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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of PROFESSOR (EMMELINE) JEAN HANSON FRS (1919-1973) Biologist 1938-75 deposited in King's College Library, University of London Archives Centre (csac 51/5/77) 5) London WC2A 1HP 1997 Reproduced for the Gontemporary Scientific Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, THE ROYAL COMMIS&XICN ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS All rights reserved CSAC 51/5/77 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Supported by the Royal Society, the British Library and the Council of Engineering Institutions s Report on the papers of Professor (Emmeline) Jean Hanson, FRS. (1919-1973) Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel 1977 Deposited-in the Library of King's College, London E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 Description of the collection _ The papers cover the years 1938-73 and were received from Professor Hanson's scientific executor, Dr. Gerald Offer, whose help in assembling and identi- fying the material is gratefully acknowledged. The tributes to Jean Hanson in A.2 are included by kind permission of Professor Hugh Huxley. With one important exception, Professor Hanson spent the whole of her career at two Colleges of London University. She entered Bedford College, London, as an undergraduaie in 1938 and remained there as a research student and then as Demonstrator in Zoology, 1944-48. In 1948 Sir (then Professor) John Randall invited her to join the sto¥? of the Biophysical Research Unit which he was establishing at King's College, London with funding from the Medical Research Council. Professor Hanson remained at King's, becoming Professor of Biology in 1967 and Director of the Mu:cle Biophysics Research Unit in 1970, until her death in 1973. Her work at Bedford College is especially well-documented (See introductory note to Section B on p.4) and the laboratory notebooks in Section C span her work at both Colleges. The only time which Hanson spent away from these two Colleges was the crucial period 1953-54 when she held a Rockefeller Fellowship at the Massachusetts Hanson's method of work and her combination of creneuious analysis with mitted for publication in Section G. Throughout the catalogue, but especially in Section G, there are refer- Institute of Technology. It was here, in F.O. Schmitt's laboratory, that she began her ‘ilament hypothesis of muscular contraction. (See Items A.2, C.10, C.1! and C.38.) Section C; in some of the extensive diary-like letters in Section F (see the introductory note to Section F on p.18); and in the multiple drafts and emendations to papers sub- sativsiasm can be seen in many sections of the collection: in the careful notes, regularly uxcted, in Sections B and D; in the annotations, ideas for research, comments on cur- rent and projected experiments and ‘talking on paper’ in the laboratory notebooks in ex 'aboration with H.E. Huxley which led to the statement and testing of the sliding should be addressed to the Librarian, King's College, London. ences to the Royal Society Memoir by Sir John Randall, a copy of which is included in Publications are identified by the notation R.S.x - 'x' being the number of the publication in the Bibliography of the Memoir. (See also Item G.30.) Not ail of the papers are necessarily yet available to scholars. Enquiries Item A.1. manuscripts. Titles and descriptions in inverted commas are those which appear on the E.J. Hanson, CSAC 51/5/77 Summary of the career of Professor Hanson 1919 b. Newhall, Derbyshire 1930-38 educated Girls' High School, Burton on Trent 1941 1941-44 1944-48 1948-73 1953-54 1967 a7 = 1970-73 B.Sc., First Class Honours in Zoology, Bedford a iiase: London Research worker and teaching assistant, Bedford College Demonstrator in Zoology, Bedford College Biophysics Research Unit, King's College, London Rockefeller Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Biology, King's College, London Elected to the Royal Society Director, Muscle Biophysics Research Unit, King's College, London Contents of the Handlist Biographical and personal liems A.1 - A.S Bedford College, London (lectures, papers 8.1. Bae C. l= G2a2 D1] 27.35 E.l Fol = E.46 F.20 G.1 - G.30 notes, research) Scientific correspondence King's College, London (lectures, Laboratory notebooks and working research, Biophysics Research Unit) Lectures and conferences (unpublished) Publications (including drafts and notes) Index of principal correspondents E.J. Hanson, CSAC 51/5/77 A. Biographical and personal (A.1 - A.8) A.i Memoir of Hanson by Sir John Randall for the Royal Society, 21, 1975, 313-343. List of publications (incomplete) Address by Hugh Huxley at Commemoration Meeting for 1973 Professor Hanson at King's College, London, 22 November. Address by Hugh Huxley in Aarhus, Denmark, August 1975: 1975 "Professor Jean Hanson FRS and her contribution to muscle studies’. Hanson was educated at The Girls' High School, Burton on On 23 November 1966 she gave the Speech File includes programme and typescript Trent, 1930-38. Day address there. (incomplete) of her address which contains many autobio- graphical reminiscences. p. note describing her studies and interests at school (in another hand, written after her death). 1 ‘ Bedford College: B.Sc. Certificate (Hons. Cl.1 in Zoology) Demonstrator in Z20logy: supporting Testimonials from W. Neilson Jones (1941 and 1944), Honor 8. Fell (1944), and A. GlUcksmann (1943). copy of application with King's College, Lenc=n, opening of the new Physics and 1941 1943-44 On p.13 is a note on ‘Muscle Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of knowledge of the mechanism of contraction in muscle’. 8 pp. typescript of paper describing Hanson's ‘contributions to Biology: bookier describing the research work and courses of the department. Engineering Laiio-ctories by Lord Cherweil, 27 June 1952: booklet cies: -ibing the new laboratories and the work carried sui therein. Cytology’ describing Hanson's work. Unit. 5 pp. annotated (in Hanson's hand) typescript of a portion of the paper. Letters of congratulation on her election to the Royal Society One file of miscellaneous photographs of Hanson in her laboratory, of conferences, of staff of the King's Biophysics (not indexed). E.J. Henson CSAC 51/5/77 B. Bedford College, London (B.1 - B.52) (lectures, notes, research) Hanson entered Bedford College in 1938, graduating with First Class Honours in Zoology in 1941. She worked as a research student in the Department of Zoology and held the post of Demonstrator from 1944-48. of her scholarships and career at Bedford up to 1944.) war the College was evacuated to Cambridge so that Hanson also had the opportunity of attending lectures by the members of the Zoology Department there. (See Item A.4, her application for this post, for details During the The material in this section provides an interesting record of undergraduate teaching in zoology from 1938-48. Hanson took very careful notes on the lectures which she attended as an undergraduate boti: at London and Cambridge Universities and these were supple- mented by copious notes on the literature and meticulous laboratory work. | When she became Demonstrator in Zoology in 1944 (and perhaps even earlier, when she was teaching assistant to Professor H.’Munro Fox), she prepared full drafts for her own lectures, often extensively revising them year by year. She filed these drafts with her undergraduate notes on the subject so that all the material on a particular topic was kept together. with the titles that Hanson gave them; name of the lecturer(s) and these are also listed with the relevant topics. = Each folder may contain one or more of the following types of material: undergraduate notes on lectures, on the literature, from laboratory practicals; lists of references; of slides; printed matter for distribution to students; drafts for her own lecture courses. These subjects are listed below in many cases she noted the lists Acolosoma Aves Chelicerata Amphibia Annelida laboratory drawings and instructions; B.1-B.29 are presented in alphabetical order: (Gilson) Chaetognatha Echinodermata Coelenterata (J.E. Smith) Brachiopoda Coelom Crustacea (Picken) (Needham) E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 Insecta Mammal ia Mesozoa Mollusca Myriapoda Nematoda Nemertea Onychophora (Pantin) Pisces (Sidney Smith, H. Munro Fox, J. Gray) Platyhelminthes Polyzoa Porifera Protochordata (Pantin) Protozoa Biophysics. Behaviour. Protochordata (laboratory work only) Reptilia Reptilia Rotifera (many sets of notes on reptiles onJ birds) Biochemistry. Metabolism (D. Keilin, H. Munro Fox, Tazelaar) (Ince) Comparative Vertebrate Zoology (J. Gray, W.H. Thorpe, S. Smith) Comparative Vertebrate Zoclogy (Tazelaar, Ince) Descriptive Embryology (Vertebrate) (Ince) Descriptive Embryology (Invertebrate) Ecology (Needham, E.B. Ford) Practical Embryology Experimental Embryology ape Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 B.39 B.40 B.4] B.42 B.43 B.44 Embryology (S. Smith) Entomology (W.H. Thorpe) Genetics. Orthogenesis. Morphogenesis. Evolution (Boulenger, C.H. Waddington, Ince) Histology and its methods Histology Pathology (Dean) B.45-B.51 Notes on the literature. Seven folders of extensive, carefu! notes on the literature. Several of the folders contain numerous sets of notes and are quite large. or article, and date. Each set of notes is clearly labelled by author, title of book One file of miscellaneous notes containing: notes on lectures by H. Munro Fox on muscles, strati- 1944-47 graphy, zcogeography notes on lectures by D.M.S. Watson on Palaeontology 1946-47 notes on isotope technique, on O9 determination _ Sept.1941-" containing notes on laboratory work on Undergraduate notehook, Bedford College, labelledon cover n.d. 1948 1941-42 1945 _Laboratory notebooks ane Working Papers (C.1 - C.43) notes titled Biological Society, Jan 30th 1948. Naples'. Notebook labelled on cover 'Special Lecture Notes. Zoology. The notes, however, are not of lectures but ‘Zoology. Gei.3.5c.:- Protochordata, Cyclostomata, Pisces, Amphibia’. anatomical drawings. Contains meticulously-labelled The first one is dated 14.10.38. (Cont'd. ) E.J. Hanson'. of the preparation of laboratory specimens for mounting as slides, 1941-42. The first page of the notebook was added in April 1945 and is titled ‘Polychaeta collected in Bangor district’. work as a research student on the subject of annelids; results of this work were eventually published in a series of papers, 1945-51. tions. annelids from September 1941 to August 1942, with one eniry for 4 June 1943. This notebook represents some of Hanson's first the Notebook labelled on cover 'Oligochaetes. Record of observa- 1941-43 E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 C.3 (cont'd. ) SM Protein Biochemistry’. This is followed by 2 pages of notes titled 'New Series. 18 Feb. 1957. end of the book are brief notes on the ABRM (Anterior byssus retractor of Myiilus), November1958-December 1959. ; From the other 1957 1958-59 : Notebook labelled on cover ‘Staining reactions of muco- 1945-46 proteins 1945-6' containing notes on the literature and of laboratory observations. notes, not all of which are in Hanson's hand. work for paper with D.W. Ewer (R.S.1). Also contains some loose pages of Probably Notebook labelled on cover 'Pomatoceros. Feb.1946 --. 1946-47 Maples, April 1947-September 1947'. (57 pp.) covers laboratory work from 21 February 1946 to 12 September 1946. The first page is titled 'Sinus', and the first entry begins 'Made unsuccessful search for muscles inside inner latima of sinus’. This series represents some of ‘Hanson's first work on muscles. The first section The entries of the second section (pp.58-197) date from 9 April 1947 to 4 September 1947, with a notation at the bottom of the last page 'continued in new notebook' (Item CG}. The entries date (This sequence may be a con- 1951-53 Unlabelled notebook which is a continuation of the record of 1947-48 The entire volume is filled with careful, lengthy records of laboratory work and observations of annelids, the second section being especially concerned with serpulids and sabellids. experiments on annelids begun in C.5. from 4 September 1947 to 28 August 1948. At the other end of the notebook is another sequence of experiments, 3 October 1951 to 6 February 1953, on insect flight muscles, ATP, etc. tinuation of the experiments recorded in C.8.) See p.318 of the Royal Society Memoir for a description of this work on myofibrils. cultures (continued in C.8). tains a record of laboratory experiments on rat and mouse epidermis carried out at the Strangeways Laboratory, Cambridge, from 6 January 1944 to 9 September 1944. pp.315-316 of the Royal Society Memoir.) The second section (144 pp.) contains a very full record of work from 22 September 1948 to 5 May 1950 on mammalian Notebook labelled with dates. The first section (48 pp.) con- (See 1948-50 &.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 C.8 Notebook labelled with dates. 1950-51 150 pp.: C.7. 29 September 1951. of observations; (see also C.6). Continuation of work from first entry is dated 5 May 1950, last is Continuous chronological sequence later entries include work on myofibrils Small red notebook. First entry is erroneously dated 15. Febru- 1951-52 ary 1952 (should be 15 February 1951), the last entry is 12 December 1952. = This is Hanson's index of micrographs, which are numbered and described. See first page of note- book for explanation of code. 1953-54 Brown notebook labelled inside front cover with.name and Methods'.; first entry is This notebook is Hanson was awarded "Biology Department. M.I.T. 9 March 1953, last is 22 May 1954. a Rockefeller Fellowship to work in F.O. Schmitt's laboratory at M.1.1.; she arrived in February 1953. a record of her collaborative work there with Hugh Huxley, ‘and describes the methods and results of their interfererice microscopy work on the actin/myosin content of myofibrils, which led to the publication of their joint papers. Inserted in the notebook are many diagrams myofibrillar bands caused by thick and thin filaments. | Numbers in red pencil identify the micrographs. See np.319- 327 of the Royal Society Memoir for a full description of Hanson and Huxley's collaboration. Notebook is in both hands. 1955. first entry is dated 1953-55, 1959 1955'. ture and on experiments. 21 pp.: 16-31 August Brown notebook labelled as in C.10; Notebook of a very miscellaneous composition. is irwlexed 'Preps., Actin Practical., Myosin Practical., Small brown notebook labelled on cover with name ond 'Noples Notes on the litera- 9 March 1953, last is 24 January 1955, with two additonal entries for 1959. Contoins notes on methods of we". as sug- gested to Hanson by discussions with colleagues or trorr reading the literature. graphs at M.1.T. See also C.38 for index oF rucro- loose pages of diagrams and notes are inserted. first part of the book (3 July 1956 to 1G October 1957) is in the same hand as C.13 and contains work on tropomyosin, actomyosin, paramyosin. (24 October 1957 to 17 October 1958) is Hanson's annotations and notes appear throughout. as follows: T.C.A., Micro-Kjeldahi., Analysis’. are by a student or technician but Hansen has also made numerous notes and annotations. 21 June 1956. Continuation of sequence of experiments begun in C.13. The The second part of the book Last experiment is dated It 1955-56 in another hand. Several Most of the entries } E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 Gils Notebook of calculations, procedures and experiments from Avery detailed, almost 24 June 1954 to 3 June 1955. daily, record of work. : 1954-56 Notebook of calculations, procedures and results of experiments (mostly on rabbit muscle) from 18 June 1955 to 20 November 1956. 1955-56 Small green notebook labelled on cover (in Lowy's hand) Contains "Plymouth, August 1956. entries (in both hands) of observations and results of experi- ments. Last entry is 5 September 1956. Hanson & Lowy’. Notebook labelled on cover ‘Hanson & Lowy.. Ideas’. 26 pp. 1956-57 of very brief entries (in both hands): ber 1956, last is 5 August 1957. points to investigate. first is dated 30 Septem- Questions and notes of Notebook of calculations, procedures ond results of experiments 195+ pp. of entries from 5 September 1956 to 12 June 1957. (in both Hanson's and Lowy's hands). 1956-57 Notebook of experiments, results and calculations (180 pp.) 1957-59 from 14 July 1957 (Naples) to 30 October 1957. section begins on 2? April 1958 and ends on 16 November 1959. At end of book is a 'List of e.m. blocks' and 'List of glycerol- extracted material’. Entries in Hanson's and Lowy's hands. Next 1960-62 Very full record and diagrams in Hanson's hand) with notes of The only entry which c.1959-60 er 11. Calculations’ with no year Notebook labelled 'ryphoea YA paper’. Notebook labelled on ihe cover 'ABRM paper' with entries is dated is for ‘Dec given, but advice trom Hanson's colleagues puts it at c.1959- 60. (YA= ‘yellow ~/duction'.) beginning on 14 June 1960. for work during June (all points to be includes in paper or for further study} infrequent entries from 12 September 1960 to 10 March 1961 (in Hanson's and Lowy's hands). ideas and thoughts for future research. Record of experiments Most of - begins on 3 May 1960 and ends on 29 October 1963. the entries are in Hanson's hand although there are a few by Lowy. Notebook beginning on 14 December 1960 and ending on 21 October 1962. Contains a record of laboratory work on rabbit and oyster muscles, but several of the entries are Notebook labelled on cover with dates. One loose page of notes on ‘Actin. TM’. 1960-63 oE,J. Ranson.) CSAC 51/5/77 Cue Notebook labelled on back cover ‘Isolated filaments etc. Last entries are for 6 January and Records of laboratory work and measurements, June Ist, 1961 --'. 1 July 1962. especially during July 1961, but many of the entries are Hanson's 'thinking on paper’ with ideas for new research, improved methods, observations and ideas correspondence or conversation with colleagues and from reading the literature, tentative hypotheses as suggested by new evidence, summary of resulis from experiments, list of points to be incorporated in published work, etc. The book is a very interesting record of her methods of research. as suggested by 10 1961-62 From the other end of the book: 1959 (mostly in another hand). record of ‘sectionings’, 1959 Novebook labelled on cover 'Isolated filaments. March 1962-63 1962-July 1963': results, notes from conversations. and Lowy's hands. record of measurements, analyses of Entries in both Hanson's Notebook labelled on cover ‘Measurements, calculations etc. 1963-64 - ~'. Research on bacterial flagella with Aug.1, 1963 - notes on Astbury's work, tentative hypotheses, ‘speculations' on diffraction patterns (p.13) etc. Series ends on 12 March 1964 with two later eniries in Lowy's hand for July 1964. Notebook with 17 pp. of entries, 15 April-22 December. c.1965 Thoughts on work in progress and ideas for future research, Index at the back of the book. ° 1962-65 1964-67 1967 to 2 November 1970. Contents as described above. Large blue notebook, 31 March 1964 to 15 July 1967, filled Notebook continuing sequence of work begun in C.30, 20 July Continuation of C.30 and C.31. December 1970 to July 1973. with lengthy notes on experimental procedure, measurements, observations and conclusions. Notebook of brief entries from 21 October 1962 to 16 June 1965 on ideas for research and future papers (proteins, actin, etc.) methods. ‘Actin K1 prep., Acetone-dried residue., Guba-Straub extraction., Preparation of tropomyosin., Actin/iropo~ myosin Expts.' Careful record of muscle preparations Notebook with entries by G. Offer and Hanson indexed as follows: 1966-67 Small notebook of miscellaneous notes (some perhaps taken at c.1967-68 Notebook kept by Sue Weindling (Hanson's technician) of 1965-66 1967-70 1970-73 Contents as described above. a colloquium or conference). laboratory work. E.J. Hanson ‘CSAC 51/5/77 C.36 Notebook kept by G. Offer indexed inside front cover with dates and experiments,4 January 1967 to 6 August 1968. Careful record of muscle preparations. Loose notes, by Hanson, inserted at the back of the book. 1] 1967-68 Small blue notebook labelled on cover 'EMs' containing 1952, 1954, Hanson's notes on the use of various electron microscopes. 1960 Notebook containing index of micrographs. From other end, one page of 'Calibrations of RCA EMU M.1.T. March 14, 1954". 1954 Notebook labelled inside front cover 'Hanson & Lowy', con- taining index/notes of micrographs beginning 1 November 1956. is 30 October 1963. First page is titled 'New Siemens'. Last entry 1956-63 Notebook containing list of micrographs from 2 April 1944 to 29 March 1971, and March-May 1973. ‘August 1973 by Offer. Continued for July- Index 1965-69 at back of the book. ~ Folder of laboratory notes on miscellaneous methods of preparation. Folder of notes on ‘useful calculations’ (in several different hands). Dal is2 D.3 molecular basis of contraction. typescript notes for 1963 Research Unit) D.1-D.12 Course lectures Reading list for biophysics course; summary of lectures on One folder of notes of work done previous to 1956: striated muscle, myosin break-down, study of rabbit muscle, 2.2. Typescript and manuscript. King's College, London (D.1 - D.35) (lectures, research, Biophysics. 1965-66 series with careful revisions and additions for 1967. lectures 1-4; lectures 1-5, 9-10; reading list. (perhaps notes for 2 differ- ent lecture series). Postgraduate Biophysics Course (given with J. Lowy): "6 basic lectures on muscle': mss. for lectures delivered in Series of lectures on muscle: mss. and/or typescript for ‘The mechanism of muscular contraction': course of 3 lectures delivered in February. brief ms. notes with indication of slides for mss. 10, reading list. and/or typescript for lectures 2-5, 9, 1960-61 1962-63 1965 Efi dtician CSAC 515/77 D.6 "Molecular Biology I': synopsis of 7 introductory lectures on Muscle, mss. of lectures, reading list, notes for students' laboratory practicals. 12 1967-68 D.7-D.11 Series of 6 lectures on the 'Structure and Function of Muscle’ 1968-71 Each lecture was carefuily worked delivered from 1968-71. out and revised every year to take account of recent advances in the field. pared for distribution to the class; the files below: A very clear synopsis of each lecture was pre- copies are included in 0.7 ) D.8 D.9 Ms. drafts of Lecture | (1969, 1970, 1971); synopsis of Lectures | and Il, misc. notes, reading lists for the course (1970, 1971-72). _ Ms, drafts of Lecture Il (1970, 1971). Ms. drafts of Lecture Ill, synopsis. D.10 ~=-Ms. drafts of Lecture IV, synopsis. ‘D.11 Ms. drafts of Lectures V and VI, synopses. D.12 Series of 6 postgraduate lectures on the mechanisms of muscular contraction: ms. annotations. typescript notes for each lecture with some D.13-D.20 See also D.35. Colloquia talks (arranged chronologically as far as possible) ms. draft for talk delivered in February 1958. °D.13 1951: typescript. reference to inseci flight muscles': ms. draft. 54, delivered in Januory 1955: ms./typescript draft. Talk on myofibrils in incect flight muscles, 11 September Colloquium talk on resulis of muscle research at Harvard, 1953- "Contractile mechanism in the smooth muscles of vertebrates’: 'The significance of cross-striation in muscle, with particular striated muscles. "Structure of muscle filaments': ms. notes and draft. Talk to laboratory, 25 March 1966 on contraction in cross- ‘Cell-physiology - rnuscle': ms. draft for talk delivered in Talk on ABRM: ms. draft is dated May 1960; typescript is ; undated and may be for a different talk. 1961; laboratory seminar, January Ms. drafts for 2 talks en contractibility. _ January 1959. E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 13 D.19 'Muscle and flagella’, talk for laboratory meeting, 17 Novem- —_-1970 ber: heavily corrected typescript. . “ahd 20 'Talk to lab. Jan. 1973': typescript notes for talk on thin 1973 filaments (see also G.29). D.21-D.28 Medical Research Council Numerous research reports on the mechanism of muscular con- traction, 1954-72, by the members of the Biophysics Research Unit, King's College, London, to the Medical Research Council and to various charitable foundations (especially Nuffield and Rockefeller) which supported their work. D.24) to the US National Institutes of Health for funding, 1962-63. Iter D.26 is a memorandum by Hanson to the Secretary of the Medical Research Council, Dr. J.A.B. Gray (now Sir John Gray), dated 28 November 1968, in which she outlines her hopes and plans for the new Muscle Biophysics Research Unit which was to be created under her’ direction after Sir John Randall's retirement from King's in 1970. | Item D.28 is her report on the Unit's first two years of work. Includes an application Reports for 1954-58. Reports for 1959-63. sé Correspondence with the MRC, 1959-60, re submission of The File includes annotated typescript of the report 1954-58 1959-63 1959-60 Application to the US National Institutes of Health by Hanson and Lowy for funds for the purchase of an electron micro- scope for research on the ‘structural basis of muscular con- traction'; suggestions. various drafts with amendments, deletions and (See also D.30.) 1961-63 Reports for 1966, plus several typescripts @f reports which do report 'New applications of electron microscopy. structure of muscle in relation to the mechanism of con- traction’. and a copy of Sir John Randall's letter to Sir Harold Himsworth (12 January 1960) protesting against the circula- tion of an altered version of the article without the prior consent of the authors (Hanson and Lowy). preparation for MRC visit to the Unit im 1972. Memorandum to the MRC, 28 November 1968, setting forth Hanson's proposals for the creation of @ new Muscle Bio- physics Research Unit, with letter of acknowledgement from Dr. J.A.B. Gray. Reports on research by individual members of the staff in not bear a date. ej . Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 D.28 Report to the MRC on the work of the Muscle Biophysics Research Unit, May 1972. Memoir for a description of the work carried out by the members of the new Unit in its first two years of existence. See p.338 of the Royal Society Papers and correspondence re the teaching of molecular biology c.1967-69 and. biophysics. Correspondence and memoranda re the purchase and use of an electron microscope, through a grant by the US National Institutes of Health (see also D. 24). 1962-64, 1967 D.31-D.33 Correspondence with and re research workers and colleagues desiring an opportunity to spend some time in the Muscle Biophysics Research Unit under Hanson's direction. The letters discuss possible programmes of research, housing, financing, grant applications, etc. (See also F.24.) Valeri Lednev Ichiro Matsubara Carl Moos 1968-72 1970-73 1969-71 Miscellaneous correspondence re personnel, library funds, 1962-67 examining, etc. 4 manuscripts and/or typescripts for colloquia talks, none n.d. Lecture to typescript notes. Lectures and conferences (unpublished) (E.1 - E.46) dated; one is titled 'The Biology of Muscular Contraction’. NB. Drafts and notes for published papers are listed in Section G. ‘Smooth muscle' and ‘Structure and Function': notes for talks Two early lectures on the submicroscopic structure of muscle, one delivered to the Society for Experimental Biology, the other to the Royal Microscopical Society. the Maxwell Society, October 1957: Cont'd. Envelope marked 'USA lectures, 1960 and comments at Pitts- A hypothesis of the contractile mechanism in a smooth muscle': 2 heavily annotated typescript versions. ‘Relaxation in Mytilus Muscle', 19 December 1960, with note Talk delivered to the Physiological Society, Oxford. delivered in January 1959. "Ist Biophysics Meeting’. i . ° ° . burg', containing: n.d. 1957 1959 1959 1960 1960 — E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 E.5 (cont'd. ) ‘Speed and striation in muscles’: script versions. 2 annotated type- . Short talk on the ABRM.’ Notes and comments on talks given by Szent--Gyérgyi, Podolsky, Ernst, Sj8strand. Hanson visited the US during the early months of 1960, travelling across the country giving lectures and seminars, visiting laboratories and research institutes, and attending conferences. See also F.10. Lecture to the Linnean Society on the siructure of muscular n.d. contraction as revealed by the electron microscope: annotated typescript. 'The structure of actin’ (with J. Lowy): abstract, typescript “and notes for paper presented at British Biophysical Society meeting, December 1961 (see p.332 of the Royal Society Memoir). Notes for a talk delivered to the Bedford College Biological 1962 Society, March 1962. Typescript of paper delivered at a meeting of the Royal Society, 1963 November 1963. University, October 1964. _ bacterial flagella. type- College of North Waies, Bangor, January 1964. 1964 1964-66 Ms. draft and typescripi of lecture delivered at Bradford 1964 Notes and typescripi ot talk to a studenis' society, University ‘Molecular Structure of Contractile Systems', 2 lectures delivered in the University of London Intercollegiate Course in Histology in October 1964, 1965, 1966: script and/or ms. draft for each year's lectures. Programme for 1966. basis of contraction in vertebrate skeletal muscles. Paper presented to the Anatomical and Physical Societies joint meeting: a review of current work on the molecular Talk to the British Biophysical Society, January 1965 on Lecture to 2nd year physiologists at St. Mary's Hospital, London, January 1965: brief ms. notes only. Talk delivered in Hull, April 1965: ms. notes only. E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 E.16 Symposium on Muscle, Budapest, 12-16 September 1966: fist of participants, Hanson's careful notes on papers presented by others. (See also F.3.) "Molecular aspects of ultrastructure’, paper delivered at Sym- posium on the Comparative Aspects of Muscle sponsored by American Society of Zoologists, Division of Comparative Physiology, Washington, D.C., 29 December 1966: pro- gramme, annotated typescript. "Muscle Contraction’, Symposium on Muscle, The Agricultural Institute, Dublin, 20 March 1967: programme, typescript of paper. 'The Structure of Muscles', Professor Hanson's Inaugural Lecture in the Chair of Biology, King's College, London, 15 May 1967: typescript, correspondence, invitation, background maierial. (Hanson was the first Professor of Biology at King's.) ‘The structure of actin filaments', typescript of a lecture 1967 delivered in Tokyo. 'The structure of actin paracrystals', paper delivered to sym- 1967 posium of the British Biophysical Society on Muscular Con- traction, 18-20 December 1967, University College, London: abstracts, ms. text of lecture, conference notes. Lectures on muscle for Course Unit in Cell Biology, University 1967-70 ms. drafts for 1967, 1968, of London, London Hospital: 1970, programme, correspondence. ‘The Molecular Structure of Muscle’, talk to University College, typescript, London, Biochemical Society, 20 February 1968: notes, correspondence. Correspondence and papers re the International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics, Molecular Biophysical Commission Conference, 'Interactions between subunits of biological macromolecules', Cambridge, 24-27 June 1968, may be found in Item F.28. re Hanson. Course in Histology and Cell Biology for Junior Medical and Dental Students, London University: programme, notes for lecture on muscle. ‘How do Muscles Contract?', 2nd Royal Society B.A.Y.S, Lecture, Glasgow, 24 October 1969: printed booklet des- cribing subject of lecture and giving biographical details delivered in Pouschino and Moscow, August 1969; for a seminar in Moscow. (See also D.31.) notes Ms. draft and partial typescript (first 2 pp. only) for lectures Talk on muscle to school teachers, July 1968. 1968 1968-69 E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 E.28 'The structure and function of muscle’, lecture in series 'The structure and function of cells', Luton College of Technology, 5 November 1969: programme, corres- pondence, ms. text of lecture. ‘Structural aspects of excitation-contraction coupling in the myofibrils of vertebrate skeletal muscle’, postgraduate seminar in biophysics and neurophysiology, Oxford, 22 November 1969: programme, ms. text of lecture. 2 lectures on muscle delivered to Part II Physiology students, ms. text of lectures, reading Cambridge, February 1971: list. ‘Structure and function at the molecular level in muscles and flagella’, student lecture in Geneva, 11 March (?)1971: ms. fext. Ms. text of lecture on muscles to University of Gdteberg, Sweden, 27 May 1971 (Hanson spent a week in Géteberg where she participated in 2 graduate seminars and delivered this lecture.) Lecture to Barking College of Technology, May 1971: ms. text. Extensive ms. notes on papers presenied by participants at conference in Rome. Ms. texts of 2 lectures delivered in Louvain, December 14/1. ‘The structure of actin - and myosin - containing filaments ‘Optical diffraction of actin paracrystals': typescript o: lecture (date and venue ‘not known). Talk to Youth International Science Fortnight, August 1973: in vertebrate striated muscle', 1972: text of lecture with list of references and figures. typescript araft, Lecture to Ewell Technology Institute, February 1972: ms. iext. Ms. draft notes for a lecture on A.T.P. in Symposium on Comparative Muscle Physiology: annotated typescript. ms. text. "Muscle cytology in relation to the functioning of muscles' E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 18 E.42 3 lectures prepared for delivery by Sir John Randall: 1956-60 ‘The structure of a cross~striated myofibril and its behaviour during contraction or extension’, 3 March 1956. "Problems of contractibility in smooth muscle', c.1957. "Present state of muscle research', September 1960. Scientific correspondence (F.1 - F.28) Principal correspondents have their own file(s). Shorter corres- pondence, with more than one individual, is grouped in folders bearing only the names of the first and last correspondents in that file. correspondents are listed in the generat index on pp.24-25. All Where the substance of the correspondence is of particular personal or scientific interest, an indication is given in the hand- list below. When Hanson or her principal colleagues were abroad on conferences, or visiting fellow-scientists and their laboratories, they exchanged frequent and extensive letters. can thus be formed of her own research and general progress in the field, and also of the scientists involved both in her department and elsewhere. A detailed picture Some scientific correspondence is also included in Sections D and G. - -) - Caffrey, Me. Fre. GM. Allen, R.D. Bourne, G.H. Gall, J.G. Goldspink, G. Hasselbach, E.W. - Hudson, R.C.L. Letters exchanged t-tween Hanson, K. Bailey, H.E. Huxley, J. Lowy, C. RUegg on research progress and results and projected publications, mainly on adductor muscles. letter from Bailey to Lowy, 1960. Cont'd. and Lowy, with news of work and colleagues at home and abroad. No all the letters are dated, and some pages are missing: Extersive correspondence exchanged between Hanson Discussions of research resulis and projected - Lamb, W.G.P. F.10-F.12 Lowy, J. - publications. r7 F.8 F.9 Kominz, D.R. Lowey, S. Huxley, H.E. Kay, C.M. 1956-57 One 1960 1962-69 7; Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 F.10-F.12 (cont'd.) F.10 F.11 F.A2 1960 1961 1962, 1963, 1966, n.d., 1972 Martonosi, A. Mommeoerts, W.F.H.M. Millman, B Needham, D Neuberger, A. - Oosawa, F. Pepe, F.A. Perry, S.W. Pringie, J.W.S. RUegg, J.C. Rosenbluth, J. - Worthington, R. Shoenberg, C.F. (Kate) Elliott, SF. Gillis, J-M. References. - - Miscellaneous shorter correspondence. Correspondence re organisation of meeting on ‘Interactions between sub-units of biological macromolecules’ held in Cambridge, 24-27 June 1968. (Sponsored by the Inter- national Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics.) Hanson chaired one of the sessions on ‘Muscle and other motile systems’. & 9, 10, it. and the Serpulimorpha: 122 pp. typescript of material that was published as a series of 4 articles in the Quarterly” Journal of Microscopical Science, vols. 91 and 92, 1950-51.” R.5. from published versions referred to by Royal Society bibliography number ) ‘The anatomy and histology of the blood system of Pomatoceros with organising secretary (Dr. K.C. Holmes). G. Publications (G.1 - G.30) (drafts and notes, often differing or expanded with speakers invited to the muscle session. 1950-51 E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 G.2 'The histogenesis of the epidermis in the rat and mouse!: expanded typescript (193 pp.) of material originally published as an article in the Journal of Anatomy, 81, 1947, B.S. 12. File folder marked 'Unpublished 1952', containing typescript 1952-53 of paper ‘The cross striations of muscle fibres' by Hanson communicated by J.T. Randall to Proc.Roy.Soc.B. for publication. (6 November 1953) enclosing extracts from the reports of two referees who did not recommend publication. includes figures to accompany the paper. Copy of letter from D.C. Martin to Randall File 'The structural basis of contraction in striated muscle’ (with 1954-55 typescript, notes on the litercture, it.E. Huxley): Spring 1954. R.S. 16. Figures and photographs to accompany work published in the 1956-57 Journal of Biophysical and Biochemical Cytology, vols. 2 and 4, R.S. 21, 26. Notes and bibliographies by Hanson and Lowy on literature re. 1956 cephalopod muscle. Folder marked 'early drafts of protein papers', containing 1956-57 various manuscripts: * 2 ms. pp. of comments by Hanson on drafts. (Preliminary work for R.S. 29, 30.) 3 pp. typescript marked 'Pipe-dream Folder marked 'Nature letters. Early drafts' containing: ‘Paramyosin and tropomyosin as the two components of the contractile protein system in certain smooth muscles. ' "Studies on the structural proteins of lamellibranch adductor typescript with numerous extensive ms. additiczs. muscles': "ATP-induced contraction of protein threads formed from paramyosin and actin': Xmas ‘56'. Cont'd. 'The structure and the proteins of some molluscan smooth muscles which contain paramyosin': typescript with ms. annotations. ‘The structure and the proteins of "catch" muscles in lamellibranch molluscs': with ms. annotations. 3 different typescript versions ‘The identity of paramyosin, tropomyosin and actomyosin in molluscansmooth muscles': typescript. E .J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 G.8 (cent'd.) 'The location cf paramyosin in the fibres of certain lamellibranch adductor muscles': with Lowy, Elliott and Huxley. typescript in collaboration Letter from Randall to Editor of Nature communicating 3 papers on 'The Structural Proteins of Smooth Muscles containing paramyosin'. Letter from Pantin to Randall answering query re publication. "Helical configuration of smooth myofibrils’ (with J. Lowy): c.1vo7 3 pp. typescript. Typescript (first page missing) of detailed notes of a discussion c.1957 (2) and of 'Hypothesis. May 11th, 5.0 p.m.'. '‘Paramyosin elements in lamellibranch muscles! (with G.F. 1957 Elliott and J. Lowy): ‘annotations. RS, 30. 3 different typescripts with ms. File labelled 'Smooth muscle and function' containing: Ms. table of contents for 'The structure and function of smooth muscles', with 35 pp. typescript of Part I, . "Structure and biochemistry', list of footnotes and references. "Structure and function of the contractile apparatus in the Typescript notes, ‘Skeleton of discussion - Feb. 24th’. Extensive ms. calculations, data, notes. galley proofs, legends for ficures, muscles of invertebrate animals’ (with J. Lowy), Chapier 9 in Vol.| of The Structure and Function of Muscles: type- script, galley proofs, and page proofs. R.S. 34. ‘The molecular basis of contraction in cross-striated muscle." (with H.E. Huxley), Chapter 7 in Vol.| of The Stiuciure. and Function of Muscles: photographs and illustrations. Re S533, like this’. Background material used in preparation of chapter: notes and references from the literature, typescript (with ms. annota- tions) of 'Structure of insect muscles' and ‘Biochemistry of insect muscles', correspondence (1 letter only). ‘The’ structure of muscle fibres': typescript with appendix ‘Things that have to be done before publishing anything E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 Gil? 'The structure of muscle fibres in the translucent part of the adductor of an oysier', paper read by Hanson and Lowy at a meeting of The Royal Society, 2 March 1961: programme, 2 typescripts, figures and diagrams for slides. Paper was later published in Proc.R.Soc.Lond.B., Vol.154, 173. R.S. 35. "Ultrastructure of invertebrate smooth muscles', paper written 196] by Hanson and Lowy (and delivered by Lowy - see also F.1} at Symposium on Vascular Smooth Muscle, Washington, D.C., 12-15 November 1961. — Later published in Physiological Review, 42, no.3, suppl.5. Rae ar - - printed abstract and typescript notes of paper. printed abstracts of some of the papers presented (with notes taken by Lowy during the conference). editorial correspondence re publication of papers and discussions. typescripts of discussion (with ms. annotations). labelled 'Actin Theory. 1960' containing: - typescript of 'The role of actin in muscular coniraction' with ms. note ‘Last edition’. 7 abstract, ‘The structure of actin' (with J. Lowy) published in Biochemistry 1964 of Muscle Contraction: typescript of paper ond of ensuing . discussion at symposium. R.S. 40. "Structure of bacterial flagella’, paper presented at Third typescript of 'The actin-containing and myosin- containing filareents of muscle’. typescript of referees’ comments on 'The structure of the actin filamenis of muscle’. European Regionai Conference on Electron Miscroscopy, Prague, 1964 and tater published in Nature, 202: typescript, diagrams Rae oes fee Various sets of ins. notes of points to be included or explained in papers on the subject (in several different hands). Rid. Aa: ‘Comparative studies on the structure of contractile systems' (with J. Lowy) delivered at Heart Foundation Symposium, Toronto, February 1964, and later published in Circulation Research, 15, suppl. 2, p.4: typescripts of notes for talk — and for published version, diagrams, correspondence. 23 1964-65 1964-65 E.J. Hanson . CSAC 51/5/77 G.23 ‘Molecular basis of contractility in muscle’ (with J. Lowy), several different British Medical Bulletin, 21 (3), 264: typescript versions, all heavily annotated, ms. notes, scientific and editorial correspondence. R.S. 47. 'The design of contractile systems’ (with J. Lowy, G.F. Elliott, B.M. Millman and M.W. McDonough), paper presented and published in Ciba Foundation Symposium on Principles of Biomolecular Organisations, pp.229-253: typescript, heavily annotated, ms. data, calculations, notes, editorial corres- pondence. R.S. 48. ‘Structure and assembly of myofilaments in vitro', paper read ui Birmingham meeting of the Royal Microscopical Society, 31 March 1966, and published in Proc.R.Microscop. Soc. 1, pt.ll.: script notes for lecture, ms. notes for another (unidentified) ‘lecture, perhaps used as a basis for the Birmingham lecture. R.S. 49. abstract of paper and heavily annotated type- ‘Axial period of actin filaments', Nature, 213, 353: typescript, copy of 'The actial period of aciin filaments in muscle! by Hanson's coliaborators, working papers. R.S. 50. ms. notes for talk, type- ‘Recent X-ray diffraciion studies of muscle’, Quarterly Review typescript, editorial correspondence, diagrams. ‘Evidence from electron microscope studies on actin para- "Structure of the actin-containing filaments in vertebrate skeietal 1972 of Biophysics: (Not listed in Royal Society Memoir.) muscle! (with V. Lednev, E.J. O'Brien and P.M. Benrieft), paper delivered and published in Cold Spring Harbour Symposium on Quantitative Biology, 37, 311: script, which differs from the notes and from the published version, Hanson's notes on papers presented at the conference. R.S. 54, R.S. 55. crystals concerning the origin of the cress~striation in the thin filaments of vertebrate skeletal muscle', Proc.R.Soc. Lond.B 183, 39: i ‘F-actin paracrystals (preliminary draft prepared for dis~ cussion, November 1969)! and the other is titled 'The structure of crystalline aggregates of F-actin with tropo- myosin and "troponin"! (see also D.20); "Introduction' and heavily annotated typescript of the methods, results and discussion portions of the paper (all of which dif- fer substantially from the final published version); corres- pondence with Andrew Huxley who read the paper for the Royal Society in his capacity as Associate Editor and who consulted David Phillips re Hanson's use of the word ‘crystal’. 2 preliminary drafts: one is labelled ms. draft of 1972 E.J. Hanson CSAC 51/5/77 G.30 One folder containing offprints of Hanson's published work, in order of bibliography printed in Royal Society Memoir. Missing: nos. 19, 31, 33 and 34 (chapters in books), 52. Omitted from Royal Society Bibliography: 2 articles by Hanson and Lowy, 1957, J.Physiol., 140, 8-9, 31-32, and one article in Quarterly Review of Biophysics, 1968. Index of principal correspondents l e e l e l e l F. F. F. F. G F. F. F. F. F. o N s N R o ~ o n © o e H ~ > = N n o c F F. S A w ™ m n F F N N N N N N N N W W F. F. F. F. F. F. D D G F. 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Szent-Gyérgyi, Andrew Weis-Fogh, Torkel Welsch, Ulrich Wood, Richard L. Worthington, Roy . Squire, John b t s l t e i t o Bruno w a l t a h T t t o