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Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Keith Gordon Cox FRS (1933-1998) by Jeannine Alton and Timothy E. Powell NCUACScatalogue no. 96/1/01 K. G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 Title: Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Keith Gordon Cox FRS (1933-1998), geologist Compiled by: Jeannine Alton and Timothy E. Powell Description level: Fonds Date of material: 1951-1998 Extent of material: ca 500 items Depositedin: Oxford University Museum of Natural History Reference code: GB 0462 OUMNH Cox papers © 2001 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. NCUACScatalogue no. 96/1/01 K. G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Crystallographic Association The Geological Society TheInstitute of Physics The Royal Society Trinity College Cambridge The Wellcome Trust K. G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAYYET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN OXFORD UNIVERSITY MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY PARKS ROAD OXFORD OX1 3PW K. G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items Page SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.25 SECTION B RESEARCH SECTION C OXFORD UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF EARTH SCIENCES B.1-B.74 C.1-C.62 SECTION D LECTURES AND CONFERENCES D.1-D.9 SECTION E PUBLICATIONS, EDITORIAL AND ADVISORY E.1-E.54 SECTION F SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS F.1-F.16 SECTION G CORRESPONDENCE G.1-G.73 SECTION H REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS H.1-H.27 SECTIONJ NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL J.1-J.104 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 13 24 34 37 45 49 61 66 69 K. G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE 5 The papers were received from Mrs Cox and from the Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences via Professor W.J. Kennedy, on various dates June 1999 - October 2000. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF KEITH GORDON COX Keith Gordon Cox wasbornin 1933 in Birmingham where his father Ernest Gordon (later Sir Gordon) Cox was Reader in Chemistry at the University of Birmingham. In 1940, after the outbreak of the Second World War, and along with other children of Birmingham University families, he and his sister Pat were evacuated to Canada and spent the next four years in Toronto. Returning the England in autumn 1945, Cox went to King Edward VI School, Birmingham, and subsequently to Leeds GrammarSchoolon his father’s appointment as Professorof Inorganic and Physical Chemistry at the University. In 1950 he was awarded a Hastings Scholarship at The Queen’s College Oxford. At this time, the National Service Act wasstill in force and Cox served in the Royal Engineers in Hamburg and Berlin, acquiring a useful knowledge of German. He took up his scholarship at Queen’s in 1952 and graduated with First Class Honours in geology in 1956. His postgraduate work was at the Research Institute of African Studies at Leeds University, where he was the first Oppenheimer Scholar. In 1957 his field season took him for the first time to Southern Africa (Northern and Southern Rhodesia), mapping the igneous complex of the Nuanetsi River, which became the subject of his thesis and began his main research interest, basaltic lavas. This is the Earth’s most abundant volcanic rock. Cox’s studies on basalts took him from the Jurassic ‘flood basalt’ lavas of south-east Africa to the late Cretaceous sequences known as the ‘Deccan Traps’ in north-west India. His research developed to encompass the source of basalts in the Earth’s mantle, the ascent of mantle plumes and the evidence of continental break-up. In his work Cox extensively studied kimberlites, intrusive rocks from the Earth’s depths which carry with them samples of the Earth’s mantle. In 1960 Cox married Gillian Palmer and in 1962 moved to the GrantInstitute of Geology at Edinburgh University as University Lecturer, spending 1971 on a Royal Society European Fellowship at Ruhr Universitat Bochum, Germany. In 1972 he was appointed Lecturer in Geology at Oxford (Reader in Petrology 1990) and in 1973 waselected to a Senior Research Fellowship at Jesus College. He was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1988. K. G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 6 In 1997, after many yearsoffull participation in all the teaching, research and administrative activities of the Department and university, Cox had indicated his intention to resign with effect from 30 September 1998, and his retirement had been marked with parties and celebrations at the end of his last Trinity (summer) term 1998. On 27 August, during a sailing holiday with his wife, he waslostat sea in an accident off the coast of Mull in the Hebrides. The shock of the event, and of the heroic attempts at rescue by his wife, herself injured in the accident, elicited many tributes at memorial services and in a special issue of the Journal of Petrology, vol 41 (2000). DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented as shown in the List of contents. It covers the period 1951-1998. Preponderantly, however, it dates from Cox’s time at Oxford from 1972 to his death. There are no direct remaining records of his work at Edinburgh, and only his doctoral thesis commemorates the Leedsperiod. Section A, Biographical and personal, includes Cox’s incomplete autobiographical account of his career, his doctoral thesis at Leeds, and correspondence showing his concern with thelife, work and gardens of Jesus College Oxford where he was Senior Research Fellow and Garden Master. The account of his death and the manytributes received from school friends, research students and senior colleagues give insights into his friendliness, dry humour, unpretentious charm andintegrity, as well as the scholarly achievements throughouthis career. Section B, Research, covers Cox’s work on volcanic basalts in diverse regions of the globe. Beginning with Southern African and the Karoo basalts, Cox extendedhis field work to Aden, Yemen, the Deccan, Brazil, Scotland and the Falklands, while his research students contributed work in Siberia and Italy. The material includes correspondence, research proposals, plans and results, data, analyses, calculations, and drafts for papers (though these are few). Diagrams, charts and maps have been left in place when closely related to the work, although additional non-textual material, maps or photographsare in Section J. The interpretation of results promoted the devising of techniques such as x-ray fluorescence and the computerisation of complex experimental data at whose elucidation Cox was an acknowledged master. Section C, Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences, includes teaching and lecture material, which follows the development of Cox’s research interests and methodology. The importance he attached to accurate geological mapping can be seen in the material for studentfield trips, his own introductory information for participants, and the detailed maps provided. K. G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 7 Section D, Lectures and conferences, is a scanty section which does not adequately record Cox’s activities. He wasa lively lecturer to conferences but virtually never wrote or delivered a prepared text. Section E, Publications, editorial and advisory, is also deficient in drafts or manuscripts for Cox’s own publications, but gives quite a full picture of his extensive involvement in editorial and refereeing work. He had a long association with the Journal of Petrology of which he was Managing Editor from 1972 and where manyof his papers were published. He wasalso highly regarded as a prompt and careful referee and reviewer by manyother journals in the UK and overseas. Section F, Societies and organisations, is another somewhat thin section. Cox did not actively seek out participation in the public life of science or in general advisory work. There is documentation of his Chairmanship of the Scientific Advisory Board of GEOMAR (the Research Centre for Marine Geosciencesat Kiel) and some of his appointments and workat the Royal Society. Section G, Correspondence, often provides a useful complement to the research material, being almost entirely concerned with research and publications, though it is mainly confined to the Oxford period. Cox adopted electronic communication enthusiastically in his later years, leaving 18 disks of miscellaneous outgoing material from which the correspondenceof the 1990s has been assembled. Cox appears not to have retained all his incoming letters. Section H, References and recommendations, deals with academicor institutional appointments. Section J, Non-textual material, comprises transparencies, maps, diagrams and photographs, the latter including a famous photograph of the Deccan Traps which was frequently borrowed and reproduced. Cox was a talented amateur water-colourist and several of the maps and diagrams show his skill. There is also an index of correspondents. LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL Mrs Cox retains letters and memorabilia. Miss P.A. Cox (Cox’s sister) retains letters relating to early days and to Cox’s early expeditions. An extensive collection of 25 boxes of rock specimens assembled by Cox from various locationsis held in the Oxford University Departmentof Earth Sciences, catalogue ref: MUG 0611-0635. K. G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 8 A smaller collection of geological specimens, mainly of African rocks, is held in the University of Leeds. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Wearegrateful to Mrs Cox for making material available and for her advice and encouragement and to Mrs P. McNiff (Cox’s secretary) for much helpful information. Thanks are due to Professor W.J. Kennedy, Dr J.D. Bell and Mr K. Walsh for help in identifying and describing documents, photographs and maps. Mr R. Hall has given expert help in the care and storage of sometimesfragile material. J.B. Alton T.E. Powell Bath, 2001 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.25 A.1-A.4 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.5-A.25 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.1-A.4 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL 1992-[1998] A.1 Miscellaneous cvs and information, prepared at various dates: 20 May 1992. 23 April 1995. Appraisal form 1995. HEFCE Research Assessment Exercise 1996. A.2 Miscellaneous biographical information: Short note for publication 1983. Cox’s report on his sabbatical leave from Oxford University 1993-1994. A.3 A.4 List of publications. Autobiographical account, printed out from Cox’s computer where it was found at his death. Probably intendedfor a fuller autobiography, it covers Cox’s career in fair detail up to 1957, and then gives a brief unfinished accountof his expedition to the Falkland Islands in 1985. 7pp typescript. A.5-A.25 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1960-1999 A.5 ‘The geology of the Masukwe igneous complex and its relation to the main granophyre Nuanetsi district, Southern Rhodesia’. Cox’s doctoral thesis, presented May 1960. Kennedy Library, School of Earth Sciences, University of Leeds. Another copy is held in the K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 10 A.6 A.7 Biographical and personal Election to Arthur Holmes Society, Durham, 1986. Award of Murchison Medal of the Geological Society, 1986. Oneletter only. Seealso F.1. A.8-A.10 Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1988 Letters of congratulation, mainly photocopies, a few with replies. Manyadditional letters and messages remain in family hands. B-G. A.8 A.9 Election to Honorary Fellowship of the Geological Society of India, 1994. A.12 Brief correspondence re Oxford University appointments, 1990-1998. Ad hominem Readership in Petrology, 1990. Grant from Lockey Bequest, 1991. Intention to retire with effect from 30 September 1998 at age 65, 1997. Conferralof title of Reader Emeritus June 1998 (Cox died in August 1998). A.13-A.16 Correspondence and papersre Jesus College, Oxford, 1991-1999. Cox was elected to a Senior Research Fellowship at Jesus in 1973. He valued the connection highly taking a special interest in the College Gardens. He was Garden Master from 1991, and Vice- Principal from 1995 until his death. A.13 Correspondence recommendationsfor prizes, scholarships, etc., 1991-1996. academic affairs on of the college, admissions, K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 11 Biographical and personal A.14 A.15 A.16 A.17 Personal correspondence,requests for grants, sabbatical leave, 1993-1998. Correspondence on college gardens, Memorial Garden for Peter Brunet, 1991-1996. including Fellows’ Garden and Correspondence on the commission of a Weather Vane given by Mrs Cox in memory of her husband andinstalled May 1999. Miscellaneous shorter personal and social correspondence, 1992- 1997. A.18-A.25 Correspondence and papers re Cox’s death. A.18 A.19 A.20 Cox waslostin a sailing accident off the Isle of Mull on 27 August 1998. He had resigned from the university and was enjoying a holiday with his wife Gillian who was with him when he died. The unexpected and tragic circumstances of the event and Mrs Cox’s attempts to rescue him were widely reported. Memorial services held at Kennington village church and at Jesus College gave rise to manytributes and letters of condolence. Published reports of the accident, Mrs Cox’s account of the accident and her owninjuries and rescue attempt, photograph of memorial plaque on Mull. Published obituaries, memorial orders of service. Manuscript tributes by colleagues and friends given at memorial services: J.D. Bell, ‘A life at Oxford’. A.J. Downs, ‘A college perspective’. S.G. Moorbath, ‘For Keith’ A.J. Moore, (Jesus College). M.J. O’Hara. R.Rose, ‘Keith Cox - some memories’ (school and university recollections). C. Semple (schoolfriend). L. Sloman (doctoral student). A.21-A.25 Letters of condolence (photocopies). Many additional letters and messages remain in family hands. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 Biographical and personal A.21 A.22 A.23 A.24 A.25 B-D. E-G. H. J-M. R-W. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 SECTION B RESEARCH 13 B.1-B.74 The material is presented alphabetically, by area or topic, although it is realised that this does not necessarily correspond to the chronological order of Cox’s research. The material may include correspondence, research proposals, plans and results, data, analyses, calculations, drafts for papers (though these are few). Diagrams, charts and maps havebeen left in place when closely related to the work. Additional non-textual material, maps or photographsare in Section J. The correspondencein Section G is almost entirely concerned with research. Other projects can be followed in correspondence with B. Gianetti (on Roccamonfina) and E.M. Piccirillo (on Parana basalts, Brazil). The material is presented as follows: B.1-B.7 ADEN B.8-B.32 AFRICA B.33-B.37 CORRELATION COEFFICIENTS B.38-B.48 DECCAN B.49-B.51 JOINT OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTIONS FOR DEEP EARTH SAMPLING (JOIDES) B.52 MANTLE PLUMES B.53-B.63 SHUQRA, YEMEN B.64-B.68 X-RAY FLUORESCENCE (XRF) B.69-B.74 MISCELLANEOUS K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 14 Research B.1-B.7 ADEN ca 1965-1972 Most of this material relates to expeditions, research and publications in collaboration with I1.G. Gass and D.lI.J. Mallick, during Cox’s period at the Grant Institute Collaborative papers were published in 1965, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1973. of Geology at Edinburgh. See also work on Shugra, Yemen. Letter from I.G. Gass on analysis of specimens 1966, lists of specimens sent for analysis 1967. Drawings and diagramsof the area, some by Cox. ‘Petrographic studies of Shamsan Caldera series rocks’, manuscript draft and notes, perhapsfor lectures. ‘Some Aden conclusions’, notes and diagrams 10 January 1972. ‘Experimental Petrology’. Contents of an envelope soinscribed. Includes miscellaneous charts and calculations, 1p dated 25 October 1971. experimental detailed ‘Descriptions of charges, Aden’, Cox’s manuscript notes on theliterature of Aden vulcanism, n.d. Envelope of aerial photographs of Aden taken 25 and 26 April 1962, many with annotations, indications of location of specimens or descriptions of rocks on recto, some annotated on verso. See also J.1-J.6. B.1 B.2 B.3 B.4 B.5 B.6 B.7 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 15 Research B.8-B.32 AFRICA 1964-1996 The basaltic rocks of Southern Africa were Cox’s earliest field of study and remained his mostlasting interest. In 1960 he presented his doctoral thesis on the geology of the region (see A.5). Frequent expeditions, many published papers and muchcollaborative research followed on aspects of igneous and tectonic processes, kimberlites and magmatic heating. One of the latest-dated items in the research collection is Cox’s comments on his research proposal for further work on Karoo basalts (B.31), which are also one of the most frequent topics in his correspondencewith colleagues in section G. Maps and photographs of the region are in Section J. B.8-B.27 B.28-B.32 Notebooks and data Notes and correspondence B.8-B.27 Notebooksand data 1964-1991 B.8, B.9 B.8 B.9 Twored cloth-bound large format notebooks, containing chemical and probe analysis of numbered basaltic rocks from Nuanetsi province, collected and compiled at different dates and by different researchers. 1964. Specimenscollected by B.G. Jamieson. Begun 1964 by B.G. Jamieson, continued 1974 by M.J. Norry. At rear of book, later specimens and analyses 1986, and (by R.M. Ellam) 1988. See also B.28. B.10-B.27 Rock analyses. These are analyses of numbered Nuanetsi rocks, undertaken by R.M. Ellam who published collaborative papers with Cox on Karoopicrites in 1988, 1989 and 1991. Each folder may contain a photograph of the specimen of the specimen (N = Nuanetsi), calculations, diagrams and descriptions. A few bear dates in 1987 and 1988. K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 Research B.10 B.11 B.12 B.13 B.14 B.15 B.16 B.17 B.18 B.19 B.20 B.21 B.22 B.23 Nu 04 (1). Nu 04 (2). Nu 06 (1). Nu 06 (2). Nu 06 (4). Nu 06 (5). N.76. N.82. N.88. N.91. N.105. N.161. N.177. N.312. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 17 B.24 B.25 B.26 Research KS 66. U 356. ‘Project on Nuanetsi Orthopyroxenes’. Notes, summaries of analyses, charts and diagrams (some in Cox’s hand). B.27 Photographs, charts of analyses. B.28-B.32 Notes and correspondence 1964-1996 B.28 B.29 B.30 of Lists rock specimens analysed at various dates and by various researchers. Includes B.G. Jamieson 1964, Cox (at Cape Town) 1976, M.J. Norry 1986 and others. Petrographic descriptions of Southern Lebombovolcanics, Central Lebombo volcanics, untitled basaltic specimens. Correspondence and papers 1973-1981. Mainly related to the South African Geodynamics Programme, particularly of the Karoo Volcanics, co-ordinated by A.J. Erlank of Cape Town University. Cox held a South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Visiting Fellowship in the Geochemistry Department at Cape Town July-December 1979, and contributed the introduction and two chapters to the published volume Geocongress 81, 1981. Folder includes information on specimens and analyses, Geodynamics Programme, Cox’s report on his visit, plans for the publication etc. B.31 ‘The Karoo flood basalt province: chronostratigraphic framework, and tectonic and petrogenetic interpretation.’ Cox’s replies undertaken by him, Nesbitt and Briden, 1996. to referees’ comments on a research proposal to be K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 18 Research B.32 Drawings and figures for a paper on continental underplating and the early stages of the break-up of Gondwanaland. B.33-B.37 CORRELATION COEFFICIENTS 1979-1986 Material principally relating to a collaborative paper by Cox and P. Clifford, ‘Correlation coefficient patterns in volcanic suites’, J. Geo! Soc. London vol 139 (1982). B.33 B.34 B.35 B.36 B.37 coefficient multi-stage ‘Correlation magmatic evolution in basaltic suites’. Draft paper by Cox, intended to be presented at the Deccan Traps Symposium at Kandala in November 1979, June 1979. patterns and the interpretation of ‘Correlation coefficient patterns and their interpretation in three basaltic suites’. Two typescript drafts with manuscript revisions for paper by Cox and Clifford. Miscellaneous notes and drafts, including note on ‘The program Darwin’ used in the paper (see B.36), and later letter on the subject 1986. ‘Mixing Models’, data produced for paper using ‘Darwin’. ‘Partition coefficient database’, three microfiches sent to Cox from University of Queensland, Australia, n.d. B.38-B.48 DECCAN ca 1980-1996 The flood basalt province of the Deccan, Western India, became oneof the Cox’s chief areas of interest, second only to Southern Africa. He published on the Deccanfrom 1977 to 1996, and also chaired or spoke at conferences. His photographs of the Deccan Traps became famous and were frequently borrowed or reproduced. See also E.50-E.54, J.34-J.40, J.47, J.54-J.93. cs K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 19 Research With the exception of B.38, all the material consists of research data compiled at Oxford or by collaborators elsewhere. There are no drafts for papers, or correspondence. B.38 ‘Report on Field Trip-W.D. West Workshop’. This was a meeting in March 1996 to commemorate West’s workin India. 1p only. B.39 B.40 B.41 B.42 B.43 B.44 B.45 B.46 B.47 Comparative data, graphs and tables, from Oxford and from Open University, some dated 1983, 1984. Graphs and tables from Deccan samples, carried out at King’s College London 1981. 8pp. analysis of geochemistry of lava groupings. Geochemical plots. Geochemical data on rocks from Sasaune and Kihim (south west of Bombay), some dated 1982. Strontium isotope, trace element and other analyses. Microprobe analyses using Oxford Earth Sciencesinstrument, 1982. ‘Deccan probe’. Analyses, Cox’s diagramsfor slides of specimens, 1982. 3pp. manuscriptclassification of specimens. Printout and manuscript analyses and notes, some dated 1980, 1981. B.48 Diagrams and drawings of locations. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 20 Research B.49-B.51 JOINT OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTIONS FOR DEEP EARTH SAMPLING (JOIDES) 1991-1996 B.49 B.50 B.51 B.52 B.52 Proposals, research proposal ‘A Mantle plume origin of the North Atlantic volcanic rifted margins’. referees’ comments, a little correspondence on_ The proposal was put forward by H.C. Larsen of the Geological Survey of Greenland; Cox was a ‘Proponent’, 1991. Continuing research proposal, Greenlandrifted margin’, by Larsen. 1994. ‘Proposal for drilling at the Southeast Cox was again a ‘Proponent’. Brief correspondence, and contribution by Cox and C. Curtis to report on UK involvement in ODP (Ocean Drilling Programme) prepared for Natural Environment Research Council, 1996. MANTLE PLUMES 1995 Correspondence, referees’ comments and Thirlwall’s reply, on research proposal on mantle plumes submitted by Cox and M.F. Thirlwall, to Natural Environment Research Council, 1995. B.53-B.63 SHUQRA, YEMEN 1975-ca 1987 This area, on the coast of South Yemen, had formerly been part of the Aden Protectorate, and lies 120 km. East of Aden. It was visited by Cox, I.G. Gass and D.I.J. Mallick in the course of their earlier expedition in 1964. See B.1-B.7. The material consists mainly of research data, with little correspondence on published papers with Gass and Mallick. B.53 Correspondencewith |.G. Gass, D.I.J. Mallick and others, principally on their collaborative paper in Lithos vol 10 (1977), 1975-1978. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 21 Research B.54 B.55 B.56 B.57 Proof copies of 1977 Lithos paper, and of a paper (a few corrections) on Perim Island, Geol. Mag. vol 127 (1990). Also enclosed hereis a typescript abstract of a paper by Cox on ‘Theorigin of the Shuqra basanites, South Arabia’, n.d and notin Bibliography. ‘Shuqra, whole rock channel data’, with calculations and plots, some dated 1976. Shuara, figures and calculations, analyses etc. reference, 1987. Includes 1p notes, latest Data, notes, calculations, some for numbered rocks, some dated 1977, 1978. B.58-B.63 Detailed analyses by microprobe of numbered Shuqra rocks (S = Shuqra), some dated 1980. Includes notes, printout (annotated), drawings. Notall in Cox’s hand. B.58 B.59 B.60 B.61 B.62 B.63 $.954. S.957. $.959. S.962. S.964. S.987. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 22 Research B.64-B.68 X-RAY FLUORESCENCE 1974-1976 and n.d. This material deals with the devising of programs for calculating trace elements. Cox’s early notebook (B.64) uses manual calculations using a flow counter. On his visit to Cape Town University in 1976 (see B.30) he attended a computer programming course by A.R. Duncan which he subsequently developed. B.64 Hard-backed notebook inscribed ‘XRF Vol.1’ inside front cover. Analyses of rocks from Roccamonfina 1974 and Swaziland 1975, graphs, calculations, programs, mostbut notall in Cox’s hand. See also B.69. B.65 ‘Andy's basic course’. Cox’s 32p. manuscript notes on course given by A.R. Duncan at Cape Town, [1976]. B.66 B.67 B.68 Miscellaneous manuscript notes for programs for calculating trace elements and geochemical analyses, mostbut notall in Cox’s hand. Miscellaneous programs, instructions, information on methods used in other institutions, sent to Cox by colleagues. Includes Nottingham, Edinburgh, Rothamsted Experimental Station. Miscellaneous material relating to the XRF Laboratory at Oxford. Methods, circulars and bulletins, equipment. B.69-B.74 MISCELLANEOUS ca 1976-1995 Field notes, research data, correspondenceand ideas. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 23 Research B.69 Soft-backed notebook, few pages used. Notes on Bavarian rocks, various dates in August, no year. At rear of book, XRF calculations on Roccamonfina samples. B.70 Cox’s manuscript notes on field excursions, made on photocopied pagesof a 1981 diary. Includes Shap Field Trip March 1984, Falklands expedition (with C. Mitchell) January 1985 with details of expenses, distances covered, locations etc., Skye April 1985, Parana, Brazil August-September 1985. B.71 Thoughts and ideas written by Cox during expeditions. ‘Some thoughts on the uplift of coastal tracts’, November 1990, at Bombay, India. ‘Hot spots’, Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 1994. B.72 B.73 B.74 Data and correspondence on global basaltic volcanism, perhaps for a paper, some dated 1976, 1977. Charts for determining felspar composition, probably teaching material, n.d. Copies of Cox’s letters to colleagues, containing research ideas for his own or for colleagues’ work, research proposals, programming etc., 1992-1995 and undated. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 24 SECTION C OXFORD UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF EARTH SCIENCES C.1-C.62 After working at Leeds and Edinburgh Universities, Cox returned to Oxford as a University Lecturer in Petrology in the Department of Geology and Mineralogy (later Earth Sciences), becoming Reader in Petrology in 1990. He playeda full part in all departmental activities from the admission of new undergraduates to the regular supervision of doctoral students. The correspondencetestifies to the humanity with which he undertook these tasks and the respectful affection he inspired. Cox accepted regular responsibilities in university examinations, devising new methods of computerising entries and marks to simplify someof the work. The material is presented as follows: C.1-C.24 LECTURES AND TEACHING C.25-C.33 FIELD EXCURSIONS C.34-C.40 EXAMINING C.41-C.53 GRADUATE STUDENTS C.54-C.62 GENERAL DEPARTMENTAL CORRESPONDENCE K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 25 Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences C.1-C.24 LECTURES AND TEACHING 1974-1997 The material is presented for convenience in alphabetical order by topic. A few are dated, though they were probably updated and given over several years. The material consists mainly of handouts, notes for practicals or tests, instructions, bibliographies and the like. Cox rarely wrote out a text, though see C.21. C.1-C.3 C.4-C.15 C.16 C.17, C.18 C.19, C.20 Geological maps Igneous petrology Phase equilibria problems Statistics Tectonics C.21 X-ray fluorescence C.22-C.24 Miscellaneous material C.1-C.3 Geological maps 1974-1991 and undated C.1 C.2 C.3 Maps, data, questions for the First Year course on mapping, a few dated 1974, 1977, and note on ‘course questionnaire’ May 1975. ‘First Years Maps. Chepstow Sheet’ 1991. Mapsand instructions for class exercise. Students’ maps of Shuqra Yemen, based on aerial plots, coloured and described as a class exercise, n.d. C.4-C.15 Igneous petrology 1973-1995 and undated This was a second year course given regularly by Cox 1976-1995. C.4 Practicals and discussion sheets, numbered 1-13 and 28, mainly dated 1976, 1977, some dated 1982. Includes some original diagrams and a very few notes by Cox. K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 26 C.5 C.6 C.7 C.8 C.9 C.11 C.12 C.13 C.14 C.16 C.16 Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences ‘Additional problems’ and discussion sheets, numbered 1-4, 1976, 1977. ‘Tests’, 1976. ‘Structural aspects of igneous rocks’, a mapping exercise, 1977. ‘Figures to accompanylecture’, 1977. Rooi Rand Dolerites, Karoo Province’, notes for class exercise, 1989. ‘Alkaline rocks from Brazil’, brief notes, 1991. Cox’s outline of lectures and programme of work for Second Year Igneous Petrology and Third Year Mineralogy and Petrology Michaelmas Term 1992 - Hilary Term 1993. Notes for lectures and practicals, parts of paginated sequence (incomplete), Michaelmas Term 1992. Miscellaneous notes for lectures and practicals, 1993, 1994, 1995. Miscellaneous handouts and diagrams on mantle melting. Third Year course on igneous petrology. Notes and practicals, tables and diagrams, somedated 1973, 1975, 1977. Phase equilibria problems 1976 Teaching material, data and questions, 1976. Includes 1p data and diagrams on interfacial angles, perhaps for lecture on crystallography,n.d. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences C.17, C.18 Statistics 27 1990 Cox gave the statistics component of a course on mathematics for geologists. Paginated manuscript sequences of lectures by P. Clifford and Cox, May- June 1990. C.18 Questions and practicals for first year statistics, 1990. C.19, C.20 Tectonics 1995 Lectures given for a Third Year option on Tectonics, Regional and Historical Geology. ‘Tectonics Lectures’, notes, slide references, diagrams, for lectures 1 and 3 of course. ‘Hot spots and continental break-up’, notes, slide and photograph references for lectures 1 and 2, Michaelmas Term 1995. X-ray fluorescence 1980 Manuscript notesfor four lectures for M.Sc. course, March 1980. C.20 C.21 C.21 C.22-C.24 Miscellaneous 1973-1997 C.22 C.23 Question papers for second year tutorial collections (tests). Various dates, 1973-1977. Cox’s notes and information on courses and lecture commitments, some dated 1994. Miscellaneous time tables and lecture schedules. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 28 Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences C.24 Miscellaneous letters by Cox on budgeting, organisation of department, note of activities in petrology (perhaps prepared for Higher Education Funding Council visit), various dates 1987-1997. C.25-C.33 FIELD EXCURSIONS 1991-1997 This material all relates to Skye in north west Scotland, which was a regular location for mapping projects by members of the Department of Earth Sciences. Cox also conducted his own research on Skye granites (see his letter of 24 May 1991 in C.25 explaining the purpose of the project), and one of his most important papers in collaboration with JU.H. Scarrow was on Skye basalts (J. Petrology vol 36 (1995)). Cox’s correspondence with the Principal, Jesus College Oxford, requesting a Major Research Grant for his research on ‘The mechanism of emplacement of the Beinn an Dubhaich Granite, Isle of Skye’. 1991. Background notes on Skye geology. Cox's field notebook of observations and locations September 1992, April 1994. At rear of book, notes on expenditure of grant, and on pronunciation of place-names. Maps of areas of Skye, many coloured and / or annotated by Cox, some dated 1991, 1992, 1993. See also J.44. C.25 C.26 C.27 C.28 C.29-C.33 C.29 Material relating to geological mapping excursions by students, principally in April 1997. Travel and accommodation arrangements, mainly for 1997 but correspondencefor 1994, 1995. brief K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 29 Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences C.30 C.31 C.32 Detailed geological maps and information on areas to be studied, madein Department 1990s. ‘Introduction to geological mapping’, 6pp information by Coxfor participants. ‘Master copy’ of areas 1-4 (large magnification maps) for detailed study. Included here are examples of students’ field work, with corrections or comments by Cox. C.33 Mapsof Skye. Includes original Ordnance Survey ref: NG 61 NW, and photocopies of areas, a few annotated, some high magnification, made for mapping courses. C.34-C.40 EXAMINING 1992-1998 This material all relates to the Preliminary Examination in Physical Sciences at Oxford. There is no surviving material on Cox’s service as External Examiner elsewhere. C.34 C.35 External Examiner’s report for 1992 and 1993. ‘Chairmen’s Book’. This includes Small soft-back notebook, passed on to Cox by previous Chairman J.M. of Sykes. examinations, entries, invigilation, marking, practicals, resits etc. Cox’s entries are for 1995 and include reference to computerisation of entries and marks. There is only one entry (not in Cox’s hand) for 1996. information on the of detailed dates organisation schedules, meetings, paper-setting, C.36 Correspondence and papers 1980, 1994-1998. Letter of appointment as Moderator 1994, correspondence with colleagues, arrangements, meetings, notes and ideas by Cox. Pn K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 30 Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences Also included is letter of appointment as examiner in Geochemistry for M.Sc. degree (no other material survives), 1980. Arrangements and Chairman’s Report (by J.M. Sykes), 1995. Examiners’ Chairman’s Report. reports on Prelims examination 1996, including Cox’s Miscellaneous reports and statistics on Prelims examination, 1997. General information, statistics and reports on Prelims examination, 1998. C.37 C.38 C.39 C.40 C.41-C.53 GRADUATE STUDENTS 1982-1997 This is an alphabetical sequence which may include research proposals, recommendations, funding arrangements, correspondence with colleagues, reports on progress of work, and of the final doctorate submission, of students under Cox’s sole or joint supervision. In some cases, continuing correspondence on collaborative work and career may be found in Sections G and H. C.41 Bilgrami, S.Z. 1990-1995 Work on stratigraphical and petrological studies in the Deccan Traps. C.42 Bletcher, J. 1992-1997 Work on the Shamsan lava sequence of the Aden volcano, Yemen. Cox wasjoint supervisor. Includes arrangementsfor fieldwork in Yemen, final examiners’ report. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 31 Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences C.43 Brown, D.J. 1989-1997 Work on the compositesills of Strath, Isle of Skye. Brown’sfirst topic, on the petrology of the Aden volcano, Yemen, had to be abandonedasa result of difficulties of communication with the Yemenis. Includes specimen drafts and diagrams, with comments by Cox, andfinal examiners’ report. C.44 Devey, C.W. 1982-1986 Work onthe stratigraphy and geochemistry of the Deccan Traplavas. Includes arrangements and funding for fieldwork, paper by Devey on ‘Problems posed by the Deccan Trap lavas and suggested approaches to their solution’, final examiners’ report. C.45 Mitchell, C. 1984-1988 Work on the petrology and geochemistry of the Falkland Islands and the Deccan Traps. Includes final examiners’ report. For continuing correspondencewith Mitchell, see G.38. C.46 O'Neill, A.M. 1990-1995 Work on the petrology of the Tertiary Dykes of central Skye. O'Neill's first topic, on the Karoo Dolerites of southern Malawi, had to be abandoned as a result of delays in arranging fieldwork in Malawi. Includesfinal examiners’ reports. C.47 Scarrow, J.H. 1988-1992 Work on Tertiary lavas of Skye. Cox was joint supervisor with P. Clifford, and joint author with Scarrow of a paper on Skye basalts. Includes final examiners’ report. For continuing correspondence with Scarrow,see G.46. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 32 Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences C.48 Skae, A.J. 1993-1997 Work on the Queensland, Australia. Queensland University. petrology the Buckland volcanic of Cox was joint supervisor with province, central A. Ewart of Includes arrangementsfor fieldwork in Australia. C.49 Sloman, L.E. 1984-1987 Work on Middle Triassic magmatism in the Dolomites, Northern Italy. Includes arrangements for funding for fieldwork and for attendance at conference, progress report on research, proposal for Sr-isotope work (and reply by S.E. Moorbath), final examiners’ report. C.50 Tait, R.E. 1988-1989 Work on mafic migmatites from the Rauer Islands, E. Antarctica. Cox was joint supervisor with S.L. Harley of Edinburgh University. Includes final examiners’ report. C.51 Whittingham, A.M. 1987-1991 Workon stratigraphical petrogenesis of the volcanic formations in S. Brazil. Includes arrangementsfor fieldwork in Brazil and examiners’ final report. C.52 Widdowson, M. 1985-1991 Workon the uplift of the Western Ghats, India. Cox was joint supervisor with A.S. Goudie of the Department of Geography, Oxford. Includes statements of research by Widdowson and others, examiners’final report. For continuing correspondence with Widdowson, see G.55. C.53 General correspondence with graduate students on admission, theses, submission dates, supervisors, 1991-1993. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 33 Oxford University Department of Earth Sciences C.54-C.62 GENERAL DEPARTMENTAL CORRESPONDENCE 1981-1998 C.54 C.55 C.56 C.57 Appointments, 1993, 1998. Correspondence with candidates and with schools on admissions, 1991- 1997 and undated. Miscellaneous shorter correspondenceon departmentalaffairs, 1988-1996. Shorter correspondence on graduate research projects, 1990 and n.d. C.58-C.62 Requests to visit, work in department, collaborate in research, thanks for visits, etc C.58 C.59 C.60 C.61 C.62 1981-1987. 1988-1989. 1990-1991. 1992-1993. 1994-1996. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 34 SECTION D LECTURES AND CONFERENCES D.1-D.9 The surviving material, which covers the years 1982-1996 only, is scanty and far from giving an adequate record of Cox’s activities in this sphere. Cox rarely wrote out the text of a lecture, preferring to speak to a choice of slides, overheads or similar illustrative material. Hence, such texts as survive (D.1-D.3) are essentially outline notes to accompanyvisuals, though thelively progress of Cox’s thought can be seen. Even invited lectures such asthose given at Kiel do not carry a written text. Although it is clear that he was a frequent attender and speaker at conferences, and wasinvited to many more than he attended, few folders include Cox’s contributions, which can be documentedonly by references in correspondence. Cox’s lectures at Oxford are in Section B. D.1-D.4 LECTURES D.5-D.9 CONFERENCES K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 35 Lectures and conferences D.1-D.4 LECTURES 1987-1995 D.1-D.3 Cox’s Lectures D.1 D.2 D.3 ‘Seminar on Skye Basalts and controversy over the major element composition of the mantle. November 1°" 1993’. No indication of place. With a headnote ‘based on the work of Jane Scarrow’(q.v.) 2pp. Notes for six lectures at Leicester University, October-November 1994. Includes brief correspondence on arrangements. ‘Lectures for Kiel - September 1996’ 3pp. On ‘Recent work on the morphology of the Deccan Traps’. See also F.9. D.4 Invitations to lecture, letters of thanks, 1987-1995. Correspondence and arrangements. D.5-D.9 CONFERENCES 1982-1996 D.5 Invitations, lists of participants, arrangements, correspondence, 1982-1989. Includes Cox’s 2pp report on ‘Workshopof the Mainz consortium “Accretion and differentiation of the Planet Earth” 15-17 November 1984’ and 3pp Abstract of a paper by Cox ‘Contamination, evolution and origin of continental flood basalts’, perhaps given at the Mainz meeting. D.6 Invitations, arrangements, correspondence, 1990-1993. Includes brief report by Cox on Symposium V3 “Flood basalt vulcanism; relationships to extinctions, impacts and hotspots” held at International Union of Geology and Geodesy (IUGG) meeting, August 1991. K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 36 Lectures and conferences International Symposium on the physics and chemistry of the upper mantle, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 14-19 August 1994. of Cox’s lecture Correspondence, information, programme, typescript ‘Sources of Basaltic Magmas’ published in the Symposium Proceedings, Sao Paulo, 1994. Invitations, arrangements, correspondence, 1994-1996. Conferences declined, 1984-1994. D.7 D.8 D.9 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 37 SECTION E PUBLICATIONS, EDITORIAL AND ADVISORY E.1-E.54 No extended drafts for Cox’s own publications survive. The material presented here at E.1-E.3 and in brief references elsewhereis editorial correspondence only. Cox was a respected editor, with long associations with the Journal of Petrology and the Open University Press, and a prolific reviewer of papers submitted by others for publications in these and in manyother journals. Much of the material in this section illustrates the extent of his commitments, which he discharges with diligence tempered with humanity. Mostof the correspondenceis Cox’s outgoing letters, often reconstructed from printouts of his disks, and not alwaysfully addressed or dated. E.1-E.3 OWN PUBLICATIONS E.4-E.48 EDITORIAL AND ADVISORY E.49-E.54 SHORTER GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 38 Publications, editorial and advisory E.1-E.3 OWNPUBLICATIONS 1965-1996 Other references to Cox’s publications can be found at E.8, E.13, E.16, E.26, E.27, E.36, E.44. ES Cambridge University Press. 1992 Correspondence mainly about Cox’s contribution ‘The interpretation magmatic evolutions’ Cambridge, 1992. of Earth: a new synthesis, in Understanding the Also includes commenton a publication proposal. E.2 Chapman & Hall. 1989-1995 Correspondence mainly about reprints and corrections to The Interpretation of igneous rocks, a collaborative work by Cox, J.D. Bell and R.J. Pankhurst originally published by Allen & Unwin, London, 1979. Also includes correspondence 1994 on a proposal by Cox for a book on techniques of microscopyin geology. E.3 McGraw-Hill Book Company. 1965-1996. Correspondence on An introduction to the practical study of crystals, minerals and rocks, a collaborative work by Cox, N.B. Price and B. Harte published in 1967. Includes contract 1965, correspondence about reprints etc, and about reproduction of Cox’s photograph of Deccan Trapsin later publications. E.4-E.48 EDITORIAL AND ADVISORY 1983-1998 E.4 E.5 Allen & Unwin 1986 Commenton book submitted for publication. Bulletin of Vulcanology 1988-1991 Commenton papers submitted for publication. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 39 Publications, editorial and advisory E.6 E.7 E.8 Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 1987 Comment and discussion on paper submitted for publication Chemical Geology 1990-1994 Comment on papers submitted for publication Earth and Planetary Science Letters 1985-1996 Cox wasan editor of the journal 1981-1985 and continued to review papers regularly after that date. Comments on papers submitted for publication, also brief correspondence 1995 on Cox’s collaborative paper with M. Widdowson ‘Uplift and erosional history of the Deccan Traps’ published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters vol 137 (1996). E.9 Elsevier 1991-1992 Correspondence on various magmasandotherearth fluids 1992, edited by Cox and P.E. Baker. publishing projects, including Essays on E.10 Geological Journal 1991 Comment on paper submitted for publication. Geology 1994, 1995 Comments on papers submitted for publication. E.12 Geophysical Research Letters ca 1996 Comment on paper submitted for publication. E.13 Geoscientist 1998 Letter to the editor by Cox, dated 3 March 1998. Not in Bibliography. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 40 Publications, editorial and advisory E.14 Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1991 Comment on paper submitted for publication in Ran Gerson memorial volume. Journal of African Earth Sciences 1994 Commenton paper submitted for publication. E.16 Journalof the Geological Society 1990-1994 Comments on papers submitted for publication. Includes correspondence 1991-1992 on the sesquicenntenial volume of the journal to be published in 1993, for which Cox was to write an historical article on ‘Volcanic action in Earth history’. E.17-E.20 Journal of Petrology 1983-1996 Cox had a long association with the journal, serving as managing editor, then editor, 1972-1984, and subsequently as a member of the Honorary Advisory Board (later Assistant Editorial Board). He continued to review regularly. E.18 E.19 E.20 E.21 1983-1987. 1988-1991. 1992-1993. 1992-1996 and undated. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 1986 Comment on paper submitted for publication. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 41 Publications, editorial and advisory E.22 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 1994 Brief comment on paper submitted for publication. E.23 Longman Group 1990 Advice on proposed publication. E.24 Mineralogical Magazine 1986-1987 Comments on papers submitted for publication. E.25 Mineralogy and Petrology (formerly Mitteilungen) TMPM_ Tschermaks Mineralogische und 1986-1996 Petrographische Comments on papers submitted for publication. E.26 Natural History 1989 Possible publications. E.27, E.28 Nature 1986-1994 and undated Comments on papers submitted for publication. Some correspondence on papers submitted by Coxis also included. E.27 E.28 1986-1990. 1991-1994 and undated. E.29-E.35 Open University Press 1985-1990 Cox wasseries editor of the Geological Society’s Handbooks published by the Press. The material includes draft outlines and chapters for proposed contributions to the series, reports and progress statements, Cox’s notes on meetings, correspondencewith colleagues and with staff and editors of the Press. K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 42 Publications, editorial and advisory E.29 E.30 E.31 E.32 E.33 E.34 E.35 E.36 1985-1986. 1987. 1988 (1). 1988 (2). 1989 (1). 1989 (2). 1990. Oxford University Press 1988-1992 Comment on proposals for books submitted for publication, and on Cox’s projected ‘basalt book’. E.37 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 1992 Mainly with contributors to Melting and Melt Movement within the Earth, Cox wasone of the editors of this Special Publication and contributed a paper on ‘Continental magmatic underplating’. E.38 Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 1990 Book review. E.39 South African Journal of Geology 1990, 1995 Invitation to join the editorial board, comments on papers submitted for publication. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 Publications, editorial and advisory E.40 Tectonics Commenton paper submitted for publication. E.41 Tectonophysics Commenton paper submitted for publication. E.42 Times Higher Education Supplement Book review 43 1991 1998 1987 E.43 Unwin HymanLtd 1986-1991 Comments on books submitted for publication. E.44-E.47 Special Publications E.44 E.45 E.46 E.47 E.48 Correspondence on Cox’s paper Karoo igneous activity’ published in Magmatism and the Cause of Continental Break-up, Geological Society of London Special Publication vol 68 (1993). Comment on paper submitted for publication in Geological Society of London Special Publication, vol 108 (1996). Comment 1993 on paper submitted for publication in Mineralogy and Petrology of small- and medium-scale structure, to be published by University of Natal, South Africa, n.d. Comment on paper submitted for publication in Large Igneous Provinces, AGU Press 1995. Comments on papers submitted for publication, no name or indication of journal given. 1992-1996 and undated. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 44 Publications, editorial and advisory E.49-E.54 SHORTER GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1983-1997 E.49 E.50 Shorter correspondence with colleagues and editors, requests to write, review etc. 1988-1994 and undated. Correspondence and arrangements for BBC TV ‘Horizon’ programme The day the Earth melted,filmed in India and featuring Cox and other colleagues, broadcast February 1991. E.51-E.54 Requests for photographs, transparencies, slides. Almost all Mahabaleshwar on the Western Ghats escarpment, westernIndia. of these are for Cox’s photographs of the Deccan Traps, Theoriginal is at J.47. E.51 E.52 E.53 E.54 Correspondence with Geological Museum London for use of photograph in Museum booklet ‘Volcanoes’ 1986-1987. Shorter correspondence with authors, editors, museums requesting loans, permission to use etc of Deccan Trap photographs. 1990-1996. Shorter correspondence with authors, editors, museums requesting loans, permission to use etc of Deccan Trap photographs. 1990-1996. Shorter miscellaneous requests for photographs etc. 1983-1997. K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 45 SECTION F SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS F.1-F.16 F.1, F.2 GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY F.3-F.9 F.10 GEOMAR(Forschungszentrum fiir marine Geowissenschaften) INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF VOLCANOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH’S INTERIOR (IAVCEl) F.11 MINERALOGICAL SOCIETY F.12-F.16 ROYAL SOCIETY K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 46 Societies and organisations F.1, F.2 GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY 1982-1992 F.1 F.2 Correspondenceand papers, 1982-1986 Includes the award to Cox of the Murchison Medal for 1986, and letters of congratulation. See also A.7. Correspondence and papers 1988-1992. Includes Cox’s election to Council 1988, and as a Vice-President 1989, 1990. F.3-F.9 GEOMAR(Forschungszentrum flr marine Geowissenschaft) 1991-1998 The Research Centre for Marine Geosciences known as GEOMAR waspart of the Christian-Albrechts Universtiy at Kiel, Germany. Cox was Chairman of its Scientific Advisory Board, which heldits first meeting in February 1992, and subsequently met in February 1996. F.3 Correspondence and papers 1991-1992. Includes Cox’s appointment and arrangements for meeting in February 1992, timetable for meeting, Cox’s manuscript notes of presentations and discussions, press-cutting. N.B. Cox is wrongly identified in the caption of the photograph. He is standing far right. F.4 F.5 F.6. Documentation supplied for meeting. Correspondence with colleagues and board members on the report to be submitted, letters of thanks, March - June 1992. Drafts and versions of report. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 47 Societies and organisations F.7 F.8 F.9 F.10 F.10 Correspondence 1994-1996 on GEOMAR affairs and meeting of Advisory Board in February 1996. Includes letter 1998 accepting Cox’s resignation from the Board on his intended retirement from Oxford. Correspondence with colleagues and board members, drafts and comments on report to be submitted after February meeting, March-May 1996. Arrangements anddrafts for lectures given by Cox at Kiel, in February 1992 on ‘Current work on the Karoo Province’, and in September 1996 on ‘Recent work on the morphology of the Deccan Traps’ (see also D.3). INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF VOLCANOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH’S INTERIOR (IAVCE}) 1989-1993 Correspondence and papers on IAVCEI affairs 1989-1993. Includes Cox’s report on Symposium V3 of |IUGG Conference 1991, report on workof 'Large Igneous Provinces’ group, support for IAVCEI Congress in Canberra 1993 etc. F.11 MINERALOGICAL SOCIETY 1991 Brief correspondence on membership, 1991. F.12-F.16 ROYAL SOCIETY 1988-1998 F.12 F.13 Appointment to serve on committees and panels: IGCP scientific committee 1991; Selection Board D 1991; Research Appointment Panel A 1997; International Exchanges Panel | (B) 1998. Correspondence, 1988, 1991-1992 on possible discussion meeting on geodynamic processes. K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 48 Societies and organisations F.14 F.15 F.16 Correspondence on membership of Transactions A and matters relating, 1992-1995. Editorial Board of the Society's Correspondence and papersrelating to the Royal Society Club. Cox’s manuscript notes of meetings. 1993-1997. Includes Brief correspondence on the biographical memoirs of S.R. Nockolds andI.G. Gass, 1992. See also G.40. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 49 SECTION G CORRESPONDENCE G.1-G.73 The correspondence is concerned almost exclusively with research and publications, mainly on the basaltic rocks of Cox’s areas of interest. Always friendly in tone, it includes a few references to personal or social contacts. Muchofthe later correspondenceis Cox’s copiesonly, printed out from his disks. G.1-G.37 SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE In alphabetical order, dated and indexed, with brief indication of information of particular biographical or scientific interest G.58-G.73 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 50 Correspondence G.1-G.37 SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1977-1998 G.1 Al’mukhamedov, A.I. 1987-1991 Al’mukhamedov was a geochemist working at the Institute of Geochemistry, Irkutsk, Siberia. Correspondence on research and publications, and on visit by C. Mitchell (q.v) to work on Siberian trap basalts in Al mukhamedov’s laboratory. G.2 Arndt, N.T. 1986-1996 Correspondence 1986-1993 is on research, comments on publications etc. Correspondence 1995-1996is on collaborative project between the Oxford Department of Earth Sciences and Géosciences Rennes for an Alliance proposal (supported in the UK by the British Council) on ‘Constraints on plume-related magmatism from picrites and peridotite xenoliths’. Includes detailed proposals, exchangeofvisits, progress report. The programme was renewedfor 1997. G.3 Baksi, A.K. 1986-1993 Research and publications on flood basalts, especially from India, possible collaborative research, exchange of samples. G.4 Bose, M.K. 1983-1997 Bose wasa Professor of Geology at Presidency College, Calcutta, India. Includes probe analyses of mineral phases of Bose’s rock specimens, carried out in Oxford. Much of the correspondence concerns Bose’s major book on igneous petrology and includes comments by Cox on the proposed contents and on sample chapters, and also the foreword he contributed to the book which waseventually published in 1997. G.5, G.6 Boyd, F.R. 1986, 1994 Correspondence and data on peridotite xenoliths. G.5 Correspondence and graphs. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 51 Correspondence G.6 G.7 Printout, comment and notes of XRF analyses carried out in Oxford Department (Cox’s letter of 10 August 1986 refers). Bristow, J.W. 1985-1993 Research andideas on orthopyroxes and Karoopicrites. G.7A Brown, R. 1991-1992 Fractionation of Karoo magmas. G.8 G.9 Burke, K. Drainage patterns, uplift. Campbell, D.B. Campbell, |.H. 1988-1989 1987-1989 1989-1993 Researchand publications on geochemistry of plumes, drainage patterns. Coffin, M. 1991-1996 Report on LIP (Large Igneous Provinces) workshop and other IAVCEI (International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior) matters. G.12 Courtillot, V. 1986-1991 Mainly Deccan research. G.13 Devey, C.W. 1986-1992 Research and collaborative paper with Cox published 1987. G.14 Dott, R. 1987-1989 K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 52 Correspondence Duncan, A.R. 1986-1993 Duncan, always referred to by Cox as ‘Big Andy’, was a colleague at Cape Town University. General correspondence on research, publications, visits and conferences, 1990 excursion to Namibia. G.16 Ellam, R.M. 1989-1996 Ellam was a NERC-supportedpost-doctoral research assistant at the Oxford Department 1989-1990, before moving to the Open University and later to the Scottish Universities Research and Reactor Centre. He collaborated with Cox on several papers on Karoopicrite basalts, and on Cox’s posthumous paper on dolerite dykes of the Falkland Islands, 1999. Research andpublications, funding for projects. G.17 Erlank, A.J. 1985-1992 Erlank was a colleague at Cape Town University, South Africa. Research, publications, visits (including Cox’s visit to review the work of the research unit, see H.21) and some personal news. G.18 Ewart, A. 1988-1995 Ewart was a geologist at the University of Queensland, Australia and Australian editor of the Journal of Petrology. General correspondence (especially Canberra 1993). on research and publication, confernces Correspondence 1993-1995 deals with the collaborative research project on the petrology of Buckland volcanic province, central Queensland, carried out by Cox’s doctoral student A. Skae (q.v.) under Ewart’s supervision. Francis, D. 1993-1994 Mainly discussion of research and papers submitted for including Cox’s collaborative paper with J.H. Scarrow on Skyebasalts. publication, K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 53 Correspondence G.20, G.21 Gass,I.G. 1986, 1990-1995 Gass, a long-term collaborator and friend of Cox, was Professor of Earth Sciences at the Open University. Cox contributed a paper on ‘Alkali basalts from Shugra, Yemen’ to a memorial volume for Gass, Magmatic Processes and Plate Tectonics 1993, and also wrote the memoir of Gass for the Royal Society 1995. General correspondence, including correspondence on Cox’s contribution to the memorial volume 1986 (oneletter only), 1990-1992. Correspondence (Cox’s copies only) on Royal Society memoir, information requested from colleagues, 1992-1995. Includes draft of memoir. G.20 G.21 G.22, G.23 Gianetti, B. 1979-1989 Correspondence(notall dated) and drafts by the Italian geologist Giannetti on the geochemistry of the Roccamonfina Volcano, Campania. Includes data recalculated by Cox and his team. Cox’s letters of 17 October 1980 and 7 October 1985 give the clearest statement of the research. 1979-1980. 1983-1989. Includes a geological map of the Roccamonfina volcano. Green, D.H. Harris, C. 1991 1986-1993 Harris was a geochemist at Cape Town University, South Africa. Correspondenceon career, research on oxygen isotopes in Karoo basalts. G.22 G.23 G.24 G.25 K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 54 Correspondence G.26 Harris, P.G. and others 1991-1992 Mainly correspondence with colleagues on festschrift for Harris, edited by Cox and P.E. Baker and published in a special volume of the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research vol 50 (1992). G.27 Herzberg, C. 1987-1989, 1994-1995 Correspondence, 1987-1989, on research and papers on fractionation in South African rocks. Correspondence 1994-1995 (Cox’s copies only) on Skye basalts and ‘hotspots’. G.28 Hooper, P.R. 1985-1995 Research and publications on Deccan and South African basalts. G.29 Huppert, H.E. 1992-1993 Mainly on Huppert’s paper on modal and rhythmic igneous layering. G.30 Khan, M.S. 1989-1994 Possible Himalayas). collaborative research on Panjal volcanic rocks (Kashmir G.31 Krishnamurthy,P. 1970-1995 Krishnamurthy published collaborative papers with Cox on Deccan Trapsin 1977 and 1980. Companies 1970 is on the award to Krishnamurthy of a Commonwealth Scholarship to work with Cox at Edinburgh on Deccan Traps. longletter from Cox 21 July 1970 outlines outlines the work to be done. Krishnamurthy waslater in charge of the XRF Laboratory, Atomic Minerals Division, Hyderabad. See also G.33. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 55 Correspondence G.32 McKenzie, D.P. ca 1985-1995 Most of McKenzie’s letters are in longhand and dated only with day and month. The earliest year date is 1985. Research ideas and reflexions, comments on publications, plots of African rocks. G.33 Mahoney,J. 1984-1995 Research and publications, mainly on Deccan Traps. Includes correspondence 1985 onpriority, and notes on borehole samples collected in 1974 by Krishnamurthy (qg.v.) sent to Mahoney 1990. G.34 Martin, A.K. 1986 Comment and reply by Martin to Cox’s collaborative paper on Falkland Islands Rotated Microplate (Nature vol 319 (1986)). G.35 Melluso,L. and others 1990-1996 Correspondence 1994-1996 is on a paper by Melluso and collaborators, on Deccan basalts, submitted to J. Petrology, with referees’ comments, detailed notes, queries and emendations by Cox. G.36 Menzies, M. 1990-1995 Expedition to Yemen and collection of specimens by Menzies, possible contribution by Cox to work on continentalrifting. G.37 G.38 Milner, S. Mitchell, C. 1987-1994 1989-1998 Mitchell was a research assistant and doctoral student of Cox 1985-1988 and collaborated with him in work and publications on Deccan Traps, Siberian and Falkland Islands basalts. Correspondenceon career, research and publications. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 56 Correspondence G.39 Moore, A.E. 1993-1998 Research and publications on South African geology. Includes comments and discussion by Cox of Moore’s papers. Moore’slast letter to Cox (May 1998) suggests possible collaboration with Cox. G.40 Muir, |.D. 1993, 1995 Recollections of S.R. Nockolds for Royal Society biographical memoir, written by Muir 1994. See also F.16. G.41 Mussett, A.E. 1984-1989 Analyses of Deccan lavas and Falkland dykes. G.42 Piccirillo, E.M. 1985-1989 Research and publications, mainly on Parana volcanics, Brazil. Includes comments and discussion by CoxofPiccirillo’s drafts, and arrangements for Cox’s visits to Brazil and other conferences and meetings. See also D.7, G.45. G.43 Rice, A. Paper on ‘shocked minerals’. G.44 Roberts, N. 1987 1983 Proposed work on a petrological and palaeomagnetic study of Stormberg lavas of Lesotho, Southern Africa. G.45 Roisenberg, A. 1985-1987 Roisenberg workedin the Institute of Geosciences, Porto Alegre, Brazil and wasa colleague of E.M. Piccirillo (q.v.). Correspondence, data, references, maps relating to Cox’s visit to Brazil in 1985 and to the joint research project on acid volcanism of the Parana basin, carried out in the field by Cox’s research student A.M. Whittingham. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 57 Correspondence G.46 Scarrow,J.H. 1991-1998 Scarrow was a doctoral student of Cox. Her work on Skye basalts led to a collaboration with him and an important paper (often referred to by Cox in correspondenceofthis period) published in JU. Petrology vol 36 (1995). Correspondence on research and career. Includes comments, revisions etc. on J. Petrology paper. Most of the material is Cox’s copies only. G.47, G.48 Subbarao, K.V. 1986-1998 Subbarao wasa distinguished Indian geologist working at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. General correspondence on research, publications and conferences with special reference to the Deccan, comments on papers and research projects. G.47 G.48 G.49 1986-1990. 1991-1998. Sukheswala, R.N. 1977-1983 Sukheswala, a professor of geology at St Xavier's College, Bombay, India, wasretired at the time of this correspondence, but continued to work and write on the Deccan Traps. The material is almost entirely concerned with a proposed book on the Deccan Traps, originally intended as a collaborative work with Cox butfinally to have Sukheswala as sole author. Cox's letters of 2 March and 12 December 1977, 17 October 1980, 2 July 1981, 2 August 1982 and 23 July 1983 are of interest in giving detailed information and guidance on the content and presentation of the work. G.50 Summerfield, M.A. 1990-1991 Correspondence includes Summerfield’s comments on Cox’s paper on mantle plumes (Nature vol 342 (1989)), proposed Royal Society discussion meeting on ‘macroscale’ geomorphology, suggestions for topics and participants. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 58 Correspondence G.51 Sweeney, R.J. 1989-1993 Discussion and papers on Karoopicrites. G.52 Travers, W.B. 1981-1983 Possible research on basalts of the Nicola-Takla group, central British Columbia. G.53 Watts, A.B. 1989 Mainly on Cox and Watts collaborative paper on Deccan Traps (EPSL, vol 93 (1989)). G.54 White, R.S. 1987-1991 Publications on flood basalts, ideas for proposed Royal Society discussion meeting. G.55 Widdowson, M. 1993-1997 Widdowson was a doctoral student of Cox and published a collaborative paper with him on the Deccan Traps (EPSL, vol 137 (1996)). Career, research and publications. G.56 Wilson, B.M. 1986-1988 Proposed research comments by Cox on draft paper. project on Karoo dykes in Southern Zimbabwe, G.57 Zolotukhin, V.V. 1983-1987 Zolotukhin was a geologist working at the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academyof Sciences at Novosibirsk. Papers and proposed book on Siberian basalts. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 59 Correspondence G.58-G.73 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1977-1996 Shorter research, meetings, suggestions for collaborative work etc. 1986-1996. correspondence on with colleagues publications, In alphabetical order. A, B. D, E. G.58-G.64 G.58 G.59 G.60 G.61 G.62 G.63 G.64 G.65-G.70 Comments and discussion on manuscripts and drafts submitted to Cox by the authors, some with re-workings and drafts annotated by Cox. 1984- 1994. In chronological order. G.65 G.66 G.67 1984. 1986. 1987. K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 60 Correspondence G.68 1990. G.69 1991, 1992. G.70 G.71 1993, 1994. Miscellaneous references, specimens and samples etc. 1980-1996. information, requests for programs, bibliographical In chronological order. G.72, G.73 Requests and thanksfor reprints or publications sent or received, some with additional information on research and publications. 1977-1994. G.72 G.73 1977-1990. 1991-1994. K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 61 SECTION H REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS H.1-H.27 H.1-H.3 THESES AND EXAMINING H.4-H.16 APPOINTMENTS, PROMOTIONS, RESEARCH PROPOSALS H.17-H.21 DEPARTMENTALAND INSTITUTIONAL REVIEWS H.22-H.25 ROYAL SOCIETY H.26, H.27 MISCELLANEOUS K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 62 References and recommendations H.1-H.3 THESES AND EXAMINING 1985-1998 Material relating to UK and overseasuniversities H.1 H.2 H.3 1985-1989 1991-1994 1995-1998 Includes brief correspondence on external examining 1992. H.4-H.16 APPOINTMENTS, PROMOTIONS RESEARCH PROPOSALS 1984-1998 Most of the material deals with senior appointments. H.9 refers to recent graduates of the Oxford Department of Earth Sciences. The material is presented in alphabetical order by university or institution. H.4-H.10 UK universities and institutions H.11-H.16 Overseasuniversities and institutions H.4-H.10 UK universities and institutions 1987-1998 H.4 H.5 H.6 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, 1995. Cambridge University, 1991, 1992, 1998. Edinburgh University, 1993. Leverhulme Trust, 1991 London University, 1993 Manchester University, 1991 Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), 1995 and undated K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 63 H.7 H.8 Fi:9 References and recommendations Open University,1987, 1991 Oxford University, 1987, 1993-1995 Oxford University, 1991-1998 Recent graduates of the Departmentof Earth Sciences applying for MSc or PhD courses, junior appointmentsetc. H.10 Royal Society research proposals, fellowships etc., 1990-1997. H.11-H.16 Overseasuniversities and institutions 1984-1997 H.11 Australia, 1993-1994. Canada, 1995. Hong Kong, 1992-1993. South Africa, 1984-1997. H.15 H.16 United States, 1987-1994 and undated Unidentified, 1993, 1995. H.17-H.21 DEPARTMENTAL AND INSTITUTIONAL REVIEWS 1988-1997 H.17 British Antarctic Survey Review Panel, 1995-1997 Appointment, arrangements for meeting, information on workof Survey. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 64 References and recommendations H.18 Danish National Research Centre: Danish Lithosphere Centre, 1993, 1997. Includes Cox’s report on the Centre, March 1997. H.19 University College London, 1988. Cox was an external adviser. Includes report on ‘Thefuture of geological science departments in London University’. H.20 Natural Environment Research Council, 1995. Mid-Term Review of British Mid-Ocean Ridge Programme (BRIDGE). Includes copyof report. H.21 South Africa, 1990, 1991. Geochemistry Research Unit Cape Town, and Unit for Bushveld Geology, Pretoria. Correspondence, arrangements. H.22-H.25 ROYAL SOCIETY 1990-1997 H.22 General correspondenceon grants, research proposals, discussion meetings, 1991-1997. H.23-H.25 Elections, 1990-1997. H.23 H.24 H.25 1990. 1992-1995. 1992-1997. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 65 References and recommendations H.26, H.27 MISCELLANEOUS 1986-1994 H.26 H.27 Requests for references, 1986-1991 and undated. Requests declined, 1987-1994. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 66 SECTION J NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL J.1-J.104 J.1-J.44 MAPS, DIAGRAMS, CHARTS J.45-J.47 TRANSPARENCIES AND IMAGES J.48-J.104 PHOTOGRAPHS J.1-J.44 MAPS, DIAGRAMS, CHARTS 1987-1995 These are works on paper or tracing paper, many coloured in part or in whole by Cox, most bearing annotations of routes, sites of specimens. localities, They are presented in alphabetical orderof region. J.1-J.6 Aden (Shuara). 6 folders. J.7-J.33 Africa. 27 folders. Deccan. 7 folders. Gondwanaland reconstruction with large igneous provinces. Paranabasalts on East coast of South America, Brazil-Argentina border. Russia (2). Skye. J.34-J.40 J.41 J.42 J.43 J.44 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 67 Non-textual material J.45-J.47 TRANSPARENCIES AND IMAGES J.45, J.46 Transparencies of locations in Aden, Africa, Deccan, Falklands and other miscellaneous locations (Australia, Guatemala, New Zealand and others), not all taken by Cox, most with identifications and descriptions. Digital images transferred to 2 CDRoms. J.47 Transparency of Cox’s photograph of Deccan Trap basalts, Mahabaleshwar (2 copies). This photograph was greatly in demand and frequently reproduced. See E.51-E.54. J.48-J.104 PHOTOGRAPHS J.48-J.53 J.54-J.93 Aden Deccan J.94-J.100 Miscellaneous J.101-J.104 Personal photographs. J.48-J.53 Aden 6 RAF photographs taken 6 November 1955, mostwith localities marked. J.54-J.93 Deccan J.54-J.89 Small format photographs, numberedon verso 1/2-37, 2/4-6 J.90-J.92 Medium format photographs. J.93 Large format photographs. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 68 Non-textual material J.94-J.100 Miscellaneous J.94 J.95 Yemen, localities marked. Zimbabwe, Saveriver. J.96-J.98 Rock specimens, with identifications. J.96 J.97 J.98 Tuff, Skye “a natural chill” Translucent kennedyite Dendritic clinopyroxene J.99, J.100 Twosatellite photographs of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Horn ofAfrica. J.101-J.104 Personal photographs 1951-1997 J.101 Officer cadet squadron 18 August 1951. Cox is 2nd right, back row. 2 copies. J.102 With friends, skating at RoundhayPark, Leeds, winter 1957-1958. Coxis at rear, leaning on car. 2 copies. J.103 Queen’s College, Oxford 2nd Rugby XV 1952-1953. Coxis 2ndleft, front row. 2 copies. J.104 Cox at Brompton Barracks, Chatham, October 1997. 2 copies. K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ALEXANDER, P. Oliver ALLEGRE, ClaudeJ. ALLEN & UNWIN AL’ MUKHAMEDOV,A.1. ANDERSON, Robert ARNDT, Nicholas T. BAGGALEY,Richard W. BAJPAI, Sunil BAKSI, Ajoy K. BARNES, John W. BAS, Michael John LE BATEMAN, Richard BELL, Brian R. BELL. John David BENNETT, Alan BERTRAND, Herve BILGRAMI, Syed Zain BISHOP, Daniel J. BLETCHER, Jason BOGOCH, Ron BOSE, Mihir K. BOTT,Martin Harold Phillips BOYD, Francis R. (‘Joe’) BOYLE, Alan E. BRASIER, Martin David BRAVO, Manuel S. 69 G.58 E.7 E.4 G.1 E.26 G.2 E.30-E.35 G.58 G.3 E.32 E.16 F.1, F.2 G.69 C.48 A.21 G.67 C.41 H.26 C.42 A.21 G.4 A.8 G.5,G.6 E.10 C.48 G.58 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 70 Index of correspondents B.30, G.7 BRISTOW, John W. BROCK,Patrick BROOKS, C. Kent BROWN, Daryl John BROWN, Geoffrey C. BROWN, Sir (George) Malcolm BROWN, Roderick BRUNDIN, Clark Lannerdahl BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY BURKE, Kevin CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CAMERON, Euan CAMPBELL, D. Barrie CAMPBELL,lan H. CANADIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES CANN, Johnson Robin (‘Joe’) CARLSON, Richard W. CATT, John A. CAWTHORN, R. Grant CHAPMAN & HALL CHARLES, Michael AUDLEY- CHEMICAL GEOLOGY CHIARAMONTI, Piero COMIN- CHRISTIAN, John Wyrill CHRISTODOULOU, A. COFFIN, Mike CONDIT, Christopher D. A.21 B.72 C.43 E.29 A.8 G.7A A.8 E.5 G.8 E.1 A.8 G.9 G.10 E.6 G.72 G.59 E.31 G.59 E.2 H.19 E.7 G.70, G.71 A.8 A.8 A.21, G.11 G.59 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 71 Index of correspondents COURTILLOT, Vincent CRAIG, Harmon CRUIKSHANK, Durward William John CUMMING, Bruce DAVIES, Stephen DAWSON, John Barry G.12 E.8, G.59 A.21 G.59 A.11 A.8, A.21, H.24 DE FREITAS,Michael Henry See FREITAS, Michael DE DESSAI, A.G. DEVEY,Colin W. de WIT, Maarten Johan DISSANAYAKE, C.B. DIXON, RoseA. DOGLIONI, Carlo DOTT, Robert DOWNS, Tony DUFF, Donald DUGGAN, Morrie DUNCAN, Andrew Rae DUNHAM, Ansel Charles EALES,HughV. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS EBY, E. Nelson EDWARDS, Ted ELDHOLM, Olav C.62 A.21, C.44, F.3, G.13, G.35 See WIT, Maarten Johan de G.60 E.29, E.30 A.21, G.60 G.14 A.21 A.8 F.10 G.15 See also B.65 A.8 C.57 See also G.29 E.8 G.60 A.22 F.5, F.8 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 72 Index of correspondents ELLAM, Robert Mark ELLIOT,David H. ELSDON, Ron ELSEVIER EMELEUS, Charles Henry ENCARNACION, John ERLANK, Anthony J. EWART, Anthony EXLEY, Colin Stewart FENWICK,Michael FITTON, John Godfrey FLOWER, Martin FRAISER, Don FRANCHETEAU, Jean FRANCIS, Donald FRANCIS, lan FREITAS, Michael Henry DE GARWIN, Laura GASS, lan Graham GEOLOGICAL JOURNAL GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY GEOLOGY G.16 See also B.10-B.27 G.65 C.58 E.9 G.60 C.62 B.30, G.17 C.48, E.18, E.20, G.18 A.8 A.22 E.18, E.19 A.22 A.22 F.5, F.8 G.19 E.2, G.61 E.29-E.32 E.27, E.28 A.8, B.1, B.53, G.20, G.21 E.10 Fi, F.2 E.114 GEOMAR(Forschungszentrum fur marine Geowissenschaften) A.22, F.3-F.F.9 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS GEOSCIENTIST E.12 E.13 K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 73 Index of correspondents GIANNETTI, Bernardino GIBSON, Sally A. GILCHRIST, Alan GILL, Robin C.O. GOLES, Gordon GOUDIE, Andrew Shaw GRAY,Peter GREEN, David Headley GRIFFIN, William L. HABAKKUK, Sir John Hrothgar HALLAM, Tony HANCOCK,Jake M. HARGREAVES, Robert B. HARRIS, Christopher HARRIS, Nigel B.W. HARRIS, Peter Graham HARTE, Ben HAWKESWORTH, Christopher J. HAY, William Winn HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM HENDERSON, C. Michael B. HERZBERG, Claude HILDEBRAND, Peter HIRSCH, Sir Peter Bernhard HOFMAN, Al W. HOLLAND, Charles H. HOOPER, Peter R. G.22, G.23 G.68 E.37, H.26 G.61 C.58 A.58, C.52, C.58 A.8 G.24 B.53 A.23 F.1,G.72 A.Q G.61 E.18, G.25 E.16 G.26 A.23, G.61 E.8, E.19 F.5 E.14 G.72 G.27 A.23 A.9 G.61 F.14 G.28, G.35 K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 74 Index of correspondents HORDER, Tim HOWELLS, Malcolm Fletcher HOWIE, Robert A. HOYLE, Jim HUMPHREYS, Colin J. HUPPERT,Herbert E. A.23 A.9, F.1 E.24 A.23 A.9 A.9, G.29 INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF VOLCANOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH'S INTERIOR (IAVCEl) F.10 JAMIESON, Brian JENKYNS, Hugh JOLLY,Asit JONES, Roger JOSEPH, Babu JOURNAL OF AFRICAN EARTH SCIENCES JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL OF PETROLOGY JOURNAL OF SOUTH AMERICAN EARTH SCIENCES JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH KARCZ, laakov KERKHOF, Berlinda KHAN, MohammadSabir KINNAIRD, Judith KIRKMAN, Andrew KRISHNAMURTHY,P. A.9, A.24 A.24, C.48 See G.32, G.58 E.43 G.69, G.71 E.15 E.16 E.17-E.20 E.21 E.22 A.24 E.9 G.30 E.35 A.24 G.31 See also G.33 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 75 Index of correspondents LARSEN, Hans Christian LARSEN, Lotte M. LATIN, David LE BAS, Michael John LEGAULT, Francois LEMESURIER, Wes LISTER, John LLOYD, John W. LONGMAN GROUP LOVELL, Brian McBIRNEY,A.R. McCLAY, Kenneth Ronald MACDONALD, Ray MACDOUGALL, J. Douglas McGRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY McKENZIE, Dan Peter MAHONEY,John MALLICK, Donald Ivor John MARSH, J.-S. (‘Goonie’) MARTIN, Daniel MATTHEWS, Drummond Hoyle MELLUSO, Leone MENZIES, Martin MILNER, Simon MINERALOGICAL MAGAZINE MINERALOGICAL SOCIETY MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY B.49, B.50 E.19 G.62 See BAS, Michael John LE C.61 G.62 G.68 E.32 E.23 A.24 G.62 E.33 A.24 G.33 E.3 F.1, G.32 E.47, G.33 B.53, G.72 A.24, B.30 G.62 A.9, H.23 A.24, G.35 C.42, C.47, G.36 G.37 E.24 F.114 E.25 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 76 Index of correspondents MITCHELL, Clive MOFFATT, John MOORBATH, Stephen Erwin MOORE, Andrew MOORE, Andrew E. MUIR, lan Douglas MUSSET, Alan Ernest NATURAL HISTORY NATURE NAYAK,V.K. NESBITT, Robert W. NICOL, Ed NORTH, Sir Peter Machin OFFICER, Charles B. O’ HARA,Michael John OLLIER, C. O’ NEILL, Anthony Michael OPEN UNIVERSITY PRESS ORCHARD, Mary E. ORMEROD, David OXBURGH, Ernest Ronald, Baron OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PEATE, David PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON C.45, G.38 A.9 C.49 A.24 G.39 F.16, G.40 G.41 E.26 E.27, E.28 G.62 A.9 A.9 A.9, A.14 G.69 A.9, G.69, G.70 G.69 C.46 E.29-E.35 G.62 A.9 C.49 E.36 C.59 E.37 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 77 Index of correspondents PHYSICS OF THE EARTH AND PLANETARY INTERIORS PICCIRILLO, Enzo M. PRICHARD, Hazel RICE,Alan RICHARDS, Keith S. ROBERTS, Neil ROISENBERG, Ari ROYAL SOCIETY RUNCORN, Stanley Keith RUSHWORTH, Geoffrey RUTTER, Michael SAGGERSON, EdwardPhillips SARNTHEIN, Michael SAUNDERS, Andrew David SCARROW, Jane Hannah SCHMINKE, Hans Ulrich SELLWOOD, Bruce SEMPLE, Ali SEN, Gautam SINGH, Satish SINGTON, David SKAE, Andrew James SLOMAN, Lynn Elizabeth SMITH, Barbara Scott SMITH, JosephVictor E.38 G.42 G.20 G.43 E.8 G.44 G.45 F.12-F.16, H.10, H.22-H.25 A.9 A.25 C.58 A.7 F.5, F.8 D.2, G.73 C.47, G.46 A.25, F.3, F.10, G.63 C.34 A.25 G.63 G.69 E.50 C.48 See also G.18 C.49 A.25 A.10, H.24 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 Index of correspondents SMITH, Mike R. SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY SPARKS,R. StephenJ. STANTON, Richard S. STEWART, Duncan Montgomery STEWART,Sir Frederick STOREY,Brian C. STRONG, David F. STUMPL, EugenF. G.63 E.39 E.18 A.10 A.10 A.10, F.1 E.44, E.45 E.29 E.25 SUBBURAO, K.V. (‘Subbu’) C.52, G.47, G.48 SUBRAMANYA,K.R. SUESS, Erwin SUKHESWALA,Ratan N. SUMMERFIELD, Michael A. SUTTON, Leslie Ernest SWEENEY,Russell J. SYKES, John M. TAIT, Rhoda Elspeth TAYLOR, Paul TECTONICS TECTONOPHYSICS TEMPLE, John Tempest THIEDE, J6érn THIRLWALL,Matthew F. TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT TRAVERS,William B. G.70 F.7 G.49 A.27, G.50 A.10 G.51 C.36 C.50 B.30 E.40 E.41 F.1,H.5 F.3, F.5, F.7 B.52, C.47, E.19 E.42 G.52 K.G. Cox NCUACS96/1/01 79 Index of correspondents UNWIN HYMAN LTD E.43 UPTON, Brian Geoffrey Johnson VAIL, John Randolph VENCIL,Jiri VINCENT, Ewart Albert (‘David’) VINES, Ken VOLLMER, Roald WAGER, Phyllis Margaret WALSH, J. Nicholas WALSH, John WATKINSON, Anthony WATSON, Sarah WATTS,Anthony B. WELLS, Maurice Kingsley WEST, Graham WEST, W.D WHITE, Robert S. WHITTINGHAM, Andrew Miles WIDDOWSON, Michael WILCOCK,Bruce WILKINSON, John F. G. WILSON, Allan WILSON, Blanche Marjorie WIT, Maarten Johan de WOODHEAD, Jon A.10, E.17, E.18, £.20, F.1, F.13, G.35 A.10, C.57, H.26 G.72 A.25 G.66 H.26 A.10 E.24 A.25 E.17 G.64 G.53 A.10 E.31, E.33, E.34, E.35 G.64 See also B.38 G.54 C.51 See also G.45 A.25, C.52, G.55 E.36, F.1 G.64 E.46, G.64 G.56, H.26 G.66 C.59 K.G. Cox NCUACS 96/1/01 80 Index of correspondents WORKMAN, David WRIGHT, ThomasL. ZOLOTUKHIN, V. V. A.25 G.64, G.66 G.57