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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on further correspondence and papers of DAVID KEILIN (1887-1963) biologist deposited in Cambridge University Library Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre (NRA 17358) THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, 1987 No 87/4 (CSAC 118/9/86) by London WC2A 1HP All rights reserved CSAC 118/9/86 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Supplementary catalogue of papers and correspondence of DAVID KEILIN FRS (1887 - 1963) Material additional to CSAC 3/73 Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper All rights reserved Deposited in the University Library Cambridge 1986 D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing : The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Wolfson Foundation D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1-A.87 A.1°-A.7 Biographical tributes and information A.8 -A.40 Career and honours A.41-A.87 Family letters and material SECTION B THE MOLTENO INSTITUTE CAMBRIDGE B.1-B.34 a Wie Wee Research and teaching B.14-B.34 History and administration SECTION C SECTION E SECTION D CORRESPONDENCE PHOTOGRAPHS LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The material was received from Mrs. Joan Whiteley (Keilin's daughter) at various dates June-December 1986. Although the collection is essentially additional to that catalogued in 1973 (CSAC 3/73) it also incorporates documents relating to the Molteno Institute Cambridge (item 6 of the 1973 catalogue) previously retained in family hands. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The supplementary collection is particularly strong on biographical material relating to Keilin and his family, and includes several accounts, translations, summaries, explanatory notes and identifications prepared by Mrs. Whiteley. There is documentation for the early life and work in Paris of Keilin, his wife Anna and his sister Marie (both doctors), and more sparsely of other members of their families. Of some interest are the sequences of letters written to Keilin by his wife from Manchester during the First World War, and by his daughter from Leeds during the material held back from the 1973 collection is incorporated here. Section C (Lectures and Publications) is chiefly of interest for Keilin's draft Section B contains a little research material for the Cambridge period and some vey of his struggles with ill-health and his unassuming and endearing personality. The - Second World War, when each was pursuing a medical career. None of Keilin's replies to his wife survive but his frequent letters to Joan (A.73~-A.78) are very interesting for documentary record in Section A is complemented by photographs assembled in Section E. their news of his research ideas and Cambridge affairs as well as for the picture they con- at his death, completed by his daughter and published in 1966. pondence for his own book The history of cell respiration and cytochrome left unfinished review for Nature of a book by Warburg (C.3) and for its extensive drafts and corres- useful additional documentation for Keilin's long connection with the Molteno Institute before, during and following his appointments as Quick Professor and Director. The D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Section D (Correspondence), though slight, includes some exchanges with A. Szent-Gydrgyi and O. Warburg. Section E contains several interesting photographs of all aspects of Keilin's life, work, colleagues and family from 1907 to shortly before his death. Many of these were assembled and re-photographed by Mrs. Whiteley and bear dates and identifications by her. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Our main thanks are to Mrs. Whiteley for her care in assembling, translating and identifying the material. | We also acknowledge with thanks the help of Dr. G.C. Stone (Hertford College, Oxford) in deciphering and translating documents in Polish and Russian. P. Harper J.B. Alton Oxford 1986 D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1 - A.87 A.1 -A.7 Biographical tributes and information A.8 -A.40 Career and honours A.41-A.87 Family letters and material Anna Keilin Joan Keilin (later Whiteley) A.41-A.55 A.56-A. 80 Other relatives and friends A.81-A.87 BIOGRAPHICAL TRIBUTES AND INFORMATION A.] Keilin's own account of his scientific activity. probably 1945 (work with Y.L. Wang on leguminous plants). Spp., n.d., ‘Corrigendum to obituary notices' ‘Student Days in Paris: before and after' 'Dr. Marie Keilin' (Keilin's sister, Mania) Miscellaneous biographical notes prepared after Keilin's death, by J. Keilin, P. Tate. Accounts prepared by Mrs. Whiteley (J. Keilin) for the present collection. life. Family trees and information assembled by Mrs. Whiteley for the present collection. David Keilin. A.4 of other members of the family contributed by various relatives. Family tree, outline of life, recollections List of addresses in Paris and Cambridge occupied at various times by David and Anna. A.5 Anna Keilin (née Hershlik). Family tree, outline of D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Biographical and p ersonal Published accounts. A.6 — 'Keilin, cytochrome and the concept of a respiratory chain', by E.F. Hartree, in Of Oxygen, Fuels and Living Matter, 1981. . A.7 Review, October 1986. —'Keilin and the Molteno', by M.F. PerutZ, The Cambridge CAREER AND HONOURS A.8 Early life and career Residence certificate issued by Warsaw police, 1896. School report, 1904. Li€ge University, 1905 Two documents relating to military service, 1908, the second issued at Imperial Russian Consulate, Paris, deferring call-up until end of university studies but not beyond age of 27. Russian passport, issued 1911 and used to 1921, with visas for Britain, 1915, and return to Paris for doctorate 1917. Keilin is recorded on the passport as travelling with his sister, Hena (Niusha). Certificate of study; admission card to Botanical Gardens. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Biographical and personal A.10-A.13 Paris A.10 Personal documents. Residence certificate, 1905, with later additions 1908, 1911. Marriage certificates, July and September 1913. Letter, 1915, from. J. Verne. Certificates of study, 1908 Zoology, Embryology; 1909 A.11 Botany; 1912 Geology. A.12 Dipléme de Licencié és Sciences. Miscellaneous receipts and forms re certificates and dues. Doctorate, 1917. A.13 letter from G.H.F. Nuttall, arrangements made by M. Caullery, doctorate certificate (mention trés honorable). Includes application for visa, supporting Cambridge, 1918 Election to Royal Society, 1928 Letter of congratulation (only one survives), fee receipts. Also included in folder is letter to Keilin, 1918, with news of teachers and friends. Miscellaneous biographical items, residence and military certificates, invitations, research and personal . Britain to live with her daughter and son-in-law, 1921. National Portrait Gallery; of registration for Stephanie ('Shifra') Hershlik, who came to passport; press cutting; Certificate Miscellaneous items, 1920s, 1930s Keilin (Supplement) D. CSAC 118/9/86 - Biographical and personal Miscellaneous items, 1940s Card from colleagues in Paris, 1943. Telegram from J. Needham urging Keilin to apply for Chair of Biochemistry, Cambridge, 1943. Request (declined) to become first President of the newly-formed Society for General Microbiology, 1944. Letter from M. Caullery on Keilin's election as membre corres~ pondant, Académie des Sciences, 1947. List of guests invited to Garden Party at Keilin's home on the occasion of the First International Congress of Biochemistry at Cambridge, 1949. Miscellaneous items, 1950s Copley medal (one letter only), 1951. Correspondence re Hon. Doctorate, University of Li€ge, 1952. Offer (declined) of election as Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, 1952. Greetings card from 'reunion of former Molteno and Cambridge biochemists', Shanghai, 1959. Miscellaneous shorter items. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Biographical and personal A.20-A.40 Keil in's death Letters of condolence, written jointly or separately to Anna and Joan Keilin f ‘a few with replies. A.20 A A.2) Ba-Bi A.22 BI-Bu A.23 « A. 24 D-E Aas A.26 A.27 F G H A.28 A338. UsZ l-J-K Lists compiled by Joan Keilin of those from whom letters were received; drafts of replies by Anna and Joan Keilin. Will, Estate account, assets and liabilities. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Biographical and personal FAMILY LETTERS AND MATERIAL Anna Keilin, née Hershlik A.41-A.44 Early life in Poland (documents in Russian). A.A4l Birth certificate, 1886; and French translation, 1906. Residence certificate for 'Shifra' (Stephanie) Hershlik (mother), certifying her as a Russian citizen in town of Velun, Poland. See also A.16. School leaving certificates of Lycée at Lodz, A.42 1902, and addendum, 1905, re qualification as primary school teacher; and French translation, 1906. A.43 with photograph. Diploma as primary school teacher, Lodz, June 1905, Certificate of examination in Latin taken at boys! school, A.44 Lodz, August 1905, with photograph. girls at that date.) (Latin was not taught to Doctorate, 1915. Receipts and dues. A.45, A.46 Paris A.45 Dispense de grade, 1906. A.46 Residence certificate, 1906, and later amendments. Testimonials to medical studies, 1915, 1916. Rugsian passport issued 1905, with travel pass, 1913, as loose document, and entry authorisation for Britain, 1915. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Biographical and personal A.47-A. 55 Britain A.47 Documents relating to medical career, 1915-20. Includes testimonials for Anna Keilin from Manchester Northern Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital, St. Mark's Hospital; correspondence re post at Cambridge, 1918; receipts and dues. brief Also included is certificate of pass in medicine, Society of Apothecaries, London, March 1920, and letter to David Keilin about medical studies, undated but one month before Apothecaries examination. notes contributed by Mrs. Whiteley, December 1986. in Polish, with résumé translation and Letter is Letters to David Keilin, 1915-17. With the exception of letters written from Paris in 1915 and included at A.48, the correspondence is addressed to David Keilin in Cambridge and sent from Manchester where Anna Keilin was working at the Manchester Northern Hospital for Women and Children. It consists of letters, postcards and telegrams, some on hospital headed paper; letter in Russian. Almost all There is one 1915 3 April, from David to Anna Keilin describing The content is mainly personal, but includes several references to life in Manchester and to Anna Keilin's professional work at the hospital. are in Polish with occasional phrases in French and more rarely in English. a card or letter was sent almost daily and sometimes more than once a day. All Letters of 3 April, 31 May have résumé translations | A.48 early days in Cambridge; 30 April, 31 May, Anna to David. in Polish. and notes contributed by Mrs. Whiteley, December 1986. Continued A.50 to 'Mon cher maftre' re a publication by Anna Keilin. 1916 October. Includes letter, 11 October, in French, A.49 1916 September. 1916 July, August. A.5] 1916 November. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Biographical and personal 1916 December. Includes draft applications and requests A.52 for testimonials, in English and French, for a post in ‘un hépital Londonien' [Charing Cross J, and a Christmas letter of family news from sister- and brother-in-law, Edzia and Horace Havre, working in Portugal. A.53. Undated and fragmentary letters, probably 1916. A. 54 1917 January. A.55 1917 February. Joan Keilin, later Whiteley Letters to her parents, written regularly during clinical medical training at A.56 1943 May. 1943 June, July. 1943 August. A.59 1943 March, April. Leeds, 1942-45, and undated. Content is mainly personal, but with frequent reference Ay, 57 1942 November, December. 1942 April, September, October. 1943 January, February. Letter of 22 February describes in Leeds and some information on Cambridge affairs. to course of study, lectures, operations and treatment, as well as details of wartime life A.58 a weekend visit to H.A. Krebs and family at Sheffield. Continued 1943 November, December. 1943 September, October. -60 61 .62 .63 64 1944 January, February D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Biographical and personal A.66 1944 March-May . A.67 July. casualties treated at Leeds. 1944 June, Includes description of military | A.68 1944 August, September. A.69 1944 October, November. A.70 1945 January, February, April. A.71, A.72 Undated or fragmentary letters. and activities. Letters from Keilin to his daughter, with an occasional note by Anna, 1942-44. The content is mainly personal but with frequent reference to research in hand or planned, meetings and discussions, publications by Keilin and Joan Keilin, appointments and news A.73 A.74 A.75 A.76 A.77 1942 January, April, September. of colleagues at Cambridge and elsewhere. The sequence provides a detailed and endearing picture of Keilin's personality Some letters include a few sentences in Polish f and some are written when Keilin was confined to bed during his regular attacks of asthma. Undated and fragmentary letters. 1943 August, October, December. 1942 October-December. 1943 January-March. 1943 April-July. 1944 August. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Biographical and personal Telegram and letters from Anna to David Keilin, August 1943, from Leeds. In Polish. Two letters from Anna to Joan Keilin, April 1943, September 1944. In English. Miscellaneous later letters home written during holidays or conferences abroad, 1961, 1967. Other relatives and friends Most of these letters and cards are in Russian or Polish, and have translations, paraphrases, identifications or notes added by Mrs. Whiteley. Havre, Edzia (Keilin's sister) and Horace, 1943, 1944 and n.d. Keilin, Marie (Mania, Keilin's sister), 1923, 1924, 1944. A.8] Entin, Dunia (Keilin's sister) and Mordecai, 1928, 1937. Included here is Keilin's 1960 waiver of claim to the estate of his sister and family, most of whom died in the Warsaw Ghetto, in faveur of his niece Irena Mitelman. notes and possible identifications by Mrs. Whiteley. Miscellaneous postcards, 1915-17, from family and friends, with Keilin, Motia (brother) and Genia, 1925, 1938. Keilin, Panka, 1925. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Biographical and personal Letters, cards, etc. from friends: Filttz,. J. Heyman, S. 1918 1943 Ivanoff, S. and M. 1916, 1918, 1944. photograph. Includes Kopeé ? Pavlovski ; - 1932, 1937 1928 D.Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 SECTION B THE MOLTENO INSTITUTE, CAMBRIDGE B.1 -B.34 B..1. B.19 Research and teaching B.14-B.34 History and administration See A.7 for an account of Keilin's long involvement with the Molteno. RESEARCH AND TEACHING B.] Exercise book (covers detached) with some loose pages inter- calated. Both ends of book used. Experiments, results, graphs, most in Keilin's hand but some by another. February 1931, January 1932. Some pages bear dates, November~December 1930, Small red notebook of miscellaneous content. dated 'VII 1935’. Only one page Includes list of 53 matters to be investigated, experiments to do, ideas or notes on cytochrome and oxidases; notes for research on several topics; on Respiration of Ascaris Parasites’; problems’. miscellaneous other notes. list of 9 similar 'Experiments list of 9 'Collaborative At rear of book, similar lists of 13 and 11 topics, and list of 21 similar Small loose-leaf notebook, n.d. Mainly chemical formulae and molecules. At rear of book a few later notes, 1968, by Small notebook of miscellaneous content, bibliographical references, addresses, etc. Mrs. Keilin. Miscellaneous notes. Notes on 'Estimation of haem capacity of proteins’. Miscellaneous notes, graphs, etc. on haemoglobin. Notes and graphs on cytochrome c. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 The Molteno Institute, Cambridge Ms. lecture on ‘Porphyrin’ variously paginated, some pages dated 1943, 1944. Examination questions set by Keilin. List of lectures given by Keilin at Cambridge, 1937-58. B.11-B.13 Theses. 1928. Keilin's report. Keilin's report on doctorate thesis by A. Szent- 1929. ‘On the function of peroxidase systems’. n.d. early 1930s. Keilin's report on thesis by N.U. Meldrum. 1939. 1959. Ms. notes and comments. HISTORY AND ADMINISTRATION B.14 n.d. Notes and comments by Keilin, Hartree and (Part only) letter to G.H.F. Nuttall re Keilin's work, from U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1917, perhaps related to offer of post. ponsibility from that date. Grant applications and research reports to Medical Grant Committee and Medical Research Council for Keilin's work as assistant to Nuttall, 1922-29. Memorandum by Nuttall on the history and future of the journal, January 1932. Keilin and E. Hindle took over editorial res- Report for 1925 records discovery of cytochrome. Folder includes card from Nuttall, 1929. ‘Regarding Parasitology’ D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 The Molteno Institute, Cambridge Correspondence with Medical Research Council and Rockefeller Foundation re support from the Foundation for Keilin's work, 1932; press -cutting re gift. See also B.21. Keilin's letter re death of first Secretary-Librarian of Molteno, and support for family, 1934, Notes from J. Gray on research projects and personnel at Depart- ment of Zoology, n.d., 1930s. Letter from |. Molteno, 1940. Correspondence with Rockefeller Foundation re help for refugee scientist (1942) and re five-year grant for Keilin's research (1947). Photocopy of Keilin's letter to Medical Research Council re support for molecular biology and work of M.F. Perutz and J.C. Kendrew in Cambridge, 1947. Brief correspondence only re Nuttall Memorial Celebration, 1951. Correspondence, 1950-51, re Keilin's Report on 'The Molteno Institute of Biology and Parasitology', prepared for Cambridge University General Board and relating to the future of the Institute. A copy of the report, and of Keilin's circulation list, are included. of successors and his future research plans, April, June 1952. Keilin's carbons of letters re his forthcoming (October 1952) retire- ment as Quick Professor and as Director of the Molteno, election Keilin's carbons of letters to others, setting forth his views on the qualities looked for in the head of a parasitology department, 1951. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 The Molteno Institute, Cambridge Five bundles of ms. notes by Keilin, prepared as aide-mémoires for discussions with Secretary of Faculties, and with N.M.V. Rothschild, re affairs of the Molteno. attributed by Mrs. Whiteley from Keilin's private diaries July 1952. All bear dates on verso June- Notes for Keilin's speech at celebration of hundredth birthday of C. Warburton at Molteno, 1954. letter and photograph from Warburton to Mrs. Keilin, 1954. Also included here are brief Brief correspondence re Keilin's retirement research at Molteno, financial statements of Nuffield Grant expenditure, 1955, 1956. Papers, 1962, re future of the Molteno and proposed discontinuance of the Quick Professorship, all heavily annotated by Keilin. Reports of the Quick Professor of Biology, 1931-34, 1934-37, 1937-40, 1943-46, 1945, 1946-49, lists of publications. Miscellaneous printed matter on the history of the Molteno, its Includes miscellaneous Continuing correspondence, 1963, re Molteno and Quick Professor - ship and meeting of General Board, 13 February 1963, which Keilin attended by invitation and at which he died. ms. notes prepared for the meeting. Miscellaneous undated notes and jottings, mainly about the Molteno and its activities, but also includes 4pp. notes probably prepared for Council of the Royal Society. publications, and on Nuttall. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 SECTION C LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS C.1 -C.32 _ Many of the documents have attributions or annotations added by Mrs. Whiteley. ‘Preparation of Cytochrome c', collaborative paper with E.F. Hartree, ublished in Biochemical Preparations, P ‘Cytochrome c'. 2, 1949, under the title ‘© P App. typescript with ms, corrections. ‘Effect of low temperature on the absorption spectra of haemo- proteins ...', collaborative paper with E.F. Hartree, published in Nature, 164, 1949. P P f 9pp. typescript with ms. corrections. Review of O.H. Warburg: Schwermetalle als Wirkungsgruppe ‘2nd draft', 8pp. ‘Warburg', letter from Nature re review, 1949. d6pp. list of 29 points of disagreement, headed 24pp. typescript. note by Mrs. Whiteley suggests a relation to collaborative Also included in folder is Keilin's copy of Warburg's 1929 papers on oxidation, bound together and with many annotations by Keilin. ‘Cytochrome’, collaborative paper with E.C. Slater, published in Brit. Med. Bull., 9, 1953. ‘Cytochrome’, 6pp. typescript with a few ms. corrections for a paper; paper with A. Tissiéres published as 'Haemoglobin in moulds' (Nature, 172, 1953). Miscellaneous typescript and ms. draft, incomplete, for ‘Distribution and diversity of haemoglobin’ (Acta. Biochim. Polonica, 1956). 2 copies with different ms. corrections. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Lectures and publications C.7-€.30 The History of Cell Respiration and Cytochrome Keilin's posthumous book, prepared for publication by his daughter, C.U.P., 1966. Drafts This material is mainly typescript, copied up by Keilin's daughter from his notes or earlier drafis, and usually bearing ms. indications by her of where the material was to be, or had been, incorporated in the book. Many of the texts are very heavily annotated or revised by her. There are also some ms. notes, comments or suggestions in the hands of E.F. Hartree and E.C. Slater. A few of Keilin's own ms. or typescript notes survive. Cy7. Plans and outlines for book, some under original title 'Respiration and metallo-protein catalysts’ (see 1953 correspondence with C.U.P. at C.24), material for introduction. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Ideas for mottoes. Multiple drafts and revisions. Chapter including discussion of work by Warburg. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Lectures and publications Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter 10. Chapter 11. Chapter 12. Chapter 14. C18 C.20 C.2i CZ ee Bibliographical and other notes, several in Keilin's hand (Joan Keilin's lists enclosed). 2 folders. Correspondence Correspondence with C.U.P. re publication, publicity, reviews, U.S. publication, etc. Includes correspondence with Nature, 1968. Except for C.24, correspondence is conducted with Joan Keilin. Correspondence and contract with C.U.P., 1953, for book under its original title Respiration and metallo-protein catalysts, later amended to The History of Cell Respiration and Cytochrome. Correspondence with colleagues, readers and reviewers, 1965-67. Correspondence with colleagues re book, 1964, 1965. Keane 1964-66 C:26°.- 1967-69, 1975 D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Lectures and publications Publicity material, extensive lists of names and addresses for circulation. Reviews. Invitations to lecture, letters of thanks. Royal Academy of Netherlands 1938; of London 1952; Science Club Cambridge 1954; Cambridge 1954; Leeuwenhoek Lecture 1959. Harvard 1949; John Ray Society Cambridge 1954; University Natural History of Science Committee Correspondence with publishers and editors. Invitation to write book on Cytochrome and Other Enzymes of Respiration, 1939; Nature, 1954; Science Progress, 1961. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 SECTION D CORRESPONDENCE D.1 - D.29 D.1 Adrian, E.D. 1939 Declining offer of appointment, and describing research. Agricultural Research Council — 1941, 1946 Invitation to serve on ARC, letter of thanks at end of service. Barcroft, H. One letter only. Barcroft, J Keilin's carbon only, re Barcroft's papers. Buxton, P.A. . Award of Jaffe Grant toR. Christophers. 1943 1960 1953 Conant, J.B. Dale, H.H. 1930 1933 1945 1940 1949 re ams. by Keilin submitted for publication. Keilin's resignation as Chairman, Pest Infestation Committee. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research See also B.28. Correspondence 1950 re benefaction; correspondence 1954 re_ celebration of 100th birthday of C. Warburton. Dobell, M. ; 1950, 1954 Dirac, P.A.M. re C. Dobell. Hindle, E. D. Keilin (Supplement) | CSAC 118/9/86 Correspondence | Holiday, E.R. 1951 Institut International de Chimie-Solvay 1934 Invitation (declined) to 5th meeting, Brussels; list of participants. includes programme, Kapitea, P.’- 1945 Text of Keilin's telegram recommending g treatment for hepatitis. Pp g Laidlaw, P.P. 1935, 1936 Preparation of cytochrome c. Lichtenthaeler, C. Book on cytochrome. 1933, 1944 later correspondence is with Meldrum's uncle Medical Research Council Letter of thanks at end of service. Also included here is note by D.E.H. Whiteley, 1986, on the Meldrum family. heldrum:- holh 1933; Card only, and publisher re passible reprinting of his book on cellular respiration. 1938 Mellanby, E. Pope, W.. J. Keilin's draft letter only, on diphtheria toxin. Quastel, J.H. Sherrington, C.S. n.d., pre-1919 1952 194] D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Correspon dence Stern, K.G. 1938 Szent-Gyérgyi, A. 1932, 1936 Research and publications, mainly on fumaric, pyruvic and oxaloacetic acids. Thorson, G. 1960 Research at Marine Biology Laboratory, Copenhagen. Virtanen, A.|. Haemoglobin research. 1945 Warburg, O.H. and others 1931-38, 1946 research, specimens, meeting. Also includes letter from Letters of congratulation to colleagues on honours and awards, and/or their replies. Various dates 1944-53 and undated. Correspondence 1946 is with F.J. Philpot on Warburg's postwar situation. Includes Keilin's letter of congratulations on Warburg's Nobel Prize for 1931; programme of conference on oxidation at Heidelberg, March 1932 (Keilin spoke on cytochrome) and correspondence arising; G. Millikan while working in Warburg's Institute, 1934, and Keilin's recommendation of Warburg for Hon. Fellowship of Chemical Society, 1938. Brief correspondence, 1945, 1960, on books and reprints. D. Keilin (Supplement) . CSAC 118/9/86 SECTION E PHOTOGRAPHS E.1 - E.18 Most of the photographs have dates and identifications by Mrs. Whiteley and some have been specially enlarged or re-~photographed for the collection. Several of the portrait studies of colleagues are inscribed to Keilin. PAR IS AND WIMEREUX E.] Garden of Paris laboratory, 1912. 3 photographs, 2 with Keilin. for early work on Pollenia rudis. The garden provided specimens Wimereux Zoological station. Station, expeditions, n.d., before 1915. MOLTENO INSTITUTE, CAMBRIDGE The bui Iding| E.3 E.4 Colleagues and group photographs 3 group photographs of Nuttall, Keilin, Warburton and other staff, one (1924) with key. General view (2 photographs); hollow tree in grounds used for collecting specimens as in Paris. E.L. Smith; Stoppany. A. Bach; M.S. Batia; H.H. Dale; R. Edman; W.M. Fletcher. S. Hecht?” E: Mellanby:; G.N. Minch. G.H.F. Nuttall. 3 photographs, one signed and dated 1929. J. Barcroft. 3 shakoorephs: one with A.V. Hill. L.S. Robinson; D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Keilin in laboratory Elz Keilin with colleagues Photographs B. Straub; A. Szent-Gyérgyi and family; H. Tamiya; Y.L. Wang. C. Warburton (2 photographs, one 1934 when Warburton, who lived to celebrate his centenary, was eighty); ‘Weinberg; T.S. Work. Six photographs including Quick Laboratory in Medical Museum before move to the Molteno in 1921; 'Chemical Room' with equipment; in laboratory 'office' 1960s. 1930s; Seven photographs, with M. Dixon, E.F. Hartree, E.C. Slater, J. Parizek, and on an expedition from Molteno early 1920s. FAMILY AND PERSONAL cid Student days in Paris, 1907-13 Receiving hmorary degree, Utrecht, 1956. Photograph of Anna, David and Niusha Keilin, 1913 Five postcards of groups, some including Marie (Mania) and Niusha Keilin. Three photographs of Keilin at home with Anna, Joan, Ann Bishop. Keilin's parents; Warsaw 1936 (Motia, Dunia, Niusha and others); Picado (Paris c.1912). Photocopies of early photograph in school uniform, ¢.1897, and in Paris, ¢.1912; Cambridge 1919; at home (three photographs 1950s). Family and friends. sisters Dunia, Marie 1915, 1964; group in lvanoff and Keilin. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ADLER, Saul ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, Ist Baron AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL APPLETON, Sir Edward (Victor) ARNON, Daniel Israel BABBAGE, Dennis BACH, Stephen J. BACON, John Stanley Durrant ° BARCROFT, Sir Henry BARCROFT, Sir Joseph BARTLETT, Sir Frederic (Charles) BENNETT, Roger F. BERNFELD, Marcel , A.20 D.1 D.2 D.8 A.20 A.2] £4, C27 A.2) 3 See D.4 A.21 A.21 A.21 BRIGGS, G. ‘ BURNET, Jock BOREI, Hans G. BOYDEN, Alan BUXTON, Patrick Alfred A.22 A.22 B.23 A.22 A.22 AZT A:21, A.29 BLASCHKO, Hermann Carl Felix (Hugh) BIDDER, Anna BISHOP, Ann A.23 CHRISTOPHERS, Sir (Samuel) Rickard A.23 See also D.5 CHADWICK, Nora, Lady CHIBNALL, Albert Charles CONANT, James Bryant Pe A.23 A.23 CARRODUS, S.. M. CAULLERY, Maurice A.13, A.17 A.23; G.28 COLE, Leslie B. CRIPPS, Mary A.23 D.6 D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Index of correspondents DALE, Sir Henry Hallett DALEQ, A. M. de HAAS, Elizabeth DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH DIRAC, Paul Adrien Maurice DIXON, Kendal DIXON, Malcolm DOBELL, Clifford DOBELL, Monica DOBRZANSKI, Janina (née Pariska) DONNAN, Frederick George DRURY, Sir Alan (Nigel) EDWARDS, J. W. ENTIN, Dunia (née Keilin) ENTIN, Mordecai (Motek) FLETCHER, Sir Walter Morley FLORKIN, Marcel FOX, Harold Munro FELDBERG, Wilhelm Siegmund FILITZ, Julia FLEMING, Sir Alexander Andrew FRYER, Sir John Claud Fortescue FREETH. ti: D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Index of correspondents GALE, Arthur James Victor GEORGE, Philip. GRANICK, Sam GRAY, Sir James GRAY, Norah, Lady GREEN, Frederick Charles GRIEVE, Gavin M. Macfarlane ~ HARRIS, Leslie J. HARTREE, Edward F. HAVRE, Edzia (née Keilin) HAVRE, Horace HEYMAN, Genia HILL, Archibald Vivian HILL, Priscilla IVANOFF, Serge A.2 C. A. A. A if A. A A A A D A A A A HINDLE, Edward HILL, Robert (Robin) HUMPHREY, George HOLIDAY, E.R. HOARE, Cecil Arthur HOLMBERG, Carl Gottfried 27 27 6A 27; 11 og 2 27 fog og 4 HOLTON, Francis A. HORNE, Frank Robert JEVONS, Frederic Raphael JANXIS-HENKEMANS, W. — L. IVANOFF, Margaret D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 KAPITZA, Piotr Leonidovitch (Peter) Index of correspondents KEILIN, Anna KEILIN, Genia Sex O14 A.41-A.55 A.84 KEILIN, Joan (later Whiteley) A.56-A.80, C.25, C.26 KEILIN, Marie (Mania) : A.28, A.83 See also A.3 KEILIN, Motia KEILIN, Parika KENDREW, Sir John (Cowdery) KING, Tsoo E. KNOX-SHAW, T. KODICEK, Egon KOPEC KREBS, Sir Hans (Adolf) A.84 A.85 A.28 A.28 A.28 A.28 A.87 A :285°D.28 See also A. 58 LEGGE, Jack LEONE, Enzo LEWY, Casimir A.29 vo B.17 Cie 29 ia 429 16 .29 LEMBERG, Rudolf LAMBERT, Robert A. LADBOROUGH, Richard W. LAIDLAW, Sir Patrick Playfair LICHTENTHAELER, Charles LIEBECQ, Claude LINDNER, Fritz LINDNR, Hans LIPMANN, Fritz Albert LWOFF, André e o F cae 29 D O .28 29 > S o S D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 Index of correspondents MANN, Thaddeus Robert Rudolph MARGOLIASH, Emanuel MARKHAM, Roy A.30 A.30 A.30, D.29 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL G216,.0u1¥; 8.22;.D,17 MELDRUM, Norman U. MELLANBY, Sir Edward MENDEL, Hertha MULLER & Fe Ms MILLIKAN, Glenn MITELMAN, Irena MOLTENO, MOLTENO, lan MORSHEAD, Sir Owen (Frederick) MORTON, Robert Kerford D.18 See also B.12 B22; 0.19 A.31 B,.17 D.27 A.31 See B.26 B.20 A.31 wl dl ool Fh MOZOLOWSKI, W. MUNRO, James W. 32 32 .13, B.15, B.16, D.28 NEEDHAM, Joseph NEUBERGER, Albert NOWINSKI, Winton W. NUTTALL, George Henry Falkiner PUGH, Leslie PAVLOVSKI, PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) PHILPOT, Flora J. PANTIN, Carl Frederick Abel POPE, Sir William Jackson ‘33 oo 7 33 PANSKI, Richard POMERAT, Gerard R. D. Keilin (Supplement) CSAC 118/9/86 QUASTEL, Juda Hirsch Index of correspondents RAMSEY, Arthur Stanley O N O © RAMSEY, Lucy RAPKINE, Sarah RICHARDS, Ivor Armstrong RIGAL, Franz Heinrich RIGAL, Marguerite RILEY, James F. ROBERTSON, Muriel ROCHE, Jean ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION ROSENBERG, Jean ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Meyer Victor, Baron k e S e e > > e P e r a P £ O O 8 £ e e g r e SCOTT, Hugh SCUTT, Philip e e e e e e o e e SAUNDERS. J... T. SAMUELS, Barbara SPINRAD, Leonard STEFANSKI, Witold SLATER, Edward Charles (Bill) SALISBURY, Sir Edward (James) SHERRINGTON, Sir Charles Scott SUMNER, Charles P. SZENT-GYORGYI, Albert D.24 See also B.11 STRAUB, F. Bruno & s O = " \ O : w O N O Y a STERN, Kurt G. Keilin (Supplement) D. CSAC 118/9/86 Index of correspondents TAMIYA, Hiroshi TANLOR Eyal: THOMPSON, W. R. THOMSON, Sir (Arthur) Landsborough THOMSON, J. A. Kerr 7 THORSON, Gunnar THURSTON, June TISSIERES, Alfred Sa oe TOPLEY, William Whiteman Carlton uk WOU.C. TURNER, Francis | VERNE, J. VIRTANEN, Artturi (mari 18 “2p OF 37 “a 38 «a7 .10 26 .38 A.38 D2 A.38, D.28 VOGT, Marthe Louise WANG, Y.-L. WARBURTON, Cecil Whitt leo a... or. WHITELEY, Joan see KEILIN WARBURG, Otto Heinrich B.28 See also E.11 WILLINK, Sir Henry Urmston WIGGLESWORTH, Sir Vincent (Brian) D.8 WOOLDRIDGE, H. A.38 A.38 A.38 WORK, Thomas S.