FRANK, Frederick Charles

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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Sir (Frederick) Charles Frank FRS (1911-1998) VOLUME | General Introduction Section A: Biographical Section B: University of Bristol Section C: Research Section D: Publications by Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell NCUACScatalogue no. 127/13/03 F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 Title: Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Sir (Frederick) Charles Frank FRS (1911-1998), physicist Compiled by: Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell Description level: Fonds Date of material: 1911-2001 Extent of material: 63 boxes, ca 1,400 items Depositedin: Special Collections, Arts & Social Sciences Library, University of Bristol Reference code: GB 0003 DM 1837 © 2003 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath NCUACScatalogue no. 127/13/03 F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Heritage Lottery Fund The Institute of Physics The Macro Group UK The Polymer Physics Group The Public Record Office F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS ARCHIVIST, ARTS & SOCIAL SCIENCES LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL F.C. Frank NCUACS127/13/03 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items Page SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.99-A.566 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL B.152-B.327 SECTION C RESEARCH C.204-C.396 59 75 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS D.272-D.482 99 SECTION E LECTURES E.91-E.185 119 SECTION F SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS F.381-F.466 130 SECTION G CONSULTANCIES G.131-G.181 144 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES H.170-H.307 150 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE J.267-J.412 167 SECTION K REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS K.63-K.110 183 APPENDIX MEDALS AND ACADEMIC GOWNS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 188 190 F.C. Frank NCUACS127/13/03 GENERALINTRODUCTION PROVENANCE 5 The papers were received from Lady Frank, widow, and colleagues including J.F. Nye, via Bristol University Library, in 2003. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF SIR CHARLES FRANK For an outline of Frank’s life and career to 1988, see NCUACS catalogue no. 15/8/89. Sir Charles Frank remained active in attending conferences, writing papers and corresponding with colleagues well into the 1990s. In 1994 he was awardedthe Royal Society’s Copley Medal, its highest honour, ‘in recognition of his fundamental contribution to the theory of crystal morphology, in particular to the source of dislocations and their consequences in interfaces and crystal growth; to fundamental understanding of liquid crystals and the conceptof disclination; and to the extension of crystallinity concepts to aperiodic crystals’. Frank died on 5 April 1998 and is survived byhis wife Maita. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The archivesin this collection are supplementary to those previously catalogued for Bristol University Library as NCUACS catalogue no. 15/8/89, in conjunction with which this catalogue should be used. The material, which spans the period 1911-2001, is presented in the order given in the List of Contents. The arrangement of the material into sections and the numbering of folders follows on from that in the previous catalogue. There is supplementary material for all ten sections and although much of the material is additional to partial documentation existing in the earlier collection, in some important cases material listed here covers events and activities not previously documented - including, of course, events occurring subsequentto the completion of the previous catalogue. Section A, Biographical, forms a particularly valuable addition to the material in the previous collection. There is good coverage of Frank’s education with schoolwork and undergraduate notes as well as documentation of his extracurricular interests at Oxford University in the 1930s, including the Film Unit, fascinating material relating to his time in Germany 1936-1937 and a little wartime memorabilia. There is additional material relating to Frank’s career, honours and awards, 1935-1994 including a numberof honorary degrees and the award of the Royal Society’s Copley Medal in 1994. F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 6 A significant component of the section is a virtually complete sequence of Frank’s pocket diaries 1926-1994, recording - in varying detail - appointments, social activities, meetings etc and reflecting Frank’s breadth of interests across the arts, humanities and sciences. There is also family and personal correspondence. The section includes many photographs of Frank at various occasions, from infancy to shortly before his death, and also photographs of colleagues and family members. As the present catalogue was compiled after Frank’s death, the section also includes obituaries and memorial material. Section B, University of Bristol, is divided into Department of Physics and general University papers. Departmental material includes documentation of ICI support of research activity through its Research Fellowships and Loan Purchase Schemes, Frank’s manuscript notes on lectures, seminars and colloquia given by colleagues 1945-1957 and manuscript and duplicated typescript teaching material for undergraduate and M.Sc. courses. University material includes papers of the Art Lectures Committee from 1971 to 1997 and the Colston Research Society 1967-1996, as well as a little documentation of other committees on which Frank served and general correspondence and papers. Section C, Research, follows the previous catalogue in covering Frank’s entire research career from postgraduate studies in 1933 to post-retirement research. particularly well covered, including Frank’s postgraduate notebooks used at Oxford 1933-1936, four pocket notebooks used during his time in Germany 1936-1937, and notebooks documenting work with O. Gatty 1939-1940 in the Department of Colloid Science, University of Cambridge. There is some documentation of wartime research at Porton on smoke generation and later work on analysis of the accuracy of German V-bombs. Post-war material is chiefly the contents of Frank’s folders, Pre-World War Two research is often with an inscription of the topic, and subjects include ice (1940s), crystal growth (1940s-1950s) and geophysics (1960s). There is also late work on nuclear cold fusion, a field in which Frank had published a pioneering paper in 1947 and to which he returned in the late 1980s, in part through the claim of B.S. Pons and M. Fleischmann to have produced cold fusion in a test tube. The papers include notes, data, calculations, figures, rough drafts etc, with little related correspondence. Section D, Publications, offers significant additional coverage of Frank’s published output from 1936. It includes Frank’s contributions on a wide range of topics in chemistry, physics and geophysics, including some notlisted in his bibliography. The section is dominated, however, by documentation of the 1993 book Operation Epsilon: the Farm Hall transcripts for which Frank wrote the introduction. Material includes drafts of Frank’s introduction, proofs of the book, correspondenceaboutthe release of the transcripts and correspondencewith colleagues and historians studying the German atomic programme and the contribution of German science to the Nazi war effort more generally. The section also includes editorial correspondence and some manuscript drafts of unpublishedletters to The Times on a variety of subjects. F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 7 Section E, Lectures, covering 1938-1997, includes a wide range of public and invitation lectures, addresses and informal speeches. Scientific lectures include a 1945 lecture on ‘Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Energy’, and several lectures on Orientation Mapping delivered in the UK and overseas 1983-1991. There are also Civil Defence lectures for courses during the 1960s, and later autobiographical reminiscences. Section F, Societies and organisations, provides further documentation on twenty-two UK and international organisations with which Frank was associated. There are few extended sequences, with the most substantial body of material relating to the Royal Society and Frank’s service on the Armourers and Brasiers’ Company Research Fellowship Committee and the British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology. There is some significant further documentation of Frank’s involvement with the International Organization for Crystal Growth, including the 1968 international congress, and of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. Also of note is material relating to Frank’s service as a Home Office Regional Scientific Adviser for Civil Defence. Section G, Consultancies, documents Frank’s work for commercial organisations. It covers the period 1949-1997. As in the previous catalogue, the bulk of the material relates to Frank’s workfor the diamond company De Beers. There is further material relating to the Diamond Research Committee, which oversaw De Beers-funded diamond research in UK universities and which organised the Diamond Research Conferences, and to the Conferences themselves 1973-1997. Section H, Visits and conferences, covers the period 1933-1997. It includes overseasvisits to South Africa, Japan, India and the continent of Europe, while UK conferences documented include Royal Society discussion meetings 1949, 1960, 1970, 1984, 1986 and 1993. There is also documentation of Frank’s participation in NATO AdvancedStudyInstitutes on the Application of Modern Physics to the Earth and Planetary Interiors (1969), Surface Effects in Crystal Plasticity (1975) and the Mechanism of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics (1979). Section J, Correspondence, spans Frank's whole career, from postgraduate days in the early 1930s to the late 1990s. It is presented in alphabetical order. The bulk of the correspondenceis either early (1930s) or dates from the 1980s and 1990s - some of which postdates the compilation of the previous catalogue in 1989. There are few extended sequences and most of the correspondents represented are also to be foundin the previous catalogue. However, there is significant additional material for R.V. Jones, F.R.N. Nabarro and K. Wirtz. Section K, References and appointments, is chiefly material from the late 1980s and 1990s, postdating the previous catalogue. F.C. Frank NCUACS127/13/03 8 Thereis also an index of correspondents, and an Appendix listing Frank’s medals and academic gownsheld by the University of Bristol Special Collections. Caroline Thibeaud Timothy E. Powell Bath December 2003 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.99-A.566 1911-2001 A.99-A.101 OBITUARIES AND MEMORIALS A.102-A.119 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL A.120-A.187 EDUCATION A.188-A.288 CAREER, HONOURS AAND AWARDS A.289-A.357 DIARIES A.358-A.362 LITERARY COMPOSITIONS A.363-A.406 FAMILY A.407-A.468 FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES A.469-A.492 CLUBS, ASSOCIATIONS AND OTHER INTERESTS A.493-A.565 PHOTOGRAPHS A.566 MISCELLANEOUS F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 10 A.99-A.101 OBITUARIES AND MEMORIALS 1998-1999 A.99 Obituaries 1998 Obituaries from: The Times The Guardian The Independent The Daily Telegraph Nature The British Crystallographic Association A.100, A.101 Thanksgiving Service for the Life of Sir Charles Frank, Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, Bristol, 4 November 1998. 1998-1999 A.100 Order of service; transcript of the addresses by Sir John Kingman, John Nye and Jerry Hicks A.101 Audio cassette tape-recording of the service A.102-A.119 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL 1938-2001 A.102 Curricula vitae 1938-1983 A.103-A.113 Entries for biographical and professional directories 1959-1998 Requests biographical provided and copiesof entries. for information, information A.103 Who’s Who A.104 Who’s Whoin the World 1959-1997 c.1977, 1993 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 11 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.105 International Who’s Who 1982-1994 A.106 Who’s Who ofBritish Scientists A.107 Indian Academy of Sciences 1983 1984 Frank was a Visiting Professor at the Raman Research Laboratory in Bangalore between 1979 and 1980 and as such appearedin ‘History of the Academy’. The book was published by the Indian Academy of Sciences on the occasion of the Jubilee Meeting of the Academy in November 1984. People of Today (Debrett) 1988-1992 A.108 A.109 A.110 A.111 A.112 A.113 Lincoln College ‘Who’s Who’ Who’s Whoin Science and Engineering Who’s Who in American Education ‘Honoured by the Queen' (Belgravia Press) Record of Science Research Scholars The ‘Record of Science Research Scholars’ was produced by The Royal Commissionfor the Exhibition of 1851. 1989 1989 1992 1994 1998 1997 A.114 Requestfor an interview Correspondencere arrangements. Frank was requested to give an interviewreintelligence in World War Two and his recollections of the internment of Germanscientists at Farm Hall (see D.360-D.406) for the F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 12 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Catholic University of Chile Television Network ‘Contacto’. A.115, A.115A Interview with Maita Frank 1999-2001 Correspondence with University of Bristol Archivist re the interview; two interview transcripts; audio cassette tape- recording (A.115A). John Nye conducted the interview, which focused on Sir Charles Frank. A.116-A.119 Archival cataloguing and preservation of Frank’s papers 1988-2001 A.116, A.117 Correspondencewith the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists re the cataloguing of Frank’s papers. 1988-1999 Also includes correspondence with the University of Bristol Archivist. 2 folders. A.118, A.119 Lists of Frank’s papers. 1990-2001 2 folders. A.120-A.187 EDUCATION A.120-A.131 Thetford Grammar School, Norfolk A.120-A.125 Thetford School exercise books A.120 ‘Inorganic Chemistry’ A.121 ‘Geography’ 1920-1997 1920-1932 1920-1926 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 13 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.122 ‘5b History’ A.123 ‘History’ A.124 ‘History’ A.125 ‘E.H. Wallace’ Used by Frank from the front for stories. E.H. Wallace is not identified, possibly adopted as a pseudonymafter the popular novelist Edgar Wallace. A.126, A.127 School reports 1920-1926 2 folders. A.128 Foundation scholarship records 1923-1926 A.129 Schoolcertificate A.130 Thetford Grammar School Troop Boy Scouts Correspondence, 1 photograph and membershipcard. See also A.495. A.131 ‘The Fulmerstonian’, Thetford Grammar School school magazine, July 1932 1926 1927 1932 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 14 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.132-A.141 Ipswich School, Suffolk 1927-1977 A.132 A.133 Frank became President of the Old Ipswichians Club in 1978 (see also A.517). Exercise bookinscribed on front cover ‘F.C. Frank English Via’ c 1928 Used for English essays. Paginated with list of contents inside back cover. Hardback notebookinscribed inside front cover ‘Essays F.C Frank’ c 1928 Used for English literature notes. contents inside back cover. Paginated with list of A.134 Schoolreports A.135 Higher Schoolcertificates, etc Also includes 1 letter of congratulation. 1927-1929 1928-1930 A.136 A.137 A.138 A.139 A.140 Correspondence with Ipswich School re state scholarship 1929 Ipswich School plays 1927-1928 Autographed programmesof ‘She Stoops to Conquer’ by Oliver Goldsmith (1927) and ‘Le Malade Imaginaire’ by Moliére (1928). See also A.497. Frank played female characters in the two plays. Issues of the Ipswich School Magazine Old Ipswichians Dinner programme Visit to lpswich School 1928, 1929, 1935 1933 1977 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Correspondencere arrangements. A.141 Miscellaneous memorabilia A.142-A.147 Lincoln College, Oxford See also A.469-A.480, A.499, A.500. 15 n.d. 1928-1997 A.142 A.143 A.144 Miscellaneous correspondencewith Lincoln College 1928-1997 Faculty of Physical Sciences lecture programme, with Frank’s annotations 1930-1932 Bachelor certificate. of Science (Physical Sciences) Degree 1933 Certificate and letters of congratulations. A.145 Oxford Union Library Committee 1933-1936 Correspondencewith Librarians and committee members. Frank became a member of the Union Library Committee in 1933. A.146 Student accomodation and bills A.147 Lincoln College dinners Programmes, menusandseating plans. 1929-1938 1936, 1968 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 16 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.148-A.183 Undergraduate notes 1923-1935 Presentedin a single chronological sequence. A.148 ‘Elementary Phys. Chem. Jun 1923’ date The undergraduate notes. notwithstanding, these appear to be A.149 Binder inscribed on front cover ‘F.C. Frank, Lincoln’ and labelled on front and spine ‘Questions answered’ Used for notes entitled ‘Advanced Organic Chemistry (1925)’ A.150 Binder of Frank’sliterary writings 1929-1931 Found with sequenceof science notes. Includes drafts of plays, poems, travel notes, jottings, letters. See also A.358-A.362. A.151 ‘Organic chemistry: - aliphatic. [H.B.] Baker 1929-1930 A.152 ‘Essays for [N.V.] Sidgwick’ 1929-1930 A.153 ‘Inorganic chemistry H to Ni’ 1929-1930 A.154 ‘Random remarks [F.W.] Soddy’ 1929-1930 A.155 ‘Dyson Perrin Lab’ A.156 ‘Electrochemistry [J.F.] Wolfenden’ 1929-1930 1929-1931 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.157 ‘Essays for Sidgwick’ A.158 A.159 ‘Organic chemistry: aromatic [H.B.] Baker’ ‘Balliol & Trinity Labs. Physical Chemistry’ A.160 Specimensoftoilet paper These have a note of make, date and location. 17 1930 1930 c 1930 1930 A.161 ‘Inorganic chemistry(Il) Ru to Po’ 1930-1931 A.162 ‘Aspects of structural organic chemistry [R.] Robinson’ 1930-1931 A.163 ‘Colloids George’ ‘Stereochemistry of carbon. Plant [...] Of other elements [?T.W.J.] Taylor 1930-1931 1930-1931 ‘Atomic Sidgwick’ structure Sidgwick [...] Molecular structure 1930-1931 ‘Thermodynamics Chemists Hinshelwood. Chemical Kinetics Hinshelwood’ Hinshelwood. [C.N.] Physics for c 1930-1931 ‘Rate of reaction [E.J.] Bowen[...] Photochemistry Bowen’ 1930-1932 A.164 A.165 A.166 A.167 A.168 ‘Essays’ A.169 ‘Chemicalhistory’ 1931 1931 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 18 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.170 ‘Inorganic analysis. Quantitive Russell. Qualitative’ 1931 A.170A ‘Inorganic Practical O.C.D.’ 1929-1931 Found with preceding notes. A.171 ‘Personal science’ prejudices and work in progress General 1931 A.172 ‘Organic chemistry: - mainly heterocyclic. [H.B.] Baker’ A.173 ‘Essays for Brewer’ A.174 ‘Tautomerism Taylor 1931 1931 1931 1931 A.175 A.176 ‘Heterogenous equilbrium [?D.L.] Hammick’ ‘Personal chemistry’ prejudices and work in progress General 1932 A.177 ‘L.E. Sutton on dipoles’ A.178 Miscellaneous manuscript notes A.179 ‘Essays’ 1932-1934 1932-1934 1932-1935 Includes notes on learning Russian, jottings, musings, poems etc. Not all undergraduate. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 19 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.180-A.182 Miscellaneous binders 3 folders. manuscript pages of notebooks and 1933 and n.d. A.183 ‘Divers Lectorers’ A.184-A.187 Postgraduate A.184 British Association ‘Oxford’ Exhibition Correspondencere arrangements. Frank was nominated by the Vice-Chancellor to attend the British Association ‘Oxford’ Exhibition in Aberdeen. n.d. 1933-1940 1934 A.185 Goldsmiths’ Company Senior Studentship 1933-1937 Correspondenceand certificates. Frank wasthe recipient of a Goldsmiths’ Company Senior Studentship from 1936 to 1937. A.186 Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Sciences 1933-1937 Correspondence, mainly with Frank’s examiner Dr L.E. Sutton re viva arrangement. Frank was awardeda D. Phil. in 1937. A.187 Royal Commission for the Exhibition Studentship of 1851 Senior 1939-1940 Correspondencere the studentship. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 20 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.188-A.288 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1927-1994 A.188-A.194 Germany 1936-1943 This includes memorabilia from Frank’s time in Germany 1936-1937 and after the war with the Allied Control Commission. Frank studied dielectric loss in Germany from 1936 to 1938 at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut fur Physik, Berlin- Dahlem. A.188 Miscellaneous correspondencerevisit to Germany 1937 A.189 Invitations and programme of ball and opera evenings 1937-1938 A.190 Hotel and restaurantbills A.191 Pocket map of Germany A.192 Copy of November 1936 the Nazi party newspaper ‘Der Sturmer’, A.193 Zielgevierttafel, in leather case German mapping device. 1937 n.d. 1936 1943 * A194 Miscellaneous memorabilia c.1937 clothes brochures Ski Gemaldegalerie museum brochure, business cards, typescript descriptions of photographs taken by Frank. in German, F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 21 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.195 Correspondencere job applications 1927-1939 A.196-A.203 Wartime activities 1939-1950 A.196 Correspondence re appointment as a Scientific Officer at the Ministry of Aircraft Production 1940-1941 Also includes National Service Armed Forcesregistration card. A.197 Scientific Research Central Register 1939 Frank’s biographical details and leaflet on the Central Register. The Register was compiled by the National Service Departmentof the Ministry of Labour to gather information higher on administrative the UK governmentin their professional capacity in wartime. personnel who could technical professional scientific, and serve A.198 ‘Combined Operations Headquarters’ card A.199 Ration book A.200 Untitled, undated manuscript draft on Allied control in Germany 1942 1941 n.d. A.201-A.203 Postwar material 1949-1950 Includes Official Gazette of the Allied High Commission for Germany with Law 22 on atomic energy; typescript paper entitled ‘Research and Development; typescript notes on Law 23 on control of scientific research. 3 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 22 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.204-A.288 Professional honours and awards 1935-1994 A.204 List of Frank’s professional honours and awards compiled by Maita Frank n.d. A.205 Fellowship of the Chemical Society, London, 6 June 1935 1935 Correspondencere election. A.206, A.207 Fellowship of the Royal Society, London, March 1954 1954 Correspondence; information for newly elected members; certificate. 1 folder, 1 tube. A.208 Chair of Physics, University of Bristol, August 1954 Correspondenceand contract of employment. A.209, A.210 Honorary Degree, University of Ghent, Belgium, 3 October 1955 A.211 A.212 Correspondence and certificate. See also A.509. 1 folder, 1 tube. Fellowship of the Institute of Physics, London, 1 October 1957 Certificate. Invitation to become Institute Professor of Solid State at the Carnegie Science and Engineering Institute Technology, Pennsylvania, September 1960 Pittsburgh, of Materials Correspondencereinvitation. 1954 1955 1957 1960 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Frank declined the invitation. A.213 Invitation to become Dean of the Faculty of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent, Canterbury, August 1963 Correspondencereinvitation. A.214-A.219 Griffith A.A. British Banbury, 22 September 1967 Medal, Materials Science Club, A.214, A.215 Correspondencere arrangements 2 folders. A.216 Typescript drafts of speech with corrections A.217 Manuscript biographical notes on A.A.Griffith A.218, A.219 Manuscript notes found with the material 2 folders. A.220 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science, University of Bath, 12 December 1973 Certificate and 2 photographs of the ceremony. 23 1963 1967 1967 1967 1967 n.d. 1973 A.221-A.224 Doctor Honoris Causa of the Guildford, 3 December 1977 University of Surrey, 1977-1978 A.221 Correspondence Includes newspapercuttings and photograph. A.222 Programme and order of proceedings 1978 1977 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 24 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.223 Printed booklet with addresses delivered at the ceremony 1977 A.224 Photographs 4 photographs. A.225, A.226 Honorary Fellowship of the Institute of Physics, London, 13 December 1977 letter re the election, photograph and certificate of 1 election. 2 folders. 1977 1977 A.227-A.229 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Sciences, University of Dublin, 6 July 1978 1978 Programme of the ceremony; dinner seating plan; 2 photographs; certificate. Most documents are in Latin. 3 folders. A.230, A.231 Crystal Growth Award, The American Association for Crystal Growth, Washington DC, USA,18 July 1978 1978 3 photographs, magazine cutting and award plaque (A.231). Frank was the first recipient of this newly established award. 2 folders. A.232, A.233 Royal Medal of the Royal Society, London, 30 November 1979 1979 Correspondence re election and certificate bound case. in leather 1 folder, 1 case. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 25 Biographical, A.99-A.566 See also A.518. A.234, A.235 Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Engineering of the United States, Washington DC, USA, 3 March 1980 1980 Correspondence, University of Bristol Newsletter on the award and certificate. The award ceremony was held Washington DC. in October 1980 in 1 folder, 1 tube. A.236-A.238 Gregory Aminoff Medal, Sciences, Stockholm, 3 June 1981 Royal Swedish Academy of 1981 information Certificate, and announcementof Frank’s awardin the University of Bristol Newsletter. on Gregory Aminoff 3 folders. A.239-A.241 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Sciences, University of Warwick, Coventry, 17 July 1981 the ceremony, 2 photographs and Programme of certificate. 2 folders, 1 tube. A.242 Service on the British National Committee for Physics, January 1982 Certificate. Frank was a committee memberbefore 1973 and again 1976-1981. 1981 1982 A.243 Guthrie Medal and Prize, Institute of Physics, January 1982 1982 Letters of congratulation. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.244 Honorary Fellowship of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, India, January 1984. Correspondence re the fellowship and announcementin the University of Bristol Newsletter. 26 1984 A.245, A.246 Unveiling ceremony of Frank’s portrait, Bristol, 20 September 1985. University of 1984 A.245 Correspondencerethe portrait A.246 List of contributors Also includes photographof the portrait and photograph of Frank and his wifein front of the portrait. A.247, A.248 Foreign Associate of the Royal Society of South Africa, 24 April 1986. Correspondenceandcertificate. 2 folders. 1984 1984 1986 A.249, A.250 Honorary Presidency of the British Association of Crystal Growth 1981-1986 1981, 1986 Certificate and commemorative plaque. 2 folders. A.251-A.252A Doctor Honoris Causa, Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, 28 October 1986 Correspondence, dinner menu, addressesand certificate. 3 folders. A.253-A.255 Honorary Fellowship of the University of Bristol, Bristol, 5 December 1986 Correspondence, announcement in university 1986 1986 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 27 Biographical, A.99-A.566 publications, certificate and addresses. 3 folders. A.256 Robert Franklin Mehl Award, The Metallurgical Society, Denver, Colorado, USA, 26 February 1987 1987 Framedcertificate. See also E.150-E.155. A.257-A.261 Foreign Associate of the American Academy of Science, Washington DC, USA,25 April 1987 1985-1989 A.257, A.258 Letters of congratulation 1987-1989 Also includes correspondence with the Academy. 2 folders. A.259 Certificate of election 1987 1 tube. A.260, A.261 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1985-1988 Includes photograph of Frank at the award ceremony and announcement of the award in the University of Bristol Newsletter (A.261) 2 folders. A.262 Establishment of International Organization for Crystal Growth’s Frank Prize Correspondence. The International Organisation for Crystal Growth named the Crystal Growth Prize after Frank. A.263-A.265 Von Hippel Award, Material Research Society, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2 December 1987 1987 1987 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.263 Correspondencere arrangements A.264 Certificate Also includes biographical information on Frank and a schedule of the ceremony. A.265 Announcement of the award in the University of Bristol Newsletter A.266 The Frank Theatre, University of Bristol letter re the naming of the G.44 lecture theatre after 1 Frank. A.267-A.271 80th birthday celebrations and symposium, University of Bristol, 15 April 1991 See also A.524. A.267 Correspondence. A.268 A.269 A.270 A.271 Programme ofthe celebration andlist of participants. Typescript copy of Frank’s speech. Drawing and card offered on the occasion. Publication of the proceedings of the symposium. Also includes announcement in scientific and academic magazines. A.272, A.273 Honorary Degree, University of Surrey, Guildford, 29 November 1991 28 1987 1987 1987 1989 1991 1991 1991 1991 1991 1991 1991 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 29 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Correspondence, seating plan, colour photograph and photocopy photograph. 2 folders. A.274-A.278 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Sciences, University of Leeds, 21 July 1992 A.274 Correspondencere arrangements A.275 Certificate and presentation addresses A.276 A.277 A.278 Graduation supper guestlist and seating plans 2 colour photographs, with legend. Announcement in university publications and newspaper 1991-1992 1991-1992 1992 1992 1992 1992 A.279-A.288 Copley Medal of the Royal Society, London, 30 November 1994 1994-1995 A.279-A.281 See also A.527. Correspondence congratulation 3 folders. re arrangements and_ letters of 1994 A.282, A.283 ‘Copley Congrats’ 1994-1995 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. A.284 Programme of the award ceremony 1994 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.285 Portrait photograph of Frank. 1 photograph. A.286 Certificate A.287 Announcementin the Royal Society News, July 1994 A.288 Miscellaneous material 30 1994 1994 1994 1994 A.289-A.357 DIARIES 1926-1994 This is a virtually complete run of Frank’s pocketdiaries. Intercalated within the diaries are visiting cards, notices of meetings, notes of addressesetc. At A.298 is a journal covering the outbreak of the Second World War A.289 1926 Boy Scouts’diary. A.290 A.291 1927 1928 A.292 1932-1933 A.293 1933-1934 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.294 1934-1935 A.295 1935-1936 A.296 1937 Germanpocketdiary A.297 1938 Germanpocketdiary A.298 A.299 A.300 A.301 A.302 A.303 A.304 Hardback notebook, used at front as a journal covering the outbreak of the Second World War 25 August-12 September 1939 Mostpagesnot used. 1940 1940 Entries are by Maita Frank. 1941 1942 1942 1944 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 32 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.305 A.306 A.307 1945 1946 1947 A.308 1947-1948 A.309 1948 A.310 1948-1949 A.311 A.312 A.313 A.314 A.315 A.316 A.317 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 A.318 1956 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.319 A.320 A.321 A.322 A.323 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 A.324 . 1962 A.325 A.326 A.327 A.328 A.329 A.330 A.331 A.332 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1969 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 34 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.333 1969-1970 A.334 A.335 A.336 1970 1971 1972 A.337 1972-1973 A.338 1973-1974 A.339 1974-1975 A.340 1976 A.341 1976-1977 A.342 1978 A.343 1978-1979 A.344 1980-1981 A.345 1981-1982 Biographical, A.99-A.566 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 A.346 1982-1983 A.347 1983-1984 A.348 1984-1985 A.349 1985-1986 A.350 1986-1987 A.351 1987-1988 A.352 1988-1989 A.353 1989-1990 A.354 1990-1991 A.355 1991-1992 A.356 1992-1993 A.357 1993-1994 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 36 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.358-A.362 LITERARY COMPOSITIONS 1934-1980 Chiefly verses and early writings by Frank. humorous essay after ‘Science andall that’. Includes a Sellars and Yeatman entitled See also A.150. 4 folders, 1 notebook. A.363-A.406 FAMILY 1923-1994 See also A.551-A.558. A.363-A.374 Correspondencewith Frank’s parents 1923-1953 12 folders. A.375-A.403 Correspondencewith other membersof the family 1931-1994 Arranged in alphabetical order by surname, or first name where no surname is given. A.375 Arnautov, Zoe A.376 B[?], Vivienne 1992 1937, 1945 Vivienne B wasa relative from South Africa. She may be the same person asthe Vivienne at A.377. A.377 C[?], Vivienne 1935-1936 Vivienne C was a cousin from Durban, South Africa. A.378 ‘Aunt Carrie’ n.d. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.379 Frank, Alice M. Alice Frank was F. C Frank’s aunt. A.380 Frank, Audrey A.381 Frank, Edward Edward Frank wasF. C Frank’s brother. A.382 ?Frank, Fred A.383 Frank, Geoff and Liz A.384 Frank, Joy and Angela A.385 Frank,Lottie Lottie Frank was an aunt. A.386 Frank, M.E. (‘Molly’) A.387 Frank, Phil. A.388 Jo and Margaret A.389 A.390 John and Jo Ken and Elizabeth A.391 Pat and Vera 37 1939 1985-1990 1937-1950 1951-1991 1985-1994 1990-1991 1931 1985-1990 1931, 1985 1985-1994 1986 1992 1985-1990 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.392 Peggy Folder inscribed ‘Perhapsa relative’. A.393 Pond, Ada and Arthur A.394 Pond, Desmond Possibly the son of Ada and Arthur Pond. A.395 Read, Arnold A.396 Read, John Carley Wedding invitation. A.397 Read, Rowland A.398 Romaine, [7] A.399 Smith, Effie Effie Smith was an aunt. A.400 Smith, Effie Effie Smith, cousin, was the daughter of Frank’s aunt, also called Effie Smith. A.401 Southwell, Warburton 38 1941 1934-1935 1936-1938 1934, 1946 1934 1933 1986 1934 1934 n.d. A.402 Stanton, Rex and Gladys 1935-1936 The Stantons were cousins. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.403 Miscellaneous correspondence A.404-A.406 Frank family tree A.404 Correspondence with membersof the family re the Frank family tree 39 1934-1939 1986-1989 1986-1989 A.405, A.406 ‘Family tree plus related material’ n.d. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. A.407-A.468 FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES 1929-1997 A.407-A.436 Correspondencewithfriends 1932-1941, n.d. From Oxford and Germany A.407 Adelheim, [7] Adelheim wasa friend from Berlin. A.408 Bellam, Jim A.409 Brown, Thea A.410, A.4114 Carpenter, Anne See also Thea Brown. Also includes a text in German entitled ‘The Skier’s Waltz’. A.412 Clarke, E.J.S. 1938 1938 n.d. n.d. n.d. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.413 Davis, Alan A.414 Davis, Mal A.415 Dutta, A. A.416 Evans, Patrick See also Alan Davis (A.413). A.417 Finn, Edward A.418 Gatty, Penelope A.419 Gatty, Richard and Katharine A.420 Guerrini, V.H. Frank met Guerrini in Berlin. A.421 Hill, Roger P. A.422 Holt, R.V. A.423 Horton, A.J. A.424 [L?], [?] In German. 40 1936 1935 1938 1937 n.d. 1940-1941 1940 1938-1939 1937 1935 1934 1938 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 41 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.425 Marsden, Ralph J.B. 1936-1939 A.426 Nettleton, Martin A.427 [2P], B. A.428 Pelmore, Denis Denis Pelmore was Frank’s successor in Oxford as a research student. A.429 Purna, Kittu R. A.430 Richards, J. A.431 Seyeart, E.N. A.432 Stroud, L. Stroud was Frank’s landlady in Oxford. A.433 Not used A.434 Wallace, Bertie Bertie Wallace was a school friend of Frank. A.435 Wynne, Charles G. 1935 1934 1937 1934-1935 1937 n.d. 1935, 1936 1932 1934 A.436 First namesonly 1933-1937 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 42 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.437-A.461 ‘Correspondencewith girlfriends’. Contents of folder so inscribed 1929-1940 A.437 Allan, Isobel A.438 Allison, E. A.439 [?B], Zoe A.440 Bremner,H. 1937 1938 1937 1936 A.441 A.442 A.443 A.444-A.446 ‘Els? 3 folders. Burdett, Dulce 1929-1938 C[?], Judy C[?], Marion Frank met Marion C during the Holiday Fellowship. See H.172. 1936 1935 1937 A.447-A.449 Mathisson, Ilse 1933-1939 3 folders. See also A.559. Frank metIlse Mathisson in Estonia. A.450, A.451 Mac Currach, Jean 1935-1938 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 includes 6 photographs from Also Germany. Frank’s time in 2 folders. A.452 Meier, Theena A.453 Menser, G. A.454 Michaelis, Lotte A.455 Platz, Margaret A.456 Saunders, Mary A.457 A.458 A.459 A.460 Schreiber, Betti Undritz, M. With typescript transcriptions of correspondence, compiled in the 1990s. Frank met M. Undritz in Estonia. Wagen, Gertrud Williams, Molly A.461 Unidentified 43 1933 1938 1934 1937 1940 1936-1937 1931-1932 1938 1938 1937 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.462-A.468 Information on colleagues A.462 Service of Thanksgiving for Harry Garner Edwards, Clifton College Chapel, 29 April 1995 Order of service and address. 44 1977-1997 1995 A.463, A.464 Newspaper cuttings on Reginald V. Jones. 1977-1997 2 folders. A.465 N.F. Mott’s 80th birthday 1985 List of guests and poem entitled ‘Some Jots for Mott’. See also J.357. A.466-A.468 Newspaper personalities 3 folders. cuttings on colleagues and_ various 1983-1995 A.469-A.492 CLUBS, ASSOCIATIONS AND OTHER INTERESTS 1931-1997 A.469-A.480 Oxford University clubs A.469 Oxford University Alembic Club 1931-1940 1931-1936 Programmesof meetings 1935-1936; signed menus 1931 and 1935; Rules. A.470-A.475 Oxford University Film Unit 1933-1940 and n.d. Chiefly correspondencere speakers for meetings, films to be shown, Film Unit policy and membership etc. Also includes some scripts, lists of camera shots etc. See A.9 of the previous catalogue. Frank was a committee member of the University Film F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 45 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Society and Founder and first President of the Film Unit. The two mergedin 1936. A.470 1933-1934 A.471 1934 A.472 1934-1935 A.473 1936 Includes shooting script for documentary on the Oxford University Air Squadron. A.474 1937, 1940 and n.d. A.475 Scripts, shooting lists, scenarios etc. Also includes some memorabilia of the (Left wing) Film & Photo League. A.476 Oxford University German Club Programme of meetings. A.477 Oxford University Jiudo/Jiu-jitsu Club Brief correspondenceonly. N.d. 1934 1935 A.478 Oxford University Junior Scientific Club 1935-1936 Programmesfor meetingsetc. A.479 Oxford Union Society 1932 Life membershipcertificate. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.480 Oxford Society Letter re possible branch in Germany; membership card, constitution. 46 1937 A.481-A.488 ‘Subscriptions’ 1934-1997 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: correspondence and papers relating to subscriptions for membership of clubs and associations, and charitable donations. It also includes some scientific societies otherwise documented in section F. Arrangedin alphabetical order. A.481 A Includes (incomplete)list of Frank’s memberships. A.482 A.483 A.484 A.485 A.486 A.487 A.488 C-E F-I N-R S-Y 1958-1997 1969-1986 1981-1988 1940-1994 1971-1990 1979-1985 1935-1990 1934-1989 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 47 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.489-A.491 Concerts and functions 1935-1950 Programmesfor music concerts, plays etc. 3 folders. A.492 ‘Historical material’ 1939, 1940 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: newspaper and magazine cuttings kept by Frank. A.493-A.565 PHOTOGRAPHS 1911-1995, n.d. Most of the photographs have some note identifying occasion, date and/or those featured inscribed on verso or by attached note. There are many other photographs elsewhere in the collection, particularly with the Career, honours and awards material (A.204-A.288). These have been retained with the correspondence and papers with which they were found. A.493-A.533 Photographs of Frank 1911-1995, n.d. A.493 Frank as a baby 1911 3 photographs. For further photographs of Frank as an infant see Family photographs below. A.494 Frank as a schoolboy early 1920s 2 photographs. A.495 Thetford Scout Camp 1927 6 photographs. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 48 Biographical, A.99-A.566 See also A.130. A.496 Group photograph of pupils at Ipswich School 1928 1 photograph(rolled). See also A.132-A.141. A.497 Ipswich School play 4 photographs, two mounted. See also A.136, A.137. The photographs are of a performance and cast of Moliére’s Malade Imaginaire. Béline, second wife of Argan. Frank played A.498 Portrait photograph of Frank 1 photograph. 1928 1930 A.499 Lincoln College Oxford early 1930s 2 graduation photographs. 1 group photograph of B.Sc./D.Phil. class, featuring Frank in back row. See also A.142-A.147. A.500 ?Lincoln College early 1930s Note on verso suggests the photographis ‘Lincoln College staff? or some charitable or other organisation’. 1 photograph. A.501 Group photograph of Oxford Scientific Club 1934 ‘A souvenir of the visit [...] to the laboratories of Parke, Davis & Co., Hounslow, on 1st November 1934’. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 49 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Frank is featured on the right of the middle row. 1 photograph. A.502 Frank and K. Wirtz 1937 1 photograph. A.503 Group photographof Colloid Science group, Cambridge 21939 Frank is on the right of the middle row. 1 photograph. A.504 Group photograph of H.H. Wills Laboratory staff and researchers 1948 1 photograph. A.505 ‘Fort Royal Lab 1948-9 Party’ 1948 or 1949 Those featured include Frank, A.M. Tyndall and N.F. Mott. 8 photographs. A.506 Frank and J. H. Hollomon at GE Laboratory, Schenectady, USA c 1951 1 photograph. A.507 Frank, Maita Frank and G.P.S. Occhialini, Bristol 1 photograph. A.508 Frank, J.C. Fisher and T. Read 1 photograph. 1953 1954 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 50 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.509 Honorary Degree ceremony, Ghent, Belgium 1955 1 photograph. See also A.209, A.210. A.510 Visit of the Duke of Edinburgh to the H.H. Wills Laboratory 1957 Those featured include the Duke of Edinburgh and C.F. Powell. 3 photographs; newspapercutting on thevisit. A.511 ‘Charles Frank observing dilatancy effects in wet sand, La Jolla shore 1964 or 1965’ 1964 or 1965 1 photograph. A.512 Frank, Maita Frank and D. Parkin, Mexico 1964 Annotated on front ‘Wish you were here’, sent to H.H. Wills Laboratory for their Christmas Party. Those featured are wearing Mexican hats and sitting in a donkey-cart. 1 photograph. A.513 Portrait photographs of Frank 5 photographs; letter found therewith. A.514 Visit to Prague Frank visited Prague,Czechoslovakia, in September 1969. 2 photographs. A.515 Frank at ?Physics Departmentparty, Bristol. 1 photograph. A.516 Frank’s Retirement Party 1969 1969 1972 1976 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Features Frank and Maita Frank. 1 photograph. A.517 Group photograph of Old Ipswichians Reunion 1 photograph, with key. A.518 Royal Medal of the Royal Society Featuresall the Royal Society medallists for 1979. 1 mounted photograph. See also A.232, A.233. 51 1978 1979 A.519 Farewell Party for A.W. Merrison, Vice-Chancellor, Bristol 1984 Features Frank, Maita Frank, Isobel Powell and D.M.C. Hodgkin. 1 mounted photograph. A.520 Group photographs of the Polymer Physics Group 1985, 1997 2 photographs A.521 Frank, A.R.Lang and N. Sumida,Bristol 1 photograph. A.522 ‘Fowler breakfast’ Thosefeatured include Frank and E. Sondheimer. 3 photographs. A.523 Director of the Frank with Mai Zhenhong, Assistant Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bristol 1987 1989 1990 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 52 Biographical, A.99-A.566 1 photograph. A.524 Photographs of Frank’s 80th birthday celebrations 1991 Photographatcivic function, featuring the Lord Mayor of Bristol, N.F. Mott and J.F.C. Kingman. 1 group photographof celebrants, with key. See also A.267-A.271. A.525 Frank with A.Keller and D.C. Bassett 3 photographs. A.526 Trinity College Cambridge Features Frank with colleagues including A. Keller, A.H. Windle and E.L. Thomas. 1 photograph. A.527 Copley Medal of the Royal Society Featuresall the Royal Society medallists for 1994. 1 mounted photograph. See also A.279-A.288. A.528 Frank, M.L.E. Oliphant and M.M. Gowing Taken during Kaptiza Centenary Symposium, Cambridge, 8 July 1994 2 photographs. A.529 Frank, A.R. Lang and S. Takagi, Bristol 1 photograph. 1991 1993 1994 1994 1995 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 53 N.d. A.530 A.531 Undated group photographs of staff and researchers of the H.H. Wills Laboratory 3 photographs. Group photograph of Academy of Sciencesto Bristol visit of members of Chinese N.d. Bristol figures featured include Frank, J.M. Ziman and ?R.L. Gregory. 1 photograph. A.532 ?H.H. Wills Laboratory party Those feature include Frank and C.F. Powell. 5 photographs. A.533 Frank at ?7Departmental Party, Bristol N. Thompsonis also featured. 4 photographs. N.d. N.d. A.534-A.550 Conferences 1948-1976, n.d. Photographs of proceedings and group photographs of participants from conferences attended by Frank. There are other photographs in the Visits and conferences section H, retained with the material with which they were found. A.534 Group ‘2Amsterdam 1948’ photograph 1 photograph. See also H.177. of participants at conference 21948 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 54 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.535 A.536 Group photograph of participants at ‘Cambridge ? ca 1950’ c 1950 1 photograph. group photograph of Mounted 9th International Solvay Conference in Physics, Brussels, Belgium, 25-29 September 1951 participants at 1951 1 photograph. See also H.186-H.192. A.537-A.541 Visit to Japan, September-October 1953 1953 See H.195 of previous catalogue. this catalogue, and H.11-H.22 of the A.537 Group photographofparticipants at meeting Frank is to the left of the fourth row up. 1 photograph. A.538 Photographsof lectures and meetings include Frank, N.F. Mott and R.P. Those featured Feynman. 5 photographs. A.539 Photographs of researchfacilities visits to Japanese laboratories and Those featured include Frank, N.F. Mott, J.C. Fisher and Japanesecolleagues. 9 photographs. A.540 Photographs of excursions 14 photographs. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 55 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.541 Photographs of social occasions and parties 5 photographs. A.542 Photographs‘c 1953 ?Berlin’ ? 1953 5 photographs. See also A.188-A.194. A.543 A.544 photograph Group Congress September 1956 on participants Physics, at International USA, Seattle, 1956 of Theoretical 1 photograph. Group Conference’, 1958 photograph 1 photograph. See also E.111A. of participants at ‘Cooperstown 1958 A.545 International Conference on Crystal March-April 1974 Growth, Japan, 1974 Photographs of Frank lecturing, and with colleagues at social functions and on excursions. Thosefeatured also include Maita Frank, S. Takagi and B. Pamplin. 6 photographs. See also H.229. A.546 Group photograph of participants at 2nd International Spring School on Crystal Growth, Japan, 31 March-7 April 1974 1974 1 photograph. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 A.547 A.548 A.549 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Group photograph of at 26th Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, Muhlhausen, East Germany, 26-31 August 1976 participants 1 photograph. Group photograph of participants at NATO Advanced Study Institute on Surface Effects on Strength of Materials (‘Hohe Geiss Conference 1976’) 1 photograph. 56 1976 1976 Group conference photograph of participants at unidentified N.d. Those featured include N. Cabrera, B. Bilby and N.F. Mott. N.d. N.d. A.550 Informal photographs from unidentified conference Those featured include Frank, A.B. Pippard, A.H. Cottrell and N.F. Mott. 2 photographs. A.551-A.558 Family See also A.363-A.406. A.551 Grandparents Includes photographs of Frank as an infant with his grandmother. 4 photographs. A.552 Frederick Frank (father) Includes photographs of Frank as an adult with both his parents and of both his parents together. 5 photographs. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 57 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.553 Dora Frank (née Read) (mother) 2 photographs. A.554 John and Edward Frank (brothers) Includes photographs of Frank with his two brothers as an infant. 8 photographs. A.555 South African relatives 8 photographs. A.556 Canadian relatives 14 photographs A.557 Frank and Maita Frank with Canadian relatives in 1980 1 composite photograph. A.558 Miscellaneous family-related photographs. Includes photographs of Frank’s uncle; Frank family residences in Canada and SouthAfrica. 7 photographs. A.559-A.565 Friends and colleagues A.559 llse Mathisson 1 photograph. See also A.447-A.449. 1934-1992, n.d. 1934 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 58 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.560 Photographs from period Debye’s laboratory, Berlin, Germany Frank’s of research in P. 1936-1937 Those featured include M. Pirenne, P. Debye, M. von Laue and E. Fischer. 10 photographs. See also A.188-A.194. Group photograph of ?H.H. Wills Laboratory staff and researchers c 1949 1 photograph. J.E. Mayer and A. Sommerfeld, Bad Nauheim, Germany, October 1950 1 photograph. F. Seitz, Japan 1 photograph. 1950 1953 Group photograph H.H. Laboratory on the occasion of J. Malos’s retirement of members of the Wills 1992 A.561 A.562 A.563 A.564 1 photograph. A.565 Group photograph of colleagues in Uppsala, Sweden N.d. 1 photograph, with key. A.566 MISCELLANEOUS 1932-1945 Household finance, tenancy agreements, insurance, etc. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 59 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL, B.152-B.327 1945-1997 B.152-B.281 PHYSICS DEPARTMENT B.282-B.327 UNIVERSITY B.152-B.281 PHYSICS DEPARTMENT 1945-1976, n.d. B.152-B.155 Administration B.156-B.169 Researchfunding B.170-B.226 Research seminars B.227-B.266 Teaching B.267-B.270 Postgraduate courses B.271-B.279 Students B.280, B.281 Miscellaneous B.152-B.155 Administration 1966-1972 B.152 B.153 B.154 B.155 Minutes of Physics Steering Committee, 19 October and 21 December 1968 1968 Correspondence re registration of research assistant for Ph.D. 1966-1967 Correspondenceand papersre technicians’ dispute 1969-1970 Correspondence and papers re Research Fellow in Polymer Science 1970-1972 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 60 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.156-B.169 Research funding 1966-1975 This is material relating to ICI support of science research activity at Bristol, and support of research in the Physics Departmentin particular. See B.104 of the previous catalogue. B.156, B.157 General funding Correspondence re possibilities for cooperation between ICI and the University of Bristol; ICI Vacation Student Scheme 1967-1974 1967 B.156 B.157 Correspondencechiefly re IC] support for Bristol research after the end of the Fellowships scheme 1973-1974 B.158-B.165 ICl Research Fellowships Scheme 1969-1975 Chiefly Committee. Arranged chronologically. papers ICI of the Research Fellowships Includes applications. B.158 B.159 B.160 B.161 B.162 B.163 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1973 Correspondencere future of Fellowship scheme. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 61 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.164 B.165 1974 1975 B.166-B.169 IC| Loan Purchase Scheme 1966-1972 Invitations to apply for loans, applications, etc. Arranged chronologically. This scheme enabled university science departments to acquire special apparatus which was too costly to be included in usual departmental expenditure but not large enought for a major grant application. The equipment remained the property of ICI although it was not required to be returned while it remained of use in the department. B.166 1966-1968 B.167 B.168 B.169 1969 1971 1972 B.170-B.226 Research seminars 1945-1957, n.d. Manuscript notes on postgraduate lecture courses (may include some undergraduate teaching), departmental seminars and colloquia given by colleagues. See B53.-B.56 of the previous catalogue. B.170 {(W.K.] Burton & [N.] Cabrera: surfaces 25.5.45’ Equilbrium at crystal 1945 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.171 A.F. Devonshire, 8 October-12 November 1946 6 lectures. B.172 N.F. Mott, 14 October-9 December 1946 11 lectures. B.173 B.174 ‘(H.] Frohlich Nov 4th’, ‘18.11.46’, ‘25.11.46 and ‘2.12.46’ A.F. Devonshire, 19 November-17 December 1946 5 lectures. B.175 N.F. Mott, 14 January-10 March 1947 7 lectures. B.176 A.F. Devonshire, 21 January-4 February 1947 3 lectures. B.177 H. Frohlich, 27 January-21 March 1947 8 lectures on dielectrics. 62 1946 1946 1946 1946 1947 1947 1947 B.178 B.179 ‘Devonshire bonds’ 11.2.47 Organic molecules with double 1947 ‘(D.] Polder: Group theory Nov. 12th’ and ‘Nov 19th 1947 Infinite Groups’ B.180 ‘Heisenberg Superconduc. 1.12.47’ 1947 1947 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 63 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.181, B.182 Duplicated lectures by D.D. Eley typescript notes for Biochemical Kinetics 1947 2 folders. B.183 ‘Polder - Group theory - Jan 21st 1948’ B.184 ‘Frohlich Sat 24 Jan 1948’ B.185 ‘Devonshire 26th Jan 1948’ B.186 ‘[H.] Dingle Fri 2[?] Jan 1948 B.187 ‘Polder 4 Feb 1948’ B.188 ‘{J.D.] Eshelby 6 Feb 1948 Damping’ B.189 ‘Dingle 6 Feb 1948’ B.190 ‘Group theory Booth 3.3.48’ B.191 ‘Mitchell 8th Mar 1948’ B.192 ‘Booth 18th Mar B.193 B.194 ‘[U.K.] Galt. Magnetism 30 April 1948’ ‘Devonshire 5.5.48. Comparisonof collision theory & activ. complex theory’ 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 1948 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.195 ‘Mehl 18.5.48. Diffusion in Metals’ B.196 ‘Polder. Magnetism 21.5.48’ B.197 ‘Mrs Garforth Oxidation 15.9.48’ B.198 ‘Ferroelectrics [A.F.] Devonshire 13.10.48’ 64 1948 1948 1948 1948 B.199 ‘[N.F.] Mott. Wigner-Seitz cohesion theory. Nov 2nd 1948’ 1948 B.200 ‘Devonshire’: ‘17 Nov 1948’, ‘24.11.48’ and ‘Dec 1st 1948’ B.201 ‘W.K.] Burton Dec 1st. 2nd lecture’ B.202 ‘Devonshire 8.12.48’ B.203 ‘Burton 9.12.48’ B.204 ‘Burton 27.1.49’ B.205 B.206 ‘Mott 31st Jan 1949. Methodof tight binding’ ‘Burton’: ‘3rd Feb 1949’, ‘8rd Mar’ and ‘24.3.49’ B.207 ‘Mott’: ‘8.3.49’, ‘14th Mar 1949’ and ‘21.3.49 B.208 ‘Burton 25.4.49’ 1948 1948 1948 1948 1949 1949 1949 1949 1949 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.209 ‘Mott 2nd May 1949’ on defects B.210 B.211 B.212 B.213 B.214 ‘Burton 20.5.49. (Another [?lemmary] explanation)’ and ‘Burton recap 7th June 1949’ ‘Roberts 2.11.49’ and ‘Roberts 2nd lecture’ on subatomic particles ‘Burton Groups 26.1.50’ and ‘Burton Feb 2nd’ ‘Mackenzie’, ?February ‘(J.D.] Eshelby Screw dislocation 8.2.50’ B.215 ‘Burton 9.2.50’ B.216 ‘Roberts’: 20.2.50’, ‘27.2.50’ and ‘1 lecture on quantum mechanics’ B.217 ‘Eshelby 26.2.50’ B.218 B.219 B.220 ‘Burton 2[?8].2.50’ and ‘2.3.50’ ‘Hill [...] Lecture 23 Oct. 1950’ on Coordinatesin the yield focus plane University of Bristol Public Lecture on Meteorites by H.C. Urey, 17 June 1957 Notice; manuscript notes. 65 1949 1949 1949 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1957 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.221 Undated notes on Burton B.222 Undated notes on Eshelby B.223 Undated notes on Mott B.224 ‘Thermodynamics Meisener of irreversible processes’ by J. B.225, B.226 Miscellaneous shorter notes 2 folders. 66 N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. B.227-B.266 Teaching 1946-1970, n.d. B.227 B.228 Duplicated typescript notes for teaching on precipitation in alloys and dislocations c 1946 Manuscript outline of lecture course on ‘The constitution of matter’, summer term 1947 B.229 Syllabus for course on the Earth, winter 1947-1948 Manuscript draft. B.230-B.233 ‘Lectures on solids’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: manuscript notes. B.234-B.240 Contents of Frank’s folder divided into seven for ease of reference: manuscript lecture notes on thermodynamics 1947 1947 1952 1953 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.241-B.244 ‘Thermodynamics’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: manuscript notes. 67 N.d. B.245-B.247 ‘Lectures + notes on wavesin crystals + related matters’ 1958-1966 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript and typescript notes. B.248 Manuscript lecture notes beginning ‘The general topic of this course is Physics since 1910, and myparticular part ofit is the Defects of Crystals’ B.249-B.251 ‘Notes on crystallography etc’. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript notes. B.252-B.257 ‘Lecture notes on E.M. [electromagnetic] theory Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: manuscript notes for lectures 1-20 (not all represented). B.258 ‘Gravity survey’ Manuscript ?lecture notes. B.259-B.263 Lecture notes for unidenfied course Lectures Il, IV, V and VII, and manuscript notes found therewith. 5 folders. N.d. N.d. N.d N.d. B.264 Duplicated typescript physics examination papers 1970 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.265, B.266 Manuscript draft questions 2 folders. B.267-B.270 Postgraduate courses B.267 M.Sc. course in the physics of materials Outline syllabuses, 4pp duplicated typescript; examination paper. B.268 M.Sc. coursein the physics of materials Photocopy examination paper. B.269 M.Sc. course in the physics of materials Manuscript notesfor introductory lectures. Not in Frank’s hand. 68 N.d. 1966-1971 1966 1967 1968 B.270 Manuscript draft of M.Sc. examination question 1971 B.271-B.279 Students B.271 ‘Notes on students’ 1954-1976, n.d. 1954-1959 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes on students applying for coursesatBristol. B.272 Hardback notebook used for notes on progress of M.Sc. students 1965-1966 B.273 Marksfor student projects B.274 Student marks 1969-1970 1970 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 69 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.275 ‘Stage Ill Honours projects’ 1970, 1972 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes on projects. B.276 Hardback notebook used for notes on progress students of 1970-1976 B.277 Notes on StageII tutorial goup B.278 Completed questionnaire returns The returns mark Frank’s proficiency as a Lecturer in geophysics. B.279 Marked student essays B.280, B.281 Miscellaneous B.280 ‘The Shape and Size of the Universe’, University of Bristol Department of Adult Education talk , Taunton, 6 October Letter; notice. Frank was deputising for C.F. Powell. 1974 N.d. N.d. 1948, 1962 1948 B.281 ‘On Atoms’, ‘Talk to Prof Beare’s Lucretius Class’, February 1962 1 1962 9pp manuscript. B.282-B.327 UNIVERSITY 1962-1997 B.282-B.285 General correspondence and papers F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 70 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.286-B.309 Committees B.310-B.324 Colston Research Society B.325-B.327 University of Bristol Newsletters B.282-B.285 General correspondenceand papers 1963-1993 B.282 Speechfor University of Bristol Council, 2 June 1967 1967 2pp typescript; newspaper cutting re Oxford Fund. Frank raised the issue of student fees. B.283 Miscellaneous correspondence B.284 Salary information 1969-1993 1963-1975 B.285 from Memorabilia University of Bristol Centenary Celebrations of the 1976 B.286-B.309 Committees B.286-B.295 Art Lectures Committee 1962-1997 1971-1997 Papers for committee meetings. See B.90-B.93 of the previous catalogue. B.286 B.287 B.288 B.289 1971 1972 1973 1974 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 71 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.290 1975 B.291 1986, 1990 Twoletters only. B.292 B.293 B.294 B.295 1994 1995 1996 1997 Also includes letter of thanks to Frank for 34 years of service. B.296 Chemistry Department Scheduling Sub-Committee 1962 Correspondence and papers re mechanical and glass- blowing workshops. B.297 Committee of Professors in the Faculty of Engineering 1974-1976 Agenda and minutes of meetings. B.298-B.300 Engineering Board 1975-1976 Agenda and minutes of meetings. 3 folders. B.301-B.305 Knowlson Trust Foundation Awards Committee 1963-1973 Papers for committee meetings and applications for F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 72 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 awards, and related correspondence. Those for 1963-1967 are C.F. Powell’s, passed to Frank in 1968. See B.109-B.111 of the previous catalogue. B.301 1963-1964 B.302 1965-1966 B.303 1967-1968 B.304 1969-1970 B.305 1971-1973 B.306-B.309 Library Committee Includes Periodicals Subcommittee (B.308). B.306 Papers of meeting, May B.307 Papers of meeting, November 1973-1974, 1994-1995 1973 1973 B.308 Papers December of meeting of Periodicals Subcommittee, 1973 B.309 Correspondence B.310-B.324 Colston Research Society B.310 Correspondence re Council membership 1974, 1994- 1995 1967-1996 1974-1992 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.311-B.318 Papers for meetings of Council 73 1974, 1986- 1996 B.311 B.312 B.313 1974 1986 1987 B.314 1988 B.315 1992, 1993 B.316 B.317 B.318 1994 1995 1996 B.319 Minutes of Colston Research Fund Committee meetings 1967-1971 B.320-B.322 Papers for meetings of the Colston Research Society Symposium Committee 1972-1975 B.320 1972, 1973 B.321 B.322 1974 1975 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.323, B.324 Miscellaneous correspondence B.323 Correspondencereoffprints policy 74 1973, 1991 1973 B.324 Correspondence and papers re Colston Symposium on Understanding Science, Bristol, March 1991 1990-1991 Includes 2pp typescript by Frank ‘Understanding Science’. Frank wasinvited to give the introductory talk opening the Symposium. B.325-B.327 University of Bristol Newsletters 1980-1989 Newsletters kept by Frank for items of interest. B.325 12 June and 26 June 12 June has letter from Frank on the Association of University Teachers’ opposition to military research in uiniversities; that of 26 June hasletters arising. B.326 Letter on the Tyndall family Arising from article on the ‘The last of the Tyndalls’ in the newsletter of 15 June 1985. 1980 1985 B.327 Miscellaneous newsletters 1987, 1989 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 75 SECTION C RESEARCH, C.204-C.396 1914-1992, n.d. Divided into subsections to follow the arrangement of the previous largely chronological order, though related material has been kept together. presented in catalogue and a_ At C.386-C.396 are miscellaneous photographs of crystal structure etc. C.204-C.209A POSTGRADUATE 1933-1937 See C.1-C.33 of the previous catalogue. C.204 Hardback notebookinscribed on first page ‘Nov 1933’ 1933-1937 C.205 Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘I’ and on first page ‘Nov 1933’ 1933-1935 Used November 1933-2 April 1935, chiefly for work on electrical circuits. Loose material intercalated at front. C.206 Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘Il’ and April 1935’ 1935 Used 2 April-1 October 1935. C.207 Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘III’ 1935-1936 Used 22 October 1935-8 July 1936. Loose intercalated material dated 1936. C.208 Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘IV’ 1936 Used 28 July-13 October 1936 for work on acetonitrile, palmitonitrile and butyronitrile. C.208A Manuscript notes on the ‘Contents of the 4 “Physics Books” and 1 Chemistry Book’; miscellaneous manuscript notes on octomitrile etc. 1935-1936 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 76 Research, C.204-C.396 C.209 Ring back pocket notebook c 1935 Used for notes on theliterature, bibliographical references andjottings. Latest reference 1935. C.209A Abstract of D. Phil. thesis 1936 Manuscript draft; manuscript calculations, figures. notes and C.210-C.213 GERMANY 1936-1937 See C.34-C.54 of the previous catalogue. C.210 Pocket notebook 1936-1937 Used 1936-1937 for notes, calculations etc. A little loose intercalated material including sketch of ‘Scientists Three Faith, Hope & Charity’. C.211 Pocket notebook Used 1937 for rough notes and calculations. C.212 Pocket notebook Used c 1937 for rough notes and calculations. Many loose intercalated pages at end of notebook. C.213 Pocket notebook Used c 1937 for rough notes and calculations. Some notes in German. 1937 c 1937 c 1937 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 77 Research, C.204-C.396 C.214-C.216 CAMBRIDGE 1939-1940 These notebooks record Frank’s work with Oliver Gatty of the of Cambridge at the end of 1939 and early 1940. Department University of Colloid Science, See C.55-C.79 of the previous catalogue. C.214 Hardback notebook inscribed on first page ‘F.C. Frank and O. Gatty’ 1939-1940 Used for notes on work by Frank and Gatty 14 November 1939-16 January 1940. C.215 Hardback notebook inscribed onfirst page ‘F.C. Frank and O. Gatty VolII’ 1940 Used for notes on work by Frank and Gatty 16 January-2 February 1940. C.216 Hardback notebook inscribed on first page ‘F.C. Frank & O. Gatty III Used for notes on work by Frank and Gatty 2-16 February 1940. C.217-C.233 SECOND WORLD WAR 1935-1946 See C.80-C.109 of the previous catalogue. C.217-C.226 ‘Smoke generation Porton 1940’ 1935-1941 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. This work wasto investigate smoke density and dispersal. O. Gatty who had been working with Frank at Cambridge (see C.214-C.216 above) wasalso involvedin this work. C.217 ‘Mists and volatile smokes’ by Frank, Gatty and H. Campbell. 1940 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Typescript with manuscript figures; summary by Frank, August 1940, manuscript draft and 3pp typescript. C.218 ‘Specification of boiling point for oil smokes’ 4pp manuscript draft, September 1940. 1p typescript draft + figure, C.219 ‘A theory of evaporation in wind from surfaces of small downwind length’ by Frank Manuscript draft, October 1940. C.220 ‘Comments on P.D.R. 246’ by Frank 1p manuscript and 1p typescriptdrafts. C.221 Figuresillustrating the ‘Porton Creosote Burner’ Includes mounted photographsof the Burner in action. 78 1940 1940 1940 1940 C.222, C.223 Titled sets of manuscript notes and calculations c 1940 uniform velocity density ‘Aerodynamic bondary layers’, ‘Diffusion into an air flow with of coagulating particles of hard substance’, ‘Note on the nature of the conduction in highly insulating substances’ and ‘Shapeof capillary drops’. With twoletters to Frank, 1940, found therewith. gradient’, ‘Effective C.224 C.225 2 folders. Miscellaneous manuscript notes and calculations Typescript articles on smoke-related topics from 1940. translations of German language journal c 1940 1940 C.226 Published background material 1935, 1938 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 79 Research, C.204-C.396 Pages from Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung, 20 June 1935; Daily Express, 17 August 1938 featuring failures of government-issued gasmasks. C.227-C.231 ‘Air Ministry Intelligence 1940-1945" 1942-1946 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. C.227 ‘Elements offlight’ early 1940s Manuscript note and calculations. C.228 Calculations of ‘Isobar rules’ early 1940s Manuscript note. C.229 Manuscript notes C.230 ‘Dr Jones 30th Nov 1945’ early 1940s 1945 Contents of folder so inscribed found within Frank’s ‘Air Ministry’ folder: ‘Theory of a U-235 Bomb (treatment according to Heisenberg)’, ‘Elements of Pu-production calculation’, manuscript notes. C.231 ‘Prof Jones 1.8.46’ 1942-1946 ‘Air Contents of folder so inscribed found within Frank’s Includes letter to R.V. Jones from Frank Ministry’ folder. explaining why he does not wish to continue in the Civil Service, May 1946; photograph of Porton Downreunion, Spetember 1946, with key; humorous material 1942 and n.d. C.232, C.233 ‘Analysis of Rocket Accuracy’ 1945 Contents of analysis of fall of German V-rockets in England. Frank’s folder so inscribed: material re C.232 Manuscript calculations and analyses F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 80 Research, C.204-C.396 C.233 Duplicated typescript sections of report, including 2pp summary of conclusions C.234-C.377 BRISTOL 1940s-1992 Frank’s method of working often resulted in many scraps of paper being usedfor untitled and undated calculations. Frequently drafts begin in longhand and after two or three papers written calculations. Many of the calculations are themselves written on the verso of earlier drafts, not necessarily related. increasingly roughly peter out into See C.110-C.203 of the previous catalogue. C.234 ‘Ice crystallography’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes and calculations, latest reference 1940. C.235, C.236 ‘Ice. Polarisation kinetics’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: typescript extracts of Frank’s contributions to Faraday Society discussions, manuscript notes and calculations. 2 folders. C.237 ‘Ice. Dielectric Propfertie]s’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes, diagrams etc. C.238, C.239 ‘Alternating reaction kinetics’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes and calculations. One page of calculations dated to December 1945. 2 folders. 1940s 1940s 1940s c 1945 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 81 Research, C.204-C.396 C.240, C.241 ‘Mathematical’ c 1946 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: chiefly manuscript notes and calculations. 2 folders. C.242 Contents of Frank’s untitled folder. 1946 notes and manuscript Includes 30pp duplicated typescript ‘The quantum theory of crystalline solids particular references to semi-conductors’, September 1946; and references to visit to Germany December[71946] to visit K. Wirtz and Th. Forster. calculations; with C.243 Manuscript note on ‘Crystal duplicated typescript ‘Calculation on the rate of migration of a ledge’ found attached. Latest bibliographical reference 1946. growth’, with C.244, C.245 ‘Entropyof Ice 1947’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: 11pp typescript draft on ‘Entropy of untitled manuscript draft referring to work by Pauling dated May 1947; manuscript notes and calculations. Ice-l’; 2 folders. c 1946 1947 C.246-C.269 ‘Crystal growth’ 1948-1954 Contents of Frank’s boxfile so labelled divided into twenty four for ease of reference. Correspondence,chiefly with D.A. Jones of the University of Aberdeen, re lecture course oncrystals Brief correspondence, with typescript and manuscript notes etc. 1948 1948 C.246 C.247 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 82 C.248 C.249 C.250 Research, C.204-C.396 Correspondence, discussion on crystal growth chiefly with Faraday Society, re 1949 Correspondencechiefly re Faraday Society discussion 1949 Correspondence, chiefly with dislocations. L.J. Griffin re theory of 1949 C.251 Miscellaneous correspondence 1951-1952 C.252 Letter from F.H. Horn replying to Frank’s comments on his draft paper on dislocations, 11 July With 8pp typescript draft of paper. C.253 Miscellaneous correspondence Includes drafts on dislocations by N. Cabrera and on crystal growth from the melt by J. Franks, sent to Frank for comment. C.254 C.255 C.256 Miscellaneous correspondence ‘Continuous crystallisation’ and Growth rate of one crystal face’ Manuscript and typescript notes, dated March and April 1949. Ministry of Supply Advisory Council on Scientific Research and Technical Development Crystallisation Panel paper ‘Interferometric studies on quartz crystal’ by S. Tolansky and L.J. Griffin Duplicated typescript with figures, July 1949. 1952 1953 1954 1949 1949 C.257 ‘Memorandum on Kossel’s Reciprocity Theorem’ 1949 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 83 Research, C.204-C.396 Manuscript notes, November 1949. C.258 ‘Note on the structure of a crystal surface’ c 1949 8pp typescript; manuscript notes, calculations etc found therewith. C.259 ‘Crystal growth and surface structure. I’ by W.K. Burton and N. Cabrera c 1949 13pp typescript. C.260 Manuscript notes onlayerlattice structures by Frank C.261 C.262 C.263 C.264 Manuscript on the theory of crystal growth with two different 2pp typescript summaries on workcarried out in the US byFrank, July Miscellaneous manuscript notes found clipped to offprint of ‘Vapour pressure and rate of evaporation’ by I.N. Stranski, Research vol 4 (1951) The offprint is annotated by Frank ‘ He must be a very clever man to understand his ownarticle’. und Orientierung von ‘Wachstum Dendriten’ by A. Seeger and J. Schlipf, sent to Frank by N.F. Mott kristallographische App typescript + figure. ‘A theory of the shape of growth pyramids on crystals’ by Frank 9pp typescript. 1951 1951 c 1951 1954 N.d. C.265 Titled sets of manuscript notes and calculations by Frank 1950, n.d. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 ‘A method to grow dsingle crystals’, ‘Model for NaCl’ and ‘Point charge & dielectric’. C.266 Miscellaneous manuscript notes, graphs and calculations 84 N.d. N.d. C.267 C.268 Miscellaneous notes on theliterature and bibliographical references Miscellaneous structure photographs of crystals and crystal N.d. C.269 Miscellaneous published material 1958, 1951, n.d. C.270-C.276 ‘Diffusion’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. C.270 Correspondence C.271 ‘On the growth of crystals from dilute solutions’ by A. Seeger 16pp typescript. while on the Work done Technische Hochschule Stuttgart and working at the H.H. Wills Laboratory. leave from C.272 ‘Calculation of diffusion penetration curves for surface and grain boundary diffusion’ by J.C. Fisher, GE Research Laboratory paper, January 1950 With manuscript calculations by Frank found therewith. C.273 Manuscript notes on ‘Thecrystal growth diffusion problem’ by Frank 1948-1952 1948, 1952 c 1949 1950 N.d. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 85 Research, C.204-C.396 C.274-C.276 Miscellaneous manuscript notes and calculations N.d. 3 folders. C.277-C.281 ‘Twins’ 1949-1952 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: material re Frank’s work on twinning in uranium published as ‘A note on twinning in alpha-uranium’, Bibliog. no. 40 (1952), see D.290. Letter from J. aluminium, with offprints of his work Herenguel on orientation texture of 1949 C.277 C.278 Exchange of correspondence with R.W. Cahn on uranium twins, with copy of Cahn’s Atomic Energy Research Establishment report ‘Plastic deformation of uranium’ The figures at the back are annotated by Frank. Intercalated within the report are manuscript notes and calculations by Frank. C.279 Letter from B. Bilby enclosing typescript draft of ‘On the dislocation theoryoflattice transformations’ for comment C.280, C.281 Manuscript notes and calculations 2 folders. 1951 1952 N.d. C.282-C.287 ‘Plastic deformation - anatomy of’ 1949-1951 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. C.282 Manuscript notes on ‘Orowan’s discussion 15/16/ Sept 1949’ and ‘Lecture to Rheology Club Mon 26/9/49’ 1949 C.283 Typescript reports and note 1950-1951 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 ‘Report on the present state of theoretical research on deformation of metals’ to the B.I.S.R.A. Metal Physics Committee, 5pp, 1950; ‘Report on research in metal physics at the H.H. Wills Physical Laboratory’, 4pp, 1951; ‘Distribution of slip in metal crystals’, 4pp, 1951. Manuscript note on ‘The one-dimensional dislocation model under uniform shear stress’ Letter from H. Nishimura enclosing offprint ‘The effect of strain rate on the plastic deformation in aluminium single crystals’ by Nishimura and J. Takamura Intercalated photographs. are manuscript note by Frank and C.284 C.285 86 c 1950 1951 C.286, C.287 Manuscript notes and calculations 2 folders. C.288-C.290 ‘Curved crystals’ c 1949 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. Dated by offprint of ‘Misfitting Monolayers’ by Frank and J.H. van der Merwe, Bibliog. no. 19 (1949) found in the folder. C.288 ‘Curvilinear crystals of non uniform composition’ Manuscript draft by Frank, with note ‘The following considerations began from being shown by Dr T.S. Westall [...] some highly curved crystals of Augite’. C.289, C.290 Manuscript notes, calculations, figures etc 2 folders. C.291 Miscellaneous material on damping in metals 1949 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 87 Research, C.204-C.396 C.292-C.294 ‘Notes on lectures by Burton, Roberts, Hill, 1950-51’ 1948-1951 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. C.292 Manuscript notes on lectures by Roberts, Burton and R. Hill 1950-1951 C.293 Manuscript notes on lectures N.d. Not in Frank’s hand C.294 Manuscript notes N.d, 1948 Notall in Frank’s hand. Also includes duplicated typescript question sheet from McGill University, 1948. C.295, C.296 ‘Supercooled water, 1950’ 1950 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. C.295 Correspondence with H.P. Palmer re work of W. Rau C.296 Photographic copies of paper and figures (annotated). Found in envelope wihtin the folder. C.297 ‘Report on work during period 1.IV.50-26.1X.50’ 1950 6pp typescript on work on crystals ‘not by FCF’. C.298-C.301 ‘Growth spirals’ 1950-1952 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. C.298 Correspondence 1950-1951 Includes electron micrographs and other photographic F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 material. C.299 Correspondence Includes phoptographic material. C.300 ‘Growth spirals originating from screw dislocations on gold crystals’ by S. Amelinckx 11pp typescript + comment. photographs, sent to Frank for C.301 Miscellaneous photographs 88 1952 1952 C.302 ‘Wulff’s theorem’ c 1951 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes, latest reference 1951. C.303 ‘Wulff’s constructions’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes. C.304 Contents of Frank’s untitled folder: manuscript notes on Wulff’s theorem C.305 ‘Surface free energy’ N.d. N.d. 1951 J. White; Electric Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: letter to N.F. Mott from Sub- committee paper on ‘Effect of reducing conditions on the sintering of basic materials’ by White and P.W. Clark; manuscript notesetc. Refractories Furnace C.306-C.309 ‘Supercooling and nucleation’ 1951-1952 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 C.306, C.307 Letters and printed material from D. Turnbull of the General Department, Schenectady, New York Metallurgy Research Electric 89 1951 2 folders. C.308 Typescript and manuscript drafts on super cooling liquids by Frank C.309 Letter to H.N.V. Temperley on the theory of liquids 1952 Manuscript draft and typescript carbon copy. C.310 Manuscript notes C.311-C.313 Contents of Frank’s folder: miscellaneous manuscript notes, duplicated and typescript papers by others etc on dislocations c 1951 3 folders Latest reference 1951. c 1951 1952 C.314 Contents manuscript and typescript material re sintering Frank’s untitled of folder: miscellaneous C.315-C.318 ‘Wylie, R.G.’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. C.315 C.316 Correspondence with Wylie re super-cooled water ‘On the hysteresis of adsorption on solid surfaces’ by Wyllie 18pp photostat typescript; figures. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 90 Research, C.204-C.396 C.317 ‘On the freezing of supercooled water’ by Wyllie Typescript draft. C.318 ‘The role of diffusion in nucleation process’ by Wyllie 11pp typescript. C.319 ‘Creep and ageing effects in solid solutions’ by A.H. Cottrell 1954 12pp typescript sent to Frank by Mott; typescript notes by Frank, etc. C.320 ‘Report on the theory of Prism Matching’ by B. Bilby 1955 18pp typescript; figures; covering letter. The covering letter explains the typescript was sent to Frank as ‘arising from our discussion last September’. C.321 Manuscript calculation on the ‘Intersection of travelling crack & sound waves’ C.322 ‘Very sundry notes’ Contents of calculations. Frank’s folder so inscribed; manuscript 1955 c 1956 C.323-C.341 Researchfolders from La Jolla 1959-1967 Material from Frank’s geophysics research during his extendedvisit to the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, La Jolla, California, August 1964-August 1965. See C.156-C.159 of the previous catalogue. Frank spent the 1964-1965 as a Visiting Professor. C.323, C.324 Jolla 1964-5 Sundry correspondence, ‘La invitation’ inc. initial 1961-1965 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: correspondence F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 91 Research, C.204-C.396 re arrangements to correspondence received (much of it forwarded from Bristol) while in La Jolla. La Jolla; visit C.323 Correspondencereinvitation to La Jolla 1961-1964 C.324 Correspondence 1964-1965 C.325, C.326 ‘La Jolla 1964-5 Sundry correspondence’ 1964-1965 C.325 General correspondence 1964-1965 Includes exchange with E. Orowan onfracture zones. C.326 Contract as research analyst, US Air Force Materials Laboratory, Ohio; manuscript notes. Wright-Patterson Force Air Base, C.327, C.328 ‘La Jolla 1964-5 Alefield paper’ 1964 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. C.327 ‘Grouping of pinning points on dislocation lines’ by G. Alefield Bound General Electric research paper with notes etc by Frank intercalated atfront. C.328 Manuscript notes. C.329-C.333 ‘Geophysics’ 1959-1967 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. C.329 Brief correspondence; ‘The origin of diamonds’ by Frank, 1p typescript 1967; manuscript notes 1965-1967 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 C.330 US Defence Research Board translation of Russian language papers on Asian and Pacific geomagnetic features Bound volume. C.331 Papers by E. Orowanfor the Boeing Solid State Physics Laboratory Two bound volumes. C.332 Geological mapsof California C.333 Printed graphical data for mapping 92 1964 1966 1959 N.d. C.334-C.337 ‘La Jolla ‘64-5. Geophysics notes’. 1964-1965 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: manuscript notes. C.338-C.341 ‘La Jolla 1964-65. Schlossin and Lang paper. Amethyst’ 1964 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: material chiefly relating to work by H. Schléssin and A.R. Lang, with some manuscript notes by Frank on amethystcrystals C.338 ‘A study of repeated twinning, lattice imperfections and impurity distribution in amethyst’ by Schléssin and Lang 1964 19pp typescript + references and captions; figures. C.339 Correspondence, chiefly with A.R.Lang, re the paper 1964-1965 Also includes ‘On the orientation of the Miller-Bravais axes in gamma-quartz’ by Lang, 6pp typescript. C.340 ‘Plastic relaxation of crack tip stresses in gamma-quartz’ by Schléssin 1965 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 93 Research, C.204-C.396 10pp typescript + figures. C.341 Manuscript notes on amethyst C.342, C.343 ‘International Geomagnetic Reference Field’ 1966 Contents of folder so inscribed (not in Frank’s hand): correspondence and papers sent to AJ. Zmuda re the proposed IGRF. 2 folders. C.344 Report on ‘The tensile behaviour of oriented polyethylene’ by J.G. Rider 1966 Spiral bound ‘report on work carried out in the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol, in association with Dr A. Keller and under the general direction of Professor F.C. Frank FRS, between Spetember 1964 and August 1965’. manuscript With intercataled at front. notes by Frank and photographs C.345-C.349 ‘Correspondencere: Hannay diamonds’ 1968-1969 C.345 C.346 Contents of Frank’s folder so labelled: correspondence, manuscript notes and photocopied background material re history of attempts to create artificial diamonds. Correspondence, chiefly with R.V. Jones and E.P. Flint 1968-1969 ‘Thirty-nine steps to artifical diamond’ by Frank 1969 3pp manuscript rough draft. C.347-C.349 Photocopied background material 3 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 94 Research, C.204-C.396 C.350, C.351 Manuscript notes on the melting of the Earth 1960s 2 folders. C.352-C.355 ‘Sundry notes’ 1960s Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: manuscript notes, calculations, etc, some dated to the 1960s. Topics permeation chromatography. relativity, include energy storage and gel C.356 ‘Surface energy of ice, estimated from number of broken H-bondsperunit area’ Manuscript note dated 17 March 1973. C.357 Photocopied manuscript calculation Inscribed ‘Prof Frank - version of your stretched molecule analysis’ by J.H.H.’ | think this would be the “official” 1973 1983 C.358-C.366 ‘Fusion’ 1987-1992 Contents of Frank’s boxfile so inscribed: material relating to cold (muon-catalyzed) fusion. Correspondence; manuscript notes; printed background material. Frank attended a number of meetings on cold fusion in this period, including in June 1989 a Spring School on Plasma Physics, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, see H.268-H.269 and in 1990 an International Symposium on Muon catalyzed fusion at Keble College Oxford, 11-13 September 1990. possibility of muon-catalysed fusion. In 1947 Frank had published a pioneering paper on the theoretical He retained an interest in this area which became moreactive in the 1980s. Cold fusion made headline news in 1989 when M. Fleishmann and B.S. Pons claimed to have successfully produced cold by electrochemistry. Some of the material presented here relates to their claim. deuterium fusion of F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 95 Research, C.204-C.396 C.358 General correspondence onthe history of work on nuclear fusion 1987-1992 C.359 ‘Muon-catalysedfusion - a brief history’ by Frank 1989 3pp typescript. Preparedfor discussion meeting on Cold Fusion. C.360 Manuscript notes and calculations C.361-C.363 General printed and photocopied background material on cold (muon catalysed) fusion. 3 folders. C.364-C.366 Notes and printed and photocopied material on the claim of M. Fleishmann and B.S. Pons to have achieved cold fusion. 3 folders. C.367 ‘Notes on Toda’ Frank’s manuscript notes on article by A. Toda. C.368 ‘Bragg-fringe patterns’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript draft and notes. C.369 C.370 Manuscript ‘Notes on rock deformation’ Manuscript data on ‘The Sargent Law’ C.371-C.374 ‘Sundry notes lecture notes - mainly atomic & nuclear, & fluid flow’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. 1989 c 1991 N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 96 Research, C.204-C.396 C.371 C.372 Duplicated typescript copy of ‘Recent investigations on the transmutations of atomic nuclei’ by N. Bohr Frank’s manuscript notes on ‘The electronic structure of atoms’, ‘Fluid flow’, ‘Surface tension’ C.373, C.374 Miscellaneous manuscript notes 2 folders. C.375, C.376 Contents of Frank’s untitled folder: manuscript notes, chiefly on ‘Step-contrast microscopy’, calculations etc N.d. 2 folders. C.377 Miscellaneous manuscript calculations and notes N.d. C.378-C.385 PRINTED MATERIAL 1914-1953 These are published books, monographs and bound offprints kept with Frank’s papers as being of particular historical or scientific significance. They are presented in chronological order by date of publication, is a the photostat copy madelater. although (1914) earliest item C.378 ‘Schiebungen und Translationen Kristallen’ by A. Johnsen, Jahrbuch der Radioaktivitat w. Elekronik, vol 11 (1914) in 1914 Photostat copy. C.379 Polar Molecules by P. Debye (Chemical Catalog Co., New York, 1929). 1929 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Inscribed inside front cover ‘F.C. Frank 22/7/33’. manuscript notes intercalated at p10. With Mathematische Formelsammlung by O.T. Burlen and F. Ringleb (Berlin, 1936) With manuscript annotations by Frank. Ubergange zwischen Ordnung und Unordnung in festen undfitissigen Phasen. Diskussionstagung der Deutschen Bunsen-Gesellschaft (1938) Cover annotated ‘Return to F.C.Frank 14 Gainsborough Rd, Ipswich’ C.380 C.381 97 1936 1938 C.382 ‘Kinetik der Phasenbildung’ by M. Volmer, vol 4 of Die Chemische Reaktion, Dresden annd Leipzig (1939) 1939 Annotated intercalated at p213. by Frank, with manuscript calculation This book was important in Frank’s postwar crystals research. In a letter of June 1999 R.G. Chambers noted that ‘After the war he had been sent, by a friend in Germany, a copy of a book by Volmer, published in 1939 on this topic, and it was this that set him thinking’. C.383 Kernphsikalische Tabellen by J. Mattauch (Berlin, 1942) 1942 Hardback bound photostat copy with manuscript notes and calculations by Frank intercalated at front of volume. In a letter of June 1999 R.G. Chambers noted ‘The book wasclearly used by him [Frank] in working out his ideas on cold fusion’. C.384 Der Geschichte der Natur. Zw6élf Vorlesungen, gehalten in Gottingen im Sommer 1946 by C.F. von Weizsacker (1946) 1946 Bound duplicated typescript. C.385 Dislocations in Crystals by W.T. Read, Jr (McGraw-Hill, 1953 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 New York, 1953) C.386-C.396 PHOTOGRAPHS 98 N.d. Miscellaneous photographs of crystal structures, most captioned andidentified on verso. 11 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 99 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS,D.272-D.482 1936-1998, n.d. D.272-D.412 A DRAFTS 1936-1997, n.d. sequence to A chronological publications publish. Where or applicable reference is made to the bibliography on pp 224-235 of the previous catalogue in the form Bibliog. no. Cross-references to related material in the previous intention relating to the of material to D.272 D.273 catalogue are also provided where appropriate. ‘Energy of formation of “cyclol” molcules’, notlisted in Bibliog. but published in Nature vol 138 (1936), p242 Proof copy. ‘A possible explanation of some anomalouselectric dipole moments’, with L.E. Sutton, Bibliog. no. 4 (1937) Untitled typescript draft beginning ‘It has been suggested in connexion with dimethyl and diphenyl mercurythat their normal molecular configurations are linear, but that they possessfinite average dipole moments[...] Exchange of letters about the article with L.E. Sutton, 1974. 1936 1974 D.274 ‘On high dielectric constants’, not listed in Bibliog. but published in Transactions of the Faraday Society vol 33 (1937), pp 513-523 1936-1937 Correspondence re publication; proof copy. See D.6 of the previous catalogue. D.274A ‘Dielektrische Relaxation von Molekilen mit frei drehbaren Dipolgruppen’, with E. Fischer, not listed in Bibliog. but published in Phys. Zeitschrift vol 40 (1939), 345-352 16pp typescript with manuscript corrections. D.275 ‘On slip bands as a consequence of the dynamic behaviour of dislocations’, Bibliog. no. 15 (1948) 1939 1948 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 7pp duplicated typescript pre-print. D.276 ‘The influence of dislocations on crystal growth’, Bibliog. no. 21 (1949) Copy of volume of Discussions of the Faraday Society featuring the article. D.277 ‘Radially symmetric phase growth controlled by diffusion’, Bibliog. no. 26 (1950) Corrected ‘Corrected copy’. typescript sections; offprint annotated 100 1949 1950 D.278, D.279 ‘The origin of dislocations’, possibly early draft of Bibliog. no. 50 (1956) c 1950 D.278 25pp typescript + references D.279 Correspondence 1950; manuscript notes and calculations D.280 ‘Multiplication processes for slow moving dislocations’, with W.T. Read Jr. latest bibliographical reference 1950 Not listed in Bibliog., c 1950 App duplicated typescript + figures. D.281 ‘One-dimensional dislocations |V Dynamics’, with J.H. van der Merwe, Bibliog. no. 27 (1950) 1950 Proof copy; untitled manuscript draft found therewith with later note attached ‘Part of a draft paper on dislocation theory’. D.281A Review of: The mathematical theory of plasticity, by R. Hill (Oxford, 1950). In: Philosophical Magazine c 1950 2pp typescript. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 101 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.282-D.288 ‘The growth of crystals and the equlibrium structure of their surfaces’, with W.K. Burton and N. Cabrera, Bibliog. no. 30 (1951) 1950-1951, 1990 Contents of folder inscribed ‘Burton, Cabrera & Frank’. See D.29 of the previous catalogue. D.282 Manuscript title page and list of contents; typescript introduction D.283 Part |. Movement of steps on a crystal surface D.284 Part Il. Rates of growth of a crystal surface D.285 Part Ill. Steps and two-dimensional nuclei D.286 Part IV. Structure of a crystal surface as a cooperative phenomenon D.287 Appendices C and E D.288 Letter re inclusion of the paper as a Citation Classic 1990 D.289 ‘Crystal growth and dislocations’, Bibliog. no. 37 (1952) c 1952 21pp typescript. See D.30, D.31 of the previous catalogue. D.290 ‘A note on twinning in alpha-uranium’, Bibliog. no. 40 (1952) 1952 10pp typescript with manuscript corrections; references; abstracts in English, French and German. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 102 Publications, D.272-D.482 See also C. D.291-D.293 ‘Martensite’, Bibliog. no. 41 (1953) 1953 See D.33 of the previous catalogue. D.291 17pp typescript with manuscript corrections; list of those to receive offprints; abstracts in English, French and German D.292, D.293 Manuscript and typescript parts of notes; figures drafts; manuscript 2 folders. D.294, D.295 ‘Stable dislocations in the common crystal lattices’, with J.F. Nicholas, Bibliog. no. 42 (1953) 1953 Contents of Frank’s folder inscribed ‘Notes for dislocation catalogue’. D.294 37pp typescript draft D.295 D.296 Figures; pages of manuscript draft. ‘On tin whiskers’, Bibliog. no. 43 (1953) c 1953 Manuscript rough draft. D.297 ‘Hexagonalnetworksof dislocation’, Bibliog. no. 45 (1954) 1954 12pp typescript; attached. offprint with manuscript notes found See D.34 of the previous catalogue. D.298 Review of: Chemistry of the Defect Solid State by A.L.G. Rees (London, 1954) c 1954 Proof copy. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 103 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.299 D.300 ‘On the X-ray diffraction “spikes” of diamond’, Bibliog. no. 54 (1956) 1956 14pp typescript + figure; proof. ‘Complex alloy structures regarded as sphere packings. I. Definitions and basic principles’, with J.S. Kaspar’, Bibliog. no. 57 (1958) c 1958 Contents coordination shells’: typescript and manuscript drafts. ‘Frank & Kaspar and inscribed of folder See D.44, D.45 of the previous catalogue. D.301-D.303 ‘On the theoryofliquid crystals’, Bibliog. no. 65 (1958) c 1958 D.301 Manuscript rough draft D.302 20pptypescript D.303 Manuscript notesonliquid crystals D.304 Untitled manuscript draft with later note attached ‘Draft ms on crystal growth & diffusion’ D.305-D.307 ‘A note on the impingement problem’ Contents of folder inscribed: ‘Unpublished drafts, mainly on polymer crystallisation’. c 1958 c 1961 D.305 Manuscriptdraft D.306, D.307 Pages of manuscript drafts and notes 2 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 104 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.308 ‘Linear compoundsof dislocations in silver chloride with cupric ions’, with A.S. Parasnis and J.W. Mitchell, Bibliog. no. 79 (1963) c 1963 Rough manuscriptdraft. D.309 ‘On superconductive dynamic geometries’, not listed in Bibliog., latest bibliographical reference 1963 c 1963 D.310 D.311 App typescript + abstract and figure; 19pp typescript on superconductors; manuscript calculations. ‘A note on platelets and diffraction spikes in diamond’, Bibliog. no. 81 (1964) 7pp typescript; proof. ‘Hydrolytic weakening of quartz crystals’, with D.T. Griggs et al, Science, c 1966 Letter with abstract. D.T. Griggs wrote to Frank with the abstract asking Frank whetherhe wishedto be included as a co-author. D.312 Review of: Melting and Crystal Structure by A.R.J.P. Ubbelohde (Oxford University Press, 1965) 2pp typescript; exchange with Nature. D.313 ‘Defects in diamond’, Bibliog. no. 91 (1967) 1964 1966 1966 1967 Proof copy with manuscript note historians should readit!’ manuscript ‘A attached corrections, splendid paper - with later the D.314 ‘On the theory of Hertzian fracture’, with B.R. Lawn, Bibliog. no. 93 (1967) 1966-1967 Proof copy. See D.80, D.81 of the previous catalogue. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 105 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.315 D.316 ‘On the characterization of crustal drift’, not listed Bibliog., latest bibliographical reference 1968 in c 1968 6pp manuscript. ‘Diamonds and deepfluids in the upper mantle’, Bibliog. no. 99 (1969) 1969 8pp typescript. D.317-D.336 ‘Cecil Frank Powell’, with D.H. Perkins, Bibliog. no. 108 (1971) 1969-1974 This material was assembled by Frank in preparing his Royal Society Biographical Memoir of Powell (D.317- D.326). It also includes papersrelating to other of Frank’s published memorials to Powell, and to commemorations of Powell's death, including his funeral service, a Memorial Meeting in Bristol and the erection of a plaque in the Bristol Department of Physics. addition to the co-authoring Society’s In Biographical Memoir of Powell, Frank also wrote the obituary of Powell for Physics Bulletin and ‘C.F. Powell (1903-1969). A tribute from a colleague’, Bibliog. no. 101 (1969) Royal D.317-D.326 Royal Society Biographical Memoir 1971 At D.322-D.324 is correspondence and papers of Powell’s which appear to have come into Frank’s possesion during the compilation of the Memoir. D.317 Typescript draft + appendix D.318 Lists of publications D.319 D.320 Reminiscences of and information about Powell from colleagues 1969 Reminiscences of and information about Powell from 1970-1971 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 106 Publications, D.272-D.482 colleagues D.321 D.322 D.323 Correspondence with D.H. Perkins, co-author, and Royal Society re preparation and publication of the memoir 1969-1971 PERKINS, Don H.; ROYAL SOCIETY Correspondenceof Powell re career. 1928-1947, n.d. Correspondence and papers Capsule re Westinghouse Time 1964-1965 D.324 Notebook of Powell's ‘Fees and expensesfor income tax’ 1964-1969 D.325, D.326 Printed and typescript biographical accounts, tributes and obituaries 1948-1969 2 folders. D.327 D.328 Obituary of Powell by Frank, Physics Bulletin, vol 20 (1969) 2pp typescript; correspondence. proof copy; copy as published; brief ‘C.F. Powell (1903-1969). A tribute from a colleague’, Bibliog. no. 101 (1969) Copy of Scientific World with Frank’s article on pp5-7; coveringletter. D.329 Funeral service for Powell Order of ceremony; 4pp typescript of Frank’s address; newspapercutting. 1969 1969 1969 D.330-D.333 Memorial Meeting, Bristol, February 1970 1969-1970 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 107 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.330 Programme; lists of invitees 1970 D.331, D.332 Correspondence with University of Bristol, speakers and participants re arrangements 1969-1970 Includesletters of condolenceto Isobel Powell (widow) 2 folders D.333 Supplementto Scientific World 1970, no. 3 1970 This recorded the proceedings of the meeting D.334 Memorial plaque, University of Bristol Correspondence and papersre fund-raising D.335 Plaque marking the residence of Powell in Bristol 2pp typescript ceremony. of Frank’s address at the unveiling This plaque was put up by the Clifton and Hotwells ImprovementSociety, Bristol. It was unveiled by Frank on 8 October 1974. D.336 Miscellaneous correspondence 1972-1973 D.337 ‘The future of crystal growth’, Bibliog. no. 111 (1972) 1971 5pp typescript draft with covering letter to B. Mullin. See D.99 of the previous catalogue. D.338 ‘Descartes’ observations on the Amsterdam snowfalls of 4,5,6 and 9 February 1635’, Bibliog. no. 122 (1974) 6pp typescript + references; abstract; exchange with publishers. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 108 Publications, D.272-D.482 See D.112 of the previous catalogue. D.339 ‘The Descartes-Mpemba phenomenon’, not Bibliog. but published in Physics Education (1974) listed in 1974 Letter correspondence. for publication in Physics Education; D.340 ‘Japanese work on snowcrystals’, Bibliog. no. 123 (1974) 1974 Typescript draft; proof copy. D.344 D.342 ‘Nucleation-controlled growthfront offinite length’, Bibliog. no. 126 (1974) growth on a_ one-dimensional Abstract; proof copy; typescript notes found therewith. See D.114 of the previous catalogue. dislocations’, in ‘Crystal Bibliog. but chapter two of ed. P.B. Hirsch, The Physics of Metals: 2 Defects (Cambridge, 1975) with J.W. Steeds, not listed 1974 1974 Correspondence publishers. with Cambridge University Press, See D.120 of the previous catalogue. D.343 ‘Airy functions problems’, Bibliog. no. 135 (1978) in the air: an easy way with stress 1977-1978 Correspondence with editor; 12pp typescript ‘Original’ + figures. See D.126 of the previous catalogue. D.344, D.345 ‘Snow crystals’, Bibliog. no. 140 (1982) 1981, 1982 This wasfirst delivered as a lecture to the Royal Swedish Academyof Sciences onthe occasion of Frank’s receiving the Gregori Aminoff Medal in June 1981 See also A.236-A.238 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.344 Proof with manuscript corrections D.345 D.346 D.347 Figures Review of: Diamond by G. Davies (Bristol, 1984). Physics Bulletin, ca 1984 In Proof copy with covering letter in ‘Some personal reminiscencesof the early days of crystal dislocations’, of real materials: proceedings of the conference to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the conceptof dislocation in crystals (Institute of Metals, London, 1985) Dislocations and properties 109 1982 1981 1984 1984 5pp correspondencewith the Metals Society re the paper. manuscript corrections; typescript with Frank delivered the paper at a Metals Society meeting on Dislocations and Properties of Real Materials, Royal Society, London, 11-12 December 1984. D.348 ‘Prince Rupert’s drops’, Bibliog. no. 144 (1986) c 1986 Photocopy typescript and manuscript drafts, probably preparedfor lecture. See D.141-D.158 of the previous catalogue. D.348A Review of: A life in science by N.F. Mott (London, 1986). In Physics Bulletin, c 1986 c 1986 7pp manuscript draft; proof. D.349 ‘On the Burgerscircuit’, Bibliog. no. 148 (1988) Letter from publishers only. D.350 ‘Micro-hot fusion’, University of Bristol Newsletter, 29 June 1989 Annotated copy of article by Frank commenting on 1987 1989 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 110 Publications, D.272-D.482 developments on cold fusion. D.351 Obituaries by Frank of Reginald Victor Jones for the Independent newspaper 1989, 1991 Frank prepared the obituary but in the event it was not used whenJonesdied in December 1997. Frank had. D.352-D.357 ‘The Philosophical MagazineA, vol 65 (1992), pp 1141-1149 neo-Eulerian orientation conformal map’, 1991 The first version was returned to Frank for revision, before being accepted for publication D.352 14pp typescript D.353 11pp typescript of ‘Master with corrections’ D.354 Proof copy D.355 Correspondencewith editor, Philosophical Magazine Includes referee’s comments on the paper. D.356-D.357 Manuscript notes found therewith. D.358 D.359 ‘Body-centred Philosophical Magazine Letters, 1992 cubic is a close-packed structure’, 1992 Letter from editor only. Preface to Handbook of Crystal Growth ed. D.T.J. Hurle (Elsevier, 1993) 1990, 1992 Correspondencewith editor; 2pp typescript. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 111 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.360-D.406 Operation Epsilon: the Farm Hall transcripts, introduced by Frank (Institute of Physics, Bristol, 1993) 1990-1996 At the end of the Second World War in August 1945, the leading German physicists were interned at Farm Hall, Godmanchester, near Huntingdon. Their conversations were secretly recorded by British Intelligence, principally for atomic programme. information German on the wartime Following representations by the Royal Society and British Academy,the transcripts (the voice recordings not having survived) were released by the Lord Chancellor in 1992. Frank served during the Second World War. He had met some of the imprisoned Germanscientists before the war and visited Farm Hall during their time there. D.360 Drafts of Frank’s introduction 10pp typescript and manuscript; 9pp typescript. D.361 ‘Archival note’ 7pp manuscript; 2pp typescript D.362 Correspondence and papers re release of the Farm Hall transcripts into the public domain 1991-1993 D.363-D.367 Correspondencewith Institute of Physics, publishers 1992-1993 5 folders. D.368-D.374 Correspondence with colleagues, historians and others preparatory and in the course of preparing the book 1990-1993 Includes photocopies of articles on German A-bomb work and Farm Hall, sent to Frank for information. D.368 Miscellaneous correspondence 1990-1992 Publications, D.272-D.482 Correspondence with R.V. Jones re draft of article by Jones on atomic bomb development Correspondencewith P. F. Ganz. 112 1992 1992 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 D.369 D.370 D.371 Correspondence Houtermans re copy of 1941 report by F.G. 1992 D.372 Miscellaneous correspondence Includes correspondence with M. Walker re his article on the Farm Hall transcripts. D.373 Correspondencewith J.L. Logan Includes drafts of articles by Logan Logan disagreed with M. Walker’s interpretation of the German A-bomb work. 1992 1992 D.374 Exchange with February Sir Michael Atiyah re the transcripts, 1993 D.375, D.376 Frank’s manuscript notes 2 folders. D.377-D.379 Miscellaneous background material Printed and photocopied information on the German A- bomb, Germanscientists and Farm Hall. 3 folders. D.380-D.390 Photocopyoforiginal transcript 11 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 113 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.391-D.399 Photocopy of proof copy of Operation Epsilon 9 folders. D.400 Bookreviews of Operation Epsilon 1993-1994 D.401-D.406 Correspondence and papersfollowing publication 1993-1996 Includes material relating to articles and books discussing the complicity or otherwise of Germanscientists in trying to create an atomic bomb. D.401 Correspondence, chiefly with J.H.J. Oerling 1993-1994 D.402-D.404 Letter from P.L. Rose with draft of sections of his book Heisenberg and the Nazi atomic bomb project: a study in Germanculture 1993 This was published by University of California Press, 1998. 3 folders. D.405 Correspondence and papers 1994-1995 D.406 Correspondence D.407 Review of: Uncertainty. The life and science of Werner Heisenberg by D.C. Cassidy (New York, 1991). In: Notes and Records of the Royal Society 5pp typescript; correspondencewith editor. D.408 Forewordto unidentified publication 3pp typescript + manuscript corrections. 1996 1993 1993 D.409 Untitled article on the D-Day celebrations, Nonesuch 1994 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 114 Publications, D.272-D.482 magazine, University of Bristol, 1994 5pp typescript; 4pp proof copy with extensive manuscript corrections; corrrespondencewith editor. D.410 ‘Recollections reminiscences and appreciations, (London, 1998) Nevill of Sir Mott’, in ed. Nevill E.A. Mott: Davis 1996-1997 3pp typescript; correspondencere Frank’s contribution. D.411 ‘On the condensation of cavities in a crystal’ Rough manuscriptdraft. D.412 ‘On crystal surface self-diffusion: with particular reference to the growth of ice from the vapour Manuscript rough draft. D.412A ‘Gesprach mit Niels Bohr’ 10pp typescript (in German); manuscript translation by Frank; covering manuscript note. This was an interview conducted by P. Vinding, a Danish journalist, with Niels Bohr in 1935. N.d. N.d. N.d. D.413-D.481 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE D.413-D.426 Butterworths Scientific Advisory Board 1955-1998 1969-1975 Chiefly papers for meetings of the board; correspondence re publishing policy in general and specific prospective projects. See D.177 of the previous catalogue. Frank joined the Scientific Advisory Board at the invitation of Sir Harold Thompsonin 1969 D.413 Correspondencereinvitation to join the Board 1969 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 115 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.414-D.225 Papers for meetings etc 1969-1974 D.414 1969 D.415-D.417 1970 3 folders D.418, D.419 1971 2 folders. D.420, D.421 1972 2 folders. D.422-D.424 1973 3 folders. D.425 1974 D.426 Oneletter only D.427-D.473 Contemporary Physics 1975 1981-1996 Commenting on synopses of contributions, refereeing papers; meetings of the editorial board; journal policy etc. possible See D.195-D.206 of the previous catalogue. Frank was onthe editorial board of Contemporary Physics from 1979 to 1996 whenhe resigned for health reasons. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACGS127/13/03 116 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.427 1981 D.428-D.430 1982 3 folders. D.431-D.433 1983 3 folders. D.434-D.437 1984 4 folders. D.438-D.441 1985 4 folders. D.442-D.444 1986 3 folders. D.445-D.448 1987 4 folders. D.449-D.452 1988 4 folders. D.453-D.457 1989 5 folders. D.458-D.461 1990 4 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 117 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.462, D.463 1991 2 folders. D.464-D.466 1992 3 folders. D.467, D.468 1993 2 folders. D.469, D.470 1994 2 folders. D.471, D.472 1995 2 folders. D.473 1996 D.474 Geophysical Journal 1985 Refereeing. D.475 Journalof Crystal Growth 1971-1980 Honoraria slips only. See F.167-F.175 of the previous catalogue. D.476 Journal of Materials Science 1970-1994 Chiefly refereeing. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 See D.227-D.229 of the previous catalogue. D.477 Nature Chiefly refereeing. See D.237-D.242 of the previous catalogue. 118 1938, 1983- 1988 D.478 Philosophical Magazine 1964-1998 Chiefly refereeing. D.479, D.480 The Royal Society 1970-1991 Chiefly refereeing. 2 folders. See F.316-F.323 of the previous catalogue. D.481 Miscellaneous shorter requestsfor articles etc. 1955-1988 D.482 LETTERS TO THE TIMES 1981-1995 Manuscript drafts of unpublished letters to The Times. Subjects include the North Pole, the use of English and the Conservative party. Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Sir (Frederick) Charles Frank FRS (1911-1998) VOLUME Il Section E: Lectures Section F: Societies and Organisations Section G: Consultancies Section H: Visits and Conferences Section J: Correspondence Section K: References and Appointments Appendix: Medals and Academic Gowns Index of Correspondents by Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell NCUACScatalogue no. 127/13/03 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 119 SECTION E LECTURES,E.91-E.185 1938-2001 Includes contribution to a television broadcast at E.164, and photographic slides used for lectures (E.173-E.185). illustrating E.91 ‘The Behaviour of Plastics in High Frequency Fields in Relation Mouldrite Colloquium, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd, Billingham, Co. Durham, c. January 1938 Structure’, Chemical to their 1938 Correspondencere arrangements. E.92-E.99 ‘Nuclear unknown, October 1945 Structure and Nuclear Energy’, occasionas 1945 The lecture was read twice. E.92-E.94 Typescript drafts of the lecture. 3 folders. E.95-E.99 Manuscript draft of the lecture. 5 folders. E.100 E.101 E.102 ‘Structure of the Universe’, The Folk House, Bristol, 5 January 1948 Programme oflectures at the Folk House. ‘Theories of Planetary Evolution’, University of Scientific Society, 27 November 1951 Bristol Correspondence and manuscript notes. ‘The Mechanical Properties Lecture, The Institute of Physics, London, c. 1951 of Metals’, The Guthrie Typescript lecture notes and summary. 1945 1945 1948 1951 1951 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 E.103 E.104 E.105 E.106 E.107 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Untitled lecture starting ‘Crystals may be grown from pure substanceor from solutions...’, Kapitza Club, Cambridge, 22 April 1952 Manuscript photographs. lecture notes with 2 black and white Introductory note on colour films ‘Crystal Growth’, Bristol Naturalists’ Society, 22 January 1953 Programme of events of the Bristol Naturalists’ Society. ‘Twinning and Kinking’, Bristol Summer School, 14 July 1953 Manuscript lecture notes. ‘Modern Cosmology’, Bristol Philosophical Society, December 1953 11 Manuscript lecture notes. Spiral growing experiment, shown at Royal Soiree, London, early 1954 Society 1 letter only re arrangements. There is no proof of Frank’s participation. E.108, E.109 ‘The Nature of the Real Crystal’, 45th Annual May Lecture, Institute of Metals, London, 29 March 1955 Correspondence, typescript and manuscriptdrafts, proofs. 2 folders. 120 1952 1953 1953 1953 1954 1955 E.110 ‘Reflections on Sadi Carnot’, inaugural lecture, University of Bristol, 29 April 1955 1955 Poster of the lecture. E.111 Untitled lectures, Royal Military College of Science, 1956 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Shrivenham, 28-29 September 1956 1 letter only re arrangements. E.111A lecture ‘Introductory conference’, International Crystal Growth conference, Cooperstown, New York, summer 1958 Cooperstown for 121 1958 Typescript lecture notes. E.112, £.113 ‘The Nature of Things’, Incorporated Society of Musicians, Bristol, 6 January 1962 1961 Correspondence re arrangements and manuscript draft lecture notes. E.114 E.115 E.116 E.117 Untitled Cambridge, c. Spring 1963 lecture, Solid State Seminar, University of 1963 Correspondence re arrangements. ‘Introduction to Civil Defence course’, University of Bristol, 3 January 1966 Manuscript lecture notes. Address at Peter Fowler’s inaugural lecture as Professor of Physics, University of Bristol, 17 February 1966 Typescript notes. Frank took the Chair. ‘Introduction to Civil Defence course’, Part Il course for Scientific Bristol, 2 January 1967 Intelligence Officers, University of Correspondence re arrangements and programme of the course; Frank’s manuscript lecture notes. 1966 1966 1967 E.118, £.119 ‘On Hertzian Fracture’, with B.R. Lawn, Royal Society, 1967 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 London, 20 April 1967 E.118 Programme and manuscript notes E.119 Figures and 2 black and white photographs 122 1967 1967 E.120 E.121 E.122 ‘Potentialities Colorado, USA, 5 September 1967 Earthquakes for Prediction’, Boulder, 1967 Typescript lecture notes. ‘How wasthe Earth Formed?’, occasion unknown, 26 July 1969 Manuscript and typescript notes. Speech at Winford Orthopaedic Hospital, Bristol, 16 June 1971 ‘Winford Hospital Nurse’s Prize Giving’, 1969 1971 Correspondence re arrangements, programme of the ceremony and manuscript speech notes. E.123, E.124 ‘Crystal Society, 14 June 1973 Imperfections’, Bakerian Lecture, The Royal 1973-1974 Correspondence typescript abstract and manuscript lecture notes. arrangements and re publication, 2 folders. E.125 ‘Public Orator’s Presentation Address for Professor R.V. Jones’, of Aberdeen, 10 July 1979 Honorary Degree ceremony, University 1979 Typescript address notes. R.V. Jones was awarded a Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa degree. E.126 ‘Prince Rupert’s Drops’, October 1979. Portfolio Society, Bristol, 12 1979 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 E.127 E.128 E.129 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Correspondencere arrangements. ‘Address for the Opening of a new wing at the Red Maids’ School’, Bristol, 15 October 1981 Typescript photograph. speech notes and 1 black and white ‘Crystal Growth without Dislocations’, William James Dunning Memorial Colloquium, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, 17 November 1981 Certificate of lecture. 123 1981 1981 ‘Orientation Laboratory, University of Bristol, 31 January 1983 Colloquium Mapping’, at the H.H. Wills 1983 Typescript lecture notes with figures. E.130-E.134 Mapping’, Department of ‘Orientation Metallurgy and Materials Science Colloquia, University of Cambridge, 28 February 1983 E.130 E.131 Correspondencere arrangements Programme E.132-E.134 Manuscript background notes 3 folders. E.135-E.142 Mapping’, ‘Orientation European Workshop on Non destructive Evaluation of Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composites, Vimeiro, Portugal, 3-4 September 1984 E.135 1 letter re publication of contribution. 1983 1983 1983 1983 1984 1984 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 E.136 E.137 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Manuscript lecture notes with abstract Printed Workshop lecture, as published in Proceedings of the E.138 ‘Orientation Mapping transparencies’ Folder so inscribed: photocopies of transparencies. E.139 Transparencies usedfor the lecture. E.140, £.141 Manuscript notes and drawing 2 folders. E.142 E.143 E.144 E.145 Backgroundcalculations and drawings. ‘Some Personal Reminiscences of the early days of Crystal on Dislocations and Properties of Real Materials, Royal Society, London, 11 December 1984 Dislocations’, Metal Society Discussion Typescript lecture notes and proceedings contents. See also H.241-H.244. ‘Polymer Physics: Early Days’, Reading, 12 September 1985 Correspondence and typescript lecture notes. See also H.247 Speechfor ‘Susan and Alistair wedding’, place unknown, 14 September 1985 Manuscript speech notes. E.146 ‘The Icosahedral Orientation Manifold as a Model for 124 1984 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1984 1985 1985 1986 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Icosahedral unknown, France?, July 1986 Close-packing’, Colloque C3, Occasion Prints published in the Journal de Physique, Tome 47, July 1986. E.147 E.148 E.149 about thoughts ‘Some Olinde Rodrigues’, Seminaire Général, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Universitée Paris-Sud, France, 29 October 1986 Carnot about and Poster of the lecture. Untitled lecture starting ‘In D symmetry (e.g that of an n- agonal prism) we have one principal n-fold rotational symmetry...’, occasion unknown, 9 June 1987 axis of Typescript lecture notes. Speech at ‘Convocation Lunch’, University of Bristol, 18 July 1987 Luncheon programme and menu and manuscript speech notes. 125 1986 1987 1987 E.150-E.155 ‘Orientation Mapping’, 8th International conference on Textures of Materials, Santa Fe, USA, 21 September 1987 1986-1988 See also H.254-H.257. Frank wasa recipient of the Robert F Mehl medal of the American Metallurgical Society for 1987 and the lecture ‘Orientation Mapping’ was intended to be delivered on the occasion of the ceremony. However ill health prevented Frank from the ceremony andthe lecture was delivered later on the 21st of September 1987 at the 8th International conference on Textures of Materials in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Colorado for travelling Denver, to E.150 E.151 Correspondence re arrangements and publication 1986-1988 Print out and abstract of the lecture 1987 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 126 Lectures, E.91-E.185 E.152, £.153 ‘Orientation Mapping transparencies’, folder so inscribed 1987 Includes calculations. 2 folders. E.154 E.155 E.156 Manuscript and typescript notes and comments on a paper 6 large size black and white photographs; manuscript notes onslides ‘One Hundred Years of the Bristol Scientific Club’, Bristol Scientific Club, Bristol, 21 November 1987 Manuscript lecture notes and programme of the Bristol Scientific Club for 1987-1988. 1987 1987 1987 E.157 ‘For Badminton School Open Day’, Bristol, 28 May 1988. 1988 Correspondence speech, manuscript speech notes, manuscript biographical notes on Frank given to Badminton School. thanking his Frank for E.158-E.163 ‘Orientation Mapping’, Mathematical Problems in Material Science conference, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, 11 October 1991 E.158 E.159 E.160 E.161 See also H.294. Correspondencere arrangements Programme andinvitation Printed version of the lecture Manuscript notes and typescript lecture draft 1991 1991 1991 1991 1991 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 E.162 Figures and transparencies E.163 1 photographic negative 127 1991 1991 E.164 ‘Hitler's Bomb’, Horizon, BBC Television programme, 20 October 1991 1991-1992 Correspondencere arrangements. Frank wasinterviewed for the programme becauseof his involvementin intelligence work during World War Two and in the subsequent internment of Germanscientists at Farm Hall, near Huntingdon. The conversations between the captives were secretly recorded and eventually publishedin the 1990s (see D.360-D.406). E.165, E.166 ‘Snowflakes’, Physics Department, University of Bristol, 7 December 1995 1995, 2001 Video tape of the lecture, with letter re the deposit of the tape in the University of Bristol Archives. ‘Talk for Polymer conference’, Polymer Physics Group conference, on board the SS Great Britain, Bristol, 11 September 1997 Correspondence and manuscript lecture notes. ‘Comments on Nucleation Theory’, Lecture 20, occasion and date unknown Typescript lecture notes. ‘Current Trends in Polymer Physics’, occasion and date unknown Manuscript lecture notes. Untitled address starting ‘I’m here at rather short notice, you know’, occasion and date unknown 1997 n.d. n.d. n.d. E.167 E.168 E.169 E.170 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 128 Lectures, E.91-E.185 The speech is addressed to students who are making education and career choices. E.171, £.172 Untitled, undated lecture notes with 1 black and white photograph and transparencies n.d. 2 folders. E.173-E.185 Photographic slides 1950s, n.d. Most of these (E.173-E.183) are glass lantern slides, Some of the boxes have found in cardboard boxes. is not possible to say inscriptions whether these the contents. of subjects but it authoritative are descriptions of E.173 '0' Box of 6 glassslides. E.174 ‘Dr Keller Slides on zig-zags. | Box of 8 glass slides. E.175 ‘| Lineage etc’ Boxof 9 glassslides. E.176 '2 Kinking' Box of 5 glassslides. E.177 1g! Box of 3 glassslides. E.178 ‘Smialowski structure. III [...] IV' Box of 8 glassslides. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 129 Lectures, E.91-E.185 E.179 ‘Spherulites. V. Feb /55' 21955 Box of 7 glassslides. E.180 ‘Cdl(2) inferior’ Boxof 7 glassslides. E.181 ‘Prof N.F. Mott 25.11.55' Boxof 5 glassslides. E.182 Untitled box Boxof 7 glassslides. E.183 Untitled box Box of 8 glassslides. E.184 E.185 Single double-sized glass lantern slide Sleeve of small format glass slides Includes two series numbered 1-14 and a-c. 19 slides. N.d. 1953 N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 130 SECTION F SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, F.381-F.466 1935-1995 F.381 ARMAMENT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ESTABLISHMENT F.382, F.383 ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS F.384 F.385 ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION AUDIO-LEARNING LTD F.386, F.387 BRISTOL MUNICIPAL CHARITIES F.388 F.389 F.390 BRISTOL SCIENTIFIC CLUB CHEMICAL SOCIETY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE F.391, F.392 DEPARTMENTOF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH F.393 F.394 EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY FARADAY SOCIETY F.395-F.397 HOME OFFICE F.398-F.400 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS F.401-F.419 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR CRYSTAL GROWTH F.420-F.423 LINCOLN COLLEGE OXFORD F.424-F.426 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE F.427, F.428 MINISTRY OF SUPPLY F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 131 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.429-F.446 PUGWASH CONFERENCESON SCIENCE AND WORLDAFFAIRS F.447 QUEEN ELIZABETH’S HOSPITAL SCHOOL F.448-F.464 ROYAL SOCIETY F.465 F.466 UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMITTEE F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.381 ARMAMAMENT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ESTABLISHMENT 132 1961 Correspondence re and agenda of meeting of Working Party on Conducting Compositions. Frank was a member of the committee. F.382, F.383 ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS 1935-1941 membership card and_ subscription Correspondence, records. 2 folders. F.384 ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION 1 letter only. F.385 AUDIO-LEARNING LTD Correspondencere royalty payments. 1949 1981 F.386, F.387 BRISTOL MUNICIPAL CHARITIES 1987-1989 Correspondence, agenda and minutes of meetings of the trustees. 2 folders. Frank wasa trustee of Bristol Municipal Charities. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.388 BRISTOL SCIENTIFIC CLUB 133 1987 Correspondence, some re admission of women scientists to the Club. Frank was a member of the Bristol Scientific Club. F.389 CHEMICAL SOCIETY 1942 1 letter. F.390 Not used. F.391, F.392 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH 1963, 1968 Minutes and papers for meetings of the Electronic Research Council and the Metallurgy and Material Sub- Committee. 2 folders. F.393 EUROPEANPHYSICAL SOCIETY 1992-1995 Correspondence, by-laws and membership records. Frank was a member of the European Physical Society. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 134 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.394 FARADAY SOCIETY 1941-1946 Re membership. F.395-F.397 HOME OFFICE 1959-1967 F.395 F.396 F.397 Material re Civil Defence. Frank was a Regional Scientific Adviser for Civil Defence. Correspondence 1959-1967 List of Regional Scientific Advisers for Civil Defence 1960 Exercise books with manuscript notes 1958, 1960 Usedforcivil defence notes. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 135 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.398-F.400 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS 1965-1995 Correspondence, annual dinner programme, etc. 3 folders. F.401-F.419 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR CRYSTAL GROWTH 1966-1975 Frank was President of the Comité International de Croissance Crystalline between 1968-1971 and closely involved in the organisation of the 1968 International Conference on Crystal Growth in Birmingham. F.401-F.405 General correspondence 1968-1975 re the of Correspondence Comité International de Croissance Cristalline, the Journal of Crystal Growth, committee membership, constitutions drafting and conference proceedings. formation the 5 folders. F.406 Agenda and minutes of meetings 1969 F.407 By-laws and constitutions of the International Organization for Crystal Growth 1966-1974 F.408-F.419 International Conference on Crystal Growth, Birmingham, 15-19 July 1968. 1967-1969 F.408-F.415 Correspondencere the organisation of the conference and publication of the proceedings 1967-1969 8 folders. F.416 Conference programme. 1968 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.417 Budget F.418 Publication of proceedings F.419 Abstracts 136 1968 1968 1968 F.420-F.423 LINCOLN COLLEGE OXFORD 1989-1995 Frank was an alumnusof Lincoln College. F.420, F.421 Correspondence 1989-1995 2 folders. F.422 Invitations and seating plans for Spring Feasts 1989-1993 F.423 Lincoln College magazines 1991, 1994 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 137 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.424-F.426 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE 1960-1973 Correspondence, background information and drafts. 3 folders. F.427, F.428 MINISTRY OF SUPPLY 1956-1966 service on the Correspondence Explosive Committee of the Weapons and Explosive Advisory Board of the Advisory Council Scientific Research and Technical Development. High re of Also correspondencere the Liquid Fuel Committee of the Munitions Chemistry Advisory Board. 2 folders. Frank was a memberof the High Explosive Committee of the Weapons and Explosive Advisory Board and the Liquid Chemistry Advisory Board. Fuel Committee of Munitions the F.429-F.446 PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLDAFFAIRS 1975-1992 Frank was a member of the British Pugwash Group. F.429 Correspondence. F.430 Minutes of British Pugwash Group meeting 23 March 1978 F.431-F.440 40th Annual Pugwash Conference, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, Egham, Surrey, 15-20 September 1990 F.431 Correspondence. 1975 1978 1990 1990 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.432 F.433 Statements and greetings from politicians and academics delivered on the occasion of the conference Programme and proceedings of British Pugwash public meeting F.434-F.438 Papersdelivered. 5 folders. F.439 Working Group reports List of papers and participants Conference Conference (Beijing, China, 17-22 September 1991) statement Pugwash of 41st Annual 42nd Annual Conference programme (Berlin, Germany, 11-17 September 1992) Notice of a meeting of Pugwash Ltd 138 1990 1990 1990 1990 1990 1991 1992 1991 F.440 F.441 F.442 F.443 F.444 F.445 F.446 Brochure and text on the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs movement 1978, 1990 Letter to the Editor of The Times by Joseph Rotblat, 11 October 1991 1991 Articles on arms research and wartime research at the University of Bristol 1980, 1983 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 139 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.447 QUEEN ELIZABETH’S HOSPITAL SCHOOL 1975 Agendafor committee meeting and correspondence. F.447-F.464 ROYAL SOCIETY 1940-1995 Frank was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1954. He gave the Bakerian Lecture in 1973 and was awarded the Royal Medal in 1979 and the Copley Medalin 1994. He served on a numberof Royal Society bodies, including Council 1967-1969 (Vice-President). F.447, F.448 General correspondence 1940-1995 2 folders. F.449, F.450 Royal Society Anniversary correspondence 1994 2 folders. F.451-F.455 Armourers and Brasiers’ Company Research Fellowship Committee 1966-1990 Frank was a member of the Armourers and Brasiers’ CompanyResearch Fellowship Committee. F.451-F.453 Correspondence 1966-1990 3 folders. F.454, F.455 Agenda and minutes 1966, 1972 2 folders. F.456-F.459 British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology 1972-1976 F.456, F.457 Correspondence 1972-1976 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 140 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 2 folders. F.458, F.459 Agenda and minutes of meetings 1973 2 folders F.460 Committee on an Experiment in Synoptic Publishing 1978 Correspondence. F.461 R.W. Paul Instrument Fund Committee 1977-1980 Correspondence. F.462 Miscellaneous Royal Society communications 1984-1995 F.463, F.464 Royal Society Club 1982 Correspondence, minutes, agenda and reports. 2 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 141 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.465 UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN 1949-1970 Correspondenceetc. Frank was an external examiner for the University of Aberdeen. F.466 UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMITTEE 1970 Re attendance at meetings of the Physical Sciences Sub- Committee and Working Party on Material Studies. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 142 SECTION G CONSULTANCIES,G.131-G.181 1949-1997 G.131 G.132 G.133 BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION BRITISH RAILWAYS CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE G.134-G.174 DE BEERS G.175 G.176 G.177 G.178 G.179 G.180 G.181 FIBREGLASS LTD GENERAL ATOMIC GENERAL ELECTRIC IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES PILKINGTON BROTHERS LTD UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA: INSTITUTE OF GEOPHYSICS AND PLANETARY PHYSICS F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 143 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 G.131 BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION 1964 Offer to Frank of consultancy in the company’s Guided WeaponsDivisionin thefield of solid state. See G.1 of the previous catalogue G.132 BRITISH RAILWAYS 1949 re Letter November 1949. meeting of Water Treatment Committee, See G.2-G.33 of the previous catalogue. G.133 CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE 1987 re meeting of the Comité Scientifique to the Letter Laboratoire de Physique des Solides. G.134-G.174 DE BEERS 1964, 1973- 1997 The bulk of this material relates to the work of the Diamond Diamond Conferences. Committee Research and the See G.24-G.99 of the previous catalogue. G.134-G.137 General correspondence and papers 1964-1996 G.134 Correspondence, chiefly enclosing Frank’s consultancy fees 1964-1996 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 144 G.135 G.136 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 Miscellaneous Mitchell and A.R. Lang correspondence, chiefly from E.W.G. 1987-1996 ‘The next decade’ at De Beers-sponsored UK University Research on diamond 1991 Bound volume; related correspondence and notes. This was prepared by E.W.G. Mitchell. G.137 ‘Forward Look 1996-2001’ at De Beers-sponsored UK University Research on diamond 1996 Bound volume; related correspondence. This was prepared by A.D.E. Stewart, R.J. Caveney and E.W.G. Mitchell. G.138-G.142 Diamond Research Committee meetings 1985-1995 Papers for meetings, chiefly minutes. G.138 1985-1988 G.139 1989-1991 G.140 G.141 1992 1993 G.142 1994-1995 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 145 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 G.143-G.147 Diamondresearch reports 1992-1996 Half-yearly Diamond Research Committee reports from researchers funded by the G.143 January 1992 G.144 February 1993 G.145 February 1994 G.146 February 1995 G.147 February 1996 G.148-G.172 Diamond Conferences 1973-1997 G.148 Reading, 15-18 July 1973 Bound volumeof conference papers. G.149 Reading, 6-9 July 1977 Bound volume of conference papers. G.150 St Catherine’s College Oxford, 9-12 July 1978 Bound volume of conference papers. G.151 Bristol, 7-9 July 1980 Bound volume of conference papers. 1973 1977 1978 1980 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 G.152 Newnham College, Cambridge, 6-9 July 1983 Bound volume of conference papers. G.153 Bristol, 9-11 July 1984 Bound volume of conference papers. G.154 Reading, 10-13 July 1985 G.155 Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, 7-9 July 1986 Miscellaneous conference information. G.156, G.157 Oxford, 5-8 July 1987 G.156 G.157 G.158 Conference participants information, programme and list of Bound volume of conference papers. Newnham College, Cambridge, 6-9 July 1988 Bound volume of conference papers. G.159 Bristol, 5-8 July 1989 Bound volume of conference papers. G.160 Reading, 11-14 July 1990 Bound volume of conference papers. G.161, G.162 St Catherine’s College, Oxford, 7-10 July 1991 146 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 147 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 G.161 Conferenceinformation; annotated programme G.162 Bound volume of conference papers G.163, G.164 Robinson College, Cambridge, 5-8 July 1992 1992 G.163 Correspondence and papersre Bristol contributions to the conference G.164 Bound volume of conference papers G.165, G.166 Bristol, 11-14 July 1993 1992-1993 G.165 Correspondenceand papers re arrangements G.166 Bound volume of conference papers. G.167, G.168 Reading, 11-13 July 1994 1994 G.167 Correspondence and papers re arrangements; annotated programme G.168 Bound volume of conference papers G.169, G.170 St Catherine’s College Oxford, July 1995 1995 G.169 Correspondence and papers re arrangements G.170 Bound volume of conference papers G.171 Queen’s College, Cambridge, July 1996 1996 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 148 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 Bound volume of conference papers. Frank was unable to attend. delegates at the conferenceis at the front of the volume. A signed postcard from G.172 Bristol, 14-16 July 1997 1997 Bound volumeof conference papers. G.173, G.174 Grant applications 1976-1991 Research Committee. applications to the Diamond Research G.173 1976, 1987 G.174 1991 G.175 FIBREGLASS LTD 1965-1969 Correspondencere consultancy. Frank was appointed a consultantin the field of applied polymer physics in association with glassfibres. G.176 GENERAL ATOMIC 1965 Consultancy agreement. G.177 GENERALELECTRIC (GE) 1951-1960 Consultancy agreements 1951, 1957, 1959. See G.100-G.113 of the previous catalogue. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 149 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 G.178 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES(ICI) 1974 Brief correspondence re consultation meeting in London, November 1974. See G.114 of the previous catalogue. G.179 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION(IBM) 1978 Correspondencere consultancy agreement. See G.115-G.122 of the previous catalogue. G.180 PILKINGTON BROTHERS LTD 1969-1971 Correspondencere consultancystatus. A consultancy with Pilkington followed on from that for Fibreglass Ltd (G.175). G.181 UNIVERSITY GEOPHYSICS AND PLANETARY PHYSICS CALIFORNIA: OF INSTITUTE OF 1964-1965 Papers re consultancy and visit to US in general. While serving as a Visiting Professor and researcher, Frank was an associate investigator for the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics on a US Air Force supported Geophysicsproject. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 150 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES,H.170-H.307 1933-1997 H.170 Faraday Society Discussion meeting, ?London, April 1933 1933 Manuscript notes, possibly on a lecture delivered by [?] Stewart. H.171 ‘Dipole Moments’, 6th General Discussion of the Faraday Society, University of Oxford, 12-14 April 1934 1934 Proceedings of the discussion including a transcript of Frank’s participation in a general discussion on ‘Polarity and the Association of Liquids’ by A.R. Martin and ‘Dipole Association in Pure Liquids’ by Pierre Girard. H.172 Holiday Fellowship weekend, Oxford, 1935 1935 Programme of the weekend’sactivities. H.173 General 63rd Cambridge, 26-28 September 1935 Discussion of the Faraday Society, 1936 Photocopies of a group photograph featuring Frank and introductory notes to the meeting in the Transactions of the Faraday Society, 1936. H.174 Royal Society Conversazione, London, 28 May 1936 1936 Programme of the conversazione. H.175 H.176 Annual Advancementof Science, Dundee, 1939 Meeting British the of Association for the 1939 Menu of Section B dinner with colleagues’ autographs. Physical Society General Physical March 1940 discussion on ‘The Properties of Electrical and Plastics’, London, 19 1940 Programme, correspondence and manuscript notes on Frank’s participation in the discussion. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 H.177 Metal Congress, Laboratory of Physics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 1948 List of demonstrations to congress attendees. No proof of Frank’s attendance. 151 1948 H.178-H.181 General Discussion of the Faraday Society on Crystal Growth, University of Bristol, 12-14 April 1949 1948-1949 Frank was closely involved in the organisation of the discussion. H.178 Correspondencere the programme of the meeting H.179 Draft programmes H.180 H.181 H.182 Manuscript notes and typescript draft of Frank’s paper ‘The Influence of Dislocations on Crystal Growth’ Typescript summaries of papers. Royal Society meeting, London, 19 May 1949 Programme of the meeting. Frank and J.H. Van der Merwepresented a paperentitled ‘One-dimensional Dislocations. | Static Theory. II Misfitting Monolayers and Oriented Overgrowth.’ H.183 Unidentified summer School, ?University of Bristol, c. July 1949. Correspondence; 6 black and white photographs of sugar crystals found therewith. H.184 General Conference and Annual General Meeting of the British Bristol, 26-28 September 1949 Rheologists Club, University of 1948-1949 1948-1949 1949 1949 1949 1949 1949 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 152 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Correspondence and programme of the meeting. Frank lectured on ‘The Nature of Dislocations in Real Crystal Lattices’. H.185 Institute for the Study of Metals Colloquium, University of Chicago, USA, 31 May 1951 1951 Correspondencere the programme of the colloquium. Frank lectured on ‘The Role of Dislocations in Crystal Growth.’ H.186-H.192 9th Conference on the Solid State, Solvay Institute, Brussels, Belgium, 25-29 September 1951 1950-1951 Frank lectured on ‘Crystal Growth and Dislocations.’ H.186, H.187 Correspondence conference 2 folders. re paper and programme of the 1950-1951 H.188 H.189 H.190, H.191 H.192 H.193 Typescript draft transcript of discussion, featuring Frank. Timetable, list of guests and generalinformation of Frank’s paper ‘Crystal Growth and Typescript Dislocations’ 2 folders. Manuscript notes on colleagues’ papers taken by Frank Royal Society discussion on the Theory of London, 13 March 1952 Liquids, Abstracts of lectures. Frank lectured on ‘Supercooling’. 1951 1951 1951 1951 1952 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 H.194 ‘The Creep Conference’, place unidentified, 31 May-2 June 1954 1 letter only. 153 1954 H.195 Visit to Tokyo, Japan, September-October 1953. 1953 Manuscript schedule. Frank chiefly visited Japan to attend the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Conference on Theoretical Physics. He visited Kyoto and Tokyo. H.196 Diamond Conference, Cambridge, 1-3 July 1954 1 letter. H.197 Conference on Mechanical Effects of Dislocations Crystals, University of Birmingham, 19-20 July 1954 in Programme. 1954 1954 H.198, H.199 International Congress of Crystallography, 3rd France, July 1954 Paris, 1951-1954 Frank lectured possibly on ‘The Theory of Crystal Growth.’ H.198 H.199 Correspondence entertainmentat the Chateau de Versailles programme and of evening 1953 Printed papers by Frank ‘Crystal Growth and Dislocations’ and ‘The Growth of Crystals and the Equilibrium Structure of their Surfaces’ (with W.K. Burton and N. Cabrera) 1951-1952 includes Also 3 manuscript notes. black and white photographs and H.200 Visit to Glaxo Laboratories, unidentified place, c.1954 1954 1 letter only. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 154 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 H.201 117th Annual Meeting of the British Association for the Advancementof Science, 31 August 1955, Bristol 1955 Newspaperclipping with photograph of the Presidential address showing Frank andhis wife in the audience. H.202, H.203 The Faraday Society and the Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging General Joint Discussion on ‘The Molecular Mechanism of Rate Processesin Solids’, 15-18 April 1957, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 1956-1957 Correspondence programmesetc. 2 folders. lectured Frank Vacancies and Interstitials.’ on ‘Interaction of Dislocations with H.204 5th Course of the International Summer Schoolin Physics, Varenna, Italy, 17 July-7 August 1956 1956 Correspondenceand 4 black and white photographs. Frank lectured on dislocations and metal physics. Faraday Society General Discussion on Configuration and Interactions Crystals, University of Leeds, 15-17 April 1958 of Macro-molecules and Liquid Correspondence and programme. Royal Society Discussion on Stellar Evolution, London, 3 March 1960 Manuscript notes taken by Frank. The Scripps Institute Conference, San Diego, USA, 22-24 March 1965 1 letter only. 1958 1960 1965 H.205 H.206 H.207 H.208 Adsorption et Croissance Cristalline, Colloque 1964 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 International la Scientifique, Nancy, France, 7-12 June 1965 National Centre de du Recherche Correspondence. H.209-H.211 Visit to Durban, South Africa, August-September 1965 Frank delivered a series of 9 lectures. H.209 Correspondencere organisation of the visit. Includes letters from Maita Frank received in South Africa. H.210 Programme of lectures H.211 H.212 Newspapercuttings collected by Frank. on Symposium Materials, Worcestershire, 28-30 September 1965 Epitaxial Radar for Establishment, Processes Royal Electronic Malvern, Programme of the symposium. There is no proof of Frank’s attendance. H.213-H.215 Meeting on European Collaboration in Physics, Pisa, Italy, 16-17 April 1966 H.213 H.214 H.215 H.216 155 1965 1965 1965 1965 1965 1966 1966 1966 1966 Correspondence physicists re European collaboration between Invitation to attend the meeting and manuscript notes Postcards and brochure on La Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa International conference on Deformation of Crystalline Solids, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, 21-25 August 1966 1964-1965 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Correspondencere attendance. H.217 NATO Advanced Study Institute, The Application of Modern Physics to the Earth and Planetary Interiors, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 29 March-4 April 1967 Invitation to present a paper and outline of the conference. Thereis no proof of Frank’s attendance. 156 1967 H.218 Scientific Intelligence University, 20 May 1967 Officers Conference, Exeter 1967 H.219 H.220 Correspondence, Frank’s timetable, programme of the conference, address notes and notes on speakers. Frank gave the welcome address. Visit to Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, USA, July-September 1967 Visa application and correspondence re expenses. Royal Society Review lecture ‘The Alinement of Nuclei’ by M.A. Grace, London, 4 April 1968 Abstractof the lecture. Frank attended the lecture. H.221 Discussion meeting on Liquid Sciences, Montpellier, France, 5-6 June 1969 Crystals, Faculté des Correspondencere arrangements. H.222-H.224 Centenary celebrations of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1-6 October 1969 Some of the correspondence and documentation is French. in Frank went to the celebrations to represent the Royal Society. 1967 1968 1969 1969 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 157 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 H.222, H.223 Correspondencere arrangements and report of the visit 1969 H.224 H.225 2 folders. Programmes invitations of celebrations and excursions and 1969 Visit to Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd, Petrochemical & Polymer Laboratory, Runcorn, Cheshire, 20 October 1969 1969 Correspondencere arrangements. H.226, H.227 Royal Society discussion on Strong London, 29 January 1970 Fibrous Solids, 1968-1970 lectured Frank Polymers.’ on ‘The Strength and Stiffness of H.226 H.227 H.228 H.229 H.230 Correspondence re arrangements and publication of the proceedings 1968-1970 Manuscript and typescript drafts of ‘The Strength and Stiffness of Polymers’ 135th Annual Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement at Canterbury, 20 August 1973 University Science, of of Kent 1970 1973 Programme of the degree congregation associated with the Meeting. Fourth Tokyo, Japan, March 1974 International Conference on Crystal Growth, 1973 1 letter only re arrangements. NATO Advanced Study Institute, Hohegeiss, Crystal Germany, 5-14 September 1975 Plasticity’, Effects Republic in of 1975 ‘Surface Federal Exchange visit Solides, September 1976-February 1977 Université de to the Laboratoire de Physique des France, Paris-Sud, Paris, Correspondence. Frank collaborated with Jacques Friedel on polymers and liquid crystals. 6th Summer School Massachusetts, USA, summer 1977 Crystal on Growth, Boston, 1977 1 colour photograph. 28th Pugwash September 1978 Conference, Varna, Bulgaria, 1-5 1978 Correspondence re arrangements and programme. H.231 H.232 H.233 H.234, H.235 158 1976 1979 1979 1980 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 10 Colour photographs. Frank delivered the concluding summarylecture. NATO Advanced Study Institute ‘The Mechanism of Continental of Newcastle upon Tyne, 27 March-10 April 1979 Drift and Plate Tectonics’, University Programme and book of abstracts. 2 folders. Frank lectured on ‘Geophysical Implications of the Effects of Anisotropy on Thermoconvection.’ H.236 Faraday Division Symposium, Annual Chemical Congress, University of Bristol, 3-5 April 1979 Programme andabstracts of papers. H.237 Visit to India, December 1979-January 1980 1 black and white photograph of Frank, his wife and A.R. Verna. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 159 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 H.238 NATO Advanced Study Institute on Physics of Defects, Les Houches, France, 28 July-30 August 1980 1980 Correspondence and 3 black and white photographs of Frank lecturing. Frank lectured on the history of defects and organised an informal session on smectics. British Association for Crystal Growth, Bristol, September 1981 1 black and white photograph of Frank lecturing. Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Growth, New Hampshire, USA, 12-16 July 1982 Photographs of Frank and colleagues. Frank lectured on ‘Crystal Growth without Dislocations.’ 1981 1982 H.239 H.240 H.241-H.244 Royal Society meeting on ‘Dislocations and Properties of Real Materials’, London, 11-12 December 1984 1984 See also E.143 Frank lectured on ‘Historical Perspectives and Personal Reminiscences on the Early Days of Dislocations’ with Nevill Mott. H.241 H.242 Correspondence re arrangements List of delegates, draft and final programme H.243 Abstracts of papers H.244 Background papers One paper is in German. 1984 1984 1984 1984 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 160 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 H.245, H.246 Institute of Physics Solid-State Physics Sub-Committee, Solid State Physics Conference, Southampton University, 19-21 December 1984 1983-1984 Correspondence, list of participants, summary of research at Southampton, abstracts of papers and programme. 2 folders. H.247 Polymer Physics conference, Reading, 11-13 September 1985 1985 H.248 H.249 H.250 H.251 2 black and white photographs of Frank and a colleague. See also E.144 British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, Bristol, 1986 Letter inviting Frank to chair a session. Research on Materials Phase Transformations, place unknown, possibly the USA, c. January 1986 Society Symposium 1 letter thanking Frank for his participation. Meeting with the US National Academy of Engineering, London, 19 May 1986 1 photograph featuring Frank and colleagues. 1st International Symposium on Shaped Crystal Growth jointly held with the 4th Hungarian Conference on Crystal Growth, Budapest, Hungary, 22-25 July 1986 Correspondencere arrangements. Frank was asked to attend the conference and deliver a paper but he declined. 1985 1986 1986 1985 H.252, H.253 40th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Pi Meson, University of Bristol, 22-24 July 1987. 1987 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 161 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Correspondence, programme, list information bulletin. of participants and Also includes 1 black and white photograph featuring Rosemary Fowler, Isobel Powell and Dorothy Hodgkin. 2 folders. H.254-H.257 International Conference on Texture of ICOTOM 8th Materials, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 20-25 September 1987 1986-1987 Frank lectured on ‘Orientation Mapping’ and visited the New Mexico area. H.254 Correspondence re arrangements and publication papers of H.255 Newsbulletin and programme with abstracts H.256 Photocopy of an article on ‘Vinland map’ sent by a colleague H.257 Photographs of Frank 3 colour photographsof Frank and a colleague. H.258-H.260 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, Boston, USA, 30 November-5 December 1987 Frank was awarded the Von Hippel Award on the occasion of the conference. He lectured on ‘Orientation Mapping.’ H.258 1 letter only re arrangements. H.259 Typescript lecture orientation mapping. notes with figures, possibly on H.260 Printed programme of the meeting. 1987 1987 1987 1987 1987 1987 1987 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 162 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 H.261 Visit to Johannesburg, South Africa, 3-24 February 1988. 1988 Correspondenceand schedule ofvisits. Frank accompanied by his wife visited colleagues and lectured. H.262-H.264 125th Annual Meeting of the Sciences, Washington DC, USA, 24-27 April 1988 National Academy of 1988 Programme; printed brochure of the National Academyof Sciences; memorabilia. 3 folders. Frank attended the conference. H.265 H.266 H.267 ‘The Mathematical Mathematical Analysis of Material Microstructure’, Cornell University, USA, 15-18 June 1988 workshop Sciences Institute Correspondencere arrangements. Frank declined the invitation to lecture. Centre for International ‘Spring College in Material Science on Ceramics and Composite Materials’, Trieste, Italy, 17 April-26 May 1989 Theoretical Physics Correspondence and newsbulletin. Frank declined the invitation to deliver five lectures. International 3rd Quasi-Crystals ‘Incommensurate Structures in Condensed Matter’, Vista Hermosa, Mexico 29 May-2 June 1989 Meeting on 1987 1988 1987-1988 Correspondencere arrangements. Frank declined the invitation. H.268, H.269 Anniversary Adriatico Research Conference on Cold Fusion, Trieste, Italy, 8 June 1989 1989 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 163 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Correspondencere arrangements and programme. 2 folders. Frank lectured on ‘Muon-Catalyst Fusion: a Brief History.’ H.270 9th International Conference on Crystal Growth, Sendai, Japan, 20-25 August 1989 1987-1988 Correspondencere attendance. It is unclear whether Frank attended. H.271-H.275 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, International Symposium on 11-13 September 1989 Birmingham, Catalysed Fusion, Muon Frank lectured on ‘How it Began’. H.271, H.272 Correspondencere arrangements 2 folders. H.273 Programme andlist of participants H.274 Abstract of papers H.275 Miscellaneous manuscript notes etc H.276, H.277 Jacques Friedel retirement party, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, 29 September 1989 Correspondence re arrangement, address of Friedel (in French and English), travel schedule, invitation. 2 folders. H.278 Anniversary of Physics, for 25th High Theoretical Technology and Mathematics’, Trieste, Italy, 31 October-3 November 1989 the ‘Frontiers International Centre in Physics, 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 164 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Programme ofthe celebrations. It is unclear whether Frank attended. H.279-H.288 International Conference on Muon Catalyzed Fusion, Vienna, Austria, 27 May-1 June 1990 1989-1993 Frank chaired the Muonic Atom Processessession. H.279-H.283 Correspondencere arrangements and colleagues’ papers 1990 5 folders. H.284 Programme and background information 1990 H.285-H.287 Backgroundarticles including Frank’s ‘An Outline of the History of Cold Fusion’ 1989-1993 3 folders. H.288 Memorabilia 1990 1990 Society Royal Aspects of London, 15 November 1990 meeting International ‘Science and Technological Security and Arms Control’, Correspondence, programme and copies delivered. of papers 2 folders H.289, H.290 H.291 Colston 1991 University of Bristol, 25-27 March 1991 Symposium, ‘Understanding Science’, 1990-1991 Correspondence, programme andarticle. Frank gavethe introductory address. H.292, H.293 Polymer Physics Conference to mark the retirement of Andrew Keller, University of Bristol, 3-5 April 1991 1991 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Correspondence re arrangement, programme and general information, manuscript notes of Frank’s introduction to the conference. 2 folders. Frank gavethe introductory lecture. Centre International Sciences, ‘Mathematical Problems in Material Science’, Edinburgh, 11 October 1991 Mathematical for 165 1991 H.294, H.295 H.296, H.297 Correspondence re arrangements, programme of the meeting and abstracts of papers. Frank lectured on ‘Orientation Mapping.’ 2 folders. Royal Cambridge, 11-12 December 1993 Society, Cambridge Weekend, University of 1993 Correspondence and programme. 2 folders. H.298-H.301 Royal Society discussion meeting ‘Self Order and Form in Polymeric Materials’, London, 14-15 December 1993 1992-1993 Frank chaired the opening session. H.298 Correspondence re arrangements 1992-1993 H.299 Programme H.300 List of papers and abstracts H.301 List of participants H.302 Ciba Foundation/Royal Society discussion meeting on 1993 1993 1993 1993 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 166 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 ‘The Response of Polymer Form to External Fields’, London, 16 December 1993 Programme ofthe discussion. It is unclear whether Frank attended. H.303 East-West Surface Science Workshop 1994, ‘Thin Films and Phase Transitions on Surfaces’, Pamporovo Ski Centre, Bulgaria, 14-21 February 1994 1992-1994 H.304 H.305 H.306 Correspondencere arrangements andtravel grant. The occasion was to celebrate the 85th birthday of Professor Kaischew. Frank declined the invitation because of ill health. Kapitza Centenary Symposium, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, 8 July 1994 Correspondence, programme and invitation to dinner. International Symposium, Muon Catalyzed Fusion, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia, 19-24 June 1995 Correspondencere arrangements. Frank acted as honorary chairmanof the conference. The Polymer Physics Committee of the of Physics, Biennal Polymer Conference, London, 10-12 September 1997 Institute 1 letter only re arrangements. Frank addressedhis colleagues at the conferencedinner. 1994 1994 1997 H.307 Unidentified meetings and discussions n.d. Discussion expensesinvoice. transcript, correspondence’ and travel F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 167 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE, J.267-J.412 1932-1998 this correspondence spans Although Frank’s whole career, from postgraduate days in the early 1930s to the late 1990s, the bulk of it is either early (1930s) or from the 1980s and 1990s - some of which postdates from after the compilation of the previous catalogue in 1989. is presented in alphabetical order. It There are few extended sequences and most of the correspondents represented here are also to be found in the previous catalogue, in conjunction with which this correspondence presented here should be consulted. There is significant additional material for R.V.Jones, F.R.N. Naborro and K. Wirtz. J.267 Ab.-Al. J.268 Allibone, T.E. J.269 Altmann, S.L. J.270 Am.-Ar. J.271 Arnautov, M.L. Re paradoxes. 1938-1991 1946, 1983- 1984 1987, 1994 1939-1996 1997 J.272, J.273 Ashbee, K.H.G. 1984-1992 Ashbee was a materials scientist who wasa colleague of Frank’sat Bristol. J.272 Career J.273 Scientific correspondence 1984-1992 1988 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 168 Correspondence,J.267-J.412 J.274 As.-At. 1933, 1997 J.275 Baddeley, O. 1994 Typescript recollections, with manuscript notes by Frank J.276 Ba. J.277 Banks, W.H. Re saturation theory. 1932-1995 1937 J.278 Bassett, D.C. 1985-1996 Personaland scientific correspondence. Bassett was Professor of Physics at the University of Reading. J.279 Be.-Bu. J.280, J.281 Bilby, B.A. 1936-1995 1950-1988 The bulk of this material is papers and drafts by Bilby sent to Frank for comment. Bilby worked in the Universities of Birmingham and later Sheffield Metallurgy Departments of the J.280 1950-1955 Drafts on crystal twinning 1950, and Non-Riemannian geometry. J.281 1986-1988 Re Royal Society Biographical Memoir of J.D. Eshelby. Includes typescript draft. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 169 Correspondence,J.267-J.412 J.282 Cahn, J.W. 1984-1997 Invitations, comments on paper, social correspondence. Cahn was a Senior Fellow at the US National Bureau of Standards. J.283 Ca.-Ch. J.284 Chandrasekhar, S. 1985-1995 1980-1997 J.285 Chernov,A.A. 1984, 1994 Includes scientific correspondence on ice growth. J.286 Chinnery, M.A. 1965 Re Chinnery’s work on distant uplift associated with strike slip faulting. Includes Frank’s manuscript calculations. Chinnery was basedat the University of British Columbia. J.287 Cladis, P.E. 1983-1985 Chiefly re career. Cladis worked at the Bell Laboratories, Murray Hull, New Jersey. J.288 Cl.-Co. J.289 J.290 J.291 Co. Cr. Da. 1936-1995 1940, 1990- 1994 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 170 Correspondence,J.267-J.412 J.292 Davies, M. 1984-1994 Includes social correspondence. J.293 Debye, P. J.294 Re Delbriick, M.L.H. J.295 De., Di. J.296 Ditchburn, R.W. 1935, 1936 1981 1938-1992 1977-1987 Includes typescript draft by Ditchburn casting doubt on the nuclear winter concept; posthumous correspondence. J.297 Do.-Du. 1934-1987 J.298 Ea. 1967, 1992, n.d. J.299 Edge, R. 1976 Re Earthtilt. Edge was based at the Sciences, Birkenhead. Institute of Oceanographic J.300 El.-Ev. J.301 Evans, T. 1936-1994 1983-1996 Evans was Professor of Physics at the University of Reading. J.302 Farrell, C.J. 1987 Personal news. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 171 Correspondence,J.267-J.412 J.303-J.306 Fisher, J.C. 1983-1991 Correspondence and papers, including Fisher’s ‘Particle Theory Countdown’ papers 1-15 in which he gave an ongoing account of his efforts to have his theories on particle theory published. 4 folders. Fisher was an American colleague researching particle theory. J.307 Fi.-Fu. J.308 Forty, A.J. Re career. J.309, J.310 Friedel, J. Friedel was a longstanding colleague and friend of Frank’s from the Laboratoire des Physique des Solides, Université Paris Sud. J.309 1969 Chiefly Frank’s comments on ‘Lignes de dislocation dans les cholesteriques’ by Friedel and M. Kléman, including his manuscript notes. J.310 J.311 1976, 1988, 1991 Fumi, F.G. Fumi workedat the University of Genoa. J.312 Gates, D.J. Draft of paper on two-dimensional crystals sent to Frank for comment, with Frank’s and D.M. Sadlers’ coments thereon. 1932-1991 1985, 1991 1969-1991 1985-1991 1987 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 J.313 Ga.-Ge. J.314 J.315 Gi. Go. J.316 Gr.-Gu. J.317 Ha. J.318 Hall, E.O. Re Hall’s work on tensile properties of mold steel, with typescript draft by Hall, sent to Frank for comment. J.319 He. letter is from Frank to 1941 his MP, A.P. Herbert, complaining at Ministry of Information coverage of the fall of Benghaziin April. J.320 J.321 Hi. Higasi, K. Re solventeffect. 172 1934-1991 1934-1985 1975-1995 1938-1991 1934-1996 1950-1951 1941, 1988- 1995 1985-1994 1936-1937 Higasi wrote to Frank from the Institute of Physical and Chemical Reseach, Tokyo, Japan. J.322 Hoffman, J.D. 1962-1991 Scientific correspondence. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 173 Correspondence,J.267-J.412 J.323 Hollomon, J.H. 1983-1991 Chiefly posthumous material relating to memorials and tributes to Hollomon, who died in 1985. J.324 Ho. Includes correspondence with Philip Howard, Literary Editor of The Times re use of grammarin that newspaper. J.325 Hs.-Hu. J.326 J.327 Jackson, W. 1947-1997 1985-1994 1964-1995 1933-1939 Correspondence re joint research and visit to Frank in Berlin. Jackson wasan early research colleague of Frank’s. J.328-J.330 Jones, R.V. 1938-1997 Jones was a long-standing colleague and friend of Frank’s. They served togetherin scientific intelligence in the Air Ministry during World War Two. J.328 1938-1940 Includes installations, correspondence; and workfor the Air Ministry. pre-war correspondence on German radar personal under the name of ‘ghosts’; J.329 1961-1990 Correspondence reminiscencesof wartime work. on various topics, including J.330 1992-1997 174 1937-1995 1989-1998 1976-1995 1994-1995 1977-1992 1988-1997 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 Correspondence,J.267-J.412 Correspondence reminiscences of wartime work and personal news. various topics, on including J.331 Ka.-Ke. J.332 Keller, A. Chiefly re Keller’s retirement. J.333 J.334 Ki.-Kl. King-Hele, D. Re submissions to Notes and Records of the Royal Society. J.335 Kléman, M. Kléman was based at Laboratoire de Physique des Solides. the Université de Paris-Sud J.336-J.338 Knight, C.A. Personal news, progress of Knight’s research on anti- freeze/anti-melt. Knight was based at Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado the US National Center for J.336 J.337 J.338 1988-1989 1989 1993-1997 J.339 Kn.-Ko. 1950-1996 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 175 Correspondence,J.267-J.412 J.340, J.341 Koptsik, V.A. 1993-1994 2 folders. Koptsik was a Professor of Physics at Moscow University. J.342, J.343 Kramish, A. 1993-1997 Chiefly correspondence re P. Rosbaud and the German atomic programme during World War Two. 2 folders. Kr.-Ku. La. Lang, A.R. J.344 J.345 J.346 Lang wasa colleaguein the Bristol Physics Department. J.347 Le.-Lu. J.348 Mac. J.349 Mackley, M. Re career. J.350 Ma. J.351 Mason, B.J. Re paper by Mason. 1981-1994 1936-1993 1987-1998 1932-1994 1977-1992 1986-1997 1934-1994 1991-1992 176 1932-1997 1987 1987-1995 1973-1996 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 J.352 Me.-Mi. J.353 Miles, M.J. Correspondence,J.267-J.412 Work on extension elongationalflow field. of a polymer molecule in an Miles worked at the Agricultural and Food Research Council's Institute of Food Research, Norwich. J.354 Mo.-Mu. J.355, J.356 Moore, A.M. Moore was based at the Department of Physics, Royal Holloway College, University of London. J.355 1973-1990 Includes correspondence re research on_ cylinders (1985) intersecting J.356 1995-1996 Includes distribution. correspondence re fibre geometry and J.357 Mott, N.F. 1963-1995 Includes material re Mott’s 80th birthday celebrations, see also A.465. J.358 Moullin, E.B. 1933-1939 Re researchactivities. Moullin, Oxford, supervised Frank’s researchin the early 1930s. at the Engineering Labroatory, University of J.359, J.360 Nabarro, F.R.N. 1964-1996 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 177 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 Nabarro was a South African-based colleague, who had worked with Frank at Bristol in the 1940s. J.359 1964, 1985-1986 Includes correspondence re Penrose patterns; personal news. J.360 1987-1996, n.d. Includes correspondence re E. Orowan, of whom Nabarro waswriting the Royal Society Biographical Memoir. Undated material is guestlist for ‘Dinner for Professor Charles University of Witwatersrand figures but also Black African notables. Frank’. The guests include J.361-J.364 Nelson, J.T. 1993-1996 Nelson was a postgraduate researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle when he wrote to Frank regarding ice growth in 1993. Thisinitiated a correspondence on the formation of growth shapes that continued to 1996. Many of the letters include detailed calculations. J.361 J.362 J.363 1993 March-May 1993 June-August 1994 J.364 1995-1996 J.365 J.366 Ne.-Ni. No.-Ny. Includes Frank’s contribution to book by B. Noakes, / saw 1983-1993 1980-1989 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence,J.267-J.412 a Ghost. Parasnis, A.S. Chiefly personal and family news. Parasnis had studied under Frank at Bristol. J.367 J.368 J.369 Pa.-Pe. J.370 Pi. J.371 Pl.-Po. J.372 Pond, R.C. Includes correspondence re Pond’s work on interfacial structure. Pond was basedat the University of Liverpool Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science. He made regular visits to Bristol to demonstrate and discuss his work with Frank. Ponomarev,L. Re Powell, C.F. Includes account by Powell. 11pp photocopy typescript autobiographical Pr. Ra. J.373 J.374 J.375 J.376 178 1985-1995 1963-1996 1934, 1972- 1992 1941-1985 1984-1993 1985-1995 1991-1994, n.d. 1985, n.d. 1991, 1992 1939-1987 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 J.377 Randle, V. Correspondence re Frank’s objections to Randle’s term ‘mesotexture’. J.378 Reed, M. Correspondencere family history. J.379 Re.-Ri. J.380 Robbins, D.J. Frank’s comments on Robbins’ observations of the ripple of CVDsilicon. Robbins worked at Establishment, Malvern. the Royal Signals and Radar J.381 J.382 J.383 Ro. Ru. Sa.-Sc. J.384 Schloessin,H.H. Draft on [gamma] for monatomic and liquid metals, sent to Frank for comment. 179 1990 1986 1937-1994 1989 1936-1995 1945, 1993 1983-1995 1977 J.385 Seal, Michael 1966-1992 Includes photographs for use by Frank. Seal was a diamond researcher. J.386 Se.-Sh. 1977-1997 Includes correspondencere ‘the two-envelope’ probability F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence,J.267-J.412 problem. J.387 Si. J.388 Sillars, R.W. Includes account of Edward VIII’s abdication sent to Frank while in Germany. J.389 J.390 J.391 J.392 J.393 J.394 J.395 Slechta,J. Re career. SI.-Sp. Steiner, V.C. Frank- Correspondencere Farm Hall transcripts, P. Rosbaud and M. von Laue. Frank-Steiner was the nephewof P. Rosbaud. St.-Su. Tabor, D. Includes 1989 correspondencere claim of B.V. Derjaguin to have published findings on cold at room temperature before Pons and Fleischmann. fusion Ta.-To. Thomas, E.L. Papers and ideas on disclinations sent to Frank for comment, with correspondencearising. Thomas was Head of Polymer Science and Engineering at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 180 1935, 1939, 1987 1936-1937 1983-1995 1939-1996 1994-1995 1938-1994 1971-1993 1986-1995 1986-1990 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 181 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 J.396 Thomas, J.M. 1973-1991 J.397 Tu.-Ty. n.d., 1984, 1994 J.398 U. J.399 Va.-Vo. J.400, J.401 Voigt-Martin, |.G. J.400 1986, 1988 J.401 1987 ‘Direct polymerliquid crystals’, by Voigt-Martin and H. Durst. high-resolution images of smectic defects in Sent to Frank for comment, with letter from Frank with detailed observations on the draft. J.402 Wa. J.403 Walker, M. Includes correspondence re audiotaped interview with Frank. Walker was a researcher in history of science, studying German nuclear research 1938-1961. J.404 We.-Wi. 1936-1990 1985-1988 1986-1988 1935-1993 1984-1992 J.405 Wilson, T. 1994, 1995 Includes draft outlines of chapters of book, sent to Frank F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 182 Correspondence,J.267-J.412 for comment. Wilson was writing a book on Lord Cherwell and World WarTwo. J.406 Windle, A.H. 1986-1997 Includes correspondence re Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Polymeric Materials, 1993 (see H.298-H.301). Windle was Professorof Materials Science at Cambridge. J.407, J.408 Wirtz, K. 1937-1990 Before the war Wirtz was based at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut fur Physik, Berlin, where he met Frank asa visiting researcher. After the war he was based at the Max Planck-Institut fur Physik, G6ttingen. J.407 1937-1939 Correspondence re progress of research, invitation to Wirtz to attend Faraday Society meeting in the autumn of 1939. J.408 1945, 1949, 1984, 1990 1984 correspondenceis chiefly re German wartime atomic research. J.409 Wo.-Wy. 1935-1994 1949-1990 J.410 J.411 J.412 First namesand illegible 1933-1994, n.d. Miscellaneous social invitations F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 183 SECTION K REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS,K.63-K.110 1952-1996 K.63-K.67 EXAMINING 1952-1992, n.d. K.63-K.66 Higher degrees 1952-1992, n.d. K.63 K.64 K.65. K.66 K.67 K.67 1952 1956 1992 N.d. External examining University of Ghana 1975 1975 K.68-K.86 APPOINTMENTS 1964-1996 K.68 K.69 K.70 K.71 K.72 1964 1969 1979 1980 1983 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 184 References and appointments, K.63-K.110 K.73 K.74 K.75 K.76 K.77 K.78 K.79 K.80 K.81 K.82 K.83 K.84 K.85 K.86 1984 1984-1985 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 185 References and appointments, K.63-K.110 K.87-K.94 GRANT APPLICATIONS 1956-1995 K.87 K.88 K.89 K.90 K.91 K.92 K.93 K.94 1956 1964 1979 1983 1984-1985 1992 1993 1994-1995 K.95-K.109 HONOURS AND AWARDS K.95-K.101 RoyalSociety K.95 K.96 1984-1985 1986-1987 1969-1996 1984-1995 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 186 References and appointments, K.63-K.110 K.97 K.98 1988 1993 K.99 1994-1996 K.100 K.101 1994 1995 K.102-K.109 Other honours and awards 1969-1996 K.102 1969-1970 K.103 1980-1981 K.104 1986-1987 K.105 K.106 1987 1988 K.107 1990-1991 K.108 K.109 1994 1996 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 187 References and appointments, K.63-K.110 K.110 MISCELLANEOUS Mid 1980s K.110 Reference. Undated, probably mid 1980s. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 188 DM 1837 Sir Charles Frank Medals, awards, and academic hoods These were given by Lady Frank. They complement the archival material which is being catalogued by the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists at the University of Bath. Academic Hoods State University of Gent/Rijksuniversiteit Gent Box Contains three academic hoods Blue and gold Red and green Yellow and blue with white fur (University of Gent, Belgium) Printed materials Book presented to Frank onhis retirement as Head of 31 July 1976 the Departmentof Physics, University of Bristol Includes the namesof people throughout the University Illustrated brochure relating to the Royal Academy of 1980 Sciences Programme: University of Bristol: Concert and Degree 16 June 1987 Congregation to mark 40th Anniversary of the Bristol- HanoverLink 80"Birthday Symposium 15 April 1991 Programme and sketches of speakers, by Jerry Hicks Sir Charles Frank, OBE, FRS: an eightieth birthday tribute Edited by RG Chambers, JE Enderby, A Keller, AR Lang and JW Steeds, Printed book, with ornate binding, in green slipcase 1991 4 photographs taken by Professor Okien (?), Tokyo of 15 April 1991 event Medals Anniversary of the D-Day Landings Frank attended, menu and arrangements Dinnerat the Guildhall, Portsmouth to celebrate the 50" 4 June 1994 Sigill. Mai. Acad. Gandavensis 9 May 1955 Review of book in Nature, by Robert W Cahn, Vol 351, 13 June 1991 Letter from Michael (nephewof Frank) to Frank concerning the Fibanacci series and family affairs, 15 July 1991 1969 Medal to celebrate the 100” anniversary of the Also Intervtruvmqve Doctor Honoris Causa Der Rijkuniversitiet te Gent Bronze, in paper case La Societe Francaise de Physique, Howleck Prize, Bronze medal in green case Sigill. Mai. Acad. Gandavensis 3 Oct. 1955 The Materials Science Club, sponsored by Rolls-Royce 1967 1963 Also Intervtruvymaqve In paper case, with Bruxelles address The AAGriffith Medal Silver coloured in blue case F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 189 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1869-1969 In Cyrillic script American Association for Crystal Growth: Presented to Sir Charles Frank for his outstanding contribution to the field of crystal growth Rosepink glass paperweight with gold plaque, in black case 18 July 1978 The Institute of Physics: Frederick Guthrie, 1833-1886 1982 Probably gold, black case, Royal Mint Von Hippel Award of the Materials Research Society, 1987 The Metallurgical Society of AIME: Institute of Metals 1987 Division: Lecturer and Robert Franklin Mehl Medalist Bronze medal in black case Royal Society Medal Probably gold, in Latin, black case, Royal Mint n.d. presented to Sir Charles Frank ‘Lucite’ block, in presentation box My note says that Lady Frank kept the Royal Swedish Academy Medal(gold) and the Royal Society Gold Medal, 11 June 1902 Hannah Lowery 9 September 2003 190 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABRAHAM, Sir Edward Penley ADAMS, Brent L. AGOSTON, Buolo ALBON, Norman ALLEN, Sir Geoffrey ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward ALTMANN, SimonL. AMELINCKX, Severin AMERICANINSTITUTE OF PHYSICS ANDERSON, Eric ANDRADE, Edward Neville da Costa | ANDREWS, E.H. ANDREWS, MargaretL. APHRAHAMIAN, Francis APLEY, M. ARMAMENT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ESTABLISHMENT ARNAUTOV,Michael L. ARNOLD, Lorna ARTHUR, Anne ASHBEE, Kenneth Harold George ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS ASTA, Bernhard R. DALL’ ASTBURY, William Thomas ATIYAH, Sir Michael ATKINS, Edward D. T. ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION J.267 J.267, J.377 J.267 J.267 J.267 J.268, J.314 J.269 C.298, C.299, J.270 J.402 J.270 J.270 J.270 D.319 D.319 J.270 F.381 J.271 J.270 J.270 J.272, J.273 F.382, F.383 J.274 J.274 D.362, D.374 J.274 F.384 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 191 Index of correspondents AUDIO-LEARNING LTD BADDELEY,Olive BAETA, Bob BAGLIN, John E.E. BALL, John BANGHAM, D.H. 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Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 195 Index of correspondents FOOT, Michael Richard Daniell FORSTER, Th. FOWLER, Mary FOWLER, Sir Ralph Howard FORTY,Arthur John FRANCE MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION FRANK,Lady Maita FRANKS, James FRASER, Ronald FREEMAN, Richard F. FREEZE FRIEDEL, Jacques FROHLICH, Herbert FUJITA, Hiroshi FULLMAN, Robert L. FUMI, Fausto Gherardo GALT,John Kirtland GANZ, Peter Felix GATES, David J. GATTY, Oliver GAYLE, Frank W. GEACH, George Alwyn GEMANT, ?A. GENERAL ATOMIC GENERAL ELECTRIC GENNES, Pierre-Gilles de J.307 J.307 J.307 J.307 J.308 J.307 H.210 C.253 J.307 J.307 J.307 A.282, J.309, J.310 D.319, J.307 C.270 J.307 J.311 J.313 D.370 J.312 C.214, C.215 J.313 C.249 J.313 G.176 G.177 J.313 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 196 Index of correspondents C.325, J.314, J.386 J.314 J.314 J.314 C.254 J.315 J.015 J.315 J.315 J.316 GIBBS, David Fortnam GIELGUD, Sir (Arthur) John GIFFORD, Henry GILLESPIE, Marjorie GLEN, John Wallington GOLDANSKII, Vitalii 1. 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Frank (Supplement) NCUACS127/13/03 204 Index of correspondents POND, Robert Charles PONOMAREV,Leonid POWELL,Cecil Frank POWERS, Thomas PRATTER, Joan PRICE, P. Buford PRIESTER, L. J.372 H.305, J.373 J.374 D.368, J.371 J.375 C.324 J.375 PUGWASH CONFERENCESON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS F.429-F.446 QUEEN ELIZABETH’S HOSPITAL SCHOOL, BRISTOL F.447, J.352 RANDALL, Merle RANDLE, Valerie RATHENAU, G.W. RAULT, Jacques RAYNES, Edward Peter READ, Michael RECKITT HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS REED, Peter RICHARDSON, R.M. RICHTER, Achim RICKARD, C.E. J.376 J.377 C.251 J.376 J.376 J.378 J.379 J.379 J.379 J.379 J.379 RIDEAL,Sir Eric Keightley J.379, J.387 RILEY, D.P. RINGWOOD, A.E. ROBBINS, D.J. ROBERTSON, D.W. J.379 J.379 J.380 J.381 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 205 Index of correspondents ROOS, Daniel ROSBAUD, Paul ROSE, Paul Lawrence ROTBLAT, Sir Joseph ROTHERY,Cecil J. ROWLAND,[?] ROYAL SOCIETY RUNCORN, Stanley Keith RUOFF, Arthur L. RUSSELL, Sir Frederick Stratten SADLER, David M. SAKHAROV,Andrei SAVAGE, R.J.G. SCHEEL, HansJ. SCHLOESSIN, Helmut H. SCHRAGER, G.R. SCHRIJVER, Kees SEAL,Michael SEEGER, Alfred SERIES, George William SHEACH, Sheila SHEPHERDSON, John C. SIDGWICK,Nevil Vincent SILLARS, R. 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Miscellaneous material including Frank's speech thanking the organisers of the summer school. Correspondence, speak on "Complex alloy structures considered as packings of spheres", Bibliog. 57 and National Physical Laboratory, 13 March 1958. 67. re invitation to January 1958, See D.44, D.45. "Lucretius", Bristol Latinists, 25 July 1961. lp manuscript "peroration". NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 104 E.20 "Lecture for the Holweck prizegiving", 1963. The Holweck prize was awarded jointly by the Physical Society and the Societe Francaise de Physique. In 1963 Frank was the recipient. 6pp typescript draft (in French). E.21-E.27 "The Earth as a ceramic body", contribution by Frank to Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei lst International Course on Material Science: Ceramic Science and Technology, Tremezzo, Italy, 8-20 September 1968. The course was published as Chemical and Mechanical Behaviour of Inorganic Materials, ed. A.W. Searcy, D.V. Ragone and U. Colombo (New York, 1970). E.21 E.22 typescript 18pp correction and annotation. draft of Frank's paper with manuscript Correspondence re arrangements, 1968, 1970. Includes letter from Frank to Searcy, Course Director, regretting that his manuscript was not yet ready, a delay caused in part by "the necessity to get my mother-in-law out of occupied Czecho- Slovakia". E.23 Programmes. E.24, E.25 Outline of topics covered by lecturers and summaries of papers presented. 2 folders. E.26, E.27 Contents of folder inscribed "The Earth as a Ceramic Body": miscellaneous manuscript notes, calculations, figures. 2 folders. E.28 "Talk for Extramural Science Teachers". 23 March 1970. 3pp typescript and manuscript draft. NCUAGS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 105 Correspondence, 1971, 1972, re "The mechanics of the Earth's crust", lecture to Manchester and District Branch, Institute of Physics, 24 January 1972. E.30, E.31 "Crystals", Institution of Electrical Engineers Kelvin Lecture, 27 April 1972. 19pp typescript and manuscript draft. Correspondence re arrangements; manuscript notes. Correspondence, a crystal not a crystal?", lecture to Royal Radar Establishment, 5 April 1973. re "When is 1972, 1973, Frank considered this as a trial run for his Presidential Address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science (E.35). E.33, E.34 "Crystals Imperfect", Royal Society Bakerian Lecture, 14 June 1973. 20pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections and 4pp references. Notice of lecture; etc. list of invitees; bibliographical notes "When is a crystal not a crystal", British Association Section A, Presidential Address, August 1973. 24pp manuscript draft; list of slides. See also E.32. E.36, E.37 "Snow Crystals", Royal Institution Discourse, 21 February1975. Correspondence; summary of Discourse; manuscript figures. Slides. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.c. Frank 106 E.38-E.40 "The Laws of Thermodynamics", recording made for Audio Learning Ltd., October 1975. Frank, J.M. Gregory, D.H. Everett and D.R. Wilkie collaborated in a taped discussion on thermodynamics for sixth-form and undergraduate students. The material is principally correspondence between the participants and Audio Learning but includes photocopies of material drafted for the discussion, December 1974 and October 1975, and other notes. E.38 E.39 1974 May-September 1974 October, December E.40 1975, 1978. E.41-E.44 "Persistently extensional flow and the flow alignment of long chain molecules", lecture to the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada on its 50th Jubilee, McGill University, Montreal, 5 November 1975. Bibliog. 129. E.41 20pp manuscript draft; reprint. E.42 E.43 Correspondence, 1975, chiefly with S.G. Mason, Director of Applied Research Institute, re arrangements. Chemistry Paper Division of Pulp and Summer 1975 and Spring 1976 issues of Trend, the Research Institute's house journal, featuring Frank's lecture. E.44 Miscellaneous background material. E.45 Correspondence, 1975, re "The growth of snow crystals", lecture to South West Branch, Institute of Physics, Exeter, 3 May 1976. E.46-E.50 Course on polymers, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Gruppo Nazionale della Materia Summer School on Microstructure and 24 Mechanical Properties of Metals and Polymers, August - 11 September 1976. Perugia, Frank declined to present the course, recommending A. Keller He offered advice to the organisers and chaired a instead. discussion on 6 September. E.46, E.47 Correspondence re arrangements; information. 2 folders. NGUAGS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 107 E.48-E.50 Lecturers’ material. 3 folders. summaries and course notes, with associated E.51-E.55 "Effects of pressure change in the Earthdue to differentiation in the mantle", Cambridge Philosophical Society G.I. Taylor Memorial Lecture, 23 January 1978. Frank was the first Taylorian lecturer. 25pp manuscript draft with lp manuscript introduction. l6pp typescript draft. Correspondence, chiefly with Sir Brian Pippard and J.A. Jacobs, 1977-78, re arrangements. E.54, E.55 Manuscript notes. 2 folders. "Air Intelligence", South Western Branch, Institute of Physics, Bristol, 9 October 1980. 9pp manuscript notes for lecture; letter of thanks. E.57-E.63 "Snow Crystals", Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, 3 June 1981. Frank delivered the lecture on the occasion of the award of the on Academy's It was published in Contemporary Physics crystallography. (Bibliog. 140). Aminoff Gregori Medal for his work 19pp manuscript and 9pp typescript drafts. Lists of slides; references. Correspondence with Royal Swedish Academy re arrangements; itinerary. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 108 E.60 Correspondence publication of the lecture. with editor of Contemporary Physics, re Transparencies. E.62, E.63 Slides. 2 folders. dislocations", Correspondence William James Dunning Memorial Lecture, School of Chemistry, Bristol University, 17 November 1981. growth without "Crystal re "Orientation Mapping", American Institute of Metals Lecture, ICOTOM-8, Santa Fe, September 1987. (Bibliog. 146). 33pp manuscript draft. "Phase change", nd. 24pp manuscript draft. "Shear transformations", nd. 10pp manuscript draft. Untitled 3pp manuscript draft beginning "Je veux discuter en cette conférence la supraconductibilite du point de vue d’un qui s'interesse en premier ligne du géometrie des defaults des crystaux", nd. Untitled 13pp manuscript draft beginning "Monsieur Professeur Je parle sur le sujet de la Bauer, Mesdames et Messieurs ... With lp manuscript notes in croissance des cristaux", nd. English. Invitation to lecture on "Air Scientific Intelligence" to Bristol University Chemical Physics Society, nd. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 109 BROADCASTS E.71, E.72 "Cosmic Rays". Frank's report on the 1948 Colston Research Society symposium on Cosmic Rays (H.2) was broadcast on the BBC’s West of England Home Service on 21 September, General Overseas Service on 11 October and London Home Service on 18 November. The broadcast was published by the Central Office of Information in Glos Anglii (Poland) and British Ally (USSR). Draft script; Bristol" summarising the programme. 3pp typescript draft "Cosmic Ray Conference in Correspondence from BBC, CIO and listeners to broadcast of 18 November. E.73 Invitation to give interview for BBC European/English Service, 25 September 1948. Scripts of broadcasts for BBC radio Science Review series by N.F. Mott ("Physics") and C.F. Powell ("Mesons"), 1948. "Physics Talks". Frank gave a series of seven talks for the BBC Latin American Service in 1949. typescript and manuscript drafts of Correspondence from BBC; talks III ("The age of the earth"), VI ("How does a erystal grow?") and VII (report on recent progress in nuclear physics). E.76 "The Dissemination of Physics". Although a "Physics Talk" dated 1949 and numbered "2", it does not appear to be part of the preceding series. 3pp typescript. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 110 E./77 20 September 1949, from listener to talk on "the Letter, formation of the Earth", a Forces Educational Broadcast by Frank 31 August, requesting further references. E.78 "The magic of crystals". Frank appeared with J.H. Hollomon as a guest scientist on Science Station KRON-TV, Channel 4, San Francisco, 24 September 1954. in Action television programme, Script only. E.79, E.80 "New materials". Frank took part in a BBC television programme onnew materials, probably broadcast in February 1964. E.79 Third draft of script entitled "The Solid State". Letter from BBC, 3 December 1963, enclosing the draft script; 3pp typescript draft of Frank’s summing up. E.81-E.84 "Crystals and their imperfections". Frank gave this broadcast in the BBC radio "Growing Points in Physics" series B, transmitted 9 February 1967, and wrote a short article for the booklet accompanying the series. 16pp manuscript draft; script as broadcast. Correspondence, copies of Frank’s contribution to the series booklet. including manuscript and typescript 1966, Correspondence, 1967. Tape recording of Frank's broadcast, with covering letter. correspondence BBC Brief "Horizon" team for a programme on crystals, 1970. was shelved because of lack of time. advice re given to television The project NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Invitation "Controversy" series on nuclear power, 18 August 1973. television attend BBC-2 programme to 111 in E.86 E.87 E.88 E.89 Copy of October 1975 issue of Huna London, the BBC's Arabic service Bristol University’s with which Frank was involved. with Energy Machine" magazine, "Sun article Arabic) (in re Questions on physics prepared by Frank and A.F. Devonshire for BBC television quiz "Mastermind". With correspondence arising 1976-77. re 1978, Correspondence, Sergei Kapitza, the Soviet physicist, be invited to deliver Bristol University’s E.H. Young Memorial Lecture, and that the BBC might be interested in view of the popularity of Kapitza's science programmes on Soviet television. suggestion Frank's that E.90 Brief correspondence with G. Howard, Chairman of the BBC, re reporting of Her Majesty's 1980 Christmas Day Address. Letter from Yorkshire Television, 9 January 1985. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 112 SECTION F SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS F.1-F.380 The material is presented in an alphabetical sequence and covers both British and overseas organisations. While some entries are relatively slight, dealing with membership, invitations to meetings and the like, others are more substantial both in their time-span and in the matters covered. Of particular importance is the material on the Institute of Physics, the International Organisation of Crystal Growth, the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, the Royal Society and the Science Research Council. Also of interest is the material on Bristol institutions with which Frank was involved, including Badminton School, the Bristol Municipal Charities and Queen Elizabeth's Hospital School. ACADEMIC COUNCIL FOR PEACE AND FREEDOM (ACPF) ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION BADMINTON SCHOOL BRISTOL BRISTOL MUNICIPAL CHARITIES BRISTOL NUCLEAR FREEZE COUNCIL BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR CRYSTAL GROWTH (BACG) CHELSEA COLLEGE LONDON CHEMICAL SOCIETY (see FARADAY SOCIETY) F.1-F.3 F.4-F.7 F.8-F.21 F.22-F.35 F.36 F.37-F.44 F.45-F.47 COMITE DE DIRECTION DU LABORATOIRE DE PHYSIQUE DES SOLIDES, UNIVERSITE DE PARIS-SUD F.48-F.53 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ELECTRONICS RESEARCH COUNCIL ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION F.54 F.55 F.56 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE SERVICES ADMINISTRATION (ESSA) F.57, F.58 EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY F.59 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 113 FARADAY SOCIETY/CHEMICAL SOCIETY FOREIGN OFFICE GOVERNING BODIES ASSOCIATION GREENLAND CLUB GREENPEACE HOME OFFICE INSTITUTE OF METALS/METALS SOCIETY INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS F.60-F.72 F.73, F.74 F.75 F.76 F.77 F.78 F.79-F.85 F.86-F.115 INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION OF CRYSTAL GROWTH (IO0CG) F.116-F.175 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF GEODESY AND GEOPHYSICS (IUGG) F.176, F.177 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED PHYSICS (IUPAP ) KING'S COLLEGE LONDON MATERIALS SCIENCE CLUB METALS SOCIETY (see INSTITUTE OF METALS) MINISTRY OF DEFENCE MINISTRY OF SUPPLY MOLECULAR CRYSTALS DISCUSSION GROUP NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY PHYSICAL SOCIETY F.178-F.184 F.185 F.186, F.187 F.188-F.191 F.192 F.193 F.194 F.195-F.203 F.204 PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS F.205-F.250 QUEEN ELIZABETH’S HOSPITAL BRISTOL F.251-F.296 RED MAIDS SCHOOL BRISTOL ROYAL RADAR ESTABLISHMENT MALVERN ROYAL SOCIETY ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL (SRC) F.297 F.298 F.299-F. 343 F.344 F.345-F.375 STANDING CONFERENCE OF PROFESSORS OF PHYSICS F.376-F.378 WEST OF ENGLAND METALS AND MATERIALS ASSOCIATION F.379, F.380 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 114 F.1-F.3 ACADEMIC COUNCIL FOR PEACE AND FREEDOM (ACPF) 1983-84 The Council was established to support and publicise the case for NATO and to counter unilateralist arguments in institutions of higher education. Most of the material relates to an ACPF sponsored "Open Letter" published in THES 21 October 1983 declaring opposition to CND signed by 48 Bristol academics and the response which this letter produced. including Frank, Correspondence re meeting in House of Lords, 4 May 1983, chaired by Lord Chalfont following which the ACPF was launched. Material correspondence arising. the re "Open Letter", including a copy, and Newspaper cuttings and other background information onNATO and nuclear weapons. ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION 1948-50 The Atomic Scientists Association existed to promote the controlled peaceful use of Atomic Energy. Frank was Honorary Secretary of his area branch. General correspondence and papers, 1948-50. Includes note from F.R.N. Nabarro inviting Frank to become branch secretary. Article "Need We Drift to War?" Port Talbot Express, 31 March 1950 by Miss A.J. Greenwood. With accompanying letter inviting the Association to send a speaker to a meeting of the Port Talbot Peace Movement. The material was passed on to Frank as area branch secretary. Index cards of members of Frank's branch of the Association. F.7 "Safety" film "Atomic Energy and the United Nations" dated 24 September 1948. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 115 F.8-F.21 BADMINTON SCHOOL BRISTOL 1969-81 Frank was a Trustee of this independent Bristol girls school from 1969. General correspondence, various dates 1972-80, and nd. F.9 Correspondence re Working Party on Sixth Formers at Badminton School, 1970-71. F.10-F.19 Agenda, papers and minutes of Board of Governors meetings and AGMs of Badminton School Ltd., 1969-80. 10 folders. F.10 F.11 F.12 F.13 F.14 1969-70 1971-72 1973-74 1975-76 1977 F.15 F.16 F.17 F.18 F.19 1978 1979 (1) 1979 (2) 1980 (1) 1980 (2) F.20 Minutes of meetings of governors and staff 1977-80 (formalised as the Badminton School Consultative Committee in January 1978). These meetings were initiated so that the governors could "meet the staff" and "discuss any points of concern". F.21 Miscellaneous material. Letters to parents of pupils, 1976-80. Includes Headmistress’s Notes and NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 116 F.22-F.35 BRISTOL MUNICIPAL CHARITIES 1973, 1982-87 acquired from Bristol City funds The Trustees of the Bristol Municipal Charities administer Corporation charitable following the Municipal Law Reform Act of 1836. The Trustees own Queen Elizabeth's Hospital (of which Frank was a Governor from 1961, Bristol Grammar School and Red Maids School. and Chairman of Governors 1982-1984), F.22 Note recording Frank's appointment as Trustee for 6 years expiring 21 December 1979. Letter of appointment as a Trustee, with papers sent with it, 26 February 1982. F.23 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1982-87. F.24-F.35 Agenda, papers and minutes of meetings of Trustees, 1982-83, 1986-87. 12 folders. F.24 F.25 F.26 F.27 F.28 F.29 1982 (1) 1982 (2) 1982 (3) 1983 (1) 1983 (2) 1983 (3) F.30 F.31 F.32 F.33 F.34 F.35 1986 (1) 1986 (2) 1986 (3) 1987 (1) 1987 (2) 1987 (3) F.36 BRISTOL NUCLEAR FREEZE COUNCIL 1986 Letter inviting Frank to support the Freeze campaign, with The letter is information on the campaign and its patrons. annotated by Frank "sent cheque for £10 and said I could be registered as a FREEZE member". NCUAGS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 117 F.37-F.44 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR CRYSTAL GROWTH (BACG) 1970-85 The BACG was founded at the 1968 Birmingham International conference on Crystal Growth (F.135-F.141). Frank was Honorary President 1981-86. See also International Organisation of Crystal Growth (F.116- Ful) « F.37 General correspondence, 1971, 1981. F.38 F.39 Correspondence and papers re 1970 Conference on Crystal Growth, Bristol University, 9-11 September. Frank helped organise the conference. Correspondence and papers re 1984 BACG Annual Conference, Lancaster University, 18-21 September. Frank presented a paper on "Growth kinetics of dislocation-free crystals". F.40 Material re other BACG meetings, various dates 1970-85. Includes brief correspondence re 1983 Annual Conference, Chester, at which Frank planned to give a lecture on "The kinetics of crystal growth without dislocations". Owing to illness Frank withdrew and delivered his lecture under a new title at the 1984 Conference instead (see F.39). F.41-F.44 BACG Newsletters July 1978 sequence. - May 1985. Not a complete 4 folders. F.45-F.47 CHELSEA COLLEGE LONDON 1981, 1982 Faced with the threat of closure Chelsea College approached a number of academics and asked them to produce independent assessments of the various departments of the college. Frank agreed to validate the Physics Department, making a visit on 2 November 1981. F.45 Correspondence re arrangements and background material on Physics Department. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.c. Frank 118 F.46 F.47 Manuscript Department with covering letters. typescript and copies of report on Physics Correspondence arising, including correspondence with De Beers, November, December 1981, re "technique for registering the absorption spectrum of powders" for which the Chelsea College Physics Department required diamond dust. F.48-F.53 COMITE DE DIRECTION DU LABORATOIRE DE PHYSIQUE DES SOLIDES, UNIVERSITE DE PARIS-SUD 1973-78, 1983 The Comité de Direction was established in 1973 by the Université de Paris-Sud and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique to coordinate the scientific control of the laboratory. Frank was invited to become a member in March 1973 and served until December 1977. In 1983 Frank rejoined the Comite for a further two years. F.48 Invitation to join Comité de Direction; papers re meeting, 4 June 1973; proceedings. correspondence and Frank's manuscript notes of Correspondence and papers re meeting, 22 May 1974. F.50 Report on scientific activity at the laboratory, 1 July 1973 - 1 May 1974. Report of the Comite for 1974. Correspondence and papers re meeting, 22-23 April 1976. Letter re expiry of terms of service of Comité members, 6 December 1978. Correspondence and papers re meeting, 8-9 March 1983. Includes confirmation of renewal of Frank's membership of Comite to December 1985. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 119 F.54 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH 1962 Contents of a folder imprinted "This folder contains all papers relating to item 4 on the agenda for the meeting of the Metallurgy and Materials Sub-Committee held at State House on Tuesday 4th December at 10.30 A.M.". The papers relate to brittle fracture and the use of non-metallic materials in engineering. F.55 ELECTRONICS RESEARCH COUNCIL 1964, 1966, 1968 Frank served on the Council 1965-68. Miscellaneous material. Includes invitation to serve and "Notes of a meeting held at the Ministry of Technology ... 20th October 1966 to discuss a proposal to set up a Single Crystal Production Unit at [Royal Radar Establishment] Malvern", with related correspondence. F.56 ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION 1964 Letter informing Frank that he and his wife have been elected to membership of the Union. F.57, F.58 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE SERVICES ADMINISTRATION (ESSA) 1966, 1967 F.57 F.58 re Correspondence ESSA’s Institute for Earth Sciences, Boulder, CO, Summer 1966 "to review the part geodetic methods should play in the earthquake prediction problem". Frank declined. possibility visiting Frank of and Correspondence for Environmental Research, Boulder. Frank visited the Institutes on an ESSA contract with the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, mid-July - mid-September 1967. Institutes visit notes re to NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank F.59 EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY 120 1976 Brief correspondence with W.J. Merz, chairman of Condensed re the need for "a European coordinated Matter Division, program for area of "Liquids/Liquid Crystals/Glasses/Amorphous Materials" which Merz felt the Division was neglecting. discussions meetings, etc." on the Further material relating to the European Physical Society may be found at H.59, H.66 and H.72, and at D.69. F.60-F.72 FARADAY SOCIETY/CHEMICAL SOCIETY 1938, 1946-85 On 1 January 1972 the Faraday Society amalgamated with the Chemical Society, the Royal Institute of Chemistry and the Society for Analytical Chemistry to form a new Chemical Society. The Faraday Division covered the field of physical chemistry within the amalgamated society, publishing the Faraday Transactions (formerly Transactions of the Faraday Society) and organising symposia and discussions. The material is arranged as follows: F.60, F.61 F.62, F.63 F.64-F.72 General correspondence and papers Faraday Transactions Symposia and discussion meetings. General correspondence and papers F.60 Various dates 1938-71. 1969-71 correspondence is re the future of the Faraday Society. F.61 1972-73, 1977. Faraday Transactions F.62 Editorial correspondence, 1948, 1949, 1965-71. F.63 Editorial correspondence, 1971-74. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 121 Symposia and discussion meetings F.64 F.65 F.66 Typescript and manuscript drafts of Frank's contributions to Faraday Society symposium, 1946. With letter from E.M. Wright and notes re the printing of scientific symbols. Correspondence re Faraday Society Symposium on Crystal Growth, Bristol, Easter 1949. Frank helped organise the symposium. from Letter Society discussion on physico-chemical aspects of composite materials", 19 June 1970. "Possible Faraday Kington G.L. re Programme, order of papers, list of participants for Faraday Society Symposium on Liquid Crystals, Royal Institution, 13- 14 December 1971. F.67-F.70 Faraday Discussion on Organisation of Macromolecules in the Condensed Phase, Cambridge, 25-27 September 1979. Frank gave the Introduction. Invitation; correspondence re arrangements; programmes; list of participants; etc. Correspondence participants and Faraday Division. papers and re discussion remarks with Papers sent to Frank by A. Keller for comment. 16pp manuscript draft of Frank's "General Introduction", with related manuscript notes. Bibliog. 136. F.71, F.72 Faraday Discussion on Polymer Liquid Crystals, Cambridge, 1- 3 April 1985. Frank was the guest of the Faraday Division at the discussion dinner. Invitations; programmes; abstracts; list of participants etc. Correspondence participants and Faraday Transactions. papers and re discussion remarks with Manuscript notes on "Lines of confluence"; of Frank’s discussion remarks. manuscript drafts NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 122 F.73, F.74 FOREIGN OFFICE 1950, 1951 In October 1950 Frank and A.C. Menzies visited Germany on behalf of the German General Economic Department of the Foreign Office's the administration in occupied Germany. Section laws research governing scientific German of to consider changes in F.73 F.74 S.0. notepad taken on visit. manuscript notes. First 7 pages used, lp loose Correspondence arising from visit with R.V. Jones, Menzies and others; copies of the laws. GOVERNING BODIES ASSOCIATION 1982 Papers re the threat to independent schools posed by the Labour Party. As Chairman of Governors of Queen Elizabeth's Hospital Frank attended a special meeting of the Association, London, 14 October. F.76 GREENLAND CLUB 1978-83 The Greenland Club "exists to foster the spirit of exploration in Greenland and the offshore continental shelf". Invitation to Frank to become an Honorary Member of the Bristol Greenland Club; notices of annual dinners 1978-80, 1983. F.77 GREENPEACE 1981 Appeal to Frank to support the campaign opposing the testing The letter requests that Frank add his of nuclear weapons. signature to a "statement of concern" and is annotated "sent 9 Nov. 8L". NCUAGS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank F.78 HOME OFFICE 123 1959-72 Frank served as a Regional Scientific Adviser in the South West Civil Defence Region until 1972. correspondence Miscellaneous HMSO Exercise Book with notes on proceedings of Conference of Regional Scientific Advisers for Civil Defence, Civil Defence Staff College, Sunningdale, Berks., 12-14 May 1964. including papers, and F.79-F.85 INSTITUTE OF METALS/METAL SOCIETY 1951-85 Institute of Metals merged with the The Institute to form the Metals Society on 1 January 1974. Iron and Steel Metal Physics Committee papers and correspondence 1951-53. Frank joined the committee in 1951. Agenda for Spring Meeting, London, 29 March - 1 April 1955. Frank delivered the May Lecture on "The nature of the real crystal" (E.9, E.10). Bibliog. 60. F.81 "Timetable and abstracts of contributions" for discussion on the metallurgy of high-field superconductors, Institute of Metals, 17-18 March 1964. correspondence General lp typescript "Discussion: the relation between grain section and grain size", submitted to the J. Inst. Metals as a reply to contributions by J.H. Hensler 12 June 1968. and papers Includes 1964-70. Programme and notepad with Frank's notes on proceedings of Institute of Metals Conference on Modern Metallography in Frank Metallurgy, Bristol University, 23-25 September 1969. welcomed the conference. Correspondence and papers, 1971, merger with the Iron and Steel Institute. 1972, chiefly re proposed Metals Society correspondence and papers, 1971-83. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank F.86-F.115 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS 124 1964-87 F.86 -F.94 F.95 -F.110 F.111 F.112-F.115 Editorial Boards Conferences Awards Groups Editorial Boards F.86 Correspondence, November, December 1965, arising from complaint made by Frank “about the lack of information in the British Journal of Applied Physics about the coverage of the journal". Correspondence and papers re IUPAP/UNESCO conference for editors of primary journals in physics, Paris, 10-12 May 1967. Frank attended on behalf of the British Journal of Applied Physics. F.87 Editorial correspondence with Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics and C: Solid State Physics, various dates 1975-85. Includes manuscript draft of letter Frank sent to the Editorial Board of D outlining areas of growth in applied physics. F.88-F.93 Reports on Progress in Physics F.88 Invitations to join the Editorial Board 1977, and remainon it for a further year 1979; information on Reports on Progress in Physics. F.89-F.92 Papers for meetings of the Editorial Board of Reports on Progress in Physics. 4 folders. F.89 F.90 1977 1978 F.91 F.92 1979 1980 F.93 Correspondence re review articles for Reports on Progress in Physics, article outlines sent to him for consideration. including 1977-80, Frank's comments on Invitation to write a Report on Progress article on "Ideas in crystal growth", September 1985. Frank declined, stating he was insufficiently knowledgeable of recent work in the area. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 125 F.94 Includes Correspondence with Physics Bulletin, 1978-1986. Frank's 2pp review of R.V. Jones's Most Secret War, and other reviews. Conferences F.95 Solid-State Physics Conference, Bristol University, 1-4 January 1964. Frank was invited to chair a session. Invitation; chairmen; lists of participants and provisional session conference handbook. Annual 4th University, 4-7 January 1967. in polymer physics". Solid-State Physics Manchester Frank spoke on "Current trends Conference, Correspondence; notice. F.97-F.106 International Conference on Thermodynamics, University College Cardiff, 1-4 April. Frank served on the organising committee and chaired the first session. Correspondence with P.T. Landsberg re suggested conference on thermodynamics, December 1966. "A refresher course in thermodynamics", undated /pp manuscript draft by Frank found with the preceding. F.98-F.103 Agenda, papers and minutes of organising committee meetings. F.98 F.99 F.100 11 November 1968 1969 28 April 1969 (1) 3 October F.101 F.102 F.103 3 October 1969 (2) 29 November 1969 28 February 1970 F.104 F.105 Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen "The an illustration of time symmetry in elementary processes" by 0. Costa de Beauregard, sent to Frank for possible inclusion in the conference. paradoxes class of as Conference handbook; letter from N. Kurti asking Frank to "say a few words of welcome as a IUPAP delegate". list of participants; NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 126 F.106 "Provocative statements to give focus" to discussions. Photocopies of letters of Lord Kelvin, with covering letter from D.J. Morgan. Copies of Lord Kelvin’s correspondence were made for the conference. F.107 9th Annual Solid-State Physics Conference, UMIST, 4-6 January 1972. Frank spoke on "Strength and stiffness of polymers" (see Bibliog. 103). Invitation; itinerary January Association for the Advancement of Science meeting). list of participants; British conference handbook; (includes for 3-7 January 7 F.108, F.109 Annual 10th University, 3-5 January 1973. Solid-State Physics Conference, Manchester F.108 Notices; general information; list of participants. F.109 Conference handbook. F.110 Solid-State Physics Conference, December 1984. Invitation to Frank to give "a light-hearted after-dinner talk" on the history of dislocations. Awards F.111 Groups F.112 Various dates 1979-87. History of Physics Group. Includes material re formation of Group, 1984, and first AGM, 3 July 1986. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 127 F.113, F.114 Polymer Physics Group. Physics Polymer The Institute of Physics and the Royal (previously the Chemical Society). Group's administration. Group was jointly sponsored by the Society of Chemistry The Institute handled the Material re biennial meetings, various dates 1971-85. 2 folders. F.115 Tuning Fork Group. Notice for "Tuning Fork Group". F.116-F.175 INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION OF CRYSTAL GROWTH (I0CG) 1967-86 IOCG was established following the The International Conference on Crystal Growth (ICCG) held in Boston, MA, in 1966. The advisory committee of the conference became a permanent Comité International de la Croissance Cristalline (CICC), which was renamed IOCG at ICCG-3, Marseilles, 1971. IOCG was formed principally to organise and sponsor crystal growth conferences. It also took responsibility for sponsoring the Journal of Crystal Growth (JCG). lst Frank was President of CICC 1968-71, succeeding W. Bardsley, and of I0CG 1971-74 and 1974-77. He served on the Executive Committee for six more years thereafter as Past President. A short history of the I0CG to 1975 by M.M. Schieber, with a brief note by Frank, may be found at F.161. The material is arranged as follows: F.116-F.133 F.134-F.166 F.167-F.175 CICC/IOCG Conferences Journal of Crystal Growth. CICC/10CG F.116 Correspondence 1967 re establishment of CICC. statement announcing Includes new interdisciplinary and international organisation for crystal growth", brief correspondence re the Crystal Growth Committee of the International Union of Crystallography established at the same time, and copy of CICC'’s Charter in which Frank is named as a General Policy Advisor. foundation of "a NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 128 F.117 1970, 25 Correspondence and papers re meeting of CICC, September ICCG-3 consider the arrangements (Marseilles) and the proposed IOCG constitution (see below). Frank chaired this meeting, held during the Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy from the Vapour Phase (see F.142). Zurich, for to F.118-F.121 Correspondence and papers re constitution of CICC/IOCG 1970- 73. the IOCG. proposed In 1970 the CICC became divided over the question of a new constitution for Two versions were produced, a European and a more complex American. It was decided to resolve the matter by ballot at ICCG-3, Marseilles, 1971, and at the conference the American version won more So narrow was the margin of victory, however, and so votes. sharply polarised the American and European views, that a compromise solution was sought. A Constitution Committee chaired by Frank was therefore established whilst an interim constitution remained in force. The Committee's version was placed before the membership of the IO0CG in September 1973 and overwhelmingly approved. cCICC/IOCG. The material is predominantly correspondence between officers of various constitutions including those proposed in 1971, the interim constitution and the Constitution Committee’s final version. copies There also are of the 4 folders. F.118 F.119 1970 1971 F.120 F.121 1972 1973 F.122-F.125 Correspondence and papers re nominations and elections for I0CG offices and Council 1971-83. 4 folders. F.122 F.123 1971 1974 (1) F.124 F.125 1974 (2) 1977, 1980, 1983 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 129 F.126-F.130 F.131 and the Correspondence International Unions of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) and Crystallography (IUCr), 1972-80. relations papers with I0CG re M.M. Schieber, Secretary of I0CG, in a letter of 3 December 1973, set out the four options open to I10CG: to press for full scientific Union status for IOCG, to become an InterUnion commission of IUPAC, IUPAP and IUCr, to create separate links with one or more of the Unions, or to remain without formal ties. After considerable debate it was decided at the 1974 Tokyo ICCG to seek Associate Organisation status with each of the three Unions. IUPAC gave I0CG this status in September 1975, and IUCr elected it a Scientific Associate organisation August 1978. 5 folders. F.126 F.127 F.128 1972 1973 1974 F.129 F.130 1975 1976-78, 1980 Correspondence and papers re meetings of Council, (F.146-F.151). IOCG Executive 26 and 29 March 1974, held during ICCG-4 Tokyo, F.132 Correspondence re amendments to I0CG constitution and by-laws 1972-78, 1983. amendments These interested in crystal growth "to formally adhere to 10CG". also F.158. Soviet colleagues See allow were made to F.133 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1969-77. 1973 correspondence chiefly concerns excess funds in the IO0CG treasury. Conferences F.134 ICCG-1, Boston, MA, 20-24 June 1966. Frank was a member of the advisory committee and was invited to give a paper, but declined owing to prior commitments. List of conference organisers; invitations; etc. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 130 F.135-F.141 Birmingham, 15-19 July 1968. Frank was on the IccG-2, organising committee as chairman of the programme committee. He was also Editor-in-Chief of the Conference Proceedings to be published in JCG and wrote a preface to the Proceedings. At the conference Frank was elected President of CICC 1968- 71. F.135, F.136 Correspondence and papers re meetings of organising committee, July 1966 - September 1969. 2 folders. F.137, F.138 Correspondence and papers re programme committee business, September 1966 - June 1968. 2 folders. F.139 Miscellaneous correspondence re arrangements. F.140 F.141 F.142 Information; copy of minutes of ICCG Business Meeting. programme; list of participants; typescript 6pp manuscript draft and 3pp typescript copy of Frank's "Preface" to Conference Proceedings. lst Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy from the Vapour Phase, Zurich, 23-25 September 1970. The CICC sponsored this conference, organised by the Crystal Growth Section of the Swiss Crystallographic Society, and held a plenary meeting of officers and advisors of CICC during the conference (see F.117). Correspondence re CICC support for conference; Frank and correspondence re arrangements; invitation to abstracts; etc. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 131 F.143-F.145 Marseilles, the IccG-3, consultative committee and gave papers on "Philosophy and future of crystal growth" (Bibliog. 111) and "About diamond". Frank sat 5-9 July 1971. on F.143, F.144 Correspondence re arrangements, November 1969 - July 1973. 2 folders. F.145 Brochure; second contribution; etc. information; manuscript lists of slides for Frank's ICCG-3 General Assembly "Report on the Activities of the Marseilles and the I0CG", a News Item approved by Frank. This records the difficulties over the constitution (see F.119) and the election of Frank to the presidency of I10CG 1971-74. F.146-F.151 IccG-4, Tokyo, 24-29 March 1974. advisory committee crystals" (Bibliog. 123). and spoke Frank was a member of the snow "Japanese work on on A meeting of the Executive Committee of IOCG was held during this conference (F.151) and Frank was re-elected President. F.146-F.148 Correspondence re arrangements, December 1969 - May 1974 and nd. 3 folders. F.146 F.147 1969-72 1973 F.148 1974 F.149 F.150 Correspondence re Royal Society travel and study grants for the conference. Two different typescript copies of "Japanese work on snow crystals"; one 19pp photocopy, the other 5pp (incomplete) with extensive manuscript annotation and correction. With lists of slides, manuscript notes and photographs found with them. 2pp manuscript draft of brief address delivered by Frank at conclusion of conference. F.151 Brief correspondence re publication of Japanese translationof Frank's lecture in journal Shizen. With copy of Shizen '/4- 12 with Frank’s contribution at pp.28-38. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 132 F.152 2nd International Spring School on Crystal Growth (ISSCG-2), Fuji View Hotel, Mt. Fuji District, Japan, 31 March - 7 April 1974. Frank gave a special lecture "Comments on nucleation theory". This School was linked to ICCG-4, held the week before. Correspondence re arrangements and publication of proceedings; 4pp typescript draft of Frank’s contribution; etc. F.153-F.157 F.158, F.159 F.158 ICCG-5, Boston, MA, 17-22 July 1977. The executive of IOCG was faced by rival bids to hold ICCG-5 from Poland and the USA. Although events surrounding the 11th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors held in Warsaw in July 1972, decided the members in favour of the USA. unhappy close, vote was the final the Correspondence and papers re arrangements, 1971-77. 1971-73 material relates to the debate on the best location for ICCG- 5. 5 folders. F.153 F.154 F.155 1971 1972 Feb-May 1972 Jun-Oct F.156 F.157 1972 Nov-Dec, 1973 1974-77 ICCG-6, Advisory Committee but did not attend. 10-16 September 1980. Moscow, Frank was on the Correspondence and papers re arrangements, 1974-81. Includes brief correspondence re Soviet membership of IOCG (see also F.132). It was decided that the USSR did not need to join I0CG in order to be eligible to host ICCG-6. F.159 List of participants. F.160 IccG-7, Stuttgart, 1983. Proposals from Swiss and German Crystal Growth associations to The German bid was successful, the Swiss hosting host ICCG-7. the associated Crystal Growth summer school. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 133 F.161 IccG-8, York, 13-18 July 1986. following a hip-operation. Frank felt unable to attend Send with the invitation was a 12pp Invitation and notice. "The various institutions for crystal typescript copy of growth. With it are Frank's 2pp typescript corrections and lp note "Early days of IOCG". How did they all start?" by M.M. Schieber. F.162 IccG-9, 1989. Offer from Japanese Association of Crystal Growth to host the conference. F.163-F.166 IOCG sponsored conferences. The material consists chiefly of correspondence with organisers of conferences. F.163, F.164 2nd International Conference on Vapour Growth and Epitaxy, Jerusalem, 21-25 May 1972. 2 folders. F.165 F.166 3rd International Conference on Vapour Growth and Epitaxy, Amsterdam, 18-21 August 1975. 4th International Conference on Vapour Growth and Epitaxy, Nagoya, Japan, 10-13 July 1978. Summer School on Crystal Growth, Suzdal, USSR, 17-25 September 1980. International Sedimentary Environments, Madrid, January 1982. Meeting Growth on Crystal Processes in Journal of Crystal Growth (JCG) Frank was a co-founder of the JCG with B. Chalmers and N. He served as an editor from 1968 until 1980 and Cabrera. refereed many papers for the Journal both whilst an editor and thereafter. F.167-F.169 General editorial correspondence. 3 folders. F.167 F.168 1967, 1970-73 1974-77 F.169 1978-81 and nd. NGUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 134 F.170, F.171 Crystallization of Polymers. Correspondence 1978-80 re special volume of JCG edited by B. Wunderlich. Frank helped reassess all the papers submitted. 2 folders. F.172-F.175 Correspondence with editors and authors re papers submitted to JCG, with Frank's referee’s reports. 4 folders. F.172 F.173 1970-1974 April 1974 May - 1977 F.174 F.175 1978, 1979 1980-84 F.176, F.177 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF GEODESY AND GEOPHYSICS (IUGG) 1967 Correspondence between L.R. Alldredge, General Secretaryof the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, and those sending him papers for the Association's session of the 14th IUGG General Assembly, St. Gall, Switzerland, September, after the deadline had passed. Alldredge was Director of the Institute for Earth Services which Frank visited while working for the US Environmental Science Services Administration (F.58). 2 folders. F.178-F.184 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED PHYSICS (IUPAP) 1959-69 Frank served as Royal Society representative on IUPAP’s Solid Ina State Commission for the period covered by the papers. private communication (9 September 1989) he writes "I served for one period ... nominally, but that period was totally I was inactive. invited to serve for a third period, but then told that was a mistake, because 3 periods of service were not permissible". The second period was somewhat active. The material is chiefly correspondence and papers re IUPAP sponsorship of conferences. 7 folders. F.178 F.179 F.180 F.181 1959-61 1962 1963-64 1965 F.182 F.183 F.184 1966 1967 1968-69 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank F.185 KING'S COLLEGE LONDON 135 1975 Brief correspondence re "luncheon discussion on the future of the Physics Department at King's", March. Frank was approached by Sir Hermann Bondi to advise the working party (Bondi, V. Gold and M.H.F. Wilkins) of his views on the future of the department following the retirement of Professor W.C. Price. F.186, F.187 MATERIALS SCIENCE CLUB 1967, 1971-73 F.186 Brief correspondence, programme of 1967 AGM and Conference on Materials in Archaeology, Banbury, 22-23 September. Frank was awarded the Club’s A.A. Griffith Medal. With copy of Frank's speech. Brief correspondence with J.W. White, Griffith Medallist for 1971, with copy of his speech. F.187 Brief correspondence and papers, March 1972. Frank was a member of the Awards Sub-Committee which selected the Griffith medallist for 1972. Correspondence, programme of 10th Anniversary meeting, Great Malvern, 24-26 October 1973. F.188-F.191 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE 1956-58 of Department information re higher education and scientific and engineering research in the Soviet Union, with covering letters. translations Intelligence of Scientific 4 folders. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank F.192 MINISTRY OF SUPPLY 136 1949-53 Offer of consultancy with Atomic Energy ResearchEstablishment, Harwell, initially for one year from 21 February 1952. With copies of form "Estasecret" (for Official Secrets Act) and of indicating memorandum acceptance. initialled patents, Frank by re re Correspondence Energy Metallurgical Laboratories, Culcheth, Lancs., 17 March 1953, to assist in a theoretical study of "the problem of diffusion of inert gases through certain metals". Division Atomic visit to of Correspondence and papers re service on committees of the Advisory Technical Development, 1949 (Liquid Fuels Committee), 1952 (Propellants Committee), 1953 (High Explosives Committee). Scientific Research Council and on F.193 MOLECULAR CRYSTALS DISCUSSION GROUP 1975-84 Circular re possibility of forming "a U.K. Discussion Group on Molecular Crystals" with photocopy of Frank’s request for further information dated "17/10/75"; newsletters 3, 8, 9 and 14. F.194 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING 1982-86 Frank was elected a Foreign Associate Member of the US National Academy of Engineering in 1980. See A.27. Correspondence re election of Foreign Associate Members 1982, 1984, and re London meetings of British Members 1983, 1986. F.195-F.203 NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY (NPL) 1966-68 Frank was a member of the NPL’s Morgan Committee, an advisory committee assisting the NPL Steering Committee, 1966-68. It was dissolved after its meeting on 5 December 1968 (F.200). F.195-F.200 Correspondence and papers for Morgan Committee meetings 1968. 6 folders. F.195 F.196 F.197 18 January (1) 18 January (2) 18 January (3) F.198 F.199 F.200 4 July (1) 4 July (2) 5 December NCUACS 15/8/89 F.c. Frank 137 F.201 Correspondence and papers re Morgan Committee "Working Party to consider the future role of the Materials area of the NPL in the field of Plastics and Polymers". Frank was a member of the Working Party which was chaired by It met on 16 November 1967 and reported to the fourth G. Gee. meeting of the Morgan Committee, 18 January 1968. Its final report is at F.195. F.202 Claims for fees and expenses, 1966-68. F.203 Miscellaneous later correspondence with NPL colleagues, 1969, 1970. F.204 PHYSICAL SOCIETY 1949-58 Includes notification General and editorial correspondence. of Frank's election to Fellowship, May 1949, and to Council, May 1956. F.205-F.250 PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS 1968-86 The Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs originated in a meeting of scientists held in Pugwash, Nova Scotia in 1957 following an appeal from Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein Although nuclear against the further use of nuclear weapons. disarmament remained the Pugwash movement's main concern, Pugwash conferences were not devoted exclusively to this issue. Initially the movement was organised by a Continuing Committee of representatives from each geo-political bloc, to in 1974 which Frank was In 1975 the succeeding R.E. Continuing Committee was replaced by the Pugwash Council on which Frank continued to serve. (later Sir Rudolf) Peierls. a UK representative elected as In a letter of 10 December 1974 the Executive Secretary of the Royal Society (F.244) Frank commented that prior to his election to the Continuing Committee Pugwash "was not ... one of my activities, though Cecil Powell got me to one previous full meeting of Pugwash, in 1968 [F.213-F.218]". to The material is arranged as follows: F.205-F.212 F.213-F.240 F.241-F.244 F.245-F.250 Continuing Committee/Council Pugwash conferences, symposia and workshops British Pugwash Group Miscellaneous material NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 138 Continuing Committee/Council F.205 1974 January-July. Includes letter, 22 April, from B.T. Feld, Pugwash Secretary-General, notifying Frank of his election to the Continuing Committee. F.206 1974 September-December. expulsion of Israel from UNESCO" which Frank condemned. Includes material re the "de facto F.207-F.209 1975 April. Papers for meeting of Continuing Committee, Budapest, 14-16 April, held prior to 23rd Symposium (F.223- 15 April was set aside to consider item 9 on the F.225). agenda, "The Future of Pugwash", and most of the material relates to this and to item 10 "UNESCO and Israel". 3 folders. F.210 1976 January, May. F.211 F.212 1976 August. Agenda and papers for meeting of Council, Muhlhausen, GDR, 24-25 August, held prior to 26th Conference (F.227, F.228). Includes letter, 3 June 1977, from Various dates, 1977-82. W.F. Gutteridge of the British Pugwash Group enquiring whether Frank was "interested in standing [for the Pugwash Council] for a further period." Pugwash Conferences, Symposia and Workshops F.213-F.218 Frankwas 18th Pugwash Conference, Nice, 11-16 September 1968. a member of Working Group 4 "Scientific and Technological Man- Power Problems in Developing Countries". F.213 F.214 Programmes; background information on A. Sakharov. list of participants; general information; Agenda for and lists of members of Working Groups; and final reports of Working Groups. annotated NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 139 F.215-F.218 Working Papers 4 folders. F.219 lst Pugwash Symposium on Control of the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, London, April 1968. Frank's manuscript notes on proceedings. F.220 20th Pugwash Symposium on the need for, and terms of reference of, an International Institution of World Energy Problems, Arc- et-Senans, France, 4-8 July 1974. Reports of symposia A and B; beginning "The primary needs of mankind are water, shelter, communication and organizational control". 2pp manuscript note by Frank food, F.221, F.222 24th Pugwash Conference on Disarmament, Energy Problems and International Collaboration, Baden, Austria, 28 August - 2 September 1974. F.221 Invitation; of participants; correspondence and notes re arrangements; list reports of Working Groups. F.222 Working Papers 1-6, 11, 12. F.223-F.225 Pugwash Symposium on 23rd Cultural Cooperation in Europe, Budapest, 17-20 April 1975. Technological Scientific, and F.223 Brief correspondence re arrangements; invitees and lectures etc. programme; lists of F.224, F.225 Working Papers. 2 folders. F.226 25th Pugwash Conference on Development, Resources and World Security, Madras, 13-19 January 1976. Statement from Pugwash Council; reports of Working Groups. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 140 F.227, F.228 F.227 F.228 F.229 Pugwash 26th Development, Muhlhausen, GDR, 26-31 August 1976. F.211 Disarmament, Conference on Security and See also Brief correspondence re arrangements; and papers. lists of participants Miscellaneous papers and reports, including reports of Working Groups. "Proceedings of the Thirtieth Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs" on Arms Limitations, Security and Development, Breukelen, Netherlands, 20-25 August 1980. Frank was a member of Working Group 4 "Changing Concepts of Security: Current Conflicts". He and Sir Rudolf Peierls submitted reports to the British Pugwash Group (F.244). F.230-F.238 3lst Pugwash Conference on The Search for Peace in a World in Crisis, Banff, Canada, 28 August - 2 September 1981. Frank was in Working Group 2 on "Avoiding Conventional War". For group photograph of participants see A.97. F.230 F.231 F.232 Invitation; and programmes and circulars; notes correspondence arrangements; lists of participants and papers. re Frank's manuscript notes on proceedings; Working Groups (Group 2 report annotated by Frank); Times report on conference. draft reports of New York Miscellaneous papers, includes copy of "Salutation" delivered by G.F. Kennan on receipt of Einstein Peace Prize, 19 May and of "Opening Address" for Pugwash Conference by William Epstein. F,.233-F.238 Working Papers. 6 folders. F.239 32nd Pugwash Conference, Warsaw, 26-31 August 1982. Correspondence and papers. Much of the material relates to the opposition the Conference in Poland following the imposition of martial law on 13 December 1981. Committee Pugwash holding the to of US NGUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 141 F.240 Material re other Pugwash Conferences, Symposia and Workshops, various dates, 1970-86. British Pugwash Group (BPG) Frank was invited to join the Executive Committee of BPG in January 1974 following his nomination as a UK representative to the Pugwash Continuing Committee (F.205). F.241, F.242 Papers for BPG Executive Committee meetings. F.241 1974, 1975. F.242 1976, 1979-81. Includes list of BPG members at January 1977. F.243 Papers for BPG annual meetings 1974-76, 1980-85. F.244 Includes General correspondence and papers 1974-77, 1980-86. 1974-77 correspondence re relations between BPG and the Royal Society. Miscellaneous material F.245, F.246 Papers for AGMs of Pugwash Limited, various dates 1976-86. Chiefly Directors’ Reports and Accounts. 2 folders. F.247-F.249 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers. 3 folders. F.247 F.248 1974, 1975 1976 F.249 1980, 1982, 1983 F.250 Pugwash Newsletters. (1980-81); vol 22 no 4 (1985); Vol 12 no 3 (1975); vol 18 nos 1-3 vol 20 nos 1,3 (1982-83); vol 19 nos 1,2 (1981); vol 24 no 3 (1987). NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 142 F.251-F.296 QUEEN ELIZABETH'S HOSPITAL BRISTOL 1967-86 a governor Frank was an independent school for boys in Bristol, from December 1961. From 1982 he was Chairman of the Board of Governors for two years. of Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital, The material is chiefly papers for Board of Governors and School Committee meetings from 1971. F.251-F.281 Agenda and papers for School Committee and Board meetings 1971- 83, 1986. 31 folders. F.251 F.252 F.253 F.254 F.255 F.256 F.257 F.258 F.259 F.260 F.261 F.262 F.263 F.264 F.265 F.266 1971 1972 (1) 1972 (2) 1973 (1) 1973 (2) 1974 (1) 1974 (2) 1975 (1) 1975 (2) 1976 (1) 1976 (2) 1977 (1) 1977 (2) 1978 (1) 1978 (2) 1979 (1) F.267 F.268 F.269 F.270 F.271 F.272 F.273 F.274 F.275 F.276 F.277 F.278 F.279 F.280 F.281 1979 (2) 1979 (3) 1979 (4) 1980 (1) 1980 (2) 1981 (1) 1981 (2) 1982 (1) 1982 (2) 1983 (1) 1983 (2) 1983 (3) 1986 (1) 1986 (2) 1986 (3) F.282 Correspondence re membership of Board, various dates 1975-83. Includes correspondence re offer of chairmanship to Frank and his acceptance, January-February 1982. F.283-F.288 Correspondence re staffing (appointments, retirements etc.). 6 folders. F.283 F.284 F.285 1967 (1) 1967 (2) 1967 (3) F.286 F.287 F.288 1976-78 1979, 1980 1982, 1983, 1986 F.289 Correspondence with parents, 1982, 1983. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 143 F.290 Material re prizegivings, various dates 1970-83. With Frank’s "Opening words for QEH Prizegiving" for 1982 and 1983, delivered as Chairman of the Governors. F.291-F.296 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers. F.291 F.292 1967, 1970-75. Includes "Report by HM Inspectors on Queen Elizabeth Hospital School, Bristol" (inspected 22-26 October 1973). 1976-80. Includes invitation, May 1979, from R.N. Pittman, headmaster, to Frank to give a talk to the second year sixth- formers on his wartime experiences. Frank accepted, suggesting the title "Some recollections of scientific intelligence in World War II". F.293 1981-82. F.294 1983 January, March. F.295 1983 May-November. Includes correspondence re benefaction from J. James for scholarships 1983-92. F.296 1986, nd. F.297 RED MAIDS’ SCHOOL, BRISTOL 1981 This was the third independent Bristol school with which Frank was associated. re Correspondence laboratories on 15 October; address with manuscript corrections; educational achievements. invitation to open new 4pp typescript draft of Frank's statistics of Red Maids’ school’s the NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank F.298 ROYAL RADAR ESTABLISHMENT MALVERN 144 1968 Correspondence and papers re visit to Royal Radar Establishment by Optics and Infra-Red Committee, 27 March, and re meeting of Gallium Arsenide and Gallium Phosphide working party, 18 November. "The R.R.E. Electronic Materials Unit - An Interim Review", sent to Frank by D.H. Parkinson, c.1968. F.299-F 343 ROYAL SOCIETY 1963-86 Frank was elected a Fellow in 1954. He served on the Council 1967-69 and was elected a Vice-President of the Royal Society at his first Council meeting. Frank delivered the Bakerian Lecture in 1973 (see E.33, E.34) and was awarded the Society's Royal Medal in 1979 (A.26). The material is arranged as follows: F.299-F.315 F.316-F.323 F.324, F.325 F.326-F.332 F.333-F.340 F.341-F.343 Council and Committees Publications Sectional Committee 2 Elections, research appointments and awards Miscellaneous correspondence and papers Royal Society Club Council and Committees For papers re the Paul Instrument Fund Committee, for which Frank served as an assessor 1970-72 and 1975-81, see J.129- J.143. F.299 Council, 1967-69. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers. F.300 Armourers and Braziers’ Company Research Fellowship Committee, 1971, 1975, 1984. Chiefly papers for meeting 10 June 1975. Letter of 14 August 1984 is about the dissolution of the committee, which had been redundant since 1976 through lack of funds with which to finance the Fellowship. NGUACS 15/8/89 F.c. Frank 145 F.301-F.303 British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology, 1975-77. Frank was a member of the committee for the period covered by the surviving papers. F.301 1975 correspondence re proposal for a biography of J.B. Hannay and related grant application. F.302 Agenda and papers for committee meeting, 12 December 1975. F.303 1976 correspondence and papers arising from request from the History of Science Division of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science for "a brief report on national activities". Minutes of Committee meeting, 19 December 1977. F.304 British National Committee for Physics, various dates 19/0- 76. Frank was a member of this committee for a period ending in 1973 and again 1976-81. Correspondence thanking Frank for his service on the committee. Includes 1973 and papers. "certificate" F.305 Symbols Joint Committee, various dates 1968-84. It met Frank was a member of this committee from 1975. infrequently, in 1974, 1980 and 1984, to consider amendments and additions to the Society's handbook Quantities, Units and Symbols. Miscellaneous correspondence and papers. 1979-80 material includes correspondence re "typographical question" whether the two letters designating a vector in the Thompson notation should be in bold print. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 146 F.306-F.315 Travelling Expenses Committee, 1968-84. Frank was a member of the committee 1967-69. F.306-F.309 Committee papers and related correspondence, 1968-69. 4 folders. F.306 F.307 1968 January-May 1968 July-December F.308 F.309 1969 March 1969 July-October F.310-F.312 Correspondence and papers re ad hoc committees to award travel grants for conferences. 3 folders. F.310 Fo SLt 1968 1969 F.312 1971-74 F.313, F.314 Correspondence and papers re applications for individual travel grants supported or assessed by Frank. 2 folders. F.313 1968-74 F.314 1975-77, 1980, 1984 F.315 Correspondence and papers re Frank's applications for travel grants. Publications F.316 Invitations publications, various dates 1975-86. Frank to to contribute to Royal Society F.317 Correspondence re Associate Editorship, 1976, 1977. Frank was an Associate Editor for the mathematical and physical sciences 1973-77. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 147 F.318-F.323 Correspondence and reports re papers submitted to the Royal Society communicated or refereed by Frank. 6 folders. F.318 F.319 F.320 Various dates 1969-77 1978 (1) 1978 (2) F.321 F.322 F.323 1978 (3) 1979, 1980 1981-87 and nd. Sectional Committee 2 Frank was a member of Sectional Committee 2 (for Physics) for the period covered by the papers. F.324, F.325 Correspondence and papers, 1970-72. 2 folders. Elections, research appointments and awards F.326-F.332 7 folders. F.326 F.327 F.328 F.329 1963-65, 1968-70 1972-75 1976-79 1980-81 F.330 F.331 F.332 1981 1982 1983-87 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers F.333 F.334 Material re Royal Society Discussion Meeting on New 1963. Materials, 6-7 June. Frank was an organiser and gave the "Introductory talk on strength of polymers", Bibliog. 82 (see D.60). 1970. 1969, Chiefly 1969-70 correspondence re Royal 1967, Society/Science Research Council (SRC) cooperation on science education in schools, arising from a suggestion made by Frank that financial support could be offered to the more ambitious school science projects. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 148 F.335 F.336 F.337 F.338 F.339 1972. 1972. a re Royal Includes correspondence Society 1971, discussion on Green Paper Cmnd.4814 "A Framework for Government Frank commented on R. and D." (Dainton/Rothschild reports). the proposals in a letter of 31 December 1971. See also his draft at D.94, probably related to this. Folder also includes material re Royal Society Discussion Meeting on the measurement and interpretation of changes of strain in the Earth, 10-12 May on "Dislocation models for fault creep processes", Bibliog. 115 (D.108). chairman and Frank was gave a paper 1975. 1974, Chiefly correspondence re 1975 Royal Society Soirée at which Frank and K.H.G. Ashbee exhibited their "low temperature mechanical memory engine". (See J.2). Includes correspondence re planned Royal 1976. Society discussion meetings on British participation in "Spacelab". Frank was approached "to suggest the name of a scientist whom we might approach to ask to help organize the scientific programme of the discussion meeting [on material behaviour in low gravity conditions ]". 1977-79. 1977 material is chiefly re report of the Committee on the Future of Broadcasting chaired by Lord Annan, including manuscript draft of Frank's letter commenting on the report. 1978 material is re visit of delegation from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 1982-83 material is re Royal Society Discussion 1980-83. physics, chemistry Meeting on Thermotropic Liquid Crystals: Frank chaired the first and applications, session and gave the "Introduction", Bibliog. 141. Includes 7pp typescript draft of Frank’s contribution with manuscript correction. 27-28 October. F.340 1984, 1986. Royal Society Club Frank was elected a member of the Club in June 1973. F.341-F.343 Correspondence and papers for meetings. 3 folders. F.341 F.342 1973, 1975-79 1980-82 F.343 1983-86 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank F.344 ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS 149 1970 Frank was elected a Fellow in December 1970. Material re election. form. Includes copy of Frank's application F.345-F.375 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL (SRC) 1967-79 Frank attended SRC meetings in 1968 as Royal Society assessor. He also served on the Liquid Crystals Panel of the Physics Committee and refereed grant applications for the SRC. The material is presented as follows: F.345-F.352 F.353-F.360 F.361-F.371 F.372-F.375 Council Liquid Crystals Panel Grant Applications Miscellaneous correspondence and papers. Council Papers for meetings April-December 1968 in original covers, with related correspondence, notes and papers found with them. 8 folders. F.345 F.346 F.347 F.348 17 April 15 May 19 June 17 July F.349 F.350 F.351 F.352 27 September 16 October 20 November 18 December Liquid Crystals Panel The Liquid Crystals Panel of the SRC Physics Committee was The Panel, established in 1973 after consultation with Frank. of which Frank was a member, held its first meeting 22 June at which it was agreed to send out a letter of enquiry on research by in universities, commercial companies and individual researchers. undertaken crystals of liquid the field being F.353 F.354 Correspondence 1972-73, principally with Sir Brian(later Lord) Flowers re establishment of Panel; invitation to serve. Correspondence, notes and papers 1973, including 3pp typescript draft of Frank's "Introduction for liquid crystals report", with later lp typescript amendment, February 1974. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 150 F.355 Draft reports on aspects of liquid crystal research prepared by Panel members. F.356-F.360 Papers for Panel meetings 1973-74. F.360). In original folders (except 5 folders. F.356 F.357 F.358 22 June 1973 23 October 1973 (1) 23 October 1973 (2) F.359 F.360 12 February 1974 (1) 12 February 1974 (2) Grant Applications 11 folders. F.361 F.362 F.363 F.364 F.365 F.366 1969-71 1972 1973-74 1974 1975 (1) 1975 (2) Miscellaneous correspondence and papers F.372 1966, 1967, 1971-73. F.367 F.368 F.369 F.370 F.371 1975 (3) 1975 (4) 1975 (5) 1976 1977-79 F.373 Correspondence and papers re SRC Vacation Courses. 1973. Frank lectured on "Properties of dislocations and their role in equilibration" for the course on Perfect and Imperfect Crystals, Reading University, 10-28 September. F.374 1974. activities of SRC laboratories. Includes correspondence re proposed regrouping of F.375 1975, 1976. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 151 F.376-F.378 STANDING CONFERENCE OF PROFESSORS OF PHYSICS 1974-76 Papers for meetings. 3 folders. F.376 F.377 1974 Nov, 1975 Mar 1975 June F.378 1975 Nov, 1976 Mar F.379, F.380 WEST OF ENGLAND METALS AND MATERIALS ASSOCIATION 1973-74 Frank served as President of the Association 1973-74, giving the 1974 Presidential Address on "Crystals imperfect". F.379 Correspondence 1973-74. Includes invitation to Frank to accept nomination for the Presidency and letter confirming his election. F.380 Papers for Council meetings, 1973-74. Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR FREDERICK CHARLES FRANK Kt, OBE, FRS (b. 1911) Compiled by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper VolumeII Sections G - K Bibliography Index of correspondents and organisations Deposited in Bristol University Library All rights reserved University of Bath 1989 Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of - SIR FREDERICK CHARLES FRANK Kt, OBE, FRS (b.1911) Compiled by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper Volume Il Sections G - K Bibliography Index of Correspondents and Organisations Deposited in Bristol University Library 1989 All rights reserved NCUAGS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 152 SECTION G CONSULTANCIES G.1-G.130 This section contains material relating to Frank’s work for British and overseas commercial organisations only. He also acted as consultant for a number of governmental agencies and departments. Material of this nature is to be found in Section F. BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION (BAC) BRITISH RAILWAYS (BR) DE BEERS GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (ICI) ei G.2-G.23 G.24-G.99 G.100-G.113 G.114 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION (IBM) G.115-G.122 PCI DISPLAYS LTD G.123 J.A. RADLEY (LABORATORIES) LTD G.124-G.130 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION (BAC) 153 1964 Correspondence re offer of consultancy in Guided Weapons Division. BAC'’s letter of 8 May 1964 is annotated by Frank "Answered, accepting but asking for further copy of original letter, 24 July 1964". G.2-G.23 BRITISH RAILWAYS (BR) 1949-51 Frank was invited to serve as "an independent scientific adviser" to the Water Treatment Committee, 23 September 1949, on the recommendation of R.V. This Committee was established to study the problems "in the provision and use of softened water" used in steam locomotive boilers. It first met on 2 December 1949 and held a further thirteen meetings before issuing its report in February 1951. Jones. the problems and The Committee considered costs associated with the various systems of softening the water fed to locomotives to reduce scaling (with its deleterious effect on the costs of boiler maintenance). While allowing for regional diversity (due to differing water hardnesses and to the pre-nationalisation practices of the four great railway companies) the Committee recommended "that further extensions of water treatment should be made as far as possible by internal treatment on the locomotive" rather than by large- scale water treatment plants. The material, predominantly committee papers and background information, is arranged in a chronological sequence. G.2 Invitation to become a consultant and Frank's letter of acceptance; Frank's 4pp manuscript notes and references headed "Notes on water treatment", written 28 November 1949; list of committee members, sent 29 November. "Questions for Enginemen, &c", London Midland and Scottish Sent to Frank Railway's Handbook for Enginemen, December 1931. 28 November 1949 (see covering note at G.2). NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 154 G.4-G.8 First committee meeting, Derby, 2 December 1949. present. Frank was Papers and minutes of meeting. With Frank’s "Memorandum to the Chairman" recording the views he expressed at the meeting, 2pp typescript. 8 Reports on water treatment submitted by BR Regions. reports are retained in their original folders. The East and North East Region. London Midland Region. Southern Region. Western Region. G.10 G.11 Correspondence with S. Bairstow, Divisional Chemist, London Midland Region, December 1949, January 1950, re L.O. Gunderson and W.L. Denman’s paper "Polyamide Foam Inhibitors - Mechanism of Foam Inhibition in Steam Generators", and Engineering Chemistry 40 (1948). Includes reprint of paper for ease of reference. Industrial Second committee meeting, Doncaster, 17 January 1950. was absent. Frank Agenda, papers and minutes of meeting. Report on "The Toton-Brent Experiment" by J.S. Hancock, January 1950. In original folder. Hancock was a water softening chemist with London Midland He reported for the committee on the Toton-Brent Region. experiment, designed to find whether a "continuous supply of correctly conditioned water" for locomotives on the Toton- Brent section of track resulted in "clean, corrosion-free locomotive boilers". The experiment suggested it did, but also highlighted the inefficiency of the water softening plants. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 155 G.12 G.13 G.14 Committee meetings 3-11, January-August 1950. Frank was absent from all these meetings. Minutes only. Letter and Frank's manuscript notes of a meeting with J.S. Hancock, S. Bairstow and T.F.B. Simpson (Committee Chairman) , Derby, 24 February 1950. Letter to R.V. Jones complaining about BR's "complete lack of acquaintance with research", 4 April 1950. Memorandum on visit to France by representatives of Water Treatment Committee, April 1950. In original stiff cover binding. The Committee representatives (not including Frank) visited France to inspect locomotive boilers and the water treatment system on French railways. G.15 Twelfth committee meeting, Derby, 4 October 1950. present. Frank was Agenda, papers and minutes of meeting. softening on the London Midland Region" by J.S. Hancock. Includes report "Water G.16 Correspondence from T.F.B. Simpson re tests on the effect of dirty boilers on fuel consumption, August, October 1950. Thirteenth committee meeting, Derby, 9-10 January 1951. was absent. Frank Correspondence, agenda, papers and draft minutes of meeting. Fourteenth committee meeting, Derby, 20 February. present. Frank was Draft minutes only. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 156 G.18-G.20 Committee Report, completed February 1951. Frank's manuscript corrections to first draft of Report. Second "Draft Report", December 1950. With Frank’s manuscript corrections and related correspondence. Final Purposes", February 1951. "Report on Treatment of Water used for Locomotive Frank's bound copy. G.21-G.23 Miscellaneous background material. Chief Mechanical Engineer’s Department, London and North Eastern Railway, "Report on Comparative Evaporation Tests on Locomotive plus photographs, graphs, table. typescript Boilers", August 1931. 8pp With Frank’s manuscript calculations and diagrams found with it. G.22 Information on T.I.A. system of water treatment. (Traitement Interne Integral Armand) The T.I.A. system was widely used in France and was of much interest to the Committee (see G.14). It combined external treatment of the "feed water" with dosage of water in the tender with a special alkali-tannin solution. G.23 Manuscript notes by Frank. G.24-G.99 DE BEERS 1949-86 a De Simon, Francis) Frank's association with De Beers, the South African mining company, began in 1949 when, at the suggestion of F.E. (later Sir Industrial Distributors Ltd., invited Frank to serve as a consultant on diamond research, but renewed thereafter. Frank's other formal connections with De Beers were through the Diamond Conferences and the Diamond Research Committee, which the company funded, and through a series of patent cases in the early 1960s in which he gave evidence in his capacity as consultant. initially for three years subsidiary, Beers’ NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 157 According to Frank's account, given to the 1975 Diamond Dinner (G.95), the Diamond Conferences were initiated by Simon, who persuaded Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, Chairman of De Beers "that at the comparatively small cost of funding an annual conference he could be in touch with a hundred scientists, who would have cost him one or two million a year to put on his payroll." The first was held in 1950. Shortly after Simon's death in 1956 the Diamond Research Committee was formed, under the chairmanship of the Reading physicist Diamond Conferences, and to allocate funding from De Beers for diamond research projects in the UK. Frank was a member of the committee from its foundation. Ditchburn, organise both R.W. the to Frank's consultancy with De Beers led to his involvement in a series of cases brought against the American company General Electric’s attempt to patent its method of synthesising Frank gave affidavits for the diamond in South Africa. Transvaal who represented De Beers’ interests. Chamber Orange Mines State Free and of In connection with his work for De Beers, whether as a consultant on diamonds or as a member of the Diamond Research Committee, Frank made a number of visits to South Africa. The material is arranged as follows: G.24-G.27 G.28-G.55 G.56-G.75 G.76-G. 86 Industrial Distributors Diamond Conferences Diamond Research Committee Patent Cases With an introductory note G.87-G.99 Miscellaneous Industrial Distributors G.24 Correspondence with F.E. Simon and Industrial Distributors, 1949-57. Includes brief exchanges re offer of consultancy and its renewal in 1952; "Memorandum on growth of diamonds", 12pp manuscript, 16 December 1951; letter from Simon, 13 May 1954, re "continuing the contract" in view of Frank's lecture on "Tin whiskers" to the 1953 Diamond Conference (G.29) which some "thought a little remote". G.25 correspondence, of Brief Industrial Distributors’ Diamond Research Department re paper "Uber die synthese des Diamanten" by A. Neuhaus. Grodzinski 1954, with July P. Includes "original" typescript draft of Neuhaus’s paper with Frank's manuscript notes on Grodzinski's translation of Part III of the paper. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 158 G.26 Correspondence, 1957-60. Includes correspondence re diamonds required for research at Bristol University, 1957-60; typescript record of cable sent to J.F.H. Custers, Director of Research, 24 November 1959, congratulating him on the successful synthesis of diamond; press-cutting recording Frank's condemnation of apartheid in South African universities. G.27 Visit to South Africa, 1961. Frank was invited to help Industrial Distributors’ Adamant (later Diamond) Research Laboratory, Johannesburg, "start a programme aiming at the production of synthetic diamonds considerably larger than the ones we now make every day". The invitation mentions the success of General Electric in this field and expresses the hope that Frank’s work on diamonds for G.E. will not prevent his assisting Industrial Distributors. Invitation; memorabilia. Diamond Conferences material Further the conferences may be found under the Diamond Research Committee, G.56-G.75. organisation of relating to the G.28 Oxford, July 1952. Frank's manuscript notes on proceedings. G.29 Oxford, 9-11 July 1953. formation of tin whiskers" (see G.25). Frank spoke on "An explanation of the Correspondence re arrangements; notes on proceedings; manuscript notes on "Whiskers". lecture list; manuscript Caius College Cambridge, "Necessary conditions for the growth of diamonds". 1-3 July 1954. Frank spoke on Provisional programme; manuscript notes on proceedings. G.31 Oxford, 30 June - transformations". 2 July 1955. Frank spoke on "Martensitic Provisional lecture list; manuscript notes on proceedings. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 159 G.32 Reading, 18-19 July 1961. South Africa (G.27) and did not feel able to give a paper. Frank had recently returned from Brief correspondence; of participants. annotated provisional programme; list G.33 Cambridge, 25-26 June 1962. Annotated programme and list of participants. Reading, July 1965. Includes Frank’s after-dinner "words of thanks". Cambridge, 10-11 July 1967. Lists of participants. G.34 Bristol, 8-9 July 1968. Frank helped organise the conference and presented a paper jointly with M. Moore and A.R. Lang on "Simulation of solution forms of diamond". Letter re arrangements. G.35 Reading, 24-27 September 1969. List of participants; letter from E. Gerryts, 19 September, with "Comment on 'Defect in Diamond'" by D.R. Grantham. Before his death Grantham sent Gerryts this "Comment" on a paper delivered by Frank at the 1966 International Industrial Diamond Conference (G.90-G.92), asking that it be submitted to the Reading conference. G.36, G.37 Brasenose College Oxford, 12-15 July 1970. G.36 G.37 Correspondence re Soviet participation; and papers; manuscript notes on proceedings etc. lists of participants Guidebook for "A Kimberlite Exhibition" organised by J.W. Harris and H.J. Milledge. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 160 G.38 Cambridge, 14-17 July 1971. Correspondence re arrangements, including correspondence from R.W. Ditchburn re Soviet participation; list of participants; heavily annotated programme; brief manuscript notes. G.39 Bristol, 13-15 July 1972. dissolution shapes". Frank spoke on "Kinematic theory of Correspondence re arrangements; annotated lists of papers. G.40 Reading, 15-18 July 1973. Lists of papers submitted and participants. G.41 Oxford, 3-6 July 1974. Correspondence re Soviet participation; lists of participants. G.42 Churchill College Cambridge, 6-9 July 1975. miscellaneous correspondence including List of participants; letter from the Industrial Diamond Information Bureau inviting Frank to write on the future of diamond research for Diamond Research, and typescript draft of Frank’s contribution. G.43 Kimberlite Symposium, St. John’s College Cambridge, 10-11 July Diamond 1975. Conference. held immediately following the This was Invitation; programme. information; lists of participants; provisional G.44 Bristol, 12-14 July 1976. Includes brief manuscript notes on programme for 1976 and finance for 1977 conference. G.45 Reading, 6-9 July 1977. Information; manuscript notes on proceedings. list of participants; programme; Frank's NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 161 St. Catharine's College Oxford, 9-12 July 1978. Letter from R.W. Ditchburn re Soviet participation; programme; list of participants. Newnham College Cambridge, 8-11 July 1979. Conference information; definitions" by J.E. Field compiled for the conference. "Diamond: properties and abstracts; Kimberlite Symposium II, Cambridge, 11-14 July 1979. held immediately following the Diamond Conference. This was Brief correspondence arising from a discussion in which Frank participated; "summary" of discussion. Bristol, 7-9 July 1980. Programme; list of participants. Reading, 8-11 July 1981. Brief correspondence only. Oxford, 5-7 July 1982. Includes annotated programme. Newnham College Cambridge, discussion. 6-9 July 1983. Frank led a Conference information; participants. abstracts; programme; list of Bristol, 9-11 July 1984. Frank led a discussion. Annotated programme; list of participants. Reading, 10-13 July 1985. Frank led a discussion. Programme; list of participants; abstract. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 162 G.54 Royal Holloway and Bedford New College London, 7-9 July 1986. Brief correspondence including reference to current unrest in South Africa. G.55 Oxford, nd. Frank spoke on "Plastic deformation in diamond". Lecture list; deformation; manuscript and typescript drafts on plastic manuscript notes on proceedings. Diamond Research Committee The material is principally papers for Committee meetings to consider research proposals, half yearly reports on research, and correspondence, chiefly with R.W. Ditchburn, re diamond conferences, research proposals and patenting. R.W. Ditchburn was chairman of the Committee until July 1982 when he was succeeded by E.W.J. Mitchell. 20 folders. G.56 G.57 G.58 G.59 G.60 G.61 G.62 G.63 G.64 G.65 1964-66 1967-68 1969 1970-71 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976-77 1978 Patent Cases G.66 G.67 G.68 G.69 G.70 G.71 G.72 G.73 G.74 G.75 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 (1) 1984 (2) 1985 (1) 1985 (2) 1986 In February 1955 the American company General Electric (GE) announced it had found a method of synthesising diamonds. This was immediately placed under a US government secrecy order as it was judged to be of strategic significance. The order was lifted on 8 September 1959 and the next day GE filed five patent applications in South Africa to protect its inventions. Three were opposed by the Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber of Mines, on behalf of De Beers (3550/59, 3551/59 and 3547/59). A further patent application was made on 7 December (4878/59) and this too was challenged. Frank was asked by the lawyers acting for the Chamber of Mines to provide affidavits on its behalf. As GE also occasionally employed Frank as a consultant, there was a potential clash of interests. This was resolved by GE providing a contract in which work on diamonds was excluded from its provisions (see G.110). Frank duly testified for the objector. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 163 The basic patent (3550) was for a method of synthesising non-diamond carbon into diamond by subjecting it to a pressure of 80,000-110,000 atmospheres and a temperature of 1400-1800°C in the presence of a metallic solvent or catalyst. The molten metal dissolves the carbon which is distributed through the metal until saturated. Upon cooling the solution becomes super-saturated and carbon is - The other patents referred to improvements on this diamonds. process. 3551 related to using an alloy as the catalyst (lowering the temperature and, more importantly, the pressure required for the conversion of carbon to diamond), 3547 to a way of eliminating the need to determine the temperature at which conversion occurs by providing a method of observing changes in electrical resistance, and 4878 to a method of creating better artificial diamonds by arranging the carbon and catalyst in alternate laminae or layers. solid crystals shed as Various grounds for objection were raised but only two were used in court, the "obviousness" and the "inutility" of the alleged inventions. The first maintained that no inventive step was required beyond what was common knowledge in the area, the second that within the terms of the patent application the invention would not necessarily work. Frank’s affidavits mainly supported the objection of "obviousness" and the related "lack of novelty" charge (which was, however, dropped, partly because as Frank himself stated GE were correct in claiming the natural processes for the formation of diamond were "not assuredly known"). The first judgement, delivered on 30 November 1964 by the dismissed the Commissioner for Patents Sir John Clayden, The chief "inutility" argument, based on whether objections. the GE term "carboneous material" might not also refer to forms of carbon for which the process would be ineffective, was rejected because the objectors could not come up with any reasonable such material for which the process would not work. Frank had in fact argued against another objection on these grounds, which claimed that the patent specification included metals which would not melt at the temperatures specified, and was felt The rather "obviousness" case was also dismissed. According to Clayden the "common knowledge in the art at the effective date of the application" did not include the precise forms of the carbon and catalyst to be used in the GE process, or the right pressure and temperature required. He ruled that it was not common knowledge that graphite would be the form of carbon used, and that following K. Lonsdale's analysis of the GE diamonds a Nickel-based substance) must be the catalyst. assumed Nickel it would be "inutility" weak. case (or that the Most importantly the judge found that an attempt to create synthetic diamonds by the GE method in September 1959 would have failed because of mistakes in the calculation of In their work GE had relied upon experiment to pressure. determine the pressures and temperatures needed for success, but soon afterwards R. Berman and Sir Francis Simon produced their "curve" which became accepted as the theoretical guide to the correct thermodynamic conditions for diamond synthesis. of The calibrating pressure, however, which Clayden ruled was "common Resistance Electrical accepted Bridgman method NGUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 164 In 1961 it was found to be 304% knowledge" in 1959, was faulty. out at high pressures. Therefore in 1959 anyone following the Berman-Simon curve to reach the right pressure and temperature to create diamonds by the GE method would fail, they would not be calculating pressure accurately. Frank criticised the judgement noting "The odd outcome is the following: GE placed too much reliance on Bridgman. This is taken as cogent evidence that everyone would place too much reliance on Bridgman ... so that GE succeeds because of this mistake on its part." He felt that there were "good grounds" for challenging this judgement. The Chamber of Mines went to the Court of Appeal. Here too, on 16 June 1966, the “inutility" arguments were rejected. But that on the grounds of "obviousness" was sustained. J. Galgut presiding found that GE itself had revealed most of the facts behind the processes and the rest were "obvious" to any competent diamond-synthesiser. As Frank had stated in his affidavit, the only novelty with the GE process was its "excellent apparatus" which could sustain the high pressures and temperatures which were commonly known to be required. According to Galgut Graphite was obviously the most likely form of carbon to be used (being easily obtained in a pure form which could be broken down). Furthermore, it was not likely that Nickel would be thought of as the only catalyst. Frank had argued that it was well-known that a number of molten metals from group VIII of the periodic table (and not just Nickel, which has a high melting point) would "dissolve substantial quantities of carbon in an atomically dispersed form", including iron. Finally he rejected the ruling that the undetected Resistance calculation of pressure would have effectively prevented synthesis, pointing out that the alternative (and accurate) Bridgman volume method was well-known, and that using the Berman-Simon curve with the uncorrected electrical resistance calculation of pressure, it was possible to achieve diamond synthesis. Electrical Bridgman flaw in the In 1961 GE applied for two more related patents, 2117/61, which was for the "production of electrically conductive diamonds" by adding boron or aluminium to the melt, and 1218/61 Both were referring to the etching of diamond surfaces. contested, Frank producing affidavits to the effect that in both cases the process was obvious and no more than an imitation of known natural occurrences. Mines, Chamber and manuscript The material is chiefly copies of the affidavits and other evidence presented at the hearings, together with copies of the two judgements, correspondence from Spoor & Fisher representing of Frank’s of the There are also copies of affidavits presented in affidavits. respect of a rival De Beers patent application (3974/58) to The applicants claimed that whereas the GE which GE objected. process for synthesising diamond operated, according to their application, by catalytic process, theirs operated purely by As it was accepted in the cases brought a "solvent" process. against GE that, if broadly defined, a "catalyst could also be a solvent", case 3974 was dropped in 1962. drafts NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 165 G.76 G.77 G.78 Correspondence with Spoor & Fisher and notes re the case, chiefly on diamond synthesis, 1962. Correspondence with Spoor & Fisher, Frank’s notes on the case etc., 1963. "Summarised Report on Experimental Work Carried Out at Adamant Research Laboratory in Connection with General Electric Company Affidavits", llpp duplicated typescript and table. With two envelopes of photographs inscribed "Diamonds grown in metal" (9 photographs) and "Diamond dissolution by metals" (7 photographs). 12 June 1963, Correspondence with Spoor & Fisher 1964. Includes manuscript draft of Frank's letter, dated 19 December, criticising Sir John Clayden’s Judgement (G.82). Frank's manuscript draft affidavits. Frank's manuscript draft "Replies to Applicant’s evidence". Original Judgement, 30 November 1964. Appeal Court Judgement, 16 June 1966. G.84-G. 86 Evidence presented. 3 boxes. Box 1 Patent applications, letters of demands and notices of opposition; memorandum on evidence; exhibits. Box 2 Affidavits for 3550/59. Box 3 Affidavits for 3974/58, 3547/59, 3551/59, 4878/59, 1218/61 and 2117/61. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 166 Miscellaneous G.87 G.88 G.89 the Frank was invited to South Africa Visit to South Africa, 1959. by the University of the Witwatersrand, at the suggestion of F.R.N. Nabarro. Lecturers Students’ Visiting Trust Fund of Invitation; letters from W.F. Cotty of the Diamond Producers Association London Committee introducing Frank to the Secretary and the Chief Diamond Valuator of De Beers. Report by E.W.J. Mitchell on High Pressure Conference, Le Creusot, the implications for diamond research. with reference to 2-6 August 1965, France, by the Students’ Visit to South Africa, August-September 1965. Frank was invited Lecturers Fund Committee of the University of Natal, 12 June 1964. While in South Africa Frank visited the universities of Port Elizabeth and the Witwatersrand and worked at the Diamond Research Laboratory. Visiting Trust Invitation; correspondence re arrangements. G.90-G.92 International Industrial Diamond Conference, Oxford, 19-22 September 1966. Frank spoke on "Defects in diamonds" (Bibliog. 91). The conference was sponsored by De Beers. G.90 G.91 G.92 G.93 Conference brochure; background information etc. manuscript Frank's 33pp contribution; D.R. Grantham’s comments on Frank's contribution were submitted to the 1969 Diamond Conference. drafts references. typescript of lp manuscript See G.35. list 28pp and of Manuscript diagrams of lattices and diamonds found with the preceding. De Beers Industrial Diamond Division One Day Conference on in Production Grinding with Diamond, Recent Developments London, 2 July 1968. Invitation only. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 167 G.94 Correspondence, signed menu from colleagues attending dinner in honour of W.F. Cotty’s promotion to Technical and Diamond Consultant withDe Beers’ Industrial Diamond Division, 17 March 1971: Frank was unable to attend, having to undergo an operation and the letters express the hope that he will make a swift recovery. G.95 Diamond Dinner, 21 March 1975. Invitation; Diamond Conferences and early participants. Frank’s speech recalling the establishment of the G.96 G.97 G.98 G.99 Visit to South Africa, October-November 1977. Frank was invited by the University of the Witwatersrand in conjunction with De Beers. Invitation and correspondence re arrangements; visit to Kimberley, 9-10 November. programme for Photocopy of article on natural diamond by D.N. Robinson, annotated by Frank, 2 July 1979. Photograph of "man made platelets in diamonds", signed and dated "Trevor Evans 6/5/80". Invitation to visit Diamond Research Laboratory in January or February 1987 to discuss the results of a study on the "morphology and growth mechanism" of large synthetic diamonds. by Frank beginning Note the absorptioncoeff[icient] of Diamond betw[een] 2000A and 3000A", lp manuscript, nd. the magnitude "What of is "Cutting action, wear and fracture of rounded diamond", 15pp 1966). typescript, Author not named. bibliographical reference (latest nd. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank G.100-G.113 GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) 168 1951-62 Frank served as occasional consultant in the Metallurgy and Ceramics Research Department of GE’s Research Laboratory, Schenectady, NY, under flexible contracts that allowed him scope to attend conferences and visit colleagues in other research establishments. His 1956 consultancy specified he was an advisor on "physics of solids". Exclusion of consulting about diamonds had been informally agreed from the beginning, but in 1962 in view of the South African patents dispute between GE and de Beers, this exclusion was explicitly written into the contract (see G.76-G.86 and G.110). "There was no formal end to this consultancy. It was put to me that it would be tactful if I deferred my next summer vacation visit (which I had been making every second year) by a year, by which time the patents dispute between GE and de Beers would doubtless be concluded. However, the dispute dragged on and by the time it was over my principal friends at Schenectady, with whom details of the next visit would have been arranged, had moved elsewhere. I did make several visits of one or two days subsequently, at which I was consulted on various scientific questions (one of which might have led to something patentable, but didn’t) but never for long enough to receive payment." (F.C.F., private communication, 9 September 1989). G.100, G.101 1956 May-September. During this extensive consultancy with GE Frank attended a number of conferences in North America (see H.26, H.27). G.100 notice of special seminar on Copy of consultancy contract; "Liquid crystals brief correspondence re patent for Magnetic Annealing in Rotating Magnetic Field. (3)" given by Frank, : 11 July; G.101 Miscellaneous memorabilia. colleagues at GE, see A.95. For photographs of Frank and G.102-G.108 1958. As in 1956 Frank was able to combine a lengthy consultancywith GE with attendance at a number of conferences and seminars in America (see H.29-H.31). G.102 copy of consultancy contract; Brief correspondence; notices of GE Research Laboratory seminars and colloquia etc. Frank gave seminars on 5 and 11 September on "Kinematic theory of crystal dissolution and growth" and "Coincidence Lattices - sub-boundaries and Kronberg-Wilson relationships". NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 169 G.103 Memorabilia. G.104-G.108 Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript drafts and notes by Frank found with material re 1958 consultancy. G.104 G.105 "Layering typescript with manuscript corrections plus figures. coordination structures", higher the in I1lpp geometrical "The compounds", 2pp typescript plus figures. structures basis of of intermetallic "Detailed geometry of the four special coordination shells", 5pp manuscript and 3pp typescript drafts. G.106 "Some definitions relating to coordination", 5pp manuscript and 2pp typescript drafts. "Properties of regular solids", lp duplicated typescript plus tables. G.107, G.108 Manuscript notes and diagrams chiefly re lattices. G.109 1960. Correspondence from J.H. Hollomon, 1960 re possibility of Frank visiting Schenectady laboratories, etc. G.110-G.113 1962. G.110 Letter re Company and F.C. Frank", 9 August 1962. "Consulting Agreement Between General Electric To avoid a conflict of interests between Frank's consultancies for GE and De Beers it was agreed that the terms of the GE consultancy should exclude diamond research. G.111 Research 1962 Includes mentioning Frank's seminar "A commentary on theorems concerning crystal surface energies". Laboratory August Notes for 22 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 170 G.112 Includes press release, process’ for making diamonds". 7 September, re "A new ‘direct According to the press release " ... it has become possible to achieve pressures and temperatures so high that the metal catalyst is no longer needed" to convert non-diamond carbon into diamond. G.113 Calculations by Frank found with preceding material. 5pp manuscript calculation of a "Problem: which cross a plane, how many do not re-cross it?" Includes Of random paths G.114 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (ICI) 1974-75 Frank’s consultancy with ICI was terminated in July 1975. Brief correspondence includes Frank's comments on ICI’s "dairy- separator version of the gas centrifuge", 1974. G.115-G.122 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION (IBM) 1973-82 Frank served as occasional consultant to IBM at their Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, combining short spells at the Center with visits to colleagues at other research centres, and attendance at conferences, in the US and Canada. G.115 1973. Invitation to serve as consultant. G.116 1977. Invitation, combine attendance at the 1977 International Conference on Crystal Growth, Boston, MA, with consultancy work. suggesting Frank 9 December 1976, NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 171 G. 117, G.118 1978. G. 117 Letter re arrangements etc. See also H.116. .118 IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center Report "The science of erystal growth", With Frank’s annotations and interleaved manuscript notes. an IBM education course. .119, G.120 1980 3-7 November. Frank was invited to the Watson Research Center on the occasion of his being made a Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Engineering (see A.27, H.140-H.142). .119 .120 Correspondence re arrangements; Physics Colloquium "On definitions of supersaturation"; contract; notices of Frank's etc. Correspondence and papers re attempt to obtain permanent US residence for Swiss IBM colleague. 121, G.122 1982 24-28 July .121 .122 Frank was invited to the Watson Research Center in conjunction with the 1982 Gordon Research Conference (H.150, H.151). Correspondence re arrangements; contract; itinerary; etc. Contents of folder inscribed "Van Vechten". Includes reprints of two articles, 1977 and 1978, by J.A. Van Vechten, a member of the Research Center, with Frank's manuscript annotations and miscellaneous manuscript notes. Found with G.121. G. 123 PCI DISPLAYS PTE LTD 1981 Request from the solicitors of PCI to "review the technical arguments concerning the novelty, inventiveness or otherwise of the [Hoffman La] Roche patent" covering "the so-called Schadt-Helfrich twisted nematic liquid crystal display", 2 September. With photocopy of the patent specification. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank G.124-G.130 J.A. RADLEY (LABORATORIES) LTD (later J.A. RADLEY RESEARCH INSTITUTE) 172 1960-63 The Radley Laboratories were a commercial research company started "to cater for small firms ... who were, individually, Frank was not in a position to set up their own laboratories". initially asked to become a consultant in connection with work being done on metal whiskers and crystal structure in April He later became a co-opted governor of the Institute. 1960. G.124 G.125 "An Correspondence re introduction to Radley Industrial Research and Development Laboratories". consultancy, booklet April 1960; Notice of formation of Radley Research Institute 1961; reports 1959-60 and 1961-62; report, 6 September 1961; Governors, 10 April 1962. annual Chairman's interim progress agenda for first AGM of Board of G.126 Letter to Frank, 23 January 1963, including list of "ideas for research proposals". G.127-G.130 Radley Laboratories/Research Institute Final Technical Reports: G.127 "The effect of sugars and other hydroxy compounds as inhibitors of corrosion ... ", 1958. G.128 "General mechanism of drainage from solid surfaces", 1959. G.129 "Mechanism of corrosion of copper and copper alloys by ammonia solutions ... ", 1959. G.130 "Catalysis at semi-conductor surfaces", 1962. y NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 173 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES H.1-H.169 Not all of Frank's extensive travel and attendance at conferences is documented in this section. Frank attended conferences held by a number of Societies and Organisations, most notably the International Organisation of Crystal Growth (F.116-F.175) and the Pugwash movement (F.205-F.250), and made a number of visits to South Africa in connection with his consultancy with De Beers (G.24-G.99). The presentation is chronological as far as possible. Material relating to invitations either declined or for which there is no evidence of acceptance is placed at the end of the sequence for each year. NCUAGS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 174 1939 H.1 ICI (Plastics) Ltd. colloquium, Billingham, Durham, 6 January. Frank spoke on "The high frequency electrical behaviour of plastics and other insulating materials". Correspondence re arrangements; contribution. advance summary of Frank's 1948 Colston Research Bristol, 20-24 September. Society Symposium on Cosmic Radiation, HMSO diary for 1946 used from the front for Frank’s notes on proceedings, including loose manuscript notes. At the back are unrelated notes and calculations. Brief correspondence re publication of Frank's report on the symposium. 1949 H.3 British Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting, Newcastle, 31 August - Frank spoke on "Recent investigations at Bristol University". 7 September. Brief correspondence only. Invitations for 1949 H.4 British Rheologists’ Club, 26 September. Société Francaise de Métallurgie autumn meeting, Paris, 3-8 October. 1950 Visit to Paris, January. Brief correspondence, 1949-50, re visit of Frank and N.F. Mott. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 175 H.6, H.7 Visit to USA, 15 April - 23 June. Frank was initially invited to present a paper at the Office of Naval Research/Carnegie Institute of Technology Conference on the Fundamentals of the Plastic Deformation of Crystalline Solids Metals), Pittsburgh, PA, 19-20 May, where he spoke on "The origin of dislocations". on recrystallisation at Notre Dame and was invited to visit and speak at other research centres. See H.6 for itinerary. Deformation conference attended changed (title later He also to of a Invitations; itinerary for 20 April - 30 May. correspondence re arrangements with colleagues; Conference on Recrystallisation, Notre Dame, IN, 1-2 June. Correspondence; programme; Frank's notes on papers presented. Invitation for 1951 Conference on Dielectrics, Liverpool, July. 1953 Conference on Lattice Defects and the Electrical Resistivity of Metals, Birmingham, 24-25 April. Programme with Frank’s manuscript notes on back. Symposium on Crystal Plasticity, 18 May. Manuscript notes (not in Frank's hand) headed "Dislocation loops the Symposium on Crystal Plasticity, 5/18, 1953)". screw dislocations crossing cluster (at of a H.11-H.22 Visit to Japan, September-October. Frank visited Japan for the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Conference on Theoretical Physics, Kyoto and Tokyo, September, and its associated symposia and meetings. He chaired a session of the Conference and spoke on "Visual evidence of dislocations" at a pre-conference Symposium on Crystal Plasticity and Deformation, Nikko, 12-13 September. Frank also attended several informal meetings and visited a number of Japanese research centres. H.11 Correspondence with organisers re arrangements for conference; lists of participants; programme. IUPAP NCUACS 15/8/89 F.c. Frank 176 H.12 US IUPAP National Committee information notes for the American delegation. Programmes for the Nikko symposium; manuscript and typescript drafts of Frank's contribution. programme Crystal Annotated Dislocation, Research Institute for Iron, Steel and Other Metals, Tohoku University, 29 September, attended by Frank and N.F. Mott. With information on the Research Institute. Informal for Meeting on Frank's manuscript notes on discussion on "Science and Peace". Participants Japanese scientists. included R.P. Feynman and several Material re other meetings and lectures. H.17, H.18 Information on Japanese research centres. 2 folders. Photographs (some mounted, probablyused by Frank to illustrate his lectures). Invitations and information sent to Conference delegates re "Hiroshima", a Japanese film shown at Tokyo University during the conference. H.21, H.22 Miscellaneous memorabilia. 2 folders. 1954 United Steel Companies Ltd. Conference for University Lecturers and Tutors in Science and Engineering on Iron and Steel Making, Research and Engineering, SheffieldUniversity, 6-11 September. Programme; lists of participants. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 177 1955 S.0. hardback notebook used by Frank for notes on unidentified conference [? on irradiation], July. Participants include A.H. Cottrell, N.F. Mott, E.W.J. Mitchell, G.F.J. Garlick, H.S.W. Massey, M.H.L. Pryce. H.25 International Union of Theoretical Colloquium, San Lorenzo del Escorial, Spain, September. and Applied Mechanics Signed menu and hotel bill. Not otherwise documented. 1956 H.26, H.27 Visit to USA and Canada, May-September. During this period Frank served as consultant to General Electric (GE) at their Research Laboratory Schenectady, NY (see G.100, G.102). Whilst in North America Frank attended a number of on Theoretical Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, 17-21 September. International conferences including Congress the H.26 Invitation to Seattle Congress; correspondence with organisers and Frank's of participants; preliminary programme etc. manuscript notes re arrangements; list H.27 Material re other engagements fulfilled by Frank. 19 July; These included Special Physics Colloquium, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Gordon Research Conference on the Canadian Metal Chemistry and Physics of Metals, 23-27 July; Physics Frank also appeared in a television programme on Crystals broadcast in San Francisco, 24 September (see E.78). 22-24 August. Conference, Edmonton, 1957 H.28 Birmingham University Research colloquium, 16 April. Frank spoke on "Complex alloy structures and the packing of spheres" (see D.44, D.45). Correspondence re arrangements. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 178 1958 H.29-H.31 Visit to USA. Frank served as consultant to GE at their Research Laboratory, Schenectady, NY, in the summer of 1958 (see G.102-G.108). Whilst in the US Frank attended international conferences at Rochester and Cooperstown, NY, and was invited to speak at colloquia in Washington, the University of Maryland. and at D.C. H.29 H.30 International Conference on Superconductors, University of Rochester, NY, 18-22 August. Programme; Frank's manuscript notes. International Conference on Crystal Growth, Cooperstown, NY, 27-29 August. Frank gave the Introductory Lecture and papers on "Theory of dissolution shapes and transient growth shapes of crystals" and "Electron microscope observations of moire patterns in single crystals of Polyethylene" (with A.W. Agar and A. Keller). Programme; "Extemporaneous comments" by F. Seitz. Frank and conference photograph with key, see A.96. Frank’s manuscript notes; For photographs of list of participants; H.31 Invitation to Frank to speak at the Greater Washington Solid State Physics and University of Maryland Physics Department colloquia. H.32-H.40 "Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles". sheets duplicated typescript Contents of envelope so imprinted: the information Exposition. The material is divided into four sections entitled "Atom", "Molecule", "Crystal" and "Living Cell". Most of the information sheets are in English, but a few are in French, German or Dutch. displayed at explaining exhibits organised Frank visited the Exposition with Professor Willi de Keyser, head of the Mineralogy Department of Ghent University, Frank had who considerable research interests in common with the Mineralogy Department at Ghent and had received an honorary degree from the University three years earlier. crystallography exhibits. the H.32, H.33 "Atom" section. 2 folders. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 179 H.34-H.36 "Molecule" section. 3 folders. H.37, H.38 "Crystal" section. 2 folders. H.39, H.40 "Living Cell" section. 2 folders. 1961 H.41 H.42 High Polymer Research Group Conference on the Relation between Chemical Structure and Physical Properties of Elastomers with Particular Reference to the Fundamental Aspects of the Subject, Moretonhampstead, Devon, 17-21 April. Programme with list of participants. National Research Development Corporation Solid State Sciences Conference on The Mechanical Properties of Solids, Caius College Cambridge, 13-17 July. Frank spoke on "Polymers". Programme; contribution. draft Conference Report; transcript of Frank’s H.43 Visit to Czechoslovakia, 18 September - 2 October. a member Frank was Czechoslovakia Bratislava, Brno and Olomouc. which of a visited British Council universities delegation to Prague, in Correspondence itineraries; delegation members. with arrangements; reports on visit for the British Council by British Council re NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 180 1962 H.44 Visit to USA. Frank again served as consultant to GE at Schenectady in late summer (G.110-G.113). While in the US he attended the American Chemical Society Symposium on Crystallisation of Polymers, Atlantic City, NJ, 10-11 September. Programme; abstracts; Frank’s manuscript notes on proceedings re Atlantic City Symposium. H.45 International September. Conference on Lattice Defects, Kyoto, 7-12 Correspondence with organisers and Royal Society re financial arrangements. Frank had initially intended to participate in the conference but later withdrew. 1963 H.46 Conference on High Magnetic Fields, Brasenose College Oxford, 10-11 July. Programme (with alteration by Frank); abstracts. H.47, H.48 International Conference on the Science of Superconductivity, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 26-29 August. H.47 Invitation; correspondence re arrangements. H.48 Conference handbook. 1964 H.49 National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science meeting "to discuss the provision of a UK high flux thermal neutron source", Rutherford High Energy Laboratory, Chilton, Berks., 3 July. Brief programme; background information. correspondence with Sir John Cockcroft, chairman; NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 181 1964-65 H.50-H.52 Visit to USA. Frank spent nine months in California as Visiting Professor at the University of California's Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics, La Jolla, San Diego. In the US he visited colleagues at a number of other research establishments and attended a VESIAC conference on Shallow Seismic Events. H.50 H.51 Correspondence with colleagues re visits; manuscript notes for lecture Earth Scientists, 2 March 1965. deformation solids" "Modes of on of to VESIAC Special Advisory Conference on Current Status and Future Prognosis for Understanding the Source Mechanism of Shallow Seismic Events in the 3 to 5 Magnitude Range, La Jolla, 22-24 March. Frank led a discussion on "The physics of earthquake sources". Correspondence with organisers; Frank's introduction to the discussion. programme; abstracts; H.52 Miscellaneous background material. H.53 H.54 H.55 1965 Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique International Colloquium on Adsorption et Croissance Cristalline, Pont-a- Mousson, Nancy, 6-12 June. Correspondence with organisers re arrangements; memorabilia. programme; British Ceramic Society and Netherlands Ceramic Society 3rd Joint Meeting on Science of Ceramics, Bristol University, 5- 8 July. Invitation; programme (with manuscript calculations on back). 1966 Upper Mantle Committee Symposium on Non-Elastic Processes in 1966 the (rearranged from 13-19 October 1965). Newcastle-upon-Tyne, February Mantle, 21-25 Correspondence re arrangements; contribution to discussion, etc. programmes; draft of Frank's NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 182 H.56, H.57 Symposium on areas for further research in polymer technology, Loughborough, 31 March - 2 April. Correspondence with organisers re arrangements; list of participants; version" of Frank's remarks. abstracts; transcript and programme; "tidy Duplicated typescript text of symposium proceedings. H.58, H.59 Societa Italiana di Fisica meeting on European collaboration in physics, Pisa, 16-17 April. Correspondence re arrangements; Working Groups. For Frank’s report see Bibliog. 87 (D.69). programmes ; reports of Conference handbook. Battelle Institute colloquium on Phase Stability in Metals and Alloys, Geneva and Villars, Switzerland, May. Frank chaired a discussion on Liquids and defect solids. for photographs of Frank taken Draft of Frank's remarks; during discussion and group photograph of colloquium see A.96. 1967 H.61, H.62 NATO Advanced Study Institute on The Application of Modern Physics to the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Newcastle-upon- Tyne, 29 March - 4 April. Frank spoke on "Diamonds and deep fluids in the upper mantle" (Bibliog. 99). General information; contribution; draft of Frank’s correspondence re publication of proceedings. list of participants; Conference handbook. Royal Astronomical Society discussion on Earthquake Mechanism, Frank spoke on "Fracture mechanics of the London, 28 April. earthquake source". Correspondence re arrangements. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 183 H.64 Visit to USA, July-September. Frank visited the USA as consultant to the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO. While in the US Frank visited several research centres including the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Los Angeles and the Earthquake Mechanisms Laboratory, San Francisco. He also attended the 16th Annual Denver X-ray Conference on Applications of X-ray Analysis. Correspondence itinerary; and manuscript notes re arrangements; programme for Denver conference. H.65 H.66 Invitation for 1967 Invitation to spend a school year at Northwestern University, IL. 1968 Official Founding Ceremony of the European Physical Society, Geneva, 26 September. Correspondence re arrangements. Frank combined a holiday in Czechoslovakia, Austria and northern Italy with attendance at the Ceremony. He also briefly attended the Tremezzo course on ceramic science and technology (E.21-E.27). 1969 H.67-H.71 Conference on Industry and the Science Graduate, Bristol, 25- 27 March. The conference was proposed by Frank and organised with the Frank was a joint chairman Department of Extra-Mural Studies. and spoke on "What industry desires from the universities". Correspondence with possible participants, 1968. Correspondence with G. Department, 1968-69. Cunliffe, Director of Extra-Mural Draft programme and conference handbook. Correspondence extensively corrected draft of C.F. Powell’s summing-up. publication of re proceedings. Includes H.67 H.68 H.69 H.70 NCUAGS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 184 H.71 Conference Report. H.72 European Physical Society Inaugural Conference on The Growth Points of Physics, Florence, 8-12 April. Notice; Czechoslovak Journal conference. addendum to list of participants; letter from of Physics re interview during the Société Francaise de Physique Colloquium on Liquid Crystals, Montpellier, 5-7 June. Provisional programme annotated by Frank with train times between Paris and Montpellier. H.74-H.76 International Chemistry Microsymposium on Rheology of Polymer Solids and Concentrated Solutions, Prague, 1-4 September. Frank chaired a session. Applied Pure Union of and Symposium handbook. Information re Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry. Miscellaneous memorabilia. Symposium on the Hydrology of September. veins in a temperate glacier" (with J.F. Nye). 7-13 Frank spoke on "The hydrology of the intergranular Cambridge, Glaciers, photocopy of Frank and Nye’s paper; Letter from organisers; transcript of Frank’s contribution to the general discussion. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 185 Invitations for 1969 H.78 Conference on The Chemistry of Extended Defects in Non-Metallic Solids, Phoenix, AZ, 20-25 April. Conference on Fundamental Aspects of Dislocation Theory, Spring 1967 (subsequently rearranged for 28 April - 2 May 1969). International Conference on Growth and Characterization of Electronic Materials, Chania, Crete, 1-14 June. Gordon Conference on Physical Metallurgy, Seattle, WA, 7-11 July. International Conference on Quantitative Relations between Properties and Microstructure, Haifa, 1 August. 27 July - Israel, AEI Scientific Apparatus Ltd. Symposium on New Techniques in Materials Analysis, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, 1 October. 1970 H.79, H.80 British Polymer Physics Group Conference on Polymer Chain Flexibility, Colchester, 7-9 January. H.79 H. 80 H.81 Programmes; list of participants; information; correspondence re Soviet participation. Abstracts, some annotated by Frank; on proceedings. Frank's manuscript notes High Polymer Research Group Conference on Relaxation Phenomena in Polymers, Moretonhampstead, Devon, 4-8 May. Invitation with letter of acceptance; programme; information. H.82-H.85 Visit to USA and Canada, August-September. Frank was invited to attend the Gordon Research Conference on Physical Metallurgy, Tilton, NH, 24-28 August. In advance of the conference he visited Bell Telephone Laboratories at Murray Hill, NJ and GE’s laboratory at Schenectady, and was invited to IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center. Following the conference Frank spent a week at the University, Research, McMaster Institute Hamilton, Ontario as Visiting Lecturer. Materials for H.82 Itineraries; lists of addresses. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 186 H.83 re of Correspondence participants etc. for Gordon conference. Frank spoke on "The Earth - the largest accessible specimen for the solid-state physicist". arrangements; programmes ; list H.84 Correspondence with colleagues at other US research centres. H.85 Correspondence with colleagues at McMaster University re notice of Frank's lectures Visiting Lectureship; "The mechanics of for aligning polymer molecules". the Earth's crust" "Processes schedule; and Invitations for 1970 H.86 Conference on the Yield Deformation and Fracture of Polymers, Churchill College Cambridge, March/April. NATO Advanced Institute Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 9-16 April. Study on the Moon and Planets, Conference on Law, Science and Politics : Water Pollution and its Effects considered as a World Problem, Aberystwyth, 11-12 July. International Conference on the Science and Technology of Iron and Steel, Tokyo, 7-11 September. 1971 H.87 Colloquium on Liquid Crystals, Pont-A-Mousson, Nancy, 27 June - 3 July. Frank chaired the first session. Correspondence with participants; organisers; & rogrammes; lists of Frank's manuscript notes on proceedings. H.88 International September - 1 October. Symposium on X-ray Topography, 29 Frank delivered the Opening Address. Bristol, Information; draft of Address. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 187 Invitations for 1971 H.89 Institute of Science Technology meetings, Bristol, April-May. Society of Metals Science Japan, International Conference on the Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, Kyoto, 15-20 August. Exeter University discussion meeting on Indentation Hardness of Solids, 23-24 September. 1972 H.90-H.94 Europhysics Conference on Disclinations, Aussois, France, 21- 23 June. Frank was joint organiser with M. Kleman and chaired the first session. H.90-H.92 Correspondence with Kléman and possible participants, and with institutions and companies re funding, 1971-72. 3 folders. Programme; list of participants; disclination bibliographies; Frank's manuscript notes. Abstracts. Invitations for 1972 Gordon Research Conference on Polymer Plastics, Andover, NH, 26-30 June. [Soviet] All-Union Conference on Crystal Growth, Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, 16-23 September. 1973 H.96 Plastics Institute 2nd International Conference on Yield, College Deformation and Cambridge, 26-29 March. Churchill Fracture of Polymers, Press notice; is annotated by Frank "I want to go. a paper". invitations to sum up proceedings. The notice I don't expect to offer NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 188 Invitations for 1973 H.97 Israel Association of Growth of Crystals and Thin Films 4th Annual Meeting, Bar Ilan University, 4 January. International their Interaction with the other kind of Lattice Imperfections, Zakopane, Poland, 18-30 June. Defects Summer School Point and on lst European Crystallographic Meeting, Bordeaux, 5-8 September. 1974 H.98, H.99 Symposium on Dissociation of Dislocations and Associated Two- on dimensional Mechanical Properties, Beaune, France, 9-12 September. Frank was a member of the Advisory Committee. emphasis Defects, effects their with on Correspondence with organisers; of participants. information circular; list H.99 Abstracts. 1975 H.100 International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics 16th General Frank delivered Assembly, Grenoble, 25 August - 6 September. a review paper International Symposium on Snow and Ice Crystals held under the auspices of the General Assembly. "Snow Crystals" the on to Circulars; abstract of Frank’s contribution. H.101-H.105 NATO Advanced Study Institute on Surface Effects in Crystal Plasticity, Hohegeiss, FRG, 5-14 September. Frank delivered the concluding Summary Lecture (Bibliog. 133). H.101 Invitation; correspondence re arrangements. H.102 Information; programme; list of participants. H.103 Abstracts. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 189 H.104 A4 notepad used by Frank for notes on proceedings. H.105 Manuscript and typescript drafts of Frank's lecture. Invitations for 1975 H.106 2nd Liquid Crystal Forum, Leeds, 5-6 April. L'Association Bourguignonne conference, Beaune, France, 25-27 May. des Societés Savantes annual Institution of Metallurgists autumn review course on Innovation Management in Metallurgy, Bristol, 31 October - 2 November. European Applications, Les Arcs, France, 15-18 December. Conference Physics Smectics on of and their 1976 H.107 Royal Astronomical Society Discussion Meeting on Solid State Physics and Geophysics, London, 12 November. Frank spoke "On the significance of Gruneisen'’s Gamma". See D.122, D.123. Programme and brief correspondence. Invitation for 1976 H.108 First European Conference on Crystal Growth, Zurich, 12-18 September. 1977 H.109 Visit to Paris, 15 February - 15 July. to Association In 1975 J. Friedel invited Frank to spend a few months after his retirement working at the Laboratoire de Physique des Whilst in France Frank gave Solides, Universite de Paris-Sud. Cristallographie lectures ("Consequences of pressure changes in the interior of the Earth caused by differentiation of the upper mantle"), Paris, 4 May; Centre de Recherches sur les Macromolecules, Strasbourg, 24 Laboratoire de Physique des Solides ("Some examples of May; domains in magnetic bubble plates and new phase states: nematic thin films"), 2 June. Francaise de Correspondence and papers re visit; material re lectures. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 190 H.110 Royal Astronomical Society UK Geophysical Assembly, Edinburgh, 12-15 April. Advance notices; "If in UK I would wish to attend". copy of registration form filled in by Frank H.111 University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Geophysics Colloquium, 22 June. Frank spoke on coupling between mantle and core. Brief correspondence only. External Examiner (K.11-K.17). Frank was visiting Newcastle as H.112, H.113 6th Europhysics Conference on Macromolecular Physics: Phase Transitions in Bulk Polymers, Varna, Bulgaria, 26-29 September. Frank was on the Scientific Committee and spoke on "Phase transitions". H.112 Invitation; paper "Corrected: correspondence. correspondence with organisers; as delivered Varna 26 Sept. 1977"; draft of Frank’s related H.113 Conference handbook. Invitations for 1977 H.114 Dielectrics Cambridge, 29-31 March. Society meeting on Anisotropic Dielectrics, Symposium on Crystallinity Control and Polymer Mechanics, Chicago, 28 August - 2 September. International Glaciological Society symposium on the Physics and Chemistry of Ice, Cambridge, 11-16 September. 5th [Soviet] All-Union Meeting on Crystal Growth, Tbilisi, 16- 20 September. Meeting on physical aspects of polymer science, Lyons, 27-28 October. International December. Conference on Metaphor, Melbourne, 15-19 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 191 1978 H.115 7th International Liquid Crystal Congress, Bordeaux, 3-7 July. Frank was on the Scientific Committee of the Congress. Brief correspondence re meetings of the Scientific Committee. H.116 Visit to USA, July-August. Frank was invited to IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center, NJ, for consultancy work (see G.117, G.118). While in the US he attended the 4th American Conference on Crystal Growth, Gaithersburg, MD, 16-20 July to receive the first Crystal Growth Award of the American Association for Crystal Growth. Annotated conference brochure; award; brief correspondence from American colleagues. press release announcing the H.117 H.118 Europhysics Physics: 8th Structural Biological Macromolecules (including methods of examination), Bristol, 19- 22 September. Macromolecular Conference Synthetic Aspects common and on to Information; programme; booking form "sent 6/1/78". Sektion fur Kristallwachstum der Schweizer Gesellschaft fur Kristallographie meeting, 5-8 October. Frank spoke on "Theory of the growth of snow crystals". Switzerland, Brig, Correspondence unidentified photographs and graphs. taken during meeting see A.97. notes and re arrangements; programme; For photographs of Frank Invitations for 1978 H.119 Conference on Physics and Applications of Smectic and Lyotropic Liquid Crystals, Madonna di Campiglio, Italy, 9-13 January. NATO Advanced Study Institute on the Mechanism of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 29 March - 7 April. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 192 1979 H.120 Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Growth, Santa Barbara, CA, 15-19 January. Frank chaired the guest presentation. correspondence with organisers and colleagues; Invitation; programme; list of participants; draft of "Introductory remarks for evening session ... in particular, introducing Dr. Mandell"; manuscript notes etc. H.121 NATO Advanced Study Institute on Mechanism of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 27 March - 10 April. Frank spoke on "The effect of anisotropy on conduction in the mantle". Preliminary programme; brief correspondence re publication of proceedings; manuscript notes and calculations. draft of Frank's paper; H.122 Royal Astronomical Society meeting, University College Durham, 10-11 April. Programme and menu only. Not otherwise documented. H.123 2nd European Conference on Crystal Growth, Lancaster, 10-15 September. Initial invitation, annotated "Answered 'Yes'"; be Guest of Honour and to chair a session. invitation to H.124 Seminar, Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris, 8 November. Letter and telegrams re arrangements; letter arising. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 193 1979-80 H.125-H.138 Visit to India, December-February. The Indian Academy of Sciences originally invited Frank to India as Raman Visiting Professor for 1978 when Dorothy Hodgkin, who had declined the Academy's 1977 invitation, was thought Subsequently Hodgkin indicated her willingness to visit India and Frank's visit was postponed for a year. again unavailable. to be Although as Visiting Professor he was based at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, Frank was able to visit Indian research centres and colleagues in Madras, Kalpakkam, Delhi, New Delhi, Kanpur and Mysore. Frank also attended a liquid crystals conference arranged to coincide with his arrival at which he gave the opening lecture. H.125 Correspondence and Frank’s notes re arrangements for visit (including postponement), 1978-79. H.126, H.127 International Conference on Liquid Crystals, Raman Research Institute, 3-8 December. Frank spoke on "What is the director of a liquid crystal?" H.126 copy of Correspondence with S. Chandrasekhar re arrangements; Frank’s contribution; copy of paper by W. Helfrich delivered at the conference with letter from Frank suggesting amendments. H.127 Conference handbook. H.128 Raman Research Institute, Bangalore. Information on Institute activities. H.129 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Brief correspondence re visit to Physics Department; Frank’s criticisms of an article by Institute members, with their 16 February, rebuttals; invitation to the including accounts by Frank and his wife; on Winter Inauguration Crystallographic Computing by Sir John Kendrew. material re total solar eclipse, International School of the NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 194 H.130 Madras, 9-11 January. Frank visited the Reactor Research Centre, Kalpakkam, where he gave a seminar on "Personal reminiscences of the history of crystal defects", the British Centre where he spoke on "Prince Rupert’s Drops", and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Brief correspondence; notices for Frank's talks. H.131 National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, 13-20 January. delivered on Frank can study of "Interaction between scientific disciplines: liquid crystals teach anything of importance for Geophysics?" Krishnan Memorial Lecture 14th the manuscript and typescript drafts Correspondence re lecture; of lecture with calculations and lists of references found with them. H.132 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, 20-27 January. Frank spoke at a colloquium on "Consequences of pressure change in Earth's interior resulting from the differentiation of the Upper Mantle" and gave an Institute Lecture on "Prince Rupert's Drops: a long chapter in the history of materials science". Correspondence re arrangements; programme for Frank's visit. H.133 Solid-State Physics Laboratory, Delhi, January. Frank offered to speak on "Recollections of the history of crystal defect studies". Brief correspondence only. H.134 H.135 Invitations to visit Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad and the Physical Society, Sir Theagaraya College, Madras. Photographs Kabbaldurga, communication, 9 September 1989). visited slides and 25 of the February charnockite margins at private (F.C.F., H.136-H.138 Miscellaneous memorabilia. 3 folders. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 195 1980 H.139 Les NATO Advanced Study Institute on Physics of Defects, Houches, France, 28 July - 30 August. Frank gave a short course on the history of defects and organised an informal session on smectics. Correspondence with organisers re arrangements; background material; manuscript notes and figures. programmes; H.140-H.142 Visit to USA, 17 October - 15 November. Frank was initially invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the US formal recognition as a Foreign Associate Member (A.27, F.194). Engineering National Academy receive to of In the US Frank also served as consultant for IBM at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY (see G.119, in New York, Massachusetts and Colorado. and visited research centres G.120) Frank's itineraries. manuscript notes re arrangements, including National Washington, DC, 29-30 October. Academy of Engineering 16th Annual Meeting, Correspondence re arrangements; programme, etc. Correspondence with colleagues re visits to National Bureau of National Center for Standards, Washington, DC, 31 October; Harvard November; Weather Research, 8-12 University, 12-15 Frank on "Definitions of supersaturation". Boulder, November. spoke each CO, At H.140 H.141 H.142 Invitations for 1980 H.143 Reading University Physics Department colloquium, February. Post Office Research Centre, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, April or May. Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Growth, Holderness, NH, 14-18 July. 4th International Conference on Magnetic Bubbles, Tokyo, 24- 27 September. NGUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 196 1981 H.144 United Nations Association seminar on the need for disarmament , Bristol, 17 October. Frank was chairman. Brief correspondence re arrangements. Invitations for 1981 H.145 Workshop on Nucleation, Les Houches, France, 18-28 February. Conference on High Temperature Plasticity, Les Houches, 19-27 March. NATO Advanced Study Institute on Early Evolution of the Planets and their Atmospheres, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 23 March - 3 April. Gordon Conference on Liquid Crystals, New London, NH, 6-10 July. International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior symposium on the Properties of Materials at High Pressures and Temperatures, London, Ontario, July. 1982 H.146, H.147 2nd General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society, Manchester, 22-25 March. Frank spoke at the conference dinner. H.146 H.147 Invitation; information. programme; list of participants; general Correspondence re publication of Frank’s contribution in Physica Scripta including proof with Frank's corrections. Not listed in Bibliog. H.148, H.149 Visit to Spain 13 April - 3 May. Frank visited Spain at the invitation of the Instituto di Fisica del Estado Solido of the Autonomous University of Madrid, supported by the Royal Society European Programme. He also the Universities of Seville and Saragossa, and the University of the Basque Countries, Bilbao. Complutense visited the University Madrid, H.148 Invitation; correspondence re arrangements; autobiographical note by Frank introducing a paper on "Crystal growth without dislocations"; itineraries. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 197 H.149 Frank's correspondence arising from the visit. R.S.E.P. "Report an on visit to Spain" and H.150, H.151 Visit to USA, July. Frank attended a Gordon Research Conference and served as a consultant for IBM (G.121, G.122). He also visited friends in Vermont. H.150 Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Growth, Plymouth, NH, 12-16 without dislocations". "Crystal growth Frank spoke July. on Correspondence participants; of participants with key, see A.97. background information. arrangements; re programme; of For group photograph list H.151 Correspondence with H. Brooks, Bread Loaf, VT, re visit, 7-11 July. Invitation for 1982 H.152 Lecture course on Polymer Science, University of Massachusetts. 1983 H.153 Cambridge University Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science colloquium, 28 February. Brief correspondence re arrangements. H.154 Maison Francaise d'Oxford Colloquium on Technical Terms in French and English, 28-29 March. Correspondence information. re arrangements; programme ; background Invitations for 1983 H.155 Workshop on Clays and the Origin of Life, Glasgow, 18-24 July. International 6th University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 22-26 August. Institute Summer in Surface Science, 2nd International Seminar on the Living State, New Delhi, November. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 198 1984 H.156-H.158 Eshelby Memorial Symposium on Fundamentals of Deformation and Fracture, Sheffield, 2-5 April. Frank was a General Consultant to the Symposium’s Advisory Board. Correspondence, (programme, abstracts etc.). and material sent to Frank as Consultant 3 folders. H.159 10th International Liquid Crystal Conference, York, 15-21 July. Frank gave the Introduction. extensively Draft of first paragraphs of the Introduction; annotated reprint of Frank's "Introductory remarks" made at a 1983 Royal Society meeting on Liquid Crystals (not otherwise documented); International Liquid Crystal Song. H.160 European Workshop on NDE of Polymers Composites, Termas de Vimeiro, Portugal, 4-5 September. spoke on "Orientation mapping", Bibliog. 142. and Polymer Matrix Frank Correspondence participants; atmospheric optics we were discussing in Portugal". of re list of references from C. Upstill "for the arrangements; programme; list Invitation for 1984 H.161 Workshop on Colloidal Crystals, Les Houches, France, 13-24 February. 1985 H.162 and International Technology, Rolduc Abbey, Limburg, Holland, 14-18 April. Frank was a member of the Meeting’s Advisory Committee. Discussion Meeting on Polymer Science Correspondence from A. Keller and organisers. H.163 Visit to Paris, 27-30 June. Itinerary only. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 199 H.164 Symposium in Honour of David Turnbull on Phase Transitions in Condensed Systems - Experiments and Theory, Boston, MA, 5-6 December. Frank was co-chairman of the session on Crystal growth and solid state transitions. Invitation; abstracts. correspondence re arrangements; programme; Invitation for 1985 H.165 Indian Academy of Sciences Golden Jubilee Meeting, Bangalore, 6-8 February. 1986 H.166 Visit to Canada, 6-23 August. Travel documents only. Invitation for 1986 H.167 4th Hungarian Conference on Crystal Growth/lst International Symposium on Shaped Crystal Growth. 1987 H.168 International Conference to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Discovery of Frank participated in a Round Table Discussion with H. Frohlich, C.M.G. Lattes, B. Marshak and others. 22-24 July. Bristol, the Pion, Invitation; poster; preliminary programme. Invitations for 1987 H.169 Gordon Research Conference on Liquid Crystals, Wolfeboro, NH, 22-26 June. International Workshop on Quasicrystals, Peking, 30 August - 5 September. NGUACS 15 /8/89 F.C. Frank 200 SECTION J CORRES PONDENCE J.1-J.266 J.1-J5.228 GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE In alphabetical Correspondence with individuals. order of information of particular biographical, historical or scientific interest. indication with an J.229-J3.266 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE In chronological order. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 201 GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE J.1, 5.2 Ashbee, K.H.G. 1971-84 Ashbee was a colleague in the Bristol Physics Department. He and Frank were jointly responsible for the invention of the The material in J.2 concerns the "nitinol" heat engine. invention and patenting of this device. For photograph of Frank and Ashbee with their engine see A.97. J.1 J.2 1971-84. 1975-83. J.3 Atkinson, R.H. 1969-71 Slip traces in a-brass. Bartley, D.L. 1976-77 Chiefly re Bartley’s paper roughening transition at ice-vapor surfaces". on "Reconstructed ledges and J.5-J5.7 Bassett, D.C. 1960-83 Bassett was Physics Department 1960-61 and held a postdoctoral research post 1961- 62. a Courtauld Scholar Bristol in the Research, appointments. J.5 J.6 J.7 1960, 1963, 1970. 1975, 1976. 1981-83. J.8 J.9 Beaumont, P.W.R. 1971, 1973 Beevers, J.A. 1973 Models of snow crystals. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 202 Bilby, B.A. } 1955, 1957, 1982 1982 correspondence is re J.D. Bilby’s Royal Society memoir of Eshelby. Eshelby Memorial Fund and Blackman, M. 1975, 1976, 1983 J.12-5.14 Braun, E. 21984 "First draft" of Braun’s chapter "Mechanical properties of solids" sent to Frank for comments. 3 folders. Buckingham, A.D. . 1976-78 Isotropic segregation effects. J.16, J.17 Bunn, C.W. 1961 Draft of Bunn'’s paper on melting points sent to Frank for comments. 2 folders. Burch, C.R. 1960-83, nd. J.19-J.21 Cabrera, N. 1970-82 J.19 J.20 J.21 1970-71. Proposed visit to UK. 1974-76. Proposed visit to UK. 1981-82. "Celebration" of 1951 paper by Frank, Cabrera and W.K. Burton "The growthof crystals and the surfaces" (Bibliog. 30) during British Association of Crystal Growth meeting, September 1981. equilibrium structure of their NGUAGS 15/8/89 F.c. Frank J.22 Cahn, J.W. 203 1982-85 1982 correspondence is re Cahn’s paper "Transitions and phase equilibria among grain boundary structures". J.23 Candler, C. 1952-53 Spectrographic analysis of diamond dust. J.24 Chandrasekhar, S. 1981, 1983 Visits to Bristol. J.25-J5.27 Cherian, K.A. 1977-85 J.25 J.26 J.27 1977-79. Chiefly re overgrowths on diamond. 1980. pressure. Metastable growth of diamond at low 1981, 1985. "Crystallization pressure". 1981 material is re Cherian’s paper atmospheric diamond of at J.28-J.30 Cladis, P.E. 1974-83 J.28 J.29 J.30 1974, 1976. 1981-82. Chiefly re cholesteric blue phases. 1983. J.31 Davies, M. 1983-84 Chiefly re Davies's tribute to P. Debye published in Phys. Bull. 35 (1984). J.32 Decker, P. 1973 Crystal growth. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank J. 33 De Gennes, P.G. 204 1972-77 1977 material is letter to Frank from De Gennes entitled "Difference between random walk probabilities and statistical weights for ideal chains near a wall", with drafts of Frank’s reply and manuscript notes and calculations. .34 Dew-Hughes, D. Visit to Bristol to discuss superconductivity. 35, J.36 DiMarzio, E.A. 2 folders. 1963 1979 .37 Domb, C. 1975, 1977 1975 material is re paper "Cluster shapes in lattice gases and percolation" by Domb et al. .38 .39 re Eades, J.A. Eisner, E. 1973 1967 -40-J.44 Elton, Margaret Ann, Lady, and others 1972-76 Correspondence and papers re the future of the Sir Arthur Elton Collection of historical material on the Industrial Revolution. After Sir Arthur Elton’s death in 1973 the Treasury accepted It is now held by the the Collection in lieu of death duties. Ironbridge Gorge Museum. J.40 J.41 J.42 J.43 J.44 1972, 1973. 1974, 1975. 1976. Obituaries 1973. Background material. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 205 J.45-J5.49 Eshelby, J.D. 1960-79, nd. J.45 J.46 J.47 J.48 J.49 1960. Lothe (Phys. Rev. 115). Comments on paper by J.P. Hirth and J. 1965, 1966. 1968. 1970-79. Nd. J.50, J.51 Evans, T. 1962-81 Evans studied for his B.Sc. and Ph.D. at Bristol University. J.50 J.51 1962, 1975. 1981. Includes Frank’s comments on Evans and Z. Qi's paper "The kinetics of the aggregation of nitrogen atoms in diamond". Evison, F.F. Earthquake sources. 1965-66 J.53-J3.55 Fisher, J.C. 1960-82 J.53 J.54 1960-73. Includes calculation of relative fuel consumption per passenger-mile of Concorde and the Queen Mary. 1975-76. Includes correspondence re Fisher's paper "Elementary particle model based on a non- linear 8-component Fermion field. J.55 1980-82. J.56 Flory, P.J. 1962 re Flory's paper "On the morphology of crystalline state in polymers". NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank J.57-5.59 Forty, A.J. 206 1953-83 Forty was Frank's first research student at Bristol. J.57 J.58 J.59 1953. Includes draft of Forty's paper "Some evidence for the existence of dislocations in crystals" with Frank’s comments. 1964-65. 1982-83. J.60 Freeman, G.P. 1952 Slip-bands in diamond. J.61-5.64 Friedel, J. 1972-80 J.61 1972-75, 1980. diffusion on ice. 1975 correspondence is re surface J.62-3.64 1977. with comments by Frank and M. Kléman. Drafts of papers on dislocations by Friedel 3 folders. J.65 Geach, G.A. Furrow structure on aluminium. J.66 Gibbs, D.F. 1980-81 correspondence is re Physics Teachers’ Forum. J.67, J.68 Giess, E.A. 1949 1973-81 1980-83 J.67 J.68 1981 correspondence is re paper by Giess 1980-81. et al "Gadolinium gallium garnet liquid phase epitaxy and the physical chemistryof garnet molten solutions". 1982-83. Giess. Chiefly re paper by K. Watanabe and NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 207 Goulty, N.R. 1975, 1977 Chiefly re Goulty and R. Gilman's paper "Repeated creep events on the San Andreas fault near Parkfield, California recorded by a strainmeter array". Gray, D.G. Hydroxypropyl cellulose aqueous mesophase. Griffin, G.J.L. 1976 1970 Patents law, motion of ellipsoidal particles in viscous fluid. Hallett, J. 1975, 1980 Hart, M. J.74-J5.84 Hesketh, R.V. 1968-84 1966-83 1966-70. Hesketh worked at the CEGB’s Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories He was Visiting Lecturer in Bristol Physics until 1983. Department 1969-77 concerns Hesketh's study of thermodynamics and in particular his claim that he had shown "we can link thermodynamic equilibrium rigorouslyto the linear region of disequilibriun, and this in turn quantitatively to the non-linear region of disequilibrium". correspondence Most of the J.74 1966-69 J.80 1974 (2) J.75 1970 J.81 1975 J.76 1971 (1) J.82 1976 (1) J.77 1971 (2) J.83 1976 (2), 1977 J.78 1973 J.79 1974 (1) J.84 1979, 1981, 1983 J.85 Hodgkin, D.M.C. 1958, 1976 1976 correspondence is re the "Merton Calculators". NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank J.86-J.88 Hoffman, J.D. 208 1959-86 J. 86 J.87 1959, 1960, 1962. growth. Polymer crystals, spherulitic 1975, fibrils formed by flow-induced crystallisation. 1979 correspondence is re 1979. 1976, J.88 1981-86. J.89 Holland, W.P. 1980, 1984 1984 correspondence is re "eutectic" phase in liquid (or "fluid") crystals. J.90-J5.92 Holt, D.B. 1965-80 J.90 J.91 J.92 1965, 1968. paper in compounds" with Frank's comments. 1968 material is draft of Holt’s semiconducting boundaries "Antiphase 1974-75. 1980. Draft of Holt's paper "Polarityreversal and symmetry in the sphalerite structure" with Frank's comments. J.93 Hoyle, F. 1947 Hydrogen-helium ratio in stars. James, A.N. 1977-79 Crystal growth pressures. J.95-J.122 Jones, R.V. 1949-84 Jones was a contemporary of Frank’s at Oxford, graduating in They became close friends as postgraduates while Jones 1932. was studying infra-red radiation. At the outbreak of war Jones was working in scientific Frank joined his team, at intelligence for the Air Ministry. The wartime activities of Jones's request, in November 1940. Jones and his colleagues are documented in Jones’s book Most Secret War (1978). After the war Jones was appointed Professor of Natural Philosophy at Aberdeen University. The material is scientific and non-scientific correspondence and drafts sent to Frank for comment. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 209 1949-51, chiefly re lithium fluoride crystals. 1956, 1957. 1949 correspondence is 1960-64. 1960 correspondence is chiefly re proposed crystal growth conference. 1961 material is re Jones's articles in The Times on "Scientists at War". 1968-70. 1971. with R.E. Peierls re momentum. Includes copies of Jones’s correspondence 1972. 1973. effect of the world wars on British science. Chiefly re Royal Society meeting on the 1974 February, May. 1974 June-December. Includes copy of Jones's "Epilogue" to Royal Society meeting on science and the world wars (J.100). 1975. Includes letter of 8 October enclosing 1976. Jones's first draft of Most Secret War sent to Frank for 15 November. and Frank's reply of comments, Draft of Most Secret War. The draft is incomplete because Jones only sent the later sections and because had annotated. 7 folders. returned Frank pages those he Press-cutting re and reviews of Most Secret War, including Frank's. 1977. Chiefly correspondence with D.G. Kendall re “number problem" first put to Kendall by Jones in 1975. 1978. Butcher. Includes copy of tribute to Jones by N.E. 1979. Elton. Includes copy of tribute to Jones by L.R.B. Includes letter of 21 August enclosing 1980. Jones's "draft of the bulk of the paper on tech- nology and conflict" sent to Frank for comments, and Frank's reply of 11 September. J.100 J.101 J.102 J.103 J.104 J.105-J.111 J.112 JA413 J.114 J.115 J.116 J.117,J3.118 Draft conflict". of "Some impacts of new technology on 2 folders. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 210 J.119 J.120 J.121 J.122 1981-83. 1984 March-June. Chiefly correspondence with Jones and P.L. Rose, a historian of science, re the German attempts to harness atomic power during the Second World War. 1984 November. Draft of "Heisenberg, German morality and the atomic bomb 1939-1945" by Rose. Nd. Includes untitled draft by Jones beginning "The devices of Archimedes in the defence of Syracuse gave an earnest of what would happen in warfare as scientific knowledge expanded". J.123 Kay, H.F. J.124 Keith, H.D. 1964-69 1976-83 J.125, J.126 Keller, A. 1960-83, nd. Keller was a colleague in the Bristol Physics Department. J.125 J.126 1965, 1970 material is copy of 1960, Keller's inaugural lecture as Research Professor in Polymer Science. 1970. 1974 material is research 1974-77, 1983, nd. proposal; 1976 correspondence with Keller and D.S. Oliver re discussion on fibre reinforced plastics; 1977. on elongational flow. correspondence research chiefly re J.127 Kelly, A. 1969-72 Includes draft of Kelly's paper "The core of the earth - a conjecture", with Frank's comments. J.128 Kern, R. 1968-71 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank J.129-J.143 King, G.C.P., and others 211 1970-81 King applied for Royal Society Paul Instrument Fund grants for 1970-72 for the construction of a wire strain gauge, and 1975- 81 Frank on both occasions consented to act as assessor. for building geophysical tiltmeters. J.129 J.130 J.131 J.132 J.133 J.134 J.135 J.136 J.144, J.145 Kléman, M. J.144 J.145 1970 1971 1972 (1) 1972 (2) 1974, 1975 1976 1977 (1) 1977 (2) 1975-78. J.137 J.138 J.139 J.140 J.141 J.142 J.143 1977 (3) 1978 1979 (1) 1979 (2) 1979 (3) 1980 1981 1975-85 Oswald's paper Includes 1983-84 material re Kléman and 1979-85. P. for helical instabilities of screw dislocation lines in Sm A phases". "Experimental evidence J.146 Knight, C.A. 1971-80 J.147, J.148 Landauer, R. 1978, 1980-81 J.147 1978. Landauer. Notes on overdamped soliton motion etc. by J.148 1980-81. Solitons. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 212 J.149-J.153 Lang, A.R. 1962-87, nd. Lang was a colleague in the Bristol Physics Department. J.149 J.150 J.151 J.152 1962-65. Lang and H.H. repeated impurity distribution in amethyst". 1965 material is Frank's comments on "A study of and Schlossin's lattice imperfections twinning, paper 1966-68. research on crystals. Letter of 10 October 1967 is re proposed 1977, 1979, 1983 Cold fusion. 1987. Includes copy of Lang's letter to The Times drawing attention to Frank's 1947 article in Nature (Bibliog. 13) which first introduced the idea of meson-catalysed fusion. With other background material. photocopy article and a of the J,Lo3 Nd. J.154 Laves, F. J.155-J.157 Lawn, B.R. 1964, 1975 1966-80 Lawn was Postdoctoral Fellow in the Bristol Physics Department 1963-66. J.155 J.156 J.157 1966. crystals, with special reference to diamond". Lawn's paper "Hertzian fracture in single 1967-73. 1975, 1980. J.158 re Levich, V.G. 1972 Soviet Academician Levich was expelled from his Chair at Moscow University for seeking permission to emigrate to Israel. The material relates to the campaign in the West on his behalf in which Frank was involved. J.159 Lewis, B. 1971-72 Chiefly re nucleation theory. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank J.160 Lothe, J. J.161 McGregor, A.G. J.162, J.163 Mackley, M.R. 213 1958-59 1967 1976-83 J.162 Includes Mackley and M.V. Berry's paper 1976. "The unstable persistently extensional flow" with Frank’s brief comments. unfolding six-roll mill: an J.163 1977-83. loops. 1982-83 correspondence re disclination J.164 Mevrel, R. J.165 Meyer, R.B. 1974-75 1968-77 1968 material re Meyer’s paper magnetic crystals". fields the on structure "Effects of electric and liquid cholesteric of J.166 Miles, M.J. 1981 Material on slackness elements and calculation of velocity original profiles envelopes. retained Miles, Frank sent by in to J.167 Mitchell, J.W. 21951 Mitchell was a colleague in the Bristol Physics Department. Duplicated typescript papers by Mitchell. J.168 Moore, A.M. 1969, 1972, 1974 Moore studied for his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at Bristol. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 214 J.169-J.172 Mott, N.F. 1946-83, nd. Mott was Professor of Theoretical Physics at Bristol when Frank joined the Physics Department in 1946 and held the H.O. Wills Chair of Physics 1948-54. In 1954 he was appointed Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics at Cambridge. J.169 J.170 1946, 1948-50. Much of the early correspondence is letters received by Mott and passed on to Frank. 1950. Translations from Soviet periodicals dealing with the relationship between science and the Soviet State, sent to Mott by the Foreign Office and passed on to Frank. J.171 21952, 1954-56. J.172 1966, 1983, nd. J.173 Munk, W.H. J.174-J.176 Nabarro, F.R.N. 1981 1949-87 Nabarro was Royal Society Warren ResearchFellowin the Bristol In 1949 he took up a post in the Physics Department from 1945. returning to Bristol as University of the Witwatersrand, Visiting Professor 1959-60. J.174 J.175 J.176 1949-64. 1965-74. 1975-87. to UK. 1975 material chiefly re proposed visit J.177-J3.180 Nicolaysen, L.O. 1980-81 Correspondence re drafts of papers by Nicolaysen on theory of the Earth’s core. 4 folders. J.181 Owen, H.G. 1976 re Owen's paper on "The expanding earth". NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 215 J.182 Pamplin, B.R. 1974-75, 1979 1974-75 correspondence re Paul Instrument Fund support for Accelerated Crucible Rotation Crystal Growth. J.183-J.185 Parasnis, A.S. 1969, 1980-84 Parasnis studied for his Ph.D. at Bristol as Research Fellow 1958-59. J.183 J.184 1969. vapour. Growth of sodium chloride crystals from 1980. Draft of Parasnis and K. Rao’s paper "Dislocation dipoles and charged dislocations in Magnesium Oxide" with Frank's comments. J.185 1981-84. Visits, research. J.186-J.192 Parkin, D.W. 1967-81 Correspondence and papers re work submitted for publication by Parkin. J.186 J.187 J.188 J.189 1967, 1969, 1971-72 1973 1974-75 1978 (1) J.190 J.191 J.192 1978 (2) 1978 (3) 1979-81 J.193 Pennings, A.J. 1969-71 Crystallisation phenomena. J.194-J.198 Plumley, G.A.K. 1978-83 Theory of thermodynamics. J.194 J.195 1978 1979 J.196 1980-81 J.197 J.198 1982 1983 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank J.199 Pond, R.C. 216 1976-86 Research on crystals, 1976 material chiefly re coincidence boundaries. J.200 Pound, G.M. 1956-66 J.201 re Powell, C.F. 1969, 1974, 1982 Powell won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1950 and was Frank's predecessor as Director of the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory. Powell died in 1969. J.202, J.203 Powers, H.E.C. 1949-81 J.202 J.203 1949, 1956, 1970, 1972. 1979-81. of sucrose nucleation". Chiefly re Powers’ paper "An alphabet J.204 Pryce, M.H.L. 1949, 1956, 1961 Letter of 18 May 1956 is re diamond spikes. J.205-J3.207 Puttick, K.E. 1966-79 Puttick held the Royal Society Armourers and Brasiers’ Research Fellowship at Bristol 1954-57. J.205 J.206 J.207 1966, project on epitaxial growth on diamond. 1969 correspondence re research 1969. 1972-74. fields methacrylate)". round in Puttick’s paper "Stress and strain (methyl indentations Poly 1975, scaling of Hertzian stress fields. 1978-79. Polymer indentation, energy J.208 Rault, J. 1975, 1977, nd. J.209 Read, W.T. 1950-78 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank J.210 Richardson, M.J. re Frank’s properties of polyethylene single crystals". on Richardson’s paper comments 217 1965 "Thermodynamic J.211 Rossi, G. 1969 Crystal surfaces. J.212-J5.214 Sadler, D.M. 1982-87, nd. Sadler was a colleague in the Bristol Physics Department. J.212 J.213 J.214 1982-84. 21986. Draft of Sadler's paper "On the growth of two dimensional crystals" with Frank's comments. 21987, nd. Includes drafts of Sadler’s papers "A new explanation of chain folding" and "Kinetic theories of crystallization" with Frank’s comments. J.215 Sciama, D.W. 1974. Funds for gravitational wave detector. J.216 Simon, F.E. 1949, 1950, 1955 J.217 Small, P.A. Dissociation pressure of polymethyl methacrylate. J.218 Surek, T. Direction of growth on crystal surface. 1948-49 1975 J.219 Suzuki, T. 1956, 1959 J.220 Tabor, D. 1949, 1971, 1977, 1980 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 218 J.221 Thomas, J.M. 1973, 1975, 1976 1976 material includes draft of Thomas, S.E. Morsi and J.O. Williams's paper "Stacking sequences and partial dislocations as interpretative frameworks for solid state reactions in organic molecular crystals" sent to Frank for comment. J.222 Tolansky, S. 1948-49 Triangular pits on diamond, inflected fringes, thin films. J.223 Vadilo, P.S. 1961-62, 1976 1976 material includes draft of Vadilo's paper "Sculpture of diamond and its significance" sent to Frank for comment. J.224 Wells, P.N.T. 1981 of pressure Measurement Frank suggested a means of calculation involving the measurement of the resonant frequency of a small air-bubble injected into the bladder. changes in the bladder. J.225 Whiffen, D.H. 1981 Scientific symbols. J.226 Wirtz, K. 1945-50, 1960 J.227 Wylie, R.G. 1949, 1959, 1969, 1977 1959 material re dissolution properties of crystal surfaces. J.228 Young, P.H.J. 1979-82 Letter of 25 February 1981 re "The Jet Engine". NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 219 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC C ORRESPONDENCE J.229 1936-43 J.230 1944, 1947, 1948 J.231 1949 J.232 1950 J .233 1952-54 J.234 1955 J.235 1956 J.236 1957-59 J.237 1960-61 J.238 1962-63 J.239 1964-66 J.240 1967-68 J.241 1969 J.242 J.243 1970 1971 J.244 1972 January-June J.245 J.246 J.247 1972 August-December 1973 1974 .248 .249 .250 .251 .252 .253 254 ~299 .256 257 .258 .259 . 260 .261 . 262 . 263 .264 .265 . 266 1975 January-June 1975 July-November 1976 January-June 1976 July-December 1977 February-June 1977 July-November 1978 1979 January-April 1979 June-November 1980 1981 January-May 1981 June-November 1982 1983 1984 January-March 1984 April-October 1985, 1986 1987 Nd. NGUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 220 SECTION K REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS K.1-K.62 K.1-K.22 EXAMINING K.23-K.43 APPOINTMENTS K.44-K.51 GRANT APPLICATIONS K.52-K.55 HONOURS AND AWARDS K.56-K.62 MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL IN THIS SECTION IS SUBJECT TO RESTRICTION NCUAGS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 221 EXAMINING Higher Degrees Aberdeen Newcastle K.1 K.2 K.3 K.4 K.5 1952, 1956 1967, 1968 1970, 1971 1972 1973, 1974 K.6 K.7 K.8 K.9 1975-78 1979 1980, 1981 1982 K.10 1983 Frank served as External Examiner for Aberdeen University Department of Natural Philosophy from 1948. K.11 1948 (1) K.15 1950 K.12 1948 (2) K.16 1955 K.13 1949 (1) K.17 Examination papers 1941-47 K.14 1949 (2) Frank served as External Examiner for Newcastle University School of Physics 1976-78. K.18 K.19 1975-76 1976 K.20 1977 (1) K.21 K.22 1977 (2) 1978 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 222 APPOINTMENTS K.23 1954, 1960 K.34 1976-77 K.24 1964 K.25 1965 K.26 1966 K.27 1967 K.28 1968 K.29 1969 K.30 1970 K.35 1977 (1) K.36 1977 (2) K.37 1977 (3) K.38 1978-80 K.39 1981 K.40 1982 K.41 1983 K.31 1971, 1972 K.42 1984, 1987 K.32 1973 K.43 Nd. K.33 1974, 1975 GRANT APPLICATIONS K.44 1957, 1959, 1966-68 K.48 1972, 1975 K.45 1968-69 K.46 K.47 1969-70 1971 K.49 1976 K.50 1977, 1979 K.51 1982 HONOURS AND AWARDS K.52 K.53 1967, 1968 1972, 1975 K.54 K.55 1977, 1978 1980, 1982-84 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 223 MISCELLANEOUS Cambridge University Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics Frank was invited to serve on the Committee as Royal Society representative on 10 December 1974. The Committee met annually to receive a report from the Head of the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics and to advise on Departmental activities. Frank served until its dissolution in 1980 when the Department was merged with those of Geology, and Mineralogy and Petrology in the new Department of Earth Sciences. material The committee papers. consists principally of correspondence and K.56 1974, 1975 K.59 1978 K.57 1976 K.58 1977 K.60 1979, 1980 NATO Advanced Study Institutes Frank gave advice to the Advisory Panel on the Advanced Study Institutes Programme between 1974 and 1986. K.61 Correspondence and papers. United Bristol Hospitals Advisory Appointments Committee K.62 Frank served as Bristol University representative 1967. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 224 LIST OF PUBLICATIONS The following bibliography of 148 items was supplied to the cataloguers by Sir Charles Frank as the most complete list of his publications. References in the catalogue are to this list in the form Bibliog. 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 "Dipole induction and the solvent effect in dipole moment measurements", Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. A152, 171. 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COLOMBO, Umberto COLSTON RESEARCH SOCIETY COLVIN, Michael Keith Beale COMITE DE DIRECTION DU LABORATOIRE DE PHYSIQUE DES SOLIDES, UNIVERSITE DE PARIS SUD l l C .34 .184, F.318, F.329 .123 e l e L 49 L U .6 .255 .175 77 2232 .195 L l e e o o S P P 71 D w .101, B.114, B.147 e e y . 326 .173 P B .22 > o .123-B.131 See also H.2 A. 104 F. 48-F.53 COMMISSION DES PUBLICATIONS FRANGAISES DE PHYSIQUE .132, D.181-D.194 CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS COPPING, Barry William COTTRELL, Sir Alan (Howard) COTTRELL, John COTTY, W.F. COUPER, Aitken COUSSEINS, J.C. COWHIG, William T. COWLEY, John Maxwell .195-D.207 .60 .94 30, B.41 324, F.335 -45 . 230 .296 . 66 .85 .43, G.59, G.61, G.63, .64, G.87, G.94, G.95 64 .173 e r w a s t o e P f Q w F .139 0 9 0 .27 A NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 245 COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon COX, Francoise Y. COXETER, Harold Scott Macdonald CRABTREE, Lewis Frederick CROWTHER, B.M. B.54 D.139 F.65 F.131 J.266 A.96 F.2 D.25 CRUICKSHANK, Austin James Bruce F.61, F.87 GRUSSARD, C. CULLEN, Alexander Lamb CUNLIFFE, Geoffrey CURTIS, L.F. CUSTERS, Jan Frans Henri CZECHOSLOVAK JOURNAL OF PHYSICS DAMMONT, Fred R. DAVIES, John Hugh DAVIES, Mansel Morris DAVIS, Edward A. DAVIS, Martin Francis DAWSON, John Barry DAY, Douglas A. DEAN, Paul Jeremy DE BEERS CONSOLIDATED MINES LIMITED DEBYE, Peter DECKER, P. DEELMAN, John C. J.231 F.330 H.68, H.70 B.125 c.140 G.26, G.27 H.72 H.50 B.9 B.90 F.61 J.31 D.247, D.248 K.42 c.166 J.243 D.148 J.247 B.48-B.51 G.24-G.99 H.6 See also C.34, C.35-37, C.48, C.50, C.76, J.31 J.32 J.252 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 246 de GENNES, Pierre-Gilles DEITZ, Victor Reuel DEKEYSER, Willy Clement DELOCHE, Bertrand DEMBO, V.A. DE MORPURGO, John DENTON, Sir Eric (James) DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH DERYAGIN, Boris Vladimirovich DES CLOIZEAUX, J. DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER NATURFORSCHER LEOPOLDINA DEVONS, Samuel DEVONSHIRE, Albert F. DEW-HUGHES, David de WIT, Roland DHAWAN, Satish DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY DIENES, George Julian DILL, Ken A. DIMARZIO, Edmund A. DINGLEY, David J. DIRAC, Paul Adrien Maurice DITCHBURN, Robert William B.41 F.328 H.87 J.33 See also C.165, C.176 R O l l a G $52 .116, F.123, F.126, F.128, .154, F.156, F.165, F.183 .258 .53 . 266 .232 a A . 36 e e e .88, B.89 .68 .o4 W U -256 e w A .185-D.190, D.192 .92 .54 . 88 See also A.69, B.12, B.135 n o .34 o e .90, H.91 .125 .92 232, D.260 > .68 7 .35, J.36 a .314 .6 ? n Y See B.135 C.132 F.111, F.244 G.36, G.38, G.39, G.41, G.46, G.56-G.69, G.94 J.96 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 247 DJADKOV, Emil Stefanov DOBBS, Edwin Roland J.231 A.71 DOBSON, Gordon Miller Bourne J.227, J.231 DOMB, Cyril DONALD, A.M, DONNAY, Gabrielle DONNAY, J.H.D. DORMAN, Sir Maurice (Henry) DORN, John E. DRECHSLER, M. DREW, G.C. DREWE, James DRUBBA, Helmut DUGDALE, John Sydney DUNHAM, Sir Kingsley (Charles) DUNN, Cecil G. DUNNING, W.J. DUNWOODY, N.T. DUNWORTH, John Vernon DUTTA, A. DYER, Henry B. DYSON, J. EABORN, Colin EADES, John Alwyn EASTWOOD, Eric EBORALL, R. EDITIONS DE PHYSIQUE EDWARDS, A.W.F. EDWARDS, Sir George (Robert) EDWARDS, Harry G. J.37 F.72 J.264 E.42 H.90 F.8 J.236 J.240 K.33 J.248, J.249 D.139 D.195, D.205, D.206 J.158 J.230 See also C.133 J.230 F.361 F.200 C.46 F.136 G.89 J.231 J.246 J.38 A.65 J.232 D.207 A.67 H.67 F.283-F.285, F.291, F.292 EDWARDS, Sir Sam (Samuel Frederick) B.45 F.67, F.96, F.374 J.243 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 248 EGYPTIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS EICHHOLZ, David E. EISNER, Edward ELDER, John W. ELECTRONICS LETTERS ELECTRONICS RESEARCH COUNCIL ELEY, Daniel Douglas D.209 A.69 J.39 F.326 J.250 D.210 F.55 F.318 K.52 ELLIOTT, Sir Roger (James) F.328, F.332 EL-NASR, A.E. Abou ELTON, Sir Arthur (Hallam Rice) ELTON, Lewis Richard Benjamin ELTON, Margaret Ann, Lady ELWELL, Dennis ENDEAVOUR ENDERBY, John Edwin ENGINEERING SYNOPSES ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION K.5 A.70 B.122 J.40 See also J.41-J.44 J.115 J.40-J.42 F.149 D.211 K.41 D.212-D.218 A.65 F.56 ENVIRONMENT SCIENCE SERVICES ADMINISTRATION (ESSA) F.57, F.58 ERICKSEN, Jerry L. ESCAIG, B. ESHELBY, John Douglas EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY EVANS, Meredith Gwynne H.90 J.264 H.98 D.220 F.326 H.90 J.45-J5.49 See also C.128, H.156-H.158 J.10 F. 59 H.66, H.77, H.146 See also D.69 J.231 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 249 EVANS, R.C. EVANS, Trevor EVEREST, David Anthony EVERETT, Douglas Hugh EVERETT, Tom H.K. EVISON, Frank F. EZELL, Margaret J.M. FABER, T.E. FAIRBANK, Henry Alan FAKTOR, Marc Marian FANKUCHEN, Isidor FARADAY SOCIETY FARRELL, Christopher J. FEILDEN, Geoffrey Bertram Robert FELD, Bernard Taub FELLOWES, R. FERGUSON, J. FERRANTI LIMITED FIELD, John Edwin FINCH, George Ingle FINEGOLD, Leonard X. FISCHER, E. FISHER, Dorothy G. S Y .172 A t .69, G.98 .143 O o .50, J.51 e y .198, F.200 e e w H .20, A.68 .81, B.134 38 + .61 o O . 264 s y 288, F.293, F.295 o O o .92 .263 e h o S e m o D e H .233 .95 .143 .229 .20 .60-F.72 253, J.256 .67 .205-F.207, F.209, F.221, 223, F.247 . 296 s y P w .95 y F h s e o a n e P w .65 . 102 .53 38, G.49, G.54, G.60, G.62, .64-G.67, G.69, G.71, G.73, 74 .594 G 4 247 A T -43 .103 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 250 FISHER, John Crocker U C .66, A.67, A.69 FISHER, Michael Ellis FLETCHER, Neville H. FLEURY, P. FLINT, Einar P. FLORY, Paul John FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron FOLLOWELL, Roy F. FORD, Sir Hugh FOREIGN OFFICE FOREMAN, A.J.E. FORTY, Arthur John FORWOOD, C.T. FOSTER, Brian FOWDEN, Sir Leslie FOWLER, Andrew C. FOWLER, Gerald Nathan FOWLER, Peter Howard FOWLER, Sir Ralph Howard FOX, Douglas G.A. FRANCIS, William L. FRANK, Frederick and Medora Celia Emma FRANK, Maia Maita FRANKLIN, E. FRANKLIN, Peggy FREEMAN, G.P. FREIER, Shalheveth FREISER, Henry l l l e l e l l .93-J3.55 .237 .173 .178 .301 .256 .36 .67 r e P r e l -42-B.46 l P U U U P R r U l U l U l U O U K O K O e l e 334, F.353, F.372 . 66 .69 341 7/3, F.74 .236 47 35, D.207 19, J.57-J3.59 2, K.3 .27 .168 .341 319, F.321, F.322 .20 .37 r r 327, F.372 . 168 l e e .238 O o P .11 80 334 47-A.52 .60 8, H.12 253 12 .60 249 .230 e e P P G o G U F o W O Q NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 251 FRIEDEL, Jacques FRITSCHE, Hans G. FROHLICH, Herbert FROWEIN, F. FRY, Thomas Robert FUJIOKA, Yoshio FULLER, Richard Buckminster FUMI, Fausto Gherardo FURUKAWA, Kazuo GALT, John Kirtland GANELIUS, Tord Hjalmar GARCIA, Nicholas GARLICK, George Frederick John GARNER, William Edward GARRARD, D.J. GARWIN, Richard Lawrence GEACH, George Alwyn GEDDES, A.E.M. GEE, Geoffrey GEHMAN, William G. GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) a A : p v e o s e O G o A P W 2122 124, D.191, D.195, D.247, . 260 48, F.49, F.52, F.329 . 109 .61-J.64 8, K.44 .174 U 0 o .180 o q . 230 See also C.110 3 74 e o 79 -11 = .90 o S 147, D.148 46, E.47 e e 247, J.264 .139 o o ( z u m o 84 .169 .59 . 162 .148 Z G A .42 . 26 «ks A n m W . 230 o a See C.83 J. 257, J.259 B. 55 B. 66 K. 11, K.13 F. 201 H. 50 G. 100-G.113 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 252 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY GERRYTS, E. GIANNI, Ernesto GIBBS, David Fortnam GIBBS, Peter GIBSON, W. Martin GIESS, Edward August GILL, J.C. GILLMAN, Jack J. GILMER, George Hudson GLEN, John Wallington GODDARD, Air Marshal Sir (Robert) Victor GOLDSTEIN, Martin GOODENOUGH, John Bannister A.11 c.58 H.102 G.35 E.22 B.136 F.314 J.66 J.236 B.4 F.374 D.128 F.133 G.117, G.119, G.121 H.143, H.150 J.67, J.68 F.372 J.237 H.150 D.226 H.77, H.114 D.263 J.245 D.260 J.255 GOODMAN, Colin H.L. F.117, F.127, F.135, F.136 GOOLD-ADAMS, Richard GORDON, Manfred GORDON, Martin B. GOTOH, Y. GOUGH, Herbert John GOULTY, Neil R. GOVERNING BODIES ASSOCIATION GRANDJEAN, F. GRANT, Willis GRAVES, Arthur M. GRAY, Derek G. J.249 A.69 H.79 D.260 F.175 A.12 J.69 F.75 H.92 B.80 D.142 J.70 NGUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 253 GRAY, George William GRAY, Peter GREEN, Albert Edward GREEN, Rev. Vivian Hubert Howard GREENE, Graham GREENLAND CLUB GREENPEACE GREGORY, Bernard P. GREGORY, J. Martin GREGORY, Richard Langton GRIFFIN, G.J.L. GRIFFIN, L.J. GRIGGS, David Tressel GRODZINSKI, P. GROSS, Michael GUBBINS, David GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand GUINIER, A. GURNEY, Ian J.247 J.237 F.327 A.66 A.67 F.76 F.77 F.49 H.109 E.38-E.40 E.36 J.71 D.25 F.65 J.232 H.64 G.25 H.111 J.254, J.260 J.229 See also C.30 F.139 J.266 GUTTERIDGE, William F. F.206, F.212, F.241-F.244 GUYON, E. HAHN, Otto HALL, Alfred Rupert HALL, Sir Arnold (Alexander) HALL, Martin HALLETT, J. HALLETT, Phyllis R. HALSEY, R.J. HAMDAN, Mohammed A. H.124 J.226 D.73 F.194 A.19 J.72 E.11 J.237 D.208 HANBURY, Harold Greville A.23, A.64, A.65, A.67 See also C.127 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 254 HANNAM, Charles L. HANNAY, Norman Bruce HARBURN, G. HARPER, P.G. HARRIS, Jeffrey W. HARRIS, John Edward HARRIS, William F. HARRISON, Lionel G. HART, Michael HARTLEY, Sir Harold (Brewer) HARTLEY, Nicholas Edward Whittam HARTMAN, Paul L. HARTMANOVA, M. HASIGUTI, Ryukiti Robert HASSE, Helmut HASSELL, Odd HAUSNER, Henry Herman HAUSSUHL, S. HAWARD, R.N. HAWKER, Lilian E. HAWKINS, A.B. HAWTHORNE, J.B. HAY, Roy HEATH, M. HEARD, Hugh Corey HEAVENS, Oliver Samuel HEIMANN, R. HEINE, Volker B.140, B.142 F.194 D.139 J.238 G.53 B.2 F.319 J.246 D.207 F.329, F.373 J.73 A.1l J.242 A.66 F.127, F.128, F.155 H.6 F.172 F.124, F.127, F.128, F.131, F.146-F.148, F.152, F.154, F.156 H.11, H.45 J.243 J.232 See C.47 J.239 F.120, F.123, F.127, F.154 J.240 A.66 B.145, B.148 F.313 G.43 D.263 F.173 D.104 F.133 J.249 H.146, H.147 J.260 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 255 HELFRICH, Wolfgang HENDERSON, B. HERENGUEL, J. HERINGTON, E.J.G. HERRING, William Conyers HESKETH, Ross Vernon HEWITT, B.S. HIBBARD, Walter Rollo HICKS, Sir Denys HIDE, Raymond HIGASI, HIGUCHI, Keiji HILL, Major E.H. HILL, Rodney HILLIARD, John E. HILLIER, Bevis HILSUM, Cyril HIMMELBLAU, D.M. HINTON, Howard Everest HIRSCH, Sir Peter (Bernhard) HIRTH, J.P. HOCH, Paul K. HODGKIN, Sir Alan (Lloyd) e U n R o O o U P U e G A n Q -127 .257 .6 .231 .229 .27 .257 .339 .74-J.84, J.102 .29 .110 See also €.133 F.9 J.228 See C.28 U U .151 .232 .94 e e l .326 .83 .238 .147 .329, F.330, F.339 .145 . 240 .15 .239 .120 .310, F.326 e O G O H o o P o O A F .25, K.34 A See also D.84 J.45 A.3 B.88 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 256 HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HOFFMAN, John Drake HOLLOMON, John Herbert HOLT, David Basil HOLTON, David GC. HOME OFFICE HONEYCOMBE, Robert William Kerr HOOKER, Sir Stanley (George) HOOPER, J.A. HOPKINS, H. Geoffrey HOPKINS, Harold Horace HORN, F. Hubbard HORN, Roger G. HORSFALL, John A.C. HORSFIELD, Anthony HORTON, A. Trobridge HOSELITZ, Kurt HOTINE, Kate HOUSE, William Alan HOUTERMANS, F.G. HOWARD, George A.66 B.124, B.125 D.90 F.127, F.329-F.331 J.85 See also A.91 P O .27, A.68 S e .68, F.194 .142 .86-J5.88 O o P F .27 U O .148, D.268 57, F.58 .102, G.109 F o u a .64 See also A.67 J.90-J.92 J.249 F.78 A.68 A.16 See also A.70 .230 .230 . 204 .233 l U C l L L l R K -49 134, J.135, 3.140, J.143 O U e e .203 P .21 e e 189, F.191 .137 D G .90 39, K.53 R K .65 P r a w a .175 .54 .90 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 257 HOWARD, Margaret HOWARTH, Leslie HOWARTH, William D. HOYLE, Sir Fred HU, Hsun HUANG, C.C. HUANG, K. HUDSON, Paul Richard William HUGHES, George M. HULME, Kenneth Fraser HUMBLE, Peter HUMPHREYS, Colin J. HUNT, J. HURLE, Donald T.J. HUTCHINGS, Ian HUTCHINSON & COMPANY (PUBLISHERS) LIMITED HUTTER, K. HUXLEY, Sir Andrew (Fielding) IPC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PRESS LIMITED IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (ICI) INDIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES INDUSTRIAL DIAMOND REVIEW INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTORS LIMITED INSTITUTE OF METALS A.67 F.326 J.241, J.245, 5.248 D.148 J.93 D.222 J.244 B.13 K.34 A.28 J.237 J.254 K.42 F.137 D.113 F.175 J.246 H.171 E.72 F.323 B.88 D.223 A.1l1 B.49 G.114 H.1 A.29 H.125, H.165 D.219 B.48, B.49 G.24-G.27 E.10 F.79-F.85 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 258 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS 23, A.26, S P A.28 -69, D.73, D.92, D.127, .220 o o 6295 Eatd, e w E.56 .86-F.115, F.180 .58, H.90, H.91 .98 .31 .145 e t t f c INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SEISMOLOGY AND PHYSICS OF THE EARTH’S INTERIOR (IASPEI) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION (IBM) .115-G.122 Q INTERNATIONAL GOMMISSION ON LARGE DAMS a 247 INTERNATIONAL GLACIOLOGICAL SOCIETY 85, H.125 t G INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FRACTURE MECHANICS INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION OF CRYSTAL GROWTH (10CG) INTERNATIONAL UNION OF GEODESY AND GEOPHYSICS (IUGG) INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED PHYSICS (IUPAP) IRVING, Edward IVES, Michael Brian o y P P o o c .221 .116-F.175 176, F.177 .126-F.130, F.178-F.184 .253 .69, A.70 51, D.52 .85 A 44 JACKSON, Kenneth Arthur F. 120, F.121, F.132, F.148 JACKSON, Willis, Baron JACOBS, John Arthur JACQUINOT, Pierre JAFFEE, Robert I. JAHN, Hermann Arthur JAIN, S.C. JAMES, B.W. F. 153-F.157 J. 247 See C.17 S .593 e 4 . 250 .56-K.60 .93 A o .60 D G .5o4 p w . 133 c o c a .29 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 259 JASWON, Maurice Arthur JENKINS, H.O. JENNINGS, Stephen Gerard JOHARI, G.P. JONES, Brian K. JONES, Douglas Samuel JONES, D.W. JONES, Francis Edgar JONES, Reginald Victor JONES, T.T. JONES, W.D. JONSCHER, Andrew K. JORDAN, A. Raymond JORDAN, H.A. JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS G O R e l O .231 2oe .34 «323 .260, J.261 e l .314 32 .139 .67 12, A.26 .88, B.150 .58 r l l l U m U U r O e h U l U l N O .151, D.241 U K e l .55, F.74, F.134, F.301 .326 .13 40, J.58, J.73, .95-J.122 -11 A U L U l L D D U C U L U U O U C U L U U U U U R K . 240 C O U U U .232 .45-F.47 .58 .249 .27, D.115, D.224 e e a e JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS b P .225 JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH .113, D.114, D.136 P V JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE JOURNAL OF MECHANICS AND PHYSICS OF SOLIDS JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PHYSICS JOURNAL OF THE LESS COMMON METALS JOYCE, B.A. .167-F.175 s a w .227-D.229 p e .230 v V e y .231 v V .232 <233 e v U o M .234 .102 .137 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 260 KACZER, Jan KAISCHEW, R. KALDIS, Emanuel KANZAKI, H. KANZIG, Werner KAPLAN, Martin M. KASPER, John Simon KATO, N. KAWASUMI, I. KAY, Herbert F. KEARSLEY, Elliot A. KEITH, Harvey Douglas KELL, George S. KELLER, Andrew KELLY, Anthony KEMBALL, Charles KENDALL, David George KENNEDY, Alfred James KERN, Raymond KERWIN, Larkin .78 y y a e s o H .254 .127, F.132, F.142, F.165 239 .118 D G t o y 254 212, F.227, F.230, F.239, 2 3 . 240 o G -45 See also A.68 .127, F.146-F.148 .174 .89 .123 e l l l U R r .45 l U .258 .116 -5, J.124 l l a m U L U l . 260 r e r e l e s o .15, B.37, B.39, B.41, -51, B.68, B.124 .67-F.69, F.111, F.184, 328, F.332 .95, H.162 U O 125, J.126 .6 . 26 .327, F.336, F.342 .127 .328 .113 .69 121, F.123, F.124, F.127, .143, F.144, F.156, F.169 R K P e o a e o e w e e s C D 253 o r .128 127 NCUAGS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 261 KHAN, A.Q. KHBEISS, Isa KIANG, C.S. D.102 F.327 B.4 J.246 KING, Geoffrey Charles Plume J.129-J.143, J.173 KING, H.W. KING, J.N. KING, Lester C. KINGHAM, David KING’S COLLEGE LONDON KINGTON, George L. KIRKALDY, John Samuel KLEMAN, Maurice KNIGHT, Charles Alfred KOBAYASHI, T. KOEHLER, James S. KOFOED-HANSEN, Ollo Mogens KOHN, Walter KOPAL, Zdenek KORNBERG, Sir Hans (Leo) KORNER, Stephan KOSTOV, Ivan KOVACH, Robert L. KOVACS, Andre J. KRAMISH, Arnold KRATOCHVIL, Jan KRISHNA, Padmanabhan KRONBERG, Marritt L. KRZEMINSKI, Jerzy L. H.28 F.128, F.129 J.243 H.146 F.185 F.66 J.242 D.126, D.147, D.183, D.207 F.53 H.90-H.92, H.139 J.144, 3.145 K.8, K.49 H.142 J.146 F.173 J.248, J.250 H.6 D.22 H.135 J.246 A.67 F.335 D.72, D.142 J.235 J.254 J.240 H.112 J.263 D.204 F.124 J.236, J.239 H.112 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 262 KUO, Kehsin, H. KURODA, Toshio KURTI, Nicholas LACHAPELLE, E. LACHER, R.C. LACMANN, Rolf LACOMBE, Paul LAMB, Dennis LAMBLE, John H. LA MER, Victor Kuhn LANDAUER, Rolf William LANDSBERG, Peter Theodore LANG, Andrew Richard LARGE, D. LATANISION, Ron M. LAUDISE, Robert Alfred LAURITZEN, John I., Jr. LAVES, Fritz Henning H.169 J.264 K.49 A.31 F.112, F.310-F.312 H.105, H.154 Y U .150 O U . 264 S O .168, F.169 .3 e o . 248 e e S 212 14 B V 234 .120 N D 147, J.148 H o e o w 97 . 266 .13, B.122 .78 s S .139 e H .36, G.41, G.42, G.49, .63, G.64, G.67, G.68 n D n D .73, G.94 n D .149-J.153 H 4 6 .82 A e P w .101, H.105 D B 6705, F421, P.dgo, F.i23 127, F.129, F.130, F.132, 133, F.315, F.153-F.158, .160, F.166, F.168-F.171 114 .247 e w e H s e s e o n u .180, F.182 e y m .154 Q G NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 263 LAVINA, Agustin LAWN, Brian Ronald LAWRENCE, Sir John (Waldemar) LEADBETTER, Alan J. LEADBETTER, I.K. LEAMY, H.J. LEE, J.A. LEES, J. LEES, Rev. Ronald LEHMANN, J.C. LENNARD-JONES, Sir John (Edward) LESCHKE, Elisabeth Charlotte LESLIE, Frank Matthews LEVICH, Veniamin Grigorevich LEWIS, Brian LIGHTHILL, Sir (Michael) James LILLEY, E.D. LIPATOV, Yu. S. LIPSON, Henry Solomon LIPSON, S.G. LIVINGSTON, J.D. LOCK, William Owen LOMER, W.M. LONGMAN, I.M. LONSDALE, Dame Kathleen LOPER, David LOTHE, Jens F.174 F.320-F. 322 H.64 J.155-J.157 D.127 J.114 F.313 K.33 D.139 F.148 See D.195 J.231 E.72 F.53 A.17 A.69 D.142 F.8 B.47 See J.158 F.144, F.172 J.159 F.326 B.93 F.174 D.172 J.260 J.238 D.90 F.179 J.96 J.240 D.16 J.254 J.45, J.160 LOVELL, Sir (Alfred Charles) Bernard B.54, B.88, B.148 LOWDIN, Per-Olov F.342 F.179 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 264 LUBETKIN, Steven C. LUCIAK, Bernard LUCKHURST, Geoffrey Roger LUDLAM, F.H. LUKES, Thomas LYDON, John E. McBRIERTY, Vincent J. McCALL, David W. McCALLUM, G.C. McCOMBIE, Charles W. McCREA, Sir William (Hunter) MACFARLANE, Sir George (Gray) McGREGOR, Archibald Gordon McHUGH, Anthony J. MACKAY, Alan McKENZIE, D. Peter MacKENZIE, James Kenneth MACKINTOSH, Andrew MACKLEY, Malcolm R. McLEAN, D. MACLEAN, Tom P. McQUILLAN, Alan Dennis MACROMOLECULAR REVIEWS MADDOCK, Sir Ieuan MADDOX, John Royden MAJOR, Maurice MALHERBE, E.G. MALOS, John H F .64 .174 y y .63 P W .94 . 264 4 o G . 244 D D U C U M U L K R U L U C U C U L U C L N D U L h .20 256, J.259 .38 .84 44 O U .67 .65, F.373 41 .258 .135 .161 .13 . 264 U L U C L R K G U L U r h L U l C l U L U r R r e U U C U C C U O U O K O -47 .33 .252 .90 7/1, F.72 .162, J.163, J.173 .203 -240 .298 .37, F.38, F.118, F.135, D O O D o e o e e e H . 136 .235 D 9 A O H a P .54 .237-D.241 .98 .89 14, B.41 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 265 MANDELBROT, Benoit MANDELL, Arnold J. MARADUDIN, Alexei A. MARCH, Norman H. MARCONI’S WIRELESS TELEGRAPH COMPANY LIMITED MARIES, Alan MARKS, L.D. MARSDEN, Ralph J.B. MASON, Sir (Basil) John MASON, Geoffrey MASON, Stanley G. MASSALSKI, Ted B. MASSEY, Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson MASSON, A. MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN MATERIALS SCIENCE CLUB MATSUMURA, Gentaro MATTHEWS, John W. MATTHEWS, Paul Taunton MATTHEWS, S.C. MAXWELL, (Ian) Robert MEADE-KING, M.G. MELVILLE, Sir Harry (Work) MENDELSSOHN, Kurt Alfred Georg MENTER, Sir James (Woodham) MENZIES, Alexander Charles MERGER, Robert L. MERCIER, Raymond P. MERRET, Mildred G L l U l L m U l P r h m U l U e l O e e S P Q A .254 .120 .20, A.68 .233 . 107 .96-C.58 .174 .L75 -66, A.67 95 .65, F.315 e H A K O .23 . LOO P R 42 o O o . 240 H S .311 e y . 144 U A .84 .186, F.187 o o .233 See also C.121 G. 116 J. 251 F. 374 J. 250 D. 54 See also H.154 S 282, F.286, F.291 | .327 A 232 a G 245 .67, H.70 2 74 F F o a .97 .90 9 5 See also A.66 B. 30 F. 282 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 266 MERRICK, Frank B.80 MERRISON, Sir Alexander (Walter) B.3, B.5, B.7, B.9, B.39-B.41, B.43-B.47, B.83, B.85-B.89, B.134, B.138, B.148 E.89 F.247, F.374 J.1, J.40-5.42 F.59 A.30 J.247 MERZ, Walter J. METALLURGICAL SOCIETY INC. METEAU, G. METFORD, John Callan James B.90, B.100, B.125 METROPOLITAN-VICKERS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LIMITED C.58 MEVREL, Remy MEYER, Robert B. MEYRICK, Glyn MIDWINTER, John Edwin MIHAILOV, M. MILES, Mervyn J. MILLEDGE, H. Judith MILLER, Donald F. MILNER, John MINERALOGICAL SOCIETY MINISTRY OF DEFENCE MINISTRY OF SUPPLY MITAL, G.S. MITCHELL, Edgar William John MITCHELL, John Wesley MOLECULAR CRYSTALS DISCUSSION GROUP MOLIERE, K. MOLLER, Christian MONTROSE, J.L. J.164 J.165 A.26 J.256 H.112 J.166, J.265 G.36 J.241 H.114 A.66 D.236 F.188-F.191 F.192 J.240 A.67 F.312, F.372 G.69, G.71, G.73 D.58 J.167 F.193 J.235 D.22 H.43 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 267 MOORE, Anthony Moreton P L P .69, A.70 MORANTZ, D.J. MORGAN, David John MORRIS, Peter R. MORRIS, Sir Philip (Robert) MORRISON, Alasdair MORRISON, James Alexander MORROGH, Henton MORSHEAD, Sir Owen MORTON, P.H. MOSSOP, S.C. MOTT, Sir Nevill (Francis) MOULLIN, Eric Balliol MULLARD RESEARCH LABORATORIES MULLER, F.H. MULLIN, John Brian MUNK, Walter Heinrich MURRELL, Stanley A.F. MUTAFTSCHIEV, B. s G .323 . 168 H n 3 . L06 s S o P W w .265 .30, B.132 o G .90 See also A.68 w e .81 .85 s S .10 d o o P P . 147 .239 .257 .11, A.17, A.21 .30, B.66, B.72, B.148 a Q . 136 .22, D.134, D.180 .169-J.172 D v D v ” v o H See also C.129, D.84, D.195, F.94 A. 11 Cc. 57 See also C.55 s e > s e e e .102 .233 .38, F.94, F.135, F.137, .143, F.144, F.147, F.148, 152, F.167 . 242 . 66 . 120 .173 See also H.51, H.55 K. 32 F. 133, F.143 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 268 NABARRO, Frank Reginald Nunes NAKANO, Jun’ichi NASON, Robert D. NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NATURE NEJMAN, Elizabeth NELSON, David R. NEVILLE, A.C. NEVILLE, E.H. NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE UNIVERSITY NEWMAN, Brian A. NEWMAN, Eric NEW SCIENTIST NICHOLAS, John F. NICOLAYSEN, Louis 0. NIEMYSKI, Tadeusz NISBET, Euan G. NISHIZAWA, Jun’ichi NITSCHE, Rudolf NOAKES, G. Robert NORTHCOTT, L. NORTH-HOLLAND PUBLISHING COMPANY NUOVA CIMENTO NYE, John Frederick .96, D.139 4 .77, G.87, G.89 .51, H.90, H.92 .174-3.176 174, F.175 .130 27 194 141 .195-F.203 155 .16, D.23, D.50, D.111, 112, D.237-D.242 91 169 262 252 73 .18-K.22 .40 255 243 73 19 240 .177-3.180 154, F.155 261 174 127 .195-D.200, D.202-D.206 .60 .10 .131, F.143, F.144, F.152, .166-F.169, F.172 244 .175 l l e l l e t r l K e r U r r m O e l O l l D l U U U l h U O U C U O R A O R K C O U D P U U Y e H o e s e O U P P 9 3 7 9 0 1 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 269 OAKESHOTT, Sir Walter (Fraser) OCCHIALINI, Giuseppe Paolo Stanislao ODELL, Jeffrey Arthur O'HARA, Michael John OLD IPSWICHIAN CLUB OLIVER, Dennis Stanley ONYON, P.F. OOKAWA, Akiya ORAVA, R. Norman O'REILLY, W. OROWAN, Egon ORTIZ, °C. ORVILLE-THOMAS, W.J. OSBORNE, Alexander Deas OSMASTON, H.A. OSWALD, Patrick OWEN, Anthony J. OWEN, H.G. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PAGE, S.L. PAINE, Thomas Otten PALM, J.H. PALMER, Henry Procter PAZOSZ, Bogdan PAMPLIN, Brian Randall .23, A.66 -47 -41 .258 .75-A.79 D U C D L U C L K R K U C M U P 147, D.148 c m U L U l D l o .192 .126, J.235 R K 38, K.42 . 240 e a e a B .233 . 240 .251 a g a .156 V B . 66 .o1 o G .231 A K A .25 .174 .231 O o .78 H G A G .245 .264 o U 4 .181 o G .245 > D .76 .27, A.66 U Y .241 w O 2595 231, J.232 y m 175 m o .149, F.314 .182 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 270 PARASNIS, Arawind Shripad PARFREY, E.B.M. PARKER, Robert L. PARKIN, David W. PARKINSON, David H. PARROTT, J.E. PARRY, J.H. PARSONS, Roger PARTRIDGE, Sir (Ernest) John PASHLEY, Donald William PATEL, A.R. PATERSON, W.S.B. PATON, Sir William (Drummond Macdonald) PAULING, Linus Carl PAULUS, Kurt PEASE, Rendel Sebastian PEDERSEN, Cecil I. PEEL, Ronald Francis Edward Waite PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf (Ernst) PEISER, H. Steffen PENNINGS, A.J. PERGAMON PRESS LIMITED PERKINS, Courtland Davis PETCH, Norman James PETHICA, Brian A. PHELPS, Charles PHILIP, John Robert PHILLIPS, Sir David (Chilton) PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS G U .58 e l l .172 .132, H.150 .183-J.185 l l l U .263 .168-F.175 h L U l U e h U L U L U U L U L K K C U P .186-J.192 .32 .298, F.310, F.312 .5 .18, K.20 .158 .67 .65 S K .328 .26, J.240, J.241 . 246 .67 .147, D.149 124 .87, F.93 o o P o P r P F o .103 y a d .331 .87, F.88 a D .124-B.126 See H.205, J.98 | .167, F.172 193 .54, D.55, D.230, D.232 © .194 > .141 .221 . 246 .45-F.47 39 .329 .131, D.246-D.248 > a s S > .249 NCGUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 271 PHYSICAL SOCIETY D.22, D.25 F.204 J.96 PHYSICS OF THE EARTH AND PLANETARY INTERIORS D.251 PHYSICS TODAY PICHAMUTHU, C.S. PICK, H. PIGGOTT, W.R. PIKE, Edward Roy PINES, David PIPPARD, Sir (Alfred) Brian PIRENNE, M.H. PITT, Sir Harry (Raymond) PITTMAN, Robin N. PLANT, Ruth PLASTICS INSTITUTE PLUMLEY, George A.K. POHL, R.W. POIRIER, Jean-Paul POLDER, D. POLLARD, Brian POLONSKY, M.S. POLYMER POND, R.C. PORTER, Sir George PORTER, Roger S. POUND, Guy Marshall D.252 J.257 F.139 See C.74 A.68 D.111 E.53 B.54 J.6 K.25 F.286, F.289, F.292-F.295 F.336 H.56, H.96 J.194-J.198 J.234 D.147, D.148 H.124, H.139 B.54 J.231 J.144 J.158 D.253 F.321 J.199 B.149 E.36 J.2 H.114, H.152 J.243 J.200 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 272 POWELL, Cecil Frank A.19 POWELL, Isobel Therese POWERS, Harold E.C. PRATT, Peter L. PREECE, Alan W. PRICE, Fraser P. PRICE, P. Buford PRIESTLEY, Michael G. PRIGOGINE, Ilya PRINS, J.A. PRYCE, Maurice Henry Lecorney PUGSLEY, Sir Alfred (Grenvile) PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS PUGWASH LIMITED PUSEY, P.N. PUTTICK, Keith Ernest PYE, Sir David (Randall) B.30, B.31, B.51, B.69, B.101, B.114 H.70 K.24 See also D.88-D.93, J.201 B.148 D.92 See also A.93 o a y t u w o .65 202, J.203 .136 .78 . 236 . 68 .243 J.259 See also J.243 B.12, B.58 e P .67 a .232 .21, A.68 .29, B.30, B.48-B.51 .140 .326 .24, G.26, G.32 .204 44 .55, B.77, B.134 .205-F.250 245, F.246 32 r r p r w a y t e Q o 4 A r n w P Z h w 19, J.205-J.207 O o .12> QUEEN ELIZABETH'S HOSPITAL, BRISTOL F.204-F.296 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 273 RADHAKRISHNAN, V. RADLEY, Jack A. RAGHAVA, Ram S. RAJAN, Krishna H.130 G.124-G.126 F.323 F.174 RAMACHANDRAN, Gopalasamudrum Narayana Ayyar F.329, F.330, F.332 RAMASESHAN, Siv RAO, Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra RAO, K.N. Swamy RASMUSSEN, Svend Erik RASTOGI, R.P. RATHENAU, G.W. RAULT, J. RAWCLIFFE, Gordon Hindle RAYNES, Edward Peter RAYNOR, Geoffrey Vincent RAZUMNEY, Gerardo READ, W. Thornton RED MAIDS’ SCHOOL, BRISTOL REGAN, David REHMATULLAH, S. RENE, Vojtéch RESEARCH RICE, A.G. RICE, James R. RICHARDS, John Charles Shenstone RICHARDSON, Frederick Denys RICHARDSON, M.J. RICHES, General Sir Ian RICHMOND, Alan RICHMOND, Sir Mark (Henry) H.150 H.129 See also J.257 A.69 H.129 J.257 F.130 J.243 F.139, F.178-F.182 J.208 B.135, B.145 E.32 H.28 K.4 J.239 H.116 J.209 F.297 F.1 J.249 F.133 D.25, D.254 E.72 J.251 K.31 A.27 F.203 J.210 A.65 F.336 A.68 J.73 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 274 RIDEAL, Sir Eric Keightley A.11, A.17 RIDER, Jack G. RILEY, ROBERTS, B.W. ROBERTS, Gareth Gwyn ROBERTSON, David ROBSON, Sir Hugh (Norwood) ROBSON, J.D. ROCARD, Yves ROCHE, John J. ROCHESTER, George Dixon RODD, T.E. ROGALSKI, Antoni ROGERS, M.A. ROLT, Lionel Thomas Caswall ROOYMANS, Coen J.M. ROSBAUD, Angela ROSBAUD, Paul ROSE, Paul Lawrence ROSENFELD, Leon ROSSELAND, Svein ROSSI, Giovanni ROTBLAT, Joseph ROTH, W.A. ROTHERHAM, Leonard ROY, Rustum B. D.16 F.96 K.52 See C.61 H.84 H.119 J.246 J.48 K.29 H.5 F.112 D.148 J.251 F.169 J.238 J.40 F.165 D.230 D.14 See also J.263 J.120, J.121 D.75 J.230 J.211 D.92 F.221, F.227, F.240, F.244, F.248 D.14 A.24 J.40 K.31 F.194 J.245 ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY D.85, D.255 ROYAL INSTITUTION ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY ROYAL METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY E.36 D.92 D.256 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 275 ROYAL RADAR ESTABLISHMENT ROYAL SOCIETY l k 32 .298 .26 11, D.25, D.26, D.89-91, l U l l D 134, D.151, D.212, D.216 t e 34 t e .128, F.149, F.178, F.179, .181-F.184, F.244, e s e s o .299-F 343 .45, H.47, H.66, H.79, H.90, B e .125, H.148, H.149, H.169 O o 19, J.38, J.129-J.143, J.257 ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS ROYAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA ROYAL SWEDISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES RUNCORN, (Stanley) Keith R K P e P e w e .25, K.44, K.46, K.56, K.59 .23 . 344 .29 .59 .331 .61, H.86, H.107, H.111, E G 119, H.121, H.145 D T RUNDALL, John C.A. RUSHBROOKE, George Stanley SADANANDA, K. SADLER, David M. SAHAGIAN, Charles S. ST-PIERRE, L.E. SALT, W.E. SAMBLES, John R. ~291 C G .18 .148 A K A .69 F f A .26 .318 Y Y .138 D U .212-3.214 U O 120, F.121, F.125, F.127, 128, F.133, F.137, F.144, 152, F.154-F.156, F.163, .165 .120 -42 3, E.5 .45 e e S s S a o a e e B NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 276 SANDER, K.F. SARTAIN, Carl Clinton SATO, Kiyotaka SAUER, John Anthony SAUNDERS, D.W. SAUNDERS, Ian James SAXTON, J.A. SCHEEL, Hans J. SCHIEBER, Michael M. SCHIFF, H. SCHLOESSIN, Helmut H. SCHMITT, Roland W. SCHUBART, Hans SCHWAB, Georg Maria SCIAMA, Dennis William SCIENCE SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL (SRC) SCRUTON, Roger Vernon SEABORG, Glenn Theodore SEAL, Michael SEARCY, Alan Winn SEARS, Gerald W. SEEGER, A. SEGALL, Robert L. SEGRE, Beniamino SEHGAL, V.D. w p .12 w o o a r m o . 260 .143 .257 £25 . 86 .243 F.161 See C.84, C.98 L .118 l 114, D.136 O U .116-F.125, F.127-F.134, .137, F.139, F.142-F.144, .146-F.148, F.153-F.156, .158, F.163, F.165-F.169, e L e l e -171-F.175 l l e h .232 .145 l C a .252 47 . 144 e w e e e .97 .215 o 4 .257 -42-B.47 e p w e s .345-F.375 D G .66 .38 O o .46 A K 1 e R e . 243 .301 o e .22 P F o S .42 See D.148 K. 2 E. 22 F. 63 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 277 SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA D.68 SEKERKA, Robert Floyd F.137, F.169, F.172, F.174, SELLIN, R.H.J. SELLSCHOP, J.P. Friedel F.175 J.250 A.28 G.96 SERIES, George William See D.195 SHAH, Jitu S. SHAHAM, Jacob SHANKS, Ian Alexander SHASHIDHAR, R. SHAW, D. SHEPHERDSON, John Cedric SHERWOOD, John Neil SHOCKLEY, William Bradford SHOENBERG, David SIDGWICK, Nevil Vincent SILHAVY, Miroslav SILLARS, R.W. SIMMONS, John A. SIMMONS, Ralph Oliver SIMON, Sir Francis (Eugene) SIMONS, John P. SIMS, Sir Alfred (John) SINHA, B.K. SLATER, Alan E. SLATER, John Clarke SLECHTA, J. SLUCKIN, T.J. SMALL, Percy A. SMITH, Clarence B.14 F.38 D.111 F.332 J.259 J.252 J.85 J.263 H.6 F.332 H.47 D.11 D.204 C.45, €.58 J.229 H.78 K.34 G.24 J.216 See also C.140 F.71 F.344 F.174, F.175 D.263 F.178 J.262 J.266 C.26 H.1 J.217 D.5 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 278 SMITH, Cyril Stanley SMITH, George W. SMITH, Robert Allan SMITH, Stanley Desmond SMITH-ROSE, Reginald Leslie SNOW, C.I. SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY SOLID STATE PHYSICS SOLID STATE SCIENCE REPORTS SOMMERFELD, Arnold Johannes Wilhelm SONDHEIMER, Ernest H. SOUTHON, M.J. SPALDING, Dudley Brian SPILLER, G.D.T. SPRACKLING, Michael Thomas SPRINGER, Julius STAEHLE, R.W. H.6, H.91, H.92, H.123 B.4 H.91 F.328, F.337 B.43 c.83 See also C.84, C.98 B.54 D.258 D.259 D.260 C.34 B.43 F.168 J.158 F.175 D.73 D.14 J.250 STANDING CONFERENCE OF PROFESSORS OF PHYSICS F.376-F.378 STANFORD, E.G. STEEDS, John Wickham STEPHENSON, G.E.B. STEPHENSON, John STEVELEY, L.A.K. STICKLAND, A.C. STIGANT, S. Austen STOKES, Donald Gresham, Baron STONE, Jeremy J. STOUT, John Williard, Jr. STOWELL, Michael James STRACHAN, Charles STRANSKI, Iwan N. STREET, R. STRINGER, John STUART, John Trevor J.238 B.56 D.120, D.149, D.150 J.230 J.256 J.229 See C.84 J.230 H.67 F.247, F.337 D.115, D.224 F.332 K.11, K.13, K.16 J.231 See also J.235 K.31 H.64 F.332 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 279 SUCHY, Jozef SUGDEN, Samuel SUITS, Chauncey Guy SUNAGAWA, Ichiro F.175 A.11 G.100 c.138 D.137 F.127, F.147, F.148, F.151, SUREK, Thomas SURFACE SCIENCE SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon (Brims Black McIvor) SUTTON, Leslie Ernest SUTTON, Sir (Oliver) Graham SUZUKI, T. SWANN, Michael Meredith, Baron SWARTZ, William M. SZASZ, George SZIGETI, G. TABOR, David TABOR, Michael TANNER, B.K. TANNHAUSER, D.S. TAYLOR, Sir Geoffrey (Ingram) TAYLOR, R.B. TAYLOR, W.H. TECTONOPHYSICS TENSI, Hans M. TER HAAR, Dirk TESSIER DU CROS, F. THIRLAWAY, H.1I.S. THOMAS, Edwin L. F.162, F.174 J.218, J.250 D.261 F.336 J.232 See also C.27 c.80, C.83 J.219 E.89 F.247 J.236 F.181 A.26 F.318 G.57, G.61 J.220 K.34, K.39 J.263 J.260 J.244 See C.28 F.2 D.246, D.247 D.262 F.173 D.250 c.138 H.63 F.72 J.265 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 280 THOMAS, Gareth THOMAS, John Meurig K.28 F.61, F.323, F.331 THOMPSON, Sir Harold (Warris) THOMPSON, Norman TILLER, William A. TILLEY, R.J.D. TIMES HIGHER EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT TIMES NEWSPAPERS LIMITED TIZARD, Sir Henry Thomas TOCHER, Don TODA, Akihiko TODD, Alexander Robertus, Baron TOLANSKY, Samuel TOMLINSON, R.D. TOMPKINS, Frederick Clifford TONKIN, G.P. TOSI, Mario TOZER, David C. TRANS TECH PUBLICATIONS TRELOAR, Leslie R.G. TREND, Burke St. John, Baron TSONG, Ignatius Siu Tung TUCKETT, R.F. TURNBULL, David TURNER, A.J. 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