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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin OM FRS (1914 - 1998) VOLUME 1 General introduction Section A, Biographical Section B, University of Cambridge NCUACS catalogue 136/1/05 by Simon Coleman, Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Title: Compiled by: Deposited in: Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin OM FRS (1914-1998), physiologist Description level: Fonds Date of material: | 1902-2000 Reference code: GB 0016 A.L. HODGKIN Extent of material: ca 3000 items The Library, Trinity College Cambridge Simon Coleman, Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell NCUACS catalogue no. 136/1/05 © National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The Institute of Physics The Royal Society of Chemistry Trinity College, Cambridge The Royal Society The Institution of Chemical Engineers The Wellcome Trust A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE ARCHIVIST TRINITY COLLEGE LIBRARY CAMBRIDGE A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.202 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE B.1-B.435 SECTION C RESEARCH C.1-C.1127 SECTION D DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS D.1-D.465 SECTION E LECTURES AND SPEECHES E.1-E.226 SECTION F VISITS AND CONFERENCES F.1-F.61 SECTION J J.1-J.121 SECTION H CORRESPONDENCE H.1-H.158 SECTION G NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS = G.1-G.237 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Trinity College Cambridge in June 2002. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF SIR ALAN LLOYD HODGKIN Alan Lloyd Hodgkin was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire, on 5 February 1914. His father, George Hodgkin, a Quaker, trained as a civil engineer before finding employment in a bank in Banbury. He died in Baghdad while engaged in relief work when Hodgkin was still an infant. Hodgkin’s family background was notable for distinguished and varied intellectual achievement. His grandfather Thomas Hodgkin was a mediaeval historian; his great uncle (also called Thomas) was the physician and anatomist who gave his name to Hodgkin’s Disease; and his great-great grandfather was the pioneer meteorologist Luke Howard. A cousin (through marriage) was the crystallographer and 1964 Nobel laureate for Chemistry, Dorothy Hodgkin. During his boyhood Hodgkin developed a strong interest in ornithology, undertaking detailed studies Part Il he obtained a First Class. He started research on the excitation of nerve in his final lord) Adrian, centred on experiments with crab nerve fibre and resulted in the first direct observation none’ theory of response developed by K. Lucas. College Cambridge in 1932 to study for the Natural Sciences Tripos. After opting for physiology in of bird behaviour during stays with various relatives around the country. After attending the Downs of a ‘local response’ to an electrical shock. This observation challenged the widely-accepted ‘all-or- After being awarded a travelling fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation in 1937, Hodgkin spent a earliest opportunity for election. Hodgkin’s postgraduate work, following a suggestion from E.D. (later undergraduate year and was elected to a Junior Research Fellowship at Trinity College in 1936 — the School, Colwall, Herefordshire and Gresham’s School, Holt, Norfolk, he won a scholarship to Trinity interrupted by the outbreak of World War Two. of squid. This short period had a profound influence on the course of Hodgkin’s scientific career. Association, Plymouth, working for the first time with A.F. Huxley. However, this work was soon experience of Cole and Curtis’s measurements of membrane conductivity using the giant nerve fibres year at the Rockefeller Institute in New York and the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, where he met K.S. Cole and H.J. Curtis. While at Woods Hole, he gained first-hand began his own experiments on squid in the summer of 1939 at the laboratory of the Marine Biological He A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 On the outbreak of war Hodgkin volunteered to work on aviation medicine at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough before being transferred to the Telecommunications Research Establishment in February 1940. At the TRE he assisted in the successful development of centimetric airborne radar for aircraft interception before working on ways of using radar to defend British night bombers. He was also posted to the British Air Commission and spent three months in the USA in early 1944 exchanging information on radar work. In 1946 Hodgkin and Huxley resumed their research on the nerve impulse using squid, initially attempting to understand the questions regarding the movement of sodium and potassium ions across resting and excited membranes. The experimental work was carried out during the summer’ seasons at the MBA, Plymouth. The 1948 season saw the introduction of Hodgkin‘s ‘voltage clamp’ equipment and the results obtained with it the following year eventually resulted in the publication of five papers in 1952. The work represented an enormous advance in the understanding of the ionic processes involved in the nervous impulse and was recognised by the award of the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1963 jointly to Hodgkin, Huxley and J.C. Eccles (who worked independently of the former two). Anthony Tucker (Guardian, 21 December 1998) explained that Hodgkin and Huxley’s work ‘although seemingly isolated and remote, is fundamental to understanding not only the way our nervous system works, but in the study of the underlying biochemistry of diseases underlying neural malfunction’. and recorded the electrical changes in an activated visual cell. From 1970, following his election to collaboration with D. Baylor of Stanford University. He retired from the chair in 1981. is linked to its mechanical contraction. His interest in the physiology of vision began at Woods Hole in Hodgkin became Foulerton Research Professor of the Royal Society in 1952. He now moved on to carried out entirely in Cambridge. This focused on the physiology of vision, in particular in the John Humphrey Plummer Professorship of Biophysics, Hodgkin pursued research that could be study a range of problems of nerve membrane permeability, still using squid as the basis for his W.K. Chandler, added to the understanding of the mechanism by which electrical excitation of muscle 1962 during a visit to the USA. Working with M.G.F. Fuortes, he studied the eye of the Limulus crab investigations. His work on muscle with P. Horowicz in the late 1950s, and later with R.H. Adrian and scientific Research Councils. through a period of financial difficulties and changing relationships between the Government and appointed to the Order of Merit in 1973. Although first and foremost a dedicated research scientist, Fellow of the Royal Society in 1948, giving its Croonian Lecture in 1957 and Tercentenary Lecture in Master of Trinity College Cambridge, 1978-1984. During his Presidency he steered the Royal Society Chancellor of the University of Leicester, 1971-1984, President of the Royal Society, 1970-1975, and Hodgkin nevertheless served as President of the Marine Biological Association, In addition to the Nobel Prize, Hodgkin was accorded many honours for his work. He was elected a 1960 and receiving the Royal Medal (1958) and Copley Medal (1965). He was knighted in 1972 and 1966-1976, A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 In 1944 Hodgkin married Marion de Kay Rous, daughter of the American scientist, Peyton Rous, who received a Nobel Prize for his work on cancer. They had one son and three daughters. Hodgkin died in December 1998 after long illness. For further information about Hodgkin see his autobiography, Chance and Design: Reminiscences of Science in Peace and War, Cambridge University Press, 1992, and the memoir by Andrew Huxley, ’Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin’, Biographical Memoirs of the Fellows of the Royal Society, vol 46 (2000), 219-246, a copy of which is at A.3. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material in this collection is presented in the order given in the list of contents. It covers the period 1902-2000. Section A, Biographical, presents varied and significant material, 1902-2000, with substantial coverage of Hodgkin’s childhood and school years. There are childhood drawings, some showing his very early interest in ornithology, school reports, academic notes and essays, and ornithological 1984. notebooks, essays and photographs (1924-1932). Among the material from his undergraduate days 1932, his first experience of research. The family correspondence chiefly consists of letters from photographs of Hodgkin (some featuring scientific colleagues and friends) dating from the 1920s to Section B, University of Cambridge, chiefly comprises papers relating to the running of the to various occasions and functions, biographical material on E.D. Adrian and W.A.H. Rushton, and are accounts of experiments done at The Freshwater Biological Association, Lake Windermere, May Hodgkin (and later his family) to his mother, covering most years from 1923 to 1977, and there is also Physiological Laboratory, with particular reference to Hodgkin’s research group. The most significant documentation is of laboratory staff, principally scientific colleagues and research workers, covering some of Hodgkin’s correspondence with friends and colleagues. In addition, there are papers relating Chemistry and Colloid Science. represented by lecture notes, course papers etc, while there is some material relating to Trinity correspondence and papers concerning laboratory funding, the purchase of equipment and animals involvement in the Council of the School of Biological Sciences and other committees for Biophysical College business, chiefly during his period as Master. A further group of papers reflects Hodgkin’s Hodgkin’s teaching in the Department of Physiology is for use in research, and other matters. in several cases, research and publications. professional matters and, There are also A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Section C, Research, provides comprehensive documentation of Hodgkin’s three main areas of physiological investigation: nerve, muscle and vision. A series of over a hundred notebooks in Hodgkin’s hand (the hands of others, such as A.F. Huxley and B. Katz also appear) are divided into ‘Experimental’ and ‘Theoretical and general’, and cover the period 1934-1987. The ‘Experimental’ series begins with Hodgkin’s first research on nerve - conduction blocking experiments in frog’s nerve - carried out in his final undergraduate year. Two notebooks were used during his important year at the Rockefeller Institute and the Woods Hole laboratory (1937-1938). A number document Hodgkin and Huxley’s experiments on squid (1939, 1946-1949), including some using the ‘voltage clamp’. From the 1950s there is coverage of further work on nerve, experiments on muscle with P. Horowicz (late 1950s), and research on vision beginning with the Limulus experiments in 1962 (see ‘Outline of career above). The ‘Theoretical and general’ notebooks provide background theory to the three aforementioned topics and also include notes on general physiology. The bulk of the Research section comprises files which provide an enormous amount of experimental data and theory from all periods of Hodgkin’s career and include the particular topics mentioned above. There is a significant amount of early research material (to 1939), particularly covering the conduction blocking and ‘local response’ experiments (the latter at Wood’s Hole). The post-1939 files include a few papers relating to Hodgkin’s wartime work at the TRE. The very long sequence of post-1960 files is largely on vision. There is very little correspondence: collaborators such as A.F. Huxley and M.G.F. Fuortes are represented, as is Sir John Eccles. experimental data and calculations. There is unpublished material relating to Hodgkin and Huxley’s first experiments on squid nerve fibre (1939) and drafts of their first paper (published in 1945) resulting from their 1939 work at Plymouth. Also documenting pre-war research are drafts of papers on Hodgkin and Huxley's critical work on the nerve impulse which appeared between 1947 chronological sequence of drafts of published papers and unpublished drafts also includes much the section is from 1945. The material in this section is closely related to parts of Section C. A quantities of experimental data, calculations and notes (in both Hodgkin and Huxley’s hands), with Section D, Drafts and publications, dates from c.1938 to 1988, though the earliest published paper in and 1952 are partly represented: there are drafts of some of the papers accompanied by large Hodgkin’s 1946 paper with W.A.H. Rushton on crab and lobster nerve fibres. The steady stream of Included are the 18th International Physiological analysis and discuss the chronology of the ‘sodium hypothesis’ which they demonstrated by Section E, Lectures and speeches, covers the period 1950 to 1987 and presents a chronological experiment in 1947. Hodgkin’s work after 1952 on nerve, muscle and vision is well represented, in particular the publications on muscle with R.H. Adrian and W.K. Chandler, 1966-1972. There are sequence of drafts of Hodgkin’s lectures and speeches delivered at various scientific congresses and symposia, social functions and other occasions. some correspondence. Included are later notes (1957) which recollect some of their theoretical notes, data and scientific correspondence found with the drafts. Also in this section are editorial correspondence and a set of off-prints. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Congress, Copenhagen 1950; symposium on the neuron, Cold Spring Harbour, USA, 1952; the Royal Society Croonian Lecture, 1957; the Royal Society Tercentenary Lecture, 1960; Sherrington Lectures, University of Liverpool, 1961; Nobel Lecture, Stockholm, 1963; and Royal Society Anniversary Addresses, 1970, 1973-1975. Included also are speeches made by Hodgkin as Chancellor of the University of Leicester; for various functions during his Mastership of Trinity College Cambridge; at occasions in connection with his Presidency of the Royal Society; and memorial speeches. Section F, Visits and conferences, covers the period 1961-1998, and presents material chiefly relating to foreign visits to attend scientific congresses or as a representative of the Royal Society (some are during his Presidency). Included are the following visits: 22nd and 26th International Congresses of Physiological Sciences, Leiden, Netherlands, 1962, and New Delhi, India, 1974; to the Soviet Union and China in connection with scientific exchanges, 1967 and 1972; to Kenya chiefly to view the work of the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology, 1975; to Iran concerning the Imperial Academy of Sciences of Iran, 1976; and to the USA on several occasions, such as the Rockefeller University, New York, to give the first Hester Adrian Memorial Lecture, 1968, and to the Harvard Medical School, Boston, as Dunham Lecturer, 1976. Section G, Societies and organisations, has a substantial group of correspondence and papers covering Hodgkin’s long involvement with the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. well as some scientific correspondence. variety of business during the period of Hodgkin’s Presidency (1970-1975) and_ including The Royal Society material is also significant, covering a Medical Research Council, the Nuffield Foundation and the Physiological Society. Perutz, P. Rous and R. Stampfli. There is also a small amount of miscellaneous correspondence. E.D. Adrian, K.S. Cole, J.C. Eccles, P. Fatt, P. Horowicz, B. Katz, R.D. Keynes, W.L. Nastuk, M.F. scientific and general correspondence with colleagues, 1945-1969. Among the correspondents are Section H, Correspondence, spans the years 1945 to 1990 and chiefly comprises four sequences of correspondence concerning his 1975 Kenya visit (see Section F above). Also represented are The There is correspondence with successive Directors of the MBA’s Plymouth laboratory, 1959-1984, as correspondence relating to the drafting of his Anniversary Address as incoming President and further Bath, February 2005 1937-1963. There are also photographic slides from lectures, photographic prints and a few outsize Section J, Non-textual material, chiefly consists of a major series of photographic films from research, items, chiefly mounted figures for published papers. There is also an index of correspondence. Simon Coleman A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL-A.1-A.202 1902-2000 A.1-A.38 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.39-A.69 EDUCATION A.70-A.103 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.104-A.168 FAMILY A.169-A.173 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.174-A.187 © OCCASIONS AND FUNCTIONS A.188-A.193 COLLEAGUES A.194-A.202 PHOTOGRAPHS BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL 1914-2000 Obituaries, memorials and tributes 1998-2000 Obituaries 1998 Obituary The Times, 21 December 1998. Daily Telegraph, 21 December 1998. Guardian, by Anthony Tucker, 21 December 1998. The Independent, by Andrew Huxley, 4 January 1999. Copy of memoir. ‘Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin’ by Andrew Huxley, Biographical Memoirs of the Fellows of the Royal Society, vol 46 (2000), 219-246 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical Curricula vitae and list of publications c.1975-1988 Curricula vitae c.1975, 1988 Publications list Autobiographical information ’Sir Alan L. Hodgkin’, The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography, vol 1, Society for Neuroscience 1996, pp 252-292 Autobiographical account by Hodgkin. 1963-1988 1996 ‘Chance and design in electrophysiology: an informal out account of certain experiments on between 1934 and 1952’, The Pursuit of Nature, Cambridge University Press, 1977, pp1-21. nerve carried al, in eds Hodgkin et 1965-1988 1965-1985 1968-1980 Entries for Who’s Who Entries for Who’s Who of British Scientists Entries for Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World 1964-1986 Entries for miscellaneous biographical directories and learned societies’ membership records Also includes entries in similar directories. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical manuscript autobiographical account to Hodgkin’s c.1938. 21pp. Found in envelope inscribed 1983’. Short biographical correspondence re Modern Men of Science account revision for Men of for European edition Science; of Nd, 1972- 1973 Interview Times, 29 November 1974 with Hodgkin by David Fishlock, Financial Photocopy. A.15-A.17 Biographical interviews 1978-1981 with Hodgkin by R.G. Frank, Frank; typescript questionnaire, with Book outline; background material Letters Hodgkin’s replies from Photocopy typescript notes of interviews 15 December 1978 and 2 January 1979 1936-1981 Includes University correspondence (leave etc), finances, donations to good causes, etc. Miscellaneous photographs etc, for publication requests Hodgkin’s ’Personal’ File A.19-A.22 for information, views, 1963-1976 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical 1936, 1938 Licenses for animal experiments. 1963-1970 Includes letter of thanks for service on Medical Research Council 1963, fiftieth birthday 1964, and nomination as PRS 1970. 1971-1976 1977-1981 Newspaper cuttings 1970-1992 Mostly answered by Hodgkin. 6 folders. 1963-1986 A.30-A.38 Childhood memorabilia 1914-1923 A.24-A.29 Requests for autographs Much of the material relates to the Mastership of Trinity College, 1984. See B.343-B.349 for related material. 1914 ‘This bag is given to Alan Lloyd Hodgkin Mar 18th 1914 at Wyddrington by his great grandmother Catharine Wilson according to an old Kendal custom to give a baby on its first visit a bag of good omens’. The bag contained a bun, an egg, a sixpence and salt. Only the sixpence survives. A.30 ‘Bag of good omens’ A manuscript note accompanying the bag explains: A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical ’A birth guinea’ The money is in a small envelope inscribed as follows: from ‘A birth Wilson. grandchildren with shilling + a sovereign serve’. guinea Great Grandmother Catharine CW’s grandmother Lloyd always presented her a a guinea now there none, are Locks of Hodgkin’s hair 1915-1916 Three locks, in envelopes dated June 1915, July 1915, January 1916. Also includes tiny card from an unidentified aunt in similar format envelope. Pictures made from coloured thread on card A.35-A.37 Some dated on verso. 3 folders. Five examples, one in envelope inscribed ’Father from ALH Xmas 1917 My Dear son’ 1917-1923 Paintings and drawings The Magic Doll’s House’ Children’s book inscribed on first page ’For our Alan, age four. 5 Feb 1918 with love from Father & Mother’. 1920, 1922 Many of these pictures are of birds, showing Hodgkin's very early interest in ornithology. Early examples of Hodgkin's writing A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical A.39-A.69 EDUCATION 1919-1936 Kindergarten and Preparatory School 1919-1922 School reports. A.40-A.41 Downs School, Colwall, Herefordshire 1923-1927 School reports. 2 folders. Hodgkin was a pupil at Downs School 1923-1927. The Headmaster was a cousin of his mother. For letters home in For material relating to Hodgkin’s ornithological observations and photography in this period see A.62-A.64. this period see A.106-A.111. A.42-A.50 Gresham's School, Holt, Norfolk 1927-1931 or 1932 this period see A.111-A.121. 2 folders. A.42-A.43 School reports : 1927-1931 Hodgkin was a pupil at Gresham’s School 1927-1931. Contents of hardback ringbinder with (later) label on front cover '1931 Greshams School Botany ALH’ For letters home in For material relating to Hodgkin’s ornithological observations and photography in this period see A.65-A.69. The binder, in poor condition, has not been retained. Contents of hardback ringbinder with (later) label on front cover '1931 Greshams School Botany ALH’ Typescript and manuscript notes and illustrations. The binder, in poor condition, has not been retained. Typescript and manuscript notes and illustrations. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical English essay on the subject Would you rather be a great statesman or a great scientific discover [sic] ?’ 5pp manuscript. Hodgkin concludes he would rather be a great scientist. ‘Vegetation of Scott Head. Written Dec 1931 based on observation in early August 1931’ Contents of folder so inscribed: ’Holland-Martin Prize Essay’, 28pp typescript + illustrations and appendix. Untitled English essay on modern literature 1931 or 1932 Found in folder with later inscription ‘Written at Gresham either in 1931 or perhaps in February 1932. Very much influenced by Denys Thompson, Mac Eachran (at Holt) and by Axel’s castle (Edmund Wilson). | have no idea what this essay was written for or why two pages are virtually invisible.’ Natural History A.51-A.61 Trinity College Cambridge 1932-1936 17pp typescript. Typescript notes for school debates Hodgkin was editor of the Report. Annual Report of Gresham’s School Society 1932 ‘Some effects Polycelis Windermere May 1932’ Typescript draft, with manuscript corrections. the movements of at experiments done of temperature on nigra. Accounts of A.51-A.53 41pp + figures. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical A.52-A.53 ‘Windermere 1932 & data of experiments Polcelis nigra’ Contents of Hodgkin’s envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. 2 folders. Hardback notebook inscribed on front page ’A.L. Hodgkin Trinity College 1935’ Used from the front and from the back. Many loose notes intercalated throughout. A.55-A.60 Lever file inscribed ’Nerve theory 1935-6’ 1934-1936 Manuscript and typescript notes. Includes notes on lectures by Bergmann (A.55), The behaviour of sense organs’ by Hodgkin (A.57), Membrane Theory of the nerve impulse (Paper to Nat. Sci. Club) April 1934’ by Hodgkin (A.59), and ’Paper Il A mathematical theory of nerve construction’ by Hodgkin, August 1935. 6 folders. A.62-A.69 Ornithology Menu for Dinner of The Family’, Trinity College, 3 May 1935 Also includes 1p manuscript poem ‘Thanks. It was a pure delight’, written on verso of Balliol College, Oxford writing paper. 1924-1932 Hodgkin’s interest in ornithology started at a very young age (see A.35-A.37). By the age of 10 he was recording his observations and by the time he was at Gresham’s School submitting masterly essays to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. he was taking photographs and A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical Hardback notebook with ’A.L.H. Bird diary 1924-5’ (later) label on front cover 1924-1925 Also inscribed on inside front cover ’Bird Diary April 1924. M.F. Hodgkin. A.L. Hodgkin’. Used for notes on birds seen, pictures, paintings, bird’s feathers. Includes loose notes. ‘Nature Note Book’ inscribed on front cover ’A.L. Hodgkin Birds 1925-6’ 1925-1926 Also inscribed on first page Summer Term 1925’. Used for notes on birds seen, pictures, paintings. Hardback pocket book with (later) label on front cover Sketch Book 1925-6 Mainly Birds’ 1925-1926 Used chiefly for mother). ink sketches (probably by Hodgkin’s with folder Found in the Golden Plover written in 1928 for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds competition. My friend is Aunt Katie.’ inscription: ‘Essay on later ‘The Golden Plover’ by A.L. Hodgkin ’age 14 yrs 7mths’ 6pp manuscript + painting and photographs; letter from RSPB re award of prize to Hodgkin. 1928-1929 A 1978 annotation on the front cover by Hodgkin records: ‘Written in 1930 (Aug-Sept) for the Roy Soc Protection of Birds this essay and was disappointed when it did not receive a prize and was only "highly commended" '. ‘Observations on the Sparrow Hawk and an Appeal for the Protection of Hawks in General’ 10pp typescript with photographs. high hopes of [...] | had A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical A.67-A.69 ’Bird photographs 1931-2 Golden Plover, Long Eared Owl (Bamburgh), Sparrow Hawk (1930) Holt’ 1927-1932 Contents of Hodgkin’s folder so inscribed, divided into three for ease of reference. Includes other birds than those mentioned. A.70-A.103 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1936-1987 Election to Fellowship, Trinity College Doctor of Science (Sc.D.), University of Cambridge Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Sheffield, July 1963 and central portions of the nerve A.73-A.83 1963-1965 Award of Nobel Prize for Physiology, 1963 Notification of award; correspondence re arrangements Hodgkin received the Prize jointly with A.F. Huxley and J.C. Eccles ‘for their discoveries concerning the ionic mechanisms involved in excitation and inhibition in the peripheral cell membrane’. Programme; itinerary etc Correspondence re film of squid behaviour to be shown in Stockholm A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical A.76-A.81 Letters and telegrams of congratulation 1963-1964 In chronological order. 6 folders. Not indexed. A.82-A.83 Letters asking for medical advice 1964-1965 2 folders. Honorary Doctor of Science, upon Tyne, May 1965 University of Newcastle 1964-1965 Royal Society Copley Medal 1965 Letters of congratulation only. Not indexed. 1965-1966 Election as President of the Royal Society, 1970 1970-1971 Letters of congratulation only. Not indexed. Honorary Doctor of Science, University of East Anglia, April 1966 1970-1971 Includes 10pp manuscript draft of speech of thanks at inauguration (at which he also received an Honorary Degree). Offer of Mastership of Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, 1970 Election as Chancellor, University of Leicester, 1971 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Manchester, May 1971 Includes 3pp typescript of Hodgkin’s speech of thanks. Honorary Doctor November 1971 of Science, University of London, Knighthood, 1972 Letters of congratulation only. Not indexed. Honorary Fellowship of Imperial College London, October 1972 1970-1972 Letters of congratulation only. Not indexed. Science, Memorial University 1972-1973 Admission to the Order of Merit, 1973 Includes 11pp manuscript draft of Hodgkin’s speech of thanks. Honorary Doctor of of Newfoundland, St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, May 1973 York, USA, June 1974 Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Aberdeen, July 1973 Honorary Doctor of Science, Rockefeller University, New Includes 2pp typescript of Hodgkin’s speech of thanks. St John’s Hodgkin also gave a talk on his While at scientific work. 1972-1973 1973-1974 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Wales, July 1974 1972-1975 Includes 3pp typescript of Hodgkin’s speech of thanks. Honorary Doctor of Science, University of 1976 Bristol, July Includes typescript of presentation speech by F.C Frank. Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Oxford, June 1977 1976-1977 Election as Master of Trinity College Cambridge, 1978 Includes photocopy of press-cutting profiling Hodgkin. Pisa, Italy, George Lloyd Hodgkin (father) A.104-A.168 FAMILY 1902-1977 Miscellaneous letters of congratulation 1974, 1977 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of November 1987 Includes 6pp typescript of Hodgkin’s speech of thanks, with Italian translation. aira’ and on first page ’No.2 Taupo 1902 May 6-June 30’. The great bulk of this material is correspondence from Hodgkin, and later Hodgkin’s family, to his mother, at A.106-A.164. Hardback journal labelled on front cover Taupo Roto- A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 A.105-A.165 A.105 Biographical Rc A later typescript note found inside front cover records: ‘Written by Keith Lucas when he & G.L. Hodgkin were surveying lakes in New Zealand [...]’. Hodgkin's father died in Iraq in 1917. Mary Fletcher Hodgkin (later Mrs Lionel Smith) (mother) 1923-1977 Hardback notebook with front cover ‘Holiday diary kept by M.F.H. mostly 1924-1928 Sketches & entries by A.L.H.’ (later) label on 1924-1929 Also inscribed on first page ‘The Holiday Book. M.F.H.- A.L.H., R.A.H., G.K.H.H.' Includes photographs of locations, the Hodgkin children at play etc pasted onto the pages and some loose at front and back. Also loose at back is account of holiday Easter 1929. 1923 2 folders. of Hodgkin's schoolboy and __ arranged into chronological order A.106-A.164 A.106-A.107 Family letters to M.F. Hodgkin Correspondence from Hodgkin, later from Hodgkin's wife Marion (‘Marnie’) and then also from their children. Much student correspondence was not dated at the time and was subsequently by Hodgkin. The letters 1932-1943 were found grouped into labelled periods of a few months. 1923-1977 A.108-A.109 1924 2 folders. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical A.113-A.115 1929 3 folders. A.116-A.118 1930 3 folders. A.119-A.121 1931 3 folders. "1932 Jan-March Treworgan Harpenden Greshams Correspondence so labelled. 1933 Jan-April’ Correspondence so labelled. ‘Jun-July 1932 Frankfurt’ Correspondence so labelled. Trinity. Autumn Oct-Nov 1932’ ‘Bamburgh 27-4-32 Others Wray May 1932’ Correspondence so labelled. Correspondence so labelled. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical ‘April-Aug + Sept 1933. Entirely Cambridge. Easter + Long Vac [...]’ Correspondence so labelled. ‘Autumn 1933 Cambridge’ Correspondence so labelled. ‘Lent Term 1934 and Summer Term 1934 Easter’ Correspondence so labelled. ‘Summer 1934’ Correspondence so labelled. 1934. Autumn’ Correspondence so labelled. ’A.L.H. Spring 1937’ 1934 A.L.H. Morocco’ Correspondence so labelled. Letters from Hodgkin while on the Cambridge University Biological Expedition to the Atlas Mountains, July-August 1934. Summer 1934 Correspondence so labelled. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical A.135-A.138 1937-8 Letters from A.L.H. to M.F.S. from New York (& Mexico) (& Eire)’ Correspondence so labelled. The letters cover the period spent at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York, and travelling thereafter. 4 folders. ’A.L.H. Oct-Dec 1938 from Cambridge’ Correspondence so labelled. ‘from Trinity A.L.H. Jan-Mar 1939’ Correspondence so labelled. ‘April-June 1939 From Cambridge’ Correspondence so labelled. ‘July-Aug 1939 Mainly Plymouth’ Correspondence so labelled. Chiefly letters written while Hodgkin was working at the Marine Biological Association Station in Plymouth. Thomas and Dorothy Hodgkin. Letters written after Hodgkin took a temporary post at the Royal Aircraft Establishment working on supply of oxygen to aircrews. ’A.L.H. Sept 1939-Jan 1940 Farnborough’ Correspondence so labelled. Letter of 13 October 1939 includes account of tea with A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical A.144-A.145 February-December 1940 2 folders. ‘Jan-June 1941’ Correspondence so labelled. ’June-Dec 1941’ 1942 Halifax Crash Hensby’s death Jan1942 to end Dec 1942’ Correspondence so labelled. In June 1942 a Halifax bomber testing a prototype of a 10 cm target-finding device crashed in the Wye Valley, killing all on board. Among the dead were Geoffrey Hensby, a close friend of Hodgkin, and Alan Blumlein. A.149-A.150 Correspondence so labelled. 1943 Jan-Dec Break up with Tess’ 2 folders. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical 1969-1970 1971-1972 1975-1977 A.166-A.167 Sarah Marion Hodgkin Miscellaneous personal correspondence to Mary Hodgkin Correspondence re Sarah's wedding Postcard to Sarah from Hodgkin in Peru, 1 August 1936-1937, 1960 1959, 1968 Sarah was the Hodgkins’ first child, born in 1945. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical Jonathan Alan Hodgkin typescript 8pp grandparents. letter from Jonathan in Iraq to his Jonathan Hodgkin was the Hodgkins’ third child, born in 1949. A.169-A.173 PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE 1937-1981 Correspondence to Charles Fletcher 1937-1938 Letters to C.M. Fletcher from Hodgkin in the US. Fletcher was a friend of Hodgkin's from Trinity College. A.170-A.171 Correspondence found in binder labelled ‘Personal’ 1943-1946 Miscellaneous personal and business correspondence. 1943-1944 1945-1946 Also includes carbon copies of letters from others copied to Hodgkin, chiefly on aspects of work at the Radar Research Establishment, Malvern. Includes transcript of Hulst's interview with P.|. Dee. Correspondence includes Hodgkin's recommendations for archival preservation of the flight notes. Correspondence with G.W. Edwards re first successful trial of 9 centimetre Air Interception Radar 1972-1981 Correspondence with developments R. van der Hulst re early radar A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical A.174-A.187 _ OCCASIONS AND FUNCTIONS 1971-1977, nd See also Lectures and speeches, section E. Opening of new building housing the Departments of Zoology and Experimental Biology, Oxford, 12 July 1971 Correspondence; programme; information on building. the new Hodgkin opened the new building as President of the Royal Society. Opening of new Science Library and Medical Biology Building, Queen’s University of Belfast Correspondence; background information on the Science Library. Ward Freman_ School, 1971-1972 A.176-A.177 Correspondence with Headmaster Opening Buntingford, Hertfordshire, 1972 buildings, new of The openings were originally planned for October 1971. They were subsequently postponed as it was felt that, given the circumstances in Northern Ireland, drawing attention to the new buildings might encourage terrorist attacks against them. Royal Society. Background information bishop and native of Hertfordshire. Inauguration Observatory, Cambridge, 17 October 1972 of new 5km Hodgkin inaugurated the telescope as President of the Correspondence; background information. on Seth Ward, 16th century Radio Telescope, Mullard A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical Lecture in Memory of Trevor Shaw, Queen Mary College, London, 20 February 1974 Letter of thanks and Hodgkin's reply. Speech at Annual Dinner of the Metals Society, 24 April 1974 Correspondence; 7pp typescript of Hodgkin’s speech. Opening of Tercentenary Exhibition ’George Ravenscroft and Science Museum, London, 3 October 1974 hundred Glass’, years three Lead of Correspondence, speech, background information. 4pp manuscript draft of Hodgkin’s Hodgkin opened the exhibition as President of the Royal Society. of Blue draft and typescript of Blumlein, manuscript A.182-A.186 Plaque to Alan Correspondence, Hodgkin’s speech. Unveiling London, 1 June 1977 Opening of Cambridge Science Park, 24 June 1975 The radar pioneer Alan Blumlein was known to Hodgkin. He perished in the seme aircraft accident in June 1942 in which his close friend Geoffrey Hensby died. 1975,.1977 Thomson was was instrumental in persuading the Greater London Council to mount the Blue Plaque in honour of Blumlein. Includes material re Thomson’s campaign to secure a Blue Plaque for Blumlein. Correspondence with Thomson Exchange with F.P. Thomson biographer of Ealing, a Blumlein who A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical 7pp manuscript draft and 7pp typescript of Hodgkin’s speech Arrangements for unveiling Includes typescripts of other speeches and photocopy of press report. Background material on Blumlein Speech at opening of exhibition on Luke Howard App typescript. Luke Howard was a manufacturing chemist of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. E.D. Adrian _ material on E.D. Adrian and W.A.H. February 1948; 4pp typescript on A.188-A.193 COLLEAGUES 1948, 1971, 1980, nd Biographical Rushton. Photocopy of letter to Lord Adrian on chronaxie (author unknown), ’Lord Adrian’s work on olfaction’ (author unknown), nd. 10pp manuscript 1971, 1981, nd W.A.H. Rushton ‘Some contributions to Neurophysiology (1925-52)’ by Hodgkin recollections Rushton William and_ of A.189-A.193 A.189-A.190 his Nd A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical 10pp typescript Rushton’s Society’ ’Personal Record of Fellow of the Royal 35pp photocopy typescript. Sent to Hodgkin by Rushton in 1971. ’My Research in Vision’ by Rushton Photocopy typescript paginated 34-67; list publications on vision. of Rushton’s 'W.A.H. Cambridge. Campbell’ Rushton in Memories the of Physiological Clive Hood Laboratory, Fergus and Nd, 1980 typescript; obituary of Rushton 1980, found 3pp therewith. 1926-1984 A.194-A.202 See also A.105. PHOTOGRAPHS photographs Holt Doctors Dilemma 1927, from ‘Miscellaneous Downs) The ' Downs 1926)’. 1926-1931 Also includes letter of congratulations to Hodgkin from F.L. McCarthy, December 1931. Contents of folder so inscribed: rugby team photographs and photographs from school plays, identified on verso. (& from Macbeth 5 photographs. the (the A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical School and class photographs Both feature Hodgkin. Probably from Downs School. 2 photographs. Mounted photographs taken by Hodgkin late 1920s Photographs of Downs School (exterior and interior) and surrounding countryside, wildlife etc. Portrait photographs of Hodgkin 1965, 1970, nd Taken at various stages of later career, the majority are not dated. 8 photographs. Mounted group photograph featuring Hodgkin Those featured may appear as for 1965. Royal Society medallists Hodgkin was awarded the 1965 Copley Medal. A.200-A.202 Commemorative albums Photograph of Hodgkin inscribed on verso ’Leningrad 1967’ 1964, 1984 Compiled by the Hodgkin Presentation Committee ‘to mark this occasion of expressing our affection to you’. These are albums presented to Hodgkin by friends and colleagues to mark a special occasion. Photographs of scientific colleagues and friends. 50th Birthday A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 Biographical 70th Birthday From ‘pupils and friends’, 5 February. Photographs of words of good wishes. scientific colleagues and friends, with Retirement as Master of Trinity College Photographs of Trinity College buildings and people. A.L Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, B.1-B.435 1938-1989, nd B.1-B.342 LABORATORY B.343-B.349 TRINITY COLLEGE B.350-B.378 TEACHING B.379-B.394 SCHOOL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES B.395-B.435 MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS B.1-B.342 LABORATORY 1938-1989, nd B.1-B.72 Funding B.73-B.141 Equipment B.142-B.305 Staff B.306-B.314 ‘Research animals’ Funding 1946-1988 1946-1961 1946 B.321-B.342 B.315-B.320 ‘Laboratory’ in the latter's hand; typescript Miscellaneous files Rockefeller Foundation grants. Letter to Hodgkin from E.D. Adrian, with a draft grant application draft memorandum by Hodgkin entitled ‘Future research on physical aspects of excitable cells’. 1946-1958 Correspondence etc chiefly re expenditure from grants, with financial statements. Chiefly 1946-1953. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge Financial papers, with a few related letters. 1946-1960 Found with the correspondence in B.1-B.2. 2 folders. Future of Rockefeller Unit’, contents of a file so inscribed. 1949-1960 Correspondence and papers. Correspondence re expenditure and other matters. 1951-1961 2 folders. Correspondence re a (successful) grant application made by the application. Physiological Laboratory; typescript the of December 1954-1955 B.11-B.12 1947-1960 which was 1946-1957 a further application Estimates of expenditure. Correspondence re unsuccessful. Progress reports on research covered by the grants. Copies of correspondence and various papers chiefly re expenditure; drafts of a few progress reports. 1951-1965 Correspondence applications/awards, expenditure etc, with copies or drafts of progress reports and grant applications. Contents of a file inscribed ’Estimates’. Nuffield Foundation grants. B.13-B.27 B.13-B.17 2 folders. 5 folders. 1950-1965 re grant A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.18-B.19 'Nuffield inscribed. Grant expenditure’, contents of a file so 1951-1961 Financial papers. 2 folders. B.20-B.23 Papers re expenditure, progress reports correspondence. and related 1950-1965 4 folders. B.24-B.26 Copies correspondence. of annual reports etc with related 1950-1964 3 folders. ‘Future of Nuffield’, contents of a file so inscribed. 1954-1955 B.28-B.37 B.28-B.33 B.34-B.36 1952-1970 Hodgkin’s tenure of the Foulerton Royal Society grants. Correspondence etc re applications. Correspondence re grants and expenditure etc, with a few reports. The material chiefly relates to grants made in connection with Research Professorship. 1956-1960 Receipts for laboratory expenditure and correspondence with bank etc. Copies of annual reports with correspondence. 6 folders. 3 folders. 1952-1970 1952-1970 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.38-B.58 Medical Research Council grants. 1970-1988 B.38 ‘Reichert Zetoplan application’, contents of inscribed. a file so 1971 Brief correspondence etc purchase a research microscope. re application for a grant to B.39-B.40 Correspondence re grant applications. 1970-1976 Chiefly 1970-1972. 2 folders. Contents of an unmarked file. ‘MRC grant 1973’, contents of a file so inscribed. Papers and correspondence re application for a grant for a new computer. a file so B.42-B.43 1977-1981 1975-1978 B.44-B.46 file so inscribed. Correspondence application, including drafts of the application. papers and re a_ ’MRC application 1975’, contents of a ‘MRC applications 1977-78-81’, contents of inscribed. Various papers, with correspondence, re application for a project grant; correspondence etc arising. 1980-1983 Correspondence and drafts of grant applications etc. ‘MRC project inscribed. B.47-B.49 grant 1981-84’, contents of a file so project grant 2 folders. 3 folders. 3 folders. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.50-B.55 ‘MRC project inscribed. grant 1984-7’, contents of 2 files so 1983-1988 Correspondence and drafts of grant applications etc. 6 folders. "MRC Supplementary grant applic’n’, contents of a file so inscribed. Draft grant applications. B.57-B.58 reports Draft correspondence etc. on work funded by MRC grants with 2 folders. ‘Biophysics funding’, contents of a box so inscribed. 1965-1987 Copy of an account of expenditure. University - replacing Nuffield’, University - ex R.U. £1000 p.a.', ' Accounts of expenditure, mostly copies. ’Grants to laboratory. contents of a file so inscribed. Grants to laboratory. contents of a file so inscribed. Files relating to the general funding of the Physiological Laboratory. 2 folders. Copies of accounts of expenditure. current', contents of a file so ‘Biophysics inscribed. finance - 1965-1969 1976-1977 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.62-B.65 ‘Biophysics finance - past’, contents of a file so inscribed. 1968-c.1974 4 folders. ‘Expenditure 1977-8’, contents of a file so inscribed. 1977-1978 Accounts of expenditure with brief correspondence. B.67-B.68 ‘Consumables’, contents of 3 files so inscribed. 1978-1981 Financial papers and correspondence. 2 folders. B.69-B.70 Miscellaneous correspondence and financial papers. 1965-1977, 1985-1987 Chiefly 1965-1977. 2 folders. 2 folders. B.71-B.72 Miscellaneous papers re grants. 1965-1973 1938-1984, nd 1949-1976 B.73-B.84 ‘Laboratory’, contents of a file so inscribed. B.73-B.141 Equipment Inscriptions on constituent files are given below. 1965-1967 ‘Zeiss Standard WL Microscope and Stereomicroscope IV’. Correspondence etc re orders for various items. Correspondence etc re orders. Apparatus etc’. 1961-1963 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.75-B.76 ’New laboratory - plans & equipment’. 1965-1966 Correspondence re equipment; plans of laboratory. 2 folders. ‘Equipment - counters’. Correspondence concerning enquiries about radioctive counters etc. ‘Equipment for new rooms’. Brief correspondence etc. ‘Royal Society grant items’. 1971-1972 Correspondence etc re orders for equipment. B.81-B.84 4 folders. 1971-1976 1949-1976 B.81-B.82 are manuscript diagrams of Chiefly 1970-1976. Wild Heerbrugg [engineering company)’. Included electrical circuits. at Correspondence re orders for optical equipment. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers re orders for equipment etc. laboratory. etc. Correspondence correspondence relates to the import of items. small unrelated Alphabetical files of equipment suppliers. 1938-1984, nd Some A very to the B.85-B.141 and purchase orders amount concerns matters A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge lec The original arrangement of the files - alphabetically by name of company or organisation - has been preserved. Un-indexed. Bausch & Lomb Optical Company Ltd. Bellingham & Stanley Ltd. 1971-1975 Bryans Southern Instruments Ltd. 1977-1978 Buchler Instruments Inc. (USA). 1962-1963 Miscellaneous B. 1964-1979 A few papers found loose. Cambridge Electronic Design Ltd. Cossor Instruments Ltd. 1938-1965 Clarke Electromedical Instruments. Cambridge Instrument Company Ltd. 1962-1966 Miscellaneous C. A few papers found loose. Degenhardt & Co. Ltd. 1947-1953 1962-1977, nd A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge Digital Equipment Co. Ltd. 1972-1977 Digitimer Ltd. B. Draper & Son Ltd. Ealing Beck Ltd. 1971-1978 East Anglia Forwarding (import agents). Electronic Instruments Ltd. 1961-1967 EMI Electronics Ltd. 1966-1967 1965-1975 Forth Instruments Ltd. Glass Company of America. Fratelli Fabbri Editore (Italy). Fisher Scientific Company (Switzerland). 1959-1964 B.106-B.108 Grass Instrument Company (USA). 1963-1968 3 folders. Miscellaneous G. A few papers found loose. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge Hewlett-Packard Ltd. V.A. Howe Ltd. Ilford Ltd. 1959-1967 1959-1965 Johnson Matthey & Co. Ltd. 1960-1965 Walter J. Johnson Ltd. Kelvedon Electrical Co. Kodak Ltd. Oriel Scientific Ltd. 1960-1977 1976-1978 1967-1968 Panax Equipment Ltd. Packard Instruments Ltd. E. Leitz (Instruments) Ltd. 1973-1979 1961-1967 1960-1978 W.R. Prior & Co. Ltd. Pye Unicam Ltd. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge Miscellaneous P. A few papers found loose. Rofin Ltd. Miscellaneous R. A few papers found loose. Schwarz-Mann (USA). Miscellaneous S. A few papers found loose. 1960-1976 1971-1973 1964-1980 Tape recorders. 3 folders. 1949-1975 Technitron. 1978-1979 Tekman Electronics Ltd. 1975-1977 B.131-B.133 Tektronix UK Ltd. 1961-1975 ‘Firms U’, contents of a file so inscribed. Firms V’, contents of a file so inscribed. Texas Instruments. 1975-1978 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge Wang (UK) Ltd. Wards (Cambridge) Ltd. Miscellaneous W. A few papers found loose. C. Yeomans. Carl Zeiss (Oberkochen) Ltd. 1962-1964, 1978 B.142-B.305 Staff 1948-1989 1948-1989 B.142-B.143 R.H. Adrian. 1960-1978, B.142-B.188 etc re_ scientific Hodgkin’s time. papers relating to careers There is research ‘Laboratory staff ’, contents of boxes so inscribed. Files arranged alphabetically (the original order has been maintained). Correspondence and of individuals who worked at the Physiological Laboratory, also Cambridge during correspondence and professional and personal matters. nd Adrian was a close colleague of Hodgkin for many years and became Professor of Cell Physiology at Cambridge in 1978. He collaborated with Hodgkin on research into the activation of muscle in the late 1960s. Included research work (B.142). is correspondence with Hodgkin, chiefly re 2 folders. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge J. Arber. Secretarial assistant. H.B. Barlow. Royal University of Cambridge (from 1973). Research Society Professor 1978-1980 in Physiology, One letter only. B.146-B.147 C.B. Blakemore. Blakemore was University Demonstrator and Lecturer in Physiology, 1968-1979. later became Waynflete Professor in Physiology, Oxford (1979). He 2 folders. 1970-1971 1948-1982 B.149-B.152 R.H. Cook. R.H.S. Carpenter. Lecturer in the Department of Physiology. Cook was laboratory technician who contributed to many of Hodgkin’s important experiments, including those involving the voltage-clamp’ technique. 3 folders. Crawford was a University Demonstrator and Lecturer in Physiology, 1970-1976. He carried out important work on the inner ear with R. Fettiplace, 1977-1979 (see below). She was Hodgkin’s secretary. B.154-B.156 A.C. Crawford. M. Edwards. 1969-1983 a long-serving 4 folders. 1970-1986 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.157-B.159 R. Fettiplace. 1970-1987 Fettiplace collaborated with A.C. Crawford (see above). He was Howe Senior Research Fellow of the Royal Society, 1979-[?]. 3 folders. I.M. Glynn. Glynn was a University Demonstrator and Lecturer in Physiology, 1958-1970, and carried out important work on red blood cells. 1957-1974 B.161-B.162 D.A. Haydon. 1967-1988 A close colleague of Hodgkin, Haydon was Reader in Surface 1974-1980, becoming at Cambridge in 1980. Biophysics, Membrane Membrane’ Biophysics Professor and of ' 2 folders. 1977-1984 A.F. Huxley. B.164-B.165 A.P. Hillier. Hillier was a research worker and lecturer. Huxley began working with Hodgkin on squid nerve fibres in 1939, the start of a long collaboration which led to their joint award of the 1963 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. 2 folders. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.166-B.168 R.D. Keynes. 1973-1977 Keynes was Professor of Physiology at Cambridge (from 1973) and a close colleague of Hodgkin. They worked together on cuttlefish nerve fibres in the 1950s. Correspondence etc with Hodgkin re research funding issues and various other topics. 3 folders. C.J. Kros. PhD student under supervision of A.C. Crawford, c.1984- 1987. B.170-B.178 T.D. Lamb. 1973-1989 Lamb trained as an electrical engineer in Australia before carrying out research with Hodgkin on the retina during periods in the 1970s and 1980s. re 9 folders. P.R. Lewis. B.180-B.182 P. A. McNaughton. Included research projects and general and personal matters. is correspondence etc with Hodgkin etc A chemist who joined the Physiological Laboratory on a Rockefeller grant, 1948-[71951]. 1974-1987 McNaughton was originally from New Zealand. With Hodgkin he carried out research on retinal rods (chiefly of turtle) during periods in the late 1970s and 1980s. Included personal matters. is some correspondence re research and 3 folders. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge M.J. Marsh. 1975-1979 Laboratory technician (instrument maker). B.184 T.J. Rink. 1973-1978 Rink held an Elmore Research Studentship, 1973-1974, afterwards becoming a university demonstrator. B.185-B.188 P.R. Stanfield. 1965-1985 Stanfield took a PhD at Cambridge (Hodgkin was his supervisor), demonstrator, 1969-1974. becoming university later 4 folders. B.189-B.270 ‘Past research staff’, contents of boxes so inscribed (first series). 1953-1988 1960-1965 alphabetical series, an larger The arrangement that has been kept. separate two of W.J. Adelman. Correspondence arrangements. Files arranged alphabetically by name of individual (the original order has been maintained). Adelman was an American physiologist who worked in the Physiological Laboratory and at the MBA, Plymouth, for a few weeks in 1960-1961. 1960-1988 Baker was a close colleague of Hodgkin. together on squid nerve fibre in the 1960s and 1970s. Included is some correspondence re research. They worked B.190-B.192 (almost all 1960-1961) chiefly re P.F. Baker. 3 folders. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.193-B.199 D.A. Baylor. 1969-1988 In the early 1970s Baylor collaborated with Hodgkin on studies of turtle retina. He later worked for several years at Stanford University School of Medicine, California, USA. Included is correspondence re research and publications and personal matters. 7 folders. B.200-B.201 M.P. Blaustein. 1965-1979 Blaustein, an American, carried out research on nerve, 1966-1968. Chiefly 1965-1970. research and personal matters. Included is some correspondence re 2 folders. 6 folders. B.208-B.213 P.B. Detwiler. 1974-1988 1961-1978 B.202-B.207 W.K. Chandler. 1962-1965 as a Special Fellow of Much of the correspondence relates to research and publications. an American neurophysiologist, worked at Chandler, the Cambridge, He collaborated with National Institutes of Health (USA). Hodgkin in a number of publications on muscle and squid nerve fibre, 1965-1969. The two men remained close colleagues. 6 folders. Detwiler, an American, was a post-doctoral fellow, 1975- 1977. He collaborated with Hodgkin on studies of turtle retina during periods in the late 1970s and 1980s. Chiefly 1974-1981. relates to research and publications. A large part of the correspondence A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge J.D. Diamond. 1958-1967 A research student, 1958-1962. B.215-B.216 E.T. Dunham. 1957-1961 Research worker, 1958-1960. 2 folders. H.S. Frazier. 1955-1956 From the Biophysical Laboratory of Harvard Medical School, USA. Research worker under Hodgkin, 1956- 1957. D.S. Geduldig. 1964-1966 1964-1969 D.P.L. Green. 1976-1977 B.220-B.221 B. Hille. Postdoctoral grant from the American Cancer Society. researcher, 1965-1966, supported by a Research worker, [1974 or 1975]-c.1977. From the Rockefeller University, USA; research worker at Cambridge 1967-1968. 1968-1978 Hladky, an American, took a PhD at Cambridge before becoming University Demonstrator in Physiology, 1974- [?]. S.B. Hladky. B.222-B.223 2 folders. 2 folders. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge P. Horowicz. 1959-1966 Horowicz, an American, worked closely with Hodgkin on investigations of muscle in late 1950s and early 1960s. the J.E. Kimura. PhD student. J.Z. Levinson. Research worker for a few months in 1966. H.C. Littgau. 1961-1965 Luttgau, a German, conducted research with Hodgkin on muscle, 1962-1964. 3 folders. 4 folders. B.228-B.230 R.N. McBurney. 1973-1986 PhD student, 1973-1977. B.231-B.234 W.T. Mason. Research worker from Australia, 1974-1976, holding a Florey Fellowship. 2 folders. Meves, a German, carried out research on squid at the MBA, Plymouth, during visits between 1962 and 1965, and published some papers with Hodgkin. B.235-B.236 H. Meves. 1973-1979 1961-1972 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.237-B.238 R.B. Moreton. 1964-1969 PhD student, 1964-1967. 2 folders. B.239-B.243 S. Nakajima. 1965-1987 Nakajima, from the USA, was Visiting Research Fellow, 1967-1969. Included is correspondence re research and publications. 5 folders. Niedergerke, [?]. 1953-1954 Niedergerke, worker, 1952-c.1954. from West Germany, was a _ research 4 folders. B.249-B.251 W.G. Owen. 1975-1984 1971-1976 B,245-B.248 P.M. O'Bryan. Owen worked on vision during visits to Cambridge in the 1970s. O'Bryan, from the USA, held a Medical Research Council Travelling Fellowship, 1973-1974. 1976-1986 PhD student from Mexico, 1972-1976 (Hodgkin was his supervisor). 3 folders. B. Rudy. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge E.A. Schwartz. 1973-1976 Schwartz, from research worker for a period in the mid-1970s. appears to the USA, have been a T.I. Shaw. 1966-1972 Shaw, a close colleague of Hodgkin, made important contributions to the work on squid nerve fibres in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Included are drafts of following Shaw's death. a memorial address by Hodgkin B.255-B.257 E.J. Simon. 1973-1984 Simon, a visual physiologist from the USA, held a post- doctoral fellowship from the National Institute of Health (USA), 1974-1976. 3 folders. R.C. Swan. 3 folders. T.J.B. Simons. 1970-c.1973 Research worker from the USA, 1955-1956. Held a Medical Research Council Training Scholarship, 1970-1973. 1976-1988 Torre, from Italy, worked on toad retina, 1979-1980. Research worker, [?1953]-1955. B.261-B.263 V. Torre. R.E. Taylor. 1955-1956 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge R.Y. Tsien. 1973-1976 Research worker from the USA, c.1973-1976. B.265 N.A. Walker. 1958-1966 Research worker from Australia, 1960-1962. B.266-B.270 K.-W. Yau. 1977-1988 Yau, from the USA, was a Post-doctoral Fellow, 1979- 1980, working with Hodgkin on vision. Included publications. is correspondence relating to research and 5 folders. a box file (second 1954-1972 W.H. Freygang. A.J. Brady. 1956-1965 L.L. Constantin. 1969-1971 B.271-B.285 ‘Past research staff’, contents of series). Files arranged alphabetically. Research worker from the USA, 1957-1958. Research worker from the USA, [?late 1960s]. 1958-1966 Freygang, an American from the National Institute of Mental Health, carried out research on muscle fibres at Cambridge, 1959-1960. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge P.J. Garrahan. Garrahan, c.1965-1967. an Argentinian, was a research worker, 1963-1972 B.275-B.276 M.J. Hunter. 1969-1972 Research student, 1969-1972. 2 folders. C.-Y. Kao. Research worker from the USA, 1966-1967. 1965-1969 B.278-B.280 K.J. Martin. 1963-1969 Martin, a Canadian, held a Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship, 1964-1966. 3 folders. 3 folders. S.J. Potashner. 1971-1972 D.C. Tosteson. Research worker from Canada, 1970-1972. Research worker from the USA, 1956-1957. Hodgkin remained return to the USA. 1969-1972 He and close colleagues after Tosteson’s a Welcome Trust Czech A Research Fellowship, 1969-1970. physiologist who held B.283-B.285 J. Zachar. 1954-1969 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.286-B.305 ‘Present inscribed. research workers’, contents of boxes so 1980-1989 Files arranged alphabetically. J.J. Art. 1983-1986 An American research worker, 1981-c.1986. L.A. Cervetto. 1982-1986 Cervetto, an Italian visual physiologist, became a close colleague of Hodgkin after working in the latter’s group for two months in 1982 (they had met earlier). L. Lagnado. 1988-1989 PhD student, examiners). 1985-1988 (Hodgkin was one of the 1984-1988 5 folders. 4 folders. Hodgkin was a Trustee. B.294-B.297 H.R. Matthews. B.289-B.293 George Henry Lewis Studentship Fund. Correspondence and papers re Fund business, including applications. 1985-1989 PhD student (Hodgkin was one of the examiners) and post-doctoral research worker, 1982-c.1989. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.298-B.305 B.J. Nunn. 1980-1988 Nunn, from South Africa, was a research worker from 1982 until his death in 1987. He worked with Hodgkin, P.A. McNaughton and K.-Y. Yau on the ionic basis of the light sensitive current in vertebrate rods. 8 folders. B.306-B.314 ’Research animals’ 1970-1986 Contents of a box so inscribed. Correspondence, with purchase orders etc, re purchases of animals for laboratory experiments. the original Arranged re-produced alphabetically by name of animal. below. Titles files are of ’Axelotls’. ‘Crocodile’. 1975-1983 1977-1978 1976-1977 ’Chelydra’. ’Protopterus’. ‘Bufo marinus’. 2 folders. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers. ‘Salamanders’. B.313-B.314 1971-1981 1976-1977 1982-1986 1970-1978 Turtles’. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.315-B.320 *Laboratory needs’ 1966-1980 Contents of a box so inscribed. quinquennial Correspondence and papers re assessments of annual and and research, chiefly laboratory apparatus, and allocation of finances etc. requirements teaching for 6 folders. B.321-B.342 Miscellaneous files 1945-1988 Covering a variety of laboratory business. chronogically. Arranged Inscriptions on the files are reproduced below. 1945-1946 2 folders. ‘Receipts’. B.321-B.322 1945-1947 of World War Two, and also re technical Aquarium’. Correspondence etc re purchase of equipment from Government surplus stores (at the end of World War Two). Correspondence etc re the procurement of machine tools and equipment for the Physiological Laboratory at the end staff requirements. 1946-1948 Correspondence etc re the construction of aquarium for the Physiological Laboratory. Receipts for purchases of Hodgkin’s travelling expenses. laboratory equipment and a sea water A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.326-B.329 ‘Electron microscope’. 1954-1961 Correspondence electron microscope, purchased by the Wellcome Trust, to the Physiological Laboratory. loaning the an_ re of Originally an electron microscope was intended to be used by H.E. Huxley at the Physiological Laboratory in collaboration with Hodgkin and A.F. Huxley. H.E. Huxley left Cambridge in ?1956 for University College London and appears to have taken the microscope with him. The Wellcome electron microscope for loan to Hodgkin’s group. purchased another Trust then Included Huxley and M. Huxley's departure from Cambridge. is correspondence between A few letters Perutz. Hodgkin, H.E. relate to H.E. 4 folders. ‘Acting H.O.D.’ 1965-1977 Research Neurobiological ’Michael Foster Electors’. ‘Neurobiological Research Unit’. Correspondence re departmental business during two periods when Hodgkin was Acting Head of Department (1965-1966 and 1977). Typescript notes by Hodgkin on a proposal to set up an inter-departmental Unit supported by the Research Council. 1975 D.A. Haydon and his research group in the Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry and Colloid Science transferred to the Department of Physiology in 1970. Correspondence re applications and general business. ‘Haydon’s move to physiology’. Hodgkin Studentship. B.333-B.336 1969-1970, Elector to the 1967-1976 was an Michael Foster A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge Les. Correspondence etc re plans and arrangements. A few letters (1975) relate to matters arising from the move. 4 folders. ‘Group accommodation’. 1974-1978 Correspondence re laboratory/office accommodation and progress on research. ‘Lab correspondence with HoD"'. Brief correspondence between R.D. Keynes and Medical Research Council re a programme grant. the ‘Vision Group’. Correspondence re proposed new appointments. ‘Laboratory internal circulars’. 1983-1985 ‘Customs / Board of Trade’. 1963-1966 Correspondence re applications for relief from import duty on laboratory equipment and supplies. Correspondence etc re various matters, including animal rights activists. Letter of recommendation. ‘Secretarial’. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.343-B.349 TRINITY COLLEGE 1967-1987 See A.23 for newspaper cuttings relating to Hodgkin’s Mastership of Trinity College. ‘Fellow/Commonership in Creative Arts', contents of a so inscribed. file Correspondence re applications. Papers Teaching Fellowship in Biochemistry. correspondence and re applications for a Correspondence and English essay prize within the College. papers re the awarding of an re for 1977-1981 [c.1980]-1987 chiefly between Hodgkin and arrangements’ Letters of commiseration or regret to Hodgkin on the end of his term as Master of Trinity College. Included are a few copies of replies by Hodgkin. Correspondence Hodgkin's sabbatical year, 1978-1979, and his secretarial expenses etc. Correspondence, the Senior Busar of Trinity College re funds for Hodgkin's research group. 1967-1985 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers concerning College business. B.347-B.349 3 folders. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.350-B.378 TEACHING 1939-1981, nd Papers and correspondence relating to lecture courses in the Department of Physiology. Included are details of course content and organisation, lecture notes (some in Hodgkin’s hand), timetables, memoranda to staff, agenda for staff meetings, lecture hand-outs etc. B.350-B.353 ‘Part I’, contents of a box so inscribed. 1961-1980 4 folders. B.354-B.368 ’Part Il’, contents of a box so inscribed. Divided into files whose titles are given below. 1965-1979, nd B.354-B.355 ‘Part Il general’. 1970-1977 B.356-B.361 1966-1979 2 folders. 6 folders. 3 folders. References’. B.362-B.364 External lecturers’. ’Part Il - timetables, students’. 1965-1979 ‘Lecture notes / practical notes’. ‘Hodgkin-Huxley equations’. ‘Appendix to Notes II’. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge ‘Lectures |’, contents of a box so inscribed. B.370-B.371 ’Part Il Vision lectures’, contents of a box so inscribed. c.1980-1981 2 folders. ‘Hodgkin refs II’, contents of a box so inscribed. ‘Hodgkin - Advanced nerve notes 4’, contents of a box so inscribed. B.374-B.378 Miscellaneous files relating to lectures. Titles of files are given below. 1939-1965, nd ‘Experimental physiology - Course A, Easter Term 1939’. 2 folders. B.375-B.376 typescript papers re experiments on Manuscript lecture notes. ‘Elementary maths 1964’. Various nerve, muscle and vision, found in an unmarked file with the material in B.374. [?undergraduates]. ’Part 1a - first lecture Oct. 1965’. typescript 8pp draft of an _ introductory talk to A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.379-B.394 SCHOOL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 1962-1978 B.379-B.380 ‘Colloid inscribed. Science Committee’, contents of a file so 1962-1969 of The title the Management for Science (see B.381-B.383 below). file may refer Biophysical to the Committee of Colloid Chemistry and Correspondence and papers re issues concerning the Department of Colloid Science and its future. 2 folders. B.381-B.383 Committee of Management for Biophysical Chemistry and Colloid Science. 1965-1970 Hodgkin was a member of the Committee. Papers re meetings etc, with correspondence. 1969-1970. Chiefly 3 folders. 1965-1978 B.385-B.392 Correspondence teaching of biological sciences. Chiefly 1970. matters various ‘Faculty Board of Biology "B"’. Council of the School of Biological Sciences. Hodgkin was a co-opted member member in 1970 and, possibly, during other years. 1968-1978 Hodgkin was a member and served as Chairman in 1978 and, possibly, during other years. Set of numbered Council papers for 1973, contents of a file. B.385-B.389 re concerning the 5 folders. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.390-B.391 Set of Council papers for 1978, contents of a file. 2 folders. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers relating Council business. to 1968-1978 B.393-B.394 of Visit Sciences Sub-committee to Cambridge, 26 April 1977. University Grants Committee’s Biological the Council papers prepared for the visit. 2 folders. B.395-B.435 MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS 1951-1982 1951-1981 4 folders. H.E. Durham Fund. 1952-1960 B.395-B.398 Oliver Gatty Fund. Correspondence and papers, chiefly re applications. The Fund gave grants for research in the biological ' sciences. Hodgkin's involvement in the Fund is not clear. The Fund offered studentships for research in biological sciences. Hodgkin appears to have been one of the Electors to the Fund. 1970-1978 member of 1970, and was re-appointed 1975- Various papers, chiefly re the manangement of the Fund. was Hodgkin a Management from 1978. Ernest Oppenheimer Fund. of the Committee B.400-B.417 A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge ES Correspondence and papers Committee. individual meetings. re The material was the business of largely arranged the by General correspondence. 1970-1972 1st meeting (April 1971). 2nd meeting (November 1971). 3rd meeting (April 1972). 4th meeting (May 1973). 5th meeting (September 1973). 6th meeting (March 1974). 8th meeting (May 1975). 9th meeting (February 1976). 7th meeting (November 1974). 1976-1977 10th meeting (November 1976). B.410-B.411 2 folders. 11th meeting (February 1977). A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge General correspondence. 12th meeting (November 1977). General correspondence. 13th meeting (February 1978). Special meeting (August 1978). E.J. Bles Fund. The fund supported research on animal embryology. Hodgkin was a Manager of the Fund. General correspondence. 1970-1982 1970-1974, The titles given below. ‘Plummer Chair’. * 1973) to an advisory committee to ’Professorships’, contents of a box so inscribed. The John Humphrey Plummer Foundation instituted a number of Plummer Professorships in science at the University of Cambridge. Hodgkin was appointed (1970 and the General Board. 1978 Correspondence (mostly 1973-1974) etc chiefly re the establishment of a third Plummer Professorship. B.419-B.428 of the individual files (where inscribed) are A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.420-B.423 Mary Marshall and Arthur Walton Professorship of the Physiology of Reproduction. 1975-1976 Hodgkin served as an Elector. Correspondence and papers re candidatures. 4 folders. B.424-B.427 ’Chair of Zoology’. 1976-1980 Hodgkin served on the Board of Electors. Correspondence and candidatures. papers (chiefly 1976-1977) re 4 folders. Chair of Experimental Psychology. B.429-B.435 1959-1976 1959-1976 and a proposed European Laboratory Miscellaneous papers. _ Fundamental Biology. ‘University and colleges’. Various files whose titles are reproduced below. One letter only asking Hodgkin to serve on the Board of Electors to this professorship. Correspondence re various matters including research grants for committees. Correspondence and papers re Hodgkin’s role assessor and examiner for PhD degrees. ‘Board of Graduate Studies’. chiefly re departmental Letter and a few papers 1960-1967 as an ‘Student business’. A.L. Hodgkin NCUACS 136/1/05 University of Cambridge B.432-B.435 ‘King’s Fellowships’. 1969-1971 Correspondence and papers re applications for Junior Research Fellowships at King’s College Cambridge. 4 folders.