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Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Peter Howard Fowler FRS (1923-1996) NCUACS catalogue no.129/2/04 By Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Supplementary catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Peter Howard Fowler, FRS, (1923-1996), physicist. NCUACS catalogue no. 129/2/04 © 2004 National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, University of Bath. Special Collections, Arts & Social Sciences Library, University of Bristol Caroline Thibeaud and Timothy E. Powell Extent of material: 13 boxes, 386 items Reference code: GB 0003 DM 1967 Title: Compiled by: Deposited in: Date of material: 1960-1988 P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in the production of this catalogue is made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Institute of Physics The Macro Group UK The Polymer Physics Group The Heritage Lottery Fund The National Archives P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THIS COLLECTION MAY YET BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS ARCHIVIST, ARTS & SOCIAL SCIENCES LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL A.97-A.100 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL B.165-B.211 SECTION C BALLOON FLIGHTS SECTION D RESEARCH C.56-C.91 D.75-D.103 SECTION G SECTION H J.109-J.155 E.69-E.99 F.61-F.92 G.33-G.96 H.347-H.444 SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE SECTION F LECTURES SECTION E DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS VISITS AND CONFERENCES SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 GENERAL INTRODUCTION PROVENANCE The papers were received from Mrs Rosemary Fowler, widow of Professor Fowler, in November 2003. OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF PETER HOWARD FOWLER For an outline of Fowler’s life and career see NCUACS catalogue 115/1/03. DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION This supplementary collection is presented in the order given in the list of contents. It covers the period from 1960 to 1988. It should be consulted in conjunction with the principal body of Fowler papers catalogued as NCUACS 115/1/03. Section A, Biographical, is the smallest section and includes Fowler’s entries in professional registers such as Who’s Who and press cuttings relating to his research on cosmic rays. Group. Section B, University of Bristol, includes correspondence, agendas, minutes and reports relating to University departmental committees. There is also material relating to teaching duties, examination and research supervision - including syllabuses, teaching timetables, student questionnaire results and analysis - and correspondence with prospective members of Fowlers Cosmic Rays Study papers and lectures. Section C, Balloon flights, is arranged in chronological order and complements the earlier material catalogued in Fowler NCUACS 115/1/03. The bulk of the material relates to flights made between 1970 and 1975 launched from Palestine in Texas and Sioux Falls in South Dakota, USA. There is also a little material covering the transatlantic flights launched from Milo in Sicily. Documents include correspondence regarding balloon flight arrangements, project proposals, flight reports, copies of P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Section D, Research, mainly covers Fowlers cosmic ray research using balloons, cosmic ray detectors such as BUGS 4 and accelerator facilities including Nimrod and the University of Princeton Accelerator. The material comprises correspondence, proposals and grant applications, research outlines and reports. Other topics covered are the plastic track detector CR39 used to capture a small cosmic rays and the UK 6, Solar Flare and the Ariel 6 satellite programmes. There is sequence on Pi-mesons in cancer treatment. Section E, Drafts and publications, is not extensive. It is arranged in chronological order from 1964 to and tables figures, papers, scientific Fowler’s comprises drafts of 1979 and principally correspondence. Section F, Lectures, principally relates to Fowler’s public lectures, all on the topic of cosmic rays with his 1971 Rutherford Memorial Lecture on Pi-mesons in cancer treatment. The the exception of material comprises drafts, notes and correspondence from 1962 to 1987. There is a teaching material and an Honorary Degree oration at the University of Bristol. little academic Section G, Visits and conferences, is one of the larger sections and complements previous material is arranged in chronological order from 1964 to 1987. Principal visits in NCUACS 115/1/03. It covered are a visit to the USSR in 1969, the Royal Society of New Zealand Rutherford Memorial to the University of Chicago Enrico Fermi Institute in 1978 and visit mainly concerned with astronomy and grant allocation). Lecture Tour in 1971, a International Union of Pure and Applied Physics International Cosmic Rays Conferences. Section H, Societies and organisations, forms the largest section of the collection and documents ten UK and international organisations. Bodies covered include the Fowler’s involvement with European Space Research Organisation (Fowler was a consultant, 1974-1977), Rolls-Royce plc (early consultancy work 1984-1987), the Royal Society (Fowler served on various British National Committees and there are documents relating to the administration and funding of his Research Professorship) and the Science Research Council (Fowler was involved with a number of committees There is also an index of correspondents. extended exchanges. 1966 Section J, Correspondence, is divided into two sequences: an alphabetical sequence arranged by 1987. correspondence, Correspondents are mainly scientific colleagues and historians of science, although there are no and recommendations. Dates covered are references and to P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We should like to thank Mrs Rosemary Fowler for making the material available, her assistance in identifying and clarifying documents and for biographical information on her husband. Caroline F. Thibeaud Timothy E. Powell Bath, 2004 P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL, A.97-A.100 1963-1984 Entry for unidentified professional register. Entries for Who's Who of British Scientists and Who's Who in Science in Europe. 1983-1984 Manuscript notes and typescript entries. See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 A.3-A.4. Certificate of Employment as Civilian Lecturer for Adult Education in H.M Forces. Press cuttings re Fowler's research on cosmic rays in the Financial Times and the University of Bristol Newsletter. 1972-1973 P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL, B.165-B.211 1964-1987 B.165-B.171 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE B.172-B.184 UNIVERSITY COMMITTEES AND CLUBS B.185-B.211 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS B.165-B.171 GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE 1964-1986 Correspondence re teaching and university matters, PhD students supervision, staff management and funding. 7 folders. B.172-B.184 UNIVERSITY COMMITTEES AND CLUBS 1971-1987 See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 B.1-B.29. Correspondence and memoranda. Departmental Committee on Technical Staff Note on the 15 February 1977 meeting. B.174 Cosmic Rays Study Group 1979-1980 See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 B.30- B.153. 1973-1976 Correspondence and miscellaneous documents re Chair of Physics, administrative organisation and members of staff. B.174-B.177 Physics Steering Committee 1971-1976 P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 University of Bristol B.175-B.177 Agenda and minutes. 1971-1976 3 folders. B.178-B.181 Radiation Protection Subcommittee 1978-1980 See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 B.15-B.28. Correspondence. Agenda and minutes. 1978-1979 1978-1980 B.180, B.181 Reports and review. 2 folders. Minutes. Safety Executive Committee Agenda and minutes. Safety Consultative Committee 1978-1979 See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 B.29. University Space Club UK Space Policy report. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 University of Bristol B.185-B.211 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS B.185-B.190 Academic staff meetings agenda and minutes. 6 folders. Lists of members of staff. B.192-B.195 Memoranda. 4 folders. Committee of Professors Correspondence and minutes. 1964-1986 1964-1968 1964-1966 1964-1986 1976-1981 B.197-B.199 1964-1975 3 folders. note and memoranda re preparation Typescript notes on research supervision. Lists of candidates for higher degrees. Syllabuses, lecture duties and examinations. Includes of examinations, allocation of teaching duties and lecture timetables. 1965-1981 Also includes a research expenditure budget for 1966- 1967. Student comments. and graduate questionnaire returns and 1965-1974 1966-1977 P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 University of Bristol B.203-B.207 ‘Application to join P.H.F's group.' Folder so inscribed. 1970-1984 Correspondence, CVs, lists of publications. 5 folders. B.208-B.211 Research Assistantship. 1973-1974 4 folders. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 SECTION C BALLOON FLIGHTS, C.56-C.91 1970-1979 Project proposal submission. was project The the abundance of ultra-heavy elements in primary cosmic rays. measurement based on of C.57-C.60 General correspondence. 1971-1979 Correspondence re the design and production of material and and description, budget. organisation instruments, balloon flights 4 folders. C.61-C.65 ‘Balloon Flight 1971'. Folder so inscribed. 1971-1972 Correspondence re manuscript notes. flight arrangements. Also includes with the Dublin Institute 5 folders. 4 folders. C.66-C.71 C.66-C.69 1971-1972 1971-1973 Correspondence re flight arrangements. ‘Balloon Flight 1972'. Folder so inscribed. The flight was launched from Sioux Falls in May 1972. Flights were launched from Sioux Falls, South Dakota in collaboration of Advanced Studies and from Palestine, Texas in May 1971. 1972-1973 Documents entitled ‘Preliminary Study of the Charge Spectrum of Ultra Heavy Cosmic Rays Primaries' and technical National Center for Atmospheric Research Balloon Instrumentation Package and Ground Station. Technical outlines and preliminary study. outline of P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Balloon Flights Flight supporting documents. Includes balloon specification, summary data of the 1972 flight, customs and transport forms, invoice and one photograph. ‘Balloon Flight 1973.' Folder so inscribed. 1972-1973 Correspondence re flight arrangements. Flights were launched from Sioux Falls 1973. in September 2 folders. C.74-C.77 ‘Balloon Flights 1974.' Folder so inscribed. Correspondence re flight arrangements. Also includes manuscript and typescript notes and a report on BUGS flight failure. 4 folders. Palestine, Texas in 1975 flight. Two flights were launched in 1974. The first flight took place in April 1974 in Palestine, Texas with BUGS 2, a balloon-borne gas scintillation detector for cosmic rays. However the balloon crossed the launch site power line and was immediately destroyed. The other flight was launched from Sioux Falls in September 1974 and floated for 123 hours setting a new world record of endurance for a zero pressure balloon. ia ‘Transatlantic Balloon Flight Facility’. Folder so inscribed. Fowler and Dr Ramsden of Southampton University in The February 1975. Correspondence re flight arragements, memorandum and copy of a talk by Luis. W. Alvarez entitled ‘Analysis of a reported note addressed to Fowler. manuscript monopole’ magnetic with 1973-1976 C.80-C.89 flight was launched from 2 folders. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Balloon Flights with Appleton Slough collaboration Balloon researched and Facility. A balloon was launched from Milo in Sicily at the end of July 1975 which landed in the United States. in developed a Transatlantic Laboratory Correspondence. 1973-1976 Correspondence proposal, operations. re_ flight arrangements, congratulations on the success research, the of Documents cover the transatlantic flight as well as later tandem balloon system flights launched from Sioux Falls in late 1975. C.81-C.84 Grant application to the Science Research Council. Completed application and accompanying documents including tables with comments, figures, typescript draft ‘Experimental entitled and manuscript notes written by colleagues. Results' 4 folders. 1973-1974 Outlines and papers. Comments and notes by the Appleton Laboratory and the National Scientific Balloon Facility. Copy of a tentative proposal re the transatlantic balloon facility and notes on meetings at the Appleton Laboratory. 1975-1976 Draft entitled 'Tandem System for Heavy Long Duration Flights.' Includes technical specifications and budget. Press release and other information. 1974-1975 1973-1974 P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Balloon Flights 'LDEF Flight Facility’. Folder so inscribed. Correspondence re flight proposal and arrangements. Fowler submitted a proposal to NASA in November 1976 for Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF) experiment to study the ultra heavy cosmic rays. Long a joint Plans, March 15 1976. Plans entitled: ‘Load Skirt Assembly’, ‘Sphere Assembly’ and 'Modified Bear Paw Patch’. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 SECTION D RESEARCH, D.75-D.103 1963-1986 Pi Meson research. c.1963-1964 Notes Mayes). by Clapham Manuscript notes and calculations of Dr Valerie Clapham (nee ‘Original measurements and calculations on the first observed Pi- Meson (one of the decay modes of the K meson) loose sheet (in other hand) was written by a visiting Japanese professor [probably Hideki Yukawa] to grain explain density measurements to postgraduate (a new student in autum 1959).’ expain: me See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 D.5-D.21. Valerie Clapham (nee Dr a colleague of Fowler. They collaborated on radiotherapy research. Mayes) was research Pi Meson Experiment on Nimrod. 1964-1965 Proposal entitled 'A Proposal to Check CP Violation in K2 Decay' and 'An Experiment at NIMROD to Determine the K/Pi Mass Ratio.’ D.79-D.81 1968-1970 D.77, D.78 ‘Intensity Emulsion.’ See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 D.5-D.9 Correspondence re flights and experiment preparation between 1968 and 1975. Correspondence re supply of material and research. Also includes two reports in French. 1968-1975 Also includes correspondence re purchase and delivery of materials and equipment, collaboration with colleagues at home and abroad, processing of results. ‘Outline of research in the period October 1969-1974 and possible future programme.’ 2 folders. 3 folders. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Research 7pp typescript with photocopied photograph. Fowler's research concentrated on the measurement of the charge and energy spectrum of ultra heavy component of the cosmic radiation. the D.83, D.84 ‘Princeton Accelerator' Folder so inscribed. 1971-1972 Correspondence re proposal and preparation to use the Princeton accelerator for Fowler's research. Also includes a sheet of proposal information, memorandum and two Princeton Particle Accelerator newsletters. used Fowler pursue research on the response of emulsion to heavy ions at high energy and investigate nuclear interactions. Accelerator Princeton the to 2 folders. Grant application to the Science Research Council. The grant application was to spectrum of cosmic ray particles. investigate the charge typescript entitled 'High Energy Cosmic ‘BUGS 4.' Folder so entitled. ‘Frascati, European Programme A-HEAO C, B- UK6 from Hovestadt.’ Folder so inscribed. 4pp Ray Experiment, as possible candidate for ESRO Scientific Mission Study.' Also includes a 5pp typescript with figures and photographs entitled 'Cosmic rays summary, Frascati 24 October 1974.' 1977-1986 Correspondence re the specifications of BUGS 4 and its construction, past and present experiments by Fowler and colleagues, funding, etc. BUGS 4 was a large cosmic rays detector and Fowler proposed to measure the charge and energy spectrum of the ultra-heavy cosmic rays. Correspondence. 1977-1986 D.87-D.97 D.87-D.90 4 folders. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Research D.91-D.93 Grant applications and 8pp typescript on detector. large area c 1979-1980 A grant was sought to ‘complete the construction, flight and subsequent analysis of BUGS 4.' Another was sought to ‘construct and fly a balloon borne cosmic ray detector of large area. 3 folders. D.94-D.96 Accompanying documents. Includes documents entitled: ‘Comparison of BUGS 4 with Chicago Shuttle Experiment’, ' Consideration of the Effects of Random Coincidences in BUGS 4', general information re the experiments and annual report on a Science Research Council grant. 3 folders. Invoices re supply of materials. 1985-1986 D.98, D.99 ‘CR 39.' Folder so inscribed. 1978-1982 Correspondence. CR 39 is a plastic track detector used to capture traces of cosmic rays. Correspondence re tests on CR 39 properties and its suitability for cosmic rays research, experiment and flight preparation. 1978-1982 Reports are entitled ‘Brief interim report of studies on CR 39 up to 8 June 1978 to be considered with University of Bristol grant application...' and manuscript notes entitled ‘Polycarbonate resin CR 39". D.100-D.102 UK 6 and Solar Flares programme and Ariel 6 satellite. Reports and technical description. 1980, 1982 P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Research Correspondence re collaboration with NASA and the Astronomy and of Science Research Council. Committees Systems Solar 1978-1982 the Also includes correspondence re Fowler's visit to the USA to discuss the collaboration, Ariel 6 satellite and collaboration with NASA. D.101, D.102 Reports entitled 'UK6 and Solar Flares', 'UK6 Bristol Experiment Technical Description' and ‘Ariel Bristol University ultra heavy cosmic rays experiment’. 6 c.1979-1980 2 folders. typecript 3pp experiment on HEAO-C.' and manuscript entitled ‘The P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 SECTION E DRAFTS AND PUBLICATIONS, E.69-E.99 1960-1987 General correspondence re publications and requests for articles. 1972-1976 ‘Report on the dose due to neutrons at 37,000 ft (220 gm/cm2) atmospheric depth’, with P.J. Davison and N.R. Nutt, University of Bristol, 1964. 8pp typescript draft. See also 115/1/03 E.23. F.71, F.72 and Fowler catalogue NCUACS Correspondence re ‘Therapeutic applications of beams of negative Pi-mesons' (1960) by Fowler. Also includes a paper by David Geraghty entitled 'Can confining beams of charged Cancer be by elementary particles to the cancer region high magnetic fields?’ treated using of star in silver E.73-E.75 See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 E.25. Includes 11pp typescript and manuscript draft with tables. ‘Short track analysis for recognition bromide’, c.1960. ‘Capture of Pi-mesons in oxygen and other nuclei’, with V.M. Mayes, Proceedings of the Physical Society, Vol. 92 (1967), pp 377-89. ‘Track structure in photographic emulsion’, Proceedings Correspondence re publication. 19pp typescript draft with tables. Background material and figures. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Drafts and Publications of the 4th International Congress of Radiation Research, Evian, France, 1972. Includes a letter re publication and 5pp typescript draft. See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 E.32. was paper The International Congress of Radiation Research in Evian, France, 28 June- 4 July 1970. delivered the 4th at EV, b18 galactic ‘Heavy 4th International Congress of Radiation Research, Evian, France, 1972. Proceedings particles', the of Correspondence re publication and 6pp typescript draft with tables and figures. See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 E.31. was paper The International Congress of Radiation Research in Evian, France, 28 June-4 July 1970. delivered the 4th at 2 folders. 8pp typescript with figures and tables. ‘X-ray fluorescence telescope - A prosposal to measure the diffuse X-ray background by a new technique’, with R.M. Redfern, University of Bristol, November 1972. ‘Ultra-heavy cosmic ray abundance measurements with a large gas scintillation R.J. Edge, R.T. Moses, N.O. Tatham, C.Thoburn, R.N.F. Walker and A.Worley, University of Bristol, c.1977. S.P. Swordy, Nature, 1979. ‘Do anomalous component of the cosmic rays?', with R.M. Redfern and See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 E.44. 8pp typescript draft with figures and tables. E.81-E.84 materials detector’, provide comets with the for P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Drafts and Publications Correspondence re publication. Also includes referee's comments and two drafts with figures and tables. Grant application submission to study ‘the anomalous component of the cosmic radiation.’ E-83; E:84 ‘Figures - Do not lose or mutilate’. Folder so inscribed. 2 folders. E.65-E.92 ‘An experiment to investigate the anomalous component of low energy cosmic rays, an outline of an experiment for space shuttle exposure’, with R.M. Redfern and S.P. Swordy, University of Bristol, April 1979. 27pp and 31pp typescript drafts with figures and tables. Material 'A proposed ultra heavy cosmic rays detector for space shuttle exposure.’ typescript includes entitled: also 4pp a 8 folders. 2 folders. ‘Track definition system.’ 13pp typescript draft with figures. See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 E.46. potentials for the lighter elements.’ Tables for unidentified publication, c.1973. ‘Chance fluctuations in y-rays or no?' 3pp typescript and manuscript draft. reads ‘Abundance values ionisation First table and _ P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Drafts and Publications E.97-E.99 ‘Requests for publication of pictures.’ Folder so inscribed. 1972-1987 Correspondence. 3 folders. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 SECTION F LECTURES, F.61-F.92 F.61, F.62 UNIVERSITY TEACHING 1962-1987 1968-1969 Contents of folder entitled ‘Atomic and Nuclear Physics Lecture Course Stage | 1968/1969. Contents:1-Original proposed ist year syllabus, 2-Powell's hand out of his proposed syllabus, 3-The three problem sheets and their solutions set on the course.’ 2 folders. F.63-F.66 INVITATIONS TO LECTURE 1966-1987 Correspondence re invitations to lecture and/or to and attend special events. visit 4 folders. Correspondence re invitation to lecture and to publish. F.68-F.70 Background information. 3 folders. F.67-F.70 1962-1965 F.67-F.92 CONFERENCE AND PUBLIC LECTURES See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 F.15-F.17. Rutherford Memorial Lecture 'Pi Meson Versus Cancer’, various venues, 1964. 1964-1965 ‘Cosmic ray dose rate at 37,000' with P.J.N. Davison and N.R. Nutt', L.H. Gray Conference, Cambridge, 8-11 April 1969. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Lectures 8pp typescript draft with figures and tables. 2 folders. F.73-F.76 Hon. ‘Orator for Folder so inscribed. University of Bristol Degree Ceremony, 12 July TOL: Degrees, 1972.' July 12 Fowler was asked to prepare an oration for honorary graduates Margaret Burbidge and John Burrow. Correspondence re request of information on the two Honorary Graduates. 3pp typescript draft on John Henry Burrow. Also includes manuscript notes. Radiological Protection meeting, Imperial Found with preceding material. Also includes manuscript notes. 3pp typescript draft on Eleanor Margaret Burbidge. Manuscript notes on Ernest Francis from F.C. Frank and addressed to Fowler. ‘Nature and fluxes of radiation at high altitudes', Society of College, London, 10 October 1972. Cosmic Rays were discovered in 1966 by F, W and P in Untitled lecture, occasion unknown, Durham, April 1973. See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 F.21. 6pp typescript draft with tables and figures. 12pp manuscript draft starting:'Tracks of Ultra Heavy P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Lectures their studies of fossil tracks in meteorites and at the same time in our own balloon experiments using photographic emulsion.' ‘Ultra heavy cosmic rays', 13th International Cosmic Rays Conference, Denver, Colorado, August 1973. 7pp typescript draft with figures and tables. See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 F.22. ‘The charge spectrum for the cosmic rays', Herstmonceux Conference, undated. 10pp typescript and manuscript draft. See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 F.22. Fowler gave a lecture similarly entitled ‘The charge and energy spectrum of ultra heavy cosmic rays primaries’ in 1973. Europe’, European Research 6pp typescript draft with figures. 5pp manuscript draft. scientific research’, public lecture, balloons ‘Big for occasion unknown. 5pp typescript draft with tables and transparencies. ‘Ultra heavy cosmic rays', Research Colloquium Oxford, 1 March 1974. F.23. ‘Current programme in Organisation Workshop, Frascati, Italy, 1975. See also D.86 and Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Lectures 'The ultra heavy cosmic rays’, Interfaculty Scheme of University Lectures in Astronomy, Imperial College, London, 27 November and 4 December 1975. Poster advertising the lecture and correspondence re payment. See also F.79. F.85-F.87 ‘Cosmic radiation, its significance and its origin’, Royal Institution Lecture, London, 26 May 1977. See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 F.27, F.28. Correspondence re arrangements and publication in the Proceedings of the Royal Institution. 1976-1979 Three typescript drafts. 2 folders. heavy cosmic rays', Meeting of the 2 folders. F.88, F.89 Correspondence and 11p typescript lecture notes with tables and figures. a folder entitled ‘Talks Dublin The material was found in and Armagh 1 and 2 April 1985' suggesting the lecture was also delivered in Dublin. ‘Ultra Irish Astronomical Science Group, Armagh, Ireland, 2 April 1985. See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 G.20. ‘Collog Pi-Meson discoveries’, International Conference to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Pi - Meson, University of Bristol, 22-24 July 1987. 9pp manuscript draft. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Lectures Untitled lecture starting 'the story of my belonging to Cecil Powell's group on the 4th floor of the Royal Fort occurred did microscope work on in 1941 when as a student | nuclear the method.’ occasion unknown, undated. photographic physics using 5pp manuscript lecture note draft. Untitled, occasion unknown. App typescript lecture notes starting ‘In this talk | plan to discuss briefly the research we are doing and hope to do in of Astrophysics and Particle Physics.’ the coming years in the field P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 SECTION G VISITS AND CONFERENCES, G.33-G.96 1964-1987 G.33-G.37 ‘Aldermaston Meeting on Tuesday October 27th 1964. In AWRE, Aldermaston, room 23 so inscribed. 11am.' Folder at Documents presented at the meeting including agenda of the meeting and list of visitors. Includes interim reports entitled: 'Measurement of galactic cosmic radiation at solar minimum 1964', radiation data in commercial aircraft, June to September 1964' and a report with figures on the 1964 balloon flights at Fort Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. ‘Collection of The Aldermaston joint RAE/Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (AWRE) meeting on stratospheric radiation hazard. meeting was a 5 folders. Union Physics International Conference on Cosmic Rays, Imperial College, London, September 1965. Applied Pure and of 2pp to attend the to the of the visited preface Chicago G.39-G.44 1967-1973 proceedings and Letter conference. Visit to Chicago, USA, 2-15 December 1967. Fowler International Commission on Radiation Units (ICRU) task group on energy accelerators and space radiation dosimetry. This task group was concerned with the standardisation of dosimetry of radiation fields associated with high energy accelerators and cosmic radiations. 1967-1968 Correspondence re arrangements and payments for seminars. He was also invited to lecture on cosmic rays at the University the National Center of Atmospheric Research at Boulder, Colorado to prepare a balloon flight. Berkeley and California 2 folders. visited of in P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Visits and Conferences List of participants of ICRU and list of link organisations. 1967, 1973 5pp typescript draft on cosmic rays. Travel expenses. Background information Atmospheric Research computing facility in 1967. National the on Center for Conference on Chemical Composition of Cosmic Rays Cambridge, 16-19 July 1968. 1967-1968 Correspondence preliminary list of delegates and preliminary programme. arrangements. includes Also re a G.46-G.48 Visit to Moscow, February-March 1969. 1965-1969 2 folders. 1968-1969 5 weeks between 21 Correspondence re arrangements. General information on the USSR from the Royal Society. Fowler was first invited to visit the USSR in 1968 but had to decline due to other commitments. He visited the February and Soviet Union for March 1969. He may also have visited Poland. 8pp typescript. Also includes reports of scientists’ visit to the USSR from J.W. Dungey, D. Shoenberg, S.A. Dunne and T.J.G. Francis. Explanatory text for exhibition of photographs on particle tracks occasion unknown, c.1969. photographic emulsion, 1965-1967 in P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Visits and Conferences G.50, G.51 International Conference on Heavy lon Physics, Dubna, USSR, 11-17 February 1971. 1970-1971 Fowler lectured on 'The Highest charges in the cosmic rays primaries’. Correspondence re arrangements. 1970-1971 this with Found photographs International of celebrating the Centenary of Rutherford's birth. material Rutherford's of Congress is daughter History the for of correspondence the re 13th Science Preliminary programme. ‘Radiation Protection meeting, Bristol, Summer 1971. Society for Altitude’, High at Radiological 1970-1971 Correspondence re arrangements. re and grant travel G.54-G.59 arrangements Correspondence applications. The meeting was cancelled due to time pressure. The Royal Society of New Zealand Rutherford Memorial Lecture tour, New Zealand, August-September 1971. 12th IUPAP International Conference on Cosmic Rays, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia, 16-25 August 1971. Hamilton. Centenary On celebrations of Atomic Particles Ancient and Modern’, ‘Evolution of Elements' and visited Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, Auckland and Rutherford on ‘Tracks occasion Fowler of the lectured Contributions'. 1970-1973 ‘Rutherford Scientific the He P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Visits and Conferences G.54-G.57 Correspondence re arrangements. 1970-1973 Also includes correspondence re Fowler's recollection of his grandfather Lord Rutherford. 4 folders. ‘Copy of the handwritten notes | used for my talk Southwell School, Hamilton' 2pp typescript. at 1971-1972 Also includes a copy of magazine where Fowler lectured. the Rutherford High School List of requests for reprints of Fowler’s Rutherford lecture. Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) meeting, Madrid, Spain, 10-24 May 1972. Correspondence re invitation to attend and lecture. of Professor G.D. Rochester, University Correspondence re participants. Correspondence re arrangements. Fowler lectured on ultra heavy primaries. Fowler was invited to talk on the observation of frequency of heavy ions in the atmosphere. Conference on Cosmic Rays and Nuclear Physics in honour of Durham, 26-27 April 1973. Correspondence re abstract of Fowler's paper entitled ‘Ultra heavy cosmic rays primaries’. Also includes general information sent to delegates. IUPAP International 13th Denver, Colorado, USA, 17-30 August 1973. Cosmic Rays Conference, 1973 International Conference on Instrumentation for High Energy Physics, Frascati, Italy, 8-12 May 1973. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Visits and Conferences International Conference on Elementary Particles, Aix-en- Provence, France, 6-12 September 1973. Letter re suggested participants. International London, 1-10 July 1974. Conference on High Energy Physics, Correspondence re suggested participants. Origin of Cosmic Rays, NATO Advanced Study Institute, University of Durham, 26 August-6 September 1974. Correspondence and first circular. Conference on Physics at Ultra High Energies, Westfield College, University of London, 4-6 September 1974. Correspondence re arrangements. Elementary Particles, Munich, West Germany, Conference information. International on Palermo, Italy, 23-28 June 1975. Conference In the event Fowler was unable to attend as he was in the USA for a balloon flight operation. 2nd Symposium on Neutron Dosimetry in Biology and Medicine, 30 September-4 October 1974. Correspondence re arrangements. 5th European Cosmic Ray Symposium, Leeds, 14-17 September 1976. Correspondence re suggested participants. P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Visits and Conferences Space Science Department internal seminars, European Space Research and Technology Centre, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 29 April 1977. 1976-1977 Correspondence re arrangements. Fowler lectured on High Z Cosmic Rays. 7th International Conference on Amorphous and Liquid Semiconductors, Edinburgh, 27 June-1 July 1977. Correspondence re arrangements. International Cosmic Rays Conference, Plovdiv, 15th Bulgaria, 13-26 August 1977. Correspondence re arrangements. Visit to the University of Chicago Enrico Fermi Institute, January 1978? Correspondence re Fowler's includes announcements on the workshop on high energy neutrino astronomy. invitation. Also See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 G.11. Fowler was invited to be Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Enrico Fermi Institute and Department of Physics of the University of Chicago for a term. He decided to visit for a duration of six weeks only. He lectured at the Fermi Institute on High Heavy Cosmic Rays. fa British Nuclear Energy Society International Conference on Radiation Protection in Nuclear Plants and the Fuel Cycle, Bristol, 27 November-1 December 1978. IUPAP International Cosmic Rays Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 6-18 August 1979. Correspondence re arrangements. 1978-1979 P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Visits and Conferences Correspondence re travel grant, list of invited delegates and chairmanship. Also includes travel information and first circular of the conference. Fowler chaired the Nuclear Composition session. Conference on Union Astronomical Union, Bologna, Italy, 11-14 June 1980. International Physics/International of Cosmic Rays, Origin and Applied Pure of Letter re arrangements and provisional programme. Fowler lectured on heavy cosmic rays. COSPAR Workshop on Needs for International Scientific Balloon Launching Facilities in the Southern Hemisphere, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 23-26 March 1981. re balloon flights and list of participants. Also Letter includes a report of the Panel on Technical Problems and a joint report on the conference by Fowler and Dr D. Ramsden. first session on International Conference on Solid See also Fowler catalogue NCUACS 115/1/03 G.14. Correspondence re invitation, request for funding and organisation of the conference. 11th State Nuclear Track Detectors, University of Bristol, 7-12 September 1981. Fowler introduced the the range of experiments needed to set up the Southern Hemisphere facilities. photographic emulsion. Visit to the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, USA, January 1983. Fowler was chairman of the conference. Letter re purpose of Fowler's visit. out experiments at Fowler carried the laboratory on P. H. Fowler NCUACS 129/2/04 Visits and Conferences Conference on Cosmic Rays and High Energy Gamma Ray Experiments for the Space Station ERA, Louisiana State 17-20 October 1984. Baton Rouge, USA, University, Conference information. in International Symposium on 1950's: Pions to Quarks, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois, USA, 1-4 May 1985. Physics Particle the Invitation. G.83-G.85 19th IUPAP International Conference on Cosmic Rays, La Jolla, California, USA, 11-23 August 1985. 1984-1985 Fowler attended the conference. He appears to have lectured on ‘Ariel 4 measurements of ultra-heavy cosmic ray fluxes in the region 34_