FRANK, Frederick Charles

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NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENTISTS Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir (Frederick) Charles Frank FRS (1911-1998) VOLUME | General Introduction Section A: Biographical Section B: University of Bristol NCUACS catalogue no. 127/13/03 by Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell Section C: Research Section D: Publications Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir (Frederick) Charles Frank FRS (1911-1998) VOLUME | General Introduction Section A: Biographical Section B: University of Bristol NCUACS catalogue no. 127/13/03 by Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell Section C: Research Section D: Publications F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 Description level: Fonds Date of material: | 1911-2001 Deposited in: Title: Compiled by: Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell Extent of material: 63 boxes, ca 1,400 items Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir (Frederick) Charles Frank FRS (1911-1998), physicist NCUACS catalogue no. 127/13/03 © 2003 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath Special Collections, Arts & Social Sciences Library, University of Bristol Reference code: GB 0003 DM 1837 F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Institute of Physics The Macro Group UK The Heritage Lottery Fund The Polymer Physics Group The Public Record Office F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS ARCHIVIST, ARTS & SOCIAL SCIENCES LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.99-A.566 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL B.152-B.327 SECTION C RESEARCH SECTION D PUBLICATIONS SECTION E LECTURES C.204-C.396 D.272-D.482 Oi. 165 SECTION F SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS F.381-F.466 G.131-G.181 J.267-J.412 SECTION K APPENDIX SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES H.170-H.307 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE SECTION G CONSULTANCIES MEDALS AND ACADEMIC GOWNS REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS K.63-K.110 F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Lady Frank, widow, and colleagues including J.F. Nye, via Bristol University Library, in 2003. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF SIR CHARLES FRANK For an outline of Frank’s life and career to 1988, see NCUACS catalogue no. 15/8/89. Sir Charles Frank remained active in attending conferences, writing papers and corresponding with colleagues well into the 1990s. In 1994 he was awarded the Royal Society’s Copley Medal, its highest honour, ‘in recognition of his fundamental contribution to the theory of crystal morphology, in particular to the source of dislocations and their consequences in interfaces and crystal growth; to fundamental understanding of liquid crystals and the concept of disclination; and to the extension of crystallinity concepts to aperiodic crystals’. Frank died on 5 April 1998 and is survived by his wife Maita. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION Contents. The arrangement of the material into sections and the numbering of folders follows on from that in the previous catalogue. The archives in this collection are supplementary to those previously catalogued for Bristol University Library as NCUACS catalogue no. 15/8/89, in conjunction with which this catalogue should be used. covers events and activities not previously documented - including, of course, events occurring There is supplementary material for all ten sections and although much of the material is additional to The material, which spans the period 1911-2001, is presented in the order given in the List of including a number of honorary degrees and the award of the Royal Society’s Copley Medal in 1994. collection. There is good coverage of Frank’s education with schoolwork and undergraduate notes as well as documentation of his extracurricular interests at Oxford University in the 1930s, including the Film Unit, fascinating material relating to his time in Germany 1936-1937 and a little wartime memorabilia. There is additional material relating to Frank’s career, honours and awards, 1935-1994 partial documentation existing in the earlier collection, in some important cases material listed here subsequent to the completion of the previous catalogue. Section A, Biographical, forms a particularly valuable addition to the material in the previous F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 A significant component of the section is a virtually complete sequence of Frank’s pocket diaries 1926-1994, recording - in varying detail - appointments, social activities, meetings etc and reflecting Frank’s breadth of interests across the arts, humanities and sciences. There is also family and personal correspondence. The section includes many photographs of Frank at various occasions, from infancy to shortly before his death, and also photographs of colleagues and family members. As the present catalogue was compiled after Frank’s death, the section also includes obituaries and memorial material. Section B, University of Bristol, is divided into Department of Physics and general University papers. Departmental material includes documentation of ICI support of research activity through its Research Fellowships and Loan Purchase Schemes, Frank’s manuscript notes on lectures, seminars and colloquia given by colleagues 1945-1957 and manuscript and duplicated typescript teaching material for undergraduate and M.Sc. courses. University material includes papers of the Art Lectures Committee from 1971 to 1997 and the Colston Research Society 1967-1996, as well as a little documentation of other committees on which Frank served and general correspondence and papers. Section C, Research, follows the previous catalogue in covering Frank’s entire research career from postgraduate studies in 1933 to post-retirement research. Pre-World War Two research is often with an inscription of the topic, and subjects include ice (1940s), crystal growth (1940s-1950s) include notes, data, calculations, figures, rough drafts etc, with a little related correspondence. with O. Gatty 1939-1940 in the Department of Colloid Science, University of Cambridge. There is published a pioneering paper in 1947 and to which he returned in the late 1980s, in part through the claim of B.S. Pons and M. Fleischmann to have produced cold fusion in a test tube. The papers particularly well covered, including Frank’s postgraduate notebooks used at Oxford 1933-1936, four pocket notebooks used during his time in Germany 1936-1937, and notebooks documenting work and geophysics (1960s). There is also late work on nuclear cold fusion, a field in which Frank had some documentation of wartime research at Porton on smoke generation and later work on analysis Post-war material is chiefly the contents of Frank’s folders, of the accuracy of German V-bombs. The Times on a variety of subjects. Section D, Publications, offers significant additional coverage of Frank’s published output from 1936. It includes Frank’s contributions on a wide range of topics in chemistry, physics and geophysics, including some not listed in his bibliography. The section is dominated, however, by documentation of the transcripts and correspondence with colleagues and historians studying the German atomic of the 1993 book Operation Epsilon: the Farm Hall transcripts for which Frank wrote the introduction. Material includes drafts of Frank’s introduction, proofs of the book, correspondence about the release programme and the contribution of German science to the Nazi war effort more generally. The section also includes editorial correspondence and some manuscript drafts of unpublished letters to F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 Section E, Lectures, covering 1938-1997, includes a wide range of public and invitation lectures, addresses and informal speeches. Scientific lectures include a 1945 lecture on ‘Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Energy’, and several lectures on Orientation Mapping delivered in the UK and overseas 1983-1991. There are also Civil Defence lectures for courses during the 1960s, and later autobiographical reminiscences. Section F, Societies and organisations, provides further documentation on twenty-two UK and international organisations with which Frank was associated. There are few extended sequences, with the most substantial body of material relating to the Royal Society and Frank’s service on the Armourers and Brasiers’ Company Research Fellowship Committee and the British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology. There is some significant further documentation of Frank’s involvement with the International Organization for Crystal Growth, including the 1968 international congress, and of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. Also of note is material relating to Frank’s service as a Home Office Regional Scientific Adviser for Civil Defence. Section G, Consultancies, documents Frank’s work for commercial organisations. It covers the period 1949-1997. As in the previous catalogue, the bulk of the material relates to Frank’s work for the diamond company De Beers. There is further material relating to the Diamond Research Committee, which oversaw De Beers-funded diamond research in UK universities and which organised the Diamond Research Conferences, and to the Conferences themselves 1973-1997. Section H, Visits and conferences, covers the period 1933-1997. It includes overseas visits to South material for R.V. Jones, F.R.N. Nabarro and K. Wirtz. Mechanism of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics (1979). Society discussion meetings 1949, 1960, 1970, 1984, 1986 and 1993. There is also documentation Section J, Correspondence, spans Frank's whole career, from postgraduate days in the early 1930s the Earth and Planetary Interiors (1969), Surface Effects in Crystal Plasticity (1975) and the Africa, Japan, India and the continent of Europe, while UK conferences documented include Royal of Frank’s participation in NATO Advanced Study Institutes on the Application of Modern Physics to postdating the previous catalogue. to the late 1990s. It is presented in alphabetical order. The bulk of the correspondence is either early (1930s) or dates from the 1980s and 1990s - some of which postdates the compilation of the previous catalogue in 1989. There are few extended sequences and most of the correspondents represented are also to be found in the previous catalogue. However, there is significant additional Section K, References and appointments, is chiefly material from the late 1980s and 1990s, F.C. Frank NCUACS 127/13/03 There is also an index of correspondents, and an Appendix listing Frank’s medals and academic gowns held by the University of Bristol Special Collections. Caroline Thibeaud Timothy E. Powell Bath December 2003 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.99-A.566 1911-2001 A.99-A.101 OBITUARIES AND MEMORIALS A.102-A.119 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL A.120-A.187 EDUCATION A.188-A.288 CAREER, HONOURS AAND AWARDS A.289-A.357 DIARIES A.358-A.362 LITERARY COMPOSITIONS A.363-A.406 FAMILY A.407-A.468 FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES A.493-A.565 PHOTOGRAPHS A.566 A.469-A.492 CLUBS, ASSOCIATIONS AND OTHER INTERESTS MISCELLANEOUS F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 A.99-A.101 OBITUARIES AND MEMORIALS 1998-1999 Obituaries Obituaries from: The Times The Guardian The Independent The Daily Telegraph Nature The British Crystallographic Association A.100, A.101 Thanksgiving Service for the Life of Cathedral Church of the Bristol, 4 November 1998. Sir Charles Frank, Holy and Undivided Trinity, 1998-1999 Curricula vitae A.103-A.113 information, information A.102-A.119 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL 1938-2001 Audio cassette tape-recording of the service Order of service; transcript of the addresses by Sir John Kingman, John Nye and Jerry Hicks CuiSii 1996 Entries for biographical and professional directories Requests biographical provided and copies of entries. for Who’s Who in the World 1938-1983 1959-1998 Who’s Who 1959-1997 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 International Who’s Who 1982-1994 Who’s Who of British Scientists Indian Academy of Sciences Frank was a Visiting Professor at the Raman Research Laboratory in Bangalore between 1979 and 1980 and as such appeared in ‘History of the Academy’. The book was published by the Indian Academy of Sciences on the occasion of the Academy in November 1984. the Jubilee Meeting of People of Today (Debrett) 1988-1992 Lincoln College ‘Who’s Who’ Who’s Who in Science and Engineering Who’s Who in American Education Record of Science Research Scholars ‘Honoured by the Queen’ (Belgravia Press) German scientists at Farm Hall (see D.360-D.406) for the The ‘Record of Science Research Scholars’ was produced by The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. Frank was requested to give an interview re intelligence in World War Two and his recollections of the internment of Request for an interview Correspondence re arrangements. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Catholic University of Chile Television Network ‘Contacto’. A.115, A.115A Interview with Maita Frank 1999-2001 Correspondence with University of Bristol Archivist re the interview; two interview transcripts; audio cassette tape- recording (A.115A). John Nye conducted the interview, which focused on Sir Charles Frank. A.116-A.119 Archival cataloguing and preservation of Frank’s papers 1988-2001 A.116, A.117 Correspondence with the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists re the cataloguing of Frank’s papers. 1988-1999 Also includes correspondence with the University of Bristol Archivist. 2 folders. 2 folders. A.120-A.131 1990-2001 A.118, A.119 A.120-A.187 EDUCATION Lists of Frank’s papers. Thetford Grammar School, Norfolk ‘Geography’ A.120-A.125 Thetford School exercise books A.120 ‘Inorganic Chemistry’ 1920-1997 1920-1932 1920-1926 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 ‘5b History’ ‘History’ ‘History’ ‘E.H. Wallace’ Used by Frank from the front for stories. E.H. Wallace is pseudonym after the popular novelist Edgar Wallace. identified, possibly adopted as not a A.126, A.127 School reports 1920-1926 2 folders. School certificate See also A.495. Foundation scholarship records 1923-1926 Thetford Grammar School Troop Boy Scouts Correspondence, 1 photograph and membership card. magazine, July 1932 ‘The Fulmerstonian’, Thetford Grammar School school F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.132-A.141 Ipswich School, Suffolk 1927-1977 Frank became President of the Old Ipswichians Club in 1978 (see also A.517). Exercise book inscribed on front cover ‘F.C. Frank English Via’ Used for English essays. Paginated with list of contents inside back cover. Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘Essays F.C Frank’ Used for English literature notes. contents inside back cover. Paginated with list of School reports 1927-1929 Also includes 1 letter of congratulation. Ipswich School plays 1927-1928 Higher School certificates, etc 1928-1930 Correspondence with Ipswich School re state scholarship Autographed programmes of ‘She Stoops to Conquer’ by Oliver Goldsmith (1927) and ‘Le Malade Imaginaire’ by Moliére (1928). See also A.497. 1933 Issues of the Ipswich School Magazine 1928, 1929, 1935 Frank played female characters in the two plays. Old Ipswichians Dinner programme Visit to Ipswich School F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Correspondence re arrangements. Miscellaneous memorabilia A.142-A.147 Lincoln College, Oxford 1928-1997 See also A.469-A.480, A.499, A.500. Miscellaneous correspondence with Lincoln College 1928-1997 Faculty of Physical Sciences lecture programme, with Frank’s annotations 1930-1932 Bachelor certificate. of Science (Physical Sciences) Degree 1933-1936 Student accomodation and bills 1929-1938 Oxford Union Library Committee Certificate and letters of congratulations. Correspondence with Librarians and committee members. Frank became a member of the Union Library Committee in 1933. 1936, 1968 Programmes, menus and seating plans. Lincoln College dinners F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.148-A.183 Undergraduate notes 1923-1935 Presented in a single chronological sequence. ‘Elementary Phys. Chem. Jun 1923’ date The undergraduate notes. notwithstanding, these appear to be Binder inscribed on front cover ‘F.C. Frank, Lincoln’ and labelled on front and spine ‘Questions answered’ Used for notes entitled ‘Advanced Organic Chemistry (1925)’ Binder of Frank’s literary writings 1929-1931 Found with sequence of science notes. See also A.358-A.362. 1929-1930 ‘Inorganic chemistry H to Ni’ 1929-1930 ‘Essays for [N.V.] Sidgwick’ 1929-1930 ‘Organic chemistry: - aliphatic. [H.B.] Baker’ Includes drafts of plays, poems, travel notes, jottings, letters. 1929-1931 ‘Electrochemistry [J.F.] Wolfenden’ ‘Random remarks [F.W.] Soddy’ 1929-1930 ‘Dyson Perrin Lab’ 1929-1930 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 ‘Essays for Sidgwick’ ‘Organic chemistry: aromatic [H.B.] Baker ‘Balliol & Trinity Labs. Physical Chemistry’ Specimens of toilet paper These have a note of make, date and location. ‘Inorganic chemistry (II) Ru to Po’ 1930-1931 ‘Aspects of structural organic chemistry [R.] Robinson’ 1930-1931 1930-1931 1930-1931 structure Sidgwick [...] 1930-1931 ‘Colloids George’ Molecular structure ‘Atomic Sidgwick’ ‘Stereochemistry of carbon. Plant [...] Of other elements [?T.W.J.] Taylor’ 1930-1932 ‘Rate of reaction [E.J.] Bowen [...] Photochemistry Bowen’ ‘Chemical history’ ‘Thermodynamics Chemists Hinshelwood. Chemical Kinetics Hinshelwood’ Hinshelwood. Physics _ for [C.N.] c 1930-1931 ‘Essays’ F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 ‘Inorganic analysis. Quantitive Russell. Qualitative’ ‘Inorganic Practical O.C.D.’ Found with preceding notes. 1929-1931 ‘Personal science’ prejudices and work in progress General ‘Organic chemistry: - mainly heterocyclic. [H.B.] Baker’ ‘Essays for Brewer’ ‘Tautomerism Taylor ‘Essays’ progress General ‘Personal chemistry’ prejudices and work in ‘L.E. Sutton on dipoles’ ‘Heterogenous equilbrium [?D.L.] Hammick’ Not all undergraduate. Includes notes on learning Russian, jottings, musings, poems etc. Miscellaneous manuscript notes 1932-1934 1932-1934 1932-1935 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.180-A.182 Miscellaneous binders 3 folders. manuscript pages of notebooks and 1933 and n.d. ‘Divers Lectorers’ A.184-A.187 Postgraduate 1933-1940 British Association ‘Oxford’ Exhibition Correspondence re arrangements. Frank was nominated by the Vice-Chancellor to attend the British Association ‘Oxford’ Exhibition in Aberdeen. Goldsmiths’ Company Senior Studentship 1933-1937 Correspondence and certificates. 1933-1937 Frank was awarded a D. Phil. in 1937. Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Sciences Correspondence, mainly with Frank’s examiner Dr L.E. Sutton re viva arrangement. Frank was the recipient of a Goldsmiths’ Company Senior Studentship from 1936 to 1937. 1939-1940 Royal Commission for Studentship Correspondence re the studentship. the Exhibition of 1851 Senior F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.188-A.288 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1927-1994 A.188-A.194 Germany 1936-1943 This includes memorabilia from Frank’s time in Germany 1936-1937 and Control Commission. the war with Allied after the Frank studied dielectric loss in Germany from 1936 to 1938 at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut fur Physik, Berlin- Dahlem. Miscellaneous correspondence re visit to Germany Invitations and programme of ball and opera evenings 1937-1938 Hotel and restaurant bills of the Nazi party newspaper ‘Der Sturmer’, Pocket map of Germany German mapping device. Zielgevierttafel, in leather case Copy November 1936 of photographs taken by Frank. Gemaldegalerie Ski museum brochure, business cards, typescript descriptions Miscellaneous memorabilia brochures German, clothes in F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Correspondence re job applications 1927-1939 A.196-A.203 Wartime activities 1939-1950 Correspondence re appointment as a Scientific Officer at the Ministry of Aircraft Production 1940-1941 Also includes National Service Armed Forces registration card. Scientific Research Central Register Frank’s biographical details and leaflet on Register. the Central the who Register was compiled by The Service Department of the Ministry of Labour to gather information on higher administrative UK the government in their professional capacity in wartime. professional scientific, personnel technical National serve could and _ on Ration book A.201-A.203 Allied control in ‘Combined Operations Headquarters’ card Untitled, undated manuscript draft Germany 1949-1950 Includes Official Gazette of the Allied High Commission for Germany with Law 22 on atomic energy; typescript paper entitled ‘Research and Development; typescript notes on Law 23 on control of scientific research. Postwar material 3 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.204-A.288 Professional honours and awards 1935-1994 List of Frank’s professional honours and awards compiled by Maita Frank Fellowship of the Chemical Society, London, 6 June 1935 Correspondence re election. A.206, A.207 Fellowship of the Royal Society, London, March 1954 Correspondence; information for newly elected members; certificate. 1 folder, 1 tube. Chair of Physics, University of Bristol, August 1954 Correspondence and certificate. See also A.509. 1 folder, 1 tube. Certificate. A.209, A.210 Correspondence and contract of employment. Honorary Degree, University of Ghent, Belgium, 3 October 1955 Correspondence re invitation. Invitation to become Institute Professor of Solid State the Science Carnegie Institute Pennsylvania, September 1960 Fellowship of the Institute of Physics, London, 1 October 1957 and of Engineering Technology, Materials at Pittsburgh, F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Frank declined the invitation. Invitation to become Dean of the Faculty of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent, Canterbury, August 1963 Correspondence re invitation. A.214-A.219 Griffith A.A. British Banbury, 22 September 1967 Medal, Materials Science Club, A.214, A.215 Correspondence re arrangements 2 folders. Typescript drafts of speech with corrections A.218, A.219 2 folders. Manuscript notes found with the material Manuscript biographical notes on A.A. Griffith Certificate and 2 photographs of the ceremony. Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science, University of Bath, 12 December 1973 Programme and order of proceedings Doctor Honoris Causa of Guildford, 3 December 1977 Includes newspaper cuttings and photograph. Correspondence A.221-A.224 the University of Surrey, 1977-1978 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Printed booklet with addresses delivered at the ceremony Photographs 4 photographs. A.225, A.226 Honorary Fellowship of the Institute of Physics, London, 13 December 1977 re the election, photograph and certificate of 1 letter election. 2 folders. A.227-A.229 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Sciences, University of Dublin, 6 July 1978 A.230, A.231 A.232, A.233 3 folders. 3 (A.231). 2 folders. and award plaque Programme of photographs; certificate. the ceremony; dinner seating plan; 2 Most documents are in Latin. photographs, magazine cutting Frank was the first recipient of award. Crystal Growth Award, The American Association for Crystal Growth, Washington DC, USA, 18 July 1978 1 folder, 1 case. Royal Medal of the Royal Society, London, 30 November 1979 Correspondence re bound case. election and certificate in leather this newly established F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 See also A.518. A.234, A.235 Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Engineering of the United States, Washington DC, USA, 3 March 1980 Correspondence, University of Bristol Newsletter on the award and certificate. The award ceremony was Washington DC. held in October 1980 in 1 folder, 1 tube. A.236-A.238 Gregory Aminoff Sciences, Stockholm, 3 June 1981 Medal, Royal Swedish Academy of information Certificate, and announcement of Frank’s award in the University of Bristol Newsletter. Gregory Aminoff on 3 folders. A.239-A.241 2 photographs and Certificate. 2 folders, 1 tube. of the ceremony, Programme certificate. Service on the January 1982 British National Committee for Physics, Honorary Degree of Doctor of Sciences, University of Warwick, Coventry, 17 July 1981 Letters of congratulation. Frank was a committee member before 1973 and again 1976-1981. Guthrie Medal and Prize, 1982 Institute of Physics, January F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Honorary Fellowship of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, India, January 1984. Correspondence re the fellowship and announcement in the University of Bristol Newsletter. A.245, A.246 Unveiling ceremony of Bristol, 20 September 1985. Frank’s portrait, University of Correspondence re the portrait List of contributors Also includes photograph of the portrait and photograph of Frank and his wife in front of the portrait. A.249, A.250 A.251-A.252A A.253-A.255 A.247, A.248 Foreign Associate of the Royal Society of South Africa, 24 April 1986. Correspondence and certificate. 2 folders. Certificate and commemorative plaque. Honorary Presidency of the British Association of Crystal Growth 1981-1986 1981, 1986 Honorary Fellowship of the University of Bristol, Bristol, 5 December 1986 Doctor Honoris Causa, Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, 28 October 1986 Correspondence, dinner menu, addresses and certificate. Correspondence, announcement in university 2 folders. 3 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 publications, certificate and addresses. 3 folders. Robert Franklin Mehl Award, The Metallurgical Society, Denver, Colorado, USA, 26 February 1987 Framed certificate. See also E.150-E.155. A.257-A.261 Foreign Associate of the American Academy of Science, Washington DC, USA, 25 April 1987 1985-1989 A.257, A.258 Letters of congratulation 1987-1989 Also includes correspondence with the Academy. 2 folders. Certificate of election 1 tube. 2 folders. International Organization for Crystal A.260, A.261 Miscellaneous correspondence and papers Includes photograph of Frank at the award ceremony and announcement of the award in the University of Bristol Newsletter (A.261) 1985-1988 The International Organisation for Crystal Growth named the Crystal Growth Prize after Frank. Von Hippel Award, Material Research Society, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2 December 1987 Establishment of Growth’s Frank Prize Correspondence. A.263-A.265 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Correspondence re arrangements Certificate Also includes biographical information on Frank and a schedule of the ceremony. Announcement of the award in the University of Bristol Newsletter The Frank Theatre, University of Bristol letter re the naming of the G.44 lecture theatre after 1 Frank. A.267-A.271 80th birthday celebrations and symposium, University of Bristol, 15 April 1991 See also A.524. Correspondence. Typescript copy of Frank’s speech. Programme of the celebration and list of participants. November 1991 Also includes announcement in scientific and academic magazines. Publication of the proceedings of the symposium. Drawing and card offered on the occasion. A.272, A.273 Honorary Degree, University of Surrey, Guildford, 29 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Correspondence, seating plan, photocopy photograph. colour photograph and 2 folders. A.274-A.278 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Sciences, University of Leeds, 21 July 1992 1991-1992 Correspondence re arrangements 1991-1992 Certificate and presentation addresses Graduation supper guest list and seating plans 2 colour photographs, with legend. A.279-A.288 1994-1995 A.279-A.281 re arrangements and _ letters of See also A.527. Correspondence congratulation Announcement in university publications and newspaper Copley Medal of the Royal Society, London, 30 November 1994 Programme of the award ceremony Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. ‘Copley Congrats’ A.282, A.283 1994-1995 3 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Portrait photograph of Frank. 1 photograph. Certificate Announcement in the Royal Society News, July 1994 Miscellaneous material A.289-A.357 DIARIES 1926-1994 This is a virtually complete run of Frank’s pocket diaries. At A.298 is a journal covering the outbreak of the Second World War Intercalated within the diaries are visiting cards, notices of meetings, notes of addresses etc. 1933-1934 1926 Boy Scouts’ diary. 1932-1933 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 1934-1935 1935-1936 1937 German pocket diary 1938 German pocket diary Hardback notebook, used at front as a journal covering the outbreak of the Second World War 25 August-12 September 1939 1940 Most pages not used. Entries are by Maita Frank. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 1947-1948 1948-1949 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 1969-1970 1972-1973 1973-1974 1976-1977 1978-1979 1980-1981 1974-1975 1981-1982 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 1982-1983 1983-1984 1984-1985 1985-1986 1986-1987 1987-1988 1988-1989 1989-1990 1990-1991 1992-1993 1991-1992 1993-1994 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.358-A.362 LITERARY COMPOSITIONS 1934-1980 Chiefly verses and early writings by Frank. humorous essay ‘Science and all that’. Includes a and Yeatman entitled Sellars after See also A.150. 4 folders, 1 notebook. A.363-A.406 FAMILY 1923-1994 See also A.551-A.558. A.363-A.374 Correspondence with Frank’s parents 1923-1953 12 folders. 1937, 1945 A.375-A.403 1931-1994 Arnautov, Zoe B[?], Vivienne Correspondence with other members of the family Arranged in alphabetical order by surname, or first name where no surname is given. 1935-1936 Vivienne B was a relative from South Africa. She may be the same person as the Vivienne at A.377. Vivienne C was a cousin from Durban, South Africa. C[?], Vivienne ‘Aunt Carrie’ F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Frank, Alice M. Alice Frank was F. C Frank’s aunt. Frank, Audrey Frank, Edward Edward Frank was F. C Frank’s brother. ?Frank, Fred Frank, Geoff and Liz Frank, Joy and Angela 1985-1990 1937-1950 1951-1991 1985-1994 1990-1991 Frank, Lottie Frank, Phil. Jo and Margaret John and Jo 1985-1990 1931, 1985 1985-1994 Lottie Frank was an aunt. Frank, M.E. (‘Molly’) 1985-1990 Ken and Elizabeth Pat and Vera F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Peggy Folder inscribed ‘Perhaps a relative’. Pond, Ada and Arthur Pond, Desmond Possibly the son of Ada and Arthur Pond. 1934-1935 1936-1938 Read, Arnold 1934, 1946 Read, John Carley Wedding invitation. Read, Rowland Romaine, [?] Smith, Effie Smith, Effie Effie Smith was an aunt. 1935-1936 Effie Smith, cousin, was the daughter of Frank’s aunt, also called Effie Smith. Stanton, Rex and Gladys The Stantons were cousins. Southwell, Warburton F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Miscellaneous correspondence 1934-1939 A.404-A.406 Frank family tree A.404 Correspondence with members of the family re the Frank family tree 1986-1989 1986-1989 A.405, A.406 ‘Family tree plus related material’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. A.407-A.468 FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES 1929-1997 A.407-A.436 From Oxford and Germany Adelheim, [7] Adelheim was a friend from Berlin. Bellam, Jim Brown, Thea Correspondence with friends 1932-1941, n.d. Also includes a text in German entitled ‘The Skier’s Waltz’. A.410, A.411 Carpenter, Anne See also Thea Brown. Clarke, E.J.S. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Davis, Alan Davis, Mal Evans, Patrick See also Alan Davis (A.413). Finn, Edward Gatty, Penelope 1940-1941 Hill, Roger P. Guerrini, V.H. 1938-1939 Frank met Guerrini in Berlin. Gatty, Richard and Katharine In German. Horton, A.J. [L?], [7] F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Marsden, Ralph J.B. 1936-1939 Nettleton, Martin [?P], B. Pelmore, Denis Denis Pelmore was Frank’s successor in Oxford as research student. a Purna, Kittu R. 1934-1935 1935, 1936 Richards, J. Seyeart, E.N. Stroud, L. Stroud was Frank’s landlady in Oxford. 1933-1937 Bertie Wallace was a school friend of Frank. Wynne, Charles G. Not used Wallace, Bertie First names only F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.437-A.461 ‘Correspondence with girlfriends’. Contents of folder so inscribed 1929-1940 Allan, Isobel Allison, E. [?B], Zoe Bremner, H. Burdett, Dulce 1929-1938 C[?], Judy C[?], Marion 3 folders. A.444-A.446 ‘Elsi’ Frank met Marion C during the Holiday Fellowship. See lise. 1935-1938 Frank met Ilse Mathisson in Estonia. A.447-A.449 Mathisson, Ilse A.450, A.451 Mac Currach, Jean 3 folders. See also A.559. 1933-1939 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 6 photographs from Frank’s time in includes Also Germany. 2 folders. Meier, Theena Menser, G. Michaelis, Lotte Platz, Margaret Saunders, Mary Schreiber, Betti Undritz, M. 1936-1937 1931-1932 Frank met M. Undritz in Estonia. With typescript transcriptions of correspondence, compiled in the 1990s. Unidentified Wagen, Gertrud Williams, Molly F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.462-A.468 Information on colleagues A.462 Service of Thanksgiving for Harry Garner Edwards, Clifton College Chapel, 29 April 1995 Order of service and address. 1977-1997 1995 A.463, A.464 Newspaper cuttings on Reginald V. Jones. 1977-1997 2 folders. N.F. Mott’s 80th birthday List of guests and poem entitled ‘Some Jots for Mott’. See also J.357. A.466-A.468 cuttings on colleagues and_ various 1983-1995 Newspaper personalities 3 folders. A.469-A.480 Oxford University clubs A.469 Oxford University Alembic Club A.469-A.492 CLUBS, ASSOCIATIONS AND OTHER INTERESTS n.d. Chiefly correspondence re speakers for meetings, films to be shown, Film Unit policy and membership etc. Also includes some scripts, lists of camera shots etc. Programmes of meetings 1935-1936; signed menus 1931 and 1935; Rules. Frank was a committee member of the University Film A.470-A.475 Oxford University Film Unit 1931-1940 1931-1936 See A.9 of the previous catalogue. 1931-1997 1933-1940 and F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Society and Founder and first President of the Film Unit. The two merged in 1936. 1933-1934 1934-1935 1936 Includes shooting script for documentary on the Oxford University Air Squadron. 1937, 1940 and n.d. Scripts, shooting lists, scenarios etc. Oxford University German Club Programme of meetings. Oxford University Jiudo/Jiu-jitsu Club Also includes some memorabilia of the (Left wing) Film & Photo League. Life membership certificate. Oxford University Junior Scientific Club 1935-1936 Brief correspondence only. Programmes for meetings etc. Oxford Union Society F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Oxford Society Letter re possible branch in Germany; membership card, constitution. A.481-A.488 ‘Subscriptions’ 1934-1997 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: correspondence and papers relating to subscriptions for membership of clubs and associations, and charitable donations. It also includes some scientific societies otherwise documented in section F. Arranged in alphabetical order. A 1958-1997 Includes (incomplete) list of Frank’s memberships. 1969-1986 1940-1994 B (1) B (2) 1981-1988 1934-1989 1971-1990 1979-1985 1935-1990 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 A.489-A.491 Concerts and functions 1935-1950 Programmes for music concerts, plays etc. 3 folders. ‘Historical material’ 1939, 1940 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: newspaper and magazine cuttings kept by Frank. A.493-A.565 PHOTOGRAPHS 1911-1995, n.d. the photographs have some note Most of identifying occasion, date and/or those featured inscribed on verso or by attached note. A.493-A.533 1911-1995, n.d. 1911 A.493 Frank as a baby particularly with the Career, Photographs of Frank the There are many other photographs elsewhere in and collection, honours awards material (A.204-A.288). These have been retained with the correspondence and papers with which they were found. 6 photographs. For further photographs of Frank as an infant see Family photographs below. Frank as a schoolboy 3 photographs. 2 photographs. Thetford Scout Camp early 1920s F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 See also A.130. Group photograph of pupils at lpswich School 1 photograph (rolled). See also A.132-A.141. Ipswich School play 4 photographs, two mounted. See also A.136, A.137. The photographs are Moliére’s second wife of Argan. Malade of a performance and played Frank cast of Beéline, Imaginaire. Portrait photograph of Frank 1 photograph. early 1930s See also A.142-A.147. Lincoln College Oxford 2 graduation photographs. 1 group photograph of B.Sc./D.Phil. class, featuring Frank in back row. Davis & Co., Hounslow, on 1st November 1934’. Note on verso suggests the photograph is ‘Lincoln College staff? or some charitable or other organisation’. ‘A souvenir of the visit [...] to the laboratories of Parke, Group photograph of Oxford Scientific Club ?Lincoln College early 1930s 1 photograph. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Frank is featured on the right of the middle row. 1 photograph. Frank and K. Wirtz 1 photograph. Group photograph of Colloid Science group, Cambridge Frank is on the right of the middle row. 1 photograph. Group photograph of researchers 1 photograph. H.H. Wills Laboratory staff and 8 photographs. 1 photograph. 1 photograph. Frank, J.C. Fisher and T. Read ‘Fort Royal Lab 1948-9 Party’ 1948 or 1949 Those featured include Frank, A.M. Tyndall and N.F. Mott. Frank and J. H. Hollomon at GE Laboratory, Schenectady, USA 1 photograph. Frank, Maita Frank and G.P.S. Occhialini, Bristol F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Honorary Degree ceremony, Ghent, Belgium 1 photograph. See also A.209, A.210. Visit of the Duke of Edinburgh to the H.H. Wills Laboratory Those featured include the Duke of Edinburgh and C.F. Powell. 3 photographs; newspaper cutting on the visit. ‘Charles Frank observing dilatancy effects in wet sand, La Jolla shore 1964 or 1965’ 1964 or 1965 1 photograph. Frank, Maita Frank and D. Parkin, Mexico 1 photograph. Portrait photographs of Frank 5 photographs; letter found therewith. Annotated on front ‘Wish you were here’, sent to H.H. Wills Laboratory for their Christmas Party. Those featured are wearing Mexican hats and sitting in a donkey-cart. Frank’s Retirement Party Frank visited Prague,Czechoslovakia, in September 1969. Visit to Prague 2 photographs. Frank at ?Physics Department party, Bristol. 1 photograph. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Features Frank and Maita Frank. 1 photograph. Group photograph of Old Ipswichians Reunion 1 photograph, with key. Royal Medal of the Royal Society Features all the Royal Society medallists for 1979. 1 mounted photograph. See also A.232, A.233. Farewell Party for A.W. Merrison, Vice-Chancellor, Bristol 1 mounted photograph. 2 photographs 1 photograph. ‘Fowler breakfast’ 3 photographs. 1985, 1997 Frank, A.R.Lang and N. Sumida, Bristol Group photographs of the Polymer Physics Group Features Frank, Maita Frank, Isobel Powell and D.M.C. Hodgkin. Bristol Frank with the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Those featured include Frank and E. Sondheimer. Mai Zhenhong, Assistant Director of F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 1 photograph. Photographs of Frank’s 80th birthday celebrations Photograph at civic function, featuring the Lord Mayor of Bristol, N.F. Mott and J.F.C. Kingman. 1 group photograph of celebrants, with key. See also A.267-A.271. Frank with A.Keller and D.C. Bassett 3 photographs. Trinity College Cambridge Copley Medal of the Royal Society Features Frank with colleagues including A. Keller, A.H. Windle and E.L. Thomas. 1 photograph. 1 mounted photograph. See also A.279-A.288. Features all the Royal Society medallists for 1994. 1 photograph. Taken during Kaptiza Centenary Symposium, Cambridge, 8 July 1994 Frank, M.L.E. Oliphant and M.M. Gowing 2 photographs. Frank, A.R. Lang and S. Takagi, Bristol F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Undated group photographs of staff and researchers of the H.H. Wills Laboratory 3 photographs. Group Academy of Sciences to Bristol photograph visit of of members of Chinese Bristol figures featured include Frank, J.M. Ziman and ?R.L. Gregory. 1 photograph. ?H.H. Wills Laboratory party Those feature include Frank and C.F. Powell. 5 photographs. A.534-A.550 Conferences 1948-1976, n.d. 4 photographs. N. Thompson is also featured. Frank at ?7Departmental Party, Bristol Photographs of proceedings and group photographs of participants from conferences attended by Frank. There are other photographs in the Visits and conferences section H, retained with the material with which they were found. See also H.177. Group photograph “2Amsterdam 1948’ of participants at conference 1 photograph. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Group photograph of participants at ‘Cambridge ? 1950’ ca 1 photograph. group Mounted International Belgium, 25-29 September 1951 photograph Solvay Conference in of participants Physics, at 9th Brussels, 1 photograph. See also H.186-H.192. A.537-A.541 Visit to Japan, September-October 1953 See H.195 of previous catalogue. this catalogue, and H.11-H.22 of the Group photograph of participants at meeting Frank is to the left of the fourth row up. 1 photograph. N.F. Mott and R.P. include Frank, 5 photographs. visits to Japanese laboratories Those featured Feynman. Photographs of research facilities Photographs of lectures and meetings 14 photographs. Those featured include Frank, N.F. Mott, J.C. Fisher and Japanese colleagues. Photographs of excursions 9 photographs. and F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Photographs of social occasions and parties 5 photographs. Photographs ‘c 1953 ?Berlin’ 5 photographs. See also A.188-A.194. photograph Group Congress on _ September 1956 Theoretical of participants Physics, at International USA, Seattle, 1 photograph. Group Conference’, 1958 photograph of participants at ‘Cooperstown 1 photograph. Conference on Crystal Growth, Japan, 6 photographs. See also E.111A. International March-April 1974 Those featured also include Maita Frank, S. Takagi and B. Pamplin. Photographs of Frank lecturing, and with colleagues at social functions and on excursions. 1 photograph. Group photograph of participants at 2nd International Spring School on Crystal Growth, Japan, 31 March-7 April 1974 See also H.229. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 photograph Group Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, Muhlhausen, East Germany, 26-31 August 1976 participants 26th at of 1 photograph. Group photograph of participants at NATO Advanced Study Institute on Surface Effects on Strength of Materials (‘Hohe Geiss Conference 1976’) 1 photograph. Group conference photograph of participants at unidentified Those featured include N. Cabrera, B. Bilby and N.F. Mott. Informal photographs from unidentified conference A.551-A.558 Family 2 photographs. Grandparents See also A.363-A.406. Those featured include Frank, A.B. Pippard, A.H. Cottrell and N.F. Mott. 5 photographs. Includes photographs of Frank as an adult with both his parents and of both his parents together. Includes photographs of Frank as grandmother. Frederick Frank (father) 4 photographs. an infant with his F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Dora Frank (née Read) (mother) 2 photographs. John and Edward Frank (brothers) Includes photographs of Frank with his two brothers as an infant. 8 photographs. South African relatives 8 photographs. Canadian relatives 14 photographs 1 composite photograph. 7 photographs. Frank’s uncle; Frank family Miscellaneous family-related photographs. Frank and Maita Frank with Canadian relatives in 1980 Includes photographs of residences in Canada and South Africa. See also A.447-A.449. A.559-A.565 Friends and colleagues llse Mathisson 1 photograph. 1934-1992, n.d. 1934 A.559 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Biographical, A.99-A.566 Photographs from period Debye’s laboratory, Berlin, Germany Frank’s of research in P. 1936-1937 Those featured include M. Pirenne, P. Debye, M. von Laue and E. Fischer. 10 photographs. See also A.188-A.194. Group photograph of ?H.H. Wills Laboratory staff and researchers 1 photograph. J.E. Mayer and A. Sommerfeld, Bad Nauheim, Germany, October 1950 1 photograph. photograph of members of the Wills 1 photograph. 1 photograph. F. Seitz, Japan 1 photograph, with key. Group photograph of colleagues in Uppsala, Sweden Group H.H. Laboratory on the occasion of J. Malos’s retirement Household finance, tenancy agreements, insurance, etc. MISCELLANEOUS 1932-1945 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL, B.152-B.327 1945-1997 B.152-B.281 PHYSICS DEPARTMENT B.282-B.327 UNIVERSITY B.152-B.281 PHYSICS DEPARTMENT 1945-1976, n.d. B.152-B.155 Administration B.156-B.169 Research funding B.170-B.226 Research seminars B.227-B.266 Teaching B.267-B.270 Postgraduate courses B.271-B.279 Students B.280, B.281 Miscellaneous 1966-1972 B.152-B.155 Administration Correspondence re registration of research assistant for Ph.D. Minutes of Physics Steering Committee, 19 October and 21 December 1968 Polymer Science Correspondence and papers re technicians’ dispute Correspondence and papers re Research Fellow in 1970-1972 1966-1967 1969-1970 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.156-B.169 Research funding 1966-1975 This is material relating to ICI support of science research activity at Bristol, and support of research in the Physics Department in particular. See B.104 of the previous catalogue. Bilp6; Balos, General funding B.156 Correspondence re possibilities for cooperation between ICl and the University of ICI Vacation Student Scheme Bristol; 1967-1974 1967 Correspondence chiefly re IC! support for Bristol research after the end of the Fellowships scheme 1973-1974 B.158-B.165 ICIl Research Fellowships Scheme 1969-1975 of Research Fellowships Chiefly Committee. Arranged chronologically. papers the ICI Includes applications. Correspondence re future of Fellowship scheme. 1973 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.166-B.169 IC| Loan Purchase Scheme 1966-1972 Invitations to apply for loans, applications, etc. Arranged chronologically. This scheme enabled university science departments to acquire special apparatus which was too costly to be included in usual departmental expenditure but not large enought for The equipment remained the property of ICI although it was not required to be returned while it remained of use in the department. a major grant application. 1966-1968 B.170-B.226 Research seminars surfaces 25.5.45’ Manuscript notes on postgraduate lecture courses (may include some departmental teaching), seminars and colloquia given by colleagues. See B53.-B.56 of the previous catalogue. 1945-1957, n.d. undergraduate ‘W.K.] Burton & [N.] Cabrera: Equilbrium at crystal F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 A.F. Devonshire, 8 October-12 November 1946 6 lectures. N.F. Mott, 14 October-9 December 1946 11 lectures. ‘(H.] Frohlich Nov 4th’, ‘18.11.46’, 25.11.46’ and ‘2.12.46 A.F. Devonshire, 19 November-17 December 1946 5 lectures. N.F. Mott, 14 January-10 March 1947 7 lectures. 3 lectures. 8 lectures on dielectrics. H. Frohlich, 27 January-21 March 1947 A.F. Devonshire, 21 January-4 February 1947 ‘Heisenberg Superconduc. 1.12.47’ ‘(D.] Polder: Group theory Nov. 12th’ and ‘Nov 19th 1947 Infinite Groups’ ‘Devonshire bonds’ 11.2.47 Organic molecules with double F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.181, B.182 Duplicated lectures by D.D. Eley typescript notes for Biochemical Kinetics 2 folders. ‘Polder - Group theory - Jan 21st 1948’ ‘Frohlich Sat 24 Jan 1948’ ‘Devonshire 26th Jan 1948’ ‘{H.] Dingle Fri 2[?] Jan 1948’ ‘Polder 4 Feb 1948’ ‘{J.D.] Eshelby 6 Feb 1948 Damping’ ‘Dingle 6 Feb 1948’ ‘Group theory Booth 3.3.48’ complex theory’ ‘Devonshire 5.5.48. Comparison of collision theory & activ. ‘[J.K.] Galt. Magnetism 30 April 1948’ ‘Mitchell 8th Mar 1948’ ‘Booth 18th Mar’ F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 ‘Mehl 18.5.48. Diffusion in Metals’ ‘Polder. Magnetism 21.5.48’ ‘Mrs Garforth Oxidation 15.9.48’ ‘Ferroelectrics [A.F.] Devonshire 13.10.48’ ‘[N.F.] Mott. Wigner-Seitz cohesion theory. Nov 2nd 1948’ ‘Devonshire’: ‘17 Nov 1948’, ‘24.11.48’ and ‘Dec ist 1948’ ‘W.K.] Burton Dec 1st. 2nd lecture’ ‘Devonshire 8.12.48’ ‘Burton 9.12.48’ ‘Burton 27.1.49’ ‘Burton 25.4.49’ ‘Mott 31st Jan 1949. Method of tight binding’ ‘Mott’: ‘8.3.49’, ‘14th Mar 1949’ and ‘21.3.49 ‘Burton’: ‘8rd Feb 1949’, ‘8rd Mar’ and ‘24.3.49’ F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 ‘Mott 2nd May 1949’ on defects ‘Burton 20.5.49. (Another [?lemmary] explanation)’ and ‘Burton recap 7th June 1949’ ‘Roberts 2.11.49’ and ‘Roberts 2nd lecture’ on subatomic particles ‘Burton Groups 26.1.50’ and ‘Burton Feb 2nd’ ‘Mackenzie’, ?February ‘{J.D.] Eshelby Screw dislocation 8.2.50’ ‘Burton 9.2.50’ ‘Eshelby 26.2.50’ ‘Burton 2[78].2.50’ and ‘2.3.50’ ‘Roberts’: 20.2.50’, ‘27.2.50’ and ‘1 mechanics’ lecture on quantum Notice; manuscript notes. ‘Hill [...] Lecture 23 Oct. 1950’ on Coordinates in the yield focus plane University of Bristol Public Lecture on Meteorites by H.C. Urey, 17 June 1957 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 Undated notes on Burton Undated notes on Eshelby Undated notes on Mott ‘Thermodynamics Meisener of irreversible processes’ B.225, B.226 Miscellaneous shorter notes 2 folders. B.227 B.234-B.240 B.230-B.233 ‘Lectures on solids’ Syllabus for course on the Earth, winter 1947-1948 Manuscript draft. B.227-B.266 Teaching 1946-1970, n.d. Manuscript outline of lecture course on ‘The constitution of matter’, summer term 1947 Duplicated typescript notes for teaching on precipitation in alloys and dislocations c 1946 Contents of Frank’s folder divided into seven for ease of reference: manuscript lecture notes on thermodynamics Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: manuscript notes. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.241-B.244 ‘Thermodynamics’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: manuscript notes. B.245-B.247 ‘Lectures + notes on waves in crystals + related matters’ 1958-1966 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript and typescript notes. Manuscript lecture notes beginning ‘The general topic of this course is Physics since 1910, and my particular part of it is the Defects of Crystals’ B.249-B.251 ‘Notes on crystallography etc’. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript notes. B.252-B.257 ‘Gravity survey’ Manuscript ?lecture notes. ‘Lecture notes on E.M. [electromagnetic] theory Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into six for ease of reference: manuscript notes for lectures 1-20 (not all represented). IV, V and VII, and manuscript notes found B.259-B.263 Lecture notes for unidenfied course Lectures Il, therewith. 5 folders. Duplicated typescript physics examination papers F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.265, B.266 Manuscript draft questions 2 folders. B.267-B.270 Postgraduate courses 1966-1971 B.267 M.Sc. course in the physics of materials 1966 Outline syllabuses, 4pp duplicated typescript; examination paper. M.Sc. course in the physics of materials Photocopy examination paper. M.Sc. course in the physics of materials Manuscript notes for introductory lectures. Not in Frank’s hand. 1965-1966 B.271-B.279 Students 1954-1976, n.d. 1954-1959 B.271 ‘Notes on students’ Manuscript draft of M.Sc. examination question Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes on students applying for courses at Bristol. Student marks Hardback notebook used for notes on progress of M.Sc. students Marks for student projects 1969-1970 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 ‘Stage III Honours projects’ 1970, 1972 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes on projects. Hardback notebook students used for notes on progress of 1970-1976 Notes on Stage II tutorial goup Completed questionnaire returns The returns mark Frank’s proficiency as geophysics. a Lecturer in Marked student essays B.280 1948, 1962 1948 B.280, B.281 Miscellaneous Frank was deputising for C.F. Powell. ‘The Shape and Size of the Universe’, University of Bristol Department of Adult Education talk , Taunton, 6 October General correspondence and papers ‘On Atoms’, ‘Talk to February 1962 B.282-B.327 UNIVERSITY Prof Beare’s Lucretius Class’, 1 Letter; notice. 9pp manuscript. B.282-B.285 1962-1997 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.286-B.309 Committees B.310-B.324 Colston Research Society B.325-B.327 University of Bristol Newsletters B.282-B.285 General correspondence and papers 1963-1993 B.282 Speech for University of Bristol Council, 2 June 1967 1967 2pp typescript; newspaper cutting re Oxford Fund. Frank raised the issue of student fees. Miscellaneous correspondence 1969-1993 Salary information 1963-1975 B.286-B.309 Committees 1962-1997 1971 B.286-B.295 Centenary Celebrations of the Art Lectures Committee Papers for committee meetings. See B.90-B.93 of the previous catalogue. Memorabilia from University of Bristol 1971-1997 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 1986, 1990 Two letters only. Loo, Committee of Professors in the Faculty of Engineering Chemistry Department Scheduling Sub-Committee Also includes letter of thanks to Frank for 34 years of service. Correspondence and papers re mechanical and glass- blowing workshops. 1963-1973 Papers for committee meetings and applications for B.298-B.300 Engineering Board B.301-B.305 Knowlson Trust Foundation Awards Committee 1974-1976 1975-1976 Agenda and minutes of meetings. Agenda and minutes of meetings. 3 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 awards, and related correspondence. Those for 1963-1967 are C.F. Powell’s, passed to Frank in 1968. See B.109-B.111 of the previous catalogue. 1963-1964 1965-1966 1967-1968 1969-1970 1971-1973 Papers of meeting, May Papers December of meeting of Correspondence B.310 1973-1974, 1994-1995 B.306-B.309 Library Committee Papers of meeting, November Includes Periodicals Subcommittee (B.308). 1974-1992 Correspondence re Council membership Periodicals Subcommittee, 1974, 1994- 1995 B.310-B.324 Colston Research Society 1967-1996 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.311-B.318 Papers for meetings of Council 1974, 1986- 1996 B.311 1974 1992, 1993 B.320-B.322 the Colston Research Society 1972-1975 1967-1971 Minutes of Colston Research Fund Committee meetings AQ2) 1973 Papers for meetings of Symposium Committee F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 University of Bristol, B.152-B.327 B.323, B.324 Miscellaneous correspondence 1973, 1991 B.323 Correspondence re offprints policy 1973 Correspondence and papers re Colston Symposium on Understanding Science, Bristol, March 1991 1990-1991 Includes 2pp typescript by Frank ‘Understanding Science’. Frank was invited to give the introductory talk opening the Symposium. B.325-B.327 University of Bristol Newsletters 1980-1989 Newsletters kept by Frank for items of interest. Letter on the Tyndall family Arising from article on the ‘The last of the Tyndalls’ in the newsletter of 15 June 1985. Miscellaneous newsletters 12 June and 26 June the Association of military research in 12 June has letter from Frank on University Teachers’ opposition to uiniversities; that of 26 June has letters arising. 1987, 1989 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SECTION C RESEARCH, C.204-C.396 1914-1992, n.d. Divided into subsections to follow the arrangement of the previous largely chronological order, though related material has been kept together. presented catalogue and in a_ At C.386-C.396 are miscellaneous photographs of crystal structure etc. C.204-C.209A POSTGRADUATE 1933-1937 See C.1-C.33 of the previous catalogue. Hardback notebook inscribed on first page ‘Nov 1933’ 1933-1937 Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘lI’ and on first page ‘Nov 1933’ 1933-1935 Used 2 April-1 October 1935. Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘III’ Used 22 October 1935-8 July 1936. material dated 1936. Used November 1933-2 April 1935, chiefly for work on electrical circuits. Loose material intercalated at front. Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘Il’ and April 1935’ 1935-1936 Manuscript notes on 4 “Physics Books” and 1 Chemistry Book’; miscellaneous manuscript notes on octomitrile etc. Used 28 July-13 October 1936 for work on acetonitrile, palmitonitrile and butyronitrile. Hardback notebook inscribed inside front cover ‘IV’ 1935-1936 Loose intercalated the ‘Contents of the F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Ring back pocket notebook Used for notes on the literature, bibliographical references and jottings. Latest reference 1935. Abstract of D. Phil. thesis Manuscript figures. draft; manuscript calculations, notes and C.210-C.213 GERMANY 1936-1937 See C.34-C.54 of the previous catalogue. Pocket notebook Used 1937 for rough notes and calculations. Pocket notebook 1936-1937 Used 1936-1937 for notes, calculations etc. A little loose intercalated material including sketch of ‘Scientists Three Faith, Hope & Charity’. notes in German. Used c 1937 for rough notes and calculations. Many loose intercalated pages at end of notebook. Used c 1937 for rough notes and calculations. Some Pocket notebook Pocket notebook F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 C.214-C.216 CAMBRIDGE 1939-1940 These notebooks record Frank’s work with Oliver Gatty of the of Cambridge at the end of 1939 and early 1940. Department University Science, Colloid of See C.55-C.79 of the previous catalogue. Hardback notebook inscribed on first page ‘F.C. Frank and O. Gatty’ 1939-1940 Used for notes on work by Frank and Gatty 14 November 1939-16 January 1940. Hardback notebook inscribed on first page ‘F.C. Frank and O. Gatty Vol II’ Used for notes on work by Frank and Gatty 16 January-2 February 1940. C.217-C.226 1935-1946 1935-1941 C.217-C.233 SECOND WORLD WAR See C.80-C.109 of the previous catalogue. Used for notes on work by Frank and Gatty 2-16 February 1940. Hardback notebook inscribed on first page ‘F.C. Frank & O. Gatty III Campbell. This work was to investigate smoke density and dispersal. O. Gatty who had been working with Frank at Cambridge (see C.214-C.216 above) was also involved in this work. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. ‘Smoke generation Porton 1940’ ‘Mists and volatile smokes’ by Frank, Gatty and H. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Typescript with manuscript figures; summary by Frank, August 1940, manuscript draft and 3pp typescript. ‘Specification of boiling point for oil smokes’ 4pp manuscript September 1940. draft, 1p typescript draft + figure, ‘A theory of evaporation in wind from surfaces of small downwind length’ by Frank Manuscript draft, October 1940. ‘Comments on P.D.R. 246’ by Frank 1p manuscript and 1p typescript drafts. C.222, C.223 2 folders. uniform velocity gradient’, ‘Effective Titled sets of manuscript notes and calculations Figures illustrating the ‘Porton Creosote Burner’ Includes mounted photographs of the Burner in action. ‘Aerodynamic bondary layers’, ‘Diffusion into an air flow of with density coagulating particles of hard substance’, ‘Note on the nature of the conduction in highly insulating substances’ and ‘Shape of capillary drops’. With two letters to Frank, 1940, found therewith. 1935, 1938 Miscellaneous manuscript notes and calculations Typescript articles on smoke-related topics from 1940. translations German of Published background material language journal F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Pages from Daily government-issued gasmasks. Express, Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung, 20 June 1935; of 17 August 1938 featuring failures C.227-C.231 ‘Air Ministry Intelligence 1940-1945’ 1942-1946 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. ‘Elements of flight’ early 1940s Manuscript note and calculations. Calculations of ‘Isobar rules’ early 1940s Manuscript note. Manuscript notes early 1940s ‘Prof Jones 1.8.46’ folder: ‘Theory of ‘Dr Jones 30th Nov 1945’ ‘Air Contents of folder so inscribed found within Frank’s Ministry’ a U-235 Bomb (treatment according to Heisenberg)’, ‘Elements of Pu-production calculation’, manuscript notes. ‘Air Contents of folder so inscribed found within Frank’s Ministry’ folder. Includes letter to R.V. Jones from Frank explaining why he does not wish to continue in the Civil Service, May 1946; photograph of Porton Down reunion, Spetember 1946, with key; humorous material 1942 and n.d. 1942-1946 Manuscript calculations and analyses Contents of analysis of fall of German V-rockets in England. inscribed: ‘Analysis of Rocket Accuracy’ Frank’s folder so C.232, C.233 material re F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Duplicated typescript sections of summary of conclusions report, including 2pp C.234-C.377 BRISTOL 1940s-1992 Frank’s method of working often resulted in many scraps of paper being used for untitled and undated calculations. Frequently drafts begin in longhand and after two or three papers written Many of the calculations are themselves calculations. written not necessarily related. the verso of increasingly roughly earlier drafts, peter into out on See C.110-C.203 of the previous catalogue. ‘Ice crystallography’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes and calculations, latest reference 1940. 2 folders. C.235, C.236 ‘Ice. Polarisation kinetics’ ‘Ice. Dielectric Propfertie]s’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: typescript extracts of Frank’s contributions to Faraday Society discussions, manuscript notes and calculations. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes and calculations. One page of calculations dated to December 1945. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes, diagrams etc. ‘Alternating reaction kinetics’ C.238, C.239 2 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 C.240, C.241 ‘Mathematical’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: chiefly manuscript notes and calculations. 2 folders. Contents of Frank’s untitled folder. notes manuscript Includes 30pp duplicated typescript ‘The quantum theory of crystalline semi-conductors’, solids to September 1946; and references to visit to Germany December [71946] to visit K. Wirtz and Th. Forster. calculations; references particular with and Manuscript note duplicated typescript ‘Calculation on the rate of migration of a ledge’ found attached. Latest bibliographical reference 1946. growth’, ‘Crystal with on on ‘Entropy of Ice-l’; untitled 2 folders. C.246-C.269 C.244, C.245 ‘Crystal growth’ ‘Entropy of Ice 1947’ Contents of Frank’s boxfile so labelled divided into twenty four for ease of reference. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: 11pp typescript draft manuscript draft referring to work by Pauling dated May 1947; manuscript notes and calculations. 1948-1954 Correspondence, chiefly with D.A. Jones of the University of Aberdeen, re lecture course on crystals Brief correspondence, with notes etc. and manuscript typescript F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Correspondence, discussion on crystal growth chiefly with Faraday Society, re Correspondence chiefly re Faraday Society discussion Correspondence, chiefly dislocations. with L.J. Griffin re theory of Miscellaneous correspondence 1951-1952 Letter from F.H. Horn replying to Frank’s comments on his draft paper on dislocations, 11 July With 8pp typescript draft of paper. Miscellaneous correspondence Includes drafts N. Cabrera and on crystal growth from the melt by J. Franks, sent to Frank for comment. on dislocations by Manuscript and typescript notes, dated March and April 1949. ‘Continuous crystallisation’ and Growth rate of one crystal face’ Ministry of Supply Advisory Council on Scientific Research and Technical Development Crystallisation Panel paper ‘Interferometric studies on quartz crystal’ by S. Tolansky and L.J. Griffin Miscellaneous correspondence Duplicated typescript with figures, July 1949. ‘Memorandum on Kossel’s Reciprocity Theorem’ F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Manuscript notes, November 1949. ‘Note on the structure of a crystal surface’ 8pp typescript; manuscript notes, calculations etc found therewith. ‘Crystal growth and surface structure. I’ by W.K. Burton and N. Cabrera 13pp typescript. Manuscript notes on layer lattice structures by Frank Manuscript on two different 2pp typescript summaries on work carried out in the US by Frank, July crystal growth with the theory of und kristallographische Orientierung The offprint is annotated by Frank ‘ He must be a very clever man to understand his own article’. Miscellaneous manuscript notes found clipped to offprint rate of ‘Vapour pressure and I.N. Stranski, Research vol 4 (1951) of evaporation’ by ‘Wachstum von Dendriten’ by A. Seeger and J. Schlipf, sent to Frank by N.F. Mott Titled sets of manuscript notes and calculations by Frank ‘A theory of the shape of growth pyramids on crystals’ by Frank App typescript + figure. 9pp typescript. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 ‘A method to grow dsingle crystals’, ‘Model for NaCl’ and ‘Point charge & dielectric’. Miscellaneous manuscript notes, graphs and calculations Miscellaneous notes on the literature and bibliographical references Miscellaneous structure photographs of crystals and _ crystal Miscellaneous published material 1958, 1951, n.d. C.270-C.276 ‘Diffusion’ 1948-1952 1948, 1952 on leave from and working at the the 16pp typescript. Correspondence Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. done while Work Hochschule Stuttgart Laboratory. ‘On the growth of crystals from dilute solutions’ by A. Seeger by Frank ‘Calculation of diffusion penetration curves for surface and grain boundary diffusion’ by J.C. Fisher, GE Research Laboratory paper, January 1950 Manuscript notes on ‘The crystal growth diffusion problem’ With manuscript calculations by Frank found therewith. Technische H.H. Wills F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 C.274-C.276 Miscellaneous manuscript notes and calculations 3 folders. C.277-C.281 ‘Twins’ 1949-1952 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: material re Frank’s work on twinning in uranium published as ‘A note on no. 40 (1952), see twinning in alpha-uranium’, Bibliog. D.290. from Letter aluminium, with offprints of his work Herenguel on J. orientation texture of Exchange of correspondence with R.W. Cahn on uranium twins, with copy of Cahn’s Atomic Energy Research Establishment report ‘Plastic deformation of uranium’ back are annotated by 2 folders. C.280, C.281 figures at the C.282-C.287 Manuscript notes and calculations Letter from B. Bilby enclosing typescript draft of ‘On the dislocation theory of lattice transformations’ for comment The Frank. Intercalated within the report are manuscript notes and calculations by Frank. 1950-1951 Manuscript notes on ‘Orowan’s discussion 15/16/ Sept 1949’ and ‘Lecture to Rheology Club Mon 26/9/49’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. ‘Plastic deformation - anatomy of’ Typescript reports and note 1949-1951 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 ‘Report on the present state of theoretical research on deformation of metals’ to the B.I.S.R.A. Metal Physics Committee, 5pp, metal physics at the H.H. Wills Physical Laboratory’, 4pp, 1951; ‘Distribution of slip in metal crystals’, 4pp, 1951. ‘Report on research in 1950; Manuscript note model under uniform shear stress’ on ‘The one-dimensional dislocation Letter from H. Nishimura enclosing offprint ‘The effect of strain rate on the plastic deformation in aluminium single crystals’ by Nishimura and J. Takamura Intercalated photographs. are manuscript note by Frank and C.286, C.287 Manuscript notes and calculations 2 folders. C.288-C.290 ‘Curved crystals’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. Manuscript draft Frank, considerations began from Westall [...] some highly curved crystals of Augite’. with ‘The being shown by ‘Curvilinear crystals of non uniform composition’ Dated by offprint of ‘Misfitting Monolayers’ by Frank and J.H. van der Merwe, Bibliog. no. 19 (1949) found in the folder. Miscellaneous material on damping in metals Manuscript notes, calculations, figures etc C.289, C.290 by note following Dr T.S. 2 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 C.292-C.294 ‘Notes on lectures by Burton, Roberts, Hill, 1950-51’ 1948-1951 Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. Manuscript notes on lectures by Roberts, Burton and R. Hill 1950-1951 Manuscript notes on lectures Not in Frank’s hand Manuscript notes Not all in Frank’s hand. Also includes duplicated typescript question sheet from McGill University, 1948. N.d, 1948 C.295, C.296 ‘Supercooled water, 1950’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. Found in envelope wihtin the folder. ‘Report on work during period 1.IV.50-26.1X.50’ Photographic copies of paper and figures (annotated). Correspondence with H.P. Palmer re work of W. Rau Includes electron micrographs and other photographic 6pp typescript on work on crystals ‘not by FCF’. Correspondence 1950-1951 C.298-C.301 ‘Growth spirals’ 1950-1952 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 material. Correspondence Includes phoptographic material. ‘Growth spirals originating from screw dislocations on gold crystals’ by S. Amelinckx typescript 11pp comment. + photographs, sent to Frank for Miscellaneous photographs ‘Wulff’s theorem’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes, latest reference 1951. ‘Wulff’s constructions’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript notes. Contents of Frank’s untitled folder: manuscript notes on Wulff’s theorem Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: letter to N.F. Mott from Sub- committee paper on ‘Effect of reducing conditions on the sintering of basic materials’ by White and P.W. Clark; manuscript notes etc. ‘Supercooling and nucleation’ J. White; Electric Furnace Refractories ‘Surface free energy’ C.306-C.309 1951-1952 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 C.306, C.307 C.311-C.313 and printed Letters General Schenectady, New York Electric material Metallurgy from D. Research Turnbull of the Department, 2 folders. Typescript and manuscript drafts on super cooling liquids by Frank Letter to H.N.V. Temperley on the theory of liquids Manuscript draft and typescript carbon copy. Manuscript notes 3 folders of Frank’s untitled folder: miscellaneous C.315-C.318 Wylie, R.G.’ Latest reference 1951. Contents of Frank’s folder: miscellaneous manuscript notes, duplicated and typescript papers by others etc on dislocations Contents manuscript and typescript material re sintering 18pp photostat typescript; figures. ‘On the hysteresis of adsorption on Wyllie Correspondence with Wylie re super-cooled water Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. solid surfaces’ by F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 ‘On the freezing of supercooled water’ by Wyllie Typescript draft. ‘The role of diffusion in nucleation process’ by Wyllie 11pp typescript. ‘Creep and ageing effects Cottrell in solid solutions’ by A.H. 12pp typescript sent to Frank by Moit; typescript notes by Frank, etc. ‘Report on the theory of Prism Matching’ by B. Bilby 18pp typescript; figures; covering letter. The covering letter explains the typescript was sent to Frank as ‘arising from our discussion last September’. C.323-C.341 Research folders from La Jolla of Contents calculations. Frank’s folder so inscribed; manuscript Manuscript calculation on the ‘Intersection of travelling crack & sound waves’ 1961-1965 Material from his extended visit to the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, La Jolla, California, August 1964-August 1965. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: correspondence Frank spent the 1964-1965 as a Visiting Professor. See C.156-C.159 of the previous catalogue. Frank’s geophysics research during 1964-5 Sundry correspondence, inc. initial C.323, C.324 ‘La Jolla invitation’ ‘Very sundry notes’ 1959-1967 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 re arrangements received (much of Jolla. visit to correspondence it forwarded from Bristol) while in La Jolla; La Correspondence re invitation to La Jolla 1961-1964 Correspondence 1964-1965 C.325, C.326 ‘La Jolla 1964-5 Sundry correspondence’ 1964-1965 General correspondence 1964-1965 Includes exchange with E. Orowan on fracture zones. Contract as research analyst, US Air Force Materials Laboratory, Ohio; manuscript notes. Wright-Patterson Force Base, Air C.327, C.328 ‘La Jolla 1964-5 Alefield paper Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. ‘Grouping of pinning points on dislocation lines’ Alefield Bound General Electric research paper with notes etc by Frank intercalated at front. 1p typescript 1967; manuscript notes Brief correspondence; ‘The origin of diamonds’ by Frank, Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. Manuscript notes. C.329-C.333 ‘Geophysics’ by G. 1959-1967 1965-1967 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Defence Research Board on Asian and translation Russian Pacific geomagnetic of US language papers features Bound volume. Papers by E. Orowan for the Boeing Solid State Physics Laboratory Two bound volumes. Geological maps of California Printed graphical data for mapping C.334-C.337 ‘La Jolla ‘64-5. Geophysics notes’. 1964-1965 C.338-C.341 ‘La Jolla 1964-65. Schlossin and Lang paper. Amethyst’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: manuscript notes. ‘A study of repeated twinning, lattice imperfections and impurity distribution in amethyst’ by Schléssin and Lang Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: material chiefly relating to work by H. Schléssin and A.R. Lang, with some manuscript notes by Frank on amethyst crystals by Schléssin Also includes ‘On the orientation of the Miller-Bravais axes in gamma-quartz’ by Lang, 6pp typescript. ‘Plastic relaxation of crack tip stresses in gamma-quartz’ 19pp typescript + references and captions; figures. Correspondence, chiefly with A.R.Lang, re the paper 1964-1965 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 10pp typescript + figures. Manuscript notes on amethyst C.342, C.343 ‘International Geomagnetic Reference Field’ Contents of folder so inscribed (not in Frank’s hand): correspondence and papers sent to A.J. Zmuda re the proposed IGRF. 2 folders. Report on ‘The tensile behaviour of oriented polyethylene’ by J.G. Rider Spiral bound ‘report on work carried out in the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of in association with Keller and under the general direction of Professor F.C. Frank FRS, between Spetember 1964 and August 1965’. Bristol, Dr A. 3 folders. C.345-C.349 1968-1969 notes by Frank and _ photographs ‘Correspondence re: Hannay diamonds’ manuscript With intercataled at front. Correspondence, chiefly with R.V. Jones and E.P. Flint Contents of Frank’s folder so labelled: correspondence, manuscript notes and photocopied background material re history of attempts to create artificial diamonds. 1968-1969 ‘Thirty-nine steps to artifical diamond’ by Frank Photocopied background material 3pp manuscript rough draft. C.347-C.349 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 C.350, C.351 Manuscript notes on the melting of the Earth 2 folders. C.352-C.355 ‘Sundry notes’ Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: manuscript notes, calculations, etc, some dated to the 1960s. Topics permeation chromatography. relativity, include energy storage and gel ‘Surface energy of ice, estimated from number of broken H-bonds per unit area’ Manuscript note dated 17 March 1973. Photocopied manuscript calculation ‘Fusion’ C.358-C.366 Inscribed ‘Prof Frank - version of your stretched molecule analysis’ by J.H.H.’ | think this would be the “official” Contents of Frank’s boxfile so inscribed: material relating to cold (muon-catalyzed ) fusion. Correspondence; manuscript notes; printed background material. Frank attended a number of meetings on cold fusion in this period, including in June 1989 a Spring School on Plasma Physics, Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, see H.268-H.269 and in 1990 an International Symposium on Muon catalyzed fusion at Keble College Oxford, 11-13 September 1990. 1987-1992 In 1947 Frank had published a pioneering paper on the theoretical He retained an interest in this area which became more active in the 1980s. Cold fusion made headline news in 1989 when M. Fleishmann and B.S. Pons claimed to have successfully by electrochemistry. Some of the material presented here relates to their claim. possibility of muon-catalysed fusion. International Centre for of deuterium produced cold fusion F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 General correspondence on the history of work on nuclear fusion 1987-1992 ‘Muon-catalysed fusion - a brief history’ by Frank 3pp typescript. Prepared for discussion meeting on Cold Fusion. Manuscript notes and calculations C.361-C.363 General printed and photocopied background material on cold (muon catalysed) fusion. 3 folders. C.364-C.366 Notes and printed and photocopied material on the claim of M. Fleishmann and B.S. Pons to have achieved cold fusion. 3 folders. ‘Notes on Toda’ ‘Bragg-fringe patterns’ Frank’s manuscript notes on article by A. Toda. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed: manuscript draft and notes. Contents of Frank’s folder so inscribed. Manuscript ‘Notes on rock deformation’ C.371-C.374 lecture notes - mainly atomic & nuclear, & ‘Sundry notes fluid flow’ Manuscript data on ‘The Sargent Law’ F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Duplicated typescript copy of ‘Recent investigations on the transmutations of atomic nuclei’ by N. Bohr Frank’s manuscript notes on ‘The electronic structure of atoms’, ‘Fluid flow’, ‘Surface tension’ C.373, C.374 Miscellaneous manuscript notes 2 folders. C.375, C.376 Contents of Frank’s untitled chiefly on ‘Step-contrast microscopy’, calculations etc folder: manuscript notes, 2 folders. 1914-1953 although (1914) is C.378-C.385 PRINTED MATERIAL Miscellaneous manuscript calculations and notes They are presented in chronological order by date of publication, a the photostat copy made later. books, monographs and bound These are published offprints kept with Frank’s papers as being of particular historical or scientific significance. York, 1929). Polar Molecules by P. Debye (Chemical Catalog Co., New Photostat copy. und ‘Schiebungen A. Johnsen, Jahrbuch der Radioaktivitat w. Elekronik, vol 11 (1914) Translationen Kristallen’ by in earliest item F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 Inscribed inside front cover ‘F.C. Frank 22/7/33’. manuscript notes intercalated at p10. With Mathematische Formelsammlung by O.T. Burlen and F. Ringleb (Berlin, 1936) With manuscript annotations by Frank. Ubergange zwischen Ordnung und Unordnung in festen und flissigen Phasen. Diskussionstagung der Deutschen Bunsen-Gesellschaft (1938) Cover annotated ‘Return to F.C.Frank 14 Gainsborough Rd, Ipswich’ ‘Kinetik der Phasenbildung’ by M. Volmer, vol 4 Chemische Reaktion, Dresden annd Leipzig (1939) of Die Annotated intercalated at p213. by Frank, with manuscript calculation ‘After the war he had been sent, by a friend Kernphsikalische Tabellen by J. Mattauch (Berlin, 1942) Hardback bound photostat copy with manuscript notes and calculations by Frank intercalated at front of volume. This book was important in Frank’s postwar crystals research. In a letter of June 1999 R.G. Chambers noted that in Germany, a copy of a book by Volmer, published in 1939 on this topic, and it was this that set him thinking’. Dislocations in Crystals by W.T. Read, Jr (McGraw-Hill, In a letter of June 1999 R.G. Chambers noted ‘The book was clearly used by him [Frank] in working out his ideas on cold fusion’. Der Geschichte der Natur. Zwélf Vorlesungen, gehalten in Géttingen im Sommer 1946 by von Weizsacker (1946) C.F. Bound duplicated typescript. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Research, C.204-C.396 New York, 1953) C.386-C.396 PHOTOGRAPHS Miscellaneous photographs of captioned and identified on verso. crystal structures, most 11 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS, D.272-D.482 1936-1998, n.d. D.272-D.412 A DRAFTS 1936-1997, n.d. sequence chronological or to A publications Where applicable reference is made to the bibliography on pp 224-235 of the previous catalogue in the form Bibliog. no. Cross-references to related material in the previous intention material publish. relating the to to of catalogue are also provided where appropriate. ‘Energy of formation of “cyclol” molcules’, not listed in Bibliog. but published in Nature vol 138 (1936), p242 Proof copy. ‘A possible explanation of some anomalous electric dipole moments’, with L.E. Sutton, Bibliog. no. 4 (1937) listed in Bibliog. L.E. Sutton, Exchange of 1974. letters about the article with See D.6 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence re publication; proof copy. Untitled typescript draft beginning ‘It has been suggested in connexion with dimethyl and diphenyl mercury that their normal molecular configurations are linear, but that they possess finite average dipole moments [...] ‘On high dielectric constants’, not but published in Transactions of the Faraday Society vol 33 (1937), pp 513-523 1936-1937 ‘Dielektrische Relaxation von Molekilen mit frei drehbaren Dipolgruppen’, with E. Fischer, not listed in Bibliog. but published in Phys. Zeitschrift vol 40 (1939), 345-352 ‘On behaviour of dislocations’, Bibliog. no. 15 (1948) a consequence of 16pp typescript with manuscript corrections. the dynamic bands slip as F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 7pp duplicated typescript pre-print. ‘The influence of dislocations on crystal growth’, Bibliog. no. 21 (1949) Copy of volume of Discussions of the Faraday Society featuring the article. ‘Radially symmetric phase growth controlled by diffusion’, Bibliog. no. 26 (1950) Corrected ‘Corrected copy’. typescript sections; offprint annotated D.278, D.279 ‘The origin of dislocations’, possibly early draft of Bibliog. no. 50 (1956) 25pp typescript + references W.T. Read Jr. listed in Bibliog., 4pp duplicated typescript + figures. Correspondence 1950; manuscript notes and calculations ‘Multiplication processes for slow moving dislocations’, Not with latest bibliographical reference 1950 2pp typescript. Proof copy; untitled manuscript draft found therewith with later note attached ‘Part of a draft paper on dislocation theory’. Review of: The mathematical theory of plasticity, by R. Hill (Oxford, 1950). In: Philosophical Magazine ‘One-dimensional dislocations I1V Dynamics’, with J.H. van der Merwe, Bibliog. no. 27 (1950) F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.282-D.288 ‘The growth of crystals and the equlibrium structure of their surfaces’, with W.K. Burton and N. Cabrera, Bibliog. no. 30 (1951) 1950-1951, 1990 Contents of folder inscribed ‘Burton, Cabrera & Frank’. See D.29 of the previous catalogue. Manuscript title page and introduction list of contents; typescript Part |. Movement of steps on a crystal surface Part Il. Rates of growth of a crystal surface Part Ill. Steps and two-dimensional nuclei Appendices C and E Letter re inclusion of the paper as a Citation Classic Part IV. Structure of phenomenon a crystal surface as a cooperative abstracts in English, French and German. ‘A note on twinning in alpha-uranium’, Bibliog. (1952) 10pp typescript with manuscript corrections; references; ‘Crystal growth and dislocations’, Bibliog. no. 37 (1952) 21pp typescript. See D.30, D.31 of the previous catalogue. no. 40 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 See also C. D.291-D.293 ‘Martensite’, Bibliog. no. 41 (1953) See D.33 of the previous catalogue. 17pp typescript with manuscript corrections; list of those to receive offprints; abstracts in English, French and German D.292, D.293 Manuscript and typescript notes; figures parts of drafts; manuscript 2 folders. D.294, D.295 ‘Stable dislocations in the common crystal lattices’, with J.F. Nicholas, Bibliog. no. 42 (1953) Contents of Frank’s folder inscribed ‘Notes for dislocation catalogue’. 37pp typescript draft Figures; pages of manuscript draft. ‘On tin whiskers’, Bibliog. no. 43 (1953) Manuscript rough draft. Proof copy. Review of: Chemistry of the Defect Solid State by A.L.G. Rees (London, 1954) ‘Hexagonal networks of dislocation’, Bibliog. no. 45 (1954) See D.34 of the previous catalogue. 12pp typescript; attached. offprint with manuscript notes found F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 ‘On the X-ray diffraction “spikes” of diamond’, Bibliog. no. 54 (1956) 14pp typescript + figure; proof. ‘Complex alloy structures regarded as sphere packings. I. Definitions and basic principles’, with J.S. Kaspar’, Bibliog. no. 57 (1958) Contents Kaspar coordination shells’: typescript and manuscript drafts. inscribed ‘Frank folder of & and See D.44, D.45 of the previous catalogue. D.301-D.303 ‘On the theory of liquid crystals’, Bibliog. no. 65 (1958) D.301 Manuscript rough draft 20pp typescript Manuscript notes on liquid crystals ‘A note on the impingement problem’ Untitled manuscript draft with later note attached ‘Draft ms on crystal growth & diffusion’ 2 folders. Contents of folder inscribed: ‘Unpublished drafts, mainly on polymer crystallisation’. Pages of manuscript drafts and notes Manuscript draft D.305-D.307 D.306, D.307 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 ‘Linear compounds of dislocations in silver chloride with cupric ions’, with A.S. Parasnis and J.W. Mitchell, Bibliog. no. 79 (1963) Rough manuscript draft. ‘On superconductive dynamic geometries’, not listed Bibliog., latest bibliographical reference 1963 in 4pp typescript + abstract and figure; 19pp typescript on superconductors; manuscript calculations. ‘A note on platelets and diffraction spikes in diamond’, Bibliog. no. 81 (1964) 7pp typescript; proof. ‘Hydrolytic weakening of quartz crystals’, with D.T. Griggs et al, Science, c 1966 Letter with abstract. 2pp typescript; exchange with Nature. ‘Defects in diamond’, Bibliog. no. 91 (1967) Review of: Ubbelohde (Oxford University Press, 1965) Melting and Crystal Structure by A.R.J.P. D.T. Griggs wrote to Frank with the abstract asking Frank whether he wished to be included as a co-author. See D.80, D.81 of the previous catalogue. Proof manuscript historians should read it!’ ‘On Bibliog. no. 93 (1967) the theory of Hertzian fracture’, with B.R. Lawn, with note manuscript ‘A attached corrections, splendid Proof copy. 1966-1967 copy with paper - later the F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 the characterization of ‘On Bibliog., latest bibliographical reference 1968 crustal drift’, not listed in 6pp manuscript. ‘Diamonds and deep fluids in the upper mantle’, Bibliog. no. 99 (1969) 8pp typescript. D.317-D.336 ‘Cecil Frank Powell’, with D.H. Perkins, Bibliog. no. 108 (1971) 1969-1974 This material was assembled by Frank in preparing his Royal Society Biographical Memoir of Powell (D.317- D.326). It also includes papers relating to other of Frank’s published memorials to Powell, and to commemorations of Powell’s death, including his funeral service, a Memorial Meeting in a plaque in the Bristol Department of Physics. Bristol and the erection of addition to co-authoring Royal Powell, D.317-D.326 Typescript draft + appendix Royal Society Biographical Memoir At D.322-D.324 is correspondence and papers of Powell’s which appear to have come into Frank’s possesion during the compilation of the Memoir. In the Society’s Biographical Memoir of Frank also wrote the obituary of Powell for Physics Bulletin and ‘C.F. Powell (1903-1969). A tribute from a colleague’, Bibliog. no. 101 (1969) 1970-1971 Reminiscences of and information about Powell from Reminiscences of and colleagues information about Powell from Lists of publications F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 colleagues Correspondence with D.H. Perkins, co-author, and Royal Society re preparation and publication of the memoir 1969-1971 PERKINS, Don H.; ROYAL SOCIETY Correspondence of Powell re career. 1928-1947, n.d. Correspondence and Capsule papers re Westinghouse Time 1964-1965 Notebook of Powell’s ‘Fees and expenses for income tax’ 1964-1969 D.325, D.326 Printed and typescript biographical accounts, tributes and obituaries 1948-1969 2 folders. vol 20 proof copy; copy as_ published; brief 2pp typescript; correspondence. Obituary of Powell by Frank, Physics Bulletin, (1969) ‘C.F. Powell (1903-1969). A tribute from a colleague’, Bibliog. no. 101 (1969) 1969-1970 Copy of Scientific World with Frank’s article on pp5-7; covering letter. Order of ceremony; 4pp typescript of Frank’s address; newspaper cutting. Memorial Meeting, Bristol, February 1970 Funeral service for Powell D.330-D.333 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 Programme; lists of invitees D.331, D.332 Correspondence with University of Bristol, speakers and participants re arrangements 1969-1970 Includes letters of condolence to Isobel Powell (widow) 2 folders Supplement to Scientific World 1970, no. 3 This recorded the proceedings of the meeting Memorial plaque, University of Bristol Correspondence and papers re fund-raising of Frank’s address at the unveiling up by Miscellaneous correspondence typescript 2pp ceremony. Plaque marking the residence of Powell in Bristol ‘The future of crystal growth’, Bibliog. no. 111 (1972) the Clifton and Hotwells It was unveiled by Frank on This plaque was put Improvement Society, Bristol. 8 October 1974. publishers. ‘Descartes’ observations on the Amsterdam snowfalls of 4,5,6 and 9 February 1635’, Bibliog. no. 122 (1974) 5pp typescript draft with covering letter to B. Mullin. See D.99 of the previous catalogue. 6pp typescript + references; abstract; exchange with 1972-1973 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 See D.112 of the previous catalogue. ‘The Descartes-Mpemba phenomenon’, Bibliog. but published in Physics Education (1974) not listed in Letter correspondence. for publication in Physics — Education; ‘Japanese work on snow crystals’, Bibliog. no. 123 (1974) Typescript draft; proof copy. ‘Nucleation-controlled growth front of finite length’, Bibliog. no. 126 (1974) growth on a_ one-dimensional Abstract; proof copy; typescript notes found therewith. See D.114 of the previous catalogue. with University Press, stress in the air: with J.W. Steeds, not listed Cambridge easy way with Correspondence publishers. See D.120 of the previous catalogue. functions ‘Airy an problems’, Bibliog. no. 135 (1978) dislocations’, ‘Crystal in Bibliog. but chapter two of ed. P.B. Hirsch, The Physics of Metals: 2 Defects (Cambridge, 1975) Correspondence with editor; 12pp typescript ‘Original’ + figures. See also A.236-A.238 This was first delivered as a lecture to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on the occasion of Frank’s receiving the Gregori Aminoff Medal in June 1981 See D.126 of the previous catalogue. ‘Snow crystals’, Bibliog. no. 140 (1982) D.344, D.345 1977-1978 1981, 1982 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 Proof with manuscript corrections Figures Review of: Diamond by Physics Bulletin, ca 1984 G. Davies (Bristol, 1984). In Proof copy with covering letter in ‘Some personal reminiscences of the early days of crystal dislocations’, real materials: proceedings of the conference to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the concept of dislocation in crystals (Institute of Metals, London, 1985) and properties Dislocations of 5pp correspondence with the Metals Society re the paper. manuscript typescript with corrections; Frank delivered the paper at a Metals Society meeting on Dislocations Real Royal Society, London, 11-12 December 1984. Properties Materials, and of probably 7pp manuscript draft; proof. ‘Prince Rupert’s drops’, Bibliog. no. 144 (1986) See D.141-D.158 of the previous catalogue. Photocopy typescript and manuscript drafts, prepared for lecture. Review of: A life in science by N.F. Mott (London, 1986). In Physics Bulletin, c 1986 Frank commenting on ‘Micro-hot fusion’, University of Bristol Newsletter, 29 June 1989 ‘On the Burgers circuit’, Bibliog. no. 148 (1988) Letter from publishers only. Annotated copy article of by F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 developments on cold fusion. Obituaries by Frank of Reginald Victor Jones for Independent newspaper the 1989, 1991 Frank prepared the obituary but in the event it was not used when Jones died in December 1997. Frank had. D.352-D.357 ‘The — conformal Philosophical Magazine A, vol 65 (1992), pp 1141-1149 neo-Eulerian orientation map’, The first version was returned to Frank for revision, before being accepted for publication 14pp typescript 11pp typescript of ‘Master with corrections’ Proof copy D.356-D.357 cubic is a _ close-packed structure’, Manuscript notes found therewith. Includes referee’s comments on the paper. Correspondence with editor, Philosophical Magazine Correspondence with editor; 2pp typescript. Preface to Handbook of Crystal Growth ed. D.T.J. Hurle (Elsevier, 1993) ‘Body-centred Philosophical Magazine Letters, 1992 Letter from editor only. 1990, 1992 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.360-D.406 Operation Epsilon: the Farm Hall transcripts, introduced by Frank (Institute of Physics, Bristol, 1993) 1990-1996 At the end of the Second World War in August 1945, the leading German physicists were interned at Farm Hall, Godmanchester, near Huntingdon. Their conversations were secretly recorded by British Intelligence, principally for atomic programme. German _ wartime information the on Following representations by the Royal Society and British Academy, the transcripts (the voice recordings not having survived) were released by the Lord Chancellor in 1992. Frank served during the Second World War. He had met some of the imprisoned German scientists before the war and visited Farm Hall during their time there. Drafts of Frank’s introduction 10pp typescript and manuscript; 9pp typescript. D.363-D.367 D.368-D.374 5 folders. ‘Archival note’ 7pp manuscript; 2pp typescript 1991-1993 1992-1993 Correspondence with Institute of Physics, publishers Correspondence and papers re release of the Farm Hall transcripts into the public domain 1990-1992 Includes photocopies of articles on German A-bomb work and Farm Hall, sent to Frank for information. Correspondence with colleagues, historians and others preparatory and in the course of preparing the book Miscellaneous correspondence 1990-1993 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 Correspondence with R.V. Jones re draft of Jones on atomic bomb development article by Correspondence with P. F. Ganz. Correspondence Houtermans re copy of 1941 report by F.G. Miscellaneous correspondence Includes correspondence with M. Walker re his article on the Farm Hall transcripts. Correspondence with J.L. Logan Includes drafts of articles by Logan Logan disagreed with German A-bomb work. M. Walker's interpretation of the D.377-D.379 2 folders. 3 folders. D.375, D.376 Frank’s manuscript notes Sir Michael Atiyah re the transcripts, Miscellaneous background material Exchange with February 11 folders. Printed and photocopied information on the German A- bomb, German scientists and Farm Hall. Photocopy of original transcript D.380-D.390 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.391-D.399 Photocopy of proof copy of Operation Epsilon 9 folders. Book reviews of Operation Epsilon 1993-1994 D.401-D.406 Correspondence and papers following publication 1993-1996 Includes material relating to articles and books discussing the complicity or otherwise of German scientists in trying to create an atomic bomb. Correspondence, chiefly with J.H.J. Oerling 1993-1994 D.402-D.404 Letter from P.L. Rose with draft of sections of his book Heisenberg and the Nazi atomic bomb project: a study in German culture California Press, 3 folders. Correspondence Correspondence and papers 1994-1995 This was published by University of 1998. Review of: Uncertainty. The life and science of Werner Heisenberg by D.C. Cassidy (New York, 1991). In: Notes and Records of the Royal Society the D-Day celebrations, Nonesuch 5pp typescript; correspondence with editor. 3pp typescript + manuscript corrections. Foreword to unidentified publication Untitled article on F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 magazine, University of Bristol, 1994 5pp typescript; 4pp proof copy with extensive manuscript corrections; corrrespondence with editor. ‘Recollections reminiscences (London, 1998) of and Sir Nevill Mott’, in appreciations, ed. Nevill E.A. Mott: Davis 1996-1997 3pp typescript; correspondence re Frank’s contribution. ‘On the condensation of cavities in a crystal’ Rough manuscript draft. ‘On crystal surface self-diffusion: with particular reference to the growth of ice from the vapour Manuscript rough draft. ‘Gesprach mit Niels Bohr’ D.413-D.426 Butterworths Scientific Advisory Board D.413-D.481 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE 1955-1998 10pp typescript (in German); manuscript translation by Frank; covering manuscript note. This was an interview conducted by P. Vinding, a Danish journalist, with Niels Bohr in 1935. 1969-1975 Chiefly papers for meetings of the board; correspondence re publishing policy in general and specific prospective projects. Frank joined the Scientific Advisory Board at the invitation of Sir Harold Thompson in 1969 See D.177 of the previous catalogue. Correspondence re invitation to join the Board F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.414-D.225 Papers for meetings etc 1969-1974 D.414 1969 D.415-D.417 1970 3 folders D.418, D.419 1971 2 folders. D.420, D.421 1972 2 folders. One letter only D.427-D.473 1981-1996 D.422-D.424 1973 3 folders. from 1979 to 1996 when he resigned for health reasons. Commenting on contributions, refereeing papers; meetings of the editorial board; journal policy etc. Frank was on the editorial board of Contemporary Physics See D.195-D.206 of the previous catalogue. Contemporary Physics synopses of possible F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.428-D.430 1982 3 folders. D.431-D.433 1983 3 folders. D.434-D.437 1984 4 folders. D.438-D.441 1985 4 folders. 1987 4 folders. 1986 3 folders. D.449-D.452 1988 D.442-D.444 D.445-D.448 4 folders. D.453-D.457 1989 D.458-D.461 1990 4 folders. 5 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 D.462, D.463 1991 2 folders. D.464-D.466 1992 3 folders. D.467, D.468 1993 2 folders. D.469, D.470 1994 2 folders. 2 folders. Geophysical Journal Refereeing. D.471, D.472 1995 Chiefly refereeing. See F.167-F.175 of the previous catalogue. Journal of Materials Science Journal of Crystal Growth Honoraria slips only. 1971-1980 1970-1994 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Publications, D.272-D.482 See D.227-D.229 of the previous catalogue. Nature Chiefly refereeing. See D.237-D.242 of the previous catalogue. Philosophical Magazine Chiefly refereeing. 1938, 1983- 1988 1964-1998 D.479, D.480 The Royal Society 1970-1991 Chiefly refereeing. 2 folders. See F.316-F.323 of the previous catalogue. Miscellaneous shorter requests for articles etc. 1955-1988 LETTERS TO THE TIMES Manuscript drafts of unpublished letters to The Times. Subjects include the North Pole, the use of English and the Conservative party. 1981-1995