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Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Peter Howard Fowler FRS (1923-1996) By Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell NCUACScatalogue no. 115/1/03 P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 1 Title: Catalogue of the papers and correspondenceof Peter Howard Fowler, FRS, (1923-1996), physicist Compiled by: Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell Date of material: 1940-2002 Extent of material: 33 boxes, ca 1000 items Depositedin: Special Collections, Arts & Social Sciences Library, University of Bristol Reference code: GB 0003 DM 1946 © 2003 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. NCUACScatalogue no. 115/1/03 P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Heritage Lottery Fund TheInstitute of Physics The Macro Group UK The Polymer Physics Group The Public Record Office P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 NOT ALL THE MATERIALIN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCETO: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS ARCHIVIST, ARTS & SOCIAL SCIENCES LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION Items Page SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.1-A.96 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL B.1-B.164 SECTION C BALLOONFLIGHTS SECTION D RESEARCH C.1-C.55 D.1-D.74 SECTION E DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS E.1-E.68 SECTION F LECTURES SECTION G VISITS AND CONFERENCES F.1-F.60 G.1-G.32 SECTION H SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS H.1-H.346 SECTIONJ CORRESPONDENCE J.1-J.108 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS 20 28 35 43 54 61 66 91 100 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 5 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Mrs Rosemary Fowler, widow of Professor Fowler, in 2000. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF PETER HOWARD FOWLER Peter Howard Fowler was born in Cambridge on 27 February 1923, the son of the leading theoretical physicist Ralph Howard Fowler the son-in-law of Lord Rutherford, the discoverer of the atomic nucleus. Fowler attended Winchester College between 1936 and 1940 and entered the University of Bristol to study for a B.Sc. in Physics. The Second World Warput a temporary halt to his studies but gave him the opportunity to develop knowledge of radar techniques as a signals officer in the RAF between 1942 and 1946. His most remarkable achievement was the detection of German signals jamming the navigation systems of RAF bombersandidentifying the signal station responsible which wasthen destroyed. However, he had been able while at Bristol to assist C.F. Powell as a project assistant before his entering the RAF, and this work led to a Nature paper published in 1947 after the conclusions had beenconfirmed by other researchers at Liverpool. In 1946 he was able to resumehis undergraduate studies. He graduated in June 1948 and quickly established himself as a leading member of C.F. Powell’s cosmic rays research group at Bristol. Fowler was appointed Assistant Lecturer in Physics in 1948, Lecturer in 1951 and Readerin 1961. He spent a year at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis as a Visiting Professor in 1956-1957 and in 1958 he accepted the post of Professor of Physics at the same university. However the American Embassy refused to grant him an immigrant’s visa on medical grounds and consequently he remainedat the University of Bristol for the rest of his career. Fowler was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1964 (Rutherford Lecturer 1971, Hughes Medal 1974) andlater that year appointed a Royal Society Research Professorin Physics, holding this post until his retirement in 1988. In collaboration with Powell, Fowler's research concentrated on the study of elementary particles created naturally by interactions of cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere of the earth. High altitude balloons, and later VC10 aircraft, were used to carry nuclear emulsionfilms that recorded cosmic ray activity, launching from sites worldwide. After Powell’s death in 1969, Fowler continued this research and bythe early 1980s had extendedit through the use of solid-state detectors and gasscintillator detectors flown on the UK satellite Ariel 6. His measurements of super heavy nuclei proved an important step in the understanding of the supernova mechanism. One of Fowler’s notable early achievements with Powell’s group was the identification in 1949 of the first of a new type of P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 6 elementary particle called the tau-meson (now called the K-meson). Among Fowler’s co-workers was Rosemary Brown, whom helater married. Fowler’s research on cosmic rays in the earth’s atmosphere and beyond had a numberof practical applications. In 1961 he was asked by the Air Registration Board to investigate whether radiation levels due to solarflares in high altitude flights in Concorde were hazardousforflight crew members. His report concluded they were no more dangerousthan in subsonicaircraft. Also in the early 1960s he suggested the use of pi-mesonsin cancer treatment. His ideasstill contribute to modern targeted radiotherapy practice and his lecture in 1964 on ‘Pi mesons vs Cancer’ gives an accountof this work and formed the basis of his Royal Society Rutherford Memorial Lecture delivered in New Zealand in 1971. As aconsultant for Rolls Royce between 1987 and 1993 Fowler devised a method to measure the temperature of the turbine blades of running engines using epithermal neutrons non-invasively. Following the Lockerbie aircraft bombing in 1988 he helped develop a method of screening for explosives in passengers’ luggage in airports using thermal neutrons. Fowler continued research after retirement until his death. He served as a director of a private companycalled Track Analysis Systems Ltd that developed and supplied neutron dosimeters, TASTRAKplastic and radon detectors to local authorities, laboratories and householders. Meteorology was oneof Fowler'slife long interests and he served as a member of the Meteorological Committee of the Meteorological Office (1983-1993). He was also chairman of the MRC/NRPB Committee on Radiological Protection from 1983 to 1992, Vice-President of the Royal Astronomical Society 1984, a member of the SERC Neutron Facilities Review Panel and Trustee of the Nehru Memorial Trust 1985-1996. Other commitments included service as a governor of King’s Schoolin Bruton, Somerset from 1982 and Chairmanof the Herschel House Trust in Bath from 1988, both until his death. Fowler had three daughters with his wife Rosemary. Hedied in Bristol on 8 November 1996. For further information on the life and career of Fowler see A.W. Wolfendale, ‘Peter Howard Fowler 27 February 1923-8 November 1996’, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, Vol. 44 (1998). DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The collection is presented in the order givenin thelist of contents. It covers the period from 1940 to 2002. Throughout this catalogue titles in inverted commas indicate the original typescript or manuscripttitles of Fowler's folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 7 Section A, Biographical, includes Fowler’s personalfile from the Department of Physics at the University of Bristol and other documents relating to his career, honours and awardsincluding his Royal Society Fellowship and Research Professorship. There is also historical material relating to C.F. Powell. The bulk of this section, however, is lecture notes taken by Fowler and Rosemary Brown as undergraduate students in the Bristol Physics Departmentin the 1940s. Section B, University of Bristol, includes correspondence, agendas, minutes and reports relating to University committees such as the Cancer Research Committee, the Radiological Protection Committee and the University Space Club of which Fowler was a member. The bulk of the documents, however, are records of the many microscope observers, scanners, balloon makers and technicians employed by the H.H. Wills Laboratory in cosmic ray research. There is also little general Department of Physics material. Section C, Balloon Flights, is arranged in chronological order. Nearly all the material dates from the 1960s and covers various balloon flight launches worldwide including Palestine, Texas in the USA (1960, 1966-1969), Fort Churchill in Canada (1965) and Hyderabad in India (1965). There is correspondence and papers re arrangementsfor flights, balloon technical specifications, flight plans, proposals and analysis of results. Section D, Research, though not extensive, includes draft papers, correspondence and figures covering a wide rangeof research interests other than the use of balloons for cosmic ray studies. Topics include pi-mesons in cancer treatment, magnetic monopoles and the heavy primary cosmic ray detector for the Ariel 6 satellite. Fowler was also involved in the assessmentof the radioactive fallout from the Ukrainian nuclear plant Chernobyl, both immediately after the disaster and subsequently ten years after its explosion. Section E, Drafts and publications, arranged in chronological order from 1947 to c.1996 and principally comprises off prints of Fowler's works. There are also some drafts, figures and correspondence. Section F, Lectures, is divided into three. There are university lectures presenting some of Fowler’s physics teaching at Bristol in the 1950s and 1960s, a sequenceofinvitations to lectures, and public and invitation lectures, which form the bulk of the section. This material comprises drafts, notes and correspondence, 1964-1996, principally lectures on cosmic rays. Section G, Visits and conferences, is a small section arranged in chronological order from 1956 to 1993. Principal visits covered are Fowler’s Visiting Professorship at the University of Minnesota in 1956-1957 and his possible move to Minnesota as Full Professor in 1958, the Royal Society of New P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 8 1956-1957 and his possible move to Minnesota as Full Professor in 1958, the Royal Society of New Zealand Rutherford Memorial Lecture Tour in 1971 and International Union of Pure and Applied Physics International Cosmic Rays Conferences. Section H, Societies and organisations, forms the largest section of the collection and documents Fowler’s involvement with seventeen UK andinternational organisations, mainly relating to physics but also to meteorology and radiological protection. Organisations particularly well represented in the papers include the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics for which Fowler was a UK delegate to IUPAP conferences, the Joint MRC/NRPB Committee on Radiological Protection (Chairman 1983-1992), the Royal Astronomical Society, the Royal Society (documenting Fowler’s service on various British National Committees) and the Science and Engineering Research Council (Chairman of the Neutron Facilities Review Panel). Non-scientific organisations he served were the Herschel House Trust, Bath (Chairman), King’s School in Bruton, Somerset (Governor) and the Nehru Memorial Trust (Trustee). There is also documentation of Fowler’s consultancy with Rolls- Royceplc and Track Analysis Systems, Ltd (TASL) of which he wasa director. Section J, Correspondence, is divided into two sequences; general correspondence and an alphabetical series following Fowler’s original arrangement. Correspondents are mainly scientific colleaguesand historians of science, although there are no extended exchanges. There is also an index of correspondents. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thanks are due to Mrs Rosemary Fowler for making the material available, her assistance in identifying and clarifying documents andfor biographical information on Fowler. Caroline F. Thibeaud Timothy E. Powell Bath, 2003 P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL,A.1-A.96 1943-2000 A.1-A.4 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL A.5-A.24 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS A.25-A.87 UNDERGRADUATE LECTURE NOTES A.88 PHOTOGRAPHS A.89-A.92 HISTORICAL MATERIAL ON CECIL FRANK POWELL A.93-A.96 MISCELLANEOUS P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 10 Biographical A.1-A.4 BIOGRAPHICAL AND AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL 1962-1996 A.1 A.1A A2 A.3 A.4 Obituaries. 1996 Photocopy of A.W. Wolfendale, ‘Peter Howard Fowler’, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol. 44 (1988). Curricula vitae. 1962-c.1990 Research statement and databaseentry. 1995, n.d. Fowler had a biographical the European Research and Development database to work as a consultant. entry in Correspondence with Debrett’s ‘Distinguished People of Today’. 1988-1995 A.5-A.24 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS 1946-1997 A.5 ‘Certified Statement of Service of Flying Officer Peter Howard Fowler’. c.1946 A.6-A.12 Head of Physics Department'sfile on Fowler. 1946-1997 Correspondence re Fowler's appointment as Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Reader and Royal Society Research Professor. Also includes correspondence re Fowler’s year as a Visiting of Minnesota, visits and balloon flight expeditions, NASA projects and grants. Professor at University the This file, which was found with Fowler’s papers, was kept by heads of department from A.M. Tyndall to C.F. Powell. 7 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 11 Biographical A.13-A.15 ‘P.H. Fowler Royal Soc. Fellowship application Nov. 1960 elected March 1964.’ 1960-1964 Correspondence re Fowler’s candidature and election as FRS. Also includes a letter of congratulation and Royal Society brochure for Fellows. 3 folders. A.16-A.20 ‘P.H. Fowler Royal Society Research Fellowship [sic] appointed July (crossed out) 1964 from 1st Oct. 1964.’ 1962-1965 Fowler was appointed Royal Society Research Professor in the same yearashis election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society. A.16, A.17 Correspondence re appointment. 1962-1964 2 folders. A.18 A.19 A.20 A.21 A.22 Letters of congratulation. 1964 ‘Dinner for new Royal Society Professors. Dec. 7 1964’. 1964 Folder also inscribed ‘(E.F. rang Mrs Bradshaw Catering Office. She will send over some specimen menus). Ask P.H.F. verbally.’ Contains correspondencere arrangements. ‘P.H. Professorship money’. Fowler Administration of Royal Society 1965 Ministry of Defence certificate of employment as Civilian Lecturer. Award of the Royal Society Hughes Medal. 1965 1974 Letter announcementof the award. congratulation of and correspondence re P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 12 Biographical A.23 A.24 Application for the position of Head of the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. 1983 Correspondence, position details and Fowler’s covering letter. Letter of appointment as Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Bristol. 1988 A.25-A.87 UNDERGRADUATE LECTURE NOTES Sequences of undergraduate notes of Fowler and fellow Bristol Physics student Rosemary Brown whom Fowler married in 1949. A.25-A.41 Fowler’s undergraduatelecture notes. Most are undated. Fowler graduated B.Sc. in 1948. 1943-1947, c. 2000 N.d., 1947, c. 2000 A.25 Note on Fowler’s undergraduate studies. c. 2000 This note was written by Rosemary Fowler as an introduction to Fowler’s undergraduatelecture notes. A.26, A.27 ‘Elastic Theory, Nuclear Physics (crossed out), Statistical Mechanics, Acoustics.’ 2 folders. A.28, A.29 ‘P.H. Fowler Nuclear Physics, E. M. Theory (Wylie), Theoretical (Gibbs), Magnetism (Potter).’ Electronics Physics (Mott), 2 folders. A.30-A.35 Manuscript notes found together. N.d. N.d. N.d. P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 13 Biographical A.30 ‘E. M.Theory.’ A.31 ‘Spectral Theory.’ A.32 A.33 A.34 A.35 ‘Solid State.’ ‘Crystallography.’ ‘Low temperature Physics.’ 1 letter and manuscript notes. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. N.d. A.36-A.41 Manuscript notes found together. N.d, 1947 A.36 A.37 A.38 A.39 A.40 A.41 Namesin titles refer to lecturers. ‘X-Rays, Mitchell 29 Apr.’ ‘Dr Jackson, Thermodynamics.’ ‘3rd law of T Dynamics.’ ‘Dr Mitchell Optics.’ ‘Dr. Powell, Prof. Tyndall. 20 Jan. Contact Potential in Frank and [? Finspern]’. ‘Dr Devonshire.’ N.d. N.d. N.d. 1947 N.d N.d. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 14 Biographical A.42-A.87 Rosemary Brown’s undergraduate lecture notes. 1943-1947, c.2000 A.42 Note on Rosemary Brown’s undergraduatestudies. c. 2000 Rosemary Fowler wrote this note of introduction to her lecture notes and notebooks. A.43-A.45 ‘General Physics.’ First pagetitle reads: ‘Intermediate Physics.’ 3 folders. A.46-A.48 ‘Calculus.’ 3 folders. A.49 ‘Geometry of Cosmic Sections’ 1943 1944 1944 A.50-A.54 Manuscript notes found together. 1944-1946 5 folders. A.50, A.51 ‘Measurementof Resistances.’ 2 folders. A.52 A.53 ‘Lecturer Dr Potter Thermoelectricity.’ ‘Atomic Physics.’ 1944 1944 1945 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 15 Biographical A.54 ‘Development of ‘Units and Dimensions’, ‘Nuclear Physics’, ‘Atomic Physics’, ‘J.J Thomson.’ Richardson Law and 1946 A.55-A.58 Notebooks 1944-1946 Four hard cover notebooks used for results of numbered experiments with graphs, drawings, calculations and tables. The notebookat A.58is also inscribed ‘(Part Il)’. A notebookinscribed ‘Part |’ was not found. A.55 A.56 A.57 A.58 Book | Book II Book III BookIV (Part Il) A.59, A.60 ‘Radio, April 1945.’ 2 folders. 1944-1945 1945 c.1946 1946-1947 1945 A.61-A.63 ‘Lecturer Miss Crawford, Applied Maths, October 8 1945.’ 1945 3 folders. A.64, A.65 ‘Lecturer Mr Vint, Statics, 9 October 1945.’ 2 folders. A.66 A.67 ‘Lecturer Prof. Mott, Theoretical Physics, October 10th 1945.’ ‘X-rays, October 15th 1945.’ 1945 1945 1945 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 16 Biographical A.68-A.70 ‘Chemistry.’ 1943-1946 Material found together under the abovetitle. A.68, A.69 Lecture notes. 1945-1946 Manuscript notes on statics and dynamics. 2 folders. A.70 Mechanics papers. 1943-1944 Copies of papers given in previous years used for exam preparation. A.71 ‘Vector Analysis Spring term 1946.’ 1946 A.72-A.80 Various lecture notes. 1946-1947 A.72 A.73 A.74 A.75 Material found together and including manuscript notes on: crystallography, physics, spectroscopy, statistical theory and electrodynamics. ‘April 1946, X-Rays and X-Ray Crystallography, R.H. Brown.’ ‘Superconductivity and ‘Dr Jackson Low Temperature Physics, October 7th 1946.’ ‘Dr Mitchell, Spectroscopy, October 9th 1946.’ ‘Prof. Mott, Statistical theory, October 15th 1946’ and other lectures. Also includes manuscript notes entitled ‘Probability of Hitting a Target, November 15th 1946’ and ‘Prof. Mott, Theoretical Nuclear Physics, May 1947’. 1946 1946 1946 1946 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 A.76 A.77 A.78 A.79 A.80 A.81 A.82 A.83 A.84 Biographical ‘Crystallography, January 1947.’ ‘Solid State, January 1947.’ ‘Dr Frolich [sic], Special Theory of Relativity, January 1947’ and other lectures. 1947 1947 1947 includes Also Thermodynamics.’ notes on ‘Statistical Mechanics of ‘Dr Frolich [sic], Electro-Dynamics, October 10th.’ c. 1947 ‘Superconductivity- Schoenberg[sic].’ N.d. ‘Optics’ and other lectures. N.d.,1946 includes Also Spectroscopy, August 1946.’ notes entitled ‘Supplementary Notes, ‘Mr Gibbs, Electronics, October 8th 1946.’ 1946 ‘Atomic Physics.’ 1946-1947 Folder includes manuscript notes on ‘The Historical Developmentof the Wave Theory of Light from Huyghens to Born and Jordan’, ‘The Measurement of Time’, ‘Applied Optics’, ‘Polarisation and Photons Dual Quantum Mechanics’ and miscellaneous notes and graph. Devonshire, ‘Dr. lectures. Differential Equations’ and_ other 1947 Also includes manuscript notes on ‘Solution of Differential Equations’ and ‘Radio Maths’. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 18 Biographical A.85 ‘Dr. Mitchell, Applied Optics, February 5 1947’ and other lectures. 1947. Also includes manuscript notes on ‘Spectral Lines and the of Atoms Containing more than one Electron.’ Structure A.86 ‘Wave Mechanics’ and other lectures. N.d.,1947 Also includes manuscript notes on ‘Magnetism’ taught by Professor Mott and ‘Experimental Work on Gyromagnetic Effect, Dr Potter.’ A.87 A.88 ‘Sound’ and miscellaneous notes. N.d. PHOTOGRAPHS 1976, 1981, 2002 2 colour photocopies of photographs of Fowler and his research team, with a separate sheetlisting the members photographed, 1976, 1981. Also includes a later covering letter from Rosemary Fowler with the photographs. A.89-A.92 HISTORICAL MATERIAL ON CECIL FRANK POWELL 1950-1996 A.89 Correspondencearising from request for photographs of Powell andillustrations of his research on physics for exhibition and publication. 1994-1995 Includes a black and white photograph of a balloon. A.90 Nobel prize etc. 1950, 1969, 1996 Copy of Powell's Nobel Prize Lecture and speech at the Banquetof Nobel Laureates, copy of Powell’s ‘The Aims and Role of Science in our Time,’ list of Powell’s honorary degree awards and a newspaper cutting. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 19 Biographical A.91 List of Powell.’ ‘Publications from 4th Floor-Correspondence, Also includes three papers by membersof the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory. 4th Floor refers to the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory where Powell, Fowler and his team worked. A.92 Photographs c.1950 Black and white photographs and negative originals of the Nobel Prize ceremony. Also includes a photographof Powell and Goku Menonat the H.H. Wills Laboratory. A.93-A.96 MISCELLANEOUS c.1950, 1984, n.d. A.93 A.94 A.95 A.96 Personal address book. Office address book. Fowler’s vaccination certificate. Typescript notes onsilver cleaning. This describes a method of cleaning silver developed by the Fowlers. N.d. N.d. c.1950 N.d. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 20 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL,B.1-B.164 1952-1995 B.1-B.29 UNIVERSITY COMMITTEES AND CLUBS B.30-B.153 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS COSMIC RAYS RESEARCH GROUP B.154-B.164 GENERAL DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS PAPERS P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 21 University of Bristol B.1-B.29 UNIVERSITY COMMITTEES AND CLUBS 1964-1987 Includes correspondence, agenda and minutes, reports and memoranda, codes of practice and regulations on the University of Bristol Cancer Research Committee, the Radiation Protection Committee and the University Space Club. B.1-B.14 Cancer Research Committee 1965-1972 Correspondence, agenda and minutes, annual reports andfinancial statements. Fowler was a member of the Committee. B.1, B.2 Correspondence re apologies for absence and grant application. 1966-1970 2 folders. B.3-B.6 Agendasof meetings of the Committee. 1966-1971 4 folders. B.7-B.9 Minutes of the Committee meetings. 1966-1971 3 folders. B.10-B.12 Annual reports. 1965-1969 3 folders. B.13 Financial statements and grant application material. 1965-1988 Financial statements for 1966 can be found at B.3. B.14 Miscellaneous. 1968, N.d. Includes graphsand list of purchased equipment. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 22 University of Bristol B.15-B.28 Radiation Protection Committee 1964-1971 Correspondence, minutes, reports to the University and the Senate, codesof practice. Fowler was a member of the Committee. Radiation Protection B.15-B.18 Circulars and agendas. 1965-1971 Also memorandum andreports. includes correspondence’ B.19-B.22 4 folders. Minutes. 4 folders. For 1965 minutes see B.15. re attendance, 1966-1971 B.23, B.24 ‘Reports of the University Radiation Protection Officer.’ 1966-1969 2 folders. B.25 ‘Draft Committee.’ Report to Senate of Radiation Protection 1966-1967 Also includes 1 pagefinal report for 1967. B.26, B.27 National codes of practice and University of Bristol safety regulations. 1964-1966 2 folders. B.28 Copy of an article entitled ‘Radiological Protection in Research and Teaching’ and copy of ‘Checkedlist of “Sealed Sources.”‘ 1967, 1970 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 23 University of Bristol B.29 The University Space Club 1987 Correspondence and final draft for submission to the House of Lords entitled ‘Summary and Conclusions’ on Britain’s participation in Space activities. B.30-B.153 DEPARTMENT OF RESEARCH GROUP PHYSICS COSMIC RAYS 1952-1989 B.30-B.138 Personnel files 1952-1989 Correspondence of microscope observers, scanners, technicians, balloon workers and laboratory assistants. employment re and training Arrangedin alphabetical order. B.30, B.31 A 2 folders. B.32-B.48 B 17 folders. B.49-B.56 C-D B.57-B.63 B.64-B.80 8 folders. E-F 7 folders. G-H 17 folders. 1960-1964 1954-1970 1955-1965 1955-1962 1955-1989 P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 24 University of Bristol B.81-B.86 K-L 1957-1965 6 folders. B.87-B.96 M-N 1952-1963 10 folders. B.97-B.113 P-R 17 folders. B.114-B.126 S-T 13 folders. B.127-B.138 Ww 12 folders. 1954-1965 1954-1965 1957-1974 B.139-B.153 Employmentandtraining 1954-1986 Further correspondence and papers relating employment and observers and balloon makers. scanners, to the microscope training of B.139-B.147 ‘Microscope Scanners and Balloon Staff, General File.’ 1954-1966 B.139-B.141 Staff management. 1954-1966 B.139 Correspondence re employment, training, salaries and working hours. 1955-1966 B.140 Correspondence regarding Fowler'sstaff. 1954-1959 P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 25 University of Bristol B.141 Correspondence re exchange programmefor scanners. 1961-1962 The exchange programme was organised with University Physics Copenhagen, Denmark. Theoretical Institute for the in B.142-B.145 B.142-B.144 1960 recommendations [...] file 1955-1962 ‘Salary proposal (correspondence).’ 4 folders. Correspondence and for microscope observers at other universities in the UK and arrangementfor payrise at the University of Bristol. papers scales re salary 1955-1962 Also includes salary scale tables. upgrade was implemented it was A salary recognised that it was more and moredifficult to attract and retain microscope observers and scanners at the University of Bristol. after 3 folders. B.145 Miscellaneous and typescript notes. 1955-1960 B.146 B.147 List of balloon makers and scanners, Junior and Adult. 1957-1965 Physics Department working regulations on holiday, sickness and working hours. 1960-1961 Typescript, manuscript notes and drafts. B.148-B.152 ‘Microscope Applications.’ Scanners, Balloon Staff, Advertisement 1959-1972 Includes correspondence, job advertisement drafts and manuscript notes. 5 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 26 University of Bristol B.153 List of staff members and graduate students. 1986 B.154-B.164 GENERAL DEPARTMENTOF PHYSICS PAPERS 1956-1995 correspondence, Includes of budgets, lists of urgent needs and architectural plans. Topics covered are building extension, visits to the H.H. Wills Laboratory, external examination and grants. memorandum, copies B.154-B.157 ‘Urgent Needs’ 1956-1964 ‘Urgent needs’ referred to the Physics Laboratory’s needs in terms of staff and material. B.154 Correspondence re request of additional members of staff and ‘Urgent Needs’ meetings. 1956-1963 Also includesdraftlist of urgent needs. B.155 ‘Urgent Needs’lists and documentation. 1958-1968 Copy of a memorandum onthe future developmentof the Science Faculty, list of estimates and drafts and final ‘urgent needs’ lists. B.156 Room Alteration on the Fourth Floor. 1956-1957 Lists of alterations, copy of ‘Preliminary plans for internal rearrangements’ and ‘Suggested Use of Rooms Vacated by Mathematics Department, Summer 1958.’ B.157 Curricula vitae of members of the H.H. Wills Laboratory. 1964 B.158, B.159 ‘4th Floor Extension.’ 1964-1965 Correspondence, typescript proposals and architectural plans for the extension of the 4th floor of the Physics Departmentbuilding. 2 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 27 University of Bristol B.160 ‘Visitors to the Laboratory.’ 1964-1967 Correspondence with British and foreign colleagues re arrangement of short or long-term visits to H.H. Wills Laboratory. B.161 External examination. 1963-1995 Correspondencere thesis submission and examination. Fowler acted as external examiner for the University of Dublin, the University of London, the University of Durham, the University of Sydney and the University of Bombay. B.162 List of Physics Departmentgrants. B.163 Risks to British students in the USSR after the Chernobyl accident. Correspondence, reports and RLUSC newsletter. Fowler was consulted by the British government to assessthe risks to British visiting students in USSR at the time of the Ukrainian nuclear plant reactor explosion. 1978 1986 B.164 Fowler’s draft speech for his secretary's 60th birthday party. 1995 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 28 SECTION C BALLOONFLIGHTS,C.1-C.55 1960-1993 Fowler joined C.F. Powell's research team at Bristol in 1948 and they worked closely together in cosmic rays research. This included the organisation of balloon flight expeditions, technical specifications, to budgets etc, and analysis of data therefrom. arrangements, travel from This section documents balloon flights from 1960 to 1993. Theseflights were mainly launched from the USA or Canada. There is correspondence, notes, lists of material, flight summaries and data, reports, invoices and videotapes. drawings and photographs, balloon In chronological order. C.1-C.4 ‘American Flights, Balloon Experiments, USA, March 1960’ 1960 Folder inscribed inside: ‘ONR (Office of Naval Research), c/o 9000. Correspondence,invoices, list of material and typescript lecture notes. Grosvenor Embassy, American Balloons were launched from the US Air Force base at San Angelo in Texas between April and June 1960. The flights were carried out for the University of Bristol by a private company from Minnesota called G.T. Schjedahl. The aim of the flight was to investigate the flux of high energy Gamma rays. C.1-C.3 Correspondence re arrangements including shipping of material and preparation offlights and flight results. 1960 3 folders. C.4 C.5 Invoice, list of package contents, typescript notes on ‘Magnetic Momentof a free Electron.’ 1960, N.d. ‘Balloons apparatus found, rewards, etc.’ 1960-1961 Correspondence re the return of balloon pieces lost in flights and rewards given to those who found them. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 29 Balloon flights C.6 Proposalfor flights in Minnesota for spring 1961. 1960 Typescript pages with budget. There is no evidencethis flight was carried out. C.7 ‘Balloon in Space Research.’ 1965 Folder so inscribed. Copy of typescript notes entitled ‘Raison d’etre for balloon centre’. C.8 ‘Balloon borne 1965 experiments [questionnaire].’ 1965 Folder so inscribed. Correspondence re a ‘survey of the extent of demands from University Research Groupsfor spaceon balloon vehicles.’ C.9-C.19 Balloon Flight, India, 1965. 1962-1966 Correspondence, list photographs, material and list of expenses. drawings, of shipped material, specification, manuscript notes A balloon flight was planned in Hyderabad for December 1962 but was cancelled due to the unsettled local political situation. In June 1964 the University of Bristol and the Tata Institute in Bombay resumed talks for a tungsten flight for 1965, in association with the International Quiet Sun Year balloon expedition in India. C.9-C.14 Correspondence re arrangements including financial matters, shipping of material, technical requirements and processing of exposedstacks. 1962-1966 6 folders. C.15-C.17 ‘India 1965’, technical material. 1964-1965 C.15 Correspondencere crate, parachutes and bellows. 1964-1965 List of material used for the balloon expedition. c.1964 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 30 Balloon flights Miscellaneous notes, drawings and black and white photographsof balloon launchin India. c. 1964 Technical drawing and material specifications. 1964-1965 Notes on travel arrangement and list of expenses and other miscellaneous notes. 1965 1965 C.17 C.18 C.19 C.20-C.22 ‘Flights in Fort Churchill, Canada, 1965.’ Balloon flights were organised in August 1965 as part of the Skyhook programme (see C.23-C.27 below) in Fort Churchill, Manitoba. The purpose of these flights was to study biological hazards to passengers and crew members on supersonic - transport. However the flights performed were not of the required altitude and it was decided to do additional ones in 1966. Other flights were organised in September 1965 in Minnesota to make up for the lack of good quality data from the Fort Churchill flights. C.20, C.21 Correspondencere arrangements andflight reports. 1965 2 folders. C.22 Brochure on Fort Churchill and graph. c.1965 C.23-C.27 ‘Balloon Flights+ Skyhook 1966.’ 1966-1967 balloon Correspondence, questionnaire, Skyhook services requestform, etc. summary, flight flight at the place National flight took This Center for Atmospheric Research Scientific Balloon Flight Station in Palestine, Texas, USA in September 1966. The Skyhook programme wasset up by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), USA for cosmic rays investigators working under the joint programme of the ONR, the Atomic Energy Commission and the ONR nuclear physics contracts. This programme provided flights arranged by various private companies under contract with the ONR. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 31 Balloonflights of While in the USA Fowler also visited colleagues at the University Washington University in St Louis, Missouri and the University of Minnesota. He gave a talk on ultra high energy interaction at the University of Washington. Washington in Seattle, C.23-C.26 Correspondence re flight arrangements and visits to colleagues. 1966-1967 4 folders. C.27 Copy of a National Center for Atmospheric Research questionnaire on technical requirements 1966 Also includes copy of the Skyhook services request form and honorarium record, the 6 October 1966 flight summary. C.28-C.32 ‘Palestine, Texas, April/May 1967.’ 1967 Correspondence, balloon flight summary, invoices and copies of insurance records, list of costs, drawing and graph, miscellaneous manuscript notes. The flight was performed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research Scientific Balloon Flight Station in Palestine, Texas, USA in April and May 1967. Fowler had planned to attend the 10th International Conference on Cosmic Raysin Calgary (June 19-30) but cancelled. C.28-C.30 Correspondencereflight arrangements. 1967 Also re liaison with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, technical requirements and purchase, financial matters and travel arrangements. 3 folders. C.31 Copy of the 17 May 1967flight summary, 1967 Also includes a draft estimated costs table, invoices, drawing entitled ‘Stressed band Reinforcement’ and a graphentitled ‘Load VsAltitude’. letter, P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 32 Balloonflights C.32 Typescript notes and copy of Expedition in Hawaii.’ article entitled ‘Solar c.1967 C.33, C.34 ‘Proposal for the Observation of (...) Cosmic Rays (...) exposed Programme Workshop.’ Applications Apollo on an 1968 Correspondenceand papersre preliminary visit to NASA and outcome of discussions. Includes copy of the proposal and ‘Messungen der Protonendosis der Gemini- Astronauten mit Kernemulsionen’ by H.J. Schaefer Fowler was one of the co-investigators who submitted this proposal to the NASA Particles and Fields Sub- committee. The aim was to send plastic and photo- emulsion detectors on an Apollo space vehicle to capture cosmic The proposal was submitted prematurely and lacked budgetprovision. NASA advised the proposers to withdraw it and re-submit it later (by August 1968). traces. ray See also C.37, C.38. 2 folders. C.35-C.48 September ‘1968 balloonflight.’ 1967-1969 took The flight Atmospheric Research in September 1968. place at the National Center for Palestine, Texas, USA in While in the USA Fowler gave a talk on ‘Cosmic Ray Primary Charge Spectrum at very High Value of Charge’ at the 5th Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories Scientific Balloon Symposium, Wentworth-by-the-Sea, New Hampshire, 17-19 June 1968. C.35-C.40 Correspondencereflight arrangementsetc. 1967-1969 Topics also include research, technical requirements, scanning results and grant allocation. The proposal to use pre-Apollo flights to expose plastic sheets to cosmic rays is also discussed in terms of collaboration between the University of Washington, Seattle, General Electric and the University of Bristol. See also C.33, C.34. 6 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 33 Balloonflights C.41 Flight Summary forms and supporting material. 1968 Includes flight summary for 22 and 26 September 1968, photocopy of ‘Calculations for Jack Warren as [?] his memo of May 1968 by Frank Keitt’ and ‘Identification of Pu244fission tracks and the cooling of the parent body of the toluca meteorite.’ C.42, C.43 ‘Balloon Flights Summary’ brochures. 1968 3 brochuresofflight numbers 432-P, 433-P and 434-P. 2 folders. C.44 C.45 C.46 C.47 Miscellaneous tables 1968,1969 Graphs and drawings. Technical drawing, draft and photographs. 1969 1967 Southern Sounding Technique) test programme. Hemisphere GHOST (Global Horizontal 1968 Found with the material and for Fowler’s information. Includes status reports, press release and circulars. GHOSTwasa typeof balloon. C.48 Miscellaneous. c.1968 Includes manuscript notes, experiment proposal from General Electric in Schenectady, New York and graphs. C.49-C.52 ‘1969 Balloon Flights.’ 1968-1970 place at the Center for One flight took Atmospheric Research in Palestine, Texas, USA in September 1969 and another in Sioux Falls, Minnesota, also in September. National P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 34 Balloonflights C.49-C.51 Correspondencereflight arrangements, flight reports and plate analysis results. 1968-1970 3 folders. C.52 C.53 Typescript messages, manuscript notes, tables and draft copy of ‘Considerations for the Minnesotaflight.’ c. 1969 Proposals and other documents. 1950, 1973, 1982 of for cosmic balloon Contents of Fowler’s folder: copy of an article that appearedin Illustrated London News in 1950, draft of ‘Status rays experiments’, ‘An outline proposal for the developmentof a transatlantic balloonflight facility’, correspondence and proposal re balloon launching station in Alice Springs, Australia, colour photographof a balloon. technology C.54,C.55 ‘INCA balloon footage 16 MM print@ 18fps 9/12/93.’ 1993 C.54 C.55 Videotapesof a balloonflight. 16 mm Betamax videotape. VHS videotape copy. Made by NCUACSfor ease of reference. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 35 SECTION D RESEARCH, D.1-D.74 1949-1997 The bulk of this material relates to Fowler's work on cosmic rays from the late 1940s to the early 1990s. There is also significant material relating to his and colleagues’ research on the use of Pi-mesons in cancer treatment. This material includes photographs, draft correspondence and chronological order. graphs, papers, grant calculations, off-prints, tables, reports, in proposals arranged D.1 Photographs. 1949 Four black and white photographs found together. Inscriptions on the back read: ‘Top, a fine Frether photo showing V degreecreation’. ‘Tau meson disintegration Peter and Rosemary Fowler did the measurements and analysis, 1949’. ‘A picture of the top of the Pic-du-Midi in winter showing the observatory buildings’, ‘18/0/49, Cosyns, Rosch and ? Labardens, Pic-du-Midi, etc..’ Occhialini, Labardens, Ladorman, Blackett, D.2, D.3 Research at the University of Minnesota. 1958 Three technical reports entitled: ‘The Flux and Energy Spectrum of Cosmic Ray a-particles Solar Maximum’, ‘The Lithium, Beryllium and Boron in the Primary Cosmic Radiation and ‘Auroral X-rays, Cosmic Rays and Related Phenomena during the Storm of February 10-11 1958.’ during Fowler worked at the University of Minnesota during his visiting professorship year in 1956-1957. The reports relate to his research. 2 folders. D.4 Letter from S.F. Singer. 1957 Letter encloses set of footnotes to be added by Singer to draft of review article in response to Fowler's comments. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 36 Research D.5-D.21 Pi-meson research for cancer treatment. 1961-1979 Fowler wrote two articles on the subject: ‘The Possibility of therapeutic applications of beams of negative Pi- mesons’, Nature, vol. 189 (1961) and ‘Pi-Mesons versus Cancer?’ Lecture), Proceedings of the Physical Society (1965). (the 1964 Rutherford Memorial See also E.11, E.14 and F.15-F.17. D.5-D.8 Correspondence and papers re research and use of particle experiments, the Rutherford Memorial Lecture, drafts and publication. accelerator NIMROD for 1965-1970 Includes paper ‘Negative Pi Mesons for Radiotherapy’ written following meeting on the topic at the Bristol Physics Department, ‘draft proposal for experiment at Rutherford Laboratories-January 1965, to Evaluate the Negative Pi-Meson Beam for Cancer Treatment’, and drawing of ‘Experimental Equipment around X2 Target’. 4 folders. D.9 Series of qualities of Pi-meson beams using NIMROD. draft proposals to study the therapeutic 1965-1966 Graphs and miscellaneous notes. D.11, D.12 Plans of radiation facilities entitled ‘Proposed layout of beam lines for 1967’ and ‘Analog of Medical pi - beam for visible light.’ 2 folders. 1965 1967 D.13, D.14 Typescript and printed papers (not by Fowler) on use of radiation in cancer treatment. 1961-1979 ‘High energy in a 300 beams from Include Bev synchrotron’, ‘The effect of oxygen on impairmentof the proliferative capacity of human cells culture by ionizing different LET’, ‘Radiobiological research with fast neutrons and the implications for radiotherapy’ and ‘Design of a bio-medical negative Pi- mesonline [...] at the Rutherford Laboratory.’ radiations of 2 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 37 Research D.15 D.16 Black and white photographs of graph and equipment. N.d Off-prints of Fowler’s published papers on Pi-meson treatment. 1961, 1965 D.17-D.19 ‘The use of pi-mesonsin radiotherapy’. N.d. Draft paper, correspondence,graphs andtables. This untitled paper was written by ‘Valerie’, possibly a colleague or a student. In her correspondence she asked Fowler to commenton it. 3 folders. D.20 Boundtypescript report written by Vitaliana Longone. 1963-1964 This report is based on Fowler’s work on pi-meson therapeutic use. Longone explains in the foreword that her report gives an overview of Fowler’s and V. Maye’s research. D.21 D.22 Miscellaneous material. 1967 ‘Cosmic Altitudes.’ Radiation and Solar Particles at Aircraft 1962 Typescript report. This report was compiled by Fowler and D.H. Perkins for the Board’s Supersonic Aeroplane Airworthiness Committee. Registration Air D.23 Discovery of the Element 103 Lawrencium. 1969 Newspaper cutting, press release, and brochureentitled ‘Element 103 of the Periodic System’, translated from Russian. Fowler had suggested the presence of an element 103 in cosmic rays. American and Russian scientists engagedin ‘race’to try to proveits existence. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 38 Research D.24 ‘The charge spectrum of very heavy Cosmic Ray particles.’ c. 1973 This report on current and prospective research formed the basis of a grant proposal. D.25-D.33 Magnetic Monopoles 1969, 1975- 1976 Anarticle entitled ‘The sceptics hit out at the monopole claim’, containing quotes from Fowler, appeared in the New Scientist in September 1975. The New Scientist reported of equipment was unreliable and that as a result Fowler’s paper magnetic monopole?’ had been withdrawn from the Munich Cosmic Raysconference. ‘Have we seen the Fowler had suggested piece track that a of a See E.36 for the paper ‘Have we seen thetrack of a magnetic monopole?’ D.25 Correspondencere the article and Fowler's paper on the magnetic monopole. 1975 D.26-D.29 Graphs and miscellaneous calculations. 1969, N.d. 4 folders. D.30-D.32 Papers by colleagues on the magnetic monopole. 1975 Includes ‘Evidence for Detection of a Moving Monopole’ by P.B. Price et al; ‘A proposed search for anti iron cosmic rays’ by L.W. Alvarez; for an alternative magnetic monopole’ by R.L. Fleischer and R.M. Walker, ‘The monopole candidate’ by P. B. Price et al and ‘Status of searches for magnetic monopoles’ by P. Eberhard. ‘Probabilities explanation moving the of 3 folders. D.33 Colour photograph of equipment; monochrome research photograph inscribed on verso ‘Do one by 2 Mag, Ground P from 2 or 3 degs.’ N.d. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 39 Research D.34-D.36 ‘Crash Protection for Balloon Payload.’ c.1977 Draft paper, graphs and tables. Also includes a paper entitled ‘An ammonia, ballast system’ found with the material. 3 folders. D.37-D.40 ‘The University of Bristol Heavy Primary Cosmic Ray Detector for the Ariel 6 Satellite.’ See also E.61. Offprint. 1979 1979 D.37 D.38 D.39 D.40 Miscellaneous notes, graphs and calculations. c. 1979 Interim report entitled ‘Scientific Results from Ariel 6.’ c.1979 Photographs. 1979 Monochrome photograph of the Ariel 6 Satellite; two colour photographs of NASA team at the Wallop Flight Center. D.41-D.43 Solar Maximum Mission (SMM) Guest Investigators Group. 1979 Fowler was part of the SMM Guest Investigators Group in partnership with the University of New Hampshire to conduct SMM gammaray experimente. Correspondence collaboration. re arrangements’ for research 1979 Notes from Group meeting at the University of New Hampshire. 1979 D.41 D.42 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 Research D.43 Copy of ‘Rapporteur paper on outer heliosphere session SP-7’ and ‘Preliminary report and forecast of solar geophysicaldata.’ D.44, D.45 Grant applications. 2 folders. 40 1979 c. 1979 D.46, D.47 ‘Interim Epithermal Neutron Absorption.’ Report on Temperature Measurements by c.1984 See also E.53, E.56, E.57 and H.216-H.218. Drafts. 2 folders. D.48-D.50 Research on radiography. D.48 D.49 D.50 D.51 Untitled draft paper. Background material. Includes typescripts ‘Resonance neutron radiography’, ‘A compact transportable superconducting cyclotron’ and ‘Uranium nuclear reactions at 900 MeV/nucleon.’ Manuscript notes and graphs. Correspondencere Neutron detector pixels research. c. 1985 N.d. c. 1985 N.d. 1988 D.52-D.56 Research on Chernobyl radioactivefallout 1991-1993 D.52 ‘Five years after Chernobyl: 1986-1991, A review.’ 1991 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 41 Research D.53-D.56 ‘Peakfitting results report.’ 1993 Results from samples. 4 folders. D.57-D.60 Miscellaneous calculations and graphs. 1977-1992 4 folders. D.61, D.62 ‘Consideration of the Effects of Random Coincidence in BUGS 4.’ Draft papers. D.61 D.62 D.63 D.64 D.65 N.d. N.d. ‘The Use of Neon as an Additive in Gas Scintillation Systems Operating at ~ 1Atm’ and other untitled paper. c. 1974, 1977 ‘Assignment of Charge to Individual Heavy Nuclei.’ N.d. Draft, graphs and calculations. ‘Double-Difference Method to Improve the Resolution of an eV Neutron Spectrometer’ by P.A. Seeger, A.D. Taylor and R.M. Brugger. c.1984 ‘A Survey of Radiation in near Earth Orbit’ by W.N. Hess. N.d. Copyof the paper; colour photograph found therewith. D.66-D.68 ‘Publication lists, fourth floor.’ 1954-1968 Booklets and typescript lists of publications of the H.H. Wills Laboratory. Also includeslist of ‘Contributions from the H.H. Wills Laboratory to the Development of the photographic methodof detecting nuclearparticles.’ 3 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 42 Research D.69-D.73 ‘University of Bristol reprints requests, circulation lists, 4th floor.’ 1958-1973 Correspondence re mailing list registration and request for reprints of H.H. Wills Laboratory publications. 4 folders. D.74 Photocopy typescript Note on later work of Fowler, sent to Rosemary Fowler by P.A.E. Stewart, July 1997. 1997 This Note is two papers bound together that describe ‘Nuclear Physics Techniques applied to Aero Gas Turbine Engineering’ projects jointly investigated by Peter Fowler and Peter Stewart 1984- 1992’ (17pp). (4pp) and ‘[... P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 43 SECTION E DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS,E.1-E.68 1947-1996 E.1 E.2 E.3 E.4 E.5 E.6 E.7 Typescript list of Fowler’s publications, 1947-1997. ‘A study of the nuclear transmutations of light elements by the photographic method’, with C.M.G. Lattes and P. Cuer, Proceedings of the Royal Society, A vol 49, (1947), pp 883-900. Off print. ‘A new method of determining the charge and energyof heavy nuclei in the cosmic radiation’, with A.D. Dainton and D.W. Kent, Philosophical Magazine, series 7 vol. 42 (1951), pp 317-32. Off print. ‘Measurement of ionization in nuclear emulsions’, with D.H. Perkins, Philosophical Magazine, series 7, vol. 46 (1955), pp 587-610. Off print. ‘On the masses and modesof decay of heavy mesons produced by cosmic radiation (G-stack collaboration)’, with J. Baggild et al (836 authors), Nuovo Cimento, series 10, vol. 2 (1955), pp 1063-1103. Off print. ‘The energy distribution of cosmic ray particles over northern C.J. Waddington, Philosophical Magazine, series 8, vol. 1 (1956), pp 637-50. Italy’, with Off print. ‘lonization measurements’, with D.H. Perkins, Nuovo Cimento, series 10, no 2 of supplementto vol. 4 (1956), pp 238-242. Off print. 1947 1951 1955 1955 1956 1956 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 44 Drafts and publications E.8 E.9 E.10 ‘Decay Magazine,vol. 3 (1958), pp 1460-1462. hypernucleus’, lithium-7 of Philosophical 1958 Off print. ‘The primary alpha particle spectrum over North America and geomagnetic cut-off energies’, with P.S. Freier and E.P. Ney, Nuovo Cimento, series 10, no 2 of supplement to vol. 8 (1958), pp 492-499. Off print. The Study of Elementary Particles by the Photographic Method, 1959, with C.F. Powell and D.H. Perkins, p 627, PergamonPress. Correspondencere royalties from the book and copyof the memorandum of agreement. 1958 1959 1960 1961 ‘Therapeutic applications mesons’, Perkins, Laboratory, University of Bristol. D.H. with of beams of negative Pi- Physics Wills H.H. 13 pp typescript. E.12, £.13 ‘The study of high energy gamma rays produced by cosmic radiation at 40 000 feet, Part 1 and Part 2’, with J.G. Duthie, et al, Philosophical Magazine, vol. 6 (1961), pp 89-111. 20 pp draft, summariesof the paper;off print. table and figures; correspondence re 2 folders. E.14 ‘The possibility of therapeutic applications of beamsof negative Pi-mesons’, with D.H. Perkins, Nature, vol.189 (1961), pp 524-528. 1961 Copyofthe article. See also D.16. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 Drafts and publications E.15 E.16 E.17 E.18 E.19 E.20 ‘The flux of y-rays at high altitudes, and comparison with the muonflux at sea-Level’, with J. Duthie et al, Nuovo Cimento, series 10, vol. 24 (1962), pp 122-138. Incomplete typescript draft with figures; off print. of nuclear ‘Some features of energy between 10and 10'° eV’, with M.G. Bowler et al, Journal of the Physics Society of Japan, vol. 17 supplement A-3, (1962), p 423. interactions This paper was presented at the Kyoto Cosmic Ray conference and publishedin its proceedings. 1 p typescript draft with figures. ‘A comparison of the production of pions and hyperons in nuclear interactions of very high energy’, with M.G. Bowler and D.H. Perkins, Nuovo Cimento, series 10, vol. 26 (1962), pp 1182-96. 14 pp typescript draft with appendixes andfigures. 1962 1962 1962 ‘Neutrino fluxes at NIMROD’, with D.H. Perkins, H.H. Wills Laboratory, University of Bristol. 1963 20 pp bound typescript. Particle Physics, with D.H. Perkins, D. Van Nostrand Company,Ltd (1963). 1963 Correspondence memorandum of agreement. re publication of the book and ‘A study of the production of high energy Y-rays, part 2’, with J. Boult, M.G. Bowler and H.L. Hackforth, Nuovo Cimento, series 10, vol. 40A (1964), pp 385-423. 1964 18 pp bound typescript printed by the University of Bristol and inscribed ‘Eventually to be published in Nuo.Cim.’ P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 E.21 E.22 E.23 E.24 E.25 E.26 E.27 Drafts and publications ‘Nuclear interactions from 30 to 10 to the power of 6 GeV’, with D.H. Perkins, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, vol. 278 (1964), pp 401-415. 16 pp typescript. Maholtra et ‘A study of high energy interactions in graphite’, with P.K. International Cosmic Ray Conference, London 1965, IPPS 2 (1966), pp 840-843. al, Proceedings 9th 1964 1966 15 pp typescript with figures; 1 photograph. ‘Cosmic ray dose rates at 37,000 feet’, with P.J. Davison and N.R Nutt, University of Bristol. . 1965 8 pp typescript draft with tables. ‘Energy spectrum of primary cosmic-rays’, with P.K. Maholtra et al, Nature, vol. 209 (1966), pp 567-9. 1966 Off print. ‘The capture of Pi-mesonsin oxygen andin other nuclei’, with V.M. Mayes, Proceedings of the Physical Society, vol. 92 (1967), pp 377-89. Off print. R.A. Adams, ‘The charge spectrum of very heavy cosmic ray nuclei’, with Kidd, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, vol. 301 (1967) pp 39-45. V.G. Cowen and J.M. 1967 1967 Photocopyofoff print. ‘Science and the Moon Race’, New Scientist, vol. 42 (1969). 1969 Fowler and other scientists gave their thoughts on the topic. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 47 E.28 E.29 E.30 Drafts and publications ‘Highly charged cosmic ray primaries’, with J.M. Kidd and R.T. Moses, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Cosmic Rays, Budapest(1969). 1969 paper was also Physica This Scientiar'um Hungaricae, vol. 29, supplement 1 (1970), pp 399-410. published in Acta Off print and 5 pp typescriptdraft. ‘The charge spectrum of very heavy cosmic ray nuclei’ with V.M. Clapham et al, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, vol. 318 (1970), pp 1-43. 1970 Off print. ‘Ultra heavy cosmic ray nuclei’, with J. Kidd, E. Kobetich and R. Thorne,University of Bristol. 1970 8 pp typescript draft. E.31 ‘Heavy galactic particles’, unpublished? c. 1970 4 pp typescript draft with tables and captions. E.32 E.33 ‘Track structure in photographic emulsion’, University of Bristol. c.1970 ?Off print paginated 39-51 ‘Preliminary study of the charge spectrum of Ultra Heavy Cosmic Ray Primaries’, with A. Jurak, R.T. Thorne, C. O. Ceallaigh, D. O'Sullivan, Y.V. Rao and A. Thompson. 1972 The paper was presented at the 8th International Conference on Nuclear Photography and Solid State Track Detectors, Bucharest July 10-15 1972. 3 pp typescriptwithfigures. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 Drafts and publications E.34 E.35 E.36 E.37 E.38 E.39 ‘A proposal for a satellite experiment to investigate the ultra-heavy cosmic ray primaries’, with R.N.F. Walker et al, Department of Physics, University of Bristol. 15 pp typescript draft. ‘The charge and energy spectrum of ultra heavy cosmic ray primaries’, with R.T. Thorne et al, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference, Denver, (1973). 4 pp photocopytypescript draft. ‘Have we seen the track of a magnetic monopole?’, Proceedings of the International Cosmic Ray Conference, Munich, vol. 12 (1975), pp 4049-4064. 14th 12 pp typescript. ‘Isotopic Composition of Cosmic Ray Nuclei in the Iron group’, with V. M. Clapham et al, Proceedings of the 14th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Munich, vol.12 (1975), pp 4128-4131. 2 pp typescript. ‘Ultra heavy cosmic ray nuclei-analysis and results’, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, vol. 147 (1976), pp 183-194. Off print. ‘High resolution study of nucleonic cosmic rays with z greater than or equal to 34’, with C. Alexander, et al, Nuclear Instruments and Methods vol. 147 (1976), pp 195-199. 7 pp typescript. 1972 1973 1975 1975 1976 1976 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 49 E.40 E.41 E.42, E.43 E.44 E.45 E.46 Drafts and publications ‘A large area detector, for the measurements of the primary cosmic ray charge spectrum from z~ 10 upwards and energy spectrum from 1 gev/nucleon to 500 gev/nucleon’, with R.M. Redfern, J.A. Clifford and 15th International S.P. Swordy, Proceedings of the Cosmic Rays Conference, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, vol. 11 (1977), pp 187-202. 8 pp typescript. ‘Measurement of the cosmic ray element abundances between e=300 and 750 gev/nucleon in the region from nickel to krypton using lexan detectors, Proceedings of the 15th International Cosmic Rays Conference, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, vol. 11 (1977), pp 161-164. 4 pp photocopytypescript. ‘Charge and energy spectra of ultra heavy cosmic ray nuclei’ with C. Alexandre et al, Proceedings of the 15th International Plovdiv, Bulgaria, vol. 11 (1977), pp 165-73. Conference, Cosmic Rays 5 pp photocopy typescript with appendixes; figures (paper and transparencies). ‘Ultra heavy cosmic ray abundance measurements with a large gas scintillation detector, with R.J. Edge etal, Proceedings of the International Cosmic Ray Conference, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, vol. 11 (1977), pp 174- 185. 15th 9 pp typescriptdraft. ‘Cosmic Proceedings of the RoyalInstitution, vol. 52 (1978) significance and radiation, its its origin’, 9 pp photocopytypescript; off print. ‘An experiment to investigate the anomalous component of low energy cosmic rays, an outline of an experiment for space shuttle exposure’, with R.M. Redfern and S. P. Swordy, Departmentof Physics, University of Bristol. 1977 1977 1977 1977 1978 1979 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 Drafts and publications pp 30 appendixes. bound typescript draft with figures and E.47 E.48 E.49 E.50 E.51 E.52 ‘Track recording properties of the plastic cr-39 for non- relativistic ions in the charge range 6 smaller or equal to Zz smaller or equal to 29’, with S. Amin, V.M. Clapham and D.L. Henshaw, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Nuclear Track Detectors, Lyon, (1979), pp 239-44. 6 pp photocopy typescript. ‘Photodensitometry of tracks of highly ionizing particles in the cosmic rays’, with P.B. Price et al, Nuclear Instruments and Methods,vol. 158 (1979), pp 429-34. 6 pp photocopyoff print. ‘Track recording properties of the plastic CR-39’, with V.M. Clapham, D.L. Henshaw and S. Amin, Proceedings of the 16th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Kyoto, vol. 1 (1979). Paper T3-16 (no page numbersgiven). 4 pp typescript with figures. ‘Ultra heavy comic ray nuclei from the first transatlantic balloon flight’, with V.M. Clapham et al, Proceedings of the 16th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Kyoto, vol.1 (1979), pp 370-372. 3 pp typescript. ‘Ultra heavy cosmic rays’, with M.R.W. Masheder etal, Proceedings 94th IUPAP-IAU Symposium, Bologna, (1980), pp 77-89. the of 1979 1979 1979 1979 1980 Off print. ‘UH cosmic Raysfrom Ariel 6’, with R.N.F. Walker etal, Nature, vol. 291 (1981), pp 45-47. 1981 4 pp typescript; offprint. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 51 Drafts and publications E.53 E.54 E.55 E.56 E.57 ‘Application for support for a preliminary investigation into temperature measurement by neutrons, Department of Physics, University of Bristol. 1984 15 pp boundtypescript. See also E.56, E.57, D.46, D.47 and H.216-H.218. ‘Ultra-heavy cosmic rays - Ariel 6 results, with M. R.W. al, Proceedings of the 9th European Masheder, et Cosmic Ray Symposium, Czechoslovakia, (1984). Kosice, 1984 7 pp bound typescript. ‘Ultra heavy cosmic rays’, vol. 17 (1985), pp 112-127. Off print. Irish Astronomical Journal, 1985 ‘An initial programme for evaluation of temperature measurement using epithermal neutrons’, Departmentof Physics, University of Bristol. 1986 Two 34 pp boundtypescript drafts. Also includes a copy of ‘Neutron Resonance Transmission Measurements at ISIS’ found with the material. See also E.53, E.57, D.46, D.47 and H.216-H.218. Taylor, Neutron ‘Temperature imaging using epithermal neutrons’, with A.D. Radiography Workshop, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 27-29 July 1987. Resonance 1987 36 pp bound typescript. See also E.53, E.56, D.46-D.47 and H.216-H.218. E.58 ‘Possible Addition to NT’s Draft on Lab’. c. 1987 3pp typescript with manuscript annotations. P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 52 Drafts and publications E.59 E.60 E.61 E.62 E.63 E.64 ‘The Pi Discovery’, in 40 Years of Particle Physics: Proceedings of the international conference to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the discoveries of the Pi- and V- particles held at the University of Bristol, 22-24 July 1987, ed. B. Foster and Fowler(Hilger, 1988), pp 35-50. 1988 Off print. ‘P.H. Fowler on Lockerbie Disaster’, no evidence of publication c.1988 1 pp typescript. ‘Design and performance in orbit of the Bristol cosmic ray detector on the Ariel 6 Satellite’, with A. M. Gayetal, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research vol. A275 (1989), pp 175-183. Off print; 16 pp bound typescript. ‘Identified “- hypernuclei and the hypothetical H particle’, with R.H. Dalitz et al, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, vol. 426 (1989), pp 1-17. 29 pp typescript draft. 1989 1989 ‘Condensation in jet engine air intakes’, consultancy report. 1990 10pp typescript + figures. 1991 ‘Iron fluxes from Ariel 6 Workshop ICRC’, with M.R.W. Masheder, R.N.F. Walker and A. Worley, Nuclear Instruments Radiations Measurements, vol. 20 (1991), pp 423-425 and /nternational Journal of Radiation Applied Instruments, Part D. This paper was presented at the Workshop ICRC in Dublin, August 1991, the proceedings of which were published in /ron Fluxes from Ariel 6 in Galactic Cosmic Radiation: Constraints on Space Exploration, ed. J.H. Adams Jr., US Navy/NRC No 209-4154, pp 41-48. Off print. P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 53 Drafts and publications E.65 E.66 Obituary of Isobel Powell, The Independent (November 1995). 1995 1 p photocopy. ‘A one-meter radius spherical electron drift chamber for the measurement of relativistic heavy nuclei’ with J.J. PetruzzoIII et al, no evidence of publication. c.1996 26 pp typescript with manuscript note. E.67 ‘C rays’. 12 pp manuscriptdraft. E.68 ‘Neutron resonance radiography as a_ non-invasive temperature probe’, with A.D. Taylor and P.A. Seeger, no evidenceof publication. 5 pp typescriptdraft. N.d. N.d. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 54 SECTION F LECTURES, F.1-F.60 1956-1996 F.1-F.11 UNIVERSITY TEACHING F.12-F.14 INVITATIONS TO LECTURE F.15-F.60 INVITATION AND PUBLIC LECTURES F.1-F.11 UNIVERSITY TEACHING 1956-1965 Typescript and manuscript lecture notes, graphs and correspondence. F.1 Intermediate Magnetism and Electricity class outlines for 1956-1957. topic 1956 2 typescript pages. F.2-F.9 Typescript and manuscript lectures notes. F.2-F.4 ‘Thermodynamics 1-5’ and ‘Particles Physics notes for postgraduate lectures, October 1963.’ 3 folders. 1963 1963 F.5-F.9 ‘Postgraduate Notes E. M. Interaction.’ c. 1963 Manuscript notes with graphs andfigures. 5 folders. F.10 Correspondence undergraduate lectures 1964-1965. postgraduate re and 3rd_ year 1964 F.11 ‘Mechanics and properties of Matter.’ N.d. Typescriptlist of exercises for students. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 55 Lectures F.12-F.14 INVITATIONS TO LECTURE 1957-1979 3 folders. F.15-F.60 INVITATION AND PUBLIC LECTURES 1964-1986 F.15-F.17 Rutherford Memorial Lecture ‘Pi Mesons versus Cancer’, 1964. 1964 Two typescript drafts and figures. 3 folders. See also D.5-D.21. F.18 F.19 F.20 ‘Cosmic Rays in Outer Space, Inaugural Professorship Lecture, University of Bristol, 17 February 1966.’ 1966 Drafts; copy of ‘Chart of the Nuclides’. ‘Review Lecture: The Charge Spectrum of the Primary Cosmic Radiation’, Royal Society, London, 9 February 1967. 1967 Programme of Royal Society meetings January to March 1967; abstract of the lecture. ‘Highly Charged Cosmic Ray Primaries’, (?) Budapest, Hungary, 1969. 1969 Typescript draft with manuscript note reading: ‘Probably lecture given in Budapest (R.H.F).’ Seealso E.28. P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 56 F.21 F.22 F.23 F.24, F.25 Lectures ‘Nature and Fluxes of Radiation at High Altitudes’, Society of Radiological Protection meeting at Imperial College, London, 10 October 1972. Photocopytypescript, with figures. ‘The Charge and Energy Spectrum of Ultra Heavy Cosmic Ray Primaries, 13th International Cosmic Ray Conference Denver, Colorado, USA, August 1973. Typescript draft; abstract of ‘Ultra Heavy Cosmic Rays’, rapporteur paper presented at the Conference. ‘Cosmic Ray Summary’ and ‘Current Programme in Europe’, Organisation Workshop, Frascati, Italy, 1975. European Research Space Manuscript notes so entitled written in a notebookfor the lectures whose full titles were ‘Review of Present Knowledge of Cosmic Rays’ and ‘Current Cosmic ray Programme in Europe’. ‘Ultra Heavy Cosmic Ray Nuclei - Analysis and Results’, 9th International Conference on Solid State Nuclear Track 30 September-6 October 1976. Detectors, Germany, Munich, West 1972 1973 1975 1976 10pp photocopy typescript + figures. Also includes a paper entitled ‘Details on Heavy Cosmic Ray Tracks from the University of Bristol, England and Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies’. 2 folders. See also E.30. F.26 ‘Hartwell, 13 April 1977.’ 1977 Manuscript notes. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 57 Lectures F.27, F.28 ‘RoyalInstitution Lecture, 26 May 1977.’ 1977 Typescript draft of lecture on cosmic radiation, with figures. 2 folders. F.29-F.31 ‘Charged Cosmic Ray Primaries’, c. 1979. c.1979 Manuscript draft, photocopies, background material. 3 folders. F.32 ‘Ultra Heavy Cosmic Rays, Part 1 and Part 2’, University of London, 1980. 1980 Typescript and manuscript drafts. F.33-F.36 Honorary D.Sc. address for Klaus Pinkau, University of Bristol, 1986. F.33 F.34 Correspondencere arrangements for honorary degree. Draft of address. F.35, F.36 Background material. Biographical sketch, list of publications and off prints of papers by Pinkau. 2 folders. 1986 1986 1986 1986 F.37, F.38 Honorary D.Sc address for Professor Markov, University of Bristol, 6 July 1988. 1988 Drafts of address, biographical information andoff prints of papers by Markov. 2 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 58 Lectures F.39 Speech on the occasion of Fowler’s retirement from the University of Bristol. 1988 Manuscript notes. F.40-F.42 Honorary D.Sc. address for Goku Menon, University of Bristol, 12 July 1990. 1990 Correspondence information and off prints of papers by Menon. Menon, drafts, re biographical 3 folders. F.43 ‘Cosmic Ray Research and Recent Development’, Hobhouse Lecture, Kings School, Bruton, Somerset, 1991. 1991 Fowler was a Governorof the School (see H.90-H.165). Manuscript notes. F.44-F.47 Early Days of Cosmic Rays,’ ‘The Festschrift lecture, 1993. D.H. Perkins 1993 F.44 F.45 Correspondencere registration for ‘Perkins conference’. Draft and final typescripts. F.46, F.47 Miscellaneous manuscript and typescript notes. 2 folders. F.48 at the Speech ceremony, Laboratory, Hazelgrove School, Yeovil, 1996. opening Hazelgrove 19 October Typescriptdraft. 1993 1993 1996 P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 Lectures F.49-F.60 Untitled and/or undated lectures. F.49, F.50 ‘ Untitled lecture. Manuscriptdraft, figures and notes. 2 folders. 59 c.1950- c.1986 c. 1950 F.51 F.52 F.53 Untitled draft on: ‘technical aspects concerning the detectors (? of pion mesons).’ c.1950 Typescriptdraft. ‘Selecting a Scientific Stratosphere Balloon for Optimum Performance.’ N.d 8pp typescript. Untitled technique for studying tracks of nuclearparticles.’ ‘Photographic emulsion lecture beginning: c. 1979 4pp manuscriptdraft. F.54-F.58 ‘Cosmic Rays - from C.F. Powell to Cygnus X-3.’ c.1986 This lecture was read at a British Association meeting. F.54 F.55 F.56 F.57 Correspondence. Manuscript and typescript draft. Photocopied figures and transparencies. Colour and black and white photographs. Includes photograph of balloon launches and ‘thefirst double decay, Pic 1952.’ P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 60 F.58 F.59 Lectures Miscellaneous notes. Delhi University, ‘NPI’ and ‘Lecture N.d. ‘Cosmic rays’, Bangalore.’ Notebook. Fowler appears to have used a discarded notebookof an undergraduate studentfor notes for these lectures. F.60 2pp manuscript draft entitled ‘Bath’. N.d. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 61 SECTION G VISITS AND CONFERENCES,G.1-G.32 1956-1993 This section documents some of Fowler's conferences and visits worldwide from 1971 to 1993. There is also earlier material relating to his Visiting Professorship year at the University of Minnesota in 1956/1957 and his prospective movethere as Full Professorin 1958. G.1-G.5 Fowler’s’ invitation Minnesota. Visiting to Professorship subsequent Full Professorship at the University of and 1956-1959 Fowler was a Visiting Professor at the University of Minnesota from September 1956 to June 1957. In September 1958 he accepted a post of Professor of Physics at the same university but the American Embassy refused to grant him a visa on medical grounds. The University of Minnesota fought to overturn the decision and Senator Hubert H. Humphrey became involved in seeking to amend the law under which Fowler was denied entry. G.1-G.3 Correspondencere arrangements and visa application. 1956-1959 3 folders. G.4 Undated correspondence and notes. N.d Series of draft letters by Fowler addressed to A.O.C. Nier, Minnesota, explaining his position after his visa was refused. University Chairman the of of G.5 Official documents supporting visa application. 1956-1958 Includes Fowler’s certificate of application form, US tax returns etc. military service, visa G.6-G.10 The Royal Society of New Zealand Rutherford Memorial Lecture Tour, New Zealand, August-September 1971 1970-1971 of the occasion Rutherford On the Centenary Celebrations Fowler lectured on ‘Tracks of Atomic Particles Ancient and Modern’, ‘Evolution of Elements’ and ‘Rutherford’s Scientific Contributions’. He visited Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 62 Visits and conferences Correspondencere arrangements. 1970-1971 1971 1971 G.6 G.7 Programme ofthe lecture tour. G.8, G.9 Drafts and off-prints of Fowler's lectures. Scientific Contributions’, ‘Rutherford’s Includes ‘Evolution of the Elements’ and ‘Tracks of Atomic Particles Ancient and Modern’. Also includes notes by Rosemary Fowler on the lectures and where they were delivered. 2 folders. Graphs found with the material. c. 1971 G.11, G.12 Majorana Ettore Culture, International School of Cosmic-Ray Astrophysics, Erice, Sicily, Italy, 22 June-6 July 1978. Scientific Centre for Correspondencere arrangements. Includes an invitation to Fowler to come to the University of Chicago Enrico Fermi Institute as a Visiting Professor. List of participants and notes on arrangements for the school. G.13 American Physical Society Conference on Cosmic Rays, Astrophysics and Low-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 3-6 September 1980. Correspondencere arrangementsandfirst notice. 11th International Conference on Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors, University of Bristol, 7-12 September 1981. Typescript abstract of papers. 1978 1978 1978 1980 1981 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 63 Visits and conferences Annual Summer School for High Energy Experimental Physicists, University of Bristol, 25 September 1981. 1981 Programmeof the meeting. Fowler lectured on ‘Satellite Measurements on the Cosmic Raysof Highest Charge.’ G.16 18th International Cosmic Rays Conference, Bangalore, India, 22 August - 3 September 1983. 1982-1983 Correspondence and minutes of the ‘Long Duration Balloon Flight Meeting.’ There is no evidence of Fowler's attendance. G.17 Institute of Physics, Material and Testing Group and Neutron Scattering Group, Joint one-day meeting on ‘Industrial Uses of Electron and Particles Beamsin the Study of Materials’, London, 26 September 1985. 1985 List of participants including Fowler. G.18, G.19 Visit to Texas and Chicago, USA. 1986. 1986 Personal correspondence, telegrams re arrangements and flight details. 2 folders. G.20 Conference International 40th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Pi Meson, University of Bristol, 22-24 July 1987. Celebrate the to 1987 a of typescript Includes address, programmeof the conference, list of participants and a guideto Bristol. Fowlers draft Fowler lectured on ‘The Pi Discovery.’ See also E.59 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 64 Visits and conferences G.21-G.24 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, 21st International Cosmic Rays Conference, University of Adelaide, Australia, 6-19 January 1990. 1989-1991 Fowler attended as a Royal Society delegate to the Cosmic Rays Commission. G.21 Correspondencere arrangements. 1989 Also minutes of the Adelaide Cosmic Rays Commission meetings. G.22 G.23 G.24 G.25 Conference information. Travel details and accounts. Memorabilia. Meteorological Royal Hydrological Society meeting on ‘Natural disaster reduction: how meteorological and hydrological services can help.’ Royal Society, London, 28 March 1990. Society-British 1990 1991 1991 1990 Information on the meeting only. G.26-G.28 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, 22nd International Cosmic Rays Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 11-24 August 1991. 1988-1991 G.26 G.27 Fowler was asked to comment onthelist of proposed speakers and co-authored a paper on ‘Iron Fluxes from Ariel-6’ presented at the conference (G.28). Correspondence and papersre arrangements. 1988-1991 Accounts and budgets. 1991 Preliminary estimates of income and expenditure, draft budgets and minutes of conference preparation meeting. P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 Visits and conferences G.28 G.29 Paperby Fowler etal, ‘Iron Fluxes from Ariel-6’. University of Calgary Physics Department‘Proposal for the 23rd International Cosmic Ray Conference to be held at the University of Calgary, Canada, 1993.’ 65 1991 1993 G.30-G.32 Various expense claims forms and invoices chiefly relating to visits, some not otherwise documented. 1967-1982 Includes some from the BBC showing involvementin radio and television interviews. Fowler’s 3 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 66 SECTION H SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS,H.1-H.346 1964-1998 H.1 BRITISH AEROSPACE LTD H.2-H.45 HERSCHEL HOUSE TRUST H.46-H.51 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS H.52-H.68 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC UNIONS H.69-H.77 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED PHYSICS H.78-H.89 JOINT MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL/NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD COMMITTEE ON RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION H.90-H.165 KING’S SCHOOL, BRUTON H.166-H.173_ METEOROLOGICAL COMMITTEE, METEOROLOGICAL OFFICE H.174-H.207 NEHRU MEMORIAL TRUST H.208-H.222 ROLLS ROYCE PLC H.223-H.231 ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY H.232-H.285 ROYAL SOCIETY H.286-H.324 SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH COUNCIL (SERC) H.325-H.341 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL (SRC) P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 67 Societies and organisations H.342 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS H.343, H.344 TRACK ANALYSIS SYSTEMS, LTD (TASL) H.345-H.346 UNIVERSITIES SPACE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 68 Societies and organisations H.1 BRITISH AEROSPACE LTD 1990 Contractual material including draft report entitled ‘Nuclear Irradiation of Containers’ relating to British Aerospace the screening offreight vehicles. Eurotunnel plc tender to on_ H.2-H.45 HERSCHEL HOUSE TRUST 1988-1996 The Herschel House Trust preserved the housein Bath where the astronomer Herscheldiscovered the planet Uranus. Fowler wasa trustee of the Trust. Correspondence re the administration of the Trust, agenda, minutes, report and accounts. Also includes the bulletins of the Herschel House Society. H.2-H.4 1988 3 folders. H.5-H.10 1989 6 folders. H.11-H.16 1990 6 folders. H.17-H.24 1991 8 folders. H.25-H.28 1992 4 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 Societies and organisations H.29-H.30 1993 2 folders. H.31-H.33 1994 3 folders. H.34-H.36 1995 3 folders. H.37-H.40 1996 4 folders. H.41-H.44 Bulletins of the Herschel House Society. 1989-1996 4 folders. H.45 List of annual lectures from 1981 to 1990 and brochure on Caroline Herschel. H.46-H.51 INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS 1964-1992 Fowler was a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and wason the board of the Physics Education Editorial Board and Advisory Panel and the Institute of Physics International Affairs Committee. H.46-H.48 General 1964-1972 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 70 Societies and organisations H.46, H.47 Correspondencere refereeing. 1964 -1972 2 folders. H.48 Invoices, brochures and press release. 1965, 1968 H.49, H.50 Institute of Physics International Affairs Committee 1991-1992 H.49 H.50 Correspondence. Minutes and proposals. 1991-1992 1991, 1992 Includes ‘Institute of Physics Responses to “A New EPS (European Physics Society)” submitted for consideration at the EPS Executive Committee.’ H.51 Minutes of the Physics Education Editorial Board. 1965-1966 H.52-H.68 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC UNIONS Correspondence, circulars and reports relating to the organisation of the International Council of Scientific Unions’ 23rd General Assembly. Correspondencere arrangements. Circulars, meetings. information bulletins and agenda of H.52 H.53 1990 1990 1990 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 71 Societies and organisations H.54 Reports and Recommendations. 1990 Includes the recommendations of the 23rd General Assembly Nominating Committee, report of the General Assembly Finance Committee and Decision and Resolutions of the 23rd General Assembly of the International Council of Scientific Unions. H.55-H.65 ‘List of Documents for the 23rd General Assembly of the International Council of Scientific Unions.’ 1990 Includeslist of participants, agenda, committees and financial reports. 11 folders. H.66 H.67 H.68 ‘Financial Statement of the International Council of Scientific and Special Scientific Unions and its Committees other Interdisciplinary ICSU Bodies for the year ending 31 December 1989.’ Commissions’ and and Travel arrangements. Miscellaneous. 1990 1990 1990 details (possibly biographical nominated Includes candidates General Assembly), Fowler’s application form for attendance, information on the International Society of Soil Science and manuscript notes. of to attend the H.69-H.77 INTERNATIONAL UNION APPLIED PHYSICS(IUPAP) OF PURE AND 1984-1991 Fowler was a member of the UK delegation to IUPAP conferences and a member of Commission C4 on Cosmic Rays. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 72 Societies and organisations H.69-H.71 Correspondence re attendance at the 20th General Assembly in 1990, various committee membership and UK delegation appointments. 1987-1990 3 folders. H.72 Minutes, list of conferences for 1988 and invitation to the 22nd International Cosmic Ray Conference. 1987-1990 H.73, H.74 20th General Assembly of IUPAP, 25-28 September 1990, Dresden, East Germany. 1990 Programmeof the assembly,list of participants and a series of nominations for UK members and officers of the various commissions. 2 folders. H.75, H.76 Newsbulletins. 1984-1991 The series of bulletins is incomplete. Also includes lists of conferences. 2 folders. H.77 Miscellaneous. c. 1987 Includes a copy of ‘C4 Commission on Cosmic Rays-Report to IUPAP (1984-1987)’ and ‘ILSI Risk ScienceInstitute.’ H.78-H.89 JOINT MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (MRC)/NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD (NRPB) COMMITTEE ON RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION 1983-1992 Fowler was Chairman of this Joint MRC/NRPB Committee. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 73 Societies and organisations H.78 Correspondence re publications of papers on the Chernobyl nuclear explosion in Nature. 1983-1992 H.79-H.83 Agenda of meetings and minutes. 1987-1991 Also includes copies of ‘MRC Field Review of Radiobiology’ and ‘MRC Cell Mutation Unit Progress Report and Future Proposals, January 1991.’ 5 folders. H.84, H.85 Memorandum and statement of NRPB’s ‘Principles for the Protection of Patients and Volunteers during Clinical Diagnostic Procedures... Resonance Magnetic 1990-1991 2 folders. H.86-H.88 1990 Recommendations of International Committee on Radiological Protection. 1990 Recommendations Also includes ‘The State of Development of the and Revised ‘Programme of of Industry Sponsors for the Period: April 1989-April 1990.’ Research Radiation Report ICRP’ of 3 folders. H.89 Miscellaneous. 1991 Includes Committee. notes on the history of the Joint H.90-H.165 KING’S SCHOOL, BRUTON 1986-1996 Fowler was a Governor of King’s School, Bruton, Somerset. Correspondence re the administration of the school, minutes of governors. accounts reports, lists and and P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 Societies and organisations H.90 1986 H.91, H.92 1987 2 folders. H.93-H.100 1987-1988 8 folders. H.101-H.108 1988-1989 8 folders. H.109-H.112 1989-1990 4 folders. H.113-H.117 1990-1992 5 folders. H.118-H.125 1991-1992 8 folders. H.126-H.136 1993-1994 11 folders. H.137-H.146 1993-1994 10 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 Societies and organisations H.147-H.155 1995 9 folders. H.156-H.165 1996 10 folders. H.166-H.173 METEOROLOGICAL COMMITTEE, METEOROLOGICAL OFFICE 1984-1994 Meteorological Fowler was a member of Committee of This Committee advised the Chief Executive of the Meteorological Office on present and future actions and reviewedthe Office programme. Meteorological Office. the the H.166 Correspondencere the Royal Observatories. 1984-1994 H.167-H.173 Minutes and meeting reports. 1985-1993 7 folders. H.174-H.207 NEHRU MEMORIAL TRUST 1985-1991 The Jawaharlal scholarships for advanced Governorsof the Trust. research. Nehru) Memorial Trust Indian nationals to Fowler was one offers pursue of the H.174 1985 re the Correspondence Memorial Lecture on 25 November 1985 delivered by S. Ramphal on ‘Nehru legacy reappraised.’ Pathfinder: Nehru 11th the a P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 76 Societies and organisations H.175 1987 H.176-H.179 1988 H.176, H.177 Correspondence. 2 folders. H.178 Minutes of meetings. H.179 12th Nehru Memorial lecture. Includes a list of invitees, table plan and a copyof the lecture ‘The English Language in India since Independence-andits Future role.’ delivered by S. Gopal. H.180-H.187 1980-1989 H.180 Correspondence lecture, Governors. re resignation the of 13th the Nehru Secretary Memorial the to H.181, H.182 Minutes of meetings. Also includes a copy of the 13th Memorial Lecture entitled ‘The Internal Impact of Nehru as Prime Minister’, delivered by S.D. Sharma in November 1989. 2 folders. H.183 Finances. 1989 1989 1989 H.184-H.187 Scholarship applicant. 1980-1990 4 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 77 Societies and organisations H.188-H.189 1990 H.188 Correspondence re the 14th Memorial Lecture, its publication and the case of an Indian student’s application to UK universities. H.189 Minutes of meetings. H.190-H.193 1991 H.190, H.191 Correspondence re scholarship and the publication of the Memorial Lecture. 2 folders. H.192 Minutes of meetings. H.193 List of those attending the 15th Memorial Lecture. H.194, H.195 1992 H.194 Correspondence re overseas researcher. financial support for an H.195 Minutes of meetings. H.196-H.198 1993 H.196 the Correspondence Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Trust and the British Council. collaboration re between H.197 Minutes of meetings. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 78 Societies and organisations H.198 List of those attending the 17th Nehru Memorial Lecture. The lecture was delivered by K. Vatsyayan on ‘Indian Art: The One and the Many.’ H.199-H.201 1994 H.199 Correspondencere additional funding for Scholars. H.200 Minutes of meetings. H.201 Copy of the 18th Nehru Memorial Lecture. The lecture was delivered by John Grigg on ‘Indo- British to Independence.’ Mythology Approach about the H.202-H.204 1995 H.202, H.203 Correspondenceand papers. Includes a copy of ‘Note for the Trustees with an Appraisal of the Present Scheme of Awards and the Current Position, as well as a Proposal for the Future, which includes a Collaboration with the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust’ and responses to the memo by Governors and Officers. 2 folders. H.204 Minutes of meetings and Accounts. H.205, H.206 1996 H.205 Correspondence. Includes accounts for 1995-1996. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 79 Societies and organisations H.206 Minutes of meetings. H.207 1999 Letter from Lord Romsey (Chairmanof the Trust) to Rosemary Fowler. H.208-H.222 ROLLS-ROYCE PLC 1985-1992 on_ ‘non-invasive measurement Fowler was a consultant for Rolls Royce. In 1987 he worked of temperature of a moving item by meansof neutron beams.’ (H.216-H.218) and in 1990 he worked on the Athena Project for the US Federal Aviation Authority and developed, with Peter Stewart of the Rolls Royce Advanced Project Division, a thermal detection technique used to enhance aviation security (H.211-H.213). H.208-H.210 General correspondence. 1987-1992 Correspondence re consultancy agreement and research, patent application on neutron/temperature measurement technique, financing of research and work in progress February-April 1989 and first quarter of 1992. 3 folders. H.211-H.213 Athena Project. 1990 Fowler worked on the Athena Project on explosive detection systems. The project was part of an enquiry on aviation security commissioned by the US Federal Aviation Authority after a Pan Am airliner crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland in December 1988 following a bomb explosion. H.211 Correspondence management. and papers” re project 1990 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 80 Societies and organisations Includes proposed bid and the ‘Report of the Presidents Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism’ (of the U.S Federal Aviation Authority). H.212 Draft report. H.213 Newspaper cutting from The Times entitled ‘Battle to beat airport bombers’ on improved detection devices and security. 1990 1990 H.214, H.215 Consultancy agreements. 1989-1991 2 folders. H.216-H.218 Papers on temperature measurements. 1985 Includes draft of and figures for lecture on ‘Remote temperature resonant epithermal neutrons and the need for a compact pulsed source.’ measurement using See also D.46-D.47 and E.53, E.56-E.57. 3 folders. H.219 Reports on ‘A method for non-invasively measuring metal temperatures within aero gas turbine engines’ and ‘comparison of explosive detection systems’. 1986, 1990 H.220 Lists of Fowler’s periods of activity for Rolls Royce. 1989 H.221, H.222 Miscellaneous. 1988-1991 Contains accounts and expenses forms, progress report on Fowler’s activities with Rolls-Royce, notes on temperature measurement, manuscript notes, etc. 2 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 81 Societies and organisations H.223-H.231 ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY 1983-1985 Fowler was a memberof the Royal Astronomical Society Study Group for Priorities for Astronomyin the United Kingdom for the Period 1990-2000. Most of the material relates to ‘Astronomyin the UK 1990- 2000’, a project initiated by the Royal Astronomical Society to gather comments from scientists on the ‘content and future direction of the UK astronomyin the period 1990-2000.’ H.223, H.224 Correspondence re Astronomy in the UK 1990-2000 and submission of comments. 1983-1985 See also H.227-H.230 for further submissions in respect to the call for comments on the Astronomy in the UK project. 2 folders. H.225, H.226 Agendas, meetings of the study group. draft minutes and final minutes of 1985 2 folders. H.227-H.230 Submissions of comments on UK astronomy 1990- 2000. 1985 are arranged by author in The submissions alphabetical order. 4 folders. H.231 Papers by O.C.A. Langmark from the Board of Education for the City of Toronto, Canada. 1983, 1985 Includes ‘Proposal for a subdivision of Lyra into telescopic starfields’ and the paper ‘The telescopic starfields of the Auriga polygon’. Also includes a photograph. Found with the preceding material. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 82 Societies and organisations H.232-H.285 ROYAL SOCIETY 1964-1998 Fowler was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1964. He was a Royal Society Research Professor at Bristol from 1964 to 1988. Fowler served on the Royal Society International Relations Committee, the National Committee for Physics, the British National Committee for Solar- Terrestrial Physics and was the Royal Society liaison for the International Foundation for High Altitude Research Observatories at Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat in Switzerland. British H.232-H.246 General file H.232-H.242 Correspondence. 1964-1995 1964-1992 re Royal in Fowlers’ Correspondence Society Research Professorship, research, annual progress reports, finance and expenses, publications, visits abroad for conference or balloon flight expeditions, lectures, Schools Committee, the Swiss High Altitude Observatories and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. Research the Scientific 11 folders. H.243, H.244 Royal Society circulars. 1964-1995 2 folders. H.245 H.246 Fowler’s reports to the Royal Society as a Research Professor. 1968, 1969, N.d ‘Expenditure Grant.’ in connection with Royal Society 1966-1968, 1988 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 83 Societies and organisations H.247, H.248 British National Committee for Physics 1972, 1987 Minutes and agenda of meetings. 2 folders. H.249-H.252 British National Committee for Solar-Terrestrial Physics 1968-1973 Fowler served as a representative of the British National Committee for Physics. 4 folders. H.249 Correspondence and arrangements for meetings. Also includes the first circular. appointment Fowlers re 1968-1973 H.250, H.251 Minutes. 1968, 1971 2 folders. H.252 Miscellaneous. 1968, 1970, 1973 Includes proposed terms of reference, membership of the Committee for Solar-Terrestrial Physics and list of UK operating stations. H.253 British National Committee on Space Research 1982 This folder relates to the 24th COSPAR Plenary Meeting and Symposia held in Ottawa, Canada, 16 May-2 June 1982. Thereis list of contributed and invited papers and report of the proceedings. H.254 Royal Society Club 1984-1994 Correspondence dinner arrangements. Also includes draft notes for speech by Fowler in honour of R.V. Jones. meeting and re P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 84 Societies and organisations H.255-H.268 International Relations Committee 1989-1994 to 1990 The International Relations Committee was created in National Committees. Fowler represented the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) on the Committee. various replace British H.255 Correspondence re meetings, the Royal Society’s committee reorganisation and the establishment of the International Relations Committee. 1989-1994 H.256-H.268 Agenda, minutes and reports. 1990-1993 includes Also documents responsibilities, organisations, meetings and conferences. correspondence the to relationship by-laws, relating and_ various committee’s with other 13 folders. H.269, H.270 UK Membership to CERN Ad Hoc Group 1987 Letter and copy of the CERN Review Committee Interim Report. H.271-H.285 International Foundation High Alpine Research Stations Gornergrat, Switzerland. Jungfraujoch and 1982-1998 The Royal Society was making a regular financial contribution to the maintenance of the two stations but in 1982 decided to stop the contribution. Fowler to assess the was asked to importance of financial contribution and eventually payment was resumed. a Royal write the Society's report H.271-H.274 Correspondence andreports. 1982-1995 to Includes involvement, sent to him for information. correspondence prior Fowler’s 4 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 85 Societies and organisations H.275-H.282 Agenda and minutes. 1982-1998 H.283, H.284 Also includes reports and accounts. Many of the papers are in German. 8 folders. ‘Report on Board Meeting of the Swiss High Altitude Research Stations held at Zermatt, 25-26 October 1989’ and ‘Report on Board Meeting of the Swiss High Altitude Research Stations, 27-28 October 1989 at Interlaken’ by Fowler. Also includes a description of the research stations. 2 folders. 1981,1991 H.285 Miscellaneous manuscript notes. 1991 The notes were taken during Fowler’s visit and board meetings in Switzerland. H.286-H.324 SCIENCE AND COUNCIL (SERC) ENGINEERING RESEARCH 1985-1990 Fowler was a member of the Haverah Park Project Review Panel and Chairman of the Neutron Beam Review Panel. H.286 Haverah Park Project Review Panel 1987 Report of a meeting. The Haverah Park extensive air shower project was established in 1960 on the recommendation of the Cosmology Committee of Science and Industrial Research ‘to measure the arrival direction distribution and energy spectrum of cosmic rays above 10'° eV(..)’ Department of the P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 86 Societies and organisations H.287-H.324 Neutron Review Panel 1985-1990 H.287-H.290 Correspondence re SERC reviews facilities in the UK and Europe. of neutron 1988-1990 Includes a list of publications at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. 4 folders. H.291-H.295 Agenda, minutes and memorandum. 1985-1990 5 folders. H.296-H.313 ISIS Project Group 1986 ISIS is a Neutron Accelerator at the Rutherford Laboratory that Fowler used for his research on neutrons. This report explored possible expansions of the accelerator to make it a ‘fully international facility.’ However the project was not accepted. 18 folders. H.314-H.316 ‘Neutron Departmentof Energy.’ Scattering Facilities Supported by the Copy of the report inscribed ‘Report of the Pincus Committee’. It relates to facilities in the United States. 3 folders. H.317 Articles and papers. Also includes a list of publications produced at KENS. KENS was a neutron scattering research facility created in 1980 in Japan. 1987 1986 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 87 Societies and organisations H.318, H.319 Reports on KENS research September 1986 and March 1988. activities between 1988 Also includes a copyof ‘Kens report -7, 1987/1988.’ The reports scattering Appleton Laboratory for High Energy Physicsin Japan. to collaboration the relates research Laboratory in neutron Rutherford National between and KEK, the H.320 H.321 H.322 2 folders. ‘SERC Neutron review ISIS Facility Submission March 1989.’ Submission Neutron Beam Research Committee to the Neutron Review Panel, April 1989. the by ‘A View from the ILL Presentation to SERC Neutron Review Panel, 15 June 1989’. Institute Laue Langevin leading European neutron scattering facility at Grenoble, France. (ILL) was the 1989 1989 1989 H.323, H.324 ‘Report of the Neutron Review Panel, March 1990.’ 1990 2 folders. H.325-H.341 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL (SRC) 1967-1988 Fowler was a member of the SRC’s Astronomy Policy and Grants Committee Working Group to Review Cosmic Ray Research, the Astronomy, Space and Radio Board and the Space Policy and Grants Committee Astrophysics Working Group. P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 H.325 Societies and organisations Astronomy Committee, Working Group to Review Cosmic Ray Research Grants Policy and 88 1969 Minutes and reports. H.326, H.327 Astronomy, Space and Radio Board 1969-1980 Includes letter re an invitation to serve on the Astronomy, Space and Radio Board and reports and minutes. Fowler was a memberof the Millimetre Telescope Review Panel of the Astronomy, Space and Radio Board. 2 folders. H.328-H.333 Space Astrophysics Working Group Policy and Grants Committee 1967-1988 Also includes a Science Research Council pamphlet entitled ‘Selectivity and Concentration in Support of Research.’ H.328 General correspondence. 1967-1970 Correspondence re cosmic rays research, invitation to Fowler to serve on a ‘small ad hoc panel to consider the most appropriate use of balloons, rockets infra-red or ultra-violet astronomy’ and financing of space research. or satellites for H.329 Correspondence re grants. H.330-H.333 Minutes and reports. 4 folders. 1968-1988 1969-1970 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 89 Societies and organisations H.334 ‘Space Flight Opportunities for UK Experimenters, April 1970.’ 1970 Includes correspondence, memorandum and paper. H.335-H.341 Background material. 1969, N.d. UK and US spaceresearch experiment proposals. 7 folders. H.342 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS 1987 1 letter only. H.343, H.344 TRACK ANALYSIS SYSTEMS,LTD (TASL) 1989-1990 Fowler was a director of TASL. In 1990 the main activities of the company were the ‘development and supply of neutron dosimeters, TASTRAK plastic and radon detectors to local authorities, laboratories and householders.’ H.343 Notices of Annual General Meetings and Accounts. 1989-1990 H.344 Memorandum on marketing opportunities. 1989 H.345, H.346 UNIVERSITIES SPACE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION 1988-1989 This Association was an American body basedin Alabama that included research in atmospheric sciences, material processing and astronomy. P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 Societies and organisations H.345 Correspondence re Fowler's membership of the Space Station Attached Payloads Peer Review Panel and aninvitation to act as a consultant for the Space Station Freedom Attached Payload Proposal Review. 90 1988 H.346 Miscellaneous documents and guidelines. 1989 Includes photocopy of an agreement for temporary appointment, copy of the guidelines for the review of the Space Station Freedom Attached Payload Proposal and a meeting programme. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 91 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE,J.1- J.108 1957-1996 J.1-J.8 ‘GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE?’ J.9-J.108 ALPHABETICAL SEQUENCE J.1-J.8 ‘GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE’ 1963-1968 Contents of Fowler’sfolder so labelled. J.1-J.6 Correspondence re research, technical matters and material, publications, reference for research proposal, conferences and seminars and laboratory job vacancies. 1963-1968 6 folders. J.7, J.8 Papers found with the correspondence. 1963-1968 Includes technical drawing entitled ‘PX 130 K Counter’, paper by S.A. Colgate on ‘The measurement of cosmic rays of atomic number greater than iron’, world weather charts andlist of miscellaneous publications. 2 folders. J.9-J.108 ALPHABETICAL SEQUENCE 1957-1996 J.9 J.10 Antoci, S. Atiyah, M.F. Atiyah was the Master of Trinity College Cambridge between 1990 and 1997. J.14 Atkins, H. L. 1996 1994 1965 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 Correspondence J.12 J.13 J.14 J.15 J.16 J.17 J.18 J.19 J.20 J.21 J.22 J.23 J.24 Badash,L. Barritt, K.D. Baschkin, B.B. Bhatia, V.S. Bristol Aircraft Limited. Letter to C.F. Powell re request for investigation of the potential danger of cosmic radiation for passengers and crew membersin aircraft flying at around 65,000feet. British Technology Group. Brown, D. Bruce, C.E.R. Brush, S. G. 1964 1965 1964 1965 1962 1991 1963 1965 1964 Burhop, E.H.S. 1965, 1969 Campbell, D.A. Curtis, S.B. Daniel. R.R. 1965 1969 1966 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 Correspondence EOLAS(TheIrish Science and Technology Agency). 1990-1991 Fowler wasasked to act as an independentassessor for grant applications. 93 1983 1982 1965 1991 1968 1996 N.d, c. 1990 1964 1969 1964 J.25 J.26 J.27 J.28 J.29 J.30 Darius, J. Duke, P.J. Evans, E. Fews, P. Freier, P.S. Correspondencere research. J.31-J.35 Galison, P.L. Includes copy of Galison’s paper ‘Image and Logic, the Material Culture of Microphysics', University of Chicago Press. 5 folders. Gay,A. Gibson, J.A.B. Gillinder, A.D. Guggenheim, E.A. J.36 J.37 J.38 J.39 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 Correspondence J.40 Henley,G. J.41 J.42 J.43 J.44 J.45 J.46 J.47 J.48 J.49 J.50 Higham, N. IOP Publishing Ltd. Jeffreys, B. Jones, R.V. recount in Jones requested Fowler to writing the ‘observation of the time difference on the pulses from the G jammer’, a famous incident that occurred in 1945 when Fowler wasa radarofficer in the R.A.F. As a result of his investigations the German station responsible for the jamming of identified and destroyed. was_ radar signals Knowles, H.B. Koch, L. Lal, D. Lally, V.E. Correspondence re data on the RACOONflight from French Guiana. Landbeck, R. Lawson, A. 1993 1989 1989 1996 1964, 1992 1976 1965, 1967 1966 1982 1965 1969 P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 J.51 J.52 J.53 J.54 J.55 J.56 J.57 J.58 Correspondence Leeland, J.R. Lindhard, J. Correspondencere research. Maccabee, H. McAulay,I. McWhirter, N. Correspondencere Powell's discovery of the pion. Maddox, J.R. Masheder, M.R.W. Mason, A. 1964 1969 1969 1995 1990 1969 N.d 1964 J.59, J.60 Menon, G. K. 1982-1994 Includes April 1985 Newsletter of the Indian Academyof Sciences featuring Menon. 2 folders. Merrison, A.W. Michaelis, A. R. J.61 J.62 1965 1982 P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 96 Correspondence J.63 Mitchell, E.W.J. Letter from Fowler re research with Rolls Royce. J.64 J.65 J.66 J.67 Occhialini, G.P.S. Owen,L. Pal, Y. Parkinson, D.H. Correspondencere research. J.68 Perkins, D.H. Includes black and white photographs. J.69 J.70 J.71 J.72 J.73 J.74 Pfotzer, G. Pollard, F.H. Powell, C.F. Includes photograph and personal correspondence re Powell's retirement party. Quayle, J.R. Quenby,J.J. Rice, C.G. 1985 N.d. 1973 1973 1969 N.d. 1971 1959 1968, N.d. 1990 1989, 1990 1991 P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 97 Correspondence J.75 Rochester, G.D. 1970, 1986 Includes copy of Rochester's paper 'Cosmic Ray Cloud ChamberContributions to the Discovery of the Strange Particles in the Decades 1947-1957.' J.76 Royal Greenwich Observatory. c. 1994 Articles, photocopied photographs, manuscript notes. J.77 J.78 J.79 Rudinger, E. Setti, R. Levi- Shoenberg, D. J.80-J.82 Simpson, J.A. Includes copy of Simpson's ‘Elemental and Isotopic Composition of the Galactic Cosmic Rays.’ J.83 J.84 J.85 3 folders. Singhvi, L.M. Smith, H. Spiers, F.W. Correspondencere research. 1982 1968 1989 1983 1993 N.d. 1970 J.86, J.87 Stern, M.C. 1986-1993 Correspondence between Fowler and Stern, MP for Bristol North West, re the shortage of science teachers. 2 folders. P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 98 Correspondence J.88, J.89 Stewart, P. 1990 2 folders. Swordy, S.P. Tamm, I. Correspondencere pi-mesons. Ter Haar, D. The Times Comments on weather forecasts. Ubertini, P. University of Melbourne J.90 J.914 J.92 J.93 J.94 J.95 1990-1992 1965 1964 1994 1982 1982 Correspondence Australia. re ‘balloon base reactivation’ in J.96, J.97 University of Minnesota 1958-1959 Correspondencere research (exposure of emulsion) and Fowler’s possible move to the University of Minnesota. Also includes a copy of P.S. Freier, E.P. Ney and J.R. Winckler's paper 'Balloon Observations of Solar Cosmic Rays on March 26 1958' and newspapercuttings. 2 folders. J.98 University of Washington 1966 Correspondencere research. P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 Correspondence J.99 Waddington, C.J. J.100 Waldegrave, W.A. Correspondence Greenwich Observatory. re the relocation of the Royal Waldegrave was MP forBristol West. J.101 Walford, [7] J.102 Waller, C. J.103 Ward, F.A.B. Correspondencere research. J.104 Welford, W. J.105 Whitaker,[7] Correspondencere July 1968 flooding in the south west of England. J.106 Whites, R. J.107 Wideroe, R. Correspondencere research. J.108 Wolfendale, A.W. Correspondencere research. 1982 1986 1996 1957 1966 1989 1968 1964 1965 1996 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS ANTOCI, S. ATIYAH, Sir Michael Francis ATKINS, H.L. BADASH, L. BARRITT, K.D. BASCHKIN, B.B. BHATIA,V.S. 100 J.9 H.190, J.10 J.14 J.12 J.13 J.14 J.15 BLACKETT, Patrick Maynard Stuart, Baron Blackett of Chelsea A.16-A.18 BOGGILD, J.K. BOYD, Sir Robert Lewis Fullarton BRAGG, Sir William Lawrence BRISTOL AIRCRAFT LTD BRITISH AEROSPACE LTD BRITISH TECHNOLOGY GROUP BROWN, D. BRUCE, C.E.R. BRUSH, Stephen G. BURHOP, Eric Henry Stonely BUTLER, Sir Clifford Charles CAMPBELL,D.A. CHADWICK, Sir James COCKCROFT,Sir John Douglas CURTIS, S.B. B.141 H.328 A.18 J.16 H.14 J.17 J.18 J.19 J.20 A.22, B.144, H.237, H.238, J.1, J.2, J.21, J.23 A.18 J.22 A.18 A.18, J.3 J.23 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 101 Index of correspondents DANIEL, Roy R. DARIUS, J. DAVIES, John H. DEBRUNNER, Herman DUKE, Philip John EOLAS, THE IRISH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AGENCY EVANS,E. FEWS, P. FOWLER, J.F FOWLER (née Brown), Rosemary Hempson FRANK,Sir Frederick Charles FREIER, P.S. FRIEDLANDER, M.W. GALISON, Peter L. GAY, A. GIBSON, J.A.B. GILLINDER, A.D. GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND C.9-C.14, C.26, J.1, J.24 J.25 B.144, B.149, B.152, C.10-C.14, C.26, C.39, J.39 H.271-H.274 J.26 J.27 J.28 J.29 D.5-D.8 A.88 A.17, B.142, B.143 J.30 C.36-C.38, C.50, D.25 J.31-J.35 J.36 J.37 J.38 J.39 HOUSE OF LORDS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE H.342 GUGGENHEIM, Edward Armand HAAR, Dirk TER J.39 J.92 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 102 Index of correspondents HAGGE, Donald, E. HEITLER, Hans HENLEY,G. HERSCHEL HOUSE TRUST, BATH HIGHAM, Norman INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS IOP PUBLISHING LTD C.23, C.35-C.40, C.50 C.9-C.13 J.40 H.2-H.45 J.414 H.63-H.68 J.42 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC UNIONS (ICSU) H.46-H.62 INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED PHYSICS (IUPAP) H.69-H.77 JAWAHARLAL NEHRU MEMORIAL TRUST JEFFREYS,Bertha, Lady JOINT MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL/ NATIONAL RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD COMMITTEE ON RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION H.174-H.207 J.43 H.78-H.89 JONES, Reginald Victor J.42 KING'S SCHOOL, BRUTON H.90-H.164 KNOWLES, H.B. KOCH, L. LAL, D. LALLY, Victor Edward LANDBECK,R. LAWSON, A. LEELAND, J.R. LEVI-SETTI, Ricardo J.45 J.46 J.47 J.48 J.49 J.50 J.51 See SETTI, Ricardo P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 103 Index of correspondents LINDHARD, J. McAULAY,I. McCREA, Sir William Hunter McWHIRTER, Norris Dewar MACCABEE, H. MADDOX, Sir John Royden MANNING, Geoffrey MASHEDER, Michael R.W. MASON, A. LEVI- J.52 J.54 H.166 J.55 J.53 J.56 D.7 J.57 J.58 MENON, Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar, (‘Goku’) C.11, C.12, J.59, J.60 MERRISON, Sir Alec (Alexander Walter) J.61 METEOROLOGICAL COMMITTEE, METEOROLOGICALOFFICE H.166-H.173 MICHAELIS,AnthonyR. MITCHELL,Sir Edgar William John J.62 J.63 MOTT, Sir Nevill Francis A.17, A.18, A.22 NEY, Edward Purdy NEHRU MEMORIAL TRUST G.1, G.3, J.96 See JAWAHARLAL NEHRU MEMORIAL TRUST OCCHIALINI, Giuseppe Paolo Stanislao, (‘Beppo’) J.64 O’CEALLAIGH, Cormac OWEN, L. PAL, Y. PARKINSON, D.H. C.51, J.5, D.25 J.65 J.66 J.67 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 104 Index of correspondents PERKINS,Donald Hill C.1, J.1, J.3, J.68 PFOTZER, G. PINKAU, Klaus POLLARD, Frederick Henry POWELL, Cecil Frank POWELL,Isobel PRICE, Buford P. PRICE, J.H. PRYCE, Maurice Henry Lecorney QUAYLE, John Rodney QUENBY,John James RICE, C.G. ROCHESTER, George Dixon ROLLS-ROYCE, PLC ROMSEY,Norton Louis Philip, Baron ROTBLAT,Sir Joseph ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY ROYAL GREENWICH OBSERVATORY ROYAL SOCIETY RUDINGER, E. J.69 F.33, H.328 J.70 A.16, B.15, B.139, B.141- B.144, B.148, B.154, C.1-C.3, C.11, C.20, C.28, C.33, F.10, H.235, J.3, J.16, J.71 See also A.89-A.92 B.148 C.39-C.40, C.49-C.51, D.25 H.329 A.17, B.139, B.154 J.72 J.73 J.74 A.18, H.238, J.4, J.75 H.208-H.222 H.177, H.180, H.188, H.202, H.203, H.205, H.207 D.5 H.223-H.231 J.76 H.232-H.285 J.77 P.H. Fowler NCUACS115/1/03 105 Index of correspondents SCHEIN, Marcel J.97 SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH COUNCIL (SERC) H.286-H.324 SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL (SRC) SETTI, Ricardo LEVI- SHOENBERG, David SIMPSON, J.A. SINGHVI, L.M. SMITH, H. SPIERS,Frederick William STERN, Michael Stern STEWART, P. SWORDY,S.P. TAMM, I. THE TIMES H.325-H.341 J.50, J.78, J.96 J.79 J.80-J.82 J.83 J.84 J.85 J.86, J.87 J.88, J.89 J.90 J.91 J.93 TRACK ANALYSIS SYSTEM, LTD (TASL) H.343, H.344 UBERTINI, P. J.94 UNIVERSITIES SPACE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION H.345, H.346 UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA J.95 G.1-G.5, J.96, J.97 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, SEATTLE J.98 WADDINGTON, C. Jake WALDEGRAVE, William Arthur, Baron Waldegraveof North Hill WALFORD, [?] WALLER, C. C.1-C.3, C.23-C.25, J.99 J.100 J.101 J.102 P.H. Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03 106 Index of correspondents WARD, Francis Alan Burnett J.103 WARREN, J.C. WELFORD, W. WHITAKER, [?] WHITES,R. WIDEROE, Rolf WILSON, J.G WOLFENDALE, Sir Arnold Whittaker C.23-C.26, C.28-C.30, C.35, C.37, C.38 J.104 J.105 J.106 J.107 J.2 J.108