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CSAC 61/5/78 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Supported by the Royal Society, the British Library and the Council of Engineering Institutions REPORT ON THE PAPERS OF Dr. Edward Hindle, F.R.S. (1886-1973) Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel Deposited in the Archives of the University of Glasgow 1978 E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION 1 The material was received from Miss Phyllis Barclay-Smith, C.B.E. Many of the items are in poor and fragile condition. The collection covers most aspects of Hindle's scientific career, and includes some information not elsewhere recorded, such as the proposed expedition to Uganda and Nyasaland in September 1914 (see B.5-B.9) and Hindle's reported death in Africa (see A.2); the box of publications (C.55), though not complete, contains several items not recorded either in the Bibliography of the Royal Society Memoir (A.1) or the 'List of Publications’ (A.2), and, in conjunction with Section C, gives a fuller picture of Hindle's scientific and general writings than would otherwise obtain. Hindle's friendly relations with G.H.F. Nuttall, J. Loeb, J.E. Marchoux and other colleagues are also clear (see under Index of correspondents), and his attempt to improve international understanding by means of the proposed publication 'One World! can be seen in B.102-B. 106. Section B (scientific research and activities) is the largest in the col- lection, and includes scientific material (laboratory notebooks, professional correspondence) and some biographical and administrative correspondence relating to appointments, tenure and the like. The major fields of Hindle's work are fully covered, notably his work on kala-azar, yellow fever and other viruses, and the incident of laboratory infection which affected him, his assistants, and hospital staff attending them. In addition, there is evidence of what has been described by the author of the Royal Society Memoir, Professor P.C.C. Garnham, F.R.S., as his 'electicism and opportunism in science, in that the nature of his research was governed by the conditions in which he happened to be living at the time'; an example of this might be his observations at Dax on the fauna of hot springs (see B.81, B.90) and his interest in hamsters (see B. 37, B.93-B. 100). Much of Hindle's surviving scientific correspondence is included in Section B; Section D (Correspondence) is in consequence relatively brief. Very few records survive relating to Hindle's many honorary posts in Associations and Societies, and the interest he took in such activities, both pro- fessional and non-professional. A list of some of these is given in the Royal Society Memoir, and the 'Honours and Awards! listed in A.24-A. 30 also provide some indication of the wide range of Hindle's interests. See also A.3]1 E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 SUMMARY OF THE CAREER OF EDWARD HINDLE b. 1886 educ. 1903-07 1907-08 1908-10 1910-14 Sheffield. mainly at home, by his mother, who wasa certificated teacher. Royal College of Science, and King's College, London. Research Assistant, School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool. work at Marine Biological Station, La Jolla, California. Ph.D., and Instructor in Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. Kingsley Bye Fellow, Magdalene College, Cambridge, and Beit Memorial Research Fellow, Quick Laboratory, Cambridge. 1911 (summer) Institut Pasteur, Paris. 1914-19 1919 1919 1919-24 1924-25 1925-28 1928-33 1934 1935-44 1936 1936 1942 1944-51 1945 1946-51 1947 1951-52 1951-61 1953 War Service with Royal Engineers Signals Service; served as a Divisional Signal Officer, in France and Palestine, except for six months whensent back to England to organise and commandthe Signal Service Cadet Unit. (February-October) work at Quick Laboratory, Cambridge. married Irene Margaret Twist (d. 1933). Professor of Biology and Parasitology, School of Medicine, Cairo. Milner Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. with Royal Society's Kala-azar Commission in China. ~ Beit Research Fellow in Tropical Medicine, Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research, London. work at National Institute of Medical Research, London. Regius Professor of Zoology, University of Glasgow. married Ellen Mary Theodora Boyen (nee Schroeder) (marriage dissolved 1951). Founder President, Zoological Society of Glasgow. Elected Fellow of the Royal Society. Scientific Director, Zoological Society of London. Freeman of the City of London. General Secretary, British Association. President, Section D, British Association. Founder and First President, Institute of Biology. Hon. Secretary, Royal Geographical Association (Hon. Vice- President, 1962). President, Zoology Section, International Union of Biological Sciences. E, Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 CONTENTS OF THE COLLECTION Section A Biographical and Personal Items A.1-A.31 Section B Scientific research and activities B.1-B.108 including: Work on Pediculus Humanus B.10-B.16 Work at Cairo B.18-B.27 Royal Society Kala-azar Commission B.31-B.54 Work on Yellow Fever B.19, B.30, B.55-B.71 Hamsters B.93-B.100 Section C Lectures, talks, broadcasts, publications C.1-C.55 Section D Scientific correspondence Bi-D.1! Index of correspondents 3 Pages 4 10 26 82 34 E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.1. Obituaries and tributes. A.2. A.3. A.4. Includes Addresses at Cremation and Memorial Service; Memoir by P.C.C. Garnham, F.R.S. (iog. Mem. Fellows of the Roy. Soc., 20, 1974); and others. Bibliographies, c.v.s and biographical notes pre- pared at various times by Hindle, or by others for the award of honours or degrees; includes Hindle's birth certificate, and a press-cutiing of a note by G.H.F. Nuttall correcting 'the erroneous statement that Dr. E. Hindle met his death in Africa', 1915. Signed photographsof G.H.F. Nuttall and colleagues, one inscribed 'Taken at Alperton, Essex, June 1909', the other n.d. but taken at Cambridge (Hindle is standing L.). Includes Commissions in R.E. 1914 Miscellaneous material relating to Hindle's military activities. and in Territorial Army 1936, miscellaneous photo- graphs of O.T.C., University of Glasgow of which Hindle was Commanding Officer in Second World War. Also includes copy of Hindle's letter to The Times 11/1/43 on National Service in Universities, and a private reply received describing Cambridge in wartime. A.5. Miscellaneous testimonials to Hindle 1912. from William E. Ritter (La Jolla, California) Jacques Loeb (Rockefeller Inst. Med. Res.) J.E. Marchoux (Institut Pasteur) J. Mesnil (Institut Pasteur) EZ Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 5 A.6.-A.8. Correspondence re Chair of Biology, School of Medicine, Cairo, 1919-24 and 1951 A.6 A.7 A.8 A.9. Hindle resigned this post, with indemnity and repatriation, because political and administrative changes were impeding his current work and his personal and scientific prospects. See B.18-B.27 for notebooks relating to research during his period at Cairo and C.2-C.4 for lectures given there. Folder of correspondence with British and Egyptian authorities re Hindle's wish to relinquish his chair, conditions of compensation, etc. October 1923-June 1924. Passport, photographs, miscellaneous scientific and social souvenirs of period in Cairo. Brief correspondence, letters of congratulation on appointment, and testimonial to work done in Cairo, from Jacques Loeb OwenRichards Included here is a letter regretting Hindle's decision not to apply for the Chair of Zoology at Cairo in 1950, on his retirement from the Zoological Society of London. Miscellaneous correspondence on appointments 1932-34, re various applications for appointments made by : Hindle as his tenure of the Beit Fellowship 1928-33 drew to a close (see B.55). Includes: testimonials to Hindle for Chair of Zoology, Newcastle, from P. Chalmers Mitchell [Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell, see C.33.] and G.H.F. Nuttall (very fragile and in poor condition) 1932; Hindle's application for Chair in Parasitology, Peiping 1933; Hindle's memorandum to H.T. Tizard on Dept. Zoology, Imperial College, London 1934, A.10. Correspondence re appointment as Regius Professor of Zoology, University of Glasgow 1935. Hindle's letter of application, testimonials from G.H.F. Nuttall (copy) and H.H. Dale (original). For other documents relating to Hindle's appointment and activities at Glasgow see A.21, A.28, A.29; for research conducted at Glasgow see B.87-B.89, and for lectures and talks at Glasgow see C. 10-C.23. E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 Akl. A.12.-A.16. A.12. Letters of congratulation on election to Royal Society (not itemised or indexed). 1942 Correspondence re appointment as Scientific Director, Zoological Society of London Correspondence re appointment, with Sheffield A. Neave (Secretary of the Society), including Hindle's c.v. and list of publications, and re his resignation of the Regius Professorship at Glasgow, August 1943-January 1944. Brief correspondence with Julian Huxley (Secretary of Society 1935-42) re appointment, and enclosing off- prints, 1943. Correspondence re membership and other matters, 1943. with P.A. Buxton, L. Hogben. Letters of congratulation on appointment, with some personal or scientific interest in the letter or in Hindle's reply, 1943. Letters of congratulation on appointment, many testifying to the range of Hindle's activities in Glasgow and expressing regret at his departure (not indexed), 1943. Visit to Pakistan, Apri! 1950 Hindle represented the British Association at the Second Pakistan Science Conference, Karachi, and visited other laboratories and scientific establishments during visit. Brief correspondence re journey, letters of intro- duction from Sir Harold Hartley (then President of the British Association), ms. of talk broadcast on Radio Pakistan by Hindle, press-cuttings. Visit to Switzerland 11-24 June 1961 This was the first official delegation of the Royal Society to visit Switzerland, arranged by invitation of Pro Helvetic Foundation. Annotated schedule of visit, brief correspondence re travel, etc., copy of Hindle's Report to President of the Royal Society on visit, ms. draft of another report. EE. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 A.19.-A.23. Miscellaneous items of personal and biographical interest. A.19. A.20. Envelope of press-cuttings relating to Hindle's work, career, interests, etc. Envelope of press-cuttings from 'Moscow News' relating specially to work of Lysenko, Michurin and other reported achievements in Russian biological sciences, A.21. Miscellaneous social souvenirs (not itemised). Includes signed menus, Madgalene College, Cambridge dinners, University of Glasgow Final Year Dinners in the Faculty of Medicine 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, The Athenaeum, The Wrong Box Dinner (menu and papers read) 1963. Birthday and other greetings exchanged with Sir Ralph Richardson at various dates, and miscellaneous quotations and notes collected by Hindle, probably for anniversary gatherings. Miscellaneous shorter personal correspondence, letters of congratulation on research, farewell letters on retirement, etc. (not indexed). A.22. A.23. A.24.-A.30. Certificates, Honours and Awards, in chronological order. (academic, personal and honorific) 6 folders as follows: A.24. 1905 Matriculation Certificate, University of London 1905-06 Associate Certificate, Royal College of Science, London 1908 1909 1910 Intermediate Certificate, University of London Membership Sigma A.5, A.8 A.5, B.60, D.6 B.36 B.102, B.103 A.5 B.5 A.29 Alberic Bouchard de Montmorency, 7th Viscount Ey Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 36 NEAVE, Sheffield Airey NIGHTINGALE, M. P. NORMAN, J. R. NUTTALL, George Henry Falkiner A. B. A. A. 12 100 15 9, A.10, B.5 (see also A.2, A.3, B.7, D.1, D.3) O'BRIEN, R.A. OLIVER, John O. B B 60, B.85 84 PANTIN, Carl Frederick Abel D 7 PARISH, H. PARKER, H. PAWAN, J. PETTIT, A. J. W. L. PROSSER, A. J. READ, H. F. REYNOLDS, H. W. RICHARDS, Owen RICHARDSON, Sir Ralph David RITTER, William E. ROBINSON, L. E. (see also B.7) ROTHSCHILD, Miriam ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Meyer Victor, Baron RUSS, S. RUSSELL, Dorothy RUSSELL, Sir (Edward) John RUSSELL, Frederick F. SAWYER, Wilbur A. SCHUFFNER, W. SCOTT, Hugh SELLARDS, A. W. SERGENT, Edmond SMITH, E. C. SMITH, J. SPAUL, E. A. 85 54 60 60 100 96 B B B B B B B A A. 22 A B 6, B.8 D V D O P O B D I D W a T w D W D T D D D ie 215 84 .102, B.103 61 61 .61, B.84, B.85 54 61 85 O U O —o B. 85 B.103 E. Hindle CSAC 61/5/78 37 SPROSTON, Nora G. STRICKLAND, C. THEILER, M. THOMAS, Oldfield THOMPSON, Sir D'Arcy Wentworth VAN THIEL, P. VASARHELYI, J. H. V. VEVERS, Geoffrey Marr WENYON, Charles Morley (see also C.9) WIGGLESWORTH, Sir Vincent (Brian) WORTHINGTON, E. B. D.11 B.62 B.85 B.54 A.15 B.85 B.85 B.37 B.34 B.62 A.15