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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the papers of HERBERT JOHN FLEURE FRS (1877-1969) deposited in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth Archives Centre (csAc 38/2/76) b » ¥ London WC2A 1HP THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Reproduced for the Contemporary Scientific Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, No. 76/17 1976 All rights reserved THE ROYAL SOCIETY THE ROYAL COM CSAC 38/2/76 38/2, { AL MANUSCRIPTS Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Records CONTEMPORARY SCIENTIFIC ARCHIVES CENTRE Report on the papers of HERBERT JOHN FLEURE, F.R.S. (1877 - 1969) i Deposited in the National Library of Wales, Listed by: Jeannine Alton Harriot Weiskittel Aberystwyth, dv e ’ 1976 x H.J.F. “J CSAC A iy 38/2/76 Description of the collection. who retains some family and personal material. The papers were received from Mr. J.L.Fleure (son), Very little primary material remains of Fleure's early researches, or his wide range of teaching in zoology, geology, botany, anthropology or geography. recorded in Item 4, and courses of lectures given there in 1906 — 07 in Items 20, His early impressions of Aberystwyth are 21. Fleure maintained his research interests to the end of his long life, despite increasing loss of sight. Many items in the collection were written under this severe handicap (4 assistance of Mrs. Fleure. name of Bishop, is preserved in Item 20, and her help and devotion to Flevre throughout their married life is well attested in Items Gr Mrs. Fleure's own research, under her maiden 36, 40), sometimes with the 7, - 115 the States of Guernsey, is of interest (Item 8). The account book kept by Fleure'ts father, accountant to Help and information are gratefully acknowledged from Professor E.G. Bowen, Professor Alice G rnett, Dr. Iorwerth C.Peate, and Professor Elwyn Davies. Locations of other material Royal Anthropological Institute, London: Fleurets anthropometric record cards Geographical Association, Sheffield: Fleure's medals, bound set of reprints, books and journals from his library (given by his daughter), records in Minutes of the Association. Summary of the career of H.J.Fleure b. 1877 Guernsey 1885 — 91 educ. States Guernsey Intermediate School, and private study 1897 B.Sc London Intermediate (External) 1897 — 1901 U.C.N.W.Aberystwyth 1902 — O4 Zoological Institute, Ztirich; D.Sc. University of Wales 1904 ~ 30 U.C.N.W.Aberystwyth 1904. —- O7 Assistant Lecturer in Zoology, Geology & Botany 1907 Lecturer in Geology, Zoology & Geography 1908 —- 10 Head of Dept. Zoology, interim Head of Dept. Geology 1910 17 interim Professor of Zoology, Lecturer in Geography 1917 - 30 Professor of Anthropology & Geography married Hilda Mary Bishop (d.1974) O Hon. Sec. Geographical Association | Professor of Geography, Victoria University, Manchester President, Section # (Geography),British Association Fellow of the Royal Society, London Contents of the handlist Correspondence - 11) President, Geographical Association President, Folk Lore Society President, Royal Anthropological Institute Fellow, Royal Scottish Geographical Society Huxley Medal, Royal Anthropological Institute also misc. published and manuscript material in Items 1 Maps,Charts,Slides Notes & working papers Ms. papers & addresses Biographical & Personal Printed material Bibliographies & studies Biographical & Personal (Tte 1 = 11) 1. 3 photographs of Fleure. misc. press-cuttings re Fleure's career, publications etc. Misc. obituaries & memorial tributes. Misc. Honours & Awards: re Memorial volume of essays to be published by colleagues at Aberystwyth, 1928 Corresponding Member, Societa Italiana d'Antropologia, 1932 eae Member, Societa Romana d'Antropologia, 1933 ‘ellowship of the Royal Society, 1936 rite el Research Medal, Royal Scottish Geographical Society Charles P.Daly Medal, American Geographical Society Resolution of Senate, University of Manchester, 1944 (on Fleurets Associate Member, L'Institut d'Hgypte Doctor of Laws, University of Edinburgh, 1950 Doctor in Legibus, University College of North Wales, Bangor, 1955 retirement ) - Misc. autobiographical accounts & reminiscences by Fleure Bltat J 4. 1969 ~ 'Mr. Ellis? Reminiscences of colleagues at Aberystwrth{Ms. ): Henry Stuart Jones Professor Elliot T. FR Mrs. Rachel Mary Fleming account of geographical & climatic factors in the lifé of Wales; & wee as above. The Little Town' Ms. by Fleure, and typescr. Ms. written by Fleure in his last years, when he was almost blind. (on early days in Aberystwyth 1900 — 04) with covering letter to Perh, material sent for E.L.Hllists centenary volume ‘University College of Wales, Aberystwyth 1872 - 1972"). 70 Cash book 1869 — 1914 Kept by John Fleure (father) from 1869 another hand, John Fleure was accountant to the States, Guernsey , and the book refers to his transactions on their account. Letters of condolence to Mrs. ee and his work. Arranged in approx tributes & reminiscences alphabetical order, not A ~G; H-M;N-W Y Y with note by 7 Mrs. Fleure 're. I rot. -. 309, then continued in Ms e reminiscences by Fleure ev Herbertson' 9-11 ree henge © Printed Material (Items 12 - 14) 12, 13 Articles, papers, obituaries by Fleure 2 Boxes 14 Misc. personal & association copies of articles & papers presented to Fleure Memorial service, tributes etc. relating to Thomas Jones, President, U.C.N.W. Aberystwyth Duplicated paper ‘Recollections of "J.M." by George M.L1.Daviest 1 Box Bibliographies & studies (Items 15 — 18) 15, 16 Audrey Marie Weston Sinnhuber: Herbert John Fleure. A Bibliography 1954 (duplicated) 2 copies, one annotated and updated. 17 JeAeCampbell: Some Sources of the Humanism of H.J.Fleure. Research papers no.2, School of Geography, University of Oxford, 1972 Additional Ms. bibliographical information, supplementing 15 above. Ms. by Fleure 'Publications Jan.1954 onwards'* Lists of reviews published by Fleure in Man List of Fleure's offprints compiled by irs. Fleure (reohstste) 1958, 1959, 1957, 1960, 1961 1913 (Original notes c. 1904) of notes and drawings, perhaps for lectures, mainly Notebook inscribed 'Biological Theory. Course 1906 — 7', and drawings. At rear of book: ms. notes on anthropology Early notebook n.d. on marine biology. Few of the pages can be read, as the book has been used to hold press—cuttings about Fleure, especially reviews of his Human Gedsraphy in Western Burope: a study in appreciation, London, (ms. notes ) ‘Notes on the Gastropod Foot and Branchial Cavity' by Hilda M.Bishop, Ms. with pencil and w/colour drawings; aoe 2 oes of published version in Annals and 11 Octavo folders, Be variously notes for lectures, labelled by Fleure as listed below. They notes on the literature etc. 'The Biological Aspect of History', Notebook inscri be ed (many pages es excised) n.d. 21 and died in 1974 Ms. lectures ’ 23 Africa Ms. lectures , ‘ contain S America (ms. notes) Ancient Lands (typescr. outline for course of 21° 24 25 26,27 British Isles (26 contains outline for course of 28 29 30 31 32 33 . Simple Societies (typescr. outline for course of urope (typescr. outline for course of Kurope and Mediterranean Region (ms.notes) Geography Lectures. Skeletons. General Course (ms. notes) Geography Subjects. unsorted (ms. notes) Races (typescr. outline for extensive course of 66 lectures) 28 lectures 14 lectures) lectures) 15 lectures) 34, 35. Work on Channel Islands, mainly Guernsey 34. Photographs, mainly of dwellings in Guernsey, identified & dated 953 - 54 on verso. Maps of Guernsey & Channel Islands, drawn by Fleure (ink) Printed material re Channel Islands Typescr. & ms. account of life in Channel Islands under German occupation during ‘2nd. World War,Opp.,1ist.p.dated June 13 1944, dated May 5 1945. Documents, Imperial, War Museum, London. ) (A Xerox copy of this document is in the Dept. of last p. 35. Ms. table & accompanying map by Fleure ‘Rural Distribution of Guernsey family names 1913! 'The Guernsey Farmhouse', ms. & typescr. 2 separate typescr. accounts entitled 'Guernsey', with notes of 'suggestions' by K.C.Edwards. So Work on A natural history of man in Britains; conceived as a study of changing relations between men and environments. (first published in the New Naturalist Series, London 1951, revised in collaboration with Margaret Davies, London, 1970 2 letters from Sir Dudley Stamp 1966 re proposed revision of book, with, on verso of letter of 6 June, Fleure's plans for alterations & additions. Copy of Readers Union edition 1959, with ms.alterations by Fleure misc. pages of corrections & additional material for revised ed., many in Fleure's hand with Mrs, Fleure's transcriptions, and typed versions. (Fleure was almost blind when he undertook this task) 'Cities' ms. 8pp. 25 letters from Dr. during collaboration, discussing changes and current ecological & archaeological ideas etc. 'Parallels between India and Europe. A sketch of:the story of civilisation' MSe invelope of notes on Arthur Young's 'Trevels in France before the Revolution! (not in Fleure'ts hand) Margaret (Peggy) Davies, Dec. 1966 — August 1967 38. 5ppe ms 38 — 40 H.J.F. CSAC 38/2/76 38 (cont) 'Brittany' ms. 'The Church! (on 2 aon hesiurs) *'Peoples of the World and their Homes! ms. ?1911 3pp. ms. 1p. 3pp. Ms. talk on tolerance,untitled, pages noted A- HE 'The Study of Man and the Welfare of Society', typescr. 17pp. typescr. talk on racial & social diversity, untitled, App. ms. talk on world religions, untitled, Ip. c.1950 ms. talk for Armistice Day 5pp. S. paper on carbon dating 5pp. ‘Thoughts on Human Evolntion',ms ,pages noted A -R 'The Almighty', ms talk, D5pp. (the last 3 items were written when Fleure was almost blind) poem: 'Lihou Isle off Guernsey' 'On All Souls Eve. A Mystic's Apology', signed H.J.Fleure. (written in Wales \ 41, 42. Correspondence 1 Letters from colleagues, (not indexed) 01951 - 58 , ‘5 } former pupils etc. requesting references. 5 42. 43 oO re . : « 4 f' . Slides,maps,charts Items 43 — 45 4 boxes of labelled slides of U.S.A. 4 box inscribed 'Wales Types Negatives'. 1 box of labelled colour slides of racial types. 1 box inscribed 'The Loess and Settlement Farms!. Misc. scientific & personal correspondence. (not indexed) Slides 1 wooden slide box of labelled biack~and-white slides,some . U.S he travel, majority of anthropological interest illustrating racial features. 9 Ordnance Survey Charts of Aberystwyth, 1905, (the Southern chart has ownership ofland holdings and boundarie outlined in w/colour by Fleure) 'An Accurate Survey and Measurement of the Island of Guernsey Copies of by William Gardner 1787', 1 box inscribed 'Town and Village’. sheets 1 and 2. 1912 7 47907 Z ov . v o