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THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Report on the correspondence and papers of WILLIAM CHARLES EVANS FRS (1911-1988) deposited in University College of North Wales Library Reproduced for the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists (NCUACS 16/1/90) by 1990 London WC2A 1HP No 2/90 THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS Quality House, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, NRA 32938 All rights reserved NCUACS 16/1/90 Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of WILLIAM CHARLES EVANS FRS (1911 - 1988) Compiled by Timothy E Powell and Peter Harper Deposited in University College of North Wales Library All rights reserved University of Bath 1990 C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 The work of the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists, and the production of this catalogue, are made possible by the support of the following societies and organisations: The Biochemical Society The British Library The Geological Society The Institute of Physics National Power Pergamon Books Rolls-Royce plc The Royal Society The Royal Society of Chemistry The Society of Chemical Industry C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 NOT ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE COLLECTION IS YET AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION. ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN THE FIRST INSTANCE TO: THE ARCHIVIST DEPARTMENT OF MANUSCRIPTS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH WALES LIBRARY BANGOR WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 LIST OF CONTENTS GENERAL INTRODUCTION SECTION BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION LEEDS UNIVERSITY SECTION UNIVERSITY OF WALES SECTION RESEARCH SECTION SECTION SECTION CORRESPONDENCE VISITS AND CONFERENCES PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES AND BROADCASTS INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS, ORGANISATIONS AND FIRMS C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 GENERAL INTRODUCTION OUTLINE OF THE CAREER OF W C EVANS William Charles Evans was born in Penrhos near Caernarvon on October: 1; 1911. He was educated at local schools in Bethel and Caernarvon and won a scholarship to the University College of North Wales (UCNW), Bangor, in 1929. Evans received his BSc in chemistry with first class honours in 1932 and studied for a further two years at UCNW to gain his Teachers Training Diploma and his MSc in organic chemistry. In 1934 Evans was awarded the Platt Physiological Scholarship LOS ss Evans's first appointment was at Leeds University, initially as logical chemistry (on the tyrosinase-tyrosine reaction) under H S Raper, while also taking the First and Second M B courses to Department. Following the outbreak of war Evans became Director of to Manchester University. Here he studied for his PhD in physio- improve his knowledge of biology. Evans gained his doctorate in Demonstrator, later as Lecturer, in biochemistry in the Physiology Plasma Production and Serology in the Leeds University-based Regional Department (Director Sir Almroth Wright) . Medical School, Paddington, to work under Professor (later Sir) Alexander collaborate on many joint projects with her husband as well as pursuing ship for four years until 1944 when he moved to St Mary's Hospital Woods, who had gained her doctorate in zoology at Leeds. She was to independent research. They had four children. Evans held the Director- Blood Transfusion Laboratories. In 1942 he married Dr Irene Antice Fleming on the production of diphtheria toxin in the Inoculation C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 In 1946 Evans returned to Wales. He was Special Lecturer in biochemistry at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, initiating research on the health problems of farm animals associated with certain plants, 1946-51. On the death of G W Robinson Evans was appointed to the Chair of Agricultural Chemistry at UCNW, a position he held until retirement in 1979. During this period he oversaw a considerable expansion of his Department of Agricultural Chemistry into one of Biochemistry and Soil Science. Evans's most important research at UCNW was in two main areas: the elucidation of the biochemistry of the aerobic and anaerobic pathways of the catabolism of aromatic compounds (including agro- chemicals and pesticides) in Nature, and the isolation of the toxic factors in bracken fern causing the poisoning of farm animals - this undertaken in frequent collaboration with his wife, who independently demonstrated that bracken was also carcinogenic. For his outstanding contributions in both fields Evans was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1979, being used as a medium for scientific communication and served as his deep love of his homeland and pride in his native tongue. He Evans was of humble origins; his father worked as a stone-mason in the Dinorwig Slate Quarries. It was a Welsh-speaking environment and Evans did not begin to learn English until about ten years old. realised the importance for the survival of the Welsh language of its Throughout this collection are notes, drafts and letters attesting to Welsh scientist' which he had drafted for it shortly before he died. Honorary President of Y Gymdeithas Wyddonol Genedlaethol (the National Scientific Society), lectured and broadcast on scientific matters in therefore that following his death in 1988 the journal yY Gwyddonydd was to publish as his memorial an autobiographical 'Portrait of a Welsh and wrote for Welsh language publications. It was fitting C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION The material is presented in the order given in the List of The collection is particularly noteworthy for its full Contents. coverage of Evans's research. Section A, Biographical, is slight but includes a number of autobiographical accounts and the many letters of congratulation Evans received on his election as Fellow of the Royal Society. Section B, Leeds University, comprises a small amount of duplicated teaching material. Section C, University of Wales, consists chiefly of teaching material used by Evans and colleagues at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and UCNW, and applications, correspondence and reports relating to the financing of Evans's research through the There are also a number of drafts by Evans to UCNW. Section D, Research, is the largest in the collection. Nearly all aspects of Evans's research are well documented. In addition to notebooks used by Evans as an undergraduate, postgraduate notes and Service, there are extensive sequences of notes on Evans's later and the breakdown of aromatic compounds. There is also material material dating from Evans's wartime service in the Blood Transfusion research at Aberystwyth and Bangor on pasture plants, bracken toxicity 1970s and early 1980s. on the history of biochemistry in Wales with particular reference of wattle tannins. relating to a commercially funded research project on the degradation W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Section E, Publications, Lectures and Broadcasts, is chiefly drafts by Evans with related correspondence. It includes much Also in this section is unpublished work. and other teaching material originally belonging to AN Worden, Professor of Animal Health at Aberystwyth 1945-50. fascinating documentation of the teaching of veterinary science in It provides a collection of lectures London and Cambridge in the 1930s. There is a complete set of reprints of Evans's publications at E.131. Section F, Visits and Conferences, is a chronological sequence of material relating to visits made and conferences attended by Evans. This short section is dominated by the correspondence and papers from Evans's 1969 visit to the University of Khartoum, principally to give advice on the Department of Biochemistry and Soil Science there. Section G, Correspondence, contains few extended sequences of Much of the correspondence refers to specific research available and for her advice and encouragement, and to Dr G P Parry, University of Bath, for assistance with material in Welsh. We are very grateful to Dr I Antice Evans for making the manuscripts accounts of his current research. references and recommendations including material relating to his work correspondence. problems and many of Evans's letters therefore contain quite detailed The section also includes Evans's Bath 1990 material is retained in family hands. and memorabilia relating to Sir Almroth Wright including a boxed set of This includes Evans's Ph.D thesis calibrated glass capillary pipettes made by Wright. A Aittie Timothy E Powell Peter Harper as External Examiner for a number of universities. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL The Times obituary of Evans, 29 July 1988. ("Portrait of a Welsh Written by Evans shortly before his death 'Portreadau o Wyddonwyr o Gymru' scientist'). and published, with introductory and concluding paragraphs by I 26 (1988), W Williams, as Evans's Memorial in ¥ Gwyddonydd Curriculum vitae and list of contributions to science, 19 December 1974. of Evans to the Fellowship of the Royal Society. Prepared for R T Williams's nomination ‘Personal notes, which awakened interest in biochemistry', February 1985. Evans's account of his life to 1946. 1983 and nd, including Entries for Who's Who and Who's Who in Europe, nd. Autobiographical accounts, 1979, accounts in Welsh. Bibliographies arranged chronologically, 1975 mentary lists 1976-78 and 1979-88) and by subject, 1975. ‘Brilliant Bethel Brothers', a photocopy of cutting from local paper ca. 1946-50 recording the achievements of Evans and his elder brother, Harry. E Wright. Photographs of Evans, including that reproduced in 'Portreadau o Wyddonwyr o Gymru' Photographs of others including H F G Hopkins, K J P Orton and A (with supple- (Ae2)%s H Dale, FC Happold, W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Biographical Election to Fellowship of the Royal Society, March 1979. Correspondence re candidature, 1974-78. See also A.3. Correspondence with Royal Society following election; cutting from local Welsh language paper. Letters of congratulation A.13 Ai='G A.14 H-M A.15 A.16 Nowey First name and unidentified Retirement, October 1979. Bangor Gazette, pp.15-16. October 1979. Tribute to Evans at correspondence Correspondence with D of the Department of Biochemistry and Soil Science, and others re post-retirement activities. W Ribbons, Evans's successor as head Letters, cards etc., expressing good wishes; re retirement Dinner Party. Honorary Presidency. Invitation (accepted) to become Honorary President of Y Gymdeithas Wyddonol Genedlaethol Society) 24 March 1980; information sheets etc., 1980-81. from Y Cymro, 22 July 1980, re Evans's election to the (The National Scientific miscellaneous programmes of events, Also includes cutting C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Biographical Material re Harry Evans, elder brother. Correspondence 1960-83. Obituaries and tributes, 1983. Social and personal correspondence. Aw25 1969275 A. 26 1981-82 A.24 1976-79 Peds 1983-87 and nd A.25 1980 Miscellaneous memorabilia. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 SECTION B UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS Evans was Demonstrator, later Lecturer, in Biochemistry in the Leeds Physiology Department 1937-40. Contents of Evans's folder. Duplicated typescript sheets on physiology and biochemistry for physiology students, 1937-38. 'The carbohydrates' etc., paginated 1-36. ‘Volumetric analysis' etc., paginated 37-71. "Histology class sheets', 'Experiments on sense organs’. "Blood, circulation and respiration’. ‘Estimation of blood gases', for 'Senior Practical Course figures from ‘League of Nations Joint Reports' on nutrition. experiments on adaptation Autumn Term'; ‘Honours Physiology 1938 (Biochem. Practical work)'. Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed. Duplicated typescript sheets on ‘vitamins’, typescript notes on amino acid synthesis for 'B.Sc Honours Physiology ... 1938-39'. notes of procedures for experiments etc. Physiology examination papers 1932-38, ms and typescript W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 SECTION C UNIVERSITY OF WALES In 1946 Evans was appointed Special Lecturer in Biochemistry in the Department of Animal Health, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. He was appointed Professor of Agricultural Chemistry at University College of North Wales (UCNW) Bangor in 1951, succeeding G W Robinson. Under Evans the Department of Agricultural Chemistry was expanded considerably to become the Department of Biochemistry and Soil Science. Ce Le Cs10 Aberystwyth Cries C.53 Bangor ABERYSTWYTH Wales 1935-36'. Most pages not used. At the back is a list Identical hardback notebook containing duplicated typescript sheets, principally on bacteria. The first sheet is a specimen 'Farm Inspection Report' for the University College of Wales. Most pages not used. Hardback notebook containing from the front duplicated typescript sheets for ‘Practical dairy bacteriology 1936-37' and 'Fungi (moulds and yeasts) of dairy products', and duplicated ms figures for 'Accredited milk producers: of biological terms in English for some of which Evans has found a Welsh equivalent. Most pages not used. Bound volume inscribed on first page '... Davies' but later stamped 'Biochemistry Section Dr W Chas Evans'. Contains typescript test techniques, almost all relating to dairying procedures, 1940-42. 'Resazurin solution', 'Catalase test on bulk or udder the taking of churn rinsings'. milk', Examples include ‘Technique for C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 University of Wales ‘Biochemical variation in the blood and milk of dairy Talk to Department of Animal cattle' by A Health Staff Conference 28 October 1945. W Davies. 8pp typescript. O pocket notebook with thumb index inscribed on front S cover 'W Ch. Evans'. results, costs etc. on first page to '15th Annual Report of [Irish] Minister for Agriculture 1945-46'. . Contains notes on experimental Most pages not used. Reference ‘Investigations on the bacteriology of milk by.c. V Chandra Sekhar, U.C.W. original binder. Retained in June 1946. C Evans. Theoretical. '46-47'. Report to the Standing Committee (on Latest bibliographical reference 1946. Duplicated ms class sheets for Organic chemistry ‘Final Course. 'Programme of microbiological ... work (R.A.Evans) '. Incomplete typescript draft of proposed 'study of the B-vitamin complex and other growth factors, and of their Includes reference to work occurrence in animal food'. of the Biochemistry Section of the Department of Animal Health on analyses of strains of grasses and clovers, under W ‘University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, Department of Animal Health. Research Affecting Animals) of the Agricultural Research Includes report on the work Council', 15 November 1947. 'The chemical composition of herbage’. of Evans's team on Socialist Society pamphlet, 1947. ‘Nid byd byd heb wybodaeth. anniversary University College of Wales, Aberystwyth". of Looking ahead on the 75th C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 University of Wales Typescript lecture notes for ‘Subsidiary course' covering "Elementary biochemistry & physiology with sufficient anatomy of the farm animals, leading to animal nutrition’. Includes ‘War Material found with the lecture notes. Food Production and The Future of British Agriculture' Dairy Farmer, December 1940. by Sir George Stapledon, C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 University of Wales Cell §C.30 Teaching Coal =. Cx 36 Funding of Evans's research C3 7.c— C53 General correspondence and papers Teaching Cell Ms and typescript outlines of Agricultural Chemistry course, one inscribed ‘Starting 15th October 1951'; text of Agricultural Chemistry lecture 1 'Biochemistry & Nutrition'; course for 'Final Honours in Agricultural Chemistry'; typescript ‘experiments’. list of experiments for Soil Science practical typescript Biochemistry & Nutrition. Xmas 1955.' 'Ruminant metabolism' ‘Rumen bacteria'; 'Principal ‘Terminal results. Material found in envelope so inscribed. Three University of Wales examination booklets containing Evans's ms notes, probably for lectures: and ‘Microbiology of the Rumen'; differences between higher animals and higher plants' and ‘Bacteria’. of Biochemistry and Agricultural Biochemistry (c 1959). University of Wales examination booklet so ‘Courses’. inscribed containing ms notes on Agricultural Chemistry courses 1959-60. outline of course in biochemistry and animal physiology - part 1', Chemistry courses at UCNW for T 1958, typescript note on plan of Agricultural Latest bibliographical reference 1957. At the back are loose papers re ‘Proposed W Goodwin, Professor-elect of C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 University of Wales 'Courses'. Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed. Includes notes on courses offered to students at Reading University Faculty of Agriculture, "Suggested experiments to illustrate physiology course', Honours in Psychology and Philosophy Part TTL to J Yudkin, Letter 21 January 1963, re courses in nutrition. outline of ‘Joint Papers re proposed changes to Biochemistry and Soil Science syllabus, 1965-66. Papers re possible reorganisation of second year courses, 1969-70. Duplicated typescript class notes for Biochemistry and Soil Science practicals, 1975-81. Multi-enzyme systems’. These belonged to M "Section I: introduction', ‘part I systems’. (1976-77) Part I practicals 1975-76. Basic techniques '. Part I practicals 1975-76. C Patel and are annotated by him. 'Notes on course I practicals (Oct - Nov 1975)'. bio-molecules'. Multi-enzyme (oxidation reduction) Multi-enzyme (oxidation reduction) Unit 2: the bio-molecules'. Unit 1: basic techniques’. ‘part practicals 1980/1 Unit 2: "Part I practicals 1978-79 "Part I systems', (1978-79) 'Part practicals 1978/9 W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 University of Wales "Forest Zoology - Insects’. inscribed. Contents of a folder so The folder belonged to J typescript class sheets on beatles, moths, bugs etc., 1975-76. F Jones and contains duplicated ‘Biochemistry of methane formation', for lecture to Honours Class. November 1976. Probably first delivered (The date is whited out on this draft). typescript notes Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed: ‘Lectures’. "Notes for lecture course "Introduction to microbiology" by P teaching material. 'The Nitrogen cycle'; miscellaneous A Williams; Nd. = Ci27 C30 ‘Mid ‘(L), tOrganie manures”. ‘Dairy chemistry'. Duplicated typescript instructions for experiments, nd. Ms and typescript notes and drafts probably used for biochemistry lectures, Typescript outlines of courses in Agricultural Geology and Subsidiary Soil Science, nd. etc. ‘Introduction to Part I'; biochemistry', aspects of biochemistry’. "Feeding expts & determination of digestibility'; "Bone'; ‘Mammary gland & milk secretion’; ‘Historical and philosophical ‘History of development of nd. 8pp ms; C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 University of Wales ‘Enzymes and metabolism' script versions); ‘Comparative nutrition’. (two slightly different type- Funding of Evans's research C.32 Agricultural Research Council 1979, 1982 1979 grant was for ‘Identification of the active principle in the common bracken plant which causes bright blindness in sheep'; problem of the toxicity of bracken fern to farm animals ' 1982 application for grant to study 'the Royal Society 1980, 1986 1973) =". (B82 O Lunt. Application, draft reports. Science Research Council (SRC) Grant for study of 'Biochemistry of the anaerobic 1977-81. metabolism of aromatic compounds by micro-organisms' by Evans and R J Bryant (later MT Balba). Grants for ‘research into the toxicity of bracken to animals’. Grant for study of 'Microbial metabolism and 1973-76. biochemistry of naturally occurring aromatic compounds’ by Evans and D Material re Physico-Chemical Measurements Unit. Application, correspondence, reports. c.34 1976 C235 1977-81 1978-82. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 University of Wales General correspondence and papers CEs, G W Robinson, Professor of Agricultural Obituaries of 1950. Chemistry at UCNW 1926-50. in five months', Science Congress, NZ, February 1949, which he attended as Royal Society delegate, and of his journey to and from the Congress. Robinson's account of the 7th Pacific Also includes ‘Round the World Hardback volume, labelled ‘Department of Biochemistry 1952-58. and Soil Science', used to record withdrawal and return of items from the departmental library February 1952 - December 1958, and once in 1963. Most pages unused. Report on activities of the School of Agriculture 19533 (including Department of Agricultural Chemistry) and Department of Forestry, April. Includes letter from Evans to research students Brochure for the ‘Opening of the Animal Nutrition Programmes for botanical and zoological expedition 1963. to Guyana by UCNW students and staff. 1970. dissatisfied with the distribution of research grants within the department. 1964. Building of the Department of Biochemistry and Soil Science', 3 December. scientific services for rescue archaeology. Includes brief correspondence, July 1976, re 1973-76. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 University of Wales Includes Evans's llpp typescript draft on 1977-78. history of biochemistry and agricultural chemistry in UK, particularly at UCNW, August 1977. 1978-79 s 1980. Evans for J Material re history of department assembled by G Williams, Professor of Welsh History at UCNW. See also C.48. Includes brochure for centenary of UCNW 1884-1984. 1980-84. A photograph of Evans with colleagues (including I and students is at p.35. A Evans) C250 1973-76 draft of ‘Some initial thoughts on the Biochemistry and Soil Science, 1973-88. Material re history of biochemistry at UCNW and 1985. other colleges in the University of Wales assembled by Evans for T W Goodwin's ‘History of the Biochemical Society’. Correspondence re requests to study in the Department of Ms notes on ‘Activities of the Dept. of Biochemistry & Nd. Soil Science'; future of soil science at Bangor'. 1978-88 C252 1977 Aug-Dec CooL 1977 Jan-July C255 W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 SECTION D RESEARCH De+1 =D. 193 Undergraduate and Postgraduate Blood Transfusion Service Bracken Animal Nutrition Aromatic Ring Wattle Miscellaneous Bibliographical List of theses supervised by Evans UNDERGRADUATE AND POSTGRADUATE Evans was an undergraduate at University College of North Wales, His postgraduate studies were at UCNW, Bangor, 1929-33 studying chemistry (1929-32) and for his Teachers Training Diploma (1932-33). 1933-34, and Manchester University, 1934-37, studying organic chemistry He was preceded at Bangor by and physiological chemistry respectively. his older brother Harry Evans (studying Botany 1925-28, Teachers Training Diploma 1928-29) who passed some of his notebooks on to his younger brother. 71926-27% Notebook inscribed on front cover ‘IInd Botany and 'Rafflecsia Arnoldi', Notebook Harry Evans' used from the front and the back. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Exercise book labelled on front cover 'lst Yr physics W. Charles Evans U.C.N.W. Notes’. Maidstone from October 1929. Contains notes on lectures given by PA Electricity + Magnetism Sketchbook used for anatomical sketches of animals, 1930. carried out 1938. At the back are notes on experiments on casein Most pages not used. Loose leaf notebook labelled ‘Organic Hons Stereo- chemistry Contains lecture notes and notes on the literature. Dr Bradfield'. Used from January 1932. Three notebooks originally used by Harry Evans when studying for the Teachers Training Diploma 1928-29. W C Evans took the same course 1932-33. ‘History of Education’. ‘Theory of Education l'. ‘Theory of Education 2'. The book lacks a back cover. Evans, 1934 Manchester Univ.' ‘Physiology. of Evans's folder so inscribed: notes on lectures, which apparently later formed the basis for lectures at the University of Leeds (see D.13). 4 folders. Ms notes on'Physiology lectures 2nd M.B.course 1934' (given by H S Raper) paginated 1-199. Contents W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Ms notes on lectures on ‘Central nervous system' (given by Schlapp) paginated 1-40. Ms notes on 'Blood' paginated 1-6, paginated 1-9, (on Leeds University paper) paginated 1-4, unpaginated ms notes on blood and Leeds University Physiology examination paper for 11 September 1939. 'Blood and lymph carriage of blood gases' 'Haemoglobin' Ms notes on blood gases paginated 1-8, Evans's register of attendance at his lectures or seminars on 'Thursdays. 12 noon'. Physiology Department Leaves at front and Notebook inscribed inside front cover 'Biochemistry Notes. W Charles Evans 1934 - Vict [ oria ] Univ. Manchester’. back have been removed, most pages are unused. Contains notes on ‘Bacterial growth factors' from 1934, and notes (some loose) on experiments from 1946. Loose material at back dates from Evans's service in the inoculation department of St Mary's Hospital, Paddington 1944-46. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research BLOOD TRANSFUSION SERVICE Evans was Director of the Blood Transfusion Laboratories, Region No. 2, Leeds from 1940 to 1944, when he moved to the Inoculation Department of St Mary's Hospital Medical School Paddington. However, all the material appears to derive from Evans's period at Leeds. ‘Human plasma for issue to Transfusion depots by W Charles Evans. September 1940'. Notes on routine methods - Material so labelled found clipped together. Specimen 'Record of blood plasma transfusions’. 2pp typescript. 3 Evans remarks - all of these came under "classified" Papers for the Medical Research Council. "Technique for the bacterial filtration of plasma', with J + figures. H Blackburn, 18 March 1942. 4pp duplicated typescript ‘Report on recent "cloudiness" phenomena in plasma after bacterial filtration' by Evans. In his curriculum vitae at A. ‘Several papers on various aspects were submitted by me to the MRC information and never saw the light of day'. draft + plan. 'The prevention of excessive caramelisation of glucose- sodium citrate solutions sterilised in bulk', with E Thorley and C McLeod, nd. ‘Observations on Kaolin plasma‘, nd. typescript. ‘Blood science and Humanity' by Evans, nd. 5pp ms 3pp duplicated 2pp duplicated typescript. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Research S.0.Notebook inscribed 'Plasma record book' and 'Notes on blood clotting W.Ch. Evans'. results of filtration and sterility tests 1941 and for notes on the literature and results of experiments, and from the back for notes on blood coagulation. Used from the front for S.O. Notebook inscribed 'Plasma work record', ‘Sterility tests' and 'Literature notes on blood clotting’. from the front for 2pp of notes on the preparation of dried plasma, and from the back for notes on the liter- ature of blood. Latest bibliographical reference 1942. Used S.O. Exercise book inscribed 'J H Blackburn Notes on coagulation of blood'. on techniques (Blackburn) and results of experiments (Evans), and from the back for notes on electrodes (Blackburn). Some material is dated 1942. Used from the front for notes The breakdown of Latest The plans and photograph are retained in their original envelope. Ms notes on 'The Nagler reaction. Lipo protein complexes by bacterial toxins'. bibliographical reference 1942. Plans and photograph of automatic burette designed by Evans, with letter from Regional Blood Transfusion Service Manchester re the plans, 14 April 1943. 1943. S.O. Book inscribed ‘Serum consignment record. sent each week, and serum in hand' and ‘Record of consignments to the R.N. Blood Transfusion Lab... W. Charles Evans'. sent to the Royal Navy 22 June 1943 - and on inside of front cover a record of the total number of U.G.B.s sent in 1943. Kaolin-Plasma consignments sent to the MRC drying plant, Serum Contains detailed records of serum 15 February 1944 At the back are records of C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Two slightly different versions of 'Broadcast speech by Dr WS Stanbury, Regional Blood Transfusion Officer in the "Health Magazine" feature' broadcast on the BBC Home Service 11 June 1943, describing the work of the Service. ‘Science Service' report from Washington, 2 March 1944, on the discovery of the molecular machinery involved in blood clotting by K Bailey, W and Evans. T Astbury, K M Rudall ‘Sam's Transfusion’. Blood Volunteers, nd. Poem urging people to become Miscellaneous background material. Reprints 1940-43. of War Medicine September 1940. Includes vol.1 of the MRC's Bulletin Ministry of Health Office Regulations MRC War Memorandum No.1 on 'The treatment of 1940, Emergency Medical Services Memorandum Medical Research Council Blood Transfusion Research Committee papers 1941-43. Not a complete sequence. HMSO publications: June 1940, wound shock' No.5 on ‘Oxygen Administration' 1940, and War Office instructions on resuscitation equipment, organisation etc., June 1941. 2 folders. Blood Transfusion Service Formulary, instructions for operation of equipment etc. D..29,,.De30 Duplicated typescript sheets on transfusion, plasma etc. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Three Blood Transfusion Service posters issued by the Ministry of Health encouraging people to become donors. ‘your war service Blood is life donors wanted' ‘Blood donors are needed urgently to save lives'. ‘On the road to recovery thanks to you blood donor’. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Papers for Agricultural Research Council Bracken Control conferences 1943-50, and associated material. W Robinson, Evans's predecessor The papers belonged to G as Professor of Agricultural Chemistry at UCNW, who died in. L950. 4 folders. DesO5 eb. 37, ‘Poisoning’. Contents of Evans's folder so labelled: correspondence and papers re cattle bracken poisoning 1949-52. Correspondence with British Leather Manufacturers' Research Association, J Roche Products Ltd (F Bergel) and others. C Somogyi, Di 397i,D.57 2 folders. ‘Thiamine etc. Bracken'. Contents of Evans's box file so labelled. E Hughes, E T R Evans Ms and typescript notes. Agricultural Research Council papers on bracken poisoning of animals 1950-51. D.39 is the ARC Bracken Poisoning Report by L and W C Evans, September 1951. Retained in original binder. "Resume of the bracken problem, including a brief appreciation of programme for 1950', found with: it. E ‘Some aspects of upland bracken control' by ACA Grenfell. June 1950. Dissertation for ‘Honours in Agriculture', the facts established, and contemplated Describes work done by L E Hughes, T R Evans and WC Evans. 5pp typescript. With ms notes W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Correspondence, January-February 1951, with H xe analyses of bracken extracts. N Ridyard Correspondence, 1953, from N W Pirie, Rothamsted Experimental Station, re pig-bracken experiments; Evans's costings of experiments on pigs. D.44 - D.46 Notes on the literature and experiments. 3 folders. ‘Male fern data'. Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed. Ms and typescript notes on experiments carried out "Bracken clinical'. labelled. Contents of Evans's folder so Brief correspondence 1955, 1958; notes (some on Leeds University paper). typescript and ms Ms and typescript notes including ‘Identity of the bovine bracken poison' summarising the literature on the subject. 1959-62. ‘Studies in bracken poisoning. 5pp typescript + diagrams; on calves since April 1959', 1-12 L962); April-August 1959', ‘Experiments carried out typescript draft paginated (pp9-12 are ‘Animal experiments from September sete. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Ms notes and graphs on 'Calf Expt. Oct 7 1959'. ‘Attempts to isolate a toxic factor from Bracken', account of experiments carried out April - August 1960, by G Threlfall. Ms and typescript notes on experiments to isolate the bracken factor responsible for poisoning cattle, 1960-61. Information on the antihistamine vetibenzamine and its use in treating cattle bracken poisoning sent to R E Axford, May 1963. F work carried out ikon "Report of D cattle bracken poisoning ]) during the tenure of a University of Wales Fellowship', J Humphreys 1963-65. - ms and typescript Contents D.55 = Dos July-August 1969'. Includes bibliography 1949-72. ‘Alkaloids’. material re the synthesis of pyrimidine - 4c - labelled thiamine, 1971-73. Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed: "Bracken Toxin Purific. of Evans's folder so inscribed: notes, graphs etc re experiments carried out to isolate the 'bracken factor' and determine its chemical structure, 1969-72. 3 folders. Typescript notes on the chemical structure of bracken With ms notes, graphs toxin, and figures found with them dated 1969, 1970. January and May 1972. 4 folders. D.60 - D.62 C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research ‘Cattle bracken poisoning expts.' folder so inscribed: graphs, 1978. ms and typescript notes and Contents of Evans's Papers re ‘Experiments towards the isolation and chemical characterisation of cattle bracken poison', Ph.D. thesis by MC Patel. Following undergraduate study at UCNW Patel undertook research under the supervision of Evans and R 1978-81. The thesis was submitted in early 1982. F E Axford, The material consists of Patel's notes, results of experiments and draft chapters, with a few typescript and ms notes by Evans. 13 folders. D.68 D.69 D.70 1980 1980 D.64 D.65 D.73 D.74 1978 1979 Dore Dite ‘1980/81 1979 1979 1981 1981 D.66 D.67 January - June July - December January - August September - December 'Haem[ otology ] graphs' Haemotology graphical results' 1982 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) D.75 D.76 1981 1981 1981 W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Research ‘Investigation on the identification of the active principle in the common bracken plant which causes bright blindness in sheep', 4pp type- script, latest bibliographical reference 1979. by Evans. Notebook labelled '1981. principle. Evans’. Laboratory notes. Cattle bracken poisoning Em. Prof W Charles Contains notes on experiments, etc. intercalated material including haemotology data on individual calves. 9 September 1981 - 13 August 1985. plans for experiments With loose T Contents of Evans's ‘Expts on the cattle bracken-poisoning principle'. Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed: ms and typescript notes, 1982-83. Refers to work done with C McMorris and K-M E Ng. See also E.66, G.29-G.32. Material on toxicity of Illudin-S and other compounds ‘Material for Illudin paper'. folder so inscribed. to calves, 1984-85. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 ANIMAL NUTRITION Research "Recommendations with regard to methods of investigation of nutrition. Committee for co-ordination of methods of survey in liberated territories', The Standing Advisory Prepared by: August 1945. "Swayback investigations: lead and certain other elements on the blood copper of sheep' the influence of ingested S Ferguson, January 1946. by W Thumb-index notebook used from A-E principally for notes on analysis of cows' milk and from Z-S for notes on the literature of alkaloid poisoning of animals. Latest bibliographical reference 1946. detailing research carried out in Latest bibliographical reference 'The composition and nutritive value of grassland herbage', Evans). Latest bibliographical reference 1946. 35pp typescript report on research (not by Typescript draft beginning 'Since its inception the Welsh Plant Breeding Station [ Aberystwyth ] has succeeded in developing pedigree strains of grasses and clovers...' association with the Biochemistry Section of the Aberystwyth Department of Animal Health under the leadership of Evans. 1946. dated 1946 and 1947. ‘Minute Book' notes on experiments on grass, May - October 1946. Loose correspondence and notes at front and back Ms notes and figures, not all in Evans's hand, on carotene in herbage (chiefly alfalfa). reference 1946. paginated 1-260 used ppl-20 only for Latest C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Ms notes (not in Evans's hand) titled 'National Institute for Research in Dairying, on the literature Shinfield 15-5-47'. Notebook inscribed on first page 'Casual Sample Analyses’ containing notes in several hands on results of analyses of samples of animal blood, faeces, liver etc., 1947-48. "Leaf protein’. Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed. Correspondence, 1947, 1952-54, with colleagues at Rowett Research Station, Grassland Research Station, etc., chiefly re leaf protein. Ms notes on 'Nitrogeneous components of grasses and clovers'. Miscellaneous typescript and ms notes and drafts on analysis of grasses and clovers, protein etc., 1947, 1949 and nd. extraction of leaf Latest 'Working directions for the estimation of carotene’, duplicated typescript paginated 3-14 + figures. bibliographical reference 1950. 'The extraction of protein constituents from herbage plants and their nutritional significance’ by WH Parr. retained in original folder. Che Ack Cin April 1Lo>lT. Ms notes on research in organic acids of certain grasses and clovers carried out 'since the Report submitted to University of Wales Ph.D. thesis 1951, C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Papers for Agricultural Research Council meetings on the extraction of leaf protein, 1952-53. attended these meetings. Evans 5 folders. Miscellaneous material. of leaf protein at Rothamsted' 5pp typescript draft 'The de-fiberisation of plant leaves (particularly pasture plants), and the subsequent separation of a high protein fraction. Includes 'The manufacture 10 October 1955 and C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 AROMATIC RING Research Physics Notebook, inscribed on first page ‘The bacterial metabolism of aromatic compounds. and R 6 September 1948 - graphs of results. 15 July 1952. Contains results of experiments A Evans’. Includes intercalated WH Parr D.103 -)D:106 ‘Soil microbes and aromatic ring fission'. of Evans's box file so labelled. Contents D. 103: = D. 105 Ms and typescript notes on the metabolism of aromatic compounds (principally tyrosine) by bacteria, 1950-52. brief correspondence Includes results of experiments, and lp typescript draft 'Homogentisic acid an inter- mediate in the metabolism of tyrosine by the aromatic ring splitting micro-organisms' by Evans, J and B W Smith. D Jones S 3 folders. Sketchpad used principally for notes for talks on ‘Bacterial breakdown of aromatic rings' and 'Bacterial breakdown of aromatic compounds’. At the front are loose unidentified paper chromatographs. Many loose pages. F Metz, nd. 8pp ms notes dated 17 May 1956 on ‘Biological degradation of phenols III. reduction of catechol by Oospora moulds', by S Landa and J EliaSek; per acetic acid’ by J Boesaken and C 'The oxidisation of certain phenols by Intermediates in the biological C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research 'A RC Report May 1959. "Microbial pathways A[romatic] R[ ing] metabolism’. includes Contents of Evans's folder so labelled: Breakdown of ms draft of 2°4*D by soil micro-organisms' typescript draft 'The oxidative metabolism of nitro-phenols R Simpson, report by soil micro-organisms' by Evans and J on visit by representatives of Monsanto Chemicals Ltd re microbial detoxification of detergents, and miscellaneous ms and typescript notes. (not by Evans), incomplete E J Pettet, Water Pollution Research Laboratory, Letter from A Stevenage, re anaerobic breakdown of aromatic ring compounds, With ms note and particularly phenol, 30 January 1961. diagrams on a plant for the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge. 'Napthalene work Dec. 1961 - é D.111-D.114 Devi? :D.113 Ms and typescript notes so titled, latest reference 1966. 'H,H.B. [Hexahydrobenzoate ] microbial metabolism' and ‘Syntheses’. Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed. Miscellaneous ms and typescript notes, some dated 1967 and 1968. Correspondence, 1968, principally with Kodak Ltd re orders of chemicals. the reduction of benzoate, done 1968-69. Two sets of spectrophotometric analyses, dated 1956-57 and 1959-61. Typescript notes on the work of P J Whittle, chiefly on C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Deal 6D <1 17, Ms notes and graphs on shikimic acid metabolism by ruminant bacteria, not all in Evans's hand. bibliographical reference 1970. Latest 2 folders. Typescript notes principally on napthalene oxidation. Latest reference 1970. Detlo-D. La Correspondence and papers re study of the degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), 1970-72. This study of the biodegradation of PCBs was undertaken in collaboration with Monsanto Chemicals Ltd., who manufactured these materials. outline of summary of work to April Correspondence with Monsanto 1970-71; proposed research May 1970; E913 C&C. Agenda for 4th meeting of PCB Discussion Group, London, 9 May 1972; photocopy of draft 'Biodegradation studies of PCBs’. Two different drafts of 'The degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls by micro-organisms' by H A Vodden and R A Lidgett, prepared for the PCB Discussion Group meeting. Not all in Evans's hand. Ms notes and spectrophotometric analyses of the action of tyrosinase on tyrosine, dopa and 6-hydroxydopa, 1974. ‘Sulphate reducing bacteria (desulfovibrios) M Balba & Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed: W C Evans'. ms notes. Latest reference 1973. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Notebook used (?by S Tewfik) for notes on experiments, the literature etc., principally on the culture of anaerobic rumen bacteria, April 1975 - November 1977. Ms and typescript notes and graphs on the degradation The results of the research into of asulam, 1975-78. asulam by Evans, M T Balba and MR Khan were published in Biochem. Soc. Trans. 7 (1979). 405-407. 4 folders. List of ‘Cultures (Viable and freeze dried) October 1976'. -L25=D.128 3O);,D.sl ca So ‘U/V spectra’. results of ultraviolet spectrophotometry 1976-77. Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed: 2 folders. Contents of Evans's folder so ms notes and results of ultraviolet spectro- -133,D.134 Notebooks kept by R J Bryant, research assistant, 1977. "Phenoxyacetic acid'. inscribed: photometry 1976 and 1977. "Laboratory Notebook' used from 1 January 1977 principally for notes on experiments on Rhodopseudomonas species. April 1977. ‘Laboratory diary of expts, day-to-day growing records' used from autumn 1977 principally for notes on experiments on Rhodopseudomonas palustris. removed towards the back. Evans's typescript note on 'clearing up‘ experiments to be done by Balba, April 1977, and other instructions for Balba found with it. ‘Enzymology of the aromatic reductive pathway', Some leaves have been C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research "Recipes' for mediums for photosynthetic bacteria sent to Evans November 1977. "Genetics and biochemistry of TOL plasmids in pseudomonas. A joint application to the Science Research Council by Peter A Williams and Paul Broda', 1977. Annotated by Evans ‘Aromatic ring file’. Notebook used by M methanogenic fermentation of aromatic substrates' published in Biochem. Soc. Trans. With many loose pages. T Balba for rough draft of 'The 5 (1977) , 302-304. Account of research on the methanogenesis of aromatic substrates, 1 February 1978. .-140-D.153 '3, 4 -144,D.145 The graphs 'Protocatechic acid'. - dihydroxyphenylacetic'. The material is retained in original folders Evans's series of folders containing spectrophotometric analyses of the bacterial metabolism of various aromatic substrates. which are inscribed with the title of the compound under investigation and sometimes with other information (date of experiment, source of material etc.) are dated 1978 and 1979. 2 folders. 'D - catechin'. ‘Tyrosine’. '2, 4, 6 - trihydroxybenzoic acid’. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research 'Phenol'. '3, 4 - dihydroxydihydrocinnamic acid'. "Ferrolic acid'. 'Shikimic acid'. PBenZOLc “acid;: . ‘o hydroxybenzoic acid'. ‘p hydroxybenzoic acid'. ‘L-tryptophan'. Brief correspondence and notes chiefly re the conversion of benzene and other hydrocarbons to cis-dihydrodiols by Pseudomonas putida 39/D, February -— September 1979. Notes on electrophilic aromatic substitution, including ‘Points from discussion with Dr Marshall March 14th 1979'. ms notes 1979-80. 'A re-investigation of the metabolic pathway of phenyl- alanine, phenylacetate, phenyl propionate’. Evans's folder so inscribed: and spectrophotometric analyses, "Aerobic degradation of flavanoid'. folder so inscribed: Contents of ms and typescript notes March, April 1979. Contents of Evans's C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research Microanalyses of DL-pyroglutamic acid methyl ester and C-pyroglutamic acid methyl ester, September 1982. A4 writing pad containing M on solvent systems and photographs of the results, nd. T Balba's notes on experiments 'Hexanoic/hexenoic acids'. Ms notes so titled, not in Evans's hand, nd. ‘Synthesis of intermediates which might degrade biphenyl after dihydroxylation by the "ortho" pathway'. and graphs so titled, not in Evans's hand, Ms notes nd. ‘Ideas on the anaerobic metabolism of aromatic ring compounds', 5pp typescript, nd. "Ph.D. thesis. nd. D.163-D.166 nd. ‘Upon B, B' dihydroxyadipic acid', 5pp typescript. ‘Isolation of micro-organism', 8pp ms notes, nd. Mr Peter John Chapman', llpp typescript, "Report on piperonylic acid metabolic system', 9pp typescript, nd. "Methanogenesis...or anaerobic metabolism of aromatics’, 5pp ms notes, nd. 4 folders. Miscellaneous ms and typescript notes, graphs, diagrams co. , C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research D.167,D.168 Infra-red spectrograms, nd. Z2exvouls. Two graphs inscribed 'Sewage sludge on phenol', and "Methylated acidic fraction from phenol culture' and "Acidic fraction from P-oH benzoate sample', nd. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 WATTLE Research Evans was asked to undertake research into the microbial metabolism of wattle tannins by the Research Advisory Committee of the African Territories Wattle Industry Fund (ATWIF) Ltd. The Committee was interested in the 'problem of the removal of the non-tans from wattle extract by fermentation, and the much more complex project of the enzymic breakdown of the tannins'. Evans agreed, seeing it as an extension of his work on the microbial metabolism of phenolic compounds of natural origin. Terms were agreed in January 1963. D.170-D.173 Correspondence, 1962-76. De1L7o Principally with ATWIF and Wattle Research D.174-D.176 Principally re samples. 1966. Re fungal cultures attacking wattle tannin. 1962. With Monsanto Chemicals Ltd and ATWIF re terms. BS63. Institute, University of Natal, re samples of wattle bark, wattle extract and soil. July 1963, October 1963, March 1964. Progress reports on wattle research at UCNW 1963-71. Not a complete sequence. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Research February 1965, September 1965. March 1967, April 1968, May 1969, June 1970, December 1971. Drafts on the bacterial metabolism of taxifolin and D-catechin bearing on work on aerobic bacterial metabolism of wattle tannins, 1968, 1969. 'RAPRA [ Rubber and Plastics Research Association ] Univ. of Sheffield (Tannin separation) '. Evans's folder so inscribed: graphy analyses of catechin, taxifolin, tannins etc., June, November 1971. gel permeation chromato- and Contents of Includes ‘Degradation of Mimosa Background information. extract into smaller molecules, especially polyphenols and polyphenol carboxylic acids', report for African Territories Wattle Industry Publicity Fund Ltd., December 1961. Miscellaneous graphs and analyses. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 MISCELLANEOUS Research ‘Adrenaline’. brief correspondence from H adrenaline, last bibliographical reference 1940. S Raper 1938, ms notes on Contents of Evans's folder so inscribed: Brief correspondence with National Coal Board, 1955-56, re 'possible research on biological attack on coal and impurities in coal’. 'Purther notes on the formation and fractionation of humic acid', 6pp typescript, latest bibliographical reference 1957. 1l3pp typescript draft inscribed ‘J Mason', "Fixation of nutrients in soils', latest bibliographical reference 1960. llpp typescript draft, ‘Sheep biochemical genetics'. folder so labelled: "Results of blood typing of sheep', 5-9 December 1960. typescript sheets recording Contents of Evans's S.0. pocket notebook used principally for bibliographical references 1967-70. 'The electrical double layer and its effects on soil properties', latest bibliographical reference 1960. nd. 12pp typescript draft (first page missing) on medieval agriculture by M Whitney, US Bureau of Soils, "Test of genetic equilibrium (Hardy-Weinberg) ', 4pp typescript, nd. 'Bright-blindness expt. folder so inscribed: 1974, not in Evans's hand. Results'. Contents of Evans's results of experiments carried out Most pages are unused. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL Research Lists of Evans's collection of reprints and unpublished papers by himself and others, organised by topic. The papers were numbered and Evans indicated on the lists whether the papers were to hand. Where they were not, a separate list of missing papers was drawn up. The set of lists is not complete. List of papers on aromatic rings, 1108 items. List of missing papers on aromatic rings. List of papers on pesticides, phenolics, 114 items. 203 items and plant LIST OF THESES SUPERVISED BY EVANS List of Ph.D and M.Sc theses completed under Evans's Lists of missing papers on bracken, animal biochemistry, enzymology etc. supervision 1948-82. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 SECTION E PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES AND BROADCASTS Eel = EF. 131 Publications Lectures Broadcasts Lectures by others Reprints Drafts Editorial correspondence PUBLICATIONS Bo by 2 E T R Evans. Drafts Nature 164 (1949), 30-31. 4pp typescript; ms notes, chiefly on alkaloid plants. ‘Poisoning of farm animals by the Marsh Ragwort (Senecio aquaticus Huds.) - isolation of a toxic alkaloid', with Papers for Ragwort Advisory Committee meeting, 4 March 1949. Includes copy of 'Ragwort Control in Pembrokeshire', a report compiled for the National Agricultural Advisory Service following trials carried out in 1948. Duplicated typescript ‘extract’. ‘The production of "Bracken Staggers" in the Horse, and its treatment by vitamin B., therapy', with H E Veterinary Record 61 (27 August 1949), 549-550. E Roberts and R Evans. T C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts 'The mechanism of the anti-aneurin activity of Bracken R Jones (Pteris aquilina) a plant thiaminase', with N and R Biochem. J. 47 (1950), xii. A Evans. 2pp typescript. ‘Chemistry of the oxidative metabolism of aromatic compounds by micro-organisms', with BS W Smith, R Nature 168 (1951), 772-775. J P Linstead and A Elvidge. Correspondence only, with Linstead, April-July L951). 'The biological values and digestibilities of some grasses clovers and lucerne, and protein preparations from young and mature species, by the Thomas-Mitchell method using rats', with M Davies and WH Parr, Biochem. J. 52 (M952), xxiid: 3lpp ms ‘first draft' 37pp typescript + refs. tables on the biological background This is a longer version of the preceding paper 2pp typescript with ms correction; values and digestibilities of grasses etc; information. 'The biological values and digestibilities of some pasture plants, and protein preparations prepared from them, by the Thomas-Mitchell method, using Rats', with M Davies and WH Parr. but was not published. Comments on the paper, ms notes etc. Tables on the values and digestibility of various plants and their proteins. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts 'Plant thiaminases', with N CL952)0 xxvii R Jones. Biochem. J. 50 2pp and 4pp typescript drafts. ms correction, has been prepared for a lecture. The second, with extensive 14pp ms and 14pp typescript drafts similarly titled giving notes. ‘a fuller account of the work' but not published; ‘Nitrate production during the oxidative metabolism of nitrophenols by soil bacteria',.with J Unpublished, latest bibliographical reference 1955. R Simpson. 28pp typescript. N Fernley. (Nature 182 l7pp typescript. 7pp typescript; cinnamic acid. 'The metabolism of cinnamic acid by soil pseudomonads', with G Unpublished, latest bibliographical reference 1959. T Lloyd. ms and typescript notes on the metabolism of 'The oxidative metabolism of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by soil micro-organisms', with H Unpublished but described as a 'more detailed study of this problem, the conclusions of which have already been published in summary form' (1958), 373-375). 2pp typescript. 'The metabolism of the chlorophenoxyacetic acid herbicides by soil micro-organisms', with J Unpublished, latest bibliographical reference 1960. K Gaunt and J I Davies. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications; lectures and broadcasts ‘Synthesis of intermediates involved in the metabolism of the herbicide MCPA (4-chloro-2-methylphenoxyacetic acid) by a soil micro-organism', with J Unpublished but related to their joint publication in Biochem. J. 79 (T3961), K Gaunt. 25P. llpp typescript draft + figs. with ms correction. ‘Studies on bracken poisoning in cattle. toxicity of bracken rhizomes', with I Veterinary Record 35 (1961), 852-853. VII. The A Evans et al. Correspondence with editors only. E-19 - E.22 Correspondence re papers for Progress in Industrial Micro- biology, 1961. Balto = B.2t Albert E Reed & Co. Ltd., and others. 3 folders. Correspondence with and National Coal Board, They do not appear to have been published. Biological Purification Plants. information from Monsanto Chemicals Ltd., Breakdown of Agricultural Chemicals. publishers; photographs (?0f micro-organisms) . Evans was asked to write a review on chemical activities of microbes used in biological purification plants, and an illustrated article on ‘Breakdown of agricultural chemicals in soil". accepting the paper for publication. ‘Oxidative metabolism of protocatechuic acid by a soil Pseudomonad: a new ring-fission mechanism', with D Biochem. J. 83 (1962), 482-492. 22pp typescript + legends for figs and tables; letter Correspondence with W Ribbons. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts ‘Article on bracken poisoning for U.C.N.W. Science Magazine. OetsL962". Spp typescript. ‘Bracken poisoning of pigs', with I L Goulden and A 229-243. J Thomas. A Evans, D J Humphreys, J. Comp. Path. 73 (1963), 22pp typescript draft; correspondence with editor. ‘Oxidative metabolism of phenanthrene and anthracene by soil pseudomonads', with H Biochem. J. 95 (1965), 819-831. N Fernley and E Griffiths. 39pp typescript; correspondence with Biochem. J. E.28 - E.33 All the drafts are related, None of the drafts appears to have been published. 2pp typescript. Drafts by Evans and M nitro-compounds by soil micro-organisms, c. 1966-68. S Tewfik on the metabolism of aromatic ‘A cell-free perhydroxylase system from soil pseudomonads with activity on aromatic hydrocarbons', with E Griffiths. Biochem. J. 95 (1965), 51P. The drafts deal with work performed by Evans and Tewfik while the latter was researching at UCNW, briefly reported in Biochem. J. 99 (1966), 31P. those at E.29-E.31 being essentially redraftings of the same paper. 33pp typescript with ms correction. Correspondence from MS Tewfik, 1968 and nd., re publication of papers. ‘Degradation of 3, 5-Dinitro-o-cresol (DNOC) by soil bacteria', W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts 'The metabolism of bacteria', 34pp typescript. 3, 5-Dinitro-ortho-cresol by soil ‘Oxidative metabolism of soil bacteria', of E.30) with extensive ms correction; 3, 5-dinitro-ortho-cresol by 7pp typescript (incomplete redrafting tables and figures. 'The metabolism of certain aromatic nitro-herbicides and related compounds by soil micro-organisms', tables. 22pp ms; 'The detoxication of dinitro-o-cresol (DNOC) by a soil pseudomonad'. Spp ms and 5pp typescript drafts. 'The metabolism of 2, 4-dinitro-6-sec. butylphenol by a certain soil pseudomonad', 3pp ms and 2pp typescript drafts. Unpublished, latest 8pp typescript. hydroxylation of J. Gen.Microbiol. Incomplete 3pp ms draft with extensive correction. 'The bacterial metabolism of flavonoids: taxifolin', 1969. with A M Jeffrey and M Knight. ‘Studies on bacterial demethylation of aryl ethers', A Williams. with M Little and P bibliographical reference 1967. notes on the literature. ‘Soil biochemistry'. advanced biochemistry, 1969, but not published. Letter re arrangements; draft of ‘Introduction & Preamble'; Monograph commissioned for .a series on C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts 'The metabolism of D-catechin by intestinal bacteria', with I reference 1969. latest bibliographical Not published, M Farr. 18pp typescript. ‘Synthesis of some intermediates involved in the bacterial metabolism of 4-chloro-2-methylphenoxyacetate with J Biochem. J. 122 (1971), 519-526, but not published. (MCPA)', Received 2G July 1970 as follow-up to K Gaunt. 1l7pp typescript with ms correction. 'The metabolism of benzoate by Moraxella sp. through anaerobic nitrate respiration. pathway', with R Biochem. J. J Williams. Evidence for a reductive 148 (1975), 1-10. 26pp typescript proof with ms correction + figures. O Lunt. 148 E.41 - E.43 Contents of Evans's 14pp typescript proof with ms correction. ‘David Lunt Biphenyl metabolism'. folder so inscribed. 'The aerobic metabolism of cyclohexanecarboxylic acid by acinetobacter anitratum', with E M Rho. Biochem J. (1975), 1E-¥5- 'The aerobic metabolism of biphenyl-type structures by soil micro-organisms', with D Not published, latest bibliographical reference 1975. 2 folders. Miscellaneous notes, incomplete drafts and correspondence 1971-74 found with the preceding. 30pp typescript draft with ms correction. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts ‘Microbial catabolism: environmental significance. aerobic environments'. 452-455. See F.35. its role in the carbon cycle and Introduction: anaerobic and Biochem.Soc. Trans. 4 (1976), 5Spp typescript with ms correction + summary. ‘Anaerobic photometabolism of aromatic compounds by Rhodopseudomonas sp.‘ Biochem. Soc. Trans. 4 (1976), 490-491. J Whittle and D , with P O Lunt. 3pp typescript. ‘The photometabolism of aromatic compounds by Rhodopseudomonas sp-', but related to preceding. O Lunt. with D Not published O Lunt W Ribbons E.47, E.48 with indications for slides; 1Opp ms draft in Lunt's hand figures; notes etc. ?Incomplete 4pp typescript, note attached from D suggests Evans adds ‘a sentence or two in Welsh'. Similarly titled llpp typescript draft under the authorship of Evans, Lunt and P Larway. ‘The metabolism of tyrosine by 'Microspora tyrosinatica: 4, 5-Trihydroxyphenylalanine a new intermediate, 2, (6-Hydroxydopa) in the Tyrosinase Reaction', with D Biochem. Soc. Trans. 4 (1976), 491-492. l3pp typescript + references and figures. ‘Biochemistry of the bacterial catabolism of aromatic compounds in anaerobic environments'. 17-22. Nature 270 (1977), C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts Correspondence with Nature re suggested revisions of the A Jones of John Wiley & Sons Ltd., who paper, and with H suggested 'the material would make the basis of a good Also includes 1981 book' invitation from Jones (by then with Open University Press) ‘to consider publication’. and invited Evans to write it. 'The origin of hexahydrohippurate (cyclohexanoyl-glycine) in the urine of herbivores', with MT Balba. Soc. Trans. 5 (1977) , 300-302. Biochem. 3pp typescript + figure and refs, annotated ‘Corrected Abstract. Jan 1977'. 'The methanogenic fermentation of aromatic substrates', with MT Balba. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 5 (1977), 302-304. 3pp typescript + refs. and summary. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 7 (1979), Biochem. Soc. Trans. 7 (1979), 405-407 list of slides for lecture on 4pp typescript + figure and abstract. 3pp typescript + figure; ‘The microbial degradation of asulam'. 'The microbial degradation of a sulphanilamide-based herbicide (asulam)', with M T Balba and M R Khan. 'The methanogenic fermentation of W-phenylalkane carboxylic acids', with M T Balba. 403-405. 3pp typescript + abstract. 'The methanogenic fermentation of plant phenolics’, with M T Balba and N Biochem. Soc. Trans. 7 (1979), 1115-1116. A Clarke. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts ‘The fate of substituted hydroxyl groups on the aromatic ring in methanogenic fermentations', Unpublished, latest bibliographical reference 1979. with MT Balba. 3pp typescript; ms notes found with it. 'The metabolism of aromatic compounds by Rhodospirillaceae', with P R R Sistrom, Plenum, NY (1979), 719-726. In The Photosynthetic Bacteria eds. K Clayton and W L Dutton. 18pp typescript; and Dutton, 1974-77. correspondence principally with Sistrom E.58 - E.60 Unpublished drafts by Evans and J A Robertson. Letter from Robertson to Evans covering E.58, 12 March 1979, suggests that it is submitted to Biochem J., and that E.59 is suitable ‘for publication Mutation Res[earch]'. G.46-G. 48. See also covering letter. llpp typescript; l7pp typescript. 'The application of the Ames test to investigate the carcinogenicity of the Bracken fern'. 'The effect of anaerobic pre-incubation on the mutagenicity of quercetin in the Ames test'. 5pp typescript + refs and figures. "Mutagenicity of bracken extracts using the Ames Salmonella strains: activation systems‘. the activity of quercetin and the effect of different W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts "Cattle bracken poisoning', with Y Koohy. draft of recent work'. 1979. Latest bibliographical reference ‘Unpublished l3pp typescript + tables and figures. 'The methanogenic biodegradation of catechol by a microbial consortium: cis-benzenediol', with MT Balba. (1980), 452-453. evidence for the production of phenol through Biochem. Soc. Trans. 8 5pp typescript. 'The anaerobic dissimilation of benzoate by Pseudomonas aeruginosa coupled with Desulfovibrio vulgaris, with sulphate as terminal electron acceptor', with M T Balba. Soc. Trans. 8 (1980), 624-625. Biochem. The inability J. Pharm. Dyn. 6 1Opp ms draft with similar title; ms and typescript notes. 4pp typescript + figure and abstract. 'Methanogenic fermentation of the naturally occurring aromatic amino-acids by a microbial consortium', with M T Balba. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 8 (1980), 625-627. ‘Chemical and toxicological studies on bracken fern, Pteridium aquilinum var. Latiusculum. VIII. of bracken extracts containing pterosins to cause cattle bracken poisoning', with T Korn et al. (1983), 938-940. See also D.80. ‘Toxicity of bracken fern and Jack O'Lantern mushroom', with T Nov 2, 1984' but rejected. 9pp typescript; rejection and referee’S reports. letter from McMorris enclosing editor's C McMorris and K-M E Ng. ‘Submitted to TOXICON 6pp typescript + table and figure. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts 'Toxicity to calves of illudin S, related to ptaquiloside', Unpublished, latest bibliographical reference 1984. a sesquiterpene closely with TC McMorris and K-M E Ng. llpp typescript + refs. 'Toxicity of some illudin and pterosin group of sesquiterpenes'. Unpublished, latest bibliographical reference 1984. Spp typescript. ‘Acute cattle bracken poisoning’. bibliographical reference 1984. Unpublished, latest 2pp typescript. ‘Anaerobic degradation of aromatic compounds', with G Fuchs. Ann. (1988), 289-317. Rev. Microbiol. 42 29pp typescript draft. 1Opp typescript list of Correspondence with Fuchs and L N Ornston, Editor, 1986-88. ?Incomplete typescript drafts; references. ‘Alcohol and its effects on animals (including Man)‘, nd. eating bracken. 'Bracken fronds for human consumption?" to The Times by WC and I ‘variety is the spice of life’, by D Lloyd, nd. A Evans stressing the dangers in 2pp typescript. 3pp typescript. Unpublished letter WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts Editorial correspondence E.73 Biochemical Education Biochemical Journal British Journal of Nutrition 1976 L977; °1980 1981, 1982 CRC Press Inc. 1977-78, 1985-86 European Journal of Biochemistry Federation of European Biochemical Societies Letters Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Journal of Agricultural Science 1974 1981 1983 Nature LOSE 1980, 1981 1968 1976 Science Progress 1976-78 1979-80 Soil Biology and Biochemistry Pharmaceutical Journal Journal of General Microbiology Progress in Industrial Microbiology Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1975, 1976, 1979 WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts 'The aromatic oxidative metabolism of certain benzene ring compounds by soil organisms', c. with indications for slides. 1951. 3pp typescript "Bracken and Hill farming'. Committee (Veterinary), Bangor, May 1953. with ms correction and indications for slides. Lecture to Hill Sheep Farming 6pp typescript ‘The basis of life’. lectures on biological science', 13pp typescript + 'slides required' and ‘dimensions used'. Introductory lecture to ‘series of latest reference 1953. C Owen. a 19 January 1970. Adda@ress for Ossett Grammar School, Yorkshire, Speech Day 1961. Ms notes for speech returned to Evans by The Dewsbury Reporter. 'Bracken poisoning of farm animals', ‘Lect. delivered to A.E.A. 7-12-60'. slides. 6pp duplicated typescript with indications for 'The ruminant's place in human nutrition' by E Lecture to Agricultural Society UCNW, November 1961. 2lpp typescript. "Theories on the origin of life on Earth', delivered at UCNW, latest bibliographical reference 1963. 14pp typescript of opening lecture with ms correction. toxicology of Pteridium aquilinum' at Edinburgh. Correspondence re lectures at Dundee and Edinburgh universities, October 1976. metabolism of aromatic compounds' at Dundee and on 'The Correspondence re lecture on the effects of bracken on simple stomached and ruminant animals to UCW Aberystwyth Student Biochemical Society, Evans gave a seminar on 'The microbial series of lectures W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts Correspondence re lecture on 'The microbial catabolism of aromatic compounds pathways' Society, to University of Manchester Union Biochemical 9 November 1976. including the aerobic and anaerobic - "Metabolism of quinol and resorcinol’, c. 1976. 5pp typescript with indications for slides. Correspondence re lectures at University of St Andrews, 17-18 February 1977. of bracken to animals' and 'The fundamental biochemical cycle of nature', and I and naturally occurring carcinogens’. Evans gave seminars on ‘The toxicity A Evans spoke on 'The cancer problem Correspondence re lecture 'Y symbyliad.i fod yn Wyddonydd - pur neu cymhwysol?' (The symbolism of the scientist - pure or applied?) Society), to Cymdeithas Wyddonol Clwyd (Clwyd Scientific Connah's Quay, 6 October 1980. Ms notes for lecture. llpp typescript with Chesterford Park Research Station, nd. "Bacterial breakdown of chemicals in soil', ‘The biochemical aspect of animal disease with particular reference to the blood', 'The anaerobic metabolism of aromatic compounds', bibliographical reference 1986. indications for slides. 15pp typescript. 'The biological oxidation of aromatic compounds with special reference to the bacterial cleavage of the benzene ring', Liverpool Branch, Chemical Society, nd. ‘Classification and mapping of soils', nd. nd. S8pp typescript. latest Fisons llpp typescript. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts ‘Comparative biochemistry of nutrition', Cardiff Student Biochemical Society, nd. University College 6pp typescript. ‘Contribution of chemistry to agriculture', Address to unidentified society, nd. ms notes on verso. Presidential 4pp typescript with ‘Current ideas about the problem of the origin and evolution of life on Earth, and elsewhere', delivered to UCNW Guild of Graduates, nd. with ms notes on 'The origin of life' perhaps originally l3pp typescript found with it. 'The meaninglessness of the terms Life and Living', nd. 27pp typescript with ms correction by Evans. "Metabolism of pesticides (xenobiotics)', nd (but post- Viet Nam War). 2pp typescript notes + 4pp list of slides. 2pp typescript nd. 3pp typescript. 5pp typescript. (The origin (second lecture) on the evolution of (Bracken poisoning), nd. 2pp typescript "Bacteria neu microbau ai gwaith', "Microbes in the service of Man', nd. summary + list of slides. 4pp typescript notes + ms annotation. Found 'Clwy rhedyn' notes + list of ?slides. ‘yr ail ddarlith' life. with preceding. 'Damcaniaethau ar ddyfodiad bywyd i'r Byd' of life on Earth), nd. notes. 'Defnyddio'r microbyn: of microbes in making scarce medicines), nd. wneud cyffuriau prin‘ (The use 2pp typescript WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 BROADCASTS Publications, lectures and broadcasts 'Defnyddioldeb calcium i'r corff in the body), series, broadcast 15 September 1982. with Evans's answers; contract.. (Usefulness of calcium talk for BBC Radio Cymru 'Llwyaid o ffisig' Questions on calcium, Exchange with BBC re radio broadcast in Ground) series on to talk on genetic engineering and suggested the title 'Datblygu bacteria i fwyta olew' bacteria). broadcast should cover. In his reply Evans gave his view of what the (Developing oil eating 'Tir Newydd' (New The BBC asked Evans 13 December 1984. Correspondence with HTV Wales and a viewer re programme on bracken poisoning, 1982, 1984. WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 LECTURES BY OTHERS Publications, lectures and broadcasts Contents of Evans's box labelled 'Typed lectures Worden': three files of lectures and teaching material assembled by A N Worden. Worden studied veterinary science at London University (Royal Veterinary, Birkbeck and University Colleges) in He was Research Student at the Lister the mid-1930s. Institute of Preventative Medicine and University of In Cambridge 1938-41 and Research Officer 1941-45. 1945 he was appointed Professor of Animal Health at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, a position he held until 1950 when he left to found the Huntingdon Research Centre. The collection consists mainly of material for lectures given by others in London 1934-39 and duplicated typescript instructions for practical work, chiefly for the University There are also of Cambridge Biochemistry course 1939-40. a few ms notes dated 1941 and 1942 and an undated draft on Worden 'The Welsh language in South Scotland' probably handed over the material to Evans (then lecturer in Worden's department at Aberystwyth) on his departure in’ 1950. (E.130). The contents of these three very bulky files have been retained in their original order but for ease of reference are divided into 28 folders. C Amoroso ‘embryology (1934-5)'. A sequence of Worden's typescript notes, duplicated type- script texts and notices of lectures, chiefly on veterinary subjects, delivered in London 1934-39. arranged alphabetically. The material was B.203) -— E116 First file: contents divided into 14. E WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts Y Bogue ‘Physiology and biochemistry (1934-6) '; J A Butenandt ‘Chemistry of sterols and bile acids'; W animals'; veterinary standpoint'. DV Balls 'The racing greyhound from the H Bishop ‘Epidural anaesthesia in the larger domestic C Crowhurst 'Some conditions of the horse's wind'; R R W Crowther ‘Some aspects of infertility in cattle'; K E Cabban 'Some post-mortem diagnoses in swine’. V Friedenreich 'Blood groups and Genetics'; P Gerard ‘Comparative histophysiology of the vertebrate nephron'. K Hunt ‘Hypomagnesaemiain bovines and equines' (plus LE Hughes ‘Whence and whither A Krogh ‘The economy of some animal communities' T Heath ‘Surgical interference for teat obstruction P James 'Sheep farming and some diseases of sheep in D discussion by J Francis); veterinary science’. A E Hamerton 'Tuberculosis among captive wild animals'; E S Horning 'The cytology of secretion in the mammary gland as influenced by oestrin and radium radiation'; W T Harrow 'The uses of radiology in general practice'; P in the cow’. J New Zealand'; and 'The osmotic regulation in aquatic vertebrates’. Z Mackenzie ‘Firing and blistering in light horses'. J Ludford 'The reaction of cells to physical and chemical J WG Leiper R agents'; ‘Parasitic worms in relation to meat inspection'. C Minett 'Diseases common to Man and lower animals'; E A Leaver ‘Veterinary obstetrics'; F P W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts S Rabagliati 'Diseases common to Man and lower animals'; E D T ‘Some practical observations on the surgical treatment of infected wounds'. G Rutter 'Low fever and acetonaemia'; (etc) W Rainey J M Sutton 'Some poultry diseases'; P sensitiveness and non-specific therapy'; ‘Bovine mastitis and its clinical aspects’. CC Sparke 'Hyper- K Stephens T C Sellars 'Some complications of pregnancy, parturition and K R Spratling of the post-parturient period in the ewe and sow'; ‘Notes on a disease of cattle occurring in the country, strongly resembling haemorrhagic septicaemia'; of trichomoniasis in cattle'; of bovine origin'. M Swangard ‘Control WG Savage ‘Human tuberculosis W F D and E 1936-37. Second file: D WB Taylor 'Some aspects of the part played by vitamins A (plus discussion by Worden). in animal nutrition' contents divided into 5. F animals'; surgeon’. Duplicated typescript instructions for practical work, ce W Withers 'Some congenital abnormalities of structure in AN Worden 'The life and work of the veterinary (2lpp) Includes 'Dissection of the dog' tuberculin test in cattle’. Practical Chemistry of Foods, Lent Term. and 'The double intradermal Papers I - XIX WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Publications, lectures and broadcasts Includes instructions for tests on milk. Instructions for physiology experiments by J October 1937. Y Bogue dated (Tone 'A study of the tortoise heart', 'Smooth muscle. and movement of the isolated intestine)', ‘Fragility of the red cells (haemolysis)', etc. Third file: contents divided into 9. Chiefly duplicated typescript instructions for practical work for Cambridge Biochemistry course, 1939-40. Practical work for Biochemistry Part I 1939-40, Michaelmas Term: classes 1-22. Piant Biochemistry I - III, ms note 'Zeissl's Carbohydrates I - VI, Tissue Respiration I - II, Pigments, Nutrition I - II. experiment sheets (annotated); Practical work for Lent Term: Manometry I - VII. Practical work for Lent Term: Muscle Metabolism I Practical work for Easter Term: Metabolism of Yeast, Manometry IX, Enzymes, other experiments; lists of topics to be covered in Biochemistry Parts I and II, 1939-40; determination of Me groups 18.x.4l'. ms and typescript draft paginated 1-19. Practical work for Biochemistry Part II, Lent Term. ms notes dated 1941, 1942. "Carbohydrates 9.10.41' - V, Includes W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 REPRINTS Publications, lectures and broadcasts Biochemistry Part II. Laboratory March 1942. Visit of the class to Nutritional Miscellaneous ms and typescript instructions for experiments, notes etc. 'The Welsh language in South Scotland', by Worden or Evans) written on the back of duplicated typescript papers from Leeds University, Prince Henry's Grammar School Otley, etc. 1938-39. llpp ms draft (not See A.8. Also includes J E.131 Reprints of Evans's publications. Bracken toxicity and carcinogenicity as related to animal A Taylor, Institute of Earth Studies and human health, ed. no.44, 1989, dedicated to the memory of Evans and including an abstract of a paper he had prepared before his death. 1 box. WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 SECTION F VISITS AND CONFERENCES International Society of Soil Science Congress Tour through North Wales, 10 August 1935. Bound programme only. participation. There is no evidence for Evans's Conference of Grassland Officers discussion meeting on conservation of Grass by Maceration, 29 September 1949. Extract from minutes summarising the contribution of Evans and N W Pirie. Nutrition Society 89th meeting on The Efficiency of Food Conversion in Farm Animals, Bangor, 23-24 July 1954. Evans chaired two sessions and gave the Introduction. Provisional and final programmes; correspondence re arrangements; drafts of Evans's ‘Chairman's Introduction. ' Programme; ms notes for Evans's contribution. Evans spoke on 5 folders. Drafts of all five papers presented and of contributions to 'Discussions', sent to Evans as a Chairman. Society of Chemical Industry meeting on The Persistence of Herbicides, London, 25 October 1966. ‘The fate of herbicides in the environment’. Programme only. Society of Chemical Industry Symposium on Physico-chemical and Biophysical Factors affecting the Activity of Pesticides, London, 10-12 April 1967. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Visits and conferences 3rd International Fermentation Symposium, Rutgers, NJ, Evans spoke on ‘Microbial trans- 2-6 September 1968. formations of aromatic compounds’. Correspondence re arrangements for publication of symposium Proceedings; ms notes on proceedings. Fo2 = 28 Visit to the Sudan, January-March 1969. His duties, as listed by A From January-March 1969 Evans was Visiting Professor in the University of Khartoum Department of Biochemistry H Khattab, and Soil Science. the Head of Department, were to review the courses in chemistry and biochemistry, assist with research on toxicology, evaluate the role of the department, evaluate the March 1969 examinations and deliver some lectures and seminars. Research Officer in the department. A Evans was also invited and served as I list of duties. research interests The bulk of the material is arranged according to Khattab's list of Evans's duties given above. Correspondence with UCNW and Ministry of Overseas Development re arrangements, 1968, 1969; Notebook used by Evans from 9 January 1969 for notes on university and departmental organisation, of members of staff, research facilities etc. commitment in the Dept of Biochemistry & Soil Science’. Outlines of courses for 1968-69; Evans's ms notes on 'Teaching Memorabilia. Fo15, F216 Courses oo C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Visits and conferences ‘Laboratory manual of agricultural biochemistry' prepared for students taking Part II of the B.Sc. (Agric.) degree. Research Evans's ms notes principally relating to research in the department; of research and research facilities. duplicated typescript papers on organisation Duplicated typescript research papers by members of the Faculty of Agriculture. Reprints by Faculty staff and others. Role of the department Includes drafts of Examinations Lectures and seminars in the University of Khartoum'. Folder also Notification of Evans's appointment as External Examiner Evans's in Biochemistry; ms note on ‘Examination of the Honours student’. annotated examination papers; Evans's ms notes on the department. 'Functions of the Department of Biochemistry and Soil Science, includes papers for Faculty of Agriculture meetings, January, February 1969. retained in original symposium folder. Symposium on Cotton Growth in the Gezira Environment, Wad Medani, 6-9 January. Agricultural Research Station, papers presented etc., Evans's lecture drafts: structures', lOpp ms; miscellaneous ms notes. ‘Microbial metabolism of aromatic "Detoxification mechanisms', 12pp ms; Programme, information on Gezira W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 F.24 - F.28 Visits and conferences ‘veterinary meeting Khartoum Sudan’. folder so inscribed. Conference of the Sudan Veterinary Association, 31 January - 3 February. Refers to the 4th Veterinary Contents of Evans's Papers presented at the meeting. 5 folders. Invitation to attend symposium on Sulphur in Agriculture, Johnstown Castle, Wexford, 7 8 October 1969. - British Society of Soil Science Conference, 30-31 March LO7is Abstracts with a few annotations by Evans. documented. Not otherwise Programme and Reports of Discussion by Evans and May & Baker Ltd. British Weed Control Conference, Brighton, November 1972. WC and I for Bracken Control held 13 November. A Evans attended a Group Discussion on Asulam Brief correspondence, 1974-75, re publication of Evans's contribution to the ‘Bracken symposium'. to Symposium on The Biology of Bracken, the proceedings of which were published in Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 73 (1976). list of participants; correspondence arising. British Crop Protection Council Symposium on Persistence of Insecticides and Herbicides, Reading, 22-24 March 1976. Probably refers Programme; WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Visits and conferences Symposium on Drug Metabolism in Honour of Professor R co-chaired a session. T Williams FRS, Guildford, 6 8 April 1976. - Evans Invitation; presented during Evans's chairmanship; Evans's summing-up. information; abstracts of papers to be ms notes for Biochemical Society Meeting, Bangor, 8 Evans chaired and introduced the colloquium on Microbial Catabolism: for Environmental Problems. its Role in the Carbon Cycle and Significance 9 April 1976. - Agenda papers; ‘Introduction: published in Biochem. Soc. Trans. (See E.44); 4 correspondence arising. colloquium programme; anaerobic and aerobic environments', copy of Evans's (1976), 452-455 programme. 5 August 1977. Evans attended during Correspondence re arrangements; Transcript of Evans's contribution. Typescript and ms notes for Evans's contribution. NATO Workshop on Ecotoxicology of Persistent Chemicals, Guildford, 11 July - the second week and spoke on ‘Factors affecting the degradation of toxic chemicals by micro-organisms in Nature'. list of slides. Memo on claim for expenses incurred during ‘visit to Wye College sent 14 March 1978. Society for General Microbiology 84th Ordinary Meeting, Caraift, S*-— activities in anaerobic environments’. abstract of Evans's contribution; Evans spoke on 'Biodegradative + conference in London', Not otherwise documented. 5: January, 1979. [ see G.104, G.105 ] , Programme; C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 F.43, F.44 Visits and conferences Letter, 11 July 1980, to Biochemical Society re 'the Sheffield meeting'. Not otherwise documented. 2nd International Symposium on Microbial Ecology, Warwick University, Coventry, 7 12 September 1980. - Correspondence re arrangements; with Evans's ms notes on back. final circular; programme Royal Society of Edinburgh Symposium on Bracken in Scotland, Edinburgh, 20 March 1981. poisoning in homogastric and ruminant animals' with MC Patel) and I mutagenic and terratogenic toxicity of bracken'. (prepared 'The carcinogenic, Evans spoke on ‘Acute bracken A Evans spoke on Invitation; abstracts etc. Soc. Edinburgh 81B (1982). WC and I Programme; background information. au A Evans both attended and visited Correspondence re publication of Evans's contribution. It was published in Proc. Roy. Y Gymdeithas Wyddonol Genedlaethol Nuclear Power Group visit to Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station, 10 April 1982. 3rd International Congress of Cell Biology, Tokyo, 26 August 1984. colleagues in research centres in Japan. 8 October includes brief report on visit. Correspondence re financial support. Evans's letter of - W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Visits and conferences Evans spoke on 'The acute diseases International Conference on The Bracken Fern, Leeds, ler 5. July, Ege . caused by bracken in animals' and I carcinogenic, mutagenic and terratogenic toxicity of bracken’. Ecology, land use and control technology, ed. and: J The Proceedings were published in Bracken. A: Taylor. (1985). A Evans on 'The R T Smith Programme; contribution, etc. information; typescript draft of Evans's Correspondence arising. International Bracken Group, 1987-88. established following the 1985 conference by a number of the delegates, including W bracken research. Includes papers re the This was C and I A Evans, to support S Hagedorn, - programme. Invitation; Evans spoke 16 July 1986. The Proceedings were published correspondence re arrangements; Typescript draft of Evans's contribution. Invitation (accepted) from G Fuchs, 18 April 1986, to visit the University of Ulm. Symposium of Microbial Metabolism and the Carbon Cycle, University of Minnesota, 13 on 'Degradative metabolism of aromatic compounds in anaerobic environments’. in Microbial Metabolism and the Carbon Cycle, ed. R Hanson and DA Kunz (NY, 1988). Correspondence arising. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 SECTION G CORRESPONDENCE GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE. alphabetical order, dated and indexed, with an indication of any information of particular biographical, scientific or historical interest. In SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE. chronological order. In G.96 = G.119 REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS . GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE Bakker, G 1976-77 G.2 1977-78 G.4 1981-82, 1986-87. Balba, MT 1977-82, 1986-87 Chiefly re submission of thesis. Anaerobic degradation of aromatic compounds. Chiefly re methanogenesis of of aromatic amino-acids. Balba studied for his PhD at UCNW 1975-78 and worked as researcher there 1978-80. Cattle bracken poisoning factor. British Oil and Cake Mills Ltd. Brown, E G 1982-83 WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Correspondence Gain, Rr 8 Clegg, RA Dagley, S various dates 1960-80 1975-78 1958-70 and nd G.8 1958-59. metabolism of protocatechuic acid. "New pathway' of the microbial 1960. protocatechuic acid. January-July. Metabolism of August-October. 1960. on metabolism of protocatechuic acid. pathways in the oxidative metabolism of aromatic compounds by micro-organisms' by Dagley, Evans and D Nature 188 (1960) W Ribbons, 560-566) . Joint publication ('New Gir G.12 Done, J T 1981-82 1961-62. Dimmock, C Cheilanthes sieberi 1964 correspondence is chiefly 1964-70 and nd. re fluorescent pseudomonads. 1976-77 Bracken poisoning in pigs. Dow Chemical Company W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Correspondence Fewson, CA 1977, 1980-82 1980 correspondence arose from request from Fewson to use two figures of Evans's for a chapter on ‘Biodegradation of aromatics’. ‘represent your most recent thinking' and whether Evans wished any modifications to be made. Fewson had also enquired whether they Fina; GR Re review of work of Fina and Keith by Evans. Fuchs, G 1977-78 1985-87 Chiefly re anaerobic benzoate degradation, and joint article 'Anaerobic Ann. Rev. Microbiol. 42 (1988), 289-317. degradation of aromatic compounds', Grbié-Galié, D Groenewoud, G Gwynn, R Happold, FC Bracken poisoning. In Welsh. various dates 1948-86 and nd. Happold was Evans's immediate superior in the Leeds University Department of Physiology, 1937-40. Biological value of leaf proteins. Henry, KM 1964-65 WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Correspondence Hirono; I O15; Isolation of cattle bracken toxin, bright-blindness in sheep. Hodgkin, DMC ‘Bracken factor' crystals, Hopper, D P-cresol methylhydroxylase. Humphreys, D 1968-84 Research, principally on toxicology. in Welsh. Some correspondence Lane, A McCormick, A Jones, GW 1977-78 Linstead, R P Muconic acids- Anaerobic catabolism of aromatic acids. (See D.80, E.66). Isolation of cattle bracken toxin. Includes correspondence re research and planned publication on toxicity of illudin-S 1971-74 1979-86 McMorris, T C C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 G.29 - G.32 cont'd Correspondence G.29 1979-81 G. 30 1982-83 May & Baker Ltd G.3l 1984 G.32 1985-86 1980-87 Bracken samples. New Zealand bracken samples. 1986-87 correspondence is re Monsanto Chemicals Ltd 1955-61 Chiefly correspondence re results of analyses of samples sent to Monsanto for examination. G. 34 1955-59 Ge55 1960-61 Morton, RA G-37 1966-67 correspondence National Collection of Industrial Bacteria 1966-85 Chiefly re identification of 1978-80 desulfovibrio cultures. 1966-67, 1970-71. re clostridium culture. 1982, 1985, nd. C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Correspondence Natori, S 1979-88 Isolation of cattle bracken toxin and carcinogen. G.40 1979-81 G.42 1983-88 G.41 1982 Ollis, WD if various dates 1959-76 Includes 'References regarding synthesis of 2-methoxy-4-chloro-6-methylphenol' sent to Evans 28 November 1961. Porter, H K Re Professor Meirion Thomas FRS. Prins, RA 1974-82 Raymond, R L 1968-70,1977 G.46 - G.48 Robertson, JA Anaerobic metabolism of benzoate. 1968-70 correspondence re naphthalene oxidation pathway. Robertson was Research Assistant in Evans's department investigating ‘Bright blindness in sheep', 1975-78. See also E.58 - E.60. Isolation of cattle bracken toxin. G.48 1978-82 G.47 L9V6=77 G.46 1974=75 Saito, T 1984,1986 W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Correspondence Schoental, R various dates 1950-85 G.51-G.54 Stanier, RY 1948-53,1975,1976 Grol 1948-1949 Feb. by Pseudomonas fluorescens and vibrio Ol. Oxidation of aromatic compounds 1949 Mar-Nov. Chiefly re benzoate oxidation. 1951-53. Chiefly re tryptophan oxidation. 1975-76. Swan, GA 1975,1976,1979 Tewfik, MS 1969,1970,1975 6-hydroxydopa Taylor; BIE Trudgill, P W 1972-83 Chiefly re Pseudomonas PN-] cultures. 1972-73 correspondence re metabolism of cyclohexane carboxylic acid. 1964,1975-78 Isolation of cattle bracken carcinogen. Van der Hoeven, J CM Walker, N W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Correspondence Williams, RT 1948-51, 1972-78 1950-51 correspondence chiefly re muconic acids. Some correspondence in Welsh. Wolfe, RS 1975-79 Methanogenic fermentation of aromatic substrates, Young, L Y 1978-80,1984,1987 1978-79 correspondence chiefly re methanogenic fermentation of ferulate. 1980 is Evans's account of his work on anaerobic aromatic degradation from 1937. Letter of 14 February C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Correspondence SHORTER SCIENTIFIC CORRESPONDENCE 1949 1950-53 1957-59 1960 1961, 1963 1964-67 1968, 1969 1970 1976 Oct-Dec LOW Jan-Mar LOVE Apr-June OU July-Dec 1978 1979 1980 Mar-July 1980 Aug-Dec Lo7t 1974 1972,1973 1985, 1986 1975 Nov, Dec 1982 1983 1984 1981 Jan-May 1976 Jan-Apr 1975 Jan-May 1981 July-Dec 1976 May-Sept 1975 June-Oct 1988 1987, Nd. W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Correspondence REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONS G.96 - G.106 Examining GslO/7?— G.1l4 Appointments Godi5 6.117 Grant applications Gu 1L8;, ope me) Honours and awards Examining G.96 - G.98 Higher degrees G.96 19707 E971 1977 ; 1981, 1982 Gi99"= G.103 1981 1982 G.97 1978-80 Gi799 1969-71, 1979 G.100 1980 Glasgow University Evans served as External Examiner in Agricultural Chemistry. 1983 C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Correspondence G.104, G.105 Wye College London Evans served as External Examiner in Agriculture and Horticulture. G.104 1982-83 G.105 1984-85 Miscellaneous external examining. Appointments 1978-80 1982-83 1984 1985-86 1978 1970, 1976, 1977 1979-84, nd Grant applications Honours and awards 1976-87 1971-74 G.119 C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 INDEX OF CORRESPONDENTS, ORGANISATIONS AND FIRMS AFRICAN TERRITORIES WATTLE INDUSTRY FUND LIMITED D:170;D. 2/15, Days AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH COUNCIL C.31,D.78,E.19,G6.47 AGSEN, Gunnar ALEXANDER, M ALLEN, Sir Geoffrey ALLEN, Russell James Laurence ANDREESEN, Jan R ANNUAL REVIEW OF MICROBIOLOGY ATKINSON, Antony AXFORD, Roger Francis Ernest D. 36 G.68 A.19 F.3 G.92 Ba G.80,G.81,G.83 A.25,D.54 BAKKER, G Git BALL, Frank J G.84,G.85 BAXTER, RA BAYNE, Stephen BERGEL, Franz BALBA, Mohamed Talaat E.86,G.77,G.84,G.87 BARKER, Geoffrey Robert BARLOW, Stuart McDonnell A.24,D.132,G.2-G.4 See also Girlt,G. 112 G.84,G.87,G6.89,G. 98 G.79 E.88 D. 36 E33 BEYNON, Kenneth Ivor BILTON, Rodney F D.57,D.119,E543 C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms BIOCHEMICAL EDUCATION BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL BIOCHEMICAL SOCIETY BIRKOFER, L BIRCH, Arthur John BLACKWOOD, Allister Clark BLAKLEY, E R BLAXTER, Sir Kenneth (Lyon) BOURNE, Geoffrey H BOYD, GS E.73 E.23,E.26,E.73 A.25,A.27,F.41 G.67 F.4 Es85,G63 75 BOYLAND, Eric G.66,G.67 ASSOCIATION F.33,GC. 78,6. 79 BRADSHAW, Anthony David BREWSTER, David BRIGGS, Geoffrey G.78 G.81 DolL7s BRIGGS, Philip Stanley BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION BRITISH OIL & CAKE MILLS LIMITED BRITISH LEATHER MANUFACTURERS' RESEARCH P BROCK, ‘T.-D * E.100,E.101 D. 36,D.173 G.5 G.85 BROWN, Eric Gradwell BROWN, J C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms BRUCE, John Malcolm BRYANT, Robert John BUCHANAN, John Grant BULL, M J BU'LOCK, John Desmond BURDON, Michael Grant BURNS, Richard George P2337CG.7S BUSTON, H W ; BUTLER, Anthony G.68 G.89 CRC PRESS INC. CAIN, RB CARR, Noel CASIDA, John E Dit s07G. 1D CASSIE, W Fisher CALDERBANK, Alan CHALLENGER, Frederick CARR, John Geoffrey CARPENTER, Kenneth John CHUNG, Albert E CHAPMAN, Peter J G.80 G.70 E.19 G.65 G.88 CHEEKE, Peter R C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms CIBA LABORATORIES LIMITED CLARKE, Patricia Hannah CLEGG, Roger A COLLIER, F W COMMONWEALTH MYCOLOGICAL INSTITUTE, KEW COOK, Alasdair M COOPER, John Philip COOPER-DRIVER, Gillian COOPER TECHNICAL BUREAU COULSON, Charles Barrie G.85 A.13,A.24,G.86 G.81,G.82 G.65 G.94 G.79 CRADDOCK, Valda M CRIPPS, Roger CROMBIE, Leslie CROOK, Eric Mitchell D.47 Cool G.67,G.74 G.70,G.83 CUNNINGWORTH, Donald Edward CROWN CHEMICAL COMPANY LIMITED CYMDEITHAS WYDDONOL GENEDLAETHOL Beis Ave A-13,A:25,A,21,;6-.0-G212 G.108,G.118 CURTIS, } J: DAGLEY, Stanley DAVIES, Brian Ewart A.13,A.20,F.45 WC Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms DAVIES, Gareth DAVIES, Roy DAVIS, WH DAWES, Edwin Alfred DAWSON, Rex Malcolm Chaplin Ax 13,6:118 A113 ,A. 26 DEWAR, Michael James Steuart G.94 DICKENS, Frank Ai3,D.105,G 75 DIERKS-VENTLING, Christa DIMMOCK, Corinne DONE, John Thomas G.87 G.14 DOW, Crawford S DREUX, J DUNCAN, H J EDWIN, E E G.E5,G. 72 D..L36 C35 G.68 : DUTTON, Peter Leslie DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY A.13,G.99-G.103,G.110 DROOP, Michael Richmond EIMHJELLEN, Kjell E.57,G.73-G.75 G.95 EDWARDS, Haydn E W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms ELLIS, Brian ELVIDGE, John Arthur ENERGLYN, William David Evans, Baron EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY EVANS, Sir (Robert) Charles EVANS, Harry EVANS, Rowland A FAULK, W Page G.70 Be A 187A. 9, C. 43-6. 45 Aug See also A.22,D.1-D.7 A.18,G.51,G.52,G6.67,G.83 E.73,G.94 D.90 G.16 Grit F.42 G.40 A.13,G.80 FERGUSON, W S FUCHS, Georg FUKUOKA, M FINA, Louis R FERRY, James G E.71,F.49,G.18 FLETCHER, Madilyn FOWDEN, Sir Leslie FEWSON, Charles A GAY, Terence Bernard GARLAND, Peter B C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA E.75 GIBSON, David T GIBSON, Jane GLASGOW UNIVERSITY GLOVER, John GLOVER, Ronald Everett GOODWIN, Trevor Walworth GORE, Peter Henry GRANT, David D,154,6.72,62/8,G. 79 G.82,G.118 G.93,G6.94 G.99-G.103 Av13,G6.75,Go/7 B25 A.11,A.23,A.27,C.48, D.36,G.110 G.86 G.82,G.90 H T V WALES G.90,G.92 G.20 E.102 GROVER, P L GWYNN, Rhys Ger? G.19 GROENEWOUD, G HAGEDORN, Scott R HALL, David Oakley GRBIC-GALIC, Dunja Re F.50,F.52,G6.93,G6.94 HANLEY, P Kieran HAMMOND, John G.75 Ds 90 HAMBLIN, H J W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms HANNAM, David AR HANSEN, R P /anPPOLD, Frank Charles HARBORNE, Jeffrey Barry HARPER, John Lander HARRISON, John E HARRISON, John Stuart HARTLEY, Gilbert Spencer HASLAM, E F.47,G.93 Goi Reva sGe2 See also A.10 G.81 G.72 D. 36 G. 66 G.73 A.14,G.92,G6.97 @2527,C553 Del, Deli2 G.80,G.81 HEGEMAN, George D HENRY, Kathleen Mary HATHWAY, David Ernest HAYAISHI, Osamu HILL, Robert HIRONO, Iwao HOBSON, P N HEALY, Joseph B Jr G.22 G.23 G.53 G.94 HENDERSON, Moira Elizabeth Keill G.85 HOCKENHULL, Donald John Darlington RICHARD HODGSON & SONS LIMITED HODGKIN, Dorothy Mary Crowfoot HODGSON, B C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms HOLCENBERG, John Stanley HOLLY, Keith HOPKINS, Roy Philip HOPPER, David HORGAN, Roger HUGHES, David Edward HUGHES, E W HUMPHREYS, Dafydd J HUMPHRIES, Sidney George HUNGATE, R E G.37 G.78 G.87,G.88 G. 24,G.117 G.80 G.76 G.64 Dei, Geo Cr50) Gil5 HUNT, J W ISAACS, Neil JENSEN, H L Eo2e E.19 G.23,G.75 ISAAC, Peter C G JANES, Norman Frank JAKEMAN, Philip M JENKINS, Nigel Klahn G.76 JERINA, Donald M JONES, D Price G.76 c.50 G.69 G.71,G.18,6. 79 W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms JONES, David JONES, David Alwyn JONES, Sir Ewart (Ray Herbert) JONES, Gareth Wyn JONES, Howard Alan JONES, Owen T G JONES, Robin S JONES, Trevor JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PATHOLOGY AND THERAPEUTICS JOURNAL OF GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY D.i72 G.78,G.79 G.82 G.80-G.82, G.92 G.70 B25 KING, Norman James KLARNER, F G KNACKMUSS, H J Bo23,C. 00; a2 KILBY, Bernard Ashford KHATTAB, Abdul Gadir H KOCH-LIGHT LABORATORIES LIMITED A ASE aS See also A.25 JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE D.78,G.80,G. 90-G. 92 E.73,G.86,G.111 D.172 G.70 De Deer KODAK LIMITED. KOOHY, Youssef KORN, Thomas G.85,G.90 W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms KORNBERG, Sir Hans (Leo) Avi4 25 KREBS, Sir Hans (Adolf) KURIHARA, Norio Acl4sA;19;6.80 See also G.91 G.85 LAGNADO, J R LAMB, J F LANE, Alan LAVON, U LEES, Howard LEWIS, Dan LEWIS, David LOVELESS, Anthony LUTWAK-MANN, Cecilia Bee G.69 D.1/3,G. 71, G.90 G.81l LUNT, David O LUTTGE, Ulrich E.5,G.27 Go72;,,GaLs LWOFF, André Michel LINSTEAD, Sir (Reginald) Patrick MacKENZIE, Angus R McCALL, Ernest Bryson McCARTY, Perry Lee McCLEARY, Barry V McCORMICK, Andrew Ja DrL1O;Grs4 wos: C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms McLAUCHLAN, David McLEAN, Maitland Wilson D.36 G.112 McMORRIS, Trevor Calthorpe E.66,G.29-G. 32 MANDELSTAM, Joel MARSHALL, Donald Richard MARTIN, A K MASON, James MASON, J Harley MATTOCKS, A R G.69 E.73,G.76 G.70,G.75 G.74,G6.84,G6.95 MAY & BAKER LIMITED MERLIN, Paul MILES, Thomas Richard MORRIS, John Gareth MORRISON, Ian M MORTON, Richard Alan MONSANTO CHEMICALS LIMITED MINISTRY OF OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT D559, Ds119, , Del21;D.170 B19, 8.43),8.53,G6. 34,6.35 See also D.108 G.84 G.84,G. 94 Bs G.36 MUIR, Isabella Helen Mary MURTAGH, John E W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms NATIONAL COAL BOARD NATIONAL COLLECTION OF INDUSTRIAL BACTERIA NATORI, S NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL -182,E.19-E. 21 ~31=G6.39 -66,G NATURE NEALE, A J NEUBERGER, Albert NICHOLSON, Donald Elliott NICHOLSON, George A NUTRITION SOCIETY PARKE, Dennis Vernon William F.34,F.36,G.82 PARR, William H A.15,E.71,G.79,G. 94 G.43 See A.10 OLLIS, William David ORNSTON, Leo Nicholas PATEL, Mansukhlal Chhaganbha ORTON, Kennedy Joseph Previté Be a Aw2t See also C.18-C.21, D.64-D. 76,G.112,G.113 PAYNE, W J PERLMAN, D G.71 G.77 W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms PERRING, Franklyn Hugh PETERS, Sir Rudolph (Albert) F532 G.76 PETTET, Alfred Edward John D.109,E.19,G.68 PFENNIG, Norbert PHARMACEUTICAL JOURNAL PHILLIPS, R PICHINOTY, Francis PIRIE, Norman William G.75,G.87,G.91 E.76 PITT, George Albert Jordan PLATEAU WATTLE COMPANY LIMITED et Det il PORTER, Helen Kemp POSTGATE, John Raymond A-15,A.24;,G.67 G.76,G.110 PRINS, Rudolf A PRITCHARD, WR DeL73 Aco ,;6G.43 G.44 G.65 G.66 POWELL, Gillian Margot POLYMER SUPPLY AND CHARACTERISATION CENTRE G.78 RADIOCHEMICAL CENTRE, AMERSHAM QUAYLE, John Rodney A.15,G6.84,G.119 PROCTOR, Michael H RAO, V Ranga D.59,G.82,G.85 C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms RAPER, Henry Stanley RAYMOND, William Francis RAYMOND, Richard L RECHCIGL, Miloslav ALBERT E REED & COMPANY LIMITED REES, H Gethin REX, Robert W RHO, Elene M RIBBONS, Douglas William - 68 .72,G.75,G. 76,6. 78,G.85 -15,A.19,C.47,E. 46, o13,GeloyG.9 7,G RIDYARD, Herbert Norman ROBB, Donald Athol ROBERTS, R S ROCHE PRODUCTS LIMITED A.15,E.58,G.46-G. ROBERTSON, Noel Farnie RODRIGUEZ, D ROGERS, Lyndon J ROBINSON, Gilbert Wooding D.42 B55 D. 36 Cc. 43 ROBERTSON, John Alexander D335 See also C.37 F.43,F.44 A. 12,6132, 8.46,Gells; Gall D2 36,D559;,G: 77,G6.79,6.81 ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH G.69 A.15,6.83 Doles ROUX, DG ROYAL SOCIETY W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms SAITO, Toshiyuki SCHMIDT, Otto Th SCHOENTAL, Regina SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL SCOTT, Thomas A SCOTT, WM SEIDLER, R J SHAIM, Ralph SHAW, H -49 307, .15,6.50 e190, C3056. 50,C.45., salLibsp emalabys 2255,R. 26 562 -90 23 371: SIMONSEN, Sir John Lionel -104,G.65 SLATER, J Howard SMITH, Keith A SMITH, Roy Henry 257,693 SOMOGYI, J C SPICER, Arnold . 84 716 34 15 eda SISTROM, William R SMITH, Robert Leslie SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY PL 5G.9S STIRLING, Charles James Matthew STANSFIELD, David Ashton STANIER, Roger Yate 3.51-G.54 pablo yg Ops fo} 336,G.714,G.75 “kb, G3 /8,G.79 W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms STONE, Robert W STOWE, Bruce SUCKLING, Keith Edward SWAN, George Albert TANFIELD, David A TAUSSON, V O TAYLOR, Barrie Frederick TAYLOR, James Allan A.15, Gio B19 pb eZL See A.10 G.56 TEWFIK, M Said THOMAS, Meirion THOMAS, M Trefor THOMAS, Susan E TRECCANI, Vittorio E.28,G.57 A.15,A.24 See G.43 D.87 See G.114 THOMAS, John Meurig TILLEY, TMA THOMSON, Ronald Hunter THOMAS, Phillip Charles B.\75;,F 35 TRUDGILL, Peter William TURNER, John Martin A.15,G.58 W C Evans NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms VAN DER HOEVEN, Jan S M VENITT, Stanley VETERINARY RECORD VODDEN, Herbert Alfred VOLGER, Christine WAID, John Saville WALKER, H F WALKER, Norman WALSBY, Antony E E.18 Dadi21 7, He 43;G./5 G.76,G.80,G.81 E.77,G.79,G.84,G.85 G.75 A.15,A.26,G.60 WHITTLE, Peter J WILSON, I S WOLFE, Ralph Stoner WILKINSON, uk. WILLIAMS, Iolo Wyn WILLIAMS, J Gwynn WASE, Donald Arthur John WATTLE RESEARCH INSTITUTE JOHN WILEY & SONS LIMITED WATERS, William Alexander G.62 WILLIAMS, Richard Tecwyn G.94 Cc.46 See G.113 WILLIAMS, Peter Anthony Rol DAs 5,D.104,6. 61 E.19,G.34,G.35 C Evans W NCUACS 16/1/90 Index of correspondents, organisations and firms WRIGHT, Alan Albert WYE COLLEGE, LONDON WYSS, Orville YATES, M Geoffrey YOUNG, Lily Y YUDKIN, John Gro7 G.104,G.105 G.77,G.78 Awl, Ged 3, Gao