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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of VICTOR GOLDFRS (1922 - 1985) Compiled by Timathy E. Powell and Peter Harper All rights reserved University of Bath 1990 NCUACS 19/4/90 Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of VICTOR GOLD FRS (1922 - 1985) Compiled by Timothy E Powell and Peter Harper All rights reserved University of Bath 1990 V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library The Geological Society The Institute of Physics National Power Pergamon Books Rolls-Royce plc The Royal Society The Royal Society of Chemistry The Society of Chemical Industry V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE COLLEGE ARCHIVIST KING'S COLLEGE LONDON V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 LIST OF CONTENTS Items Page GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A KING'S COLLEGE LONDON SECTION B RESEARCH SECTION C INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY SECTION D ROYAL SOCIETY SECTION E ADVANCES IN PHYSICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE A.116 B.312 Cc.186 D. 78 E. 31 F.148 23 69 84 94 96 SECTION G BIOGRAPHICAL G. 12 108 LIST OF PUBLICATIONS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 109 128 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Dr Jean Gold (Mrs Gold) in November 1988. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF V GOLD Victor Gold was born in Vienna on 29 June 1922. He was educated at the Vienna Realgymnasium until the age of 15 when, following the Anschluss, he was sent to the UK by his family. He spent a year at the Loughborough Engineering College before entering King's College London as a Special Chemistry Student in 1939. in the summer of 1940 by internment on the Isle of Man but he was released Gold's studies were interrupted in December and resumed work, now as a student of University College London (which was then based at Aberystwyth). Gold gained First Class Honours in his BSc in 1942 and was awarded His postgraduate research the Tuffnell Scholarship to study for his PhD. on aromatic nitration, undertaken for the Ministry of Supply, won Gold the University College Ramsay Memorial Medal in 1944. Later that same year Gold returned to King's College London as a Demonstrator. He was appointed Assistant Lecturer in 1946, Lecturer in 1947, Reader in Physical Organic Chemistry in 1956 and Professor of Chemistry in 1964. Gold was made Head of Department in 1971, and served as Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences 1978-80. ship the King's College Department of Chemistry grew to be the largest in Under Gold's leader- V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 5 the University of London. In recognition of his services to the College Gold was made a Fellow of King's College in 1975. He was already a Fellow of University College (1973). In 1954 Gold married Jean Sandiford, a chemistry graduate of King's College. They had two children. In recognition of his contribution to physical organic chemistry Gold was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1972 and in 1984/5 was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry's Ingold Medal and Lectureship. The Times obituarist summed up his achievements thus: "Gold's scientific work was marked by a happy combination of a wide knowledge of organic reactions with experiments of the precision and ingenuity expected of the physical chemist. One of his greatest achievements was to rekindle interest in the use of solvent isotope effects to probe the details of reaction mechanisms. In a series of influential papers and reviews he established the correct methodology and showed how information about the structures of transition states could be obtained. competition with Professor elegant experiments using nuclear magnetic resonance, which established definitively the structure of the solvated proton H;0+ . He later extended this work to the hydroxide ion'. A J Kresge, he carried out In Gold's own, more detailed accounts of his work can be found at He also founded and for nine years was the sole Editor of Advances G.1l in Physical Organic Chemistry, a journal influential in shaping the development of the subject. In addition to extensive service on King's College administrative and academic bodies Gold made an important contribution to a number of societies and organisations. He served on the Councils of the Faraday V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 Society 1963-66, the Chemical Society 1971-74 and the Royal Institution from 1983 and on the Science Research Council Chemistry Committee 1979-82. He also chaired the British Committee for Chemical Education 1976-78 and the British National Committee for Chemistry 1982-84. with the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) from Gold's service 1973 was particularly significant. Physical Organic Chemistry Gold co-ordinated the work on a glossary of terms used in the subject, and contributed to other nomenclature projects. In September 1985, very shortly before his death, Gold was elected to the As a member of its Commission on IUPAC Bureau. For a full account of the life and career of Gold see W J Albery "Victor Gold 29 June 1922 - 29 September 1985', Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society 33 1987. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. There is extensive documentation of Gold's research and of his work on the nomenclature of physical organic chemistry. Section A, King's College London, is chiefly Departmental, Faculty and College administrative papers and related correspondence. It includes material relating to Gold's service on committees overseeing the construction of the new College building on the Strand, his Deanship of the Faculty of Natural Sciences 1978-80 and his chairmanship of the Chemistry Sub-Board. to a possible benefaction to the College by C S Gulbenkian. Of particular interest is correspondence relating V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 Section B, Research, is the largest in the collection. It is a sequence of correspondence, notes and drafts arranged alphabetically by person covering Gold's research work with postgraduate students, postdoctoral research assistants and fellows, and visiting colleagues (lists of whom may be found at G.5). 1949-85 represented is Gold's work on kinetic solvent isotope effects and radiation- Particularly well- induced reactions. This material has been linked wherever possible to Gold's numbered list of publications which is reproduced as pp.109-127 of this catalogue. Section C, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry documents Gold's service for this organisation from 1973. It is principally material accumulated in the course of co-ordinating the compilation of the IUPAC Glossary of Terms used in Physical Organic Chemistry. There is extensive correspondence from colleagues worldwide offering definitions of terms or comments on suggested definitions and several of Gold's drafts. Also in this section is material relating to Gold's work on a general compendium of terminology for IUPAC, drafts by others sent to Gold as a member of the Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols and material relating to Gold's co-ordination of a project on definitions of stereochemistry terminology. Section D, Royal Society, is chiefly correspondence and papers relating to committee meetings. Gold served on a number of Royal Society committees, the best documented of which are the British National Committee for Chemistry and the Chemical Education Committee. Most of the material for both relates directly or indirectly to Gold's interest in the nomenclature of physical organic chemistry. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 Section E, Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry, documents the first nine years of Gold's editorship of this journal from 1963. It comprises editorial correspondence with prospective and contributing authors and with the publishers. Section F, Correspondence, contains few extended sequences of correspondence. Much of it is with former students and research assistants, who are also represented by material in Section B. Section G, Biographical, is very slight. It includes a complete bibliography and Gold's curriculum vitae. LOCATION OF OTHER MATERIAL Sets of theses of Gold's students and of Gold's reprints are at King's College London. Further sets of reprints are held by University College London, the Royal Society, University of California at Irvine, Cornell University and by the family. Copies of Gold's books have been placed with the Royal Society and the Royal Institution. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are very grateful to Dr Jean Gold for making the manuscripts available and for her advice and encouragement. Timothy E Powell Peter Harper Bath 1990 V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 SECTION A KING'S COLLEGE LONDON A.1 - A.116 A.1l - A.56 CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT A. 1 - A.35 Administration A.36 - A.50 Research A.51 - A.56 Teaching A.57 - A.116 FACULTY AND COLLEGE A.57 - A.66 Faculty of Natural Sciences A.67 - A.116 College CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT Administration A. 1 - A.16 Chemistry Sub-Board A.17 - A.27 Committee of Heads of University Chemistry Departments A.28 - A.35 General correspondence and papers Chemistry Sub-Board This body administered the setting and marking of under- Gold was chairman for graduate Chemistry examinations. the period covered by the material. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 King's College London A.1 - A.16 Correspondence and papers 1972-77. 16 folders A.1 1972 A.9 1974 (3) A.2 1973 (1) A.10 1975 (1) A.3 A.4 A.5 1973 (2) 1973 (3) 1973 (4) A.6 1973 (5) A.7 A.8 1974 (1) 1974 (2) A.11l 1975 (2) A.12 1976 (1) A.13 1976 (2) A.14 1976 (3) A.15 1977 (1) A.16 1977 (2) Committee of Heads of University Chemistry Departments This Committee was organised under the auspices of the Royal Institute of Chemistry (later the Chemical Society) to consider the teaching of Chemistry in UK universities. Gold was Head of the King's College Chemistry Department from 1971. A.17 - A.27 Correspondence and papers 1970, 1974-78. 11 folders A.17 1970 A.18 1974-75 A.19 1976 (1) A.20 1976 (2) A.23 1977 (1) A.24 1977 (2) A.25 1977 (3) A.26 1978 (1) A.21 1976 (3) A.27 1978 (2) A.22 1976 (4) V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 11 King's College London General correspondence and papers A. 28 1960-83. Requests to study in the Department. A.29 - A. 32 1970-80. British Council exchange schemes. Re Chemistry Department participation in 4 folders A.29 1970 A.31 1974-75 A.30 1971-72 A.32 1976,1978,1980 A. 33 1972-73. 1973-76. London International Youth Science Fortnights. Re Chemistry Department participation in the 1975-84. Research Funding A.36 - A.44 Funding A.45 - A.50 Equipment Arranged in an alphabetical sequence of financing bodies approached. A. 36 Boots Company Ltd. 1971 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 12 King's College London A.37, A. 38 British Petroleum Company Ltd. 1971-81 A.37 A.38 1971-75 1975-81. for energy related research 1980. Includes correspondence re possible support A. 39 Du Pont. 1966 A.41 A.42 A. 43 - A.42 Esso Petroleum Company Ltd. 1968-74 1968-69. Science) studentships. Chiefly re CAPS (Co-operative Awards in Pure 1969. Second Esso Students' Symposium October 1969. 1971-74. Chiefly re CAPS studentships. Glaxo Research Ltd. 1971, 1982 Monsanto Chemicals Ltd. 1971-72 Perkin-Elmer Ltd. Roche Products Ltd. 1981 1971 A.44 Miscellaneous 1981, 1984. 13 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 Equipment King's College London A.45 Orders for laboratory equipment, 1960-68. Correspondence reVarian XL-100 NMR Spectrometer 1971. A. 46 A.47 Correspondence and papers rethe Physico-Chemical Measure- ments Unit 1971-72, 1976-77. Completed questionnaires on Mass and NMR spectrometry at King's College. Nd but found with the preceding. A.48 - A.50 ‘Word processing folder so inscribed: 1980-82. PET System'. Contents of Gold's information brochures and booklets, Printers and phototypesetting systems. WORDPET '82 system. National Physical Laboratory computing documentation. A.48 A.49 A.50 Teaching List of text books housed in the Department's Tutorial Library, 1971-72, 1974-75, 1975-76. A.52 Correspondence and papers re summer practical courses 1973-74. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 14 King's College London A.53, A.54 Correspondence and papers re chemistry courses for students of biological sciences. A.53 1973-74 A.54 1977-79 A.55 A.56 "Class 1975-78'. chiefly students' marks, projects etc. Contents of Gold's folder so inscribed: Gold's notes on 'Third year students 1978-79'. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 15 King's College London FACULTY AND COLLEGE Faculty of Natural Sciences Gold was Dean of the Faculty 1978-80. the contents of Gold's bulky files of Deanship correspondence and papers. The material is 1978 April-December. of the intercalated BSc degree of the University of London. Includes material re proposed revision 1979 January-March. numbers in biology. Includes correspondence re student 1979 April-June. 1979 July-December. 1980 January-February. alteration of regulations for course-unit degrees; British Association Special Lectureships. Includes material re proposed 1980 January-March. Academic Council's Review of Examinations. Correspondence and papers re 1980 January-March. in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, compiled for the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals. Material re research carried out A.57 A.58 A.61 A.62 A.63 A.64 1980 March-April. V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 16 King's College London A.65 A.66 1980 May-September. for election of Faculty representatives to Academic Board, Includes correspondence re regulations May-June. 1980 October - 1981 February. Faculty research activities submitted to World Energy Directory. Includes information on i/ V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 College King's College London A 6) aks 273 C S Gulbenkian A. 74 - A.100 Strand Building A.101 Bela Committees A.113 A.116 General correspondence and papers Cc S Gulbenkian In 1950 the College discovered that C $ Gulbenkian, then thought to be the richest man in the world, was the second oldest Associate of the Faculty of Engineering (receiving the distinction in 1887). with Gulbenkian initially with a request that he provide an account of his years at the College for the journal The King's Engineer, later in connection with a possible bequest to the College. The College renewed contact The material is principally correspondence 1950-54 between College authorities, Gulbenkian, V M Seruya, an engineering graduate of King's College who acted as a go-between, and Lord Radcliffe of Werneth, a close friend of Gulbenkian. Gulbenkian died in July 1955. A.67 A.68 Press-cuttings, October 1950; Society meetings attended by Gulbenkian 1885-87. information on Engineering Correspondence December 1950 - February 1951. preliminary visit of Seruya to Gulbenkian, January. Chiefly re V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 18 King's College London Correspondence March - April 1951. S J Davies, Dean of Engineering, to Gulbenkian, April. Includes Davies's report on his visit including possible benefaction to King's College. Chiefly re visit of Correspondence January-February 1952. Fellowship of King's College on Gulbenkian. Re conferral of Correspondence October-December 1952. benefaction. Includes Davies's notes and report on Re possible second visit to Gulbenkian, November. Correspondence January-May 1953. Prize'. Repossible 'Gulbenkian A.69 INS IKO) Aeosel A.72 A.73 Correspondence July 1953-January 1954. Strand Building In January 1964 King's College Steering Committee established a Quadrilateral Rebuilding Stage I (Strand) Building Sub- Committee. in June 1967. Steering Committee and became chairman of the Stage I Building Sub-Committee. the new building was officially opened. Gold was invited to serve in a personal capacity In October 1968 Gold was invited to join the The Sub-Committee was wound up in 1972 when The material comprises floor- and room-plans for the Chemistry Department to be housed in the new building, lists and specifi- cations of furnishings and equipment with related correspondence, information on Chemistry Departments at other establishments and miscellaneous correspondence, papers and ms notes. Correspondence with the architects, minutes of meetings and plans are held in King's College Archives. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 19 King's College London Invitations to serve on the Stage I Building Sub-Committee 1967 and Steering Committee 1968; redevelopment of the Strand site. plan of stages of A.75 - A.78 'To 1964'. Contents of Gold's folder so inscribed. 1961-63. 12 April 1961. Includes D H Hey's draft 'Plan for Chemistry' 1964 March. Includes 'Obsolete plans’. A.77 Includes 'Interim report to the Steering 1964 April-June. Committee concerning plans for chemistry by a Committee of the Professors and Readers of the Chemistry Department’; plans 'June 1964'. Miscellaneous typescript and ms notes by Gold on Nd. Chemistry Department requirements. A.79 "Revised schedule I for Chemistry (July 1964)'. Schedule II for Science and Applied Science Buildings January 1965 ; room-plans January and February 1965. - A.83 'Rarly planning papers'. inscribed. Contents of Gold's folder so "Schedule for floors seven and eight', February 1965; "Schedules for research labs on floors 5 and 7'. A.82 Specifications for fittings for rooms in the Department. Plans October 1969 and nd; Gold's ms notes on room allocation. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 20 King's College London A. 84 "Revision of Plans: material 1965-67. llth May 1965'; miscellaneous A.85 A.86 A.87 A. 88 Correspondence, plans etc., re benching in the Chemistry Department 1968. Correspondence and papers 1969. Chemistry Department Equipment Grant for the Strand Includes papers re building. Correspondence and papers re Equipment Grant February - July 1970. Miscellaneous material 1970. "Special Report by Stage I Building Committee to the Principal and General Purposes Committee of the Professorial Board' with comments received thereon. Includes Gold's draft of a A.89 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1971. A.90 A.91 Report of Quadrilateral Rebuilding Stage I (Strand) Building Sub-Committee to General Purposes Committee, 2 May 1972. With related correspondence. Material re Official Opening of the New Strand Building by H M The Queen, 27 June 1972. A.92 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1972-73. A.93, A.94 Undated plans, lists, ms notes etc. 2 folders. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 21. King's College London A.95 - A.100 Background material: at other universities and colleges. information on Chemistry Departments 6 folders. Committees Gold's service on a number of King's College committees is In addition Gold served on a number of documented below. other important College bodies whose records are held in These are the Academic Board, King's College Archives. the Committee of Deans, Delegacy, the General Purposes Committee and the Professorial Board. A.101 Advisory Committee on Computing A.102, A.103 Advisory Committee on Staff 1966 1971-80 Correspondence re Chemistry Department staffing levels. 2 folders. A.104-A.110 Computing Committee 1978-80 Correspondence and papers re Committee meetings. 7 folders. A.104 A.105 A.106 A.107 1978 1979 Jan,Apr 1979 June-Aug 1979 Oct (1) A.108 A.109 A.110 1979 Oct (2) 1980 Jan-Sept 1980 Oct A.11l, A.112 Science Advisory Committee 1970 Correspondence and papers re Departmental Equipment Grants. 2 folders. V Gold NcuaACcS 19/4/90 22 King's College London General correspondence and papers A.113 A.114 Gold's letter of 29 January 1968 is re 'the 1965, 1968. possibility of a move or a partial move of the College to the site of the College of Aeronautics at Cranfield'. Re possible transfer of K Wolfenden and his 1971-72. research group from the Institute of Computer Science, due for closure, to King's College. A.115 1972. Re teaching loads of Chemistry staff. A.116 1979-82. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 23 SECTION B RESEARCH B.1 - B.312 The material in this section was found in folders arranged alphabetically by postgraduate student, research assistant or visiting colleague who worked in Gold's research team from 1949. were assigned more than one folder and a few folders also had an indication Some individuals of the topic being studied. This arrangement has been retained in the listing of the material below. At the end of the aiphabetical sequence is a little miscellaneous material (B.308-B.312). The contents of the folders may include correspondence between Gold and his co-workers on all aspects of their research, with grant-giving bodies (usually the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research/Science Research Council) and King's College administration, drafts of and correspondence about joint publications, and notes, calculations, graphs etc., many of which are by Gold. Material relating to recommendations and appointments has been transferred to Gold's general scientific correspondence files (Section F) in which similar material was found. The research work presented here provides comprehensive documentation of the work of Gold with members of his research group, particularly that on kinetic solvent isotope effects and on radiation- induced reactions. List of Publications (reproduced at pp.-109-127) in the form Where applicable reference has been made to Gold's V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 24 Research B.l - B.3 Adams (née Dan), C Her thesis 'Kinetic Adams was a PhD student of Gold's. studies of the reaction of borohydride ion with carbonyl compounds' was presented in 1975. publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 169, 172 and 173 (1977). Adams co-authored three Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1970-74; and calculations by Adams and Gold. ms notes B.2, B.3 "Very rough drafts of these papers of student notes with Victor's overwriting to put into possible papers' correspondence from Adams 1976. (Dr Jean Gold). Also includes - preliminary stage 2 folders. B.4 - B.6 Adsetts, J R Adsetts was a PhD student of Gold's. kinetics of hydrogen isotope exchange reactions in solution' Adams co-authored five publications was presented in 1968. with Gold, (1969). Bibliog. nos. 121 (1968), 127, 131, 133 and 134 His thesis 'The Correspondence repostgraduate studies and joint publications 1965-70. "Notes and corrections on Adsetts thesis'; note on 'Results'. ‘Adsetts Draft. folder so inscribed: ms notes and graphs. Heterolytic Exchange'. Contents of Gold's V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 25 Research Atkins, P J Atkins was a postdoctoral research assistant 1981-84. He co-authored seven publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 202, 206, 208 (1983), 209, 210 (1984), 219 (1985) and 221 (1986). Correspondence re postdoctoral studies 1981-84; research report, August 1982. Atkins's Baba, AB bin Abu Bakar bin Baba, an Assistant Lecturer at the Malaysia University of Technology, was a PhD student of Gold's 1977-82. via the triplet state of benzophenone and related reactions' was presented in 1982. with Gold, Bibliog. no. 218 (1985). His thesis 'The formation of organic radicals He co-authored one publication Material re application for postgraduate study; reports by Gold. progress Bafna, S L Bafna was a PhD student of Gold's. His thesis 'The kinetics of some reactions of acetic anhydride' was presented in 1949. Bafna co-authored one publication with Gold, Bibliog. no.19 (1953). Gold's ms notes and calculations, principally on 'Base catalysis in anhydride reactions'. B.10-B. 20 Baker, DS Baker was a PhD student of Gold's. binding by substituted macrocyclic polyethers' was presented in 1981. Baker co-authored four publications with Gold, His thesis 'Cation Bibliog. nos. 194, 198 (1982), 204 and 205 (1983). Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1977-81; ‘Latest results' 15 August 1978; complexing on hydrolysis sets' 19 August 1978. Gold's ‘Effect of Baker's V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 26 Research Baker's ‘Progress Report' 27 October 1978. B.12 ‘Obtaining the dissociation constants of monoacetals and metal salts from rates of hydrolysis' by Baker, 5 January 1979. B.13-B. 20 "Victor's working papers on acetals. DS Baker' (Dr Jean Gold). Coworker here is Ms notes, graphs, drafts etc by Gold and Baker for joint publications. 8 folders. B.21-B. 23 Batts, B D Batts, a Demonstrator in Chemistry at the University of Queensland, was a postdoctoral research assistant 1961-64. He co-authored three publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 96, 99 (1964) and 129 (1969). Correspondence re postdoctoral studies 1960-64; calculations found therewith. ms B.22,B.23 Correspondence and ms notes re and draft of 'Rates of water- catalysed reactions in H,0-D20 mixtures' (, 1968-70. 2 folders. B.24-B. 28 Benjamin, L Benjamin was a PhD student of Gold's supported by a grant from the British Electrical Authority. acid as an oxidising system for the redox fuel cell' was presented in 1957. with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 25 (1954) and 49 (1959). Benjamin co-authored two publications His thesis 'Sulphuric V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 27 Research Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1953-55; seventh and eighth reports to the British Electrical Authority 'On the production of electrical energy from redox processes' for October 1953 - March 1954 and April - October 1954. Benjamin's "The work function & surface potential', 17pp typescript + refs. w -26, B.27 Ms notes and calculations, some dated 1953. 2 folders. Correspondence re 'Fuel oxidation by sulphuric acid' (Bibliog. no. 49), 1959. by Benjamin, 14pp ms + graph; 'Fuel oxidation in H,SO,4 media' ms notes. Berisha, K Berisha, of the University of PriStina, Yugoslavia, studied the synthesis of crown ethers under Gold, 1978. Correspondence re arrangements for research 1977-78. B. 30-B. 32 Bethell, D Bethell was a PhD student of Gold's. studies of some reactions involving carbonium ions' was presented in 1956. with Gold, Bibliog.nos. 43 (1956), 45, 46, 47, 48 (1958), 51 (1959) and 116 (1967). with Gold of Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry (see E.1.- E£.31). Bethell co-authored seven publications In 1974 Bethell became co-editor His thesis ‘Kinetic V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 28 Research Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1953-57. "Progress report to DSIR [ Department of Scientific and Industrial Research ] from D Bethell' for October 1953 - May 1955; Gold's ms notes. Correspondence principally re (unsuccessful) application for DSIR grant for research into acidity functions in strongly basic media , 1958. B. 33-B. 36 Blackie, MS Blackie was a PhD student of Gold's. in proton resonance spectroscopy' was presented in 1958. Blackie co-authored four publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 52, 53, 54 and 58 (1959). His thesis 'Studies Correspondence re joint publications and Chemistry Department equipment 1959-60. 'tpetermination of the instability constant of [Zn(CN),]?"' by Blackie and Gold. 9pp ms + graph. "Zn (CN) 42- calculations’. See Bibliog. no.52. Ni(CN),4- calculations. See Bibliog. no. 54. Block, H His thesis 'Some Block was a PhD student of Gold's. physico-chemical studies of deuterated metal ammines' was presented in 1958. with Gold, Bibliog. no.50 (1959). Block co-authored one publication Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1955-56; arising from comments on their joint publication 1959-60; ms notes etc. correspondence V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 29 Research B.38,B.39 Booth, GC Booth was an MSc student of Gold's. molecular weight determinations of dextran' was presented in 1955. Bibliog. no. 38 (1956). Booth co-authored one publication with Gold, His thesis 'Some Correspondence re postgraduate studies and joint publication 1954- [756]; graphs. 2 folders. B.40-B.45 Brett, CL Brett was a PhD student of Gold's. induced aromatic hydrogen isotope exchange in aqueous solution' was presented in 1972. with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 142, 148 (1971), 152, 153 and 154 (1973). Brett co-authored five publications His thesis ‘Radiation Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1968-72. Correspondence with the Chemical Society re joint publications, 1973. 'Radiolysis of aqueous mesitylene solution' 32pp ms with corrections by Gold. by Brett, Untitled 8pp ms draft by Brett beginning 'Carrier mesitylene was prepared by the method described by John Adsetts...'. Gold's calculations found attached. Graphs 'For the attention of Prof V Gold. vs [scavenger ] '. Plots of 10°x{sH] Miscellaneous calculations and notes by Brett and Gold. V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 30 Research B. 46 Brown (née Armstrong), D J Brown served as Scientific Assistant/Research Technician 1974-75. Correspondence re employment; ms notes and graphs on 'A series of initial experiments... PRCTO'; to try to determine optimum pH and concentrations [? of peroxides]'. ms notes on ‘Preparation of B.47-B.50 Bukka, K Bukka was a postdoctoral research assistant studying some chemical applications of tritium 1973-75. B.47 Brief correspondence re postdoctoral research 1973-74. B.48 Spectra, dated June-July 1974. B.49 B.50 'Bukka Final Report 7-10-1975' on work on hydrogen exchange between nitrobenzene and tritiated NaBHy,. Notes on work on deiodination of 2, 4-dimethoxyiodobenzene and hydrogen exchange in dimethoxybenzene, some dated February 1976; A contain m exchangeable positions, assumed to be of equal reactivity’. calculation by Gold beginning 'Let substrate B.51-B.54 Butler, AR Butler was a PhD student of Gold's. reactions of compounds containing the acyl group' was presented in 1961. with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 65, 67 (1960), 69, 70 (1961), 72, 73 and 74 (1962). Butler co-authored seven publications His thesis 'Hydrolytic B.51 Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1958-61. Butler's report to the DSIR for 1958-60. Includes V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 31. Research Correspondence re joint publications with the Chemical Society and others, 1959-62. B.53,B.54 Miscellaneous notes on the hydrolysis of anhydrides. 2 folders. B.55-B.57 Calmon, J-P and M J-P Calmon, Assistant Lecturer at the Faculté des Sciences, Toulouse, did postdoctoral Gold May-October 1968. who was studying for her PhD. one publication with Gold, He was assisted by his wife research under The Calmons co-authored Bibliog. no.130 (1969). B.55 Correspondence re postdoctoral research and joint publication 1967-69. Ms notes on pyridine and 2,6-lutidine-catalysed iodination of diethyl ketone. Computer print-out found with preceding, dated 16 December 1968. B.58 Cartlidge, J Cartlidge was a postdoctoral research fellow from 1960. Correspondence re fellowship, 1960; "Relaxation' by Gold. ms notes on V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 32 Research B.59 Colli, HN Colli, a researcher with the Argentine National Petroleum Company, was an MPhil student of Gold's working on techniques in nuclear magnetic resonance 1971-72. co-authored one publication with Gold, (1973). Bibliog. no.15l Colili Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1971-74. B. 60-B. 63 Colosimo, M Colosimo, of the Italian Laboratorio was a postdoctoral research assistant 1972, working on irradiation of solutions of ethanol and tartaric acid. Colosimo co-authored one publication with Gold, Bibliog. no.165 (1975). di Chimica Nucleare, B.60 Correspondence re postdoctoral appointment 1971-72. Correspondence re details of experiments carried out and joint publication 1973, 1975. Ms and typescript drafts of 'S-irradiation of 10% aqueous solutions of ethanol', 'Radiolysis of aqueous solutions of ethanol' and 'Hydrogen isotope exchange and related reactions during radiolysis of aqueous solutions of ethanol’ by Colosimo. B.63 Ms and typescript drafts of 'Radiation-induced hydrogen isotope exchange at asymmetric carbon atoms in aqueous solutions of dimethyl-(+)-tartrate and dimethyl-meso-tartrate' and '& -irradiation of solutions of tartaric acid containing THO' by Colosimo. V Gold NcuACS 19/4/90 33 Research B. 64 Cooper, A Cooper was a postdoctoral research assistant 1969-70, working on the stereochemistry of the radiation induced exchange of tritium in tritiated water and trans-cyclo- hexane-1,2-diol. with Gold, Bibliog. no.163 (1975). Cooper co-authored one publication Correspondence re postdoctoral research 1969-70, and ‘Reaction between tritiated joint publication 1975; water and trans-cyclohexane-1,2-diol' by Cooper, August 1970; graphs. B.65-B. 68 Crampton, MR Crampton was a PhD student of Gold's. 'A study of alkaline media and their interaction with aromatic nitro-compounds' was presented in 1965. co-authored seven publications with Gold, Bibliog.nos 97, 100 (1964), 103, 108 (1965), 109, 111 (1966) and 113 (1967). Crampton His thesis Correspondence re postgraduate studies and joint publications 1963-67. 'Report to DSIR by M R Crampton... The nature of alkaline media and their interaction with organic solutes', 'The interaction between s-trinitrobenzene and amines' by Crampton and Gold', [?1965]. [ 271964]; B.67 Ms notes and graphs by Crampton. spectra obtained by Crampton. Also includes miscellaneous Ms notes by Gold. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 34 Research B.69 Davis, SG Davis, Professor of Chemistry at University of Alberta, spent a sabbatical term in Gold's laboratory 1955-56. Brief correspondence re arrangements for visit; and calculations by Gold. ms notes B.70 Emery, AR Emery was Gold's first postgraduate student. thesis 'A quantitative study of the reactivities of some carboxylic acid anhydrides' was presented in 1949. Emery co-authored three publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 6, 7 and 8 (1950). His PhD Correspondence re joint publications 1949-50; by Gold and Emery on reactivities of carboxylic anhydrides. ms notes B.71-B.73 Feather, JA Feather was a PhD student of Gold's. studies of some base-catalysed reactions in aqueous solution' was presented in 1963. ship for further study at King's College. two publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos.80 (1963) and 104 (1965). In 1965 he was awarded a NATO Fellow- His thesis 'Kinetic Feather co-authored B.71 Correspondence repostgraduate studies and joint publication 1960-64. "Steric effects in acid-base catalysed reactions’. Includes Feather's Final. Report to the DSIR B.72 Miscellaneous data found with the preceding. Includes photographs of models of molecules. B.73 Brief correspondence re postdoctoral research 1965; Feather's report to the SRC on 'Very slow reactions: hydrogen exchange between benzene and tritiated perchloric acid' for October 1965 - April 1966. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 35 Research B.74,B.75 Garvey, J P Garvey was a postdoctoral research assistant from 1968. He co-authored two publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 163 and 165 (1975). Brief correspondence re postdoctoral research 1968. spiral-bound notebook so inscribed "Garvey's Notes': dated 1969, paginated from the front 1-57 and from the back 60-58, containing ms draft beginning 'There have been several reports on the replacement of hydrogen by tritium at an asymmetric centre by means of hot-atom recoil reactions’. references. The pages at the back contain B.76-B.85 Glasoe, P K Glasoe, Professor of Chemistry at Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio, spent a sabbatical year 1968-69 in Gold's laboratory researching isotope effects in the dicarboxylic acids. Correspondence re arrangements and research topics 1967-69. B.77-B.81 Photocopies of Glasoe's laboratory notebooks. B.77-B.79 'Book I', 30 September 1968 - 28 February 1969. 3 folders. B.80, B.81 "Book II', 3 March - 4 June 1969. 2 folders. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 36 Research B.82-B.85 Miscellaneous notes, graphs, calculations and computer print-outs. 4 folders. Gould, S E Gould was a postdoctoral research assistant from 1969, working on an SRC project 'Catalytic and structural studies on complexes of group VIII metals’. Gould co-authored one publication with Gold, Bibliog. no. 160 (1974). Correspondence re postdoctoral studies 1969; of joint publication. ms draft B.87-B.91 Grant, JL Grant was a postdoctoral research assistant 1975-76, working on super-acid systems. with Gold, Bibliog. nos.160 (1974) and 167 (1976). Grant co-authored two publications Correspondence re postdoctoral research 1974-75. 'First draft' of work on competition between protonation sites in aryl halides and aromatic benzene; proton exchange reactions between ArH 19 June 1976'. and ArH5 . ‘Intermolecular 2nd draft Photocopied lists of references for 'Spectroscopic investi- gation of hydronium ions' and 'Hydrated protons' compiled by Grant. Photocopies of Grant's notes on the literature. Miscellaneous notes and spectra. 'H N.M.R. experiments' February 1976 by Grant and K P Morris. Includes data from V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 37 Research B.92,B.93 Gregory, MJ Gregory was a postdoctoral research assistant 1967-68, working on the application of tritium to the study of very slow reactions. with Gold, Bibliog. no.156 (1974). Gregory co-authored one publication B.92 Correspondence re postdoctoral research 1967-68. Untitled typescript draft beginning 'Solutions of mesitylene or benzene in water containing tritium... were found to undergo an exchange reaction, in which hydrogen atoms in the aromatic ring underwent exchange with tritium in the water', l7pp + tables and references; miscellaneous notes and graphs. B.94-B.100 Grist, S Grist was a PhD student of Gold's. isotope effects in hydroxylic media' was presented in 1970. Grist co-authored six publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 122 (1968), 143, 145, 146, 147 (1971) and 149 (1972). His thesis 'Solvent Correspondence re postgraduate studies and joint publications 1967-71, and undated correspondence from others found with it. B.95-B.97 Computer print-outs, annotated by Grist and Gold. 'Equil water effect codes in May 1970; calculations to evaluate AR tables', nd. 'Dichloro acetic acid dimerization /association H,0/MeOH', April 1970 and ‘Salt shifts in MeOH' ation factor determinations' February 1971. February 1971; 'Data for fraction- Data for 'Table XXII' , March 1971; Regression of k,upon m recalculated with k, values brought to common concentrations of acid', May 1971. 'Keten acetal V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 38 Research Spectra of 'Crude CNCH; - C(OMe); prepd. in MeOD', With ms notes found attached. 16 September 1968. B.99,B.100 Miscellaneous ms notes, calculations and graphs by Grist and Gold, some dated 1968 and 1971. 2 folders. B.101,B.102 Gruen, L C Gruen was a postdoctoral research student 1964-65, working on very slow chemical reactions. publication with Gold, Bibliog. no.110 (1966). He co-authored one B.101 Correspondence repostdoctoral studies 1963-64, and joint publication 1965-66; Postdoctoral Studentship Report' for October 1965. Gruen's 'C.S.1I-R.O. Overseas B.102 Data on 'Benzene H-T Exchange'; calculations and graphs. miscellaneous ms notes, B.103-B.105 Hampson, CA Hampson, a research worker with Upjohn Ltd., was a PhD His thesis 'Solvent effects on the student of Gold's. kinetics of organic reactions with particular reference to problems of drug degradation’ was presented in 1982. B.103 Correspondence re postgraduate study 1979-82. B.104 "Drug stability and solvent effects. report' by Hampson. First year progress V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 39 Research B.105 'Final report on ... "Kinetics of drug degradation" lst October 1982'; Gold's ms notes 'Re Hampson'. B.106-B.109 Hawkes, G L Hawkes was a PhD student in the Chemical Engineering Department of King's College, supervised by Gold from He was supported by a grant from the September 1967. United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. thesis 'The determination of carbon activity in the iron/carbon system by electrochemical methods' was presented in 1967. Hawkes's B.106 B.107 B.108 Correspondence re research 1966-67. Typescript drafts by Hawkes on the solubility of graphite and cementite in austenite, 1966. Hawkes's report on 'U.K.A.E.A. extramural contract This work no.1874' for January-March 1967. continued that done by Hawkes for his thesis. B.109 ‘Data of G L H[awkes]. analysed by computer'; on data from experiments. note B.110,B.111 Hilton, J Hilton was a PhD student of Gold's. "Kinetic studies on the hydrolysis reactions of some Hilton acylating reagents' was presented in 1954. co-authored five publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 24, 26 (1954), 28, 29 and 31 (1955). His thesis V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 40 Research B.110 B.111 Correspondence re postgraduate studies and joint publication 1950-55, that 1951 chiefly re apparatus used in experiments; photographs of equipment. Ms notes and graphs on the hydrolysis of acetic anhydrides; 6pp typescript; enclosing 'Some developments of the thermal method of following fast reactions' by Gold and Hilton, 3pp typescript. 'Description of photo-electric relay', draft letter from Gold to R P Bell B.112 Jais, MJ bin Mohamed Jamil bin Jais, a chemistry tutor at the National University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, was a PhD student of Gold's. solutions of hydrogen bromide in non-aqueous solvents' was presented in 1980. publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 179 (1979) and 183 (1980). His thesis 'Studies of Jais co-authored two Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1976-81. B.113-B.116 Jefferson, EG Jefferson was a PhD student of Gold's. 'The kinetics of some acylation reactions' was presented in 1951. Jefferson co-authored three publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 20, 21 (1953) and 24 (1954). His thesis Jefferson's 'Summary of work completed during the period 1.10.49 to 1.4.50'. Jefferson's 'Research report for the session 1949-50', 67pp ms + graphs. B.113 B.114 V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 Al Research B.115 B.116 Correspondence re joint publication [ ?1952-53]. 'A comparison of the mechanisms of solvolytic acylations by acetic anhydride and benzoyl chloride' by Gold, Jefferson and J Hilton, extensively corrected ms draft; miscellaneous ms notes, calculations and graphs. B.117-B.121 Kessick, MA Kessick was a PhD student of Gold's. 'Kinetic hydrogen isotope effects in the hydration of Kessick co-authored olefins' was presented in 1964. four publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos.95, 98 (1964), 105 and 106 (1965). His thesis Correspondence re postgraduate studies and joint publication 1961-65. Kessick's 'Report for the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research hydration of olefins' for May 1963; 1-17 (pages 5, 8, 11 missing). Hydrogen isotope effects in the calculations paginated B.117 B.118 B.119,B.120 Ms notes, calculations and graphs by Kessick and Gold. 2 folders. B.121 Computer print-outs. B.122-B.128 Laali, K Laali was a postdoctoral research assistant 1977-78, working on kinetic experiments on superacid solutions by He co-authored nuclear magnetic resonance techniques. three publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos.188(1981), 216 and 217 (1985). V. Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 42 Research B.122 Correspondence re appointment 1976-78. B.123 ‘Some notes on line shape analysis and the computer work' by Laali, 5pp ms, 9 December 1977. B.124 Correspondence reresearch, July-October 1978. B.125-B.127 Draft on superacid work by Laali, 77pp ms + refs, "Revised 5/10/78'. 3 folders. B.128 "Deuterium exchange processes in super acidic media' by Laali, 1l0pp photocopied ms + refs and figs, December 1978. B.129 Lambert, R W Lambert was a PhD student of Gold's. studies with tritium' was presented in 1959. co-authored two publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos.57 (1959) and 60 (1960). His thesis ‘Chemical Lambert Brief correspondence re postgraduate studies and joint ‘Aromatic tritium exchange in water publication 1956-60; and deuterium oxide' by Gold, Lambert and DPN Satchell, 5pp typescript (Bibliog. no.57); ms notes by Gold. B.130-B.133 Laughton, P M Laughton was a Visiting Professor c. 1973. B.130 Letter from Laughton on eve of departure from King's College re data collected, 27 July 1973; values for Kw and Kac' by Laughton; on Horacio's [H N Colli ] data' note on ‘Optimization of Laughton's 'Calculations See B.59. V Gold NcuaACS 19/4/90 43 Research B.131,B.132 Computer print-outs of program calculating "the concentrations of acetone complexes for a converging series of values of KAC, the calculated shifts of the complexes for various equilibrium expressions, and their standard deviations', annotated by Laughton. That at B.131 is July 1973. 2 folders. B.133 Photocopies of notes by Laughton: search to Dec 72'; calculations. "Shift reagent-Lit[erature ] B.134-B.145 Lee, J R Lee was a postdoctoral research assistant 1967-69, working on very slow reactions. with Gold, Bibliog. no.141 (1971). He co-authored one publication B.134 Brief correspondence re postdoctoral research 1967. B.135-B.137 B.138 B.139 "Deuterium exchange of resorcinol and phenol. so inscribed divided into three: Some of the material is dated July or September 1969. N MR spectra’. Contents of Lee's folder spectra, ms notes, data. 2-methyl-resorcinol 3 folders. "Diacetone alcohol labelled, August 1969; with resorcinol ?runs '. Data so data on 'Diacetone alcohol + NaOH'. Computer print-outs of 'General program to calculate buffer conc. for dibasic acid NaOH' and 'Summary list', September 1969, and 'Computed concentrations for dibasic acid with HCl & NaOH', November 1969. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 44 Research B.140 B.141 B.142 NaOH-r-rate profile calculation’. "Resorcinol Computer print-out so inscribed dated 13 January 1970. With drafts of tables [? for joint publication ] found with it. Brief correspondence with Lee re data for joint publication 1970. 'The resorcinol question' by Lee, 18pp ms with graphs found with it. B.143-B.145 "Resorcinol'. Contents of Lee's folder so inscribed divided into three. B.143 "Hydrogen exchange in resorcinol' by Lee, copied ms draft. 5lpp photo- B.144 Annotated computer print-out. B.145 Miscellaneous ms notes, calculations and graphs by Lee and Gold. B.146 Leonidou, E Leonidou was a postdoctoral research assistant c.1972-73. He co-authored one publication with Gold. no. 165 (1975). Bibliog. Ms notes, some dated 1973; spectra 1972-73. nuclear magnetic resonance B.147-B.156 Liddiard, C J Liddiard was a PhD student of Gold's grant from Shell Research Ltd. of hydrolysis reactions by macromolecular acid-base Liddiard co-authored systems' was presented in 1974. three publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 162 (1975), 170 and 171 (1977). His thesis 'Catalysis supported by a V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 45 Research B.147 Brief correspondence re postgraduate studies 1971-74; "Research Report: Studies on the hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl acetate and ethyl vinyl ether catalysed by a carboxylic acid ion exchange resin (Amberlite IRC-50)' by Liddiard. September 1971 to May 1973 B.148,B.149 "Summary of work to be included in future publications' by Liddiard, part of application to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation February 1974. 2 folders. B.150 Correspondence re joint publications 1975-76. B.151 B.152 'Liddiard Pt I working papers’: graphs etc., so labelled. miscellaneous notes, Some dated April 1976. 'Liddiard. notes on research paper with Victor' (Dr Jean Gold): miscellaneous notes, graphs etc. Includes 'A note on isotope effect' dated August 1976. B.153,B.154 Ms draft on the hydrolysis of EVE (ethyl vinyl ether) and DMA (dimethyl acetal) by Liddiard. B.153 'Theory', paginated 1-12; 1-12. ‘Experimental’, paginated B.154 'Discussion', paginated 1-52. B.155 B.156 'The use of ion exchangers as catalysts in liquid phase reactions' by Liddiard, 23pp ms. Miscellaneous notes, calculations and graphs by Liddiard and Gold. V Gold NcCUACS 19/4/90 46 Research B.157,B.158 Long, F A Long was Professor of Chemistry at Cornell University. B.157 Brief correspondence 1970 from Long re Gold's 'H,0 ionization paper' paper' (Bibliog. no. 114, 1967) and draft of ‘resorcinol (Bibliog. no. 141, 1971); ms calculations. B.158 Annotated computer print-out of 'program hydrox [ ?ide]' dated November 1970. B.159-B.175 Lowe, B M B.159 B.160 B.161 B.162 Lowe was a PhD student of Gold's. ment of some ionic equilibria by the use of a glass electrode’ Lowe co-authored six publications was presented in 1964. with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 78 (1963), 94 (1964), 114 (1967), 123 (1968), 132 (1969) and 229 (1987). His thesis 'The measure- Includes Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1960-62. material re the University of London Mercury Computer used by Lowe in his research. Correspondence re postgraduate studies and joint publication 1963; Chemistry examination paper. ms calculations by Gold, some on back of 1961 Physical Correspondence re joint publication of work on 'the glass electrode mechanism' August-November 1964. Contents of a folder so inscribed: ‘Equilibrium measurements & spectroscopic evidence relating toL'. solvent effect on acid-base equilibria in strongly acidic solutions', 6pp ms draft related to Bibliog. no.94 (1964); 'The partition function ratio H,TO* /H;0* lOpp typescript; ms notes and calculations by Gold. 'The deuterium (H Block)', V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 47 Research - 163 Typescript summary of 'Deuterium solvent isotope effects on acid-base equilibria in dioxan-water mixtures' (Bibliog. no.94, 1964); draft equations and tables for the draft; ms notes on dioxan-water isotope effects. -164,B.165 'E.M.F.[Electromotive force ]'. Contents of a folder so inscribed divided into two: 1965, chiefly re joint papers on 'Measurement of solvent isotope effects with the glass electrode (Bibliog. nos. 114 and 123). correspondence and notes, - 164 165 - 166 - 167 Correspondence; D,0-H,0 solvent mixtures', 20Opp typescript. 'Measurements of equilibrium constants in "Replaced' pages from typescript draft of Bibliog no.123; ms notes by Gold. Correspondence re Lowe's e.m.f. data and publication of Bibliog. no.114, 1966. Correspondence re comments of A K Covington on Lowe's PhD thesis, April 1967. of isotope effects’. Also includes Lowe's llpp 'List o t Letter from Lowe enclosing details of his 'calculations on the deuterium gas electrode' on which the work is based', 8 August 1967. and Gold's ‘original notes - 169-B.171 "Glass electrode Part 2'. inscribed divided into three: (1968) . Contents of a folder so material re Bibliog. no.123 - L69 Correspondence and notes, September-November 1967, February 1968. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 48 Research B.170 Letter from Lowe, 21 June 1979, stating 'I cannot find my file on the glass electrode paper... I am fairly certain that a treatment of glass electrode behaviour in H,0 + D20 has not been reported and that we did not publish our attempt because it was not entirely satisfactory'. of the glass electrode in H,0 - D,0 mixtures', 2lpp ms. With 'Behaviour B.171 Typescript draft of the preceding, 18pp + figures. Correspondence re joint publication 1968. B.173 Correspondence rejoint publication 1969. corrected draft of 'The behaviour of the hydrogen electrode in H,O-D,0 mixtures', no.132). l15pp typescript + figure (Bibliog. Includes B.174,B.175 Correspondence re calculations carried out by Lowe for Gold 1971. With computer print-outs of results. 2 folders. B.176-B.178 McAdam, M E ' McAdam was a PhD student of Gold's. His thesis 'Radiation induced aliphatic hydrogen isotope exchange in aqueous solution' was presented in 1973. publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 161, 163, 164 (1975), 166 (1976) and 174 (1978). McAdam co-authored five B.176 Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1970-73; found with it. ms notes B.177 ‘Outline summary of results obtained' by McAdam, August 1972. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 49 Research B.178 Correspondence re joint publications 1974-77. re diol and dioxan papers (Bibliog. nos. 163 and 164). Chiefly B.179-B.183 Mah, T Mah (later Giddings) was a postdoctoral research assistant 1978-80, working on the clarification of features of the basicity of 2,6-dimethyl pyrone and related heterocyclics as part of an SRC funded project ‘Quantitative studies of Mah co-authored one protonation in super-acid systems. publication with Gold, Bibliog. no. 187 (1981). Gold's application to SRC for grant and correspondence arising 1977-80. Correspondence with Mah re postdoctoral studies 1977-79. Includes 'General progress' report, 21 July 1978, with Gold's notes and comments. B.179 B.180 B.181,B.182 Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectra obtained June — August 1978, sent to Gold 31 August. 2 folders. B.183 Nmr spectra for 'Talat's paper'; photocopied data. B.184-B.190 Major, MA His thesis 'A study Major was a PhD student of Gold's. of some photolytically induced hydrogen isotope exchange reactions in aqueous solution' was presented in 1973. Major co-authored two publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 156 and 157 (1974). B.184 Correspondence re postgraduate studies and joint public- ations 1968-73. V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 50 Research B.185 Untitled draft by Major beginning 'Previous work has demonstrated the existence of a f$ radiation induced hydrogen exchange reaction for aqueous solutions of a range of both aromatic compounds and alcohols', 14pp With the photocopied ms + graphs, 5 December 1970. draft are Gold's queries, and ms graphs on benzene activity by Major. B.186 Ms notes and calculations by Gold and Major. "Effect of oxygen scavenging of hydrogen atoms' and 'pH-dependence calculations’. Includes B.187,B.188 "Kinetics of hydrogen isotope exchange reactions. Part 24. by photolysis of potassium iodide solutions' no.156). Exchange between benzene and water initiated (Bibliog. B.187 Incomplete ms draft with extensive correction. B.188 38pp final ms draft. B.189,B.190 "Part 25. by photolysis of aqueous potassium iodide solutions’. pH-dependence of aromatic exchange initiated Incomplete ms draft with extensive correction. 29pp final ms draft. B.191 Miri, A Y Miri was apostdoctoral research assistant 1974-75. co-authored one publication with Gold, Bibliog. no.181 (1980). He Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1974-75. V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 51 Research B.i92-B.197 Morris, K P Morris was a PhD student of Gold's. transfer reactions in highly basic and highly acidic solvent systems' was presented in 1977. publications with Gold, Bibliog.nos. 184 (1980), 188 (1981), 195 (1982), 216 and 217 (1985). Morris co-authored five His thesis 'Proton- Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1974-76. includes correspondence re commercial sources of fluoro- chemicals. Also Morris's 'Progress Report June 1976 in highly basic and highly acidic media’. Solvent isotope effects ‘Organic bases in magic acid & theory'. so inscribed: weak organic bases, some dated March 1977. data on exchange between magic acid and various Contents of folder B.192 B.193 B.194 B.195 Correspondence re joint publications 1979-82. B.196,B.197 Ms notes, calculations and graphs etc. 2 folders. B.198,B.199 Nowlan, V J Nowlan was a postdoctoral research assistant 1973, working He co-authored one publication on borohydride reactions. with Gold, Bibliog. no.158 (1974). Correspondence re postdoctoral studies 1972, and joint publication 1974. B.199 "Synthesis of tritiated NaBH,' by Nowlan, 9pp ms + refs and figs; ms notes and calculations. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 52 Research B. 200-B. 202 Oakenfull, DG Oakenfull was a PhD student of Gold's although much of his research was undertaken in the laboratory of T Riley (B.213-B.217) at the Brighton College of Technology. ‘Studies of the mechanism of base catalysis in ester hydrolysis' was presented in 1966. authored two publications with Gold (and Riley), Bibliog. nos. 112 (1966) and 118 (1968). Oakenfull co- His B. 200 B.201 B.202 Correspondence with Riley and Oakenfull re postgraduate studies 1963-66. Correspondence with Riley and Oakenfull re joint publications 1967 and nd. Ms notes, calculations and graphs by Gold, Riley and Oakenfull. B.203-B. 208 Pemberton, S M Pemberton was a scientific assistant in Gold's laboratory 1975-76 and a postdoctoral research assistant 1976-79. She co-authored one publication with Gold, Bibliog. no. 189 (1981). B.203 Correspondence re appointment and studies 1975-81. B.204-B. 206 Drafts by Pemberton. B.204 B.205 'Thesis contents' (on work on porphyrins), 4pp ms, May 1976; ‘Incorporation of tritium into dioxan using titanium III/H,0, as a source of hydroxyl radicals', 4pp ms, 7 June 1976; ‘Hydrogen exchange in dioxan induced by the titanium (III) /H,02 system', lOpp typescript + figs, March 1977, with ms notes. 'Reactions of aqueous Ti(III) suspensions: Hydrogen "Hydrogen exchange in dioxan induced by "Ti(OH),"', 6pp ms + fig, October 1977; evolution and hydrogen exchange', 3pp typescript, May 1978; "Research report' on hydrogen exchange, 6pp photocopied ms, January 1979; 'Yield of exchange hydrogen in ether/low valent metal ion systems', 5pp photocopied ms, March 1979; 'Attempts to demonstrate the existence of a carbonionic intermediate in radical-induced hydro- gen exchange of dioxan',4pp photocopied ms, November 1979. V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 53 Research B.206 "Radical-induced exchange of carbon-bound hydrogen in organic substrates. dioxan using metal-ion/hydrogen peroxide systems', 6pp ms + tables and figs, nd; dioxan using titanium hydroxide and resin-bound titanium (III)', 5pp ms + table, nd. Hydrogen exchange in ‘Part II. Part I, Hydrogen exchange in B.207 Summary of results of experiments 103-600, March 1979; summary of results of experiments 593-732, nd. B. 208 Ms notes by Gold and Pemberton. B.209,B.210 Perez, G Perez, of the Italian Laboratorio di Chimica Nucleare, was a visiting researcher in Gold's laboratory 1970-71 supported by a NATO Fellowship. Gold, Bibliog. no.153 (1973). He co-authored one publication with B.209 Correspondence re visit 1970-71. B.210 Data and notes by Perez on anisole and toluene. B.211,B.212 Pross, A B.211 B.212 Pross was a postdoctoral research assistant 1971. co-authored one publication with Gold, (1976). He Correspondence re postdoctoral appointment 1970-71; "Determination of water in alcohols', 3pp typescript + fig. ‘Aliphatic hydrogen exchange in t Butanol' by Pross, 12pp ms + tables and figs; annotation by Gold. typescript drafts of tables with ms V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 54 Research B.213-B. 217 Riley, T Riley co-authored six publications with Gold, Riley was a PhD student of Gold's. of some acid-catalysed alkylation reactions' was presented in 1959. Bibliog. nos.51 (1959), 61 (1960), Riley supervised the laboratory 112 (1966) and 118 (1968). work of D G Oakenfull, a PhD student of Gold's in the early 1960s. See B.200-B.202. His thesis 'A study 68 (1961), 75 (1962), B.213 Brief correspondence re postgraduate studies 1956, 1959, and joint publication 1960. B.214 B.215 ‘Alkylation of methoxybenzene'. inscribed : correspondence re joint publication (Bibliog. no.51) 1958-59, data, graphs etc. Contents of folder so 'Difference in technique from previous work [ with HC10,4]' by Riley, llpp ms. B.216,B.217 Ms notes, calculations, graphs,.etc., by Gold and Riley. 2 folders. B.218 Robinson, S R Robinson was a postdoctoral research assistant 1975-77. ‘He co-authored one publication with Gold, (1980). Correspondence re postdoctoral appointment 1975-76, and draft of 'Reactions of sodium joint publication 1979; borohydride with some l-substituted 2 ,4-dinitrobenzene' by Robinson, llpp typescript and ms with Gold's correction and annotation. V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 55 Research B.219-B.226 Rochester, C H His thesis ‘Kinetic Rochester was a PhD student of Gold's. and equilibrium studies of organic solutes in alkaline media' was presented in 1962. with Gold, Bibliog. nos.66 (1960), 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92 and 93 (1964). of aromatic nitro-compounds in alkaline media' published in J. Chem. Soc. Bibliog. nos. 86-93 were parts 1-8 of "Reactions Rochester co-authored nine publications B.219 Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1959-61, and re joint publication 'The interaction of 1, 3, 5-trinitrobenzene and aqueous alkali: (Bibliog. no.66) including Gold's much revised proof copy. a light sensitive aromatic substitution' B.220-B.222 Correspondence reRochester's research at Nottingham University, Includes reports and 1962-63 and nd, for Bibliog. nos. 86-93. data from Rochester's experiments, Gold's ms notes, Rochester's answers to queries from Gold and his own queries to Gold. 3 folders. B.220 B.221 1962 1963 B.222 Nd "Part III Picramide and DMP [ dimethyl-picramide ] + NaOMe'. Contents of folder so inscribed: dated April and July 1963, re Bibliog. no.88. material similar to above, Correspondence with the Chemical Society re joint publications 1963-64, and brief correspondence with P R Hammond arising. 'Reactions of aromatic nitrocompounds in alkaline media. Part VII. dinitrobenzenes in aqueous sodium hydroxide' no.92), 29pp ms. Behaviour of picric acid and of two dihydroxy- (Bibliog. B.223 B.224 B.225 B.226 Ms notes, calculations and graphs by Gold and Rochester. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 56 Research B.227-B. 237 Rolston, J H Rolston was a postdoctoral research assistant 1968-69, working on aspects of homogeneous catalysis studied with the aid of tritium. nos. 135, 138, 139 and 140 (1970). He co-authored four publications with Gold, Bibliog. B.227 Correspondence re postdoctoral research 1966-68. B.228 "Slow exchange reactions of alcohols in tritiated water. With graphs Research report Jan-Sept 1968' by Rolston. found with it. B.229-B. 233 Rolston's set of drafts on studies undertaken. B.229 '3°- butanol exchange study', llpp ms. "Chemical and photochemical study', l6pp ms. B.230 B.231 B.232 "Gamma radiolysis study', 33pp ms. 'Salt effects on exchange', 2lpp ms. and Rolston found with it. With ms notes by Gold "Scavenger study of exchange', 32pp ms (some photocopied ms). With 3pp ms addition found with it. B.233 'Stereochemical study', 9pp ms + photocopied graphs. B.234-B.236 Correspondence and notes re joint publications 1969-70. 3 folders. B.234 1969 Dec - 1970 Jan B.236 1970 Mar - Sept B.235 1970 Feb V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 57 Research B.237 Rolston's 'Data sheets'. Nd. B.238,B.239 Routledge, P J B.238 B.239 Routledge was a postdoctoral research associate from 1983. He co-authored one publication with Gold, Bibliog. no.219 (1985). Brief correspondence re postdoctoral appointment 1983, 1985; "DMSO and hydroxylic solutes' by Gold, 6pp photocopied ms annotated 'Routledge 7-11-83' (probably plan of research for Routledge). 'A study of the H,0/D,0 equilibrium in acetonitrile' by Routledge 'This work was done between June and August 1984'; ms notes by Gold marked 'Routledge'. B.240 Satchell (née Smith), RS Satchell was a PhD student of Gold's. studies of aiiphatic substrates in acidic media' was presented in 1962. Bibliog. nos. 81 and 82 (1963). Satchell co-authored two publications with Gold, Her thesis 'Kinetic Brief correspondence from Gold to the Radiochemical Centre, Amersham, re isopropanol -1,3-Cl4, 1960; from Satchell re joint publications, July 1962; graphs, calculations etc. ms notes; brief correspondence B.241-B. 243 Sghibartz, CM Sghibartz was a PhD student of Gold's. and kinetic studies on acetals' was presented in 1978. co-authored four publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 175 (1978), 194 (1982), 201 and 204 (1983). His thesis 'Synthetic He V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 58 Research B.241 Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1974-77. B.242 B.243 "Salt effects in the hydrolysis of cyclic ethers' by Sghibartz, llpp photocopied ms, 28 August 1975; report of the study of cyclic acetals (as discussed at SRC 12.7.76)' by Sghibartz and B T Grayson, 7pp typescript; note on experiments on crown ether acetals by Sghibartz. 'Status Correspondence re joint publication and conference presentation by Sghibartz 1978. ether acetals: measurements' detection of cation binding by kinetic (Bibliog. no.175). Includes draft of 'Crown B.244 Shephard, F E Shephard worked at the Gas Council's London Research Station. Material re study of the negative ion spectra of t-butyl alcohol, 1970 and 1971. B.245 Simons, C J Simons was a PhD student of Gold's. magnetic resonance studies of liquid mixtures' was presented in 1966. His thesis 'Nuclear Brief correspondence re postgraduate studies and possible joint publication 1963-67; Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of liquid mixtures', c. 1965; 'D.S.I.R. Report by C J Simons. ms notes. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 59 Research B.246 Socrates, G Socrates was a part-time MSc student of Gold's working for British Oxygen. resonance' was presented in 1962. one publication with Gold, Bibliog. no.101 (1964). His thesis 'Studies in nuclear magnetic Socrates co-authored Brief correspondence re postgraduate study 1960, 1962; "Hydration of acetaldehyde and pyruvic acid' 18pp ms + refs. by Socrates, B.247-B.250 Swart, E R He worked on 'an investigation of "halide ion- Swart, a Lecturer at the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, was a PhD student of Gold's under the Scheme for Teachers and Research Workers at Overseas University Colleges. organic halide" exchange reactions in the Syl-Sy2 borderline region’. supervisor for two Research Fellows of Swart's: P Casapieri (PhD 'Nucleophilic substitution: mixed Syl-Sy2 mechanisms' presented 1962) and J M Hodgkinson (MPhil on reaction kinetics). the work of Swart and Casapieri. In conjunction with Swart Gold acted as external a study of The material is chiefly re B.248 B.249 Correspondence re research 1958-59. second and third research reports. Includes Swart's first, Correspondence re research 1960. research report, and Swart and Casapieri's drafts of "Concomitant first and second order nucleophilic substitution’ sent to Gold for comment. Includes Swart's fourth Correspondence re research 1962-63. fifth, sixth and seventh research reports, and Swart and Casapieri's draft of 'Studies on "borderline" nucleophilic substitution Part II' sent to Gold for comment. Includes Swart's V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 60 Research B.250 Correspondence re research 1965-66. B.251 Szeto (née Ho), WTA Szeto was a PhD student of Gold's supported by a Croucher Foundation Scholarship and an Overseas Research Student Award. She worked on deuterium isotope effects in hydrogen-bonding in solution and presented her thesis in 1985. authored three publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos 226 (1986), 229 (1987) and 230 (1988). Szeto co- Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1982-85; ms calculations annotated 'Alice Ho pre-summer 1982'; photocopied ms note by J Emsley 'NMR hydrogen bond investi- gations (Outline of research programme for Alice Ho)', July 1982. photocopied B.252-B.260 Tomlinson, C Tomlinson, a Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at the Brighton College of Technology, was a PhD student of Gold's. thesis 'Spectroscopic studies Tomlinson isotope effects in solution' was presented in 1970. co-authored two publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 136 (1970) and 144 (1971). of thermodynamic hydrogen His B.252-B.256 Correspondence re research 1964-70, and joint publication 1970-71. 5 folders B.252 1964 B.253 1965-67 B.254 1968 B.255 1969 B.256 1970-71 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 61 Research By 25)/ 7B 250 Computer print-outs with Gold's headings. BeZoy 'p-nitroaniline' and 'N-methyl-p-nitroaniline', August 1970. 'p-nitro dimethylaniline Different DB. values', October 1970. B.258 "Amines + ROH Preferred g = values 7 October, 1970.5 ‘amines + ROH Tomlinson "best" @ values', October 1970. Beg B.260 'The hydrogen-deuterium fractionation of the hydroxyl ion in aqueous solution: 1O0pp photocopied ms; 'The properties of and structure within aqueous alkaline solutions have received less attention than those of the complementary acidic solutions', 12pp photocopied ms. the P.M.R. method' by Tomlinson, untitled draft by Tomlinson beginning "Fractionation work'. and ‘Slow exchange' so titled; calculations and graphs by Gold and Tomlinson. miscellaneous ms notes, Tomlinson's notes on 'Fast exchange' B. 261-B. 263 Toullec, J Toullec, of the Laboratoire de Chimie Organique Physique, Université de Paris, visited Gold's laboratory in 1976. Their collaborative work was published as Bibliog. no.177 (1979) . Correspondence re joint publication 1976-77. Draft of Bibliog. no.177 in French, 42pp typescript. Draft of Bibliog. no.177 in English, 17pp typescript; proof copy with Gold's corrections. B.261 B.262 B.263 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 62 Research B.264-B. 267 Unsworth, J B J His thesis Unsworth was a PhD student at King's College. "Studies on the homogeneous catalytic oxidation of olefins by palladium compounds' was presented in 1972. B.264 Letter from Unsworth re research, February 1970, with Gold's ‘Improvements in the production calculation found attached; of carbonyl compounds', specification of invention by Gold, Unsworth and J S Coe, 4pp photocopied typescript. B.265,B. 266 Unsworth's reports on 'Oxidation of octene-1 with pa® in solution’. 1968-70. salts 2 folders. B.267 "Bis benzonitrile di chloro-palladium (II) as a catalyst for the production of ketones from olefins' photocopied ms + fig. by Unsworth, 4pp B.268-B. 271 Valavanidis, A Valavanidis was a PhD student of Gold's. study of heterogeneous base catalysis by poly-(4-vinylpyridine) ' was presented in 1977. His thesis 'A B. 268,B. 269 Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1972-77. 2 folders. B.268 1972-73 B.269 1974-77 'A study of heterogeneous base catalysis by insoluble macromolecular bases', Valavandis's research report for October 1973 - September 1974. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 63 Research B.271 Miscellaneous material found with the preceding. B.272 Wassef, WN Wassef, a Lecturer at the University College for Women, Ain Shams University, Cairo, was a postdoctoral research fellow 1981-83 supported by the Egyptian Government. co-authored eight publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 206, 208 (1983), 210, 211 (1984), 220, 221, 222 and 223 (1986) . He Correspondence re postdoctoral studies 1981-83. B.273 Waterman, DCA Waterman was a PhD, student of Gold's. isotope effects in acid catalysed reactions' was presented in 1967. Bibliog. nos. 115 (1967), 119 and 120 (1968). Waterman co-authored three publications with Gold, His thesis ‘Solvent Correspondence re postgraduate studies and joint publications 1964-68; miscellaneous ms notes and graphs by Gold and Waterman. B.274-B.276 Wood, DL Wood was a PhD student of Gold's supported by a BP CASE studentship. metal ions in aqueous solution' was presented in 1980. co-authored four publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 189, 190, 191 (1981) and 192 (1982). His thesis 'The reduction of radicals by transition Wood V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 64 Research Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1977-81. Correspondence re joint publications 1981-82. "The reduction of organic free radicals by low valent transition metal ions as studied by isotopes. by D L Wood (April 1979)'; sets of calculations by Gold; ‘Survey by D L Wood Jan.1980'; A report ms notes by Gold and Wood. B.274 B.275 B.276 B.277 Zaliouk (née Gitter), A Zaliouk was a research assistant working on an SRC supported project on slow reactions 1965-67. publication with Gold, (1971). She co-authored one Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1964-67, and joint publication 1968, 1970. B.278-B. 307 Zdunek, L Z Zdunek was a PhD student of Gold's 1978-80 and a postdoctoral research assistant 1980-82 (supported by an SRC grant for "Dynamic NMR measurements'). by NMR Zdunek co-authored six publications with Gold, Bibliog. nos. 188 (1981), 193, 196, 197 (1982), 216 and 217 (1985). techniques in superacid media' was presented in 1981. His thesis 'Rate measurement B.278 Correspondence re postgraduate studies 1978-80, and postdoctoral research 1980-84. B.279 Application to SRC for grant, correspondence arising 1980-83. B.280-B. 284 "The determination of the acidity of super-acid media by dynamic n.m.r. measurements: The system fluorosulphuric acid-antimony pentafluoride' by Gold, Zdunek, K Laali and K P Morris (Bibliog. no.216, 1985). Drafts labelled continued... V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 65 Research by Dr Jean Gold to show the development of the joint paper. B.280 "lst draft by Victor Gold'. B.281,B.282 'Typed (and corrected by Zdunek on his part of the work) June 83'. 2 folders. B.283 "various stages of this paper Dec 83 - revision'. B.284 "Proof stage IV'. Annotated by Morris. B.285,B.286 "Dynamic nuclear magnetic resonance measurements of the basicity of weak organic bases in super-acid media' by Gold, Zdunek, Morris and Laali (, 1985). B.285 Early draft with slightly different title, 13pp typescript with ms corrections + tables + figs. B.286 13pp typescript with ms corrections. B.287-B. 307 'Zaunek Research work with Victor additions' Contents of Gold's box file so labelled. (Dr Jean Gold). B.287 Calculation by Gold beginning 'Assume that only two sites of the system have significant populations, Py, and Pya', March 1978. B. 288-B. 290 Nmr spectra obtained by Zdunek, May, August and October 1978. 3 folders. B.291 'Brief theory of T,' by Zdunek, 7pp photocopied ms + graphs, one dated 18 April 1979 (no.13). V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 66 Research B.292 Material found attached to preceding. to graphs in handout headed "Brief theory of T,"', 4 July 1979. Includes 'Index B.293,B.294 'The determination of the pmr natural line width in FSO;/SbFs systems involved in chemical exchange by variable temperature spin - lattice relaxation time (T,) measurements' by Zdunek, photocopied ms with graphs and data, September 1979. 2 folders. B.295 Untitled note by Zdunek beginning 'The equilibria established in a solution of CO2 in water are postulated to be the following...', lOpp photocopied ms, 16 November 1979. B.296 Notes of results sent to Gold by Zdunek March and June 1983; note on 'Basic relations' by Gold, 30 November 1983. B.297-B.299 'The three site line-shape equation by Zdunek'!, typescript draft possibly of part of Zdunek's thesis. 3 folders. B.301 B. 302 Miscellaneous notes, graphs and calculations probably related to Bibliog. no.188 (1981). Untitled draft by Zdunek beginning 'At secondary school, one learns that the acidity of a medium may be defined as its ability to donate a proton to a specified reference (Bronsted) base', 29pp ms and typescript + figs possibly related to Bibliog. no.196(1982). found with it. With Gold's queries Untitled draft by Zdunek beginning 'The advent of the dedicated computer has seen a marked increase in the routine availability of spectral analysis', 20pp photocopied ms + tables untitled note by Zdunek beginning 'Computer programs and figs; for use in nmr have been written since the early 1960s' 3pp ms. V Gold NcuACS 19/4/90 67 Research B.303,B. 304 Untitled draft by Zdunek beginning 'Protonated weak organic bases form many important intermediates in organic synthesis, but it was not until the sixties that the discovery of superacids... led to a wealth of observations of relatively long lived species', 47pp ms and typescript + figs. 2 folders. B.305 B. 306 B. 307 'Rate determination using NMR line-shape analysis' by Zdunek, draft for lecture, llpp photocopied ms + figs for slides. Photocopied ms data found with the preceding. Miscellaneous notes, calculations, graphs etc., by Gold and Zdunek. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 68 Research Miscellaneous B.308,B.309 'Notes on programs'. inscribed. Contents of Gold's folder so B. 308 Annotated computer print-outs, June 1966. B. 309 Sets of calculations by Gold. B.310-B.312 'BUOH - H20 fractionation (Brookhaven results)'. of Gold's folder so inscribed: annotated by Gold. Computer print-outs, Contents B.310 ‘Evaluation of fractionation factors and detailed composition of solutions for NMR experiments on D-fractionation between t-BUOH and water'. 19 November 1967. B.311 B.312 'A program to find optimum Cx, kp, kyfrom Gold (1960) equation for rates in H,0/D,0' + graph, 5 January 1968. "Modification for calculation of0.5% and +0.3% error in f, (alcohol peak curve).' 1 February 1968. V Gold NcuACS 19/4/90 69 SECTION C INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY c.1 - C.186 Gold's titular membership of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) dated from 1973. At its 27th Annual Conference held in Munich that year IUPAC established a Commission on Physical Organic Chemistry which was 'charged with standardization of physical organic chemical nomenclature, particularly with regard to the naming of reactions, the mechanism of reactions and the definitions used in the field' and Gold was invited to serve. The Commission set up a number of Working Groups, each assigned a specific project, and appointed Gold coordinator of that Working Group preparing a Glossary of Terms used in Physical Organic Chemistry. edited by Gold, was published in August 1979 and the first edition followed A provisional version, in 1983. Work began on the second edition soon thereafter. From 1983 Gold was also acting as coordinator of a Joint Working Party with the Commission for Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry on Stereochemical Terminology. Gold became a member of the Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols (IDCNS) in 1979 as a representative of the Organic Chemistry Division. The Committee reviewed draft IUPAC reports to check that their terminology was in line with IUPAC conventions. In 1982 IDCNS agreed to begin work towards a general IUPAC compendium of terminology. Gold was in charge of this project, and by 1984 had completed the first stage in the preparation of a complete list of IUPAC glossaries and reports on terminology. Gold was elected Chairman of the Commission on Physical Organic Chemistry for 1983-87 and in September 1985, very shortly before his death, was elected to the IUPAC Bureau, the senior executive body of the Union. V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 70 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry The material is presented as follows: Cc. 1 - C.137 Commission on Physical Organic Chemistry C.138 - C.167 Interdivisional Committee on Nomenclature and Symbols (IDCNS) -— C.168 - C.186 IUPAC General Assemblies COMMISSION ON PHYSICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY General correspondence and papers c.101 Working Group to compile a Glossary of terms used in Physical Organic Chemistry Cc.102 C.106 Joint Working Party on Stereochemical Terminology C.107 C.137 Other Working Groups V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 71 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry General correspondence and papers The material is chiefly papers for meetings of the Commission held during IUPAC Physical Organic Chemistry conferences and Gold's correspondence with Commission members and others, 1972-85. The 1972 material is re the ad hoc committee on Physical Organic Chemistry formed to press for the creation of the Commission. 29 folders. c. 1 1972 Cc. 2 1973 C.16 1980 Aug C.17 1980 Sept-Dec C..:3 1974 Jan-June c.18 1981 Jan-July c. 4 1974 July-Nov c.19 1981 Aug-Sept c. 5 1975 C.20 1982 Jan-June Cc. 6 1976 Jan-July c.21 1982 Aug-Nov Cc. 7 1976 Aug-Dec C.22 1983 Feb-June Cc.28 1977 Apr-Aug Cu23 1983 July-Aug c. 9 1977 Sept C.24 1983 Sept-Nov Cc.10 1977 Oct-Dec €.25 1983 Dec (1) C.i1 1978 Jan-Apr C.26 1983 Dec (2) c.12 1978 May-Sept C.27 1984 Jan-Sept c.13 1978 Oct-Nov C.28 1984 Oct c.14 1979 C.29 1985 c.15 1980 March-July V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 72 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Working Group to compile a Glossary of terms used in Physical Organic Chemistry In late 1975 and in 1976 the Commission on Physical Organic Chemistry circulated letters to physical organic chemists seeking opinions on the naming of organic reactions and the symbolisation of reaction mechanisms. From the replies it became apparent that it was first necessary to standardise the nomenclature. by Gold, to compile a Glossary. A Working Group was established, chaired After extensive consultation and redrafting a provisional Glossary was published in Pure and Appl. Chem. 51 (1979). The response was generally favourable and after considerable revision the first edition was published in 1983 in Pure and Appl. Chem. 55. C.30 - C.34 Initial requests to physical organic chemists for their views on Commission proposals, with copies of the replies 1975-76. 5 folders. C.30 1975 C.33 1976 Mar-May C..3! 1976 Jan Cc.34 1976 Jun-July C.32 1976 Feb Replies to Questionnaire on types of nomenclature, November-—December 1976. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 73 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry C.36 - C.41 Initial suggestions for definitions of terms, December 1976 - April 1977. Having agreed to act as Chairman of the Working Group Gold This was sent out prepared a list of terms to be defined. to selected colleagues in December 1976 with a request that they each provide possible definitions of certain terms which could then form the basis of the first draft of the glossary. 6 folders. C. 36 1976 c.39 1977 Feb (2) C.37 1977 Jan Cc.40 1977 Mar C.38 1977 Feb (1) C.41 1977 Apr c.42, C.43 Gold's first draft definitions. 2 folders. c.44 "First draft of glossary of terms (April 1977)', with related correspondence. c.45 - C.48 Comments on first draft, May - August 1977. 4 folders. c.45 1977 May-June C.47 1977 July C.46 1977 June c.48 1977 July-Aug C.49, C.50 Gold's extensively annotated working copy of second draft, July 1977. 2 folders. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 74 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry C.51 = ¢.57 Further requests for definitions of terms, August 1977 - January 1978. On the basis of comments received on the first draft (C.45 - C.48)Gold asked selected colleagues to comment on new definitions of certain more difficult terms and to provide suggested definitions for terms omitted in the first draft. 7 folders. c.51 1977 Aug c.55 1977 Nov (2) C.52 1977 Sept C.56 1977 Dec C.53 1977 Oct Cc.57 1978 C.54 1977 Nov (1) c.58, C.59 "New contributions for second draft (Mark II)'. Contents of Gold's folder so inscribed, divided into two: typescript definitions. ms and 2 folders. C.60 C.61 C.62 Miscellaneous correspondence, October 1977 - May 1978. "Glossary of terms used in Physical Organic Chemistry (Third Draft, March 1978)'. Distribution list for third draft, notes on costs incurred. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 Oe International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Cc.63 - C.71 Comments on third draft, June - October 1978. The third draft was circulated in June 1978. many comments and suggestions and the material includes some extended exchanges of correspondence on the meaning Gold continued to receive comments of specific terms. after a hand-revised 'fourth' draft had been submitted to the Interdivisional Committee on.Nomenclature and Symbols (IDCNS) in September to be approved for provisional publication. It received 9 folders. Cc.63 Cc.64 c.65 C.66 June July Aug (1) Aug (2) C.67 Sept C.68 Sept-Oct C.69 Undated A-K Cc.70 Undated L-P c.71 Undated S, Y C.72, C.73 Correspondence and comments on 'fourth' draft, September 1978 - February 1979. 2 folders. C.74 - C.78 Correspondence September 1978 - September 1979 with K J Laidler, chairman of the IUPAC Subcommittee on Nomenclature and Symbolism in Chemical Kinetics, and others chiefly re the meaning of the term 'chemical flux'. Material also includes drafts of the Subcommittee's report "Symbolism and terminology in Chemical Kinetics', on which Gold commented. 5 folders. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 76 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Correspondence with IUPAC officers and colleagues re arrangements for provisional publication, November 1978 - October 1979. Following approval from IDCNS in November 1978 the Glossary was published in the August 1979 issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry 51, 1725-1801. Gold's annotated 'Suggested points for consideration by the Commission [ on Physical Organic Chemistry] in connection with the Glossary', considered at the Commission meeting at Davos, September 1979. July and August 1979. These were Copy of Provisional Glossary of Terms used in Physical Organic Chemistry’. C.82 - C.88 Comments on Provisional Glossary and correspondence re Gold's revision thereof, July 1979 - November 1980. 7 folders. C.82 1979 July, Aug C.86 1980 June C.83 1979 Sept C.87 1980 July c.84 1979 Oct-Dec c.88 1980 Aug-Nov c.85 1980 Jan-May Ms and typescript draft definitions for revision of Provisional Glossary. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 77 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Cc. 90 - Cc. 94 Correspondence and comments on 'Final definitions', April - July 1981. 5 folders. C.90 Apr Cc.91 May c.92 June c.93 C.94 July (1) July (2) Cc. 95 - C. 98 Correspondence republication of the Glossary, August 1983. July 1981 - The final draft was approved by the Commission on Physical Organic Chemistry in July 1981 and submitted to IDCNS in November. for official publication was given in September 1982. After consideration of further comments approval 4 folders. c.95 1981 C.97 1982 June-Nov Cc.96 1982 Jan-May C.98 1983 C. 99°- C.101 Comments on the Glossary and material for future revision thereof, 1983-85. 3 folders. c. 99 1983 (1) C.101 1984-85 c.100 1983 (2) V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 78 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Joint Working Party on Stereochemical Terminology Gold was coordinator of this Joint Working Party with the Commission for Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry. C.102-C.104 Correspondence re meetings of Working Party and definitions of stereochemical terms, 1982-85. 3 folders. C.102 1982, 1983 c.104 1985 c.103 1984 "Stereochemistry', 43pp typescript. Ms notes and background information, including biblio- graphical references. Cc.105 C.106 Other Working Groups In addition to the Working Group established under Gold to compile the Glossary of terms the Commission on Physical Organic Chemistry set up a number of other Working Groups to consider questions of terminology relating to specific processes in chemistry. reports and correspondence sent to Gold as Commission member and coordinator of the work on the Glossary. The material is chiefly draft C.107 Lists of Working Groups, their chairmen and expected dates for project completions, 1982 and 1983. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 79 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry C.108-C.113 Nomenclature for straightforward transformations: substitutions, additions and eliminations, Coordinator J F Bunnett, 1976-83. 6 folders. c.114, C.115 Nomenclature for multivalent transformations, Coordinator R A Y Jones, 1979-81. 2 folders. C.116-C.125 Symbolisation of reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry, Coordinator J F Bunnett, 1974-85. 10 folders. C.126 Nomenclature for straightforward transformations: attachment/detachment, oxidation/reduction, Coordinator M P Doyle, 1978-83. C.127, C.128 Nomenclature for ring-forming and ring-opening trans- formations, Coordinator P Miller, 1981, 1984. 2 folders. C.129, C.130 Nomenclature for complex reactions, Coordinator J March, 1977-84. 2 folders. c.131 Nomenclature of insertion and extrusion transformations, Coordinator J Toullec, 1982-84, V Gold NcuACS 19/4/90 80 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry C.132 C.133 C.134 c.135 Nomenclature for rearrangement transformations, RAY Jones, 1982-84. Coordinator Nomenclature for coupling/uncoupling transformations, Coordinator M P Doyle, 1982. 'Bi-reactions' and related transformations, Coordinator MP Doyle, 1980, 1981. Nomenclature of pericyclic reactions, 1978, 1979. Coordinator K N Houk, C.136, C.137 Mechanisms of straightforward transformations, Coordinator Jo F Bunnett, 1982, 1983. 2 folders. V Gold NcuACS 19/4/90 81 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry INTERDIVISIONAL COMMITTEE ON NOMENCLATURE AND SYMBOLS (IDCNS) The material relates to arrangements for IDCNS meetings, draft reports submitted to IDCNS for approval prior to publication and to Gold's work towards the compilation of a compendium of terminology. 30 folders. C.138 C.139 c.140 c.141 C.142 C.143 C.144 c.145 C.146 Cc.147 Cc.148 c.149 C.150 C.15k C.152 1979 Mar-July 1979 Aug-—Dec 1980 Jan-May 1980 June (1) 1980 June (2) 1980 July ,Aug 1980 Sept 1980 Oct-Dec 1981 Jan-Apr 1981 May-July 1981 July 1981 Aug-Nov 1982 Jan,Feb 1982 Mar 1982 Apr-Aug C..153 c.154 €.255 C.156 C.157 a a a a a e a | a q Q q - 158 159 - 160 -L61 - 162 - 163 164 -165 C.166 C.167 1982 Sept 1982 Sept-—Dec 1983 Jan-Aug 1983 Sept,Oct 1983 Oct (1) 1983 Oct (2) 1983 Nov,Dec 1984 Jan-Mar 1984 Apr-July 1984 Aug-Dec 1985 Jan-June 1985 July 1985 Aug-Sept Nd Nd V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 82 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry IUPAC GENERAL ASSEMBLIES Gold attended IUPAC Council meetings held during General Assemblies as a delegate of the Royal Society's British National Committee for Chemistry (D.7-D.42) and as a titular member of IUPAC. C.168-C.175 30th General Assembly, Davos, 2-10 September 1979. Gold led the Royal Society delegation. C.168 List of participants; May 1979. IUPAC Current Programmes for Cc.169 Correspondence re expenses of Royal Society delegates. C.170-C.174 Agenda and items for discussion at IUPAC Council meeting at Davos. 5 folders. C.175 Reports to the Royal Society on IUPAC Council meeting and on General Assembly. C.176 3lst General Assembly, Leuven, September 1981. Report of the Royal Society delegation on the Council meeting. C.177,C.178 32nd General Assembly, Lyngby, 18-26 August 1983. See also D.22. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 83 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry C.177 Correspondence, April-August 1983, chiefly re IUPAC Affiliate Membership Scheme and proposed changes to dues structure (see D.40-D.42). C.178 Programme. C.179-C.186 33rd General Assembly, Lyon, 30 August-7 September 1985. Gold was elected to the IUPAC Bureau at this meeting. c.179 Correspondence re arrangements. c.180 Programme. c.181 Membership list of Divisions/Commissions for approval. C.182 "Report on the critical assessment of the programs and projects of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry' by C N R Rao. C.183-C.186 Agenda and items for discussion at IUPAC Council meeting at Lyon. 4 folders. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 84 SECTION D ROYAL SOCIETY D.1 - D.78 Gold was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1972 (G.6). He served on a number of committees. Those best documented are the British National Committee for Chemistry 1976-85 (chairman 1982-84) and the Education Committee 1976-78 (as chairman of the Chemical Education Committee). Much of the material relates, directly or indirectly, to his interest in chemical nomenclature and his work for IUPAC in this area. The material is presented as follows: D. 1 - D. 6 General correspondence and papers D. 7 - D.42 British National Committee for Chemistry D.43 - D.64 Education Committee D.65 - D.72 Other Committees D.73 - D.78 Elections, research appointments and awards V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 Royal Society GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS D.1 D.2 D.3 D.4 D.5 1972-76. 1977-79. 1980-82. cuts in university funding completed by Gold. Includes 1982 questionnaire on effects of 1983-84. transfer. Principally material re UK-USA technology Material re proposed repeal or amendment of 1984. Statute 12, which provided for the election of those who ‘either have rendered conspicuous service to the cause of science or are such that their election would be of signal benefit to the Society'. D.6 1984, 1985. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 86 Royal Society BRITISH NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR CHEMISTRY (BNCC) D. 7 - D.31 General correspondence and papers D.32 - D.39 Joint Panel on Chemical Nomenclature D.40, D.41 Adhoc Group on IUPAC Dues D.42 IUPAC Affiliate Membership Scheme General correspondence and papers Invitation to serve, 20 January 1976. D.8 - D.31 Papers for BNCC meetings, related correspondence, correspondence sent to Gold as chairman, 1983-85. 24 folders. D. 8 1982 Nov; 1983 Jan D.20 1984 Jan D.=9 1983 Feb, Mar D.10 1983 Apr, May D.21 1984 Feb D.22 1984 Mar D.11 1983 May D.23 1984 Apr, May D.12 1983 June ,July D.24 1984 June,July D.13 1983 Aug D.14 1983 Sept D.15 1983 Oct D.16 1983 Nov (1) D.17 1983 Nov (2) D.18 1983 Dec (1) D.19 1983 Dec (2) D.25 1984 Aug-Oct D.26 D.27 1984 Nov (1) 1984 Nov (2) D.28 1984 Dec D.29 1985 Jan-Apr D.30 1985 May D.31 1985 June V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 87 Royal Society Joint Panel on Chemical Nomenclature This Joint Royal Society/Chemical Society Panel was established as a subcommittee of the British National Committee for Chemistry in 1979 following the recommend- One of its ations of an ad hoc Group chaired by Gold. principal tasks was to consider the application of IUPAC Gold was not a nomenclature recommendations in the UK. member of the Panel, chaired by D H Whiffen, but was kept informed of its progress as a member of the BNCC and of IUPAC's Commission on Physical Organic Chemistry. Correspondence re establishment of UK national body for chemical nomenclature January - April 1978 and first meeting of ad hoc group on proposed Panel 16 October 1978. Correspondence re membership of Panel, January-April 1979. D. 34-D. 39 Papers and correspondence re meetings of Panel, 1979, 1982, 1984. 6 folders. D.34 1979 May D.37 1982 June D.35 1979 Oct-Dec D.38 1982 Oct,Nov D. 36 1982 Jan,Feb D.39 1984 July Ad hoc Group on IUPAC Dues Gold chaired this Group established in June 1980 to formulate a proposed revision of the IUPAC Dues structure. This was considered by the IUPAC Finance Committee during the 3lst IUPAC General Assembly, Leuven, 1981 (see C.177), and accepted in principle. 2 folders. D.40 1980 D.41 1981, 1982 Ncuacs 19/4/90 Royal Society IUPAC Affiliate Membership Scheme This scheme was proposed at the 3lst IUPAC Council meeting 1981 (See C.177) as a way to encourage individual chemists in participating countries to play a more active part in IUPAC activities. D.42 Correspondence and papers re possible UK participation, 1982. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 89 Royal Society EDUCATION COMMITTEE D.43 - D.54 Chemical Education Committee D.55 - D.64 Ad hoc Group on Education in Schools Chemical Education Committee Gold was a member and chairman of this Royal Society/ During Chemical Society joint committee 1976-78. this period the committee was asked by the BNCC to consider the issue of chemical nomenclature in schools. Concern had been expressed following publicity in 1976 forthe Association for Science Education (ASE) 1972 report 'Chemical nomenclature, symbols and terminology' which argued for systematic nomenclature to be adopted It was feared that in chemistry teaching in schools. replacing well-established 'trivial' terms by unfamiliar ones would have a deleterious effect. The material is correspondence and papers relating to this issue 1976-78. D.43 draft of Gold's Invitation to serve, 30 December 1975; letter to Chemistry in Britain on 'Nomenclature, chemistry and education' arguing that 'systematic names were not intended for use in schools', May 1976; of previous action within the Royal Society Education Committee and the British Committee on Chemical Education on chemical nomenclature', BNCC ‘Summary... November 1976. D.44-D.54 Correspondence and papers re consideration of ASE proposals 1977-78. D.44 1977 May-August. nomenclature in schools and correspondence re Gold's meeting with ASE Nomenclature Working Party. Includes draft questionnaire on chemical V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 90 Royal Society 1977 September-December. on results of questionnaire and related material. Chiefly re interim report 1978 January. schools: by M D Robinson. With related material. "Systematic chemical nomenclature in a study of the impact of the A.S.E, recommendations’ 1978 February-May. revision of the 1972 ASE Report. Includes correspondence redraft D.45 D. 46 D.47 D.48-D.50 1978 June. Second draft. 3 folders. D.51-D.53 1978 June-August. Comments on second draft. 3 folders. 1978 September-November. Ad hoc Group on Education in Schools In January 1977 the Education Committee asked Sir Nevill Mott to form an ad hoc group to consider the science education issues raised by a Department of Education and current Science document 'Schools in England and Wales: issues: a member of this group. An annotated agenda for discussion'. Gold was V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 91 Royal Society D.55-D.59 Papers for Group meetings 1977. 5 folders D.55 1977 Jan (1) D.58 1977 Feb (2) D.56 1977 Jan (2) D.59 1977 May D.57 1977 Feb (1) D.60-D.64 Miscellaneous Education Committee papers on science teaching in schools 1977-78. 5 folders. V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 92 Royal Society OTHER COMMITTEES D.65 Audit Committee. Invitation to serve 7 October 1981 (accepted). D.66-D.69 British National Committee for ICSU (International Council of Scientific Unions). Gold was a member of this committee as chairman of BNCC. Papers for meetings, various dates 1978-84. 4 folders. D.70 British Standards Institution Technical Committee. Gold served as Royal Society representative on the Technical Committee LBC/16 (pH scale) 1974-84. Correspondence and papers, various dates 1974-85. Sectional Committee 3. Gold served on this Committee 1976-79. Correspondence and papers. Soirée Committee. Invitation to serve 21 October 1975 (accepted). V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 93 Royal Society ELECTIONS, RESEARCH APPOINTMENTS AND AWARDS 6 folders. D.73 1973-78 D.74 1978 D.75 1978-80 D.76 1979 D.77 D.78 1980-83 1984-85 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 94 SECTION E. ADVANCES IN PHYSICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY E.1l - E.31 Gold founded the journal Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry to publish review articles covering the application of quantitative and mathematical methods to organic chemistry. He served as editor for the first ten volumes 1963-73, and thereafter as co-editor with D Bethell. The material covers the first nine volumes. It consists of sequences of editorial correspondence with prospective and contributing authors and with the publishers, Academic Press. It is arranged according according to volume and for each Dr Jean Gold has provided a list of contributors. E. 1 - E. 4 Volume 1. 4 folders. E. 5 - E. 7 Volume 2. 3 folders. E. 8 - E.10 Volume 3. 3 folders. E.1l - E.15 Volume 4. 5 folders. E.16 - E.18 Volume 5. 3 folders. E.19 - E.21 Volume 6. 3 folders. V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 95 Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry E.22 - E.24 Volume 7. 3 folders. E.25 - E.27 Volume 8. 3 folders. E.28 - E.31 Volume 9. 4 folders. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 96 SECTION F CORRESPONDENCE F.1l - F.148 F. 1- F. 62 GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE. In alphabetical order, dated and indexed, with an indication of any information of particular biographical, scientific or historical interest. F.63 - F. 97 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE. In chronological order. F.98 - F.148 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 97 Correspondence GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Albery, WJ 1975, 1976, 1980, nd Arnett, EM 1977 HSO;F - SbF, systems Baba, A B bin 1982-85 Bafna, S L various dates 1953-78 Includes drafts by Bafna (and others) 'On 1953, 1969. ¥-substitution in the resorcinol nucleus' 1953 and 'Studies with ion-exchange resins on cinchona alkaloids III. Exchange rates' 1969, sent to Gold for comment. 1974. absorption spectra: to Gold for comment. Includes draft by Bafna (and others) ‘Ultraviolet some substituted benzoic acids', sent Chiefly 1975 correspondence re International 1975-78. Conference on the Theory and Practice of Ion Exchange. Includes draft of Bafna's paper 'Molecular sorption on ion exchange resins' for the conference. Bell, RP 1961,1972-75, nd 1961 exchange is re detection of general acid catalysis. Bethell, D 1959, 1962, nd Bigeleisen, J 1974-75, 1984 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 98 Correspondence Butler, AR 1964-67, 1971-74, 1981 1971 correspondence re the rearrangement of 4-nitroanisole during nitration. F.11, F.12 Cacae, F various dates 1970-81 1970, 1977. University of London intercollegiate lecture delivered by Cacae 6 March 1978. 1977 correspondence re arrangements for F.12 1978, 1981. 1978 correspondence re Cacae's lecture. Calmon, J-P and M 1971, 1974 Includes introduction to draft of 'Etude cinetique du mechanisme d'hydrolyse de f-dicetones ethyleniques' by J-P Calmon. Covington, AK 1971, 1981, 1984 Crampton, MR various dates 1971-84 1974-75 correspondence re complex formation and substitution. Cristol, S J 1981 Arrangements for Special University Lecture delivered by Cristol 29 October. Davies, DS 1976, 1978 1978 correspondence re discussion at National Physical Laboratory 'on the role of chemistry in the Department of Industry'. V Gold NcuACS 19/4/90 99 Correspondence F.18 Glasoe, P K 1970-71 Slow exchange between hydroxylic compounds. F.19 Gould, S J 1971-76 Chiefly re work on platinum-catalysed exchange mechanisms. F.20 Hider, RC 1971-73, 1981 F.21 Isotopes in Organic Chemistry 1973-79 Gold was on the Editorial Advisory Board. F.22 Kresge, AJ 1964, 1975-79 1964 correspondence re NMR experiments. F.23 Laali, K 1979-82 Correspondence 1979-80, chiefly re T, measurements, refers to work started by Laali and (B.278-B. 307). continued by L Z Zdunek F.24 Levy, J B 1969-71 Visit to King's College. F.25 Liddiard, C J 1976-77, 1983 F.26 Long, FA various dates 1963-80 F.27 Meinwald, J 1975, 1981-82 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 100 Correspondence F.28 Miri, AY 1976-81 Chiefly re joint work on nitrocompounds/borohydride systems (B.191). Norman, ROC 1972,1979,1983 1972 correspondence re samples. F.30-F.38 Olah, GA 1970-85 Olah was Visiting Professor of Chemistry at King's College 1973-78. Olah's visits to King's College to deliver lectures. The correspondence is chiefly re arrangements for 1970-71. Re arrangements for University of London Special 1972. University Lectures, delivered by Olah 25 October and 1 November 1972. 1973. 1974 Jan-Mar. Includes ms notes by Gold annotated 'Olah'. 1974 Apr-June. 1974 July-Dec, 1975. F.36 1976. 1977-79. 1980-85. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 101 Correspondence F.39 - F.46 Perkampus, H-H 1973-79 Correspondence principally re academic exchange schemes between the King's College Chemistry Department and the Universitat Diisseldorf Institut fiir Physikalische Chemie (Director H-H Perkampus). correspondence 1974 re research (Raman spectra of the methanol system). Also includes a little The exchange schemes operated under the auspices of the British Council and the Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst. Perkampus visited London February-March 1976 and a colleague, T Bluhm, visited King's College in October 1977. Gold visited Germany in May 1974, 8 folders. F.39 1973, 1974 Jan-Mar F.40 1974 Apr-June F.41 1974 July-Dec F.42 1975 F.43 F.44 1976 Jan-Mar 1976 Apr-Nov F.45 1977 F.46 1978-79 Pross, A various dates 1972-83 Riley, T 1960,1967-69 F.49 Rolston, J H 1969-71,1974-76 1970-71 correspondence principally re catalyst for heterogeneously catalysed exchange reactions. F.50 Style, DWG various dates 1971-82 Style died in November 1979. with his family and reStyle Prizes established by the Association of King's College Chemists. The later correspondence is V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 102 Correspondence Symons, MC R 1973-74, 1982-83 The Times 1981 Letter to the Editor re educational policies of Conservative and Labour parties. Toullec, J 1976-78, 1981 1976 and 1981 correspondence re visits to England. Valavanidis, A Wassef, WN 1977-80 1984-85 Plans for proposed visit to Cairo, December 1985. Wigfield, DC 1977, 1979 1977 correspondence re borohydride reactions, 1979 corres- pondence redraft by Wigfield and R T Pon ‘Isotope exchange in borohydride reductions’. F.57, F.58 Wilcox, C F 1979-83 Visit of Wilcox to King's College as Senior 1979-81. Includes Visiting Fellow September 1980 - February 1981. ms note by Gold recording Wilcox's contribution to solving two problems. 1982-83. Carlo calculations. Chiefly re Jorgensen's methoxide-methanol Monte V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 aOs Correspondence F.59 Wolfsberg, M various dates 1973-82 F.60 Wood, DL 1974, 1982 Chiefly re paper by T J Meyer on large solvent isotope effects. F.61 Zollinger, H 1974,1980-81 1981 exchange re data on NMR spectra of hydride addition products. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 104 Correspondence SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE F.62 1954,1960,1964-65 F.63 1966- 67 F.64 1968- 69 F.65 1970 -71 F.66 1971 1977 May-Dec 1978 Jan-May 1978 June-Dec F.83 1979 Jan-July F.84 1979 Aug-Nov F.67 1972 Jan-June F.85 1980 Jan-Apr F.68 1972 July-Nov F.86 1980 May-July 1973 Jan-June F.87 1980 Aug-Nov 1973 July-Dec F.88 1981 Jan-Apr F.71 1974 Jan-June F.89 1981 May-Dec F.72 1974 July-Dec 1975 Jan 1975 Jan-Sept 1975 Oct-Dec 1976 Jan-Apr 1976 May-Sept 1976 Oct-Dec 1977 Jan-Apr 1981 July 1982 Jan-Mar 1982 Apr-July F.93 1982 Aug-Dec 1983 Jan-July 1983 Aug-Nov F.96 1984 F.97 1985, nd V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 105 Correspondence REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS F. 98 - F.102 Examining F.103 - F.129 Appointments F.130 - F.143 Grant applications F.144 - F.146 Honours and awards F.147, F.148 Miscellaneous Examining Brighton College of Technology F.98 Assessor of degree course in Chemistry, 1967. Higher Degrees F. 99 1965, 1968 F.101 1974 F.100 1970, 1973 F.102 1975-80 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 106 Correspondence Appointments F.103 1953-56, 1959 F.117 1979 (1) F.104 1960-63 F.105 1964-65 F.106 1966-67 F.107 1968-70 F.108 1971 F.109 1972 F.110 1973 F.111 1974 F.112 1975 F.113 1976 F.114 1977 (1) F.115 LOT (2) F.116 1978 Grant applications General F.130 1970-80 F.131 1982 F.118 1979 (2) F.119 1979 3) F.120 1980 (1) F.121 1980 (2) F.122 1981 F.123 1982 CL) F.124 1982 (2) F.125 1983 F.126 1984 (1) F.127 1984 (2) F.128 1985 (1) F.129 1985 (2) F.132 1983-84 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 107 Correspondence Science Research Council F.133 1979 F.134 1981 F.139 1982 (5) F.140 1983 F.135 1982 (1) F.141 1984 (1) F.136 1982 (2) F.142 1984 (2) F.137 1982 (3) F.143 1984 (3), 1985 F.138 1982 (4) Honours and Awards F.144 1967-75 F.146 1983-85 F.145 1978-81 Miscellaneous F.147 1973-81 F.148 1983-84 V Gold NcuaAcs 19/4/90 108 SECTION G BIOGRAPHICAL G.1 - G.12 The Times obituary of Gold, 8 October 1985. Entry for Who's Who in the World 1979. Bibliographical and biographical information, paginated 1-36 by Dr Jean Gold. (pp.1-20) Bibliography, arranged chronologically. bibliography is reproduced as pages 107-127 of this catalogue. This (pp. 21-29) including Letters to The Times; 'Text books by Victor Gold'. Lists of shorter notes and Letters by Gold list of reviews of (pp. 30-36) supervised by Victor Gold, PhD (unless stated)'. Curriculum vitae; "Doctoral theses List of 'Research papers filed' (Dr Jean Gold). Correspondence and papers re Gold's election to Fellow- ship of the Royal Society March 1972. G.7 - G.10 Replies to letters of congratulation sent by Gold to colleagues. to the Fellowship of the Royal Society. Most of the letters relate to elections G.7 G.8 1971-75 1976-79 G. 9 1980-81 G.10 1982-84, nd Gold's own accounts of his scientific work ca 1970 and ca 1983. Made available by Dr Jean Gold September 1990. G.12 Lists of bibliographical material supplementary to G.3 and G.4. Made available by Dr J Gold September 1990. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 109 LIST OF PUBLICATIONS 1947 1. V. Gold, Nature, 160, trode Processes. 306 (1947). Elec- 1948 V. Gold, Trans. Faraday Soc., 44, 506 (1948). dride. The Hydrolysis of Acetic Anhy- E. G. Baxter and V. Gold, Nature, 161, 403 (1948). A Simple Moving-Boundary Apparatus. ~ 1949 V. Gold, Trans. Faraday Soc., 45, 191 (1949). Bond Orders and Other Criteria of Double- Bond Character. 1950 V. Gold, Trans. Faraday Soc., 46, 109 (1950). Some Molecular-Orbital Calculations on the Systems o- and p-C,gH4X>. A. R. Emery and V. Gold, J. Chem. Soc., 1443 (1950). Quantitative Studies of the Reactivities of Mixed Carboxylic Anhydrides. Part 1. Products in the Reaction Between Acetic Chloroacetic Anhydride and Primary Aroma- tic Amines. The Composition of the Acylation A. R. Emery and V. Gold, J. Chem. Soc., 1447 (1950). Quantitative Studies of the Reactivities of Mixed Carboxylic Anhydrides. Part 2. The Determination of Some Reac- tion Velocities Involving Acetic Chloroacetic Anhydride. A. R. Emery and V. Gold, J. Chem. Soc., 1455 (1950). Quantitative Studies of the Reactivities of Mixed Carboxylic Anhydrides. Part 3. tion Reactions of a Series of Acetic Chloro- aliphatic Acid Anhydrides. The Hydrolysis and Some Acyla- V. Gold, E. D. Hughes, C. K. Ingold, and G. H. Williams, J. Chem. Soc., 2452 (1950). Kinetics and Mechanism of Aromatic Nitra- tion. Part 4. Nitration by Dinitrogen Pent- oxide in Aprotic Solvents. V. Gold, E. D. Hughes, and C. K. Ingold, J. Chem. Soc., 2467 (1950). Kinetics and Mechanism of Aromatic Nitration. Part 5. Nitration by Acyl Nitrates Particularly by Benzoyl Nitrate. V. Gold, and F. L. Tye, J. Chem. Soc., 2932 (1950). Dissolved in Sulphuric Acid. The State of Sulphur Dioxide 1951 V. Gold and M. Whittaker, J. Chem. Soc., 1184 (1951). of Aromatic Iodo-Compounds by Hydriodic Acid in Solution. The Kinetics of the Reduction V. Gold, J. Chem. Soc., 1430 (1951). Orbi- tal Hybridisation and Some Other Considera- tions Concerning the Transition State of Bi- molecular Organic Substitution Reactions. V. Gold and B. W. V. Hawes, J. Chem. Soc., 2102 (1951). The Ionisation of Triarylcar- 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 110 List of publications binols in Strong Acids and the Definition of a New Acidity Function. 1954 1952 V. Gold, B. W. V. Hawes, and F. L. Tye, J. Chem. Soc., 2167 (1952). The Basicity of Hydrocarbons. Part 1. Cryoscopy of Con- jugated Hydrocarbon and Carbinol Solutesin Sulphuric Acid. The Basicity of Hydrocarbons. V. Gold and F. L. Tye, J. Chem. Soc., 2172 (1952). Part 2. Ultra-Violet Absorption Spectra of Conjugated Hydrocarbons in Sulphuric Acid Solution. The Basicity of Hydrocarbons. V. Gold and F. L. Tye, J. Chem. Soc., 2181 (1952). Part 3. The Distribution of Some Conju- gated Hydrocarbons Between Acidic and Inert Solvents. V. Gold and F. L. Tye, J. Chem. Soc., 2184 (1952). Part 4. 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B.251 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 144 Index of correspondents HARRIS, Anthony Barnard F.83,F.87 HARRIS, Arlo Dean HARRIS, Brian Walton HARRIS, Robin Kingsley HARRISON, Sir Richard (John) HARROD, J F HART, Frank Alan HART, Michael F.83 F.65 A.58,A.61,A.62,A.65,A.66,A.103 HARTLEY, Sir Frank G.8 HASZELDINE, Robert Neville B.122,F.116,F.119,F.120 HAVINGA, Egbert HAWKES, G Leslie HAYAMI, Jun-ichi HAYDON, Denis Arthur C.47,C.63 B.106-B.109,F.66,F.107 F.71 G.7 HAYES, Alan D.16,D.28,D.29 HEACOCK, Ronald A HEGARTY, A Frank HELLWINKEL, Dieter HENZE, Mogens HEUSLER, Karl HEY, Donald Holroyde F.69-F.71 C.37 C.101,C.130 C.154 C.66 A.75,A.86,A.87,B.1,B.21,B.24 B.250,D.74,D.75,F.50,F.108 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 ane Index of correspondents HIBBERT, D B HIBBERT, Frank F.130 c.40 HIDER, Robert Charles F.20,F.130 HIGGINS, Philip John HILGER & WATTS LIMITED HILL, Roger Rundell HILTON, John HINE, Jack HODGKINSON, John Michael HOFFMANN, Reinhard W HOFFMANN, Roald HOLDEN, Norman Ellershaw HOLDER, GA HOLMES, James Murray HOLTER, Alfons A.10 B.110 c.31 B.110,B.111 F.78 B.250 Cc.104 C.32,C.91 C.139,C.140 F.72,F.74 F.69 F.86 HOMANN, K H C.76,C.78 HOPGOOD, David HORREX, C HOUK, Kendall Newcomb HUDSON, Robert Francis HUGHES, Robert E F.108 A.86 c.55,C.56,C.83,C.84,C. 86 C.87,C.91,C.135 D.77 F.69-F.71 NCUACS 19/4/90 146 Index of correspondents HUISGEN, Rolf HULME, Ralph HUNTER, Thomas Forsyth HURD, Charles D C.55,C.56 A.85,F.124 ILLUMINATI, Gabriello C.34,C.35,C.47,C.56,C.68,C.70 C.72,C.73,C.92,C.109,C.124 C.132 INGOLD, Sir Christopher (Kelk) INGOLD, Keith Usherwood INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL KINETICS ISAACS, Neil S ISOTOPES IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY ITO, Shd IWAMURA, Hiizu IZATT, Reed McNeil IZUTSU, Kosuke E.1,F.65 See also F.67 C.54,G6.8 C.60 C.67 F.21 C.17,C.95,C.149 See also C.147 C.162,F.96 C.93,C.94 C.159 JACKSON, Anthony Hugh F.85 JACKSON, Richard Anthony C.34,C.69,C.121 NCUACS 19/4/90 147 Index of correspondents JACOBS, Francis G JAIS, Mohamed Jamil bin JAMES, Anthony Trafford JAMES, Arthur Montague JANES, Norman Frank JANZEN, Edward George A.60 B.112,F.122 G.7,G.10 F.72 F.68 c.85 JEANNIN, Yves C.99,C.152,C.156,C.161,C.179 JEFFERSON, Edward Graham B.113-B.116,G.8 JEFFREYS, Roy Arthur G.9 JENCKS, William Platt JENKINS, Aubrey Dennis JENSEN, James L JOHNSON, Alan Woodworth JOHNSON, Sharon Leijoy C.36,C.55,C.56,C.64,C.84,C.87 C.101,F.95 A.20,C.151,C.161,F.73,F.78 F.89,F.93,F.94,G.7 C.69,F.71 A.29,D.74,D.75 JOHNSTONE, Robert Alexander Walker JONASON, M JONES, Sir Brynmor F.69 F.109 JONES, Sir Ewart (Ray Herbert) (Tim) C.22,C.24,C.29,D.14,D.29 D.73-D.75 JONES, PA F.65 NCUACS 19/4/90 148 Index of correspondents JONES, Richard Arnold Yardley C.6,C.7,C.20-C.29,C.69,C.91 c.95,C.98,C.108,C.110,C.114 C.115,C.124-C.126,C.130,C.132 JOURNAL OF APPLIED CHEMISTRY B.28 KABI, A KANE, George KARELSON, M KARLSON, P F.74 F.88 F.89 KATRITZKY, Alan Roy C.30,C.35,G6.9 KEARNEY, Philip C KELLY, R J KEMBALL, Charles KENDREW, Sir John (Cowdery) C.150 Cc.85 D.2,D.13 D.25 KENNER, George Wallace D.73,F.103,F.104,F.112 KERR, James Alistair F.67 KESSICK, Michael Arthur B.117-B.121,F.97,F.107-F.109 F.111 KING, Edward L KING, Peter P KIRK, A D KIRMSE, W KITCHENER, J A B.37 D.10 F.111 C.32,C.35 F.102 NcuacS 19/4/90 149 Index of correspondents KIVINEN, Antti KLEIN, J KLESNY, Stanley P KLYNE, William KNOWLES, Jeremy Randall KOCH, Heinz Frank KOCH, W KOCHI, Jay Kazuo KODAK LIMITED KOENIG, Thomas KOHNSTAM, George KOMAREK, Kurt L C.98 E.24 C.63 C.30,F.31 D.73,G6.8 F.72,F.74 C.95 C.40,C.45 B.192 C.33 C.40,C.45,E.16 C.151,C.165 KOPTYUG, Valentin Afanas'yevich KORNBERG, Sir Hans (Leo) D.9 D.1 KOSOWER, Edward Malcolm D.1,F.105,F.109 KRAMER, George Mortimer KRAUS, Wolfgang C.69 F.65 KREEVOY, Maurice M C.39,C.95,E.19,F.79,F.80,F.91 KRESGE, Alexander Jerry F.22,F.26,F.110,F.116 KRESZE, Gtinter KRUMHOLZ, P C.31,C.35 F.64 NCUACS 19/4/90 150 Index of correspondents KRYGOWSKI, Tadeusz Marek KUCHITSU, Kozo F.74 C.162 LAALI, Khosrow LADKIN, Peter W LAIDLER, Keith James LAJUNEN, Lauri H J LAMBERT, Robert Wilson LAPIDUS, Gabriel LAUDERDALE, Patrick Francis Maitland, 17th Earl of LAUGHTON, Paul M LEDWITH, Anthony LEE, John Richard LE FEVRE, R J W LEHN, Jean-Marie LEICHNITZ, Kurt B.122-B.128,F.23,F.116,F.119 ‘'F,120,F.122,F.124-F.126,F.128 F.88 C.29,C.64,C.65,C.68,C.74-C. 78 C.82,C.144,C.151 F.89 B.129,F.127 B.37 F.94 B.130-B.133 F.69 B.134-B.145,F.107,F.109,F.121 E.8 C.87,C.93 c.150 LEIGH, George Jeffrey C.29,C.82,C.154,D. 26 LEONARD, Jack E LEONIDOU, E re LEVICH, Veniamin Grigorevich LEVY, Joseph Benjamin LEWICKI, W C.65,C.70 B.146 NcUACS 19/4/90 151 Index of correspondents LEWIS, Jack, Baron F.117,F.147,G6.9 LEWKOWITSCH, P R Elsa LEYDEN, Donald E LIDDIARD, Colin John F.130 B.256 B.147-B.156,F.25,F.110,F.113 LIDE, David Reynolds, Jr C.64,C.74,C.76,C.77,C.162 LILER, Milica C.35,C.40,C. 46,C.67,C.116,C.121 LINDSAY, Peter Alexander A.58,A.59 LITTLER, John Samuel C.11,C.55,C.56,C.67,C.68,C.84 C.86,C.88,C.90-C.92,C.116 C.119,C.121-C.123 LIU Kwang-Ting LIU Youcheng LOBO, Victor MM LOENING, Kurt L LOMAS, J S LONG, Franklin A LONG, P V LONG, Richard A J LONGRIDGE, J L LOVECY, A LOVELL, William S C.67 F.89,F.92 F.94,F.95 C.141-C.146 See also C.138-C.167 c.70 B.129,B.157,B.158,E.3,F.26 F.105-F.107 F.92 F.74,F.75 B.103 B.219,F.62 E.23 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 152 Index of correspondents LOWE, Barrie Milner B.94,B.159-B.174,F.65,F.74,F.83 LUTTKE, W LYKLEMA, J C.33 c.151 McADAM, Michael Edward MACCOLL, Allan McDOWELL, Charles A McGARRITY, John F B.176-B.178,F.77,F.79,F.89 F.110,F.111,F.113,F.115,F.117 F.119 C.48,C.54,E.8,F.75,F.76,F.89 See also F.88 A.28,F.119 F.82 McGLASHAN, Maxwell Len C.53,C.76,F.88 MACKENZIE, Kenneth McLAFFERTY, Fred Warren McLENNAN, Duncan J McMAHON, Terry B McNAUGHT, Alan David McTIGUE, Peter T McWEENY, Roy C.33 D.78 C.64 F.97 c.64,C.104,C.156,D.15,D.35 D.36,D. 39 B.101 E.12 MAH, Talat B.179-B.183,F.119,F.122,F.124 NCUACS 19/4/90 153 Index of correspondents MAJOR, Michael Arnold B.184-B.190,F.108,F.109 MAKITIE, Osmo MARCH, Jerry MARCOPOULOS, C A MARCUS, Rudolph Arthur MARIA, PC MARONI, P MARSH, Kenneth N MARSHALL, Peter James MASKILL, H MASON, Sir Ronald MATEESCU, G MATHIAS, Simao MATHIEU, Jean MATTHEWS, Richard Ellis Ford MEHTA, Goverdhan MEINWALD, Jerrold MELANDER, Lars MEYER, T J MEYERSON, Seymour F.85 C.34,C.46,C.52,C.56,C.86,C.87 C.95,C.102,C.103,C.129,C.130 F.110 C.52,C.56,C.68 c.99,C.101 C.21,C.95,C.96,C.98,C.116,F.88 D.74 C.177 C.33,D.78,F.27,F.108 c.45,C.65,F.86,F.124 See also A.30 F.60 E.19 V Gold NCUACS. 19/4/90 154 Index of correspondents MEYERSTEIN, Dan MILLEN, Douglas James MILLER, Sidney I MILLIGAN, Barton MIRI, Adhid Yousif MISLOW, Kurt Martin MODENA, Giorgio MONSANTO CHEMICALS LIMITED MOORE, John W MORE O'FERRALL, Rory A C.33-C.35,C.46,E.20 C.48,C.66 B.191,F.122,F.123 C.103,C.104 C.23,C.27,C.34,C.47,C.56,C.70 C.99,D.18,D.20,E.29,F.146 A.43 F.85 C.46,C.53,C.56,C.109,E.17,F.84 F.93,F.130 MORRIS, David R B.106,F.66 MORRIS, Kenneth Peter B.192-B.197,F.114 MOSS, George P MOYES, Richard B MULLER, Paul MURRELL, John Norman MUSLIM, Noramly bin C.24,C.84,C.87,C.151,D.53,F.88 F.65 C.127,C.128 F.93 F.74 NAGY, Otto B NASH, J Kevin T L B.106 V Gold NcuaAcS 19/4/90 155 Index of correspondents NATURE NEFEDOV, O M NETO, Adelina Costa NICOL, Donald MacGillivray NIKI, Katsumi F.147 C.24,C.101 F.93 C.92 C.160 NOBLE, Sir Peter (Scott) A.71,A.73,A.101 NORMAN, Sir Richard (Oswald Chandler) D.73-D.77,E.17,F.29,G.8 NOTT, PA NOUVEAU JOURNAL DE CHIMIE NOWLAN, Vincent J F.68 C.60 B.198,B.199,F.111,F.112,F.114 NOYES, Richard Macy C.51,C.68 OAKENFULL, David George B. 200-B. 202,F.64,F.106,F.107 OGATA, Yoshiro OLAH, George Andrew C.73 A.33,A.59,C.45,C.84,E.13, F.30-F. 38 See also A.65,F.96,F.146 OLLIS, William David D.78,F.75,F.97,F.102 ONG, S H ONGLEY, PA ORGAN, A J F.71 V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 156 Index of correspondents OURISSON, Guy C.1,C.30,D.9 OVEREND, William George A.2,A.3,A.6,A.8,C.32,F.75 OZIN, Geoffrey A F.76,F.77 PADDON-ROW, M N PALIT, Santi R PARKER, A J PARKER, William PARSONS, Roger PASSERINI, Riccardo PATEL, R D PAUL, Martin A PEAT, Stanley PELLERIN, Fernand PELTER, Andrew E.18,F.145 F.110 D.28,F.74 F.75,F.76 F.67 C.72,C.79,C.138,C.139 F.106 €.151 F.70 PEMBERTON, Susan M B.203-B. 208, F.119,F.123 PENGILLY, Brian William F.81,F.89 PENTON, John R C.3-C.19,C.35,C.44,C.45,C.54 C.73,C.79,C.82-C.85,C.87,C.98 C.110-C.112,C.116,C.119,C.124 C.129,C.144 PEREZ, Giorgio B.209,B.210 NCUACS 19/4/90 LD Index of correspondents PERKAMPUS, Heinz-Helmuth PERKIN-ELMER LIMITED PERKINS, Michael John PERRIN, C PETERS, David PETHYBRIDGE, Alan D PHILLIPS, C M PIHLAJA, Kalevi PIRANI, Felix AE PLATE, Nicolai A PLESCH, Peter Hariolf POCKER, Yeshayau POONIA, NS PORTER, Sir George POSENER, Marian L POSNER, Alan M POWELL, Michael E.14,F.39-F.46 A.43 A.1,C.34,C.46,C.54-C.56,C.70 C.82,C.86,C.91,C.93,C.99,C.109 c.110,C.156,D.46,F.89 F.70,F.71 A.90 F.80 F.96,F.116 F.62,F.144 c.91 D.73,F.122 F.94 F.71 F.89,F.91 POWELL, Warren Howard POWLES, J T PRAILL, Percy Francis George C.26-C. 29,C.84,C.86,C.143,C.156 F.78 F.43 PRENTICE, John Edward A.57,A.60,A.64-A. 66 NCUACS 19/4/90 158 Index of correspondents PRICE, William Charles A.90 PROSS, Addy PUGH, John C PURNELL, John Howard PYE UNICAM LIMITED B.211,B.212,C.45,F.47,F.108 F.109,F.112,F.114,F.120,F.123 A. 66 A.3,F.102 F.80,F.86 RADCLIFFE, Cyril John, lst Viscount A.72,A.73 RADIOCHEMICAL CENTRE, AMERSHAM B.240,F.75,F.78 RADO, Richard RAMAGE, Robert RAMIREZ, Fausto RANDALL, Sir John (Turton) RANEY, RANG, Humphrey Peter G.8 C.22 E.30 A.71 B.94,F.71 F.77,F.78 RAO, Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra F.149 RAPHAEL, Ralph Alexander C.65,D.46,D.47,F.105 RAPPE, Christoffer RAPPOPORT, Zvi RASSAT, André RAYNAL, J Weill F.71 C.48,E.24,F.93 C.46 c.31 NCUACS 19/4/90 159 Index of correspondents REDDY, S Ravrindra REECE, Charles Hugh F.93 F.89 REEDIJK, Jan C.65,C.85 REES, Charles Wayne D.74-D.76,F.68,G6.7,G.8 REEVES, Leonard Wallace E.9,F.63,F.64 REICHARDT, Christian C.14,C.84,C.85,C.87,C.91,C.92 REINHOUDT, DN c.91 REUTOV, Oleg Aleksandrovich F.79,F.91 REVIEWS OF CHEMICAL INTERMEDIATES F.77,F.79,F.83,F.88,F.89 RICHARDS, David Hugh RICHARDS, Graham RIDD, John Howard REIKKOLA, Marja-Liisa RIGAUDY, Jean D.18 C.52 C.30,C.35,C.37,C.38,C.46,C.65 D.76 F.92 C.97 RIGG, John Christopher C.100,C.141,C.146,C.161 RILEY, Thomas B.200,B.201,B.213-B. 217,F.48 F.64,F.98,F.104 RITCHIE, Calvin Donald C.37,F.128 ROBB, Michael A F.132 ROBERTSON, Andrew John Blackford A.2,A.5,A.40,A.62,A.115,B.59 F.31,F.70,F.127 ROBERTSON, John Monteath E.3 V Gold NcUACS 19/4/90 160 Index of correspondents ROBERTSON, Ross E ROBINSON, B H E.16 F.70 ROBINSON, Michael John Temple c.45,C.54-C.56,F.115 ROBINSON, P J C.31,C.35 ROBINSON, Stephen Robert B.218,F.96,F.97,F.121,F.124 ROCHE PRODUCTS LIMITED A.43 ROCHESTER, Colin Herbert ROLSTON, John H ROSSITER, Bryant William ROUTLEDGE, Paul James ROWLAND, Frank Sherwood ROWLINSON, John Shipley B.219-B. 226,F.62,F.63,F.67,F.100 F.106,F.108-F.111,F.113,F.114 F.117,F.119,F.120,F.127,F.144 B.227-B.237,F.49 D.16,D.19-D. 23 B.238,B.239 F.107,F.111 D.73 ROYAL SOCIETY C.169,C.175,D.1-D.78,F.74 ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY See CHEMICAL SOCIETY RUCHARDT, Christoph RUSHBROOKE, George Stanley RYCZKOWSKI, Janusz RYDON, H E SADLER, Ian Howard C.41 V Gold Ncuacs 19/4/90 161 Index of correspondents SAHAJPAL, A SALIE, F.122 F.70 SALOMAA, Pentti Antero F.65,F.67,F.108,F.109 SALT, Robert SAMMES, Peter George SAMUEL, David SAMUELSON, Olof F.89 C.40 E.10,F.94 C.66 SATCHELL, Derek Peter Norman A.85,C.32,C.35,C.71,C. 86 SATCHELL (née SMITH), Rosemary Sally B.240,F.43 SAUNDERS, William Hundley C.38,C.52,F.9 SCHAFFNER, Kurt SCHALEGER, Larry L SCHAVO, Anton F SCHERAGA, Harold Abraham C.60,C.64,C.66,C. 67 B.160,E.3 F.69,F.70 E.21,F.105 SCHLEYER, Paul von Ragué C.45,C.64,C.86,C.92,F.146 SCHMID, George Henry SCHNEIDER, Roger H SCHOWEN, Richard Lyle SCHULER, Robert Hugo SCHULTE-FROHLINDE, Dietrich SCHUMANN, Klaus SCHWETLICK, K B.198 C.162 F.113 F.74 F.40 F.40,F.72 C.11,C.67,C.85,C.91,C.92 c.102,C.124 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL F.133-F.143 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 162 Index of correspondents SCORRANO, Gianfranco SCOTT, Alastair Ian C.45,F.93 G.8 SEEMAN, Jeffrey I C.86,C.96,C.97,F.94 SEIDL, Peter Rudolf SELF, A DH SELTZER, Stanley SERUYA, Victor M SGHIBARTZ, Cristian Marius SHAPIRO, Bernard Lyon SHARPE, Alan George SHARROCK, Roger Ian SHATENSHTEIN, A I SHAW, Bernard Leslie SHEPHARD, F E SHEPPARD, David Fleetwood D.9 F.74 C.68 A.68,A.69,A.71 B.241-B. 243,F.114,F.118,F.122 F.129 B.244 F.93,F.97 SHEPPARD, Norman C.161,C.179,D.25,D. 26,D.31 SHERRINGTON, David Colin F.81 SHINE, Henry J C.45,C.48,C.56 SHOPPEE, Charles William D.74,D.75 SHORTER, John SIEHL, Hans-Ullrich C.37,C.38,C.47,F.72,F.108,F.109 F.96,F.97 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 163 Index of correspondents SIGWALT, Pierre SIMONS, Clive John SIMONYI, Miklés SINNOTT, M L SLEEMAN, Derek Henry SLOCOMBE, G P Cc.104 B.245,F.63 C.46,E.31,F.116-F.118 c.31 F.117 F.95 SMETS, Georges C.138,F.84 SMITH, C Geoffrey D.44,D.46-D.48,D.51-D.54 SMITH, James Caldwell SMITH, John AS SMITH, J R Lindsay c.12 F.92 c.3l SMITH, Peter AS C.64,C.97 SMITH, V H, Jr SNIDER, Neil F.146 F.145 SOCRATES, George B.246,F.64,F.112 SOLLNER, Karl F.79,F.80 SOMMER, Jean SPANGET-LARSEN, Jens F.88 F.95 SPINDEL, William C.177,D.9,F.108 SPINKS, John William Tranter F.72,F.74 SPIRO, Michael F.78 NCUACS 19/4/90 164 Index of correspondents SPRING, Robin J STACEY, Maurice STANLEY, Herbert Muggleton STANLEY, Rolfe STARKS, Charles Masterson STEIN, Gabriel STEINBERG, H STERN, Marvin Joseph STEWART, Michael James STEWART, William Alexander Campbell F.147 B.38 F.112 C.87 B.277,E.29,F.68 C.72 F.108 D.24 F.116 STIRLING, Charles James Matthew C.6,C.37,C.38,C.71,C.82,F.84,F.87 STOCK, Leon M STODDART, F STRANKS, DR STRASHEIM, A E.2 F.96 B.37 c.150 STREITWIESER, Andrew, Jr. C.3,C.40,C.64,C.92,C.109,F.77 STRICKLAND-CONSTABLE, Robert Frederick STYLE, Derrick William Graham SUBIRANA, Juan A B.24 F.50 F.67 SUCKLING, Charles Walter D.9,D.10,D.52,G.8 SUGDEN, Sir (Theodore) Morris SUNNER, Stig D.16,D.77 C.76,C.78 V Gold NcuaACS 19/4/90 165 Index of correspondents SUTHERLAND, Ian Oxley F.83 SWART, Edward Reinier B.247-B.250,F.105 SYKES, Keith W SYKES, Peter F.112 c.31 SYMONS, Martyn Christian Raymond B.94,E.3,F.51 SZETO (née HO), Wing Tsee Alice SZWARC, Michael B.251 D.74 TAFT, Robert Wheaton TASKINEN, Esko F.112,F.115 F.67 TEDDER, John Michael, 2nd Baron A.19,B.74,C.31,C.112 THE TIMES THOMAS, Alfred THOMAS, C B THOMAS, John Meurig THOMAS, Leslie Charles THRUSH, Brian Arthur TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron TOLHURST, Michael TOMLINSON, Colin A.91,F.52 C.47 C.31,C.35 G.8 B.254 D.78 B.251 F.87 B.252-B.260,F.70-F.72,F.81-F. 83 V Gold NCUACS 19/4/90 =e6 Index of correspondents TOMPKINS, Frederick Clifford TOPSOM, Ronald P TOSCANO, Vicente G F.64 TOULLEC, Jean TOWNSEND, A TRAYNHAM, James Gibson TREGUNNA, Paul TROST, Barry M B.261-B. 263,C.5,C.17,C.46,C. 52 C.53,C.56,C.68,C.73,C.82,C.87 C.88,C.93,C.110,C.111,C.124 C.131,F.113 See also A.32,F.75,F.76 cC.159 F.95 F.96 C.90,C.91 TRUTER, Mary Rosaleen C.91-C.93,F.10,F.115,F.118 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