JONES, Reginald Victor Vol4

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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Reginald Victor Jones CH FRS (1911-1997) VOLUME IV Sections K - M Index of correspondents NCUACS catalogue no. 95/8/00 by Alan Hayward R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 SECTION K LECTURES, SPEECHES AND BROADCASTS K.1-K.422 LECTURES AND SPEECHES K.423-K.495 BROADCASTS R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.1-K.422 LECTURES AND SPEECHES K.1-K.340 Drafts K.341-K.393 Shorter correspondence K.394-K.410 Senior Officers War Course, Greenwich K.411-K.422 Offprints ca 1945-1995 A chronological sequence of material relating to lectures and speeches by Jones. 6pp annotated typescript. 1p manuscript notes, with 10pp manuscript draft attached. Lecture to Oxford University Physical Society, ca 1945. Material relating to lectures by Jones can also be found in other sections of the collection. The manuscript notes bear an annotation made by Jones in 1978 dating them to ‘Early 1946 or late 1945’. 5pp manuscript draft re the Atomic Bomb. Inaugural Aberdeen, 21 October 1946. Lecture as Rotary Club, Aberdeen, 30 November 1947. Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of 12pp typescript. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts ‘The value of an education in Physics’, Mathematical and Physical Society, University of St Andrews, 12 January 1948. 1p manuscript notes; 22pp manuscript draft. 31pp manuscript draft. 23pp typescript. ‘Scientific Intelligence in War’, Edinburgh, 23 April 1948. Two manuscript drafts of the first page of the lecture. Lecture to ‘AU [Aberdeen University] Freshers’, 1 June 1948. 1p manuscript notes. 6pp manuscript notes and partial drafts; letters to Jones re the lecture, 1948. ‘Outline of Paper — London Physical Society. Edinburgh’, 19 February 1949. Lecture to Royal Air Force Staff College, Bracknell, Berkshire, 1 November 1948. 1p manuscript notes. 1p manuscript notes. Lecture to Royal Air Force Staff College, Bracknell, Berkshire, 22 July 1949. 1p manuscript draft first page of lecture; letter of thanks to Jones, 1949. ‘One Aspect of D-Day, 6.6.44’, Crown Terrace Baptists, 5 February 1951. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Lecture to Royal Air Force Staff College, Bracknell, Berkshire, 21 May 1951. 1p manuscript notes with 2pp manuscript draft attached; correspondence re arrangements, 1951. Speech at Trades Guild Dinner, Aberdeen, 10 November 1951. 4pp manuscript draft; press cutting. ‘Safety in Mines’, Aberdeen Business and Professional Club, 20 December 1951. 2pp manuscript notes; letter to Jones re arrangements. ‘The possibilities of space travel’, Aberdeen University Geological Society, 29 February 1952. 2pp manuscript notes. Aberdeen Teacher Training College, 1954. 7pp manuscript draft. 5pp typescript. Speech at the Annual Dinner of the Scottish Radio Retailers’ Association, Aberdeen, 16 February 1955. 1p manuscript notes. ‘Germany’, WEA [Workers’ Educational Association], 25 November 1955. 4pp manuscript draft; menu card. 1p manuscript notes. Lecture to Rover Scouts, Aberdeen, 27 November 1955. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Lecture to Aberdeen Sportsman’s Club, 8 December 1955. 1p manuscript notes; letter to Jones, 1955. Speech at a Dinner in honour of Dr and Mrs Geddes, ca 1955. Spp manuscript draft; 4pp typescript. Dr Geddes was a longstanding member of staff in the Department of Natural Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen. ‘Pride in the job’, Rotary Club, Aberdeen, 31 January 1956. 4pp manuscript notes; correspondence re the lecture, 1956. ‘Research problems in transport’, 22 March 1956. 2pp manuscript notes. 6pp incomplete manuscript draft. 4pp incomplete typescript; newspaper cutting. of the ‘Education Educational Institute of Scotland, 18 January 1957. the Atomic Age’, Aberdeen Local Association for Speech at the Silver Jubilee Dinner of the Aberdeen and District Centre of the Scottish Motor Trade Association, 13 December 1956. See also F.220-F.233. ‘The theory of practical joking and its relation to physics’, Midland Branch of the Institute of Physics, 12 February 1957. The lecture was published in the Bulletin of the Institute of Physics (June 1957) pp 193-201. 1p manuscript notes; printed syllabus of the Association’s events. K.30, K.31 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts 1p manuscript notes; 18pp typescript. Correspondence relating to the lecture, 1956-1957. ‘The Crabtree Oration’, 1957. 11pp typescript. See also H.104. ‘Animal navigation’, Aberdeen Scouts, 14 December 1958. 1p manuscript notes; letter of thanks to Jones, 1958. Address to the Insurance Institute of Aberdeen, 5 January 1959. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence relating to the lecture, 1958-1959, 1p manuscript draft; correspondence re arrangements, 1959. Address to a meeting of Local Associations of the Educational Institute of Scotland, Keith, Banffshire, 16 May 1959. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1958-1959. ‘Role of students in a developing country’, Aberdeen Branch of the Nigerian Students’ Union, 26 April 1959. Printed copy of lecture; typescript notice of the dinner. ‘The natural philosophy of incongruity’. Speech at a Catalysts’ Club Dinner, Tallow Chandlers Hall, London, 4 June 1959. 3pp typescript. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Lecture to Junior Chamber of Commerce, 14 December 1959. 1p manuscript notes. Light-hearted speech re enchantment in science, ca 1950s. 9pp manuscript draft. Speech re ‘the case for a degree of home rule in Scotland’, ca 1950s. 2pp manuscript draft. K.42, K.43 ‘Infra-red radiation’, Royal Institution Discourse, London, 18 March 1960. K.42 2pp annotated typescript draft synopsis; 2pp typescript synopsis. Correspondence re arrangements etc, 1959-1960. 1p manuscript notes; printed leaflet re careers meetings. K.46-K.48 Talk to Asian Students Association, Aberdeen, 8 February 1961. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements. Talk at a careers meeting for senior secondary school pupils, Aberdeen High School for Girls, 15 December 1960. 8pp typescript. Address to the New Graduates in Science, Marischal College, University of Aberdeen, 6 July 1961. 10pp manuscript notes and draft. 15pp manuscript draft. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.49, K.50 ‘Some uses of elasticity in instrument design’. Discourse at the Annual Exhibition of the Institute of Physics and the Physical Society, 18 January 1962. 38pp manuscript draft. Correspondence relating to the lecture, 1961-1962. K.51-K.57 ‘Science, Technology and Civilization’. The Brunel Lecture, Brunel College of Technology, London, 14 February 1962. 25pp manuscript draft. 17pp manuscript draft. 19pp typescript. 18pp incomplete typescript version of the lecture, used in a radio broadcast. The lecture was broadcast on the BBC Third Programme, 1 May 1962. Correspondence re arrangements and the subsequent publication of the lecture, 1961-1962. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1962. Lecture to Cambridge University Physics Society, 8 November 1962. Letters sent to Jones re the lecture, 1962. Typescript background material. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 K.60, K.61 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts ‘Some limits of measurement’. Kelvin Lecture, Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow, 23 January 1963. 2pp typescript synopsis of lecture; correspondence re arrangements, 1962- 1963. Speech at Contractors (Scottish Section), 26 February 1963. the Annual Dinner of the Federation of Civil Engineering 8pp annotated typescript; speech notes. Correspondence re arrangements, 1962-1963; programme and table plan. ‘Science, Technology and Civilization’. Scientific Society, 8 November 1963. Da Vinci Lecture, Oxford University Spp manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1963. Royal Radar Establishment, Great Malvern, 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1963-1964. ‘Science Worcestershire, 13 November 1963. State’, and the 3pp manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1962-1963. ‘Hoaxes, Physics and Warfare’, Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution, London, 11 February 1964. 10pp typescript; 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re the speech, 1964. Speech at the Scientific Instrument Research Association (SIRA) Annual Luncheon, 14 July 1964. ‘Physical Theory and Practical Joking’, Cambridge Philosophical Society, 2 March 1964. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1963-1964. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts ‘Science, Technology and Civilization’. Conference of Cambridge, 19 September 1964. the Lecture to the National Weekend National Dock Labour Board, Pembroke College, 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1964. K.68-K.94 ‘The advancement of learning 1605-2005 A.D.’. The Annual Joseph Payne Memorial Lectures, College of Preceptors, London, 19 January, 26 January and 2 February 1965. 1p typescript synopsis of the lectures. ‘Lecture |’, 23pp annotated typescript draft and 17pp typescript. ‘Lecture II’, 26pp and 17pp annotated typescripts. ‘Lecture III’, 25pp and 20pp annotated typescripts. 2 folders. Three 13pp typescript versions of the lectures, used in radio broadcasts. Correspondence with the College of Preceptors re arrangements for the lectures and their publication, 1963-1965. These shortened versions of the Payne lectures were broadcast on the BBC Third Programme on 25, 27 and 31 August 1965 and repeated in February 1966. lectures, 1965; BBC Third Programme Quarterly Plan, January-March 1966. Correspondence with the BBC re the recording of shortened versions of the R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.76-K.85 Correspondence re the lectures, 1965-1996. Includes 5pp typescript note by Jones ‘Some current factors in higher education’ sent to Anthony Crosland, Secretary of State for Education and Science, February 1965. 10 folders. Cuttings and photocopies of articles re the lectures, 1965. Correspondence and papers re a debate in the Observer on the quality of university physics students, February-March 1965. Includes 2pp typescript letter by Jones to the Observer (published on 28 February 1965). K.88-K.94 Related material and papers accumulated by Jones following the Payne lectures. Jones was scheduled to give the Closing Address. the Conference on Scientific Correspondence re the recruitment of physicists to universities etc, 1964. Correspondence and papers Manpower, University of Lancaster, 9-11 April 1965. relating to 1p manuscript notes by Jones for a lecture to the Senior Officers War Course, Greenwich, 12 February 1964. 1p manuscript notes; letters to Jones re arrangements, 1964. Lecture to the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, Middlesex, 20 January 1965. Manuscript, typescript and printed material relating to university education. K.91-K.94 4 folders. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts ‘Impotence and Achievement in Physics and Technology’. Simon Lecture, University of Oxford, 18 May 1965. 6th Cherwell- The lecture was published in Nature 207, No. 4993, 10 July 1965. 24pp typescript. Correspondence and papers re arrangements, 1964-1965. Speech at the Annual Dinner of the Society of Chemical Industry, Cardiff, 14 July 1965. 7pp annotated typescript; cutting from Chemistry and Industry re the Dinner. Speech at International Commission on Physics Education, 20 July 1965. dinner held during the International Conference of a the 1p manuscript notes; letter to Jones re arrangements, 1965. 9pp typescript; brief correspondence re arrangements, 1965. 2pp manuscript notes. Prizegiving Address at Alleyn’s School, Dulwich, 5 October 1965. ‘Impotence and Achievement’, Aberdeen University Physical Society, 27 October 1965. 1p manuscript notes; letter to Jones re arrangements, 1965. Speech at the Dinner Dance of the Scientific Instrument Manufacturers’ Association (SIMA) Convention, Eastbourne, Sussex, 19 November 1965. Opening speech on ‘Science, Government and Industry’ at an Athenaeum Club Talk Dinner, London, 1 November 1965. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1965. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Lecture to ‘Aberdeen Technical Teachers’, 10 December 1965. 2pp manuscript notes. Lecture to ‘Aberdeen Police’, 15 January 1966. 1p manuscript notes. ‘Chance observation and the alert mind’, Residential Science Course for Sixth Formers, Keswick School, Cumberland, 14 March 1966. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1965-1966. K.107, K.108 ‘Instruments and the advancement of learning’. Royal Institution, London, 20 October 1966. The Thomson Lecture, The lecture was published in Transactions of the Society of Instrument Technology, March 1967. Photocopy of 26pp annotated typescript. Robert Gordon’s Correspondence re arrangements, 1965-1966. 1p manuscript notes; letter to Jones re arrangements, 1966. ‘Instrument design’. Institute of Technology, Aberdeen, 1 December 1966. Lecture to engineering students, Physical Society, October 1967. ‘Instrument design: a pursuit and a profession’. Presidential Address to the Association for Science Education (Scottish Branch), Aberdeen, 4 April 1967. ‘The measurement and control Memorial Royal Worcestershire, 24 April 1967. The lecture was published in the Bulletin of the Institute of Physics and the 16pp typescript; letter to Jones re the publication of the lecture, 1967. Kilt, Kalt2 Lecture, of small displacements’. 32nd Parson Malvern, Establishment, Great Radar R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Photocopy of 18pp typescript. Correspondence re arrangements, 1967. K.113, K.114 ‘Irony as a phenomenon in natural science and human affairs’. Ludwig Mond Lecture, University of Manchester, 29 February 1968. The lecture was published in Chemistry and Industry, 13 April 1968. See also F.220-F.233. 29pp typescript. Correspondence re arrangements, 1968. K.115-K.131 Lees Knowles Lectures, Cambridge, 24, 26, 29 April and 6 May 1968. 2 folders. 2 folders. 2 folders. K.119, K.120 1 TO) Untitled 27pp and 21pp typescripts of the first lecture. K.117, K.118 ‘Lees Knowles Lecture II’, 27pp and 20pp typescripts. Jones gave four lectures on various aspects of ‘Command’. Spp typescript references to the lectures. ‘Lees Knowles Lecture Ill typescript and 23pp typescript. Command and Intelligence’, 30pp annotated ‘Lees Knowles Lecture IV’, 26pp typescript. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.123, K.124 Manuscript notes by Jones, 1966-1968, n.d. 2 folders. Correspondence re arrangements for the lectures, 1965-1968. K.126-K.128 Background correspondence relating to the lectures, 1966-1968. 3 folders. Correspondence arising from the lectures, 1968-1972, 1982. K.130, K.131 Printed and typescript background material. 2 folders. K.133 11pp manuscript draft; letter to Jones re arrangements, 1968. 8pp typescript. ‘RGC’, 4 June 1968. 1p manuscript notes. K.133, K.134 ‘Aberdeen Graduation Address’, 4 July 1968. 6pp annotated typescript draft; 6pp typescript. Stewart headed the Photograph Intelligence Organisation during the Second World War and was a close friend of Jones. Memorial Address for P.G. Stewart, Chapel of 600 Squadron, 1968. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.136-K.139 ‘More and more about less and less’. Institution, London, 18 October 1968. Friday Evening Discourse, Royal 26pp typescript transcript of the lecture. Photocopy of 21 typescript. 22pp typescript + captions. Correspondence re arrangements etc, 1968. K.140-K.145 ‘The pursuit of measurement’. 60th Kelvin Lecture, Institution of Electrical Engineers, London, 24 April 1969. Annotated photocopy of 20pp typescript. 20pp typescript + captions. 2 folders. Background material. K.143, K.144 Correspondence arising from the lectures, 1969-1976, 1994. Correspondence re arrangements, 1968-1969. 1p manuscript draft; letter to Jones re arrangements, 1969; programme. Address at Elgin Academy Prize Giving, 26 June 1969. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.147, K.148 Prizegiving Address, Robert Gordon’s College, Aberdeen, 3 July 1969. K.147 8pp manuscript and typescript draft; 8pp typescript. Letter to Jones re arrangements, 1968; programme. K.149-K.160 ‘The “plain story” of James Watt’. London, 20 November 1969. The Wilkins Lecture, Royal Society, The lecture was published in Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London 24, no.2, April 1970. Correspondence re arrangements, 1969. K.150-K.152 Background correspondence relating to the lecture, 1969. 3 folders. Copies of figures for the published lecture. K.153, K.154 2 folders. K.156-K.160 Background material. Correspondence arising from the lecture, 1969-1971. Correspondence re arrangements, 1970. ‘Fifty years of astronomy’, Aberdeen and District Astronomical Society, Aberdeen, 22 October 1970. 5 folders. K.161, K.162 29pp annotated typescript. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts ‘Undergraduate teaching in physics’, Standing Conference of Professors of Physics, 6 November 1970. 14pp typescript. K.164-K.168 ‘Plenum in vacuo or Vacuum and the advancement of man’. Edwards Memorial Lecture, City University, London, 17 November 1970. First F.D. This was subsequently published in Chemistry and Industry, 1971. 28pp annotated typescript draft. 31pp typescript draft. Correspondence re arrangements for the lecture and its publication, 1970- 1971. Letters of congratulation and correspondence re later Edwards Memorial Lectures, 1970-1991. Background material. Annotated photocopy of 3pp typescript notes; arrangements; background material re Burns. brief correspondence re Toast to ‘The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns’, Fraserburgh Burns Club, 25 January 1971. Correspondence re arrangements, 1970-1971. ‘Complementarity as a way of life’, Durham University Physical Society, 3 March 1971. K.170, K.171 19pp typescript. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Lecture at City University, London, 4 March 1971. 1p manuscript notes. K.173, K.174 ‘Some aspects of graduate supply and demand’. Address to the Standing Conference of University Appointments Services, Cambridge, 31 August 1971. 26pp annotated typescript draft; brief correspondence re arrangements. Photocopy of 25pp typescript. ‘How to swing pupils away from science’. Address to Annual Conference of the Association for Science Education, Stirling, 30 December 1971. 25pp typescript. 22pp typescript. Correspondence re arrangements, 1972. Correspondence arising from the lecture, 1973-1977. K.177-K.179 ‘Command and complementarity’. College, London, 13 February 1973. Fourth J.D. Bernal Lecture, Birkbeck 1p manuscript notes; correspondence and papers re arrangements, 1972. Speech at 10th Anniversary Charter Dinner of the Inverurie and District Round Table, 24 November 1972. 6pp typescript. Graduation Address, University of Aberdeen, 5 July 1973. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts ‘Scientific Method’, Athenaeum Club, London, April 1974. 9pp annotated typescript. K.182, K.183 ‘Minerals in the history of physical science’. Royal Society of Arts, London, 24 April 1974. The Chester Beatty Lecture, 16pp typescript; correspondence relating to the lecture, 1974. Photocopy of 20pp typescript. Speech at Annual Grosvenor House, London, 8 May 1974. Lunch of the Electronic Engineering Association, Annotated photocopy of 5pp typescript. K.185-K.189 K.186, K.187 K.190-K.197 41pp annotated typescript. 2 folders. 2 folders. K.188, K.189 Background material. Correspondence re the lecture, 1974. ‘Navigation and War. 27th Duke of Edinburgh Lecture at the Annual General Meeting of the Royal Institute of Navigation, Royal Geographical Society, London, 23 October 1974. See also D.223. ‘The other way round’. The Chelsea Lecture, Chelsea College, London, 6 November 1974 and the Arthur Tyndall Memorial Lecture, University of Bristol, 9 December 1974. Jones also gave versions of this lecture on numerous subsequent occasions over the following years. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts 1p manuscript notes headed ‘ ‘Other Way Round’ examples’, 16 January 1974; 1p typescript synopsis of the Chelsea Lecture. 22pp annotated typescript of the Chelsea Lecture and 2pp and 1p typescript draft material found therewith. 26pp typescript of the Chelsea Lecture. Two 1p typescript introductions to the Arthur Tyndall Memorial Lecture. Correspondence relating to the Chelsea Lecture, 1974-1975. Correspondence relating to the Arthur Tyndall Memorial Lecture, 1974. Background material. K.199-K.203 K.200, K.201 ‘A scientist in World War Il’, University of Sussex, 7 November 1974. 1p manuscript notes; letters to Jones re arrangements, 1974. Letters sent to Jones re the ‘other way round’ principle, 1976-1978, 1987, 1991. 2 folders. Correspondence re arrangements for the lecture and its publication, 1974- 1975. ‘Engineering creativity. Mechanical Engineers, London, 11 December 1974. 61st Thomas Hawksley Lecture, Annotated photocopy of 43pp typescript. Institution of R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.202, K.203 Correspondence arising from the lecture, 1974-1978. 2 folders. K.204-K.206 Graduation Addresses, University of Aberdeen, 9 July 1975. K.204 Two 3pp typescript addresses. 6pp manuscript draft of the addresses. Papers re arrangements, 1975. Speech at the Annual Dinner of Aberdeen Grammar School Former Pupils’ Club, 29 October 1976. 6pp typescript; correspondence re arrangements, 1976. Lecture, lecture; correspondence re introduction to the typescript 2pp arrangements, 1976-1977. draft other way round’. The Sir Edward Appleton Memorial ‘The University of Edinburgh, February 1977. Speech as Guest of Honour at Haileybury College Speech Day, 4 June 1977. Photocopy of 6pp typescript; brief correspondence re arrangements; cutting from The Haileyburian, October 1977 containing a published version of Jones’ speech. London 33, no. 1 (August 1978). This public lecture on aspects of William Herschel’s work was linked to an exhibition held at the Holburne Museum in 1977 on ‘Science and Music in Eighteenth Century Bath’. The lecture was published in Notes and Records of the Royal Society of ‘Through music to the stars’, University of Bath, 11 October 1977. K.210-K.216 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Annotated photocopy of 24pp typescript and 2pp bibliographical notes; 1p list of captions for the published text. 10pp manuscript notes and draft material for the lecture. K.212, K.213 Correspondence re arrangements for the lecture and its publication etc, 1976-1978. 2 folders. K.214-K.216 Background correspondence and papers relating to the lecture, 1977. 3 folders. ‘The other way round’. The Larmor Lecture, Queen’s University, Belfast, 19 October 1977. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1976-1977. K.218, K.219 18pp typescript. Correspondence re arrangements, 1977. ‘The Physical Sciences in the Eighteenth Century’. Annual Lecture at the Annual Conference of the British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, London, 6 January 1978. 2pp manuscript notes. Lecture on ‘aether drag’ and radiation pressure, Department of Physics, University of Manchester, 7 March 1978. K.221-K.223 ‘The other way round’, University of Leeds, 8 March 1978 and University of Newcastle, 9 March 1978. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1977. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Correspondence re arrangements for the lecture in Leeds, 1977-1978. Correspondence relating to the lecture in Newcastle, 1976-1978. Speech as Guest of Honour at the Annual Dinner of the British Wireless Dinner Club, London, 20 April 1978. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1977-1978. ‘Design the University of Dublin, 19 May 1978. other way round’. The MacNeill Lecture, Trinity College, 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1977-1978. Address at Milne’s High School Prizegiving, Fochabers, Morayshire, 30 June 1978. 1p manuscript notes; programme. Speech at Association (SIRA), 17 October 1978. the Annual Luncheon of the Scientific Instrument Research 1p manuscript notes; invitation to attend the Luncheon as Guest of Honour, with reply by Jones, 1978. 4pp typescript. Speech presenting Sir Edward Maitland Wright for an Honorary Degree, University of Aberdeen, 7 July 1978. 1p manuscript notes. ‘The other way round’, Aberdeen University Engineering Association, 24 October 1978. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.230-K.232 ‘The Nation in Science and Defence’, University of St Andrews, 28 October 1978. This was one in a series of St Andrews Jubilee Trust lectures on nationhood. K.230, K.231 Annotated photocopy of 24pp typescript; 23pp typescript. 2 folders. Correspondence re arrangements for the lecture and its publication, 1978- 1979. Lecture at Gordonstoun School, Elgin, Morayshire, 3 November 1978. 1p manuscript notes; letter to Jones re arrangements, 1978. K.234-K.236 ‘Science, November 1978. Intelligence and Policy’, Royal United Services Institute, 8 Correspondence relating to the lecture, 1978-1979. K.238-K.240 23pp annotated typescript. K.234, K.235 23pp annotated typescript; 23pp typescript. 2 folders. ‘The other way round’, University of Warwick, 6 March 1979. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements etc, 1978-1979. 2 folders. ‘Reflection of a Most Secret War’. 34th Reginald Mitchell Memorial Lecture, Stoke-on-Trent Association of Engineers, 11 October 1979. K.239, K.240 Correspondence re arrangements, 1978-1979. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.241-K.246 ‘Intelligence and deception’. Annual London Lecture of the Royal Signals Institution, at the Royal Commonwealth Society, London, 29 November 1979. K.241, K.242 Photocopy of 24pp typescript; 25pp typescript. 2 folders. These appear to be drafts of an earlier lecture on the same subject, given by Jones in Boston, USA in April 1979. 32pp typescript + captions, with 10pp transcript of answers given by Jones during the discussion following the lecture. K.244-K.246 Correspondence re arrangements for the lecture and its publication etc, 1979-1980. 3 folders. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence re arrangements, 1980. K.248, K.249 1p manuscript notes. Correspondence re arrangements etc, 1979-1981. ‘Incidents from Most Secret War’. Lecture to SAS, London, 29 May 1980. ‘Most Secret War’. The Courtauld Lecture, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), 18 November 1980. Correspondence re arrangements, 1980. K.250, K.251 ‘Are science and secrecy compatible?’, Athenaeum Club Talk Dinner, 30 March 1981. 9pp typescript. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts ‘Scientific intelligence in World War II’, Royal Air Force College, Cranwell, Lincolnshire, 31 March 1981. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence and papers re arrangements, 1981. Speech at Bomber Command Reunion Dinner, 2 May 1981. Annotated photocopy of 9pp typescript, with 1p manuscript draft insert; programme. K.254, K.255 ‘Graduation Address to Science Graduates’, University of Aberdeen, 8 July 1981. 9pp manuscript draft; 6pp typescript. 2 folders. K.256-K.292 ‘From Magna Carta to Microchip’. Royal Institution, London, 19 December 1981 - 2 January 1982. Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, 8pp typescript ‘Preliminary Outline’ of the lectures. Untitled 9pp and 13pp typescript drafts for Lecture I. 10pp manuscript draft material. K.257, K.258 2 folders. This was a series of six lectures by Jones on aspects of measurement which were televised and broadcast on BBC 2. Printed booklet containing synopses of the lectures, with 11pp manuscript draft and annotated 12pp annotated typescript draft. 2 folders. K.261, K.262 Manuscript notes and diagrams by Jones. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Manuscript and typescript lists of demonstrations for the lectures. Manuscript and typescript lists producing slides. of facts and figures, possibly for use in Correspondence with the Royal Institution relating to the lectures, 1980- 1984. K.266-K.270 General correspondence relating to the preparation of the lectures, 1981- 1982. Includes correspondence with organisations and individuals that assisted Jones with demonstrations for the lecture. 5 folders. K.271-K.288 Letters to Jones arising from the lectures, 1981-1985, 1996. K.289-K.292 Background material. 4 folders. K.293, K.294 Centenary Lecture of the Oxford Mostly letters of appreciation. 18 folders. ‘A concurrence in Learning and Arms’. University Scientific Society, 21 May 1982. 2pp manuscript notes; brief correspondence re arrangements, 1982. Lecture to the Royal Air Force, Leuchars, St Andrews, 4 June 1982. 2pp manuscript notes; annotated photocopy of 12pp typescript. Correspondence and papers relating to the lecture, 1980-1982. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.296-K.298 ‘A concurrence in Learning and Arms’. The Blackett Memorial Lecture to the Operational Research Society, held at the Royal Society, London, 11 June 1982. K.296, K.297 23pp annotated typescript; 24pp typescript. 2 folders. Correspondence re arrangements etc, 1981-1982. ‘Measurements’, King’s College Maxwell Society, King’s College, London, 11 October 1982. 1p manuscript notes; letters to Jones re arrangements, 1982. Speech as HMS Caledonia’s Guest of Honour at its Trafalgar Night Mess Dinner, Rosyth, Fife, 21 October 1982. Spp manuscript draft; Spp typescript; correspondence re arrangements, 1982. 14pp annotated typescript. Correspondence re arrangements, 1982-1983. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence relating to the lecture, 1983. K.302, K.303 ‘Science and politics’. Blackpool, 13 October 1983. Lecture at the Conservative Party Conference, This lecture was given under the auspices of the Centre for Policy Studies (see also H.51-H.93). First Michael Wills Memorial Lecture, Rendcomb College, Cirencester, 12 May 1983. 2pp manuscript draft; correspondence re arrangements, 1983-1984. Lecture at Malvern College, Great Malvern, Worcestershire, 7 March 1984. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Speech at Special Forces Club Annual Dinner, 4 October 1984. 4pp typescript, annotated ‘Reconstructed text of speech’ by Jones; letter to Jones re arrangements, 1984. ‘The other way round’, Rotary Club of Westhill and District, 30 November 1984. 1p manuscript notes; photocopy of letter re arrangements, 1984. ‘Lonach’, 15 December 1984. 1p manuscript notes. ‘Some principles common to life’. Schools’ Christmas Lectures of University of Glasgow, 18 December 1984 and University of Aberdeen, 19 December 1984. physics, engineering and Royal Society of Edinburgh, the 1p manuscript notes; correspondence and papers re arrangements, 1984. ‘The other way round’. proprietors in the north east of Scotland, 23 January 1985. Talk to a management seminar for nursery 1p manuscript notes; letters to Jones relating to the lecture, 1985. 1p manuscript notes; brief correspondence re arrangements, 1984-1985. Lecture to Headquarters Strike Command, Royal Air Force, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, 23 October 1985. 19pp typescript; papers re arrangements, 1985. ‘Time and distance’, Annual General Meeting of the British Horological Institute, London, 24 October 1985. K.311, K.312 35pp manuscript and typescript draft. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.313, K.314 ‘Genius in engineering’. Lecture at a meeting sponsored by Brown Brothers Ltd, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Edinburgh, 25 November 1985. 35pp manuscript draft. 20pp typescript; letter of appreciation, with reply by Jones, 1985; papers re publication of the lecture, 1986. K.315-K.317 ‘From radar to ‘Star Wars’ ’. Royal Aeronautical Society, London, 24 April 1986. 19th Handley Page Memorial Lecture of the 45pp manuscript draft. 26pp annotated typescript draft. Correspondence re arrangements, 1985-1986. K.319-K.321 34pp manuscript draft. 23pp typescript. 1p manuscript notes; correspondence relating to the lecture, 1980-1986. Lecture to Strathallan Aircraft Society, Auchterarder, Perthshire, 17 May 1986. ‘The intelligence war and the Royal Air Force’. Inaugural Address to the first meeting of the RAF Historical Society, at the Royal Aeronautical Society, London, 20 October 1986. Letters of appreciation, with replies by Jones, 1987. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts ‘Electronic warfare — past, present and future’, Reserve Forces Association, Aberdeen, 6 March 1987. Spp manuscript notes and draft; letter of appreciation, 1987. Speech at Fifteenth Anniversary Hydrographic Society Dinner, Aberdeen, 24 March 1987. 1p manuscript notes; letters to Jones re arrangements, 1986-1987. Speech at British Clock and Watch Manufacturers Association Lunch, 4 June 1988. 1p manuscript notes. ‘Aberdeen Mechanical Society. Centenary Lecture’, 15 October 1988. 1p manuscript notes. 1p manuscript notes; letters to Jones re arrangements, 1988. 6pp manuscript notes. Correspondence re arrangements, 1988-1989. K.327, K.328 Speech to Defence Study Group, University of Cambridge, 22 November 1988. Lecture to students, United World College of the Atlantic, St Donat’s Castle, South Glamorgan, 18 November 1988. 11pp manuscript draft. Address at Memorial Service for T.C. Keeley, Wadham College Chapel, Oxford, 18 March 1989. K.329-K.333 Keeley was Jones’ tutor at Oxford. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts Annotated photocopy of 7pp typescript. Correspondence and papers re arrangements, 1989. K.332, K.333 Background material. K.332 Photocopies of printed material. Correspondence, 1945-1974, mostly letters from Keeley to Jones. Speech at the Annual Dinner of US Naval Security Group Activity, Edzell, Tayside, 1 April 1989. 1p manuscript notes; letters to Jones re arrangements, 1989; programme. 10pp typescript. K.337-K.340 Undated drafts. K.337 ‘Talk at Nat. Phil. Wake’, Black Ballroom, 19 September 1992. 1p manuscript notes. ‘The spirit of research’, Research Conference, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, 4 July 1995. 2 folders. Photocopy of 24pp typescript transcript of a conference lecture by Jones on science education. ‘Science and the unexpected’, 18pp annotated typescript. K.339, K.340 Miscellaneous manuscript notes for lectures. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.341-K.393 Shorter correspondence 1946-1995 A chronological sequence of material kept by Jones in box files labelled ‘External Lectures’. It consists of invitations to lecture declined by Jones as well as correspondence relating to lectures and speeches given by him for which there is no accompanying draft. Although largely correspondence this sequence of material does includes some programmes, seating plans and posters. 1946-1949. K.342, K.343 1950-1951. 2 folders. 1952-1953. 1954. 2 folders. K.347, K.348 1959. K.345, K.346 2 folders. K.353, K.354 K.350-K.352 1957. 2 folders. 3 folders. 1958. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.355, K.356 1959. 2 folders. K.358, K.359 1961. 2 folders. 1967-1968. 1971. 2 folders. 1965-1966. 1973-1974. K.367, K.368 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.373, K.374 1977. 2 folders. K.375-K.378 1978. 4 folders. K.379-K.381 1979. 3 folders. 1981. 2 folders. 2 folders. 1980. 3 folders. K.387, K.388 1982. K.382-K.384 K.385, K.386 1986-1988. 1984-1985. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts 1989-1990, 1995. 4pp manuscript notes [in the hand of Sir Charles Frank] headed ‘The system of ideas of theoretical physics’, n.d. These notes were found with this sequence of lecture material. K.394-K.410 Senior Officers War Course, Greenwich 1962-1978 These papers relate largely to lectures given by Jones to the Senior Officers War Course at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London during the 1960s and 1970s. There is also some material relating to similar lectures given to courses at the National Defence College in Buckinghamshire and the Royal College of Defence Studies in London. The papers were found together in Greenwich’. three box files labelled ‘SOWC K.394-K.397 Manuscript notes for the lectures, 1964-1976. 4 folders. K.399 1962-1963. K.399-K.409 Correspondence relating to the lectures, 1962-1978. 1p manuscript notes; 1p typescript notes; 19pp annotated typescript. ‘The future for the Scientific Method’, Royal College of Defence Studies, 15 June 1973. 1967-1968. 1964-1966. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.406, K.407 1973. 2 folders. K.411-K.422 Offprints 1947-1992 1947-1963. 1975-1976, 1978. Background material, 1967-1968, n.d. A chronological sequence of offprints and photocopies of Jones’ published lectures. 1965-1967. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts 1968-1969. 1970-1971. 1972-1973. 1975-1978. 1980-1982. K.423-K.495 BROADCASTS 1949-1995 1983-1987. 1990-1992. All scripts are typewritten unless otherwise indicated. He contributed to numerous radio and television broadcasts and served as a member of the BBC General Advisory Committee, 1964-1966, and its Scottish Selecting Panel. The material includes correspondence and scripts relating to broadcasts and papers for meetings of the General Advisory Council. A chronological sequence of material relating largely to Jones’ association with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.423, K.424 1949-1952. Includes 16pp script of a discussion between Jones and J.N. Davidson on ‘The Education of the Scientist’, 1952. This radio discussion was broadcast on the BBC Scottish Home Service on 19 March 1952. 2 folders. K.425-K.429 1956. Mostly papers relating to a talk by Jones entitled ‘Science, Technology and Morale: The German Challenge to Britain’, including 10pp script and 9pp manuscript draft. This radio talk was broadcast on the BBC Third Programme on 16 April 1956. 5 folders. 1958-1960. 1961. talk was broadcast on 1961-1962. 1963. the BBC Third Programme on 12 radio This November 1961. 12pp annotated script of a talk by Jones entitled ‘Emotion, Science and the Bomber Offensive’, with 17pp and 9pp manuscript drafts. December 1963. Includes 11pp script of a talk by Jones entitled ‘The Peenemiinde Mystery’, with 2pp script for the accompanying announcements. the BBC Third Programme on This radio talk was broadcast on 15 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts 1964. Includes 2pp typescript letter to the Listener, 5 February 1964; invitation to join the BBC General Advisory Council (accepted). K.435, K.436 1965. Includes 3pp typescript draft of a talk by Jones on Sir Edward Appleton. 2 folders. See also F.15. K.437-K.441 1966. Includes correspondence re criticisms by Jones of a radio broadcast entitled ‘Captain Mercer at Waterloo’. 5 folders. 3 folders. 2 folders. a K.442-K.444 1967. K.445, K.446 1968. Includes 12pp typescript draft of a talk by Jones on Niels Bohr. Includes 3pp typescript letter and 4pp typescript outline by Jones re proposed television series on the history of physics, January 1968. 1969-1971. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts K.449, K.450 1973. Includes correspondence re arrangements for a radio programme about Jones’ intelligence work during the Second World War. This programme was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 13 January 1974. was part of a series entitled ‘The Time of My Life’. It 2 folders. 1974 January. 13pp transcript of the recording for ‘The Time of My Life’. K.452-K.457 1974 January-April. Mostly correspondence arising from the ‘Time of My Life’ broadcast, including numerous letters of appreciation. 6 folders. 1974 May-June. K.459-K.465 1974 July-August. K.459 18pp transcript of darkness’. a recording by Jones entitled ‘The darkness is no This was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 25 July 1974. It was part of a series entitled ‘Dr Jones’ War’. 5 folders. This was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 1 August 1974. It was part of the ‘Dr Jones’ War’ series. 19pp transcript of a recording by Jones entitled ‘The rocket’s red glare’. Correspondence arising from the numerous letters of appreciation. K.461-K.465 ‘Dr Jones’ War’ broadcasts, including R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts 1974 September-December. K.467, K.468 1975. Includes photocopy of 3pp typescript outline television series on ‘Science in War’, September 1975. by Jones for a possible 2 folders. K.469-K.474 1976. Material re Jones’ participation in two television series about the Second World War. Jones took part in the BBC television series ‘The Secret War’ and a similar series by Yorkshire Television. K.469-K.471 Correspondence. 3 folders. 2 folders. K.475-K.484 1977. K.475-K.477 K.472, K.473 32pp and 19pp scripts for Yorkshire Television programmes. Material re the BBC and Yorkshire Television programmes. Photocopy of 12pp script for a programme on ‘The battle of the beams’ in the BBC series ‘The Secret War’. 38pp ‘Il: To see a hundred miles’. Post production scripts and shotlists for the BBC series ‘The Secret War’. The titles of the programmes are given in the entries. 32pp ‘I: The battle of the beams’. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts 26pp ‘Ill: Terror weapons’. 3pp camera script for the sixth programme in the BBC series. K.479-K.484 Correspondence and papers, including letters of appreciation sent to Jones. 6 folders. 1978-1979. K.486, K.487 1980. Includes correspondence re Jones’ participation programme ‘Question Time’ setting programme ‘Mastermind’. and his re in of questions for the BBC television the 2 folders. 1981. 1987-1988. 1982-1983. 1984-1986. Includes 2pp typescript letter to The Times re the preservation of sound- recorded interviews by the BBC, 4 August 1981. 1990-1992. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Lectures, speeches and broadcasts 1993-1995, n.d. Cuttings and reprints from the Listener relating to broadcasts by Jones, 1956-1975. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 SECTION L CORRESPONDENCE The bulk of Jones’ correspondence was found with the material to which it related, comparatively little correspondence was set aside by Jones. This section therefore presents those sequences of Jones’ correspondence which were not found with material relating to his research, publications, societies and organisations etc. The chief components are the contents of Jones’ box files titled ‘Oxford’, ‘HH’ (Harold Hartley) and ‘HCT’ (Henry Cobden Turner). There are many references and recommendations, and some miscellaneous shorter correspondence. OXFORD L.34-L.50 HAROLD HARTLEY L.67-L.89 L.90-L.140 L.51-L.66 HENRY COBDEN TURNER REFERENCES, RECOMMENDATIONS AND MISCELLANEOUS SHORTER CORRESPONDENCE EXAMINING R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence OXFORD 1934-1997 Etec] Colleges L.13-L.33 Individuals Colleges Balliol College 1957-1995 1963-1994 Jones was Skynner Senior Student in Astronomy at Balliol College 1934- 1936. He was elected Honorary Fellow of the College in 1981. Exchange re Balliol 700th Anniversary Fund, 1963. Correspondence, 1990-1994. Merton College Correspondence re Boar’s Head Dinner, 1983. Letter re ‘Usborne Dinner’, 1978. Correspondence, chiefly re Usborne Dinners and College appeal, 1981- 1989. 1957, 1959. Jones was elected an Honorary Fellow of Wadham College in 1969. The material is chiefly correspondence re appeals and College functions. Wadham College 1957-1995 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence 1963, 1965. 1970-1978. 1982-1986. 1987. Correspondence and papers re Wadham College events, 1-3 July. 1988-1990. 1991-1995. Includes correspondence and papers re possible society of old members of Wadham College in Scotland. 1934-1997 1954-1996 L.13-L.33 Individuals L.13-L.17 Bleaney, B. the individuals represented here have a connection to Many of the Clarendon Laboratory in Oxford, where Jones worked as a research student in the 1930s. 1972, 1984, 1988-1989. Correspondence 1956 is re possible visit Rawlinson Dinner at St John’s College Oxford. to the USA by Jones and aS 1954, 1956. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence 1990, 1992. Chiefly correspondence re possible article by Bleaney on Oxford physics for Notes and Records of the Royal Society. 1993. Includes correspondence and papers re possible article on Oxford physics for Notes and Records. 1994-1996. Includes recollections of F. Soddy. Bodle, A. H. 1948, 1959, 1981 Bodle worked at the Clarendon Laboratory. The later material relates to Bodle’s family. Croft, A. J. 1966-1986 Croft worked at the Clarendon Laboratory. Correspondence, 1981, 1982, 1986. Includes correspondence re F.A. Lindemann, 1986. Correspondence re lecture by Jones at the Clarendon, 1966-1968. Brief correspondence re C.H. Collie and E.W.B. Gill, 1991. Keeley was Jones’ tutor at Wadham College, Oxford. Correspondence and papers, 1959, 1976, 1989, n.d. Keeley, T.C. 1959-1989, n.d Kent, P. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence Kurti, N. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1955-1996. re Milne, E.A. Correspondence with M. Weston Smith, daughter, 1991, 1997. Morrell, J.B. 1955-1996 1991, 1997 1987, 1996 Correspondence re information for Morrell’s contribution to the History of the University of Oxford. Sanders, J.H. Correspondence and papers chiefly re W.C. Morgan and J.L. Tuck. Simon, F.E. 1952-1956, 1970 1984-1985, n.d. 1964-1965 Turner, D.W. Wilkinson, D.H. in Physics and Lady Simon’s reply to Jones’ letter Chiefly re visits to lecture. Chiefly correspondence 1956. Includes Jones’ nomination of Simon for the Nobel Prize of condolence. of the Oxford Union Cinema Committee re student admission prices, 1934. Includes reply from Union Theatres Oxford Ltd to query by Jones on behalf Miscellaneous Oxford correspondence In chronological order. L.30-L.33 1934-1996, n.d. 1934, 1957, 1959. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence 1965, 1969, 1972, 1975. 1980, 1982, 1985. 1990, 1991, 1994, 1996, n.d. L.34-L.50 HAROLD HARTLEY 1965-1984 Jones had a number of associations with Sir Harold Hartley, including Notes and Records of the Royal Society. Jones assisted Hartley in the later years of his editorship and subsequently succeeded him as editor. L.34-L.40 Correspondence with Hartley, chiefly re editorship and articles for Notes and Records and other matters relating to the history of science, 1965-1972. 1965-1967. February-July 1969. For further material relating to Notes and Records see H.742-H.821. August-December 1969. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence 1972. Includes notice of Hartley’s death on 9 September. Correspondence with archives of Sir Harold, 1973. Sir Christopher Hartley, son, re biographer and Text of Address at Hartley's funeral by Edward Hodgkin, nephew, 14 September 1972. L.43-L.45 L.43 Memorial Service, 17 October 1972. 5pp typescript and manuscript draft and 5pp typescript copy of Jones’ Address at memorial service. Correspondence re arrangements for service, September-October 1972; Order of Service. letters of L.46-L.50 Correspondence congratulation to Jones on his Address, October 1972-March 1973. memorial service, arising chiefly from Hartley Lecture Committee. Shortly before his death the Royal Society established the Sir Harold Hartley Lectures. The inaugural lecture was given by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh on 21 May 1974. Jones was a member of the Lectures Committee and advised the Duke of Edinburgh on his Lecture. him. Correspondence between Jones and the Duke of Edinburgh and his staff, June 1973-May 1974. Chiefly Jones’ information on Hartley and advice on sections of drafts sent to Papers re meetings to discuss arrangements for Inaugural Lecture, 1974. Papers re the establishment of the Lectures and the Committee, 1972. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence 30pp typescript ‘Sth draft’ of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Lecture. Correspondence re Hartley Lectures 1978 (Sir Frederick Warner) and 1981, and proposed Harold Hartley Engineering Centre, 1984. L.51-L.66 HENRY COBDEN TURNER 1953-1996 Cobden Turner helped to develop the radio proximity fuse and other devices during the Second World War. After the war he became Managing Director of Salford Electronic Instruments Ltd (SEI). He became a friend of Jones following a chance meeting in 1953 and consulted him, on behalf of SEI, on a variety of technical matters connected with instrument design. He also had an interest in scientific intelligence. Cobden Turner retired in 1957 and remained in correspondence with Jones on social and technical matters. SEI also continued to consult Jones after 1957. The correspondence is presented in chronological order. It includes letters re instrument design, scientific intelligence, social occasions and arrangements for visits to Salford and London. See also B.419-B.431. September-December 1954. Subjects include fluorescein and safety in mines. October 1953-August 1954. Subjects include colour print machine and coal mining machinery. Subjects include crystal growing and surgical swab detection. January-May 1955. June-December 1955. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence January-April 1956. Subjects include colour printing equipment and selenium sludge. May-July 1956. Subjects include colour printing equipment and selenium sludge. August-December 1956. Subjects include thermostats. Chiefly social correspondence. 1961-1962. 1963-1965. 1959: 1960. Includes material re Dinner of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards, 5 December. 1966-1969, n.d. Includes correspondence re cinema film ‘Operation Crossbow’ about the German Second World War V-weapons. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence 1971, 1978. Correspondence with Cobden Turner's widow. 1986, 1990-1996. Correspondence with Cobden Turner's son-in-law, daughter and others. Includes references to Cobden Turner’s wartime work. L.67-L.89 MISCELLANEOUS SHORTER CORRESPONDENCE 1949-1997, n.d. L.67-L.75 Arranged by individual L.76-L.89 Arranged chronologically Burch, C.R. Cook, A.H. Duff, D.R.M. James- 1955-1997 1972, 1973 L.67-L.75 Arranged by individual : Chiefly re Bristol involvement with Czechoslovak ‘reflecting microscope project’. Re scientific intelligence. Re proposed biographical interview with Jones. Includes list of questions for interview. Dodd, C.N. Henty- 1955, 1956 1996 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence Griffiths, E.C. Re possible lecture by Jones at Sheffield. Jones, F.E. Kewley, H.G. 1994-1995 1955, 1965 Kewley was a Director of H.G. Kewley Ltd., furniture manufacturers. Re new construction method. Schelde, O. Chiefly re wartime experiences of Peter Mayer. 1949-1959. 1970-1972. 1974-1977. L.76-L.89 1960-1965. 1966-1969. 1949-1997, n.d. Arranged chronologically 1978-1980. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence 1981-1983. 1984-1987. 1988-1990. 1991-1993. 1994-1996. L.90-L.135 Employment, scholarships etc L.139, L.140 L.90-L.140 L.136-L.138 Higher degrees Manuscript drafts of letters by Jones, n.d. REFERENCES, RECOMMENDATIONS AND EXAMINING 1947-1995, n.d. Science Research Council grants R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence L.90-L.135 Employment, scholarships etc 1947-1995, n.d. Chiefly references for former students and members of staff at Aberdeen. In chronological order. 1947, 1949. 1952-1953. April-May 1959. May-December 1957. January-April 1957. January-March 1959. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence June-December 1959. January-May 1960. June-December 1960. January-April 1961. May-December 1961. January-April 1962. May-December 1962. January-May 1963. June-December 1963. January-May 1964. June-December 1964. September-December 1965. January-March 1965. April-August 1965. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence January-March 1972. June-December 1972. 1977-1978. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Correspondence 1983, 1985. 1986-1989. 1992, 1995, n.d. 1956-1959. L.136-L.138 Higher degrees 1951-1985 In chronological order. 1977-1978 Science Research Council grants L.139, L.140 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 SECTION M NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS GLASS PLATE SLIDES M.10-M.49 TWO INCH PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES VIDEOTAPE CASSETTE R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Non-textual material PHOTOGRAPHS 1965-1966, n.d. There are substantial sets of photographs in the Publications section J, relating to individual publications by Jones. Folder of aerial photographs (two of Worcester), 1965 and 1966. 7 photographs. ‘Equipment’. Miscellaneous photographs of apparatus and diagrams of apparatus so titled. Some of the photographs are mounted, and some are annotated. Few have any identifying inscription on verso. 7 photographs. 6 photographs. 5 photographs. Second World War. 6 photographs. 4 photographs. 39 slides. Chiefly illustrating German V-weapon technology, launching sites etc, radar and detection. GLASS PLATE SLIDES R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Non-textual material Scientific equipment. Photographs and diagrams of apparatus. 14 slides. Miscellaneous. 3 slides. M.10-M.49 TWO INCH PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES 1940s-1970s These slides are both glass and photographic film. While some of the slides are dateable, Jones arranged his slides by theme so material from different periods was found together. The slides are retained in the order found. M.10-M.17 Plastic boxes of slides. M.10 34 slides. 33 slides. 37 slides. Orange slide box labelled ‘Optics’. Transparent-top slide box labelled ‘OWR’. Orange slide box labelled ‘Beams/Kammhuber’. 36 slides. Orange slide box labelled ‘Radar/People’. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Non-textual material Orange slide box labelled ‘V1/V2’. 35 slides. Transparent-top slide box. Unlabelled but chiefly Second World War. 60 slides in two rows of 30. Transparent-top slide box. Unlabelled but chiefly Second World War. 57 slides in two rows of 30 and 27. Green and white slide box. Miscellaneous personal and vacation slides. 25 slides. M.18-M.49 Photographic hanging suspension files. ‘Astronomy’. 24 slides. M.19-M.21 ‘Buildings’. These suspension files, each holding up to 24 slides, were found in Jones’s portable suspension cases. Most were identified series, the titles of which are reproduced in the catalogue entries. These do not include Second World War illustrations but relate to Jones’s science, science-related and history of science interests. They include photographs of natural phenomena, diagrams, data, famous figures and places in the history of science. 24 slides. M.19 24 slides. 24 slides. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Non-textual material M.22-M.24 ‘Geophysics’. M.22 24 slides. 24 slides. 24 slides. ‘Higher education’. 24 slides. M.26, M.27 ‘Illusions’. M.26 24 slides. 22 slides. M.28 24 slides. M.28-M.31 ‘Infra-red’. 24 slides. ‘Maxwell’ (James Clerk Maxwell). M.32-M.34 23 slides. 24 slides. 22 slides. M.32 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Non-textual material 20 slides. 24 slides. M.35-M.37 ‘Observations’. Atmospheric phenomena. 24 slides. 22 slides. 13 slides. ‘Optical levers’. 17 slides. 15 slides. 22 slides. M.40 24 slides. M.40-M.43 ‘Senses’. ‘Royal Institution’. 12 slides. 22 slides. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Non-textual material ‘Surveillance’. Bugging devices etc. 23 slides. M.45-M.49 Untitled sets of slides. M.45 Famous scientists. 14 slides. Astronomical. 16 slides. M.47-M.49 History of science. 15 slides. 19 slides. M.47 20 slides. VIDEOTAPE CASSETTE See also A.1. VHS 180 videotape of the Memorial Service for Jones at King’s College Chapel, Aberdeen, 27 April 1998. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS A. & M. FELL LTD A.E.|. LAMP AND LIGHTING CO. LTD A.T.V. NETWORK LTD AANERUD, Kaare H.166-H.183, L.58 D.224, D.225 K.438, K.487 F165, 170 ABERDEEN AND DISTRICT ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY K.162, K.366, K.367 ABERDEEN CONSERVATIVE CLUB ABERDEEN MECHANICAL SOCIETY ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION A.195 A.174 J.522 ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY FORESTRY SOCIETY A.121, A.278 ABRAMS, John W. ACADEMIA DAS CIENCIAS DE LISBOA ACKERMANN, Eric George H.832 F.62 D.355 L.33 B.126, B.206, G.333, G.406, G.419, G.430 See also B.129, B.529 ADAMS, Kenneth A.H. G.149, G.150, G.157-G.159 ADAM, M. G. ADAMS, John Bertram ADDISON, E.B. ADKINS, Bruce M. ADORIAN, Paul ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, Baron B.120, B.123 J.305, J.307 ADAM HILGER LTD (publishers) A.129, C.195, E.212, G.288, H.213, H.391, J.794 J.789 B.549, J.192, J.289, J.368, J.372, J.373, J.455 AERONAUTICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL A.194, B.497 C217 AITKEN, Sir Robert Stevenson B.515 A.148 B.504, B.505 AFTER THE BATTLE AIR LEAGUE AKERS, Sir Wallace Alan R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents ALBRIGHT & WILSON (MFG) LTD (chemical manufacturers) D.72 ALEXANDER, Harold Rupert Leofric George, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis ALEXANDER, S.W. ALLAN, T.M. ALLEN COMMUNICATIONS LTD ALLEN, G.R. ALLEN, Sir Geoffrey ALLEN, J.W. ALLEN, Jack ALLEN, Oswald ALLERDYCE, B. ALLEYN OLD BOYS’ CLUB E.148, E.153 F.204 F.44 F.214 A.149 A.162, H.902, J.481 H.244 C.217, K.154 B.166 D.303 G.422, J.266 H.145, H.146, H.148, H.149, H.151, H.156 ALLEYN’S SCHOOL, DULWICH ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward ALMAAS, Mads ALSOP, Joseph AMALDI, U. AMBLER, Ernest B.581 K.167 D.429 K.100 See also DULWICH FOUNDATION A.38, A.95, A.173, B.384, F.12, F.13, F.18, G.226, H.766, K.452, L.45 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE B.590 A.60, A.105, A.187, B.268, B.269, E.229, E.230, E.233, E.250, G.270, H.94, H.95, H.388, J.619 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PRECISION ENGINEERING A.182 A.122, G.312-G.317, G.319, G.320, G.402 AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANY B.278, K.430 AMERY, Julian, Baron AMILAKVARI, Othar R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 ANDERSON, A.J. ANDERSON, Betty HARVIE ANDERSON, R. A. ANDREW, Edward Raymond ANNAN, Noel Gilroy, Baron ANNAND, David ANSBACHER,, Fred APPLETON, Sir Edward Victor ARCHIBALD, Henry ARGYRIS, John Hadji ARMS, H.S. Index of correspondents D.54, D.166 E.206 D.301 A.167, H.244 F.3, F.4 K.321 A.42, G.129 See also L.108 A.24, A.30, A.113, A.114, A.119, A.121, D.166, F.35, J.523 See also F.15, K.435, K.436 J.201 A.193 J.794 ARTHUR D. LITTLE, INC. ASTBURY, Norman Frederick E.41-E.45 K.84 ASH, Sir Eric Albert ASHBRIDGE, Sir Noel ARMYTAGE, W.H.G. ARNAUD, Jacques A. ASHBY, Eric, Baron ASPIN, Rosemary K. D.236 G.316, J.25 D.16, D.317, D.335, D.340, J.480 ARMSTRONG, Sir Robert Temple ARTISTS AND WRITERS PRESS, INC. A.59, A.105, J.325 ASSOCIATION NATIONALE DES ANCIENNES DEPORTEES__B.578 ET INTERNEES DE LA RESISTANCE ASSOCIATION OF OLD CROWS ASTHEIMER, R.W. ASTLEY, Joan Bright F.35 J.288 J.790 K.43 D.441, D.445, H.891 F.152, G.276, H.130, K.102 G.389, G.390, H.1-H.11 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents ATIYAH, Sir Michael Francis A.192, B.327, B.328 ATKINS, B.G. ATKINS, Peter William ATOMIC WEAPONS RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT, ALDERMASTON, BERKSHIRE AUTIO, Clyde F. AYLWIN, Margaret B.D.H. CHEMICALS LTD BADART, Willi BADASH, Lawrence BADURA, Anthony J.317 D.317 D.410 A.58, A.167, G.428 J.308 See also B.537 D.97 See B.597 G.246, H.766 F.98 BAILEY, A.E. BAILEY, Robert F. BAILEY, Warren D.435 D.290 D.213 BALDOCK, David BALDWIN, Ralph B. D.166 F.128 D.296 BAIN, William Cranna BAKER, Kenneth Wilfred BALLIOL COLLEGE, OXFORD BAILLY, Sir Louis (Edward Stewart Holland) le A.96, A.165, E.38-E.40, E.47, E.49, E.51, E.61, E.232, £.252, G.429, K.301, L.86 B.420, B.421 BARBER, Anthony Perrinott Lysberg L.4 D.142 D.272 D.257, J.791 D.318 B.426, B.454, J.323 BANKS, Leslie BANNISTER, F.A. BANWELL, C.J. BARANOVA, N.B. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents BARBOUR, Robin S. A.61, A.87, A.188, G.302, J.243 BARDEN CORPORATION (U.K.) LTD D.4, D.6, D.11 BARDIS, Panos D. BARDSLEY, W.E. BARKER, Eileen G.347 G.134 H.291, H.300, H.303, H.304 BARLOW, Harold Everard Monteagle D.325, J.274, L.82 BARNES ENGINEERING CO. BARNES, James J. BARNETT, H.E. BARR & STROUD LTD BARRACLOUGH, Sir John BARRELL, Henry D.290 J.323 H.478 D.72, G.266, K.266, K.269 A.97, K.408, K.409 C.210, C.212 C.83 BARRERE, J. POMES- BARTON, F.S. BASSETT, E.J. BASTIDE, Jean BATAILLE, Guy BATEMAN, E.H. BASIL BLACKWELL LTD J.736 D.152 D.139 B.583 BARRON, Hugh Wilson Taylor B.582, B.589, B.591, B.593, B.594, B.596, B.604 See B.597 A.287, B.207, D.68, D.69, D.208, F.189 A.190, A.197, B.539 D.137, D.142, D.251-D.254 BATES, Sir Donald Robert G:132; G:133 C.84, D.407 BATES, Leslie Fleetwood BATES, Richard H.T. BATES, Wilfred John K.483 NPAITA D.6, D.244 BATEMAN, Ronald G. BAXTER, Normile R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents BEART, Jason BEER, Sir Gavin Rylands de BEER, Reinhard BEESLY, Patrick BEIDLEMAN, Dick BELL, Cedric A. BELL, L. BAINBRIDGE BELLMAN, Richard BENDLE, Roger J. BENJAMIN, Ralph BENN, Eddie BENN, Tony (Anthony Wedgwood) J.254 H.749 D.404 E.108, E.112, J.330 G.405, G.406, G.408 J.197 B.204 F.222, G.410 G.262 J.627 G.219 K.448, K.449 B.378, B.384 See B.539 A.135, A.136, A.138, A.139, G.98, H.395, H.397, H.401, H.405, H.466, H.470 BENNETT, J.A. BENNETT, Ralph BENTINE, Michael BENTON, K.C. BERMAN, Robert K.214 E422 Est15 0 D.434 BENNETT, Jeremy BERGQVIST, Bjorn BERRIDGE, Michael John J.243 BETHUNE, David LINDESAY-, Viscount Garnock BEYNON, William John Granville BILNEY, Christopher Neil Hope G.29 G.288 J.343 D.246 A.191 BERRY, Michael BERRY, William BILLER, Stephen R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 BINNS, G.M. BIRD, Dick BIRLEY, Eric BIRTWHISTLE, J.A. BISHOP, John BISHOP, Roy L: BISSET, Kenneth A. BLACK, John BLACKBURN, Neil F. Index of correspondents F223 B.205 J.305 See B.128 G.156 H.770, H.772 J.288 J.331 G.309, G.401 BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron A.116, A.120, A.135, F.98, F.187, H.130, H.256, H.571, H.873, J.13, J.524 See also F.16, J.308 BLACKHAM, Dorothy J.309 J.350 A.133, E.48 BLAXTER, Sir Kenneth Lyon BLEANEY, Brebis BLAKE, Robert, Baron BLAU, J.N. BLOEMBERGEN, N. BLOM, Paul B.273, B.274, B.466 A.196, B.454, J.627 BLACKWOOD’S MAGAZINE A.30, A.62, A.118, B.380, C.124, C.186, D.108, F.14, H.324, H.620, H.670, J.626, K.97, K.331, K.454, L.4, L.13-L.17 See also H.684 A.157 B.194, E.144, E.146, E.149, G.72, J.262, J.264, J.327, J.523, J.524, K.79 BLUMBERG, Baruch Samuel D.79 J.482 L.4 BLUMLEIN, Alan Dower BLYTH, Maggie BLOUNT, Bertie Kennedy See F.17, H.543, H.759 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 BOAG, John Wilson BOARDMAN, Allan J. BODLE, A.H. BOEHNER, V.R.W. BOHR, Niels Henrik, David BOLTON, F.J. BOLTZ;, Ci: BOMBER AIRFIELD SOCIETY BONDI, Sir Hermann BONESTEEL, C.H. III (‘Tick’) Index of correspondents H.792 G.354, G.355, G.381, G.387, G.415, G.417, G.422, G.430, G.431, G.436, G.439, G.441, G.442, G.444-G.446, G.448, K.196, K.266 L.18 J.521 J.437, J.478, J.527 See also J.431-J.436, J.438-J.440 A.42, E.203, K.426 F.221, K.78 J.291 G.217, G.218 G.402 B.322, B.326, B.328, B.526 G.61-G.63, G.67 D.53, D.59, D.433 BOOTHROYD, John BOSTROM, Robert C. BOUNIN, Paul BONSEY, Bruce BOOG, Horst BOORMAN, Derek BORN, Gustav Victor Rudolf BORN, Max BOSCH, Carl K.266 D.326 J.307 B.453 BOOT, Henry Albert Howard H.880, K.56, K.153, L.77 A.35, A.120, A.121, A.126, A.130, A.131, A.138, A.149, B.243, B.423, B.470, B.483, D.63, D.110, F.4, F.122, F.143, F.192, F.200, G.208, H.385, H.395, H.449, H.840, H.873, A.176, B.603, D.12, D.16, D.155, D.337, D.340, J.480, J.481 BOWDEN, Bertram Vivian, Baron A.114, D.324 G.339, G.438 Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 BOWEN, Edmund John BOWEN, Edward George BOWRA, Sir (Cecil) Maurice BOYD, Robert Lewis Fullerton BOYDEN, Harold James BOYES, Hector BOYLE, Sir Dermot Alexander BOYLE, Sir Edward Charles Gurney, 3rd Baronet BRADLEY, Don J. BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence H.744 See also H.776 B.472, K.321 A.135, B.241, K.97, K.149, K.152, L.6 H.391 Eate2 B.447 B:125,E:202 K.81 J.480 A.38, C.85, E.201, E.202, G.275, G.276, H.331, H.337, J.795, K.43, K.361, L.97 See also J.697 G.11 Gi7e) Gi74 G.343 BREVIK, Iver BRAY, W. John BREBNER, George G. BRAND, John C.D. BRAND, Walter BRANDT, Leo H.802, H.803 B.266, B.267 BRECKINRIDGE, James B. J.482 251 L.82 BRAMALL, Sir Edwin Noel Westby BRASSEY’S DEFENCE PUBLISHERS LTD J.258 D.326, D.327, D.332, D.334, D.345, D.356 BRIGINSHAW, Richard William, Baron G.227 K.203 E.224 H.68 BREWER, D.F. BRICHTA, A.M. BRIDGES, Richard A.Y. BRIGGS, Tom G. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents BRITISH ACADEMY G.225 BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION LTD D.229, D.424, G.218 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE A.136, F.88, G.275-G.297, K.106 See also D.20 BRITISH ATLANTIC COMMITTEE H.12, H.13 BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION A.121, A.165, B.249, B.327, B.346, D.129, D.195, E.205, E.206, F.50, F.189, J.202, J.268, K.75, K.266, K.284, K.423-K.495 BRITISH CALIBRATION SERVICE BRITISH HOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE LTD BRITISH MOVEMENT FOR FREEDOM IN RUSSIA H.482, H.488 A.175 G.147 BRITISH NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR THE HISTORY OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR G.68, G.256 BRITISH OXYGEN CO. LTD D.423 BRITISH TECHNOLOGY GROUP H.18-H.39, K.352 BROOKS, Harvey B.238, B.240, B.242, J.523 BRITISH TRANSPORT COMMISSION BRITWHISTLE, Maureen BROAD, William O. D.445 D.142 B.528 BROOK, Norman Craven, Lord Normanbrook BRITISH UFO RESEARCH ASSOCIATION D.72, D.204, H.14-H.17 See also D.201, D.202 G.114-G.116, G.118, G.119, G.128, G.129, G.132 BRITISH SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT RESEARCH ASSOCIATION (SIRA) G.409 H.124 B.321 K.76 J.282 BROOM, Sir Ivor Gordon BROWN, A.J.H. BROWN, Anthony Cave BROWN, Anthony Montague BROWN, Arthur Frederick A.186, B.287, B.410, B.411 A.127, A.128, C.85 BROWN Charles G. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents BROWN, Sir (George) Lindor BROWN, Guy Burniston BROWN, J.C. BROWN, Joshua BROWN, Louis BROWN, Robert Hanbury BROWN, Wilfred Banks Duncan, Baron BROWNE, J.E. BROWNJOHN, Sir Nevil BROWNSON, Ann L. D.110 H.765 L.80 G.320 B.437, B.488, B.489 A.42, C.279, D.31, D.44, D.109, G.117, G.130, H.395, H.875 See also F.199 K.77, K.78 E.65 B.128, E.149, £.152 A.65, G.339, G.411, G.415, G.440, G.441, G.445, G.447 BRUCK, Hermann Alexander D.31, D.166 E.148, E.149, H.261 D.208, D.418 eel ,ie.Oimio; bleroe BRUNT, Sir David BRUSH, S.G. BRYANT, Sir Arthur BRYDEN, David J. L.76 F.38 B.279 E.220 BUCHANAN, Robert Angus BRUNDRETT, Sir Frederick BRUYNE, Norman Adrian de BRYSON, Sir Lindsay Sutherland BUCHAN, John Norman Stuart, 2nd Baron Tweedsmuir D.297 A.161, A.163, E.211, G.19, L.83 H.836 K.455 Bit27 E.164 BUCKWELL, Max B. BUDGE, R.K. BUFTON, Sydney Osborne BUIJTENEN, C.J.P. van R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents BULLARD, Sir Edward Crisp BULLARD, Julian BULLARD, Margaret Ellen BULLERWELL, William BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS A.30, C.195, D.298, H.435, H.491, H.873, H.875, H.881, J.307, J.351, J.823, K.464 G.52 H.790, H.797 G.132 B.258, B.259 BULLETIN OF THE INSTITUTE OF MATHEMATICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS J.796 K.357, K.358 Fi217 H.53, H.54 A.141, A.151, C.84, C.127, E.212, G.124, H.644, H.764, H.881, J.796, L.67 See also D.246, F.18 BUNN, Charles William BUNTING, A.H. BUNTON, George BURCH, Cecil Reginald BURCH, James Morriss BURKE, P.L. BURCHFIELD, J.D. BURDETTE, Don L. BURFOOT, Jack C. BURGE, Edward James G.410 G.400 C.86 K.196 BURNETT, George Murray D.82, D.83, L.129 See also L.130 BURGESS, Sir Thomas Arthur Collier D.66 A.151, A.286, B.525, C.47, C.52, C.53, C.189, C.217, F.152, L.56, ot BURROUGH, Edward BURNETT, Ray E. BURTON, Paul W. K.153 L.81 D.380 J.324 BUSHBY, J.R. BUTCHART, H.J. J.525 J.316 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents BUTLER, Clifford Cyril F.176, H.259, H.864 BUTLER, Sir (Frederick Edward) Robin A.199, E.39, E.40, J.619, L.84 BUTLER, Hugh Ernest BUTLER, Richard Austen, Baron BUTLER, Robert A. BUTTERWORTHS SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS BUXTON, G.M. BUYERS, William James Leslie CABLE, Thomas CACIOPPO, Anthony J. D.115 B.236-B.238, B.243 B.584, B.585 J.789 B.126, B.127 C.86, L.78 L.86 A.66, A.167, B.542, E.49, E.70, G.357, J.270 F.40-F.43, F.45, F.48 D.162, D.206, L.77, L.91 CALLENDER, Sam CAMERON, Sir Neil CAMPBELL, John P. CAMPBELL, Steuart CAMPION, P. J. CAMM, Sir Sydney CAMPBELL, Archie D.423 F.220 L.88 K.281 G.18 CAMPBELL, Fergus William B.387, E.49, G.21, H.880, H.881 CAMBRIDGE INSTRUMENT CO. LTD CAMBRIDGE VACUUM ENGINEERING CO. LTD D.236 B.477 E.248 D.281 CANDLIN, Alfred Hugh Stanton D.140, D.142-D.145, F.45 CARDWELL, Donald S.L. CANAVAN, Gregory H. CARMICHAEL, S. CARPENTER, Leavett H.786, H.873, H.880 F.201 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents CARR, Harry L. CARROLL, Sir John Anthony CARSTAIRS, Charles Y. CARTER, Helen Violet BONHAM, Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury CARTWRIGHT, Dame Mary Lucy CARY, Howard CASEY, William J. CASIMIR, Hendrik Brugt Gerhard CASSELS, James Macdonald CAVENDISH, Anthony CAZALET, Sir Peter Grenville J.329, J.335 B.506 J.331, L.80 B.238, B.242 H.777, H.786 G.405 B.293, E.108, G.343, G.412, G.419, G.422, J.254 B.577, D.354 B.312 B.526 B.283 J.326 B.243, J.192 See also L.107 CAZES, David CECIL, Rupert IN ECONOMICS E.50, E.51, H.40-H.49 CHADWELL, H. Marshall E.230-E.232, H.51-H.93, K.303 CENTRE FOR POLICY STUDIES CENTRE FOR ATLANTIC AND EUROPEAN EDUCATION H.50 CENTER FOR STRATEGIC AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, WASHINGTON DC, USA H.761 D.272, E.148, G.339, G.405, G.406, G.411, J.259 B.306, B.307 H.759, H.803 K.85 K.83 K.87 CHANDRASEKHAR, Sivaramakrishna F.7, H.835, H.838 CHAIN, Sir Ernst Boris CHALLIS, Lawrence John CHALMERS, J. Alan CHAMBERS, Robert Guy CHANDLER, David G. CHAPIN, Seymour L. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents CHAPMAN, J. Vincent CHAPMAN, Sydney CHARLES, E.D. CHARLES, Prince of Wales CHARLTON, T. Malcolm CHARNLEY, Sir (William) John CHATTERS, Roy M. CHEMISTRY AND INDUSTRY CHEMRING GROUP PLC CHILTON, Sir (Charles) Edward CHIRNSIDE, R.C. B.126 B.195 H.753 A.170, A.175, A.178 A.59, A.149, A.151, H.802 G.218, K.236 G.318, G.405, G.406, G.427, G.430, J.275 A.133, A.136, B.520, B.521, E.205, ride T em Coeliac erie E75 J.318 F.10 CHURCHILL, Winston Spencer B.249, B.255, B.287, B.288 CHISHOLM, Roderick Aeneas CHIVERS, E. Warren CHRISTENSEN, Wilhelm W. CHRISTIANSEN, Hasager K.56, K.453, K.454 A.282, E.172 B.543 See B.168, B.573 CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer CHURCHLEY, Philip L. CIBA (A.R.L.) LTD CHURCHILL, Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer A.24, B.216-B.227, B.410-B.412, G.44, J.523, J.524 B.237, B.240, B.244, B.246, B.282, K.126 L.79 CITY OF LONDON SQUADRON ASSOCIATION D.269 D.420 B.527, H.96 A.132, D.295, D.300 F.35, F.36 CLANCY, R.L. CLAPHAM, Peter Brian CLAIRE, Alan De la Mare le D.284, D.285, D.311, D.422, H.468, R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 CLAPPER, James CLARK, James R. CLARK, Norman M. CLARK, Ronald W. CLARKE, Arthur Charles CLARKE, E. Colin CLARKE, Norman CLARKE, R.G.S. CLARKE, Roger C. CLARRICOATS, Peter J.B. CLAUSEN, Hugh Index of correspondents G.448 B.237 B.482 A.148, B.235, B.239, B.242, B.354- B.363, B.384, B.515, B.522, J.235, J.315, J.369 E.251 G.116, G.117 A.181 D.182 C.87 A.58 D.206, D.207, D.221, K.56, K.153, K.410, L.78 See also D.220 B.295 G.208, G.217, G.218, K.267 B.453, E.123 CLAYTON, Eileen CLAYTON, Robert James CLUFF, Algy CLOW, Archibald CLOSQUET, Jean CLOSSET, Albert CLINE, Ray S. CLIVE, John J.770 See B.148 B.592, B.595 A.165, B.261 J.676 A.41, K.75, K.153, K.423, K.425, K.427, K.429, K.432, K.434, K.443, K.445-K.447 COALITION FOR THE STRATEGIC DEFENSE COCKBURN, Phyllis INITIATIVE COCHRAN, William COALES, John Flavell C.70, C.124, K.368 H.624 E.248 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents COCKBURN, Sir Robert COCKCROFT, Sir John COCKERELL, Sir Christopher Sydney COHEN, A.V. COHEN, |. Bernard COHEN, Kenneth COHEN, Mark COLBY, William E. COLEMAN, Paul J. COLES, Bryan R. A.285, A.286, E.183, E.186, G.288, K.363 See also J.676 A.117, A.122, B.235, B.239, B.243, B.506, B.515 K.84 See also D.221 G.22 H.745, H.832 A.146, A.154, B.167, B.575, B.576, B.579, B.586, J.305, J.328, K.432 J.301 E.89, G.333, G.350 G.409 D.422 COLLIE, Carl Howard COLLIE, George F. COLLIER, Basil COLLIER, Richard COLLINS, John K.452 COLVILLE, John Rupert COLLAR, Arthur Roderick See L.22 A.84 H.395, H.759 A.51, A.160 B.277, B.295 J.222, J.242 COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS D.129 B.236, B.237, B.239, B.242, B.410- B.412 COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE AND FREEDOM E.32 G15, G6 esis COLVIN, lan COLVIN, Jim A. COMRADE CONDON, E.U. J.293, J.295, J.302 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 CONN, George Keith Thurburn CONN, John Farquhar Christie CONNAN, Annie E. CONNES, Pierre CONSERVATIVE PARTY CONSTANT, Hayne CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS Index of correspondents A.138, C.195, C.210, C.212, D.66, D.89, D.195, D.263, H.130, H.244, H.259, J.735 See also L.96 E.224 J.335 J.481 H.102 B.504 D.340 CONTROL COMMISSION FOR GERMANY B.193-B.203 CONWAY, Hugh G. COOK, Sir Alan Hugh COOK, Sir James Wilfred E.184, E.186, E.187, G.208 A.142, A.184, D.91, D.168, D.171, D.182, D.420, F.30, F.38, F.42, G.26, H.661, H.663, H.682, H.737, H.741, H.769, H.790, H.819, H.836, H.893, J.531 COOKE, Gervase COOKSEY, Howard C. CORBY, John CORMACK, Allan M H.754 E.189 J.309 K.114 J311 J.276 CORNFORD, Edward Clifford COOPER, Sir William Mansfield CORNING GLASS INTERNATIONAL E.177, F.191, H.231, H.395 CORPORATION OF ABERDEEN: EDUCATION COMMITTEE C.197, D.206 See also H.888 COTTRELL, Sir Alan Howard D.421-D.423 H.103 D.300 B.281, B.282 COST, James R. COTTERILL, Wilfrid G. COSSLETT, Vernon Ellis A.41, E.188, K.186 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents COULSON, Charles Alfred COUNCIL OF ENGINEERING INSTITUTIONS COWARD, McCANN & GEOGHEGAN INC. COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon COX, Sir Harold Roxbee COX, Sebastian COX, William D. CRABTREE FOUNDATION CRAIG, Richard J.W. CRAMPIN, Stuart CRATCHLEY, Arthur CRICK, Francis Harry Compton CROFT, Antony Julian H.311 L.78 J.228-J.233 H.876, J.404 B.501, E.209 B.497 H.834 H.104-H.122 B.526, E.137, E.139 D.231, D.233, D.236, D.376 K.365 D.135, J.191 A.136, B.378, L.19, L.20 CROFTON, John CROSLAND, Maurice CROW, John CROWLEY, Diana CROWLEY, Robert T. CROWTHER, John G. J.332 H.826 H.776 K.84 J.324 CROMBIE, Alistair Cameron CROYDON ENGINEERING CO. LTD CROSLAND, Charles Anthony Raven D.66 CUNNINGHAM, W. Peyton CULLEN, Alexander Lamb CURRAN, Samuel Crowe B.451, G.422, J.266 F.5, F.7, F.42, J.737 D.324, G.151, J.789 D.325, D.333, D.334 D.4 J.404 CRYTOLOGIA CULLWICK, E.G. B.244, K.77 G.416, J.248 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents CURRIE, Sir Alastair CURRIE, Sir James CURRIE, Lauchlin CURTIS, William Edward CUSHING, Edward Harvey (‘Pat’) DAHL, Roald DAILY MIRROR DAILY TELEGRAPH DAINTON, Frederick Sydney, Baron DALDY, Frank G. A.184, J.796 A.298, J.256 K.77 D.68, D.111-D.116, D.195, F.171 B.245, D.72, D.272, E.161, G.309, G.312, G.314, G.402, G.404 See also G.407 J.244 J.277 A.160, B.248, B.368, F.202, J.213, J.414, J.765 C.58, C.63, F.133, F.179 F172 A.14 K.152, K.154 DALY, Philip DALYELL, Tam - DAVIES, Clifford DAVIES, Dai K.465-K.470, K.479 A.103, F.160, F.161 E:6i E.149 K.423 DANIEL, Sir Charles DALITZ, Richard Henry DAVIDSON, James Norman DANCKWERTS, Peter Victor DAVIES, Sir David Evan Naunton D.129 F.204, H.259, J.790, K.81 D.123 F.216 H.532 D.171 J.525 H.884 DAVIES, lan L. DAVIES, J.C.H. DAVIES, Merton E. DAVIES, P.C.W. DAVIES, Duncan S. DAVIES, Edward Roy R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents DAVIES, Peter WYNNE- DAVIS, Adrienne HART- DAVIS, John DAVIS, Sir John Gilbert DAVIS, Paul DAVIS, Sir William Wellclose DAWES, Peter S. DAWSON, J.G. DAWSON, Martin DAY, F.J.J. DAY, Sir Robin DEACON, George Edward Raven K.321 D.332 B.528 K.126 D.173 J.314, J.404 G.307 K.200 D.394 B11 5. 2071 A.90, K.486, K.489 D.257 DEBRA, Daniel B. DEDIJER, Stevan DEE, Philip Ivor See DODD, C.N. HENTY- DEAKIN, Bill DEAN, Sir Maurice Joseph E.206, H.261 J.687-J.689 DEAN, Patrick DEAR, lan C.B. EAi2 E.149 G.347, G.412, G.415, G.420, G.421, G.431, G.432, G.436, H.327, K.196 J.192, J.216, K.270 A.187, B.335, E.76-E.105, E.232, G.28, G.163, G.165, G.168, G.172- G.183, J.241, J.620, J.772 C.10, C.127, C.203, C.216, D.70, F.120, F.165, F.168, H.138, H.244, H.875, J.521, K.31, K.363 K.203 ESon-56 L.81 DEE, Simon DEERE, Malcolm DENDY, P.P. DENNISTON, Robin A. DEFENCE BEGINS AT HOME Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 DENNY, Robert R. DEUTCH, John DEVERILL, J.J.P. DEWHIRST, David W. DIAMOND, Jack DICKINSON, Frank DICTIONARY OF SCIENTIFIC BIOGRAPHY DILLES, Sharon J. DIPPEL, John V.H. DISCOVERY DITCHBURN, Robert William DITCHLEY FOUNDATION K.491 A.76, A.195 B.585 K.214 K.152, K.153 K.359 7-8 A.76 B.326 J.794 C.197, L.101 E.66, G.232 D.270 J.456, J.736, K.378 L.31 J.293 F.199, L.69 DIXON, Jack DIXON, Norman F. DOBBS, Ginger DODD, John Newton DiVITA, Guilio DIXON, Bernard DOBSON, Kay B.386 G.233 B.533 DODD, C. Nicholas HENTY- DOBSON, Gordon Miller Bourne D.257 A.126, F.11, F.40-F.43, H.541 See also F.79, F.80 K.486, K.487 lol. Evtoe DOIG, Clive B. DOLAN, Andrew DONDERI, Don C. DONN, William L. DOMB, Cyril G.115, G.118, G.130 J.269 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents DONNER, Sir Patrick William DOUGLAS, lan R. DOWDING, Derek Hugh Tremenheere, 2nd Baron J.285 G.266 J.629 DOWDING, Hugh Caswall Tremenheere, 1st Baron See B.310-B.321, B.483 DRATLER, Jay, Jr DREW, H.E. DRINKWATER, Frank DRUBBA, Helmut DRURY, A.M. DUFAY LTD DUFF, David R.M. 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EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH TRUST EDWARDS HIGH VACUUM INTERNATIONAL EDWARDS, Joseph B.123, B.127, B.447 See also B.530 C.197, D.391, D.392, F.133, F.213, G.287, H.395, H.405, H.876 G.318 D.135 D.394 H.762 K.279, K.484 F.128 D.450-D.452 C.89 EDWARDS, Sir Sam (Samuel Frederick) C.90, C.219, H.803 EILOART, Tim ELCOCK, E.W. C.90 B.414 EGERTON, David B. EGLETON, Clive EIBENSCHUETZ, K.E. EISENHOWER, Dwight D. ELDRIDGE, Sir (William) John J.765 K.127 K.202 B.246 EDWARDS, Vero Copner WYNNE- A.60, A.96, A.142, D.391, E.178, E.188 A.59, A.144, B.279, D.389, J.745, K.126 D.176 ELECTRONIC DEFENCE ASSOCIATION See H.1-H.11 H.189, H.190 A.177, K.203 ELIOT, Theodore L., Jr ELLINGER, J.H. ELLIOT, Sir William ELLIOTT, David D. BLEIS| GiER: B.244, B.503, E.205 E.252 R.V. 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EYRE METHUEN LTD (publishers) FAIRLEY, R. FALLER, James E. FANNER, John Lewis FARNHILL, Kenneth H. FARNIE, Rowley SCOTT- FARRAR, David J. FARREN, Sir William S. 63;6.120 E.143 J.334 J.398 F.46, F.47 G.347, G.381, G.413, G.417, G.421, G.426 H.153, H.155, H.159, H.160 E.34, E.35 A.128, B.146, B.242, B.278, E.203 E.184 B.500, B.506-B.508 FEINSTEIN, Alvan R. B.146 J.308 J.324 J.244 See A. & M. FELL LTD C.127, F.165, F.171, H.244 FARVIS, William Ewart John FEATHER, Norman G.410, K.143 J.199, K.454, K.455 FELKIN, Charlotte FELKIN, John FEILDEN, Geoffrey Bertram Robert FEL ETD FELL, Clare FEAVER, Douglas Russell, Bishop of Peterborough A.40, A.59, C.196, G.27-G.29, G.41, H.215, J.620, J.704, K.278, K.378 H.796 A.168, D.407, H.166-H.170, H.184- H.188 FELL, Robert Andrew FELLGETT, J. Mary Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 FELLGETT, Peter Berners FELLOWES, Sir Edward FEREDAY, R.E. FERGUSON, H.C.S. FERGUSON, James D. 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FOOT, Michael Richard Daniell FORBES, Eric Gray FORBES, S.T. FORD, Brian J. FORREST, D.W. Index of correspondents B.549, B.552 A.30, C.188, H.401 B.207 F.90, F.102, H.746, H.826 K.82, K.84 A.103, A.186, A.301, B.284, B.450, B.549, B.560, B.580, B.587, B.598, B.600, E.112, E.139, G.20, G.435, J.192, J.202, J.619, J.687, J.688 F.9, G.236-G.243, G.245, G.246, G.253, H.836, K.187 See E.208, E.211 H.772, H.896 H.759 FOSTER, David FOWDEN, Sir Leslie K.267 C.92 Ei(5 J.200 G.83 A.95, B.290 FRAENKEL, Heinrich FRANCIS, E.E. FOSTER, Patricia Ruth FOWLER, Peter Howard B.576, B.578, B.592, B.597 FRANK, Sir (Frederick) Charles FOURCADE, Marie-Madeleine E.10, J.653, L.97 A.31, A.58, A.90, A.149, A.152, B.118, B.126, B.180, B.198, B.199, B.235, B.291, B.323, B.328, B.329, B.334, B.335, B.442, B.443, C.84, C.100, C.123, D.72, D.76, D.79, D.94, D.95, D.110, D.134, D.162, D.243, D.337, D.385, D.420, E.38, E.47, E.52, E.119, E.211, F.6, F.7, F.255, G.283, H.138, H.388, H.638, H.658, H.762, H.766, H.769, H.773, H.836, H.838, H.840, H.873, H.875, J.190, J.195-J.197, J.369, J.521, J.690, J.795, K.143, K.150, K.195, K.351, K.374, K.455, L.86 See also B.129, B.309, B.533, R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents FRANK, Robert G., Jr FRANKLAND, Noble FRANKS, Sir Dick (Arthur Temple) FRASER, A.M. FRASER, Ronald THE FREEDOM ASSOCIATION FREEDOM NATION FREEMAN, E.M. FREEMAN, Sir Wilfrid Rhodes, 1st Bt. FREETH, Francis Arthur FRENCH, A.P. H.749 B.500-B.502, J.371 See E.139 K.108 E.144, G.119, G.128 A.181 F.204 J.302 B.146 See also B.496, J.700-J.719 B.508, E.201 J.258, J.435, J.481 FRENCH, Geoffrey FRENCH, J.B. G.184 D.371 K.202 FRISCH, David H. FURLONG, Geoffrey FURNEAUxX, Rupert FURSE, Anthony W. FUBINI, Gene FUDGE, Edward FRENCH, Michael J. H.449 H.344 D.176 D.70-D.72, G.400, G.401 FRISCH, Otto Robert A.34, D.295, F.25 See also H.636 A.23 G. BELL & SONS LTD (publishers) FYFE, Sir William Hamilton J.197 J.798 B.279 B.496, J.703-J.708 FUTURES FYFE, Dorothea H. Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 GABOR, Dennis GADSDEN, Michael GALPIN, John GALSTER, Georg GANDY, R.W. GARDINER, John GARLICK, George Frederick John GARLINSKI, Jozef GARRARD, Derrick John C.195, H.395, H.397 C.93-C.99, C.129, C.130-C.132, D.248, D.249 D.412 D.97 B.504, B.505, J.821 B.129, E.143 C.100, C.196, C.265, D.66, D.69, D.196, D.313, D.317, E.202, H.231, H.244, H.391 See also L.95 B.572, J.202, J.246, J.368, J.403, J.642 B.146, B.207, K.463 See also B.125 GARWIN, Richard L. C.195, D.407 B.242 GEE, Anthony E. GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. LTD GASKIN, Max GAYDON, Alfred George GAYLER, Noel GEBBIE, Alastair G.354, G.414 A.177, K.463 See F.20, F.21 GARTON, William Reginald Stephen GEDDES, Alexander Ebenezer McLean A.61, E.213, E.214, E.220, £.223, E.243-E.246, E.248, H.66, H.67 H.550, H.624, H.648, H.658, H.675, H.685, H.702, H.706, H.713 B.279 GEORGE ALLEN & UNWIN LTD (publishers) E.207 D.237 L.87 G.334 B.390, J.477 D.444, D.445 GERRARD, Harry GETTING, Ivan A. GERARD, Vernon Bruce GIBB, Andrew R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents GIBBINGS, J.C. GIBSON, R.E. B.387, B.388 G.293 GIFFARD, John Anthony Hardinge, 3rd Earl of Halsbury J.322, K.200 GILBERT, C.W.B. GILBERT, Martin GILES, David Laurent GILES, John Crutchlow GILL, Arthur T. GILL, E.W.B. GIEES IC: GILLAM, Denys Edgar E.188 B.267, B.279, B.282-B.285, B.295, B.297, J.305 E.213-E.218, E.225, £.226, E.228 C.101 F.38, F.39 See L.22 C.101 See B.533 GILLIES, George T. GILLING, Dick GILLINGS, David W. GILLISPIE, Charles C. GINSBURG, David D.182 GIOVANELLI, R.G. GLAZIER, E.V.D. D.345, G.148 D.404 E.189, K.142 B.386 F.10 B.278 GLICKSMAN, Martin E. K.442, K.445, K.447, K.448 GINZBERG, Vitaly Lazarevich K.490, K.494 A.165, K.442, K.443, K.446, K.447, GOODACRE, Charles L. G.407 A.142 F.20 L.81 E.90, K.179 D.222, K.275 GOLDSMITH, Maurice GODWIN, Harry GOLD, Ernest GOODCHILD, Peter GOLDSMITH, Jack R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents GOODEVE, Sir Charles Frederick A.148, B.244, H.26, H.27, H.31, H.640, K.66 GOODING, David GOODMAN, D.J. GOODMAN, Frank O. GOODWIN, Michael GORDON, Duncan J. GORDON HIGHLANDERS MUSEUM, ABERDEEN GORHAM, Eville GOUDSMIT, Sam A. GOW, Sir (James) Michael GOWING, Margaret Mary GRAHAM, G. E. G. H.773 D.412 C.102 E.232 E.110, J.334 B.409 H.773 G.408 A.164, E.52, E.112, G.57, G.58, H.67 B.243, B.327, B.350, H.851, H.881, J.438, K.179 GRAMPIAN TELEVISION LTD K.485, K.488, K.494 Ealso, e107, A.180, B.409, B.530, K.328 GRAY, John GRAYDON, Sir Michael GRAHAM, Sir Peter Walter GRAHAM, W. D. GRAINGER, John Fraser H.531 H.621 F.89 GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND H.123-H.128 E.15, E.37, E.38, E.40-E.45, J.404, J.619 CENTRAL OFFICE OF INFORMATION AIR MINISTRY CABINET OFFICE COUNCIL FOR SCIENTIFIC POLICY G.73, G.74 D.53, J.30 A.60, A.96, A.190 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH C.184-C.186, C.221, D.82, D.91, H.129-H.140 SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT RESEARCH ASSOCIATION SURVEY PANEL D.201, D.202, H.15 GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATIONS HEADQUARTERS E.37, E.38 HOUSE OF COMMONS DEFENCE COMMITTEE E.249 MINISTRY OF AVIATION D.79, D.85, D.89, D.91, D.94 ELECTRONICS RESEARCH COUNCIL F.134, H.385-H.421 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE A.125, A.132, B.127-B.129, B.494, B.496, D.91, D.97, D.129, E.9, E.12, E.34, £.35, E.132, G.219, G.272, G.313, G.316, J.193, J.194, J.320, J.521, J.523, J.628, J.766, K.266 MINISTRY OF LABOUR AND NATIONAL SERVICE H.333 MINISTRY OF POWER MINISTRY OF SUPPLY H.365-H.371 RADAR AND SIGNALS ADVISORY BOARD MINISTRY OF TECHNOLOGY H.372-H.384 D.95, £.32 H.466-H.469 D.66-D.71, E.157, G.400, G.401, J.522 SAFETY IN MINES RESEARCH ADVISORY BOARD H.340-H.367 ADVISORY COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH ON MEASUREMENT AND STANDARDS ADVISORY COUNCIL ON CALIBRATION AND MEASUREMENT ADVISORY COUNCIL ON SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT G.350, G.425, G.431 B.494, J.427 EG a7, D.6, D.23 GREEN, Albert Edward GREEN, Nancy Deale H.470-H.489 See under MINISTRY OF AVIATION ELECTRONICS RESEARCH COUNCIL ROYAL AIR FORCE SCOTTISH HOME AND HEALTH DEPARTMENT R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents GREEN, Ronald GREENAWAY, Frank GREENE, Jack P. GREENFIELD, George GREENHILL BOOKS (publishers) GREGG, Edward B. GREGOR, E.W. GREGORY, Richard Langton GREGSON, W. GREIG, James GRIFFIN, Francis J. G.114, G.118, G.129 G.236, G.238, G.241, G.252 G.225 B.577, J.358, J.761-J.778 J.669 G.406 G.133 See H.608, H.611, H.620, H.652 J.240 F.42, H.749, H.756, H.761 A.128, A.131, B.206, B.522, H.149, J.325, J.331 C.229-C.231 J.622, L.33 Es GRIFFITH, Harry D. GRIFFITH, John GRIFFITHS, J.H.E. GUGAN, D. B.237, B.242, J.501 J.243, J.306 GROVE, G. GROVES, G.W. GUARDIAN GUERITZ, Edward F. GRIFFITHS, Ewan C. D.243 J.417 GROSZKOWSKI, Janusz D.85 GUGGENHEIM PRODUCTIONS INC. GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand GUINNESS, Ivor Owen GRATTON- GULTON INDUSTRIES INC. D.55 B.240 B.309 J.327 GUIMARAENS, Patrick D.424, D.425 F.192, K.236 D.137, H.756, H.758 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents GUNN, John C. GUNTER, Roy C., Jr D.97, F.40, L.80 D.297 H. TINSLEY & CO. LTD, LONDON (scientific instrument manufacturers) D.161-D.163, D.208 H.V. SKAN LTD HACKMANN, Willem D. HADDOW, Sir Alexander HAHN, Otto HALL, A. Rupert HALL, H.E. HALL, Sherwin A. D.3, D.285, D.310, D.313, D.314, D.422-D.424 F.5, J.738 A.146, K.463 See F.22 G.239, G.242, G.245, J.735 D.387 E.204, E.206, E.210 HALLEWELL, Greg D. A.180, J.477, J.622 HAMMER, Finn HAMMERTON, M. HANDEL, Michael |. HAMILTON, lain HAMILTON, Peter B.400, B.401 J.243, J.824 E.107 D.409, D.410 HAMISH HAMILTON LTD (publishers) J.205-J.227, J.413, J.765, J.774, J.776, J.778, K.277 HAMILTON, George Nigel DOUGLAS-, 10th Earl of Selkirk HAMILTON PRECISION METALS, PENNSYLVANIA, USA J.333 E.123, E.124, G.396, G.442, G.444, J.622, J.624 HANKEY, Maurice Pascal Alers, 1st Baron HARRIS, Sir Arthur Travers, 1st Baronet H.745 B.283, L.81 F.120 C.103 J.341 HANNA, Roberta Jean HARDING, K.J. HARGREAVES, J.D. C.77, L.84 Index of correspondents E.106, F.224, H.533, J.823, K.129 G.150 H.130, J.302 A.131, B.245, B.382, B.504 E.142 E.248 D.156, D.314, D.408, D.409, D.424, E.48, E.52 See also L.125 C.104, C.105 B.426, E.179, J.673 B.241, H.743, H.747, L.39, L.41, L.48 A.114, A.121, A.122, A.124-A.127, A.130, A.133, A.143, B.244, B.501, 8.502, B.504, B.622, F.2, F.38, H.149, H.213, H.742, H.743, H.905, J.34, J.791, K.76, K.150, K.151, K.153, K.429, L.34-L.50 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 HARRIS, William R. HARRISON, Colin HARRISON, John HESLOP- HARROD, Sir Royal Mealham HART, Sir Basil Henry LIDDELL HART, David HART, Michael HART, Stewart HARTCUP, Guy HARTLEY, Sir Christopher Harold HARTLEY, Sir Harold Brewer HARTLEY, W. Gilbert B.236, B.357, B.383 H.758 HARVEY, J.C. HARVEY, James HASTINGS, Max HATTO, Arthur T. J.317 B.294, J.344 HARVEY, R.A. HASLAM, E.B. A.144, B.279, J.824 B.291, J.193, J.194, J.239, J.766 HAWTHORNE, Sir William Rede HATTON, P. HAUGSTED, Find J.205, J.798 B.168, J.197, J.198 B.543, B.588, B.590, B.591 B.549, B.552-B.555, B.557 K.152 J.290 HAUTEFEUILLE, Roland HAWKER, Pat Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 HAYDON, Brownlee HAYDON, S.C. HAYES, William HAYWARD, F. HAZLEWOOD, F.S. HEADMAIN LTD HEALEY, Denis Winston, Baron HEARD, Jimmie P. HEATH, Sir Edward Richard George HEAVENS, Oliver Samuel E.202, E.205, G.410, H.124, H.529- H.532, H.534, K.410 G.117, G.129 B.378 B.298 G.217, G.218 K.470, K.471, K.480 B.241 G.313, J.313, K.426 K.78 A.152, E.251, G.137, H.550, H.645, H.693, H.892, K.363, L.84 See also H.620 HEESCHEN, D.S. D.31 HEIN, Marianne G.378, G.420 G.80, K.203 J.620 G.62 C.105 HELLMOLD, Wilhelm HENDERSON, Cyril HENNESSY, P. HENNEY, Alex HELE, Desmond George KING- HENDERSON, Sir John Nicholas HENNIKER, Sir Mark Chandos Auberon, 8th Baronet E.207, G.226, H.800, H.803, H.807, H.811, H.813, H.815, H.817, H.819, J.243, K.150 D.70, D.337, D.340, F.258 HENRY WIGGIN & CO. LTD K.85 J.275 J.620 HEREWARD, H.G. HERMAN, Michael D.406-D.408 D.337 H.909 HENRY, Irvin G. HESKETH, Ross Vernon Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 HEWISH, Antony HEY, G. Brian HIGHAM, James A. HIGHAM, T. Martin HILGER & WATTS LTD (makers of scientific instruments) HILL, A.E. 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Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents HOLBROOK, Mary HOLDER, Douglas William HOLLARD, Michel HOLLIDAY, Sir Frederick HOLMES, John N. HOLSKEN, Heinz Dieter HOLTON, Gerald HOOGEWERF, John MARTIN- HOOPER, Sir Leonard James (‘Joe’) HOPKINS, Harold Horace ES E.208 B.577 A.86 G.400, G.401 G.79, J.323 B.322, D.17, G.416 B.420, B.421 E.34, E.36, E.114 A.114, A.185, E.210, F.7, H.560, H.571, H.600, H.706, H.760, J.789, J.790 See also E.203 FIOPLEY, 156: F.33, F.34 G.160 K.244 B.593-B.596 D.182, D.228 HORSNAIL, Alan G. HOSKINS, Michael A. HOUGH, James HOWIE, lan H. HOWSE, H. Derek HOULDER, Howard F. H.761 K.82 HORLOCK, John Harold HORSFIELD, David Ralph HOWARD, Sir Michael Eliot D.425 A.148, A.157, A.176, B.169, E.120, J.339, J.737, K.129, L.32 L.84 J.324 G.390 HUDSON, Rex HUGHES, Guy C.107 K.270, K.284 HUGHES, Robert J. D.255, J.328, K.144 HOYLE, Sir Fred HUGILL, Andrew R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents HUNT, Sir David Wathen Stather HUNT, Peter M. HUNTER, A.F.C. (‘Sandy’) HUTCHINSON, Stanley HUTCHISON, Sir (William) Kenneth HUXLEY, Sir Andrew Fielding HYDE, W. Lewis ICI LTD, PLASTICS DIVISION IIZUKA, Kozo ILESEEY;.R: IMAI, Hidetaka J.333 K.127 B.487 K.281 H.787 A.174, F.223, H.652, H.673, H.681, H.693, H.712, L.80 G.405, G.406, G.435 D.6 G.104, G.111, G.112 C.47 G.111-G.113 IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY J.795 ING, Harry Raymond B.408, B.409, B.556, J.372 INCLEDON, S. IND, Thomas INGLIS, Frank INGRAM, G.I. INGALL, Peter INGE, Peter A. K.76 D.356 J.798 L.45 J.338 IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, LONDON INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS CAREERS ORGANISATION A.143, A.171, H.228-H.230 INSTITUTE OF MATHEMATICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS INSTITUTE OF MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF CONFLICT LTD INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL MACHINING INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC STUDIES H.222-H.226 E.47, E.49, E.50 G.57, G.58 B.123 J.530 H.227 e2o R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS Index of correspondents A.112, B.122, C.205, D.44, D.58, D.129, D.213, D.241, D.270, D.305, E.211, F.30, F.165, F.182, G.140, H.231-H.266, H.640, H.741 INSTITUTION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONIC AND RADIO ENGINEERS INTELLIGENCE AND NATIONAL SECURITY D.48 F.43, F.44 E.124 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES ON THE UNITY OF THE SCIENCES A.301, H.267-H.290 INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION H.267-H.290 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE F.4, F.9, G.236, G.241, G.252 INTORALA LTD (oilfield technologists) IRVINE, William J.C. L.81 D.142 IRVING, David John Cawdell A.187, A.196, E.124 IVENS, Michael William IYER, H.M. ISHIZUKA, Takeshi ISRAEL, Isaac BEN- JABLONSKY, David JACKETS, Louis A. G.104, G.106, G.108-G.110 B.296, B.297, B.339-B.353, B.384, G.96, J.370 See also B.391-B.393, G.415 J. LANGHAM THOMPSON LTD (engineers) G.189 JACKSON, Audrey E. O’B. PILKINGTON JACKSON, Sir William Godfrey Fothergill B.237, B.239, B.242, B.501 JACKSON, Robert Victor F.204 D.263 D.294 B.286 D.434 F.39 K.85 JACKSON, Derek A. See J.364, J.691 JACKSON, A. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents JACKSON, Willis, Baron Jackson of Burnley H.423 JACOB, Sir (Edward) lan (Claud) A.157, B.239, B.241, B.388, J.198 JAMES, Brennig JAMES, John F. JAMES, Robert Rhodes JAMIESON, Kenneth JARRELL-ASH CO., MASSACHUSETTS, USA JASPERT, W.P. JEFFERIES, D.J. JEFFERSON, G.R. JEFFREYS, Sir Harold JEFFS, Hadrian J.247 D.241 B.384 E.56 D.400 B.453 D.60 E.206 H.785 D.145 JENKINS, Roy Harris, Baron Jenkins of Hillhead H.391 JENNINGS, A.E. JENNINGS, John Charles Ellison JENNINGS, William Alan JENSEN, Niels JEVONS, Frederic Raphael JEWKES, John JOB, Patrick DALZEL- D.135 K.201 K.97 A.105, A.151, B.120, B.121, B.124, B.534-B.537, C.127, D.337, J.192 See also B.209 E.109, G.135, G.266 A.165, J.202, J.368, K.266, K.284, K.468-K.471, K.479-K.481, K.488, K.489, K.491 A.185, B.534 See also B.538, B.539 JOHN FARQUHARSON LTD (literary agents) JOHNSON, Douglas JOHNSON, F.A. B.577, J.611, J.761-J.778 J.470-J.473, J.475 JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD (publishers) JOHNSON, Brian H.787, H.813, J.345 B.283, G.414 H.875 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents JOHNSON, Lisa JOHNSON, R.W. JOHNSON, Richard Patrick Craig JOHNSON, William JOHNSTON, Andrew St JOHNSTON, Stephen L. JOINT APPEAL FOR THE LORD DOWDING SHELTERED HOUSING PROJECT JOLLEY, L.B.W. JONATHAN CAPE LTD (publishers) JONES, A.R.C. JONES, Barrie William G.442 B.253 D.119, D.454, K.268, K.269 F.12, F.14, H.809, L.85, L.86 H.397 J.318 B.316-B.321 K.344 B.328 G.432, J.268, J.271 C.108 JONES, Sir Charles Phibbs JONES, David Arthern E.210 G.338, G.339 JONES, Eric M. JONES, Sir Ewart Ray Herbert JONES, Francis Edgar JONES, David C. E.147 E.144 K.88 JONES, Sir Edward Martin FURNIVAL C.109, C.125, D.68, D.82, D.83, G.400 See also B.206, B.207 K.266 A.281, B.470, B.477, D.108, D.110, D.191, D.272, H.256, H.391, H.746, H.873, K.97, K.186, L.72 See also L.93 JONES, Hugh JONES, I.L. A.201, J.528 K.378 JONES, G. Melvill JONES, Glyn JONES, Gwyn Owain JONES, Harold Victor J.316 K.84, K.438-K.440 H.138, H.244, K.352, K.355 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents JONES, Sir John Edward LENNARD- JONES, M.D.D. JONES, M. OSWALD- JONES, Sydney JONES (née CAIN), Vera JONES, Walter L. JORDAN, Harold G. JORDAN, Horace Reginald Victor JORDAN, Paul JOSEPH, Sir Keith (Sinjohn) JOSEPHSON, Brian David JOST, H. Peter H.368 K.167 B.484 K.228 J.528 D.334 A.166, A.168, B.206, J.339 J.310 G.319 F.193, F.199, F.202, H.78 J.530 K.202 JOST, W. JOYCE, Gordon C. G.419, J.358, J.404 KAHN, David KAISER, Thomas Reeve KAMMHUBER, Josef J.737 K.145 D.337 JOYCE, W.B. JULITTE, Pierre A.114, J.790 See also H.238 B.584, B.586, B.588, B.600, J.642 JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS F.58 D.263 D.376 KARO, H. Arnold KARTSEYV, V. G.73, G.76, J.369, K.129 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 KATZ, Amrom H. KATZ, Louise KAY, Herbert Frederick KEEGAN, John KEELEY, Thomas Clews KEEN, Sir Bernard KEIR, Hamish Macdonald Index of correspondents A.65, A.131, D.270, E.205, G.312- G.316, G.333, G.334, G.338, G.339, G.343, G.353-G.355, G.357, G.404, G.408-G.416, G.419, G.421- G.425, G.427, G.431, G.433, G.436, G.437, G.439, G.442, G.444, G.447, H.527, H.529, H.531-H.534, J.329, J.355, J.635, J.735 G.430, G.444 D.48 B.283, J.352 A.35, A.112, B.236, B.242, B.364, B.381, E.202, J.333, L.21 See also K.329-K.332 F.38 A.61 KELLY, Anthony KELLY, Denis KENNEDY, Peter L22 D.393 A.54, L.80 B.218-B.221, B.226, B.283 C.127, F.120, H.138, H.240 D.296 E.107, H.762, J.197, K.266 KENDALL, David George KENDALL, Richard H. KEMMER, Nicholas KEMP, Alexander John J.331, K.345 A.93, H.760, H.873 KENNEDY, Frederick James KENDREW,, Sir John Cowdery KENNEDY, Ludovic Henry Coverley H.255 KENNET AND AVON CANAL TRUST LTD KERMACK, William Ogilvy F.43 J.271 J.435 KENT, Paul KENT, R. Leslie K.153, K.154 B.571, B.598, J.330 KENT, Henri KOCH- R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 KERR, Paul F. KEWLEY, H.G. KEY, Richard M. KEYSTON, John E. KIBBLEWHITE, Alex C. KING, E. Bolton KING, Geoffrey Charles Plume KING, Robert Peter KINGSLEY, Freddie A. KINGSTON, William KIP, Arthur F. Index of correspondents D.273 L.73 L.86 B.121, K.31 G.118, G.128-G.130 B.500 D.171, D.173, D.226, D.236, D.238, D.239, H.620, H.628 See also H.638, H.646, H.663, H.672, H.704 L.80 B.309, B.488, B.531-B.533 Een G.314, G.315 G.161 D.76 B.400-B.402 KIRK, A.C. (‘Sandy’) KIRK, F.W.K. KITTEL, Cc; KLEINER, George KLOTZ, Irving M. KNECHT, Sam A.190, G.447, G.448 J.190 G.339 B.335 KIRKPATRICK, Alistair E. KNIGHT, Sir Michael William Patrick H.770, H.772 A.96, A.179, A.194, A.195, B.497, B.529, L.83 B.128, B.292, B.293, J.201, J.203, J.371 A.162, C.147, F.181, J.526 KOCH, Grete KODAK LTD B.451 D.345 B.574 KNOX, Sir Thomas Malcolm KNIGHT, R. Colin KNIGHTLEY, Philip KO, H.C. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 KOESTLER, Arthur KOHN, Lucien W. KOPAL, Zdenek KORNELSEN, E.V. KOSTERLITZ, Hans Walter KOVACS, Amos KRAMISH, Arnold KRIENEN, Frank KRIEPS, Emile KUENSSBERG, Nick KUO I-Ling Index of correspondents F.220 B.601 H.571, H.574 D.295, G.316, G.320 C.244, C.245 E.133 B.326, B.329, B.330, B.334, B.335, B.440-B.446, E.231, E.232, G.422, J.435, J.621 D.95, D.96 B.588 Eldbeaie G.41 KURTI, Nicholas KUTZSCHER, Edgar See B.181, B.182 LABORATORY PRACTICE J.796, J.798 LACOSTE AND ROMBERG (gravity meter manufacturers) D.168 A.30, A.141, B.285, B.327, B.384, B.449, B.450, D.110, D.206, F.11, F.133, G.291, H.281, H.295, H.308, H.579, H.670, H.754, H.759, H.824, H.826, H.832, H.835, H.848, H.851, H.880, J.198, J.438, K.97, K.149, K.294, K.447, K.455, K.488, L.23 B.591, B.592 D.117, D.119, D.156, D.435, D.454, H.889-H.891, H.895, H.896, K.369, L.81, L.83 See also L.128 LAMB, W.E., Jr LAMBOIT, Paul L.30 B.491, K.321 LAMB, John LAMPERIERE, Henri Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 LANDSBERG, Peter Theodore LANE, Frank W. LANG, Andrew Richard LANGLEY, James M. LAPPER, William R.H. LAQUEUR, Walter LARDER, D.F. LARSON, Doyle E. A.62, A.126, D.6, D.11, D.16, D.17, D.23, D.311, L.80 See also L.95, L.98 D.126, D.250, D.263 A.155, A.191, D.82 A.301, B.207, J.199, J.201 A.98, G.302, K.209, K.404-K.406, K.409 : B.451 F.89 A.64, A.66, A.98;.A.191, E.39, E.45, E.112, G.353, G.358, G.366-G.368, G.390, G.396, G.423-G.425, G.432, G.434-G.437, G.439, G.440, G.442- G.444 LASER INSTRUMENTATION LTD D.225, D.429 LASER LINES LTD D.228, D.430 LATHAM, Arthur Charles LATTER, John H. LASKARIS, E.K. LASSERRE, Jean LAUDER, K.H. LAUF, G.B. J.250 B.601 K.85 B.195, B.201-B.203, K.425, K.427 D.235, G.116, G.119, G.128, G.130, G.132 G.114, G.116, G.118, G.129 D.69, D.71, D.79, D.105, D.391, H.401, K.112 LAWTON (née LAWS), Millicent LEEMING, H.B. LEES, Howard J.281 B.538, J.728 LEAF, Eddie LEASOR, James D.423 B.293 J.254 LAWSON, W.D. LEHANY, Fred J. A.149, J.190, J.191, K.469 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 LENNARD, Reginald LENNON, G.W. LESLIE, Brian C. LEUTZ, Charles R. LEVIEN, Jo LEWIN, Ronald LEWIN, Terence Thornton, Baron LEWIS, James A. LEWIS, Julian M. LEWIS, William Covel LIBBEY, Miles A., III Index of correspondents K.80, K.81 D.237 D.340, D.342, D.344, D.345 See also D.343 L.74 A.98 B.291, B.293, B.524, E.93, J.404 E.46, J.621 D.11, D.314 B.249-B.251, B.253, B.257-B.259, J.484, J.485 G.339, G.416, J.355 G.354 G.423 G.320 H.311-H.325 A.121, K.75, K.434, K.455 LIGHTHILL, Sir (Michael) James LILEY, Bruce S. LINDEMANN TRUST LINDSAY, Duncan Douglas LINCOLNSHIRE LANCASTER COMMITTEE LIBBY, Leona Marshall LIBBY, Willard G.129, G.130 J.242 LINDEMANN, Frederick Alexander, 1st Viscount Cherwell A.23, A.112, A.113, J.523, J.524, J.789 A.30, D.391, D.392, D.431, E.185- E.187, E.223, H.110, K.149, L.82 H.258 C.241, C.248, G.267 See also L.112 LINDSAY, Roger LINNETT, John Wilfrid D.394 D.221 B.285, F.221 LIPSON, Henry Solomon THE LISTENER LISTER, William Clarke R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 LITMANN, Jack LIU, Donald LLOYD, Anthony LLOYD, Charles LLOYD, Sir lan Stewart LLOYD, Rhys Gerran, Baron LOCKHART, John Bruce LOCKHART, Robert Douglas LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben LOEWE, Raphael LOGAN, Jonathan L. LOGAN, William Index of correspondents G.400 G.39 E.43, E.44 K.380, K.383 F.122, F.193, F.194 A.157 A.108, B.530, E.113 K.126 B.502, B.503, F.96, H.423 J.59 B.329, B.335 H.921, K.371 LONG, Derek A. LORENZ, Konrad Zacharias B.388, F.26 J.738 J.371, J.372 LORRAIN, Paul LOSSBERG, Viktor von LOUDON, Jean LOUIS, William Roger LONGMAN (publishers) LONGMATE, Norman K.126 D.171 J.789 LOTHIAN, Gordon Frederick B.290, J.190, J.192, J.328, K.449, K.466, K.470, K.489 K.382 C.127, C.196, D.32, F.16, H.543, J.337, K.212, K.213 D.439-D.441 See also D.443-D.446 LOVELL, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard B.452, J.369, K.483 B.273-B.276 LOXHAM, John Gordon LUCEY, Martin N LOW, George C. LOW, Robert J. D.401 J.272 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 LUKASIK, Stephen J. LYBBE, Ursula POWYS- LYON, John LYTHALL, Basil McCASH, James A. McCAUGHAN, Danny V. McCLEAN, Reginald J. McCLINTIC, Stewart McCOMBIE, Charles William Index of correspondents G.347, G.416, G.417, G.420 A.169, J.320 See also A.174 B.475 K.400 K.150 K.267, K.269 J.327 G.417, J.309 B.361, D.44, D.123, D.176, D.189, D.326, D.348, L.76, L.87 See also D.49, L.94, L.110 McCONNELL, David McCONNELL, James V. F2iio MacDONALD, Gordon J. McCREA, William Hunter Reels peeostl Ses B:526).E.137 McCORMICK, Donald McCOWEN, John L. McCUE, Brian McCUE, J.J.G. J.260 A.291 J.296 F.33 G.430 MACDOUGALL, Sir (George) Donald (Alastair) J.351 A.39, A.282, D.108, E.185, E.187, E.189 D.113-D.116, H.760, H.761, H.776 See also H.624 McGEOCH,, Sir lan Lachlan Mackay MACFARLANE, George Gray B.235, B.339, B.387 B.281, K.82 McEWEN, Ewen McGEE, J.D. McGHEE, Tom A.99, K.153, L.81 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 McGILL, D. McGRATH, James Russell McILRAITH, Arthur Hamilton MacINNES, lain McINTYRE, M.E. McKENNA, Jerry MacKENZIE, Innes K. MACKIE, G.O. MACKINNON, Lachlan MacKINNON, Robert F. MACLEAN, Colin Index of correspondents F.176 G.437 C.110, G.128, G.134 See also L.102 J.823, K.196 D.344 A.64, B.254, B.295, G.358, G.366, G.423-G.425, G.428, G.438, G.440, G.444-G.446, G.448 B.482 J.822 C.110 D.269 J.33, J.795, J.796, K.85, K.232, K.283 K.448 L.83 B.413 McLEAN, John W. McLELLAN, Alister G. MacLEOD, Roy M. G.118, G.130, G.132 F.38, H.744, H.831 MACNAIR, John C. McNALLY, Derek McLEAN, Sir Francis Charles MACMILLAN, Norman Hillas C.111 See also L.125 MACMILLAN, Maurice Harold, Earl of Stockton J.270 A.88, A.181, B.248, B.249, B.485, J.333 J.531 D.31 H.896 McPETRIE, James Stuart McNICOL, George Paul MACPHERSON, Eoin McQUILLAN, Geoffrey P. McWHIRTER, Norris Dewar D.453, H.186 A.285, D.109, D.195 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents McWILLIAM, Alexander Davidson C.112 MADDOCK, Sir leuan MADDOX, John Royden MADDRELL, Paul MADER, Julius MAGILL, G.R. MAHADDIE, Hamish MAITLAND, John MALCOLM, John Laurence MALCOLM, Maurice H. MALIES INSTRUMENTS LTD MALLARD, John Rowland C.197, E.204, H.207, H.395, H.397, H.624 F.148 Eee B.448 B.494 J.333 E.210 D.206 B.530 D.295, D.297, D.301 C.237, C.239, C.241, C.244, C.245, C.246, C.248, C.252 B.549, B.554-B.557 B.479, B.480 MANDEL, Leonard MANDER,, Noel MANER,, Yves le MANNING, C.A.W. 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J.340 L.63 H.526 G.140 K.223 G.431 PORTAL, Charles Frederick Algernon, 1st Viscount Portal POLISH AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION IN GREAT BRITAIN C.47 A.93, A.180, B.453, H.790, H.800, J.735, K.139, K.265, L.79 A.24, A.121, A.128, A.283, B.125 B.241, E.202, J.521 PORTER, Sir (Melvin) Kenneth Drowley B.243, K.82 G.420 POTTER, Harry Stanley Arthur PORTER, George, Baron PORTER, Walden R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents POTTS, Archie POUND, Reginald POWELL, Cecil Frank POWELL, Claud POWELL, Herbert Marcus (‘Tiny’) POWERS, Thomas POWLEY, Mallinson PRATT, Derek PRATT, Jeofrey Stuart COURTNEY- PRECISION ENGINEERING PRECISION TOOL & INSTRUMENT CO. LTD, LONDON PRESTON, George Dawson D.126, D.129 B.278 A.39, J.794 J.339 H.761 B.326, B.328, J.619 E.110, J.305, K.245, L.81 A.62 H.576 J.797 D.400 C.208 PRICE, Derek J. de SOLLA PRICE, William Charles F.33, H.828 J.253 K.79 J.287, J.292 C.195, D.79, D.83, D.123, H.130 PRIDE, Emrys PRINGLE, John William Sutton PRICHARD, Michael HESKETH- PRITCHARD, D.V. PROBERT, Henry A. PROCEEDINGS OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY H.297, H.298, H.363, H.593, H.873, L.80 B.488, E.209 B.452, B.453, B.490-B.493, B.496, B.497, B.531, B.532, B.584, B.586, G.83, G.273, J.275, J.320, J.322, J.323, J.336, J.341, J.703 C.124, D.16, D.311, D.312, D.314, D.318, D.332, H.244, L.103 PRYCE, Maurice Henry Lecorney PRYOR, R.M.R. PUGSLEY, Sir Alfred Grenvile PURCHASE, Dick J.5, J.12, J.789, J.790 Bet H.672 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 PUTLEY, Ernest Henry PUTTICK, Gordon W. PYE, D.R. PYKE, Magnus QUILL, Jeffrey QUIRK, Sir (Charles) Randolph RA’ANAN, Uri RACAL-DECCA NAVIGATOR LTD RAHMAQVIST, Sture Index of correspondents B.385, B.387, F.104-F.109 See also L.118 A.99, B.528, B.529, B.532, B.535, B.538, B.540, B.541, J.728 B.118, B.120 L.78 A.192, B.496 A.91, H.815 G.350, H.190, H.191 K.267-K.269 D.244, E.109 C.251 D.263, G.403 B.549, B.557, J.455 H.836 RAINS, A.J. HARDING RAMBO, William R. RAMSAY, Henry Thomas RANDALL, Sir John Turton RANFT, Brian McL. RAMSEY, Winston G. RAND CORPORATION RANK PRECISION INDUSTRIES LTD H.527-H.534 H.244, H.754 E.206, H.350, H.351, H.353, H.357, H.359, H.361, H.365, J.793 F.158 A.31, A.119, B.470, B.479, B.480, D.221, D.335, D.345, E.208, F.6, F.9, F.224, H.372, H.746, H.761, H.766, H.875, H.876, H.880, J.735, J.794, K.143, K.276, K.369, K.436, L.80 G.205 L.85 A.138, G.98, H.214-H.217, H.221 RARITY, Brian S.H. RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth RAVETZ, J.R. RAWCLIFFE, Gordon Hindle R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 RAWCLIFFE, John RAWES, E.A. RAWSON, Kenneth J. RAY, John P. READ, Anthony READER, W.J. READER’S DIGEST REASON, Richard Edmund REDDAWAY, George Frank Norman REDHEAD, Brian REDMAN, Roderick Oliver Index of correspondents C.198, D.207, D.434 See also D.240 J.626 E.213, E.214, E.243 B.313-B.315 E16 B.167 J.262 H.888 See also H.920 J.306 K.490 D.406, F.120, H.593, K.50 REES, Merlyn REID, Alan B.494 G.302 REID, John Sinclair RENTON, Kenneth M. REID, Robert W. REID, William B.452 G.145, J.309 K.442, K.443, K.446, K.447 B.415, B.416 C.117, F.47 REID, Sir (John) Peter Lorne REILLY, Sir (D’Arcy) Patrick REITH, John Charles Walsham, 1st Baron Reith of G.443, G.448 A.101, C.118, D.54, D.297, D.301, D.333, D.334, G.124-G.126 See also J.531 RICHARDS, John Charles Shenstone RICHARDS, Pamela Spence E29 B.318 F.199 J.257 J.326 Stonehaven REX, John A. RHODES, Milton RICHARDS, Denis Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 RICHARDSON, Frank RICHARDSON, I.M. RICKETT, Peter RICKETT, William RICKETTS, P.W. RIDEAL, Sir Eric Keightley RIDGWAY, Maurice H. RIMMER BROS, LONDON (manufacturers of instruments) RING, Jim ROAD HAULAGE EXECUTIVE ROAF, Douglas ROBERTS, Sir Harold Charles West B.244 K.76, K.88 J.323 A.286, B.244 E.205 H.368 B.423, J.620, J.623 D.224 A.167 H.21 J.239, K.285 H.359 ROBERTSON, Angela ROBERTSON, lan Stewart ROBERTSON, James J. F.213, H.445, H.449 ROBERTS, Vernon ROBERTSON, A.H. ROBERTSON, Robert H.S. F.209 G.409 C.247 ROBERTSON, Forbes William ROBERTSON, Howard Percy (‘Bob’) C.119 See also L.102, L.130 G.308, G.400, G.402, H.368 See also G.403, E.153, L.95 B.537 ROBIN, Gordon de Quetteville F.165 J.745 H.604 B.323 D.195 ROBINSON, J.R. ROCARD, Michel ROBINSON, Bruce ROBINSON, David Z. G.16, G.19, G.20 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 ROCARD, Yves ROCHE, John P. ROCHESTER, George Dixon ROCOURT, Emile RODGERS, Michael G. ROE, Mary STOPES- ROE, Sir Rex David ROGERS, Gordon Leonard ROHWER,, Jurgen Index of correspondents B.206, B.244, B.525, B.572, B.574, B.575, J.371 See also B.535, E.140 E.61, G.347, G.350, G.415-G.417, G.421, G.430, G.434, J.356 K.171, K.386 B.549 See also B.598 J.737, J.738 J.623 J.371 A.94, A.148, D.5, D.11, D.23, D.173, D.312, D.317, D.344, D.348, D.412, F.48, G.125 B.452, G.52, G.77, G.80 ROLLIN, Bernard Vincent ROLLS, Ralph C.211, D.272, J.789 ROSS, Anthony E. J.438 G.140 ROSBAUD, Paul ROSE, Paul Lawrence ROSENFELD, L. RORHOLT, Bjorn Arnold B.536 B.599 B.447 B.323, B.325, B.331-B.333 ROSIER, Sir Frederick Ernest ROSKILL, Stephen Wentworth B.579 A.148, A.150, A.154, B.244, B.280, E.207, G.28, K.370 ROSSITER, Margaret L. J.672 A.184 J.524 J.326 ROSS, J.A. ROSS, William ROSS, Graham Garland R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 ROSTOW, Walt Whitman ROTBLAT, Sir Joseph ROTH, Henri ROTH, Lex ROTHERHAM, Leonard ROUSE, Wally Index of correspondents A.58, B.167, E.139, E.205, G.355, G.358, G.404, G.410, G.412, G.420, G.421, G.426, G.438, G.440, G.446, J.355 A.192 See B.571, B.577 BiS77. D.441, D.443 J.643 ROUSSEAU, Jeannie (later Vicomtesse de Clarens) A.157, B.547, B.562-B.570, J.199 ROUT, R.J. 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Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents SANDYS, Duncan Edwin B.166, B.417, J.524 SANITY SANKEY, B.W. SARTAIN, Carl C. SAUNDERS, A.J. SAUNDERS, J. Harvey SAYCE, Leonard Alfred SCAIFE, Brendan K.P. SCHAEDER, Johann A. SCHELDE, Ole SCHEMMER, Benjamin F. SCHLESINGER, James R. H.876, H.880 L.33 F.7, F.8, G.423 D.421 B.266, B.267 D.189, D.191, H.423, L.58, L.76 H.802 G.91 B.454, L.75 G.385 J.229 SCHMIED, Helwig G.80 G.79 G.357 SCHREIBER, Wolfgang SCHULTE, O.J. (‘Dutch’) SCIAMA, Dennis W. SCIENCE JOURNAL D.53, D.176 J.794 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT MANUFACTURERS’ C.187-C.192, C.193, C.198, C.203, C.204, C.206, C.207, C.219, C.225, D.55, D.119, H.901-H.903 J.823 A.120, A.276, A.277, D.108-D.110, G.22, G.23, G.145, H.904, K.103, K.360 See also D.85, D.205 SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT RESEARCH THE SCOTSMAN SCOTT, G.B.D THE SCIENTIST SCORAH, R. K.66, K.228 J.456 K.83 J.405, J.791 ASSOCIATION (SIMA) ASSOCIATION (SIRA) R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents SCOTT, Henry Alexander HEPBURNE-, 10th Lord Polwarth B.407, J.531 SCOTT, John H. MacCallum SCOTT, Joseph W. SCOTT, Sir Peter Markham J.247 K.127, L.79 E189; E212). W127, SCOTTISH AIRCRAFT COLLECTION TRUST LTD B.400-B.406 SCRIMSHAW, F.H. SEAL, M. SEARS, James F. SEGRE, Emilio E157 D.89 G.312, G.318, G.403, G.404, G.407, G.408, G.410, G.412-G.414, G.417, G.419, G.420, G.422, G.424, G.425, G.433, G.434, G.438, G.439 See also G.405, G.406 D.16, J.480, K.266 SEYFANG, George R. D.12, D.227 B.425, J.34 G.425 C.120 D.17 J.261, K.399, K.400 SHAFER, H. Jerome SHAND, H. Colin J. SHANKARA, T.S. SHANKLAND, R.S. SHARP, Jimmy L. D.6, D.17, J.334 J.200, J.369 SHARPE, Roy Samuel SHAW, Courtley Nasmyth SHAND, William Alexander SHACKLETON, Edward Arthur Alexander, Baron E.9-E.11, £.13-E:15 SHERFIELD, Roger Mellor Makins, Baron SHENSTONE, Allen Goodrich D.441 See J.336 SHERMAN, Sir Alfred E.47 D.290 A.178, J.251 H.51, H.52, H.66, H.526 SHEARER, E.J. SHIELDS, R.M. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 SHILS, Edward SHOENBERG, David SHORTER, J. SIDDALL, Graham John SIDDONS, R.H. SIGURDSON, Jon SIGVALDASON, Oskar T. SILVER, R.S. SILVERMAN, Shirleigh SIMKINS, A. SIMMONS, David C.H. SIMMONS, N. Index of correspondents A.131, A.141, B.258, B.279, F.187, F.191, H.514, H.876, J.798, K.179 B.386, L.76 H.762 H.322, H.323 B.180-B.182 G.182, J.656 D.48 K.151 G.317, G.320, G.341, G.401, G.405 E.14 E.178 E.170 SIMMS, D.L. SIMPSON, A.W. Brian SIMPSON, Jacqueline SLICHTER, Louis B. D.108, D.195, D.418 H.801 B.126, D.69, L.27 SINCLAIR, David C. SINGER, Aubrey SIMPSON, Oliver SIMS, Victor J.288 G.143 B.205 SIMON, Sir Francis (Franz Eugen) SIMPSON, Sir Frank Ernest Wallace SINCLAIR, Archibald Henry MacDonald, 1st Viscount Thurso K.129 SLIM, William Joseph, 1st Viscount Slim SLESSOR, Sir John Cotesworth K.84 B.327 K.50 H.753 B.584, G.78 B.413, B.414 B.124, B.311, B.495 D.53, D.59 SISSON, George Macfarlan SKEMPTON, Alec Westley Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 SLIWINSKI, Antoni SLOAN, W.R. SMEED, Reuben Jacob SMITH, A.E. SMITH, A. Hugh SMITH, Alan SMITH, Sir Alex SMITH, Alick Drummond BUCHANAN-, Baron Balerno SMITH, Arthur H. SMITH, Charles H. GIBBS- SMITH, Colin Michael HOLT SMITH, Constance BABINGTON- G.137, G.139 H.768 B.524, L.79 D.417 B.119, B.125, B.129, G.403 G.424 L.87 D.130 J.791 D.252, D.392, F.5, H.752 D.66 J.252 SMITH, Helen SMITH, Stanley Desmond L.79 B.480 C.39, C.127, E.252, J.794, L.82 SMITH, Sir Francis Graham SMITH, Sir Frank Edward SMITH, Meg WESTON SMITH, Robert Allan SMITH, D. BRYCE- SMITH, David T.L. H.571, H.593, H.596, H.601 See also H.640 SMITH, Frederick Winston Furneaux, 2nd Earl of Birkenhead A.125, B.243, B.368, B.381, B.382, B.501-B.504 F.118 C.208, H.435, H.449, H.601, J.789, K.43 SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION, WASHINGTON DC, USA SMITH, T.B. SMITH, Thomas A.166 C.31 C.53, C.121 J.307, J.369 L.24 SMULLEN, Ivor D.123, D.273, H.128 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents SNEDDON, lan Naismith SNEED, Geoffrey Colin SNEUM, Thomas C. SNOW, Charles Percy, Baron SOAMES, Mary SOAMES, Nicholas SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY C.127 F.181 B.531, B.575, B.583, B.598, B.600, J.336, J.370 A.161 A.104, A.133, A.136, B.266, B.283, B.287 A.187, A.198 E.131 G.187 SOCIETY OF INSTRUMENT TECHNOLOGY C.195, G.194, H.905, H.906, K.108 SOPKA, Katherine R. S@RENSEN, Per Holst J.422 E216) 27, SOWREY, Sir Frederick Beresford A.146, A.199, B.490 SPECTRUM SPEAKE, C.C. THE SPECTATOR SPECTRA-PHYSICS LTD D.412 J.694, J.723 SPEIRS, John L. SPENCER, D.A. J.795 G.400 F.33 D.4 SPENCER, Ernest Antony SPIERS, Frederick William SPENCER, Sir Kelvin Tallent D.226, D.227, D.287, D.344, D.345 D.409 SPRING RESEARCH ASSOCIATION H.353, H.355, H.357, H.363, H.365 G.407 D.272 J.327 J.792 SPILLER, R.C. SPINK, Reginald SPRING, K.H. SPILHAUS, A. Fred, Jr C.233, C.235 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 SPROULL, Robert L. STANGROOM, J.E. STANIER, Sir William Arthur STANLEY, John STANSFIELD, Ronald Grubb STARR, Alexandra STEEN, Edward G. STEFFELAAR, M. STEIN, Peter Gonville STEINER, Vincent C. FRANK- STENT, R.V. Index of correspondents L.76 D.60, D.303, D.304, J.480 H.490 J.287, J.329, J.330 B.477, D.129, F.181, J.311 A.75, G.448 J.323 F.39 B.207 B.330, B.334, B.335 J.344 STEPHEN, Harbourne Mackay A.293, B.402, B.479, B.579 K.127 J.822 C.183 STEWART, Peter G. G.236, G.239 STEPHENSON, Maurice STEPHENSON, Reginald J. STEVEN, H.M. STEWART, Alexander Buchan STEVER, H. Guyford STEWART, Alasdair G.446 B.593, G.182 STEWART, Sir Frederick Henry 57 .Olal.6c See also L.100 STEVENSON, Raymond William Henry C.122-C.125, D.68, D.82, F.168 See also B.207, L.117 Banda, Eas B.243, J.791 See also J.525 STOCKBARGER, Donald C. D.66, J.522 J.478 H.244, K.76 K.198 STOCKMAYER, Walter H. STONER, Edmund Clifton STOYLE, Roger John BLIN- STRACHAN, Donald W. R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 STRACHAN, Ronald STRANG, Barbara M.H. STRATTON, Andrew STREATFIELD, Edward Leslie STRINGER, Jack E. Crawford STRIPP, Alan STROMBERG, Hannes STRUTT, Charles Richard Index of correspondents K.391 K.81 B.425 G.40 D.257 Bieene ales B.575 J.260, J.277, J.279 See also J.280 STUDIO Z LTD (television production company) B.309 STUDY GROUP ON INTELLIGENCE STUEWER, Roger H. E.120, H.907-H.916 J.435 STUTZ, J. SUCKSMITH, Willie K.268, K.288 A.115, C.222, H.244 B.472-B.474, B.478, G.427 SUNBURY GLASS WORKS SUNDAY EXPRESS SUNDAY TELEGRAPH SUNDAY TIMES SUSSKIND, Charles D.410, D.420 B.367 A.160, J.362 B.366, F.120 SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon Brims Black Mclvor B.334 A.132, D.108, G.147, H.123, H.127, H.256, H.585, H.588, H.873, J.522, E103 A.135, A.139, F.89, F.133, F.149, H.828, K.143, L.79 SUTTON, Elizabeth (née WRIGHT) A.157, B.302-B.304 A.31, B.387, B.506 SWANN, Michael Meredith, Baron SUTHERLAND, Ina Scott SUTHERLAND, John W. A.79, A.146, A.148 G.218 SUTTON, Leslie Ernest SWEET, William Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 SWEETMAN, John SWINBANK, Peter SYDENHAM, Peter Henry SYKES, Sir Charles SYNGE, Ann SYNGE, John Lighton SYNGE, Richard Laurence Millington SZYDLICKI, Fredi J.623 F.2, F.102, K.150-K.152 A.164, D.54, D.171, D.212, D.214, D.424, E.108, G.115, G.117, G.118, G.129, J.470, J.472-J.475, J.481, K.143 See also D.426, L.121, L.123, L.138 D.401, K.152 D.281, E.172 G.134, J.294 G.282, L.77 G.83 TABOR, David TACON, E.W. TALMAN, F.A.J. TANDY, Geoffrey TATON, R. H.893, L.82 E.184, E.186 G.320 D.137, K.182 TAIT, J.B. (‘Willie’) TAYLOR, A. Maurice TAIT, Eric Alexander TAGGART, Charles L. K.275 D.295 B.207 TANGHERLINI, Frank R. A.278, J.524, J.793 TAYLOR, Sir Geoffrey Ingram TAYLOR, Sir Thomas Murray D.243 HL D.134 E.210, J.240 A.30, D.263 TAYLOR, John G. D.337, D.345 G.243 TAYLOR, H.F.W. TAYLOR, Helen R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents TAYLOR, TAYLOR & HOBSON LTD, LEICESTER (manufacturers of photographic lenses) TECHMATION LTD, LONDON TEED, Philip L. TEMPLE, George Frederick James TEMPLE, Nat TENSATOR LTD, LONDON THACKERAY, Desmond Philip Cameron D.289 D.430 A.128, B.515 A.128, A.133, B.241, D.4, D.6, D.23, D.332 A.145 D.404, D.407 D.64 THATCHER, Margaret Hilda, Baroness EMO Bale i19 THE TIMES A.144, A.145, A.180, B.498, B.522, D.389, E.137, E.139, E.140, E.204, E.240, F.158, J.13, J.40, J.49, J.58, J.409, J.424, J.425, J.647-J.649, J.652, J.662-J.664, J.679, J.693, J.695, J.725, J.798, L.87 THEOVAL, Michel B.412, H.776 THOMPSON, Daniel Varney THOMPSON, Sir Harold Warris THOMPSON, Leon (‘Tommy’) THOMPSON, Mike WILLIAMS- THERMAL SYNDICATE LTD THOMAS, Hugh, Baron E.112 D.420, D.421, D.423 THOMAS, John Meurig THOMPSON, Alan A.191, D.273 A.160, K.486 A.169, E.229, E.232, H.51-H.55, H.66-H.69, H.88 A.121, A.122, D.191, D.294, D.400, D.404, G.420, J.478, J.821, J.823 See also E.9, F.30, F.31, J.62 A.24, A.30, A.119, A.134, B.381, D.105, D.116, E.150, E.207, F.33, H.232, H.351, H.353, H.744, H.754, H.873, K.108, K.443 K.454 Ee al2 F.2 THOMSON, Alistair G. THOMSON, Francis P. THOMSON, Sir George Paget F.17, H.543, H.759 Index of correspondents R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 THOMSON, R.H. THOMSON, Ronald Bain THONEMANN, Peter Clive THULIN, Ake TIEMENS, Willem H. TIME-LIFE BOOKS TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT — SCOTLAND D.285 E.165 D.6, D.23 D.289 B.577, E.118 B.450, J.781-J.788 F.149, F.152, F.154, F.179, J.33, J.795, J.796, K.85 TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT A.173, J.415, K.194 TINSLEY, J. TIWARI, Suresh Chandra TIZARD, Sir Henry Thomas B.537, C.198 D.357 A.24, A.112, A.115, A.118, B.118, B.120, B.147, E.145, J.529 See also B.498-B.523 TOLER MT Id TOMASH PUBLISHERS TOOTH, W.V. TOUCH, Arthur Gerald TODD, Allan TIZARD, Sir (John) Peter Mills J.313, J.317 K.166 See also L.98 J.332, K.276 B.503, B.504, B.508, B.513, B.521 TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron TOKATY, Grigori Alexsandrovich B.385, B.506, B.508, F.160, G.241, H.760 D.356 B.145, B.525, E.172, F.213, H.445 B.590 E.14 K.201 TOWNES, C.H. TOZER, Brian TOVEY, Sir Brian TOWER, Philip T. TOWLER, Frank H. J.422 DAST See E.208 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents TRAIN, Sir John Cumberland Landale TREND, Burke St John, Baron H.31, K.352 H.259, H.261 TRENKLE, Fritz TRESS, Ronald C. TRIER, Peter E. TRIM, Richard M. TRUEFITT, Edward V. TSUTSUMI, Suteo TUCK, Elsie TUCK, James Leslie B.451, G.82-G.84, J.201, J.306, J.338, J.368, J.370, J.373 K.178 A.93, A.150, H.397, H.467, K.167 B.481, B.484 D176; 2.78 G.107 G.426 B.503, G.357, G.421, J.308 See also G.423, G.426, B.395, L.26 TUCKER, Malcolm John D.257 TURNBULL, David Thompson TURNER, Henry COBDEN TUTTLE, Sir Geoffrey William C.126 B.584 A.188, D.119, L.4, L.28 A.157, B.241, E.209, E.210, J.368 D.164, D.289, D.406 TURNBULL, James H. TURNER, David Warren TYRRELL, Henry John Valentine UBBELOHDE, Alfred Rene John Paul A.273, B.241, B.367, B.368, B.410- B.430, E.12, E.205, K.427, K.438, K.440, L.51-L.66 See also J.623 A.169, B.584-B.588, B.591 UNION DES RESISTANTS POUR UNE EUROPE UNIE ULTRASONOSCOPE CO. (LONDON) LTD D.123, D.290 A.194, G.107 F.213 B.453, B.454 UCHIDA, Kazuhiko ULMER, Alfred C., Jr D.435-D.439, D.443 J.793 ULRICH, Stein UNICORN R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents UNION THEATRES OXFORD LTD L.30 UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS MATHEMATICAL AND PHYSICAL SOCIETY UNTEREGGER, Josef USHER, M.J. UTTLEY, Albert Maurel VANS, P.A. VANWELKENHUYZEN, J. E.157, E.159, E.164, £.165, E.170, LTT. D.70, D.91, D.94, D.385, E.181, E.209, F.179, G.139, G.312, H.223, J.529-J.531 L.79 B.452 D.59 F.1987 J.316 B.580 K.491 B.206 VERRIER, Anthony VICK, Sir (Francis) Arthur VIGOUREUxX, P. VILLARD, Oswald G., Jr (‘Mike’) B.425, K.237, K.361 D.325, D.335 VASSE, GLH. (‘Tiny’) VAUGHAN, Janet C.38 See also J.663 B.522 VARIED DIRECTIONS INC. (television production company) A.145, K.465 A.65, A.197, B.485, E.73, E.232, G.344, G.347, G.355, G.357, G.387, G.415, G.422, G.424-G.427, G.429, G.430, G.432, G.435, G.438, G.439, G.441, G.442, G.444, J.231, J.308 B.477, B.479, B.482-B.484, B.488 WADDELL, Peter WADE, David G.263, G.266 D.332, D.334, D.356 VINCENT, Richard F. VOIGT, Arnold R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents WADE, Sir Ruthven WADHAM COLLEGE, OXFORD WAHLSTROM, Sten WALDEGRAVE, William Arthur WALDRON, P.B. WALKDEN, Robert A.B. WALKER, Sir Augustus WALKER, D’Arcy WALKER, James K. WALKER, John WALL, Ronnie G.R. WALLACE, Patrick T. G.217, G.218 A.135, L.6-L.12 G.184 A.104, E.46 K.286 B.596 A.150, A.152, B.284, E.112, J.236 G.129, G.133 D.95 J.793 J.331 D.241 WALTON, Kenneth WARDER, George E. J.368, K.371 D.166, D.236 WALLIS, Sir Barnes Neville WALTON, W.H. WARD, W.H. WALTER, Bob WALTERS, H.V. D.300 E.139 K.87 WALSHAW, Charles Desmond B.512, D.406, D.407, E.8, H.588, K.50, K.194 See also F.189 J.314 WARDER, Michael Young WARREN, R.L. WASLEY, G.D. H.630 D.222 G.41 D.452 WARDLE, Katharine WAREKOIS, E.P. WARREN, E. Jim A.301, B.288, G.422 D.79, D.82, D.83, D.89 C.196, D.406 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents WATERS, David W. B.388, G.252, K.186, K.267 WATERSIDE PRODUCTIONS LTD K.491, K.492 WATT, F. Bartlett A.104, G.15, G.16, G.20, G.21 WATT, Sir Robert Alexander WATSON- WAVELL, Claude W.F. WAYNE KERR CO. LTD WEATHERLEY, Paul E. WEAVER, John WEBB, David A. WEBER, Robert L. WEBSTER, Sir Charles WEBSTER, Robert B.119 B.525 D.48, D.208, G.40 C.23 B.491, B.533 J.735 F.225 B.506 D.273 WEEDON, Kaye WEINER, T. WEINSTOCK, Robert WEISS, Richard J. WEISSENBERG, Karl WEISSKOPF, V.F. B.326, G.423, J.268 WELCHMAN, Gordon WELBOURNE, Donald B. D.400 J.265, L.81 F.26 G.288 J.326 WELFORD, Walter Thompson B.446, B.579, B.580, E.122, E.131, J.312, J.620 B.451 WELLS, Wilfrid James MAYO- G.385, G.390 J.323, L.83 H.776 J.230 WERTHEIM, Mitzi WEST, Francis J. WEST, Nigel WELLS, George Philip G.420, G.421, G.427 H.769, H.772 R.V. Jones NCUACS 95/8/00 Index of correspondents WEST, T. Frederick WEST EAST RESEARCH OPERATIONS GROUP WESTFALL, Richard S. WESTOLL, Thomas Stanley WESTRUM, Ronald WETHERELL, Alan Marmaduke WHALEY, Bart WHEELER, John A. WHEELER, Norman J. WHEELON, Albert D. WHELAN, Michael John WHIPPLE, George Allan J.250 E.115 H.796 D.272, J.789 D.130 D.76 E.64 D.348, G.357 A.90 A.73, G.448 L.32 WHITEHOUSE, Morris WHITMORE, William F. WHITROW, Gerald James WIESNER, Jerome B. 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