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NATIONAL CATALOGUING UNIT FOR THE ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENTISTS Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Malcolm Andrew Ferguson-Smith FRS (b. 1931) VOLUME II Section D: Publications Section G: Consultancies and collaborations Section H: Gender verification in sport Section E: Lectures and meetings Section F: Societies and organisations Section J: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy NCUACS catalogue no. 161/4/08 by Timothy E. Powell, Heather Bird and Simon Coleman Section K: Non-textual material Index of correspondents Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Malcolm Andrew Ferguson-Smith FRS (b. 1931) VOLUME II Section D: Publications Section G: Consultancies and collaborations Section H: Gender verification in sport Section E: Lectures and meetings Section F: Societies and organisations Section J: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy NCUACS catalogue no. 161/4/08 by Timothy E. Powell, Heather Bird and Simon Coleman Section K: Non-textual material Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SECTION D PUBLICATIONS, D.1-D.123 1957-2008 D.1-D.73 DRAFTS D.74-D.76 OFFPRINTS D.77-D.115 PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS D.116-D.123 OTHER EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE DRAFTS 1957-2006 and intended publications This subsection presents material relating to Ferguson- Smith’s It represents a very incomplete record of Ferguson-Smith’s is extensive there documentation of some of his most notable works. is presented in the form in which the publications appear in Ferguson-Smith’s bibliography, which is at A.37. publications. published although output It and drafts, copy of and _ typescript frequency syndrome: ‘Klinefelters testicular morphology in relation to nuclear sex’, with B. Lennox et al. Lancet (1957), 167-169. Bibliography no. 1. Manuscript offprint, programme of Pathological Society of Great Britain at which the paper was read, manuscript notes. Found in envelope inscribed by Ferguson-Smith, ‘Early drafts of MAFs first paper with corrections by Bernard Lennox’. and later by Ferguson- Typescript draft, Lawson Wilkins, excellent + well-written paper...’, Smith explaining the context. ‘Cytogenetics in man’. Arch. 627-639. Bibliography no. 15 in envelope (retained) ‘This by an exceedingly interesting, inscribed Intern. Med. 105 (1960): 2 folders. is M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 Referee annotation by Ferguson-Smith. reports early on papers, some with later 1961-1964 of in 1 no. 39; ‘The constrictions association Cytogenetics human (1962): specific chromosomal regions human somatic chromosomes’, Ann. Includes reports on ‘The sites and relative frequencies of secondary somatic 325-343, chromosomes’, satellited Bibliography in chromosomes with cultured Hum. Genet. 27 (1963): 143-156, Bibliography no. ‘The pachytene sites chromosomes’, 124-134, Bibliography cytogenetical studies in female gonadal dysgenesis and their bearing on the cause of Turner's syndrome’, Cytogenetics. 3 (1964): 353-383, Bibliography no.47. formation Cytogenetics 45; human (1964): and nucleolus ‘Clinical and in 3 40; of no. ‘Karyotype-phenotype correlations in gonadal dysgenesis and their bearing on the pathogenesis of malformations’. J. Med. Genet. 2 (1965): 142-155. Bibliography no. 49 1964-1965, 1983, 1990- 1991 offprint; correspondence re referees’ reports from as Ferguson-Smith’s feature 1964-1965; Correspondence, Cytogenetics, Citation commentary, 1983, 1990-1991. Classic, and of XX 2 folders. including Citation Classic in 1991 ‘X-Y chromosomal interchange in the aetiology of true hermaphroditism Klinefelter’s syndrome’. Lancet (1966): 475-476. Bibliography no. 55. This paper was rejected for publication in Cytogenetics. It was accepted by the Journal of Medical Genetics and became a as the most-cited paper ever published in that journal. Typescript drafts, by Ferguson-Smith with details of publication (in only six weeks and two days after submission). ‘Chromosomal satellite 1156-1157. Bibliography no. 57 in envelope (retained) Typescript draft. association’. inscribed (1967): Lancet M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 Essential Medical Genetics, with J.M. Connor. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford. 193, 222, 277, 308 and 377 Bibliography nos. 1983-2002 First edition (1984). Bibliography no. 193 1983-1985 4 folders. D.12 is copies of reviews. Second edition (1987). Bibliography no. 222 1985-1988 Third edition (1991). Bibliography no. 277 1990-1991 Fourth edition (1993). Bibliography no. 308 1992-1993 D.16-D.18 Fifth edition (1997). Bibliography no. 377 1994-2002 3 folders. 2 folders. Italian, D.21-D.25 1985-1998 French, German, ‘Chr[omosome] 9 papers’ Foreign language editions Includes correspondence re Greek, Polish, Iranian and Japanese editions. 1992-1998 ‘Multiple (ESSI) mapped to 9q22-q31 in families with common ancestry’ with D.R. Goudie et al, Nature Genetics 3 (1993): 165- 169. Bibliography no. 298 Contents inscribed: material re papers by Ferguson-Smith and colleagues on chromosome 9, with additional material found therewith. Ferguson-Smith’s epithelioma self-healing draft; by Typescript the Ferguson-Smith Multiple Self Healing Squamous Epithelioma Locus’, 9 lecture ‘Mapping Goudie on notice slides D.R. and and for squamous of folder so_ M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 September 1992; brief correspondence re related paper. ‘Genetic analysis of meiotic recombination in humans by use of sperm typing: reduced recombination within a heterozygous paracentric inversion of chromosome 9q32- q34.3’, with G.M. Brown et al, Am. J. Hum.Genet. 62 (1998): 1484-1492. Bibliography no. 392 ‘Gene order within 9q32-34 using interphase analysis by fluorescence in situ hydridisation’ with M.A. Leversha et al. Typescript draft; letter from editor with referees’ reports. Submitted to the American Journal of Human Genetics 1992 but not accepted for publication in that journal. ‘Ordering of four markers on the long arm of chromosome 9 by analysis of meitotic recombination in flow-sorted single sperm’, with R.A Furlong et al. 1992-1993 International Workshop on and on report short Submitted to the American Journal of Human Genetics 1992 but not published in that journal. Correspondence and papers on chromosome 9 found therewith. Typescript draft; photographs for figures; correspondence and referees’ reports. Includes Chromosome 9, Cambridge, 22-24 March 1992, arrangements for second workshop; research by D.R. Goudie, July 1993. 1992, 1993 ‘Gender verification’, Medicine, edited by M. Harries, et al. Press. Bibliography nos 326 and 395 Oxford Textbook of Sports Oxford University First edition (1994). Bibliography no. 326 Correspondence with editor; proof. D.26-D.30 in 1992-1998 report on First 1992-1993 See also section H. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 D.27-D.30 Second edition (1998). Bibliography no. 395 1995-1998 Correspondence with Ljundqvist manuscript and typescript drafts; proof. International editor and the of publishers Olympic and A. Committee; 4 folders. ‘Gene order by FISH and FACS’, in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology: a Comprehensive Desk Reference, edited by R.A. Meyers, V.C.H. Publishers Inc., New York (1995). pp.354-359. Bibliography no. 358 1994-1995 Correspondence with publishers; proof. D.32-D.34 a ‘Ann Chester Chandley D.Sc., tribute her on retirement’, Chromosome Research 5.1 (1997). Not listed in Bibliography. Biol, occasion appreciation F.R.S.E. - F.I. the and of papers of Ann re C. drafts; Typescript Symposium on Chandley, Edinburgh, 5 September 1996. correspondence Cytogenetics and honour in in of a 3 folders. fluorescence Typescript draft. multicolor karyotype of This tribute to Chandley was based on Ferguson-Smith’s talk at the Symposium. ‘Generation the human chromosome complement using situ hydridization and spectral imaging’, with E. Schréck et al. ‘Chromosome painting’. ‘Chromosome painting without competitor DNA’, with J. Weinberg et Trends in Genetics Technical Tips Online T40065 (1997). Bibliography no. 370 Possibly 365, ‘Multicolor spectral karyotyping of human chromosomes’, Science 273 (1996), 494-497. Correspondence, including referee’s comments; drafts of Bibliography version early no. an al. of M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 ‘Chromosome (Muntiacus reevesi)’, with F. Yang et 106 (1997): 37-43. Bibliography no. 376 evolution the of Chinese muntjac al. Chromosoma 1996-1997 Correspondence with editor. ‘Genetic analysis by chromosome sorting and painting: phylogenetic and diagnostic applications’. Eur. J. Hum. Genet. 5 (1997): 253-265. Bibliography no. 384 1996-1997 Correspondence with editors. This was based on Ferguson-Smith’s Baschirotto Award Lecture, 1996. See also A.31. ‘Use of the Indian muntjak idiogram to align conserved chromosomal segments in sheep and human genomes by chromosome painting’, et al. Genomics 46 (1997): 143-147. Bibliography no. 386 Burkin with D.J. Brief correspondence with editors. the Possum, ca 1997 D.40-D.43 Brush-Tailed Photocopy of typescript draft with manuscript corrections; covering letter from A.R Perez. ‘Comparative mapping using chromosome sorting and painting’, with F. Yang and P.C.M. O’Brien. /LAR J. 39 (1998): 68-76. Bibliography no. 394 ‘Karyotyping Trichosurus vulpecula and subsequent chromosome comparison with the Tammar Wallaby, Macropus eugenii’, with A.R. Perez et al. Not listed in Bibliography. Typescript draft. ‘Cross species colour segmenting: a novel tool in human karyotype analysis’, with S. Miller et al. Cytometry 33 (1998): 445-452. Bibliography no. 398 Correspondence with editors; manuscript and typescript revised drafts. 1997-1998 4 folders. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 of the DNA among human gamma-X centromeric ‘Conservation satellite autosomal primates localisation in certain Old World monkeys’, with C. Lee et al. Chromosome Research 7 (1999): 43-47. Bibliography no. 400 with an Typescript and colour figures, with covering letter. D.46-D.49 ‘Reciprocal chromosome painting shows that genomic rearrangement between rat and mouse proceeds ten times faster than between human and cats’, R. Cytogenet Cell Genetics 84 (1999): 150- Stanyon et al. 155. Bibliography no. 401 with 1998-1999 Includes drafts of related articles found therewith (D.46, D.47), and earlier version of final article (D.48). ‘Comparative mapping of mouse and rat chromosomes’ by Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization’, with F. Gritzner et al. Not listed in Bibliography. ca 1998 ca 1998 ten times faster Correspondence; typescript draft. ‘Homology of rat and mouse chromosomes visualised by reciprocal chromosome painting’, with R. Stanyon et al. Not listed in Bibliography. ‘Reciprocal chromosome painting between mouse and rat shows that rodents have a of genomic rearrangements than human and cats’, with R. Stanyon et al. Referees’ comments; typescript draft with colour figures. ‘Complete homology maps of the cuniculus) painting’, Cytogenet. Genetics 86 (1999): 317-322. Bibliography no. 407 rabbit (Oryctolagus chromosome Cell reciprocal et human by Korstanje Draft of final article rate and with R. al. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 D.51-D.53 ‘A complete comparative chromosome map for the dog, red fox and human and its integration with canine genetic maps’, with F. Yang et al. Genomics 62 (1999): 189-202. Bibliography no. 408 with colour _ figures; with editors, including proof; referees’ draft Typescript correspondence comments. 3 folders. ‘Chromosome identification and assignment of DNA clones in the dog using a red fox and dog comparative map, with Chromosome Research 8 (2000): 93-100. Bibliography no. 412 F. Yang et al. with colour _ figures; with editors, including proof, referees’ draft Typescript correspondence comments. 2 folders. 3 folders. D.56-D.58 proof; correspondence with editors, ‘Multiplex fluorescence in species colour banding of leukemia in translocation’, with C.J. Harrison et al. & Cytogenetics 116 (2000): 105-110. 414 situ hybridisation and cross- a case of chronic myeloid a complex Philadelphia Cancer Genetics Bibliography no. blastic crisis with Typescript drafts; including referees’ comments. ‘Comparative chromosome map of the laboratory mouse and Chinese hamster defined by reciprocal chromosome painting’, with F. Yang and P.C.M. O’Brien. Chromosome Research 8 (2000): 219-227. Bibliography no. 413 1998-2000 ‘A comparative chromosome map of the Arctic fox, red fox and dog defined by chromosome painting and high resolution al. Chromosome Research 8 (2000): 253-263. Bibliography no. 415 Typescript and colour figures, with covering letter. D.60, D.61 G-banding’, with A.S. Graphodatsky et M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 with colour _ figures; with editors, including proof, referees’ draft Typescript correspondence comments. 2 folders. ‘Comparative chromosome painting’, with P.C.M. O’Brien et al in Chromosomes Today, vol.13, edited by E. Olmo & C.A. Redi, Birkauser Verlag, Switzerland (2000), pp.259- 265. Bibliography no. 417 1998-2000 Correspondence; typescript draft. This was based on a lecture to the 13th International Chromosome Conference, Ancona, Italy, 1998. ‘Reciprocal chromosome painting illuminates the history of genome evolution of and human’, with F. Yang et Chromosome Research 8 (2000): 393-404. Bibliography no. 418 the domestic cat, al. dog Typescript draft; figures; proof; correspondence. 2 folders. of sorted canine groups to chromosomes: D.66-D.68 D.R. Sargan et al. Typescript draft; figures; covering letter. in_ hybrid, refinement canine chromosomes linkage, radiation the flow ‘Use and assignment of syntenic and verification of the comparative chromosome map for dog and human’, with Genomics 69 (2000): 182-195. Bibliography no. 420 ‘Comparative chromosome map between the Japanese raccoon dog, Arctic fox, red fox and domestic dog and its implications for the ancestral canid karyotype’, with A.S. Graphodatsky et al. Submitted to Mammalian Genome but not listed in Bibliography. ‘Comparative chromosome map between the Japanese raccoon dog, Arctic fox, red fox and domestic dog and its implications for the ancestral canid karyotype’ Typescript draft; figures; correspondence with editors. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 ‘A comparative chromosome map between the Japanese raccoon dog and domestic dog, and its integration with the comparative map of Arctic fox, red fox and dog’ Typescript draft with manuscript corrections, March 2000. Earlier version. ‘Karyotype phylogeny of the Canidae: inferences from comparative genomic analysis by chromosome painting’ Typescript draft annotated ‘Amended MAFS 15/7/00’. This was a resubmission of the article. P.N. ‘SRY and primary sex reversal syndromes’, with Goodfellow et The Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease, 8th Edition, edited by C.R. Scriver et al. McGraw-Hill, New York (2001), pp.1213-1221. Bibliography no. 426 Chapter 62 al. in Correspondence Goodfellow; typescript initial draft of revised chapter. co-author editors with and P.N. 2 folders. Typescript draft. ‘The economies of evolution’. Heredity 96 (2006): 109. Bibliography no. 476 ‘BSE: public policy and the uncertainties of science’, in Risk, Democratic Citizenship and Public Policy, edited by A. Weale. Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press (2002), pp.85-90. Bibliography no. 440 annotated ‘Superseded by 4/3/06’. ‘A procedure for image enhancement in chromosome painting’, with W. Rens et al. Not listed in Bibliography. Correspondence; manuscript and typescript drafts; copy of article as published. one annotated 2005-2006 the other Typescript drafts, ‘4/3/06’, M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 D.74-D.76 OFFPRINTS 1957-2008 This is a largely complete set of copies of Ferguson- Smith’s papers, 1957-2008. The offprints are numbered according o the Bibliography at A.37. 1957-1980 1 box. 1981-2002 1 box. 2003-2008 1 box. D.77-D.80 ‘Contracts’ 1979-2006 1979-2006 D.77-D.115 PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS It was published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. See also International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis, F.77-F.86. Ferguson-Smith was founder and Editor in Chief of this journal for 26 years to retirement at the end of 2006 (see A.7). 1995, 1998 1979, 1984, 1988 Contents contracts with Wiley and related correspondence. Ferguson-Smith’s folder so_ of inscribed: M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 2002, 2006 Correspondence re payments of expenses etc. 1988-1999 D.81-D.91 ‘Editorial Board Meetings’ 1985-2006 Contents of Ferguson-Smith’s folder so inscribed: papers and correspondence re Board Meetings. The first meeting of the Board took place in 1985, five years after the launch of the journal. Ferguson-Smith’s report at D.81 gives an account of its early years. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 10 October 1985 1985-1986 2 folders. Berlin, Germany, 22 September 1986 Prague, Czechoslovakia, 10 July 1990 Milan, Italy, May 1992 Jerusalem, 25 May 1994 Goa, India, June 1996 Washington DC, USA, 7 October 1991 Budapest, Hungary, 25 June 2004 Includes correspondence arising re pricing of the journal. Los Angeles, California, USA, June 1998 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 Kyoto, Japan, 28 May 2006 D.92-D.97 General correspondence 1983-2006 Chiefly with Wiley, re issues such as frequency, cost, complimentary copies, speed of publication etc. 1983-1984 1989-1991 Accounts 1990-1995 2005-2006 2 folders. D.99-D.114 Contents of issues The accounts cover October 1987 - January 1995. 1985-1986 Lists of articles D.99 1980-1992 1980-2004 1980-2004 D.99-D.108 1983-1984 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 1987-1989 1990-1992 1993-1995 1996-1998 1999-2001 2002-2004 special 1994-1995 1995-1996 ‘Invited commentaries’ 1997-2004 D.109-D.114 Correspondence re annual review issues 1994-1999 Includes draft of Ferguson-Smith’s editorial ‘Taking stock’ Chiefly correspondence with Wiley and J. Franklin, who was commissioned to coordinate the review issues for 1994, 1995 and 1996. diagnosis’. Includes draft of Ferguson-Smith’s editorial ‘Questions of parental anxiety’. Includes draft of Ferguson-Smith’s editorial ‘DNA for 1994 1995 1996 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 D.112, D.113 1997 Includes draft of Ferguson-Smith’s editorial ‘Diagnosis for management and treatment’. 2 folders. 1998, 2000 Refereeing D.116-D.123 OTHER EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE D.116, D.117 Academic Press 1998-1999 1999-2001 1971-2002, n.d. 1996, 1998 2 folders. Refereeing. Refereeing. Journal of Infection Correspondence re possible topics and authors for an Encyclopedia of Genetics. American Journal of Human Genetics American Journal of Medical Genetics Refereeing. Review of: Methods in Molecular Medicine: molecular pathology of the prions by H.F. Baker. Journal of Medical Genetics 1999-2002 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Publications, D.1-D.123 Times Higher Educational Supplement Review of: Adam’s Curse: a future without men by B. Sykes. Other journals Chiefly refereeing. 1971-2001 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SECTION E LECTURES AND MEETINGS, E.1-E.37 1959-2008 E.1-E.24 PUBLIC LECTURES E.25-E.28 UNIVERSITY TEACHING E.29-E.37 MEETINGS PUBLIC LECTURES 1959-2008 See also the list of lectures and presentations at A.10. ‘Papers presented 1959-1961 Johns Hopkins Hospital’ 1959-1961 Contents of Ferguson-Smith’s envelope so inscribed. incidence ‘The Syndrome in Conference, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 18 March 1959 pathogenesis to and relation Klinefelter’s at Endocrine nuclear sex’, of Manuscript draft. ‘Klinefelter’s Syndrome’, Baylor University and Veterans Administration Hospital, Houston, Texas, 14 May 1959 Manuscript draft as delivered; slightly different manuscript draft. Notice; manuscript draft. ‘Further 39th Annual Meeting of the Clinical Society of Genito-Urinary Surgeons, Baltimore, Maryland, 4-5 February 1960 ‘Human chromosomes and congenital disorders’, Society of the Sigma XI Johns Hopkins Chapter, 21 March 1960 Programme; manuscript draft. Klinefelters Syndrome’, studies on at M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Lectures and meetings, E.1-E.37 ‘Chromosome aberrations as basis of disease in Man’, at annual Johns Hopkins meeting on Topics in Clinical Medicine, 16-21 May 1960 the Programme only. genital ‘Chromosome abnormalities disease’, Brooklyn Academy of Pediatrics, 15 February 1961 cause as of a Programme only (two copies). to chromosome ‘Satellite association and aberrations Man’, Surgical Association Biennial Meeting, 24-25 February 1961 and at Johns Hopkins Medical relation its in Programme for Meeting; typescript draft. aberrations’, lecture in Kennedy Foundation lectures 1961; Manuscript outline notes. Timetable manuscript draft. of ‘Nuclear sex and the Endocrinopathies’ List of lantern slides for illustrating lectures. ‘Chromosomal Kennedy Foundation Lectures series in Advances in the Study of Mental Retardation, March 1961 Psychiatric Course in Medical Genetics, Oakes Center, Bar Harbor, Maine, 8-20 August 1961 ‘duman_ Symposium Psychiatry Certificate; list of course participants. and Expanding New determination’, Genetics sex Goals York cytogenetics on 1936-1961, EM2;-E;13 of State 1961-1962 at in M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Lectures and meetings, E.1-E.37 Institute, 27-28 October 1961 This paper was also offered for consideration for a Thornton Wilson Award. Wilson Award in the basic sciences for 1961. R. Ferguson-Smith received the Correspondence and papers re arrangements, including programme Typescript draft of paper as submitted to Wilson Award Committee; citation; copy as published. 1961-1962 ‘Chromosome aberrations in the aetiology of recurrent abortion and developmental malformations’, Glasgow Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society, 20 November 1968 Typescript draft. Duplicated typescript. sex determination ‘Primary the human embryo’, Institute of Biology and Galton Institute Darwin Lecture, April 1989 in ‘Families, chromosomes, genes and cancer’, ‘based on part of a talk given to the West of Scotland Oncological Organisation on 12 December 1983’ Welcoming speech at Royal Society Discussion meeting on Sex Determination in Mouse and Man, 9-10 March 1988 its consequences for ‘Modern genetics research and society’, Lecture, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia, 2 September 1993 Typescript draft with manuscript corrections. 10th Derrick-Mackerras Memorial Typescript draft. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Lectures and meetings, E.1-E.37 ‘Mapping the human genome’, at British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting: session on The Genome, Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy’, 6 September 1994 Typescript draft. verification: British ‘Gender Association for the Advancement of Science meeting: session on Science and Sport, 15 September 1995 unforeseen injustice’ at Brief manuscript notes. See also section H. 11th Course European School of Medical Genetics on Emerging Biochip Technologies, Sestri Levante, Genoa, Italy, 21-27 March 1998 1997-1998 Ferguson-Smith was to have lectured in this course but have to withdraw as he had been appointed to the Inquiry on the BSE crisis. on of at Life from BSE’, manuscript corrections; arrangements ‘Guido and Talk Pontecorvo. Contributions to Science’, London, 24 June 2000 Pontecorvo’s early Celebration years, Ponte’s Guido A Typescript transcript of Ferguson-Smith’s contribution, the with for meeting; correspondence re Pontecorvo’s death and obituary for Nature. 1999-2001 ‘Lessons the Advancement of Science meeting: session on Trust Me. I’m a Scientist. Expertise, Authority and Scientific Advice, 2 September 2001 Includes programme and flyer for session; typescript draft; manuscript notes; and copies of PowerPoint slides. Address at Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of John Hilton Edwards, Keble College Oxford, 19 April 2008 Typescript Edwards for Down’s Syndrome News, April 2008. of address; of tribute typescript at British Association for draft to M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Lectures and meetings, E.1-E.37 E.25-E.28 UNIVERSITY TEACHING 1969-1997 Lecture schedules for 1969-1970 to 1974-1975 1969-1975 notes Manuscript genetics; teaching at UK universities. duplicated on Glasgow teaching typescript notes on in human genetics early 1970s E228 Annual Reports of Professors and Readers on teaching etc, Cambridge 1987-88 to 1996-1997 1988-1997 Includes list Smith’s department. of publications by members of Ferguson- 2 folders. the on including and Research E.29-E.37 and current of E.29, E.30 Research Conference on Molecular 1991-1992 list of participants 1991-1998 MEETINGS led spoke Arrangements programme on _ cytogenetic status and Gordon Cytogenetics, Ventura, California, USA, 2-6 March 1992 discussion Ferguson-Smith reagents the challenges in prenatal diagnosis. 1993-1994 Ferguson-Smith cytogenetics in prenatal diagnosis. Gordon Cytogenetics, Hampshire, USA, 12-17 June 1994 Conference School, Holderness Ferguson-Smith’s manuscript notes on proceedings etc. on Plymouth, Molecular New led the discussion on molecular 1991-1992 E131) E32 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Lectures and meetings, E.1-E.37 Arrangements programme including list of participants and 1993-1994 Ferguson-Smith’s manuscript notes on proceedings on Gordon Cytogenetics, Barga, Italy, 21-26 April 1996 Conference Research Molecular Ferguson-Smith led the discussion on clinical molecular cytogenetics in session IX. Arrangements, programme including list of participants and Ferguson-Smith’s abstracts transparency of schedule for session manuscript presentations of notes during on _ proceedings; IX, session including list of and Simpson on Fetal Growth E.35-E.37 participants Reproductive and Biology, Handbook of abstracts Arrangements programme Symposium 11th Development, for Centre Edinburgh, 26-29 August 1998 Ferguson-Smith received the Sir J.Y. Simpson Award at this occasion. Abstract, manuscript notes on lecture of |. Wilmut for Ferguson-Smith’s list of slides lecture: M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SECTION F SOCIETIES AND ORGANISATIONS, F.1-F.95 1978-2007 EUROPEAN ACADEMIES SCIENCE ADVISORY COUNCIL ZOONOSES WORKING GROUP F.5-F.7 EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF HUMAN GENETICS F.8-F.76 HUMAN GENOME ORGANISATION (HUGO) F.77-F.86 INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS F.87-F.94 NETHERLANDS GENOMICS INITIATIVE F.95 UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG a Royal Society nominee. This Group EUROPEAN ACADEMIES SCIENCE ADVISORY COUNCIL ZOONOSES WORKING GROUP Invitation and arrangements for first meeting Papers of first meeting, Frankfurt, Germany, 30 March Ferguson-Smith served on the Zoonoses Working Group as was established to advise on current research opportunities on zoonoses and areas where further research was required. Revised draft of Working Group Report, August Papers of second meeting, Frankfurt, 2 July Includes first draft of the Working Group report. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF HUMAN GENETICS 1997-1999 Ferguson-Smith was President of the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) for 1997-1998. Correspondence re location of the 2001 Congress of Human Genetics, January-May International The ESHG offered to host the 2001 Congress. General correspondence and papers, May-November General correspondence 1998-1999 Includes possible venues for 2002 and 2003 ESHG Annual Meetings. of an idea international organisation of human The geneticists to encourage international collaboration in human genetics was mooted in April 1988 during the first meeting on genome mapping and sequencing at Cold Spring Harbor, USA, attended by a number of the world’s leading formally established in Geneva, Switzerland in September 1988 with V.A. McKusick as first President. Ferguson-Smith was an Executive Council member. HUGO was_ geneticists. human_ F.8-F.76 1989-2007 HUMAN GENOME ORGANISATION (HUGO) a HUGO became the central body coordinating worldwide its activities including support of data genome efforts, collation organizing workshops - Human Gene Mapping Workshops (HGMs), Chromosome Coordinating Meetings (CCMs) and Single Chromosome Workshops (SCWs), fostering exchange of data and biomaterials and technology-sharing. It also served as the coordinating agency between international and government funding the genome researchers. Most of the European Commission (EC) support for SCWs. In 1990 the EC had begun to sponsor individual workshops. constructing genome maps, agencies material here relates to In 1991 for the and M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 Working Group (membership including Ferguson-Smith) of the Advisory Committee for Human Genome Analysis programme recommended that the EC should join with US and UK bodies to fund SCWs and that HUGO should draw up the guidelines for the workshops (see F.10). The EC agreed and made funds available to support The first contract SCWs through a series of contracts. March (GENO-91-0048) ran and supported 17 SCWs. This contract was followed by another (GENE-CT930002) July 1993-April 1997 with a supplementary grant (ERBCIPD-CT94-0406 or PECO), June 1995-August 1996, to support Russian participation in SCWs. The third contract (BMH4-CT-97-2031) ran September 1997-October 1999. 1992-June 1993 There is also some material relating generally to HUGO and to the European office of HUGO, HUGO (London). F209 F10-e2 F.13-F.25 General GENO-91-0048 GENE-CT930002 ERBCIPD-CT94-0406/PECO BMH4-CT-97-2031 Other HUGO meetings General F.65-F.71 HUGO (London) F.72-F.76 Publications F.26-F.31 F.32-F.45 F.46-F.53 F.54-F.64 General material re support for SCWs Incorporation documents of HUGO, November Minutes of Maryland, USA, 3 December 1989 first meeting of HUGO Council, Bethesda, M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 F.10-F.12 GENO-91-0048, March 1992-June 1993 1991-1993 Correspondence and papers Report Includes Single Chromosome Workshops of the EC Advisory Committee on Human Genome Analysis, September 1991 Working Group the on of Correspondence and papers Includes drafts the organisation of Single Chromosome Workshops’, ‘Single Chromosome Workshops’ and ‘Single Chromosome Workshops, 1992’ of ‘Guidelines for Report on project F.13-F.25 GENE-CT930002, July 1993 - April 1997 1993-1998 to European Revised application Annual Activity Report, 1993-1994 ‘Single Chromosome Workshop Guidelines. version, August 1993’ Grant Commission, _ for Management and Coordination of Single Chromosome Workshops Annual Activity Report, 1995-1996 Annual Activity Report, 1994-1995 Progress report August 1994 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 Annual Activity Report, 1996-1997 Outline of ‘SCW Contract, Cambridge’ Final Report and annexes Accounts of GENE-CT930002 and ERBCIPD-CT94-0406 F.23-F.25 Reports on SCWs held 1995-1996 1995-1996 3 folders. F.26-F.31 ERBCIPD-CT94-0406/PECO, June 1995-August 1996 1994-1998, n.d. 1994 F.28-F.30 3 folders. to European and papers re drafting of grant application Correspondence application This application was for funds ‘to make available to the global genome effort the results of the Russian genome programme’ through Russian participation in SCWs. Commission, _ for Grant Management and Coordination of Single Chromosome Workshops Final report Correspondence and papers re expenditure of grant and accounts 1995-1998, n.d. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 F.32-F.45 BMH4-CT-97-2031, September 1997-October 1999 1995-1999 F.32-F.35 ‘Contract negotiation correspondence’ 1995-1998 Contents of Ferguson-Smith’s folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference. to application Commission, _ for Grant organisation a programme of workshops to meet the evolving needs of European genome research European of co-ordination and F.37-F.39 ‘Project Panel. Setting up’ Contents of Ferguson-Smith’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference. Reports to HUGO Council, March and November 1995-1998 Annual Activity Report, 1998-1999 Annual Activity Report, 1997-1998 Grant extension, September-October 1999 Draft of final report, with comments thereon ‘Sue Povey’ General material re support for SCWs Final report and accounts F.46-F.53 F.46-F.48 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 Contents of Ferguson-Smith’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: includes correspondence from S. Povey re future of SCWs. Correspondence and papers re EC support for SCWs 1995, 1996 ‘Correspondence re SCWs 89-91’ Correspondence so labelled. ‘Management and co-ordination of Single Chromosome Workshops (HUGO-SCWs)’, by Ferguson-Smith, in ed. M. Hallen, Human Genome Analysis (\OS Press 1998), 339-347 Corrected ?proof ; copy as published. Costs of SCWs 1992-1995 1992-1995 2 folders. 3 folders. F.54-F.64 1990-2000 Genome Mapping also See Workshop, Toulouse, 3-4 May 1999. Comparative C.910 Other HUGO meetings Report of the X chromosome workshop, December 1989 1997-1998 Correspondence and papers re suggested topics workshops Meeting Heidelberg, Germany, 23 March 1996 Papers for meeting. Genome Workshops, to discuss Human F.56-F.58 for M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 Miscellaneous correspondence 1996-1999 F.60-F.62 ‘Reports’ 1998-1999 Contents of Ferguson-Smith’s folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: reports of other HUGO meetings. ‘Final meeting of EU Genome workshops organised by HUGO (London) outstation + Dinner to thank Bronwen Loder 18 July 2000’ 1997, 2000 Contents of Ferguson-Smith’s envelope so _ inscribed divided into two for ease of reference. P.B. Loder was Secretary of HUGO (seconded from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund) 1990-1992. She served as Workshop Coordinator 1992-1997 and then as Senior Research Associate. F.65-F.71 HUGO (London) 1998-2007 was established the It also had the operating title 1990 as in Miscellaneous correspondence Report and financial statements to 31 December 1997 HUGO (London) European regional office. ‘HUGO Europe’. 1999-2002 Draft report and financial statements to 2001 Report and financial statements to 31 December 2002 Report and financial statements to 31 December 2000 31 December M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 Report and financial statements to 31 December 2004 Banking F.72-F.76 Publications 2001-2007 1995-1999 Human Genome Analysis Programme, ed. M. Hallen and A. Klepsch, 1OS Press 1995 Inscribed at front with manuscript note Smith on his involvement with the programme. by Ferguson- European Union Biomedical and Health Research. The Biomed | Programme, ed. A.-E. Baert et al, |OS Press 1995 Account of SCW programme at p 671. Account of SCW programme at pp 354-355. Human Genome Analysis supported under Biomed |, ed. M. Hallen, |OS Press 1998 Account of SCW programme at pp 34, 339-348. Biomedical and health research programme 199498. Summaries of research projects supported under Biomed 2, volume |. European Commission Directorate-General Research, 1999 Biomedical and health research programme 199498. Summaries of research projects supported under Biomed 2, volume II. European Commission Directorate-General Research, 1999 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 F.77-F.86 INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS 1994-2006 in the Early 1996. hampered It sprang Prenatal from Diagnosis which The International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis was International founded Congresses on had begun in the UK in 1984. The following two Congresses were also held in the UK but the 4th took place in Athens in 1988. The early Congresses were not formally codified a formal gatherings but it became evident that lack of organisation At the Jerusalem Congress (1994), it was decided to establish an International Society. The initial officers were selected by Goa Congress (1996) and the first President was Joe Leigh Simpson (USA). Ferguson-Smith was a member of the Board and served as President 1998-2002. The Society developed a special relationship with the journal, Prenatal Diagnosis, the Society. which became the organisers. Committee Scientific Advisory journal official of the local the of F.77-F.83 Correspondence and papers re establishment of Society Diagnosis relationship journal with and the the Prenatal 1994-1997 February 1995 April-October 1994 October-December 1994 Includes drafts of statutes and by-laws of the Society, and contracts with John Wiley (publishers) June-December 1995 April 1995 May 1995 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 1996-1997 General correspondence and papers 2005-2006 Papers of Meeting of Board of Directors, Kyoto, Japan, 28-29 May 2006 Bound volume. Annotated by Ferguson-Smith. Papers of General Business Meeting, Kyoto, Japan, 31 May 2006 F.87-F.94 NETHERLANDS GENOMICS INITIATIVE this programme. The Panel, chaired by reported to Agenda and itinerary at the various centres and Including terms of reference. Correspondence and papers re arrangements for Review Ferguson-Smith was a member of the Mid-Term Review Panel of A. Dearing, visited the Netherlands 7-10 June to inspect work the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research on 23 June. Report of the Panel Ferguson-Smith’s manuscript notes on visit. Correspondence re preparation of report Includes draft report. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Societies and organisations, F.1-F.95 F.92-F.94 Background information on the work of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative Printed out World Wide Web pages and printed material. 3 folders. UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG Report on visit to the University. Ferguson-Smith visited the University of Hong Kong ‘to advise...on the accommodation, equipment and staffing which would be required to set up a cytogenetics service and genetic counselling clinic within the framework of the medical and health services in Hong Kong’. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SECTION G CONSULTANCIES AND COLLABORATIONS, G.1-G.29 1992-2002 G.1 AMERSHAM INTERNATIONAL G.2-G.12 APPLIED IMAGING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED G.13-G.16 APPLIED SPECTRAL IMAGING Gi Gus CAMBRIDGE PROJECT ENGINEERS LTD G.19-G.21 DIGITAL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS G.22-G.29 LEICA MICROSYSTEMS IMAGING SOLUTIONS LTD AMERSHAM INTERNATIONAL 1996-1997 was Amersham Ferguson-Smith International in the area of manufacture, development and use of human and mouse chromosome paints and probes. consultant a _ to Consultancy agreement and related correspondence. APPLIED IMAGING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED paint probes for the diagnosis of genetic disease and for a The consultancy was initiated by Applied genetic company producing testing systems for testing cover collaboration in the development and commercialisation of chromosomal aberrations in various species using labelled DNA from related species as probes. This arose out of Ferguson- Smith's and J. Wienberg’s invention of ‘An assay for chromosome aberrations in cross specific another It involved Cambridge University Technical species’. Further collaboration was planned for Services (CUTS). research application of chromosome-specific Imaging, the to 1994, 1997- 2001 a vertebrate using chromosome pathology specific probe from and cancer detect and markets, assays to analyse into the M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Consultancies and collaborations, G.1-G.29 the comparative genome mapping of unmapped species using and developing ‘the technique of colour banding patented by Cambridge University and commercialised by Applied Imaging under the name RX FISH’. An application was made for support of this work to the Government (Department of Health) MedLINK scheme (see G.5) but in response to further demands from the Department of Health, September 1999 the company withdrew from the proposed scheme. In August 1998 Ferguson-Smith joined the company’s Scientific Advisory Board and this continued after the collapse of the MedLINK scheme. includes material The research Imaging (chiefly personnel. proposals, L.G. and final draft correspondence Grant), agreements, Applied university and MedLINK with 1994, July-October 1997 initial Applied Includes Imaging, and agreement between Ferguson-Smith and Wienberg and Cambridge University Technical Services. consultancy agreement with March 1998 October 1997 January 1998 Includes report on work on cross-species colour banding. Includes colour-banding protocol and progress report on work on cross-species colour banding. commercial exploitation of Government-funded research. Correspondence and proposal. MEDLINK was a Government initiative March-November 1998 preparing MedLINK to accelerate papers re M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Consultancies and collaborations, G.1-G.29 April-August 1998 Includes correspondence re collaboration with Kunming Institute of Zoology, China. October 1998 Includes consultancy agreement for support of research. November-December 1998 Includes draft of MedLINK proposal ‘Chromosome colour banding analysis system’. January-April 1999 Correspondence re progress of MedLINK proposal. May-December 1999 2000-2001 G.13-G.16 APPLIED SPECTRAL IMAGING In September 1999 Applied Imaging withdrew from the MedLINK scheme. 1996-1998 Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) was an Israeli company manufacturing bio-imaging equipment. Following a visit from B. Buckwald, President of ASI, to Cambridge in February 1996 a collaboration on ‘optimization of Applied Spectral ASI researcher |. Bar-Am spending a period in Ferguson- Smith’s laboratory (see C.884). The collaboration also brought in Amersham International as UK manufacturers of the In November 1997 Ferguson-Smith entered into an agreement with ASI on chromosome paint protocols. kits and kit components. Imaging’s kits’ was proposed, with an M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Consultancies and collaborations, G.1-G.29 January-March 1996 Includes draft consultancy agreement. June-November 1996 Includes costings for multi-colour paint kits. 1997 Includes papers re chromosome colour paint protocols. 1998 Includes colour paint protocols. G.17, G.18 CAMBRIDGE PROJECT ENGINEERS LTD and manufacture papers Engineers re of Ferguson-Smith’s Correspondence by Cambridge picking machine’ This instrument automated the selection of colonies from a petri or other plate. At G.18 is material found therewith - proposal by P. Jones for an ordered clone library for chromosome 9, 1992. laboratory. ‘colony a G.19-G.21 Project for DIGITAL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 1994-1997 Digital Scientific Instruments (later Digital Scientific Ltd) was a Cambridge computer software company that produced SmartCapture, a system of software tools for digital the microscope provided equipment and software for Ferguson-Smith’s laboratory and as part of a collaborative agreement funded a post in foetal cell research (K.M. Andrews). presentation Scientific analysis capture, images. Digital and of M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Consultancies and collaborations, G.1-G.29 1994 Includes agreement with Digital Scientific Instruments to establish research post. 1996-1997 Includes nucleated report for Digital Scientific by K.M. Andrews, 1996. enrichment and cells identification diagnosis’, for prenatal ‘The red of fetal research G.22-G.29 LEICA MICROSYSTEMS IMAGING SOLUTIONS LTD 1997-2002 CAMBIO probes. They rights referred regarding were approached such The marketing of M-FISH probes created in Ferguson- Smith’s laboratory was undertaken by CAMBIO. In 1997 to Leica manufacture to Ferguson-Smith. In 1998 an agreement was reached with Leica to produce human M-FISH probe sets for use with their fluorescence microscope systems. The sets would be marketed by CAMBIO. A researcher (W. Rens) was funded in Ferguson-Smith’s laboratory. In June 2000 Leica attempted to end the collaboration arguing that ‘third party intellectual property’ prevented effective commercial exploitation of the work. After discussion, Leica agreed to continue the research to the end of September 2001. In 2002 it was proposed to continue the research collaboration through Rens. Includes draft of research collaboration agreement with Leica. Correspondence re agreements with CAMBIO, Vysis and Leica. 1997-April 1998 May-June 1998 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Consultancies and collaborations, G.1-G.29 July-September 1998 October 1998 Includes copy of contract with Leica. November 1998-1999 2000 Chiefly correspondence re future of the collaboration. 2001 Includes collaboration with Leica, October 20071. Report’ Rens’s ‘Final on the _ research 2002 Draft collaboration agreement for work developing image analysis software. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SECTION H GENDER VERIFICATION IN SPORT, H.1-H.50 1969-2001 In 1960 the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF), followed by the International Olympic Committee (l1OC), called for rules of eligibility for women to ensure athletics were competing on an equal basis in terms of physical status. In 1966 a physical test was introduced for the European and Commonwealth games, repeated at the 1967 Pan-American games. This led to widespread resentment and the IOC proposed the sex chromatin test as a more acceptable method. Sex chromatin testing using buccal smears was introduced in 1968 for the Mexico Olympic Games that year. Ferguson-Smith was approached by the British Olympic Committee in 1969 to administer 1970 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games. He declined, arguing that the sex chromatin (buccal smear) test would be more likely to unfairly exclude athletes than detect cheats. His view was that all sex-testing in international sport should be abolished as demeaning to women, unreliable and in a few cases positively psychologically harmful. competitors tests the the for for up in the the participants 1988 the 1OC Medical Commission set The buccal smear test was challenged again in the 1980s and in a Working Group on Gender Verification. It held a meeting in 1988 but its second meeting, scheduled for 1989, was cancelled. In November 1990 a workshop called by the International Athletics Foundation on Approved Methods of Femininity Verification was held at Monte Carlo. Its recommendations included a call to end genetics-based gender verification and replace it with a health test for all athletes. The International Amateur Athletic Federation adopted its recommendations in January 1991 and the IAAF set up a Working Group on Gender Verification comprising some of earlier workshop. Ferguson-Smith served on this Working Group, which became known to its members as ‘the fax club’ after the between members. usual Members included (Chairman the Medical Committee of the (a Elizabeth sports physician), A.S. Carlson (a former athlete) and Professor J.L. Simpson. It published articles and lobbied IOC the medical and societies. It met with gradual success until in 1999 the IOC abandoned genetics based testing for the Sydney Olympics. Correspondence re buccal smear examination at 1970 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games, method of communication Ljungqvist IAAF), Ferguson-Smith was invited to undertake the associations professional buccal A. of Ferris and the M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Gender verification in sport, H.1-H.50 smear examinations of competitors for the Games but declined giving his scientific and sporting reasons for his unhappiness with the tests. ‘The sex test in international sport’ by Ferguson-Smith latest typescript, 8pp 1976. Possibly written for a Glasgow Sports Promotion Council Conference on Reliability of Sex Testing and the Problems of Doping in Sport, 1979. bibliographical reference the Correspondence with E. Ferris on proposed joint article on chromosomal abnormalities of femininity. test and sex the 1980-1981 Ferris was also critical of the buccal smear test. Copies of correspondence between A. de la Chapelle, M. Bobrow re challenge to the buccal smear test 1987-1988 copies of sent to including Correspondence Correspondence, letters Ferguson-Smith and comments by him thereon. Includes draft of document on testing for the International Ski Federation Medical Committee. ‘Gender verification in sport - the need for change?’ with E.A. 17-20. Bibliography no. 268 1990-1991 The original version was rejected but a shorter revision was invited. Sports Medicine, 25 (1991), Correspondence and resubmission and article as published. papers, including 4 folders. original Ferris, Br. J. draft, M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Gender verification in sport, H.1-H.50 H.11-H.13 International Athletic Foundation Workshop on Approved Methods of Femininity Verification, Monte Carlo, Monaco, 10-11 November 1990 1990-1991 Ferguson-Smith presented his and Ferris’s paper Gender verification in sport - the need for change?’. The Workshop recommended that femininity verification testing be abandoned and replaced by a general health check of all athletes, supplemented by random health tests. The recommendations were adopted by the IAAF Council in January 1991 and then put to the IOC Medical Committee. This committee adopted some but not all the recommendations, and their proposals were then put to the IOC Executive. The IOC then established a Working Group to consider the issue and report back for the 1992 Olympic Games. However, the IOC instead of following the IAAF adopted a new method of Y-chromosome determination by the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method. This was felt by some to be a worse solution than continuing to use the buccal smear test. established Arising from the meeting and the IOC response, the IAAF itself Gender Verification, comprising some of those who had attended the workshop. Working Group on a Correspondence arising Proposals and Recommendations Arrangements, including programme and abstracts 1990-1991 ‘Medical examination for health of all athletes replacing the gender International (IAAF) proposal’, by A. Ljungqvist and J.L. Simpson, submitted to the Lancet. May-June With comments on the draft by Ferguson-Smith, originally under the ‘Physical examination for determining female eligibility in international sports: the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) proposal’. The submitted Association. Lancet and Medical not accepted international article was verification Federation to Journal of the American Amateur Athletic in sports: title, by the M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Gender verification in sport, H.1-H.50 Correspondence, June-July Includes ongoing discussion on how the International Athletic Foundation recommendations adopted by the IAAF might be implemented and principles of testing; all submission of ‘Medical examination for athletes’ to Medical Association. American Journal health the the of of The correspondence accepts Ferguson-Smith’s ‘three principles’ as set out in his letter of 15 July. Correspondence, September-November Includes response to IOC approval of PCR method of gender-testing. : verification ‘Medical examination for health of all athletes replacing the gender International (IAAF) proposal’, by A. Ljungqvist and J.L. Simpson, submitted to the Journal of the American Medical Association, November international Federation Amateur Athletic sports: in Correspondence, December Letter to Nature on ‘Olympic Row over Sex Testing’, November This Letter, drafted by Ferguson-Smith, followed a report in Nature of disquiet over the PCR method. Includes comments and expressions of support from members of the IAAF Working Group. Arrangements, including programme International Verification, London, 16 May 1992 Athletic Foundation Seminar on Gender Correspondence, January-April H.21-H.23 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Gender verification in sport, H.1-H.50 Abstracts Ferguson-Smith’s manuscript notes Correspondence on progress of PCR testing at Albertville Winter Olympic Games, May Includes letters from those involved in testing, including B. Dingeon and P. Schamasch. ‘Gender verification in competitive sports’, review article for Sports Medicine, September First draft by J.L. Simpson and comments. Reply to American Medical Association, September criticisms by B. Dingeon in Journal of the cchiefly re work of the American H.28-H.30 results from The response was prepared by J.L. Simpson. Ferguson-Smith’s correspondence re 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, October 1992-1993 Medical Correspondence, _ Association resolution on gender verification, October- December 1992-1993 The been hampered by lack of information on the implementation of This correspondence relates the PCR method of testing. to Ferguson-Smith’s successful attempts to this information. Correspondence, verification at World University Games, February-March adoption chiefly IAAF Working Group had of gender test gain 3 folders. re M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Gender verification in sport, H.1-H.50 Correspondence, chiefly model resolutions on testing, for adoption by professional bodies, April-June Correspondence, July-December Correspondence, Sixteen’ on gender verification, March-April petition the by re the ‘Heinonen of the world’s top female In February 1994 sixteen Olympic athletes called be reinstated by the IAAF, and proposed new methods for so doing. calls arose from suspicion attached to sudden improvements in performances of Chinese competitors. for gender verification Some felt the to Correspondence, May-September Includes further correspondence re ‘Refined proposal from the Heinonen Sixteen’. physical equality and by - and our notions Correspondence and papers M. Verroken, Head of Doping Sent to Ferguson-Smith for information. ‘Gender verification’ by Control, (UK) Sports Council, June Includes ‘Sex/Gender verification in international sports: of the need to re-examine policy femininity, A.S. Carlson. Sports Medicine, January-February Correspondence re Ferguson-Smith’s revision his chapter on gender verification in the Oxford Textbook of Includes statement verification by Women’s Sports Foundation. correspondence Correspondence fair play’, gender on re of M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Gender verification in sport, H.1-H.50 Includes copy of the chapter in the first edition. in M. edited Textbook of Oxford Harries, Sports ‘Gender verification’, Medicine, W.D. by Stanish, L.J. Mitchell. Oxford University Press (1994) pp 329-337, 326; subsequently ‘Gender verification and the place of XY females in in Oxford Textbook of Sports Medicine, 2nd edition (1998), pp.355-365, Bibliography no. 395. See also D.26-D.30. Bibliography no. Williams, sport’, C. ‘Gender verification in sport’ by A. Ljungqvist, March Draft for Olympic Encyclopaedia, sent to Ferguson-Smith for comment. Correspondence and papers, April-December Includes progress at IOC level. Correspondence al, Correspondence and papers The correspondence includes the news that genetic- based screening for female gender was to be abandoned The members of the by the IOC and reaction thereto. ‘fax club’ wished to write an historical review of their campaign and the material includes Ferguson-Smith’s manuscript notes on the history of gender determination at sporting events. and Drafts of: Simpson athletes’ by L.J. Elsas et February Revised drafts of: Letter to the editor of the Lancet (under the ‘Gender verification Comments from members of the ‘fax club’ drafts, March J.L. of female for Genetics in Medicine. the editor of the Lancet, Letter to et Olympics’), on the two ‘Gender verification al, and by title in the M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Gender verification in sport, H.1-H.50 ‘Gender verification of female athletes’. March, April The letter to the Lancet was not accepted but it was published Medical Bibliography no. Association 284 (2000), 1568-1569. 421. was published in Genetics in Medicine 2 (2000), 249-254, Bibliography 419. the American verification athletes’ ‘Gender female in the Journal of of Correspondence, April-November Includes replies to in Journal of the American Medical Association and the suggested response thereto. article Report gender verification, December on American Medical Association policy on was This recommendations. updated to bring it into line with IAAF late 1990s Material for illustrative slides Photocopied, faxed background material, chiefly press- cuttings and short articles 1960s-1990s M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SECTION J BOVINE SPONGIFORM ENCEPHALOPATHY (BSE), J.1-J.15 1999-2007 to The BSE Inquiry was announced in December 1997 and set up in January 1998, ‘to establish and review the history of the emergence and identification of BSE and new variant CJD (vCJD) in the United Kingdom, and of the action taken in response to it up to 20 March 1996; to reach conclusions on the adequacy of that response, taking into account the state of knowledge at the time; and of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the Secretary of State for Health and the Secretaries of State for Scotland, Wales and the Committee of the Inquiry were Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers (Chair), Mrs June Bridgeman and Ferguson- Phillips Report) and Smith. included the Government response to the crisis. It reported in 2000 (the The Members of Northern Ireland’. some criticisms Minister scientific matters report these and the the on to of the material presented Much of here postdates the Inquiry and was assembled by Ferguson-Smith for his continuing interest in BSE, its relation to vCJD and his theory about its possible origin from a bovine prion gene mutation. PQs Bundle’ of BSE 1999-2000 Questions] [Parliamentary for Epidemiology session ‘Materials Inquiry, 5 October 1999 ‘Recent incidences of vCJD’, August Material from R.S. Morris, Gilruth Professor of Animal Health, Massey University, New Zealand, on origins and evolution of BSE 2000 2pp scientific response to the crisis. Phillips Report from the Lancet and Responses to the Phillips Report ‘Response to the scientists’ Ferguson-Smith critical manuscript Reports on 2000-2001 relating draft by to of the M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, J.1-J.15 Nature, November summary Public Encephalopathy Phillips Report, 28 November Advisory of meeting Committee of Spongiform to responding Food Standards Agency review November of BSE controls, 6 Establishment of Science Working Group to consider the science Transmissible December Royal Society/Academy of Medical of (TSEs), Encephalopathies Spongiform ‘Response to Government’, September the Report of the BSE Inquiry by HM J.10-J.13 to the aftermath of the BSE 2001-2006 ‘Letters 2001-2002 the USA’ and Folder a Mrs to Correspondence and papers re BSE and Scrapie ‘Some papers relating Inquiry’ Correspondence on cases of BSE in cattle born after the ruminant feed ban in the UK and in cattle overseas Contents of Ferguson-Smith’s folder so inscribed. was also inscribed ‘Discovery of genetic mutation in BSE affected cow in Margaret Beckett Re National Scrapie Plan etc’. 2003-2004 Includes manuscript notes by Ferguson-Smith; letters to the Veterinary Record, December 2003 and January 2004 referring to Ferguson-Smith’s questioning of the Includes draft of letter to The Times by Ferguson-Smith, 13 November 2006, noting a US case of BSE in cattle, in which a mutation of the prion gene was reported. Miscellaneous material, chiefly on BSE in gene mutation the likely origins of 2002-2006 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, J.1-J.15 of views Committee on the origins of BSE Spongiform the Encephalopathy Advisory Offprints on CUD and BSE Review Encephalopathies Research Programme 2003-2006 Transmissible the of Spongiform 2001, 2002, 2006 2007 Correspondence and papers for TSE review meeting, Teddington Lock, 29 January-1 February 2007 TSE Review 2007 Final Report M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SECTION K NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL, K.1-K.11 FILMS GLASS PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES FIGURES 1960, 71969 a of three series These 16mm colour teaching films were made in the USA and sent to Ferguson-Smith in Glasgow. Those at K.1- K.3, were pioneering films made at the Division of Medical Genetics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine under a grant from the National Foundation - March of Dimes. Ferguson-Smith participated in their creation. They are described in a note at C.75. genetics, medical on Part |. the physical basis of History, Genetics 34 minutes. chromosomes, ‘Medical aberrations’ ‘Medical Genetics Part Il. Biochemical genetics in man’ Traces the development of inheritance; discusses describes some chromosomal abnormalities in man. the science of genetics; and Inside box is printed ‘Narrative’ by McKusick, W.J. Young and Ferguson-Smith. Explains through the use of clinical examples such as sickle cell anaemia, phenylkentonuria, and other amino- acidurias through specific changes in protein structure and thereby in the physical properties and function of proteins. Inside box is printed ‘Narrative’ by McKusick, W.J. Young and S.H. Boyer. how genetic 30 minutes. variation is reflected M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Non-textual material, K.1-K.10 ‘Medical Genetics Part populations’ Ill. Genes in families and in behaviour of genes Covers the in populations. Discusses pedigree patterns and the major types of inheritance. families and in Inside box is printed ‘Narrative’ by McKusick, W.J. Young and E.A. Murphy. 40 minutes. ‘Medical Genetics Series. The Chromosomes - General Considerations’ Made by Milner Fenwick, Inc. 69MGO6. 13 minutes 30 seconds. ‘Medical Genetics Series Chromosomal Abnormalities- The Sex Chromosomes’ 24 minutes 30 seconds. Inscribed ‘1970’ on can. Inscribed ‘1970’ on can. 21 minutes 30 seconds. Made by Milner Fenwick, Inc. 6(9MGO08. Made by Milner Fenwick, Inc. 69MG07. ‘Medical Genetics Series. Chromosomal Abnormalities- The Autosomes’ Contents of Ferguson-Smith’s labelled boxes. GLASS PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES K.7-K.10 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Non-textual material, K.1-K.10 ‘7/67 A, B, C, D, E. Keratoacanthoma?’ ‘9/67 C,D. Rodent ulcer’ ‘9/67 E, F. Rodent ulcer’ ‘42/67 A, B, C, D, E. Normal skin’ FIGURES ca 1964 Photographic figures purposes Numbered 1-8. of graphs used for illustrative M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS AARSKOG, Dagfinn ABBONDANDOLO, Angelo ABDALLA, Hossam I. ABELS, Gabi ABRAMOFF, Peter ABRAMOWICZ, Mark ABRAMS, Michael E. ABRAMSON, A.W. C.145 C.996 C.599 C.881 C.145 C.378 C.727 C.145 ACADEMIA RODINENSIS PRO REMEDIATIONE C.862, C.865 ACADEMIC PRESS INC C:616; D:1164D:117 ACTION RESEARCH FOR THE CRIPPLED CHILD B.15, C.147, C.169, C.376, C.378, C.393, C.399, C.511, C.562, C.608, C.610, C.611, C.630, C.637, C.697, C.702, C.727, C.752, C.832, C.846, C.857 See also C.642, C.798 ADAMS, James Hume AFFARA, Nabeel Ahmed ADEYOKUNNU, Adetunji A. C.374, C.727 ADELBERG, Edward A. ADINOLFI, Matteo C.145 A.27 C.286 C.1, C.261 C.600 ADAMS, Roger Lionel Poulter ADRIAN, Richard Hume, 2nd Baron ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON MEDICAL RESEARCH C.377, C.600, C.749, C.995 See B.16-B.20, B.21, B.24, B.30, B.33, B.40 C.727 C.145 C.169 AFZAL, Mohammed AGARWAL, Shyam S. AHMAD, K.N. AIRDRIE ACADEMY AITKEN, David Alexander C.881, C.996 C.602, C.727 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents AITKEN, Jane E.B. AITKIN, Leonard ALBERMAN, Eva ALBINO FELLOWSHIP ALEXANDER, David S. ALEXANDER, Jack O’D. ALEXANDER, W. Donald ALEXANDRE DE MERODE, Prince ALI, Ahmad ALLAN, ‘Dot’ ALLEN, Gordon ALLEN, W.R. C.377 C.61 C.59 See C.859 Gil, ©1617-6377 C.1, C.146 C137, H.4, H.5 C.881 C.61 C.1, C.146 C.881 ALLISON, Andrew ALTOUNYAN, Barbara C.377, C.881 C.138 C.378 C.146 C.996 F.879 C.146 C.61 C.996 ALVESALO, Lassi AM, Irit BAR- ALMEIDA, O.A. ALTLAND, K. ALVAREZ, Francisco V. ALVAREZ, Russell Ramon de C.970 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HUMAN GENETICS AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION C.884 See also G.13 C.996, D.23, D.24, D.118 D.119 C.26 H.32 AMAROSE, Anthony P. AMATO, George M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents AMERSHAM INTERNATIONAL PLC C.897, G.1, G.14, G.15 ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, John Maxwell ANDERSON, John R. ANDERSON, T.E. ANDERSON, Thomas ANGASTINIOTIS, M. ANGELL, Roslyn ANIMAL HEALTH TRUST ANKIER, S.E. ANNALS OF HUMAN GENETICS ANNALS OF SAUDI MEDICINE A4 C.139, C.380, C.381, C.600 C.62, C.380, C.600, C.728 C.146 C.62, C.146 C.728 C.146 C.182 C.146 C.560 C.1011 ANTICH, Jaime ANTONARAKIS, Stylianos E. APPLE, Ted ARHEDEN, kristina C.728 C.976 C.380 C.728 ANNERSTEN, Astrid ANTHONY, Thomas B. ARANDA, E.1. ARAVANTINOS, D. C.378, C.491 C.381, C.600 G.2-G.12 G.13-G.16 C146. C:728 See also C.334 APPLIED SPECTRAL IMAGING APPLIED IMAGING INTERNATIONAL LTD C.881 ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE ARGYROKASTRITIS, Alexandros C.60 See C.4 C.881 ARCHIBALD, lan C.R. ARCHIBALD, R.W.R. C.249, C.376, C.378, C.380 Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 ARLETT, Colin F. ARMSTRONG, Alexandra M. ARMSTRONG, C.N. ARNEIL, Gavin C. ARRUGA, M. Victoria ASHBURNER, Michael ASHMAN, Izumi Fujimori ASHTON, Leigh P. ASHWORTH, Alan ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH PAEDIATRIC NURSES - SCOTLAND C.376, C.378, C.603, C.881 C.377 C.62 C.147, C.379, C.600, C.726 C.880 C.62 C.882 C.147 C.881 C.791 ASSOCIATION OF CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTS SCOTTISH REGION C.546, C.702 ASSOCIATION OF CLINICAL CYTOGENETICISTS C.701, C.849, C.1084 ATKINS, A.F.J. C.375, C.377, C.380 C.882 C.144 C.147, C.381, C.603 AUDY, Silvana AUFFRAY, Charles C.296 C.882 C.601 C.62, C.147 C.728 See C.143 ATKINSON, Malcolm ATHANASSIADOU, A. ATKINSON, A.C.A. (‘Tony’) ATHANASSIADES, Nicolaos S. ASSOCIATION OF PAEDIATRIC CHARTERED PHYSIOTHERAPISTS tO AUSTRALASIAN SOCIETY OF CYTOGENETICISTS C.1 C.974 C.882 AULA, Pertti AULD, Andrew AUTION, Kirsi AYME, Ségoléne AUSTIN, Charles R. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 AZCONA, C. AZMY, A. BADER, Patricia |. BADHAM, Molly BAGNALL, Keith M. BAHR, Gunter F. BAIKIE, A.G. BAIN, Douglas BAIN, Robert A. BAIN, Roderick BAIRD, Sir Dugald BAKER, Irene Index of correspondents C.882 C.728 C.398 C.887 C.165 C.165 C.165 C.395 C.732 See C.391 C.732 C.391 C.883 C.1003 BAKER, Joan P. BAKER, Liz BALLABIO, A. BARALLE, Diana BAKER, Marion C. BANTING, George BANATVALA, J.E. BARAMKI, Theodore C.732 C.165 C.395 C.732 BANNERMAN, Robin M. C.165 BARANOV, Vladislav Sergejevitch C.612 C.887 C.1003 C.887 C.608 C.1006 C.165 BARATSER, M. BARCLAY, John BARDHAN, Amit BARKAI, Gad BARNES, Roland See C.840 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 BARR, Eleanor M. BARR, Gordon T.D. BARR, Murray Llewellyn BARR, Wallace BARROWMAN, William BARTALOS, Mihaly BARTER, Dennis A.C. BARTLETT, Denis J. BARTON, David BARTON, Honoria BARTON, Paul J.R. BARTSOCAS, Christos BASARAN, Nurettin Index of correspondents C.387 C.738 C.2, C.14, C.63, C.165 C.67, C.165, C.384 C.165 C.165 C.398 C.732 B.39, C.887 C.391 C.608 c.391 C.887 BAUMBERG, Simon C.5, C.165 See C.616 BASHFORD, D.H. BASIL, Carlotta BASSETT, Duncan C552 H.29 BASU, Himansu K. BAUER, John D. BEALE, G. H. BEAN, Allison C.732 C.166 C.1003 C.887 C.394 BEARD, Richard W. C.614 BEARSDEN SOUTH CHURCH NURSERY CLUB BEASTALL, Graham H. BEARN, Alexander G. BEATTIE, Alistair D. C.733 C.166 C.809 C.392 C.166 BEATON, George R. BEATTIE, J.O. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 BEATTIE, R. BECK, J. Swanson BECKER FE: BECKETT, Arnold H. BECROFT, David M.O. BEECHEY, Colin BEHAN, Peter O. BEHBOUDI, Afrouz BEIGHTON, Peter BEIGUELMAN, Bernardo BELCH, Jill BELCHETZ, P.E. Index of correspondents C.166 C.389 C.67 H.3 C.388, H.6, H.7 C.888 C.395, C.608, C.733 C.1003 C.392, C.512, C.604, C.616, C.733 C.395 C.616 C.616 C.608, C.729 BELL, Judith BELL, Mary BENDA, Clemens E. BENNETT, Cecilia BENNETT, Mike J. BENSON, Philip F. BENIRSCHKE, Kurt C.733 C.3, €.15 C.733 C.67, C.885, C.1061 BENTLEY, John F.R. BENHAM, Frances J. C.5 BERGSAGEL, Daniel E. BERGHE, J.A. van den BEREZNEY, Ronald C.150 C.1003 C.866 C.733 C.392 C.733 C.888 C.67, C.395, C.612 BERG, Kare BERGADA, César BERGER, Roland C.149, C.733 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 BERGSMA, Daniel BERGSTEINSSON, Hé6rdur BERKELEY, Muriel |.K. BERNEMAN, Z. BERNSTEIN, Renée BERTOCCHINI, Mirella BESSLER, Monica BHARUCHA, B.A. BHISEY, Avinash N. BIANCHI, Diana W. BIANCHI, Nestor O. BICKEL, Horst BIEDLER, June Lee Index of correspondents C.5 C.396 C.5 BIRT, Christopher BIGGS, John S.G. BIJLSMA, J. BISHOP, Colin E. BISHOP, Peter C.809 C.1004 BIELENSKA, Anna LATOS- C.398 C.612 C.166 C.694 BIOTECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL (EUROPE) BIRTHRIGHT, NATIONAL FUND FOR CHILDBIRTH RESEARCH C.275 C.315, C.598, C.725, C.734, C.759, C.840, C.853, D.9-D.20 BLACKWELL SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS LTD BLAIR BELL RESEARCH SOCIETY C.67 C.614 C.612 BISWAS, B. BLACK, Joan BLACK, W.P. C.889, C.1004 C.398, C.734 C.167, C.396 BLAIR, R.G. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents BLAKE, John BLANC, William A. BLANK, Charles Eric BLANK, S. Catrin BLENNOW, Elisabeth BLIZZARD, Robert M. BLOCKLEY, N.J. BLOOMFIELD, Dennis A. BLUMBERG, Baruch Samuel BLYTH, Helen C.336 C.5 C.64, C.152, C.387, C.388, C.392, C.605, C.612, C.617 C.889 C.889, C.1004 C.5, C.68 C.166 C.166 C.5 C.398 BOAVIDA, Maria Guida A. Franga Gouveia C.153, C.388, C.392, C.398, C.606, C.609, C.889 BOBROW, Martin C.154, C.613, C.617, C.730, C.889, D.10, H.4 C.68, C.155 BOER, P. de BOLT, Jean M.W. BOMAN, Helge BONE, lan BODMER, Sir Walter Fred BOCZKOWSKI, Krysztof C.652 C:192 C.398 C.735 C.392 C.735 BONTHRON, David Terry C.156, C.384, C.723, F.10 BOEHRINGER CORPORATION (LONDON) LTD C.68 BORGAONKAR, Digamber S. BOOTH, Sir Christopher Charles BORDERS CLINICAL CLUB C.168, C.382 C.617, C.735 C.1004 C.381, C.600 BOOTSMA, Dirk BOOTH, Daniel BORGHI, Aldo C.157, C.613, C.889 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents BORHANI, Nemat O. BORIS, Anthony WYNSHAW- BOSMA, Anneke A. BOTTURA, Cassio BOUE, André BOUE, Joélle BOURKE, Gitta BOWDEN, John BOWEN, David BOWEN, Peter BOYD, Elizabeth BOYD, James F. C.68 C.1084 C.932, C.947, C.1004 C.168 C.168, C.384, C.390, C.396, C.397, C.608, C.735, H.24 C.397, C.613 C.1004 C.168 C.58 C.65, C.158 A.18 C.167 BOYD, Yvonne BOYLE, Janet BOZKOWA, Krystyna BRADLEY, W.G. BRAIDWOOD, E.A. B.39, J.14 C.68, C.168 BOYER, Samuel H. C.168 C.735 BOYLE, Charles Murray C755 See also C.873 C.615 BRAMBILLASCA, Fausta BREINGAN, Gordon S. BREWIN, Thurstan B. C.393 C.169 C.736 C.384 C.736 D.123 C.998 C.947 BREMNER, A.D. BRENNAN, James BRAIN BREEN, Matthew M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 BREWSTER, M.A. BREZIGAR, Anamrija BREZIN, Colette BRIDGES, Betty (Mrs William L.) BRIGGS, Eleanor M. Index of correspondents C.736 C.890 C.1005 C.5 C.738 BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE C1029" E19E.20; E23 BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF SPORTS MEDICINE C.677 BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION C.320, C.890, C.1005, C.1063 MEDICAL ADVISORY GROUP C.305, C.530, C.566 BRITISH COUNCIL C.316, C.334, C.347, C.348, C.482, C.535, C.587, C.695, C.873, C.911 BRITISH EMPIRE CANCER CAMPAIGN BRITISH JOURNAL OF HOSPITAL MEDICINE B.3 C.722 H.7-H.10 C.732 C.550 GLASGOW DIVISION BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL GRIMSBY BRANCH STIRLING BRANCH CENTRAL ETHICAL COMMITTEE BRITISH JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDINCINE C.169, C.180, C.292, C.556, C.560, D.123 BRITISH JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY C©.1032 C.1005 BRITISH PAEDIATRIC PERINATAL GROUP C.166, C.245 C.173, C.243 H.1, H.5 C.643 C.169 C.999 BRITISH OLYMPIC FEDERATION C.159, C.385, C.399, C.613, C.731 BRITTAIN, Robert P. BROAD, Tom E. BROCK, David J. H. BROCKS, Daniel M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents BROOK, J. David BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS BROWN, Charles A.R. BROWN, David BROWN, Helen LANG- BROWN, Judith D. BROWN, Morris J. BROWN, N.M. BROWN, Steve BROWN, W. Michael COURT BROWNFIELD, E. Dorothy BROWNING, G.K.S. BROWNING, George G. C.618 C.37, C.50 C.613 C.890 C.491 C.1000 C.890 C.736 C.1001, F.34 C.70, C.183 C.169 C.169 C.736 BRUNT, Peter C.393, C.406 BULFIELD, Grahame BULLER, Arthur J. BUCKTON, Karin E. BUHLER, Erica BUCHANAN, James C.68 C.613 BRUERE, Arthur Neil BUCHANAN, W. Watson C.66, C.164, C.583, C.613 BRYERS (formerly CARTER), Felicity C.68, C.135, C.160-C.163, C.384, C.571, C.1005 C.1005 C.170 C.68 C.384 C.737 C.68 C.1006 C.393 BULMAN, A.H. BUNDEY, Sarah BUNKER, C.B. BUNTING, Elaine A. BUNTING, John C.386, C.618, C.737 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents BUNYAN, Alexandra M. BURCH, George E. BURDON, Michael BURGEN, Sir Arnold Stanley Vincent BURGIO, G. Roberto BURKIN, Dean J. BURNET, Barrie BURNS, F.W. BURNS, Thomas W. BURRY, Alastair F. BUSWELL, John A. BUTLER, Harry G. BUTTERFIELD, William John Hughes, Baron C.399 C.4 C.170 C.1005 C.68 C.890, C.1002 C.170 C.393 C.5 C.383 C.170 C.5 B.64 C.890, F.32, F.33 BUYSE, Mary Louise CAFFREY, R.J. CAIRD, Francis |. BYRNE, Anne J. BYRNE, Kate C.396 C.393 C.1005 BUYS, Charles H.C.M. BUYTENBACH, Barbara CADDEN, Mary F. C.607, C.613, C.618, C.737 C.623 CALDWELL HOSPITAL, PARENTS AND FRIENDS C.409, C.419, C.739, C.1011, E.35 C.70 C.745 C.171 C.180 C.69 C.745 C.745 CAITHNESS, George S. CALDER, Andrew A. CALDER, C. CALDERWOOD, R. CALDWELL, Joe M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents CALLAN, Harold Garnet CALMAN, Kenneth Charles CALZADA, Mae de la CAMAKARIS, James CAMBIO, BIOTECHNOLOGY CO. C.180 C.406, C.414, C.619, C.745 C.1011 C.406 G.13 CAMBRIDGE PROJECT ENGINEERS LTD G7, GaAs CAMBRIDGE RESEARCH LABORATORIES LTD (CRL) CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY CAMERON, A. Hugh CAMERON, J.H. CAMPBELL, Anne, MP CAMPBELL, Colin Scott C.914 C.583 C.1075 C.172, C.406 C.624 C.895 C.180, C.181 A.29, C.745 C.180, C.405 CAMPBELL, Donald CAMPBELL, E.M. CAMPBELL, lan D. CAMPBELL, R.T. CAMPBELL, S. C.70 C.412 C.70 CAMPBELL, Ishbel J. C.173 C.624 C.927 CAMPBELL, Kennedy CANCER RESEARCH CAMPAIGN TECHNOLOGY LTD A.22, B.45 A.12-A.14, A.15, A.16, A.18, A.19, CAPPELL, Daniel Fowler C.180, C.405 C.619, F.10 CANNON, W. John CANT, J. Stanley CANTOR, Charles R. CANTU, Jose Maria CAPON, Ruth C.8 C.405 C.623 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents CARE, SCOTTISH ASSOCIATION FOR CARE & SUPPORT AFTER DIAGNOSIS OF FETAL ABNORMALITY _C..941 B.8, C.991 C.895, H.15-H.48 C.401 C.8, C.70, C.180, C.745 C.619, C.745 C.180 C.180, C.406 C.8 C.70, C.174, C.331, C.374, C.400, C.402, C.406, C.412, C.415, C.610, C.619, C.623 See also C.745 C.895, C:1007, B.39 See also B.22, B.23, B.25, B.26, B.31 C.410, C.623, C.745 CARL ZEISS LTD CARLSON, Alison S. CAROTHERS, Andrew D. CARR, David H. CARRITT, Benjamin CARRUTHERS, G. Barry CARSON, Nina A.J. CARTER, C.H. CARTER, Cedric O. CARTER, Nigel Paul CASSIMOS, Chr. CHAGANTI, Raju S.K. CHAKRAVARTY, Amit CHALMERS, I. Jennifer CATTANACH, Bruce M. CARTY, Matt J. CASEY, M.D. C.180 F.5-F.7 C.180 CASSIMAN, Jean-Jacques CELLMARK DIAGNOSTICS C.746 C.175, C.419, C.740, C.893, D.32- D.34 CHAMPIGNY, Marie-Louise CHAMBERLAIN, Jocelyn C.1014 C.620 C.1008 CHANDLEY, Ann Chester C.180, C.895 C.895 C.892 C.896, C.911 CHANDRA, H. Sharat Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 CHANDRASKHARA, M.K. CHAPA, Raul Garza CHAPELLE, Albert de la CHAPMAN & HALL LTD CHARD, Tim CHATFIELD, R. Keir CHATFIELD, W. Rob CHATTOPADHYAY, Subal Chandra CHAU, Alice S. CHILD, Anne H. CHILDS, Barton CHIRICO, S. C.746 C.405 C.176, C.421, C.746, C.753, H.4- H.48 See also C.278 C.543, C.727 C.407, C.623 C.182 C.400, C.407, C.416, C.623 C.405 C.746 C.620 C.182, C.400, C.412 C.746 CHITTY, Lyn CHOO, K.H. CHRISTIE, F.B. CHRISTISON, D. CHROMOSOMA CHISHOLM, I. CHITHAM, R.G. C.182 C.407 D.88 C.70 CHOLNOKY, Péter C.746 C.182 C.182 CHROMOSOME RESEARCH C.182 CHURCHILL LIVINGSTONE, PUBLISHERS CIBA FOUNDATION C.735, C.741, C.820 C.557, C.620, C.653 CITTADINI, Ettore D.36 D.123 C.1014 C.8 CHU, Ernest H.Y. CLABBY, J. CHU, Carol C.746 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 CLAIR, David Malcolm St CLARK, Alistair R. CLARK, Danny CLARK, Gordon A. CLARKE, Bryan Campbell CLARKE, Connie M. CLARKE, Sir Cyril Astley CLAUSSEN, Uwe CLAYTON, Barbara E. CLAYTON, Robert J. CLEMENTS, Geoffrey B. CLEMMENS, Raymond L. Index of correspondents D.32 C.182 C.400 C.419 C.182 C.419 C.182, C.400, C.405, C.407, D.32, D.33 C.1011 C.182, C.747 C.70 C.400 C.8 C.182 CLINT, Jane Margaret CLUBB, A. W. (‘Sandy’) CLYMO, Andrew B. COBB, S.R. CLYDESDALE, Jean K. C.403 C.623 C.182 C.413 C.182 CLEVELAND, William W. CLINICAL GENETICS SOCIETY See C.473, C.505, C.541, C.543, C.548, C.559, C.637, C.667, C.671, C.680, C.697, C.927, H.4 C.8, C.183 C.413, C.417, C.621, C.742, C.841 COHEN, Bernard Leonard C.413 C.70 C.183 COCHRAN, Alistair J. COCHRANE, Jeanette COCKBURN, Forrester CODDINGTON, Alan C.408, C.413 CM012; E22 COCHRANE, T. COHEN, Maimon M. Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 COLE, Martin COLE, Robert A. COLE, S. COLEMAN, Dulcie V. COLEMAN, Eric J. COLEMAN, J.C. COLES, Rhian COLLEGE OF NOTRE DAME OF MARYLAND, ALPHA XI CHAPTER COLLEGE OF SPEECH THERAPISTS, SCOTTISH AREA COLLINGE, John CHie C.750 C.419 C.419 C.181, C.400, C.405, C.408 C.748 C.1012 C.13 C.122 C.1012 COMMITTEE ON SEXUAL PROBLEMS OF THE DISABLED C.454, C.557 CONDRY, Raphael J. C.8 CONNORS, M, COOK, Thomas E. C.748, C.750 CONEN, P.E. C.8 COOKE, Alexander M. CONWAY, David COOK, Peter J.L. C.799 C.1022 CONNOR, James Michael CONSTANT, Charles FFRENCH- C.413, C.620, C.748, C.896, C.1012, D.9, D.10, D.13, D.14, D.15, 16D str, C.621 CORNWALL, Jane Margaret C.621 C.183 C.404 C.183 C.70 C.70 COOKE, Patricia COOKE, Robert E. CORMACK, Susan C.621, C.743 C.6 CORNELL, Herb COSTA, Terry Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 COTE, Gilbert B. COTTON, R.G.H. COULTHART, Michael COUTTS, Norman A. COVE, David J. COWEY, Keith COWIE, Valerie A. COX, Diane W. COX, Timothy M. CRAIG, Vernon CRAIGFLOWER SCHOOL, TORRYBURN, FIFE CRAIGIE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, AYR C.183, C.408, C.621 C.424, C.748 J.11 C.419, C.621 C.418 C.1009 C.183 A.33, A.34, C.183, C.896, C.1010, C.1041 B.67, C.1012 C.184 C.184 See C.848 CRAIK, Jack E. C.405 C.750 C.70, C.184, C.621 C.897, C.1013 CRAWLEY, Margaret CREASY, Mike R. CRAWFORD, Bridget CRAWFORD, J.W. CRAWFORD, Janine CREMER, Christopher C.178 C.184 C.419 CRAWFORD, Robert J. CRAWFURD, Martin d’A. C.860 CROSBY WOMEN’S ACTION GROUP CROOM HELM LTD PUBLISHERS CRISPELL, Kenneth R. C.400 C.749 C.897 C.1013 C.7 CREMER, Thomas CRETTAZ, Pierre C.897, C.1013 C.387 CROLLA, John A. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 CROSSLEY, Rex CROW, Timothy J. CRUICKSHANK, E.K. CUBILLO, Enrique Index of correspondents C.70 C.897 C.184, C.408 C.70 CUCKLE, Howard Stephen C.744, C.897, C.1013 CUERVO, Josep I. CUMMING, W.J. Ken CUNNINGHAM, K.J.M. CUNNINGHAM, N.E. CURRAN, Andrew P. CURRIE, Sir Alistair CURTIS, Adam H.29 C.184 C.749 C.405, C.413 C.178, C.405, C.408, C.419, C.749 C.413 C.405 CURTIS, Diana J. CURTIS, Earnest M. DABKE, Arun T. C.184, C.413, C.623 C.8 C.749, C.897 CYTOGENETICS CZEIZEL, Andrew C.312 C.411 DAHL, Henrik DAHL, Niklas DALAL, K.C. CZERSKI, Przemyslaw C.689, C.733, C.797, C.804 CYSTIC FIBROSIS RESEARCH TRUST C.630 DALLAPICCOLA, Bruno C.190 C.902 C.902 DALGLEISH, Raymond C.190 C.190 C.1016 DALLA, Anna DALLAIRE, Louis C.190, C.627, C.1016 DAMODARAN, T.V. C.627 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 DANCIS, Joseph DANIEL, Art DANKS, David M. DANZIG, Jon DARLOW, John M. DAVID, Pascale DAVIDSON, Frank B. DAVIDSON, Ronald G. DAVIDSON, Rosemarie DAVIDSON, William M. DAVIES, loan Index of correspondents C.190 C.752, C.902 C.190, C.420, C.423, C.424, C.426, C.627, C.752 See also C.809 C.625 C.752 C.1016 C.427 C.71 C.627, C.752 C.72, C.190 Cwo2 DAVIES, Kay Elizabeth DAVIES, M. C.752, C.1016 DAVIS, Ronald DAWSON, Angie DAY, C.T. DAVIS, Joseph R. DAVISON, B.C. Clare C.75 C.426 DAVIES, Pamela A. C.190 C.900 C.370 C.191, C.627, C.630 DAVIES, Ruth WYNNE- C.753 DECREY, Damien Laurent DEALLER, Stephen DEARING, Andrew C.1016 C.190 J.10 C.753 D.25 C.1098 DEAN, John C.S. DEAN, Michael DEAN, Wendy L. F987, 90491 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 DEGENHARDT, K.-H. DELANGE, Francois DELHANTY, Joy D.A. DELOUKAS, Panagiotis DELTA ’49 CLUB DEMING, Quentin B. DeMYER, William DENNIS, Nick R. DENNISON, Wallace M. DESSELBERGER, Ulrich DEWHURST, Christopher Jack DEXTER, T.M. DHADIAL, Rajinder K. Index of correspondents C.424 C.751 C.753, C.902 C.1016 C.256 C.9 C.75 C.627 C.73, C.185, C.191 C.1016 C.74, C.186, C.423 D.32 C.627 DICK, Heather May DICKIE, R.E. DIEDRICH, K. DIGESTION DIGGERS, Julie DINCER, Pervin C.75 DHARMARAVJAN, M. C.192 C.753 D.123 C.192 DIJKSTRA, Mentje G. DIGITAL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS LTD C.192, C.422, C.423, C.424, C.426, C.626, C.753 C.9 DIPOERRI, José Edgardo DISEASE-A-MONTH DINGEON, Bernard roe C.903 H.24 C.75 C.422 DiIPARMA, Joseph R. C.1025, G.19-G.21 DIVANE, Aspasia Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 DODD, Keith L. DODD, Mrs T.R. DOHERTY, Zoe DOIG, Henry P. DOIG, J.A. DOIG, W.B. DOLAN, Clare DOLL, Sir (William) Richard (Shaboe) DOMINICZAK, Anna DONALD, lan DONALD, Jennifer DONNAI, Dian C.422 C.9 C.1017 C.628, C.629, C.192 C.754 C.192 C.192 C.754 C.75, C.187, C.191, C.424, C.426, C.495 C628 C.630" G:754 DONNELLY, H.H. C.192 C.423 C.192 C.630 C.903 C.191 C.424 DORIA, Laura DOOR, Karin DORAN, T.A. DOUGLAS, E.P. DORE, Jonathan DOUGLAS, Stephen DOUGLAS, A. Stuart DOUGLAS, Charles P. C.9 DOUST, John W. Lovett DOWELL, Ronald C. C.422 C.630 C.192 C.192, C.630, C.754 DOWLING, Harry F. C.9 C.423 C.9 DOYLE, David DOVEE- Eric DRAPER, David M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 DRETS, Maximo Eduardo DREVER, Jan C. DRONAMRAMJU, Krishna R. DRYSDALE, Ruth M. DUCKETT, David P. DUDEON, J. DUFF, Gordon DUKE, Eileen M.C. DUMARS, Kenneth W. DUNLAP, Dickson B. DUNSTAN, Gordon R. DURGA, K. DURRANT PIESSE, SOLICITORS Index of correspondents C.188 C.193 C.75, C.628, C.1017 C.628 C.903 C.630 C.1015 C.425, C.628 C.193 C.193 C.903 C.754 C.629 DURWARD, W.F. DURY, Annette DUSTIN, P. C.1017 C.426 C.189 C.839 C.422 C.754 C.193 DWYER, Christina A. DUTRILLAUX, Bernard DZIEKANOWSKA, Danuta EARLY HUMAN DEVELOPMENT EAST ANGLIAN REGIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY C.201 C.1019 C.759 C.100 C.905 EASTEAL, Simon ECCLES, Harry EAST KODAK CO. EDE, D.A. EDGAR, Walter D. EDLOW, Jules B. A.28, B.69 C.431, C.438 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents EDRICH, Joan EDWARD ARNOLD (PUBLISHERS) LTD EDWARDS, Anthony William Fairbank EDWARDS, H.E. EDWARDS, John Hilton EDWARDS, Paul A.W. EDWARDS, R.G. EDWARDS, Yvonne EELES;R. EFSTATHIOU, Stacey EHRARDT, Anke A. C.634 C.538 C.905 C.434 C.10, C.77, C.183, C194-C.196, C.428, C.435, C.631, C.635, C.647, C.793, C.904, C.1018 See also E.24 B.32, C.1019 C.634, C.757 C.634 C.905 C.1019 H.16-H.48 EHRICH, Jochen H.H. C.1019 EICHER, Eva M. ELDER, J.W.H. EJARQUE, Ismael EJIWUNMI, A.B. C.1019 C.759 C.759 C.201 C.632 C.905 ELLERTON, Nick C.201 C.905 EHSAN-UL-HAQ, Dr ELDER, Hugh Y. ELDERKIN, F. Michael C.905, H.37-H.48 A.21, C.439, C.633, C.635 ELSAS, Louis J. (‘Skip’) C.438 C.434 C.201 ELLIS, Patricia M. ELLIOT, Orville ELLIOTT, David ELLIOTT, Donald ELLIS, Hugh C.77, C.197 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents EMERY, Alan Eglin Heathcote C.76, C.199, C.200, C.428, C.433, C.436, C.439, C.440, C.634, C.759, C.806 EMERY, John L. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE ENOCH, B.A. EPSTEIN, Charles J. ERICKSON, Robert P. ERIKSSON, Aldur W. ESAN, G.J.F. ESSERY, J. EUGENICS SOCIETY EULER, Curt von EUROPEAN ACADEMIES SCIENCE ADVISORY COUNCIL ZOONOSES WORKING GROUP C.202 C.1013 C.438 C.434 C.1019 C.202 C.438 C.434 C.583, C.717 C.865 F.1-F.4 See F.10-F.71 See C.757 Ci754 EUROPEAN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY ORGANISATION See C.525, C.948, C.1031 EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF HUMAN GENETICS C.391, C.519, C.958, F.5-F.7 See also C.922, C.1003 EUROPEAN COMMISSION DIRECTORATE XIl. SCIENCE, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT EUROPEAN THYROID ASSOCIATION NEONATAL THYROID SCREENING COMMITTEE EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF HUMAN REPRODUCTION AND EMBRYOLOGY C.202 EVANS, H. John EVANS, Victoria B.9 C159 C.202 C.430 EXCERPTA MEDICA EWER, T.K. Ci202+C.317, G:362 See also C.529 EVANS, David Alan PRICE EVANS, Edward P. EVENING TIMES, GLASGOW. C.367, C.398, C.734 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 EWING, Harry FABER, William C. Index of correspondents See C.437 C.13 FAED, Michael James Willoughby C.441, C.447, C.637, C.639, C.769 FAHMY, A.N. FAIRBAIRN, Marjory FAIRLIE, Fiona FAIRWEATHER, Denys V. I. FAIRWEATHER, William J. FALEK, Arthur FALLA, Guillermo Cabrera FALLON, Ron J. C.208 C.447 C.769 C.448 C.81, C.445 C.208 C.769 C.445 FAMILY PLANNING ASSOCIATION C.352, C.554 C.769, C.1020 C.446, C.637 FARRAR, Stephen FARIA, A. Lima de FARR, Christine J. FARRANT, Wendy FAN Yao-Shan FARHUD, D.D. Cili2 C.639 C.1022 C.1022 C.1022 C.264 FARQUHAR, lan H. FARNDON, Peter A. FARQUHAR, Jim W. J.10 FEIJOO, Maria de Jesus FAULK, W. Page FAULKNER, David FELIX, Clive FELLOUS, Marc FENG Li M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents FENNELL, S. Jane FENSOM, A.H. FERGUSON-SMITH, Anne FERGUSON-SMITH, John FERGUSON-SMITH (née GZOWSKA), Marie Eve C.769 C.769 C.1096, C.1098, C.1099 A.13 A.14, C.239, C.480, C.637, C.769, C.771, C.860, C.922 FERGUSON, Mark W.J. FERRIER, J. FERRIER, Pierre E. FERRIS, Elizabeth A. FIDZIANSKA, Elzbieta FIELDER, A.R. C.1021 C.445 C.78 See also C.250 C.908, H.3-H.48 C.63, C.770 C.639 C.470 C.760 C.679 C.13 C.908 C.637, C.770 FISHER, Andrew FIFE HEALTH BOARD FIGURA, K. von FINELLI, Palma FIRKET, C. FISHER, Rosemary A. FINBERG, Laurence FIGARELLA, Catherine FINCHAM, John Robert Stanley B.66, C.447, C.449, C.770, C.908 C.770 FITZSIMMONS, John S. FITZGERALD, Peter H. FITZPATRICK, Frances C.908 C.639 C.1022 C.770 C.447 FITCHETT, Maggie C.637, C.639 C.639 FLATMAN, G.E. FLATZ, G. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 FLEJTER, Wendy L. FLEMING, Charles M. FLEMING, Elizabeth FLETCHER, John C. FLETCHER, Peter FEEWEDD elcid: FLOETHER, Ulrich FLORENTIN, Lina FODDE, Riccardo FONATSCH, Christa FOORD, Roy D. FORBES, Charles D. FORD, Charles Edmund FORSMAN, Irene FOUST;, Gol. Index of correspondents C.909 A.22, B.49, B.54, C.81 C.639 C.761 C.762 C.204 C.448 C.906 C.909 C.763 C.442 C.444, C.637, C.770, C.799 C.11, C.12, C.58, C.81, C.205, C.443, C.445, C.447, C.448, C.449, C.637, C.640, C.770 C.209 FORD, Edward H.R. FORD, Frank R. FORD, Judith FORD, Lee C.81, C.209 C.447, C.909 FORRESTER, John M. C.209 C.764 C.770 FORREST, Sir (Andrew) Patrick (McEwen) C.13 C.209, C.445, C.447, C.449, C.450 C.444 See also C.209 FORSYTH, Constance C. C.772 C.1022 C.13 C.209 FORWELL, George D. FORSYTH, Isabel FORTE, Frank S. FORTUNE, A.W. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents FOULDS, Wallace S. FOUNDATION FOR THE STUDY OF INFANT DEATHS FOWLER, Darren FOWLER, Kerry FOX, J. Lawrence FRACCARO, Marco FRACKIEWICZ, Anna FRAME, William FRANCKE, Ute FRANK BURNET, BELL & PARTNERS, ARCHITECTS FRANKE, Frederick R. FRANKLIN, John FRASER, Elizabeth C.206, C.766 C.900 C.1022 C.424 C.909 C.210 C.79, C.210 C.210 C.210, C.445, C.447 C.279 C.81 D.109-D.111, F.80 A8 FRASER, F. Clarke FRASER, Sir James FRASER, Jean H. FRASER, Tom N. C.210 C.640 C.13 A.14 FREEMAN, John M. FREEMAN, Richard F. FRASER, George R. FREEMAN, Constance M. FREEMAN, Mahlion V.R. (‘Van’) C.210, C.448, C.640, C.907, C.1022 C.13 FRIEDRICH’S ATAXIA GROUP, SCOTLAND C.210 C.762 C.444 C.210 C.768 C.447 C.771 C.640 FRIEDRICH, Ursula FR@LAND, Anders FRY, Michael FRESHNEY, R. lain FREYE, H.-A. C.80, C.207 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 FRYER, Alan FUHRMANN, W. FULLER, John L. FUNDELE, Reinald FUNG, Albert Ka-Lok FURLONG, Robert A. FURST, Victor GABRA, G.S. GADI, I.K. GAGE, John GAL, Andreas Index of correspondents C.909 Cid C.13 C.909 C.803 C.913, D.24 C.13 C.643 C.218 C.452 Celi. GALBRAITH, Esther C.459, C.641, C.773 GALE, Andrew GALJAARD, Hans C.498 C.643 C.84 GANDINI, Enrico GANNON, Frank GALT, Jim GAMSU, H.R. C.1031 C.777 See B.37 GALLARDO, Milton GALLOWAY, Colin A.S. C.218, C.450, C.452, C.457, C.643, C.777, C.801, C.913 C.1031 GARDNER, R.J.M. (’Mac’) GARLAND PUBLISHING GARDNER, Lytt I. C.218 C.454 C.218 ONAN: C.1031 C.1023 GANSS, Bernhard GARCIA, Isabelle GARDINER, R. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 GARREY, Matthew M. GARRIE, Sander GARTLER, Stanley M. GARZICIC, Branimir GAUTHIER-SMITH, P.C. GAVIN, Eleanor June GEALS, Dr GEDDA, Luigi GEDEON, Margaret GEDNEY, Richard C. GEGGAN, Sheila D. GEHRICH, Sheila GELLIN, Joel Index of correspondents C.218 C.452 C.84, C.777 C.218 See SMITH, P.C. GAUTHIER- C.517 C.643 C.452 CL C.218 C.454 C.1031 C.910 GEMUND, Justus J. Van C.219 C.15 H.13-H.48 GENDEL, B.R. GENEL, Myron GENESCREEN GEORGE, W.D. C.128 C.1054 C.1015 GERAEDTS, Joep P.M. GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY GENES, CHROMOSOMES AND CANCER C.679 C.82, C.211, C.452, C.454, C.456 GERAGHTY, Michael Thomas CHIT, C.777 C.219 C.777 GHANEM, Mohamed Amr Samir GERMUTH, Frederick G., Jr GERALD, Park S. GERMAN, James L., Ill GHANEM, Ibrahim A. GEORGIOU, Demetra C.15, C.219, C.452 C.15 C.643 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 GHOSH, Arabinda GHOSH, Soumendra Nath GIACANELLI, Manlio GIANNELLI, Francisco GIBB, Elizabeth GIBBON, James GIBBS, Dorothy GIBBS, Josie LEWIS- GIBCO EUROPE LTD GIBSON, Angus A.M. GIBSON, Ivan H. GIFFORD, Anne Index of correspondents C.647 C.778 C.774 C.219 C.647 C.645, C.647, C.829 C.219 C.1049 C.722 C.84, C.219, C.450, C.452, C.456, C.643, C.646, C.778 C.778 C.1031 GILBERTSON, Moyna P. GLAS, Rob GLASGOW HERALD GILES, M.D. GILLILAND, lan C. GILLIS, C.R. GILMOUR, Douglas GIRDWOOD, Tony C.219 C.220 C.84 C.219 C.219 C.841 GLASGOW OBSTETRICAL AND GYNAECOLOGICAL SOCIETY C.213, C.291 GLASGOW UNIVERSITY SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE UNBORN CHILD GLASGOW SPORTS PROMOTION COUNCIL SPORT AND MEDICINE SUBCOMMITTEE C.447, C.636, C.640, C.647, C.767, C.778 GLASGOW WOMEN’S SOUTHERN MEDICAL SOCIETY See UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW GLASGOW UNIVERSITY C.1092 C.815 C.261,E.14 C.495 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 GLASS, H. Bentley GLASS, Norman J. GLASSEY, D.W. GLEN, A.C.A. GLENISTER, T.W. GLICK, Bruce GLOVER, Carol GLOVER, J.J. GLUZBAND, Zeke GLYNN, Nicole GODDARD, John GODFREY, Malcolm GOEL, K.M. Index of correspondents C.15 C.221 C.15 C.451 C.15 C.84 C.453 C.221 C.1032 C.778 C.779 C.456 C.758, C.779 C.221 C.913, F.80-F.82 GOLDSMITH, K.L.G. GOLDSTEIN, Henri GOETTLER, Klaus GOFMAN, John W. GOGATE, Sharad GOLDBERG, Abe C.779 C.221 C.911 C.221, C.459, C.643, C.647 GOMEZ, Patricia |. MEDINA- GOODFELLOW, Peter Neville C.453 C.647, C.781, C.913, C.1032, D.69 C.1032 C.221 C.214 C.74, C.84 C215 C.522, C.524 C.221 GORDON, Hymie GORDON, Janet M. GOODHART, Charles B. GOODMAN, Richard M. GOMPERTZ, David GOODGAME, Fiona GORDAN, Ronald R. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 GORLIN, Robert J. GORRELL, G.J. GOSDEN, Christine GOSWAMI, Hit Kishore GOUDE, Robert B. GOUDIE, David R. GOW, M.A. GOWEN, John W. GRACE, Colin D. GRACE, H. Jim GRAHAM, I. Index of correspondents C.123 C.221 C.645 C.912, C.1024 C.84, C.221, C.455, C.643, C.779, C.913 C:913° D:24e.D 25 See also B.40 C.221 C.15 C.1025 C.216, C.456, C.644, C.648 C.780 GRAHAM, James GRAHAM, Philip C.222 C.780 C.459 C.398 C.454 C.456, C.644 GRANT, Jim K. GRANT, John M. GRAHAM, Robert GRANT, Kenneth A. C.645, C.780, C.781 GRAVES, Jennifer A. Marshall GRAPHODATSKY, Alexander S. GRAMPIAN HEALTH BOARD C.222, C.453, C.780, C.914 C.1032, C.1088-C.1100 GREALLY, Marie T. E.29 C.453 C.453 C.780 GRAY, Joe W. GRAY, John E. GRAY, O.P. GREALLY, J.F. C.1026-C.1028 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND DEPARTMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT, FOOD AND RURAL AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH J.10 C.581 B.43 ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON GENETIC TESTING C.967 STANDING GROUP ON HEALTH TECHNOLOGY DIAGNOSTICS AND IMAGING ADVISORY PANEL C.886, C.890, C.925 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY C.450, C.672, C.687, C.732, C.874 AMNIOCENTESIS WORKING GROUP HOME OFFICE C.620 C.842 HOUSE OF COMMONS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COMMMITTEE B.44, C.894 MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND FOOD C.986, C.1022 SCOTTISH HOME AND HEALTH DEPARTMENT C.450, C.534, C.612, C.655, C.683, C.791, C.840 C.655 C.450 C.263 CHIEF SCIENTIST OFFICE C.764, C.872 GREATER GLASGOW HEALTH BOARD MATERNITY AND CHILD HEALTH GROUP ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON MEDICAL RESEARCH A.18, B.45, B.46, C.209 SCIENTIFIC, ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL SERVICES BRANCH MATERNAL ALPHA-FETO-PROTEIN SCREENING PROGRAMME MONITORING SUB-GROUP C.644, C.648, C.780 C.201, C.445, C.449, C.459, C.461, C.464, C.568, C.613, C.619, C.703, C.737, C.752, C.765, C.791, C.847 EEC STUDY OF CONGENITAL MALFORMATIONS WORKING PARTY ON REGIONAL SPECIALTIES C.379 C.447 C.868 C.544 C.914 GREAVES, Mel F. GREEN, Brian HEALTH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT WESTERN DISTRICT M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents GREEN, Brian, Mercury Conferences Ltd GREEN, Howard GREENBERG, Andrew Seth GREENE, Arthur E. GREENFIELD, Penny GREENOCK ROYAL INFIRMARY GREGORY Jane GREIG, William R. GRIBOFF, Solomon I. GRIFFIN, Darren K. GRIFFITHS, R. GRIFFITHS, S.J. C.775 C.914 C.222 C.450, C.454, C.545 C.453 C.445 C.1029 C.217 C15 C.934, C.1030 C.453 C.454 C.222, C.453 C.15, C.26 GRIST, N.R. GRONOW, Michael GROVER, Shohba GRUJICIC, Darko GROFF, James W. GROFFEN, John C.780 C.914 J.14 GROUCHY, Jean de GROSCHUP, Martin H. GRUMBACH, Melvin M. C.75, C.84, C.192, C.222, C.422, C.459 C.459 C.222 C.1032 GRUTZNER, Frank GULLAND, Dr GUNN, lan R. C.222 C.643 C.644 C.14, C.84, C.222 C.1096-C.1100 GUILD, E.G. GUIOLI, Silvana GUERETTE, Roberta C.914, C.1032 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 GURLING, Hugh M.D. GUTHRIE, Duncan Index of correspondents GUY’S AND ST THOMAS’ CHARITABLE FOUNDATION GYNAECOLOGICAL TRAVELLERS HAAF, Thomas HABICH, Hans HACKETT, Gerry A. HADDOW, Alexander John HADDOW, James E. HAEMOCHROMATOSIS SOCIETY HAGARD, S. C.776 B.61, C.642, C.648 C.1063 C.218 C.909, C.915, C.1035 CAS C.922 B.49; G.226,,€.224 C464 See C.466 C.1035 C.922 C.655 HAITES, N.E. C.789 C.239 C.93 C.19 HALSEY, Margaret HALL, Bertil HALL, Judith G. HALL, Reg HALNAN, Keith HAMILTON, David HAMERTON, John L. C.470 C.239 C.239 C.464, C.789, C.1035 ~-HALBRECHT, I.G. C.58 C.461, C.580, C.651, C.654, C.782, C.876 A.38, G16; ©:58);6°85; C225. C.468, C.789 HAMILTON, Frances M.W. C.655 C.239 C.1035 HAMILTON, Frank T. HAMILTON, F. HAMILTON, Fiona HAMILTON, W.J. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 HAMILTON, William HANDMAKER, Stanley David HANN, lan M. HANNAY, Thomas, Bishop HANSMANN, Manfred HARDEN, Kennth A. HARDING, Nigel G.L. HARDY, R.A. HARNDEN, David Gilbert HARPER, Joyce Catherine HARPER, Sir Peter S. Index of correspondents C.239, C.470, C.651 C:5. C86. €.10746;226 See also B.35 C.783 C.93 C.655 C.656 C.465 C.790 C.19, C.227, C.400, C.461, C.466 C.1033 A.9, C.228, C.333, C.464, C.466, C.468, C.649, C.790 HARRAP, Stephen C.810 C.93, C.239, C.470 HARRIES, Mark D:26; D:27 HARRIS, Peter C. HARRIS, Rodney HARRIS, Ann HARRIS, G.W. HARRIS, Harry C.790 C.790 C.261 HARRINGTON, Michael G. C19 C.229, C.464, C.466, C.470, C.651, C.656, C.723, C.784, C.922, H.4 HARRISON, Pat HESLOP- HARRISON, Christine Joyce HARTSHORNE, Andre C.1036 C.19 C.922 C.87 HARVEY, A. McGehee C.922 C.790 C.917, C.1034, D.59 HARRIS, W.J. HART, P.E. HARTVEIT, Flora M. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents HARVEY, Catherine J. HARVEY, H. HARVEY, Michael James Alexander HASHEM, Nemat HASLAM, John HASLAM, Robert H.A. HASTIE, Nick HATAMI-MONAZAH, Houshang HAUNSER, Hansjérg HAWTHORNE, Victor M. HAY, Eduoardo HEALD, Felix P. HEAP, Sir R. Brian C.239 C.470 C.230 C.790 C.651 C.464 D.32 C.469 C.922 C.239 H.3, H.28, H.29 C.19 C.1036 HELLER, Douglas C.464 C.791 C.89, C.240 See C.619 HEASMAN, M.A. HEATON, Denise E. HECHT, Frederick HEINRICHS, E.H. C.93 C.831 C.655 HELLER, Richard H. HELLMUTH, Colin A. C.19, C.88, C.231, C.466 HELLENIC PEDIATRIC SOCIETY C.923 HENDERSON, Ann Shirley HEMSWORTH, Barry N. HENDERSON, Margaret HENNIGAN, Margaret C.240 C.918 C.93 C.93 C.461 C.791 HEMEDA, Shabaan A HEMMING, Fred HENZE, Anneliese M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents HEREDITY HERGUERA, E. Cubillo HERREROS, Antonio Garcia de HERRINGTON, R.N. HERSCHBERG, Seymour HERSKOWITZ, Irwin H. HESLOP-HARRISON, Pat HETHERINGTON, Duncan C. HEUSGHEM, C. HEUVEL, John van der HEWITT, Godfrey M. HICKSON, Tom G.L. C.666 C.93 H.28-H.30 C.791 C.93 C.19 See HARRISON, Pat HESLOP- C.19 C.652 C.90 C.240, C.652 C.461 HIGGINS, Elizabeth C.923 C.20 C.791 C.791 C.93 C.93, C.232 C.20, C.466 HIGGS, D.R. HIGNETT, Peter G. HIU, Samuel N.K. HOCKEY, Athel HIGGINSON, John HIRSCH, Steven R. HINDE, Robert Aubrey HIRSCHHORN, Kurt HISTOCHEMICAL JOURNAL C.93 HOLLINGSWORTH, T.H. C.703 C.466 C.466 HOECHST UK LTD HODGE, Harold C. C.20 C.703 D.10 C.460 HOLLIDAY, Robin HOFF, Charles M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 HOLM, Preban B. HOLZNER, J. Heinrich HONGELL, Karin HOO, Joe J. HOOD, Valerie D. HOOK, Ernest B. HOOVERS, J.M.N. HOPKINS, Antonia HOPKINS, D. Luke HOPKINSON, D.A. HOPWOOD, Sir (David) Alan HOQUE, Mojaherul HORN, Nina Index of correspondents C.468 C.240 C.462 H.4, H.5 See C.724 C.464, C.466 C.923 C.652 C.240 C.792 C.233 C.652 C.464 HORST, Antoni HOWETT, Lewis HSU, Lillian Y.F. D.32 CAl7. C.923, C.1036 HOTTA, Yasuo HOUSTON, RA C.792 C.792 C.468 C.596 HOWARD, Jonathan HSIA, David Yi-Yung HORTON, William A. HP PUBLISHING CO. INC. C.1036 HUGHES, David C. C.793 C.241 C.468 C.241 HSU, T.C. HU, Dr C.20, C.240 C.924 C.18, C.58, C.240 HUBBLE, Douglas HUETHER, Carl A. HUGHES, D.E. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents HUGHES, David TOWNLEY- C.976, C.1075 HUGHES, Helena E. HUGHES, leuan A. HUGHES, V.C. HUGO HUI, Samuel Ngok Kong HULTEN, Maj Anita C.234 C.924 C.793 See HUMAN GENOME ORGANISATION C.354 C.235, C.236, C.461, C.464, C.466, C.467, C.650, C.785-C.788, D.33 HUMAN CRYOGENICS GROUP, NORTHERN REGION C.393 HUMAN GENETICS C.828, C.864, C.874, C.965, C.1035 HUMAN GENETICS SOCIETY OF AUSTRALASIA C.985 HUMAN GENOME ORGANISATION (HUGO) F.8-F.76 See also C.910 HUMPHRIES, Steve HUNNISECK, Laura HUNTER, Janet L.P. HURLEY, Rosalinde HUNT, Lynn V. HUNTER, J.K. C.1035 C.924 C.241 C.827 C.793 C.20 HUNGERFORD, David A. HUMAN REPRODUCTION C.241 B.49, C.92, C.238, C.316, C.463, C.468 HUTCHISON, James Holmes HUTCHESON, Robert T. C.241 C.793 C.241 C.924 HUTCHISON, William C. HUTCHINGS, Harry E. HUSAIN, S.L. HUSON, Susan M. C.241 C.237 Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 HUTSON, John HUTT, Frederick Bruce HYDE, Betty IBER, Frank ILLINGWORTH, Sir Charles Frederick William IMPERIAL CANCER RESEARCH FUND IMRIE, Robert C. INGLIS, David S.B. INSLEY, Jack INSTITUT NATIONAL DE LA SANTE ET DE LA RECHERCHE MEDICALE, FRANCE C.793 C.93 C.93 C.22 C22. See also C.94 B.21, B.27-B.29 C.471 C.243 C.94, C.242, C.471, C.657, C.715, C.794 COMITE DE L’ACTION THEMATIQUE: FACTEURS GENETIQUE DANS LE DEVELOPPEMENT NORMAL ET PATHOLOGIQUE INTERNATIONAL ATHLETIC FOUNDATION INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGY C.452, C.474, C.644 GLASGOW BRANCH C.372-C.643 C.978 D.6 C.672 INTERNATIONAL AMATEUR ATHLETIC FEDERATION See H.1-H.50 INSTITUTE FOR LABORATORY ANIMAL RESEARCH JOURNAL INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY (later INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES) C.332 INTERNATIONAL CONGRESSES FOR HUMAN GENETICS PERMANENT COMMITTEE INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION FOR HYDROCEPHALUS AND SPINA BIFIDA INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SOCIETY OF OSTETRICIANS AND GYNECOLOGISTS H.11-H.13 C.681 C.261, C.487 C.778 INTERNATIONAL GENETICS FEDERATION M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE Fi4Helor See also D.27 INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR ANALYTICAL CYTOLOGY See C.890, C.931 INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS F.77-F.86 IRL PRESS LTD C.748, C.805 IRVINE INCORPORATED TRADES ISAACS, Anthony D. ISLAM, Khalid ISRAELSOHN, Wilma J. ISSA, M. ITATANI, Carol Ann IVES, Elizabeth J. IZATT, Louise C.623 C.243 C.471 C.21 C.94 C.1081 C.94, C.243 C.925 JACKSON, Laird G. JACOB, Allan JADIR, T.N. AL- JACK, Andrew S. JACKSON, Camille JACKSON, lan J. JACOBS, Patricia Ann C.247, C.658 C.247 JACKSON, lan T. JACKSON, Ivette C.927, C.1037 C.474, C.797 C.663 C.247 C.927 C.474 C.23, C.247, C.927, D.32, H.42 See also C.735 JACOBSEN, Jens Christian JACOBSON, Cecil B. JAGIELLO, Georgiana C.661 C.247 C.603 JALBERT, Pierre JAMES, Brennig C.247, C.661 C.472 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 JAMES, D. Geraint JAMES, David S. JAMES, J. Roger JAMES, Zoé H. JANICK, Jules JANZ, Siegfried JARRETT, Ellen JASANI, M.K. JASLOW, Robert I. JAY, Marcelle JAYAKARAN, Flossie JEFFCOTT, Leo B. JEFFREYS, Sir Alec John Index of correspondents C.98 C.661 C.247 C.247 C.98 C.927, C.1040 C.247 C.248 C.25 C.798 C.1040 C.1040 D.32 JENG, Quitz C.663, C.795 JENSEN, Lis JENNETT, W. Bryan C.249, C.474, C.797 JENKINS, G.C. JENKINS, Idella M. JENKINS, Trefor JENKYN, Joy C.25 C.474 C.141 C.98 C.474, C.661, C.797 C.1040 C.249 JENSEN, H. ARNTH- JENKINS, Edmund C. C.249 JENSEN, Steen SMIDT- C.855 C.474 C.928 JOHANSEN, Patricia C.1040 C.798 JOERG, Hannes JOHANNISSON, R. JEQUIER, Anne M. JIN Feng M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD, PUBLISHERS C.659, C.694, C.715, C.717, C.721, C.796, C.854, C.1003, C.1011, D.77-D.115, F.77-F.83 JOHN WRIGHT & SONS LTD MEDICAL PUBLISHERS C.387, C.391, C.432 JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY JOHNSON, Margaret A. JOHNSON, Martin H. JOHNSON, R.T. JOHNSTON, Alan W. C.33, C.53 C.672, C.676 See also A.11 C.798 C.926 C.928 C.2, C.5, C.24, C.44, C.57, C.58, C.65, C.95, C.473, C.660, C.662, C.798 JOHNSTON, J.M. B.45, B.46 JOHNSTONE, J. Maxwell C.96, C.245, C.248 JONES, Esmor JONASSON, J. JONES, Carol A. JONES, David A. C.798 C.928 C.806 C.798 JONES, Howard W., Jr JONES, J.M. BOULTON JONES, Georgeanna E. SEEGAR C.25, C.95, C.97, C.474, C.661, C.798, C.928 C.201 JONES, Robin P. KNILL- JONES, T.F. ELIAS- C.735 C.798 C.661 C.474 B.30, G.18 C.474 JONES, J.S. JONES, Keith JONES, Ken JONES, Peter JONES, R. Neil C.98 C.475, C.805 Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 JONGE, G.A. de JORGENSON, Ronald J. JOSEPH, Ann JOST, Alfred JOURNAL OF EMBRYOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL MORPHOLOGY JOURNAL OF INFECTION JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS JOURNAL OF MENTAL DEFICIENCY RESEARCH C.423 C.663 C.661 See C.866 C.303 D.120 C.652, D.121 C.697 See also C.816 JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY, NEUROSURGERY AND PSYCHIATRY C.583 JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE: LYING IN C.365 JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION C.43, C.51, C.372 KABACK, Michael M. KACSER, H. KAIJSER, Kurt JUN Ma JUNIEN, Claudine JUST, Walter C.928 C.661 C.1039 KADURI, Ammon Joseph C.933, C.1045, D.82, D.88, D.92, D.109 See also C.803 C.484 KALOUSTIAN, Vazken M. Der KALAITSIDAKI, Marianna C.475 C.481 C.250 KALOUSEK, Dagmar K. C.1045 C.933 KALAYDJIEVA, Luba KALLMANN, Franz J. KALUZEWSKI, Bogdan C.100, E.12 C.929 C.475 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 KAMNASARAN, Deepak KAPLAN, Arnold R. KASHTON, Cheryl TAYLOR- KASS, Donald Martin KATEB, Beshir EL- KATZ, Michael KAUFMANN, Ber N. KAY, Sir Andrew Watt KAYE, Celia I. KEANE, Conor T. KEARNS, Bill KEATING, Anna KEATS, Bronya Index of correspondents C.1041-C.1043 C.26 C.1075 C.26 C.201 C.933 C.99 C.478 C.665 C.804 C.934 C.665 C.481, C.804 C.934 KEIR, H.M. KEITH, Louis G. KELLIE, G.A. KEDZIORA, Jézef KEIR, Margaret M. KEMPSELL, Isobel C.250 C.478 KELLEY, Vincent C. C.804 C.250 C.250 C.482, C.665, C.804 KELLY, Thaddeus E. KEER, Sarah KEER- C.800 KENNEDY, Arthur C. KENNAWAY, Nancy KENNEDY, Robert C.250 C.480 C.250 C.799 C.665 C.804 C.26 KENT, Paul W. KERN, Richard A. KERR, Alison M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 KERR, lan C. KERR, Margaret M. KEVLES, Daniel J. KEYNES, Stephen KEZER, James KHAN, Javed KHAN, M.H. KHAN, P. Meera KHAN, Yasmin KHAZAB, Mahmood KHILFEH, M.H. KIDD, Kenneth K. Index of correspondents C.804 C.479 C.804 C.1045 C.250 C.930 C.252 C.252, C.481 C.1045 C.1045 C.252 C.805 KING, Vanessa KIPLING, David KIRBY, Erina KIERNAN, Diana H. KINLEN, L.J. KING, Jack M. C.484 C.180 C.805 C.252 C.1044 C.931 C.935 KINGSBURY, David T. KIRKPATRICK, Charles H. KILMARNOCK STANDARD C.26, C.100 KLINEFELTER, Harry Fitch KLEBANOW, David C.805 C.252 KJESSLER, Bernat C.100 C.801 C.1045 C.26 KIRKPATRICK, R. KLEINHOUT, J. KLETT, Jennifer C.1046 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents KLINEFELTER ORGANISATION C.1052 KLINEFELTER’S SYNDROME ASSOCIATION (later CLUB) C.902, C.916, C.922, C.924 KLINGER, Harold P. KLOZA, Edward M. KNAPP, Leslie KNILL-JONES, R.P. KNOBLOCH, Hilda KO, Paul KOCH, Katherine KOHLER, H.G. KOLLER, Pius Charles KOMENDER, Janusz KONG, Tim H. C.100, C.479 C.665 C.935 See JONES, R.P. KNILL- C.100 C.484 C.1046 C.665 C.252 C.1046 C.1046 KOSZTOLANYI, George KRETOWICZ, Janusz C.479, C.481 C.935 A.28 C.932, C.1046 C.664, C.802, C.866 KONTOGIANNI, Elena KORSTANJE, Ronny KOSKULL, Harriet von KOULISCHER, L. KOVACS, A. C.805 C.1046 KRETCHMER, Norman KORNBERG, Sir Hans Leo KOSMAIDOU, Zoe ARAVIDOU G.7, G.10 KUNMING INSTITUE OF ZOOLOGY, CHINA KROMBERG, Jennifer G.R. C.484 C.483 C.252 KUGELMASS, |. Newton C.478 C.935 C.26 C.805 KRUMINS, Edgar KUCEROVA, Maria Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 KUO, Michael KY EE Kh: KYLE, Peter M. LABORATORY IMPEX LTD LABSYSTEMS (UK) LTD LACERDA, Anténio José Madeira Monteiro de LACHELT, Theodore C. LACHMANN, Sir Peter Julius LADOUCEUR, Elisabeth J. LAIRD, Andrew P. LAJTHA, L.G. C.935 C.477 C.666 C.672 C.789 C.261 C.261 C.1049 C.261 C.262 C.261 LAM-PO-TANG, P. Reginald L. C.485, C.809, C.937, C.975 LAMB, R. LAMP, Bernard THE LANCET LANCET, Moshe LAPA, Alvaro LASLETT, Peter LATT, Samuel A. C.1049 C.395 C.262 C.608 LAMBERT, Cecilia Bennett LAMPE, L. van den BERG- C.105, C.491, C.514, D.4, D.123 C.261, C.485, C.486, C.491, C.492, LAURENCE, K. Michael C.492 C.809 C.492 C.807 C.253 C.937 C.672, C.809, D.10 LATTIMORE, C.R. LAU, Y.L. LAUDAT, Philippe LAUGHLIN, Su LAURANCE, B.M. See C.105 C.261, C.491 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 LAURENT, Colette LAURENT, J.L. LAVINHA, Joao LAVKER, Robert Index of correspondents C.667, C.671, C.809 C.261, C.485 C.261 C.809, C.937 C.937 LAWLER, Sylvia Dorothy C.261, C.485, C.809 LAWRENCE, Michael LAWRIE, T.D. Veitch LAX, Renata LAY, C.L. LAZARUS, John H. LAZARUS, S. LECLERCQ, Pol C.806 C.261 C.261, C.262 C.487 C.261, C.809 C.809 C.101 LEGGE; Js. LEISTI, Jaako LEE, Catherine S. LEE; cnhis LEE Fook-Tung C.105 C.491 LEE, William R. LEEDHAM, Paul EEE LEE Kin C.488 C.489 C.669 C.262; 6.263: C811 LEICA MICROSYSTEMS IMAGING SOLUTIONS LTD C.937 A.12-A.14, A.15, A.16, A.18, A.19, C.58:6:78'C. 105: .6.254..C 361: C.485, C.489, C.492, C.668, D.4 See also A.4, C.117 LEITCH, Andrew R. C.492 C.492 C.810 C.1049 G.22-G.29 LENNOX, Bernard LERNER, Boaz M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 LETSKY, Barbara LEVAN, Albert LEVAN, Goran LEVER; A’ E: LEVER, Andrew M.L. LEVETT, Sally A. LEVINE, Harry LEVITAN, Max LEVY, Harvey L. LEVY, Jean LEWIS, Bonny (Mrs Kenneth Lewis) LEWIS, Dan LEWIS, G.D. Index of correspondents C.263 C27, C105, .C.263 C.1047 C.810 C.936 C.491 C259 C.263 C.492 D.109, D.110 C.28 C.489 C.263 LIEBAERS, I. Dai2-D.AA3 C.1049 LEWIS, Geoffrey LIEBERMAN, L. LIEDGREN, S. LIEHR, Thomas LEWIS, Gwyneth H. LIGGINS, G.C. LIMON, Janusz C.263 C.672 LIN Ming-Shoyong C.264 C.668 C.937 LINDENBAUM, Richard H. LINDHOLM, Carita C.264 C.810 C.937 C.493 C.810 LINDSAY, John LINDSTEN, Jan C.256 C.105, C.810 C.1048 LINGAAS, Frode LINN, C.C. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 LINN, Thomas L. LIRENMAN, David S. LISCO, Hermann LISSOUBA, Pascal Index of correspondents C.28 C.489 C.105 See C.447 LISTER INSTITUTE OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE C.1009 LITT, Michael LITTLE, Margaret J. LITTLEFIELD, John W. LIU, David T.Y. LIU Guanghui LIVINGSTON, Eric LIVINGSTON, Vivian S. C.807 C.485 C.264 C.808 C.1049 C.810, C.811 C.262 LJUNQVIST, Arne LOGUE, David Nixon LOIDL, Josef LOESCH, Danuta LOGAN, Robert W. C.259, C.485, C.490 LONG, Susan Elizabeth C.1049 C.938 H.6 LOKE, Y.W. (‘Charlie’) LODER, Patricia Bronwen LONDON TALKBACK RADIO C.258, C.490, C.668, C.672, C.810, C.841 C.265, C.491, C.668 C.28, C.102, C.265, C.490 C.810 C.493 C.811 C.938 LORBER, John LOW Kok Kwan LOW, Robert A.L. LOWE Xiu LUBS, Herbert A., Jr LUCAS, Mary C.27, H.5-H.48 F.10-F.71 C.257, C.485 C.260, C.485 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 LUCASSEN, Anneke LUCIANO, Consolo LUCIE, Norman P. LUERS, Th. LUKEIS, Robyn Elizabeth LUMINOS LTD LURIE, I.W. LUSH, lan E. LUZZATTO, Lucio LYBERATOU, Evagelia LYELL, Alan LYNCH, Henry T. Index of correspondents C.938 C.810 C.490 C.265 C.938 C127 C.668 C.265 C.265, C.938 C.266, C.490, C.493, C.494, C.643, C.668, C.810 C.266, C.490, C.810 C.266 C.266 LYONS, Alan MA, H.K. MAAS, Werner K. LYNCH, James B. LYON, Mary F. MACAFEE, C.A.J. McAINSH, W.R. C.490 C.825 C.291 C.2 MACADA\M, Robert F. B.9, C.103, C.266,C.490, C.493, D.5 C.504 MacARTHUR, J. Morag McCAIG, George G. C.110 Gi277, C.507 C.511 C.507, C.509, C.511 McALPINE, Phyllis C.507 C.674 McCALLUM, C.G. MacANESPIE, H. McBEAN, Sonya M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 McCANN, Peter T. McCARGOW, James McCARROLL, L. Jason McCARTHY, Patrick McCLURE, John P. McCLUSKEY, Eva McCONNELL, lan McCOY, W.T. McCREANOR, Helen R. McDERMOTT, Alan MacDONALD, F. McDONALD, G.A. Index of correspondents C27. C.499 C.277 C.494 C.677 C.502 C.1051, C.1065, C.1066 C.495 C.267, C.497, C.500, C.571 C.502, C.505, C.511, C.674, C.677, C.812, C.1052 C.664, C.674 C.674, C.815 McDONALD, J. MACDONALD, Neil McDOUGALL, |. Ross C.675 McEWEN, Helen P. McFADYEN, lain R. McFARLANE, R.D. McGARRY, J.A. McDOUGALL, Neil M. C.268, C.507 C.217, C.825 C.817 C.815 C.513 MACDONALD, J.W.A. MacDONALD, Robert M. C.106, C.269, C.816 MacGILLIVRAY, Ronald C. McGIFFERT, Christine C.278, C.815 C.110, C.815 C.825 C.333 C.674 C.504 C.982-C.984, C.1050 McGAVIN, D.D. Murray McGILL, P.E. MacGILLIVRAY, lan C.110, C.675, C.816 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 McGIRR, Edward M. McGREGOR, Herbert McINTYRE, Gwendoline B. McIREE, Maureen E. MackAY, A. MacKAY, Colin MacKAY, Eric J. McKAY, Ron McKEAN, Mary MacKENZIE, A. McKENZIE, Wendell H. MacklIE, J. Index of correspondents C.278, C.502 C.1052 C.270, C.499, C.501, C.504, C.507, C.511 C.278 C.512, C.674 C.675 C.110 C.278 C.816 C512 C.507 C.685 MacklE, Rona M. G83" C504 McKUSICK, Anne McLANE, Charles M. C.278 C1052 McLAURIN, Campbell McKINLAY, George C. McKUSICK, Victor Almon McLAREN, Dame Anne Laura A.11, B.59, C.30, C.107-C.109, C.271-C.274, C.498, C.502, C.506, €'510;.C.553;:C:673, €:676; C:814, C.872, C.939, C.1052, C.1087 See also C.1017 C.816 C.499 C.508 C.513 502 C.825 McLEAN, Sheila A.M. MacLAURIN, John MacLEAN, A.B. MACLEAN, Ian M. MACLEAN, Kirsteen C.111 C.278, C.816, D.33 G:503, ©:508" Gi512 McLELLAN, Anne M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 McLETCHIE, [?] G. B. McMANUS, Susan P. McMASTER, W. Robert MACMILLAN, lain A. MACNABB, Joan C. McNAMARA, George Index of correspondents Galt C.816 A.33,A.34 C.508 C.279, C.512 C.1052 MACNAUGHTON, M. Callum C.275, C.504, C.512, C.674, C.677 McNEISH, A.S. (’Sandy’) C.111, C.677 McNEISH, Gordon McNICOL, George P. McNIEL, Elizabeth MACPHERSON, Tom C.817 €:279 C.1052 C.816 MACK, Douglas S. MACK, W.S. MADAN, Kamlesh C.291, C.682 C.941, C.1053 MacVICAR, John MACEK, Milan, Sr MACK, Alison E. MacRAE, Malcolm M. C.677 C.508 C:279 C.279 C.291 C.291 C.515 C.515 McSHERRY, James A. C.276, C.508, C.825 McSHANNON, Fiona MacSWEEN, Roddy N.M. C.521 MADRID, José Humberto Jiménez MAGALHAES, Jacinto de C.524, C.680, C.686 MAGENIS, R. Ellen C.521, C.941 C.941 MAGRINI, Fabio MAGUIRE, Helen M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 MAHAPASTRA, B. MAHLOUD4JI, Mohsne MAHONEY, Maurice Jeremiah MAIR, Michael I. MAK, Anton Y.T. MAKINEN, Auli MAKINO, Sajiro MALCOLM, Alan D.B. MALCOLM, Margaret R. MALCOLM, Susan Index of correspondents C.291 C.291 C.515 C.685 C.524, C.686 C.942 C.291 See also C.520 C.826 C.521 B.5, B.9, B.10, C.517, C.519, C.686, C.818, C.940 See also C.617 MALIK, Afshan C.942 C.291 C.291 C.1001 MANDERS, Erik MANGIA, Franco MALINVERNI, A. MALTBY, Jill MANDEMA, Enno MANGE, Elaine J. C.30 C.30 C.942 MANGE, Arthur P. C.521 C.521 MANCINI, Roberto E. MAMMALIAN GENOME C.680 MANSON, Jean Catherine MANNING, Robert T. MANNALL, Ivan G. C.685 C.517 C.291 C.826 MANN, Gillian MANN, John MANN, Linda C.291, C.682 C.29 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 MANSOUR, Abdel Hamid MANWARING, Gaye MANZANAL, Ana MAO Xin MARCHETTI, Francesco MARIHART, Bettina MARKS, Paul A. MARR, M.E. MARRIAN, Valerie J. MARSHALL, Alexander J. MARSHALL, James S. MARSHALL, Robin D. MARSHALL, R.E. Index of correspondents C.678 C.291 C.942 C.1053 C.942 C.1053 C.517 C.292 C.292, C.682, C.819, C.829 C.686 C.292 C.644, C.680, C.685, C.686, C.826 C.116 C.112 C.116, C.281 C.521 MASON, David K. MASON, Michael K. MATHE, G. MARTIN, Sheila C.678 C.292 C.521 C.292 MARTIN, George R. MARTIN, George M. C.535 C.116 MARTIN, W.B. (‘Bill’) MASHOUR, Ahmed Abdoulha C.826 C.516 C.292 C.680 C.116 MATTEI, J.-F. MATTEI, M.G. MATHERS, Roy MATHUR, B.B.L. MAUER, Irving MAVROS, Ariadne M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents MAXWELL, Judith Claire MAY, S.P.W. C.680 C292 MAZURCZAK, Tadeusz Jerzy C.282, C.521, C.826, C.1053 MEDIA MEDICA MEDICAL AND DENTAL DEFENCE UNION OF SCOTLAND MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL C.843 C.310 A.18, A.21, B.1, B.2, B.5-B.15, B.16- B.20, B.22, B.23, B.24, B.25, B.30, B.31, B.32, B.33, B.45, C.589, C.902, F.32 COMMITTEE ON PROTECTION AGAINST IONIZING RADIATIONS C.361 MAMMALIAN GENETICS UNIT NEUROSCIENCES BOARD AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE COMMITTEE UK HGMP RESOURCE CENTRE See C.944 C.450 C.1011 WORKING PARTY ON LEUKAEMIA IN CHILDHOOD C.828 C.114, C.293, C.517 MEISNER, Lorraine F. MEKIE, Eric C. MEESE, Eckart U. MEIKLE, J.A.K. C.522 C.456 C.943 C.681 C.113 C.293 MELLMAN, William J. MEDWIN, D. GARDNER- SOUTH WESTERN ASSOCIATION MEDICAL WOMEN’S FEDERATION C.827 C523; ©6811, 6827, 6.831 See also C.578 METAXATOU, Catherine MELLOR, David Hugh C.685 Crd6 C.943 C.116 METTERS, Jeremy S. MERCER, Robert D. MELVILLE, lan D. MERCER, Julian M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 MEYER, John L., Il MEYER, Jon K. MIALL, Hugh MIAMO, Kazuya MICHELS, Virginia MIDGEON, Barbara MIDGEON, Claude J. MIDRO, Alina T. MIGGIANO, Vincenzo Index of correspondents C.31 C.293 C.294 C.294 C.687, C.688 Cr1dir, C.117, C.283 C.821 C.294 MIKKELSEN, Margareta C.117, C.294, C.517, C.681, C.687 MILBRANDT, Jeffrey MILES, Charles P. C.943 C.31 MILLARD, P.R C.682 C.284 C.142 Ci31) CA, MILLER, P. MILLER, Sandy MILLER, Elizabeth MILLER, James R. MILLER, Orlando J. MILLER, Alistair W.F. MILLER, Michael ASHLEY- C.682, C.704, C.827, C.829 C.31, C.117, C.294, C.519, C.1054 C.943 MILNGAVIE AND BEARSDEN MEDICAL SOCIETY MILTON, Peter J.D. C.524 Cae C.294 C.822 C.681 C.294 C.294 MILNE, B. MILNE, David MILNE, George R. MILNE, Robin G. MILLS, Norman J. See C.484 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 MILUNSKY, Aubrey MINER, Gary D. MINTZ, Beatrice MITCHELL, lan MITCHELL, Ruthven MITCHENER, James W. MITELMAN, Felix MITTWOCH, Ursula MODELL, Bernadette MOHR, Jan G.F. MOIR, A.T.B. MOLDAWER, Marc Index of correspondents C.294, C.515, C.524, C.551, C.687, C.827, D.88 C.294 C.294 C.682 C.522, C.685 C.31 C.681 Ci11%6.943 See also C.827 C.687, C.823 C.285 C.286 C.32 C.295 MONTERO, E. MONESI, Valerio MONEY John MOORE, Keith L. MOORE, Thomas MONIER, Karine MONK, Marilyn C.1055 C.518 C.32 C.295 C.32, C.117, C.295 C.32, C.115, C.295 MONTAGU, Ashley MORGAN, Beverly C. C.288 MORGAN, H. Gemmell MORRIS, Christine M. C.518 C.944 CAs, C.828 C.824 C.287 C.944 MORGAN, Dorothy MORLEY, Ruth MORLEY, W. Neil MORRIS, J.H. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 MORRIS, Roger Stewart MORRISON, John L. MORSS, John MORTIMER, Gabriel MORTON, Richard MORTON, W.R.M. MOSCHONAS, Nicholas K. MOSES, Montrose J. MOSIER, H. David MOSSAKOWSKI, Miroslaw MOSTOFI, F.K. MOSONYI, L. Index of correspondents J.2 C.295 C.522 C.828 C.295 C.295 C.944 C.295 C.56 C.1055 C.32 C.828 MOTULSKY, Arno G. C.33, C.519, C.828 C.289 MULCAHY, Marie T. MULLER, Ulrich MULLEY, John C. MULLIGAN, W. MULDAL, S. MUELLER, R.F. MULLER, Hansjakob C.687 C.117 C.828 C.518 MOURTZIOPOULOS, D. C.296 MURMUR, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL JOURNAL C.290, C.518, C.522, C.944 MUNRO KERR SOCIETY C.828 C.687 C.681 C.296 C.293 MURKEN, Jan-Diether C296) Fo C.419, C.524, C.748 MULVIHILL, John J. MURIE, Norbert MURPHY, Jean M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents MURRAY, David MURRAY, Richard Campbell C.296 C.296 MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY GROUP OF GREAT BRITAIN C.714, C.737 MUTALIK, Guruaj S. MUTCHINICK, Osvaldo MWAMBINGU, Faulds MYINT, H.L.A. NACHMAN, Michel E. NADA, Sameer Mahmoud Hassan NADLER, Henry L. NAGY, S. NAISMITH, William C.M.K. C.296 C.518 C.524 C.296 C.303 C.298 C308 C.118 C.830 NAJFELD, V. C.299 C.547 C.528 A.18 C.526, C.528, C.689 NATIONAL FOUNDATION C.537, C.600, C.698 See ACTION RESEARCH WEST OF SCOTLAND REGION NATIONAL HOUSEWIVES REGISTER NATIONAL DEAF CHILDREN’S SOCIETY NATIONAL FOUNDATION MARCH OF DIMES NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION NATIONAL FUND FOR RESEARCH INTO CRIPPLING DISEASES C.33 C.284 H.18 C.1011 C.996 NATURE REVIEWS GENETICS NEELEY, John C. NEILSON, Jim P. C.689, C.832 C.933 NEJAD, M.H. KARIMI- NELLIGAN, William D. NATURE NATURE PUBLISHING M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 NELSON, M.M. NELSON, Molly NEMETH, S.M. NERI, Giovanni Index of correspondents C.303 C.527 C.832 C.945 NETHERLANDS GENOMICS INITIATIVE F.87-F.94 NEVIN, Norman Cummings NEWTH, D.R. NEWTON, Frank NEWTON, John R. NEZELOF, Christian NIAZI, Meena NICHOLSON, G.E. €.300; 6 527..C.689. 6.832 See C.361 C.303, C.525, C.529 H.13 C.832 C.529 C.527, C.689 C.689 NICOL, A.D. NICOL, Susan NICOLAOU, C. NICOLL, W.D. C.304 C.689 C.832 C.832 C.301 C.831 C.304 NIELSEN, Johannes NIELSEN, Kirstine K. NICOLOPOULOS, D. NICOLAIDES, Kypros C.689 C.118, C.304, C.525, C.526 NIERMEIJER, Martinus F. C.302 C.946 C.304 NORMAN, Archie P. NIXSEAMAN, D. C.946 C5258 Fs NISHI, Shinzo NIXON, W.C. NIEBUHR, Erik NOEL, Bernard C.304 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents NORRIS, Peggy NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION SCIENTIFIC AFFAIRS DIVISION NORTH OF ENGLAND OBSTETRICAL AND GYNAECOLOGICAL SOCIETY NOVAK, Edmund R. NOVITSKI, E. NOWAKOWSKI, H. NTOUMANI, Efteryi NUFFIELD COUNCIL ON BIOETHICS NUNEZ, J.A. Clavero OAKEY, Rebecca C.141 C.252 C.304 C.304 C.33 C.304 B.42 C.118, C.304 C.948 C.532 C.690 C.305 C.1034, C.1046 OAKLEY, Godfrey P., Jr OAKLEY, Hilary A. OASTLER, Eric G. O'BRIEN, Stephen J. OHNO, Susumu OIKAWA, Kiyoshi C.948 C.58 C.532 O’HARE, Raymond P. O’DOHERTY, Neil J. O'BRIEN, Patricia C.M. C.532 OMARI, Yousif Ibrahim OLUWASANMI, J.O. OLIVER, Michael F. C.305 C.531 C.305, €.532 C.34, C.119 C.305, C.530 C.690 C.948, D.62 OLIVER, R.W.A. OLMO, Ettore OMENN, Gilbert S. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents OMMEN, Gert-Jan van C.979, F.32-F.34, F.39, F.40 O’NEILL, Rachel J. Waugh OPTIZ, John M. OSPREYS GYNAECOLOGICAL SOCIETY OSTRANDER, Elaine A. OSWALD, Kathy OTTO, Paulo Alberto OTTOLENGHI, Sergio OVERDRAUGHT PUBLIC HOUSE, LARGS OVERZIER, Claus OWEN, Nicholas OWENS, Albert H. OWENS, William W. C.1092 C.35, C.119, C.690 C.394 C.947 C.948 C.305 C562 C753 C.36 C.948 C.37 Cov PACE, Leonard D. PADEL, Ruth PAGE, Brenda M. PAGE, David C. PAI, Anna C. C.825 C.42 C.952 C.1081 €.533 C.840 C.222 C.170 PADILLA, Jenifer Lynn OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PAISLEY COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY C.307 PALMER, Catherine G. C.306, C.534, C.536 C.952 C.694 C.538 PANDURANGI, V.R. PALMARINI, Massimo PALMER, Thomas N. C.42 PANGALOS, C.G. PANG, K. Cheong Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 PAPACHRISTOFOROU, Christos PAPADATOS, Constantine J. PAPP, Z. PARK, Hugh W.J. PARKHILL, Thomas R. PARKIN, David PARKINSON, Ken PARKS, John PARSONS, Tom W. PARTICK SAINT MARY’S MASONIC LODGE PARTINGTON, Michael W. PASLIER, Dominic Le PASSARGE, Eberhard C.951 C.536 C.315 C.308 C.538 €.315 C.952 C.122 C.315 C.749 C.952 C.952 C.315, C.534, C.763, C.840, C.952 C.834 C.694 C.32 PATTERSON, Joan PATEL, T. PATEL, Zareen M. PATEMAN, John A. PATERSON, D.H. C.696, C.840, C.949 PATAU, Klaus PATEL, Naren B. €'572 See C.572 C€/536; C537, C.537, C.538 PATAU, Eeva THERMAN- PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND C.955 PATTERSON, James PATTON, Michael A. C.315 C.310 C.537 C.536, C.538 C.309, C.840 PATRICK, A. Des. PATRICK, M. Jean PATRICK, Robert S. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 PAUL, John PAULSEN, C. Alvin PAWLOWITZKI, |.-Horty PEARNE, John H. PEARSON, Peter L. PEDEN, Norman R. Index of correspondents C.315, C.694, C.840 C.42, C.122 C.315, C.534 C.533 C.316, C.695, C.835, C.950 C.841 PEDERSEN, Bent N@RGAARD- C.691, C.946, C.953 PEEOPLES, E. Edward PELTONEN, Leena PEMBREY, Marcus Edred PENROSE, Lionel Sharples PEREZ, AnaR PEREZ, Donald Peréz C.536 C.953 G535;6:836 C.42, C.122, C.316 C.1080, D.39 C.316 PERINATAL CARE PERSIANIS, Nicos See C.534 PERKINS, Judith PERRY ait ce: C1537 C.953 C.953 C.953 C.316, C.833 @.555; ©.559 PERUTZ, Max Ferdinand PERGAMENT, Eugene PERSICO, M. Graziella C.841, C.953 PETER R. BARBARA AND ASSOCIATES PETERHOUSE COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE PETRUSEWICZ, Irena HAUSMANOVA- C.953 C.584 C.790 C.953 C.536 C.476 PFEIFFER, Rudi A. PHADKE, M.A. PERTL, Barbara PESCIA, G. PETO, Sir Richard C.311, C.696, D.10 Index of correspondents C.316, C.537, C.841 C.535 C.42 C.316 C.669 C.536 C.316 C.537 C.560 C.316 C.954 C.122 C.954 C.42 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 PHILIP, John PHILIP, Thierry PHILLIPS, George M. PHILLIPS, T. PIET, L. LARGET- PILLER, Gordon J. PINKERTON, Peter H. PINSKY, Leonard PLOEG, Mels van der PLUMB, Dick POER, David Henry POLI, E. PITMAN MEDICAL PUBLISHING CO. LTD PITTS, John D. PLATT, Lawrence D. PLATT, Sir Robert, Bt C.711, C.837, C.866, E.31 POLE, John Graham POLLACK, Marilyn S. C317 G42 C.1055 C.538 POLANI, Paul Emanuel POLLARD, A.C. (‘Tony’) POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES C.39, ©.120, ©.312, ©. 536, €.537, C.538, C.838 C.537, C.695 C.696 C.536 C.42 C.841 POMMER, Alfred M. C.495, C.535, C.841 POLLOCK, Andrew PONDER, Bruce PONT, J. Mary W. POLLOCK, Helen M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 PONTECORVO, Guido POPE, Francis Michael PORTER, lan H. POSSAMI, Anne M. POSTE, George POSTEL, Wilfred B. (‘Bill’) Index of correspondents A.15, A.16, A.18, A.19, A.20-A.22, B.45, C.70, C.102, C.291, C.317, C.351 See also A.5, C.951, E.22 C.535, C.536, C.692 C.317, C.533; €.535, C536 C.317 C.954 C.121 POST-GRADUATE MEDICAL CENTRE, GLASGOW C.548, C.577, C.727 POTTER, Helen POTESAR® Eric POULTON, Joanna POVEY, Susan C.841 C.693 C.954 C.317, C.954, D.25, F.34, F.46-F.48 POZO, Emilio del Crd C:331,7.C:536 THE PRACTITIONER PRENTICE, Roy T.W. PRADER, Andrea PRECHTL, H.F.R. PRENTICE, Colin R. M. C.40 C.839 6.317 PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS PREMPREE, Thongbliew PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS GROUP C.659, C.1045, D.77-D.115 See also F.77-F.83 C.842 PRICE, Helen MIDDLETON- C.537 C.842 C.842 C.313 C.537 PRICE, William H. PRIEST, Jean H. PRIMROSE, David A. PRITCHARD, R.H. PROCKOP, Darwin J. C.502, C.674, C.677 C.943, C.1054 C.42, C.122, C.317 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents PROVAN, Andrew C.695 PROVENZA, D. Vincent C.122, C.695, C.696 PUBLIC HEALTH MEDICAL OFFICERS WESTERN REGIONAL GROUP PUCK, Theodore T. PUGH, D.H.O. PUNNETT, Hope H. PURNELL, David PURUSHOTHAOMAN, S.C. RYE) thus QUEEN OF SCOTS KNITWEAR, IRVINE QUINN, Niall P. C.368 C.41 C.955 C.317, C.954 C.314 Crs 7, C.954 C.855 C.956 RABACH, Jan RADCLIFFE, W. C123, E12 RAAB, Gillian RAACH, John H. C.958, E.31 C28 C.207, C.331 C.697 C.845, C.958 RAHMAN, M. Ataur RACE, Robert Russell C.318 C.544 C.43 RAAP, Anton K. (‘Ton’) RAEBURN, J.A. (‘Sandy’) R. MAGUIRE COOK & CO. C.544 RAMADAS, Dharmalongham RAMANAMURTY, S.V. C.845 C.845 C.1056 C.331 C.697 RAMSEY, David T. RAINE, Peter A.M. RAINE, Tim RAINER, John D. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 RANNEY, Helen M. RAO, L.G. Shankanadar RAO, N. Appaji RAO, V.S. RASHAD, M. Nabil RATCLIFFE, John G. RATTUE, Mrs RAWNSLEY, K. RAWSON, S.P. RAY-CHAUDHURI, S.P. READ, Andrew P. REAL, Francesco-Xavier Index of correspondents C.43 C.544, C.550 C.845 C.331 CA23 C.319, C.540, C.544, C.697, C.845 C.331 C.845 C.331 C.331 Of H.28 REBHOLZ, Heike C.1063 REED, William B. REEDERS, Stephen REES; he REEVE, Ann C.331 C.845 C.331 C.845 C.632 REDMAN, Robert S. C.539 C.699 Cal23 REDFORD, David H.A. REDDY, Geetla Vijender REGIONAL POSTGRADUATE INSTITUTE FOR MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY, CUMBERLAND INFIRMARY, CARLISLE C.845 C.1063, C.1093-C.1100, D.39, G.26, G27 C.320, C.540, C.543 C.1063 C.1063 REID, Robert W. REILLY, Philip R. RENFREE, Marilyn RENS, Willem RENTON, Jean P. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents RENWICK, James Harrison A.14, B.3, C.321, C.550, C.845 RETHORE, Mathilde RETIEFF, Dries REVELL, S.G. REYNOLDS, S.R.M. RHOADS, George G. RICHARDS, B.W. RICHARDS, Frances M. RICHARDS, |.D. Gerald RICHARDS, Sarah-Jane RICHARDSON, Daphne L. RICHARDSON, Frederick C.550 C.845 C.959 C.123 C.846 C.257, C.322, C.540, C.543, C.544, C.548, C.551 C.957, C.1057, C.1058 C.323 C.1063 C.543 C.123 C.846 C.332 RICHARDSON, R.T. RIDDELL, W.J.B. RIDGE, Joe RIDLER, Michael RICHMOND, H.G. RIDER, Anne C.E. C.843 C.548 C.123 C.544 RIDLEY, C. Marjorie RICHMOND, Henry A.N. C.332, C.540, C.548, C.551, C.697, C.846 C.332 C.332 C.324 C.43 C.540 C.1059 RILEY, lan D. RILEY, Ralph RIED, Thomas RIEGE, Walter RIFKIND, Basil C.325, C.700 C.332 RILEY, Conrad M. RIMMER, John M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 RIMOIN, David L. RIPSTEEN, Joel S. RISCH, Neil Jay RITCHIE, J.W. Knox ROBB, Anne ROBERTS, Anthony D.G. ROBERTS, Derek F. ROBERTS, lan ROBERTS, L.B. ROBERTS, Margaret A. ROBERTS, Philip F. ROBERTS, T.D.M. Index of correspondents C.332 C.332 C.545 C.697 C.699 C.699 C.333 C.697 , C.540, C.541, C.548, C.551, C.1064 C.698 , C.700 C.847 C.543 C.333 ROBERTSON, J.L. ROBINSON, E.T. ROBINSON, Harry J. ROBERTSON, W. ROBINSON, Arthur C.545 C.333 ROBINSON, Hugh P. C.543 C.545 C.333 ROBERTSON, Pauline ROBINSON, Jacqueline A. ROBERTSON, Forbes W. , F.84 ROBSON, Elizabeth B. (‘Bette’) , C.959, C.1064, D.88, D.93, ROBINSON, Terence John C.326 , C.543, C.545 C.548 C.43 C.543 C.540 C.1060 C.959 C.847 D.112 ROCCHI, Mariano ROCKER, Israel RODECK, Charles H. C.551 , ©.700 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents RODGER, J. Christine C.327 RODIN REMEDIATION ACADEMY See ACADEMIA RODINENSIS ROGAEV, Evgeny I. ROGERS, lan ROGERS, John G. ROLAND, Charles G. ROMAIN, Dennis Roger ROMAN, Carlos SAN ROMANES, George J. ROMEO, Giovanni ROMER, T.E. RONA, Roberto C.959 C.333 C.700 C.43 C.500, C.542, C.548, C.847 C335, C.555, C.558, C.562, C.853, C.1072 C.698 C.847, E.21, F.5, F.6 C.333 C.847 C.847 C.333 C.333 C.1098, C.1099 RONEY, Caroline ROPER, J. Alan ROSS, A.H.M. ROSS, D.M. ROSS, Mark T. ROSS, R.M. ROOSA, Robert A. ROSE, Elizabeth M. C.328, C.847 C.333, C.543 C.698 C.333 ROSENBERG, Leon E. C.847 ROTARY CLUB OF KILMARNOCK ROTHWELL, Norman V. ROSTAFINSKI, Michael C.545 C.540 C.540 ROTHMAN, Doreen ROWAN, R. Martin C.698 C.43 C.508 ROUND, N.G. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 ROWAN, T. ROWLEY, Janet D. Index of correspondents ROYAL COLLEGE OF GENERAL PRACTITIONERS, WEST OF SCOTLAND FACULTY ROYAL COLLEGE OF MIDWIVES RENFREWSHIRE BRANCH SCOTTISH BOARD TEACHERS GROUP ROYAL COLLEGE OF NURSING, GREATER GLASGOW BRANCH ROYAL COLLEGE OF OBSTETRICIANS AND GYNAECOLOGISTS, SCOTTISH EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PATHOLOGISTS C.546 C.698, C.1064 C.339 C.210, C.444 C.170, C.347 C.145 C.550 C.834 A.25, C.470, C.551, C.566, C.578, C.663, C.695, C.700, C.720, C.732, C.747, C.748, C.795, C.828, C.846, C.959 TRAINING COMMITTEE C.857 C.639 C.576 A.33, A.34 ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS C198, Ci1042 JOINT COMMITTEE OF MEDICAL GENETICS See C.1074 ROYAL COLLEGE OF PATHOLOGISTS OF AUSTRALIA See C.383 WORKING PARTY ON REGIONAL GENETICS SERVICES WORKING PARTY ON SYSTEMIZED NOMENCLATURE OF PATHOLOGY ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF CANADA C.684 ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF GLASGOW C.$17,,C.396;-C:399: €.608, C612, C.613, C.618, C.646, C.668, C.687, C850) Core AZ5A) G:240, C:383''C:349).6 521: C.540, C.615, C.616, C.813, C.816, C.847, C.860 ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS OF EDINBURGH C.623, C.647, C.696, C.709, C.844 ROYAL HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN, GLASGOW RADIOLOGICAL SAFETY COMMITTEE M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents ROYAL MICROSCOPICAL SOCIETY ROYAL NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE BLIND C.837 C.578 ROYAL PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY OF GLASGOW C.406, C.412 ROYAL SOCIETY BIOETHICS, GENETICS AND MENTAL DISORDERS WORKING GROUP ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE RUBES, Jiri RUDDLE, Frank H. RUDIGER, Hugo W. RUIZ, Elena FERNANDEZ- RUNCIE, John C.686, C.792, C.804 C.937, C.959 C.815, C.1017 C.98, C.1075 C.1064 C.43, C.329, C.545 C.847 C.908 C.847 RUOSLAHTI, Erkki C.333 C.1064 C.543, C.548 C.857 RUTHVEN, lan S. RYDER, Oliver A. RUSSELL, Barbara RUPPERT, Mike RUSHTON, lan RUSSELL, A.R. RUSTED, lan E. C.330, C.699, C.848 C.848 C335 C.333 RUTKOWSKI, S. STENGEL- C.701 C.848, C.959 See also C.810 C.959, C.1061, C.1062 RYYNANEN, Markku C.100 C.853 C.701 S. KARGER AG SADLER, Jean W. SALINAS, Carlos F. SALK, Darrell John M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents SALMASI, A.-Majeed SAMBUY, Yula BALBO BERTONE DI SAMMONS, D. SAN ROMAN, Carlos SANDERSON, Jeremy SANDISON, A.T. (‘Sandy’) SANDISON, Ann SANDS, Margaret E. SANGER, Ruth Anne SANOUDOU, Depi SARDHARWALA, I.B. SARGAN, David R. B.9, B.10 C555 C.968 See ROMAN C.853 C.347 C.559 C.336, C.562, C.853 C.347 C.1072 C.853 C.947, C.1032, C.1067, C.1068, D.52, D.54, D.65 SARTO, Gloria E. SAUNDERS, Ginny C.347 C.701 SAY, Burhan SAYLI, Bekir Sitki SCHEINBERG, L.C. SCHERES, J.M.J.C. SCHERZ, Robert G. SATYANARAYANA, M. SAVE BRITISH SCIENCE CAMPAIGN J.11 SCHINDLER, Anne-Marie SCHLESSINGER, David SCHOENSTEIN, Lori SCHOFFLING, Kurt SCHMID, Werner SCHINZEL, Albert M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SCHOTTENFELD, David SCHROCK, Evelin SCHROEDER, Hans Jurgen SCHULER, D. SCHUSTER, Joseph SCIENCE MAGAZINE SCLARE, A. Balfour SCOTT, A.C. (‘Arch’) SCOTT, Christina M. SCOTT, lan Alexander Stewart SCOTT, J. Stewart SCOTT, James E. SCOTT, James S. Index of correspondents C.127 C.968, C.1072 C.333, C.348 C.348 C.49 C.1040 C.348, C.555, C.562 C.348 C.701 C.566 C.348 C.348 C.348 C.337, C.562, C.566 SCOTT, Jean M.N. SCOTT, L. Stuart SCOTT, M.J. SCOTT, Michael R. SCOTT, Ronald B. SCOTT, W. Jeffrey SCOTT, William W. C.127 C.570, C.704 C.1072 C.58 C.348 C.49 SCOTTISH DOWNS SYNDROME ASSOCIATION SCOTTISH COUNCIL FOR HEALTH EDUCATION C.166 SCOTTISH SOCIETY FOR MENTALLY HANDICAPPED CHILDREN SCOTTISH MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE ASSOCIATION SCOTTISH HEALTH VISITORS ASSOCIATION C.502 C.780 C.511 C.250 SCOTTISH PAEDIATRIC SOCIETY SCOTTISH MEDICAL JOURNAL C.816, C.867, C.876 C.623, C.777 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents SCOTTISH SPINA BIFIDA ASSOCIATION SCRIMGEOUR, John B. SEABRIGHT, Marina SEARLE, A.G. SEARLE, Jeremy B. SELLER, Mary Joan SERGOVITCH, F.R. SHABA, J.K. SHAH, S.A. SHAMES, David M. SHANAHAN, C.M. SHANKS, Robert A. C.270, C.370, C.499, C.501, C.504, C.507, C.511 C.417, C.701 C.338, C.559, C.562, C.566, C.701, C.849 C.968, D.32 C.1073 C.348 C.348 C.349 C.349 C.102 C.1073 GAZ? C.349, C.854, F.5 C.349 C.564, C.569 SHARMA, A.K. SHARMA, T. SHARP, Frank SHASKY, Donald R. C.634 C.1073 C.349 SHAPIRO, Lawrence R. SHARIF, Fayza Shukri EL- SHARPE, John H. SUBAK- C.349, C.552, C.556, C.850 C.854 SHEPHERD, R. Cameron C.969 C.566 C.566 C.704 CAlZr C.349 C.969 SHEEN, Margaret R. SHEFFIELD, Les SHENKER, Lewis SHARP, James C. SHAW, Gavin B. SHAWAMY, Farouk SHERMAN, Helen M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SHERRATT, David J. SHIELDS, Laurence E. SIMAS, J. Pedro SHIRLAW, lain C. SHORT, Douglas W. SHORT, lan A. SHOWS, Thomas B. SIDBURY, James B., Jr SIDDIQUI, Bushra SIGGERS, David C. SILVA, Maria José de SIMEONOV, Emil Index of correspondents C.349, C.566 C.1069 C.1073 C.854 C.553 C.127, C.349 C.854 C.127 C.556 C.350, C.552, C.556, C.567 C.969 C.854 SIMMONS, Brian C.556 C.567 C.969 C.556 C.350 SIMPSON, G.W. SIMPSON, Hugh W. SIMPSON, J.A. C.702, C.854 C.350, C.854 SIMPSON, Joe Leigh SIMPSON, Donald A. SIMOES, Maria Aparecida SIMOLA, Kalle Osmo Juhana C.969 C.350, C.702, C.961, C.962, F.77- F.83, H.5-H.48 See also C.981 SIMPSON, Margaret A. SINGER, Jack Donald C.350 C.339 C.567 SINGER, Zvonimir SINGH, Jai Rup SINCLAIR, Robert G. C.350, C.552, C.560 C.143, C.340 SINGER, C.R.J. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents SINISCALCO, Marcello SIPERSTEIN, Marvin D. SIR BASIL SPENCE, GLOVER & FERGUSON SJUVE, Susan SKAER, Richard John SKAKKEBAK, Niels E. SKINNER, Rosalind SKYRING, Alan P. SLOTKOWSKI, Eugene L. SLUIS, A.J.A. (‘Bart’) van de SMAIL, Peter SMART, Ronald Dalgleish SMELLIE, R. Martin S. See C.556 C.49 C.67 C.560 C.963 C.350, C.969 C.561 C.50 C.127 C.1077 C.567, C.858 C.855 C.552) C.567, C851 SMITH, Alwyn SMITH, Arabella SMITH, David W. C.341 C.563 C.977 C.50, C.351 C.858 SMITH, G.D. SMITH, Harry SMITH, Irvine C.610-C.611, C.702 SMITH, Chris TYLER- SMITH, Cedric Austen Bardell C.560 See also C.904 SMITH, Andrew N. BREARLEY- G.10 SMITH, J. FAIRHUE C.351 C.702 C.208 C.342 C.351 SMITH, J.R. SMITH, Kim SMITH, Jimmy H. SMITH, Isabel C.556, C.565 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SMITH, Kirby D. SMITH, M.A.E. SMITH, Mary D. SMITH, Mike G.H. SMITH, Moyra SMITH, P.C. GAUTHIER- SMITH, Peter SMITH, R. BAILEY- SMITH, V.J. SMITHELLS, R.W. Index of correspondents C.805, C.855 C.351, C.563, C.702 C.351 C.567 C.343 C.458 J.114 C.738 C.563 C.705 SMITHKLINE BEECHAM PHARMACEUTICALS’ CLINICAL GENETICS, BIOETHICS AND PUBLIC POLICY ADVISORY BOARD. See C.1063 SMITHYCROFT SECONDARY SCHOOL, GLASGOW C.489 C.780, C.828 C.351, C.567, C.856 SOLOVEI, Irina SOLTAN, Hubert C. SOHVAL, Arthur R. SOLOMON, Ellen SOLOMON, Irene L. C.219 C.1011 C.351 C.44 C.125 C.964 SODOMANN, Carl-Peter SOCIETE FRANGAISE DE GENETIQUE SOCIETY FOR ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY SOCIEDAD PERUANA DE GENETICA MEDICA C.570 SOUTHERN GENERAL HOSPITAL GLASGOW CLINICAL SOCIETY C.552 C.128 C.351 SONNENSCHEIN, Carlos C.1074 C.393 SOOTHILL, J.F. SOOTHILL, Peter W. SOUTTER, W.P. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SPARKES, Robert Stanley SPASTICS SOCIETY SPATHAS, Dionysios H. SPEIRS, A.L. SPENCE, Alastair A. SPENCER, David SPENCER, Seymour SPERLING, Karl SPOONER, Mary SPURR, Nigel STANBURY, John B. STANFIELD, J. Paget STANKIEWICZ, Pawel Index of correspondents B.15 C.567, C.702, C.970, C.1070 C.856 C.563 C.556 C.563 C.856, C.965 C.351 roo C.45 C.580 C.970 STANYON, Roscoe C.966, C.1071, D.48 See B.21, B.40 C.352 STAREY, Nigel STARK, J.E. STEEL, Michael STANTON, Martin G. STEINBERGER, Emil STANLEY, Margaret A. C.352 C.857 C352 STEFFENSON, Dale M. C.50 C.352, C.568, C.570, C.703, C.704, C.705, C.858 STEPTOE, Patrick Christopher STEPHENSON, John B.P. Be C.129 C.50 C557, C.857 STEINER, Morris STEINHERZ, Reuben STENE, Eeva STERN, Curt C.857 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 STERN, Herbert STEVENSON, Alan C. STEVENSON, David STEVENSON, John S. STEWART, Adrian D. STEWART, C.B. STEWART, Charles R. STEWART, Gordon T. STEWART, Gregory STEWART, J. STEWART, Joan BRONTE- STEWART, John C. STEWART, John S.S. Index of correspondents C.352 C.344 C.568 C.557, C.560, C.564 C.557 C.352 C1129; C552 C.352, C.552, C.568, C.1074 C.352 C.568 C.167 C.560 A.12, A.13, C.50 STEWART, Ken S. C.568, C.858 STEWART, Neena STEWART, Lesley M. STILES, Karl A. STIRLING, J.B. C.46 C.560 C352 STODDART, F. Jackson C.352 C.570 C.352 STEWARTS AND LLOYDS LTD BIOLOGY SOCIETY STRANGEWAYS RESEARCH LABORATORY STRATHCLYDE UNIVERSITY BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY C.352 C.970 C.1074 C.345, C.705 C.129, C.346 STONE, David H. STONE, Fred H. STONES, P.B. STRACHAN, Tom M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 STRATTON, Robert F. STRAUSS, Bernard S. STRINTZIS, N. STRUTHERS, Allan STRUTHERS, Jean O. STRUTHERS, R.R. STUDD, John STUPANS, leva STURROCK, Roger D. STURTEVANT, F.M. SULLIVAN, C.H. SULLIVAN, Kevin F. Index of correspondents C.857 C.352 C.568 C.557 C.568 C.50 C.275, C.352 C.568 G,352, C:705 C.50 C.47 C.1074 SUMMER, George K. C.48, C.58, C.129 SUTHERS, Graeme SUPER, Maurice SURANI, Azim C352 C.564 C.1074 C.129 SUOMALAINEN, Esko SUTHERLAND, Sandra SUTHERLAND, Grant R. SURGO, GLASGOW UNIVERSITY MEDICAL JOURNAL C.495, C.552, C.557, C.569, C.703, C.818 C.352 SWEET, E. M. (‘Betty’) C.126 C.569 C.352 C.569 C.970 C.704 C.569 SWEETING, Rosalyn SYLVESTER, P.E. SYMINGTON, T. SWALLOW, Dallas SWANN, Alma P. SWARTZ, Frank J. C.704 Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 SZOLLAR, Judit TAKABAYASHI, Haruo TAKAMATSU, Tsurukichi TALBOTT, John H. TANDATNICK, Joseph W. TANEJA, Neelam TANNER, Jim M. TASKER, John TAUCHER, Silvia Castillo TAY SACHS AND ALLIED DISEASES ASSOCIATION TAYLOR, G.M. TAYLOR, J.W. C.852 C.975 C.358 C.51 C.53 C.860 C.52 C.1075 C.860 C.710 C.860 C.358 TEMTAMY, Samia A. TAYLOR, R.A. C.707 THAKKER, Raj V. THE TIMES TAYLOR, W.D. TELFORD, Ira R. TENNENT, R.A. TETER, Jerzy C.358 C.130 C.678 C.572 C.971 TAYLOR, William 0.G. C.131, C.353, C.575, C.859 C.1075 THOMAS NELSON & SONS LTD, PUBLISHERS Jt See also C.447 THOMAS, Sir John Meurig C.706 C.547 C.358 THEODORIDES, Danae THERKELSEN, A.J. THOMAS, I.M. C.131, C.358 C.1075 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 THOMLINSON, J. THOMPSON, Barbara THOMPSON, E.J. THOMPSON, Leslie THOMSEN, Preben D. THOMSON, John A. THOMSON, J.S. THOMSON, William Henderson Scott THULINE, Horace C. THURSZ, A.D. TICKTIN, Howard E. TIGHE, J.R. TILEY, Laurence S. Index of correspondents C.706 C.860 C.706 C.131 C.975 C.358 C.358 C.355, C.574 C53" C131 C.708 C.53 C.576, C.578 C.975 TILL, Kenneth TILSON, M. David TILSTONE, W.J. TIRET, Laurent TIMOTHY, Jon TIMSON, John TINSON, Nic C.706 C.352 C.860 C.357 C.975 C.860 C.706 C.131 TIMBURY, Gerald C. TILGHEMAN, Shirley M. C.973 TISSUE CULTURE ASSOCATION TOMLINSON, Stephen C.972 C.359 TOMMERUP, Niels C.1075 C.56 C.573 TOLAROVA, Marie TOKSOZ, Deniz TOLAR, Jakub C.1075 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents TONIOLO, Daniela TONNESEN, Te@nne NORBEM RE: TORMO, F. Martinez TOWNES, Philip L. TRAIN, Thomas S.R. TRANEBJAERG, Lisabeth TRASK, Barbara TRAVERS, John TREADWELL, B.L.J. TRENCH, Georgia CHENEVIX- TRENDS IN GENETICS C.976 C.860 C.359 C.577 C.359 C.706, C.707, C.860, C.861 C.710 C.976 C.578 C.5%4 C.896, C.976 C.857, C.976 TRINITY CHURCH, CAMBUSLANG C.250, C.359 C523" C978, 3/06 TSAKIZIS, Ifigenia TSENGHI, Christine TRIPATHI, Satish C. TRIVIZAS, Eugene C.1056 C.816 C.710 TROPEANO, Dominic C.976 C.359 C.831 TSITOVICH, Valentina V. TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN GENETICAL SOCIETY TRINITY COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE MEDICAL SOCIETY C.359 TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS ASSOCIATION OF GREAT BRITAIN C.707, C.860 C.641, C.773 TUKUN, Ajlan TULINIUS, H. TUMENNASAN, Kh. TURCOTTE, Hugh J. TSOUKATOU, Maria F.28-F.30 C.977 C.359 C.97/,; C1079 Index of correspondents M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 TURKEL, Henry TURNER, Brian Michael TURNER, Gillian TURNER, Gwen TURnER, Michael S. TURNER, Thomas B. TUTSCHEK, Boris UCHIDA, Irene A. UDDEN, Per UNDEVIA, J.V. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NATIONAL COMMISSION ON THE CAUSES AND PREVENTION OF VIOLENCE C.53 C.574 C.706, C.977 C.861 H.6 C.53 C97 C.132 C.862 C.863 C.296 MICROBIOLOGICAL SOCIETY C.392, C.430, C.526 G.3, G.9-G.11, G.23 UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW BETA 87 MEDICS YEAR CLUB UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE A.26-A.30, B.64-B.68, C.900 SUMMER SCHOOL IN MEDICAL RESEARCH C.360 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY C.953 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY TECHNICAL SERVICES A.20-A.22, A.23, B.47, B.55, C.91, C.148, C.220, C.222, C.512, C.643, C.679, C.681, C.695, C.697, C.815, C.827, C.855, C.856 C.666 SURGO, GLASGOW UNIVERSITY MEDICAL JOURNAL C.129 TENNANT INSTITUTE OF OPHTHALMOLOGY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY SOCIETY C.507, C.508 C.873 C.655 C.190, C.511 FACULTY OF MEDICINE GAMMA CLUB M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER BIOLOGY SOCIETY URBANIAK, Stan VAARTAVA, R. WAKONIG- (‘Theresa’) VAILLAUD, J.-C. VALENTINE, G.H. VANDEBERG, John L. VANRELL, Jorge Paulete VARLEY, Jenny M. VARMAN, A.B. VAUPLE, Susan S. C.461, C.475 F.95 C.361 C.360 C.135 C.361 C.579 C.1077, D.40 C.361 C.361, C.579 C.361 C.978 C.979, C.1077 VEECK, Lucinda VELLA, F. VERMA, Ishwar C. €.361, 6.579 C.361 C.979 VELD, Peter in t’ VENNART, J. C.579 C.979 Cale2 C.979 VERBEECK, Charles VERGNAUD, Gilles VEKEMANS, Michel VEALE, Arthur Milton Oliver C.579 VICTORIA INFIRMARY GLASGOW ENDOCRINE CLUB VERROKEN, Michele VICKERMAN, Keith C.361 C.361 C.579 S28 C.361, C.866 H.35, H.36 VETNER, M. VICK, Sir Arthur VINCE, John D. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents VISSER, A.A. VISTA CONSULTING VOGEL, F. VOGT, Peter VOLOUEYV, Vitaly VON KOSKULL, Harriet VOSS, Ruth VOUTETAKIS, Catherine DACOU- VOWLES, Mary VUILLET, Monique DEVICTOR- VUORIO, Eero VYSIS (UK) LTD C.579 C.980 C.864 C.980 C.1076 See KOSKULL C.711 C.899 C.579 C.192 C.866 C.1077, C.1083 WACHTEL, Stephen S. WAINSCOAT, Jim S. WAJNER, Moacir C.986 C.366 Cole, WAGNER, William E. WAGONER, Nroma E. WAHID, Wahida WAHRMAN, Jacob WAILES, Frank G. WAGNER, Henry N., Jr C.56 C.56 C.56 C.212, C.450, C.454, C.459 W.H. FREEMAN AND CO. LTD, PUBLISHERS C2112; C77, Cu22; C8741, C.981 C.584, C.589, C.590, C.592, C.600, WAKONIG-VAARTAMJA, R. C.135 C.714 C.986 WAINWRIGHT, Brandon WALD, Ignacy WALD, Nicholas C.587, C.717 See VAARTAJA C.871 M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 WALKER, Isobel D. WALKER, Lorna SECKER- WALKER, Rita WALKER, Stanley WALLACE, Clive WALLACE, David Charles WALLACE, Elizabeth WALSH, Debbie WAPNER, Ronald J. WARBURTON, Dorothy WARD, David WARD, H.E. WARDROP, Charles A. J. Index of correspondents C.366 C.853 C.867 C.362, C.587 C.366 C.363, C.587 C.591 C.986 C.986 C.366 C.986 C.366 C.366 C.986 WARNER, Jon WARREN, Shields WATERS, Jonathan C.871 C.868 WATSON, Joyce M. WATSON, Mary A. WATSON, Doreen WATSON, Hamish A.24, C.135 C.714, C.717 C.587, C.871 C.366, C.583 WATKINS, John Edward C.591, C.719, C.872, C.1084 WEATHERALL, Sir David John WATTS, Richard W.E. WAYMOUTH, Charity C.56 C.1078 C.366 C.135 C.366 WATT, Jessie Lovie WATTEVILLE, H. de C.717, C.871 C.714, C.871 WATSON, Patricia J. WEALE, Albert P. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents WEATHERALL, Josephine A.C. WEBBER, Lorna M. WEBER, Bruce H. WEBER, Wendell W. WEED, Matthew WEIER, Ulli WEIL, Dominique WEINBERG, Arnold N. WEIR, A.W.G. WEIR, Andrew I. WEISS, Leon WEISS, Michael D. C.580, C.591, C.714 C.987 C.982-C.984, C.1080-C.1082 C,135 C.1084 C.987 C.987 C.56 C.716 C.872 C3135;-C.587 C.872 C.718 C.987, D.25 See C.387 C.872 C.367 B.15, C.732, C.1084 WEISS, Volkmar WEISSENBACH, Jean WELLCOME TRUST WELLS, Brian W.P. WELLS, N.E.J. WEITZEL, H. WELCH, J. Philip WELLS, R:S. (‘Charles’) WEITKAMP, Lowell Robert C.169 WEST OF SCOTLAND COMMITTEE FOR POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION C.384, C.387, C.391, C.405, C.702 C.726, C.816 WEST OF SCOTLAND ONCOLOGICAL ORGANISATION WESTERN INFIRMARY RESIDENTS’ CLUB WEST PARK SCHOOL, KILMARNOCK WESTERN INFIRMARY, GLASGOW C.367 C.588 C.367 C.367 C.647, E.15 C.407 Cs WELTON, E. M.A. Ferguson-Smith NCUACS 161/4/08 Index of correspondents WESTERN REGIONAL HOSPITAL BOARD A.12, B.47, B.50, B.55 WHITE, Michael WHITELAW, James W. WHITFIELD, Charles R. WHITTLE, J. Robert S. WHITTLE, Martin J. WHYTE, J. WHYTE, William G. WICKING, Carol WIED, George L. WIEDERMANN, H.-R. C.55 C.716 C.583, C.584, C.588, C.591, C.593, C.715. O1716.G7:18;, C22) C24: C.869 C.367 C.870 C.583 C.367, C.716 C.985 C.365 C.135 WIENBERG, Johannes B.32, C.887, C.1083, D.48, D.49, D.56, G.4 C.368 WILCKEN, Bridget WILCOX, Douglas E. WILD, Jennifer WIJERATNE, W.V.S. 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