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THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CSAC 28/5/75 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of Willis Jackson Baron Jackson of Burnley (1904 - 1970) Listed by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 lL Description of the collection The papers cover the years 1916 - 1970. They remain the personal property of Lady Jackson, and may be made available to bona fide researchers by arrangement via the Archivist, Imperial College, London. The papers are held in a series of loose-leaf ring binders, numbered 1-91; the numbers in 1952 as a pastime on an Atlantic sea-crossing; originally Lord Jackson began the collection, which in the handlist and index refer to these books. he called his 'scrapbooks', intended as a private record of social engagements, the project developed into materials for arelatively complete autobiography. Lord Jackson continued the work until his death, and also compiled a retrospective account of his life from schooldays onward (see especially nos. 1-5). (no.7). There is a gap between 1947 (no.5) and 1952 (no.6), ond between 1952 and 1955 A substantial amount of loose papers, which Lord Jackson was presumably intending io re-ailocate among the books, was iransferred, on his death, from his office at The imperial College to the College Archives, and has been listed by Mrs. Jeanne Pingree (A List of the papers of Lord Jackson of Burnley, 1973). The two collections are therefore complementary, Lady Jackson's 'scrapbooks' dealing more fully with the early part of Lord Jackson's life, and the Imperial College collection with his later activities. Most of the documents are pasted or stapled to the pages of the books; where substantial sections of material were unattached, or where pages had been damaged or come loose, they have been re-filed and numbered as supplements to the related book, e.g., 3a. The order of the pages in the books has been preserved, but the pages are not numbered. Lord Jackson made many annotations or 'chapter-headings' to sections of the books; these are indicated in inverted commas in the descriptions. contents is given. Otherwise, a summary of There is an index to the correspondence. A full account of Lord Jackson's career is given in the Memoir by D. Gabor and J. Brown, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 17, 1971, pps.379-398. Handlist 1. 2. Miscellaneous photographs of Lord Jackson, his family, friends and colleagues. 1916-1933 (includes a few loose papers). Burnley Grammar School; reports; award of Brinley-Thomes Scholarship. 1916-22 Manchester University. 1922-26 Appointment as Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Bradford Technical College. 1926-29 'First 1.E.E. paper, produced from the darkroom at Bradford Technical College and the birth of my association with Eric Moullin.' 1929 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 "College Apprenticeship at Metropolitan Vickers and the birth of my association with A.P.M. Fleming and the finale of my brief association with the Manchester Guardian Commercial.' ‘Manchester College of Technology. and now Miles Walker.' (Appointment as lecturer in Elecirical Engineering). 'The origin of my visits to Germany 1932-38.' 'Probings into the possibility of a D.Phil. in Cambridge.' "A venture which would have come off (so he said) but for Colonel George Lee (later Sir George) Engineer in Chief G.P.O. to whom | have cause to be deeply grateful .' (Application for Readership in El. Eng. at Imperial College - City and Guilds College). 1929-30 1930 1931-33 1932 "Memories of Miles Walker and Menton. Xmas 1932.' 1932-33 ‘One of Miles Walker's lost causes.' (pamphlet on spelling reform). "Plans for Oxford. with Eric Moullin.' 1932-33 3. 1933-37 "Study Group on Economics. 1.E.E. 1933.' ‘Early impressions of Oxford. Oct. 1933.' ‘A presumptuous application very properly ignored.' (Application for Pender Chair of Ei. Eng., University College, Lond. ). "Correspondence in 1936.' 'A foolish application which fortunately came to nothing.’ (Head of E.E. Dept., Northampton Polytechnic. ) 'En route again for Metropolitan Vickers 1936.' "Correspondence during 1937.' 1933 1933 1934 1936 (1936 1936 1937 3a. 1934-35 "Correspondence during 1934.' ‘Correspondence during 1935.' "Final Steps towards the D.Sc. degree of Manchester University.' 1935 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 4. 'Election to the Chair of Electrotechnics, Manchester University. 1938. ' (correspondence, notes of conversations and interviews, plans for organisation of courses). ‘Other correspondence during 1938.' ‘June 8th 1938 = a date of some significance -' (engagement congratulations). ‘1939. pondence.' A fateful year not adequately reflected in the corres- 1938 1938 1938 1939 '1940-43. hush-hush work -.' Not much - must have been too busily engaged on 1940-43 '1942. Correspondence relating to the attempt to appoint me as Superintendant of the Signals Research Establishment, Ministry of Supply, Christchurch (arising out of which | did the job part-time, as best | could).' ‘Correspondence in 1944 including 1944 glimpses of the Cambridge prospect.’ (Consultancies 1.C.1., Brit. Insul. Cables, offers of appointments G.E.C., B.T-H., Wykeham Chair of Physics, OU, Chair El. Eng. Cambridge U, various scientific and educational Committees). "Correspondence in 1945.' (includes addresses and speeches by W.J.). 5. '1945-46. was. ' The road to Imperial College - and what a long one it ‘Congratulations on appointment to the Chair of El. Eng. at Imperial College. 1946.' "A few other items of 1946." Miscellaneous correspondence. 1942 1944 1945 1933-51 "U.S.A. 52! on spine. Schedule of journey March-May, with cards, views, social engage- ments etc. Includes nofes on professional and scientific meetings. 'Hon. Deg. Zurich etc.' on spine. Also Installation of H.M. The Queen Mother as Chancellor, London University, Nov. 1955. [955 55' on spine. Inside ‘Atomic Energy visit to MOSCOW "Russia November 1955'. Correspondence, photographs, newspaper cuttings; reports and articles on visit by W.J. W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 4 9 10. Il. 12, "Nigeria 56' on spine. Correspondence, photographs, newspaper cuttings, travel schedules; report on the visit by W.J. ‘India 57' on spine. Photographs (many arranged under subject headings), travel documents. Inside 'A tour of Pakistan and India November- "India 57-58! on spine. December 1957'. Travel schedules, photographs, newspaper cuttings, text of lecture by W.J., correspondence (includes some items 1959). (W.J. was President, Engineering and Education 'BL A. 54-58! on spine. Sections, British Association. ) Schedules and reports of B.A. meetings, text of broadcast and addresses by W.J., newspaper cuttings and comments, correspondence. Books 13-20 cover W.4J.'s year of office as President of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, 1959-60. 13. 14. U5. 16. 17. 18. ive 20. 'P.Y. 1' on spine. Text of Inaugural Address by W.J., other addresses, cuttings and photographs; memorial service and obiivaries of Thomas Edward Goldup, C.B.E., correspondence. Oct.-Nov. 1959 'P.Y.2' on spine. Social engagements, photographs, texts of speeches and addresses. 'P.Y.3' on spine. Photographs, newspaper cuttings, Staff College for Teachers of Technology Appeal by Sir Alexander Fleck, text of speeches by W.J., correspondence. Nov. 1959-Jan .1960 Feb. -March 1960 'P.Y.4' on spine. Social engagements, press cuttings, text of speeches by W.J., visits to Warsaw and Cracow, travel documents and photographs. March-Ap!. 1960 'P.Y.5' on spine, 'Vol 5 Apr.-May' on cover. Social engagements, press cuttings, text of speeches by W.J., correspondence relating to Committee of Enquiry into Higher Education, and Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee. 'P.Y.6' on spine, 'Vol 6 May-June’ on cover. Social engagements, visits, photographs, press cuttings, text of speeches and articles by W.J., correspondence etc. re University Grants Committee, Further Education Staff College. 'P.Y.7' on spine, 'Vol 7 July' on cover. Social engagements, visits, photographs, press cuttings, Hon. Degrees, speeches and articles by W.J., Royal Society Tercentenary celebrations. 'P.Y.8' on spine, Vol 8 July' on cover. Social engagements, texts of speeches, visits, photographs, press cuttings. W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 5 Zi Ze: 23. 24. 25. 26. 'Plans for return to Imperial College, London and an approach from Time only will show the degree of wisdom Cambridge University. involved. ' Reports, travel documents and photographs re Material Naval Education Advisory Committee. 'Hon. Degs.' on spine. Invitations and conferments, texts of speeches etc. by W.J., photographs, press cuttings; opening of West Wythenshaw College of Further Education; misc. prizegivings; by W.J. inviting H.M. The Queen to open building, and at dinner). 1.£.E. discussion 'Women in Engineering’; Royal Coll. Advanced Technology (speeches 1956-61 Press cuttings, sccial engagements; opening of Robert Gordon Tech. Coll, Aberdeen by W.J., photographs and speech; death ofSir Arthur Fleming, obituaries and memoirs incl. some by W.J.; address on the Report of the Willis Jackson Committee at B.A.C.I.E. conference; memorial address for Sir Arthur Fleming by W.J.; address to Rotary International; chairman's notes and speeches for i.E.E. meeting; correspondence. Sept.-Nov. 1960 ‘Mexico 60' on spine. Social engagements, photographs, travel schedules, press cuttings, text of lecture on ‘Progress of the British Nuclear Power Programme'. Oct.-Nov. 1960 "Dec. 60-Apr. 61' on spine. Appointment of W.J. as President, Association of Supervising Electrical Engineers, speech at installation, press cuttings, corres- pondence; misc. speeches and articles by W.J., photographs, social engagements. 1960-61 inside 'Centennial Ceiebrations of the 'M.1.T.' on spine; Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3rd-9th April 1961 and prior visit to Canada and to the General Electric Co. Schenectady’. Travel schedules, photographs, speeches and addresses by W.J.; paper read at M.1.T.; cuttings, social engagements; Atoms for Peace Award to Sir John Cockcroft; programme of celebrations. "May-June 61' on spine. A.E.1. Easter School 1961, programme, address, press cuttings; Graham Clark lecture by H.R.H. Prince Philip (vote of thanks by W.J.); misc. speeches, addresses, notes for discussions. Appointment of W.J. as Vice-President, Manchester College of Science and Technology; as President of Association for Liberal Education; as Vice-President, The Television Society; as President, BLA.C.ILE. (British Association for Commercial and Industrial Education). 196] 1961 27. Visits, cuttings, report on organisation |.E.E., misc. reports; discussion with Robbins Committee on Higher Educaticn; articles by W.J.; social engagements. June-July 1961 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 25. 2 30. 32. 33. ‘The launching of a new "Jul.-Oct. 61' on spine. Social engagements, photographs; venture’ (Engineering in Biology and Medicine); appointment to Advisory Committee on Scientific Policy; misc. reports and journals; Supervising Electrical Engineers) and ensuing correspondence re technical manpower in East and Central African states; misc. speeches. Presidential Address A.S.E.E. (Association of Visit to East, Central and South Africa; documents; photographs, press cuttings, correspondence; invitation to deliver Bernard Price Memorial Lecture, Johannesburg. travel schedules and 'S.A. 1 61' on spine. Travel schedules, photographs, cuttings, text of Bernard Price Memorial Lecture ‘Science and Electrical Engineering - Partners in Progress’ with MS corrections. 'S.A. 2 61' on spine. Travel schedules, photographs, publicity material mainly of Kimberley Mines, printed text of speech by W.J. at Christian Brothers! College on ‘Some Educational Implications of the recent Developments in Science and Electrical Engineering’. 'Nov.-Dec. 61' on spine. Social and professional engagements (some annotated by Jackson), speeches and articles on scientific and educational subjects, press cuttings, Committee reports, correspondence. 'Jan.-Mar. 62' on spine. Evidence given for Robbins Committee on Higher Education, printed reports, press cuttings, social engagements, speeches, photographs, correspondence. "Mar.-Apr. 62' on spine. Speeches, press cuttings, printed reports, U.G.C. material, social engagements, photographs, appointment of W.J. as part-time member S.E. Electricity Board, printed conference material, address at Annual Congress, Fondation Européene de ia Culiure, correspondence. 'May-Jul. 62' on spine. Inaugural Address, Imperial College; Science and Elecirical Engineering’, printed text and press cuttings; conference literature; photographs. 'The Partnership between social engagements, speeches, 36. "July-Sept. 62' on spine. Printed reports, social engagements, photographs, press cuttings, on educational and scientific subjects - Photographs etc. of holiday in Ausiria. 6 1961] Aug.~Sept. 1961 Aug. -Sept. 1961 1961 1961 1962 1962 1962 1962 WwW. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 37. 38. 39. 40. Al. 42. 43. 45. "Sep.-Oct. 62' on spine. (Note: Papers not in strict chronological order). press cuttings (especially on Cubacrisis), Presidential Address B.A.C.I.E. conference, correspondence and papers re Delhi Institute of Technology, speeches and reports especially on technical education, correspondence. Printed reports, 'Nov.-Dec. 62' on spine. Printed reports, social engagements, speeches and addresses especially on technical education, press cuttings, correspondence. 1962 1962 "India 63' on spine. Travel schedule, programmeof visit, social engagements, photographs, correspondence, report on visit, printed material re Delhi College. Speeches and addresses on technical training, press cuttings, reports etc. Correspondence. Dec. 62-Jan.63 "Greece 63' on spine. Reports, conference material, press cuttings, speeches and addresses. Photographs etc. of Greece; report and correspondenceonvisit. man Lavan See : : ‘Apr. /June 63! on spine. Social engagements, speeches, press cuttings, printed reports and course prospectus, article (printed) on technological training, correspondence. Travel schedules and 'Siam/N.Z. 63' on spine. Visit to Thailand June 16-23, 1963. appointments, photographs, social and professional engagements, correspondence re Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (Jackson undertook this advisory assignment in conjunction with the Department of Technical Co-operation and the Thai authorities). Visit to New Zealand July 27-Aug.8, 1963. appointments, photographs and press cuttings. Travel schedules and "Aust. 63' on spine. Australia June 24th-July 26th, 1963 (lecture tour). Programme of visit, photographs, correspondence on lectures, press cuttings, text of broadcast, letter by W.J. to Sir Keith Murray on impression of visit, texts of lectures given on tour. "Jul .-Oct. 63' on spine. Printed and MS material, mainly on scientific and technological manpower and education, texts of speeches, broadcast on Telstar, press cuttings, photographs, correspondence. "Oct.-Nov. 63' on spine. 'The origins of the Lockwood Committee (of which much morelater).' (Invitation fo serve on Lockwood Committee on education in Northern Ircland. ) Printed reports, social engagements, press cuttings (especially on Robbins report), correspondence re Trend Report on Organisation of Civil Service, Univ. Sussex, etc. 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. a2. 'Nov.-Dec. 63' on spine. Printed reports, social engagements, typescript with MS corrections, and printed text of W.J.'s Tenth Fawley Foundation Lecture, Univ. Southampton, press cuttings, speeches, photographs, appointment to Lockwood Committee on University and Higher Technical Education (Northern Ireland). 1963 Dec. 63-Jan. 64 1964 1964 1964 1964 1964 ‘Malaya 63! on spine. (Visit to University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur). Travel schedules, photographs, correspondencere visit, social engagements, press cuttings. 'Jan.-Feb. 64' on spine. Printed reports, press cuttings, social engagements, nomination of W.J. as Dean of City and Guilds College, correspondence. "Feb.-Mar. 64' on spine. Printed Reports, speeches and addresses, ‘correspondence, service on committees etc. "Apr .-May 64! on spine. Reports, cuttings, correspondence, text of W.J.'s lecture 'The National Responsibilities of Employers’ (South Western Provincial Council, Exeter) and correspondence, service on committees, speeches and addresses. ‘May/Jun. 64! on spine. Correspondence and printed matter re Second Parliamentary and Scientific Conference 23-27 May 1964, Vienna; press cuttings incl. W.J.'s report in Nature; article in Science Technology Summer 1964; Committee minutes, social engagements; MS of talk to Atomic Energy Authority on Robbins Report; correspondence. 'Jun./Sep. 64' on spine. Appointment of W.J. as Chairman, Royal Military College of Science Advisory Council; MS comments for D.E.S. on Scientific Policy; appointment of W.J. as Consultant to Govt. of India on Education Commission; press cuttings and social engagements; article by W.J. 'The Technician Engineer’ in Electrical Supervisor, Sept. 1964; MS and printed texts of address by W.J. to Third Commonwealth Education Conference, Ottawa, Aug. 1964; conference arrangements and invitations; B.A.C.I.E. annual conference, Nottingham, Sept. 1964, arrangements and notes (W.J. was Chairman); correspondence with D.E.S. on Scientific and Technical Manpower Committee. 53. 'Sep./Oct. 64' on spine. Travel arrangements and correspondencere visit to Belgrade; MS of lectures by W.J. on Science and Engineering Education at Imperial College, and Civil Scientific Research and Development in the U.K. Press cuttings, social engagemenis, printed reports. 1964 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 54. as 56. o/s 5. 59. 'Oct./Dec. 64' on spine. MS lecture ‘International Co-operation with particular reference to the Develosing Countries’ given at Imperial College, 23 Nov. 1964; MS address at opening of Computer Centre, Univ. of Glasgow; press cuttings, social engagements, printed reports; MSlecture 'The Influence of Technological Advance on East-West Relations’ at 67th Wilton Park Conference, 9th Nov.; corres- pondence eic. on committees; letter to T.E.S.; address to Borough Polytechnic, 13th Nov.; letter to New Scientist; address 'Trends in Scientific and Technological Education’, Madrid, 26 Nov. "Dec. 64' on spine. MSaddress at Celebration dinner for Lord Bowden, House of Lords, 8th Dec.; appointment of W.J. to Committee on Scientific Policy; printed report, social engagements; MS of Talk on Electrical Engineering, Science Educational Conference, 30 Dec.; correspondence re U.G.C., Univ., Sussex. "Jon. /Feb. 65' on spine. MSofarticle 'Some recent developments in Electrical Engineering’; correspondence and papers on committees; shorter addresses; printed reports, press cuttings; MS of address at 69th Wilton Park conference, 20 Jan. 1965; foreword to ‘Technicians Today and Tomorrow! by J.T. Young; correspondence etc. re Commiitee on Manpower Resources for Science and Technology (W.J. was Chairman); publication of Lockwood Report on Higher Education in Northern Ireland. "Feb. /Mar. 65' on spine. Press cuttings, printed reports, social engagements, correspondence re Television Advisory Committee, M.R.C. Committee on industrial psychology, Univ. of Malaya; MS talk ‘Problems of Developing Countries’, Electrical Engineering Dept., Imperial College, 2nd March 1965; *AS luncheon address to Romney Street Group, 2nd March 1965; address at Staff Dinner, Imperial College, 15 March; lecture 'The Planning of Research and Development', given at Study Conference, Ministry of Overseas Development, 29 March. "Aor./Jun. 65' on spine. Press cuttings, printed reports, social engagements, photographs, correspondence, address to College of Aeronautics, Cranfield, 23 April; speech at opening of B.A.C.1.E. offices; address 'The Partnership between Industry and Education’, Annual Conference London Regional Advisory Council, 20 May (MS and printed text); appointment of W.J. as Chairman of Engineering Advisory Council, B.B.C.; speech ai dinner of institute of Production Engineers, 21 May; talk at Univ. of Sussex, 9 June. "Jun. /Jul. 65! on spine. Photographs, press cuttings, engagements, printed reports, corres- pondence; World Congress on Engineering Education, Illinois, 21-25 June, documents and printed text of W.J.'s address; official documents on Technological Manpower; MS of speech at opening 1964 1964 1965 1965 1965 1965 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 60. él. 62. 63. 10 1965 1965 by W.J. of Canterbury Technical College, 7 July; speech at dinner of Conference on Electronic Components, 5 July; speech at Northampton College of Advanced Technology;meeting at Reading, 9-11 July. "Jul. /Aug. 65' on spine. Printed reports, engagements, press cuttings, official documents, invitation to lecture; correspondence re Television Advisory Committee; “Industrial Britain' for C.O.1. publication in Sweden. Scientific Manpower Committee; MSarticle 'Sep./Oct. 65! on spine. Printed reports, press cuttings, social engagements, correspondence, notes of official meetings on Scientific Manpower, Television Advisory Committee, Sixth Gulbenkian Educational Discussion (Ditchley Foundation). MSspeechfor Freshers’ dinner, Imperial College, 1 Nov. 1965, MSspeech for Annual dinner, Institute of Welding, 3 Nov. 1965, MSfor opening talk at discussion meeting I.E.E., 4 Nov. 1965, text of article on Research and Manpowerfor publication in Swedish press. MS opening address, International Conference on U.H.F. 'Nov. 65/Jan. 66' on spine. Printed reports, press cuttings, social engagements, correspondence re Television Advisory Committee, Committee on Computers for Research. Television, 22-23 Nov. 1965; MS talk 'Technology & The Sixth Form', Residential Conference of Grammar School heads, 26 Nov. 1965. MS concluding remarks at Cantor Lectures ‘World Communications', 29 Nov. 1965; MS talk on Technological Advance and East-West Relations, Wilton Park Jubilee Conference, 13 Jan. 1966. 1965-66 'Jan./Mar. 66' on spine. Printed reports, press cuttings, social engagements, correspondence, Text of Sir Philip travel documents and souvenirs of visit to Delhi. Magnus Memorial Lecture 'The Impact of Technology in the Developing Countries', 22 Feb. 1966. "Apr. /May 66' on spine. Printed reports, press cuttings, correspondencere Committee on Manpower Resources for Science and Technology (W.J. was Chairman); Planning Commission, New Delhi; Symposium on Scientific Collaboration between universities and B.B.C. MS tribute to Sir John Lockwood(for Birkbeck College Magazine), 3 May. (This book also includes references to W.J.'s illness. ) Printed reports and official "Jun. /July 66' on spine. (Some papers out of sequence.) documents, press cuttings, correspondence, social engagements, Printed text of 18th W.M. Thornton Lecture "The photographs. Progress of Electrical Engineering - its Sociological Consequences and Educational Implications’, 17 June 1966; MS Address 'The Education of an Engineer ... his scientific and technological 1966 1966 1966 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 responsibilities’, May 1967, inscribed 'For shelving in Albums’. Printed text of Sir Philip Magnus Lecture given Feb. 1966; first report of working group on Engineering Training, Committee Manpower Resources. "Aug./Oct. 66' on spine. Printed reports, press cuttings, committee documents, social engagements, photographs, correspondence. remarks, Symposium on Scientific Collaboration, Universities and B.B.C. of Highly Qualified Personnel. 13 Oct. 1966. Conference O.E.C.D. on Education and Utilisation MS speech at City University, MS Introductory 67. 68. 69. 70. "Nov./Dec. 66' on spine. Printed reports, committee documents, press cuttings, photographs, social engagements, correspondence. Grenada Lectures, 31 Oct. 1966. MS speech at University of Bradford, 5 Nov. 1966; printed article ‘Polishing the Image of the Technologist and Engineer's MS article ‘Making the Best Use of our Brains’ for Centrai Office of information. MS Introductory remarks, Inside ‘November 1966. The "Peerage H of L ABJ' on spine. opening ofstill another phase - and what a fascinating and exciting one it should be -.' Conferment of Barony; correspondence, press cuttings, congratula- tions, photographs; ms. of W.J.'s maiden speech in House of Lords, 13 April 1967, and in debate, 14 June 1967; MS of speech (not delivered through illness) for opening of Science Fair, Aberdeen, 21 June; record of marriage of Anne Jackson. Inside ‘What a surprise - and what a 'B.A. 66-67! on spine. pleasant one’. Appointment of W.J. as President, British Association, 1966-67; correspondence, press cuttings, congratulations, particulars of meetings and social functions; committee papers and correspondence; printed reports. "Jan.-Mar. 67' on spine. Printed reports, social engagements, photographs. Correspondence re Television Advisory Committee report. Central Advisory Council for Science and Technology. M.R.C. Committee on Research in Industrial and Applied Psychology Report. T.U.C. Scientific Advisory Conimittee. MS speech, Brighton College of Technology, 10 Feb. 1967. 11 1966 1966 1966-67 1967 " " C.E.1. - 1.£.E. Symposium on the Bosworth report, 6 March 1967. Rugby College of Engineering and Technology, 9 March 1967. Royal Society discussion on the Use made by Industry of Engineers and Scientists, Brasenose College, Oxford, 17 March 1967 'Manpower Resources for Science and Technology’. 12 1967 1967 1967 1967 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 'Mar.-May 67' on spine. Photographs, social engagements, printed reports, press cuttings, travel brochures, correspondence. MS speech on the work of the Committee on Manpower Research for Science and Technology, delivered 1 June 1967 at Royal Society discussion meeting. "Jun.-Sep. 67' onspine. Photographs, social engagements, printed reports, press cuttings, correspondence. Appointment of W.J. as Pro-Rector, Imperial College, and note by him of ‘Matters to which the new Pro-Rector might give attention’. Invitation to serve on award committee, New Scientist Award. Biography 'Profile' of W.J. in Spanner (Magazine of Department of Electrical Engineering. ) MS address 'The Technician Problem in the Developing Countries’, delivered to Council for Education in the Commonwealth, H of Commons, 12 June 1967. MS address at Goiden Jubilee Dinner, U.M.i.5. Senior Union, 8 July 1967. T. Technology "B.A. Leeds' on spine. Aug.-Sept. 1967, Meeting of British Association under W.J.'s Presidency. Photographs, social engagements, printed matter/reports, corres- pondence, newspaper cuttings. Letter and Sermon preached by Archbishop of York during meeting. MSaddress on British Association at Civic Luncheon, 30 Aug. 1967. Opening of Science Fair, Leeds, 31 Aug. 1967. Reception for Exhibitioners and Endeavour Essay Prize Winners, 1. Sept. 1967. at B.A. dinner for University, 5 Sept. 1967. Presidential Address, 30 Aug. 1967. " " " " 'Sep.-Oct. 67' on spine. Photographs, social engagements, printed reports, press cuttings. MS address at Opening of British Association Science Fair, Belfast, 27 Sept. 1967. " " " 7 " to 'Freshers', 5 Oct. 1967. 'The Technological Gap', Wilton Park, 10 Oct. 1967. ‘Contribution to discussion’, ‘Education for the Engineering Mission', Institute of Electrical Engineers, 17 Oct. 1967. Dinner, The Polytechnic, 23 Oct. 1967. Dinner, Burnley Grammar School, London Branch, 27 Oct. 1967. 'Oct.-Dec. 67' on spine. Photographs, social engagements, printed reports, press cuttings, Hansard, correspondence. MS address ‘Sociological Consequences of Nuclear Power' (VIth form Sutton High School). MSspeech at meeting of Court of Governors, U.M.1.S.T. (W.J. was Vice-President), 8 Dec. 1967. 1967 13 1967-68 1968 1968 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 76. 77. 'Dec. 67-Feb. 68' on spine. Photographs, printed reports, Hansard, social engagements, correspondence, travel souvenirs re Hon. Fellowship, Institute of Electrical Engineers. Molecule Group, Mermaid Theatre. Atlantic Institute. Association for Science Education Action Group. Conference, Ditchley Park, Feb. 1968 (W.J. was Chairman). 'Feb.-Apr. 68' on spine. Printed reports, social engagements, correspondence, press cuttings, Hansard re Senior Fellow, Royal College of Arts. Graham Clark Lecture, C.E.1., 1968. MSaddress at Fellowship Ceremony, U.M.1.S.T., 8 March 1968, speech at Dinner, B.P.B. Industries, 10 March 1968; speech at retirement dinner to Sir Francis McLean, 16 April 1968. 78. "Apr o/May 68' on spine. Press cuttings, sociai engagements, printed reporis, correspondence, photographs re Visit of Princess Margaret to Imperial College. Schools Engineering Competition Awards. Re-appointment to SEEBOARD. Wilton Park Conference. MS address 'Problems of Higher Technological Education within the LEA system', delivered at Combe Lodge, 28 April 1968. MS address at Hon. Fellowship Ceremony, 1.£.E., 25 April 1968. " " at Dinner, C.G.1.A. Association, 26 April 1968. on 'Problems of Education and their effect on social and economic policy’, Wilton Park, 3 May 1968. Script of broadcast tribute to Sir John Cockcroft, 3 May (broadcast 30 May 1968). 7 May 1968. Vote of thanks to Professor A.R. von Hippel, Imperial College, MS address at Opening of B.A.C.1.E. Training Centre, 8 May 1968. May-July 1968 79. It does not answer the unanswerable questions, but Photographs, printed reports, Hansard, social engagements, Vol. opens with article by Charles G. Williams press cuttings. "A Scientist looks at God' (Modern Churchman) with MS note by W.J. 'This is more than worthy to occupy the opening page of a new volume. it presents what has troubled me in a most clear and sympathetic way for which I am grateful’. Correspondencere Institute of Manpower Studies;Advisory Committee on Manpower, D.E.S. MS address, C.B.1. Overseas Scholars 14th Reunion Dinner, 10 July 1968. Notes for H of Lords debate, 11 July 1968;'The Future - nationally and internationally', delivered at 150th Anniversary Celebration, Institute of Civil Engineers. B.B.C. Overseas Service talk on Michael Faraday. 14 1968 1968 1968 1968 Oct. 68-Jan.69 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 80. 81. 82. Inside ‘ROMEAtlantic Institute 20-27 'May/Jul. 68' on spine. May 68". Travel souvenirs, social engagements, printed reports, notes of meetings, press cuttings, Hansard. MStext of contributions to H of Lords debate, 20-21 July 1968. 'Canada 68' on spine. Photographs, travel documents, social engagements, souvenirs. Inside 'Visit to Canada Aug.-Sept. 1968". 'Aug.-Oct. 68'on spine. Printed reports, press cuttings, correspondence re Conferment of Hon. LL.D. Dundee on the occasion of the British Association meeting (and presentation Oration). Report of Committee on Manpower Resources for Science and Technology (The Swann Report). Report of Television Advisory Committee (W.J. Chairman). MS addresses etc. - Vote of Thanks to Presidential Address (British Association, Dendee), 21 Aug. (on The Royai institution), 10 Sepi. MS transcript of contribution to broadcast 'Birthplaces of Science’ MS 'The Migration of Qualified People’, n.d. (at Imperial College). MSIntroduction of Sir Barnes Wallis at Opening Meeting of The Wells Society, Imperial College. 83. 'Oct.-Dec. 68' on spine. Printed reports, photographs, press cuttings, social engagements, correspondence. MS speeches and addresses: Dinner at Silwood Park, 22 Nov. Opening of Barden School, Burnley,i7 Oct. Photographs, reports, Hansard, social engagements, correspondence re Organisation of the Electricity Supply indusiry. B.P.B. Industries Ltd. Science and Human Personality, St. George's House, Windsor. Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1951. MS speeches and addresses: Prizegiving, Chislehurst School, 5 Dec. "Questions of Responsibility in the Application of Scientific Discovery’ (Chairman's address at Confrontation on Science and Human Personality, St. George's House, Windsor, 6-7 Dec.). 'The Sociological Impact of Scientific Progress’ (Sutton High School for Girls, 14 Jan. 1969). Lecture by Lord Concluding remarks at Royal Society of Arts Ritchie-Calder ‘Science and the Public’ (W.J. Chairman at the meeting). 85. 'Feb.-Mar. 69' on spine. Social engagements, Hansard, correspondence. MSspeeches and addresses: 75th Anniversary Dinner, Association of Technical Institutions (W.J. President), 27 Feb. 1969 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 : 15 Presidential Address, A.G.M. Association of Technical Institutions, 27-28 Feb. "Cohesion and Conflict between East and West! (at Wilton Park Conference, 2-15 March). Prizegiving, South Eastern Electricity Board Technical Training Centre, 15 March. Notes for speeches in H of Lords debates. 86. 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Photographs, press cuttings, Hansard, printed reports, correspondence, social engagements re Joint Parliamentary Liaison Committee of The Council of Engineering Institutions? Kénigswinter Conference. MSaddress 'An analysis of technological cooperation within the West', Wilton Park Conference, 7 Feb. 16 Jan.-Feb. 1970 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 Index of correspondents (nos. refer to books) 17 ABELL, Sir George (Edmund Brackenbury) ABERCONWAY, Charles Melville McLaren, 3rd Baron Aberconway of Bodnant ANDRADE, Edward Neville da Costa APPLETON, Sir Edward (Victor) ASHBY, Eric, Baron Ashby of Brandon, Suffolk BAKER, Sir John (Fleetwood) BARRON, Donovan Allaway BATES, General Edward John Hunter BEATTIE, Robert BEAVER, Sir Hugh Eyre Campbell BENN, Anthony (Neil) Wedgwood BENN, John Meriton BESWICK, Frank, Baron Beswick BEVINS, John Reginald BLAUG, Mark BLOOD, Sir Hilary Rudolph Robert BOWDEN, Bertram Vivian, Baron Bowden of Chesterfield BOYLE, Edward Charles Gurney, Baron Boyle of Handsworth BRASHER, W. BRIGGS, Asa Kenneth BRONK, Detler Wulf BROWN, Wilfred Banks Duncan, Baron Brown BRUNDRETT, Sir Frederick BUTLER, Richard Austen, Baron Butler of Saffron Walden BUTTERWORTH, John Blackstock CALDER, Nigel CAMPBELL, Albert CARR-SAUNDERS, Sir Alexander (Morris) CHANDOS of Aldershot see LYTTELTON, Oliver 65 62 3a, 4 21, 56 20 61, 67 57 2, 3, 3a, 4 38 56, 60, 62, 65, 68, 73, 75, 79 88, 89 88, 89 37, 39 89 57 48, 68 41, 45, 67 22 55 64 58, 61 65 4 83 73 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 18 CHAPMAN, P. Jeffery CLARKE, Sir Richard (William Barnes) COCKCROFT, Sir John (Douglas) COGGAN, Most Rev.and Rt. Hon. Frederick Donald, Archbishop of Canterbury COHEN, Sir Andrew (Benjamin) COHEN, Sir Rex (Arthur Louis) COX, Sir Christopher (William Machell) COX, Harold Roxbee, Lord Kings Norton of Wotton Underwood — CRAMP, William CROSLAND, (Charles) Anthony (Raven) - CUDLIPP, Percy DANCY, John Christopher DARWIN, Sir Robin DIXON, Bernard DOWLING, Walter DRUCQUER, Sir Leonard ECCLES, David McAdam, Viscount Eccles EDINBURGH, H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh ELTON, Sir Arthur Hallam Rice ERROLL, Frederick James, Baron Erroll of Hale FALK, Roger FLECK, Alexander, Baron Fleck of Saltcoats FLEMING, Sir Arthur P. M. FLEMING, Admiral Sir John FLOWERS, Sir Brian (Hilton) FORD, Sir Edward (Wiiliam Spencer) FORTESCUE, Cecil L. FRASER, Sir Robert Brown FREEMAN, Rt. Hon. John FRENCH, Walter E. FULTON, John Scott, Baron Fulton of Falmer 70 75 73 37, 42, 49, 55, 56, 57, 63, 64, 66 62 42 68 2 60, 61 13 55 56, 77 89, 90 76 77 18, 34 87 75 62 49, 56 2, 3, 3a, 4, 5 20 83 21, 31 2,5 62, 70, 86 60 2 45, 55 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 19 GABOR, Dennis GAINSBOROUGH, G. Ps GARRATT, Arthur GERMAN, Sir Ronald (Ernest) GIBSON, A. H. GILL, E. WwW. B. GODBER, Joseph Bradshaw GOLDUP, T. Es GORDON, George GORDON WALKER, Patrick Chrestien GOULD, Donald GREENE, Sir Hugh (Carleton) GREIG, Sir James GREY, Sir Ralph F. A. HAILSHAM of Marylebone see HOGG, Q.McG. HALEY, Sir William (John) HALL, Michael HARDING, Sir Harold (John Boyer) HARTLEY, General Sir Harold HARTREE, Douglas R. HASLEGRAVE, Herbert Leslie HELSBY, Sir Laurence HERBERT, T. En HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold (Percival ) HINSHELWOOD,, Sir Cyril (Norman) HOGG, HOWE, G. Quintin McGarel, Lord Hailsham of Marylebone W. O. 54, 56, 84 75 79 50 2, 3a, 4 49 2, 3, 3a, 4 75 72 58 n 62 79, 89 77 67, 73, 76 4,5 65 50 2,3 57, 70 69 27, 28 3a, 4, 5 z Z GJa O Y m o b W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 20 JOHNSTON, Thomas JONES, B. Mowat JONES, Reginald Victor JUKES, R. KELLY, H. Ss. ae KILMUIR, David Maxwell Fyfe, Viscount Kilmuir KING, Alexander KINGS NORTON, of Wotton Underwood COX, Harold Roxbee see LAMB, Horace LAMB, John LANG, Generai Sir Derek (Boileau) LAWSON, Air Vice-Marshal lan Douglas Napier LEE, Fred ) LEE, Sir (Albert) George LILLICRAP, Harry George (Peter) LINSTEAD, Sir Patrick LOCKSPEISER, Sir Ben LOGAN, Sir Douglas (William) LYTTELTON, Oliver, Viscount Chandos of Aldershot McLEAN, Sir Francis (Charles) MANZONI, Sir Herbert (John Baptista) MARCHANT, Edgar Walford — MARSHALL, Robert Braithwaite MARTIN, Sir David (Christie) MAUDLING, Reginald MAXWELL, (lan) Robert MELLING, Cecil Thomas MILES, Sir Bernard MILLER, Henry George MOORE, N. Peter W. 19 2; 3, 2a 75 16 17 63 56 3, 3a, 4 59, 70 20, 21, 49, 63, 64 5 20 8,9 77 79 3, 4, 5, 12 84 45 50 4] 24 76, 77 86 78 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 MORRIS, Sir Phillip (Robert) MORRIS, Charies MORRISON, J. Le M. MOSER, Claus Adolf MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) MOULLIN, Eric Balliol MOUNTBATTEN of BURMA, Admiral Louis (Francis Albert Victor Nicholas) MUMFORD, Sir Albert MURRAY, Keith Anderson Hope, Baron Murray of Newhaven NELSON, Henry George, Baron Nelson of Stafford OGORKIEWICZ, Richard M. ORR, James Bernard Vivian PALMER, Arthur Montague Frank PECCEI, Aurelio PERCY, Eustace, Baron Percy of Etchingham Co. Sussex PHILIPS, Cyril Henry PHILLIPSON, Sir Sydney PIDDUCK, F. B. PIMLOTT, John Alfred Ralph POETT, General Sir (Jospeh Howard) Nigel POHLMANN, Bruno POPPLEWELL, John W. RANDLE, Jim RAO, V. K. R. V. RATCLIFFE, John Ashworth RAWCLIFFE, Gordon Hindle RICHARDSON, Sir (John) Eric RICKARD, C. E. ROBERTS, Sir Frank (Kenyon) ROBERTS, Goronwy RODGERS, William Thomas 21 21 40 5 89 5, 50 2, 3, 3a, 4, 5 22 82 15, 18 22 58 82 91 90 60, 61 57 78 2, 3, 3a, 4, 5 64 4, 5, 37 5, 33 89 3 91 66 75 W. Jackson CSAC 28/5/75 2 SHORT, Edward Watson 70, 82, 84 SIMON, Ernest D. Baron Simon of Wythenshawe SLATER, Sir William (Kershaw) SMITH, T(homas) Dan SOUTHWELL, Sir Richard Vynne SPENCE, John STANLEY, C. O. STONEHOUSE, John Thomson STOPFORD, John Sebastian Bach, Baron Stopford of Fallowfield STRATTON, Ju!ius Adams ; SWIFT, H. WwW. TAIT, Sir James (Sharp) TANNER, David TAYLOR, T. M. TER-DAVTIAN, L. THOMSON, Sir Joseph (John) 17 34 62 | 2, 3, 3a, 4, 5, 12 66 6] 86 4,5 18, 25 | 4 66 66 19 66 2 TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron Todd of Trumpington TOULMIN, Stephen Edelston 4, 33, 54 AA TRAPPES-LOMAX, Michael Roger VENABLES, VOSPER, Dennis Sir Peter (Percy Frederick Ronald) WAGNER, Sir Anthony (Richard) WALKER, Miles WALLOT, J. WARMINGTON, Eric Herbert WATTS, George Edward WECK, Richard WEEKS, Ronald Morce Weeks, Baron Weeks of Ryton 64 75 37 68 2, 3, 3a, 4 2 64 67 73 17 W. Jackson __CSAC28/5/75 WILLIAMS, Lady (Gertrude) WILSON, Charles H. WILSON, (James) Harold WINTERBOTTOM, lan, Baron Winterbottom WOLFENDEN,, Sir John WOOD, A. M. WOOD,Richard Frederick 23 79 27 | 62, 68 80 3a, 51, 54, 55, 66 50 17 YOUNG, J. T. 56 ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron Zuckerman of Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk 32, 67, 70