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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of WILLIAM HUME-—ROTHERY OBE, FRS (1899-1968) deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford Archives Centre, London WC2A 1HP ee 1775) : Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Indian Institute, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BE Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS No. 73/311 + ED All rights reserved esac 1/73 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of WILLIAM HUME~ROTHERY O.B.E., F.R.S. (1899 — 1968) . Harriot Weiskittel Listed by: Jeannine Alton Deposited in the Bodleian Library, Oxford WeH-R. C.S.A.C.1/73 Description of the collection. The papers cover the years 1924 ~ 1968. There is a considerable number of notebooks,working papers and lectures for the later part of Hume—Rothery's career. Most of the material relating to his early work was destroyed by Hume-Rothery because of pressure of space;the only manuscript references now extant are in the letters to Mr. G.Hedley (Item 153). Some official correspondence relating to the period is in the Department of Metallurgy,Oxford. Hume-Rothery filed letters from his principal scientific correspondents individually; others are scattered through the collection with the working papers to which they refer. Hume~Rothery's total deafness required his colleagues to make all their remarks to him in writing. Some of these conversation notes have been separately preserved and identified where possible (Items 21 — 23); others appear as random jottings in the notebooks and correspondence passim. Unless otherwise stated,all notebooks and lectures are manuscript. Some biographical material is retained by Mrs. E.Hume—Rothery (widow), Cherry Orchard,Abberbury Road,Oxford,and Mrs. A.D.Moss (daughter),30,Crediton Hill, London N.W.6. publications are held in the Department of Metallurgy,Oxford,for eventual deposit in the University Archives. of typewritten correspondence chiefly concerning Files (11) ‘ Summary of the career of Professor Hume—Rothery. . 1912 — 16 Educated at Cheltenham College (Scholar). 1925 Ph.D. London. Demy of Magdalen College. : oS 1916 1917 1918 1920 1922 1931 Married Elizabeth Alice Fea. Entered Magdalen College,Oxford. Entered Royal Military Academy,Woolwich. 1925 ~ 29 Senior Demy,Magdalen College,Oxford. Honour School of Natural Science (C1.I.) 1922 - 25 Worked on intermetallic compounds,Royal School of Mines. 1929 ~ 32 Armourers & Braziers Company Research Fellowship in Metallurgy. Suffered attack of cerebrospinal meningitis resulting in total loss of hearing; invalided out of army. Fellowship,St.Edmund Hall,Oxford. 1932 — 42,Warren Research Fellowship of the Royal Society. 1943 = 55 1958 — 66 Elected to the Isaac Wolfson Chair of Metallurgy,and to a Professorial 1938 — 43 Fellow by Special Election,Magdalen College,Oxford. Lecturer in Metallurgical Chemistry,Oxford. George Kelley Reader inMetallurgy,Oxford. 1935 1937 1938 1951 1955 D.Sc.Oxon. Fellow of the Royal Society. 0.B.E. WeH-R. C.S.A.C. 1/73 Summary of career (cont. ) 1960 Opening of Department of Metallurgy, Oxforde 1960 ~ 64 Service on Basic Properties of Metals Committee,Ministry of Aviation. 1965 — 68 Consultant,A.E.R.E. Harwell. Contents of the Handlist. I. Dis IV. V. VI. Biographical and printed work Laboratory Notebooks Working papers Lectures Lecture Notebooks Publications Vil. Correspondence VILE. Index of Principal Correspondents Items 1-2 3 = 23 24 — 44 45 ~ 96 97 = 101 102 — 126 . 127 — 150 Biographical and printed work Laboratory Notebooks Handlist I. 1. 1A 26 of the RB Sub—Groups', Item 103. Biographical note and list of publications,supplied by Mrs. E. Hume-Rotherye Memoir,by G.V.Raynor. (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society,Vol.15,November 1969). 'The Freezing Points,Melting Points,and Solid Solubility Limits of the Alloys of Silver and Copper with the Elements by W.Hume-Rothery,G.W.Mabbott and K.M.Channel Evans. (Phil.Trans. Roy.Soc.,Series A,233,1 —- 97.) See also etc. on Iron and Steelt. "Apparatus Book',with Hume-Rothery's name and address,The Old Chemistry Department,The University Museum,Oxford. Notes made on cost and source of apparatus bought 1926 onwards. Notebook, 'Work on Lattice spacings of Alkalis and Alkaline Earths. June, July,August 1944'. Includes conversation notes. Notebook,with name and address. Notes on articles read. Notebook,labelled in another hand "Notes on other people's books WeH-R. C.S.A.C. 1/73 Notebook,with name and address,'Notes on odd pieces of work’. 1948 — 54 1950 = 62 1951 — 66 1954 1955 1955 Neds Notebook. April 1950 ~ May 1962. Notebook, 'WeH-R,M.O.S. Work! ,and 'Mg Alloy Freezing Point Caloulations?. fay) Notebook,with name and address. (Index at back of book by W.L.Hodge,I.C.L.). Notebook. Notebook, *Calcns. of Fe diagrams’, Notebook,with name,address and index. Labelled in another hand 'Mainly notes on papers't. Notebook,labelled in another hand 'Thinking aloud’, Notebook with loose pages inserted,'Ferrous Alloys! and 'Calculations'. Feb.1960 ~ August 1963. Notebook, 'Theory of Alloys’. Notebook, Notes on what we think needs adding to the Iron book’. Notebook,with name,address and index,labelled in another hand Notes on other papers’. Notebook of conversation notes, File,various conversations,mostly unidentified. Notebook, *Miscellaneous Freezing Point Research’. Diary for 1966 containing notes of conversations, Notebook with related correspondence and offprints,labelled in another hand 'Thinking and calculating’. "Corrections to Curves',dated 2.2.61. Article 'Rule for Temperature Dependence of Solubility of Metals in Irorf,by I.I.Kornilov,1950, annotated by Hume—Rothery. 'Thermodynamics and Metallic Solid Solutions',pages numbered Tols= 326 Working papers Miscellaneous working papers,earliest dated 17 August 1955. Miscellaneous working papers,dated Oct. — Nov. 1961, WeH-R. C.S.A.C. 1/73 296 30. 316 32. Correspondence with Dr. Askill, and calculation re diffusion date in Iron, 'Recalc.! of Fe diagram. 'Models of Wave Mechanics and Boundary Conditions’. Paper on 'The Binding Energies of Metals and Alloys,’ by N.F. Mott, with Ms annotations by pi reronsieay and Ms comments by Dr. S. Altmann, File labelled ‘Molybdenum Alloy Theory I'. File with note on cover, ‘Misc. notes on Molybdenum Alloy’. Work on Compound Molecules in Mg~Sn System, 21 December 1965 — 4 March 1968. Work on the Engel~Brewer theory of metallic structures. Correspondence with Professor Leo Brewer,. Professor Bryan Coles, Professor G.E. Bacon, Professor Carl Koch, Dr. Borge Lunn, Dr. Richard Waterstrat. Notes, calculations, and drafts. Ms. and proofs with corrections of article 'The Engel~Brewer theories 229. of metals and alloys,' Progress Materials Science, 13, Annotated papers and articles on Engel—Brewer theories. metallic Compounds.! Ly 1955¢). ‘Notes for Chapter on Aluminium’, (8), Correspondence and Ms articles on Engel—Brewer theories for Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Physics. “and Wagner, ‘Thermodynamic Analysis of Liquidus Curves of Inter~ Ms. translation (perhaps by Hume~Rothery) of article by Haffe Notebook, labelled ‘A Note on the Constitution of Manganese— Nickel Alloys,' by D.N. Tyler, C.G. Smith, and W. Hume—Rothery. Note on Fe-N Close~packed hexagonal phase with Ms comments by Professor J.W. Christian (Perhaps draft for article 'Close~ packed hexagonal alloys of ironandnitrogen,' Phil. Mag. Typescripts with notes, 18 pages. British Association lecture on Solid Solutions in Iron, delivered at Sheffield. Typescript with notes, 16 pages. "A Note on the Freezing Points of Tin-rich Magnesium Alloys,'* by W. Hume-Rothery and L. Stump. Typescript. iv. Lectures 45. 46. Lecture on Gold Alloys. W.H-R. C.S.A.C. 1/73 AT. 48. 49. 50. 'New Lecture on Gold Alloys’; 'Special Lecture on Copper, Silver & Gold’, "Special Lecture on Theory of Cu Ag Au Solid Solutions’, Notebook "Special Lecture for Institute of Metals on Alloys of Iron — The Interstitial Elements! (with explanatory letter from Dr. R.C. Hurst). Lecture on the Constitution of Some Alloys of Iron, with typescript. 'Liquidus and Solidus Curves in General and Fe Alloys in Particular’, "Special Lecture on Interstitial Elements in Iron Alloys’. "ist Lecture on Intermetallic Chemistry of Iron,' Royal School of Minese '2nd Lecture on Intermetallic Chemistry of Iron,' Royal School of Mines. : "2rd Lecture on Iron Alloys: Interstitial Alloys;* Royal School of Minese 'Institute of Metals lecture on Theory of Copper Alloys. Second draft. ist Part: Facts and Empirical Theory'. "Structure of Metals II. Lecture on Copper Alloys’, 'Cu Alloys Lectures. 2nd lecture,* pages numbered 1 — 22. 'Further lecture on Ferromagnetism and Transition Metals'. 'Final version of lecture on Cu Alloys,’ pages numbered 1 ~8 plus diagram , tInstitute of Metals lecture on the Theory of the Alloys of Copper’. "Structure of Metals and Alloys II. Special Lecture on Graphite in Cast Iron’, related correspondence, January-February, 1961. Intermetallic Compounds. Introductory address at Institute of Metals Discussion 15 December 1964. Typescript with notes. "Special lecture on Ni As Structure’, 'Preliminary notes for lecture on tempering’. "Special lecture on Packing of Spheres’, "Additional Specific Heat Notes for lectures’, Lecture for National Physical Laboratory, ist draft and W.H-R. C.9.A.6. 1/73 70. 'The Metallic Atoms (typescript with corrections), pages numbered 1 196 — 71. "Lecture on Zones and Phase Equilibria* , 'Hlectron Theory lecture on Mg and a c.p. hexagonal structure’, "Special Single Lecture on Intermediate Phases in Alloys’, tLecture on Electron Theory of Alkali Metals', 'Lecture on Theory of Transition Metals' (typescript with notes) pages numbered 1 - 9. "Lecture on the Problem of the Transition Metals' (typescript with notes) pages numbered 1 — 31. 'Two lectures on Electron Theory of Transition Metals. Preliminary Notes.', "Special lecture on Theory of Transition Metals", "A Note on the Writing of Scientific Papers and Theses’ Notes, drafts, Mss and typescript. May 1957. Hatfield Memorial Lecture I. Sheffield, 19 May 1965. Typescript with notes. "Sheffield Lecture! Ms and typescript. ‘Sheffield 2nd lecture’, "Sheffield Lecture on Eutectic", "Explanation of Eutectic Distribution Curve', "Lecture Note Summary of Last Section of Geneva Lecture’, 'Sheffield Lecture on Theory of Copper Alloys,' April 1959, Notebook 'Sheffield,' inside 'Sheffield Lecture on Titanium’. "Ath Dounreay Lectures Alloy Structures: Empirical! , "ist Dounreay Lecture: The Ideas of Wave Mechanics’, Two lectures pages numbered 1 fér Dounreay on Iron Alloys (typescript with notes) — 27 (1st lecture), 28 — 70 (2nd lecture), "2nd Dounreay Lecture: Free Electron Theory’, '3rd Dounreay Lecture: Brillouim Zones’, 'Notes on Tetrahedral Compounds’, Two lectures for Dounreay on Transition Metals, W.H~R. C.SeA.C. 1/73 956 'S5th Dounreay Lecture: Electron Theories of Metals and Alloys' and related Correspondence, 1966 — 676 ‘Lecture on Experimental Methods for Determining the Consti- tution of Alloys at High Temperatures.' (typescripts with Notes). Lecture Notebooks Notebook, labelled ‘Structure of Alloys I', Notebook, labelled ‘Structure of Alloys II,' with name and address e Notebook, labelled 'Lectures on Atomic Theory, 1961" Notebook, labelled 'Zones Lectures, 1962. W.Hume~Rothery', ‘Lectures on Ferrous Metallography and other Iron—Alloy Lectures’, Publications Thesis submitted for Part II, Honour School of Natural Science, Oxford, 1922. 'The Freezing Points. . .@ Sub-Groups! annotated copy. Correspondence "Atomic Theory for Students of Metallurgy,' Institute of Metals Monograph and Report Series, No. revisions. (see index on file cover). 3. Correspondence and notes for 'Elements of Structural Metallurgy,' Institute of Metals Mono— graph and Report Series, No. Related correspondence, 1961. 26, 'Electrons, atoms, metals and alloys,' 1963. relating to Dover edition and Japanese translation. ‘Metallurgical Equilibrium Diagrams,' with J.W. Christian and W.B. Pearson, 1952. Correspondence relating to new edition. 'The Constitution of Alloys of Gold and Mercury,' with C. Rolfe Journal of Less-Common Metals, 1967. 'The Constitution of Niobium—Cobalt Alloys,' Journal of Less~ Common Metals, 12, corrections, Ms. addition, related correspondence. ‘ 'Note on the Close—packed hexagonal phases in the later transi-— tion series,' Acta. Met., 14, 560, Miscellaneous correspondence regarding various articles and reviews. Related correspondence. 366, with J.K. Pargeter. Typescript with 1966. Draft. W.H-R. C.S.A.C. 1/73 dal (ee 118. ‘Part II.' World War. Part of Ms. lodged with W.W. Fea during Second 'The form of liquidus and solidus curves in binary alloys,' Scripta Met., 2, 271. J.W. Christian. Draft with related correspondence with 'The Structure of Metals and Alloys! Institute of Metals Mono~ graph and Report Series. edition (revised), 1954, and Fourth edition (revised), 1962 (with G.V. Menor): Fifth edition (revised),1969 (with R.E. Smallman and C.W. Haworth). Drafts and working notes. 1936. Second edition, 1944; Third ‘Structure of Metals and Alloys,’ conversation notes and related correspondence. 1966 — 68 "Structure of Metals and Alloys,' related correspondence. 1940 — 1966 ‘Structure of Metals and Alloys, correspondence relating to translation. 1955 = 1960 'The Structure of Alloys of Iron: an Elementary Introduction, * Commonwealth and International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering and Liberal Studies, 1965. Working papers and Mss. 1965 'The Structure of Alloys of Iron,' related correspondence 1958 — 70 'The Structure of Alloys of Iron,' annotated copy. 'The Structure of Metals and Alloys,' annotated copy. Correspondence with J.A. Buckley. with Professor Bryan Coles, 1965 — 68 1960 — 64 1967 1960 — 63 with Dr. Jesse 0. Betterton. Correspondence, conversation notes and annotated offprints relating to consultancy at AERE, Harwell, Correspondence etc. relating to Membership of Basic Properties of Metals Committee, Ministry of Aviation. 1966 Professor Charles Coulson#s file of correspondence with Hume—Rothery, Professor Charles Coulson's file of correspondence with Hume—Rothery. with Professor Charles A. Coulson, 1962 — 66 1954 — 68 1955 — 63 with Professor Charles A. Coulson, 1945 — 54 1945 — 54 with Dr. Larry Kaufman, W.H=Ro C.S.ACo. 1/73 with Professor D.R. Hartree. with Professor D.R. Hartree. with Volker Heine. with Professor H. Jonese with WM. Lomer. with Ashok Sinha. 9. 1932 = Sh 1932 1959 = 67 1935 = 66 1958 = 64 1966 = 67 Miscellaneous Scientific Correspondence (see list on file cover). 1956 = 68 Royal Society correspondence on nomination of Foreign Member (to be consulted only with permission of the Keeper of Western Manuscripts) o Royal Society correspondence on publications policy. Royal Society correspondence on nomination (to be consulted only with permission of the Keeper of Western Manuscripts) o Application for Royal Society grant. Correspondence re British Associatione Invitations to lecture. Correspondence with Ministry of Aviationo 1962 1961 = 6h. 1964. = 68 1966 1942 = 56 1966 = 68 1965 = 66 Miscellaneous Appointments and Awardso Technical Report on ‘Structure of Alloys of Iron‘, Photocopies of letters written to Mr. G. Hedley about the progress of Hume=Rothery's early researches in metallurgy. 'The Electronic Structure of the Transition Metals'. Report of a conference held at Abingdon, November, 1952 by Basic Properties of Metals Committee (includes article by Hume= Rothery) e 192k. = 31 W.H-R. C.S.A.C. 1/73 VIII. Index of Principal Correspondents (Numbers refer to items) ALLEN, Norman Percy, FRS ALTMANN, Simon ANDREWS, K. W. ASKILL, J. BACON, Professor Geoerge Edward BALL, Professor John Geoffrey BARNES, Re Se BETTERTON, Jesse O. BLACKMAN, Professor Moses, FRS BREWER, Professor Leo BUCKLEY, J. A. CARMICHAEL, D. CATTERALL, J. M. A. CHRISTIAN, Professor Jack W. COLES, Professor Bryan 95 106 109, 118 36, 105, 106, 131 COOPER, J. 105 141, 142, 143 DELBART, G. ELLWOOD, E. C. 150 95 121 141 EMLEY, E. Me 105,106, 132, 132a, 133, 133a EVANS, Ulick Richardson, FRS FINNISTON, Harold Montague, FRS COTTRELL, Professor Sir Alan, FRS COULSON, Professor Charles Alfred, FRS 121 GOODEVE, Sir Charles, FRS JONES, Professor Harry, FRS HODGE, Sir William, FRS GREIG, Professor James HARTREE, Professor D. Re HOWARTH, C. W. 149 141 145 =e) OB 135, 136 HEADLAM~-MORLEY, K. HEINE, Volker 80 105, 120, 106, 137 HARRISON, W. WeH-R. C.S.A.C. 1/73 KAUFMAN, Larry KOCH, Professor Carl KURTI, Professor Nicholas, FRS LEAK, G. Me LINSTEAD, Sir Reginald Patrick, FRS LOMER, W. M. LONSDALE, Dame Kathleen, FRS LUNN, Borge McCANCE, Sir Andrew, FRS MASSALSKI, Dr. MAXWELL, I. Robert MENDELSSOHN, Kurt, FRS MORROUGH, Henton FRS MOTT, B. We MOTT, Sir Neville Francis, FRS NEWBURGH, R. 134 36 142 124 149 105, 106, 36 141 105, 124 106 143 140 105, 106 POOLE, D. M. ROLFE, C. ROSSOTTI, Francis ROTHERHAM, Leonard 112 140 141 SCOTT, J. R. C. PFEIL, Leonard Bessemer, FRS 105, 132a, 120, 127 PEARSON, W. PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf, FRS P. RAYNOR, Professor Geoffrey Vincent, FRS.: 141 WALDRON, Professor M. WATERSTRAT, Richard WILLIAMS, L. R. WILLIAMS, William B. ZIMAN, Professor J. SODDY, Professor Frederick SYKES, Sir Charles, FRS SIMON, Sir Francis, FRS SMALLMAN, Professor R. 106 132a 139 106 190. 140 SKINNER, Professor H. SINHA, Ashok 140, 141 121, 113 106 143, 149 4427