FRANK, Frederick Charles Supplementary Part2

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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Sir (Frederick) Charles Frank FRS (1911-1998) VOLUME Il Section E: Lectures Section G: Consultancies Section H: Visits and Conferences Section J: Correspondence Section F: Societies and Organisations NCUACS catalogue no. 127/13/03 by Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell Section K: References and Appointments Appendix: Medals and Academic Gowns Index of Correspondents F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SECTION E LECTURES, E.91-E.185 1938-2001 Includes contribution to and photographic slides (E.173-E.185). a television broadcast at E.164, lectures illustrating used for ‘The Behaviour of Plastics in High Frequency Fields in Relation Mouldrite Colloquium, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd, Billingham, Co. Durham, c. January 1938 Structure’, Chemical their to Correspondence re arrangements. E.92-E.99 ‘Nuclear unknown, October 1945 Structure and Nuclear Energy’, occasionas The lecture was read twice. E.92-E.94 Typescript drafts of the lecture. 3 folders. 5 folders. E.95-E.99 Manuscript draft of the lecture. Programme of lectures at the Folk House. ‘Structure of the Universe’, The Folk House, Bristol, January 1948 Typescript lecture notes and summary. ‘Theories of Planetary Evolution’, Scientific Society, 27 November 1951 Mechanical ‘The The Lecture, The Institute of Physics, London, c. 1951 Correspondence and manuscript notes. University of Properties of Metals’, Guthrie 5 Bristol F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Untitled lecture starting ‘Crystals may be grown from pure substance or from solutions...’, Kapitza Club, Cambridge, 22 April 1952 Manuscript photographs. lecture notes with 2 black and white Introductory note on colour films ‘Crystal Growth’, Bristol Naturalists’ Society, 22 January 1953 Programme of events of the Bristol Naturalists’ Society. ‘Twinning and Kinking’, Bristol Summer School, 14 July 1953 Manuscript lecture notes. ‘Modern Cosmology’, Bristol Philosophical Society, December 1953 11 shown at Royal Society growing experiment, E.108, E.109 Nature ‘The Lecture, Institute of Metals, London, 29 March 1955 Crystal’, Real 45th Annual May the of Manuscript lecture notes. 1 letter only re arrangements. There is no proof of Frank’s participation. Spiral Soiree, London, early 1954 Science, ‘Reflections on Sadi Carnot’, inaugural lecture, University of Bristol, 29 April 1955 Correspondence, typescript and manuscript drafts, proofs. Poster of the lecture. Royal Military College of Untitled lectures, 2 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Shrivenham, 28-29 September 1956 1 letter only re arrangements. lecture conference’, ‘Introductory International Crystal Growth conference, Cooperstown, New York, summer 1958 Cooperstown for Typescript lecture notes. Stee e lao ‘The Nature of Things’, Incorporated Society of Musicians, Bristol, 6 January 1962 Correspondence re arrangements and manuscript draft lecture notes. Untitled Cambridge, c. Spring 1963 lecture, Solid State Seminar, University of Correspondence re arrangements. Manuscript lecture notes. ‘Introduction to Civil Defence course’, University of Bristol, 3 January 1966 Address at Peter Fowler’s inaugural lecture as Professor of Physics, University of Bristol, 17 February 1966 ‘On Hertzian Fracture’, with B.R. Lawn, Royal Society, ‘Introduction to Civil Defence course’, Part Il course for Scientific 2 January 1967 Correspondence re arrangements and programme of the course; Frank’s manuscript lecture notes. Intelligence Officers, University of Bristol, Typescript notes. Frank took the Chair. “Bette, 119 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 London, 20 April 1967 Programme and manuscript notes Figures and 2 black and white photographs ‘Potentialities Colorado, USA, 5 September 1967 Earthquakes for Prediction’, Boulder, Typescript lecture notes. ‘How was the Earth Formed?’, occasion unknown, 26 July 1969 Manuscript and typescript notes. Speech Winford Orthopaedic Hospital, Bristol, 16 June 1971 ‘Winford Hospital Nurse’s Prize at Giving’, 2 folders. the Royal re and_ Bakerian Lecture, The publication, 1973-1974 Ea237e 124 ‘Crystal Society, 14 June 1973 Imperfections’, Correspondence typescript abstract and manuscript lecture notes. arrangements Correspondence re arrangements, programme of ceremony and manuscript speech notes. October 1979. ‘Public Orator’s Presentation Address for Professor R.V. Jones’, of Aberdeen, 10 July 1979 R.V. Jones was awarded a Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa degree. Typescript address notes. ceremony, Portfolio Society, University ‘Prince Rupert's Drops’, Bristol, 12 Honorary Degree F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Correspondence re arrangements. ‘Address for the Opening of a new wing at the Red Maids’ School’, Bristol, 15 October 1981 Typescript photograph. speech notes and 1 black and white ‘Crystal Dunning University of Bristol, 17 November 1981 Growth Memorial Colloquium, Dislocations’, without School William James Chemistry, of Certificate of lecture. ‘Orientation Laboratory, University of Bristol, 31 January 1983 Colloquium Mapping’, the at H.H. Wills Typescript lecture notes with figures. Mapping’, Metallurgy Programme E.132-E.134 E.130-E.134 Department of Manuscript background notes Correspondence re arrangements ‘Orientation and Materials Science Colloquia, University of Cambridge, 28 February 1983 1 letter re publication of contribution. ‘Orientation Non destructive Evaluation of Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composites, Vimeiro, Portugal, 3-4 September 1984 European Workshop on E.135-E.142 3 folders. Mapping’, F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Manuscript lecture notes with abstract Printed Workshop lecture, as published in Proceedings of the ‘Orientation Mapping transparencies’ Folder so inscribed: photocopies of transparencies. Transparencies used for the lecture. E.140, E.141 Manuscript notes and drawing 2 folders. Background calculations and drawings. Dislocations’, Metal Properties Society Real of and the early days of on Discussion Royal Materials, Typescript lecture notes and proceedings contents. See also H.241-H.244. ‘Polymer Physics: Early Days’, Reading, 12 September 1985 ‘Some Personal Reminiscences of Crystal Dislocations Society, London, 11 December 1984 a Model for Correspondence and typescript lecture notes. See also H.247 Speech for ‘Susan and Alistair wedding’, place unknown, 14 September 1985 ‘The Icosahedral Orientation Manifold as Manuscript speech notes. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Icosahedral unknown, France?, July 1986 Close-packing’, Colloque C3, Occasion Prints published in the Journal de Physique, Tome 47, July 1986. about thoughts ‘Some Olinde Rodrigues’, Seminaire Général, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Universitée Paris-Sud, France, 29 October 1986 Carnot about and Poster of the lecture. Untitled lecture starting ‘In D symmetry (e.g that of an n- agonal n-fold rotational symmetry...’, occasion unknown, 9 June 1987 principal prism) have axis one we of Typescript lecture notes. Speech at ‘Convocation Lunch’, University of Bristol, 18 July 1987 1986-1988 E.150-E.155 See also H.254-H.257. Luncheon programme and menu and manuscript speech notes. ‘Orientation Mapping’, 8th International conference on Textures of Materials, Santa Fe, USA, 21 September 1987 1986-1988 Frank was a recipient of the Robert F Mehl medal of the American Metallurgical Society for 1987 and the lecture ‘Orientation Mapping’ was intended to be delivered on the occasion of the ceremony. However ill health prevented Frank the ceremony and the lecture was delivered later on the 21st of September 1987 at the 8th International conference on Textures of Materials in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Correspondence re arrangements and publication Print out and abstract of the lecture Colorado travelling Denver, for from to F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 E1522 3153 ‘Orientation Mapping transparencies’, folder so inscribed Includes calculations. 2 folders. Manuscript and typescript notes and comments on paper a 6 large size black and white photographs; manuscript notes on slides ‘One Hundred Years of the Bristol Scientific Club’, Bristol Scientific Club, Bristol, 21 November 1987 Manuscript lecture notes and programme of the Bristol Scientific Club for 1987-1988. E.158-E.163 See also H.294. thanking Frank for his ‘For Badminton School Open Day’, Bristol, 28 May 1988. ‘Orientation Mapping’, Mathematical Problems in Material Science conference, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, 11 October 1991 Correspondence speech, manuscript speech notes, manuscript biographical notes on Frank given to Badminton School. Manuscript notes and typescript lecture draft Correspondence re arrangements Programme and invitation Printed version of the lecture F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 Figures and transparencies 1 photographic negative ‘Hitler's Bomb’, Horizon, BBC Television programme, 20 October 1991 1991-1992 Correspondence re arrangements. Frank was interviewed for the programme because of his involvement in intelligence work during World War Two and in the subsequent internment of German scientists at Farm Hall, near Huntingdon. The conversations between the eventually published in the 1990s (see D.360-D.406). recorded captives secretly were and E.165, E.166 ‘Snowflakes’, Physics Department, University of Bristol, 7 December 1995 1995, 2001 Bristol, Typescript lecture notes. Manuscript lecture notes. Correspondence and manuscript lecture notes. Video tape of the lecture, with letter re the deposit of the tape in the University of Bristol Archives. ‘Comments on Nucleation Theory’, Lecture 20, occasion and date unknown ‘Talk for Polymer conference’, Polymer Physics Group conference, on board the SS Great Britain, 11 September 1997 Untitled address starting I’m here at rather short notice, you know’, occasion and date unknown ‘Current Trends in Polymer Physics’, occasion and date unknown F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 The speech is addressed to students who are making education and career choices. Eali/ale Barre Untitled, undated lecture notes with photograph and transparencies 1 black and white 2 folders. E.173-E.185 Photographic slides 1950s, n.d. Most of these (E.173-E.183) are glass lantern slides, Some of the boxes have found in cardboard boxes. say inscriptions it whether the contents. not possible to descriptions of is authoritative of subjects these are but ‘0’ Box of 6 glass slides. ‘| Lineage etc' Box of 8 glass slides. Box of 9 glass slides. ‘Dr Keller Slides on zig-zags. I Box of 8 glass slides. ‘Smialowski structure. III [...] IV’ Box of 3 glass slides. '2 Kinking' Box of 5 glass slides. ‘3: F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Lectures, E.91-E.185 ‘Spherulites. V. Feb /55' Box of 7 glass slides. ‘Cdl (2) inferior’ Box of 7 glass slides. ‘Prof N.F. Mott 25.11.55' Box of 5 glass slides. Untitled box Box of 7 glass slides. Untitled box Box of 8 glass slides. Sleeve of small format glass slides Single double-sized glass lantern slide Includes two series numbered 1-14 and a-c. 19 slides. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SECTION F SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, F.381-F.466 1935-1995 ARMAMENT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ESTABLISHMENT F.382, F.383 ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS F.384 F.385 ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION AUDIO-LEARNING LTD F.386, F.387 BRISTOL MUNICIPAL CHARITIES F.388 F.389 F.390 BRISTOL SCIENTIFIC CLUB CHEMICAL SOCIETY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE Foot, ir.og2 F.393 F.394 F.401-F.419 F.427, F.428 FARADAY SOCIETY EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY F.398-F.400 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS F.395-F.397 HOME OFFICE DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH MINISTRY OF SUPPLY INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR CRYSTAL GROWTH F.420-F.423 LINCOLN COLLEGE OXFORD F.424-F.426 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.429-F.446 PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS F.447 QUEEN ELIZABETH’S HOSPITAL SCHOOL F.448-F.464 ROYAL SOCIETY F.465 F.466 UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMITTEE F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 ARMAMAMENT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ESTABLISHMENT Correspondence re and agenda of meeting of Working Party on Conducting Compositions. Frank was a member of the committee. F.382, F.383 ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS 1935-1941 membership card and_ subscription Correspondence, records. 2 folders. ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION 1 letter only. 2 folders. F.386, F.387 BRISTOL MUNICIPAL CHARITIES 1987-1989 AUDIO-LEARNING LTD Correspondence re royalty payments. Frank was a trustee of Bristol Municipal Charities. Correspondence, agenda and minutes of meetings of the trustees. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 BRISTOL SCIENTIFIC CLUB Correspondence, some re admission of women scientists to the Club. Frank was a member of the Bristol Scientific Club. CHEMICAL SOCIETY 1 letter. and papers for meetings of the 2 folders. F.391, F.392 1963, 1968 SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT OF RESEARCH Minutes Electronic Research Council and the Metallurgy and Material Sub- Committee. 1992-1995 Frank was a member of the European Physical Society. Correspondence, by-laws and membership records. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 FARADAY SOCIETY 1941-1946 Re membership. F.395-F.397 HOME OFFICE 1959-1967 Material re Civil Defence. Frank was a Regional Scientific Adviser for Civil Defence. Correspondence 1959-1967 List of Regional Scientific Advisers for Civil Defence Used for civil defence notes. Exercise books with manuscript notes 1958, 1960 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.398-F.400 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS 1965-1995 Correspondence, annual dinner programme, etc. 3 folders. F.401-F.419 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR GROWTH CRYSTAL 1966-1975 President of Frank was de Croissance Crystalline between 1968-1971 and closely involved in the 1968 International Conference on Crystal Growth in Birmingham. the Comité International the organisation of F.401-F.405 General correspondence 1968-1975 re Correspondence International Crystal drafting and conference proceedings. de Croissance Cristalline, committee membership, formation Growth, the of the Comité the Journal of constitutions 5 folders. 1966-1974 F.408-F.419 Agenda and minutes of meetings By-laws and constitutions of the International Organization for Crystal Growth 1967-1969 Correspondence re the organisation of the conference and publication of the proceedings International Conference on Crystal Growth, Birmingham, 15-19 July 1968. Conference programme. F.408-F.415 1967-1969 8 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 Budget Publication of proceedings Abstracts F.420-F.423 LINCOLN COLLEGE OXFORD 1989-1995 Frank was an alumnus of Lincoln College. F.420, F.421 Correspondence 1989-1995 2 folders. 1989-1993 Lincoln College magazines Invitations and seating plans for Spring Feasts 1991, 1994 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 F.424-F.426 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE 1960-1973 Correspondence, background information and drafts. 3 folders. F.427, F.428 MINISTRY OF SUPPLY 1956-1966 re service Correspondence Explosive Committee of the Weapons and Explosive Advisory Board of Scientific Research and Technical Development. Advisory Council High the the on of Also correspondence re the Liquid Fuel Committee of the Munitions Chemistry Advisory Board. 2 folders. the ON AND Fuel SCIENCE 1975-1992 F.429-F.446 Correspondence. CONFERENCES PUGWASH WORLD AFFAIRS Frank was a member of the High Explosive Committee of the Weapons and Explosive Advisory Board and the Liquid Chemistry Advisory Board. Committee of Munitions Frank was a member of the British Pugwash Group. Correspondence. 40th Annual Pugwash Conference, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, Egham, Surrey, 15-20 September 1990 Minutes of British Pugwash Group meeting 23 March 1978 F.431-F.440 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 Statements and greetings from politicians and academics delivered on the occasion of the conference Programme and proceedings of British Pugwash public meeting F.434-F.438 Papers delivered. 5 folders. Working Group reports List of papers and participants on the Pugwash Conferences on 1978, 1990 Annual Conference Conference (Beijing, China, 17-22 September 1991) statement Pugwash 41st of Notice of a meeting of Pugwash Ltd Brochure and text Science and World Affairs movement 42nd Annual Conference programme (Berlin, Germany, 11-17 September 1992) 1980, 1983 Letter to the Editor of The Times by Joseph Rotblat, 11 October 1991 Articles on arms research and wartime research at the University of Bristol F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 QUEEN ELIZABETH’S HOSPITAL SCHOOL Agenda for committee meeting and correspondence. F.447-F.464 ROYAL SOCIETY 1940-1995 Frank was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1954. He gave the Bakerian Lecture in 1973 and was awarded the Royal Medal in 1979 and the Copley Medal in 1994. He served on a number of Royal Society bodies, including Council 1967-1969 (Vice-President). F.447, F.448 General correspondence 1940-1995 2 folders. 2 folders. F.451-F.455 1966-1990 F.451-F.453 Correspondence 1966-1990 F.449, F.450 Royal Society Anniversary correspondence Frank was a member of the Armourers and Brasiers’ Company Research Fellowship Committee. Armourers and Brasiers’ Company Research Fellowship Committee 1972-1976 British National Committee for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology F.454, F.455 Agenda and minutes F.456, F.457 Correspondence 3 folders. 2 folders. 1966, 1972 1972-1976 F.456-F.459 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 2 folders. F.458, F.459 Agenda and minutes of meetings 2 folders Committee on an Experiment in Synoptic Publishing Correspondence. R.W. Paul Instrument Fund Committee 1977-1980 Correspondence. Miscellaneous Royal Society communications 1984-1995 F.463, F.464 Royal Society Club Correspondence, minutes, agenda and reports. 2 folders. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Societies and organisations, F.381-F.466 UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN 1949-1970 Correspondence etc. Frank was an external examiner for the University of Aberdeen. UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMITTEE Re attendance at meetings of the Physical Sciences Sub- Committee and Working Party on Material Studies. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SECTION G CONSULTANCIES, G.131-G.181 1949-1997 BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION BRITISH RAILWAYS CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE G.134-G.174 DE BEERS Gil/5 G.176 Cran FIBREGLASS LTD GENERAL ATOMIC GENERAL ELECTRIC G.178 G.179 G.180 G.181 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES PILKINGTON BROTHERS LTD INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA: INSTITUTE OF GEOPHYSICS AND PLANETARY PHYSICS F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION Offer to Frank of consultancy in the company’s Guided Weapons Division in the field of solid state. See G.1 of the previous catalogue BRITISH RAILWAYS re Letter November 1949. meeting of Water Treatment Committee, See G.2-G.33 of the previous catalogue. CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE G.134-G.174 DE BEERS Committee the material relates the work of re meeting of the Comité Scientifique to the this of Research 1964, 1973- 1997 The bulk Diamond Conferences. Letter Laboratoire de Physique des Solides. fees Correspondence, chiefly enclosing Frank’s consultancy See G.24-G.99 of the previous catalogue. General correspondence and papers the Diamond to and G.134-G.137 1964-1996 1964-1996 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 Miscellaneous Mitchell and A.R. Lang correspondence, chiefly from E.W.G. 1987-1996 ‘The next decade’ at De Beers-sponsored UK University Research on diamond Bound volume; related correspondence and notes. This was prepared by E.W.G. Mitchell. ‘Forward Look 1996-2001’ at De Beers-sponsored UK University Research on diamond Bound volume; related correspondence. This was prepared by A.D.E. Stewart, R.J. Caveney and E.W.G. Mitchell. G.138-G.142 Diamond Research Committee meetings 1985-1995 1985-1988 1989-1991 Papers for meetings, chiefly minutes. 1994-1995 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 G.143-G.147 Diamond research reports 1992-1996 Half-yearly Diamond Research Committee reports from researchers funded by the January 1992 February 1993 February 1994 February 1995 February 1996 G.148-G.172 Diamond Conferences 1973-1997 Reading, 15-18 July 1973 Bound volume of conference papers. Bound volume of conference papers. Bound volume of conference papers. St Catherine’s College Oxford, 9-12 July 1978 Bound volume of conference papers. Reading, 6-9 July 1977 Bristol, 7-9 July 1980 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 7127/13/03 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 Newnham College, Cambridge, 6-9 July 1983 Bound volume of conference papers. Bristol, 9-11 July 1984 Bound volume of conference papers. Reading, 10-13 July 1985 Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, 7-9 July 1986 Miscellaneous conference information. G.156, G.157 Oxford, 5-8 July 1987 Conference participants information, programme and _ list of G.161, G.162 Bound volume of conference papers. Bound volume of conference papers. Newnham College, Cambridge, 6-9 July 1988 St Catherine’s College, Oxford, 7-10 July 1991 Bound volume of conference papers. Bound volume of conference papers. Reading, 11-14 July 1990 Bristol, 5-8 July 1989 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 Conference information; annotated programme Bound volume of conference papers G.163, G.164 Robinson College, Cambridge, 5-8 July 1992 G.163 Correspondence and papers re Bristol contributions to the conference Bound volume of conference papers G.165, G.166 Bristol, 11-14 July 1993 1992-1993 G.165 Correspondence and papers re arrangements Bound volume of conference papers. G.167 G.169 G.167, G.168 Reading, 11-13 July 1994 Correspondence and papers re arrangements; annotated programme Queen’s College, Cambridge, July 1996 Correspondence and papers re arrangements G.169, G.170 St Catherine’s College Oxford, July 1995 Bound volume of conference papers Bound volume of conference papers F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 Bound volume of conference papers. Frank was unable to attend. delegates at the conference is at the front of the volume. A signed postcard from Bristol, 14-16 July 1997 Bound volume of conference papers. G.173, G.174 Grant applications 1976-1991 applications to the Diamond Research Research Committee. 1976, 1987 FIBREGLASS LTD 1965-1969 Correspondence re consultancy. Frank was appointed a consultant in the field of applied polymer physics in association with glass fibres. See G.100-G.113 of the previous catalogue. Consultancy agreements 1951, 1957, 1959. GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) 1951-1960 GENERAL ATOMIC Consultancy agreement. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Consultancies, G.131-G.181 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (ICl) Brief correspondence re consultation meeting in London, November 1974. See G.114 of the previous catalogue. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION (IBM) Correspondence re consultancy agreement. See G.115-G.122 of the previous catalogue. PILKINGTON BROTHERS LTD 1969-1971 INSTITUTE OF 1964-1965 Correspondence re consultancy status. UNIVERSITY GEOPHYSICS AND PLANETARY PHYSICS CALIFORNIA: OF Papers re consultancy and visit to US in general. A consultancy with Pilkington followed on from that for Fibreglass Ltd (G.175). supported Geophysics project. While serving as a Visiting Professor and researcher, Frank was an associate investigator for the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics on a US Air Force F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SECTION H VISITS AND CONFERENCES, H.170-H.307 1933-1997 Faraday Society Discussion meeting, ?London, April 1933 Manuscript notes, possibly on a Stewart. lecture delivered by [?] ‘Dipole Moments’, 6th General Discussion of the Faraday Society, University of Oxford, 12-14 April 1934 Proceedings of the discussion including a transcript of Frank’s participation in a general discussion on ‘Polarity and the Association of Liquids’ by A.R. Martin and ‘Dipole Association in Pure Liquids’ by Pierre Girard. Holiday Fellowship weekend, Oxford, 1935 Programme of the weekend's activities. Society, Meeting of the British Association for the Faraday Programme of the conversazione. General 63rd Cambridge, 26-28 September 1935 Discussion of the Royal Society Conversazione, London, 28 May 1936 Annual Advancement of Science, Dundee, 1939 Photocopies of a group photograph featuring Frank and introductory notes to the meeting in the Transactions of the Faraday Society, 1936. Frank’s participation in the discussion. Programme, correspondence and manuscript notes on Menu of Section B dinner with colleagues’ autographs. Physical General March 1940 discussion Properties Plastics’, London, Society Physical ‘The Electrical on of and 19 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Metal Congress, Laboratory of Physics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 1948 List of demonstrations to congress attendees. No proof of Frank’s attendance. H.178-H.181 General Discussion of the Faraday Society on Crystal Growth, University of Bristol, 12-14 April 1949 1948-1949 Frank was closely involved in discussion. the organisation of the Correspondence re the programme of the meeting 1948-1949 Draft programmes 1948-1949 Manuscript notes and typescript draft of Frank’s paper ‘The Influence of Dislocations on Crystal Growth’ Programme of the meeting. Typescript summaries of papers. Royal Society meeting, London, 19 May 1949 Frank and J.H. Van der Merwe presented a paper entitled ‘One-dimensional Dislocations. | Static Theory. II Misfitting Monolayers and Oriented Overgrowth.’ September 1949 Unidentified summer School, ?University of Bristol, c. July 1949. Correspondence; 6 black and white photographs of sugar crystals found therewith. General Conference and Annual General Meeting of the British 26-28 Rheologists University Bristol, Club, of F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Correspondence and programme of the meeting. Frank lectured on ‘The Nature of Dislocations in Real Crystal Lattices’. Institute for the Study of Metals Colloquium, University of Chicago, USA, 31 May 1951 Correspondence re the programme of the colloquium. Frank lectured on ‘The Role of Dislocations in Crystal Growth.’ H.186-H.192 H.186, H.187 9th Conference on Brussels, Belgium, 25-29 September 1951 State, Solid the Solvay Institute, 1950-1951 Frank lectured on ‘Crystal Growth and Dislocations.’ re paper and programme of the 1950-1951 Correspondence conference 2 folders. of Frank’s paper ‘Crystal and Growth 2 folders. H.190, 4.191 Typescript Dislocations’ Timetable, list of guests and general information Typescript draft transcript of discussion, featuring Frank. Frank lectured on ‘Supercooling’. Manuscript notes on colleagues’ papers taken by Frank Society discussion Royal London, 13 March 1952 Abstracts of lectures. on the Theory of Liquids, F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 ‘The Creep Conference’, place June 1954 unidentified, 31 May-2 1 letter only. Visit to Tokyo, Japan, September-October 1953. Manuscript schedule. Frank chiefly visited Japan to attend the Union Theoretical Physics. He visited Kyoto and Tokyo. International Physics Conference on Applied Pure and of Diamond Conference, Cambridge, 1-3 July 1954 1 letter. Conference on Mechanical Effects Crystals, University of Birmingham, 19-20 July 1954 Dislocations of in Programme. 1951-1952 and evening Paris, 1951-1954 198 bislo9 Crystallography, programme __ of Frank lectured possibly on ‘The Theory of Crystal Growth.’ 3rd _ International Congress of France, July 1954 Correspondence entertainment at the Chateau de Versailles 1 letter only. Printed papers by Frank ‘Crystal Growth and Dislocations’ and ‘The Growth of Crystals and the Equilibrium Structure of their Surfaces’ (with W.K. Burton and N. Cabrera) Visit to Glaxo Laboratories, unidentified place, c.1954 includes Also 3 manuscript notes. black and white photographs and F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 117th Annual Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 31 August 1955, Bristol Newspaper clipping with photograph of the Presidential address showing Frank and his wife in the audience. H.202, H.203 The Faraday Society and the Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging General Joint Discussion on ‘The Molecular Mechanism of Rate Processes in Solids’, 15-18 April Institute, Amsterdam, The 1957, Netherlands. Royal Tropical 1956-1957 Correspondence programmes etc. 2 folders. Frank Vacancies and Interstitials.’ lectured on ‘Interaction of Dislocations with 5th Course of the International Summer School in Physics, Varenna, Italy, 17 July-7 August 1956 of Macro-molecules and Liquid Correspondence and programme. Frank lectured on dislocations and metal physics. Correspondence and 4 black and white photographs. Royal Society Discussion on Stellar Evolution, London, 3 March 1960 Faraday Society General Discussion on Configuration and Interactions Crystals, University of Leeds, 15-17 April 1958 The Scripps Institute Conference, San Diego, USA, 22-24 March 1965 Adsorption et Croissance Cristalline, | Colloque Manuscript notes taken by Frank. 1 letter only. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 International la Scientifique, Nancy, France, 7-12 June 1965 National Centre de du Recherche Correspondence. H.209-H.211 Visit to Durban, South Africa, August-September 1965 Frank delivered a series of 9 lectures. Correspondence re organisation of the visit. Includes letters from Maita Frank received in South Africa. Programme of lectures Newspaper cuttings collected by Frank. on _ Royal Radar _ re European collaboration between H.213-H.215 Electronic Malvern, Programme of the symposium. Correspondence physicists Symposium Materials, Worcestershire, 28-30 September 1965 Epitaxial for Establishment, Processes There is no proof of Frank’s attendance. Meeting on European Collaboration in Physics, Pisa, Italy, 16-17 April 1966 August 1966 Postcards and brochure on La Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa International conference on Deformation of Crystalline Solids, Ottawa, Canada, 21-25 University, Invitation to attend the meeting and manuscript notes 1964-1965 Carleton F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Correspondence re attendance. Institute, of NATO Advanced Study Modern Physics to Earth and Planetary Interiors, the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 29 March-4 April 1967 Application The Invitation to present a paper and outline of the conference. There is no proof of Frank’s attendance. Intelligence Scientific University, 20 May 1967 Officers Conference, Exeter Correspondence, Frank’s timetable, programme of the conference, address notes and notes on speakers. Frank gave the welcome address. to Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, Visit USA, July-September 1967 Abstract of the lecture. Frank attended the lecture. Discussion Sciences, Montpellier, France, 5-6 June 1969 Crystals, meeting Liquid on Visa application and correspondence re expenses. Royal Society Review lecture ‘The Alinement of Nuclei’ by M.A. Grace, London, 4 April 1968 Society. Some of the correspondence and documentation is French. Centenary celebrations of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1-6 October 1969 Frank went to the celebrations to represent the Royal Correspondence re arrangements. the Bulgarian Academy of H.222-H.224 Faculté des in F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 H.222, H.223 Correspondence re arrangements and report of the visit 2 folders. Programmes invitations of celebrations and excursions and Visit to Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd, Petrochemical & Polymer Laboratory, Runcorn, Cheshire, 20 October 1969 Correspondence re arrangements. H.226, H.227 Society Royal London, 29 January 1970 discussion on Strong Fibrous Solids, 1968-1970 lectured Frank Polymers.’ on ‘The Strength and Stiffness of 1968-1970 in of University of Kent of Science, Correspondence re arrangements and publication of the proceedings Manuscript and typescript drafts of ‘The Strength and Stiffness of Polymers’ Programme of the degree congregation associated with the Meeting. 135th Annual Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement at Canterbury, 20 August 1973 Germany, 5-14 September 1975 Fourth Tokyo, Japan, March 1974 International NATO Advanced Study Crystal Plasticity, 1 letter only re arrangements. Effects Republic Conference on Crystal Growth, Hohegeiss, Federal Institute, ‘Surface F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 10 Colour photographs. Frank delivered the concluding summary lecture. Exchange visit Solides, September 1976-February 1977 Université the de to Laboratoire Paris-Sud, de Physique des France, Paris, Correspondence. Frank collaborated with Jacques Friedel on polymers and liquid crystals. Summer 6th Massachusetts, USA, summer 1977 School Crystal on Growth, Boston, 1 colour photograph. 28th Pugwash September 1978 Conference, Varna, Bulgaria, 1-5 Institute 2 folders. Drift and Plate Tectonics’, H.234, H.235 Programme and book of abstracts. ‘The Mechanism of of University Correspondence re arrangements and programme. Frank lectured on ‘Geophysical Implications of the Effects of Anisotropy on Thermoconvection.’ NATO Advanced Study Continental Newcastle upon Tyne, 27 March-10 April 1979 Verna. Faraday Division Symposium, Annual Chemical Congress, University of Bristol, 3-5 April 1979 1 black and white photograph of Frank, his wife and A.R. Visit to India, December 1979-January 1980 Programme and abstracts of papers. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 NATO Advanced Study Institute on Physics of Defects, Les Houches, France, 28 July-30 August 1980 Correspondence and 3 black and white photographs of Frank lecturing. Frank lectured on the history of defects and organised an informal session on smectics. British Association for Crystal Growth, Bristol, September 1981 1 black and white photograph of Frank lecturing. Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Growth, New Hampshire, USA, 12-16 July 1982 Photographs of Frank and colleagues. Frank lectured on ‘Crystal Growth without Dislocations.’ H.241-H.244 See also E.143 Correspondence re arrangements Royal Society meeting on ‘Dislocations and Properties of Real Materials’, London, 11-12 December 1984 Frank lectured on ‘Historical Perspectives and Personal Reminiscences on the Early Days of Dislocations’ with Nevill Mott. in German. List of delegates, draft and final programme Abstracts of papers Background papers One paper is F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 H.245, H.246 Institute of Physics Solid-State Physics Sub-Committee, Solid State Physics Conference, Southampton University, 19-21 December 1984 1983-1984 Correspondence, list of participants, summary of research at Southampton, abstracts of papers and programme. 2 folders. Polymer Physics conference, Reading, 11-13 September 1985 2 black and white photographs of Frank and a colleague. See also E.144 British meeting, Bristol, 1986 Association for the Advancement of Science Letter inviting Frank to chair a session. Research Society Symposium on 1 letter thanking Frank for his participation. 1 photograph featuring Frank and colleagues. Meeting with the US National Academy of Engineering, London, 19 May 1986 Materials Phase Transformations, place unknown, possibly the USA, c. January 1986 1st International Symposium on Shaped Crystal Growth jointly held with the 4th Hungarian Conference on Crystal Growth, Budapest, Hungary, 22-25 July 1986 Frank was asked to attend the conference and deliver a paper but he declined. 40th Anniversary of University of Bristol, 22-24 July 1987. the Discovery of Correspondence re arrangements. H.202; t2o3 the Pi Meson, F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Correspondence, programme, list information bulletin. of participants and Also includes 1 Rosemary Fowler, Isobel Powell and Dorothy Hodgkin. black and white photograph featuring 2 folders. H.254-H.257 ICOTOM 8th International Conference on Texture of Materials, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 20-25 September 1987 1986-1987 Frank lectured on ‘Orientation Mapping’ and visited the New Mexico area. Correspondence re arrangements and papers publication of News bulletin and programme with abstracts H.258-H.260 Photographs of Frank Photocopy of colleague an article on ‘Vinland map’ sent by a 3 colour photographs of Frank and a colleague. Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, Boston, USA, 30 November-5 December 1987 the Frank was awarded the occasion of the conference. He lectured on ‘Orientation Mapping.’ Typescript lecture orientation mapping. Printed programme of the meeting. 1 letter only re arrangements. Von Hippel Award on notes with figures, possibly on F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Visit to Johannesburg, South Africa, 3-24 February 1988. Correspondence and schedule of visits. Frank accompanied by his wife visited colleagues and lectured. H.262-H.264 Annual 125th Sciences, Washington DC, USA, 24-27 April 1988 Meeting National Academy of the of Programme; printed brochure of the National Academy of Sciences; memorabilia. 3 folders. Frank attended the conference. Mathematical ‘The Mathematical Analysis of Material Microstructure’, Cornell University, USA, 15-18 June 1988 workshop Sciences Institute Centre for Theoretical Physics on Frank declined the invitation to lecture. Correspondence and news bulletin. Correspondence re arrangements. Frank declined the invitation to deliver five lectures. International ‘Spring College in Material Science on Ceramics and Composite Materials’, Trieste, Italy, 17 April-26 May 1989 1987-1988 Anniversary Adriatico Research Fusion, Trieste, Italy, 8 June 1989 International 3rd Quasi-Crystals ‘Incommensurate Structures in Condensed Matter’, Vista Hermosa, Mexico 29 May-2 June 1989 Correspondence re arrangements. Frank declined the invitation. Conference on Cold H.268, H.269 Meeting F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Correspondence re arrangements and programme. 2 folders. Frank lectured on ‘Muon-Catalyst Fusion: a Brief History.’ 9th International Conference on Crystal Growth, Sendai, Japan, 20-25 August 1989 1987-1988 Correspondence re attendance. It is unclear whether Frank attended. H.271-H.275 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, International Symposium on 11-13 September 1989 Birmingham, Catalysed Fusion, Muon Frank lectured on ‘How it Began’. H.271, H.272 Correspondence re arrangements 2 folders. 2 folders. H.276, H.277 Abstract of papers Miscellaneous manuscript notes etc Programme and list of participants November 1989 for 25th Theoretical High Technology and Mathematics’, Trieste, Italy, 31 October-3 Correspondence re arrangement, address of Friedel (in French and English), travel schedule, invitation. Jacques Friedel retirement party, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, 29 September 1989 International Centre the ‘Frontiers Anniversary of Physics, in Physics, F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Programme of the celebrations. It is unclear whether Frank attended. H.279-H.288 International Conference on Muon Catalyzed Vienna, Austria, 27 May-1 June 1990 Fusion, 1989-1993 Frank chaired the Muonic Atom Processes session. H.279-H.283 Correspondence re arrangements and colleagues’ papers 5 folders. Programme and background information H.285-H.287 Background articles including Frank’s ‘An Outline of the History of Cold Fusion’ 1989-1993 3 folders. Memorabilia 2 folders 1990-1991 H.289, H.290 Society meeting International of and Correspondence, delivered. programme and copies of papers ‘Science Technological Security and Arms Control’, Royal Aspects London, 15 November 1990 Andrew Keller, University of Bristol, 3-5 April 1991 Polymer Physics Conference to mark the retirement of Colston 1991 University of Bristol, 25-27 March 1991 Symposium, Correspondence, programme and article. Frank gave the introductory address. ‘Understanding Science’, H.292, H.293 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 Correspondence re arrangement, programme and general information, manuscript notes of Frank’s introduction to the conference. 2 folders. Frank gave the introductory lecture. H.294, H.295 H.296, H.297 Centre International Sciences, ‘Mathematical Problems in Material Science’, Edinburgh, 11 October 1991 Mathematical for Correspondence re arrangements, programme of meeting and abstracts of papers. the Frank lectured on ‘Orientation Mapping.’ 2 folders. Royal Cambridge, 11-12 December 1993 Cambridge Society, Weekend, University of 2 folders. H.298-H.301 Programme 1992-1993 1992-1993 Correspondence re arrangements Correspondence and programme. Frank chaired the opening session. Royal Society discussion meeting ‘Self Order and Form in Polymeric Materials’, London, 14-15 December 1993 Ciba Foundation/Royal Society discussion meeting on List of papers and abstracts List of participants F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Visits and conferences, H.170-H.307 ‘The Response of Polymer Form to London, 16 December 1993 External Fields’, Programme of the discussion. It is unclear whether Frank attended. East-West Surface Science Workshop 1994, ‘Thin Films and Phase Transitions Surfaces’, Pamporovo Ski Centre, Bulgaria, 14-21 February 1994 on 1992-1994 Correspondence re arrangements and travel grant. birthday of The occasion was to celebrate the Professor Kaischew. Frank declined the invitation because of ill health. 85th Kapitza Centenary Symposium, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, 8 July 1994 Correspondence, programme and invitation to dinner. of 10-12 1 letter only re arrangements. Correspondence re arrangements. Physics Committee of the Institute Biennal Polymer Conference, London, Frank acted as honorary chairman of the conference. Polymer The Physics, September 1997 International Symposium, Muon Catalyzed Fusion, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia, 19-24 June 1995 expenses invoice. Frank addressed his colleagues at the conference dinner. Unidentified meetings and discussions Discussion transcript, correspondence and _ travel F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE, J.267-J.412 1932-1998 this correspondence Although whole career, from postgraduate days in the early 1930s to the late 1990s, the bulk of it is either early (1930s) or from the 1980s and 1990s - some of which postdates from after the compilation of the previous catalogue in 1989. Frank’s spans is presented in alphabetical order. There are few It extended sequences and most of the correspondents represented here are also to be found in the previous catalogue, in conjunction with which this correspondence presented here should be consulted. There is significant additional material for R.V.Jones, F.R.N. Naborro and K. Wirtz. Allibone, T.E. 1938-1991 1946, 1983- 1984 Altmann, S.L. Career J.272, J.273 1984-1992 1987, 1994 1939-1996 Arnautov, M.L. Ashbee, K.H.G. Re paradoxes. 1984-1992 Ashbee was a materials scientist who was a colleague of Frank’s at Bristol. Scientific correspondence F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 Baddeley, O. Typescript recollections, with manuscript notes by Frank 1933, 1997 1932-1995 Banks, W.H. Re saturation theory. Bassett, D.C. 1985-1996 Personal and scientific correspondence. Bassett was Professor of Physics at the University of Reading. 1936-1995 J.280, J.281 Bilby, B.A. Bilby worked Universities of Birmingham and later Sheffield Metallurgy Departments of the in the The bulk of this material is papers and drafts by Bilby sent to Frank for comment. 1950-1988 Re Royal Society Biographical Memoir of J.D. Eshelby. Includes typescript draft. 1950, and Non-Riemannian Drafts on geometry. crystal twinning 1950-1955 1986-1988 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 Cahn, J.W. 1984-1997 Invitations, comments on paper, social correspondence. Cahn was a Senior Fellow at the US National Bureau Standards. Ca.-Ch. Chandrasekhar, S. Chernov, A.A. Includes scientific correspondence on ice growth. Chinnery, M.A. 1985-11995 1980-1997 1984, 1994 Re Chinnery’s work on distant uplift associated with strike slip faulting. Includes Frank’s manuscript calculations. Cladis, P.E. Chiefly re career. Chinnery was based at the University of British Columbia. Cladis worked at the Bell Laboratories, Murray Hull, New Jersey. 1994 1983-1985 1936-1995 1940, 1990- F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 Davies, M. 1984-1994 Includes social correspondence. Debye, P. 1935, 1936 Re Delbrtick, M.L.H. Ditchburn, R.W. Includes typescript draft by Ditchburn casting doubt on the nuclear winter concept; posthumous correspondence. 1938-1992 1977-1987 1934-1987 1967, 1992, n.d. Edge, R. Re Earth tilt. Edge was at Sciences, Birkenhead. based of Oceanographic Personal news. Evans was Professor of Physics at Reading. the University of 1936-1994 1983-1996 El.-Ev. Evans, T. the Institute Farrell, C.J. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 J.303-J.306 Fisher, J.C. 1983-1991 Correspondence and papers, including Fisher’s ‘Particle Theory Countdown’ papers 1-15 in which he gave an ongoing account of his efforts to have his theories on particle theory published. 4 folders. Fisher was an American colleague researching particle theory. Fi.-Fu. Forty, A.J. Re career. 1932-1991 1985, 1991 1969 1976, 1988, 1991 Fumi worked at the University of Genoa. J.309, J.310 Friedel, J. 1969-1991 Chiefly Frank’s comments on ‘Lignes de dislocation dans les cholesteriques’ by Friedel and M. Kléman, including his manuscript notes. Friedel was a longstanding colleague and friend of Frank’s from the Laboratoire des Physique des Solides, Université Paris Sud. 1985-1991 Draft of paper on two-dimensional crystals sent to Frank for comment, with Frank’s and D.M. Sadlers’ coments thereon. Fumi, F.G. Gates, D.J. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 1934-1991 1934-1985 1975-1995 1938-1991 1934-1996 1950-1951 Hall, E.O. Re Hall’s work on tensile properties of mold steel, with typescript draft by Hall, sent to Frank for comment. He. letter is from Frank to his MP, A.P. 1941, 1988- 1995 Herbert, 1941 complaining at Ministry of Information coverage of the fall of Benghazi in April. 1962-1991 Higasi wrote to Frank from the Institute of Physical and Chemical Reseach, Tokyo, Japan. Scientific correspondence. Re solvent effect. Hoffman, J.D. 1985-1994 Higasi, K. 1936-1937 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 Hollomon, J.H. 1983-1991 Chiefly posthumous material relating to memorials and tributes to Hollomon, who died in 1985. Ho. 1947-1997 Includes correspondence with Literary Editor of The Times re use of grammar in that newspaper. Philip Howard, 1985-1994 1964-1995 1933-1939 Jackson, W. Correspondence re joint research and visit Berlin. to Frank in was a friend J.328-J.330 Jones, R.V. colleague and long-standing Jackson was an early research colleague of Frank’s. Jones of Frank’s. They served together in scientific intelligence in the Air Ministry during World War Two. 1938-1997 Correspondence reminiscences of wartime work. various _ topics, radar personal Includes installations, correspondence; and work for the Air Ministry. pre-war correspondence of on German _ ‘ghosts’; under name the 1961-1990 n_ including 1938-1940 1992-1997 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 Correspondence reminiscences of wartime work and personal news. various _ topics, on _ including Keller, A. Chiefly re Keller’s retirement. King-Hele, D. Re submissions to Notes and Records of Society. the Royal 1937-1995 1989-1998 1976-1995 1994-1995 1977-1992 was based at the US anti- National Center for Kléman, M. at the Université de Paris-Sud 1988-1997 Knight, C.A. Kléman was Laboratoire de Physique des Solides. based J.336-J.338 Knight Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado Personal news, progress of Knight’s research on freeze/anti-melt. 1950-1996 1993-1997 1988-1989 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 J.340, J.341 Koptsik, V.A. 1993-1994 2 folders. Koptsik was a Professor of Physics at Moscow University. J.342, J.343 Kramish, A. 1993-1997 Chiefly correspondence re P. Rosbaud and the German atomic programme during World War Two. 2 folders. 1981-1994 1936-1993 Lang, A.R. Le.-Lu. 1987-1998 Lang was a colleague in the Bristol Physics Department. 1991-1992 Re paper by Mason. Mackley, M. Re career. Mason, B.J. 1932-1994 1977-1992 1986-1997 1934-1994 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 Miles, M.J. Work on extension elongational flow field. of a polymer molecule in an Miles worked at Council’s Institute of Food Research, Norwich. the Agricultural and Food Research Mo.-Mu. J.355, J.356 Moore, A.M. Moore was based at the Department of Physics, Royal Holloway College, University of London. 1973-1990 1932-1997 1987-1995 1973-1996 1995-1996 Mott, N.F. 1963-1995 re _ fibre geometry and on_ intersecting correspondence Includes distribution. Includes correspondence re research cylinders (1985) Includes material re Mott’s 80th birthday celebrations, see also A.465. 1964-1996 Re research activities. University Moullin, Oxford, supervised Frank’s research in the early 1930s. the Engineering Labroatory, at Nabarro, F.R.N. Moullin, E.B. 1933-1939 J.359, J.360 of F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 Nabarro was a South African-based colleague, who had worked with Frank at Bristol in the 1940s. 1964, 1985-1986 Includes correspondence re Penrose patterns; personal news. 1987-1996, n.d. Includes correspondence re E. Orowan, of whom Nabarro was writing the Royal Society Biographical Memoir. Undated material is guestlist for ‘Dinner for Professor Charles University of Witwatersrand figures but also Black African notables. include Frank’. guests The J.361-J.364 Nelson, J.T. 1993-1996 1993 March-May 1993 June-August Nelson was a postgraduate researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle when he wrote to Frank regarding ice growth in 1993. This initiated a correspondence on the formation of growth shapes that continued to 1996. Many of the letters include detailed calculations. 1980-1989 Includes Frank’s contribution to book by B. Noakes, / saw 1983-1993 1995-1996 No.-Ny. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 a Ghost. Parasnis, A.S. Chiefly personal and family news. Parasnis had studied under Frank at Bristol. Pa.-Pe. 1985-1995 1963-1996 1934, 1972- 1992 1941-1985 1984-1993 Pond, R.C. 1985-1995 interfacial Ponomarev, L. Re Powell, C.F. Includes correspondence re Pond’s work on structure. Pond was based at the University of Liverpool Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science. He made regular visits to Bristol to demonstrate and discuss his work with Frank. 1939-1987 Includes account by Powell. 11pp 1991-1994, n.d. photocopy typescript autobiographical 1991, 992 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 problem. Sillars, R.W. Includes account of Edward VIII’s abdication sent to Frank while in Germany. Slechta, J. Re career. SI.-Sp. Steiner, V.C. Frank- 1935, 1939, 1987 1936-1937 1983-1995 1939-1996 1994-1995 St.-Su. Tabor, D. 1986-1995 have on cold fusion at 1971-1993 1938-1994 published findings Frank-Steiner was the nephew of P. Rosbaud. Correspondence re Farm Hall transcripts, P. Rosbaud and M. von Laue. Includes 1989 correspondence re claim of B.V. Derjaguin to room temperature before Pons and Fleischmann. 1986-1990 Thomas was Head of Polymer Science and Engineering at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Papers and comment, with correspondence arising. disclinations ideas on sent to Frank for Thomas, E.L. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 Thomas, J.M. 1973-1991 Tu.-Ty. n.d., 1984, 1994 1936-1990 1985-1988 1986-1988 J.400, J.401 Voigt-Martin, |.G. J.400 1986, 1988 1987 ‘Direct polymer liquid crystals’, by Voigt-Martin and H. Durst. high-resolution defects images of in smectic Walker, M. 1935-1993 Sent to Frank for comment, with letter from Frank with detailed observations on the draft. Includes draft outlines of chapters of book, sent to Frank Includes correspondence re audiotaped interview with Frank. Walker was a researcher in history of science, studying German nuclear research 1938-1961. 1994, 1995 Wilson, T. 1984-1992 We.-Wi. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Correspondence, J.267-J.412 for comment. Wilson was writing a book on Lord Cherwell and World War Two. Windle, A.H. 1986-1997 Includes correspondence re Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Polymeric Materials, 1993 (see H.298-H.301). Windle was Professor of Materials Science at Cambridge. J.407, J.408 Wirtz, K. 1937-1990 Before the war Wirtz was based at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut fir Physik, Berlin, where he met Frank as a visiting researcher. After the war he was based at the Max Planck-Institut fur Physik, Géttingen. 1937-1939 invitation 1945, 1949, 1984, 1990 1984 correspondence is chiefly re German wartime atomic research. Correspondence re progress of research, to Wirtz to attend Faraday Society meeting in the autumn of 1939. 1933-1994, n.d. 1935-1994 1949-1990 First names and illegible Miscellaneous social invitations F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SECTION K REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS, K.63-K.110 1952-1996 K.63-K.67 EXAMINING 1952-1992, n.d. K.63-K.66 Higher degrees 1952-1992, n.d. K.63 1952 K.68-K.86 APPOINTMENTS External examining University of Ghana 1964-1996 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 References and appointments, K.63-K.110 1984-1985 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 References and appointments, K.63-K.110 K.87-K.94 GRANT APPLICATIONS 1956-1995 1984-1985 K.95-K.109 HONOURS AND AWARDS 1984-1995 K.95-K.101 Royal Society 1969-1996 1994-1995 1984-1985 1986-1987 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 References and appointments, K.63-K.110 1994-1996 K.102-K.109 Other honours and awards 1969-1996 1969-1970 1980-1981 1986-1987 1990-1991 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 References and appointments, K.63-K.110 MISCELLANEOUS Mid 1980s Reference. Undated, probably mid 1980s. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 DM 1837 Sir Charles Frank Medals, awards, and academic hoods These were given by Lady Frank. They complement the archival material which is being catalogued by the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists at the University of Bath. Academic Hoods State University of Gent/Rijksuniversiteit Gent Box Contains three academic hoods Blue and gold Red and green Yellow and blue with white fur (University of Gent, Belgium) Printed materials Book presented to Frank on his retirement as Head of 31 July 1976 the Department of Physics, University of Bristol Includes the names of people throughout the University Illustrated brochure relating to the Royal Academy of 1980 Sciences Programme: University of Bristol: Concert and Degree 16 June 1987 Congregation to mark 40th Anniversary of the Bristol- Hanover Link 80°" Birthday Symposium 15 April 1991 Programme and sketches of speakers, by Jerry Hicks Sir Charles Frank, OBE, FRS: an eightieth birthday 1991 tribute Edited by RG Chambers, JE Enderby, A Keller, AR Lang and JW Steeds, Printed book, with ornate binding, in green slipcase Medals Anniversary of the D-Day Landings Frank attended, menu and arrangements Also Intervtruvmaqve In paper case, with Bruxelles address Sigill. Mai. Acad. Gandavensis 9 May 1955 4 photographs taken by Professor Okien (?), Tokyo of 15 April 1991 event Dinner at the Guildhall, Portsmouth to celebrate the 50" 4 June 1994 Review of book in Nature, by Robert W Cahn, Vol 351, 13 June 1991 Letter from Michael (nephew of Frank) to Frank concerning the Fibanacci series and family affairs, 15 July 1991 Medal to celebrate the 100" anniversary of the Also Intervtruvmqve Doctor Honoris Causa Der Rijkuniversitiet te Gent Bronze, in paper case Bronze medal in green case The AA Griffith Medal Silver coloured in blue case Sigill. Mai. Acad. Gandavensis 3 Oct. 1955 La Societe Francaise de Physique, Howleck Prize, The Materials Science Club, sponsored by Rolls-Royce F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1869-1969 In Cyrillic script 18 July 1978 American Association for Crystal Growth: Presented to Sir Charles Frank for his outstanding contribution to the field of crystal growth Rose pink glass paperweight with gold plaque, in black case The Institute of Physics: Frederick Guthrie, 1833-1886 Probably gold, black case, Royal Mint The Metallurgical Society of AIME: Institute of Metals Division: Lecturer and Robert Franklin Meh! Medalist Bronze medal in black case Von Hippel Award of the Materials Research Society, presented to Sir Charles Frank ‘Lucite’ block, in presentation box Royal Society Medal Probably gold, in Latin, black case, Royal Mint n.d. My note says that Lady Frank kept the Royal Swedish Academy Medal (gold) and the Royal Society Gold Medal, 11 June 1902 Hannah Lowery 9 September 2003 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ABRAHAM, Sir Edward Penley ADAMS, Brent L. AGOSTON, Buolo ALBON, Norman ALLEN, Sir Geoffrey ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward ALTMANN, Simon L. AMELINCKxX, Severin AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS ANDERSON, Eric ANDRADE, Edward Neville da Costa ANDREWS, E.H. J.267 J.267, J.377 J.267 J.267 J.267 J.268, J.314 J.269 C.298, C.299, J.270 J.402 J.270 J.270 J.270 APLEY, M. ARNAUTOV, Michael L. ANDREWS, Margaret L. ARNOLD, Lorna ARTHUR, Anne D.319 D.319 J.270 F.381 J.271 J.270 J.270 APHRAHAMIAN, Francis ASHBEE, Kenneth Harold George ARMAMENT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ESTABLISHMENT F.384 ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKERS ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ASSOCIATION ASTA, Bernhard R. DALL’ J.272, J.273 F.382, F.383 J.274 J.274 J.274 ASTBURY, William Thomas ATIYAH, Sir Michael ATKINS, Edward D. T. D.362, D.374 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 AUDIO-LEARNING LTD BADDELEY, Olive BAETA, Bob BAGLIN, John E.E. BALL, John BANGHAM, D.H. BANKS, W.H. BARRON, Thomas Hugh Kenneth BARRY, T.1. Index of correspondents J.275 J.276 J.276 E.518 J.276 J.277 J.276 C.339 BASSETT, David Clifford A.280, J.278 BENHAM, W.S. BENNEMA, P. J.279 J.279 BENNETT, Rosalind J.279 BIQUARD, P. BLACKABY, Frank BONFIELD, William BOYES, P.L. GAI- BLEANEY, Brebis BOLZENIUS, [?] BILBY, Bruce Alexander C.279, C.320, J.280, J.281 J.279 J.279 J.279 J.279 BRAGG, Sir William Lawrence G.132 BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION BRISTOL MUNICIPAL CHARITIES BRISTOL SCIENTIFIC CLUB J.313 J.279 J.279 BRAUN, Ernst BRISCOE, H.V.A. F.386, F.387 F.388 G.131 BRITISH RAILWAYS D331; Di332 E.107, H.186 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 BROOKS, Harvey BROOM, Trevor BROWN, A.F. BUNN, Charles William Index of correspondents C.325 J.279 J.279 J.279 C.248 BURHOP, Eric Henry Stoneley D.319, D.320 CABRERA, Nicholas CAHN, John W. CAHN, Robert Wolfgang CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CANNON, Cyril George CARGILL III, G. Slade C.253, F.403, F.404, F.410 A.257, A.280, J.282 C.278, J.283 D.342 Bioo J.283 CARLETON, Don CHADWICK, G.A. J.283 J.283 J.283 G.133 F.451 J.283 A.117 F.389 C.345 J.283 CHAMBERS, R. G CHALMERS, Bruce CAVENEY, Robert J. CHEMICAL SOCIETY CARTWRIGHT, David Edgar CHANDRASEKHAR, Sivaramakrishna CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE J.287 CHEMISTRY AND INDUSTRY J.283 J.285 J.286 CHRISTIAN, Jack Wyrill CHERIAN, Kuruvilla A. CLADIS, Patricia Elizabeth CHERNOV, A.A. CHINNERY, M.A. A.283, J.284 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Index of correspondents CLOSE, Frank COGHILL, Nevill Henry Kendal COLBECK, Samuel C. COLES, Harry James COLLAR, Arthur Roderick COLSTON RESEARCH SOCIETY COTTRELL, Sir Alan Howard COTTRELL, John COVENTRY REPERTORY COMPANY J.288 J.288 J.288 J.288 B.154, J.289 B.310-B.324 J.280, J.289 J.289 J.289 COX, Sir (Ernest) Gordon H.178, J.289 CRAMPIN, Stuart CRUIKSHANK, Austin James Bruce J.290 J.290 DAWSON, J. M. G.134-G.174 D.319, J.294 DAVIES, John D. DAVIES, Mansel DE BEERS DEBYE, Paul DANYZ, M. DAUNT, J.G. J.291 J.291 J.292 D.410 C.298 DAVIS, Edward A. J.383 D.319 DALITZ, Richard Henry J.295 DERJAGUIN, Boris Vladimirovich DELBRUCK, Max Ludwig Henning DITCHBURN, Robert William DENTON, Sir Eric James J.293 J.295 J.393 DIXON, Bernard DIXON, Richard C.299, J.296 D.288 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Index of correspondents DUMERT, P. DZHELEPOV, V.P. EADES, John Alwyn EASTWOOD, W.S. EATON, Frederik S. EDGE, R. ELLIOTT, Sir Roger James ELTON, Lewis Richard Benjamin ENDERBY, John Edwin ERICKSEN, Jerry L. ERRERA, Jacques J.298 J.298 J.298 J.299 J.300 J.300 J.300 J.300 J.300 ERSKINE, Vivienne J.300 See J.281 EVANS, W.G. EVANS, Trevor F.393 J.301 C.248 J.300 FARADAY SOCIETY FARRELL, Christopher J. ESHELBY, John Douglas EVANS, Ulick Richardson EUROPEAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY C.345, J.307 J.302 GEIS G.135 J.307 FISHER, John Crocker C.248, C.249, F.394 J.303-J.306 C.254 FISHER, R.M. FLINT, Einar P. FIBREGLASS LTD FIELD, John E. FISCHER, Erich F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Index of correspondents FOOT, Michael Richard Daniell FORSTER, Th. FOWLER, Mary FOWLER, Sir Ralph Howard FORTY, Arthur John FRANCE MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION FRANK, Lady Maita FRANKS, James FRASER, Ronald FREEMAN, Richard F. FREEZE FRIEDEL, Jacques J.307 H.210 C.253 J.307 J.307 J.307 A.282, J.309, J.310 D.319, J.307 FUJITA, Hiroshi GALT, John Kirtland C.270 J.307 wont J.313 D.370 J.312 FULLMAN, Robert L. FUMI, Fausto Gherardo FROHLICH, Herbert J.313 GENNES, Pierre-Gilles de GEACH, George Alwyn GENERAL ELECTRIC J.313 C.249 J.313 GENERAL ATOMIC G.176 G.177 GANZ, Peter Felix GATES, David J. GATTY, Oliver GAYLE, Frank W. GEMANT, ?A. C.214, C.215 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Index of correspondents GIBBS, David Fortnam C.325, J.314, J.386 GIELGUD, Sir (Arthur) John GIFFORD, Henry GILLESPIE, Marjorie GLEN, John Wallington GOLDANSKIl, Vitalii 1. GOLDBART, Paul M. GOLDENFELD, Nigel GOREAU, Peter GRAY, George William J.314 J.314 J.314 C.254 J.315 J.315 J.315 J.315 J.316 GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE F.390 HOME OFFICE GREEN, H. GREGORY, Bernard P. D.323, F.425, F.426 F.427, F.428 F.391, F.392 F.395-F.397 MINISTRY OF SUPPLY GREENWOOD, Geoffrey MINISTRY OF DEFENCE GREEN, Vivian Hubert Howard GREGORY, Richard Langton DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH J.316 GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand D.311 J.316 J.316 J.316 J.316 D.319 J.316 J.316 C.298 GRIFFIN, Joe GRIFFIN, L.J. GUTMAN, Ivan GUTZOW, I. GRIGGS, David Tressel C.248-C.250 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Index of correspondents HAGGETT, Peter HAINE, M.E. HALL, E.O. HALL, H. Warburton HAMPSON, G.L. HAMPTON, Susan HARRIS, Jack E. HART, Michael HAWORTH, Lionel HAYES, William HEAD, Alan J.317 J.317 J.318 J.402 J.317 J.317 J.317 J.317 J.317 J.294 J.319 D.278, D.279 J.319 HEILBRONN, Hans Arnold HEINEY, Paul HEITLER, Walter HENISCH, Heinz K. HENSHAW, Denis L. D.319, D.320 D.407, J.334 C.324 J.319 J.319 C.277 HELE, Desmond KING- HESKETH, Ross Vernon HERBERT, Sir Alan Patrick H.241 HEYDENREICH, Johannes HINTON, Howard Everest J.319 J.319 J.320 HIGASI, Keniti HILDITCH, T.P. J.321 B.153 HERENGUEL, J. HIDE, Raymond HIRSCH, Sir Peter B. C.222, C.223 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Index of correspondents HIRTH, John P. HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HOFFMAN, John Drake HOLLAND, W.P. HOLLOMON, John Herbert HONEYCOMBE, Sir Robert William Kerr HOOK, Andrew van HOPKINS, Harold Horace HORN, F. Hubbard HORTON, A. Trobridge HOUGHTON, Sir John Theodore HOWARD, Philip J.320 J.290 J.322 J.324 C.298, J.323 See also J.381 J.324 C.251 J.301 C.252 J.324 J.324 J.324 HSU Chung-Chi HUBBELL, Harry H. Jr; HUMPHREYS, David HUSH, Noel J.325 C.298 J.325 J.325 Uige5 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS HURLE, Donald Thomas James D.359, J.325 IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES HUXLEY, Jocelyn Richenda Gammell, Lady JACKSON, J.D. INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR CRYSTAL GROWTH F.401-F.419 INSTITUTION OF STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES B.156, B.157, B.158-B.165, G.178 C.324 G.179 J.326 D.363-D.367, D.346, F.398-F.400 IRWIN, George R. Index of correspondents F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 JACKSON, Willis, Baron JARIC, Marko V. JENNINGS, Reginald JENNINGS, Rosamund JONES, D. Arthen JONES, Sir Owen Haddon WANSBROUGH- JONES, Reginald Victor JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH JOURNAL OF GLACIOLOGY JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE KALEJS, Juris P. A.159, J.327 J.326 J.326 J.326 C.246 J.402 A.144, C.231 C.345, D.369, D.372, F.457, H.279, J.328-J.330, J.342, J.391 D.475 D.338 D.476 J.331 D.331, D.332 KEYES; FG: KING, Peter KELLER, Andrew KELLY, Anthony J.331 J.331 A.282, J.332 J.331, J.356 KAMIMURA, Hiroshi KEITH, Harvey Douglas KEOHANE, Kevin William KAPITZA, Pyotr Leonidovitch KING, Geoffrey Charles Plume J.336-J.338 KINGMAN, Sir John Frank Charles KNIGHT, Charles Alfred J.331 J.331 J.333 J.333 J.333 J.333 KITTEL, Charles KLEMAN, Maurice KLOTZ, Irving KLUG, Sir Aaron J.309, J.335 D.405 J.333 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Index of correspondents KNIGHT, P.L. KOBAYASHI, Shunsuke KOCHENDORFER, A. KOCHS, Marianne KOHLER, Karin KOHN, Walter KOPSTIK, Vladimir Alexandrovich KRAMISH, Arnold KRONBERG, Marritt L. KRUMHANSI, James A. KUO, K. H. KURTI, Nicholas J.339 J.339 J.339 J.339 J.339 C.323, J.339 J.340, J.341 D.405, J.342, J.343 C.324 J.344 J.344 D.362, D.370, D.372, J.344 LANG, H.R. LANGDON, A.A.M. LAWN, Brian Ronald LEFEVRE, R.J.W. LINDOP, Patricia J. LIPSON, Henry J.345, F.403 C.298 LESCHKE, Elisabeth J.345 J.347 J.347 LANG, Andrew Richard C.339, D.368, G.135, J.346 LINCOLN COLLEGE OXFORD J.347 LUDOVICI, Anthony M. LIVINGSTON, Jim D. J.347 C.324 J.347 J.347 J.347 LOGAN, Jonothan L. LOPEZ, Adair LOWSON, Martin V. F.420-F.423 D.373, D.406 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 LUKES, Tom L. LYTTLETON, R.A McCONNELL, Robert MacFARLANE, Alistair G.J. MacKAY, Alan L. MACKLEY, Malcolm Robert McLACHLAN, David S. McLAUCHLIN, Keith MacMILLAN, Jake MADDOX, Sir John Royden MADER, H.M. MAJOR, John Index of correspondents J.348 J.348 J.348 J.349 J.348 J.348 J.348 J.350 J.350 J.350 MANSFIELD, Marc MARSHALL, Susan MERCER, Robert L. MITCHELL, John P. J.400, J.351 D.319 MARTIN, !.G. VOIGT- MARSDEN, Ralph J.B. MARADUDIN, Alexei A. J.350 J.350 J.350 J.350 MASON, Sir (Basil) John MERRISON, Maureen, Lady MERWE, Johannes Hendrik VAN DER J.352 MITCHELL, Sir (Edgar) William (John) MILES, Mervyn John J.352 J.399 D.347 J.352 J.353 METALS SOCIETY MICHAELS, Debra G.135, G.137, J.352 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 MOORE, Anthony Moreton MOORE, Walter J. MORRELL, Jack MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis MOULLIN, Eric Balliol MULLIN, John Brian MUNK, Walter Heinrich MURALI, S. Index of correspondents J.355, J.356 J.354 J.354 A.282, C.250, C.305, C.319, C.358, J.357 See also A.465 J.358 D.337 C.323, C.325, J.286 J.354 NABARRO, Frank Reginald Nunes C.251, D.278, D.279, H.241, J.359, J.360 NATURE D.312, D.477 NEEDHAM, Angela NISBET, Euan G. J.365 J.361-J.364 NIXON, Peter H. NOAKES, Ben J.365 J.365 C.285 J.365 J.366 NYE, John Frederick NISHIMURA, Hideo NELSON, Jon Thomas NICOLAYSEN, Louis O. C.325 A.114, A.283, J.366 OERLING, Jan H.J. D.401 J.367 J.367 J.367 OEXLE, Gerhard OROWAN, Egon OLIVA, Josep M. OLMSTED, P.D. OMAR, M. C.251, C.299 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Index of correspondents OSWALD, P. OWEN, Anthony J. J.367 J.367 OWEN, S.P.F. HUMPHREYS- C.247, C.248 PALMER, Henry Proctor PARASNIS, Arawind Shripad PARKIN, David W. PASCOE, Ernst PEACE, Richard A. PEASE, Rendel Sebastian PEIERLS, Sir Rudolf Ernst PENROSE, Oliver PERKINS, Donald Hill C.295 J.368 J.369 J.369 J.369 D.368 D.372, J.369 J.369 C.358, D.321, J.369 PEIILEY, Fi: PIKE, Gordon PIPER, David J.369 C.325 D.355, D.478 D.357 D.339 J.370 G.180 PHILLIPS, Charles H. PHYSICS EDUCATION PIPPARD, Sir (Alfred) Brian PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE PILKINGTON BROTHERS LTD PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE LETTERS J.371 J.371 J.371 J.371 PIRENNE, Maurice Henri J.370 weor0 wo70 J.370 POLCAROVA, Milena POIRIER, Jean-Paul PITTERI, Mario PLANT, Ruth POINT, J.-J. F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 POND, Robert Charles PONOMAREV, Leonid POWELL, Cecil Frank POWERS, Thomas PRATTER, Joan PRICE, P. Buford PRIESTER, L. Index of correspondents J.372 H.305, J.373 ESA. D.368, J.371 J.375 C.324 J.375 PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS F.429-F.446 QUEEN ELIZABETH’S HOSPITAL SCHOOL, BRISTOL F.447, J.352 RANDALL, Merle J.376 RANDLE, Valerie RAULT, Jacques READ, Michael REED, Peter J.376 J.376 J.378 J.379 J.377 C.251 RATHENAU, G.W. RICHARDSON, R.M. RAYNES, Edward Peter RECKITT HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS J.381 RIDEAL, Sir Eric Keightley ROBERTSON, D.W. RINGWOOD, A.E. J.379 J.379 J.379 J.379 J.379 J.379 J.380 RICHTER, Achim RICKARD, C.E. RIEEY = DIR: ROBBINS, D.J. J.379, J.387 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 ROOS, Daniel ROSBAUD, Paul ROSE, Paul Lawrence ROTBLAT, Sir Joseph ROTHERY, Cecil J. ROWLAND, [?] ROYAL SOCIETY Index of correspondents J.381 See J.342, J.391 D.402-D.404, D.406, J.381 D'319;,):3204):33i2 D.3e2 See also J.381 J.381 J.381 D.321, D.362, D.479, D.480, F.448- F.464, J.342, J.391 RUNCORN, Stanley Keith RUOFF, Arthur L. RUSSELL, Sir Frederick Stratten A.281 J.382 J.382 J.312, J.383 J.275, J.383 C.358, J.386 SADLER, David M. SCHEEL, Hans J. SEAL, Michael SEEGER, Alfred J.383 J.383 J.384 C.324 J.383 J.385 SAVAGE, R.J.G. SCHRIJVER, Kees SCHRAGER, G.R. SAKHAROV, Andrei SCHLOESSIN, Helmut H. J.387 SHEPHERDSON, John C. SIDGWICK, Nevil Vincent SERIES, George William SILLARS, R. William J.296 J.386 J.386 J.387 J.388 SHEACH, Sheila SILLS, Dick F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 SIMONS, H.-S. SLATER, R. SLECHTA, J. SMITH, Cyril Stanley SMITH, Roger SMITH, Vincent J. SONDHEIMER, Ernest H. SPRINGFORD, Michael STEEDS, John Index of correspondents J.387 J.390 J.389 J.390 J.390 J.303 J.390 D.410 D.371 STEINER, Vincent C. FRANK- D.405, J.391 STEVELEY AK: STEVENS, G.C. STEWART, Walter W. J.392 J.392 J.392 STIGANT, S. Austen SWEET, William A.150, D.273, J.392 J.392 J.392 C.249, J.392 STRANSKI, Iwan N. SULTAN, F.S.A. C.270 J.392 D.405 SUTTON, Leslie Ernest STONEHAM, A. Marshall SUTHERLAND, Sir Gordon Brims Black Mclvor THOMAS, Sir John Meurig TEMPERLEY, Harold Neville Vazeille TABOR, David TAKAGI, Satio TIMMS, Peter TOBIAS, Phillip THOMAS, Edwin Lorimer F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Index of correspondents THOMPSON, Sir Harold Warris THOMPSON, Norman D.413 C.324 THOMSON, Sir George Paget C.247, C.270 THE TIMES TOLANSKY, Samuel TOZER, David C. TUCKER, Rab: TURNBULL, David TURNER, A.J. TYNDALL, Arthur Mannering TYNDALL, Diana TYNDALL, John J.324 C.250 J.394 J.397 A.257, C.253, C.306, C.307 J.397 D.322 J.397 J.397 UDVARHELYI, Adalbert ULLMAN, Robert UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA UBBELOHDE, Alfred Rene John Paul UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA: INSTITUTE OF GEOPHYSICS AND PLANETARY PHYSICS J.399 UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMITTEE C.358 F.465 G.181 F.466 J.398 J.399 VERMA, Ajit Ram VOIGT-MARTIN, 1.G. VONK, C.G. UNWIN, Paul B.152-B.327 See MARTIN F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 Index of correspondents WAGNER, Carl WALKER, David WALKER, Mark WANSBROUGH-JONES, O.H. WARD, Ian Macmillan WARNER, Mark WARNOW, Joan N. WATERMAN, H.I. WATKINS, Jeffrey Clifton WATT, William WEILL, Adrienne R. J.402 J.365 C.299, J.403 See JONES J.402 J.402 J.402 J.402 J.402 J.402 C.299 WEISSKOPF, Victor Frederick DSS ss2 J.404 J.404 J.269, J.404 WHELAN, Mike J. WILSON, Roger WILSON, Tom WEXLER, R. WHALLEY, E. J.404 G.305 J.404 J.344 WHIFFEN, David Hardy WILKINSON, Sir Denys Haigh WILSDORF, Doris KUHLMANN- J.409 WRIGHT, Edward Maitland WINDLE, Alan Hardwick J.409 Dios, Ds32 A.280, H.298, J.406 D.372, J.407, J.408 D.331, D.332, D.334 WIRTZ, Karl W.J. WOODS, Geoffrey S. WOOSTER, W.A. WHITE, James J.405 F.C. Frank (Supplement) NCUACS 127/13/03 WRINCH, Dorothy Maud WYLIE, Russell G. WYNGAARDER, James YOUNG, D.A. YOUNG, Pierre Henry John ZIABICKI, Andrzej ZIMAN, John Michael ZMUDA, Alfred J. ZUCKERMAN, Solly, Baron Index of correspondents J.409 C.315-C.318 J.409 J.410 J.410 C.342, C.343 D.323