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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of SIR FREDERICK CHARLES FRANK Kt, OBE, FRS (b.1911) Compiled by Timothy E. Powell and Peter Harper Sections G - K Bibliography 1989 Volume Il Index of Correspondents and Organisations All rights reserved Deposited in Bristol University Library NCUACS 15/8/89 SECTION G CONSULTANCIES G.1-G.130 This section contains material relating to Frank's work for British and overseas commercial organisations only. He also acted as consultant for a number of governmental agencies and departments. Material of this nature is to be found in Section F. BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION (BAC) BRITISH RAILWAYS (BR) DE BEERS GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (ICI) Pees eo .24-6.99 .100-G.113 .114 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION (IBM) 7 LLG. 122 PCI DISPLAYS LTD J.A. RADLEY (LABORATORIES) LTD NCUACS 15/8/89 BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION (BAC) 1964 re Weapons Correspondence Division. 1964 is annotated by Frank "Answered, accepting but asking for further copy of original letter, 24 July 1964". BAC'’s letter of consultancy Guided 8 May offer in of BRITISH RAILWAYS (BR) 1949-51 as to serve invited "an independent the recommendation of scientific Frank was adviser" to the Water Treatment Committee, 23 September 1949, on Committee was established to study the problems "in the provision and use of softened water" used in steam locomotive boilers. It first met on 2 December 1949 and held a further thirteen meetings before issuing its report in February 1951. Jones. This R.V. of the The the and costs problems Committee considered costs associated with the various systems of softening the water fed to locomotives to reduce scaling (with its deleterious effect on allowing for regional diversity (due to differing water hardnesses and to the pre-nationalisation practices of the four great railway companies) the Committee recommended "that further extensions of by internal treatment on the locomotive" rather than by large- scale water treatment plants. boiler maintenance). treatment possible should While water made far be as as a and &c", become letter Frank’s consultant The material, predominantly committee papers and background information, is arranged in a chronological sequence. "Questions for Enginemen, Railway's Handbook for Enginemen, December 1931. London Midland and Scottish Sent to Frank of to Frank's 4pp manuscript notes and references headed list of Invitation acceptance; "Notes on water treatment", written 28 November 1949; committee members, sent 29 November. 28 November 1949 (see covering note at G.2). NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank First committee meeting, Derby, present. 2 December 1949. Frank was Papers and minutes of meeting. With Frank’s "Memorandum to the Chairman" recording the views he expressed at the meeting, 2pp typescript. Reports reports are retained in their original folders. treatment submitted by on water BR Regions. The East and North East Region. London Midland Region. Southern Region. Western Region. Frank * Foam Inhibition in Industrial Bairstow, Generators", Divisional Chemist, Agenda, papers and minutes of meeting. Second committee meeting, Doncaster, 17 January 1950. was absent. Correspondence with S. London Midland Region, December 1949, January 1950, re L.O. Gunderson and W.L. Denman'’s paper "Polyamide Foam Inhibitors - Mechanism of and Steam Engineering Chemistry 40 (1948). Includes reprint of paper for ease of reference. highlighted the inefficiency of the water softening plants. a water softening chemist with London Midland Hancock was Region. the Toton-Brent experiment, designed to find whether a “continuous supply of correctly conditioned water" the Toton- corrosion-free Brent The experiment suggested it did, but also locomotive boilers". Report on "The Toton-Brent Experiment" by J.S. Hancock, January 1950. In original folder. for locomotives on section of track resulted in "clean, He reported for the committee on NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Committee meetings 3-11, January-August 1950. from all these meetings. Frank was absent Minutes only. a meeting with J.S. Letter and Frank’s manuscript notes of Hancock, S. Bairstow and T.F.B. Simpson (Committee Chairman), Derby, 24 February 1950. Letter to R.V. Jones complaining about BR’s "complete lack of acquaintance with research", 4 April 1950. Memorandum on visit Treatment Committee, binding. France to April 1950. by representatives of stiff original In Water cover The Committee representatives (not including Frank) visited France to inspect locomotive boilers and the water treatment system on French railways. Twelfth committee meeting, Derby, 4 October 1950. present. Frank was Includes report "Water the London Midland Region" by J.S. Hancock. Correspondence, agenda, papers and draft minutes of meeting. Agenda, papers and minutes of meeting. softening on Thirteenth committee meeting, Derby, 9-10 January 1951. was absent. Correspondence from T.F.B. Simpson re tests on the effect of dirty boilers on fuel consumption, August, October 1950. Draft minutes only. Fourteenth committee meeting, Derby, present. Frank 20 February. Frank was NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Committee Report, completed February 1951. Frank's manuscript corrections to first draft of Report. Second "Draft Report", December 1950. corrections and related correspondence. With Frank's manuscript Final Purposes", February 1951. "Report on Treatment of Water used for Locomotive Frank's bound copy. Miscellaneous background material Chief Mechanical North Eastern Railway, "Report on Comparative Evaporation Tests on Locomotive plus photographs, graphs, table. Department, Engineer's typescript Boilers", August London 1931. 8pp and With Frank's manuscript calculations and diagrams found with Lt: Information on T.I.A. system of water treatment. (Traitement Interne Integral Armand) in the DE BEERS G.24-G.99 The T.I.A. interest to treatment of tender with a special alkali-tannin solution. system was widely used in France and was of much It combined external the the Committee (see G.14). Manuscript notes by Frank. "feed water" with dosage of water his capacity as consultant. Frank’s association with De Beers, the South African mining company, began in 1949 when, at the suggestion of F.E. (later Sir Industrial Distributors Ltd., invited Frank to serve as a consultant on diamond renewed thereafter. Frank's other formal connections with De Beers were through the Diamond Conferences and the Diamond Research Committee, which the company funded, and through a series of patent cases in the early 1960s in which he gave evidence in subsidiary, initially research, Francis) 1949-86 Simon, years three Beers a De for but NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank According to Frank's account, given to the 1975 Diamond Dinner (G.95), the Diamond Conferences were initiated by Simon, who persuaded Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, Beers "that at cost of funding an annual conference he could be in touch with a hundred scientists, who would have cost him one or two million a year to put on his payroll." the comparatively small The first was held in 1950. Chairman of De Shortly after Simon's death in 1956 the Diamond Research the Reading Committee was formed, under the chairmanship of Diamond physicist Conferences, and to allocate funding from De Beers for diamond research projects UK. the committee from its foundation. Frank was Ditchburn, a member organise both R.W. the the in of to a of Frank's consultancy with De Beers led to his involvement in cases brought against the American company series General Electric's attempt to patent its method of synthesising the diamond Transvaal who represented De Beers’ interests. South Africa. for Mines affidavits Chamber Orange State Frank Free gave and of in In connection with his work for De Beers, whether as a consultant on diamonds or as a member of the Diamond Research Committee, Frank made a number of visits to South Africa. The material is arranged as follows: .24-G. .28-G. 2. 20-6. 7. /6-G.8 7c Industrial Distributors Diamond Conferences Diamond Research Committee Patent Cases in re G.24 1952; offer >.87-G.° Miscellaneous brief exchanges Industrial Distributors of consultancy and With an introductory note "Memorandum on growth of diamonds", Simon and Industrial Distributors, Correspondence with F.E. 1949-57. its Includes 12pp renewal. manuscript, 16 December 1951; letter from Simon, 13 May 1954, re "continuing the contract" in view of Frank's lecture on "Tin whiskers" to 1953 Diamond Conference (G.29) which some "thought a little remote". of the paper. Includes "original" typescript draft of Neuhaus’s paper with Frank’s manuscript notes on Grodzinski’s translation of Part III Brief of Industrial Distributors’ Diamond Research Department re paper "Uber die synthese des Diamanten" by A. Neuhaus. correspondence, Grodzinski 1954, July with the P. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Correspondence, 1957-60. Includes correspondence re diamonds required for research at typescript record of cable sent Bristol University, 1957-60; 24 November 1959, to J.F.H. Custers, congratulating him synthesis of diamond; press-cutting recording Frank’s condemnation of apartheid in South African universities. Director of Research, on the successful Visit to South Africa’ 1961. Frank was (later Diamond) Research Laboratory, Johannesburg, programme synthetic considerably larger than the ones we now make every day". invited to help Industrial Distributors’ Adamant "start a diamonds production aiming the of at this field and expresses the The invitation mentions the success of General Electric that Frank's work on will not prevent his assisting Industrial hope in diamonds for G.E. Distributors. Invitation; memorabilia. Diamond Conferences material relating to the organisation of Oxford, July 1952: Frank’s manuscript notes on proceedings. Frank spoke on "An explanation of the Correspondence re arrangements; notes on proceedings; Oxford, 9-11 July 1953. formation of tin whiskers" (see G.25). Further the conferences may be found under the Diamond Research Committee, G.56-G.75. manuscript notes on proceedings. Caius Frank "Necessary conditions for the growth of diamonds". Oxford, - transformations". 30 June manuscript notes on proceedings. manuscript notes on "Whiskers". Frank spoke on "Martensitic Provisional lecture list; Provisional programme; College Cambridge, 1-3 July 1954. 2 July 1955. lecture list; manuscript spoke on NCUACS 15/8/89 .C,. Frank Reading, South Africa (G.27) and did not feel able to give a paper. Frank had recently returned from 18-19 July 1961. Brief correspondence; of participants. annotated provisional programme; list Cambridge, 25-26 June 1962. Annotated programme and list of participants. Reading, July 1965. Includes Frank’s after-dinner "words of thanks". Cambridge, 10-11 July 1967. Lists of participants. Bristol, 8-9 July 1968. and presented a paper jointly with M. Moore and A.R. "Simulation of solution forms of diamond". Frank helped organise the conference Lang on Letter re arrangements. asking that it be submitted to Reading, 24-27 September 1969. letter from E. Gerryts, 19 September, List of participants; Before with "Comment on ‘Defect in Diamond’" by D.R. Grantham. paper his death Grantham sent Gerryts this delivered by Frank at the 1966 International Industrial Diamond Conference (G.90-G.92), the Reading conference. Harris and H.J. Milledge. Correspondence re Soviet participation; and papers; manuscript notes on proceedings etc. "A Kimberlite Exhibition" Brasenose College Oxford, Guidebook for organised by J.W. "Comment" on a 12-15 July 1970. lists of participants NCUACS 15/8/89 FO. 2brank Cambridge, 14-17 July 1971. Correspondence re arrangements, including correspondence from R.W. Ditchburn re Soviet participation; heavily annotated programme; list of participants; brief manuscript notes. Bristol, 13-15 July 1972. dissolution shapes". Frank spoke on "Kinematic theory of Correspondence re arrangements; annotated lists of papers. Reading, 15-18 July 1973. Lists of papers submitted and participants. Oxford, 3-6 July 1974. Correspondence re Soviet participation; lists of participants. Churchill College Cambridge, 6-9 July 1975. This was held information; provisional immediately following the lists of participants; Invitation; programme. Kimberlite Symposium, St. John’s College Cambridge, 10-11 July LOS Diamond Conference. List of participants; miscellaneous correspondence including letter from the Industrial Diamond Information Bureau inviting Frank to write on the future of diamond research for Diamond Research, and typescript draft of Frank’s contribution. manuscript notes on proceedings. Includes brief manuscript notes finance for 1977 conference. Bristol, 12-14 July 1976. Reading, 6-9 July 1977. list of participants; on programme for 1976 and programme; Frank's Information; NCUACS 15/8/89 St. Catharine's College Oxford, 9-12 July 1978. Letter fromR.W. Ditchburn re Soviet participation; programme; list of participants. Newnham College Cambridge, 8-11 July 1979. Conference information; definitions" by J.E. Field compiled for the conference. "Diamond: properties and abstracts; Kimberlite Symposium II, Cambridge, 11-14 July 1979. held immediately following the Diamond Conference. This was Brief correspondence arising from a discussion in which Frank participated; "summary" of discussion. Bristol, 7-9 July 1980. Programme; list of participants. Reading, 8-11 July 1981. Frank led a College Cambridge, 6-9 July 1983. Oxtora. o-/ July 1982 - Newnham discussion. Brief correspondence only. Includes annotated programme. Conference participants. abstract. Reading, 10-13 July 1985. Frank led a discussion. Bristol, 9-11 July 1984. list of participants; Annotated programme; list of participants. Frank led a discussion. information; abstracts; programme ; bist sor Programme; NCUACS 15/8/89 Royal Holloway and Bedford New College London, 7-9 July 1986. Brief correspondence including reference to current unrest in South Africa. Oxford, nd. Frank spoke on "Plastic deformation in diamond". Lecture list; deformation; manuscript and typescript drafts on plastic manuscript notes on proceedings. Diamond Research Committee The material is principally papers for Committee meetings to consider research proposals, half yearly reports on research, and correspondence, chiefly with R.W. Ditchburn, re diamond conferences, research proposals and patenting. R.W. Ditchburn was chairman of the Committee until July 1982 when he was succeeded by E.W.J. Mitchell. 20 folders. a Q Q G G G D A a A A a 556 Hoy oO 7 . 60 +O ey . 63 . 64 Od 1964-66 1967-68 1969 1970-71 LOZ 1973 1974 19:75 1976-77 1978 D Y A A A A N A A Q M Q A Q 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 -€1) 1984 (2) LISS eC 1) T9852.62) 1986 Patent Cases it was judged to be In February 1955 the American company General Electric (GE) announced it had found a method of synthesising diamonds. This was immediately placed under a US government secrecy order as for the objector. The order was lifted on 8 September 1959 and the next day GE filed five patent applications in South Africa to protect its inventions. Three were opposed by the Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber of Mines, on behalf of De Beers (3550/59, 3551/59 and 3547/59). A further patent application was made on 7 December (4878/59) and this too was challenged. Frank was asked by the lawyers acting for the Chamber of Mines to provide affidavits on its behalf. of strategic significance. there was a potential clash of interests. by excluded from its provisions (see G.110). As GE also occasionally employed Frank as a consultant, This was resolved on diamonds was Frank duly testified GE providing a contract in which work NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank and until saturated. Upon cooling the The basic patent (3550) was for a method of synthesising non-diamond carbon into diamond by subjecting it to a pressure of 80,000-110,000 atmospheres and a temperature of 1400-1800°C in the presence of a metallic solvent or catalyst. The molten metal dissolves the carbon which is distributed through the metal solution becomes super-saturated - diamonds. The other patents referred to improvements on this process. 3551 the catalyst (lowering the temperature and, more importantly, the pressure required for the conversion of carbon to diamond), 3547 to a way of eliminating the need to determine the temperature at which conversion occurs by providing a method of observing changes in electrical resistance, a method of creating better artificial diamonds by arranging the carbon and catalyst in alternate laminae or layers. using an alloy as related to and 4878 crystals carbon solid shed to as is Various grounds for objection were raised but only two were used in court, the "obviousness" and the eLNUCLUILY "of the alleged inventions. The first maintained that no inventive step was required beyond what was common knowledge in the area, the second that within the terms of the patent application the invention would not necessarily work. Frank's affidavits mainly supported the objection of "obviousness" and the related "lack of novelty" charge (which was, however, dropped, partly because as Frank himself stated GE were correct in claiming the natural processes "not assuredly known"). formation of diamond were for the come to GE the case for Sir John that be used in the weak. Patents Clayden, dismissed "“inutility" The first judgement, delivered on 30 November 1964 by the the Commissioner objections. The chief "inutility" argument, based on whether the GE term “carboneous material" might not also refer to forms of carbon for which the process would be ineffective, was rejected because the objectors could not up with any reasonable such material for which the process would not work. Frank had in fact argued against another objection on these grounds, which claimed that the patent specification included metals which would not melt at the temperatures specified, and rather felt was The "obviousness" case was also dismissed. According to Clayden the "common knowledge in the art at the effective date of the application" did not include the precise forms of the carbon and catalyst right He ruled that it was not pressure and temperature required. common knowledge that graphite would be form of carbon GE used, diamonds Nickel-based assumed substance) must be the catalyst. calibrating pressure, however, which Clayden ruled was "common Lonsdale’s analysis of Most importantly the an attempt to create synthetic diamonds by the GE method in September 1959 would have failed because of mistakes in the calculation of pressure. had relied upon experiment to determine the pressures and temperatures needed for success, but soon afterwards R. Berman and Sir Francis Simon produced their "curve" which became accepted as the theoretical guide to the correct thermodynamic conditions for diamond synthesis. The of that following K. In their work GE Resistance Electrical Bridgman accepted process, method found judge Nickel or the (or a it would be that and the the NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank In 1961 it was found to be 30% knowledge" in 1959, was faulty. Therefore in 1959 anyone following the out at high pressures. Berman-Simon curve to reach the right pressure and temperature to create diamonds by the GE method would fail, they would not be calculating pressure accurately. the following: Frank criticised the judgement noting "The odd outcome is GE placed too much reliance on Bridgman. This is taken as cogent evidence that everyone would place too so that GE succeeds because of much reliance on Bridgman ... this mistake on He "good grounds" for challenging this judgement. that there were its part." felt The Chamber of Mines went to the Court of Appeal. Here too, on 16 June 1966, the "inutility" arguments were rejected. But that on the grounds of "obviousness" was sustained. J. Galgut presiding found that GE itself had revealed most of the facts behind the processes and the rest were "obvious" to As Frank had stated in any competent diamond-synthesiser. his affidavit, the only novelty with the its "excellent apparatus" which could sustain the high pressures and temperatures which were commonly known to GE process was be required. as would for the of of a high (and not and that would have which has Bridgman flaw of pointing out that "production the periodic table Electrical effectively According to Galgut Graphite was obviously the most be used (being easily obtained in a likely form of carbon to Furthermore, it was not pure form which could be broken down). likely that Nickel would be thought of the only catalyst. Frank had argued that it was well-known that a number of molten metals from group VIII just "dissolve melting Nickel, point) substantial quantities of carbon in an atomically dispersed Finally he rejected the ruling that the form", including iron. Resistance undetected in the calculation prevented the alternative (and accurate) synthesis, Bridgman volume method was well-known, using the Berman-Simon curve with the uncorrected electrical resistance calculation of pressure, it was possible to achieve diamond synthesis. In 1961 GE applied for two more related patents, 2117/61, which was conductive diamonds" by adding boron or aluminium to the melt, and 1218/61 referring to Both were the effect that in contested, Frank producing affidavits to both an imitation of known natural occurrences. a solvent", case 3974 was dropped in 1962. The material is chiefly copies of the affidavits and other evidence presented at the hearings, together with copies of the two judgements, correspondence from Spoor & Fisher representing the Frank’s of There are also copies of affidavits presented in affidavits. a rival De Beers patent application (3974/58) to respect of which GE objected. The applicants claimed that whereas the GE process for synthesising diamond operated, according to their application, by catalytic process, theirs operated purely by a "solvent" process. it was accepted in the cases brought against GE that, if broadly defined, a "catalyst could also be diamond surfaces. electrically the etching manuscript and no more process was cases the drafts of Chamber Mines, and obvious than pressure of As NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Correspondence with chiefly on diamond synthesis, 1962. Spoor & Fisher and notes re the case, Correspondence with Spoor & Fisher, Frank's notes on the case CbC.; “L963: "Summarised Report on Experimental Work Carried Out at Adamant Research Laboratory in Connection with General Electric Company Affidavits", llpp duplicated typescript and table. With two envelopes of photographs inscribed "Diamonds grown in metal" (9 photographs) and "Diamond dissolution by metals" (7 photographs). 1963, June 12 Correspondence with Spoor & Fisher 1964. Includes manuscript draft of Frank's letter, dated 19 December, criticising Sir John Clayden'’s Judgement (G.82). Frank's manuscript draft affidavits. Original Judgement, 30 November 1964. Appeal Court Judgement, 16 June 1966. Frank’s manuscript draft "Replies to Applicant’s evidence". 1218/61 and 2117/61. Patent applications, letters of demands and notices exhibits. of opposition; Affidavits for 3974/58, 3547/59, 3551/59, 4878/59, memorandum on evidence; .84-G.86 Evidence presented. 3 boxes. Box 1 Affidavits for 3550/59. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Miscellaneous C87 the Visit to South Africa, 1959. by University of the Witwatersrand, at Nabarro. Students’ Visiting Frank was invited to South Africa the the suggestion of F.R.N. Lecturers Trust Fund of Invitation; letters from W.F. Cotty of the Diamond Producers Association London Committee introducing Frank to the Secretary and the Chief Diamond Valuator of De Beers. Report by Creusot, implications for diamond research. Mitchell 2-6 E.W.J. France, on August High Pressure Conference, 1965, reference with to Le the by to the South Africa, was Visit Fund invited Committee of the University of Natal, 12 June 1964. While in South Africa Frank visited the universities of Port Elizabeth and Diamond Research Laboratory. August-September 1965. Lecturers the Witwatersrand and Students’ Visiting worked Frank Trust the at Invitation; correspondence re arrangements. of lp and list 28pp Oxford, See G.35. manuscript Industrial manuscript Diamond Conference, Conference brochure; typescript of drafts references. background information etc. The conference was sponsored by De Beers. International September 1966. 91). 19-22 Frank spoke on "Defects in diamonds" (Bibliog. Frank's 33pp contribution; Dok. Grantham’s comments on Frank's contribution were submitted to the 1969 Diamond Conference. Invitation only. Manuscript diagrams of lattices and diamonds found with the preceding. De Recent Developments London, 2 July 1968. Day Conference on Diamond, Beers Industrial Diamond Division One Production Grinding with in NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Correspondence, signed menu from colleagues attending dinner in honour of W.F. Cotty’s promotion to Technical and Diamond Consultant with De Beers’ Industrial Diamond Division, 17 March Te 71 to undergo an operation and the letters express the hope that he will make a swift recovery. attend, having unable Frank was to Diamond Dinner, 21 March 1975. Invitation; Diamond Conferences and early participants. Frank's speech recalling the establishment of the to South Africa, Visit was invited by the University of the Witwatersrand in conjunction with De Beers. October-November 1977. Frank Invitation and correspondence re arrangements; visit to Kimberley, 9-10 November. programme for Photocopy of article on natural annotated by Frank, 2 July 1979. diamond by D.N. Robinson, by "What is the of the 1987 to a study on Frank results of discuss beginning magnitude signed and "man made platelets in diamonds", "Cutting action, wear and fracture of rounded diamond", 15pp 1966). typescript, bibliographical Photograph of dated "Trevor Evans 6/5/80". Note the absorption coeff[{[icient] of Diamond betw[een] 2000A and 3000A", lp manuscript, nd. Invitation to visit Diamond Research Laboratory in January or February the "morphology and growth mechanism" of large synthetic diamonds. Author not named. reference (latest nd. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. ‘Frank G.100-G.113 GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) 1951-62 of to attend conferences and the Metallurgy and Frank served as occasional consultant in GE's Research Laboratory, Ceramics Research Department under flexible contracts that allowed him Schenectady, NY, other scope His 1956 consultancy specified he was research establishments. an advisor on "physics of solids". Exclusion of consulting about diamonds had been informally agreed from the beginning, but South African patents dispute between GE and de Beers, this exclusion was explicitly written into the contract (see G.76-G.86 and G.110). visit colleagues in in view of 1962 the in me that by which time would doubtless be it would be tactful if "There was no formal end to this consultancy. It was put I deferred my next summer to vacation visit (which I had been making every second year) by the patents dispute between GE and de a year, Beers the dispute dragged on and by the time it was over my principal friends at Schenectady, with whom details of the next visit would have been arranged, had moved elsewhere. I did make several visits of one or two days subsequently, at which I was consulted on various scientific questions (one of which might have led to something patentable, but didn’t) but never for long enough to receive payment." (F.C.F., private communication, 9 September 1989). concluded. However, pLOOW GC HEOT: 1956 May-September. For of and During this extensive consultancy with GE Frank number of conferences in North America (see H.26, .:°. G3)" by 1958. 112 duly. sciven Frank Frank, crystals .102-G.108 photographs memorabilia. see A.95. GE, Miscellaneous colleagues at notice of special seminar on Copy of consultancy contract; ThLigquids brief correspondence re patent for Magnetic Annealing in Rotating Magnetic Field. sub-boundaries and Kronberg-Wilson relationships". Brief correspondence; notices of Frank gave seminars on 11 September on "Kinematic theory of crystal dissolution and growth" and "Coincidence Lattices - As in 1956 Frank was able to combine a lengthy consultancy with GE with attendance at a number of conferences and seminars in America (see H.29-H.31). GE Research Laboratory seminars and colloquia etc. copy of consultancy contract; 5 and NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Memorabilia. .104-G.108 Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript drafts and notes by Frank found with material re 1958 consultancy. . 104 "Layering typescript with manuscript corrections plus figures. coordination structures", higher the in Illpp geometrical "The compounds", 2pp typescript plus figures. structures basis of of intermetallic "Detailed geometry of the four special coordination shells", Spp manuscript and 3pp typescript drafts. "Some definitions relating to coordination", S5pp manuscript and 2pp typescript drafts. "Properties of regular solids", lp duplicated typescript plus tables. meO07, .G.106 Manuscript notes and diagrams chiefly re lattices. 1962. re 1960. Between Letter Company and F.C. Frank", 9 August 1962. "Consulting Agreement Correspondence from J.H. Hollomon, 1960 re possibility of Frank visiting Schenectady laboratories, etc. crystal surface energies". To avoid a conflict of interests between Frank's consultancies for GE and De Beers it was agreed that the terms of the GE consultancy should exclude diamond research. Includes 1962 mentioning Frank's seminar "A commentary on theorems concerning Laboratory Research Electric General August Notes for 22 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Includes process’ for making diamonds". release, press 7 September, re "A new ‘direct According to the press release " achieve pressures and temperatures so catalyst is into diamond. it has become possible to metal no longer needed" to convert non-diamond carbon high that the ... Calculations by Frank found with preceding material. 2pp manuscript calculation of which cross a plane, how many do not re-cross it?” "Problem: a Includes Of random paths IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (ICI) 1974-75 Frank’s consultancy with ICI was terminated in July 1975. Brief correspondence includes Frank's comments on ICI's "dairy- separator version of the gas centrifuge", 1974. NY, 1973: 1973-82 G 14 54C A 22 Invitation to serve as consultant. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION (IBM) IBM at their Thomas Frank served as occasional consultant to J. combining short spells at the Center with visits to colleagues at other research centres, and attendance at conferences, in the US and Canada. Growth, Boston, MA, with consultancy work. combine 1977 International Conference on Crystal Invitation, attendance at suggesting December Frank POLL 9 the 1976, NCUACS 15/8/89 PC Prank 1:978. Letter re arrangements etc. See also H.116. IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center Report "The science of crystal Frank’s annotations and interleaved manuscript notes. education growth", course. With IBM an 1980 3-7 November. Frank was invited to the Watson Research Center on the occasion of US National the Academy of Engineering (see A.27, H.140-H.142). Foreign Associate of being made his a Correspondence re arrangements; Physics Colloquium "On definitions of supersaturation"; notices of Frank's etc. contract; Correspondence and papers re attempt to obtain permanent US residence for Swiss IBM colleague. contract; etc. pe 2k itinerary; 1982 24-28 July Correspondence re arrangements; Frank was invited to the Watson Research Center in conjunction with the 1982 Gordon Research Conference (H.150, H.151). Includes reprints Contents of folder inscribed "Van Vechten". of two articles, 1977 and 1978, by J.A. Van Vechten, a member of the Research Center, with Frank's manuscript annotations and miscellaneous manuscript notes. With photocopy of the patent specification. Request from the solicitors of to "review the technical arguments concerning the novelty, inventiveness or otherwise "the so-called of Schadt-Helfrich twisted nematic liquid crystal display", 2 September. PCI DISPLAYS PTE LTD Found with G.121. Roche patent" [Hoffman La] covering PCI 1981 the NCUACS 15/8/89 G.124-G.130 J.A. RADLEY (LABORATORIES) LTD (later J.A. RADLEY RESEARCH INSTITUTE) 1960-63 The Radley Laboratories were a commercial research company started "to cater for small firms ... who were, individually, not in a position to set up their own laboratories". Frank was initially asked to become a consultant in connection with work being done on metal whiskers and crystal structure in April 1960. the Institute. He later became a co-opted governor of Correspondence "An introduction to Radley Industrial Research and Development Laboratories". consultancy, booklet April 1960; re Notice of formation of Radley Research Institute 1961; reports 1959-60 and report, 6 September 1961; Governors, 10 April 1962. annual interim progress agenda for first AGM of Board of Chairman’s 1961-62; Letter to Frank, 23 January 1963, including list of "ideas for research proposals". 3.127-G.130 Pp Radley Laboratories/Research Institute Final Technical Reports: N / g.12/ from solid surfaces", 1959 "General mechanism of drainage "Mechanism of corrosion of copper and copper alloys by ammonia SOLUEEONS |. 3.7% 1959: "The effect of sugars and other hydroxy compounds as inhibitors De CODrosi on. at LOS. "Catalysis at semi-conductor surfaces", 1962. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES H.1-H.169 Not all of Frank's extensive travel and attendance at conferences is documented in this section. Frank attended conferences held by a number of Societies and Organisations, most notably the International Organisation of Crystal Growth (F.116-F.175) and the Pugwash movement (F.205-F.250), and made a number of visits to South Africa in connection with his consultancy with De Beers (G.24-G.99) The presentation is chronological as far as possible. Material relating to invitations either declined or for which there is no evidence of acceptance is placed at the end of the sequence for each year. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 1939 ICI (Plastics) Ltd. colloquium, Billingham, Durham, 6 January. Frank spoke "The high frequency electrical behaviour of plastics and other insulating materials". on Correspondence re arrangements; contribution. advance summary of Frank's 1948 Colston Bristol, 20-24 September. Research Society Symposium on Cosmic Radiation, HMSO diary for 1946 used from the front for Frank’s notes on proceedings, including loose manuscript notes. the back are unrelated notes and calculations. At Brief correspondence re publication of Frank's report on the symposium. 1949 British Association for Newcastle, investigations at Bristol University". 7 September. 31 August - the Advancement of Science Meeting, Frank spoke on "Recent 1950 Paris, 3-8 26 September. nvitations for 1949 British Rheologists’ Club, Brief correspondence only. Societé Francaise de Métallurgie autumn meeting, October. Brief correspondence, 1949-50, re visit of Frank and N.F. Mott. Visit to Paris, January. NCUACS 15/8/89 Visit to USA, 15 April - 23 June. Frank was initially invited to present a paper at the Office of Naval Research/Carnegie Institute of Technology Conference on the Fundamentals of the Plastic Deformation of Crystalline Solids later Metals), Pittsburgh, PA, 19-20 May, where he spoke on "The origin of dislocations". on recrystallisation at Notre Dame and was invited to visit and speak at other research centres. See H.6 for itinerary. Deformation conference attended changed (title also to of He a Invitations; itinerary for 20 April - 30 May. correspondence re arrangements with colleagues; Conference on Recrystallisation, Notre Dame, IN, 1-2 June. Correspondence; Pp rogramme; Frank's notes on papers presented. Invitation for 1951 Conference on Dielectrics, Liverpool, July. 1953 crossing of screw (at (not a cluster dislocations in Frank's hand) Symposium on Crystal Plasticity, 18 May. headed "Dislocation the Programme with Frank's manuscript notes on back. Conference on Lattice Defects and the Electrical Resistivity of Metals, Birmingham, 24-25 April. Manuscript notes loops Symposium on Crystal Plasticity, 5/18, 1953)". programme. Frank visited Japan for the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Conference on Theoretical Physics, Kyoto and Tokyo, September, and its associated symposia and meetings. He chaired a session of the Conference and spoke on "Visual evidence of dislocations" at a pre-conference Symposium on Crystal Plasticity and Deformation, Nikko, 12-13 September. Frank also attended several informal meetings and visited a number of Japanese research centres. re lists of participants; Correspondence conference; Visit to Japan, September-October. arrangements organisers for IUPAP with NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank US IUPAP National Committee information notes for the American delegation. Programmes for the Nikko symposium; drafts of Frank's contribution. manuscript and typescript programme Crystal Annotated Other Dislocation, Metals, Tohoku University, 29 September, attended by Frank and N.F. Mott. With information on the Research Institute. for Institute Informal for Research Meeting Steel Iron, and on Frank's manuscript notes on discussion on "Science and Peace". Participants Japanese scientists. included Feynman several R.P. and Material re other meetings and lectures. Information on Japanese research centres. ; i Pp grap 2 folders. Photographs (some mounted, probably used by Frank to illustrate his lectures). to Conference delegates re Invitations and information sent "Hiroshima", a Japanese film shown at Tokyo University during the conference. lists of participants. United Steel Companies Ltd. Conference for University Lecturers and Tutors in Science and Engineering on Iron and Steel Making, Research and Engineering, Sheffield University, 6-11 September. Miscellaneous memorabilia. Programme; 2 folders. 1954 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 1955 S.0. hardback notebook used by Frank for notes on unidentified conference [? on irradiation], July. Participants include A.H. Cottrell, N.F. Mott, E.W.J. Mitchell, G.¥ 0; Garlick; H.S.W. Massey; M°H.L:.. Pryce. International Colloquium, San Lorenzo del Escorial, Spain, September. Theoretical Applied Union and of Mechanics Signed menu and hotel bill. Not otherwise documented. 1956 Visit to USA and Canada, May-September. this Frank served period General During Electric (GE) at their Research Laboratory Schenectady, NY (see Whilst in North America Frank attended a number G.100, G.102). of on Theoretical Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, 17-21 September. International conferences consultant including Congress the to as re 19 on bist. 22-24 Frank July; notes August. Frank's Edmonton, Conference, Conference manuscript arrangements; Gordon Research Material re other engagements fulfilled by Frank. Invitation to Seattle Congress; correspondence with organisers and of participants; preliminary programme etc. These included Special Physics Colloquium, Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Canadian Metal Chemistry and Physics of Metals, 23-27 July; Physics also appeared in a television programme on Crystals broadcast in San Francisco, 24 September (see E./78). Correspondence re arrangements. Birmingham University Research colloquium, Frank spoke on "Complex alloy structures and the packing of spheres" (see D.44, D.45). 16 April. 1957 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 1958 Be 29-31 Visit;co. USA. NY, Frank served as consultant to GE at their Research Laboratory, (see G.102-G.108) Schenectady, Whilst in the US Frank attended international conferences at and was invited to speak at Rochester and Cooperstown, colloquia of Maryland. Washington, University NY, D.C. summer 1958 and the the in at in of International Rochester, NY, Conference 18-22 August. on Superconductors, University of Programme; Frank’s manuscript notes. International Conference on Crystal Growth, Cooperstown, NY, 27-29 August. Frank gave the Introductory Lecture and papers on "Theory of dissolution shapes and transient growth shapes of crystals" and "Electron microscope observations of moire patterns in single crystals of Polyethylene" (with A.W. Agar and A. Keller). Programme; "Extemporaneous comments" by Frank and conference photograph with key, list of participants; Frank’s manuscript notes; For photographs of see A.96. Seitz. F. so at material H.32-H.40 imprinted: displayed envelope sheets exhibits divided Contents of information Exposition. entitled "Atom", "Molecule", "Crystal" and "Living Cell". of French, German or Dutch. duplicated typescript the sections Most in the information sheets are explaining is "Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles”. Invitation to Frank to speak at the Greater Washington Solid State Physics and University of Maryland Physics Department colloquia. 2 folders. de Keyser, head of the Mineralogy Department of Ghent University, who had considerable research interests in common with the Mineralogy Department at Ghent and had received an honorary degree from the University three years earlier. Frank visited the Exposition with Professor Willi crystallography "Atom" section. in English, organised exhibits. few are Frank four into but a The the NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank H.34-H. 36 "Molecule" section. 3 folders. "Crystal" section. 2 folders. "Living Cell" section. 2 folders. 1961 High Polymer Research Group Conference on the Relation between Chemical Structure and Physical Properties of Elastomers with Particular Reference to the Fundamental Aspects of the Subject, Moretonhampstead, Devon, 17-21 April. Programme with list of participants. on The was a member pe 2 October. which visited universities transcript of Frank’s of a British Council draft Conference Report; Programme; contribution. Properties Frank spoke on "Polymers". Solids, of Visit to Czechoslovakia, 18 September - Frank Czechoslovakia Bratislava, Brno and Olomouc. National Research Development Corporation Solid State Sciences Conference Caius Mechanical College Cambridge, 13-17 July. delegation members. Correspondence itineraries; arrangements; by the British Council reports on visit Council for delegation to Prague, in with British re NCUACS 15/8/89 r.0. Frank 1962 Vusir. to. USA: Frank again served as consultant to GE at Schenectady in late summer (G.110-G.113). While in the US he attended the American Chemical Society Symposium on Crystallisation of Polymers, Atlantic City, NJ, 10-11 September. Programme; re Atlantic City Symposium. abstracts; Frank's manuscript notes on proceedings International September. Conference on Lattice Defects, Kyoto, 7-12 Correspondence with organisers and Royal Society re financial arrangements. Frank had initially intended to participate in the conference but later withdrew. 1963 Conference on High Magnetic Fields, Brasenose College Oxford, RO=11 . July. Programme (with alteration by Frank); abstracts. Invitation; Conference handbook. International Conference on the Science of Superconductivity, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 26-29 August. correspondence re arrangements. background information. National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science meeting "to discuss neutron source", Rutherford High Energy Laboratory, Chilton, Berks., 3 aul ys Brief programme; provision of correspondence with Sir John Cockcroft, chairman: a UK high flux thermal 1964 the NCUACS 15/8/89 y.C: Brank 1964-65 Visit to USA. Frank spent nine months in California as Visiting Professor at the University of California's Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics, La Jolla, San Diego. In the US he visited colleagues at a number of other research establishments and attended a VESIAC conference on Shallow Seismic Events. Correspondence with colleagues re visits; manuscript notes for lecture Earth Scientists, 2 March 1965. deformation solids" "Modes on of to of VESIAC Special Advisory Conference on Current Status and Future Prognosis for Understanding the Source Mechanism of Shallow Seismic Events in the 3 5 Magnitude Range, La Jolla, 22-24 March. Frank led a discussion on "The physics of earthquake sources". to Correspondence Frank's introduction to the discussion. organisers; with programme ; abstracts; Miscellaneous background material. 1965 1966 Mantle, programme; de 6-12 June. International Pont-a- Correspondence with organisers re arrangements; memorabilia. Centre National Colloquium on Adsorption et Croissance Cristalline, Mousson, Nancy, la Recherche Scientifique British Ceramic Society and Netherlands Ceramic Society 3rd Joint Meeting on Science of Ceramics, Bristol University, 5- So. July: contribution to discussion, etc. Upper Mantle Committee Symposium on Non-Elastic Processes in the 1966 (rearranged from 13-19 October 1965). programme (with manuscript calculations on back). Correspondence re arrangements; Newcastle-upon-Tyne, draft of Frank's Invitation; programmes; 21-25 February NCUACS 15/8/89 Hoge; He 57 Symposium on areas for further research in polymer technology, Loughborough, 31 March - 2 April. Correspondence with organisers re arrangements; list version" of Frank's remarks. participants; abstracts; transcript of programme; and "tidy Duplicated typescript text of symposium proceedings. Societa Italiana di Fisica meeting on European collaboration in physics; Pisa, 16-17 ‘Aprid. Correspondence Working Groups. re arrangements; programmes; reports of For Frank's report see Bibliog. 8/7 (D.69). Conference handbook. Battelle Institute colloquium on Phase Stability in Metals and Alloys, Geneva and Villars, Switzerland, May. Frank chaired a discussion on Liquids and defect solids. of Frank's remarks; Frank 1967 29 March - General information; contribution; draft of Frank’s correspondence re publication of proceedings. list of participants; Draft taken during discussion and group photograph of colloquium see A.96. for photographs of NATO Advanced Study Institute on The Application of Modern Physics to the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Newcastle-upon- Tyne, 4 April. Frank spoke on "Diamonds and deep fluids in the upper mantle" (Bibliog. 99). Correspondence re arrangements. Royal Astronomical Society discussion on Earthquake Mechanism, London, Frank spoke on "Fracture mechanics of the earthquake source". Conference handbook. 28 April. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Visit to USA, July-September. CO. Golden, Frank visited the USA as consultant to the Colorado School of US Frank visited several Mines, research centres including the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Los Angeles and the Earthquake Mechanisms Laboratory, San Francisco. He also attended the 16th Annual Denver X-ray Conference on Applications of X-ray Analysis. While the in Correspondence itinerary; and manuscript notes re arrangements; programme for Denver conference. Invitation for 1967 Invitation to spend a school year at Northwestern University, Ti. 1968 Official Founding Ceremony of Geneva, 26 September. the European Physical Society, Correspondence re arrangements. Frank combined a holiday in Czechoslovakia, Austria and northern Italy with attendance at the Ceremony. He also briefly attended the Tremezzo course on ceramic science and technology (E.21-E.27). 1969 H.67-H.71 Correspondence with possible participants, 1968. Conference on Industry and the Science Graduate, Bristol, 25- 27 March. The conference was proposed by Frank and organised with the Department of Extra-Mural Studies. Frank was a joint chairman and spoke on "What industry desires from the universities". extensively corrected draft of C.F. Powell's summing-up. with Correspondence Department, 1968-69. Draft programme and conference handbook. Correspondence proceedings. Director of Extra-Mural re publication of G. Cunliffe, Includes NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Conference Report. European Physical Society Inaugural Conference on The Growth Points of Physics, Florence, 8-12 April. addendum to list of participants; Notice; Czechoslovak conference. Journal of Physics re interview letter during from the Societé Francaise de Physique Colloquium on Liquid Crystals, Montpellier, 5-7 June. Provisional between Paris and Montpellier. programme annotated by Frank with train times International Chemistry Microsymposium on Rheology of Polymer Solids and Concentrated Solutions, Prague, Frank chaired a session. 1-4 September. Applied Union Pure and of / Symposium handbook. of Glaciers, the Hydrology Cambridge, Miscellaneous memorabilia. on 7-13 Frank spoke on "The hydrology of the intergranular Information re Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry. Symposium September. veins in a temperate glacier" (with J.F. Nye). transcript of Frank's contribution to the general discussion. photocopy of Frank and Nye’s paper; Letter from organisers; NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Invitations for 1969 Conference on The Chemistry of Extended Defects in Non-Metallic Solids, Phoenix, AZ, 20-25 April. Conference on Fundamental Aspects of Dislocation Theory, Spring 1967 (subsequently rearranged for 28 April - 2 May 1969). International Conference on Growth and Characterization of Electronic Materials, Chania, Crete, 1-14 June. Gordon Conference on Physical Metallurgy, July. Seattle, WA, 7-11 International Properties and Microstructure, August. Conference on Quantitative Relations Haifa, Israel,” 27 between 1 July = -) AEI Scientific Apparatus Ltd. Symposium on New Techniques in Materials Analysis, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, 1 October. 1970 British Polymer Flexibility, Colchester, 7-9 January. Physics Group Conference on Polymer Chain Invitation with letter of acceptance; programme; information. Frank’s manuscript notes Visit to USA and Canada, August-September. Abstracts, some annotated by Frank; on proceedings. Programmes; list of participants; information; correspondence re Soviet participation. High Polymer Research Group Conference on Relaxation Phenomena in Polymers, Moretonhampstead, Devon, 4-8 May. lists of addresses. Frank was invited to attend the Gordon Research Conference on Physical Metallurgy, Tilton, NH, 24-28 August. In advance of the conference he visited Bell Telephone Laboratories at Murray Hill, NJ and GE's laboratory at Schenectady, and was invited to IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center. Institute Hamilton, Ontario as Visiting Lecturer. Research, for week at the University, spent a McMaster Following conference Frank the Materials Itineraries; NCUACS 15/8/89 Po C..oF rank Correspondence participants etc. Earth - physicist". the largest accessible specimen for re arrangements; programmes ; for Gordon conference. igst of Frank spoke on "The the solid-state Correspondence with colleagues at other US research centres. with Correspondence Visiting Lectureship; "The aligning polymer molecules". colleagues schedule; Earth's* “Mechanics “the of at McMaster re notice of Frank's lectures for University “Processes and crust” Invitations for 1970 Conference on the Yield Deformation and Fracture of Polymers, Churchill College Cambridge, March/April. Advanced NATO Institute Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 9-16 April. Study on the Moon and Planets, Conference on Law, Science and Politics : Water Pollution and its Effects considered as a World Problem, Aberystwyth, 11-12 July. T9711 with programmes; organisers; 7-11 September. Correspondence participants; Frank's manuscript notes on proceedings. Colloquium on Liquid Crystals, Pont-a-Mousson, Nancy, 27 June -3, July.. Frank “chaired= the first session. International Conference on the Science and Technology of Iron and Steel, Tokyo, draft of Address. 29 Frank delivered the Opening Address. International September - Information; Topography, 1 October. Symposium Bristol, on X-ray lists of NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Invitations for 19/71 Institute of Science Technology meetings, Bristol, April-May. Society of Metals Science Japan, International Conference on the Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, Kyoto, 15-20 August. Exeter University discussion meeting on Indentation Hardness of Solids, 23-24 September. 1972 Europhysics Conference on Disclinations, Aussois, France, 21- 23 June. Frank was joint organiser with M. Kleman and chaired the first session. Correspondence with Kleman and possible participants, and with institutions and companies re funding, 1971-72. 3 forders: Programme; list of participants; disclination bibliographies; Frank’s manuscript notes. Abstracts. Invitations for 1972 Gordon Research Conference on Polymer Plastics, Andover, NH, 26-30 June. [Soviet] All-Union Conference on Crystal Growth, Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, 16-23 September. a paper”. Institute Plastics Deformation Cambridge, 26-29 March. Press notice; is annotated by Frank "I want to go. invitations to sum up proceedings. The notice I don’t expect to offer Yield, College Conference on 2nd International Churchill 1973 and Fracture of Polymers, NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C) Fraehk Invitations for 1973 Israel Association of Growth of Crystals and Thin Films 4th Annual Meeting, Bar Ilan University, 4 January. International Interaction with Zakopane, Poland, 18-30 June. School other Summer the on kind Point of Defects and their Imperfections, Lattice lst European Crystallographic Meeting, Bordeaux, 5-8 September. 1974 Symposium on Dissociation of Dislocations and Associated Two- dimensional on Frank Mechanical Properties, Beaune, France, 9-12 September. was a member of the Advisory Committee. emphasis Defects, effects their with on Correspondence with organisers; of participants. information circular; list Abstracts. 1975 on to the Circulars; “Snow Crystals" review paper .L01-H.105 6 September. abstract of Frank’s contribution. NATO Advanced Study Institute on Surface Effects in Crystal Plasticity, Hohegeiss, FRG, Frank delivered the concluding Summary Lecture (Bibliog. 5-14 September. International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics 16th General Frank delivered Assembly, Grenoble, 25 August - a International Symposium on Snow and Ice Crystals held under the auspices of the General Assembly. Abstracts. correspondence re arrangements. list of participants. Information; programme; Invitation; 133). NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank A4 notepad used by Frank for notes on proceedings. Manuscript and typescript drafts of Frank’s lecture. Invitations for 1975 2nd Liquid Crystal Forum, Leeds, 5-6 April. L'Association conference, Beaune, France, 25-27 May. Bourguignonne des Societées Savantes annual Institution of Metallurgists autumn review course on Innovation Management in Metallurgy, Bristol, 31 October - 2 November. European Applications, Les Arcs, France, 15-18 December. Conference Physics Smectics on of and _ their 1976 Royal Astronomical Society Discussion Meeting on Solid State Physics and Geophysics, London, 12 November. Frank spoke "On the significance of Gruneisen'’s Gamma". See D.122, D.123. H.108 ES U7 on Crystal Growth, Zurich, 12-18 15 February - 15 July. Visit to Paris, Invitation for 1976 Programme and brief correspondence. First European Conference September. material re lectures. In 1975 J. Friedel invited Frank to spend a few months after the Laboratoire de Physique des his retirement working at Solides, Universite de Paris-Sud. Whilst in France Frank gave lectures Cristallographie ("Consequences of pressure changes in the interior of the Earth caused by differentiation of the upper mantle"), Paris, 4 May; Centre de Recherches sur 24 Laboratoire de Physique des Solides ("Some examples of May; and domains new nematic thin films"), 2 June. Correspondence and papers re visit; les Macromolecules, Strasbourg, in magnetic bubble Association phase states: to Francaise de plates NCUACS 15/8/89 Royal Astronomical Society UK Geophysical Assembly, Edinburgh, Pet CAPLL AL: Advance notices; "If in UK I would wish to attend". copy of registration form filled in by Frank University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Geophysics Colloquium, June. Frank spoke on coupling between mantle and core. 22 Brief correspondence only. External Examiner (K.11-K.17). Frank was visiting Newcastle as 6th Europhysics Conference on Macromolecular Physics: Phase Transitions in Bulk Polymers, Varna, Bulgaria, 26-29 September. Frank was "Phase on transitions". the Scientific Committee and spoke on Invitation; paper "Corrected: correspondence. draft of Frank’s related correspondence with organisers; as delivered Varna 26 Sept. 1977"; Conference handbook. meeting the Physics Dielectrics on Anisotropic and Polymer Mechanics, invitations. for 1977 Dielectrics Cambridge, 29-31 March. Society Symposium on Crystallinity Control Chicago, 28 August - 2 September. International Glaciological Society symposium on and Chemistry of Ice, Cambridge, 11-16 September. 5th [Soviet] All-Union Meeting on Crystal Growth, Tbilisi, 16- 20 September. December. Meeting on physical aspects of polymer science, Lyons, 27-28 October. International Conference on Metaphor, Melbourne, 15-19 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.c. Frank 1978 7th International Liquid Crystal Congress, Bordeaux, 3-7 July. Frank was on the Scientific Committee of the Congress. Brief correspondence re meetings of the Scientific Committee. Visit to USA, July-August. for consultancy work (see G.117, G.118). Frank was invited to IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center, NJ, While in the US 4th American Conference on Crystal Growth, he attended the Gaithersburg, Crystal Growth Award of the American Association for Crystal Growth. to receive first 16-20 July the MD, Annotated conference brochure; award; brief correspondence from American colleagues. press release announcing the Europhysics Physics: 8th Structural Biological Macromolecules (including methods of examination), Bristol, 19- 22 September. Macromolecular Conference Synthetic Aspects common and on to Information; programme; booking form "sent 6/1/78". re 5-8 and Brig, notes Switzerland, arrangements; Invitations for 1978 the growth of snow crystals". programme ; For photographs of Frank Correspondence unidentified photographs and graphs. taken during meeting see A.97. Conference on Physics and Applications of Smectic and Lyotropic Liquid Crystals, Madonna di Campiglio, Italy, Sektion fur Kristallwachstum der Schweizer Gesellschaft fur Kristallographie meeting, October. Frank spoke on "Theory of April. NATO Advanced Study Institute on the Mechanism of Continental 7 Drift and Plate Tectonics, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 29 March - 9-13 January. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 1979 Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Growth, Santa Barbara, CA, Frank chaired the guest presentation. 15-19 January. Invitation; programme ; remarks for evening session ... Mandell"; correspondence with organisers and colleagues; of "Introductory list. in particular, introducing Dr. manuscript notes etc. of participants: draft NATO Advanced Study Institute on Mechanism of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 27 March - 10 April. Frank spoke on "The effect of anisotropy on conduction in the mantle". Preliminary programme; proceedings; calculations. draft of Frank's paper; brief correspondence re publication of manuscript notes and Royal Astronomical Society meeting, University College Durhan, 10-11 April. Programme and menu only. Not otherwise documented. 10-15 invitation to Letter and telegrams re arrangements; be Guest of Honour and to chair a session. Initial invitation, annotated "Answered 'Yes'"; Seminar, Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris, 8 November. 2nd European Conference on Crystal Growth, Lancaster, September. letter arising. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 1979-80 H.125-H.138 Visit to India, December-February. as Raman Visiting The Indian Academy of Sciences originally invited Frank to India Dorothy Hodgkin, who had declined the Academy's 1977 invitation, was thought Hodgkin indicated her willingness to visit India and Frank's visit was postponed for a year. Subsequently unavailable. Professor again when 1978 for to be Although as Visiting Professor he was based at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, Frank was able to visit Indian research centres and colleagues in Madras, Kalpakkam, Delhi, Frank also attended a liquid New Delhi, Kanpur and Mysore. crystals conference arranged to coincide with his arrival at which he gave the opening lecture. Correspondence and Frank’s notes re (including postponement), 1978-79. arrangements for visit International Conference on Liquid Crystals, Raman Research Institute, 3-8 December. Frank spoke on "What is the director of a liquid crystal?" copy of Correspondence with S. Chandrasekhar re arrangements; Frank’s contribution; copy of paper by W. Helfrich delivered at the conference with letter from Frank suggesting amendments. Conference handbook. Information on Institute activities. Raman Research Institute, Bangalore. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Crystallographic Computing by Sir John Kendrew. Brief correspondence re visit to Physics Department; criticisms of rebuttals; including accounts by Frank and his wife Inauguration Frank’s their 16 February, the on invitation to School Institute members, International an article by material eclipse, Winter re total solar with of the NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Madras, 9-11 January. Frank visited the Reactor Research Centre, Kalpakkam, where he gave a seminar on "Personal reminiscences of the history of crystal defects", the British Centre where he spoke on "Prince Rupert's Drops", and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Brief correspondence; notices for Frank's talks. National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, 13-20 January. delivered on Frank "Interaction between scientific disciplines: can study of liquid crystals teach anything of importance for Geophysics?" Krishnan Memorial Lecture 14th the manuscript and typescript drafts Correspondence re lecture; of lecture with calculations and lists of references found with them. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, 20-27 January. Frank spoke at a colloquium on "Consequences of pressure change in Earth’s interior resulting from the differentiation of the Upper Mantle" and gave an Institute Lecture on "Prince Rupert's Drops: a long chapter in the history of materials science". H.136-H.138 the history of programme for Frank's visit. Brief correspondence only. Correspondence re arrangements; Solid-State Physics Laboratory, Delhi, January. Frank offered to speak on "Recollections of crystal defect studies". Invitations to visit Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad and the Physical Society, Sir Theagaraya College, Madras. 3 folders. Photographs Kabbaldurga, communication, 9 September 1989). Miscellaneous memorabilia. charnockite margins the February at private and slides of visited 25 CEL G. Foe NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 1980 NATO Advanced Houches, course on session on smectics. France, - Institute Study 28 Les short the history of defects and organised an informal Frank gave 30 August. Defects, Physics July on of a Correspondence with organisers re arrangements; background material; manuscript notes and figures. programmes; H.140-H.142 Visit to USA, 17 October - 15 November. Frank was initially invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the US formal recognition as Academy a Foreign Associate Member (A.27, F.194). Engineering National receive to of In the US Frank also served as consultant for IBM at the (see York, Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY G.119, visited Massachusetts and Colorado. research centres G.120) New and in Frank's itineraries. manuscript notes re arrangements, including National Washington, DC, Academy 29-30 October. of Engineering 16th Annual Meeting, At CO, each spoke programme, etc. Invitations for 1980 Boulder, November. Research, 12-15 31 October; 8-12 Correspondence re arrangements; Correspondence with colleagues re visits to National Bureau of National Center for Standards, Washington, DC, Harvard November; Weather University, Frank on "Definitions of supersaturation". 27 September. Post Office Research Centre, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, April or May. Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Growth, Holderness, NH, 14-18 July. 4th International Conference on Magnetic Bubbles, Tokyo, 24- Reading University Physics Department colloquium, February. NCUACS 15/8/89 1981 United Nations Association seminar on the need for disarmament, Bristol, 17 October. Frank was chairman. Brief correspondence re arrangements. Invitations for 1981 Workshop on Nucleation, Les Houches, France, 18-28 February. Conference on High Temperature Plasticity, Les Houches, 19-27 March. NATO Advanced Study Institute on Early Evolution of the Planets and their Atmospheres, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 23 March - 3 April. Gordon Conference on Liquid Crystals, July. New London, NH, 6-10 International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior symposium on the Properties of Materials at High Pressures and Temperatures, London, Ontario, July. 1982 programme ; general Society, Manchester, vst .of : participants; 22-25 March. Correspondence Physica Scripta including proof with Frank’s corrections. listed in Bibliog. publication contribution Frank’s re of the conference dinner. Invitation; information. 2nd General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Frank spoke at itineraries. Instituto di Frank visited Spain at the Autonomous University of Fisica He Madrid, supported by the Royal Society European Programme. also the Universities of Seville and Saragossa, and the University of the Basque Countries, Bilbao. Invitation; autobiographical note by Frank introducing a paper on "Crystal growth without dislocations"; correspondence re arrangements; Visit. to Spain 43 April - the invitation of Complutense del Estado Solido of University Madrid, visited the in Not 3 May. the NCUACS 15/8/89 Frank's correspondence arising from the visit. "Report.«-0n oR sStE. Bo visit tan. sto. Spain and Visit to USA, July. Frank attended a Gordon Research Conference and served as consultant for IBM (G.121, G.122). Vermont. a He also visited friends in Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Growth, Plymouth, NH, 12-Lo: without dislocations". "Crystal growth Frank spoke July; on Correspondence participants; of participants with key, re arrangements; background information. see A.9/. programme; OF For group photograph LSet Correspondence with H. Brooks, Bread Loaf, VT, Judy’, re visit, 7-11 Invitation for 1982 Lecture course on Polymer Science, University of Massachusetts. on 1983 Brief correspondence re arrangements. Maison Francaise d’Oxford Colloquium on Technical French and English, 28-29 March. Cambridge University Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science colloquium, 28 February. November. International 6th University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 22-26 August. Workshop on Clays and the Origin of Life, Glasgow, 18-24 July. Correspondence information. 2nd International Seminar Invitations for 1983 the Living State, arrangements; background programme; New Delhi, Institute Terms in Summer in Surface Science, re NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 1984 H.156-H.158 Eshelby Memorial Symposium on Fundamentals of Deformation and Fracture, Sheffield, 2-5 April. Frank was a General Consultant to the Symposium’s Advisory Board. Correspondence, (programme, abstracts etc.). material and sent to Frank as Consultant 3 folders. 10th International Liquid Crystal Conference, York, 15-21 July. Frank gave the Introduction. extensively Draft of first paragraphs of a annotated reprint of Frank's “Introductory remarks" made at 1983 Royal Society meeting on Liquid Crystals (not otherwise documented); International Liquid Crystal Song. the Introduction; Workshop European Composites, Termas de Vimeiro, Portugal, 4-5 September. spoke on "Orientation mapping", Bibliog. 142. Polymers Polymer and NDE on of Matrix Frank Correspondence participants; Upstill atmospheric optics we were discussing in Portugal". arrangements; of references from C. programme ; list re Fists "for of the 1985 13-24 France, Crystals, Discussion Les Houches, Invitation for 1984 Workshop on Colloidal February. International Technology, Rolduc Abbey, Limburg, Holland, 14-18 April. was a member of the Meeting’s Advisory Committee. Itinerary only. Correspondence from A. Keller and organisers. Visit the’ Bristol= paper on ledges and was a Courtauld Bassett, D.C. "Reconstructed Chiefly roughening transition at ice-vapor surfaces". Bartley's LOGO E9634 219'/ 0: Research, appointments. Physics postdoctoral research post 1961- Bassett § Department 1960-61 and held a G2. Models of snow crystals. Beaumont, P. W.R. Beevers, J.A. UTD 976°. 19:71 19.73 1981-83. NCUACS 15/8/89 Bilby, B.A. correspondence 1982 Bilby’s Royal Society memoir of Eshelby. Eshelby J.D. re is 1955, 1957, 1982 Memorial Fund and Blackman, M. TOM L976. LBS J.12-J3.14 Braun, E. 271984 "First draft" solids" sent to Frank for comments. of Braun’s chapter "Mechanical properties of 3 folders. Buckingham, A.D. Isotropic segregation effects. Bunn, C.W. 1961 Draft of Bunn’s paper on meltin oints Frank. for pap comments. J.19 320 J 1: 1970-82 1970-71. 1974-76. 2 folders. Cabrera, N. Proposed visit to UK. Growth meeting, September 1981. 1981-82. "Celebration" of 1951 paper by Frank, Cabrera and W.K. Burton "The growth of crystals and the surfaces" (Bibliog. 30) during British Association of Crystal Proposed visit to UK. equilibrium structure of their NCUACS 15/8/89 Cahn, J.W. 1982-85 1982 correspondence is re Cahn’s paper "Transitions and phase equilibria among grain boundary structures". Candler, C. Spectrographic analysis of diamond dust. Chandrasekhar, S. LOST. .-1983 Visits to Bristol. Cherian, K.A. 1977-85 Jes J.26 1977-79. Chiefly re overgrowths on diamond. L980; pressure. Metastable growth of diamond at low 1981 2.1985. "Crystallization pressure™.. 1981 material is re Cherian’s paper atmospheric diamond at of Davies, M. 1983-84 1981-82. 1963), 1974, 1976: Chiefly re cholesteric blue phases. Crystal growth. Chiefly re Davies's tribute to Bull. Debye published in Phys. sy CL984). Decker, P. P. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank De Gennes, P.G. 1972-77 is material 1977 entitled "Difference between random walk probabilities and statistical weights for ideal chains near a wall", with drafts of Frank's reply and manuscript notes and calculations. Gennes letter Frank from De to Dew-Hughes, D. Visit to Bristol to discuss superconductivity. DiMarzios ck A: 2 folders. Domb, C. 197 De ETT 1975 material is re paper "Cluster shapes in lattice gases and percolation" by Domb et al. 1972-76 .40-J.44 Eisner, E. Lady, and others Elton, Margaret Ann, Correspondence and papers re the future of the Sir Arthur Elton Collection of historical material on the Industrial Revolution. After Sir Arthur Elton'’s death in 1973 the Treasury accepted the Collection in lieu of death duties. is now held by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum. Background material. Obituaries 1973. NO 1975: OY Zoe Odo J.43 J.44 LO76". It J.40 J.41 J..42 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank J.45-5.49 Eshelby, J.D. 1960-79, nd. J.45 1960. Lothe (Phys. Rev. 115). Comments on paper by J.P. Hirth and J. 1965, 1966 ES6&.. 1970-790 Nd. Evans, T. 1962-81 Evans studied for his B.Sc. and Ph.D. at Bristol University. 19622 3197 de. 1981. Qi's paper nitrogen atoms in diamond". Includes Frank’s comments on Evans and Z. the aggregation of "The kinetics of ~50 on Evison, F.F. 1980-82. 1960-82 1962 Pisher. J2C: Jos Earthquake sources. 1975-76. paper "Elementary particle model based on linear 8-component Fermion field. Includes correspondence re Fisher's a non- 1960-73. Includes calculation of relative fuel consumption per passenger-mile of Concorde and the Queen Mary. polymers". the morphology of crystalline state in re Flory's paper "On BLOLY soho). NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Ps Dros 29 Forty; Ade 1953-83 Forty was Frank’s first research student at Bristol. 7. 1953. evidence crystals" with Frank's comments. Includes draft for of existence the Forty'’s of dislocations paper "Some in 1964-65. 1982-83. Freeman, G.P. Slip-bands in diamond Friedel, J: J Oi 1972-80 1972-75, 1980. diffusion on ice 1975 correspondence is re surface 1977. with comments by Frank and M. Kléman. Drafts of papers on dislocations by Friedel 3 folders. Geach, G.A. 1982-83. 1973-81 1980-83 Gibbs, D.F. 1980-81 correspondence is Furrow structure on aluminium. re Physics Teachers’ Forum. Giess. 1981 correspondence is re paper by Giess 1980-81. et phase epitaxy and the physical chemistry of garnet molten solutions". Chiefly re paper by "Gadolinium gallium K. Watanabe and al garnet liquid NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Goulty; N-R. COP GA O:147 Chiefly re Goulty and R. Gilman's paper "Repeated creep events on the San Andreas fault near Parkfield, California recorded by a strainmeter array". GYay: DEG: Hydroxypropyl cellulose aqueous mesophase. Crittine GJ 3b: 1970 Patents law, motion of ellipsoidal particles in viscous fluid. 1968-84 1966-83 can link 974 (2) Hallett,” J: Hesketh, R.V. 1966-70. 1966-69 1970 . 80 Ow 1983. He he had shown "we Most of the claim that was Visiting Lecturer in turn quantitatively to in Bristol correspondence Hesketh worked at the CEGB’s Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories unter! Physics Department 1969-77 concerns Hesketh’s study of thermodynamics and in particular his thermodynamic equilibrium rigorously to the linear region of disequilibriun, and this the non-linear region of disequilibrium". re the "Merton Calculators". 1976 correspondence is OE. LOOM A 983 Hodgkin, D.M.C. LOG: C2) 977 1956, 1976 . 82 .63 . 84 NCUACS 15/8/89 J.86-J.88 Hotiman. JD. 1959-86 J.86 1959, 1960, 1962. growth. Polymer crystals, spherulitic LOZ 5: ch C7 Gee OT Oe fibrils formed by flow-induced crystallisation. 1979 correspondence is re 1981-86. Holland, W.P. 1980, 1984 1984 correspondence "fluid" ) icrystals:. is re "eutectic" phase in liquid (or 1965-80 IGF L968. paper in compounds" with Frank's comments. 1968 material is draft of Holt's semiconducting "Antiphase boundaries 1974-75. 1980. Draft of Holt’s paper "Polarity reversal and symmetry in the sphalerite structure" with Frank's comments. JO5 =F 22 Jones, R.V. 1949-84 Crystal growth pressures. Hydrogen-helium ratio in stars. and drafts sent to Frank for comment. the outbreak of war Jones was working in scientific Frank joined his team, at intelligence for the Air Ministry. Jones's request, in November 1940. The wartime activities of Jones and his colleagues are documented in Jones's book Most Secret War (1978). Jones was a contemporary of Frank's at Oxford, graduating in 1932. They became close friends as postgraduates while Jones was studying infra-red radiation. The material is scientific and non-scientific correspondence After the war Jones was appointed Professor of Natural Philosophy at Aberdeen University. Hoyle, F. At NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank LOGe S51 chiefly re lithium fluoride crystals. lob or: TOS es 1949 correspondence is 1960 chiefly re 1960-64. proposed crystal growth conference. 1961 material is re Jones's articles in The Times on "Scientists at War. correspondence is 1968-70. L971: with R.E. Peierls re momentum. Includes copies of Jones's correspondence 1 O22 19736 effect of Chiefly re Royal Society meeting on the world wars on British science. the 1974 February, May. 1974 June-December. Includes copy of Jones's "Epilogue" to Royal Society meeting on science and the world wars (J.100). ED Ds: Includes letter of LOTG: Jones's first draft Frank comments, November. for of Most Secret War 8 October enclosing to 15 sent of reply Frank’s and 3 only Frank those pages he _ /7 folders. The draft is incomplete later sections and the had Press-cutting re and reviews of Most Secret War, including Frank's. Draft of Most Secret War. sent because Jones because returned annotated. LOL i Chiefly correspondence with D.G. Kendall re "number problem" first put to Kendall by Jones 11 p97 On gontlica.:.2: folders. 1980. 21 August enclosing Jones's "draft of the bulk of the paper on tech- nology and conflict" sent to Frank for comments, and Frank's reply of Includes copy of tribute to Jones by L.R.B. Includes copy of tribute to Jones by N.E. Includes letter of Mole Butcher. 1979. Elton. technology on 11 September. pile J dees impacts of new Draft of "Some NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank 1981-83. 1984 March-June. Chiefly correspondence with Jones and P.L. Rose, a historian of science, re the German attempts to harness atomic power during the Second World War. 1984 November. German morality and the atomic bomb 1939-1945" by Rose. "Heisenberg, Draft of Includes untitled draft by Jones beginning Nd. "The devices of Syracuse gave an earnest of what would happen in warfare as scientific knowledge expanded". Archimedes defence the of in 1964-69 1976-83 Keller, A. 1960-83, nd. Keller was a colleague in the Bristol Physics Department. J:125 ria: chiefly re is copy research 1965. ° 19:70. 1974 material Kelly, A. correspondence of 1960, Keller’s inaugural lecture as Research Professor in Polymer Science. 1970 material Includes draft of Kelly's paper "The conjecture", with Frank’s comments. is research 497G-9 7) 1983 , 1976 correspondence with Keller and D.S. proposal; Oliver re discussion on fibre reinforced plastics; 1977 on elongational flow. 1968-71 the earth - 1969-72 core of a NCUACS 15/8/89 PG. Frank J. 229-5 443 King, G.C.P., and others 1970-81 King applied for Royal Society Paul Instrument Fund grants for 1970-72 for the construction of a wire strain gauge, and 1975- 81 both occasions consented to act as assessor. geophysical tiltmeters. building Frank for on J.229 6.430 J. LSL 1970 1971 L972 (132 1972 ) LOT; 1976 LOT L977 Kléman, M. J.144 1975-/8. ; ; y ; : : 14% LO 7e5C3)) 1978 197 9aG) ADO! (2) 1979035 1980 1981 1975-85 b145 J.147 Oswald's paper evidence Landauer, R. 1978, 1980-81 Sm A phases" "Experimental 1978. Landauer. Notes on overdamped soliton motion etc. by Includes 1983-84 material re Kléman and 1979-85. for P. helical instabilities of screw dislocation lines in Solitons. 1980-81. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank J.149-J.153 Lang. A oR: 1962-87; ndi Lang was a colleague in the Bristol Physics Department. Ji149 1962-65. and Lang repeated impurity distribution in amethyst". 1965 material is Frank's comments on of and H.H. twinning, imperfections Schlossin'’s lattice study paper "A 1966-68. research on crystals. Letter of 10 October 1967 is re proposed LOT]: O97 9 1983 Cold fusion. Includes copy 98:7), of Lang's letter to The Times drawing attention to Frank's 1947 article in Nature (Bibliog. 13) which first of meson-catalysed fusion. introduced the With other background material. photocopy article idea and the a of Nd. 1964, 1975 B.R. Lawn, 1966-80 LOG7<73: 19/25 LOU: re Levich, V:G. 1966. crystals, with special reference to diamond". Lawn’s paper "Hertzian fracture in single Lawn was Postdoctoral Fellow in the Bristol Physics Department 1963-66. Chiefly re nucleation theory. Soviet Academician Levich was expelled from his Chair at Moscow University for seeking permission to emigrate to Israel. The material relates to the campaign in the West on his behalf in which Frank was involved. 1971-72 Lewis, O72 B. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Lothe, J. 1958-59 McGregor, A.G. Mackley, M.R. 1976-83 Includes Mackley and M.V. “unfolding.” Berry’s paper 1976. “ine. an < anstable persistently extensional flow" with Frank's brief comments. saix-roll smill: 1977-83: loops. 1982-83 correspondence re disclination Joe Mevrel, R. Meyer, R.B. 1968-77 material re Meyer's paper "Effects of electric fields on the structure of cholesteric 1968 magnetic crystals". and liquid to Frank by Miles, in 1981 retained Miles, M.J. Mitchell, J.W Material profiles envelopes. Duplicated typescript papers by Mitchell. Mitchell was a colleague in the Bristol Physics Department. on slackness elements and calculation of velocity original sent Moore studied for his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at Bristol. 1969; 19725. 1974 Moore, A.M. 21.951 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank J.169-J3.1/72 Mott. NE. 1946-83, nd. Mott was Professor of Theoretical Physics at Bristol when Frank joined the Physics Department in 1946 and held the H.O. Wills Chair of Physics 1948-54. In 1954 he was appointed Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics at Cambridge. J.169 1946, 1948-50. Much of the early correspondence is letters received by Mott and passed on to Frank. Translations 1950", periodicals dealing with the relationship between science and the the Foreign Office and passed on to Frank. Soviet Soviet State, from Mott sent to by L952, 2954-56. 1966, 1983 nd Munk, W.H. J.174-3.176 Nabarro: *F ReN. 1949-87 of the to Bristol 1965 iG: 1949-64. returning ha, Bee Nicolaysen, L.O. 1975-87. EOuUK. Nabarro was Royal Society Warren Research Fellow in the Bristol In 1949 he took up a post in the Physics Department from 1945. University as Visiting Professor 1959-60. Witwatersrand, 1975 material chiefly re proposed visit Correspondence re drafts of papers by Nicolaysen on theory of the Earth’s core. re Owen's paper on "The expanding earth". 4 folders. 1980-81 Owen, H.G. NCUACS 15/8/89 PesGc rank Pamplin, B.R. 1974-75, 1979 1974-75 correspondence re Accelerated Crucible Rotation Crystal Growth. Paul Instrument Fund support for Parasnis, A.S. 1969, 1980-84 Parasnis studied for his Ph.D. 1958-59. at Bristol as Research Fellow 83 1969. vapour. Growth of sodium chloride crystals from Draft L980. paper "Dislocation dipoles and charged dislocations in Magnesium Oxide" with Frank's comments. Parasnis Rao’s and of K. 1981-84. Visits, research. Jit 86-J2192 Parkin, D:W. 1967-81 Correspondence and papers re work submitted for publication by Parkin. J.186 E967; 1969 > 19 tes fe J. £90 2975" G2) pe ie Je 192 Joh87 L973 J.188 J.189 1979-81 1969-71 1974-75 LOT 8 Gig) phenomen 1978 :€3) J.194-J.196 Pennings, A.J. Crystallisation Plumley, G.A.K. 1980-81 Theory of thermodynamics. 1978-83 1978 16937,9 J:3 £94 Je 95 J.196 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Fond, RG: Research on crystals, boundaries. 1976 material chiefly re coincidence 1976-86 1956-66 re Powell, C.F. 1969, 1974, 1982 Powell won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1950 and was Frank's predecessor as Director of the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory. Powell died in 1969. Powers, H.E.C. 1949-81 J_202 194971956, 1970521972. UF 203 1979-81. of sucrose nucleation". Chiefly re Powers’ paper "An alphabet Pryce .°MiH. CL: 1966-79 in Poly 5 97 B= 19. J.205 2°1969" J $205-J5 207 Putticky. kok: Letter of 18 May 1956 is re diamond spikes. 1972-74. fields methacrylate)". round £966: project on epitaxial growth on diamond. 1969 correspondence re research Puttick held the Royal Society Armourers and Brasiers’ Research Fellowship at Bristol 1954-57. 1950-78 19755 scaling of Hertzian stress fields. Puttick's paper indentations strain (methyl 1975; 29.74 2-nd . "Stress and Polymer indentation, energy Read, W.T. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Richardson, M.J. Frank's re paper properties of polyethylene single crystals". on Richardson's comments 1965 "Thermodynamic Rossi, G. Crystal surfaces. J2212-J5.. 216 Sadler, D.M. 1982-87, nd. Sadler was a colleague in the Bristol Physics Department Je 242 1982-84. 21986. Draft of Sadler's paper "On the growth of two dimensional crystals" with Frank's comments. Includes drafts of Sadler's papers "A ?1987, nd. new explanation of "Kinetic theories of crystallization" with Frank’s comments. chain folding" and Sciama, D.W. oa lie) g pee me Oe Smad 1 PB, A: Surek, T. Funds for gravitational wave detector. Dissociation pressure of polymethyl methacrylate. 97 1, AO Direction of growth on crystal surface. £9G08 197 1 Suzuki <72: 1956), 1959 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank Thomas, J.M. 19 (3.599.755.1976 1976 material includes draft of Thomas, J.0. Williams's paper "Stacking sequences and partial dislocations as in organic molecular crystals" sent to Frank for comment. interpretative frameworks Morsi and reactions solid state S.E. for Tolansky, S. 1948-49 Triangular pits on diamond, inflected fringes, thin films. Vadilo; BS. 1961-62, 1976 1976 material includes draft of Vadilo's paper "Sculpture of diamond and its significance" sent to Frank for comment. Wells, P.N.T. 1981 of pressure Measurement Frank suggested a means of calculation involving the measurement of the resonant frequency of a small air-bubble injected into the bladder. bladder. changes the in Wylie, R.G. Whiffen, D.H. 1945-50, 1960 Scientific symbols. 1959 material re dissolution properties of crystal surfaces. 25 February 1981 re "The Jet Engine". YOUR sy SRO 5. Letter of 1979-82 71969 2b950. 1929-5 21977 NCUACS 15/8/89 SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1936- 43 1944, 1947, 1948 1949 1950 1952- 54 1955 1956 1957- 59 1960- 61 1962- 63 1964- 66 1967- 68 ‘ . : : ; January-June 246 July-November January-June July-December February-June July-November January-April June -November J. peo January -May June -November ; . 264 bE 1969 1970 LOT t 1972 19:72 January - June January-March April-October August - December LOS6 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank SECTION K REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS EXAMINING APPOINTMENTS GRANT APPLICATIONS HONOURS AND AWARDS MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL IN THIS SECTION IS SUBJECT TO RESTRICTION NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank EXAMINING Higher Degrees Aberdeen 1975-78 1979 19804-1981 1982 1983 Frank Department of Natural Philosophy from 1948. External served as Examiner for Aberdeen University Let 1948 Ke? 1948 Ke Gi K.21 K.20 K.14 1949 Keel9 1976 K.18 1975-76 1949 ) Newcastle Examination papers 1941-47 served as External Examiner for Newcastle University Frank School of Physics 1976-78. 1977 Gls 197 <2) K22 1978 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank APPOINTMENTS 1976-77 LF (1) LOT 1s G2) LOTT CS) 1978-80 1981 1982 1983 1984, Nd. 1968-69 GRANT APPLICATIONS HID 4%, L959 "1966-68 1980, 1982-84 HONOURS AND AWARDS Oe 9:78 1967, 1968 LORL. LIT i s NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank MISCELLANEOUS Cambridge University Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics Frank was invited to serve on the Committee as Royal Society representative on 10 December 1974. The Committee met annually to receive a report from the Head of the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics and to advise on Departmental activities. Frank served until its dissolution in 1980 when the Department was merged with those of Geology, and Mineralogy and Petrology in the new Department of Earth Sciences. material The committee papers. consists K.56 LO Tt. LOTS Ka7 1976 K.58 iL O7.f principally of correspondence and ; : 1978 1949; A980 NATO Advanced Study Institutes Frank gave advice to the Advisory Panel on the Advanced Study Institutes Programme between 1974 and 1986. “Oz Correspondence and papers. United Bristol Hospitals Advisory Appointments Committee Frank served as Bristol University representative 1967. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank LIST OF PUBLICATIONS The following bibliography of 148 items was supplied cataloguers by Sir Charles Frank as the most complete list to of the his publications. References in the catalogue are to this list in the form Bibliog. "Dipole measurements ~ Proc:: induction and Roy. the solvent effect Soc. Lond. Ais2,. in dipole 171: moment "Electrical evidence on calcite imperfections", Nature 137, 656. "Chemical kinetics of dielectric relaxation", Trans. Farada} SOCt, 16344 325 . .26r< "One-dimensional dislocations. IV. with W.T. dislocations". Phys. Rev «79>. Read. 7/225 "Multiplication processes for slow moving "Lattice-sums for.ionic, crystals", Phil. Mag. 4) 1287. 350) 341. Appl... Phys” 22 ; Phil. slap. in metal ‘crystal; “97> with D.S. Oliver. "Equilibrium of linear "A simple goniograph", Research 4, "Distribution of 1387. "The growth of crystals and the Roy. Trans. with J.D. arrays of dislocations". Phil Mac 142° Eshelby & F.R.N. Nabarro. "Crystal dislocations - elementary concepts and definitions", Phils Mag. G2..809., with W.K. Burton & N. Cabrera. equilibrium structure of their surfaces", Soc. Lond. At43;. 299-358* 941. "Capillary equilibria of dislocated crystals", Acta Cryst. 4, 497. "The theory of oriented overgrowth of crystals", Proc. Soc. "The growth of carborundum. Phid’ Mag. Dislocations and polytypism", 101.4- Phys. 42.7 G4A; NCUACS 15/8/89 "Crystal growth and dislocations”, Phil. Mag. Supp. 1,391. with A°N. Stroh: 65,7 Sil. "On the theory. of kinkine”™,: Proc. Phys: Soc. "A Discussion on theory of liquids. Proc -- Roy. soc #:Lond:c2bo;. 43-46. Supercooling of liquids", "A note on twinning in alpha-uranium", Acta Metallurgical, 71- 74, "Martensite", Acta Metallurgica 2, 15-21. with J.F. Nicholas. lattices". .Phid ;,.Mag 2 G4 1213: "Stable dislocations in the common crystal "On tin whiskers", Phil. Mag. 44, 854. "On spontaneous asymmetric synthesis", Acta 11, 459. Biochem. et Biophys. W.E. Garner, Butterworths, London. in Chemistry of Solid networks of dislocations", Phys. Soc. Report on "On deformation twinning", Acta Metallurgica "Hexagonal Bristol Conference, 159. "Chemistry of crystal dislocations", State, ed. in Deformation and Flow of Solids, Madrid Colloquium 1955. "The origin of dislocations in crystals grown from the melt", With K Ee carbon steels", J. Appl. sPuttiick. "“Cementite morphology in pearlite", Acta with K.E. Puttick. Metallurgica, 4, "Comments on transformations in plain withN. Thompson. 35530 Phys. 26, 1522. 206. NCUACS 15/8/89 with A. Keller. 975-976. “Periodicity in Ice-flowers", Phil. Mag. 1, D. with germanium", Phys. Rev. Turnbull. "Mechanism 617. 104, of diffusion of copper in "Theories of melting", Trans. Faraday Soc. 52, 884. "On the X-ray diffraction spikes of diamond", Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. A237, 168. rate the General Discussion "Molecular mechanism Contributions to of not involving lattice rearrangement", Discussions of the Faraday SOG, Steady-state processes processes solids. 23: in "Dislocations and point defects", Discussions of the Faraday SOG. 29, 22. with J.S. Kasper. packings. iL, 184. "Complex alloy structures regarded as sphere I. Definitions and basic principles", Acta Cryst. 3, 429. Keller & Ay.0 Connor: "Deformation processes "Dislocation Theory", Nuo. Cimento. Suppl. 2, with K.E. Puttick & Eileen M. Wilks. on Diamond: F", RAL. .Mag: with T. Vreeland, Jr. "Etching patterns in high purity zinc", Phil rMao. "The nature of the real crystal", 45th Annual May Lecture, J. ise. of Metals: 652.581 : in with “A... polyethylene interpreted in terms of crystal plasticity", Phil. Macs. Perfection of Crystals, Wiley, 1-10. "On the theory of liquid crystals", Discussions of the Faraday Soc. with K.E. Puttick & Eileen M. Wilks. on: Diamond. 1273.. lL Ea Phil eMac. with G. Meyrick & aluminium’ ,@ Phil. "Grain boundary etching on pure Braun. I. Mas. 23341372 : "Introductory Lecture" in ed. "Etch Pits and Trigons "Etch Pits and Trigons R.H. Doremus et al, Growth and 43, -1262.. 386. 3, 64. 25. (35 NCUACS 15/8/89 E..c; Frank with J.S. Kasper. packings. II", Acta: Cryst. 12,483. "Complex alloy structures regarded as sphere with A. Keller & A. O'Connor. of an isotactic polyolefin. poly-4-methyl-pentene-1", Phil. Mag. "Observations on single crystals Morphology and chain packing in A.R.. with’ dislocations; insdiamond",. Phil “Mac. "Observations Lang: by 4, 200. X-ray 383. 4, diffraction of with A. Keller & A.W. electron microscopy of polyethylene", Phil. Agar. "Crystallinity effects in the Mag. 4, 32. & A. Keller A.W. effects other with of crystallinity polyethylene International Conference on Electron Microscopy, Berlin Sept. 1958, 363-367, 1960. microscopy Agar. in crystals. electron patterns Fourth single "Moire the and I", Bi lby.. with B.A. the crystallography of martensitic transformations by the method of prism matching", Acta Metallurgica 8, 239-248. "The analysis of of of *M.’ "On M.B. Home Ives. Tosi. 1188. 20-26. with, Proc. dissolution "Orientation-dependent Roy ..50c...LOnd.. A263; 323-339. the general degree", Report of Proc. the theory of polymer crystallization", "The future of Universities Conf., "X-ray diffraction spikes of diamonds", Nature 191, with germanium’ ,“J.. Appl sPhys.:31,. [996-1999" "Future of the general degree in British Universities", Nature 189). 106-107. 942... with'=M. the crystallization of high polymers", Proc. International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi". Academic Press, 936- 18th Course. sequential processes "Theory Tosi. and of NCUACS 15/8/89 Parasnis & with A.S. "Linear compounds of dislocations in silver chloride with cupric ions", Phil. Mag. &, Mitchell. 1503. J.W. "Geometrical thermodynamics of surfaces", in Metal Surfaces, American Soc. of Metals. "A note on platelets and diffraction spikes in diamonds", Proc. Phys. Soc.,.84,. 745-748 "The strength of polymers", Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. A482, 9-16. dilatancy "On in relation Geophysics 1965 3, 485-503. to seismic sources", Review of "On Miller-Bravais indices and four-dimensional vectors", Acta Cryst. 18, 862-866. Lang. with A.R. Properties of Diamond, ed. ‘16%. "X-ray topography of diamond" in Physical R. Berman, Oxford Univ. Press, 69- "Deduction of earth strains from survey data", Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. 1966 56, 35-42. "A European Physical Society?", Bulletin of the Institute of Physics and the Physical Society 17, 244-247. "A further note on dilatancy in relation to seismic sources", Review of Geophysics 1966, 4, 405-408. crystals", I.E.E.E. Transactions on Magnetics, MAG.2, 511. "Reflections on Sadi Carnot", Physics Education 1, with A.R. domain "Internal magnetic single iron-silicon Lang, J. Kaczer & M. Polcarova. 11-18. structure investigations in NCUACS 15/8/89 "Defects in diamonds", in Science and Technology of Industrial Proceedings of the International Industrial Diamond Diamonds. Conference, Oxford. Industrial Diamond Information Bureau, LPR 1353 "Regelation: a supplementary note", Phil. Mag. 16, 1267-1274. with B.R. ROY. Soc. Lond: A299, 291-306: Lawn. "On the theory of Hertzian fracture", Proc. Lawn, with B.R.’ strains in abraded diamond: surfaces", ASOl.« 239-2524 Lang & Eileen M. A.R.« Wilks: "A. study: Proc. Roy. Soc. of Lond. with L.R. Alldredge. field! J. Ceoph.. Res. "A peculiar property of the geomagnetic 15,207 13002. with I.M. Ward & "Calibration procedure for gel permeation chromatography", Journal of Polymer Science A-2 6, 1357-1309. T. Williams. "Curvature of Island Arcs", Nature 220, 363. of "C.F. Powell in the upper mantle", A flexible policy", Ssetentific World 6,:5-0. in ed. S.K. the Earth and SI units in physics - use "The But 320. OBSO9e application of modern physics to "Diamonds & deep fluids Runcorn, The planetary interiors, Wiley, 247-250. "Two-component flow model for convection in the Earth's upper mantle", Nature 220, 350-352. 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DE MORPURGO, John DENTON, Sir Eric (James) DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH DERYAGIN, Boris Vladimirovich DES CLOIZEAUX, J. DEUTSCHE AKADEMIE DER NATURFORSCHER LEOPOLDINA DEVONS, Samuel 258 55 . 266 32 “JO -88., .68 .94 1256 (165 -D.t903. D192 oe . 94 . s G a W a O : O W o f DEW-HUGHES, David DILL, Ken A DIMARZIO, Edmund A. DINGLEY, David’ J. DEVONSHIRE, Albert F. de WIT, Roland DHAWAN, Satish N W @ O o ) d e h Boe B35 DIENES, George Julian DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY J.96 DIRAC, Paul Adrien Maurice Ge 3046 38:2 76. Soe, Grail. G.46, G.56-G.69, G.94 DITCHBURN, Robert William See B.135 G2132 Pde ee 2G4 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank DJADKOV, Emil Stefanov DOBBS, Edwin Roland DOBSON, Gordon Miller Bourne DOMB, Cyril DONALD, A.M. DONNAY, Gabrielle DONNAY, J.H.D. DORMAN, Sir Maurice (Henry) DORN, John E. DRECHSLER, M. DREW, G.C. DREWE, James DRUBBA, Helmut DUGDALE, John Sydney DUNHAM, Sir Kingsley (Charles) DUNN, Cecil G. 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ESHELBY, John Douglas ENGINEERING SYNOPSES ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION ENVIRONMENT SCIENCE SERVICES ADMINISTRATION (ESSA) Je 23a EVANS, Meredith Gwynne UROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY see .aiso C: 1284. H156-H.158 =90 =45-Je49 JO Hog He66;.0 He/ 75 Ho b46 See also D.69 a o I e e s e e e e e n o e e y a e e e R293) he 9 5 a C . A S S y G ) E Y e e a 1 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank EVANS, R.C. EVANS, Trevor EVEREST, David Anthony EVERETT, Douglas Hugh EVERETT, Tom H.K EVISON, Frank F. EZELL, Margaret J.M. PABERG EB. FAIRBANK, Henry Alan FAKTOR, Marc Marian FANKUCHEN, Isidor FARADAY SOCIETY 0:7 y r “ . 296 5 FERGUSON, J. FELLOWES, R. y t 22358247 FERRANTI LIMITED FELD, Bernard Taub FIELD, John Edwin FARRELL, Christopher J. ~2Z0Ssh. 207, oF 209, P2771, FEILDEN, Geoffrey Bertram Robert G49.8 G04 Ge60s GC. 62, FINEGOLD, Leonard X. FINCH, George Ingle FISHER, Dorothy G. G.69." Gi/losG. 73", e G ) G 8 e e p S O s t e i . ) C ° e B FISCHER, E. wo = Gr67ee te .94 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank FISHER, John Crocker FISHER, Michael Ellis FLETCHER, Neville H FLEURY; Py FEINT ; Einar FLORY, Paul John FLOWERS, Brian Hilton, Baron FOLLOWELL, Roy F. FORD, Sir Hugh FOREIGN OFFICE FOREMAN, A.J.E. FORTY, Arthur John A .66, A.67, A.69 J 99-0759 J 2237 i ars F 17S EP a0. J LOO J 256 A .67 B .42-B.46 F SOOM Eden F312 H . 66 A .69 F .341 E SiO sr. a B. D. a. K. Ki. He Bc Fi A. B FORWOOD, C.T. FOSTER, Brian FOWLER, Andrew C. FOX, Douglas G.A. FOWLER, Peter Howard FOWDEN, Sir Leslie FOWLER, Gerald Nathan FOWLER, Sir Ralph Howard FREISER, Henry FRANK, Frederick and Medora Celia Emma FRANCIS, William L. FREIER, Shalheveth FRANK, Maia Maita FRANKLIN, Peggy FREEMAN, G.P. A. A. He Js DE Jas Be: oe FRANKLIN, E. F. H. J A. B. F NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank FRIEDEL, Jacques C eaee D p24 Det 91 ED 95.3). 247, D . 260 F Oe. 69: BSD ok Seg Hy 109 J .61-J.64 K -83-K.44 F eG D .180 J . 230 See also C€.110 74 19 ak nO FRITSCHE, Hans GC. FROHLICH, Herbert FROWEIN, F. FRY, Thomas Robert FUJIOKA, Yoshio FULLER, Richard Buckminster FUMI, Fausto Gherardo FURUKAWA, Kazuo GALT, John Kirtland GARCIA, Nicholas GANELIUS, Tord Hjalmar GARLICK, George Frederick John .100-G.113 GARWIN, Richard Lawrence GEE, Geoffrey GEHMAN, William G. sil aK. L3 220i 30 GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) GARNER, William Edward GARRARD, D.J. GEACH, George Alwyn GEDDES, A.E.M. NCUACS 15/8/89 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY GERRYTS, E. GIANNI, Ernesto GIBBS, David Fortnam GIBBS, Peter GIBSON, W. Martin GIESS, Edward August CLL, “dtrGr GILLMAN, Jack J. GILMER, George Hudson GLEN, John Wallington COTOH:* Y. GORDON, Manfred GORDON, Martin B. GOLDSTEIN, Martin GOODMAN, Colin H.L. GOOLD-ADAMS, Richard GOODENOUGH, John Bannister GODDARD, Air Marshal Sir (Robert) Victor GRAY, Derek G. GOVERNING BODIES ASSOCIATION GOUGH, Herbert John GRAVES, Arthur M. GOULTY.,: Neil: Re y C ¢ e O I e e e S e i o h GRANDJEAN, F. GRANT, Willis NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank GRAY, George William GRAY, Peter GREEN, Albert Edward GREEN, Rev. Vivian Hubert Howard GREENE, Graham GREENLAND CLUB GREENPEACE GREGORY, Bernard P. GREGORY, J. Martin GREGORY, Richard Langton CRIEEIN, Cc JL. GRIFFIN. = L2d:. GRIGGS, David Tressel GRODZINSKI, P. GROSS, Michael GUBBINS, David e e e S e e ELT 2545 GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand e also C.30 GUYON, E. Otto 229 139 . 266 A Y M e R e h e a a e GUINIER, A. GURNEY, Ian HALL, Martin Alfred Rupert Sir Arnold (Alexander) GUTTERIDGE, William F. See also C.127 HANBURY, Harold Greville HALLETT, Phyllis R. HAMDAN, Mohammed A. Ai23,. AS 64 “A. 65<2A ab / HALSEY oR ed: HALLE Tia J NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank HANNAM, Charles L. HANNAY, Norman Bruce HARBURN, G. HARPER, P.G. HARRIS, Jeffrey W. HARRIS, John Edward HARRIS, William F. HARRISON, Lionel G. HART, Michael HARTLEY, Sir Harold (Brewer) HARTLEY, Nicholas Edward Whittam HARTMAN, Paul L. HARTMANOVA, M. HASIGUTI, Ryukiti Robert e e e G e e e l e a3 2 oe . 246 .207 i ee. OLS e t e e r “ad cad 242 A . 66 i wl273o 28, F155 H .6 + 7472 F L2H 12 7e 28a ea 3 F HOG AP AR Poole Pola F.123; F. 227, ¥. 156 R O e C s E : e h i HAWARD, R.N. HASSELL, Odd HAWKINS, A.B. HASSE, Helmut HAWTHORNE, J.B. HAWKER, Lilian E. HAUSNER, Henry Herman HAUSSUHL, S$ HEAVENS, Oliver Samuel HEARD, Hugh Corey HEINE, Volker HEIMANN, R. .146, H.147 e e D O e e e e e e e e , e k e a C HEATH, M. HAY, Roy re H. J J . 260 NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank HELFRICH, Wolfgang HENDERSON, B. HERENGUEL, J. HERINGTON, E.J.G. HERRING, William Conyers HESKETH, Ross Vernon HEWETI SBS: HIBBARD, Walter Rollo HICKS, Sir Denys HIDE, Raymond HIGASI, HIGUCHI, Keiji HILL, Major E.H. HILL, Rodney A.27 e257 Fi. 339 J.74-J3.84, J.102 K529 G.110 See also C.133 ro Jee25 See C.28 HILEEARD, John. HILSUM, Cyril HILLIER, Bevis HIMMELBLAU, D.M. HIRSCH, Sir Peter (Bernhard) HINTON, Howard Everest B.88 HODGKIN, Sir Alan (Lloyd) HIRTH o-Ps HOCH, Paul K. F.45 A D.120 25:10. Beo2G Ke 5° 34 See also D.84 NCUACS 15/8/89 HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HOFFMAN, John Drake HOLLOMON, John Herbert HOLT, David Basil HOLTON, David C. HOME OFFICE A B D F PeS29eW Sot J285 See also A.91 Al27 A 68 F.68, F.194 H J A D F HONEYCOMBE, Robert William Kerr HOOPER, J A: HORN, Roger G. HORN, F. Hubbard HORSFALL, John A.C. HORSFIELD, Anthony HORTON, A. Trobridge HOPKINS, H. Geoffrey HOPKINS, Harold Horace HOOKER, Sir Stanley (George) HOWARD, George HOUSE, William Alan > ' ’ e e e a P O a e e HOSELITZ, Kurt HOTINE, Kate HOUTERMANS, F.G. NCUACS 15/8/89 F.C. Frank HOWARD, Margaret HOWARTH, Leslie HOWARTH, William D. HOYLE, Sir Fred HU, Hsun HUANG: .124-G.126