratory Laboratory Working Group II Organisation, structure, 1967-81 Laboratory Working Group III Site of the laboratory "Andres" Working Group on future of Conference Laboratory Working Group IV Financial aspects .103-G.106 Enlarged legal sub-group .92-G.102 Steering Group of Laboratory Working Groups CONFERENCE AND COMMITTEE PAPERS administration 265 .66-G.73 .74-G.87 .88-G.91 .107-G.114 G.115-G.150 NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew INTRODUCTION The material here is of special interest in combining the small-scale private exchanges between individual scientists and colleagues with major démarches on an international level, and in showing EMBO members moving willy- nilly into politics and diplomacy and contriving on the whole to carry the day for their scientific causes. The papers on "Early History" are an _ obvious example, but EMBO’s voice continued to be strongly heard at Conference meetings through its own delegation and through national delegations which normally included at least one EMBO member. The term "Swiss Initiative" is that used in official references and in correspondence for the early moves towards international recognition for EMBO, and rightly so. The Swiss Government had given active help from the beginning (G.1), especially as a biological research institute similar to CERN and possibly sited near it was actively considered. Early encouragement and help came from J. Burckhardt and his successor E. Thalmann of the Swiss Foreign The The "Swiss first had to be Office, offered CG23). Initiative" of the CERN itself timing of the and the first delayed during including in due Membership of the political expedient approaches to governments course the signing ceremony. was limited to members of CERN, Conference also caused problems. thus excluding Israel despite her President of the Conference was H. Voirier The negotiations, even so, were not smooth. active participation in and financial support for EMBO; was particularly reluctant to accept this as other than a temporary accommodation and administrative help with meetings, International Organisations Division of the Political Department. negotiations with the Volkswagen Foundation over the terms of its grant to EMBO however, EMBO was asked to continue and report on proposal was lacking and the discussion at the first meeting was to concentrate to participate but eventually agreed to do so via its Fonds whole project before an amicable solution was reached (G.25). different order affected the scope of the meetings. membership at the first official Conference (G.36). and its demand that German be recognised the consequent protracted negotiations financial support for the fellowships de la Recherche Scientifique (G.5, Support for the laboratory and Israel was elected to A further unexpected delay The Belgian Government M.F. Perutz, Chairman "Foundation" i.e. Objections of a endangered the from Germany and courses an official (G.4, G.11, G.21, G.22) Conference language; G.28, G.31). (G28. \:6,9))- In the event, declined came National as of EMBO, on the NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew its study for a European laboratory (G.17). Political lobbying was a regular feature not only by EMBO members in general (G.7) but especially in Britain where the attitudes to the laboratory and to the need for a new intergovernmental organisation were hostile (G.15, G.22-G.24). Nevertheless two meetings were held and the Conference Agreement was signed on 13 February L969..(G29,46.30)* The later papers in this Section deal mainly with the continuing negotiations over the laboratory project - complicated not only by international legal requirements and terminology for the Agreement document but by the problems of fluctuating exchange rates and the inflation of the early 1970s - and the self-appraisal required to ensure continuation of the Conference beyond 1974 and then on to 1988. Committee papers 1967-81 have been retained. The presentation rests essentially on Kendrew’s own files with some amalgamation, discarding of duplicates and division of bulky folders into more manageable units. The material is often complemented by the papers of the EMBO Council and Laboratory Committee in Section F. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew EARLY HISTORY "SWISS INITIATIVE" 1964-67 July - December 1964 at F.83) carbon of Includes (original authorities also offer of site for laboratory moléculaire) papers aiming at intergovernmental meeting. E. Kellenberger's letter of 4 July to Perutz Swiss and the likelihood of “active help by Switzerland"; biologie (Centre européen de continuing correspondence and in Canton de Vaud; "activities" outlining with his February - June 1965 notes of meetings and telephone EMBO Council of committee to act in matters Correspondence, appointment by negotiation with governments (Engstrém, Wyman), J. Wyman 6 February mentions Kendrew as "first choice from eventual Director" (of any agreed laboratory or institute). conversations, of Kendrew, letter for preparation of "policy document" etc. Kellenberger, Copy of during with Volkswagen negotiations members See G.4). July - December 1965 intergovernmental meeting (limited initially to over publication of policy document (and hence of Correspondence January - April 1966 mainly with E. Katchalski re non-participation Perutz in particular was reluctant to accept this. Swiss Delays Foundation, initiative) J. Wyman’s "Memorandum of conversations at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs 22 November", decision to embark on organisation of of CERN and therefore excluding Israel at that stage. of CERN members on proposed conference. Correspondence November 1965 - June 1966 with J. Brachet on EMBO affairs and Belgian participation. "Notes on discussions at Swiss Foreign Correspondence, Ministry January 17", letter 31 March announcing Swiss "sondage" of Israel in proposed conference. January - March 1966 See also G.11. Wyman’s NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew G./ March - July 1966 Correspondence from EMBO Council members and others in reply circular of national representatives. to 30 March requesting active support for meeting among May - September 1966 not UNESCO proposals as basis of discussion, Correspondence and papers on replies to Swiss initiative, use of EMBO of request to postpone laboratory proposal governmental attitudes, it "because of discussion". the support necessary to form analysis basis lacks a September - October 1966 September Mainly replies from EMBO Council members to Perutz’s circular of to zg "Foundation" to consider members approved. it to the discretion of the possible further developments". discussion limitation conference "leaving meeting other All on of October - December 1966 EMBO the the 24 the of circular of regarding "Council of EMBO, The terms inclusion and papers, conference, on EMBO of while appreciating the Council members to Perutz’s including Swiss "“Aide-mémoire" on membership of conference. Wyman’s during the summer", by Replies 1967 January circular were: "Memorandum note on UNESCO discussion Correspondence proposed developments Swiss initiative. nomination of Kendrew as Secretary-General for conference. difficulties facing the Swiss Government with to at conference, nevertheless regards it Israel ‘participate scientific activities which may be decided upon." Wyman’s Berne, meeting held in Geneva (CERN) on January 14, correspondence political regard forthcoming as essential that “any in Council and conference, on discussions at the Swiss Foreign and on the [EMBO] representatives January 1967 January 13, tilly ~ in on national be. asked to’ of Israel 1967", notes "Notes held on 1967, Office at NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew Gr February 1967 Arrangements for conference. INTERGOVERNMENTAL MEETINGS AND NEGOTIATIONS 1967-70 G.14-G.20 First intergovernmental meeting, at CERN, 4-6 April 1967 circulated Documents delegation internationale entrepris en matiere de biologie moléculaire ... "Récapitulation des efforts de their collaboration Government, including paper Swiss by " March 1967 Perutz's Britain, at conference. correspondence with colleagues and officials sending EMBO report and trying to enlist U.K. in support March 1967 This prepare a of April 1967 set (later Government), on successful outcome, and conference "Communication". EMBO and officials up Working Group to "“Agreement") and invite EMBO to submit Arrangements for meetings preceding conference, correspondence. Includes Wyman’s "Notes on EMBO Conference", correspondence with members press summarises releases Conference decisions to hold a second meeting (to be convened by draft Swiss "Arrangement" a financial plan and a laboratory proposal. second meeting of Working Group 12-14 September. Correspondence and papers, including arrangements and drafts for Working Group meeting 6-8 June and includes Appleyard'’s notes on discussions and on Mainly "Arrangement"; August - September 1967 May - July 1967 Secretariat, on proposals for Conference NCUACS 11/4/89 J.c. Kendrew G.20 Various corrections’ Appleyard and Perutz, copy of Final Report of Working Group. "Arrangement" drafts with some of by G.21-G.28 Second Intergovernmental meeting, at CERN, 22-25 January 1968 the but was that could hoped various problems Agreement be arose at _ the It funding Conference, be covered by any agreement, arrangements, the length of time to an and the official signing ceremony did not take place until February 1969 and considerable activity the ending of government contributions. German language of the Conference. was required to ensure interim financing Volkswagen Foundation grant and for the recognition of As a result the between signed German demand start over the the of as September - December 1967 Correspondence attendance. on arrangements for Conference, Correspondence, funding, "Arrangement" etc. Israel discussion notes etc. on likely reactions membership, Conference by France, Germany, U.K. Secretariat, to draft the full papers relating proposals, Conference Conference", February 1968 January - March 1968 text of "Intervention by Correspondence, notes and papers. EMBO Delegation", alternative to comments and proposals, other miscellaneous correspondence. Includes Wyman’s "Comments on British Perutz's manuscript notes for speech opposing U.K. U.K. German. and circulars February - October 1968 on official of and and CERN, and French and Correspondence, the Conference the endangered negotiation simultaneous Conference Correspondence EMBO projects, especially in U.K. German demand for the recognition of German as an 1968) After correspondence records should be circulated in English, This problem led to the postponement of the Agreement (scheduled for translation should be provided attempts to mobilise political whole EMBO project. that, at signature meetings, language. accepted interest solution notes May the was as at the on in NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew G.26 June-December 1968 Correspondence, memoranda etc. mainly on financial situation and arrangements for interim payments to EMBO. September 1968 - March 1969 Correspondence contacts and scientists. EMBC. etc. with Greek colleagues and Greek participation in on vist to Greece by J. Wyman to encourage EMBO Greek Includes suggestions for EMBO activities by October - November 1968 Correspondence about Belgian signature of Agreement. SIGNING AND RATIFICATION OF AGREEMENT 1969-70 Arrangements February) . for meetings and signing ceremony (at CERN, 13 Copy of Agreement, Swiss Government ratification etc. Arrangements cover Agreement by signatory states. for Interim Conference (held at CERN 2-3 June) EMBO budget and programme while awaiting ratification Correspondence February - November 1969 on Belgian participation in Conference via Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique. of Agreement from 2 April 1970. Mainly acknowledgments of subscriptions by EMBC member countries. arrangements, on Includes formal notification of coming into force Correspondence ratification. January - March 1969 G.34 June - August 1969 financial requests for payment, October 1969 to of G.33 - April 1970, mainly NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS 1969-70 for thanks, At this meeting release. A. Alline H. Voirier three years. The revised laboratory press President, and C. Zelle were elected for first plenary session of Conference, and Kendrew was appointed Secretary-General of at CERN, Arrangements Includes draft agenda, correspondence, letters 6-8 April 1970. was of Vice- elected the Presidents, Conference proposal (see F.195, F.196) was favourably received and a Study Group was set at was its the unanimously . permit Agreement other made an contribution to the work of EMBO from its foundation, important to has «Vallotton come in all respects, Kendrew an most friendly international meetings I have ever attended." up to meet in September (G.37) and report to Conference November meeting. approved, (Art.III.2) Full membership of EMBC for Israel in a special clause being included that . Members by acceding to this Agreement after describes the meeting as "absolutely, as well as States which have and in addition it was one In his letter of into force". 10 April to Conference European enormous. success States, become may . "the the it of EE. and at of on and and the for EMBO LOPE lists April Hague papers ad hoc mainly Finance meeting Finance financial Committee, 30 October. Committee etc. matters, <19/0°..- nominations meetings circulars, arrangements Correspondence contributions, February 1971. Correspondence, participants, September - and Laboratory Committee, ad hoc representatives of national scientific institutions. of 29 Meetings include those of EMBO Council of EMBC Study Group on laboratory and with service as President of Conference. General Committee and agreement etc. at the Conference meeting in October 1971. Finance draft Kendrew was appointed laboratory Project Leader on EMBC affairs, discussion - December on extension correspondence Correspondence H. Voirier’s laboratory, Conference, meetings March of of of NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew LOT 2 Correspondence April - August, contribution from Italy. on delay in payment of financial Choice of officers of EMBC. notes Kendrew’s Finance Committee 27 June and 5 December and of extraordinary session of Conference 28 June. meetings for and memos and of of 1973 this the signing of the laboratory material relates to meetings of Conference Much of "Bureau", Conference officials, and the Working Group on the continuation of the EMBC Agreement after 1974. This was the "Andres" Working Group, see G.107-G.114. Several of the folders include Kendrew’s notes on matters under discussion. the agreement, Papers, Andres - July. Arrangements for Conference, of President (H. Voirier) with correspondence, continuation and See G.107-G.111. Kendrew’s notes, Includes letter January - February. compte-rendu proposing from possible expansion of EMBC, Working Group. A. R&Srsch for Bureau meeting 20 February. working group on which led to setting up of "Andres" June. correspondence representatives. Election of officers of Bureau and of Laboratory Council, Conference February Laboratory President (successor: of letters between Voirier and Kendrew. notes, minutes for Bureau meeting 25 September. July - September. proceedings, Working meeting to be held in Greece. Bureau, as Includes farewell exchange correspondence, Kendrew’s manuscript Group meeting, Bureau for retirement of H. on Conference and Council meetings, Correspondence Greek offer September. Arrangements, P. Fasella). Voirier NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 195 G.49 October - November. 5 December. Correspondence, agenda for Bureau meeting manuscript Correspondence November - December. Kendrew's Committee meeting 5 December at which financial problems of laboratory, losses were discussed. meeting, Finance the of contributions and exchange rates and assessment Conference official papers notes and on on 1974 Correspondence, papers, Kendrew’s manuscript notes December 1973 - March financial matters and exchange fluctuations, held at Heidelberg 30 April. on informal EMBC meeting, mainly 1974 on - July. manuscript mainly nomination of officers of EMBL Council and relationship with for Bureau meeting 3 July and Conference 4 July, Correspondence, Kendrew’s papers, July notes, on EMBC. July - December as LoS from letter Mainly 1978-79 Kendrew’s resignation A. R&rsch on on continuation of EMBC support to 1988, Includes Secretary-General of EMBO and EMBC. of document on case for continuation. including copy NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew MEMBERSHIP Various enquiries and negotiations from individuals or officials on in alphabetical order. applications Conference, presented possible to join Belgium 1974 G37, .G.98 Eire (admitted 1974) 1969-74 Gas] 96971" possibility of Laboratory being located in Eire. Preliminary enquiries and negotiations including G. 58° 1973-74. (from 1974) and for observers to attend meeting in December 1973. for membership application Formal July Finland 1968-76 Hungary (report on visit) 1972 TOES Japan Romania 1972 Portugal 1970 USSR 1969 5+ 1972 Yugoslavia 1973 NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew SUBCOMMITTEES AND WORKING GROUPS of the set for study national laboratory consisting meeting Groups in November 1970 the Conference to its At Working membership consultants respectively administration, laboratory. Working report. the groups is included at G.92. four their EMBO study and the the a Kendrew’s list of the national and EMBO members of all the financial aspects addition a Steering Group was co-ordinate their work and was structure delegates task organisation, group. the There to each role, proposals, two to. prepare Groups Their site, of of the and and the up in to Laboratory Working Group I. Role of the laboratory Chairman: J.F. Embling Correspondence, (January 1971). draft papers and memoranda, Report of group work and the H.8. "Legal drafts arduous C. Zelle Chairman: Laboratory Working Group II. Organisation, structure and administration Agreement" conjunction establishing with that of the of the "Headquarters of this Group proved particularly For laboratory in Germany see H.7, many The material should be Sub-group" December 1970 - January 1971. and E.C. Appleyard. The drafts of the "Agreement" were required. consulted in (G.103-G.106). 20 April. March 1971. second with manuscript revisions by Kendrew). Correspondence, memoranda, agenda by Third meeting 11 May, draft agreement of summary record 19 February draft agreement of meeting 15 March, April - May. of (both memoranda, comments comments, January, meeting minutes Drafts, first of 28 NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 198 G.69 Fourth meeting 8 July. May with manuscript revisions by Kendrew, May meeting, summary report draft Includes revised draft of summary record of group, working of May - June. 25 11 correspondence. July - August. August. draft report of working group, miscellaneous manuscript notes. Correspondence, memoranda for fifth meeting 3-4 revised summary Includes 8 July 9 July with manuscript revisions by meeting, Kendrew, record of summary of Comments by EMBC members on revised draft agreement of 4 (included requested session of Conference on 13-14 October. following folder) as in August extraordinary Later revised drafts 22 November, 3 December. Summary May 1972. records of meetings of enlarged working group 2 and 5 the visited and, after Laboratory Working Group III. Site of the laboratory the EMBO Chairman: A. R&rsch recommended Subcommittee Subcommittee report of the EMBO Sites to revive the connection with CERN, to Heidelberg in July (G.81-G.86) after which the working group began by establishing criteria for the choice at its first meeting in January 1971 (C.75) the It also visited the two sites near Munich some and a major visit was Group's was The of site (G.74) and; considered Laboratory Committee. already by uncertainties about the availability of the Heidelberg site attempts made report acceptance of the accepted by the Conference in October. group chairman), Interim Report of working group. to See recommendations of the EMBO Sites Subcommittee. August working group’s report on criteria for site. January 1971. EMBO sites Subcommittee Papers for first meeting 3-4 January, including (EMBO working Correspondence, F.198-F.204 by A. R&rsch - - January. The report memoranda report by 0. Maalge for material the work memo on chairman), comments 19/70. 1975, relating and report, site. of and (EMBC NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 199 Si 76 Papers for second meeting and visits to two February - April. of sites visits and meetings, list of participants, second Interim Report of working group, correspondence. Munich (Garching Martinsried), programme near and offers Official for laboratory at Munich-Garching and Munich-Martinsried, details of sites, maps etc. Federal Republic of Germany of sites by and on - 1 This April. April. papers was by a the site. Correspondence previous report in February Heidelberg "Second arranged by EMBO Council and its interim report confirmed preferred Federal offer apart from the ones in the Munchen area", the case. observers correspondence, copy of Jerne’s Interim Report. to Working Party" (by N.K. Jerne) Heidelberg as It was hoped that this would "give the German site as proved to be as notes, authorities the opportunity to make an additional A. R&rsch and O. Brieskorn attended H. Voirier, for recommending Kendrew’s includes Folder visit EMBC. Personal report by A. Rérsch on the Munich and Heidelberg sites, 15 April. 12-14 July. Correspondence on EMBC working group’s visit to Includes information on official offer April - June. Heidelberg of site, list of participants. Correspondence on meeting at CERN on possible site also included C. Zelle on possibility of official offer April - May. for laboratory adjacent to CERN (not successful); is Kendrew’s letter to by Germany of Heidelberg site. facilities, official offer etc. July. Heidelberg site (sent too late to be considered at meeting). Correspondence with H.E. Huxley on his objections to the Summary record of working group meeting at Heidelberg, report on sites. Heidelberg, proposed material folders Three site, on of NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew G.87 Late suggestions for sites October - November 1971. Laboratory Working Group IV. Financial aspects Chairman: A. Alline Summary record of first meeting 25 February 1971, correspondence second on U.K. meeting May, third meeting 22 June. report of working group contribution, memoranda, Interim summary record after of 4 January - March 1972, and meeting of enlarged working group 15-16 February. Kendrew’s manuscript notes, of meeting. Correspondence and papers on membership Includes statement of U.K. position, minutes October 1972. on "literary, scientific and industrial property". Drafts for working group on financial rules and Drafts of Includes for meetings 27-28 March. Steering Group J-FEmbling, of Laboratory Working Groups and The members were the chairmen of the C. Zelie A. Rérseh and A. Lo 73 prepared revisions by Kendrew in French and English versions. and revisions suggested by national delegations, substantial The Chairman of this co-ordinating committee was H. Voirier the Secretary was Kendrew. four working groups: Alline. site for laboratory, interim progress report. November of nomination of national representatives. Kendrew’s working groups and steering group. lists of membership, Agenda and minutes of first meeting 21 April, Notes of first informal meeting meetings, timetabling EMBO consultants and duties 1970 - January 1971. correspondence on November, Steering Group 27 of NCUAGS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 201 -95 July - August. meeting 4 August. Correspondence, papers, reports and minutes for Correspondence, notes, reports and December 1971 - March 1972. Includes minutes for meetings 15-16 February and 24 March 1972. Kendrew’s scientific programme and financial problems of laboratory by Kendrew and A. R&rsch. manuscript memoranda notes, and on Papers, Kendrew'’s notes for meeting 21 April. Papers, 27 and 29 June. Kendrew’s notes, minutes for meetings 21 April, 24 May, August - September. 5 September. Correspondence, papers, minutes for meeting October. during Haarlass "Second Konstanz" meeting. Correspondence and memoranda for meeting 7 November of meeting 7 November, manuscript notes, Enlarged legal sub-group Papers for meeting 7 November. was set up by the Conference at its extraordinary Kendrew’s minutes report of Steering Group’s activities. This 13-14 "Agreement" and to prepare an agreed text for signature. Meetings 13-14 January, 24-25 February. The meetings, correspondence. arrangements texts notes of "Agreement", Meeting 18-19 November. to examine amendments to session laboratory and revisions of for meetings, October 1971, 1972. the material includes memoranda, 1971. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew G.105 1972. 25-26 September. Meetings 21-22 April, 16 May, 9 June, 22-24 July, 1973. Meetings 27-28 March, 2-3 July. "Andres" Working Group on future of Conference The behalf Agreement. informally An ad hoc working group were to consider the future of the Working Group was set up following an initiative on in May 1973 after the signing ceremony terms of reference of the The of the Dutch delegation by A. R&rsch. met the of laboratory working group Agreement and amended or discontinued. "scientific philosophy" to include other research areas such as Brain and Behaviour (EBBO), Material Cell relating for affiliation with EMBC, (EORTC). not is included at G.112-G.114. whether it should be continued without change, of the discussion bore on the of EMBC and how far its scope might be expanded Research were and Cancer Conference projects, accepted Biology (ECBO) which these Much to The Chairman was E. Andres, referred to as the "Andres Working Group". and the working group is regularly See also G.44, G.47. of group on Brain and =197:3. terms of informal working reference, Behaviour June 1973. negotiations, meeting in May, Includes copy of material January - May 1973. October 26-28 September. A. arrangements Kendrew’s Correspondence on draft terms of reference, LOT: Preliminary R&érsch's letter (original at G.44), for manuscript notes of meeting. May - report consideration by Andres group at first meeting 2 July). July =.-'» for second meeting Includes Kendrew's manuscript notes, papers by A. R&rsch "On the philosophy of the enlargement of the scope of EMBC" and B.H. Flowers on "Science and Europe". further five years (to 1977). Agenda and Kendrew's notes for third meeting 24-26 October. text of Conference resolution to prolong Agreement for reports to Conference, of Group meetings, Minutes final Correspondence and papers and a drafts NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew Crlt2 Training European Correspondence proposal to affiliate with EMBC. Program papers. and in Brain and Behaviour October 1971 - December 203 Research. on 1973 Cell Biology Organisation (ECBO). February 1973 - January 1975 on proposal European papers with EMBC, EMBO. including formal application, Correspondence and affiliate and on relations with to Organization European (EORTC). on request for financial support from EMBC. Research for on Correspondence and papers March 1972 - December Treatment of Cancer 1973 NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew CONFERENCE AND COMMITTEE PAPERS English The where only the French or German versions survive. text has been retained except in a very few cases Some of the documents have notes or revisions by Kendrew. First intergovernmental meeting 4-6 April 1967. Conference working group 6-8 June 1967. Conference working group 12-13 September 1967. Second intergovernmental meeting 22-25 January 1968. Ceremony of signing Agreement 13 February 1968. Interim Conference 2-3 June 1969. Ordinary Session 26-27 November 1970. Ad hoc Finance Committee 1970. First Plenary Conference 6-8 April 1970. Finance Committee 1971. Extraordinary Session 13-14 October 1971. Ordinary Session 2-3 December 1971. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew G.127 Extraordinary Session 28-29 June 1972. Ordinary Session 6-7 December 1972. Finance Committee 1972. Ceremony 10-11 May 1973. of signature of Agreement establishing Laboratory Ordinary Session and Finance Committee 4-5 July 1973. Ordinary Session and Finance Committee 5-7 December 1973. Ordinary Session 3-5 July 1974. Finance Committee 3 July 1974. Ordinary Session Ordinary Session Committee 11-12 December 1974. Ordinary Session Finance Committee 2-3 July 1975. Finance Committee 25-26 November 1975. Committee 5-6 December 1977. Finance Committee 22-23 November 1976. Finance Committee 4-5 July 1977. Ordinary Session Committee 28-29 June 1976. Ordinary Session Ordinary Session Ordinary Session NCUAGS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew G.142 Ordinary Session and Finance Committee 8-9 May 1978. Plenary 10-11 October 1978. Working Party to consider prolongation of Agreement Ordinary Session Finance Committee 10-12 December 1978. Ordinary Session Committee 28-29 May 1979. Ordinary Session Finance Committee 19 November 1979. Ordinary Session Finance Committee 10 June 1980. Ordinary Session Finance Committee 25 November 1980. Ordinary Session Committee 2 June 1981. Ordinary Session Committee 8 December 1981. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew SECTION H EUROPEAN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY LABORATORY (EMBL) H.1-H.417 INTRODUCTION AGREEMENTS Laboratory Agreement Headquarters Agreement THE BUILDING OF THE LABORATORY GaN LZ Temporary accommodation in Heidelberg .13-H.20 Early planning and costing .21-H.34 Building Committee .35-H.46 Architects, tenders, plans Inauguration H.183-H. 202 .56-H. 68 .69-H.97 .98 Ee -47-H.49 .50-H.55 Furnishing and interior design RESEARCH COMMITTEES AND WORKING GROUPS Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Provisional Scientific Advisory Committee (PSAC) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Working Group Instrumentation .L00-H.102 Recombinant DNA (rDNA) Committee RESEARCH DIVISIONS - HEIDELBERG . L03-H.140 Scientific Purchases Committee H.178-H.182 Biological Structures Computer Policy Working Group H.152-H.177 Cell Biology Lobe LoL Workshops NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew OUTSTATION AT DEUTSCHES ELEKTRONEN SYNCHROTRON (DESY) - HAMBURG .203-H.205 Early History .206-H.210 Relations with DESY -2ZEL-H 203 DESY Committees -214-Ho217 Staff .218-H.220 Equipment 22. 3H. 2317 Research OUTSTATION AT INSTITUT MAX VON LAUE - PAUL LANGEVIN (ILL) - GRENOBLE .238-H.246 Early History 247 ILL - EMBL Building .248-H.254 ILL Scientific Council +255 7250 Staff Equipment <2I1-H. 262 Research VISITORS AND STAFF H.292-H.296 H.263-H.265 RESEARCH PROGRAMMES H.266-H.273 Seminars SEMINARS, LECTURES, COURSES Laboratory Research Programmes 1975-87 Starr H.281-H.291 Visitors H.274-H.279 Lectures H.280 Courses NCUACS 11/4/89 . Kendrew MEMBERSHIP H.297-H. 304 Existing, continuing, proposed new membership ADMINISTRATION ~305cH . 311 Organisation and planning .312-H.318 Committees .319-H.324 Finance i325 70HgeeD Staff Association -92/-H. 333 Miscellaneous .334-H. 344 Appointments DIRECTOR-GENERAL’S NOTES AND CORRESPONDENCE H.345-H.358 Notes H.359-H.367 H.370-H.377 H.378-H.417 Hesoe, Hae69 Personal correspondence Director-General’s correspondence FINANCE COMMITTEE AND COUNCIL MINUTES Kendrew’s appointments and career at EMBL 1973-81 NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew INTRODUCTION The year 1971 can reasonably be taken to mark the official start of EMBL since it saw the appointment of Kendrew as Project Leader and the setting up of a Building Committee and of a Provisional Scientific Advisory Committee. Many of the early planning documents in this section nevertheless go back to 1967, as does some of the political and policy material. There is also, obviously, an inevitable overlap with material involving EMBO (Section F) and EMBC (Section G); examples of such are the original proposals for the Laboratory, the working group on choice of site (predecessor of the Building Committee), the Konstanz meeting on the research programme and the subsequent working parties. Many of the EMBL working groups and committees were a continuation of those first set up by EMBO. Kendrew himself took up residence in Heidelberg only from January 1975. That said, it remains the case that the papers in this Section can be seen to be geared to the Laboratory. by of the As is one The only Laboratory to interest the of the the regarding the specialist Committees, Advisory and on all aspects early date of many of establishment the Scientific administrative the negotiations and function but Laboratory history; one of the chief sources the documents and letters could mention the setting up of with the material on EMBO and EMBC, structure, plans and costings of the building. of the outstations at Hamburg and Grenoble, evidence of long-term planning and thought afforded to Kendrew's determination to achieve the highest standards of very considerable elaboration of the latter are attributable not Containment Facility for genetic research. states affecting their relative contributions and also the with a period of high and often unpredictable global inflation It was a considerable achievement to have had the to schedule and to budget and incorporating the permanent problem with the varying inflation rates salary rates for EMBL staff. the rise in oil prices. the historical coincidence building finished of the building of the This was an unexpected continued as a cost-cutting exercises, factor which primarily to revisions and comparative required several budget and which of EMBC equipment due additional member NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew The concept of the Laboratory had always been crucial to Kendrew. He espoused it from the first informal discussions in 1962 in which Szilard seems to have played an initiatory part, and fostered it with skill through the many vicissitudes of the ensuing decade. His own extensive notes, charts, schedules, discussion memoranda and the like (passim but especially at H.345- H.358) are of special interest in this respect, usually antedating the official documents by a matter of years and showing great foresight in anticipating areas where scientific or political developments were to be encouraged, forestalled or answered. Almost all aspects of the history of the Laboratory may be complemented by reference to these notes. Kendrew’s role as Project Leader and Director-General was an active He followed the construction of the Laboratory very closely, supervising physical growth and furbishment, its inauguration and harmonious one. its relationship with the local community, in surprising detail (H.47-H.49, H.51). Even before this stage, when small research groups were operating in temporary accommodation, Kendrew was very directly involved in planning the administrative structure, and his hand can literally be seen in early drafts of and for its funding, administrative H.308, H.325, H.332). Stationery (H.305, in travel claim and leave forms, and in the handsome the staff association, “The carbon copies of the Director- in documents at all levels from the various scientific committees as and when they were set up to the constitution General's correspondence at H.370-H.377 are also of interest as a running tally (probably by no means complete) of the routine workload. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew AGREEMENTS LABORATORY AGREEMENT the was agreement establishing This Biology (Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom). Molecular countries Denmark, France, Federal Republic of Germany, Israel, European ten 10 May 1973 by Laboratory, signed the on deals material The mainly involving delays in Italy's decision to contribute, and with the signing ceremony itself. For earlier work on the agreement, see G.66-G.72. negotiations, last-minute with April 1972 - January 1973. and last-minute snags. February 1973 but postponed because of Italian uncertainty. delays The signing ceremony was proposed for 19 Agreements to participate, October 1972 - March 1973. Italian contribution and participation. Correspondence, calculations etc. on 10 May. Sent 19 March 1973. Arrangements, speeches, press for meeting of Working Group on future of EMBC Arrangements 10-11 May after ceremony. Signing ceremony at CERN, release. and final text of letter to Foreign Ministries informing Drafts them of Italian decision to participate. Design and text of agreement. See G.107-G.111. on NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew HEADQUARTERS AGREEMENT This was signed between the Federal Republic of Germany and EMBL on the Laboratory. Kendrew signing on behalf of 10 December 1974 at Bonn, Drafts January, May 1972, and revisions of July 1973. agreement, February, November 1971, and Correspondence last-minute arrangements for signing ceremony, English correspondence on implementation of agreement. versions), agreement, text alterations agreement, Kendrew'’s speech (German and later Little to a? of NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew THE BUILDING OF THE LABORATORY TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION IN HEIDELBERG Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ) Correspondence, 1971 - July Research affairs. Centre, See also 0.19. and estimates, discussion notes etc. 1978, for laboratory space in newly-built alittle later correspondence September Cancer DKFZ on Max-Planck-Institut fur Kernphysik (MPIK) Correspondence, 1976. plans, discussion notes etc. March 1972 - May plans, Biochimie Miscellaneous correspondence Shorter outstations etc. discussion notes March 1974 - September Correspondence, 1975 for accommodation in old university biochemistry building. Netherlands, Germany, UK. about Society laboratory in 1967-71. possible discussion proposals, sites and meetings, possible EARLY PLANNING AND COSTING Correspondence and memos. projects for laboratory, Konstanz meeting, recruits for EMBL, attitudes to EMBL Includes material collaboration, ES73 on possible Royal revised NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.14 calculations, Notes, comparison costings, salaries etc. 1969-70. correspondence and memos. with other laboratory staff on 215 laboratory and levels BOE. March-April including colleagues, Working Group on Finance. calculations by Correspondence costings, Cambridge used as basis by Kendrew in preparing reply to EMBC on H.E. Huxley and other MRC notes and notes October-November and calculations by Kendrew, mainly prepared for EMBL Scientific Advisory Committee meeting. Similar material with extensive 1971. February-March 1972. with colleagues S. Brenner, of revised budget (also used for Building Committee see H.23). Extensive notes, calculations, discussions A. Klug, U.W. Arndt for preparation May-November 1972. Revised budget (May) and later calculations. inflation Requests to L973. factor etc. Correspondence and papers on cost variation, 1973 EMBL. BUILDING COMMITTEE as affecting EMBL. sent to member countries for subscriptions laboratories visited. This of A. R&rsch. schedule which were sent to four selected architects in eo Tees. technical committee were formed to judge the four projects. November B&hm Muller, of Mannheim, were awarded the first prize. was set up by EMBC in December 1971 under the Chairmanship It drafted a programme of requirements and a time October were submitted in October 1973 and a jury and In and correspondence, and Preliminary correspondence invitations, on the partnership of March 1972, meetings January, Proposals 1973 membership notes Lange, Mitzlaff, NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew HI2Z2 April competitions. LO7 2 Organisation procedures for international Information from colleagues about laboratory design, G&ttingen July 1972. meeting at Drafts and revisions of information document to architects (drafted by R&rsch, revised by Kendrew). be circulated to Maps of site. August-September 1972. report on architects. visit Correspondence, to colleague's laboratory, meeting at draft Frankfurt, letter to Miscellaneous advisers submit plans or be included in competition 1972-73. architects late or unsuccessful applications correspondence on suggestions for committee; to or to 1972 architects. 1973. 15 June Invitations to of committee and January - proposed 1973. meeting 9 December and eventually to architects, architects 12 May at Heidelberg 12 May 1973 of committee and May-June Heidelberg Further information on site requirements for architects. Correspondence and arrangements for meeting at representatives. Meeting Kendrew’s notes and revisions of minutes. October acceptances, postponed from 9 November to 1973 because of delays in signing Laboratory Agreement. Met 23 October, 14 November. Meeting with architects, Heidelberg 6 July, architects May-July 1973. meeting replies. Vorprtfungs committee. of Building Committee, of committee and local questions from last and NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.33 Meeting members and with competing architects, jury's report. of Jury 16-17 November 1973, correspondence with 217 jury Photographs of models of buildings submitted to jury. ARCHITECTS, TENDERS, PLANS Meetings, city authorities, colleagues leading up to contract. discussions, correspondence 1973-74 with architects, and correspondence Papers original operated had an independent gas heating system. alterations led to a rise in costs. plans heating by Stadtwerke Heidelberg. envisaged 1973-75 on heating by pipeline The Laboratory system. a from The plant eventually and The ensuing delays notes, plans, later material on organisation Mainly on early designs and requirements, calculations relating to animal but of running and Correspondence, 1973-81. house includes some animal house. to arise notes, plans, calculations etc. Notes of meeting 5 July 1974. concern expressed by Finance Committee. discuss technical problems likely to Correspondence and papers on Laboratory Planning Group set up by Kendrew during planning. Correspondence, on planning, 1974, mainly on costings and attempts to reduce them in response to Includes documents by architects, colleagues, Kendrew'’s notes etc. members of Finance Committee 1975. Miscellaneous plans with modifications and revisions for and space allocation, mainly 1974, 1975, related to H.39. tender for civil engineering works of EMBL Award correspondence, building; by as put to and accepted layout official proposal of NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.42 Later Finance Committee papers on tenders and final "Report on Construction . . . and Expenditure 1980". 218 costs, including group, working Expert progress of construction; C. Grosgurin working group. appointed to supervise and correspondence 1975-79, on comment mainly with of about P4 installation. Includes final report Arrangements for move to new building, ete. 1977279. minor snags and problems Architect's first plans December 1974. Revised plans January 1975, March 1975. FURNISHING AND INTERIOR DESIGN a His clear but it material is of interest in demonstrating you know, laboratory", sanitary fittings, memorandum of 12 April 1976 which begins "As which he rightly saw as creating indicates the range of his preoccupations chief consultants were the Design Research Kendrew's This care for what others might consider matters of minor meticulous harmonious but importance smooth ambience and a powerful contribution to the laboratory's working. Unit then headed by Sir Mischa Black, working in conjunction with the architects and a small committee from the laboratory, is decisions. very that he took an active personal part in His I great importance to problems of aesthetics and design in attach the in they include internal and external lighting, floor this regard: wall and door colours, furniture coverings, and fittings for canteen, direction stationery, landscaping, soft furnishings, signs and lettering, china and cutlery, reading lamps, notice boards and ash-trays. Design Research Unit and others. notes of meetings, visits and costs with mainly 1976-78 but a little later material to Correspondence, etc. library and seminar rooms, memoranda, 1980, NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 219 on all covers 1975-80 aspects design, for Also including correspondence graphic designs, and forms, and _ brochures. Szilard approved Notes, stationery application manuals Gertrud Library name days of EMBO. (H.54) had referred to Szilard's creative role and his own to designing or approving items. of head, reports, with Szilard official early Kendrew’s speech at the opening of the laboratory wish in of library in commemoration of Szilard’s support in Here also Kendrew was personally active by EMBL Council in December 1978 as and others on bookplate for annual and includes correspondence perpetuate it. research letter Leo the Miscellaneous in correspondence. catalogues of supplies and equipment referred to H.48 INAUGURATION by _ of the well of the Council present In his originally and former members then brought forward to of the West German Bund and Land, formal opening of the new building was University of Heidelberg and of the Max-Planck the event the State Visit of President attending and the Laboratory was opened planned The for 8 May 1978, 5 May in order that the President of West Germany, Dr Scheel, could perform the official ceremony. Brezhnev prevented the Guests included delegates Minister for Research and Technology. states, and representatives City Institutes, and as and Scientific Advisory Committee of EMBL, and some early members of EMBO. government representatives of EMBL and EMBC member Preliminary committee, guest lists and revisions. The inauguration programme of events included official speeches and lunch, scientific colloquia, tours of the Laboratory and its research groups, and an evening reception. refusals, Kendrew’s official letters of thanks. Arrangements stationery and printed items, press coverage and releases. special commemorative postmark, arrangements, Correspondence inauguration invitations, acceptances meetings official artwork the for and as for on of NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew W539 Correspondence scientific seminar to be given as part of opening ceremony. on arrangements for colleagues with talks at Correspondence with colleagues about opening ceremony, including invitations to speak, letters and cables of good wishes, regrets at inability to attend etc., Includes draft German President. speeches by Kendrew and E.C. Slater, some with recollections. message from West Folder at ceremony. of material designed by Design Research Unit for guests NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew RESEARCH COMMITTEES AND WORKING GROUPS to L971, Kendrew consult and in chronological terms antedate it. These constitute the main arteries for the scientific activities of the Laboratory, In for the Extraordinary Meeting of EMBC scheduled for preparation October President, and H. Voirier, representatives about suitable provisional ) This first met in October Scientific Advisory Committee (H.56). 1971 under the chairmanship of N.K. Jerne, and continued to meet Leader and (Kendrew) the formal inception of the SAC in 1974. until the coming into force of the Agreement and _ nominations for a "shadow" (later called of national institutions of EMBC members advise the EMBC delegates and the EMBL was members authorised Project Council EMBO the the by of to SAC Magnetic Resonance and Recombinant DNA but also maintained regular contact by and its specialist Working Groups on Computer The Nuclear meetings and telephone. of field of research, SAC, of attention projects. recruitment of staff members; is concerned with recommendations and suggestions for the appointments, component of the agenda for SAC meetings. Policy, had _ periodical correspondence Its activity included scientific policy, choice appointments to the Laboratory and to the consideration and any special and much of the early correspondence first regular reports by staff members or working groups, visits to the laboratories and outstations, continued to be an selection important Great paid this was the and to of is the the 1975 equipment items staff "justifications" led to the creation of for scientific whose documentation (H.103-H.140) the members of the Committee, in requested or discussion meetings attended, scientific life of the Laboratory began in the Scientific of of and Once purchase Purchases including interest equipment by submitted for evaluation. An important source of information for the SAC and the Director- on current and developing fields of research were small General workshops by leading workers in specific topics (H.141-H.151). Division or Outstation. specialist ad hoc committees were set up from time to advise on matters of concern to the research groups to of They are listed under the appropriate Research Various time the Laboratory. invitation, by NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew PROVISIONAL SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE (PSAC) Membership documents from Founding authorisation EMBC nominations, first membership. August-October 1971. H. Voirier, Includes letter Kendrew’s letters to EMBO members and their recommendations, statistical lists of and of October acceptances, 4 December 1971, suggestions for membership. 1971 - September 1973. reference some meetings to Invitations to serve on on 31 PSAC, October, Correspondence European biology. October 1973 - March 1974 with PSAC laboratories significantly involved in members on molecular March Correspondence changeover in continued to serve on the SAC. membership. and to formal Scientific Advisory Committee and fifteen Thirteen original the of July 1974 with PSAC members on changes members may with varies agenda members include material committee Kendrew's correspondence in extent and notes made at the meeting or and This in preparation minutes, fOr others, Le, suggestions or recommendations for appointments, matters arising from meeting. 3rd meeting 19-20 April 1972 jointly with EMBO Council. lst informal meeting 31 October 1971. 2nd meeting 4 December 1971. or NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 225 H.63 meeting 4th 7, Konstanz") meeting. 3, 8 November 1972, during Haarlass ("Second 5th meeting 14 June 1973. Informal meeting 23 October 1973. 6th meeting 11 February 1974. 7th meeting 21 June 1974 (last meeting). Miscellaneous notes by Kendrew on possible appointments. SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE (SAC) Membership Official and personal correspondence on nominations and service, Kendrew's notes and lists of candidates and members. Includes charts of committee members and attendance 1971- NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.74 Meetings cover SAC meetings from the first on to preparations for the 19th to be held in May 1982 These 1974 Kendrew had left the Laboratory. and notes on meetings, for or at meetings, for the committee, on staff appointments, policy all aspects of SAC work. December after minutes preparation reports and submissions recommendations and decisions space allocations, budget and buildings, on correspondence with members or others Kendrew's own notes made in They include agenda, background papers, applications, files 14 and projects, meeting, 14 December 1974. meeting, 1 July 1975. meeting, 3-4 May 1975. meeting, 2-3 May 1976. meeting, 23-24 November 1975. meeting, 18-19 March 1977 at ILL outstation, Grenoble. meeting, 30-31 July 1976 at DESY outstation, Hamburg. meeting, 28-29 October 1976. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.85 9th meeting, 1-2 July 1977. meeting, 25-26 November 1977. meeting, 21-22 April 1978 at DESY outstation, Hamburg. meeting, 10-11 July 1978. meeting, 18-19 January 1979. meeting, 23-24 November 1979, at ILL outstation, Grenoble. meeting, 25-26 April 1980. meeting, 1-2 November 1980. meeting, 3-4 October 1981, and brief Correspondence correspondence meeting, 12-13 April 1981, at Grenoble. 18th concerning 19th meeting 3-4 May 1982. 1975-76. Correspondence with individual scientists or consultants to SAC. L.C.M. De Maeyer G. Bernardi 1975-76. 1976-81. Hy (Harris NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE (NMR) WORKING GROUP Correspondence, memoranda and papers mainly 1971-76 and a little later material 1981. Includes A. Klug's first report (February on "the desirability and feasibility of developing a high 1974) later field NMR spectrometer at EMBL" and comments by at report EMBL (September research projects at EMBL and elsewhere. of Working Group on future developments of NMR NMR appointments, others, 1975), other staff NMR spectrometer was acquired by EMBL at this time, delays in starting the laboratory led to had been hoped to recruit, taking up an R. in part Freeman, appointment No because whom elsewhere. it COMPUTER POLICY WORKING GROUP in the area of computer graphics and other memoranda and papers 1972-76 on computer policy Correspondence, advanced especially and computer of reports, R.F. Herzog as Head of Computing in 1976, the formal work of the Working Group came to an end. applications. staff Working Group appointments appointment meetings Includes With etc. the by EMBO about that "these in molecular potential biohazards appropriate RECOMBINANT DNA (rDNA) COMMITTEE was widely voiced during the early 1970s. bodies, recommendations and to providing problems be urgently both appropriate biological Concern A circular research letter was sent to Kendrew in June 1974 by C. Weissmann co- signatory) for consideration by EMBO Council and by the PSAC and carefully recommending to considered security special for instance at risk laboratories within the framework of EMBO, An Asilomar conference on the rDNA EMBO delegation and an ad hoc EMBO committee was set up by Council in January 1975 The report "a containment laboratory meeting the most stringent specifications be Biology For material on the building, equipment and use of Correspondence and papers June-December 1974. should Laboratory." the containment laboratory, see H.156-H.177. to EMBC on the Asilomar conference recommended Heidelberg laboratory" (H.100). held in February 1975, within the European See also F.118. C. Weissmann). attended by a (Chairman: Molecular five-man and in regard built was (a that NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.101 Correspondence and papers January 1975 - February 1976. Reports Committees 1975-80. and minutes of the EMBO ad hoc and Standing Advisory SCIENTIFIC PURCHASES COMMITTEE (from 19 March 1980 PURCHASES COMMITTEE) purchase co-ordinate This had its first meeting on 16 July 1976, to various Director-General Outstations, Sections. being the the Heads of the and the Heads of the Administration and Purchasing made Its membership consisted Heads of Divisions, requests for equipment its function scientific (Chairman), groups. by of The material includes minutes, "justifications" thereon, members Many calculations. of the committee, documents some and for the of purchases correspondence of detailed agendas, equipment proposals and comments with scientific and administrative staff. have and annotations discussion Kendrew’s notes and or be of is for that here early noted draft should versions referral ordering proposals scientific 3 May 1977. to the committee, Meetings 16 July, may be found in the for prior to related 23 September, 21 October 1976. Included "Procedure equipment", with Kendrew’s revisions. It equipment for the outstations at Hamburg and Grenoble, their outstation files. 24 November 1977. 29 September 1977. 4 August 1977. NCUAGS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.108 14 December 1977 (informal). 2/ April 1976. 30 May 1978. 2 August 1978. 4 October 1978. 16 October 1978. 15 November 1978. 7 December 1978. 17 May 1979. 11 July 1979. 28 February 1979. to advise on specialist items of equipment. Six sub-groups were set up at this 15 February 1980. meeting, 12 September 1979. 7 November 1979. 13 December 1979. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 229 Hei23 19 March 1980. The Committee was henceforward called "Purchases Committee". 19 May 1980. 3, July ESS). 17 July 1980. requests (Hamburg outstation. Special Purchases Committee meeting to deal with for equipment and construction work in the new HASYLAB Hamburg Synchrotron Laboratory) Radiation at 18 September 1980. 23 October 1980. 27 November 1980. Z Aprid 1981. 16 December 1980. 20 February 1981. 8 September 1981. Extraordinary meeting. 10 July 1981. 6 May 1981. 30 June 1981. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew AS 7, 13 October 1981. 3 December 1981. 22 February 1982. Lists of equipment ordered 1975-80. WORKSHOPS a by as topic. means of clarifying the state of were small gatherings of specialists, invitation to discuss a specific existing meeting informally These proposed and or research the SAC to appropriate in coincide with meetings of the committee, They had an important function, in the early any case invited. days in determining the EMBL research programme and subsequently and in monitoring and diffusing information about its progress, are therefore included here as an aspect of its committees and working groups. They were sometimes suggested by the PSAC and _ some were timed whose members were level of involvement of EMBL; research or papers, See a studies lists of invitations, arrangements, material see Membrane Workshop 18-22 October 1973. or held at DESY and ILL outstations, additional information on workshops retained with For on research projects, H. 20), sH.224-2286 5 He25k. Correspondence, invited, November 1972 - November 1973. those programmes, Kendrew's notes of papers and discussions, Correspondence, lists of participants. Correspondence, list of participants, Kendrew'’s manuscript notes of later meeting on detectors. Detector Workshop "Optics and detectors for diffraction of biological systems", 17 October 1973. Proposed diffraction, planned for June 1974 but postponed. on ribosome structure also H.145 for research by neutron June-October 1973. See H.146. workshop NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H. 144 Workshop on Cell Separation Techniques, 8-9 June 1976. Correspondence, programme, Kendrew's notes. invitations and replies, lists of participants, Meeting and brief correspondence only. on "Area Detectors for X-rays", 4 May 1977. Proposal Workshop scattering", 16 January 1979. on "Ribosome structure research by neutron and X-ray Correspondence, notes. invitations and replies, programme, Kendrew's meeting on role of EMBL and responsibilities Proposed Director-General in the 1980s, the model of earlier discussion meetings on the subject in and? Buc, He 3.65. the referred to as "Konstanz III" on 1969 H. See also 719715 was discussed at the SAC meeting of April 1981. put forward by D.L.D. Caspar and The proposal, of report of programme, list 27-28 April 1981. of participants, Workshop on "Pressure in Biology", 9-11 April 1981. on "Computing and DNA sequences", Correspondence, discussions. Workshop See also H.180. Programme, list of participants, notes. Workshop on "Biological structures", 23-24 September 1981. discussions. of Correspondence, discussions. biology (H.151) were organised by L. Philipson to help identify possible areas of future research at EMBL. Workshop on "Developmental biology", 19-20 October 1981. and the workshop on developmental of participants, list of participants, programme, list Correspondence, programme, reports of This, reports NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew RESEARCH DIVISIONS - HEIDELBERG CELL BIOLOGY Projects and staff Correspondence projects Division. and with colleagues 1970-73 on suggestions scope of work to be undertaken by Cell for Biology Notes and suggestions on appointments 1975-76. Membrane Group staffing 1975-76. Neurobiology Group staffing and space 1974-76. on the research committee recommendation of the ad hoc EMBO on the Council of EMBL decided at its meeting on 27 November the The original plan for cell biology was modified and high-risk specifications of the (ZKBS). Establishment, KA- authorities Sicherheit was adviser on equipment, and the architects were Microbiological biologische conformed stringent somewhat carried which out ftir at _ of to the rDNA relaxed) should be CONTAINMENT FACILITY Following rDNA, that 1975 Laboratory. a new special laboratory was constructed to house the facilities (later Zentrale H.M. Darlow Porton, Plannungs GMBH. equipment. building: Correspondence facilities, advice costings, planning and space allocation, working group meetings, papers 1974-77 on all aspects of Kommission the Building and equipment proposed use colleagues, the German Research Porton from and of of NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew HEAT Architect's plans 1976. Correspondence research. and papers 1977 on German guidelines for rDNA Correspondence laboratory insurance. and papers 1978-79 on changes to required to conform with German guidelines, high-risk on and Correspondence 1976-80 safety cabinets, filters, fermentors. papers and on equipment, especially Committees be P4 to set up two and generally working by level, recommend K. Murray) applications to committees: When the building, completion Kendrew (Chairman: appropriate consultation, and the Safety Committee (Chairman: local a liaison 1978. equipment and testing of the facility neared envisaged, Committee the and _ postal Kendrew) with as act January to work out house guidelines and Invitations were sent out in could Priorities applications body with ZKBS. use it the membership, containment Draft proformas Priorities Committee invitations and replies. Ideas for membership, for research projects and committee assessments. Ideas for membership, invitations and acceptances Correspondence facility. on applications to use Safety Committee (high-risk) 1977-80 NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.164 First meeting 7 February 1978. 5 Juby 1978. 1 September 1978. 8 December 1978. 26 February 1979. Not used. 19 June 1979. 14 February 1980. 12 December 1980. 21 May 1980. 13 May 1981 (notice only; September 1981 (correspondence only). meeting not held). safety measures at EMBL 1978-80. Requests receive information, from universities, architects, official delegations 1976-79. reports on training courses containment facility or in biological Correspondence and Miscellaneous to visit to NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 235 He ad. Miscellaneous correspondence: Ohi stan L977 Los sale of enzymes 1976; MRE Porton BIOLOGICAL STRUCTURES DIVISION division, of General correspondence, other the equipment, staff and space, research projects and visitors. See also H.190-H.192 for material on the STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope). notes and papers 1974-81 on affairs microscopes electron purchase and of Correspondence staffing. 1976-77 on suggestions for research projects and and notes papers 1978-82 Includes computing and DNA sequences April 1980 and April nucleotide Correspondence, programmes and reports on EMBL Workshops sequencing. (see on The work at H.149) K. EMBL Murray and the Nucleotide Sequence Data Library became available in March 1982. Folder includes first newsletter and release of the data base. and similar workshops and projects in USA. the charge of G. Hamm under the guidance 1981 was in on of and Division Structures Priorities Reports 1980. INSTRUMENTATION DIVISION and comments on the future of the acceptances for membership of STEM Invitations Committee, July-August 1979. July 1978 (H.184-H.189). A part Maeyer work during completion nearly eventually be devoted to instrumentation development. on Instrumentation important de The level the that would To advise an in Division Policy Planning Committee (IPPC) was set up Laboratory, was appointed first Head of the Division in of temporary accommodation, was permanent building it strong Instrumentation Division had always been an the Division had to remain on a relatively research and development programme of the proposals and policy for the whole activity and 1976. low period the Laboratory envisaged but with of the half of of of the of the lL. the NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 236 plans for the future direction of the laboratory after 1982 The changes The (see H.265) affected the Instrumentation Division. were described in the EMBL Annual Report 1982 as follows: our in June which which 5-year period changes for by Council the next programme accepted both in the emphasis and the organization of 1982. is discussed later in this report has "The change of directors at EMBL led to the formulation of a new scientific was This unanimously to programme the some scientific basic cell biology and structures. research areas: basic Development of old research instrumentation four units to that biology scientific groups." division has therefore been divided all supportive technology from technology will be integrated into these EMBL is now concentrating on differentiation, mathematics appropriate associated programmes possible. The into effort. three with much can the led so as as_ be were: The four units instrumentation, applied in combined as "biocomputing". mathematics; biological physical instrumentation, instrumentation, last two the 1987 computing biochemical and were these of correspondence General appointments, equipment, projects, visitors, meetings. 1976-81 staff space and on affairs of allocation, the purchases Division: of suggestions, meeting 17 January 1979. invitations and acceptances for full meeting 6 July 1979, at DESY, Hamburg. Instrumentation Policy Planning Committee (IPPC) Membership: and corresponding members 1978-79. preceding and following meeting. meeting 27-28 January 1982 (chaired by Kendrew). 5th correspondence meeting, 7-8 December 1979. meeting 30-31 October 1980. Includes camera, "white-beam" proposed papers and on NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew Electron Microscopy Correspondence, purchase, Electron Microscope) and other electron microscopes. papers, installation and use of STEM (Scanning research proposals mainly relating to Transmission Reports E. Kellenberger (Basle), A. R&rsch (Leiden). information STEM from and on other users 1974; Notes, correspondence and papers on STEM projects, specification and tenders for STEM at EMBL 1974-75. correspondence Later microscopes, at EMBL etc. 1978-81. research projects, and papers on STEM electron meeting of European STEM Users other and Computer Group the first plans, Selection, tenders, and facilities, purchase and installation of appointments, machines, installation of first equipment correspondence on affairs of the Group: Head of Computing was R.F. Herzog and See H.99 for Computer Policy Working Group. the Heidelberg Laboratory and for the Hamburg and The includes for outstations. 1975-76. (NORD), early newsletters. General space budgets, research proposals. material reports and newsletters circulated by him both Grenoble thereon. Loe Sy he entitled "The collapse of the EMBL Computer Group", and comments of December 1978 which Includes Herzog’s report NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.196 Mainly on negotiations and agreement for EMBL to 1977-81. use Electronic Data Processing (EDP) facility at Max-Planck-Institut flr Kernphysik. 1979-81. Computational Resources Committee was established This Laboratory first meeting was 23-24 March (Chairman: for satisfying in-house computational in 1979 "to discuss the S. Brenner). policy of needs"; the the Papers, meetings affecting deliberations which 1980 and and organisation. over the choice of a midi-computer system a separate Computer Planning Group was set up on 10 whose minutes are also included. There are also submissions by various other sub-groups on computing memoranda, etc. February Kendrew'’s 1979 manuscript - October 1980 notes, on all minutes the organisation and future of the group; of matters includes for July reports needs 13 February 1981), Minutes memoranda. of Computer Users’ Group Research proposals and projects meetings 1-10 (8 August 1979 - See also H.142, H.145. Correspondence and papers 1975-81 on various types of detectors, for including research other European laboratories; much of this work was done by A. Gabriel. Folder workshops held on detectors, reports on research going forward elsewhere, collaboration with other laboratories. High electron Correspondence 1973-75. includes patent applied for, DESY and ILL and on "position-sensitive taken up at information on microscopy programmes at behalf of developed detector" Detectors. voltage EMBL). (not the NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.202 Cell sorters. Correspondence and papers 1976-78. See also H.144. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew OUTSTATION AT DEUTSCHES ELEKTRONEN SYNCHROTRON (DESY) - HAMBURG a in of an to. for into intense radiation synchrotron facility, the the storage ring project Synchrotron (DESY) at Hamburg, Provision incorporated Elektronen the revised Laboratory proposal of 1970, available experiments "bunkers", first, IV, headquarters, come (DORIS) was in use from 1974. be Deutsches had been included in with the aim of making diffraction two built on the synchrotron, and the A-bunker later called Bunker outstation had system into operation in 1964 and the double storage ring of and the storage ring. B-bunker later called Bunker II, The DESY synchrotron larger on consisted . of permanent molecular biology. x-rays source two the the the for.. the to be of It of the with Medical (later for early correspondence is Director) of Biophysics Much Professor Institute preliminary and appointment of H.B. Stuhrmann from October 1976. Kendrew’s reference to the early history of the his speech at the signing of the EMBL/DESY Agreement. then Max-Planck- the "“"Gruppenspracher" the See H.205 for in who supervised some research at DESY, acted as EMBL outstation outstation K.C. Holmes, part-time Research, head of acting until the the of as at Early History arrangements for notes and memoranda 1970; (letter drafted by Holmes), early approaches to preliminary regular user of the DESY facility was H.E. Huxley who, A among others, contributed memoranda and letters on its development and suggestions for changes or improvements. Correspondence, DESY experiments, copy of proposal for facility. of K.C. Holmes and others in getting the project started. of April Kendrew’s speech at ceremony included reference to work Correspondence, finance, staff contracts, early operating tests on DORIS. Correspondence, signature 1973). of Agreement between EMBL and DESY (signed notes and memoranda 1971; building, research, arrangements ceremony drafts, text, for 21 NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew Relations with DESY General correspondence and papers on the development of DESY and the EMBL facility. 1977-78. source, and EMBL access to beam time. Modification DORIS of into a part-time dedicated Development 1979-80. Tandem Synchrotron 1981, EMBL beam time. and inauguration of Positron Ring Accelerator (PETRA), new Radiation Laboratory (HASYLAB) inaugurated construction of Electron Hamburg January 1979-81. Use of DESY IBM computer centre by EMBL workers. 1981. Correspondence and memoranda on EMBL beam time. to June 1974, the Miscellaneous shorter correspondence. DESY Committees serve for three years from Correspondence, minutes, notes. The committee was dissolved in December 1976, Kendrew was Extended Research Committee (Forschungskollegium). invited first meeting of the committee scheduled to follow the inauguration of DORIS. an Scientific Council and a PETRA Research Committee were Extended Sev up. development of PETRA. Scientific Council (Wissenschaftlicher Rat) (Extended Scientific Council from January 1977). Kendrew was invited to serve in May 1976 and was a member until 1980. material relating to Correspondence, agenda and minutes, when the NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 242 He 213 PETRA Research Committee. combined meeting with DESY Research Committee 1976-79. Minutes of meetings 1-3, 7-11 and lst Build-up 1972-76. conferences etc., first years. appointed joint heads for a two-year period. at 1 October 1976 when H. Stuhrmann became five were head of the outstation for a October 1981 J. Bordas of M.H.J. Koch full-time 1 appointments, of up to attendance period staff, From and 1977-81. Appointment 1976. Appointment 1979 (at ILL Grenoble as well as at DESY). be in the for DESY with should related purchase 1972-76. equipment consulted and material the material deals with the planning and memoranda, reports, equipment proposals and assessments, Notes, correspondence 1972-82. research proposals requiring equipment, of Much of in computer conjunction Instrumentation Division Computer Group, and the Scientific Purchases Committee. 1978-82. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew Research «DESY, Priorities Committee, set up in 1973 to evaluate applications to use K.C. the members then were Holmes, J.C. Kendrew, V. Luzzati and the work was mainly conducted by correspondence. A. Engstr6ém, H.E. Huxley, facility; Correspondence acceptances, submission, project. and lists papers of 1973-81, including research projects 1976-79 with date state title and remarks on of proposer, name invitations, of of research reports and Correspondence, radiation Laboratoire CLURE)..Paris: Institute of European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). on _ synchrotron laboratories: pour 1’Utilisation du Rayonnement Electromagnétique Daresbury; proposed Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS) Novosibirsk; and facilities Physics, 1971-81 Energy papers other High at Miscellaneous reports on equipment and research at DESY 1975-78. .224-H.228 Workshops and meetings at DESY. in on and problems synchrotron neutron Invitation, abstract, note "Diskussionstagung" radiation research, 7 December 1976. of discussions. Plan for workshop on "X-ray and neutron scattering by biological macromolecules", March 1978. Programme, lists of participants and abstracts. "X-ray and neutron scattering of biological September 1979. use of X-ray synchrotron radiation in molecular "The 23-25 October 1978. Programme, invitations, costing. structures", biology", 24-28 NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.228 peo oH Zo "X-ray detectors", 17-21 November 1980. position sensitive detectors and energy Programme, lists of participants and abstracts. 244 discriminating reports Correspondence, members research or on facilities at DESY, work for long or short term periods etc. of DESY staff or from visiting scientists, and papers, research proposals from on requests to use equipment or reports L972. 1976. 1978-79. Project on time-resolved fluorescence. 1981-82. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew OUTSTATION AT INSTITUT MAX VON LAUE-PAUL LANGEVIN (ILL) - GRENOBLE at to result proposal Grenoble establish an outstation The placed before the European Molecular Biology Conference in October 1971 based on the importance of neutron diffraction for research was in molecular biology; this had first revealed its potential as a at The development of Brookhaven at the reactor at the Institut Max Von Laue-Paul Langevin (ILL) Grenoble was it desired close connection with the main EMBL at Heidelberg. even higher neutron flux the commissioning of the National Laboratory, to European biologists New York. available provided reactor which high flux make an of in to and the notes, basic sequence rapidly memoranda agreed), principle of correspondence, of collaboration protracted negotiations which are concerned form The earliest papers preserved here date from June 1971 and minutes a with covering ILL the the (fairly difficulties over Laboratory Agreement, and accommodation political adequate to and "early participate history" DESY outstation at Hamburg, the formal Agreement between EMBL and ILL being signed on 18 March 1977. covers a somewhat longer period than that of the access for them to ILL facilities, budgetary constraints, For these reasons the for EMBL outstation in the ILL project. dimensions buildings financial decision involved workers signing between and of and the delays EMBL over and the the UK in in 13 de the and housed Nucléaires outstation years at December 1979. Centre d'Etudes the EMBL outstation was Work started in November 1980 For several laboratories (CENG) eventually have its own building; shared building with ILL for which a formal contract was on completed in the spring of 1982. rented Grenoble although it had been agreed in principle that EMBL would the preferred solution was a signed was should the project come to fruition. Schoenborn remained at Brookhaven and the first During the early negotiations, Kendrew consulted B.P. Schoenborn who had obtained the first important neutron diffraction results he hoped, might in due course direct the at Brookhaven and who, the EMBL event of the 1 he was succeeded by B. Jacrot September 1975 to who as Senior Scientist in charge of the Biology Group. had been associated with EMBL at ILL from the beginning 31 August 1980; was A. Miller, for five years Grenoble facility head from ims NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew Early History notes and memoranda 1971; Correspondence, early approaches to B.P. Schoenborn, B. Jacrot, and others, drafts and final version of to Grenoble, expressed by ILL Steering Committee. favourable view of collaboration with EMBL for outstation for submission to EMBC, proposal visits Continuing includes for discussions etc. EMBL negotiations, L972 Kendrew's formal letter 13 October outlining proposals and correspondence establishment meetings at ILL, visits notes and his of negotiations etc. Continuing April agreement by EMBL and ILL Committees, problem of accommodation. of collaboration and drafts for formal letter from ILL document 1973, terms on 17 for Correspondence chemistry Université de Grenoble. 1973 building on of possible Institut accommodation des Sciences for EMBL at Nucléaires, 1981 thanks December concerned but also a Mainly 1973-74, for EMBL workers. No laboratory accommodation within Continuing negotiations, notes of meetings and discussions 1974, to largely ILL ILL was made available. with problem of accommodation and access re accommodation for EMBL at Correspondence, notes, minutes etc. Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires de Grenoble (CENG) in the Laboratoire de Moyenne Activité (LMA). little correspondence on CENG matters including Kendrew’s letter later of new laboratories. 1976. Correspondence made available for EMBL during early days. Correspondence, Agreement privileges Headquarters to March 1974 with CERN on store and workshop and immunities of EMBL "in France", revisions, Government facilities relating signed 3 between drafts, French moved when EMBL EMBL into its text for and NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 247 H.246 Correspondence, 18 March 1977. text for Agreement between ILL and EMBL, signed ILL-EMBL Building building constructed during "deuxieme souffle" notes, Correspondence, shared programme of ILL. the principle signed on 13 December 1979. plans, reports, minutes etc. 1976-81 on building The joint construction project was put before in was contract the EMBL Council on 30 May 1979; EMBL Finance Committee on 24 November 1978 and approved by Council (LE Scientific served Kendrew (Biochemistry) Material proposals and a little correspondence. includes minutes -Sclentific meetings, "observer" 1b on staff. and “space Notes and correspondence on specific projects and appointments rDNA 1976-77. Neurobiology 1977-80. Membranes 1979. X-rays 1976-1979. Electron microscopy 1973-76. Instrumentation 1974, 1978. Project Leader KENDREW'S APPOINTMENTS AND CAREER AT EMBL appointment was authorised by EMBC on 15 October The took effect from 28 June 1972. resolution, offer of post, salary and conditions etc. Correspondence and papers August-December 1971; 1971 and includes formal NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew Director-General invite "the present Project Leader to assume the duties The Council of EMBL decided at its session of 10-11 October 1974 to of the Director-General". After various negotiations over salary, terms of service, pension rights etc. involving EMBL Council and contract was agreed for an appointment of three years MRC, with the possibility of a renewal for two periods of two years, with effect from 1 January 1975. the Correspondence August 1974 - April 1975. and papers, negotiations, contract, with EMBL Similar material, - July 1975. negotiations on secondment from MRC July 1974 Diplomatic status, privileges and immunities of Director-General of EMBL. Extension of contract 1977. leaving settlement at EMBL, 1982) December 1977 - June 1982. of his successor (L. Philipson, March pension rights at MRC etc. Extension of contract 1979 (to January 1981) and 1981 (to 1982), October 1979 - October 1981. Papers and correspondence regarding Kendrew’s retirement and the with effect from 1 appointment April discussion report of Search Committee, possible notes and representations, "Konstanz" meeting on future direction of EMBL etc. H.344 for a little related correspondence. of thanks and good wishes, some with reminiscences. Earlier correspondence and papers January 1974 - January 1975 on research plans of L. Philipson. Arrangements for leaving Heidelberg, Includes See farewell parties, letters NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE Kendrew’s 81. address lists, personal correspondence at EMBL 1974- Miscellaneous shorter personal correspondence 1976-82. DIRECTOR-GENERAL’S CORRESPONDENCE committees, appointments, Carbon copies of Kendrew's letters and telexes on all affairs of EMBL: etc. meetings, Includes which committees Kendrew social occasions. conferences of other organisations academic little "personal" material invitations to was involved, research, visitors relating to a and with and _ NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew FINANCE COMMITTEE AND COUNCIL MINUTES includes material The the meetings, some with annotations by Kendrew, and may also include correspondence preceding or arising from meetings, or Kendrew’s manuscript notes of proceedings. full sets of papers presented at _ Correspondence, notes, summaries of informal meetings of members of EMBL and EMBC Councils, 1975, 1976, 1977. Provisional Laboratory Council 5 July 1974. only.) (Notice and agenda Finance Committee (first meeting) 10 October 1974. Council (first meeting) 10-11 October 1974. 3-4 July 1975. Finance Committee 23 May 1975. Finance Committee 21 October 1975. Finance Committee 2-3 July 1975. Finance Committee 26 February 1976. Finance Committee 25-26 November 1975. 27 November 1975. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.389 Finance Committee 28-29 June 1976. Council 30 June 1976. Finance Committee 22-23 November 1976. Council 24 November 1976. Committee 1 March 1977. Finance Committee 4-5 July 1977. Council 6 July 1977. Finance Committee 5-6 December 1977. Council 7 December 1977. Council 11-13 December 1978. Council 10 May 1978. Finance Committee 9 October 1978. Finance Committee 8-9 May 1978. Finance Committee 23 February 1979. Committee 11-12 December 1978. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew H.404 Finance Committee 29-30 May 1979. Council 30-31 May Committee 19-20 November 1979. Council 21 November 1979. Finance Committee 3 March 1980. Finance Committee 10-11 June 1980. Council 11 June 1980. Finance Committee 24 November 1980. Council 25 November 1980. Finance Committee 3 June 1981. Council 3 June 1981. Finance Committee 16 March 1981. Council 9 December 1981. Finance Committee 8-9 December 1981. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew SECTION J UK SOCIETIES, ORGANISATIONS, CONSULTANCIES J.1-J.176 BRISTOL UNIVERSITY BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE (BAAS) BRITISH BIOPHYSICAL SOCIETY BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION SCIENCE CONSULTATIVE GROUP BRITISH COUNCIL BRITISH MUSEUM COMMONWEALTH SCIENCE COUNCIL (CSC) CAMPAIGN FOR BETTER BROADCASTING CIBA FOUNDATION NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew COUNCIL FOR SCIENTIFIC POLICY (CSP) DESIGN RESEARCH UNIT HIGH ENERGY PARTICLE PHYSICS REVIEW GROUP (HEPP) IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD. (ICI) MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (MRC) .99-J.103 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE MINISTRY OF OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT ROYAL SOCIETY QUEEN ELIZABETH HOUSE OXFORD s11/7-3 125 ROYAL INSTITUTION .104-J.111 .112-J.116 .L24-J.176 NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew BRISTOL UNIVERSITY Special Committee of Court 1982 Correspondence, papers, memoranda, submissions, reports etc. for Special Committee of the University Court set up to consider the future of the Department of Architecture. Kendrew was Chairman. includes drafts, mote of second meeting 29 July, redrafts of arrangements for and minutes of Material meeting on 26-27 June, report, correspondence sity), of correspondence November 1982. Committee's its report, Bristol Univer- submissions and representations from architects, schools local societies and other interested parties, May - with D.C. Hodgkin (Chancellor, and papers following Committee’s report. comments and amendments on architecture, NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE (BAAS) 1965-66, 1972-76 of involved with the BAAS. the material relates to 1972-74 when Kendrew was Apart from a little earlier correspondence about lectures (J.2), most most deeply the invitation of the then President (Sir Vivian Fuchs) to allow his President name in 1973-74. at and gave the Presidential Address at the 1974 Annual Canterbury Meeting to accept the Presidency of Section X (General) in 1972-73. to go forward as President-Elect in 1972-73 and He was installed at the Annual Meeting in 1973 In March 1972 he accepted He was also invited, at Stirling. declined, but principal officials of the BAAS during Kendrew’s period The office, M. Pyke (Secretary and Chairman of Council), Saville (Assistant Secretaries). of with whom much of the correspondence is exchanged, were R.P. A.M. Hughes, The material deals with the general affairs of the and appointments, advise. staff as well as requests to Kendrew to lecture and BAAS, 1965-66 re 1972 as British for BAAS in Council, lectures Kendrew’s election to President-Elect, Northern See 1973 January-August Nomination Association Publications Committee. Correspondence Ireland (first Hans Sloane Memorial Lecture) and Harrogate. L.148 for notes for Hans Sloane Lecture. Appointments, staffing, funding, organisation. Miscellaneous arrangements for Annual Meeting at Canterbury and interview Southern Television. 1973 September -December Groups; for requests lecture, to join Study NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 1973 September -December General correspondence on affairs of BAAS, Association Student Section (BASS) etc. formation of British 1974 January-July Appointments, awards, energy crisis, science policy research. organisation, proposed funding, BAAS working parties on nutritional BAAS film and television relief, 136th Annual Meeting at Stirling, 2-7 September 1974 and arrangements December Organisation 1974. Includes preliminary meetings and discussions with BAAS and with January University, 1973, draft planning programmes, budget etc. and "Launching Meeting" at Stirling visit to Stirling November - October visit later 1973, 1972 Printed of officers’ engagements. programme meeting, schedule of President's and of open sessions etc. during Stirling to _ speak, honorary See also L.92. manuscript draft; Presidential Address: Kendrew's the Time". Invitations meeting. "Science and the Challenge of for Inaugural Meeting and conferment Arrangements doctorates on President and others. lé6épp. laneous manuscript notes, some with dates in July, August 1974. talks by Kendrew in 1974, including the Stirling meeting. See L.149 for lectures and requests to lecture. Appointments, typescript version; 1974-76 l6épp. miscel- NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew BRITISH BIOPHYSICAL SOCIETY (BBS) 1959-81 See also:- INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED BIOPHYSICS (IUPAB) K.46-K.52 ROYAL SOCIETY BRITISH NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR BIOPHYSICS J.127-J.134 it a a a be of as the when joint meeting Committee Committee Organising Biophysics At the meeting International J.A.V. Butler), on 6 March 1959 a member of the latter). of the Colloid and Biophysics Committee). formed under the name "The Biophysical of Council of the Faraday Society (not was set up and met for the first time on 4 February as that the Sub-committee should be re-constituted Biophysics Chemistry Sub-committee of the Faraday Society The first steps towards the foundation of the Society were taken and at and Biophysical (Kendrew the attended was a resolved full Sub- A working committee party 1960 new (Chairman: of Society Great Kendrew Committee became The Steering Committee held 13 (formed from the Working Party). Biophysical meetings the Society first the Committee Society’s meeting as Honorary Secretary until December 1962, his successor being D.D. Eley. elected Chairman in 1964 until February 1965 when he resigned because of pressure M.H.F. Wilkins. between 4 May 1960 (when the name British adopted) and 12 December 1961 which was first Honorary Secretary of the Steering rules were approved, also _ meeting was proposed that continued as Society Britain". Chairman, Annual other Butler was the and it He of on by was was and being served latter Minutes At this General Working Kendrew Meeting. succeeded continued commitments, and the first formal the Committee 1963-65 held on 21 February 1962. and committee papers 1959-66. Includes 1-13, early bulletins and newsletters, draft rules, Committee meetings 1-16. Harrison (Chairman, 1981). correspondence 1964 on possibility of abstracts of BBS and Leeds, P.M. Includes papers correspondence with Correspondence on various affairs of the Society 1963-81. short account of the formation of BBS written Party and Steering Committee on 2lst anniversary meeting published in Journal of Molecular meetings Biology, 1980-81 being at by a NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION SCIENCE CONSULTATIVE GROUP 1964-67 The Group was set up in 1964 "to advise on the general nature of Pilkington programmes the Committee, under Kendrew served from Chairmanship of Sir Alexander Haddow. the inception of the Group until December 1967. of meeting on 29 consequence science" the May on and first had its as a Folder officials, programmes. includes BBC minutes and background papers, ideas and comments on correspondence colleagues with and BRITISH COUNCIL 1974-76 Sub-committee Society representative from 1974. on Interchange with France. Kendrew was Royal also BRITISH MUSEUM Brief correspondence and information only, 1974-76. served on the Scientific Advisory Committee Kendrew from its first meeting November 1982 for three years (renewed October 1985). and of thanks at end of period. Kendrew nomination of the President of the Royal Society for five years from April 1974. Brief correspondence only, mainly letters of invitation to serve the (A.L. Hodgkin) Trustee of the 1974-79 British Museum served at _ as a NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew CAMPAIGN FOR BETTER BROADCASTING a pressure group launched in September 1969 This was attention the "Broadcasting in the of the first public letter circulated by the group. draw report Kendrew was one of the signatories .proposals '70s". BBG the. set (out to in% to Correspondence Director-General of BBC, background material etc. with secretary of the campaign arrangements for meetings, (N.R. Jones), memoranda, CIBA FOUNDATION Working Party on International Research Centres for active was a and but includes Council with the working party and concerning Scientific publications member of the involvement however, correspondence about meetings, The first meeting was on 25 March 1965. of publications dealing with international part and in July he suggested to the organiser Mainly list and a copy of Kendrew’s organisations, L. Kowarski’s paper "An account of the origins and contributed international Because Policy he felt that it was difficult for him to take that Kendrew information organisations. of his (q.v.), an "you had better count me out of the exercise". beginnings of CERN" (1961). NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew COMMONWEALTH SCIENCE COUNCIL (CSC) 1983-84 Co-operation in the Commonwealth". August 1983 Kendrew was invited to chair a Task Force of the In of Commonwealth Science Council (CSC) on "An Expanded Programme The Task Force, Scientific 1983, later called an "Expert Group", and in April and May 1984 and its report was published in August Development". 1984 The was J.I. Furtado with whom much of the correspondence is exchanged. under the title "Science for Technology for met in London in October Secretary of the Group, and of the CSC, Notes and committee papers: First meeting, 24-25 October 1983. Agenda, "Tentative priority", notes of meeting, Kendrew’s notes. Second meeting, 2-5 April 1984. Agenda, notes of meeting. Third meeting, 28-29 May 1984. Draft report, with some annotations by Kendrew. draft report and comments terms projects, group Ottawa, invitation to serve, composition of group, Correspondence and papers August 1983 - June 1985. Includes of reference, arrangements for meetings, schedule of work, costings by of members, errata presentation of report at CSC Biennial meeting, and correspondence arising. NCUAGS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew COUNCIL FOR SCIENTIFIC POLICY (CSP) 1964-72 Report). for Its Education of Civil Science HMSO Cmnd was set up in 1965 by the Department of Council Science (DES) as Organisation a result of the Committee of Enquiry 1963 Education The into and (the the of Trend State his responsibilities for the formulation and execution of Government drawn scientific from the Research and was serviced by the DES. purpose was "to advise the and Councils and the University Grants Committee, It originally had fourteen members universities and industry, with assessors Secretary policy": exercise Science 2171, from the the in of The CSP began its activities in January 1965, through ad hoc working groups and committees, or Standing International Science and Technology. and Scientific its Relations and on Human collaborative, two working primarily some being joint on in Committees, Resources was cena), in1972.. a member of CSP from its inception, Kendrew of service being periodically renewed until the work of CSP came to Massey, an succeeded Dainton. the Kendrew (ISR); Standing Committee on International Scientific Relations he as itemised at J.27-J.66. chaired or was a member of many of CSP’s working groups, Sir F.S. (later The first Chairman was Chairman from 1969, Harrie Lord) and Chairman his terms January Deputy from 1970 was by of in The COUNCIL various biology. co-operation EMBO/EMBC/EMBL Appointment and membership fields, organisations involved including and being were thus under frequent discussion as well as_ of the projects on which CSP was asked to advise Many international molecular proposals the subject of specific working groups. 1966-70. Correspondence Secretaries appointment membership of CSP, miscellaneous successive Kendrew’s LOP2:. also included are visits for Education & of information on meetings; claims for meetings and Science, service on LIG/. renewals overseas 1964-72, mainly papers travel (1964) State with and and of NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew Correspondence and papers on CSP affairs 1965. material on UGC and nuclear physics. corespondence and memoranda on Mainly EMBO; a little 1966-69. Committee on Science Policy to London September 1969; to North Africa; letter on CERN 300 GeV accelerator. material Includes visit on of Canadian Senate CSP visit 1970. Visits and conferences. Overseas visits visits Official member. participants from CSP and host countries. CSP delegations of by Includes information, which Kendrew a discussions, was of notes Holland, 2-3 March 1967. to 9-11 Sweden, 13-15 April 1970. Italy (proposed visit 3-4 October 1968). 1967 (and also visit by Wissenschaftrat Germany, May London 24-25 April). France, 4-6 November 1970. NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew COMMITTEES AND WORKING GROUPS material relates to the committees and working was a member or chairman, and is This which chronological order. Kendrew groups presented of in Advisory Group on Fundamental Research 1965 was set up on 23 July 1965 with D.H.R. B.H. Flowers and Kendrew as members, report on "Fundamental research in to consider the Barton as chairman OECD of policy the This and draft government". Correspondence OECD comments prepared for Advisory Group. and papers July-August 1965. comments by Science Research report, Location of Research Councils 1965 Includes copy of Kendrew’'s Council, Swann, involved Biology Review 1965 Manchester or Edinburgh. starting-point for this seems to have been a memorandum research M.M. Swann on "The pattern Papers and correspondence on economic costs in travel, man-hours etc. moved out of London to e.g. Correspondence whose draft report is included, is principally with M.M. with comments by Kendrew. if headquarters of Research Councils were CSP account of project. The February Britain: up Edinburgh (organised material organisation The result was CSP(BR)(65)1 a copy of which is retained at J.32. of in Pilot surveys were set research near Cambridge the the as 1965 the need for a synoptic view". CSP to deal with biological M.M. Swann’s Edinburgh and by CSP, or N.M.V. Rothschild). the determination of categories Much of and _ published memorandum February 1965, (organised by Kendrew and by of the statistics. categories proposed at Swann) and in relates by the in or by of near to NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew J. 30 Correspondence, Cambridge departments and on processing the results. with Rothschild, mainly on questionnaire 281 for Correspondence questionnaire from colleagues. and papers on the Cambridge survey, replies to Copy of report. Working group on molecular biology 1965-68 Kendrew was the Chairman of the group, some preliminary correspondence, the and recruitment Kingdom". of, research position present and which was set up, after in April 1966 "to enquire into teaching, future United plans for, the in molecular biology in group held 14 formal meetings and considered evidence The individuals consideration and published in July 1968 (HMSO Cmnd 3765). from for by the Council at its meeting on 9 February 1968, and organisations. Its report was submitted Wo Hayes, on 16 the group i: M.H. EY. ibe M.M. Swann, Jebe Gowans; of A. Neuberger, was: M.G.P. Stoker, Membership Kornberg, Wilkins. Official papers 26 April 1966 - Minutes January 1968. and notes of working group meetings working group December 1965 - March 1966. Working drafts for report, working group members. with comments and amendments by Kendrew General correspondence and papers Includes and - CSP(MB)(68)2. correspondence CSP(MB)(66)1 Preliminary setting up and membership of group papers NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew 282 J 36 published May-August 1966. papers molecular (Sheffield, Research Chemical Laboratory Cambridge). Institute, Leicester, biology Arrangements for literature search, and research reports of in at various UK universities and King’s College London, Chester University College London, progress lists of in institutions Beatty University June-November developmental biology; 1966. Definition of applied biology. "molecular biology"; February-November problems "focal centres") and their possible staff. "centres of Drafts, defining 1967. of comments excellence" (later and notes on _ the called February 1967 - January papers from H. Himsworth. 1968. Includes correspondence and February 1967 - May 1968. revisons, arrangements corrected proof of HMSO report). for Early drafts and comments for report, Kendrew's publication (includes at of "biology Includes note the molecular level" instead from of "molecular ("Sage") objecting on historical grounds to use Standing Committee on International Scientific Relations (ISR) Press comments and correspondence arising. J.D. Bernal term biology". Committee thus formed, and was its Chairman 1970-72. A Working Party on International Scientific Relations was set up by.°Gounci) Harrie Massey H.W. and Thompson, R.I. Michaels and Sir Frank Turnbull. In a note of 16 March, the Chairman proposed a standing Working Group with a representative membership from the the Department of Education & Science, the Foreign Office, CSP, of Royal Technology. Standing Research Council and the on the members The Chairman was 7. January..1966. J. McAdam Clark, P.M.S. Blackett, D.C. Martin, as a member continued Ministry Society, Science were Kendrew, Kendrew of the Sir NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew Minutes Setting-up papers 1966, 2-35 :2970.. Minutes of meetings 3-6 1967, 1-2 1968, Background papers papers, of Miscellaneous international scientific collaboration, scientific policy in UK and elsewhere, some dealing specifically with European molecular biology. Standing Committee. Circulated members aspects reports etc. CSP ISR all by of to on espricrn) 6, 7; 10,14, 46, 172 19-21. GSP(ISR) 1-5, 7-15. CSP(ISR) 1, 2 is the .5=9. 1:35 here Group 12-18% Working CSP.GISR:): included 1970. - CSPCISR) 2-42 on Interchange CSP(SI) set up by the Standing Committee the report of Also Scientific in July 1969 (Kendrew was a member), not otherwise documented. 44. SSP (iSR) 1-12, 14,15. 1972. =. CSPCISR). 9212: L971. CSP 36, NCUACS 11/4/89 J.C. Kendrew Working Party on the Proposed European Laboratory for Molecular Biology (J.50) Sir Working 1968 and the J. Baddiley, and was to up on attitude and formally set Chairman of CSP M.G.P. Stoker an "assessor", were J.B. Adams, further examination of members A. Neuberger, and there were assessors from "to consider what should be the UK Group was created on an initiative of EMBO proposal for a European laboratory; Harrie The 6 Massey, to December and to report to the The Chairman was Sir Harrie the Council for Scientific Policy". J.H. Massey H.W. Thompson; Humphrey , the Kendrew Medical Research Council and the Science Research Council. The Working Party's report (March 1970) recommended UK participation subject programme, and the report was accepted by the Council at costing and site, In December 1971 a Working Group was its J.G. Collingwood, set PeB. Hirsch. "to consider Biology (i) the proposed scientific programme Laboratory in the light of and to report to the CSP". and (ii) the revised cost estimates; Its a reduction its After subsequent further discussions meeting in January 1972. on costings and research, the of State in May its recommendation that the UK should Secretary take part in the establishment of the Heidelberg laboratory and its outstations at Hamburg and Grenoble. meeting on 20 March. up S.L. Bragg in costs and this was accepted by the Council at report indicated support for the laboratory, the Council finally submitted to UK contribution to a European Rak... Porters