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n m N i n n T T c i T "T H i yWN HI r National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of ROBERT HILL FRS (1899 - 1991) Compiled by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper Deposited in Cambridge University Library NCUACS 46/2/94 All rights reserved University of Bath 1994 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are madepossible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Institute of Physics The Royal Society The WellcomeTrust R.Hill NCUACS46/2/94 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSEDIN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE KEEPER OF MANUSCRIPTS AND UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY CAMBRIDGE R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items Page SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.90 10 SECTION B RESEARCH B.1-B.329 22 SECTION C FISH-EYE CAMERA C.1-C.86 57 SECTION D CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY D.1-D.40 67 SECTION E PUBLICATIONS E.1-E.118 75 SECTION F LECTURES F.1-F.53 90 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS G.1-G.23 96 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES H.1-H.94 101 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE J.1-J.156 117 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 134 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE 4 The papers were received from Mrs Priscilla Hill, widow, in July and November 1991 and, per D.S. Bendall, Hill's Royal Society memorialist, in September 1992 and June 1993. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF ROBIN HILL Robert Hill (he was knownto his friends and colleagues as Robin) was born in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, on 2 April 1899. He was educated at Bedales School until 1917 when he was admitted to Emmanuel College Cambridge. Before he could begin his university studies Hill became eligible for war service. He joined the Cambridge University Officers' Training Corps but in the autumn of 1917 was drafted into the infantry. In February 1918, after a short spell in training on Salisbury Plain, he wastransferred to the Anti-Gas Establishment of the Royal Engineers, based at University College London. In 1919 Hill resumed his studies at Cambridge where he wasto remain for the rest of his academic career. He read Chemistry, Physics and Botanyin the Natural Sciences Tripos, specialising in Chemistry in Part Il and graduated with first-class degree. At Bedales SchoolHill had developed a scientific interest in natural dyes and dyeing techniques. He created his own dyesandin later years Hill made up the paints he usedin his water-colour paintings. This interest and his chemistry degree contributed to Hill's first postgraduate research, on inorganic pigments. In 1922 Hill joined F.G. Hopkins's Department of Biochemistry. To his disappointment, he was directed by Hopkins away from plant biochemistry to research on haemoglobin. His work on haemoglobin led to the reversible separation of the pigment and protein components, and to subsequent research onthe propertiesof artificial haemoglobins with other metals replacing the iron of the haem pigment. After a series of papers on the properties of haemoglobin, a mutual interestin haem compoundsledin 1926to collaboration with David Keilin, then working at the MoltenoInstitute, Cambridge,ontheisolation of cytochromec. Anotherearly interest of Hill's had been meteorology. His first scientific paper was on the sunspots of February 1917. In the early 1920sHill developed a ‘fish-eye' camera, a camerawith a lens able to photograph through 180°, and thus able to photograph the whole sky at once. It wasfirst described R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 5 at a meeting of the Royal Meteorological Society in 1924. The firm R. & J. Beck Ltd marketed the camera but although the camera aroused muchinterest it was not widely adopted. After a visit to Singapore and the Dutch East Indies in 1932 Hill continued his research on haemoglobin with a study of its oxygen binding affinity, especially that of myoglobin (muscle haemoglobin). As with his researcheswith Keilin this employed spectroscopic methods, at whichHill became adept. In the 1930s Hill turned to plant biochemistry. He worked on the chemistry of anthraquinone colouring matters and otherglycosidesin plants and in 1938 received a Royal Society grant for work on madderdye. Hill began to study photosynthesis in 1936, with research into oxygen evolution by chloroplasts, work related to his research on haemoglobin. In 1937 he discovered the 'Hill reaction’. Whenisolated chloroplasts from green plant leaves wereilluminated in the presence of certain iron containing salts they produced oxygen while the iron underwent reduction. The amount of oxygen evolved wasinitially small, requiring considerable ingenuity to measureit and Hill's experience with the spectroscopic determination of small amounts of oxygen in haemoglobin was very important. His discovery of the ‘Hill reaction’, followed by research on plant cytochromes established his reputation in this field. Despite this and his other research achievements Hill held no higher degree until the award of the Cambridge Sc.D. in 1942. In 1935 Hill married Priscilla, the sister of his friend E.B. Worthington. They bought Vatches Farm, in Barton near Cambridge. Here Hill grew many of the plants and fruit trees he was to use in his research. Hill's work from 1922 had been supported by a series of research grants from various bodies. In 1943, however, Hill was taken onto the scientific staff of the Agricultural Research Council. He remained working in Cambridge biochemistry department. Hill's interest in plant biochemistry remained broad. He continued researchinto plant and inorganic pigments and in 1943, in cooperation with the East Malling Research Station, Maidstone, Kent he undertook research on fruit tree rootstocks, muchofit on trees grown at Vatches Farm. In 1958 Hill was asked to advise on the biochemistry of tea fermentation by the Nyasaland Tea Association. He visited Nyasaland (Malawi) and helped formulate a biochemical research programme. Hill continued to receive most recognition for his work on photosynthesis. From the late 1950s Hill concentrated on the energetics of photosynthesis and in 1960 made his second great contribution to photosynthesis research with the discovery, with F.L. Bendall, of the 'Z scheme'of electron transport which linked two photochemical energy conversion processes within photosynthesis. They suggested that the electron carriers shuttle electrons from one photosystem,involving the splitting of water, to a second, able to reducea protein factor(later identified with the 'methaemoglobin-reducing factor' he had discovered) which transferred the electrons ultimately to carbon dioxide. Hill retired from the Agricultural Research Council in 1966 but his research activities continuedlittle diminished R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 6 until his death in 1991. In his later years Hill worked particularly extensively on the wider issue of the application of the Second Law of Thermodynamics to photosynthesis. Althoughhisfirst major paper on this subject had been rejected for publication, three further papers were published in the 1980s. He continued also to pursue research on natural and inorganic dyes, fruit tree research and meteorology. Hill was accorded many honours,principally for his contributions to photosynthesis. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1946 and was awarded a Royal Medalof the Royal Society in 1963 and the Copley Medal in 1987. He was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1971, a Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences in 1975 and a Foreign Memberof the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in 1975. In 1963 Hill was made an Honorary Fellow of Emmanuel College Cambridge and in the same year received the Charles E. Kettering Research Award and the First Award for Photosynthesis of the Society of American Plant Physiologists. Hill was elected a Member of the American Society of Biological Chemists in 1964 and received the Finsen Medal of the Comité International de Photobiologie in 1972. He received Honorary Degrees from the universities of Wurzburg (1986), Géttingen (1987) and Sheffield (1990). DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. This collection covers almostall aspects of Hill's career. Section A, Biographical, consists principally of Hill's own records of his career, personal and family correspondence andphotographs. It includes summaries byHill of his research activities and some documentation of honours he received, including his election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1946, and the award of its Royal and Copley medals. The section also includes notebooks used for recording domestic and personal matters. Section B, Research, is the largest in the collection. It documents all aspects of Hill's research except that relating to the fish-eye camera, which is to be found in section C. The papers in this section documentHill's research from his days at Bedales School to research notes written very shortly before his death, a period of over seventy years. Represented here are Hill's earliest scientific interests in meteorology and dyeing, school and undergraduate notes, Hill's first postgraduate research on inorganic pigments, and his subsequent investigations into the R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 7 biochemistry of haemoglobin and haematin, including his collaboration from 1926 with Keilin on the isolation of cytochrome c. There is good documentation of his work on photosynthesis including research leading up to his 1937 discovery of the 'Hill reaction’, and his and F.L. Bendall's outlining of the 'Z scheme' in 1960. Hill's interest in the relationship of thermodynamics to photosynthesis is particularly well-represented - including a sequenceoffifty notebooks used over a period ofthirty years from 1960. Hill continued to work in other areas, most of which are representedin this section. These included work on the chemistry of anthraquinone colouring matters in plants in the 1930s, work on dye-stuffs, and collaboration with A.B. Beakbane and others at the East Malling Research Station on the biologyof fruit tree rootstocks. The bulk of the material is in the form of notebooks of various formats, but there are also research notes, graphs, calculations etc. Muchof this loose material was foundin Hill's folders or envelopes, often identified by subject titles inscribed thereon. At the end of the section is a sequence of photographsfoundloose. Section C, Fish-eye camera, provides documentation of Hill's development of the camera in the 1920s and 1930s. There are Hill's notebooks recording his development of the lens system, many photographstaken by Hill using the lens, correspondencerelating to the marketing of the camera by R. & J. Beck Ltd, and newspaper and magazine cuttings with photographs taken using the camera. The Whipple Museum ofthe History of Science, Cambridge holds further stereoscopic photographs and examplesofthe ‘fish-eye' camera. Section D, Cambridge University, is chiefly research reports on work in progress in plant biochemistry for the Department of Biochemistry annual reports and material relating to the funding of Hill's research from the 1920s until his retirement. Hill's teaching is documented in section F. Section E, Publications, brings together notes, drafts, correspondence andother related material for someofHill's work published or intended for publication c.1928-1985. This material has been linked wherepossibleto thelist of Hill's publications prepared for his Royal Society memoir by D.S. Bendall at A.12. It includes a number of drafts of Hill's work on the thermodynamic efficiency of photosynthesis, including those of papers submitted for publication to the Royal Society in 1961 and Nature in 1980 but rejected as unacceptable. There is also a sequence of editorial correspondence with journals and publishing houses. Thereis a set ofHill's published papers at E.118. Section F, Lectures, principally consists of material for Hill's teaching at Cambridge University. It includes notes for lectures and for practical classes in plant biochemistry, chiefly dating from the R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 8 1930s and 1950s, and material for a lecture in a series organised by Joseph Needham onthe history of biochemistry. Thereis very little material relating to public and invitation lectures. Section G, Societies and organisations,is slight. It comprises material relating to eleven British and international organisations. Of particular interest is material relating to the British Photobiology Group(later Society) of which Hill was a founder memberin 1955, and the Comité (later Association) International de Photobiologie - Hill was elected an Honorary Memberin 1968. Section H, Visits and conferences, presents a chronological sequence, 1928-1988, of some ofHill's engagementsboth in the UK and abroad. Those for which most documentation survivesare the visit of Hill to Singapore and the Dutch East Indies in 1932, his visit to France in 1947 as part of a Cambridge University/East Malling Research Station arboricultural expedition and a visit to Nyasaland (Malawi) in 1958 to advise on the biochemistry of tea fermentation (and the subsequent establishment of a research programme). Section J, Correspondence, is a substantial section. Hill rarely kept carbon copies or manuscript drafts of outgoing letters so the correspondenceis almost entirely incomingletters. In a few cases Hill made a roughdraft of a reply on the letter received. However, there are also a numberofHill's manuscript drafts, particularly those from the late 1970s, that have draft letters to two or more correspondents thereon. There are three extensive sequences of correspondence, from E.J.H. Corner, chiefly relating to Hill's visit to Singapore and the Dutch East Indies in 1932, with staff of the East Malling Research Station, in particular A.B. Beakbane, relating to joint research onfruit tree rootstocks from 1943, and with D.A. Walker, a fellow researcher on photosynthesis from the 1950s. There is also substantial scientific correspondence in section B, retained with other material with which it was found. Thereis also an index of correspondents. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 9 LOCATION OF OTHER MATERIAL Hill's letters home from Bedales School and during his First World Warservice are retained in family hands. The Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge holds an example of Hill's ‘fish-eye' camera and associated apparatus and further stereoscopic photographs. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Weare grateful to Mrs Priscilla Hill and her family for making the papers available and for their advice and encouragement. Wegratefully acknowledgethe assistance of Dr D.S. Bendall in providing information and identifying documents, in commenting on sections of the draft catalogue, and in making available a draft of his Royal Society memoir of Hill and material assembledin the course of the preparation thereof. T. E. Powell P. Harper BATH 1994 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 10 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1 - A.90 A.1-A.12 BIOGRAPHICAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL A.13-A.34 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.35-A.44 DOMESTIC AND PERSONAL NOTEBOOKS A.45-A.62 MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIAL A.63-A.89 PHOTOGRAPHS A.90 ROYAL SOCIETY MEMOIR R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 11 Biographical BIOGRAPHICAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL A.1 The Timesobituary 21 March 1991. Independentobituary 21 March 1991. Daily Telegraph obituary 23 March 1991. A.2 Obituary by D.S. Bendall and D.A. Walker, 4pp typescript. ‘Robin Hill. Life and Science’ by D.S. Bendall, 3pp typescript. This was written by Bendall for Hill's widow, Priscilla, and made available for cataloguing in November1993. List of Hill's research interests, 2pp typescript, prepared by D.J. Hill (son), June 1991. A.3, A.4 'R. Hill personal information, also re Plant Biochemistry’. Contents of Hill's envelopesoinscribed divided into two for ease of reference. A.3 A4 A.5 A.6 Miscellaneous manuscript curricula vitae and information on teaching and research, 1930s. 6pp manuscript and 5pp typescript drafts on ‘The position biochemistry Proposed reappointmentof a lecturer’, January 1937. of plant Curricula vitae 1938, ca.1944, 1945, post-retirement. Entries for Who's Who. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 12 Biographical A.7 A.8 A.9 A.10 A.11 A.12 Statement and accountof Hill's principal scientific publications to ca.1940, probably prepared for his Cambridge University Sc.D. candidature (see A.14), 9pp typescript with extensive manuscript corrections. ‘Accountof scientific investigations and list of publications’ by Hill, February 1952, 12pp typescript draft prepared for Hill's application for the Quick Professorship in Biology (see A.18). Correspondencefrom the Biochemical Society re preservation of papers and equipment of importance in the history of biochemistry, and possible recording ofHill's reminiscences. Miscellaneous requests for biographical information or reminiscences etc 1973-1989 and nd. Bibliographies 1941 and 1975. Bibliography prepared by D.S. Bendall for his Royal Society memoirof Hill. Referencesin this catalogue to Hill's published papers and booksarein the form Bibliog. no. ... and referto this bibliography. CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.13 Demobilisation from the Army's Anti-Gas Establishment, 1919. Menu for Cambridge Biochemical Laboratory Dinner in celebration of the knighthood of Professor Hopkins, 14 February 1925. The menu has manysignatures of those present on the back. Letter of congratulation on Hill's engagement to Priscilla Worthington, 18 December1934. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 13 Biographical A.14 Award of Cambridge University Sc.D., 1942. Appointment to Scientific Staff of the Agricultural Research Council, 1943. See also D.22-D.27. A.15, A.16 Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, 1946. A.15 A.16 A.17 Notice of election; press-cutting; correspondence from the Royal Society etc. Letters of congratulation. Membershipof the Biochemical Society. Election as Member 1948, Emeritus Member 1972. A.18 Application for Quick Professorship of Biology, Cambridge University, 1952. See also A.8. A.19 Charles F. Kettering Research Award, 1962. received Hill photosynthesis. It was renewed annually until 1969. See also D.28. his outstanding work in the field this award for of A.20 Royal Medalof the Royal Society, 1963. Letters of congratulation. A.21 Election to Honorary Membership, American Society of Biological Chemists, 1964. Election Physiologists, 1964. to Corresponding Membership, American Society of Plant R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 14 Biographical A.22 A.23 Retirement from the Scientific Staff of the Agricultural Research Council, 1966, and subsequent correspondencere superannuation. Election to Honorary Membership, Comité International de Photobiologie, 1968. Election to Fellowship, American Academyof Arts and Sciences, 1971. A.24 Election as Foreign Associate, US National Academy of Sciences, 1975. Election as Foreign Member, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome, 1975. A.25-A.29 Eightieth Birthday celebrations, 1979. A.25-A.28 Cards, telegrams,letters of congratulation. 4 folders. A.29 A.30 A.31 A.32 Correspondencere events to celebrate the occasion. Opening of Robert Hill Laboratories, Sheffield University, 1980. Manuscriptdraft of Hill's remarks at the opening ceremony. Honorary degree,University of Wurzburg, 1986. See also H.87, H.88. Copley Medalof the Royal Society, 1987. Honorary degree, University of Géttingen, 1987. As Hill was unable to travel to West Germany the degree was presented to him in the Library of Emmanuel College Cambridge. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 15 Biographical A.33 Note of congratulation on thefiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the‘Hill Reaction’, 1987. A.34 Ninetieth Birthday celebrations, 1989. Honorary D.Sc., University of Sheffield, 1990. DOMESTIC AND PERSONAL NOTEBOOKS A.35 A.36 A.37 A.38 A.39 A.40 Softback notebook used principally for notes on finances 1929, 1933-1941. Most pagesnot used. Softback pocket notebook inscribed '1937-1938 Notes on Vatches'. Used for notes on the day-to-day running of Vatches Farm. Hill purchased Vatches Farm, in the village of Barton near Cambridge, in 1935. Similar format notebook used from the front and from the back for notes on day-to-day running of Vatches Farm, 1938. Hardback pocket notebook used for miscellaneous domestic, financial etc notes 1944. little intercalated material. Hardbackpocket notebook used for miscellaneous notes, including 'German songs'not in Hill's hand, 1946-1947. Most pages not used. Hardback pocket notebook used from the front and from the back for notes on the day-to-day running of Vatches Farm, 1950, 1952-1955. Most pages not used. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 16 Biographical A.41 A.42 A.43 Hardback pocket notebook used from the back for Vatches Farm accounts, 1951-1955. Most pages not used. Hardback pocket notebook inscribed on first page ‘Milk book’. Used to record milk yields from Vatches Farm cows 1952-1955. Most pages not used. Hardback pocket address book inscribed on front cover '1952'. principally for addressesof colleagues in the USA. Used A.44 Pocket diary 1959. MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIAL Family A.45 JosephAlfred and Clara MaudHill (parents). Twoletters only. Susan Hill (daughter). One letter only. A.46 David J. Hill (Son). Correspondence 1967-1975. A.47 Katharine Hill (sister). Correspondence 1928-1975. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 17 Biographical A.48 L.R. Wager(brother-in-law of Priscilla Hill). Postcard from Wager 1928; letter from Wager 1930, from SS Quest ?on British Arctic Air Route expedition (only the first page survives); letter from Wager 1933, on Mount Everest expedition, with newspaper cuttings recording progress of expedition. See also H.6. Personal correspondence A.49 1920s-1940s A.52 1977-1979 A.50 1950s, 1960s A.53 1980-1983 A.51 1970-1976 A.54 1984-1989, nd Financial, administration of Vatches Farm etc A.55 Miscellaneous papers, 1947-1979. For notebooks used to record domestic and farm matters see above A.35- A.44. Charities and appeals A.56 1937-1980. Drawings andpaintings A.57 Catalogue of watercolourpaintings by Hill, compiled by D.J. Hill (son), 1994. A.58 Miscellaneous sketches and water-colours. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 Memorabilia A.59 A.60 A.61 18 Biographical Air Raid Precautions Handbooks nos. 8 'The duties of Air Raid Wardens' (1938) and 14 'The Fire Guards Handbook’ (1942). The Times guide to 'The Night Sky 1953', with 1980s newspapercuttings of the The Times's monthly charts of the night sky intercalated. ‘The two cultures' by M. Yudkin, 15pp typescript with manuscript corrections for ‘Cambridge Review 10 June 1961'. A response to C.P. Snow's lectures with thistitle. ‘The song of the Second Law of Thermodynamics' and Christmas message by A.L. Peck, sentto Hill 1968. A.62 Miscellaneousitems, including receipts, manuscript notes on wines. PHOTOGRAPHS A.63 A.64 First World War group photograph. Hill is fourth from left. ‘Prints May 1925'. featured. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed. Hill is not Photographs taken at Ilfracombe and Lynton, August 1925. Hill featured. is not Photograph inscribed on verso 'On the Lake, Routh Park, Cardiff, March 1928'. NotofHill. Photograph inscribed on verso ‘Hill (& the Waddingtons) at Thetford [...] 22nd July, '28'. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 19 Biographical A.65 A.66 A.67-A.78 A.67-A.72 A.73, A.74 ‘Irish photos'. holidayin Ireland ?1929. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed. Photographs from Group photograph of workers in ?Cambridge biochemistry laboratory. Features F.G. Hopkins butHill is not featured. Group photograph taken outside ?Cambridge biochemistry department. Features F.G. Hopkins. Hill is at the extremeright of the front row. Photographstaken during visit to Singapore and the Dutch EastIndies, 1932 (see H.2-H.9). ‘East Indies Photos’. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed dividedinto six for ease of reference: chiefly of scenery, local At A.72 is miscellaneous material found with the photographs. etc. life '(1)'.. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: photographs taken in Johore, Malaya and Java 1931 and 1932, identified on verso. A.75, A.76 '(2)' and 'Malay Photos’. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed. A.75 A.76 A.77 A.78 Nine photographstakenin Malaya,identified by list compiled February 1953. Photographstaken in Johore, Malaya and Java 1931 and 1932, identified on verso. Photographssent to Hill by E.J.H. Corner with correspondenceat J.15. Photographssentto Hill with correspondenceat J.16. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 20 Biographical A.79 Photographsfrom trip to Castle Acre, Norfolk, 1934. from R.E. Holttum. With covering letter ‘Various prints’. holiday in ?Spain 1930s. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed, possibly from A.80 A.81 A.82 A.83 J. Omer-Cooperand E.C. Stoner, 1930s. Passport photographofHill, 1947. Colour photographs and negatives from visit to Nyasaland (Malawi), 1958 (see H.24-H.34). Colour photographs of Hill and colleagues at the Charles F. Kettering Laboratory, Yellow Springs, Ohio, April 1963 (see H.41). Those featured are identified on verso. Key for group photograph of Cambridge biochemistry department, June 1966. The photographitself was not found. Photograph of Hill and colleagues at the International Conference on the Photosynthetic Unit, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 1970 (see H.53, H.54). This wassentto Hill in 1979 on the occasionof his eightieth birthday. Contents of Hill's envelope: Hill and C.S. French at Hotel Astoria, Stresa, June 1971, and photosynthesis experiment, 1973. Bob Pilcher and Danny McMillan, May or June 1971. A.84 Colour photograph of Hill and 7D. Krogmann, 1972. Sir Rudolph and Lady Peters, 1972. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 21 Biographical A.85 A.86 A.87 A.88 A.89 Photographs of Sixth International Congress on Photobiology, Bochum, West Germany, August 1972 (see H.66-H.68). Participants featured are identified on verso. Colour photographsof Hill and colleagues in Australia, February 1973. With covering letter from L.H. Grimme. Group photograph Regulatory Mechanisms in Photosynthesis, Tilton Academy, New Hampshire, August 1973 (see H.73). With key. of Gordon Research Conference on Portrait photographsofHill taken by W.F. Bertsch, August 1976. Colour photographs of the Hills with Margaret Newman, Vatches Farm, March 1978. With covering letter from Newman. Colour photographs of Hill with Chinese visitors, sent to Hill 1982 (see G.19). Colour photographs taken during visit to Vatches Farm, summer 1985. With covering letter from wife of American colleague featured. ROYAL SOCIETY MEMOIR The list of publications prepared by D.S. Bendall for his Royal Society memoir of Hill is at A.12. A.90 ‘Correspondencerelating to the RS memoir on R.Hill by D.S. Bendall’. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 22 SECTION B RESEARCH B.1 - B.329 The papers in this section document Hill's research from his days at Bedales School to research notes written very shortly before his death, a period of over seventy years. Represented here are Hill's earliest scientific interests in meteorology and dyeing, on which he workedwhilestill at school, school and undergraduate notes, Hill's first postgraduate research on inorganic pigments, and his subsequent investigations in the biochemistry of haemoglobin and haematin, including his collaboration from 1926 with D. Keilin on the isolation of cytochrome c. There is good documentation of his work on photosynthesis including research leading up to his 1937 discoveryof the ‘Hill reaction’ and his and F.L. Bendall's outlining of the 'Z scheme’ in 1960. Hill's interest in the relationship of thermodynamics to photosynthesis is particularly well-represented - including a sequenceoffifty notebooks used overa period of thirty years from 1960. Although Hill's reputation was foundedlargely on his work in photosynthesis he continued to workin other areas, most of which are representedin this section. These included dye-stuffs, the chemistry of anthraquinone colouring matters and other glycosidesin plants in the 1930s, and the biology of fruit tree rootstocks, carried out in collaboration with A.B. Beakbane and others at the East Malling Research Station from 1943. Not representedin this section is material relating to Hill's development of a camera with a fish-eye lens capable of taking photographs at 180°. This is documented in section C. The bulk of the material is in the form of notebooks of various formats, but there are also research notes, graphs, calculations etc. Much of this loose material was found in Hill's folders or envelopes, often identified by subjecttitles inscribed thereon. Thesetitles have been reproducedin the catalogue entries. At the end of the section is a sequence of photographs found loose. Whereapplicable reference has been made to the list of publications prepared by D.S. Bendall for his Royal Society memoir of Hill (A.12) in the form Bibliog. no. ... B.1-B.206 NOTEBOOKS B.207-B.323 RESEARCH NOTES B.324-B.329 PHOTOGRAPHS R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 NOTEBOOKS 23 Research Most of the records of Hill's research are preserved in the form of notebooks. They are presented in a roughly chronological sequence, from school notebooksfrom Bedalesto notes written shortly before his death. Someof these notebooks were used by Hill for work on a variety of topics, thus the same notebook might have notes on lenses, dyes and photosynthesis. Many have intercalated material, including manuscript notes andjottings, but also dried leaves and ferns and samples of dyed fabric. Manylater notebooks are paginated (almost invariably Hill numbered only the righthand page) and some have the page numbers of important worklisted on front coverorfirst page of the notebook. Notall the dates of Hill's found in the notebooks are necessarily reliable. A numberof earlier notebooks havelines in Hill's own code or language, eg B.39. Inserted at the front of number of the notebooks, or sequences of notebooks, are explanatory notes by D.S. Bendall, a Cambridge colleague of Hill's and his Royal Society memorialist, identifying the topics of research in the notebook. These have been used in the catalogue entries with the indication DSB. Bedales School hardback notebook labelled on front cover 'Mechanics’. Used 1915, with later calculations August 1983. Paginated 1-48, later pages not numbered. Bedales School hardback notebooklabelled on front cover ‘Magnetism & Electricity’. Nd. little intercalated material. Hardback notebook used for notes on physics, earliest date August 1916. Someof the work has been marked. Hardback exercise book inscribed on front cover 'Essays'. Used for school essays on philosophical, literary and scientific issues. Includes work on 'The problems of the coming Peace' and 'Ten years hence’. Most pages not used. The work has been marked. Softback pocket notebooklabelled on front cover 'Clouds BB 1917-1919?" Used for notes on and poem about clouds by BB (?Barbara Burnham), and notes on preparation of dyes 1919. The work on dyesis paginated 1-100. A little intercalated material. B.1 B.2 B.3 B.4 B.5 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 24 Research B.6 B.7 B.8 B.9 B.10 B.114 B.12 B.13 Softback notebook stampedinside front cover ‘Cambridge University O.T.C. [Officer Training Corps]'. Used for work on dyes 1918, and later notes on mechanics. including Cavendish Laboratory question paperfor ‘Mechanics VI', nd, and letter from Hill to A.E. Heath, 30 March 1920. loose material A little intercalated Front pages of the notebook are missing. Used for notes and Exercise book inscribed on front cover ‘Botany’. sketches on ‘the Wallflower’, ‘the Lily' and ‘the Pine’. Nd but probablyfirst year undergraduate. Loose at front is instruction sheet for elementary botanypractical work, dated 6 February 1919. Exercise book used for botanical notes and sketches. undergraduate. Some of the work has been marked. Nd but probably Softback notebook used for botanical notes and sketches, earliest date 23 January 1919. Softback pocket notebook inscribed inside front cover‘Hill Ill’. Used from the front principally for work on dyeing, January - Long Vacation 1919, and from the back for miscellaneousjottings. Hardback notebookinscribed on front cover 'P. Madders’. Used for work on algae and indigo, mathematical calculations (earliest date 27 June 1919) and for later notes and plant specimens 1942-1954. Softback notebook used from the front for notes on botany lectures of J.C. Willis and for sketches of plants (earliest date 13 October 1919), and from the backfor botanical sketches and notes. Softback notebook used for miscellaneous notes on dyeing, botany, weather phenomena and photography ca.1919-1920 (earliest date 25 December 1919). Intercalated material includes dye samples. Paginated 1-181. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 25 Research B.14 B.15 B.16 B.17 B.18 B.19 B.20 B.21 B.22 B.23 Softback notebook inscribed on first page 'R.Hill. Emmanuel Practical Physics’. Used from the front and from the back for undergraduate notes on physics practical work. Intercalated material includes notes on preparation of chemicals. These havebeeninitialled by 'W.H.M{[ills].'. and 'R.H.A.' and one set is dated 28 February 1921. Exercise book labelled on front cover 'R. Hill. Emmanuel Coll. Cambridge Practical Physics’. Undergraduate notes, nd. Softback notebookinscribed onfirst page 'R. Hill. Emmanuel Col’. Used for undergraduate physics notes, nd. little intercalated material. Softback notebook used for undergraduate notes on practical work in chemistry, earliest date 10 August 1920. Some work has beeninitialled by 'R.H.A.". Softback pocket notebook used principally for work on dyeing, August 1920 - February 1921. Softback notebook used from the front and from the back for practical work in chemistry, earliest date 13 October 1920. little intercalated material. Paper bound notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Organic. term 1920'. Used for notes on lectures on organic chemistry by W.H. Mills. Mills. October Paper bound notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Organic. Mills. May term 1921'. Used for notes on lecture on organic chemistry by W.H. Mills. Hardback notebooklabelled on front cover ‘British Mosses. List of species [...] Made from the 1907 census catalogue. 1921.' Used ca.1921-1922 with later entries 1930 and 1932. Paginated 1-278 with index of mossesatfront. See also B.204-B.206. Softback pocket notebookinscribed on spine ‘Pigments Inorganic’. Used for notes 1921 (earliest date 10 March). R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 26 Research B.24 B.25 B.26 B.27 B.28 B.29 B.30 B.31 B.32 B.33 Softback pocket notebook inscribed inside front cover 'Pigments...Dec 1921'. Used for notes 1921-ca.1923. little material intercalated. Softback pocket notebook used principally for work on haemoglobin, haematin etc. Latest reference 1922. Hardback ‘manuscript book’ used from the front for sketches of cloud, notes on globin, and from the back for notes on lenses and fish-eye camera. Loose note at back dated April 1923. Softback notebookusedfor bibliographical references, work on haemoglobin and haematin and other notes ca.1924-1926 (earliest date 18 September 1924), Softback notebook used principally for notes on and samples of dyeing ca.1924-1928 (earliest date 1 October 1924). Softback pocket notebookinscribed on spine '1920 - 1950'. Used for work on haemin, haemoglobin etc ca.1924, and a fewlaterjottings 1958, including note at back of ?examination results of 'E.H. [Edwin Hill] ‘Summer 1958'. A little intercalated material. Softback pocket jotter used ca.1924. haemin paginated 1-14. Includes notes on haemoglobin and Softback notebook used for notes ‘probably [...] for a talk given to the Natural Science Club on 5/6/25 on "Hemispherical Photography" ' (DSB), andlater notes 1943-1948 and 1959. Softback pocket notebook used from the front and from the back for miscellaneous notes, references and bars of music (earliest date 9 December1925). Notebook used for work on globin, haemin etc 1926-1929 (earliest date 4 May 1926). little intercalated material. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 27 Research B.34 B.35 B.36 B.37 B.38 B.39 B.40 B.41 B.42 Pocket notebook used for work on haemoglobin, dyeing etc ca.1926-1927 (earliest date 6 July 1926). Photographs loose at front taken with fish-eye camera. Softback pocket notebook used for notes 1927-1929 (earliest date 28 July 1927) and work on chlorophyll etc 1948-1950. Softback pocket notebook used from the front for notes on experiments 1927-1936 (earliest date 6 August 1927), and from the back for miscellaneous notes. Softback notebook used for work on pigments and dyeing 1927-1932 (earliest date 17 November 1927). Includes dyed fabric samples. little intercalated material. Softback pocket notebook used from the front for work on haemoglobin May 1928, and from the backforlists of plants found during visit to France June. Most pagesnot used. Hill visited France in June 1928 to attend the Congresinternational du vin et du pin maritime in Bordeaux. See H.1. Softback pocket notebook used from the front for notes 1928 and 1944 (earliest date 20 July 1928), and at the back for bibliographical references. A little material intercalated. Most pages not used. Notebook used for notes 1928-1930 (earliest date 11 August 1928). Includes work on chloroplasts. Softback notebook used for work on haemoglobin and globin March 1930- March 1932. Intercalated material includes duplicated typescript sheets on preparation and properties of porphyinsfor ‘Part II Practicals'. Softback notebookinscribed on front cover ‘Inorganic pigments'. Used from the front for work on pigments 1931-1933, 1940 and 1945-1946 (earliest date 18 December 1931), and from the back for notes 1933. Paginated 1- 47, later pages not numbered. little intercalated material. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 28 Research B.43 B.44 B.45 B.46 B.47 Softback pocket notebook used principally for work on haemoglobin in muscle 1932-1933, 1935-1936 (earliest date 5 January 1932). A little intercalated material. Pocket sketchpad used for dye stains 1932-1964 (earliest date 20 March 1932). Pocket sketchpad used for botanical and other sketches 1932 and 1948, and dye stains 1957-1965, 1970 and 1974. Hardback pocket notebook used for miscellaneous notes and references 1932-1933 (earliest date 2 April 1932). Includes notes on Fuller's Earth and Kimmeridge Clay. Softback notebookinscribed on first page ‘June. 1932'. Used for work on plant dyes July - September 1932. Paginated 325-405, later pages not numbered, with indexes of plants and personsafter the paginated sequence. This 1-324). Intercalated material includesletter from R.E. Holttum, 22 August 1967. other notebooks (paginated plants in index refers to B.48-B.51 ‘Haemoglobin series of notebooks with consecutively numbered pages’ (DSB), 1933-1939. Each notebook is also individually identified by a note by DSB. B.48 B.49 B.50 B.51 Used March 1933 - January 1935. material. Paginated 1-81. little intercalated Used March 1933 - May 1935. includes correspondence. Paginated 82-156. Intercalated material Used August 1935 - October 1936. ‘Includes first expts on chloroplasts p.217 et seq' (DSB). Paginated 157-234. Intercalated material. Used November 1936 - February 1939. 'Notebook in Haemoglobin series but records expts with chloroplasts’ (DSB). Paginated 235-292, later pages not numbered. A little intercalated material. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 29 Research B.52 B.53 B.54 Softback pocket notebook used for work on dyeing September 1933 - November 1935. Includes samples of dyed fabrics. A little intercalated material. Hardback pocket notebook used for miscellaneous notes for practicals, references, calculations etc, earliest date January 1934. Part Il Softback notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Plants in Garden'. work July 1934 - August 1945. Used for B.55-B.65 Series of notebooksinscribed 'b' and numbered from | to XI, 1935-1952. All but XI are softback notebooks. ‘@ seemsto refer to the component of leaf extracts which supported O, evolution by chloroplasts in the light. Also referred to as "leaf zymin". This workled to isolation of protein known as "methaemoglobin reducing factor"- nowcalled ferredoxin’ (DSB). ® |. Used August 1935 - July 1936. from April 1936). Paginated 1-139 (pagination begins ® II. Used July - November 1936. material. Paginated 1-176. little intercalated Used November 1936 - May 1937. ® Ill. intercalated material. Paginated 1-174. A little ®@ IV. Used May 1937 - March 1938. Paginated 1-147. material. little intercalated Used September 1937 - June 1938. @® V. intercalated material. Paginated 1-174. A little Used June 1938 - February 1940. @® VI. intercalated material. Lacks front cover. Paginated 1-175. A little B.55 B.56 B.57 B.58 B.59 B.60 R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 30 Research B.61 B.62 B.63 B.64 B.65 B.66 B.67 B.68 B.69 ® Vil. Used from the front April 1940 - February 1941, and from the back April - July 1940. little intercalated material. Paginated 1-100 (later pages unnumbered). ® Vill. Used May 1941 - June 1945. Paginated 1-176. Used ca.February 1942 - @ IX. intercalated material. April 1943. Paginated 1-176. little ® X. Used May 1943 - December 1944. little intercalated material. Hardback. Used June 1948 - @® XI. material. August 1952. A little intercalated Pocket notebook used for miscellaneous notes, bibliographical references, dyed fabrics etc 1936-1937 (earliest date 30 March 1936). Lacks cover. Softback notebook used from the front principally for notes onthe literature, latest bibliographical reference 1937, and lecture notes, and from the back for miscellaneous notes. Paginated 1-44, later pages not numbered. Intercalated material. Softback pocket notebook used for miscellaneous notes and references €.1938-1939. Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover 'R. Scarisbrick’. ‘Scarisbrick's notebook on experiments with chloroplasts' (DSB). Notes and graphs mostly in Scarisbrick's hand but including notes by Hill from February 1939. Paginated 1-73, later pages not numbered. Intercalated material at back includes some dated 1978. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 31 Research B.70 B.71 Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover 'R. Scarisbrick. Biochemistry Lab. Cambridge’. Notes and calculations mostly in Scarisbrick's hand but including notes by Hill. Used from May 1939 - November 1940. Paginated 171, later pages not numbered. Softback pocket notebook used for miscellaneous notes, including records of milk yield from cows at the Hill family home at Vatches Farm, ca.1942- 1946. B.72 Hardback notebook labelled on front cover'Wild & Stray Fruit Trees’. The pages of the notebook have been used from the front for work on fruit trees June 1944 - February 1950, and from the back for accounts in shorthand(not in Hill's hand). Thusthe first page of fruit tree work has the last page of accounts on verso. B.73 Hardback notebooklabelled on front cover 'Wild & Strayfruit trees’. ‘Mostly fruit trees [work] June 1944 - April 1949. Last part of the notebook includes calculations etc relating to Galton's ogive. Note description of ogive on front inside cover' (DSB). Paginated 1-32 for fruit tree notes and 1-20 for ogive notes. A little intercalated material. Hardback notebook. Loose note at front identifies it as 'Book II of ‘An investigation on the Properties of Galton's ogive'. Used January - February 1945. Paginated 1-118. Hardback notebook inscribed on first page ‘Book Ill' of work on Galton's ogive. Paginated 1-62, later pages not numbered. Used February - July 1945. Notepad used from the front for horticultural notes on work at Bredon, Worcestershire, 5-14 August 1944. Lacksfront cover. The pages of the notebook have been used from the back for accounts in shorthand (notin Hill's hand). Thus the first page of fruit tree work has the last page of accounts on verso. B.74 B.75 B.76 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 32 Research B.77-B.79 Series of notebooks used for work on chloroplast and related subjects, numbered 01 - 03. B.77 B.78 B.79 B.80 B.81 Softback notebook inscribed inside front cover 'Book 01'. Used from June 1945 - July 1948. Paginated 1-162. little intercalated material. Hardback notebook inscribed onfirst page ‘Book 0.2 1950’. Paginated 1-153. little intercalated material. July 1948 - June Hardback notebook inscribed on cover '1950-51' and onfirst page 'Book 03’. Used September 1950- April 1952. little intercalated material. Softback pocket jotter used for work on fruit trees July - December 1945, and on nutrient composition of plants October 1947. Front pages of the notebook are missing. Softback pocket jotter used principally for work on fruit trees July 1945 - April 1948. B.82, B.83 Hardback notebooksused for work on elementary conics, 1946-1949. ‘This seems to be a mathematical exercise which was a direct sequel to "An investigation of Galton's Ogive" ' (DSB). Loose notes, graphs etc found with the notebooks are at B.248-B.250 below. Inscribed on front cover ‘Elementary conics I’. intercalated material. Paginated 1-72. little Inscribed on front cover ‘Elementary conicsII' and inside front cover 'March 1948'. Paginated 1-24, later pages not numbered. A little intercalated material. Loose-leaf binder used for work on fruit trees September 1946 - December 1953. B.82 B.83 B.84 R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 33 Research B.85 B.86 B.87 B.88 B.89 B.90 B.91 B.92 B.93 Hardback notebook used for work on fruit trees, from the front 1947-1949, and from the back 1946-1947. Softback pocket notebook usedprincipally for notes on fruit trees. during visit to France May - June 1947. See H.11-H.18. Used Softback notebook used for miscellaneous notes 1947-1949 (earliest date 4 June 1947). Somelater intercalated material includes ‘Light induced optical changesin green leaves' by Hill and W.D. Bonner, 9pp typescript, Bibliog. no. 70 (1963). Notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Inverse functions’. Used for work on inverse functions andfruit trees from the front 1947-1951 (earliest date 11 July 1947), and from the back 1947-1948. Hardback notebookinscribed on front cover ‘(June, July 1948)’. Used for work on chloroplasts May 1948 - June 1951. Includes work with F.R. Whatley and H.E. Davenport. Paginated 1-68. Intercalated material. Hardback notebook usedfor ‘fruit tree work Oct 1949 - Sep 1955 mainly’ (DSB), also later work 1956-1957. Paginated 1-73. Samples sellotaped to pages.A little intercalated material. Hardback notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Jan 1950' and 'Prisms'. Used for work on lenses ca.1950-1955. later pages not numbered. little intercalated material. Paginated 1-51, Hardback notebookinscribed on front cover ‘July 1951'. Used principally for work on chloroplasts 1951 - 1953. Paginated 1-36, later pages not numbered. A little intercalated material. Hardback notebook inscribed on front cover '1952-3'. Used for work on dyeing April 1952 - October 1953. Includes many samples of dyedfabrics. A little intercalated material including sheet of dye stains. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 Research B.94 B.95 B.96 B.97 B.98 B.99 B.100 B.101 Hardback notebook labelled on front cover 'Nov 11th 1952 Robert Hill Stanford’. Used for work on chlorophyll 1952 - 1958. Most pages not used. Intercalated material including ms draft 'Some observations on the nature Reactions of a [?]non-cytochrome haem-protein compound obtained from Rhodospirillum’, 6pp. Cyt b. Hardback notebooklabelled on front cover ‘Potentials. Used July 1953 - December 1954. little intercalated material. succinate’. Hardback notebookinscribed on front cover '1953-1954'. Used chiefly for notes on dyeing October 1953 - December 1954. Includes samples of dyed wool. little intercalated material, including Bulletin no.1 of Cambridge Branch of Association of Scientific Workers, 1952, used for manuscript notes. Notebook used for work on fruit trees at Vatches Farm May 1954 - September 1963. Hardback notebooklabelled on front cover'R. Hill 1955 1956’. Used chiefly for work on dyeing, January 1955 - March 1957. Includes samples of dyed wool. little intercalated material. Hardback notebook used for miscellaneous work on dyes, haemoglobin, weather, lenses 1955-1956, earliest date 24 April 1955. Much intercalated material. Softback pocketjotter used for miscellaneous notes, references, addresses etc July - August 1955. Possibly used during visit to Holland. Softback pocket jotter used for miscellaneous notes and references July - August 1955, and 1960. Possibly initially used during visit to Holland in 1955. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 35 Research B.102 Hardback notebook used 1957, 1959 and 1960. Paginated 1-57. ‘Originally an exptl notebook 1957 Oct 1960 - Dec 1960 used as a notebook on thermodynamics of photosynthesis. Includes a critique of the original Duysenspaper- p.25' (DSB). B.103 B.104 B.105 B.106 B.107 B.108 Hardback notebook used for work on lenses and on haemoglobin 1956 - 1959 and 1973, earliest date 9 April 1956. Paginated 1-36, not all pages numbered. A little intercalated material. Softback 'Ledger’. Used for miscellaneous notes, nd, and for record of moneys paid by those attending photobiology meeting, Cambridge, 28-29 September 1956. Pagesat front of the notebook are missing. Hardback notebook used for work on chloroplasts and dyeing April 1957 - June 1958. little intercalated material. Hardback notebooklabelled on front cover 'R. Hill 1957- '. Used for work on dyeing May 1957 - October 1958, 1971-1972. Intercalated material. material with later Intercalated material chiefly concerns the exhibit of Hill and J.T. Braunholtz of 'Chinese Green, or Lokao - traditional plant dye stuff! at the Royal Society Conversazione on 26 June 1958. Hardback notebook used for work on dyeing June 1958 - April 1959. Includes samples of dyed fabrics. later pages not numbered. Paginated 1-69, ‘and Exercise book inscribed on front cover ‘numerical 1958', quantum efficiency + thermodynamic discussion 8 pages from end Jan 1972'. Paginated on righthand page 1c-43c, later pages not numbered. 'HbO,', R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 36 Research B.109 B.110 Hardback notebooklabelled on spine ‘April 1959 June 1962'. Used for work on chloroplasts, dyeing. Some notes July 1960 in hand of 'FRW [F.R. Whatley]. little intercalated material. Includes samples of dyed fabrics. Paginated 1-126. Notebook used for work 1960, 1976-1986. Paginated 1-61, later pages not numbered. ‘Back of book - graphs of expts done with F.R. Whatley 1960 Mostly a graph book for thermodynamics & efficiency of photosynthesis 1976-86 [Book was] Known as "Whatley" ' (DSB). B.111-B.160 Series of exercise books used for work on thermodynamics andefficiency of photosynthesis 1960 - 1990. Numbered| - LI, but the sequencelacks XLIV. B.111 B.112 B.113 B.114 B.115 |. Used ca.December1960 - January 1961. Paginated 1-57. Il. Used January - February 1961. Paginated 1-55. Ill. Used February - March 1961. Paginated 1-47. IV. Used ca.March 1961. Paginated 1-42, later pages not numbered. V. Paginated 1-55. B.116 VI. Paginated 1-49. B.117 B.118 B.119 VII. Used 1961. Paginatedi, 1-49. VIII. Used 1961, earliest date 24 May 1961. Paginatedi, 1-42. IX. Used 1961, earliest date 30 July 1961. Paginatedi, 1-49. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 37 Research B.120 X. Paginated 1-49. B.121 B.122 B.123 B.124 B.125 Used July - September 1961. Paginated 1-50. little intercalated Xl. material filters and thermodynamic efficiency of photochemical reactions’ submitted to the Royal Society, September 1961. Not published. See E.27-E.38. including correspondence re paper by Hill ‘Light XII. Used October - November 1961. Paginated 1-52. little intercalated material. Used December 1961 - January 1962. Xlll. intercalated material. Paginated 1-49. A little Used from February 1962. XIV. material. Paginated 1-54. A little intercalated Used April - August 1962. XV. material. Paginated 1-52. A little intercalated B.126 XVI. Used August - November 1962. Paginated 1-54. B.127 XVII. Used October - December 1962. Paginated 1-49. B.128 B.129 Used from December 1962. XVIII. material. Paginated 1-49. A little intercalated XIX. Used January - October 1963. material. Paginated 1-47. little intercalated B.130 XX. Used from August 1963. Paginated 1-49. A little intercalated material. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 38 Research B.131 B.132 B.133 B.134 B.135 B.136 B.137 B.138 XXI. Used October 1963 - April 1964. Paginated 1-49. little intercalated material. Used February 1965, and 1975 - 1976. XXII. intercalated material, some dated 1977. Paginated 1-50. A little XXIII. Used November 1976 - September 1977. little intercalated material including papers re events to mark the retirement of N.E. Good, 1986. Paginated 1-48. XXIV. intercalated material. Used September 1977 - March 1978. Paginated i, 1-49. A little XXV. intercalated material. Used March 1978 - January 1979. Paginated 1-50. A little XXVI. Used April 1979 - March 1980. material including letter 1985. Paginated 1-48. little intercalated XXVII. Used March - December 1980. material. Paginated 1-48. little intercalated XXVIII. intercalated material. Used January - September 1981. Paginated 1-50. A little B.139 XXIX. Used September 1981 - February 1982. Paginated 1-50. B.140 XXX. Used February - August 1982. Paginated 1-50. B.141 XXXI. Used September1982 - February 1983. Paginated 1-48. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 39 Research B.142 B.143 B.144 XXXII. Used February - October 1983. Paginated 1-48. little intercalated material. XXXIIl. intercalated material. Used October 1983 - January 1984. Paginated 1-49. A little XXXIV. Used January - July 1984. material. Paginated 1-49. little intercalated B.145 XXXV. Used May - August 1984, July 1985. Paginated 1-49. B.146 XXXVI. Used August - December 1984, February 1985. Paginated 1-53. B.147 XXXVII. Used December 1984 - March 1985. Paginated 1-64. B.148 XXXVIII. Used March - July 1985. material. Paginated 1-47. little intercalated B.149 XXXIX. Used July - October 1985. Paginated 1-48. B.150 XL. Used November- December 1985. Paginated 1-49. B.151 XLI. Used January - April 1986. Paginated 1-49. B.152 B.153 Used April - December 1986. XLII. numbered. Paginated 1-52, later pages not XLIII. Used ?February - September 1987 but includes referencesto earlier work. Paginated 1-49. Someintercalated material, including note referring to loss of book XLIV. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 40 Research B.154 B.155 B.156 Used September 1987 - January 1988. XLV. intercalated material. Paginated 1-39. little Used January - July 1988. XLVI. material. Paginated 1-39. little intercalated XLVII. Used July - December 1988. material. Paginated 1-37. little intercalated B.157 XLVIII. Used September - December 1988. Paginated 1-47. B.158 B.159 B.160 XLIX. Inscribed on first page ‘Mathematics required for application to quantal mechanics physical and biological’. Used December 1988 - March 1989. Paginated 1-30, later pages not numbered or used. Used February - July, November 1989. L. intercalated material. Paginated 1-64. A little Used July 1989 - January 1990. Paginated 1-31, later pages not LI. numberedor used. B.161 Notebook used 1960-1962, 1977. Paginated 1-39. Covers loose. pp9-39 used ‘pp 1-5 Laboratory graph book of various exptl data 1960-62 as graph bookfor calculations & diagrams for paper in Takamiya memorial volumePlant & Cell Physiology Special Issue 1977 [Bibliog. no. 89]' (DSB). B.161A B.162 Softback notebook used February 1961 - March 1980 for miscellaneous notes on fruit tree work, and vegetables etc grown at Vatches Farm. Paginated 1-35, later pages not numbered. A little intercalated material. Hardback notebookused from the back for notes during visit to France, May - August 1961, and from the front for work ca.1962. Most pages not used. Loosenotes at back dated August 1989. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 41 Research B.163 B.164 B.165 B.166 B.167 B.168 B.169 Hardback notebook used for notes, calculations on thermodynamics and the efficiency of photosynthesis, various dates 1961-1984, earliest date 19 June 1961. Paginated 1-59. little intercalated material. ‘Known as Graph BookA’ (DSB). Usedfor Hardback notebook labelled on spine June 1962 March 1966'. work on chloroplasts, dyeing. Includes samples of dyed wool. Paginated 1- 124. Intercalated material includes photographsofcells. Hardback notebook used for work on dyeing February 1963 - November 1975. Paginated 1-48 on righthand pages, later pages not numbered. A little intercalated material. Softback notebook used for work on thermodynamics and efficiency of photosynthesis 1963, 1976, 1977, earliest date 16 March 1963. Paginated 1-17. Lacks front cover. Hardback notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Potential succinate’. Used during visit to USA March- April 1963. Paginated 1-75. little intercalated material. The pagination is continued in B.168 below. Hardback notebook used during visit Paginated 76-95, later pages not numbered. to USA, April - August 1963. Looseat front is softback jotter used for addresses, namesetc during earlier visit to USA ca.1959-1960. The pagination continues from B.167 above. notebook used for foolscap on Hardback thermodynamics and efficiency of photosynthesis from ca.1963, earliest date 24 November 1963 but later references 1970s. Many references to preparatory work in rough books (see above B.111-B.160). Paginated 1-68. Intercalated material is dated 1986-1988. calculations extensive R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 42 Research B.170 B.171 B.172 B.173 B.174 B.175 B.176 B.177 foolscap notebook on Hardback thermodynamics and efficiency of photosynthesis. Similar to B.169 above but undated, with references 1981. Many references to preparatory work in rough books (see above B.111-B.160). Paginated 1-68. little intercalated material is dated 1988. calculations extensive used for Softback notebook inscribed on front cover ‘Schistostega’. Used for work September- October 1965. Most pagesnot used. notebook Hardback chloroplasts, miscellaneous references February 1966 - December 1968. 119. little intercalated material. Front and back coversloose. work used for on dyeing, and Paginated 1- Hardbackpocket notebook used for miscellaneous notes, addresses, names and references during visits overseas May 1968 - September 1969. Hardback notebook used for work on dyeing December 1968 - November 1971. Includes samples of dyed wool. Paginated 1-75. Someintercalated material. Softback notebookinscribed on front cover 'Liebermann R.Hill 1968-'. Used for notes on work of C. Liebermann andHill's studies arising, 1968 - January 1971. Paginated 1-15, most pages not numbered. Relates to Hill's joint publication ‘The phenol dyestuff of Liebermann as an acridian derivative’, Bibliog. no. 79 (1970). See E.43-E.52. Hardback pocket notebookinscribed onfirst page 'R. Hill 1969-1970' and ‘to May 1971". references. Intercalated material includesletter 1974. Used for miscellaneous notes, addresses, Hardback pocket notebookinscribed onfirst page '1971-1972'. Used chiefly for notes on work of Joseph Priestley, notes on dyeing, miscellaneous addresses and references, March - December 1971. Covers loose. Relates to Hill's paper ‘Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) and his discovery of photosynthesis in 1771', Bibliog. no. 83 (1972). See E.54-E.59. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 Research B.178 B.179 B.180 B.181 B.182 B.183 B.184 B.185 Hardback notebookinscribed on front cover'...Priestley material’. Used for Hill's notes on history of photosynthesis. Most pages not used. Intercalated material includes group photograph of membersof 'Bioch Lab 1950’. ‘Notebook on History of Photosynthesis and especially Joseph Priestley Used in connexion with to 2nd International Congress on Photosynthesis 1972' (DSB). lecture Hardback notebook used for work on dyeing November 1971 - July 1980. Includes samples of dyed wool and plants. Paginated 1-67, later pages not numbered. A little loose intercalated material. Covers loose. Hardback pocket notebook used for miscellaneous notes, addresses, sketches, principally used during visit to Australia, December 1972 - July 1973. Hardback pocket notebook used for miscellaneous notes, addresses, sketches, ca.August 1973 - July 1976. little intercalated material. Hardback pocket notebook used from the front for miscellaneous notes 1977-1980 including history of work on photosynthesis, and from the back for notes on history of work on photosynthesis May 1973. Paginated 1-62. A little intercalated material. Softback notebook labelled on front cover 'Jan 1977 literature refs to PS [photosynthesis]. Nov 1978 comments "Old book" 1977-1979'. Paginated 1-50. Some intercalated material. Hardback notebook labelled on front cover ‘Literature etc on chloroplast proteins and cytochromes' and 'p16- efficiency of quantum conversion in photosynthesis’. Used ca.1978, earliest date 23 July 1978. Paginated 1-17, most pages not numbered or used. little intercalated material including draft letters 1989. Exercise bookinscribed on front cover'Refs etc for energy in photosynthesis March 1980' and 'NIAVIS addresses Greece’. Used 1980-1988. Paginated 1-18, later pages not numbered orused. little intercalated material. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 Research B.186 B.187 B.188 Hardback pocket notebookinscribed on front cover '1980-1984'. Used for notes (including notes on lectures by others), references, addresses etc November1980 - February 1984. Softback notebookinscribed on front cover 'Nov 1982 [sic] - April 23 1983". Used for work on thermodynamicsand efficiency of photosynthesis ca.1980- 1984. Paginated 1-38. little intercalated material. Hardback notebookinscribed on front cover 'Nov 15 1983...' and ‘Report for Sheffield 1984 July...’ Used for work on radiant energy 1983-1984 and for drafts of 'Report for Sheffield ARC unit of Photosynthesis' 1984 and 1985 (Bibliog. nos. 95 and 97). Paginated 1-8, most pages not used or numbered. A little intercalated material. B189-B.192 Series of four softback notebooks used for work on thermodynamics and efficiency of photosynthesis 1984-1989. Numbered I-V on front cover (numberIII missing, though see B.193). B.189 B.190 B.191 B.192 B.193 |. Inscribed on front cover '1984-1986'. Used May 1984 - March 1986. Paginated 1-39. Inscribed on front cover '1986 - Aug 87'. Il. Paginated 1-39. Used from March 1986. Inscribed on front cover ‘For mathematical observations and IV. experiments on theory 1986-'. Used August 1986 - October 1988. Paginated 1-34, later pages not numbered. Loose note at back dated 16 September 1989. Inscribed on front cover 'graph book V January 31 1989'. Used to July V. 1989. Paginated 1-5, most pages not numbered or used. Softback notebook, of same make as those at 159-162 but unnumbered. Inscribed on front cover 'For natural observations and Experiments Aug 8 1987-'. Used to April 1989. Paginated 1-15, most pages not numbered or used. little loose material at back of notebook dated 1988. This may be thethird of the notebooks from the sequenceat B.189-B.192. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 45 Research B.194 B.195 B.196 B.197 B.198 B.199 B.200 B.201 B.202 Softback pocket notebookinscribed on front cover 'Reprints Throw awayetc from May 16 1984 Also Refs 1984'. Most pagesnot used. Exercise bookinscribed on front cover 'General References July 16 1985 -'. Used for miscellaneous notes and references to October 1988. Paginated 1-20, most pages not numbered or used. little intercalated material including letters 1983 and 1987. Exercise book inscribed on front cover ‘April 11th 1986...day/day notes’. Used for miscellaneous personal and scientific notes to September 1989. Paginated 1-39. Exercise book inscribed on front cover 'Refs 1986-'. December 1987. Paginated 1-13, most pages not numberedor used. Used April 1986 - Exercise book inscribed on front cover 'Notes for possible publication 14 April 1986-'. Used to draft 'The relation betweenthe light and dark process in photosynthesis’. Pages of notebook (covers missing) inscribed 'Rough bookIII 1986'. Used for calculations on efficiency of photosynthesis. Paginated 1-20. Exercise bookinscribed on front cover 'Dec 26, 1987...Day to day notes’. Used for miscellaneous personal and scientific notes to 1989. Paginated 1-42. April Exercise book inscribed on front cover ‘August 10th 1988...Day to day Notes’. Only one page used. Exercise book inscribed on front cover 'Dec 1st 1988 Day to day Notes’. Used for miscellaneous personal andscientific notes to January 1991 (some entries, including last entry, not in Hill's hand). Paginated 1-37, later pages not numbered. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 46 Research B.203 Pocket jotter used principally for notes on samples of dyed fabric. pages not used. Nd. Most B.204-B.206 Exercise books used for photographs of mosses. Nd. B.204 and B.206 wereoriginally Hill's sister Katharine's exercise books used for 'Physiology' and 'Writing' respectively but her notes have been removed by Hill. See also B.22. Inscribed on front cover 'R. Hill Mosses'. Used at front for list of mosses. Most pages not used. Intercalated are photographs of mosses, some mounted andidentified. Inscribed Photographs of mosses pasted to pagesof the book, numbered| to XXV. ‘Photographs mosses. Rough prints’. on front cover of Intercalated are photographs of mosses, some mounted andidentified. Photographs of mosses pasted to the pages of the book, most in numbered sequence XXVI to XXXIX. B.204 B.205 B.206 RESEARCH NOTES B.207-B.210 Undergraduate chemistry manuscript notes 1919-1923. B.207 B.208 ‘Organic chemistry’, 'The terpenes and essential oils', 'Aldehydes' notes, April - Long Vacation 1919. ‘Inorganic pigments’, May 1921, ‘Cyanogen’, ‘Complex salts’, 'Haemoglobin & pyrol'. B.209 ‘Anthraquinone’, notes onthe literature, notes on metals. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 47 Research B.210 General notes. B.211 B.212 B.213 ‘Report of haemoglobin results 1.R.D. Sept 1923. Summary is included in paper to CUNSC [Cambridge University Natural Sciences Club] (1924)’. 21pp manuscript. ?Hand-made pad labelled 'Dye-plants used in native dyeing of wool. Collected By John G. Merne, Innishannon, Co. Cork’. Typescript notes on native Irish dyes and wool-dyeing techniques, sent to Hill by Merne, 2 September 1929. ‘Beit Reports’. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed: typescript reports of experimental work carried out 1933-1938. Hill was a Beit Memorial Fellow 1929-1938. For his research report 1929- 1930 see D.20. B.214-B.216 ‘Chemistry of plant products’. Contents of Hill's box folder so inscribed dividedinto three for ease of reference. B.214 Notebook used principally for work on dyes 1933-1935, 1942. samples of dyed fabrics. Cover missing. Includes B.215 Correspondence 1947, 1948; manuscript notes. B.216 Printed papers 1938, 1971. Alsoin this folder were manuscript notes and photographsfrom Hill's visit to France in 1947 with an arboricultural expedition. See H.11-H.18, the material from this folder is at H.13. B.217, B.218 'HORT. 1938-40 Sand & soil greenhouse etc'. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence from suppliers of seeds, plants etc 1937-1939. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 48 Research B.219-B.223 ‘Notes on research 1939-1948'. dividedinto five for ease of reference. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed B.219 B.220 Includes ‘Observations on chloroplastids' by C.S. Hanes, 1938-1941. February, March 1939; 'Research nowin progress’by Hill, 17 January 1940; ‘"Photosynthesis" for An Report 1941’. 1942, 1943. Includes ‘Tetrapyrrolic compounds in plants’ by Hill, paper presented to meeting of the Biochemical Society, London, 13 November 1943 (Bibliog. no. 34); ‘Biological considerations arising from the moisture relations of colloids impregnated with cobalt chloride’ and ‘Cobalt chloride paperas anindicator of atmospheric humidity’ by M.E. Solomon, ca.1943. B.221 1944-1948. Chiefly correspondence. B.222 Nd. Includes ‘The study of the biochemical functions of minor elements in plants' by Hill, report of work in progress and future investigations; fabric sample from ‘African woman's dress’. B.223 Printed material. B.224 Manuscriptlists of dyes, c.1940. B.225, B.226 ‘Notes 1940-'. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. B.225 Kleinzeller, 4pp Graphs 1937; ‘The formation of fat typescript, 27 July 1942; 'The formation of fats in yeasts’, 3pp typescript, nd. in moulds’ by A. B.226 Manuscript and typescript notes, correspondence, etc chiefly 1942-1943. B.227-B.232 ‘Thermodynamics on synthetic biological reactions’. Contents of Hill's box folder so labelled divided into six for ease of reference. Notes etc ca.1940- 1949. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 B.227, B.228 49 Research Contents of Hill's folder of manuscript notes with contents list inscribed on front cover: '{ Thermodynamics 2 Activation Energy[...] Radicals semiquinones and step up reactions atomic structure gases andsolutions. 1940 - 1943'. 2 folders. 4 Free 5 Quantum numbers and 7 kinetic theory of 3 Photochemistry 6 Thermal conductivity of liquids [...] The notes on activation energy were removed byHill from this folder and are to be found at B.229 below. B.229, B.230 ‘Thermodynamics of biological synthetic reactions (relations with H90O)’. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. B.229 Correspondence 1948 and nd; notes and drafts 1947, 1948; notes on activation energy (originally at B.227, B.228 above). B.230 Printed material. B.231 B.232 B.233 B.234 B.235 B.236 (?Undergraduate) manuscript notes on ‘Physical chemistry’; manuscript notes on work on thermodynamics, May 1947. Miscellaneous notes, 1947, 1949, nd. ‘Composts - sprays - & manures CULT IV'. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed: correspondence from suppliers of seeds, plants, equipment etc 1942-1949. Contents of Hill's binder: manuscript notes on theliterature, calculations etc 1944. Manuscript notes January, March 1944. fruit trees. Includes notes on haemoglobin, Manuscript graphs and figures, re fruit trees at East Malling Research Station, June, November - December 1944. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 50 Research B.237 Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript notes and calculations ca.1944. B238, B.239 Also E.M. A.B.B[eakbane]. report ‘May 1945 Res. Programmes, etc summaries on rootstock work’. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript and typescript notes and drafts. B.240 Manuscript notes re fruit trees, plant growth 1945. B.241-B.243 Contents ofHill's folder divided into three for ease of reference B.241 Manuscript and typescript drafts on work in hand on ‘The Madder Glycosides and biochemical background’, ‘Oxygen and chloroplasts' and ‘The application of biochemical methodsto a horticultural problem’. B.242, B.243 Miscellaneous correspondence,notes and graphs, chiefly relating to work on fruit trees 1945-1948. 2 folders. B.244, B.245 ‘Unit of PI Bioch Data on Commonwealth Potato Collection’. Contents of Hill's envelopeso inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. B.244 B.245 B.246 B.247 Duplicated typescript 'Empire Potato Collection. List of lines available [...] up to 31 December 1946’. ‘Report from the Agricultural Research Council Unit of Plant Biochemistry, Cambridge’ by Hill, H.E. Davenport and C.S. Hanes; manuscript notes and graphs. Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript notes chiefly on fruit tree work 1946. Mounted photographsof fruit trees, mostly taken April 1946. preceding. Found with R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 51 Research B.248-B.250 Manuscript notes, graphs, figures and calculations found with notebooks on ‘Elementary conics’. 1946-1949. See above B.82, B.83. 3 folders. B.251 ‘® 1947'. Contents of Hill's folder so labelled: manuscript notes 1947-1950, including notes on 'M. Dixon's lecture[...] Mitochondria & the citric cycle’. B.252-B.255 ‘Potatos'. Contents of Hill's box folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. B.252 B.253 B.254 B.255 B.256 B.257 B.258 B.259 Correspondence, manuscript notes 1947-1949. Duplicated typescript annual reports of the Commonwealth Potato Collection 1948 and 1949. Duplicated typescript ‘Commonwealth Potato Collection. available [...] up to 31 December 1948’. List of lines Exercise bookinscribed 'Pigments' on front cover. Used for work on potato tubers. Notin Hill's hand. Intercalated graphs. Manuscript notes onfruit tree work 1947. ‘Boychenko’'. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed: off-prints of papers on chloroplasts by E.A. Boychenko 1943 and 1944; manuscript note by E. Ashby on Boychenko's 'Work on photosynthesis of isolated chloroplasts Based on R. Hill's work’, 10 December 1948 Manuscript notes and graphsre fruit tree work 1948. ‘Old plans in Field Garden’. Ms notes and graphs ca.1948-1952. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 52 Research B.260 B.261 A.C. Chibnall'. Contents of Hill's folder so ‘ARC Mineral def. Comm. inscribed: ‘Chromatographic behaviour and chemical structure 1. Some naturally occurring phenolic substances' by E.C. Bate-Smith and R.G. Westall, 12pp duplicated typescript + summary, table and figures. 21949. With manuscript calculation by Hill attached. Typescript list of 'Pershore seedlings’, manuscript notes on fruit tree work 1949. B.262 Manuscript notes and graphs, not in Hill's hand. 1940s. B.263, B.264 Contents of Hill's folder divided into two for ease of reference: miscellaneous notes, graphs, calculations etc chiefly relating to trees in the ‘big field' ?at Vatches Farm 1949-1957. B.265 B.266 B.267 B.268 Manuscript notes onfruit tree work 1950. ‘Budding plans'. Manuscript notes 1950-1953. Manuscript notes onfruit tree work 1951-1952. Envelopes containing cards with notes on appearance, texture and taste of plums from sample trees, 1952. Found with preceding. B.269 Manuscript notes onfruit tree work 1953-1955. B.270, B.271 ‘About Bausch & Lomb Gratings'. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence re purchase of diffraction grating from Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., Rochester, New York. 1953-1955. B.272, B.273 ‘Earlier notes on Eff.[iciency] of P.S. [Photosynthesis]. folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. 1955-1979. Contents of Hill's R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 53 B.272 B.273 Research Manuscript notes, bibliographical references, correspondence. ‘Thermodynamics of the conversion of diluted radiation’ by P.T. Landsberg and G. Tonge, 18pp photocopied typescript + figures, sent to Hill 5 February 1979. B.274 Manuscript notes onfruit tree work 1956-1958. B.275 ‘Programmeof research’ on phosphorylating activity in plants, submitted to the Agricultural Research Council by Hill ca.1959. B.276 Manuscript calculations. The calculations are identified as 'Notes to do with design of spectroscope RH tried to build in 1950-60s' (DSB). B.277 Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript notes, 1950s. B.278-B.281 '1960 Tsoo King cytochrome data’. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. This work was done while Hill was Visiting Professor of Chemistry, Oregon State College, Corvallis. B.278 B.279 Hardback exercise book used from the front for experimental work with T.E. King January - March 1960, and at the back for notes on the literature etc including entries dated March and April 1960. Printed pagination 1-120. ‘Oxidation and reduction of componentb of the cytochrome in heart muscle preparation’. 25pp manuscript and 16pp typescript drafts of paper by Hill and King, with covering letter from King, 5 April 1960. Not listed in Bibliog. and probably not published. B.280, B.281 Manuscript notes and data. 2 folders. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 Research B.282 B.283 B.284 B.285 B.286 ‘Odd sheets from calc books'. miscellaneous notes, calculations efficiency of photosynthesis. Includes items dated 1963, 1977, 1978, 1981. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed: relating to work on thermodynamics and ‘Schistostega'. Contents of Hill's folder so inscribed: correspondence, manuscript notes, graphs etc re schistostega, some items dated 1965. Also includes 1970 correspondencerevisit by Hill to University of Pennsylvania. ‘The reactions leading to indigo formation in chloroplasts of damaged woad leaves', 2pp typescript research proposal, 1967orlater. Miscellaneous manuscript notes and graphs, notall in Hill's hand, 1960s. Includes draft letter to N.F. Mott 2 April 1962. ‘Old notes & calcs'. notes, correspondence, drafts, calculations etc 1972-1982. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed: manuscript B.287 Pages of manuscript notes ‘from 1972-1975 Notebook’. B.288 Letters from R.S. Knox, 1975 and 1979, with photocopy of paper by Knox ‘Photosynthetic efficiency and exciton transfer and trapping’, annotated by Hill. B.289 Miscellaneous manuscript notes and graphs, 1970s. B.290-B.293 ‘1980-1983 Odd math work’. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. B.290-B.292 Manuscript calculations, paginated 1-88. 1980-1981. 3 folders. B.293 Correspondence 1980, calculations and notes 1981-1982. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 55 Research B.294 B.295 B.296 ‘June 1980 - Aug 1983. Eff. of P.S. etc’ inscribed: miscellaneous notes, pagesof drafts etc. Contents of Hill's envelope so Contents of Hill's envelope: manuscript notes including work dated 2 August 1980. ‘Discussion with Pete Rich Autumn 1980'. Contents of envelope so inscribed: letters from P.R. Rich 1980, manuscript notes and calculations 1979-1980. For material relating to Hill's collaborative work with Rich see E.91-E.107. B.297, B.298 Contents of Hill's binder divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes on thermodynamicsandthe efficiency of photosynthesis 1981-1984. B.299 Drafts of letters to G. Porter 1981 and 1982, with photocopy of paper by Porter ‘The transfer and storage of chemical and radiation potential’, sent to Hill for comment. With manuscript annotation byHill. B.300-B.303 Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed ‘Obsolete 1981 - May 10 1983’. divided into four for ease of reference: manuscript notes, pages of drafts, calculations. B.304 B.305 B.306 '‘LA/RAD'. Contents of Hill's folder so inscribed. manuscript notes paginated I-XVIII and dated 21 July - 30 August 1983. Includes sequence of Manuscript notes on the thermodynamic efficiency of photosynthesis, 1980- 1984. Manuscript notes on the thermodynamic efficiency of photosynthesis, 1985- 1989. B.307-B.309 Annotated papers by others. 3 folders. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 56 Research B.310 Miscellaneousbibliographical references. B.311-B.314 Miscellaneous manuscript notes onfruit tree work. Nd. 4 folders. B.315-B.317 Printed background material re fruit tree work. 3 folders. B.318-B.323 Miscellaneous manuscript notes, principally re work on chloroplasts and thermodynamics of photosynthesis. Nd. 6 folders. PHOTOGRAPHS B.324 ‘British Dye Plants’, April 1919. B.325 B.326 ‘Photos of Plums April 1946'. Contents ofHill's envelope so inscribed. Young fruit trees, April 1948. '1957 Photos of chloroplasts[...] From F.V. [?Mercer]'. ‘June 10th 1960 Crystals [...] Negs + prints’. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed’. The crystals are probably those of the protein discovered by Hill and named ‘methaemoglobin reducing factor’ and at the time of publication (Bibliog. no. 62, 1960) knownas ‘photosynthetic triphosphopyridine nucleotide reductase’ and eventually knownas ‘ferredoxin’ (information from DSB). B.327 Photographs of chloroplasts sent to Hill by A.D. Greenwood, June 1968. With coveringletter. B.328, B.329 Miscellaneous photographs. 2 folders. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 57 SECTION C FISH-EYE CAMERA C.1 - C.86 Hill had a long-standing interest in meteorology. In the early 1920s he began to work on a camera equipped with a ‘fish-eye' lens which could photograph through 180° and thus take photographsof the whole sky at one instant. Using a pair of fish-eye cameras one could calculate the height of clouds. In addition to photographing the whole sky Hill's camera it was also possible to photograph the whole ofthe inside of a building, town squareetc. The first form of lens was describedbyHill in 'A lens for whole sky photographs’, Quarterly Journalof the Royal Meteorological Society 50 (1924), 227-232 (Bibliog. no. 7) where it aroused considerable interest. Hill approached R. & J. Beck Ltd and had a numberof experimental lens designed before camera was marketed by them. The camera went under a numberof names; the 'Robin Hill camera’, ‘Hill's cloud camera’, 'Whole-sky camera’etc. It is probably best known, however, as the fish-eye camera. C.1-C.17 NOTEBOOKS C.18-C.30 RESEARCH NOTES AND DRAFTS C.31-C.46 CORRESPONDENCE C.47-C.77 PHOTOGRAPHS C.78-C.86 PRINTED MATERIAL R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 NOTEBOOKS 58 Fish-eye camera These notebooks were usedbyHill for technical notes on lenses and other aspects of the camera, notes on photographs taken, and meteorological data. Many have photographstaken with the camera pasted to pages. See also the notebooks in section B, some of which (for example B.5) have referencesto Hill's meteorological interest or work on the camera. Notebookinscribed onfirst page '180° Camara [sic] "Fishes view camara" Sept 1922'. Photographs taken with the camera pasted to the pages with a note of technical information and sometimes of date and time. little loose intercalated material including meteorological maps from newspapers July 1924. Softback pocket notepadinscribed on front cover'Fish Eye Notes 1923 -'. Softback pocket notebook used _ the front and from the back for notes on cloud formations and photographs taken of them 1923-1925 (earliest date July 1923). little intercalated material including meteorological maps from newspapers March 1927. Notebookinscribed on first page 'Three experiments with the 4 inch lens. Calculations’. Used from April 1924. Photographs pasted to pages. little intercalated material. First page has Similar format notebook used July 1924 - January 1933. note of 'Determination of cloud heights with the fish eyes’. Photographs pasted to pages. Intercalated material includes annotated copy of'A lensfor whole sky photography’, Bibliog. no. 13 (1926). Hardback notebooks identified by D.S. memorialist as ‘Notebooks apparently relating to the Robin Hill camera’. Hill's Royal Society Bendall, C.1 C.2 C.3 C.4 C.5 C.6, C.7 C.6 Notes, 1924. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 59 Fish-eye camera Notes, nd. Paginated 1-67, later pages not numbered. Softback notebook used 1926 (earliest date 2 February). little intercalated material including botanical sketches, 1920, and photographs. Similar format notebook, nd. Softback notebook used 1926. Cathedral pasted to pages. Includes photographs of interior of Ely Notebook used 1927-1930. Includes notes on photographstaken with earlier lenses. Photographs pasted to pages. little intercalated material. Hardback notebook used September 1929 - December 1930. Photographs taken with the camera pasted to pages. Softback notebook used principally for notes on camera September - October 1929. At front of notebook is work on haemoglobin. Hardback notebook used April 1930 - October 1932. Photographs pasted to pages. Intercalated material includes photographs and 1932 calendar. Softback pocket notebook usedfrom the front August - September 1930 and from the back September- October 1930. Softback notebook used February 1964 for work on notes in C.14. Most pages not used. Softback notebook inscribed on front cover 'Diagrams + Graphs’. Nd. C.7 C.8 C.9 C.10 C.11 C.12 C.13 C.14 C.15 C.16 C.17 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 60 Fish-eye camera RESEARCH NOTES AND DRAFTS C.18 C.19 C.20 C.21 C.22 C.23 Manuscript notes various dates 1923-1930. Includes manuscript notes on '2 Fish eyes. Jan 1929', specification for improved fish-eye camera. Optical Convention, London, 12-17 April 1926. Hill's camera was exhibited by R. & J. Beck Ltd and Hill gave a paper'A lens for whole sky photography’, Bibliog. no. 13 (1926). Programmes; correspondence; report on Hill's paper and lens from Engineering; etc. 1p manuscript description of ‘180° camera’ by Hill; manuscript and typescript data for construction of cameras from Gold Coast mahogany; 3pp manuscript note ‘Apparatus with lens optics for hemispherical photography’ by Hill. 1920 brochureof 'Verrerie Scientifique Spéciale pourI'Astronomie, l'Optique et la Photographie’ of Parra-Mantois & Cie, Croissy-su-Seine, France. Intercalated material, some dated 1946-1950. Manuscript ?reworking of 1920s and 1930s camera data. ‘Lens’. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed: miscellaneous papers. C.24-C.27 Miscellaneousnotes, calculations, graphs, sketches etc. 4 folders. C.28-C.30 Newspaper cuttings of weather maps and events of meteorological interest, 1920s and 1930s. 3 folders. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 61 Fish-eye camera CORRESPONDENCE C.31-C.37 Correspondence with R. & J. Beck Ltd, 1922-1938, 1964. This firm manufactured Hill's fish-eye camera. almost exclusively from R. & J. BeckLtd to Hill. the lenses and royalty statements. The correspondence is It includes specifications for 1922-1925. Includes letter re possible modification of the camera for use by the Royal Air Force, 20 January 1925. 1926. 1927. 1929. Includesdraft letter from Hill, 11 April, re specification for lens. 1930-1938. Royalty statements from camerassold 1925-1932. 1964, nd. Correspondence 1964 re possible redesign of the camera. C.31 C.32 C.33 C.34 C.35 C.36 C.37 C.38-C.46 Correspondencefrom others. C.38 1923-1925. describing the camera. Includes correspondence arising from Hill's 1924 paper C.39 1926-1929. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 62 Fish-eye camera C.40 C.41 C.42 C.43 C.44 C.45 1929-1930. Correspondence from 'Mondiale' re publication of pictures from the camera in German sciencejournals and fish-eye photographsofinteriors of British cathedrals. 1930. Correspondence re and arising from visit to De Bilt Observatory, Holland. Hill visited De Bilt Observatory in August where he demonstrated his camera. He hopedto be able to use the camera ona visit to the Dutch East Indies planned for 1931 and wished to havetheofficial sanction of the Dutch meteorologicaloffice. Arising from the visit C. Schoute suggested practical possibilities for the lens as a drift measuring device and rangefinder. He suggested a patent be taken out and the German company Zeiss approached to manufacture the apparatus. The correspondenceprincipally relates to Schoute's ideas for the camera andhis efforts to have the adapted camera patented. The material also includes 2pp typescript draft for the patent application ‘Improvementsin photographic lenses' and newspapercuttings, one relating to the R101 disaster suggesting better study of cloud movements might have prevented the disaster. 1932-1934. Chiefly correspondence from E. Leitz (London) re manufacture of colorimeter. 1937. Correspondence from Daily Express, British Movietonews Ltd and others. Includes 2pp typescript note on the camera, possibly written by Hill for the Amateur Photographer. For pictures taken with the camera by the Daily Express see C.79. 1954, 1963, 1964. manufactured by others (see also C.37). Correspondence 1964 is chiefly re fish-eye lenses 1976, 1978, 1991. Includes correspondencere deposit of the prototype of Hill's 180° lens and of an early camera in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge. C.46 Nd and miscellaneous. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 PHOTOGRAPHS Fish-eye camera These are almost all photographs or plate glass negatives of clouds or buildings taken with Hill's fish-eye camera. Some photographs were found in Hill's envelopes, sometimes with a title and occasionally a date inscribed thereon. Where present these have been reproduced in the catalogue entries. Mostof the individual photographs are undated and unidentified. Notall the photographsare fish-eye photographs, some were produced from sections of the fish-eye photographs ‘corrected’ to produce a normalimage. With one exception (C.67) the photographs are monochrome. 1922, 1924. ‘Leamington April 1923’. ‘Leamington’ July 1923. ‘Misc. clouds'. Onedated 5 July 1923. ‘Doubtful ones’ August, September 1923. ‘Cloud survey Cambridge 1923 Sept. 24-30th'’. reference numberon versoreferringto list of photographs. Photographs identified by C.47 C.48 C.49 C.50 C.51 ‘Buttermere July 10 [-11]' 1924. ‘July 17 1924". C.52 ‘Baltimore Aug 1924’. ‘Madeira 1925'(not fish-eye). 'Ely'. 21926 (see C.10). R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 Fish-eye camera C.53 ‘Fisheyes Weathermaps'. September, October 1930. ‘Fish eyes 1930". '1930sPrints’. 1930. C.54 C.55 C.56-C.64 ‘Fisheye Clouds’. ContentsofHill's boxfile so inscribed divided into nine for ease of reference. C.56 Mounted photographoflightning at Grantham, 1917 (not fish-eye). ‘Prints of clouds etc. CSL’, one photograph only dated 1924 (not fish-eye). C.57 '1930 single spares + 1929' Fish-eye photographsin envelope post-marked July 1933. C.58 C.59 C.60 ‘Clouds’. Nd. ‘Fish eye...’ Nd. ‘Enlargements (6") of clouds (for Atlas) calculated corrected for illumination but not shaded’. Nd. C.61, C.62 'Secondclass enlargements Not spare’. Nd. 2 folders. C.63 ‘Odd stereoscopic prints’. Nd. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 65 C.64 C.65 C.66 Fish-eye camera Miscellaneous. Nd. ‘Fish Eye photos from Kath. 1992'. Nd. ‘Fish eyes in duplicate. Clouds’. Nd. ‘Oddfish eyes’. C.67 Untitled envelope. Includes three-colour fish-eye photograph. C.68-C.72 Miscellaneous undated fish-eye photographs. 5 folders. Plate glass negatives and slides Noneofthe plates are dated. C.73 Box labelled '3', 'Boxgrove...' 7 plates, 3% inch?. C.74 C.75 C.76 C.77 Box labelled ‘unboundslides of clouds'. 7 plates, 3% inch2. Unlabelled box. 14 plates, 4% x 3% inch. Photograph wallet containing 7 envelopesofindividual plates, 4% x 3% inch. 6 plates, 3% inch2. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 PRINTED MATERIAL 66 Fish-eye camera Includes instructional and advertising material for camera, lens and the developing of photographs, newspapercuttings relating to Hill's camera and Reprints of Hill's articles on related matters, reprints of papers by others. whole-sky photography may be found with the copies of his other publications at E.118. C.78-C.81 Press cuttings. C.78 C.79 C.80 C.81 C.82 1924, 1925, 1930. 1937 March. 1937 April, October. 1962, 1964, 1969, 1971. Reprints by others. C.83-C.86 Advertising and instructional material. 4 folders. At C.83 is copy of the Journal of Scientific Instruments 2 (January 1925), advertising the Hill camera. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 67 SECTION D CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY D.1 - D.40 Hill never held a University post at Cambridge. His work in the Department of Biochemistry was supported by external funding from 1923 to his retirement in 1966. His prewar research was supported by a series of research grants from various sources while the principal supporterof Hill's postwarresearch wasthe Agricultural Research Council. Hill was a memberof the ARC'sscientific staff from 1943. Hill gave lectures in Biochemistry from 1924, initially on respiratory pigments,later on photosynthesis and plant biochemistry. He also organised practicals from 1935. Hill's teaching material is in section F. D.1-D.16 BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT D.17-D.29 FUNDING OF HILL'S RESEARCH D.30-D.39 GENERAL AND MISCELLANEOUS D.40 EXAMINING R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 68 Cambridge University BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT D.1-D.7 General Biochemistry Department correspondenceand papers. meetings, Principally schedules andlists of students for the period 1952-1959 and 1964. papers for staff duplicated typescript teaching D.1 D.2 D.3 D.4 D.5 D.6 D.7 1929, 1947, 1951. the Quinquennium beginning 1 August 1947’. Includes 'Needs of the Department of Biochemistry for 1952-1954. Includes exchange with F.G. Young re future of Low Temperature 1955. Research Station, Cambridge. 1956. 1957-1959. Includes departmental 'Quinquennial estimates 1957-1962’. 1964-1966. Meeting on his retirement from the department. Includes letter of thanks for Hill's membership of the Staff 1969-1987 and nd. D.8-D.13 Hill's reports on work on plant biochemistry for departmental annual reports 1952/53 - 1972/73. D.8 1952/53. 1953/54. 1954/55. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 69 Cambridge University D.9 1955/56. 1956/57. 1957/58. D.10 1958/59. 1959/60. 1960/61. D.11 1963/64. 1964/65. 1965/66. D.12 1966/67. 1967/68. 1968/69. D.13 1969/70. 1970/71. 1971/72. 1972/73. 1975. Letter only. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 70 Cambridge University D.14,D.15 Research reports and proposals of other workers in plant biochemistry in the department. D.14 D.15 D.16 D.16A Joan Keilin, November 1945; A.R. Trim, ca.1946; F.R. Whatley, nd; W.F. Bertsch, nd. D.S. Bendall, 1954. Laboratory manualin plant biochemistry, 48pp duplicated typescript. Papers re 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the Department of Biochemistry, 9 May 1974. Includes 6pp manuscriptdraft of ‘tribute to the memory of F.G. Hopkins' delivered by Hill on the occasion. FUNDING OFHILL'S RESEARCH D.17 Departmentof Scientific and Industrial Research Hill held a research studentship for work on haemoglobin 1923-1925. Researchreport, 21pp typescript. D.18 Medical Research Council (MRC) Hill held a research grant from the Haemoglobin Committee 1926-1927. Letters from MRC re grant; report for March-June 1927, 1p typescript. D.19 Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 Hill held a senior studentship 1927-1929. Letter from Royal Commission; research reports 1927-1928, 4pp typescript, and 1928-1929, 1p typescript. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 71 Cambridge University D.20 Beit Memorial Fellowships for Medical Research Hill was a Beit Memorial Fellow 1929-1935 and a Senior Beit Memorial Fellow 1935-1938. Letters re award; research report 1929-1930, 5pp typescript. ForHill's research reports for the period 1933-1938 see B.213. D.21 Leverhulme Trust Hill applied to the LeverhulmeTrust for a research fellowship, ca.1939. Manuscriptdrafts of application. D.22-D.27 Agricultural Research Council (ARC) Hill was appointed to the ARC's scientific staff to work on plant biochemistry in 1943 at the recommendation of A.C. Chibnall (see A.14). He wasinitially appointed for three years. He remained a member of the Cambridge biochemistry department. Manuscript drafts of application to ARC for support for work in plant biochemistry, various dates Includes draft letter to Chibnall, May 1944. 1943-1945. Manuscript and typescript drafts of letter to ARC from Hill setting out his past, present and intended future scientific activities, May 1945; letter from ARC, October 1945. Research proposal of C.S. Hanes sent to Hill for comment, 5 March 1947; miscellaneous material 1948-1958. for research grant Application to support work on biochemistry of chloroplasts in relation to photosynthetic phosphorylation by F.L. Myers (later Mrs F.L. Bendall), March 1958 and renewal 1960. Correspondenceand papers 1959-1964, including correspondence re ARC support for work of R.P.F. Gregory on photosynthesis, and agreement to extend Hill's contract by two extra years to 1966. D.22 D.23 D.24 D.25 D.26 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 72 Cambridge University D.27 Correspondence 1968-1969 ‘Note on the relative importance of agricultural research problems from the view-point of plant biochemistry’ by ?C.S. Hanes, 2pp typescript, nd. D.28 Charles F. Kettering Foundation Hill received research awards from the Charles F. Kettering Foundation for work on photosynthesis from 1963 to 1969. See A.19. Correspondence re awards. D.29 Royal Society Hill received funding from the Scientific Investigations Grant-in-aid for 1972- . 1974. Application for grant; correspondence 1971-1975. GENERAL AND MISCELLANEOUS D.30, D.31 Cambridge University administration. D.30 D.31 D.32 Correspondence and papers, chiefly re supervision of research students, 1943-1954. Proposals for extension of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology. EmmanuelCollege. Hill became an Honorary Fellow of the College in 1963. Chiefly menusandinvitations for social events 1947-1989. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 73 Cambridge University D.33 Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Correspondenceand papers 1953-1986. D.34-D.38 Clubs and societies. D.34, D.35 Cambridge University Natural Science Club D.34 D.35 Rules; programmes 1921-1925, 1935. Letter re election of Hill as Honorary Member 1950; programmes 1954-1955, 1962, 1974-75; letter of thanks for talk to the Club, 9 June 1972. D.36 Cambridge Natural History Society Notice of election 1936, with copy of rules; 1990 conversazione (celebrating the 1940 conversazione at which Hill gave an exhibition on Madderdye). D.37 Cambridge Morris Men Menufor Feast, 20 April 1929, signed by those present; notices of Annual Morris and Feast 1975, 1980, 1982-1984. D.38 Cambridge Drawing Society Constitution; notice of meeting 1945. Cambridge Union Society Appeal 1962. Blackman Club Programmesof meetings 1981, 1982. D.39 Replies to Hill's social invitations; menu from Commemoration of Dr Drosier 7 May 1927. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 EXAMINING 74 Cambridge University D.40 Examiners' reports etc for Cambridge University higher degrees, 1953-1970. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 75 SECTION E PUBLICATIONS E.1-E.118 E.1-E.112 DRAFTS E.113-E.117 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE E.118 REPRINTS R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 DRAFTS 76 Publications A chronological sequence of material relating to publications or to the intention to publish. Where applicable reference has been madetothelist of publications prepared by D.S. Bendall for his Royal Society memoir ofHill (A.12) in the form Bibliog. no. ... E.1 ‘Chapter 1 Porphyrins’. Manuscript draft, possibly of lecture intended for publication. bibliographical reference 1927. Latest Hill's book review of The Respiratory Function of the Blood. Part II by J. Barcroft 1p typescript, ca.1928. ‘The preparation of a Tetrapyridyl'. Not listed in Bibliog. Manuscript drafts. Latest bibliographical reference 1930. ‘Cytochromeoxidasein flowering plants’, Bibliog. no. 30 (1939). Manuscript and typescript drafts. The typescript is paginated 64-76. ‘The reduction of ferric oxalate by isolated chloroplasts’, with R. Scarisbrick, Bibliog. no. 31 (1940). Manuscript and typescript draft. ‘The behaviour of wireworms in response to chemicalstimulation’, with W.H. Thorpe etal, Bibliog. no. 37 (1947). 32pp manuscript draft. E.2 E.3 E.4 E.5 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 77 Publications E.6 E.7 Collaborative work on trace elements in plants, with H.K.F. Blaschko, 1944- 1947. Correspondence from Blaschko, including manuscript data and typescript drafts sentto Hill. In his letter of 30 January 1947 Blaschkorefers to possible publication of the workbutit is not listed in Bibliog. ‘Ranunculin: the precursor of the vesicant substance of the buttercup’, with R. van Heyningen, Bibliog. no. 39 (1951). Duplicated typescript and manuscript draft; correspondence; manuscript notesetc. E.8 ‘Oxireduction in chloroplasts’, Bibliog. no. 43 (1951). Letter only. E.9, E.10 Untitled paper, with J.H.C. Smith and A. Benitez. Not listed in Bibliog. E.9 E.10 13pp typescript + figures. Correspondence 1952-1953. typescript on chloroplasts, coats, November11 to 27, 1952, with Robin Hill' and other data. Letter from C.S. French to Hill includes of measured measurements ‘Comments seed fluorescence and protochlorophyll spectra solutions, E.11 'The cytochrome b componentof chloroplasts', Bibliog. no. 50 (1954). 5pp typescript; 6pp typescript + references, figures etc; correspondence; manuscript graphs E.12-E.15 Photosynthesis, with C.P. Whittingham, Bibliog. no. 51 (1955). E.12 Proof copy of book with extensive corrections and amendments, including intercalated material. Possibly for second edition. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 78 Publications E.13 E.14 E.15 Manuscript drafts; typescript draft ‘The chloroplast reaction’ by Whittingham, 10pp + references; 'Recent research in photosynthesis’, addendum to book ‘added 1956’, 8pp typescript. Material found with preceding. Includes ‘The influence of triphosphopyridine nucleotide and other physiological substances upon oxygen evolution from illuminated chloroplasts’ by L.J. Tolmach, 20pp typescript + references, tables etc; and letter to Hill from S. Ochoa re azide inhibition, 23 April 1951. Correspondence with publishers, Whittingham, E.J. Maskell and others, 1952-1964. E.16-E.20 Practical Plant Biochemistry. Hill and E. Watchorn prepared a collaborative book based on Cambridge University plant biochemistry lectures and practicals. Only two chapters were completed andit was not published. E.16, E.17 ‘Practical Plant Bioch (1955) E.W. & R.H.' Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. E.16 E.17 E.18 ‘Chapter One. Carbohydrates’, 48pp typescript. ‘Chapter Two. Glycosides, Aglycones and related substances'. typescript, with manuscriptlists of corrections. 48pp ‘Original Mss'. sections of chapter two. Contents of Hill's folder so inscribed: manuscript drafts of E.19, E.20 ‘Chapter 2'. Contents of Hill's folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript drafts of sections of chapter two; duplicated typescript teaching material. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 79 Publications E.21 ‘The activity of chloroplasts in the reduction of a natural hydrogen acceptor’. Notlisted in Bibliog. 7pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections, annotated ‘for Journalof Exp Botany (SEB)'; ‘Discussion’, 2pp typescript; miscellaneous material found therewith, various dates 1952-1955. E.22 ‘Oxidation-reduction potentials', Bibliog. no. 57 (1956). Correspondencefrom editor 1952, 1954; manuscript notes found therewith. E.23 E.24 E.25 E.26 ‘Crystallisation of a photosynthetic reductase from a green plant’, with F.L. Bendall, Bibliog. no. 62 (1960). 3pp manuscript; 2pp typescript; correspondence from H.E. Davenport re the paper. comparison between ‘A nucleotide reductase from Chlorella and higherplants’, with F.L. Bendall, Bibliog. no. 63 (1960). triphosphopyridine photosynthetic App manuscript. ‘Function hypothesis', with F.L. Bendall, Bibliog. no. 65 (1960). of two cytochrome components in chloroplasts: a working Typescript drafts; correspondence from Bendall. 'The nature and possible function of chloroplast cytochromes’, with W.D. Bonner, Bibliog. no. 66 (1961). See also H.36. 10pp typescript + references, tablesetc; figures. E.27-E.38 ‘Light filters and thermodynamicefficiency of photochemicalreactions’. This paper, the first Hill prepared on the thermodynamic efficiency of photosynthesis, was submitted to the Royal Society for publication in its Proceedings in 1961. It was never published. A closely related paper ‘Photosynthesis and thermodynamics’ was submitted to Nature at the same time, but subsequently withdrawn byHill. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 80 Publications Hill returned to this paper in the 1970s and, with P.R. Rich, produced a numberof papers on the subjectin the 1980s (see E.91-E.107). E.27 E.28 E.29 E.30 E.31 E.32 E.33 ‘Preliminary manuscript’. Revised 20pp manuscript. Incomplete typescript ?first draft, with pages of manuscript notes, figures and letter from N. Sheppard, 2 February 1961 enclosing comments by J. Agar. 20pp typescript, with extensive manuscript corrections;letter to G. Weber 3 October 1961 thanking him for agreeing to lookat the draft. The draft is annotated ontitle page ‘This is a first copy and should be returned to RH for retyping [...]) and ‘(Received 25 September 1961) Reviewed by RH November23 1977’. Legends for figures; manuscript notes re the preceding draft 4 October 1961. Typescript drafts of paper sent to Nature 25 September1961. Correspondencere paper and referees' comments thereon, 1962. Includes comments of referees and Hill's 4pp typescript reply to criticisms made. E.34, E.35 Manuscript and typescript pagesfor redrafting of paper. 2 folders. E.36 Figures for paper, returned by Royal Society October 1963. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 81 E.37 E.38 E.39 Publications Manuscript and typescript notes, pagesofdrafts etc. Later manuscript notes 1979, 1981, 1982. ‘The relation of oxygen evolution to carbon assimilation with isolated chloroplasts’, with D.A. Walker, Bibliog. no. 73 (1967). 15pp typescript. E.40 ‘Energy conservation in chloroplasts’. Notlisted in Bibliog. Rough manuscript draft and notes. Latest reference 1968. E.41 Invitation to write an article on 'Photosynthesis' for Italian Encyclopaedia of the Twentieth Century, 20 November1969. Hill expressed interest but there is no further documentation. E.42 'The growth of our knowledge of photosynthesis', Bibliog. no. 78 (1970). Memorandum of Agreement only. See F.45-F.47. E.43-E.52 ‘The phenol dyestuff of Liebermann as an acridian derivative’, with G.R. Bedford and B.R. Webster, Bibliog. no. 79 (1970). This paperwasinitially drafted by Hill as sole author. Bedford and Webster, of the ICI Biological Chemistry Department, who analysed samples of compoundsinvestigated by Hill and provided interpretations of the results, were named asco-authorsin thefinal paper. Manuscript draft of original paper by Hill 'Liebermann's phenol dyestuff as an acridian derivative’. Typescript draft of original paper, 15pp + tables andfigure. Typescriptdraft of final paper. E.43 E.44 E.45 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 82 Publications E.46 Revised typescript draft of final paper, with extensive manuscript correction. Coveringletter from Bedford, 6 January 1970. E.47, E.48 CorrespondencebetweenHill and co-authors, and others 1968-1971. E.47 E.48 1968-1969. 1970-1971. E.49-E.52 Miscellaneousnotes, graphs, pagesof drafts etc 1965-1969. 4 folders. E.53 ‘Photosynthesis and the chloroplast - historical outline’, (1971). Bibliog. no. 82 Correspondencewith publishers 1971; photographsforpossibleillustrations. E.54-E.59 ‘Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) and his discovery of photosynthesis in 1771’, Bibliog. no. 83 (1972). paper was delivered This Photosynthesis Research, Stresa, Italy, 24-29 June 1971. International at the 2nd Congress of E.54 E.55 Correspondencewith G. Forti, Congress organiserre Hill's paper. Correspondencere pictures of Priestley with which to illustrate the paper. Also includes Hill's manuscript list of pictures, statues, medallions etc of Priestley. Hill also sought to obtain illustrations of Priestley for a paper by a Swiss colleague. E.56, E.57 Photographsfor possibleillustrations, most identified on verso. 2 folders. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 Publications E.58, E.59 Background material: chiefly photocopies of pages from Priestley's 1772 paper ‘Observations on different kinds of Air’, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. At E.58is letter from W.D. Bonnerre visit to the Priestley House museum in Pennsylvania. E.60 ‘Leslie William Mapson 1907-1970", Bibliog. no. 84 (1972). Letter from Royal Society; photocopied biographical material; copy ofHill's Biographical Memoir annotated as 'Ref copy for [Dictionary of] Nat Biog’. See below E.78. E.61, E.62 ‘A note of some old and somepossible new redoxindicators', Bibliog. no. 85 (1972). E.61 E.62 E.63 E.64 E.65 Manuscript drafts and pagesofdrafts. Typescript drafts and pagesof drafts; letter from G.R. Bedford re draft of the paper, 14 February 1972. ‘Days of visual spectroscopy’, Bibliog. no. 86 (1975). Brief editorial correspondence 1973, 1974. ‘Max Rudolf Lemberg F.R.S.', with M. Dixon. Published in The Times obituary column 2 May 1975. Not listed in Bibliog. Manuscript draft and notes; copy of published obituary. ‘Uncoupling of electron transport by anionic quinonoid redoxindicator dyes’, with A.R. Crofts et al, Bibliog. no. 87 (1976) 3pp manuscript; 4pp manuscript. E.66-E.70 ‘Fotosintesi', Bibliog. no. 88 (1976). E.66 Manuscript drafts of sections of the paper. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 E.67 E.68 E.69 E.70 Publications Manuscript and typescript legendsfor figuresetc. 25pp typescript draft of the first half of the paper, sent to Italy 9 August 1973. 53pp typescript. Correspondence,principally with publishers, 1971-1975. E.71-E.77 ‘Some tentative questions about radiant energy and its conversion in chloroplasts’, Bibliog. no. 89 (1977). E.71, E.72 Manuscript drafts and pagesofdrafts. 2 folders. E.73 E.74 E.75 13pp typescript proof with manuscript corrections. Off-print, annotated by Hill with ‘Corrections for this first effort’. Editorial correspondence 1976, 1977. E.76, E.77 Manuscript notes, pagesof drafts etc. 2 folders. E.78 ‘Leslie William Mapson 1907-1970'. Notlisted in Bibliog. Written 1977-1978 for Dictionary of National Biography. See E.60 above. Brief correspondence; 4pp manuscript. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 85 Publications E.79-E.90 Work on energy conversion in photosynthesis. This material dates from the late 1970s. Hill prepared a numberof drafts, with differenttitles, but none are listed in Bibliog. The drafts were worked on from 1977 to the 1980s and may have formed the basis for later collaborative work with P.R. Rich (see E.91-E.107). In the course of this work Hill received advice from A.M. Lesk of the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge. Seealso J.86, J.87. E.79-E.81 ‘Thermochemical and photochemical aspects of photosynthesis’. E.79 E.80 E.81 Manuscript notes and pagesof drafts, dated between March 1977 and June 1980. 10pp incomplete manuscript draft dated November 1977, with extensive corrections; photocopied manuscript ‘Introduction’ annotated 'March 29 1978 with A. Lesk in Molec Biol'; 2pp photocopied manuscript ?summary. 13pp typescript with extensive manuscript annotation and correction. E.82, E.83 ‘The question of the efficiency of quantum conversion in photosynthesis’. E.82 E.83 E.84-E.89 E.84, E.85 Manuscript notes and pagesof drafts, dated between December 1978 and May 1983. Photocopied manuscript draft with manuscript corrections and comments in red ink by Hill and blue ink by Lesk; 1p typescript notes on ‘The question of the efficiency of quantum conversion in photosynthesis' dated 6 December 1978 and headed with manuscript note ‘prepared for meeting P.T. Landsberg andArthur Lesk in London[...]’. ‘A question concerning efficiency of energy conversion in photosynthesis’ ‘An enquiry into efficiency of energy conversion in photosynthesis’. Manuscript notes and pages of drafts dated between November 1979 and June 1980. 2 folders. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 86 Publications E.86 E.87 10pp photocopied typescript + 1p photocopied manuscript appendix, with manuscript corrections and annotations by Lesk. Correspondencefrom Lesk,one letter only dated, 24 June 1979; manuscript notes. Found with preceding. E.88, E.89 Contents of Hill's heavily annotated folder divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript and typescript notes, drafts etc re efficiency of quantum conversion in photosynthesis. Some items dated 1982 and 1983. The annotated folderis at E.89. E.90 ‘Energy conversion in chloroplasts’. Qpp typescript with manuscript corrections and annotations, nd. E.91-E.107 Collaborative work on the efficiency and process of photosynthesis, with P.R. Rich. Hill and Rich published three joint papers, Bibliog. nos. 91 (1981), 93 (1982) and 94 (1983). E.91-E.102 ‘Efficiency of photosynthesis. A modified diagram for the "Z" scheme’, Bibliog. no. 91 (1981). E.91 E.92 This paper was Hill's contribution to the annual report of the Agricultural Research Council's Sheffield-based research group with which Hill was associated in the 1980s. Versions had been submitted to Nature in 1980 and 1981 but not published in that journal. 6pp typescript + figure, annotated 'As sent for ARC ResGr [...] for 1981 Ann Rep'; annotated copy as published with manuscript notes attached. Figures (onplastic for overhead projector); background material. Found with preceding. A note at E.91 by Hill's Royal Society memorialist D.S. Bendall suggests the material at E.91 and E.92 wasprobably brought together for a seminar given in the Cambridge University Biochemistry Department. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 87 Publications E.93-E.95 ‘All old versions’. Contents of Hill's folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference. E.93 E.94 E.95 E.96 E.97 Typescript drafts, with manuscript annotation. Manuscriptdrafts. Manuscript and typescript drafts of ‘Appendix’; manuscript notes. 6pp typescript draft + references etc as submitted to Nature, with extensive manuscript correction and annotation. Correspondencefrom J.R. Maddox, editor of Nature; referees' comments on paper; responseof Hill and Rich; letter from G. Porter re second version of the paper, 24 April 1981; manuscript notes. E.98, E.99 Photocopies of papers on bioenergetics by C.W.F. McClare. 2 folders. Hill was interested in McClare's work on the application of thermodynamics to biological processes. McClare believed that classical thermodynamics was inadequatefor the description of these processes. E.100-E.102 Miscellaneous background material. 3 folders. E.103 ‘A note on the ARC conference "What limits photosynthesis" ', Bibliog. no. 93 (1982). See also H.85. Copyof paper; figures. E.104, E.105 ‘A physical interpretation for the natural photosynthetic process’, Bibliog. no. 94 (1983). A version of this paper was submitted to Nature in 1981 but not publishedin that journal. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 88 Publications E.104 E.105 7pp manuscript; 12pp typescript with extensive manuscript correction and annotation; manuscript notes. 17pp typescript ‘Final copy sent 11 Nov 1981'; brief correspondence with J.R. Maddox, editor of Nature; exchange re publication in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., U.S.A. E.106, E.107 ‘Efficiency of photosynthesis for C3 species of greenplants’. A note by D.S. Bendall at E.106 observes ‘These appear to be mostly various drafts, dating from 1982, of a review intended for Nature, but apparently never completed.’ Typescript drafts and pagesof drafts. Latest dated 1983. 2 folders. E.108 ‘Cytochromes and redox systemsin photosynthesis’, Bibliog. no. 92 (1982). 7pp manuscript; 6pp typescript with extensive manuscript corrections from page4; miscellaneous notes and correspondence. E.109, E.110 'The dynamic aspect of photosynthesis’, Bibliog. no. 96 (1985). E.109 E.110 E.111 Manuscript and typescript draft. 20pptypescript + figures; editorial correspondence. 'The relation betweenlight and dark processes in photosynthesis. Not listed in Bibliog. App typescript '1st version’ and 5pp typescript 'New version’, both with manuscript corrections, ca.1986; letter from D.S. Bendall re the draft. E.112 Rough manuscriptdraft on biological oxidation, nd. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 89 Publications EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE Arranged alphabetically by publisheror journaltitle. E.113 Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 1951-1955 Refereeing. E.114, £.115 Nature 1954, 1957 E.114 E.115 E.116 1954. Refereeing. 1957. Review, refereeing. Photosynthesis Research Phytochemistry E.117 Miscellaneous. REPRINTS 1986, 1988 1966 E.118 Published papers 1924 - 1986, some with manuscript annotations by Hill. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 90 SECTION F LECTURES F.1 - F.53 F.1-F.47 DEPARTMENTAL TEACHING F.48-F.53 PUBLIC LECTURES R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 91 Lectures DEPARTMENTAL TEACHING For teaching material on plant biochemistry used by Hill and E. Watchorn as the basis for a planned text book see E.16-E.20. F.1 Softback notebook used for notes for ‘Lectures & practicals 1930'. Much intercalated material including duplicated typescript instruction sheets for practical work. F.2-F.7 Bundle of Hill's manuscript notes for lectures and practical work 1932-1936. F.2 F.3 F.4 F.5 F.6 Fal ‘Resp. pigments 1932 1st lecture Wed 17th [...]'; ‘Porphyrins 1934'; '4th lecture 1934 Feb 5th Cytochrome’. ‘4th lecture 1932’; ‘4st lecture Jan 28 1935'; 'Respiratory pigments 2nd lecture 1935’. ‘Cytochrome 3rd lecture 1935 Feb 11'; ‘Part II Respiratory pigmentsII 1935". ‘Respiratory pigments 1st lecture 1936 Jan 20th’; ‘Second lecture Jan 27th’; ‘Third lecture’. Preparation of proto porphyrins; Helicorubin and cytochrome. Miscellaneous notes, chiefly haemoglobin and chlorophyll. F.8-F.15 ‘Lectures & Practicals Blood Pigments’. Contents of Hill's folder so inscribed divided into eight for ease of reference: manuscript notes for lectures and practical work 1935-1944. F.8 ‘Part | 1st lecture 1935'; 'Part | 2nd lecture’. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 92 Lectures F.9 F.10 ‘Respiratory pigments 2nd lecture revised 1938'; 'Respiratory pigments 3rd lecture 1938'; 'Respiratory pigments[...] 1939". ‘Respiratory pigments 4th lecture 1941 May 24'; ‘Respiratory pigments 4th lecture 1942'; 'Blood pigments 3rd lecture 1944' (chiefly notes for 1942 lectures on blood pigments). F.114 ‘Respiratory pigments 4th lecture’, nd F.12-F.15 F.16-F.24 F.16 F.17 F.18 F.19 F.20 F.21 Miscellaneous pages of lecture notes, duplicated typescript sheets. folders. 4 'PG & Pt Il Lectures’. Contents of Hill's box folder so inscribed divided into nine for ease of reference: manuscript notes for lectures and practical work 1936-1958. ‘Plant biochemistry Second Lecture Feb 6 1936 Nitrogen metabolism’; ‘Plant biochemistry 1943 2nd Carbohydrate metabolism Oct 26'. Lectures 1952-1953: '| Jan 23'; Measurementof photosynthesis[...]'; IV Enzymesrelated to carboxylation’. ‘Il Photosynthesis in ‘Ill living cell’; ‘PhotosynthesisIII. 1953'; ‘Postgraduate lectures 1954II’, ‘III’ and ‘IV’. List of lectures for Part Il and postgraduate students 1955; Part Il ‘CO, [systems] 21 Jan 1955’; postgraduate lectures 2-5 and 8, 1955. Notesfor various Part II and postgraduate lectures 1956, 1957 and 1958. Poster of ‘Complete photosynthesis of Pheoporphyrin A, , dimethyl ester’. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 93 Lectures F.22 Envelopeof'References’. F.23, F.24 Miscellaneous pages of lecture notes, duplicated typescript sheets. 2 folders. F.25 F.26 Notebook labelled on front cover ‘Plant biochemistry’. Used for teaching notes, lists of class members etc October Term 1936 - 1958. Intercalated material. Softback notebookinscribed on front cover'Pt II practicals'. Used for notes on practicals, lists of class members etc October 1936 - 1961. Intercalated material. F.27-F.36 Contents of Hill's box folder divided into ten for ease of reference: lecture notes, duplicated typescript sheets for practical work and other teaching material for plant biochemistry 1937 - 1943 (very little material is dated). The material was found in great disorder and in poor condition. F.27 F.28 Exercise bookinscribed onfirst page ‘Plant biochemistry Michaelmas Term 1939'. Most pages not used. A little intercalated material. Hill's hand. Not in ‘Practical Plant Biochemistry (Part II Botany)’, manuscript notes notin Hill's hand. F.29-F.31 Duplicated typescript sheets. 3 folders. F.32-F.36 Manuscript notes, referencesetc. 5 folders. F.37 Manuscript notesfor ‘Plant biochemistry 3rd lecture 1939. Carbohydrates’; ‘Respiration 1939. 4th lecture Nov 4’. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 94 Lectures F.38-F.40 Miscellaneous manuscript notes and duplicated typescript sheets for plant biochemistry teaching 1949 - 1959 and nd. 3 folders. F.41, F.42 ‘Practical botany'. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: duplicated typescript sheets. F.44 F.42 F.43 F.44 ‘Plant physiology’ field classes I-Ill and V, 1953 and 1956; ‘Practical physiology’ classesI-VIII, Michaelmas Term 1953. ‘Practical physiology’ classesI-VIII, Easter Term 1956; ‘Practical physiology’ classesI-VIII, Michaelmas Term 1956. Typescript and duplicated teaching material on haematin and blood, 1956 and nd. Hardback notebookidentified by a note at the front by D.S. Bendall, Hill's Royal Society memorialist, as ‘Mostly notes for lectures 1961-1965". F.45-F.47 History of biochemistry lecture course. In 1958 Hill was invited by J. Needham to give a lecture on the history of photosynthesis. The lecture series was published by Cambridge University Press in 1970 (Bibliog. no. 78), Hill's lecture underthe title 'The growth of our knowledgeof photosynthesis' (see E.42). Correspondence 1958, 1965, 1968. ‘Green thoughts in a green shade: the growth of our knowledge of photosynthesis’, manuscript draft of Hill's lecture. Manuscript notes, pagesof drafts etc. F.45 F.46 F.47 R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 PUBLIC LECTURES 95 Lectures The documentation of Hill's public and invitation lectures is very scanty. Some material relating to lectures delivered by Hill during conferences or visits abroad may be foundin section H. Manuscript notesidentified by attached note by D.S. Bendall ‘This seemsto be the text of a talk given to the Emmanuel College Natural Science Club on Thursday Feb 2nd 1922, with thetitle ‘Some psychological aspects of Art’. ‘Talk to EMRS [East Malling Research Station] Staff Dec 16 1947’. Contents of Hill's envelope so inscribed: manuscript notes for talk on visit to Franceearlier that year (see H.11-H.18). Letter from Honorary Secretary, Aberdeen University Biological Society thanking Hill for lecture, 28 February 1964. F.48 F.49 F.50 F.51-F.53 Manuscriptdrafts for lectures, nd. 3 folders. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 96 SECTION G SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS G.1 - G.23 ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS G.1 BRITISH PHOTOBIOLOGY GROUP (later SOCIETY) G.2-G.9 COMITE(later ASSOCIATION) INTERNATIONAL DE PHOTOBIOLOGIE G.10-G.12 IMPORTS SUBSTITUTION PANEL INFORMATION EXCHANGE GROUP INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY G.13 G.14 G.15 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES G.16 PLANT PHENOLICS GROUP ROYAL SOCIETY UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM UNIVERSITY OF LONDON G.17 G.18-G.21 G.22 G.23 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 Societies and organisations ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS G.1 Programme,Lent Term 1940. 97 1940 BRITISH PHOTOBIOLOGY GROUP (later SOCIETY) 1954-1983 The British Photobiology Group was established on 26 January 1955 at a meeting convened by J.A.V. Butler and chaired by Hill. According to an account of the Group circulated at the 4th International Photobiology Congress in 1964 (H.42) it was formed ‘for the purpose of bringing together biologists, chemists and physicists with an interest in this field, for scientific discussions and otheractivities, and to explore possibilities of international co-operation’. Hill was a memberof the Group's committee to 1957. Correspondence 1954 re establishing a British photobiological organisation. Correspondence and papers re January meeting and formation of Group, January - March 1955. Correspondence and papers April - August 1955. Correspondenceandpapersforfirst meeting of Group, 3 October 1955. Hill spoke on photosynthesis research. Includes Hill's manuscript notes. Papers for meetings November 1955, January and March 1956. Correspondence and papers 1957, 1959. Agenda for meeting of British Photobiology Society 24 September 1970; addresslist of members September 1974; draft letter by Hill re history of society 1983; letter re annual meeting, nd. G.2 G3 G4 G.5 G.6 G.7 G.8 G.9 Photobiology Bulletin April 1983. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 98 Societies and organisations COMITE(later ASSOCIATION) INTERNATIONAL DE PHOTOBIOLOGIE 1968-1983 The first international organisation for work in photobiology, the Comité International de la Lumiére, was established in 1922. It changed its name to the Comité International de Photobiologie in 1951 and became the Association International de Photobiologie in 1976. The primary role of the organisation wasto organise the International Photobiology Congresses. Hill was elected an Honorary Memberof the Comité in 1968 (see A.23) and received a Finsen Medalfor contributions to photobiology in 1972 (see H.66- H.68). Hill served on the Finsen Administration Sub-Committee. The materialis principally duplicated typescript papers for meetings, reports of activities etc. G.10 G.11 G.12 1968, 1972, 1973, 1974. 1976, 1978. 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984. IMPORTS SUBSTITUTION PANEL 1949 Hill was asked by S. Zuckerman to advise the Panel, of which he was chairman,in its consideration of unconventional methods of food production. G.13 Correspondence and papers re Panel meeting, 1 December 1949. INFORMATION EXCHANGE GROUP No. 1 1963-1964 This Group exchanged information on work on oxidative phosphorylation and terminal electron transport. G.14 Membershiplists; memos. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 Societies and organisations INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY G.15 Invitation to join the Institute. 99 1950 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES nd G.16 Hill's report to the Subcommission on the Nomenclature of Cytochromes, 2pp typescript. PLANT PHENOLICS GROUP 1957 G.17 Programmeandlist of participants at inaugural meeting, Cambridge, 9 April 1957. Hill is listed as a participant. ROYAL SOCIETY 1948-1989 Hill was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1946. He was awarded a Royal Medal in 1964 and the Copley Medalin 1987. General correspondence and papers 1968-1979. Papers re visits of Chinese scientists 1981, 1982 (see A.88). G.18 G.19 G.20, G.21 Elections and research appointments. 2 folders. G.20 G.21 1948, 1953, 1964, 1967, 1972, 1975, 1976. 1978, 1981, 1983, 1987, 1989. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 100 Societies and organisations UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM 1947, 1956 G.22 Examining Ph.D. theses. UNIVERSITY OF LONDON 1954-1972 G.23 Examining Ph.D. theses. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 101 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES H.1 - H.94 The presentation of this section is chronological. Included in the main sequenceare a few meetings not attended byHill but for which he prepared contributions in absentia. At H.91-H.94 is a sequenceof invitations and conference publicity where there is no evidenceof Hill's attendanceor of his intention to attend. Congrésinternational du vin et du pin maritime, Bordeaux, 21-24 June. Memorabilia only. Visit to Singapore and Dutch East Indies. Hill visited the East Indies after an illness on the recommendation of E.B. Worthington. Heleft for the East Indies on 27 May,arriving in Singapore on 25 June. Hill stayed with a friend from Cambridge, E.J.H. Corner, who was Assistant Director of the Botanic Gardens in Singapore before moving on to the Dutch East Indies. The visit included a trip to Java whereHill was able to gather data and specimensoftropical dye-plants. Hill left for the UK in Novemberarriving back on 14 December. For Hill's and E.B. Worthington's correspondencewith Corner see J.15-J.21. For photographsfrom thevisit see A.67-A.78. Softback pocket notebooks used as diaries of the visit. In addition to a record of Hill's movements during the visit - from embarkation to a few days after his arrival back in Cambridge, the diaries contain meteorological observations, notes and sketches of plants seen, notes on dyes and dyeing techniques, addresses of contacts, notes on money spent etc. Loose material intercalated in both books. May - 30 September. Paginated 1-154. 21 September 1932 - 3 January 1933. Paginated 155-324. 1928 H.1 1932 H.2-H.9 H.2, H.3 H.2 H.3 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 102 Visits and conferences H.4, H.5 Correspondencefrom Hill to his family May - December 1932. The letters contain quite detailed accounts of Hill's movements, the colleagues he met and the work on which he was engaged, as well as more personalinformation. H.4 H.5 H.6 May - August. September - December. CorrespondencetoHill from his family, June - October 1932. Letters to Hill from L.R. Wager, May and November1932. H.7 Miscellaneous material from visit. H.8, H.9 Memorabilia. 2 folders. 1946 H.10 1947 Association of Applied Biologists meeting on the Significance of Trace Elements in Plants and Animals, Imperial College London, 4 October. Hill gave a paper on ‘Trace elementsin relation to enzymes’. Notice of meeting; off-print of article by D. Keilin and T. Mann. H.11-H.18 Visit to France, 2 June - 1 July. Hill visited France as a member of a Cambridge University and East Malling Research Station (EMRS)arboricultural expedition, see J.37. The purpose of the expedition was ‘to study wild and cultivated plants belonging to the R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 103 Visits and conferences genus prunuswith a view to producing a wider range of rootstocks for stone fruits; especially plums, apricots and peaches'. The expedition also included A.B. Beakbane of the EMRS, with whom Hill undertookjoint research onfruit trees (see J.28-J.50). ForHill's notebook from this expedition see B.86. Itineraries; notes on expenses. Includes note on purposeof journey. Correspondence and papers re arrangements 1947-1948. Manuscript notes; photographsoffruit trees. Correspondenceto Hill from his family. 7pp manuscript and 12pptypescript drafts of report on thevisit to France. The typescript ?final draft includes lists of addresses of those working with fruit tree stocks in France and completeitinerary. Memorabilia. Drafts of letters from Hill to Sir John Fryer, Secretary Agricultural Research Council, re funding forvisit to UK of M. Bernhard of the Frenchfruit research station at Pont de la Maye. Brochure on ‘Agenet sa région’ prepared for the 2e Congrés National de la Prune et du Pruneau, 1949. Sent to Hill by Beakbane. H.11 H.12 H.13 H.14 H.15 H.16 H.17 H.18 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 4104 Visits and conferences 1950 H.19 1952 80th Conference of Society for Experimental Biology, Sheffield, 3-7 July. Hill gave a paperon ‘Reduction by chloroplasts’. Bibliog. no. 42 (1951). Annotated programmeonly. H.20, H.21 Symposium on Photosynthesis, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, October. While in the USHill visited colleagues at a numberof research centres. H.20 H.21 1956 H.22 1957 H.23 Brief correspondence re arrangements; typescript notes annotated by Hill ‘Nov. 1952 Stanford...’ Hardback pocket notebookinscribed '1st Gatlinburg’ on front cover. Used for notes on conference proceedings and on visits to colleagues in US research centres. Paginated 1-141. Colloquium on the Aromatic Acids and their Function in Temperature Research Station, Cambridge, 11 April. Plants, Low Annotated programmeonly. Linnean Society symposium on Biochemistry and Taxonomy, London, 18 July. Hill gave a paperon 'Dye-stuff plants’. Programme; letter re publication ofHill's paper by Linnean Society. There is no evidenceof publication. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 1958 H.24-H.34 H.24 H.25 H.26 H.27 105 Visits and conferences Visit to Nyasaland (Malawi), 31 March - 11 April. Hill visited Nyasaland with F.G. Young as guests of the Nyasaland Tea Association. Their terms of reference were ‘to advise on whetheror not biochemical research should be undertaken on the problem of tea fermentation...' They visited a number of tea estates and factories before reporting their findings and recommending a programmeof research. This research was undertaken by D.S. Bendall. The bulk of the material is correspondence and papers concerning the research programmeinto the biochemistry of tea fermentation, dating from Hill's return to the UK. For photographstaken during thevisit see A.81. Itinerary; correspondence re arrangements; press-cuttingsetc.. ‘Report of meeting held at Bvumbweon Friday April 11th’ (Hill was present); miscellaneous manuscript and typescript notes. Hardback pocket notebook used from the front for notes during visit to Nyasaland and subsequent work on tea fermentation and from the back for botanical notes and sketches. Correspondence between Hill and family during visit; memorabilia, chiefly photographs. H.28-H.33 Correspondence and papers arising, 1958-1964. research programmeinitiated by Hill and Young. Chiefly concerning the H.28 H.29 H.30 Includes copy of Hill and Young's report to the Nyasaland Tea 1958 April. Association. 1958 May. 1958 June - October. Chiefly re funding of research post. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 106 Visits and conferences H.31 H.32 H.33 H.34 1959 H.35 1958 November, December. fermentation of tea. Includes 2pp typescript note by Hill on the 1959-1964 and nd. Includes 4pp manuscript draft ?of lecture by Hill on black tea ‘Second annual report (1959/60) on research into the biochemistry of tea fermentation’ by D.S. tea fermentation’ by Bendall, September 1965. ‘Biochemstry Bendall, October 1960; of Miscellaneousprinted background material. Faraday Society discussion meeting on Energy Transfer with special reference to Biological Systems, Nottingham, 14-16 April 1959. Information; list of participants. H.35A Visit to USA. Manuscript notes for lectures on work on photosynthesis at 'Utah. Salt Lake City for Dec 18 1959' and ‘Oregon State College Corvallis Jan 18 1959 [?1960]'. 1960 H.36 Visit to USA, March. Hill gave a lecture at Berkeley, 11 March, and attended the McCollum-Pratt Institute Symposium on Life and Light, Johns Hopkins University, 28-31 Marchat which Hill and W.D. Bonner gave a paper'The nature and possible function of chloroplast cytochromes’, Bibliog. no. 66 (1961). See E.26. Invitation and correspondence re arrangements; manuscript notes for talk at Berkeley; programmefor symposium. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 107 Visits and conferences CIBA Foundation symposium on Quinonesin Electron Transport, London, 11-13 May. Hill participated in the discussionfollowing thefinal paper. Programme; manuscript draft and typescript 'rough draft’ of Hill's comments. H.37 1962 H.38-H.40 International symposium on Chemical Plant Taxonomy, Paris, 4-6 October. Hill was sent symposium information but in the event was unable to attend. C.P. Whittingham sent him a set of abstracts. H.38 Information; programme. H.39, H.40 Abstracts. 1963 H.41 1964 H.42 Charles F. Kettering Foundation symposium on Bacterial Photosynthesis, Yellow Springs, Ohio, 18-20 March. Hill remained at the Foundation for two weeksafter the end of the symposium. For photographsof the occasion see A.82. Programme; copy of Hill; manuscript notes for talk by Hill given at the Foundationin April (identified by D.S. Bendall). Yellow Springs News with photograph of Fourth International Photobiology Congress, Oxford, July. Programme; information including brief historical account of the British Photobiology Group (see G.2-G.9). R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 108 Visits and conferences H.43 Tenth International Botanical Congress, Edinburgh, August. Spiral bound Congress notebook. Used for notes ?0n proceedings andlater notes 1965. Most pages not used. 1965 H.44 American Society of Biological Chemists Federation meetings, Atlantic City, NewJersey, April 1965. Hill was not able to attend but prepared a contribution to the discussion. Brief correspondencere Hill's contribution to discussion; annotated proof of Hill's comments; paper by B. Vennesland et a/ with addendum replying to comments. H.45 NATO Advanced Study Institute on the Biochemistry of Chloroplasts, Aberystwyth, 19-28 August. gave Hill phosphorylation(Il)'. the opening paper on_ 'Biochemistry of photosynthetic Programmeandalterations; menu signed by someof those present; letter re area to be covered byHill's lecture. 1966 H.46 1968 H.47 International Photosynthesis, Growth Sciences Center, Chicago, 5-7 October. Corporation Chemicals Minerals & Symposium on Invitation; letter enclosing honorarium. International Congress of Photosynthesis Research, ?Freiburg, West Germany, June. Annotatedinvitation to wine-tasting. Not otherwise documented. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 109 Visits and conferences H.48, H.49 International Symposium on Photosynthesis in Sugarcane, London, 12-13 June. Letter re arrangements; annotated programme. Boundcopyof proceedings. H.48 H.49 1969 H.50-H.52 Eleventh International Botanical Congress, Seattle, Washington, 24 August- 2 September. Hill was to chair a symposium onelectron transport and phosphorylation but later withdrew from the Congress due to pressure of work. H.50, H.51 Correspondencere arrangements with congress organisers and participants in the symposium, 1967-1969. 2 folders. H.52 Information; programmeetc. 1970 H.53-H.56 Visit to USA, May. visited the US to attend the International Conference on the Hill Photosynthetic Gatlinburg, Tennessee and to take the Penn Lectureship in Biology at the University of Pennsylvania. He also visited Indiana University, where he gave a paper on ‘Some reflections on photosynthesis’, and the University of Georgia. Unit, H.53, H.54 Conference on the Photosynthetic Unit, 18-21 May. Hill chaired a session of the conference on ‘The oxygenside’. For photograph taken during conference see A.83. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 110 Visits and conferences H.53 H.54 H.55 H.56 H.57 List of participants; 'The oxygen side’ by Hill, 3pp typescript; manuscript notes; etc Conference handbook,extensively annotated byHill. Penn Lectureship. Hill lectured on ‘Photosynthesis’, 27 May. Notice; manuscript notes found therewith; etc. Material re visits to Indiana and Georgia universities and invitation to visit State University of New York. British Photobiology Society meeting on Biochemistry of Photosynthesis, King's College London, 10 June. Hill gave a paperon ‘Photonsand oxidation - reduction potentials’. Programme; 7pp manuscriptdraft of Hill's contribution; manuscript notes. H.58-H.64 International Biological Programme(IBP)/UNESCO Regional Symposium for Eastern Africa on Bioenergetics in Tropical Ecosystems, Kampala, Uganda, 16-19 September. Hill gave a paperon ‘Bioenergetics of photosynthesis at the chloroplast and cellularlevel. H.58 H.59 H.60 H.61 Correspondence re arrangements and arising from symposium from Nature, 3 October 1970. visit; report of Information; programme. Lists of participants. Summaries of papers. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 111 Visits and conferences H.62 H.63 H.64 H.65 1972 H.66-H.68 H.66 H.67 H.68 Drafts of Hill's paper, 22pp manuscript and 15pp typescript + list of slides and references; summary. Miscellaneous photosynthesis and history of work on photosynthesis. manuscript drafts and notes on_ bioenergetics of Information on Bioenergetics meeting, Indiana University, Bloomington, 12- 15 October 1970, found with preceding. No evidenceofHill's attendance. Symposium on From Light to ATP, Bristol, 23 October. Hill presented the summary andintroduced the general discussion. Programme, letter arising from Hill's contribution. Sixth International Congress on Photobiology, Bochum, West Germany, 21- 25 August. Hill received a Finsen Medal of the Comité International de Photobiologie on this occasion (see G.10-G.12). For photographsof the occasion see A.85. Correspondencere arrangements andarising from visit; information. Annotated programme;annotatedlist of participants. Manuscript notes. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 112 Visits and conferences H.69-H.72 Visit to Ceylon and Australia, November 1972 - February 1973. Hill was invited to spend three monthsin Australia by the CSIRO Divisions of Plant Industry and Food Research, and the Research Schoolof Biological Sciences of the Australian National University. Hill visited colleagues at other research centres in Australia. On the outward journeyHill visited colleagues at research centres in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) underthe auspicesof the British Council. For photographsofHill in Australia see A.85. Correspondencere arrangementsto visit Australia 1970-1973. Programme for seminars in Department of Physical Biochemistry [?ANU], with Hill listed as giving a paper on ‘Somehistorical developments in the study of respiration’; manuscript notes; receipts etc. Correspondence re arrangements to visit Ceylon and brief correspondence arising; itinerary. Miscellaneous material from visit to Ceylon, chiefly photographs, some identified on verso. Gordon Photosynthesis, Tilton Academy, New Hampshire, 13-17 August. Conference Research on Regulatory Mechanisms in H.69 H.70 H.71 H.72 1973 H.73 Hill gave a special evening lecture on the history of work on photosynthesis. For group photographof the Conference see A.86. Invitation; information; brief correspondence re arrangements; manuscript notes. H.73A Photobiology Society meeting on Structure and Function British Chloroplasts, London, 19 October. of Annotated programme. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 113 Visits and conferences 1974 H.74 1975 H.75 International symposia of the Rank Prize Funds, 5 September. Table plan for symposia dinneronly. Informal meeting on Photosynthetic Electron Transport and Phosphorylation, Birmingham, 18 April. Programme. Joint meeting of British Photobiology Society and International Solar Energy Society (UK section), Imperial College London, June. Annotated meeting handbookwith a few manuscriptnotesintercalated. H.76 Fifth International Biophysics Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-9 August. Hill was to attend a symposium on Biophysics and Global Problems to speak on ‘Energy conversionin chloroplasts' but later cancelled. Correspondencere arrangements. H.77 1976 H.78 RoyalInstitution Photochemistry Discussion Group symposium on Energy Transformation in Photosynthesis, London, 20 November. Annotated programme. Third John Innes symposium, Norwich, 19-22 July. Hill chaired a session on 'Cytochromes'. Information; annotated programme. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 1977 114 Visits and conferences H.79, H.80 Fourth International Congress on Photosynthesis, Reading, 4-9 September. Hill served on the scientific committee of the congress. H.79 Papers re organisation of congress 1974-1977. Includes papersofthird and fourth meetingsof scientific committee. H.80 Annotated programme. 1978 H.81 Biochemical Society Bioenergetics Group colloquium on Photosystem Il, London, 14 July. The colloquium was dedicated to Hill, who gave thefirst paper, on 'Oxygen evolution - somehistorical aspects’, Bibliog. no. 90 (1978). Programmes,one annotated. H.82 From Cyclotrons to Cytochromes: a symposium in Honorof Martin Kamen's 65th Birthday, 27-31 August, La Jolla, California. Hill was unable to attend but contributed a paper ('‘Cytochromes and redox systems in photosynthesis', Bibliog. no. 92 (1982)) to the symposium volume. Correspondenceand papers re arrangements; programme. 1979 H.83 Biochemical Society Bioenergetics Group colloquium on Proton Translation, Cambridge, 29 June. Annotated programme. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 115 Visits and conferences 1981 H.84 1982 H.85 1985 H.86 1986 Biochemical Society meeting, Manchester, 22-24 July. Programme Bioenergetics in Agriculture); manuscript notes. Bioenergetics marked (Hill the Group colloquium on Research Agricultural limits Photosynthesis?, Sheffield University, 15-16 April. This was preceded by a workshop on fluorescence, including demonstrations of fluorescence equipmentin the Robert Hill Laboratory. 13-14 April, discussion on What Council meeting Hill was invited as a guest. Hill and P.R. Rich reported on the meeting 'A note on the ARC conference "Whatlimits photosynthesis?" ', Bibliog. no. 93 (1982), see E.103. Information re discussion meeting and workshop; programme;etc. Biochemical Society meeting, Oxford, 17-19 July. Annotated handbook of abstracts. H.87, H.88 Robert-Hill-Symposium, University of Wirzburg, West Germany, 2-6 July. H.87 H.88 The symposium was opened with the presentation to Hill of an Honorary Doctorate of the University of Warzburg. See A.30. Correspondencere arrangements; programme. Pocket notebook used from the front for notes on visit to Wurzburg and at the back for addresses. Most pages not used. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 116 Visits and conferences 1987 H.89 1988 H.90 Invitations H.91 H.92 H.93 H.94 Fourth International symposium on Oxidases and related Redox Systems, Portland, Oregon, 4-8 October. The symposium was held to commemorate the birth of D. Keilin. contributed a brief ‘Tribute to the memory of David Keilin’. Hill Invitation; manuscript and typescript drafts of Hill's tribute. Royal Society discussion meeting on New Vistas in Measurement of Photosynthesis, London, 25-26 May. Annotated programmeand abstracts. 1954, 1955, 1962. 1963, 1966, 1969. 1973, 1975, 1978, 1980. 1981, 1982, 1985-1989. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 117 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE J.1- J.156 Hill rarely kept carbon copies or manuscript drafts of outgoing letters so the correspondence is almost entirely incoming letters. In a few cases Hilll made a rough draft of a reply on theletter received. However, there are also a numberofHill's manuscript drafts, particularly those from the late 1970s, that have draft letters to two or more correspondents thereon. These letters are to be foundin the Shorterscientific correspondence subsection. The correspondents have beenindexed. J.1-J.120 GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Correspondencewith individuals and organisations. In alphabetical order with an indication of information of particular biographical, historical or scientific interest. J.121-J.156 §=SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE In chronological order. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 118 Correspondence GENERALSCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE J.1 J.2 Anderson,J.M. 1974-1982, 1987-1990 Anderson,M.C. various dates 1964-1982 Anderson was a research the Cambridge biochemistry department studying woodlandlight climate and growth and CO, exchange of grasses, 1960-1963. In 1964 she wasappointed to the Scientific Staff of CSIRO, Australia. student in Career and personal news. J.3 Appleby,C.A. various dates 1975-1989 Appleby was a memberof the Scientific Staff of CSIRO, Australia. Progressof research, visits, personal news. J.4 Arnon, D.I. various dates 1949-1985 Progress of research, visits, personal news. Beakbane, A.B. See East Malling Research Station (J.28-J.50). J.5, J.6 Bendall, D.S. various dates 1953-1977 Bendall was a research student in the Cambridge biochemistry department studying cytochrome systems and respiration in plant tissue under Hill, 1953-1957. After a short spell in Belgium working with L.N.M. Duysens (q.v.) he returned to Cambridge in 1958 to research on tea fermentation In 1958 he married F.L. Myers, a colleague in the (see H.28-H.32). biochemistry department. Demonstrator in Biochemistry 1960, Lecturer in 1965 and subsequently Reader. Bendall was appointed Bendall wasHill's Royal Society memorialist. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 119 Correspondence J.5 J.6 J.7 1953-1960. Includes correspondencere PhD research. 1965-1977. Includes correspondencefrom F.L. Bendall. Bennett-Clark,T.A. 1972 J.8, J.9 Bertsch, W.F. 1965, 1973-1978, 1984 Bertsch was an American colleague who studied at Cambridge in the mid 1960s. 1965. Re application to spend a year in the Cambridge biochemistry department. 1973-1984. J.8 J.9 J.10 Boardman, N.K. 1974, 1975 Chiefly re planned visit to Cambridge 1975. J.11, J.12 Bonner, W.D. various dates 1953-1983 J.14 J.12 J.13 1953-1956, 1963. Bonner's ideas on phenol oxidase, 1956. Includes letter to Hill from A.C. Hulme describing 1965, 1966, 1971-1976, 1983. Chiefly visits and personal news. Includes photographof Hill with the Bonners duringvisit to the USA 1975. Calvin, M. 1954, 1955 Chiefly re visit to Cambridge, October 1955. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 120 Correspondence J.14 Chance,B. various dates 1957-1983 Chiefly personal news. J.15-J.21 Corner, E.J.H. 1929-1937, 1968, 1983 After postgraduate work at Cambridge Corner went to Singapore as Assistant Director of the Botanic Gardens, a post he held 1929-1946. He then went to Brazil to work for UNESCO on the Hylean Amazon project before returning to Cambridge, subsequently becoming Professor of Tropical Botany. Corner wasa colleague of Hill's at Cambridge in the 1920s andHill stayed with Corner during his visit to Singapore and the Dutch East Indies in 1932 (see H.2-H.9). The correspondenceis chiefly personal news, conducted on Corner's part in very friendly terms, and to a lesser extent the progress of Corner's botanical research. For photographsfound with the correspondence see A.77 and A.78. 1929, 1930. Includesletter sent with photographsto Hill (A.77). 1930. Correspondencefrom Corner to E.B. Worthington, 1930 (A.78). These letters and the photographs sent to Worthington with them were passedto Hill. 1932. 1933. Written during visit by Corner to UK. 1934-1935. 1936-1937. J.15 J.16 J.17 J.18 J.19 J.20 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 121 Correspondence J.21 Biographical account of Cornerby Hill, 4pp manuscript, January 1968; letter from Cornerto Hill 1983. J.22 Cox, R.P. 1973-1978 Hill was Cox's internal examiner at Cambridge for his PhD on studies of photosynthetic electron transport. Progress of research, personal news. J.23 Crofts, A.R. 1972, 1974, 1980, nd Crofts was a research student in the Cambridge biochemistry department, 1961-1964. Chiefly re research. J.24 Davenport,H.E. various dates 1959-1980 Includes correspondence1959 re work on joint paper (Bibliog. no. 64, 1960). J.25 Devanathan, M.A.V. 1973-1977 Chiefly re papers by Devanathanoneffect of climate on plant growth. J.26, J.27 Duysens, L.N.M. various dates 1954-1977 Includes typescripts sent to Hill for commentor information. J.26 J.27 1954. Chiefly re paperon chlorella. 1962, 1964, 1977, nd. paper by Duysens. Includes exchange between Hill and N.F. Mott on R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 122 Correspondence J.28-J.50 East Malling Research Station 1943-1977, nd Hill first visited East Malling Research Station (EMRS), Maidstone, Kent in 1943 and corresponded about obtaining rootstocks, seeds etc for his research. On his appointment to the Scientific Staff of the Agricultural Research Council later that yearHill's relationship with the Research Station became more formalised. Hill and A.B. Beakbane of the EMRScarried out joint research on the histology and biochemistry of fruit tree rootstocks, assisted from 1946 by B.G.H. Mosse. The correspondence is with staff of the Research Station, including the Director R.G. Hatton. In particular there is an extensive sequenceofletters from Beakbane regarding progress of research and visits of Beakbane to Cambridge and Hill to East Malling. There are also sometypescript and manuscript copies and drafts of Hill's outgoing correspondence. 1943. Includes Hill's letter to Hatton of 18 Septembergiving 'a rough outline of my plant activities’, and manuscript draft of letter to Hatton 23 October setting out the lines of his and Beakbane's proposedcollaborative research. 1944 January - June. 1944 July - December. 1945 January - March. 1945 April - August. Includes letter from Hatton to Hill, 27 April re extension of scope of Hill and Beakbane's research. 1945 September - December. Includes data on 'Numberof plum trees per 1,000 acres' for England and Wales. 1946 January - Beakbane to Persia. April. Includes material re possible botanical visit by 1946 May- September. J.28 J.29 J.30 J.31 J.32 J.33 J.34 J.35 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 123 Correspondence J.36 J.37 J.38 J.39 J.40 J.41 J.42 J.43 J.44 J.45 J.46 1946 October - December. Includesletter from Hill to Hatton, 28 October outlining progress with the work, and 3pp typescript draft 'The application of biochemical methodsto a horticultural problem’. 1947. Includes correspondencere paperby Hill and Beakbane submitted to the Journal of Pomology and Horticultural Science (Bibliog. no. 36, 1947), and little correspondencerelating to the arboricultural expedition to France of which Hill and Beakbane were both members, see H.11-H.18. 1948 January - May. Includes 'The root structure of some newclonal apple rootstocks budded with Cox's Orange Pippin' by Beakbane and E.C. Thompson, 7pp typescript + table, sent to Hill for comment. 1948 July - December. 1949 January - June. 1949 July - November. 1950. Includes 'The soluble carbohydratesof fruit plants' by A.E. Bradfield and A.E. Flood, 4pp typescript, sent to Hill for information. 1951. 1952 January - July. 1952 August - September. 1953. Chiefly re Mosse's application for research fellowship. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 124 Correspondence J.47 J.48 J.49 1954-1956. Includes request from Director, EMRS, to advise on preparation ofa ‘Memorandum onthe problemsofsoft fruit growing’ for the Agricultural Research Council, 22 December1955. 1960, 1964, 1969. 1972, 1974, 1975. rootstock 'E340/4.6'. Correspondence 1974, 1975 re research on plum J.50 1976, 1977, nd. J.51, J.52 Elsden, S.R. various dates 1953-1985 J.51 J.52 1953. Research on cytocromesof photosynthetic bacteria. 1954, 1959, 1962, 1985, nd. Most letters are undated. J.53-J.56 Emerson,R. 1951-1976 J.53 J.54 J.55 J.56 J.57 1951. Research on photosynthesis. 1952-1953. Correspondence 1952 re Hill's visit to USA. 1954-1959. Personal news, progress of research. Emerson, 1959. Includes obituary of 1962, 1973, 1975, 1976. Correspondence from Emersonfamily. Franck, J. 1951, 1952, 1955 Chiefly re research on photosynthesis. R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 125 Correspondence J.58-J.60 French,C.S. 1942-1986 J.58 J.59 J.60 1942-1955. Research, visits. 1962, 1971, 1972, 1975. 1977-1986. 1977. Includes French's reminiscences of working with J. Franck, J.61 Gaffron, H. 1949-1951, 1955, 1967 Chiefly correspondence 1950-1951 re paper by Gaffron's research student L.J. Tolmach ‘Effects of triphosphopyridine nucleotide upon oxygen evolution and carbon dioxide fixation by illuminated chloroplasts'. Gaffron sent the paper to Hill for comment and was advised that the paper should include supporting experimental data before its submission for publication. J.62-J.65 Good, N.E. 1953-1989 Good was a Canadian post-doctoral research student in the Cambridge biochemistry department studying underHill, 1952-1954. He took up a post in the Canadian Department of Agriculture before moving to the USAin the 1960s. J.62 J.63 J.64 J.65 1959, of 1953-1956, photophosphorylation' by Good et a/, sent to Hill for information November 1965. stoichiometry Includes ‘The 1965, 1967. 1970, 1971, 1974-1976. Chiefly correspondence 1975-1976 re research on phosphorylation. 1977-1980, 1984-1989. Includes draft of Good's autobiographical account 'Confession of a Nd. habitual skeptic’. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 126 Correspondence J.66 Govindjee 1973-1987 Includes exchange re term and equation D(T), April 1975. J.67 Gregory,R.P.F. 1964, 1971-1980, 1989 Gregory was a research student in the Cambridge biochemistry department studying underHill, 1960-1964. J.68 J.69 Hall, D.O. 1971-1977 Hanes, C.S. various dates 1951-1979 Hanes' letter of 29 March 1952 includes instructions for 'A simplified preparation of Glucose-1-phosphate’. J.70, J.71 Heber, U. 1974-1984 J.70 J.71 J.72 1974-1976. Visits, progress of research, personal news. 1977-1984, nd. Chiefly personal news. Hind, G. various dates 1964-1985 Progress of research. J.73 Holden, H.F. 1927, 1928, 1946 Holden wasa colleagueof Hill's in the Cambridge biochemistry department in the 1920s before taking up a postin Australia. J.74 Jagendorf, A.T. various dates 1958-1986 Chiefly progress of research, personal news. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 127 Correspondence J.75-J.78 Kamen, M.D. 1952-1984 J.75 J.76 J.77 J.78 1952-1956. photosynthesis. Chiefly correspondence 1954 re Kamen's work on 1957. Draft of 'On the new hemeprotein of facultative photoheterotrophes' by Kamen and R.G. Bartsch, sentto Hill for comment 24 June. 1962-1966, 1971-1974. Chiefly personal news. 1975-1984. J.79, J.80 David Keilin Memorial Fund 1963-1964 OnKeilin's death a committee of Keilin's colleagues met, under the auspices of the Biochemical Society, to organise an appeal to raise funds for an biannual lecture and medal in memory of Keilin. Hill was a memberof the committee. Correspondenceandpapersre progress of the appeal. 2 folders. J.81 Keilin, J.E. various dates 1951-1987 Joan Keilin, the daughter of D. Keilin, was a research studentof Hill's in the Cambridge biochemistry department. Chiefly reports on progressof Keilin's research 1951-1955. J.82 Kirby, J. and Plesters, J. 1975, 1978 Dye-stuffs. J.83 Knox, R.S. 1977, 1978, nd R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 128 Correspondence J.84 Landsberg, P.T. 1977, 1978, 1982, 1988 Landsberg advised Hill on his work in thermodynamics and efficiency of photosynthesis. off-print ‘Kinetic photochemical and photovoltaic energy Includes conversion models' by Landsberg and G. Tonge, Photochem. Photobiol. 35 (1982), extensively annotatedbyHill. of J.85 Leach, B. 1951 Hill sent samples of cobalt and manganeseore to the Leach Pottery, St Ives, Cornwall, for tests. J.86, J.87 Lesk, A.M. 1978-1980 Lesk was a physical chemist at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, prior to his taking up a post in the US in 1979. See also E.79-E.90. J.86 J.87 J.88 J.89 1978. Thermodynamic efficiency of photosynthesis. 1979-1980. Chiefly personal news. Losada, M. 1964, 1977, 1987 Luck, J.M. 1980 Luck was a biochemistry research student at Cambridge, 1922-1925. Recollections of Cambridge biochemistry in the early 1920s. J.90 Lumry, R.W. 1955,[71982], 1986 Chiefly re visit to Cambridge 1955. J.91 Mayer, A.M. various dates 1954-1977 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 129 Correspondence J.92, J.93 Mitchell, P.D. 1960-1981 J.92 J.93 J.94 1960, 1964 1967-1981. Progress of research. Needham, J. and Needham, D.M.M. various dates 1929-1972 Chiefly postcards 1929-1934. J.95 re Peters, R.A. 1982 Hill's recollections of Peters for Royal Society memoir by R.H.S. Thompson. J.96 Pirie, N.W. 1986 Draft of ‘Eclectic biochemistry’, Pirie's 5pp typescript reminiscences of F.G. Hopkins and other members of the Cambridge Biochemistry Departmentin the 1920s. J.97, J.98 Prince,R. various dates 1974-1987 J.97 J.98 1974, 1978, 1980. Letter 1980 includes list of apple varieties in Adams County, Pennsylvania, and scientific data for Hill's comments. 1981-1987, nd. electron transfer proteins...' by Prince et a/, sent to Hill for comment 1981. Includes ‘Quinones as prosthetic groups in membrane J.99, J.100 Punnett, T.R. various dates 1953-1988 Punnett wasa post-doctoral research student in the Cambridge biochemistry department working on chloroplasts underHill, 1954-1956. J.99 1953-1955. Progress of research. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 130 Correspondence J.100 Includes ‘Reversible transformation of chloroplast morphology 1974-1988. in vascular plants' by Punnett and J.H. Kelly, sent to Hill for comment 1979, with Hill's manuscript comments thereon. J.101 Rimington, C. 1947, 1953, 1954 J.102 San Pietro, A. various dates 1963-1978 J.103 Sheldrake, A.R. 1974, nd Includes letters from Sheldrake re intermittent illumination and effect on efficiency of photosynthesis, June 1974. J.103A Scott-Moncrieff, R. (Mrs O.M. Meares) 1978-1981 Rose Scott-Moncrieff was a memberof staff of the John Innes Horticultural Institution in the 1930s and worked alongside someofthe leading figures in chemical genetics. Her memories of the period formed the basis for her Recollections of Muriel book ‘The classical period in chemical genetics. Wheldale Onslow, Sir Robert Robinson and J.B.S. Haldane’. Hill, R.L.M. Synge and B. Harrison advised her on the scientific and historical content of the book. The material is correspondence re progress with the book and includes drafts of sections thereof. J.104 Smith, J.H.C. 1953-1958 Smith was a member of the Department of Plant Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. During his visit to the USA in 1953 Hill spent sometime working with Smith in his laboratory. ‘The absorption and natural Includes protochlorophyll', 4pp typescript report on work by Hill, Smith and C.S. French for the Carnegie Institution's Year Book. fluoresence spectra of R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 131 Correspondence J.105, J.106 Stoner,E.C. 1932-1974 Stoner was a contemporary of Hill's as a student at Emmanuel College Cambridge 1918-1921. After research in the Cavendish Laboratory 1921- 1924 he was appointed lecturer in physics at Leeds University in 1924 subsequently being Professor of Theoretical Physics 1939-1951 and Cavendish Professor of Physics 1951-1963. He remained a closefriend of Hill's and gave advice on thermodynamics problems. On Stoner's death in 1968 Hill remained in contact with his widow. J.105 J.106 J.107 J.108 1932-1946. Includes request for Hill's advice on organising the Leeds University Chemistry Department, 10 October 1943, and correspondence 1946 distributions, (electron thermodynamics), with Hill's manuscript notes found therewith. application biology re of physics to 1949-1974. Chiefly personal news. Includes posthumous correspondence with Stoner's widow. Tamiya,H. 1951, 1952, 1960 van Heyningen, R. 1947, 1952, 1980 J.109 Vishniac, W. 1953, 1954 Progress of research. J.110-J.115 Walker,D.A. 1950s-1989, nd Hill first met Walker when he was a research student in M. Thomas's laboratory at King's College, Newcastle. Hill and Walker became close friends and colleagues and collaborated on a numberof papers. Many of Walker's letters are undated, the arrangement of material is therefore tentative. The correspondence includes progress of Walker's research(including data sent to Hill), career matters and personal news. J.110 1950s, 1960s. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 132 J.111 J.112 J.113 J.114 J.115 J.116 Correspondence 1970-1974. 1975. Includes 'Stepwise generation of the natural oxidant in a reconstituted chloroplast system' by Walker, 12pp typescript, sent to Hill for comment and possible submission to US National Academy of Sciences for publication, 23 July. 1976-1979, various dates 1970s. 1980-1985. 1986-1989, nd. Includes correspondence re honours accordedtoHill. Whatley,F.R. various dates 1948-1985 Whatley was a postgraduate student in the Cambridge biochemistry department working under Hill. He subsequently became Sherardian Professor of Botany at Oxford. Includes Hill's manuscript redrafting of ‘An oxidising system in green leaves' by Whatley, ca.1953. J.117, J.118 Whittingham, C.P. various dates 1953-1982 J.117 1953-1954. Whittingham's book Photosynthesis, Bibliog. no. 51 (1955). Extensive correspondence re preparation of Hill and J.118 1963, 1974, 1979, 1982. J.119 Winter, L.B. 1980, 1981 Winter was a student in the Cambridge biochemistry departmentin the early 1920s. Re bookof recollections of Cambridge by Winter. Hill wrote a foreword for Winter's book which remained unpublished on the author's death. R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 Correspondence J.120 Wittenberg, J. 1973, 1975, nd. SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE J.121 1924-1928 J.122 1930-1937 J.123 1938-1942 J.124 1943, 1946-1949 J.125 1950 J.126 1951 J.127 1952 J.139 1970 J.140 1971 J.144 1972 J.142 1973 J.143 1974 J.144 1975 J.145 1975, 1976 J.128 1953 January-March J.146 1976 J.129 1953 April-December J.147 1977 J.130 1954 J.131 1955, 1956 J.132 1957-1959 J.133 1960, 1961 J.134 1962-1964 J.135 1965 J.136 1966 J.148 1978 J.149 1979 J.150 1980, 1981 J.151 1982 J.152 1983 J.153 1984 J.154 1985, 1986 J.137 1967, 1968 J.155 1987-1989 J.138 1969 J.156 Nd R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABBOTT,Frederick F. ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DEI LINCE! ACLAND, J. S. ADAM, Neil Kensington ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, ist Baron AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL 134 C.43 A.24 J.156 E.33, J.122, J.134 A.16 A.14, A.20, A.22, B.99, B.275, D.22-D.27, E.11, H.12, H.17, H.24, H.30, J.32, J.37, J.39 AKABORI, Shiro AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER AMBLER, Richard Penry AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGISTS AMOROSO, EmmanuelCiprian ANDERSON, Joan Mary (Jan) ANDERSON, Margaret C. ANDERSON, Roy Malcolm ANNUAL REVIEW OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY ANSELL, GordonBrian APPLEBY, Cyril Angus APPLEMAN, David APPLEYARD, Sir Raymond Kenelm ARCHER, Mary D. ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS ARCOSLIMITED ARNON, DanielIsrael ARONOFF, Sam ASHBY, Eric, Baron J.107 C.43 J.156 A.21 A.21, A.24 G.21 A.90, H.69, J.1, J.147 A.90, J.2 G.21 E.63, E.117 A.9, J.148 A.25, A.90, J.3 J.131 J.140 B.132 E.113 C.39 B.221, H.45, J.4 J.101 B.195 ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL DE PHOTOBIOLOGIE See COMITE INTERNATIONAL DE PHOTOBIOLOGIE ASSOCIATION OF APPLIED BIOLOGISTS ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS AVRON, M. B.221 G.1 H.50 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 135 Index of correspondents BACCARI, Vincenzo BACHARACH, Alfred Louis BALDWIN, Brian Conrad BARBER, James BARCROFT,Sir Joseph BARKER, John BARON, William Michael Muir BARRETT, Jack BASSHAM, JamesAlan BATE-SMITH, Edgar Charles BATES, Leslie Fleetwood E.70 A.16 J.133 J.156 A.16, A.49 J.137, J.139 J.146 J.148 J.111 J.134 J.138 BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL COMPANY B.270, B.271 BAWDEN, Sir Frederick Charles BAWDEN, Marjorie E., Lady BEAKBANE, AgnesBeryl BECK,Horace C. R. & J. BECK LIMITED BEDALES SCHOOL BEDFORD, Geoffrey R. BEECHY, R. Brian BENDALL,Derek Stanley BENDALL(née MYERS), FayL. BENNETT-CLARK,ThomasArchibald BENVENUTI, Feliciano BERNAL,Eileen BERNHEIM, Frederick BERTSCH, Walter Frank BILHAM, E. S. BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BLACK,Clanton A.20 J.143 B.242, F.46, H.12, H.18, J.18-J.50, J.143 See also A.54 C.39 C.31-C.37 A.56 B.87, E.46-E.48, E.62 J.136 H.28-H.32, J.5, J.6 See also D.15 E.25, J.6 See also D.25 J.7, J.137, J.139 H.93 J.144 J.144 J.8, J.9 See also D.14 C.38, C.39 E.7 A.9, A.17, A.20 A.51-A.54, H.56, J.144, J.147 BLASCHKO, Hermann Karl Felix (Hugh) A.20, B.215, E.6 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 136 index of correspondents BLINKS, Anne BLINKS, Lawrence Rogers BOARDMAN, Norman Keith BOGORAD, Lawrence BOIS, E. BONNER, David M. BONNER, Walter Daniel, Jr BOWEN, Edmund John BOYLAND, Eric BRADBEER, Joseph William BRADFIELD, A. E. BRADFORD, Henry Francis (Harry) BRAGG, Sir (William) Lawrence BRAUDE, Ernest Alexander BRAUNHOLTZ,J. T. BRIGGS, George Edward BRIGGS, L. H. BRITISH COUNCIL BRITISH MOVIETONEWSLIMITED BRITISH PHOTOBIOLOGY GROUP (later SOCIETY) BRITISH THOMSON-HOUSTON COMPANYLIMITED BROOKS, Frederick Tom BROWN, Allan H. BUCHANAN, Bob Branch BUILDING INDUSTRIES SERVICES LIMITED BURRIS, Robert Harza BUTLER, John Alfred Valentine BUTLER, Warren Lee BUTT, Vernon Spencer CADMAN, Colin Houghton CALDERBAMK,Alan CALVIN, Melvin CAMBRIDGE MORRIS MEN J.129 J.131 H.69, J.10 H.50, H.51 J.121 J.134 B.87, B.169, B.283, E.26, E.58, J.11, J.12 A.20, A.50, B.121, B.272, E.33, J.130, J.134 J.124 J.136, J.137, J.147, J.148 J.41, J.42 AQ B.106 J.125 J.134, J.150 A.16, A.20, J.13 J.124 H.71 C.43 G.2-G.9 B.219 J.29 J.129, J.131 E.109, J.134, J.136, J.154 C.43 J.131 G.2, G.3, G.6 J.144 J.134 J.130 J.133 J.13 D.37 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 137 Index of correspondents CAMBRIDGE NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY CAMBRIDGE UNION SOCIETY D.36 D.38 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB A.16, D.34, D.35 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CAMERON, Sir Gordon Roy CASTENHOLTZ, Richard CAVE, Charles John Philip CHALMERS, Ruth V. CHANCE BROTHERS & COMPANYLIMITED E.42, F.45 A.20, J.123 J.143, J.144 C.38, C.39 J.54, J.130 C.42 CHANCE, Britton CHARLES, Arwyn CHEESBROUGH, JohnK. CHEESMAN, Ernest Entwhistle CHIBNALL,Albert Charles CHILD, Reginald CIBA FOUNDATION CLAPHAM, Arthur Roy CLARKE, G. A. CLENDENNING, K.A. CLIFT,L. F. CLOW,Archibald COLLINSON, Edward H. A.20, A.24, J.11, J.14, J.148 J.128 J.153 J.40 A.29, A.31, A.50, A.51, B.220, D.22 See also A.53 H.29 H.37 J.137 C.38 J.124, J.130 J.42-J.44, J.46 J.128 C.39 COMITE(later ASSOCIATION) INTERNATIONAL DE A.23, G.10-G.12 PHOTOBIOLOGIE COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ORGANIZATION (CSIRO) CONTEMPORARYSCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE COOK,Arthur Herbert COOK, Robert COOMBE, David Edwin GEORGE COOPER & SON LIMITED CORNER, Edred John Henry COX, RaymondPickett COXETER, Harold Scott Macdonald CRAMMER, JohnL. H.69 A.10 E.55 J.125 A.90, C.45, J.137, J.147, J.150 B.217 A.90, J.15-J.21 J.22 J.127 A.16 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 138 Index of correspondents CRANE, Morley Benjamin CROFTS, Antony Richard CUTTING, C. Vernon DAILY EXPRESS DALESSANDRO, Giuseppe DAUBEN, William Garfield DAVENPORT, H. E. DAWSON, Rex Malcolm Chaplin D'COSTA,Mario A. DELCAMBRE, E. DEPARTMENTOF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH(DSIR) DE RAMSEY,Ailwyn Edward Fellowes, 3rd Baron DEVANATHAN, M. A. V. DICKENS, Frank DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY DRUMMOND, Sir Jack (Cecil) DUNN, Colin DURHAM UNIVERSITY DUYSENS,Louis N. M. EARL, John W. EAST MALLING RESEARCH STATION EDSALL, John Tileston EGGLESTON, Leonard Victor ELEY, Daniel Douglas ELLIOTT, Kenneth Allan Caldwell ELLIS, Reginald John ELSDEN, Sidney Reuben EMERSON, Robert EMERSON , Stephen E. EVANS, Harold J. EVANS, Hilary EVANS, Lloyd Thomas AA9 H.65, J.23, J.63 H.28, H.30 C.43 J.144 B.221 A.25, E.23, J.24 J.95 J.139 C.38 H.20 J.146, J.147 H.71, J.25 A.20 E.78 J.126 J.153 G.22 A.20, J.26, J.27 J.142 J.28-J.50 A.10 J.124 B.221 B.195, J.150 B.184, J.140 A.20, J.51, J.52 J.53-J.56 J.127 J.152, J.153 J.146 A.25, G.21, H.69, J.143 R. Hill NCUACS 46/2/94 139 Index of correspondents EVANS, William Charles J.147 FAGER, E. W. FALK,John E. FARADAY SOCIETY FELLGETT,Peter Berners FESTER, Gustavo A. FICHERA,Pietro FINCHAM, John Robert Stanley ALEXANDER FINLAY LIMITED FISHER, Sir Ronald (Aylmer) FLORKIN, Marcel FOGG, GordonElliott (‘Tony’) FORSHAW,J. E. FORTI, Giorgio FOX, Harold Munro FOYER, Christine H. FRANCK,James J.128, J.129, J.130 J.132 H.35 J.154, J.155 J.124 J.139 J.155 J.121 B.221 J.132 A.31, G.20 J.48 E.54, J.143 B.49, J.124 J.152 J.57 FRENCH, Charles Stacy E.10, H.51, J.58-J.60, J.143 FRENKEL, Albert W. FRIEDMAN, JohnB. FRIEDMANN, Ernst FRIEND, John FRYER, Sir John Claude Fortescue FULLERS' EARTH UNION LIMITED GAFFRON, Hans GAO Guo-qing GARNER, Robert J. GEIGY COMPANYLIMITED GENTILE, Benedetto GEST, Howard GIBBS, David GIBBS, Martin J.132, J.138 J.155 J.126 A.20, J.134 H.17 J.122 H.91, J.61 A.10 J.40, J.43 J.133 E.70 J.136, J.148, J.155 J.146 A.54, J.132, J.138, J.149, J.156 GODDARD, David Rockwell J.127 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 140 index of correspondents GODWIN, Sir Harry GOEDHEER, J. C. GOOD, Norman Everett GOODING, E. Graham Beaujon GOODWAY, Keith M. GOODWIN, Jill GOODWIN, Trevor Walworth GOVINDJEE GOWING, Margaret Mary GREEN, David Ezra GREENHAM, David W.P. GREENWOOD, A.Denis GREGORY, Richard Paul FitzGerald GREVILLE, Guy Drummond GRIFFITH, John GRIMME, L. H. HACKMANN, J. Th. HALDANE, John Burdon Sanderson HALL, David Oakley HANES, Charles Samuel HARINGTON, Sir Charles (Robert) HARLEY,John Laker HARRIS, Ronald Victor HARRISON, Douglas Creese HARTREE, E. F. HASSID, William Zev HATTON, Sir Ronald (George) HEATH, Archie Edward HEATH, JamesE. HEBER, Ulrich HELDT, Hans W. HERRERO, Joaquin HEWITT, Eric John A.16, A.20 J.134 B.133, H.51, J.62-J.65 J.126 J.156 A.90, J.144, J.151 J.111, J.152 H.73, J.66, J.147 A.10 J.131 B.220, J.154 B.327, J.137, J.156 J.67 J.134 J.130 A.85 J.133 A.20 H.79, J.68 B.219, D.24, J.69, J.137 G.20, G.23 G.20 J.136 A.16 J.79, J.80 J.134 A.16, G.20, H.12, J.28, J.29, J.32, J.36, J.37, J.39, J.40 See also A.51 B.6 J.149 A.32, H.87, J.70, J.71, J.113 A.32 J.125, J.126 J.125, J.141 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 141 Index of correspondents HILL (née WORTHINGTON), AmyPriscilla HILL (née JACKSON), Clara Maud HILL, David J. HILL, Joseph Alfred HILL, Katharine S. HILL, Susan HIND, Geoffrey HIND, H. E. HINKLE, Peter HOCH, George HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HOFFMANN, Brian HOFFMANN, N. HOLDEN, H. Frank HOLMES, Barbara E. HOLT, Stanley J. HOLTON, Francis A. HOLTTUM, Richard Eric HOPKINS, Sir Frederick Gowland HULME, A.C. (‘Freddie’) HUXLEY, Sir Andrew (Fielding) IBRAHIM, S. H.27 A.45, H.4-H.6 A.46 A.45, H.4-H.6 A.47, H.4-H.6 A.45, B.176 H.51, J.62, J.72, J.147 J.123 J.63 J.147 B.229 J.146 J.135 J.73 D.16A J.127, J.130, J.156 J.132 A.79, B.47, J.141 J.121 J.11, J.40, J.131 A.20 J.127 INDIAN TEA ASSOCIATION (LONDON) H.24, H.28, H.30 INGALLS, Elizabeth N. INMAN, O. L. INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY B.221 J.123 G.15 INTERNATIONAL MINERALS & CHEMICAL CORPORATION H.46 INTERSCIENCE PUBLISHERSINC. E.8 JACKSON, J. B. JAGENDORF,André Tridon JAMES, William Owen JEFFREYS, Bertha, Lady JEWITT, Mary H.75, J.144, J.146 J.74 B.219, J.128, J.130 A.51, J.147 A.16 R. Hill NCUACS46/2/94 142 Index of correspondents JOHNSON, E. Paul JONES, Arthur W. JONES, Reginald Victor JOURNAL OF POMOLOGY AND HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE JUVET,J. KAGEN, Lawrence J. KAMEN, Martin David KAPLAN, Nathan Oram KATOH, Sakae KE, Bacon KEILIN, David KEILIN, Joan E. KENDREW, Sir John (Cowdery) KENNEDY, Gilbert Young KERR, Michael W. J.130 B.270 J.142 J.37 C.33 J.142, J.147 A.31, J.75-J.78, J.144, J.148 H.82, J.147 J.133 J.130 J.121 See also J.79-J.80 A.90, D.14, J.81 J.124 J.125 J.135 CHARLES F. KETTERING FOUNDATION B.270, B.271, D.28, H.20 KETTLEWELL, R. W. KEYS, Alfred John KIDD, Franklin KINDERSLEY,David KING, Tsoo E. KIRBY, Jo KLEIN, Roger Anthony KLEINZELLER, Arnost KLUYVER, A.J. KNOX, Robert S. 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