FOX, Harold Munro v2

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Report on the papers of PROFESSOR HAROLD MUNRO FOX, FRS (1889-1967) deposited in the College Archives, Imperial College of Science and Technology, ¢ London SW7 2AZ Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS All rights reserved Archives entre (csac 10/4/74) by London WC2A 1HP 1974 ¢ A SOAG ¥ 4 V/A 10/4 Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Papers of PROFESSOR HAROLD MUNRO FOX, F.R.S. (1889 - 1967) London Deposited in the College Archives, Imperial College of Science & Technology Harriot Weiskittel Listed by: Jeannine Alton ‘ .9.A.6- f ‘ aa 10/4/74 ry / The papers cover All notebooks and lectures are manuscript with the exception of the script + - Professor Fox's broadcast talks to schools. Professor Fox was an accomplished linguist; French,German and Italian, at as well. inglish,are used in the notebooks,lectures and correspondence; an appropriate indication is given in the handlist. AmMary of pecan hiaeaate eer of Professor Rox. NOC de 10¢ th 9 (at birth Harold Munro Fuchs; the form 'Fox' was used during service in the 1914~ 18 War,and adopted by deed poll). Brighton College Caius College, Cambridge (Senior Scholar) Plymouth Laboratory Naples ‘2 Lecturer in Zoology,Royal College of Science,London (now Imperial College a War service in Balkans,ligypt,Salonika,Palestine Lecturer in Biology,Government School of Medicine,Cairo 1955 1959 1966 Gold Medal,Linnean Society Fellow,Caius College Editor, Biological Reviews Married Natalia Lvovna Mertens Fellow of the Royal Society Zoological Expedition to Suez Canal Emeritus Professor, Bedford College ,London Professor of Zoology, Birmingham University Professor of Zoology,Bedford College ,London Research Assistant and Fellow,Queen Mary College,London Fullerian Professor of Phystology,Royal Institution President,International Union of Biological Sciences Darwin Medal,Royal Society H.M {J Ge tise Ce 10/4/74 Contents of wee exe Le IT. Biographical Notebooks and working papers Broadcast talks to schools Lectures Publications Correspondence Index to principal correspondents Biographical Memoir,by J.E.Smith, Biographical fMaenoirs of Fellows of the Royal Societ; Vol.14,1965,207 — 222 Misc.ebiographical material; photographs,menus and souvenirs of Brighton College,Caius College,Cambridge 1905 — 197 social lite in London 1936 — 55 14 ig Misc. biographical material; 1 et. A.Cambridge , 1919 Letter of thanks on retirement, Bedford College, 1954 Letters of thanks for lectures as Fullerian Professor,Réyal Institution etc. 1956 — 57 1924 — 25 Notebooks and working papers. a 1937 ~ 65 1937 1948 1945 1954 1959 1963 1965 Robert Weill and biographical sketch by Fox) Honours,Appointments and Awards ‘Army Book 152',inscribed 'H.M.F. Suez.Sept.1915° in front, geometrical theorems in Italian mad French; at back, ‘An Introduction to Mathematics by A.N.Whitehead. El Shatti, Suez.April 1916" and notes on books by Glazebrook,Soddy and others. Membre correspondant ,Société de Biologie,Paris Associé,Académie Royale de Belgique Membre correspondant,Société Philomathique de Paris Professor Imeritus, London Gold Medal,Linnean Society Fellow,Institute of Biology Doctor,Honoris Causa, Bordeaux (with presentation speech by Dr. II Work on Spirogaphis at Banyuls, Birmingham, Tamaris,Naples I. Work on Chlorocruorin at Roscoff,Cambridge & Birmingham Suez Canal Expedition Oct.1924 to Jan Photographs, journal,scientific observations ae 17 Laboratory notebooks numbered I — XI by Munro Fox (pages numbered 1 ~ 99 + 8 unnumbered pages at end) 1-12,4 Fr atich - IV. ‘Pigment Lecturest on cover; inside,experimental observa Tamaris,Birmingham (in French and Ing lin sh ) Misc. expts.& observations on Daphnia,Oxygen Dissociation Curves, etc. gosto 1947. Chlorocruorin and Haemoglobin.' “Index' at end. Notes. August —index on front page and VIII.'Research Notes. September 195 4 College.' 15. IX. ‘Research Notes. August 1954. Arcachon. Queen Pallanza. Split.' Mary College. 16%: X. "Book X. Ostracoda. Cladocera.’ (in Italian,Russian,German, French ),with related correspondence. ? 1960 Vie Al 3. # Books KL. 18. Small notebook. (dated 1966 by Mrs. Munro Fox) J Typescript,some with MS. corrections 23. Misc. working notes. animals,& related correspondence. 22. Chirocep 1960 20. Work on Daphnia. 5 1943 - 49 1961 for information in ‘News for Naturalists.' 2i. Misc. notes & working papers on Ostracods us diaphanus. Correspondence following Fox's request 19. Noteboak 'Richerche!,notes and ideas for experiments. 24. ‘Funny Names.'; notes on scientific nomenclature of plants Articles & bibliographiess;notes on books read. Correspondence with D.J.Scourfield Correspondence with Metropolitan Water Board,Chelsea Physic Garden,Royal Botanic Garden,Kew. 12 talks Sept. — Dec ITI. Broadcast talks to schools,1937 — 39. . Biology and Food. 12 talks Sept. — Dec. Biology in the Service of Man: Term II Biology in the Service of Man: Term I 10 talks Jan — March Health. Ts for the are Terme 92 £0 e Biology yvervice ae Evolution. 6 ic ae Tags talks Mz Fea oe ee June 1939 > Darwin and Evolut Lectures, practicals, 'Extra Notes', 'Locomotion' 3c BEHAVIOUR Lectures,practicals. Corresp: O.E.Lowenstein 33. 34-6 356 COLORATION Lectures,practicals Gytological technique,Pharmacology, Biochemistry FISHES Lectures,practicals. Corresp: H.W.Lissman 36. GENETICS 1. GEOLOGY HISTORY LUMINESCENCE MOLLUSCA PARASITISN PHYSIOLOGY POLYZOA Lectures,practicals TRATION Lectures,practicals,diagrams MUSCLES Lectures,practicals,diagrams Lectures given at various places and dates. With photographs. Oxygen and Life Reminiscences of a Biologi Microspectroscopy The Moon and Life (2) Life between the Tide Marks Lectures,diagrams. Corresp: R.Whitney 48. ZOOGEOGRAPHY Lectures,diagrams,drawings Notes for practicals STATISTICS 'SUBZ' ic ia CeoeAneUs A // 47 WU &/ {4 ' fry 'The Nature of Animal Colours' by H.Munro Fox Vevers, London, 1960. Revision copy with Ms correc 7 1 douce des environs d'tArcachon.! accepted for publication Corrected typescript and corresfy in Bull. 3 st) ished at Munro Fox's death and completed by J.Green (Crustacea, Ostracoda) in and Barbara Gilchrist. 54. Misc. publications — short notes, letters,obituaries etc. VI.Correspondence. Professor Fox's filing of letters by topic or correspondent unsorted letters have been put in date order where possible. has been preserved; with Frank Lambert on Pigments Correspondence re Fox's SeReC.grant for work on freshwater Ostracods Comments on work and research projects. (to be consulted only with written permission of the Archivist ) Biological Reviews includes Fox's history of Biological Reviews, 1956; Fox edited Biologival Reviews from 1926 until his death. personal and scientific correspondence with Mary Hazleton (Cave Research Group of Great Britain) with Graziella Arrichini (in Italian) with Dom Remack Rome 0.S.B. (in French) with Henri Gautier (in French ) with colleagues in Yugoslavia on Longevity in invertebrates with T.Petkovski (in German ) from G.Fryer correspo! personal and scientific correspondence personal and scientific correspondence personal and scientific correspondence and undated tt ARDO, Paul ARRICHINI,Grazgiella ASCOLI,Pierre BARKER, Dennis CANNON ,H,Graham, FRS CARDOT ,H. CHAPLIN, Arthur (Viscount) CLITANDRE,S. DOHRN,Peter Re! Fe CLARK ,R.B. CLEGG, John DELORWE,L. D. COULSON ,Charles A. FRS de BEER, Sir Gavin Rylands GAUTIER ,Henri FAURE-FREMIET, Emmanuel FRS GALLIFORD,A. FAGE, Louis FALK,John FOX,Denis FREEM FRYER , Ge poy A Penis 10/4/74 Lia GILCHRI ROT NacuMgThMN GOLDSCHMIDT GOODWIN, L ARD Aru H ARTRI at St HAZLETO! HELLER G,Francis B. rt (Robin) FRS HOGBEN , ‘ ancelot FRS HORNE, John HRBACEK , J Eric gantakhs f: K,A Ant. MER Nevill Via rank FRS am + Ri ANT oT; LE BRETON give KBEILIN , David LAMBERT ,F LASER, H. LATTI ERR, John Grah KNAPP-FISHER , J KURIAN ,C. os MEYAKER ,Walter MONRO ,C. LOFFL JER ,Heing LOWENSTE fIN,Otto Egon ere ans Werner MASCHLER , Tom MANN ,K. He FRS FRS TVD aw. RE He Oe Paton MC 055 , F way nk MUNDIE,< Harold MURALT A. von TEI LSSEN PARRY sue em He PE WTKOVSK:! fy, Dom Remack ROSS Helen E. ROTHSCHILD ,Hon. Miriam SCHMITT, Waldo L. SPROSTON ,Nora G. TONNOLLI , Livia TONNOLLI , Vittorio TRIEBES ,E. TURNER, Joseph TABENKIN ,B. TIFFON , Yves SCOURFIELD ,D. Je SMITH, Sir William Wright 60 WARBURTON ,P. WHITNEY ,Reg. 68,69,71 71 68 710 1 68 69 46 WILSON , Douglas