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D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 BIBLIOGRAPHY This bibliography has been compiled for the catalogue from Hodgkin’s own incomplete lists (D.108) and a search of the abstract literature. Following her Ph.D. thesis has been included. the example of Hodgkin’s lists, References in the catalogue are to this bibliography in the form Bibliog. ... 1932 H.M. Powell) Layer chain structures of thallium dialkyl (with halides, Nature, Lond. 130, 131. (with J.D. Bernal) The structure of the Diel’s hydrocarbon C,, H,¢. Chemy Ind., Lond. 52, 729. (with J.D. Bernal) Crystal structure of vitamin B1 and of adenine hydrochloride. J. chem. Soc., p.716. (with J.D. Bernal) Crystalline phases of some substances studied as liquid crystals. Trans. Faraday Soc. 29, 1032. (with H.M. Powell) Crystal structures of dimethyl thallium halides. Z. Kristallogr. 87, 370. (with J.D. Bernal) X-ray crystallographic measurements on some derivatives of cardiac aglucones. Chemy Ind. 53, 953. (with J.D. 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BROWN, David B.118, B.120 A.117, E.112 - E.114, F.39 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents BRUS, Wfodzinierz BRYAN, Derek BRZEZICKI, Diane BUERGER, Martin J. BUFFA, Paolo BUFFONI, F. BUGG, Charles E. G.98, G.100 A.179, G.111, G.112 C.29 H.268, H.279 A.74, F.92 - F.94 B.302 A.174, F.156, F.157, H.293 BULGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES G.44 BULLARD, Sir Edward (Crisp) BULLARD, Giles BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS BULLOCK, Alan Louis Charles, Baron BUNN, Charles William BURCH, Cecil Reginald BURCHARDT, F.A. BURGERS, Willy Gerard A.65, A.118, A.131 G.192 G.68, G.174, G.177, G.178 G.197 C.2, H.104 A.59, B.341 - B.344, B.375 D.67, D.176 - D.178, H.38 A.204 C.134 A.64, H.268, H.272, H.278 BURTON, Michael E.13, E.34, E.36, E.37 A.113, A.115, E.5 - E.7 BUTTERFIELD, H.C. BUTTERWORTH, Alan H.280, H.281 E.46 BUSH, lan E. BUTLER, Neville BYERS, Nina BYSTROV, V.F. 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CHIEN HO CHI-HSIANG WONG CHILDREN’S MEDICAL CHARITY CHILDREN’S TELEVISION WORKSHOP CH’IN LI-SHENG CHI TE-YU CHOTHIA, Cyrus CHOU PEI-YUAN CHRISTIAN, John Wyrill (Jack) CHRISTIE, Renfrew CHU SHANG-CHUAN A.44 B.860 A.30, D.79, D.127 A.59, B.89, D.139, H.47 F37, F.132 H.287 - H.289 A.187, A.188, F.176, G.182 G.184 D.198 F.68, F.69 Balt F112 B.91 E.49, E.175, G.41, G.52 G.102 A.164 B.130 F.14 D.115 F.104 H.303 B.354, D.120 E.5 H.264 CH’U TU-NAN CLARK, G.L. CLARK, Joan R. CLARK, John K.A. COCHRAN, William CLARKE, Hans T. CLEMENTS, R.V. CLARK, V. Malcolm B.345, H.265, H.272 CLARENDON PRESS CLEMO, George Roger COCKROFT, Sir John Douglas A.74, B.546, B.547, B.551 D.171 Eo COLLER, Eleanor J., see DODSON A.74, B.72, D.65, H.48, H.80 COLLAR, Arthur Roderick B.608 G.167 B.355 B.120 F.85 H.284 H.303 COLEBROOK, Joan CO-EXISTENCE COGHILL, R.D. COHEN, M.D. COLE, Frank E. COHEN, Louis A. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents COLLIER, J.G. COLON, Angel Alberto COMRIE, L.J. CONNELLY, J. Richard CONTEMPORARY JEWISH LIBRARY CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE COOK, Arthur Herbert COOK, J.W. COOMBS, Thomas L. COOPER, Anthony COPPOLA, James Ciro COREY, Robert B. Gr7, F.24 A.59, B.359 F.66 G.105 A.196 A.65, A.74, B.346, B.347, D.120 H.273 H.49 B.116 B.847, H.50 H.51 B.90, H.184 CORNFORTH, Sir John (Warcup) (‘Kappa’) A.93, B.551, D.188, H.52 - H.54 CORNFORTH, Rita H. CORT, J.H. COSSLETT, V. Ellis H.52 See also H.53 H.128, H.129 H.269, H.296 COTZIAS, George C. COULSON, Charles Alfred COULTER, Charles L. CRAIG, Lyman C. COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon A.59, A.114, C.133, H.55 B.91, B.125, B.126, H.56 F.19 E.68 CRAIG, Barbara CRAIG, J. Kevin CRAM, D.J. CRAMER, F. C.174, C.175, D.152, H.64 COWAN, Pauline M., see HARRISON COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE AND SOCIETY A.67, B.70, B.546, C.133 - C.135 E.81, H.57, H.58, H.205 H.266 CROWFOOT, Grace Mary (Molly) B.123 B.701 pou G.192 H.273 A.88 H.70 CROSS, L.C. CROSS, Paul C. A.160, A.189 H.80A CROWFOOT, John R. CROWTHER, J.G. CRAVEN, Bryan M. CRAWFORD, James L. D.75, F.97, H.56 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents CRUICKSHANK, Durwood William John CUATRECASAS, Pedro CUSTOMS & EXCISE CUTFIELD, John F. CUTFIELD, Susan Mary CZECHOSLOVAK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES B.110, B.124, B.511, C.134 C.135, D.65, D.66, E.110, £.111 E117 b.lospe04, £195 E.159, E.164, E.172, H.59 B.122 C.69, C.120, C.121 B.132, H.60 H.61 B.103 DAILY TELEGRAPH A.43, A.213, A.214, G.22, G.130 DAINTON OF HALLAM MOORS, Frederick Sydney, Baron A.59, D.162, E.50 DAISLEY, K.W. DALE, David H. DALE, Sir Henry (Hallett) DALITZ, Richard Henry B.529 B.551, B.701, H.62 B.105, H.63, H.138 H.123 A.148, G.151 A.140, H.64 DARWIN, Cecily DASE GOWDA, H.R. DAUBEN, Carol H. A.140, B.830, H.65 DANG NGHIEM BAI DARGAY, Joyce M. DAUBENY, R.P. DAVIES, David R. DAVIES, 1.J.T. DAVIES, J.S. A.140, F.66 G.131, H.67 te. te H.66 H.66 H.276 DAVIES, Harold, Baron DAUBEN, William Garfield B.91, B.125 B.109, H.270, H.271, H.276 H.277 DEELEY, Christine DE HAEN, Christoph B.123 B.936 H.296 DAVIS, David Michael E.82 - E.85 A.54, A.59 DAYHOFF, Margaret E22, £.25 D.194 DAVIES, Mansel DAVIES, R.P.H. DAWSON, Ian M. DE BAAR, A.E. B.118 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents DELBAERE, Louis DELILAH FILMS DEMEREC, M. DENT GLASSER, L.S. DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (DSIR) DE RANGO, Colette DESIGN RESEARCH UNIT DESIRAJU, Gautam DEULOFEU, Venancio H.68 G.182 ies F.106 B.110, B.546, B.860, C.36, C.38 C.83 - C.86, C.131 - C.135 B.92 B.348 H.93 B.113, B.116 DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER NATURFORSCHER A.109, A.140, A.148, E.138 LEOPOLDINA DEVERILL, J.J.P. DHAR, D.N. DHAR, Nil Rata DIAMOND, Anne DIAMOND, R. DIEHL, Harvey F.68 H.302 H.69 B.128, B.129 B.899, E.59 B.548 DJU BO-SHEN DODSON, George Guy A.59, D.139, H.71, H.282 B.92, B.701 DIELS, O. 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Patrick DYSON, Freeman John EDMAN, Pehr A.88, B.110, B.324, B.333 C.133, E.102, F.42, H.77-H.79 H.80, H.162, H.239 B.125 B.554 G.149 H.285 H.102 EISENBERG, David ELLENBOGEN, Eric EDMOND, Eric Dobie EDMUNDS, J.G. EDSALL, John Tileston B.555, B.615, D.55, H.80, H.297 EHRENBERG, Anders EICHHORN, G.L. EISNER, Edward EKSTRAND, T. ELI LILLY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION ALBERT EINSTEIN PEACE PRIZE FOUNDATION H.80A A.50, B.93, F.90, G.182, H.143 H.214, H.272 H.285 B.549 G.31, G.175, G.176 B.128 G.106 H.271, H.272 B.360, C.117 H.270 - H.272 H.277 H.274 F.84 F.164 B.92 B.361 ELLIOTT, A. ELLIS, Frank ELSON, E. ELTON, Leonard EMDIN, Stefan EMELEUS, Harry Julius EMELYANOV, Vassili S. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA ENGEL, P. ENGELHARDT, W.A. ENGLANDER, Alois G. ENNALS, David Hedley, Baron ENRAF NONIUS LTD. ENZ, Charles P. EPSTEIN, Sir (Michael) Anthony EPSTEIN, William ESCHENMOSER, Albert Jakob ESTES, S.E. EUROPEAN NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT EVANS, Robert C. EVANS, Robert John Weston EVANS, Robert W. B.117 C.28, C.29 E.131 G.194 G.196 C.126 G.191 H.231 G.27, G.28 B.512, B.513, B.609, B.615 B.759, D.31, D.55, D.177 7, G.187, G.188 B.360, E.78, E.121, £.136 E.137, E.169, £.176, H.34 H.263 G.197 B.126 EWALD, Paul Peter FELDMAN, Richard E.137, E.138, E.139 FALK, J.E. EXCERPTA MEDICA D.76, F.102 A.140, D.64, D.66, E.135 - E.137 FAJANS, Stefan S. FALCONER, Warren FANKUCHEN, Dina FANKUCHEN, Isidor F.66 H.282 E.176, F.84, H.81, H.82 See also H.149 B.92 A.93, D.177, F.104, H.84, H.85 G.24, G.39, G.82, G.83, G.178 B.525 A.30 B.125 FEIL, Dirk FELD, B.T. B.115, B.118 G.164, G.191 FANTES, K.H. FARAGO, P. FASMAN, Gerald D. FASOLD, H. FEDOSEYEV, P.N. F.97, F.98, F.104 D.98, H.83 - H.85 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents FENDER, Brian Edward Frederick C.2, D.194 FERGUSON, George FERRANTI LTD. FIELD, David FIELDHOUSE, John FIGARO MADAME FINNEY, D.J. FINNEY, John L. FISCHMEISTER, Hellmut FISHER, Sir Henry (Arthur Pears) FLEISCHER, E. FLOREY, Howard (Walter), Baron FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron FLOYD, W-F. FODOR, Gabor FOLKERS, Karl August FOOD AND POPULATION D.131, D.174, D.176, H.86 C.134, C.135 E.18 B.514 A.45 C.130, H.268 B.554, B.759, D.88, D.134 H.272 H.43, H.45 B.486 A.99 C.89, E.19 H.269 H.268 B.353, B.515, B.589 G.174 E.38 FORD, Boris FOSSELL, Eric T. A.95, A.96, A.97, A.208 FRANCIS, Marcus FRANK, Bruce H. FOSTER, Brian FOURME, R. FOX, Alwyn H. B.120 F.155 B.99 H.268 B.361 H.265 FRANK, Sir (Frederick) Charles FORD, Sir Edward (William Spencer) F.30 A.74, C.38, D.140, E.7, E.103 H.294, H.295 FRIENDS OF BIRZEIT UNIVERSITY G.184 - G.188, G.192, G.195 B.552, B.553, G.116, H.287 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH FRIEDMANN, Herbert C. FREYCHET, Pierre FRIEDMANN, Ernst B.552, H.282, H.283 G.12, G.13 G.190, G.194, G.199 FREEMAN, Hans C. FREEZE FRIEDRICH, Wilhelm B.91, B.127 C.40, H.87, H.168 B.126 H.88 FOX, S.W. FRIMPONG, J.M. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents FRITZ, Irving B. FROHLICH, Herbert FRUTON, Joseph Stewart FRY, Sara Margery FUESS, Hartmut FULLER, Watson FULTON, John Scott, Baron FUNDER, J.B. GAADE, W. GABRIELI, Francesco GALDECKI, Z. GALE, Ernest Frederick GALSTON, Arthur W. B.121, B.122, F.61, F.62 B.124, B.125, H.294 F.121, H.270, H.288 A.55 B.91, B.121, B.132, C.142 D.194 A.98 B.106 C.38, C.44, D.122 G.90 F.67 B.114 - B.116 F.84, G.115 H.89 GANGULY, Ashit K. GARCIA-BLANCO, S. GARRATT, John GAY, R. GERLIS, Laurence F.93, F.94 D.64, F.103 E.182 B.115, B.119 GEE, Geoffrey GEMIGNANI, G. G.29 fer, H.162 GEORGAKIS, loannis GARWIN, Richard L. GARDNER, Richard L. GIACOMELLO, Giordano GHANA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES B.546 GIBSON, John F. GIEGE, Richard F.154 G.197 H.293 H.274 GINSBURG, David GIBBS, Sir Geoffrey G.91 B.258 G.37 C.37 C.173 H.216, H.217 E.66, F.44 GITTUS, Elizabeth GILLETT, Nicholas GILMAN, Henry GIBBS, Norman H. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents GLAZER, Mike GLUSKER (née PICKWORTH), Jenny GODTFREDSEN, W.O. GOGGIN, Peter GOLDBERGER, M.L. GOLDSACK, D. GOMORY, R.E. GOODENOUGH, J.B. GOODWIN, E.T. GOPAL, S. GORBACHEV, Mikhail Sergeyevich GOSIOROVSKY, Milos GOUGOUTAS, J. Zanos GOVINDACHARI, T.R. GOWENLOCK, Brian G. E.59 A.140, B.516, F.142, H.64 H.90 - H.92, H.191 See also A.184 H.282 E.17, E.34, E.35, E.37, H.261 H.262 G.149 B.116 F.84 C.56 B.361 G.159, G.166, H.93 See G.31 F.21 B.934 H.281 B.877, H.94 GRDENIC, Drago GOWING, Margaret Mary A.196, D.88, H.80A GRANT, P.T. GRANT, Willis GRAY, Peter GRAYSTON, Kenneth H.97 G.7, G.8 A.25 B.94 E.6 H.59 Esly A.110, A.140, B.872, D.75 E.113, F.36, F.101, H.95, H.117 GREENAWAY, Frank GREENPEACE GREENWOOD, N.N. GRUNEBERG, Hans GUINIER, André G.87 E.101, E.106 - E.108, £.112 E.113, E.154, E.158, E.159 E.174, F.86 GUTTERIDGE, William F. GULLAND, John Masson GUTFREUND, Herbert F.14 H.97 B.125 GUNN, Edith M. GUSS, Jules Mitchell H.44, H.294 A.59, H.57 B.95, B.143, E.14 GUTTE, B. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents HAAS, David Jean HAGG, Gunnar HAGGETT, Peter HAHN, Theo HAIDER, Z. HALES, C.N. HALL, David HALL, Sydney S. HALLAS-M@LLER, K. HALPERIN, Israel HAMBLING, Maggi HAMILTON, Sir Frederic Howard HAMILTON, Mary Alice (Molly), Lady HANDLEY ASHKEN, M. HANIC, Frantisek HANSON, F.B. B.117 A.74, C.36, F.11, F.75, H.115 A.154, E.23, E.24 E.102, E.105, E.106, E.108 F.79 B.117 B.550, B.701, H.72 B.112 F.10 A.52, G.191, G.195, G.196 H.302 A.205 A.160 A.160 B.122, B.124 F.21 B.357, B.358, C.67, C.68, C.72 HAO WANG A.91, B.130 H.98 B.360, E.74, H.100 HAROLD, Franklin M. HARRISON, Brian B.121, D.139 H.278 HARKER, David HARLE, Robert A. HARLECH TELEVISION HARDMAN, Karl HARGREAVES, A. HARPER, Terry HARRIS, Guy HARDGROVE, George L. B.111 D.198 B.936 HARDING (née AITKEN), Marjorie M. B.111, B.132, B.221, B.936 D.173, H.99 F.18 HARRISON (née COWAN), Pauline May HARRISON, Harvey Robert H.278, H.281 G.118, G.121 A.112, D.163 F.90, F.91 HARTE, Robert A. HARTKE, Werner HARRISON, Steve HART, Tony A.13 H.101 G.192 B.552 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents HARTLEY, Sir Harold (Brewer) A.60, A.65, A.69, A.74, B.546 H.306 HARTLEY, Sir Percival HASSALL, C.H. HASSAN, Mohamed H.A. HASSAN, Mustafa HAUPTMAN, Herbert HAUROWITZ, Felix HAVINGA, E. HAWKES, Jacquetta HAY, Alastair HAYNER, Anne HEILBRON, Sir lan (Morris) HEIN, W.H. HEINEMANN, Margot HEINRICH, H.C. HELLER, H. A.60, H.267 H.281, H.282 maAlrare F.51 F.90, H.275, H.277 F.19, H.279 H.275 A.175, A.176 G.119, G.125, G.126, H.326 G.10 A.60, B.36, H.264 F.50 D155 B.549, B.573 D.144 HELLMAN, Martin E. HENDERSON, J.G. HIGHAM, Norman HENRIQUES, Ursula HERMANN, Carl HERRALD, F.J.C. HESBURGH, T.M. HETEROCYCLES C.37, D.65, D.66, E.105 HENRY, Norman F.M. B.351, B.352 G.9, G.10 HILGER & WATTS LTD. HENDRICKS, Sterling B. HETHERINGTON, Sir Hector (James Wright) H.296 HIMSWORTH, Sir Harold (Percival) HINSHELWOOD, Sir Cyril (Norman) HIRSCH, Sir Peter (Bernard) HIRST, J. HITE, G. See H.279 A.60, A.63 D.124 D.73 E.8 H.157 F.90, F.91 HILL, Robert (Robin) HODDER, O. John R. HODGES, Andrew P. B.934, C.112, C.113 D.87, H.269 G.193 B.552 H.306 G.21 H.268 A.88, C.143 B.761, H.104 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents HODGKIN, Sir Alan (Lloyd) HODGKIN, Edward HODGKIN, (Prudence) Elizabeth HODGKIN, Thomas Lionel HODGSON, Derek J. HOFFMAN, Alan J. HOFFMANN-LA ROCHE INC. HOLLINS, Peter J. HOLMAN, Anna Eveleth HOMAN, J.D.H. HOOD, Christobel HOPF, Barbara HOPPE, Walter HOSKINS, Bernard F. HOSOYA, Sukeaki A.60, A.65, D.61, F.68, G.103 H.231 A.158 F.179 D.88, D.155 See also H.23 F.126 H.217 H.6 B.128 H.263 B.111 A.60 B.551 B.108, B.550, B.551, F.23, F.43, F.165 H.105, H.153 B.552 HUBBARD, R.E. F.61, F.62, H.107A HUMPHREYS, O.W. B.125, E.152, F.77, H.106 E.59, H.107 HOSPITAL, Michel HOVI, Vaind HOWARTH, W.D. HUGGINS, Maurice L. HUGHES, Edward W. HUGHES, George M. F.13 E.8 B.553 HOWE, Robert H.L. HOWELL, Simon L. B.114 - B.116 B.131, B.263 HUBER (née SAUNDERSON), Carol P. HOWARD (née DUCKWORTH), Judith A.K. HUDDLESTON, Most Rev. (Ernest Urban) Trevor Bur O7e fa HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES A.65 F.110 B.762 G.190, G.197 B.107, H.265 Sa Sak: G.183, G.197 HUGHES, R. HULME, Ralph H.270 E.77, H.307 HUME-ROTHERY, William C.41, E.175, F.9, H.108 HUSH, Noel Sydney HUSIMI, K. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents HUSSEIN, Saddam HUTCHESON, Wendy HUTCHINSON, A. HUTCHISON, Clyde A. HUXLEY, Sir Andrew (Fielding) HUXLEY, Hugh Esmor See G.195 F.97 D.99 F.16 E.48, E.187 H.109, H.192 IBALL, John IBERS, James ILIESCU, lon IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (ICI) INDIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES INDIAN WOMEN SCIENTISTS’ ASSOCIATION ING, Harry Raymond B.363, D.191, H.109A, H.232 H.322 E.64, E.105, H.286 G.34 B.349, B.375, B.549, B.553 C.118, E.75 A.120, E.70, F.128 A.129, F.118 H.268 H.273, H.274 CRIMES IN INDOCHINA SCIENCES IN DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE FOR WORLD ORDER INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS A.50, E.71 - E.99 INGOLD, C.U. INGRAM, David INNES, Maureen INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE STUDIES B.546 B.363 G.10 G.176 B.118 INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR CHILD STUDIES INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY INTO ISRAELI CRIMES AGAINST THE LEBANESE AND PALESTINIAN PEOPLES G.181, G.189 E.112, £.113, £.114, £.174 E175 INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY INTO US INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR ENVIRONMENT AND INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC UNIONS INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR CHEMICAL DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL DIABETES FOUNDATION G.139, G.141 E.46 G.14 F.102 G.120 D.198 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents INTERNATIONAL UNION OF CRYSTALLOGRAPHY INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL IRVINE, Dennis ISAACS, Neil William ISLER, O. IYANAGA, S. JACKSON, George JAGODZINSKI, Heinz JAMES, Michael Norman George JEFFREY, G.A. (‘Jeff’) E.100 - £.121, £.123, £.128 E.129, E.133, E.135 - £.139 E.142 -E.144, £.149 E.153 - £.162, E.164, E.165 £074, E5175; E76 G.114 H.285 B.127, B.129, H.110 B.116 F.25 F.19 E.106, £.112, £.157 - £.159 H.298, H.322, H.323 B.124, B.366, F.61, H.111 H.112 E.171, H.51, H.113, H.309 JENKINS, Felicity B.113, C.39, C.47, E.102, F.95 B.105, H.114 A.74, A.140, F.10, F.53, H.35 H.302 JOHNSON, Louise Napier JENKINS, Right Rev. David Edward A.172 JENSEN, Lyle H. JENSEN, H. JOHNSON, Carroll JOHNSON, John D. JERSLEV, Bodil JIA-HUAI WANG C.29, C.30 A.153 JOHNSON, Alan Woodworth JENKINS OF HILLHEAD, Roy Harris, Baron B.517, B.567, B.573, B.578 D.31, F.41, H.273, H.276, H.282 D.119 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY JONES, Sir Ewart (Ray Herbert) (‘Tim’) JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY JOSEPH, Keith Sinjon, Baron F.104 H.275 A.188 F.60 G.172 JONES, Richard JORDAN, Pascual B.189, B.199 E.13, E.69 D.144 JOHNSTON, C. Conrad JOLIOT, Jean Frédéric A.74, C.2, E.67, F.147, H.53 J@RGENSEN, Klaus B.127 H.269 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents JOYCE, LOEBL & CO. LTD. JUST DEFENCE C.123 G.180, G.184, G.189, G.191 G.193 KALCKAR, Herman KALMAN, A. KAMENAR, Boris KAMPER (née HARRISON), M.uJ. KAPITZA, Sergei P. KAPLAN, Martin KARLE, Isabella L. KARLE, Jerome KARPLUS, Martin F.38 C.45, F.65 A.140, D.75, H.117 B.547, H.118 A.91 G.22 - G.35, G.41, G.44, G.52 G.54, G.58, G.59, G.61, G.62 G.68 - G.72, G.76 - G.80 G.81 - G.83, G.90, G.91 F.104, H.294 A.89, A.90, E.109, H.275, H.277 B.125 KASS, Edward H. KASS, Lawrence KATO, Norio KAY, Cyril M. H.303 See also H.305 B.554 G.21 A.140, B.110, B.117, B.118 B.120 D.124 C.174, E.18 KATSOYANNIS, P.G. KAUZMANN, Walter KEAY, Ronald William John KATCHALSKI-KATZIR, Ephraim KEARTON, Christopher Frank, Baron A.140, E.100 - E.102, E.119 E.120, E.154, E.158, E.161 E.174, F.70, F.71, H.288 £3175) h.122)6.119 KENDREW, Sir John (Cowdery) A.93, B.88, B.302, E.33, E.119 F.81 G.149 A.111 KELLER, Joseph B. KEMBALL, Charles KELLAR, J.N. KELLER, Andrew B.127 H.264 E.79 - E.81 KECK, Klaus KEKWICK, Ralph Ambrose C.63, E.49, E.54, G.119 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents KENNARD, Olga (Lady Bergen) KENNEDY, Ann F. KENNER, George Wallace KENT, Bruce KERR, K.A. KEYNES, Richard Darwin KIBBLE, Thomas Walter Bannerman KIDWAI, A.J. KILEY, James E. KIMURA, Kenjiro KING, Frederick Ernest KING, Geoffrey KING, Harold KING, J.N. B.129, B.608, B.934, F.107 H.120, H.168, H.330 H.121 B.934, B.935, H.162, H.290 G.184 F.61, F.62 E.13, H.301 G.33, G.106, G.108, G.161 B.114, B.117, B.118 F.38 F.25 H.270, H.282 H.276 A.60, B.351, B.352, H.122 H.269 A.140, E.100 -E.106, £E.108-E.120 E.133, £.135-E.139, £.142-£.144 E.155 -£.161, £.164, £.171, £.174 B5175,-6:1:76;.6-70)441.34 KIRZ, Janos KLEIDERER, E.C. E.23 - E.26, H.330 C.47, G.24, G.149 H.123 B.361 F.38 KLUG, Harold P. KLYNE, William KNOX, James KOCHAR, S. KLOTZ, Irving M. KLUG, Sir Aaron H.292, H.293 H.268, H.269 KNOWLES, Jeremy Randall KISTIAKOWSKY, George Bogdan KINGMAN, Sir John (Frank Charles) A.165 KORNBERG, Sir Hans (Leo) KON, Stanislaw Kazimeierz KOFOD, Helmer KOLASKAR, A.S. B.115 F.90, H.124 KOETZLE, Thomas F. A.60, H.125 B.546 A.131, D.149 F.79 H.278 F.53 F.128. B.123 - B.125, B.128 H.269, H.271, H.273 KOENIG, Donald F. KON, G.A.R. KOSTOVA, Maria D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 index of correspondents KOTELNIKOV, V.A. KRATKY, Otto KRAUT, Joseph KREBS, Sir Hans (Adolf) KRETSINGER, Robert Harvey KRISHNAMURTI, V. KRISHNAN, R.S. KRYSTEVA, Milka A. KRYSZEWSKI, M. KUHN, Hans KUMBAR, Mahaderappa KUNDU, D.N. KURTI, Nicholas KYBERNETES F.89 A.145, B.119, B.120, H.126 B.123 C.182, H.274 H.292, H.293 Ese B.934, H.243 B.125 H.14 B.122, B.551 B.127 F.78 A.65, C.174, G.7, G.111, H.234 G.102 LABQUIP LAMPITT, L.H. LANCET LAW, John C.125 H.276 G.197 B.549 E.155, E.186 G.176, G.177 LANGE, Rainer H. LATIES, Alan M. LAVAKARE, P.J. L’ANNUNZIATA, R LANG, Andrew Richard LANSBURY HOUSE TRUST FUND B.120, B.124 - B.127, B.131 C.50, F.130 H.263 LEFEBVRE, Yvonne LEFEVRE, R.J.W. LEAGUE FOR DEMOCRACY IN GREECE LAZARUS, Norman R. LE QUESNE, Mary B.122 B.111 G.173 B.365 D.142 H.92 F.445 A.43 Bae B.604 fOr LECLERC Marc LEE, J. Alfred LEE, Michael J. LEE, Milton O. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 index of correspondents LEGAY, J.M. LEGGETT, Jeremy LEGGETT BAILEY, John LEMAL, David M. LENCI, Francesco LENHERT, P. Galen LEUTE, Richard LEVINTHAL, Cyrus LEVY, Henri A. LEWIS, Jack, Baron LEWIS, J.P. LEWITOVA, Anita, see BENTLEY LIANG DONG-CAI LIANG-LI LIANG TUNG-TSAI LIEBAU, F. LINDERSTRQM-LANG, Kaj Ulrik G.179 Gif, H.269 F.125 G.191 B.518, B.519, B.761 B.123 B.110, B.111 H.294 C.49 H.278 A.140, F.135, F.148 F.151, H.302 B.116, E.186, F.107, H.130 E.150 H.131 LINEK, Allan LINDLEY, Hugh LINDOP, Patricia LINDSAY, David Gordon B.109 G.112 H.132 H.134 F.176 B.701 LINDSEY (née BROOMHEAD), June M. A.205, B.546, B.555, B.567 H.133 LINNELL, John C. LINNETT, John Wilfrid LINSTEAD, Sir Reginald (Patrick) LIPSCOMB, William Nunn B.518, F.98 A.60, B.365, D.158, E.73, E.74 E.172, G.28, G.33, H.17, H.136 H.137, H.319 A.60, A.88, B.636, C.132, D.72 D573; E:77; E:82, F.14 H.138 - H.140 A.73, B.119, F.9, F.84, F.90 F.95, H.135 LONGUET-HIGGINS, Hugh Christopher LONSDALE, Thomas J. LOVE, Warner E. D.61 - D.66, D.72 LIPSON, Henry Solomon LLEWELLYN, D.R. LONSDALE, Dame Kathleen H.270, H.271 H.72 H.277 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents LOW, Barbara Wharton LOWE, Gordon LUCE, Richard LU JIAXI LUKASZEWICZ, Kazimierz LUKES, Steven LUKES, Tom LUTTKE, Wolfgang LUYT, Sir Richard (Edmonds) LUZZATI, Vittorio LWOFF, André Michel LYNCH, Patrick LYNEN, Feodor LYTHGOE, Basil A.60, A.141, B.96, B.359, B.365 C.130, H.108, H.141 - H.143 B.921, C.180, H.144 G.182, G.183, G.186 E.187, F.135, F.148 E.142, £.143, E.144, £.145 E.158 G.176, G.177 E15 B.847, B.877, H.145 G.182, G.183 H.146 G.174, G.175 D.155 H.281 H.275 MacBRIDE, Sean MACDONALD, D. Keith C. MacGILLAVRY, Carolina H. H.299 MACKAY, Maureen Florence MACINTYRE, lain MACKAY, Alan MACKENZIE, M.A. MCLACHLAN, D. G.184, G.186 C.38, H.271 MACFARLANE, Robert Gwyn H.43 A.64, A.74, E.13, E.137, F.31 H.147 F.105 D.85, D.134, H.276 A.140, H.148 E.67 B.350 G.120, G.122 - G.129, G.142 H.268, H.269 H.276 A.74, B.524, B.531 H.217 E.49, E.50, E.54 McQUILLIN, MACRAE, T.F. MACK SMITH, Denis MADDOCK, Sir leuan McMICHAEL, Joan K. McOMIE, John F.W. MADDOX, John (Royden) D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents MAGNELI, Arne MAIN, Peter MAJOR, John MALINS, John MANDEL, M. MANDELA, Nelson Rolihlahia MANDELSTAM, Joel MANDERS, C.R.S. MANI, N.V. MANLEY, Gordon MANN, Frederick George A.83, A.88, A.89, A.90, E.118 E.119, E.139, E.161, E.162 E7ove 13. 75, la H.149 B.111 See G.197 F.64 55 See G.197 H.284 F.25, F.26 B.701 H.277 H.292 MANSFIELD COOPER, Sir William A.71, D.180 MANTON, Irene MARCHESSAULT, R.H. MARGOLIASH, E. H.291 B.364 F.38 F.59 B.362 F.121 A.152, E.26, G.34, H.305 A.131, D.62, D.65 MARK, H. MARSHAK, Alfred MARSHALL, Garland R. MARKOV, M.A. MAROIS, Maurice MARGOULIES, M. MARGREITER, H. MARKS, H.P. MARSH, R.E. MARTINEZ-CARRERA, S. H.263 E.153 H.150 B.120 MARTIN, Sir David (Christie) F.46, F.48, F.57, F.73, F.86 F.166, F.168, F.170, F.174 E.157, E.158, E.159, H.154 B.128, B.129, E.103, E.104 E.106, E.107, E.108, E.109 B.552, B.618, C.42, H.283 H.309 B.552, B.899, H.151, H.152 MATHIESON, Alexander McL. D.64 H.139 H.305 MARTIUS, Ursula MASLEN, Edward N. MASON, Joan MASON, Sir Ronald MASON, Sax A. C.142, C.143, H.153 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents MATTHEWS, F.W. MATTHEWS, Paul Taunton MATTICE, Wayne L. MAURI, Carlo MAXWELL, (lan) Robert MAXWELL FYFE, Sir David MAYER, Susan MEDAWAR, Sir Peter (Brian) MEDICAL AID COMMITTEE FOR VIETNAM (later MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC AID FOR VIETNAM, LAOS AND KAMPUCHEA) E.173 A.137 B.125 F.93, F.94 D.125, F.114, G.85 Pit E.18 A.60, G.26 G.122 - G.135 MEDICAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE PREVENTION OF WAR G.177, G.178 MEDICAL CAMPAIGN AGAINST NUCLEAR WEAPONS G.180, G.185, G.191, G.192 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL MEGAW, Helen D. MEHROTRA, R.C. MELLOR, D.P. B.112, B.351, B.352, B.363 B.548 A.93, D.190, H.155 F.119 B.549, B.701, H.156 MENDEL, Herman D.14, F.31, H.157, H.158 MENDEZ, Oscar L. F.152, H.159, H.160 See G.175 MENSAH, I.A. MERCK & CO., INC. MESELSON, Matthew MENKIN, Valy MENON, M.G.K. G.29 F.52 B.353 D.169 F.24 H.269 MERCOLA, Daniel Anthony MERLYN-REES, Merlyn, Baron MENDELSSOHN, Kurt Alfred Georg MERRISON, Sir Alexander Walter (Alec) D.62, D.64, D.65, D.66, H.161 A.113, A.115, A.131, A.154 E.6, E.20 - E.23, E.32, E.34, E.35 METROPOLITAN-VICKERS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD. G.177 C.115 H.268 F.158 G.177 A.36 MEUNIER, P. MEYER, B.A. MEYER, Edgar MIAO FANG-MING MIHOC, Gheorghe H.274, H.275 B.119, B.552, B.615 MILLAR, I.T. MILLEDGE, H. Judith D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents MILLER, H.M. MILLER, Jane A. MILLS, Owen S. MILNER, R.T. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION MINISTRY OF INFORMATION MINISTRY OF SUPPLY MISHRA, R.K. MISOGUCHI, Dorothy C.67, C.68, C.72 F.162 B.881, H.162 B.355 C.35 B.358 B.358, B.359, C.68, C.116 H.282 F.26 MITCHELL, Sir (Edgar) William (John) B.608, C.142, C.143 MITCHELL, J.W. MIYAKE, Shizuo MOGGRIDGE, R.C.G. MOGLICH, Friedrich MOINAT, Pierre MOORE, Francis Hugh C.38 E.133, E.174, F.71 H.264 H.269 B.124 A.140, B.520, B.521, B.608 B.609, B.759, H.163, H.164 A.205 C.71 E.18, E.19 MOORE, Henry MOORE, Richard D. MOORE, Stanford MOORE, Will MORF, Rudolf MORRIS, Ben MORRIS, Charles MORRIS, Howard R. MORRIS, Shirley J. A.52, D.148 Ee /e6 MORISON, R.S. MORRELL, Jack B:11:7, B.118 A.118, H.273 A.211 B.129 H.277 MORAWETZ, Herbert A.60, A.167, A.189, D.168 MORSE, Sir Christopher Jeremy MOSHINSKY, Marcos MURPHY, Randall B. MURPHY, William P. A.67 H.295 B.111 F.74 F2 E.74 MOTHES, Kurt MULLER, H.J. B.127, B.128 A.89, F.84 MURRAY, Elizabeth A.109, A.197, F.49 MULLINS, L. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents MURRAY, Rosemary MURRAY-RUST, Peter MYRDAL, Alva NABI, Syed Nurun NADJAKOV, G. NAGAMIYA, Takeo NARAY-SZABO, lI. NARDELLI, Mario NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES F.131 H.297 B.131 C.44 F.96 A.117, A.118, B.360, E.157 E.182, G.105, G.187, G.189 G.190, G.191, G.193, G.197 NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF A.196 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTISTS NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH IN DAIRYING B.855 - B.857 NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY A.205 NAYLER, J.H.C. B.363, B.364, B.366 NEEDHAM, Dorothy Mary Moyle E.69, G.10 D.148 NEEDHAM, Joseph NEILANDS, J.B. NESTINGEN, Lyle E. A.61, D.90, H.166 A.61, D.86, H.166 B.363, B.855 - B.857 B.899 - B.902, C.122 NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NATIONAL UNION OF STUDENTS NATIONAL UNION OF TEACHERS B.532, B.549, B.573, B.872 B.935, B.936, D.56, D.74, D.90 D.116 E.117, G.144 NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES NEWNHAM COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE H.280 B.115 E.67 B.115 UAL A.44 A.142 NEU, Eva NEVE, R.W.J. NEW YORK TIMES NEW YORKER D.122, D.123 B.115, B.532 NATURE NEW SCIENTIST NGAYEN VAN HOANG D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents NIBLETT, W. Roy NICKLESS, G. NJOKU, L., see NZOKOU NKRUMAH, Kwame NOCKOLDS, Clive Edmund E.15 H.261, H.262 G.37 B.531, H.168 NOEL-BAKER, Philip John, Baron : A.88 NORMAN, Anthony W. NORMAN, Sir Richard (Oswald Chandler) NORTH, Anthony Charles Thomas NOVAK, Grga NOWACKI, W. NUCLEAR WARFARE TRIBUNAL NUFFIELD FOUNDATION NYBURG, S.C. NYE, John Frederick NYHOLM, Sir Ronald (Sydney) H.169 G.29 D.190 F.36 F.56, H.170 G.194 A.42, C.97 - C.100, E.37 F.61, H.277 E.15 B.548, D.21, D.61, D.62,E.64 H.161, H.171 NZOKOU, Lazare A.174, A.175, H.172 OLIVER, R. H.303 OFFENHARTZ, B. A.42, A.44, A.206 O’BRIEN, Conor Cruise O’CONNELL, James O’CONNOR, Brian H. OBSERVER ODELL, W.D. A.177, F.30 G.185, G.195 A.140, B.522, B.755, H.285 H.296 OFFICE OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, B.354 ALEXANDER S. ONASSIS PUBLIC BENEFIT FOUNDATION G.91 OLLIS, William David G.192 H.284 H.301 B.553, B.554 C.26, C.141 OGAWA, Iwao OH, Yow-Lam OLBY, Robert C. OLESEN, Henrik C.44, C.46 B.551 WASHINGTON D.C. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents ONCLEY, J. Lawrence OOI, Tatsuo OPFELL, Olga ORDWAY, Fred. D. ORGANON INSTRUMENTS LTD. ORGEL, Leslie Eleazer ORVILLE-THOMAS, W.J. OSAKI, Kenji OSTER, Gerald OTTESEN, Martin OUGHTON, Beryl, see RIMMER OVCHINNIKOV, Yuri A. OVERMANN, Ronald J. OWEN, Maureen OWSTON, Phillip George H.143 B.123, B.124 A.50, A.51 H.269 C.110 B.546, B.549 H.226 H.173 H.269 H.247, H.289 A.127, B.121, F.124, F.140 F.167 See also H.303 B.365 H.302 H.151 P’AN CH’UN PAPANDREOU, Andreas E.63, F.25, F.26 B.333, H.274, H.276, H.280 PAIN, Roger H. PALMER, Kenneth J. PAGAN, Francis PAGE, James Ernest A.168 B.122 H.268 See G.91 A.118 PARKES, Sir Edward (Walter) PICKERING, Sir George White PARK, Daphne Margaret Sybil Désirée, Baroness B.847, F.127 PATON, Sir William (Drummond Macdonald) PATTERSON, Elizabeth Knight PATTERSON, Arthur Lindo A.46, A.47, A.153, C.175, C.177 E.69 H.271 Rot hey G.34 B.116 PASCU, loan PATON, David B.106, H.174 - H.176 F.54, F.142, H.175 PARSONS, Jonathan PARTHASARATHI, Ashok PAUL, lain C. C.32, C.33 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents PAUL, Sukla PAULING, Linus Carl PAULING, Peter Jeffress PAVEL, I. PAWELKIEWICZ, Jerzy PEACOCK, P.R. PEAKIN, F.H. PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf (Ernst) PEKERIS, C.L. PEEKERE: PENGUIN BOOKS LTD. PENTZ, M.J. PEPINSKY, Ray PERLMAN, D. PERLMANN, Gertrude E. F.131 B.359, F.9, F.104, H.177, H.178 See also H.90, H.141 G.172, H.177 B.204 B.550, H.281, H.290 B.107 B.112 G.22 B.553, B.554 F.27. G.185, G.186 G.2, G.22, G.106, G.108 C.132, H.179, H.214 F.38, F.40 A.75, F.34, H.275, H.276 PERSSON (née ASTBURY), Maureen B.701 PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand H.269 H.263 A.88, A.90, C.68, D.65, D.88 D.90, D.100, E.135, F.122 G.105, G.178, H.34, H.180 - H.183 C.175 B.936 A.61, D.149, H.296 B.115, B.116 PESTELL, Catherine PESTKA, Sidney PETERSON, S.W. PETROV, V. PFEIFFER, E.W. PHAM VAN BACH B.566 GilAt5 G.117 PHILLIPS, Sir David (Chilton) PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) A.176, H.270 B.119, B.547, B.552, C.2,C.27 C.28, C.34, C.41, C.42, C.45 C.179, C.182, E.59, F.106, F.107 F.113, G.193, H.184, H.327 PICKWORTH, Jenny, see GLUSKER PIPPARD, Sir (Alfred) Brian PILLAI, S.C. PILLING, Diana B.552 G.100 PHILLIPS, D.M.P. PHILPOT, J. St. L. A.67, B.546 - B.548, B.551 PIRIE, Antoinette (‘Tony’) D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents PIRIE, Norman Wingate (‘Bill’) PISK, Krunoslav PITT, Sir Harry (Raymond) PITT, Valerie PITTMAN, James A. PLACK, P.A. PLATTNER, PI.A. POHL, F.M. POLANYI, John Charles POLJAK, Roberto J. POLLOCK, Martin Rivers POMERAT, Gerard R. POPE, Gerald Seaton POPOV, E. POPOVA, Yana B.293, H.267 G.197 A.107 B.132 F.156 H.276 H.269 B.119 G.34 H.243, H.326 H.290, H.292 C.73 - C.77, C.79 B.855 - B.857, B.860, H.185 Bit21;:B3122 B.554, F.139 PORRITT, Sir Jonathan (Espie) Bt. G.190, G.194, H.261 PORTER, George, Baron A.131, D.176, E.65, E.177 E.187, G.9 B.525, B.566 POST, Ben PRASAD, J. Shashidhara F.137 F.34 D.175, G.137 C.34, C.44, C.98, C.133, C.135 A.114, D.140, G.39 PORTER, Polly PORTER, Rodney Robert POWELL, Cecil Frank POWELL, Herbert Marcus POWELL Isobel PRAISSMAN, Mel PRATT, John M. PRESS, Frank B.110, B.111 H.186, H.330 A.61, A.69, A.114, B.566, D.14 PORTER, Joseph William Geoffrey B.130 A.151, G.22 - G.35, G.39, G.41 G.44, G.52, G.54, G.58, G.59, G.61 G.62, G.67 - G.72, G.76 - G.80 G.81 - G.83, G.90, G.91, G.161 PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD PRINGLE, John William Sutton B.553 E.182, G.193 PROUDFOOT, Mary PROUT, Charles Keith A.61 C.56 B.119 C.34, C.56, C.182, H.283 PTITSYN, Oleg Borisovich AFFAIRS PULLETS, John D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents PULLMAN, Bernard PUSEY, Nathan M. PYKE, Magnus Alfred QUINN, Charles M. RABIN, Yitzhak RADHAKRISHNAN, N. RADHAKRISHNAN, Sir Sarvepalli RADIO DELLA SVIZZERA ITALIANA RAHMAN, Inam RAISTRICK, Harold RAMACHANDRAN, Gopalasamudram Narayana B.118, B.365, B.921 A.108 A.134 See G.21 F.128 G.166 G.46 Eve H.187 B.608, F.37, H.188, H.189 H.241 F.78 H.189 A.61, H.192 H.330 B.363 RAMAKRISHNAN, Alladi RAMAN, Srinivasa RAMASESHAN, Sivaraj (Siv) C.106, C.107, F.102, H.293 RANDALL, Sir John (Turton) RANDLE, Sir Phillip (John) RAPSON, Harry David Coleman RAO, Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra B.110, B.555, B.608, B.627 E.70, E.105 - E.108, E.110 E.142, E.143, F.37, F.78, F.106 F.117, F.128, H.190, H.191 F.120 A.141, D.67, E.100 - E.120 E.135 - £.139, E.143, £.144 E.154 - £.161, £.164, £.171 B.174; E.1:75, £.176; 5at3 F.114 REES, Merlyn, see MERLYN-REES REES, Edward REES, Lesley H. H.306 H.282 G.194 RAYNOR, John Barrie REAGAN, Ronald See G.31, G.54 RASMUSSEN, Svend Erik RAYNER, J.H. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents REICH, Edward REICHSTEIN, Tadeus REINER, L. B.115 H.268 B.107, H.266 RESEARCH. A JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND ITS F.5 APPLICATIONS RESEARCH AND CONTROL INSTRUMENTS LTD. REYNOLDS, Thelma RICH, Alexander RICHARDS, A.N. RICHARDS, Frederic Middlebrook RICHARDS, Sir Rex (Edward) RICHARDS, W. Graham RICHMOND, Sir John (Christopher Blake) RICHTER, F. RIESER, Leonard M. RILEY, Dennis Packer RIMEL, Anita RINGIER SWISS ILLUSTRATED C.124 C.36 C.41, E.63, E.137, G.37, H.284 H.287, H.297 B.354 F.38, F.84, H.303, H.310 A.141, A.205, C.180 C.2 G.19 H.195 F.125 H.196 D.85, D.86, D.87, D.88, E.180 H.268 H.198 ROBERTSON, John Monteath ROBINSON, Frank Arnold ROBERTS, K.C. ROBERTSON, John Harry RIVA DI SANSEVERINO, Lodovico A.141, H.197 A.24 RIMMER (née OUGHTON), Beryl E.114, F.95, F.96, F.168, F.169 F.170 A.50, A.141, B.523, B.567 B.636, B.688, B.689, B.929 D.179, F.106, F.107, H.199 H.266 A.65, B.114, B.115, B.358, E.67 H.266, H.267, H.273 A.61, C.44, D.61, D.62, D.66 E.189, H.200 G.111 G.22 E.13 H.163 A.89, A.93, B.361, H.201 - H.203 ROBINSON, F.C. ROBINSON, G.M. ROBINSON, Joan ROBINSON, J.P. ROBINSON, Peter ROBINSON, P.L. F.25 H.263, H.268 ROBINSON, Sir Robert RODD, Ernest H. D.117, D.131, H.204 G.34, H.303, H.328 B.109, B.860, B.864, C.136 H.151, H.205 G.34 B.847, C.41, C.47, C.48 H.270 A.53 E.18, G.119, G.177, G.195 H.290 B.317, D.101, H.206 C.63, C.68 G.123 B.97, B.98, F.39, F.95, F.96 H.3, H.207, H.210 G.23, G.24, G.29, G.32, G.55 G.67, G.81, G.84, G.85 G.28 F.35 A.107 A.105, D.121, D.127, E.65 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents ROGERS, Barbara Wharton, see LOW ROGERS, Donald ROGERS, Rita R. ROGERS-LOW, Barbara Wharton, see LOW ROLLETT, John Sydney ROMAN, Petra ROMERS, C. ROOKSBY, Harold Percy ROSE, Hilary ROSE, Steven Peter Russell ROSENHEIM, O. ROSS, Sir (William) David ROSSDALE, Michael ROSSMAN, Michael George ROTBLAT, Joseph C.41, E.177 A.122, D.155, E.178 ROYAL INSTITUTION ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY ROWNY, Edward L. ROY, Maurice ROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY ROYAL AUSTRALIAN CHEMICAL INSTITUTE ROYAL SOCIETY A.58, A.65, A.68, A.127, A.130 A.135, B.82, B.551, B.661, C.25 C.26, C.30, C.33, C.39, C.44 C.57 - C.63, C.65, C.66, C.87 D.21, D.23, D.61, D.63, D.64, D.66 D.73, D.85, D.86, D.117, D.125, D.139, D.169, E.127, E.128, £.130 E:131,E.179 - 6.187, F.57/F.25 F.36, F.49, F.51, F.69, G.85 G.119, G.164 ROYLE (née CROWFOOT), Diana (Dilly) ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE RUBINSTEIN, Yael RUDERMAN, Malvin RUDINGER, J. A.132, A.137, D.147 A.156, A.157 A.111 G.194 G.149 H.274 A.46, A.47, A.136, A.139, E.67 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents RUETE, Hans Hellmuth RUMANOVA, Iskra M. RUMBALL (née SHEAT), Sylvia RUPLEY, John A. RUSSELL, Bertrand Arthur William, 3rd Earl Ei E.186, H.208 A.141, H.209 B.123 G.114 BERTRAND RUSSELL PEACE FOUNDATION G.177, G.193 RUZICKA, L. RYDON, Henry Norman F.8 E.63, H.280, H.285 SABEL, W. SABESAN, Mandakolathur Natrajan SADANAGA, R. SAHA, N.N. SAKABE, Kiwako B.112 F.121, H.210 E.174 : A.49, E.137, F.37, F.78, F.79 F.168 A.141, B.99, B.258, F.107 F.135, F.148, H.211, H.212 G.25, G.26, G.68, G.193 B.129, E.113, F.65, H.213 SAKABE, Noriyoshi SAKHAROV, Andrei Dmitriyevich SANDERSON, Edward W. SAUNDERSON, Carol P., see HUBER SANGER, Frederick SASVARI, Kalam SANDFORD, Sir Folliott (Herbert) A.69, C.34, C.79 SALAM, Abdus SALVATION ARMY G.35 E.45 B.116 A.141, B.99, B.189, F.107 F.135, F.148, H.211, H.212 A.141, B.109, B.116, B.474 B.486, H.272 B.355 C.54, C.135, F.84, F.104 H.214 - H.218 A.110, H.215, H.216 See also H.218 F.65 B.551 H.89 SCHAY, D. SCHEFFOLD, R. SCHERAGA, Harold Abraham SCHERING CORPORATION SAYRE, Anne SAYRE, David SCHIELTZ, N.C. B.126, B.486 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents SCHIFF, Kate, see BOLL-DORNBERGER SCHLICHTKRULL, J¢érgen SCHMIDT, Gerhard M.J. SCHMIDT-THOME, J. SCHULTZ, George SCHUMACHER, Ernst Friedrich SCHWARTZ, Laurent SCHWARTZ, Samuel SCIENCE SCIENCE FOR PEACE SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL SCIENCES B.85 - B.87, B.100, B.101 B.199, B.200, B.203, B.221 F.53 H.219 B.115 - B.117 B.91 F.20 G.149 H.278 A.75, A.79 G.172 A.198, H.96 B.608, B.609, C.54, C.87 - C.92 C.140 - C.143 D.124, F.121 SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING SERVICE LTD. B.359, C.128 - C.132, E.78 SCIENTISTS AGAINST NUCLEAR ARMS (SANA) G.106 - G.108 SESHAGIRI, N. SEWELL, William G. SHAMIR, Yitzhak SHAO, M.C. SEEDS, William E. SEITZ, Paul L. SELBY, I.A. A.91, H.300 B.119, B.127 SEIDEL, Karl SEIFERT, H. G.137 B.546 G.197 B.550 G.114 B.127 SEMENOV, Nikolai Nikolaevich SCIENTISTS’ APPEAL FOR VIETNAM A.169 SHELL PETROLEUM COMPANY LTD. SHEAT, Sylvia, see RUMBALL SHEARMAN, Sir Harold SHARAT CHANDRA, H. SHEMETOVA, Galina F.151 E.70 B.114 D.170 F.68 See G.199 A.141, F.145, H.223 G.196 G.130 SHAW, Walter N. SHEFTER, Eli SHELLARD, E.J. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents SHEPPARD, Robert Charles SHILOV, Alexander E. SHILOV, Eugene SHIUKIN, N. SHOEMAKER (née BRINK), Clara SHOEMAKER, D.P. SHOPPEE, Charles William SIDDIQ, A.K.M. SIGLER, Paul Benjamin SILVESTER, F.J. SIM, George B.935 H.302 H.278, H.279 H.277 A.141, B.109, B.546, B.547 B.566, H.36 A.141, C.43, E.102, E.111 E.114, E.132, E.158, E.160 F.113, H.36 H.224 F.128, F.131 C.48 G.28 H.319 SIMON, Sir Francis Eugene A.64, H.268 SIMONOV, V.I. SIMPSON, Harold A.152, E.106, E.113, E.136 D.62 SINCLAIR, Hugh Macdonald D.62, D.180, H.280, H.289 B:22,;h.26 A.75 F.29 SISSAKIAN, N.M. SIZER, Irwin W. SKRYABIN, G.K. SLACK, R. SMITH, G. David A.9 G.144 F.63, F.88 H.277, H.280 SMITH, Ernest Lester SINKER, Sir (Algernon) Paul ALFRED P. SLOAN FOUNDATION SMIRNOVSKY, Mikhail Nikolaevich E.128, E.138 A.93, B.359, B.524 - B.531 B.566, B.567, B.573, B.589 B.699, D.177 B.114, B.115, B.117, B.118 H.267 B.117 B.356 F.150 B.91 H.282 B.550 SMITH, John Charles SMITS, Donald W. SMITH, Ronald M. SMITH, G.L. SMITH, G.W. SMITH, H.G. SMITH, Ivor SMITH, Emil L. A.118, C.37 SMITH, S. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents SNOW, George Alan SNYDER, Grayson H. H.283 B.82 SOCIETY FOR ANGLO-CHINESE UNDERSTANDING G.111, G.112 (SACU) SOCIETY FOR ENDOCRINOLOGY SOKOLOV, Yuri SOLUS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD. SONKSEN, P.H. SOUTHERN AFRICA COALITION SOVIET WEEKLY SPARKS, Robert A. SPEAKMAN, James Clare SPENCER, M. SPERLING, Ruth SPRING, Frank Stuart SQUIBB INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH SRINIVASAN, P.R. D.144 H.277 C.111 B.122, B.123 G.196 A.12, G.192, G.193 A.141, B.546 B.609, H.286 B.548 B.121 H.225 C.101 - C.103 F121, F.122 SRINIVASAN, R. STEN ANDERSEN, V. STERN, E.A. E.114, F.78, F.79, F.113,F.114 F.119, F.174, H.290, H.325 F.78, F379 STADTMAN, T.C. STANFORD, Edward STENHAGEN, Einar STENHAGEN, Stina STANFORD, Elspeth STEINER, Donald F. SRINIVASAN, Thambi B.302 H.293 A.170 A.141, B.102, E.132, F.45, F.66 F.72, F.84, F.102, G.182, H.225A B.550 STOCKTON, (Maurice) Harold Macmillan, Earl of STOKER, Sir Michael (George Parke) STONE, Francis Gordon Albert STOECKLI-EVANS, Helen STERNBERG, Heinz W. F.10 H.2 H.270 G.96 H.276 A.69, G.172 A.141, H.226 STORA, Cécile STORK, Gilbert G.26, G.81 F.34 C.47, H.107 STONE, Doris M. H.227 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents STOUT, George H. STRANDBERG, Bror STUART, David STRUCHKOV, Yu. T. SUDDATH, F.L. SU JU WEI SULLIVAN, Walter SUNDARALINGAM, M. SUNDARAM, K. SUNDAY TIMES SUNUIC, Marijan SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon (Brims Black Mclvor) SUTHERLAND, Graham (Vivian) SUTHERLAND, Dame Lucy Stuart SUTOR, (Dorothy) June SUTTON, Brian J. SUTTON, Leslie Ernest H.280 A.83, H.288, H.320, H.321 H.324 H.329 FalS7 F.107 B.115 B.552 F.114, F.119 A.42, A.43, A.206, G.191 G.199 A.93 A.205 D.180 D.149 F.178 A.61, A.131, H.275 SWANN, Brenda SYNGE, Ann D.87, D.88 SWEET, Robert M. SYKES, Marian B.107 E.68 B.921 D.175 H.282 SWANN, Michael Meredith, Baron SYNGE, Richard Laurence Millington SYMONS, Martyn Christian Raymond B.300, B.472, B.473, B.480 B.486, B.493, B.898, D.88, G.1 H.228 D.175, D.176, E.139 TALBOT, Timothy R., Jr. TANAKA, Jiro TANG, Y.C. FO; F sla theets C.41, F.26, G.37 B.119 D.102 TAGER, Howard S. TAKEUCHI, Yoshito TANNER, Cecily TAYLOR, Charles A. F.150, H.302 F.54, H.91, H.92 TAMM, G. H.282 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 index of correspondents TAYLOR, D.A.H. TAYLOR, H.F.W. TAYLOR, Hugh S. TAYLOR (née WHITE), Noel E. TAYLOR, William Hodge TA-YOU WU TEMPLETON, David H. TEPPERMAN, Jay T’HART, M.E. H.104, H.286, H.287 C.41, D.90 H.115 B.854, B.872, H.229 A.61, D.177, E.75, E.76, E.78 E.79, E.81, £.121, £.129, H.34 H.146 F.70 H.276 A.52 F.12 THATCHER, Margaret Hilda, Baroness A.141,E.69, G.31, G.34, G.183 G.189, G.195, H.231 THERAPEUTIC RESEARCH CORPORATION OF GREAT BRITAIN THIMANN, Kenneth Vivian THIRD WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCES THOMAS, Sir John Meurig B.357 D.110 Pet77 D.199 THOMASON, Doreen H.269 H.232 E.179, E.186 TINBERGEN, Nikolaas TISELIUS, Arne A.44, D.41, G.124, G.146 THOMSON, R.O. THORPE, William Homan THYNNE, J.C.J. A.175, G.30, G.185, G.186 TILAK, B.D. THE TIMES B.121 H.283 F.89 F.37 THOMPSON, Barry Pearce THOMPSON, Edward Palmer THOMPSON, Sir Harold (Warris) TISCHENKO, Galina N. Kolayevna H.293 A.202, B.359, B.529, B.532 B.573, C.174, E.181, H.264 TODD, Alexander (Robertus), Baron TOMLINSON, Muriel Louise A.141, F.140, H.233, H.329 H.311 H.172 B.123 H.306 F.132 TOLANSKY, Samuel TOLHOEK, H.A. TOOMRE, Joyce TORI, K. G.30 A.88, B.546 TOMETSKO, Andrew M. D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents TOVBORG JENSEN, Aksel TOWNES, Charles Hard TRAN VAN HUNG TRENNER, N.R. TRESS, R.C. TRIPSA, Micara TRUEBLOOD, Kenneth N. TRUTER, Mary Rosaleen TSOUCARIS, G. TSOU CHENG-LU TULINSKY, Alexander TURNER, M.K. TURNER, Paul J. B.106, H.234 A.99, F.29 Gai Si B.353 D.87, D.88, D.134 H.305 A.179, A.180, B.324, B.333 B.486, B.533 - B.536, B.688 B.689, B.708, D.21, F.38, F.160 G.21 D.131, H.290 B.127 F.135, F.136 B.300, C.49, D.139, H.278, H.290 B.539 B.130 A.65, H.270, H.271, H.275 B.608, C.140, G.7 UNICAM INSTRUMENTS LTD. CULTURAL ORGANISATION UEO, S. UK OPTICAL CO. LTD. ULRICH, Ute UBBELOHDE, Alfred Rene John Paul F.26 B.360 F.28 C.109 UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC AND UNIVERSITIES’ EDUCATIONAL FUND FOR PALESTINIAN E.110, E.112, G.162, G.174 G.175 G.144, H.29, H.233, H.237 A.128, A.152, E.131, £.157 E.163, E.187, F.58, F.63, F.88 F.140, F.148, F.151, G.30 REFUGEES URRY, D.W. URSU, loan I. VAINSHTEIN, Boris Konstantinovitch B.355 G.19 - G.21 H.285 G.34 VACIAGO, Alessandro B.881, F.96, H.236 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 index of correspondents VALLADARES, Ariel A. van HEYNINGEN, William Edward (‘Kits’) VAN SYKE, Donald VAND, V. VARADARAJAN, S. VASILESCU, Gabriela VASILESCU, V. VAUGHAN, Dame Janet (Maria) VEALE, Sir Douglas VELIKHOV, E.P. VENABLE, Jack H. VENKATESAN, K. (‘Van’) VERDON-SMITH, Sir (William) Reginald VERKADE, P.E. F.74 C.28 B.550 H.271 F.131 F.133 D.125, F.133, F.153, F.173 F.174, H.300, H.304, H.305 A.114, C.173, C.177, E.193 H.306 B.358, C.67, C.71, C.133 -C.135 C.182 G.164, G.188 B.111, B.132 A.141, B.537, F.131, H.210 H.239 E.15, E.19, £.24 B.547 VERMA, A.R. VICK, Sir (Francis) Arthur E.142, £.143, £.144 D.192 B.110, H.243, H.244 VISWAMITRA, M.A. B.116, B.117 00 VOGLER, K. VOORN, M.J. VOS, Aafje A.141, B.129, H.240 - H.242 VIJAYAN, K. VIJAYAN, M. B.921,C.63, G.159, H.240-H.242 B.548, E.133, £.135, £.136 E.137, E.138, E.156, E.176 F.31, H.293 E.19 WALDEGRAVE, Geoffrey Noel, 12th Earl B.538, D.31 B.608 WADDINGTON, Conrad Hal WAGNER, Fritz WAIT, Eric WALD, George A.61, H.267 H.330 C.105 WADE, Kenneth WAGMAN FOUNDATION G.34, G.116, H.302 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents WALDEGRAVE, William (Arthur) WALDMANN, Hans WALEY, Stephen WALKER, Brian W. WALKER, Hector M. WALKER, James WALLWORK, Stephen Collier WALTON, Ernest Thomas Sinton WALTON, Sir John (Nicholas) WARDLAW, W. G.195 H.268 H.276, H.282 G.120 H.282 A.75, B.935, H.271, H.296 A.141, H.34 G.27 G.183 B.357 WARNER, Sir Frederick (Edward) G.189 - G.192, G.194 WARREN, B.E. WASER, Jirg WATANABE, T. WATENPAUGH, Keith D. WATERMAN, Alan T. WATERS, Joyce E.74 B.364 H.173 F.150 F.39 A.141, B.555, B.627, B.759 WATKIN, D. WATSON, Herman Charles C.30 F.60 C.2 WATSON, T.J. WATTS, David Charles WATSON, Kenneth John WATSON, James Dewey B.131, B.173 G.161 WEAVER, Warren WEBSTER, A.J.F. WATERS, (Thomas) Neil (Morris) WAYS OUT OF THE ARMS RACE A.141, B.539, B.627, B.759 H.19, H.60, H.61, H.245, H.246 B.123, B.129, B.302, E.19 H.280, H.285, H.330 G.33, G.70, G.81, G.82, G.100 WEIZMANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE E.18 H.263 B.935 H.23 WEISS, Joseph WEISS, R.J. WEISSKOPF, Victor Frederick H.263 C.32 G.100, G.103 WEILER, G. WEISENBORN, F.L. WEISSBERGER, A. WEISKRANTZ, Lawrence B.934, H.247 C.68, C.70, C.71 E.101 - E.104, E.106, E.107 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 index of correspondents WELLCOME CHEMICAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES WELLS, Alexander Frank WELLS, Robert D. WENYON, Charles Morley WEST, A.R. WESTENBRINK, H.G.K. WETLAUFER, Don B. WHEARE, Ken WHEATLEY, Peter J. WHIFFEN, David Hardy WHILLANS, Frank WHITE, A.W. WHITE, Eirene Lloyd, Baroness WHITE, John G. WHITE, N.E., see TAYLOR WHITING, M.C. B.356 E.114 F.156 H.266 H.282 FA B.120 A.114 D.59 G.167, H.269 H.285 B.366, B.367 A.114 A.75, A.141, B.540 - B.543 B.708, H.248 H.277 WIEBENGA, Eno H. WIEDEKING, Claus WIESEL, Elie WILLIAMS, G.H. WILSON, Harriett H.249 A.28 G.193 B.114 E.66 A.46, A.52, F.172 C.113, G.184, H.288 B.358, B.359 WILKINSON, Sir Geoffrey WIJERATNE, Brian WILCOCK, Bruce WILKINSON, Sir Russell (Facey) WILLIAMS, Robert Joseph Paton WILLIAMS, Sir Frederick (Calland) WILKINS, Maurice Hugh Frederick H.252 A.141, D.61, E.2, E.100 E.102 - E.105, E.107 - £.110 E.113, £.114, E.117, £.136 E.156, E.160, E.170, E.171 H.251, H.252, H.311 B.521, B.522, B.544, B.608 C.141 - C.143, H.107, H.153 H.250 WILLIS, Bertram Terence Martin (Terry) H.270 51 B.129 WILSON, Arthur James Cochran WILLS, Sir John Vernon E.35 WILLIAMSON, Kenneth L. B.552, E.193, G.7, H.303 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents WILSON, lan A. WINDAUS, A. WINDLESHAM, David James George Hennessy, Baron WINFIELD, Malcolm E. WINOGRAD, Shmuel WINSTEIN, Saul WITKOP, Bernhard WOLFE, C.L. WOLFEL, Erich WOLFENDEN, John WOLFENDEN, Richard V. WOLFSON COLLEGE, OXFORD WOLPERT, Lewis WOLSTENHOLME, Sir Gordon (Ethelbert Ward) WOMAN’S JOURNAL WOOD, Betty F.152 D.102, H.253 G.115 B.553 H.216, H.217 H.284 F.97, H.276, H.282, H.320 H.322, H.323 G.120 H.276, H.277 A.75; F-16,6.125; 1.65 F.126 A.135 A.34, D.197, E.182 A.46, A.132, D.147 A.26, A.206 F.3 WOOD, Elizabeth A. (Betty) WOODWARD, Robert Burns A.75, H.271 D.75, E.59, E.109, H.254A G.192 H.306 G.100 WOOLDRIDGE, Mike WOOLFSON, Michael Mark WOOSTER, Nora Anna WOOSTER, W.A. (‘Peter’) B.103, H.306 B.103, H.264 WORK, Elizabeth WORK, Thomas S. WORLD DISARMAMENT CAMPAIGN WORLD CAMPAIGN FOR SOVIET JEWRY WORLD FEDERATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS A.88, B.545, B.615, D.31 H.65, H.254, H.313 A.93, H.255 - H.257 G.137, G.175, G.176, G.179 G.186 WRIGHT, Evan C. WRIGHT, John D. G.173 H.285 G.182 F.152 WRIGHT, Sir Paul (Hervé Giraud) WORLD PEACE COUNCIL WRIGHT, Peter E. WRIGHT, Winifred Booth WRINCH, Dorothy B.474, H.270, H.277 G.176, G.192 E:8- 6.12, E318 H.275, H.277 D.M.C. Hodgkin NCUACS 47/3/94 Index of correspondents WRONG, Owen M. WU LING-AN WUNDERLICH, J. WURR, E.N. (‘Buzzer’) WYART, J. WYCKOFF, Harold W. WYCKOFF, Ralph W.G. WYSSBROD, Herman R. D.193 E.187 H.275 A.171 E.137, E.138 F.38 E.136, E.137, E.138, H.258 B.130 YABLOCHKOV, Leonid Dmitrievitch YOU-CHI YOU-CHI TANG YOUNG, Sir Frank (George) YOUNG, Ray A. A.152, H.259 F.148, F.151 A.141, H.302 B.110 E.102 - E.106 ZACHARIASEN, W.H. ZECHMEISTER, L. F16;7F:72 G.71 ZAGLADIN, V. ZAHN, Helmut ZALUT, Clyde ZAMYATIN, L. ZEIDAN, Hussain Mohammed Musa A.141,B.104, F.32, F.76, F.159 H.260 Are F.96, F.168, F.170, G.193 G.195, G.196, G.197, H.304 H.329 A.61, A.65, D.88, D.102, H.276 IRE E.5, E.12, G.96, H.287, H.304 B.122 F.127 H.293 B.548, D.121 H.261, H.262 H.275, H.294 ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron ZHDANOV, G.S. ZHENG-JIONG LIN ZICHICHI, Antonio ZINN, Grover A. ZUCKERMAN, J.J. ZIMAN, John Michael ZIMMERMAN, Arthur E. B.114 A.151 H.301