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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the correspondence and papers of CHRISTOPHER HINTON, BARON HINTON OF BANKSIDE (1901-1983) engineer deposited in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre No 86/16 THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane London WC2A 1HP 1986 All rights reserved (CSAC 116/7/86) by CSAC 116/7/86 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of CHRISTOPHER HINTON OM, KBE, FRS, FEng BARON HINTON OF BANKSIDE (1901 - 1983) Compiled by: VOLUME | List of contents 1986 Jeannine Alton Peter Harper Margaret Erskine Sections A-E General Intraduction All rights reserved Deposited at The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: & The Biochemical Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Rhodes Trustees The Royal Society of London The Institution of Mechanical Engineers The Wolfson Foundation Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN, THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, LONDON, SWIH 9JJ. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTO- BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.23]1 Pol MALTS Autobiographical writings A.13 -A.117 Diaries A.118-A. 133 Biographical articles and material A.134-A. 221 Career and honours A.222-A.226A Family and personal correspondence A.227-A. 231 Miscellaneous SECTION B ENERGY B.1-B.144 B43 +8 .58 Lectures B.o7-d. 141 71 7] C.1-C.266 fie -C.6 C7 € 6 sc 75 SECTION C ENGINEERING B.142-B.144 Background material General correspondence and papers British Association Co-ordinating Group American Society of Mechanical Engineers Continued Council of Engineering Institutions (CEI) Institution of Electrical Engineers Institution of Civil Engineers C76 -C.248 Fellowship of Engineering With an introductory note With an introductory note Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 C.251-C. 260 Institution of Mechanical Engineers C.261-C. 264 National Academy of Engineering ©. 265; C266 National Academy of Engineering (Mexico) SECTION D HOUSE OF LORDS D.1-D.176 Introduction to Section D DB. F #=D.20 General correspondence D.21--D.107 European Communities Committee (Sub- committee F) D.108-D.127 European Communities Committee (Sub- committee G) D.128-D.142 Select Committees (Private Bills) D.143-D.172 Speeches in debates D.173-D.176 Printed and duplicated material SECTION E Cid -E.7 E28 +8.30 EL FPHE A Appointments Development appeal UNIVERSITY OF BATH General correspondence Introduction to Section E Re Te eee TERY LT RE TPE Speeches, addresses, writings Degree Congregations University Court Convocation E.to E.T6 E.17-E.19 E.20-E.65 MEN TNO RR RS OTT NERO TN OE TERRI try Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 SECTION F LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS F.1-F.228 Por ts Speeches and lectures Items With an introductory note Radio and television Articles With an introductory note Books ‘ Book reviews Letters to the press Correspondence with publishers and editors SECTION G CONSULTANCIES G1 Electricity Council SECTION H H.1, H.2 With an introductory note S,2-G:.8 Ministry of Transport World Bank (Intemational Bank for Reconstruction and Development) Cambridge University Engineers' Association SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS H.1-H.161 Continued Sciences and . Economic Research Council European Academy of Arts, 144 144 144 144 City University Dulwich Society H.3 H.4 HS Humanities European Nuclear Society 145 145 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 W.30-H. U2 Opportunities for the Disabled H.13-H.16 Osterreichischer Gewerbeverein HIF Royal Institution H.18-H.41 Royal Society H.42-H.161 World Energy Conference With an introductory note SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE Introduction to Section J Jet: a. Ge Correspondence with individuals and organisations SfO7 3.72 Shorter unindexed correspondence 3.73°5.79 References, appointments, recommendations M39 °K -29 Film J.80-J.84 Daily carbons K.30-K.34 Slides K.35 K.36 6.1 7k.18 SECTION K Loose photographs Photograph albums NON-PRINT MATERIAL LRT TINGE ENT RRA TR TI RATT OSE INDEX OF INDIVIDUALS, ORGANISATIONS AND FIRMS Gramophone records TE LY POT RR NE EET LCT EL NE ELNINO RR EI NTN TY RE TEM TR RET TRE . Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 GENERAL INTRODUCTION The collection was received via The Institution of Mechanical Engineers in September and October 1984 and December 1985. It represents Hinton's selection of the material in his possession. The many requests he received for information on the historical events he had witnessed, notably perhaps the contacts with M.M. Gowing during the preparation of her history of the British atomic energy project and the consequent writing of his own memoirs, had en- couraged an interest in history. His service on the Royal Society's Sub-committee on Contemporary Scientific Archives had contributed to his sense of the problems involved in evaluating and sorting the extensive accumulation of paper amassed by distinguished public figures. Accordingly he and his long-time secretary, Phyllis Ellis, conducted regular pruning exercises on his papers. | Many of the folders in which the material was received bore dates 'Examined by Lord Hinton', some as early as 1972 but mainly between February 1979 and April 1982; thus, while some material may be missing, what remains is what he deemed of interest. Another feature is his bringing together of documents on a particular topic, with his own title and comments (for example, the grouping of lectures on atomic energy and electricity supply) and his frequent and outspoken manuscript comments on letters, articles or other documents which he received. Attention is drawn to these features in the relevant catalogue entries. Lord Hinton was born at Tisbury, Wiltshire, in 1901. The son of a school- master, he became at 16 an engineering apprentice with the Great Western Railway at Swindon. He regarded the six years he spent there, first on the shop floor and then OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF LORD HINTON OF BANKS IDE eee in the drawing office, as the foundation of his subsequent success in engineering. At 22 he was awarded the William Henry Allen scholarship by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers which sent him to Trinity College, Cambridge. in the Mechanical Sciences Tripos in two years, spending the final year on research under Sir Charles Inglis on vibration of railway bridges. He took a first class degree ER TE eT ER MRR A TERRI ER RT Fer RNR UNE Es Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 Hinton's first post on leaving Cambridge was on the staff of Brunner Mond & Company (later part of ICI) where he became Chief Engineer at the remarkable age of 29. In 1940 he was seconded to the Ministry of Supply becoming, in 1942, Deputy Director General in charge of the Royal Filling Factories. At the end of the war he was asked to take charge of the production organisation of the newly-formed Depart - ment of Atomic Energy and when the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) was set up in 1954 he became a Member of the Board and Managing Director of the Industrial Group. In the ten years 1946-1956 his organisation was responsible for designing and building the factory at Springfields for extracting uranium from ore, purifying it and making it into fuel elements for the nuclear reactors, for building _Windscale with its production piles and its immensely complex chemical plants, the diffusion plant at Capenhurst, the first industrial nuclear plant at Calder Hall and the fast breeder reactor with its ancillary fuel element and chemical plants at Dounreay. In 1957 Hinton became the first chairman of the newly-created Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) - a position he held until his retirement from full-time salaried employment in 1964. One of Hinton's interests during his chairmanship was the development of the Board's research organisation; this interest continued into retire- Although Hinton (in the last chapter of his unpublished autobiography) des- programme of generation and transmission construction work necessarily involved. theless continued to make many important contributions to the public service. In 1965 marked by his great sensitivity to the problems of visual amenity which the Board's Electricity Supply Research Council. Hinton's chairmanship of the CEGB was also ment, and indeed up to his death in 1983, in his capacity as Deputy Chairman of the cribes his immediate post-retirement activities as those of an 'odd job man' he never- he worked for six months in the Ministry of Transport and afterwards became a Special having been made a life peer in 1965. He was a highly successful first Chancellor of the University of Bath 1966-1980. In particular, the years of retirement enabled Adviser to the World Bank. He served as Chairman of the International Executive Committee of the World Energy Conference (WEC) 1962-1968 retaining an interest in its affairs for the rest of his life. He was an active member of the House of Lords Hinton to involve himself with the activities and organisation of the engineering Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 : He was President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers 1966-1967, profession. Chairman of the MacRobert Award Evaluation Panel from the award's inception in 196? to March 1977, President of the Council of Engineering Institutions (CEI) from 1976 from 1976 to 1981 first President of the Fellowship of Engineering which he did and so much to establish. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The collection is a substantial one. Although it cannot be said to present a full account of Hinton's life and work, being largely concerned with his later activities, it contains important documentation of his earlier career in the form of personal diaries, unpublished autobiographical writings, frequent allusions and reminiscences in corres~ pondence with former colleagues, historians of science and others, not to mention his own comments and assessments written on folders or manuscripts. The papers are presented in the order shown in the List of Contents. Additional In terms of historical interest Section A (Biographical and autobiographical). explanatory notes accompany many of the Sections, sub-sections and individual entries The following paragraphs aim only at drawing attention in the body of the catalogue. to matters of particular substance or interest. especially the knighthood, life peerage and Order of Merit. this section is dominated by Hinton's unpublished autobiography and the 'non-secret' The autobiography entitled 'The Memoirs of Christopher diaries on which it was based. Hinton' (A.1-A.8) covers the period from its author's birth to the time of writing (1970) in 29 chapters and was supplemented by a ‘Memorandum of Activities from 1970 to 1980! (A.9) written in 1981 at the request of M.M. Gowing. upon in compiling catalogue entries and reference has been made to it ‘Memoirs p. clear from the autobiography that he kept a diary from 1916-1923 but early diary entries this section survive only in abstracted form (A.13). documents (albeit scantily) the events of his career, notably his successive moves to Swindon, Cambridge, ICI, Ministry of Supply, UKAEA and CEGB, and honours received, Much of the remaining material in in the form _Hinton's personal diaries survive for the period 1941-1983; it is ...'. The autobiography has been drawn Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 10 Section B (Energy). - This section brings together lectures (selected and arranged by Hinton) on atomic energy and electricity supply and general correspondence and papers on the same topics. The atomic energy lectures include a number of items of particular interest, for example Hinton's notes for the Risley induction lecture (B.2) which formed the basis of the BBC radio series 'The ABC of Atomic Energy' and the talk on .safety to the people of Thurso in respect of the first Dounreay fast breeder reactor (B.7). The section also includes the contents of Hinton's nuclear power files ‘excluding AEA papers and BNFL', material for Hinton's two investigations of the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor at Dounreay undertaken at the request of the Central Policy Review Staff in the mid-1970s and for his last work for the Electricity Supply Research Council, unfinished at his death in 1983, also on Fast Reactors. Section C (Engineering). This section documents Hinton's association with the various engineering institutions and organisations. Of special importance are papers relating to the Council of Engineering Institutions, 1967-1983, and the Fellowship of Engineering, 1975-1983. The CE! papers include the period of Hinton's Presidency Hinton's papers Section D (House of Lords). This section brings together correspondence and P Y Pp engineering questions. and his work for the MacRobert Award which was administered by the CEI during Hinton's chairmanship of the evaluation panel. The Fellowship of Engineering papers record almost all aspects of its early years except the selection of fellows. relating to the Finniston Committee of Enquiry into the Engineering Profession are presented in a separate subsection under the general heading Fellowship of Engineering. apers: relating to Hinton's House of Lords committee work, especially the European Pap Communities Committee and his contributions to debates, principally on energy and 1966-1968 and his addresses at degree congregations and other university occasions. catalogue, the surviving material documents well Hinton's contributions to the life of the university as its first Chancellor, including his work for the development appeal Section E (University of Bath). Although this is the smallest section in the Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 11 Section F (Lectures and publications). This section brings together notes, drafts and correspondence for the very numerous lectures and articles by Hinton covering a period of over 30 years. It includes some work for radio and television and Hinton's books on Engineers and engineering (1970) and Heavy current electricity (1979) and his contribution on atomic power to the Clarendon Press's History of Technology (1978). Section G (Consultancies). Documentation for three consultancies under- taken by Hinton in retirement is presented here: the very slight material with the collection in respect of the Electricity-Council, the more substantial record of the 1965 Ministry of Transport investigation and the especially full documentation of Hinton's work for the World Bank. This involved visits to Taiwan, Turkey, Brazil, East Africa and West Pakistan to assess projects and make recommendations. _ It was during a visit to East Africa that Hinton sustained an injury to his spine which left it permanently damaged. Section H (Societies and prganisations). Section J (Correspondence). This section brings together material relating principally tonon-engineering organisations with which Hinton was associated. While some entries are relatively trivial, there are extensive sequences of material for the Royal Society and the World Energy Conference. This section is relatively slight since most of Hinton's correspondence on his many and varied activities was kept with the related material and has been left in place in the appropriate sections of the catalogue. Of interest however are the daily carbons, 1978-July 1983, which record Hinton's total activity over a given period and at the very end of his career. record of Hinton's official career from the early 1950s. a GWR apprentice is the only one of him in the collection as a young man. The section also includes a 1956 film entitled 'Christopher Hinton' and gramophone records of Hinton's "ABC of atomic energy' series for BBC radio. A photograph of Hinton as This section assembles a photographic Section K (Non-print material). Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 LOCATIONS OF OTHER MATERIAL This collection of Lord Hinton's papers comprises those in his possession at However, the records of his extremely important work for ICI, the time of his death. Ministry of Supply, UKAEA and CEGB were contained primarily in their own files and this catalogue cannot provide detailed guidance on these holdings. Information about the archives of ICI and CEGB should be sought from those bodies; Ministry of Supply and UKAEA papers are covered by the Public Records Act and will at the appro- priate time be available in the Public Record Office at Kew (UKAEA papers under the reference AB). This is also the case with the papers of the Production Group of the Authority whigh later became British Nuclear Fuels. Booklets giving the references to material used in M.M. Gowing's two volumes of Independence and Deterrence, the history of the UK atomic energy project in the period 1945-1952, are available on request from the Historian's Office, UKAEA, 11 Charles II Street, London SW1. A little material was deposited by Hinton during his lifetime at Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are grateful to Mr. E.P. Davies of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers for help in assembling the material, to Professor M.M. Gowing and Mrs. A.V. Martin for information, and to Lady Phillips for assistance in the early stages of sorting and listing . MET ROY ToT MONT gn pen RET RT Oxford 1986 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.1 - A.23] AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL WRITINGS A.13 -A.117 * DIARIES A.134-A. 221 A. 222-A.226A A.227-A.231 A.118-A.133 BIOGRAPHICAL ARTICLES AND MATERIAL CAREER AND HONOURS FAMILY AND PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE MISCELLANEOUS Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 14 Biographical and autobiographical AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL WRITINGS A.1-A.8 ‘The Memoirs of Christopher Hinton' In the 'Foreword' Hinton explains that the memoirs were written in 1970 and des- cribes them as 'my personal memories of the problems and difficulties which we faced in - the early years of atomic energy’. Disclaiming any intention to write history, he says: ‘What | have done is to write an account of the impact of events on myself as this is recorded in my nm-secret diaries and in my memory’. In fact, the memoirs range over the whole of Hinton's life, from birth to the time of writing, in twenty-nine chapters. The work is a carbon copy, 496 pp., with a few ms. corrections by Hinton, and appendices in the form of documents of special importance (see A.2, A.3, A.4, A.7). A.1 Foreword (i, ii) Chapter 'V (wrongly typed as V1) Mainly family affairs, pp.34-42. Chapter | Childhood days, pp.1-10. ’ Chapter II Learning Engineering on the Shop-floor, pp.11-23. Chapter V Years of Development, pp.42-52. Chapter III Learning the Theory of Engineering, pp.24-33. Chapter V1 The Chief Engineer, pp.53-67. Difficulties, pp. 101-117. Chapter VIII tion, pp.84-100, and Appendix: 'The Royal Filling Factories’, Hinton's ms. notes, charts and diagrams referred to on p.96 (pp.1-6, 10, 17-19, 22 only). The Filling Factories - The build up of the Organisa- Chapter VII Hinton's report on 'The construction of Bishopton and Wrexham Royal Ordnance Factories', 7 September 1940. War work, pp. 68-83, and Appendix: Chapter IX The Filling Factories - Factory Problems and Personal Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 15 Biographical and autobiographical Chapter X Hinton's ‘Scheme for the progressive reduction of strength of the Royal Ordnance Filling Factories', 22 September 1944, referred to on p.118. Filling Factories - The End, pp.118-129, with Appendix: Chapter XI The Risley Organisation, pp.130-140. Chapter XII The fuel element factory at Springfields, pp. 140-156. There is a footnote on p.140 beginning: 'Throughout this and the following chapters it should be remembered that | retained no atomic energy papers when | left Risley in 1957 and that I have not had access to them since. I rely on my memory, which is fallible, and on my diaries which, because they were kept as open records, are cryptic’. Chapter XIII B.E.P.O. and the Windscale Piles, pp. 157-185. Included in the folder is a photocopy of Hinton's lecture 'The manufacture of uranium metal from ore! given to Institution of ‘Chemical Engineers, Manchester, January 1955. Chapter XV The Windscale Chemical Plants, pp.206-228. Chapter XV II The Fast Breeder Reactor, pp.257-274. Chapter XIV The Diffusion Plant, pp.186-205. Chapter XVI The Reasons Why, pp. 229-256. Included in the folder is a reprint of Hinton's Castner Memorial Lecture ‘The chemical separation processes at Windscale Works', February 1956, referred to on p.206. Continued The First Phase of the Industrial Programme, pp.295-313. The Atomic Energy Authority is Formed, pp.314-328. Chapter XVIII Calder Hall, pp.275-292. Chapter XIX Chapter XX Chapter XXI Troublesome Years, pp.329-341. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 to Biographical and autobiographical Chapter XXII The Japanese Interlude, pp.342-350. Chapter XXII] Decline and Fall, pp.351-371. Chapter XXIV pp. 372-389. The Nuclear Programme ~ the events of 1957, The Nuclear Programme ~ Second Phase, pp.390- Chapter XXV 419, with Appendix: '1960 Review of the nuclear power programme', 14 March 1960, with a ms. note 'Written and submitted to the Minister of Power by Sir Christopher Hinton’. Chapter XXV1 The Nuclear Programme - the Third Phase, pp.420-438. Chapter XXVII The Sad Failure, pp.439-467. Chapter XXVIII Exit, pp.468-484. Chapter XXIX The Odd Job Man, pp.485-496. "Memorandum of Activities from 1970 to 1980! A.10-A.12 Shorter autobiographical writings. I3pp. typescript (2 copies), June 1981, prepared at the request of M.M. Gowing, with forwarding letter, anda later ms. note. In the opening paragraph Hinton explains why 'the present notes' were written and that 'Il should not wish them to be used as an additional chapter of my Memoirs because they lack continuity’. 2pp. autobiographical outline, February 1981. ‘Script for recording and film made for 1.E.E. records', August 1972. Uncorrected typescript, and version with ms. corrections and additions. See also C.250. A.10 "Autobiographical sketch’ for McGraw-Hill Modern Scientists and Engineers, 1978 (update of 1966 version). Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 17 Biographical and autobiographical DIARIES In his memoirs Hinton writes (p.28) 'On the day when | was awarded the William Henry Allen Grant my diary, which | had kept since 1916, stops and it was not until the middle of the Second World War that | started keeping one again. between 1923 and 1943 are not supported by notes which | made at the time'. viving diaries in fact date from 1941 (A.27) and the early diary entries survive in abstracted form at A.13. Asa result the events The sur- The material at A.13-A.26 was received as 'Notes from diaries (useful for locating events)’ and was used by Hinton in compiling his memoirs and autobiographical writings. A.13-A.26 Notes from diaries With the exception of A.13, these are ms. foolscap notes, with dates or titles, usually paginated. In chronological order. "Notes for Chapt. 4', 1918-36. A.13 Small red notebook of brief entries, 'Whittaker's Almanacks'. Miscellaneous notes on events 1919-25. ‘Notes from diary 1918-23'. 1 January 1918-25 May 1923. 1941 (2 pp.), 1942 (1 p.), 1943 (3 pp.), 1944 (3 pp.). 1945 (3 pp.), 'Springfields' 1946-52 (3 pp.), ‘Chemical Separation' 1947-52 (3 pp.). "Industrial Programme’ 1953-64 (11 pp.). ‘Diffusion’ 1946-55 (4 pp.), 'Piles' 1946-51 (5 pp-), ‘Calder Hall' 1947-56 (4 pp.). ‘Dounreay (Fast reactor)! 1950-57 (3 pp.), ‘Generating Board' 1952-64 'General organisation’ 1946-52 (11 pp.). ‘General (Second stage)' 1949-60 (15 pp.). ; (15 pp.). Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 18 Biographical and autobiographical ‘Research’ 1957-64 (1 p.), 'Personnel' 1957-64 (3 pp.), 'Fuel' 1958-64 Gop; )' 1958-65" & po. ). 'General' 1958-64 (3 pp.), 'Amenity' 1960-64 (3 pp.), 'Outside Activities’ 1960-64 (1 p.). ‘Abstracts bearing on all relationships with the Atomic Energy Authority in years 1960/64 ...'. 39 pp. typescript dated 1 March 1982. Page from December 1961 diary with underscorings (on Wylfa), 1966-67 (2 pp.), ‘Pocket diary notes! 1967-80 (6 pp.), ‘Topics 1970-80" (pp. a-d). A.27-A. 69 Personal diaries 1941-83 These are the narrative journals kept by Hinton. There are occasional later notes on the flyleaf of dates of special interest to him, and marginal scorings in the entries. A. 27 1941 A.28 1942 A. 32 1946 A.33 1947 A.3]1 1945 A. 34 1948 A.29 1943 A. 30 1944 _ 1949 A.35 A.36 1950 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 19 Biographical and autobiographical 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 A.52 53 94 po we Small format pocket diaries 1959-82 Entries mainly by Hinton, but some in the hand of Mrs. Ellis. A.81 Au 73." 21962 K7e ac Joel A.76 A.77 A.78 A.79 A.80 1959 1960 Ae A.75 A.70 A.71 A.70-A.93 1983 1964 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 20 Biographical and autobiographical 197] 1972 1973 1974 1975 A.87 A.88 A.89 A.90 A.91 A.94-A. 117 Appointments diaries 1968-83 A.94 1968 A.95 1969 A.96 1970 Some are kept in duplicate. Most of these are large format desk diaries kept by Mrs. Ellis. 1980 (2) 1977 1978 1976 (1) 1976 (2) 1979 (1) 1979 (2) 1980 (1) Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 2] Biographical and autobiographical 1981 (1) 1981 (2) 1982 (1) A.115 A.116 1982 (2) 1983 (1) A.117 1983 (2) BIOGRAPHICAL ARTICLES AND MATERIAL A.118-A.125 Biographical notes prepared for miscellaneous gazeteers and biographical dictionaries. A.118 Included here are notes by Mrs. Ellis of Hinton's Honorary 197] Doctorates (1955-66) and of 'Publications in which Lord Hinton's biography appears’. Correspondence with Edizioni Scientifiche e Techniche 1972-78 Mondadori re Hinton's entry in various editions of Modern Men of Science and suggestions for others to be included. 1983 1982 Business Biography. revisions by Hinton, copy of article as published. re article on Hinton by M. M. Gowing in Dictionary of . Includes correspondence, draft of article with ms. 1973-76 1978-80 198] ' 1982 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 22 Biographical and autobiographical 'Reflections on Britain's nuclear history: a conversation with Lord Hinton’. Transcription of interview with Hinton conducted 19 January 1983 by D. Lowry of the Energy Research Group, Open University. Includes photocopies of miscellaneous obituaries of Hinton, and brief corres~ pondence. Requests for historical information made by or to Hinton: 1972-73 “J. Chadwick (early ideas on atomic energy) 1974 L. Hannah (electricity industry) 1976 A. Albu (professional engineering education) 1977 M. Holly (fast breeder reactor) 1978 M. Wright (Lord Holford) F. Maynard (nuclear policy) A. Jones (atomic energy programme) 1983 1983 1983 A.128 Press-cuttings (some photocopies) A.129-A. 133 Standardisation of stores Dictionary of National Biography is clear from his Memoirs that Hinton attached great importance to this matter ICI in the 1930s Continued as a key to rationalisation and efficiency. of which he writes (pp.64-66): 'One of the most interesting jobs that | did in those years was the standardisation of stores for the whole of ICI'. Engineers from ICI and standardised all the small rods, gauges and general stores just as had been done in engineering stores were all standardised and we had stores and drawing office standards ICI before the war', and later at Risley (p.251): 'Our general and the Filling Factories during the Second World War (p.96): 'We borrowed one of the Standards He drew on this experience for It His first experience was at Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 Biographical and autobiographical books; ... we had a universal stores code which was used at all the factories and the condition of the stores at all of them was excellent’. A.129 Filling Factory General Standards Code Book 1944. Department of Atomic Energy General Stores Code Book. Department of Atomic Energy Standard Accounting Instructions. Department of Atomic Energy Risley Standard Instructions. "A.E.A. Cost Code.' Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 24 Biographical and autobiographical CAREER AND HONOURS Many of these documents have later comments and reflections added by Hinton. Early schooling A.134 Ivy Lane Council School, Chippenham, Report. County Secondary School, Chippenham, Report Book 1913-17. Certificate of award of County Junior Scholarship 1915. Education Certificates 1913, 1914, 1916. Great Western Railway, Swindon Cambridge in 1923. A.136 Arrangements with Hinton's father for apprenticeship and payment of premium 1917-19, A.137 ' Rule Book, signed by Hinton 17 October 1917 and with later annotations by him (Memoirs, pp.14-15). After a brief period as apprentice at Andrew Barclay & Co., Kilmarnock, Hinton enrolled as a Premium Apprentice in October 1917. He remained at the works until he went to Letter from fellow apprentice at Swindon, 1966. Hinton's ms. timetable for his studies at Swindon Technical Institution, and National Certificate from Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1922 (Memoirs, pp.24-25). Testimonials for Hinton, itemising his train ing and service with the Company, written when he was 'desirous of taking a College Course', 1923. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 25 Biographical and autobiographical A.141, A. Later correspondence re engine 7318, which Hinton helped to 142 build at Swindon (Memoirs, p.20) and other matters relating to Swindon works. A.141 1961, 1969, 1971, 1982 A.142 On sculpture bust of Hinton and use of '7318' as motif; 1983. includes recollections. : W.H. Allen Scholarship and Trinity College, Cambridge A.143 Award of Scholarship, value £1,000, granted via Institution of Mechanical Engineers. letter from W.H. Allen, etc. 1923. Includes Hinton's telegram home ('Got it. Cheerio Chris’), First Class degree, Cambridge. from W.H. Allen and Institution of Mechanical Engineers 1925. Press-cutting, letters of congratulation . Brunner Mond & Company/ICI A.145 1927 certificate. Contract of employment, July. St. John's Ambulance Correspondence re appointment and starting work, April-July; Also included here are letter from C.E. Inglis (Hinton's supervisor) 1927 anda later letter from R.W. Allen recalling his father's scholarship 1951. 1926 bonus agreement, December. Miscellaneous information on salaries. 1928 April 1928', and results 'on a stringent basis’ (Alpha for practical and for whole examination). Question papers for 'Passing-out examination of C. Hinton - Letter notifying increase in salary, December. 1931, 1933 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 26 Biographical and autobiographical 1939 Election to Delegate Board, Alkali Group. 1943, 1944 Personal letters from Chairman notifying salary increases. 1945 Hinton). Offers of posts in ICI at Wilton and Ardeer (declined by 1973 List of guests at Brunner Mond Centenary Dinner. Min istry a Supply A.151 Hinton's report on Bishopton & Wrexham Royal Ordnance Factories, September 1940 (original of copy at A.2). Two ms. reports by Hinton. ‘Distribution of 1.C.1. (Alkali) Staff working for M of S' with a later note 'written about Oct-Nov 1940'. 'Ranskill', with a later note 'layout of services and specification of requirements for Ranskill. about November 1940! (referred to in Memoirs, pp.80-81). Prepared by Spalding & myself in one weekend Drawing of Ordnance Factory Risley Administration Building (Memoirs, p-110), with later note by Hinton 'The building is the one used as the first atomic energy office at Risley’. nation from ICI (1946), financial and pension arrangements (1946-50). Correspondence re appointment as Deputy Director of Ordnance Factories 1941, re possible evacuation to Risley 1944 (see A.153) and re explosion at Ordnance Factory Hereford (1945). Correspondence and memos. re reduction and transfer of Filling Factory organisation 1945, Appointment as Deputy Controller of Production, Atomic Energy, resig- Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 Knighthood 1951 Biographical and autobiographical Letters of congratulation. A.156 A-D A.157 G-M A.158 S-W A.159 First name and unidenti- fied signatures. Monte Bello test 1952 A.160 Telegrams of congratulation from Prime Minister and Lord Cherwell. Coronation 1953 A.161 Award of commemorative medal. Salary and Pension A.162-A.168 are the contents of Hinton's folder 'Personal salary & pension' with his ms. comment 'They shew the difficulty | had in getting reasonable treatment from the M.O.S. and in the early days of A.E.A.' Correspondence and papers on conditions of appointment at Ministry of Supply and Atomic Energy Authority, comparability with ICI, transfer of pension rights, etc. Hinton felt that the Establishment branches of the Ministry and Treasury were protracted and ungenerous in staffing arrangements, in his own case and others (Memoirs, pp.234, 332, Chapter XXI passim). Includes letter of appointment. 1954 May. pension rights. 1954 June. 1953 December-January 1954. Includes draft letter of appointment as Member for Engineering and Production, Atomic Energy Authority. Further draft letter of appointment, Hinton's amendments, Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 Biographical and autobiographical 1954 July, November, December. 1955 January-April. 1955 May-October. 1956, 1957. "Special Fund' Folder of correspondence re Hinton's fees for broadcasts and lectures undertaken for AEA (and later CEGB) which were paid into a ‘Special Fund’ and used for purposes such as the 'Good Housekeeping’ competition (see K.11). bursements 1958-64, Folder includes itemised list of fees received and dis- United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) A.170 Correspondence with H. Hartley on future organisation of AEA and Hinton's career, 1956 (Memoirs, p.361). 1957. Photocopy of Hinton's evidence to Organisation Committee (on Industrial Group of AEA) with extensive corrections; copy of letter on subject to A. Fleck Engineering Society, closure of Capenhurst, etc. 1982. Later correspondence on UKAEA affairs, 1972 (visit to Dounreay), 1975 (30th anniversary dinner of opening of Risley, paid for by Hinton), 1977 (21st anniversary of Calder Hall). Miscellaneous correspondence on visits, Annual Dinners of Risley Nuclear Correspondence on Windscale, and on lectures by Hinton 1957. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 Biographical and autobiographical Correspondence 1983 on gift of Hinton's chair at Risley, and drawings, to Institutions of Nuclear Engineers, made shortly before his death. Honours 1957 A.176 Letters of congratulation on K.B.E. (few survive), including letter from Chippenham school fellow. Election as Honorary Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge; includes a little later (1978-82) correspondence re College Feasts, meetings with and recollections of old friends at Trinity, etc. Central Electricity Generating Board A.178 Correspondence with Lord Mills and others re appointment as Chairman, CEGB, from 1 September 1957. Miscellaneous on staffing and appointments at CEGB 1961, 1962. Letter from C.R. King on his appointment as Chairman, Electricity Council 1959. Correspondence 1960 re Presidency of Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Hinton was pressed to accept the Presidency for 1961-62, or for 1962-63, but was obliged to decline at the instance of the Minister of Power. Correspondence 1965 (Dungeness B), 1971 (amenity), 1975 (visit). Correspondence with Lord Chandos, July 1963, re House of Lords debate on tender for Wylfa power station (Memoirs, pp.407-419). Correspondence 1964, including letters on Hinton's resignation from GEGB. p Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 30 Biographical and autobiographical Correspondence 1982-83 mainly re visit to Central Electricity Research Laboratories with Lord Ashby. Mainly notes of sympathy sent to Hinton in Correspondence 1983. hospital, several with his replies, especially re his anxiety to complete his paper on liquid metal coolant fast breeder reactor for visit to Dounreay. arrangements for visit to CEGB Staff College to learn current computing methods. for unfinished draft of paper. Also includes See B.121 Life Peerage 1965 A. 186 Correspondence with Lord Penney, re choice of title, and Hinton's original wish to adopt 'Lord Hinton of Calder Hall’. Included here is letter from W.L. Owen, on war work, May 1945. Both letters have later ms. comments by Hinton. G -M. P - T and unidentified. Letters of congratulation A - F. Correspondence re induction to House, title and bearings, 1965. Description and photographs of bearings, and later (1981) related correspondence with Tisbury Local History Society (Hinton's birthplace). 1964-65, 1968 Offers of retirement posts Stothert & Pitt Limited A.193 Courtaulds Limited A.192 ; 1964-65 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 3] Biographical and autobiographical Whessoe Limited 1964-65 Ministry of Health 1965-66, 1968 Photographs A.196 Correspondence re portrait photographs of Hinton, 1966 (for Institution of Mechanical Engineers), 1970 (National Portrait Gallery). Rumford. Medal A. 197 Letter notifying award of Royal Society Rumford Medal, 1970. Hinton's reply to a letter of congratulation with his ms. note ‘Many similar letters received’, Honours 1973, 1974 A. 198 Includes Hinton's Hinton was first Honorary Honorary Membership, The Metals Society. Institution of General Technician Engineers. Fellow. Honorary Fellowship, Institution of Civil Engineers. recollections of his early association with the Institution in 1930s. w= 2 A.202-A.205 Letters of congratulation, a few replies, including recollections from A.201 Arrangements for investiture. all periods of Hinton's career. G-M ere, V4), A. 202 B- ) A. 204 nae Order of Merit 1976 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 32 Biographical and autobiographical Honours, 1977, 1978 A. 206 Honorary Membership, Institute of Fuel, 1977 A. 207 Award of first Hinton Medal of the Institution of Nuclear Engineers, 1977. A. 208 Mark Twain Society, 1978. Honours, 1981-83 A: 209 Honorary Fellowship, Institution of Municipal Engineers, 1981. A.210 Correspondence, etc. re Society of Retired Chartered Engineers, 1982-83. A.211 re Honorary Fellowship, Society of Engineers, 1983. A.212 Hinton's last illness and death A. 213 Cards with no reply. includes a little correspondence received Correspondence with Churchill College, Cambridge, re Hinton's papers. Letters and cards received while Hinton was in hospital, some with replies by Hinton or by Mrs. Ellis; after Hinton's death, answered by Mrs. Ellis. 1982 work on design of various atomic power stations (6 pp. typescript) Includes Hinton's letter to Master, April 1982, describing A.214 1968-70 A.215 1971-77 A.216 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 33 Biographical and autobiographical Gifts, endowments and bequests A.217 Cheshire Masonic Covenants, 1970 Council of Engineering Institutions, 1977 Doncaster and District Hospitals, 1979 Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1972-75 Fellowship of Engineering, 1981 Home Farm Trust, 198] Risley Drawing Office Apprenticeship Design Prize, 198] Obituaries and tributes A.221 Obituary of Hinton, The Times (photocopy). Address by M.M. Gowing at the Service of Thanksgiving, Westminster Abbey, 26 October 1983 (photocopy). renee rsvp cor BT SOLAN TET TT a: ae ery Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 34 Biographical and autobiographical FAMILY AND PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE A.222 Family letters; from father, and from uncle, on Hinton's knighthood, 1951. Also included here is letter, 1970, re upkeep of Hinton's mother's grave, and letter, 1973, re Hinton's father's articles on Lacock Church. Correspondence with Joan Hinton (sister), 1973 (Hinton's carbons only). 1951 (on knighthood), 1971, Death of Lady Hinton. Folder includes list of letters of condolence received; 'Mourn over the death of Lady Hinton' by Japanese friend; correspondence 1974-75 re Hinton's gift of dress and accessories worn by his wife at Bath University to Museum of Costume, Bath. Ivy Lane School) Includes draft for Letters to C. Mole (grandson), 1981-83. Correspondence with R. Tanner (former schoolmaster at with family and personal recollections, 1977-82. Hinton's speech for Dedication Service of Church Hall at Tisbury, December 1977, read for him by Tanner. Brief correspondence 1983 re Tisbury Team Ministry. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 3D Biographical and autobiographical MISCELLANEOUS A.227 Address book. A. 228 Presentation folder expressing the appreciation of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, on the occasion of the Axel Axson Johnson lecture 1957. Includes photograph. See alsoB.8. Christmas cards 1964-68 and n.d., illustrations and text by hand featuring power stations and other technological subjects. ‘ 70th birthday card, from staff at Springfields. A. 230, A.231 Invitations 1980-83, some with replies. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 36 SECTION B ENERGY 8.1 - 8.145 G:F. 48.58 LECTURES B.59-B.141 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS B.142-B.145 BACKGROUND MATERIAL LECTURES The lectures are presented as arranged by Hinton and reflect his views on their value. B.1 -B.41 Atomic Energy B.42-B .58 Electricity Supply B.1 B.2 See B.16, B.17. Industrial B.1-8..17 ‘Atomic energy major papers' Contents of a folder thus titled. ATOMIC ENERGY Contents list (20 items; 10, 11, 17 and 19 not found). "Atomic Energy made easy', n.d. Hinton's ms. notes for lecture, with a later ms. identification by him: ‘They are the notes for the Risley induction lecture on which "ABC " of Atomic Energy was based'. Printed version (CEGB) with 3pp. typescript addendum. B.3 Conference, New York, 31 October 1953. 10pp. draft with later ms. note by Hinton 'worth glancing through because it was the first lecture on the industrial effort in the UK’. B.4 to Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 26 February 1954. 'Nuclear Reactors and Power Production’, James Clayton Lecture "Atomic Energy developments in Great Britain', Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 Energy 'The Graphite-Moderated, Gas-Cooled Pile and its place in B.5 Power Production', International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, August 1955. "Notes for Geneva' (IIpp.); printed version (UKAEA). B.6 London, 19 September 1955. "British Thoughts on Nuclear Power’, UNIPEDE Conference, llpp. duplicated typescript; Ip. list of diagrams. B.7 "Speech on "Safety"', Thurso, December 1955. App. (2 copies); Ip. extract from speech, dated 26 March 1979. B.8 ‘Stockholm, 15 March 1957. "The Future for Nuclear Power', Axel Johnson Lecture, See also A.228. Photocopy of printed version (Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science); background material. of the presentation of the Axel Johnson award to Hinton who reflects on the occasion and the importance of the award, Memoirs, p.372. The lecture was given on the occasion 20pp. ‘final draft’ (photocopy). Printed version only. 5 B.9 Scientific American, 1958. ‘The Development of Nuclear Power in the United Kingdom', Hinton describes the paper as 'nothing more than journalism’. 10 December 1957; 'Addenda' to paper B.10 Melchett Lecture, Institute of Fuel, 19 February 1958. l4pp. typescript 'final draft', (2 versions). B.1] 'The Development of Nuclear Energy for Electricity Supply in Great Britain', British Electrical Power Convention, Brighton, 17 June 1958. the details were provided by others. 19pp. typescript draft; Hinton notes on the typescript draft that, while the philosophy was his, 'A Review of the Future of Nuclear Reactor Systems in the Light B.12 of Available Research and Operating Experience', World Power Con- ference, Montreal, September 1958. printed version, with L. Rotherham as co-author. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 Energy 'The Development of Nuclear Power in Competition with other B.12A Power Sources in U.K.', Oxford University Scientific Society, 6 November 1999; Miscellaneous typescript notes; figures. B.13 World Power Conference - Madrid Sectional Meeting, 7 June 1960. 'The Lessons of the Past Seven Years in Atomic Energy', 8pp. typescript. important’. Hinton describes this general address as 'short but "The Economics of Nuclear Power in Great Britain’ (with B.14 F.H.S. Brown and L. Rotherham), World Power Conference Sectional Meeting in Madrid, 7 June 1960. 22pp. duplicated typescript; records that although he 'was responsible for the skeletal shape of this paper and supervised its preparation, most of it was written by Rotherham's and Brown's staff’. A later ms. note by Hinton figures. ecto TUC conference on radiation in industry, 13 October 1960. 'The development of atomic energy and its industrial application’, l5pp. typescript draft; figures. (Revision of BBC series 3 Series of talks for Australian Broadcasting Commission : Typescript drafts for 'Trailer to series' and six talks. 22pp. typescript draft for 'revised booklet to accompany talks’. a later ms. note with this draft Hinton records his opinion that the B.16, B.17 ‘The ABC of Atomic Energy', September 1964. in 1958.) B.17 In revised version was 'better than the original talks because | have been able to eliminate some of the nonsense forced on me by the Public Relations department’. Script, ‘questions suggested by Sir Christopher Hinton', etc. For the booklet published to accompany the BBC talks in 1958, see F.110. For gramophone records of the BBC talks, see K.36. "Atomic energy in industry', BBC ‘lecture and interview’, B.18 Contents list (16 items; 1, 2, 6, 9 and 13 not found): B.18-B.31 ‘Atomic energy - minor papers’. Contents of a folder thus titled. B.16 B.19 February 1955. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 39 Energy B.20 Birmingham', 25 November 1955. "Notes for a lecture to the Federation of British Industries at llpp. typescript. "Draft of opening remarks for the symposium of the B.N.E.C, B.2] [British Nuclear Energy Society 2', 30 November 1955. 3pp. typescript. B.22 Engineers', 11 April 1956. "Leonardo da Vinci lecture at the Institution of Mechanical 18pp. typescript. B.23 "First draft for an introductory note for the journal of nuclear energy edition dealing with the opening of Calder Hall', August 1956. 2pp. typescript. B.24 Endeavour, April 1957. "Nuclear reactors for the generation of electrical power', Heavily-corrected proof. Advance copy of printed version. "Fifth draft of Financial Times article on the siting of nuclear B.27 the Royal Society, July 1960. "Nuclear Power', Times Supplement to mark Tercentenary of Speech at Symposium on the Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor, B.26 Institution of Marine Engineers, 27 November 1957. ‘The Nuclear Propulsion of Ships' (with R.V. Moore), B.25 power reactors’, 1 March 1957. App. typescript with ms. note 'this copy not used’. B.28 British Nuclear Energy Society, 14 March 1963. App. typescript. B.29 American current affairs unit, 'The uses of nuclear power in Britain’, July 1966. ‘Two decades of nuclear confusion', New Scientist, 28 October lecture for Commonwealth . 18pp. typescript. Not used. B.30 B. 31 1976. Printed text only. (Not in contents list at B.18.) Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 40 Energy B.32-B .34 ‘Atomic Energy Chemical Processes’ Contents of a folder thus titled. ‘The Chemical Separation Processes at Windscale Works’, B32 Castner Memorial Lecture, Society of Chemical Industry, 23 February 1956. Photocopy of printed text. B.33 "Solvent Extractionof Plutonium' Booklet published by UKAEA for Royal Society Tercentenary celebrations exhibition, 1960. B.34 ‘Lecture Notes - History of Springfields', n.d. 8pp. typescript, B.35-B.41 "Atomic Energy Lectures given in Japan' Contents of a folder thus titled. ‘Japanese Interlude' in Memoirs, pp.342-350. There is an account of Hinton's 1956 B.35 Contents list (6 items). B.37 ‘Second lecture - for Scientists’, April 1956. B.36 ‘Atomic Energy in Great Britain', Ist lecture, April 1956. 'A Talk to People in the Inner Circle of Atomic Energy in Letter of thanks and appreciation from British Ambassador . B.38 Japan', 3rd lecture, April 1956. B.40 Atomic Industry Forum in Tokyo, 28 November 1962 . 22pp. typescript; tables and figures. B.39 of the Opening of Calder, Hall', 1956. "Article for the Yomiuri Shimbun Special Edition on the Occasion ‘The problems and prospects of nuclear power', lecture to l4pp. typescript. 17pp. typescript. lépp. typescript. 2pp. typescript. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 4] Energy ‘Nuclear Power Plants in England and Wales', lecture to be B.41 given in Osaka, Japan, 30 November 1962. l5pp. typescript; figures. ELECTRICITY SUPPLY B.42-B.49 ‘Electricity Supply - Short Papers’ Contents of a folder thus titled. B.42 were found). Contents list (20 items; 1, 2, 5, 11, 16, 18 and 20 only B.43 Party’, 16 March 1960. ‘Address for Fuel and Power Group of the Parliamentary Labour l2pp. typescript; table. B.48 Committees, Autumn 1964'. B.45 ‘Article for the "Guardian"', 25 October 1960. Opp. typescript. Notes for Chairman's speech, CEGB press conference on annual B.46 report 1961/2, 18 September 1962. 8pp. typescript. B.44 ‘History of Electricity. Supply Industry’, notes for speech at opening of 'CEGB/TVA/Ontario Hydro Conference’, 20 June 1960. 3pp. typescript. 7pp. typescript. B.47 ‘Patterns of Growth - The Gas and Electricity Supply Industries’, address to centenary meeting of Institution of Gas Engineers, 14 May 1963. llpp. typescript. ‘Notes for Chairman's Farewell Meetings with Local Advisory Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 42 Energy ‘Electrical Power in England and Wales', lecture for B.49 St. Dunstan's College Armstrong Society, 29 January 1964. 13pp. typescript; figures. B.50-B .54 "Electricity Supply' Contents of a folder thus titled. B.50 Contents list (7 items; 2, 5 and 7 only were found). 8.51 Power Convention, Eastbourne, 13 June 1961. ‘The British Electricity Transmission System', British Electrical Phot ocopy of printed text. B52 Perth University, 9 October and in Adelaide, 15 October 1962. ‘Electrical Power in England and Wales', lecture given at l5pp. typescript; Mitchell Memorial Lecture, given at Stoke-on-Trent, 15 November 1961 revised and brought up to date’. Ams. note records that this was 'the figures. 8.556: Se "Amenity' There is an account of Hinton's B55 Contents list (3 items). 45pp. typescript + figures (2 folders). 'The Future of Power Technology', The Citrine Lecture, B.53, B.54 British Electrical Power Convention, 1965. Contents of a folder thus titled. interest in amenity questions while Chairman of the CEGB in Memoirs, pp-478-481. B.5/ address to County Councils Association, 5 April 1960. Spp. typescript paginated 9-13 and note explaining missing text. ‘Power Production and Transmission in the Countryside: B.56 Preserving Amenities', Royal Society of Arts, 25 November 1959. Printed text only. 'The Amenity Problem as it affects the Electricity Industry', Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 43 Energy B.58 ‘The Problem of Growth in the Electricity Supply Industry’, address to conference of National Parks Authorities, Harlech, 5 May 1961. l5pp. typescript. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS B.59 -B.97 Nuclear Power B.98 -B.125 Fast Breeder Reactors B.126-B.141 Miscellaneous NUCLEAR POWER These are the contents of Hinton's files on nuclear power ‘excluding AEA papers Includes exchanges with H. Kronberger and "examined by Lord Hinton - 10.12.81.' 1966 April B.59 B.60 Correspondence with Clerk to the House of and BNFL'. The period covered is 1966-83 and the material for 1966-79 had a note 1967 February-July. Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology re Committee's enquiry into the UK nuclear reactor programme. 1968 May, July, August. memoir on Sir John Cockcroft’ (6pp. typescript) with covering letter to its author W.G. Penney. 1967 December andn.d. future of the British nuclear power industry ‘probably written about the end of 1967' according to Hinton's later (1981) ms. note. Includes 7pp. typescript by Hinton on the January, February. 1968 P.M.S. Blackett re desalination of sea water. Includes Hinton's 'Notes on draft biographica! Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 a4 Energy 1969 April, May, December. 1970 September-December. questions; requests for information and advice re the American light water reactor (from T.E. Allibone), Sir John Cockcroft (from George G. Harrap & Co.) and political control of atomic energy programme (from C.E.S. Franks). Includes correspondence re amenity January. 1971 World Bank report on nuclear power. Includes exchange with W.G. Penney on Hinton's 1968 February~April . 1971 energy in the UK and the training of engineers. Includes correspondence re the state of atomic 1971 May~August. of Canada Limited with 'heavy water information’ and drafts of J.V. Dunworth's obituary notice of W.L. Owen with Hinton's comments. Includes letter from the President of Atomic Energy 1972 January. 1973 January-May. June. Folder includes draft of memoir. 1972 February. of Science. 1972 memoir of H. Kronberger. October, November. 1971 Division of Reactor Development and Technology, US Atomic Energy Commission and letter from Hinton to B.H. Flowers re Flowers's Leverhulme Lecture. Includes correspondence with Director, Correspondence re Oxford Professorship of the History Correspondence with L. Rotherham re his Royal Society 1973 June-December. Principally re reactor design. 1972 Franks's manuscript on 'Parliament and Atomic Energy’. Hinton's 'Comments' (l6pp. typescript). and a further note on it by Hinton, see B.131-B.139. Principally re Canadian nuclear development. July, November, December. Principally material re CF. Folder includes For the draft manuscript Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 45 Energy Includes correspondence re the energy crisis, ‘galloping 1974. conductors', the choice of the Dounreay site and long-lived radioactive wastes. 1975. Correspondence re Institution of Nuclear Engineers and draft press notice headed 'Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution's views on demonstration commercial~scale fast breeder nuclear power station made known to Prime Minister’. 1976 February, March. re uranium, and Ann Moyal re nuclear developments in Australia. Includes correspondence with S.H.U. Bowie 1976 April, May. which Ann Moyal based on her correspondence and discussions with Hinton and Hinton's 'amended script' of the article. Includes draft article for Sydney Morning Herald 1976 June, July, September. as published in the Sydney Morning Herald; also questionnaire on the evolution of nuclear safety and its practice in the nuclear industry filled in by Hinton and paper on quantitative safety analysis in the nuclear industry annotated by Hinton (both sent to him by O. Critchley). Includes copy of the Ann Moyal article 1976 October-December. Includes Hinton's reflections on the development 1977 September, October. of the nuclear industry. Includes paper on ‘Energy prospects and nuclear power in the 1977 March-June. Nuclear Engineers re its proposal for a 'Hinton medal' and D.G. Richards re his official biography of Lord Portal. Includes correspondence with the Institution of 1978. global era' annotated by Hinton. RE 1979 January-May. National Academy on Engineering on the accident at Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant and F.L., Tombs's 'In-transit Notes Australia 19 March-7 April 1979'. 1979 August, September. programme on atomic energy. Includes statement by W.K. Davis, Vice-President, on Visit to USA/ Includes correspondence re BBC Panorama FLINT TY aE ES Pe LPS EE aT I I RT re RE Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 46 Energy 1979 September 5. One letter only, on reactor sites. 1979 October-December 1980 March 21. One. letter only, on choice of reactor design. Includes correspondence and papers re Institution 1980 March-May. of Nuclear Engineers. 1980 July-September . 1980 October. before the House of Commons Select Committee on Energy. Includes transcript of the evidence of W.K. Davis January, February. 1981 breeder reactors. Includes correspondence re fast nuclear 1982 November, December. 1983 January, February. 1981 March-September. and incidents in early nuclear years; re Cottrell's monograph on the safety of nuclear power. Includes Hinton's recollections of personnel also exchange with A.H. Cottrell Includes Hinton's comments on the recent history 1983 March, April. and present state of the nuclear power industry and on technological innovation in British industry with particular reference to nuclear energy. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 FAST BREEDER REACTORS B.98-B .104 "Ist Visit to Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor at Dounreay - For Lord Rothschild's CPRS [Central Policy Review Staff] - 1974'. Contents of a folder so inscribed. 1974 May, June. B.98 was prepared to visit the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor at Dounreay and let him know what he thought about it. typescript by Hinton 'The Fast Reactor. Folder also includes llpp. A basis for thought', 19 June. Rothschild's letter of 13 May asks if Hinton 1974 July, August. B.99 Risley and Dounreay, 12-14 August, 'Notes for Fast Reactor brief for visit of Lord Hinton', and 'Brief for Lord Hinton. developing a Fast Reactor capability in the UK’. Includes programme for Hinton's visit to The general case for = 'Notes for discussion on CFR [Commercial Fast Reactor] with prepared by The Nuclear Power Group B.100 Lord Hinton ... August 12 1974' Limited, Risley. B.101, B.102 = 'Report to Lord Rothschild on the Fast Reactor Project’. B.105-B.120 B.104 September 1974. 1974 September-November. Includes Hinton's letter of ‘The Fast Breeder Reactor', Central Policy Review Staff, 34pp. + 3pp. typescript 'first draft', August 1974 (2 versions). This is the printed version of Hinton's report with a preface by CPRS. B.103. 2 September listing 'minor modifications' to the report. ‘2nd Visit to Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor at Dounreay ~- For Sir Kenneth Berrill - 1975". 18 July 1975'. B.105 (in collaboration with L. Rotherham) fast reactor. and Lord Hinton ... Hinton agreed to undertake a personal investigation into the prospects for a commercial Folder includes 'notes on meeting with AEA, D/En, CPRS Contents of a folder so inscribed. 1975 July. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 48 Energy B.106 Steam Generators' prepared for Hinton's visit to Risley. 1975 August (1). Includes "special paper' on 'Fast Reactor B.107 between the UK, France and Germany. 1975 August (2). Includes paper on Fast Reactor Collaboration B.108 and 29 August. 1975 August (3). Includes notes of discussions at Risley, 19-21 1975 September (1). B.109 reactor project 'written by Lord Hinton for discussion with Dr. Rotherham! (22pp.).. Includes draft report on the British fast B.110 the draft report. 1975 September (2). Includes comments on and revisions of ; B.111 6 October (27pp.). 1975 October. Includes amended report sent to K. Berrill, B.112. submission of report. 1975 December-1976 January. Correspondence arising from 1976 July. B.118 B.119, B.120 B.113 1976 February, May. Continuing correspondence arising. B.116 Similar. B.115 Risley and Dounreay. Photocopy of 'bowdlerised' version of report sent Small format notebook used by Hinton in respect of visits to = Top copy of Hinton's and Rotherham's report 'The British Fast B.117 Reactor Project - September 1975'. B.114 to Swedish colleague, with Hinton's covering letter. Background material. Carbon copy, annotated by Hinton. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 49 Energy B.121-B.125 Paper for Electricity Supply Research Council on Fast Reactors, 1983. B.121 ‘Where is work on fast reactors leading us?! 6pp. ‘unfinished’ draft (carbon), 27 May 1983; of the draft is Mrs. Ellis's typescript note: figures. At the end 'This was only a very rough "first draft" of a paper Lord Hinton was intending to submit to the ESRC for their meeting at Dounreay in July 1983. this typescript when he had his fall and never recovered enough to complete this paper.' Unfortunately he only got as far as Mrs. Ellis also added a ms. note at the head of the draft 'Top copy was sent to Sir Alan Cottrell, Chairman, ESRC on 18/7/83’. Hinton died on 22 June 1983. See A.185 for correspondence from hospital reflecting Hinton's anxiety to complete this paper during his last illness. B.122 the Three Mile Island incident, 10 December 1982 (2pp. typescript). Hinton's ms. and typescript notes. Includes Hinton's note on B.123 draft and notes. Correspondence, December 1982-February 1983, found with B.124, B.125 Background material (2 folders). Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 MISCELLANEOUS A chronological sequence of miscellaneous papers, 1956-75. B.126 Opening of the Calder Hall Atomic Power Station, Programme, overseas guest list, seating plan, etc. 17 October 1956. See also K.5. Letter from Sir Richard Nugent, Chairman of the House of Commons Select Committee on nationalised industries, 6 June 1962. Nugent wrote at the end of the Committee's enquiry into the electricity supply industry that taking evidence from Hinton had been a remarkable experience: "Such a long and arduous examination is bound to penetrate the outer crust of personality and show the true nature of a man. Your brilliant mind and generous heart shine through, and left me with an impression which I shall always remember and treasure. ‘This has been a rich and unexpected bonus for me as Chair- ‘Some questions on Fuel Policy’ I5pp. typescript 'second draft'. paper in November 1968. man of the Committee, which will put me permanently in your debt! ' ‘The Electricity Supply Industry’ 10pp. typescript, with ms. corrections and additions. Ms. inscriptions at head of the paper indicate that it was 'for Lord Douglass! and 'typed 29. 1766" .. ‘The Philosophy of Generating Plant Design' App. typescript (carbon), 2 July 1969. paper indicate it was 'sent to Dr Forrest' and 'for possible circulation fo ESRC’ . Ms. inscriptions at head of the Ms. additions tentatively date this Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 51 Energy B.131-B.139 ‘Parliament and Atomic Energy: The Political Control of a Government Programme' Duplicated typescript draft sent to Hinton for comment in 1972 by its author, C.E.S. Franks. B00, 8:73, B. 74, For related correspondence, see B.65, B.66, B.131 contents and chapter I. Hinton's ms. note on the value of the manuscript, table of B.132 Chapter II B.133. Chapter III B.134 Chapter IV B.135 Chapter V B.136 Chapter VI B.137 Chapter VII B.138 Chapter VIII B.139 Chapter IX B.140, B.141 1974 December-1975 January. Includes Lord Plowden's Plowden Committee of Inquiry into the Structure of the Electricity Supply Industry, 1974-75. B.140 invitation to Hinton to submit a written statement of his views, 19 December and Hinton's 'Note for the Committee of Inquiry into the Structure of the Electricity Supply Industry’, 9 January (15pp. typescript carbon). evidence to the committee, 10 April (4pp.). 1975 March, April, December. Includes Hinton's oral B.141 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 BACKGROUND MATERIAL B.142 Typescript lists of reference material on nuclear power, electricity supply, etc., with index. In original binder. Extracts from newspapers and specialised publications on energy matters (typescript and photocopies); also Hinton's own notes for the file, some relating to House of Lords committee work. 1982-83. In original binder. Duplicated and printed energy papers, annotated by Hinton. "Lectures by other people’ (Hinton's category), 1956-81. Some have annotations, comments, etc. by Hinton. to energy questions. A few only relate Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 SECTION C ENGINEERING C.1 -C.266 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS BRITISH ASSOCIATION CO-ORDINATING GROUP COUNCIL OF ENGINEERING INSTITUTIONS (CE1) With an introductory note C.249 C.250 C.251-C. 260 C.265, €.266 With an introductory note C:.76 “C.246 THE FELLOWSHIP OF ENGINEERING INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS INSTITUTION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING (MEXICO) INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS C.261-C.264 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 54 Engineering AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, 1973-83 Hinton was elected Honorary Member of the Society in 1973. The remaining papers relate to his nomination of other British engineers for the same honour. 6.1 Co C4 ES 1974 1978 (1) C.4 ae Cis 1978 (2) 1979-80 1981-83 BRITISH ASSOCIATION CO-ORDINATING GROUP, 1976-77 C;8-G2/5 COUNCIL OF ENGINEERING INSTITUTIONS (CEI), 1967-83 Brief correspondence and 'Paper 8! (annotated by Hinton) on ‘education recruitment and deployment of professional level engineers to improve the performance of manufacturing industry and in particular production management’. on eon terms of a Royal Charter. President for ten years (the maximum term of office). and Hinton assumed the Presidency initially for a term of five years, subsequently extended. Much of the general correspondence and papers relates to the various proposals for the reorganisation of the engineering profession including those of the Finniston Committee of Enquiry (1980). The MacRobert Award, administered by the CEI during the period Hinton was associated with it, is represented by separate sequences of material at In 1966 the Council of Engineering Institutions was brought into being under the HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, served as its first In 1976 the CEI was reorganised Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 55 Engineering ‘General Correspondence’, 1967-83. Contents of a very bulky folder so inscribed. c.8 1967. Spp. typescript notes headed 'Fulton Committee’, January ‘Committee on the Civil Service. C.9 at H.M, Treasury ... 14th February 1967' (29 pp. typescript). Hinton was one of the five witnesses from the CE]. Note of a meeting held Cag 1967 August. Secretaryship of the CE}, CAI ‘Draft paper on future activities of CEI', 1968, with ms. note by Hinton dated 23 November 1981 'l am almost certain that I wrote this paper’. See also C.30. 1971 Crl2 Proposal for a CEI Senate. Hinton's carbon of 9 November has later ms. note by him 'Nothing came of this proposal which was one of Prince Philip's bright ideas’. October, November. 213 1974 January. Environmental engineering exhibition. 1975 September-December. Future organisation of the November, December. Future organisation of the January. Future organisation of the engineering 'Report of the CE! Executive Committee C.1i4 engineering profession. 1974 C18 engineering profession. ote to the Board of CE! on the future organisation of the engineering profession', annotated by Hinton. of reference, 12 April. Catz profession. Institutions of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, with different annotations by Hinton. C.18 profession. at the Guildhall on Tuesday, February 10th 1976’. 1976 Organisation of engineering Includes 'Extract from the speech given by Lord Hinton 1976 Includes 2 copies of note from the Presidents of the 1976 Includes Hinton's 'Proposals' for CEI constitution and terms Organisation of engineering Gil9 profession. 1975 March 26. February, March. April-October. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 56 Engineering C.20 of the CEI and the Fellowship. 1977. CElbranches; Science Centre Project; Presidency i 28 temporary Scientific Archives Centre; MacRobert Award. Presidency of the CEI and the Fellowship; Con- 1978. ome institutions. 1979. Recommendation; corporate membership of constituent C.43 1980. Presidency of the CEI. Ge, 24 & of the Engineering Council. 1981. Committee on Creativity and Innovation; financing (. 425 for Science and Technology; energy and raw materials questions. Engineering Council; Foundation January-June. 1982 C26 1982 July-September. Engineering Council. 1982 October. Cyr Includes copy of statement annotated by Hinton and Hinton's letter to the Chairman of the CEI abstracting the Hansard record of debates on the Industry Bill. Engineering Council's Policy Statement. ay 1982 1983 November. February-June. Engineering Council. Includes copy of bye-laws of C2 Engineering Council annotated by Hinton. or in hand! and 'future developments’. Brief correspondence (letter from the CEI Secretary of 9 February 1968 has later explanatory note by Hinton dated 30 November 1981);~ draft paper on 'A Combined C.E.|. Centre'; analysis of replies to questionnaire on joint housing; analysis of CEI activities under headings 'work done Papers re possible central building for engineering institutions, 1967-68. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 a Engineering CEI Parliamentary Affairs Committee, 1970-72. Correspondence, memoranda and minutes. The original folder (not retained) bore a ms. inscription 'examined by Lord Hinton 1/12/81". C.3] Parliamentary affairs committee. 1970. New Education Act; Hinton's membership of C.32 1971-72. Industrial relations, etc. Sigs-e 35 CEI/CSTI Council for Environmental Science and Engineering, 1973-76. Correspondence and committee papers. in 1973, its chairman, K.C. Dunham, invited Hinton to become a member. heavy. He resigned in 1976 because his other commitments were so On the formation of the Council CoA Council. 1974, 1973. Includes annotated agenda of 'formation' meeting ia (16 April) and Hinton's 4pp. letter of 19 April to M.W. Leonard setting out his views on the problems facing the Council and what its approach should be. : "CEI - Energy Crisis 1974', G85 1975-76. letter of resignation. Minutes only, of fifth and seventh meetings of the Includes minutes of ninth meeting and Hinton's | of Edinburgh. Contents of a folder so inscribed: correspondence, 'notes of a meeting of the CEI] Chairman's Energy Panel’ and photocopies of letters to The Times on the Energy Crisis. Press~cuttings re CE] affairs, 1975-76 (photocopies). Many relate to Hinton becoming President of the CEI in succession to the Duke Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 Engineering C.38-C.75 The MacRobert Award The MacRobert Award, funded by the MacRobert Trusts, is made annually in recog- nition of 'an outstanding contribution ... by way of innovation in the fields of engineering or the other physical technologies or in the application of the physical sciences'. the period when Hinton was concerned with the Award, the winner was nominated by the Board of the CEI on the advice of an Evaluation Panel which included representatives of the Royal Society as well as of the CEI Groups. Hinton played an important part in the preliminary negotiations between the MacRobert Trustees and the CEI and served as chairman of the Evaluation Panel for many years before offering his resignation in March During 1977. The first award was made in 1969. 2. 38-C.52 C.38 C.39 C.45 1971 December "MacRobert Award - Correspondence', 1968-77. Contents of a very bulky folder 'examined by Lord Hinton Dec. '81'. Includes Hinton's correspondence with the Secretary of the MacRobert Trustees, the CEI MacRobert Award office, members of the Evaluation Committee and others. 1977 1973 November, December 1973 February -September 1970 August-November C.50 1975 1971 February -April 1970 February ~April C.46 1972 C43 C.44 or5) 1976 C.4] C.42 C.47 C.48 C.40 1970 January 1970 May, June C.49 1974 1968 1969 Gio Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 59 Engineering Gob3-C 59 Committee Papers, 1968-76 Contents of a folder 'examined by Lord Hinton 15.2.79 and re-examined 4:12.81. Minutes, memoranda, evaluation sheets (short-listed topics considered against four criteria: merit of conception, merit of evolution to practical use, prestige and national prosperity) and a little correspondence. C.53 C.54 1968-69 1970 C.56 C87 1973 1974 CLS 1971-72 C.58 1975-76 Cio? evaluation committee, 1974-76. MacRobert Award shortlists, 1969-76; membership of ’ C.60-C.74 MacRobert Award winners, 1969-75 C.60 Royce, Bristol. 1969. App. typescript statement re award winners. © .6t; °C Ga 1970. Award to British Petroleum. Miscellaneous material including draft statements prepared for CE] Board, public announcement of award, etc. C Ge North Slopes Oilfield’. Award to Freeman, Fox and Partners and Rolls- C6! letter from M.J. Lighthill. Duplicated material from BP re their successful submission; the EMI~scanner', 22 November (18pp. typescript). App. typescript statement re award winner (2 copies); duplicated and printed background material. ‘Speech 15.12.70' on 'The B.P. Exploration ofthe Alaskan The new invention of X-ray techniques used in G63 1971. Award to Gas Council. C.64 1972. Award to EMI. "Press conference. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 60 Engineering C65, C.66 1973. | Award to Dunlop. C.65 C.66 Spp. typescript draft re award winner. Correspondence with G.W. Turner. C.67-C.69 1974. Award to ICI. C.67 representatives, 17 October 1974; Note of meeting between Evaluation Committee and ICI Hinton's ms. notes. C.68 speech; ~ 4pp. typescript statement on award winner; ms. notes for letters of thanks from ICI. C.69 publication annotated by Hinton). ‘Methanol Synthesis by ICI Low Pressure Process! (ICI C.70-C.73 Helicopters. 1975. Award to British Railways Board and Westland "Note of the second visit of the MacRobert Aword Evaluation App. typescript draft 'The development of new principles material Spp. C.70 Committee to the Advanced Passenger Train', 8 October 1975; supplied by British Railways Board Research and Development Division in support of their submission. ©.71 for the design of suspension and support systems for railway rolling stock', 9 October 1975, with ms. annotations by Hinton andR.C. Bond; typescript draft ‘Developments in Railway Vehicle Suspensions', 30 October 1975, with ms. annotations by Hinton and (at head of first page) the date '2 December 1975' and 'Copy sent to L. Zuckerman 10/12/81'; correspondence with R.C. Bond, October, November 1975; Ip. ms. note on the MacRobert Award. Hinton). C.73 'The Lynx Helicopter’, 2 December 1975 (6pp. typescript statement by "Lynx' (Westland Helicopters Limited publication, 1972) and Report of Evaluation Committee's visit to Westland, 4 November Ci/z 1975; 19 September 1972, annotated by Hinton. 9pp. typescript statement + figures on 'The semi-rigid rotor', Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 6] Engineering G74 1976. No award. Copy of Times article 'Is innovation caught in letter from Hinton to the Times's Technology Correspondent (both 3 December 1976); also MacRobert Award shortlists. a poverty trap?' and C.75 List of MacRobert Award winners, 1969-82. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 62 Engineering C.76-C.248 THE FELLOWSHIP OF ENGINEERING, 1975-83 C.76 -C.179 General correspondence and papers C.180-C.205 Appeals and finance C.206-C.248 — Finniston Committee of Enquiry into the Engineering Profession. In 1975 the CEI's new Charter and Statutes created a Fellowship of Engineering thus meeting the wishes of Prince Philip for 'the formation of an elite body which would do for engineering what The Royal Society does for the sciences and scientific technology’. In accordance with the terms of the Charter Hinton, as President of the CEI, became President and Chairman of the Fellowship, serving a five-year term to 1981. In his ‘Memorandum of Activities from 1970 to 1980' (A.9) Hinton draws attention to some of the difficulties experienced in getting the new organisation off the ground, including the absence of secretarial support and inadequate finances. It is clear from the very borne by Hint and his private secretary, Mrs. Ellis. the Fellowship on a sound financial footing. Hinton's files of general correspondence and papers relate to the founding, organisa- Annual Soirée. There is very little material relating to selecting members of the Fellow- ship. For the period of Hinton's Presidency this was the responsibility of a subcommittee chaired by Sir Hugh Ford. Hinton's appeal committee files relate to his efforts to put tion and administration of the Fellowship, including the Annual Distinction Lecture and extensive documentation which survives how much of the burden of these early years was of the Finniston Enquiry. the general heading of Fellowship of Engineering since except on the occasions when he acted in a personal capacity he was acting as President of the Fellowship in respect Hinton's Finniston Committee papers are presented in a separate subsection under Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 63 Engineering GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS, 1975-83 1975-76 C76 1975 December-1976 March C.8] 1976 August C.77 1976 April, May C.82 1976 September C.78 1976 June (1) C.83 1976 October ~.79 1976 June (2) C.84 1976 November (1) C.80 1976 July C.85 1976 November (2). C.86 1976 December January (1) May (2) January (2) June July March (1) August (1) August (2) August (3) January (3) March (2) March (3) February (1) e O e O e e e O February (2) September (1) December (2) September (2) e e ) e e April (2) April (3) April (1) Oct ober November (1) November (2) December (1) May (1) aoa e o Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 64 Engineering January February (1) February (2) March (1) March (2) April May June (1) © = D a a O ) 0 June (2) July August September Oct ober Nove mber (1) November (2) 0 December January (1) January (2) G June (2) July September (2) September (1) August (1) August (2) February (1) March (1) March (2) February (2) ? a i O 0 0 T E O P 0 November (2) C.148 December May (2) June (1) October (1) October (2) April May (1) November (1) Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 65 Engineering January (1) January (2) February (1) February (2) March April (1) April (2) May June July (1) July (2) August September October November December March April-June January (1) January (2) ‘July-December March, April January, February September -November February (1) February (2) March April-July February January Cou? May Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 APPEALS AND FINANCE 66 Engineering "Fellowship of Engineering - Appeals Committee 1977/80' Contents of a folder so inscribed and with a further ms. note 'examined by Lord Hinton 19.11.81". C: 180 C .181 1977 May 1977 August-November G .182 1978 July, August c .183 1978 September, October C.184 1978 November Cc 1978 December (1) : é : ; ‘ 1979 February (1) 1979 February (2) 1979 March 1979 April 1979 May 1979 June c Cc Cc C 1979 January (1) 1979 January (2) 1979 January (3) ; ; ‘ : 1979 July -October 1978 December (2) 1980 February -May 1980 July-November Appeal brochure (1980) 1980 February-May Correspondence re possible financial support for the Fellowship from the Wolfson Foundation. Contents of a folder so inscribed and with a further ms. note 'examined by Lord Hinton -19.11.81.! 'l Wolfson Foundation 2B.P. Energy Research Prize 3 Parliamentary and Scientific Cttee.' C.200 1978 July, August C.202 1979 July-October C.201 391979 March-May C.203 C.200-C. 203 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 67 Engineering Correspondence re 'BP Energy Research Prize’, August-October 1979. BP were preparing to launch the prize to stimulate energy research projects in higher education and looked to the Fellowship, together with the Royal Society, to provide a judging panel. BP's ‘official proposal’ to the Fellowship. Folder includes 1 letter only, from Secretary of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, 29 December 1978. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 68 Engineering “FINNISTON COMMITTEE OF ENQUIRY INTO THE ENGINEERING PROFESSION The Secretary of State for Industry (Eric Varley) announced an enquiry into the engineering profession chaired by Sir Monty Finniston on 5 July 1977. Much. of the material in Hinton's Finniston Committee files relates to the preparation of the Fellowship's submission to the Committee and the response of the engineering profession in general and the Fellowship in particular to the Committee's report. See also D.164, D.165. Correspondence Contents of Hinton's correspondence files relating to the Finniston Enquiry, 1977-81, ‘examined by Lord Hinton - 1/12/81.' C.206 1977 February -~November 207 1978 January-March 7, Cx 1980 April 1980 May, June . 209 1980 September 1981 January (1) G Gy Ci GC, Gi Se 1980 October (2) 1980 October (1) 1980 July 1980 August . 208 1978 April 1978 May, June C; Ss ie ty 1979 January, April 1978 July -November 1980 January, February 1979 September, December 1981 August-October 1980 November, December 1981 March-July 1981 January (2) 1980 March (1) 1980 March (2) 1980 March (3) 1980 March (4) Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 Submissions 69 Engineering Contents of a very bulky folder inscribed 'Evidence to Finniston Cttee’. C.230 Department of Industry Press Notices, July and December 1977. 231 Submission to the Committee of Inquiry into the Engineering Profession by the Council of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, January 1978. The Institution of Chemical Engineers. of Inquiry into the Engineering Profession. 1978 issue of The Chemical Engineer). A Submission to the Committee (Supplement to the February The Council of Engineering Institutions! Submission to the Committee of Enquiry into the Engineering Profession, May 1978. Evidence to the Committee of Inquiry into the Engineering Profession. Submitted by the Royal Society and the Fellowship of Engineering, September 1978. (Annotated by Hinton.) Proposals for Further papers relating to engineering at Bath. Papers relating to technology and industry in Japan, January, February 1979. University of Bath School of Electrical Engineering. Support Technology in the 4-Year Industry-Linked Degree, January 1979. by Hinton. ‘Comment by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers on the Report n.d. of the Committee of Inquiry into the Engineering Profession’, ‘Wealth of the Nation - Engineers for an (The Institution of Electrical Engineers. ) 'Finniston Report’, 13 February 1980. I3pp. typescript paper - Industrial Future’, July 1979. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 70 Engineering ‘Consideration of the Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Engineering Profession’. 47pp. transcript of tape-recording of meeting of the Fellowship of Engineering, 3 March 1980. Hinton was in the Chair. Institution of Structural Engineers 'Response to the invitation from the Department of Industry to comment on the recommendati ions of the Finniston Committee Report', March 1980. Folder includes press release artes letter from President of Institution of Structural Engineers to Secretary of State for Industry (Sir Keith Joseph). ‘Response to the Department of Industry by the Council of Engineering Institutions on the Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Engineering Profession’, March 1980. "Engineering our future', HMSO, 1980. (Summary of Finniston report.) Institution of Production Engineers 'Comments on the Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Engineering Profession’, April 1980. "An outline constitution for an engineering authority’, April 1980. (Joint submission to Sir Keith Joseph from the four leading engineering Institutions. ) in preceding. There are 7pp. ‘amendments to text', dated 19 November 1979, at the front of the report. Hinton by Finniston, 14 December 1979 (C.212). Hinton's ms. notes on the Finniston Report (l4pp.). Found loose Folder includes press release. Copy of Finniston Report. In ring ~back binder. This is very probably the advance copy sent to Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 Engineering INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Brief correspondence re draft report on 'The role of Women in Engineering’. For Honorary Fellowship and recollections see A.198. INSTITUTION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS 1970-72 Contents of a folder inscribed 'examined by L. Hinton - 15.4.82'. 1970 correspondence relates to proposed nuclear power station at Stourport-on -Severn and the 1,E,E.'s Centenary celebrations (May 1971). In 1971 Hinton was made an Honorary Fellow and in 1972 he agreed to be filmed 'as a permanent record'. The film took the form of a brief address by Hinton. For Hinton's script see A.10. a chronological sequence. C.251 1962-64. Ci 25a 9967-68. C.25leC, 260 1962-83 The surviving material is presented as INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. - 1965. 'Thoughts on the proposal for reorganisation of the Hinton examined his 1.M.E, files in April 1982. Includes correspondence re Presidential succession. C.252 Institution of Mechanical Engineers on Divisional Lines'. draft (2 versions). for 21 July meeting of Joint Overseas Activities Committee. C.254 training for overseas students of engineering. April-December. 1969 Correspondence etc. re education and Includes paper by Hinton Hinton's I1pp. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 77 Engineering 1969 June. C.255 Report (sent to Hinton by Secretary, 1.M.E.) on meeting at Royal Society to consider papers of distinguished modern scientists, and related correspondence. 1970. C.256 developing countries; education in Britain. Golden Jubilee of National Certificate Scheme; green paper on research; history of engineering C.257 Institution and his election as an Honorary Fellow, etc. Hinton's completion of fifty years as a member of the 1971. C.258 trends and philosophy. 1972. Includes correspondence and papers re membership =1973-81. C.259 Williams, Chairman of the Thames Valley I. Mech. E. when presenting Lord ee with a small gift on behalf of the panel’, 12 January 1976. Includes 'Note of what was said by Mr. J. Bracbury- C.260 Club dinners, etc.) and re bust of Hinton. 1982-83. Principally social (invitations to Council Dining 1976-83 This was the C.261 1976. C.262 1977-78. C .264--, 24 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING Hinton's election; visit of NAE President to Britain. first o¢casion the Academy had elected Foreign Associates. Hinton was elected as a Foreign Associate of the Academy in 1976. Includes list of NAE British Foreign Associates. C.263 ely difficulties of the Academy, its relations with the National Academy of Sciences, the American government and the specialised American ceoien ies and Institutions, etc. Includes correspondence with President NAE on Invitations to meetings, etc. C.264 1983. 1980-81. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 73 Engineering M460, C200 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING (MEXICO) Hinton was elected as Corresponding Member in 1977. C,265; 1977, 1780 C5266 T9861 +62; Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 74 SECTION D HOUSE OF LORDS*" D1 #0176 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION D GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COMMITTEE (SUB-COMMITTEE F) D.108-D.127 EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COMMITTEE (SUB-COMMITTEE G) D.128-D.142 SELECT COMMITTEES (PRIVATE BILLS) D.452D.172 SPEECHES IN DEBATES the European Communities Committee (Sub-Committees F and G) and speaking in debate on topics of special interest to him such as engineering and energy. Although very considerable documentation of Hinton's work in the House of D.173-D.176 PRINTED AND DUPLICATED MATER IAL Hinton was made a life peer in 1965 taking the title Baron Hinton of Bankside. Lords is presented here, the catalogued papers must form only a small fraction of what He was an active member of the House of Lords taking part in committee work, especially Committees F and G;: secretary, explains the procedure for dealing with papers used at the meetings of Sub- passed through his hands. In an undated note preserved at D.21, Mrs. P. Ellis, Hinton's Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 75 House of Lords "It was not possible to keep all the papers used for House of Lords committee work simply because they were too voluminous. LH therefore decided that in general when the cttee's red report was published ... the background papers could be destroyed. retained for various reasons - special comments on them by LH, important information, etc.' There were cases, however, when papers were At the request of the receiving repository a further weeding has been undertaken by the present cataloguers so that only those committee papers bearing significant annotation by Hinton have been preserved. | When Hinton's annotation has been limited to a brief summation on the cover or title page of a lengthy report only that cover or title page has been retained. Lord Hinton's interest in the selection and preservation of his own papers is evident from his comments on the original folders of House of Lords material. of these comments are preserved with the committee papers on which he was passing judgement. Examples Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 76 House of Lords GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE, 1968-83 Contents of a very bulky folder inscribed 'House of Lords Miscellaneous’. Includes correspondence and papers from firms and organisations drawing Hinton's attention to legislation of interest to them and providing him with information they thought he ought to have; also correspondence with fellow peers on matters of mutual interest. Dt 1968, 1971 Correspondence and papers re Green Paper on 'Government 1972. Research and Development'; copy of Hinton's letter to Lord Rothschild, 5 December, re 'curiosity oriented research’ and 'product oriented research’, Includes correspondence and papers re Trade Union and Labour Peers' Includes correspondence and papers re Aircraft Local Government (Miscellaneous 1973, January-March. Includes draft speech for debate on White Paper Cmnd. 5174 - 'Education: A Framework for Expansion’ and letter from L. Rotherham commenting on draft. 1973, April-June. of movement of engineers in the European Economic Community. Includes correspondence and papers re freedom 1975. Relations (Amendment) Bill and Top Salaries Review Body: Expenses Allowance. Provisions) Bill. 1976, March~May. and Shipbuilding Industries Bill, Provisions) Bill and new Advisory Council on Applied R and D. 1976, June, July. Continuing correspondence and papers re Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries Bill and Local Government (Miscellaneous Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 77 House of Lords 1976, October, November. producer re ‘Panorama! programme on future of the House of Lords and photocopy of questionnaire on the subject completed by Hinton. Includes letter from BBC television Includes correspondence and papers re Severn Barrage and 1977. letter from Hinton commenting on 'Report to the Congress which deals with the American work on development of the Fast Reactor’. 1978, March, April. Nuffield Foundation study of the role of a Second Chamber within the British Constitution and river water quality. Correspondence and papers re Scotland Bill, 1978, May, November. Conference '78' and product liability. Correspondence and papers re 'Coal 1979, October, December. Includes material re acid rain. Correspondence and. papers re emissions Correspondence and papers re County of Kent 1980, January. from coal-fired power stations. Correspondence and papers re radioactive release 1980, July. Planning and Land (No.2) Bill. Correspondence and papers re Local Government, 1980, February, March. from power stations and County of Kent Bill. 1980, April, May. Bill, Licensing Amendment Bill and Gas Bill. on environmental concerns. 1981, January-June. 1974, and Energy Conservation Bill. Includes material re Control of Pollution Act, 1981, August, October, November. Includes completed questionnaires Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 78 House of Lords Includes completed questionnaire for Review Body on Top 1982. Salaries which was seeking information about 'the circumstances in which Peers carry out their Parliamentary duties and Peers’ views on the present expenses allowance’. 1983 EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COMMITTEE SUB-COMMITTEE F (Energy, Transport, Technology and Research) Daz! Information D.22-D.92 Committee papers INFORMATION D.21 D.93 Minutes D.94-D.107 Correspondence Ellis (Lord Hinton's secretary) on Hinton's policy Note by Mrs. P. in respect of the retention or destruction of papers used for House of Lords committee work. Lists of papers used at Sub-Committee 'F' meetings, 1975-80. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 COMMITTEE PAPERS 79 House of Lords In the following entries the dates of the committee meetings are given and some indication of the agenda topics represented by the surviving documentation. 1975 D.22 D.23, D.24 January 25. Weight and dimensions of commercial road vehicles. February 19. Community: Commission targets for 1985 and sectoral guidelines required to attain them)’. 'R/3333/74 (New Energy Policy strategy for the 2 folders. February 27° OR/3333/74" D.26 March 5. 'R/3333/74'. D.3] 4 folders. 2 folders. D.27-D.30 March 13. 'R/3333/74'. 2,32, D233 March 20. 'R/3333/74'. March 26. 'R/3333/74'. April 16. 'R/3333/74'. energy sources within the Community. Technological problems of nuclear safety; development of Technological problems of nuclear safety. June 19. Annotated agenda only. July 17. July 30. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 80 House of Lords September 18. water for bathing. Lead pollution; pollution of sea water and fresh September 19. Financing of Community energy policy. ‘Circulation of papers and advance warning of future meetings’, dated 3 October 1975, with two papers re Community environment action programme. October 15. and air safety. Community intervention in the field of air transport Folder includes brief correspondence between Hinton and Civil Aviation Authority, July 1975. "House of Lords Sub-Committee "F" Visit to Brussels, October 1975". Contents of a folder so inscribed. November 6. R3333 (Community energy policy). November 20. OECD's Dragon high temperature reactor project. 'R/210/75 - Draft Directive on the reduction of water pollution caused by wood pulp mills' and related papers. Site for the Joint European Torus (JET). March 11. 'Further consideration of Aeronautical Programme’. January 15. Hinton's ms. note only. March 3. Energy policy. March 18. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 8] House of Lords April 1. Siting of JET. September 30. Research Centre’. '1977-80 Multi-annual programme for the Joint Further papers on Joint Research Centre (contents of a plastic folder) kept with preceding. October 21. Carriage of goods by road; inland waterways. ‘Background papers re visit to Ispra - 8~11 November 1976'. Contents of a folder so inscribed. November 25. 'J.R.C. Multi-annual Programme’. December 9 (Joint meeting with Sub-Committee G), Annual Programme’. ‘JRC Multi- January 21. February 2. - March 77'. D.60 D.61 July 21. EEC R&D Policy. March 31, EEC Energy Policy. EEC Energy Policy. European R&D Policy. Contents of a folder so inscribed. 'Visit to Brussels by Members of Sub-Committee F 4 folders. November 11. EEC R&D Policy. 02 ite Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 82 House of Lords February 23. nuclear fuels. Fast breeder reactors; reprocessing of irradiated May 18. EEC Coal knquiry. "World Energy Supply and Demand up to 2020 A.D.' Hinton's 17pp. typescript paper (with ms. corrections) 'For H of I. Sub-Cttee F', Folder also includes typescript 'Data from Energy 2020' and ‘Energy Projections 1979', and ms. notes on 'Uranium Resources and Demand in the EEC, 'Uranium Prices', etc. 10 January. COctober 9. November 27. April. EEC Transport Policy. October 30. Community Energy Policy. July 24. Biomolecular Engineering. Community Energy Policy. Nuclear Power Industry. Community Energy Policy. [December 1771. Gas Appliances; November 13. Community Energy Policy. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 83 House of Lords 1981 D.76 uae D.78 Die D.80 1982 D.81 [May 77. Community Energy Policy. July 2. Public Transport; Electricity Supply. COctober 217]. Community Energy Policy. COctober 29. Community Energy Policy. November, December. Community Energy Policy. February 18, March 4 and 18. Raw materials. D.82 March 25, May 6. Raw materials. June 17. October 14 and 21. Rational use of energy. November 11, 18 and 25. Annotated agenda only. Hinton's ms. comments on strategic materials in respect July 18. of a meeting he was unable to attend. Coal in Community energy strategy. The role for coal in Community energy strategy. December 2, 9 and 16. Rational use of energy. Rational use of energy. February 3.and 17. March 3, 10 and 17. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 84 House of Lords Miscellaneous coal papers, February, April 1983. Regulations controlling use of road vehicles in the United March. Kingdom. Miscellaneous committee papers unattributed as to meeting. Topics include oil supply problems, natural gas, strategic minerals and rational use of energy. 2 folders. Miscellaneous D591, D,92 MINUTES CORRESPONDENCE his work on Sub-Committee F. D.94 D.93 Minutes of Sub-Committee F meetings, 25 November 1976 and 17 February 1977, annotated by Hinton. Hinton's correspondence with clerks, peers and expert advisers in respect of Joint Research Centre. Includes invitation to serve on 1974, December - 1975, July. Sub-Committee C (education, employment and social health) and Hinton's reply suggesting that the Sub-Committee on which he could be most useful was that dealing with energy, i.e. Sub-Committee F; also correspondence on 'R/3333/74 EEC Energy Policy Strategy’. 1976, October-December. and Includes correspondence re energy policy Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 85 House of Lords Includes Hinton's ‘Questions for Sir Brian 1977, January-May. Flowers' (in his capacity as President of the European Science Foundation), 'Note on draft report on EEC Energy Policy’ and 'Notes on Mr. Thorley's Draft Table (Appendix 1)'. Specialist Adviser, House of Lords, 1975-79.) (C.G. Thorley was 1977, June, July. R &D Policy’. Includes Hinton's 'Notes on draft report on EEC 1977, November, December. on R & D in EEC’, 'Notes for the Committee "F" Enquiry into the Coal Industry’, and 'The Energy Resources and Requirements of Greece, Portugal and Spain' (ms. and typescript drafts). Includes Hinton's 'Suggested Conclusions 1978, January-March. Nuclear Policy’ and 'Thorium in the Nuclear Power Cycle’. Includes Hinton's notes on 'President Carter's 1978, April-October. visit to Brussels. Includes correspondence and papers re proposed Includes correspondence and papers April, May. Correspondence and papers re 'Energy Objectives 1979, June, October-December. re 'Fusion Report’. 1978, December-1979, March. re 'Energy Objectives for 1990! and small hydroeleciric units. Principally Hinton's comments on draft minutes. 1981, February-December. Information Technologies and 'Combined Transport’. Includes correspondence and papers re strategic minerals. Includes correspondence and papers re 1980 Januar y~Auc ust, Includes corres ondence and Dapers re "Enerc f Objectives for 19 90' and biomolecular en ineerin e | 1982. 1983, January-May. 1979, for 1990'. Includes correspondence and papers Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 86 House of Lords EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COMMITTEE SUB-COMMITTEE G (Environment) D.108 Information D. 109-D 2122 Commitiee papers D.123-D..127 Correspondence INFORMATION D.108 Lists of papers used at Sub-Committee 'G' meetings, 1975-81. COMMITTEE PAPERS 1981 D.109 D.111 D.110 March 17. Oil pollution of the sea. CFebruory 2. Asbestos. In the following entries the dates of the committee meetings are given (where known) and some indication of the agenda topics represented by the surviving documentation. from the titanium dioxide industry. May 19. from the titanium dioxide industry; participation by the EEC in the Action Plan for the Mediterranean. dune 23. Discharge of cadmium into the aquatic environment; wastes Discharge of cadmium into the aquatic environment; wastes Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 87 House of Lords ecard et October 13. Recycling and reuse of containers of liquid for human consumption; enforcement, in respect of shipping using Community ports, of international standards for shipping safety and pollution prevention. October 27. Consumption. Recycling and reuse of containers of liquid for human D.114 1982 D.115-D.119 Committee papers and notes by Hinton on the polluter pays principle, October-December and n.d. 5 folders. 1983 D.120-D.122 Committee papers (including ‘Suggested changes to draft report by Lord Hinton of Bankside') on the polluter pays principle, eic., January-March. 3 folders. CORRESPONDENCE D.123 Includes Sub-Committee G's draft report re protection 1978, June. of groundwater. Principally correspondence with clerks respecting committee business. Includes note by Hinton on ‘Sewage Disposal’. 1982, October, November. on Pollution Control’. Includes Hinton's ‘Alternative Thoughts 1980, November - 1981, November. 1981, December - 1982, October. 1983, Jonuary-May. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 88 House of Lords eee oe ne SELECT COMMITTEES (PRIVATE BILLS) D.128-D.134 "House of Lords - Select Committees’. Contents of a folder so inscribed and with further ms. inscription "Examined by Lord Hinton ~ Dec. ‘8I'. D.128 Turbary Lands in the County of Dorset. Correspondence, April-September 1972. D.129 Kensington and Chelsea Corporation Bill. Minutes of evidence, 2 May 1972 (2pp. only). D.130 Maplin Airport Bill. Brief correspondence only, July 1973. D.131 Portland Bill. Brief correspondence, March, April 1974; with Hinton's ms. note 'The whole Bill was disallowed’. 4pp. 'Suggested Amendments' D.132 County of South Glamorgan Bill. D.133 Tyne and Wear Bill. D.134 Four Counties Bills. Minutes of evidence, 4 May 1976 (4pp. only). Correspondence, etc., May, November, December 1975. Lord Hinton's 'Opening Remarks' as chairman; minutes of evidence (4pp. only); ‘Record of advice on the Four Counties Bills received from Lord Aberdare'; brief correspondence, March-May 1978. See also D.159. ; off due to Gen. Election)’. D.137-D.142 6 folders. the survival of the material: ‘Normally most of this would be destroyed - was put it has not been done as the Bill has not yet been debated. Anote by Hinton's secretary dated 6 July 1983 explains ‘Lord Hinton's Working Papers and Briefing material’. D3196,1D 2136 Correspondence, March-October 1982. 2 folders. Hinton served as Chairman of the Lancashire Bill. D.135-D.142 Lancashire Bill. (This Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 89 House of Lords SPEECHES IN DEBATES Although Hinton was created a life peer in 1965, the extant material covers his contributions to the House's debates 1970-82 only. These are principally typescript drafts for speeches; the date of the debate and some indication of topic. g other significant material is noted in the entries which also give 1970 erence D.143 1972 D.144 1973 March 4. Pearson Report; help for developing countries. February 29. ment’. Green Paper on 'Government Research and Develop- D.145 White Paper Cmnd. 5174 - 'Education: A Framework for ‘Speech for Dinordwic (North Wales Hydro Electric Power July 19. Bill) if necessary’. Folder includes printed and duplicated background material. ‘The need for a National Energy Plan in relation to February 28. Britain's entry into the EEC and the increasing inadequacy of world energy supplies’. March 29. Expansion’. Folder includes annotated copy of White Paper and brief corres pondence arising from debate. EEC Commission plans for energy supplies to 1985. February 12. ‘Energy Conservation’. July 22. European Communities. Second Special Report of the Select Committee on the December 2. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 1976 90 House of Lords BD, 151t--D 453 January 29. Technological Problems of Nuclear Safety. Includes correspondence and background material. April 1. Environment (disposal of effluents and other wastes). May 18. Joint European Torus (JET). Folder includes brief correspondence and printed background material. D.156, D.157 December 22. Pollution (Flowers Report). 2 folders. Sixth Report of the Royal Commission on Environmental D.157 contains related correspondence, October 1976-January 1977. See D.174. February. Research and Development in the EEC. July 17. Bills. January 23. Coal. Folder includes letter from Chairman of National Coal Board. Report on Opposed Clauses of Local Government Private Folder includes correspondence with clerks and peers, June, July. See also D.134. Lord Halsbury and ‘Data from Energy 2020'. March 7. provisions of the energy programme and the programmes in the light of recent events in Iran’. has ms, note 'L. Hinton ill with influenza speech used January 24. Amenity. Folder includes related correspondence. 'To draw attention to the need for revising the current prices and incomes control Typescript draft by L. Sherfield'. Folder also includes brief correspondence with Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 91 House of Lords October 23. Construction Products. Folder includes related correspondence. See also D.175. 1980 D.164, D.165 February 27. Finniston Report. D.164 Includes 13pp. note on the Finniston Report dated 13 February. D.165 February, March. Correspondence with engineers and engineering organisations, For further material on the Finniston Report, see C.206-C.248. March 19, Energy Conservation. Folder includes related correspondence and background material. ss ey © oe I 198] March 9. — Industry Bill. D.167 1982 D.170-D.172 October 21. Natural Gas. December 8. Fast Reactor. D.168, D.169 Printed and duplicated background material. D.168 with Lord Kings Norton, the mover of the motion for debate. Folder includes ms. notes by Hinton and correspondence reactor policy and design. D.170 Superseded’ and ‘Sketch of Opening Speech to be reduced as other speakers indicate they will deal with the points made’. Folder includes ‘Second draft' of speech with ms. note Correspondence with Lord Halsbury re organising of the Correspondence with W. Marshall and P.B. debate; Hinton's ms. notes; background material. D.169 T7471 D7 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 92 House of Lords PRINTED AND DUPLICATED MATERIAL D.173 Duplicated copy of Hinton's evidence before House of Commons Select Committee on Estimates (Sub-Committee B), 22 April 1959. Sixth Report on Nuclear Power and the Environment of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Hinton's annotated copy with loose ms. and typescript items. Report of the Select Committee on the European Communities on Construction Products, 1979, with some loose items. Report of the Select Committee on the European Communities on EEC Energy Policy, 1980. Title page has note of Hinton's comment on this report. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 SECTION E UNIVERSITY.OF BATH E.1.- E.65 INTRODUCTION TO SECTION E GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE DEVELOPMENT APPEAL eT 74 APPOINTMENTS CONVOCATION UNIVERSITY COURT e176. 19 DEGREE CONGREGATIONS Chancellor. E 20-5 .65 SPEECHES, ADDRESSES, WRITINGS of Bath, A Technological University’ in 1965, Hinton was invited to become its first When the Bristol College of Science and Technology became the new ‘University worked tirelessly for it until his retirement fifteen years later. that Colleges of Advanced Technology should have university status and it is apparent once he had decided to do so, he became a staunch supporter of the University and He had doubted the wisdom of the Robbins Report which recommended logical Univesity! from Bath's title. He hesitated to accept the Chancellorship; however, that he never lost this doubt. He later regretted the removal of the words 'A Techno- Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 94 Univers ity of Bath One of his first tasks was to help with the appeal which was launched in 1965 for funds to build student residential accommodation and other facilities. Hinton gave invaluable support to this appeal and personally approached leading industrialists asking for donations (E.8-E.10). The quality of his formal addresses was recognised by the University which arranged for the publication of his Installation Address and his yearly speeches at Degree Congregations. A copy of the volume, published after Hinton's retirement under the title 'Some Speeches of a Chancellor’, is included at E.65. In his preface the then Vice-Chancellor, Professor P.T. Matthews, wrote: 'Throughout this period Lord Hinton exerted a profoundly beneficial influence on the University, not least through the special flavour which he gave to its ceremonies through the dignity of his presence’. In addition, Hinton spoke on many other occasions: informal talks to the students, speeches proposing the toast of the Honorary Graduates, speeches at meetings of the Court and of Convocation, and at the Peppercorn Rent ceremonies. Drafts concern for the future of Britain, the part the students would play in it, and the qualities they would need in and notes for these speeches, showing the same careful preparation and ever present life, are to be found in items E.20-E.64 Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 95 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1965-83 Un iversity of Bath Hinton's correspondence with Vice-Chancellors, academic staff, if f students and others about the general affairs of the university. BE.) 1965-66. (March 1965); Goldsmiths Company; the title of the new university. Hinton's acceptance of invitation to become Chancellor presentation of a mace to the new university by the 1968. body of ‘Student Responsibility’ and re title of the university. Includes correspondence re proposed address to the student 1969. (which took place in February) and re title of the university. Includes continuing correspondence re address to student body 1970-73 1974-77. campaign and disinvestment in South Africa. Includes correspondence and papers re Hinton offered his resignation from the Chancellorship in 1978-81. February 1980. 1982-83 See also E.21. Correspondence with uprivers ty officers and Includes draft text for appeal brochure. An appeal wos organised with Hinton's active support to raise money to provide the new university with residential accommodation and communal buildings. 1966, June-1968 January. officers and industrialists re appeal. Continuing correspondence with university DEVELOPMENT APPEAL 1966-68 1966, April-June. industrialists re appeal. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 96 University of Bi Bath Copies of The Proposed University of Bath, A Technological University (1965) and Ihe Proposed ialversity of Bath, A Techno- logical University, Development Appeal (n.d.). APPOINTMENTS 1967-69, 1975-76 Correspondence re appointment of new Vice-Chancellors. E.11-E.13 1967-69 3 folders. 1975-76 CONVOCATION 1969-79 bd 5 UNIVERSITY COURT 1970-79 Hinton gave the Convocation Address in January Correspondence and papers re meetings of Convocation, including agendas, a report by the chairman of the graduates' standing com~ mittee on the effectiveness of Convocation (1970) and Convocation Newsletter no.3. 1975 on 'The decline in British industrial pre-eminence’. annotated by Hinton. E.16 General correspondence re meetings; agendas 1970 and 1975, Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 97 DEGREE CONGREGATIONS 1969-80 University of Bath teen trenten Hinton's correspondence with Vice-Chancellors and others re arrangements. 1969-74. Includes lists of honorary graduates, 1966-79. 1975-76. tion address. Includes background material and drafts for 1976 congrega- 1977-80 SPEECHES, ADDRESSES, WRITINGS 1965 E20 'A University of Technology: The New Concept' t f YP | Bath University, "Appeal Luncheon, 1ll!pp. typescript. June 29th'. Gop. typescript. "Speech at Induction Ceremmy', November. Hinton's foreword for book on the new University of Bath by G. Walters; brief related correspondence. Hinton's address on the occasion of his induction as first Chancellor of the university. See K.22. Folder also includes press~cutting. ev ‘Reply to Sir Eric Ashby proposing toast of university’, November. Opp. fypescript. Replies to Questions from the Bath University Union Newspaper', 1Panl ta t November. ‘Honorary Graduates', 4pp. typescript. <7 3pp. typescript. e ~ hi ine F kae se sake ; hos oo mehr oe ; | oy PP ‘ 7 ' Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 98 1967 E.26 Raf Gaze 1968 Rive E.30 "Notes for talk to students at Bath', 12 October. llpp. typescript. 'Speech for Degree Day', 13 October. 8pp. typescript. 'Notes for talk at Bath', October. rections and additions. 9pp. typescript with ms. cor- 'Bath University Degree Day', 18 October. Y y 8pp. typescript. PP: p 'y ‘Speech for the Opening of Physics and Materials Second Building by the Speaker', 23 November. Ip. typescript. "Notes for meeting of Convocation’, 4 July. 'Speech for Bristol Prize Day', November. Hinton's speech on the occasion of his presenting the prizes and awards in electrical engineering at Bristol Technical College. pp. typescript. Moore was the first Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bath. ‘Presentation Speech to Dr. Moore on his Retirement’, 27 June. Spp. typescript. 2 folders. 'Bath Degree Ceremony’, 24 and 25 July. "Notes for meeting of Court’, 4 July. Opp. typescript. 5Spp. typescript. 10pp. and Spp. typescript. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 1970 Boe 197) E.41, E.42 77 University of Bath "Speech for Court', 3 July. 5pp. typescript. "Speech for Convocation', 4 July. 3pp. typescript. ‘Degree Day', 10 July. Ilpp. typescript. "Degree Day - Autumn', 19 November. l5pp. typescript. ‘Degree Day' addresses, 8 and 9'July. 1l4pp. and 9pp. typescript. 2 folders. "Notes for the meeting of the Court', 15 December. (different format), lépp. and 5pp. typescript. 2 copies 1972 E.44 E.45, E.46 "Payment of Peppercorn Rent', 29 June. Spp. typescript. 'Degree Day' addresses, 29 and 30 June. typescript. Folder also includes press~cutting from the THES, 17 December, reporting Hinton's address under the heading 'Graduates will oly find "sub-professional" jobs’. Opp. typescript. ‘Introduction to Convocation Lecture to be given by Sir Frederick Dainton', 1 November. ‘Degree Day' addresses, July. 2Ipp. and 20pp. typescript. 1973 E.47, E.48 18pp. and l6pp. 2 folders. 2 folders. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 100 University of Bath "Degree Day' addresses, 3, typescript. 3 folders. 4. and 5 July. 20pp., l6pp. and l4pp. ‘Convocation Lecture', 6 May. one with ms. additions. 2 copies both 24pp. typescript, This lecture on the decline in British industrial pre-eminence was first given at a seminar in Oxford, 3 December 1973. "Degree Day' address, 9, 10 and 11 July. 28pp. typescript. Folder also includes brief related correspondence. ‘Peppercorn Rent Ceremony', 22 December. Br tol Gazette, naka: 1976, with elie ticle. 'Toast to the Honorary Graduates', July. l6pp. typescript. ‘Chancellor's speech at Bath Degree Congpegations’ , 30 June- 2 Pe oe babe. Hinton paid tribute to the retiring Vice-Chancellor, L. Rotherham, who was me of the honorary graduates. App. typescript. ‘Speech for meeting of Convocation’, 15 October. ‘Speech for Bath Degree Congregations’, July. 24pp. typescript. Hinton of Bankside CSAC 116/7/86 10] University of Bath 1978 E.60 E.61 1979 E.62 1980 E.63 ‘Speech for Bath Degree Congregations', June. l5pp. typescript. ‘Peppercorn Rent Ceremony', 19 December. 5pp. typescript. "Chancellor's Speech for the University of Bath's Degree Congregations’, 27-29 June. 23pp. typescript. "Notes for Lord Hinton to use at meeting of Convocation’, 12 April. Spp. typescript. "Chancellor's Speech for the University of Bath's Degree Congregations’, 24-27 June. 18pp. typescript. Some Speeches of a Chancellor, Bath University Press, 1981.