LINDEMANN, Frederick Alexander

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Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Frederick Alexander Lindemann, Viscount Cherwell of Oxford CH, FRS (1886 - 1957) VOLUME 1 General introduction Section A, Biographical Section B, Oxford University Section C, Scientific research, writings, conferences Section D, Scientific correspondence Section E, Publications, lectures, speeches by Jeannine Alton and Julia Latham-Jackson CSAC catalogue 80/4/81 CSAC 80/4/81 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE ! under the guidance of the Royal Society’s British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology Catalogue of the papers of FREDERICK ALEXANDER LINDEMANN, C.H., F.R.S. VISCOUNT CHERWELL OF OXFORD (1886 - 1957) Deposited in the Library of Nuffield College, Oxford VOLUME| List of contents General introduction Sections A - E Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Julia Latham- Jackson 198] All rights reserved F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 The work of the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and institutions: The Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland The Biochemical Society The British Pharmacological Society The Charles Babbage Foundation for the History of Information Processing The Institute of Physics — The Institution of Electrical Engineers The Nuffield Foundation The Physiological Society The Royal Society of London F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE LIBRARIAN NUFFIELD COLLEGE OXFORD F.A. Lindemann (Lord Cherwell) CSAC 80/4/81 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION 3 Items Page 7 18 SECTION A PERSONAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL A.1 - A.136 A.1 -A.90 Career, appointments and honours A.91 -A.101 Family correspondence A.102-A.119 Personal and domestic correspondence A.120-A.130 Financial correspondence A.131-A.136 Photographs, press-cuttings, miscellaneous SECTION B OXFORD UNIVERSITY B.1 - B.166 37 : B.1 -B.90 The Clarendon Laboratory With an introductory note B.91 -B.98 Oxford science departments and institutes B.99 -B.119 General correspondence on university affairs, 1929-57 With an introductory note B.120-B.123 Wadham College, 1919-56 With an introductory note B.124-B.132 Christ Church, 1921-57 With an introductory note B.133-B.138 Other Oxford colleges B.139-B.146 Oxford University clubs and societies B.147-B.166 Correspondence and papers on the Oxford roads problem, 1953-57 With an introductory note F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 List of contents Items SECTION C SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, WRITINGS, CONFERENCES C.1 - C.89 SECTION D SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE D.1 - D.266 76 Introduction to Section D SECTION E PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES, SPEECHES E.1 - E.137 118 Introduction to Section E Ext E21 Science Es22 =E 260 Politics E.61 -E.103 Education E.104-E.137 Invitations and correspondence, 1919-57 SECTION F SECOND WORLD WAR F.1 - F419 137 PREPARATIONS AND STATISTICAL SECTION, GENERAL PAPERS Introduction to Section F F.l -F.39 Pre-war papers on air defence, 1921-39 With an introductory note F.40 -F.87 Formation and organisation of the Prime Minister's Statistical Section ('S Branch’) With an introductory note F.88 -F.252 Minutes exchanged between Cherwell and Churchill, 1939-45 With an introductory note F.253-F .257 Cabinet Papers, 1940-45 F.258-F.394 Charts prepared by the Statistical Section With an introductory note F.395-F.419 Miscellaneous minutes and correspondence, 1939-51 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 List of contents 5 ltems Page SECTION G SECOND WORLD WAR G.1-G.550 186 STATISTICAL SECTION, MILITARY AND SCIENTIFIC TOPICS Introduction to Section G G.1 -G.100 British and German Air Force Strength Includes some material re other aspects of air warfare With an introductory note G.101-G.141 Anti-U-boat warfare G.142-G.151 Other naval papers G.152-G.443 Weapons, defensive devices, military organisation and strategy With a list of contents and introductory note G.444-G.499 Inventions and ideas With an introductory note G.500-G.525 Armament requirements and production; strength and organisation of British and German ground forces G.526-G.533 Organisation of scientific and technical research G.534-G.550 Other military and scientific topics F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 List of contents SECTION H SECOND WORLD WAR Items H.1 - H.321 STATISTICAL SECTION, ECONOMIC TOPICS Introduction to Section H H.1 -H.66 Food and raw materials With a list of contents H.67-H.94 Allocation of manpower H.95-H. 100 Shipping H.101-H.113 Distribution of resources H.114-H.144 Foreign economicpolicy H.145-H.157 Home economic policy H.158-H.207 Lend-Lease H.208-H.267 Post-war reconstruction With a list of contents H.268-H.289 Post-war treatment of Germany H.290-H.321 World food supplies and relief SECTION J POLITICS AND THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY J.1 - J.163 313 Introduction to Section J SECTION K PERSONAL AND SOCIAL CORRES- PONDENCE K.1- K.327 342 Introduction to Section K CONSPECTUS OF FILE-NUMBERS With an introductory note INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS With an introductory note 367 404 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE AND HISTORY OF THE COLLECTION The history of the collection is long, complex and in many respects uncertain. The following dates and stages may be distinguished. In 1945 Cherwell took to Oxford his wartime papers, which are referred to in correspondence of that year with T. Wilson (see F.85). The files were given some listing on receipt at the Clarendon Laboratory by two members of Cherwell's staff (J.R. Parkinson and N.B. Giles), but no incontrovertible dated evidence remains of that ordering. Cherwell frequently consulted the material at the request of otherhistorians, in particular Churchill, to verify specific matters of the history of the war (see, inter alia, D.117, F.87, G.348, G.437-440, G.550, J.97, K.69, K.241) but always refused to write his own account of his career or work. In 1948 typescript copies were made from the originals of some of Cherwell's minutes to Churchill for 1939 - 42; this was arranged with T. Wilson and is also re- ferred to in his correspondence with Cherwell in item F.85. The copies themselves appear at F.217 - F.228. In 1957 Cherwell died, a bachelor, in his rooms at Christ Church, Oxford. In his will he left his papers to his elder brother, Brigadier Charles Lindemann, with the proviso that, in the event of his brother's predeceasing him, he would like Sir At the time of Cherwell's death, Brigadier Donald MacDougall to have the papers. Lindemann was in the U.S. and in poor health, and in 1961 the papers were deposited by Sir Donald MacDougall in the Library of Nuffield College, Oxford, of which he Before this they had been first at Christ Church and from 1958 - 61 was a Fellow. in the care of Lord Birkenhead, author of the official life of Cherwell, The Prof in two When Charles Lindemann died in 1970, the English-Speaking worlds (Collins 1961). Union was his residuary legatee; the Union has retained the copyright of Cherwell's personal papers, but has left the papers with Nuffield College on indefinite loan. Before transfer from Christ Church to Lord Birkenhead the papers were examined by P.J. Searby who had been Private Secretary to Lord Cherwell as Paymaster General F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 General introduction 1952 - 53 and had exercised oversight of the papers subsequently issued to Lord Cherwell as Part-time Member of the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority from 1954 until his death in 1957. While no formal review of the papers was undertaken at this time, some material of particular sensitivity was removed (see H.174) to official Archives and partial Minute Sheets were made for a small number of the correspon- dence files. A further examination also covering some additional papers was carried out in about 1960 in conjunction with Lord Birkenhead's Research Assistant, Miss Otto; to this latter period would appear to belong the numerical sequenceswritten in very large blue pencil characters on some of the manuscripts. In 1961 Birkenhead published the official life of Cherwell, for which he had had access to the papers, referring to them in the footnotes to his book as 'Cherwell Archives'. He and his research assistants made various notes on aspects of Cherwell's life and work (see A.30, A.128, F.22) and brief biographical outlines of some of his correspondents, several of which remain in the relevant folders. In 1965 - 66 further major sorting and review took place, by J.M. Pye, Official Archivist, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, advised by P.J. Searby, and an outline list was drawn up. The main principle adopted was a division into ‘Official’ and 'Personal', primarily for considerations of security for government papers included in Cherwell's material. Thus the ‘Official’ papers (OFF. in the outline list) were deemedto be those relating to Cherwell's service in the Churchill wartime and postwar administrations, and the ‘Personal’ files (PERS. in the outline list) would be concerned with Cherwell's scientific, academic and social life. This distinction, implemented on broad lines and on an essentially chronological basis, was never absolute. OFF. and PERS. files overlapped in subject-matter, correspondent, origin or simply the taking of multiple carbon copies. PERS. files might contain political or official material, while OFF. files could include minor social or-personal items which happened to bear a wartime date. A certain degree of 'weeding' also took place-in the course of this review; see A.17, E.22, F.2 for notes of material destroyed. Since the 1965 - 66 review, the papers (chiefly those in the OFF. sections) have been consulted by historians of science, biographers of Churchill, students of the F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 9 General introduction Second World War, and others. Several of these appear to haveleft notes or markings on the manuscripts, and may havefurther disturbed their order. In addition, the material has been reviewed periodically by the Cabinet Office in order to re- or de-classify govemment papers as they became available to readers under the 30-year rule or other appropriate regulation. The latest of these reviews was in 1980, and it has largely eliminated the distinction between OFF. and PERS. files imposed in 1965. This last consideration, coupled with the facts that Cherwell's original ordering of his papers could no longer be traced, and that the existing files were of unmanage- able bulkand disparate content, prompted the decision to undertake a fundamental re-sorting of the whole collection. The papers are now presented as shown in the List of Contents. In order to help researchers who had already consulted the papers and made references on the basis of the 1965 - 66listing, and at the request of Nuffield College, a Conspectusof file-numbers has been compiled for all papers assigned to the OFF. files (see the note on the Conspectus below). The PERS. files are not included in the Conspectus, mainly because fewer readers to date have wished to consult those sections of the collection. much more comprehensive) and index of correspondents will enable users to identify such It is hoped that a reading of the catalogue entries (now material and indeed to locate other papers on the same topic which they had not pre- viously been able to trace. Many of the documents bear an array of annotations, identifications, suggestions for date or recipient, numerical sequences, etc. in black, red or blue pencil, ink or ball-point pen. These have not been erased, but they bear no relation to the present arrangement. The only relevant indications now on the papers are the OFF. numbers, in pencil at the head of the sheet where required. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION Several biographical accounts of Cherwell have already been published and are mentioned here in chronological order. The Memoir by G.P. Thomson (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 4, 1958) concentrates primarily on Cherwell's F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 10 General introduction scientific career in peace and war, though as one of Cherwell's oldest personal friends (indeed, almost the only remaining early colleague who had maintained continuous friendly relations with him) he was also able to include some biographical material. R.F. Harrod's The Prof (Macmillan 1959), is subtitled 'A Personal memoir of Lord Cherwell' and described by the author as 'drawing on my own recollections only’. As a Student of Christ Church, 1924 - 67, Harrod had many contacts with Cherwell, and his book contributes many anecdotes of Cherwell's personality, and his part in social and political events from the Thirties onwards. Harrod was especially closely associated with Cherwell during the latter's Conservative political campaigns of 1935 - 36, and with the Prime Minister's Statistical Branch from 1 January 1940 until early 1942, Birkenhead's The Prof in two worlds (Collins 1961), is the official life, drawing on manuscript sources, recollections by family, colleagues, politicians and others. It is the fullest account extant, and has been drawn upon, and quoted, from time to time in compiling this catalogue. With these accountsin print, it is assumed that the basic facts of Cherwell's The following paragraphs attempt only to career are known and need not be rehearsed. explain the present arrangement of the papers and to indicate how and where the manu- In addition, script collection may confirm, complement or modify the accepted view. there are introductory notes to manyof the Sections, sub-sections and individual entries of the catalogue which aim to furnish explanatory information. Sections A and K of the collection deal mainly with Cherwell's personal and social life. Of interest are his pilot's logbooks (A.11, A.12) documenting his tuition as a pilot at Netheravon in 1916. It is characteristic that there are, mysteriously, two of these and that they should give varying information. instruction starting on 9 September 1916 with a ‘First Solo' on 16th and two other solo flights on 16th and 17th, followed by another ‘First Solo' on 22nd. log (A.12) covers only eight days (20-28 September 1916) and also records a 'First The other Thefirst (A.11) records Solo' on 22nd. ‘This entry has been ringed by a previous researcher and seems to have been taken hitherto as the correct date of Cherwell's first solo flight. contains family correspondence showing Cherwell's close relations with his father, Section A also F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 11 General introduction A.F. Lindemann, and his elder brother, C.L. Lindemann, and material relating to some of his own idiosyncrasies of diet and health, lordly modesof travel, and the considerable wealth which underpinned his independence of mind. There is also evidence of his generosity to his personal servants, to staff and colleagues (andtheir families) at the Clarendon Laboratory, and the many discreet, almost surreptitious, benefactions he dispensed. Section K confirmsthis by the numerousletters of thanks for Christmas, birthday, 'non-birthday' or wedding presents received not on ly from Cherwell's own friends but from their young families. It is greatly to be regretted that very few of Cherwell's own letters survive in this Section, presumably because they were handwritten and no carbon copies were kept. Section B is primarily concerned with Cherwell at Oxford, as Head of the Clarendon Laboratory, Fellow of Wadham, resident at Christ Church and involved in various aspects and controversies of the University. It documents his struggles to obtain equipment, posts, funding and building for the laboratory, his initiative in identifying and encouraging Jewish scientists wishing or obliged to leave Germany when the Nazis came to power, and his consequent negotiations with the university, industrialists and politicians to provide research funds, space and equipment. The resulting excellence of the Clarendon Laboratory (notably in low temperature research) is well known. Cherwell also helped to make it possible for the young R.V. Jones to carry out there his early infrared research (see the correspondence in D.123 - D.125). Cherwell's skill as a polemicist is shown in different fields and with different degrees of credit, in his rearguard action over premises in Keble Road, Oxford, originally leased for a research project,and in his contributions to the public contro- versy over the draconian proposal to solve Oxford's traffic problems by a road through Christ Church Meadow. Section J supplies further illustration of Cherwell's enjoyment of in-fighting in prewar Oxford Conservative politics. As a counterbalance to this almost too well-known side of his character, Section B contains (B.126) a few drafts for speeches given in his later more mellow years at social gatherings at Christ Church. Here, ona relatively small stage and with congenial F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 12 General introduction listeners, his wit - often recalled by friends but not otherwise recorded - is well dis- played, steering a delicate course between raillery and mockery, choosing appropriate anecdotes and references and achieving with grace the difficult balance required by such intimate, semi-domestic occasions. Sections C and D, together with parts of Section E, relate to Cherwell as a scientist. They show him in several lights. His début in research could hardly have been more auspicious, when he was chosen by Nernst in 1908 for the team in Berlin working on specific heat and low temperatures. He published collaborative papers with Nernst and becamea lifelong friend of him and his family. To this time also belongs his affectionate, and similarly lifelong, friendship with Einstein; many of Cherwell's notes, lectures and articles are concerned with explaining and gaining This period acceptance ofEinstein's theories among the general educated public. of 'pure' research was ended by the outbreak of war in 1914; on aspects of meteorology and astronomy, sometimes in collaboration with his father, and his early brilliance in research was recognised by his election to the Chair of Experimental Philosophy at Oxford in 1919, and to the Fellowship of the Royal Society Manyofthe surviving drafts and papers of these early years are in German. later, Cherwell worked in 1920. Another aspect shows Cherwell as an ingenious inventor and patenter of con- trivances and designs. 1914-18 war, or from private research in the laboratory of the Many of these arose from his work at Farnborough during the Lindemann family home at Sidmouth. The scientific correspondence (Section D) reflects in its patchiness the ambiguous Somefelt position Cherwell occupiedin the eyes of some ofhis scientific colleagues. that he had ceased to do productive research after about 1924, others that he was His damagingly preoccupied with rank, high society and political manoeuvring. declared support for the Conservative party is also likely to have contributed to his isolation from a considerable proportion of the scientific community during the Thirties. There remain, however, interesting exchanges with W.F. Aston, G.I. Taylor, W.H. Nernst, J.L. Tuck and others; the material in D.53 - D.69, while concerned mainly with visits and lectures by Einstein, testifies to the mutual respect and affection between him and Cherwell. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 13 General introduction Section E includes some additional scientific writings, of a more general and popular kind than those in Section C, but more importantly shows Cherwell as an embattled defender of the importance to the life of the community of science, scientific research, and the scientific habit of mind. He campaigned endlessly for more money and more respectfor the scientist - in early years somewhat negatively by decrying what seemed the opposed values of a 'classical' education, and in later life more positively by pressing for the expansion of technological education through new universities or institutions. His last piece of work (E. 100) was devotedto this subject. See also G.526 - G.533, H.236 - H.253 for Cherwell's wartime activities in this field. It is, however, for his friendship with Churchill and its political consequences that Cherwell is most widely known. Begun in 1921, the friendship continued with no diminution of regard on either side, and despite staggering disparities of tempera- ment and habit, until Cherwell's death. The episode of the aged Churchill's insistence on attending the funeral service and ceremony in 1957 has been referred to in the published biographies of Cherwell. This friendship permeated much of Cherwell's life, and its documentation is in consequencediffused through many Sections of the collection. The correspondence in Section K shows the personal aspect of the relationship, Churchill's use of Cherwell as a source of information and advice, and Cherwell's acceptance by the whole Churchill clan as a warm family friend. The political relations between the two begin and end in Section J, firstly in the 1920s and 1930s, and later from 1945 to 1953 when Cherwell was an adviser to Churchill's Consultative Committee in opposition, or in office as Paymaster-General in his administrations. Between these comes the 1939 - 45 Second World War which is very fully documented in Sections F, Gand H. These three Sections are best considered as a unit. Apart from some preliminary material (F.1 - F.39) concerned with increasing anxiety during the interwar years about the problem of air defence in war, and the various solutions proposed (including papers on the 'Tizard Committee’), all three relate to the work of the Statistical Branch, later known as the Statistical Section. This was formed at Churchill's request to assemble and assimilate statistics and data and to present them to him in accessible, F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 14 General introduction rapidly intelligible form, originally in his capacity as First Lord of the Admiralty and then as Prime Minister. A minute detailing the functions of the organisation is quoted in the Introduction to Section F and included at F.41. Broadly speaking, Section F contains the material presented by the Statistical Section to Churchill in its final form - asa graph, chart or diagram, and/or a personal minute from Cherwell to Churchill, sometimes accompanied by a draft minute or recommendation to be sent by Churchill to the appropriate minister. These documents provide an interesting picture of the working relationship between Cherwell and Churchill throughout the period 1939 - 45. The charts or minutes were the distillation of the wide-ranging activity of the Statistical Section and rested on background research through committee or departmental papers, official correspondence, information from scientific colleagues, etc. This background material, which provides fuller information than the summary minutes, occupies Sections G (scientific and military topics) and H (economic topics). The separate Introductions to all three Sections, and to many oftheir sub-sections, explain in more detail the nature and interest of the material, which enables the advice tendered by Cherwell and the Statistical Section - frequently the target of adverse criticism both at the time and subsequently - to be substantiated or placed in pers- pective by its contemporary research and thinking. the collection. It is unfortunate that so few of Cherwell's own letters survive in any Section of Incoming letters in Section K make clear how successful he could be He was often derided for collecting Duchesses, and may well have done in society. so initially; but they for their part seem to have been reluctant to let him go. BY ANY OTHER NAME F.A. Lindemann took the title of Cherwell of Oxford when he was created Baron It was under this name that he became a national figure as adviser and in 1941. minister to Churchill, though his scientific colleagues continued to think of him as Lindemann. Despite his love and respect for his father and elder brother among his F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 15 ._ General introduction immediate family, it is likely that he was not reluctant to replace a name with Germanic resonances (and which had often been the subject of wounding reflections and unfounded gossip) with a title expressing his identification with Oxford and his intense patriotism for Britain, particularly in time of war. entries of this catalogue he is referred to consistently as Cherwell, though both names In the narratives and appear on the referencetitle at the head of each page. lt was not, however, only his sumame which Cherwell appears to have found uncomfortable. More unaccountably, his two imperial forenames, Frederick Alexander, were also shunned, and he tended to sign letters with initials only. The family pet-name for him was *Peach' and it is not surprising that only a very few close friends (such as the Egertons) ever learnt or ventured to write it, though Cherwell himself signed his early letters to his father in this way. addressed him as 'Lindy', and Cherwell's much-loved elder brother Charles sometimes wrote to 'My dear Old Man', but Cherwell did not encourage intimacy; the name Tizard, in the early daysof their friendship, 'Prof', with or without the definite article and abbreviation mark, and variously spelt with single and double 'f', was hit upon apparently by Lady Eleanor Smith (see Birkenhead, The Prof in two worlds, pp. 128-129) and seems in retrospect an inspired It enabled him to hide his personality behind a function, yet conveyed in solution. its abbreviated form an affectionate informality. At all events, it became his 'name' for personal and social purposes for the rest of his life. Like Cherwell himself, many of the political and social figures who appear in his papers changed their names by succession to hereditary titles or by the award of honours. Some, such as H.R. Trevor-Roper, now Lord Dacre, have done so while the catalogue was in preparation. both the patronymic and the title of honour, the reference numbers being listed under the name borne by the writer at the time when the correspondence (or the greater part In such cases, namesare given in the Index under Thus, F. Pakenham is listed under P with a cross-reference of it) was conducted. under Longford, Trevor-Roper under T cross-referenced under Dacre, D. Sandys under S cross-referenced under Duncan-Sandys, A. Lennox-Boyd under L cross-referenced under Boyd of Merton. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 16 General introduction CONSPECTUS OF FILE- NUMBERS As explained in the note above on the history and provenance of the collection, the Conspectus was compiled to assist readers and researchers who had already consulted and made references to Cherwell's papers on the basis of the 1965 - 66 outline list. The Conspectus appears in Vol. III, pp.367-403 and relates the OFF. (= Official) numbers, which are listed in the left-hand column, to the present item-numbers which The presence of an item-number indicates that the folder of are listed on the right. that number in the present catalogue includes one or more pieces which had originally been in the OFF. file. Every document in question can be identified by the former OFF. number in pencil at the head. Exact duplicates have been discarded in order to ease pressure on library space. that is because they were often unmanageably large and (correctly) designated When, as frequently happened, multiple copies were taken with the result that a letter or document might feature in one or more OFF. (and sometimes also PERS.) files, all It will be seen that the the relevant OFF. numbers appear on the remaining paper. contents of many of the OFF. files (e.g. OFF. 21.1, 38.1, 43.1) are now widely dis- tributed; ‘miscellaneous’ or 'general correspondence’. have been assembled from a variety of OFF. and PERS. files; examples of this are G.26, G.28 (on the size of the German Air Force), D.23, D.24 (correspondence with M. Born), D.194 (correspondence with A.P. Rowe), D.245, D.246 (correspondence with J.L. Tuck), K.40 (correspondence with Brabazon of Tara), K.186 (correspondence It is hoped that the smaller size and more rational arrangementof the Conversely, many of the present folders with |. Lubin). present folders will make the material simpler to use. INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS The Index includes the names of individuals, and of organisations and learned Index numbers may refer to postal correspondence or to signed reports and societies. memoranda exchanged with or forwarded to Cherwell. A reference number may there- fore indicate a folder containing any orall of these types of material, particularly when they are in Sections F, G or H. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 17, General introduction In cases where only Cherwell's carbon copy survives, the name of the correspondent is not listed here. There is no subject-index. Lists of topics covered in specific sequences appear at G.152 - G.443, H.1 - H.66, H.208 - H.267. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Weare grateful for help and information from many sources and in particular to: The Librarian and staff of Nuffield College Library, Oxford. Mr. M. Maclagen, for help in identifying the names of correspondents, especially in Section K. Professor M.M. Gowing, Sir Donald MacDougall, Professor J.R. Parkinson, Miss J. Pye and Mr. P.J. Searby, for comments on the draft catalogue. Mrs. M.M. Edwards, for careful and accurate typing, and for her patience. J.B. Alton J. Latham-Jackson F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 18 SECTION A PERSONAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL A.1 - A.136 A.1 -A.90 CAREER, Ee, AND HONOURS A.91 -A.101 FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE A.102-A.119 PERSONAL AND DOMESTIC CORRESPONDENCE A.120-A.130 FINANCIAL CORRESPONDENCE A.131-A.136 PHOTOGRAPHS, PRESS-CUTTINGS, — MISCELLANEOUS 29 32 34 36 F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 1? Personal and biographical A.1-A.90 CAREER, APPOINTMENTS AND HONOURS Al A.2 A.3 A.4 A.5 Grossherzogliches Realgymnasium zu Darmstadt. Report on Friedrich Lindemann, 1900. Grossherzogliches Technische Hochschule Darmstadt. Reports on Friedrich Lindemann, Summer Semester 1905-Winter Semester 1907-08. See A.74, A.75 for correspondence re Jubilee reunion with classmates of Realgymnasium. K&8nigliche Friedrich-Willhelms-Universitdt zu Berlin. Record book of Cherwell's studies in physical chemistry, signed by Nernst. 1912-13. Recommendation for Cherwell by Nernst, recording work in his laboratory since 1908. 1 March 1914. Election as Member, Société Frangaise de Physique, February 1913. (Letter signed by M. de Broglie.) Letter re Cherwell's entry for tennis singles tournament, Paris, May 1913. A.6-A.8 A.6 Cherwell's visit to University of Chicago, June-September 1913. Correspondence from R.A. Millikan re invitation and arrange- ments. Farewell telegram from de Broglie. Letter of introduction. A.7 A.8 Letter of introduction from J.C. Grew (Counsellor, American Embassy, Berlin). Also included here is a letter from Grew, 1915, re Charles de Suppé and Nernst. Correspondence re tennis and social engagements. Postcards sent to his father by Cherwell during visit. A.9 Unidentified card, re Cherwell's plans. November 1913. Cherwell's National Registration card, as ‘Scientific Investigator’, issued at Sidmouth, 1915. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 20 Personal and biographical A.10-A. 17 Royal Aircraft Factory (later Royal Aircraft Establishment), Farnborough, 1915-18. Includes some later material to 1957 re Cherwell's work and interest in aeronautics, history of R.A.E., etc. Some of Cherwell's papers and reports on aeronautics written during his service at Farnborough, appear at C.11-C.31. of his papers in 1965, see A.17 below. Others were destroyed during the review Correspondence, 1915-16, with M. O'Gorman (Superintendant, Royal Aircraft Factory) re Cherwell's appointment as temporary technical assistant at a salary of £3 per week, and his service there. A.11, A.12 Pilot's Flying Log Books (2), both in Cherwell's hand. A.1] Entries run an error for 1919). '9.1X! £1916] to '3.1. 1918' (N.B. This is Entries are officially endorsed to 24 January 1917, and include passenger names and details of tests carried out. ‘First Solo' is entered on '16.IX. 9.05-9.10 a.m.‘ and this is endorsed. ‘First Solo' for '22.IX. 6.50-7.05 p.m.' The following page also bears an entry Entries run '20.1X' to '28.1X' [1916] only. official endorsements. There are no ‘First Solo' is entered on '22.IX. 6.50-7.05 p.m.' Graduation Certificate, Royal Flying Corps, 25 October 1916. Letter from Capt. Cooper, 16 November [1916], who was one of Cherwell's flying instructors and who endorsed most of the 1916 entries in A.11. Correspondencere history of 'The War in the Air', by Sir Walter Raleigh. 1919, 1921 Correspondence re Cherwell's 'spinning flight’ during war. Correspondence on same subject with Official Air Historian. Correspondence re R.A.F. Mess, Hucknall. 1932 1933 1936 F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 21 Personal and biographical Copy of 'A Historical Summary of the Royal Aircraft Factory and its Antecedents', sent to Cherwell with request for photograph. 2 draft letters to B. Bracken re spinning flight. Invitation to 50th anniversary celebration of first poweredflight. Correspondencere portrait of M. O'Gorman. Correspondence re Cherwell's request for copies of his R.A.E. papers. Correspondencere spinningflight. Note of R.A.E. reports by Cherwell, destroyed during 1965 review of his papers, but available in the records of R.A.E. Farnborough. See also E.19, E.20. 1946 1953 1953 1954 1955 1957 Invitation to lecture on ‘Practical Experiments in the Stability and Control of Aeroplanes', Royal Aeronautical Society. 1918 Note of Cherwell's book account, and of books and journals purchased at Dommes the Bookseller, Cologne. 1919 A.20-A. 23 Election as Professor of Experimental Philosophy, Oxford University. 1919 A.20 Autograph letter of application, miscellaneouslists of publications, printed testimonials from J.J. Thomson, A.A. Michelson, R.A. Millikan. A.21 Correspondence with referees and sponsors: de Broglie (includes request for information on origins of Cherwell's family, to forestall possible reflections cast uponif) P. Langevin A.A. Michelson R.A. Millikan (and Cherwell's reply) Rayleigh J.J. Thomson H.T. Tizard F.A. Lindemann ,Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 22 Personal and biographical A.22 Correspondence with Registrar, Oxford University, and Warden, Wadham College, re election. Arrangements for Cherwell's M.A. by Decree. A.23 Letters and telegrams of congratulation. A.24 A.25 Letters from Jeans and Fowler, offering to propose Cherwell for Fellowship of the Royal Society. Letters of congratulation on election, Correspondence re formation of Board of Trade Fuel and Power Committee, and Cherwell's appointment to serve. List of Members of Committee. Also included here is ms. draft of Cherwell's letter to ‘Dear P.M.' on the General Strike and coal negotiations. 1719 1920 1926 A.26 Correspondence re 'The Heights', Marlow. 1927-35 Mainly re purchase of the property (for Cherwell's father) and installation ofelectricity. A.27 Election as Fellow, Royal Aeronautical Society. A.28 A.29 A.30 Letter re Dinner at the Other Club. Letter of thanks on termination of Cherwell's service on Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Cherwell's reply stresses the importance of expenditure on scientific research. Letters of condolence received on the death of A.F. Lindemann (Cherwell's father). Some include personal and biographical recollections. Letter proposing Cherwell as member of the Royal Institution. Letter from Cherwell to President, Oxford Union, re his family, in which he writes: 'I can state categorically that lam not a Jew and do not number any Jews amongst my ancestors’. Included here is a 3 pp. note prepared for Birkenhead's biography of Cherwell, on ‘German scientists', recording his activities in helping Jewish refugee scientists from Germany. 1928 1930 1930 1931 1932 1936 F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 23 A.31 A.32 A.33 A.34 Personal and biographical Letter from Vice-Chancellor asking Cherwell to represent Oxford at Rutherford's funeral. 1937 Correspondence re_ proposed visit by Cherwell to Canada in September 1938, which he cancelled because of political situation. See also Cherwell's correspondence with his brother, A.96. Correspondence re conferment of Hon. LL.D. at Aberdeen. 1940 Correspondence, June-July 1941, re Cherwell's financial position. Includes autograph draft reply by Churchill to question in the House, 17 June 1941, 'To ask the Prime Minister state the duties and remuneration of Professor Lindeman’ and related correspondence. if he will (sic), Cherwell was raised to the peerage in the Birthday Honours and the question was withdrawn. A.35-A.41 Conferment of Barony. 1941] A.35 Letter from Churchill, undated, announcing his intention of recommending Cherwell for Barony. Correspondence with supporters re introduction into House of Lords. A.36 Correspondence with Charles Lindemannre crests and arms. The letters are addressed variously to 'My dear Baron’, 'My dear F.A.' and 'My dear old man'; in his letter of 12 June, Charles Lindemann suggests the title 'Baron Christ of Church’. Includes examples of family seals. A.37 Correspondence with Garter re Letters Patent, Arms, Crest, etc. Includes photocopy of letter, 1918, re Lorrain origin of Lindemann family. A.38-A.41 Letters of congratulation, many referring to Cherwell's wartime work. 4 folders as follows: A.38 A.39 A.40 A.4] A-B C-L M-P R - W and unidentified. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 24 A.42 A.43 A.44 Personal and biographical Request for Cherwell's photograph for National Portrait Gallery. Invitation to join Empire Parliamentary Association. Correspondence with Lord Chancellor re propriety of Cherwell's speaking in debates in House of Lords, while working as unpaid personal assistant to Prime Minister. Election as Member, National Geographic Society (Washington, D.C.). Includes some earlier correspondence re Society. A.45-A.53 Appointment as Paymaster- General and Privy Councillor, A.45 Official notifications. A.46-A.52 Letters of congratulation. 7 folders as follows: 194] 194] 1942 1943 1932 1943 A.46 A.47 A.48 A.49 A.50 A.51 A.52 A (Includes 3 epigrams by Andrade) B-C D-H I-L M-P @-S T - W and unidentified A.53 Correspondence, 1945, re Cherwell's formal relinquishment of his office of Paymaster- General. A.54 A.55 Correspondence, 1945, re petrol allowance for Cherwell's duties as member of the Radio Board. Correspondencere portraits of Cherwell. 1946 With War Artists Advisory Committee, and with artist, re portrait by Henry Carr. With R.A.F. Colour Portrait Collection Committee. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 25 Personal and biographical A.56 Correspondence with Churchill, 1950-52, re Cherwell's service in Churchill's administration. Cherwell was reluctant to serve as a member of the Government, and would have preferred to help Churchill asa private advisor. Churchill, however, felt that his services were ‘of special value' and obtained leave of absence for him from Oxford for 1951-52 and again 1952-53. In October 1953 he reluctantly accepted Cherwell's resignation (see A. 68). Includes copies of letters from Oxford University officials. A.5/- A.65 Letters and telegrams of congratulation on appointment as Paymaster- General. 195] Some of these include biographical or personal recollections, comments on the political situation, suggestions for action, etc. Some have Cherwell's reply attached. 9 folders as follows: A.57 A.58 A.59 A.60 A.61 A.62 A.63 A. 64 A.65 A B-C D F- J K-L M-N P-R S-T W A.66 Miscellaneous invitations, 1951, to attend conferences, act as President, the Physical Society, and of the Science Masters' Association (all declined due to pressure of work), and re Cherwell's room at the House which he shared with Ismay. F.A. Lindemann ,Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 26 A.67 Personal and biographical Correspondence re 'Sidholme' (Cherwell's boyhood home at Sidmouth, Devon), which became a Methodist Guest House in 1931. Correspondence re Conferment of Honorary Associateship, Manchester Municipal College of Technology. Award of Messel Medal, Society of Chemical Industry, 1952 1952 1953 See E.16 for Cherwell's speeches to the Society on the occasion of the conferment of the Medal. Cherwell's copy of a reply on the function of Co-ordinating Ministers (Cherwell and Leathers), sent to Leathers for amusement. 1953 A.67A Correspondence, 1953, re Summonsto the Coronation of H.M. The Queen. A.68-A.73 Resignation from Cabinet, and appointment as Member of the Companions of Honour. 1953 A.68 Exchange of correspondence with the Prime Minister on resignation. Includes autograph draft of Cherwell's letter to Churchill explaining his reluctance to accept a C.H. (See Birkenhead: The Prof. in Two Worlds, p.316.) Correspondence re appointment as C.H. is also included here. A.69-A.73 Letters of congratulation, regret at Cherwell's leaving the Cabinet, etc. Many of Cherwell's replies regret what he called his 'loss of amateur status’. Several of the letters are from former students of the Clarendon Laboratory. 5 folders as follows: A.69 A.70 A.71 A.72 A.73 B-C D-H J-M P-R S-Z F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 27 Personal and biographical A.74, A.75 Correspondence with former classmates of Realgymansium, Darmstadt. 1953-56 Mainly re arrangements for a Jubilee reunion in 1955 of the class of 1905 (Cherwell was unable to attend), and including news of former classmates. A.74 Correspondence with W.G. Schmidt, 1953-56. Includes a letter 1949 from K. MUnkler, another member of the class, who died before the proposed reunion. A.75 Correspondence with F. Sachs. 1954-56 A.76 A.77 A.78 A.79 A.80 Invitation to serve as President, Radio Industry Council (denied because of continuing involvement with atomic energy). Invitation (declined) to Associate Membership, American Institute of Management. 1954 1955 Correspondence with Oxford University re Cherwell's resignation of his chair. 1955-56 See also B.55-B.59. Correspondence with Censors, Christ Church, re Cherwell's retention of his rooms after his resignation of his chair. These were, as he explains here, and frequently elsewhere, his only home, which he was most reluctant to abandon. A rent of £250 was agreed, and Cherwell retained the rooms until his death. 1955-56 Also included here is notification of Cherwell's election to an Emeritus Studentship of the House. 1956 Election as Membre Grrespondant, Section des Membres libres et des applications de la science 4 I'industrie, Institut de France, 1955, anda little later correspondence, 1956-57 A.81, A.82 Conferment of Viscounty. 1956 A.81 Letter from Prime Minister (Eden) proposing to put forward recommendation for Viscounty. Arrangements for introduction into House of Lords, corres- pondence with sponsors, etc. A.82 Letters of congratulation. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 28 Personal and biographical A.83-A.87 Award of the Hughes Medal of the Royal Society, November 1956. 1956 A.83 Notification of award of medal 'in recognition of your distinguished studies in many fields: the melting-point formula and theory of specific heats; ionization of stars; meteors and temperature inversion in the stratosphere’. A.84-A.87 Letters of congratulation. Many of these contain recollections and tributes to Cherwell's scientific achievements; several also refer to the death in October 1956 of Sir Francis Simon (q.v.) who had been Cherwell's successor-designate at the Clarendon Laboratory. In several cases the incoming letter has not survived and only Cherwell's reply remains. A. 84 A.85 —A.86 A.87 A B- J K-O P-Z A.88 A.89 Request (declined) that Cherwell accept nomination as candidate for office of Lord Rector, University of Glasgow. 1956 Correspondence, 1956, with publishers re possible auto- biography (Cherwell refused). Request for photograph for National Portrait Gallery. 1956 Correspondencere visits to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship. 1956, 1957 A.90 Miscellaneous requests for biographical information. 1955-56. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and biographical A.91-A. 101 FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE In alphabetical order. A.91-A.93 Correspondence with A.F. Lindemann (father), c. 1899-1927. 29 A.F. Lindemann wasa distinguished scientist in his own right, with a particular interest in astronomy. wealth, he had a working laboratory installed at the family home, Sidholme, Sidmouth, and collaborated with his son in experiments and publications. is therefore personal and scientific in the fullest sense. Cherwell had great respect and affection for his father and writes very openly about his work, career plans and activities. A man of The correspondence A.91 Early correspondence, including letters from Blair Lodge (Cherwell's school), Berlin (1908) re Nernst's laboratory, Brussels (1911) re Solvay Conference at which Cherwell and de Broglie were secretaries, America, during visit to Chicago at invitation of R.A. Millikan (see A.6-A.8) and London (1913) re likelihood of Cherwell succeeding Clifton at the Clarendon Laboratory. Clifton was to retire in September 1914 but the 1914-18 War supervened and Cherwell was eventually elected in April 1919 (see A.20-A. 23). A.92 Correspondence, 1914-18. On research and papers. to his work and flying at Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough. Some of Cherwell's letters refer A.93 Correspondence, 1919-27. Includes a letter (1919) to A.F. Lindemann from Knobel praising Cherwell after hearing a discourse by him. Scientific and personal news, including Cherwell's difficulties with his rooms in Wadham, his meetings with Churchill, Westminster and others, and his search for a property nearer Oxford for his father; see A.26 re 'The Heights', Marlow. (Cherwell's mother died in 1927.) See A.95, A.120, A.121 for correspondence re A.F. Lindemann's financial affairs. See A. 28 for letters of condolence received by Cherwell on the death of his father. See Section C for correspondence on collaborative research and publications with A.F. Lindemann. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 30 A.94 Letters from Charles Jules Adolphe, Count Lindemann. 1913-27 Personal and biographical Count Lindemann was cousin to A.F. Lindemann and head of the family; he adopted Charles Lionel, eldest son of A.F. Lindemann and Cherwell's elder brother, as his heir. The letters, in both French and English, are social and personal. A.95-A.97 Correspondence with Charles Lionel Lindemann (elder brother). 1931-55 These are mainly personal letters, sent from and to C.L. Lindemann's private addresses. for letters exchanged 1939-43 from British Embassies in Paris and Washington where Lindemannheld various posts and which relate to wartime projects. See D.145-D.147 Several of the letters are undated and have been assigned a tentative place in the sequence. A.95 1930-38. Includes material re death and estate of A.F. Lindemann, financial and political affairs. A.96 1939-49. Includes telegrams and letters re C.L. Lindemann's serious illness in 1941, and re his Paris house during the Occupation. A.97 1950-55. A.98 Correspondence with Erika Lindemann. 1950-56 (Daughter of Emil and last surviving memberof continental branch of the Lindemann family.) Correspondence re family property. A.99 Correspondence with and re Frédéric Lindemann. 1955 A.100 (Cherwell's nephew, son of James (Sepi), younger brother.) Correspondence with James (Sepi) Lindemann (younger brother). Postcard only, signed 'Sepi', 1913, letter 1940, and letters from Cherwell, 1937, 1942. Included here is a letter from Thérése, James's widow, 1948 (see also A.128). F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 31 Personal and biographical A.101 Correspondence with Olga Lindemann (mother). 1905-22 Included here is a telegram from Linda (Vickers, later Kirkpatrick) (sister) announcing the birth of a son, 1916. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 32 A.102-A.119 PERSONAL AND DOMESTIC CORRESPONDENCE Personal and biographical A.102 Correspondence on photography. 1932-55 With firms, newspapers and individuals on equipment and methods. Includes arrangements for J. Harvey to attend course at Kodak Limited, 1948. See also A.122, K.100. A.103, A.104 Correspondencere cars. Mainly re Mercedes-Benz. 1933-34, 1938 A.103 A.104 Mainly re Packard. 1942-54 1933-56 1933-56 A.105-A.107 Correspondence re Cherwell's health and diet. A.105 Correspondence with doctors and consultants. Includes reference to his brother's health, a ms. note from Mrs. Ethel Florey re penicillin ointment for Cherwell's eye (n.d.) and an example of Cherwell's diet as shown in one week's menus (1953). A.106 Correspondence re Cherwell's vegetarian foods. _ 1941-44 Includes correspondence from Clementine Churchill (1941) on the difficulties of feeding Cherwell, and from C.L. Lindemann and others on supplies of olive oil in wartime. A.107 Correspondence re cows. 1945-53 A.108 A.109 With estate managers, dairymen, etc., and with H.A. Halban who ownedvarious cows jointly with Cherwell and shared the produce. See also D.117. Correspondence re Cherwell's Londonflat. 1947 Correspondence with Chief Constable of Oxford re Cherwell's revolver, 1948, and Oxford traffic, various dates. Included here is a letter (1933), possibly to a motoring organisation, re speed limit in Oxford. A.110 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence re domestic electrical equipment. Various dates. 1946-56 F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 A.111 Correspondencere travel in Europe. Personal and biographical Mainly requests for laisser-passer, hotel reservations, including Cherwell's holiday in Europe with his brother, 1954. Various dates. A.112-A.119 Correspondence re Cherwell's staff. Includes letters appointing and dismissing staff, arrangements for the lease, furnishing and tenancy of accommodation, etc. 33 1930-56 1931-57 Cherwell's secretary and longest-serving member ofhis staff was James Harvey, to whom referenceis frequently made. Many of the letters, however, show Cherwell's care for all those he engaged, and his frequent help when they were in financial, medical or personal difficulties. These represent some of the 'secret benefactions' referred to by Birkenhead in his biography The Prof. in Two Worlds, pp.272-4. episodes in many of the more personal letters throughout the collection. There are shorter references to similar A.112 Correspondence, 1937-48. Includes letters re Kdtchen Weber and Anna Thalmann, the Lindemann family servants, after their return to Germanyon the death of A.F. Lindemann. A.113 A.114 Correspondence, 1948-52, reMrs. Eda Beard, the Lindemann family nurse, who fell on hard times and appealed to Cherwell for help, which he provided annually. Correspondence, 1949; 1950; 1954-57, on behalf of various members of Cherwell's staff and their dependants. A.115 Miscellaneous correspondence by and re James Harvey. 1931, 1949-56 A.116 A.117 A.118 A.119 Correspondence with Treasurer, Christ Church, Oxford, re lease of Cottage, Rose Lane Gate, for Cherwell's Secretary; includes copy of lease, 1939-40; some later correspondence re cottage, 1952-55. Correspondence with Treasurer, Christ Church, and others re lease of cottage in Blue Boar Street, Oxford, for Cherwell's chauffeur, 1938. Some later correspondence re cottage and tenants, 1940-51. Letters of thanks from private individuals for loans, gifts or charitable acts by Cherwell. Personal requests for testimonials, advice on careers, etc. Not indexed. 1932-53 F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 A.120-A.130 FINANCIAL CORRESPONDENCE Personal and biographical A.120 Copies of correspondencere securities deposited by A.F. Lindemann at Frankfurter Bank, 1914, and subsequent negotiations. and August 1921. An undated list of the copies, and summary of contents, is tagged into the folder. Includes schedule of securities in August 1914 A.121 Correspondence, 1925-31. Re various claims by Cherwell and his family against the German authorities in respect of securities, holdings, funds, etc. A.122 Correspondence, 1931-46, re Cherwell's investment in Colortone Limited. A.123 A.124 A.125 A.126 A.127 A.128 Includes some correspondence re various films and pro- cesses tried out by Cherwell. Brief correspondence, 1931-38, with accountants, stock- brokers, etc. re investments. Correspondence, 1933, re special Life Assurance scheme. Correspondence, 1932-56, with accountants and bankers re routine tax and financial matters. Includes correspondencere property and bank accounts in Germany and America,and re an article by Cherwell for the bank's review, 1949. See also E.124. Correspondence, 1945-57, re Cherwell's Will, and various bequests and endowments made or proposed by Cherwell for his family and friends. Correspondence with Bankers Trust Company re Cherwell's funds in America. 1931-53. Correspondence, 1954-55, re 31500 paid into Cherwell's accountin Paris in paymentfor an article on the political implication of nuclear weapons commissioned but not published by Look magazine. The Bank of England refused to allow him to leave the moneythere and insisted on its being exchanged and transferred. Continued F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 35 A.128 (cont'd) Personal and biographical Included here are references to Cherwell's concurrent battles to provide extra funds for Mrs. Thérése Lindemann and her family, and for Grdfin von Rex, an old friend living in poverty in Germany. There is an undated schedule of the correspondence, perhaps compiled by or for Birkenhead, included in the folder. See E.53 for the text of the article. A.129 A.130 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence re subscriptions, accounts, etc. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence re charities, appeals, etc. 1935-54 1931-56 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Personal and biographical 36 A.131-A.136 PHOTOGRAPHS, PRESS-CUTTINGS, MISCELLANEOUS A.131-A.134 Photographs. A.131 6 sheets of photographs, mounted and some identified. Includes photographs taken on Cherwell's visit to America, 1913, of tennis parties, of the Churchills, etc. Envelope of photographs, mainly of tennis and house parties, but includes group of members of the de Broglie and Rochetaillée families. Envelope of photographs sent to Cherwell by C.L. Lindemann during Second World War. Photographs, 1944, of Cherwell with Wavell, Portal, Dudley Pound and others, with accompanying letter. A.132 A.133 A. 134 A.135 A.136 Miscellaneous press-cuttings. 1 box. Miscellaneous items of biographical interest. 1 box. Includes Cherwell's passports, official passes, Hughes medal certificate, Coronation medal, seating plans, visiting cards, etc., and autographed souvenir menu card from dinner on U.S. Flagship Augusta, August 1941. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 37 SECTION B OXFORD UNIVERSITY B.1 - B.166 THE CLARENDON LABORATORY With an introductory note OXFORD SCIENCE DEPARTMENTS AND INSTITUTES .119 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE ON UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS, 1929-57 With an introductory note B.120-B. 123 WADHAM COLLEGE, 1919-57. With an introductory note B.124-B. 132 CHRIST CHURCH, 1921-57 With an introductory note B.133-B. 138 OTHER OXFORD COLLEGES 146 OXFORD UNIVERSITY CLUBS AND SOCIETIES B.147-B. 166 CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS ON THE OXFORD ROADS PROBLEM, 1953-57 With an introductory note 48 49 O72 53 a0 56 oo F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 38 Oxford University B.1-B.90 THE CLARENDON LABORATORY Cherwell (then F.A. Lindemann) was elected Professor of Experimental Philosophy in April 1919 (A.20 - A.23). The condition of the Clarendon Laboratory, and the poor reputation of the study of physics at Oxford when he arrived, have been commented upon in published biographies and obituaries. He quickly began to organise the removal of obsolete apparatus and the acquisition of more up-to-date equipmentpartly from surplus military stores, partly from accumulated university funds, and partly from industrial manufacturers among his personal friends. Although the reputation of the laboratory grew and improved, receiving new impetus from the German refugee scientists whom Cherwell encouraged to settle there from 1933 onwards, funding continued to be a problem occupying much of Cherwell's time, diplomatic skill and social activity (see B.14 - B.25). During the Second World War, the Laboratory, now housedin its new building (B.13, B.26 - B.32) was run on Cherwell's behalf largely by T.C. Keeley, though Cherwell continued to devote as much of his own time to its working as was then practicable, keeping a specially keen eye on plans for postwar science and funding (B.42 - B.47). The end of Cherwell's period of service at the Clarendon Laboratory was greatly saddened by the death of his successor, Sir Francis Simon. See B.37 - B.40 for reports on research conducted under contract at the Laboratory during the Second World War. See correspondence with C.H. Collie, T.C. Keeley, E. Bolton King, K. Mendelssohn, F.E. Simon for material re administration and research at the Clarendon Laboratory during the Second World War. See also G.533. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 39 B.1 B.2 B.3 B.4 B.5 B.6 B.7 B.8 B.9 B.10 Oxford University Early correspondencere grants for the laboratory, arrangements for clearing surplus or unwanted material. April-June1919 Correspondence re allocation of apparatus to the Clarendon Laboratory from Royal Aircraft Establishment and other Dispersal Board stocks. 1919 Correspondence chiefly re supply of liquid air apparatus. May-Dec. 1919 Includes letter from Rutherford on liquid air supply, March 1920. Correspondence with Douglas Vickers. 1919-20 Mainly re supply of liquid helium, but includes long letter from Cherwell, November 1919, outlining his plans for research in Oxford and enquiring about possible financial support from industry. Also includes typescript 'Note on The Application of the Clarendon Laboratory for Helium for Low Temperature Research’. n.d. See also D.253. General correspondencere finance, staff, books and equipment. Includes ms. draft by Cherwell re firm of Adam Hilger. General correspondence re equipment and research. General correspondence re finance and equipment. Includes Cherwell's ms. letter of thanks for grant from Leigh Fund. 1919 1920 1921 Financial estimates for Clarendon Laboratory. Outline for teaching methods and syllabus. c.1920-21 n.d. (Both in the hand of 1.O. Griffith.) Shorter correspondence and papers re teaching and syllabus at Oxford. 1920 Correspondence and papers re meteorology in Oxford. 1920-21 Includes Cherwell's proposal for the establishment of a Readership in Meteorology and the appointment of G.M.B. Dobson. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Oxford University B.11 Correspondence and papers on the Museum Departments. Letter and memo. from F. Soddy. 40 1919, ¢.1920 Nov. 1919 Letter and memo. on administration of Museum Depart- ments, no authoror date. c.1920 B.12 General correspondence re equipment and installations at the Clarendon Laboratory. 1927-36 Includes letter of introduction from Birkenhead to 'Mr. Morris' (later Lord Nuffield), suggesting collaboration with Cherwell, 1927, and letter from F. Soddy re A.C. electricity supply, 1936. Miscellaneous papers on research in progress or proposed at the Clarendon Laboratory. (None signed or dated.) On low temperature work (refers to work in Germany by Mendelssohn and Simon). c.1933 On extension of I.C.1. contracts to provide security for refugee German scientists after 1935. On 'nuclear chemistry' and research into liquid hydrogen. n.d., perhaps 1936/37. On the new laboratory, its design, apparatus, research projects. n.d. c.1938 B.14-B.25 Funding of research. 1933-38 Correspondence with University, firms and individuals re financial support, grant applications, supplies and fund-raising for research at the Clarendon Laboratory. Many of Cherwell's letters contain or are accompanied by accounts of work in hand. See also E.62. B.14 1933. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. The Leigh Fund. 1934. 1935. 1937. B.17 Oxford University re grant from Rockefeller Foundation for apparatus for research by F.E. Simon and other refugee scientists. Appeals to Duke of Westminster and to Lord McGowan, as part of Oxford University Appeal. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 4] Oxford University B.18 1937. Oxford University. Correspondence and draft speech to Hebdomadal Council supporting grant of £500 p.a. B.19 B.20 1937, Lord Wakefield. 1937-38. Correspondence with J.D. Pollock, re his free supply of liquid oxygen for the Clarendon Laboratory. B.2]1 1938. Oxford University Appeal, re omission of Clarendon Laboratory from Appeal pamphlet. B.22 1938. Leverhulme Trust. Oxford University (re Government Grants Committee) B.23 B.24 B.25 1938. Lady Mond. 1938. 1939, Oxford University, re funding for a cyclotron. Oxford University, Request to General Board for major increase in grant to the Clarendon Laboratory. Cherwell's letters to A. Lennox-Boyd and Lord Nuffield te importance of increased government support for scientific research. B.26-B.32 The new Clarendon Laboratory. Correspondence and papersre site, rebuilding, equip- ment, etc. of the Clarendon Laboratory on Parks Road, adjoining the University Parks, Oxford, 1934-39. B.26 1934. Mainly preliminary proposals for 'Committee on Building Requirements’. Includes copy of letter from J.S. Townsend stating he considers no substantial addition necessary for his department. B.27 1935-36. Includes Cherwell's letter of thanks to Vice-Chancellor for unofficial good news about his 'castle in Spain’, July 1936. B.28 1937. Includes discussions with architects, consulting engineers and University, re heating system (Cherwell strongly advocatedelectricity). Biz? 1938. Correspondencere article on the new building, written by Cherwell for Oxford. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 42 B.30 1938. Oxford University Re meeting of Advisory Committee, 19 May, to discuss physics at Oxford and the relationship of departments,with Cherwell's amendments to the report. Also includes correspondence on comparative cost of gas and electric heating systems. B.3] 1938-39. Includes letter re visit to the new laboratory by the Chancellor,March 1939. B.32 1939. Copy of Cherwell's letter to the Warden, All Souls, re preservation of the chestnut tree in front of the Clarendon Laboratory. B.33 Correspondence and papers reradium. 1934-40, 1947-48, 1952-53 The radium was lent to Cherwell for scientific purposes by the Czechoslovak Government in 1934, and was insured at his expense. delayed by the war, when it was stored in the Clarendon. Another request for its return was made in 1948 but not followed up, and it was finally to be handed back in 1953. In 1939 its return was requested, but was Correspondence is with officials of U.K. and Czech Govern- ments, insurers, etc., and includes ms. note from Jan Masaryk, December 1938. Correspondence re Air Ministry contract for research at Clarendon. Letter re suspension of work on negative electrons during war. 1938 1939 Correspondence re Admiralty contract for research at Clarendon. 1939-40 List of research workers at the Clarendon Laboratory, and their current salaries, compiled for Central Register. 1939-40 B.34 B.35 B.36 B.37-B.40 Reports on research carried out at the Clarendon Laboratory, mainly on radio, and on magnetic detection, as part of Admiralty contract. 1939-42 B.37 Work by C.H. Collie, D. Roaf, A.H. Cooke. General report, December 1939. Preliminary note on the detection of ultra-short waves by magnetic resonance, 9 pp. (by Collie). Report by Roaf on above, December 1939. Note on motion of electrons in a combined electric and magnetic field, by Collie. n.d. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 43 Oxford University B.38 Work by C. Hurst and J.G. Daunt, August 1940. On infra-red, and 0.5 cm. waves. B.39 Work by J.H.E. Griffiths and B. Bleaney; D. Roaf; B.V. Rollin; C.H. Collie. Some dated January 1940. B.40 Work by B.V. Rollin, on accelerating electrons, August 1942. B.4]1 Brief correspondencere financial estimates for Clarendon, and re a calculating machine. 1944 Cherwell's carbons only. B.42-B.47 Postwar organisation and finance of the Clarendon Laboratory. B.42 B.43 B.44 Two papers on organisation and finance of postwar university research, n.d. One is Cherwell's heavily-corrected draft, the other is probably not by him. Correspondence and papers re meetings on the future of physics at Oxford, appointments, extensions to Laboratory, etc. 1944-47 Correspondence re equipment and supplies for Clarendon Laboratory. 1945 Surplus Balloon Command equipment. Request for helium from National Research Council, Canada. Surplus water tanks and accumulators. Air Ministry compressors. B.45 Correspondence re Royal Society Grant, 1939, 1945. The grant was made in 1939, for work on magnetic fields, but was not taken up until 1945. A.G. Egerton's letter to Cherwell of 1939 is still addressed to 'Dear Peach', one of the last occasions on which this nickname (detested by Cherwell) was used. B.46 Correspondence and papers re grant to the Clarendon Laboratory by the Nuffield Foundation. 1945-46 A grant of £8,000 a year for eight years was agreed by the Trustees in November 1945. B.47 Correspondence re safe for Clarendon Laboratory. 1947 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 44 B.48 B.49 B.50 B.51 B.52 B.53 B.54 B.00> oo? Boo B.56 B.57 B.58 B.59 Oxford University Cherwell's recommendation of F.E. Simon for a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1946. Shorter correspondence with U.S. Office of Naval Attaché re reports of work in progress. 1947-48 Correspondence and papersre gift of a Betatron from the Research Department of the British Thomson-Houston Company to Oxford University, for the Clarendon Laboratory. 1948 Correspondence re |.C.1. Fellowships. Correspondence re grant for F.E. Simon's research from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. 1948 1948 Correspondence with Department of Scientific and Industrial Research re grants and grant-awardingpolicy. Various dates. 1951-56 Correspondence with United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. Mainly re high acceleration programme (including photocopies of notes and comments on the programme by many distinguished physicists), but also on research projects, consultancies, etc. Various dates 1954-56 and one letter 1948. Correspondence re proposed National Institute for High Energy Physics. 1956 Correspondence re Cherwell's resignation of his chair at Oxford, and the appointment of a successor. 1953-57 Cherwell resigned his chair in 1956, at the age of 70. F.E. Simon was appointed his successor in May 1956 but died in October of that year. 1953-55. 1956. 1956-57. Autographs and letters of appreciation from technical staff of the Clarendon Laboratory on Cherwell's retirement. 1956 Letters on Cherwell's retirement. 1956. See also A.78. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 45 Oxford University B.60-B. 67 General correspondence re the Clarendon Laboratory (building, equipment, appointments, etc.). 1947-57 Many of the incoming letters have been lost, only Cherwell's carbons surviving. 1947-49. Includes letter on Nuclear Physics post-graduate year. 1950-51. 1952. Includes correspondence re extension of grant from Nuffield Foundation. B.60 B.6] B.62 B.63 1954. Cherwell's recommendation of F.E. Simon for a knighthood. B.64 1954. Letters of August include data on accelerators in the Clarendon Laboratory; letters of November are with Board of Trade on difficulties in buying American apparatus. B.65 B.66 B.67 1954, Appointments. 1955. Funding and appointments. 1956-57. B.68 B.69 B.70 Shorter correspondencere research staff at the Clarendon Laboratory. 1932-50 (Salaries, conditions of service, grants and promotions. ) Correspondence re technical staff at the Clarendon Laboratory. Not indexed. 1929-55 Miscellaneous requests to work at the Clarendon Laboratory. Not indexed. 1933, 1947, 1955-56 B.71-B.77 Correspondencere visitors to the Clarendon Laboratory. 1935-56 Requests to visit, from university, industrial and official colleagues in U.K. and overseas, arrangements, letters of thanks, etc. sometimes included. Some material re funding or research is B.7] B.72 B.73 B.74 1935, 1936. 1945-47. 1948. 1949. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 46 Oxford University B.7o 1950-52. Includes correspondence re visit and lectures by L. Néel. B.76 B.77 1954-56. Shorter requests to visit laboratory or thanks for hospitality. Not indexed. B.78-B.90 Lectures. All the material below is in Cherwell's own hand, on various sizes and formats of paper; many are punched and bear metal reinforcements. B.78 Ms. notes for a lecture on Classical Dynamics and Quanta. Paginated 1-6, with 3 pp. notes and headings on the subject (on writing paper of Randolph Hotel, Oxford, where Cherwell stayed onhisfirst visits to Oxford). Included here are notes and calculations, with a date, 1915, added in another hand. B.79,B.80 Two sets of lecture notes, possibly prepared for Cherwell's visit to Chicago in 1913 (see A.6-A.8). ‘Continental’ than his later style. The writing is more B.7? B.80 B.81 B.82 'Solids'. 20 pp., with monogram 'F.A.L.' on p.1. 'Non-ideal gases and liquids', 16 pp. Ms. notes for a course of lectures on Kinetic Theory, subtitled ‘Transition from Newtonian to Modern Physics’. l p. introduction, + sequence paginated 1-86. Ms. notes for a course of lectures on Kinetic Theory of Gases. Paginated 1-47. B.83-B.85 Three sequences of ms. notes for lectures, kept separately by Cherwell but probably forming sections of a course on recent work in physics, alluding to the work and theories of, e.g., Einstein, Nernst, Planck, Debye, Bohr. B.86 B.87 Ms. notes for a course of lectures on radiation. Ms. notes for a course of lectures 'to familiarise philosophers with some of the conceptions and difficulties of modern physics’. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Oxford University 47 B.88-B.90 Extensive draft for lectures on philosophical problems of physics, including ‘evolution and use of language and logic’, ‘concepts of Classical physics', ‘relativity and the quantum theory and the revolution in our ideas which these have brought about’. Probably given at Oxford in 1920s, but with extensive additions and revisions in pencil, red and blue ink, at various periods. There is an index covering pps. 1-100, but the complete draft is paginated to p.260 + 1 loose page. 3 folders: Pp. 1-100. Pp. 101-200. Pp. 201-260. B.88 B.89 B.90 F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 48 Oxford University B.91-B.98 OXFORD SCIENCE DEPARTMENTS AND INSTITUTES B.91-B.96 Radcliffe Observatory (and University Observatory). 1930-36, 1956 Correspondence and papers, mainly re proposal to use a benefaction of £100,000 from Lord Nuffield to construct a new telescope. Cherwell supported the view that the telescope should be sited in Oxford; the contrary view was that astronomical studies would be better advanced by a location in South Africa, and the new telescope was eventually built at Pretoria. Includes material re Savilian Professorship of Astronomy, negotiations with Radcliffe Trustees, various submissions and presentations of case, affidavits from foreign astronomers, syllabus for astronomy as part of natural science course. Some scientific correspondence is also included from colleagues, in particular E,A. Milne and H.H. Plaskett. B91 B.92 B.93 B.94 B.95 1930. 1931. 1932. 1933. 1934. B.96 1935-36. 1956. Includes affidavits and submissions. This covers the period of the Radcliffe Trustees' application in court to use the funds for the Pretoria site, and includes ms. drafts of Cherwell's letters to the Vice-Chancellor and to Lord Halifax during the course of the hearing, and his 12 pp. typescript summary of his view of the evidence. B.97 Delegates of University Museum/Heads of Science Depart- ments, 1932, 1938 Mainly correspondence, 1932, re extension of Radcliffe Science Library. B.98 Institute of Forestry. Correspondence, memoranda and papers re siting and staffing of Institute. 1933-38 Includes some earlier correspondence re Forest Products Research Laboratory, 1929. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 49 Oxford University B.99-B.119 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE ON UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS 1929-57. The correspondence is conducted with successive Vice- Chancellors, officers and senior members of the University. It deals with general administrative and financial matters (including Cherwell's own salary at various points in his career), Cherwell's service on University committees, electoral or examining boards, proposed changesin teaching, etc. Correspondence on administrative matters is generally conducted with the University Registry and on financial matters with the University Chest, but some overlap occurs. The material is presented as a roughly chronological sequence, with a brief indication of content. B.99 Correspondence, 1929. B.100 B.101 Correspondence, 1931-34, re methods of presenting and auditing departmental accounts, the proposed 'Financial Safeguards Statute', and re college contributions. 1931-34. General correspondence. 1935-36. Includes note prepared by J.S. Townsend on provision for lectures in physics for students of engineering. B.102 1937-38 re elections to Hebdomadal Council and re School of Geography and Anthropology. B.103. B.104 1938. 1939-40. Includes correspondence re continued purchase of German scientific periodica Is during the war, and re Cherwell's salary. B.105 1941. Recommendations for honours. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 50 B.106 B.107 B.108 B.109 B.110 B.111 B.112 B.113 B.114 B.115 B.116 B.117 B.118 Oxford University Correspondence, 1941-53, re premises at 7 Keble Road, Oxford, leased in the 1930sby Cherwell from the University (the ground landlord) and used for the business of Oxford Instrument Company (see C.54, D.135). requisitioned in 1941 by Oxford City Council, and the remainder of the lease was eventually bought by the University (which had turned down the proposition in 1941) after protracted difficulty and litigation. The premises were Cherwell's letters of 17 May 1947 and 16 May 1950 give a clear accountof his side of the complicated story. Includes correspondencere salaries of Cherwell and T.C. Keeley, and re Cherwell's wartime work. Includes correspondence and drafts on funding and benefactions, salaries, nominations, etc. Includes correspondence on 4th year for physics students, and Cherwell's letter to C.A. Coulson offering him the Rouse Ball Chair of Mathematics. Includes Cherwell's letter recommending Sir John Slessor as Chichele Professor of the History of War. 1943. 1945. 1946. 1947. 1949. 1951. 1952. 1953. 1954. 1955. 1955-57. On Engineering at Oxford. 1956-57. Includes letter from Cherwell on the ‘National Centre’ for research in nuclear physics, and letter re his state old-age pension. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 51 B.119 1956-57. Oxford University Correspondence and papers arising from the speech of the retiring Senior Proctor in March 1956, in which he reported losses of library books and claimed that scientists (often Senior members) were more liable than others to steal books. Cherwell was indignant and attempted to obtain an official disclaimer, and, whenthe matter was revived in 1957, sent a letter jointly with Hinshelwood and Florey to The Oxford Magazine. Includes press-cuttings. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Oxford University B.120-B.123 WADHAM COLLEGE, 1919-56. 52 Cherwell's Chair at Oxford, to which he was appointed in 1919, was attached to Wadham College; accordingly, he took up residence there after various difficulties over improvementto the set of rooms assigned to him, and remained a Fellow and Memberof the Governing Body until 1956, when he resigned his chair and was elected an honorary member. In 1921, however, he was offered a Studentship (= Fellowship) and more spacious rooms at Christ Church where he moved the following year and which he came to regard as his only home; see A.79 for special arrangements made to allow him to remain in Christ Church after his retirement. Although he became, in time, one of the oldest and most respected members of Christ Church, it should be noted that he was never a memberof the Governing Body of the House; see B.124-B.132 for correspondence on Christ Church affairs. The material below consists of correspondence with successive Wardens of Wadham, and with Fellows or prospective Fellows about the general affairs of the college. It is clear that Cherwell gave financial help to the college in various ways from time to time. B.120 1919-22. Includes correspondence re Cherwell's rooms, the alterations he wished to have made at his expense, and his draft letter of farewell on moving into Christ Church. B.121 1924-30. Includes letter from E.A. Milne, re rooms in Wadham on his appointment as Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics. B.122 B.123 1931-39, 1940-56. Includes letters from C.M. Bowra on his wish to enlist on active service 1940, and letter, 1956, electing Cherwell an honorary memberof the college. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Oxford University B.124-B.132 CHRIST CHURCH, 1921-57. 53 Cherwell took up residence in Christ Church in 1922, He was not a member of the Governing Body of the House, which involved a certain dispute over the matter of precedence, in 1927 (B.124), but sat on its special committees from time to time. His social contact with the Duke of Westminster was responsible for the establishment of a Duke of Westminster Research Studentship (B.125, B.126) and his friendship with Einstein helped in encouraging the latter's visits to Oxford in 1931, 1932 and 1933 when he stayed in Christ Church and was elected a Research Student (B.128, see also D.56, D.61). The correspondence is with successive Deans, Censors, Treasurers and Students of the House, and also with personal friends requesting assistance with admission of relatives to the House and their progress there. See also A.116, A.117 for correspondence with Christ Church re accommodation for Cherwell's staff. B.124 1921-27. Includes formal letter, 1921, electing Cherwell a Student 'while holding Dr. Lee's Professorship of Experimental Philosophy', and correspondence, 1926-27, re precedence. B.125, B.1Z6 Correspondence and papers re Duke of Westminster Research Studentship in physics, 1924-54. The first holder of the Studentship was E. Bolton King (q.v.); at the conclusion of his tenure in 1930 there was some disagreement about whether the Studentship should continue to carry membership of the Governing Body, but it was eventually decided that it should do so. As time went by, various modifications had to be made fo the provisions con- sequent upon the death of the Duke, the contributions of the University and the House, etc. B.125 1924-31. Includes deeds. B.126 1932-54. A.F. Lindemann ;Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Oxford University B.127 1930. Includes letter from Cherwell deploring proposal to transfer the Christ Church Laboratory to the University Department of Chemistry. 1931. Re visit by Einstein. 1931-39. Includes invitation to Cherwell to accept election as Vice-President of Law Club. Includes invitation to dinner to celebrate Cherwell's return to Oxford. Includes correspondence re Cherwell's retirement, copy of speech at Christ Church Gaudy 1956 by Harry Truman, correspondence re Sutherland portrait of Churchill, and two drafts of speeches by Cherwell at the Censor's Dinner, 1956. B.128 B.129 B.130 B.13] 1940-49. 1950-55. B.132 1956-57. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Oxford University B.133-B.138 OTHER OXFORD COLLEGES Mainly requests for advice from Cherwell re appointments. In alphabetical order. B.133 B.134 B.135 B.136 B.137 All Souls Balliol Brasenose Campion Hall Corpus Christi Exeter Lady Margaret Hall Lincoln Nuffield St. Catherine's St. Edmund Hall St. Hugh's St. John's Trinity Wadham Worcester 1956 1934 1949 1946 1932, 1945, 1947 1932 1950 1954 1956 1954 1954 1955 1949 195- 1953 195] B.138 Miscellaneous university requests for advice, references, etc. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 56 Oxford University B.139-B.146 OXFORD UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE SOCIETIES AND CLUBS In alphabetical order. For O.U. Conservative Societies and Clubs, see Section J. B.139 Oxford University Air Squadron and Oxford Branch, Royal Aeronautical Society. 1928-38, 1946-55 General correspondence re affairs of the Squadron and its relations with the Society, with successive Commanders. B.140 Oxford University Alembic Club. 1941 Ashmolean (Dining) Club. 1940, 1952-55 Oxford University Blue Ribbon Club. (Cherwell addressed the Club on technological education.) Oxford University Bryce Club. 1956 1955 B.141 Oxford University Camera Club. 1937-38, 1955-56 Cherwell was President of the Club from its foundation in 1937 until his resignation in 1956. Correspondence with successive Secretaries of the Club, mainly re exhibitions, loans of photographs, etc. 4 Cecil Club (University College). 1949-50 Chatham Club (Christ Church). Oxford University Empire Club. Essay Society. Oxford University Exploration Club. B.143 Oxford University and City Gliding Club. Oxford University Lawn Tennis Club. Leonardo Society (Balliol College) Mercury Club (Christ Church) Oxford University Natural Science Club. Invitation to join. 1948 1936 1950 1934-36 1937-38 1955 1951 1946 1919 F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Oxford University B.144 Oxford University Physical Society. Election as Honorary Member. Oxford University Psychological Society. Oxford University Scientific Club. Oxford University Socratic Club. Oxford University Theoretical Physics Club. Cherwell was Honorary President from the foundation of the Club at the Clarendon Laboratory in 1949. Twenty Club (Christ Church) Tyndale Society (Hertford College) B.145 Oxford Union Society Requests from Presidents for Cherwell to speak in debates, or to ask Churchill to speak. 57 1935 195] 1946-48 1949-54 1949 1934 1955 1945-50 B.146 Oxford University United Europe Movement. 1948-49 (and the Strasbourg Club) Cherwell was Hon. Vice-President of the United Europe Movement, which was a short-lived society later replaced by the Strasbourg Club. Brief correspondence with officials. Wills Club (Keble College). Woolsack Dining Club. 1956 1956 F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 58 Oxford University B.147-B.166 CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS ON THE OXFORD ROADS PROBLEM, 1953-57 This was a matter of considerable debate at local and national level, involving the Ministries of Transport and Housing and Local Government, as well as Oxford City Council and its Committees, the Oxford Preservation Trust, Oxford University and its colleges. The controversy continued in the press through articles, features and especially the correspondence columns, and there were also broadcast talks and comment. The problem was the congestion of traffic in the central areas of Oxford. A partial solution, with which the earlier material is mainly concerned, involved the construction of outer by-passes and the development of better independent shopping and entertainment facilities outside the centre, particularly at Cowley. Bitter controversy arose over the necessity, and the siting, of 'inner relief roads'; various plans, some very drastic, were proposed, and in September 1956 Duncan Sandys (now Lord Duncan- Sandys), then Minister of Housing and Local Government, wrote to Oxford City Council requesting submission of a proposal for a road through Christ Church Meadow, and an access road by an extension of Rose Lane. The later material deals with the mobilisation of opposition to this plan. The correspondence is with local officials, amenity societies, University and college authorities, Ministers, House of Lords colleagues, members of the general public. In 1953 the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation was A. Lennox-Boyd (now Lord Boyd of Merton) and the Minister of Housing and Local Government was Mr. (now Sir) Harold Macmillan. Several memos. and letters sent to or on behalf of Cherwell bear the signature of P.J. Searby, his London secretary at this time. The material is presented chronologically, with a brief indication of content. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 5? B.147 B.148 B.149 B.150 B.15] B.152 B.153 B.154 Bsi55 B.156 B.157 B.158 B.159 Oxford University June-July 1953 re housing and outer by-passes, includes copy of questions to be asked in House of Lords about road programme. August 1953. Correspondence and memos. on outer by-passes, and Clarendon Hotel (now Woolworths). September-November 1953. Includes correspondence with Ministers. 1954. Includes correspondence with Minister of Housing. February-March 1955. Includes note by Cherwell for Churchill on Oxford Town Planning scheme. April-May 1955. Includes correspondence with Minister of Housing, and copy of letter by Cherwell to The Oxford Magazine on proposedinternal relief roads. June 1955. Correspondence and memos. July 1955. Correspondence, memos. by Cherwell and others, press-cuitings. August 1955. Correspondence and press-cuttings. October-November 1955. Includes letter of protest drawn up and circulated by Cherwell to Heads of Science Departments and correspondencearising, press-cuttings. May-July 1956. Includes correspondence with Minister of Housing and Local Government and with Private Secretary to Prime Minister. September 1956. Correspondence, including Minister's decision on the question (to incorporate a road through Christ Church Meadow). October 1956. Correspondence and memos. re Roads Committee at Christ Church, letters and articles in the press, and Beveridge's proposal for a debate in the House of Lords. B.160 November 1956. Includes copy of Writ issued between Dean and Chapter of Christ Church and Ministry of Housing and Local Government, and of the Defence. F.A. Lindemann , Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Oxford University 60 B,161 February 1957. Papers issued by Christ Church, re their Writ against the Ministry and their discontinuance of the action, and re the need for a Royal Commission. B.162 February 1957. Debate in House of Lords, 13 February. Order paper, list of speakers, 1 p. ms. headings and 40 pp. typescript and ms. of Cherwell's speech. B.163 B.164 B.165 B.166 February 1957. Correspondence preceding or following debate. March 1957. Miscellaneous correspondence (and undated) including two humorous poems on the controversy. Miscellaneous drafts and copies of memos., speeches, articles and letters by Cherwell on the roads problem. Nos dated. Folder of press-cuttings on the roads problem. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 61 SECTION C SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, WRITINGS, CONFERENCES C.1 - C.89 The material includes notes, drafts, patents and inventions, together with related correspondence. It is presented in chronological order, so far as this is ascertainable. Conferences and visits have been kept in a separate sequence, C.79 - C.89. See B.79 - B.90 for Cherwell's lectures at Oxford University. See E.1 - E.21 for shorter articles, letters to the press, etc. on scientific matters, and E.61 - E.103 for similar material on scientific and technological education. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 62 C.1-C.4 Cal Scientific research, writings, conferences Gas pressure in R8ntgen tubes, 1912-20 Five notes on Réntgen tubes, some prepared for patents. All in German. 3 pp. on regulation of gas presure. 2 pp. on construction of Réntgen tubes. 3 pp., similar. 5 pp. on regulation of gas pressure in Vacuum and R&ntgen Tubes, Berlin, 1913. 4 pp. ms. draft patent specification on regulation of gas pressure. n.d. Correspondence with German patent agents re Cherwell's German patents (on Réntgen Tubes), 1912-13, continued 1920. Includes Patent. Correspondence with French patent agents re Cherwell's French patents (on Réntgen Tubes), 1914, continued 1920. Correspondence with British patent agents re Cherwell's patent No. 27599/13 (on regulation of gas pressure in R&ntgen Tubes), with drafts and copy of Patent. 1914, continued 1920. Ca C.3 C.4 cao ‘Lindemann glass’. (A glass suitable for use in X-ray tubes, largely developed in the Lindemann family laboratory at Sidholme.) A note on the glass, and letter from L. Dunoyer, 1914. c.o Free electrons in metals. 8 pp. ms. paper, in German, n.d. 7 pp. typescript and ms. note, n.d. probably 1915. ms. draft of letter to O.W. Richardson re his and Cherwell's work on electrons in metals, 1915. C.7 Isotopes. 1 p. 'In reply to Dr. Bohr's remark on the discussion on Isotopes at the meeting of the B.A. 9.1X.15'. 3 pp. note (perhaps for discussion meeting) on dis- similar chemical properties of isotopes, n.d. ms. notes and calculations on separation of Isotopes by electricity, n.d. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 C.8 1914, Scientific research, writings, conferences 63 Draft letter to Naval Construction Department, Admiralty, re microphone to detect submarines. The letter, dated 13 August 1914, refers to ‘our interview this morning’. See also C.18. C.9;..C. 10 Work on range finder, 1915. These drafts represent research done at Sidholme before Cherwell began work at Farnborough in March 1915. Cum ‘Method for locating and finding range of guns’. Drafts of specification and forwarding letter, February 1915. C.10 ‘Method for locating concealed guns’. Drafts (one dated March 1915), and 2 pp. later notes 'for experimental proof’. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Scientific research, writings, conferences Celt-C.3) Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough Cherwell worked on various projects connected with range and direction finding, detection of submarines and aircraft, and aircraft spin, for which he is particularly well known (see A.10-A.17, E.19, E.20 for other material on his service at Farnborough). The material consists of ms. drafts or official reports and specifications, some- times accompanied by correspondence. Some ideas survive only through references in correspondence, since many early R.A.F./R.A.E. records were destroyed; occasionally Cherwell's correspondents were so discreet in their letters that it is not always possible to determine what project is in question. Continuing correspondence on various devices and inventions begun at Farn- borough has been retained here although Cherwell had moved to Oxford in 1919. C.11-C.13 1915. €.11 Two short notes by Cherwell, on submarine detection (April 1915), and on ‘Incendiary packages that catch fire when dry' (to be dropped from aeroplanes) (22 July 1915). C,72 Two reports from R.A.F. H. Depét: ‘Report on methads of signalling’ (16 May 1915). ‘Means of communication between passenger and pilot' (12 December 1915). Unsigned, probably not by Cherwell. C. 13 Correspondence: H. Jackson (on quartz lens) M. O'Gorman (long range aircraft detection) T.R. Merton (long range ship detection) N.K. Adam (liquid hydrogen) F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 65 Scientific research, writings, conferences C.14-C, 1916. —_— eho 16 Two reports by Cherwell. 'Secret signalling by infra-red rays', 19 January 1916. ‘Report on experiments with polarizer for observing submerged objects', 11 February 1916. Correspondence with colleaguesre polarised light, 1916-17. Includes official authorisation for Cherwell to be offered ‘all facilities for testing his device in the air’. Correspondence re Standing Committee on Glass and Optical Instruments Sub-Committee on X-ray Glass Apparatus. Cherwell attended a meeting on 1 May 1917 to describe his apparatus. 17 Correspondence. re location of artillery. R.V. Goddard re B.E.2C aircraft. C182. 20 19 TZ « —— Reports by or re Cherwell. "Note ona rate of climb indicator for use on aero- planes', March 1917. 'A suggestion for the detection of aircraft or ships by long-wave radiation', March 1917. (Refers to Cherwell's letter of August 1914, see C.8.) 1 p. only 19 ‘Note on recording accelerometer for measuring stresses on aeroplanes', 15 June 1917. / "Experiments on diving sight', 21 June 1917. 20 Correspondence. T. Lowe (on range finding by aeroplane). re towed missiles, W.G. Duffield (compass). Authorisation to fly in test aeroplane. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 66 Scientific research, writings, conferences C.21-C.3] 1918-21. Reports by or re Cherwell. C.21 Ge22 C.23 C.24 C.25 'Report on trials of aerial range finder ', 27 January 1918. 'Note on the possibility of countering balloon barrage’, 28 April 1918. ‘Note on T.1059c' (Paper for Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), April 1918. 'Note on cloud flying', 30 May 1918. 'Note on a geometrical construction for rectifying any arc of a circle’. Ms. draft of paper published in Phil. Mag., 36, 1918. C.26 ‘Possibility of countering balloon barrages', 11 June 1918. C.27 C.28 C.77 (Continuation of C.22 above.) ‘Report on Kite balloon barrages', 28 July 1918. ‘Action of Wind on Flexible cables', October 1918 (not by Cherwell). Earlier R.A.F. report on sound detection, June 1912. Two ms. notes by Cherwell, on self-correcting compass, and on gravity controlled sextant (probably contribution to a discussion meeting). Note on questions to be asked of Air Minister (no author or date, but probably by Cherwell, 1918). C.30 Correspondence, 1918-20. ? Tincker (experimental results) G.1. Taylor (‘spiral thermometers') H. Grinsted ('speeddriftometer') H.E. Wimperis (range finding from the air, and compasses) D. Vickers (improvement in filament lamp) C.31 Continuing correspondence on the ' Lindemann Range Finder', 1920-21. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 67 Scientific research, writings, conferences C.32-C.40 Astronomy and meteorology C.32 2 pp. draft on dark stars, n.d. C.33 C.34 Probably related to paper published in Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc., 75, 1915. Heavily-revised and corrected ms. draft for a paper on solar physics, n.d. (written on H.M.S.O. writing paper and probably from Farnborough). 6 pp. draft for paper on photoelectric photometry and Perhaps related to paper on astronomy. the subject published in collaboration with A.F. Lindemann (Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc., 79, 1919). In German. Included here is a letter from J. Evershed on proposed testing in Kashmir of hypothesis in Cherwell's previous collaborative paper with A.F. Lindemann (Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc., 77, 1916). C.35 3 Letters to 'The Observatory’, 1918. On the relative equilibrium of stars. On refraction near the sun. On life of the sun. C.36 Ms. draft for paper on distance of the globular clusters. With a letter (signed 'Peach') to A.F. Lindemann on research on clusters, March 1919. C.377, C.38 Work on magnetic storms, re paper published in Phil. Mag., 38, 1919, C.37 Ms. draft notes. Correspondence arising from publication, from: A.L. Cortie W. Keesum M.N. Saha 1919 1920 1920 Ms. draft, 'Line of Sight Displacements of the Hydrogen Lines in Nova Aquilae', probably for discussion meeting of Royal Astronomical Society and answering objections by A.L. Cortie, n.d. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 68 Scientific research, writings, conferences C.38 Notes of meeting 'for the Discussion d Geophysical Subjects' at Royal Astronomical Society, 3 December 1920 (mainly between Cherwell and S. Chapman). Includes correspondence received beforeand after meeting, and a later letter from Chapman, 1922, accepting Cherwell's views. C.39 Work on ionisation. Draft remarks for discussion on ionisation at Faraday Society, 21 January 1919. 1 p. only draft on similar subject, re theories of S. Chapman, n.d., probably earlier. C.40 Discussion meeting on relativity and astronomy, 12 December 1919., Ms. and typescript drafts for remarks, and ms. draft by F.J.M. Stratton for published account. Includes letter from O. Lodge headed 'going back to Edgbaston midnight', accepting Cherwell's criticisms as put forward at meeting. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 69 C.41 C.42 C.43 C.44 C.45 C.46 C.47 C.48 Scientific research, writings, conferences Series of notes on various physical and philosophical problems. The notes are all written on Wadham College post- cards and may date from 1919-22, before Cherwell moved to Christ Church. They include: Sequence numbered 2-6, on isotopes. Sequence numbered 2-4 and 2 loose cards, on Einstein's and quantum theories. Unnumbered but related cards on Euclidian and Einsteinian geometry. Unnumbered but related cards on philosophical aspects of physical knowledge. Also included are two unrelated cards (not Wadham College). 11 pp. ms. draft for paper on Einstein's theories, n.d. c.1920. Note on separation of isotopes by their different mobilities (ina letter to G.P. Thomson), 1921. Note on wave theory of light (2 pp. only), n.d. 3 pp. note on radio waves in the ionosphere, n.d. ¢c.1924. Patent 210492, 'Torsional Suspension’, 1922. Patent 580679, 'Galvanometers', 1923. (based on above) 6 pp. draft for paper on rotation of spiral nebulae, n.d., probably related to paper published in Mon. Not. R. Astr. Soc., 83, 1923. C.49 2 letters, 1923, on inventions by Cherwell: from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, on galvanometer from Air Ministry, on night bombers. Review of A. Eddington: 'The Mathematical Basis of Relativity’, 1923. Note on helium (letter to Russell), n.d. Notes, drafts and calculations for work on meteors, n.d., c.1924. C.50 Gaol C.52 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 70 Scientific research, writings, conferences C.53-C.57 Work on photo-electric cells, 1923-40. C.53 C.54 C.55 C.56 C.57 Letters, 1923, 1925, from Admiralty Department of Scientific Research and Experiment, re work to be done by Cherwell on photo-electric cells. Undated description of an invention to improve photo-electric images by 'graticules', 7 pp. Correspondence and papers, 1928-40, remanufacture and sale of photo-electric cells, by Oxford Instrument Company (run by E. Bolton King in premises leased by Cherwell in Keble Road close to Clarendon Laboratory). See also B.106, D.135. 2 descriptions of invention for 'Improvements in Photo- electric Cells'. Agreement with Phonofilms for supply of cells by Cherwell, V9Z/ Accounts re manufacture ofcells, July 1927-December 1930. Correspondence re Photo-electric Cell exhibition, held April-September1933 at the Science Museum, London. Cherwell lent his original Lindemann Electrometer, and Stellar Photometer, and subsequently allowed them to remain for a further period in the permanentcollection. Includes photograph of Lindemann Electrometer. See B.106 for correspondence with Oxford University and others re premises at 7 Keble Road, used for the project. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 7 Scientific research, writings, conferences C.58 Shorter papers, c.1926-30. Answer to a mathematical puzzle, 1926. Note on 'The Origin of Atmospheric Ozone’. Draft Report on the reorganisation of Radio Research between N.P.L., Teddington, and Radio Research Station, Slough. Correspondence re Patent Application for X-ray tubes, 1930. Correspondence re meetings of Royal Astronomical Society, 1930. Ga 7 2 notes on airships, with reference to the R.101 disaster, c.1930. C.60 C.6l Perhaps prepared for Sir John Simon, who chaired the enquiry into the disaster, see K.273. 2 pp. note on airship design. 5 pp. note on possible causes of the R.101 disaster. Notes of Cherwell's contributions to discussion meetings held on astrophysics in Berlin, 1932. In German, for published proceedings. Correspondence with British patent agents re Cherwell's patent No. 8103/31, ‘Device for printing or reproducing coloured photographs of films', and United States Patent based on above, 1932-33. Includes copy of U.S. Patent. C.62-C.65 'The physical significance of the Quantum Theory’, O.U.P. 1932. C.82 C.63 Correspondencearising from the publication of the book. With O.U.P. re review copies, sales, etc., 19323 Cherwell's copies of his letters to accompany compli- mentary copies. Correspondence with Editor, Nature, regretting the unsatisfactory review of book in Nature and offering Cherwell the opportunity to put forward some of his ideas in the course of a review of Jeans's book 'The New Back- ground of Science’. Includes typescript draft of review. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 /2 Scientific research, writings, conferences C.64 Letters from friends and colleagues re book, 1932. Later correspondence, 1949-50, with Lord Samuel re book and re Samuel's own writings on physics. C.65 Correspondence re book, with Sir Oliver Lodge, February- April 1932. C.66 Correspondence, 1932-33. re work on primes. Includes 3 pp. detailed unfavourable comment on a paper by Cherwell, from E.A. Milne. C.67 Notes and drafts for talks or papers on low temperatures. Includes 4 pp. draft for talk/demonstration on Absolute Zero on bicentenary of death of Fahrenheit (1936). 5 pp. draft on low temperature research, n.d., and shorter notes. C.68- Cid Baird Television Company, 1936-40. Cherwell was consultant to the company, and the material relates to ideas for inventions and patents. C..68: 1936-37. Includes ideas for artificial cooling of electrodes, and for improvements to television receivers. C.69 C70 C.71 1938. Includes patent for improvements to television receivers. 1939-40. re French and British patents for ‘Coordinate Scanner’. 1948-49. Continuing correspondence with Cinema-Television Limited, with which Baird was merged in 1940. C.72 Material on the constitution of the atmosphere. Related to a discussion on ‘The Upper Atmosphere’ at a Joint Meeting of the Chemical Society, the Physical Society and the Royal Meteorological Society, held at the Royal Institution, 4 May 1939. The meeting was introduced by F.A. Paneth; Cherwell contributed a paper on 'Meteor Evidence’ and also to the general discussion. (Published in Q. J. Roy. met. Soc., LXV, 1939.) Includes Cherwell's drafts for the published paper ‘Observations on the Discussion on the Constitution of the Upper Atmosphere’, and two shorter undated notes, 4 pp. and 3 pp.; correspondence with colleagues. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 73 C.73 C.74 Scientific research, writings, conferences 2 pp. undated note on mathematics. Correspondence, 1941. te Cherwell's paper 'Number of primes and probability considerations', Nature, 148, 11 October 1941. With editors, and correspondence arising. C79 Correspondence, 1945-50. te Cherwell's paper 'Note on the distribution of the intervals between prime numbers', Quart. Journ. of Math., 17, March 1946, and his paper in collaboration with F.V. Atkinson, 'The mean-values of arithmetical functions', Quart. Journ, of Math., 20, June 1949. See also D.11. C.76 Shorter notes and writings, c.1946. ‘Uses of nuclear physics', 1 p., n.d. 3 pp. note on absorption coefficient, 11 February 1946. 5 pp. paper on research at the Clarendon Laboratory, with a ms. note (not by Cherwell) 'Science Survey Broadcast. 5 July 1946'. SeealsoE.11. C.77 Extensive notes and drafts on mathematical topics. Typescript and manuscript. None dated, but many on writing paper of Paymaster- General's Office and probably 1952-53. Some of the sheets are paginated, but do not form a complete sequence. C.78 Answer toa ‘Brains Teaser’. Unidentified notes and calculations by Cherwell. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 74 Scientific research, writings, conferences C.79-C.89 Conferences and visits, 1911-56. See E.73, E.74 for conferences on scientific and technological education attended by Cherwell. C.79 First Solvay Congress, 1911. C.80 C.81 C.82 C.83 C.84 (Cherwell wasjoint secretary with M. de Broglie.) Bound volume of photographs of participants, many signed. Invitation and correspondence re second Congress, 1913. Correspondence, programme re joint meetings of the Aristotelian Society, 1919-20. Letter from H.A. Lorentz re Solvay Congress, 1921 (Cherwell was not invited). Letter re proposed conference on ozone, 1929. Letter re proposed conference on 'Science and the ordinary man', 1949. Eighth International Congress of Refrigeration, 1951. Invitation to act as Vice-President. International Conference on Nuclear Physics and Physics of Fundamental Particles, Chicago, 1951. Cherwell combined this with visits to laboratories and research institutes in Canada and America, official and personal matters, etc. The material includes invitation, travel and currency arrangements, correspondence with colleagues to schedule visits to laboratcries, letters of thanks, etc. letters of 27 August to A.K. Longair and to C.L. Lindemann give details of his proposed itinerary. Cherwell's C.85-C.87 Visit to Ceylon, Australia and America, September-October 1953. C.85 C.86 C.87 Itineraries and programmes, backgroundstatistics, currency arrangements. Invitations, Cherwell's letters of thanks for hospitality. Draft of talk given by Cherwell on Radio Ceylon. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 75 Scientific research, writings, conferences C.88 International Congress on Documentation of Applied Chemistry, November 1955. Cherwell was President of Honour, and contributed a Foreword to the conference handbook. Correspondence and drafts of Foreword. C.89 Visit to Germany, 1956. The visit was arranged at the request of the Foreign Office, for British Week at Munich and to include visits to laboratories, talks with Ministers. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 76 SECTION D SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE D.1 - D.266 The correspondenceis presented in alphabetical order, with terminal dates and a brief note of any material of particular scientific or biographical interest. Most of the letters are exchanged with individuals, but some societies, committees and organisa- tions are included; these are indexed under their own name (e.g. Academic Assistance Council, Imperial Chemical Industries) and also under the names of individual corres- pondents included therein. A note is made of cases where incoming letters have been lost and only Cherwell's carbons survive. While some of the correspondenceis brief and formal, there are some substantial exchanges which complement aspects of Cherwell's career at many stages; such are the exchangeswith early scientific colleagues (e.g. Nernst, Aston, Einstein), and collabo- rators at the Clarendon Laboratory (e.g. Keeley, King, Griffith, Simon, Tuck), and Cherwell's negotiations with industrial firms for financial support (see especially the correspondence with I.C.1.) Cherwell's work in assisting Jewish scientists of German extraction to leave Nazi Germany and continue their researchreer elsewhere is well known, more particu- larly in relation to the 1.C.1. Fellowships he was able to obtain for a limited number of such cases. He was, however, involved with many others. The following items all relate to scientists or professional men whom heassisted or attempted to assist in this way: D.1 Di.7 D.19 D.21 Academic Assistance Council Arndt, F Berg, W.F , Bergmann, S. Berl, S D.23, D.24 Born, M D.25 D.3] D.32 D.72 D.77 D.78 Bosch, C Brutzkus, J Cahn, H Fajans, K Franck, J. Frank, L F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 77 Scientific correspondence D.80 D.81 D.86 D.87 D.120 D.126 D.148 D.154 D.156 D.183 Gdng, K Gemant Haber, F Hahn, A.F Joachim, H Kallmann, H London, H Meitner, L Mendelssohn, K Rabinowitsch, E Schrédinger, Rado, R D.184 D.224,D.225 SchrE D.228-D.233 Simon, F.E D.240 D.244 D.251 © D. 257 D.263 Teller, E Traube, J Urbach, F Weissberger, A Windaus, A, Winternitz, P Additional references to assistance for refugee scientists may be found in the following items: D.21 D.89 D.91 Berlin, | Hardy, G.H Houtermans, F.G. D.94-D.113 Eko D.153 D.161 D.249 Mayer, E Molson, A.H.E Tyndall, A.M Other material relating to scientific research at the Clarendon Laboratory can be found in Sections B and G; material relating to atomic energy and the development of the Atomic Energy Authority is in Section J. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 78 Scientific correspondence D.1 Academic Assistance Council 1933-36, 1940 Correspondence 1933-36, re the work of the Council in placing and finding financial support for refugee scientists. Includes lists of displaced German scholars prepared by the Council at various dates. With one letter 1940 from Society for the Protection of Science and Learning (successor to the Council) See also correspondence with I.C.1., D.94-D.113 D.2 Allibone, T. E. 1929 (Cherwell's carbon letter of recommendation), 1953 Ambronn, L. 1913 D.3 Andrade, E. N. da C. 1928-49 Personal and scientific correspondence. Includes correspondence on various wartime projects, fuzes, flash lamps, Andrade's employment, etc. Andrews, C. D.4-D.6 Appleton, E. V. 1932 1940-55 3 folders as follows: D.4 D.5 1940-49. R.D.F., lonospheric forecasting. On various wartime matters, mainly radio research, Includes letter, 1940, from Rayleigh re threatened requisitioning of his laboratory. 1953. electricity from peat in Scotland; the Scottish Peat Committee investigating the question. With Appleton and others re possibility of generating Appleton was Chairman of D.6 1955. Cherwell's carbons only. D.7 Appleyard, R. Arco, Arndt, F. 1923 1950 1933 Arrangements for Arndt to come to work in Oxford. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 79 D.8 Askeland, K. 1947 Scientific correspondence Correspondence, drawings and patent re generation of electricity from tidal power. Enclosed here is an undated memaandum on the subject, in German, 2 pp. D.9 Aston, F. W. 1917-21 Includes Aston's account of his apparatus, 'a daisy at isotope production’ and its early 'most astonishing! results. letter of 21 February 1920 lists his current determinations of isotope masses. 1922. Aston was awarded the Nobel Prize in His The correspondence, whichis very friendly, includes reminiscences of 'Chudleigh' and newsof friends in Cambridge at work and play. D.10 The Astor Foundation. 1954-56 This was a charitable Foundation set up by Viscount Astor in 1954 'to provide a fund in dollars for the benefit of Great Britain, to forward scientific, medical, educational, culture and other projects ...' The Foundation hadan original life of fifteen years; the British Advisory Committee consisted of: The Treasurer of the Royal Society; The Warden of All Souls; The Founder, or his successor; Anyone else co-opted or appointed (Cherwell was asked by Astor to serve on the original Committee Correspondence is with the Founder and colleagues re the Foundation, and the award of grants to British scientists. The first 'Astor scholar' was P.B. (now Sir Peter) Hirsch, and his letter of thanks is included. D.11 Atkinson, F. V. 1948-49 re their joint paper 'The mean-values of arithmetical functions’. See also C.75. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 80 D.12, D.13 Atkinson, R. d'E. 1924-56 Scientific correspondence Personal and scientific correspondence re research, publications, appointments. Correspondenceconsists almost entirely of Atkinson's letters; very few of Cherwell's replies survive. D.12 D.13 D.14 D.15 D.16 D.17 D.18 D.19 1924-29, 1930-56. Atomic Scientists' Association 1946-53 Mainly notification of meetings and activities, minutes and circulars. Cherwell was a Vice-President, and frequently protested, at meetings and in correspondence, at the Association's involvementin politics. Bannister, R. G. 1955 Cherwell's carbons only. Barcroft, J. and others. 1940-41 Correspondence and notes re use of dogs as experimental animals at Chemical Defence Organisation, Porton, for military investigations. Barnet Instruments Limited 1937-38 Research on various instruments and indicators for aircraft. Battelle Institute Limited 1955-56 Miscellaneous correspondencere possibility of establishing a Battelle Institute laboratory in Britain. Beghian, L._ Bennett, A. E. E. Berg, W. F. Bergmann, S. 1955 1936 1933, 1940 1933 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 8] D.20 Berkeley, Earl of 1928-35 Scientific correspondence Scientific correspondence at various dates re problems in Berkeley's research. Includes some social correspondence re visits, engagements, etc. with Lady Berkeley, 1934-45. D.21 Berl, E. Berlin, |. re W. Heisenberg Bethe, H. D.22 Bhatnagar, S._ S. Bickerdike, R. E. Blunt, J. A. on 'flying saucers’ Bodenstein Cherwell's carbon only 1933 1933 1933 1944 1955 1950 1933 D123; D.24 Born, M. 1930 (one letter only), 1933-56 Scientific and personal correspondence; the early letters (to September 1933) are in German. Correspondence 1933-34, refers to several refugee German scientists and to Born's and Cherwell's efforts on their behalf, including Teller, F. London, Kallmann, Stobbe, John. D.23 D.24 1920, 1933-38 1940-56 Includes various wartime suggestions put forward by Born, his views on Palestine, history of quantum theory, etc. D.25 Bowen, E. Bowers, K. D. J. 1935 1957 Bosch, Carl 1934, 1936 D.26 Brabazon of Tara 1931, 1945, 1951 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 82 Daz/ Bragg, W. L. 1919-54 Scientific correspondence General correspondence, various dates 1919-54. Includes one letter from Sir William Bragg (father of Sir Lawrence), 1933, and draft obituary of Sir William by Cherwell, written for Nature, 1942. Also included is a little correspondence with Lady Bragg. D.28 D.29 Bridgman, P. W. 1950 British Association for the Advancement of Science 1932, 1949 Correspondence re Cherwell's contributions to meeting on 'supra-conductivity', 1932, and invitation to him (declined) to serve on Section A Committee, 1949. D.3%0 Bronte-Stewart, R. Cherwell's carbon only Brooks, C. E. P. D.3] Brutzkus, J. 1957 1947 1933 re German refugees Bullard, E. Burton, C. C. V. Bush, J. V. 1949, 1952, 1956 1917 1943 D.32 Cahn, Heinz and Cahn, Hilda (eldest daughter of W. Nernst) 1934-39 Arrangementsfor settling in England. Correspondence of 1938 refers to Cherwell's acting as Trustee for Ursula Hahn, daughter of Angela Hahn and granddaughter of W. Nernst. See also D.87, D.170, D.172 D.33 Calvert, H.R. Work in Franck's laboratory Chadwick, J. 1930 1940 te French stock of heavy water. D.34 Chapman, S. 1919, 1951-52 Correspondence 1951-52 refers to attempts to save the non-magnetic ship Research, designed in 1935 to carry out magnetic observations at sea. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 83 D.35 Collie, C. H. 1929-53 Scientific correspondence Correspondencere research in progress, publications, visits, appointments, etc. at the Clarendon Laboratory. Correspondence of 1935 refers to visit by Szilard; corres- pondence of 1940 refers to work at Clarendon Laboratory on wartime contracts. D.36 D.37 Compton, A. H. Cooke, A. H. 1934 1940 re Cherwell's enquiry about use of high tension trans- mission lines as guides for aircraft. Cookson, K. Corner, J. ms. note on primes. 1955 1957 D.38 Copeman, S. A. Monckton 1928-34 Treatment of cancer tumours by ‘activated’ fluorescin; includes correspondence on same subject with C. Gouldesbrough. D.39 Council for British Archaeology, and others 1949-56 Correspondence with Council and with colleagues in Oxford, re scientific methods, tests, etc. for archaeology and the history of art. D.40 Courant, R. re German refugees Curtis, W. E. Cwilong, B. M. D.4] Daunt, J. G. de Bélinay 1935 195] 1947 1946 1950 D.42 de Broglie, L. V. 7th Duc 1915, 1955 Correspondence of 1955 refers to Cherwell's election as Membre Correspondant, Académie des Sciences, and includes a list of his published papers. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 D.43-D.46 de Broglie, M. 6th Duc Scientific correspondence 4 folders of scientific and personal correspondence as follows: D.43 1912-20 D.44 1921-40 D.45 1944-50 D.46 1951-56 Mainly scientific correspondence on radiation experiments, publications, Solvay conference, sound-waves, etc. Includes correspondence re conferment of Hon. Degree on de Broglie at Oxford, June 1921, his award of Hughes Medal of the Royal Society, 1928, and of his election as Foreign Member of the Royal Society, 1940. Includes correspondence, 1948, re projected cross-channel radio conversation between Cherwell and de Broglie on 'Réle de la science dans la civilisation', to be recorded by Radio- diffusion Frangaise. Includes correspondence, 1955, re Cherwell's election as Membre Correspondant, Académie des Sciences. See also correspondence with the de Pange and de Rochetaillée families. D.47 Dee, P. I. 1946 re Cherwell's part in development of HS. de Haas 1937 Cherwell's carbon only De La Rue and Co. Ltd., and others 1955 Dewar, J. 1917 re Cathode Ray tubes. D.48 Dobson, G. M. B. 1919-56 Includes early scientific correspondence, 1919-20, re research and re Dobson's Lecturership in. Meteorology at Oxford, and material re his retirement dinner in 1956. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 85 Scientific correspondence D.49 Droge, T. C. 1932 Cherwell's carbon only, on financial support for science. DuMond, J. W. M. Dunworth, J. V. 1954 1954-56 re Journal of Nuclear Energy, etc. D.50 Eddington, A. S. 1913, 1915, 1916, 1918, 1932 (Cherwell's carbon only) Mainly re publication of Cherwell's papers. D.51 Egerton, A. CC. G. 1914-20, 1929, 1936, 1940, 1945 Scientific and personal correspondence. Egerton was one of Cherwell's earliest colleagues; he, his wife Ruth, and Cherwell had all worked in Nernst's laboratory befare the 1914-18 War, and he was Reader in Thermodynamics at Oxford from 1921 to 1936 when he moved to Imperial College, London. Most of the early letters are signed 'Jack'; Mrs. Egerton continued to address Cherwell as 'Peach' as late as 1936. Correspondence of 1914 relates to Cherwell's and Egerton's attempts to assist war effort and includes a copy of their letter of 8 August 1914 offering their services to the War Office. Dyo2 Eggert, J. Ehrenfest, P. 1954 1914, 1926 . F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 D.53-D. 69 Einstein, A. and others. Scientific correspondence 86 Correspondence and papers 1921-55 Mainly related to Einstein's visits and lectures in Britain, and including some scientific exchanges and personal material. 93 Correspondence 1921 re Einstein's visit, and lectures in Britain. Correspondence 1927 re Invitation to Einstein of Rhodes Memorial Lecturership. Cherwell was asked by the Trustees to extend an invitation to Einstein for 1928. but later declined for reasons of health. In his replies Einstein hoped to accept, me! Correspondence 1930-31 re Renewed invitation to Einstein of Rhodes Memorial Lecturership; Einstein at first declined because df ill- health but Cherwell met him in Berlin in 1930 and arranged a visit to Oxford for April 1931. Includes a 3 pp. outline of Einstein's life and work, prepared by Cherwell. 06 Correspondence 1931 Mainly re Einstein's visit to Oxford as Rhodes Lecturer, during which he stayed in Christ Church; includes some scientific material, and information on the state of Germany, and invitation to Einstein to visit Christ Church on a regular basis. Correspondence 1932-33 With Einstein and colleagues re visits and lectures. Includes some material re Einstein's departure from Germany. Cherwell's letter of 4 May 1933 discusses the possibility of helping Jewish refugees to work in Oxford; Einstein offers 'ein Drittel' (one third) of his income towards helping refugee scientists in his letter of reply (7 May). . 98 The Herbert Spencer Lecture. Delivered by Einstein at Oxford in Trinity Term 1933. Includes: Invitation to give lecture, and acceptance. 1 p. ms. notes by Einstein. Introductory remarks and 9 pp. typescript with ms. corrections of lecture 'On the Method of Theoretical Physics’. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 87 Scientific correspondence D.59 Three lectures on 'The Outlines and Outstanding Problems of the Theory of Relativity', given by Einstein at Oxford. Includes Einstein's ms. and typescript plan for lectures, 3 pp. Summaries of the three lectures, typescript with ms. corrections by Cherwell and Einstein. Correspondence with Cherwell arising out of Einstein's visits, requests for information, etc. 1931, 1932 Letter from Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, hoping Einstein could give RomanesLecture for 1935. Correspondence re Income Tax payable by Einstein in respect of his Research Studentship at Christ Church, 1932. Miscellaneous invitations and appeals addressed to Einstein on his visits to England, from individuals, societies, etc. Some with Einstein's reply. 1932, 1933 (Cherwell arranged, at Mrs. Einstein's request, to provide secretarial assistance for Einstein, who was too modest to ask for such help himself. ) Correspondence 1934-35. Letters from Einstein re political situation in Europe, and re Jewish refugee scholars in need of assistance. Correspondence 1938 Mainly re a portrait of Einstein by Liebermann. Correspondence 1941 re Siegfried Rothschild, a German Jewish refugee chemist interned in the Isle of Man, for whom Einstein requested assistance. Correspondence 1944 re books for the Hebrew University at Jerusalem. Correspondence 1945 1947 re Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists. F.A. Lindemann, lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 88 Scientific correspondence D.68 Correspondence and papers re Cherwell's obituary notice of Einstein prepared for The Daily Telegraph, February-April 1954. Includes several texts, additions, amendments, etc. of the obituary, and Cherwell's letter refusing payment and returning cheque. D.69 Correspondence 1955 Requests to reproduce Cherwell's obituary of Einstein, or for information about him. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 89 Scientific correspondence Elis F. 1950 te Radiotherapy at Oxford. Includes a letter from A.D. Gardner. Evelegh, V. Evetts, J. F. On detection of mines by dogs. Fajans, K. Felix, A. Finlay-Freundlich, E. 1944 1944 1935 1933 1949 Fleischer, R. 1913, 1924 Scientific and personal correspondence, variously addressed ‘Dear Boy', 'Dear boy, Doctor and Professor in spe', and ‘Lieber Peach’. Fletcher, W. 1926-31 re Light Committee, and work on X-ray tubes for treatment of tumours. Florey, He W. Fowler, A. 1938-44 1920 re Paper by M.N. Saha. Franck, J. 1913-33 Scientific and personal correspondence, including invitation to Franck (1933) to accept a Research Fellowship at Wadham Cdlege should he be obliged to leave Germany. Frank, Ludwig 1936-40, 1950-56 Scientific and personal correspondence re collaboration with Frank in radioactive medical research, and arrange- ments for him to settle and practice in England. was a brother-in-law of F.E. Simon, q.v.) (Frank Freeth, F. A. Fucks, W. 1927 1950 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 90 Scientific correspondence D.80 Gabor, D. Gdng, K. 1956 1936-37 Arrangements to settle in England. Gallop, Js» W. 1950, 1951 On cyclotron. re Gemant 1933 Arrangements to work in Oxford. Gilchrist, L. 1920 Gill, E. W. B. 1937, 1950, 1954 Goodrich, E. S. c.1934 Grad, H. Gratias, O. A. Griffin, F. A. and others 1950 1933 1954 re Awards for services to international aganisations. Griffith, I]. O. 1929+41 Miscellaneous correspondence of various dates re research and affairs of the Clarendon Laboratory. Griffiths, J. 4H. E. 1939 (includes letter from G.P. Thomson, 1938, re Griffiths) Grigg, P. J. Guchnik, P. Gueben, G. 1933 193] 1948 Haber, F. 1933-34 Arrangements for him to settle in Cambridge; also includes correspondence re H. Kallmann. Hahn, A. F. 1938 (Son-in-law of Nernst.) Requesting reference from Cherwell to assist in settling in London. See also D.32, D.170, D.172 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 91 Scientific correspondence D.88 Halban, H. and others 1945-54 Scientific and personal correspondence with and re Halban. D.89 Hall, E. #H. On Boltzmann's formula, Hamilton, H. Hammick, D. LI. Hardy, G. H. 1929 1933 1920 1936 Requesting help far refugee scientists. D.90 Hartley, H. B. 1930, 1940, 1944, 1954 —Harvy, Be [ ) he Cherwell's carbon only. Herzog, R. O. n.d. n.d. Hinshelwood, C. N. n.d., 1948, 1955 D.91 Hirschlaff, E. Houtermans, F. G. re Funds for Szilard. D.92 . Hudson, T. C. Hume-Rothery, W. 1933 1933 1931 1928-43 General correspondence on research, grants, accommodation. Various dates. Hurst, C. 1931 Cherwell's carbon only. D.93 Imperial Airways Limited 1934 re High altitude flying. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 92 Scientific correspondence D.94-D.113 Imperial Chemical Industries Limited (I.C.1.), 1931-56 Cherwell was a member of the firm's Research Council until In 1939, when his official position obliged him to resign. addition to giving his advice and collaboration on various research projects with the firm's laboratories, Cherwell was a personal friend of successive Chairmen and officials, and in particular of Sir Harry (later Lord) McGowan and members of the Mond and Melchett families. These personal contacts enabled him in 1933 to obtain the agreement of McGowan to his journey to Germany to interview Jewish scientists wishing to leave the country, and the later financing by I. C.1. of research posts for such refugee scientists, at Oxford and elsewhere. 1.C.1. continued its contribution to research at Oxford and else- where through the provision of 1.C.1. Fellowships (D.111, D.112). After the Second World War, The material includes a few personal exchangesas well as information about research projects, personnel, etc. The corres- pondence in the 1930s is mainly with McGowan; during the 1940s there are substantial exchanges with Melchett (Henry Mond) on various offensive and defensive weapons under research and developmentby I.C.1. The material is presented chronologically, with a brief indication of content. The correspondence is indexed. For correspondence and papers on wartime projects, see Section G. For personal and social correspondence with members of the Mond and Melchett families, see Section K. D.94 1930-31 There is no surviving correspondence dated 1932. D.95 1933 Two envelopes of visiting cards of German scientists, almost all with ms. notes by Cherwell on their specialities, languages, salaries, family circumstances, etc. Probably collected by Cherwell during his journey to Germanyto interview and negotiate with scientists wishing to leave the country. Correspondence and papers. Includes authorisation and arrangements for Cherwell's journey to Germany, list of Jewish scientists to be supported by |.C.1. in Britain, etc., also general correspondence on research projects. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 93 Scientific correspondence Correspondence and papers. Includes memo. by Cherwell and Rintoul to the Chairman (McGowan) 'On the employment of foreign scientists’, 24 July 1934. One letter only. Correspondence and papers, comments onresearch proposals, preparations for war. Correspondence and papers. Includes correspondence re Oxford University Appeal, and memo. by Cherwell on appropriate research for 1.C.l. to pursue (26 June), and some personal correspondence. Correspondence and papers, mainly re research. Includes copy of Cherwell's letter to Lady Mond on the death of Sir Robert Mond, stressing his financing of Jewish refugee scientists and especially the work of K. Mendelssohn (29 November). Correspondencere dissolution of I.C.1. Research Council and offering Cherwell appointment (declined) as special consultant. 1934 1935 1936 1937 D.100 1938 D.101 1939 D.102 1940 Correspondence with Melchett, re cartridges, etc. D.103 Typescript report by Melchett onhis visit to the United States, 29 October 1940. D.104 194] Brief correspondence with McGowan, re F.E. Simon's cessation of work for |.C.1. on taking up war work. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 94 Scientific correspondence D.105-D.108 1941 Correspondence, reports, notes of meetings and discussions on various wartime projects and weapons, including the 'Straw Pulp' process for animal foodstuffs, the 'sticky bomb", Bombard, anti-gas ointment, various explosives, nuclear bomb, etc. Includes also notes from Melchett on the January-March. behaviour of Jews in the London blitz, and on the relations between government and industry in America. April-May. July-October. and a letter on the launching of 'Endeavour’. Includes memo. and costing of ‘uranium bombs', D.105 D.106 D.107 D.108 October. Brief correspondence re deferment of I|.C.1. personnel. D.109 1942 D.110 1943 Correspondence and papers, mainly re economic policy and post-war cooperation with America. re 'P.I.A.T.' (Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank). D.111 1944 Includes papers re I.C.1.'s proposals to establish 1.C.1. Fellowships in scientific subjects at nine British universities. See J.54 for correspondence and papers, 1944, from Melchett re the situation in Palestine. p.112 1945 Includes material re 1.C.1. Fellowships, and printed Report on 'I.C.1.'s technical achievements during the war’. See J.76 for correspondence with Melchett re economic affairs, Israel, etc., 1948 D.113 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence: 1947 re Bombard 1949 on Melchett's death 1956 on I. C.1. and Universities F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 vo Scientific correspondence D.114 India Office 1928-30 Correspondence and papers re Cherwell's visit to India as a member of the committee 'to enquire into the future activities of the Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun'. Includes invitation, terms of reference, travel arrangements, letters of thanks. D.115 Ingram, C. 1916 Institute of Physics (various dates) 1933-56 D.116, D.117 Jackson, D. A. Personal and scientific correspondence; includes some letters from Pamela Jackson. D.116 1929-41 Mainly scientific correspondence on research and career. D.117 1941-52 Mainly personal correspondence including arrangements for purchase and half-shares with Cherwell in Guernsey cows(see also A.107). Includes material re Cherwell's draft of account of 'Window' for Churchill's history of the war (see also G. 348). D.118 D.119 Jeans, J. Hz. 1916, 1919 Jeffreys, H. 1921 on meteors 1951 on history of 'packing fraction’ D.120 Joachim, H. 1934 re possible work in England. Includes letters from G. Weinkler. D.121 D.122 Johnson, R. C. Joly, J. 1930-33 1926 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 96 D.123- D.125 Scientific correspondence Jones, R. V. 1931-55 Scientific and personal correspondence. Jones was an undergraduate at Wadham, and later as a research student at the Clarendon was responsible for work on infra-red radiation undertaken for the Air Ministry. His progress, described as 'remarkable'’ and ‘excellent' (see D.123) led to his being appointed to the Scientific Researchstaff of the Ministry, to continue the work partly at the Clarendon Laboratory and partly at the Royal Air- craft Establishment, Farnborough. Jones did important work in scientific intelligence at the Air Ministry, notably on radio and radar counter-measures, from 1939. D.123 1931, 1936-37 Includes correspondence re infra-red radiation research and Jones's appointment, and a copyofhis "Interim report on the detection of infra-red radiation from aero- planes', 22 March 1936, which attracted very favourable attention. Also included here is Cherwell's letter to Wimperis (Secretary, Air Ministry), 11 December 1935, suggesting that Jones should undertake the work. D.124 1942, 1945-48 Includes copy of Jones's report on 'A new infra-red spectrometer’, 10 June 1945, correspondence re his appointment to the Chair of Natural Philosophy, Aberdeen, and copy of a letter from Churchill requesting details of the 'most memorable episode’ when Jones advised him of the 'beam danger’. D.125 1951-55 Scientific and personal correspondence. D.126 Kallmann, H. 1933-34 Correspondence with Kallmann, scientific colleagues and financial supporters re Kallmann's coming to work in Britain. Although space and funds were forthcoming, Kallmann proved cavalier and hard to please, and the offer lapsed. Katzenstein, R. 1928-33 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 97 Scientific correspondence D.128 Kay,R. H. D.129-D.134 Keeley, T. C. 1957 1919-55 Scientific and personal correspondence. Keeley was one of Cherwell's oldest colleagues at the Clarendon and at Wadham College, Oxford. He was Cherwell's second-in-command at the Clarendon and shouldered much of the routine administration during Cherwell's absences and especially during the Second World War. 1919 (Keeley's acceptance of post at Oxford), 1928, 1929 1930-39 Includes arrangements for arrival of K. Mendelssohn, 1932, and plans for wartime research teams at Clarendon working on Admiralty contract (1939). D.129 D.130 D.13] 1940 Research and administration of the Clarendon Laboratory, mainly wartime projects and contract work. Letter of 12 September discusses keeping chickens near the laboratory to ensure fresh eggs for Cherwell. D.132 1941-44 Correspondence onresearch projects and administration at the Clarendon Laboratory. D.133 1943-44 Correspondence re recommendation of Keeley for an honour (the C.B.E. wasawarded in 1944). Includes accounts by Bowra, Cherwell and others of Keeley's work at the Clarendon Laboratory. 1947-55 Correspondencere research and administration at the Clarendon Laboratory. Includes correspondence re a portrait of Keeley painted for his 60th birthday and presented to him on 16 February 1954. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 98 D.135-D.138 King, E. Bolton 1928-56 Scientific correspondence Bolton King was a Duke of Westminster Research Student of Christ Church and closely associated with Cherwell before the Second World War, particularly with reference to the Oxford Instrument Company set up to produce photo- electric cells. During the Second World War Bolton King worked on proximity fuzes, and in 1947 he was appointed Director of the Science Department of the British Council; details of his career can be found in the references provided by Cherwell in D.138, D.234. There are also a few letters from O. Bolton King (father). See B.106, C.54 for further material relating to the Oxford Instrument Company. D.135 D.136 1928-37 1938-40 Includes material re Cherwell's proposed visit to America in 1938, and re various wartime contracts and projects, particularly on proximity fuzes. See also correspondence with G.C. Simpson, D.234. See also G.393, G.394. D.137 1942-46 Includes some personal correspondence re Cherwell's standing as god-father to Bolton King's daughter. D.138 1947-56 Mainly personal correspondence re appointments; also includes material re winding-up of Oxford Instrument Company. D.139 D.140 Koch de Gooreynd, T. Kdhne, E. Kommerz, R._ K. 1935 1944 1938 re and including letter from Friedrich Kottler. D.141 Kraitchik, M. re prime numbers. D.142 Lange, F. Lenihan, J. M. A. 1953 n.d. 1955 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 99 D.143 D.144 Scientific correspondence Lennard-Jones, J. E. 1930, 1944 Lewis, W. C. McC. Liebermann, M. 1920 194] D.145-D. 147 Lindemann, C. L. 1939-43 Cherwell's brother was Liaison Officer at the British Embassy, Paris, 1939-40, and at the British Embassy, Washington, 1940-47. He held the rank of Counsellor from January 1942. The correspondence includes discussion of various ideas for wartime projects, weapons, etc., and newsof visitors to U.S.A. and of Anglo-American joint projects. letters are often long and informative and include some personal material. C.L. Lindemann's See A.95-A.97 for additional personal correspondence with C.L. Lindemann. D.145 1939-April 1940 Includes press-cuttings, material re mines. D.146 D.147 July 1940-1942 1943-1944 See also H.172 D.148 London, H. 1933 re arrangements to work in Oxford. Includes some correspondence re Fritz Londm (brother). D.149 Lorenz, H. A. 1913, 1914 D.150 D.15] Lovell, A. C. B. 1948 re Meteors. Ludlam, E. B. 1930-31 MacDonald, D. K. C. 1951, 1954 MacGregor-Morris, J.T. McKerrow, G. 1952 1923 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 100 Scientific correspondence D152 Mc Lean, R. MacLennan, H. 1941 1954 te Radioactive gauze swabs. McNeill, K. G. 1951, 1955 D.153 Maggini, M. March, - Cherwell's carbon only. Matthias, A. Mayer, E- re help for a German scientist. 193] 1933 1927 1933 re Meitner, L. 1938, 1949 Miscellaneous correspondence (both dates) re possible arrangements for Meitner to work in Britain. D.155 Mellanby, E. 1940, 1942 Includes correspondence 1942 re a suggestion of the Duke of Devonshire that St John's Wort might be a feature in night blindness. D.156 Mendelssohn, K. 1933-46 Scientific and personal correspondence. Mendelssohn was one of the distinguished Jewish scientists who left Germany in 1933. He worked in low-temperature physics and other projects at the Clarendon Laboratory. Mendelssohn was supported by one of the I.C.1. grants, and later by a personal grant from Sir Robert Mond. Cherwell’s letters of 29 October 1936 and 1 May 1939 refer to these arrangements. Includes a copy of a letter from Mond, November 1936. D.157 D.158 See also D.100, D.184. Menger, W. 1931 Merton, T. R. 1926, 1940-43, 1947 Mainly correspondence with Merton and others re various wartime projects. to Merton to join M.D.1. as Honorary Includes Cherwell's invitation (July 1942) Scientific Adviser. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 101 Scientific correspondence D.159 Meyer, S. Michelson, A. A. 1920-31 1914 One letter only, re 'earth-tide experiment’. Milne, E. A. 1928-50 Personal and scientific correspondence, including Milne's appointment at Oxford, his research, various Oxford University matters, etc. D.161 Minns, W. Méglich, F. re Cherwell's paper on Planck. Molson, A. H. E. 1952, 1955 1948 1933 re Entry permits for Jewish refugee scientists and supporting Cherwell's initiative in the matter. D.162 Mond Nickel Company Limited 1939 Correspondence and papers, mainly re toxicity of Iron Carbonyl. Includes some printed matter re the Companyand its activities. D.163 Mott, N. F. 1954 Brief correspondence re Philosophical Magazine. Moullin, E. B. 1936-42 Scientific and personal correspondence. Includes letter re Wykeham Chair of Physics, 1942. D.165 National Gallery of Art,Washington 1946 re Use of X-rays on worksof art. Nature D.166 Needham, J. 1955 1944 Mainly re Needham's Memorandum on an ‘International Science Co-operation Service’, a copy of which is included. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 102 D.167-D.172 Nernst, W. H. and others 1911-49 Scientific correspondence Cherwell worked in Nernst's laboratory in Berlin from 1908, as one of the team of scientists and research students investigating the specific heats of substances at low temperatures. Cherwell took his doctorate in Berlin in 1910 and published several collaborative papers with Nernst. Germany at the outbreak of war in 1914 but remained on very friendly terms with Nernst. Cherwell left The correspondence deals with scientific and personal matters; the latter include Nernst's visit to Britain in 1937 and the conferment of an Honorary Degree at Oxford, and matters relating to Nernst's widow Emma and daughters Hilda (Mrs. Cahn, see D.32), Edith and Angela (Mrs. Hahn, see D.87). See A.3 for material relating to Cherwell's studies in Germany. The correspondence, most of which is in German, is presented chrondogically; it consists almost entirely of letters from Nernst, few of Cherwell's replies having survived. Many of the letters bear numbers and/or annotations added by previous users of the collection, and some have translations appended. D.167 1911 (includes 3 pp. ms. only of a course of lectures on Einstein's quanta-theory, in English) 713 1915 (re Nernst) Included here are 4 undated pages of ms. calculations on gases by Nernst on the writing-paper of his Berlin laboratory. D.168 D.169 1921-27 1931-34 Includes reference to Nernst's election as Foreign Member, Royal Society (1932), and to his 'Neo-Bechstein' piano (1934). D.170 1935-39 Includes correspondence re Nernst's visits to Oxford in 1936 and 1937 (for Honorary Degree at Oxford), and re Cherwell's acting as Trustee for Nernst's granddaughter Ursula Hahn. (See also Cahn, H.) F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 103 Scientific correspondence D.171 1941 Cherwell's obituary notice of Nernst, for the Royal Society; proof with ms. corrections. Included here isa 2 pp. undated note by Cherwell toa colleague, beginning 'Would you please save me from an immediate lapse into lunacy by pointing out what is wrong with the following ridiculous deduction from Nernst's Third Law?’ D.172 1946-49. Correspondence with and re Mrs_ Nernst and her daughters. In 1946 Cherwell requested permission for Mrs Nernst (then aged 75 and recently escaped from the Russian zone of Germany having lost all her property) to come to Britain to live with her daughter and son-in-law Cahn (q.v.). In 1947 he helped to facilitate the journey of Nemst's youngest daughter Angela (Hahn, q.v.) from Brazil to Britain to visit her mother. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 104 D.173 Noetzlin, J. 1927-54 Scientific correspondence Scientific and personal correspondence. Includes Noetzlin's notes on experiments conducted by him at the Clarendon Laboratory in 1925, and letter re Noetzlin, 1942. D.174 O'Gorman, M. 1932 re Cherwell's letter to The Times, May 1932. Oppenheimer, H. F. 1952 D.175 Paneth, F. A. 1937-40, 1954 Scientific and personal correspondence, various dates. Mainly on meteorites. D.176 Parker, K. T. 1955 re X-ray photography of paintings. Parry, E. Pauling, L. 1919 1948 Cherwell's carbon to Dean of Christ Church re Pauling's work, probably in connection with Pauling's tenure of George Eastman Professorship, Oxford,1948. Peierls, R. E. 1945 D.177 Perrin, M. W. 1946 (Cherwell's carbon only), 1951-56 Includes Perrin's additional obituary 1956. Y note for F.E. Simon, D.178 The Physical Society and The Physical Society Club 1933-52 General correspondence, including dinner for Einstein (1933), Guthrie Lecture by Cherwell (1935), obituaries of fellows, paper shortage (1947), etc. D.179 Pilley, J. Pirenne, M. Plaskett, H. HH. H. 195] 1956 1943, 1944 Two letters only, on wartime projects. Plesch, J. 1938 re help for F. Ehrenhaft. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 105 Scientific correspondence D.180 Pohl, R. W. 1912-14, 1937, 1950 Scientific and personal correspondence. D.181 Poskitt, F. R. 1933 Includes a letter from R. Whiddington. Poulton, E. P. re X-ray tubes. Prichard, H. A. Pringsheim, P. D.182 Proudman, J. Pryce, M. H. L. Quilter, P. C. re 'Radiostat' invention. 193] 1932 1912 1934-35 1950 1930-31 D.183 Rabinowitsch, E. 1933 Arrangements to come to England. Radernacher, H. 1934 Rado, R. 1933-36, 1954 Rado was a mathematician who left Berlin in August 1933, and workedfirst in Cambridge before obtaining university His financial posts at Sheffield, London and Reading. support was originally provided by a personal grant from Sir Robert Mond, paid through Cherwell personally. Correspondence is mainly with colleagues re support for Rado, and includes Mond's letter agreeing to 'fund a scholar- ship of £300' (1933); there is a little professional corres- pondence from Rado. See D.156 for further material re Mond's support for refugee scientists by a private grant. D.185 Raikes, H. R. Randall, J.T. 1936, 1940-41, 1950 1949 re Inventors' Award for the cavity magnetron for Randall, Boot and Sayers. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 106 D.186 Rapkine, L. 1942-43 Scientific correspondence re French scientists in United States, Canada and South America. Includes Memorandum and biographical information on ‘how to utilise best our French scientists who are already on this side’. D.187 Rayleigh, Lord 1915, 1921, 1926-27 Scientific correspondence; includes a little social corres- pondencefrom Lady Rayleigh. The early correspondence (1915) on fluorescence, is signed R.J. Strutt (Rayleigh succeeded to the title in 1919). D.188 Reiche, Fritz fisd., Gx193o A Jewish scientist at Breslau. D.189 Renwick, Lord 1945-46, 1951-56 Early correspondence is re wartime matters. Later correspondence is re Radio and Electronic Component Manufacturers Federation and re The Radar Association. D.190 Riley, D. P. Ritson, D. M. Roaf, D. 1954 1950 1940 D.191 D.192 te Work on magnetic resonance carried out under Admiralty contract at the Clarendon Laboratory. Robertson, R. 1919, 1934, 1937-38, 1945 The Rockefeller Foundation 1935 2 letters only. D.193 Root, L. 1955 Rothschild, N. M. VY. 1939-40, 1944 Various wartime projects. D.194 Rowe, A. P. 1936-45 re various pre-war and wartime projects. D.195 The Royal Aeronautical Society 1945-56 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence re membership and activities of the Society. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 107 Scientific correspondence D.196 Royal Aircraft Establishment (R.A. E.) 1929, 1954-56 Miscellaneous correspondence on research, appointments, etc. D.197 Royal Astronomical Society 1919, 1948-55 re Meetings and activities of the Society; correspondence 1948 deals with Cherwell's obituary notice of Lord Rayleigh and includes his typescript draft; correspondence 195] invites Cherwell to accept nomination to Board of Management of the Isaac Newton Observatory. See D.198. D.198 Royal Greenwich Observatory 1949, 1955-56 Miscellaneous correspondence re meetings and members of Board of Management, Isaac Newton Observatory, on which Cherwell served as a Royal Society and later as a Royal Astronomical Society representative. See D.197. D.199 Royal Meteorological Society 1932-33 te Cherwell's election to the Fellowship of the Society, sponsored by G.M.B. Dobson and S$. Chapman. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 " Scientific correspondence D.200-D.214 The Royal Society 19 57 Cherwell was elected to the Society in 1919, served onits Council and on various of its Sectional and ad hoc committees, published and refereed publications in its Proceedings, and participated in its meetings and elections. The material, which is presented chronologically, covers all these aspects of the Society's activities. A brief indication of content is given where appropriate, and the correspondence is indexed. D.200 1919-21 Meetings, papers submitted for publication, formation of National Committee in Physics (Cherwell was one of the Society's representatives), dinners for Sherrington. D.201 1926-31 Cherwell's nomination to Council, publications, elections (includes Cherwell's recommendation of de Broglie as a Foreign Member, 1928). D.202 1932 Meetings (includes draft of Cherwell's contribution to discussion on 'The Structure of Nuclei'), Fellowships, publications, elections. Db. 203) 1933-36 Meetings, Cherwell's nomination to Committee on exploration of stratosphere, elections, publications. D.204 1938-42 Meetings, publications, elections, report of Committee on Symbols, Cherwell's Obituary of Nernst. D205 1943 Correspondence re F.W. Edridge-Green and colour vision. D.206 1944 Committee papers and brief correspondence re Post War Fundamental Research Committee, on which Cherwell served, D.207 1945 Correspondence, printed matter. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 109 Scientific correspondence D.208 1946-49 Meetings, elections, research proposals; includes Cherwell's appointments to the Board of Management, Isaac Newton Observatory, the General Board, National Physical Laboratory, and the Paul Instrument Fund Committee (renewed 1953). D.209 1950-51 Termination of Cherwell's service on Gassiot Committee, his appointment to Sectional Committee for Physics, research proposals, publications, elections, printed matter re Committees, etc. D.210 1952 Correspondence and printed matter Fund, Physics Sectional Committee, elections. re Paul Instrument D.211 1953 Correspondence and printed matter re Paul Instrument Fund, Physics Sectional Committee, elections, publications, research projects, termination of Cherwell's service on Physics Sectional Committee. D.212 1954 Termination of Cherwell's service on General Board, Natimal Physical Laboratory, elections, publications, research projects. D.213 1955 Elections, research proposals, publications. D.214 1956-57 Elections, research grants and proposals, Memoir of F.E. Simon. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 110 Scientific correspondence D.215 RUchardt, E. 1933 Letter of introduction for Baverwald. D.216 Russ, S.. and others 1933 re Use of X-rays in medicine and Cherwell's invention of small X-ray tubes. D; 217, Russell, H. Russell, R. S. D.218 Rutherford, Lord 1921 1949 1914-21 Scientific and personal correspondence. Rutherford was one of Cherwell's supporters for the Oxford Chair, to which reference is made. D.219 D.220 Ryle, G. Ryle, J. A. 1942 1936, 1939 Mainly re M. Ryle (q.v.) D.221 Ryle, M. 1939, 1946, 1948, 1955 Letter of 1939 (Cherwell's carbon only) refers to work planned for Ryle at the Clarendon on short wireless waves, which he did not undertake as he moved to the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. D.222 Sampson, R.A. 1917, 1921 on Einstein's theories. D.223 Schilovsky, P. 1954 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Scientific correspondence D.224, D.225 Schr&dinger, E. and Annemaria Schrédinger 1933-39 111 Cherwell played a major part in assisting Schrédinger to leave Germany in 1933; Schrédinger settled in Oxford, where he was a Fellow of Magdalen College and also received | financial support from I.C.1. and the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1936 he took up an appointment at Graz and in 1939 moved to Dublin as the first Professor of Theoretical Physics in the newly-formed 'Institute for Advanced Studies’. The correspondence deals mainly with arrangements for Schrddinger's housing, financial support, etc., but includes some scientific material and references to Einstein, Cahn, etc. D.224 D.225 1933-34 1935-39 Includes some material relating to Schr&dinger's position under the German occupation o Austria, and his move to Dublin. D.226 Schwers, F. 1912, 191s, 19S Earlier correspondence refers to the collaborative paper Schwers and Cherwell published in 1913 (Phys. Z., 14). Seely, J. B. 1926 On a mathematical puzzle, with Cherwell's ms. note of solution. D.277 Sidgwick, N. V. 1921, 1931 Two letters only, on research projects. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 112 D.228-D.233 Simon, F. E. and others 1933-57 Scientific correspondence After leaving Germany in 1933 with Cherwell's help, Simon worked in the Clarendon Laboratory, principally on low temperature research and on the separation of uranium isotopes by gaseous diffusion. He remained at the Clarendon for the rest of his life and had been appointed Cherwell's successsor as Dr Lee's Professor of Experimental Physics and head of the Laboratory in 1956, but died of a sudden heart attack in October of that year. Simon was one of Cherwell's most respected colleagues and a close personal friend; there are a few references to Simon's family with whom Cherwell was on friendly and unusually relaxed terms. The correspondence deals with various scientific and wartime projects, conferences and publications, as well as some personal matters relating to Simon's settling in Britain, financial support, naturalisation, etc. D.228 1933-38 Scientific and personal correspondence. Includes arrangements for Simon to bring his apparatus with him whenhe settled in Britain, and 2 pp. undated note (probably by Simon) on ‘Radioactive Measurements at Very Low Temperatures’ . D.229 November 1939-June 1943 Correspondence and papers onthe possible use of liquid hydrogen as fuel for balloons or aircraft, mainly with D.R. Pye but includes Simon's memo. on subject sent to C.L. Lindemann, August 1940, and a further report by him on the subject, April 1942. D.230 May-November 1940 Correspondence and papers on isotope separation and heavy water preparation. Includes letters from J. Chadwick, K. Fuchs, G.P. Thomson. D.231 1940-57 Personal and scientific correspondence. D.232 1956 Obituary tributes to Simon by Cherwell, and biographical information. D.233 1956 Letters of condolence received by Cherwell on the death of Simon. See also A. 84-A.87. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 113 Scientific correspondence D.234 D.235 Simpson, G. C, Smith, R.A. Sollers, W. J. Sommerfeld, A. D. 236 Southwell, R. V. Spottiswoode, N._L. Stern, O. Stuart, J. re Professorial salaries. 1938 1955 1933 1921, 1933 1935 1935 1933 1956 D.237 Szilard, L. | 1935-38, 1945 Correspondence on radium research and apparatus, ‘double neutrons’, etc. Includes draft paper by Szilard and Griffiths 'Gamma Rays excited by capture of neutrons', January 1937, and a letter re Szilard from L.R. Groves, 1948. D.238 Tansley, A. G. 194] re proposed Society for Freedom in Science. D.239 Taylor, G.I. 1916-21, 1944, 1951 Correspondence 1916-21 is on various aeronautical problems and includes some personal material (Taylor was one of the ‘Chudleigh Mess' with Cherwell). Correspondence 1944 is re Taylor's contribution to aeronautical research and various other projects during the Second World War. Correspondence 1951 includes an interesting letter from Taylor deducing from a newspaper photograph of a test explosion in America the likely development of U.S. nuclear research at that date. re E. Teller (Letter from F.G. Donnan) 1933 Thirring, H. D.241 Thom, A. and others re M.K.S. units. 1921 1956 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 114 D.242 Thomson, G. P. and others 1917-55 Scientific correspondence Thomson met Cherwell during the First World War as a fellow-member of the ‘Chudleigh Mess’, and remained on friendly terms; he was the author of the Memoir of Cherwell for the Royal Society (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 4, 1958). The early letters, c.1918-21, describe research in Cambridge, including collaborative work with F. W. Aston (q.v.) on isotope separation. Correspondence 1936 refers to Thomson's seriousillness. Correspondence 1939-41 refers to various wartime projects including Thomson's appointment as Scientific Liaison Officer, Canada, and his wife's illness and death. Correspondence with various members of Thomson's family is also included. D.243 Tizard, H. 7. and Kathleen Tizard 1913-46 General correspondence onscientific projects, with a little personal material and letters from Kathleen Tizard. Letters 1914-20 are very friendly in tone and often addressed to 'Dear Lindy’. Correspondence 1939 includes the famous exchange about ‘burying hatchets'. D.244 Townsend, J. S. E. 1939 Includes correspondence with Nature re their note on Townsend's retirement, 1946. Traube, J. 1936 Appeal for financial support to work in Britain. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 115 D.245, D.246 Tuck, J. L. and others 1938-56 Scientific correspondence Tuck worked in the Clarendon Laboratory from 1936 with financial support from The Salter's Institute of Industrial Chemistry. During the Second World War he was Cherwell's personal scientific assistant, assisting especially in the design of shaped charge weapons. continue atomic research, and was involved in test explosions there, and in 1946 at Bikini. He returned to the Clarendon in 1947 but took up an academic post in America in 1949. In 1944 he went to America to The correspondence deals with various aspects of Tuck's career and research, including various wartime projects, equipment, appointments, etc. His letters for 1946 contain descriptions of the Bikini test. See Section F for other wartime contributions by Tuck. D.245 D.246 1938-45 1946-56 D247 Tufnell, E. B. Tufnell, L. 1919 1945 D.248 D.249 Turner, H. H. 1915, 1920 Tyndall, A.M. 1930, 1933-34 Correspondence 1933-34 refers to financial arrangements for Heitler. D.250 United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell 1949-56 Correspondence re meetings, appointments, conferences and Open Days, etc. D.25] re F. Urbach 1938 Correspondence with Society for the Protection of Science and Learning. D252 Valcarenghi, A. D. Veblen, O. re visa for Helene Braun. 1932 1946 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 116 D.253 Vickers, D. 1919-36 Scientific correspondence Correspondence re financial support for research at the Clarendon Laboratory, and various research problems and projects. See also B.4. D.254 von Engel de Janosy, A. 1952-57 von Lave, M. 1934, 1948, 1952 D.255 Walls, Rw R. Walz, H. 1945 1949 Requesting help fora German scientist prisoner of war. D.256 Watson-Watt, R. 1941, 1950, 1952, 1956-57 Mainly re radar, and Watson-Watt's intention to work in Canada. Included here is a letter, March 1945, from Secretary of State for Air re possible appointment of Watson-Watt as Scientific Adviser to the Air Ministry. D.257 Weissberger, A. 1936 re Cherwell's help in his coming to Oxford. D.258 Weizmann, C. and others 1939-42, 1944 Correspondence, reports, memoranda, committee papers re research proposals by Weizmann. These concerned: (a) (b) Fermentation process for 100 octane ketones from carbohydrates; Cracking process for producing toluene from petroleum. Includes correspondence with Mountbatten, strongly advocating support for Weizmann's proposals, anda later letter, 1944, from Cherwell to Ernest Bevin on an alcohol fermentation process by Weizmann. D.259 Westphal, W. M. White, J.C. Cherwell's carbon only. Whiddington, R. Whitehead, J. H. C. 1914 1944 1919 c.1934 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 117 Scientific correspondence D.260 Whittaker, E. T. 1949-50 Mainly on Eddington. D.261 D.262 Wilson, R. Wimperis, H. E. 1950-51 1939, 1941 Correspondence 1939 on pilotless aircraft; correspondence 1941 on underwater explosions and re G.I. Taylor (qwv.). D.263 Windaus, A. O. R. 1933 Plans for coming to England. Winternitz, P. Request for help in emigrating. Wood, R. W. 1938 1944 Includes photographs of jet from fixed hollow charge. D.264 Wright, E. M. 1938-57 Correspondence, drafts, etc. on mathematical problems. Cherwell regarded Wright as his 'father confessor’ and sub- mitted his calculations and draft papers on primes for comment. A little personal correspondence is included. See C.73-C.75, C.77 for other work by Cherwell on mathematics. D.265 Wrinch, D. 1935 Includes Cherwell's recommendation for a Research Fellowship for Dr Wrinch, 1939. D.266 Vv re Za%ek, A. 1948 Letter from R. Furth asking help for Zaéek and other Czech professors. ¥ F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 118 SECTION E PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES, SPEECHES E.1 - E.137 (Including letters to the Press) E.] -£E.21 SCIENCE c.1925 - 57 E.22 - E.60 POLITICS 1926 - 57 E.61 - E.103 EDUCATION 1931 - 57 Page 120 123 128 E.104-E.137. INVITATIONS AND CORRESPONDENCE 1919 = 57 133 The material is of heterogeneous nature, including drafts or notes for Cherwell's own speeches, lectures or articles, his many letters to the national and local news- papers, his contributions to debates in the House of Lords, and his memoranda and minutes to ministers or governmentofficials. Each sub-section is presented in chronological order so far as this is ascertainable; correspondencerelating to a particular item has been left in place. lt should be noted that most of the drafts or fair typescripts for Cherwell's speeches in the House of Lords, 1941 - 57, were destroyed in April 1965 during a previous sorting of his papers. A note made at that time explaining the decision appears at E.22. See Sections F, G, Hand J for many other official memoranda and minutes prepared by Cherwell. The miscellaneous correspondencein this Section (E.104 - E.137) includes letters from editors of journals and newspapers, radio producers, publishers, con- ference organisers, etc. inviting Cherwell to speak, write or attend meetings. He received several requests to write his memoirs, or his recollections of Churchill, all of which he refused. Several of the later invitations are from schools and educational establishments, and reflect Cherwell's advocacy of an expansion in technological and scientific F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 119 Publications, lectures, speeches education. Much of the material from 1950 onwards is concerned with this, and includes (E.97, E.98) the various projects for the promotion of higher technological education with funds from the Churchill 80th Birthday Trust, and (E.100) the draft for a speech or article on the subject, on which Cherwell was working immediately before his death in July 1957. For further correspondence and papers on the organisation of scientific and technical research see G.526 - G.533. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 120 Publications, lectures, speeches E.1+€.21 SCIENCE Ms. draft for untitled talk on the role of science in society. n.d. Ms. and typescript draft for talk on progress in science and invention. n.d., c.1925. Letters to Daily Telegraph and The Times, on the high cost of radium, May 1929. Includes correspondence, and a request for an article on radium for The Times. Correspondencearising from a letter by Cherwell to The Times on the curvature of space, May 1932. Ms. draft for a lecture on ‘Splitting the Atom', perhaps given at Oxford for a visit by Churchill. introductory remarks about Churchill.) (Includes 5 pp. (incomplete). n.d. Paper on electromagnetic induction, prepared for F.E. Smith, as information for engineers. a covering letter, February 1938. Sent with 8 pp. typescript + 1 fig. Short article on low temperature research at the Clarendon, with a ms. note 'Dictated for News Chronicle, Feb. 11th 1938’. Article on biological adaptation. Probably prepared for Churchill. 12 pp. typescript. 1938. 'The River of Life’. Onevolution of the earth. 13 pp. typescript with ms. corrections, October 1938. Anecdote ona 'Death Ray', perhaps for newspaper publication. ¢c.1945 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 121 Publications, lectures, speeches Contribution to 'Science Survey’, a series on B.B.C. Light Programme, 1946. Cherwell took part, with Andrade, Robinson and Le Gros Clark, in 'An Oxford Session', 5 July. Transcript of broadcast. Schedule of complete series. Correspondence re broadcast, and re publication of the series; Cherwell refused a fee for his participation. See also C.76. 2 pp. comment on proposed combined school of science and philosophy at Oxford. Contributed to Universities Quarterly, June 1947. E.13, E.14 Review of P.M.S. Blackett, ‘Military and Political Consequences of Atomic Energy’, 1948. Written for Daily Telegraph. and Article, 'Britain's red scientists’, published in Sunday Dispatch, January 1949. E.13 E.14 Copy of drafts for both articles, with covering letter. Proof copy of Sunday Dispatch article. Correspondence arising from Cherwell's review of Blackett's book, 1949. Ea ho Article on low temperature research at Oxford, for The Times 'Progress in Science’ supplement, 1950. 6 pp. typescript with ms. corrections. Editorial correspondence. Speeches to Society of Chemical Industry, July 1954. Cherwell received the Messel Medal of the Society, delivered the Messel Lecture (not included) on the importance of technology and fundamental research to industry, and also spoke at the lunch and the dinner given on the occasion. Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Publications, lectures, speeches E.16 (cont'd.) Notes for speeches. 122 Correspondence re visit and publication d Messel Lecture. Includes a letter from E.B. Chain endorsing Cherwell's views on technological training. See also A.67. E.17 'Close to absolute zero’. Letter to The Times on research at the Clarendon Laboratory, October 1954. (Press-cutting. ) E.18 ‘Physics and Philosophy’. The first Robert Grosseteste Memorial Lecture, delivered in the Chapter House, Lincoln Cathedral, 21 May 1955. Correspondence with Dean re delivery and printing of lecture. Correspondence with O.U.P. re printing and circulation of lecture. Copy of published version. E. 19, E.20 Contribution to brochure prepared for the Jubilee of the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, 1955. Cherwell's essay contained recollections of the ‘Chudleigh Mess', and his work on spinning flight, bombsights, etc. E,1? E. 20 Typescript and ms. draft. Correspondence and drafts re essay and photographs. See also A.10-A.17, C.11-C.31. E.2] Tribute to J.S. Townsend, for Oxford Mail, February 1957. Miscellaneous notes, headings, anecdotes and material for talks or articles. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 123 Publications, lectures, speeches Ew2Z-E 260 POLITICS E..22 EZ E.24 B25 E.26 E27 E.28 E.29 Note on the destruction of Cherwell's drafts for speeches in the House of Lords, agreed during the sorting and classification of the Cherwell papers in 1965. The note is enclosed in a folder originally used to contain correspondence from the general public on food The folder bears on the inner flap shortages (see J.73). ams. note of the destruction of similar material during the 1965 review. Letter to press, on the General Strike, no indication of publication. 1926 Ms. drafts for articles or letters to press on the coal industry. n.d. c.1928 Letter to The Times, on German sequestration of British- ownedproperty. 1929 Typescript and ms. article on war, n.d. or prepared for, Churchill. Perhapsby, 11 pp. Letters to The Times, 1933. On Lord Birkenhead (February). Onterms of Versailles Treaty (October, two letters). Three letters to The Times, August 1934. On air defence. Ms. notes and drafts for a speech, probably at the Oxford Union, opposing the motion 'That the return of the National Government to power at the next General Election would promote neither permanent recovery nor social justice’. n.d. e. 1935 E.30 Talk to 1922 Committee, on air defence. 1935 13 pp. typescript. Another copyofthis talk appears at F.7/1. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 124 Publications, lectures, speeches E.3] Letter to press, on air defence, February 1935. E.32 E.33 E.34 E.35 E.36 Eo7 E.38 peor Included here are letters from readers re a letter by Cherwell on air defence published in the Daily Telegraph, May 1935, with suggestions for inventions and devices. Paper on German rearmament prepared in refutation of the arguments of Professor Bone, and probably intended for Churchill. There isa ms. date 'J.30th '36'. 12 pp. typescript. Speech to the Bryce Club, on the origins of war. 13 pp. typescript. Includes letter of thanks for talk, April 1936. Letter to Daily Telegraph, on ‘Battleship versus Aeroplane’, February 1936. Draft for speech on international situation, with a ms. note ‘Sent to Lord Lloyd’. 13 pp. typescript. n.d. c.1936 Article on air rearmament, for Evening Standard, October 1936. Included here is brief correspondence from readers on a previous article by Cherwell, ‘London's Peril from the Air', published in Evening News, 10 June 1936. Article on the kite-balloon barrage, for Evening Standard, 16 February 1937. Letters from readers re article and with suggestions for inventions and devices. Letter to Daily Telegraph, on air fleet, February 1937. Article on possible future scientific inventions, prepared for Churchill and sent with covering letter, October 1937. 13 pp. typescript. Included here is 1 p. typescript note on dangers of war, September 1937. Perhaps by Churchill. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 igo E.40 E.41 E.42 E.43 E.44 E.45 E.46 E.47 E.48 Publications, lectures, speeches Article on air defence, for Daily Telegraph, October 1938. Letter to press, on air raid precautions and air defence, n.d. c.1938-39 1 p. only, perhaps incomplete. Letter to The Times, on National Service for Scientists, July 1945. Letter to Daily Telegraph, on scientific man-power, December 1945. ‘Headings for talk to the Progress Trust on Atomic Energy’. S 0p or nad. 7 pp. draft talk on atomic energy, n.d. c.1946 c.1946 Letter to The Times, on British policy in Germany, November 1946. With a letter from L.S. Amery approving Cherwell's views. Letters to The Times, on 'Food then and now', February- April 1947. With a little editorial correspondence. Also included here is correspondence declining payment for an article 'Why is Britain worse fed than in Wartime?', which appeared in The Daily Telegraph, February 1947. Article on inadequate food supplies, published in Evening Standard, 4 June 1947 under the headline 'We are not getting enough to eat’. Includes invitation to write article, letter of thanks. Letters to The Listener, on food supplies, May-June 1948. Included here is an undated draft, perhaps for an Oxford newspaper, defending the allotments in the University Parks. Letter to The Times, on methods of selection for the Civil Service, June 1948. Letter to The Times, on coal production, September 1948. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 126 E.49 E.a0 E.5l E.52 E.53 E.54 E.o0-E oy Publications, lectures, speeches Letter to The Times, on Finance Bill, May 1949. Ms. and typescript versions. Letter to press, on food supplies, January 1950. Three letters to The currency, February-March 1950. Times, on petrol rationing and 3 pp. tribute to Churchill. n.d. 6,195! Note on M.W. Perrin, for Daily Telegraph, June 1951. Speechto Institution of Structural Engineers, March 1954, Notes for speech. Correspondence and previous invitations, 1951-54. Article on nuclear weapons and disarmament, for Look magazine, August 1954, 14 pp. typescript with a few ms. corrections. 6 pp. typescript version, with two additional concluding paragraphs. Invitation to write article. See also A.128. Letter to The Times, on deferment of national service for scientists, August 1955. Speeches and writings on United Nations Organisation, 1956-57. Mainly re Cherwell's speeches in the House of Lords on 'SomeDefects of U.N.O.! (11 December 1956) and ‘United Nations Assembly and the Middle East' (10 April 1957). E00 Hansard reports of speeches; arrangements for time and wording of question put by Cherwell, March 1957; draft letters to and from colleagues on subject. Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 127 Publications, lectures, speeches E.56-E.58 Letters, mainly from U.S. readers of Cherwell's speech of 11 December, which was reproduced or discussed in several U.S. journals; some accompanied by articles, background information, etc. 3 folders as follows: E.56 E.57 E.58 B-G H-O P-T Not indexed. E.59 Letters to The Times, on United Nations, February 1957. A ms. draft continuation in reply to correspondence in The Times arising from above, n.d. 1957 E.60 Letters to The Times, on nuclear bomb tests, May 1957. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 128 Publications, lectures, speeches E.61-E.103 EDUCATION E.6] Letter to The Times, on scientific education, March 1931. With a letter to the Editor regretting the letter was not published. E.62 Article on the importance of financial support for scientific research, written for Oxford University Appeal, 1936. Typescript drafts. Correspondence. E.63 Correspondence and papers, 1938. E.64 E.JO0 E.66 E.67 E.68 E.69 E.70 Re possible methods of avoiding premature specialisation by candidates for Oxford University. Draft letter to press, on comparative expenditure on scientific research in U.S.A., Germany, Russia and Britain. n.d. c.1938 Draft letter to press, on science, with ms. comments by 1.O. Griffith, June 1938. Article on the importance of scientific research in the national life, for The Oxford Magazine, March 1939. Typescript draft. Invitation to write article. Letters re science and education. 1942, 1946 Letter to The Times, on need for increased science teaching, August 1946. (Referred to in correspondence with E. Orowan in E.69.) Included here is brief correspondencere the letter, May 1947. Correspondence with E. Orowan, on education for engineering. 1946-47 Letters to The Times, on technological universities, November and December 1949. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 129 E.71 E.72 E.73 E.74 En 7S E.76 Publications, lectures, speeches Shorter correspondence and papers on technological education, 1949. Correspondence 1950. Mainly arising from 'The Case for the Technical University’ reprinted from The Times Educational Supplement, January 1950 (Cherwell contributed an article 'Demands of Modern Engineering'), a copy of which is included. Includes copies of letters sent by Cherwell to colleagues urging on them the requirements of technological educa- tion, and editorial correspondence re the T.E.S. article. Correspondence and papers re Conference on Higher Technological Education, held at Royal Society, March 1950 and organised by Tizard. Cherwell gave a short 'statement of the case for an Institute of Higher Techology'. Includes invitation, agenda, correspondence with participants, note of conclusions of meeting by J.D. Cockcroft. Correspondence and papers re one-day conference on educa- tion, organised by Federation of British Industries, at Rhodes House, Oxford, October 1950. Cherwell attended as a representative of Oxford University, and spoke. Includes Cherwell's contribution to discussion and brief editorial correspondence re its publication. Also included here is a letter rea similar conference at Regent Street Polytechnic, October 1950, which Cherwell attended. Letter to The Times Educational Supplement, on technological university, October 1950. Earlier draft for similar letter, n.d. General correspondence on technological education, 1951. Includes a letter from McGowan with a copy of a speech by him on 'The Collaboration of Universities and Industry in the Moulding of Scientific Progress’. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 130 Ese E70 E.7? E.80 E.81 Feo? E53 E.84 E.85 E.86 Publications, lectures, speeches Copies of notes by Cherwell to ministers re technological education and correspondencearising, November-December 1951. Correspondence 1952, mainly with ministerial colleagues, re financial support for technological education, andsiting of university departments selected for expansion. Includes a Minute by Cherwell to Prime Minister on the subject, November 1952. Correspondence and papers on technological education and the siting of expanded technological university departments, 1953 Address by Cherwell to Institution of Electrical Engineers, February 1953. 7 pp. typescript and ms. Correspondence April 1953, mainly ministerial exchanges of letters and views about the Further Report on Higher Technological Education by the University Grants Committee , issued on 27 March, a copy of which is included. Those principally involved are R.A. Butler, Lord Woolton, Lord Salisbury, J. Stuart. Correspondence May-July 1953, re meetings and exchanges of views on U.G.C. report and matters arising. Two talks by Cherwell on the teaching of physics, Spo. and 6.ppse m.dé c.1954 Correspondence and papers, 1954, mainly with former ministerial colleagues (Cherwell resigned from the Cabinet in 1953). Includes Hansard, 7 December 1954, covering House of Lords debate on Higher Technological Education in which Cherwell spoke. Correspondence and papers 1954, mainly re Royal Technical College, Glasgow, which Cherwell hopeddwould be desig- nated as one of the new Technological Universities and to which he referred in his speech in the House of Lords in E.84 above. Correspondence and papers 1954, mainly information and opinions on technological education sent to Cherwell by colleagues. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 13] Publications, lectures, speeches Letter to Sunday Times, on need for technological university, May 1955. General correspondence re technological education, deferment of national service for scientists, etc. 1955 Minute on technological education, prepared for Prime Minister (Sir Anthony Eden), December 1955. Includes text of note as circulated to Cabinet, January 1956, and Cherwell's letter to R.A. Butler on subject. Letter (not for publication) to the Editor, Daily Telegraph, on technological education, January 1956. Two letters to Oxford Magazine on technological education, February and March 1956. Draft for similar letter to Oxford Magazine, n.d. Letter to The Times, December 1956. Draft speech to Congregation, Oxford University, on expansion of technological education, n.d. c.1956 Typescript and ms. General correspondence on education, 1956. Correspondence with headmasters re science education. 1956 Correspondence with Lord Simon of Wythenshawe, on education, 1956. Includes typescript draft of Simon's speech in House of Lords debate on education, November 1956. Shorter correspondence and papers, 1956. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 132 Publications, lectures, speeches E. 9 E.98 Correspondence, etc. with J.R. Colville, 1956-57. Mainly re projects to promote technological education with funds from the Churchill 80th Birthday Trust, and with support from industry. Various projects were proposed; among those which cameto fruition are the Churchill Fellowships and the founding of Churchill College, Cambridge. The material includes various draft memoranda and papers, copies of letters to others, etc. 2 folders as follows: 1956 1957 (January-April) E97 E.98 E.9? Correspondence January-June 1957. Cherwell died on 2 July, and was engaged in corres- pondence, plans for conferences and articles on the subject of technological education to the end. See also E.100 below. E.100 3 pp. draft on technological education. E.101 E.102 E.103 With a ms. note by J. Harvey ‘Unfinished first draft of Professor's last dictation’. Speech on industrial support for science teaching in schools, n.d. Draft for speech on higher education in House of Lords debate, n.d., probably May 1957. Extracts from Hansard covering debates on education in House of Commons, 1953-56. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 133 Publications, lectures, speeches E.104-E.137 INVITATIONS AND CORRESPONDENCE See the note on the content of the material in the Introduction to Section E. E.104 1919-20. Correspondence with editors and publishers of Discovery, re Cherwell's article on Einstein's Theory of Relativity, commissioned for the first issue of the magazine but later considered too difficult for the readership. E.105 E.106 1930-31. 1932. Includes correspondence re Cherwell's address, on 'The Place of Mathematics in Science and Philosophy', delivered to the British Institute of Philosophy, and published in Philosophy, 8, 1933; also included here is correspondence 1947 requesting permission to reprint the article in an anthology. E.107 1933. Correspondence, etc. re Cherwell's lecture on 'Some Recent Discoveries in Science', arranged by English- Speaking Union in aid of Walter Hines Page Endowment Fund. E.108 1933. Invitation to write a note for Nature on work at Clarendon Laboratory on liquefaction of helium; letters from Andrade and Kapitza re article. E.109 E. 110 1933. 1935. 1935-37. re Cherwell's lecture on 'Research at the lowest temperatures and its importance to industry’, given as a public lecture to Institution of Chemical Engineers, October 1936. 134 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Publications, lectures, speeches ea 74 1935-38. Requests for articles, lectures, books on rearmament and especially air defence. E.113 1936. re Guthrie Lecture; contribution to Exhibition of Very Low Temperatures at Science Museum, etc. E.114 1936. re Broadcast on ‘Fahrenheit’ in ‘The World Goes By' series, etc. E.115 E.116 E117 E.118 E.119 E.120 E.J2) 1936-37. re proposed lecture at Leeds. 1937. 1938. 1941-42. Includes requests for broadcast on Rutherford, obituary notices of |.O. Griffith, W. Nernst. 1945. 1946. 1946-47. re lectures given by Cherwell at Imperial Defence College on 'Civilisation and Science’. E.122 1947. Includes correspondence re Cherwell's address to the Iron and Steel Institute. E.123 1948. Includes correspondence re proposed B.B.C. Third Programme discussion broadcast on methods of selection for the Civil Service (the project did not develop). F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 135 Publications, lectures, speeches E.124 1949, January-March. Includes correspondence re Cherwell's contribution to series of programmes on atomic energy for 'L'Université des Ondes' broadcast on the Parisian network; and re his article 'Financing the Budgets of the State’ for the journal of the National Provincial Bank (see also A.125). E.125 B.. 126 E.127 E.128 E.1Z9 E.130 E.13] E.132 E.133 1949, May-December. 1950. 1951 . 1952. Correspondence and papers re opening of new Physics and Engineering Laboratories, King's College, London, 27 June 1952. Includes brochure, background material re staff and research in progress, offprints by members of depart- ment, etc. 1953. 1954, February-June. Includes invitations to give Clerk Maxwell Memorial Lecture, J.D. Dunn Memorial Lecture (at Durham) (both declined), arrangements for Cherwell to visit Frankfurt, etc. 1954, July-December. 1959. Invitations from schools and educational institutions, to speak on the teaching of science. E.134 1955. Invitations from newspapers, political institutions. Includes request from H.A. Kissinger for article in Harvard University review Confluence. 136 F.A. Lindemann, CSAC 80/4/81 Lord Cherwell Publications, lectures, speeches E.135 1956. Invitations and requests from schools or re science education. E.136 1956. Miscellaneous invitations, including requests for memoirs or autobiography. E.137 1957, January-June. Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Frederick Alexander Lindemann, Viscount Cherwell of Oxford CH, FRS (1886 - 1957) VOLUME 2 Section F, Second World War(Preparations and statistical section, general papers) Section G, Second World War (Statistical section, military and scientific topics) Section H, Second World War (Statistical section, economic topics) by Jeannine Alton and Julia Latham-Jackson CSAC catalogue 80/4/81 CSAC 80/4/81 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers of FREDERICK ALEXANDER LINDEMANN, C.H., F.R.S. VISCOUNT CHERWELL OF OXFORD (1886 - 1957) Deposited in the Library of Nuffield College, Oxford VOLUMEII Sections F - H Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Julia Latham- Jackson 198] All rights reserved F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 137 SECTION F SECOND WORLD WAR F.1 - F.419 PREPARATIONS AND STATISTICAL SECTION, GENERAL PAPERS INTRODUCTION | F.l -F.39 PRE-WAR PAPERS ON AIR DEFENCE, 1921-39 With an introductory note F.40 -F.87 FORMATION AND ORGANISATION OF THE PRIME MINISTER'S STATISTICAL SECTION ('S BRANCH’) With an introductory note F.88 -F.252 MINUTES EXCHANGED BETWEEN CHERWELL AND CHURCHILL, 1939-45 With an introductory note F.253-F.257 CABINET PAPERS, 1940-45 , F.258-F. 394 CHARTS PREPARED BY THE STATISTICAL SECTION With an introductory note Page 138 141 153 160 172 173 F.395-F.419 MISCELLANEOUS MINUTES AND CORRESPONDENCE, 1939-51 184 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 138 Preparations and Statistical Section, general papers Second World War INTRODUCTION Section F documents Cherwell's growing preoccupation with the inevitability of war and the problem of air defence, and presents a general picture of his service to Churchill during the Second World War. Papers from the same period on more specific topics are in Sections G (military and scientific) and H (economic). In October 1939 Cherwell was asked by Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, to assemble a group of economists who would collect and co-ordinate Admiralty and other statistics. The group became knownas the First Lord's Statistical Branch ('S' Branch) and the first members (in order of recruitment) were G.D.A. (later Sir Donald) MacDougall, H. Makower, G.L.S. Shackle, H.W. Robinson and D.G. Champernowne. R.F. (later Sir Roy) Harrod joined the group on 1 January 1940; other members included D.M.B. Butt, E.J.S. Clarke, W.A.B. Hopkin, C.M. Kennedy, C.J. Martin, W.R. Merton, J.R. Parkinson, F.R.P. Vinter and T. Wilson. The functions of 'S Branch' are described in F.41 as follows: ‘Il. 2. 3. 4. To analyse statistics relating to the Navy and cognate matters and present the results in diagrammatic form both for the information of the First Lord and for his use in discussion. To compile and keep up to date the album of charts and diagrams which the First Lord has circulated to the cabinet ... To answer at short notice questions by the First Lord on any matter involving statistics with which he may have to deal as a member of the War Cabinet and other Committees. To read all cabinet papers on economic matters and draw the attention of the First Lord to points which he might wish to take up.' When Churchill became Prime Minister in May 1940 he retained 'S Branch! as an independent departmentoutside the normal machinery of government, and it became knownas the Prime Minister's Statistical Section, or sometimes, after Cherwell's appointment as Paymaster General in December 1942, as the Office of the Paymaster General. It remained in existence until the change of government in 1945. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 139 Preparations and Statistical Section, general papers. Second World War Although the scope of the work and the number of staff grew in accordance with the increased importance of the Statistical Section, its essential function remained the collection and distillation of information. Harrod (The Prof, p.221) relates that Churchill wished Cherwell to range over the whole field of the war effort, excluding only military operations and personal appointments and promotions. Much of Cherwell's interest was concentrated on military and scientific problems, and there isa large corpus of material relating to the development, production and use of various weapons and armaments. But he also involved himself in a wide range of economic topics including the efficient use of shipping tonnage, the production of food and raw materials, manpower, negotiations with U.S.A. for military and economic aid and, in the latter stages of the war, in the various problems relating to post-war reconstruction. Statistics were assembled on all these topics from cabinet papers, departmental minutes and reports, and correspondence with colleagues in government departments and scientific and military establishments. (This background material is now mainly contained in Sections Gand H.) In addition, Cherwell and his staff quantified and criticised the available data and assumptions on a wide range of major issues. Some of the famous battles resulting from his questioning of generally accepted views on, for example, the size of the German Air Force, the accuracy of British bombing and the existence and scope of the German V-weapons have been widely discussed in the pub- lished literature, and most of them are well documented in Section G (see Introduction to Section G). It is difficult to estimate the effect of Cherwell's quantitative approach to problems that would previously have been considered exclusively the province of the military, but it is interesting to observe that scientists in other fields were using a similar approach, with results such as the recognition of the importance of Operational Research to considerations of military strategy. The material assembled by the staff of the Statistical Section was conveyed to Churchill in the form of a personal minute from Cherwell, often with a recommendation or a draft minute for Churchill to sign and send to the Minister concerned. Examples of these are to be found passim in Sections G and H, but F.88-F.216 contains a chrono- logical sequence of Cherwell's minutes which appears to have been assembled after the F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 140 Preparations and Statistical Section, general papers Second World War war for the benefit of historians (see General Introduction). are duplicated elsewhere, but the sequence as a whole presents an interesting general picture of the working relationship between Churchill and Cherwell during this period. Many of these minutes In addition to the minutes, statistics were often presented to Churchill in the form of coloured graphs or charts. Many examples of these have survived, and some appear passim in Sections G and H, but the majority are at F.258-F. 394. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 14] Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence FF oo? PRE-WAR PAPERS ON AIR DEFENCE, 1921-39 The material is divided as follows: Fol .=Fs Lt Committee papers and correspondence F.12-F.18 Drafts and notes on air defence F,19-F.39 Correspondence on air defence and the international situation The majority of the correspondence in this section was previously kept with Cherwell's 'Personal' papers (see General Introduction) under the general heading of 'Air Defence’. It has been combined with a number of drafts, reports and committee papers from amongst Cherwell's wartime papers, some of which were not previously available to researchers, in order to form a more complete picture of Cherwell's preoccupations and activities during this period. For letters to the press and articles on related subjects written by Cherwell during this period see Section E. For material relating to Cherwell's political activities see Section J. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 142 Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence Fal-Fo41 Committee papers and correspondence, 1921-39 Fel oy F.3 F.4 Aeronautical Research Committee. Committee. Meteorology Sub- Brief correspondence, 1921 Aeronautical Research Committee. Kite Balloon Sub- Committee. Correspondence and drafts, January-February 1926. Included in the folder is a list of official committee papers which were destroyed during the review of the Cherwell collection in April 1965. Aeronautical Research Committee. Correspondence, 1926, 1929, 1932. Committee of Imperial Defence. Committee. Correspondence, 1924-28 Anti-Aircraft Research Sub- F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 143 Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence Fid-F.10 Committee for the Scientific Survey of Air Defence (The 'Tizard Committee’) Correspondence and papers, 1934-36. Fi. Correspondence, 1934 (F.5/1 - F.5/3) F.5/1 F.5/2 F.5/3 Correspondence with G.I. Hodsall and R. Brooke-Popham, October-November 1934, re invitation to Cherwell to submit his views on aerial defence to a Committee of which Brooke- Popham wasChairman. to S. Baldwin. Includes copy of a letter from Cherwell Correspondence with Lord Londonderry, November-December 1934, re the advisability of setting up an independent committee to investigate the possibllities of defence against air attack. Letter from Cherwell to an unidentified correspondent (? Churchill), 9 December 1934, containing comments on his correspondence with Londonderry. F.6 Correspondence, 1935 (F.6/1-F.6/5) In alphabetical order. F.6/1 Chamberlain, A. January~ June Includes correspondence with Churchill and Ramsay McDonald. F.6/2 F.6/3 F.6/4 Cunliffe- Lister, P. (later Lord Swinton) June Hankey, M. P. A. January, March Londonderry, Lord January Cherwell's reply to a letter from Londonderry, 20 December 1934 (see F.5/2). F.6/5 Tizard, H. T. July-September Includes 9 pp. typescript by Cherwell re air defence, sent to Tizard 1 July 1935. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 144 F.7 F.7/1 Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence Drafts, 1935 (F.7/1-F.7/2) 13 pp. typescript draft with corrections in Cherwell's hand and ams. note (not by Cherwell) 'Address to 1922 Cttee. It is accompanied by carbon copies of 18 February 1935'. letters from Cherwell to R.G. Clarry and T. J. O'Connor, 31 January and 8 March 1935. Another copy is included at E.30. F.7/2 2 pp. typescript, unsigned, but presumably by Cherwell, advocating the establishment of a committee 'with the full authority of Parliament under a chairman of Cabinet rank' in place of the Tizard Committee. n.d., c.1935. F.8 Correspondence, 1936 (F.8/1-F.8/6) In alphabetical order. Churchill, W. S. Hankey, M. P. A. King, E. B. Sinclair, AJ H. M. Swinton, Lord F.8/1 F.8/2 F.8/3 F.8/4 F.8/5 February-June February-March November March February- November Includes letters from Swinton announcing the dissolution of the Committee after the resignation of 3 of its members (3 September) and its reconstitution under Tizard's Chair- manship but without Cherwell (2 November). F.8/6 Tizard, H. T. February- July F.9 Committee papers and related correspondence (F.9/1-F.9/6) F.9/1 July-December 1935 Mainly correspondence re arrangements for meetings, payment of honoraria, etc. F.9/2 January-February 1936 Papers for the 15th meeting, 3 February 1936. A draft of the Committee's Second Interim Report, n.d., is also included in the folder. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 145 F.9/3 F.9/4 F.9/5 F.9/6 Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence March 1936 June 1936 July-December 1936 Includes 2 letters from Cherwell to A.P. Rowe, 10 and 11 July 1936 criticising the draft report of the Committee. Miscellaneous typescript drafts, some of which may have been prepared for submission to the Committee; others contain commentsor criticisms on the work of the Committee. are all unsigned and undated but the content points to Cherwell’s authorship. They 7 pp. typescript entitled 'Air Defence (1939) Diary. Tizard Com. etc.' containing a résumé of events connected with the Tizard Committee. note, and typeface, suggest that it was prepared by J. Harvey (Cherwell's personal secretary). No author or date. Handwriting on cover Committee of Imperial Defence. Committee. Air Defence Research Correspondence with Sir Kingsley Wood and others, 1938-39. Includes invitation to join the Committee and Cherwell's letter of acceptance, 1 December 1938. Folder also includes extract from records of the 255th Meeting of the Committee of Imperial Defence, 22 March 1932, re decision to begin preparations for defence in the light of| assumptions that a major war could occur in less than ten years. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 146 Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence F.12-F.18 Drafts and notes on air defence Pelz F.13 F.14 Fel . F.16 Fs 17 Many of these are undated, and not all are signed by Cherwell, but in most cases the subject matter points to his authorship. Most of the undated items probably belong to the 1930s. See also C.22ff., F.7, F.9, F.20. 6 pp. typescript 'Notes on the principles of A.R.P.', 23 February 1929. 2 pp. typescript re relative dangers of attack by land, sea or air, n.d. ‘Notes on Air Defence by F.A. Lindemann’. 27 pp. typescript, n.d. ‘Analysis of Utility of Methods Proposed to Defend England Against Air Attack’. 36 pp. typescript, no author or date, but format is similar to F.13 above. Set of calculations re kite-balloons, n.d., perhaps 1938. (see letter to Churchill at F.20). 2 pp. typescript re aerial mines headed 'Professor Lindemann's Memorandum’, 1939. 2 copies, one with ms. annotations by Cherwell, of 5 pp. typescript beginning 'As you know, | have recently had the opportunity of seeing what has been done bythe Air Ministry about floating aerial mines to be distributed by aeroplanes and | think it may be useful to put on record my viewsonthis subject’. n.d., 1939. Pa le Shorter typescript drafts re various aspects of air defence, all undated. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 147 Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence Fel 9= be 87 Fi I2=h 24 Correspondence on air defence and the international situation, 1921-39 Letters from Cherwell to Churchill, 1935-39, re various aspects of air defence. or statistics for Churchill's use at committee meetings, etc. Some of the letters convey technical information See also F.8/1. 1935, 1936 1938 Belg F.20 Includes a 12 pp. draft on air defence, cast in the form of a speech, May 1938, anda note on kite-balloons, November 1938. E.2] 1939 Faz F.23 Includes some notes on aerial mines, March 1939, and 2 letters commenting on the result of experiments with small aerial mines, May 1939. 2 pp. typescript headed ‘Anxiety about Pre-war International Situation’, with ms. annotation 'notes prepared for Lord Birkenhead's biography of Prof’. series of letters written between 1933 and 1939, and this sequence, numbered from 1-8, has been retained as F.23 below. The typescript refers toa Correspondence, 1933-39, originally assembled toillustrate Cherwell's attitude to international affairs during this period (see F.22). Items are numbered from 1-8 as follows: le 2. 3S 4. 5: 6, ro 8. Letter from Lord Lloyd, 22 September 1933, expressing regret that he had been unable to arrange an interview with Hitler. Letter from Cherwell to Signor Grandi, 20 December 1936, re possibility of arranging an interview with Mussolini. Letter from Cherwell to Group Captain Maclean, 26 October 1937. Letter from Cherwell to P. Donner, 15 November 1937. Letters to Churchill from Halifax and Austen Chamberlain, May 1938, thanking him for sending a report of the interview which he and Cherwell had with Henlein. Letter from Cherwell to J. Noetzlin, 7 June 1938. Letter from Cherwell to Lord Tweedsmuir, 14 October 1938. Letter from Cherwell to J.A. Lauwerys, 26 February 1939. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 148 Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence F.24-F.37 Correspondence with colleagues and friends re various aspects of air defence and other preparations for war, views of the The correspondence has been kept political situation, etc. in approximate chronological order; within each year, the material is presented in alphabetical order of correspondent with a brief indication of content where appropriate. F.24 1921 Brooke-Popham, H. R. M. re development of high explosives 1924 Thomson, Lord 1926 Birch, J. F. N. Hoare, S. F.25 1927 Birch, J. F. N. Fleming, J. re visit to Royal Engineer Board's experimental ground, Hythe Hankey, M. P. A. te co-ordination of research Hoare, S. Trenchard, H. M. re bomb-sights F.26 1930 Brown, O. F. (Cherwell's carbon only) re organisation of radio research Eccles, W. H. Cherwell's carbon only) Hall, A. H. re organisation of radio research y) re org re methods for landing aeroplanesin fog Petavel, J. Invitation to a meeting at the National Physical Laboratory Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 149 Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence F.26 (cont'd. ) 1933 Fisher, H. A. L. (Cherwell's carbon only) Schlepegrell, A. re proposed conference in Oxford onpolitical and social developments in Germany F.27 n.d. Forman, J. re experiments with microwaves 1935 Dill, J. G. Gilmour, J. Grigg, E. Molson, A. H. E. re possible experiments with kite-balloons over Valetta Morton,D. J. F. Paget, J. Wimperis, H. E. re measurements of radiation from engine exhaust gases at Farnborough The Secretary, Adastral House (Cherwell's carbon only) F.28 1936 Johnstone, H. (includes a letter from H.E. Wimperis) re use of balloons for air defence bac? 1936 Lees-Smith, H. B. MacLean, L. enclosing a paper on air defence Morton,D. J. F. re liquid hydrogen Pakenham-Walsh, R. re mustard gas P. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 150 Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence F.30 1936 Powis, C. O. re aircraft production Pye, D. R. re liquid hydrogenas fuel Swinton, Lord (Cherwell's carbon only) Tweedsmuir, Lord Wimperis, H. EE. re liquid hydrogen and potassium-sodium bombs Wright, C.S. Superintendent, War Office Experimental Establishment, Shoeburyness (Cherwell's carbon only) F.3] 1937 Hawkin, R. C. (Cherwell's carbon only) Hill, H.W. re anti-aircraft artillery Johnstone, H. te Tizard Committee Lennox-Boyd, A. T. re camouflage Maclean, L. re tactics in air warfare Macmillan, N. (Cherwell's carbon only) Nuffield, Lord (includes a letter from D.R. Pye) re liquid hydrogen as fuel (unsigned) re an article in the Sunday Times, 27 June 1937 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 15] Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence Rez 1938 Chatfield, Lord Coote, C. Crow, A. R. D. (Cherwell's carbon only) re U.P. weapons Henderson, R. G. re aerial mines H. Muir, H. J. re aerial mines Swinton, E. D. F.33 1938 Wright, C. S. te hydrogen-oxygen explosive F.34 1939 Crow, A. D. (Cherwell's carbon only) re possible use of aerial mines in U.P. weapons Farren, W. S. . (Cherwell's drafts only) re aerial mines Ferguson, (Cherwell's carbons only) re aerial mines F.35 1939 Muir, H. J. re aerial mines F.36 Naphen, P. L. (Cherwell's carbon only) Pye, D. R. Includes letters from A. Woodward-Nutt and F. Rossiter F.37 1939 Rothermere, Lord Wedderburn, J. S. (Cherwell's carbon only) Wood, K. Wright, E. M. (Cherwell's carbon only) (Correspondent unknown - Cherwell's carbon only) re aerial mines F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 152 Second World War Pre-war papers on air defence F.38, F.39 Letters from members of the public describing inventions or offering ideas for use in the event of war against Germany. The correspondents have not been indexed. letters were originally addressed to Churchill, but were forwarded to Cherwell for advice. Some of the For similar letters written after the outbreak of war see G.472-G.498. F.38 F.39 n.d., 1933, 1935 1936, 1937, 1939 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 153 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.40-F.87 FORMATION AND ORGANISATION OF THE PRIME MINISTER'S STATISTICAL SECTION ('S BRANCH’) The material is presented as follows: F.40-F.78 Administrative correspondence re staffing, accommodation, office procedure, etc. Includes material on Sentry Hill, Marlow (the house used by the Statistical Section, October 1940-April 1942), and Cherwell's engagement diaries, 1943-45. F.79-F.85 Personal correspondence with and re members of the Statistical Section. Some of the exchanges continue into the 1950s. Correspondence with R.F. Harrod documents his early involvement with the activities of 'S Branch’ before he formally joined the group in January 1940. F.86, F.87 Miscellaneous historical material. Additional minutes and correspondence from members of the Statistical Section are to be found in F.395ff. and passim in Sections G and H. For further information on the work of the Statistical Section see the Introduction to Section F. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 154 F.40-F.78 F.40-F.64 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers Administrative correspondence Minutes and correspondencere staff establishment, salaries, appointments, allocation of work, etc., 1940-45. of known. correspondents appear in the general index, but the sequence also includes several unsigned minutes by members of the Statistical Section. The names F.40 F.41 F.42 F.43 F.44 F.45 F.46 F.47 F.53 1940 January-April May-August Includes a brief summary of the functions of the First Lord's Statistical Branch, 7 May 1940. November December Includes list of areas of work for which various members of the Statistical Section were responsible, 9 December 1940. 1941 January-March April-May June-July August-September October November December 1942 January-March April-June July August September Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 155 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers 1942 (cont'd) 56 October-November December 1943 January-April May-August September-December 1944 January-June July-December 1945 January- August 58 oo? 60 61 “02 63 F.65 F.66 Miscellaneous undated (not indexed) Copy of a letter from Churchill to Neville Chamberlain, 4 April 1940, beginning 'My dear P.M., | send youthe first copy of the album | have had prepared by the Admiralty |am Statistical Department under Professor Lindemann. sending one to each of our colleagues’. The folder also contains letters of thanks from Chamberlain and others expressing their appreciation of the charts, and corres- pondencere arrangements for Cherwell to show an album of charts to the King. See F.258-F.394 for examples of charts prepared by the Statistical Section on a wide variety of topics. Correspondence exchanged between R.F. Harrod and E.E. (later Lord) Bridges, August 1940-March 1941, mainly re the establishment of relations between the Statistical Section and the various govern- ment departments from whom statistics had to be acquired. In his personal memoir of Cherwell (The Prof, pp. 189-90), Harrod observesthat relations with other departments were not always good to begin with; there were some acrimonious disputes at Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 156 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.66 (cont'd. ) Harrod records an interview with Bridges who Cabinet meetings when Churchill put forward figures supplied to him by Cherwell, and these were challenged by the Ministers concerned. deplored the amount of time wasted by these disputes, and his own resolution to try to improve the situation. pondence documents the establishment of arrangements for the appointmentof liaison officers in the various departments, which contributed greatly to a general improvement in relations. The corres- F.67, F.68 Correspondence re Sentry Hill, Marlow. At the end of October 1940 the Statistical Section took over a house in Marlow called Sentry Hill, for use both as an office and billeting quarters. April 1942. The house was retained until F.67 Correspondence re domestic arrangements, staff, etc. Included here is a letter from the Earl of Midleton, 19 October 1940, offering accommodation for the Statistical Section at Peper Harow, Godalming. F.68 Correspondence re organisation of transport to and from London. Drivers were supplied by the Women's Voluntary Services, and folder includes letters from the Chairman, Lady Reading. F.69°F 72 Miscellaneous administrative correspondence, 1939-45. F.69 F.70 Fall F.72 1939-40 March-June 1941 July-December 1941 1942-45, n.d. Includes an undated summary, possibly by T. Wilson, of selected minutes by Cherwell, Harrod and MacDougall, May 1939-June 1942. F.73-F.75 Register of letters received by Cherwell's office, 1943-45. 3 volumes as follows: F.73 F.74 Fufd 30 June 1943-29 October 1943 29 October 1943-28 July 1944 2 August 1944-30 July 1945 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.76-F.78 Cherwell's engagement diaries, 1943-45. 157 F.76 F.77 F.78 1943 1944 1945 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 158 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.79-F .85 Personal correspondence with and re members of the Statistical Section, 1939-56 In alphabetical order of correspondent. See the Index of Correspondents for references to further correspondence elsewhere in the collection. F.79 Butt, D. M. B. 1942 Butt left the Statistical Section to join the Navy at the beginning of 1942, but returned again at the end of the year. The folder contains personal letters from Butt to MacDougall, written while he was away from the Section. F.80 Clarke, E. J. S. 1945-47 Includes brief correspondence re atomic energy. F.81/1-F.81/3 Harrod, R. F. 1939-43 F.81/1 October-December 1939 Includes letters recommending economists for the Statistical Section and negotiating his own appointment. F.81/2 1940 Includes 3 pp. ms. draft headed ‘Richmond Terrace and S Branch’. F.81/3 1941-43 Includes copy of a minute from Harrod to Churchill re livestock policy, 20 March 1941. F.82 MacDougall, G. D. A. 1945, 1947, 1953 F.83 F.84 F.85 The 1953 correspondence consists of 2 letters from Cherwell to Churchill urging that MacDougall should receive a knighthood. He was, in fact, knighted that year. Martin, C.J. 1945-48, 1955-56 Parkinson, J. R. 1945 Wilson, T. 1945-46, 1948-51 Includes some correspondence re sorting and listing of Cherwell's papers. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 159 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.86, F.87 Miscellaneous historical material F.86 F.87 4 pp. typescript, 14 July 1941, on ‘English Statistical Experience Since the Outbreak of War', outlining the origins of S Branch and the Central Statistical Office. There is no indication of author. 1 p. memorandum from 'C.G.' to Churchill, 23 November 1947, beginning 'You wished to be reminded of this:- Make a note to insert about my private statistical department at the Admiralty. There are several minutes on the subject. supply details’. Lord Cherwell could See F.85 for correspondence with T. Wilson re sorting of Cherwell's papers for Churchill and other historians. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 160 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.88-F.252 MINUTES EXCHANGED BETWEEN CHERWELL AND CHURCHILL, 1939-45 The minutes are presented in 4 separate sequences: F.88 -F.216 Minutes from Cherwell to Churchill, 1939-45 These were originally kept in a numbered sequence in very bulky folders, accompanied by a list of contents, and in some cases a subject index. Each folder has been split up into several more manageable units; the indexes and lists of contents have been removed and put together in a single sequence at the beginning of the section (F.88-F.94). F.217-F. 228 Minutes from Cherwell] to Churchill, 1939-42 These are typescript copies of the original minutes in F.95-F.168 only, which were made for the benefit of Churchill and other historians (see General Introduction). F.229-F.240 Another set of minutes from Cherwell to Churchill, 1939-45 The majority of these were originally contained in a single bulky folder, unsorted. They are now presented in chronological order, but have been kept as a separate sequence in order to avoid disturbing the indexes, etc. to the main sequence. Some, but not all, of them are duplicated in the main set; a few may be drafts that were not eventually sent to Churchill. F.241-F.252 Minutes from Churchill to Cherwell, 1939-45. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 161 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers The quantity of material involved has prohibited any attempt at cross- referencing between these minutes and related drafts, etc. in Sections G and H; nevertheless, all the wartime papers are closely interrelated, and material in this Section may sometimes amplify or complement (or even duplicate) material elsewhere in the collection. For information on the content of the minutes, see Introduction to Section F. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 162 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.88-F.216 Minutes from Cherwell to Churchill, 1939-45 F.88 F.89 F.90 F.9] List of contents, September-December 1939 List of contents, January-December 1940 List of contents, January-December 1941 List of contents, January-December 1942 Subject index, October-December 1942 F.92 List of contents, January-December 1943 Subject index, January-December 1943 F.93 List of contents, January-December 1944 Subject index, January-December 1944 F.94 List of contents, January-July 1945 Subject index, January-March 1945 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 163 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F695 F.96 Feo? F.98 Rao? F.100 F.101 F.102 F.103 F.104 F.105 F.106 F.107 F.108 F.109 Peo 1939 September-October November December 1940 11-30 January 6-21 February 22-29 February 1-11 March 13-27. March 1-15. April 16-29 April 1-8 May 19229). May 3-17 June 19-30 June 1-3 4-11 July July Robie 13-30 «July Fl? F.113 F.114 Feadil® F.M6 F.117 1-8 August 10-15 August 16-28 August 2-10 September 16-22 September 24-27 September Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 164 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.118 F.119 F.120 F.121 F.122 F.123 F.124 F.125 F.126 F.127 F.128 F.129 F.130 F.131 F.132 F.133 F.134 F.135 F.136 F.137 F.138 F.139 F.140 1940 (cont'd. ) 1-9 October 10-17 October 18-31 October 1-15 November 20-28 November 2-11 December 17-30 December 1941 1-6 January 8-18 January 20-31 January 3-20 February 21-28 February 1-12 March 14-31 March 1-18 April 21-30 April 1-15 May 20-29 May 3-19 June 23-30 June 1-10 July 12-22 July 23-31 July Continued 165 ‘ ‘ F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers 1941 (cont'd. ) F.14] F.142 F.143 F.144 F.145 F.146 F.147 F.148 F.149 F.150 F.151 F.152 F.153 F.154 F.155 F.156 F.157 F.158 F.159 7-17 August 20-29 August 1-4 September 9-16 September 17-28 September 7-17 October 22-31 October 1-18 November 19-30 November 1-10 December 18-23 December 1942 6-29 January 3-27 February 4-18 March 19-31 March 1 April-30 June. The original folder of minutes covering this period was missing from the collection, and a folder of copies has been inserted here by the present compiler to avoid breaking the sequence. for similar folders containing copies of minutes for September-December 1939, May-September 1940, January-December 1941 and the remainder of 1942. See F.217-F.228 1-8 9-17 20-31 July July July Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 166 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers 1942 (cont'd. ) 12-28 August September September October October November November December December January January February 16-26 February 4-18 March 19-3] March April April April May June June July July F.160 F.161 F.162 F.163 F.164 F.165 F.166 F.167 F.168 F.169 F.170 F171 F.172 F173 F.174 F175 F.176 F.177 F.178 F.179 F.180 F.181 F.182 Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 167 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.183 F.184 F.185 F.186 F.187 F.188 F.189 F.190 F.191 F.192 F.193 F.194 F2195 Ful96 F.197 F.198 F.199 F.200 F.201 F202 1943 (cont'd.) 2-27 August 8-30 September 4-14 October 15-30 October 1-6 November 8-30 November 1-9 December 1944 6-31 January 1-28 February 1-9 March 15-31 March 1-12 April 13-25 April 3-10 May 11-31 May 1-30 June 3-13 July 14-31 July 1-31 August 4-26 September There are no minutes for October as Cherwell was in America (see G.231-G. 235) F.203 4-30 November Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 168 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.204 F.205 F.206 F.207 F.208 F.209 F.210 F.211 F.212 F.213 F.214 F.215 F.216 1944 (cont'd. ) 4-12 December 13-29 December 1945 2-19 January 22-31 January 2-27 February 1-15 March 16-29 March 6-30 April 3-18 May 24-31 May 4-8 June 11-28 June 4-22 July F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 169 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.217-F.228 Minutes from Cherwell to Churchill, 1939-42 These are not carbons, but typescript copies of the originals, made in 1948 (see correspondence with T. Wilson, F.85). Each folder is prefaced by a list of contents corresponding to those at F.88-F.94. The set is not complete as it lacks minutes for January-April and October-December 1940. Copies of minutes for April to June 1942 have been moved by the present compiler to F.156 in place of the originals which have not survived. F.217 F.218 F.219 F.220 F220) F.222 F.223 F.224 F.225 F.226 F.227 F.228 September-December 1939 May-September 1940 May-September 1940 (duplicates of F.218) January-March 1941 January-March 1941 (duplicates of F.220) April-June 1941 April-June 1941 (duplicates of F.222) July-September 1941 October-December 1941 January-March 1942 July-September 1942 October-December 1942 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 170 Second World War Statistical Section, generalpapers F.229-F. 240 Another set of minutes from Cherwell to Churchill, 1939-45 Most of these minutes were originally in a bulky, unsorted folder with no index or list of contents. Some, but notall, of them are duplicated in the main set (F.95-F.216); a few may be drafts that were not eventually sent to Churchill. As with the main set, they cover a wide variety of subjects, and it has not been possible to provide cross-references to other parts of the collection. F229 F.230 F.231 F.232 F.233 F.234 F.235 F.236 F.237 F.238 F.239 F.240 October 1939-June 1940 July-December 1940 January-December 1941 January-November 1942 January-June 1943 July-December 1943 January-June 1944 July-December 1944 January-April 1945 May-July 1945 Miscellaneous undated minutes to Churchill Copies of some of the above F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 171 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.241-F.252 Minutes from Churchill to Cherwell, 1939-45 F.241 F.242 F.243 F.244 1939-1942 1943 1944 1945 F.245-F.252 Copies of minutes from Churchill to various ministers, sent to Cherwell for information. originally sent by Cherwell to Churchill. Drafts for many of these were F.245 1942 F.246 January-June 1943 F.247 September-November 1943 F.248 ro247 F.250 January-April 1944 May-August 1944 September-December 1944 F.25] January-April 1945 F.252 May-July 1945 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 172 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.253-F. 257 CABINET PAPERS, 1940-45 Drafts, proofs and printed copies of Cabinet Papers, mostly by Cherwell. Some of these are annotated, or are accompanied by brief correspondence. F.253 1940 | F.254 1941-42 F.255 F.256 F.257 1943 1944 1945 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 - Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.258-F. 394 CHARTS PREPARED BY THE STATISTICAL SECTION The material is presented as follows: F.258-F.276 Air warfare F.277-F.296 Military and munitions F.297-F.367 Shipping and imports F.368-F. 381 Food and raw materials F.382-F.394 Miscellaneous The majority of these charts were prepared for Churchill, or for presentation to various ministers and government departments at Churchill's request. A number were prepared for President Roosevelt, and correspondence in F.65 refers to arrange- ments for Cherwell to show an album of charts to the King. They were generally either bound in cloth covers (see e.g. F.297-F.325) or presented in loose leaf binders. Some of the latter have survived intact (e.g. F.365, F.386) but many of their contents were dispersed or superseded and remained in loose piles in no particular order. The loose charts have been sorted into subject groups for ease of reference and are included with the original albums under the headings listed above. Some of the material is no longer identifiable, particularly in the case of unfinished drafts or copies, such as F,292-F.296. Many of the charts overlap in subject matter with other papers in Sections G and H but it has not been possible to provide specific cross-references. Charts which were originally included with drafts and correspondence in these Sections have beenleft in position. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 174 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.200-F..276 Air warfare F.258 Number of aircraft and crew available for operations. Sets of charts issued monthly (each month in a separate folder), October 1940-February 1942. Fe2o7 F.260 Royal Air Force strength. Royal Air Force operations. "Night Bomber Sorties', 1940-42 ‘Enemy Aircraft Destroyed at Night', 1940-41 "Effort of Bomber Command’, 1940-44 'M.A.F. Night Fighter Successes’, 1941-43 Aircraft production. U.S.A.A.F. strength. Ring-back binder labelled 'Air', containing miscellaneous charts re R.A.F. strength and operations. Ring-back binder labelled 'Pilots and Operations', but containing miscellaneous unfinished and incomplete charts. Tables of statistics re R.A.F. and U.S.A.A.F. Tonnage of bombs dropped. Miscellaneous re bomb damage. 'Diagrammatic Survey of Night Bombing and Weather over Great Britain during the period 1/9/40-18/7/41.' F.261 F.262 F.263 F.264 F.265 F.266 F267 F.268 Fi.269-F.. 271 Weekly summaries of unexploded bomb returns. F.269 F.270 F.271 November 1940-December 1941 January-December 1942 January-June 1943 F.272 F.273 Periodic summaries of work reports from bomb disposal units, October 1940-June 1944. Notes and drafts for charts illustrating statistics re unexploded bombs on a regional basis. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 175 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.274 F.275 F.276 Folder labelled ‘Loss Ratios' containing charts re number of sorties per aircraft (British and American) and some unidentified. ‘Charts prepared for Field Marshal Smuts, November 1942.' Folder containing charts re various aspects of air warfare, including several unidentified. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 176 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.277-F.296 Military and munitions F.277 F.278 Fell? F.280 F.281 F202 F.283 F.284 F.285 F.286 F287 F.288 F.289 F.290 Feevl Charts illustrating 'State of Readiness’ of British forces in various parts of the world, July-September 1940 and December 1941-September 1942. ‘Analyses of British Troops by Formations and Arms, November 28th 1942." Set of charts with brief accompanying correspondence. Material on manpower which was also found in the folder has been transferred to F. 382. British Army strength and organisation. ‘Battle Casualties in Normandy and Italy’ (in black binder). ‘Australian Charts 1944' (re strength of U.S. and Allied forces and incidence of malaria). 'Field, Medium and Mortar Ammunition.’ Stocks, requirements, production, etc. of guns and ammunition. Tanks, Production and stock position. Landing craft, 1944 (in black binder). Munitions production. (Charts are designed to be used up to December 1943, but they are only plotted to August 1940. ) Comparison with First World War. 'Military Co-ordination Committee. Terrace, Friday, 22nd December’ £1939. charts and statistics prepared for the meeting with ms. and typescript notes and drafts and brief correspondence. Meeting, 6 Richmond Folder contains 'Munitions Production of the United Nations' (in black binder). Charts prepared to October 1942. Miscellaneous re munitions production and stocks. Manpower - strength of the armedforces. Demobilisation. Comparison with First World War. F ..292-F.296 5 bulky folders containing charts re various military topics. Many of these are unfinished or incomplete. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 177 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F .297-F. 367 Shipping and imports F.0297-F £325 Various shipping charts, all bound in cloth covers, presumably for presentation purposes. F.297-F.298 British merchant shipping sunk by cause, daily. Fin297 F.298 3 September 1939-31 August 1940 1 September 1940-30 July 1941 F.299-F .300 Total merchant shipping sunk by U-boat, mine, surface and aircraft, daily. F.299 F.300 3 September 1939-5 June 1940 3 September 1939-31 August 1940 F.301-F.304 Total merchant shipping sunk by cause, daily. F.301 F.302 F.303 F.304 1 September 1940-30 August 1941 30 August 1942-28 August 1943 29 August 1943-26 August 1944 27 August 1944-2 June 1945 F.305 F.306 F.307 British, allied, neutral merchant shipping sunk by all types of enemy action, daily. 3 September 1939-31 August 1940 British, allied, neutral merchant shipping sunk by U-boat, showing U-boats sunk, daily. 3 September 1939-31 August 1940 British, allied, neutral merchant shipping sunk by U-boat, 21 day moving average. 3 September 1939-8 February 1940 F.308 British, allied, neutral merchant shipping sunk by mine, daily 3 September 1939-31 August 1940 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 178 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.309 Total sinkings by German submarines, showing place and day. 3 September 1939-16 March 1940. F.310-F.319 British merchant shipping. and losses, weekly. 500 gross tons and over. Gains F.310 E.3H F.312 F.313 F.314 I I II IV V F.315 .VI F.316 F.317 F.318 F.319 all VIII IX X (week-ending) 10 September 1939-31 March 1940 " " " " " " " " " 7 April 1940-27 October 1940 3 November 1940-25 May 1941 1 June 1941-21 December 1941 28 December 1941-19 July 1942 26 July 1942-14 February 1943 21 February 1943-12 September 1943 19 September 1943-9 April 1944 16 April 1944-5 November 1944 12 November 1944-3 June 1945 F.320 Admiralty oil fuel, four-weekly. September 1939-March 1940 F.321 Cargoes seized and sunk. Cumulative totals weekly. September 1939-August 1940 F322, F.g23 German and Italian losses of merchant vessels, daily. F.322 F.323 3 September 1939-31 August 1940 1 September 1940-15 March 1941 F.324 Gains and losses of British merchant ships, cumulative, weekly. (week-ending) 10 September 1939-23 March 1941. F.325 German ships leaving Narvik, daily. 1 December 1939-4 April 1940. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 179 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F7326-F.33| Maps showing positions of merchant ships sunk by enemy action. F.326 F327 F.328 F.329 F.330 F.33] October-December 1940 April-December 1941 January-December 1942 January-December 1943 January-November 1944 January-May 1945 F.332 Maps showing positions of 'non-enemy ships sunk by enemy action’. August 1940-March 1941 Fi633 Maps showing position of sinkings in and out of convoy. September-December 1940 Also included here is a map showing ‘the furthest points from Europe in the North and Central Atlantic at which merchant ships have been sunk ... up to March 1941’. F.334-F.339 Charts re shipping losses. F.334 'Times of attack on merchant ships sunk by U-boat. ' September 1939-December 1942. F.335 'Times of attack on merchant ships sunk by aircraft.’ September 1939-December 1942. F.336 'Merchant tonnage sinkings by areas. average. ' 3 week moving March 1941-June 1945. F.337 Attacks on merchant shipping. independent ships. (Comparison of) convoys and 1940-43. F.338 Enemy merchant shipping losses. Various charts, 1939-42. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 180 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.339 Miscellaneous charts re sinking of merchant shipping, various dates. F.340 F.341 F.342 Charts illustrating various aspects of anti-U-boat warfare. Black binder containing charts re British and German navies. Miscellaneous naval charts. Mainly statistics re ship building. F.343-F.351 Charts re imports and exports, bound in cloth covers. F.343- F.346 F.347 F.348 F.349 F.350, F.35] Fsoo2 F.353 F.354 F.355 F.356 F.357 "Imports. Tons per month for each of certain commodities, U.K.' 1937-40 (4 sets of charts) - ‘Imports. stuffs, U.K.' Tons per month, cumulative, for each of certain food- 1937-40 "Imports into U.K. 1937.' ‘Value of exports by commodities monthly.' 1937-40 ‘Entrances and clearances. British and foreign.' 1939-40. (2 sets of charts) Miscellaneous charts re imports and exports. ‘Building and losses of ocean going merchant vessels outside enemy control. 1600 gross tons and over.' 1941-45 'Gains and losses of allied vessels since America entered the war.’ 1943 Merchant tonnage undergoing or awaiting repair. Merchant tonnage under construction. Miscellaneous charts re ship building and losses. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 18] F.358 F.359 F.360 F.361 F.362 F.363 F.364 F.365 F.366 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers Employment and distribution of shipping. Entrances and clearances of British and foreign shipping. Time spent in port. Average tonnage unloaded from a ship in a day. Time spent on round voyage. Convoys in and out of U.K. ‘Statistics of Trade and Shipping. the facts illustrated in the "S Branch" Chart Album'. 2 copies. 22 Tables Relating to Black binder containing various charts re shipping, imports, exports, etc. There is a list of contents inside the front cover. Black binder containing slightly different versions (generally less complete) of the charts in F.365. F.367 Miscellaneous shipping charts. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 182 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.368-F. 381] Food and raw materials F.368 F.369 Aluminium. Coal. F.370-F. 373 Food. F.370 F.371 F.372 F.373 F.374 F.375 F.376 F377. F.378 F.379 F.380 F.381 Stocks of various foodstuffs, 1939-43. Stocks, imports, production and consumption of various food- stuffs, September 1939-March 1943. ‘Civilian consumption of certain foods.' 1940-41. Miscellaneous charts re food. Iron and Steel. Machine tools. Oil (bound set of charts). Oil. Timber. Miscellaneous raw materials. ‘Building Programme of Government Departments. Estimated Requirements of Cvarious raw materials4', 1940. containing several charts. Bundle Black binder containing charts re stocks of food and raw materials, 1939-45. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 183 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.382-F.394 Miscellaneous F.382 F.383 F.384 F.385 F.386 F.387 F.388 F.389 F.390 F.391 F.392 F.393 F.394 Miscellaneous charts re employment and distribution of manpower. ‘Supplementary Labour Album.' subject matter to F.382. Set of charts with similar Railway freight traffic. Infectious diseases (England and Wales). Small black binder containing statistics re shipping and raw materials. Bundle of charts re shipping, imports and exports, stocks of raw materials, etc. Folder labelled 'Old Charts (Miscellaneous)' containing several duplicate (incomplete) sets of charts. Bundle of charts, similar to those at F.388. Black binder containing charts re supplies to Russia, 1941-42. 2 bundles of charts re various topics. Folder labelled 'American Embassy Charts - Tables of Statistics’. Lists of indices for various albums of charts (now dispersed). Miscellaneous unidentified material. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 184 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.395-F.419 MISCELLANEOUS MINUTES AND CORRESPONDENCE, 1939-51 F.395-F. 397 Minutes from Harrod to Cherwell, 1940-42. F395 March- June 1940. F.396 July-October 1940. Includes draft minutes to Churchill, 22 July, 3 August, 27 August. F.397 1941-42, Includes 3 pp. typescript on food policy, 12 March 1941, with Harrod's annotation ‘Statement of F.A.L.'s views' and brief letter from N. Brook, 3 April 1941. F.398-F.400 Minutes from MacDougall to Cherwell and others, 1940-45. A miscellaneous collection, covering a wide variety of topics. F.398 F.399 F.400 1940 1941-43 1944-45 and n.d. F.401-F.407 Miscellaneous minutes to Cherwell from other members of the Statistical Section. reports, etc. on a wide variety of topics. Mainly summaries of Cabinet Papers, F.401 F.402 F.403 F.404 F.405 F.406 F.407 Apri Rolie 940- June 1943 July-December 1943 January-July 1944 August-December 1944 January-March 1945 April-July 1945 n.d. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 185 Second World War Statistical Section, general papers F.408-F.410 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1939-45. Mainly Cherwell's carbons. F.408 F.409 F.410 1939-43 1944 1945 and n.d. F.411-F.414 Requests for help or advice, applications to work for Cherwell, correspondence re recommendations for posts, requests for an interview, etc., 1941-45. Not indexed. F.411 F.412 F.413 F.414 A-F H-L M-R S-W F.415 F.416 F.417 F.418 F.419 Invitations to Cherwell to visit laboratories, service establishments, etc., 1940-51. Paymaster General's Office. correspondence, 1944-45. Miscellaneous administrative Not indexed. Miscellaneous undated ms. notes by Cherwell and others. Miscellaneous reports, data, etc. sent to Cherwell for information. Miscellaneous ephemera and printed matter. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 SECTION G SECOND WORLD WAR_G.1 - G.550 STATISTICAL SECTION, MILITARY AND SCIENTIFIC TOPICS INTRODUCTION G.1 -G.100 BRITISH AND GERMAN AIR FORCE STRENGTH Includes some material re other aspects of air warfare With an introductory note G.101-G.141 ANTI-U-BOAT WARFARE G.142-G.151 OTHER NAVAL PAPERS G.152-G.443 WEAPONS, DEFENSIVE DEVICES, MILITARY ORGANISATION AND STRATEGY With a list of contents and introductory note G.444-G.499 4 INVENTIONS AND IDEAS With an introductory note 186 Page 187 188 200 205 206 250 G.500-G.525 ARMAMENT REQUIREMENTS AND PRODUCTION; STRENGTH AND ORGANISATION OF BRITISH AND GERMAN GROUND FORCES 258 G.526-G.533 ORGANISATION OF SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL RESEARCH 261 G.534-G.550 OTHER MILITARY AND SCIENTIFIC TOPICS 263 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 187 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics INTRODUCTION The papers in Sections G and H document the daily activities of the Prime Minister's Statistical Section during the Second World War. The material is pre- sented in two Sections for ease of reference but the distinction between Sections G (military and scientific papers) and H (economic papers) is a rather artificial one, and does not reflect the original ordering of the papers which could no longer be reconstructed. Similarly, the presentation of the material in Sections G and H is the work of the present compilers although in places it draws on the previous arrangement of the papers made in 1965 (see General Introduction). The origins and function of the Statistical Section have already been out- lined in the Introduction to Section F. The material in Section G provides some of the background to Cherwell's minutes to Churchill in the form ofstatistics, correspondence, reports and summaries of cabinet and other papers. It is pre- sented under the general headings listed at the head of the Section, but there is inevitably some overlap between various groups of papers, both within this Section and in other parts of the collection, especially F.88 - F.252. For material relating to wartiime projects at the Clarendon Laboratory see B.34-.B.41. Section D also contains some correspondence re wartime scientific work. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 188 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.1-G.100 BRITISH AND GERMAN AIR FORCE STRENGTH The following papers document the dispute between Cherwell, the Air Ministry and the Ministry of Economic Warfare over estimates of the comparative strength of the British and German Air Forces. The course of the disagreement, which arose in the summer of 1940, has been described in the published literature. In December 1940 Churchill appointed Sir John Singleton to make an independent enquiry into the available estimates, but although Singleton presented a report to Churchill in January 1941, many of the differences still remained unresolved. A second report was prepared by Singleton in August 1941, and this essentially marks the end of the dispute, although correspondence and papers on the subject continue until 1945. A few papers on other aspects of air warfare are included at the end of the Section as follows: G.78, G.79 American Air Force G.80-G.84 Night air defence Airfields G.89-G.99 Miscellaneous correspondence and reports G.100 Photographs F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 189 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Correspondence and papers, October 1939-January 1940. Mainly minutes from Cherwell to Churchill re British aircraft production and wastage. G.2 Correspondence and papers, March-April 1940. G.4 G.5 Includes correspondence re R.A.F. losses of flying crew and machines in 1918. Unsigned typescript draft, sent to Cherwell from the Air Ministry on 8 April 1940, headed 'Expansion of the Royal Air Force. April, 1939-March, 1940'. Correspondence and papers, May 1940. Includesstatistics re R.A.F. strength and casualties. Two typescript drafts, 28 May 1940, of paper submitted to Churchill by Sir Archibald Sinclair (later Viscount Thurso) on 'Comparative strengths, Ist line and reserves, of the British, French and German Air Forces on the 24th May 1940'. Some brief correspondence and Cherwell's draft comments ‘on the paper are also included here. Correspondence and papers, June 1940. Includes notes and drafts by D.G. Champernowne re training of pilots, statistics re aircraft production, battle losses, etc. for British and German Air Forces. G.7 Correspondence and papers, July 1940. G.8 G.9 Includes minutes and statistics re shortage and training of pilots, estimates of British casualties and German Air Force strength, correspondence re use of magnesium in the con- struction of training aircraft. Correspondence and papers, 1-9 August 1940. Includes statistics re aircraft production and casualties, pilot strength. Correspondence and papers, 13-19 August 1940. Includes estimates of strength of German and British Air Forces, September 1939-March 1941, minutes and statistics re aircraft production and wastage, pilot casualties. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 190 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Correspondence and papers, 20-31 August 1940. Includes 5 pp. draft by Cherwell re training of R.A.F. pilots. Undated typescript draft by D. G. Champernowne headed ‘Estimate of the Present Size of the G.A.F.' forecast the strength of the German Air Force up to 1 September 1940. Attempts to Correspondence and papers, 2-23 September 1940. Mainly re aircraft production and casualties, R.A.F. expansion programme. Correspondence and papers, 24-30 September 1940. Mainly re R.A.F. expansion and wastage (includes some comparisons with German Air Force). Correspondence and papers, 2-23 October 1940. Mainly re estimates of wastage of R.A.F. pilots and aircraft. ‘Minutes of a Meeting summoned by the Secretary of State on 28.10.40. to reconsider the programme of Royal Air Force expansion taken by D. of Plans LAir Commodore (later Sir John) Slessor] to the United States.'. A copy of Slessor's brief is appended to the Minutes as Annex A. An undated typescript draft of the brief, headed 'Output and requirements of operational type aircraft and pilots during the period October 1940 to June 1941' is also included in the folder. Drafts by Cherwell of alternative brief for Slessor. 2 pp. background statistics. Includes Correspondence with Air Marshal Sir Christopher Courtney re Slessor's brief. Correspondence and papers, 1-4 November 1940. 'Minutes of a Meeting held at the Air Ministry on 5/11/40 to consider the German rate of production and wastage of operational aircraft.' Folder includes 2 drafts of a paper appended to the minutes as Annex A entitled 'Suggested Revision of German Fighter Production Estimates’. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 191 G.20 G.21 G. 22 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Various drafts re comparative strengths of German and British Air Forces prepared by Cherwell after the meeting on 5 November 1940. 8 November 1941. One of these is erroneously dated Correspondence arising from the meeting, 13-20 November 1940. Correspondence and papers not directly arising from the meeting, 7-29 November 1940. Includesstatistics re German pilots, sorties of British and German aircraft, R.A.F. casualties, etc. G.23 Two duplicated typescript papers by E. Betts as follows: G.24 G.25 G.26 ‘Estimation of the effective size of the German Air Force.' 21 November 1940. ‘Assessment of relative effective size of German long-range bomber force operating against the United Kingdom. ' 26 November 1940. 2 pp. comments on these papers, 1 December 1940, are also included in the folder. Copy of minute from Churchill to Sinclair and Sir Charles (later Viscount) Portal, 2 December 1940, asking for an estimate of the potential strength of the German Air Force during the first half of 1941. Sinclair's reply is included in the folder. ‘Notes on the informal conversation on the comparative strengths of the German and British Air Forces held at Chequers on December 7, 1940.' Correspondence and drafts arising from the discussion on 7 December. Includes: Copy of minute from Churchill to Sinclair and Portal, 9 December 1940, beginning 'I spent four hours on Saturday with the Officers of the Air Ministry Intelligence Branch and those of M.E.W. [Ministry of Economic Warfare. | have not been able to reach a conclusion as to which are He goes on to suggest that an enquiry should be right’. set up, under the chairmanship of Sir John Singleton, to sift the evidence and come to some agreement about the strength of the German Air Force. 5 pp. typescript summarising the results of the discussion, copies of which were sent with the above minute. An earlier draft, with corrections and additions in Cherwell's hand. Letters from the Air Ministry and the Ministry of Economic Warfare welcoming Churchill's proposal. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 192 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.27 Correspondence and papers not directly arising from the discussion on 7 December, 2-14 December 1940. Includes correspondence re numbersof trainer aircraft required by the R.A.F. (see also G.28). G.28 Minutes and correspondence, 16-3] December 1940. Mainly correspondence re arrangementsfor setting up the enquiry into the size of the German Air Force under Singleton's chairmanship. G.29 Typescript drafts re the German Air Force and related problems, as follows: "German Aircraft Production. Production and Capacity since July 1939', by O.W. Roskill, 14 December 1940. 'Effort', by D.M.B. Butt, 17 December 1940 (re comparing number of sorties by British and German aircraft). Includes 2 pp. ms. notes. ‘Organisation and Distribution of G.A.F. in Occupied Territories at 19.12.40.' No author, 19 December 1940. Aircraft Production. Production and Capacity "Germany. since July 1939.' 20 December 1940. Second draft, by O.W. Roskill, G.30 G.31 G.32 G.33 ‘Supply and Communications to German Air Force in Occupied Territory.'. No author, 2? December 1940. ‘Operational Aircraft Strength of German Air Force at Ist Sept, 1939.' No author, 30 December 1940. Miscellaneous statistics assembled for the Singleton enquiry, December 1940. Tables illustrating numbers of call-signs intercepted from German aircraft, September-December 1940. Ms. graphs and tables, mainly analyses of call-sign evidence, September-December 1940 (see G.31), n.d., but presumably prepared for the Singleton enquiry. Miscellaneous notes, statistics, calculations, drafts (mostly incomplete), etc. re British and German Air Force strengths, all undated. Includes 5 pp. typescript headed 'Aircraft Production’, no author, with ms. annotation 'Draft discussed at Air Ministry with Air Cdre. Boyle’, n.d. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 193 G.34 G.35 G.36 G.37 G.38 G.39 G.40 G.A4l G.42 G.43 G.44 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Copy of Singleton's interim report, submitted to Churchill on 3 January 1941. Correspondence and drafts, 3-19 January 1941, mostly arising from Singleton's report. Includes some undated material. Copy of Singleton's final report, submitted to Churchill on 21 January 1941, with brief accompanying correspondence. Folder also includes letters re the Singleton report from Churchill and D.M.B. Butt, May 1947, and 3 pp. undated typescript notes on the German Air Force, apparently written for Churchill, with a further page on U-boats. 'The fighting value of the German Air Force at June Ist 1941 Duplicated typescript, 22 January and January Ist 1942.' 1941, sent to Cherwell from the Air Ministry. Correspondence and drafts, 24 January-4 February 1941. Draft report of meeting, 6 February 1941, to discuss estimates of average serviceability of British and German fighters. Folder includes 2 pp. typescript note re number of serviceable aircraft in the R.A.F. 5 pp. 'Assessment of the Strength of the German Air Force.’ typescript with ms. annotations in two different hands 'Butt's report', 'Given to Mr Hopkins 8.2.41.' Folder includes two earlier drafts of this paper, one with corrections in Cherwell's hand. 3 drafts of paper headed ‘Comparative strength of the British and German Air Forces'. n.d. but see G.42. 9 pp. typescript headed 'Comparative strength of the British and German Air Forces', with accompanying letter from Cherwell to Portal, 13 February 1941. of this paper see G.41. 2 pp. typescript comments on Cherwell's paper, dated 18 February 1941, are also included in the folder. Forearlier drafts Correspondence and papers, 10-20 February 1941. 'Minutes of Meeting on 20.2.41. to discuss the first-line establishment of the German Air Force. ' An earlier draft of the minutes is also included in the folder. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 194 G.45 G.46 G.47 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Correspondence and papers, 21-28 February 1941. Correspondence and papers, March 1941. Set of tables produced by the Ministry of Aircraft Production illustrating the strength of the Metropolitan Air Force, 10 May 1940-14 March 1941. G.48 Correspondence and papers, April 1941. Mainly re R.A.F. establishment and expansion. correspondencere aircraft strength in the Middle East. Includes G.49 Ms, and typescript drafts re R.A.F. expansion, n.d., April 1941. Correspondence and papers, May 1941. Miscellaneous drafts, notes, statistics re R.A.F. expansion programme, all undated but mostly c.May-June 1941. Correspondence and papers, june 1941, Includes material re R.A.F. expansion programme, state of the German Air Force, and aircraft strength in the Middle East. Correspondence and papers, 1-25 July 1941. Mainly re aircraft production programme. Correspondence and papers, 27-31 July 1941. Mainly material prepared for Singleton for an updated report on German Air Force strength (see G.55). all the material is dated. Not Singleton's report on the comparative strengths of the British and German Air Forces at 1 June 1941, submitted to Churchill, 1 August 1941. Correspondence and papers, August-September 1941. Includes two undated drafts re R.A.F. expansion and German Air Force strength. Correspondence and papers, October-December 1941. Mainly re aircraft production. illustrating the R.A.F. maintenance and supply organisation in the Middle East, November 1941. Includes a set of diagrams F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 195 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.58 Correspondence and papers, January-February 1942. Mainly re flying accidents (in British and German Air Forces) and aircraft production. G.5? Correspondence and papers, March-April 1942. Mainly re aircraft losses (in the British, German and Japanese Air Forces) and aircraft production. G.60 Correspondence and papers, May-June 1942. Mainly re aircraft production. sent to Cherwell by F.F. Inglis, headed 'Notes on the G.A.F. for Lord Cherwell', 10 May 1942. Includes 3 pp. typescript, G.61 Correspondence and papers, July-August 1942. Mainly re aircraft production. G.62 Correspondence and papers, August-October 1942. Mainly re aircraft production. illustrating the course of the Battle of Malta, sent to Cherwell from the Air Ministry, September 1942. Includes a set of graphs G.63 Correspondence and papers, November-December 1942. Mainly re aircraft production policy. material re German Air Force. Includes some G.64 G.65 G.66 G.&7 Miscellaneous statistics, graphs, etc. re German Air Force ngth, R.A.F. expansion, aircraft production, n.d., 1942. Correspondence and papers, January-February 1943. Mainly re aircraft production. re German Air Force. Includes some material Correspondence and papers, March-April 1943. Correspondence and papers, May-June 1943. Includes minutes and charts re German Air Force strength and organisation. G.68 Correspondence and papers, July-August 1943. Includes material re German Air Force, engine production and aircraft accidents. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 196 G.69 G.70 G.7] Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Correspondence and papers, September-December 1943. Miscellaneous statistics, charts, etc. re expansion of R.A F., aircraft production and wastage, German Air Force strength, 1943. Correspondence and papers, January-April 1944. Mainly re aircraft production programme and German Air Force strength. G.72 Correspondence and papers, May-August 1944. Mainly re German Air Force. G.73 G.74 G.75 G.76 G.77 Correspondence and papers, September-December 1944. Mainly re aircraft production programme. Miscellaneous charts re aircraft production, 1944. Correspondence and papers, January-March 1945 re aircraft production. Correspondence and papers, April-June 1945. Miscellaneous undated notes, charts and statistics re British and German Air Forces, aircraft production, aircraft types, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 197 G.78 C7? G.80 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Miscellaneous minutes, charts, statistics, etc. re the American Air Force, 1941-44, Correspondence with General Eaker, Commander of the U.S. Army Eighth Air Force, and with his successor, General Anderson, July 1943-March 1945. General Anderson consists of Cherwell's carbons only.) (Correspondence with Correspondence and papers re various aspects of night air defence, 1940, 1942. (Includes some n.d.) G.81-G.84 Night Air Defence Committee. Briefs for meetings, correspondence and drafts arising, 1941-44, G.81 G.82 G.83 G.84 1941 1942 1943 1944 G.85-G.88 Correspondence and papersre airfields, 1940-44. Mainly re construction methods, building programmes, labour allocations, etc. pondencewith the Air Ministry and 1.C.1. re possible use of chemical soil stabilisation to provide temporary runways. The folder for 1944 contains corres- G.85 G.86 G.87 G.88 1940, 1942 January-March 1943 April-October 1943 1944 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 198 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.89-G.95 Correspondence with C. T. Anderson, 1938-44, The letters are written from a variety Anderson was an officer in the Royal Air Force anda personal friend of Churchill. The correspondence consists mainly of personal letters to Cherwell, usually enclosing a copy of a recent report, minute, set of statistics, etc. for Cherwell's information. of addresses including R.A.F. Waddington (where Anderson was Station Commander, March-October 1940), the Ministry of Aircraft Production (December 1940-June 1941) and the Ministry of Supply (July-September 1941). from Waddington are concerned with difficulties encountered by pilots on operational flights; some of the later corres- pondence is addressed to Major (later Sir Desmond) Morton, and muchofit is concerned with accidents and other forms of wastage in the R.A.F. of Accidents in October 1941.) Most of the letters (Anderson was appointed as Investigator G.89 G.90 G.91 G.92 G.93 G.94 G.95 March 1938-April 1940 May-August 1940 September-December 1940 January-February 1941 March-April 1941 May-September 1941 October-December 1941, 1942, 1944 (Cherwell's carbon only) G.96, G.97 Reports on interrogations of prisoners, sent to Cherwell by T.B. Webster, 1940-41. Most of the reports are concerned with German Air Force strength, or German radar, and they are all accompanied by a personal note from Webster. Some later correspondence (1942-43) is also included. G.96 G.97 October 1940-April 1941 May 1941-June 1943 G.98 Correspondence with Sir Charles Portal, 1940-45, re R.A.F. equipment, weapons, policy, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 199 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.99 G.100 Miscellaneous correspondence and drafts re various matters connected with air warfare, 1940-45. Miscellaneous photographs of aeroplanes, aerial photographs of military installations. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 200 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.101-G.141 CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS ON ANTI-U-BOAT WARFARE, 1940-45. G.101-G.103 'Report of the U-Boat- Investigation Committee’, 10 October 1940. G.101 G.102 G.103 G.104 G.105 G.106 G.107 G.108 33 pp. typescript report submitted by Admiral Sir Frederic Dreyer and Commander G.C. Phillips, with covering letter from Dreyer to The Secretary, The Admiralty. 24 pp. typescript report by Sir William Jowitt (Assessor). Various memoranda, labelled A - H. Correspondence, January 1940-April 1941 re various methods for detecting U-boats. ‘Report on M.D.B.', by E.J. Williams, 30 November 1940. 10 pp. typescript. ‘Report on Detection of Submerged Submarines from Aircraft’, by E.J. Williams, n.d., 5 pp. typescript. 1 p. undated typescript sent by R. (later Sir Robert) Watson— Watt to Cherwell beginning 'The development of A.S.V. for the detection by aircraft of submarines on the surface, has now reachedthe following stage:' Ms. notes (4 pp. + 2 pp.) sent by Watson-Watt to Cherwell, 5 March 1941, re 'What I think possible and desirable in relation to RDF measures against air and U-boat attacks on shipping in the North West Approaches’. Folder also includes a 3 pp. memorandum from Cherwell to Churchill, 12 March 1941, and a suggested draft (by Cherwell) of a minute from Churchill to the First Lord of the Admiralty, 17 March 1941, both based on Watson-Watt's suggestions. Memoranda andreports re possibility of reducing visibility of ships at night by diffused lighting, February-April 1941. G.110 Memoranda re various anti-torpedo devices, March-April 1941. An undated set of diagrams and photographs is included in the folder. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 20] Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.111 Memoranda and correspondence, 1941. G.112 G.113 G.114 Includes 'Summary of Notes by Admiralty Technical Departments on GRAPH', sent to Cherwell by C.S. Wright, 1 November 1941. ‘Notes on GRAPH Steel', 24 February 1942, with brief correspondence on the specification of the steel used for U-boat hulls. Correspondence with Sir Philip Joubert, February 1942, re use of Radio Altimeters by Coastal Command. Correspondence with Sir Stanley Vernon and others re possibility of attacking reinforced concrete U-boat pens, April-August 1942. Memoranda addressed to Cherwell, September-December 1942, re various aspects of anti-U-boat warfare. includes 'Note on Submarine Attack with Clusters of 30-Ib A.S. Bombs' and note on ‘Probability of Success in Submarine Attacks' (comparing various weapons), both issued by M.D.1. Folder also G.115-G.125 Committee on Anti-U-Boat Warfare. Carbon copies of papers for meetings of the Committee, prepared by E.E. Bridges for submission to Churchill, 1942-45. for meetings 1, 26, 27 and 28. The set is not quite complete, lacking papers G.115 November 1942 2nd, 3rd, 4th meetings. G.116 December 1942 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th meetings. G.117 January 1943 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th meetings. G.118 February 1943 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th meetings. G.119 March 1943 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st meetings. See G.130-G.136 for action on Bay Patrol taken after 21st meeting. G.120 April 1943 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th meetings. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 202 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.121 June, July 1943 29th, 30th, 31st meetings. G.122 August, September 1943 32nd, 33rd, 34th meetings. G.123 October, November 1943 35th (2 copies), 36th meetings. G.124 January, May 1944 37th, 38th meetings. G.125 January 1945 Meeting on 26 January. G.126-G,129 Correspondence and papersre various aspects of anti-U- boat warfare, January-March 1943. G.126 G.127 January 1943. February 1943. Includes note on 'Sinkings of Unescorted Ships by U-boats', sent by Cherwell to Sir Stafford Cripps, 24 February 1943, and some undated material. March 1943 (see also G.129) Includes a letter from Cherwell, 16 March 1943, .re supply of good quality binoculars to merchant ships. Match©°/.A. Harriman to Cripps, 22 March 1943, enclosing 2 memoranda re U.S. developments in anti- submarine weapons. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 203 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.130-G.136 Bay Patrol, March-April 1943. At the 21st meeting of the Committee on Anti-U-boat Warfare (see G.119), a paper waspresented by Admiral Stark suggesting that if aircraft could be made available they should carry out as soon as possible a concentrated patrol and hunting of U-boats in their greatest areas of concentration, namely, an area of 200 miles wide across the entrance to the Biscay bases. A special meeting was held on 5 April 1943 at which the Ministry of Aircraft Production was asked, in consultation with Departments, to prepare an agreed note as to the rate of monthly sinkings in the Bay which it might be expected to achieve with a given increase in air strength. The following papers include several drafts of a telegram to be sent by Churchill to President Roosevelt, asking for additional aircraft to increase the possible effective- ness of the Bay Patrol. G.130 G.131 G.132 G.133 G.134 G.135 G.136 Memorandum from D.M.B. Butt to Cherwell, 23 March 1943, summarising Admiral Stark's proposals, and enclosing 3 pp. typescript on 'Value of Biscay Patrols’. Various statistics and memoranda arising from G.130 above, 25 March=2 April 1943. 6 pp. typescript by Cherwell headed 'The Bay Patrol’. was originally written as a memorandum for Churchill, 28 March 1943, but was then converted into a draft paper for the Com- mittee on Anti-U-boat Warfare. This ‘Bay Patrol. 1 p. typescript. Notes for M.A.P.'s Meeting’, 5 April 1943. 2 pp. typescript note headed 'Value of Aircraft on Bay Patrol’, sent by Cherwell to Cripps, 6 April 1943. Folder includes carbon copy of covering letter from Cherwell to Cripps. Drafts by Cherwell and others of telegram to be sent by Churchill to President Roosevelt, April 1943. Copy of memorandum, 13 April 1943, advising Churchill against asking Roosevelt's support for the Bay Patrol project. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 A Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.137-G.139 Memoranda re various aspects of anti-U-boat warfare from D.M.B. Butt and others, 1943-45. G.1977 G.138 G.139 April-December 1943 1944 1945 G.140 G.14l Miscellaneous charts re anti-U-boat warfare, n.d. Copy of Coastal Command Review, June 1945, containing a review of the activities and accomplishments of Coastal Command in the U-Boat war. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 205 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.142-G.151 OTHER NAVAL PAPERS, 1939-47. G.142-G.145 Correspondence and papersre the Fleet Air Arm, 1939-45. G.142 G.143 G.144 1939-40 1942 January 1943 Drafts, notes, brief correspondence, press-cuttings te debate on the Fleet Air Arm in the House of Lords, 27 January 1943. G.145 1943 G.146-G.15]1 Miscellaneous naval papers. G.146 1939 G.147 1940 Typescript of statement by Churchill to House of Commons (6 December 1939), and notes for address to House of Lords (13 December 1939), both on progress of the naval war. With background information by G.D.A. MacDougall. Includes personal letter from Admiral Sir Roger Keyes to Churchill, 22 December 1940, re proposed raid on Pantelleria (Keyes, as Director of Combined Operations, planned to lead the raid in person, but the proposal was dropped after the arrival of the German Air Force in Sicily in February 1941). The letter was sent via Churchill with a covering note suggesting that it should be seen only by himself and E.A. (later Sir Eric) Seal. G.148 G.149 1941-42 1942-43 Correspondence and papers re methods ofattacking the warship Tirpitz, 2May>'%, February- June 1943. Folder also includes a letter from A.P. Rowe, 14 November 1944, re the sinking of the Tirpitz. 1943-45 Includes drafts and correspondence on the subject of ‘Battleships versus Aircraft’. G.15]1 1947, n.d. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 206 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.152-G.443 WEAPONS, DEFENSIVE DEVICES, MILITARY ORGANISATION AND STRATEGY The following papers reflect Cherwell's considerable interest and involvement in the contribution of science to the war effort. His interest in weapons development has sometimes been dismissed as a mere love of 'gadgetry', but this criticism under- rates the value of the support he gave to numerous projects for research and develop- ment, even if in some cases his enthusiasm was misguided and the project eventually proved unsuccessful. The material is arranged by subject and presented in alphabetical order. A list of contents appears overleaf, but it must be stressed that it has not been possible to provide cross-references to other material on the topics listed which may appear elsewhere in Section G or in other parts of the collection (especially Sections Dand F). Particular mention should be made here of some of the more substantial sets of papers such as those on Bombs and Bombing (G.117-G.209) M.D.1 (G.246-G. 306), U.P.s and Proximity Fuzes (G.376-G.409) and the German V-Weapons (G.410-G.440). F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 207 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics LIST OF CONTENTS AERIAL MINES - 152 ALUMINISED EXPLOSIVES O .153, G.154 AMMUNITION (see also SMALL ARMS, SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION) © «155 - G.159 ANTI-AIRCRAFT WEAPONS (including guns) Q .160 - G.164 ANTI-TANK WEAPONS BALLOONS BLACKOUT BODY ARMOUR BOMBS AND BOMBING BOMBSIGHTS CAMOUF LAGE CHEMICA L WARFARE DE-ICING (of aircraft) FLARES FOG DISPERSAL GAS AND GAS WEAPONS GERMAN WEAPONS GLIDERS GUIDED MISSILES 'HABBAKUK' JET PROPULSION LONG DELAY FUZES 0 .165, G.166 0 .167 - G.173 0 ahfa, G.l7a 0 176 0 .177 - G.209 0 .210 - G.217 0 .218, G.219 0 . 220 0 221 0 222 0 .223 = G.225 0 226, ‘Gu227 0 .228, G.229 2 0 4 . 230 0 9 4 9 0 .231 - G.236 .237, G.238 a . 239 - G.244 Q Q 245 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 208 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics M.D.1 (includes 'Bombard', P.1.A.T., ‘Sticky Bomb', etc.) G.246 - G.306 MINES (MAGNETIC) MORTARS NOISE MAKERS ‘OVERLORD' P.E. FUZES (see U.P.'s) G.307 G.308 G.309 G.310, G.31] PETRO LEUM WARFARE G.312, G.313 R.D.F. (RADAR) AND RADIO RESEARCH G.314 - G.3%4 RADIO COUNTER MEASURES RHINE MINES ROCKET-ASSISTED BOMBS SCATTER BOMB G.335 - G.348 G.349, G.350 G.35] G.352 SEARCHLIGHTS, SEARCHLIGHT CONTROL G.353 - G.355 SMALL ARMS, SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION G.356 - G.360 SMOKE SCREENS SMOKE TARGETS TANKS TORPEDOES U-BOATS (see G.101-G.141) U.P.'s (UNRIFLED PROJECTILES) AND PROXIMITY FUZES V-WEAPONS G.361, G.362 G.363 G.364 - G.373 G.374, G.375 G.376 - G.409 G.410 - G.440 WATER CONTAMINATION G.44]1 'WINDOW' (see G.345-G. 348) F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 209 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.152 AERIAL MINES 1940-45 Minutes and correspondence re production, development, etc. See also F.1-F.39 passim, G.160, G.161, G.376-G.409. G.153, G.154 ALUMINISED EXPLOSIVES 1943-44 G.153 Correspondence with J.E. (later Sir John) Lennard- Jones and others re efficiency of aluminised explosives, October-December 1943. Minutes and correspondence, January-September 1944. Includes copy of Report by Committee of Inquiry into Aluminised Explosives, March 1944. G.1 5526. 159 AMMUNITION 1914-18, 1940-45 Minutes, correspondence, statistics. See also G.356-G. 360. G.155 G.156 G.157 G.158 G.159 1940 1941 1942-45 Undated drafts and statistics. Charts showing ‘Total ammunition filled and total fired in France for each quarter, 1914-18’. Folder also includes other statistics re ammunition in the First World War. G.160-G.164 ANTI-AIRCRAFT WEAPONS (including guns) 1939-43 G.160, G.161 Correspondence with W.W. Lumsden and A.J. Grimwood of Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, re development and testing of a small bomb for use against aeroplane propeller blades. Includes reports on experiments. G.160 June-August 1939 G.161 September 1939-May 1941 G.162 Minutes andstatistics re anti-aircraft weapons, 1940-43. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 210 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Correspondence with F.A. (later Sir Frederick) Pile re A.A. blinds and prematures, April-May 1943. Miscellaneous undated material, mainly charts and statistics. G.163 G.164 G.165, G.166 ANTI-TANK WEAPONS (Including guns) 1940-43 Minutes and correspondence. G.165 July 1940-June 1942 Includes 8 pp. typescript 'Notes on Anti-Tank Weapons' sent by Cherwell to D. Sandys, 4 February 1942. G.166 July 1942-March 1943 (and n.d.). Includes correspondence with R.M. (later Lord) Weeks, August 1942. G.167-G.173_ BALLOONS 1939-44 See also C.22ff., E.37, F.1-F.39 passim. G.167 Correspondence with Sir Kingsley Wood, December 1939, re safeguarding kite-balloons on the ground against wind. G.168- G.170 Minutes and correspondencere uses of balloons in aerial warfare, 1940-42, G.168 May-August 1940 G.169 September-December 1940 G.170 January-April 1941, February 1942 G.171 GalZ2 G.173 Progress reports and notes of meetings or demonstrations re 'T.C.B. Scheme’ (Balloon Barrage), July- December 1942. Minutes, notes, photographs re T.C.B. Scheme, mostly 1943. Memorandum to Cherwell on ‘Balloon Barrage Schemes', 22 July 1944. G.174, G.175 BLACKOUT 1939-42 G.174 Correspondence with E.K. Rideal and D.R. Pye, November 1939-August 1940, re use of coal dust for blacking out water surfaces. Folder also includes 3 pp. typescript re blackout, 2 October 1939. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 ay] Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.175 Memoranda andreports re use of coal dust for water camouflage, 1941-42. Includes 2 reports by T.F. Hurley and E.T. Wilkins. G.176 BODY ARMOUR 1940 Minutes and correspondence, May-June 1940. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 212 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.177-G.209 BOMBS and BOMBING 1939-45 1939 Miscellaneous typescript drafts re bombing policy, September-November 1939. Folder also includes 2 pp. typescript 'Note on the damage likely to be done by enemy day-light bombing’, and a 3 pp. typescript arguing against the building of Deep Shelters for protection against German bombing, both undated. G.178 Correspondence, October-December 1939. Mainly re anti-submarine bombs. 1940 G.179 G.180 G.181 G.182 G.183 G.185 G.186 Minutes and statistics re production and consumption of bombs and bombers, May-September 1940. Reports on accuracy of German bombing sent to Cherwell for information, August 1940. Minutesand statistics re German bombing (number and distribution of bombs, damage caused, casualties, etc.), September-December 1940. 1941 Minutesand statistics re production and consumption of bombs, January-December 1941. 'Notes on conversation between Professor Zuckerman and Lord Cherwell - 26th March' £1941 re bombingpolicy. Minutes and letters to Churchill from Sir Archibald Sinclair, Sir Richard Peirse and Lord Beaverbrook re strength of Bomber Command, April 1941. "Report on a Method of Controlled Fragmentation'. Duplicated typescript with diagrams, c.June 1941. Lacks pp.1-6. "Night Photographs in June-July 1941. A Statistical Analysis’. 9 pp. typescript draft, no author or date, describing the results of an analysis of photographs taken during night bombing operations. See also G.187. Brief related correspondence, October 1941, is also included. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 213 G.187 G.188 G.190 G.191 G.192 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics 13 pp. typescript draft with same title as G.186. Miscellaneous correspondence, minutes andstatistics, January-December 1941. 1942 Minutes and statistics re production and consumption of bombs, January-December 1942. Charts illustrating bomb stocks and expenditure, September 1942. Miscellaneous correspondence, minutes and statistics re bombs and bombing, January-December 1942. Report on the 'Effects of Air Raids on Dwelling House Property’ in the City of Birmingham, 12 February 1942. Folder also includes a note about the estimated effects of bombing on large German towns, sent to Cherwell, 23 February 1942. G.193 Correspondence with H.T. Tizard re bombing policy, April 1942. Folder also includes copy of a minute from Cherwell to Churchill on bombing policy, 30 March 1942. Correspondence with Pressed Steel Company Limited re proposals for new methods of bomb manufacture, June- October 1942. Correspondence, minutes and statistics re Bomber Command (operational strength, casualties, etc.), September- December 1942. Notes, correspondence and reports re 6 lb. Oil Incendiary Bomb, December 1942. G.194 G.195 G.196 1943 G.197 Miscellaneous correspondence, notes and minutes, including some on bombing policy, January-December 1943. 1944 G.198 Minutes and correspondence re bombing policy, January- November 1944. Research Mission. Includes material re British Bombing G.199 Miscellaneous minutes and statistics, March-December 1944. Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 214 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics 1944 (cont'd.) Minutes from Cherwell to Churchill re ‘Transportation Plan' (for bombing of German marshalling yards), April-June 1944. Envelope labelled 'Bombing of Germany - Scatter Diagrams’. Contains diagrams comparing accuracy of British bombing in 1941 and 1944 and various maps of Germany. Summaries of monthly reports on Bomber Command operatias, submitted to Cherwell, June 1944-May 1945. 1945 Miscellaneous minutes and correspondence, January-July 1945. Chadwick re bomb damage to German housing, January 1945. Includes copy of letter from Cherwell to Sir James Memorandum addressed to Cherwell on 'Bombing Accuracy’, 16 February 1945. material. Folder includes miscellaneous background G.200 G.201 G.202 G.203 G. 204 G. 205 Ms. and typescript notes and tables of statistics re tonnage of bombs dropped at various dates. G. 206 Duplicated typescript on 'Dive Bombing’, no author or date. G. 207, G.208 Miscellaneous charts re Bomber Command. G.207 Mainly re operational strength. G.208 re effort, casualties, tonnage of bombs dropped. G.209 Miscellaneous undated material. Includes 4 pp. undated ms. notes on bombingpolicy in R.F. Harrod's hand. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 215 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.210-G.217 BOMBSIGHTS 1939-43 G.210-G.213 Correspondence, 1939-40, arranged in alphabetical order. G.210 Beaverbrook, Lord June 1940 Carpenter, L. S. June-November 1940 Dean, M. J. Huskinson, P. April 1940 October 1940 G.211 Keeley, T. C. September 1939-September 1940 G.212 Sinclair, A. HH. M. May 1940 Tedder, A. W. December 1939-March 1940 G.213 Wimperis, H. E. January, August 1940 Enclosing duplicated typescript memorandum in 2 parts on 'Some Suggestions respecting Bomb Sights for Modern Warfare’. Minutes and drafts, September 1939-August 1940 (and n.d.), mostly by Cherwell. Correspondence, notes, agendas, minutes re various meetings to discuss bombsights, December 1939-August 1940. Miscellaneous notes, drafts, correspondence, 1940. Minutes, notes, correspondence, photographs, 1941-43. G.214 G.215 G.216 G.217 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 216 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.218, G.219 CAMOUFLAGE 1940-44 See also G.174, G.175 G.218 Correspondence with J.S. Huxley and H.B. Cott, April-May 1940. G.219 Minutes and correspondence, June 1940-August 1944. G.220 CHEMICAL WARFARE 1940-45 See also G. 226, G.227, G.312, G.813, G.441. Minutes and correspondence, 1940-42, 1945. correspondenceis re possible methods of contaminating petrol. 1940 G. 22] DE-ICING (of aircraft) Minutes and correspondence, 1940, 1942. related printed matter. Includes G. 222 F LARES 1940-42 1940-42 Progress reports re developmentof flare-carrying aircraft for night interception, September-October 1940. Folder also includes miscellaneous correspondence and reports, 1941-42. G.223-G.225 FOG DISPERSAL (F.I1.D.O.) 1941-45 Minutes, correspondence and reports re development and testing of apparatus for clearing fog from airfield Much of runways, known by the code name 'FIDO'. the correspondence is with G.W. Lloyd. See J.109, J.143 for later material re FIDO. G.223 G.224 G.225 1941, 1942 1943 1944-45 Includes some printed matter. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 217 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.226, G.227 GAS and GAS WEAPONS 1939-44 Minutes, correspondence, memoranda. G.226 1939-40 Includes correspondence with Lord Melchett re German uses of Arsenic. G.227 1941-44 G.228, G.229 GERMAN WEAPONS 1940-45 See also G.410-G.440 Minutes, correspondence, reports re various German weaponsand devices. G.228 G.229 1940-42 1943-45 G.230 GLIDERS 1940-43 Correspondence, minutes, statistics, June 1940- January 1943. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 218 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.231-G.236 GUIDED MISSILES 1944-45 G.231-G. 235 Correspondence and papers re a visit by Cherwell to U.S.A., October 1944, to investigate developments in guided missile research. G. 23] Correspondence with A. King, Director, British Commonwealth Scientific Office in Washington, re travel arrangements, etc. itinerary, 4-13 October 1944. Includes 2 drafts of Cherwell's G.232 ‘Notes on Guided Missile Developments in U.S.A." 5 pp. typescript by W.H. Stephens, 19 September 1944. ‘Notes on visits by Lord Cherwell to N.D.R.C. Division 5 (M.1.T.); Polaroid Corporation; Army Air Base Tonopah; Douglas Aircraft Corporation and California Institute of Technology, in connection with guided missiles.' typescript by W.H. Stephens, 12 October 1944. copy (not identical) is also included in the folder. 4 pp. Another Typescript notes (2 sets) for discussion with Admiral Furer and his staff at the U.S. Navy department, 19 October letter from Furer; 2 pp. typescript report on the 1944; visit by R.F. Harman, 24 October 1944. Reports of Cherwell's visits to N.R.D.C. Division 5 (19 October) and Section T of the O.S.R.D. (18 October) by R.F. Harman and W.B. Mannrespectively. Copies of letters from Cherwell to various people encountered during his visit, mostly conveying thanks for hospitality, information, etc. Also included here is a copy of a telegram of thanks from Churchill to President Roosevelt. G.233 G.234 G. 235 G. 236 Correspondence, 1945. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 219 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.237, G.238 ‘HABBAKUK- 1942-43 Correspondence, minutes, reports re plans for the construction of a floating airfield made of ice or reinforced concrete. under the code name 'Habbakuk'. The project was referred to G.237 Minutes and correspondence, October-December 1942. Includes correspondence with Lord Mountbatten re possible methods of construction and a minute from Churchill calling for immediate investigation of the idea. G. 238 Minutes of meetings, notes and reports, December 1942- November 1943. G.239-G. 244 JET PROPULSION 1940-41 G.239 ‘Gloster Proposal for Interceptor Fighter. Gyrone Engines.' Whittle Typescript outlining the design of a jet propelled fighter aircraft, August 1940. G.240 Correspondence and papers, September-October 1940. Includes 3 typescripts by F. Whittle: ‘Notes for Professor Lindemann.' 2 October 1940. 'General Memorandum on the Design and Production of Gyrone Engines.' 22 April 1940. ‘Memorandum on the Development of the Gyrone Engine.’ 9 October 1940. The last two items were enclosed with a letter from Whittle to Cherwell, 10 October 1940. ‘Memorandum on Rocket Projectiles', by |. Lubbock, November 1940, with accompanying letter to Cherwell from J. O'Hea. ‘Gloster F.9/40 Fighter Aircraft and Whittle Power Unit. A non-Technical and Incomplete Review, mainly based on a conversation with Mr Tobin (R.D.E.1.).'. typescript, no author, 31 January 1941. 7 pp. Minutes and correspondence, May-December 1941. Includes several Progress Reports on the Whittle engine. 'Turbine Aero Engines', 28 pp. typescript with diagrams by T.P. de Paravicini, September 1941. G. 241 G. 242 G. 243 G.244 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 220 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.245 LONG DELAY FUZES 1940 Minutes and correspondence, June-August 1940. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 221 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.246-G.306 M.D.1. The origins and history of M.D.1 are described in G. 246 as follows: 'The Whitchurch experimental establishment grew up from a War Office section known as M.1.R.(c). which was started in 1939 to develop devices In 1940 workshops for use in irregular warfare by all three Services. were requisitioned at 35 Portland Place. When, in the autumn of that year, this building was badly damaged by enemy action, additional premises were found at Whitchurch. factory buildings and ranges were constructed, and Whitchurch became a completely self-contained experimental station. In due course fully equipped workshops, In view of its production activities, the original War Office section was in 1940 transferred to the Ministry of Supply and renamed M.D.1. In 1942 M.D.1 became a Grade B Directorate under a Brigadier [M.R. (later Sir Millis) Jefferis who was subsequently promoted to Major General. After the war, in November 1945, the organisation was absorbed by the Armaments Design Department and became one of their Groups, the O.C. [R.S. Macrae] being given the rank of Colonel. Cherwell maintained a close involvement with M.D.1 throughout its existence. He visited Whitchurch regularly, kept in constant touch with the work in progress, and endeavoured to draw the attention of Churchill and others to developments that he thought were worth pursuing. turned to Cherwell for help over various administrative difficulties and always found Jefferis and, subsequently, Macrae frequently in him a strong supporter of their cause. G.246-G.264 document the administrative history of M.D.1 from 1940 until Personal correspondence with R.S. Macrae con- its final demise in March 1947. tinues until 1954; for further correspondence with Jefferis see the Index of Corres- G.265-G.306 contain correspondence and papers re a number of pondents. weapons developed by M.D.1., including the 'Bombard', P.1.A.T., ‘Sticky Bomb’, etc. A short list of contents precedes the sequence. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 229 Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Second World War G.246-G.306 M.D.1. 1940-54 G.246 "Experimental Station, Whitchurch. ' 3 pp. typescript by R.S. Macrae containing a full description of the M.D.1 premises at Whitchurch with a brief note on the history of the establishment. typescript is a 3 pp. list of weapons developed by M.D.1 which were accepted for service use during the Second World War. Attached to the G. 247, G. 248 Reports on development and research work in hand, 1941-43. A few reports only: G.247 February 1941 June 1941 (2 versions) G.248 G.249 August 1941 October 1942 July 1943 ‘Report on Demonstration given to the Prime Minister by M.D.1 at Princes Risborough Range on Sunday, August 31, 1941.' G.250- G.256 Correspondence re administration, status, establishment and organisation of M.D.1, 1940-45. G. 250 G.25]1 G.252 G.253 G.254 G.255 G.256 August 1940-April 1941 September-December 1941 March-May 1942 May-June 1942 June-December 1942 January-December 1943 January 1944-July 1945 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 993 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.257- G. 24 Correspondence with R.S. Macrae (Deputy Director). 1945-54. Mainly re arrangements for the closure of M.D.1. Includes correspondence with ministers, etc. concerned with the arrangements and some personal correspondence. G.257 December 1945-April 1946 G.258 May-August 1946 G.259 September-November 1946 G.260 January-March 1947 G.261 April-June 1947 G.262 July-November 1947 G.263 1948-49 G.264 1950-54 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC80/4/81 224 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.265-G.306 Correspondence and papers re weapons developed by M.D.1. The material relates to the following weapons, grouped under the headings used in the official list of weapons developed by M.D.1 during the Second World War (see G. 246). G.265-G.273 Guns and Ammunition 'Bombard' P.I.A.T. 4.5" gun G.274-G.286 Aircraft Bombs 'W' Mine Puff Ball C.S. Bomb 35|b. A/S Bomb 'J.W.' Oscillating Mine Incendiary Bombs (including 'J' Bomb) 'K' Fragmentation Bomb Anti-Capital Ship Homing Bomb G.287-G.295 Grenades and Mines ‘Sticky Bomb' 'M' Mine G.296, G.297 Demolition Devices 'L' Delay Switch Pull Pressure Release Switch G.298-G.306 Miscellaneous F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 225 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.265-G.273 Guns and Ammunition G.265-G. 269 29 mm. Spigot Mortar ('‘Bombard') The idea of firing an anti-tank projectile from a spigot was originated by L.V.S. Blacker who directed the initial experimental work. Blacker ceased to be involved with the development and the eventual weapon as produced by M.D.1 borelittle relation to the original design. When M.D.1 moved to Whitchurch, The following correspondence and papers include several reports of trials of the Bombard. 1940-41 correspondenceis mainly with Blacker. G.265 G. 266 G.267 G.268 G.269 September-December 1940 January-April 1941 May-December 1941 January-June 1942 August 1942-August 1944 G.270-G.272 P.1.A.T. (Projector Infantry Anti-Tank J Also known as the Jefferis shoulder gun. incorporated some features from a similar, less powerful, weapon designed by L.V.S. Blacker. by 1.C.1. and much of the correspondence is with Lord Melchett re development and production problems. The gun was made The final design G.270 G.27] G.272 See also D.110. 1941-42 1943 1944-45 G.273 4.5" gun Correspondence, March 1945. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 226 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.274-G.286 Aircraft Bombs G.274 'W' Mine Correspondence, March 1940, August 1944. See also G.349, G.350, 'Rhine Mines’. G.275, G.276 Puff Ball 9lb. soft-nosed bomb for the attack of tanks by low-flying fighter aircraft. operational use. Correspondence re development and G.275 G.276 June 1941-January 1942 February 1942-September 1943 G.277-G.279 C.S. Bomb Bomb using the shaped charge principle for use against capital ships. ‘Second Interim Report on the Attack of Capital Ships by Shaped Charges.' produced by M.D.1, 11 March 1942. Typescript with several diagrams, Minutes and correspondence, 1942. photographs. Includes some Minutes and correspondence, 1943. G.277 G.278 G.279 G.280, G.281 35lb A/S Bomb A shaped charge bomb designed for use against submarines. Minutes, correspondence and reports. G. 280 G. 28] February- June 1943 July-September 1943 G.282 'J.W.' Oscillating Mine Reports and correspondence, July 1942-March 1943 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 7 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.283, G.284 Incendiary Bombs (including 'J' Bomb) The 'J' Bomb was a new type of incendiary using a solid filling (naphthalene) instead of petrol. Much of the 1944 correspondenceis re availability of naphthalene. G. 283 G. 284 October 1943-February 1944 February 1944-July 1945 G.285 'K' Fragmentation Bomb An anti-personnel bomb combining delayed action anda jumping charge to give an air burst. Correspondence, March-April 1944 also refers to the '"F' bomb. G.286 Anti-Capital Ship Homing Bomb Minutes, correspondence and reports, June 1944- June 1945. G. 287-G.295 Grenades and Mines G. 287-G.291 Grenade No.74 (S.T.) Mks.I and II (‘Sticky Bomb') An anti-tank weapon, designed to stick to the tank when thrown so as to increase the effectiveness of the explosive. Minutes, correspondence and reports, 1940-43. G. 287 1940 Includes a memorandum from R.S. Macrae to Cherwell, 5 December 1940, enclosing reports and correspondence re the safety of the S.T. Grenade. G.288 February-March 1941 Includes memorandum from R.S. Macrae, 7 March 1941, enclosing further reports and correspondence resafety. G. 289 G.290 G.291 April-June 1941 June-November 1941 1942-43 Mainly re S.T. Grenade Mk.II. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 228 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.292-G.295 Mine A.P. No.5 ('M’') A small high explosive charge which detonated when trodden on. Minutes, correspondence and reports, 1942-44. Includes material re 'K' or 'Kangaroo' Mine. G.292 G.293 G.294 G.295 November-December 1942 January-September 1943 January-May 1944 June-July 1944 and n.d. G.296, G.297 Demolition Devices G.296 Switch No.9 ('L' Delay) Correspondence 1941, 1945 G.297 Switch Nos.1, 2 and 3 (Pull, Pressure, Release) Correspondence 1941, 1942 G.298-G.306 Miscellaneous Correspondence and papers re various weapons, etc., 1940-45. G.298 G.299 G. 300 G.301 G.302 G. 303 July 1940-July 1941 July-October 1941 Includes notes of experiments re Munroe Effect. January-April 1942 May-July 1942 August-November 1942 November 1942 G.304 1943 Typescript headed 'Ground Strafing - with Vertical Fire’, by J.L. Tuck, 24 November. Folder also includes a bundle of unidentified diagrams, n.d. Includes correspondence re Munroe Effect and typescript headed 'A Study of the Mechanism of Hollow Coned Charges', by H. Kolsky, A.C. Shearman and C.1. Snow of I.C.I. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 229 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.305 G.306 1944-45 n.d. Includes typescript on 'Density of Prime Numbers’ sent to Cherwell by Jefferis and typescript with diagrams and photographs on ‘Use of Soft Nosed Bombs for Attack of Capital Ships', no author. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 230 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.307 MINES (MAGNETIC) 1939-41 Correspondence, minutes, drafts, notes of meetings. G.308 MORTARS 1941, 1944 Minutes and statistics re stocks of mortars and ammunition. G. 309 NOISE MAKERS 1945 Minutes and correspondence, January 1945, re relative efficiency of different designs. G.310, G.311 ‘OVERLORD! (Invasion of Europe) 1943-44 G.310 G.311 Minutes and correspondencere various landing devices including ship to cliff bridge (proposed by M. Jefferis) and 'Swiss Roll' (floating mat), 1943-44. Papers for meetings of ‘Overlord’ Preparations Committee, 9 February-30 March 1944. Folder also includes miscellaneous notes re availability of transport, labour, etc. G.312, G.313 PETROLEUM WARFARE 1940-41 G.312 Reports or notices of tests and demonstrations 'in con- nection with the use of petroleum products for fighting purposes', July-August 1940. Folder also includes note of a Conference on 'Use of Oil for Defensive and Offensive Purposes', 4 July 1940, and draft minute from Cherwell to Churchill, 20 August 1940. G.313 Progress reports issued by the Petroleum (Warfare) Depart- ment, September 1940, February, September 1941. Includes correspondence from G.W. Lloyd. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 231 Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Second World War G.314-G.334 R.D.F. (RADAR) AND RADIO RESEARCH 1939-45 G.314 G.315 G.316 G.317 See also G.335-G. 348 "Material Basis for Information of the Public on Radio- location'. Fifth Edition, 9 August 1945. Duplicated typescript describing the development of radar during the Second World War. Undated typescript, with corrections in Cherwell's hand, describing the development of radar during the Second World War. Some printed matter is also included in the folder. "Code Names and Frequencies of R.A.F. and G.A.F. Radio Systems'. 3 pp. typescript, n.d. Undated ms. and typescript drafts by Cherwell re the role of the British Broadcasting Corporation in wartime. G.318-G.325 Correspondenceand papers re various aspects of radio and radar research and development, 1939-45. G.318 G.319 G.320 G.321 G.322 G.323 October 1939-June 1940 June-July 1940 Includes correspondence with A.V. Hill re proposal for exchange of information on radar with U.S.A. and Canada. July-December 1940 February-April 1941 May-November 1941 April-August 1942 Includes drafts and correspondencere proposals for new Radio Board. G.324 January-September 1943 Includes several drafts re priorities in radio research. G.325 January 1944-February 1945 Includes correspondence with Sir Robert Renwick and Lord Woolton re the future of Radio Luxembourg, and recommendations for Radar Honours List. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 232 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.326, G.327 Correspondence and papers re G.L. III, 1943-44 G.L. was a type of radar equipment which enabled A.A. guns to fire blind at night bombers. Corres- pondenceis mainly re desirability of replacing G. L.II with G.L. III (Cherwell was against it). G.326 March-July 1943 Includes letter from Lord Beaverbrook re G.L. III, October 1940. G.327 August 1943- January 1944 Includes undated typescript draft with ms. heading ‘American G.L. II] - SCR 584". G.328, G.329 Correspondence, minutes, notes of meetings re production of radio valves, 1943-45. G.328 G.329 G.330, G.331 February-June 1943 March 1944-February 1945 Summaries of references to radar in T.R.E. Progress Reports, April 1943-April 1945, compiled for Cherwell by G.D.A. MacDougall. G.330 G.33] April 1943-April 1944 April 1944-April 1945 G. 332, G.333 Committee papers, 1945 G.332 G.333 August-December 1945 (OPTEC) September 1945 (RADIO) G.3%4 Miscellaneous undated material. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 233 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.335-G.348 RADIO COUNTER MEASURES 1940-44, 1950 See also G.96, G.97, G.550. G.335 Minutes, correspondence, notes of meetings re German uses of radio for navigation, etc. and possible counter measures, June-December 1940. G.336 Two duplicated typescript reports by L.F. Blandy: 'Report on German Pulse Stations', 5 August 1940 'Headache Investigation’, 25 October 1940 G.337 G. 338 G.339 'Radio Counter Measures - No.80 Wing - Periodical Report' Nos. 8, 9 and 12, October-November 1940. typescript. Duplicated 'Report on German Radio Activity, especially with regard to air navigation and impulse transmission’, 7 pp. typescript, no author or date, c. summer 1940. ‘Comments on A.S.1. Report No.10 - "The X. Gerat™. Duplicated typescript, n.d., c.December 1940. "Report on V.H.F. Equipment Recovered from Heinkel III P at West Bay, Bridport, Dorset.' with photographs and diagrams, 16 December 1940. Duplicated typescript G.341-G.344 Minutes, correspondence, notes of meetings, etc., 1941-44. G.341 G.342 G.343 G.344 January-October 1941 August-December 1942 Includes correspondence re Window (see also G.345-G.348 below). ' ‘ ° January-September 1944 June-December 1944 Includes report on radio counter measures used in ‘Overlord’. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 234 Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Second World War G.345-G. 348 'Window'. Correspondence and papers, c.1940-1950 Window was the code name for an arrangement of narrow strips of imetallised paper which were designed to reflect as aircraft on German radar systems. scheme was developed in 1942 it was not used until July 1943 because of fears that the Germans might copy the device and use it against British radar. Although this G.345 1940, 1942 Includes: G.346 G.347 2 pp. typescript, probably by Cherwell, re difficulties which may be encountered in the use of R.D.F. (radar), with particular reference to the possible use by the Germans of oscillators to blind British radar. n.d., c.1940. Correspondence with E. V. Appleton and O.G. Lywood, October-November 1940, re possible experiments to try the effect of an array of dipoles which could be suspended from kite balloons in order to scatter radio signals and confuse enemy beam navigation. 1943-1944 2 research reports on Window issued by the Radio Research Laboratory, Harvard University, 1942, 1943. Duplicated typescripts. 6 pp. typescript draft, written for Churchill in 1950, des- cribing the development of Window and the background to the decision as to when to use it against German radar. The draft is headed 'Insertion B (on page 5 of The Offensive in the Aether) and is accompanied by a slip of paper dated 27 April 1950. See also D.117. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 235 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.349, G.350 RHINE MINES 1939-40 Correspondence, drafts, minutes of meetings re plans for the disruption of traffic on the river Rhine by floating small mines downstream. See also G. 274. G. 349 G.350 November-December 1939 January-April 1940 G.35]1 ROCKET-ASSISTED BOMBS 1941-44 Minutes, drafts and correspondence re various types of rocket-assisted bombs, including the Retro Bombing Device and a Concrete-Piercing Bomb for use against U-boat shelters. G.352 SCATTER BOMB(S. Bomb) 1940 Memorandum and correspondence from G.P. Thomson, June 1940. G.353-G.355 SEARCHLIGHTS(including SEARCHLIGHT CONTROL) 1940-44 G.353 Correspondence and papers, June-October 1940. Mainly re: G.354 G.355 Proposal by A.V. Mitzakis to use two searchlight beams of complementary colour for dazzling and illuminating enemy aeroplanes. New system for searchlight control using radar (YAGI). See also G. 354. Progress reports on YAGI system for searchlight control, August 1940-May 1941 (incomplete set). Correspondence and papers, 1941-42, 1944. Re: Development and production of Turbinlite, February 1941-November 1942. (Invented by W. Helmore. For correspondencere further inventions by Helmore see G.453). Production of S.L.C. Mk.9X, August-October 1944. FeA. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 236 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.356-G.360 SMALL ARMS(including SMALLARMS AMMUNITION) 1939-45 Minutes, drafts, correspondence, statistics re stocks, requirements and production. November-December 1939 1940 1941 1942-43 1944-45 G.356 G.357 G. 358 G.3539 G.360 G.361, G.362 SMOKE SCREENS 1940-43 Correspondence and papers re possible use of smoke screens for camouflage of factories and other industrial targets. G.36] G.362 May-June 1940 July 1940-February 1943 Includes 2 bundles of photographs of apparatus used to produce smokescreens. G. 363 SMOKE TARGETS 1939-40 Minutes, drafts, correspondence, reports re development of smoke-emitting target to be towed behind an aeroplane for anti-aircraft practice. G.364-G.373 TANKS 1940-45 G.364 G.365 Correspondence and papers re tank production and requirements, April-November 1940. Includes proposals for the establishment of a Tank Board to co-ordinate tank design and production. Correspondence and drafts, April-August 1940, re possible Includes brief notes and designs for an amphibious tank. correspondencere use of searchlights on tanks to dazzle troops. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 237 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.366-G.370 Correspondence and papers re tank requirements, design, production policy, etc., 1941-45. G.366 G.367 G.368 1941 1942 January-May 1943 Includes 17 pp. typescript on 'Tank Policy', 24 March 1943 (no author). G.369 June-October 1943 Includes undated typescript on 'The case for the wheeled tank in desert warfare’, by F. Gaye. G.370 1944-45 Mainly re tank policy. Russian tanks, July 1944. Includes a report on G.371 G.372 G.373 Minutes, correspondence, reports re design and production of German tanks, 1940-45. undated statistics. Includes miscellaneous Miscellaneousstatistics re tanks (charts, diagrams, tables). Set of photographs illustrating various types of tanks. G.374, G.375 TORPEDOES 1940-44 G.374 Minutes and correspondence, 1940-42. Includes: Correspondence with C.S. Wright re design of homing torpedoes, February 1940. Miscellaneous minutes re torpedo production, 1941-42. Correspondence with Sir Archibald Sinclair re British and German torpedo design, April 1942. G.375 Correspondence and papers, 1943-44. Mainly correspondence with B.N. (later Sir Barnes) Wallis and others re spherical torpedo for use in air attacks on dams. Includes some photographs. Includes a letter re Wallis, May 1943. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 538 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.376-G.409 U.P.'s (UNROTATED PROJECTILES) AND PROXIMITY FUZES 1939-43 The summer of 1939 saw the setting up of the Projectile Development Establishment to work on the development of 'Unrotated Projectiles’ (rockets). The research was directed by A.D. (later Sir Alwyn) Crow and a wide variety of weapons was investigated. In September-October 1939, at Cherwell's instigation, research was being carried out by the Admiralty into the possibility of filling anti-aircraft shells with small aerial It was then mines attached to a parachute by a long wire. suggested that the mines might be packed with the parachute and wire into a cylindrical container and attached as the head of a U.P. and the resulting apparatus (known as a P.A.C. weapon) was used as a defence against dive bombers from ships. See also G. 550. Another early investigation was into the possibility of making some form of guidance system fora U.P. project was called the ‘Spaniel’ (see G.385-G. 387). This The early U.P. weapons used delayed action fuzes but these were unsatisfactory for several reasons, so efforts were made to design a fuze that would cause an explosion only This was known as when an enemy aircraft was in range. a proximity or 'P.E.' fuze and it used a photoelectric cell which would activate a detonator when the shadow of an The design was not entirely satis- aircraft fell across it. factory as the fuze was apt to react to clouds and birds and even to varying intensities of daylight. The following papers contain minutes, drafts, corres- pondence, progress reports, etc. re the design and develop- ment of various U.P. weapons, and of the proximity fuze, See also D.136. G.376 Minutes and correspondence, September-November 1939, re development of 'wire filled projectiles' (a shell or U.P. 7 fitted with an aerial mine attached to a parachute by a long wire). Folder also includes copy of circular issued by the Committee of Imperial Defence re the setting up of the Projectile Development Establishment, May 1939. indemann, F.A. Lind CSAC 80/4/81 , Lord Ch Lord Cherwe I 939 Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Second World War G.377 Progress reports on development of 'A.A. Shell filled parachute, wire and bomb', October-November 1939. G.378 Notes and memoranda on use of U.P. weapons as follows: 'Close Range A.A. Protection of Convoys', by G.N. Oliver, 1 November 1939. ‘Naval Wire Barrage Investigation of U.P. Aspect’, by A.D. Crow, 10 November 1939. 'A.A. Armament for Open Sea Minelayers. Con- sideration of use of Rockets', by G.N. Oliver, 18 November 1939. ‘Close Range A.A. Protection of Convoys', by G.N. Oliver, 20 November 1939. ‘Requirements for U.P. Outfits for Close Range Defence’, by J.C. Leach, 22 November 1939. G.379 Progress reports on development of '6-inch A.A. shell filled parachute wire and bomb and U.P. with aerial mine’, November 1939- January 1940. G.380 Memoranda re U.P. weapons, as follows: G. 381 G. 382 G. 383 ‘Description of the rocket scheme of defence against low flying aircraft', no author, 4 December 1939. 'The U.P. Weapon', no author, 26 January 1940. ‘Parachute, Wire and Bomb. of various lengths with Naval Star Shell', no author or date, c.January 1940. Chancesofhitting wires Progress reports on design and development of U.P. with aerial mine, February 1940. Minutes, notes, correspondence, January-April 1940, re development of the U.P. with aerial mine. minute from Churchill, 24 March, re necessity of developing method of dropping aerial mines from aircraft ('‘Egg- Laying'), in addition to firing them with a U.P. Includes 2 typescripts describing a system of firing a series of rockets to form a curtain in the path of enemy dive bombers. Both were forwarded to Cherwell with a brief accompanying letter by A.D. Crow, 21 March 1940: 'The defence of merchant ships and fishing vessels against low-flying aircraft', 2 pp. 'Note on the probability of a direct hit with the 2" U.P. on aircraft flying very low over small merchant ships or fishing vessels', 5 pp. + diagrams. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 240 G.384 G.385 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics 4 pp. typescript, no author or date, c. December 1939, investigating the possibility of a photoelectrically guided U.P. Minutes re the Spaniel guided rocket, January and March 1940. technical report on the Spaniel U.P. (29 February 1940) with a letter from A.D. Crow, 1 March,and 3 undated drawings. Folder also includes copy of the first monthly G.386-G.387 Spaniel U.P. Monthly Technical Reports. G.386 G.387 Nos.2-4 (March-May 1940) Nos.5-7 (June-August 1940). Report No.7 is accompanied by a letter from W.R. Cook, 18 November 1940, explaining the decision to discontinue the investigation. G.388-G.391 Correspondence and papers re various aspects of U.P. develop- ment, April-December 1940. G.388 May-June 1940 Includes: correspondence re administrative organisation of U.P. research; progress reports, May and June 1940 (+ undated drafts); notes of meetings on 18, 20, 21 May 1940. G.389 July-August 1940 Includes: reports on operational use of Naval correspondence and statistics re Wire Barrage; U.P. production and delivery; correspondence re administrative organisation; report on meeting re U.P. and U.P. Projectors, 29 August 1940. G.390 September-October 1940 Includes: correspondence re administrative organisation; correspondence re manufacture and testing of Land Service Projectors; 4 pp. typescript note on ‘Predicted Concentration of 3-inch U.P. against High-Flying Aircraft’, by W.R. Cook, 23 October 1940. G.391 November-December 1940 Mainly re U.P. production programme. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 241 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.392 ‘Report and Recommendations by O.C. 101st A.A. 'Z" Battery, R.A. on use of 3" U.P. and Land Service Projector for the Engagement of Dive Bombers. ' Duplicated typescript, 22 December 1940. G.393, G.394 Correspondence and papers re development of P.E. (proximity) fuze for U.P. weapons, March-November 1940. See also D.136, G.404. G.393 March- July 1940 Includes copy of ‘general specification of the properties to be aimed at in the design of the proximity fuze for the 3" U.P. A.A.', forwarded to Cherwell 19 March 1940. G.394 August-December 1940. G.395 'Report on the Proximity Fuze ina 3" U.P.' Weekly progress reports Nos. 1-29, June-December 1940 (lacks nos. 4, 7, 9, 10, 14, 19, 22). See also G.406. G.396 Papers re design of a predictor for U.P. weapons. includes: Folder 'Note on the type of predictor required for use with U.P. weapon proximity-fuze against high level aircraft attack." 3 pp. typescript sent to Crow by Cherwell, 27 July 1940. Notes of meeting re predictor design, 31 July 1940. ‘Suggestion for a simple predictor for use with U.P. on ships.' with brief accompanying letter, 20 September 1940. 1p. typescript sent to Cherwell by G.P. Thomson 'Prediction for 3-inch U.P. twin mountings for close 6pp. duplicated typescript sent to range defence.’ Cherwell by W.R. Cook, 28 September 1940. G.397 Correspondence and papers, December 1940-March 1941. Mainly re Naval Wire Barrage. re operational uses of U.P. weapons by the R.A.F. and photographs showing damage caused by P.A.C. (Parachute and Cable - see introductory note to G. 376-G.409) weaponsat Watton. Includes correspondence F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 242 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.398 G.399 "Defence of ships against dive-bombing attacks by means of the 3-inch U.P. fitted with a proximity fuze.' Duplicated typescript, no author, 8 January 1941. ‘Handbook for the Projector, 3-inch, Mark |. February 1941. Provisional.’ G.400 Correspondence and papers, April-May 1941. Mainly re meetings and demonstrations of U.P. weapons. Includes 1 p. typescript 'Note on use of the U.P. asa Weapon for Bomber Defence’, by A.D. Crow, 21 April 1941. Correspondence with Viscount Duncannon and General Pile, May-June 1941, re use of U.P.s as anti-aircraft weapons. U.P. Propellant Sub-Committee Reports. April-July 1941. Nos.4-6, Correspondence and papers, June-August 1941. Correspondence and papers, September-October 1941. Includes: Notes and correspondence re administrative organisation. Minutes, correspondence and reports re progress in development and production of U.P. weapons and fuzes. Correspondence and papers, November-December 1941. 'Report on the Proximity Fuze ina 3" U.P.' Weekly progress reports Nos.30-58, January-August 1941 (lacks nos.35, 46). See also G.395. Correspondence and papers, 1942. Correspondence and papers, 1943-44. Miscellaneous undated notes, drafts and statistics re U.P. weapons and P.E. fuzes. G.401 G.402 G.403 G.404 G.405 G.406 G.407 G.408 G.409 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 243 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.410-G.440 V-WEAPONS 1939-56 The following papers document one of the most famous of the controversies in which Cherwell became involved during the Second World War. minutes, drafts, correspondence, statistics, etc. there are some post-war drafts and correspondencearising from histories of the period by Churchill and others. In addition to contemporary G.410 Correspondence and papers, April-June 1943. Includes: Minutes and correspondence re bombing of recent German constructions in the Calais region. Report of Meeting of Defence Committee (Operations), 29 June 1943. ‘Note on Casualties to be expected from a Bomb Con- taining 10 tons of Explosive', issued by the Ministry of Home Security, 30 June 1943. G.41] Correspondence and papers, July-August 1943. Includes: "Long Range Rockets. Typescript by R.E. (later Sir Reginald) Stradling, 20 July 1943. Estimation of Two Incidents.’ ‘Classification of Agents' Reports on Enemy Long Range Rockets.’ August 1943. 3 pp. typescript with 2 pp. Addendum, ‘Summary of Agents' Report on Long Range Rocket", 12 August 1943. Report of Meeting of Chiefs of Staff Committee, 31 August 1943. G.412 ‘Interpretation Report No. D.S.27. Bodyline. PeenemUnde.' photographs, 16 August 1943. Locality: Duplicated typescript with accompanying This was forwarded to Cherwell in November 1943, and is accompanied by brief correspondence. Folder also includes miscellaneous plans and drawings re PeenemUnderocket. G.413 Minutes and correspondence, September 1943. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 2AA G.414 G.415 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics 2 drafts of questionnaire, to be put to a few selected scientists, designed to establish 'the practicability, or otherwise, of the German long range rocket', September 1943. draft is accompanied by photographs of small German rockets in Africa. The second Folder also includes brief related correspondence, October 1943. ‘Reconsideration of estimates of damage likely to be caused by L.R.R. LLong Range Rockets ]', by W.N. Thomas, 20 September 1943. from H. Morrison to Cherwell, 24 September. Typescript, with accompanyingletter Folder also includes brief related drafts and correspondence. G.416 Memoranda and reports, October 1943. ‘Bodyline Scientific Co-ordinating Committee. Fuel Panel. 6 October 1943. Interim Report. 2nd draft.' Circulated 'PeenemUnde Rocket. Tentative Survey of Possible Design', sent to Cherwell 12 October 1943. 'Notes in reply to Lord Cherwell's comments of 1.10.1943', by W.N. Thomas, sent to Cherwell 20 October 1943. G.417 Defence Committee (Operations). October 1943. Reports of meetings, ']10th Meeting', 25 October. 'Meeting held in Lord Cherwell's Room', 28 October. ‘llth Meeting', 28 October. G.418 Minutes, drafts, correspondence, reports, 1-18 November 1943. Includes: Draft Report to the Prime Minister by the Minister of Aircraft Production on the evidence for the German Long Range Rocket. Cherwell's detailed criticism of the report, sent to Churchill 9 November 1943. Agenda and minutes of Meeting of Defence Committee (Operations), 18 November 1943. G.419 Correspondence with R.E. Stradling and H. Morrison re casualties to be expected from the German Long RangeeRocket. Folder includes a typescript ‘Estimation of Vulnerable Areas in London Region', no author, 16 October 1939, and 2 pp. notes and calculations on the subject by F.N. David. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 245 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.420 Minutes from Cherwell to Churchill, November-December 1943. Includes comments on the Minister of Aircraft Production's Second Report on the Long Range Rocket, sent to Churchill 24 November 1943 and a long minute re pilotless aircraft, sent 23 December 1943. annotations (not in Cherwell's hand) commenting on Cherwell's estimates of performance, firing frequency, potential damage, etc. in the light of later events. The latter contains marginal See also G.427. Copies of 2 telegrams from Churchill to Cherwell are also included in the folder. G.42] 2 typescript drafts with extensive alterations in Cherwell's hand. as follows: The first page of each is annotated (not by Cherwell) 'Draft of Cabinet paper not circulated Nov. 44 (sic, = 43).' ‘Further draft of uncompleted Cabinet paper. being written Nov.-Dec. 43.' This was Cherwell's intention of submitting a paper is mentioned ina draft minute to Churchill, 19 November 1943 (see G.420). Folder also includes a further typescript draft on a similar theme, also with alterations in Cherwell's hand. G.422 Minutes, reports and correspondence, December 1943. Includes report of Meeting of Defence Committee (Operations), 22 December 1943. G.423 G.424 Miscellaneous notes and drafts re long range rockets and flying bombs, n.d., ¢.1943. Correspondence and papers re probable scale of attack by pilotless aircraft, January-February 1944. Includes: Draft note by Cherwell on ‘Probable Scale and Effect of Attack on London by Pilotless Aircraft’. typescript, 10 January 1944. 4 pp. Reports of meetings of Chiefs of Staff Committee, 11 and 18 January 1944. Draft and final version of report of Chiefs of Staff Com- mittee on probable scale of attack with copies of various comments and ‘amendments, . Report of Meeting of Defence Committee (Operations), 3 February 1944. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 246 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.425 Further correspondence and papers, January-February 1944. Includes: Note on 'Magnetic Control of Crossbow', 11 January 1944. Several drafts for a pamphlet to be dropped on Germany exposing the 'secret weapon’. Correspondence and drafts re American complaints of lack of liaison over counter measures to new German weapon developments. G.426 Correspondence and papers, March-May 1944. Includes: Correspondence with Minister of Economic Warfare re German importation of caesium chloride. Duplicated typescript re ‘Suggested Purpose of Certain Factory Installations at PeenemUnde and Kluftern/Ober Raderach', 7 April 1944. Report on meeting of Chiefs of Staff Committee, 18 April 1944. Typescript ‘Appreciation of the Sound Ranging Method of Locating Large Cross-Channel Explosions' and 'Notes on Cross- Channel Explosions' by C.J. Birkett Clews, 5 and 9 May 1944, with accompanying minute from Cherwell to Churchill. G.427 Correspondence and papers, June 1944. Includes 2 copies of a comparison of Cherwell's forecasts re flying bombs in his minute to Churchill of 18 December This 1943 (see G.420) with the events of June 1944. was prepared at Churchill's own request and sent with a covering minute by Cherwell, 30 June 1944. G.428 Correspondence and papers, July 1944. Includes: Minutes and correspondencere flying bombs (casualties and counter measures). Report of Chiefs of Staff meeting, 18 July 1944. Draft of minute from Cherwell to Churchill (not sent) written in answer to 'complaints which you have recently voiced to the effect that you had not been promptly and fully informed concerning the German long-range rocket by Jones, Crow, the Air Ministry and myself". G.429 Suggestions from colleagues and membersof the public for countermeasuresto the flying bomb, June-July 1944. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 947 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.430 Miscellaneous charts, maps, diagrams, statistics, etc. re flying bombs, June-July 1944. G.431 Correspondence and papers, August-September 1944 re flying bombs and rockets including accounts of arrival of first rockets in England, 8 September onwards. G.432 Correspondence and papers, November-December 1944. Includes: Duplicated typescript re 'The Economic Balance of the Fly-Bomb Campaign', 4 November 1944. Correspondence with N.H. Bottomley re plans for employing A.A. guns against the V.2 rockets. Minutes and reports re potential danger from the V.2 to the under-river tunnels of the London underground railway system. Miscellaneous charts, maps, diagrams, etc. re rockets, 1944. Correspondence and papers, January-June 1945. Includes: Continuation of December 1944 correspondencere danger to London underground railways and possibility of countering V.2 rockets with A.A. guns. Report of Meeting of Defence Committee (Operations), 26 January 1945. Correspondence, March-April 1945 re réle of the RA.F. in the campaign against the V weapons. Miscellaneous notes, statistics, maps, diagrams, etc., some unfinished. 9 pp. ms. headed 'Crossbow' containing a chronology of events relating to the V weapons, 4 November 1939-6 April 1945. Not in Cherwell's hand. 15 pp. typescript accountof events relating to the V weapons prepared by Cherwell for Churchill and sent to him with a covering letter, 29 January 1951. Folder also includes 3 typescript drafts of the account, one of which has extensive alterations in Cherwell's hand. For further correspondence with Churchill re V weapons, April-May 1951, see G.550. G.433 G.434 G.435 G.436 G.437 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 248 G.438 G.439 G.440 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Copy of letter from Cherwell to Churchill, 20 February 1953, re alterations by Duncan Sandys to draft Chapter on 'Pilotless Bombardment! in Churchill's history of the Second World War. Correspondence with J.R.M. Butler, January-February 1956, re draft of Chapters 22-25 of the Defence of the United Kingdom by B. Collier. Folder includes a duplicated typescript copy of the draft (paginated 509-647) and a letter from Cherwell containing his comments on it, 30 January 1956. Notes, drafts and press-cutting arising from the publication of T.H. O'Brien's book Civil Defence (History of the Second World War, U.K. civil service), 1955. 2 pp. typescript list of 7 questions to be put to Cherwell in view of various statements made by O'Brien. 3 pp. typescript answers to 6 of the questions. 2 typescript drafts re V weapons, heavily annotated by Cherwell. Draft letter from Cherwell to 'The Editor of the Times (Telegraph). Press-cutting from the Oxford Mail, 19 September (no year) None of the above material is dated. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 249 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.44] WATER CONTAMINATION 1940 Correspondence, notes, reports re methods of rendering water undrinkable, August-November 1940. G.442-G.443 =MISCELLANEOUS G.442 G.443/1 G.443/2 Notes, drafts, correspondence, reports re various weapons, etc., 1939-44 (and some undated). Weekly reports on bombsights and radar devices, issued by the Ministry of Aircraft Production, July 1940- January 1941. List of projects in hand for the development of weapons and defensive devices, with a note of progress, people con- cerned, and department responsible, compiled July 1941. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 250 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.444-G.499 INVENTIONS AND IDEAS In the course of the war Cherwell received many ideas for offensive or defensive weapons, devices, methods for improving various aspects of the war effort or conditions of life. Some of these he answered himself; many were passed to J.L. Tuck for evaluation and thence sometimes to other departments for further investigation, giving rise in some cases to a substantial exchange of views. The material is presented in four alphabetical sequences, as follows: G.444-G.456 Correspondence with inventors of weapons, defensive devices, etc. G.457-G.471 Shorter correspondence with friends and colleagues who forwarded letters or proffered suggestions to Cherwell or Churchill. G.472-G.498 Letters from the general public; mainly less serious material, of an impractical or eccentric nature which was not taken up. Not indexed. G.499 Post-war correspondence. Not indexed. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 251 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.444-G.456 Correspondence with inventors of weapons, defensive devices, etc. G.444, G.445 G.444 G.445 G.446- G.451 G.446 G.447 G.448 G.449 G.450 G.451 Beatty, A.C. 1940-41 Mainly re development and production of Northover projector, but containing numerous other ideas and information. June-October 1940 February-December 1941 Burney, C.D. 1939-40, 1942 Correspondence, memoranda and reports re development of Toraplane (gliding torpedo) and Doravane (gliding bomb), October 1939-March 1940. A letter from R.S. Sorley, enclosing a typescript re ‘Development of Tora', September 1942, is also included here. Typescript, with accompanying diagrams and drawings describing proposals for the construction in U.S.A. of 'a large Amphibian Flying Boat, capable of carrying four "Satellite" planes, each capable of carrying its own 18" torpedo or one 1500 Ib. "Diving Bomb"'. typescript was originally contained in a plastic folder labelled 'Burney Amphibian and Satellites', n.d., c.early 1940. The Typescript introduction to G.447 annotated by Burney 'Statement of present position’, with accompanying letter from J. Courtauld, April 1940. Typescript with drawings headed 'The "Propelled Bomb" Fired from the Recoiless Gun', n.d., c.May 1942. Correspondence re ‘Propelled Bomb' and Recoiless Gun, June-August 1942. Brief correspondence with C.S. Wright, November 1942, re patent application by Burney for ‘Improvements in or relating to marine torpedoes launched from aircraft’. Includes a copy of the patent specification. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 252 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.452 Cotton, F. S. | 1940-41 Includes an account of the history of the Royal Air Force Photographic Development Unit, Heston, and brief correspondence re Dufaycolor. G.453 Helmore, W. 1942-45 Memoranda and correspondence mainly re dirigible torpedo (HelmoverProjectile). See also G.355 (re Turbinlite). G.454 Muir, H. J. 1940-46 re aerial mines. See also F.32, F.35. G.455 Newton, H. Correspondence re various proposals. G.456 Varley, C. H. re midget submarines. 1939-40, 1944 1942-44 F.A. Lindemann, Lad Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 253 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.457-G.471 Shorter correspondence with friends and colleagues G.457 Abel, E. (Cherwell's carbon only) Amery, L. S. Andrade, E. N. daC. Arkell, W. Attlee, C. J. R. Balfour, H.-H. Barby, Lord (Cherwell's carbon only) | G.458 1942 1940 1940 1940 1940 1940 1942 Barrington-Ward, B. W. (Cherwell's carbon only) 1940 Bevir, A. Bracken, B. G.459 Cadogan, A. G. Mz. Cavan, Earl of Chapman, S. Churchill, C. Churchill, R. Colville, J. R. (Cherwell's carbon only) G.460 Comyns-Carr, A. S. Cripps, R. S. H. P. G. Deedes, W. Denman, R. Donner, P. Freeth, F. A. Fry, C. B. G.461 Gill, E. W. B. Goodeve, C.F. Grand, L. Harvie-Watt, G. S. Herbert, A. P. Holden, N. Hope, Lord Hudson, A. Hudson, G. F. 1940, 1942 1939-40 1944 1940 1940 1940, 1942 1940 1941 1939 1942-43 1940 1940 1939 1939-40 1940, 1942 1941 1943 1940 1942 194] 1940, 1941 1940 1941 1940 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 254 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.462 Ince, G. H. Johnstone, H. Jowitt, W. A. Keyes, R. (and Lady Keyes) Larke, W. (Cherwell's carbon only) G.463 Leathers, Lord Leslie, S. Lindsay, A. OD. Lloyd, Lord Locker- Lampson, O. S. G.464 Maclean, L. Masterman, J.C. May, P. Melchett, Lord Milner, J. G.465 Monckton, W. (Cherwell's carbon only) Moore-Brabazon, J. es (later Lord Brabazon of Tara) T. Morton, D. J. K. Moyne, Lord Murray, J. G.466 Nuffield, Lord Peck, J. H. Percival, H. G.467 Plaskett, H. H. Portal, C.F. A. Puckle, G. B. Purbrick, R. 1941 1942 1942 1940-43 1939 1943 1939-42 n.d. 1940 1942 1939 1942 1940 1940 194] 1940 1939-40 1940-42 1941 1942-43 1942 1940, n.d. 1940 194] 194] 1940 1943 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 255 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.468 Roger, A. Rothschild, Lord Rowse, A. L. Salter, A. Sandys, MrsD. (Cherwell's carbon only) G.469 Seal, E. A. Silberrad, Simon, J. Spears, E. L. Strabolgi, Lord Swinton, Lord G.470 Thompson, J. H. C. Thorpe, J. HH. Watson-Watt, R. (Cherwell's carbon only) G.47] Wells, H. G. Westminster, Duke of Williams, H. Wolmer, Viscount (later Lord Selbourne) 1941 1941 1940 1940 1941 1940 n.d. 1940 1940, 1942, 1943 1942 1941 1940 1940 1942 1940 1940, 1942 1940 1940, 1941 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 256 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.472-G.498 Letters from the general public G.472 G.473 G.474 G.475 G.476 G.477 G.478 G.479 G.480 G.481 G.482 G.483 G.484 G.485 G.486 G.487 G.488 G.489 G.490 G.491 G.492 G.493 G.494 G.495 A Ba - BI Bo - Bu C D E F G Ha - He Hi - Hu l- J K L Ma Me - Mu N O P,Q R Sa - Sk Sm - Sw Ta - Th To - Tu U-V G.496 W F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 257 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.497 G.498 Unsigned letters and drafts. and printed matter. Includes some photographs Minutes and letters to and re unidentified inventors. Mainly Cherwell's carbons. In chronological order, 1940-42 and n.d. G.499 Post-war correspondence Correspondence with and re inventors concerning patents, awards, etc., 1947-50. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 258 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.500-G.525 ARMAMENT REQUIREMENTS AND PRODUCTION; STRENGTH AND ORGANISATION OF BRITISH AND GERMAN GROUND FORCES G.500-G.509 Minutes, correspondence, reports, statistics re armament production and requirements, 1939-45. See also H. 158ff. re negotiations for supply of armaments from U.S.A. G.500 G.501 1939-July 1940 See also G.501 Letters, memoranda, reports, etc. sent to Cherwell by H. Ward, Secretary, Management Research Group No.1, re organisation of armament production, June 1940. Includes accounts by R.F. Harrod of two discussions with Ward, 21 June and 31 July 1940. G.502 August-December 1940 Mainly re priorities and organisation of production. Includes copy of memorandum by Churchill, 2 September 1940, re future strategy and the need to build up reserves of strength in readiness for a large expenditure of munitions in Spring 1941. G.503 January-July 1941 Includes 5 pp. typescript headed 'Raw re stocks, requirements, production etc. Materials Department of the Ministry of Supply', n.d., 1941. priorities, G.504 August-November 1941 Includes 9 pp. typescript re long term production plans, 11 September 1941. G.505 January-June 1942 Includes 14 pp. typescript 'Note on War Production' with 3 pp. summary, 3 March 1942. G.506 July-December 1942 Includes 7 pp. typescript memorandum from Churchill to Cherwell, 24 October 1942, requesting a survey of the current position re armaments, manpower, supplies, etc. as a basis for a general directive by Churchill re policy in 1943. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 259 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.507 1943 Includes several minutes re British Army require- ments in the Middle East. G.508 G.509 1944-45 Miscellaneous undated material. G.510-G.517 Minutes, drafts, correspondence, statistics re British Army strength and casualties, 1939-45. G.510 G.511 G.512 G.513 G.514 Gesls G.516 G.5i7 1939-40 ‘Computation of the numberof divisions which can be kept in the field.' Champernowne, n.d., c.1940. 4 pp. typescript by D.G. 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 n.d. Mainly re statistics of casualties in battle and through sickness, especially malaria. brief correspondence with 1.M. Heilbron re insecticides. Includes G.518-G.520 Intelligence reports and summaries re strength and organisation of the German army, with related comments orcriticisms and some correspondencearising. Some estimates of the general manpower situation in Germany, for the armed forces and war production, are also included in the sequence. G.518 G.519 G.520 1940-42 1943 1944 (and n.d.) F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 260 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.521 Minutes and correspondence re rates of pay, promotion, pensions and allowancesin the British armed forces, 1940-44, G.522-G.525 Minutes, correspondence, statistics, etc. re plans for demobilisation, 1943-45. Most of the papers consist of comments by members of Cherwell's staff on memoranda, reports, statements, etc. issued by the Ministries concerned. G.522 G.523 G.524 G.525 June-November 1943 January-December 1944 Includes correspondence with J.M. Keynes, February 1944. January-July 1945 Miscellaneous undated material. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 261 Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Second World War G.526-G.533 ORGANISATION OF SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL RESEARCH Mainly re problem of liaison between individual scientists, industrial firms and government departments and research establishments. of scientists in governmentservice. Includes some material re salaries and status See Section E for drafts and speeches by Cherwell on the subject of scientific and technological education. See also H.236-H.253. G.526 1939-40 G.527 194] G.528 1942 Includes correspondence from M.L. Oliphant, N.M.V. Rothschild and R. Stokes. Includes draft notes for speech by Lord Hankey on the Scientific Advisory Committee, with related correspondence, March-April 1941. Includes text of speech delivered by the President of the Association of Scientific Workers at the Twenty-Fifth Council Meeting, May 1942, and correspondence with Lord Selbourne and Lord Melchett, July-August 1942. G.529-G.532 Correspondence and papers re salaries of scientists in govern- ment service, 1941-45. G.529 1941-42 Includes correspondence with D.R. Pye, J.T.C. Moore-Brabazon, A.V. Hill, Lord Hankey and Lord Melchett. G.530 1943 Includes report of the Committee on Scientific Staff, 23 April 1943, and correspondence with Sir Kingsley Wood, Sir Stafford Cripps, C.R. Attlee and Sir Archibald Sinclair. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 262 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.531 1944-45 Includes duplicated typescript ‘Memorandum by the Treasury', 28 November 1944, and drafts for Cabinet paper on 'Conditions of Work in the Government Scientific Service', May 1945, with a letter from Sir Edward Bridges advising against circulation of the paper, 17 May 1945. G.532 Miscellaneous undated memoranda and printed matter. G.533 Correspondencere salaries of scientists at the Clarendon Laboratory, October 1942- January 1944. re F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 263 Second World War Statistical Section, military and scientific topics G.534-G.550 OTHER MILITARY AND SCIENTIFIC TOPICS G.534 G.535, G.536 G.535 G.540 G.541 G.542 G.543 The papers are presented in approximate chronological order. Copies of British propaganda leaflets dropped over Germany, Austria and Prague, February 1940. Copies of two reports by R.V. Jones, sent to Cherwell with a covering letter, 8 March 1940. 9 pp. typescript, 'The Hitler "Waffe".' suggesting that the weaponreferred to by Hitler in his speech at Danzig on 19 September was the German Air Force. 11 November 1939, 'A Scientific Intelligence Service.' with 3 Appendices, 7 December 1939. 14 pp. typescript Minutes, correspondence, reports of meetings, etc. re arrangements for defence in the event of German invasion, May-July 1940. May 1940 (and n.d.) June-August 1940 'The Underground Counter Offensive.’ 28 pp. duplicated typescript, 10 June 1940, suggesting lines of approach for Fifth Column activities against Germany. 2 typescript notes on the Russian Air Force, 2 pp. and | p., n.d. and 9 December 1942. Minutes and correspondence re Japanese aircraft production, Air Force strength, etc., 1942-43. Folder also includes miscellaneous other papers re Japan, 1944. Minutes andstatistics re arrangements for supply of military equipment to Turkey, 1942-43. Minutesand drafts re Palestine, June-July 1943. Mainly comments on plans for the future of Palestine and the position of the Jews in the Middle East. For further material on Palestine see J.52, J.54. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 264 G.544 G.545, G.546 G.545 Statistical Section, military and scientific topics Second World War Minutes and drafts re the Home Guard, 1943-44. Correspondence and papers re exchange ofscientific information with Russia, 1943-45. 1943-44 Includes: Copy of letter from the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (A. Eden) to O. Lyttelton, 12 February 1943, re proposed Mission to Moscow to be headed by H.T. Tizard. Correspondencere proposals for further exchanges of technical information, April-May 1944. Minute to Cherwell re proposed agreement between 1.C.1. and the Russian Government, 25 November 1944. G.546 1945 Mainly re proposedvisit of British scientists to Russia, June-July 1945. Correspondence re arrangements for exchange ofscientific information withFrance, 1944-45. 1944-45 (mainly Cherwell's carbons only) Some of the contents of this folder are duplicated in G.548 below. G.548 1945 G.549 G.550 'Military Power and Foreign Policy.’ draft, no author or date. 18 pp. typescript Correspondence, 1947-51 and n.d., re various draft chapters of Churchill's history of the Second World War. Subjects covered include P.A.C. rockets, radio counter measures fo German bombing, Lend Lease and V weapons. Forfurther correspondence re Churchill's treatment of the V weaponsstory see G.437, G. 438. A letter from P. Fleming, 24 October 1955, re events in the summer of 1940, is also included in the folder. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 265 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics SECTION H SECOND WORLD WAR H.1 - H.321 STATISTICAL SECTION, ECONOMIC TOPICS INTRODUCTION H.1 -H.66 FOOD AND RAW MATERIALS With a list of contents H.67 -H.94 ALLOCATION OF MANPOWER H.95 -H.100 SHIPPING H.101-H.113 DISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES H.114-H. 144 FOREIGN ECONOMIC POLICY H.145-H. 157 HOME ECONOMIC POLICY H. 158-H. 207 LEND- LEASE H.208-H. 267 POST-WAR RECONSTRUCTION With a list of contents H.268-H. 289 POST-WAR TREATMENT OF GERMANY H.290-H. 321 WORLD FOOD SUPPLIES AND RELIEF 275 278 279 281 286 288 295 305 309 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 266 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics INTRODUCTION The background and general content of the material in Section H has already been outlined in the Introduction to Section G. deal with the allocation of scarce supplies of raw materials, manpower, shipping, Many of the papers in this Section etc. on which the Statistical Section was detailed to keep a close watch and to notify any desperate shortages. There is also a considerable body of papers relating to the negotiations with U.S.A. for supply of armaments, etc. on Lend-Lease, in some of which Cherwell played a major part; the majority of these papers have not previously been available to researchers . The latter part of the Section deals with reconstruction and relief, both topics on which Cherwell had strong views. Inevitably there is some overlap between this Section and Sections F and G. See especially F.88 - F.252 and F.297 - F.381. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 | 267 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.1-H.66 FOOD AND RAW MATERIALS Correspondence and papers, 1939-45, re stocks, production, rationing, etc. of the following raw materials: CEMENT H.1 CLOTHING H.2- H.7 COAL H.8 - H.21 COTTON H.22 FOOD AND DRINK H.23 - H.38 IRON AND STEEL LEATHER MACHINE TOOLS MAGNESIUM H.39 H.40 H.41 H.42 OIL AND PETROL H.43 - H.58 RUBBER TIMBER H.59 H.60 - H. 64 TUNGSTEN MISCELLANEOUS H.65 H.66 N.B. Material relating to these topics is not confined to this sub-section. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 268 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.1 CEMENT 1940, 1945 Letter from A. Greenwood to Churchill enclosing a report on stocks and requirements of cement, 5 August 1940. Minute to Churchill from the Home Secretary re shortage of cement for shelters, 6 August 1940. Minute to Cherwell re proposal to increase price of cement, February 1945. H.2-H.7 CLOTHING 1941-45 Correspondence and papers re stocks, requirements and production of service and civilian clothing, and supplies of raw materials, especially wool and cotton. January-March 1941 April-May 1941 June-August 1941 Undated notes, drafts, reports, c.1941 Undated statistics and calculations, c.1941 1942-1945 H.2 H.3 H.4 H.5 Ho H.7 H.8-H.21 COAL 1940-45 Minutes, correspondence, notes, drafts, statistics re coal stocks, consumption and requirements, problems of production and transport, labour relations in the coal industry, etc. H.8 1940 Includes minutes re French demandsfor coal, and the effect on the coal industry of the fall of France. H.9 H.10 January-November 1941 n.d., 1941 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 269 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics February-April 1942 May-November 1942 n.d., 1942 July-October 1943 Includes minutes and drafts re government control of the coal industry. November-December 1943 January-April 1944 Includes minutes and drafts re wage negotiations in the coal industry. May-December 1944 Includes minutes and correspondence re supply of coal to SH.A.E.F. [Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force. January-March 1945 Includes further papers re supply of coal to S.H.A.E.F. April-May 1945 June-July 1945 Miscellaneous undated diagrams and statistics 11 12 213 14 «to 16 17 18 19 20 21 H.22 COTTON 1944 Minutes and drafts re proposals to increase the price of raw cotton and discontinue government subsidies of cotton for the export market, January-March 1944. See also H.2-H.7 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 70 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.23-H. 38 FOOD AND DRINK 1939-45 H.23 H.24 Minutes and correspondence, October-December 1939, mainly re proposals for the introduction of rationing for sugar, meat, bacon, butter, margarine and cooking fats. Undated memoranda, drafts and statistics re various foods, mainly background material to minutes in H.23 above, c.1939. H.25, H.26 Correspondence and papers, 1940, re availability of various foodstuffs, rationing proposals, shipping tonnage available for imports, general food and agricultural policy, etc. Ft az H.26 H.27 H.28 Fi. 29 H.30 January-June 1940 July-November 1940 (including n.d.) Correspondence and papers, January-March 1941, mainly re livestock policy, but including a 2 pp. typescript by the Minister of Food on jam and marmalade supplies, and general notes re imports, diet of the civilian population, etc. Correspondence and papers, March-May 1941. Mainly re meat policy and imports, but including minutes, etc. re use of potato flour in bread-making, availability of sugar for home-made jam and govern- mentattitude to back-yard hens. Correspondence and papers, June-December 1941 re meat and other imports, control of egg prices and distribution, extension of food rationing. some undated material, c.1941. Includes Minutes and drafts, September-December 1941, re negotiations for an International Wheat Agreement, conducted by the International Wheat Advisory Com- mittee in Washington. progress of negotiations with some suggestions as to policy. Includes copy of telegram from Sir Arthur Salter, 20 December 1941. Various observations on the F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 271 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics Correspondence and papers, 1942. stock policy, but includes 3 pp. typescript onagricultural prices, sent to Cherwell by N. Brook, 3 February 1942, correspondence re manufacture of theobromine, and notes on proposal to ration bread. Mainly re live- Miscellaneous notes, drafts and statistics re food policy, n.d., c.1942, Correspondence and papers, January-April 1943. Mainly re egg production policy. with the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries (R.S. Hudson). Includes several exchanges Correspondence and papers, May-December 1943, re various aspects of food policy. by R.H. Brand on the Combined Food Board, minutes and statistics re milk (pasteurisation, production and distribution), poultry, bread, wheat (International Wheat Agreement), beer, butter, anda 2 pp. typescript re financial position of farmers, 23 November 1943. Includes a memorandum Minutes, drafts, statistics, etc., February 1944- January 1945, re negotiations with U.S.A. over quantities of meat and butter from Australia and New Zealand to be supplied to American forces in the Pacific. copies of several telegrams exchanged between the Minister of Food and the British Food Mission. Includes Miscellaneous minutes, etc. re various aspects of food policy, March-December 1944. Minutes, drafts, copies of telegrams, etc., October- December 1944, re negotiations with U.S.A. over supply of meat from Argentina. Includes some undated material. Minutes, drafts, statistics, January-June 1945, re various aspects of food policy and the general foodsituation. H.31 H.32 H.33 H.34 H.35 H. 36 H.37 H.38 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 272 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.39 IRON AND STEEL 1940-41 Minutes, drafts, correspondence, statistics re stocks, production and requirements of iron and steel. Includes correspondence with R. Assheton re possible ways of reducing the amount of steel used by the building industry, May-June 1940. H.40 LEATHER 1943, 1945 Minutes and drafts re imports, stocks and requirements of leather for civilian and military purposes. H.41 MACHINE TOOLS 1940, 1941 Minutes and correspondence re problems involved in ensuring the most efficientemploymentof available machine tools, May-August 1940, April 1941. H.42 MAGNESIUM 1941, 1942 Minutes, drafts, statistics re stocks and requirements of magnesium, November 1941, August 1942. some undated material. Includes H.43-H.58 OIL AND PETROL 1939, 1941-45 H.43 H.44 H.45 Minutes, drafts, statistics, etc., 1939, January- November 1941, re oil imports and consumption, employment of tankers, etc. from G.W. Lloyd to Churchill, 24 November, re arrangements to ensure supplies of 100 octane aviation spirit. Includes copy of minute Miscellaneous undated notes, drafts, statistics, charts, etc., mainly background material to H.43 above. Includes copy of a satirical poem by Sir Cecil Kisch (Director-General, Petroleum Department 1939-42) entitled 'The Tankers' Pub Crawl’. Minutes and drafts, January-April 1942. Mainly re estimates of production and consumption of 100 octane aviation spirit. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 273 H.46 H.47 H.48 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics Minutes, drafts, correspondence, statistics, May-December 1942, mainly re oil imports and stocks. Includes corres- pondence re drafts of a proposed telegram from Churchill to President Roosevelt re the oil position. Minutes and statistics re oil imports, stocks and require- ments, all undated, c.1942. Weekly statistics of (a) tanker building and losses, and (b) oil stocks in U.K., August-December 1942. Minutes, drafts, statistics re 100 octane aviationspirit, October 1942 and n.d. Minutes, correspondence, drafts, statistics re oil imports, stocks and consumption, 1943. Weekly statistics of (a) tanker building and losses, and (b) oil stocks in U.K., January-December 1943. Minutes, correspondence, statistics, etc., January- August 1944, re stocks and consumption of 100 octane aviation spirit. Includes comments on estimates of the oil position made by Lord Beaverbook in January 1942. Minutes, drafts, statistics, etc. re negotiations with U.S.A. te Middle East oil, February- July 1944. See also H.54, H.55. 8 pp. typescript on ‘Oil Interests in the Near and Middle East', sent by Beaverbrook to Cherwell, 17 February 1944. Undated typescript re British and American interests in Middle East oil, n.d., c.1944. Weekly statistics of (a) tanker building and losses, and (b) oil stocks in U.K., January-December 1944. Miscellaneous minutes and statistics re oil stocks, etc., January-April 1945. Miscellaneous undated charts. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 274 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.59 RUBBER 1942-45 Minutes and statistics re supply and consumption of crude and synthetic rubber. See also OIL AND PETROL. H.60-H. 64 TIMBER 1940-45 H.60 H.61 H.62 H.63 H.64 Minutes and statistics, February-April 1940, re supply (both home-grown and imported) and require- ments of timber. of substituting other materials for timber in the manu- facture of pit-props. Includes minutes re possibility Correspondence with V.H. Boyse and J. Burtt Davy, March-April 1940, re timber supplies from West Africa and tropical America. Minutes and statistics, May-November andn.d., 1940. Includes further material on pit-props. Correspondence, minutes, statistics, April-December andn.d., 1941, re stocks, requirements and imports of timber. Minutes, correspondence, statistics, 1943, 1945, mainly re supplies of timber for mining. H.65 TUNGSTEN 194] Minutes and correspondence re stocks and requirements of tungsten, November 1941. H.66 MISCELLANEOUS 1940-45 Includes: 5 pp. typescript re economic effects of the German invasion of Scandinavia, 19 April 1940. Minutes to Cherwell re Italian requirements of food and raw materials, and supplies to be had from Italy in return, July-September 1943. Summaries of reports on 'Stocks of Food and Animal Feeding Stuffs, Raw Materials and Petroleum Products’, February 1944-March 1945. See also H.310. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 275 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.67-H.94 ALLOCATION OF MANPOWER Correspondence and papers, 1939-45, re allocation of manpower between the armed forces, Ministry of Aircraft Production, Admiralty and Ministry of Supply. For material on demobilisation, see G.522-G.525. H.67 H.68 H.69 H.70 H.71 H.72 3 pp. typescript, 28 December 1939, commenting on the ‘Memorandum Submitted by the Interdepartmental Conference on the Labour Requirements of the Proposed War Programme (13th December 1939)' (no author). Folder also includes copies of some of the Appendices to the Memorandum, and 2 pp. typescript on the manpower programmefor the armed forces, 22 December 1939. ‘Notes on Man Power.' dated 1 February 1940. ms. annotations. 4 pp. typescript, 2 copies, one The other copy has some minor 1 p. typescript note re estimates of figures for total occupied male population in 1939, 1 February 1940. ‘Summary of Jewkes Paper on Man Power.' 2 February 1940. 2 pp. typescript, 3 typescript drafts (2 incomplete) of undated note on manpower. Minutes, drafts, correspondence, January-July 1940, re distribution of labour between exports and munitions. Includes 2 letters from J.M. Keynes, June 1940. Minutes, drafts, reports, etc., May-June 1940, re organisation and expansion of the labour force for armaments production. Includes 2 sets undated typescript notes re manpowerfor the ship-building industry. Minutes, drafts, correspondence re organisation of manpower for industry, July-December 1940. Minutes, drafts, statistics, etc., March-December 1941. Includes several exchanges re number of workers leaving the Royal Ordnance factories every week and plans for distribution of manpower in 1942. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 276 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.73 H.74 Minutes, drafts, statistics re manpower distribution, January-June 1942, Advance copy of 'Man Power - mid 1942. Survey by the Ministry of Labour and National Service', with a covering note from G.H. Ince, 13 October 1942. H.75 Copies of various memoranda, as follows: ‘Demands for Forces and Estimated Requirements for Industry. Memorandum by the Ministry of Labour and National Service.' 7 pp. typescript, 9 October 1942. ‘Report for the Lord President's Committee on the Proposed Reduction of the Labour Force in the Building Materials Industries.' 5 pp. typescript, n.d., November 1942, ‘Memorandum by the Ministry of Food. in the Food Industries and Trades.' n.d., November 1942, Man Power 5 pp. typescript, ‘Lord President's Man Power Enquiry.' by the Board of Trade, n.d., November 1942. 19 pp. typescript "Lord President's Manpower Enquiry.’ no author, 14 November 1942. Duplicated typescript, H.76 Minutes, drafts and correspondence, October-December 1942, arising from a paper by the Minister of Economic Warfare (Lord Selbourne) comparing the distribution and degree of mobilisation of British and German manpower. H.77-H.82 Correspondence and papers, January-December 1943, re allocation of manpower between the armedforces, the Ministries of Supply and Aircraft Production and the essential industries. H.77 H.78 H.79 January-April 1943 May-June 1943 July-August 1943 Includes 5 pp. typescript by G.D.A. MacDougall on 'Man Powerin the first year, after the Armistice with Germany', 25 August 1943. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 77 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.80 H.81 H.82 September-October 1943 November-December 1943 n.d., 1943 H.83 H.84 H.85 H.86 H.87 H.88 H.89 H.90 Minutes and drafts re distribution of doctors and nurses between the armed forces and the civilian population, 1943-45. Correspondence and papers, January-March 1944, mainly re manpower allocations for 1944. Includes a letter from Sir John Anderson to Cherwell, 24 January 1944, enclosing copies of correspondence with various Ministers re draft report of the Committee on Man Power. Correspondence and papers, February-April 1944, re estimates of manpower requirements after the end of the war with Germany. ‘Man Power Requirements and Supply.' reviewing the manpowerposition for 1944 in the light of statistics for the first quarter, n.d., c.May 1944. Duplicated typescript, Minutes, drafts, correspondence, May-June 1944. several papers re revision of manpower allocations for the second half of 1944. Includes Minutes and drafts, July-August 1944. requirements for the second half of 1944. Mainly re manpower Correspondence and papers, September-December 1944. Mainly re manpower allocations for 1945. Miscellaneous notes and statistics, n.d., c.1944. H.91, H.92 Minutes, drafts, correspondence, statistics re manpower allocations and various aspects of the manpower position, January-July 1945. H.91 H.92 January-March 1945 April-July 1945 Includes minutes re the effect of releases from the services on the manpower situation. H.93 H.94 Statistical comparisons of manpower distribution in the First and Second World Wars. Miscellaneous undated notes, drafts, statistics, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 278 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.95-H. 100 SHIPPING Correspondence and papers, 1939-45, rethe shipping situation and its effect on the import trade. H.95 1939-40 Includes several minutes re war risk insurance, September-October 1939. H.96 H.97 H.98 H.99 H.100 1941 1942 Includes drafts of telegram to President Roosevelt asking for help with the shipping situation, and various minutes and statistics re shipping losses. 1943-44 1945 Miscellaneous undated material F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 279 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.101-H.113 DISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES H.101 H.102 H.103 H.104 Correspondence and papers, 1940-45, on the organisation and distribution of resources (labour, raw materials, money) for the war effort. Minutes and drafts, 1-12 February 1940, commenting on memoranda by Lord Stamp and Sir John Simon re balance of payments, financing of the war, mobilisation of labour, etc. Further notes, drafts, minutes re financing of war and organisation of labour and resources, February 1940-February 1941. Miscellaneous undated material, similar subject-matter to H.102, c.1940. Memoranda and correspondence, by R.F. Kahn, re organisation of labour and restrictions on home trade for increased war production (including the question of rationing), sent to R.F. Harrod for information, May-December 1940. 2 draft minutes from Harrod to Cherwell, 21 and 23 May 1940, are also included in the folder. H.105-H. 109 Correspondence and papers, February-November 1941, re possibility of releasing manpower and raw materials for war production by curtailing government building programmes. H.105 H.106 H.107 H.108 Statistics re government building sent to R.F. Harrod for information by the Ministry of Works and Buildings, February-October 1941. Minutes and correspondence, May-December 1941. copy of 3 pp. letter from Sir John Anderson to Ernest Bevin, 28 October 1941, re possible plans for releasing manpower from the building industry for the Ministry of Aircraft Production and the armed forces. Includes "Report to the Lord President on the Possibilities of Releasing Labour by the Curtailment of the Building of War Factories." Typescript by E.A.G. Robinson, D.N. Chester, G.D.A. MacDougall, P. Gilbert, I. Bowen and A.K. Cairncross, 11 October 1941. Report by Sir John Anderson on the building programmes of various government departments, submitted to the Prime Minister with a covering letter, 14 November 1941. H.109 Miscellaneous undated minutes and statistics. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 280 H.110 H.111 H.112 H.113 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics 5 pp. unsigned typescript headed 'Concentration of Industries’, March 1941. Minutes from G.D.A. MacDougall to Cherwell re the effect on the war effort of various restrictions on private consumption, n.d., c.1942. Exchange of minutes between Cherwell and Churchill, March 1942, re suggestions for the introduction of legislation to further reduce private consumption. both opposed to imposing restrictions which would not make an appreciable difference to the manpowerorshipping situations.) . (Cherwell and Churchill were A further minute from Cherwell on the subject of ‘Austerity’, 7 May 1942, is also included in the folder. Minutes and statistics re estimates of the British war effort in terms of manpowerandresources used, 1943-45. Includes 5 pp. draft 'Note on statement in letter from Mr John Knight to Lord Beaverbrook, published in the Daily Express of July 21, 1945 that the United States has played the “major"role in crushing Italy and Germany’. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 281 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.114-H.144 FOREIGN ECONOMIC POLICY Correspondence and papers, 1939-45, re the economic situation in various countries, as follows: GERMANY H.114 - H.121 INDIA RUSSIA JAPAN H.122 - H.139 H.140 - H.143 H.144 H.114-H.121 GERMANY For material on post-war treatment of Germany see H.268-H.289. H.114 'Chartering of German Shipping. Note by the First Lord of the Admiralty.' 5 pp. ms. and typescript draft for circulation to the Cabinet, 16 November 1939. Folder includes several drafts and background information and a note to Cherwell, 30 November 1939, re recent orders placed by Germany for several large barges. Minutes, drafts, statistics, etc. re possible effects of preventing Germany from importing iron ore from Narvik and Lulea, November 1939-April 1940. undated charts and diagrams. Includes various Duplicated typescript on 'Legal Considerations Regarding the Rationing of Italy', by G.G. Fitzmaurice, 16 April 1940. Folder also includes 1 p. typescript on the general question of rationing neutrals, 18 April 1940. Notes on Beryllium sent to Cherwell at his request by Lord Melchett and A. Chester Beatty, July 1941. Minutes and drafts, May-June 1941, re plans for destruction of oil installations in the Middle East to prevent them falling into German hands. H.115 H.116 H.117 H.118 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 282 H.119 H.120 H.121 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics Minutes and correspondence, July 1941-December 1944, re German oil supplies. for the destruction of Russian oil installations in the event of a German advance, and reports on German oil stocks and consumption. Includes comments on plans Miscellaneous charts and tables of statistics re German oil supplies, n.d. Minutes, correspondence, statistics re various aspects of the economic war against Germany, 1940-43. H.122-H.139 INDIA For material on Indian food requirements see H.290-H. 297. H.122 2 pp. typescript by R.F. Harrod, 25 January 1943, suggesting that the U.S. should be asked to lease/lend gold to finance the remainder of the war in Egypt, Iraq, Persia and India. H.123-H. 126 Correspondence and papers, 1943-45, re Indian financial situation. H.123 H.124 H.125 H.126 August-September 1943 October-November 1943 Includes ms. and typescript drafts of minute by T. Wilson on International Economic Policy, commenting on British policy in the Middle East and Europe as well as India. Miscellaneous notes and statistics, mainly n.d., c.1943. January 1944-January 1945 Includes papers re preparation of India as a base for the Japanese war. Correspondence and papers, November 1943-January 1945, re price of oil and petrol in India. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 283 H.128- H.138 H.128 H.129 H.130 - H.13] H.132 H.133- H.137 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics Committee on Indian Financial Questions Typescript draft of paper prepared for the Committee on Indian Financial Questions, January 1944. The paper is in two parts with headings as follows: "Indian Financial Problems. Memorandum by the Paymaster General.' ‘Measures to Relieve the Strain on India's Economy.' The drafts appear to have been prepared by T. Wilson, and are accompanied by explanatory notes to Cherwell in his (Wilson's) hand. Final version of Cherwell's paper for the Committee on Indian Financial Questions, 18 January 1944. Minutes and correspondence, January-May 1944. comments on the Draft Report of the Committee on Indian Financial Questions, the first draft of which was circulated in March. Includes Correspondence with Sir John Anderson and L.S. Amery, May-July 1944, re amendments proposed by Cherwell to the Draft Report of the Committee on Indian Financial Questions. ments and notes of modifications suggested by Anderson and Amery. Includes drafts of Cherwell's proposed amend- Further minutes and correspondence re the Report of the Committee on Indian Financial Questions, July-August 1944. Official Committee to report on |.F. (44) 10. 1.F. (44) 10 was a statement issued by the Government of India in reply toa request by Cherwell and Sir John Anderson for a fuller statement of 'what we (i.e. Great Britain) have had in return for our expenditure in India and the manner in which the control of this expenditure, including the placing of contracts, has been carried out'. committee was set up at the suggestion of Sir John Andersan (see H. 133) to examine this document under the Chairmanship of A.F.B. fforde, with representatives of the India Office, the Ministry of Supply and the Prime Minister's Statistical Section (T. Wilson). A small H.133 Letter from Sir John Anderson, 5 July 1944, suggesting the formation of the Committee. A copy of Cherwell's reply, nominating T. Wilson as his representative, is also included in the folder. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 284 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics Committee papers, notes of meetings, etc., July- September 1944. H.135 5 pp. typescript draft by T. Wilson of Part II of the Committee's Report, sent to Cherwell ‘off the record', with an explanatory note by Wilson, 23 October 1944. An earlier draft with ms. corrections is also included in the folder. H.136 Various drafts and amendments of the Committee's Report, as follows: First draft, circulated 13 October 1944 Second draft, circulated 20 November 1944 Third draft, circulated 4 December 1944 Note of amendments suggested by T. Wilson 6 December 1944 Appendix to the Report, circulated 6 December 1944 H.137 Miscellaneous correspondence, minutes, notes, statistics, etc. related to or arising from the Report of the Committee, December 1944-March 1945, and n.d. H.138 Miscellaneous other minutes and correspondencere Indian financial situation, January-April 1945. Miscellaneous minutes and correspondence re Indian industrial conditions and labour problems, political situation, Indian army, etc., 1940, 1943-45. H.140-H. 143 RUSSIA Minutes, correspondence, drafts, statistics re supplies of raw materials and armaments to Russia, 1941-45. Includes tables of Russian requirements and British stocks, accounts of negotiations (in particular the Moscow Conference, 1941), shipping arrangements, etc. H.140 H.141 H.142 H.143 August-September 1941 October-December 1941 n.d., c.194] 1942-45 (and n.d.) See also G.545, G.546 re exchange ofscientific information with Russia. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 285 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.144 JAPAN Two papers re Japan's economic position, as follows: ‘Summary of conclusions of various studies by the Board of Economic Warfare on the Japanese war potential in the next twelve months', by L. Currie, 15 May 1943. '‘Japan'. Japanese economy, no authoror date, c.1945. 9 pp. typescript analysis of contemporary F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 286 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.145-H. 157 HOME ECONOMIC POLICY H.145 H.146 H.147 H.148 H.149 H.150 H.15] Correspondence and papers, 1939-45. 5 pp. ms. by R.F. Harrod on 'The meansof conserving and enlarging our powers of buying abroad', with accompanying letter to Cherwell, n.d., c.1939. ‘Economic Stagnation.' date (probably by Harrod). 11 pp. typescript, no author or ‘Memorandum for Professor Lindemann. No4.' typescript, no author, 22 January 1940, re economic warfare, exports, and depreciation of stirling. 3 pp. ‘Exchange Control and Exchange Policy.' 10 pp. typescript draft by J.M. Keynes, 22 May 1940, forwarded to Cherwell with a covering letter from Keynes, 24 May 1940. Folder also includes 1 p. addition to the draft, accompanied by a further letter from Keynes, 26 May, and 1 p. comments on the draft by R.F. Harrod. 'Revised Forecast of the British Balance of Payments during the First Year of the War.' 14 pp. typescript, no author or date, c.1940 (second half). ‘Preliminary estimates of the national income of the United Kingdom.' date, c.1940. 10 pp. duplicated typescript, no author or 'Notes on the Taxation of Income.' author or date, probably by D.G. Champernowne, c.1940. 11 pp. typescript, no Another copy of the typescript and miscellaneous notes, statistics, diagrams and calculations are also included in the folder. H.152 ‘Taxation of Incomes.' 4 pp. diagrams, no author or date, c.1941. 11 pp. duplicated typescript with Folder also includes charts and diagrams re income distribution and disposal of personal incomes. H.153 'Wages and Inflation.' by 'L.C.R.! 7 pp. typescript, 8 December 1941, F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 287 H.155 H.156 Second World War Statistical Section , economic topics 2 memoranda on agricultural prices, sent to R.F. Harrod for information, 6and 14 January 1942. 'Theory of Excessive Saving.' R.F. Harrod, November 1943, with a brief note from Harrod to Cherwell. 4 pp. typescript by Correspondence with B.M. Baruch re Britain's economic outlook, December 1944-January 1945. Minutes and correspondence, March 1945, re proposals to establish the manufacture of Ferguson tractors in U.K. and the implications for the British export trade. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 288 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.158-H. 207 LEND- LEASE H.158 H.159 H.160 H.16] H.162 Correspondence and papers, 1940-45, re Lend-Lease negotiations with U.S.A. See also G.550. Duplicated typescript, no author or date, headed 'Forth- coming conversation with the United States on Economic Questions’. 9 pp. typescript by Sir Arthur Salter headed 'North American Supplies', re recent changes in the American national defence programme andtheir effect on British prospects of obtaining armaments from the U.S.A., 31 July 1940. Comments on the memorandum by members of the Statistical Section are also included in the folder. Minutes, drafts, correspondence, etc. re negotiations for munitions from U.S.A., November 1940-April 1941. Schedules of requirements from the U.S.A., including memoranda submitted by the Ministry of Shipping, the Ministry of Supply and the Air Ministry, January 1941. Further submissions re requirements from U.S.A., June and July 1941: ‘Memorandum for the Minister of Defence. Army Requirements of Gun and Mortar Ammunition. ' 4 pp. typescript, 4 June 1941. ‘Notes on some of the Major Requirements in Middle East.' 4 pp. typescript, 29 July 1941. Miscellaneous undated notes of requirements, 1941-42. H.163 Black binder labelled 'War Cabinet' containing various papers, as follows: 'Note prepared jointly by Sir Walter Layton and Mr. Stacey May on the Anglo-American Consolidated Statement [of stock and expected output of war equipmentJ.' 3 September 1941. A series of graphs illustrating stocks and production schedules for various items of war equipment. ‘Estimate of enemy strength.' n.d. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 289 H.164 H.165 H.166 H.167 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics Copies of telegrams exchanged between Britain and U.S.A. re Lend-Lease negotiations, with particular reference to Article Seven of the Mutual Aid Agreement, December 1941- February 1942. 'British Requirements from America in 1942.' script issued by the Ministry of Supply, 16 May 1942. 5 pp. type- Folder also includes 4 pp. typescript draft by Cherwell, 29 October 1942, commenting on forthcoming visit of the Minister of Production to America, and another typescript note with similar subject-matter, n.d. "Reciprocal aid. Note by the Treasury for Mr. Stettinius.' 7 pp. duplicated typescript, 20 July 1942. Letter from O. Lyttelton to Churchill, 9 April 1943, re relationship between debtor and creditor countries in jinter- national trade, with special reference to the position of America vis a vis Great Britain. by R.F. Harrod (15 April 1943) and Cherwell (22 April 1943) are also included in the folder. Comments onthe letter H.168 Copy of a letter to O. Lyttelton re Lend-Lease negotiations, 16 November 1943. H.169 H.170 H.171 H.172 Report of a meeting to discuss draft of General Introduction to account of recent Article Seven talks in Washington for submission to the War Cabinet, 22 November 1943. ‘Anglo-American Discussions Under Article VII. Memorandum by the Paymaster General.' 10 February 1944. 6 pp. duplicated typescript, Another copy (carbon typescript) is also included in the folder. Copies of memoranda by J.E. Meade in connection with Article Seven and other aspects of international economics, February 1944. Copies of 2 telegrams from Churchill to President Roosevelt re dollar balances, ? March 1944. 14 pp. duplicated typescript "Economic Report on U.S.A.' prepared by membersof the British Embassy in Washington, The report was forwarded to Cherwell byhis March 1944. brother (C.L. Lindemann) with a brief covering note in April 1944. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 290 H.173 H.174 H.175 H.176 H.177 H.178 H.179 H.180 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics Series of notes on Article Seven prepared for Sir Edward Bridges as a basis for a memorandum to the Dominion Prime Ministers, 27 April 1944. ‘Draft Memorandum by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Our Overseas Resources and Liabilities.' Duplicated typescript, n.d., containing comments on a memorandum by Lord Keynes on Britain's financial position. Keynes's memorandum wassent to Cherwell with a covering letter from Sir John Anderson, 12 June 1944. letter is included in the folder but it bears a later annotation to the effect that Keynes's memorandum was withdrawn from the Cherwell papers in 1958. Anderson's Folder also includes 2 minutes to Cherwell from C.J. Martin and G.D.A. MacDougall, 14 and 19 June 1944. Memorandum from G.D.A. MacDougall to Cherwell, 18 July 1944, re progress of the Monetary Conference at Bretton Woods. Draft telegram to Washington re the relationship between Lend-Lease and British exports, July 1944. Folder also includes 2 copies of a letter from Cherwell to C.R. Attlee, one with annotations by G.D.A. MacDougall. 'Statistics Bearing on the Dimensions of the United Kingdom's Problem of External Finance in the Transition.' Duplicated typescript issued by the U.K. High Commissioner's Office in Ottawa, 6 August 1944. Minutes and drafts re forthcoming Lend-Lease negotiations, 30 August and n.d. (? early September) 1944. Mainly by G.D.A. MacDougall. ‘Supplies from Canada in Stage Il.' 1 September 1944. 6 pp. typescript, Folder also includes 2 pp. typescript 'Note on Canada’, by H.T. Weeks. ‘Lend-Lease Supplies for Britain in Stage II. Note for President of U.S.A.' Folder also includes 2 earlier versions of the Note dated The latter is accompanied 30 August and 1 September. by brief related correspondence and drafts. 5pp. typescript, 4 September 1944. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 291 H.181 H.182 H.183 H.185 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics Copies of a series of minutes to Churchill re forthcoming Lend-Lease negotiations, dated 6, 7, 11, 12 September 1944. Minutes from G.D.A. MacDougall to Cherwell, September 1944, containing comments on the forthcoming Lend-Lease negotiations with suggestions of points to be raised, followed by a report of proceedings during Cherwell's absence from Washington at the end of September. and drafts are also included in the folder. Some undated notes Record of Conversation between the President ‘Second Draft. and Prime Minister at Quebec on September 14th 1944.' 2 pp. typescript annotated by MacDougall 'Given to Morgenthau'. Folder also includes copy of a letter from Cherwell to Morgenthau, 16 September 1944, re the meaning of the phrase ‘or sold for profit' in the draft. Various versions of H.183, with 2 drafts of the text of the Agreement between Churchill and President Roosevelt relating to the setting up of a Joint Committee to discuss the question of Lend-Lease. Folder also includes 2 pp. typescript entitled 'Ist Draft of Directive for President', n.d. ‘Agreed Record of Conversation between Prime Minister and President on 14th September, 1944.' 19th September 1944, with the text of the Agreement between the Prime Minister and the President and a copy of Cherwell's note about the meaning of the phrase 'sold for profit’. Text as circulated, H.186 ‘Conference with the British - Lend-Lease.' discussion on 20 September 1944. 2 copies. Transcript of Folder also includes list of people to whom the transcript was circulated, and brief correspondence. H. 187 Papers relating to the discussion on 20 September, as follows: Bundle of ms. and typescript notes labelled by MacDougall 'Prof's brief for meeting on Wed. 20 Sept. at 3 p.m. with Americans’. 1 p. duplicated typescript 'Note on the Objectivesfor the Meeting at 3 o'clock on Wednesday’, by H.T. Weeks, 19 September 1944. 1 p. duplicated typescript 'Points of Interpretatim and Doubt in the Directive and the Conversation’, by H.T. Weeks, same date (2 copies). Continued F.A. Lindemann, CSAC 80/4/81 Lord Cherwell 292 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.187 (cont'd.) 'Note for Lord Cherwell for conversation with Mr. Morgenthau.' 24 September 1944 (on matters arising from the discussion on 20 September). 1 p. typescript by H.T. Weeks, H.188 1 p. summary of conclusions reached at a meeting held on 23 September 1944 'to consider the presentation of the British case for lend-lease in Stage Il to the United States authorities’. The note, which is headed 'Lord Cherwell's Draft' by MacDougall, is accompanied by comments by H.T. Weeks, R.H. Brand and Sir Henry Self. H.189 ‘Note of a meeting held in the Resident Minister's Room on Wednesday, September 27th at 10.45 a.m.' duplicated typescript. 8 pp. The meeting was held to discuss suggested British pro- cedure for the Stage II discussions. Folder also includes copies of a letter from Cherwell to Morgenthau written early on the same day. H.190 H.191 ‘Points of Interpretation on the Quebec Conversation Relating to Exports.' J.R.C. Helmore. ‘Received 28 Sept.' [1944]. 6 pp. typescript with 1 p. covering note by n.d., but annotated by MacDougall Miscellaneous minutes, notes, correspondence, September 1944. Includes; Letter from H.L. Ismay to Cherwell re duration of the war after the collapse of Germany, 14 September 1944. 1 p. typescript on ‘Reciprocal Aid in Stage II', annotated by MacDougall 'Note by Brand', 20 September 1944, Copy of letter from C. Hambro to R.H. Brand, 21 September 1944, Advance copy of an address by the Director of War Mobilization to be delivered at a National Press Club Luncheon, 27 September 1944. 2 drafts of chronological list of ‘Cables and Papers dealing with the Agreement up to September 22', one covering 15-22 September, the other 7-28 September 1944. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 293 H.192 H.193 H.194 Hi.195 As.196 H.197 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics Minutes from G.D.A. MacDougall to Cherwell, October- November 1944. of British requirements (see H.196) with reports and com- ments on the progress of the negotiations. Includes notes re the draft statement 'Stage II Discussions. Resident Minister's room on the 3rd October 1944.' 3 pp. typescript. Note of two meetings held in the Folder also includes 1 p. typescript annotated by MacDougall 'My proposed Amendment’. ‘Memorandum of a conversation at the White House between Lord Cherwell and Harry Hopkins, 3 Oct. 44.' Lease negotiations and plans for the treatment of Germany. re Lend- Correspondence and papers, 11-16 October 1944, re revision of British munitions requirements. ‘British Requirements for the First Year of Stage II.' Statement prepared by the British Members of the Combined Committee as a starting point for the negotiations over Lend-Lease assistance for the duration of the Japanese war. The statement was submitted to Mr. Morgenthau on 17 October 1944 (see H.197). Includes a suggested Brief correspondence re H.196 above. draft of the General Introduction submitted by MacDougall, 10 October 1944, and draft final version of letter from Cherwell to Morgenthau introducing the document, 16 October 1944. (It was actually submitted on 17 October.) H.198 Further correspondence and papers, 18-31 October 1944, re munitions. Includes brief report of meeting, 18 October 1944, to discuss 3 pp. typescript note by Sir Robert Sinclair (annexed to the report) and 1 p. typescript annotated by MacDougall 'Draft directive from main committee to Munitions expert - handed to Morgenthau at dinner 19.10.44". Notes, drafts, correspondence re various aspects of Lend- Lease negotiations, October 1944. ‘Extracts from Gen. 43/126 which bear on Reconversion and Duplicated typescript containing Easement in Stage II.'_ quotations from various documents relating to Lend- Lease negotiations, 14 September-30 November 1944. H.199 H.200 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 294 H.201 H.202 H.203 H.204 H.205 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics 'The Washington Negotiations for Lend-Lease in Stage II.' Carbon copy of 30 pp. typescript report prepared by Keynes for the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Sir John Anderson), 12 December 1944, and forwarded to Cherwell with a covering letter from Anderson, 20 December 1944, Minute from T. Wilson to Cherwell re international cartels, 27 January 1945. 5 pp. typescript, 15 February 1945, commenting on paper by J.E. Meade on 'The Balance of Gain and Loss' (not included in the folder). Folder includes a letter re points arising from Meade's paper, 21 June 1945. Summary of events relating to Article Seven negotiations, March 1941-February 1945. Several drafts of telegram from Churchill to the Canadian Prime Minister, March 1945, in reply to financial proposals made by the Canadian Government. Folder also includes draft minute to Churchill, n.d., February 1945, and other comments on the Canadian proposals, 1-23 March 1945. H.206, H.207 Minutes, drafts, statistics re Lend-Lease negotiations with U.S.A., 1945. H.206 H.207 March- June 1945 July 1945 (and n.d.) F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 295 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.208-H. 267 POST-WAR RECONSTRUCTION Correspondence and papers, 1940-45, re plans for post-war development in various fields. Most of the material is concerned with plans for Britain, but there are references to Europe, U.S.A., etc. The topics considered are: AGRICULTURE .208-H .214 CIVIL AVIATION . 215-6219 ECONOMIC POLICY .220-H.228 EDUCATION EMPLOYMENT HEALTH HOUSING SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SOCIAL SECURITY TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING .229, H.230 £231 232 . 233-H .235 .236-H.253 .254-H .257 .258-H .261 MISCELLANEOUS .262-H.267 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 296 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.208-H. 214 AGRICULTURE H.208 H.209 H.210 Ae2ii H.212 Miscellaneous minutes re post-war agricultural policy, October 1942- January 1943. Includes copy of minute from Churchill, 3 December 1942, re need for discretion as to internal policy to avoid any interference with current negotiations with U.S.A., anda note from R.F. Harrod to Cherwell commenting on the repercussions of Churchill's minute. ‘Cost of the Agricultural Policy under a Schemeof Price Stabilisation.' of Agriculture, 22 December 1942. extensive annotations. Duplicated typescript issued by the Ministry 2 copies, one with 1 p. undated ms. note headed 'The Proposed Post War Agricultural Policy’ is also included in the folder. 'The Financial Position of Post-War Agriculture.' duplicated typescript, no author or date, 1942/43. 2 copies (both annotated), 5 pp. Minutes and drafts, March 1943, mainly summaries or criticisms of various plans for post-war agricultural policy. ‘Post-War Agriculture.' 2 typescript drafts of paper by T. Wilson, 9 and 10 April 1943, the second of which is annotated 'Draft for paper which Prof once thought he might circulate’. H.213, H.214 Minutes, drafts, statistics, etc. re various aspects of agricultural policy, April 1943-June 1945. H.213 H.214 April-October 1943 January 1944-June 1945 H.215-H.219 CIVIL AVIATION H..215 Minutes exchanged between Cherwell and Churchill, June 1943, re plans for the organisation of post-war civil aviation. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 297 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.216 H.217 H.218 H.219 "Lord Londonderry's Motion on Civil Aviation, House of Lords, Thursday 8th July. Paymaster General.' Reply for H.M.G. by the 24 pp. typescript. Folder includes a brief letter from Londonderry, 9 June 1943. Notes and briefs re future of civil aviation sent to Cherwell by various individuals and government departments, June-July 1943. Correspondence with Sir Stafford Cripps and others, August 1943-March 1944, re proposal to establish a Post- Graduate School of Aeronautical Science. Minutes and correspondence re various aspects of civil aviation, October 1943-February 1945. H.220-H. 228 ECONOMIC POLICY H.220 'A European Budget (The Great Share-Out and Prosperity Bringer).' 22 July 1940. 2 pp. typescript by G.D.A. MacDougall, H.221 Paper on post-war national income in two parts, by T. Wilson: ‘Section |. Post-War Years.' The National Income in the Immediate 5 pp. typescript, n.d., 1943. H.222 H. 223 H.224 'Section II. The National Income and its Utilisation in the Post-War Period.' 1943 (2 copies). 6 pp. typescript, 16 March 'Notes on Post-War Fiscal Policy.' typescript by L. Rostas, 3 March 1943, with covering letter from Rostas to T. Wilson, 26 March. 12 pp. duplicated Bundle of typescript notes prepared by Keynesfor Churchill as the basis for a speech on the post-war economic situation, March 1943. Folder also includes a draft of Churchill's projected speech, 15 March 1943, and a minute from Cherwell commenting on the draft, 18 March 1943. Minutes and drafts on post-war economic policy, 1943-45, re national debt, budgetary prospects, taxation, expenditure, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 298 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.225 Minutes and correspondence re motor vehicle taxation policy and its effect on the post-war prospects of the British Motor Industry, 1944-45. See also H. 266. F.226 Miscellaneous undated material re post-war budget, as follows: 'The Post-War Budgetary Position.' no author. 7 pp. typescript, ‘Claims on the 1948 Budget.' D.N. Chester. 5 pp. typescript by "Post-War National Expenditure.' R.C. Tress. 4 pp. typescript by 'New Expenditure (apart from war expenditure) Incurred Since March Ist 1943 or in Prospect Under New Legis- lation.' 6pp. typescript, no author. 2 draft minutes to Churchill re post-war budgetary prospects. H.227 H.228 Miscellaneous charts and statistics re average earnings, taxation, national debt, etc., n.d. 'Wars, Impact on Civilian Economies of U.K., U.S.A. and Canada.' by) 'Mr Weeks' CH.T. Weeks, n.d., c.1945. 7 pp. typescript addressed to (or possibly ‘Financial Policy in W. Europe.' H. Ellis-Rees, 6 September 1945, with brief accompanying notes and correspondence. 3pp. typescript by H.229, H.230 EDUCATION H.229 H. 230 Minutes and correspondence re various aspects of post-war education policy, 1943, 1945. 2 pp. typescript on 'University Courses' re necessity of increasing the number of university graduates as soon as possible. Folder also includes correspondence with the University Grants Committee, May-June 1945, with statistics re numbers of wartime graduates in various subject groups. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 299 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.231 EMPLOYMENT Minutes and correspondence re employment policy, February-November 1944 (and n.d.) H.232 HEALTH Miscellaneous minutes and correspondencere the National Health Service, February 1944-March 1945. H.233-H. 235 HOUSING H.233 'The Long Term Post-War Building Programme. ' Memorandum prepared by Cherwell for the War Cabinet Reconstruction Committee, 2 June 1944. 2 copies. H.234, H.235 Minutes, correspondence, drafts, statistics re post-war housing, 1944-45. Topics covered include building programmesfor temporary and permanent housing, repair of bomb-damaged houses, rent control, etc. H.234 H.235 May-December 1944 January-May 1945 (and n.d.) H.236-H. 253 SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT H.236 H.237 Miscellaneous minutes and correspondence, January 1943- December 1944, re planning and organisation of post-war scientific research. Draft for speech by Cherwell to the House of Lords, 6 July 1943, re need for expansionof scientific research particularly in relation to fuel development. Folder also includes copy of brief sent to Cherwell from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1 July 1943, anda letter from Lord McGowan congratulating Cherwell on his speech. H. 238 'Admiralty Post-War Problems Concerned with Research and Development.' 29 October 1943. Duplicated typescript by C.F. Goodeve, F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 300 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.239, H.240 Memoranda and correspondence re planning of post-war research sent to Cherwell by various individuals and industrial firms, 1944-45. H.239 Henry Hughes and Son (A. J. Hughes) Hutchinson, G. January 1944 January 1944 Hydraulic Coupling and Engineering Company Limited (A.R. Vickers, H. Sinclair) January 1944- March 1945 H.240 Imperial Chemical Industries (Lord Melchett) January 1944 Sheldon, N. January 1944 H.241 Memoranda re post-war armaments research, 1944, as follows: ‘Armaments Development. for Making Progress'; by R.S. Macrae, 5 February 1944. A Peace-Time Plan 2 brief memoranda by L.G. Carpenter, sent to Cherwell 11 May 1944, ‘Letter from Brigadier Jefferis to Lord Melchett' (commenting on draft by Melchett), 15 September 1944, sent to Cherwell on 24 September. ‘Memorandum on Post War Armaments Research." Duplicated typescript by Lord Melchett, 23 November 1944, ‘Administration of the Armament Development Organisa- tion - Assignment of Responsibility for', by Vice- Admiral Pridham, 30 November 1944 (with covering letter from M.R. Jefferis). H.242 ‘The Control and Management of a National Experimental Duplicated Estab}ishment for Aircraft and their Engines.' typescript issued by the Aeronautical Research Committee, 13 June 1944, with brief related correspondence from Sir Stafford Cripps. H.243 Minutes exchanged between Cherwell and Churchill, 3 December 1944. Cherwell's minute expresses concern at the lack of coordination between the various panels and sub- committees involved in discussions on post-war research Churchill's reply instructs Cherwell and development. to investigate the situation and present a report with comments or suggestions for future policy. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 301 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.244 ‘Notes on Proposals for the Encouragement of Industrial Research.' 7 December 1944. 2 pp. typescript, sent to Cherwell by N. Brook, ‘Proposed Fundamental Principles applying to the Organisa- tion of inter-Departmental Research and Development. 3 pp. typescript by C.F. Goodeve, sent to Cherwell, 21 December 1944, Drafts of letters from Cherwell to D.S.1.R., Ministry of Aircraft Production, Admiralty and Ministry of Supply, 18-20 December 1944, asking for various statistics re state of scientific research and development. to Cherwell's letters are also included in the folder. Thereplies ‘Post-War Scientific Research and Development.’ of general views and comments expressed to Cherwell in the course of various discussions during December 1944. The typescript is dated 22 December 1944. Summary H.245 H.246 H. 247 2 undated reports, as follows: 'Reorganisation of Government Scientific Research and Development.' 4 pp. typescript summary of current position, c.1944/45. Final report of Committee on Post-War Radio Research submitted to the Minister of Aircraft Production by T.R. Merton. Further minutes and correspondence re planning of post-war research and development, January-May 1945. Correspondence with D.S. Veale and others, March-June 1945, re uses of aerial photography in many branches of post-war scientific research. typescript on 'Post-Hostilities and Peace-Time Uses of Air Reconnaissance', 17 November 1944. Folder also includes duplicated Correspondence with the Ministry of Supply, June-July 1945, re possibility of increasing the allocation of paper for scientific periodicals in order to speed up the dissemina- tion of scientific knowledge gained during the war. Committee on Defence Research. 2 July 1945. Papers for Ist Meeting, H. 248 H.249 H.250 H.251 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 302 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H,252 H, 253 Committee on Defence Research. 12 July 1945. future of German research establishments. Includes a letter from W.S. Douglas re Papers for 2nd Meeting, Committee on Defence Research. Panel. Research Establishments The Panel was established under Cherwell's Chairman- ship in July 1945 'to prepare a list ... of the optimum number of Service Research Establishments which will be required after the war ... CandJ to consider the best organisation for basic research’, Folder contains various minutes and drafts relating to the work of the panel, July 1945. H.254-H. 257 SOCIAL SECURITY H.254 H.255 H.256 H.257 'The Social Security Plan. Treasury.’ of the social security plan, n.d., November/December 1942. Duplicated typescript re the financial aspects Memorandum prepared in the ‘Finance of the Proposals in the Beveridge Report.' 4 pp. typescript with 2 diagrams by D.N. Chester, 18 November 1942. A second copy (without diagrams) is also included in the folder. 'The Financial Aspects of the Social Security Plan.' typescript draft, no author or date, commenting on the Treasury Memorandum (H.254). 2 pp. "Economic Effects of the Beveridge Plan.' by T. Wilson, 22 January 1943, sent to Cherwell with a covering note on 25 January. 6 pp. typescript Minutes from Cherwell to Churchill re Beveridge proposals, November 1942-November 1943. Includes some undated drafts and an unsigned minute to Cherwell summarising the proposals, 28 November 1942. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 303 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.258-H. 261 TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING H. 258 Minutes and correspondence, 1943, as follows: 'The Uthwatt Report.' from G.L.S. Shackle, 15 January 1943. 3 pp. minute to Cherwell Letter from R. Hart-Synott to Cherwell, 8 November 1943, headed 'The P.M. and Planners’. ‘Draft Ministerial Statement on the Scott Report on Land Utilisation in Rural Areas.' 2 pp. minute to Cherwell from G.L.S. Shackle, November 1943. H.259 Minutes and correspondence, January-April 1944, com- menting on various revisions of the Uthwatt proposals. H.260 2 typescripts by D.N. Chester, as follows: 'Town and Country Planning (Compensation and Betterment)', 21 April 1944, 'New Approach to the Land Problem', 31 May 1944. H.261 Miscellaneous undated material and printed matter, 1944. H.262-H. 267 MISCELLANEOUS H.262 H.263 H.264 Minutes to Cherwell re various aspects of post-war reconstruction, October 1943- January1945. Comments on Cabinet Paper by Cherwell on Reconstruction Plans, from: J.H. Peck Board of Trade J.M. Fleming (19 October 1943) (22 October 1943) (28 October 1943) 4 pp. typescript summary of post-war reconstruction plans in 19 different fields (Land, Employment, Housing, Education, Social Security, Health, etc.), n.d., ¢.Spring 1944. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 304 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.265 Transcripts of or comments on various speeches on post-war reconstruction plans, as follows: Sir Stafford Cripps (typescript of speech, Bristol, 30 January 1944) Lord McGowan (typescript of speech, Cardiff, 28 March 1944, with 1 p. comments) Lord Beaverbrook (notes on 'Lord Beaverbrook's Public Statements', 5 June 1945, and n.d.) H.266 ‘Motor Car Industry.' the War Cabinet Reconstruction Committee, 3 April 1945. Memorandum prepared by Cherwell for An earlier draft of this paper with 1 p. comments by T. Wilson, 24 March 1945, is also included in the folder. See also H.225. H.267 6 pp. typescript by G.D.A. MacDougall, 27 April 1945, commenting on a report prepared for the Reconstruction Committee on the future of the iron and steel industry, accompanied by 1 p. summary of suggested points for Cherwell to raise with the Committee. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 305 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.268-H. 289 POST-WAR TREATMENT OF GERMANY Correspondence and papers, 1943-45, 1953. H.268-H. 272 Interdepartmental Committee on Reparations and Economic Security (The Malkin Committee) This Committee was set up as the result of a memorandum by the President of the Board of Trade (H. Dalton) which recommended that a committee of officials from the Treasury, Foreign Office, Board of Trade, Paymaster General's Office and Cabinet Economic Secretariat should be asked to examine the question of reparations and other closely related matters. The Chairman was Sir William ~ Malkin. H.268 Memoranda associated with the establishment of the Malkin Committee, sent to Cherwell by J.E. Coulson, 30 September 1943, as follows: ‘Compensation to be Required from the Enemy.' Memorandum by the Treasury, 5 December 1941. ‘Germany's Control over Europe's Economic, Industrial and Commercial Organisation, Restitution and Release.’ Department of Overseas Trade, 11 July 1942. Memorandum by the The Question of H.269 H.270 H.27] H.272 'Reparations.' Board of Trade recommendingthe establishment of the committee, 28 August 1942. Memorandum bythe President of the 'The Economic Consequences of Reparations. A Technical Note.' Duplicated typescript, n.d., c.1942. Minutes from T. Wilson to Cherwell, April-October 1943, commenting on various papers re the future of Germany including drafts of the Malkin Committee's proposals. Minutes of an ad hoc meeting of Ministers to discuss the Report of the Malkin Committee, 29 September 1943. 2 drafts of minute from Cherwell to the Foreign Secretary, 29 September and 5 October 1943, criticising the proposals of the Malkin Committee. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 306 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.273 H.274 Minutes to Cherwell re post-war treatment of Germany from T. Wilson, F.R.P. Vinter and others, June 1943-December 1944. 'The Need for High-Level Decisions on Principle on the Future of Germany.' n.d, 3 pp. typescript by G.D.A. MacDougall, H.275-H.278 E.1.P.S. (Economic and Industrial Planning Staff) H.275 H.276 F277 This body was set up in April 1944 under the responsibility of the Foreign Secretary to correlate the views of govern- ment departments on economic policy towards Germany and to formulate issues for the decision of Ministers. Subsequently its scope was extended bythe inclusion of Italy, the Balkans, etc. and the consideration of various other related questions. In October 1944 Cherwell was asked if he was willing to allow one ofhis staff to become a part-time member of E.1.P.S. and he nominated F.R.P. Vinter (see H.275). Correspondence re appointment of F.R.P. Vinter asa member of E.I.P.S., October 1944. Copies of drafts and correspondence exchanged between members of E.I.P.S., August 1944-May 1945. A letter from D. Morton, 23 April 1945, commenting onan E.I.PS. paper is also included in the folder. Miscellaneous unsigned and (with one exception) undated drafts re Germany, with titles as follows: ‘British Exports and Reparations from Germany.’ ‘The Treatment of German "Concerns" .' 'The Destruction or Removal of Heavy Industry in the Rhineland, Westphalia and Saar Areas." 'Employment in German Agriculture.! 'A Forecast of the Population of Germany.' ‘Control and Ownership by the United Nations of German Industrial Concerns', 22 March 1945. H.278 Comments on papers produced by E.1.P.S., January 1945 and n.d. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 307 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.279 2 reports of discussions with President Roosevelt re proposals for the de-industrialisation of Germany: H. 280 H. 28] H.282 H.283 2 pp. typescript recording discussion between Morgenthau, Cherwell, Churchill and Roosevelt, 14 September 1944. 3 drafts of agreed record of conversation between Churchill and Roosevelt, 15 September 1944. 'Program to Prevent Germany from starting a World War III." Typescript sent to Cherwell by H. Morgenthau with a covering letter, 26 September 1944. Post-war correspondence with H. Morgenthau, and re the ‘Morgenthau Plan', 1945-53. ‘Curtailment of German (and Japanese) Industry and British Exports.' 26 January 1945. 5 pp. typescript re the ‘Morgenthau Plan’, Folder also includes 2 undated drafts with the sametitle, and 1 Treatment of Germany', n.d. p. typescript on 'British and American Directives on Miscellaneous memoranda and drafts, January-March 1945 and n.d., putting forward the view that decisions re the post-war treatment of Germany should consider Britain's essential need to re-establish the export trade lost during the war. H. 284 Drafts of Cabinet Paper by Cherwell on ‘British Exports, German Industry and Reparations’. The drafts are undated but the folder also contains 2 letters from D. Morton, 12 and 17 April 1945, com- menting on Cherwell's Cabinet Paper. H.285 H. 286 H.287 Minutes to Cherwell from T. Wilson and F.R.P. Vinter, January-July 1945. Miscellaneous correspondence re Germany, February-July 1945. Minutes to Churchill re German reparations, etc., March- July 1945. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 308 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.288 3 memoranda by M.R. Jefferis, as follows: 'Note on the Future of War Development and Production Facilities in Germany', 7 July 1945. 'Note on the Organization of Development Work in Germany,' 8 July 1945. 'Note on Position with regard to Machine Tools in Germany’, n.d. Folder also includes copy of a typescript on ‘Physicists and the War Effort in Germany', by E.C. Kemble, 2 June 1945. H.289 Statistics re German industry, imports, exports, balance of payments, population, etc., n.d. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 309 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.290-H. 321 WORLD FOOD SUPPLIES AND RELIEF Correspondence and papers, 1942-45, re available food supplies in various countries and arrangements for relief. Includes material on the World Food Conference, May 1943 (H.299-H.301), the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (H.304-H. 306 and passim) and the British Food Mission (H.319, H.320). H.290-H. 297 Indian Food Requirements H.290- H.292 H.290 H.291 H.292 H.293 H.294 For material on the Indian financial situation, see H.122-H.139. Minutes, correspondence, statistics re Indian grain require- ments and the general food situation in India. August-December 1943 February-March 1944 April-August 1944 Minutes and correspondence, October-November 1944, arising from a report by Sir Henry French ona recent visit to India. Draft Report of the Indian Foodgrains Committee on Sir Henry French's report. Several drafts as follows: 1 p. typescript, n.d. Another version ‘November 1944', accompanied by Statement proposed 'Annex I' to be circulated in the Official Report’. A drafts of Annex II, all dated 21 November 1944, with brief accompanying correspondence. (1 p.) and 'Annex Il. H.295 H.296 Further correspondence re Indian Foodgrains Committee report, November-December 1944, including revised draft sent to Cherwell 8 December 1944. Minutes and correspondence re Indian Foodgrain requirements, February-June 1945. H.297 Miscellaneous undated material. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 310 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.298 Minutes, drafts and correspondence re negotiations with U.S.A. over plans for post-war relief, June 1942- January 1943 (including some n.d.). H.299-H. 301 World Food Conference In February 1943 President Roosevelt summonedan inter- national Conference to discuss the post-war food problem. The meeting opened at Hot Springs, Virginia, on 18 May 1943, and among its recommendations was the setting up of a Permanent Organisation on Food and Agriculture, to be preceded by an Interim Commission which would carry out some of the functions of the Permanent Organisation while determining its constitution and structure. H.299 A letters from R.F. Harrod to Cherwell re the forthcoming food conference, 21-30 March 1943. Folder also includes 2 (different) undated memoranda by Harrod, both headed 'The American Initiative’. Memorandum by Sir Hubert Henderson on 'The Industrialisation of Backward Countries', 13 April 1943, with 3 pp. comments, addressed to Cherwell, comparing Henderson's proposals with those put forward by Harrod (see H.299 above). Minutes to Cherwell re the Food Conference, June 1943, Folder also includes 2 later minutes re draft reports of the Interim Commission (18 March 1944) and the draft constitution of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (20 November 1944). Minutes and drafts re financial and administrative arrangements for relief, February-June 1943. Minutes, drafts and correspondencere estimates of food and other items neededfor relief, September-December 1943. Minutes, drafts and correspondencere the constitution, scope Relief and Rehabilitation and financing of the United Nations Administration (UNRRA), October 1943. Further minutes and correspondence re UNRRA, December 1943- January 1944, mainly re estimates ofrequirementsfor relief and scale of the U.K. contribution. "U.N IR.R.A, and Relief. General.’ Undated typescript draft. Memorandum by the Paymaster H.300 H.301 H.302 H. 303 H. 304 H.305 H.306 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 311 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.307-H. 309 Minutes, drafts and correspondencere estimates ofrelief requirements and available supplies, January-September 1944. H.307 January-March 1944 Includes correspondence with the Minister of Production (O. Lyttleton) re draft directive on relief from the Prime Minister to the Secretary of State for War. H.308 March-April 1944 Includes 5 pp. typescript on 'World Food Prospects, 1944 and 1945', 13 April 1944. H.309 May-September 1944 Includes 2 drafts of minute to Churchill re British influence in UNRRA, July 1944. Minutes and drafts re Italian food requirements and arrange- ments for relief supplies, January-December 1944. See also H. 66. Correspondence from D. Morton re food situation in Yugoslavia, January and May 1944. Minutes and correspondencere relief for France and the Low Countries, October 1944-July 1945. Minutes, drafts and reports on German relief requirements and general food position, January-July 1945. Minutes and correspondence re Greece, Poland and Norway, January-July 1945. Minutes, drafts, statistics re various aspects of relief and world food supplies, December 1944-July 1945 (including some n.d.). Correspondence andstatistics from the Ministry of Food, mainly re world food situation, February-May 1945. H.310 H.311 H.312 H.313 H.314 H.315 H.316 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 312 Second World War Statistical Section, economic topics H.317 Various papers on world food supplies, as follows: 'World Food Supplies 1945.' T. Wilson, 6 March 1945. 'Brief for Minister's Paper to War Cabinet on World Food Supplies.' 8 pp. typescript, n.d., March 1945. 3 pp. typescript by H.318 H.319 H.320 H.321 Duplicated typescript 'For 'Food Supplies, Etc.' Cabinet on Wednesday 14th March, 1945', sent to Cherwell by Sir Edward Bridges. this is also included in the folder. An earlier draft of Draft of telegram from Churchill to President Roosevelt about the world food problem, and Britain's contribution to relief, 14 March 1945. Folder also includes a note of points to be covered in the telegram, dated 15 March 1945. Several drafts of Directive to the Minister of Production for his visit to U.S.A. with the Minister of Food to discuss with the American authorities the problems of world food supplies and relief to devastated areas, March 1945. Minutes and drafts re British Food Mission to the U.S.A., April-June 1945. 'A statement of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration's forward financial position up to 31st December 1945, projected, on certain assumptionsfill 31st December, 1946.' Cherwell by Keynes, 5 July 1945. Duplicated typescript, sent to Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Frederick Alexander Lindemann, Viscount Cherwell of Oxford CH, FRS (1886 - 1957) VOLUME3 Section J, Politics and the Conservative Party Section K, Personal and social correspondence by Jeannine Alton and Julia Latham-Jackson CSACcatalogue 80/4/81 CSAC 80/4/81 CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology under the guidance of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of the papers of FREDERICK ALEXANDER LINDEMANN, C.H., F.R.S. VISCOUNT CHERWELL OF OXFORD (1886 - 1957) Deposited in the Library of Nuffield College, Oxford VOLUME III Sections Jand K Conspectus of file numbers Index of correspondents Compiled by: Jeannine Alton Julia Latham- Jackson 1981 All rights reserved F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 313 SECTION J POLITICS AND THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY J.1 - J.163 Cherwell's political influence, direct and indirect, was considerable. In addition to his membership of official committees and advisory bodies consequential upon his distinction as a scientist with special knowledge of aeronautics and defence, his personal acquaintance with many leadingpoliticians and social figures suah as Birkenhead, Simon and Churchill, with industrialists such as Mond, McGowan and Nuffield, and newspaper proprietors and editors such as Beaverbrook, Camrose, Barrington-Ward and others, all gave an unusual dimension to the pressure he could bring to bear, on individuals and on general public opinion, in the inter-war years. His advice was frequently solicited, whether on a personal basis or as a request to submit a memorandum or an article for publication. Cherwell was a Conservative. He supported the Party and its candidates at elections, and most (not all) of his political writings were published in conservative His main interests were far newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph and The Times. from narrowly partisan, however: he campaigned for a strong Britain with an active (See especially defence policy supported by scientific and technological research. F.1- F.39 for correspondence, committee papers, reports and other material on pre-war air defence.) Ata local level, he was extremely active during the Thirties in the affairs of the Oxford Conservatives in City and University, and aspired to enter Parliament as Burgess of the University at the General Election of 1935 and again at the Oxford by-election in 1937 (see especially J.18 - J.46). With the outbreak of war in 1939, the value placed by Churchill! on Cherwell's advice assumed an altogether new importance, increased still further when Churchill Although Cherwell was only one among the became Prime Minister in May 1940. Prime Minister's specialist advisers, and although Churchill had access to additional sources of information, Cherwell remained a close, trusted and honoured companion. After the war, Churchill continued to turn to Cherwell for advice and information, appointing him to the Conservative Consultative Committee during the years in opposition, and to the Office of Paymaster-General after the Conservative victory in the General Election of 1951. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 314 Politics and the Conservative Party From 1941, Cherwell's peerage gave him a seat in the House of Lords and a To the end ofhis life secure hearing for topics in which he had a special interest. he continued to campaign for recognition for science and technology, improved educational facilities and greater financial expenditure on research. he maintained his concern with defence problems, now transformed and complicated by the development of nuclear weapons. A new, perhaps unexpected, preoccupation was nutrition and food supplies, matters which became of particular importance In addition, during the war and the post-war ‘austerity’ years. The material follows a roughly chronological sequence, occasionally broken It includes reports and to allow papers on a particular subject to be kept together. memoranda by Cherwell or sent to him for information by colleagues or members of the general public, drafts for speeches and writings, Parliamentary arrangements, and correspondence. For additional material relating to Cherwell's concern with scientific and technological education, and with nutrition, see Section E. For material relating to Cherwell's service in the Churchill administration during the Second World War, see Sections F, Gand H. Manyof the 'Personal and Social' letters in Section K refer to the house- parties and social gatherings at which Cherwell could exchange ideas with politicians and others. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 315 dix 1 JnZ J.3 J.4 J.5 J.6 J.7 Politics and the Conservative Party Correspondence with Lord Hugh Cecil re Safeguarding of Industries Bill, 1921. Copy of Treasury report on 'simplification of the Income Tax', sent for comment by P.J. Grigg, with 1 p. ms. comments by Cherwell, 1922. Also included here are 3 cards of notes by Cherwell on German reparations, and Franco- German interests in the Ruhr, 1922. Correspondence re nominations as Chancellor of Oxford University, 1925 and 1928. Includes ms. draft letter by Cherwell inviting Birkenhead to accept nomination, n.d. Letter re Cherwell's bet with Lord Rothermere on election result, 1929, Correspondence, 1930-31. Mainly re composition of Oxford University Conservative Committee (the 'Caucus'). Memorandum and Resolution on gold and exchange standard, June 1932 (by J. Taylor Peddie). Correspondencere India Defence League, 1932-35. Invitation to Cherwell to join Council of the League, correspondence re meetings. Included here is later correspondence, 1934-35, from Viscount Wolmer, retiring Chairman of League, re Cherwell's help on the Amendments Committee of the India Bill. J.8 Oxford University Elections Committee. The Committee was formed 'to promote the Conservative cause in the Constituency, and to provide an organisation .... Minutes and papers of committee meetings, November 1932- July 1934. These cover the period of the reorganisation of the 'Caucus' and the preparation of a new constitution for the Elections Committee; Cherwell was a member of the re-organised Committee (from 10 March 1934). Also included are reports and statistical analyses of the voting and costs at election of Burgesses, 1922-29. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 oe Politics and the Conservative Party J.9= 5.12 Correspondence and papers, 1933. J.9 Shorter correspondence, January-June te invitation to Churchill to address Oxford University Conservative Association. re Address by Flandin on gold standard. J.10 Correspondence and papers, September-October. Mainly renominations as Chancellor of Oxford, and organisation of Conservative associations and com- mittees at Oxford. Includes minutes of meetings, membership lists, draft letters to press. Cherwell played a major part in the reorganisation of the 'Caucus' on less autocratic lines. J.11 Correspondence and papers, November-December. Similar material, re organisation of various Conservative associations at Oxford. Cherwell's letter of 24 November to Lord Iddesleigh gives a clear account of the proposed resident and non- resident Conservative Committees (a meeting of 'non- residents' was held at the House of Commons on 30 November). J.12 Shorter correspondence on political affairs, November. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 317 Politics and the Conservative Party J.13-J.17 Correspondence and papers, 1934. Almost all concerned with Oxford Conservative politics. J.13 J.14 Arrangements for visit by Churchill to address Oxford Conservative and Unionist Association in February. Correspondence, January-February, re reorganisation of Elections Committee, with draft proposals, nominations, etc. (See J.15 for minutes of committee. ) J.15 Continuing correspondence, May-August. Includes material and Minutes re Organising Sub- Committee, and reference to Cherwell's possible nomination as Conservative candidate. J.16 J.17 Material re circulation of non-resident Conservative voters. Shorter correspondence on political matters. Includes letter from J. Simon suggesting his interest in standing as Burgess; nomination of Cherwell as Treasurer of Canning Club; congratulations on reform of Conservative organisation at Oxford; study groups, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party Je18=J,26 Correspondence and papers, 1935. 318 A General Election was held in October. Cherwell hoped to secure the nomination as candidate for Burgess of Oxford University in place of Sir Charles Oman. He was supported by Oxford University Conservative Association but the selection meeting in London chose C.R.M. Cruttwell as its candidate. At the General Election, however, A.P. (later Sir Alan) Herbert, standing as an Independent candidate, was returned and Cruttwell forfeited his deposit. The material includes election addresses and manifestos, letters to the press as well as correspondence reflecting the intense activity of Cherwell and Oxford Conservatives. J.18 Correspondence, January-March. te Nomination of candidate for Burgess-ship. Includes membership lists. 5.19 Correspondence, April-June. J.20 Ju tl Letters preceding and following the meeting in London on 3 June at which Cruttwell was selected in preference to Cherwell as second Conservative candidate. Circular letters and information re London selection meeting, June. Includes Cherwell's letter to Oxford Magazine. Reports of sub-committees to discuss organisation of con- stituency, relations with undergraduate society, representation, finance, etc. n.d., unsigned, probably by Bolton King with ms. amendments by Cherwell. dete Correspondence, June-October. General affairs of Oxford Conservative Associations. Includes Cherwell's refusal to sign election manifesto of conservative candidates. J.23 Election addresses and manifestos issued by Burgess candidates for General Election, October. Includes draft of A.P. Herbert's 'Letter to the Electors', 28 pp. typescript with many ms. corrections. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 319 Politics and the Conservative Party Letters on results of election. Correspondence, November-December. J.24 J.25 te Constitution of Senior Branch, Oxford Conservative Association; Cherwell's election as Vice-President, Federation of University Conservative Associations, etc. J.26 Miscellaneous correspondence on Conservativepolitics. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party Jal Led? Correspondence and papers, 1936 320 This was another year of intense political activity, and A by-election Cherwell announcedhis eventual disappointment, for Cherwell. arose on the appointmentof the Senior Burgess, Lord Hugh Cecil, as Provost of Eton. candidature, and began canvassing for support, in July. The Oxford University Conservative Association (the 'Caucus') declined to support Cherwell at a meeting in October, and adopted Sir Farquhar Buzzard as its official candidate at the Selection Meeting held in London on 9 December. Conservative, and at the election (February 1937) the Conservative vote was split almost equally between him and Buzzard, and the Independent candidate, Sir Arthur (later Lord) Salter took the seat. Cherwell pursued his campaign as Independent Cherwell and his supporters (including Winston Churchill!) made great efforts to mobilise their forces, issuing many manifestos, reminders, press statements, etc. these, like the extensive personal correspondence with individuals, refer to defence matters and especially to air defence, this being to Cherwell one of the vital issues of the day and one where he hoped to exert influence in Parliament. Several of Material covering the election itself continues into 1937, see J.40-J.46. Correspondence, January, about a letter which had been published in the Oxford Magazine on the subject of the 1935 election, and which Cherwell considered defamatory, con- templating legal action. Cherwell's letter of resignation from Oxford University Conservative Committee, and his election manifesto (issued on same day), 11 July. Correspondence canvassing support for election candidature, on basis of Cherwell's own manifesto d 11 July, and also of a later statement drafted by Churchill and signed by statesmen, industrialists, etc. who were not members of Oxford University (see J.31). In alphabetical order; in some cases only Cherwell's carbon survives. J.27 J.28 J.29 J.30 Correspondence, August. Mainly re Salter's nomination as Independent candidate. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 321 J.31 J.32 Politics and the Conservative Party Letter from Churchill, enclosing draft letter of support, with suggested signatories from both Houses of Parliament. Correspondence, September-15 October. Mainly canvassing support, requests to friends to attend adoption meeting of Oxford University Caucus held on 24 October (which decided not to support Cherwell as official candidate). Includes some references to Cherwell's recent visit to Russia, problems of air defence, etc. as well as immediate electoral matters. J.33 Correspondence, 19-31 October. Includes material sent by Cherwell to Churchill, who spoke at the Oxford Union in his support on 30 October, letters to The Times, request for article for Oxford Magazine, etc. J.34 Correspondence, November. Continuing canvassing and letters to the Press, in prepara- tion for official adoption meeting in London on 9 December. J.35 ‘Brief’ prepared by Cherwell for his supporters, on the history of Oxford Conservative organisations, and electoral contro- versies, 11 November. J.36 Correspondence, December. Preceding and fdlowing the adoption meeting at which Sir Farquhar Buzzard was chosen as the official Conservative candidate. Includes letter from L.S. Amery describing the meeting and advising Cherwell not to proceed with his candidature. Letters, schedules, etc. mainly from E. Bolton King re the running of Cherwell's election campaign. Includes later correspondence, 1939, from a canvasser who claimed he had not been paid. Draft and printed manifestos, letters of support, polemics, letters to press, etc. put out by Cherwell and his supporters in the course of the campaign. Correspondencere affairs of Oxford University Conservative Association. Arrangements for meetings, speakers, etc. J.97 J.38 J.39 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Sao Politics and the Conservative Party J.40-J.48 Correspondence and papers, 1937. The by-election for the Oxford University Burgess-ship, when Cherwell stood as Independent Conservative, was The poll closed on Saturday, 27th. held in February. Most of the material relates to the run-up and aftermath of this event. J.40 Letters of support, advice, etc., January-February. J.4] J.42 J.43 J.44 J.45 J.46 J.47 Includes comments by Solicitor-General on Cherwell's election address, telegram of suppat from Rothermere, letter from old school-fellow at Blair Lodge, etc. Letters to Press (Sunday Times, The Times, Oxford Magazine, Daily Telegraph). Drafts and correspondence, February 1937. Correspondence with Sir Roger Keyesre his letter to The Times supporting Cherwell, which was refused for publication, February. Letters of commiseration received by Cherwell on losing the election, March. Includes telegram from Churchills. Shorter letters of commiseration (not indexed). Cherwell's carbon replies to correspondents. Draft and published election manifestos, letters to press, statements issued by Cherwell, etc. Includes election addresses of Buzzard and Salter. Letters to Press, and other statements by Cherwell, commenting on the election, March. General correspondence on affairs of Oxford University Conservative Association, and its Senior Branch. Mainly re meetings and speakers. J.48 Shorter political correspondence. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 323 Politics and the Conservative Party J.49 Correspondence and papers, 1938. Mainly shorter correspondence re Oxford Conservative activities. Includes draft constitution for Senior/Graduate Branch of Oxford University Conservative Association, with ms. revisions by Cherwell. J.50 Correspondence, September-October 1939. Mainly with R.F. Harrod, re statistical estimates of costs of armed forces, and re Harrod's 11 pp. memorandum on need for a central economic council, forwarded by Cherwell to Hankey. J.51, J.52 Correspondence and papers, 1943. J.51 J.52 Shorter exchanges on Social Security, House of Lords business. Correspondence and papers, with C. Weizmann and officials, on Jewish affairs, mainly in Palestine, September-November 1943. Also included here is a little earlier correspondence, on the 'Jewish Force', December 1940. For further material on Palestine, see G.543. J.53-J.56 Correspondence and papers, 1944. J.53 Cherwell's speech in House of Lords on postwar defence, 23 pp. Includes background information, and correspondence. J.54 Correspondence with Lord Melchett re incidents in Palestine. J.55 J.56 Includes memoranda, affidavits, etc. General correspondence. Correspondence, papers and press-cuttings on 'The Poles in Russia’, April 1944. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.57-J.61 Correspondence and papers, 1945. dear Correspondence, etc. with Churchill. 324 Includes invitation to join Churchill's Consultative Committee to discuss policy of the Opposition, corres- pondence and comments on speechesor articles on atomic weapons, nuclear power, etc. J.58 Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. Mainly re Harrod's resignation from the Admiralty, and his campaign as a Liberal candidate for Huddersfield at the General Election; includes draft of speech, and correspondence re publications. involvement with the Liberal party and his Huddersfield campaign in his 'personal memoir' The Prof, London 1959, pps.243-255.) (Harrod discusses his J.59 Correspondence and papers on atomic energy. Includes notices of meetings, correspondencere debate in House of Lords, letters from general public, etc. J.60 General political correspondence. re Election results, V-bombs, Family Census, Palestine, etc. J.61 Article 'My visit to Russia’ by Mrs. Churchill, describing her impressions of Russia on a visit as Chairman of the British Red 16 pp. dated May 1945 and sent Cross Aid to Russia Fund. to Cherwell, June 1945. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 325 Politics and the Conservative Party J.62-J.67 Correspondence and papers, 1946. J.62 Correspondence, etc. with Churchill. Includes correspondence and comment on speeches, letters to press, etc., on India, economics, nutrition. J.63 Correspondence on House of Lords business. Budget debate, nationalisation of iron and steel, nutrition, Atomic Energy Bill, health service, India. J.64 J.65 Correspondence and papers on Palestine. Correspondence and papers on nutrition. Includes several requests for newspaper articles on the subject, arising from Cherwell's speeches in the House of Lords. J.66 Correspondence on atomic energy. Includes references to American affairs, committees, Coal Nationalisation Bill and Compensation Tribunal, meetings of Atomic Scientists, telegram from Baruch, etc. See also correspondence with J.L. Tuck, D.246. 5.67 General political correspondence. re India, tanks, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 326 Politics and the Conservative Party J.68-J.74 Correspondence and papers, 1947. J.68 Correspondence, etc. with Churchill. Mainly on coal situation, also India, economic affairs. J.69 Correspondence on Houseof Lords business. _re Debates and speeches on food, Cotton Bill, coal (includes draft speech), Industrial Organisation Bill, Planning Bill. J.70 Shorter correspondence on House of Lords affairs and debates. J.71 Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. On economic affairs and production statistics; also includes draft for an article by Harrod on intemational control of atomic energy. J.72 Correspondence and papers on nutrition. Including correspondence arising from Cherwell's speeches and letters to the press on the subject. J.73 Letters from the general public about nutrition, and on Cherwell's speeches and writings on the subject (not indexed). See E.22 fora note on additional similar letters which have not survived. J.74 General political correspondence. Includes request for reference tosupport E.G.R. Heath's candidature as Conservative M.P., arrangements for Cherwell to address 1922 Committee on food situation, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 327 Politics and the Conservative Party J.75-J.83 Correspondence and papers, 1948. J.75 Correspondence with Churchill. Mainly notes provided by Cherwell for a broadcast by Churchill (on economic and production figures). Also includes invitation to meeting to read King's Speech on the opening of Parliament. J.76 Correspondence with Melchett. Mainly on Palestine, and Anglo-Indian relations. J.77 Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. On economic planning, production, etc. J.78 Correspondence with F. Pakenham (Longford). On production figures; includes letters to press. J.79 Correspondence with R.A. Butler. On Conservative Party's draft 'Agricultural Charter’. Includes Cherwell's comments on the draft. J.80 J.8] Correspondence with Lord Winster, on Cyprus Airways. Material relating to Radioactive Substances Act, 1948. This measure was introduced in the House of Lords by Lord Inman on 24 April 1947, and was not accepted on its original terms, discussion being postponed at Cherwell's instance. Cherwell, was set up by the Atomic Scientists Association to consider the Bill and make recommendations. Cherwell also had consultations, on the basis of the Sub-committee's report, with officials on the re-drafting of the Bill, and with scientific colleagues on the wording. A Sub-committee, chaired by The re-drafted Bill passed through the House of Lords in April 1948. The material includes reports, memoranda and correspondence, 1947-48, and invitation, 1949, from the Minister of Health (A. Bevan) to Cherwell to serve on the Advisory Committee set up under the Act. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 328 Politics and the Conservative Party J.82 General political correspondence, January-April. re power stations, petrol rationing, atomic science, Capital PunishmentBill, sterling balances, and other matters. J.83 General political correspondence, May-December. re food subsidies, defence, recruitment, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 329 Politics and the Conservative Party J.84-J.96 Correspondence and papers, 1949. J.84 Correspondence with Churchill. te technological education, atomic energy, devaluation, Masterman report, etc. J.85 Correspondence on House of Lords affairs. Brief correspondence with Simon re FinanceBill, and Mountbatten Private Bill. J.86 Correspondence on House of Lords affairs. Wireless Telegraphy Bill. Correspondence, memoranda, draft amendments, etc., re radio interference, with special reference to North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board. Includes letters of thanks for Cherwell's assistance in Committee and Report stages of Bill, and later material on Amendmentsto Bill. J.87 Correspondence on House of Lords affairs. Industrial Production Debate. Correspondence and background material. J.88 Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. Mainly on devaluation, balance of payments, etc. Includes draft of a note by Harrod on Keynes. J.89 J.90 J.9] J.92 J.93 Correspondence on devaluation. Correspondence on defence. Correspondence with Churchill on defence. Correspondence on nutrition. General political correspondence on housing, nationalised industries, Masterman report, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 330 Politics and the Conservative Party J.94-J.96 Letters from the general public arising from Cherwell's speeches and writings (not indexed), 1946-49. 3 folders: Economics and Finance. Petrol. Coal, transport, education. J.94 J.95 J.96 See J.73 for similar letters on food supplies. Manysimilar letters were destroyed in the review of the Cherwell papers in May 1965. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 331 Politics and the Conservative Party J.97-J.105 Correspondence and papers, 1950. J.97 Correspondence with Churchill. On atomic weapons. Includes draft by Churchill of history of 'Tube Alloys' (wartime atomic bomb project), and a note by Cherwell on Anglo-American interchange of information on nuclear research. J.98 Correspondence with Churchill. On economic affairs, ‘invisible exports', European Payments Union, guided missiles. J.99 Comments on draft Conservative election programme, sent by Cherwell to R.A. Butler. J.100 House of Lords affairs. re King's speech, Air debate. J.101 House of Lords affairs. te Finance Bill; includes background information on European Payments Union. J.102 Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. On economic affairs, especially European Payments Union and sterling convertibility. Includes a little material re possible Parliamentary candidature for Harrod, J.103 Correspondence on economic affairs. Mainly background statistics and information sent by Conservative Research Department. J.104 Correspondence on defence. With officials, and with members d general public re inventions and devices. J.105 General political correspondence. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 332 Politics and the Conservative Party J.106-J.118 Correspondence and papers, 1951. J.106 Correspondence with Churchill. J.107 J.108 On defence, and organisation of British atomic energy research, Arrangements for journey to Washington in Churchill's party, January 1951. Autograph letter from Groves, 23 January, about events at Yalta conference, and other matters concerning develop- ment of atomic bomb, which he hoped Cherwell might pass on for him to Churchill. J.109 Reports and memoranda on defence matters, c.1951. J.110 J.111 Also includes later correspondence, 1954, on FIDO at London Airport. See also J.143. See G.223-G.225 for wartime material re FIDO. Minutes between P.M. (Churchill) and Cherwell, November- December 1951. On military and economic matters. Minutes between P.M. (Churchill), Cherwell and others, November 1951-May 1954. On miscellaneous military and economic matters. There is an itemised list of the Minutes inside the front cover of the folder. J.112 Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. On economic affairs, revaluation, exports, etc. Includes draft article by Harrod on revaluation, and press-cutting of article on disinflation. J.113 House of Lords affairs. Mainly re Cherwell's contributionsto debates on economic affairs, and written reply by Pakenham. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 333 Politics and the Conservative Party J.114 Minutes and memoranda, on various economic topics, sent to Cherwell by Statistical Branch, mainly by G.D.A. MacDougall (Chief Adviser, Prime Minister's Statistical Branch). Also includes Cherwell's memos. to ministers. Material begins 1951 and continues to July 1953. J.115 Minutes and memoranda, on production, balance of payments and other economic topics, exchanged between Cherwell, ministers and Statistical Branch. Material begins 1951 and continues to May 1953. J.116 Minutes exchanged between Cherwell and Membersof the Government on various topics. There is an itemised list of the Minutes inside the front cover of the folder. Material begins 1951 and continues to July 1953. Jn t17 Correspondence on atomic energy/weapons. Mainly with scientific colleagues, re affairs of Atomic Scientists Association, and re Fuchs case and security. J.118 General political correspondence. On economics, defence; includes correspondence with President, Bell Telephone Laboratories re technical education and re Shockley's research. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.119-J.135 Correspondence and papers, 1952. 334 J.119 Visit to Washington and Ottawa with Churchill, January 1952. Briefs and notes on defence, economics. J.120 Visit to Washington and Ottawa. Administrative arrangements, lists of participants at various functions, memorabilia, personal correspondence. J.121 Minutes for Churchill. J.122 J.123 J.124 Je125 Drafts on atom bombtests in Australia, sterling con- vertibility. Minutes and memoranda between Churchill, Cherwell, ministers and officials, all topics, January-December. Minutes, notes and memoranda exchanged between Churchill, Cherwell, ministers and officials, mainly on economic affairs and sterling convertibility. Note on atomic energy. Minutes and memoranda exchanged between Cherwell, ministers and economic advisers, on economic affairs, balance of payments, etc. Material begins February 1952 and continues to June 1953. J.126 Memoranda sent to Cherwell by economic advisers, on inter- national wheat agreement. Material begins April 1952 and continues to June 1953. Je 127-Je 127 Three folders of minutes, notes and memoranda exchanged between Cherwell, Churchill, ministers and advisers, on economic affairs and sterling convertibility. There is some overlap of material and date between the folders, which remain in the order as received. J.127 J.128 J.129 November 1951-March 1953. July 1952-March 1953. February-July 1953. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 335 Politics and the Conservative Party Jien1.30 Correspondence with R.F. Harrod. Letters and memoranda, mainly on sterling convertibility, ‘dollar gap', Harrod's decision to abandon Parliamentary candidature. J.131 Correspondence with Chancellor of Exchequer requesting income tax relief for parents paying for private education. Similar requests are included for 1953 and 1955. JeldZ Correspondence re construction of power stations. Mainly putting forward suggestions for cheaper and more rapid methods; a committee was set up, chaired by Sir Hugh Beaver, to enquire and report. Includes drawings and memoranda. Material continues to November 1953. J.133 J.134 Reports and papers on defence and State of the Nation. Correspondence re oxygen supplies for the Everest expedition planned for 1953. J.135 General political correspondence. On economic affairs, visit of American atomic scientists, Marshall Scholarships, etc. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 336 Politics and the Conservative Party J.136-J.144 Correspondence and papers, 1953. J.136 Correspondence with Churchill. On atomic energy, communist infiltration. J.137 Three-power meeting in Bermuda, with Churchill, December. Brief correspondence and programmeof meetings. J.138 Minutes and memoranda exchanged between Churchill, Cherwell, ministers and officials, all topics, January- December. J.139 Papers and reports on economic and defencepolicies. J.140-J.142 Correspondence and papers on National Service. Cherwell argued that deferment should be The material, which runs from February 1953 to August 1955, is mainly concerned with arrangements for deferment for scientists. indefinite rather than tied to specific periods of research, or types of work. cases of researchers at the Clarendon Laboratory, and British scientists working overseas, as well as with the general principles of deferment in the national interest. The correspondence deals with specific The Technical Personnel Committee of the Ministry of Labour and National Service accepted the principle of indefinite deferment in March 1954, and the scheme was ready for implementation in March 1955. Draft White Paper an Defence and National Service, 1953. Correspondence and papers, 1953. Includes memo. on deferment by Zuckerman. J.140 J.141 J.142 Correspondence and papers, 1954-55. Includes copy of scheme for deferment as finally agreed. J.143 Correspondence and papers on FIDO. Mainly on costs and methodsof installing fog dispersal device at U.K. airports, and comparison with American experience. Correspondence runs January 1953- June 1954, and includes memos. and reports. See also J.109. See G.223-G. 225 for wartime material re FIDO. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 337 Politics and the Conservative Party J.144 General political correspondence. Includes notes for speech introducing Harold (Later Lord) Watkinson at Oxford Conservative meeting, and letter thanking Cherwell for attending meeting in support of Oxford City Conservative candidate. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 338 Politics and the Conservative Party J.145-J.149 Correspondence and papers, 1954. J.145 Correspondence with Churchill. On atomic affairs, South Africa. Includes request for Cherwell to attend Cabinet meeting, 7 July. J.146 Minutes and memoranda exchanged between Churchill, Cherwell, ministers and officials, all topics, January 1954- December 1955. J.147 Correspondence re atomic energy. Includes memo. by Cherwell on Oppenheimer, corres- pondence, etc. on salary scales for scientists, and on affairs of Atomic Energy Authority. J.148 J.149 General political correspondence. Cherwell's draft letters to colleagues on honours or appointments. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J.150-J.153 Correspondence and papers, 1955. 339 J.150 J.151 J.152 Correspondence on Houseof Lords affairs, questions and debates. Memos. by Cherwell, on Long-range Rocket Research, Russian Technology, sent to Churchill, 22 February. Correspondence and papers on atomic and nuclear energy. Includes paper on residual radioactivity (not by Cherwell), letter to Duchess of Marlborough on dangers of hydrogen bomb, etc. J.153 General political correspondence. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Politics and the Conservative Party J. 154=4.1.57 Correspondence and papers, 1956. J.154 House of Lords affairs. 340 re debates on nutrition, mining subsidence, international affairs. J6155 Correspondence, etc. on nuclear energy. Mainly on thermonuclear reactions, and on construction. J.156 J.157 Correspondence on defence matters. Shorter political correspondence. Includes Cherwell's message in support of L. Turner, Oxford Conservative candidate. J.158-J.160 Correspondence and papers, 1957 (to July only) J.158 House of Lords affairs. Juid? J.160 Question on University finance, debates on water resources, lung cancer. Correspondence, etc. on nuclear energy and fall-out. Shorter political correspondence. re Suez crisis. Undated ms. notes by Cherwell on economic affairs. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 341 Politics and the Conservative Party J.161-J.163 Miscellaneous Conservative Associations. J.161 Oxford University Conservative Association, 1941-55 (and Canning Club). Mainly correspondence with successive Presidents and officers, re meetings and dinners, requests for Cherwell to arrange visits by Churchill and Eden, etc. J.162 City of Oxford Conservative Association. City of London Young Conservatives. Shorter correspondence. J.163 Conservative Political Centre, 1948-55. re Conferences, Summer Schools, etc. Cherwell addressed the Summer School on 'The Condition of Britain'in 1948, F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 | 342 SECTION K PERSONAL AND SOCIAL CORRESPONDENCE _ K.1 - K.327 The material is presented in an alphabetical sequence. Shorter exchanges are grouped together in a single folder which may therefore include letters from more than one correspondent; more extensive exchanges, or material of particular bio- graphical interest, are assigned a separate folder or folders with terminal dates and a brief indication of content. Some of the exchangesare relatively trivial and consist of arrangements for social engagements or holidays, letters of thanks for visits to Cherwell at Christ Church or the Clarendon Laboratory, or for Cherwell's mediation in personal or university matters, and the like. Some references to political, military or scientific affairs occur, and in addition there are substantial exchanges of personal letters, with the Churchill and Melchett families, for instance, which complement the official correspondence elsewhere in the collection and indicate the close affectionate relations obtaining between Cherwell and his friends. Cherwell was well known, not to say notorious, for his courting of aristocratic or 'Society' connections during the inter-war years. The surviving correspondence, while confirming the truth of the matter, also testifies to Cherwell's lasting personal popularity with his distinguished hosts and hostesses, his affection for and under- standing of their young families, and the range of guests and interests made available to him under their roofs. In some cases, the letters offer interesting sidelights on changing social circumstances before, during and after the Second World War. In his later years, Cherwell kept in touch with friends and acquaintances by diligently sending birthday greetings, or messages of congratulation on honours or appointments. Numerous examples survive. All identifiable correspondents are indexed; someof the early letters are signed only with first or nick-names. Very few of Cherwell's own letters survive, presumably because no copieswere kept of handwritten letters. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 343 K.1 K.2 K.3 K.4 K.5 K.6 K.7 K.8 K.9 K.11 K.12 Personal and social correspondence Ab - Ad Adrian, Edgar Douglas, Ist Baron 1919, 1950, 1955 Ah - Al Alexander of Tunis, Harold Rupert Leofric George, Ist Earl Al Amery, L. S. 1944-54 1934-50 Includes a little military and political material. Anderson, John (later Viscount Waverley) 1931-32, 1944, 1949 Includes correspondence with Viscountess Waverley 1944-45 An Ar Assheton, Ralph (later Clitheroe) 1923, 1948-49 and Assheton, N. Astor Astor, William Waldorf, 3rd Viscount 1931-52 Correspondence 1936 and 1938 refers to air defence. See also ASTOR FOUNDATION The Athenaeum 1930-56 General correspondence re nominations and elections, including Churchill's election as Honorary Life Member. Includes Cherwell's certificate of election under Rule Ill, 1930. K.14 At - Ay Ba - Bai Includes correspondence, 1948, with C. Babington- Smith re photographs of Churchill at Marrakech. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 344 Personal and social correspondence Bailey, Ss. N. Grant 1932-56 Bai - Ban Bar Barrington-Ward Correspondence with various members of the Barrington-Ward family. Bar - Bat Beatty, David, Ist Earl 1926-27 Beaverbrook, William Maxwell Aitken, Ist Baron 1931-45 General personal and social correspondence with some political material. Correspondence 1940 refers toa report, angrily denied by Cherwell, of his midnight meeting with the ‘Londoner's Diary' reporter at the Savoy Grill. Bea - Beg Bel - Ben Bennett, E. Correspondencere an article about Cherwell commissioned from Bennett for The Reader's Digest. Includes 25 pp. draft of the article. Benson, L. 1952 1946 K.20 K.2] K.22 K.23 K.24 K.25 K.26 Berry, William Michael (later Baron Hartwell) n.d., 1946-57 Mainly re articles, letters, etc. contributed by Cherwell to The Daily Telegraph and Morning Post (see also Section E, passim). K.27 Berry, Pamela Margaret Elizabeth c. 1930-57 (Wife of above, daughter of Ist Earl of Birkenhead) Personal and social correspondence, not all dated. K.28 K.29 K.30 Bes - Bet Bev Bi - Bin F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 345 Personal and social correspondence K.3] Birkenhead, Frederick Edwin Smith, Ist Earl of Includes card from Birkenhead re Chancellorship of Oxford (1925), telegram re illness of Cherwell's father, ms. note by Cherwell on the dispersal of Birkenhead's library (1930), letter re Last Essays (1930), correspondence re memorial bust of Birkenhead in Oxford Union Society (1932), letter to New Statesman defending Birkenhead (1957). K.32 Birkenhead, Margaret Eleanor (wife of above) 1923-53 Miscellaneous social and personal correspondence. Not all the letters are dated, and have been tenta- tively assigned from internal evidence. See also K.275, K.27 for correspondence with Hon. Eleanor Smith, and Hon. Pamela (Berry, later Baroness Hartwell) daughters of the above. K.33 Birkenhead, Frederick Winston Furneaux Smith, ('‘Freddy'), 2nd Earl of c.1921-60 Birkenhead wrote biographies of his father, Ist Earl, of his sister, Lady Eleanor Smith, and of Cherwell (The Prof in two worlds, Collins 1961). Mainly personal and social correspondence; the letters, which date from Birkenhead's schooldays at Eton, cover almost all stages of his career though not all are dated. K.34 Birkenhead, Sheila (wife of above) 1936-57 Personal and social correspondence. Birkenhead, Frederick William Robin Smith, 3rd Earl of 1950 Oneletter (as Viscount Furneaux), thanking Cherwell for advice on tennis. Bismarck, Prince FUrst von 1933-36 Bj - BI Bod - Bor Bos Bov - Bra K.35 K.36 K.37 K.38 K.39 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 16 Personal: and social correspondence K.40 Brabazon of Tara, John Theodore Cuthbert, Ist Baron 1938-56 Correspondence of various dates, including some political references. K.41 Bracken, Brendan, Ist Viscount 1933-56 Personal and social correspondence; some political matters are referred to, Correspondence 1948 includes Cherwell's recom- mendation of F.E. Simon as scientific correspondent of The Financial Times. Brad - Bre Bridges, R. and Bridges, Edward, Ist Baron c.1926-28 Brinton Bro Bru Buch Buck - But Butler, Richard Austen, Baron 1953-56 Mainly personal correspondence; includes correspondence, 1955, re Cherwell's retention of flat on the top floor of 11 Downing Street during his service as Paymaster-General. But - Buz Ca - Gai Calder, Peter Ritchie (later Baron Ritchie~Calder) 1955 Mainly correspondence with lawyers re account of 'H2S' given in Calder's book Science makes sense and challenged by Cherwell. Cal - Cam Camrose, William Ewert Berry, Ist Viscount 1930-53 and Mary Agnes (Dolly) c.1935-39, 1953 K.42 K.43 K.44 K.45 K.46 K.47 K.48 K.49 K.50 K.51 K.52 K.53 K.54 K.55 Can - Gar F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4 /81 347 K.56 K.57 K.58 K.59 K.60 Personal and social correspondence Cas Cat - Ce Chamberlain, Sir Austen 1927-35 Includes letters from Lady Chamberlain and daughters. Cha - Che Chetwynd, R. 1920-55 Includes some correspondence with A. Chetwynd (mother). K.6]1 Cho - Chu F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 348 Personal and social correspondence K.62-K.77 Churchill, Sir Winston Spencer, 1923-57 and members of the Churchill family Cherwell met Churchill in August 1921, through the Duke and Duchess of Westminster (see K. 308). He became and remained a close personal friend of the family, and Churchill himself rapidly formed the practice of consulting him on many subjects - history, current affairs, drafts of speeches and articles, or the mechanics of the water-garden at Chartwell. earliest dated letter from Churchill is 1924; some are signed by secretaries. accompanied by reports, letters or documents on which Cherwell's advice was sought, but which have not survived. Some of the letters were originally The See Sections F, Gand H for Cherwell's memoranda, charts, etc. as Personal Assistant to Churchill and Head of Statistical Section, and later as Paymaster-General during the Second World War. See Section J passim for exchangeson political affairs. See A.56, A.58 for correspondence re Cherwell's service in Churchill's Government. K.62 1924-26 Includes telegrams re Cherwell's 'volunteers' in General Strike. K.63 1927-29 Includes letter from Trenchard on bombing accuracy; correspondence re water-garden at Chartwell; miscellaneous requests for information from ‘a fountain of erudition’. K.64 K.65 K.66 K.67 1930-31 1932-33 Includes plans for tour of battlefields. No correspondence survives for 1934 1935-36 1937-38 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 K.68 1939-43 Personal and social correspondence 349 Includes various letters sent to Churchill and passed on by him to Cherwell. K.69 1946-51 Includes various exchanges re Churchill's history of the war, and correspondence, 1950-51, re mortars. K.70 1952-55 Includes letter, 25 June 1953, re Churchill's stroke. K.71 1956 Includes comments on Churchill's 'History of the English-Speaking Peoples’. K.72, K.73 Churchill, Clementine Ogilvy 1923-57 (later Baroness Spencer- Churchill of Chartwell) Social and personal letters, mainly re visits, holiday plans, family affairs; several of the later letters concern Churchill's birthdays, and gifts chosen by Lady Churchill for her husband, on Cherwell's behalf. Includes a letter from Lady Eden (later Avon) about her husband, 1957. Many ofthe letters have no year in their date, and have been placed approximately. K.72 K.73 1923-49 1950-57 K.74 Churchill, Diana (Mrs Duncan Sandys) Churchill, Mary (Lady Soames) 1927-35 1936-56 Churchill, Sarah (Mrs Oliver, later Mrs Beauchamp) c.1925-52 K.75 Churchill, Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer c.1925-1957 General personal correspondencere visits, studies at Eton and Oxford (Cherwell lent Randolph Churchill money to pay off his debts), Randolph's biography of his father, etc. K.76 K.77 Miscellaneous shorter correspondence and printed matter re Churchill (requests, presentations) and the Churchill family. 1950-56 Miscellaneous correspondencere financial arrangements, Trusts and endowments for the Churchill family. 1948-57 F.A. Lindindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 350 K.78 K.79 K.80 K.81 K.82 K.83 K.84 K.85 K.86 K.87 K.88 Personal and social correspondence Cl Coc Colville, Sir John 1947-55 Com - Coo Cor - Cox Cra = Cri Cro Cu d'A - Da Dav - Dea de B - Den Includes correspondence with Marquise de Huppé (née Broglie). K.89-K.91 de Pange, Jean 1912-56 and membersof the de Pange family Count Jean de Pange married Pauline, sister of Maurice, duc de Broglie (q.v.). They had three sons, Frangois, Maurice (d.1927) and Victor, whose studies at Oxford were actively encouraged by Cherwell. is from Pauline, but Cherwell was on friendly terms with the whole family. The greater share of the correspondence The correspondence deals with general family matters, including Cherwell's visits to the family home at Broglie. K.89 K.90 de Pange, Jean, comte de Pange de Pange, Pauline, comtesse de Pange The letters are signed 'Broglie-Pange' or (later), 'B.P.'. 1913-55 1912-56 K.91 de Pange, Frangois Maurice (d. 1927) Victor 1938 1921 1938, 1947-56 Includes material re Victor de Pange's period as a graduate student at Oxford, his marriage, etc. 3 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 351 K.92 K.93 K.94 K.95 K.96 K.97 K.98 K.99 Personal and social correspondence d'Erlanger, L. F. A. de Rochetaillée, B. Comtesse (Mother of Camille, who married Maurice de Broglie (q.v.)) de Rochetaillée, F. de Savitsch, E. Desborough, Lady Ethel 1941 1913-21 1926 1956 1927-49 Includes message from Comtesse de Pange (q.v.) transmitted via Red Cross and Lady Desborough to Cherwell, 1943. Desborough, William Henry Grenfell, 1st Baron 1930-35 Included here are letters from the Desboroughs' daughters, Imogen and Alexandra (‘Mogs', later Viscountess Gage) Grenfell De - Di Do - Dor Dou Dow - Dun K.100 Duncan, C.J. 1954-56 re projector for Cherwell's slide and photograph collection. K.101 Dun - Duv K.102 K.103 K.104 K.105 Includes material re proposed portrait of Churchill by John, and a portrait of Einstein. Ec - Ed Eden, Robert Anthony (later Ist Earl of Avon) 1953-57 Includes some political references, and some correspondence with other members ofthe family. Ed - Eld Elliot, Katharine, Baroness Elliot, W. 1946, n.d. 1932-38, 1946 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 352 Personal and social correspondence El - Em Emmet, Evelyn Violet Elizabeth, Baroness 1941-57 Includes correspondence, 1957, re solar energy project in Malta, for which Cherwell recommended Prof. Harold Heywood. K.106 K.107 K.108 K.109 K.110 K.111 K.112 K.113 1946-48 1934-44 1930-40 1926-47 1941, 1955-56 Emmett, D. Emm - Eu Ev Fa Fe - Ff Fi - Fis Fitz Alan, Viscount and members of the Fitzalan family Includes some political references. K.114 FitzGerald, Amelia (Lily), Lady Mainly social, but includes letters from Vera and Chaim Weizmann. K.115 K.116 K.117 K.118 K.119 K.120 K.121 K.122 K.123 Fle Fo Fra Fre - Fro Ezy, C. B. Fu Ga - Gan Gar Gas - Ge K.124 Gi F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 353 Personal and social correspondence K.125 Gladwyn, Hubert Miles, Baron and Gladwyn, Cynthia, Lady 1947-53 1946 K.126 K.127 K.128 K.129 GI - Goll Goo Includes correspondence, 1941, with A. L. Goodhart about the serious illness of Kathleen Thomson, and the posting of G.P. Thomson as Scientific Liaison Officer to Canada. Graebner, W. Gra 1948-53 Includes correspondence, 1946, with L.S. Amery re wartime activities. K.130 Gravem, A. B. 1938, 1948-57 General correspondence, mainly personal but with some scientific references and comments on Anglo- American politics. Gravem was an American lawyer; a keen tennis- player, he had been a fellow guest with Cherwell at tennis parties at Charlton, home of the Birkenhead family. During the ‘austerity’ years after the Second World War, Gravem sent regular supplies of chocolates to Cherwell, who had a sweet tooth among manyidiosyncrasies of diet. K.131 Greville, Dame Margaret Helen Anderson (Hon. 1926-40 Mrs Ronald Greville) Social and political correspondence, much ofit addressed from Polesden Lacey, the house which Mrs Greville restored and which now belongs to the National Trust. K.132 K.133 K.134 Gri Gro Grosvenor, R. A. (Robin) Grosvenor, Doris May and 1933-49 1953 K.135 Gro-Gu F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 354 K.136 K.137 K.138 K.139 K.140 K.141 Personal and social correspondence Guest Guinness Correspondence with various members of the family. Includes correspondence, 1936, re analysis of oil samples. Gu - Gw Had - Hal Ham - Hard Harg - Harr Includes correspondence, 1945-46, with Sir Arthur (‘Bomber') Harris. K.142 Harrod, Sir Roy 1926-56 Harrod was one of Cherwell's oldest associates, at Christ Church and at 'S Branch’ (later the Prime Minister's Statistical Section) during the Second World War until 1942; in 1959 he wrote The Prof. A Personal Memoir of Lord Cherwell . The correspondence consists of personal and social exchanges, with some reference to university or political matters. See the Index of Correspondents for many other refer- ences to correspondence with Harrod. Hart Harvey, 1. OD. Has - Hea 1935-56 Heathcote-Smith, C. E. 1955 re proposed Commonwealth Institute of Technology. Hea - Hen Het - Hey Hi Ho - Hod Hogg K.143 K.144 K.145 K.146 K.147 K.148 K.149 K.150 K.151 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 355 K.152 K.153 K.154 K.155 K.156 K.157 K.158 K.159 K.160 K.161 K.162 K.163 K.164 K.165 K.166 K.167 Personal and social correspondence Hol Hom - Hoo Hope, Lord Charles 1929-40 Mainly re psychic phenomena. Includes correspondence, 1934, on Britain's dollar debts. Hop Hor How - Hull Hum - Hut Hutt - Hyde Il - In Ismay, Hastings Lionel, ('Pug'), Baron 1943-54 Includes some wartime recollections and some correspondence with Lady Ismay. Ilveagh, Rupert, 2nd Earl of’ 1930 Jac Jam - Je Jefferis, Sir Millis 1943-55 Includes references to work done by Jefferis and M.D.1, copies of letters by Cherwell to Melchett and Rowan on the subject, anda letter to Jefferis (12 August 1946) on possible future role for M.D.1 in atomic energy. Je - Joh Johnstone, Margaret Montague 1941-55 Mrs Johnstone was Cherwell's chauffeuse in the early part of the war, and remained on very friendly terms with him. K.168 Jon - Jow F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 356 Personal and social correspondence K.169 K.170 K.171 K.172 K.173 K.174 K.175 K.176 K.177 K.178 K.179 K.180 K.18] K.182 K.183 Ka - Kei Kel - Key Ki - Ko Lai - Lanc Lang - Lau Lauwerys, J. A. Law - Lee 1932-39 Legg, L. G. Wickham, and others 1947-48, 1951 Correspondence 1951 refers to the circumstances of the death of the actor Leslie Howard in 1943, for an entry in the Dictionary of National Biography of which Legg was then Editor. Legh - Len Lennox-Boyd, Alan Tindal (later Viscount Boyd of Merton) c.1930-47 Includes some correspondence with Viscountess Lennox-Boyd. Le - Li Lindsay, Elizabeth Patricia 1935-36 Includes one letter from Crawford (father) 1936 Li - LI LI - Lo Londonderry, Charles Henry, 7th Marquess of 1929-36, 1947 Correspondence 1932 refers to a proposed prize for smooth flying in aircraft; correspondence 1933 refers to economic situation and ‘divided budget’. Letter of 1947 is accompanied by copies of letters by Londonderry to von Papen and to Halifax, 1939, about Anglo-German relations in the 1930s. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 357 Personal and social correspondence K.184 Londonderry, Edith, Marchioness of c.1930-56 Several letters are addressed to 'My dear Philosopher’. Includes correspondence from Helen and Mairi (daughters), and photographs of Cherwell. K.185 K.186 Lo Lubin, I. 1943-46 Correspondence 1943 includes report by Lubin on merchant and escort shipping losses, with comments and correspondencearising. Correspondence 1946 refers to completion by Robert Sherwood of Harry Hopkins's projected work on Roosevelt left unfinished at his death. K.188 K.189 K.190 K.191 K.192 K.193 K.194 K.195 Lu ly Includes correspondence, 1934, re Mendeleev's daughter. Mab - Mac Macmillan, Sir Harold 1953-57 Correspondence December 1955 refers to Cherwell's occupancy of the two top floors of 11 Downing Street, from which he removedhis * gear' when Macmillan became Chancellor of the Exchequer. Mac - Mag Makins, Roger Mellor (later Sherfield) c.1934-56 Mal - Man Manning, Olga Mary, Lady 1953-57 Mar Includes memorandum by Cherwell on the economic situation, 1932, sent to D. Margesson. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 358 Personal and social correspondence K.196 Marlborough, Gladys Marie, 9th Duchess of c.1921-28 Not all dated. Marlborough, Mary, 10th Duchess of 1934-36 K.197 K.198 K.199 K.200 K.201 K.202 K.203 K.204 K.205 K.206 Mar Masaryk, Frances Masaryk, Jan Personal correspondence; includes some printed matter on Czech-German relations. Masterman, Sir John Mau 1929-30 1938 1938-54 Max=-Muller, Sir William 1919-31 Correspondence 1919 includes letter re readership in meteorology at Oxford. Max-Muller, Wanda, Lady 1927-56 Max - Meh Melchett, Amy Gwen (wife of Henry) 1936-56 Includes some material re financial settlements. Melchett, Henry Mond, Baron 1933-45 Includes letter re Cherwell's obituary notice of Derek Mond (q.v.), 1945. Melchett, Violet (mother of above) 1931, 1936 See also Mond Men Merton, Sir Thomas Includes correspondence with various members of the family. K.207 Midleton, Madeleine, Lady 1932-56 Includes letter, 1936, from Earl Midleton. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 359 K.208 K.209 K.210 K.211 K.212 K.213 K.214 K.215 K.216 K.217 K.218 K.219 K.220 K.221 K.222 K.223 K.224 Personal and social correspondence Mill Mil - Min Miramon, Marquise de Lesseps Miramon, Marquis de 1917-39 1954 Mir - Mit Mob - Mon Mond, D. J. 4H. 1938-46 Derek Mond was the eldest son of Lord Melchett; he waskilled in a flying accident in April 1945, aged 22. Includes correspondence with other members of the family, and the obituary notice of Mond by Cherwell for The Times. Mont Moo - Morg Morr - Mort Mos - Mul Mun - Mur Murray, Gilbert and Murray, Lady Mary 1935, 1938 Mainly material re meetings and activities to help refugees. Mu Na - Nel Nett - No Nuffield, William, Viscount 1939, 1941, 1947-48 Nye, Sir Archibald 1941, 1946, 1948 Includes correspondence, 1941, re use of man- power in the Army. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 360 Personal and social correspondence K.225 K.226 K.227 K.228 K.229 K.230 K.23]1 K.232 K.233 K. 234 K.235 K.236 K.237 K.238 K.239 K.240 O'B - O'C Oe - Or Ow Pag Pakenham, Francis Aungier (later 7th Earl of 1931-46, 1951 Longford) Pakenham's letter August 1940 refers to a projected biography of Churchill by Pakenham. Pak Pam, A. 1946-55 Correspondence 1951 refers to Pressed Steel Research Fellowships at Oxford. Correspondence 1955 relates to 80th birthday dinner arranged by Cherwell for Pam, with list of guests, etc. Par Parliamentary and Scientific Committee 1942, 1948-56 Cherwell was a Vice-President. General correspondence re meetings and activities. Par - Pau Pe - Ph Pi | Pol Portal, Charles Frederick Algernon,('Peter') 1946-48 Ist Viscount Portland, Winifred, 6th Duchess of 1928-54 Portland, William John Arthur, 6th Duke of 1936 Many of the Duchess's letters describe house- parties at Welbeck and her social activities before and during the Second World War (when Welbeck was used as Headquarters of the Guards Armoured Division). F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 361 Personal and social correspondence K.241 Postan, M. 1945-50 Correspondencere Postan's official History of Munitions, and re Cherwell's private papers. K.242 K.243 K.244 K.245 K.246 K.247 K.248 K.249 K.250 K.251 K.252 K.253 K. 254 K.255 K.256 Pou - Pow Pr Pu-Q Rad - Rat Raw - Rea Reading, 2nd Marquess 1953 Reading, Stella, 1st Marchioness of (later Baroness 1933-41 Swanborough) Red - Rey Ri Roberts, Irene Rob Roo ¢.1929-31 Rochefort, Sacha de 193] Nephew of Maurice de Broglie. Rochetaillée-Broglie, Camille Wife of Maurice de Broglie. Includes some account of de Broglie family affairs during First World War. Roc - Roo Rootes, William, Baron Ros 1914-26, 1944 1942, 1955-56 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 362 Personal and social correspondence K.257 Rothermere, Esmond Cecil Harmsworth, 2nd Viscount 1941-48 Correspondence 1941 includes long ms. memorandum by Rothermere on Britain's military situation at the time. K.258 Rothermere, Harold Sidney Harmsworth, Ist Viscount 1936-39 K.259 Rothschild Correspondence with various members of the Rothschild family. c. 1934-53 K.260 K.261 K.262 K.263 K.264 K.265 K.266 K.267 K.268 K.269 K.270 K.271 Rou - Row Row - Roy Rumbold, Etheldred, Lady Sir Horace Anthony Claude c. 1930-38 1933, 1951 Sir Horace George Montague 1935-39 Includes some political references. Run - Ry Sadd - Sal Sam - San Sar - Sca Schicht, G. Schicht, R. 1937-38 1937-41 The Schicht family were friends of Jan Masaryk, from whom a letter of introduction is included. Sch - Sco Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, Henry James (later Earl of Dundee) c.1930-51 The letters are signed 'Jim Wedderburn' or 'Jim'. Sec - Selb Selk - Sha F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 363 K.272 K.273 K.274 K.275 K.276 K.277 K.278 K.279 K.280 K.281 K.282 K.283 Personal and social correspondence She - Si Simon, John Allsebrook, Viscount 1926-49 Includes correspondence and material relating to enquiry into R101 disaster, 1930-31, with Cherwell's notebook of his notes, observations and queries taken during the enquiry, and Simon's letters forwarding sections of his Report for comment by Cherwell. (See also C.59,) Also includes correspondence 1932-33 on economics. Some correspondence with Kathleen Simon and Gilbert Simon(son) is also included. Sim - Sm Smith, Lady Eleanor c. 1924-41 (eldest daughter of Ist Earl and Countess of Birkenhead) Lady Eleanor is credited by her brother with the invention of the nickname 'the Prof! by which Cherwell came to be addressed by the majority of his correspondents. worlds, pp. 128-29.) (See Birkenhead, The Prof in two Sm Soren, Peter Mackay, Baron 1940-43 Soren escaped from France in June 1940, and the correspondencerefers to various proposals for resistance in France, and propaganda for the Allied cause in the United States. So - Sp Stallybrass, W. TT. S. 1943, 1947 Stan - Stap Steel-Maitland, K. R. F. 1934-45 Stei - Stet Stev - Sti FA, Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 364 Personal and social correspondence K. 284 K.285 Sto - Stra Strauss, L. L. 1953-57 Includes some political recollections. Correspondence in 1957 refers to Cherwell's recommendation of Strauss for an Honorary Degree at Oxford. K.286 K.287 K. 288 K.289 K.290 K.291 K.292 Stu - Swe Swi - Sy Ta Te - Thom Thomp - Ti To Townsend, Mary Georgiana 1921-57 Lady Townsend was the wife of Sir John Townsend, Wykeham Professor of Physics, Oxford; she was active in Conservative politics in Oxford, and the correspondence includespolitical references as well as personal matters. Includes letters from Sir John Townsend and John Townsend (son). K.293 Toynbee, A. J. 1920, 1933 Correspondence on the periodicity of nomad migrations; includes 5 pp. memorandum by Cherwell on the subject. K.294 K.295 K.296 K.297 K.298 Tre Trevor-Roper, Hugh Redwald (later Lord Dacre) 1942-57 Correspondence 1942 refers to wartime work; corres pondence 1946 refers to Trevor-Roper's book The Last Days of Hitler, which he sent to Cherwell in ‘prooffor comment. Tro - Ty U Va F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 a Personal and social correspondence K.299 Veale, Sir Douglas 1933-54 Veale was Registrar of Oxford University. Personal and social correspondence. K.300 Vickers, Katharine A. c. 1920-29 K. 301 K.302 K.303 K. 304 K.305 K.306 K.307 K.308 (wife of D. Vickers, q.v.) Von B von Ilsemann, S. 1930-54 Mainly re Ilsemann's attempts to adopt British nationality after the Second World War, in which he had been forced to join the German army, captured and interned. Cherwell's efforts on his behalf, and personal inter- vention by letter or in person, have been referred to by Birkenhead (The Prof in two worlds, pp.272-3). Includes some early family correspondence, 1930-37, with political references. Wa - Walker Wal War - Wat Wat - Webb Wee - West Westminster, Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, (‘Bendor'), 2nd Duke of, and membersof his family 1921-53 Cherwell's close personal friendship with the Duke and his family is well known. at their estate at Eaton in 1921 he met Churchill for the first time; the Duke, through Cherwell's persuasion, supported a Research Fellow at Christ Church, Oxford. Through a tennis party The folder includes correspondence with Westminster, his second wife Violet Mary (1921 - includes programme of the tennis party in which Cherwell's name is wrongly spelled, and his letter of thanks referring to the Churchill meeting), Barbara (1927-28), Ursula (1928-37), Isolde (1930), Nancy (Anne), 4th wife of Westminster (1949-c.1953). F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 366 Personal and social correspondence K.309 K.310 K.31] K.312 K.313 K.314 K.315 K.316 K.317 K.318 K.319 K.320 K.321 Wey - Whip Whit Wig - Wills Wilson Wimborne, Alice, Viscountess 1931-35 Win - Wol Wood - Wri Wright, E. M. Wri Ya Yates-Fish, N. L. and M. 1947-55 Yo - Ze Zuckerman, Solly, Baron 1944, 1950-56 Correspondence 1944 refers to wartime matters. K.322 Zu K.323-K. 327 Shorter unindexed correspondence K.323 K.324 Shorter social and personal correspondence, some with tentative attributions (1980) by M. Maclagen. Requests for references and recommendations for posts, from universities, firms, organisations. 1936-56 K.325 Unidentified social and personal correspondence. K.326 Letters of congratulation (Cherwell's carbons only). K.327 Miscellaneous social invitations and acceptances. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 CONSPECTUS OF FILE NUMBERS 367 As explained in the General Introduction, the Conspectus was compiled to assist readers and researchers who had already consulted and made reference to Cherwell's papers on the basis of the 1965 - 66 outline list. The Conspectus relates the OFF. (= Official) numbers, which are listed in the left-hand column, to the present item-numbers, which are listed on the right. The presence of an item-number indicates that the folder of that number in the present catalogue includes one or more pieces which had originally been in the OFF. file. Every document in question can be identified by the former OFF. number in pencil at the head. Exact duplicates have been discarded in order to ease pressure on library space. When, as frequently happened, multiple copies were taken with the result that a letter or document might feature in one or more OFF. (and sometimes also PERS.) files, all the relevant OFF. numbers appear on the remaining paper. It will be seen that the contents of many of the OFF. files (e.g. OFF. 21.1, 38.1) are now widely distributed; that is because they were often unmanageably large and (correctly) designated 'miscellaneous' or 'general correspondence’. Conversely, many of the present folders have been assembled from a variety of OFF. and PERS. files; examples of this are G.26, G.28 (on the size of the German Air Force), D.23, D.24 (correspondence with M. Born), D.194 (correspondence with A.P. Rowe), D.245, D.246 (correspondence with J.L. Tuck), K.40 (correspondence with Brabazon of Tara), K.186 (correspondence with |. Lubin). It is hoped that the smaller size and more rational arrangement of the present folders will make the material simpler to use. F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 368 Conspectusoffile numbers umnizes Of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 1.1 | F.88, F.95 - F.97 IJ ol F.89, F.98 - F.105, F.239 G.1, G.2 1.1 F.89, F.106 - F.117, F.241 G.364 1.1 IV F.89, F.118 - F.124 G.357 1.1 V Eady Fieo = Fao) G.52, G.400 F.220, F.221, F.231 1.1 VI F.90, F.132 - F.137 1.1 VII 11 VII F.90, F.138 - F.145 F.222, F.223 F.91, F.152 - F.155 Missing. See note at F.156 1.1 1.1 X XI : i G.511 H.72 H.97 1.1 IX 1.15 Xi F.90, F.146 - F.15] F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 369 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 1.1 Xi F.91, F.157 - F.162 H.12 1.1 XIV F.91, F.163 - F.168, F.239 97 1.1 XV F.92, F.175 - F.182 H.98, H.215 1.1 XVI F.92, F.169 - F.174 1.1 XVII F.92, F.183 - F.189 1.1) XVIII F.93, F.190 - F.195 1.1 XX 1.1 XXi F.94, F.206 - F.210 1.1 XIX F.93, F.196 - F.202 1.1 XXIl F.94, F.211 - F.215 F.93, F.203 - F.205 H.63, H.95, H.96, H.215, H.284 #217 F.218 1.1 (D) Pr.3 F.229 - F.239 1.1 XXIill F.94, F.216 1.1 (D) Pr. 1.1 (D) Pr.2 G.325 H.18 G.515 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 370 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 1.1 (D) Pr.4 F.2ig 1.1 (D) Pt.5 F.240 1.1 (D) Pr.6 F.224 Let (D) Pr.7 Puzzo 1.1 (D) Pt.8 F.226 1.1 (D) Pr.9 F.91, F.156 1.1 (D) Pt.10 F.227 1.1 (D) Pr.1] F.228 F.230, F.231, F.239 G.538 F.65, F.241 G.146 1.2 1.3 3.1 F.232, F.235, F.241 - F.252 G.85, G.227, G.403, G.503, G.506, G.508 Fs2d0, Feed, Fa2d0, Fa2de, F410 H.50, H.59, H.98, H.100 Bal 5.2 G.324 H.7, H.231, H.248 G.542 H.94 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 37] Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 5.3 F .237 G.513-G.516 5.4 G.367,.G.513 - G.516, G.521, G.544 H.83, H.89, H.91, H.139 2.9 G.162, G.362 G.225 G.165, G.166, G.364, G.366 - G.370, G.372 5.6 5.7 5.7 bo Pa) o.6 G.165, G.166, G.268, G.270, G.357 - G.360, G.503 F.70, F.71, F.237 G.157 G.518 - G.520 5.10 5.11 De iz F.233 G.227 G.156, G.363, G.503, G.504, G.506, G.509 G.12, G.60, G.6l1, G.63, G.66, G.68, G.69, G.71, G.73, G.75, G.77, G.142, G.145 6.1 6.2 6.3 H.7 G.308 G.324 G.230 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 372 Conspectus of file numbers Member ot OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 6.4 G.85, G.87 6.5 G.78, G.540 6.6 F.392 6.7 G.154, G.179, G.181, G.182, G.188 - G.191, G.194 - G.197, G.199, G.203, G.209, G.351 6.8 F.266 G.179, G.181, G.184, G.188, G.195, G.197 - G.199, G.202 - G.205, G.208, G.209 G.89, G.113, G.149, G.178, G.182, G.187 - G.189, G.75, G.99, G.152, G.524 G.144 6.9 7.1 7.2 723 PF. 7.3 Pt.2 G.191, G.193, G.197, G.198, G.200 - G.203, G.521 G.21, G.22, G.28, G.33, G.40, G.48, G.53, G.58 - G.60, G.1, G.2, G.4- G.7, G.9, G.10, G.13, G.14, G.18, G.541 G.4, G.5, G.7, G.18, G.19, G.22, G.26, G.27, G.48, G.50, G.60, G.63, G.64, G.70 - G.72, G.77 G.62, G.63, G.65, G.67 - G.70, G.72, G.77, G.97, G.177, 7.3 Pt.3 G.26, G.28, G.34, G.36, G.38, G.43 7.4 G.221 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 373 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 745 G.142, G.143, G.145, G.374 8.1 F.7z G.4, G.5, G.7 - G.14, G.20, G.22, G.23, G.26- G.29, G.35, G.36, G.38 - G.46, G.52, G.54, G.55, G.57 H.82, H.84, H.95 8.2 G.20, G.21, G.24- G.26, G.28, G.33, G.35, G.38, G.40, G.4l 8.3 G.8, G.12, G.18- G.20, G.27 - G.30, G.33, G.35, G.37, G.38, G.41, G.43, G.44, G.46, G.48, G.50, G.52, G.53, G.54, G.56 G.50, G.56, G.92 8.4 8.5 9.1 9.2 7.3 9.4 G.30 - G.32, G.35, G.38 G.45, G.48, G.52, G.57, G.62, G.67, G.77, G.78 G.3, G.6, G.8, G.10, G.19, G.27, G.29, G.33, G.48, G.1- G.10, G.12, G.13, G.15, G.27, G.28, G.33, G.47, G.49 - G.51, G.56, G.64, G.90, G.91, G.207 H.67, H.68, H.70 - H.73, H.93, H.94, H.97, H.103 G.62, G.70, G.71, G.77 H.80 G.60 Hv 10.1 Pt. 1 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 374 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 10.1 Pr.2 G.2, G.8, G.10, G.12- G.17, G.22, G.24, G.26- G.28, G.30, G.33, G.35, G.43, G.45, G.46, G.50, G.92 10.1 Pt.3 G.45, G.46, G.48 - G.52, G.56, G.60- G.66, G.70, G.77 10.2 G.2, G.4, G.6- G.10, G.12- G.14, G.22, G.27, G.35, G.43, G.46, G.58, G.61 - G.63, G.68, G.70, G.71, G.78, G92, G.94, G95, G:.145 11.1 Pred B.38 —D.4, D.131, D.229, D.242 F.72, F.410, F.417 G.390, G.409, G.442, G.458, G.489, G.498 F.70, F.«/2, F.231, F241, F.408 G.80, G.91, G.98 - G.100, G.152, G.164, G.181, G.188, G.209, G.214, G.222, G.228, G.230, G.240, G.241, 11.1 Pr.2 D.132, D.193, D.243 G.250, G.318, G.320, G.334, G.335, G.353, G.362, G.43, G.45, G.56, G.57, G.65, G.81, G.93, G.98, G.99, G.321, G.322, G.341, G.355, G.397, G.442, G.467, G.153, G.186, G.188, G.219, G.222, G.223, G.236, G.475, G.481, G.497 H.160 K.40 F.A. Lindemann, CSAC 80/4/81 Lord Cherwell 375 Conspectus of file numbers of Number _——— OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue L1g1- Pitas F.416 G.72, G.88, G.98, G.99, G.149, G.150, G.152, G.170, G.198, G.442, G.453 H.242 11.1 Pt.4 B.108 D.229, D.256 F.72, F.412 G.7, G.67, G.76, G.98, G.99, G.191, G.217, G.240, G.425, G.491 H.249 F.403, F.404 F.2/9, F.276 G.77 11.2 12.1 W2e2 G.155, G.157 - G.159 G.502 - G.508, G.513, G.514 G.85, G.99, G.512 - G.516, G.521, G.524, G.544 G.357, G.504, G.505, G.509, G.512, G.513 G.155- G.159, G.442 H.89 H.96 12.9 12.4 13.1 Pr. H.87'- H.91, H.139 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 376 Conspectus of file numbers of Number ne OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 13.1 Pt.2 G.510, G.512, G.515 13.2 G.516, G.519, G.522 - G.525 13.3 G.514 - G.517 H.113 13.4 G.521 13.5 F.286, F.291 G.225 13A.1 Pr.1 F232 G.324, G.514, G.519 13A.1 Pr.2 G.523 H.7, H.77 - H.82, H.84, H.113 1 3A.1 pies G.508, G.516, G.524 H.81, H.84, H.86 - H.90, H.231, H.305 H.79, H.80, H.85, H.88 - H.90, H.94, H.174, H.228 H.78 - H.82, H.87, H.89 - H.92, H.94 13B.3 F.402 13B.4 H.41 H.70, H.91, H.92 H.74, H.75 G.67, G.516 13B.1 13B.2 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 377 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 13B.5 H.76 14.1 Pt. F.69, F.229, F.230, F.417 G.147, G.295, G.465, G.497, G.500 - G.502, G.510, G.538 H.39, H.41, H.69 - H.71, H.102 14.1 Pr.2 G.500 14.2 G.158, G.357, G.500, G.503 - G.506, G.510, G.511 H.160, H.161 14.3 Pt.1 G.356 - G.358, G.366, G.509 H.57, H.89, H.113 14.4 F.72 14.3 Pr.2 G.357 - G.360, G.508 G.188, G.220, G.358, G.502 - G.504, G.507, G.509, G.513- G.516 G.156, G.165, G.227, G.308, G.358, G.503 G.503, G.504, G.507, G.513, G.514 15.1 Pr. 1 G.59, G.60, G.162, G.164, G.351 L531 Pr.2 G.162, G.164 F.72 H.87 14.5 14.6 15.2 G.510, G.512, G.513, G.517 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 378 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 15.3 G32, .G.357 = G. 359, G.506.- G.508 Fie 59 15.4 Gri62, G. 37), G-505, G.518 = G.520 l5eo 2506, G,515 15.6 G.503, G.505, G:.507, G.509. 15.7. G.277, G; 508 Hic7, We50 15.8 G.506, G.507 1559 H.100 G.522 H.85 ae o2 15s10 F.401 - F.406 Hele) Heese. Helos, H.143.-H 74 G, 258; G. 537, GC. 342, G.543 G,165, G.166, G.364 - G.367, G.371, G.372 G.66, G.166, G.268, G.364, G.366 - G.373 G.165, G.166, G.270 V6ede Pr..I G.367 - G.372 1651 Pr.2 16.2 16.3 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 379 Conspectus of file numbers of Number aia OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 17.1 F.12, F.15, F.18, F.34, F.36, F.418 G.21, G.160, G.177, G.181, G.183, G.192, G.317, G.334, G.Y76 17.2 F135, Fs l4 17.3 G.101 - G.111 17.4 H.218 17.0 H.52, H.53, H.219 7«0 H.208 - H.214 Wad 18.1 G.174 G.152 F.36 18.2 18.3 F.16, F.17, F.37 G.181, G.188, G.321 G.89, G.90, G.210 - G.212, G.214 -G.217, G.442, G.443/1 H.8, H.9, H.11, H.12, H.14, H.16- H.21 18.5 18.6 19.1 18.4 H.251 - H.253 H.216, H.217 G.245 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 380 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 19.2 F.72 H.8-H.21, H.66 19.3 H.11,,H.12, H.15, H.16, H.18, H.19 20.1 G.526, G. 527 20.2 D.103, D.105 - D.107 20.3 G.79, G.85, G.442 20.4 G.10, G.89 - G.95, G.266, G.267 K.204 D.204, D.238, D.242, D.256, D.262 20.5 21.1 A.38 - A.42, A.130, A.136 H.113 B.104 E.118 F.419 D.4, D.20, D.65, D.90, D.131, D.146, D.175, D.194, G.38, G.161, G.188, G.209, G.442, G.445, G.452, G.462, F.35, F.67 - F.72, F.399, F.408, F.410 - F.414, F.417 - G.464 - G.466, G.468, G.469, G.474, G.475, G.484, G.491, G.496 - G.498, G.500, G.503, G.504, G.509 H.9, H.27, H.28, H.30, H.39, H.41, H.61, H.72 Continued F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 38] Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 21.1 (Continued) H.96, H.100, H.110, H.121 J.52 K.6, K.22, K.40, K.96, K.98, K.99, K.107, K.119, K.139, K.217, K.223, K.224, K.259, K.264, K.265, K.269, K.273, K.280, K.282, K.303, K.308 22.1 D.137 G.410 - G.416, G.418 - G.420, G.425, G.427, G.428, G.431, G.432, G.434, G.440 J.98 G.422 - G.425, G.427, G.430, G.435 22.2 22.3 22.4 22A.2 23.1 23.2 23.3 22.5 Pt.] 22.5 Pt.2 22A.1 G.420, G.424, G.430, G.437 G.411, G.412, G.418, G.421, G.423 - G.431 G.346, G.423, G.424, G.430, G.433 - G.435 G.412, G.413, G.418, G.426 - G.428, G.431 - G.437 G.209, G.410, G.411, G.413, G.416, G.418 - G.421, G.423, G.427, G.428, G.430, G.431, G.434, G.435 G.153, G.154, G.197 H.35 H.194, H.279 - H.282 G.437 - G.439 H.83, H.93 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 382 Conspectus of file numbers of Number mali OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 23.4 H.100 23.5 F.401 H.101 - H.103, H.145, H.150, H.152 J.50 23.6 G.222 Pout H.26, H.27, H.31 - H.34 23:8 H.31, H.33 - H.35, H.38 23.9 H.35 - H.38 H.300 23.10 23.11 23.12 23.13 H ..229 F.419 H.26, H.27, H.29, H.33, H.36, H.38, H.66 G.465, G.469, G.497, G.518 G.223 - G.225 23.14 23.15 23.16 2oe07 G.309 G.539 H.121, H.311 G.326 - G.328 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 383 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 24.1 Dalat D.133, D.158, D.245 F.235, F.401, F.418 G.225, 6225, G.375 Ki4e) KIS, K1Al. K.193, Kes6 24.2 G,2397, -G.238 24.3 Flezo4, Fe235 27K D.185 F.418 Gi7e,,G, 160, Gelee- G19, Giale 6.022 G, 334 G.289, G,345, G. 442) G.460,.G 444, GL AGG, G.AEl; G.484, G.493, G.497 D3, D.35, B2136,-D. 198 F.36, F.411, F.418 Diae B.37, B.40 G.87, G.178, G.213, G.385, G.460, G.472, G.474, Zin G.465, G.474, G.476, G.486, G.487, G.489, G.492, Gay, G.307, G.335, G.337, G.341, G.349, G.446, G.475, G.491, G.526 K.68, K.283 G.493, G.496, G.502 HE95 C.70 D.130 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 384 Conspectus of file numbers Member at OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 27 4 Pt.1 B.40 F.40, F.55, F.412 | G.449 - G.451, G.454, G.456, G.458 - G.463, G.465, G.466, G.469 - G.471, G.473 - G.476, G.479 - G.482, G.485, G.486, G.488 - G.490, G.492 - G.496, G.498 27.4 Pt.2 D.124 F.411 G.454 - G.456, G.461, G.462, G.467, G.472, G.475 - G.477, G.479, G.480, G.483 - G.486, G.488 - G.490, G.494, G.496 - G.498 G.492 - G.498 G.498 28.1 B.34 D.116, D.123 G.307, G.455, G.458, G.459, G.462, G.463, G.465, G.473 - G.476, G.479, G.480, G.482, G.483, G.486, D.102 F.411, F.413 G.454, G.455, G.459 - G.462, G.464 - G.494, G.496 - F.414, F.418 G.181, G.320, G.354, G.444, G.454, G.457 - G.459, G.461, G.463 - G.469, G.471, G.473 - G.476, G.478 - G.487, G.489 - G.492, G.494, G.496 - G.A98, G.526 K.154, K.229 29.1 29.2 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 385 Conspectus of file numbers of Number ee OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 30.1 F.405 G:98, .G.137, G.138, G.152,°G.153, G.219, G.229, G.232, G.324, G.426, G.431, G.432, G.442, G.453 30.2 D.158 30.3 G.152, G.522, G.541 H.138, H.144 30.4 D.108 - D.112 Shall H.206, H.207 31.2 G.23] 31.4 sia 32 31.3 Pt.1 31.3 Pr.2 H.180, H.183 - H.193, H.195, H.197 - H.199, H.207 H.17, H.191, H.192, H.195, H.197, H.199, H.200, H.206 H.168, H.176 - H.182, H.184, H.187, H.191, H.192, H.195, H.198, H.199 H.1, H.15, H.34, H.36, H.38, H.40, H.42, H.50, H.57, H.59, H.63, H.66, H.89, H.219, H.232, H.257, H.262, G.73,G.76, G.227, G.503, G.508 H.201 H.196 F.403 - F.407 H..265 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 386 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 3301 H.267 33.2 H.121 33.3 H.119, H.120 33.4 H.111, H.112 33.5 H.41, H.69 33.6 H.101 - H.103 33.7 H.115 33.8 H.106, H.109 H.37 H.22, H.165 G,502 H.246, H.248 33,12 H.153, H.154 33.9 33.10 33.11 H.66, H.149, H.159, H.172 F.229 - F.233, F.235, F.364, F.398 - F.400 G.267, G.284, G.297, G.300 - G.302, G.304 - G.306, 34.3 34.4 34.1 34.2 G.310 G.282 G.283, G.284 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 387 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 34.5 G.113, G.280, G.281, G.301, G.302 34.6 G.268, G.269 34.7 G.291 34.8 G.171, G.172 34.9 G.278, G.279 34.10 G.275, G.276 35.1 G.270 - G.272 3OeZ G.284, G.285 G.273 G.005 G.286 G.292 - G.295, G.305 3543 35.4 35.5 G.247 - G.249 G.252, G.254- G.256, G.305, G.306 G.165, G.247, G.250, G.251, G.265 - G.267, G.270, G.275, G.287 - G.290, G.296 - G.299, G.306 36.2 36.3 "35.6 36.1 36.4 37.1 37.2 G.251 - G.256 G.256 G.277, G.298 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 388 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue S/S Gi775, G.298, G.299 S/Ash Pt. G.246, G.256- G.261, G.274, G.287, G.296 BJA. et 2 G.261 - G.264 38.) Pt. Di27, D146, D. 155), D. 219 F429 G.62, G.459 Flee Mrs bt7. Ki 120 K142, K.235,7K. 244, K.295 38.1 Pr.1 A D.147,, D2 173,. 0.262, D. 2638 G.528, G.547 até? 387, 1.98; Hl. las K.86, K.304 F.72, F202, F.402, F,403, F.407, F416 @.07, G.145, G.170, GG. 442, G.473, G.476, G.5l2, G.99, G.197, G.375, G.424, G.435, G.442, G.464 K.36, K.39, K.41, K.114, K.142, K.166, K.181, K.200, Hee2, 1.52, H.130, Hi. 232, Iav23?, Mi. 265,04. 205 D.24, D.196 F.408, F.409, F.413, F.419 38, 1-PES2 A.46 Ki217, Ke 246,°K 277, K.286,'K. 287, Ky 321 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 389 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 38.1 Pt.3 D.193 F.61, F.72, F.409, F.410, F.413, F.414, F.418, F.419 G.459, G.478, G.521 H.7, H.35, H.239, H.265 J.55, J.56 38.1 Pr.4 D.194 F.63, F.410, F.419 G.203, G.225 H.17, H.20, H.38, H.113, H.138, H.230, H.232, H.239 J.60 K.40, K.48, K.134, K.281 38.2 F.72, F.396, F.401, F.402 G.198, G.228, G.500, G.522, G.543, G.549 H.79, H.98, H.121, H.125, H.130, H.139, H.143, H.220, H.273, H.284, H.287 K.139, K.215 39.2 G.391, G.394 H.8, H.30, H.39, H.62, H.68, H.71, H.95, H.102, H,143, 39.1 F.86, F.229, F.230, F.234, F.237, F.395, F.401 K.37 He23 > 11.29, He95 H.157, H.167, H.202, H.215, H.257, H.265 G.228, G.335, G.503, G.545 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 390 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 39A.1 Pt.1 Faz2 G.1, G.4, G.7, G.10, G.12, G.27, G.28, G.38, G.43, G.45, G.46, G.53, G.56, G.57, G.64, G.70, G.75 - G.77, G.181, G.209 39A.1 Pr.2 G.57 - G.66; G.70, G.77, G.143, G.145,:G.230 39A.1 Pr.3 G.57, G.67 - G.77 40.1 Pr. D.24, D.102, D.146, D.155 F.72, F.229, F.230, F.408, F.418 G.99, G.168, G.220, G.226, G.228, G.230, G.357, G.441, G.442, G.444, G.445, G.460, G.461, G.463, 40.2 40.3 H.95, H.115 40.1 Pt.2 D.147 F.232, F.408, F.417 G.497, G.498, G.502, G.510, G.518, G.534 G.466, G.475, G.476, G.480, G.481, G.484, GA92, G.112, G.138, G.148, G.150, G.151, G.442, G.446, G.369, G.457, G.463, G.481, G.507, G.513, G.514, G.128, G.138, G.139, G.166, G.191, G.310, G.359, G.518, G.521 G.99, G.236, G.464, G.546 H.310 G.453, G.456 H. 238 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 391 Conspectus of file numbers of Number areata OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 40.4 D.262 G.518 H.114, H.115, H.121 40.5 G.312, G.313 40.6 F.418 G.165, G.168, G.220, G.287, G.444, G.445, G.461, G.472, G.497, G.500, G.537, G.538 H.39 40.7 D.16 G.220, G.222, G.226, G.227, G.353, G.355 40.8 40.9 41.1 Pr.2 Al.1 Pr. G.80, G.81, G.221 K.129, K.277, K.295 G.80, G.96, G.322, G.535, G.536 G.38, G.43, G.46, G.96, G.97, G.307, G.397 G.80, G.82- G.84, G.163, G.323, G.324, G.334, G.355, G.152, G.274, G.307, G.382, G.442, G.446 G.408 D.71 41.2 41.3 41.4 G.442, G.487 G 231 G23 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 392 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 41.5 G.149, G.442, Gi 506 H.97; H.98 42.1 He on H.222, H.227; e254, H.256 AZo? E40' Gr. 407 FH. 66; HAs, H.15! 43.1 B.41 D. 44, D.66, D.1387 D. 166; -B. 194, D.206, D.246, D.258 B.60, F./2,-F.408, F.409,.F.411 G79,6-68, G.98, G.99, G:138, Glb2) G.225, G.229, H 235, Heol, H.83, 87, H..0e, 1.98; .H.130 A232. 0234, 1.236, te 275, be 2e2, .305 K.7, K-95, K.280, K.282 43.2 D.24,.D.44, D. 25? G.428, G.429, G.456, G.459, G.480, G.521 Hels, Helos, 160, Hi 176, Hoete, HeZl9; He23l, GCG 235 G74, G.295, G2305, G.325,. G.355, G.426, Mei7, H.89, H.98, H.125; H.126, 214, 4.236, H.245, F.72, F.409, F.412, F.416 G79, G.95, G.99, G.432, G.475 Hazes, H.294 Koy Ke40 kK. 215 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 393 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 43.3 B.44, B.45 D.20, D.51, D.160, D.194, D.245 F.63, F.72, F.410 G.79, G.98, G.203, G.284, G.305, G.434, G.531, G.546, G.547 H.20, H.99, H.138, H.156, H.230, H.249, H.250, H.296 J.60 K.48, K.186, K.213 43.4 J.53 H.53-H.55 44,1 44.2 44.3 44.4 H.53, H.57 H.43 D.258 Flso2 H.43, H.45, H.49, H.52 H.43 - H.47, H.50, H.52, H.53, H.57, H.58, H.118 H.241, H.243 - H.248, H.251 H.48, H.51, H.56, H.57 44.5 44.6 44.7 45.1 45.2 G.530 - G.532 H.247, H.248 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 am Conspectus of file numbers of Number ee OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 45.3 H.162, H.165 45.4 G.229 45.5 G.310, G.3l1l, G.344 45.6 G.325, G.523 H.155, H.208, H.223, H.229, H.231, H.232, H.241, H.256, H.257, H.286 Jad) 45.7 F.404 H.262 H.236, H.237 45.8 D.4 45.9 45.10 45.11 46.1 G.528,.G.530 G.315, G.323, G.493 G.317, G.342, G.343 G.217, G.323, G.324, G.343, G.344, G.413 H.143 J.6] G.545, G.546 46.2 G.35]1 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 395 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 46.3 F.402, F.408 G.542 H.140 - H.143 46.4 G.349, G.350 47.1 G.206, G.213, G.303, G.340 47.2 Pr. 1 D.3, D.179, D.186, D.231 F.418 G.228, G.341, G.441, G.480, G.497 H.121 F.418 H.239, H. 240 F.236, F.237, F.418 47.2 Pt.2 D.3, D.4, D.166, D.239, D.242, D.258 47.2 Pt.3 D.51, D.124, D.143, D.194 G.142, G.304, G.426, G.441, G.446, G.515 G.98, G.203, G.220, G.236, G.531, G.546 H.236, H.245, H.248, H.250, H.286, H.288 47.3 47 .4 47.5 G.529, G.530, G.532, G.533 — D.205 G.299, G.300, G.306 G.353, G.354, G.443/1 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 396 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 47.6 Gi36s 48.1 G, 352 48.2 G235),G. 374, G, 375 48.3 G:175,-G; 361, G. 362 48.4 G.i74 49.1 D.145 - D.147, D.190 G.89, G.147, G.466, G.497 Ha95 49.2 49.3 G.462 Bazar K. 186-K.282 D.162 G.168 - G.170 Doel Sanz 5353 H.88, H.99, H.166 D..229 G.167 G.160, G.161 53.4 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 397 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 53.5 D.24, D.33, D.37, D.245, D.258 F.69, F.229, F.408, F.418 G.99, G.104, G.147; G.152;.G.162;-Ge173, G.177, G.218, G.228, G.318, G.442, G.452, G.457, G.460, G.463, G.464, G.469, G.474, G.480, G.487, G.498 53.6 G.176 54.1] B.39, . G.218, G.219 H.60 - H.64 D.185, D.245 our 53.8 55.4 F.418 H.117 G.244 54.2 54.3 54.4 G.209, G.405, G.445, G.481, G.482 G.114, G.126- G.128, G.131, G.137, G.138, G.217 G.114, G.128, G.137, G.140 G.239, G.240, G.242, G.243 5o,1 Dose 55.3 G.114, G.461, G.496 G.130 - G.136 G.126, G.128 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 398 Conspectus of file numbers puniser of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 55.5 G.115 - G.125 55.6 G.111, G.114, G.126, G.137 - G.139 Dou? G.11), G.128, G12, ‘G.137, G.140 K.186 56.1 Pt.1 G.376 - G.380 56.1 Pt.2 G.229, G.403, G.404, G.407-G.409, G.443/2 D.2 G370, G.396 56.3 G.380 G.96, G.314, G.335, G.345 57.1 57.2 57.3 720 Phe! D.136 57.4 Pt. 1 57.4 Pt.2 G.80, G.318 - G.322, G.335, G.353, G.443/1 G.227, G.267, G.321, G.397, G.399 - G.406, G.409 G.387, G.389 - G.392, G.394 - G.398, G.405, G.406 G.279, G.315, G.316, G.325, G.330, G.331, G.335, G.344 G.379 - G.383, G.385, G.386, G.388, G.393 G.386 - G.390, G.393 - G.396 57.5 Pt.2 D.131 58.1 58.2 G.345 - G.348 F.395 - F.397 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 399 Conspectus of file numbers of Number alicatied OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 58.3 H.258 - H.261 58.4 G.328, G.329 60.1 G.52, G.53, G.56 60.2 H.1 60.3 H.39, H.65, H.140, H.142 60.4 F.229 H.101 - H.103, H.147 60.5 G.147 H.116 H.96, H.104, H.121 H.2-H.6 60.9 F.71, F.231, F.241 60.6 60.7 60.8 G.85 - G.87, G.145 H.39, H.81, H.84, H.105 - H.109, H.234, H.235 H.14, H.66, H.91, H.121, H.270, H.273, H.285, H.287 G.322, G.374, G.442 G.148 H.102 60.10 60.11 60.12 H.Z, H.3,-H.5, H.6 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 400 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 60.13 H.299, H.300 60.14 H.30, H.148, H.158, H.164 61.1 Pt.1 F.40, F.42, F.48, F.51, F.62, F.64, F.66, F.81/1 - F.81/3, | F.87 G.97 61.1 Pt.2 F.69, F.80, F.82 - F.85 61.2 F.67, F.68 61.3°Pril F.40 - F.64, F.79 Gio PE.2 F.40 - F.64 61.4 Dad G.97, G.463, G.465 K.167, K.213, K.295 62.1 62.2 62.3 F.40 - F.64, F.411 - F.414 H.99, H.113, H.130, H.137, H.139, H.208, H.225, H.235, H.143, H.221, H.222, H.224, H.226, H.227, H.257 H.255, H.285,.H.287, H.290,- H.297 H.134 - H.137, H.139 H.151, H.224 - H.227 F.405 62.4 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 40] Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 62:5 F.239 H.36, H.122 - H.127, H.131, H.132, H.139 62.6 H.126, H.128, H.130 - H.133, H.138, H.139 62.7 H.127 62.8 H.124, H.126, H.138 63.1 H.20, H.273, H.283, H.285, H.287, H.313 63.1A F.11, F.242, F.253 - F.257, F.409 G.235, G.410, G.420 H.129, H.171, H.233, H. 266, H.286, H.310 H.98, H.99 J.91, J.124 H.174, H.204, H.206, H.207 63.2 63.3 63.4 63.4A H.169, H.170, H.173, H.203, H.205 - H.207 G.154, G.332, G.333, G.360, G.410, G.411, G.417, Hvol, Hada, H.34, H.38, H.146, H.157, H.170, H.175, H.38, H.143, H.312 - H.314, H.316 - H.320 H.211 - H.214, H.227, H.231, H.255, H.307 G.418, G.422, G.424, G.426, G.428, G.439 J.139 F.402 : 63.5 63.6 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 402 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 63.7 H.234, H.235, H.263, H.264 H.298, H.302 H.298, H.302 - H.304 64.1 Pr. 64.1 Pt.2 64.1 Pt.3 64.1 Pt.4 64.3 65.1 A H.303, H.305 - H.310, H.312, H.315 H.143, H.214, H.228, H.296, H.300, H.312 - H.317, H.320 64.2 H.321 H.310 65.1 B 65.2 H.66, H.144, H.156, H.225, H.227, H.266, H.270, H.273, H.274, H.278, H.282 - H.287, H.289 H.268, H.269, H.270, H.272 - H.274, H.282, H.284, H.285 H.270, H.272, H.273, H.275 - H.278, H.283, H.285, H.312, H.313 66.1 66.2 66.3 66.4 66.5 66.6 J.110 J.122 J.138 J.114 3.111 5.127 67.1 Pt. J.146 — F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 403 Conspectus of file numbers Number of OFF. file Reference to folders or items in this catalogue 67«1 PE.2 J.128 6741: PP.3 J1Z9 67.2 J.133 68.1 G.548 68.2 J.123 68.3 Jo118 68.4 J.126 68.5 J.125 J.109 H.233 H.271 J.116 69.1 69.2 69.3 69.4 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 404 The index includes the names of individuals, and of organisations and learned societies. Index numbers may refer to postal correspondence or to signed reports and memoranda exchanged with or forwarded to Cherwell. A reference number may therefore indicate a folder containing any or all of these types of material, particu- larly when they are in Sections F, G or H. In cases where only Cherwell's carbon copy survives, the name of the corres- pondent is notlisted below. There is no subject-index. Lists of topics covered in specific sequences appear at G.152 - G.443, H.1 - H.66, H.208 - H.267 -A- ABEL-SMITH, Sir Alexander ABERCONWAY, Henry Duncan Mc Laren, 2nd Baron ABRAHAM, R. ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE COUNCIL ACKROYD, Elizabeth ACLAND, Sir Richard Thomas Dyke ADAM,B. Forbes ADAM, Neil Kensington ADAM, General Sir Roland Forbes ADAM, W._ Wakefield ADAMS, Walter K.231 K.1 H.276 D.1 H.63 K.1 H.123 C.13 G.513 J.68 D.1, D.184, D.225 ADDISON, Christopher, Ist Viscount J.59, J.69, J.81, K.1 ADDISON, Air Vice-Marshal Edward Barker ADRIAN, Diane G.342, G.343, G.345 K.1 ADRIAN, Edgar Douglas, Ist Baron D.212, K.2 H. AHRENS, L. AINLEY-WALKER, Ernest William AIRLIE, David Lyulph Gore Wolseley Ogilvy, 12th Earl of K.3 5.34 J.86 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 405 Index of correspondents AITKEN, R. F. AKERS, Sir Wallace Alan G.276 B.73, K.3 ALANBROOKE, Field-Marshal Alan Francis Brooke, Ist Viscount K.3 ALEXANDER OF HILLSBOROUGH, Albert Victor, Ist Earl . D.133 G.104, G.109, G.142, G.143, G.145, G.148, G.229, G.281, G.322, G.325, G.374, G.397, G.434, G.533 H.46, H.71, H.84, H.218 ALEXANDER OF TUNIS, Field-Marshal Harold Rupert Leofric George, Ist Earl ALLARDICE, Corbin ALLEN, Sir Carleton (Kemp) ALLEN, F. W. K.4 K.5 E.117, J.82, J.136 E.4 ALLEN, Gerald, Bishop of Dorchester A.48, A.117, K.97 ALLEN, Herbert Stanley ALLEN, Percy Stafford C.64 B.134 ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward A.84, D.2 ALLISON, Samuel K. ALTERTHUM,H. ALTRINCHAM see GRIGG, E. ALVINGHAM, Robert Daniel Thwaites Yerburgh, Ist Baron AMBRONN,L. AMERY, Julian | AMERY, Leopold Stennett C.84 G.228 Js 0? D.2 A.38, A.57 A.57 E.44 G.457 H.126, H.127, H.131, H.286, H.291, H.292, H.293, H.295, H.296 J.24, J.36, J.48 K.6, K.129 AMULREE, Basil William Sholto Mackenzie, 2nd Baron ANDERS, W. ANDERSON, Sir Alan Garrett date J.105 H.23 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 406 Index of correspondents ANDERSON, Ava, Lady ANDERSON, C._ T. K.7 See also K.311 G.89 - G.95 ANDERSON, Sir David (Stirling) A.134, E.78, E.79, E.85 ANDERSON, F._ L. G.35] ANDERSON, John (later Ist Viscount Waverley) ANDERSON, John George Clark ANDERSON, Sir Kenneth ANDERSON, Patrick ANDRADE, Edward Nevill da Costa ANDREWS, Cuthbert ANDREWS, O. ANDREWS, Philip ANGIER, Norman D. ANGWIN, Sir (Arthur) Stanley ANSTRUTHER-GRAY, William John St Clair, later Baron Kilmany APPERLEY,W. A. APPLEBY, M._ P. APPLETON, Sir Edward (Victor) APPLEYARD, Rollo APSLEY, Allen A.8l D.18 E.14 G.188, G.521, G.524, G.548 H.84, H.87, H.88, H.106, H.108, H.126, H.130, H.131, H.133, H.138, H.174, H.201 K.7, K.233 See also K.311 B.124 H.123, H.130, H.290 J.47 A.46, A.57, A.84 D.3 E.108 G.457 D.3 G.500 K.223 G.113, G.257, G.267, G.280, G.283, G.284, G.299, G.300, G.305 K.8 K.8 J.11 G.465 D.94, D.95 A.46 B.73, B.130 D.4-D.6, D.212, D.213 G.345 D.7 G.364 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 407 Index of correspondents ARCO, ARGYLL, lan Douglas Campbell, 11th Duke of ARKELL, John Heward ARKELL, William Josce!yn ARMOUR, R. S. Dz ARMSTRONG, Edmond Arrenton ARMSTRONG, Edward Frankland ARMSTRONG, Gilbert R. A. ARMSTRONG OF SANDERSTEAD, William Baron ARNANDER, Ann ARNDT, Fritz ASHFIELD, Albert (Henry) Stanley, Ist Baron ASKELAND, Knut ASQUITH see OXFORD AND ASQUITH ASSHETON, Nicholas D.7 B.158 K.9 G.457 G.356 H.296 G.361 K.9 H.19, H.38 K.9 D.7 A.35 D.8 K.10 ASSHETON, Ralph, Ist Baron Clitheroe A.57, H.39, J.60, K.10 ASTON, Francis William ASTOR FOUNDATION ASTOR OF HEVER, Gavin, 2nd Baron D.9 D.10 K.11 ASTOR OF HEVER, John Jacob, Ist Baron E.3, J.29, K.11 ASTOR, Nancy Witcher, Lady K.11 ASTOR, William Waldorf, 3rd Viscount D.10, K.12 ATHENAEUM, THE ATHLONE, Princess Alice, Countess of ATHOLL, Katharine Marjory, 8th Duchess of ATKINS, William Ringrose Gelston ATKINSON, F. V. ATKINSON, RR. d'E. ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION K.13 K.14 J.32 D.203 D.11 D.12, D.13 D.14, J.81 See also J.82, J.117 ATTLEE, Clement Richard, Ist Earl G.327, G.434, G.530, H.214 ATTWOOD, William E.53 See also A. 128 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 Index of correspondents 408 AUSTIN, O. P. AVON see EDEN AWBERY, J. #H. AYDELOTTE, Frank AYRES, John = $< BABBITT, J. OD. BABINGTON-SMITH, Constance BADELEY, Henry John Fanshawe, Ist Baron BAILEY, D._ K. BAILEY, Gerald BAILEY, |. BAILEY, John BAILEY, Ss. N. Grant BAILLIEU, Charles I. BAIN, Sir Frederick BAJPAI, G. S. BAKER, H. BAKER, Air Chief Marshal Sir John (Wakeling) BAKER, L. W. BALDWIN OF BEWDLEY,Stanley, Ist Earl BALFOUR, Archie BALFOUR, Arthur James, Ist Earl of BALFOUR, Evelyn BALFOUR of Inchrye, Harold Harington Balfour, Ist Baron A.44 D.178 D.252 K.14 D.130 K.15 K.15 E.14 D.62 K.15 K.15 A.47, A.57 B.99, B.129 H.121 J.24, J.29, J.135 K.16 J.29 K.17 D.114 G.546 G.189, G.195 G.515 J.1 K.17 K.17 K.17 G.5, G.80, G.230, G.318, G.353, G.458 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 409 Index of correspondents BALL, Henry BANKS, Sir Donald BANNISTER, Sir Roger (Gilbert) F.408 D.47, G.224, G.324 K.17 See also D.15 BARCHARD, A. C. H. BARCLAY, A. E. BARCROFT, Sir Joseph J.36 J.81 D.16 BARLOW, Sir (James) Alan (Noel) G.533, H. 306, J.81,K.18 BARNBY, Francis Vernon Willey, 2nd Baron BARNES, Sir Denis (Charles) BARNES, George BARNET INSTRUMENTS LIMITED BARON, George BARON, Richard BARRATT, S. BARRETT, G. A.69, G.458, J.60 H.39 K.18 D.17 G.466 K.18 G.375 K.18 BARRINGTON-WARD, Diana BARRINGTON-WARD, John Grosvenor BARRINGTON-WARD, Robert M'Gowan K.19 C.64, K.19 E.45, E.109, J.46, K.19 BARTON, Sir Dunbar Plunket J.29 BARUCH, Bernard Mannes H.156, J.66, K.20 BARWEG, Daphne BASTICK, Frank E. BATE, Basil Dixon BATES, Leslie Fleetwood BATES, Percy G. BATTELLE INSTITUTE LIMITED BATY, C. W. BAXTER, George Herbert BEATTY, Sir (Alfred) Chester K.20 K.20 K.20 A.69, A.85 H.28 D.18 K.20 H. 292 G.169, G.444, G.445, H.117 BEATTY, Admiral of the Fleet David, Ist Earl BEAVER, Sir Hugh Eyre Campbell K.21 H.105 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 410 Index of correspondents BEAVERBROOK, William Maxwell Aitken, D.258 lst Baron F.72, F.116, F.135 G.7, G.8, G.14, G.27, G.46, G.47, G.152, G.181, G.184, G.210, G.240, G.267, G.326, G.362, G.367, G.394, G.407, G.504 H.28, H.39, H.52, H.53, H.71, H.72, H.140, H.142, H.259 5.33 K.22 BEAZLEY, Sir John Davidson BEAZLEY, Marie, Lady K.23 K.23 BECTIVE, Terence Godfrey Thomas Taylour, Earl of, later 5th Marquess of Headfort BEER, Harry BEESLEY, George W. BEETHAM, Frank BEGHIAN, L._ E. BEIT, Alfred BELL, M._ E. BELL, Ronald BELL, Ronald Percy BELLERSHEIM, Bertha BELLEW, Sir George (Rothe) BENN, Anthony Wedgwood BENN, Ursula A. BENNETT, Albert E. BENNETT, Eric BENSON, Leslie BENSUSAN-BUTT see BUTT BENTINCK, Count BERG, Wolfgang BERGMANN, Stefan K.23 H.101 K.23 G.469 D.19, K.23 J.24 A.58 J.29, K.24 K.24 K.24 A.81 B.145, J.161 K.24 D.19 K.25 K.25 K.302 D.19 D.19 BERKELEY, Mary Emlen Lloyd, 8th Countess of A.38, D.20 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 41] Index of correspondents BERKELEY, Randal Thomas Mowbray Rawdon, 8th Earl of BERKIN, John Phillip BERL, Ernst BERLIN, Sir Isaiah BERNAL, John Desmond BERRY, John Seymour C.64, D.20 H.118 D.21 D.21 G.546 K.137 BERRY, Pamela Margaret Elizabeth (later Baroness Hartwell) BERRY, (William) Michael (later Baron Hartwell) BERTHOUD, Sir Eric Alfred A.58, K.27 J.11, J.82, K.26 H.52 BESSBOROUGH, Frederick Edward Neuflize Ponsonby, 10th Earl of BESSE, Antonin BESSE, Hilda BEST, Richard S. B. BETHE, Hans Albrecht BETT, W. R. BEVAN, Aneurin BEVERIDGE, Janet, Lady BEVERIDGE, William Henry, Ist Baron BEVIN, Ernest BEVIR, Sir Anthony J.158 K.28 K.28 A.38 D.21, K.28 K.28 J.81 J.72, K.29 B.159, K.29 G.322, H.71, H.79, H.139, K.29 D.65 F.42, F.53 G.431, G.442, G.458 H.31 K.29 BHATNAGAR,Sir Shanti S. BICKELL, J.P. BICKERDIKE, RR. E. BICKNELL, Franklin BILAINKIN, George BINGHAM,Aleen BINGHAM, Margaret D.22 G.38 D.22 K.30 K.30 K.30 K.30 BIRCH, General Sir (James Frederick) Noel F.24, F.25 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 412 Index of correspondents BIRD, William G. BIRKENHEAD, Frederick Edwin Smith, Ist Earl of D.208 B.12, K.31 See also E. 27 BIRKENHEAD, Frederick William Robin Smith, 3rd Earl of K.34 BIRKENHEAD, Frederick Winston Furneaux Smith, 2nd Earl of BIRKENHEAD, Margaret Eleanor, Lady BIRKENHEAD, Sheila, Lady BISHOP, Frederick Arthur BISMARCK, Furst von, Prince BJERRAM, Niels B.163, J.25, K.33 A.58, K.32 A.38, K.34 B.157, D.196, E.99 K.35 K.36 BLACKER, L(atham) V(alentine) Stewart G.168, G.265 - G.268, G.298 BLAKE, Patricia Mary, Lady K.36 BLAKE, Robert Norman William, Baron A.69, A.79, A.82 B.131, B.132, B.155, B.156, B.159 K.36, K.75 BLAKSLEY, John BLAND, Peter P. BLANDY,Lyster Fettiplace BLEANEY, Brebis K.36 K.36 G.322 B.55, B.57, J.141 BLEDISLOE, Charles Bathurst, Ist Viscount A.58 BLUNT, J. S. BLUNT, Vernon BOAS, G. H. BODENSTEIN BODLE,A. K. BOLITHO, Richard John Bruce BONFELIN, Georges de, Comte BOOTHBY, Robert John Graham, Baron BORN, Max D.22 K.36 H.53 See D.22 K.37 G.469 K.37 H.23, H.26, K.37 A.47, D.23, D.24, E.116 See also D. 263 BORNEMISSPA, I. Dillon K.37 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 413 Index of correspondents BORNS, K. BOSANQUET, CC. H. BOSANQUET, Charles lon Carr BOSCH, Carl BOSSOM, Alfred Charles, Baron BOSTROM, Woll mar BOTTOMLEY,Air Chief Marshal Sir Norman Howard BOURDILLON, R. BOVENIZER, Vernon George Fitzell BOVENSCHEN, Sir Frederick BOWDEN, Bertram Vivian, Baron BOWDEN, Frank Philip BOWEN, Edward George BOWEN, Edmund John BOWEN, (Ivor) lan BOWERS, K._ D. BOWLEY,Sir Arthur Lyon BOWMAN, H.R. K.97 K.38 B.126, B.130 E.99, E.131 H.39 K.38 D,25 K.38 K.38 F.53 G.136, G.220, G.276, G.283, G.345, G.346, G.351, G.375, G.424, G.432 A.23 G.518 K.39 E.99 A.85 B.60 A.85 G.538, H.105, H.107 D.25 F.44 B.9, B.97, B.98, B.140 BOWRA, Sir (Cecil) Maurice A.47, B.122, B.123, B.137, D.133 BOYD OF MERTON See LENNOX-BOYD BOYD, Admiral Sir Denis (William) K.39 BOYD-CARPENTER, John Archibald, Baron J.32, J.36, J.43, K.39 BOYD ORR, John, Ist Baron BOYLE, A. BOYLE OF HANDSWORTH, Edward Charles Gurney, Baron BOYSE,V. H. BRABANE, Frank H. H.26 G.10 J.161 H.6] K.39 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 414 Index of correspondents BRABAZON OF TARA, John Theodore Cuthbert Moore-Brabazon, Ist Baron BRACKEN, Brendan, Ist Viscount BRADSHAW, Granville BRAGG, Alice, Lady BRAGG, Sir William (Henry) BRAGG,Sir (William) Lawrence A.32 D.26 G50, G.243,.G.275; G. 307, G.407, G.465, G.529 IK .40 B.59 G.458 Jac; Sea, 3.32, 3.69 Kail; he4l, K-77 G.459 D. 2/7 Deas A.85 B..0, Beso D.27, D.204, D.209 BRAIN, Walter Russell, Baron K.42 BRAND, Robert Henry, Ist Baron A.106, H.34, H.188, K.42 BRAND, Thomas Henry, later 4th Viscount Hampden G.504, G.505, H.160 BRANDON, Pauline (later Lady Rodger) D.114 BREAKEY, Air Vice-Marshal John Denis G.284, G.294 BREEN; -G. E. BREMRIDGE, Philip BRENCHLEY, Winifred E. BRERETON, Malcolm BRETHERTON, Russell Frederick BREWER, Frederick M. 572 J.72 G.220 E.114 K.42 B.156 BRIDGEMAN, William Clive, Ist Viscount K.44 BRIDGES, Edward (Ettingdene), Ist Baron A.85 B.52 E377. F258, £266, F.71, F.245,. FA08 G.43, G.57, G.63, G.81 - G.84, Gr195,*Gel52°G7250)-S.252, G.254, G.280, G.375, G.404, G.405, G.522, G.531 Fiat F.30, 1.39, H.72, .H.79, HJ88,' HL97, 421 13; Pls 126, H.140, H.205, H.213, H.224, H.236, H.303, H.305, H.310 J.63 K.43, K.233 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 415 Index of correspondents BRIDGES, Robert Seymour BRIDGMAN, Percy W. K.43 D.28 BRIND, Admiral Sir (Eric James) Patrick G.281 BRINTON, Evelyn Elizabeth BRINTON, Willard C. K.44 F.69 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENTOF SCIENCE D.29 BRITTAIN, Sir Harry BROCKMAN, Sir Ronald BRODE, Robert B. BRONTE-STEWART, R. BROOK, Norman Craven, later Ist Baron Normanbrook A.&9, J.29, J.43 G.149 C.84 See D.30 A.69 B.132 E.84 F.397 H.11, H.31, H.81, H.232, H.244 J.104, J.133, J.145 K.45 BROOKE, A. F. BROOKE-POPHAM see POPHAM BROOKS, C. E. P. BROWN, Alan BROWN, Sir Allen BROWN,D. BROWN, Eileen Barratt BROWN, Gilbert G. G.270 D.30 B.148 K.45 F.41 J.40 A.47 BROWN, Vice-Admiral Sir Harold Arthur G.257, G.296 BROWN, O. Fs BROWN, W. B. F.4, G.322 G.250 BROWNE, Anthony Arthur Montague J.138, J.146, K.71, K.45 BROWNE, John A. BROWNING, T. J. BRUCE, Stanley Melbourne, Ist Viscount BRUNDRETT, Sir Frederick BRUNING, Heinrich BRUNNER, C._ T. B.29, E.62 F.70 K.46 J.155, K.46 K.46 H.43 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 416 Index of correspondents A.83, A.84, D.211, K.46 BRUNT, Sir David BRUTZKUS, J. BUCH, Noel BUCHAN, Alice BUCHAN, Susan (later Tweedsmuir) BUCHAN-HEPBURN, Patrick George Thomas (later Ist Baron Hailes) BUCKLER, Georgina Grenfell BUCKLER, William Hepburn BUCKLEY, John D.31 K.47 K.47 K.47 K.47 K.48 K.48 F.59 BUDGETT-MEAKIN, Denzil E. J.65, K.48 BUFTON, S. O. BULLARD, Sir Edward (Crisp) K.48 D.31, K.48 BULLOCK, Alan Louis Charles, Baron B.136 BULLOCK, Sir Christopher (Llewellyn) Pad BULLWINKLE, L. A. BULMER-THOMAS, Ivor BURCHAM, William Ernest BURGH LEY BURN, Joshua Harold BURNETT, W. G. E. H.46, H.63 D.68 J.81 A.76 B.156 D.61 BURNEY, Sir (Charles) Dennistoun G.446 - G.451 BURRIDGE, W. BURTON, C. V. BURTON, Sir Geoffrey Duke BURTT DAVY, J. BUSH, J. Vannevar BUTLER, Sir Harold Beresford K.48 D.31 A.55 H.61 D.31 K.48 BUTLER, Sir James Ramsay Montagu G.439 BUTLER, Richard Austen, later Baron Butler E.78, E.81, E.82, E.84 H.92, H.229, H.291 J.79, J.115, J.116, J.122, J.123, J.125, J.131, J.146 K.49 See also E.89, J.99, J.129 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 417 Index of correspondents BUTLER, Victor Spencer H.50 BUTLER, W. R. BUTT, David Miles Bensusan K.50 F.79, F.401 G.6-G.9, G.14, G.28, G.36, G.38, G.43, G.52, G.91, G.99, G.104, G.111, G.114, G.126 - G.128, G.130, G.137, G.168, G.169, G.175, G.179, G.181, G.186, G.188, G.197, G.220, G.240, G.265, G.290, G.298, G.318, G.355, G.366, G.389, G.390, G.400, G.404, G.405, G.441, GA63, G.529, G.537, G.538 H.25, H.27, H.39, H.72, H.93, H.96, H.121, H.160, H.217, H.229 BUTTERLEY COMPANY LIMITED, THE K.50 BUZZARD, Sir (Edward) Farquhar B.99, K.50 = Cx CACCIA, Harold Anthony, Baron K.51 CADOGAN, Sir Alexander George Montagu CAHN, Heinz CAHN, Hilda CAINE, Sir Sydney CAIRNCROSS, Sir Alexander Kirkland G.459, K.51 D.32 See also D.87 D.32, D.172 H.22 H.107 CAIRNS, Sir Hugh William Bell B.105, K.51 CALDER, Peter Ritchie (later Baron Ritchie- Calder) CALDWELL, S. CALLISTON, Sir Herbert E. D. G. CALVERT, H.R. CAMPBELL, Sir Ronald lan CAMPION, Sir Harry K.52 K.53 B.5 D.33, K.53 K.53 G.148 CAMROSE, Mary Agnes (Dolly), Lady A.39, K.54 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 | 418 . Index of correspondents CAMROSE, William Ewert Berry, Ist Viscount : J.43, K.54 CANE, Cyril H. ‘ CANE, Joan CANN, C. CAPAIN, Marjorie CAREY,Peter T. CARPENTER, L. G. CARR, Sir Cecil CARR, Henry Marvell CARR, Herbert Wildon CARR, Lawrence CARROLL, J. A. A.58 K.55 H.59 K.55 K.55 G.210, G.222, G.301, H.241 K.13 A.55 C.81 G.444 D.35 CARR-SAUNDERS, Sir Alexander (Morris) F.40 CARTER, Walter CARTIER DE MARCHIENNE, Baron de CARTWRIGHT, G. H. M. CARVER, L. J. CARY, A. M. CASEY, Richard Gardiner, Baron CASS, Edward Geoffrey CASSEL, E. James CASSEL, Sir Felix CASSEL, Helen, Lady CASTLEREIGH, Edward Charles Stewart Robert Vane-Tempest-Stewart (Robin), Viscount Castlereigh (later 8th Marquess of Londonderry ) CATCHSIDE, T. H. CATHOLIC ENQUIRY CENTRE CATTERALL, John CAUSTIN, H. E. CAVAN, Field-Marshal Frederic Rudolph Lambart, 10th Earl CAVE, Charles John Philip G.469 F.408 K.55 G.425 G.22 K.56 J.122 K.56 K.56 K.56 96K H.20 K.57 K F 69, H.23 G.459 K.57 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Charwell CSAC 80/4/81 419 Index of correspondents CAZALET, E. CAZALET, Peter CECIL, Lord (Edward Christian) David (Gascoyne) CECIL, Lord Hugh CHADWICK, Sir James CHAIN, Sir Ernst (Boris) CHAMBERLAIN, Anne CHAMBERLAIN, (Arthur) Neville CHAMBERLAIN, Beatrice Diane CHAMBERLAIN, Ivy Muriel, Lady CHAMBERLAIN, Sir (Joseph) Austen CHAMPERNOWNE, David Gawen K.57 K.57 K.57 J.1 D.33, D.230, D.233, E.78, J.81 E.16 K.58 F.65 K.58 K.58 F.6/1, F.23 J.29, J.34, J.43 K.58 F.407 G.6, G.7, G.9, G.11, G.13, G.14, G.18, G.22, G.27, G.28, G.43, G.46, G.48, G.50, G.53, G.77, G.91, G.92, 5, H.26, H.70, H.102, H.121, B20) H.140 G.182, G.188, G.511 CHAMPION, Cc. L: CHAMPION, Frank Clive CHAMPION, Harold CHANDOS see LYTTELTON E.72 B.156 F.49, F.51 CHANNING-PEARCE, T. G.546, H.250 CHANNON, Sir Henry ('Chips') J.33, K.59 CHANNON, Honor, Lady CHAPMAN, David Leonard CHAPMAN, Robert William CHAPMAN, Sydney CHARLES-DEAN, B. K.59 dose B.128 A.66, C.38, D.34, G.459 E.93 | CHATFIELD, Admiral of the Fleet Alfred Ernle Montacute, Ist Baron F.32, G.356 CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, H.C. CHAUNDY, Theodore William A.8 Cald F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 420 Index of correspondents CHEGWIDDEN, J. S. F.409, G.548 CHELMSFORD, Frances, Lady K.59 CHESTER, Sir (Daniel) Norman D.135 H.12, H.17, H.107, H.224, H.226, H.255, H.260 CHESTERMAN, W. C. H.230 CHETWODE, Field-Marshal Philip Walhouse, 1st Baron CHETWYND, Augusta CHETWYND, Wentworth Randolph CHOLERTON, A. CHOLMONDELEY, George Horatio Charles, 5th Marquess of CHREE, Charles CHRIMES, S. B. CHRISTIE, John CHURCH, Arthur H. D.114 K.60 K.60 K.6] J.135 C.3 F.5l K.61 K.61 CHURCHILL, Clementine Ogilvy, Baroness A.28, A.106, G.459, K.72, K.73, CHURCHILL, Diana (Mrs Sandys) CHURCHILL, Lord Ivor CHURCHILL, John CHURCHILL, Mary (Lady Soames) CHURCHILL, Peregrine CHURCHILL, Randolph Frederick Edward K.77 See also J.61 K.74 K.6] K.6]1 K.74 G.219 Spencer A.39, G.459, J.152, K.75 CHURCHILL, Sarah (Mrs Oliver, later Mrs Beauchamp) J.120, K.74 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 421 Index of correspondents CHURCHILL, Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer) A.34, A.35, A.56, A.68 D.124 F.6/1, F.8/1, F.103, F.104, F.210, F.241 - F.252 G.1, G.2, G.4, G.6, G.7, G.12- G.14, G.18, G.22, G.24, G.26 - G.28, G.35, G.36, G.38, G.45, G.46, G.48, G.52, G.53, G.56, G.62, G.65, G.68, G.81, G.87, G.89, G.104, G.109, G.111, G.112, G.142, G.146 - G.149, G.152, G.155, G.156, G.168, G.179, G.181, G.182, G.188, G.189, G.195, G.200, G.219, G.223, G.224, G.228, G.235, G.237, G.240, G.243, G.245, G.251, G.256, G.281, G.310, G.320, G.325, G.327, G.335, G.342, G.346, G.349, G.350, G.351, G.353, G.356 - G.358, G.361, G.363, G.364, G.371, G.374, G.376, G.382, G.388, G.389, G.391, G.393 - G.395, G.397, G.400, G.404 - G.406, G.418, G.420, G.424, G.434, G.442, G.443/1, G.500, G.502, G.504, G.506, G.510, G.512, G.515, G.524, G.538, G.548, G.550 H.1, H.11, H.12, H.23, H.25, H.26, Y D H. H. N Fly o H. — H. n H.O 8, H.37, H.69, H.71, H.72, 8, H.79, H.87, H.91, H.95 - 8, H.102, H.112, H.114, 15, H.164, H.171, H.208, 15, H.243, H.286, H.298, 10 J.13, J.31, J.43, J.57, J.62, J.68, J.75, 3.84, J.91, J.97, J.98, J.106, J.110, J.111, J.119, J.121 - J.123, J.128, J.136, J.138, J.145, J.146 K.62- K77 See also A.67A, E.39, E.51, E.71, J.33, J.137, J.151 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 422 Index of correspondents CLARK, Sir George Norman CLARK, Sir Wilfrid Le Gros CLARKE, Duncan CLARKE, E. John S, CLAY, Sir Charles Travis CLERK, Sir George Russell CLITHEROE see ASSHETON CLIVE, Lewis CLOSE, 2G... E. CLUNIES-ROSS, Sir lan CLUSIUS, Klaus CLYDESDALE, Douglas Douglas- Hamilton, Marquess of, later 14th Duke of Hamilton COCHRANE OF CULTS, Thomas Horatio Arthur Ernest, 1st Baron COCKCROFT, Sir John (Douglas) COCKSIDGE, H. E. COGHILL, Nevill Henry Kendal Aylmer COLEMAN, F. J. COLERAINE see LAW COLLIE, Carl Howard COLHER D. M. -B. A.69, K.265 B.156 J.29 F.56, F.80, F.401, F.402 G.163, G.256, G.305, G.309, G.326 - G.328, G.408, G.427, G.428, G.522, G.543, G.547 H.34, H.98, H.125, H.126, H.143, H.259, H.261, H.275, H.291, H.295, H.307 J.81 K.78 K.78 K.78 E.4 K.78 D.233 K.78 K.79 A.85 B.53, B.57, B.75 D283, D220 E.73 G.326, G.327 P20, 3.147, 3.159 K.79 Devo D.60 D.258, H.45 B.52, B.68, D.35, G.324, G.343, K.137 D.60 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 423 Index of correspondents COLVILLE, Sir John (Rupert) (Jock) COMPTON, Arthur Holly COMPTON, Sir Edmund (Gerald) COMPTON, Karl T. COMYNS CARR,Sir Arthur Strettell CONWAY, Robert Seymour COOK, Sir William (Richard Joseph) A.67A B.151 D.172, D.177 E.97, E.98 F.127 G.28, G.35, G.38, G.176, G.181, H.72 J.111, J.122, J.136, J.137, J.145, G.361 J.146 K.70, K.80 D.35 G.6, G.10, G.362, G.443/1 K.81 G.459 E.104 B.53 C.84 F.415 G.258, G.387, G.390, G.396, G.400, G.405 COOKE, Arthur Hafford COOKSON, K. COOMBE, J. R. COOPER, Alfred Duff, later Ist Viscount Norwich COOPER, C. COOPER, W. A. C. COOR, Thomas COOTE, Sir Colin (Reith) COPEMAN, Sydney A. Monckton COPEMAN, W. 5S. C. CORBETT, R. W. CORBISHLEY, T. CORDINGLEY, Air Vice-Marshal Sir John (Walter) CORNER, J. CORTIE, A. L. CORYTON, Air Chief Marshal Sir (William) Alec D.37, G.98 D.37 A.39, K.81 J.24, J.32, K.81 F.43 A.69 B.73, B.74 D.68, E.55, E.90, F.32, K.81 D.38 K.13 F.73 B.133, K.82 H.89 D.37 C.97 G.428 _ F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 424 Index of correspondents COSTA de BEAUREGARD, Laurence COSTELLOE, W. H. G. COTT, Hugh Bamford COTTON, F. Sydney COULSON, Alexander F. W. K.9] G.220 G.218 G.452 G.280 COULSON, Charles Alfred B.123, K.82 COULSON, Sir John Eltringham H. 268 COUNCIL FOR BRITISH ARCHAEO LO GY D.39 COURANT, R. COURTAULD, John Sewell COURTNEY, Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher (Lloyd) COWGILL, A. W. COX, RR. V. CRAIG, Archibald M. CRAIG, E. S. CRAVEN, Commander Sir Charles (Worthington) CRAVEN-ELLIS, W. CRAWFORD, David Alexander Edward Lindsay, 27th Earl of CRAWFORD, Major-General John Scott CRAWFORD, O. G._ S. CRAWFORD, Sir (Robert) Stewart CRELLIN, George CRICHTON, David M. M. CRIPPS, Isobel, Lady CRIPPS, Sir (Richard) Stafford D.40 G.448 G.10, G.17, G.357, K.82 K.82 K.82 G.349 B.1 G.58, G.243, K.83 K.65 K.180 G.365 K.83 G.8, G.10, G.44, G.46, G.56, G.188, G.322, G.323, G.342, G.346, G.390 G.468 J.26 K.83 A.47 D.178 G.63, G.65, G.73, G.154, G.261, G.262, G.280, G.328, G.329, G.355, G.418, G.459, G.530, G.548 H.84, H.218, H.242, H.265 K.83 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 425 Index of correspondents CROMBIE, I. M. CROMER, Ruby, Lady CROOKES, Sir William B.123 K.84 G.469 CROOKSHANK, Harry Frederick Comfort, Ist Viscount CROOME, (John) Lewis CROW, Sir Alwyn Douglas J.116, K.84 H.26 A.69 F.410 G.257, G.378, G.382, G.383, G.388, G.391, G.393, G.394, G.397, G.400, G.403, G.404, G.407, G.408, GA18, G.425, G.442 K.84 CROWTHER, Geoffrey, Baron CROWTHER, J. A. CULLIMORE, William G.323 A.47 A.23 CUMBERLEGE, Geoffrey Fenwick Jocelyn E.18 CUMMINGS, Milton CUNARD CUNARD, Emerald K.85 K.85 K.85 CUNLIFFE-LISTER see SWINTON CUNNINGHAM OF HYNDHOPE, Admiral Andrew Browne CUNNINGHAM, Sir Graham CUNNINGHAM, L. B.C. CURRIE, Lauchlin CURTIS, Lionel George CURTIS, William Edward CUSHION, P. W. CWILONG, B. M. K.85 G.270 G.181, G.188, G.335 H.144 J.60, J.90, K.85 D.40 G.528 D.40 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 426 Index of correspondents -D- d'ABERNON, Helen, Lady K.86 DACRE see TREVOR-ROPER DAICHES, Lionel Henry DALE, Sir Henry (Hallett) DALTON, Edward Hugh John Neale, Baron DANIEL, Admiral Sir Charles (Saumarez) d'ARCY, Martin C. DARLINGTON, Cyril Dean DARWIN, Sir Charles Galton DA SILVA, Americo Correa DAUNT, John G. DAVIES, C. H. F DAVIES, D. DAVIES, G. F DAVIES, G. O. DAVIES, L.A. DAVIES, L. J. C, DAWSON, Geoffrey DAY, S.A. D.62 D.207, H.249 F.415, G.26, G.170, H.7, H.11, H.84 G.310 K.86 B.156 G.254, G.301, K.86 K.86 B.75, D.41, G.533 K.87 A.39 G.111 G.397 K.87 B.50, B.74, B.76, K.87 See also B.61 E.3 F.58 G.60 - G.63, G.65- G.69, G.71, G.72, G.78, G.85, G.145, G.195, G.324, G.541 H.31, H.32, H.50, H.73 DEAKIN, Sir (Frederick) William (Dampier) A.59, G.550, K.87 DEAN, Sir Maurice (Joseph) G.3, G.6, G.7, G.10, G.13, G.14, G.179, G.210 H.87 DEANE, William de BEER, Sir Gavin (Rylands) de BELINAY, F. G.321 E.124, K.88 D.41 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 427 Index of correspondents de BRETEUIL, A. de BROGLIE, Louis Victor, 7th Duc de BROGLIE, Maurice, 6th Duc K.88 D.42 A.4, A.6, A.21, A.23, A.28 D.43 - DAé See also D.201, K.253 DEE, Philip Ivor DEEDES, Sir Wyndham (Henry) de FREITAS, Sir Geoffrey Stanley de GROOT, S. R. de HAAS, de HUPPE, Marquise DE LASZLO, Patrick DELLER, Sir Edwin DENMAN, R. DENNES, William R. PP. G. D.47 G.460 J.83 B.55 See D.47 K.88 A.59 D.200 G.460 K.88 DENNISON, Stanley Raymond H.87, H.106 de PANGE, Frangois de PANGE, Jean, Comte de PANGE, Maurice de PANGE, Pauline, Comtesse de PANGE, Victor d'ERLANGER, Leo Frederic Alfred de ROCHETAILLEE, B. de ROCHETAILLEE, Francisque de ROCHETAILLEE, Jean Comtesse de SAVITSCH, Eugene K.91 K.89 K.91 A.59, K.90 A.59, K.91 K.92 K.93 K.93 A.59 K.94 DESBOROUGH, Ethel, Lady A.28, K.95 DESBOROUGH, William Henry Grenfell, Ist Baron DESCH, Cecil Henry DEVONSHIRE, Edward William Spencer Cavendish, 10th Duke of DEVONSHIRE, Evelyn Emily Mary Fitzmaurice, Duchess of K.95 E,122 D.154 K.96 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 428 Index of correspondents de ZULUETA, Philip DICKINSON, Henry Douglas DICKSON, Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir William (Forster) DIGHT,S. R. DILL, Field-Marshal Sir John Greer DILLWYN, Colin di SORBELLO, R. B. DISTILLATOR, W. M. DIXON, Harold Baily DIXON, Sir Pierson (John) DOBSON, Gordon Miller Bourne DODDS-PARKER, A. P. DOMMETT, W._ E. DONIACH, N.S. DONNAN, Frederick George DONNELLY, Desmond DONNER, Sir Patrick William DORLING, Vice-Admiral James Wilfred Sussex DOUGIAS, Cc. G. DOUGIAS, Lewis William DOUGLAS, Sir William Scott DOUGLAS OF KIRTLESIDE, Marshal of the Royal Air Force William Sholto Douglas, Ist Baron DOUGIASS, Kingman DOUGIASS, William Angus DOWDING, Air Chief Marshal Hugh Caswall Tremenheere, Ist Baron B.132 F.53 K.96 G.361 F.27, G.52, K.96 K.96 K.96 G.176 D.53 K.96 A.23, B.2, B.5, D.48, D.204 K.97 G.272 D.202 D.225, D.240 D.18 G.460 J.19, J.24, J.29, J.36, J.74 K.97 K.98 A.59, H.99, K.98 A.48 G.252, G.254, G.255, G.291 - G.294 H.252 K.98 G.21, G.28, G.80, G.152, G.276, G.321, G.355 K.98 K.98 K.98 G.58, G.152, G.320, G.389 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 429 Index of correspondents DOWN, Sir Ernest Edward DREYER, Admiral Sir Frederic Charles DROGE, T. C. DUDDEN, Frederick Homes DUDLEY, Anita DUFF, Juliet, Lady DUFFERIN, Maureen, Lady DUFFERIN AND AVA, Basil Sheridan Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Ath Marquess of DUFFIELD, W. Geoffrey DuMOND, J. W. M. DUNCAN, Sir Andrew Rae DUNCAN, C. J. DUNCAN-SANDYS see SANDYS K.99 G.101 See D.49 B.92 K.99 K.99 A.59 J.13, J.25, J.26, J.34 C.20 D.49 C.75 G.154, G.252, G.256, G.284, G.357 H.39, H.84, H.96 K.99 K.100 DUNDAS, Robert Hamilton B.130, B.132, K.101 DUNDEE see SCRYMGEOUR- WEDDERBURN DUNLOP, David Colin DUNN, Mary, Lady DUNNETT, Sir (Ludovic) James DUNOYER, L. DUNROSSIL see MORRISON E.18, K.101 K.101 H.217 C.5 DUNWORTH, John Vernon D.49, D.250 DURBIN, Evan Frank Mottram DURST,..C.< iS. DUTTON, Hugh T. G.261 G.221 J.29 DUVEEN OF MILLBANK, Joseph, IstBaron K.101 F.A. Lindemann, Lad Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 430 Index of correspondents a: f= EADY, Sir (Crawfurd) Wilfrid Griffin H.123, H.286 EAKER, Lt.-General Ira Clarence ECCLES, David McAdam, later Ist Viscount G.79 K.102 EDDINGTON, Sir Arthur Stanley D.50, D.57 EDELSTEN, Admiral Sir John Hereward G.280, K.102 EDEN, Clarissa Anne, Lady (later Avon) K.73, K.103 EDEN, Nicholas, 2nd Earl of Avon K.103 EDEN, Robert Anthony, later Ist Earl of Avon EDMONDSON, William EGERTON, Sir Alfred (Charles Glyn) EGERTON-BANKS, S.J. EGGERT, J. EHRENBERG, Victor L. EHRENFEST, Paul EINSTEIN, Albert EINSTEIN, Elsa EINSTEIN, Louis ELDERTON, Sir William Palin ELLES, J. ELLIOT, Katharine, Baroness ELLIOT, Walter ELLIOT, William ELLIOTT, E. ELLIOTT, R. B. D. ELLIS, Sir Arthur (William Mickie) ELLIS, Sir Charles Drummond A.8l G.545, G.548 J.122, J.135 K.103 See also E.89 K.104 B.45, D.51, D.204, D.205, D.208 G.503 D.52 K.104 D.52 D.54- D.57, D.63, D.65 -D.67 See also B.128 D.56, D.57 K.104 K.104 J.29 ~K.105 K.105 Fs 14 G.81, G.222, G.318, G.36l, G.362, G.388 K.68 B.10 G.267, G.268, G.504, H.42 K.106 K.106 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 43] Index of correspondents ELLIS, Frank ELLIS-REES, Sir Hugh ELTON, Godfrey, Ist Baron ELWES, Simon EMELEUS, Henry Julius EMERY, Peter EMMETT, David EMMETT, Evelyn Violet Elizabeth, Baroness EMMOTT, Charles Ernest George Campbell ENGELHARD, Charles ENTWISTLE, William James ERNLE, Barbara EUCKEN, Arnold EULER, W. H. B.114, D.70 H.228 E.00 K.106 K.106 J.153 K.107 K.107 K.108 J.82 K.108 K.108 K.108 K.108 EVANS, Benjamin Ifor, later Baron E.93, E.99, K.109 EVANS, D. Owen EVANS, E. V. EVANS, Sir Francis (Edward) D.162 F.40 K.109 EVANS, G. Myrddin H.72, H.73 EVANS, I. G. EVELEGH, General Vyvyan EVERETT, Henry EVERITT, W. A. EVERSHED, C. R. EVERSHED, Francis Raymond, Ist Baron EVERSHED, John EVETTS, General Sir John (Fullerton) EVILL, Air Chief Marshal Sir Douglas A.70 D.71 G.327 K.109 G.318 K.109 C.34 D.71, G.271, G.293 Claude Strathem G.274, K.109 EWART-SMART, J. EWELL, R. H. A.70 G.196 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 432 Index of correspondents —F—-= FABER, C. FABRY, C. FAHNESTOCK, Beatrice Beck FAIRFAX-LUCY, Alice FAJANS, K. FARRANT, Ralph H. FARREN, Sir William Scott FARRER-BROWN,, Leslie FAUDEL-PHILLIPS, Sir Lionel FEDDEN, Sir (Alfred Hubert) Roy FEILING, Caroline, Lady FEILING, Sir Keith (Grahame) FELIX, A. FELKIN, S. D. FELLOWES, Daisy FELLOWES, Reginald FENNELLY, Sir (Reginald) Daniel FERGUSON, Allan FERGUSSON, Sir (John) Donald (Balfour) FERRAR, William Leonard FFENNELL, Raymond William FFORDE, John S. FIFOOT, C. HH. S. FIGGURES, Sir Frank (Edward) FINCH, George Ingle FINLASON, Edward P. FINLAY-FREUNDLICH, Erwin FISHER, Hellen E. G.289 C.82 K.110 K.110 D.72 G.255, G.266, G.268, G.269, G.71, G.278, G.282, G.291, G.301 A.23, A.85, D.196 B.46, K.110 B.19 H.218, H.286 K.111 K.111 D.72 G.46 K.111 A.96 H.59 E.113 H.31 B.43 K.111 A.70, J.115, J.126, J.129, J.133 J.14 D.5 G.203 K.112 D.73 K.112 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 433 Index of correspondents FISHER, Herbert Albert Laurens B.92, D.54, K.112 FITZ ALAN, Edmund Bernard Fitzalan- Howard, Viscount FITZALAN, Mary Caroline, Lady FITZALAN-HOWARD, Henry Edmund FITZALAN-HOWARD, Magdalen FITZGERALD, Amelia Catherine (Lily), K.113 K.113 K.113 K.113 Lady A.28, A.48, K.114 FITZGERALD, J. U.P. FITZGERALD, Mildred FITZMAURICE, Sir Gerald (Gray) G.350 K.114 H.116 FLECK, Sir Alexander FLECKER, H. L. O. FLEISCHER, Richard FLEMING, Sir Alexander Percy Morris A.82, B.76, K.115 K.115 D.74 K.115 FLEMING, Evelyn Beatrice Ste. Croix Rose K.115 FLEMING, J. FLEMING, John Marcus FLEMING, Peter FLEMMING, G. H. FLETCHER, Charles E. FLETCHER, Sir Walter Pa2o H.263 G.537, G.550 H.96 A.28, A.123, D.139 D.75, K.115 FLETT, Sir Martin (Teall) H.127, H.252, H.253 FLORENCE, Noel S. F.40 FLOREY, Howard Walter, Baron B.116, D.76 FOGARTY, Michael P. FOOT, Robert FORMAN, Jan FORSTER, Arnold J. FORSYTH, lan McMillan FOSTER, Michael B. F.44 J.66 F.27 B.153 H.63 B.130, K.116 FOSTER, Air Vice-Marshal William Foster MacNeece FOURNIER, Georges FOWLER, Alfred K.116, K.239 C.74 A.23, A.24, B.14, D.76, D.197 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 434 Index of correspondents FOWLER, Sir Ralph Howard FOX-STRANGEWAYS, John FRANCK, James FRANK, Ludwig FRANKFURTER, Felix FRANKS, Oliver Shewell, Baron FRASER, Antonia, Lady (later Pinter) FRASER, Admiral Bruce Austin, Baron FRASER, Hugh Charles Patrick Joseph FRASER, Malcolm FRASER, R. FRASER, R. P. FRASER, Sir William FREEMAN, Air Chief Marshal Sir Wilfrid Rhodes FREETH, Francis Arthur FROHLICH, Herbert FRY, Charles Burgess FRY,D. W. FUCHS, Klaus FUCKS, Wilhelm FULFORD, Roger Thomas Baldwin FULLER-MAITLAND, Ella FURER, J. A. FURNEAUX, Rupert FURNESS, Enid, Lady FURTH, Robert K.116 K.116 D.77 D.78 K.117 K.117 K.117 G.169, G.170, G.320, G.322 K.117 K.117 K.117 F.408 G.425 G.36] G.324, H.286, K.118 A.60, D.79, D.95, G.460, K.118 K.118 G.460, K.119 B.53 D.230 D.79 G.530 A.28, K.120 G.233 K.120 K.242 D.266 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 435 Index of correspondents «C= GABOR, Dennis D.80 GAGE, Alexandra Imogen Claire, Viscountess GAGE, Henry Rainald (Robin),6th Viscount GAIRDNER, R. GALBRAITH, J. OD. H. GALBRAITH, Thomas Galloway Dunlop GANE, Frances GANG,Karl GALLOP, John W. GARDINER, Alan H. GARDNER, Arthur Duncan GARDNER, D. GARDNER, Margaret GARDNER, Richard N. GARNER, Sir Harry Mason GARRATT, G. R. M. GARRETT, Alice GARROD, Air Chief Marshal Sir (Alfred) Guy (Roland) GARRO JONES, George Morgan, later Ist Baron Trefgarne GARVIN, James Louis GASK, George Ernest GATER, Sir George Henry GATTY, Oliver GAYNER, Richard GEDDES, Sir Eric (Campbell) GEE, Hubert George GENTRY, Fenton K.121 See also K.95 K.121 G.270 J.141, J.142 K.121 K.121 D.80 D.80 E.4 D.70, K.122 G.284 K.122 K.122 G.428 E.76 K.122 G.10, G.50, G.92, G.550 K.122 A.48, A.64, G.429 J.43 K.123 J.142 E.114 K.123 D.93 F.67 K.123 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 436 Index of correspondents GEORGE OF THE HELLENES GEORGE, R. F. GIBB, Sir Claude Dixon GIBBS, Norman Henry GIBSON, Charles Stanley GIFFARD, E. C. GILCHRIST, L. GILL, Ernest Walter Brudenell GILLETT, A. B. GILLIATT, Elizabeth GILMOUR,Sir John GIRAUDOUX GLADWYN, Cynthia, Lady GLADWYN, Hubert Miles Gladwyn Jebb, Baron GLEN, Alexander R. GLYN, Elinor GLYN, Ralph George Campbell, Baron . GODDARD, Air Marshal Sir (Robert) Victor GODFREY, H. GODFREY, John Henry GOFF, E. GOKHALE, Dattatraya V. GOLD, Ernest GOLDSCHMIDT, R. K.123 G.10, G.12, G.14, G.18, G.22, G.27, G.53, G.54, G.58, G.59, G.81, G.182 K.124 K.124 D.1 K.124 D.81 D.81, G.461, J.93 See also K.41 K.124 K.124 aay K.124 K.125 E.55, K.125 B.142 K.126 B.163, D.245, E.88, G.391 C.17, K.126 G.138, H.97 F.98, H.115 K.126 K.126 G.221 G.307 GOODALL, Sir Stanley Vernon G.113, G.300 GOODENOUGH, Sir William (Macnamara) A.48, B.46, B.72, K.127 GOODEVE, Sir Charles Frederick G.150, G.238, G.375, G.461 H.238, H.244 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 437 Index of correspondents GOODHART, Arthur Lehman GOODHART, Cicely GOODRICH, Edwin Stephen GORELL BARNES,Sir William (Lethbridge) GOSFORD, Archibald Alexander John Stanley Acheson, 6th Earl of GOUGH, Herbert John GOULDESBROUGH, Claude GORDON, George Stuart GRAD, Harold GRAEBNER, Walter GRAHAM, Cynthia GRAHAM, Sir Ernest Gordon Graham- GRAHAM, Norman William GRAHAM, Sybil, Lady GRAND, Lourence GRANT, GRANT, C. Robin A. GRATIAS, O. A. GRAVEM, Axel B. GRAY, Roger GREAVES, R._ H. GREEN, G. A. GREENWOOD, Arthur GREGORY,Sir J. Roger B. GREGORY, Sir Richard (Arman) K.127 K.127 D.82 H.16 E.55 G.272, G.403 D.38, J.19 D.1, D.224, D.225, J.10 D.82 A.102, K.128 K.129 J.72 G.548 K.129 G.168, G.169, G.461, K.129 K.129 D.17 D.82 K.130 B.145 G.444 G.367 H.1, H.159 A.121, D.99, J.27 A.24, C.63, E.110 GRENFELL, Alexandra Imogen Claire (later Gage) GRENFELL, Imogen K.95 See also K.121 K.95 GREVILLE, Dame Margaret Helen Anderson (Hon. Mrs Ronald Greville) A.28, K.131 GREW, Joseph Clark A.7 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 438 Index of correspondents GREY OF FALLODEN, Edward, Ist Viscount GRIER, Lynda GRIERSON, Cc. M. GRIFFIN, Francis J. GRIFFITH, I. O. GRIFFITH, John GRIFFITHS, J. Eaton GRIFFITHS, James Howard Eagle B.91, E.107 K.280 G.427 C.88, D.83, E.16, K.132 A.23, A.28 B.1-B.3, B.6, B.7, B.26, B.35, B.68 D.84 See also B.8, B.18, E.65, E.118 A.60, K.132 G.43, G.45, G.243 A.70, D.85 GRIGG, Edward William Macleay, A.57, F.27,H.140, J.24, J.32, lst Baron Altrincham K.132 GRIGG, Sir (Percy) James D.61, D.85, H.84, H.126, J.2, GRIMES, William Francis GRIMWOOD,A. J. GRINSTED, H. GRIST, Frederic Edwin GRONDONA, L. St Clare GROSVENOR, Doris May GROSVENOR, Robert Arthur (Robin) GROVES, Leslie R. GROVES, Owen G. GUBBINS, Sir Colin McVean GUCHNIK, P. GUEBEN, Georges GUEST, Cynthia GUEST, Frederick Edward GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand GUINNESS, Honor K.132 D.39 G.160, G.161 C.30, C.31, K.132 L A R A D U V U R K R 127, H.137 £133 .134 .134 .237, J.108, K.135 £135 £135 A £85 U D £85 K.136 J.4, K.136 G.375 K.137 GUINNESS, (Thomas) Loel Evelyn Bulkeley K.137 F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell CSAC 80/4/81 439 Index of correspondents GUNN, HH. G. GUNTHER, R. T. GUY, Sir Henry (Lewis) GWYER, J. M. A. H.43 J.43, K.138 G.153 J.49 GWYER, Sir Maurice Linford B.91, B.92, J.7, K.138 -H- HABER, Fritz HADFIELD, Sir Robert A. D.86 K.139 HADFIELD, Robert Goodwin J.12, J.34 HADLEY, W. W. HAGUE, A. P. HAHN, A. F. HAHN-NERNST, Angela HAILES see BUCHAN-HEPBURN HAILSHAM see HOGG J.46 D.162 D.87 D.172 HALBAN, Hans A.107, D.87 HALDANE, Louisa Kathleen HALDANE, Richard Burdon, Viscount Haldane HALIFAX, Dorothy Evelyn Augusta, Lady D.53 D.53