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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of PROFESSOR HUMPHREY HEWER CBE, zoologist (1903-1974) Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1HP Archives Centre (CSAC ear Te? A Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientiric THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS No. 74/91 1974 All rights reserved csac 23/17/74 THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Committee on Scientific and Technological Récords CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of (1903 - 1974) PROFESSOR HUMPHREY HEWER, C.B.E. 1974 Deposited in the Archives of Imperial College of Science and Technology Listed by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel London H.R.H. €.S.A.C.. 23/17/74 Description of the collection Professor Hewer's papers cover the years 1926 — 1974 and were received from Mrs. 0. Hewer. The papers include many drawings and photographs by Professor Hewer and his colleagues for various wildlife films or to illustrate their written work. throughout the collection with the particular subject which Hewer was investigating. to specific topics retained. These drawings and photographs will be found Likewise, Professor Hewer kept correspondence referring with the relevant data and this arrangement has been Two box files of committee papers were in the collection. Professor Hewer's own notes, correspondence and annotated papers have been retained but duplicated material (agenda, minutes, newsletters etc) has discarded. A list of these committees and societies appears in Section IV. been Professor Hewer's early work on Burnet Moths was deposited in the Archives of Imperial College when he was Professor of Zoology. Summary of career b. 1903 1920 1923 1926 — 37 1927 entered Imperial College Beit Fellowship Lecturer in Zoology, Imperial College 0.B.E. 1971 C.B.E. m. Olive Mary La Trobe Stooke 1965 — 74 1967 - 74 Chief Rodent Officer, Ministry of Food Secretary-—General of International Congress of Zoology Assistant Professor and Reader in Zoology, Imperial College Professor of Zoology in the University of London (conferred by decree) 1937 — 64 1941 - 45 1959 1959 1964 — 70 Chairman of Farm Animals Welfare Committee of Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Chairman, Advisory Committee, Infestation Control Laboratory, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Index of prindéipal correspondents 13 = 40 41 - 87 88 — 106 107 = 131 Films, photographs and drawings Lectures Publications 132 — 164 165 — 198 Contents of the handlist I. iis Biographical Notebooks and journals Working papers Committees and societies items 12 1 — H.RoH. C.S.A.C. 23/17/74 ita 1. 2e= Biographical Obituary notice, The Times Diaries 2. 3. 4. 5. (5 vols) 1928 - 1932 1947, 1949, 1950, 1952-55, 1960,1961, 1963,1965-67 (6 vols) 1968 — 74, engagement book n.d. 1957, 1959 (9 vole) (8 vols) Photographs: School 1918, Imperial College 1934 Photographs: British Association Section D Photograph: British Association Section D mtg. Dundee Photograph: British Association Section D mtg. Edinburgh 2 photographs: Imperial College Miscellaneous personal (book plate, 'The Shillay Bugle 1955', postcards) Journey to East Africa: small notebook with diary, notes of animals and birds seen, of films and slides taken. and coloured maps of national parks and conservation areas, drawings of horns. 16 pp typescript account of journey in diary forn. Hand-—drawn 1928 — 74 1918, 1934 1947 - 69 1939 1951 n.d. Notebooks II. 13. of seals "Ramsay, April,May,June 1957. observations from both expeditions to study seals Scroby 7-12-58": record of "Ramsay, March 1956": 2 pp of notes on observations of seals "Journal of Shillay 1954's record of observations, of expenses. Journal Item 26) was transcribed and expanded with additional notes (see 'Milford Haven 1953': journal of expedition with records of observations, of photographs etc. *Ramsay 1952's notes clipped together in book form containing journal of trip to Ramsay in September, record of observations, of tagging, of photographs of seals weather reports, observations of seals *N.Rona 1959': notebook containing sightings, tagging records, (vol II): rough notes and observations (expanded (vol I): rough notes and observations (expanded 'Oronsay 1957' in Item 28) of seals "Oronsay 1957" in Item 28) of seals H.R.Hs. C.S.A.C. 23/17/74 3 21. "Orkney 1961-62. and notes of specimens of seals Rough Notes etc.': journal of expedition 1961 — 62 *"Ruskholm, Orkney, Oct 4—11,1961': original notes were lost; see page 1 for explanatory note on reconstruction by Hewer and K.M. Backhouse and for table of contents "Orkney. February 1963': journal of expedition to study seals *Shetland. September 1963": journal and noteson seals "Orkney. Shetland. February 1964': journal of expeditions Small notebook labelled 'Shillay' containing daily journal with weather records and notes on seal observations by Hewer, H. Gorvett and J. Siddon -letter to ‘Kermack’ which was never sent.) (notebook includes photographs and Second half of book 1961 1963 1963 1964 1954 = 55 is a transcript of the rough. journey to Shillay by Hewer and Gorvett are indicated by brackets and underlined in red) (explanatory additions (see Item 15) notes of September 22-30, 1954, Journal of expedition to Oronsay, September—October, 1956 by Hewer, H. Gorvett and K.M. Backhouse: weather observations and records clipped from newspaper, photographs, maps, charts Journal of expedition to Oronsay, September 1957 by Hewer and K.M. Backhouse: weather records, maps, daily record of observa— tions (see also Items 18,19) 33. Photographs of "bull reproductive material! "North Rona. October': ringing records and note by Hewer Volume IV ‘Adult material of bulls killed September—December'® Volume I '@ reproductive material. material of bulls of years 1-6 i.e. all immature and pubertal specimens’ Years 1,2,3,4,5,6: all Volume III ‘Adult material of bulls killed in May (pt.) —Aug.' Note— Volume II tAdult material of bulls killed Jan—May (pt)". distribution of bull material by months and book also contains years, summary of photographs, weights in order of age, list of specimens for years 7-22, prints of magnifications used photographs, drawings "Orkney and Shetland Grey Seals 6’': register of all material concerning bulls killed in Shetland (September 1962 — November 1964) and Orkney (December 1959 - September 1966), measurements and photographs "Register of Grey Seals &'': data, measurements, photographs "Register of Grey Seals g ': summary of data and measurements, 1959 — 66 HR. C.S.A.C. 23/17/74 37. 38. ‘Shetland and Orkney Grey Seals - Cows's record of all material concerning cows killed in Shetland (September 1962 - May 1965) and Orkney (December 1959 — October 1964) "Register of Foetuses';see first page for Hewer's explanatory notes and indexing code. to supplement the data in tabular form. Book contains drawings and photographs Correspondence 4. 1959 — 65 c.1969 "Register of early embryological material's includes summary of material, photographs of sections of uterine wall. page for indexing code. See first 40. ‘Comparison of embryos': drawings, graphs and data III. Working papers (many files contain correspondence ) 41 cas Zy gene 41. 'Z. stoechadis. "7, rhadamanthas. Cingulation' : hand drawings, 2-p. summary of data Wing patterns, Calculations and results’ 'Cingulation in Z. rhadamanthas and carmiolica': 3 pp ms. draft, records of emergences, misc. notes. 1933 maps of distribution of glacial ice sheets in Britain 'Bombyces and Sphinges's: offprint 54. Woodpeckers 1937 - 53 1948 = 54 1948 = 54 Later work on Zygaena: correspondence, distribution maps, reprints 1973 from W.G. Tremenan Various species lisis': lists made by students at 'New Forest. Imperial College Camp, New Park, Brockenhurst of birds, spiders, plants, etc. with maps of locations and some photographs Folder marked 'Green Woodpecker' containing observations and tabular summaries of data (incubation, roosting, breeding etc.), notes for guidance in analysis of data, bibliographical notes, draft of unidentified paper on breeding of green woodpecker. 1948 — 50 Folder maxked twoodpecker notes' containing bibliography, abstract 1948 — 50 of paper Hewer delivered to Zoological Society of London, 1950: "Rhythmic Behaviour of the Green Woodpecker', correspondence, miscellaneous notes and charts Daily records of observations of green woodpecker in Silwood Park, summaries of data and observations. extensive observations Very careful Maps of Silwood Park and charts of times of change-overs of male and female woodpeckers on nest. 1948 — 52 ‘Tabular summaries of data (feeding young, initiation of change- over, incubation, no. of change-overs during incubation etc.) 1948 — 50 Photographs and list of shots HEH. C.ScA.C..23/17/74 55.-36. Seals D5¢ 56. *A Hebridean colony of Grey Seals': drawings, map, chart and graphs "Atlantic Seal. Embryology': list of slides, drawings, photo- Ms. draft, graphs, notes on dissection, related offprints. typescript, proof of ‘Delayed implantation in the Grey Seal’ (with K.M. Backhouse), Nature, 178, p.550 ‘Atlantic Seals. correspondence Swedish Information. Dutch Ringing’: 'Farne Island Seal Count': tabular summaries of data, calcu- lations, graphs, notes on wind direction, newspaper cuttings, monthly records of counts. Very extensive data 'Scroby Seals': newspaper cuttings, correspondence, 2 type= script reports of 1958 and 1960 visits to Scroby Island (see also Item 17) "Grey Seals in Brittany's correspondence 'Grey Seals in Cornwall‘: correspondence, proposed survey, preliminary report 1960 = 61 1961 = 63 1968 — 69 1971 1970 = 73 Miscellaneous correspondence with observers re seals Notes from Rona expedition: typescript reports with maps, charts, daily weather records, observations by J.D. Lockie, JM. Boyd, Weather notes and preliminary survey, Je McGeoch, and Hewer. October 3; tide tables, data (census, mortality, bull/cow ratio, . mean daily birth rate etc.), comments on state of colony, correspondence, related offprints "Evidence of gregarious movements's correspondence, data and statistical graphs ‘Memoranda 1960 — 61': tabular summaries of data, provisional life table, list of skulls, list of seals received through Aberdeen, correspondence "Classified list of Grey Seal material's: correspondence, tabvlar summaries of data (bulls and cows in age order, monthly average length of cows, etc.) 1954 - Te Correspondence with Oliver Hook which includes extensive notes and observations, photographs, drawings, maps, Hook's report 1962 with relevant photos and maps. on the Baltic Grey Seal, Ti. 72. 73 74. 75. 76. 1954 = 1957 1958 = 1959 1960 — 1962 1963 — 1964 1970 1964 = 1970 = 1972 Hilbre seals: correspondence with observers in the field H.R.H. C.S.A.C. 23/17/74 ‘Uke *Comparison between Eastern and Western Atlantic populations of the Grey Seal': tabular summaries of data (pre—breeding behaviour, establishment of territories, parturition, cow—pup relationships, post—breeding periods etc.), bibliography, correspondence, draft and notes for introduction for proposed joint paper with A.W. Cameron ‘Atlantic Seals': references, newspaper cuttings, offprints, graphs, notes by Hewer, correspondence, bibliography "Seal Papers': collected by Hewer; offprints, reports, 'Conser— vation of Seals Bill', reports on Orkney seal culling by E.B. Worthington, report of visit to Scilly Isles 1952 — 72 1925 — 71 Miscellaneous photographs, negatives, drawings, newspaper 6.1958 = 72 cuttings, analyses of photographs, etc. "Male Reproductive Cycle. drafts of 'Male annual cycle — Spermatogenesis', correspondence, charts and graphs of monthly annual weights, drawings of micro— scopicalcross sections, extensive data in note, tabular summaries and graph form Spermatogenesis': ms. and typescript 1960 = 64 *Male Reproductive Cycle in the Grey Seal': ology of the Testis', notes for photographs, graphs and data drafts of 'Embry— c. 1968 'Grey Seal. data from Shetland and Orkney Islands, ms. draft of 'Female Reproductive Development and Cycle’ Female Reproductive Cycle': tabular summaries of 6. 1968 IV. Committees and societies c¢.1973 Several MSS entitled 'Vertebrate Embryology' (not in Hewer's hand) con— taining notes and drawings - 49 pp (1st page is missing). pages of Hewer's own notes and drawings on the same subject The collection included files on the following committees: Association of University Teachers, Committee of the Wellcome Institute of Comparative Physiology, Great Bustard Trust, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Naturalists Trust Ltd., Institute of Biology, Linnean Society, Mammal Society, New Forest Committee, Kay Society, Royal Science Association, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Surrey Naturalists Trust, University of Southampton, World Wildlife Federation. Hewer's own work or correspondence appear in the handlist. 1973 = 1974 Correspondence re Society business (agenda, symposia, studies sponsored by the Society, its publications, financial and legal arrangements, 1968 = 1970 1970 — 1971 1972 Only those files which included 88.-96. The Mammal Society Handbook of British (see also Items 133-137 for material re Mammals sponsored by the Society. ) 88.- 9%, etc. 88. 89. 90. 91. H.R.H. C.S.A.C. 23/17/74 92. Otter Survey sponsored by Mammal Society: maps, note on otter hunting by A.B. Rose, annual reports of Eastern Counties Otter Hounds Otter Survey: correspondence (mainly from British Field Sports Society which requested Hewer to organise a follow-up to the 1967 survey) Second interim questionnaire for otter hunts, returns and related correspondence Notes and data compiled by Hewer for report on otters Copy of 1969 report 'The Otter in Britain' in Oryx, ms. drafts of 1972 article, typescripts of 'A Second Otter Report! Committee for Wellcome Institute of Comparative Physiology: correspondence re births of wild cattle Great Bustard Trust: correspondence and report on stock of birds, finance, long-term plans etc. (1972) Hampshire and Isle of Wight Naturalists Trust: correspondence and evidence given by Hewer at enquiry re proposed marina at Eastney Lake, obituary notice of Oliver Hook written by Hewer for Trust Newsletter, item on cicadas by Hewer for Newsletter Ray Society: correspondence (mainly re publication of British Tortricoid Moths by Society), report of the Council for 1972-73 when Hewer was president Institute of Biology, Wessex Branch: correspondence re visit of biology students to New Forest World Wildlife Fund: correspondence re 'Pet Foods'srants and various other topics before the Allocations Committee over factory farming Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Committee: summary of Brambell Committee recommendations, copy of 'Then as Now! (extract from John Wrightson's "Sheep: breeds and Management’), ms. draft of 'The Welfare of Farm Animals' by Hewer, miscellaneous notes and committee papers (annotated), correspondence re controversy re proposed Lyndhurst By-pass, copy of New Forest Bill (1973-74) RSPCA Wild Animals Advisory Committee: correspondence and notes (much of the correspondence deals with the controversy re fox hunting) Correspondence in New Scientist between Hewer and Professor William Thorpe following publication of Thorpe's article *tAssessing Stress in Factory Farming! 11 March 1972. of Hewer's letters and photocopies of all letters as they were published Drafts New Forest Association: correspondence and statement of evidence H.R.H. C.S.A.C. 23/17/74 V. Lectures 'Mammalia': ms. drafts and notes for a series of 16 lectures (perhaps for London University Extramural Course on Mammalia). Notebook also contains notes for lecture entitled ‘*How Odd Can Mammals Be?' given in Manchester, November 21, 1968 'Echinodermata': ms. drafts and drawings for 6 lectures, list of lab-e practicals, table of geological time, classification list Course of lectures on the New Forest organised by Hewer for WEA Unit of Southampton Adult Education: correspondence, synopsis of the series, reading lists, draft of Hewer's own lectures'Introduction.to the series' and ‘Animal Rarities’ Imperial College Summer School in Health Physics: typescript with ins. annotations of Lecture I by Hewer (Introduction, com position of cells, systems etc.), bibliography, package of photographs and drawings for demonstrations, administrative papers and correspondence. ‘Inner Hebridean Colony': lecture to the Zoological Society of London, February 9, 1953 ~ ms. notes "New light on seals and their colonies't: lecture at the National Museum 1957 — notes and typescript synopsis of Wales, December 6, 1958 1957 Lecture on seals: Bristol, March 18, material 1960 — brief notes and film 1960 1961 — ms. ‘Seal populations's: lecture at Maidstone, November 1961 — ms.notes1961 "Expedition to North Rona': lecture to the Linnean Society, May 5, 1960 — ms. notes and copy of programme of meeting "Grey Seals': Bristol University Zoological Society, February 20, 1961 — ms. notes 'The construction of a possible life-table for the Grey Sealt: lecture in Aberdeen, Easter 1961 — mseand typescript notes and tables "Life tables of Pribilov and Grey Seals': colloquium on life tables 1961 of animals at the Nature Conservancy, February 14, notes, draft and tables n.d. "Grey Seals in Pembrokeshire': lecture in Cardiff, February 15, 1962 — ms. notes "Problem of the Grey Seal': lecture to the Science Masters Association, January 1962 — ms. notes "Differential movements of cow Grey Seals': lecture to the Linnean Society, April 2, 1974:—- ms. draft 1960 1961 1961 1962 1962 1964 *50 years of the New Forest' — ms. notes HR. CSAs: 23/17/14 124. 125. "British Seals': lecture to the British Association, September 9, 1970 — ms. notes Lecture on seals: Junior British Association meeting, Cardiff, March 29-30, 1971 — correspondence, ms. and typescript notes 126. 'Reproduction and aging in the Grey Seal's address to the British Association — typescript draft 127. "Reproduction in the Grey Sealt: ms. draft of lecture 128. "Foetal growth rate, implantation and the female cycle': ms. draft of lecture 129. "A study in population dynamics': ms. draft of lecture 130. 'Grey Seal life table's; ms. draft of lecture Flos 'Grey Seal in Britain' 'British Seals! 'Grey Seal lecture’ VI. Publications ms. notes for very short lectures "Seals and Sea~lions' (with K.M. Backhouse) Penguin Book. Synopsis of book, species list, bibliographical notes, drafts of chapters 1 and 2 by K. Backhouse and of chapter 4 ‘Grey Seal't by Hewer, miscellaneous notes, correspondence re pub— lication, charts and graphs 133. 134. Photographs (some with correspondence) for book collecting the photographs and illustrations for the book) 133.—137. Handbook of British Mammals (Hewer was responsible for Correspondence re locating photographs, permission to publish, etc. with artists & photographers Hewer's ms. and typescript notes and drafts of letters, list of illustrations and captions, memo.from H.N. Southern re dis— cussion of various suggestions for the illustrations, Hewer'‘s lay-out of the illustrations 1959 "Reports of ringing and returns of Grey Seals? No.1, September 1954 — August 1956, Proc.Zoo0l.Soc.Lond., 128,Part 4, pp.593-608: mse and typescript drafts Material re preparation of 2nd edition: correspondence, notes for consideration by editorial board, minutes of meetings, content format, comments on the manuscripts submitted 2nd edition: correspondence with contributors re illustrations and photographs (file includes some of the photographs sub- mitted for publication) 'The Grey Seal on North Rona‘t, 2 typescript drafts, proof 1965 1965 1968 1957 The New Scientist: correspondence, H.R.Hs: C.S.A.C.. 23/17/74 140. "Unusual colouring in the Grey Seal' (with K.M. Backhouse) Proc.Zool.Soc.Lond., 134, Part 3, pp. 489-508: 2 typescripts 141 e 142. 143. 144. 'Moult and the reproductive cycle in the Grey Seal! (with K.M. Backhouse and E.A. Smith): 2 typescript drafts, one with ms. annotations *A red—headed Grey Seal' (with K.M. Backhouse) Proc.Zool.Soc. Lond., 128, p. 592: typescript drafts "Identification of British Seals': ms. draft and drawings 'Preliminary report on Grey Seal material (principally from Berwick and Aberdeen': typescript with tabular summaries of data "Conservation of the Grey Seal': ms. draft - 146.-163. British Seals, The New Naturalist, Collins, 1974 146. Correspondence with Sir Julian Huxley re Huxley's request that Hewer prepare volume on seals and proposed draft of contents 1961 — 63 147. 148. Correspondence with publisher and with experts in the field, comments on the manuscripts ‘Original expansion of contents! January 1962—December 1962 draft arrangement of contents in chapters, ms.and typescript draft of chapter organisation and contents in greatly ex panded version 1971 — 72 1962 — 63 L.H. Matthews for Photographs for British Seals "Notes for Chapter 13': ms. draft Sketches and material for line drawings Miscellaneous notes, data (counts, recoveries, births etc.) Notes re publication: omissions, list of plates, comments on typescript, list of illustrations Typescript of manuscript by L.S.V. Venables & unpublished Sunday Times booklet, bibliographical notes, maps used by Hewer in preparation of book 14 Ms. draft of chapters 1 plates — 3, table of contents, preface, list of Notebook of bibliographical material Ms. draft of chapters 4 — 6 Ms. draft of chapters 7 — 10 Ms. draft of chapters 11 — H.R.H. C.S.A.C. 23/17/74 160. 161. 162. 163. Ms. draft of tables, charts, appendices, captions for plates etc. Lists of line drawings and illustrations, graphs, drawings of seal anatomy, tags, distribution maps Negatives of photographs Box of material for publication of British Seals (ms. draft of ‘World Conservation of Seals', corrected typescript, photographs and illustrations, prints, index, corrected proofs) 164. Box of offprints by Hewer (including Hewer's contributions to Common Ground Primary Biology Series) 1926 — 68 VII. Films, photographs and drawings 165—{172. Working scripts and notebooks with prints of drawings, slides and photographs used in films for biology classroom instruction 165. 166. *Bewick's Birds': list of birds and pictures pasted in notebook 'Feeding and Digestion in Mammals! 167. "Hydra and Obelia' 168. *Liver Fluke and Tapeworm’ 169. tanimal Metamorphoses! *Protozoa' 1756 176.— 178. *Animal Architecture' "Karly Development of Amphioxus! 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. "Grey Seal': working scripts and sequence order of shots *Mole-Rats': list of slides and titles, 2 packages of photographs 'Bilean nan Ron's: notes, shooting script, list of scenes in original order, list of titles 'Badgers': correspondence, photographs, negatives, drawings,maps, 1951 notes for field test, rough script, contents of reels, arrange— ment of footage titles Atlantic Seals': list of scenes on Ramsay 1951-52, treatment and 1952 order of scenes, ist and 2nd edition shooting scripts, list of 'Pribilov Seals': drawings, correspondence, order of scenes, miscellaneous notes 'Badgers': correspondence, field notes, lists of equipment, list of observations, photographs, negatives, camera tests 179 = 181. 182.— 183. 184.— 186. 1956 1952 1951 HaR.H. C.S.AeCe, 23/17/74 187.— *Bass Rock's: list of sequences of shots, of editing, shooting 188. script, photographs 189. ‘Atlantic Seals I's album containing black and white stills taken on Ramsay with catalogue for albums I and II 1951 = 53 190. ‘Atlantic Seals II': black and white stills taken on Ramsay 1951 = 53 191. Album containing negatives of bull material with list explaining data and charts 192. Drawings — cranial 193. Notebook containing 7 drawings of physiology of seals, photo— graphs, chart, statistics, rough crawings of musculature .194. X-ray photographs of Grey Seals' skulls 195. Miscellaneous - seal ~ photographs and negatives 196. Maps of Oronsay — distribution of seals 197. ‘'The private life of the Grey Seal': draft of shooting script with comments by Hewer, correspondence with BBC editor 198. Hand-drawn and coloured drawings for projected work on compara= tive study of egg development BABBAGE, Stafford BACKHOUSE, Kenneth M. ANGEL, Heather ARMOUR, Charles J. ASHBY, Rex ASHLIN, Samuel BARROW, Professor James (numbers refer to items) BEAMENT, Professor James William L. FRS VIII. Index of principal correspondents 100 88,89 ,91 133 93,94 63,79,147 94 71,132,147 69 101 90 139 147, 182 70 100 BIGG, Michael BINGLEY, F. BISSEROT, S. BERRY, John BERTRAM, Colin BONNER, W. Nigel BOYD, J. Morton 197 133 63,69,70,91, 147 BAILEY, Peter BENNELL, Graham M. Je C. H.R.H. C.S.A-C. 23/17/74 BRADLEY, John BRAGG, D. OD. BRIDGE, John A. BROWN, John Clevedon BRYANT, Michael BURNIER, Francois BURTON, Jane BUTLER, Pp. M. CAMERON, Austin W. CHATELAIN, Andre Ae _COCKING, P. COPP, D. Je Be ' CORBET, Gordon B, COULSON, John C. CRAGGS, Professor John D. CRETGL Fars, CO. CRANBROOK, John David Gathorne-Hardy (Earl of) CROWCROFT, W. Peter 90 93 88,89, 137 99 70 34 77 61 88,89 101 88,89, 137 147 69,147 102 88,89,90,91, 100 133 ce 4H. J; D. F. 89,91, 137 EVANS, H. EWER, R. ELLIS, E. A. 102 133 105 110 EDWARDS , Patricia 133,135 176 DAVEY, Ss oR DAVIS, Ronald A. DELANEY, M. DRUMMOND, S. pr, K. . Rk. DUNCAN, C. 89,102,133 FFEVELL,Denzil FLOYD, Charles FRAZER, Je F. Deryk 133 111 137 FISHER, James 140 146 100 98 136 FLINT, P. 5S. FRASER, F. C. H.R.H. C.S.A.C. 23/17/74 GILLMOR, Robert GOODWIN, Sir GRANT, J. Aw Richard HALE, Mc Ae Mo HANSTROM, Bertram HARRIS, Roy A. HARRISON, G. B. HARRISON, Robin H. HATCH, Jeremy J. HICKLING, Grace HOLMES, J. Cy. OD. . HOOK, Oliver HOOPER, Je. He OD. HOSKING, Eric HOWARD, Evelyn HUME, Re A. HUTCHISON, 5S. 5S. HUXLEY, Sir Julian 94 57 133,135, 136 176 57 62 147 133 71-76, 110,133 133 133 147 88 88,89 146 KINNS, Geoffrey LAITHE, Yvonne LEES, Andrew 61 61 95 88 JOTCHAM, Je UN. JENKINS, T. 8B. JULIEN, Me. Hervé KIMBALL, Marcus Richard MP JORDAN, William J. KRATOCHVIL, Professor J. 19 133,135 90 100 70 137 100 LINCOLN, Roger J. MacFARLANE, Donald MeNALLY, Michael LOCKET, G 4H. LING, John K. LINN, Ian LOCKELY, R. McCLINTOCK, J. McGHOCH, J. H.R. C.SuA.C. 23/17/74 MARGERISON, T. MATHESON, C. A. R. MATTHEWS, Leonard Harrison MEDWAY, Lord MITHEN, De =A. MONTGOMERY, G. MORGAN, David E. q. MORRIS, M. MORRIS, P. Aw MURDIE, G. MURDOCH, J. We _ NAPIER, John R. NEAL, Ernest G. O'ROURKE, Professor F. J. PAISLEY, June PASMORE, Hugh FRS 68 ay 105 133,176,179 133 93 PEPPER, Hubert RYDE, G. 70 88 66 90 133 133 110 94 ROEDEL, J. ROUX, Francis ROBSON, J. Le RACEY, Pe A. RAE, Bennet 8B. RYDER, Richard RUSSELL, Colin L. ROWE, Frederick P. RAYFIELD, Rosalind 91 61 88,89,90,91, 137 91 110 105 SLIJPER, Professor SIGGS, L. W. SANDERS, Re WN. SANDS, J. S. SIEDEL, Fritz SALKELD, O. SMALL, D. E. _ STRICKLAND, B. STUTTARD, R. SWAN, C. Ae TAYLOR—PAGE, Jim THARP, Grahame THOMAS, F. M. 99 88 91,93,105 133,135 133 137 90 99,105,133 H.RoH. C.S.AsC. 23/17/74 SMART, Gerald G. SMITH, Arthur SMITH, Edward A. Je 66, 108 100 66 SOUTHERN, H. N. (Mick) 89 ,90,91, 133, 134, 137 STAFFORD, Peter STEBBING, Robert STEWART, G. STIRLING, Ian STODDARD, D. Michael STOOKE, Sir George Beresford— 133,135,136 91 88 70 90,91, 105 133 STRADBROKE, John Anthony Alexander Rous (Earl of) 88 STRANARK, Fay R. A. H. TINKER, Jon TRIGG, G. TRYON, Aw I. D. (Hon.) TORMOSOV, D. TRETT, Percy 99 99 70 60 98 THORNE, Arnold 91 102 102 135 TITTENSOR, Aw M. TORLESSE, David THOMPSON, Harry V. TREGEAR, William THOMPSON, Michael J. THOMSON, Sir Arthur Landsborough Ve VARLEY, Professor George Copley VAN DER BRINK, F. TUBBS, Colin R. VAN BEMMEL, Aw C. V. VAUGHN, William VAN THIEL, P. UH. VENABLES, L. Se H.RoH. C.S.A.C. 23/17/74 WALTER, Michael WATSON, Adam WELLS, Re V. WHEELER, Alwyne WILLIAMS, John WOLSTON, W. John WORTHINGTON, Ee Be YALDEN, Derek W.