FRISCH, Otto Robert Supplementary

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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of OTTO ROBERT FRISCH FRS (1904 - 1979) Material additional to CSAC 85/5/82 Deposited in Trinity College Library, Cambridge Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E. Powell 1991 NCUACS 31/7/91 All rights reserved University of Bath O R Frisch (Supplement) NCUACS 31/7/91 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: EP Abraham Cephalosporin Fund The Biochemical Society The British Library British Telecom plc The Geological Society The The The Institute of Physics The The Royal Society The Wellcome Trust Royal Society of Chemistry Society of Chemical Industry Wolfson Foundation R Frisch (Supplement) O NCUACS 31/7/91 LIST OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SECTION BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A. 226-A. 251 SECTION SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH B.208-B.224 SECTION LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS C.140-C.167 SECTION RADIO, TELEVISION, FILMS SECTION SECTION SECTION NON-PRINT MATERIAL GG. 32-G.235 Pease 1 5)/, CORRESPONDENCE VISITS AND CONFERENCES INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS R Frisch (Supplement) O NCUACS 31/7/91 INTRODUCTION The material in this collection was received from Mrs Ulla Frisch via Trinity College Cambridge. It is supplementary to the principal collection of Frisch's papers and correspondence catalogued by the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre (CSAC 87/8/82) now in Trinity College Library. The items are therefore sectionalised and numbered to follow the related material in that previous catalogue with specific cross-references where appropriate. This additional material usefully supplements the earlier collection. A.233-A.249 are Frisch's famous caricature drawings of scientific colleagues including those in sketch pads from Los Alamos where he was working on the atomic bomb project 1943-45. and Niels Bohr at Princeton, two drafts of Bohr's paper on the slides in Section G. C.140-C.147 and broadcasts D.60-D.62, and an important sequence of material relating to the commemoration meeting for Bohr held at B.209-B.220 are crucial documents relating to nuclear fission in the first, Nall Gf 1939: correspondence between Frisch in Copenhagen between Frisch and Nature. This supplementary collection also makes Copenhagen in 1963 E.64-E.76. A little general scientific correspondence disintegration of heavy nuclei (Nature, Lond., 143) and correspondence available a few more drafts for Frisch's lectures and publications and his aunt Lise Meitner in Sweden, correspondence between Frisch is presented in Section F and non-print material including photographic Bath 1991 P Harper T E Powell R Frisch (Supplement) O NCUACS 31/7/91 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL AND PERSONAL A.226 =.A.251 A.226-A. 229 Obituaries. 4 folders. Articles about Frisch. Memorial Service, Trinity College Cambridge, 3 November 1979. Order of service; 'Remarks' by Sir Brian Pippard. letter of appreciation; Letters of condolence. A.233-A. 249 Caricatures Frisch's caricature drawings of scientific colleagues and others at committee meetings, conferences and social occasions. Mark Oliphant?', ‘Author of the Black ‘Gamov? Cloud: [ FeiHoyle.|u. Sketch pad inscribed on front cover ‘Los Alamos 1943-1945'. Includes some later caricatures dated 1950. Frisch are 'Prof. George Placzek', ‘Oppenheim?', Those identified by Sketch pad inscribed on front cover ‘Los Alamos 1943-1945". are 'Lew Kowarski', 'Rudi Peierls?', 'Hans Staub', "Self portrait?’ ,'Fermi”:: drawings. Sketch pad, nd. identified by Frisch, as 'Pauli'. A. 236,A.237 Menu cards, programmes used by Frisch for caricature Caricatures identified by Frisch Only one of the caricatures is R Frisch (Supplement) O NCUACS 31/7/91 Biographical and personal 1.950, 19595 1965, 1966, 1969, 1975. Frisch by Dame Ngaio Marsh (Trinity College Cambridge Ladies' Night 1966). Includes sketch of A.238-A. 242 Miscellaneous caricatures identified by Frisch. Ar 2so ‘Lord Adrian', 'Barenboim', ‘Horace Barlow', "Beethoven', 'Hans Bethe', Bessikovitch', 'Sir Hermann Bondi', ‘Aage Bohr', 'Bragg'. "Gallacher', ‘von Hevesy', 'Janossy Budapest 1971', ‘Sir Harold Jeffries', ‘Frau Prof. Bertha Karlik?', “HH Koptermann 1955); "Leonard Miall', ‘Prof. P B and Lorna Moon Sep.1974'. ‘Prof. Joseph Mitchell', “Raazinovitch?, — Pro£.) Parity. 2%, Protein surface Physics ‘, 'Time & "Fermi Surface: (2), "Sweepnik'. ‘EBL.: Mic. ”, *Dragon' and Bendicks Bittermints box containing 2"x 2" slides. A few labelled’ 'Frisch track 6", ‘Frisch track 10' R Frisch (Supplement) O NCUACS 31/7/91 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS BOHR, Aage E.70 BOHR, Niels Henrik David B..216;B.217 CAMPAIGN FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT DIRAC, Paul Adrien Maurice ESTERMANN, Immanuel GOING, AT GRUNEISEN, E THE LAYMAN HALBAN, Hans von HINTON, Joan HOWORTH, Muriel GOLDHABER, Maurice KOWARSKI, Lew INSTITUTE OF ATOMIC INFORMATION FOR INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS R Frisch (Supplement) O NCUACS 31/7/91 Index of correspondents LASER-SCAN LABORATORIES LIMITED LAUE, Max Theodore Felix von LUST, R McCUTCHEN, C MAX-PLANCK-GESELLSCHAFT MEITNER, Lise FOLS3 A. 232 Bo214,B-.21578. 220 Cii55 C2162 MELCHER, Boos PILGRIM, John E RABINOWITCH, E ROSENFELD, Leon ROTBLAT, Joseph ROYAL SOCIETY Be2i9,Bs220 REINES, Frederick PIPPARD, Sir (Alfred) Brian E.68 Base 7 CclO2,m. LoD GC. 162 F.154 See B.216 Po i54 ROYON, Betty Pe ROZENTAL, Stefan R Frisch (Supplement) O NCUACS 31/7/91 Index of correspondents SOBEL, Helen (Mrs Morton Sobell1) SONDHEIMER, Franz TELLER, Edward See F.151 TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron A.232 TRENN, Thaddeus J 57 WINTER, George