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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the correspondence and papers of JOHN LEONARD JINKS (1929-1987) geneticist deposited in Birmingham University Library Reproduced for the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists (NCUACS 7/6/88) by THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1HP 1988 All rights reserved No 88/12 NRA 31651 Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of JOHN LEONARD JINKS FRS (1929 - 1987) Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell Deposited in Birmingham University Library All rights reserved University of Bath 1988 J.L.Jinks NCUACS 7/6/88 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library The City of Bath The Geological Society The Institute of Physics Pergamon Books The Royal Society The The Royal Society of Chemistry Society of Chemical Industry JL Jinks Ncuacs 7/6/88 2 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items . Page 3 5 6 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A. 6 SECTION B RESEARCH B.1-B.41 SECTION C LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS C.1-C.22 10 JL Jinks NCUACS 7/6/88 3 GENERAL INTRODUCTION The material was received in October 1988 via Dr H S Pooni, a colleague in the Department of Genetics, Birmingham University. John Leonard Jinks was born 21 October 1929 in Stoke-on-Trent. He attended the local Longton High School before winning a state student- ship to Birmingham University. In 1950 he was awarded a first class degree in Botany and became an Agricultural Research Council Scholar in the Department of Genetics, gaining his doctorate in 1952, to be followed by a D.Sc in 1964. Jinks remained at Birmingham University for almost the whole of his career. He worked in the ARC Unit of Biometrical Genetics as Scientific Officer 1953-59 and Principal Scientific Officer 1960-65. He was appointed honorary lecturer in the Department of Genetics 1960, reader 1962 and professor and head of department in 1965 in succession to Sir Kenneth Mather. Between 1972 and 1975 Jinks served as Dean of the Science and Engineering Faculty and was Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1981-85. Throughout his career Jinks retained a close association with the ARC (now the Agricultural and Food Research Council), serving on the Council 1979-85 and as Secretary and Deputy Chairman from 1985. He also served as a member of the Science Research Council 1975-79. Before his untimely death at the age of 57 Jinks received many honours in recognition of his outstanding work in microbial, biometrical and behavioural genetics. These included Fellowship of the Institute of Biology 1968, Fellowship of the Royal Society 1970 and the CBE 1984. This small collection consists principally of material relating to Jinks's research, lectures and publications. Dr Pooni's assistance with the identification of research material has been invaluable and his continued J L Jinks Ncuacs 7/6/88 comments (with due acknowledgement) have been incorporated in the catalogue entries. linked with the published papers, references being in the form Wherever possible the research material has been Bibliog.... A list of Jinks's publications is presented at A.5. Peter Harper Timothy E Powell Bath 1988 J L Jinks Ncuacs 7/6/88 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL A.1 - A.6 Obituaries from the Times and Independent, notice of memorial service and order of service. Miscellaneous biographical items, 1964, 1969, 1972. 1964 items relate to Jinks's acceptance of Birmingham Chair of Genetics from 1 October 1965. Appointment as Birmingham Pro-Vice-Chancellor, 1981, 1984. Appointment as Secretary to Agricultural and Food Research Council, 1985. List of publications. '3J.L.dinks as referred to in other than own publications'. 2pp ms by Mrs D M Jinks. J L Jinks NCUACS 7/6/88 6 SECTION B RESEARCH B.1l - B.41 B.1 - B. 3 Contents of a folder inscribed 'D Expt 1952', divided into three for ease of reference. B.4 - B. 6 Experimental data. A little dated in 1953 and 1954. 3 folders. Contents of a folder inscribed ‘Analysis of Maize, Galeopsis etc' and 'REANALYSED DIALLELS', divided into three for ease of reference.These analyses of various diallels were used by Jinks 'to support his views on the genetical control of heterosis' and relate to Bibliog. 12: basis of heterosis in a variety of diallel crosses', Heredity, 1955.(H S Pooni, October 1988). "A survey of the genetical The material includes programm meeting, 7 November 1953 andundated letter from Jinks (at the Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen) to K (later Sir Kenneth) Mather. of Genetical Society 3 folders. B.7, B. 8 Contents of a folder divided into two for ease of 'results of experiments which formed the reference; basis of a 1956 publication co-authored by J L Jinks and Cavalli-Sforza' (H S Pooni, October 1988). The 1956 publication is Bibliog.13: the genetic system of Escherchiacoli "Studies on K-12', J Genet, 2 folders. B.9 - B.13 Contents of a folder inscribed 'Components of Heterosis', divided into five for ease of reference. Includes carbon copy of Bibliog.19: components of heterosis' (with R Morley Jones), Genetics, data (some dated 1967), and material (timetables, 1958; lecture synopses etc) re Birmingham Department of Botany M.Sc course in conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources 1970-72 and Birmingham Department of Plant Biology M.Sc courses 1977-78. ‘Estimation of the 5 folders. J L Jinks NCUACS 7/6/88 Research B.14 - B.18 Contents of a folder inscribed 'Adaptations to HgC1. and Sugars', divided into five for ease of reference. Contains data and drafts re experiments on Aspergillus glaucus including ms draft of Bibliog.21: for adaptability to new environments in Aspergillus glaucus', Journ.Gen.Microbiol, 1959. 'Selection 5 folders. B.19 - B.21 Contents of a folder divided into three for ease of reference; from 1960 experiments with Aspergillus Nidulans and Aspergillus glaucus' (H S Pooni, October 1988). experimental data, drafts. ‘Contains data 3 folders. B.22 - B.26 Contents of a ring binder divided into five for ease of reference; ‘experiments on phage genetics conducted by J L Jinks during 1960' (H S Pooni, October 1988). The results were published in Bibliog. 25 and 26: "Gene structure and function in hIII region of bacteriophage T4' and ‘Internal suppressor of the hIII and tu45 mutants of bacteriophage T4', Heredity, 1961. 5 folders. Contents of a folder inscribed 'PARITY IN RATS' and "mature body weight individual diallels'. This is "the data which forms the basis of the 1963 paper co- authored by J L Jinks and P L Broadhurst' October 1988). (H S Pooni, The 1963 paper is Bibliog. 34: 'Diallel analysis of litter size and body weight in rats', Heredity. B.28 Contents of a folder inscribed 'A score analyses of individual dialleis'; Bibliog. 34. data which may relate to J L Jinks NCUACS 7/6/88 8 Research B.29 - B.33 Contents of a folder inscribed 'Nicotiania rustica', divided into five for ease of reference. Data including computer print-outs headed "Multiple Regression Analysis' and ms draft of Bibliog.71: 'The analysis and interpretation of differences between reciprocal crosses of Nicotiania rustica varieties' (with J M Perkins and S R Gregory), Heredity, 1972. 5 folders B.34 Contents of a folder inscribed 'Schizophyllum data Sec”, Temp.' Data 'from an experiment where selected lines of schizophyllum commune have been raised in different These experiments showed that temperature regimes. selection environment affected the sensitivity of the selected lines' Bibliog.81: specific environmental sensitivity’ (with V Connolly), Heredity, 1975 'The genetical architecture of general and (H S Pooni, October 1988). Relates to B.35 B.36 ‘Selections made in the Data relating to preceding. previous expts are tested in these experiments for their phenotype sensitivity to temperature variations’. (H S Pooni, October 1988). Bibliog. 84: sensitivity of selection lines by the selection environ- ment! "Determination of the environmental (with V Connolly), Heredity, 1975. The data formed the basis of Contents of a folder inscribed 'Folk Songs'; diagrams, tables re frequency of intervals in folk music in different parts of Europe. nd. maps, ‘This is uncompleted work. Here he is trying that almost everything is inherited. to work out if relative frequencies of 2 and 4 intervals varies in various areas of Europe' John passionately believed (H S Pooni, October 1988). JL Jinks NcCUACS 7/6/8 8 Research B.37 - B.39 Folder of unidentified experimental data, divided into three for ease of reference. nd. 3 folders. B.40, B.4l Miscellaneous data, results. nd. 2 folders. J L Jinks NCUACS 7/6/88 11 Lectures and publications Cc.10, c.1l Contents of a folder inscribed 'Genetics II and I/S', divided into two for ease of reference; lecture lists for Genetics II and I/S courses (School of Biological Sciences Session 1972-73), practical experiments and ms notes and drafts on ‘Twin Studies', 'Intelligence' and 'Heritability'. includes 2 folders. c.12, c.13 Contents of a folder inscribed 'GENETICS FOR BIOCHEMISTS', divided into two for ease of reference; John's lectures to Biochemistry undergraduates. are a few pages which seem to be from his own notes when he was an undergraduate' (H S Pooni, October 1988). ‘outlines of There 2 folders. Invitation Lectures Royal Society Lecture, 29 October [?1980] llpp typescript. Jinks lectured on 'biometrical genetics' as 'a framework for understanding the results achieved by plant breeders'. c.15 Osborne Memorial Lecture, Edinburgh University, 27 October 1981. 15pp typescript. Jinks lectured on the 'Birmingham approach to biometrical genetics’. J L Jinks NCUACS 7/6/8'8 10 SECTION C LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS C.l - C.22 c. 1 - cC.15 Lectures C.16 - C.22 Publications LECTURES Birmingham University Lectures c.1 - C.3 c.4 - C.7 c.8, Cc.9 Contents of a folder inscribed 'Old version. M.Sc Biom [etrical] ease of reference; courses. 3H and Genetics', divided into three for ms notes and drafts for lecture nd. 3 folders. Contents of a folder inscribed "B.Sc. Genetics. Epistasis and G x E int ', divided into four for ease of reference; 'Chapter 5. Heterosis', paper by Jinks on 'The Impact of Genotype- Environmental Interaction on Plant Breeding: and Genetical Aspects' 1976 Components of Means Interaction and Definitions (Bibliog. 91), and ms notes. includes corrected copy of 3H Biometrical 4 folders. Contents of a folder inscribed 'Biometrical Genetics Gen 21/151, Gen 3, M.Sc. App/Gen', divided into two for ease of reference; equilibrium', 'The theory of diallel analysis', and 'Continuous Variation: latest bibliographical reference 1979. ms drafts headed 'Hardy-Weinberg Biometrical Genetics’. nd, 'TWINS 3H' 2 folders. JL Jinks NCUACS 7/6/88 12 Lectures and publications PUBLICATIONS 'The red cytoplasmic variant of Aspergillus nidulans (with C F Arlett and M Grindle) ,Heredity, 1962. (Bibliog. 29). Folder also includes ms draft by Jinks and Ms draft. Grindle 'The cytoplasmic basis of the red variant of Aspergillus nidulans' "Cytoplasmic mutation and nucleo-cytoplasmic interaction in aspergillus nidulans’. and typescript draft by Arlett "Genotype-environmental interactions in devised recombinant inbred lines' (with N E MJayeskara). Not in Bibliog. but may relate to papers published by Jinks and Jayeskara in 1977 and 1978 (Bibliog. 102 and 107). Incomplete ms drafts, experimental results. The folder also includes ms draft by H Boughey ‘Joint selection for both extremes of mean performance and of sensitivity to a macroenvironmental variable. dated '1/6/77'. Cf£ Bibliog. 102-104. III Growth curves', c.18 "Sources and biases of the predictors of the properties of recombinantinbreds derived by single seed descent' (with H S Pooni), Heredity, 1979. Bibliog. 112. Ms draft. "Predicting the properties of pure breeding lines extractable from a cross in the presence of linkage' (with H S Pooni), Heredity, 1982. Ms draft. Bibliog. 133. C.20 ‘Joint analysis of triple test crosses of a single population with associated and dispersed inbred testers' (with H S Pooni), Ms draft. Heredity, 1983. Bibliog. 137. JL Jinks NCUACS 7/6/88 13 Lectures and publications C.21 C.22 ‘Comparison of inbred lines produced by single seed descent and pedigree inbreeding' (with H S Pooni), Heredity, 1984. Bibliog. 141. Ms draft. "Description and illustration of the practical applications of biometrical genetics to plant breeding' (with H S Pooni), Proceedings of the VIth meeting of Eucarpia, 1986. Bibliog. 163. Ms draft.